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Saturday, 16 June


Necessity to Expose Israels Self-indictments in Gaza Protests "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In May 2018 Gaza demonstrations, by its arrogant and aggressive stance toward legitimate demands of a people it has oppressed for decades, Israel indicted itself several times, validated Palestinian actions, and exposed its tyrannical manner. Translating Israels self-indictments to actions by the world community is an obligatory challenge for those who comprehend Israels oppressive policies.

One self-indictment

Israels effort to divert attention from its oppression by posing the protests as Hamas instigated and orchestrated. Kudos to an authority that coalesces a subjugated people and enables vocalization of legitimate demands to their oppressor. The Israeli government showed that Hamas is a well-organized authority, which has support of the Palestinian people, and by not engaging with this recognized authority, Israel deliberately closes all avenues to a peaceful resolution of the crises it has caused.

Regardless of who organized the demonstrations, the Gazans had legitimate demands to which any democratic government would respond with we hear your words, and will make amends. Israel replied with bullets, killing and wounding harmless demonstrators, causing more grief, and instilling more fear. Dubiously claiming that most of the casualties were Hamas militants is another self-indictment. Does Israel have the right to maim anyone it does not like?

History explains the demands of the Gazan Palestinians

Coastal territory awarded to the Palestinians in the United Nations Partition Plan extended to Ashdod, 38 kilometers above Gaza. Contrary to Israels claim of being attacked in the 1948 war, the Egyptian army tried to protect the Palestinian state and refrained from entering into territory awarded to the Jewish state. Egypts army stopped at Ashdod, crossed the Negev, proceeded to defend Beer Sheeva, which had also been awarded to a Palestinian state, and continued through Palestinian territory to safeguard Hebron. The Egyptian army did not try to occupy territory awarded to Ben Gurions government. Regard Al-Majdal, one of many towns in Palestinian territory, captured by Israel.

In August 1950, Israel expelled and trucked Al-Majdals 1000-2000 inhabitants to Gaza. According to Eyal Kafkafi (1998): Segregation or integration of the Israeli Arabs two concepts in MapaiInternational Journal of Middle East Studies 30: 347-367, David Ben-Gurion and Moshe Dayan promoted the expulsion, while Pinhas Lavon, secretary-general of the Histadrut, wished to turn the town into a productive example of equal opportunity for the Arabs. The Egyptian-Israel Mixed Armistice Commission ruling that the Arabs transferred from Al-Majdal should be returned to Israel was never fulfilled. Why?

The nightmares for the residents f...


Senators Call On Pentagon To Fully Disclose Its Role In Saudi-Led War In Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Three US senators have demanded that the Pentagon immediately reveals the full extent of US military support to the Saudi-led coalition that just launched an attack on Yemens key port city of Hudaydah, which has [...]

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Please, let Ochereome Nnanna go! "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In one of my earliest columns after President Muhammadu Buhari was sworn -in in 2015, I predicted that the president would preside over a divided nation. The existing animosity and mutual suspicion among all the ethnic groups, I had insisted would be more pronounced.   My position was a function of the campaign of calumny []

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French Forces On The Ground In Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

French special forces are reportedly present on the ground in Yemen supporting the Saudi-led military operation in the port city of Hudaydah A report in Le Figaro newspaper on Saturday cited two military sources but provided no further [...]

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Maine: Man dies after brutal beating by Muslim migrant mob in Lewiston park "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Press Herald doesnt see fit to mention the fact that this teen mob was made up of Somali Muslim migrants. Why cover this up? Because apparently Lewiston officials, as well as the local media there, are intent upon covering up migrant crime, so that the non-Muslim natives will remain ignorant and complacent regarding the []


A Palestinian disfigured by tear gas canister reflects on change in his life "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Gazan disfigured by tear gas canister says it was like death
The National (UAE) 14 June by Nagham Mohanna The gruesome photos show a man desperately grasping at his throat for air as smoke pours from his cheek. The young Palestinian falls to the floor, bloodied, as the gas continues to spew out of the hole in his face. A tear gas canister fired by an Israeli soldier had directly hit Haitham Abu Sabla in the head, penetrating the front of the left side of his skull. The incident at a Gaza border protest on 8 June left the 23-year-old on life support after the canister was surgically removed. Witnesses say he was standing hundreds of metres from the border fence, watching stone-throwers at a rally east of the southern city of Khan Younis. Haitham, who has since been taken off of critical care, speaks exclusively to The National in his first interview after the horrific injury. It was like death, I didnt think I would survive, Haitham said, describing his feelings while pointing to his throat with his right hand, as though trying once again to stop the gas from entering his body. As he lies in the first floor of Khan Younis Nasser Hospital, a bandage covering the lower left side of his face where the canister hit and surrounded by seven family members and friends, Haitham mumbles what he remembers of the moment that would change his life. I saw the Israeli sniper looking at me, then he fired toward me, he said. I was just standing, I didnt do anything else He lives with 15 other family members in a small home and has no job to accrue an income. The Friday protests were his outlet and he never missed one, his family said. But that Israeli canister may now leave him unable to eat as he once did, disfigurement of the face and the long-term effects of gas entering his body. We did not see a case like Haithams before, Dr Hossam Al Majaida, head of the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Nasser Hospital told The National. The gas canister stayed for 45 minutes in his face until we made a plan to start to operate on him. It means that the gas continued to enter to his body for a long time and that will affect him in the long term. Haithams only hope now is that he can leave Gaza to receive the treatment he requires. He has a fracture in his upper jaw, and a breakdown in his left mouth muscle, while losing most of his teeth, the doctor continued. He needs to get out of Gaza to continue treatment or he will have a permanent malformation in his face. [I you can stand to look at some awful photos, look here at...


Promoting diversity? Non-Muslim teacher wears full face veil, reads from Koran in Swiss school "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A teacher in Switzerland has made headlines after wearing a full face veil and reading passages from the Koran out loud during a lesson on Islam, local media reports. The stunt was apparently aimed at promoting diversity. "She [the teacher] came into class completely veiled without warning and started reading lines from [the] Koran out loud", students from a vocational school in the Swiss capital told local 20 Minuten newspaper. Though nobody is said to have left the class, the extraordinary move raised a few eyebrows. Some of the students claimed later that "it did not belong in a classroom," the news outlet reports. The video released by 20 Minuten claims to show the teacher in question wearing a niqab - a Muslim face-covering veil - reading passages from the Koran. Some of the words are bleeped out. The teacher, however, is not a Muslim and reportedly bought the niqab during a vacation in Egypt.


France to take in Aquarius ship migrants "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Madrid said Saturday it had accepted an offer from France to take in migrants from the Aquarius rescue ship, currently en route to Spain with more than 600 people on board.

The French government will work together with the Spanish government to handle the arrival of the migrants scheduled for Sunday, Spains deputy prime minister Carmen Calvo said in a statement.

Image result for Aquarius, ship, photos

France will accept migrants who express the wish to go there once they have been processed in Valencia, the statement said.

The vessel is at the heart of a major migration row between European Union member states.

Chartered by a French aid group, the vessel rescued 629 migrants including many children and pregnant women off Libyas cost last weekend.

Italys new populist government and Malta refused to let it dock in their ports, accusing each other of failing to meet their humanitarian and EU commitments.

Medecins Sans Frontieres/AFP | This handout picture from French non-governmental organisation Medecins Sans Frontieres shows migrants on board the MV Aquarius as it makes it way to Spain after being refused permission to dock in Italy

Spain eventually stepped in and agreed to receive the refugees.

France who had angered Rome by branding it irresponsible over the vessel rejection offered Thursday to welcome Aquarius migrants who meet the criteria for asylum.

The ship is making the 1,500-kilometre (930-mile) voyage to Spain accompanied by an Italian coast guard vessel, which has taken on board some of the migrants.

High waves and winds forced the convoy to take a detour on the way.

The plight of the Aquarius has again highlighted the failure of EU member states to work together to deal with the influx of migrant arrivals since 2015.

After Romes decision to ban the Aquarius, French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte met on Friday and agreed that the EU should set up asylum processing centres in Africa to prevent voyages of death.

They also demanded profound changes to the EUs asylum rules which put the migrant burden on their port of entry to Europe mainly Italy and Greece.

Italys far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini warned Sat...


The Hitler of South Africa Tells White People, He Wont Kill Them Yet "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Earlier this week while most of the world was transfixed on the World Cup, the Trump/Kim handshake, or a multitude of other sundry events, Julius Malema, aka the Hitler of South Africa, was busy telling white people in his country that hes not going wage genocide against them. Yet. In an interview with TRT World News published this []


Yemen: Saudi coalition claims to have control of Hodeidah airport "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


The Houthi-held port city has been the site of intense fighting since Wednesday


US senators request Pentagon to fully disclose its role in Saudi-led war in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Three US senators have called on the Pentagon to immediately reveal the extent of US military support to the Saudi-led Arab coalition that launched an attack on Hodeidah, a key port city and last humanitarian lifeline in Yemen. "We call on you to immediately disclose the full extent of the US military role in the Saudi-led war against Yemen's Houthis, including the use of special operations forces; disclose any role that the Pentagon is currently performing, has been asked to perform, or is considering performing regarding an attack on the port of Hodeida," says the letter sent to Defense Secretary James Mattis on Friday, and signed by Senators Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut) Sanders, Lee and Murphy also asked Mattis to "issue a public declaration opposing this impending assault," and restate the Trump administration's position that Saudi Arabia and other participants in the conflict "should accept an immediate ceasefire and move toward a political settlement."


World Cup 2018: France beat Australia 2-1 "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Paul Pogba scored a late goal to earn France a hard-fought 2-1 win against Australia as technology played a major part in their opening World Cup Group C game on Saturday. Midfielder Pogba, who was criticised after recent below-par performances, found the back of the net with a lob after a fine one-two with second-half []

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Saudi-led coalition frees Yemens Hodeidah airport, begins de-mining operations "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Image result for Houthi, photos

Forces from the Arab Coalition entered the airport in Yemens main port city on Saturday, the coalition-backed Yemeni military said, in the biggest offensive of the coalitions war against the Iran-aligned Houthis.

Victory for the coalition in their first attempt to capture a strategic part of a well-defended city could put the Houthis in their weakest position since the conflict erupted three years ago.

A defeat would also cut off supply lines to the Houthi-controlled capital, Sanaa, and possibly force the movement to negotiate.

Army forces backed by the resistance and the Arab coalition freed Hodeidah international airport from the grip of the Houthi militia, the media office of the pro-alliance Yemeni military said on Twitter on Saturday.

Troops have surrounded the main airport compound but have not seized it, a Yemeni military source and residents said.

We need some time to make sure there are no gunmen, mines or explosive in the building, the military source said. The militarys media office said technical teams were de-mining the surrounding area.

Fighting in the airport area led to the closure of the northern entrance of Hodeidah, which leads to Sanaa, residents said.

That has blocked a key exit out of the city and made it more difficult to transport goods from the port, the countrys largest, to mountainous regions.

UN envoy lands in Hodeidah

The UN envoy for Yemen arrived in the militia-held capital Sanaa for talks on the key aid port.

Martin Griffiths is expected to propose to militia leaders that they cede control of the Red Sea port to a UN-supervised committee to avoid further fighting with advancing government troops which are backed by the Arab coalition.

Seized entrance

Yemeni forces backed by Arab states seized the entrance to the airport in Yemens main port city on Friday, in an offensive against the Houthi militia.


The swift advance was an important early success for the Yemeni forces, which launched the operation in Hodeidah four days ago and says it can liberate the city quickly enough to avoid interr...


Italy bans more migrant rescue boats No human cargo in Italys ports "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Italys Interior Minister Matteo Salvini on Saturday warned another migrant rescue mission off the Libyan coast that it would not be allowed to land its human cargo at an Italian port.

The new rightwing and anti-immigrant Italian government last week banned the French NGO operated vessel the Aquarius, with more than 600 rescued migrants on board, from docking in Italy, causing uproar and a sharp spat with France.

SOS MEDITERRANEE/AFP | A migrant onboard the Aquarius rescue ship as it heads towards Spain

Spain subsequently offered to take the Aquarius and it is expected at the port of Valencia on Sunday.

Salvini showed no sign Saturday of softening his position.

While the Aquarius is sailing towards Spain, two other Dutch NGO operated vessels (Lifeline and Seefuchs) have arrived off the Libyan coast, to wait for their human cargos once the people smugglers abandon them, Salvini said in a Facebook post.

These people should know that Italy no longer wants to be any part of this business of clandestine immigration and they will have to look for other ports to go to, he said.

As minister and as a father, I take this action for the benefit of all, he added.

After Romes decision to ban the Aquarius, French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte met on Friday and agreed that the EU should set up asylum processing centres in Africa to prevent voyages of death.

At their meeting in Paris, Macron and Conte also demanded profound changes to the EUs asylum rules which put the migrant burden on their port of entry to Europe mainly Italy and Greece.



Ethiopian Prime Minister Visits Somalia "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The new Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, has arrived in the Somali capital Mogadishu amid tight security. Ahmed was received at the airport by Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo. In a message posted on Twitter, Farmajo told the Ethiopian prime minister: Welcome to Mogadishu your excellency its an honor to host you and your []



Stories of resilience and growth from drought hit Somalia, with UN projects "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Meet two farmers and two female entrepreneurs, whosupported by the Somalia Emergency Drought Response and Recovery Project (SEDRP)share their experiences of grit, hope, and resilience despite years of drought and famine risks. In observation of World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, delve into four stories of resilience from desert lands in Somalia. Meet two []



Kenya: Mandera farmers count losses after River Dawa breaks banks, ask for help "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Farmers in Mandera are counting losses for the third time this year after their lands were submerged when River Dawa burst its banks. In Mandera East Sub-County, Mr Ali Hassan Hamo, who grows onions, water melons and maize says his losses amount to more than Sh3 million. We have had floods since March. Unfortunately, the []



South Africa: Malmesbury Mosque attacker had been treated for bipolar disorder VIDEO "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The man who killed two worshipers inside the Malmesbury mosque before he was shot dead by police is understood to have been treated for bipolar disorder previously and had no history of violence, said Amir Sheikh, chairperson of the Somali Community Board of SA. As worshipers try to make sense of the attacks that took []



Saudi-led Coalition Captures Al-Hudaydah Airport, Repels Houthis Attack In al-Tuhayat (Photos, Map) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

On June 16, the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies captured the al-Hudaydah airport, south of the port city, along the western Yemeni coast, according to the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV. Yemeni sources said that heavy clashes between the coalition and the Houthis are currently taking place north of the airport.

Saudi-led Coalition Captures Al-Hudaydah Airport, Repels Houthis Attack In al-Tuhayat (Photos, Map)

Click to see full-size map

A day earlier, the Saudi-led coalition managed to reach the southern entrance of the airport after conducting more than 300 airstrikes on the Houthis positions and troops there. Sources in the Saudi-backed forces claimed that 255 fighters of the Houthis were killed and 500 others were injured since the beginning of the coalition attack on the airport.

Meanwhile, the Sky News Arabia TV reported that the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies repelled an attack of the Houthis on their positions in the district of al-Tuhayat, 65km south of al-Hudaydah. According to the TV station, coalition forces killed 35 fighters of the Houthis and captured 80 others during the clashes in the district.

Once the airport of al-Hudaydah is secured, the Saudi-led coalition will begin advancing towards the city itself. Unlike the open areas around the airport, the urban areas inside al-Hudaydah may allow the Houthis to organize an effective defense.

Photos from the port of al-Hydaydah:


Yemen The Starvation Siege Has Begun "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Saudis and Emirates have the active support of Britain and the United States. The attack on Hodeidah, the siege on all Houthi controlled territory and the coming famine can still stopped. Britain and the U.S., the Saudis and the Emirates are on the verge of committing a war crime that will exceed the war on Iraq by any measure.


French special forces on the ground in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

French special forces are present on the ground in Yemen with forces from the United Arab Emirates, French newspaper Le Figaro reported on Saturday, citing two military sources.

The newspaper gave no further information about their activities. The Defence Ministry was not immediately available for comment, but its usual policy is not to comment on special forces operations.

A French parliamentary source recently told Reuters French special forces were in Yemen.

Forces from an Arab alliance entered the airport in Yemens main port city on Saturday, in the biggest battle of the coalitions war against the Iran-aligned Houthi movement.

Image result for France, special forces, photos
File Photo

The French Defence Ministry said on Friday that France was studying the possibility of carrying out a mine-sweeping operation to provide access to the port of Hodeidah once the coalition had wrapped up its military operations.

The ministry stressed that France at this stage had no military operations in the Hodeidah region and was not part of the Saudi-led coalition.

France, along with the United States and Britain, backs the Arab coalition in the Yemen conflict and provides weapons to both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Reporting by Leigh Thomas and John Irish; Editing by Adrian Croft




South Africa: Violent and Illegal Eviction Underway at the Barcelona 2 Transit Camp, #Lamontville "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Mayor Zandile Gumede has started her dealing with Abahlali.

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

This morning at around 10:00 a.m. the Anti-Land Invasion Unit, accompanied by heavily armed security guards, attacked the Barcelona 2 Transit Camp in Lamontville. It is a short walk from where Sibonelo Mpeku, our chairperson in the Sisonke Village land occupation, was kidnapped and murdered on 19 Novemberlast year.

No court order was provided therefore this is eviction, carried out at gunpoint, is an illegal and criminal act. 

Barcelona 2 is a so called transit camp that was built by the Municipality to hide impoverishment and homelessness during the 2010 Fifa World Cup. Many families were forcibly evicted from their homes and moved into transit camps.

Transit camps were also used by the apartheid regime. They are like concentration camps used to hide impoverished black people and to take control over their communities. They are not fit for human beings. It is incredible that a democratically elected black government would do this to our people.

The people moved into Barcelona 2 were told that they would not stay there for longer than three to six months. They have now been there for more than seven years. The houses that were meant for them were instead given to ANC members via SANCO and people claiming to be MK veterans. 

The Councillor in the Ward is Eunice Khanyile. A large number of ANC supporters in the ward refused to vote for her in the last local government election and instead voted for an independent candidate. After the election there were sustained claims of fraud. Boxes of ballot papers were found at a local dumpsite.

We managed to hold a meeting despite the ongoing attack on the community. The residents reported that Khanyile has said that she is cleansing the area of amaMpondo....


Policemen, Soldiers exchange gunfire in Aba "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

It was more of a Hollywood war film yesterday in Aba, Abia State, as soldiers believed to be attached to the Forward Operation Base and Mobile Policemen engaged in heavy shoot out over alleged assault on one of them. The shoot out, which created tension and panic around Osisioma Ngwa junction along the Enugu []

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Ronaldo gets two-year jail in Spain "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has reached a deal with Spanish prosecutors in his tax-evasion case, agreeing to a massive fine and a prison sentence, though he is unlikely to serve any time because hes a first offender. The news was reported Friday by Spanish newspaper El Mundo. Ronaldo, who plays for La Liga club []

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APC Convention: Why APC govs, leaders are behind me Oshiomhole "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Immediate past Governor of Edo State and aspirant for the post of the National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, yesterday gave reasons why he is enjoying the support of APC governors and other party leaders across the nation ahead of the June 23 National Convention of the party. Oshiomhole []

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Ortoms wife warns against trafficking of IDP children "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Wife of the Benue State Governor, Mrs. Eunice Ortom, has cautioned against trafficking of displaced children for farming or business activities in parts of the country. Ortom who gave the warning yesterday at LGEA Central Primary School Gbajimba, one of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps in Guma Local Government Area of the state, said []

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Namibia the huge cost of repairing Etoshas fences "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Namibian Sun
Ellanie Smit,
June 14, 2018
The environment ministry has confirmed it will need N$500 million each year
over the next five financial years to complete the elephant- and
predator-proof fence around Etosha National Park.

This is for the materials and construction associated with the mammoth
project and follows previous ministry statements, which said it would need
N$419 million to complete the fence over a ten-year period.

While outlining several challenges including limited financing over the
years and contractor delays the ministrys director of planning and
technical services, Boas Erkki, also retracted a recent statement that only
112km of the fence had been completed over the past six years.

He said it was likely that 145km of the 842km boundary fence would be
completed by the end of this year.

With regard to the N$419 million figure previously released by the
ministry, he said that was only for a section of the fence.

The boundary consists of various types of fencing at various stages. The
predominant fence is a 1.8m-high, game-proof fence, and the rest is
approximately 80km of stock-proof fence that is 1.2m high.

The fence was erected in the early 1960s and has badly deteriorated in some

To improve the status of Etoshas boundary fence, the ministry has since
2010 started with the construction and electrification of an elephant- and
predator-proof fence which consists of mesh and steel wire, cabling and

According to Erkki, a total of 118km of the 370km northern boundary fence
has already been upgraded, of which 70km has been electrified.

With regard to the Karos fence in the south-western part of Etosha, he said
27km of the fence would be completed this year in two sections. At what is
known as section K1, 12km of the fence is 70% complete. At K2 60% of the
15km is completed.

However, challenges remain. According to Erkki, certain sections of the
upgraded 118km fence must already be redone because of a lack of regular
maintenance. Figures indicate that maintenance of the fence alone will cost
N$10 million.

Capacity Issues

He added there was also a lack of manpower to maintain the fence, adding
there were only 30 ministry staff working in Etosha.

?There is a lack of a proper dedicated fencing team to look after the

He explained that even if a fence was repaired in the morning, migrating...


United States government theocratic xenophobia "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

This video from the USA says about itself:

Rev. William Barber: Jeff Sessions Using Religion to Justify Family Separations Is Biblical Heresy

15 June 2018

More than 300 Catholic bishops have blasted the Trump administrations immigration policies, calling for an end to the separation of migrant children from their parents and condemning Attorney General Jeff Sessionss policy of ending the right of domestic violence survivors to seek asylum in the United States.

On Thursday, Sessions quoted the Bible to justify his departments immigration policies. Sessions was speaking to an invitation-only crowd in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13 to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained the government for his purposes, stated Sessions. Critics seized on his reference to Romans 13, noting it was a favorite passage of defenders of the Confederacy used to justify slavery. We speak to the Rev. William Barber.


Budding songster, Tino Tipsy, releases new songFresh "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Fast rising singer, Paul Egbule, better known as Tino Tipsy is a Nigerian singer and songwriter whose music delivery is unique. With several other songs to his credit, Tino Tipsy, is out with a brand new song titled Fresh as produced, mixed and mastered by Brym. The SBG record act was born in Warri Delta []

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Visit National Orthopaedic Hospital, lose your limbs Patients "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

An orthopaedic hospital is supposed to be a place where issues that have to do with bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons are treated. But what happens to patients in some of such hospitals leaves much to be desired. JOSEPH AGUMAGU, reports   The day started well for 76-yearold grandmother, who identified herself simply as []

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Eid-el-Fitr: Govs, politicians, others felicitate with Muslims, preach peace "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

As Nigerian Muslims join their counterparts all over the world to celebrate this years Eid-el- Fitr, the Islamic end of Ramadan fast, notable personalities including politicians and clerics, have felicitated with the faithful while admonishing them to continue to abide by the lessons of the holy period. In many places monitored by our correspondents, many []

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Suspect lavishes mum with sweet words on her birthday Friends praise, mock him on social media Police seal off politicians home in Kwara   In this no-holds-barred report, a special team of Saturday Telegraph correspondents, detailed from the Lagos headoffice of this newspaper, unraveled whom the Offa robbery kingpin, Ayoade Akinnibosun is. Until his arrest []



Malawi differing views over poaching "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Think there is a propaganda element and a great deal of exaggeration in the African Parks statement that most of the animal species in the countrys game reserves were now extinct as a result of poaching, except of course in the ones managed by African Parks. KS

allAfrica/Malawi News Agency

Blantyre Experts have expressed different views over the rate of illegal killing of wild animals in both government and privately managed game reserves and protected areas.

On its part, government says the rate of poaching has reduced in all the game reserves especially in areas under the management of African Parks Malawi (APM). It has been observed that the crimes have only shown signs of decreasing in places that are under co-management.

On Tuesday, APM Country Director, Patricio Ndadzera told Malawi News Agency (Mana) that the rate at which wild animals were being killed has reached an all-time low in game reserves being managed by government and private players.

Governments partnership with African Parks has reduced acts of poaching in places that are co-managed. However, the numbers are still as high in those that are single handedly being run by government, said Ndadzera.

He attributed the increasing cases of poaching in such places to lack of resources in most national parks and game reserves, adding that most of the animal species in the countrys game reserves were now extinct as a result of poaching.

Poaching has led to the struggle of many game reserves. A good example is Lengwe National Park that is struggling to operate.

This has left infrastructure in shambles, turning it into a liability other than an asset, said Ndadzera. In a separate interview, Director of National Parks and Wildlife, Bright Kumchedwa admitted that government and its partners were still grappling with the problem of poaching.

However, Kumchedwa was quick to point out that the crimes have reduced reasonably, saying: The problem of poaching still persists but at a reduced rate. The situation cannot however be compared to some three years ago when it was worrisome.

Kumchedwa cited Kasungu and Liwonde national parks as places that have seen a steady reduction in such malpractices.



The Charge of the Light Brigade" "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Charge of the Light Brigade"
 Compiled By CP

All the talk about war, with N. Korea, with Russia, with China, with Iran... "operations" in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, seemingly everywhere, and endless. Perhaps Mankind does indeed have a death wish- a certain segment of it certainly appears to- and all of history has been mere preparation for some final nuclear-war apocalyptic event. I don't know, but it made me think of this event in history, among others, and I thought I'd share it with you. Food for thought, at least... - CP

All the talk of history is of nothing almost but fighting and killing, and the honor and renown which are bestowed on conquerors, who, for the most part, are mere butchers of mankind, mislead growing youth, who, by these means, come to think slaughter the most laudable business of mankind, and the most heroic of virtue. - John Locke

The Charge of the Light Brigade was a charge of British cavalry led by Lord Cardigan against Russian forces during the Battle of Balaclava on 25 October 1854 in the Crimean War. The charge was the...


Why There Wont Be a Yemeni Version of the White Helmets "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Yemeni White Helmets(ZHE Op-ed)  Have you noticed the almost complete lack of video footage showing the ongoing Arab and US coalition aerial bombardment of Yemens key port city of Al Hudaydah? Reuters reports the following: People are scared. The warships are terrifying and warplanes are flying overhead all the time,university student Amina, 22, who lives near the port, told Reuters by telephone. []


UN Rejects Plan for Immediate Ceasefire in Yemen Port "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

(ANTIWAR.COM)  A Swedish call at the UN Security Council for an immediate ceasefire in the Yemen port of Hodeidah was derailed during a closed session Friday. The US and Britain both expressed opposition to the measure, designed to prevent Saudi-led forces attacking a port responsible for feeding 8.4 million civilians. Britain insisted on the meeting being a closed session, []


War of Aggression: The Saudi & UAE Slaughter in Yemen isnt a Proxy Conflict with Iran "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Alongside their throttlehold over which reporters can visit what parts of Yemen, and thus what story they can tell, Saudi and Emirati investments in public relations, lobbying, think-tanks, and political consultants are shaping the narrative about their war there. Headline writers, pundits, Wikipedia, news correspondents, and even some so-called experts frame the asymmetric conflict as a proxy war. Sunnis nations led by Saudi Arabia are battling Shi`a Iran and its regional proxies, the story goes; the worlds worst man-made humanitarian disaster thus appears as un-named collateral damage.

French special forces on the ground in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

French special forces are present on the ground in Yemen with forces from the United Arab Emirates, French newspaper Le Figaro reported on Saturday, citing two military sources.

THE SWAMP: Judge Who Jailed Manafort Also Cleared Hillary Clinton In Benghazi Case "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The judge appointed by Barack Obama who put Paul Manafort in jail this week previously cleared Hillary Clinton of responsibility for the deaths of four American servicemen in Benghazi, Libya in 2012. Manafort was put in jail for allegedly engaging in witness tampering, but most people see the jailing as a fraud to divert public attention away from the IG report that slammed James Comey and bolstered President Donald Trumps arguments against the corrupt Deep State.

UN Rejects Plan for Immediate Ceasefire in Yemen Port "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A Swedish call at the UN Security Council for an immediate ceasefire in the Yemen port of Hodeidah was derailed during a closed session Friday. The US and Britain both expressed opposition to the measure, designed to prevent Saudi-led forces attacking a port responsible for feeding 8.4 million civilians. Britain insisted on the meeting being a closed session, meaning specific comments during the hearing, and the reiteration from UN officials of the humanitarian crisis threatening to kill millions, would not be done for the public to see.


Killings: Im no longer the CSO of Zamfara Yari "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

urges indigenes to seek Gods help   Zamfara State Governor Abdulaziz Yari, yesterday said he had dropped his responsibility as Chief Security Officer (CSO) of the state as he had no control over security machinery in the state. Speaking to journalists in Talata-Mafara, Yari said his decision stemmed from the seeming helplessness of the state []

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Anti-Buhari elements are public looters Kalu "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Former Abia State Governor, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, yesterday in Daura, Katsina State, condemned those trying to frustrate President Muhammadu Buharis re-election bid, describing them as treasury looters. Speaking during his sensitisation effort to promote the second term ambition of President Buhari, Kalu said there were many people who were bent on frustrating Buharis re-election []

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Buhari: Im medically fit to face challenges "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

says hes suffered for Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed that he is now medically fit to face the countrys numerous economic and political problems. The President stated this yesterday while receiving a delegation of residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) led by the Minister, Mohammed Bello and other well wishers, during a homage []

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Encomiums as Aboderin is buried "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Nigerians from all walks of life were in Ikoyi yesterday to bid a final farewell to the Chairman of PUNCH Nigeria Limited, Mr. Gbadebowale Aboderin, who died on May 30, at the age of 60. The funeral service of the late media icon, which held earlier at the Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral, GRA, Ikeja, []

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My probe, relationship with president, by Babachir Lawal "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Babachir Lawal, has said he is happy with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)s investigations into allegations of corruption against him. Lawal stated this yesterday during an interview with Channels Televisions Hard Copy. He said: I like it (the investigation). In fact, I had []

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We are ready for Croatia, Eagles declare "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Mikel, Onazi, Omeruo dare Balkans   Since France 1998, the Super Eagles have not won their World Cup opening match but the current team has vowed to halt that unflattering streak when they face Croatia at the Kaliningrad Stadium today. The Eagles shock 3-2 defeat of starstudded Spain in 1998 was their last victory in []

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How houseboy burnt naval officer "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

         strangled officers girlfriend   Please help me! I didnt mean to kill them. I was so angry. Please help me to beg these policemen. Intervene on my behalf. Im so sorry. This statement is the voice of Mr Taddues Jaja, 28, a houseboy to a naval officer, Lieutenant Abubakar Yahaya Yusuf, serving at Port []

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OMOBA YEMISI SHYLLON: Being Africas la rgest art collector, reward for my passion "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

With his vast collection of art works and his house standing as an embodiment of the beauty of African art and culture, it comes as no surprise that Omoba Yemisi Shyllon is the largest collector of art in Africa. The successful businessman, who is a qualified lawyer, engineer, chartered stockbroker among others, spoke to ADEDAYO []

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Kwese ambassador role excites Oshoala "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

2017 African Womens Footballer of the Year, Asisat Oshoala, is on cloud nine after she was unveiled as brand ambassador in Nigeria for sports TV station, Kwes Free Sports. The Nigeria professional footballer and Dalian Quanjian F.C. forward, will become the face of the Kwes Free Sports brand promoting the channels sporting content and supporting []

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Nigerians must de-emphasise parties for competent candidates Ogunbanjo "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ademola Ogunbanjo is a governorship aspirant of the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) in Ogun State. The 44-year-old spoke with KUNLE OLAYENI on his vision and mission ahead of the 2019 elections. Excerpts   If given the mandate to govern the state, with the reality on ground, dont you feel your manifesto seems Utopian? The []

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UN Rejects Plan To Demand Immediate Ceasefire In Yemen Port "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The UN security council rejected a move to demand an immediate end to the fighting around the strategic port. The 15-strong body failed to agree to a statement calling on forces led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to implement a ceasefire, with the US and UK both voicing opposition to the text introduced by Sweden. The council instead called for restraint and urged all sides to uphold their obligations under international humanitarian law in fighting for the city currently held by rebel Houthi forces. The International Committee of the Red Cross warned on Friday that more and more fighters were arriving in Hodeidah, a city with a population of around 600,000 people.


Dark Precedents: Matteo Salvini, the MV Tampa and Refugees "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In August 2001, Australias dour Prime Minister John Howard demonstrated to the world what his countrys elite soldiers could do. Desperate, close to starvation and having been rescued at sea from the Palapa I in the Indian Ocean, refugees and asylum seekers on the Norwegian vessel, the MV Tampa, were greeted by the crack troops of the Special Air Services.

A bitter, politicised standoff ensued.  The Norwegian vessel had initially made its way to the Indonesian port of Merak, but then turned towards the Australian territory of Christmas Island.  Howard, being the political animal he was, had to concoct a crisis to distract.  The politics of fear had a better convertibility rate than the politics of hope.

Australian authorities rebuked and threatened the container ships captain, claiming that if Rinnan refused to change course from entering Australias territorial sea, he would be liable to prosecution for people smuggling.  The vessel was refused docking at Christmas Island.  As was remarked a few years later by Mary Crock in the Pacific Rim Law and Policy Journal, The stand taken by Australia in August 2001 set a precedent that, if followed by other refugee receiving countries, could only worsen the already deplorable problems facing asylum seekers in the world today.

And so it has transpired. Italys response to the migrant rescue ship, MV Aquarius, eerily evoked the Tampa and its captains plight.  The charity ship, carrying some 629 African refugees, found all Italian ports closed to it under the express orders of Matteo Salvini, who has debuted in stormy fashion as Italys new deputy prime minister and minister for the interior.

Salvini had, at first instance, pressed Malta to accept the human cargo, but only got an offer of assistance with air evacuations.  The good God, he bitterly surmised, put Malta closer to Africa than Sicily.  The result was initial diplomatic inertia, followed by growing humanitarian crisis, and a Spanish offer to accept the vessel.

The situation clearly, as it did in the case of the Tampa, was calculated for maximum political bruising.  One of Salvinis many political hats is federal secretary of the populist Lega party, which capitalised, along with the Five Star Movement, on the shambles of Prime Minister Giuseppe Contes failure to form a government in May.  The nature of that calculation was made clearer by the uneventful rescue of 937 refugees off the Libyan coast who were taken to Catania in Sicily by the Italian warship, the Diciotti on Tuesday. Little fuss arose from that engagement.


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Freedom Now! ...Western Sahara Pushes for Independence
Southern Times
June 11, 2018
By Ranga Mataire in Harare and Colleta Dewa in Johannesburg

President of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) Brahim Ghali recently embarked on a charm-offensive tour of Southern African nations ahead of the 31st Ordinary Session of the African Union summit scheduled at the end of this month in Nouakchott, Mauritania.

 His tour coincided with Zimbabwes support for a joint United States, Mexico and Canadas bid to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament, snubbing Morocco which has been occupying Sahrawi for 43 years since its independence in 1975. ZIFA president Phillip Chiyangwa on Wednesday announced that Zimbabwe supports the bid by the Confederation of North, Central and Caribbean Association Football countries (CONCACAF).

A few weeks ago, Morocco dispatched its World Cup bidding team to the Southern African region, but it appears this will come to naught due to political differences with a number of countries in the region over its occupation of Sahrawi.

President Ghali was this week in Zimbabwe for a two-day official visit where he held talks with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and discussed several issues, including strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries.

Prior to his visit to Zimbabwe, President Ghali had been to Botswana, Namibia and South Africa where he put across his countrys plight of still being under colonial occupation by Morocco.

 In an interview after meeting President Ghali, President Mnangagwa said; There has been a long-standing revolutionary relationship between the Zimbabwean revolution and theirs during our armed struggle until we became independent.

President Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe recognised the independence of SADR and was among a horde of countries that pushed for the countrys membership in the AU.

In South Africa, President Ghali met President Cyril Ramaphosa who reiterated his countrys commitment to supporting the people of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic until they gain independence.

We would like to assure you of South Africas continued support for, and sol...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

South African High Commission to Namibia Hails Women in Leadership Conference
Southern Times
June 13,2018
By Sharon Kavhu

Windoek-South African High Commissioner to Namibia, Mr William Whitehead has hailed The Southern Times (TST) newspapers Women in leadership Annual Conference, which is scheduled for 17 August this year.

Whitehead expressed his warm welcome for the project when the TST management led by General Manager, Gwen Synders visited him at the embassy on Tuesday.

 The initiative is very good especially the fact that you have scheduled it at the same time with the SADC 38th  Summit where South Africa will be handing over the chairmanship to Namibia, said Whitehead.

He committed his support  to the event, meant to empower women in the region.
This years Women in Leadership Conference is being held under the theme: African women taking control and it is being held simultaneously with the SADC Heads of States 38th Summit. It is aimed at bringing together SADC First

Ladies to share their experiences, motivate and encourage other women in the region.
During the conference, there will be a dialogue for discourse on the inclusion of women in leadership roles, challenges and instil positive reinforcement in women from all spheres of life in economic activities.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

MSF Appeals for Financial Assistance to Fight Ebola in DRC
Southern Times
June 15, 2018
Colleta Dewa

Johannesburg - Doctors Without Borders in Southern Africa has appealed for financial assistance to help the Ebola-hit Democratic Republic of Congo.

In a statement sent to The Southern Times, MSF said the move is aimed at assisting in providing needed health care facilities to the affected communities.

Since the Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was declared on 8 May 2018, 54 people who presented symptoms of haemorrhagic fever, including 35 confirmed Ebola cases and 25 deaths (of whom 12 were confirmed as Ebola), have been notified by the national health authorities in the Equateur region, where the outbreak started.

To this effect, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Southern Africa has launched an appeal to raise funds to fight the Ebola outbreak in DRC. Every second counts, every patient matters, every donation is vital, said MSF.

MSF says the funds will assist their team in the DRC in executing the intervention, which is based on six pillars.

The pillars include care of diagnosed patients and isolation; outreach activities to find patients; trace and follow-up with patient contacts; health promotion activities to inform people about the risks and how to avoid them; support of regular health care as well as safe burials to avoid infections.

The outbreak is currently affecting the city of Mbandaka and the health zones of Bikoro (Bikoro and Iboko villages), and Iboko (Itipo and Iboko villages).

Bikoro is a small city where some Ebola cases have been detected that is approximately four hours drive from Mbandaka. Connections with Bikoro are also possible via Lake Tumba, which the local community uses to reach the Congo River.

This is the ninth Ebola outbreak in DRC in the last 40 years.

So far, most of the previous outbreaks have occurred in relatively remote and isolated areas, with little spread of the disease. The last Ebola outbreaks in DRC occurred in Likati district in May 2017, with eight people infected, of whom four died, and in Boende (Thsuapa region) in 2014, wi...


Remembering Dorothy Cotton, movement educator for democracy and freedom "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

by Lucas Johnson

Dorothy Cotton was the director of education for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference during the King years. (Twitter / @natcivilrightsmuseum)

On June 11, the world lost another veteran of the 20th century struggles for freedom and democracy. Dorothy Cotton, director of education for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, or SCLC, when it was led by Martin Luther King Jr., passed away at the age of 88.

As an invaluable member of a legendary team of preachers and organizers, she was one of the few women at SCLC to have served in a senior leadership position. Amid the efforts to register black voters in the segregated South, SCLC came to realize that registration was not enough for a population that had been disenfranchised for centuries. Cotton wanted people to understand the mechanisms of a government that had never really represented them or their interests and, ultimately, make that government their own a process that would involve much more than voting.

She devoted herself to this work in the 1960s, ensuring that black people were taught black history and lessons important to economic empowerment, alongside classes on the constitution and ways to pass literacy tests. After the movement years, she went on to become the director of student activities at Cornell University and, among other things, supported students who were organizing in solidarity with the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa.

I didnt meet Dorothy until long after she retired from Cornell. In 2012, Vincent Harding had asked me to join a historic delegation to Palestine that was being organized by the Dorothy Cotton Institute. I was uneasy about joining the delegation which was mainly veterans of the black freedom struggles of the 1950s and 60s but eventually agreed. It was a tremendous honor to be among such a remarkable group. Led by Cotton and Harding, the delegation was, in part, a testament to her commitment to education. Even before leaving, we read, discussed and shared insights. Since the delegation was composed mostly of African Americans and Jews, we delved into the complicated history of relationships between the two groups in the United States. But that w...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Botswana, a House Divided as EVMs Stir Controversy Ahead of Polls
Southern Times
June 11, 2018
By Mpho Tebele

Gaborone Vote-rigging allegations have been levelled against Botswanas ruling party Botswana Democratic Party after the countrys electoral commission introduced Electronic Voting Machines.

As a result, the country is seized with fears that the upcoming general elections, scheduled for October 2019, are likely to be marred in controversy and violence following the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)s decision to abolish paper ballots, replacing them with Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs).

The introduction of the machines has bitterly divided the southern African nation. Opposition parties, which are accusing the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) of being behind the introduction of EVMs have warned that there would be violence should the machines be used. BDP has since distanced itself from the vote-rigging claims.

IEC has also expressed concern that court cases which have been launched by the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) and Manual Workers Union are affecting their preparations for the general elections.

It emerged this week that IEC is having difficulties convincing the Election Commission of India to come in as a key witness and depose an affidavit on the credibility of EVMs.

IEC wants its Indian counterpart to be a key witness in the two cases BCP and Manual Workers Union launched.

According to media reports from India, a delegation from Botswanas IEC visited the Nirvachan Sadan, headquarters of Election Commission of India recently to convince their Indian counterparts to depose before the High Court on the merits of using the EVM.

India reported that the Election Commission of India finds itself in a difficult position to accede to the Botswana request because of the debate in India over the credibility of the EVMs.

At the time when the IEC delegation was in India, the deputy secretary for the commission, Doreen Serumola reportedly told councillors in Selebi Phikwe in northern Botswana that the court cases lodged by BCP and the Manual Workers Union against the IEC were affecting the commissions preparations for next yea...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Namibia Urges Media Coordination at the SADC 38th Summit
Southern Times
June 13, 2018
By Sharon Kavhu

Windhoek- The Ministry of Information Communication Technologies (MICT) has urged the media to coordinate effectively in the coverage of the 38th Summit of SADC Heads of States scheduled for August 17 in Windhoek.

Briefing the media on Tuesday, MICT Permanent Secretary Mbeuta Ua- Ndjarakana has urged the media to thoroughly  cover the event starting with pre-summit, during the summit and the post-summit effectively.

Our sister countries have been doing a great job in terms of media coverage in the previous summits and we have to maintain that, and do even better. We need to give the next SADC Chairmanship a tough time in meeting the standards of our media coverage, summit branding and visibility, said the PS.

We should effectively coordinate in the covering and all the materials we may need after sessions will be provided in the media center at the venue. It is also important for the media people to have intensive pre-summit coverage, during the summit and after the summit.

This year's summit will be held under the theme: Promoting Infrastructure Development and Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development.

Meanwhile Ua- Ndjarakana said preparations for the summit are underway and deadlines for budget submissions have already been set.

We have started the preparations and currently, we are in the framework of readiness as sub committees are doing final touches on their proposals and budget.  The deadline of the budget submission is next week Thursday, as such by mid-July we would have reached the bottom of our readiness and done final polishing, he said.

The MICT is part of the organizing sub-committee that is responsible for branding and visibility of the summit. The preparatory committee meeting was attended by a representative from the SADC Secretariat and MICT staff.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Angolan Slides Deeper Into Debt
Southern Times
June11, 2018
By Samuel Pascoal

In addition to the various loans accumulated since the beginning 2014 economic crises in attempts to desperately hold the countrys economy afloat, the Angolan government has now applied for US$2 billion loan from the African Export Import Bank.

Afreximbank president, Benedict Oramah, has confirmed that it is preparing a financing line of up to US$2 billion to guarantee imports of food and medicines into Angola.

The bank stated that the loan is aimed at allowing Angolan imports, namely through international credit lines.

Oramah, who met Angolan Head of State Joo Loureno in Luanda on May 24, said the money will help Angola to import essential products, including food and medicines.

He added that negotiations with the Angolan government include a proposal for an additional US$1 billion credit facility through Afreximbanks Investment Guarantee Refinancing Facility to be channelled to the private industrial sector, including export, manufacturing, fishing, agri-business and tourism to boost exports.

Oramah said the financing would also support the financial service sector by enabling selected Angolan banks to issue letters of credit, to be confirmed by Afreximbank, for the continued importation of essential commodities.

The Afreximbank executive also held meetings with Archer Mangueira, Minister of Finance of Angola and Dr Jos de Lima Massano, the Governor of the Banco Nacional de Angola, to agree on modalities for the implementation of the proposed financing as well as on Angolas participation in the Intra-African Trade Fair being organised by Afreximbank in Cairo from December 11 to 17.

Due to the prolonged drop in the international price of oil, from the end of 2014, Angolan oil export revenues have fallen to around half, forcing public indebtedness in order to ensure the continuity of several public works.

The government has told investors in an official report dubbed Palanca 2, that presently public debt surpasses 70% of the GDP and is expected to increase to US$77.3 billion, equivalent to 70.8% of GDP, by the end of 2018. Public debt in 2017 st...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Angola Discusses Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance in SADC
Luanda, ANGOLA, June 14 - An Angolan delegation, led by the minister of Justice and Human Rights, Francisco Queiroz, will participate in the debate on extradition and mutual legal assistance in criminal matters in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

The debate is taking place at a meeting of the Committee of Ministers of Justice and Attorneys General of SADC, which began last Monday in the Republic of South Africa, according to a press note from the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights that has been sent to ANGOP.

Representatives of the SADC countries are addressing, inter alia, the protocols on extradition and mutual legal assistance, as well as the status of the SADC Regional Police Chiefs Committee (SARPCCO) on the cooperation protocol in the areas of policy, defence and security.

In analysis are also the responses of the SADC member states regarding the degree of implementation of regional agreements and how to overcome the difficulties encountered.

Regarding cooperation in the areas of politics, defence and security, members of the Committee of Ministers of Justice and Attorneys General of SADC analysed a draft amendment to the existing agreement.

SARPCCO is an agency of the Inter-State Committee for Defence and Security of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and serves to promote, strengthen and perpetuate cooperation and encourage joint strategies for the management of all forms of cross-border crime, with sub-regional implication.

Created in 1980, SADC brings together the Republics of South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Seychelles, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

SADC aims to promote regional development and economic growth through regional integration.


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Tanzania Orders All Unregistered Bloggers to Shut Down Their Sites
11/06 - 19:34

Tanzania ordered all unregistered bloggers and online forums on Monday to suspend their websites immediately or face criminal prosecution, as critics accuse the government of tightening control of internet content.

Several sites, including popular online discussion platform Jamiiforums, said on Monday they had temporarily shut down after the state-run Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) warned it would take legal action against all unlicensed websites.

Regulations passed in March made it compulsory for bloggers and owners of other online forums such as YouTube channels to register with the government and pay up to $900 for a licence. Per capita income in Tanzania is slightly below $900 a year.

Digital activists say the law is part of a crackdown on dissent and free speech by the government of President John Magufuli, who was elected in 2015. Government officials argue the new rules are aimed at tackling hate speech and other online crimes, including cyberbullying and pornography.

All unregistered online content providers must be licensed before June 15. Starting from today June 11 until June 15, they are prohibited from posting any new content on their blogs, forums or online radios and televisions, the regulator said in a statement on Monday.

The statement said legal action would be taken against any unregistered websites posting new content.

Anyone convicted of defying the new regulations faces a fine of at least 5 million shillings ($2,200), imprisonment for a minimum 12 months, or both.

Tanzanias blogosphere could die

Jamiiforums, a whistle-blowing website, said it had shut down its online discussion platform after the threat from the communications watchdog. The website has been enmeshed in a court battle for nearly a year to keep the site online.

The websites slogan is where we dare to talk openly. Most users post their comments under pseudonyms, but the website has been accused by authorities and individuals of allowing people to post fabricated allegations.

The Paris-based Reporters Without...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Tanzania Mining Event to Provide Clarity on New Legislation
by Phila Mzamo
June 14, 2018

 The Tanzanian government has overhauled the fiscal and regulatory regime of its mining sector this year.

Under nine new regulations, which the mining ministry passed this year, Tanzania will now make it compulsory for foreign-owned mining groups to offer shares to the government and local companies.

Furthermore, the new regulations will restrict the way in which foreign-owned banks, insurance companies and law firms conduct business with mining firms.

According to the Mining (Local Content) Regulations of 2018 regulation, a contractor, sub-contractor, licensee (mining company) or other allied entity shall maintain a bank account with an indigenous Tanzanian bank and transact business through banks in the country.

The local content regulation imposes a fine of at least $5 million for mining companies that fail to implement the new requirements. In terms of the amendments, the mineral right holder is required to submit to the Commission a procurement plan of five years indicating the local services which will be used.

Among the notable features of the Mineral Rights Regulations is the requirement of giving an indigenous Tanzanian company first preference in the granting of mining licenses. Furthermore, Tanzanian President John Magufuli has appointed a chairperson and commissioners for the countrys new mining commission, Idris Kikula.

The appointment of the mining commission and new regulations published this year mean the country can now resume issuing new mining licenses to investors. The commission has started a process of issuing some 7 000 mineral licences that had been pending after the Tanzanian government placed a ban on new licenses in July last year.

Under legislation passed in July last year, the mining commission has been given extensive powers to regulate and monitor the mining industry and mining operations in Tanzania.

AIE will host the Tanzania Mining Law, Local Content Policy & Tax Regime event on 26 & 27 July in Dar Es Salaam. The briefing will provide insight into the new mining regulations and orders of Tanzania and will also offer 2 interactive workshops on th...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Tanzania to Stimulate Industrial Economy in 2018 Financial Year
2018-06-14 21:32:17

DAR ES SALAAM, June 14 (Xinhua) -- The Tanzanian government on Thursday outlined five priority areas and development projects for the 2018 financial year, focused on construction of industries to foster economic growth.

Presenting the economic survey report for 2017 and the national development plan for 2018 in parliament, the Minister for Finance and Planning, Philip Mpango, said the plan will also focus on creating an enabling environment for doing business in Tanzania and human resource development.

He said 12 trillion Tanzanian shillings (about 5.3 billion U.S. dollars), equivalent to 37 percent of the total budget for the upcoming 2018 fiscal year, have been allocated for implementation of the outlined development plan and projects.

An amount of 9.8 trillion shillings will be sourced locally while 2.1 trillion shillings will come from foreign sources, Mpango said.

Mpango said the core objective of the government will be to establish industries that utilize locally available agricultural raw materials, minerals and natural gas.

The minister said that to ensure an enabling environment for doing business, emphasis will be focused on construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure including airports, railways, roads, bridges and ports.

Editor: Shi Yinglun


Reps and Dems join forces to stop US support of genocide and mass starvation in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Republicans and Democrats are coming together to call for an end the horrific military action in Yemen that has mercilessly killed thousands of women and children and has left millions of innocent civilians at risk for starvation. In a letter addressed to Defense Sec. James Mattis, Democratic Reps. Mark Pocan, Ro Khanna, Barbara Lee, and Ted Lieu; and Republican Reps. Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, and Walter Jones called for the United States to immediately end its support for the current military assault on a major port city in Yemen that is putting millions of lives at risk. As Modern Diplomacy reported this week, the U.S.-Saudi-UAE plan is to destroy the Yemenese port city of Al Hudaydah, which is the only entry-way by which food reaches approximately seven million Shiites, members of the Houthi tribe, who occupy the western third of Yemen, and who had recently ruled all of Yemen. The U.S. provides the weapons and the training, and the United Arab Emirates supplies the pilots for this operation, which is financed mainly by the Saudis. "We urge you to use all available means to avert a catastrophic military assault on Yemen's major port city of Hodeida by the Saudi-led coalition, and to present Congress with immediate clarification regarding the full scope of U.S. military involvement in that conflict. We remind you that three years into the conflict, active U.S. participation in Saudi-led hostilities against Yemen's Houthis has never been authorized by Congress, in violation of the Constitution."


Yemens Houthis Strike Back Amid Saudi-led Bombardment of Hodeida "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

HODEIDA, YEMEN Human rights organizations say the ongoing Saudi-led coalition attack on Hodeida threatens to cut the lifeline to millions of Yemenis, putting up to 18 million civilians at risk. Signs of a nascent humanitarian crisis are already clear amid an acute shortage of vital supplies in Hodeida and surrounding provinces as a result of this attack.

Despite Saudi attempts to starve Yemens Houthis into submission, the Houthi leadership shows no signs of retreat even in the face of the overwhelming invasion. Houthi leader Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi said in a televised speech on Tuesday,

Yemeni forces will do all in their power to push back invading forces and reclaim captured Hodeida. The western coast will turn into a big swamp for the invaders.

Although outgunned by the massive military force aligned against them, the Houthis and their allies have had some success in making the coalition pay a price for its siege of Hodeida.  

Yemens Army, allied with the Houthi government, launched a Soviet-era SCUD missile dubbed the Tushka against UAE troops and allied mercenaries gathering on the west-coast battlefront. The strike, which was based on intelligence reports derived from drones, killed or injured a dozen members of the invading forces, according to a Houthi military sources statement given to MintPress News. On Wednesday, the Houthis targeted a gathering of Saudi-UAE troops on the west coast with a domestically-produced Qaher 2M ballistic missile.

Translation | Rocket heavy losses reported in the ranks of the...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

African Judges Attend Gender Equality Conference
13 JUN, 2018 - 00:06 

ARUSHA. A conference on Gender and the Judiciary in Africa kicked off on Monday in Tanzania, aimed at addressing legal barriers for women in African countries.

Poverty levels in Africa was locking out women from accessing judicial services, said Tanzanian Vice President, Samia Suluhu Hassan at the three-day conference, which is jointly organized by the Judiciary of Tanzania and the World Bank Group. Hassan appealed to the Chief Justices and Lawyers from 51 countries in Africa to expedite cases facing women and children to ensure justice.

Women and children are the ones who bear the brunt of dragging of cases on the continent. I urge you to fast track such trials in a bid of helping them to get justice, said Hassan, urging justices to review the laws governing the welfare of women and children to ensure that they serve the right purposes when the two are faced with judicial hurdles.

They (women and children) grapple with a lot of issues, from rape offenses to probate cases. It is therefore prudent, to ensure that the existing laws work to their advantage, she said.

Equal access to justice is an integral part of human development and poverty eradication and is a fulcrum for a human rights-based approach to economic development, said Ibrahim Juma, Tanzanias Chief Justice.

To ensure the trust in, and effectiveness of, any judicial system, the judiciary needs to broadly reflect the racial and gender composition of a country, said Sandie Okoro, World Bank Senior Vice President, and Group General Counsel.



SA official: Calls to 'kill Boers' in South Africa affect all races, not just whites "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Calls to kill Boers in South Africa are directed against farmers of all races, not necessarily whites, according to the head of the agriculture department, Mike Mlengana. "That is not the stance of our government... by the way if it is 'kill the Boer, kill the farmer,' it's killing me, because I am the Boer," said Mlengana, as quoted by News24 TV channel. "Boer means farmer... When they say kill the Boers, they are not just talking about whites, they are talking about farmers," Mlengana said. 'Boer' is the Dutch and Afrikaans noun for 'farmer' and also denotes the descendants of the then-Dutch-speaking settlers in southern Africa during the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, descendants of the Boers are also referred to as 'Afrikaners' - a South African ethnic group descended from predominantly Dutch settlers.


Plague Strikes Idaho: Officials Confirm First First Human Case Since 1992 "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A child in Elmore County, Idaho has contracted the plague according to the state health officials. While the plague has been diagnosed in squirrels as recently as 2016, this marks the first human transmission in Idaho in over a quarter-century according to the Central District Health Department.

The child, whose age and sex are unknown, is currently recovering while receiving antibiotic treatment.

Officials are unsure whether the child contracted the plague at home in Idaho or during a recent trip to Oregon where there have been eight human cases of plague since 1990 vs. two in Idaho.

Plague epidemics have occurred in Africa, Asia, and South America but most human cases since the 1990s have occurred in Africa. Almost all of the cases reported in the last 20 years have occurred among people living in small towns and villages or agricultural areas rather than in larger towns and cities. CDC

Plague is spread to humans through a bite from an infected flea. People can decrease their risk by treating their pets for fleas and avoiding contact with wildlife, Sarah Correll, a Central District Health Department epidemiologist, said in a statement. Wear insect repellent, long pants and socks when visiting plague affected areas.

The symptoms of plague typically appear within two to six days of exposure, and include sudden fever, chills, headache and weakness. There is typically a painful swelling of the lymph nodes in the armpit, groin or neck.

Plague symptoms in animals include fever, loss of appetite and lethargy along with swollen lymph nodes under the jaw. Prompt diagnosis and immediate antibiotic treatment can greatly reduce the risk of death in both people and pets.

According to the...


Libyan National Armys Advance To Capture Derna Is At Its Final Stage (Map) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

On June 15, the Libyan National Army (LNA) continued its advance in the center of the northeastern city of Derna and captured al-Muahshah, Shaabiat Ghazi, the al-Asta Omar school, the main office of the al-Jabal al-Akhdar company and the neighborhoods of al-Daman al-Ijtmai and al-Kab al-Ali, according to the Libyan outlet Africa Gate News.

Libyan National Army's Advance To Capture Derna Is At Its Final Stage (Map)

Click to see full-size map

Earlier this week, the LNA captured the district of al-Qalaa and secured the district of Shiha al-Sharqiyah in Derna after heavy clashes with the Shura Council of Mujahedeen in Derna (SCMD).

Africa Gate News said that LNA had slowed down its advance in Derna in order to avoid any civilian casualties and to deal with the threat of the SCMDs vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIEDs) and suicide bombers.

From its side, the SCMD appears to be on the verge of defeat, especially that its fighters failed to conduct any successful defensive operation against the LNA in Derna during the last three days.

The LNA will likely mange to neutralize the SCMD before the end of this month. Egypt and the UAE played a key role in the LNA success by supporting it financially, politically and even militarily through the air force.

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China, Libya Discuss Return of Chinese Companies to African Country Reports "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

(Sputnik) The Libyan authorities have established a committee to look into suspended projects started by Chinese firms, and other steps to resume active cooperation after the end of Eid holidays are being considered, Xinhua news agency reported Wednesday, citing Wang.

On Tuesday, the Chinese diplomat met with Fayez Sarraj, the prime minister of the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), while on Monday, he signed documents to provide medical aid to Libya, worth up to $6 million.

Libya signed multiple large-scale contracts with foreign companies back when Muammar Gaddafi was in power. Since 2011, when Gaddafis government was toppled, the country has been torn apart by conflicts between various tribes and political movements. Many projects were frozen amid instability and violent altercations.

The GNA controls territory in the west of Libya, while the elected parliament backed by the Libyan National Army is operating in the east.

Originally published by Sputnik

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In Yemen, Selling, Borrowing, Begging To Save Loved-Ones as Cholera Rages "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

SANAA, YEMEN When his wifes vomiting and diarrhea simply wouldnt stop, 40-year-old Ali Sherwaid, an English teacher, did a quick accounting in his head, calibrating the catastrophe that had befallen him. With cholera ravaging his wife, 28 years-old and nine-months pregnant with the couples first child, Sherwaid needed to get her medical treatment. Problem was, the constant Saudi airstrikes had decimated the healthcare infrastructure in Yemens northern Saada province, and his village of Fudh was at least 6 hours drive, on bad country roads, to the nearest hospital.

Compounding the crisis was the fact that Sherwaid had no money Yemens civil servants havent been paid in months and he had nothing to pay a doctor to treat his wife, Fatimah.

And so Sherwaid auctioned off his wifes jewelry, borrowed money from neighbors, bundled his wifes doubled-over frame into his car, and sped off in the night, headed for al Jomuri Hospital in the city of Saada, some 80 miles away. Days later, as her health continued to break down, his wife was taken to Al Sabeen Hospital in Sanaa, the capital.

In an interview, Sherwaid told MintPress News:

When we finally reached the hospital, my wife was inching towards death.

What is taking shape across this Texas-sized nation at the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula is an awful, perfect storm, a disastrous collaboration between nature and man that has caused a cataclysm, unlike anything the world has ever seen.

Yemens is the 21st centurys worst humanitarian crisis and, when measured by the proportion of the population affected, it might well be the worst in a century. Since the armed conflict erupted in March of 2015, more than 10,000 Yemenis have died, and 22.2 million people out of a total population of just under 28 million are now in need of food, medicine, water and shelter. Of that number, 11.3 million mostly women, children, and the elderly are at risk of dying, according to international relief agencies.



The South African Usutu virus has made its way to Europe "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A mosquito-borne virus that was discovered in South Africa in 1959 and that can spread to humans who have been bitten has arrived in southwest France, health experts have said. The Usutu virus, which attacks the nervous system, was first identified among animals in the Occitanie in 2015. It is carried by the most common variety of mosquito in France - the Culex.


As Saudi-Led Coalition Bombards Key Port, Yemenis Rush to Hodeidas Defense "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

HODEIDA, YEMEN On Wednesday, the Saudi-led Coalition launched its attack on the Red Sea port city of Hodeida in western Yemen, despite the warnings by the UN and international rights groups that the move would have catastrophic humanitarian repercussions.

The Houthis, targeted in the attack along with countless civilians in Hodeida, have pledged a firm response to the offensive. Residents of Hodeida are helping the Houthis against the invasion, and Yemenis from other parts of the small nation have rushed to the port city to assist the Houthis and Hodeida`s residents.

The residents of Hodeida have been unable seek shelter due to of the volley of airstrikes and artillery that targets anything that moves. More than 25,000 people are at immediate risk in what is a deepening humanitarian catastrophe, already the worst in the world.

With the Saudi-led Coalition bombing the port, which is a key entry point for United Nations aid, markets and fuel stations across Hodeida swelled with huge crowds of Yemenis trying to buy food and fuel before the situation becomes even worse.

The current clashes are concentrated south of the Hodeida airport, but there are intense airstrikes over the entire province, especially against the port itself, which serves as a lifeline for aid delivery to the war-stricken country. In conjunction with this escalation, U.S.-Saudi-led Coalition forces have attacked the Directorate of Dremi, southern Hodeida, with hundreds of military armored vehicles, foreign mercenaries, and air cover for the operation.


UAEs deadline and UN concern

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), a key member of the Saudi-led coalition waging the war on Yemen, had set a Tuesday deadline for the Yemeni fighters to pull out of Hodeida.



Italy and France call for 'profound' changes to EU asylum rules - African asylum processing centers "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

France and Italy on Friday called on the European Union to set up asylum processing centres in Africa to prevent "voyages of death" by migrants across the Mediterranean, in a crisis that has divided Europe. At a meeting in Paris President Emmanuel Macron and Italy's new premier Giuseppe Conte also called for "profound" changes to the EU's asylum rules, which put the migrant burden on their port of entry to Europe -- mainly Italy and Greece. The two leaders were at pains to put on a united front after a bitter row this week between Macron and the new populist government in Rome over Italy's rejection of a rescue boat with hundreds of migrants on board. The clash underscores deep splits in Europe over how to handle the massive influx of migrants from across the Mediterranean in recent years. In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel is embroiled in a showdown with the right wing of her governing coalition, which is demanding that she immediately ditch her liberal migration policy and tighten border controls. Conte called for "European protection centres" to process asylum claims in migrants' countries of origin -- currently mainly Africa -- "before their arrival in Europe".


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

FDI: A Breath of Fresh Air for the Job Market
15 JUN, 2018 - 00:06

President Mnangagwa officially opens the $30 million Pepsi plant in Harare on Wednesday. At least 600 people have already been employed at the plant

Victoria Ruzvidzo
In Focus
Zimbabwe Herald

Zimbabweans are looking for jobs so they can enjoy a better quality of life. Their hope has been rekindled by the new dispensation that is operating in overdrive to ensure the economy begins to function normally again.

Decades of under-performance have drowned employment opportunities as economic activity almost ground to a halt.

Therefore, jobs have been long in coming but such projects as the $30 million Pepsi plant launched on Wednesday are sweet music to the ears of the many that have been waiting for years, if not decades to be gainfully employed.

At least 600 people have already been employed at the Varun Beverages Plant while its chairman, Mr Ravi Jaipuria, yesterday said their potato project would generate an additional 600 direct jobs to farmer families. This means many more indirect jobs will be created through this project.

This is arguably the whole essence of investment. Creating jobs for the people, generating wealth and other sweeteners that will contribute to the countrys Gross Domestic Product.

Thousands of people have been laid off over the past decade or so as firms succumbed to economic challenges and had to shut down or scale down operations significantly.

Thousands of graduates from universities and other tertiary colleges have also found the going tough in terms of securing employment or resources to start income-generating projects. Hence the demand for employment is quite high.

President Mnangagwa was quite apt on Wednesday when he said the entrance of more foreign companies is aimed an upgrading peoples standard of living and creating a middle income economy by 2030.

Certainly the majority have had to make do with very little, with many living below the Poverty Datum Line but increased investments by both foreign and local companies will bring a better qua...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

ED Mulls Tax Incentives to Lure Investors
15 JUN, 2018 - 00:06

President Mnangagwa (right) on tour of the Pepsi plant accompanied by RJ Corp Group head Technical Rajinder Bagga and other dignitaries during its official opening in Harare on Wednesday. - Picture by Justin Mutenda

Ishemunyoro Chingwere
Business Reporter
Zimbabwe Herald

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa has implored Finance and Economic Planning Minister Patrick Chinamasa to consider tax incentives and tax holidays for foreign investors to encourage investment and grow the domestic economy.

The President said this on Wednesday while officiating at the commissioning of a $30 million Varun Beverages plant in Harare. Varun Beverages is a subsidiary of global conglomerate RJ Corp and produces Pepsi products.

Tax holidays and incentives, the President said, will help attract more attract foreign investment into the country, which will go a long way in creating decent jobs for the populace and help the country to attain the Governments agenda of making Zimbabwe a middle income state by 2030.

When I arrived (at Pepsis plant) I saw Patrick Chinamasa, Minister of Finance (and Economic Planning), I said why are you here, said the President.

He said I just wanted to see whether this is a taxable entity and I think he is smiling, but Minister (Chinamasa), such investments also require incentives.

I know he (Minister Chinamsa) will agree with me. As Government we will have more companies coming here if we give them incentives, tax breaks. . .

While this investment (by Varun Beverages) attests to the steadily increasing attractiveness of our business climate to investors from far and wide, my Government is continuously monitoring our investment climate to ensure that it remains conducive and open for business to grow and succeed, he said.

Minister Chinamasa on his part has previously conceded that Zimbabwe had high taxes compared to other international destinations, pointing out Government was working on a framework to reduce as an incentive to grow the cake.

Taxation, I...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Presidential Race Breaks Record 23 Vie for Zimbabwe's Highest Office Its Biggest Number Since 1980
15 JUN, 2018 - 00:06 
Tendai Mugabe
Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe Herald

A record 23 people yesterday successfully filed nomination papers to contest as presidential candidates in the July 30 harmonised elections. The record figure, the highest since independence in 1980, has been described by political analysts as a sign of mature democracy and the opening up of political space by President Mnangagwas new dispensation.

In the 2002 presidential elections, there were five candidates Messrs Robert Mugabe (Zanu-PF), Morgan Tsvangirai (MDC), Wilson Kumbula (Zanu Ndonga), Shakespeare Maya (National Alliance for Good Governance) and Paul Siwela (Independent).

In 2008, the number of presidential hopefuls declined to four Messrs Mugabe (Zanu-PF), Tsvangirai (MDC-T), Simba Makoni (Mavambo Kusile Dawn) and Langton Towungana (Independent).

In 2013, there were five presidential candidates Messrs Mugabe (Zanu-PF), Tsvangirai (MDC-T), Dumiso Dabengwa (Zapu), Weshman Ncube (MDC) and Mr Kisinoti Mukwazhe (Zimbabwe Democratic Party).

This year, the number rose by more than 500 percent to reach 23.

Among those who successfully filed nomination papers yesterday were President Mnangagwa (Zanu-PF) and Messrs Nelson Chamisa (MDC-Alliance), Peter Gava (United Democratic Front), Hlabangana Kwanele (Republicans Party of Zimbabwe), Divine Mhambi (National Alliance of Patriotic and Democratic Republicans) and Blessing Kasiyamhuru (Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity).

Other candidates were Dr Thokozani Khupe (MDC-T), Professor Lovemore Madhuku (National Constitutional Assembly), Messrs Noah Manyika (Build Zimbabwe Alliance), Bryn Mteki (Independent), William Mugadza (Bethel Christian Party), Evaristo Chikanga (Rebuild Zimbabwe) and Joseph Busha (FreeZim Congress).

Ms Violet Mariyacha (United Democracy Movement), Joice Mujuru (Peoples Rainbow Coalition), Dr Nkosana Moyo (Alliance for Peoples Agenda), Messrs Johannes Chiguvare (Peoples Progressive Party), Daniel Shumba (United Democratic Alliance), Elton Mangoma (Coalition of Democrats), Peter Munyanduri (...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

ED Commissions $30m Pepsi Plant
14 JUN, 2018 - 00:06

President Mnangagwa unveils the plaque while commissioning the $30 million Varun Beverages plant, which produces Pepsi products, in Harare yesterday. (Picture by Justin Mutenda)

Tendai Mugabe
Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe Herald

President Mnangagwa yesterday commissions a $30 million Varun Beverages plant in Harare and called for more foreign companies to be part of the countrys new economic drive aimed at upgrading peoples living standard and creating a middle class economy by 2030.

Varun Beverages is a subsidiary of global player RJ Corp.

The firm produces Pepsi products, among other beverages like Miranda and Mountain Dew.
It has operations across Africa.

The state-of-the-art plant worth commissioned by President Mnangagwa has capacity to produce 600 000 bottles of soft drinks daily.

Since it started operations locally, Varun Beverage Group aggressively penetrated the market, forcing competitors in the same industry to slash their prices.

Officially opening the plant, President Mnangagwa urged Zimbabweans to partner foreign investors to strengthen their business aptitude.

Let me once again invite more companies, both local and foreign to join us in this journey of progress and a new wave of prosperity for all the people of Zimbabwe, said the President.

While this investment attests to the steadily increasing attractiveness of our business climate to investors from far and wide, my Government is continuously monitoring our investment climate to ensure that it remains conducive and open for business to grow and succeed.

Meanwhile, I urge prospective local and foreign investors to form partnerships and joint ventures in order to strengthen their business aptitude and enhance their competitive edge.

We are indeed confident that this investment will be an important contributor to the economic development of our country through the creation of both upstream and downstream employment opportunities which will impact on the standard of living of numerous fa...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Were Satisfied With Nominations: ZEC
15 JUN, 2018 - 00:06 

President Mnangagwas election agent, Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi, fields questions from journalists after filing the Presidents nomination papers in Harare yesterday. (Picture by Innocent Makawa)

Herald Reporters

THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) yesterday said it was satisfied with the way the nomination process proceeded, despite incidents of violence by the MDC Alliance. In an interview at the Harare Magistrates Courts where she visited to assess the process, ZEC chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba, however, said there were reports violence.

It is quite satisfactory. I just want to reiterate that ZEC has availed copies of the provisional voters roll. We are assisting aspiring candidates, those who might not know if those who have nominated them are in the voters roll, said Justice Chigumba.

She said the announcement of candidates would be done by end of day yesterday since the Nomination Court would only have one sitting.

From the reports that have come through, we have few issues of intra party violence where people tore each others papers, but that has since been addressed, she said.

MDC-T national deputy treasurer Mr Charlton Hwende confirmed that some of their candidates had their papers torn by disgruntled party members in Manicaland Province.

He said they signed new nomination papers for the affected candidates.

Some MDC Alliance members complained that the MDC-T had declined to sign their papers at the eleventh hour.

They took our nomination papers in the past three days only to tell us that they could not sign them, said Zanu Ndonga spokesperson Mr Reketayi Semwayo, who was due to contest in Chipinge Central.

The Herald understands that the MDC Alliance refused to sign nomination papers for all Zanu-Ndonga candidates and the Multi-Christian Democratic Party led by Mathias Guchutu.

It is also further understood that MDC-T unilaterally reduced the number seats it had allocated to other political parties in the alliance, affecting the Welshman Ncube-led MDC and Transfo...


Ramadan in Nigeria: Muslims hack to death two Christians returning from church service "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Kill them wherever you find them, says the Quran (2:191, 4:89, 9:5), and what better time than during Ramadan, the month in which Muslims try all the harder to obey Allah? Two Christians Ambushed, Killed in Central Nigeria, Morning Star News, June 14, 2018: JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) Muslim Fulani herdsmen on Sunday []


Why People Stopped Prepping, South Africa, California Secession (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Why People Stopped Prepping, South Africa, California Secession Video The Patriot Nurse Video Source

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Ramadan in Egypt: Muslims screaming Allahu akbar pelt Christians with bricks and stones, loot their properties "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ramadan is the month in which Muslims strive ever harder to fulfill Allahs commands. And Allah commands: O you who have believed, fight those disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find in you harshness. (Quran 9:123) Copts homes attacked after they protest Muslim men swimming naked in front of them, World Watch []


Financial Equality for Africas Women Farmers "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Sub-Saharan Africa remains one of the world's most gender-unequal regions, a place where perceptions, attitudes, and traditional roles conspire to limit womens access to healthcare, education, and economic resources. To overcome these obstacles, women need greater access to financial services and farm-related credit.


Trumps Beautiful Employment Numbers Mask an Ugly Reality for US Workers "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

WASHINGTON The Trump Administration and the media were positively giddy at the news: the U.S. had added 223,000 jobs in May, representing a record 92nd consecutive month of jobs growth, and reducing the unemployment rate to 3.8 percent, its lowest level since the height of the dotcom boom in 2000.

New Milestones in Jobs Report Signals a Bustling Economy, read the New York Times headline trumpeting the data. Looking forward to seeing the employment numbers at 8:30 this morning, Trump tweeted ahead of the Bureau of Labor Statistics June 1 press release.


Down and out in the real world

One week later, the mood in an Indiana courtroom was decidedly more somber, as a federal bankruptcy judge heard the first cases of what was shaping up to be a busy morning. First up was the young couple with a daughter afflicted with cerebral palsy; the mother had to quit her job to be a full-time caregiver, leaving the family with one insufficient paycheck. They had filed for protection from their creditors under federal bankruptcy laws, but before doing so had purchased a $1,200 ring as a Christmas gift for the wife.

You can see why it concerns me that you made this purchase right before filing for bankruptcy, cant you? the judge asked, glaring at the couple over her glasses. The couple nodded yes, and the husband tried to explain that the gift was intended as a reward for his wife who had borne the burden of caring for their daughter.

With their clients clearly cowed by the judge, their attorney interrupted:

In their defense, your honor, they had not yet contemplated filing for bankruptcy protection at the point the purchase was made.

Satisfied that the U.S. government was not being swindled by an office manager and a housewife, the judge agreed, and dispatched quickly with the next two cases, both middle-aged African-American women one a divorcee with a teenage son who was trying to remodel a home valued at $79,000 and the other a civil servant who owed more than $200,000 in student loans.




World Cup: Moroccan and Tunisian fans take long road to Russia "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Some football fans from the North African countries have spent their life savings to follow their national teams to the World Cup


Military Contractors Are Making Tens of Millions Helping Trump Tear Families Apart "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

While outraged Americans across the country are calling their elected representatives and taking to the streets to protest the Trump administrations forcible separation of parents and children at the U.S.-Mexico border, intelligence and defense contractors are raking in millions thanks to the cruel practice.

According to reporting by the Daily Beast, the intelligence contractor MVM, Inc. won an $8 million five-year contract to provide assistance in detention centers for unaccompanied children, and has made $42.9 million in less than a year, transporting minors to centers in Texas.

Such facilities have become crowded with children in recent months, especially following the administrations unveiling of its new zero tolerance policy for undocumented immigrants who cross the southern border seeking asylumunder which adults are imprisoned while they await immigration trials and any children traveling with them are sent off to detention centers, sometimes thousands of miles away.

Previously, MVM worked with the CIA in the Iraq War, during which its employees were accused of procuring and possessing unauthorized weapons and explosives. The company has also faced accusations of discrimination against employees who were Muslim and African-born.

Im guessing that in [MVMs] mission statement, one of the central components isnt the care of refugee children, immigration attorney Matthew Kolken told the Daily Beast. It is mind-blowing that those types of industries would be even considered with respect to the care of children. Theyre not equipped to be able to do it. Would you want your child to be dropped off in their hands? I know I wouldnt.

Still, MVM as well as the defense contractor General Dynamics are rapidly hiring new employees to oversee the dozens of detention centers for children who have been taken from their parents or guardians after crossing the border.

Recently-advertised positions include compliance coordinators tasked with overseeing detention centers, youth care workers, and bilingual transport specialists.


Stop the Deadly Violence in Cameroon "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

By Tony Jenkins, World BEYOND War

Photo caption: Peaceful protestors in Cameroon calling for an end to violence, Anglophone marginalization, and arbitrary arrest. (Photo: Screen capture from the cover of the Amnesty International Report A Turn for the worse)

Deadly violence in Cameroon is at the precipice of civil war and the world is not paying attention. World BEYOND War calls for immediate action by state and non-state actors, the media, and international civil society to bring an immediate end to this deadly conflict.

The current crisis is rooted in divisions going back to French and British colonial legacies. In late 2016 the minority Anglophone community responded to their ever increasing marginalization by biased Francophone legal, economic and educational policies. Their mostly peaceful protests were met by fierce violence by Cameroonian security forces. 10 peaceful protestors were killed by security forces between October 2016 and February 2017 and an independent report estimates that 122 peaceful protestors were killed between September 22 October 1, 2017 alone (most were killed on Oct. 1 when security forces shot indiscriminately into crowds from helicopters)[i]. The situation deteriorated further from there. Armed separatists have since killed more than 44 members of the security forces and have also targeted teachers and students who were not actively engaging in their political boycott activities. This escalation of violence has led to increased militarization on both sides. Further compounding the crisis, more than 150,000 people have become internally displaced and another 20,000 refugees have fled to Nigeria. Furthermore, increased human rights violations (including documented torture) by security forces has led to increased radicalization of the Anglophone community.

World BEYOND War stands behind the initial recommendations outlined in a recent report issued by Amnesty International (A turn for the worse: Violence and human rights violations in Anglophone Cameroon) and encourages greater responsibility of the media, the United Nations, the African Union, the Com...


South Africa two men caught with R1million worth of rhino horn "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Witbank News (South Africa)

Two suspects were hunted down for being in possession of two rhino horns on the N4 Highway.

Information was given to the police on Tuesday, June 12 to be on the lookout for a white BMW with the registration plates, HB 28 LB GP and two suspects in the vehicle. The chase started from Nelspruit as it was alleged that the vehicle was transporting rhino horns.

The scene on the N4 Highway just outside eMalahleni where two suspects were arrested for the possession of rhino horns on June 13.

This information was then passed onto members of the Highway Patrol, not long after receiving the information the vehicle was spotted, travelling on the N4 highway from Middelburg to eMalahleni.

Highway Patrol tried to stop the vehicle without any success. The chase then continued and they managed to stop it just before the eMalahleni off-ramp from the toll gate.

The members searched the BMW and found two rhino horns in a white container wrapped in foil in the boot of the vehicle. Its alleged that the vehicle used was rented and that the suspects were on their way to Johannesburg to make the drop off.

The rhino horns that was found in the suspects vehicle on the N4 Highway.

Members from the South African National Parks (SANParks) were notified about the arrest and the two horns that were discovered in the boot of the vehicle. They then flew in with a helicopter to come and identify the horns.

Dr Nolan Landman from Witbank Veterinary Hospital assis...


Baobab trees have more than 300 uses but theyre dying in Africa "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Nine of 13 of Africas oldest and largest baobab trees have died in the past decade, it has been reported.


Zimbabwe aims to be a tech hub - with Chinas help "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Zimbabwe is looking to China to help build capacity and know-how in order to turn itself into a leading African IT hub.


Supplying the wildlife trade as a livelihood strategy in a biodiversity hotspot examples from Madagascar "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ecology and Society

Janine E. Robinson,  Richard A. Griffiths, , Iain M. Fraser,  Jessica Raharimalala,  David L. Roberts and Freya A. V. St. John


Much of the global wildlife trade is sourced from biodiversity-rich developing countries. These often have high levels of poverty and habitat loss, particularly in rural areas where many depend on natural resources. However, wildlife collection may incentivize local people to conserve habitats that support their livelihoods. Here we examined the contribution of the commercial collection of live animals to rural livelihoods in Madagascar, one of the worlds most important biodiversity hotspots. Using questionnaires, we investigated the prevalence, profitability relative to other livelihood activities, and local importance of the trade, and its capacity to provide incentives for conservation. Thirteen percent of households were engaged in live animal collection in the study area (~5% trapped reptiles and amphibians and the remainder trapped invertebrates). This formed part of a diverse livelihood strategy, and was more profitable than other activities (in terms of returns per unit of effort), with median earnings of ~US$100 per season (~25% of Gross National Income per year). However, trapping was part-time, usually undertaken by poorer members of the community, and often perceived as opportunistic, risky, and financially unreliable. Further, trappers and nontrappers held similar perceptions regarding conservation, suggesting wildlife trade currently does not incentivize enhanced stewardship of traded species and their habitats. Our study brings together a range of methodologies to present the most comprehensive insights into livelihoods and conservation in poor rural communities involved in the commercial collection of live animals to supply international trade. This improved understanding of the wider socioeconomic dimensions of wildlife trade can inform policy and management interventions for both the threats and opportunities associated with global trade in biodiversity both in Madagascar and more generally.
Global trade in biodiversity is big business, and because collection
from the wild usually involves local people, it can frequently make
important contributions to livelihoods. Our study provides the
first comprehensive analysis of livelihoods associated with
commercial live animal collection, in a global biodiversity
We estimated that 13% of households collected live animals for
trade and ~5% trapped reptiles and amphibians. If we extrapolate
using t...


The Saudi-UAE Alliance is the Most Dangerous Force in the Middle East Today "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

For three years, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have conducted a murderous campaign to reinstall a pliable regime in the desperately poor country of Yemen. 


Bora confident Nigeria ll advance "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Former Super Eagles Coach Bora Milutinovic is confident Nigeria will progress to the knock out stage, despite the quality of the other teams in the group. The Eagles are the least ranked team in the group but Bora Milutinovic believes the three-time African champions have a great chance of qualifying. Making their sixth appearance at []

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51 families of dead policemen get N29m "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

About 51 families of police officers who lost their lives while serving yesterday received cheques of N29,836,378 from the Nigeria Police Force. Beneficiaries cut across the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Niger State and Kaduna State. The Assistant Inspector- General (AIG) of Police in charge of Zone 7, Taiwo Lakanu, who presented cheques to the beneficiaries []

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Outrage as soldiers arrest, torture man to death "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Residents of Ojo Military Cantonment, Lagos State, were outraged after receiving news that one of their neighbours, Luka Zaka, had been allegedly tortured to death by some military policemen. The 28-year-old Luka was picked up by soldiers after his neighbour, Gladys Agbos, reported that she suspected he stole her phone. Exactly two hours after his []

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APC accuses Okorocha of forgery "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused the governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, of forgery. The party stated that the memo advertised and being paraded by the governor and his cronies with regards to the partys congresses in Imo State is forged. Okorocha was also accused of making a number of false claims against []

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Balogun, major doubt for Croatia clash "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Leon Balogun failed to train with the rest of the Nigeria squad on Thursday morning, and is now a major doubt for Saturdays World Cup opener against Croatia. The Brighton and Hove Albion defender was conspicuously missing from the teams last session in Essentuki, and team sources told KwesESPN he had gone for a scan. []

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I butchered my married lover to steal her SUV Suspect "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A suspected murderer, Paul Chukwujekwu Ezengo, yesterday told the police at the FCT Police Command that he killed his married lover to steal her Acura Jeep. Ezengo and his alleged accomplice, Emmanuel Adogah, were part of the 25 suspects arrested for their involvement in murder, car snatching, armed robbery and other crimes. The police also []

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Ocean wildlife, ten hour BBC video "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

This video says about itself:

Sea Forests: 10 Hours of Relaxing Oceanscapes | BBC Earth

13 June 2018

Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful greens of mangroves, seagrasses and kelp forests as we take you on a journey through some of the prettiest green hues of our blue planet with this 10 hour loop.


Saudi Efforts to Internationally Isolate Iran Produces Results "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Riyadh (AMN) Saudi efforts to isolate Iran internationally are producing results in North Africa and Central Asia. Authorities and religious leaders in Tajikistan and Algeria have in recent weeks accused Iran of subversive activity and propagating Shiism while Morocco last month announced that it was breaking off diplomatic relations with the Islamic republic.

While similar accusations have been lobbed at Iran in the past as part of a four-decade-long covert war between Saudi Arabia and the Islamic republic, the more recent incidents suggest that the Saudis are increasingly focussing on isolating Iran diplomatically.

In doing so they are benefitting from ultra-conservative Sunni Muslim Islams appeal in North Africa and Central Asia even if Saudi Arabia is believed to have substantially reduced its financial support for Salafi and other groups.

At times, like in the case of Algeria, a country in which Shiites account for at most two percent of the population and that has seen an increase in popularity of Saudi-inspired Salafi scholars, the allegations seem to involve above board Iranian activities that are unlikely to have the alleged effect of fomenting sectarianism.

READ MORE: Iran, as Supporter of Self-Determination, a Thorn in Imperial Washingtons Side

The anti-Iranian campaign at times also appears to be designed to pressure countries like Algeria, whose relations with the kingdom are strained because of its refusal to adopt anti-Iranian Saudi policies. Algeria supports the embattled 2015 international nuclear agreement with Iran as well as Irans presence in Syria and has refused to declare Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed Lebanese militia, a terrorist organization.

In the most recent incident, Ash-Sharq Al-Awsat, a pan-Arab, Saudi-owned newspaper, quoted, former Algerian Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowments official Idah Falahi as demanding the withdrawal of Iranian diplomat Amir Mousavi because of his extensive contacts with civil society groups, through Facebook and social media and alleged attempts to meddle in the dispute between Morocco and Algeria over the Western Sahara.

Morocco last month broke off diplomatic relations with Iran, alleging that Tehran had provided financial and logistical support as well as....


Battle For Yemens Al-Hudaydah On June 15, 2018 (Maps) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Battle For Yemens Al-Hudaydah On June 15, 2018 (Maps)

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Despite a de-facto failure of the advance on al-Hudaydah on June 13 and June 14, the Saudi led coalition is still continuing its military operation to capture the key port city.

By June 15, the coalitions forces and their proxies have achieved only a minor progress south of al-Hudaydah, capturing the Aden junction and a nearby settlement.

The coalitions artillery and warplanes have cattied out multiple strikes on the al-Hudaydah airport, but the area remains un the hands of the Houthis. On June 15 morning, the coalitions forces made another attempt to capture this facility. Clashes are ongoing.

Battle For Yemens Al-Hudaydah On June 15, 2018 (Maps)

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Meanwhile, the Houthis launched a Qaher-M2 ballistic missile at a military camp of the coalition in the province of al-Hudaydah. There is no details about the casualties inflicted by the strike.

The coalition is actively using its advantage in the air power and military equipment and carrying out a massive bombing campaign against the Houthis. According to Yemeni sources, the coalition is ready to destroy the entire port city if this is needed to force the Houthis to retreat.

The post...


Egypt, World Cup football and problems "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

This video says about itself:

26 April 2018

Epic Arabic Commentary of Mo Salah Wonder Goal [for British football club Liverpool] Against [Italian club] Roma Causes Online Frenzy + Gerrard Reactions

Arabic commentary on Mo Salahs goals is something else translation below.


There are spaces, and Mohamed Salah is on their left Mohamed Salah: goal or no? Salaaaaaaah! Ohhhh! What is this? What is this, o Salah? Sultan of the English premier league. This is him, the star of the Egyptian game, the pride of the Arab game! Perfect! Perfect!

It was uncertain whether Mohamed Salah, the best known Egyptian football player, would be able to play in the World Cup in Russia, due to an injury. However, the latest information is that he has recovered and will play today in Egypts first match of the tournament, against Uruguay.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

There is still a lot of dissatisfaction in Egypt: life is becoming more and more expensive and ordinary Egyptians are barely able to afford it, while the rich are getting richer, the youth has no future prospects, and especially in this time Mo Salah gives them hope, says Saad El Hamus [Egyptian actor, now living in the Netherlands].


Benin suspected ivory smugglers arrested with four tusks "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

LEvenement Precis

Emmanuel Gbeto,
June 13, 2018

Four tusks of ivory: these are the objects found in the hands of six
suspected traffickers of wildlife products. They were arrested in Cotonou
on the evening of Monday, June 11, 2018, in an operation conducted jointly
by the Judicial Police and the Directorate of Water and Forests.

They were caught in the criminal offense of marketing four tusks from at
least two slaughtered elephants.

The package reveals that the ivory seized weighs 6 kilograms. Probably a
success of the police who come to implement the new strategy of grid of the
ground which aims, in reality, to put out of state of harm to the
traffickers of the products of fauna.

It should be noted that the government that has always been working for the
protection of Benins wildlife heritage with the support and technical
support of the Support to the Application of Laws on Fauna and Flora
(AALF-Benin) program, again with this arrest, shows its determination to
block the path of wildlife destroyers and protect endangered wildlife.

It is highly expected that other structures involved in wildlife protection
and law enforcement will also roll up their sleeves and play their part.

These suspected traffickers must be well punished as soon as their guilt is
proven. Moreover, following this arrest, the people must realize that the
elephant is an entirely protected species and it is prohibited to circulate
and market its parts.

In fact, according to Article 153 of Law No. 2002-16 of 18 October 2004 on
the wildlife regime in the Republic of Benin and its implementing text,
any person who circulates trophies or remains without certificate of
origin, is punishable by a fine of 100,000 to 500,000 francs and / or
imprisonment from 3 months to 3 years.

Article 154 of the same law reprimands a fine of 300,000 to 800,000 francs
and / or imprisonment of 6 months to 5 years anyone who imports, exports,
re-exports or markets wild animals or their trophies and remains outside
allowed cases. These six alleged traffickers fall under sections 153 and
154 and will certainly suffer the rigors of the law. Article 166 states
that accomplices are punished as the main perpetrators and sentenced
jointly and severally to fines, damages, and restitutions.


Kenya prosecutors appeal against acquittal of suspected ivory kingpins "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Daily Nation


Feisal Ali

Businessman Feisal Ali (left) who is serving a 20-year jail term for being in possession of ivory and his lawyer Taib Ali Taib at the High Court in Mombasa on June 13, 2018. PHOTOS | PHILIP MUYANGA | NATION MEDIA GROUP

More by this Author

The Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji wants the acquittal of four people who had been charged with possessing ivory worth Sh44 million set aside and the suspects sentenced to life imprisonment.

Through senior assistant DPP Alexander Muteti, Mr Haji also wants a 20-year jail term imposed on businessman Feisal Ali for being in possession of ivory enhanced to life imprisonment.

Mr Muteti argued that the acquittal of Mr Abdul Halim Sadiq, Mr Ghalib Sadiq Kara, Mr Praverz Noor Mohamed and Mr Abdulmajeed Ibrahim who had been charged alongside Mr Ali was a miscarriage of justice.

He told Justice Dora Chepkwony that the prosecutions case was based on recovery of ivory and that the undisputed fact is that it was found within the premises Fuji Motors East Africa Ltd. Mr Muteti further argued that the company should have been convicted as to how the ivory was found and that the directors take responsibility of its activities.

A company does not have a mind of its own, it acts through directors who are body, mind and soul of the company. The circumstantial evidence is so overwhelming that is incapable of any reasonable hypothesis than that of guilty on the part of all the accused, they were all in it, they must take responsibility, said Mr Muteti.

The respondents, through their lawyers opposed the appeal saying witnesses who would have unravelled the mystery surrounding the ownership of the ivory were never called to testify.

Through lawyer Taib Ali Taib, Mr Ali who is serving his jail term at Shimo la Tewa prison told the court that the trial magistrate assumed prosecutorial role. The magistrate became an analyst of call records without evidence by anyone argued Mr Taib adding that each finding of the trial court entitled his client to an acquittal.

Mr Taib further said that conviction of Mr Ali was not based on any direct evidence but circumstantial evidence.

The judgment will be delivered on July 31.



Gabon Ivory trafficker arrested in Mitzic "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Gabon Initiatives

Fabrice Mikomba,
June 9, 2018

MITZIC: Mitzic maintains its reputation as an ivory trafficking center in
the Woleu-Ntem province in northern Gabon, with this new arrest being
carried out by the local brigade center of a forty-year-old Gabonian who
the law will certainly not save.

Ekazama Jean-Francois did not escape the elements of the Brigade Center
Mitzic after an operation that allowed them to get their hands on ivory, a
product for which, when he is detained, leads to prison for six months.

According to sources close to the case, everything happened on Tuesday,
June 5, 2018.

Information about an ivory transaction in a district of the capital of the
Okano department reached the elements of the Gendarmerie Center.

To verify and confirm this, elements of the brigade associated with
Conservation Justice officers and Water and Forensic Officers were formed,
to go to the location indicated by the information.

After several minutes of research, Sieur Ekazama was surprised with his
booty spread on the ground, counting the parts that he must deliver to his
buyer: in the end, four tusks and two pieces of ivory. It is in this
position that he was questioned.

Initial evidence indicates that Ekazama Jean-Francois had left Mbomao, a
large village in the neighboring province of Ogooue-Ivindo.

How was he able to cross the various checkpoints that separate the two
localities? Obviously, he had carefully packed his booty in a travel bag.

Conducted in the premises of the Gendarmerie Center Mitzic to be heard on
the facts alleged against him, Jean-Francois Ekazama will be presented
before the Prosecutor of the Republic of Oyem to answer the facts of
transport, detention and marketing of trophies of an entirely protected

He faces up to siz months in prison for violating the provisions of
Articles 92, 274 and 275 of the Forest Code, a sentence unfortunately not
dissuasive, according to environmental advocates who find that neighboring
countries engaged in the same way as Gabon on the international scene
impose several years poachers and trafficking of species fully protected
and threatened with extinction.


Chinese customs seize 300kg of ivory since January "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

ECNS (China)

2018-06-14 08:30:35China DailyEditor : Li Yan
Customs officers display a seized ivory figurine intercepted in a package from Europe in Qingdao, Shandong Province, in March. (Photo by ZHANG JINGANG/FOR CHINA DAILY)

Customs officers display a seized ivory figurine intercepted in a package from Europe in Qingdao, Shandong Province, in March. (Photo by ZHANG JINGANG/FOR CHINA DAILY)


Chinese customs officers confiscated nearly 300 kilograms of ivory products in 22 cases from January to May, according to the General Administration of Customs on Wednesday.

The administration and other authorities, including public security and forestry departments, launched a campaign in January targeting smugglers of endangered species and wildlife products, drugs and firearms.

The punishment of such crimes demonstrates the governments firm resolve to protect the environment, conserve wildlife and combat the illegal trade in wildlife products, including ivory, said Zhang Guangzhi, spokesman for the General Administration of Customs.

From January to May customs officers cracked 84 cases involving the trafficking of endangered animals and plants, and their products. They also confiscated 281 kg of smuggled ivory products. Most of the seized ivory products were smuggled from Africa, either in travelers luggage or through the mail.

In recent years, the number of cases of ivory trafficking has risen because many wealthy Chinese people have a strong desire to collect ivory and carved art.

According to the administration, suspects in China colluded with accomplices in Africa to smuggle ivory artworks and sell them on the black market.

Since January, China has stepped up its efforts to fight the illegal trading of endangered species and wildlife products.

According to customs, inspections have been enhanced to block the illegal movement of wildlife products and endangered plants through various transportation channels, mail and express delivery companies.

Moreover, the authorities have paid more attention to monitoring websites to combat illegal online trading and have closely watched suspicious bank accounts, they said.

Figures released by customs show that from January to May, officers investigated 1,613 smuggling cases, including those involving endangered species, illegal wildlife products, drugs and firearms...


Japan steps up restrictions on ivory trade "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

NHK (Japan)

Thursday, June 14, 01:31
Japanese authorities are taking steps to tighten control over the trade of ivory, assigning officials nationwide to detect illegal sales.

International ivory trade is in principle banned by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

As for domestic trade, Japan amended relevant laws and imposed stricter restrictions this month.

Under the new regulations, a whole ivory tusk must be registered by the authorities.

The environment ministry is set to post 26 officials in 11 local offices to increase monitoring of the domestic ivory trade.

The assigned officials had a training session on Wednesday.

Environment Minister Masaharu Nakagawa said he expects their day-to-day activities will contribute to protecting wild animals around the world. Each official was given a certificate necessary to carry out on-site inspections.

The officials will inspect shops dealing in ivory to see whether the operators are registered with the state and are not selling illegal products.


Parts of missiles fired at Saudi Arabia came from Iran UN chief "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Debris from five missiles fired at Saudi Arabia by Yemens Houthi group since July 2017 share key design features with a known type of missile manufactured by Iran and some of the components were manufactured in Iran, UN chief Antonio Guterres wrote in a confidential report to the Security Council.

However, the United Nations has not been able to determine when the missiles, components or related technology were transferred from Iran and if they violated U.N. restrictions, Guterres said in a biannual report on the implementation of U.N. sanctions on Iran.

The June 12 report, seen by Reuters on Thursday, is a further blow to U.S. efforts to hold Iran accountable over accusations it violated U.N. resolutions on Yemen and Iran by supplying weapons to the Houthis. In February Russia vetoed a western attempt to have the Security Council call out Tehran.

A placard showing a missile component recovered in Saudi Arabia reveals identity and logo of Iranian manufacturer Shahid Bagger Industries Logo after US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley unveiled previously classified information to prove Iran violated UNSCR 2231 by providing the Houthis in Yemen with arms during a press conference on December 14, 2017. (AFP file photo)

A proxy war is playing out in Yemen between Iran and U.S. ally Saudi Arabia. A Saudi-led coalition intervened in Yemen in 2015, backing government forces fighting Iran-allied Houthi rebels. Iran has denied supplying the Houthis weapons.

The coalition pounded Houthi positions in Yemens Hodeidah for a second day on Thursday during a military assault aimed at seizing the main port to prevent the Houthis from bringing in missiles from Iran.

Iran told Guterres in a letter that it neither has a policy nor seeks to transfer arms or military equipment in Yemen or manufacture them therein. Independent U.N. experts separately reported to the Security Council in January that Iran had violated a separate sanctions regime covering Yemen.

Most U.N. sanctions imposed on Iran were lifted in January 2016 when the U.N. nuclear watchdog confirmed that Tehran fulfilled commitments under a nuclear deal with Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia and the United States. But Iran is still subject to a U.N. arms embargo and other restrictions.



Eid el-Fitr: Akinlade congratulates Muslims, urges support for Amosun "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Baba Adinni of Yewa land in Ogun State, Hon. Abiodun Akinlade, has congratulated Muslims in Nigeria especially in the Gateway State on the occasion of the 2018 Eid-el-Fitr celebration, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Akinlade, who is a leading governorship aspirant in Ogun State on the platform of the ruling []

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The Mischievous Attack to Undermine Urhobo Leadership Is Unacceptable "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

President-General of Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Worldwide, Olorogun Moses Taiga

By Onoawarie Edevbie
LAGOS JUNE 15TH (URHOBOTODAY)-A friend called over the last weekend to tell me of a newspaper account in the Vanguard of May 30, 2018 that commented on my contributions to a book: Olomu and Development of Urhoboland & Western Niger Delta published by Urhobo Historical Society (UHS) in 2012. I thought very little of it until I was able to read the newspaper account for myself and the swift rejoinder from Professor Peter Ekeh, the UHS President.Fully conscious of the political intrigues going on in the Delta State of Nigeria, it quickly dawned on me that the newspaper account is yet another in the series of attempts to destroy genuine Urhobo leadership that has been under stress for some time now.
The author somehow chose to impugn my integrity and that of UHS as unfortunate messengers who must be defamed for being purveyors of bad news that his sponsors hate to hear. I feel nauseated because I had no idea when I contributed to the Olomu book six years ago that somebody will someday wake up to use my materials to cause mischief among Urhobo people. Kindly enough, Professor Peter Ekeh has been able to refute many of the misinterpretations of the letter and intent of what I...


Saudi-led coalition poised to take airport of Yemen's main port city "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Pro-Yemeni government forces are advancing fast, backed by air strikes and attack helicopters

Civilians flee as Saudi-led coalition pounds Yemen port of Hodeidah "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Abdo Hyder, AFP | The main Hodeidah governorate headquarters, pictured on June 14, 2018.

Arab warplanes and warships pounded Houthi positions in Yemens Hodeidah on Thursday as a Saudi-led alliance tried to seize the port city in the largest battle of a war that has created the worlds worst humanitarian crisis.

Apache attack helicopters bombed a strip of coastal territory near the citys airport, two residents told Reuters on the second day of the battle.

The fighting is getting close to the al-Manzar area near the airport and people are fleeing in fear, said Mohammed Abdullah, an employee of the Houthi administration in the city.

My family left for Sanaa yesterday but I stayed behind alone to protect our home from looters, he said.

Coalition forces were just 2 km from the airport, the Emirati ambassador to the United Nations, Obeid Salem Al Zaabi, told reporters in Geneva.

Coalition-backed Yemeni forces took control of al-Durayhmi in southern Hodiedah province, an armed forces faction said in a statement.

The United Nations is struggling to avert disruption to the port, the main lifeline for food aid to a country where 8.4 million people are on the verge of starvation.

A UN diplomatic source said five commercial vessels were offloading at the port.

The Arab coalition also struck the main road linking Hodeidah to the capital Sanaa to block reinforcements, residents and anti-Houthi Yemeni military officials said.

The situation is dire and we dont know how it will end, said Khadija, a teacher in Hodeidah.

The Iran-aligned Houthis control Sanaa and most of Yemens populated areas. The Arab states have been fighting since 2015 to unseat them, restore an exiled Saudi-backed government and halt what they see as Iranian expansionism.

Ousted President...


The Spiritual Significance Of The June Summer Solstice "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The summer solstice is well on its way and will be here come June 21st. While we do still have some time before then it is important that everyone knows at least a little bit about the spiritual significance of it.

The summer solstice is a time of celebration and honor. During the solstice, we should do our best to really embrace and respect the connection between the Sun and Mother Earth herself. For those who do not know the word solstice itself comes from the Latin word solstitum this being a combination of two words sol and stitium those meaning sun and stop. This is a period of time in the year where the sun seems to pause.

The summer solstice is the day of the year when the sun is at its highest point over the equator and energetically things feel much more open. A portal of positivity in itself erupts from within the world itself. This event has been celebrated by many different cultures including the Mayans, Druids, Egyptians, and so forth. It is acknowledging the Suns cycle and the impact it has on our planet.

Cathy Lynn Pagano wrote as follows in regards on her website and it really is one of the best ways of breaking things down:

Summer Solstice is another power gate of the Wheel of the Year, the marriage of Heaven and Earth on the longest day and shortest night of the year. This solar high point is a time of fertility and growth, heralding the long lazy days of summer. Dont forget to tend to your fields this summer and see what you harvest in the fall.

Remember to acknowledge that in 6 months, we will be embraced by the darkness of Winter Solstice, and your celebrations will be all the sweeter. As the Goddess reminds us, All rites of love and pleasure are mine. Isnt it time to honor the feminine Spirit of life and stop the wars and back-biting of our political system?

Maybe we need to become flower-children again and start bringing flowers to those who think differently. Because in the end, we all want the same thing, dont we want Peace, love, creativity, and comfort. Use this Solstice energy to become a fertile ground for creative living and inspire everyone you meet to do the same. As we create fertility not as money, but as creativity we energize Nature to become fertile as well.

During the summer solstice, we are being bathed in the power of the Sun. We are receiving more life force energy and really growing in more ways than you might think. The Sun is i...


Re- Delta Commits N508m To Oil Palm DevtWho Is Fooling Who? "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Delta State Governor, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa

By Young Erhuirhoro
LAGOS JUNE 15TH (URHOBOTODAY)-I started hearing the slang, politics is a dirty game since the time of the annulment of the 1993 presidential election adjudged to be the freest and fairest election in Nigeria. In fact, since the beginning of this new democratic process that started in 1999 in Nigeria, the true meaning of the slang has come to reality when politics really played itself out as a dirty game in the Nigerian way. In Delta state, since 1999, it has been awful stories and pains among common Deltans and the ordinary voters whose mandate they count on to stain their white robes and garments. Delta state politics has turned to politics of families and friends.
Recently, I was baffled and anguished over the caption: Delta commits N508m to oil palm devt. on the front page of the May 30, 2018 edition of the Urhobo Voice (mid-week) newspapers. The report on the caption is really a call for concern especially to those that want the equations of the revenue of the state and the monthly allocations from the National Consolidated Fund and every other fund accruing to the state to be balanced. In a nutshell, the budgetary allocations to both the ministries of education, agriculture and natural resources and the ministry of sports development are usually very high in many states including our Delta state. This is because, those min...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Inept Ministers to Go: ED
15 JUN, 2018 - 00:06 
Munyaradzi Musiiwa
Midlands Correspondent
Zimbabwe Herald

President Mnangagwa has threatened to fire inept Provincial Ministers of State who fail to meet the targeted economic growth that is going to be set for their provinces, as part of the countrys economic turnaround strategy. Addressing captains of industry and businesspeople during the Buy Zimbabwe Conference in Gweru yesterday, President Mnangagwa said Government is in the process of crafting a template that will outline the target economic growth for each province and how it is going to contribute towards national economic development.

The President said the appointment of Provincial Ministers of State will therefore be based on merit and their contribution to the countrys gross domestic product (GDP) adding that those who fail to shape up, will ship out.

I urge you individually and collectively within your various business member organisations to be united and be well coordinated so that you take full advantage of the opportunities that Government is availing through its engagement and re-engagement initiatives.

Let me explain this: On engagement we are engaging new partners worldwide and on re-engagement we are re-engaging with those that we engaged before with whom we had disengaged.

Equally, I challenge the private sector to be drivers in our quest to have strong provincial economies with clear GDPs. We are crafting a template for all the 10 provinces so that we have competition among these provinces in terms of economic growth and the size of GDP. There is not a single province in this country that has peculiar advantages endowed to them and we need the leaders of those provinces to ensure they utilise the resources found in their provinces by competing with other provinces.

This is now for provincial ministers because their security shall depend on the growth of GDP in their provinces, he said.

President Mnangagwa said the new dispensation was prioritising business and economics over politics.

He said his administration was committed to supporting local...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

ED Reforms Boost Investor Confidence: World Bank
15 JUN, 2018 - 00:06
Felex Share
Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe Herald

Robust commitment to macro-economic and governance reforms by President Mnangagwas administration has boosted investor and consumer confidence in Zimbabwe, the World Bank has said.

The World Bank, in a report titled Global Economic Prospects report for Sub-Saharan Africa, released on June 6, revised upwards Zimbabwes Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to 2,7 percent from the 1,8 percent it had projected in January this year.

In its June report, the World Bank said: Renewed government commitments to critical macroeconomic and governance reforms in Angola, South Africa and Zimbabwe has boosted investor confidence.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Sibusiso Busi Moyo yesterday described the latest development as great feedback while the Dutch embassy in Harare said Zimbabwe was going in the right direction.

President Mnangagwa declared Zimbabwe open for business since assuming office in November last year.

A lot of investors have trickled to Zimbabwe since then and to date the country has attracted more than $16 billion in investment commitments.

Through President Mnangagwas Zimbabwe is Open for Business mantra, authorities have amended a number of laws to improve the ease of doing business.

Government anticipates economic growth of at least 6 percent this year.

Government has set a target of Zimbabwe growing from being a low-income to a middle income economy by 2030.

The World Bank classifies a middle-income economy as one with a gross national income of between US$1 005 and US$12 235 per capita

Last week, President Mnangagwa said he was optimistic the economy would grow on the strength of Governments economic reforms and other interventions.

At the moment, the Government is working on developing the economy for the boys and girls of tomorrow, he told Zanu-PF supporters at a rally in Chegutu.

We want to leave an environment, a situation, a country full of hope one full...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Kasukuwere Acquitted
13 JUN, 2018 - 10:06
 Tendai Rupapa
Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe Herald

Former Zanu-PF political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, who was facing charges of skipping the border at the height of Operation Restore Legacy, has been acquitted.

Kasukuwere was arrested on his return from self imposed exile for violating immigration laws.

In acquitting Kasukuwere, Magistrate Ms Josephine Sande said he did a reasonable thing by escaping to save his life.

She said the court had an appreciation of bullet holes and empty cartridges which were noticed at his house.

Ms Sande said the court does not operate in isolation and cannot turn a blind eye to events related to Operation Restore Legacy.


France, Britain, US put UN hold on Chinese arms deliveries to C. Africa "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


France, Britain and the United States on Thursday put a hold on a request from the Central African Republic for UN Security Council approval of Chinese weapons deliveries for its national forces.

AFP/File / by Carole LANDRY | The inhabitants of the mainly Muslim PK5 neighbourhood demonstrate in front of the UN peacekeeping mission in the Central Africa Republic, in Bangui, on April 11, 2018; MINUSCA has backed CARs request for Chinese weaponry

CARs defense minister asked a UN sanctions committee on June 5 to grant an exemption to an arms embargo and allow the shipments of Chinese-made armored vehicles, machine guns, tear gas grenades and other weaponry for its army and police.

France said it had concerns concerning some lethal equipment included in this exemption request, citing anti-aircraft weapons and ammunitions, according to a document obtained by AFP.

The French mission to the United Nations requested additional justifications concerning this lethal equipment in order to be able to take a decision.

The United States noted that there was no threat of an air attack in CAR and questioned deliveries of eight grenade launchers, four anti-aircraft machine guns as well as anti-personnel grenades and rockets.

Britain said it was concerned that the shipments would pass through Cameroon unescorted to the border with CAR.

In her request to the United Nations, CAR Defense Minister Marie Noelle Koyara said the weaponry would help strengthen national forces who are confronted with the strength and escalating violence of armed groups whose illegal activities pose a threat to civil order.

The council imposed an arms embargo on the Central African Republic in 2013 when the country descended into bloodshed but its sanctions committee last year gave the green light for Russia to supply weapons to the national forces.

China wants to donate military equipment which includes 12 armored vehicles and four assault vehicles, 50 pistols, six sniper rifles, ten submachine guns with silencers and some 30 machine guns of various calibers.

The list of equipment from Chinas Poly Technologies also includes 300 rockets, 500 anti-tank grenades, some 725,000 rounds of ammunition of various types and 15,000 tear gas grenades.

Weapons request backed by UN

The request for the Chinese weaponry is backed by a European Union military training mission and by the UN peacekeeping operation MINUSCA, which has come under repeated attacks from armed groups. Five...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Parliamentary Committee Lets Mugabe Off the Hook
12 JUN, 2018 - 00:06
Zvamaida Murwira
Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe Herald

PARLIAMENT yesterday excused former President Mr Robert Mugabe from attending a hearing on diamond leakage at Chiadzwa during his tenure as Head of State and Government. The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy had summoned Mr Mugabe to explain the alleged disappearance of diamonds worth $15 billion under his watch.

The former president absconded the hearing twice.

Mr Mugabe had been given an ultimatum by the committee to attend the hearing yesterday, with its chairman Mr Temba Mliswa threatening to charge him with contempt of Parliament if he failed to turn up.

Presenting a committee report in the National Assembly last week on the diamond sector in Zimbabwe for the period 2009-2016, Mr Mliswa said after consultations, it had been resolved to excuse Mr Mugabe from attending.

The former President, His Excellency Cde RG Mugabe, was unable to attend at the appointed hour and the committee was due to meet to consider summoning him as a measure of last resort but after consultations with the Honourable Speaker, he was recused from attending, said Mr Mliswa.

He said the committee was disappointed by former Minister of Mines and Mining Development Dr Obert Mpofu, who is now Home Affairs Minister, for failing to respond to issues pertaining to the diamond industry during his term of office.

Minister Mpofu declined to give evidence demanding that Mr Mliswa recuse himself from chairing the hearing.

He accused Mr Mliswa of harbouring a vendetta against him.

In the same vein the non-appearance by the Former Head of State His Excellency Cde RG Mugabe to answer questions on the missing $15 billion diamond revenues, heightens the perception that both may have been complicit on this issue, said Mr Mliswa while presenting the report.

The committee recommended that the next Parliament should pursue the $15 billion and summon Mr Mugabe to explain himself.

Closure on the alleged missing $15 billion diamond revenues is possibl...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

China Gets Nod to Invest in All Sectors
12 JUN, 2018 - 00:06

President Mnangagwa speaks to Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and head of delegation Mr Che Jun (centre) and Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Huang Ping (right) at the Zimbabwe-China Business Forum in Harare yesterday. (Picture by Tawanda Mudimu)

Tendai Mugabe
Senior Reporter
Zimbabwe Herald

Zimbabwe is open to Chinese investment in all economic sectors under the new Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation and Partnership agreed upon during President Mnangagwas State visit to China in April. Further, the Government of Zimbabwe committed to processing all proposed business projects in the shortest possible time as Harare and Beijing further strengthen economic ties.

In line with this drive, Government has put in place the appropriate policy and legislative framework that guarantees safety of foreign investments and lowers the cost and risk of doing business here.

President Mnangagwa revealed this as he officiated at the Zimbabwe-China Business Forum in Harare yesterday where he also witnessed the signing of several bilateral memoranda.

Agreements signed include a Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of friendly ties between Harare Province and Zhejiang Province and another one on scholarships.

President Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe offered an array of opportunities in various sectors that Chinese companies could invest in. Zimbabwe has huge potential and vast opportunities in all sectors, said President Mnangagwa.

We welcome investments in the entire mining value chain from exploration and mining, to value addition, beneficiation and marketing.

In the agricultural sector, our thrust is to mechanise and modernise the entire agro-value chain. Investment opportunities are equally abound in the construction of water bodies, irrigation development and agriculture engineering, the manufacturing of fertiliser, chemicals and herbicides, value addition and beneficiation of agricultural products, agricultural financin...


2019 presidency: Party leaders take oath,vow to dislodge Buhari "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  Ezeife, Jibril: Well fence Nigeria, change its name, currency                    to change Nigeria to Pisonia, naira to Pison   Leaders of the newly registered Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP), yesterday, took oath, barefoot, and vowed to dislodge President Muhammadu Buhari from Aso Rock in 2019. The party leaders also said they will rename Nigeria []

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Appeal Court reserves ruling in GTBank, Innoson suit "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Court of Appeal, Enugu Division, yesterday reserved ruling on an application brought before it by Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank). The bank is seeking to amend its motion of appeal against a judgement given by a Federal High Court, Awka against the bank. At the resumed hearing of the matter yesterday, counsel to GTBank, Chief []

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NCAA: Airlines sold N505.2bn tickets in 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Regulator to bar use of two aircraft for operations Despite the poor state of the economy, international travellers in Nigeria spent a whopping N505.2 billion on airline ticket purchase in 2017. The Director-General, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Capt. Mutar Usman, said the amount represented an increase of 14.2 per cent (N82.7 billion) compared to []

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Killings in Nigeria, crime against humanity ACF "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Northern sociocultural organisation, Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), yesterday condemned the killings across the country, describing it as crime against humanity. ACF, in its Sallah message to Nigerians, therefore charged Muslim faithful to devote their time to praying for the peaceful coexistence of the country. Surely, the killings by insurgents and other armed bandits are crimes []

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Currency swap: Importers to get incentives, says Bankers Cttee "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In a bid to ensure that that the Nigerian economy benefits from the currency swap deal recently signed between the country and China, the Bankers Committee has finalised plans to give incentives to Nigerians who import goods from the Asian economic power house. The Committee, which comprises managing directors of banks and other industry stakeholders, []

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6,800 delegates to decide APC aspirants fate "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Convention Committee expects funding from stakeholders I wont step down for Oshiomhole Osunbor   About 6,800 delegates are expected to vote at the National Convention of the All Progressives Congress (APC) slated for next week. No fewer than 179 aspirants are contesting for the 21-member National Working Committee (NWC) of the ruling party. The Convention []

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APC Convention: I wont step down for Oshiomhole Osunbor "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

 says delegates decision overrides endorsements   A former Governor of Edo State, Prof. Oserheimen Osunbor, yesterday debunked speculations that he had pulled out of the National Chairmanship race of the All Progressives Congress (APC) ahead of the June 23rd National Convention. Osunbor, who made his position known in a chat with newsmen, said he was []

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Sustain Ramadan virtues, Kalu charges Muslims "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Former Governor of Abia State and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, has urged Nigerians regardless of religious differences to embrace peaceful co-existence. He stressed that Nigeria is blessed as a multi-ethnic nation, adding that with mutual respect among people of different religious beliefs, peace will reign in the country. []

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90m children lose paternity leave benefits "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

UNICEF has called for investment in family-friendly policies that support early childhood development including paid paternity and maternity leave, free preprimary education, and paid breastfeeding breaks. Almost two-thirds of the worlds children under one year old nearly 90 million lose benefits of paternity leave as they live in countries where their fathers are not []

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Exploiting their innocence "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

It could be a bitter pill to swallow but the truth is that almost everyone is involved in child labour and trafficking in one way or the other. Those who employ these children as domestic help, those who pay for their transportation down to Nigeria, not minding the circumstances these children got to the country []

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Rivers APC: Congresses deepen Amaechi, Abes feud "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

EMMANUEL MASHA reports on how the feud between the Minister of Transport, Chibuike Amaechi and the senator representing Rivers South-East in the National Assembly, Magnus Abe, dominated the recent congresses of the Rivers State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC)   The just concluded congress elections conducted by the Rivers State chapter of the []

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Researchers find new process to create malaria vaccines "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Scientists from Australia said they have discovered a novel process used by the human immune system to kill and clear malaria. According to findings from a new study published in medical journal BMC Medicine, the discovery could help develop highly effective vaccines for malaria. Malaria is caused by parasites that are transmitted to people through []

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$38,000 alleged scam: Our side of the story Lords Chosen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

says pastor involved suspended, left church      Issue not resolved, victim insists   The Lords Chosen Charismatic Revival Church has disowned one of its pastors identified as Benedict Mgdire over allegations of $38,000 fraud. A member of the church, Mr. Ken Chibueze Onu, had alleged that Mgdire, who presided over the churchs branch in Georgia, []

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Elections in Africa: trends and lessons "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

As Zimbabwe, Cameroon and the D R Congo prepare for polls, concerns around violence, intimidation and credible electoral processes are rising.


Greed now Nigerias biggest challenge Buhari "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

President Muhammadu Buhari has declared that selfishness and greed were major problems slowing down the economic and political progress of Nigeria. The President stated this yesterday in a message to mark this years end of Ramadan. Buhari while commending Muslims for completing the fasting, expressed concerns that instead of religion becoming the compass for citizens []

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Ambode, Fashola, Dalung,others to cheer Eagles "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Executive Governor of Lagos State, His Excellency Akinwunmi Ambode, as well as the Minister of Works, Power and Steel, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola and the Youth and Sports Minister, Barrister Solomon Dalung are in the Federal Government delegation that will arrive in Russia on Friday to lead the support for the Super Eagles in []

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We must not lose to Croatia, Moses warns Eagles "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Super Eagles winger Victor Moses has urged his teammates to produce a stellar performance when they face Croatia in their opening match on Saturday, saying it is a tie they must not lose. The Chelsea midfielder was unhappy about the Eagles defeats against Serbia, England and Czech Republic, saying they must end the losing streak []

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Ruthless Russia win opener in style "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Hosts Russia could not have wished for a better start to their own FIFA World Cup following their resounding 5-0 victory over Saudi Arabia. Iury Gazinsky scored the first goal of Russia 2018 with a firmly- placed header, before substitute Denis Cheryshev who replaced the injured Alan Dzagoev scored the second before the []

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I was born to be an entertainer Ushbebe "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Comedian, Ushbebe, has said he is not in the entertainment circuit on an accidental basis. Born Justice Nuagbe, the OAP who is also an actor, said being an entertainer is his calling. Speaking at the premiere of Eniola Badmus new movie, Ghetto Bred, Ushbebe says being an actor/comic is more than what a job represents []

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Help for the widows, orphans "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

There are so many problems confronting widows in the country. After losing the bread winner of the family to the cold hands of death in whatever circumstance, many widows, who depended solely on such bread winners often find it very difficult to face life without their husbands. To compound matters for such widows, stories have []

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Secondus: EFCC arresting contractors of PDP states "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Prince Uche Secondus, has accused the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) of bias for arresting only contractors handling projects in PDPcontrolled states. Secondus, in a statement by his Special Adviser on Media, Ike Abonyi, yesterday said that the recent arrest and harassment of contractors handling projects []

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Yemen: US Grants Approval For Genocide "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The genocide in Yemen is going to start tomorrow. Eight million are already on the brink of starvation. Eighteen out of twenty-six million Yemenis live in the mountainous heartlands (green) which are under control of the Houthi and their allies. They are surrounded by Saudi and U.A.E. forces and their mercenaries. There is little agriculture. The only supply line from the outside world will soon be cut off. The people will starve.


Sudan confiscates copies of three newspapers, stifles media "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


'The survival of a free press in Sudan is at stake' in Sudan, Reporters Without Borders says


Pope on migrants: We must move from considering others as threats to our comfort to valuing them as persons "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Threats to our comfort? Really? Is that what motivates the opposition to mass Muslim migration into the West? The message that the Pope is sending to non-Muslims is simple: drop dead. He appears to be absolutely unconcerned about the following facts: Somali Muslim migrant Mohammad Barry in February 2016 stabbed multiple patrons at a restaurant []


Africa: Pregnant Girls, Young Mothers Barred from School "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

(HRW)  Tens of thousands of pregnant girls and adolescent mothers are banned or discouraged from attending school across Africa, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today, ahead of the Day of the African Child on June 16, 2018.

In many African countries, pregnant girls and adolescent mothers are forced out of school and denied their right to education, said Elin Martnez, childrens rights researcher at Human Rights Watch. While some progress has been made, the African Union needs to work closely with all its member countries to ensure that no girl is denied her right to an education because she becomes pregnant.

[embedded content]

Tens of thousands of pregnant girls and adolescent mothers are banned or discouraged from attending school across Africa.

In recent years, many African governments have made strong commitments to ensure that pregnant girls and mothers can attend school. However, Equatorial Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Tanzania still ban pregnant girls or adolescent mothers from government schools.

On June 22, 2017, Tanzanias President John Magufuli stated, As long as Im president, no pregnant students will be allowed to return to school. Tanzanian police and officials have also arrested pregnant girls and harassed their families to force them to reveal who impregnated them. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has called Tanzanias policy ...

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Thursday, 14 June


Egypt's Sisi reshuffles key government posts "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Egyptian government changes include new ministers of defence, interior, trade, finance and agriculture


Splinter militia in Libya attacks Haftar-controlled oil sites "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Rival political authorities and militias have been vying for control of territory and Libya's oil wealth since 2011


Speedy ebola tests help contain Africas latest outbreak "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Health workers battling Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo can diagnose the virus in hours, instead of days.


Saudi-led Coalition Captures New Positions South Of Al-Hudaydah Airport (Map, Video) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Saudi-led Coalition Captures New Positions South Of Al-Hudaydah Airport (Map, Video)

Click to see full-size map, By ISW News

On June 14, the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies resumed their advance towards the city of al-Hudaydah along the western Yemeni coast and captured several key positions in the district of al-Durayhimi and the area of al-Nikheila, according to Sky News Arabia TV. Currently, coalition forces are only 2km away from the airport of al-Hudaydah.

Sky News Arabia said that warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition supported the ground attack on al-Hudaydah and carried out a series of airstrikes on the positions and vehicles of the Houthis inside the city and around it.

From its side, the Yemeni Missiles Force [loyal to the Houthis] announced that it had launched a Qaher-2M ballistic missile at a gathering of Saudi-led coalition troops along the western coast of Yemen. However, no hit was reported by pro-coalition sources.

The Saudi-led coalition and its proxies launched a new offensive on al-Hudaydah on June 13. So far, the coalition faced very limited resistance from the remaining fighters of the Houthis south of the city. This situation may change when coalition troops reach the urban areas inside al-Hudaydah.

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France, Italy: Tensions spiral regarding rejected migrant ship "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Italy postponed high-level talks with France on Wednesday after Paris branded Rome irresponsible for refusing to take in a migrant rescue ship. Italy's new economy minister postponed a meeting with his French counterpart in Paris as their countries traded barbs over the treatment of more than 600 migrants rescued off the Libyan coast at the weekend. The migrants were stranded on the Aquarius vessel until Spain said the ship could land at its port of Valencia. It is expected to arrive there later this week. French President Emmanuel Macron accused Italy's new populist government of "cynicism and irresponsibility" for closing its ports to the 629 migrants. Rome called his comments "unacceptable" and summoned France's ambassador on Wednesday. "Such statements are undermining relations between Italy and France," Italy's foreign ministry said in a statement. Macron later appealed for the two sides not to "give in to emotions that certain people are manipulating". In a speech in the western French town of Mouchamps, he insisted that France was "working hand in hand with Italy" to handle migration.


'Before' and 'after' Hillary Clinton: Libya photos go viral "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A Libyan man who took photos of himself posing at various spots across Benghazi, Libya in 2000 and then revisited the locations 18 years later in 2018, to photograph himself at the same Benghazi places post Hillary Clinton-NATO "liberation." [See Video] According to Zerohedge, the "before and after" pics showing the utter devastation of post-Gaddafi Libya have gone viral, garnering 50,000 retweets after they were posted to an account that features historical images of Libya under Gaddafi's rule between 1969 and 2011. It appears people do still care about Libya even if the political elites in Paris, London, and Washington who destroyed the country have moved on. Though we should recall that British foreign secretary Boris Johnson was caught on tape in a private meeting last year saying Libya was ripe for UK investment, but only after Libyans "clear the dead bodies away."


Humanitarian orgs: 'Millions of lives at risk', urge Saudi-led coalition to spare Yemeni civilians "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Halting operations at the crucial Hodeidah port would have an enormous impact on people all across Yemen, humanitarian agencies have warned, urging the warring parties to spare innocent lives in their battle for the Red Sea city. "Hodeidah is a lifeline for millions of Yemenis," Iolanda Jaquemet, a spokeswoman from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), told RT. "The assault risks exacerbating an already catastrophic situation... Should this aid not be able to flow into this port, it will put at risk millions of lives." At dawn on Wednesday, the Saudi-led Arab coalition began the long-anticipated ground, naval, and air campaign against Houthi rebels in Hodeidah, trying to recapture the strategic port. After the first day of fighting, the coalition failed to capture the Red Sea city or to take possession of its airport. Despite the fighting, the port continues to operate, management of the port said, while the UN confirmed an aid delivery on Wednesday.


Statement from WFP Executive Director David Beasley on Hodeida "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

ROME As the fighting around Hodeida intensifies my main concern is as ever for the children, women and men of Yemen. Innocent people are suffering amidst some of the most difficult conditions imaginable, and we are with them in calling for an end to the long-running conflict.


Global cooling: Unusually long period of snow cover on Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Mount Kilimanjaro is now covered by snow in an unusually long stint which analysts associate with the long rains from January to May this year and in turn boosts tourism in the country. Kilimanjaro National Park Chief Park Warden, Ms Bertita Loibooki told the 'Daily News' yesterday that the observed snow that accumulated on the mountain's highest peak, plays an important role in protection of glacier from sublimation. She said many people; including tourists are attracted by the white covered Kibo Peak of the Africa's highest mountain and have been seen coming to take pictures from different possible corners. "The rains that occurred from January to May brought accumulation of snow on the Kibo Peak.


Self-proclaimed 'centrists' whine that Trump is insufficiently hawkish toward North Korea "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Today American centrists (who only get to call themselves that because plutocratic media control has made Orwellian neoliberal neoconservatism the dominant ideology in the US) are deeply, profoundly concerned that Donald fucking Trump is insufficiently hawkish. This would be the same Donald Trump whose administration just facilitated the bombing of Yemen's new cholera treatment center. The same Donald Trump who has increased US troops in Afghanistan, Somalia and Syria. The same Donald Trump who is openly pursuing regime change in Iran. The same Donald Trump whose administration committed war crimes in Raqqa. The same Donald Trump who has made many dangerous cold war escalations against Russia. The same Donald Trump whose administration has voiced a goal of regime change in Damascus and the intention of remaining in Syria indefinitely. The same Donald Trump whose air strikes are killing far more civilians than the drone king Obama's did. Comment: To be fair, what attempts Trump has made to defuse geopolitical tensions have generally been confounded by Deep State actors. Trump, like most US Presidents, is not in control. Centrist pundits and politicians on both sides of the aisle are saying that this very man is being too soft and cuddly toward North Korea. These would be the same centrist pundits and politicians who loudly cheered both of the times this administration bombed the Syrian government, effectively sending the message that the only way this narcissistic president can win praise by the manufacturers of the mainstream narrative is by rejecting peace and embracing war. Thanks guys.


Maine: Muslim migrant mob beats 3 men with bats, sticks, rocks, bricks, one man in critical condition "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

But remember: if you oppose the Muslim migrant influx, youre a racist, bigoted Islamophobe. Lewiston Living in Fear: One Man Critically Injured in Clash with Young Somali Mob, Maine First Media, June 14, 2018: In the aftermath of uncharted tensions between Somalis and non-Somalis in Lewiston, one man is fighting for his life after being []


The power of social media: Libya "before and after" photos go viral "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A Libyan man who took photos of himself posing at various spots across Beghazi in 2000 has revisited the same locations 18 years later to photograph life under the new "NATO liberated" Libya. The "before and after" pics showing the utter devastation of post-Gaddafi Libya have gone viral, garnering 50,000 retweets after they were posted to an account that features historical images of Libya under Gaddafi's rule between 1969 and 2011. It appears people do still care about Libya even if the political elites in Paris, London, and Washington who destroyed the country have moved on. Though we should recall that British foreign secretary Boris Johnson was caught on tape in a private meeting last year saying Libya was ripe for UK investment, but only after Libyans "clear the dead bodies away."


Psychic pig predicts World Cup four best teams "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

British pig Marcus predicting football World Cup with apples

From the Daily Trust in Nigeria, 13 June 2018:

Russia 2018: Psychic pig who predicted Trumps victory picks Nigeria, Argentina for semi-final

The psychic pig Mystic Marcus that predicted President Donald Trumps victory has picked Nigeria, Argentina as semi-finalists for the 2018 World Cup.

Mystic Marcus has a 100 per cent track record of predicting sports results according to his owner Juliette Stevens.

The black micro pig had previously guessed the winner of the 2014 World Cup and the Wimbledon tennis finals by picking apples.

And the eight-year-old prophesier even predicted Brexit and that Donald Trump would win the US presidential election.

Now Mystic Marcus is putting his skills to the test once more by forecasting the semi-finalists for this summers World Cup in Russia.

With bad news for England fans, Mystic Marcus expects Belgium, Argentina, Nigeria and Uruguay to make it through.

Farmer and micro pig breeder Juliette from Heage, Derbyshire, said: Marcus is the seventh child of a seventh child and apparently theyre gifted with special powers so maybe thats where it comes from.

A few years ago I was invited on a radio show because of Paul the octopus predicting results and they wanted to see if I had any animals that had the ab...


Yemeni War Report June 14, 2018: Battle For Hudaydah "IndyWatch Feed Africa" On January 13, the Saudi-led coalition launched a new operation to capture the Yemeni port city of Hudaydah from the Houthis. Liberation of the port is the beginning of

Wednesday, 13 June


Former Prisoner of Conscience Condemns Amnesty International "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Camilo E. Mejia Open Letter to Amnesty International by a Former Amnesty International Prisoner of Conscience Through this letter I express my unequivocal condemnation of Amnesty International with regards to the destabilizing role it has played in Nicaragua, my country of birth. I open this letter quoting Donatella Rovera, who at the time this quote...

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