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Monday, 18 June


Five migrants die, 100 rescued off Libya's coast "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


More than 800 have died making the crossing in 2018


Yemens Navy Captures French Vessel Laden with Foreign Mercenaries "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

HODEIDA, YEMEN Yemens Navy, loyal to the Houthi government, captured a French naval vessel, the M/Y Jehol ll, off of the coast of Hodeidah on Saturday, according to statements made by senior military officials to MintPress News. The vessel, which was carrying foreign fighters, was engaged in a military landing operation near the port, according to Houthi officials, who gave no further details.

Mohammed al-Houthi, leader of the Houthi movement, tweeted: Thanks to the Yemeni Coast Guard in Hodeida, a French or American boat was seized. He confirmed in a later tweet that a French naval vessel named the M/Y Jehol ll was captured by Yemens Coast Guard near Hodeidah.

Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdulsalam accused France and Britain of being involved in the recent attack on Hodeidah. Abdulsalam told a local television station on Saturday that British and French warships are on standby on Yemens western coast to launch missile and aerial attacks.

The French newspaper Le Figaro confirmed that Frances Special Forces are present on the ground in Yemen supporting the ongoing Saudi-led military campaign on Hodeidah. A French military source later confirmed to Reuters that French special forces are operating in Yemen.



Hundreds killed, thousands flee as Saudi forces bomb Hodeidah to 'liberate it' "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Civilians are fleeing Hodeidah after hundreds were killed in the Saudi-led coalition's bomb campaign to take the strategic Yemeni port from Houthi rebels. The death toll and the disruption of vital supply lines has alarmed the UN. Over 4,000 families have fled the city since June 1, according to the latest report by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs that describes people losing their entire livelihood after airstrikes destroyed their farms. "The air attacks were extremely heavy and violent back there, hitting humans, trees and houses - everything," one of the displaced Yemenis told RT's Ruptly video agency. "A lot of people died - children and seniors" in the shelling of Hodeidah by the Saudi-led forces, another civilian added. On Friday, AP reported that the number of casualties from the first three days of the operation stood at more than 280 people. But the death toll is feared to have grown as the coalition, which is seeking to reinstall the ousted government, continued to bomb Hodeidah on Saturday and Sunday, despite initial pledges to limit their bombing to the airport area, in what they call a "military and humanitarian operation" to "liberate the port of Hodeidah in western Yemen".


UN tasks FG on security, condemns attacks in Damboa "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, Myrta Kaulard has urged the Federal Government to step security activities aimed at protecting its people. The call came in its latest message condemning the twin suicide attacks on June 16, in the town of Damboa, Borno State, that left dozens of people dead and scores injured in one []

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The Western Media is Whitewashing Genocide in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

With the United Nations warning that millions of civilians could die from violence or starvation from the ongoing military siege of the Yemeni port city of Hodeida, there is no other way to describe what is happening except as genocide.

The more than three-year war on Yemen waged by a Western-backed Saudi coalition has been arguably genocidal from the outset, with up to eight million people facing imminent starvation due to the years-long blockade on the Arabian country, as well as from indiscriminate air strikes.

But the latest offensive on the Red Sea city of Hodeida threatens to turn the worlds already worst humanitarian disaster into a mass extermination.

Hodeida is the entry point for 90 percent of all food and medical aid into Yemen. If the citys port stops functioning from the military offensive as UN aid agencies are warning then an entire country population of more than 20 million will, as a result, be on the brink of death.

The Saudi coalition which includes Emirati forces and foreign mercenaries, as well as remnants from the previous regime (which the Western media mendaciously refer to as government forces), is fully backed by the US, Britain and France. This coalition says that by taking Hodeida it will hasten the defeat of Houthi rebels. But to use the cutting off of food and other vital aid to civilian populations as a weapon is a blatant war crime. It is absolutely inexcusable.

This past week an emergency session at the UN Security Council made the lily-livered call for the port city to remain open. But it stopped short of demanding an end to the offensive being led by Saudi and Emirati forces against Hodeida, which is the second biggest stronghold for Houthi rebels after the capital Sanaa. The port citys population of 600,000 is at risk from the heavy fighting underway, including air strikes and naval bombardment, even before food, water and medicines supply is halted.

Since the Security Council meeting was a closed-door session, media reports did not indicate which members of the council voted down the Swedish call for an immediate end to hostilities. However, given that three permanent members of the council, the US, Britain and France, are militarily supporting the Saudi-led offensive on Hodeida, one can assume that these states blocked the call for a cessation.

As the horror of Hodeida unfolds, Western media are reporting with a strained effort to whitewash the criminal role of the American, British and French governments in supporting the offensive. Western media confine their focus narrowly on the humanitarian plight of Hodeidas inhabitants and the wider Yemeni population. But the media are careful to omit the relevant context, which is that the offensive on Hodeida would not be possible without the crucial military support of Western governmen...


Western Media Whitewash Yemen Genocide "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

By Finian CUNNINGHAM | Strategic Culture Foundation | 18.06.2018 With the United Nations warning that millions of civilians could die from violence or starvation from the ongoing military siege of the Yemeni port city of Hodeida, there is no other way to describe what is happening except as genocide. The more than three-year war on []


25,000 Have Fled Fighting in Yemen, U.N. Says "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

SANAA, YemenThe U.N. spokesman said on Monday that tens of thousands of residents have fled the fighting along Yemens western coastline where Yemeni fighters backed by a Saudi-led coalition are engaged in fierce battles with Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

Stephane Dujarric, the spokesman for the U.N. Secretary-General, told reporters on Monday that about 5,200 families, or around 26,000 people, have fled the fighting and sought safety within their own districts or in other areas in Hodeida governorate.

The number is expected to increase as hostilities continue, he said.

Emirati troops, along with irregular and loyalist forces in Yemen, have been fighting against Houthis for Hodeida since Wednesday. Coalition warplanes rained missiles and bombs on Houthi positions near Hodeida airport, in the citys south.

The offensive for Hodeida has faced criticism from international aid groups, who fear a protracted fight could force a shutdown of the citys port and potentially tip millions into starvation. Some 70 percent of Yemens food enters via the port, as well as the bulk of humanitarian aid and fuel supplies. Around two-thirds of the countrys population of 27 million relies on aid and 8.4 million are already at risk of starving.

Dujarric also said that U.N. Special Envoy in Yemen Martin Griffiths will be giving a briefing to the Security Council from Sanaa. Griffiths arrived on Saturday and aims at avoiding an all-out-assault in Hodeida.

The campaign to seize control of Hodeida threatens to worsen Yemens humanitarian situation, as Hodeidas port is the countrys main entry point for most humanitarian aid.

Meanwhile, witnesses said that Yemens Houthi rebels have shelled a village in the center of the country, killing at least eight civilians and wounding 15.

Residents said that the rebels bombarded the Haglan Maris village late Sunday, and that most of the dead belong to one family. They spoke on condition of anonymity because of security fears.

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As Families the World Over Celebrated Eid Al-Fitr, Yemenis Marked the Holiday by Mourning Their War Dead "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

SANAA, YEMEN My mom said we dont have enough money to buy new clothes this Eid because of the war, proclaims Nassem, a young Yemeni girl. Instead, her hands are adorned with henaa a black liquid applied to form intricate designs to the skin. I want dad to see my hands, hell like it, Nassem says.

But Nassems father likely wont be able to oblige his daughters wishes anytime soon. Instead, he is on the battlefield in Hodeidah defending against the U.S.-backed Saudi coalition, which is waging a brutal assault on the port city. Volunteers have descended on Hodeidah from all over Yemen to assist residents and repel the U.S.-Saudi-led attack.

The annual feast of Eid al-Fitr, an important Muslim holiday marking the end of Ramadan, kicked off last Friday in Yemen. But for Nassem and other Yemenis the occasion was far more somber. For them, there was no Eid, only raids, a suffocating blockade, the threat of cholera, rubble, tears, and fear of the next airstrike.  

Millions of Muslims the world over celebrate Eid al-Fitr with joyous festivities. Their homes are decorated; families and friends exchange gifts, gather for feasts; children play in parks, indulge in sweets, and set off fireworks as food and gifts are distributed in abundance.  Muslims in the United States and Saudi Arabia are no exception, celebrating while their counterparts in Yemen have lived in fear of U.S. and Saudi military action for six consecutive Eid holidays.


Saudis ignore timing of their offensive

Though Saudi Arabia is ostensibly a Muslim country, that factor wasnt enough to stop the Saudi-led coalition from carrying out a barrage of airstrikes on the Muslim holiday. Seven civilians including a woman and two children were killed in Friday night airstrikes in Saada and Beni Fayed.

Warplanes hover overhead every now and then, I cannot celebrate as I see others lose their family members, houses and properties, Hussein Shurgubi, a journalist based on Saada, told MintPress. Shurgubi has been busy monitoring hospitals and health facilities since the Saudi aggression began, killing or injuring 36,000 people since 2015.



BREAKING: Cholera outbreak claims 15, 60 cases recorded in Niger "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

No fewer than fifteen persons have been confirmed killed by an outbreak of Cholera in Bida Local Government Area of Niger state. Findings by our Correspondent have it that not less than sixty cases have been recorded in the outbreak which occurred on Sunday. A reliable source who pleaded anonymity told our Correspondent that as []

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ISIS commanders sneaking jihadis into Nigeria from Syria "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

LEADERS of ISIS are sneaking battle-hardened jihadis from Syria into Nigeria to train terrorists there for possible attacks in Britain. Fanatics from the West African state are also being sent to the Middle East for training in a chilling exchange programme. Insiders fear strong links between Nigeria and the UK will make it easier for []

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Former Israeli Energy Minister arrested on suspicion of spying for Iran "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Israeli former minister of energy and infrastructure, Gonen Segev, who is also a member of parliament, has been arrested on suspicion of espionage activities on behalf of the Iranian intelligence services, the Israeli police said on Monday. "Segev was detained for questioning immediately upon his arrival in Israel after the gathered information revealed that he had been in contact with Iranian intelligence services and assisted them in activities against Israel. The investigation revealed that he had been recruited and acted as an agent on behalf of Iranian intelligence," the police said on Twitter. The Shin Bet security service said that Gonen Segev was accused of spying for Iran and aiding the enemy during wartime. According to the police, in recent years Segev lived in Nigeria, and in May he traveled to Equatorial Guinea. "He was transferred to Israel at the request of the Israeli police after Equatorial Guinea did not allow him to enter its territory due to his criminal past," the police said.


Western-supported terrorists continue to destroy Libya "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Great Tribes of Libya have issued the following situation report for Libya - June 17, 2018 1. Libya is still suffering and being occupied illegally by the radical terrorist mercenaries brought into our country by the CIA and other covert groups in 2011. These terrorists call themselves "militias" to mask their real identity and intentions. These militias are made up of radical Islamists and psychopathic criminals. The many criminal militia gangs in Libya have joined forces as they see all the Libyan people are against them. The Libyan people look for a country wide election to put a real leader and real security back in our country. These militias are made up of Muslim Brotherhood, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Ansar al Sharia, Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Sallafist groups. and all other militia gangs of mercenary criminals stealing from and destroying Libya. 2. The UN imposed puppet government in Tripoli has joined forces with these militia groups and supports them with arms and money. 3. Misurata gangs have now joined forces with these militias in order to maintain their area of illegal control. 4. Some of the leaders of these militias are as follows: Ibrahim Jadhran, Ishmael Sallabi, Zayad Balaam and Ibrahim Sharkasi. These men are all criminals, they are all working outside of our Libyan laws and security regulations. They have no respect for humanity, no respect for property. Today they sent missiles into 2 oil tanks at the port of Ras Lanuf, destroying those tanks and closing any access to the road between Tripoli and Benghazi. These men are thieves and murderers, they care not about the innocent Libyans who continue to suffer daily from lack of food, electricity, water, fuel, etc. They look only to their own gains and the theft of Libya resources. It is estimated that there are some 50,000 of them in Libya.


Dr. Anthony Monteiro "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Dr. Anthony Monteiro and the Struggle for the Soul of African-American Studies at Temple


11 youths die in road accident in Katsina State "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Katsina State has confirmed that 11 youths lost their lives in a road accident Sunday night while celebrating Sallah. Mr Godwin Ngueku, the Katsina Sector Commander of the corps, confirmed the incident to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday in Katsina. Ngueku said that the accident []

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1 killed in Lagos cult clash "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A deadly clash by two rival cult groups has resulted to the death of an unidentified man at Alapere in Ketu, near Lagos. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) crime correspondent learnt that the incident took place at Modupe Street, off Kazeem Street in Alapere late on June 17. A resident of the area, who []

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Air force begins bombardment of Zamfara bandits "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Nigerian Air Force commenced aerial bombardments on Monday, in a joint military offensive to end the banditry in Zamfara communities. The Commander of the 207 Quick Response Group of the air force, Group Capt. Caleb Olayera, made the disclosure while speaking with newsmen in Gusau. He was speaking after taking delivery of two airplanes []

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Razed villages and empty fields await Congo-Brazzaville's displaced "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Civilians can finally return to Congo's Pool region, but a shaky peace agreement and scarce food and services may keep them away


Chinas Pacific Islands Push Has the U.S. Worried "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In the gritty, steamy streets of Papua New Guineas capital Port Moresby, signs of Chinas push into the Pacific island nation are inescapable.

A Chinese worker stencils a logo for China Railway Group outside the new national courthouse its building; China Harbor Engineering Group laborers tar roads under the searing midday sun.

Little by little they are taking slices of our businesses, said Martyn Namorong, who campaigns to protect local jobs and communities as China ramps up infrastructure spending in the resource-rich nation, often bringing its own workforce. My people feel we cant compete.

The nation of 8 million people is the latest frontier in Beijings bid for global influence thats included building artificial reefs in the South China Sea, a military base in Africa and an ambitious trade-and-infrastructure plan spanning three continents.

Advertisement for China Construction Bank outside the airport in Port Moresby.
Photographer: Jason Scott/Bloomberg

Chinas thrust into the Pacific islands region, a collection of more than a dozen tiny nations including Fiji, Niue and Timor Leste scattered across thousands of miles of ocean, has the U.S. and its close ally Australia worried. The region played a key role in World War II and remains strategically important as Western powers seek to maintain open sea lines and stability. For Beijing, it offers raw materials, from gas to timber, and a clutch of countries who could voice support for its territorial claims.

Weve seen a huge surge in Chinas state-directed economic investment and mobilization of an enormous amount of capital in the Pacific which clearly has a strategic intent, said Eric B. Brown, a senior fellow in Asian affairs at Washington-based think tank the Hudson Institute. The sovereignty of these nations could be compromised by these p...


The Battle of Hodeidah - part 1 "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

"On June 17 and 18, the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies, backed up by French special operations forces, continued their military operation in order to capture the port city of al-Hudayadh in western Yemen from the Houthis and their allies....


Abuja airport records 1.02m passengers in Q1 FAAN "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), says that no fewer than 1.02 million passengers travelled through the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja during the first quarter of 2018. FAANs First Quarter Report obtained by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), on Monday, in Abuja showed a 38.9 per cent growth from 623,727 recorded during []

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Coalition Ignores Famine Warnings and Continues Assault on Yemen as Critics Question US Complicity "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ignoring international aid groups warnings that an attack on the Yemeni city of Hodeida, which is held by Houthi rebels, could exacerbate hunger in an impoverished and war-torn nation already on the brink of famine, Saudi-led U.S.-backed coalition forces continued a sweeping assault on the Red Sea port city Saturday, reportedly seizing control of an airport.

Since the fighting started earlier this week, thousands of Hodeidas 600,000 civilians have evacuated and hundreds of people have been killed. The port city is the main conduit through which about 70 percent of international aid reaches Yemenis, many of whom are battling starvation and outbreaks of infectious diseases such as cholera.

The Norwegian Refugee Councils office in Yemen told Reuters that humanitarian agencies cannot currently access areas south of the city where people are most likely to have been injured, affected, and displaced, leaving us without a clear picture of needs.

The lack of humanitarian assistance, following suspension of aid programs and with limited NGO staff on the ground while a military offensive is ongoing, will have severe consequences on a region already facing restrictions on the import and internal transportation of vital supplies, including medicines, food, and fuel, Frederic Pelat, head of Mdecins Sans Frontires mission in Yemen, warned Thursday. Yemenis living in the northern parts of the country depend on vital supplies that pass through Hodeidas port.


Russia 2018: Germans awake to doom, gloom after Mexico loss "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Germany woke to gloomy headlines of chaos and humiliation on Monday after the defending World Cup champions fell 1-0 to Mexico in a shock opening defeat in Russia. Long used to the dominance of their national team, Germans are digesting their teams first defeat in a World Cup opening match in 36 years and wondering []

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Dogara condoles Bauchi windstorm victims "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr Yakubu Dogara, has commiserated with victims of Saturdays windstorm in Bauchi and called for governments intervention. The storm, which wrecked the state capital, also affected other towns and villages in the state. Dogara, in a statement on Sunday in Abuja by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, []

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Police nab killer suspect in Enugu "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Police in Enugu State said they have arrested Chibuike Odoh, one of the killer suspects operating within Ehamufu axis of Isiuzo Local Government Area of the state. The Spokesman of the Command, SP Ebere Amaraizu, said this in a statement made available to newsmen on Sunday in Enugu. Amaraizu said that the suspect was []

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Ondo PDP promises free, fair primaries "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ondo State has promised its members vying for different elective positions free and fair primaries. The Chairman of the PDP in the state, Clement Faboyede, stated this on Monday in Akure when Mrs Funmilola Ademoyegun picked an expression of interest form at the partys secretariat. Ademoyegun is seeking to []

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How Saudi Arabia Tried to Blame Doctors Without Borders After Bombing Its Cholera Treatment Center "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Saudi embassy in the United States pointed the finger at Doctors Without Borders after the US-backed Saudi coalition bombed the medical humanitarian groups newly constructed cholera treatment center in Yemen.

The Saudi government circulated a misleading fax from a Doctors Without Borders (MSF) employee, to try to absolve itself of responsibility for the airstrike. I contacted MSF for clarification, and the organization said the fax is being misrepresented, and strongly condemned the unacceptable attack on a medical facility.

On June 11, the US-backed Saudi coalition waging war on Yemen bombed a cholera treatment center in the northwestern town of Abs. This medical facility, which had just been built, was operated by MSF, and was clearly marked on the roof with the logos of MSF and the Red Crescent.

The Saudi coalition has repeatedly targeted civilian infrastructure in its three-year war on Yemen, with more than one-third of its thousands of air raids hitting civilian sites. This has devastated the health system in the poorest country in the Middle East, unleashing the worst humanitarian catastrophe on Earth and the largest cholera outbreak in recorded history, with more than 1 million cases of the easily preventable disease in 2017 alone.

Early on June 13, the embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Washington, DC tweeted a photo of a fax from MSFs administrator of communication and liaison in Djibouti. This document is dated June 11, and the Saudi embassy claimed it showed MSF clearly admit that the unfortunate facility incident was due to their failure to update their coordinates per standard procedures.

MSF told me this claim is false. The organization clarified that it gave the Saudi coalition the GPS coordinates for its cholera treatment center at least 12 times in writing, and the coalition acknowledged receipt of these coordinates in writing at least nine times.


Russia 2018: Eagles can still progress Pinnick "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

President of Nigeria Football Federation, Mr. Amaju Melvin Pinnick has declared that notwithstanding the 2-0 loss to Croatia in their first match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, the Super Eagles have the wherewithal to lift themselves up and still reach the knockout rounds of the competition. Croatia made good from set pieces []

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John Pilger: Its Time to Bring Julian Assange Home to Australia "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The persecution of Julian Assange must end. Or it will end in tragedy.

The Australian government and prime minister Malcolm Turnbull have a historic opportunity to decide which it will be.

They can remain silent, for which history will be unforgiving. Or they can act in the interests of justice and humanity and bring this remarkable Australian citizen home.

Assange does not ask for special treatment. The government has clear diplomatic and moral obligations to protect Australian citizens abroad from gross injustice: in Julians case, from a gross miscarriage of justice and the extreme dangers that await him should he walk out of the Ecuadorean embassy in London unprotected.

We know from the Chelsea Manning case what he can expect if a U.S. extradition warrant is successful a United Nations Special Rapporteur called it torture.

I know Julian Assange well; I regard him as a close friend, a person of extraordinary resilience and courage. I have watched a tsunami of lies and smears engulf him, endlessly, vindictively, perfidiously; and I know why they smear him.

In 2008, a plan to destroy both WikiLeaks and Assange was laid out in a top secret document dated March 8, 2008. The authors were the Cyber Counter-intelligence Assessments Branch of the U.S. Defence Department. They described in detail how important it was to destroy the feeling of trust that is WikiLeaks center of gravity.

This would be achieved, they wrote, with threats of exposure [and] criminal prosecution and an unrelenting assault on his reputation. The aim was to silence and criminalize WikiLeaks and its editor and publisher. It was as if they planned a war on a single human being and on the very principle of freedom of speech.

Their main weapon would be a personal smear. Their shock troops would be enlisted in the media those who are meant to keep the record straight and tell us the truth.

The irony is that no one told these journalists what to do. I call them Vichy journalists after the Vichy government that served and enabled the German occupation of wartime France.

Last October, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation journalist Sarah Ferguson interviewed Hillary Clinton, over whom she fawned as the icon for your generation.

This was the same Clinton who threatened to obliterate totally Iran and, who, as U.S. Secretary of State in 2011, was one of the instigators of the invasion and destruction of Libya as....


Has Madagascar Managed to Avert a Crisis? "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


After weeks of political strife, Madagascar has announced the formation of a national unity government meant to stave off a full-fledged crisis. But with the countrys economy still shaky and the prospect that upcoming elections this autumn could scuttle painstaking progress made in recent years, the island nations struggles are likely far from over.


Rolling out the new unity government

The government reshuffle came about after proposed electoral reforms tabled by President Hery Rajaonarimampianina sparked an opposition-led protest movement this past spring. According to the opposition, the reforms would have barred their candidates from running in elections slated for later this year. Even after the courts overturned the proposed reforms, however, the protests continued, with at least two people killed and 16 wounded.

In a bid to put a stop to the crisis, the Constitutional Court ordered the formation of a national unity government that proportionately represents the outcome of the last legislative elections in 2013. The new governments cabinet includes allies of the president as well as two of his predecessors: Andry Rajoelina, who came to power in a coup in 2009, and Marc Ravalomanana, the man he ousted.

Both men who were banned from running in 2013 have said that they plan to run in elections tentatively slated for this autumn. Unfortunately for the people of Madagascar, both men trail dubious records behind them and either one could yet turn the countrys current simmering strife into a full-blown crisis.


Protecting against political amnesia

Ever since the country achieved its independence from France in 1960, Madagascar has endured no small share of political tension. Over the past decades, the Indian Ocean nation has been roiled by a long running series of revolts, military coups, mass protests, violent suppressions, and an inability among the political class to agree on who has the right to rule.

Both Rajoelina and Ravalomanana fit squarely within this violently chaotic pattern of politics. In 2009, Rajoelina seized power with the backing of the military and the high court, following days of anti-government protests in which more than 100 people were...


Why Flying Is Harder "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Lines for airport security (Illustrative photo: ALEX WONG/Getty Images)Lines for airport security (Illustrative photo: ALEX WONG/Getty Images)

Almost a year ago, the U.S. banned laptops on flights from 10 Middle Eastern and North African airports. The ban includes tablets and some large mobile phones. That was because of a plot to conceal powerful bombs in the batteries of these devices.

Now, one of the masterminds behind that technology has been identified, reported Newsweek. He is Hamayun Tariq, a 41-year-old car mechanic from the UK.

Tariq managed to evade authorities twice and travel abroad. He is believed to be somewhere in Iraq or Syria at the present time.

He most likely learned his trade from top al-Qaeda operatives while in Pakistan. After he returned to the UK, he was arrested and sent to prison for tax fraud. Upon his release in 2014, he left the country for ISIS-controlled territory in the Middle East.

Tariq was identified by an Aimen Dean, a former al-Qaeda explosives expert who now works as an undercover agent for the UK. Dean said he met Tariq, who also went by the name of Abu Muslim, in the field.

While in Syria, Tariq encouraged lone wolf attack in the West, posting details on social media on how to assemble bombs.


Flying Is Getting Worse: Thank You Terrorists

Islamic State Laptops Contain Up to 80% Porn

Hackers Substitute Porn on ISIS Sites



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Murder Incorporated "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

By David Swanson, June 18, 2018.

Murder Incorporated is a three-book series by Mumia Abu Jamal and Stephen Vittoria, which I can highly recommend based on the first book. The other two are not out yet.

Book One, Dreaming of Empire, is a critique of U.S. imperialism, a debunking of U.S. nationalist myths, a corrective or alternative history of the U.S. nation. Politically, a book like this would never be permitted in U.S. schools, and its clearly not aimed at clearing that hurdle. It uses curse words, which would provide a handy excuse for keeping it out. Its also not straight history. Its part chronological, part theme-based. It mixes historical accounts with pop-culture, with quotations from scholars, historical sources, and analysts interviewed by the authors.

Dreaming of Empire also does not try to leave the past in the past. Instead it proposes to explain current wars, the weaponization of outer space, and the rhetoric of contemporary U.S. politics through a myth-busting hard look at the past. And theres little the U.S. public needs more. Indeed the authors seem to have concentrated on topics around which damaging myths have been constructed, including the glories and goodness of the Founding Fathers.

Reading here in Charlottesville, Im struck by the extent to which local boys, Jefferson and Monroe (and the latters Doctrine), dominate this story. I wonder how many people realize that when a participant in a fascist rally here last summer drove his car into a woman and killed her, he was in that moment driving past the location of James Monroes first house here. Im sure its more people than realize that Charlottesville is not a hotbed for fascists (they mostly come from elsewhere) but is a town that was founded by and which still prominently honors fascists avant la lettre.

The authors of Dreaming of Empire are smart enough not to call sacred founding fathers fascists as an idiot like myself might do. Instead they allow such fascists to convict themselves in their own words. Here we read John Winthrop thanking God for bringing deadly epidemics to native peoples, Benjamin Franklin crediting God with a plan to extirpate the savages, Jefferson advocating that tribes be exterminated, Jefferson likening African Americans to orangutans, and an Iroquois telling Washington to his...


Tambuwal pledges to provide basic social amenities, infrastructure, not flyovers "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Gov. Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State has promised to provide basic social amenities and infrastructure to improve the lives of the people. He made this known to civil servants and heads of government agencies in the state that paid him the traditional Sallah homage at Government House on Sunday in Sokoto. Governor Aminu Tambuwal of []

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'No time to negotiate': UAE calls on Houthis to leave Hodeidah "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Emirati warning comes as aid agencies continue to raise concerns for Yemenis fleeing the key port city


The EU is facing an existential crisis but it is migration, not Brexit, that will be its undoing "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Alongside sunburnt Brits, they are one of the modern staples at Southern Europes popular tourist spots: Arab and African men selling tourist tat. These men (and occasional woman) come from many places. Some will have escaped conscription or slavery in Eritrea; others have gone in search of a better life from a poor but peaceful village in Tunisia or Senegal.


The Telegraph

If they can raise enough cash and get a spot on a boat crossing the Mediterranean, their odds of getting to Europe are high 98 per cent make it. That is why people keep trying. But once here, joining society isnt easy. Even those with strong legal asylum cases have to wait months to be assessed. So they end up sleeping rough and hawking fake designer handbags.

When I was a student, I used to think that a land without borders could be a cosmopolitan idyll, where different peoples exchanged ideas and voted freely for governments with their feet.


Migrants being rescued by staff members of the MV Aquarius earlier this month

Migrants being rescued by staff members of the MV Aquarius earlier this month CREDIT: REUTERS

But now were seeing what it really looks like: squalid camps in train stations and ports, a thriving people-trafficking industry and a growing underclass of informal workers in places that already have millions of unemployed. As a result, weve seen the rise of far-right parties across Europe and the start of what could well be a gradual erosion of the EU project.

The migration surge has been fuelled by technology and growing wealth, which have for the first time brought the means to flee conflict and migrate economically within the reach of millions.

The EU hasnt created this situation, but with its migration policies, it has removed from national governments the means to address it and, with its legal structure, it has neutered Brussels ability to step in instead, since national politicians cant agree on an approach. And the more that....


My resignation from African Alliance has no connection with 2019 elections APC chieftain "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ambassador Nurain Abayomi Mumuni, a chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has declared that his resignation from African Alliance Insurance Plc as one of its Directors has nothing to do with the forthcoming 2019 elections. Amb. Mumuni, in a statement made available to the press on Monday, June 18, stated that his decision []

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Battle For Yemens al-Hudaydah On June 17-18, 2018 (Videos, Maps, Photos) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Battle For Yemen's al-Hudaydah On June 17-18, 2018 (Videos, Maps, Photos)

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On June 17 and 18, the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies, backed up by French special operations forces, continued their military operation in order to capture the port city of al-Hudayadh in western Yemen from the Houthis and their allies.

The goal of forces of the UAE, Saudi Arabia and their proxies is to outflank the Houthi-held port city from the eastern flank and to isolate it from the rest of the Houthi-held area.

The coalitions operation started on June 13 from an attempt to capture the al-Hudaydah airport, which is located south of the city. By June 18, the coalitions forces had entered the airport and launched an attempt to enter al-Hudaydah city itself. At the same time, a group of coalition-led forces advanced on the Al-Matahen roundabout aiming to capture the eastern flank of the port city.

These efforts are actively supported by strikes of the coalitions airpower and artillery. Coalition-led forces also have a significant advantage in military equipment over the Houthis. However, there is a problem.

The coalitions supply lines are overstretched over the western Yemeni coast. The Houthis use this to carry out attacks on reinforcements and supply convoys of the coalition heading to al-Hudaydah.


UPDATED: Congo-Brazzaville's hidden war "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In the government's scorched-earth campaign against opposition Ninjas, civilians are the overwhelming victims


Researchers Detect Light From Growing Plants "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

For the first time, light from plant growth may let humans see almost at a glance how greedily the planets vegetation sucks carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

US-based researchers have confirmed that they can detect the same glow invisible to the human eye from trees, grasslands, crops, mangroves, marches and desert plants as the green things put chlorophyll to work and photosynthesise leaves, flowers, fruits and roots from atmospheric carbon.

The pay-off is simple: an easier and potentially more accurate way of calculating the global carbon budget and assessing the climate cost of human exploitation of fossil fuels.

But the same information will help biologists and geoscientists advance what is sometimes called earth system science: how carbon-based lifeforms make their living from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide in a continuous trafficking that has fuelled 3bn years of evolution.

And at the heart of the study is a new realisation that images from an orbiting satellite deliver better information in a reliable fashion.

Researchers have exploited data from orbiting earth observation satellites to measure the diminishing thickness of the polar ice caps and their dwindling extent, as human-induced global warming warms the oceans and raises the sea levels.

They have helped measure the response of different kinds of forest to global warming, and changes to ocean chemistry as ever greater levels of greenhouse gas enter the atmosphere, as humans burn ever more fossil fuels.

But one satellite, launched specifically to answer questions about the traffic between living things and the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, has delivered information with even greater precision that anyone expected.

Researchers from the University of New Hampshire report in the journal Global Change Biology that years of observation of solar-induced fluorescence a glow from plants that no human could expect to see, but an instrument can detect have confirmed that there is a direct relationship between gross primary productivity and the amount of fluorescence registered by the eye in the sky.

No Exceptions......


Fuel to the Fire: Satellite Imagery Captures Burning Oil Tanks Libya "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Recent eruptions of violence in Libyas so-called oil cresent between armed forces loyal to Haftars Libyan National Army (LNA) and rival  armed groups resulted in another row of burning oil tanks.  In the areas around oil terminals at Es Sider and Ras Lanuf, clashes continued for days. As a result of the shelling, various oil tanks at the Fida Oil Farm, west of the Ras Lanuf oil terminal were hit and caught fire. These clashed demonstrates the dangers associated with fighting in and nearby industrial facilities storing large quanitities of potential hazardous substances and the wider risks associated with a chemical incident in armed conflicts. This blog will provide a brief outline on open-source reporting and satellite imagery from the area and a brief background the ongoing targeting of the oil infrastructure in Libya and their associated wider socio-economic and environmental consequences.

First attack on Ras Lanuf

On Thursday June 14, oil tanker nr. 2 at the Fida oil farm was reported burning, first mentioned on social media and later confirmed through geo-location.

This was also later confirmed with NASA and ESA Sentinel 2 imagery.


Multiple Studies Show Disturbing Trend of Child Suicide Rates When School Starts "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Source: The Free Thought Project | by John Vibes

While the annoying cultural cliche suggests that our years in school should be the best times of our lives, for many of us it is actually a traumatizing experience that has lifelong consequences for our mental health. After graduation, many of us are left to work through issues such as anxiety, depression, low-self esteem, dependence on authority, need for external validation and a long list of mental health problems that can lead to drug and alcohol abuse, antisocial behavior, or worse.

Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for people over the age of 15, and the third-leading cause for those over 10. According to statistics from the CDC, over the past 10 years, the suicide rate for White children and teens between the ages of 10 and 17 was up 70 percent, and up 77 percent among African-American children. Since mental health is such a serious problem among teens, it is time to start examining the place where they spend the vast majority of their time.

Peter Gray of Psychology Today and The Foundation for Economic Education has pointed out that suicide rates among teens actually increase during the school year, citing numerous studies.

During extensive research on the subject, Gray found this correlation in data that was recorded of children's emergency psychiatric visits at Connecticut Children's Mental Center in Hartford. The data shows an obvious decline in teenage psychiatric visits during the summer months, which is somewhat of a statistical anomaly considering the fact that students have more time to themselves during the summer, and emergency visits, in general, rise drastically during the summer, according to the CDC.


Botswana costs of wildlife damage "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

BW government


Image may contain: outdoor and nature

Government has paid P36.2 million to farmers country wide as compensation in the last three financial years.

Responding to a parliamentary question on Monday, the Minister of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism, Mr Tshekedi Khama said during the 2015/16 financial year an amount of P8.8 million was disbursed as compensation, P4.4million in 2016/17 while P23 million was paid to farmers in 2017/18.

Mr Khama said Tutume Wildlife office disbursed P211 754.50, P349 989.30 and P885 269. 15 in 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18 respectively

The minister said 365 cases of elephants damages in ploughing fields were reported in Maitengwe, Nkange, Seneta and Tutume villages between January and April 2018.

The Member of Parliament for Nkange Mr Edwin Batshu, had asked the minister to state the amount spent in compensation of farmers for damages caused by wild animals during the financial years 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/19 and to state the amount spent by Tutume Wildlife office in the same period. Mr Batshu also wanted to know the number of cases of elephant damages in ploughing fields reported at Tutume Wildlife office by farmers in Maitengwe, Nkange, Senete and Tutume villages between January and April 2018. (BOPA)


Covert Geopolitics: Why Venezuela and Syria Cannot Fall "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Source: Covert Geopolitics

Despite tremendous hardship which the Venezuelan people are having to face, despite the sanctions and intimidation from abroad, President Nicols Maduro has won a second six-year term.

Two weeks ago, at the Venezuelan embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, where I addressed several leaders of East African left-wing opposition, an acting Charge d' Affaires, Jose Avila Torres, declared: "People of Venezuela are now facing similar situation as the Syrian people."

True. Both nations, Venezuela and Syria, are separated by a tremendous geographical distance, but they are united by the same fate, same determination and courage.

During the Spanish Civil War, Czech anti-fascist fighters, volunteers in the International Brigades, used to say: "In Madrid we are fighting for Prague". Madrid fell to Franco's fascists in October 1939. Prague had been occupied by German troops several months earlier, in March 1939. It was the blindness and cowardice of the European leaders, as well as the support which the murderous fascist hordes received from populations of all corners of the continent, which led to one of the greatest tragedies in modern history a tragedy which only ended on May 9, 1945, when the Soviet troops liberated Prague, defeating Nazi Germany and de facto saving the world.

More than 70 years later, the world is facing another calamity. The West, mentally unfit to peacefully end its several centuries long murderous reign over the planet a reign that has already taken several hundreds of millions of human lives is flexing its muscle and madly snapping in all directions, provoking, antagonizing and even directly attacking countries as far apart as North Korea (DPRK), China, Iran, Russia, Syria and Venezuela.

What is happening now is not called fascism or Nazism, but it clearly is precisely that, as the barbaric rule is based on a profound spite for non-Western human lives, on fanatical right-wing dogmas which are stinking of exceptionalism, and on the unbridled desire to control the world.



Abahlali to Approach the #Durban High Court for a Spoliation Order "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Archive image by Abahlali baseMjondolo.

South Africa: We are all amaMpondo! Abahlali baseMjondolo will this morning approach the Durban High Court on an urgent basis to apply for a Spoliation Order against the eThekwini Municipality. 

Submitted to Enough is Enough. Image: Archive image by Abahlali baseMjondolo.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

On Friday at about 10am the notorious eThekwini municipal Anti Land Invasion Unit descended on the Barcelona 2 transit camp (amatini or government shacks) in Lamontville and violently and unlawfully evicted the residents from the disgraceful transit camps that there were forcefully imposed on them seven years ago for the FIFA World Cup.

The residents were told straight on their faces that they are amaMpondo and that they should return to the Eastern Cape. This is not the first time that people from the Eastern Cape have been openly discriminated against by high ranking politicians and officials in Durban. This is a dangerous politic that continues to tear apart all the gains made by our democracy.

The ANC is creating a very dangerous situation in which impoverished people are forced to fight amongst one another. When Xhosa speaking people are removed from the tins at gunpoint, and Zulu speaking people are then brought into the tins, there is a very high risk of serious conflict.

Our position as Abahlali is that we are all amaMpondo and we are all amaZulu. A neighbour is a neighbour and a comrade is a comrade. We will continue to build unity in the neighbourhoods, and in struggle, and we will continue to oppose the politicians that are trying to divide impoverished people. 

We call on all traditional leaders to condemn the conduct of the ANC in eThekwini in the clearest and strongest terms, and to reject this attempt by the politicians to divide the people. 

At the same time as the ANC and the Municipality are playing a very dangerous game of trying....


4 ways we can step up adaptation and protect vulnerable communities from climate change impact "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Last month, a blistering heat wave killed at least 60 people in Karachi, Pakistan. Across East Africa, severe flash flooding displaced hundreds of thousands, and just days into this year's hurricane season, a tropical depression off the coast of Mexico exploded into a Category 4 storm overnight.


Im not in coma- Mike Okri "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Mike Okri, a Nigerian singer has denied reports that he was in coma or life support. The Omoge crooner stated this while reacting to a Facebook post by Azuka Jebose who said the singer was in a coma at an undisclosed Lagos hospital. An unconfirmed report from Lagos disclosed that Nigerias late 80s mega soul []

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Western Media Whitewash Yemen Genocide "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

As the horror of Hodeida unfolds, Western media are reporting with a strained effort to whitewash the criminal role of the American, British and French governments in supporting the offensive.


Kenya Kenya Wildlife Service on the spot over Sh2b for allowances "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Star

Jun. 18, 2018, 6:00 am
Kenya Wildlife Service headquarters in Nairobi. /HEZRON NJOROGEKenya Wildlife Service headquarters in Nairobi. /HEZRON NJOROGE

The Kenya Wildlife Service diverted Sh2.735 billion meant for environmental restoration to pay salaries and allowances without approval.



Yemen army offers safe routes for Hodeidah civilians Iran looms large "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Unless they get the green light from their leaders in Iran they will never give up their weapons or surrender in peace and spare the innocent citizens in Hodeidah and the rest of the Yemeni territories under their control their atrocities.

Houthi militants willing to put down their weapons would also be given safe passage, the army said. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said on Sunday that nearly 5,000 families have been displaced from Hodeidah province this month.

Forces backed by the Saudi-led coalition pushed their offensive to recapture Hodeidah. (AFP)

The Yemeni army said on Sunday it was ready to open safe corridors for civilians who want to leave Hodeidah.

Houthi militants willing to put down their weapons would also be given safe passage, the army said.

Fighting continued to rage around Yemens largest port as forces backed by the Saudi-led coalition pushed their offensive to recapture the city. Coalition jets bombed the airport as pro-government forces moved closer to dislodging the militants.

The UAE, a main coalition partner, said the operation was designed to help the UN special envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, to persuade the Houthis to withdraw.

We are at a turning point, because as long as the Houthis hold Hodeidah, they will continue to impede the political process, Anwar Gargash, the UAE minister of state for foreign affairs, said on Twitter. We firmly believe that the liberation of Hodeidah will pull the Houthis back to the negotiating table.

The people of Hodeidah did not want to be governed by Iranian backed religious extremists, he said. We will continue to focus on our two main goals: To protect the flow of humanitarian aid and to protect civilians.

The Yemeni military said about 500 Houthis had been killed in the battle for Hodeidah, which is a crucial aid supply line, but also a conduit for supplies of Iranian arms to the militants.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said on Sunday that nearly 5,000 families have been displaced from Hodeidah province this month.

Yemeni government spokesperson Rajeh Badi told Arab News the Houthi militias understand only the language of force.

He said they were not optimistic about the outcome of talks between Griffiths and the Houthi leaders.

Unless they get the green light from their leaders in Iran they will never...


USA: State Rep. Ilhan Omar wins DFL endorsement for Fifth Congressional District "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

State Rep. Ilhan Omar won the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party endorsement Sunday for a seat in Congress to represent the west metro. If elected, she would become the first Somali-American member of Congress. A first-term member of the Minnesota House representing Minneapolis, she is already the nations first and only Somali-American lawmaker. Omar was endorsed at a []



Primates in danger, new research "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

This 2011 video is called Primates- What is a Primate?

From the German Primate Center:

Primates in peril

June 17, 2018

Primates are fascinating. They are intelligent, live in complex societies and are a vital part of the ecosystem. Lemurs, lorises, galagos, tarsiers, monkeys and apes are our closest biological relatives and just like them, humans are also primates. However, while the human population spread to all corners of the earth, many of our closest relatives are under serious threat. An international team of leading primate researchers, including Christian Roos of the German Primate Center (DPZ) Leibniz Institute for Primate Research, has analyzed and evaluated the situation of many endangered non-human primate species in Brazil, Madagascar, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo in a review article published today. In their study, the researchers investigated the influence of human activities on wild primate populations.

Primates live in tropical and subtropical areas and are mainly found in regions of Africa, South America, Madag...


Yemen: Attacking Hodeidah Is Trumps Deliberate Act of Cruelty "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Attacking Hodeidah Is Trumps Deliberate Act of Cruelty by Patrick Cockburn The Trump administration is guilty of many acts of deliberate cruelty, such as taking away the children of immigrant parents at the US border. But just as the world was watching the lead up to the Trump-Kim Jong-un meeting in Singapore last Monday, the []


Two killed, Seventy Houses Destroyed As Rain Wrecks Havoc In Delta "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

LAGOS JUNE 18TH (URHOBOTODAY)-At least two persons were confirmed dead as heavy rainfall wrecked havoc in some parts of Delta State.
No fewer than seventy houses were also completely destroyed by the disaster, which occurred at the Idumuesah community, Ika North East Local government area of the state early Sunday morning.
Father of six, Godwin Alika, who is one of the victims of the disaster told nwsmen that my house was affected, I have no house to sleep. My family has nowhere to go; the rainfall destroyed my house and property.
Also, the state commissioner for special Duties, Barr Ernest Ogwezzy, while spoke to newsmen said it is pathetic, two persons were killed; the state government is concerned, and we will do something to assist the victims.
An Elder statesman in the community, Chief Chukwudi Akaye said it is very shocking, the rainfall is first of its kind, it destroyed many houses, we want the state government to come to our aid, we have no houses in our community again.


Growing number of European countries now strongly refusing to accept the unchecked influx of migrants - and their reasons why "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Much has been written about the unchecked influx of migrants into Europe recently. As the EU promotes the warm, fuzzy, "inclusive" policies that are overwhelming countries with immigrants, some of those countries are bluntly starting to say, "no more." At the same time, other countries seem to be quietly preparing for...something... without being quite so forthcoming about the event for which they are readying themselves. Millions of refugees and asylum seekers, primarily from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Somalia are flowing into Europe, largely unchecked. This is because of a welcoming "open door" policy promoted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel back in 2015. Despite the backlash from Europeans, Merkel says she has "no regrets." But some overwhelmed countries have decided that enough is enough. They cite the refugees' refusal to assimilate, increasing crime statistics (particularly against women), and no-go zones in which the migrants have banded together and created areas in which Europeans are not welcome. The European Union is so displeased about this that they've taken 3 of their member countries to court for refusing to "share the burden of hosting migrants." I don't have a crystal ball, but I wonder if we could see this disagreement becoming a catalyst for the dissolution of the European Union.


Israeli aircraft strike Hamas targets in Gaza Strip "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Israeli jets struck nine targets belonging to the Islamist Hamas group in the northern Gaza Strip early on Monday in response to incendiary kites and balloons Palestinians sent from the territory that have damaged Israeli property, the military said.

Sirens also sounded in Israeli areas near the Gaza Strip at daybreak and the army said three rockets had been launched towards Israeli territory but one fell short in the Gaza Strip. No casualties were reported from the rockets or air strikes.

In recent weeks, Palestinians have sent kites dangling coal embers or burning rags across the Gaza border to set fire to arid farmland and forests, others have carried small explosive devices in a new tactic that has caused extensive damage.

The Israeli military has fired warning shots from the air and destroyed property belonging to the kite launchers but has refrained from targeting them. Some Israeli ministers have called for those launchers to be targeted directly.

Palestinians prepare kites before trying to fly them with incendiaries over the border fence with Israel, in

Israel has drafted in civilian drone enthusiasts as army reservists, instructing them to fly their remote-controlled aircraft into the kites, an Israeli general said, but an effective means to stop the kites has yet to be found.

These are terrorist acts that endanger Israeli residents living in southern Israel and damage extensive areas in Israeli territory, the military statement said of the kites and balloons.

At least 125 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli troops during mass demonstrations along the Gaza border since March 30 and the men sending the kites over the fence believe they have found an effective new weapon.

Israels deadly tactics in confronting the weekly Friday protests have drawn international condemnation.

Palestinians say they are a popular outpouring of rage against Israel by people demanding the right to return to homes their families fled or were driven from on Israels founding 70 years ago.

Israel says the demonstrations are organized by the Islamist group Hamas that controls the Gaza Strip and denies Israels right to exist. Israel says Hamas has intentionally provoked the violence, a charge Hamas denies.

Around two million people live in Gaza, most of them the stateless descendants of refugees from what is now Israel. The territory has been controlled by....


Musa may start against Iceland "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Super Eagles coach Gernot Rohr has said forward Ahmed Musa may start when the team face Iceland in their second group game on Friday. Nigeria lost to Croatia 2-0 in Kaliningrad, with Musa coming on as a substitute in the 62nd minute but Rohrs approach to their next tie could mean the Leicester City forward []

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Telecoms: NCC slashes call termination rate by 20% "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  Telecom consumers in Nigeria may soon enjoy lower call tariffs across the networks of MTN, Globacom, Airtel and Etisalat, New Telegraph has learnt. This came as the industry regulator, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) slashed call termination rates between the operators by 20 per cent. The new Mobile Termination Rate (MTR) takes effect from July []

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U.S. stocks slide as China trade tensions build "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

U.S. stocks fell and bonds surged as President Donald Trump moved the country closer to a trade war with China, while investors weighed diverging monetary policies from the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank. The S&P 500 Index dropped Friday, erasing its weekly gain, after the U.S. announced a list of $50 billion of Chinese []

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Southern, Middle Belt leaders allege registration of mercenary voters "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ahead of the 2019 general elections, the Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Forum has, again, restated its lack of confidence in the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Mahmood Yakubu. The leaders expressed worries over reports of alleged registration of mercenaries from neighbouring countries for the election. In a communiqu issued yesterday []

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EFCC re-opens probe of N21.7bn IPP project "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has reopened its investigation into a N21.74 billion Independent Power Plant (IPP) project in Oghara, Delta State. The contract for the project was awarded by the Delta State Government to an indigenous firm, Davnotch Nigeria Limited, on June 23, 2009 for the supply and installation of two Rolls []

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2019: PDP waiting to reap windfall from APC convention Makarfi "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Former Kaduna State Governor and immediate past National Caretaker Committee Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, has declared his intention to contest for Nigerias presidency in the coming elections. That was as he disclosed that his party, the PDP was waiting for the National Convention of the ruling All Progressives []

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Ugwuanyi is best performing governor in Nigeria, says Nwodo "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A former governor of the old Enugu State and National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Okwesilieze Nwodo has declared Enugu State Governor, Senator Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi as the best performing Governor in Nigeria. Nwodo also described Ugwuanyi as a humble, indefatigable, humane and outstanding manager of men and resources for the development of []

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APC Convention: Okorocha backs Oshiomhole, Ibediro "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

as VON DG is optimistic of hitch-free convention Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has thrown his weight behind a bid by a former Edo State governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole to lead the All Progressive Congress (APC) as its national chairman at the partys convention billed for this week. Besides, Okorocha is rooting for a []

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After 8 years, sacked OGFZA manager opts for out-of-court settlement "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Oil and Gas Free Zone Authority (OGFZA) and its suspended Abuja Liaison Office Manager, Funmilayo David Omosule, have opted for an out-of-court settlement eight years after the suit was instituted before the court. Omosule had in 2011 approached the court to challenge what he described as unlawful termination of his appointment. Both OGFZA and []

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FG disburses loans to over 4,000 GEEP MarketMoni beneficiaries in Edo "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Edo State has now recorded over 4,000 beneficiaries of the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme, GEEP, the Bank of Industry (BoI) has been revealed. Executed by the BoI, GEEP is one of the National Social Intervention Programmes (NSIP) of the current administration, providing interest-loans of between N10,000 and N100,000 to market women, farmers, artisans and []

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How Saudi Arabia Tried to Blame Doctors Without Borders After Bombing Its Cholera Treatment Center "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Saudi embassy in the United States pointed the finger at Doctors Without Borders after the US-backed Saudi coalition bombed the medical humanitarian groups newly constructed cholera treatment center in Yemen. The Saudi government circulated a misleading fax from a Doctors Without Borders (MSF) employee, to try to absolve itself of responsibility for the airstrike. I contacted MSF for clarification, and the organization said the fax is being misrepresented, and strongly condemned the unacceptable attack on a medical facility.


Fayoses poor performancell facilitate APCs victory Bamidele "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Director General of the Kayode Fayemi Campaign Organisation, Hon. Opeyemi Bamidele, has said that over 50 per cent of the campaigns that would have promoted the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the July 14 election, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, had been done by Governor Ayodele Fayose. Bamidele said Fayose had paved the []

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Three kidnappers killed in gun duel "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Police have killed three suspected kidnappers and injured others during a gun battle in Taraba State. The suspects were killed last Wednesday by policemen attached to Bali Police Station. The suspects met their waterloo after policemen from Bali Division, acting on a tipoff, stormed the hideout of a gang of kidnappers, who had been on []

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SERAP wants Fashola to account for power expenditure "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A rights group, the Socio- Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has dragged the Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) to the Federal High Court in Lagos over his failure to account for the spending on the privatisation of the electricity sector and the exact amount of postprivatisation spending on generation []

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Ogunye: We dont need foreign aid to stop herdsmens killings "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Jiti Ogunye is an activist lawyer. In this interview with AKEEM NAFIU, he speaks on 19 years of democracy, card reader in 2019 elections, ADR and sundry issues   Nigeria marked 19 years of democracy on May 29. What is your assessment of the journey so far? The journey of Nigeria from cradle to national []

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Unlike Croatia, they have no stars to hurt us Idowu "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Super Eagles left back Brian Idowu has said the team will cope well against Iceland when the two sides meet on Friday as the tiny European country has no big stars that could worry the Nigerians. He said the Icelandic players were not as illustrious as the Croats who have big stars such as Ivan []

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Ending years of pensioners agony "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The welfare of Nigerias senior citizens, who spent their youthful life working for the country, is taking a turn for the better as agonies associated with their pension payment have been taken care of. SUNDAY OJEME reports.     Memories of pains, agonies, torture and even death that used to be the hallmarks of exercises []

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Regency Alliance: Expenses hurt profits "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

As the insurance sectors operational challenges persist, Regency Alliance Insurance Plc, like its peers, has continued to experience pressure on its earnings following huge claims settlements and underwriting expenses.CHRIS UGWU writes   Despite of various measures, the insurance sub-sector is still in the doldrums. The sub sector has found itself battling a variety of challenges []

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Dogara commiserates with victims of windstorm in Bauchi "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara, has commiserated with the victims of windstorm which occurred in Bauchi on Saturday and wreaked havoc within the state capital and other towns and villages in the state. In a statement, the speaker called on relevant Federal and state government agencies to quickly provide relief []

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Dont give up on Eagles Ekweremadu "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Deputy President of the Senate, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, yesterday, urged Nigerians not to give up on the Super Eagles in the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Russia.Reacting to the teams 2-0 loss to Croatia in their opening match at the tournament, Ekweremadu expressed optimism that the team would get better as the tournament progressed. []

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Election guideline still work in progress PDP "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said its guideline for 2019 election was still work in progress. PDP National Organising Secretary, Col. Austin Akobundu (rtd) who was reacting to a newspaper publication (not New Telegraph) that the party has pegged its nomination for the presidential ticket at N12 million, said that it was misleading. The statement []

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Yemeni Forces Destroy Saudi-backed Troops, Capture French Vessel [VIDEO] "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Sanaa (GPA) Despite western media claims about coalition success, Yemeni resistance forces continue repelling advances in Hodeidah. In fact, resistance forces have destroyed dozens of coalition vehicles, cut off their supply routes, and captured a French vessel.

Ansarullah (aka. the Houthis), Yemens Army and Popular Committees, and allied groups have spent the last three years preparing for this very battle. These Yemeni forces are currently fending off Saudi, Sudanese, and Emirati troops, Saudi and Emirati paid mercenaries, Black Water (Academi) mercenaries from Australia, Colombia, and other countries, Emirati-backed Southern separatists, the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other troops allied with the Saudi coalition. The United States and France have both sent special forces and naval support to Yemen on Saudi Arabias behalf.


The United States, Canada, most of Europe, Egypt, Bahrain, and a slew of other countries provide military or diplomatic support to the Saudi coalition against Yemen.

Despite these efforts, Yemens Army and Popular Committees have successfully repelled many advances in the coalitions attempts to take the important port city of Hodeidah. Saudi-friendly mainstream outlets like BBC initially reported that the coalition had captured the strategic Hodeidah airport. This appears false, however...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Africa and Cuba United by Friendship and Solidarity
There are 95 Cuba solidarity associations working to strengthen ties of friendship with the island, across 45 countries in Africa and the Middle East, according to Jos Prieto Cintado, vice president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), speaking with Granma International about the work undertaken by these groups last year

Nuria Barbosa Len |
June 11, 2018 17:06:57

There are 95 Cuba solidarity associations working to strengthen ties of friendship with the island, across 45 countries in Africa and the Middle East, according to Jos Prieto Cintado, vice president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), speaking with Granma International about the work undertaken by these groups last year.

In particular, Prieto, with a degree in International Political Relations, highlighted the Fifth Cuba-Africa Friendship and Solidarity Encounter, held June 5-7, 2017, in the city of Windhoek, Namibia.

One hundred and eighty three delegates from 19 countries attended, including a group from the United States. An action plan was approved, which features strategic initiatives for the 2017-2019 period. We hope to hold the Sixth Continental event in Nigeria next year, stated the ICAP official.

He went on to note that Cuba solidarity organizations from the continent center their efforts on demanding an end to the economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by United States government on Cuba, with protests outside U.S. embassies and consulates across the region, taking place on the 17th of every month.

Activists also continue to call for the return of the territory illegally occupied by the U.S. Naval Base in Guantnamo, and show their support for other just causes around the world, in particular the struggles of the people of Western Sahara and Palestine, as well as the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela.

Prieto noted that although Africa and Cuba are geographically distant, the two share close historic ties which have continued to be strengthened ever since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

In this sense he...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A Model Revolutionary
On the 90th anniversary of Ches birth, Granma presents excerpts from Fidels speech given October 18, 1967, during the memorial ceremony for Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara, in Havanas Plaza de la Revolucin

Fidel Castro Ruz |
June 14, 2018 10:06:49

Excerpts from Fidels speech delivered during the memorial ceremony for Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara, in Havanas Plaza de la Revolucin, October 18, 1967

Che was one of those people who was liked immediately, for his simplicity, his character, his naturalness, his comradely attitude, his personality, his originality the type of man who, when a difficult mission must be completed, doesnt wait for you to ask him to take on the mission

This was one of his principal characteristics: his willingness to instantly volunteer for the most dangerous mission. And naturally this aroused admiration - and twice the usual admiration, for a fellow combatant fighting alongside us who had not been born here, a person of profound ideas, a person in whose mind dreams boiled of struggle in other parts of the continent, and who nonetheless was so altruistic, so selfless, so willing to always do the most difficult things, to constantly risk his life.

Che was an incomparable soldier. Che was an incomparable leader. Che was, from a military point of view, an extraordinarily capable man, extraordinarily courageous, extraordinarily aggressive. If, as a guerrilla, he had his Achilles heel, this Achilles heel was this excessively aggressive quality, his absolute contempt for danger.

Che was a master of war Che was an artist of the guerilla struggleThe artist may die - especially when he is an artist in a field as dangerous as revolutionary struggle - but what will surely never die is the art to which he dedicated his life, the art to which he dedicated his intelligence.

He was a man of profound thought, of visionary intelligence, a profoundly cultured man Che, as a revolutionary, possessed the virtues that can be defined as the fullest expression of the virtues of a revolutionary: a man of total integrity, a man with a supreme sense of honor, of abso...


Gemstones & Octopus Fall from the Sky, Glaciers Grow in Africa (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Gemstones & Octopus Fall from the Sky, Glaciers Grow in Africa Video Adapt 2030 Green olivine gemstones are falling from the sky in Hawaii as the erupting Kilauea vent is now send gemstones up 12,000 feet with the ash...

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Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ernesto Guevara: The Man Who Gave Himself
Ches ideas continue to find followers 90 years after his birth

Yisel Martnez |
June 13, 2018 12:06:28

There are figures who never die, who cease being mere mortals to remain inevitably in history. People of thought, of character, of passion and sacrifice, who exalt human nature and attest to how much we can do as a species. Ernesto Che Guevara de la Serna is one of these figures.

It was no coincidence that his life should turn out like that. His asthma always accompanied him and made him a fighter. His father got used to sleeping up against the headboard of his bed, and Ernesto learned to control the asthma attacks lying on his fathers chest.

He didnt always go to school, and was taught at home. However, he became independent and determined. He practiced sports and studied medicine. The books written about his life note that he attended practice with a fever, that he was never absent or stopped working.

For a long time he observed, and also suffered, the Latin American reality. His travels in the region helped him to know which side he was on, and to which purposes he should dedicate his political thought. He saw the fall of President Jacobo Arbenzs Guatemala (1951-1954), overthrown by a coup dtat orchestrated and financed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He took an interest in the revolution in Paraguay and visited Bolivia, among other countries in the area. In Mexico he met Cuban revolutionaries. He traveled on the Granma yacht and landed on the island. He fought in the Sierra Maestra and became a Comandante. He was already known as Che by that time, and also as a revolutionary leader, with terribly strict discipline, those who were there assure us.

His mother was notified of his death on three occasions. Three times we received the refutation and some reassuring lines. We aged in those two years. Every time I was relieved knowing that he was still alive, I became desperate again, remembering that the news was slow to arrive.

But the guerrilla lived many more years, at least enough to become Minister of Industries, the advocate of voluntary work in Cuba, an expert in economics, a father...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The draft mining charter conceded to the once empowered always empowered principle which was not the case in the past version.

Qaanitah Hunter
Eyewitness News

He says while the public can submit their comments until 27 July, they are hoping that there wont be any major changes to it.

When the past mining charter was published a year ago, the industry and government were locked in fights that spilled over into court.

The Minerals council, formally known as the Chamber of Mines, argued at the time that there was little consultation by Zwane.

Now Mantashe says after widespread consultation, all concerns have been considered.

If you compare this charter and the other one that was taken to court by the chamber, very different animals and the reason for that is that were serious about listening to the concerns of all the stakeholders.

The draft mining charter conceded to the once empowered always empowered principle which was not the case in the past version.

This means South African companies will be credited for past black-empowerment deals even when their investors later sold their shares to whites or foreigners.


Interview with Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, Leader of the Workers Party of Brazil "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Elson Concepcin Prez | The workers leader, the man who during his term as President of Brazil pushed for laws and social plans that allowed some 30 million Brazilians to be lifted out of poverty, whom all the polls indicate is the favorite, by a large majority, to win the presidential elections of 2018,...


Colombia: Election Outcome Endangers Peace "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Common Alternative Revolutionary Force, the FARC, is worried that Duques victory could hurt the historic peace process. After Colombias President-elect Ivan Duque announced he will review the peace agreement reached between the government and the demobilized insurgent group, the Common Alternative Revolutionary Force, the FARC, expressed their willingness to meet Duque and keep working...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

US, UK, France Block Central African Republic's Request For Chinese Arms
02:01 PM, June 15, 2018

The US, France and the UK have put on hold, a request from the Central African Republic for UN Security Council approval of Chinese Weapons deliveries for its national forces.

All the three nations have raised concerns about the use of lethal equipment CAR requested that include Chinese-made armored vehicles, machine guns, tear gas grenades and other weaponry for its army and police.

The CARs defense minister has asked UN sanctions committee on June 5 to grant an exemption to an arms embargo and allow the shipments, AFP reported Friday.

France said it had "concerns concerning some lethal equipment included in this exemption request," citing anti-aircraft weapons and ammunitions, according to a document obtained by AFP.

The French mission to the United Nations requested "additional justifications concerning this lethal equipment in order to be able to take a decision."

The United States noted that there was "no threat of an air attack in CAR" and questioned deliveries of eight grenade launchers, four anti-aircraft machine guns as well as anti-personnel grenades and rockets.

Britain said it was concerned that the shipments would pass through Cameroon unescorted to the border with CAR.

The council imposed an arms embargo on the Central African Republic in 2013 when the country descended into bloodshed but its sanctions committee last year gave the green light for Russia to supply weapons to the national forces.

China wants to donate military equipment which includes 12 armored vehicles and four assault vehicles, 50 pistols, six sniper rifles, ten submachine guns with silencers and some 30 machine guns of various calibers.

The list of equipment from China's Poly Technologies also includes 300 rockets, 500 anti-tank grenades, some 725,000 rounds of ammunition of various types and 15,000 tear gas grenades.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Terrorists Fire Shells at al-Baath City in Quneitra
17 June 2018

Quneitra, SANA Terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra on Sunday fired shells at al-Baath city in Quneitra province, causing material damage.

SANAs correspondent in Quneitra said that al-Nusra terrorists located in al-Hamidiye village fired rocket and mortar shells at al-Baath city, causing material damage to properties, but no injuries were reported.

The correspondent said that the Syrian Arab Armys artillery responded by targeting the sources of the attack, destroying shell launchers and inflicting losses upon the terrorists.

Hazem Sabbagh


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

US-Led Coalition Aircraft Bombs Syrian Military Positions - Reports 
01:27 18.06.2018

A US-led coalition aircraft has bombed one of Syrian military positions, local media reported citing a source in the military.

Syrian SANA news agency reported, citing a military source that one of US-led coalition aircraft had made an airstrike on the positions of the Syrian troops in al-Harra settlement, which is southeast of Al Bukamal, killing several servicemen and injuring others.

The Syrian city of Al Bukamal is apart of Deir ez-Zor Governorate and is situated near the border with Iraq.

Previous month, Iran's Fars news agency cited sources as saying that a new US military base was being set up in the Deir ez-Zor province. The base, which, according to reports is located in the Badiyeh al-Sha'afa area, was to be equipped with "advanced military tools and systems".

The US-led coalition has been making airstrikes against what it calls Daesh* targets in Syria since 2014. The coalition's mission was approved neither by Damascus nor the UN. Currently, about 2,000 US troops are deployed in Syria.

*Daesh (ISIL/ISIS/Islamic State), a terrorist group banned in Russia, the United States and many other countries


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Libya Violence: Fighting Escalates in Key City of Derna
The latest battle for control of the besieged city in eastern Libya has cost the lives of at least 16 fighters.

11 Jun 2018

Sixteen fighters have been killed and 11 others wounded in the eastern Libyan city of Derna.

Fighting has intensified between forces loyal to renegade Gaddafi-era General and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) asset Khalifa Haftar and local militias.

Haftar's forces say they have taken about 75 percent of Derna, which is the last eastern city out of their control.

Thousands of evacuees have fled the city over the last few weeks.

Al Jazeera's Mahmoud Abdelwahed reports from Tripoli.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Libya's NOC Warns of Environmental Disaster Amid Clashes Near Oil Terminals 
07:07 17.06.2018

MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC) said in a statement that further activities of militants near the oil terminals in the towns of As Sidr and Ras Lanuf could result in an environmental disaster.

On Thursday, militants affiliated with al-Qaeda terrorist group* attacked the oil terminals. Troops from the Libyan National Army (LNA) repelled the attack, however the militants continued their activities in the area.

"National Oil Corporation (NOC) confirms that storage tank No. 12 of the Harouge Oil Company in Ras Lanuf has been significantly damaged as a result of the armed incursion of the Ras Lanuf and Es Sider port terminals. NOC calls for the unconditional and immediate withdrawal of the militia operating under Ibrahim Jadhran to prevent an environmental disaster and further destruction of key infrastructure," the statement said on Saturday.

According to the NOC, further violence could result in more damages and consequently have negative impact on the economy.

"NOC also calls on all parties not to use the oil sector, NOC and associated petroleum facilities in a political game and to remove them from all possible conflict. Any act that endangers life and sheds Libyan blood should be condemned by all. These facilities belong to the Libyan people and are crucial to the future prosperity of the country," the corporation added.

Libya has been torn apart by conflict since its long-time leader Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011. The eastern part of the country is governed by the parliament, backed by the LNA and located in Tobruk. The UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), headed by Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj, operates in the country's west and is headquartered in Tripoli.

In 2016, the LNA units drove the militants from the oil terminals controlled by radicals and later handed control over the facilities to the NOC.

*al-Qaeda is a terror organisation banned in Russia and many other countries


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Pentagon Bombing of Libya Kills Targeted Individual
The attack was the second against al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in recent months


WASHINGTON US forces working in coordination with the Libyan government carried out an air strike against an al-Qaeda affiliate group southeast of Bani Walid this week, killing one fighter, US military said in a statement on Thursday.

US forces are still assessing the results of the strike, which was undertaken in an effort to disrupt al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and deny the organisations fighters freedom of action, US Africa Command said. It did not identify the slain fighter.

It said no civilians were killed in the attack on Wednesday, which took place about 80 km southeast of Bani Walid, which is about 160 km southeast of Tripoli.

The attack was the second against al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb in recent months. A US strike on 24 March killed Musa Abu Dawud, a high-ranking member of the group, the military said.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

CIA Asset Haftar Forces Launch Push Against Militias in Libya Oil Crescent
Agence France Presse

BENGHAZI, Libya: The self-styled Libyan National Army loyal to strongman and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) asset Khalifa Haftar announced Sunday a "major offensive" to drive rival groups from the country's northeastern oil crescent.

Armed groups on Thursday attacked the Ras Lanuf and Al-Sidra terminals held by Haftar's forces around 650 kilometers east of Tripoli.

"We have launched a major offensive supported by the army and air force to drive out the militias of [Ibrahim] Jadhran and his allies", LNA spokesman Ahmad al-Mesmari told AFP.

Jadhran's Petroleum Facilities Guard controlled the terminals for years following the 2011 ouster and killing of longtime Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi, but were eventually forced out by the LNA.

The LNA controls most of eastern Libya and is opposed to an internationally recognized government based in Tripoli, which has itself condemned Thursday's militia attacks.

On Thursday, Jadhran said in a video that he had formed an alliance to retake oil terminals seized by Haftar's forces in September 2016.

The LNA's air force on Sunday told residents in the oil crescent to stay away from "areas where the enemy gathers, munitions stores and sites with military vehicles".

"Fighter [planes] are carrying out raids against terrorist positions and gatherings in the operational military zone stretching from Ras Lanuf to the edge of the city of Sirte," the air force said on its Facebook page.

The Red Crescent in Ajdabiya, 150 kilometers east of Ras Lanuf, on Friday said it received 28 bodies, without specifying to which group they belonged.

The NOC on Saturday said a storage tank had been "significantly damaged" due to the armed incursions into Ras Lanuf and Al-Sidra.

It called for the "immediate and unconditional surrender" of Jadhran's militia to "prevent an environmental disaster and further destruction of key infrastructure".

The NOC on Thursday said it had halted oil exports from Ras Lanuf and Al-Sidra because of the violence.

NOC chief Mustafa Sanal...


South African Leader tells white people he wont kill them. . . yet "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

South African Leader tells white people he wont kill them. . . yet by Simon Black Sovereign Man Earlier this week while most of the world was transfixed on the World Cup, the Trump/Kim handshake, or a multitude of...

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Saudi Arabia says it intercepted Houthi missile launched from Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Houthi rebels say missile targeted Saudi military camp in Jizan

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Sunday, 17 June


Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Gemstones and octopus fall from the sky, glaciers grow in Africa "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Green olivine gemstones are falling from the sky in Hawaii as the erupting Kilauea vent is now send gemstones up 12,000 feet with the ash and when it comes down, you can find a bowl full if you look for 30 minutes. A ferocious line of wind and waterspouts in china dropped octopus, shrimp, starfish from the sky miles inland. Kilimanjaro glacier grows after massive record breaking rain season in Eastern Africa. Sources


Any new migrant crisis could finish Europe "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Europe, whether you think of it as the EU or as a collection of sovereign states, faces the most massive demographic challenge in its long history. On the one hand, the population of native Europeans (white, post-Christian) is declining, most obviously in Germany, Italy and Spain. On the other, millions of would-be immigrants from Africa and the Middle East are knocking at the door, determined to get in. They may die in the attempt. The water around their sunken boats may turn the Mediterranean red with blood. But they will not stop coming. Torn between their instinct for self-preservation and their need for cheap labour, the peoples of Europe have formed into two camps. The first, small, but socially liberal, insists that all those who wish to come here should be welcomed and then woven into the rotting fabric of our society. The second, much larger and increasingly angry, is rising up, demanding that the shutters be brought down and the drawbridges raised. Governments, as ever, are resolutely two-faced on the issue. They don't want to be seen as aloof or uncaring, or racist. But they can also see what is going on and what their voters think about it. Having no solution to offer, they prefer to believe that other countries, preferably with borders far removed from their own, should bear the brunt of the burden.


Does the US provide military assistance to 73% of world's dictatorships - truth or narrative? "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

For decades, the American people have been repeatedly told by their government and corporate-run media that acts of war ordered by their president have been largely motivated by the need to counter acts of aggression or oppression by "evil dictators." We were told we had to invade Iraq because Saddam Hussein was an evil dictator. We had to bomb Libya because Muammar Gaddafi was an evil dictator, bent on unleashing a "bloodbath" on his own people. Today, of course, we are told that we should support insurgents in Syria because Bashar al-Assad is an evil dictator, and we must repeatedly rattle our sabers at North Korea's Kim Jong-un and Russia's Vladimir Putin because they, too, are evil dictators. This is part of the larger, usually unquestioned mainstream corporate media narrative that the US leads the "Western democracies" in a global struggle to combat terrorism and totalitarianism and promote democracy. I set out to answer a simple question: Is it true? Does the US government actually oppose dictatorships and champion democracy around the world, as we are repeatedly told?


Blasts reported to have killed 31 in northeast Nigeria "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Residents of Damboa in Borno - the Nigerian state hardest hit by the Boko Haraam insurgency - reported that 31 people were killed in blasts on Saturday evening.


Rescue Ships Spotlight Europes Migrant Debate "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

VALENCIA, SpainShips in the Aquarius aid convoy docked Sunday at the Spanish port of Valencia, ending a weeklong ordeal for hundreds of people who were rescued from the Mediterranean Sea only to become pawns in Europes fight over immigration.

The Italian coast guard vessel Dattilo was the first of the three boats bearing the 630 migrants to touch land just before 7 a.m. Sunday. The 270 migrants on board soon began to disembark after medical staff had made a preliminary inspection.

The rescue ship Aquarius came in four hours later with another 106 migrants. Aid workers awaiting their arrival clapped and cheered as the first migrants walked down the gangway. Another Italian navy ship, the Orione, came in shortly after 1 p.m.

The Aquarius, operated by the aid groups SOS Mediterranee Sea and Doctors Without Borders, was stuck off the coast of Sicily on June 9 when Italys new populist government refused it permission to dock and demanded that Malta do so. Malta also refused.

After days of bickering and food and water running low on the ship, Spain stepped in and granted the rescue boat entry. The 1,500-kilometer (930-mile) journey across the Mediterranean from Sicily to Valencia took nearly a week.

David Noguera, the head of Doctors Without Borders in Spain, said he was glad Spain allowed the migrants in but hes worried that more European nations will close their ports to those rescued at sea in the future.

I have mixed feelings, Noguera told The Associated Press as the first boat arrived. I am happy that the journey (for the Aquarius migrants) is over a journey that was too long and I am worried for the situation in the Mediterranean and the closing of European ports.

The migrants were met by emergency workers, health officials, Red Cross volunteers and psychologists at the citys marina. Each were assigned to a translator and authorities worked to determine their identities before they were sent to welcome centers. The first migrant was a 29-year-old man from South Sudan.

Valencia emergency official Jorge Suarez said some of the migrants were in a state of shock.

They are very shaken, Suarez said. Put yourself in their position, you get off a ship and the first people who greet you are wearing masks.

He said an examination of the 130 migrants from the Dattilo did not reveal any serious health problems but many passengers showed signs of exposure to high temperatures at sea.

Spanish authorities are examining the migrants on a case-by-case basis to see who may qualify for asylum.

Due to their ordeal, the migrants from the Aquarius have been granted special authorization to remain in Spain for 45 days before they must begin resolving their legal situation....


Palestinian Authority Attacks Protest Opposing Gaza Sanctions "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Al Quds (TSN Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces have attacked Palestinian protesters marching in the occupied city of Ramallah to demand an end to the PAs sanctions on Gaza.
Palestinian authority attacks gaza protest israel Palestinian Authority police officers

Sanctions include refusing to pay bills for the electricity supply coming from Israel; tax on diesel that goes to Gazas power plants; reducing salaries of PA staff in Gaza, and refusing to guarantee medical treatment for patients who need to leave the Strip to receive medical care.

Palestinians launched the Lifting the Sanctions campaign on June 10 in solidarity with their fellow Palestinians in Gaza, who have been attacked by Israeli occupation forces since March 30 when the Great March of Return began.

Since then over 120 Palestinian protesters have been killed and over 13,000 injured. Israel has faced international criticism for its use of lethal force against protesters in Gaza, and for applying what human rights activists call a shoot-to-kill-or-maim policy.

Related: Even an Intense Offensive Cant Stop Yemens March for Palestine, Quds [PHOTOS]

President Mahmoud Abbas adviser for local affairs ordered the prohibition of protests before or during the Eid holiday, which marks the end of Ramadan. Late Wednesday, security forces used tear gas and sound grenades to disperse demonstrators. Videos show the PA using electric batons against demonstrators and confiscating cell phones.

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate issued a statement denouncing attacks on journalists. According to reports, two foreign journalists were detained and others had their cameras confiscated. The syndicate said they would boycott government news reports unti...


Saudi-led Coalition Advances Northeast Of Al-Hudaydah Airport (Map) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

On June 17, the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies advanced northeast of the airport of al-Hudaydah and reached the al-Matahn roundabout, according to the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV. Heavy clashes between coalition forces and the Houthis are currently taking place in the northern part of the airport and north of it.

Saudi-led Coalition Advances Northeast Of Al-Hudaydah Airport (Map)

Click to see full-size map

A day earlier, the Saudi-led coalition claimed that its forces imposed its control of the airport. However, Yemeni sources confirmed later that several positions in the northern part of the airport are still under the control of the Houthis.

The Sky News Arabia TV reported that warplanes and attack helicopters of the Saudi-led coalition are conducting airstrikes on the Houthis positions and vehicles inside the airport and in the coastal city of al-Hudaydah. Reportedly, dozens of Houthi fighters have been killed by the coalition air force, so far.

Meanwhile, the UN Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, arrived in Sanaa where he will meet with the leadership of the Houthis in the upcoming hours. Griffiths will offer the Houthis a peaceful agreement, under which the UN will control the strategic port of al-Hudaydah, according to al-Arabiya.

While the UAE welcomed Griffiths offer, the Houthis are expected to reject it, because the port is considered their last supply line. Tons of humanitarian aid are shipped to the Houthi-controlled areas on regular basis through this port.

The post...


End barriers on adolescents access to contraceptives "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Medical experts have urged relevant government agencies to review existing regulations which bar adolescents from accessing contraceptives except with parental consent. According to Dr. Salami Habeeb, a physician with specialty in obstetrics and gynaecology, removing this barrier had become necessary in view of the high number of such adolescents, majorly singles, who end up with []

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Saudi-led Aggression on Results Only in Failure, Hudaydah will be a swamp for invaders "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  Saudi-led Aggression on Hodeidah Results Only in Failure June 17, 2018 The Saudi and Emirati aggression on Yemeni port of Hodeidah is resulting only in failure, with Yemeni Army and Popular Committees retaking initiative in the biggest battle since the war on Yemen started in March 2015. Official in Ansarullah revolutionary group, Mohammad Al-Bakhiti, []


South Africa suspected rhino poaching kingpin arrested "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Saving the Wild

#BREAKINGNEWS!!! Alleged #rhino #poaching #kingpin Mr Big arrested in Hawks Raid read full press release on

Saving the Wild, committed to pursuing high level targets profiteering from #wildlife #trafficking, had been gathering intelligence on Mr Bigs alleged #syndicate for several months.

But intelligence is inconsequential if there is no follow through, says JP Roux, Head of Investigations for Saving the Wild, We are grateful that the Hawks #Endangered #Species Unit, led by Colonel Johan Jooste, are committed to disrupting the supply chain, because that really is the game changer in this decade long bloody war. We are cheering them on as they continue to go from strength to strength.

Regarded as one of the three major rhino poaching kingpins in South Africa, Mabuza started out as a common poacher and is now a force to be reckoned with. The alleged syndicate boss owns numerous properties and businesses in the province of Mpumalanga.

According to Saving the Wild sources, Mr Big used to send his rhino poaching gangs predominantly to the #Kruger National Park, but since 2017 he has been expanding operations into #Zululand, especially the flagship #Hluhluwe #Imfolozi Game Reserve.

It is believed that he rents out vehicles and rifles to prospective poachers wishing to hunt rhino. He sends his own teams with those poachers to ensure his investment. The poachers then sell the horns to Mr Big when they return the vehicles and fire



Kenya two charged with possession of KSh 3.7Million worth of tusks "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Standard (Kenya

Two men charged with trafficking tusks worth 3.7 million in Mombasa By Joackim Bwana | Published Sat, June 16th 2018

Abdikheir Gababa Ibrahim (left) and Abdullahi Yusuf Adan at the Mombasa Court in Mombasa County on Monday 11th June 2018, where they are facing two charges of smuggling elephant tusks weighing 37kgs with a street value of Ksh 3.7M.

The case will be mentioned on Thursday 14th June 2018, where the court will rule if it will release them pending being charged. Photo/Kelvin Karani Two men were on Thursday charged in Mombasa Law Courts with trafficking elephant tusks worth Sh3.7 million. Abdikheir Gababa Ibrahim and Abdullahi Yusuf Adan denied, before Chief Magistrate Julius Nangea, being in possession of the 37kg elephant tusks on June 9. They pleaded for a lenient bond. ALSO READ: Woman Representative charged with assault Ibrahim faces another charge in the Narok Magistrates court, where he is accused, with Victor Abduba Kidweye, of being in possession of wildlife trophies worth Sh4.5 million.  It is alleged that on October 27, 2016, at Olganyonct area within Narok, he was in possession of elephant tusks weighing 4.5kg. The two who hail from Narok County were detained for four days by the chief magistrate, allowing police to conclude their investigation before charging them. On Thurs...


The MoA Week In Review - Open Thread 2018-29 "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Last week's posts on Moon of Alabama: June 11 - Yemen - U.S. Grants Approval For Genocide June 13 - Yemen - The Starvation Siege Has Begun Patrick Cockburn calls the attack a deliberate act of cruelty by the Trump...


US Provides Military Assistance To 73 Percent of Worlds Dictatorships "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

As of the fiscal year 2015, the last year for which we have publicly available data, the federal government of the United States had been providing military assistance to 36 of 49 dictatorships, courtesy of your tax dollars. The United States currently supports over 73 percent of the worlds dictatorships! Most politically aware people know of some of the more highly publicized instances of this, such as the tens of billions of dollars worth of US military assistance provided to the beheading capital of the world, the misogynistic monarchy of Saudi Arabia, and the repressive military dictatorship now in power in Egypt. But apologists for our nations imperialistic foreign policy may try to rationalize such support, arguing that Saudi Arabia and Egypt are exceptions to the rule.


Saudis, U.S. Ignore Famine Warning in Besieged Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ignoring international aid groups warnings that an attack on the Yemeni city of Hodeida, which is held by Houthi rebels, could exacerbate hunger in an impoverished and war-torn nation already on the brink of famine, Saudi-led U.S.-backed coalition forces continued a sweeping assault on the Red Sea port city Saturday, reportedly seizing control of an airport.

Since the fighting started earlier this week, thousands of Hodeidas 600,000 civilians have evacuated and hundreds of people have been killed. The port city is the main conduit through which about 70 percent of international aid reaches Yemenis, many of whom are battling starvation and outbreaks of infectious diseases such as cholera.

The Norwegian Refugee Councils office in Yemen told Reuters that humanitarian agencies cannot currently access areas south of the city where people are most likely to have been injured, affected, and displaced, leaving us without a clear picture of needs.

The lack of humanitarian assistance, following suspension of aid programs and with limited NGO staff on the ground while a military offensive is ongoing, will have severe consequences on a region already facing restrictions on the import and internal transportation of vital supplies, including medicines, food, and fuel, Frederic Pelat, head of Mdecins Sans Frontires mission in Yemen, warned Thursday. Yemenis living in the northern parts of the country depend on vital supplies that pass through Hodeidas port.


Boko Haram: Suicide Bombs Kill 31 in Nigeria "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Suspected Boko Haram jihadists killed at least 31 people in a twin suicide bomb attack on a town in northeast Nigeria, a local official and a militia leader told AFP on Sunday.

Two blasts ripped through the town of Damboa in Borno state on Saturday evening targeting people returning from celebrating the Eid al-Fitr holiday, in an attack bearing all the hallmarks of Boko Haram.

Following the suicide bombings, the jihadists fired rocket-propelled grenades into the crowds that had gathered at the scene of the attacks, driving the number of casualties higher.

There were two suicide attacks and rocket-propelled grenade explosions in Damboa last night which killed 31 people and left several others injured, said local militia leader Babakura Kolo.

Two suicide bombers detonated their explosives in Shuwari and nearby Abachari neighbourhoods in the town around 10:45 pm (2145GMT), killing six residents, said Kolo, speaking from the state capital Maiduguri, which is 88 kilometres (55 miles) from the town.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor

FILE photo

No one needs to be told this is the work of Boko Haram, Kolo said.

A local government official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, confirmed the death toll.

The latest death toll is now 31 but it may increase because many among the injured may not survive, said the official.



Al Sunnah wa Jamaah: New jihadist group in northern Mozambique "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Since the end of May, Mozambiques far northern province of Cabo Delgado has seen a surge in violence perpetrated by a new Islamist group that first came to the fore in October 2017.

Residents of the Muslim-majority Cabo Delgado province have been describing the same situation for several months: Armed men emerge from the forests to wreak havoc on local villages including looting and decapitation.

Such violence has intensified over recent weeks, prompting around three thousand people to flee Cabo Delgado and leaving 30 people dead since the end of May, according to a provisional count. These killings have been attributed to a jihadist group known as Al Sunnah wa Jamaah.

The group first appeared in the region in 2014, but stepped up its activities in October 2017 with an attack on a police station and barracks in the city of Mocimboa da Praia, in central Mozambique.

Joaquim Nhamirre, AFP | The village of Naunde on June 13, after it was attacked by Islamists on the night of June 4-5.

Socio-economic causes of radicalisation

Al Sunnah wa Jamaah members tend to be socio-economically marginalised young people, without a decent education or formal employment, said Sheik Habibe Saide, Joao Pereira and Salvador Forquilha, academics at Mozambiques Maputo University who have been studying the Islamist group, in an interview with AFP.

These disadvantaged locals have been joined by young immigrants looking for opportunities, religious leaders educated abroad and local merchants, the academics added. Members of the Islamist group mark their difference from the countrys mainstream Muslims who comprise 17 percent of the Mozambican population with shaved heads, beards and white turbans.

The birth of Al Sunnah wa Jamaah is very similar to what was seen with Boko Haram in Nigeria, commented ric Morier-Genoud, senior lecturer in African history at Queens University Belfast, in an article for news website The Conversation. It started as a religiou...


'As crimes pile up, they become invisible': Western complicity in Saudi Arabia's dirty war in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The complicity of Western governments in the ocean of suffering being wrought in Yemen exposes them as agents of Saudi brutality. After three years of relentless conflict, it has been estimated that out of a population of 27.4 million, 22.2 million people in Yemen are in need of humanitarian assistance, 17 million are food insecure, 14.8 million lack basic healthcare, 4.5 million children are suffering malnourishment, while 2.9 million people are internally displaced. As for dead and injured, the toll stands at almost 10,000 and 50,000 respectively. As a result of the conflict, the country is also facing the "largest documented cholera epidemic of modern times." And this epidemic can only have been intensified by the Saudi bombing of a cholera treatment center in the west of the country, causing the French NGO Mdecins Sans Frontires to halt their work at the facility.


Oxfam accuses French police of abuse and detention of migrant children at border "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

French police are abusing and illegally detaining migrant children who attempt to cross the border from Italy, UK-based humanitarian group Oxfam said. Many intercepted minors have even been left unable to contact their families. Some 16,500 refugees and migrants are stuck near the small Italian town of Ventimiglia, 7km from the French border, Oxfam's new report, 'Nowhere but out,' calculates. One quarter of these people are children, mostly from Sudan, Eritrea and Afghanistan. The majority of these minors are between 15 and 17, but some are much younger, the group claims. Comment: This is tricky since it has been shown time and again that some migrants claim to be much younger than they really are. Since French authorities tightened border controls with Italy back in 2015, it has been hard for asylum seekers to enter the country. Hundreds of them are forced to "sleep rough under a [motorway] flyover" with no access to drinkable water, shelter or heating on the French-Italian border.


Humanity Needs Full Disclosure Whether we can Handle the Truth or Not "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Source: Humans Are Free | by Julie Alexander

People are concerned that the world would dissolve into anarchy and chaos. People would become angry and violent and go on the rampage, once they find out they have been controlled and manipulated and used as slaves to the system for so long.

Once they find out about Agenda 21, the depopulation agenda. How we have been subjected to toxic poisons in our food by the use of GMOs, how we have been sprayed with toxic chemicals through geo-engineering and how fluoride has been added to our water and can cause dementia and how vaccinations are causing autism and have also been used as sterilization programmes amongst other things and how 5G can cause DNA damage, infertility and also impairs cardiovascular functions.

All of the above also reduce our immune systems and can increase our risk of cancer.

Once they find out about "Secret Space Programmes" and the technology that has been hidden from us for decades. How...


Haftar forces in 'major' operation to reclaim Libyan oil fields from rivals "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


At least 28 people have been killed since Thursday in fighting at Ras Lanuf and al-Sidra


UFC Fighter Overcomes Depression by Liberating Pygmy Slaves in the Congo "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

There is no denying that hardship, which is an inevitability of life, propels change. Oftentimes, that change is necessary. Perhaps it is the loss of a loved one, a sudden career change, or a chronic sickness. While it may, at first, perceived to be bad, the development can also be a blessing. This was the case for UFC fighter Justin Wren, who overcame depression to change the lives of hundreds of pygmy people in the Congo.

Wren began his career as an all-American champion in wrestling. Later, he started entering local fights to stay in shape while taking college courses. Eventually, this led to a successful MMA career. At one point, his professional record was 10-1 and he was picked to be on The Ultimate Fighter. It seemed as if he was on top of the world. But, the truth of it was he was battling depression and was addicted to painkillers.

I was a drug addictI was diagnosed with clinical depression and my life just sucked for a long time even though on the outside things were going great. In that time, I had become a national champion in wrestling a couple times and started fighting professionally, and the drug addiction and depression just got worse every time after I would fight, Wren told InnoTechToday.

Wren continued to fight but his personal life began to fall apart. When he wasnt battling thoughts of suicide, he was numbing himself in drug dens. Fortunately, his low point led him to religion. Finding purpose helped him get sober, and thats when the fight of his life really began. And so my life really changed I could skate over it, but, God help me, I started wanting to do something bigger with my life, said Wren.

The 63 fighter turned his life around. Hoping to discern his p...


Ugandan Bacteria used in Vaccine Against Depression "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Research from the University of Colorado Boulder recently published in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity recently proposed a vaccine against depression, containing a bacteria first identified in the African country of Uganda called Mycobacterium vaccae.

Image credit: trekearth

Mycobacterium vaccae was first discovered in Uganda, in the 1990s near the shores of Lake Kyoga. It belongs to the very same genus of bacteria that causes tuberculosis, with the genus originally identified in Austria.

The articles promoting this vaccine against depression are quite convincing to even the people who favor naturopathy, because it is branded as a probiotic solution to depression.

Recently, researchers have been claiming that brain inflammation could be identified as a cause of depression. Its difficult to debate the legitimacy of this theory. Since inflammation is generally the root of many medical problems, it sounds probable that inflammation could be a factor in depression. In any case, this is what they are saying about the vaccine against depression.

Researchers in this study injected a heat-killed preparation of the bacterium into rats. According to New Atlas, An immunization pattern was administered, with three injections across three weeks.

Eight days after the last dose of the bacteria, the rats had increased levels of an anti-inflammatory protein known as interleukin-4 in the hippocampus region of their brains.



How Iran Outmaneuvered the U.S.-Saudi-Israeli Axis "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Donald Trump allegedly complained to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that after the 2015 nuclear deal, Iranians think they can do anything they want. Presumably Trump was referring to Irans geopolitical reach in the Middle East, where it had gathered up allies in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

It is likely that Trumps violation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the deal signed between Iran and the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany, was intended to set the stage for a push to contain Iran.

The push against Iran would involve again subjecting it to severe economic sanctions, in hopes of bankrupting it and depriving it of the means with which to continue to play a role in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Boycotts on oil states are not usually effective, since they can usually find a way to sell their oil lucratively nevertheless and use the proceeds to cushion the countrys elect.

One corner of the attempt at rollback involves Iraq. When a reconstruction conference took place last February in Kuwait, the Trump administration refused to make any contribution at all to rebuilding the country that the U.S. destroyed. At the same time, the U.S. encouraged Iraq to take aid from Saudi Arabia as a quid pro quo for moving away from Iran.

The continued tone-deafness in Washington about Middle East politics, after all these years of being deeply immersed in it, is baffling. The Shiite majority in Iraq isnt necessarily opposed to better relations with Wahhabi Saudi Arabia. People are more pragmatic than the clash of civilizations or Sunni-Shiite conflict theses might lead one to expect.

But that the Shiite-majority government of Iraq would turn its back on Iran in favor of an alignment with Saudi Arabia (which does not like Shiites very much) is a daft proposition.

Another sign of Iran Derangement Syndrome in Washington was the unrealistic hopes expressed by right-wing pundits that the Iraqi parliamentary election would signal a turn of Iraq away from Iran. The biggest vote-getters were followers of the hard line Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who had quixotically allied with the small Communist movement.

Al-Sadr is known for resenting Iranian domination of Iraqi Shiism. His father, an Iraqi Arab, had been a contender for the position of chief Iraqi Shiite authority or clerical Exemplar in Najaf before he was assassinated by the Saddam Hussein regime in 1998. His fathers rival, who rose to the top, is Ali Sistani, from a town near Mashhad in eastern Iran, who came to Iraq in 1952. Not only is Sistani the leading religious authority for Iraqi Shiites but Irans clerical Leader, Ali Khamenei, also has influence.

Al-Sadr, however, has...


Chris Hedges: Scapegoating Iran "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

JUN 10, 2018

Scapegoating Iran

Mr. Fish / Truthdig
NEW YORKSeventeen years of war in the Middle East and what do we have to show for it? Iraq after our 2003 invasion and occupation is no longer a unified country. Its once modern infrastructure is largely destroyed, and the nation has fractured into warring enclaves. We have lost the war in Afghanistan. The Taliban is resurgent and has a presence in over 70 percent of the country. Libya is a failed state. Yemen after three years of relentless airstrikes and a blockade is enduring one of the worlds worst humanitarian disasters. The 500 moderate rebels we funded and armed in Syria at a cost of $500 million are in retreat after instigating a lawless reign of terror. The military adventurism has cost a staggering $5.6 trillion as our infrastructure crumbl...


Houthis say Saudi-led forces bogged down outside Hudaydah "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Press TV June 17, 2018 Yemens Houthi fighters have dismissed reports that Saudi-led forces have seized the airport in the port city of Hudaydah, saying the aggressors are on the retreat on all front lines. Militants and foreign mercenaries armed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are attempting to capture the well-defended []


Confrontation between asylum seekers and German police during attempt to relocate migrant "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A group of between a dozen and twenty asylum seekers armed with various weapons launched an attack on police officers attempting to move a 20-year-old Liberian to another facility. The incident took place at an asylum shelter in the city of Gttingen in Lower Saxony earlier this week when officers attempted to remove the 20-year-old and he refused to co-operate, Die Welt reports. According to a spokesman for the city government, the asylum seeker had been causing trouble among other residents of the shelter including intimidating others and disturbing them by making a lot of noise.


'Mad Dog' Mattis: Evil Putin is aiming to 'undermine America's moral authority and belief in ideals' "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

At a graduation ceremony for the US Naval War College (barf), US Secretary of Defense James Mattis asserted that Russian President Vladimir Putin "aims to diminish the appeal of the western democratic model and attempts to undermine America's moral authority," and that "his actions are designed not to challenge our arms at this point but to undercut and compromise our belief in our ideals." This would be the same James Mattis who's been overseeing the war crimes committed by America's armed forces during their illegal occupation of Syria. This would be the same United States of America that was born of the genocide of indigenous tribes and the labor of African slaves, which slaughtered millions in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Libya and Syria for no legitimate reason, which is partnered with Ukrainian Nazis, jihadist factions in Syria and Iranian terror cultists, which supports 73 percent of the world's dictators, which interferes constantly in the electoral processes of other countries as a matter of policy, which stages coups around the world, which has encircled the globe with military bases, whose FBI still targets black civil rights activists for persecution to this very day, which routinely enters into undeclared wars of aggression against noncompliant governments to advance plutocratic interests, which remains the only country ever to use nuclear weapons on human beings after doing so completely needlessly in Japan, and which is functionally a corporatist oligarchy with no meaningful "democratic model" in place at all.


Ruling on Nonvoters in Ohio May Embolden Other States "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In a 5-4 decision released June 11, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld an Ohio law that provides for the removal of infrequent voters from the states election rolls.

On the surface, the courts majority opinion in Husted v. A. Phillip Randolph Institute is a highly technical analysis of whether Ohios so-called Supplemental Process law runs afoul of the federal National Voter Registration Act of 1993 and the Help America Vote Act of 2002. The courts decision, written by Justice Samuel Alito and joined by the courts other Republican appointees, concluded that it did not.

According to Alito, the Ohio law, which dates back to 1994 but in recent years has been more strictly enforced, is simply meant to keep the States voting lists up to date by removing the names of those who have moved out of the district where they are registered.

Heres how the Supplemental Process works: Voters who have failed to cast a ballot for two consecutive years (the equivalent of one federal election cycle) are mailed a pre-addressed, postage prepaid card asking them to verify that they still reside at the same address. Those who do not return the card and fail to vote in any election for four more years are presumed to have moved and are removed from the rolls.

As Alito and the courts Republican majority view voting rights, there is no textual inconsistency between the Ohio law and the right to vote, as protected by various federal statutes and the Constitution. All that a resident need do to avoid disenfranchisement is return the postcard sent by the state or vote within an overall six-year period.

Alitos reasoning seems at first clear enough, and on its face apolitical. Justice Stephen Breyers dissenting opinion, joined by the courts four Democratic appointees, is based largely on differing statutory interpretations.

But, as Justice Sonia Sotomayor pointed out in a separate dissent, Alitos majority opinion is in reality an exercise of disenfranchisement that entirely ignores the history of voter suppression in America and will disproportionately affect minority, homeless, low-income, and disabled voterswho, not coincidentally, tend to vote Democratic.

Our democracy rests on the ability of all individuals, regardless of race, income, or status, to exercise their right to vote, Sotomayor wrote, stressing that while most states have a variety of processes in place to maintain the accuracy of their voting lists, only Ohio presently triggers voting-roll purges based solely on an individuals failure to vote in a single election cycle.

As one instance of the Supplemental Process racially disproportionate impact, Sotomayor cited figures compiled by the NAACP...


Yemen: Coalition strikes continue to batter Houthi-held Hodeidah "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Emirati-led troops closing in on the city's airport, as civilians fear for their lives


Boko Haram Terrorists Mom expresses sadness that her son brought many problems to many people "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

he mother of Nigerias Boko Haram leader, the most wanted terrorist in the west African nation, Abubakar Shekau, has reportedly criticised her son saying he has brought many problems to many people and she has not seen him in at least 15 years.

According to Voice of America, villagers of Shekau the insurgent group leaders home town in Yobe state confirmed that Falmata Abubakar was the mother of Nigerias most wanted man.

Shekaus father was a local district imam before passing away a few years ago.

Falmata had never spoken to reporters before, and said she was praying to God to show her notorious son the good way.

A screengrab from a video released by the Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram and obtained by AFP shows the leader of the Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau delivering a speech. (Boko Haram, AFP)

A screengrab from a video released by the Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram and obtained by AFP shows the leader of the Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau delivering a speech. (Boko Haram, AFP)

She said her son left the village as a young man to study Islam in Maiduguri the epicentre of the groups insurgent where he met Boko Harams founding leader Muhammed Yusuf, who ensured that he did not return home.

For 15 years I havent seen him

I dont know if hes alive or dead. I dont know. Its only God who knows. For 15 years I havent seen him. Since Shekau met with Mohammed Yusuf, I didnt see him again. Yes, hes my son and every mother loves her son, but we have different characters, Falmata was quoted as saying.

He brought a lot of problem too many people. Where can I meet him to tell him that these things he is doing are very bad? He brought many problems to many people, but I am praying for God to show him the good way,

According to BBC, Boko Haram was one of the most deadly terror groups that was formed to fight against Nigerias government in 2009, with the aim of establishing a...


How an Ancient Extinction Foreshadowed the Planet's Future "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

This story was originally published by Undark and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.  In January, I stood in a ditch in the middle of nowhere in South Africa, and the summer sun beat down as I stared at a heap of grape soda-colored rocks. Bob Gastaldo, the paleontologist whose research team I had been following []


Its Trump Sanctions, Not OPEC, Thats Boosting Oil "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The threat of Irans oil output disappearing is driving up prices.

June 17, 2018, 3:00 AM EDT
A support vessel flying an Iranian national flag sails alongside the oil tanker Devon.

Photographer: Ali Mohammadi/Bloomberg

As OPEC oil ministers prepared to meet in Vienna later this week, President Trump fired another twitter-shot across their bows. But it is his decision to slap sanctions back on Iran that is the real driving force behind the rising price of oil.

The U.S. president has accused OPEC of being at it again for the second time in as many months through his favored 280-character diplomatic channel. Quite what it is, he has never specified.

I am always a bit confused about what people actually mean when they accuse the group of artificially raising the price of oil. OPEC doesnt set it  and hasnt done so for more than 30 years.

Perhaps the president is railing at the fact that some members of the group have spent millions of dollars creating production capacity that they arent using. Seen in another light, that surplus is a vital safety valve in the event of a sudden loss of supply such as the one that occurred when U.S.-led forces invaded Iraq in 2003, or when Western-backed rebels overthrew Libyas Moammar Al Qaddafi in 2011. OPECs spare capacity has been used to compensate for sudden supply disruptions more often than Americas strategic petroleum reserve.

There is no reason that OPEC should pump as much oil as President Trump, or anyone else, wants. The organization exists to look after the interests of its members. Some of them might see appeasing the United States as being in their best interests. Others clearly do not.

It was less than two years ago that candidate Trumps energy adviser Harold Hamm told...


Austria angry at Germany over enormous spy effort "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Vienna has demanded an explanation from Berlin over reports that Germanys BND agency spied on nearly 2,000 targets in Austria between 1999 and 2006. Austrian media said embassies were among the targets.

A general view shows an overcast sky in Vienna

Top Austrian officials have called on Germany to clarify reports that its BND spy agency snooped on high-profile targets including embassies, international organizations, Austrian ministers and banks based in the Austrian capital.

The scale of the surveillance was enormous, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said of the spy effort, which reportedly involved around 2,000 targets and took place between 1999 and 2006.

Talking to reporters at a specially convened press conference in Vienna, Kurz said his government had already contacted German authorities and demanded more information on who was spied on and when the effort was ended.

We want to have certainty that [the surveillance] ended, and if data were saved, our request is of course for it to be deleted, Kurz said.

Read moreGermanys NSA spying committee presents controversial report

Same old, same old?

Earlier this week, Austrian newspaper Der Standard and profil magazine reported that Germanys BND was mostly snooping on diplomatic representatives in Vienna, including embassies of the US, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Afghanistan, Israel and North Korea.

The agency also monitored phone numbers and other means of contact in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the International Atomic Energy Agency. The BND was apparently also keeping tabs on dozens of private companies, including weapons manufacturers and other key exporters, but also Austrian ministries, Islamist movements and even the countrys news agency APA.

The two media outlets said the information was provided to them by a German source.

However, it was not immediately clear if the latest re....


Israel strikes launchers of burning kites from Gaza Strip "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

It marked an escalation in Israels response to a phenomenon that has wreaked havoc on agriculture in southern Israel

Palestinians prepare kites before trying to fly them with incendiaries over the border fence with Israel, in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza Strip on May 4, 2018 (Said Khatib/AFP)

The Israeli military says its aircraft have struck a vehicle belonging to someone who sends burning kites into Israel from Gaza.

No one was wounded in Sundays strike but it marked an escalation in Israels response to a phenomenon that has wreaked havoc on agriculture in southern Israel in recent weeks. Fields were once again set ablaze on a hot, windy, dry Saturday.

Gazans began flying kites with burning rags attached to them during mass protests against the crippling Israeli and Egyptian blockade of the territory. Israeli troops have fired on the protesters, killing more than 100 since the weekly demonstrations began in March.

The Islamic militant group Hamas, which rules Gaza, has led the protests. Israel says it holds Hamas responsible for the fires.



Soith Africa Addo: Where Female Elephants Without Tusks Roam and Poachers Stay Away "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

NY Times

Tuskless elephant cows drinking from a watering hole at Addo elephant park.CreditFinbarr OReilly for The New York Times

ADDO, South Africa Through the narrow slit of the underground hide in front of the water hole, an African morning revealed itself. The sun painted the earth orange. A lion stepped out of the bush and a small herd of perfectly camouflaged kudus, a large antelope-like animal, started and bolted away.

Soon a single bull elephant appeared where the lion had been, shaking his head as if scanning the bush. After a while, five female elephants descended the orange hillside to drink.

Even from a distance it was easy to tell they were females; in South Africas Addo Elephant National Park, they are almost always the ones without tusks.




Europe risks falling behind in digital transformation "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

FT launches project to find the champions for tech-led change across the region

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

By Patrick McGee

There are fears that Europe is falling behind in digital transformation, just as the so-called fourth industrial evolution begins to change the business models of traditional industries in noticeable ways.

The predicted efficiency gains from the adoption of new technology are so great that, at first glance, they appear to be typos. PwC, for instance, forecasts the shift to contribute as much as 14 per cent to global GDP gains by 2030 or about $15tn in todays value.

However, digitalisation has so far been patchy. According to PwC, two-thirds of the 1,155 global manufacturing companies they surveyed have just started or have not yet embarked on their digital transformation.

Europe, in particular, is lagging behind: just 5 per cent of manufacturers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (Emea) are digital champions, PwC says, versus 11 per cent in the Americas and 19 per cent in Asia-Pacific.

On the other hand, Europe has strong foundations in fields such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptography, says Siraj Khaliq, a partner at Atomico, a technology investment group, which compiles an annual report, The State of European Tech. Over the past two years, he says, industry has been increasingly tapping into these innovations with small acquisitions happening all the time.

The trajectory is very strong for these areas, especially with government policies of encouraging entrepreneurship with tax breaks and other measures, Mr Khaliq adds. More than 30 national and regional initiatives for digitalising industry have been launched across the continent over the past few years.

Help us find Europes digital transformation leaders

No automatic alt text available.

The Financial Times, in partnership with Google and Nesta, the innovation foundation, is looking for organisations and people across Europe who are showing best practice in digital transformation.

We are looking for companies, big and small, as well as individuals and non-profit organisations, who are using digital technologies to grow, create jobs, reach new markets or transform their business. We would also like to hear about excellent skills training programmes and the creation of new technologie...


Mozambique: the secret rainforest at the heart of an African volcano "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A dream team' of scientists scaled Mount Lico and found a wealth of new speciesStanding in a pit in the red soil of a mountaintop forest in northern Mozambique, Dr Simon Willcock was dirty but very excited. Undisturbed forest is incredibly rare, he said. That is why we scaled a 125-metre-tall cliff with a pickaxe. Willcock, from Bangor University in Wales, knew of no other rainforest in Africa that scientists can confidently say has not been disturbed by humans. It's a [...]


EU migration crisis: Special Summit called could introduce new EU migration rules "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A special meeting on the EU migration crisis could take place as early as next weekend. Meanwhile, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has said no one is interested in toppling the chancellor over the issue.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends a news conference

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is planning a special short-notice meeting with several other EU nations to deal with a migration crisis affecting the region, German mass-circulation daily Bildreported on Sunday.

The possible meeting comes as Merkel struggles to avert a crisis within her coalition government on migration policy. She is engaged in a standoff with her interior minister, Horst Seehofer, over his plans to introduce stricter asylum laws, which would include turning people away at Germanys borders.

The meeting could take place as early as next weekend, the newspaper reported, ahead of the regular EU summit scheduled for June 28 and 29 in Brussels.

The German chancellor is looking forward to finding solutions to the current crisis with EU member states, including Greece, Italy and Austria, Bild reported, citing government sources from several EU countries.

The migrant situation has threatened to worsen in recent weeks, especially after Italys new government...


In pursuit of heavenly mandate "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

To escape Satans trap by prophetic insight is another dimension of spiritual warfare. Some warfare is fought by the application of spiritual or prophetic wisdom. Millions of life and careers have been saved from shipwreck this way. However, this is not possible unless there is a clear understanding of this prophetic insight.   Davids throne []

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Trend du jour: Bold stripes are back "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

If you know anything about fashion, you would know for a fact that everything is recycled. We keep seeing different fads come in and after a while, they fade out. Some may take longer than others to fade, but fade they do.   Give such items a few years or decades and they are back []

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The Senate can legally summon the IGP (4) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  CURTAIN CALL We shall today continue our discourse on the undoubted power of the Senate to have invited IGP Idris recently over Police maltreatment of Senator Dino Melaye and the rampaging and unrestrained bloodletting by herdsmen across the country.   LEGISLATIVE HOUSES (POWER AND PRIVILEGES) ACT (continues) It could also be sent by registered []

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EFCC is being used to silence opposition Nwaoboshi "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Chief Peter Nwaoboshi is the Senator, representing Delta North Senatorial District in the National Assembly on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). In this interview with DOMINIC ADEWOLE, he says the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has been witch-hunting him and other principal officers of the National Assembly for opposing dictatorship and []

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Edo, reference point for good governance Osinbajo "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Vice president Yemi Osinbajo has said that Edo State in the last one decade has retained its status as a reference point with regards to good governance in the country.   Osinbajo gave the commendation at a state dinner held in his honour at the Edo Government house in Benin, following his two-day official visit []

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Wrongful detention: Nigerian-born Canadian sues govt for $8m "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A Canadian citizen was held by immigration authorities for eight months in a top-security prison when he was mistaken for a refugee with a different name. Now, hes suing the Canadian government for C$10m ($7.6m, 5.7m). When 47-year-old Olajide Ogunye, born in Nigeria, woke up on the morning of June 1, 2016, he found his []

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Listen to your acne "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ladies who do not often have breakouts sometimes find that they suddenly break out.   Other ladies who have learnt to live with their acne as their fate too have a thing or two to learn about their condition.   Your acne break out is often pointing to some other underlying condition. Acne on your []

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NPA doesnt have powers to order SON out of portsSenate "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Says fight against fake, substandard products must be from within   Contrary to the position of Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) stating that Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) should not operate from within the ports, the Senate Committee on Industry has canvassed for SONs return to the ports, blaming the influx of fake and substandard products []

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2019: Buhari goes for broke "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Judicial process not a clampdown Keyamo   Beyond the need to ensure prosecution of persons indicted of committing crimes, the opposition has said that the renewed offensive against corruption and other crimes levelled against prominent politicians might be part of a clampdown on those who pose a threat to President Muhammadu Buharis re-election bid or []

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Italian coast guard ship with Aquarius migrants arrives in Spain "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

An Italian coast guard ship arrived in the Spanish port of Valencia on Sunday, carrying migrants rescued by the Aquarius charity-run vessel, which Rome refused to allow to dock a week ago.

The coast guard ship is one of two Italian vessels that took on some of the Aquariuss passengers before escorting it to Spain, at the invitation of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

Jose Jordan, AFP | The Italian navy boat, the Dattilo, carrying some of the 630 migrants from the Aquarius rescue boat, enters the port of Valencia on June 17, 2018.

The Aquarius became the source of a heated political row in the EU about the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean.

For the migrants, mainly from Africa, the arrival in Valencia marked the end of a week-long odyssey in the Mediterranean Sea.

European odyssey exposes extent of migrant crisis

The Aquarius crisis was sparked by Italys refusal to let the rescue ship dock in any of its ports. Malta, a tiny Mediterranean island nation, also refused, with each country accusing the other of failing to meet their humanitarian and EU commitments.

Spain eventually stepped in and agreed to receive the refugees as a political gesture to oblige Europe to forge a common policy to a common problem, Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said.

Madrid on Saturday said it had accepted an offer from France who had angered Rome by branding it irresponsible over the vessel rejection to welcome Aquarius migrants who meet the criteria for asylum.

Two countries will work together to handle the arrival, Spains deputy prime minister Carmen Calvo said.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez thanked French President Emmanuel Macron for his gesture, saying it was exactly the kind of cooperation Europe needs at this hour.

(FRANCE 24 with AFP and REUTERS)


French Special Forces on the Ground in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

French Special Forces Yemen(ANTIWAR.COM)  French newspaper Le Figaro is quoting unnamed French military sources as saying that French special forces have been deployed to Yemen. The troops are said to be present with Emirati troops on the ground. They did not specify where in Yemen. Frances Defense Ministry is not commenting specifically on the special forces report, but did deny []


*Divided: Why Were Living in an Age of Walls* "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

That is the new book by Tim Marshall, yes Trump and Israel and the like, but it goes much further than that.  Here is one excerpt:

Since 1971, Assams population has more than doubled, from 14.6 million to over 30 million, much of which is due to illegal immigration.  Hindu nationalists have argued that the area might have a Muslim majority by 2060.  In 2015 there were 19 million Hindus and 11 million Muslims, nine of the twenty-seven districts being Muslim majority.  Equally importantly, the 2017 census showed that people who are ethnically Assamese are now a minority in the state as a whole, and as people continue to arrive their proportions will continue to drop.

This is a depressing but thought-provoking book.  Bangladesh, by the way, is smaller than the state of Florida, but has 165 million people.  And I had not known there are about 800,000 Nigerians in South Africa.  You can order the book here.

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Yemeni Tochka Missile Hits Saudi Mercenaries on Western Coast: Dozens Killed or Injured "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

June 15, 2018 The Yemeni rocketry forced fired on Friday a Tochka missile onto the gatherings of teh Saudi-led invaders and mercenaries, killing or injuring scores of them. The strike, which caused a panic amid the ranks of the aggression forces, had been based on accurate intelligence reports detected by drones. Yemen has been since []


The Saudi-UAE Alliance Is The Most Dangerous Force In The Middle East Today "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

For three years, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have conducted a murderous campaign to reinstall a pliable regime in the desperately poor country of Yemen. This campaign is based on a lie intended to gain American support: that the two authoritarian monarchies are responding to Iranian aggression. Now the UAE is preparing a military offensive that could split Yemen apart and create mass starvation.

French Special Forces on the Ground in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

French newspaper Le Figaro is quoting unnamed French military sources as saying that French special forces have been deployed to Yemen. The troops are said to be present with Emirati troops on the ground. They did not specify where in Yemen. Frances Defense Ministry is not commenting specifically on the special forces report, but did deny that any French troops are present in Hodeidah port. They also insisted that the French military is not part of the Saudi-led coalition attacking Yemen.


Nicaraguas Crisis: The Latest Stage in a Permanent War "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Tortilla con Sal Nicaraguas opposition paramilitary intimidation and media terror campaign have brought fear, insecurity and hardship to around 30 of Nicaraguas 153 municipalities. Only President Daniel Ortegas commitment to peace has prevented an even worse conflict. Almost as disturbing as the extreme sadism of the opposition paramilitaries in Nicaragua is how their supporters and...


Test the DNA of Kevin Cooper, Says Kim Kardashian West to Jerry Brown "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Kim Kardashian West, coming off her recent success in getting President Trump to pardon a grandmother serving a life sentence, has taken to Twitter to ask California Gov. Jerry Brown to give San Quentin death row inmate Kevin Cooper the DNA tests he has been denied, tests that could prove his innocence.

Cooper has been imprisoned for 34 years for a savage crime he insists he did not committhe 1983 slaughter of chiropractors and Arabian horse breeders Doug and Peggy Ryen, both 47, their 10-year-old daughter Jessica, and 11-year-old Christopher Hughes. Christopher was a friend of Joshua Ryen, 8 years old at the time, who was attacked and left for dead.

Though Cooper has lost all his appeals, in 2009 five judges from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals asserted he was framed by the San Bernardino, Calif., Sheriffs Department. The judges were joined by six colleagues in asking for a hearing to prove his innocence. Coopers attorneys continue to gather new evidence that he did not commit the crime.

What separates execution and exoneration in the case are modern DNA tests that Coopers attorneys claim could prove he was framed. They are being fought by the San Bernardino district attorneys office and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who say enough DNA testing has been done and no more is needed. The tests could be ordered by the governor, but he has made no public move to do so. Brown has been sitting on Coopers clemency petition, which details numerous examples of law enforcement misconduct in the case, for almost two and a half years.

Following a recent New York Times column by Nicholas Kristof about Cooper, California Sens. Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein urged Brown to let the tests proceed. The tests could clear Cooper or confirm his guilt and could possibly identify the actual killers, initially described by the sole eyewitness, Joshua Ryen, as three white men. Cooper is African-American.

Coopers attorneys have focused attention for years on a white man who was implicated in the murders by his girlfriend, who called deputies after he came home the night of the murders wearing bloody coveralls, which she handed over to a deputy sheriff. She told the deputy her boyfriend was a convicted murderer of a 17-year-old girl and he had been out of prison less than a year. She also reported that the tan T-shirt he was wearing the day of the murders exactly matched a bloody shirt that was found and his missing hatchet resembled the bloody hatchet found near the crime scene.

No one from the sheriffs homicide division ever called her, as she requested, or picked up the covera...

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The US & Nicaragua: A Case Study in Historical Amnesia & Blindness "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Dan Kovalik I was stunned the other day to see an opinion piece by Stephen Kinzer in The Boston Globe in which he was portraying the violent anti-government protests in Nicaragua as some kind of revolutionary insurrection.  What is surprising about Kinzers position is that he is the individual who wrote the wonderfulbook, All The...

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