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Sunday, 17 June


South Africa suspected rhino poaching kingpin arrested "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Saving the Wild

#BREAKINGNEWS!!! Alleged #rhino #poaching #kingpin Mr Big arrested in Hawks Raid read full press release on

Saving the Wild, committed to pursuing high level targets profiteering from #wildlife #trafficking, had been gathering intelligence on Mr Bigs alleged #syndicate for several months.

But intelligence is inconsequential if there is no follow through, says JP Roux, Head of Investigations for Saving the Wild, We are grateful that the Hawks #Endangered #Species Unit, led by Colonel Johan Jooste, are committed to disrupting the supply chain, because that really is the game changer in this decade long bloody war. We are cheering them on as they continue to go from strength to strength.

Regarded as one of the three major rhino poaching kingpins in South Africa, Mabuza started out as a common poacher and is now a force to be reckoned with. The alleged syndicate boss owns numerous properties and businesses in the province of Mpumalanga.

According to Saving the Wild sources, Mr Big used to send his rhino poaching gangs predominantly to the #Kruger National Park, but since 2017 he has been expanding operations into #Zululand, especially the flagship #Hluhluwe #Imfolozi Game Reserve.

It is believed that he rents out vehicles and rifles to prospective poachers wishing to hunt rhino. He sends his own teams with those poachers to ensure his investment. The poachers then sell the horns to Mr Big when they return the vehicles and fire



Kenya two charged with possession of KSh 3.7Million worth of tusks "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Standard (Kenya

Two men charged with trafficking tusks worth 3.7 million in Mombasa By Joackim Bwana | Published Sat, June 16th 2018

Abdikheir Gababa Ibrahim (left) and Abdullahi Yusuf Adan at the Mombasa Court in Mombasa County on Monday 11th June 2018, where they are facing two charges of smuggling elephant tusks weighing 37kgs with a street value of Ksh 3.7M.

The case will be mentioned on Thursday 14th June 2018, where the court will rule if it will release them pending being charged. Photo/Kelvin Karani Two men were on Thursday charged in Mombasa Law Courts with trafficking elephant tusks worth Sh3.7 million. Abdikheir Gababa Ibrahim and Abdullahi Yusuf Adan denied, before Chief Magistrate Julius Nangea, being in possession of the 37kg elephant tusks on June 9. They pleaded for a lenient bond. ALSO READ: Woman Representative charged with assault Ibrahim faces another charge in the Narok Magistrates court, where he is accused, with Victor Abduba Kidweye, of being in possession of wildlife trophies worth Sh4.5 million.  It is alleged that on October 27, 2016, at Olganyonct area within Narok, he was in possession of elephant tusks weighing 4.5kg. The two who hail from Narok County were detained for four days by the chief magistrate, allowing police to conclude their investigation before charging them. On Thurs...


The MoA Week In Review - Open Thread 2018-29 "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Last week's posts on Moon of Alabama: June 11 - Yemen - U.S. Grants Approval For Genocide June 13 - Yemen - The Starvation Siege Has Begun Patrick Cockburn calls the attack a deliberate act of cruelty by the Trump...


US Provides Military Assistance To 73 Percent of Worlds Dictatorships "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

As of the fiscal year 2015, the last year for which we have publicly available data, the federal government of the United States had been providing military assistance to 36 of 49 dictatorships, courtesy of your tax dollars. The United States currently supports over 73 percent of the worlds dictatorships! Most politically aware people know of some of the more highly publicized instances of this, such as the tens of billions of dollars worth of US military assistance provided to the beheading capital of the world, the misogynistic monarchy of Saudi Arabia, and the repressive military dictatorship now in power in Egypt. But apologists for our nations imperialistic foreign policy may try to rationalize such support, arguing that Saudi Arabia and Egypt are exceptions to the rule.


Saudis, U.S. Ignore Famine Warning in Besieged Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ignoring international aid groups warnings that an attack on the Yemeni city of Hodeida, which is held by Houthi rebels, could exacerbate hunger in an impoverished and war-torn nation already on the brink of famine, Saudi-led U.S.-backed coalition forces continued a sweeping assault on the Red Sea port city Saturday, reportedly seizing control of an airport.

Since the fighting started earlier this week, thousands of Hodeidas 600,000 civilians have evacuated and hundreds of people have been killed. The port city is the main conduit through which about 70 percent of international aid reaches Yemenis, many of whom are battling starvation and outbreaks of infectious diseases such as cholera.

The Norwegian Refugee Councils office in Yemen told Reuters that humanitarian agencies cannot currently access areas south of the city where people are most likely to have been injured, affected, and displaced, leaving us without a clear picture of needs.

The lack of humanitarian assistance, following suspension of aid programs and with limited NGO staff on the ground while a military offensive is ongoing, will have severe consequences on a region already facing restrictions on the import and internal transportation of vital supplies, including medicines, food, and fuel, Frederic Pelat, head of Mdecins Sans Frontires mission in Yemen, warned Thursday. Yemenis living in the northern parts of the country depend on vital supplies that pass through Hodeidas port.


Boko Haram: Suicide Bombs Kill 31 in Nigeria "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Suspected Boko Haram jihadists killed at least 31 people in a twin suicide bomb attack on a town in northeast Nigeria, a local official and a militia leader told AFP on Sunday.

Two blasts ripped through the town of Damboa in Borno state on Saturday evening targeting people returning from celebrating the Eid al-Fitr holiday, in an attack bearing all the hallmarks of Boko Haram.

Following the suicide bombings, the jihadists fired rocket-propelled grenades into the crowds that had gathered at the scene of the attacks, driving the number of casualties higher.

There were two suicide attacks and rocket-propelled grenade explosions in Damboa last night which killed 31 people and left several others injured, said local militia leader Babakura Kolo.

Two suicide bombers detonated their explosives in Shuwari and nearby Abachari neighbourhoods in the town around 10:45 pm (2145GMT), killing six residents, said Kolo, speaking from the state capital Maiduguri, which is 88 kilometres (55 miles) from the town.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor

FILE photo

No one needs to be told this is the work of Boko Haram, Kolo said.

A local government official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, confirmed the death toll.

The latest death toll is now 31 but it may increase because many among the injured may not survive, said the official.



Al Sunnah wa Jamaah: New jihadist group in northern Mozambique "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Since the end of May, Mozambiques far northern province of Cabo Delgado has seen a surge in violence perpetrated by a new Islamist group that first came to the fore in October 2017.

Residents of the Muslim-majority Cabo Delgado province have been describing the same situation for several months: Armed men emerge from the forests to wreak havoc on local villages including looting and decapitation.

Such violence has intensified over recent weeks, prompting around three thousand people to flee Cabo Delgado and leaving 30 people dead since the end of May, according to a provisional count. These killings have been attributed to a jihadist group known as Al Sunnah wa Jamaah.

The group first appeared in the region in 2014, but stepped up its activities in October 2017 with an attack on a police station and barracks in the city of Mocimboa da Praia, in central Mozambique.

Joaquim Nhamirre, AFP | The village of Naunde on June 13, after it was attacked by Islamists on the night of June 4-5.

Socio-economic causes of radicalisation

Al Sunnah wa Jamaah members tend to be socio-economically marginalised young people, without a decent education or formal employment, said Sheik Habibe Saide, Joao Pereira and Salvador Forquilha, academics at Mozambiques Maputo University who have been studying the Islamist group, in an interview with AFP.

These disadvantaged locals have been joined by young immigrants looking for opportunities, religious leaders educated abroad and local merchants, the academics added. Members of the Islamist group mark their difference from the countrys mainstream Muslims who comprise 17 percent of the Mozambican population with shaved heads, beards and white turbans.

The birth of Al Sunnah wa Jamaah is very similar to what was seen with Boko Haram in Nigeria, commented ric Morier-Genoud, senior lecturer in African history at Queens University Belfast, in an article for news website The Conversation. It started as a religiou...


'As crimes pile up, they become invisible': Western complicity in Saudi Arabia's dirty war in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The complicity of Western governments in the ocean of suffering being wrought in Yemen exposes them as agents of Saudi brutality. After three years of relentless conflict, it has been estimated that out of a population of 27.4 million, 22.2 million people in Yemen are in need of humanitarian assistance, 17 million are food insecure, 14.8 million lack basic healthcare, 4.5 million children are suffering malnourishment, while 2.9 million people are internally displaced. As for dead and injured, the toll stands at almost 10,000 and 50,000 respectively. As a result of the conflict, the country is also facing the "largest documented cholera epidemic of modern times." And this epidemic can only have been intensified by the Saudi bombing of a cholera treatment center in the west of the country, causing the French NGO Mdecins Sans Frontires to halt their work at the facility.


Oxfam accuses French police of abuse and detention of migrant children at border "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

French police are abusing and illegally detaining migrant children who attempt to cross the border from Italy, UK-based humanitarian group Oxfam said. Many intercepted minors have even been left unable to contact their families. Some 16,500 refugees and migrants are stuck near the small Italian town of Ventimiglia, 7km from the French border, Oxfam's new report, 'Nowhere but out,' calculates. One quarter of these people are children, mostly from Sudan, Eritrea and Afghanistan. The majority of these minors are between 15 and 17, but some are much younger, the group claims. Comment: This is tricky since it has been shown time and again that some migrants claim to be much younger than they really are. Since French authorities tightened border controls with Italy back in 2015, it has been hard for asylum seekers to enter the country. Hundreds of them are forced to "sleep rough under a [motorway] flyover" with no access to drinkable water, shelter or heating on the French-Italian border.


Humanity Needs Full Disclosure Whether we can Handle the Truth or Not "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Source: Humans Are Free | by Julie Alexander

People are concerned that the world would dissolve into anarchy and chaos. People would become angry and violent and go on the rampage, once they find out they have been controlled and manipulated and used as slaves to the system for so long.

Once they find out about Agenda 21, the depopulation agenda. How we have been subjected to toxic poisons in our food by the use of GMOs, how we have been sprayed with toxic chemicals through geo-engineering and how fluoride has been added to our water and can cause dementia and how vaccinations are causing autism and have also been used as sterilization programmes amongst other things and how 5G can cause DNA damage, infertility and also impairs cardiovascular functions.

All of the above also reduce our immune systems and can increase our risk of cancer.

Once they find out about "Secret Space Programmes" and the technology that has been hidden from us for decades. How...


Haftar forces in 'major' operation to reclaim Libyan oil fields from rivals "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


At least 28 people have been killed since Thursday in fighting at Ras Lanuf and al-Sidra


UFC Fighter Overcomes Depression by Liberating Pygmy Slaves in the Congo "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

There is no denying that hardship, which is an inevitability of life, propels change. Oftentimes, that change is necessary. Perhaps it is the loss of a loved one, a sudden career change, or a chronic sickness. While it may, at first, perceived to be bad, the development can also be a blessing. This was the case for UFC fighter Justin Wren, who overcame depression to change the lives of hundreds of pygmy people in the Congo.

Wren began his career as an all-American champion in wrestling. Later, he started entering local fights to stay in shape while taking college courses. Eventually, this led to a successful MMA career. At one point, his professional record was 10-1 and he was picked to be on The Ultimate Fighter. It seemed as if he was on top of the world. But, the truth of it was he was battling depression and was addicted to painkillers.

I was a drug addictI was diagnosed with clinical depression and my life just sucked for a long time even though on the outside things were going great. In that time, I had become a national champion in wrestling a couple times and started fighting professionally, and the drug addiction and depression just got worse every time after I would fight, Wren told InnoTechToday.

Wren continued to fight but his personal life began to fall apart. When he wasnt battling thoughts of suicide, he was numbing himself in drug dens. Fortunately, his low point led him to religion. Finding purpose helped him get sober, and thats when the fight of his life really began. And so my life really changed I could skate over it, but, God help me, I started wanting to do something bigger with my life, said Wren.

The 63 fighter turned his life around. Hoping to discern his p...


Ugandan Bacteria used in Vaccine Against Depression "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Research from the University of Colorado Boulder recently published in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity recently proposed a vaccine against depression, containing a bacteria first identified in the African country of Uganda called Mycobacterium vaccae.

Image credit: trekearth

Mycobacterium vaccae was first discovered in Uganda, in the 1990s near the shores of Lake Kyoga. It belongs to the very same genus of bacteria that causes tuberculosis, with the genus originally identified in Austria.

The articles promoting this vaccine against depression are quite convincing to even the people who favor naturopathy, because it is branded as a probiotic solution to depression.

Recently, researchers have been claiming that brain inflammation could be identified as a cause of depression. Its difficult to debate the legitimacy of this theory. Since inflammation is generally the root of many medical problems, it sounds probable that inflammation could be a factor in depression. In any case, this is what they are saying about the vaccine against depression.

Researchers in this study injected a heat-killed preparation of the bacterium into rats. According to New Atlas, An immunization pattern was administered, with three injections across three weeks.

Eight days after the last dose of the bacteria, the rats had increased levels of an anti-inflammatory protein known as interleukin-4 in the hippocampus region of their brains.



How Iran Outmaneuvered the U.S.-Saudi-Israeli Axis "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Donald Trump allegedly complained to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that after the 2015 nuclear deal, Iranians think they can do anything they want. Presumably Trump was referring to Irans geopolitical reach in the Middle East, where it had gathered up allies in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

It is likely that Trumps violation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the deal signed between Iran and the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany, was intended to set the stage for a push to contain Iran.

The push against Iran would involve again subjecting it to severe economic sanctions, in hopes of bankrupting it and depriving it of the means with which to continue to play a role in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Boycotts on oil states are not usually effective, since they can usually find a way to sell their oil lucratively nevertheless and use the proceeds to cushion the countrys elect.

One corner of the attempt at rollback involves Iraq. When a reconstruction conference took place last February in Kuwait, the Trump administration refused to make any contribution at all to rebuilding the country that the U.S. destroyed. At the same time, the U.S. encouraged Iraq to take aid from Saudi Arabia as a quid pro quo for moving away from Iran.

The continued tone-deafness in Washington about Middle East politics, after all these years of being deeply immersed in it, is baffling. The Shiite majority in Iraq isnt necessarily opposed to better relations with Wahhabi Saudi Arabia. People are more pragmatic than the clash of civilizations or Sunni-Shiite conflict theses might lead one to expect.

But that the Shiite-majority government of Iraq would turn its back on Iran in favor of an alignment with Saudi Arabia (which does not like Shiites very much) is a daft proposition.

Another sign of Iran Derangement Syndrome in Washington was the unrealistic hopes expressed by right-wing pundits that the Iraqi parliamentary election would signal a turn of Iraq away from Iran. The biggest vote-getters were followers of the hard line Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who had quixotically allied with the small Communist movement.

Al-Sadr is known for resenting Iranian domination of Iraqi Shiism. His father, an Iraqi Arab, had been a contender for the position of chief Iraqi Shiite authority or clerical Exemplar in Najaf before he was assassinated by the Saddam Hussein regime in 1998. His fathers rival, who rose to the top, is Ali Sistani, from a town near Mashhad in eastern Iran, who came to Iraq in 1952. Not only is Sistani the leading religious authority for Iraqi Shiites but Irans clerical Leader, Ali Khamenei, also has influence.

Al-Sadr, however, has...


Chris Hedges: Scapegoating Iran "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

JUN 10, 2018

Scapegoating Iran

Mr. Fish / Truthdig
NEW YORKSeventeen years of war in the Middle East and what do we have to show for it? Iraq after our 2003 invasion and occupation is no longer a unified country. Its once modern infrastructure is largely destroyed, and the nation has fractured into warring enclaves. We have lost the war in Afghanistan. The Taliban is resurgent and has a presence in over 70 percent of the country. Libya is a failed state. Yemen after three years of relentless airstrikes and a blockade is enduring one of the worlds worst humanitarian disasters. The 500 moderate rebels we funded and armed in Syria at a cost of $500 million are in retreat after instigating a lawless reign of terror. The military adventurism has cost a staggering $5.6 trillion as our infrastructure crumbl...


Houthis say Saudi-led forces bogged down outside Hudaydah "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Press TV June 17, 2018 Yemens Houthi fighters have dismissed reports that Saudi-led forces have seized the airport in the port city of Hudaydah, saying the aggressors are on the retreat on all front lines. Militants and foreign mercenaries armed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are attempting to capture the well-defended []


Confrontation between asylum seekers and German police during attempt to relocate migrant "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A group of between a dozen and twenty asylum seekers armed with various weapons launched an attack on police officers attempting to move a 20-year-old Liberian to another facility. The incident took place at an asylum shelter in the city of Gttingen in Lower Saxony earlier this week when officers attempted to remove the 20-year-old and he refused to co-operate, Die Welt reports. According to a spokesman for the city government, the asylum seeker had been causing trouble among other residents of the shelter including intimidating others and disturbing them by making a lot of noise.


'Mad Dog' Mattis: Evil Putin is aiming to 'undermine America's moral authority and belief in ideals' "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

At a graduation ceremony for the US Naval War College (barf), US Secretary of Defense James Mattis asserted that Russian President Vladimir Putin "aims to diminish the appeal of the western democratic model and attempts to undermine America's moral authority," and that "his actions are designed not to challenge our arms at this point but to undercut and compromise our belief in our ideals." This would be the same James Mattis who's been overseeing the war crimes committed by America's armed forces during their illegal occupation of Syria. This would be the same United States of America that was born of the genocide of indigenous tribes and the labor of African slaves, which slaughtered millions in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Libya and Syria for no legitimate reason, which is partnered with Ukrainian Nazis, jihadist factions in Syria and Iranian terror cultists, which supports 73 percent of the world's dictators, which interferes constantly in the electoral processes of other countries as a matter of policy, which stages coups around the world, which has encircled the globe with military bases, whose FBI still targets black civil rights activists for persecution to this very day, which routinely enters into undeclared wars of aggression against noncompliant governments to advance plutocratic interests, which remains the only country ever to use nuclear weapons on human beings after doing so completely needlessly in Japan, and which is functionally a corporatist oligarchy with no meaningful "democratic model" in place at all.


Ruling on Nonvoters in Ohio May Embolden Other States "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In a 5-4 decision released June 11, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld an Ohio law that provides for the removal of infrequent voters from the states election rolls.

On the surface, the courts majority opinion in Husted v. A. Phillip Randolph Institute is a highly technical analysis of whether Ohios so-called Supplemental Process law runs afoul of the federal National Voter Registration Act of 1993 and the Help America Vote Act of 2002. The courts decision, written by Justice Samuel Alito and joined by the courts other Republican appointees, concluded that it did not.

According to Alito, the Ohio law, which dates back to 1994 but in recent years has been more strictly enforced, is simply meant to keep the States voting lists up to date by removing the names of those who have moved out of the district where they are registered.

Heres how the Supplemental Process works: Voters who have failed to cast a ballot for two consecutive years (the equivalent of one federal election cycle) are mailed a pre-addressed, postage prepaid card asking them to verify that they still reside at the same address. Those who do not return the card and fail to vote in any election for four more years are presumed to have moved and are removed from the rolls.

As Alito and the courts Republican majority view voting rights, there is no textual inconsistency between the Ohio law and the right to vote, as protected by various federal statutes and the Constitution. All that a resident need do to avoid disenfranchisement is return the postcard sent by the state or vote within an overall six-year period.

Alitos reasoning seems at first clear enough, and on its face apolitical. Justice Stephen Breyers dissenting opinion, joined by the courts four Democratic appointees, is based largely on differing statutory interpretations.

But, as Justice Sonia Sotomayor pointed out in a separate dissent, Alitos majority opinion is in reality an exercise of disenfranchisement that entirely ignores the history of voter suppression in America and will disproportionately affect minority, homeless, low-income, and disabled voterswho, not coincidentally, tend to vote Democratic.

Our democracy rests on the ability of all individuals, regardless of race, income, or status, to exercise their right to vote, Sotomayor wrote, stressing that while most states have a variety of processes in place to maintain the accuracy of their voting lists, only Ohio presently triggers voting-roll purges based solely on an individuals failure to vote in a single election cycle.

As one instance of the Supplemental Process racially disproportionate impact, Sotomayor cited figures compiled by the NAACP...


Yemen: Coalition strikes continue to batter Houthi-held Hudaida "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Emirati-led troops closing in on the city's airport, as civilians fear for their lives


Boko Haram Terrorists Mom expresses sadness that her son brought many problems to many people "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

he mother of Nigerias Boko Haram leader, the most wanted terrorist in the west African nation, Abubakar Shekau, has reportedly criticised her son saying he has brought many problems to many people and she has not seen him in at least 15 years.

According to Voice of America, villagers of Shekau the insurgent group leaders home town in Yobe state confirmed that Falmata Abubakar was the mother of Nigerias most wanted man.

Shekaus father was a local district imam before passing away a few years ago.

Falmata had never spoken to reporters before, and said she was praying to God to show her notorious son the good way.

A screengrab from a video released by the Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram and obtained by AFP shows the leader of the Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau delivering a speech. (Boko Haram, AFP)

A screengrab from a video released by the Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram and obtained by AFP shows the leader of the Nigerian Islamist extremist group Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau delivering a speech. (Boko Haram, AFP)

She said her son left the village as a young man to study Islam in Maiduguri the epicentre of the groups insurgent where he met Boko Harams founding leader Muhammed Yusuf, who ensured that he did not return home.

For 15 years I havent seen him

I dont know if hes alive or dead. I dont know. Its only God who knows. For 15 years I havent seen him. Since Shekau met with Mohammed Yusuf, I didnt see him again. Yes, hes my son and every mother loves her son, but we have different characters, Falmata was quoted as saying.

He brought a lot of problem too many people. Where can I meet him to tell him that these things he is doing are very bad? He brought many problems to many people, but I am praying for God to show him the good way,

According to BBC, Boko Haram was one of the most deadly terror groups that was formed to fight against Nigerias government in 2009, with the aim of establishing a...


Its Trump Sanctions, Not OPEC, Thats Boosting Oil "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The threat of Irans oil output disappearing is driving up prices.

June 17, 2018, 3:00 AM EDT
A support vessel flying an Iranian national flag sails alongside the oil tanker Devon.

Photographer: Ali Mohammadi/Bloomberg

As OPEC oil ministers prepared to meet in Vienna later this week, President Trump fired another twitter-shot across their bows. But it is his decision to slap sanctions back on Iran that is the real driving force behind the rising price of oil.

The U.S. president has accused OPEC of being at it again for the second time in as many months through his favored 280-character diplomatic channel. Quite what it is, he has never specified.

I am always a bit confused about what people actually mean when they accuse the group of artificially raising the price of oil. OPEC doesnt set it  and hasnt done so for more than 30 years.

Perhaps the president is railing at the fact that some members of the group have spent millions of dollars creating production capacity that they arent using. Seen in another light, that surplus is a vital safety valve in the event of a sudden loss of supply such as the one that occurred when U.S.-led forces invaded Iraq in 2003, or when Western-backed rebels overthrew Libyas Moammar Al Qaddafi in 2011. OPECs spare capacity has been used to compensate for sudden supply disruptions more often than Americas strategic petroleum reserve.

There is no reason that OPEC should pump as much oil as President Trump, or anyone else, wants. The organization exists to look after the interests of its members. Some of them might see appeasing the United States as being in their best interests. Others clearly do not.

It was less than two years ago that candidate Trumps energy adviser Harold Hamm told...


Austria angry at Germany over enormous spy effort "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Vienna has demanded an explanation from Berlin over reports that Germanys BND agency spied on nearly 2,000 targets in Austria between 1999 and 2006. Austrian media said embassies were among the targets.

A general view shows an overcast sky in Vienna

Top Austrian officials have called on Germany to clarify reports that its BND spy agency snooped on high-profile targets including embassies, international organizations, Austrian ministers and banks based in the Austrian capital.

The scale of the surveillance was enormous, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said of the spy effort, which reportedly involved around 2,000 targets and took place between 1999 and 2006.

Talking to reporters at a specially convened press conference in Vienna, Kurz said his government had already contacted German authorities and demanded more information on who was spied on and when the effort was ended.

We want to have certainty that [the surveillance] ended, and if data were saved, our request is of course for it to be deleted, Kurz said.

Read moreGermanys NSA spying committee presents controversial report

Same old, same old?

Earlier this week, Austrian newspaper Der Standard and profil magazine reported that Germanys BND was mostly snooping on diplomatic representatives in Vienna, including embassies of the US, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Afghanistan, Israel and North Korea.

The agency also monitored phone numbers and other means of contact in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the International Atomic Energy Agency. The BND was apparently also keeping tabs on dozens of private companies, including weapons manufacturers and other key exporters, but also Austrian ministries, Islamist movements and even the countrys news agency APA.

The two media outlets said the information was provided to them by a German source.

However, it was not immediately clear if the latest re....


Israel strikes launchers of burning kites from Gaza Strip "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

It marked an escalation in Israels response to a phenomenon that has wreaked havoc on agriculture in southern Israel

Palestinians prepare kites before trying to fly them with incendiaries over the border fence with Israel, in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza Strip on May 4, 2018 (Said Khatib/AFP)

The Israeli military says its aircraft have struck a vehicle belonging to someone who sends burning kites into Israel from Gaza.

No one was wounded in Sundays strike but it marked an escalation in Israels response to a phenomenon that has wreaked havoc on agriculture in southern Israel in recent weeks. Fields were once again set ablaze on a hot, windy, dry Saturday.

Gazans began flying kites with burning rags attached to them during mass protests against the crippling Israeli and Egyptian blockade of the territory. Israeli troops have fired on the protesters, killing more than 100 since the weekly demonstrations began in March.

The Islamic militant group Hamas, which rules Gaza, has led the protests. Israel says it holds Hamas responsible for the fires.



Soith Africa Addo: Where Female Elephants Without Tusks Roam and Poachers Stay Away "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

NY Times

Tuskless elephant cows drinking from a watering hole at Addo elephant park.CreditFinbarr OReilly for The New York Times

ADDO, South Africa Through the narrow slit of the underground hide in front of the water hole, an African morning revealed itself. The sun painted the earth orange. A lion stepped out of the bush and a small herd of perfectly camouflaged kudus, a large antelope-like animal, started and bolted away.

Soon a single bull elephant appeared where the lion had been, shaking his head as if scanning the bush. After a while, five female elephants descended the orange hillside to drink.

Even from a distance it was easy to tell they were females; in South Africas Addo Elephant National Park, they are almost always the ones without tusks.




Europe risks falling behind in digital transformation "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

FT launches project to find the champions for tech-led change across the region

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

By Patrick McGee

There are fears that Europe is falling behind in digital transformation, just as the so-called fourth industrial evolution begins to change the business models of traditional industries in noticeable ways.

The predicted efficiency gains from the adoption of new technology are so great that, at first glance, they appear to be typos. PwC, for instance, forecasts the shift to contribute as much as 14 per cent to global GDP gains by 2030 or about $15tn in todays value.

However, digitalisation has so far been patchy. According to PwC, two-thirds of the 1,155 global manufacturing companies they surveyed have just started or have not yet embarked on their digital transformation.

Europe, in particular, is lagging behind: just 5 per cent of manufacturers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (Emea) are digital champions, PwC says, versus 11 per cent in the Americas and 19 per cent in Asia-Pacific.

On the other hand, Europe has strong foundations in fields such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptography, says Siraj Khaliq, a partner at Atomico, a technology investment group, which compiles an annual report, The State of European Tech. Over the past two years, he says, industry has been increasingly tapping into these innovations with small acquisitions happening all the time.

The trajectory is very strong for these areas, especially with government policies of encouraging entrepreneurship with tax breaks and other measures, Mr Khaliq adds. More than 30 national and regional initiatives for digitalising industry have been launched across the continent over the past few years.

Help us find Europes digital transformation leaders

No automatic alt text available.

The Financial Times, in partnership with Google and Nesta, the innovation foundation, is looking for organisations and people across Europe who are showing best practice in digital transformation.

We are looking for companies, big and small, as well as individuals and non-profit organisations, who are using digital technologies to grow, create jobs, reach new markets or transform their business. We would also like to hear about excellent skills training programmes and the creation of new technologie...


EU migration crisis: Special Summit called could introduce new EU migration rules "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A special meeting on the EU migration crisis could take place as early as next weekend. Meanwhile, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has said no one is interested in toppling the chancellor over the issue.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends a news conference

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is planning a special short-notice meeting with several other EU nations to deal with a migration crisis affecting the region, German mass-circulation daily Bildreported on Sunday.

The possible meeting comes as Merkel struggles to avert a crisis within her coalition government on migration policy. She is engaged in a standoff with her interior minister, Horst Seehofer, over his plans to introduce stricter asylum laws, which would include turning people away at Germanys borders.

The meeting could take place as early as next weekend, the newspaper reported, ahead of the regular EU summit scheduled for June 28 and 29 in Brussels.

The German chancellor is looking forward to finding solutions to the current crisis with EU member states, including Greece, Italy and Austria, Bild reported, citing government sources from several EU countries.

The migrant situation has threatened to worsen in recent weeks, especially after Italys new government...


In pursuit of heavenly mandate "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

To escape Satans trap by prophetic insight is another dimension of spiritual warfare. Some warfare is fought by the application of spiritual or prophetic wisdom. Millions of life and careers have been saved from shipwreck this way. However, this is not possible unless there is a clear understanding of this prophetic insight.   Davids throne []

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Trend du jour: Bold stripes are back "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

If you know anything about fashion, you would know for a fact that everything is recycled. We keep seeing different fads come in and after a while, they fade out. Some may take longer than others to fade, but fade they do.   Give such items a few years or decades and they are back []

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The Senate can legally summon the IGP (4) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  CURTAIN CALL We shall today continue our discourse on the undoubted power of the Senate to have invited IGP Idris recently over Police maltreatment of Senator Dino Melaye and the rampaging and unrestrained bloodletting by herdsmen across the country.   LEGISLATIVE HOUSES (POWER AND PRIVILEGES) ACT (continues) It could also be sent by registered []

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EFCC is being used to silence opposition Nwaoboshi "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Chief Peter Nwaoboshi is the Senator, representing Delta North Senatorial District in the National Assembly on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). In this interview with DOMINIC ADEWOLE, he says the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has been witch-hunting him and other principal officers of the National Assembly for opposing dictatorship and []

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Edo, reference point for good governance Osinbajo "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Vice president Yemi Osinbajo has said that Edo State in the last one decade has retained its status as a reference point with regards to good governance in the country.   Osinbajo gave the commendation at a state dinner held in his honour at the Edo Government house in Benin, following his two-day official visit []

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Wrongful detention: Nigerian-born Canadian sues govt for $8m "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A Canadian citizen was held by immigration authorities for eight months in a top-security prison when he was mistaken for a refugee with a different name. Now, hes suing the Canadian government for C$10m ($7.6m, 5.7m). When 47-year-old Olajide Ogunye, born in Nigeria, woke up on the morning of June 1, 2016, he found his []

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Listen to your acne "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ladies who do not often have breakouts sometimes find that they suddenly break out.   Other ladies who have learnt to live with their acne as their fate too have a thing or two to learn about their condition.   Your acne break out is often pointing to some other underlying condition. Acne on your []

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NPA doesnt have powers to order SON out of portsSenate "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Says fight against fake, substandard products must be from within   Contrary to the position of Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) stating that Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) should not operate from within the ports, the Senate Committee on Industry has canvassed for SONs return to the ports, blaming the influx of fake and substandard products []

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2019: Buhari goes for broke "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Judicial process not a clampdown Keyamo   Beyond the need to ensure prosecution of persons indicted of committing crimes, the opposition has said that the renewed offensive against corruption and other crimes levelled against prominent politicians might be part of a clampdown on those who pose a threat to President Muhammadu Buharis re-election bid or []

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Italian coast guard ship with Aquarius migrants arrives in Spain "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

An Italian coast guard ship arrived in the Spanish port of Valencia on Sunday, carrying migrants rescued by the Aquarius charity-run vessel, which Rome refused to allow to dock a week ago.

The coast guard ship is one of two Italian vessels that took on some of the Aquariuss passengers before escorting it to Spain, at the invitation of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

Jose Jordan, AFP | The Italian navy boat, the Dattilo, carrying some of the 630 migrants from the Aquarius rescue boat, enters the port of Valencia on June 17, 2018.

The Aquarius became the source of a heated political row in the EU about the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean.

For the migrants, mainly from Africa, the arrival in Valencia marked the end of a week-long odyssey in the Mediterranean Sea.

European odyssey exposes extent of migrant crisis

The Aquarius crisis was sparked by Italys refusal to let the rescue ship dock in any of its ports. Malta, a tiny Mediterranean island nation, also refused, with each country accusing the other of failing to meet their humanitarian and EU commitments.

Spain eventually stepped in and agreed to receive the refugees as a political gesture to oblige Europe to forge a common policy to a common problem, Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said.

Madrid on Saturday said it had accepted an offer from France who had angered Rome by branding it irresponsible over the vessel rejection to welcome Aquarius migrants who meet the criteria for asylum.

Two countries will work together to handle the arrival, Spains deputy prime minister Carmen Calvo said.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez thanked French President Emmanuel Macron for his gesture, saying it was exactly the kind of cooperation Europe needs at this hour.

(FRANCE 24 with AFP and REUTERS)


French Special Forces on the Ground in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

French Special Forces Yemen(ANTIWAR.COM)  French newspaper Le Figaro is quoting unnamed French military sources as saying that French special forces have been deployed to Yemen. The troops are said to be present with Emirati troops on the ground. They did not specify where in Yemen. Frances Defense Ministry is not commenting specifically on the special forces report, but did deny []


*Divided: Why Were Living in an Age of Walls* "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

That is the new book by Tim Marshall, yes Trump and Israel and the like, but it goes much further than that.  Here is one excerpt:

Since 1971, Assams population has more than doubled, from 14.6 million to over 30 million, much of which is due to illegal immigration.  Hindu nationalists have argued that the area might have a Muslim majority by 2060.  In 2015 there were 19 million Hindus and 11 million Muslims, nine of the twenty-seven districts being Muslim majority.  Equally importantly, the 2017 census showed that people who are ethnically Assamese are now a minority in the state as a whole, and as people continue to arrive their proportions will continue to drop.

This is a depressing but thought-provoking book.  Bangladesh, by the way, is smaller than the state of Florida, but has 165 million people.  And I had not known there are about 800,000 Nigerians in South Africa.  You can order the book here.

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Yemeni Tochka Missile Hits Saudi Mercenaries on Western Coast: Dozens Killed or Injured "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

June 15, 2018 The Yemeni rocketry forced fired on Friday a Tochka missile onto the gatherings of teh Saudi-led invaders and mercenaries, killing or injuring scores of them. The strike, which caused a panic amid the ranks of the aggression forces, had been based on accurate intelligence reports detected by drones. Yemen has been since []


French Special Forces on the Ground in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

French newspaper Le Figaro is quoting unnamed French military sources as saying that French special forces have been deployed to Yemen. The troops are said to be present with Emirati troops on the ground. They did not specify where in Yemen. Frances Defense Ministry is not commenting specifically on the special forces report, but did deny that any French troops are present in Hodeidah port. They also insisted that the French military is not part of the Saudi-led coalition attacking Yemen.


It was difficult being only black girl in Canadian medical college "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Canadian-born Nigerian CHIKA STACY ORIUWA is a student at the medical college at the University of Toronto, Canada and was incidentally the only black student in her class of 259. Being the only person of colour had its challenges but rather than allow that weigh her down, it sparked in her a desire to create []

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Okrika handbag that cost N66m "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  In light of the recent news of the death of Famous designer, Kate Spade, perhaps collectors are more willing to shell out more for their favourite designer items. That would be a great explanation for the sale of an okrika or second hand Hermes Birkin bag that sold at an auction in London for []

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Presidency: Buhari, his staff are servants of the people "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Senior Special Adviser to the President on National Assembly Matters (Senate), Senator Ita Enang, on Saturday disclosed that President Muhammadu Buharis government was the most transparent. Enang stated this when lawyers from Akwa Ibom under the auspices of Akwa Ibom Lawyers Forum, visited him in Abuja. President Buharis government is the most transparent in []

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Ohanaeze, Afenifere insist on total restructuring of Nigeria "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Say No JAMB, no education quota system   No restructuring, no Nigeria Ayo Adebanjo   We reject 1999 Constitution Nwodo     Pan-Igbo Organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, in agreement with her Yoruba counterpart, Afenifere, yesterday, demanded total restructuring of Nigerian federal system, to allow for equity, justice, growth and development of each region of the federation. []

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Oyegun is a malignant tumour in APC "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

He is a cancer to our party Oyegun   Governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2015 general elections in Ebonyi State, Senator Julius Ucha, yesterday berated the outgoing National Chairman of the party, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun for allegedly causing parallel congresses in the party across the states, by taking sides in []

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Kaduna Dry Port needs rail service to operate ICNL MD "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ismail Yusuf is the Managing Director of Inland Container Nigeria Limited (ICNL), operators of the newly commissioned Kaduna Dry Port. In this interview with PAUL OGBUOKIRI, he explains the companys long term desire to emerge winner of the concession bid for the Onitsha River Port   Your company, ICNL is the promoter of the Kaduna []

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Poverty cant be expressed in words, says Pope "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Pope Francis has said that the growing level of poverty worldwide cannot be expressed in word, urging Catholics to take action in helping the poor out of penury.   The Pope said this while giving his message for this years World Day of the Poor, titled: This poor man cried and the Lord heard him, []

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APC National chair contest: Endorsements clear coast for Oshiomhole "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

  Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is not new to leadership having been president of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) for many years and the immediate past governor of Edo State. But of all his leadership contests, Oshiomholes path to becoming National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the coming days appears to be the []

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Samba Boys, German Machine take centre stage in Russia "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The World Cup enters day four today with two of the favourites, Brazil and Germany in action. Tunde Sulaiman previews the big hitters   Finally, after three days of some exhilarating football action, two of the favourites to lift the World Cup trophy on July 15 in Moscow, the Russian capital, take to the field []

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June 12: Kingibe doesnt deserve national honour Balarabe Musa "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Elder statesman and former Governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, has faulted the honour given to Babagana Kingibe, saying the running mate to Chief MKO Abiola did not deserve any recognition in relation to the June 12 struggle. In this interview with BABA NEGEDU, Musa, who was at the thick of the struggle for []

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Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ebola Vaccine Brings Hope, and Challenges, to the Democratic Republic of Congo
In our weekly news roundup: a vaccine for Ebola in the DRC, confronting sexual harassment in the sciences, and more.

BY Jane Roberts

As the Democratic Republic of Congo battles its ninth outbreak of Ebola since the virus was first discovered four decades ago, public health officials are hopeful that faster testing and an experimental vaccine will help stave off the type of devastation that befell West Africa in 2014.

That epidemic, the largest outbreak of the deadly hemorrhagic disease on record, killed thousands of people across Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. Back then, health workers had to wait days to get lab results that would detect the Ebola virus, during which time people could unknowingly spread the infection.

Now armed with a genetic test that takes just hours, health personnel have confirmed 38 cases so far, including 14 deaths and the spread of the disease seems to be slowing. Still, the head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, cautioned this week that its too early to declare the outbreak under control. While more than 2,000 people have been vaccinated and health workers are carefully tracking who may have come in contact with those infected, many barriers to stopping the spread remain.

In the city of Mbandaka, for example, where four cases of Ebola have been confirmed, motorcycle taxi drivers argue that they should be vaccinated, as theyre often the ones called to transport patients to the hospital. Its not fair that only doctors and nurses are considered to be on the red line, Benjamin Leli, president of the citys taxi association, told the Associated Press. Were on the red line too, and I dont want our people to get Ebola.

While tracking down these drivers presents its own set of challenges, theres also the issue of getting the vaccine to people in more rural areas like Iboko, where two new suspected cases were recently reported. Health workers there have encountered a lack of paved roads and cold storage, along with a general mistrust of the vaccinations being provided.

The Ebola vaccine isnt guaranteed to stop the outbreak, of course, but the WHO decided it...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

DR Congo's Parliament to Consider Legal Protection for Ex-presidents
16 June 2018 - 11:52
South Africa Sunday Times

Democratic Republic of Congo's President Joseph Kabila addresses a news conference at the State House in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo January 26, 2018.

Democratic Republic of Congo's parliament will, at President Joseph Kabila's request, hold a special session to consider legislation providing legal protection for former presidents, lawmakers said.

The announcement could be a further sign that Kabila intends to step down after an election in December despite speculation that he is trying to circumvent term limits that forbid him from running again.

Prime Minister Bruno Tshibala told Reuters this week that Kabila would not be a candidate, the clearest declaration yet from a senior government official on the matter.

But Kabila himself has refused to publicly commit to leaving office and some of his supporters have in recent weeks floated a legal rationale that would allow him to stand again.

"At the request of the president of the republic, an extraordinary session will be convened," lower house speaker Aubin Minaku told deputies on Friday at the close of the latest parliamentary session.

"We will examine several items including the law on the status of former chiefs of state, the designation of a new member of the constitutional court and the law on the tax to promote industry," he said.

It was not immediately clear when that session would take place.

Under the constitution, former presidents already receive broad immunity from prosecution as senators for life.

Modeste Mutinga, a senator from an opposition party, introduced legislation in 2015 to reinforce those protections in an effort to encourage Congo's first ever democratic transition.

It stipulates that former presidents and their aides will not be liable for arrest for common law violations committed in the exercise of presidential functions. It also provides for bodyguards for ex-presidents a...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Somalia, Ethiopia to Jointly Invest in Four Seaports on the Red Sea
Somalia and Ethiopia announced they were jointly investing in four seaports to attract foreign investment to their two countries, the latest move in a tussle for access to ports along one of the worlds most strategic waterways.

After Somalias president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo hosted Ethiopias prime minister Abiy Ahmed for a meeting at the presidential palace in Mogadishu, the two leaders issued a joint statement of pledges to cooperate on everything from the development of infrastructure including roads linking the two countries to expanding visa services to promote cultural exchanges.

The statement did not elaborate on which ports the two countries would develop.

The leaders further agreed to invest in logistics and service provision specially to leading ports in the continent that can serve both the Indian ocean and the Red Sea.

Ethiopias thirst for access to the sea
The Horn of Africas Red Sea coastline extending north of Somalia through Djibouti and Eritrea toward the critical Suez Canal is already dotted with ports owned or run by countries locked in a regional struggle: the United Arab Emirates and its ally Saudi Arabia on one side, and Turkey which backs Qatar on the other.

Landlocked Ethiopia, which has a population of 100 million, has been led since April by 41-year-old former intelligence officer Abiy, who has moved swiftly to assert his nations interests on the international stage.

The leaders further agreed to invest in logistics and service provision specially to leading ports in the continent that can serve both the Indian ocean and the Red Sea, the statement read.

UAE deals in the Horn of Africa

The day before Abiys visit to Somalia, the United Arab Emirates pledged to give $3 billion to Ethiopia in aid and investments, in a major show of support for the new leadership in Ethiopia.

The strengthened partnership between Ethiopia and the oil-rich Gulf monarchy is significant in the context of Addis Ababas ties with Mogadishu.

Somalia and the UAE have been at odds for months over the broader...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

South Africa Proposes 5% Black Ownership in Mining Firms
Africa News

South Africa plans to raise black ownership at permit-holding mining companies to 30 percent from 26 percent within five years, the latest draft of a hotly-contested new industry charter showed on Friday.

The new draft charter extends to five years from one year the time that existing mining permit holders will have to meet the new black ownership requirement.

Publishing of the Charter moves us a step forward in terms of ensuring regulatory and policy certainty for the industry, mines minister Gwede Mantashe said in a statement.

The charter, published for public comment before being refined into law, is part of South African affirmative action rules that aim to reverse decades of exclusion under apartheid.

A new addition to the latest charter is that at least 50 percent of the seats on mining company boards will have to be allocated to black South Africans, and that at least 20 percent of those must go to black women.

For new mining right applicants, they must have a minimum of 30 percent black shareholding before securing the permit, according to the draft.

But the requirement that 10 percent of that ownership target be granted for free to communities and qualifying employees, dubbed free carry, might cause controversy among mining companies.

The Minerals Council South Africa, an industry lobby group, said it was against the free carry stipulation.

The industry...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Wage Protests Threaten South Africa Power Supply
Eric Oteng 
15/06 - 09:45

About 1,000 union members picketed Eskoms headquarters on Thursday in a wage dispute that threatens the cash-strapped South African utilitys ability to deliver power.

There have been no reports of outages in Africas most industrialised economy, but Eskom said that some plants had cut output, with shortages more likely now during peak winter demand.

Threats of total shutdown

Labour unions have threatened a total shutdown of Eskoms operations if it does not meet their demands for a 15 percent increase in salaries.

Zero percent is nonsense, we wont stand for it. Petrol is going up, VAT is going up, so our pay is decreasing.

The pickets come a day after protests at about 10 Eskom power plants forced the utility to switch off some generating units because trucks carrying coal and buses ferrying staff were blocked from entering.

Eskom, which produces more than 90 percent of South Africas power, narrowly avoided a liquidity crunch early this year and was embroiled in corruption scandals.

The picketing workers demanded to be addressed by Eskom Chief Executive Phakamani Hadebe, and about 12 police cars were stationed outside the companys Megawatt Park headquarters to protect Eskom staff and equipment.

More picketing promised

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA), who say they represent more than 20,000 of Eskoms 47,000 employees, warned that thousands of their members would picket at Megawatt Park.

Thabiso Masha, an Eskom employee who works in the research department in Germiston, said: Zero percent is nonsense, we wont stand for it. Petrol is going up, VAT is going up, so our pay is decreasing.

Another employee, who works in Eskoms distribution operation in Johannesburg but asked not to be named, said: Its not the workers fault that the company is suffering because of corruption. We are not the root cause They are preparing for job cuts.

Two workers held up a placard emblazoned wi...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

America is Better Than This: What a Doctor Saw in a Texas Shelter for Migrant Children
By Kristine Phillips
Washington Post
June 16 at 5:23 PM

A 2-year-old Honduran asylum seeker cries as her mother is searched and detained near the U.S.-Mexico border on June 12 in McAllen, Tex. (John Moore/Getty Images)

The small shelter along the Texas border to Mexico held 60 beds and a little playground for children. Rooms were equipped with toys, books and crayons. To Colleen Kraft, this shelter looked, in many ways, like a friendly environment for children, a place where they could be happy.

But the first child who caught the prominent pediatricians attention during a recent visit was anything but happy. Inside a room dedicated to toddlers was a little girl no older than 2, screaming and pounding her fists on a mat. One woman tried to give her toys and books to calm her down, but even that shelter worker seemed frustrated, Kraft told The Washington Post, because as much as she wanted to console the little girl, she couldnt touch, hold or pick her up to let her know everything would be all right. That was the rule, Kraft said she was told: Theyre not allowed to touch the children.

The really devastating thing was that we all knew what was going on with this child. We all knew what the problem was, Kraft said. She didnt have her mother, and none of us can fix that.

The girl had been taken from her mother the night before and brought to this shelter that had been redecorated for children under age 12, Kraft said staffers told her.

President Trump told reporters June 15 that he hates "to see separation of parents and children," but that "Democrats forced that law upon our nation." (AP)

The little girl is among the multitude of immigrant children who have been separated from their family as part of the Trump administrations zero-tolerance policy, meaning any adult who crosses the border illegally will face criminal prosecution. That also means parents were taken to federal jails while their children were sent to shelters.

Nearly 2,000 immigrant children were separated from their parents during six weeks in April and May, according to...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The family separation policy isnt being used just as a deterrent, but also as a bargaining chip.

Vanity Fair
JUNE 16, 2018 4:29 PM

Over the last two months, the Trump administration has forcibly taken about 2,000 children away from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border and placing them in detention centers as a deterrent against illegal immigration. The new border policy has inspired outrage, nationwide protests, and a number of ACLU lawsuits, and even Donald Trump has said that this horrible and cruel practice must end.

I hate the children being taken away, Trump told reporters on Friday morning. The Democrats have to change their lawthats their law.

But its not their law. In fact, its not a law at all.

Trump has been continuously citing an immigration and border protection policy implemented by the Obama administration that placed hundreds of families in immigration detention centers at the height of the 2014 migrant crisis, when there was a surge in unaccompanied minors and women fleeing violence in Central America. In other cases, children would be separated from parents facing criminal prosecution, as they would not be able to accompany them into federal detention centers. But previous administrations made allowances for immigrants traveling with childrenmany of them seeking asylum in the U.S.allowing the families to stay together while being processed. The Trump administration, however, has decided that all adults crossing the border must be criminally prosecuted, with no exceptions. The new zero tolerance policy put in place by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in April requires that children are taken away from their parents and are treated as unaccompanied minors, as if they tried to cross the border alone.

White House chief of staff John Kelly, when asked about the policy last month, referred to it as a deterrent. Critics say it is more akin to child abuse. Theres ample evidence that taking children from their parents at such young ages (many of them are younger than 4) causes lasting developmental and emotional damage. What we find from a neurobiological sense is t...


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Nearly 2,000 Children Have Been Separated From Their Families During Trump Border Crackdown
June 16, 2018

Nearly 2,000 children were separated from their families during a six-week period in April and May, as the Trump Administration cracked down on illegal immigration with a zero-tolerance policy of separating families at the border.

From April 19 through May 31, there were 1,995 children separated from 1,940 adults by U.S. Border Patrol, a spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) confirmed on Saturday.

The figures represent families who were separated because of illegal entry, immigration violations, possible criminal conduct by the parent, and cases where officials could not verify the family relationship, the DHS spokesperson said.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced in early May that officials would separate parents and children who are caught illegally crossing the border while prosecuting the parents for a federal misdemeanor. While the parents are incarcerated, children who are not charged with a crime are separated and kept in juvenile facilities with no clear process for reunification. In the past, families in this situation have typically been subject to civil deportation proceedings instead of criminal prosecution.

The Trump Administrations controversial new policy sparked outrage this week, as more stories emerged about families who had been unexpectedly separated and as visits by reporters to juvenile immigration shelters shed light on the facilities where many of those children now find themselves.

Sessions defended the separation policy this week by citing the bible, after religious leaders, including a cardinal in the Catholic Church, called the separation of families immoral.


Pan-African News Wire "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Just the Fear of a Trade War Is Straining the Global Economy
The ThyssenKrupp steel mill in Duisburg, Germany. At factories from Germany to Mexico, orders are being cut and investments delayed. CreditLukas Schulze/Getty Images

By Peter S. Goodman, Ian Austen and Elisabeth Malkin
New York Times
June 16, 2018

LONDON Only a few months ago, the global economy appeared to be humming, with all major nations growing in unison. Now, the worlds fortunes are imperiled by an unfolding trade war.

As the Trump administration imposes tariffs on allies and rivals alike, provoking broad retaliation, global commerce is suffering disruption, flashing signs of strains that could hamper economic growth. The latest escalation came on Friday, when President Trump announced fresh tariffs on $50 billion in Chinese goods, prompting swift retribution from Beijing.

As the conflict broadens, shipments are slowing at ports and airfreight terminals around the world. Prices for crucial raw materials are rising. At factories from Germany to Mexico, orders are being cut and investments delayed. American farmers are losing sales as trading partners hit back with duties of their own.

Workers in a Canadian steel mill scrambled to recall rail cars headed to the United States border after Mr. Trump this month slapped tariffs on imported metals. A Seattle customer soon canceled an order.

The impact was felt immediately, said Jon Hobbs president of AltaSteel in Edmonton. The penny is really dropping now as to what this means to peoples businesses.

The Trump administration portrays its confrontational stance as a means of forcing multinational companies to bring factory production back to American shores. Mr. Trump has described trade wars as easy to win while vowing to rebalance the United States trade deficits with major economies like China and Germany.

Mr. Trumps offensive may yet prove to be a negotiating tactic that threatens economic pain to force deals, rather than a move to a full-blown trade war. Americans appear to be better insulated than most from the consequences of trade hostilities. As a large economy in relatively strong shape, the United States can find domestic buyers for its goods and services when export opportun...

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Saturday, 16 June


UN envoy in Yemen for emergency talks on Hudaida crisis "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Griffiths is believed to be pushing deal for rebel leaders to cede control of Red Sea port to UN-supervised committee


UN Report determines that US is a "shithole country" "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Instead of corporate media basically ignoring the UN report, there should be screaming headlines. Philip Alston is the UN special rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights. He traveled to the United States last December to some of our most destitute communities such as Skid Row in LA, poor African American areas in the Alabama, impoverished coal communities in West Virginia and to Puerto Rico. He issued his report on June 1, 2018. It should be front page news.


Necessity to Expose Israels Self-indictments in Gaza Protests "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In May 2018 Gaza demonstrations, by its arrogant and aggressive stance toward legitimate demands of a people it has oppressed for decades, Israel indicted itself several times, validated Palestinian actions, and exposed its tyrannical manner. Translating Israels self-indictments to actions by the world community is an obligatory challenge for those who comprehend Israels oppressive policies.

One self-indictment

Israels effort to divert attention from its oppression by posing the protests as Hamas instigated and orchestrated. Kudos to an authority that coalesces a subjugated people and enables vocalization of legitimate demands to their oppressor. The Israeli government showed that Hamas is a well-organized authority, which has support of the Palestinian people, and by not engaging with this recognized authority, Israel deliberately closes all avenues to a peaceful resolution of the crises it has caused.

Regardless of who organized the demonstrations, the Gazans had legitimate demands to which any democratic government would respond with we hear your words, and will make amends. Israel replied with bullets, killing and wounding harmless demonstrators, causing more grief, and instilling more fear. Dubiously claiming that most of the casualties were Hamas militants is another self-indictment. Does Israel have the right to maim anyone it does not like?

History explains the demands of the Gazan Palestinians

Coastal territory awarded to the Palestinians in the United Nations Partition Plan extended to Ashdod, 38 kilometers above Gaza. Contrary to Israels claim of being attacked in the 1948 war, the Egyptian army tried to protect the Palestinian state and refrained from entering into territory awarded to the Jewish state. Egypts army stopped at Ashdod, crossed the Negev, proceeded to defend Beer Sheeva, which had also been awarded to a Palestinian state, and continued through Palestinian territory to safeguard Hebron. The Egyptian army did not try to occupy territory awarded to Ben Gurions government. Regard Al-Majdal, one of many towns in Palestinian territory, captured by Israel.

In August 1950, Israel expelled and trucked Al-Majdals 1000-2000 inhabitants to Gaza. According to Eyal Kafkafi (1998): Segregation or integration of the Israeli Arabs two concepts in MapaiInternational Journal of Middle East Studies 30: 347-367, David Ben-Gurion and Moshe Dayan promoted the expulsion, while Pinhas Lavon, secretary-general of the Histadrut, wished to turn the town into a productive example of equal opportunity for the Arabs. The Egyptian-Israel Mixed Armistice Commission ruling that the Arabs transferred from Al-Majdal should be returned to Israel was never fulfilled. Why?

The nightmares for the residents f...


Senators Call On Pentagon To Fully Disclose Its Role In Saudi-Led War In Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Three US senators have demanded that the Pentagon immediately reveals the full extent of US military support to the Saudi-led coalition that just launched an attack on Yemens key port city of Hudaydah, which has [...]

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Please, let Ochereome Nnanna go! "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In one of my earliest columns after President Muhammadu Buhari was sworn -in in 2015, I predicted that the president would preside over a divided nation. The existing animosity and mutual suspicion among all the ethnic groups, I had insisted would be more pronounced.   My position was a function of the campaign of calumny []

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French Forces On The Ground In Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

French special forces are reportedly present on the ground in Yemen supporting the Saudi-led military operation in the port city of Hudaydah A report in Le Figaro newspaper on Saturday cited two military sources but provided no further [...]

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Maine: Man dies after brutal beating by Muslim migrant mob in Lewiston park "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Press Herald doesnt see fit to mention the fact that this teen mob was made up of Somali Muslim migrants. Why cover this up? Because apparently Lewiston officials, as well as the local media there, are intent upon covering up migrant crime, so that the non-Muslim natives will remain ignorant and complacent regarding the []


A Palestinian disfigured by tear gas canister reflects on change in his life "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


Gazan disfigured by tear gas canister says it was like death
The National (UAE) 14 June by Nagham Mohanna The gruesome photos show a man desperately grasping at his throat for air as smoke pours from his cheek. The young Palestinian falls to the floor, bloodied, as the gas continues to spew out of the hole in his face. A tear gas canister fired by an Israeli soldier had directly hit Haitham Abu Sabla in the head, penetrating the front of the left side of his skull. The incident at a Gaza border protest on 8 June left the 23-year-old on life support after the canister was surgically removed. Witnesses say he was standing hundreds of metres from the border fence, watching stone-throwers at a rally east of the southern city of Khan Younis. Haitham, who has since been taken off of critical care, speaks exclusively to The National in his first interview after the horrific injury. It was like death, I didnt think I would survive, Haitham said, describing his feelings while pointing to his throat with his right hand, as though trying once again to stop the gas from entering his body. As he lies in the first floor of Khan Younis Nasser Hospital, a bandage covering the lower left side of his face where the canister hit and surrounded by seven family members and friends, Haitham mumbles what he remembers of the moment that would change his life. I saw the Israeli sniper looking at me, then he fired toward me, he said. I was just standing, I didnt do anything else He lives with 15 other family members in a small home and has no job to accrue an income. The Friday protests were his outlet and he never missed one, his family said. But that Israeli canister may now leave him unable to eat as he once did, disfigurement of the face and the long-term effects of gas entering his body. We did not see a case like Haithams before, Dr Hossam Al Majaida, head of the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Nasser Hospital told The National. The gas canister stayed for 45 minutes in his face until we made a plan to start to operate on him. It means that the gas continued to enter to his body for a long time and that will affect him in the long term. Haithams only hope now is that he can leave Gaza to receive the treatment he requires. He has a fracture in his upper jaw, and a breakdown in his left mouth muscle, while losing most of his teeth, the doctor continued. He needs to get out of Gaza to continue treatment or he will have a permanent malformation in his face. [I you can stand to look at some awful photos, look here at...


Promoting diversity? Non-Muslim teacher wears full face veil, reads from Koran in Swiss school "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A teacher in Switzerland has made headlines after wearing a full face veil and reading passages from the Koran out loud during a lesson on Islam, local media reports. The stunt was apparently aimed at promoting diversity. "She [the teacher] came into class completely veiled without warning and started reading lines from [the] Koran out loud", students from a vocational school in the Swiss capital told local 20 Minuten newspaper. Though nobody is said to have left the class, the extraordinary move raised a few eyebrows. Some of the students claimed later that "it did not belong in a classroom," the news outlet reports. The video released by 20 Minuten claims to show the teacher in question wearing a niqab - a Muslim face-covering veil - reading passages from the Koran. Some of the words are bleeped out. The teacher, however, is not a Muslim and reportedly bought the niqab during a vacation in Egypt.


France to take in Aquarius ship migrants "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Madrid said Saturday it had accepted an offer from France to take in migrants from the Aquarius rescue ship, currently en route to Spain with more than 600 people on board.

The French government will work together with the Spanish government to handle the arrival of the migrants scheduled for Sunday, Spains deputy prime minister Carmen Calvo said in a statement.

Image result for Aquarius, ship, photos

France will accept migrants who express the wish to go there once they have been processed in Valencia, the statement said.

The vessel is at the heart of a major migration row between European Union member states.

Chartered by a French aid group, the vessel rescued 629 migrants including many children and pregnant women off Libyas cost last weekend.

Italys new populist government and Malta refused to let it dock in their ports, accusing each other of failing to meet their humanitarian and EU commitments.

Medecins Sans Frontieres/AFP | This handout picture from French non-governmental organisation Medecins Sans Frontieres shows migrants on board the MV Aquarius as it makes it way to Spain after being refused permission to dock in Italy

Spain eventually stepped in and agreed to receive the refugees.

France who had angered Rome by branding it irresponsible over the vessel rejection offered Thursday to welcome Aquarius migrants who meet the criteria for asylum.

The ship is making the 1,500-kilometre (930-mile) voyage to Spain accompanied by an Italian coast guard vessel, which has taken on board some of the migrants.

High waves and winds forced the convoy to take a detour on the way.

The plight of the Aquarius has again highlighted the failure of EU member states to work together to deal with the influx of migrant arrivals since 2015.

After Romes decision to ban the Aquarius, French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte met on Friday and agreed that the EU should set up asylum processing centres in Africa to prevent voyages of death.

They also demanded profound changes to the EUs asylum rules which put the migrant burden on their port of entry to Europe mainly Italy and Greece.

Italys far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini warned Sat...


The Hitler of South Africa Tells White People, He Wont Kill Them Yet "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Earlier this week while most of the world was transfixed on the World Cup, the Trump/Kim handshake, or a multitude of other sundry events, Julius Malema, aka the Hitler of South Africa, was busy telling white people in his country that hes not going wage genocide against them. Yet. In an interview with TRT World News published this []


Yemen: Saudi coalition claims to have control of Hodeidah airport "IndyWatch Feed Africa"


The Houthi-held port city has been the site of intense fighting since Wednesday


US senators request Pentagon to fully disclose its role in Saudi-led war in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Three US senators have called on the Pentagon to immediately reveal the extent of US military support to the Saudi-led Arab coalition that launched an attack on Hodeidah, a key port city and last humanitarian lifeline in Yemen. "We call on you to immediately disclose the full extent of the US military role in the Saudi-led war against Yemen's Houthis, including the use of special operations forces; disclose any role that the Pentagon is currently performing, has been asked to perform, or is considering performing regarding an attack on the port of Hodeida," says the letter sent to Defense Secretary James Mattis on Friday, and signed by Senators Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut) Sanders, Lee and Murphy also asked Mattis to "issue a public declaration opposing this impending assault," and restate the Trump administration's position that Saudi Arabia and other participants in the conflict "should accept an immediate ceasefire and move toward a political settlement."


World Cup 2018: France beat Australia 2-1 "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Paul Pogba scored a late goal to earn France a hard-fought 2-1 win against Australia as technology played a major part in their opening World Cup Group C game on Saturday. Midfielder Pogba, who was criticised after recent below-par performances, found the back of the net with a lob after a fine one-two with second-half []

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Saudi-led coalition frees Yemens Hodeidah airport, begins de-mining operations "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Image result for Houthi, photos

Forces from the Arab Coalition entered the airport in Yemens main port city on Saturday, the coalition-backed Yemeni military said, in the biggest offensive of the coalitions war against the Iran-aligned Houthis.

Victory for the coalition in their first attempt to capture a strategic part of a well-defended city could put the Houthis in their weakest position since the conflict erupted three years ago.

A defeat would also cut off supply lines to the Houthi-controlled capital, Sanaa, and possibly force the movement to negotiate.

Army forces backed by the resistance and the Arab coalition freed Hodeidah international airport from the grip of the Houthi militia, the media office of the pro-alliance Yemeni military said on Twitter on Saturday.

Troops have surrounded the main airport compound but have not seized it, a Yemeni military source and residents said.

We need some time to make sure there are no gunmen, mines or explosive in the building, the military source said. The militarys media office said technical teams were de-mining the surrounding area.

Fighting in the airport area led to the closure of the northern entrance of Hodeidah, which leads to Sanaa, residents said.

That has blocked a key exit out of the city and made it more difficult to transport goods from the port, the countrys largest, to mountainous regions.

UN envoy lands in Hodeidah

The UN envoy for Yemen arrived in the militia-held capital Sanaa for talks on the key aid port.

Martin Griffiths is expected to propose to militia leaders that they cede control of the Red Sea port to a UN-supervised committee to avoid further fighting with advancing government troops which are backed by the Arab coalition.

Seized entrance

Yemeni forces backed by Arab states seized the entrance to the airport in Yemens main port city on Friday, in an offensive against the Houthi militia.


The swift advance was an important early success for the Yemeni forces, which launched the operation in Hodeidah four days ago and says it can liberate the city quickly enough to avoid interr...


Italy bans more migrant rescue boats No human cargo in Italys ports "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Italys Interior Minister Matteo Salvini on Saturday warned another migrant rescue mission off the Libyan coast that it would not be allowed to land its human cargo at an Italian port.

The new rightwing and anti-immigrant Italian government last week banned the French NGO operated vessel the Aquarius, with more than 600 rescued migrants on board, from docking in Italy, causing uproar and a sharp spat with France.

SOS MEDITERRANEE/AFP | A migrant onboard the Aquarius rescue ship as it heads towards Spain

Spain subsequently offered to take the Aquarius and it is expected at the port of Valencia on Sunday.

Salvini showed no sign Saturday of softening his position.

While the Aquarius is sailing towards Spain, two other Dutch NGO operated vessels (Lifeline and Seefuchs) have arrived off the Libyan coast, to wait for their human cargos once the people smugglers abandon them, Salvini said in a Facebook post.

These people should know that Italy no longer wants to be any part of this business of clandestine immigration and they will have to look for other ports to go to, he said.

As minister and as a father, I take this action for the benefit of all, he added.

After Romes decision to ban the Aquarius, French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte met on Friday and agreed that the EU should set up asylum processing centres in Africa to prevent voyages of death.

At their meeting in Paris, Macron and Conte also demanded profound changes to the EUs asylum rules which put the migrant burden on their port of entry to Europe mainly Italy and Greece.



Ethiopian Prime Minister Visits Somalia "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The new Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, has arrived in the Somali capital Mogadishu amid tight security. Ahmed was received at the airport by Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo. In a message posted on Twitter, Farmajo told the Ethiopian prime minister: Welcome to Mogadishu your excellency its an honor to host you and your []



Stories of resilience and growth from drought hit Somalia, with UN projects "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Meet two farmers and two female entrepreneurs, whosupported by the Somalia Emergency Drought Response and Recovery Project (SEDRP)share their experiences of grit, hope, and resilience despite years of drought and famine risks. In observation of World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, delve into four stories of resilience from desert lands in Somalia. Meet two []



Kenya: Mandera farmers count losses after River Dawa breaks banks, ask for help "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Farmers in Mandera are counting losses for the third time this year after their lands were submerged when River Dawa burst its banks. In Mandera East Sub-County, Mr Ali Hassan Hamo, who grows onions, water melons and maize says his losses amount to more than Sh3 million. We have had floods since March. Unfortunately, the []



South Africa: Malmesbury Mosque attacker had been treated for bipolar disorder VIDEO "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The man who killed two worshipers inside the Malmesbury mosque before he was shot dead by police is understood to have been treated for bipolar disorder previously and had no history of violence, said Amir Sheikh, chairperson of the Somali Community Board of SA. As worshipers try to make sense of the attacks that took []



Saudi-led Coalition Captures Al-Hudaydah Airport, Repels Houthis Attack In al-Tuhayat (Photos, Map) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

On June 16, the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies captured the al-Hudaydah airport, south of the port city, along the western Yemeni coast, according to the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV. Yemeni sources said that heavy clashes between the coalition and the Houthis are currently taking place north of the airport.

Saudi-led Coalition Captures Al-Hudaydah Airport, Repels Houthis Attack In al-Tuhayat (Photos, Map)

Click to see full-size map

A day earlier, the Saudi-led coalition managed to reach the southern entrance of the airport after conducting more than 300 airstrikes on the Houthis positions and troops there. Sources in the Saudi-backed forces claimed that 255 fighters of the Houthis were killed and 500 others were injured since the beginning of the coalition attack on the airport.

Meanwhile, the Sky News Arabia TV reported that the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies repelled an attack of the Houthis on their positions in the district of al-Tuhayat, 65km south of al-Hudaydah. According to the TV station, coalition forces killed 35 fighters of the Houthis and captured 80 others during the clashes in the district.

Once the airport of al-Hudaydah is secured, the Saudi-led coalition will begin advancing towards the city itself. Unlike the open areas around the airport, the urban areas inside al-Hudaydah may allow the Houthis to organize an effective defense.

Photos from the port of al-Hydaydah:


Yemen The Starvation Siege Has Begun "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Saudis and Emirates have the active support of Britain and the United States. The attack on Hodeidah, the siege on all Houthi controlled territory and the coming famine can still stopped. Britain and the U.S., the Saudis and the Emirates are on the verge of committing a war crime that will exceed the war on Iraq by any measure.


French special forces on the ground in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

French special forces are present on the ground in Yemen with forces from the United Arab Emirates, French newspaper Le Figaro reported on Saturday, citing two military sources.

The newspaper gave no further information about their activities. The Defence Ministry was not immediately available for comment, but its usual policy is not to comment on special forces operations.

A French parliamentary source recently told Reuters French special forces were in Yemen.

Forces from an Arab alliance entered the airport in Yemens main port city on Saturday, in the biggest battle of the coalitions war against the Iran-aligned Houthi movement.

Image result for France, special forces, photos
File Photo

The French Defence Ministry said on Friday that France was studying the possibility of carrying out a mine-sweeping operation to provide access to the port of Hodeidah once the coalition had wrapped up its military operations.

The ministry stressed that France at this stage had no military operations in the Hodeidah region and was not part of the Saudi-led coalition.

France, along with the United States and Britain, backs the Arab coalition in the Yemen conflict and provides weapons to both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Reporting by Leigh Thomas and John Irish; Editing by Adrian Croft




South Africa: Violent and Illegal Eviction Underway at the Barcelona 2 Transit Camp, #Lamontville "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Mayor Zandile Gumede has started her dealing with Abahlali.

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

This morning at around 10:00 a.m. the Anti-Land Invasion Unit, accompanied by heavily armed security guards, attacked the Barcelona 2 Transit Camp in Lamontville. It is a short walk from where Sibonelo Mpeku, our chairperson in the Sisonke Village land occupation, was kidnapped and murdered on 19 Novemberlast year.

No court order was provided therefore this is eviction, carried out at gunpoint, is an illegal and criminal act. 

Barcelona 2 is a so called transit camp that was built by the Municipality to hide impoverishment and homelessness during the 2010 Fifa World Cup. Many families were forcibly evicted from their homes and moved into transit camps.

Transit camps were also used by the apartheid regime. They are like concentration camps used to hide impoverished black people and to take control over their communities. They are not fit for human beings. It is incredible that a democratically elected black government would do this to our people.

The people moved into Barcelona 2 were told that they would not stay there for longer than three to six months. They have now been there for more than seven years. The houses that were meant for them were instead given to ANC members via SANCO and people claiming to be MK veterans. 

The Councillor in the Ward is Eunice Khanyile. A large number of ANC supporters in the ward refused to vote for her in the last local government election and instead voted for an independent candidate. After the election there were sustained claims of fraud. Boxes of ballot papers were found at a local dumpsite.

We managed to hold a meeting despite the ongoing attack on the community. The residents reported that Khanyile has said that she is cleansing the area of amaMpondo....


Policemen, Soldiers exchange gunfire in Aba "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

It was more of a Hollywood war film yesterday in Aba, Abia State, as soldiers believed to be attached to the Forward Operation Base and Mobile Policemen engaged in heavy shoot out over alleged assault on one of them. The shoot out, which created tension and panic around Osisioma Ngwa junction along the Enugu []

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Ronaldo gets two-year jail in Spain "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Portuguese soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has reached a deal with Spanish prosecutors in his tax-evasion case, agreeing to a massive fine and a prison sentence, though he is unlikely to serve any time because hes a first offender. The news was reported Friday by Spanish newspaper El Mundo. Ronaldo, who plays for La Liga club []

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APC Convention: Why APC govs, leaders are behind me Oshiomhole "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Immediate past Governor of Edo State and aspirant for the post of the National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, yesterday gave reasons why he is enjoying the support of APC governors and other party leaders across the nation ahead of the June 23 National Convention of the party. Oshiomhole []

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Ortoms wife warns against trafficking of IDP children "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Wife of the Benue State Governor, Mrs. Eunice Ortom, has cautioned against trafficking of displaced children for farming or business activities in parts of the country. Ortom who gave the warning yesterday at LGEA Central Primary School Gbajimba, one of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps in Guma Local Government Area of the state, said []

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Namibia the huge cost of repairing Etoshas fences "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Namibian Sun
Ellanie Smit,
June 14, 2018
The environment ministry has confirmed it will need N$500 million each year
over the next five financial years to complete the elephant- and
predator-proof fence around Etosha National Park.

This is for the materials and construction associated with the mammoth
project and follows previous ministry statements, which said it would need
N$419 million to complete the fence over a ten-year period.

While outlining several challenges including limited financing over the
years and contractor delays the ministrys director of planning and
technical services, Boas Erkki, also retracted a recent statement that only
112km of the fence had been completed over the past six years.

He said it was likely that 145km of the 842km boundary fence would be
completed by the end of this year.

With regard to the N$419 million figure previously released by the
ministry, he said that was only for a section of the fence.

The boundary consists of various types of fencing at various stages. The
predominant fence is a 1.8m-high, game-proof fence, and the rest is
approximately 80km of stock-proof fence that is 1.2m high.

The fence was erected in the early 1960s and has badly deteriorated in some

To improve the status of Etoshas boundary fence, the ministry has since
2010 started with the construction and electrification of an elephant- and
predator-proof fence which consists of mesh and steel wire, cabling and

According to Erkki, a total of 118km of the 370km northern boundary fence
has already been upgraded, of which 70km has been electrified.

With regard to the Karos fence in the south-western part of Etosha, he said
27km of the fence would be completed this year in two sections. At what is
known as section K1, 12km of the fence is 70% complete. At K2 60% of the
15km is completed.

However, challenges remain. According to Erkki, certain sections of the
upgraded 118km fence must already be redone because of a lack of regular
maintenance. Figures indicate that maintenance of the fence alone will cost
N$10 million.

Capacity Issues

He added there was also a lack of manpower to maintain the fence, adding
there were only 30 ministry staff working in Etosha.

?There is a lack of a proper dedicated fencing team to look after the

He explained that even if a fence was repaired in the morning, migrating...


United States government theocratic xenophobia "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

This video from the USA says about itself:

Rev. William Barber: Jeff Sessions Using Religion to Justify Family Separations Is Biblical Heresy

15 June 2018

More than 300 Catholic bishops have blasted the Trump administrations immigration policies, calling for an end to the separation of migrant children from their parents and condemning Attorney General Jeff Sessionss policy of ending the right of domestic violence survivors to seek asylum in the United States.

On Thursday, Sessions quoted the Bible to justify his departments immigration policies. Sessions was speaking to an invitation-only crowd in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13 to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained the government for his purposes, stated Sessions. Critics seized on his reference to Romans 13, noting it was a favorite passage of defenders of the Confederacy used to justify slavery. We speak to the Rev. William Barber.


Budding songster, Tino Tipsy, releases new songFresh "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Fast rising singer, Paul Egbule, better known as Tino Tipsy is a Nigerian singer and songwriter whose music delivery is unique. With several other songs to his credit, Tino Tipsy, is out with a brand new song titled Fresh as produced, mixed and mastered by Brym. The SBG record act was born in Warri Delta []

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Visit National Orthopaedic Hospital, lose your limbs Patients "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

An orthopaedic hospital is supposed to be a place where issues that have to do with bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons are treated. But what happens to patients in some of such hospitals leaves much to be desired. JOSEPH AGUMAGU, reports   The day started well for 76-yearold grandmother, who identified herself simply as []

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Eid-el-Fitr: Govs, politicians, others felicitate with Muslims, preach peace "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

As Nigerian Muslims join their counterparts all over the world to celebrate this years Eid-el- Fitr, the Islamic end of Ramadan fast, notable personalities including politicians and clerics, have felicitated with the faithful while admonishing them to continue to abide by the lessons of the holy period. In many places monitored by our correspondents, many []

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Suspect lavishes mum with sweet words on her birthday Friends praise, mock him on social media Police seal off politicians home in Kwara   In this no-holds-barred report, a special team of Saturday Telegraph correspondents, detailed from the Lagos headoffice of this newspaper, unraveled whom the Offa robbery kingpin, Ayoade Akinnibosun is. Until his arrest []



Malawi differing views over poaching "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Think there is a propaganda element and a great deal of exaggeration in the African Parks statement that most of the animal species in the countrys game reserves were now extinct as a result of poaching, except of course in the ones managed by African Parks. KS

allAfrica/Malawi News Agency

Blantyre Experts have expressed different views over the rate of illegal killing of wild animals in both government and privately managed game reserves and protected areas.

On its part, government says the rate of poaching has reduced in all the game reserves especially in areas under the management of African Parks Malawi (APM). It has been observed that the crimes have only shown signs of decreasing in places that are under co-management.

On Tuesday, APM Country Director, Patricio Ndadzera told Malawi News Agency (Mana) that the rate at which wild animals were being killed has reached an all-time low in game reserves being managed by government and private players.

Governments partnership with African Parks has reduced acts of poaching in places that are co-managed. However, the numbers are still as high in those that are single handedly being run by government, said Ndadzera.

He attributed the increasing cases of poaching in such places to lack of resources in most national parks and game reserves, adding that most of the animal species in the countrys game reserves were now extinct as a result of poaching.

Poaching has led to the struggle of many game reserves. A good example is Lengwe National Park that is struggling to operate.

This has left infrastructure in shambles, turning it into a liability other than an asset, said Ndadzera. In a separate interview, Director of National Parks and Wildlife, Bright Kumchedwa admitted that government and its partners were still grappling with the problem of poaching.

However, Kumchedwa was quick to point out that the crimes have reduced reasonably, saying: The problem of poaching still persists but at a reduced rate. The situation cannot however be compared to some three years ago when it was worrisome.

Kumchedwa cited Kasungu and Liwonde national parks as places that have seen a steady reduction in such malpractices.



The Charge of the Light Brigade" "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The Charge of the Light Brigade"
 Compiled By CP

All the talk about war, with N. Korea, with Russia, with China, with Iran... "operations" in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, seemingly everywhere, and endless. Perhaps Mankind does indeed have a death wish- a certain segment of it certainly appears to- and all of history has been mere preparation for some final nuclear-war apocalyptic event. I don't know, but it made me think of this event in history, among others, and I thought I'd share it with you. Food for thought, at least... - CP

All the talk of history is of nothing almost but fighting and killing, and the honor and renown which are bestowed on conquerors, who, for the most part, are mere butchers of mankind, mislead growing youth, who, by these means, come to think slaughter the most laudable business of mankind, and the most heroic of virtue. - John Locke

The Charge of the Light Brigade was a charge of British cavalry led by Lord Cardigan against Russian forces during the Battle of Balaclava on 25 October 1854 in the Crimean War. The charge was the...


Why There Wont Be a Yemeni Version of the White Helmets "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Yemeni White Helmets(ZHE Op-ed)  Have you noticed the almost complete lack of video footage showing the ongoing Arab and US coalition aerial bombardment of Yemens key port city of Al Hudaydah? Reuters reports the following: People are scared. The warships are terrifying and warplanes are flying overhead all the time,university student Amina, 22, who lives near the port, told Reuters by telephone. []


UN Rejects Plan for Immediate Ceasefire in Yemen Port "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

(ANTIWAR.COM)  A Swedish call at the UN Security Council for an immediate ceasefire in the Yemen port of Hodeidah was derailed during a closed session Friday. The US and Britain both expressed opposition to the measure, designed to prevent Saudi-led forces attacking a port responsible for feeding 8.4 million civilians. Britain insisted on the meeting being a closed session, []


War of Aggression: The Saudi & UAE Slaughter in Yemen isnt a Proxy Conflict with Iran "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Alongside their throttlehold over which reporters can visit what parts of Yemen, and thus what story they can tell, Saudi and Emirati investments in public relations, lobbying, think-tanks, and political consultants are shaping the narrative about their war there. Headline writers, pundits, Wikipedia, news correspondents, and even some so-called experts frame the asymmetric conflict as a proxy war. Sunnis nations led by Saudi Arabia are battling Shi`a Iran and its regional proxies, the story goes; the worlds worst man-made humanitarian disaster thus appears as un-named collateral damage.

French special forces on the ground in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

French special forces are present on the ground in Yemen with forces from the United Arab Emirates, French newspaper Le Figaro reported on Saturday, citing two military sources.

THE SWAMP: Judge Who Jailed Manafort Also Cleared Hillary Clinton In Benghazi Case "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The judge appointed by Barack Obama who put Paul Manafort in jail this week previously cleared Hillary Clinton of responsibility for the deaths of four American servicemen in Benghazi, Libya in 2012. Manafort was put in jail for allegedly engaging in witness tampering, but most people see the jailing as a fraud to divert public attention away from the IG report that slammed James Comey and bolstered President Donald Trumps arguments against the corrupt Deep State.

UN Rejects Plan for Immediate Ceasefire in Yemen Port "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A Swedish call at the UN Security Council for an immediate ceasefire in the Yemen port of Hodeidah was derailed during a closed session Friday. The US and Britain both expressed opposition to the measure, designed to prevent Saudi-led forces attacking a port responsible for feeding 8.4 million civilians. Britain insisted on the meeting being a closed session, meaning specific comments during the hearing, and the reiteration from UN officials of the humanitarian crisis threatening to kill millions, would not be done for the public to see.


Killings: Im no longer the CSO of Zamfara Yari "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

urges indigenes to seek Gods help   Zamfara State Governor Abdulaziz Yari, yesterday said he had dropped his responsibility as Chief Security Officer (CSO) of the state as he had no control over security machinery in the state. Speaking to journalists in Talata-Mafara, Yari said his decision stemmed from the seeming helplessness of the state []

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Anti-Buhari elements are public looters Kalu "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Former Abia State Governor, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, yesterday in Daura, Katsina State, condemned those trying to frustrate President Muhammadu Buharis re-election bid, describing them as treasury looters. Speaking during his sensitisation effort to promote the second term ambition of President Buhari, Kalu said there were many people who were bent on frustrating Buharis re-election []

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Buhari: Im medically fit to face challenges "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

says hes suffered for Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed that he is now medically fit to face the countrys numerous economic and political problems. The President stated this yesterday while receiving a delegation of residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) led by the Minister, Mohammed Bello and other well wishers, during a homage []

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Encomiums as Aboderin is buried "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Nigerians from all walks of life were in Ikoyi yesterday to bid a final farewell to the Chairman of PUNCH Nigeria Limited, Mr. Gbadebowale Aboderin, who died on May 30, at the age of 60. The funeral service of the late media icon, which held earlier at the Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral, GRA, Ikeja, []

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My probe, relationship with president, by Babachir Lawal "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Babachir Lawal, has said he is happy with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)s investigations into allegations of corruption against him. Lawal stated this yesterday during an interview with Channels Televisions Hard Copy. He said: I like it (the investigation). In fact, I had []

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We are ready for Croatia, Eagles declare "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Mikel, Onazi, Omeruo dare Balkans   Since France 1998, the Super Eagles have not won their World Cup opening match but the current team has vowed to halt that unflattering streak when they face Croatia at the Kaliningrad Stadium today. The Eagles shock 3-2 defeat of starstudded Spain in 1998 was their last victory in []

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How houseboy burnt naval officer "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

         strangled officers girlfriend   Please help me! I didnt mean to kill them. I was so angry. Please help me to beg these policemen. Intervene on my behalf. Im so sorry. This statement is the voice of Mr Taddues Jaja, 28, a houseboy to a naval officer, Lieutenant Abubakar Yahaya Yusuf, serving at Port []

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OMOBA YEMISI SHYLLON: Being Africas la rgest art collector, reward for my passion "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

With his vast collection of art works and his house standing as an embodiment of the beauty of African art and culture, it comes as no surprise that Omoba Yemisi Shyllon is the largest collector of art in Africa. The successful businessman, who is a qualified lawyer, engineer, chartered stockbroker among others, spoke to ADEDAYO []

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Kwese ambassador role excites Oshoala "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

2017 African Womens Footballer of the Year, Asisat Oshoala, is on cloud nine after she was unveiled as brand ambassador in Nigeria for sports TV station, Kwes Free Sports. The Nigeria professional footballer and Dalian Quanjian F.C. forward, will become the face of the Kwes Free Sports brand promoting the channels sporting content and supporting []

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Nigerians must de-emphasise parties for competent candidates Ogunbanjo "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Ademola Ogunbanjo is a governorship aspirant of the Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) in Ogun State. The 44-year-old spoke with KUNLE OLAYENI on his vision and mission ahead of the 2019 elections. Excerpts   If given the mandate to govern the state, with the reality on ground, dont you feel your manifesto seems Utopian? The []

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UN Rejects Plan To Demand Immediate Ceasefire In Yemen Port "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

The UN security council rejected a move to demand an immediate end to the fighting around the strategic port. The 15-strong body failed to agree to a statement calling on forces led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to implement a ceasefire, with the US and UK both voicing opposition to the text introduced by Sweden. The council instead called for restraint and urged all sides to uphold their obligations under international humanitarian law in fighting for the city currently held by rebel Houthi forces. The International Committee of the Red Cross warned on Friday that more and more fighters were arriving in Hodeidah, a city with a population of around 600,000 people.


Dark Precedents: Matteo Salvini, the MV Tampa and Refugees "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

In August 2001, Australias dour Prime Minister John Howard demonstrated to the world what his countrys elite soldiers could do. Desperate, close to starvation and having been rescued at sea from the Palapa I in the Indian Ocean, refugees and asylum seekers on the Norwegian vessel, the MV Tampa, were greeted by the crack troops of the Special Air Services.

A bitter, politicised standoff ensued.  The Norwegian vessel had initially made its way to the Indonesian port of Merak, but then turned towards the Australian territory of Christmas Island.  Howard, being the political animal he was, had to concoct a crisis to distract.  The politics of fear had a better convertibility rate than the politics of hope.

Australian authorities rebuked and threatened the container ships captain, claiming that if Rinnan refused to change course from entering Australias territorial sea, he would be liable to prosecution for people smuggling.  The vessel was refused docking at Christmas Island.  As was remarked a few years later by Mary Crock in the Pacific Rim Law and Policy Journal, The stand taken by Australia in August 2001 set a precedent that, if followed by other refugee receiving countries, could only worsen the already deplorable problems facing asylum seekers in the world today.

And so it has transpired. Italys response to the migrant rescue ship, MV Aquarius, eerily evoked the Tampa and its captains plight.  The charity ship, carrying some 629 African refugees, found all Italian ports closed to it under the express orders of Matteo Salvini, who has debuted in stormy fashion as Italys new deputy prime minister and minister for the interior.

Salvini had, at first instance, pressed Malta to accept the human cargo, but only got an offer of assistance with air evacuations.  The good God, he bitterly surmised, put Malta closer to Africa than Sicily.  The result was initial diplomatic inertia, followed by growing humanitarian crisis, and a Spanish offer to accept the vessel.

The situation clearly, as it did in the case of the Tampa, was calculated for maximum political bruising.  One of Salvinis many political hats is federal secretary of the populist Lega party, which capitalised, along with the Five Star Movement, on the shambles of Prime Minister Giuseppe Contes failure to form a government in May.  The nature of that calculation was made clearer by the uneventful rescue of 937 refugees off the Libyan coast who were taken to Catania in Sicily by the Italian warship, the Diciotti on Tuesday. Little fuss arose from that engagement.


Friday, 15 June


Remembering Dorothy Cotton, movement educator for democracy and freedom "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

by Lucas Johnson

Dorothy Cotton was the director of education for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference during the King years. (Twitter / @natcivilrightsmuseum)

On June 11, the world lost another veteran of the 20th century struggles for freedom and democracy. Dorothy Cotton, director of education for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, or SCLC, when it was led by Martin Luther King Jr., passed away at the age of 88.

As an invaluable member of a legendary team of preachers and organizers, she was one of the few women at SCLC to have served in a senior leadership position. Amid the efforts to register black voters in the segregated South, SCLC came to realize that registration was not enough for a population that had been disenfranchised for centuries. Cotton wanted people to understand the mechanisms of a government that had never really represented them or their interests and, ultimately, make that government their own a process that would involve much more than voting.

She devoted herself to this work in the 1960s, ensuring that black people were taught black history and lessons important to economic empowerment, alongside classes on the constitution and ways to pass literacy tests. After the movement years, she went on to become the director of student activities at Cornell University and, among other things, supported students who were organizing in solidarity with the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa.

I didnt meet Dorothy until long after she retired from Cornell. In 2012, Vincent Harding had asked me to join a historic delegation to Palestine that was being organized by the Dorothy Cotton Institute. I was uneasy about joining the delegation which was mainly veterans of the black freedom struggles of the 1950s and 60s but eventually agreed. It was a tremendous honor to be among such a remarkable group. Led by Cotton and Harding, the delegation was, in part, a testament to her commitment to education. Even before leaving, we read, discussed and shared insights. Since the delegation was composed mostly of African Americans and Jews, we delved into the complicated history of relationships between the two groups in the United States. But that w...


Reps and Dems join forces to stop US support of genocide and mass starvation in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Republicans and Democrats are coming together to call for an end the horrific military action in Yemen that has mercilessly killed thousands of women and children and has left millions of innocent civilians at risk for starvation. In a letter addressed to Defense Sec. James Mattis, Democratic Reps. Mark Pocan, Ro Khanna, Barbara Lee, and Ted Lieu; and Republican Reps. Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, and Walter Jones called for the United States to immediately end its support for the current military assault on a major port city in Yemen that is putting millions of lives at risk. As Modern Diplomacy reported this week, the U.S.-Saudi-UAE plan is to destroy the Yemenese port city of Al Hudaydah, which is the only entry-way by which food reaches approximately seven million Shiites, members of the Houthi tribe, who occupy the western third of Yemen, and who had recently ruled all of Yemen. The U.S. provides the weapons and the training, and the United Arab Emirates supplies the pilots for this operation, which is financed mainly by the Saudis. "We urge you to use all available means to avert a catastrophic military assault on Yemen's major port city of Hodeida by the Saudi-led coalition, and to present Congress with immediate clarification regarding the full scope of U.S. military involvement in that conflict. We remind you that three years into the conflict, active U.S. participation in Saudi-led hostilities against Yemen's Houthis has never been authorized by Congress, in violation of the Constitution."


Yemens Houthis Strike Back Amid Saudi-led Bombardment of Hodeida "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

HODEIDA, YEMEN Human rights organizations say the ongoing Saudi-led coalition attack on Hodeida threatens to cut the lifeline to millions of Yemenis, putting up to 18 million civilians at risk. Signs of a nascent humanitarian crisis are already clear amid an acute shortage of vital supplies in Hodeida and surrounding provinces as a result of this attack.

Despite Saudi attempts to starve Yemens Houthis into submission, the Houthi leadership shows no signs of retreat even in the face of the overwhelming invasion. Houthi leader Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi said in a televised speech on Tuesday,

Yemeni forces will do all in their power to push back invading forces and reclaim captured Hodeida. The western coast will turn into a big swamp for the invaders.

Although outgunned by the massive military force aligned against them, the Houthis and their allies have had some success in making the coalition pay a price for its siege of Hodeida.  

Yemens Army, allied with the Houthi government, launched a Soviet-era SCUD missile dubbed the Tushka against UAE troops and allied mercenaries gathering on the west-coast battlefront. The strike, which was based on intelligence reports derived from drones, killed or injured a dozen members of the invading forces, according to a Houthi military sources statement given to MintPress News. On Wednesday, the Houthis targeted a gathering of Saudi-UAE troops on the west coast with a domestically-produced Qaher 2M ballistic missile.

Translation | Rocket heavy losses reported in the ranks of the...


SA official: Calls to 'kill Boers' in South Africa affect all races, not just whites "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

Calls to kill Boers in South Africa are directed against farmers of all races, not necessarily whites, according to the head of the agriculture department, Mike Mlengana. "That is not the stance of our government... by the way if it is 'kill the Boer, kill the farmer,' it's killing me, because I am the Boer," said Mlengana, as quoted by News24 TV channel. "Boer means farmer... When they say kill the Boers, they are not just talking about whites, they are talking about farmers," Mlengana said. 'Boer' is the Dutch and Afrikaans noun for 'farmer' and also denotes the descendants of the then-Dutch-speaking settlers in southern Africa during the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, descendants of the Boers are also referred to as 'Afrikaners' - a South African ethnic group descended from predominantly Dutch settlers.


Plague Strikes Idaho: Officials Confirm First First Human Case Since 1992 "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

A child in Elmore County, Idaho has contracted the plague according to the state health officials. While the plague has been diagnosed in squirrels as recently as 2016, this marks the first human transmission in Idaho in over a quarter-century according to the Central District Health Department.

The child, whose age and sex are unknown, is currently recovering while receiving antibiotic treatment.

Officials are unsure whether the child contracted the plague at home in Idaho or during a recent trip to Oregon where there have been eight human cases of plague since 1990 vs. two in Idaho.

Plague epidemics have occurred in Africa, Asia, and South America but most human cases since the 1990s have occurred in Africa. Almost all of the cases reported in the last 20 years have occurred among people living in small towns and villages or agricultural areas rather than in larger towns and cities. CDC

Plague is spread to humans through a bite from an infected flea. People can decrease their risk by treating their pets for fleas and avoiding contact with wildlife, Sarah Correll, a Central District Health Department epidemiologist, said in a statement. Wear insect repellent, long pants and socks when visiting plague affected areas.

The symptoms of plague typically appear within two to six days of exposure, and include sudden fever, chills, headache and weakness. There is typically a painful swelling of the lymph nodes in the armpit, groin or neck.

Plague symptoms in animals include fever, loss of appetite and lethargy along with swollen lymph nodes under the jaw. Prompt diagnosis and immediate antibiotic treatment can greatly reduce the risk of death in both people and pets.

According to the...


Libyan National Armys Advance To Capture Derna Is At Its Final Stage (Map) "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

On June 15, the Libyan National Army (LNA) continued its advance in the center of the northeastern city of Derna and captured al-Muahshah, Shaabiat Ghazi, the al-Asta Omar school, the main office of the al-Jabal al-Akhdar company and the neighborhoods of al-Daman al-Ijtmai and al-Kab al-Ali, according to the Libyan outlet Africa Gate News.

Libyan National Army's Advance To Capture Derna Is At Its Final Stage (Map)

Click to see full-size map

Earlier this week, the LNA captured the district of al-Qalaa and secured the district of Shiha al-Sharqiyah in Derna after heavy clashes with the Shura Council of Mujahedeen in Derna (SCMD).

Africa Gate News said that LNA had slowed down its advance in Derna in order to avoid any civilian casualties and to deal with the threat of the SCMDs vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIEDs) and suicide bombers.

From its side, the SCMD appears to be on the verge of defeat, especially that its fighters failed to conduct any successful defensive operation against the LNA in Derna during the last three days.

The LNA will likely mange to neutralize the SCMD before the end of this month. Egypt and the UAE played a key role in the LNA success by supporting it financially, politically and even militarily through the air force.

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China, Libya Discuss Return of Chinese Companies to African Country Reports "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

(Sputnik) The Libyan authorities have established a committee to look into suspended projects started by Chinese firms, and other steps to resume active cooperation after the end of Eid holidays are being considered, Xinhua news agency reported Wednesday, citing Wang.

On Tuesday, the Chinese diplomat met with Fayez Sarraj, the prime minister of the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), while on Monday, he signed documents to provide medical aid to Libya, worth up to $6 million.

Libya signed multiple large-scale contracts with foreign companies back when Muammar Gaddafi was in power. Since 2011, when Gaddafis government was toppled, the country has been torn apart by conflicts between various tribes and political movements. Many projects were frozen amid instability and violent altercations.

The GNA controls territory in the west of Libya, while the elected parliament backed by the Libyan National Army is operating in the east.

Originally published by Sputnik

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Military Contractors Are Making Tens of Millions Helping Trump Tear Families Apart "IndyWatch Feed Africa"

While outraged Americans across the country are calling their elected representatives and taking to the streets to protest the Trump administrations forcible separation of parents and children at the U.S.-Mexico border, intelligence and defense contractors are raking in millions thanks to the cruel practice.

According to reporting by the Daily Beast, the intelligence contractor MVM, Inc. won an $8 million five-year contract to provide assistance in detention centers for unaccompanied children, and has made $42.9 million in less than a year, transporting minors to centers in Texas.

Such facilities have become crowded with children in recent months, especially following the administrations unveiling of its new zero tolerance policy for undocumented immigrants who cross the southern border seeking asylumunder which adults are imprisoned while they await immigration trials and any children traveling with them are sent off to detention centers, sometimes thousands of miles away.

Previously, MVM worked with the CIA in the Iraq War, during which its employees were accused of procuring and possessing unauthorized weapons and explosives. The company has also faced accusations of discrimination against employees who were Muslim and African-born.

Im guessing that in [MVMs] mission statement, one of the central components isnt the care of refugee children, immigration attorney Matthew Kolken told the Daily Beast. It is mind-blowing that those types of industries would be even considered with respect to the care of children. Theyre not equipped to be able to do it. Would you want your child to be dropped off in their hands? I know I wouldnt.

Still, MVM as well as the defense contractor General Dynamics are rapidly hiring new employees to oversee the dozens of detention centers for children who have been taken from their parents or guardians after crossing the border.

Recently-advertised positions include compliance coordinators tasked with overseeing detention centers, youth care workers, and bilingual transport specialists.

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