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Monday, 21 May


Episode 338 NGOs Are The Deep States Trojan Horses "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

[audio mp3=""][/audio]The Trojan horse was the earliest recorded military psyop. That psyop continues to be deployed on unsuspecting populations and it is just as useful as ever, but today's tricksters have donned the mantle of philanthropy, and their Trojan horses are not wooden statues but non-governmental organizations offering "aid" to foreign nations. In today's edition of The Corbett Report, we'll learn about how NGOs are the deep state's Trojan horses.


Police broke my knee, threatened my doctors, Arab civil society leader tells court "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Seven require medical treatment for injuries sustained during their arrests or while in custody, including Jafar Farah, who says an officer broke his knee inside the police station. Police file criminal complaint against Arab MK Ayman Odeh for calling the officers who refused to let him visit a hospitalized protester losers.

By Oren Ziv, Yael Marom, and Meron Rapaport

Israeli riot police arrest a protester in downtown Haifa during a demonstration against the mass killings in Gaza, May 19, 2018. (Nadine Nashef)

Israeli riot police arrest a protester in downtown Haifa during a demonstration against the mass killings in Gaza, May 19, 2018. (Nadine Nashef)

Israeli police arrested 21 people over the weekend at a protest in Haifa against the mass killing of Palestinian protesters in Gaza days earlier. Most of the 300 protesters were Palestinian citizens of Israel, although two of those arrested were Jewish Israelis.


Several of the protesters required hospitalization due to police violence, including the head of the Arab civil rights organization Mossawa, Jafar Farah, who says an officer broke his knee while he was in custody.

Officers later intimidated doctors at the Haifa hospital where he was being treated, Farah alleged, threatening the medical staff and insisting that they release him from the hospi...


The Baltic States Ask the US for a Bigger Military Presence on Their Soil "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Exercises in the former Soviet republics are being staged to allow the forces to hone their skills for conducting offensive operations against Russia, not for fending off attacks from trenches dug along the lines of defense.


Italy Sets Course for Left-Right Populist Surge "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Italy is wrapped up these days in the efforts of its two strongest political parties to forge a coalition government. Presumably they will succeed, though whether the resulting civic structure will have any staying power remains an open question. But in terms of the broad political trends in Italy, Europe, and the entire West (including the United States), it doesnt really matter much. Whatever happens with the emerging Italian government, Italy has set itself upon a new course. Its the path of populism, fueled by many things but primarily by the Wests immigration crisis.


Trumpism Folds into Netanyahu-ism, or "Neo-Americanism" "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Now that Trump has embraced the new neo-Americanism (per Russell-Mead), what will be the US strategy if neither North Korea nor Iran submit? Are military strikes then, on the agenda?


The Other Art of the Deal, Tehran-style "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Iranian governments response to the Trump administration boils down to a Sun Tzu variant; silence especially after the Fall of Flynn, who had put Iran on notice after a ballistic missile test that did not infringe the provisions of the Iranian nuclear deal, and the idea of an anti-Iran, Saudi Arabia-UAE-Egypt-Jordan mini-NATO. The Iranian naval drills from the Strait of Hormuz to the Indian Ocean had been planned way in advance.


How Russia and China Gained a Strategic Advantage in Hypersonic Technology "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

A hot topic in military prognostications regarding China, Russia and the United States revolves around the development and use of hypersonic technology for missiles or UAVs as an invulnerable means of attack. As we will see, not all three countries are dealing successfully with this task


Mahathir Will Continue Malaysias Multipolar Course "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Malaysia under the returned leadership of Prime Minister Mahathir is expected to remain multipolar, even if it changes the manner in which it has hitherto expressed this geostrategic vision by rebalancing its relations with China and the US.

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Sunday, 20 May


Russia"s Navy Establishes Permanent Presence in Mediterranean Sea "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Like it or not, the Mediterranean Sea has ceased to be a NATO Lake dominated by US 6th Fleet. American vessels dont own these waters anymore.


The Price for Peace in Syria Is Cooperation with Assad "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Two unpleasant propositions about the lengthy civil war in Syria have been substantially absent from current policy discussions. It seems time to bring them forward and to take them seriously.


US Press Coverage of a Royal Wedding: "Reporting" As Inane and Useless As Ever "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Trump and his assemblage of con artists, family grifters, embezzlers of public funds, hatemongers, and neocon war hawks have turned the corporate media into a acquiescent foil for Trumps reality television show that is masquerading as a four-year administration.


Eiffel-Kubo a Culinary Dream became true "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Two weeks ago we introduced the Eiffel-Kubo in Malaybalay.

Before we sit down, Id like to show you how to reach the Eiffel-Kubo. The restaurant can be found almost in the center of Mindanao island in the south of the Philippines. The city of  Malaybalay is the capital of Bukidnon. This province is within the safe part of Mindanao! From Cagayan de Oro it is a 2 to 3 hours road trip up to Malaybalay. Currently you may encounter heavy road works.

Eiffel-Kubo in Malaybalay

From Davao City on the really scenic highway you need about 5 hours to Malaybalay. Bukidnon is the farmland of the southern Philippines. Malaybalays elevation is about 622 m (2,041 ft). But the surrounding mountains climb up to almost 3,000 m (9,800 ft). Mount Kitanglad (2,938 meters), an extinct volcano, occupies the center and dominates the Bukidnon plateau. Mount Kalatungan (2,824 meters) and Mount Tankulan (1,678 meters) are the highest peaks in the southern part. Almost all vegetables you eat in the southern Philippines come from Bukidnon.

The Eiffel-Kubo is situated in the centre of Malaybalay City. See our map in yesterdays article.

Lets have a fine dinner at Eiffel-Kubo

The secret of Eiffel-Kubo is the close encounter of two cultures. The Filipino culture represented by Angeli R. Echiverri. The French culture had been introduced by Guillaume (William) Kopp....


Making Excuses for Russiagate "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

As months turn into nearly two years and no solid evidence emerges to nail Russia for nabbing Election 2016, some big Russia-gate cheerleaders are starting to cover their tracks, as Daniel Lazare explains.


Eternal Security "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The trembling soul should not be given the false medicine of Eternal Security, but the true medicine of the Eucharist. Salvation is not just a single experience; it is also an ongoing journey. On that journey one continually returns to God for renewal, forgiveness, and cleansing.

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