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Monday, 11 June


Even Lithuania Thinks the UK has Gone Too Far with its Good ol Slavery "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


The public prosecutors office in Klaipeda has recently finished an investigation of numerous instances of human trafficking and filled all related documents to the Lithuanian court, notes BaltNews Among the accused one can come across a married couple from the United Kingdom and a Lithuanian resident, who deceived into believing that he could assist them in emigrating to the UK, only to sell them latter on into slavery to his above mentioned English accomplices.

Those successfully tricked were smuggled to the UK, without any command of English and no resources to support themselves with. With no social guarantees, long night shifts, with no rest to enjoy, had wages than were far inferior to those that are described as minimal in Britain. Kept in slams, with no medical assistance to right home about, some of those modern slaves received no pay at all.

Some people could shrug off this report as yet another instance of modern day propaganda, but unfortunately facts listed in this report are the findings of an official investigation, which shows that slavery is alive and well in the UK these days!

Everybody knows that such colonial powers as Great Britain used to be actively engaged in exploiting slave labor and slave trade, but few had any clue that old habits die hard. And even though slavery has been officially abolished in modern world, with Mauritania being the last state to put an end to it officially in 1981, it turns out that it hasnt gone anywhere, finding refuge in such champions of democracy as the UK.

Theres been all sorts of reports of people being mercilessly exploited in Britain that have forced the sitting UK prime minister, Theresa May to admit that slavery is a day-to-day reality in modern Britain, by making the following statement:

They look around London and see all the positives of a dynamic, prosperous city. But hidden underneath are a lot of people who are suffering because slavery, sadly, is never very far from us.

However, these facts are of little surprise of anyone who possesses even the basic knowledge of British hi...


North Korean Summit: Trump Shuts All The Doors Of The Building He Set Fire To "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


Does Donald Trump read New Eastern Outlook? You would not think so, but whatever we say about his relationship with North Korea seems to come true. Perhaps he finally understands what this journal is telling him, but it may be too late.

We told him that the only reason the US now understands the threat North Korea poses is that the secretive Communist state is no longer strange, because Trumps US has become increasingly like it without North Korea changing at all

Its been pointed out that holding a nuclear summit with Kim Jong-un was the stupidest thing ever done by any politician at any time, as it made this bankrupt state a member of the most powerful international club, justified its policies to its own people and made a maniac into a statesman who had to be treated as such, just as the US voters did.

Now Trump has cancelled the summit, claiming North Korea is threatening him

This is after Trump himself went to the UN last September and violated its Charter by making a speech threatening to blow North Korea to smithereens, which would have got the US expelled from the UN, and now he subject to all kinds of sanctions. If the UN had any teeth He has then had the cheek to write to Kim lamenting this missed opportunity, which he himself has spurned, thereby achieving the seemingly impossible feat of making the murderous oppressor into the good guy.

It would be nice to think that Trump was listening to New Eastern Outlook, but his actions are not motivated by suddenly agreeing with NEO articles. Either he or his advisers now seem to have realised where not heeding the same warning signs have led them. They want a dignified way out before further damage is done, but cannot seem to find one. This is why Trump is now suggesting that the su...


Countdown to historic Trump-Kim meeting in Singapore "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

US President and North Korean leader both met with Singaporean PM, while working-level talks continued between both sides

The leaders of the United States and North Korea arrived have in Singapore ahead of a historic summit that could pave the way for wider negotiations to denuclearize the Korean peninsula, potentially laying aside historic bitterness and enmity between Washington and Pyongyang that has persisted for nearly seven decades since the 1950-53 Korean War.

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un are expected to meet on June 12 at the Capella Hotel on the resort island of Sentosa. It will be the first time a sitting American president has met with a North Korean leader, a stunning turnaround from the saber-rattling and threats of destruction exchanged by the two sides only months ago.

The two leaders and their delegations are staying in luxury hotels in downtown Singapore, Trump at the Shangri-La Hotel and Kim at the St. Regis. Singapore, a wealthy Asian city-state, one of the few countries with ties to both the US and North Korea, is regarded as capable of ensuring the two leaders security while providing a neutral meeting ground.

Kim arrived at Singapores Changi Airport on Sunday, marking the start of the longest overseas trip taken by a recent North Korean leader. His aircraft, a Boeing 747 provided by Air China, appeared to maximize the amount of time it spent in Chinese airspace, taking an inland route over four Chinese provinces, according to flight trackers.

Read the full story at Asia Times.


Moldova-Ukraine-Georgia Alliance: Nothing More Than Flash in the Pan "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The formation of this bloc can be used for propaganda purposes, but in reality its nothing but a flash in the pan that will soon be forgotten. It has no future.


US Constitutional Attorney: "Trump Has Become a Unilateral Power' "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Someone needs to alert Donald Trump: there is no Get Out of Jail Free card just for being president. According to Trumps Twitter feed, he believes that he has an absolute right to pardon himself of any crimes for which he might be charged while serving in office.


Russia Can Change the Balance Between Israel and Palestine "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The need for Russia to be active is most definitely there, particularly after Trump violated ongoing international norms of no unilateral actions on the issue of the future of Jerusalem.


Could North Korea Become the Next Singapore? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Did President Trump choose Singapore as the site for next Tuesdays summit with North Koreas Kim Jong Un by accident? No way. One of Trumps wildest cards in his unorthodox path to this meeting with Kim Jong Un is his vision of a prosperous North Korea.


Trump Meets Kim Amid Shifting World Order "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

China and Russia, under the leadership of Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, are on an evolutionary level of political awareness that exceeds that of the US and its coterie of Western flunkies.


The Indo-Pacific Command Is All About Containing China Through India "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

A new American-encouraged Great Power constellation is therefore in the process of forming all across the Indo-Pacific Rimland in seeing India, Indonesia, and Japan deepening their multilateral strategic integration with one another, with Washington desiring for New Delhi to play the role of regional hegemon in the Indian Ocean.

The post The Indo-Pacific Command Is All About Containing China Through India appeared first on


Trumps Big Picture "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


Aside from North Korea, and his trade wars impact on jobs, the average American doesnt care if Donald Trump loses his European allies over demands that they cease all business with Iran. During the recent school graduation season, former oil man Rex Tillerson, Trumps short-lived Secretary of State, and his successor, Mike Pompeo, gave speeches that illustrate the fracture in Americas attitude toward the world at large.

At the graduation ceremony of the Virginia Military Institute, Tillerson said: If our leaders seek to conceal the truth, or we as people become accepting of alternative realities that are no longer grounded in facts, then we as American citizens are on a pathway to relinquishing our freedom. He added that citizens must demand that Americas future be fact-based, not based on wishful thinking, not hoped-for outcomes made in shallow promises, but with a clear-eyed view of the facts as they are and guided by the truth that will set us free to seek solutions to our most daunting challenges.

Meanwhile, Mike Pompeo, the new Secretary of State, who formerly headed the CIA, promised Americas diplomatic back office, whose ranks had been decimated under Tillerson, that he would bring the State Departments swagger back. He defined this as an aggressiveness born of the righteous knowledge that our cause is just, special and built upon Americas core principles, adding that: We should carry that diplomatic swagger to the ends of the Earth, humbly, nobly and with the skill and courage I know you all possess.

President Trumps other appointees, including federal judges and the cabinet secretaries who head the US governments various Departments (the equivalent of Ministries), are all hard-line conservatives, who can be counted upon to pursue the agenda brazenly announced by Alt-right former advisor, Steve Bannon, to dismantle the State (in pure Leninist tradition). If this sounds strange, Bannon is just back from Italy where he encouraged and learned from the populist coalition that just came to power, claiming it had overcome the left-right divide in order to fight immigration. Verifying this dubious claim in the Corriere della Sera...


Camiguin schedules FastCat has adapted their schedules and rates 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Camiguin schedules FastCat 2018

After the first euphorie had disappeared in Camiguin, FastCat had to adapt their schedules and fares. Since May 1, 2018 new fares and schedules apply.

And a short explanation:
Jagna is the port on the south-east coast of Bohol. Traveltime from Tagbilaran to Jagna is 1 to 2 hours depending on the vehicle. Vans are fastest.
Balbagon is the Camiguin port near Mambajao. Think of typical 20 to 30 minutes transfer time fro or to your resort.
Opol is the temporary port near Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao. It is abaout half way between Cagayan de Oro City and Laguindingan airport. Travel time from to the city depends on traffic and is something between 20 and 45 minutes.


Camiguin schedules

From Jagna to Opol it is a night trip. Please make sure that you have transportation from and to the ports. Camiguin is deeply sleeping usually from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. . We therefore recommend to contact your hotel or resort in advance. Check with your host for transfers from and to the port in Balbagon.

Rates from Opol to Jagna and vise versa



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Sunday, 10 June


Has the Arab Spring Come to Jordan? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


For a whole week now, Jordan has been shaken by nonstop waves of protests against the draft law on reforming tax reform, for which the IMF lobbied for adoption. This reform calls for significant growth in the income tax. As a result, from June 1 prices in Jordan have already risen 5.5% for natural gas, 16.4% for gasoline, and 19% for electricity. According to data of Jordans Ministry of Finance, at the end of 2017 the national debt stood at 38.5 billion dollars or 95.3% of GDP. By 2021, the IMFs proposed measures should reduce Jordans national debt to 77% of gross domestic product.

Clearly, once again the familiar scheme for honest fleecing of money from a government, conceived back in 1982 by Professor John Williamson of the Institute for International Economics, has shown itself. In the USAs government and among its financial elite, this arrangement, by which the IMF today plunders whole countries, has received the name Washington Consensus. In just recent years, the IMFs interference in international economic politics has resulted in the ruin of countries, such as Argentina, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Yugoslavia, and Somalia. The IMF pursues truly just one goal impoverishment of weaker states with the subsequent appropriation of their assets. Moreover, this is done in favor of the United States of America, whose leading role in the IMF brings Washington colossal benefits. At the same time, the IMF does not give money for commercial projects, but provides funds exclusively for structural modernization of an economy, and the machinery of government as a whole.

The resignation of Jordans Prime Minister Hani Al-Mulki, and appointment of Omar al-Razzaz, who must form a new government, has not helped stem the growing wave of protests. Jordanians feel that they are in dire need of modern electoral legislation. That must be formulated with the participation of all the countrys political forces.

Jordanians understand that the majority of their problems arise from politicians. Acute attention is devoted to reformation of the system, yet Jordan, like other Arab kingdoms, is an absolute monarchy. The king holds the reins of power, and exercises authority, which covers all institutions of government. He also has the ability to dissolve the elected legislative branch. Color revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt have already swept aside such authoritarian rulers, who did not resolve socioeconomic problems of their own people. Has Jordans time come? There is a real, possible variant for development of events, where...


England and Theresa May"s Anti-Russian Shame "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Theresa May fell back once again on a very tired, haggard, worn out, ugly old card of xenophobia, this time the old anti-Russian Bolshevik card, writes Matthew Jamison.


Germany Was Defeated on the Eastern Front, Not Normandy "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Germanys mighty Wehrmacht, which included the Luftwaffe, was destroyed by Stalins Soviet Union. The Red Army claims to have destroyed 507 German divisions, 48,000 German tanks, 77,000 German aircraft, and 100 divisions of Axis troops allied to Germany from Italy, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Finland.


The Geostrategy That Guides Trump"s Foreign Policies "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

In any aristocracy, some members need to make compromises with other members, no matter how united they all are against the publics interests.


Kim-Trump summit a brand boost for Singapore "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Wealthy island-state sees the historic summit as 'magnificent' opportunity to both promote world peace and sell itself as a world-class meeting venue

When US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un exchange their first-ever handshake at a resort hotel in Singapore, the city-state playing host to the historic meeting will be hoping for a breakthrough. Whatever the outcome of this weeks high-stakes summit, Singapore is pulling out all the stops to ensure its success.

Casting Singapore as a prestige venue for high-security events, its top diplomat at the center of recent shuttle diplomacy suggests the city-state is also playing an important role as a neutral arbitrator. Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan has led delegations both to Washington and Pyongyang in recent days in preparation for the June 12 summit.

Singapore, a wealthy Asian financial center, is one of the few countries in the world to maintain business links and relatively cordial ties with both the United States and North Korea. It was chosen as the venue for the first-ever meeting between the two adversarial countries leaders because it could ensure their security and provide a neutral meeting ground.

Balakrishnan told local media that North Korea regards the summit as a magnificent opportunity to deal with an intractable problem and that playing host was Singapores contribution to world peace. Other top ministers in the city-state have emphasized the high degree of trust and confidence placed in Singapore by all sides.

Read the full story at Asia Times.



Israel"s Attack on the USS Liberty: A Half Century Later, Still No Justice "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

In early June of 1967, at the onset of the Six Day War, the Pentagon sent the USS Liberty from Spain into international waters off the coast of Gaza to monitor the progress of Israels attack on the Arab states. The Liberty was a lightly armed surveillance ship.


Christian Zionism "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Christian Zionists say that the establishment of the State of Israel was not simply a good thing, but the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy to regather Israel to the Promised Land, and that this was a necessary event presaging the imminent Second Coming of Christ.

The post Christian Zionism appeared first on


Why Venezuela and Syria Cannot Fall "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


Despite tremendous hardship which the Venezuelan people are having to face, despite the sanctions and intimidation from abroad, President Nicols Maduro has won a second six-year term.

Two weeks ago, at the Venezuelan embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, where I addressed several leaders of East African left-wing opposition, an acting Charge d Affaires, Jose Avila Torres, declared: People of Venezuela are now facing similar situation as the Syrian people.

True. Both nations, Venezuela and Syria, are separated by a tremendous geographical distance, but they are united by the same fate, same determination and courage.

During the Spanish Civil War, Czech anti-fascist fighters, volunteers in the International Brigades, used to say: In Madrid we are fighting for Prague. Madrid fell to Francos fascists in October 1939. Prague had been occupied by German troops several months earlier, in March 1939. It was the blindness and cowardice of the European leaders, as well as the support which the murderous fascist hordes received from populations of all corners of the continent, which led to one of the greatest tragedies in modern history a tragedy which only ended on May 9, 1945, when the Soviet troops liberated Prague, defeating Nazi Germany and de facto saving the world.

More than 70 years later, the world is facing another calamity. The West, mentally unfit to peacefully end its several centuries long murderous reign over the planet a reign that has already taken several hundreds of millions of human lives is flexing its muscle and madly snapping in all directions, provoking, antagonizing and even directly attacking countries as far apart as North Korea (DPRK), China, Iran, Russia, Syria and Venezuela.

What is happening now is not called fascism or Nazism, but it clearly is precisely that, as the barbaric rule is based on a profound spite for non-Western human lives, on fanatical right-wing dogmas which are stinking of exceptionalism, and on the unbridled desire to control the world.

Many countries that refused to yield to brutal Western force were recently literally leveled with the ground, including Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq. In many other ones, the governments were overthrown by direct and indirect interventions, as wel...

Saturday, 09 June


Inadmissible Price Civilians keep Paying for Washingtons Military Presence in the Middle East "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


Those armed conflicts across the Middle East that Washington organized and continues to sustain have been repeatedly condemned by the international media and various political figures, since they are associated with a massive civilian death toll that keeps rising over the years. Among those conflicts one can name the armed struggles in Syria in Iraq, where innocent local citizens get caught under stray bombs and shells.

Speaking about such incidents, theres been a number of them in Syria recently. For instance, at least 8 civilians died under the bombs of the so-called US-led coalition in the Al-Hasakah Governorate on June 2 , including children and women.

Last February, the same so-called coalition launched a massive air strike against the cities of Hajin and al-Bahrah in the Deir ez-Zor Governorate, which resulted in the death of 28 civilians. Later that month, a series of strikes against villages in the same Governorate, resulted in yet another 29 civilians killed, with over a hundred more people suffering wounds of varying degrees of intensity.

Over the course of that month, over a hundred of Syrian armed forced servicemen perished under American bombs, as it was reported by ABC with a special reference to unnamed sources in Washington.

Last April, the Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve (CJTF-OIR) under the pressure of all sorts of media reports was forced to recognize that at least 883 civilians fell victims of the operations conducted by US Armed Forced in Syria and Iraq

The appalling humanitarian situation in the Syrian city of al-Raqqa, where a series of the US-led coalition air strikes resulted in almost complete destruction of all residential buildings, hospitals, mosques, schools, civilian infrastructure facilities has been of particular concern of the international community members lately. Under the mountains of debris produced by those strikes engineers are still finding corpses of perished civilians, while mines keep claiming lives on the daily basis. Theres a number of registered instances of international human law violations on the part of the US-led coalition that were committed in the course of liberation of this former ISIS stronghold. Am...

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