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Thursday, 18 October


The US Would Be Under Serious Hybrid War Threat If Mexico Legalized Opium "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Theres simply no way that legalizing opium for any purposes in Mexico is good for the US so-called soft security if its southern neighbor remains totally corrupt and strict border security isnt in place. It can therefore be expected that the US will either pressure Mexico to keep opium cultivation illegal or will try to find a way to shield itself from the catastrophic consequences if this happens.

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The People 'Stopping Election Interference' Are the Ones Who Are Actually Rigging the Election "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

I believe that it is Facebook itself that is tampering with the election by manipulating what they want people to see. If the alternative media changed everything in the 2016 election due to the availability of more information, Facebook will change future elections due to their manipulation of the information users are allowed to see.


Merkel Coalition Gets Overdue Spanking in Bavaria but 5 years Too Late to Save Germany "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Germany appears to be on a collision course between those who accept the idea of being the worlds welcome center for refugees, and those who think Germany must not only close its borders, but perhaps even send back many refugees. After all, if the German people do not like instability, then the specter of their borders being violated on a daily basis such be simply unacceptable to them.


When Saudi Arabia"s Credibility is Damaged, So is America"s "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The alleged murder of Mr Khashoggi is only the latest of a series of Saudi ventures since 2015 that have failed to turn out as planned... The importance of all this is that the essential political underpinnings of sanctions are being eroded.


Saudi Arabias Great Tumbling Down The Boy Who Wanted to be King is No More "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


Where has Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman gone? Since mainstream media broke news of the disappearance and alleged death of Jamal Khashoggi, MBS has gotten a little camera shy and somewhat politically withdrawn.

Whatever did happen to our buoyant reformer, who, from the platforms of his friendships so openly spoke wars and violent retributions to those who dared opposed his vision? By vision of course I speak of MBSs ambition to play Nero to a tamed Middle East while his name would suffer no contention on the international scene.

Once feted as a great reformer, or as the Independent put it this February: Saudi Arabias great young reformer, MBS no longer sits a favourite of the ruling class on account of the sins he committed against that very elite.

It would be the disappearance and suspected murder of one prominent journalist and retired intelligence officer: Jamal Khashoggi, that broke the proverbial camels back not the many grave human rights violations, not the aberration of a doctrine advocating bloodshed, not the engineered famine of Yemen, not the wanton massacre of civilians in Yemen, and certainly not the countless infringements on other nations sovereignty.

I would say that the worlds outrage over Khashoggis death betrays Western society moral relativism, and most importantly the irrationality of its self-righteous anger. Outrage today is a trend underpinned mostly by status than principles.

While the murder of children warrants but a few whispers of opposition, one missing prominent journalist will force governments to face off even the most powerful of lobbies even if it means endangering the war industry.

As we have seen transpired over the past few days, Saudi Arabias link to the West is dependent on its ability to sustain Americas war complex, and to grace PR firms and lobbyists with millions of dollars worth of hush money.

As Tom Freeman writes in TomDispatch: In 2016, according to FARA records, they [Saudi Arabia] reported spending just under $10 mil...


Killing Jamal Khashoggi Was Easy. Explaining It Is Much Harder "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Getting to the bottom of the Jamal Khashoggi disappearance is a bit like peeling an onion. The trick will be to see how a bit of extreme brutal behavior by the Saudis can be manipulated by all interested parties to produce a solution that doesnt damage anyone too much.


Moscow Plays Big Role in Korean Peace Process "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Russia is working on its own plans to host North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Moscow or Vladivostok. Moscow can offer lucrative economic projects that will make Pyongyang more amenable to dismantling its nuclear and missile programs.


The US Meddles In Syrias Constitutional Reform Process By Threatening Sanctions "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Since the de-facto partition of Syria is already a fait accompli at this point, the next goal of the US and its allies is to compete with its rivals over the reconstruction of their respective spheres of influence in the country.

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Anniversary of Gaddafis Death and the Current Situation in Libya "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


The seventh anniversary of the killing of the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on October 20, 2011 provides us with an opportunity to reassess those dramatic events which caused a major step backwards in the countrys development. With the fall of its leader, the countrys power hierarchy collapsed, leading to the disintegration of both government authorities and the armed forces.

The triumph of the February 17th Revolution and the fall of the dictatorship was initially greeted with euphoria, but this mood was not enough to prevent the country from falling apart. The victors, who had seized power with the support of NATO and an unlikely coalition of various armed groups, were unable to prevent the countrys descent into chaos.  That coalition split apart in 2014, and the country has effectively been split in two ever since. There are now two opposed territories, one headed by Tripoli in the west of Libya, the other headed by Tobruk, in the east. Each has its own government, parliament and armed forces.

What is more, the capital, Tripoli, is controlled by four main armed groups, which, together, prop up the Government of National Accord, headed by Fayez al-Sarraj.  Their official role is to guarantee security, serve as a police force, and guard the airport, government organisations and prisons etc. According to many experts in the region, these armed groups have built up an unprecedented level of control over both public and private organisations. They are involved in business and a wide range of illegal schemes: these include various forms of smuggling, especially of oil.

This situation gives rise to rivalry with other armed groups which came to Tripoli as victors after the collapse of the regime, but these newcomers have been sidelined as time has passed.

They were angered by Facebook posts in which commanders of pro-government militias showed off their luxury cars and flats. That explains why, at the end of August, the commanders of 7 brigades from Tarhuna, 45 km south of the capital, adopted the slogan An end to corruption! and moved their forces against the alliance of four armed groups.

Despite calls by the Government of National Accord for peace, serious armed clashes have broken out in several parts of Tripoli the worst eruption of violence in the city in the last four years. Between August and the end of September, 115 people were killed a...

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Wednesday, 17 October


LISTEN: Police warn Israeli activist over Khan al-Ahmar activism "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

A well-known human rights activist received a call warning that law enforcement will take steps against him over any illegal speech, act, or behavior in relation to Khan al-Ahmar. Activists are camped out in the village, hoping to stop the imminent demolition, which the ICC warned would be a war crime.

By Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man and Yael Marom

Palestinian, Israeli, and foreign activists attempt to block Israeli equipment brought to prepare for the demolition of Khan al-Ahmar, July 5, 2018. (Oren Ziv/

Illustrative photo of Palestinian, Israeli, and foreign activists attempting to block Israeli equipment brought to prepare for the demolition of Khan al-Ahmar, July 5, 2018. (Oren Ziv/

Israeli police appear to have warned at least one well-known Israeli human rights activist that law enforcement will take steps against him if he says or does anything illegal in relation to the imminent destruction and forced displacement of Khan al-Ahmar.


You dont have to speak with me, the man, who identified himself as a detective serving in the Jerusalem area, said at the start of the call to Guy Hircefeld Wednesday afternoon, emphasizing that the conversation was not an interrogation of any sort.

As you surely know, there is an eviction at Khan al-Ahmar, are you familiar [with it],...


Rules Based International Order: the Rhetoric and the Reality "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


One of the most commonly used phrases by western politicians is their professed belief in the International rules based order. It is meant to convey their respect for international law and is invariably used in the context of criticising their enemies du jour, currently China, Iran and Russia who are supposed to epitomise the opposite of a rules based order.

Even the most casual observer of the geopolitics of the post world War two period knows that the gap between the rhetoric and the reality is immense. Countries not within the privileged clique of Anglo American European imperialism know this full well and have made the appropriate adjustments to their own policies.

A series of recent events however, suggest that levels of Western hypocrisy have reached new and dangerous levels. At the beginning of October, the United States secretary of the interior Ryan Zinke suggested that the United States and its allies could force a change in Russias middle east policy by imposing a blockade, preventing the movement of ships into and out of Russian ports.It is unclear whether or not Mr Zinke fully appreciate the significance of what he is saying, even given the unlikely ability of the United States to actually enforce such a blockade.

To mount a blockade requires the use of force. Such a blockade would not have the sanction of the United Nations Security Council and neither would it remotely come within the ambit of the self defence provisions of article 51 of the United Nations Charter. In other words it would be a direct violation of international law. As an act of war against Russia, Russia would be entitled to take appropriate steps to defeat such an illegal intrusion into its sovereign territory, and take other such actions deemed necessary to defend itself. War wou...


ICC prosecutor warns: Demolishing Khan al-Ahmar a war crime "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Fatou Bensouda says she wont hesitate to take appropriate action, should the West Bank village be demolished. British Prime Minister Theresa May says demolition will be a major blow to two-state solution.

Palestinian, foreign, and Israeli activists try to block an Israeli bulldozer preparing for the demolition of Khan al-Ahmar, July 4, 2018. (Oren Ziv/

Palestinian, foreign, and Israeli activists try to block an Israeli bulldozer preparing for the demolition of Khan al-Ahmar, July 4, 2018. (Oren Ziv/

Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court Fatou Bensouda issued a stern warning to Israel officials on Wednesday, saying she will not hesitate to take any appropriate action should they demolish the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar and forcibly transfer its residents.


Bensoudas warning comes as Israeli authorities ramp up their attempts to destroy the village and remove its residents, who have lived in Khan al-Ahmar for over 40 years.

The ICC prosecutor also expressed concern about the continued violence at the Gaza-Israel border, several hours after a rocket fired from the Strip struck a home in the southern Israeli city of Beer Sheva. In response, the Israeli Air Force struck 20 targets it said belonged to Hamas.

Bensoudas full statement:

I have been following with concern the p...


The Commonwealth Of Independent States: Countering Terrorism Together "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

IMG_0762 1

The increasing global terrorist threat makes special services around the world always remain on guard and cooperate including participating in international organisations. The security agencies of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) member states tested the efficiency of their cooperation by holding the joint manoeuvres titled Issyk-Kul-Antiterror 2018 in August September 2018.

The CIS encountered the terrorist threat at the very beginning of its existence. The SovietAfghan War of 1979 1989 before the collapse of the USSR, the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the Tajikistani Civil War and the Chechen Wars against the backdrop of international terrorism gaining ground showed the Commonwealth states that all of them need to coordinate their actions for the sake of their own security; as a result, the CIS Anti-Terrorism Center(CIS ATC) was established in 2000. Since then, this organisation, whose headquarters are located in Moscow and whose leader is Colonel General Andrey Novikov, has ensured the cooperation between the security agencies of the CIS countries in countering terrorism, including organising joint manoeuvres.

In September 2016, the Council of the CIS State Leaders adopted the CIS Member State Cooperation Programme on countering terrorism and other violent manifestations of extremism for 2017 2019. The Document was based on the laws stipulated by the CIS Member State Constitutions and the previous agreements adopted over the recent decades, and takes into account the current antiterrorist situation. Furthermore, the Programme presupposes holding various events for maintaining security in the CIS by holding, among other things, manoeuvres of the security agencies.

The Issyk-Kul-Antiterror 2018 manoeuvres saw the participation of the security agencies of Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The scale of the event is impressive both in terms of space and time. The manoeuvres comprised several stages that were held in the territory of all the participating states and lasted for over a month in total.

This series of events began with the exercise organised by the CIS ATC for the Commonwealth member states in Bishkek, the Kyrgyz capital, in August 2018. The exercise involved the CIS Council of the Commanders of the Border Forces, the CIS Council of Heads of Tax (Financial) Investigation Bodies and the CIS Bureau for the Coordination of Efforts to Combat the Organized Crime. Th...


The Tropical Trump Topped The Polls Because Of The US Hybrid War On Brazil "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

It would be disingenuous to attribute Bolsonaros rise solely to the US-backed Hybrid War on Brazil while overlooking the countrys preexisting polarization and the policy failings of the socialists. Its more the result of a combination of the two.

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What"s Going On in Idlib, Syria"s Demilitarized Zone? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

US forces continue simulat(ing) fighting against ISIS terrorists they support. Days earlier, their fighters abducted 700 civilians during an attack on a refugee camp near al-Bahrah, holding them hostage as human shields.


EU Sets Up New Sanctions Regime on Chemical Weapons: Targeting Russia "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Western media is very busy nowadays circulating new fantasies about that perfidious Moscow having a finger in every pie. Now the EU has a new instrument in place to disseminate chemical stories.


Why China Will Win The Artificial Intelligence Race "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Two Artificial Intelligence-driven Internet paradigms may emerge in the near future. One will be based on logic, smart enterprises and human merit while the other may morph into an Orwellian control tool.


Skripal and Khashoggi: A Tale of Two Disappearances "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Grotesquely, the way things are shaping up in terms of hypocritical lack of action by the Americans, British and others towards the Saudi despots, the latter might just get away with murder. Not so Russia.


Boycott Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Here"s Why "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The way to boycott Facebook, Twitter, and Google, is to NOT respond to their ads, but instead to blacklist their advertisers and all media that rely upon those giant social-media sites.


Pay Up or the Earth Gets It! #PropagandaWatch "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

As predicted, the IPCC has released their hot air report on 1.5C of global warming and the lamestream fake news lying establishment lapdog media is hyping it as the end of the world as we know it...unless you pay the globalists more money to atone for your carbon sins, of course. This week on #PropagandaWatch James breaks down the latest propaganda push for carbon eugenics and what it means for the coming technocratic slave state.


The Western Math-Gangsters And The Kosovization Of Macedonia "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Similarly to Serbia after October 2000, a new post-revolution Macedonian Government was expected by its Western sponsors to transform Macedonia into another client state of the post-Cold War NATOs World Order. The current political post-referendum stalemate in Macedonia can be solved according to the recipe of Kosovization with the ethnic Albanians as the main actors.

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While You Slept: The US Pentagon Declares Russia is the Enemy "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


American foreign policy is more and more resembling the NFLs and broadcast networks pre-game football hype before the Super Bowl. For those of you who grimaced while watching former President Barack Obama touchdown dancing and pretending to be a sports hero, the current POTUS is even worse. To make matters worse for humanity, many of my countrymen fall for the whole act. Case in point, hyping Americas military might and bravado.

When I read the INSIDER headline,F-22 stealth jets got 587 enemy aircraft to back off in their first combat surge over Syria, I immediately checked the newswires to see if Syria had exploded into World War III. Thank God, I voiced aloud on discovering the Military & Defense section (and the rest of the magazine) are owned by Insider Inc. and our old friend Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world. No, thank your lucky stars, we are not at war with Russia, Iran, and Syria. Yes, Bezos and company consider these nations our enemies.

While You Slept WWIII Began

When you read the article in question, most of you wont believe your what the texts are telling your brain. Amazingly, another Bezos fake news outlet is actually citing the Pentagon when author Alex Lockiebrazenly declares open war. Yes, you got it, the Trump Pentagon openly classifies the Russians as the enemy. Quoting from the report from the Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS):

The 94th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron protected coalition ground forces operating within Syria by flying Defensive Counter Air missions against enemy air-to-ground capable fighter aircraft. The squadron also flew Offensive Counter Air missions deep into Syrian territory, facing both enemy fighters and surface-to-air missile systems, as the United States and Coalition forces launched deliberate attacks in response to the Syrian regimes illegal use of chemical weapons.

Ill get into who these DVIDS people are in a minute, but first let me emphasize what it means for our government to brand an enemy. The Cambridge Dictionary definition:

enemynoun:  a person who hates or opposes another person and tries to harm them or stop them from doing...

Tuesday, 16 October


Does Kavanaugh Finally Make the Real America Public? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


Sometimes events generate a public fascination out of all proportion to their actual importance. The Tate-La Bianca killings of 1969, conducted by the Manson Family, are still widely discussed today and have turned some drifting hippies only marginally connected with the actual crimes into almost household names. The death of Princess Diana in 1997 created an intense outpouring of grief in the UK, yet no one seemed to know even then why it was taking on such proportions, and people still debate why they got as upset as they did.

Now one such event is gripping the United States, and much of the rest of the world. Judge Brett Kavanaugh, nominated by Donald Trump for the Supreme Court, was expected to go through the formal confirmation process without more than a modicum of difficulty.  However, that definitely was not the case.

As US judges are elected, and appointed for political as well as juridical reasons, each new Supreme Court nomination arouses public comment from predictable quarters. But no one expected the circus the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings became.  But what transpired shows a larger reality that all is not well in the system of checks and balances, and how the system is suppose to work, at least as what Americans read about in their government classes in middle school.

As a succession of women came forward to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual assaults, both from his college years and more recently, both he and one of his accusers, Professor Christine Blasey Ford, were questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Kavanaugh predictably denied the allegations, but Dr. Ford and the other women insisted.

In the US, the concept of moral character in public officials is very important, despite the behaviour of its current president and some of his predecessors. For example, fellow lawyer Bruce Babbit sought the Democratic nomination for president in 1988, but dropped out after he admitted he had once smoked marijuana not because he had broken the law, but because this represented a character flaw then considered unacceptable in a senior politician.



Everything you need to know about Khan al-Ahmar "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Israeli authorities are set to demolish and forcibly displace the entire Palestinian village of Khan al-Ahmar any day now. Here is what you need to know about the village, and why rights groups and world leaders are describing Israels plans as a war crime.

By +972 Magazine Staff

Residents of the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar, West Bank, September 17, 2018. (Oren Ziv/

Residents of the Bedouin village of Khan al-Ahmar, West Bank, September 17, 2018. (Oren Ziv/

For nearly a decade, the community of Khan al-Ahmar has been fighting the Israeli governments attempts to evacuate its village, located just east of Jerusalem, and move its residents to a garbage dump in East Jerusalem. Now, after a green light from Israels High Court of Justice, the hamlet is under imminent threat of demolition.


Why does Israel say it wants to destroy Khan al-Ahmar?

The Israeli government says the village was built on state land without the required permits or a master plan. For Palestinians in Area C of the West Bank, under direct Israeli control and where Khan al-Ahmar is located obtaining building permits is often close to impossible.

Who lives in Khan al-Ahmar?

The village is made up of around 180 members of the Jahalin Bedouin tribe, which has a 70-year-long history of dispossession and forced relocation by the Israeli government. Before Israels establishment, the Jahalin lived in the a...

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