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Friday, 24 November


Worst frost since 1977 caused extensive damage to Victorian crops, Australia "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A late spring cold snap ripped through western and central Victoria this month, causing extensive agricultural damage. Older farmers in the region say it was 'the worst frost since 1977.' Agriculture Victorias southwest grains regional manager Rob...... Read more


FIRE-EARTH Tribunal in Absentia: RPP of Earth Expert Witnesses Testimonies (XII) "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

CJ OCT TML FIRE-EARTH Tribunal: Rape, Pillage and Plunder of Planet Earth (Session 10) FIRE-EARTH Tribunal in Absentia for the Prosecution of Persons Responsible for Crimes Against Nature, RPP of Planet Earth Details including Record of Proceedings available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS. All Groups Latest FIRE-EARTH ALERTS, FORECASTS, BULLETINS and MESSAGES available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.   Advertisements []


Strongest eruption since 2013 at Popocatepetl volcano, Mexico "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

On Thursday, November 23, 2017, Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano experienced its strongest eruption since 2013. Ashfall was reported in nearby communities, mainly to the south and southeast. The eruption started at 20:13 UTC (14:13 local time), producing a plume of...... Read more


Grauniad: Water divining is bunk. So why do myths continue to trump science? "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Guest lampooning by David Middleton Hopefully, this post wont have as many typos as my last post. I just love ridiculing The Grauniad The news that many water companies use dowsing to locate underground water has prompted outraged demands from scientists that they desist at once from wasting time and money on medieval witchcraft. They are right


There is Opinion, and then, There is Insight "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Health cares individual mandate is a tax and deserves to be part of the tax debate One of the more inventive ways the GOP fights the battle for cutting taxes has been to introduce the Obamacare individual mandate as part of the tax cut discussion. Critics are bristling at the notion of including the individual []


10.02 C of Warming & Human Extinction by 2026!!! Film at 11. "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Guest ridicule by David Middleton Film at 11 is a US idiom from television news broadcasting, where the viewers are informed that footage of a breaking news story will be screened later that day. Wikipedia Eric Worralls brilliant ridicule of a Toronto Now article about imminent human extinction due to climate change elicited an even more


Thinking of buying a weather station for Christmas? Read this first. "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Many readers of WUWT have an interest in weather, and specifically temperature. This being Black Friday, I thought Id spend a few minutes talking about some of the home weather stations that are available and being promoted as deals this year. Im going to provide you with some details that might help you avoid purchasing


An Appeal from Chutka: Please Support the Ongoing Campaign against Nuclear Project in Narmada Valley that will Displace People Again "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Appeal for support from the ongoing massive campaign in Chutka against the proposed nuclear plant. Please join the yatra, help us break the media silence by spreading the word and support us financially.

The post An Appeal from Chutka: Please Support the Ongoing Campaign against Nuclear Project in Narmada Valley that will Displace People Again appeared first on


Deep Thinking, Ideological Impairment and other censored things "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

in the name of political correctness it is OK to limit the freedom of opinion-formation. Why Political Correctness Is Mental Control Political correctness, or the art of forcing people to certain ideological conclusions by making it taboo to express the opposite, takes advantage of the duality of the human mind: we have a creative-analytic part that []


IceCube experiment measures Earth's ability to absorb neutrinos "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

For the first time, a science experiment has measured Earth's ability to absorb neutrinos - the smaller-than-an-atom particles that zoom throughout space and through us by the trillions every second at nearly the speed of light. The experiment was achieved with...... Read more

Brilliant blue tarantula among potentially new species discovered in Guyana "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

While walking through the forests of Guyanas Potaro Plateau one night in 2014, herpetologist Andrew Snyder noticed a flash of bright cobalt blue peeking out of hole in a rotting tree stump. When Snyder took a closer look, he noticed that his flashlight had illuminated a small tarantulas blue legs. The tree stump had numerous small holes, and nearly every hole housed a similar blue tarantula. I have spent years conducting surveys in Guyana and I immediately knew that this one was unlike any species I have encountered before, Snyder wrote recently. Prior to this, I had only ever encountered individual tarantulas, either outside of a burrow like with the Goliath Bird-eaters, walking through the leaf-litter, or clinging to the sides of trees. While the blue tarantula is yet to be formally described, it is most likely new to science, Snyder added. Forests and rivers of the Kaieteur. Photo by Andrew Snyder. The tarantula is not the only potentially new species to be discovered on the Potaro Plateau during the 2014 survey. Snyder was part of a larger Biodiversity Assessment Team (BAT) that had gone to the Kaieteur Plateau and Upper Potaro area of Guyana, within the Pakaraima Mountains range, to survey the regions largely undocumented plant and animal diversity. The team consisted of Guyanese and international scientists, Guyanese students and local Patamona Amerindian community members. Overall, the BAT uncovered more than 30 species that are likely new to science, according to a report published last week by WWF Guianas,


Because, thats why "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

FDA Loyalty to Big Pharma Exposed in Move to Ban Plant thats CURING Opioid Addiction Drug overdoses killed roughly 64,000 people in the United States last year, according to the governments own account of nationwide drug deaths to cover all of 2016. The vast majority of those deaths are from opioid-based substances such as fentanyl, heroin, and prescription []


Many Fracking Chemical Health Hazards are Secrets at EPA "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Fracking chemicals can channel into water wells

Fracking Chemicals Remain Secret Despite EPA Knowledge of Health Hazards
From an Article by Tasha Stoiber,, November 20, 2017

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) knows that dozens of the chemicals used in fracking pose health hazards. The agency not only allows their use, but also lets the oil and gas industry keep the chemicals secret, according to a new report.

Between 2003 and 2014 the EPA identified health hazards for 41 chemicals used in fracking, according to a report from the Partnership for Policy Integrity and Earthworks, based on documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. Fracking is the injection of a chemical slurry into drilling sites to free up underground oil and gas deposits. Hazards from the chemicals used included irritation to eyes and skin; harm to the liver, kidney and nervous system; and damage to the developing fetus.

Nonetheless, in most cases, the EPA allowed the chemicals to be manufactured and used without further testing. Whats more, the identities of the chemicals are hidden from the public, even though federal law authorizes the EPA to require disclosure of so-called trade secrets if there is unreasonable risk of injury to health or the environment.

In response to the report, more than 100 scientists, health professionals and first responders wrote the EPA, asking that it make public the identities of the chemicals known to pose health hazards.

Citizens have a righ...


Friday Funny Flat Earth researcher likely to win a Darwin Award "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Youve all surely heard of the Darwin Awards, where some people remove themselves from the gene pool for the benefit of mankind by taunting natural selection: Natural selection deems that some individuals serve as a warning to others.   Who are we to disagree? The next generation, ever and anon, is descended from the survivors. This fellow, one Mike


Mysterious deep-Earth seismic signature explained "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

New research on oxygen and iron chemistry under the extreme conditions found deep inside the Earth could explain a longstanding seismic mystery called ultralow velocity zones. The findings could have far-reaching implications on our understanding of Earth's...... Read more


Major flooding hits Montego Bay, causing severe infrastructural damage, Jamaica "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Major flooding hit Jamaica's Montego Bay, the capital of Saint James Parish in the country's northwest, on Wednesday, November 22, 2017. The flooding brought traffic to a standstill, flooded buildings, stranded numerous residents and resulted in severe...... Read more

Downtown Los Angeles records warmest Thanksgiving on record "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

An upper-level ridge of high pressure is pushing desert air toward the Southern California and NW Mexico for the second day in a row, causing record-breaking temperatures across the region. A record high temperature of 33.3 C (92 F) was registered in...... Read more


Claim: Deep Fat Friers Are Cooling the Planet "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Guest essay by Eric Worrall According to British researchers, droplets of oil from deep fat friers are measurably contributing to a vast, cooling cloud over big cities, helping to mitigate the damaged caused by global warming; though more research is required to confirm this effect. Deep fat fryers may help form cooling clouds By Matt


Claim: Climate Driven Human Extinction in the coming decades or sooner "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Toronto Now reporter Zach Ruiter has called the imminent extinction of mankind based on all the different climate scare stories he has read. Are we headed for near-term human extinction? Recent studies suggest it is irresponsible to rule out the possibility after last weeks warning to humanity from more than


Thunderstorms create radioactivity "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A new study, published this week in Nature, shows that thunderstorms can also produce radioactivity by triggering nuclear reactions in the atmosphere. This may sound like the plot of a blockbuster science fiction disaster. But in reality, its nothing to worry...... Read more


Not in the Name of Climate, Not in Our Name!: Watch the Release of DiaNuke Issue Brief on Nuclear Power and Climate Change in India "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

In Bonn COP23, released its Issue Brief on nuclear power and climate change in India. Titled "Not in the Name of Climate, Not in Our Name!" the issue brief looks at the false promise represented by nuclear expansion in India as a solution to climate change.

The post Not in the Name of Climate, Not in Our Name!: Watch the Release of DiaNuke Issue Brief on Nuclear Power and Climate Change in India appeared first on

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Thursday, 23 November


Besting the BEST surface temperature record "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Guest essay by Patrick J. Michaels and Ryan Maue, Center for the Study of Science, Cato Institute JRA-55BETTER THAN THE BEST GLOBAL SURFACE TEMPERATURE HISTORY, AND COOLER THAN THE REST. Lets face it, global surface temperature histories measured by thermometers are a mess. Recording stations come on-and offline seemingly at random. The time of day when


Playing the Cognitive Game The Climate Skeptics Guide to Cognitive Biases "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Guest essay by John Ridgway I dont know about you, but I am getting pretty fed up with psychologists proclaiming the irrationality of climate change scepticism. Eagerly, they waste no opportunity in hurling accusations of cognitive bias which, strangely enough, only seems to afflict those who find issue with the consensus view. Well, I think


S. African activist takes on Rosatom and nuclear lobbies: Nuclear Energy is Rooted in Human Rights Violations and Environmental Racism "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Makoma Lekalakala of Earth Life South Africa testifies at the International Rights of Nature Tribunal in Bonn, Germany against the continued destruction of the earth by the South African government's investment in nuclear energy.

The post S. African activist takes on Rosatom and nuclear lobbies: Nuclear Energy is Rooted in Human Rights Violations and Environmental Racism appeared first on...


And Now in Fukushima, Darkness of Japans Secrecy Law "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The 2013 government secrecy act, which says that civil servants or others who leak secrets will face up to 10 years in prison, and those who instigate leaks, especially journalists, will be subject to a prison term of up to 5 years.

The post And Now in Fukushima, Darkness of Japans Secrecy Law appeared first on


600+ homes damaged, 35 people injured as tornado rips through Sidoarja, Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A destructive tornado ripped through a densely populated area of East Java province, Indonesia at 08:30 UTC (15:30 WIB) on Wednesday, November 22, 2017, injuring at least 35 people and damaging more than 600 homes. This is the third damaging tornado to hit the...... Read more

Culture keeps cattle ranching going in the Brazilian Amazon "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Cattle ranching can be a scourge to forests, requiring vast tracts of cleared land to produce relatively small amounts of food. It is also the primary cause of deforestation in Brazil. In an effort to protect Brazils remaining forests in the Amazon, leaders have come up with programs to tempt ranchers into other lines of work, such as giving them a break on interest rates charged for loans to invest in more sustainable livelihoods. But these initiatives havent made much headway in reducing ranching, puzzling many researchers. A recent study, published in the most recent issue of the journal Ecology and Society, provides some clues to why many of these attempts might not be successful. The team behind the research, led by environmental scientist Rachael Garrett of Boston University, has found that Brazilian ranchers have more than money on their minds and face challenges in spite of these programs. Their conclusions shake up the calculus required to help them transition to more lucrative, less environmentally destructive livelihoods. Throwing money at farmers in the Amazon is not going to solve all of our problems because there are major, long-standing, cultural traps that prevent farmers from wanting to move out of what theyre doing, Garrett said in an interview. Thats particularly strong with respect to ranching because thats such a deeply embedded practice. Cattle graze on deforested land in Brazil. Photo by Rhett A. Butler/Mongabay. Garrett and her colleagues noticed that, despite the fact cattle ranching isnt very profitable for many of


Two French Dams to Be Demolished by 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

by Sam Morgan / Euractiv

The 35 metre-high Vezins dam in Normandy will be demolished. [Eau Rivieres]

Two large dams on a river in northern France will be demolished after the French government finally signed off on a long-gestating plan to free up the waterway, in a decision welcomed by environmental groups and lauded as unique in Europe by Paris.

In early 2018, work will begin on removing the 35 metre-high Vezins and the 15 metre-high La Roche qui boit dams from the Slune river in Normandy, after nearly a century of the barriers producing hydropower for the region.

France has been toying with the idea of demolishing the dams for nearly eight years but last week Ecology Minister Nicolas Hulot announced that the government had given the plan the green light.

Rehabilitating the ecological continuity of the river shows this ministrys commitment to reclaiming biodiversity, Hulot said, adding that these kind of projects should be a priority in the governments efforts to reduce the effects of climate change.

The government insisted that there is no risk of flooding but that safety assessments would still be carried out during and after the demolition works.

Big benefits

Environmental groups have lauded the decision, as the two dams have long prevented migratory salmon and other species of marine animals from making their way along the waterway.

Removing these obstacles will help rewild the entire 90kms of the Slune, allowing the fish to migrate and sediment to flow and rapidly boosting the rivers biodiversity, explained Roberto Epple, head of the European Rivers Network (ERN).

Sediment transport had rapidly emerged as one of the m...


Claim: Electric cars could power our lives "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Energy from electric cars could power our lives but only if we improve the system Two apparently contradictory studies come together with recommendations Oxford, November 22, 2017 Power stored in electric cars could be sent back to the grid thereby supporting the grid and acting as a potential storage for clean energy


The Bosses at TransCanada May Not be Enjoying Their Turkey "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Bad news piles up for company over Keystone XL pipeline


Aftershocks following rare and destructive M5.4 quakes in South Korea "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Following rare M5.4 earthquake on September 12, 2017, southeastern Republic of Korea was hit by another M5.4 on November 15, making these the two largest earthquakes to hit the country since Global CMT and USGS ANSS catalogs began recording in 1977. At least 58...... Read more


FIRE-EARTH Tribunal in Absentia: RPP of Earth Expert Witnesses Testimonies (XI) "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

CJ OCT TML FIRE-EARTH Tribunal: Rape, Pillage and Plunder of Planet Earth (Session 9) FIRE-EARTH Tribunal in Absentia for the Prosecution of Persons Responsible for Crimes Against Nature, RPP of Planet Earth Details including Record of Proceedings available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS. All Groups Latest FIRE-EARTH ALERTS, FORECASTS, BULLETINS and MESSAGES available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.  Filed under: []


Sliding down the slippery inclination "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Opioids Are Mind-Control Drugs MKULTRA is Alive and Well We recognize that idealistic platitudes may cover inadequate proposals, and we tend to accept this as the well-worn play of political strategy and diplomacy. Nevertheless, far worse than this overt policy of evasion is the hidden political conference and discussion between the unconscious minds and passions []


Native People and Allies Pledge to Stop Keystone XL "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

by Judith Le Blanc / Common Dreams

Im in Lower Brule, South Dakota, where elected tribal officials, spiritual leaders, Native grassroots organizations, youth groups, and traditional womens societies have gathered with non-Native farmers, ranchers and others affected by the Keystone XL pipeline. That project to carry tar sands from shale fields in Canada to the Gulf of Mexico threatens our water, our livelihoods and our sacred sites.

We were together Monday when we heard the news Nebraskas Public Services Commission gave approval to an alternative route for the pipeline.

Yes, we were sad, and angry. But within minutes, we went from being sad to being strategic. That decision opens a new terrain to continue the fight to prevent the building of KXL, and it can be stopped if we build on the strong relationships between Native leadership and non-Native farmers and ranchers. We can leverage the power of organized prayer in a values-led campaign that puts Mother Earth above profit-hungry fossil fuel corporations.

What We Learned in Standing Rock

Many of us are veterans of Standing Rock. We learned so much during those long, cold months at the Oceti Sakowin camp, in our struggle to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

We won at Standing Rock, even though the oil is now flowing. Because over 400 tribes came together to stand with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe for their sovereign, moral and inherent right to protect the Missouri River and Mother Earth.

Native peoples have a unique role to play in building a movement that defends the planet, and in creating a future where we all can live in healthy communities.

Joining Our Struggle...


UK: Update on the Trial of Blackmail 3 Comrades Sven and Natasha "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from 325

[Editors Note: For more info on Sven and Natasha, check out the EF! Prisoner Support Page ]

Sven and Natasha had a short court hearing at Winchester on Wednesday 8th November. After a long time of ongoing negotiations in the background, their legal teams were able to meet with the prosecution and settle on a deal for both defendants that they were relatively satisfied with. They agreed to a non-cooperative plea deal which involved admissions of guilt about their own activities within the conspiracy.

They did not relate to any other people. As a result, Sven and Natasha both entered guilty pleas for conspiracy to blackmail, and were bailed to await sentencing.

This now means that there will be no trial or any further hearings, with exception of sentencing, a date for which is still due to be decided.

(We expect it to be mid December or the start of January)

Thanks everyone for the ongoing support, well keep you all posted as soon as there will be any development.

Unfortunately the website is down because of some server issue beyond our control, but it is being fixed and will be live again by the end of the week, hopefully.


The Madam and The Congressional Whorehouse The rest of the story "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Prostituting for the cause. Sometimes there is more to pandering than just pimping poverty. Democratic Michigan Rep. John Conyers and California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters both have ties to the extremist Revolutionary Communist Party. The RCP has a leftist front group in operation today called Refuse FascismDrive Out the Trump-Pence Regime. Theyve actually had their []


The Carbon Brief Interview: Dr Katharine Hayhoe "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Dr Katharine Hayhoe is a professor in the department of political science at Texas Tech University and director of its Climate Science Center. She was a lead author on the Climate Science Special Report, part of the fourth US National Climate Assessment, which was published in early November 2017. Hayhoe is also a science advisor on the US documentary series Years of Living Dangerously and was named as one of Time magazines 100 Most Influential People in 2014.

Together with her husband, Hayhoe wrote A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions. She also writes and produces an animated series on YouTube called Global Weirding.

  • Hayhoe on her early research career: I was looking around for an extra course that might be interesting and I saw a class on climate modelling over in the geography department.
  • On regional climate information: I evaluate the downscaling methods we use to take the relatively coarse information from the big global models and downscale it to much higher spatial and sometimes even high temporal resolution at the local to regional scale.
  • On improving climate models: The smaller the spatial grids and the smaller the time step we use in the model, the better were able to actually explicitly resolve the physical processes in the climate.
  • On the biggest unknowns of future climate change: There are long-term processes in the climate system that were not yet incorporating in our models and when we do, the final outcome of this inadvertent experiment that weve been conducting with our planet is likely to be worse, not better, than we thought.
  • On Donald Trumps presidency: I know this sounds very strange but I really believe that his election galvanised people into personal action in a way that never would have happened if Clinton had b...


Late spring. Turning of the season. "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Late spring, last light. The sky is pale but the colours havent leeched out of the land yet. The wind swirls through the trees, like a stick in muddy water, stirring languid but not yet hot air through the canopy.

Last spring was wet and we had fields of chocolate lilies. This year is drier and instead its fields of yellow everlastings. Last weeks rain is gone, tucked away into root systems and flushed down streams towards the distant sea. But the air is still sweet. Its like the plants all breathed out in relief after that last downpour.

Castlemaine is mostly Box and Peppermint country, low hill and gully country. Its hard to get a glimpse into the bigger landscape. Climb one hill and you see the next one. I walk through the open Box country, and can see how the thin soil and sandstone rocks dictate what can grow. Drop into the shallow gullies to the slightly deeper and richer alluvial soils and the yellow gums step in quickly. Back up onto the next ridge, more rocky outcrops, more understory species, a slight thinning of the trees.

IMGP3616The air is full of colour and sound. Gangs of cockatoos sweep through above the canopy, groups of young magpies stalk the stubble on the golf course, ravens call, wattlebirds, the occasional rosella, the smaller birds I dont know go abou...


IEA says Its Time to Get Busy to Reduce Methane Emissions "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Not everyone agrees with the air quality plan!

Eight energy companies commit to reduce methane emissions within natural gas industry

From the Press Release, Shell Global Web-Site Post, November 22, 2017

BP, Eni, ExxonMobil, Repsol, Shell, Statoil, Total and Wintershall today committed to further reduce methane emissions from the natural gas assets they operate around the world. The energy companies also agreed to encourage others across the natural gas value chain from production to the final consumer to do the same.

The commitment was made as part of wider efforts by the global energy industry to ensure that natural gas continues to play a critical role in helping meet future energy demand while addressing climate change. Since natural gas consists mainly of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, its role in the transition to a low-carbon future will be influenced by the extent to which methane emissions are reduced.

The eight energy companies today signed a Guiding Principles document, which focuses on: continually reducing methane emissions; advancing strong performance across gas value chains; improving accuracy of methane emissions data; advocating sound policies and regulations on methane emissions; and increasing transparency.

Numerous studies have shown the importance of quickly reducing methane emissions if were to meet growing energy demand and multiple environmental goals, said Mark Radka, Head of UN Environments Energy and Climate Branch. The Guiding Principles provide an excellent framework for doing so across the entire natural gas value chain, particularly if theyre linked to reporting on the emissions reductions achieved.

The Guiding Principles were developed in collaboration with the Environmental Defense Fund, the International Energy Agency (IEA), the International Gas Union, the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative Climate Investments, the Rocky Mountain Institute, the Sustainable Gas Institute, The Energy and Resources Institute, and United Nations Environment.



New insights into processes that cause volcanism "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The first observation of a super-hydrated phase of the clay mineral kaolinite could improve our understanding of processes that lead to volcanism and affect earthquakes. In high-pressure and high-temperature X-ray measurements that were partly conducted at DESY...... Read more

Plasma space tornadoes let high-energy particles into near-Earth space "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Researchers using NASA's Magnetospheric Multiscale mission (MMS) discovered tornado-like swirls of plasma create a magnetosphere tumultuous enough to let harmful high-energy particles from the Sun slip into near-Earth space. The discovery is important for...... Read more

The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report: November 15 - 21, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

New activity/unrest was reported for 3 volcanoes between November 15 and 21, 2017. During the same period, ongoing activity was reported for 11 volcanoes. New activity/unrest: Agung, Bali (Indonesia) | Oraefajokull, Iceland | Sarychev Peak, Matua Island (Russia)....... Read more

The tenacity of tigers: how the biggest cat varies across its range (photos) "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Throughout Asia from muddy mangrove swamps in India to crisp temperate forests in the Russian Far East there were once at least 100,000 tigers. Today about 3,500 of these endangered animals remain, largely restricted to pockets of disjointed habitat in India, southeast Asia, and Russia, where their survival is continually threatened by poaching and habitat loss. These remarkable cats have adapted to thrive equally well in these dissimilar corners of the world. In Southeast Asia, for example, the complex coat pattern helps Malayan tigers blend in with the dense lattices of tropical vegetation as they stalk their prey. And in northeast Asia, to protect against the cold, Amur (or Siberian) tigers grow noticeably thicker coats than their southeast Asian counterparts. The Amurs also have thicker skin: these cats are tough. Here, winter conditions drive the other mega carnivore of the regionthe brown bearto hibernate, while tigers push through chest-deep snow to search for prey in temperatures that reach the minus forties. They are not fully impervious to the cold, however: they sometimes cut their soft foot pads on coarse ice and leave flecks of blood in their snowy tracks as they walk. Other tiger adaptations are behavioral. In the forests of Nepal, for example, where the rich vegetation can support high densities of deer and boar, a resident female Bengal tiger can meet her prey needs with nearly eight square miles (20 km2) of home range. In the comparatively-sparse temperate oak and birch forests of northern China and Russia,

Water sources under threat from mining in Ecuadors mountains "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

AZUAY PROVINCE, Ecuador What happened on October 8 and 9 in Ecuadors Ro Blanco area was not entirely unexpected. On August 12, a group of inhabitants decided to take de facto measures such as setting up a tent at the entrance of Junefield mining companys camp with the goal of stopping the beginning of the exploitation of copper and gold reserves in the mountains in southern Ecuadors Azuay Province. For two months they occupied the area, despite the growing tension between them and the miners. It was a situation that could explode at any moment. Residents of Ro Blanco set up tents at the entrance to the mining camp in an attempt to stop mining activity. Photo by Marlon Puertas During the cold night of October 8 and into October 9, this tension came to a head, with allegations from both sides of attacks. Members of the community say that for 24 hours, they were harassed by the mining companys private guards, as well as the police, who were in the area with the goal of preventing clashes. They threw stones at our roofs; it was a permanent harassment, said one of the protesters in a video posted to social media, showing images of the dwellings that were affected. The mining company also claims its people were attacked with stones. The Secretary of the Interior, Csar Navas, posted photos on social media of two injured police officers. An operation to quell the violence began immediately, and two


Threatened species protected on Toorongo Plateau "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Mt Toorongo is a magical spot: it is a mountain in the Central Highlands to the east of Melbourne. If you drive to the Baw Baw ski village from Noojee, it is the steep dark mountain that fills the skyline above you as you head through the last of the farming country at Icy Creek.

Not many people go there. Its a bit off the track, but is accessible quite easily via a number of dirt roads. As I understand the ecology of the mountain, it was burnt twice in close succession (in the 1920s and the infamous 1939 fires). So the eucalypt forest on the summit was replaced by a remarkable cloud forest of what are normally understorey species. The summit itself is a long ridge which offers wonderful views of the Baw Baw Plateau, the Latrobe Valley and distant Strzelecki Ranges to the south.

Like many forests in the region, the mountain has been relentlessly logged. Much of the cloud forest was chained down by bulldozers in the early 1990s and planted with Shining Gum (which is not actually indigenous to the area as I understand it).

But there are still pockets of cool temperate rainforest, and the forest at the treeline, composed of old wattles and myrtle beech, is a delight. It still harbours endangered animal species, too.

Recently, WOTCH (Wildlife of the Central Highlands), a volunteer group which focuses on citizens science like animal surveys, identified Leadbeaters Possums on the Toorongo Plateau, the northern slopes of the mountain. It is hard to overstate the importance of Toorongo Mountain and the plateau. Like the Errinundra Plateau, it has acted as a refugia in times of climate variation and climate change in the past, providing a place for the old Gondwanic species to retreat to when temperatures are warmer and fire regimes are stronger.

The Leadbeaters Possum was found in an area that was scheduled for logging and the discovery of the individual means that this particular section of forest will be protected. This is a great outcome, won by an inspiring group.

You can find out more about WOTCH via their facebook page.


Google Truth Algorithm: Users are Part of the Problem "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Googles efforts to filter out positions which they think are fake news, like climate skeptic posts, have hit an unexpected snag: Google have just noticed large groups of people across the world hold views which differ from the views championed by the Silicon Valley monoculture. Alphabets Eric Schmidt: It can


Southern California broils before Turkey Day with 2 dozen record highs "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

As we mentioned in our previous story today, unseasonably warm weather hit the Los Angeles area today. with 99 degrees at Camarillo being the hottest. Here is a temperature map from 1PM PST today. Over two dozen new records were set in the Los Angeles and San Diego area. Here is what the National Weather


Robust steaming, elevated seismicity at Great Sitkin volcano, Alaska "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) has raised the Aviation Color Code and Volcano Alert Level to Yellow/Advisory on November 22, 2017, after recent reports of robust steaming and a several month period of elevated earthquake activity. Historical eruptions have...... Read more

Cumbria in chaos as floods close roads and schools, strand vehicles "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Heavy rain hit parts of northern England on Wednesday, November 22, 2017, causing traffic chaos and closing schools. The worst hit so far is Cumbria county. Traffic across Cumbria was brought to a standstill Wednesday afternoon after heavy rain flooded roads,...... Read more

Damming or damning the Amazon: Assessing Ecuador / China cooperation "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The Coca River in Ecuador, site of the Coca Codo Sinclair dam. Photo by AgenciaAndes on Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA A year ago this month, the Coca Codo Sinclair (CSS) dam began operation. The hydroelectric project, built by Chinese state corporation Sinohydro at a cost of $2.24 billion and managed by the Ecuadorian state electric company (CELEC), is the largest infrastructure project in Ecuadorian history, as well as being one of its most environmentally and socially controversial. The Ecuadorian Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Resources says that CCS has an operating capacity of 1,500 megawatts (MW), and is projected to produce roughly 8,734 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity per year 30 percent of the countrys annual electricity needs. The government claims $600 million in oil imports will be saved each year as a result of the dams construction, and the country aims to become a net electricity exporter. CCS is the largest of a series of Ecuadorian development projects financed and constructed by Chinese actors in the past decade. China has become the countrys primary creditor and Chinese investment, both public and private, has resulted in an infrastructure boom in new dams, mines, oilrigs, roads, power transmission lines, telecommunications systems and schools. While scattered across Ecuador, Chinese infrastructure projects are predominantly concentrated in the Amazonian half of the country. These projects embody contemporary Ecuadorian development: bold, yet mired in conflict and secrecy. So how did the nation get here under the leadership of President Rafael Correa, and where


Core of climate science is in the real-world data "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The following was provided by Dr. Willie Soon, reproduced with permission from Dr Ian Flanigan. The Coalition referenced in the post is the current Australian Government, a Coalition between the Liberal and National parties. Core of climate science is in the real-world data by Dr Ian Flanigan News Weekly, November 18, 2017 The Government continues


Achieving sustainable timber supply chains: What is the role of certification in sourcing from tropical forest countries? "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Commercial agriculture and the increased trade in agricultural commodities, including timber and pulp and paper, have led to the large-scale clearing of tropical forests. Private companies have become increasingly involved in efforts to tackle deforestation, with many committing to source sustainable forest products. Within these commitments, forest certification schemes are a key tool for companies to meet their sourcing goals.

Using data from the Forest 500, this briefing examines the prevalence of certification in company sustainability commitments and assesses the ability of certification-based commitments to protect remaining tropical forests. The briefing also explores options in addition to certification and provides recommendations on how company policies and certification schemes can be improved to ensure the long-term protection of tropical forests.



RSPO tops among certification schemes, though all must improve: report "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil has the strongest set of requirements among certification schemes for edible oils and biofuels, even if its members often get away with flouting its standards. Thats the main conclusion of a new report from the Forest Peoples Programme (FPP), an international NGO. The RSPO is the worlds largest association for ethical production of palm oil, found in everything from ice cream to laundry detergent. It was formed in 2004 in response to a growing recognition that oil palm expansion was fueling rainforest destruction and land grabbing in countries like Indonesia, where legal protections for the environment and indigenous communities were seen as weak, enforcement of the law even weaker. Companies that join the RSPO pledge to adhere to a stronger set of standards, improving their image in the eyes of consumers. The RSPO prohibits clearance of ancient rainforests and carbon-rich peatlands, and it bans planting community lands without that communitys consent. The RSPOs membership also includes firms that refine and use palm oil, as well as banks and NGOs like the FPP. The FPPs report ranks the certification schemes as follows: Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) ISPO is the Indonesian governments official certification scheme. It is essentially a stamp of approval that a company is following Indonesian law. The FPP noted that ISPO provides very little protection of human

Biofuel project near Indias rhino heartland sparks protests "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

On July 15 this year, activist Soneswar Narah stepped up to express his views in a public hearing on an upcoming bioethanol refinery. The project, a joint venture between Indias state-owned Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL) and Finlands Chempolis Oy, is slated to be built near Kaziranga National Park in Indias northeastern Assam state. Many locals like Narah oppose the project, saying it will have harmful impacts on Kazirangas fragile ecosystem and is likely to intensify human-wildlife conflicts in the Numaligarh area, given its proximity to an elephant corridor. During the public hearing, Narah said, the microphone was cut off before he could say anything provocative, and police barged in, dragging him away. Narah was arrested by the Assam state police and charged with multiple crimes, including attempt to murder, assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty, and criminal act done by several persons in furtherance of common intention. There are two starkly different versions of what exactly sparked Narahs arrest. According to the official minutes of the public hearing, approved by the local government and pollution control board, Narah, an adviser to the Kaziranga-based farmers and tribal rights advocacy group Jeepal Krishak Shramik Sangha, comes to stage and started speaking against the project. After that he took out the container containing combustible material which he tried to lit [sic] up in the stage which was protested by the public present and during the commotion police whisked him out of the venue as the situation

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Wednesday, 22 November


Thank You to our Donors! "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The support of our donors has enabled GJEP to participate in important victories like this one: Thank you!

The post Thank You to our Donors! appeared first on Global Justice Ecology Project.


Climate Justice Forum: Tesoro Savage Oil Terminal Final Review & Meeting, Newport Silicon Smelter Hearings, Olympia Frack Sand Train Blockade, Montana Valve Turner Trials, Keystone 1 Pipeline Leak, Nebraska Keystone XL Approval, George Monbiot on Climate Change & Capitalism 11-22-17 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The Wednesday, November 22, 2017 Climate Justice Forum radio program, produced by regional, climate activist collective Wild Idaho Rising Tide, features a recording of British, progressive, political thinker and Guardian columnist George Monbiot, talking about why climate change goes deeper than capitalism.  We also share news and reflections about the final environmental review and Olympia meeting on the Tesoro Savage oil train terminal, public hearings about a proposed, Newport, Washington, silicon smelter, a second, Olympia blockade of frack sand train tracks, the mock and real, Montana, climate trials of tar sands pipeline valve turner Leonard Higgins, a Keystone 1 pipeline leak in South Dakota, and Nebraska approval of an alternative, Keystone XL pipeline route.  Broadcast for almost six years on progressive, volunteer, community station KRFP Radio Free Moscow, every Wednesday between 1:30 and 3 pm Pacific time, on-air at 90.3 FM and online, the show describes continent-wide, community resistance to fossil fuel projects, thanks to the generous, anonymous listener who adopted program host Helen Yost as her KRFP DJ.

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Discovery: Lightning creates anti-matter in our atmosphere "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

From the this is likely to push out chemtrails as the next big conspiracy theory department. I posited back in 2009, when I first covered this story, that the huge vertical electric charge differentials in Earths atmosphere acted like a particle accelerator. It seems the researchers here agree with me. Lightning, with a chance of


Record temps up to 100F expected in SoCal at start of Thanksgiving holiday "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

From the cook your turkey on the asphalt while waiting in a traffic jam department Dr Ryan Maue of has this informative forecast: Already in the 80s in Southern California this morning before Thanksgiving. Record highs expected in mid to upper-90s. Possibly a reading of 100F And he has the forecast map to go with


People Make 'Security Systems' For Special Wild Parrots To Keep Them Safe "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Swift parrots may be small, but the risks theyre facing in the wild right now are anything but.

Native to southeastern Australia, these tiny, endangered birds migrate to Tasmania each year to breed and settle into nests with their babies. But this year, theyve moved to a different side of the island that is packed with sugar gliders who love to break into nests for a quick snack.

Credit: Dejan Stojanovic

On average, about half of the adult female parrots that nest in Tasmania are killed by sugar gliders each year, Dr. Dejan Stojanovic, a conservation scientist from Australian National University, told The Dodo. This threat is the reason the parrots were listed as critically endangered [two years ago].

Credit: Shutterstock

In addition to being at risk from sugar gliders during their breeding season, swift parrots have also faced habitat loss in recent years due to the logging industry. Only an estimated 2,000 remain in the wild.

Luckily, some humans are on their side and have raised over $87,000 to save them.

Credit: Dejan Stojanovic

The money, collected through a crowdsourcing campaign that started in October, is being used to build specially-designed, predator-proof nesting boxes for the birds.

By covering the small entry hole in nesting boxes with a solar-powered door, the birds inside are protected once the door shuts at nightfall (when sugar gliders are out prowling for food). With the light of the morning sun, the tiny door automatically opens again and the birds can carry on with their day....


Rescued Bait Dog Cant Stop Kissing The People Who Saved Her "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

When Colette came into a shelter earlier this month, her body was covered with infected bite wounds and she was weak from years of being kept in a cage so small she couldnt stand upright.

Her lower jaw was broken, and it had been like that for at least a few years an old injury from her life as a bait dog. She trembled in fear in the presence of people and other dogs, because the only life she knew was a dogfighting ring.

Warning: Mildly graphic photos below. 

Credit: Jennifer Brooks

But still, Colette couldnt stop showing how thankful she was to finally be safe.

The 4-year-old pit bull was brought into a South Carolina animal shelter earlier this month after someone driving saw her wandering along the side of the road. She was in a completely rural area with no other homes around so rescuers believe she was driven out there and dumped.

Credit: Jennifer Brooks

Luckily, Colette made it into the hands of a shelter who didnt want to stop at just taking her in. Seeing all the signs of having been in a dogfighting ring, the rescuers went to police to file a report and try to find the person responsible for Colettes horrible injuries. An investigation into the dogfighting ring is currently ongoing, so the shelter and exact location cant be named.

Credit: Jennifer Brooks

Seeing pictures of Colette online and knowing the unique challenges that ex-bait dogs can face in shelters Second Chance Rescue in New York...


Lombok first UK company fined for breaching EU timber regulation "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Furniture seller Lombok has become the first UK company to be fined for breaking the law that stops illegal timber accessing the UK market.

Lombok has been fined 5,000 by a criminal court for failing to check the risk of illegal timber in its supply chain (due diligence). The company had placed a sideboard on the market which was imported from India without carrying out the required due diligence assessment, breaking UK and EU law.

ClientEarth forest lawyer Diane de Rouvre said: This decision sets an important precedent for the UK timber industry and shows the UK remains committed to the principles in the EU Timber Regulation. This effort needs to be replicated across the EU to stop illegal timber products being placed on the market.

Authorities must act as soon as possible when companies are found to be breaking these laws, to protect consumers and companies actively abiding by the law.

The EU Timber Regulation seeks to prevent illegally harvested timber and timber products being placed on the EU market, and requires companies to check the risk of illegality in their timber supply chains.

This is not the first time that Lombok has breached this obligation, receiving warnings and requests to take action back in 2015.

Over the past two years, a real appetite for stronger EUTR enforcement has emerged in some EU countries. Authorities in Sweden and the Netherlands have imposed fines on companies for breaching the EUTR, and another recent case sees teak importers facing sanctions in the Netherlands.


Tuesday, 21 November


Food for thought "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Thanksgiving food

With the holiday season upon us, food is top of mind for many. In addition to an opportunity to celebrate with our nearest and dearest, this is also a perfect time to reflect on how our food is grown  and how we support the people doing that work.

Got food? Thank workers.

This year, as Thanksgiving coincides with International Food Workers Week, its also a good time to explore how those who are growing, tending, harvesting, preparing and serving our food are treated on the job.

Farmworkers, for one, are on the frontlines of chemical-dependent agriculture, facing more risk of pesticide exposure than any other sector of society. As we work for policies that strengthen on-the-job protections and reduce our food systems reliance on harmful pesticides, we can also be mindful to purchase food that supports a healthy, just workplace for agricultural workers.

One initiative that supports improved working conditions for farmworkers is the Equitable Food Initiative (EFI). Produce coming from farms that comply with EFI standards have the Resp...

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