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Sunday, 08 July


18 Elegant Can You Decipher the Quotation Math Worksheet Answers Pics "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

324 best word play images on pinterest quotation mark showdown task cards free laura candler s teaching reflexive pronouns english worksheets rebus worksheet 3 grade 7 learning module in math word puzzles brain teasers grade 7 learning module in math brain teasers worksheets halloween word...


25 Inspirational Worksheet Triangle Sum and Exterior Angle theorem Answer Key Image "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

50 best angles triangle relationships images on pinterest area of triangles math pinterest 260 best geometry resources and activities images on pinterest grades 9 12 geometry lesson plans individual resources & lesson fine angle puzzle worksheet answers worksheet mathematics ncert solutions for class 7th maths...


FIRE-EARTH Pulsars 070802 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

FIRE-EARTH Pulsars 070802 All Groups . . . . . . . . Advertisements


18 Best Of Non Verbal Communication Worksheets Pictures "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

punctuation worksheet activity sheets punctuation 5 keys to great nonverbal munication nonverbal munication true story pinterest munication survey of munication study chapter 3 nonverbal munication nonverbal munication activities for adults types of munication interpersonal non verbal written & oral non verbal munication clip art the...


Climate Change Denial is Not an Opinion but a Political Position Now "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

To Deny Climate Change as a Political Position is Dihonest and Immoral

Essay by S. Tom Bond, Retired Chemist & Resident Farmer, Lewis County, WV

Once the earth was flat, it was obvious to everyone. And if you got to the edge you could fall off. Then some people began to take longer trips and no one ever found the edge of the earth. In time thoughtful types began to think more about this. When long sea voyages were undertaken, it became more of a problem. Why didnt the ocean pour off the edge? Why does the hull of a ship begin to disappear as it sails away, more and more sinks out of sight until it is all gone? Finally deep thinkers realized the earth was a very large sphere. Common folk clung to the old idea for a long time, but eventually everyone came to understand.

Since the first campfires were employed to keep people warm, the fuel has produced copious amounts of gaseous waste which could be ignored, because it was transparent, colorless, odorless, tasteless, and ascended into the atmosphere so could be ignored. A couple of centuries ago steam engines began to do physical work with much the same result. The relatively small amount of ash was recognized and dealt with, but the volume of exhaust gas wasnt even recognized, with the possible exception of a few who thought about the function of smoke stacks.

When fuel began to be used to generate electricity, and be used other processes, such as large scale making cement and steel, some engineers (thoughtful people) who understood the chemistry began to realize that 12 tons of carbon produced 44 tons of carbon dioxide! Carbon dioxide is produced by many non-human sources, but for 10,000 years has remained near 278 parts per million, but since the start of the industrial revolution that has gone up to over 400 parts per million, an increase of 44 percent. 80 ppm of this change has occurred in the last 60 years. That amounts to 230 billion (nine zeros) since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Thoughtful people, scientists, can calculate this quantity from the gasses trapped in ice cores. Such data is available for the last 800,000 years. Furthermore, carbon dioxide is soluble and 57 per cent of it has gone into the ocean. Scientists can calculate what fraction comes from fossil fuels by isotopes, too.

Although the idea of earth temperature and CO2 content of the atmosphere can be traced back into John Tyndall in the 1860s, it was Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish Scientist, who first to spent time relating earth...


22 Fresh Classifying Matter Worksheet Answers Collection "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

properties of matter interactive science notebook foldable classification matter the science classroom worksheet image pdf matter and change worksheet worksheets for all chemistry worksheet matter 1 ws classifying matter answers worksheet classifying animals elements pounds & mixtures cut & paste activity from sandy s chemistry...


20 Best Of Multiplying Polynomials Worksheet Algebra 2 Image "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

multiplication polynomial teaching resources holt mcdougal algebra multiplying polynomials warm up evaluate 8 2 multiplying a polynomial by a monomial find each product 1 5w holt algebra multiplying polynomials 7 7 multiplying polynomials degrees and radians line puzzle activity factoring rational expressions worksheet worksheets for...


17 Elegant Simple Interest Worksheet with Answers Pdf Stock "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

case press karen pound interest rd sharma class 8 solutions ex 14 3 free business vocabulary worksheets good copy plete electrical engineer april 2017 pound interest rd sharma class 8 solutions ex 14 3 electrical engineer april 2017 simple interest worksheets with answers on math...


11 Awesome David and Goliath Worksheets Pictures "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

kids bible worksheets free printable david and goliath maze older 1497 best lds items images on pinterest make a sling and rocks out of felt polyfill and leather strips to 70 best sun school colorings images on pinterest great battle david versus goliath in the...


10 Elegant River Valley Civilizations Worksheet Answers Stock "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

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27 Inspirational 6th Grade Fractions Worksheets Gallery "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

grade 6 division of decimals worksheets free & printable worksheet fractions decimals percents worksheet grass fedjp fraction worksheet color the fraction paring and ordering fractions worksheets fractions equivalent fraction worksheets 6th grade math free worksheets library download and print worksheets 7th grade math worksheets math...


Very bright fireball over Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A bright fireball was recorded streaking across the night sky over the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil at 01:35 UTC on July 8, 2018. The object was visible for several seconds before it disintegrated in a bright flash. It is possible some pieces survived the...... Read more


18 Luxury Self Employed Income Worksheet Image "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

worksheets 43 best child tax credit worksheet hd wallpaper taxact 2017 freelancer file state & federal self employment taxes guide to self employment in ireland 2017 600 best best of life and a bud images on pinterest career plan worksheet guide to self employment in...


16 Inspirational Phet Build An atom Worksheet Answers Photograph "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

answer key build an atom part i atom screen build an atom newton s 2nd law worksheet and key pin by melinda jarmulak on classical conversations cycle 3 science how to build battery charger wiring diagram ponents farhek calculating parts of an atom practice worksheet...


23 Elegant 2nd Grade Spelling Worksheets Stock "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

2nd grade spelling worksheets for all second grade unit two week e printouts 2nd grade spelling words worksheet worksheets for all replacing words with antonyms worksheets 2nd grade spelling worksheets for all 4th grade spelling bee words transportation worksheets 2nd grade second grade spelling words...


Canada: Fishing Boats Converge on Nova Scotia Harbour as Part of Effluent Pipe Protest "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

from Red Power Media

Dozens of fishing boats steamed towards a hulking pulp mill in northern Nova Scotia on Friday, marking the climax of a boisterous demonstration that saw more than 1,000 protesters call on the mills owners to scuttle a plan to dump millions of litres of effluent a day into the Northumberland Strait.

Chanting No pipe, no way! a long line of marchers streamed onto the pier of a sun-drenched marina in Pictou, which is directly across the towns harbour from the massive Northern Pulp mill.

A fishermens group estimated that about 200 boats were part of the flotilla that sailed into the breezy, choppy harbour around 1 p.m., then circled back to the marina as a protest rally got underway.

Though the kraft pulp mill provides much-needed jobs for the town of about 3,000 residents, its pipeline plan has raised concerns about the impact on the lobster fishery, other seafood businesses and protected areas along the coast.

After years of pumping 70 million litres of treated wastewater daily into lagoons on the edge of the nearby Pictou Landing First Nation reserve, Northern Pulp wants to dump it directly into the strait.

The mills parent company, Paper Excellence based in Richmond, B.C., has said the mill and its 300 employees will be out of work unless it can build a pipeline that would meet all federal environmental standards: The bottom line is no pipe equals no mill.

Kathy Cloutier, a spokeswoman for Paper Excellence, said in a statement that of the 131 kraft mills operating in North America, about 20 per cent use a system like the one proposed for the mill at Abercrombie Point. The remaining 80 per cent use a system similar to the lagoon system now in use.

Cloutier said options are limited, as no other effluent systems are used in either the U.S. or Canada.

Northern Pulp has thoroughly investigated treatment options available, Cloutier said. This $70-million project will considerably reduce the need for bleaching chemicals by 30 to 40 per cent to whiten the pul...


South Africa: Three Rhino Poachers Eaten by Lions "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

by Melissa Breyer / Treehugger

After breaking into a game reserve to hunt rhinos, not much was left of the three poachers.

Rhinos are having a tough time of it. Having the unfortunate distinction of possessing a highly valuable body part, last year 1,028 rhinos were killed illegally in South Africa alone. And the poachers are ruthless beyond wildlife. Over 1,000 game wardens have been killed in the line of duty over the past decade, according to CITES, the UN-backed treaty that regulates global wildlife trade.

But now it appears that lions have come to the rescue maybe even if only inadvertently.

Nick Fox, owner of the Sibuya Game Reserve said in a statement from the park:

Sometime during the night of Sunday 1st and early hours of Monday 2nd July 2018, a group of at least three poachers entered Sibuya Game Reserve.

They were armed with, amongst other things, a high powered rifle with a silencer, an axe, wire cutters and had food supplies for a number of days all the hallmarks of a gang intent on killing rhino and removing their horns.

They were obviously poachers. The axe that was found on the scene is what is used to by these poachers to hack off the horn after they kill the animal, Fox told the Herald.

Newsweek reports that Sibuya is one of the most popular game reserves in the South...


23 New the Water Cycle Worksheet Answers Gallery "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

process bill nye water cycle video worksheet this work page has 28 multiple choice or true false questions for celebrate world water day with games and activities for all ages name teacher period date this is a free 170 slide powerpoint review game about the...


29 New Nutrition Worksheets for High School Image "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

13 best small medium and large images on pinterest fun nutrition worksheets for kids high school biology worksheets streamcleanfo paid write nigeria freelancers and jobs freelancer motivational 30 2 student wbc name class date 30 2 food and nutrition lesson food label reading lesson...


24 Elegant Parallel Lines Worksheet Answers Stock "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

2d shapes worksheets angles and parallel lines types of angles acute obtuse right worksheets 30 new parallel lines and transversals worksheet answers angles formed by parallel lines and transversals worksheet answers angles and parallel lines practice mathbitsnotebook geo ccss math rs aggarwal solutions for class...


18 Elegant Equal Groups Multiplication Worksheets Collection "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

math division worksheets for primary math students at home or online 38 best grade 2 multiplication division fractions images on multiplication task card word problems answer sheet & key 163 best math worksheets for kids images on pinterest greater than less than equal to worksheet...


14 New Worksheet 6.2 Word Equations Photograph "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

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16 New Find the Slope Worksheet Answers Gallery "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

feasible region worksheet worksheets for all trigonometry inverse function worksheet answers to balancing chemical equations worksheet worksheets for all trigonometry inverse function worksheet grade 8 mon core math worksheets math funbook non standard operations in this fun halloween algebra activity your students practice linear equation...


16 New Triangle Inequality Worksheet with Answers Images "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

worksheets high school geometry pythagorean theorem worksheets high school inequalities resources ordering triangle sides and angles example video solving two step inequalities on a number line free math worksheets 1 4 measure and classify angles answers geometry guided notes 14 17 of pythagorean theorem review...


17 Inspirational Verb Tenses Worksheet Pdf Photograph "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

8 best eal in primary school images on pinterest easy worksheets verb to be sentence searches inspiration easy worksheets verb to be for this worksheet helps line essay writing help my homework help present continuous grade 1 grammar lesson 14 verbs am is and are...


20 Fresh Series and Parallel Circuits Worksheet Answer Key Image "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

series and parallel circuit worksheets imperialdesignstudio wiring science 3 03 circuits 1 name and describe the ponents needed to 28 beautiful series and parallel circuits worksheet simplifying resistor networks article worksheet force diagrams worksheet grass fedjp worksheet study site bbc gcse bitesize series and parallel...


Watch: The Nuclear Ban Treaty in a Nutshell "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

The Nuclear Ban Treaty is one year old now! On July 7th, 2017 the UN adopted the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Here is what you need to know about the treaty.

The post Watch: The Nuclear Ban Treaty in a Nutshell appeared first on


28 Awesome Probability Worksheets with Answers Photos "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

mean mode median worksheets probability color by number ideas page 76 careless 42 best mathematics images on pinterest customizable and printable mean median mode range worksheet year 3 statistics and probability pre ausvels assessment 2 5 4 a huge collection of free printable...


17 Unique 3rd Grade Handwriting Worksheets Pictures "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

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12 Luxury High School Geometry Worksheets Pdf Gallery "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

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29 Awesome Run On Sentence Worksheet Pictures "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

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13 Luxury Metals Nonmetals and Metalloids Worksheet Photograph "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

extra questions metals and non metals cbse class 10 science basic chemistry basic chemistry vocabulary chemistry metals and nonmetals what s the difference image result for acid and base worksheet chemistry ncert class viii science chapter 4 materials metal and non the last problem...


20 Fresh Multiplying Decimals Worksheets 6th Grade Image "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

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13 Best Of Free Tracing Worksheets for Preschool Photograph "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

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26 Elegant Senor Wooly Worksheet Answers Photos "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

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Saturday, 07 July


18 Best Of Molecular Compounds Worksheet Answers Photograph "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Worksheets 48 Beautiful Naming Chemical pounds Worksheet High from molecular compounds worksheet answers , WilsonSCH3U 07 2013 Unit 3 from molecular compounds worksheet answers , Elements pounds And Mixtures Worksheet Worksheets for all from molecular compounds worksheet answers , Balancing Chemical Equations...


21 Fresh Practice Worksheet Graphing Quadratic Functions In Standard form Answers Pics "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

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25 Unique Equivalent Fractions On A Number Line Worksheet Image "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

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14 Elegant solving Proportions Worksheet Answers Images "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

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Increased seismicity, vigorous degassing at Planchn-Peteroa volcanic complex, alert raised, Chile "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Sernageomin raised the technical alert for the Planchn-Peteroa volcanic complex from Green to Yellow (2 of 4) on July 6, 2018. The last eruption of this volcano took place in 2011. The decision was made due increased seismic activity under the volcano,...... Read more

Strong M6.0 earthquake hits near the east coast of Honshu, Japan "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A strong earthquake registered by the JMA as M6.0 hit near the east coast of Honshu, Japan at 11:23 UTC (22:23 JST) on July 7, 2018. The agency is reporting a depth of 50 km (31 miles). USGS is reporting M5.9 at a depth of 39.4 km (24.5 miles). EMSC is reporting...... Read more


10 New Multiplication Facts Worksheets 0 12 Images "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

kids horizontal questions multiplication facts fact sheet multiplication facts worksheet printable worksheets 0 10 math unique worksheet times tables 12 times table test 1 multiplication facts 0 12 worksheet worksheets for all x12 tables de multiplication multiplier par 12 quiz worksheets by math crush kids...


22 Best Of Absolute Value Inequalities Worksheet Images "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Define absolute value inequalities and draw on a number line from absolute value inequalities worksheet , Solving Absolute Value Equations And Inequalities Worksheet Free from absolute value inequalities worksheet , 275 best Algebra 1 images on Pinterest from absolute value inequalities worksheet ,...


WARNING from the POPE: Climate Change is Real and Action is Required "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Truth, honesty and morality are on trial on Earth

Pope Francis warns against turning Earth into vast pile of rubble, deserts and refuse

From an Article distributed by the Associated Press, The Guardian UK, July 6, 2018

Pope Francis urged governments on Friday to make good on their commitments to curb global warming, warning that climate change, continued unsustainable development and rampant consumption threatens to turn the Earth into a vast pile of rubble, deserts and refuse.

Francis made the appeal at a Vatican conference marking the third anniversary of his landmark environmental encyclical Praise Be. The document, meant to spur action at the 2015 Paris climate conference, called for a paradigm shift in humanitys relationship with Mother Nature.

In his remarks, Francis urged governments to honor their Paris commitments and said institutions such as the IMF and World Bank had important roles to play in encouraging reforms promoting sustainable development.

There is a real danger that we will leave future generations only rubble, deserts and refuse, he warned.

The Paris accord, reached by 195 countries, seeks to avoid some of the worst effects of climate change by curbing global greenhouse gas emissions via individual, non-binding national plans. President Donald Trump has said the US will pull out of the accord negotiated by his predecessor unless he can get a better deal.

Fridays conference was the latest in a series of Vatican initiatives meant to impress a sense of urgency about global warming and the threat it poses in particular to the worlds poorest and most marginalised people.

Recently, Francis invited oil executives and investors to the Vatican for a closed-door conference where he urged them to find alternatives to fossil fuels. He warned climate change was a challenge of epochal proportions.

Next year, Francis has called a three-week synod, or meeting of bishops, specifically to address the churchs response to the ecological crisis in the Amazon, where deforestation threatens...


Five Terminal Global Strategies Playing Out On Earth No 4 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

CJ EAC OCT TML FIRE-EARTH Presentation: Terminal Global Strategies No. 4 (GTKPMSCD) [Prepared by FIRE-EARTH and affiliated scientists.] Presentation available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS. Related Links KTSWMGFR . . . . . . .


Federal Prosecutors Abruptly Dismiss All 39 remaining Inauguration Day Rioting Cases "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

by Keith L Alexander / Washington Post

Federal prosecutors on Friday dismissed rioting charges against all remaining defendants arrested after destructive Inauguration Day protests in the nations capital, bringing to a close a controversial case that led to allegations of government overreach.

Prosecutors began filing paperwork Friday afternoon to formally drop the cases against 39 people who had been awaiting trial.

The vandalism of downtown businesses on the day President Trump was sworn in stretched more than 16 blocks as part of a disturbance called DisruptJ20. Members of a large group of protesters set small fires and used bricks and crowbars to smash storefronts. Prosecutors had said six police officers were injured.

In all, 234 people were arrested and charged with rioting. Of them, 21 defendants pleaded guilty before trial. But prosecutors had been unable to secure convictions at trial against others in the group.

Defense attorneys have long contended that prosecutors went too far in pursuing cases against more than 200 people. They argued that their clients were not rioting, but were swept up in the arrests while peacefully protesting.

Lacy MacAuley, one of the organizers of the DisruptJ20 Inauguration Day protests, said she celebrated the decision to end the prosecutions. She said the defendants have suffered more than a year of angst associated with the arrests, forcing many of them to put their lives on hold as they waited for outcomes in the criminal cases.

How do you plan for your job and family and personal life when you are facing decades in prison? MacAuley said

After the first six defendants to go to trial were acquitted late last year, prosecutors dropped charges against more than 150 others, saying they were unable to prove those people planned or participated in protests with the aim of causing damage. Charges against several additional defendants were dropped after D.C. Superior Court Judge Robert E. Morin found that the U.S. Attorneys Office failed to turn over some video evidence to the defense.



Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, July 7, 2018, #152 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

rrt5tee copy 3Dane Wigington How many actually want to know the truth about climate engineering and rapidly accelerating biosphere collapse? How bad is it? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below. Can we collectively still make a difference at this late hour? Is it already too late? How can we know unless we try? No


24 Best Of Limiting Government Worksheet Answers Stock "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

1117 best georgia stu s images on pinterest lesson 7 review chapter 3 lesson 7 review chapter 3 1 what are the middle school geography worksheets & free printables lesson 21 answer key lesson 21 judicial review 1 what is the power a brief overview...


27 Luxury Landmark Supreme Court Cases Worksheet Photos "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

119 best u s constitution images on pinterest brown v board of education of topeka kansas brown v board at plessy v ferguson impact & summary video & lesson transcript schenck vs us teaching resources criminal justice law test prep resources & lesson plans what...


11 Unique Protons Neutrons and Electrons Practice Worksheet Answer Key Pics "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

structure of an atom 35 best high school physical sciences images on pinterest 489 best atoms elements and the periodic table images on pinterest matter elements and atoms chemistry of life article label parts of an atom worksheets 40 re mendations protons neutrons and electrons...


17 Elegant Legislative Branch Worksheet Answers Images "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

three branches of government worksheet what are the three branches of us government branches of the u s government branches government test teaching resources branches government test teaching resources lesson plans ms georgopoulos how congress is organized civics and economics how congress is 996 best...


15 Best Of Plate Tectonics Review Worksheet Pics "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

here s a lesson plan and student page on plate tectonics name plate tectonics internet web quest use the internet to look up the generation of plate tectonics from pdf download available home worksheets review plate tectonics worksheet answers streamcleanfo geological evolution of the...


22 Awesome Tax Computation Worksheet 2015 Stock "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

tax planning law business taxes legacy plan condant accounting archive november 21 2016 what is hindu undivided family huf and in e tax benefits an explanation of 2016 federal in e tax rates tds on salary putation and procedures indiafilings tax return errors what to...


Five Terminal Strategies Played Out On Earth No 4 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

CJ EAC OCT TML FIRE-EARTH Presentation: Terminal Strategies No. 4  (GTKPMSCD) [Prepared by FIRE-EARTH and affiliated scientists.] Presentation available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS. . . . . . . . Advertisements


21 Fresh Balancing Equations Practice Worksheet Answer Key Pictures "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

http chemistry about balancing equations answer key tessshebaylo balancing chemical equations practice worksheet with answers tips for formal writing university of nebraska high school lovely balancing equations practice worksheet lovely writing formula balancing chemical equations answer key name date balancing balancing equations practice balancing equations...


FIRE-EARTH Alert: Region 16 "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

CJ IGE OCT TML FIRE-EARTH Alert:  Region 16 ALERT issued by FIRE-EARTH Science. Details available to authorized groups via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS. Alert 070702 . . . . . . . .


More than 37 dead and over 50 missing as record rain floods Japan, 50 000 rescuers mobilized "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

At least 37 people were killed and more than 50 are missing as record rains continue falling over parts of Japan. Nearly 50 000 members of the Self-Defense Forces, police and firefighting service are searching for trapped, wounded or dead people, Kyodo news service...... Read more


25 Inspirational America the Story Of Us Bust Worksheet Answer Key Stock "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

ntc s dictionary of easily confused words sari k united states unemployment history causes & consequences great depression world history teaching resources studio shame even harry potter pic loses money because warner great depression world history teaching resources great depression world history teaching resources les...


19 Luxury Number Patterns Worksheets 3rd Grade Collection "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

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25 Best Of Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions with Unlike Denominators Worksheet Collection "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Dividing rational expressions video from adding and subtracting rational expressions with unlike denominators worksheet , line esl resources English literature essay prompts homework help from adding and subtracting rational expressions with unlike denominators worksheet , Adding & Subtracting Multiplying & Dividing Two Fractions...


30 Awesome Basic Math Recipe Worksheet Answers Photos "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

year 2 maths number bonds and money homework worksheet practice your math skills with these 7th grade worksheets fraction word problems worksheets e step equation worksheets word problems ruby rubyalkagupta on pinterest ks1 spin it write it subtract it number rods worksheet life skills math...


29 New Cause and Effect Worksheets Collection "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

plex or simple sentences worksheet mona pinterest kindergarten cause and effect worksheets adriaticatoursrl flashlight cause and effect worksheet cso laboratory manual wk 2 negative feedback control blood pressure worksheet 3 negative cause and effect 296 best worksheets images on pinterest essays short personal essays short...


21 New Weight Friction and Equilibrium Worksheet Answers Photos "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Mechanical Engineering Archive November 14 2017 from weight friction and equilibrium worksheet answers , Static Friction The friction arising between two objects in contact from weight friction and equilibrium worksheet answers , How to solve pulley problems in physics from weight friction and...


20 Fresh Chapter 15 Water and Aqueous Systems Worksheet Answers Gallery "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

internship report water analysis jen wilson milngavie tutors biology and chemistry tuition 22 beautiful graph 11 1 describing chemical reactions ideas page 76 careless chapter 19 more about acid bases self ionization of water two water pre university board first year karnataka old...


30 New Exterior Angle theorem Worksheet Photos "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Free Worksheets Library Download and Print Worksheets from exterior angle theorem worksheet , Interior Angles Polygons Worksheet Worksheets Tataiza Free from exterior angle theorem worksheet , Remarkable Worksheets Exterior Angles Polygons with Angles In from exterior angle theorem worksheet , Technical writing...


20 Elegant Reading A Pay Stub Worksheet Photos "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

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18 Unique Grief and Loss Worksheets Images "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

782 best adult interventions & therapy images on pinterest 218 best counseling resources images on pinterest forgiveness activities for adults ehow therapy 3 ways to manage stress 695 best social work images on pinterest tear model of grief my e day fice pinterest triggers and...


25 Inspirational isotopes and atomic Mass Worksheet Answer Key Stock "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Chapter 17 Properties of Atoms and the Periodic Table Section 3 from isotopes and atomic mass worksheet answer key , Isotopes and Average atomic Mass Worksheet webmart from isotopes and atomic mass worksheet answer key , Biology I CP from isotopes and...


25 Luxury 2nd Grade Math Worksheets Pdf Pictures "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

4th grade math problem solving worksheets worksheets for all math worksheet for 5th grade worksheets for all preschool math worksheets counting worksheets for all equivalent fraction worksheets 400 best math for second grade images on pinterest worksheets for all download and worksheets equivalent fractions worksheet...


11 Luxury Factors and Multiples Worksheet Gallery "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

804 multiplication worksheets for you to print right now fact v opinion worksheet free worksheets library greatest mon factor gcf and least mon multiple lcm anchor 4 simple ways to find the least mon multiple of two numbers 27 best factors and multiples images on...


26 Fresh Dot to Dot Worksheets Pictures "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

197 best math dot to dot images on pinterest 51 best mazes & dot to dot images on pinterest 28 best doolhofjes en stippen images on pinterest resultado de imagen de unir con puntos robots for kids 9 best punts images on pinterest crossing of...


Proud Cop Shows Off His K9 Partner's Hidden Talent "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Meet John Allen and his K9 partner Spike two skilled law enforcement officers from the Romeoville Police Department in Illinois.

But Allen recently revealed that his furry colleague is talented at more than just fighting crime.

Credit: Village of Romeoville

Allen and Spike have been helping to keep their community safe together for the past six years. In that time, the two have been involved in numerous drug busts and criminal apprehensions. But their work isn't without some lighter moments as well.

In an adorable video posted this week, Allen decided to show off another one of Spike's special abilities singing. Specifically, singing along
with the chorus of 2000's hit single by the Baha Men, "Who Let The Dogs Out?"

Yes, it's an unusual talent, but Spike's partner couldn't be prouder.

Unlike Spike's skill in law enforcement, which took months of training, the dog's musical chops are something innate.

"It just comes naturally to him," the police department wrote on Twitter. "He sings along with most songs, this is just his favorite."

Clearly, Allen and Spike know how to make their workdays enjoyable. But the two of them are more than just colleagues.


Family Discovers Dog's Secret Arrangement With A Local Baker "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

This is Chito a little dog who, quite inexplicably, has become not so petite despite supposedly maintaining a regular healthy diet.

Turns out, Chito had a secret. But it's a secret no longer. (Sorry, pup.)

Credit: Melissa Ceballos Cabrera

Chito lives with the Cabrera family in Mexico. It's there that the adorable dachshund has taken it upon himself to serve as a guard dog of sorts, keeping watch over things at home during the day and alerting his people when strangers approach. Or so his family thought.

This guard dog was actually being vigilant for a much different reason and that explains his waistline.

Recently, the Cabreras made an interesting discovery, and they caught it on video. The footage they captured shows Chito posted at their gate as usual as a local baker approaches on a bike with his tasty wares. Without hesitating, the baker hands Chito a secret meal, which he accepts with a wagging tail.

This doesn't appear to be a one-time thing.

Chito's owner, Kevin Ceballos Cabrera, says the baker is known to stop by and sell sandwiches when his family is home, but this covert arrangement with the dog is a different story.

"Truth is, it's not surprising. Chito always cheats when it comes to food," Cabrera told The Dodo. "He often leads my mom to believe that he hasn't been fed yet so she'll feed him double."

Credit: Melissa Ceballos Cabrera

Despite knowing the truth, the Cabreras apparently don't plan to put a kibosh on Chito's sweet routine with the baker. Fortunately, the dog has managed to avoid gaining too much extra weight from those secret snacks (but it does explain why he's a bit thicker than you might expect).

Other than that, Chito's a dream to have around.

"He is a very noble and protective dog," Cabrera said. "But when it comes to food, he's a sneak."...


Viral Photo Of 'Dog' In Snow Isn't What It Seems "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

It's true that some things in life just aren't what they appear to be but this photo is clearly of a Shiba Inu pup standing in the snow. Right?


Credit: Twitter/@derstern612

Based on that round, fluffy vision, it would stand to reason that, from another angle, the furry subject of the picture might look like this:

Credit: Max Pixel

That assumption is totally false.

In a recent post, Twitter user derstern612 reveals the surprising (and adorable) truth. That first photo above isn't actually of a Shiba Inu or even a dog, for that matter.

Surprise! It's a cat!

Credit: Twitter/@derstern612

We were all wrong.

Credit: Twitter/@derstern612

Not surprisingly, despite a lack of additional details, derst...


Woman Buys Lettuce Then Realizes Someone's Living Inside It "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Last weekend, UK resident Shevaughan Tolputt was unpacking groceries shed just bought from Aldi when something odd caught her eye.

Something inside her lettuce was moving.

Credit: Twitter/Shevaughan Tolputt

When she got a closer look, she noticed that someone not something was perched atop the leaves.

It was a tiny frog.

As she turned on her phone to take a video, the shy little animal looked up at her, and then started burrowing down further into the lettuce for shelter. Hed just been on quite the journey, and probably wasnt ready for much more excitement.

Credit: Twitter/Shevaughan Tolputt

Tolputt was definitely surprised, and but this actually happens more often than people think. Frogs and spiders are often caught hitchhiking on vegetables or even houseplants, and are often only noticed by people once theyre brought home from the store.

Luckily, Tolputt wasnt bothered by the harmless frog and knew just what to do.

She gently removed him from the lettuce and released him outside in a grassy area with a pond nearby.

Credit: Twitter/Shevaughan Tolputt

While, in most cases, animals found traveling on fruit or veggies are non-native and shouldnt be released, this particular lettuce was labeled as British grown meaning the frog had simply hopped on at a nearby farm.

Hopefully, the tiny guy will choose the perfect spot to live in the wild this time, and steer clear of the lettuce fields. And thanks to his kind rescuer, hes got all the options in the world....


Lost Dog Can't Believe She's Really Seeing Her Owner Again "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Lyn Crawford runs the Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter in Mississippi, a volunteer group that cares for and helps adopt out pets who've been picked up by animal control. Last month, Crawford received a message from a woman named Joyce who had just lost someone very dear to her.

"Her dog, Daisy, had gotten out of her backyard on June 20 and went missing. She couldnt find her anywhere," Crawford told The Dodo. "She sent us a picture of the dog, asking that we keep an eye out for Daisy. She was so worried."

Credit: Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter

Crawford showed the photo to her colleagues, but as the days passed with no sign of Daisy, hopes of finding her began to wane that is, until Monday.

"One of our volunteers was at the shelter when, just that minute, a shelter worker brought a dog out," Crawford said. "Our volunteer took a picture of the dog and sent it in. Then one of our other volunteers saw it and said, I think thats the dog that Joyce messaged us about a couple of weeks ago. I think it might be the same dog!"

The dog in that photo did look quite similar, but they couldn't identify her for certain.

"She looked so scared, it was hard to tell if it was the same dog," Crawford said.

Credit: Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter

Afterward, Crawford sent Joyce the photo from the shelter. Even she wasn't sure if it was actually Daisy.

"She said she didnt know because shed never seen her dog looking so scared," Crawford said. "So our volunteer asked Joyce to meet her at the shelter to see if it was her. Joyce left work and went to the shelter."

Here's a video of the moment that scared dog was brought out front: "They asked Joyce, Is this your dog?'" Crawford said. "But after Daisy saw her, there was no doubt at all."


16 Awesome Abc Worksheets for Preschool Stock "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

abc pre k coloring activity sheet letter b bat tracing numbers 1 to 5 worksheet for preschool tracing numbers 1 to alphabet letter j worksheet preschool printable activity 3825 best children images on pinterest flashcards puzzles worksheets printable games & activities missing numbers 1...


Airport Security Finds Strangest Thing Hidden Under Man's Clothes "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Last week, at Londons Heathrow Airport, a routine passenger search turned up an unbelievable find.

The passenger, a 56-year-old man from Ireland, had just flown in from South Africa and security officers discovered 19 large eggs stuffed under his clothing, secured around his torso with a belt.

Credit: UK National Wildlife Crime Unit

The officers instantly knew the eggs werent your average chicken egg, as they were much larger and ranged in shape and size.

After a bit of sleuthing, the team realized the eggs must have been stolen from birds of prey in the wild.

The biggest giveaway? Two of them had already hatched.

Credit: UK National Wildlife Crime Unit

Specialists determined that in addition to the newborns, two fluffy vultures, the other eggs belonged to various South African birds including eagles, hawks and kites. All are protected species under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) which meant the man was promptly arrested.

The officers wrapped up the eggs and baby vultures in towels and sent them the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre for examination. They were transferred to a specialty clinic soon after that would continue incubation of the unhatched eggs, and start around-the-clock care of the fragile newborns.

Credit: UK National Wildlife Crime Unit

While its unclear why the man was smuggling the birds into the country, its possible they were destined to be sold as pets or for their parts. Vulture body parts in particular are popular in areas of South Afr...


Mom Dog Who Lost Her Babies Was So Sad Until She Met These Lost Puppies "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

When Barking Mad Dog Rescue got a call last month about a litter of puppies abandoned in a field in Romania, rescuers rushed out to the field as quickly as they could to collect them. When they arrived, they found the puppies had been left in a shoebox, and were shocked to see that they were only a day old. 

Credit: Barking Mad Dog Rescue

The puppies had literally just been born, and were thus clearly too young to be away from their mom. Unfortunately, their mom was nowhere in sight, so rescuers loaded the puppies into their car, hoping for the best.

They'll need hand-feeding through the night for some time, Barking Mad Dog Rescue wrote on its Instagram account. Poor innocent little mites.

Credit: Barking Mad Dog Rescue

Unfortunately, Barking Mad Dog Rescue sees cases like this all the time, and often takes in litters of abandoned puppies who need round-the-clock care. Volunteers with the rescue were prepared to care for the puppies as long as they needed to ensure they would grow up healthy and happy but then they had the best idea. 

Credit: Barking Mad Dog Rescue

The rescue had recently taken in a mama dog who had lost her puppies while living on the streets. She was heartbroken and defeated when they found her, and it was clear she missed her puppies so much and couldnt understand what had happened to them. 

She was walking round with food in her mouth trying to find them to feed them, Hilary Anderson, cofounder of Barking Mad Dog Rescue, told The Dodo. So sad. 

When the shoebox puppies arrived in the rescues care, they realized that the puppies needed a mom and the mama dog they had just...


Beryl becomes first hurricane of 2018 Atlantic season, heading toward Lesser Antilles "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Hurricane "Beryl" formed July 6, 2018, as the first hurricane of the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season. Beryl is a small hurricane but is expected to increase in strength and size before it approaches the Lesser Antilles over the weekend. At 21:00 UTC on July...... Read more

Peru: How chocolate saved a community and a protected area from the drug trade "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Augusto Sangama confesses that, twenty years ago, his life was worth nothing. He believes others in the community of Huicungo in the San Martn region in northern Peru felt the same way, saying that if any of them had been killed, no one would have asked for explanations of their death. These were times when cocaine paste was sold as if it were a kilo of sugar or rice, showing how high the demand was and leading to an increase in trafficking. Planes with drugs left daily from the Alto Huallaga Valley, where the community is located. Augusto recalls that the majority of local farmers were engaged in the illicit cultivation of coca crops, from which cocaine is produced. Now at 64, he observes the hundreds of cacao tree seedlings destined for the chocolate industry he has planted on land once used to grow coca, as well as the intact biodiversity of nearby Ro Abiseo National Park, he cant understand why he could not live like this before. Where there was coca, there was money, Sangama recalled, saying that no cacao producer forgets what happened in the 1980s and 90s after the drug cartels and the Shining Path guerrilla rebel organization had seized the region. You could not make a mistake because if you did they beheaded you in front of everyone, he said. Many share these memories with their children and grandchildren. We must remember how much progress we have made, said Sangama, who is now president of the

Latam Eco Review: Five newly described snakes named by auction in Ecuador "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Among the top stories published by our Spanish-language service, Mongabay-Latam, this past week were features about five newly described snake species being named by auction in Ecuador, and news that Bolivias Madidi Park could possibly be the most biodiverse park on Earth. The banner image above shows one of the newly described snakes, a Bob Ridgely snake (Dipsas bobridgely). Image courtesy of Matthijs Holladers/Tropical Herping. Ecuador: five new snake species named via auction In the science world, researchers who describe new species have the honor of bestowing their common and scientific names. In Ecuador, a team that discovered five new snail sucking snakes decided to name them by auction. The funds raised through the naming auction will expand a reserve where some of the new species live. Tropical Herping says four of the five species are endangered: Bev Ridgely (Sibon bevridgelyi), Bob Ridgely (Dipsas bobridgelyi), Oswaldo Bez (Dipsas oswaldobaezi) and Klebba (Dipsas klebbai). The habitats of all these snake species, most categorized as Vulnerable or Endangered, are threatened by deforestation. Image courtesy of Alejandro Arteaga/Tropical Herping. Peru: 15 new illegal trafficking routes identified At least 15 new illegal wildlife trafficking routes were recently identified in Peru. Holland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, France and Germany, along with China, Japan and Singapore, are some of the destination markets, but the majority of species never leave Peru. Birds are the most trafficked animals in Peru. Photo: Serfor. Bolivia: Researchers register 4,000 species in Madidi National Park A researcher who recently registered 4,002 plants


Congo Tries To Sell A Dozen Rare Wild Gorillas To Nightmare Zoo "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Only 200 critically endangered mountain gorillas are left in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

But instead of protecting them in the wild, the country has been secretly planning to capture them, along with other endangered species, to ship them off to two Chinese zoos one of which is notorious for poor living conditions and using its animals in circus-like performances.

A leaked letter between the Congos environment minister and a Chinese trade corporation shows the country had agreed to send at least 12 mountain gorillas, 16 bonobos, 16 chimpanzees, 20 okapi and eight African manatees to the zoos.

Credit: Shutterstock

The Congo does not have a captive breeding program, so all of these animals would be plucked from the wild. The Taiyuan Zoo, in the northern province of Shanxi, and Anji Zhongnan Zoo, in eastern China, were the two facilities that reportedly requested the animals.

After the letter leaked earlier this week, the deal was reportedly called off. But unfortunately deals like this arent unheard of Zimbabwe has stolen baby wild elephants from their families and sold them to Chinese zoos on multiple occasions and its possible this deal will be revisited again later on.

Credit: Shutterstock

Dr. Mark Jones, associate director of Born Free Foundation UK, says the consequences for these animals could be deadly if the Congos plan were to move forward.

Primates in particular are highly social, Jones told The Dodo. Capturing live great apes from the wild usually entails disrupting entire social groups and killing other family members, with devastating consequences for family groups. Given the precarious status of these species, the proposed transfers could have a very significant conservation impact.

In a letter sent to the Convention on International Trade in En...


Over 100 People Show Up At Shelter To Comfort Dogs During Fireworks "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

As millions of people across the country were watching fireworks on July 4th, some residents in one Arizona town ended up somewhere entirely different: an animal shelter.

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control is all too familiar with the stress fireworks can cause for pets, so public information officer Jose Santiago put out a special request for volunteers to visit the two local shelters on Wednesday.

His goal? To make sure the dogs had company during the loud and often scary celebrations scheduled for that night.

Credit: Facebook/Amy Engel

Shelters can be a very stressful place for animals, Santiago told The Dodo. When you add the loud noises of exploding fireworks, that makes them even more anxious. We asked ourselves, What can we do to make this night as calm for them as possible?

The community was more than ready to lend a hand. More than 100 people showed up across the two county shelter locations. Young kids read their favorite storybooks to the dogs, while other people came with guitars or ukuleles in hand to play them a tune.

Credit: Maricopa County Animal Care and Control

Some visitors simply offered gentle strokes of reassurance for a few hours and it made all the difference.

We could see as people talked to the dogs and stroked their fur, their eyes were getting heavier and heavier, Santiago said. Many would lay down right at their kennels edge and fall asleep. That right there speaks volumes to how important the human touch is for those animals.

Credit: Facebook/Rachel Opperman

While the shelter normally permits volunteers to walk and play with the dogs, the...


Seagulls Keep Turning Up Drunk And No One Knows Why "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Throughout the last couple of weeks, the RSPCA has been receiving a bunch of very unusual calls from beachgoers and people hanging out by the water about drunk seagulls. At first, everyone at the rescue was a bit confused, but as soon as they went out to collect some of the seagulls in question, they realized why everyone was so concerned. 

At first, the birds look like they have botulism [an illness caused by bacteria] but then, after vomiting, most seem to recover, Jo Daniel, an officer with the RSPCA, said in a press release. The birds absolutely stink of alcohol when we collect them so now our vans smell like pubs!

Credit: RSPCA

The rescue has now taken in over a dozen of these drunk seagulls, and everyone is still a bit puzzled as to how this is happening. They suspect that a brewery or other alcohol distributor somewhere is not disposing of its waste properly and the birds are somehow gaining access to it, but at this point, its impossible to know for sure. 

Sadly, a few of the birds have died but most of them have made good recoveries and have been released after a few days in our care, David Couper, a vet with the RSPCA, said in a press release. Id like to urge any local vets who see birds coming in with similar symptoms not to euthanize them but to give them a chance to recover from the effects of the alcohol. 

Credit: RSPCA

The seagulls seem to be affected by the alcohol in the same way humans are, and just as with a drunk person, they need some time to let the effects wear off before theyre back to normal again. 

The birds appear disoriented and confused and struggle to stand, Couper said. We took some video of one of the birds who is staggering around and losing his balance just like a person would if theyd had too much to drink....


17 New Acceleration Worksheet Answer Key Image "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

kips 9th class kinematics physics plete notes with pdf speed velocity and acceleration engaging cut and glue worksheet ideas page 201 careless 27 new pics friction and gravity worksheet answers speed and velocity review worksheet a level maths mechanics harder suvat worksheet by...


13 Elegant Food Inc Worksheet Answer Key Photos "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

freecycling close reading passage a food web worksheet answers worksheets for all fresh intermolecular forces worksheet luxury worksheet templates red ant digital strategy whitepaper 2011 food inc worksheet module 3 rr gene assessment in soybean plants accounting archive november 23 2017 fun nutrition worksheets for...


26 Awesome Geologic Time Scale Worksheet Answers Collection "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

notesheetch25 name ms foglia peri od date ap chapter 25 phylogeny geologic time geologic processes past and present uniformitarianism geology coloring pages for kids google search relative dating activity science ideas pinterest geologic time scale lwen 5 quick evolution activities for teachers essential question how...


23 Best Of social Skills Worksheets for Autism Images "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

social skills interrupting cartoon strip social interactions 1237 best coping skills life social executive images on pinterest 339 best social skills images on pinterest 68 best autism and munication images on pinterest 32 best autism printables images on pinterest 307 best soc skills pragmatics &...


21 New Stoichiometry Practice Worksheet Answers Stock "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

worksheet stoichiometric calcs teacher note problems 7 10 are 24 best chemistry stoichiometry images on pinterest molarity practice worksheet how to balance equations printable worksheets stoichiometry worksheet balancing equations worksheet worksheet 10 best stoichiometry images on pinterest density worksheet with answers calculate density worksheet with...


U.S. Is About To Allow Hunting Of World's Most Endangered Wolf "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

A new plan that would allow the killing of the most endangered kind of wolf on the planet is being met with public outcry. 

The red wolf is considered the world's most endangered subspecies of wolf there are fewer than 30 red wolves left in the wild and if the U.S. government decides to implement its new plan for red wolves, it could erase these animals forever. 

Credit: Museum of Life and Science

Red wolves used to live all across the South, from Texas to Florida, and as far north as Pennsylvania, but because of hunting and habitat loss, the red wolves were nearly extinct by the 1970s. Now the last remaining wild red wolves live in five counties in North Carolina, where anyone who kills one of these endangered wolves can be fined up to $100,000.

Credit: Museum of Life and Science

But the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) just proposed decreasing protections for these wolves and shrinking their protected habitat to a tiny fragment of where they currently live. This means that if the wolves wander off this piece of land, they could be hunted and trapped without penalty.

Conservationists say this is tantamount to condemning the red wolf to extinction.

"This proposal is worse than we imagined," Kim Wheeler, executive director of the Red Wolf Coalition (RWC), said in a statement. "The agency's decision to abrogate its responsibility to protect and conserve these animals no matter whose land they happen to be standing on is reprehensible."...


17 Elegant 11 2 Surface areas Of Prisms and Cylinders Worksheet Answers Pictures "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

area and volume of similar solids read geometry cones pyramids and spheres volume a cylinder worksheet finding the volume of a cuboid rag by rishna s teaching resources draw the other half of each shape geometry worksheets 7 2 surface areas of prisms and cylinders...


19 Unique Inductive Bible Study Worksheet Pdf Gallery "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

scripture study pages record using a journal keeping the faith jw personal bible study sheets character study bible color coding chart helps keep your mind focused on what your 196 best kid discipleship images on pinterest free bible maps timelines and charts daily devotional prayer...


Elephant Who Spent 50 Years Begging Always Hoped Life Would Get Better "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

For 50 long years, Rajus life was filled with pain and loneliness.

Torn away from his mother and family as a young calf, Raju spent decades working as a begging elephant on the streets of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Credit: Wildlife SOS

They filled boxes up with his favorite snacks for him to break open and enjoy. As he munched on a trunk full of popcorn, he closed his eyes in happiness.

He also spent some time relaxing in his pool and eating watermelons treats he lived his whole life without.

The most heartening part of Rajus rehabilitation has been his growing fondness of the pool, Geeta Seshamani, cofounder of Wildlife SOS, said in a statement. This not only helps keep him cool, but also has the added benefit of taking some of the weight off his legs and joints.

Credit: Wildlife SOS

Credit: Wildlife SOS

Every day, Rajus owner would sit on his back and trek him along the hot asphalt streets to drum up tips. A chain and spiked shackle continuously cut into his leg to keep him from running away. His body was covered in cuts and scars from being beaten with a bullhook, a sharp metal spear used to train elephants.

His only food was scraps thrown to him by passersby.


Friday, 06 July


12 New 3rd Grade Reading Staar Test Practice Worksheets Collection "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

3rd grade math test prep printable confortable 8th grade math staar test answers 2016 about staar free bubble answer sheets for staar practice test a and b 11 best sat 10 images on pinterest reading skills practice test 1 grade 3 third grade math test...


Can Mining Certification Benefit Communities, Workers and the Environment? "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

Last week, the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) released its new Standard for Responsible Mining an effort by civil society and industry to collectively define best practices for mining operations. If well-implemented, the IRMA standard can provide us with tools for greater transparency and real improvements in mining practices.

IRMA aims to emulate for industrial-scale mining what the Forest Stewardship Council has done for forestry: multi-stakeholder created, multi-stakeholder governed, independently verified standards that credibly and substantially improve the decision-making process for where mines are located, how they are operated, and how they are closed at the end of their lives.

IRMA has developed what is arguably the most comprehensive set of auditable, independently-verifiable criteria for assessing the social and environmental performance of mining operations. It will not certify new mining operations in key protected areas, mines that do not have the free, prior, informed consent of indigenous communities, or those that dispose of mine wastes in rivers or marine waters.

In response to concerns raised by workers and communities, theres been a gravitation by some mining companies and purchasers to first-party certification initiatives: those that are controlled and governed by the mining industry or other businesses, without an equal seat at the table for civil society groups.  Civil society groups including Earthworks have pointed out the flaws of such approaches that arent equally created by representatives of workers, communities and NGOs. These frequently lack the credibility or strength of multi-stakeholder processes like IRMA.  

The diverse organizations and sectorslabor unions, indigenous communities, NGOs, mining companies and downstream purchasers of mineralsthat form IRMA often get asked why we sit at this table across from other stakeholders with whom we dont always see eye to eye.

Despite our differences, IRMA participants share a strong commitment to respectful dialogue; to equitable, multi-stakehol...


17 Awesome Boundaries In Relationships Worksheet Images "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

rest worksheet 14 best stranger danger images on pinterest 180 best social workin board 2 images on pinterest i" statements preview tr child life pinterest what anger is trying to tell you took a while to be ok with setting boundaries and sticking to them...


13 Elegant Anatomy Of the Constitution Worksheet Answers Pics "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

printable worksheets for teachers k 12 teachervision the lusitania teaching resources schenck vs us teaching resources free crossword puzzle maker bns lab reports crab facts and worksheets for kids 233 best us history constitution images on pinterest sap co running notes by md khamar schenck...


Investing in Indigenous Communities is Most Efficient Way to Protect Forests, report finds "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

By Cory Rogers Appeared previously on   The best way to save forests and curb biodiversity loss is to recognize the claims of indigenous peoples to their territories, a new report urges. Published by the Rights and... Read More


FIRE-EARTH Report: The Whale Killer Nation "IndyWatch Feed Enviro"

CJ EAC OCT FIRE-EARTH Report: [LKDCMMBFSDRW 070602] NOTICE OF RESOLUTION: Its been resolved whales are exceedingly more valuable than their neanderthals hunters. The Whale Killer Nation reports are available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS. . . . . . . . .

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