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Wednesday, 15 August


Benutzt hier jemand IPsec? IPsec selbst ist nicht so ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Benutzt hier jemand IPsec? IPsec selbst ist nicht so schlimm, aber wie bei allen Kryptosystemen verschiebt sich damit das Problem blo auf den Schlsselaustausch, und der ist bei IPsec alt und angegammelt und wird dynamisch ber IKEv1 und IKEv2 gemacht.

Mein Gefhl dazu ist, dass IKE sich zu TLS verhlt, wie S/MIME sich zu PGP verhlt.

Insofern war ich ganz froh, dass jemand an was neuem arbeitet. Das ist im Moment ein Linux-Alleingang, dafr ist es AFAIK im Standardkernel angekommen. Ich habe damit noch nicht herumgespielt, aber beim oberflchlichen gucken her gingen da erstmal keine Alarmlampen an.


All hands on deck: the Caspian sails towards Eurasia integration "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Pepe Escobar (cross-posted with the Asia Times by special agreement with the author) The five states surrounding the sea Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan have reached


Italy Expects Financial Market Attack in August: Govt. Official "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Speculators will probably attack Italian financial markets this month but the country has the resources to defend itself, a senior and highly influential government official says in a newspaper interview.

By Crispian Balmer and cross-posted from Reuters

Giancarlo Giorgetti, undersecretary in the prime ministers office and a leading light in the far-right League party, said thin summer trading volumes helped fuel market assaults.

I expect an attack (in August), Giorgetti told Libero.

The markets are populated by hungry speculative funds that choose their prey and pounce In the summer the market volumes are small, you can lay the groundwork for aggressive initiatives against countries. Look at Turkey.

Turkish markets slumped last week on growing concerns over the countrys economy and political leadership.

Italian assets have also come under strain in recent weeks, with investors concerned that the governing coalition, made up of the League and the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement, might tear up EU fiscal rules to pay for big-spending budget plans.

If the (market) storm comes, we will open our umbrella. Italy is a big country and has the resources to react, thanks in part to its large amount of private savings, said Giorgetti, who is seen as a moderating force within the League.

Quoting a report by bankers federation Fabi, Italian newspapers said on Sunday household savings in Italy totaled some 4.4 trillion euros against 2.2 trillion in 1998

Continue reading the article


Declaracin de la Federacin Anarquista Uruguaya acerca de los sucesos en Nicaragua "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

fau.pngEl 19 de julio de 1979 (43 aos despus del inicio de la Revolucin Espaola contra el golpe de Estado de Franco) triunfaba en Nicaragua una revolucin de claro contenido popular. Se pona fin as a la dictadura de 46 aos de la familia Somoza, dueos de Nicaragua y personeros de Estados Unidos. Desde 1855, con la invasin del filibustero Walker, Nicaragua ha sido un enclave norteamericano, una especie de semi-colonia, un pas libre e independiente slo formalmente, donde el control de Estados Unidos era total en todas las actividades nicaragenses.

La gesta de Sandino con su Ejrcito Rebelde, cuyo principal objetivo era expulsar a los marines norteamericanos puso en jaque dicha presencia entre 1926 y 1933. El asesinato de Sandino a manos de Anastasio Somoza, en una verdadera emboscada, a traicin, derrota al Ejrcito Rebelde y triunfa la reaccin ms asquerosa y vil al servicio del imperialismo norteamericano.

Sin embargo, el pueblo nicaragense continu resistiendo. Con pequeas acciones, incluso asesinando a Somoza, pero sin poder evitar que se entronara en dinasta su familia. Los Somoza eran dueos de media Nicaragua, literalmente. El resto del pas estaba en manos de una lnguida burguesa y de los intereses yanquis. La Iglesia, siempre fiel aliada a los Somoza y al status quo.

La Resistencia Popular se fue encauzando hacia pequeas guerrillas, hasta que en 1961 se forma el Frente Sandinista de Liberacin Nacional, bajo el influjo de la Revolucin Cubana, y con una perspectiva de desalojar a la dictadura de Somoza, independizar definitivamente al pas y abrir un trnsito propio hacia el Socialismo. La incidencia del FSLN creca a nivel popular: entre los estudiantes de la Universidad -donde fueron reclutados muchos de sus militantes- , organizando barriadas, a los campesinos y diversos sectores sociales.

As se llega luego de un largo trecho de combates, donde el FSLN gana una inmensa legitimidad entre sectores del pueblo, a derrotar definitivamente a la dictadura. Se iniciaba un nuevo perodo en la vida del pas, donde se instalaban cooperativas de campesinos, experiencias donde convivan la propiedad colectiva con la pequea propiedad privada, se organizaban y fortalecan sindicatos y dems organizaciones populares


[South Africa] Renewed appeal for Solidarity with the Boiketlong 4 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

boiketlong4.jpgOn the 21st April 2015 the Magistrates Court in Sebokeng sentenced 4 community activists from Boiketlong, to a total of 16 years in prison. The activists are: Dinah Makhetha, Sipho Mangane, Dan Molefe and Pulane Mahlangu. Key witnesses could not even identify the 4 but the courts sought to use the apartheid law of doctrine of common purpose to jail them. They were found not guilty of public violence but guilty of assault, arson and malicious damage to property.

Pulane Mahlangu has run away and no one knows where she is or if she is in good health. Either way, she cannot come home.

Dan Molefe died of stress-related illness in December 2017.

Although released for a short period while the appeal process was underway, both Dinah and Sipho are back in prison as they lost the first level of Appeal. The magistrate is prepared to consider shortening the sentence but not the sentence itself. The appeal process remains underway.

There is now an opportunity for a mediated process that may assist in a process of early release. There is an urgent need to cover the costs of mediation which we estimate could come to about R40 000. Appeals have been made to the community to raise funds as well to the broader movement.

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Tuesday, 14 August


Furor Manet "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

received 12/14/18


2016, September. Operation Scripta Manent, carried forth by the turinese prosecutor Sparagna, leads to the arrest of 8 comrades, the main accusation being the creation of a subversive organization with terrorist aims. Along with this, the imputation includes several other attacks, all signed FAI (informal anarchist federation) and FAI/FRI (informal anarchist federation/international revolutionary front). At the present time, six comrades are still in jail and another one is kept prisoner in her own house. In the meantime, inside the Turin bunker courtroom the trial continues at a steady pace. Scores of policemen from several different towns climb the stage of the courthouse, supposedly in order to reconstruct the history of the contemporary anarchist movement. The very beginning is identified, as we saw many other times already, at the time of the Marini trial, during the 90s. Starting from those years, the professional peeping toms begin to enumerate and distort every small, insignificant and personal detail stolen, with an unstoppable and obsessive dig work, from our lives and our relations. A sad, mechanical and deterministic picture about which we couldnt care less.

Within individual differences and bitter arguments sometimes heavily loaded with opposing tensions, lies the history of the anarchist movement, which is, the history of every single one of us, with all its contradictions.

To that history belong revolutionary methods, some of which now sit among the accused in Turin courthouse.

In times like this, more than ever, to support revolutionary methods means fighting against State repression, aimed to bury our comrades beneath years of jail and to destroy the history of the anarchist movement.

Not a step back, For anarchy.


#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #rush #running #gone #mood... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #rush #running #gone #mood #streetphotography #dailylife #blackandwhite #photography #photo #streetsofberlin #berlineransichten #berlinstagram #picoftheday #latergram #schwarzweiss


Gute Nachrichten: FIFA hat Korruption ausradiert.Wie? ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Gute Nachrichten: FIFA hat Korruption ausradiert.

Wie? Nein, aus ihren Ethik-Richtilinien. Was dachtet ihr denn!?

Aus der gefrchteten Kategorie "Wie werden alle strben", ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Aus der gefrchteten Kategorie "Wie werden alle strben", heute: Tropenzecken in Deutschland gesichtet. Wir sind so gut wie tot!

Gut, dass der Klimawandel blo eine Einbildung ist.

Habt ihr das auch gehrt? Frauen am Arbeitsplatz werden ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Habt ihr das auch gehrt? Frauen am Arbeitsplatz werden von ihren mnnlichen Vorgesetzten gemobbt, wenn sie ein Kind haben wollen?

Nun, wie sich rausstellt: Nicht nur von ihren mnnlichen Vorgesetzten.

Der Einsender kommentiert:

Es geht hier um eine Direktorin des Max Planck Institut. Wre das ein Mann, wre die wohl schon lngst ffentlich und mit Klarnamen an den Pranger gestellt worden.
Das befrchte ich auch.

Update: Ein Einsender kommentiert, dass das schon geschehen sei mit dem Pranger.

Es handelt sich vermutlich um [zensiert]. Zumindest gibt es eine hochgradig hnliche Geschichte ber sie, die zuerst im Magazin von Science verffentlicht wurde und vorgestern bei der Washington Post Einzug in die nicht-wissenschaftliche Kreise hielt.

Wie die Titel schon verraten: Das Ironische an dem Vorfall ist, dass Frau [zensiert] schwerpunktmig zu menschlichem Sozialverhalten und Moral sowie Empathie forscht.

Ich arbeite in der psychologischen Forschung, diese Neuigkeit zumindest bei uns eingeschlagen wie eine Bombe. Man sieht Frau [zensiert] auch fters mal auf Konferenzen, die hlt dann Keynotes. Eigentlich geht man mit dem Gefhl da raus: Tolle Frau mit Vorbildfunktion.
... ist wohl doch kein tolles Vorbild.

Bei der auslndischen Presse ist das mit dem Namen-Nennen nicht vergleichbar. Die Briten haben immerhin Gesetze, dass die Namen von Minderjhrigen nicht genannt werden drfen, aber im angelschsischen Sprachraum ist es ansonsten blich, dass man Namen nennt, auch von Beschuldigten vor dem Verfahren, ohne Verurteilung vor Gericht.


Zurich, Switzerland: Presentation of the (electronical) archive "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Sonday 9th of September

Presentation of the (electronical) archive

At this afternoon theres gonna be a introduction into the archive of the anarchist library. Mainly theres gonna be presented the extensive electronical archive, which provides among other things the possibility of full text research in thousands of anarchist and concerning publications and is open to everyone that is interested in anarchist history beyond relying on so-called experts of anarchism.


Anarchistische Bibliothek Fermento

Zweierstrasse 42

8004 Zrich


[UK] Known fascist has car vandalised in Bristol "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

received 12.08.2018

The guitarist for Queensbury Rules (a Blood & Honor band) had his car sabotaged in the early hours of the 7th of August.

Wojciech (Woj) Wasilewski, a known fascist had all 4 tyres of his car punctured, the bodywork scratched and a message sprayed which reads: Woj = Fascist and on the otherside: [heart symbol] ANNA YPG.

The car was parked on Trinity St (New Town) St Philips, sometimes parked on Hassell Drive, both near Trinity Police Station, Bristol. The car is a red Hyundai, reg: EA60TWX

Woj and his Polish friends live above Skin Deep, a tattooist shop on Old Market (close to where the car was parked). The shop is run by Ozzie, an old National Fronter from Kingswood, Bristol.

Woj has been seen in a Queensbury Rules T-shirt with Pie and Mash printed on the back (cockney slang for fash). It also had the slogan: Five little words which means We go where we want. But the reality is they dont, their gigs are very secretive and so we decided to go below the belt and kick him in the bollocks.

There is graffiti near Wojs flat, which is separate from this attack, that also mentions Anna Cambell: When you fight fascism, the rules of engagement should be of your own making

Take em on the blind side cell.

in portuguese


[invitation] Anarchist Book Fair of Lisbon on October 26, 27 and 28 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Given that climate change is brought us the colder summer of the last thirty years, given our constant and organic demand to ignite with passion and of warming ourselves with the rebelliousness of our daily struggles, we will light our flame this fall! And so returns the Anarchist Book Fair of Lisbon, on 26, 27 and 28 October, and again in the beautiful woods of Penha de Frana.
See you later!

in Portuguese


USA: alleged ELF and ALF fugitive, Joseph Dibee, arrested After 12 Years "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Joseph Mahmoud Dibee, an alleged member of the Earth Liberation Front group The Family, has been arrested in Cuba and is now being held in Oregon. Cuban authorities, with assistance from the FBI and other US government agencies, detained Dibee in Cuba shortly before he was set to board a plane to Russia. He has


Cooperate Or Die: In Private Meeting, Top Facebook Exec Threatened News Outlets "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Facebook executive Campbell Brown reportedly warned news publishers that refusal to cooperate with the tech behemoths efforts to revitalize journalism will leave media outlets dying like in a hospice.

By Jake Johnson and cross-posted from Common Dreams


During a closed-door and off-the-record meeting last week, top Facebook executive Campbell Brown reportedly warned news publishers that refusal to cooperate with the tech behemoths efforts to revitalize journalism will leave media outlets dying like in a hospice.

Reported first by The Australian under a headline which read Work With Facebook or Die: Zuckerbergthe social media giant has insisted the comments were taken out of context, even as five individuals who attended the four-hour meeting corroborated what Brown had stated.

Mark doesnt care about publishers but is giving me a lot of leeway and concessions to make these changes, Brown reportedly said, referring to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. We will help you revitalize journalism in a few years the reverse looks like Ill be holding hands with your dying business like in a hospice.

As The Guardian reported on Monday, Facebook is vehemently denying the veracity of the comments as reported by The Australian, referring to its own transcript of the meeting. However, Facebook is refusing to release its transcript and tape of the gathering.

Browns warning about the dire prospects for news outlets that dont get on board with a future in which corporate giants like Facebook are the arbiters of what is and isnt trustworthy news comes as progressives are raising alarm that Facebooks entrance into the world of journalism poses a major threat to non-corporate and left-wing news outlets.......


Auf Rgen hat ein Restaurant jetzt ab 17 Uhr Kinderfreiheit ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Auf Rgen hat ein Restaurant jetzt ab 17 Uhr Kinderfreiheit ausgerufen. Der Restaurantbetreiber sagt, schlecht erzogene Kinder seien der Erholung seiner Gste abtrglich, und fr Erholung kmen die schlielich nach Rgen. Im brigen seien schon mehrfach freilaufende Kinder seinen Kellnern zwischen die Beine gelaufen und htten gefhrliche Situationen herbeigefhrt.

Update: In Hamburg gibt es eine Therme, die auch keine Kinder reinlsst. Ist das jetzt ein neuer Trend?

Update: hm, und in Schottland gibt es ein Dorf ohne Kinder. Und zwar mit Absicht, als Regel verhngt. Und Reisebros haben jetzt auch eine "Adults Only"-Kategorie.

Jeff Bezos macht es sich in Trumps Sumpf bequem :-)Much ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Jeff Bezos macht es sich in Trumps Sumpf bequem :-)

Much of the language of JEDI, in fact, seems specifically tailored for Jeff Bezos. Everybody immediately knew that it was for Amazon, says a rival bidder who asked not to be named. To even make a bid, a provider must maintain a distance of at least 150 miles between its data centers, a prerequisite that only Amazon can currently meet. JEDI also asks for 32 GB of RAMthe precise specification of Amazons services. (Microsoft, by contrast, offers only 28 GB, and Google provides 30 GB.) In places, JEDI echoes Amazons own language: It calls for a ruggedized storage system, the same word Amazon uses to tout its Snowball Edge product.
Na sowas!

Benutzt hier jemand ein Fax-Gert?154 verschiedene ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Benutzt hier jemand ein Fax-Gert?

154 verschiedene All-in-One-Drucker von HP lassen sich per bsartigem Fax hijacken. Das Problem betrifft aber wahrscheinlich fast alle modernen Fax-Gerte.

Infrastrukturapokalypse: Autobahnbrcke bei Genua ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Infrastrukturapokalypse: Autobahnbrcke bei Genua eingestrzt. Von Brcken in Deutschland gibt es ja auch alle paar Jahre wieder niederschmetternde Berichte, in was fr furchtbarem Zustand die alle sind. Ein Wunder, dass da nicht mehr passiert.

Ach gucke mal, na sowas! In den USA hat eine Title-IX-Untersuchung ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Ach gucke mal, na sowas! In den USA hat eine Title-IX-Untersuchung eine feministische Professorin an der NYU erwischt!

Title IX ist eine brokratische Regelung, mit der ursprnglich bewirkt werden sollte, dass durch die Sportfrderung an Unis nicht nur Mnner begnstigt werden, sondern auch Frauen. Ein Gleichstellungsparagraph fr Unis. Wenn eine Uni sich nicht daran hlt, dann kann die US-Bundesregierung ihr smtliche Zuschsse und Frderungen aberkennen, und das ist eine existenzbedrohende Aussicht fr viele Unis.

Seit dem ist Title IX aber immer ausgeweiteter angewendet worden und ist heute sowas wie "Schwerer Landfriedensbruch" in Deutschland: Ein Instrument der Ntigung. Diese nderung geht zurck auf eine Supreme Court-Entscheidung in den 90ern:

Title IX applies to all educational programs and all aspects of a school's educational system. In the 1990s, the U.S. Supreme Court issued three decisions clarifying that Title IX requires schools to respond appropriately to reports of sexual harassment and sexual violence against students.
Der Effekt war, dass pltzlich die Verfolgung von sowas aus den Hnden der Strafverfolgung genommen wurde, fr die Regeln wie "fairer Prozess" und "im Zweifel fr den Angeklagten" und "dem Angeklagten wird ein Anwalt gestellt, wenn er sich keinen leisten kann" und "man kann Entscheidungen in hheren Instanzen anfechten" gelten, und die Unis alle selber a) Rent-a-Cops fr ihre Campus-Security angeheuert haben, und b) irgendwelche intransparenten, alles andere als unabhngigen Gremien an Unis solche Flle aburteilen. Das Ergebnis ist, allen Schilderungen zufolge, furchtbar. An US-Unis ist es blich, dass sich Professoren nicht mehr alleine mit einer Studentin in einem Raum aufhalten. Es muss immer mindestens noch ein Zeuge dabei sein, der im Zweifelsfall bezeugen kann, dass die Anschuldigungen falsch waren. Kurz: Eine Arbeitsatmosphre, die man seinem schlimmsten Feind nicht wnschen wrde.

So und diese Title-IX-Geschichte ist jetzt mal von einem mnnlichen Studenten gegen eine feministische Professorin angewendet worden.

Ich berichte das hier nicht aus Gehssigkeit, sondern weil das eine groartige Lektion fr alle ist. Der Professorin sind nmlich diverse Feministen zur Seite gesprungen. Und zwar mit genau den Argumenten, mit denen sonst Kollegen mnnlichen Angeklagten zur Seite gesprungen sind, wo die Feministen sonst ffentlich Ekelanflle auffhren. Die erste auf der Liste ist Judith Butler.

Die Argumente sind: Wir kennen die Angeklagte persnlich und wissen, wie sie mit Studenten umgeht. Das ist eine bsartige Kampagne gegen sie.



Not the only one thinking that "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

BBC Newsdesk and Planning editor Neil Henderson is getting it in the neck for mentioning the Corbyn/Netanyahu Twitter-storm in a newspaper roundup. Corbyn's supporters think the Daily Mail should be ignored altogether by the BBC.

Im no fan of no-platforming as a strategy, but how in Gods name did the BBC see fit to wheel in loudmouth Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, notorious asaJew, agitator, and representative of next to no-one, to speak for comrade Corbyn in the absence of any proper Labour Party spokespersons. One assumes they were all, understandably, stumped for words. 

I have to say that the newly elected president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, Marie van der Zyl, sounds like a very nice person but she is a hopeless speaker. 

Does Jeremy Corbyn know anything about Islam, or about history?  His academic credentials are zilch and the reflexive way he resorts to making vague sweeping generalisations when confronted smacks of panic. His response to the latest revelation - you could see the cogs starting to grind into action - was to turn on the familiar eye-bulging outrage and then bluster unconvincingly about peace. The history of the Middle East with a visceral loathing of Israel is Seumas Milne's area of expertise. 



Why was this vile extreme-right hatemonger given airtime on the BBC? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

When the extreme-right hate-monger Jonathan Jennings was jailed the BBC ran a short piece on their website about his 16 month sentence for multiple offences between March and August 2017, which included extreme anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic abuse and a threat to kill Jeremy Corbyn.

One thing the BBC somehow 'forgot' to mention in their article was that this extreme-right fanatic was selected by BBC Question Time producers as one of the select few to be awarded a question on live TV in November 2017 (after the abusive messages and death threats he was jailed for).

By November 2017 Jennings' online abuse had already been well documented and reported to the police, but the BBC somehow managed to pick him out of an entire crowd as one of the lucky ones to be given a question.

It beggars belief that the BBC somehow managed to pick one of the most vile extreme-right fanatics in the UK to be be given a questi...


Bristol, UK: Sabotage of nationalist politician Ben Walkers car by Eco-anarchist vandals FAI/IRF "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

received 12.08.2018

Hey Walker, we recently had a nice view of your home from the pedestrian bridge in the small hours of the morning

a car and work van belonging to a UKIP candidate and ex-mayor (2012) of Bradley Stoke (Bristol, UK), Ben Walker, was damaged with paint and the tires were slashed on the driveway of his home: 136 Ferndene, Bradley Stoke, Bristol.

Also done recently

cars at Bath Audi and Mercedes car showrooms in Peasedown, Bath (UK) had their bodywork scratched up with broken glass (about 25 vehicles). This option of sabotage was chosen over a noisy one as we didnt want to wake the sleeping car-transporter guy who was in his cab with the curtains drawn.

With this action a warm firm hand goes out to the street fighters and black bloc who came together to trash the G20 in Hamburg, with bravery against such heavy odds, and to those spreading this fight over other German cities. Some of us are not up to the level of street combat of German cities or to go and engage with your cops, so here in the UK a few of us have been lubricating our rusty joints enough to be able to be active and show our distaste in a style we are more familiar with.

Although we may have different approaches to the same problems, we can pull together on a common thread, learn from each others qualities and mis-givings, and unite the effects of bloc and affinity group.

In the UK, through sabotage, we are trying to show others here that there is a positive path to take anger along while also putting a kick into the ribs of our pigs already low morale.

All modern war-fighters know that the first step of any conflict is to disrupt the enemys communication and control infrastructures Adbusters planetary engame (May/June 2017)

Eco-anarchist vandals FAI/IRF

in portuguese 


Tax authorities seize fire compensation to unemployed, Mati resident "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Normally, compensations and extra allowances paid by the state are tax-free and cannot be seized if the beneficiary has debts to tax authorities or social security funds. This is what a man whose home was burned down in deadly wildfires of July also thought. He was proven wrong. From the 5,000 euro the state transferred

The post Tax authorities seize fire compensation to unemployed, Mati resident appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


German-Greek deal on refugee returns advancing but not easy "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Talks between Germany and Greece on a deal for refugees returns are fairly advanced, said Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday, highlighting that an agreement with Italy still has some time yet. We are in the process of negotiations, she said during a joint press conference she gave in Berlin with Bosnia-Herzegovina Prime Minister Denis Zvizdic,

The post German-Greek deal on refugee returns advancing but not easy appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Trump blocks delivery of F-35 to Turkey, new deadline for Brunson release "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

US President Donald Trump is determined to impose one sanction after the other on Turkey until US pastor Andrew Brunson is released. On Monday , Trump signed the Defense Bill containing among others a clause that blocks the delivery of F-35 fighter jets to Turkey. The move comes amid the worst diplomatic row between the

The post Trump blocks delivery of F-35 to Turkey, new deadline for Brunson release appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


USA - Rutland - Fluoride harmful to kids "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The Rutland Herald posted an Associated Press article Experts question fluoride-free toothpaste on Aug. 8 that left off the end of the article that had additional information needed to evaluate the validity of these so-called experts one of which works for Crest toothpaste who worries the second most popular brand of toothpaste sold on Amazon is fluoride free.
These same so-called experts supported the belief that flossing teeth was ineffective in preventing tooth decay because the Associated Press said it was so. Using newspaper articles to determine national public policy is antidotal evidence and not valid scientific study. Antidotal evidence was also used in promoting fluoridation.
I ask that Rutland leadership review the science of fluoridation which now reveals fluoride to be a neurotoxin harmful to our children. Our children deserve clean drinking water in Rutland. Let us not support our city purchasing any more fluorosilicic acid contaminating our public water supply. Our children deserve better . Rutland can do better.
Kathleen Krevetski


Covering/Not Covering (2) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Jeremy Corbyn: A wreath was indeed laid by some of those who were attended the conference for those who were killed in Paris in 1992.
Interviewer: Were you involved in that wreath-laying?
Jeremy Corbyn: I was present when it was laid. I don't think I was actually involved in it.
ITV viewers tonight will have seen a 3 minute-long report from Carl Dinnen on the Jeremy Corbyn wreath-laying controversy. Its introduction ran like this:
In the latest twist to the antisemitism controversy, Jeremy Corbyn has admitted he was present at a wreath-laying in honour of Palestinians with alleged links to the 1972 Munich Olympics terror attack. But the Labour leader says he doesn't think he was involved in the ceremony itself, in 2014. Eleven Israeli athletes were murdered in the attack. 
Viewers of BBC One's News at Six will have seen nothing. The BBC's main early evening news bulletin was entirely silent on the subject.

Update 21:22: And now the story has leapt from seventh place and is leading the BBC News website:

A Twitter row between Benjamin Netanyahu and Jeremy Corbyn has finally made this 'a big story' for the BBC. That's what it took.

Update 5:30, 14 Aug: Astonishingly, the story has already completely vanished from the BBC news home page. It is nowhere to be seen, neither among the headlines nor anywhere else:



What Really Happens to Nicaragua, Venezuela and Ecuador "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Peter Koenig for The Saker Blog Stories about corruption and internally government-generated violence concerning most unaligned countries abound in the MSM. These lies fuel hatred. And the public at


Vengeance For The Saada School Bus Massacre Belongs To Ansarullah: Dozens Of Saudi-Led Occupiers Killed Today In Yemens Jawf "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Jonathan Azaziah

After the Saada School Bus Massacre, in which 51 Yemeni children were slaughtered and 79 other civilians (most of them kids) were badly wounded by Saudi Arabia with US weapons, one of the most chilling scenes to emerge was a Yemeni father and presumably an Ansarullahi moujahid holding up the scorched and dusty corpse of his son and screaming, This is what the American-Saudi coalition has done! Now tell me, what did this schoolboy do? What did he do? What? I swear by Almighty God, you wont stop our vengeance! I swear by Almighty God, we will avenge these children! He wasnt speaking out of rage and sadness. He was speaking out of stern conviction. Weve reiterated this fact on countless occasions here at Mouqawamah Music and we will continue to do so just to make sure our readers and the world at large get it: The Houthiyeen have never let Al-Saud get away with any of its crimes and they dont plan on starting now. They avenged Al-Thawra Hospital Massacre in Hudaydah and theyve done it again today for the children of Dahyan.

Starting on late Sunday evening and moving into early Monday morning, the Yemeni Islamic Resistance went old-school and rained Katyushas down upon Saudi-Emirati invaders in the Masloub district of Jawf. Moroccan, Eritrean and Bahraini occupiers were also among those nailed in the rocketry volley and several Turkish intelligence officers got hit too. In total, at least 68 aggressors were given first-class tickets to the fires of Jahannam and around three dozen other mercenaries of the Empire were wounded. The Katyusha, while an older and less advanced projectile than much of the homemade weaponry weve seen Yemens defenders utilize in recent months to counter the US-UK-Israeli-backed Saudi coalition of cowards, is still very much reliable and has served Ansarullah exceedingly well. As evidenced by the marvelous display today. Hizbullah of course used the Katyusha to change the rules of engagement with Israel in the 90s and were seeing Ansarullah follow in the Lebanese Islamic Resistances footsteps in this moment to set Riyadh and its treasonous allies straight.

Never doubt the promises made by a brokenhearted Mouqawamist father. He said th...


Open Letter to Silent Jim "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Open Letter to Silent Jim

  • by NIGEL WARD, emailed to Mr DILLON shortly before publication.


Mr James McGarvie DILLON Head of Paid Service Scarborough Borough Council



I write to further the expression of my opinions regarding your actions in respect of Councillor Michelle DONOHUE-MONCRIEFF [Ind.Ind.] (Hertford).

When first I learned that a mere paid public servant had evinced the audacity to countermand the democratic will of the people, I was shocked; and outraged by the absurdity.

In my view, your diktat to exclude Councillor DONOHUE-MONCRIEFF from Council and Committees and contact with her Officers was and remains wildly  ultra vires. It is also profoundly offensive as is all abuse of position.

In going beyond your statutory authority, you have denied the electors of Hertford their democratically mandated representation.

In order to preclude any unnecessary doubt, I present you now with an extract from the Judgment of Mrs Justice COCKERILL in the case of Harvey -v- Ledbury [Case No: CO/3680/2017] High Court (QBD) Administrative Court, 17th April 2018:


Unless you can show to the contrary, it would appear to be the case that you have committed the six-fold ultra vires act of imposing unlawful restraint on Councillor Michelle DONOHUE-MONCRIEFF, removing her statutory right to perform her functions and duties as a democratically elected representative.

Can you deny, Jim, that you have transgressed? Have you, or have you not, trashed the long-cherished fundamental principle of democratic representation? In my view, you have attempted to play god and lost.

I am not alone in this view. A senior QC has warned Councils of the financial risk that they face should they, when dealing with Councillors misconduct, adopt any procedure other than (i) their own Standards regime or, (ii) reporting to the Police.

Writing in...


Out Of Nearly 200 Countries In The World, Only The Islamic Republic Of Iran Stands With Sheikh Zakzaky "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Jonathan Azaziah

Last Tuesday, August 7th, 2018, something beautiful occurred in the Islamic Republic of Irans holy city of Mashhad. Dr. Nusaibah Ibrahim Zakzaky, the daughter of the Lion of Zaria, arrived on the sanctified grounds where the shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.) rests to inaugurate the opening of an office for her father. Attended by numerous dignitaries, activists and Ayatollahs, among them Hujjat al-Islam Kazem Seddiqi, the Jummah prayers leader in Tehran, it was a sometimes somber but nevertheless jubilant affair that celebrated Zakzakys steadfastness, humbleness, defiance and resistance against the US-Israeli Empire and the despotism, corruption and subservience it sponsors in Abuja. Indeed, it is a solidification of the Sheikhs strong religious authority and vast Islamic knowledgeas well as his commitment to uplifting the poor, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless and never relinquishing his Mouqawamist stances on Palestine, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, the Islamic Revolution, Bahrain and moreto have a place of his own in one of Islams holiest cities; a testament to his Muhammadi-Husseini character; and an affirmation that he is most certainly a saint, one of the very few to exist in this age of Judeo-Zio-Dajjal.

We salute the revolutionary Iranian nation, our Magnetic North, for bestowing this honor on the Khomeini of Africa. Out of nearly 200 countries on the face of this Earth, of which 50 have a Muslim majority, only the Islamic Republic has stood with Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky. From the immediate aftermath of the Zaria Massacre in which over 1,000 Nigerian Shia innocents were slaughtered by the US-Zionist-Saudi-backed Nigerian army, 50 female students from the Islamic Movement of Nigeria were abducted, and Zakzaky himself, his wife Sayyeda Zeenat, and hundreds of his partisans were unjustly imprisoned, Tehran has diplomatically campaigned day and night to secure the Sheikhs release. Iranians themselves, especially the youth, hold rallies almost every Jummah highlighting the suffering of Nigerias Shia and their righteous leader and calling for the release of all political prisoners from Zakzakys camp. Iranian humanitarian funds have continued to flow to the Islamic Movement of Nigeria in spite of the US ZOGs increasingly ruthless international sanctions regime as well. Really, the only action Iran has yet to take is commission an IRGC strike force to liberate the Sheikhwhich, Iranophobic delusions in Saudi and Zionist media outlets aside, isnt going to happen. If even a handful of Muslim nations adopted just a fraction of the measures Iran has taken vis-a-vis Nigeria and put just a drop of pressure on the atrocious Buhari government, no doubt that Zakzaky wouldve been freed long ago.

Congratulations are in order for the Sheikh, S...


Formats of Friendship Russia vs America "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

By Rostislav Ishchenko Translated by Ollie Richardson and Angelina Siard cross posted with source: The US arbitrarily and contrary to the opinion of the world community not only


Foreign Policy Matters interviews The Saker (part two) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

This is part two of a three part interview I recently made with the Poland based website Foreign Policy Matters (  Enjoy! The Saker

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Monday, 13 August


Kennt ihr Ruby Rose? Das ist eine Schauspielerin, die ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Kennt ihr Ruby Rose? Das ist eine Schauspielerin, die ich von John Wick 2 kenne, wo sie eine sehr coole Meuchelmrderin spielt. Eine der wenigen "starke Frauenrolle"-Besetzungen, die ich in letzter Zeit gelten lassen kann, weil sie nicht Kommittee-herbeigefhrt wirkt. Endlich eine Rolle, die nichts mit Prinzessin und "in ihr steckt ein verwundbares kleines Mdchen" zu tun hat, sondern einfach nur Coolness, Kompetenz und Strke ausstrahlt. Gut, dass sie sich als Endboss mit John Wick kloppt, und dabei ne Minute aushlt, hilft der Street Cred natrlich gewaltig.

Jedenfalls: Die soll jetzt Batwoman spielen.

Die Geschichte von Batwoman ist an der Stelle interessant, denn:

Batwoman began appearing in DC Comics stories beginning with Detective Comics #233 (1956), in which she was introduced as a love interest for Batman in order to combat the allegations of Batman's homosexuality arising from the controversial book Seduction of the Innocent (1954).
Was, Batman schwul!? Das ging ja mal GAR nicht in den 50er Jahren. Batwoman wurde also als Gegenbeweis ins Universum eingefhrt.

Fast Forward zu heute. Das DC-Universum ist vollstndig Durch-SJWt worden. Batwoman darf nicht mehr hetero sein, muss jetzt lesbisch sein. Das hat 2006 die Neueinfhrung gendert. Tja, da hat sich natrlich die LGBT-Community drauf gestrzt und das gefeiert, und good on them. Fr die TV-Serie jetzt wollten die also auch eine lesbische Frau haben.

Besetzt wurde die Rolle mit Ruby Rose.

So und jetzt guckt euch mal deren Wikipedia-Seite an. Die hat sich mit 12 Jahren als lesbisch geoutet. Mit 12. Oh, und genderfluid. Hngt mit Transgender-Freunden rum. Mehr SJW geht nicht, wrde man denken.

Aber fr Identity-Politics-Idioten gibt es nie ein Limit. So wurde sie auf Twitter als "nicht lesbisch genug" beschimpft (wie weggetreten ist DAS denn?!). Viel tiefer kann man kaum ins Klo greifen.

Doch was fr Ruby Rose das Fass zum berlaufen brachte, war, dass ihr vorgeworfen wurde, sie sei "nicht lesbisch genug" fr die Rolle. Daraufhin lschte sie ihren Twitter-Account und schrnkte die Kommentarfunktion auf ihrem Instagram-Konto ein.
Wenn es das Patriarchat gbe, wrde es sich sicher ein Loch in den Bauch freuen, dass die angeblich so Progressiven so blde sind, sich die ganze Zeit gegenseitig zu bekmpfen.


The Strength and Steadfastness of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, Who Lost 6 Of His Sons, Are Otherworldly "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Jonathan Azaziah

Nigerias Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky has now been unjustly imprisoned for 32 months. I want you to take a long, hard look at this photo and even if tears stream down your face, dont you dare even GLANCE away. Let it sink in. Let it hurt. Pictured here are the Sheikh and his six sons. While the Sheikh remains illegally caged by Muhammadu Buhari, the tyrannical tool of Israel, America and Saudi Arabia, the boys ALL of the boys are no longer (physically) with us. Three of them, Ahmad (22), Hameed (20) and Mahmoud (18), were slaughtered by the Nigerian Army during an Al-Quds Day rally on July 26th, 2014. The other three, Hammad (17), Ali (15) and Humaid (13), were murdered in the Zaria Massacre which lasted from December 12th to December 14th, 2015 and which concluded with the criminal transportation of Zakzaky and his wife Sayyeda Zeenat to the brutal Nigerian regimes dungeons. That the Khomeini of Africa has the strength to even wake up in the morning after watching 6 of his 9 seeds have their lives violently snuffed out, is the apex of remarkable; the pinnacle of unimaginable; and the apogee of surreal. Just Surreal. It is a testament to his sainthood, his resolve and his revolutionary character. This is a man who will fight the oppression of Zion and its tools no matter what they do to him No matter what they ***TAKE*** from him, like hes fused with the essences of Prophet Ayyoub (A.S.) and Imam Hussein (A.S.) at once.

Apart from the Lebanese Mughniyeh and Yemeni Al-Houthi families, nobody in the entirety of the Islamic world has sacrificed what the Mouqawamist Zakzakys have for the struggle against the Zionist Imperium. And yet, Muslims can barely sacrifice a few words or a few moments of their time in demonstrations to call for his freedom. So again, I tell you to take a long, hard look at this photo and even if tears stream down your face, dont you dare even glance away. Let it sink in. Let it hurt. Let the shame envelop you like a red cloud of agony. The Shiaapart from Iran, Hizbullah, Ansarullah and the Iraqi Islamic Resistancehave failed the Zakzakys. The Sunnisapart from the Islamic Movement of Nigerias steadfast Nigerian Sunni brothershave failed the Zakzakys. The Ummah, truly, and totally, has failed them. And it is nothing less than sickening. Rest in power to Ahmad, Hameed, Mahmoud, Hammad, Ali and Humaid. May ALLAH (SWT) give strength to the three remaining Zakzaky children (Muhammad, Nusaiba and Suhaila) and free their father and mother from their hellish captivity soon. 32 months of unjust imprisonment is 32 damn months too many.


The day after the night when protests in Kiev, Ukraine escalated... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The day after the night when protests in Kiev, Ukraine escalated and dozens were killed a rally took place in front of the Ukrainian embassy in Berlin. The people were deep in shock and the atmosphere very silent when then ambassador and now the current Ukrainian minister of foreign affairs Pawlo Klimkin held a calm speech to the people. 02/19/2014.
#berlin #ukraine #embassy #ambassador #euromaidan #grief #sadness #mood #speech #rally #protest #demonstration #reportage #blackandwhite #photojournalism #documentary #photography #photo #streetsofberlin #berlineransichten #berlinstagram #picoftheday #latergram #schwarzweiss #fromthearchives


Covering/Not Covering "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

It's interesting that Jeremy Corbyn's latest difficulties have made the Top 5 stories for both the Sky and ITV news websites:

...and yet are nowhere to be seen on the BBC news website's home page, or even on the BBC's Politics page.

This mirrors something I observed over the weekend via TV Eyes...

Jeremy Corbyn was in trouble on Friday night for a speech comparing Israel's actions to the Nazi occupation of Europe and then from Saturday morning onwards was in the eye of a storm over his actions in Tunisia  four years ago. 

Sky News devoted considerable attention to both stories over the weekend, beginning on Friday evening with hourly reports, occasional interviews and extensive discussions on the evening's paper reviews. The coverage continued prominently every hour throughout Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon. After a lull on Sunday evening Sunday night's paper review focused on more revelations about Mr Corbyn's actions in Tunisia and the story has again been a main story hourly throughout the day today. TV Eyes listed 84 separate mentions of Mr Corbyn's travails on Sky News from Friday evening to now (late Monday afternoon). 

In contrast, TV Eyes lists a mere 12 separate mentions on the BBC News Channel. The BBC was silent on Friday night on the breaking news about the speech comparing Israel's actions to the Nazi occupation of Europe and the Daily Mail's headline story about the wreath ceremony in Tunisia was onl...


More than 40 foreign nationals attempted to leave Greece on fake passports "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Dozens of foreign nationals have been arrested at two airports of  western Greece this year while attempting to use fake passports to travel outside the country. More than 40 people traveling with counterfeit documents have been detained at the port of Kalamata in southwestern Greece since the beginning of this year and another 20 at

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Chania prohibits access to Gorges on days with Very High Risk of Fire "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Local authorities on the island of Crete have decided to prohibit visitors access to three gorges during the days for which Greeces Civil Protection has issued a warning of Very High Risk of Fires, Level 4 and  Alert, Level 5. The decision affects access to Samaria Gorge, Agia Irini Gorge and Imbros Gorge. The relevant

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Brasil: 23 people sentenced to prison for World Cup 2014 protests "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro sentenced 23 people to imprisonment for partaking in protests against FIFA World Cup. The World Cup was held in Brasil in 2014. Prior to the games, Brasil experienced a wave of largely grassroot protests, which culminated in a popular uprising in June 2013. The sentences for rioting, gang membership,


Syrian War Report August 13, 2018: Tiger Forces Are Deploying In Northern Latakia "IndyWatch Feed Europe" If youre able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldnt be possible without your help: PayPal: or via: or via:, BTC: 3Gbs4rjcVUtQd8p3CiFUCxPLZwRqurezRZ, BCH: qpf2cphc5dkuclkqur7lhj2yuqq9pk3hmukle77vhq, ETH:


Gute Nachrichten! Das Bayerische Polizeiaufgabengesetz ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Gute Nachrichten! Das Bayerische Polizeiaufgabengesetz wirkt! (Vorsicht: Link geht zur sozialistischen Wochenzeitung der DKP).

Bayern sollten da vielleicht lieber nicht draufklicken, sonst kriegt ihr am Ende auch das Sorgerecht fr euer Kind entzogen.

Wie, was, Sorgerecht? Nun, lasst mich aus dem Artikel zitieren:

Der erste Gefhrder Bayerns heit Claudio K. Er ist Betriebsrat, Gewerkschafter und Kommunist. Die Polizei verhaftete Claudio am 9. Juni auf der Demonstration gegen den AfD-Landesparteitag in Nrnberg. Der Vorwurf: Er soll bei einer Rangelei der Polizei mit dem Schwarzen Block einen Beamten mit einer Fahnenstange geschlagen haben, so zumindest die Aussage zweier USK-Beamter. Die Polizei ermittelt seitdem gegen ihn wegen schwerer Krperverletzung. Zeugen besttigen, dass Claudio whrend der ganzen Demonstration die Technik auf dem Lautsprecherwagen des Nrnberger Jugendbndnisses betreute, der sich nicht mal in der Nhe des Schwarzen Blocks befand. Trotzdem entzog das Jugendamt Claudio das Umgangsrecht zu seinem 5-jhrigen Kind.
Jahaa, meine Damen und Herren! Frher hat Vater Staat den Fhrerschein entzogen, wenn sie dich drangsalieren wollten. Heute entziehen sie dir das Kind.

Toller Rechtsstaat, in dem wir da leben!

Tolle Idee der Woche: SPD-Chefin Andrea Nahles fordert ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Tolle Idee der Woche: SPD-Chefin Andrea Nahles fordert ein "Daten fr alle"-Gesetz:

Bei dem von Nahles geforderten Gesetz wre ein Unternehmen verpflichtet sobald es einen festgelegten Marktanteil fr eine bestimmte Zeit berschreitet einen anonymisierten und reprsentativen Teil seines Datenschatzes ffentlich zu teilen. Mit diesen Daten knnten andere Unternehmen und Start-ups eigene Ideen entwickeln und als Produkt auf den Markt bringen. "Die Daten gehren dann nicht mehr exklusiv Google, sondern allen", erklrte Nahles.
Ich finde das ja immer bemerkenswert, mit welchem Nachdruck die Politik fordert, dass andere ihre Daten teilen, aber selbst will sie seit Jahrzehnten nicht ihre Akten rausrcken (Gaby Weber: Der Kampf um die Akten).

Gut, auf der anderen Seite spielt die SPD ja eh keine Rolle mehr. Jeder wei inzwischen, dass man auf deren Versprechen nichts geben kann, und dass deren Forderungen populistische Nebelwerfer sind. Glcklicherweise whlt die ja auch keiner mehr.


Turkish fishermen fire shots at Greek colleagues close to Leros island "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greek fishermen have denounced that Turkish fishermen fired shots at them near the island of Leros in the Dodecanese in Greek territorial waters. Nobody was hurt in the incident that took place off the islet of Kalapodi, some 300 meters from the shores of Leros on Sunday morning. Speaking to media, one of the fishermen

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Neoliberalism is to blame for the state of modern Britain "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

How did Britain come to be in such a mess?

It should be clear to anyone that the looming threat of a catastrophic "no deal" Tory strop out of the European Union didn't just happen in isolation, and that there are numerous factors at play.

Probably the biggest factor of all is the Westminster political establishment's ideological obsession with hard-right neoliberal dogma.

Ever since 1979 neoliberalism has ruled the roost in Westminster. The only period in the last four decades where it's not been Tories pushing hard-right, pro-privatisation, anti-worker, social housing wrecking, bank deregulating neoliberal dogma was 1997-2010 when Tony Blair and Gordon Brown pushed the same ideological madness, but with doses of welfare economics and public service investment to soften the consequences of their adherence to Thatcherite economic dogma.

While policies like tax credits, the minimum wage, and investment in the NHS were admittedly far better than anything you'd expect from a Tory government, New Labour's refusal to reverse the worst aspects of neoliberal dogma meant they were absolutely complicit in the ensuing disaster, which came about when the private banks collapsed under the weight of their gambling debts in the 2007-08 financial sector insolvency crisis (you know, the crisis we still haven't recovered from).

Instead of allowing the reckless and insolvent banks to go under and be replaced in the marketplace by less reckless institutions (as neoliberal economic theory suggests), the British state decided to institute the biggest state bailout in history.

In an unprecedented display of crony capitalism the government pumped hundreds of billions into the financial sector directly while the Bank of England began magicking money out of nowhere via quantitative easing in order to artificially prop up the value of assets held mainly by the mega-rich.



From 1000 AD to World War 3 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Jimmie Moglia for The Saker Blog If, according to Oscar Wilde, truth is a matter of style, even more so history is a matter of opinion. An obvious and


Demolition of illegal buildings in Attica postponed to mid-September "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Demolition of illegal buildings and constructions in Attica was supposed to start in the second week of August. The action was postponed towards the end of the month. However, the government stated on Monday that the demolition is expected to be launched in mid-September. The Ministry of Environment will call on local government authorities to

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One more fire victim dies in hospital, death toll increases to 95 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Death toll in Athens wildfires rose to 95 on Monday after one more fire victim died in hospital in Athens.  The latest victim is a 63-year-old man in KAT hospital. Twenty one days after the deadly fires in Mati and Neos Voutzas in East Attica and 30 people are reportedly still hospitalized. Seven of the

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Beware the Dog Days of August "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Why the Federal Reserve is as much to blame for Turkeys economic crisis as Donald Trump

By Ann Pettitor and cross-posted from The Independent

Beware the dog days of August, wherein last week, President Trump roiled currency and European equity markets with a shock announcement that the US would double tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminium. It was a move that caused Turkeys already weakened currency to fall off a cliff on Friday, and threatens wider turmoil.

On one of 2007s August dog days, the Swiss bank UBS announced that assets on its balance sheet could not be valued fairly, and therefore investors would not be allowed to withdraw funds. This shock caused interbank lending across the world to freeze, and central banks to intervene with massive injections of liquidity.

It began the slow-motion rollout of the global financial crisis of 2007-9, which peaked with the bankruptcy of Lehmans in September 2008. A crisis that so far, is without end.

While President Trumps latest foreign policy moves are typically unpredictable and aggressive, they are not alone responsible for global financial turbulence. Blame can also be allocated to the more sedate and discreet, but equally disruptive, policy moves of the USs Federal Reserve.

For six years after November 2008, the Fed, along with other central banks, took a dominant role in stabilising the global financial crisis. Orthodox economists had advocated a path of monetary radicalism and fiscal conservatism. Politicians obliged. And so, central bankers began to purchase and place on their balance sheets treasuries and mortgage backed securities owned by banks teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. Central banks became, in the words of Mark Carney the only game in town. The Fed lowered its policy interest rate from 5.25 per cent in September 2007 to 0-0.25 per cent in December 2008, and quadrupled its balance sheet from less than $900bn (700bn) in 2008 to roughly $4.5 trillion by 2014. At this point, tapering of its quantitative easing programme began.

Todays financial turbulence can be traced back to Fed decisions in June 2017 to begin the normalisation of its balance sheet, gradually shedding its bond holdings in monthly stages. This monthly runoff of $10bn of maturing asset...


Big Four Audit Oligopoly Expands Global Reach Further "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

But in some jurisdictions, theyre under-fire after a series of sudden corporate collapses.

By Don Quijones, Spain, UK, & Mexico, editor at WOLF STREET.

The Big Four audit and accountancy giants KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) have found themselves in the rare position of being on the back foot in a number of key global markets, in particular the UK where the government and regulators are considering breaking up the oligopolistic hold they have on the audit industry after a series of collapses of their audit clients. But that hasnt stopped the four sprawling giants from exploring new avenues for expansion.

One of those areas is the global legal services market, estimated to be worth some $600 billion. Deloitte recently begun to offer legal services through a new foreign law practice, all in the name of providing an even more holistic service to its clients. Deloitte is following in the footsteps of rival Big Four firms EY and PwC, who also recently expanded their legal services offerings.

Traditional legal services firms are understandably wary of the development. The Big Four will be very, very serious players in the market, says Nick Davis, the managing partner of City law firm Memery Crystal. [They] will have a very large impact on the mid market he said.

As always, acquisitions will play a key role in the Big Fours new growth strategy. This week, EY announced that it had acquired tech-centric alternative legal provider Riverside Law a move that is widely seen as a shot across the bow of the traditional legal market. EYs global legal leader Cornelius Grossmann confirmed as much, saying the firm has a plan to aggressively grow the legal business over the next five years

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How Could He Have Known? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"


I knew Soren was a professional palmist but frankly, I had grown disillusioned with the concept of fortune telling believing, as I now do, that we make our own fortune so I never explored that side of him.

However, during the course of our friendship I couldnt help noticing how prescient his various throwaway remarks turned out to be.
In the beginning he described a scar on my knee, which he could not possibly have known about. Then I mentioned that one of my friends had taken ill. I didnt think it was serious, but Soren responded by saying she was fading fast and wouldnt make it.  Sadly this turned out to be true. Then, earlier this year, my father went into hospital. Soren told me that Dad had friends looking after him from the astral plane but that he was not long for this world. Again, this turned out to be spot on.

Recently, faced with a big decision I decided to consult Soren properly, which meant sending him a photograph of my hands. Well, who knew my hands could be so articulate?
The reading he emailed back on an MP3 was so accurate that my husband, a confirmed sceptic, was blown away after listening and sent Soren a picture of his own hands for analysis.

This time it was my turn to be gobsmacked. I could have dismissed Sorens insights into me as the result of our friendship and stuff I have shared with him over the months, but I never discussed my husband with him. Yet his analysis of my husbands life had us both slack-jawed with astonishment. How could he have known a fraction of the stuff he told us?

Soren was so intuitive, perceptive, insightful, sensible, warm, funny and motivating that afterwards we both felt more self-aware and validated, as though we had been presented with an i...


#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #couple #streetphotography... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #couple #streetphotography #dailylife #blackandwhite #photography #photo #streetsofberlin #berlineransichten #berlinstagram #picoftheday #latergram #schwarzweiss


Christopher Halliwell: The Secret Murders 2 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Christopher Halliwell: The Secret Murders 2

5.2: Is Halliwell the East Lancs Ripper?

by Chris Clark & Tim Hicks



The North Yorks Enquirer (NYE) has been running a series of articles on convicted serial killer Christopher Halliwell, to assess the wider range of crimes he may have committed in North Yorkshire and beyond.

Serial killers prefer to operate in areas they are familiar with and know their way around. It follows from this that to assess other crimes committed by Halliwell, it is necessary to identify where he lived and was familiar with. Then compare his modus operandi to unsolved crimes committed in those areas.

Halliwell lived in Dalbeattie, Scotland, several addresses in Swindon, the Liverpool area and Northampton. He may also have stayed with his father in Huddersfield and York areas, giving him a good knowledge of many northern cities and the areas around them.

Halliwell worked in dozens of jobs, including window cleaner, builder, ground worker, chauffeur, taxi-driver and bin man. His hobbies were narrow-boating and fishing. He travelled widely by car and narrow-boat. Consequently, his geographic knowledge and area of operations was enormous.

The authors have analysed Halliwells modus operandi, based on the circumstances of Halliwells two known murders (Miss Becky Godden-Edwards (Case 24) and Miss Sian OCallaghan (Case 28) and his deposition sites at Ramsbury, Wilts. This has been compared to unsolved and undetected crimes in areas he was familiar with. This analysis is summarised below, in tabular format:

Download the PDF file HALLIWELL_TABLE_TWO.

All of the cases in this article comply with Halliwells modus operandi and victim selection criteria.

Adding to the complexity of this investigation, Halliwell was forensically aware. He changed cars regularly and destroyed forensic evidence whenever possible. The authors believe that whenever possible he deliberately varied his modus operandi, and abducted victims in one force area, then deposited them in another. Thereby complicating the police investigation and making it more difficult for police intelligence analysts to link his crimes.

Because of the size of this investigation, the NYE is covering it in a series of articles:

The NYE Christopher Halliwell Series:

  1. ...


"IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Every so often humanity manages genuinely to surprise itself. Events to which we had previously assigned zero probability push us into what the ancient Greeks referred to as aporia: a state of intense bafflement urgently demanding a new model of the world we live in. The Crash of 2008 was such a moment. Suddenly, the world ceased to make sense in terms of what, a few weeks before, passed as conventional wisdom even McDonalds, for goodness sake, could not secure an overdraft from Bank of America!

Moments of aporia produce collective efforts to dissolve the overwhelming puzzlement. In late 18th Century the pains of the industrial revolution begat free-market economics. The crisis of 1848 brought us the Marxist tradition. The Great Depression produced both Keynes General Theory and Friedmans Monetarism. Over the past decade, the Crash of 2008 has given rise to a cottage industry of books, articles, documentaries, even films but not, so far, some overarching theory. Now, a new book has arrived deserving to be at the very top of the reading list of anyone shocked by the events of 2008 and eager to make sense of its aftermath.

Authored by Adam Tooze, an accomplished English economic historian teaching at Columbia University (and, in the interest of full disclosure, a colleague with whom we have been exchanging ideas), Crashed: How a Decade of Financial Crisis Changed the World is a compelling read. Combining excellent explanations of complex financial concepts with a majestic narrative tracing the crisis prehistory and destructive path across the planet (including long, apt and erudite chapters on Russia, the former Soviet satellites, China, South East Asia), Crashed also offers original insights into the nature of the wounded beast (financialised capitalism) that a lesser author would fail to combine with a chronicle of such precision and detail. Of the myriad unacknowledged truths that Tooze illuminates some examples follow.

Many economies (e.g. Ireland, South Korea) that were run according to what the global establishment considered best practice (i.e. government and trade surpluses, light regulation of banks and employers) crashed the moment ninety percent of global money flows ceased up. Why? Because the establishments prescription had skilfully left out the crucial truth that the main threat came from the banking system (not the state) and from private (not public) debt. That there were no runs on banks (perhaps with the exception of Northern Rock) meant little: financiers froze up (once called upon to repay unpayable debts, often in excess of their countrys national income) while operating a system whose survival depended...


Moveable Feast Cafe 2018/08/13 Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

2018/08/13 05:30:01Welcome to the Moveable Feast Cafe. The Moveable Feast is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of


A Poem For Al-Sauds School Bus Massacre In Yemens Saada: Bloody Coloring Books And Backpacks "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Jonathan Madd Cold Azaziah

Cant even breathe right

At the moment, I dont see days, I only see night

And I dont mean those with stars and Luna Blaze

I mean those engulfed in blackness, choking on scars infused with rage

Bloody Coloring Books and Backpacks all in my vision

So many bodies, so much innocence killed

Trying to find the names of every kid whos been spilled

Anxiety sets in, the agony of every victim we feel

Im shivering, quivering like theyre with me, like they live in my quill

Bloody Coloring Books and Backpacks, Im appalled and Im sickened

On a school bus they were, on their way to summer camp

When the warplanes came and razed their summer plans

Despicable oppressors claimed it was okay, they were allayed, untroubled and

If it had to be repeated, they said they would, inhuman tools of Zion and slaves of Uncle Sam

Bloody Coloring Books and Backpacks, if only they took longer on that most gorgeous of picnics

Poems dont belong in blenders, so no minced words for the Saudi pigs

Not even a punctuation mark will be censored, theyre ungodly squids

Blood is past a boil, destructive level is where youll find my temper and its gaudy din

Let the noise shake the world for Yemens children, pummeling neocons and the rip surges through sorry libs

Bloody Coloring Books and Backpacks, may Yemen endure and triumph over these deplorable princes

Why isnt the planet focused? Is it cause the youngins are Brown?

How about I paint them White, will you provide coverage now?

Is it cause theyre Shia and Al-Saud says theyre disbelievers or is it the L3Y on Ansarullahs Banner? Dont stammer! Well, they wont be dumbing it down

Cause it is the accursed Jews and their Tumor Israel and America who told Al-Saud to barbarically put Saadas daughters and sons in the ground.

Bloody Coloring Books and Backpacks, you aint gotta engage fully, youll just be torn from the glimpses

Screaming mothers and crying fathers

An unthinkable sadness nagging at them with jaggedness is what all the survivors harbor

Some will overcome, others will see their souls succumb to the dire trauma

And wish they lost their lives right there in Dahyan with their friends and died as martyrs

Bloody Coloring...

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Sunday, 12 August


Lefteris Petrounias wins Gold in European Championship 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Eleftherios Lefteris Petrounias won the Gold medal with an impressive score of 15.466 points in European Championship 2018 in Glasgow. The 27-year-old Olympic and Word champion defended his European champion title for fourth consecutive year. No wonder they call him the Lord of The Rings. Greeces Eleftherios Petrounias takes gold in the mens rings with

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Two villages evacuated on Evia as wildfire rages on Sunday (videos) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Two villages and one monastery have been evacuated as a big wildfire has been raging on the island of Evia since the afternoon on Sunday. The fire broke out in a forest area unassailable to the Fire Service it was initially only aerial means set against the fire. As the wind was blowing with intensity

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Greeces tax authorities campaign Apodixi Please targets tourists "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A campaign launched by Greeces Independent Auhtority for Public Revenues AADE is encouraging tourists to ask for receipts and also pay by credit or debit cards when they purchase goods or services. Apodixi Please! Receipt Please is the magical Greek word tourists will have to learn to help authorities combat tax evasion. AADE

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Trump threatens Erdogan with new sanctions if Brunson not released by Sun afternoon "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The crisis between Turkey and US escalates, as President Donald Trump has given an ultimatum to Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan to release US pastor Andrew Brunson by Sunday afternoon or face more sanctions, Turkeys president revealed late on Saturday. Erdogans response was a warning that the United States is changing a strategic NATO partner

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Very High Risk of Fires warning for islands, Attica and other regions of Greece "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greeces Civil Protection has issued a Very High Risk warning for wildfires for Sunday, August 12th 2018.  According to the statement, large parts of Greece are at Very High Risk (Level 4) and High Risk (Level 3) of fires. At Very High Risk are the regions of Attica, Sterea, Peloponnese, islands in the Aegean Sea.

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Wednesday, 08 August


The Russian-Georgian War Of August 2008 Was Actually The Russian-Israeli War "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Jonathan Azaziah

Now ten years on, the Russo-Georgian War that began on this day in 2008 is one of the most lopsided but nevertheless important geopolitical events of the last 20 years. And all fingers point to the usurping Zionist entity as being the prime mover and shaker behind the bloodsheddespite such an awful few analysts and commentators digging deep enough to find the evidence. Before tackling the battle itself however, a note needs to be made about just how the ground became fertile for conflict and it can be done in three words: The Rose Revolution. A destabilization operation bankrolled and pushed through by George Soros through his Open Society Foundation, Peter Ackerman through CANVAS, Peter Lewis, a frequent coreligionist partner of the first two regime-change-obsessed Zionists, USAID, the NDI, the NED and bloodthirsty Iraq Genocide architect Paul Wolfowitz. Mikheil Saakashvili, a pro-NATO, anti-Russian chauvinist, was installed as the replacement for Eduard Shevardnadzewho was also an Atlanticist for the record, one which put Georgia on its current Washington-Brussels-aligned path and aided the Zionist-Saudi-US-Takfiri destabilization of Chechnya, but just not as servile as the Zio-US Empire wanted.

The chief lobbyist for Georgia post-Rose Revolution was mega-hawk Randy Scheunemann, a man bathing in Iraqi blood and a signatory of the Rebuilding Americas Defenses document of neocon nest PNACwhich just so happened to be embedded THICK in the NED. Scheunemann of course would go on to be the chief foreign policy advisor for warmongering, Russophobic Zio-Republican presidential candidate John McCain. All while he continued to be a registered foreign agent for Georgia. The PNAC stalwart would serve as the go-between for his friend Saakashvili and McCain, who barked mad against Russia during the August 08 war and famously declared on day one that Today we are all Georgiansa statement Scheunemann himself encouraged him to spew. Filling up McCains anti-Russian rhetorical flank were genocidal Jewish maniacs Henry Kissinger and Madeleine Alright, who declared that Russias behavior just wasnt acceptable. Rumors remain abound that due to the Scheunemann-Saakashvili connection, the whole affair was launched to boost McCain in Empire Judaicias eyes and sway it away from picking Obama as the next puppet-in-chiefa plan backfired if there ever was one. Keep all this at the front of your mind because now the stage is set.

Contrary to the never-to-be-questioned hegemonic narrative of the International Zionist Imperium, Russia did NOT invade South Ossetia on August 8th, 2008. Rather, what took place was an OVERT Georgian aggression against Russian civilians. Barely three months after the war, Saakashvili himself admitted that his Zio-NATO marionette...

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