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Thursday, 25 October


Eliot Weinberger: Ten (More) Days in America "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

On Brett Kavanaughs first day as justice, the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal to a ruling written by Kavanaugh himself in 2017 when he was an appellate court judge. Kavanaugh had determined that the EPA lacked the authority under the Clean Air Act to enforce an Obama administration rule regulating hydrofluorocarbons, industrial chemicals that deplete the ozone. (And so it begins.)

Meehan Crist: Am I My Mother-in-Law? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Before I got pregnant, I thought I understood how DNA works: parents pass on some combination of their DNA, which codes for various heritable traits, to their children, who pass on some combination to their children, and so on down the neat branching lines of the genealogical tree. What I didnt know was that women can also receive DNA from their children.

Christopher Tayler: The Psychologicals "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

On the one hand, its clearly part of Anna Burnss project in Milkman to redescribe the Troubles without using such terms as the Troubles, Britain and Ireland, Protestant and Catholic, RUC and IRA. On the other, the narrators mad, first-principles language, with its abundance of phrases in inverted commas and sudden changes of register, is also used to describe the inner world of a young woman with no idea whom to tell, and no templates for what she might say, when shes stalked and groomed by a powerful older man. The public-political and the personal-political arent easily disentangled, and theres no reason that they should be. But the plot complicates the readers and the narrators sense of the way they interact.

Nico Muhly: How I Write Music "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The primary task, I feel, is to create a piece of art that is better than the same amount of silence; I would prefer to sit silently thinking for ten minutes than to listen to certain pieces of music, and therefore feel that it is my duty as a composer to occupy the time of the listener and the musicians with something challenging, engaging and emotionally alluring. I dont want to play them a movie with a clear exposition, obvious climax and poignant conclusion, nor do I want to drop them blind into a bat cave of aggressively perplexing musical jabs. I try to create an environment that suggests motion but that doesnt insist on certain things being felt at certain times. Mapping the pieces route helps me avoid the temptation of the romantic journey or the provocateurs dungeon.

Letters "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The letters page from London Review of Books Vol. 40 No. 20 (25 October 2018)

Table of contents "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Table of contents from London Review of Books Vol. 40 No. 20 (25 October 2018)

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Thursday, 18 October


Benutzt hier jemand Azure fr Data Science? Jemand ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Benutzt hier jemand Azure fr Data Science? Jemand hat mir da eine Mail weitergeleitet:

        Important information regarding your Data Science Virtual Machine

        Microsoft is writing to inform you of an incident which has
        impacted one or more of your Data Science Virtual Machine (VM)
        instances. Engineers detected crypto mining software in the
        software package for your Data Science VM instance that may have
        caused an increase in system resource utilization and subsequent
        increase in your Azure usage. We have determined that this
        affected a limited subset of Data Science VM instances installed
        since September 24th, 2018.

        Our investigation has determined that no customer data was
        compromised due to this crypto mining software. A list of your
        affected VM(s) is included at the bottom of this email.

        Azure recommends that customers delete their affected Data
        Science VM instances and redeploy a new instance from Azure
        Marketplace to mitigate this issue. If you experience any
        unexpected issues during the deletion and reinstallation of your
        VM instances, please contact [4]Azure Support.

        Microsoft sincerely apologizes for this incident and any
        inconvenience that this has caused for our customers. We will be
        proactively issuing credits for any increased usage on your
        affected VM(s) that is attributed to this incident. Credits will
        be applied to a future billing invoice.
Ich sa heute in einer Keynote von Mikko Hypponen drin, der da diese Geschichte erzhlte, dass die Leute total glcklich sind, wenn man ihnen erzhlt, dass sie sich einen Krypto-Miner eingefangen haben. Wenn du mit "Wir haben Malware gefunden" erffnest, dann rechnen die eher mit Kreditkarte geklaut, Dokumente verschlsselt, etc. Dann ist es direkt eine Erleichterung, wenn das "nur" ein Kryptominer war.

Gut, in der Cloud zahlt man fr Nutzung, und da kann so ein Kryptominer echt teuer werden.

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Wednesday, 17 October


Note on the current state of class struggle in Brazil "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

cab_statement_2.jpegThe current Brazilian political scenario demands a lot of lucidity and coolness from all the peoples fighters and their analysis of reality. We, the Brazilian Anarchist Coordination, modestly seek to make our contribution to the understanding of the convulsive political-social scenario, the main line of which is in the legal-parliamentary coup that toppled Dilma Rousseff from government. We have recently experienced the so-called exhaustion of the New Republic pact of 1988. Said pact maintained the social exclusion of those at the bottom of society, while guaranteeing minimal legal rights, in a coalition involving bourgeois politicians, businessmen, the military and part of the reformist sectors of the left.

The construction of the Brazilian state, however, has always been closer to the interests of the imperialist powers of the day than to the majority of the population. A penal state for the poor has always been the norm for the institutions of bourgeois democracy. The PT governments, since Lula, have increased the criminal machinery of public order with a whole legislative-judicial apparatus that reproduced the super-incarceration of blacks and the poor and the repressive apparatus that attacks social struggles. The pact of class conciliation was broken and collaborationism ripped open to give way to the aggressive agenda of financial capitalism over social rights, partial freedoms and public goods which were historic victories of the popular movement.

[] []


Fracking- 3 activists released from Jail "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

I spent much of last year filming on the frontline of resistance to Fracking in this country.  The controversial energy extraction process known as 'Fracking' has little support in the UK yet is being pushed ahead by the Tory Government.

I directed the movie Power Trip: Fracking in the UK and toured it all over England educating about the dangers of Fracking and what people are doing to stop it. Yesterday Cuadrilla Fracked for the first time near Blackpool. If the company finds that gas can be extracted this way then prepare for hundreds of more wells. This is not good new for our climate.

Today the 3 men jailed for protesting non-violently against Fracking last year were released. They appear in our film and the appeal judges declared their original sentence of 16 months as
'manifestly excessive'. They forgot to mention that the original judge has family links to the Fracking industry.

You can watch my film here or you can join others at a public showing. In Totnes you can catch a showing next month on November 18th as part of an inspiring film festival

Undercurrents is an award winning alternative news service producing videos of people taking inspiring actions.


Giant 1000-meter long spider web at Vistonida Lake, North Greece (video, picts) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A giant spider web had been formed along the shores of Vistonida Lake in Northern Greece. The spider web is 1,000 meter long and 10 meters wide. The spider web extends from the Metohi of Vatopedi Monastery to Agios Nikoalos in Porto Lagos. It is just the last couple of days that the giant web

The post Giant 1000-meter long spider web at Vistonida Lake, North Greece (video, picts) appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


New series on my website (link in bio): Sndervig... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

New series on my website (link in bio): Sndervig Beach.
#danmark #sndervig #beach #shelter #blackandwhite #schwarzweiss #series #streetphotography #strassenfotografie #photography #latergram #picoftheday


Greek reality show pushes contestant to underwater challenge. Panic Attack! "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A contestant of a Greek reality show for aspiring models suffered a panic attack after she was forced to an underwater challenge. The judges pressure triggered an outrage on social media. Greeces Next Top Model is a reality show broadcast by a private Greek television Star channel. A jury of four judges from the fashion world

The post Greek reality show pushes contestant to underwater challenge. Panic Attack! appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Why Holocaust Education is Failing? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Auschwitz-3.gif Share

 By Gilad Atzmon

Despite the vast amount invested in Holocaust education and in spite of the fact that the Holocaust is the only compulsory subject in the British national history curriculum, British pupils seem not to follow the message of the rigid topic. For some reason, they struggle to buy into the primacy of Jewish suffering. They show little interest and learn mostly nothing.  Yesterdays Tablet Magazine article,  The Failure of Holocaust Education in Britain, produced a clumsy attempt to grasp the reason for the failures of Holocaust education.

 UCLs  Centre for Holocaust Education has recently conducted  the worlds largest ever study of its kind, it interviewed over 8,000 pupils aged 11-18 in England. Andy Pearce who work as a researcher at the centre told the Tablet that apparently  25-30 years of Holocaust education is failing to make an impact.

Pearce reports that when students were asked who was responsible for the Holocaust, Hitler dominated the answer. This is presumably a wrong answer. Pearce continues, Incredibly when we asked them to tell us who the Nazis were, students responded by saying they were Hitlers minions and Hitlers paratroopers. Pearce wasnt happy with this answer either. There was no reference to the Nazi Party as a political movement. Students also told the researchers that most Jews were killed in Germany. There was no understanding of collaborating regimes and many believed that mass killing began in 1933. 

Pearce inadvertently provided some crucial insights into the systematic failure of holocaust education. While Heidegger taught us that to educate is to teach others how to learn, indoctrination is a very different exercise. It teaches how to produce the right answers. The Holocaust, as taught and preached, falls into the domain of indoctrination. It is not a subject matt...


Notes from the USA "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Freedoms long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks. Education One of the hallmarks of the Trump administration is a petulant mania to please his supporters especially when doing so benefits the rich and powerful by reversing as


Ladies and Gentlemen, : Der IBM Cyber Truck!Money ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Ladies and Gentlemen, : Der IBM Cyber Truck!

Money Quote:

with 23 tons of cyber capabilities on wheels
Fuck, Yeah!


German returns Ancient Greek mosaics stolen from Delos and Athens "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A German citizen sent per post to the Greek Embassy in Berlin what has been stolen decades ago: three fragments of ancient Greek mosaics. Two of the fragments were removed on the island of Delos and one from the Hadrian Liberality in Athens in the 1960s, an attached note clarified. Experts who examined the fragments

The post German returns Ancient Greek mosaics stolen from Delos and Athens appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Julian Rose: The Normalisation of Madness "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Julian Rose

Im sitting in the departure lounge at Krakow airport, waiting for the flight to Edinburgh. Sitting opposite is a young woman with a pink mobile phone resting against her crutch and a plastic bottle of Coca Cola standing in the same place. The first, slowly destroying her brain and reproductive capacity and the second slowly destroying her gut and nervous system.

She has ear pieces extensions coming from her mobile and wears a vacant, somewhat resigned expression on her face. Unaware no doubt, that she is steadily shortening her life expectancy.

Its a pretty crowded place. The usual array of dominant global corporations display their latest wears in the neon lit sterile corridors that have become the stereo typical environment of international airports the world over. Each processed, packaged product on offer is displayed as irresistible.

The air in this place is conditioned, but so is everything. Including the pall of microwaved electronic smog which ensures that no ones brain is working as it should. We are all anaesthetized.
Manufactured electricity is the dominant energy here, humming and buzzing through the power points of hundreds of appliances, screens and WiFi hot spots. Airports like this pretty much symbolise the normalisation of madness. The less than human techno-dependent totems of the modern computer led era, that creep on and on in their homogenisation of planetary diversity.

The young lady opposite pears at the screen of her cell phone. Suddenly some small glimmer of an expression animates her face. Someone is texting a message to her. I wonder what it says? Maybe How are you darling just got back home and found your little brother playing war games 3 on his new App. Daddy is mowing the lawn again! Have a great flight and dont forget to text us when you arrive! Luv, mum. Her face returns to neutral and she replaces the phone back in its original life sapping position.

Outside the window, various and sundry robotic like vehicles manoeuvre around the acres of tarmacadam that form the terminals of international airports. Not a tree in sight. A few seats down from me, a baby is sitting on its mothers lap, musing meditatively on whatever it is that babies muse upon. Suddenly a beautiful smile lights up its face. A subtle aura of redemption hangs in the air and for just a moment sheer joy pene...


FM Nikos Kotzias resigns after clash with Kammenos over Prespes Deal & funds "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias resigned early afternoon Wednesday after a cabinet meeting the previous day where he clashed with Defense Minister and junior coalition partner Panos Kammenos over the Prespes Agreement and as it seems also other issues. Nikos Kotzias considered that the Prime Minister and other cabinet ministers did not support him when

The post FM Nikos Kotzias resigns after clash with Kammenos over Prespes Deal & funds appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Ich bin heute und morgen in Heidelberg bei der Heise ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Ich bin heute und morgen in Heidelberg bei der Heise Devsec 2018 und halte heute nach der Mittagspause meinen Vortrag. Ich komme gerade aus einem Vortrag, in dem es darum ging, dass die fiesen Security-Leute ja hufig selber gar nicht programmieren knnen und kommunikativ ein Handycap haben und nicht wissen, wie sie die Entwickler da abholen, wo sie sind. Ein Beispiel aus dem Publikum war, dass so ein Security-Fuzzy dem armen Entwickler gesagt hatte, sein SSL-Zertifikat sei falsch und msse repariert werden, aber der hatte gar nicht gesagt, was da jetzt konkret falsch ist und wie man das besser macht.

Diese Einstellung hrt man glcklicherweise inzwischen nur noch sehr selten, und das begre ich. Meiner Erfahrung nach sind Entwickler im Allgemeinen interessiert daran, eine gute Arbeit zu machen. Und das beinhaltet: Keine Sicherheitslcken produzieren.

Ich habe schon hufig erlebt, dass Entwickler mit mir ber Bugs verhandelt haben, aber das hatte immer falsche Anreize in der Organisation als Hintergrund. Sowas wie: Ich kriege einen Bonus, wenn ich keine Bugs habe. Du hast hier gerade Bugs aufgemacht, das killt meinen Bonus, daher bestreite ich die jetzt alle.

Man stelle sich mal vor, ein Architekt argumentiere so. Sagen wir mal: Ein Klimaforscher sagt: Wir haben Klimawandel, die Strme werden strker, ihr msst eure Statik jetzt auf mehr Windstrke auslegen. Und die Architekten sagen dann: Der bse Klimaforscher hat mir gar nicht erklrt, was ich da genau tun muss jetzt!1!!

Undenkbar, da sind wir uns hoffentlich alle einig. Das sollten wir auch Software-Entwicklern nicht durchgehen lassen. Glcklicherweise kommt das auch jetzt schon so gut wie nicht vor, jedenfalls meiner Erfahrung nach.

Update: Ich sollte das nochmal explizit sagen: Das ist nicht die Realitt. Jedenfalls nicht in meiner Erfahrung. Der Report erwhnt mindestens den Fachbegriff Integer Overflow, danach kannst du googeln und dann findest du, wie man das fixt. Oder der Report verweist auf intsafe/safeint oder die entsprechenden gcc/clang-Builtins. Und das ist auch bei ... weniger serisen Marktteilnehmern so, weil das ein einfacher Weg ist, den Report zu strecken. Daher ist das eine akademische Diskussion hier. Ich bin aber der Meinung, dass jemand, der nicht wei, was ein Zertifikat kaputt macht, die Finger von Code lassen sollte, der mit Zertifikaten hantiert.


US urges Turkey to refrain from increasing tension in Cyprus "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The US State Department has urged Turkey to refrain from increasing tension in the East Mediterranean Sea. Commenting on the upcoming drilling off Cyprus, the Department of State said that it discourages any rhetorical action and rhetoric in the region and reminded that US policy on the Cyprus EEZ is longstanding and has not changed.

The post US urges Turkey to refrain from increasing tension in Cyprus appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Athens Metro workers to launch 2 work stoppages on Friday "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The union of Athens Metro workers will launch two work stoppages on Friday, October 19, 2018. The first work stoppage will start with the begin of the early morning shirt until 9:00 a.m. and the second will start at 11:00 p.m. until the end of  the night shift. The workers said in a statement that

The post Athens Metro workers to launch 2 work stoppages on Friday appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Picking Sides "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

I watched episode two of Simon Reeves journey through the Med. I dont often watch Simon Reeves programmes, but I dont particularly avoid them either. The raggedy kaffiyeh he drapes around his neck is a bit of a turn-off; but on the other hand, he does seem like a well-meaning kinda guy.

Well, like a programme thats typical of a kaffiyeh-wearing but well-meaning guy, it brimmed with well-meaning and probably unconscious bias. The bias seemed so embedded - almost subliminal - that the thought of unpicking it all seemed wearisome and not really worth the trouble.

Then I spotted James Delingpoles review tagged onto the end of Jodie Whittakers Doctor Who. (I dont watch that either)
Let us move swiftly on to Simon Reeves Mediterranean. Even though Reeve is the BBCs go-to adventurous young travel presenter Ive never sat through one of his documentaries before. Probably, what with his youth, stubble, cheeky-chappy grin and warmth, I just knew I was going to hate him.

Ah, theres a man after my own heart.

Damn, hes watchable though. Hes brave, curious, empathetic and tender but never sickmakingly mawkish a complete TV natural.

Yep. Still agree. But then I realised Dellers was actually reviewing the previous episode, some of which I saw - when a tearful farmer in Puglia was mourning the loss of his olive groves, which were being ravaged by a disease called Xylella, and Reeve put a consoling hand on his arm. It was sad.

I have no idea what James Delingpole would say about the episode I watched, the following one, and the section about Israel and Gaza in particular.

I dont want to go into a tediously long and dull transcription of the programme However, I fear I might have to do bits of it, otherwise you wont know what Im talking about. And even then, possibly not. It all depends how reliant on the BBC you are for your Middle East education....


Poverty in Greece increased 6.7% in 10 years, affects 4 in 10 Greeks "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Almost four in ten Greeks live in poverty or in social exclusion. According to Eurostat data released on the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, 35% of Greeks are poor and more than 20% have severe material deprivation. In 2017, 112.9 million people, or 22.5% of the population in the European Union were at

The post Poverty in Greece increased 6.7% in 10 years, affects 4 in 10 Greeks appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


STRANGEWAY Challenges SBC Car Cruise PSPO "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

STRANGEWAY Challenges SBC Car Cruise PSPO

East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor Andy STRANGEWAY [Ind.Ind.] has intervened in the matter of Scarborough Borough Councils peculiar action to regulate car cruising in certain parts of the Borough under a Public Space Protection Order.

Councillor STRANGEWAY has written to SBC Director of Legal & Democratic Services and Monitoring Officer Mrs Lisa DIXON, to point out a fundamental fault in SBCs paperwork and/or signage:

Clearly, many of the above prohibitions are already the subject of primary legislation prosecutable offences under both traffic and public order laws.

This is problematic because, in some circumstances, the 100 FPN (Fixed Penalty Notice) may offer a cheap option for an offender likely to face a far more severe penalty of up to 1,000 if prosecuted under primary legislation and at the same time evade any concomitant penalty points on her/his licence.

Pointing out that bye-laws (including PSPOs) should not duplicate primary legislation, Councillor STRANGEWAY states:

In addition, I believe SBC may have inadvertently created a loophole for a clever lawyer to prevent their client receiving points on their licence by stating they should be dealt with as per the byelaw not national legislation.

No doubt we shall presently learn of Mrs DIXONs rationale for creating a deterrent that deters only one-tenth as effectively as the law as it stood without SBCs knee-jerk meddling in response to a relatively trifling incident . . .


Parry Sound doctors supporting fluoridation misinformed, reader "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

I read the Oct. 5 opinion letter by a group of local doctors trying to convince Parry Sounders to vote in favour of fluoridation in the upcoming plebiscite.

As one of the persons derogatorily labeled as a "so-called expert," Id like to offer some corrections and facts in response based on science, not politics or endorsements.

Claim1: As health professionals we serve as first-hand witnesses to the impact that poor dental hygiene has on the overall health of the community.

This is an odd statement, since physicians do not practice dentistry and are not familiar with dental science.

Fact: poor dietary choices (frequent sugar intake) cause cavities. Poor dental hygiene is a not a major factor in the prevalence and severity of dental decay.

Claim 2. Cavities cost Canadians over a billion dollars a year.

Sounds impressive, but thats only $27/person/yr.

Fact: Other dental costs, including cosmetic dentistry to treat the dental fluorosis side effects of fluoridation, are 12 times higher.

Claim 3. The truth is, fluoride in drinking water has been scientifically studied for over 70 years without ever finding evidence that the low levels recommended in municipal drinking water have any negative health effects

Fact: While fluoridation has been in place for 70 years, studies have not been conducted to show safety. Our expert review panel (the National Academies of Sciences Committee on Fluoride in Drinking Water) reviewed over hundreds of studies on fluoride toxicity. See  We found several problems with fluoride in drinking water because fluoride accumulates in the body, primarily the skeletal system.



Sears Didnt Die. Vulture Capitalists Killed It. "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Sears is a prime example of how hedge funds and private equity companies take over retailers and gradually bleed them dry for their own benefit.

By Robert Kuttner and cross-posted from Huffington Post

If youve been following the impending bankruptcy of Americas iconic retailer as covered by print, broadcast and digital media, youve probably encountered lots of nostalgia and sad clucking about how dinosaurs like Sears cant compete in the age of Amazon and specialty retail.

But most of the coverage has failed to stress the deeper story. Namely, Sears is a prime example of how hedge funds and private equity companies take over retailers, encumber them with debt in order to pay themselves massive windfall profits, and then leave the retailer without adequate operating capital to compete.

Part of the strategy is to sell off valuable real estate, the better to enrich the hedge fund, and stick the retail company with costly rental payments to occupy the space that it once owned.

In the case of Sears, the culprit is a hedge-fund operator named Edward Lampert, once a senior merger guy at Goldman Sachs. In 2005, Lampert merged Sears with Kmart, loaded both up with debt, and used some of the debt on stock buybacks to pump up the share price and enrich shareholders, notably himself and his hedge fund.

In a decade, 175,000 people at Sears/Kmart lost their jobs and revenue was cut in half. Various pieces of Sears were sold off. Lampert did just fine.

Lamperts hedge fund also became a prime a lender to Sears, making money off of commissions and interest charges as well as being a prime shareholder. The strategy ensures that the fund and its beneficiaries (including Lampert himself) get rich, even if they run Sears into the ground. For the most part, the nostalgia coverage of the demise of Sears has missed this

Continue reading the article


200 migrants wade across Evros River into Greece on a single morning "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

About 200 migrants have waded across the Evros River in Northern Greece from Turkey on a single morning, authorities have said. The number is unusually large, they added. Police said the migrants were mostly families with children and were found early Tuesday after making their way to the side of a road near a local

The post 200 migrants wade across Evros River into Greece on a single morning appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Benutzt hier jemand libssh?libssh versions 0.6 and ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Benutzt hier jemand libssh?

libssh versions 0.6 and above have an authentication bypass vulnerability in the server code. By presenting the server an SSH2_MSG_USERAUTH_SUCCESS message in place of the SSH2_MSG_USERAUTH_REQUEST message which the server would expect to initiate authentication, the attacker could successfully authenticate without any credentials.


Reason to switch to fluoride-free toothpaste during pregnancy "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Reason to switch to fluoride-free toothpaste during pregnancyThe findings of new research may make you want to switch to fluoride-free toothpaste while pregnant. Read on to find out why

A study of over 200 pregnant women and their children found that higher levels of urinary fluoride during pregnancy are associated with more ADHD-like symptoms in school-age children.
Our findings are consistent with a growing body of evidence suggesting that the growing foetal nervous system may be negatively affected by higher levels of fluoride exposure, said Dr Morteza Bashash, the studys lead author and researcher at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, Canada.
Researchers analysed data from 213 mother-child pairs in Mexico City that were part of the Early Life Exposures in Mexico to Environmental Toxicants (ELEMENT) project, which recruited pregnant women from 1994 to 2005 and has continued to follow the women and their children ever since........................


Fluoride - Demand AARP Take Action "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Dr. Chuck,

A couple good responses to your good questions on "legal" and "NSF."

I would agree with you, most US court cases have ruled in favor of fluoridation, but not all.  And certainly international courts have not been as good to fluoridation.  Few have wrestled and ruled on the science.

Those two issues of (A) courts and (B) NSF are too big to cover here, but I will add to other posts.

(A)    Courts generally support governments, so those harmed with excess fluoride have a higher standard to gain.    (Courts took years to rule against tobacco, long after science was firm.)

1.   As you may know, like a scientific study, courts try to focus on one variable and often it ends up to be a war of court terms rather than the benefits and risks of fluoride.  Only one case I know of, considered the science and that court ruled in favor of the science which is opposed to humans ingesting more fluoride. . . fluoridation.  On appeal the science was not reviewed.

2.   The EPA approved SF for a post-harvest fumigant with residual concentrations up to, for example, dried egg of 900 ppm, similar to toothpaste.  Most dried egg is fed to children and seniors in schools and retirement homes. . . the most vulnerable.  On petition, an administrative judge ruled against the EPA on all counts.&nbsp...


UK Against Fluoridation "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Three New Studies Link Fluoride to Brain and Thyroid Disorders


UK Against Fluoridation "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Don't know how old this video is but I haven't seen it before.


F.A.N. Newsletter "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Below is a second press release sent out by York University in this past week on new fluoride research. This release focuses on their new study showing that Canadian adults who are iodine deficient and have higher fluoride exposure are at an increased risk of hypothyroidism.  See study:   
Please read, and share the following press release with your local media outlets.

October 14, 2018
Canadian adults who have higher levels of fluoride exposure and are deficient in iodine may be at an increased risk of underactive thyroid, according to a new study.
Concern about exposure to fluoride disrupting thyroid function has been suggested in the past, said Christine Till, the studys senior author and associate professor at York University. In fact, up until the 1960s, fluoride was prescribed as a suppressant for overactive thyroid. While our findings only establish an association, not cause-and-effect, they are important because they suggest a potential effect of fluoride on thyroid function at levels of exposure that are typical for Canadians.
The study, Fluoride exposure and thyroid function among adults living in Canada: Effect modification by iodine status, published in Environment International, used population-based data from Cycle 3 of the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS), which includes health-related data collected by Statistics Canada from a nationally representative sample of Canadians.
The study consisted of 6.9 million adults between the ages of 18 and 79 years. Adults who were diagnosed with a thyroid disorder, or who were on thyroid medication, as well as pregnant women, were excluded.
Exposure to fluoride comes from a variet...


Kudrin offers to surrender to the West for the lifting of sanctions, by Ruslan Ostashko "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Translated and subtitled by Scott Humor The Chairman of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin had actually offered to surrender to the West in exchange for lifting of sanctions. This is

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Tuesday, 16 October


Khashoggi Was No Critic of Saudi Regime "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi journalist who disappeared in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last week, is not quite the critic of the Saudi regime that the Western media says he is.

By As`ad AbuKhalil and cross-posted from Consortium Dreams

The disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi journalist, in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul last week has generated huge international publicity, but unsurprisingly, little in Saudi-controlled, Arab media. The Washington Post, for whom Khashoggi wrote, and other Western media, have kept the story alive, increasing the pressure on Riyadh to explain its role in the affair.

Its been odd to read about Khashoggi in Western media. David Hirst in The Guardian claimed Khashoggi merely cared about absolutes such as truth, democracy, and freedom. Human Rights Watchs director described him as representing outspoken and critical journalism.

But did he pursue those absolutes while working for Saudi princes?

Khashoggi was a loyal member of the Saudi propaganda apparatus. There is no journalism allowed in the kingdom: there have been courageous Saudi women and men who attempted to crack the wall of rigid political conformity and were persecuted and punished for their views. Khashoggi was not among them.

Some writers suffered while Khashoggi was their boss at Al-Watan newspaper. Khashoggicontrary to what is being writtenwas never punished by the regime, except lightly two years ago, when Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) banned him from tweeting and writing for Al-Hayat, the London-based, pan-Arab newspaper owned by Saudi Prince Khalid bin Sultan.

By historical contrast, Nasir As-Sa`id was a courageous secular Arab Nationalist writer who fled the kingdom in 1956 and settled in Cairo, and then Beirut. He authored a massive (though tabloid-like) volume about the history of the House of Saud. He was unrelenting in his attacks against the Saudi royal family.

For this, the Saudi regime paid a corrupt PLO leader in Beirut (Abu Az-Za`im, tied to Jordanian intelligence) to get rid of As-Sa`id. He kidnapped As-Sa`id from a crowded Beirut street in 1979 and delivered him to the Saudi embassy there. He was presumably tortured and killed (some say his body was tossed from a plane over the empty quarter desert in Saudi Arabia). Such is the track record of the regime



Turkey to continue gas drilling around Cyprus, says FM Cavusoglu "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Ankara will continue natural gas drilling work around the island of Cyprus to establish the fair sharing resources, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Tuesday. Turkey will not allow unilateral activities [in the Eastern Mediterranean]. We need to protect the rights of Turkish Cypriots with actual steps, Cavusoglu said at a symposium entitled Law

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The incredible sea rescue of horse Haido from a rocky beach (videos) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

An incredible story. A huge rescue operation was launched to rescue a horse trapped at a remote rocky beach without access to humans or animals. The horse was missing from the stable for 23 days. The owner had published ads for his missing horse. without success. It was a fisherman sailing by who spotted mare

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Cambiar la cerradura: consejos para acertar eligiendo cerradura nueva "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Es fundamental prestar atencin a los elementos de seguridad que se escogen para proteger viviendas y negocios.

Los nuevos mtodos que utilizan quienes se dedican a abrir puertas con malas intenciones hacen que sea necesario cambiar la cerradura cuando esta tiene varios aos. Al igual que sucede con todas las cosas, nuestra cerradura no dura para siempre, ya que puede convertirse en obsoleta y no ofrecer la proteccin que se necesita.

Los expertos recomiendan hacerlo si la cerradura tiene ms de 15 aos, ya que los mtodos con los que los ladrones consiguen abrirlas avanzan muy deprisa. Adems, es importante escoger la correcta. Estos consejos ofrecidos por cerrajeros expertos te ayudarn a la hora de cambiar tu cerradura.

Piensa en cul es tu necesidad

Hay una cerradura para cada puerta, como destaca cerrajero paseo de los estudiantes de Leganes. Algunas cuentan con varios puntos de anclaje, otras se activan con un mando y no con una llave y otras estn pensadas solo para instalar en puertas de interior. Cada una de ellas ofrece un grado diferente de proteccin. Ni mejor ni peor, sino adaptado a las caractersticas del sitio en el que se van a poner.

Si la cerradura va a estar a pie de calle, como en un chalet o un negocio, deber ofrecer un grado mayor de proteccin que si vivimos en un edificio de apartamentos con portero o tenemos nuestra tienda en un centro comercial.

Primero calidad, despus mira el precio

Uno de los factores que nos pueden poner en peligro es fijarnos primero en cunto cuesta la cerradura. Es cierto que se debe cuidar el presupuesto, aunque podemos escoger un cerradura cuya calidad no sea suficientemente buena. El resultado es prcticamente el mismo que si no tuviramos cerradura nueva, porque no ofrece la proteccin necesaria.

El consejo de cerrajero polgono de Urtinsa Alcorcon es darle prioridad a la calidad de la cerradura, que est fabricada por una marca que destaque por ofrecer innovacin y garanta para mayor tranquilidad.

Pide ayuda a un profesional

No es obligatorio saber de todo, as que no hay nada malo en recurrir a a...


Tortoises "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

I don't know if this is really very interesting, but I thought I'd share nonetheless...

Newsnight's policy editor Chris Cook is deserting the sinking current affairs flagship and moving to Tortoise - former BBC News boss James Harding's new media start-up. Former Today editor Ceri Thomas is already a Tortoise partner. And its first chairman is going to be Barack Obama's former ambassador to the UK and top fundraiser Matthew Barzun. 

Quite what Tortoise will do remains a matter of speculation. 

And that's all I've got to say about that.


Consejos para conseguir el mejor cerrajero en la ciudad de Madrid y alrededores "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Cuando tenemos un problema en nuestro hogar u oficina con respecto a cerraduras o reforzar la seguridad en las entradas o puertas la mejor opcin es buscar los servicios profesionales de un cerrajero.

Un cerrajero es un especialista en el oficio de trabajos realizados con hierro como cerraduras, bisagras, cierres, llaves, picaportes, barandas, entre otros. El origen de esta ocupacin se remonta de antes de Cristo cuando se empez a utilizar el hierro para forjarlo y adaptarlo segn sus necesidades. Desde all el oficio del cerrajero se ha diversificado en actividades variadas y de gran utilidad.

Funciones de un cerrajero.

Un cerrajero barato en espartales nortes Alcala de Henares cumple varias funciones adems de arreglar o reparar una llave. Algunas de las ms importantes son:

  • Preparacin y planificacin del taller y la obra.
  • Preparacin de plantillas.
  • Unin de chapas y otros objetos de soldadura.
  • Trabajo de fundicin.
  • Desbloqueo y aperturas de llaves.

Mantenimiento de maquinarias y herramientas

Para que un cerrajero parque coimbra mostoles se considere un profesional capacitado debe tener amplios conocimientos sobre geometra, tcnicas de soldadura elctrica, oxicorte, templado elctrico y tcnicas de proteccin y conservacin del hierro.

Ventajas del servicio de un cerrajero

Contratar los servicios de un cerrajero barato zona Bercial Getafe te ofrecer una serie de beneficios como:

  • Ayudar a abrir puertas cerradas o daadas.
  • ...


[Russia] campaign statement about the accused in the Network Case "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Your torture wont kill our ideas. Anarchists and antifascists march in Petersburg on May Day 2018 campaign statement about the accused

In February 2018, a campaign was launched in Russia to support those accused in the Network case. Among the main goals of the campaign were fundraising for legal costs, organizing humanitarian support for the arrested and offering support to their relatives. The resources gathered have so far been distributed according to the financial circumstances of the respective families and the needs of the arrested. Further financial support is being distributed according to the choices made by those the arrested throughout the investigation.

Currently two of the accused, Igor Shishkin, and Yegor Zorin, are firmly siding with the investigation.

Igor Shishkin has not filed a torture complaint, although traces of torture were reported on his body by the independent Public Oversight Committee (ONK). He has signed agreement prior to being present in
court, which means that he has fully admitted his guilt. He is actively cooperating in the investigation of the criminal case, and also giving testimony against other suspects. If the case by the prosecution is substantiated with the testimony given by Shishkin, his sentence will be reduced (as defined in the chapter 5 of the statute 317.7 of Russian Codex of Criminal Prosecution, UPK RF). Igor is the only accused to have been visited by official Russian Ombudsman for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova, but he did not report any torture during the visit. Since then he has sided with the prosecution during a cross-interrogation with another defendant. This position is detrimental to co-defendants, and results in additional pressure for everyone struggling for themselves and for justice.

Yegor Zorin, in the autumn of 2017, after being tortured, admitted his guilt and has cooperated with the investigation ever since. He never filed a torture complaint.

In the framework of the support campaign, we do not consider it possible to support defendants cooperating with the investigation, against the interests of the other co-defendants. Thus, financial support for these defendants is not provided from the common fund. In case you want to support Shishkin, you may do so via his relatives (link).

All the defendants in the case, Shishkin and Zorin included, have been tortured and manipul...


Greeces first: Council of State to be headed by female judge "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

For the first time in its 89-year-old history the Council of State will be headed by a woman. Judge Aikaterini Sakellaropoulou was chosen by the Greek cabinet to be the President of the countrys Supreme Administrative Court for the next four years. Sakellaropoulou was one of the vice presidents under the presidency of Nikolaos Sakkellariou.

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See there springs an Indian maid "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Did you know that the author of Vanity Fair wrote a poem about Pocahontas? It ends:
In the woods of Powhattan,
    Still tis told by Indian fires,
  How a daughter of their sires
    Saved the captive Englishman.

So (especially for those of you who follow US politics) it turns out that Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren may be between 1/64 and 1/1024 'Native American' (though whether South, Central or North American native, it's not clear) in that DNA testing suggests she has one such ancestor somewhere between six generations and ten generations ago. 

If so, that puts her as being between (at best) 1.56% and (at worst) 0.1% Native American (i.e between 98.44% and 99.9% not Native American).

Donald Trump has longed mocked her as "Pocahontas" for her longstanding claims of American Indian ancestry (Cherokee and Delaware heritage), and it looks from his comments today as if he's feeling vindicated - especially after the Cherokees rejected her claim that the DNA test constituted "strong evidence" of Native American ancestry. 

Of course,...


Hassan Nasrallah: ISIS is over, Israel on its own against Iran, Syria & Hezbollah "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on September 19, 2018, on the tenth night of the Islamic month of Muharram, commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein. Translation:


Ich bin mir sicher, dass die in Somalia besseres Internet ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Ich bin mir sicher, dass die in Somalia besseres Internet haben als ich hier gerade in der Deutschen Bahn.

Htten die nicht mal jemanden fragen knnen, der sich mit sowas auskennt?

Wir werden alle strben: Massiver Rckgang an Insektenbiomasse, ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Wir werden alle strben: Massiver Rckgang an Insektenbiomasse, und zwar nicht nur in besiedelten Gebieten, sondern auch im Naturschutzgebiet, im Regenwald.


October 16, 2018: Idlib Demilitarization Zone Agreement Reaches Its First Deadline "IndyWatch Feed Europe" If youre able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldnt be possible without your help: PayPal: or via: or via:, BTC: 3Gbs4rjcVUtQd8p3CiFUCxPLZwRqurezRZ, BCH: qpf2cphc5dkuclkqur7lhj2yuqq9pk3hmukle77vhq, ETH:


Tsipras asks Ministers commitment to not bring down the govt over Macedonia "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has asked the government ministers to commit themselves to not bring down the government on the Macedonia name issue. Tsipras was addressing a cabinet meeting of the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government on Tuesday, with his junior partner Panos Kammenos to insist in not supporting the Prespes Agreement. The Prime Minister urged for

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Fluoride Linked With ADHD In Children "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Our findings show that children with elevated prenatal exposure to fluoride were more likely to show symptoms of ADHD as reported by parents. Prenatal fluoride exposure was more strongly associated with inattentive behaviours and cognitive problems, but not with hyperactivity, said Bashash.

There is overwhelming evidence that the prolonged ingestion of fluoride causes significant damage to health and particularly to the nervous system. According to University of Toronto and York University researchers, higher levels of fluoride during pregnancy have now been linked with more ADHD-like symptoms in school-age children.

Fluoride can be toxic by ingesting one part per million (ppm), and the effects are not immediate, as they can take 20 years or more to become evident.

Our findings are consistent with a growing body of evidence suggesting that the growing fetal nervous system may be negatively affected by higher levels of fluoride exposure, said Dr. Morteza Bashash, the studys lead author and researcher at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

The study, Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Symptoms in Children at 6-12 Years of Age in Mexico City, published in Environment International, analyzed data from 213 mother-child pairs in Mexico City that were part of the Early Life Exposures in Mexico to Environmental Toxicants (ELEMENT) project, which recruited pregnant women from 1994 to 2005 and has continued to follow the women and their children ever since.

Tap water and dental products have been fluoridated in communities in Canada and the United States (as well as milk and table salt in some other countries) by varying amounts for more than 60 years to prevent cavities. These assumptions were later dismissed by hundreds of scientific publications which showed that internal consumption of fluoridated water had no effect on tooth decay.

In recent years, fierce debate over the safety of water fl...


Mocking of Christ triggers outrage both in Greece and FYROM "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Mocking of Christ is a film about a Greek journalist with family roots in Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The film that has won the Innovation Award at the Montreal film Festival 2018 has triggered an outrage not only in Greece but also in FYROM. According to the plot, Alexander Philippopoulos returns

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Oooof "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Here was an exchange the other day on the Open Thread:

Craig, 14 October 2018
Talking of Anthony Zurcher, this tweet is typical Zurch:
If you watch the actual video you find that Trump was actually praising the head of the Union army General Ulysses S. Grant - a native of Ohio: 

Monkey Brains, 14 October 2018
Yes, that was a classic Zurcher attack! Truncate the to something irrelevant...and hope for the best (ie the worst for Trump). Zurcher is the gnat biting the rhino's hide a thousand times a day. Annoying but the rhino is not brought down.

Well, there's an update to this now:

Shouldn't that have been "CORRECTION: Oooof", Anthony?


Extremes "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Cologne railway station

Kaiser at Biased BBC linked to two reports of the same event (a violent hostage-taking incident in Cologne) and observed that "one of these days does not seem to agree with the other". 

The Breitbart report sharply amplifies the 'radical Islamic terrorism' angle while the BBC report suppresses it.

They are the two extremes. If you then turn, say, to Deutsche Welle you'll find a report which sits somewhere between them.

So in the Breitbart report we get the headline Cologne: Islamic State Sympathiser Takes Hostage, Sets Fires, plus "The suspect is reported to have spoken in Arabic about the Islamic State" and "German magazine Focus reports sources who claim that...the suspect is indeed a sympathiser of the Islamic State" and a paragraph mentioning the Cologne sex attacks by migrants at New Year 2015/16, though there's also a paragraph saying "There is presently no indication of the identity of the hostage taker, nor motive".

In contrast, the BBC, whose headline is Hostage safe after Cologne railway sta...


Die Washington Post hat ein Op-Ed zum Kommunismus und ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Die Washington Post hat ein Op-Ed zum Kommunismus und zur Angst. Sie erffnen mit der Prmisse, dass im Kommunismus das eigentlich Schlimme war, dass du nicht frei sagen konntest, was du denkst, aus Angst vor Spitzeln oder Polizeistaat. Dann kommt das Money Quote:

Until now, perhaps. A new study of political attitudes in the United States offers stunning evidence that most Americans censor themselves, except among people they regard as like-minded, on a bundle of sensitive topics: immigration and immigrants; race and racism; gay, lesbian and gender issues; and Islam and Muslims.
Wir haben sozusagen Sozialismus nur mit mehr Militarisierung des Polizeistaats, mit zwei Bullshit-Parteien statt einer, mit mehr Produkten im Laden, die aber alle entweder uns oder unsere Umwelt umbringen.

Infrastrukturapokalypse: Strom in mehreren Kommunen ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Infrastrukturapokalypse: Strom in mehreren Kommunen in Nordkalifornien abgedreht, aus Angst, die berlandleitungen knnten Funken werfen und damit einen Flchenbrand auslsen.

Heute gleich ein zweifacher Datenreichtum: Im CSU-Online-Shop ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Heute gleich ein zweifacher Datenreichtum: Im CSU-Online-Shop und bei Donald Daters, einer Dating-App fr Trump-Untersttzer. Sagt was ihr wollt, aber deren Slogan ist geil: Make America Date Again :-D

Die deutsche Kinder-NSA ZITiS kriegt 36,7 Mio Budget ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Die deutsche Kinder-NSA ZITiS kriegt 36,7 Mio Budget und soll damit einen Supercomputer zum Entschlsseln eurer Krypto bauen. Ja, richtig gelesen. Eure Steuergelder werden gegen euch verwendet, um eure Krypto zu brechen, fr die ihr auch gutes Geld ausgegeben habt.

In den anderen Arbeitsfeldern rstet ZITiS ebenfalls auf, wobei zwei besonderes Gewicht erhalten. Im Bereich der Digitalen Forensik forscht und entwickelt ZITiS unter anderem an Passwortsuche und der Auswertung von Smartphones. Bisher haben Polizeibehrden sieben verschiedene Software-Tools gekauft, um beschlagnahmte Mobilgerte auszulesen. Dieser Wildwuchs soll bei ZITiS vereinheitlicht werden.
Da weite doch, wofrde Steuern zahlst!


Acropolis Museum offers free admission on October 28th "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Like every year on Greeces  National Holiday on October 28th, the Acropolis Museum open its gates to visitors free of charge. The Museum will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Visitors will be able to tour through the permanent exhibitions of the Acropolis Museum that include findings of the countrys most important Temple

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20 high-ranking officials testify to prosecutor over deadly blaze in July "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Regional and local government officials, former chiefs in charge of Police, the Fire Service and as well as members of the Coast Guard, a total of 21 people started arriving at the prosecutors office in Athens on Tuesday morning. In presence of their lawyers, the officials have to answer questions about the tragedy in Mati,

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Anarchists attack police station in Athens, injure 4 policemen "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Four police officers were injured when anarchists attacked the police station of Omonia in downtown Athens on Monday evening. It was around 9 o clock, when some 50 people wearing hoods and helmets started to throw stones and molotov cocktail bombs first at a police van and then at several other vehicles parked near the

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CEOs Leaked Memo What a Joke! "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The following document purportedly a leaked draft memorandum, allegedly from the Chief Executive and Head of Paid Service to his masters, the democratically elected Councillors of the Borough (but not their masters, the sovereign electorate) is reproduced below without claim or evidence of authenticity.


Esteemed Members,

I prostrate myself, your humble servant, before you in apology most abject.

Please accept my sincere assurances that it was never my intention to flout your authority, or that of our sovereign masters, the electorate of our peerless Borough of Scarborough.

I deeply regret abusing the letter and spirit of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA) in order clandestinely to monitor your email correspondence. I did so in what I believed, at the time, was the best interests of the Council. Though I was ill-advised, I now recognise that, however great the danger from communist and/or anarchist insurgents and/or cyber-terrorists, this was disproportionate. I accept full and sole responsibilty for my actions; others were just following orders.

I am mortified by the recollection that though I sought legal advice, internal and external, and consulted my GP, in order to cover myself before autocratically negating the electoral mandate of ward residents I did wittingly bias my request for advice in such a way as to obtain the outcome I desired. I fudged it. I freely admit that this was a cheap and vulgar instantiation of Common Purpose dogma, unworthy of even a wee timorous beastie. I am deeply shamed.

I have sinned and, though it was (I admit) good, it was wrong.

Lessons have been learned.

Naturally, I will reimburse the Council for the associated legal costs.

I beg you, on my honor[sic], to believe that I do not know what came over me; hubris; transient sociopathic neuropathy; the desire to appear more competent and assertive than I actually am; my obsessive devotion to the bold and assured style of The Proclaimers alas, I cannot know. Perhaps I was suffering from an undiagnosed and persisting mental health condition. Who can say? We are not machines.

I throw myself on your mercy when I confess that it was I, your Chief Executive (or Dim Jim, as I know I am styled in the lower echelons of Paid Service), who instructed our poor Monitoring Officer to insinuate, over a period of years, a number of daintily contrived additional phrases into the textual body of certain Articles of the Councils Constitution, so as to arrogate unto myself as many powers as possible without turning the Constitution into a monochrome facsimile of an early issue of VIZ comic. She failed. Though deeply wrong, this was merely vaingloriou...


Whys the Worlds Biggest Asset Manager Advising the ECB on the Health of EU Banks? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

BlackRock is a market power that no state can control anymore.

The ECBs latest biannual stress tests are almost over. For months legions of financial regulators have been poking around in the soft financial underbellies of the Eurozones 130 largest banks looking for signs of weakness. Presumably, the worst causes or symptoms of financial duress have been largely sidelined or ignored, just as happened in 2016 when Spains then-sixth largest bank, Banco Popular, passed muster just months before its collapse.

This year, the ECB has again called on the assistance of the worlds largest asset management fund, BlackRock, to conduct its health check of Europes banking sector. The stress tests are being spearheaded by the European Banking Authority (EBA), which tests the regions systemic banks, while the ECB focuses its attention on smaller lenders, such as Banco Popular.

This is not the first time the ECB has turned to BlackRock for advisory support. In 2014, the central bank hired BlackRock Solutions, an advisory unit of BlackRock, to provide advice on the design and implementation of the central banks upcoming purchase of asset-backed securities. In other words, just before the ECB embarked on one of the biggest QE programs in world history, it sought the advice of the worlds largest asset manager i.e. the company most invested in the assets it intended to buy

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Five More Fluoride-Condemning Studies are Published - When Is It Enough? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

NEW YORKOct. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Five new published studies support previous research linking fluoride to thyroid disease; ADHD; overdosing formula-fed infants and bias in government reports. Another reveals pregnant Canadians have higher urine fluoride levels in fluoridated vs. non-fluoridated areas which previous studies linked to offspring's lower IQ, reports New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. (NYSCOF).
1) Fluoride exposure coupled with iodine deficiency is linked to thyroid disease, report researchers in Environment International (December 2018). They report that this is the first human population-based examination of chronic low-level fluoride exposure on thyroid function that considers residents' iodine status.
"I have grave concerns about the health effects of fluoride exposure," said lead author Ashley Malin, "And not just from my study but the other studies that have come out in recent years," (quoted from Bienkowski).
2) "Higher levels of fluoride exposure during pregnancy were associated with global measures of ADHD and more symptoms of inattention [in offspring]," researchers report in ...


Skibbe to go after Greece loses 2-0 to Finland in UEFAs Nations League "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greeces national football team lost to Finland 2-0 in Tampere Stadium on Monday night and coach Michael Skibbe finds himself just a step before seeking another job. Local media speak of national humiliation, blame the German coach for it and demand his replacement yesterday. Unfortunately we were not in the position to stop Finlands transition,

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New series on my website (link in bio): Sndervig Beach.... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

New series on my website (link in bio): Sndervig Beach.
#danmark #sndervig #beach #blackandwhite #schwarzweiss #series #streetphotography #strassenfotografie #photography #latergram #picoftheday


F.A.N. Newsletter "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Below is a press release sent out by York University on their study showing double the fluoride urine levels in pregnant Canadian women living in fluoridated communities than for their non-fluoridated counterparts.  See study:   
Please read, and share the following press release with your local media outlets.

October 2018
A new study led by York University researchers has found that fluoride levels in urine are twice as high for pregnant women living in Canadian cities where fluoride is added to public drinking water as for those living in cities that do not add fluoride to public water supplies.
The study Community Water Fluoridation and Urinary Fluoride Concentrations in a National Sample of Pregnant Women in Canada was published today in Environmental Health PerspectivesIt is the first study in North America to examine how fluoride in water contributes to urinary fluoride levels in pregnant women. The research was conducted as part of a larger study funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) investigating whether early life exposure to fluoride affects the developing brain.
We found that fluoride in drinking water was the major source of exposure for pregnant women living in Canada. Women living in fluoridated communities have two times the amount of fluoride in their urine as women living in non-fluoridated communities, said Christine Till, an associate professor of Psychology in Yorks Faculty of Health and lead author on t......


Nota sobre el actual escenario de la lucha de clases en Brasil "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

cab_statement_1.jpegEl actual escenario poltico brasileo exige mucha lucidez y frialdad para el conjunto de los luchadores y de las luchadoras populares y su anlisis de la realidad. Nosotros de la Coordinacin Anarquista Brasilea, modestamente, buscamos dar nuestra contribucin a la comprensin del convulsionado escenario poltico-social, cuyo principal corte se encuentra en el golpe jurdico-parlamentario que derrib a Rousseff del gobierno. Vivimos recientemente el llamado agotamiento del pacto de la Nueva Repblica de 1988. Tal pacto mantena la exclusin social de los de abajo, mientras garantizaba derechos jurdicos mnimos, en una coalicin que involucr a polticos burgueses, al empresariado, a los militares y parte de los sectores reformistas la izquierda.

La construccin del Estado brasileo, sin embargo, siempre estuvo ms cerca de los intereses de las potencias imperialistas de turno que de la mayora de la poblacin. El estado penal para los pobres siempre fue la norma de las instituciones de la democracia burguesa. Los gobiernos del PT, desde Lula, incrementaron la mquina criminal del orden pblico con todo un aparato legislativo-judicial que reprodujeron el super-encarcelamiento de los pobres y negros y la parafernalia represiva que ataca las luchas sociales. El pacto de conciliacin de clases se rompi y el colaboracionismo rasgado dando lugar a la agenda agresiva del capitalismo financiero sobre los derechos sociales, las libertades parciales y los bienes pblicos, que fueron conquistas histricas del movimiento popular.

[] []


#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #men #waiting #communication... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #men #waiting #communication #streetphotography #dailylife #blackandwhite #photography #photo #streetsofberlin #berlineransichten #berlinstagram #picoftheday #latergram #schwarzweiss


Three Colliding Problems Leading to a New Economic Disaster "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Last weeks stock sell-off was merely the beginning of whats to come.

By Matt Taibbi and cross-posted from Rolling Stone

The soaring stock market has been the crux of Donald Trumps argument for the competence of his reign. It might be his favorite tweet subject, outside the Failing New York Times.

Trump on August 18th: Longest bull run in the history of the stock market, congratulations America! August 24th: Our economy is setting records on every front. September 11th: Where are the Democrats coming from? The best economy in the history of the country would totally collapse if they ever took control!

But since the market hit an all-time high on October 3rd, Trump has shifted his tweets to other subjects. This makes sense, given that it took a nasty dive. The worst was a two-day sell-off in the middle of last week, during which the Dow Jones Industrial average dropped 1,377 points.

On Friday, the Dow opened with a big round of buying, then plunged again, then wobbled all day before finally ending 287 points up. This allowed the financial world to spend the weekend relief-boozing instead of planning for The End.

Maybe the stock market isnt about to crash in the next 10 minutes. That doesnt mean we shouldnt be scared to our marrow over the future.

The sell-off last week was likely just a mild preview of what will happen once the blunt contradictions of Trumps major economic moves crazy even by his standards set in.

Were fucked, a market analyst friend of mine put it this weekend. Its all baked in the cake already.

You dont have to be a financial expert to see the irreconcilability of these three problems

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Irans Ayatollah Ataollah Ashrafi Esfahani: An Irreplaceable Light Martyred By The MEK 36 Years Ago Today "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Jonathan Azaziah

When a nation is taught by giants, its only destiny is to tower over its enemies. Iran, in the age of Imam Khomeinis (R.A.) Islamic Revolution, is such a nation. And Ayatollah Ataollah Ashrafi Esfahani (R.A.) was such a giant. Martyred on this day 36 years ago at the elderly age of 80 by MEK terrorists, Esfahani possessed an intellect rarely seen before or since, a love of Islam rivaled only by Sayyed Ruhollah (R.A.) himself and a commitment to not merely resisting Dajjal but prevailing over it and leaving its corrupt, degenerate, hegemonic system in the dustqualities that inspired generations on top of generations.

It is said that the blood of Abou Zar al-Ghiffari (R.A.) flowed through his ancestors who came to Kermanshahwhere he made his homefrom Bilad al-Shams Jabal Amel, the land that wrote the book on mouqawamah and mumanaa. He was one of the firstif not **THE** firstto call for Imam Khomeini (R.A.) to be made Grand Marja in the wake of Ayatollah Sayyed Hossein Borujerdis death. Esfahani always said that nobody could be compared to Khomeini (R.A.) and the Imam referred to Esfahani as the base and the spine of the revolutionary movement in Kermanshah.

For nearly six decades indeed, Esfahani was one of Imam Khomeinis (R.A.) closest friends and confidants, which is why the Imam made him leader of Jummah prayers in Kermanshah and mourned him deeply and painfully when he was assassinated. Sayyed Ruhollah (R.A.) said he had pure devotion to him as a brother. He called him the dearest of martyrs and blessed and stated that he admired his patience, his calm, his peaceful and reassuring spirit, his vast knowledge and ocean of good deeds. He stated further, There is no bigger personality on the front of defending the truth and shaping the youthful souls who long for combat.

Ayatollah Ataollah, on top of being a scientific and analytical mind sharper than all the swords in all the armories in all the countries of the world, was fiercely loyal. When a single newspaper article was published against the Islamic Revolutionby one of Mossad

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Sunday, 14 October


[Colombia] XIV Seminario Militante "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

44049120_1835425299911634_8600829489510875136_n.jpgAnarquismo y movimientos sociales de 1968
XIV Seminario Militante
Anarquismo y movimientos sociales de 1968

Introduccin y perspectivas globales. 18 de octubre
Amrica Latina. 25 de octubre.
Colombia. 1 de noviembre
Nuevos movimientos sociales. 8 de noviembre

Link del video invitacional:
Link del evento en facebook:

Jueves 6:00 pm.
Centro Cultural Conuco (Calle 33 #19-46)
[Una cuadra al sur de la Calle 34, media cuadra debajo de la carrera 19]
Teusaquillo, Bogot

Grupo Libertario Va Libre


If The Rouhani Administration Has Any Dignity Left, It Will Release Dr. Hassan Abbasi Now "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Jonathan Azaziah

The administration currently ruling over Iran led by Hassan Rouhani and his Reformist cronies has been on a downward spiral for some time. They tried to maintain their poker faces after the Trump ZOG renewed sanctions against Iran on the corpse of the P5+1 nuclear agreement (aka JCPOA, or, as a beloved brother of mine likes to call it, the JewCPOA), which disintegrated just like Imam Khamenei and the IRGC said it would. Rouhani idiotically suggested that the American regime had nothing to do with 9/11 following the US-Israeli-Saudi-Emirati attack on Ahvaz and neocon lies about Iran being in on it, contradicting not only his predecessor Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and numerous high-ranking Iranian military-intelligence officials, but Imam Khamenei himself. Rouhanis parliamentary allies just voted to bring Iran into the fold of the ultra-intrusive, totally-Zionized FATF, which is going to choke Irans economy further, not help it, despite fierce opposition from Khamenei going back several months now. And now Dr. Hassan Abbassithe most cerebral military-intelligence-spiritual thinker in the whole of the Islamic world, whose analysis on the global Dajjalic system, specifically the resistance movements that fight it and the cinematic propaganda apparatuses and projects that are integral to it, is unmatchedhas been thrown into prison for 7 months. His crime? Insulting Rouhani.

Have Rouhani and his administration no dignity left? Abbasi is a hero of the Artesh (Iranian Armed Forces), the NEDSA (Iranian Naval Forces) and the Sepah (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps). The Director of the critical and pivotal Center for Doctrinal Strategic Studies. The architect of the asymmetrical warfare strategy employed by the IRGC in defending the Islamic Revolution both at home and beyond its borders. European diplomats refer to him as Irans big strategic brain. Nina Rosenwalds Iranian Shabbos Goy Amir Taheri has labeled him the Kissinger of Islam. Meir Litvak, a Mossadnik who heads the Alliance Center for Iranian Studies at Tel Aviv University, pegged him as being the main source of Anti-Parasitic thought in Iran. He is routinely discussed with fear and loathing at the Zionists annual Herzliya Conference and the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) Conference. Neocon war criminal Michael Ledeen has all but advocated killing Dr. Mouqawamah because hes such a thorn in the side of the US ZOG. Abbasi has also been invaluable in social media and cyber warfare o...

Saturday, 13 October


A face horrenda da nova extrema direita: degenerados, blasfemadores e mentirosos contumazes "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

bananistao_tio_sam.pngO Brasil adentra a campanha de segundo turno com uma evidente ameaa protofascista atravs do candidato favorito, o deputado federal Jair Bolsonaro (PSL-RJ).
O Brasil adentra a campanha de segundo turno com uma evidente ameaa protofascista atravs do candidato favorito, o deputado federal Jair Bolsonaro (PSL-RJ). Quando afirmamos o protofascismo, porque esse quase fascismo se d no aumento do volume de ataques, agresses e ameaas. S nos primeiro cinco dias aps a vitria do capito reformado (com sofrvel ficha corrida no Exrcito Brasileiro), foram mais de setenta atos de violncia registrados, incluindo o assassinato de Mestre Moa do Katend, capoeirista angoleiro morto com doze facadas pelas costas. Se isso no serve de alerta e exemplo porque, realmente, como sociedade, ns estamos anestesiados diante da cruzada contra a corrupo, ignorando que pode estar em jogo o conjunto de direitos conquistados na Constituio de 1988.

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