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Tuesday, 26 September


The White House as Donald Trumps New Casino "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Yes, He Is Running America Like One of His Businesses Into the ground.


U.S. foreign policy and the Trump Organizations business ventures will remain in a unique and complex relationship with each other in the coming years as the president and his children take the people who elected him for a global ride.U.S. foreign policy and the Trump Organizations business ventures will remain in a unique and complex relationship with each other in the coming years as the president and his children take the people who elected him for a global ride. (Photo: Friscocali/flickr/cc)


During the 2016 election campaign, Donald Trump repeatedly emphasized that our country was run terribly and needed a businessman at its helm. Upon winning the White House, he insisted that the problem had been solved, adding, In theory, I could run my business perfectly and then run the country perfectly. Theres never been a case like this.

Sure enough, while Hillary Clinton spent her time excoriating her opponent for not releasing his tax returns, Americans ultimately embraced the candidate who had proudly and openly dodged their exposure. And why not? Its in the American...


From Dublin to Brussels demand universal access to abortion "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The Workers Solidarity Movement in Ireland is in full support of the protests in Brussels on the 28th September demanding a guaranteed, free, and accessible access to abortion across Europe. The EU has stood by idly while the bodily autonomy of pregnant people continues to be violated by some member states including Ireland and Malta. It has similarly done nothing while other member states progressively attack reproductive rights based on the political whimsy of the controlling parties of ever-increasing conservative governments. We hope the this mobilisation will demonstrate the united commitment to reproductive freedom for all.

We stand with you in spirit as we prepare for our own mobilisation on the 30th of September for the Dublin March for Choice and it appears almost certain a constitutional referendum to remove the ban on abortion next summer. The text that follows is our position paper on abortion rights agreed by WSM national conference this summer.


Dijsselbloem tells Greece to wrap up review quickly for a clean bailout exit "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greece must wrap up an upcoming bailout review quickly to pave the way for a clean bailout exit next summer without further conditions beyond standard monitoring, Eurogroup Chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem said during a visit to Athens on Monday. We are in full agreement for that it should be a clean exit, Greece should become

The post Dijsselbloem tells Greece to wrap up review quickly for a clean bailout exit appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Los vividores de la paz: Una mirada desde Pradera, Valle del Cauca "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

moneytalks.jpgDurante muchos aos se dijo que quienes se oponan a la paz, y especficamente las fuerzas detrs del uribismo, eran los sectores que vivan de la guerra. Hoy tenemos un nuevo fenmeno: los vividores de la paz. Todos alistan los colmillos y las chequeras. Cada uno ve qu saca con la industria de la paz. Ya hay los que estn formando sus nuevas ONGs como gestores, promotores o pedagogos de paz. Alguno habr que acumule ganancias. Las comunidades, sin embargo, seguirn acumulando, con toda seguridad, carencias, violencias e incumplimientos.


Floods and landslides as heavy storm strikes the island of Samothraki "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

An unprecedented heavy storm. Streets turned into rivers, walls in the City Hall collapsed, the Health Center and several houses and shops have been flooded and the water supply was cut when a storm hit the island of Samothraki in the Northern Aegean Sea on Monday night. Locals speak of a biblical disaster. Landlsides occurred

The post Floods and landslides as heavy storm strikes the island of Samothraki appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Brazil: Activists warn of fascist surge "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

On Sunday night the neighbourhood of Jardim Amrica, Belo Horizonte found its horizon bounded by that orange cloud characteristic of a major fire a two-storey building was in the process of burning to the ground. That building, constructed by street people and housing a public library of 1,000 titles mostly made up from books locals []


Qu est pasando en Catalunya? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

embat.jpgPara Embat, es clave aprovechar esta ventana de oportunidades para articular el movimiento popular y que tome ste protagonismo, no solo en la cuestin del 1-O y la independencia, sino tambin de cara a marcar agenda en el establecimiento de un nuevo marco poltico, econmico, social y territorial, en materias como el mbito laboral/sindical, vivienda/comunitario, servicios pblicos/remunicipalizaciones, medio ambiente, soberana...


EU closes Excessive Deficit Procedure for Greece as finances stabilized "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Following a recommendation by the European Commission, the Council of the European Union decided to close the excessive deficit procedure for Greece. It confirms that the  countrys deficit is now below 3% of GDP, the EUs reference value for government deficits. Official statement On 25 September 2017, the Council repealed its 2009 decision on the existence

The post EU closes Excessive Deficit Procedure for Greece as finances stabilized appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Worried parents, dentists pushing for fluoride in Calgary water "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A group of Calgarians supported by dentists are asking their city councillors to once again add fluoride to the public water supply in order to prevent tooth decay.
The group, calling itself Calgarians for Kids Health, includes parents like Carmen Davison, who told reporters at a news conference Monday that she blames lack of fluoride for cavities so severe that her daughter required surgery.
It was very traumatizing for my husband and I to take a child into a surgery, she said. Decades of research has shown that fluoride added to drinking water hardens tooth enamel, thereby reducing cavities. Many Canadian communities have been adding it to their supplies since the 1940s. Calgary began in 1989, but removed it in 2011 citing costs and health concerns.
At least one city councillor who voted to remove fluoride now says shell reconsider. We have done harm, actually, by removing it, said Diane Colley-Urquhart. Several others told CTV Calgary they would still vote against fluoride. Albertas provincial health authority reviewed the scienceand concluded in January that water fluoridation offers significant benefit with very low risk.
Health Canada also took a close at the issue in 2010 and said fluoride in drinking water up to twice the recommended amount was unlikely to cause any adverse health effects including cancer, bone fracture, immunotoxicity, reproductive/developmental toxicity, genotoxicity, and/or neurotoxicity.


It is a DISGRACE! "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A Letter to the Editor from Heather RELF, of Whitby, writing in response to Councillor Rob BARNETTs letter (Down at the Bottom of the Heap) of 14th September 2017.


Dear Editor,


I refer to Rob Barnetts letter on the subject of our Borough being the low pay capital of Britain. Having read the article referred to in the letter, I am appalled at how pompous and condescending Council Leader Bastiman and the Rt Hon Robert Goodwill sounded.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Cllr Derek BASTIMAN [Con.] (left) with Robert GOODWILL MP [another Con.]

For two such civic leaders to believe they live in the best place on earth, simply beggars belief! It displays a complete lack of concern and understanding of the reality facing the majority of people in this area.

I refer to some of the chronic problems in our borough, faced by people in low-paid, seasonal work:

  • diminished benefits,
  • a housing crisis,
  • few decent paid jobs,
  • poor pay,
  • NHS meltdown,
  • social care chaos,
  • poor bus services

This is the reality in the Low Pay Capital of Britain.

Of course, according to our esteemed leaders, we will all benefit from the trickle-down of wealth from Potash, which is the equivalent of Whitbys magic money tree. For me, it is disgraceful for them to be so dismissive of the plight of so many; how patronising to embellish this by saying that this Borough is the best place in the world. Try the local food bank!

It really is time for change. In many ways, their self-aggrandisement speaks volumes, because it is fine for those who are comfortably off and who do not have to struggle on a day-to-day basis. The rest of us can wait for the trickle-down.

Dream on!

Heather Relf

Heather RELF, Whitby. 25th September 201...


Die "Zeit" fragt, wieso die Leute AfD gewhlt haben.Htte ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Die "Zeit" fragt, wieso die Leute AfD gewhlt haben.

Htte man das nicht vielleicht vor der Wahl mal zwanglos ansprechen knnen? Da war wohl kein Platz mehr, weil der schon mit AfD-Bashing belegt war?

Mit der Parallelwhrung zum Euro-Austritt "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

(Eigener Bericht) - Mit Blick auf die Parlamentswahlen im Frhjahr 2018 in Italien werden in dem Land zunehmend berlegungen ber einen Ausstieg aus der deutsch dominierten Eurozone angestellt. Whrend unter anderem die Fnf-Sterne-Bewegung ein Referendum ber den Austritt aus der EU-Einheitswhrung fordert, pldiert der ehemalige Premierminister Silvio Berlusconi fr die Einfhrung einer Parallelwhrung. Diese solle zeigen, "dass die Wirtschaft auch ohne Euro funktionieren" knne, heit es; langfristig knne sie in einen "Exit aus dem Euro" mnden. Die langfristige Stagnation samt schwelender Schuldenkrise, unter der Italien seit Beginn der Eurokrise leidet, facht die Spannungen mit Berlin an - in der Frage, wer knftig die Europische Zentralbank (EZB) fhren soll, wie auch in der Debatte ber die Geld- und Finanzpolitik der Eurozone. Beobachter halten ein Einlenken Berlins allerdings fr unwahrscheinlich.


By Their Deeds You Shall Know Them "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

This comment was chosen by moderator HS from the post Very dangerous escalation in Syria. Mod-HS found this to be an exceptionally well reasoned and well written summary of Russian


Buenos Aires, Argentina: Reflections and considerations on the month following the disappearance of Santiago Maldonado "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Received 24/9/17

Reflections and considerations on the month following the disappearance of Santiago Maldonado

On August 1st, members of the Pu Lof Mapuche community in resistance in the province Cushamen barricaded National Route 40, along with allies in solidarity. They cut off traffic in solidarity against the legal proceedings confronting el Lonko Facundo Jones Huala (for the second time). Minutes later, cars and trucks arrived carrying about thirty border police armed with rifles. The peis (Mapuches) began throwing rocks, responding to the presence of the bastard forces of order. The Gendarmerie advances to the shots, burning the precarious houses and belongings of the Lof, forcing the occupiers to retreat across a river. Santiago Maldonado (Lechuga or el Brujo) fell behind the rest. Some of the inhabitants of the Lof saw that the Gendarmerie grabbed Santiago; others testified as to hearing the police say they got one.

Afterwards, images and testimony began to circulate about how Santiago was missing, and that it seemed the Gendarmerie had taken him away in a unimog all-terrain military vehicle. The authorities were silent through this whole process.

On Friday, August 4, various anarchists and individuals in solidarity entered the seat of government in Chubut province, demanding Santiagos return. The place was ripe for destruction. Computers, notebooks, windows, and decorations were all viciously destroyed, and fliers and graffiti were left behind referring to the repression in Cushamen.

On Monday, August 7, a gathering was called in the Plaza del Congreso, bringing various organizations and groups together with Santiagos family. The gathering ended up being quite large, and many comrades showed up. Enraged not only because of what had happened, but also because the political apparatus getting ready for their elections had been distributing fliers for their Leftist Front. On the same day, after the gathering, Entre Ros street was cut off, and the occupiers threw rocks and firecrackers at the infantry, fending off the two city police and one National Congress guardsman who had been stationed nearby. Afterward, two police motorcycles were set ablaze. In the end, the group dispersed, without any arrests or injuries on our side....

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Monday, 25 September


Tell me, colonel, why are your eyes shining so brightly? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

In a theater piece entitled The Prisoners, Solzhenitsyn illustrated the price paid by those who serve the Empire and the gift granted to those who struggle against it. Here is


#praha #prague #czech #graffiti #gallows "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

#praha #prague #czech #graffiti #gallows


Not a fund-raiser, not even an appeal, just a report "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Dear friends, I am going to make this one real short.  First, I am only addressing this to those of you who are, shall we say, financially comfortable.  Second, this


Rostislav Ishchenko on the potential of the Ukraine in 1991 (MUST READ) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Note by the Saker: the following is a translation of a partial transcript of an interview given by Rostislav Ishchenko, arguably the foremost Ukraine specialist alive today, to Dmitrii Puchkov.


Syrian War Report September 25, 2017: US-Russian Tensions Grow In Deir Ezzor Province "IndyWatch Feed Europe" If youre able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldnt be possible without your help: PayPal: or via: or via: An ISIS shelling


NEIN wie cool! Die FAZ hat den Gauland mal nachdrcklich ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

NEIN wie cool! Die FAZ hat den Gauland mal nachdrcklich zu seiner Haltung zu Israel gefragt, und Gauland (!) sagte folgendes:

Ich bin gegen fiktive Szenarien. Aber wenn tatschlich die Gefahr besteht, dass Israel von der Landkarte verschwindet und die Juden jetzt sage ich mal was ganz hartes ins Meer getrieben werden, dann mssen wir in der Tat an der Seite Israels stehen.
Das verbreitet mal schn, immer wenn Gauland was sagt. Das kommt bestimmt total super an bei seinen Whlern.

Ansonsten luft es bei der FAZ gerade nicht so rund.

Zu dem Equifax-Hack neulich gibt es ein Update. Equifax ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Zu dem Equifax-Hack neulich gibt es ein Update. Equifax hat schnell "a Leading Identity Protection and Resolution Services Company" gekauft, bevor sie den Hack zugegeben haben. Damit sie davon noch profitieren knnen.

Gibt es berhaupt noch Wege, wie Equifax noch unethischer auftreten knnte?

Wo wir gerade bei Nach-der-Wahl-Durchsagen von braunen ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Wo wir gerade bei Nach-der-Wahl-Durchsagen von braunen Politikern waren: Kurze Durchsage von Horst Seehofer!

[Wir hatten] eine Flanke auf der rechten Seite, eine offene Flanke, und deshalb kommt es jetzt in den nchsten Wochen besonders darauf an, dass wir diese Flanke schlieen.
Genau was die CSU jetzt braucht! Noch einen Rechtsruck! Den halben Millimeter, den sie noch nach rechts rcken knnen

Oh und falls ihr euch gefragt habt, wieso die CSU ffentlich bekrftigt, sie wolle weiter mit der CDU zusammenarbeiten (Ctrl-F 12:38) nun, rein rechnerisch ginge die Jamaica-Koalition auch ohne die CSU. Und so wie die zuletzt gegen die Merkel geholzt haben,

Update: Das mit der CSU stimmte wohl nur bei einer frheren Hochrechnung :-(

Netapp warnt vor Schlangenl. Es geht konkret um Schlangenl, ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Netapp warnt vor Schlangenl. Es geht konkret um Schlangenl, das gerade anlsslich der neuen EU-Datenschutzverordnung in den Markt gedrckt wird. Money Quote:

Enterprises need to tread carefully and learn to appreciate that, for many tech suppliers, GDPR is seen as little more than a new source of revenue generation.
Was Sie nicht sagen!

Tja, die sollten sich mal lieber ein Geschftsmodell wie Netapp raussuchen. Festplatten mit ein paar Tausend Prozent Profitmarge verkaufen. Da braucht man dann kein Schlangenl mehr, klar.

Kurze Durchsage von Gauland:Gauland stellte das Bekenntnis ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Kurze Durchsage von Gauland:

Gauland stellte das Bekenntnis von Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) infrage, wonach das Existenzrecht Israels zur Staatsrson in Deutschland gehrt. Zhle es dazu, msste Deutschland auch bereit sein, Soldaten zur Verteidigung Israels zu entsenden, sagte Gauland. Daher sei dies ein schwieriges Thema.
Wenn wir mal gemeinsam genau hinschauen, werden wir feststellen, dass Gauland hier Merkel dafr kritisiert, dass sie Dinge verspricht, die sie nicht meint. Man knnte das sogar so lesen, dass Gauland findet, wir sollten Soldaten zum Schutz von Israel entsenden.

Aber die Twitter-Reaktion auf diesen Spruch war natrlich ein "DIESE NAZIS STELLEN DAS EXISTENZRECHT ISRAELS IN FRAGE"-Aufschrei.

Ich wei noch, im Dezember, nachdem Trump gewonnen hatte, wie ich mich ber die Idioten auf der Linken dort gergert haben, die das nicht als Lektion nahmen, ber die man reflektieren und aus der man lernen kann, sondern die immer nur noch hysterischer kreischten. Und jetzt haben wir das hier.

Die richtige Reaktion der Linken wre gewesen, den Gauland direkt darauf festzunageln, dass die AfD Soldaten zum Schutz von Israel entsendet. Das wre mal eine Schlagzeile gewesen! "AfD will Bundeswehr nach Israel schicken"!

Aber neeiiiinnn, bei uns ist ja kreischen wichtiger als denken.

Und nun stellt euch mal vor, was passiert, wenn die AfD sich dann offen von der Gauland-uerung distanziert? Wie ich die CDU und SPD kenne, wrden die dann, nur um sich von der AfD abzugrenzen, sofort das Gegenteil vertreten, also doch Soldaten nach Israel zu schicken. DAS wre mal eine Schlagzeile gewesen!

Update: Ich stell mir gerade vor, wie die Antideutschen offiziell Gauland fr seine Position loben, das Existenzrecht Israels sei nicht hinterfragbar und msse zur Not mit Waffengewalt verteidigt werden. Da htte ich meine Popcornvorrte aufstocken mssen! Denn da knnt ihr mal einen drauf lassen, dass dann bei den nchsten Interviews ein Journalist nachfragt, und dann muss er sich bekennen oder distanzieren.


Froneri Hellas announces the closure of its ice-cream factory in Athens "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Froneri Hellas (formerly Nestl) has announced the closure of its ice cream factory in the west Athens neighborhood of Tavros, citing measures being taken to alleviate financial difficulties the company is facing. The factory employees 102 people and according to a statement released by Froneri, those working for the company for up to 16 years

The post Froneri Hellas announces the closure of its ice-cream factory in Athens appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


USA Mini Tour Sep-Oct "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

NYC, Seattle, San Diego and Berkely 

NYC, Seattle, San Diego and Berkely 


Just landed in NYC. I came over for a mini tour in between our Spirit Of Trane concerts.

I will give a house talk in Brooklyn on Thursday Sep 28. If you want to attend this talk please get in touch via my site or FB.

On Friday Sep 29 I will give a private concert in NYC

Sat 30 Sep a talk in Seattle

Atzmon Flyer Seattle Sept 30 Event.jpg

Sun 1 Oct 1 a talk and a concert in San Diego

Tue 3 Oct a talk in Berkeley


Come and meet me,,,



With FDP in German coalition, Greeks could miss old chap Schaeuble "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greece is closely watching the political developments in Germany as the new coalition government that will be formed will have direct impact on the Greek debt and the discussions about its relief expected to begin after conclusion of the bailout program in August 2018. Right after the exit polls on Sunday evening, SPD leader Martin

The post With FDP in German coalition, Greeks could miss old chap Schaeuble appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


PARNABY: Standards Investigation Too Little, Too Late? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

PARNABY: Standards Investigation Too Little, Too Late?


Following a lengthy series of extremely grave allegations against ERYC Leader Councillor Stephen PARNABY OBE [Con.], published by Cottingham developer Mr Peter ROBINSON a former intimate friend of Councillor PARNABY the news emerged from sources inside the Council last Friday 22nd September 2017 that an internal Standards Investigation had been launched against the Leader.

This information appeared to have been confirmed in a report on the Hull Daily Mail website on Saturday morning. However, links to the report almost immediately ceased to function, delivering only the following message:

Curiously, this morning (Monday 25th September 2017) the link has now been re-instated. It is understood that the story was withdrawn at the request of an unidentified party at ERYC County Hall (guesses on a postcard!), and has now been re-activated following pointed enquiries made by transparency and anti-corruption campaigner Andy STRANGEWAY.

ERYC Leader Cllr Stephen PARNABY [Con.] (left) and Planning Chair Cllr Phyllis POLLARD [Con.]

In essence, the article confirms that a Standards Investigation has been launched against PARNABY but only in respect of the relatively trivial allegation that Coun...


Fight against toxic prisons tour starts this week "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Following a highly successful callout last month, the Empty Cages Collective has announced the details of a ten-day run around Britain for its Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons (CFTP) tour, talking about the fight against the social and ecological impact of the United States prison-industrial complex. The topic is of particular interest in Britain, which as in []


So, mal gucken, was jetzt passieren wird. Die CDU wird ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

So, mal gucken, was jetzt passieren wird. Die CDU wird offensichtlich noch weiter in Richtung der braunen Ecke rcken. Hrteres Durchgreifen gegen Auslnder, noch mehr "Terrorbekmpfung", noch mehr Polizeigewalt, noch mehr berwachung, noch mehr verfassungsfeindliche Gesetze.

Die Grnen werden das selbstverstndlich alles mittragen, denn Prinzipien haben die ja nicht. Vielleicht starten die Grnen noch einen schnen vlkerrechtswidrigen Angriffskrieg oder zwei. Mglicherweise gibt es auch den Atom-Ausstieg-Ausstieg. Denn wenn jemand nicht aus der Atomkraft aussteigen will, dann die Grnen. Die haben ja sonst kein Thema mehr. Das SJW-Anbiedern hat jetzt jedenfalls ganz schnell ein Ende. Frauenquote? In einer Regierung mit der CDU? LOL nein.

Die SPD geht und nimmt ihre schlechten Minister mit, u.a. den Maas und die Schwesig. Da die CDU jetzt anscheinend verstanden hat, dass ohne Glasfaser auf dem Land ihre Kern-Whlerschaft wirtschaftlich am Ende sind, wird es vermutlich inhaltlich mehr um Ausbau als um Zensur gehen. Mal gucken. Der CDU sind Zensurbestrebungen ja auch nicht fremd. Vielleicht gehen sie das auch ohne die SPD in die Richtung.

Die Linken werden weiter keine Rolle spielen, obwohl sie im Parlament sitzen (warum ist das eigentlich so?!).

Die AfD wird den Pausenclown geben, und von den anderen Parteien wie Ausstzige boykottiert werden. Das wird teilweise popcornreife Szenen geben, wenn die SPD schnell anders stimmt, um nicht so zu stimmen wie die AfD. Wenn die AfD nicht vllig auf den Kopf gefallen ist, werden sie das gezielt ausnutzen.

An der Stelle sehr interessant ist brigens diese Analyse, wer was gewhlt hat. Da fallen zwei Erkenntnisse raus. Die AfD ist bei Arbeitern und im Osten besonders stark. Die FDP ist bei den Selbstndigen und im Westen besonders stark. Die FDP ist sozusagen die AfD des Westens. Oder die AfD ist die FDP des Ostens.

Oh und fr SJW ist das Wahlergebnis aus meiner Sicht ungefhr so kataklysmisch wie Trumps Sieg bei der Prsidentschaftswahl.

Detail am Rande: Frauke Petry will nicht in die AfD-Fraktion, Richtungsstreit mit Gauland. Ich glaube, dass Gauland der Stimmenfnger war. Damit hat die AfD deutlich gemacht, dass sie die braunste Nazisuppe ist, die man als Protestpartei whlen kann. Die Leute, die sowas wie die AfD aus inhaltlichen Grnden whlen (haha!), denen ist auch egal, ob Gauland oder Petry. Aber die Protestwhler hat Gauland rangeholt, nicht Petry.

Spannende Statistik am Rande: AfD-Hochburgen und Auslnderanteil im Vergleich.



NYP: Appeal after Assault on Scarborough Store Manager "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

NYP: Appeal after Assault on Scarborough Store Manager

Police are appealing for information from the public to help identify the man in the CCTV images, after a store manager was assaulted in Scarborough.

Officers want to speak to the man in connection with the incident, which happened on Friday 18 August 2017 at the One Stop Shop in Newborough.

Between 12.30pm and 12.45pm, a man entered the store and was seen to place sausages, cheese and cider into a black bag and head towards the single entry / exit door of the store. The store manager attempted to stop the man leaving the store, when he became aggressive and punched the male store owner in the mouth, causing a cut to his upper lip.

Anyone who recognises the man in the image or who has any information, is asked to contact police. Dial 101, press 2 and ask to speak to PC Gallagher-Barrass.

Alternatively, Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Everything is Fake: Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World Part 1 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Everything is fake

in our society today or at least a great many things are. Our world is filled with an extraordinary amount of lies, deception, disinformation, misinformation, fakery, fraud, facades, mirages, propaganda and brainwashing. The good thing though is that once you awaken to the deception, you can use it as a tool for raising your consciousness. The idea that virtually everything is fake can be empowering rather than depressing. Sure, weve all felt overwhelmed, sad, angry and impotent at times when weve seen just how easily our (mis)leaders can fool the masses with sophistry and empty rhetoric, but theyve all been placed there to challenge us to wake up more quickly and fully, and reclaim our world.

Heres my list of the top 40 pieces of fakery in our world today:

1. Fake News

Lets begin with the MSM (Mainstream Media), better called the lamestream media, and their news, which is essentially corporate infotainment. The MSM waters down the news and makes it entertaining to further distract people from things of real significance. There is nothing balanced, impartial or fair about MSM news. In the US, Australia and many other Western nations, the news is dominated by a handful of for-profit corporations who are legally bound to provide a return on investment to their shareholders. This means running news pieces which either promote the agenda of the corporate owners (especially the military agenda) or censoring stories which would hurt political allies and advertisers (like Big Pharma, who is the biggest contributor of funds for advertising on MSM according to former US Senator Robert Kennedy Jr.).

Additionally, the news is literally fake remember the CNN green screen stunt where they pretended they were being bombed in Saudi Arabia but were really in a studio? What a...


Brexit Bonanza: Lawyers Encouraging Corporations to Sue UK & EU Member Sates "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Cross-posted from Corporate Europe Observatory

Brexit could become a money-making machine for law firms that make millions when corporations sue nation states via trade and investment agreements. Not only are these law firms paving the way for Brexit-related corporate claims against the UK, they are also building up the UK as a gateway for more investor claims against EU countries in the future.



New Democracy vice blames Tsipras for far-right AfD win in Germany "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

87% of Germans are shocked about the win of the far-right Alternative fr Deutschland (AfD). The first time after World War II, a populist political party with racist features enter the Parliament. Majority of German and international analysts blame Merkels migration policy for the rise of AfD and the losses of CDU and sister party

The post New Democracy vice blames Tsipras for far-right AfD win in Germany appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


The Steep Price of Disaster in Mexico "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Rebuilding with no insurance and little government aid.

Wolf here: Don Quijones and his wife, who is from Mexico, spent part of the summer in Mexico but returned to Spain a few days before the earthquake. DQs in-laws live in Puebla, Mexico City, and Morelos among the hardest hit places. They got through it unharmed and are more or less OK for now. But a lot of uncertainties remain. My thoughts are with them.

Rescue efforts in Mexico are beginning to wind down after a trepidatory (vertical) earthquake unleashed destruction and bedlam in Mexico City and the two central states of Puebla and Morelos on Tuesday. The temblor took place 32 years to the day after a horrendous quake killed at least 10,000 people in Mexico City in 1985.

Thankfully, the number of victims this time is many magnitudes lower, due largely to improved building standards and enhanced public awareness in the wake of the 85 quake. Nonetheless, the death toll is close to 300 with thousands more injured. And for survivors the financial toll is just beginning.

Just as happened in 1985, the response of civil society to the latest disaster has been astounding. As CNNs Mexico correspondent Susannah Rigg reports, rather than rushing away from danger in the immediate aftermath of the quake, many people ran towards it, in order to help others who may be trapped in collapsed buildings

Continue reading the article

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Lacher am Rande der Wahl:In Berlin sorgen IT-Probleme ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Lacher am Rande der Wahl:

In Berlin sorgen IT-Probleme fr ein Wahlchaos. Wie mein Kollege Fabian Reinbold erfuhr, flossen ab 20.30 Uhr keinerlei Ergebnisse mehr beim Landeswahlleiter ein. Das betrifft gleich zwei Abstimmungen: In Berlin wird nicht nur die Bundestagswahl ausgezhlt, sondern noch ein Volksentscheid zum Flughafen Tegel.

Die sichere Cloud-Umgebung, auf der die Wahllokale die Ergebnisse eintragen sollen, ist demnach ausgefallen. Das Problem liege beim landeseigenen IT-Dienstleistungszentrum.

Packt eure Daten in die Cloud, sagten sie! Da sind die Daten sicher!

Nach all dem Bohei darber, wie Hillary Clinton ihre ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Nach all dem Bohei darber, wie Hillary Clinton ihre Staatsgeschfte ber einen privaten Mailserver abgewickelt hat, heute: Jared Kushner hat nach der Wahl (!) eine private Mailadresse fr seine Staatsgeschfte eingerichtet und benutzt. Und nicht nur er, sondern anscheinend auch andere West Wing Officials.


Greece to remain under supervision after bailout program ends, says Dijsselbloem "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greece will remain under supervision after it exits its current bailout programme next year, Eurogroup head Jeroen Dijsselbloem told a Greek newspaper short before arriving in Athens on Monday. Prime minister Alexis Tsipras has been telling Greeks that creditors supervision will be over once the bailout program concludes in August 2018. In all cases we

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UK - 'Sometimes it is half the mouth being taken out' - Darlington consultant says children as young as 4 having rotten teeth removed "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

PRIORITIES: Consultant paediatrician Dr John Furness on the childrens' ward in Darlington Memorial Hospital. He says it is a disgrace that fluoride is not being added to water because of financial priorities. Picture: STUART BOULTON

PRIORITIES: Consultant paediatrician Dr John Furness on the childrens' ward in Darlington Memorial Hospital. He says it is a disgrace that fluoride is not being added to water because of financial priorities. Picture: STUART BOULTONA HOSPITAL consultant says it is a disgrace that the NHS is footing the bill to remove rotten teeth from children aged as young as four.

Dr John Furness, a consultant paediatrician based at Darlington Memorial Hospital, said weekly extraction clinics were taking place at locations including Bishop Auckland and North Tees, Stockton, where youngsters were having half their mouth taken out.
He said councils are refusing to pay for a proven public health measure adding fluoride to water because of the cost involved.
Decisions on water fluoridation are the responsibility of local authorities, who receive block funding from Public Health England for public health measures and have to prioritise what they spend the money on.
The Northern Echo has learnt that a number of councils in the region have the situation under review, but Dr Furness urged them to act now.

According to County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust in 2016/17 almost 70 children aged under 16 had a primary procedure of dental extraction at hospitals, although Dr Furness said as many as ten a week were having teeth out.
Across the North-East there 618 admissions involving under 18s for extraction of multiple teeth in 2016/17 and 604 in North Yorkshire.

So-called dental caries tooth decay remains the number one reason for hospital admissions among children in the North. An estimated 160 procedures to extract teeth are performed each day under general anaesthetic in hospitals across England, costing the NHS more than 35m a year.

Dr Furness said: We know that fluoride reduces dental caries and that decay is worse in areas of deprivation. A public health care measure that has been proven to work is not occurring because of financial priorities that put childrens health second.

It is a disgrace that the NHS is paying a bill to extract multiple teeth from children. "There are children every week having teeth taken out some as young as four and it is not just one tooth, sometimes it is...


Baba Beijing and Big Bear smack down Uncle Sam in Iran and Venezuela "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Jeff J. Brown Cross-linked with, and Ahh What happened to the good old days of the Cold War, when rich, imperial America was doing battle with


Very dangerous escalation in Syria "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

By now many of you must have heard the news: a Russian Lieutenant-General, Valery Asapov, and two Colonels have been killed in what appears to be a very precisely targeted


Der imperiale Konsens "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

(Eigener Bericht) - Mit der Alternative fr Deutschland (AfD) zieht zum ersten Mal seit den 1950er Jahren eine Partei der extremen Rechten in den Deutschen Bundestag ein. Die AfD hat es geschafft, mit 13 Prozent einen guten Teil des laut soziologischen Studien seit je vorhandenen extrem rechten Potenzials in der deutschen Bevlkerung zu mobilisieren. Dabei tuscht die Tatsache, dass sich smtliche Bundestagsparteien offen von ihr distanzieren, darber hinweg, dass ihre Programmatik auf wichtigen Themenfeldern, insbesondere in der Auen- und Militrpolitik, bemerkenswerte Parallelen zu den politischen Zielen fast aller anderen Bundestagsparteien zeigt: Die AfD sieht Deutschland - ganz wie CDU/CSU, FDP, SPD und Bndnis 90/Die Grnen - als globale "Gestaltungsmacht", die ihre Streitkrfte massiv aufrsten und besser einsatzfhig machen muss. Whrend der Bundestags-Mainstream darauf setzt, die EU als Einflussinstrument fr die Berliner Weltpolitik zu nutzen, favorisiert die AfD fr die Bundesrepublik den nationalen Weg zur globalen Macht. Diese Variante kme wohl zum Tragen, sollte die EU einst an ihren zunehmenden inneren Widersprchen oder an erstarkenden Austrittsbewegungen scheitern.

Sunday, 24 September


Whrend sich viele die Frage stellen, wie lange es ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Whrend sich viele die Frage stellen, wie lange es dauert, bis die SPD umfllt und doch fr eine Groe Koalition zur Verfgung steht, mchte ich gerade mal festhalten, dass CDU und SPD zusammen nur noch knapp ber 50% sind. Wenn das so weiter geht, hat die "groe Koalition" bei der nchsten Wahl nicht mehr die Mehrheit.

Das waren beides mal Volksparteien! Die fast alleine die absolute Mehrheit eingefahren haben! Nun, die Zeiten sind vorbei. Gut so.

Ich persnlich finde es gut, wenn die Merkel jetzt noch die FDP und Grnen in den Abgrund mitnimmt.

Meine Lieblingsregierung, ich hatte das ja hier schon ein paar Mal gesagt, ist eine Minderheitsregierung, die fr jede Sachfrage die Mehrheiten mit inhaltlichen Argumenten zusammenverhandeln muss. Da sind wir nicht mehr weit von entfernt. Ich wrde fast vermuten, dass Jamaica faktisch auf sowas hinauslaufen wrde, weil die klugen Kpfe von der FDP jetzt mit Sicherheit einen auf dicke Hose machen werden. Hier ist ein frher Auftritt von Lindner als "Jungunternehmer"-Benz-Prolet. Vier Jahre mit so einem auf ihrer Seite, und der muss bei allen wichtigen Entscheidungen fr dich Stimmen, danach ist die Merkel reif fr den Ruhestand.

Bis auf die 13% fr die AfD bin ich mit dem Wahlergebnis eigentlich ganz zufrieden. Unter den Umstnden


#hamburg #germany #btw17 #btwahl17 #noafd "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

#hamburg #germany #btw17 #btwahl17 #noafd


The Big Brexit Speech "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Pie is very very bored of Brexit.





Spain In Crisis: Catalan Police Reject Madrid Takeover, Vow To Resist "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Cross-posted from Zero Hedge

Spain found itself on the verge of a full-blown sovereign crisis on Saturday, after the rebel region of Catalonia rejected giving more control to the central government in defiance of authorities in Madrid who are trying to suppress an independence referendum on Oct. 1.

As tensions rise ahead of the planned Catalan referendum on October 1, and as Madrids crackdown on separatist passions took a turn for the bizarre overnight when as we reported Spains plan to send boatloads of military police to Catalonia to halt the referendum backfired with dockers in two ports staging a boycott and refused access, on Saturday Spains Public Prosecutors Office told Catalan Police chief Josep Lluis Trapero that his officers must now obey orders from a senior state-appointed police coordinator, Spanish news agency EFE reported on Saturday.

The Catalan Police, however, disagreed and as Bloomberg reports, the SAP union the largest trade group for the 17,000-member Catalan Police, known as Mossos dEsquadra  said it would resist hours after prosecutors Saturday ordered that it accept central-government coordination. The rejection echoed comments by Catalan separatist authorities.

We dont accept this interference of the state, jumping over all existing coordination mechanisms, the regions Interior Department chief Joaquim Forn said in brief televised comments. The Mossos wont renounce exercising their functions in loyalty to the Catalan people.

The Mossos are one of the symbols of Catalonias autonomy and for many Catalans the prosecutors decision may be reminiscent of the 1936-39 Spanish Civil War and subsequent dictatorship of Francisco Franco, when the Mossos were abolished.

In a joint press conference today with the Catalan home affairs minister Joaquim Forn and the Mossos chief Josep Llus Trapero, Forn said that the move by Spain was unacceptable.

We denounce the Spanish governments will of seizing the Mossos, as they did with Catalonias finances Forn said adding that that the Catalan government does not accept this interference, it bypasses all the institutions that the current legal framework already has in place to guarantee the security of Catalonia. Additionally, Trapero expressed his intention to not accept the measure,...


"IndyWatch Feed Europe"

. , . , , . , . . .


Anonymous Greece hack Govt website for electronic auctions "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The group Anonymous Greece has hacked the government website for electronic auctions. The hackers attack brought down the website on Saturday. In a message posted on their website, Anonymous Greece make references to the system of electronic auctions of properties that is to start in a couple of couples but also to the inability of

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NYP: A Force Facing a Crisis of Morale, Oversight & Leadership? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

NYP: A Force Facing a Crisis of Morale, Oversight & Leadership?

Recently, two articles in the mainstream press have been brought to my attention which cause me to take pen to paper.

Internal Criticism of NYP by police officers

The first was an article run by York Press concerning the comments published anonymously by people that are apparently serving NYP officers on an employment website. For serving police officers and those with an interest in policing in North Yorkshire, the article by Dan Bean is well worth reading and can be accessed here. It can only be described as well written and incisive. The comments can be accessed on the website .

One serving police officer described a culture of bullying, another criticised inadequate senior management. Initially, I was shocked that serving police officers would take the risk of being so open and then I admired them for their courage in speaking out. Similar criticism was voiced during the misconduct hearing for a member of the Protecting Vulnerable Persons (PVP) Unit, which the NYE covered in this article. Briefly, it was revealed that the NYP PVP unit was a shambles.

I have been writing on North Yorkshire Police since 2011 and the views expressed on the glassdoor website perfectly agree with my own observations.

I have formed a view of this force, as having outstanding frontline police officers, who are routinely let down by failures in chief officer leadership, failures in management/support and a culture obsessed with preserving the public image of NYP. The phrase Lions led by donkeys comes to mind.

Following on from the public concern caused by the Rotherham child abuse case, in September 2014 Police & Crime Commissioner Mulligan ordered North Yorkshire Police to undergo a thematic in depth health check into its practices and procedures relating to Child Sexual Exploitation, to ensure nothing like the Rotherham scandal could occur in North Yorkshire. Full press release from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner in typical gushy professional PR terms here.

Child Sexual Exploitation is quite rightly a top priority for both myself and North Yorkshire Police, and on behalf of the public I need to by fully reassured this is being dealt with appropriately. I h...


La cultura anfibia amenazada: Cinagas y Zonas de Reserva Campesina en el Sur de Bolvar "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Pescando de manera responsable en la cinaga de Simoa con las nuevas regulaciones comunitarias (Fotografa de Jos Antonio Gutirrez D.)Artculo publicado originalmente en la edicin 131 de la revista Periferia (Septiembre, 2017). Esta versin es la edicin que se envo originalmente y que, por motivos de espacio sufri algunas modificaciones menores para su publicacin en fsico.


Espaa contra Catalunya, qu debemos hacer? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Transcripcin ampliada de la intervencin realizada el 17 de septiembre en Sant Feliu del Baix Llobregat, organizada por la Candidatura dUnitat Popular (CUP), en la que tambin intervino Mireia Veh, diputada en el Parlament por la CUP-CC. Terminando la transcripcin se han producido 14 detenciones de personas acusadas de ser demcratas, decenas de registros e incautaciones de documentos y propaganda.


Catalonia Referendum: Resisting the Spanish Government Siege "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

In 1713-14, it took the troops of Spains Borbon monarchy 14 months of siege before taking Barcelona and ending Catalan self-rule. In September 2017, Catalonia is again under siege, this time from the central Spanish Peoples Party (PP) government. Under prime minister Mariano Rajoy the Spanish state is concentrating all its firepower on stopping the Catalan governments October 1 independence referendum. On that day, if this siege is successfully resisted, Catalan citizens will vote on whether Catalonia should become an independent state in the form of a republic.

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