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Sunday, 28 January


The Liberator of Kabul speaks "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Fans of the BBC's World Affairs Editor John Simpson will doubtless have been waiting with bated breath for a transcript of his talk on this morning's Today programme, and (rejoice!) this small, obscure, ultra-left-wing website is the very place to find it:
I have to say I detest the annual blatherfest at Davos - too many groupies, too few decent hotel rooms, too much ice on the disturbingly steep streets - but each January it does provide a useful selfie of our world. 
Last year's Davos was moderately upbeat. Speakers talked about the way the world was being lifted out of poverty and pointed out that wars were fewer, and even terrorism was far less dangerous than it was back in the 1970s. 
This year? Well, the mood could scarcely have been more different. At one of the key Davos sessions the billionaire George Soros told an audience that open societies like the US and Western Europe were in crisis and the survival of our entire civilisation was at stake. 
What's changed? 
Well, it's been the year of Donald Trump of course. And American think tanks, often instinctively liberal and with a genuine world view, have been especially gloomy. Freedom House, for instance - a non-partisan outfit in Washington. F...


Check the labels! "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The final day of the second round of voting in the Czech presidential election is well underway.. A snapshot of how the BBC is reporting it is provided by the following transcript of BBC Prague correspondent Rob Cameron talking to Tim Wilcox:
Milos Zeman is an outspoken pro-Russian, pro-Chinese Islamophobe. He's very politically incorrect. He's dallied with the far-right, even though he is ostensibly a left-wing politician, in recent years. And he's someone whom his opponents say has really cheapened the political and public discourse in this country with his frequent vulgar comments, vulgar language, his heavy drinking (which he doesn't deny) and and so on. He's also rather old, and he's rather ailing as well. He suffers from diabetes and has problems walking. So he does to many of his opponents represent the past of Czech politics and they said that Professor Drahos, who is just 5 years younger but seems much fitter than Mr. Zeman, is the man of the future. Of course the voters will have to decide that and Mr. Zeman still has many supporters in this country. It's going to be extremely tight election.
Do you get the impression that Rob doesn't reckon much to Milos Zeman?

Update: The nasty old, ailing Islamophobe "populist" beat the nice pro-EU professor.

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Saturday, 27 January


Akt 1: Trump wettert in Davos gegen Fake News und die ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Akt 1: Trump wettert in Davos gegen Fake News und die Lgenpresse.

Akt 2: Die ARD berichtet, hat ein Video mit den Buhrufen.

Akt 3: Die Buhrufe waren "etwas lauter gedreht" in dem Video.

Wirklich, ARD? Was besseres ist euch auf Lgenpresse-Vorwrfe nicht eingefallen, als das sofort zu besttigen?


Update: Einige Leser wenden zu Recht ein, dass es bei einer Aufnahme mit mehreren Mikrofonen keinen "echten" Ton gibt. Wenn man Trump hren knnen soll, schaltet man auf das Mikro vor seinem Mund, das den Raumton nicht mitnimmt. Wenn man das Buh hren knnen soll, schaltet man auf das Raum-Mikro, dann kann man aber Trump nicht mehr so gut hren. Ja, stimmt. Und es ist auch nicht klar, wenn man den Raumton nimmt, an welcher Stelle im Raum man den aufnehmen soll. In der 1. Reihe? Auf der Bhne? Hinten? Ist alles nicht so einfach. Aber in die Falle htten sie trotzdem nicht tappen mssen. Die machen das doch nicht seit gestern. Dann halt die ganze Zeit das Raummikro nehmen und sagen, wo das stand.

Ich lief brigens die Tage an einer Le Monde vorbei ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Ich lief brigens die Tage an einer Le Monde vorbei am Zeitungsladen, und die eine Schlagzeile stach mir ins Auge. Mein Franzsisch ist ziemlich schlecht, aber es ging glaube ich darum, dass Macron ja jetzt der starke Mann in Europa sei und die ganze Verantwortung bernehmen musste, jetzt wo die Merkel fr die Rolle nicht mehr zur Verfgung steht.

Wegen solchen Perspektiven finde ich es wichtig, gelegentlich auslndische Presse zu lesen.

Benutzt hier jemand ein Thinkpad? Unter Windows?Money ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Benutzt hier jemand ein Thinkpad? Unter Windows?

Money Quote:

Sensitive data stored by Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro, including users Windows logon credentials and fingerprint data, is encrypted using a weak algorithm, contains a hard-coded password, and is accessible to all users with local non-administrative access to the system it is installed in.
Hattrick! Mu-mu-mu-mu-multikill! Bingo!


Fallout from Carillion Collapse Hits KPMG "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Next Arthur Andersen? No, the Final Four audit firms are too big to replace.

As the rubble from the financial collapse of British infrastructure giant Carillion gradually settles, two powerful parliamentary panels are piling pressure on the worlds biggest audit firms to disclose the full extent of their involvement with the company. The big four auditors Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)  have receivedletters from the Business and Work and Pensions select committees demanding that they reveal all the work they carried out for Carillion since 2008.

The move comes amid growing concern around the world about the power of the so-called Big Four down from the Big Five after Arthur Andersen imploded in the wake of the Enron scandal and the potential conflicts of interest that can arise between their myriad roles.

A case in point: when Spanish authorities tried to roll seven failed or failing Spanish saving banks into Bankia in 2011, Deloitte was hired not just as Bankias auditor but also the consultant responsible for formulating its accounts, in complete contravention of the basic concept of auditor independence. Deloitte (together with Spains market regulators) then confirmed in Bankias IPO prospectus that the newly born franken-bank was profitable and in sound financial health. It was a blatant lie. Bankia collapsed within less than a year of its IPO. Shareholders ended up losing billions and were later reimbursed by Spanish taxpayers.

In the case of Carillion, all four of the Big Four provided services of some kind or another to the now defunct company, but it was Dutch-seated KPMG that signed off on its accounts

Continue reading the article


Maria. #berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite #dailylife #couple #welcome


Navy Brief 1/18 January 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by LeDahu The UK politicians and senior military officers at the helm of defence these days, seem to excel at outpourings of Russian scaremongering soundbites, which the UK MSM are


Bloody Sunday, Brexit & The Democratic Process Audio of speech, Derry, 26th January 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

In what was a tremendous honour, the Bloody Sunday March organising committee invited me to Derrys Guildhall to deliver the annual memorial lecture highlighting the legacy of Bloody Sunday and linking it with Brexit and DiEM25s pan-European campaign for democracy and shared prosperity. An audio of my talk is now available here. Afterwards, I was treated to the even greater honour of a public discussion with the legendary civil rights campaigner Bernadette Devlin DiEM25s latest member!

Why Bloody Sunday, Brexit & the democratic process? the rationale for this event, as published at the organisers website (click here)


Much like many other parts of the world at that time, the North of Ireland was undergoing a process of profound political change in the early 1970s.  By the time January 1972 came around the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association (NICRA) had already been holding peaceful protests and marches for close on 4 years.

From the outset the Northern state had chosen to respond violently to NICRAs modest demands and this eventually led to the British government introducing armed troops onto the streets in August 1969.  This militarised situation was further heightened with the commencement of the IRAs bombing offensive in 1970.

Then in August 71 the state introduced internment without trial and on Sunday, January 30th 1972 NICRA responded by holding an anti-interment march in Derry city, which tragically ended with 28 civilian marchers being shot by the British army, 13 of whom died that day.

Today all across the world we see people continuing to express that desire for democratic change, whether thats through the Arab Spring protests, which erupted in many middle eastern countries several years ago or with Scotlands Independence referendum of 2014 or last year with the UKs Brexit referendum and again more recently with the Catalonian governments declaration of independence from the Spanish state.

Equally and despite the election last year of a racist, sexist, Islamophobe president the American people, by electing Donald Trump, have clearly demonstrated their desire for real and urgent democratic change.

What then does this all mean for global society and more specifically how might these seismic changes effect Ireland and its relationship w...


Virgin on the ridiculous! "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Virgin Media's increasingly bizarre secret locations where they install broadband internet data communications equipment. Churches, cocktail bars and even public toilets! Updated 27th January 2018.


Jabhat al-Nusra: History, Capabilities, Role In Syrian War "IndyWatch Feed Europe" History Jabhat al-Nusra, originally Jabhat an-Nurah li-ahli ash-Sham min Mujahideen ash-Shm fi Sahat al-Jihad or Victory Front for the People of the Levant by the Mujahideen of the Levant


Our Finite Planet "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A Letter to the Editor from Scarborough Borough Councillor Dilys CLUER [Green], writing in response to the Enquirers coverage of the latest up-date to the Doomsday Clock.



The Doomsday Clock should be considered seriously by all politicians and indeed by all people at whatever level. The authors analysis is sound. It is imperative that all international channels of communication are kept open and that leaders concentrate on constructive dialogue, not shouting about how great they are or what a big threat anyone else is.

The Enquirer is correct in suggesting that local action would also be helpful. Should Councils reconsider their positions on investing their Reserves and Pension Funds in armaments-related industries? In plastics manufacturers and proliferators? In non-renewable energy sources (including fracking)? And so on . . .   Yes.

Should Councils commit more heavily to environmental preservation (including combating littering, fly-tipping and industrial marine pollution)? And so on . . . Of course. And the most important aspect of environmental preservation is avoiding dangerous climate change.  Climate change will increase competition for water, food and other resources,  leading to greater danger of war.  In local areas its pressures can lead to civil unrest, as has already happened in numerous foreign countries,  sometimes leading to civil war and the danger of the great powers becoming involved.

As all this is only common sense, I do hope that politicians and citizens of all kinds will take action, as it cannot be left to a few.

However, I will point out the one insight which so far seems to be confined to the Green Party:  you cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet, and continuing to attempt this will fatally exacerbate all the problems mentioned above and others besides.

Cllr. Dilys Cluer

Cllr. Dilys CLUER, Scarborough. 27th January, 2018.



Of Charles I, Will Gompertz, this fella, and Andrew Marr "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Top part of a Titian

A BBC programme I particularly enjoyed this week was Monday's Start the Week

It looked at King Charles I and his art collection, plus the contemporary art scene.

It was pleasingly rude about contemporary conceptual art and all the "really bad artists" who have made millions over the past few decades. Andrew Marr joined in, though I laughed when Prof. Don Thompson condemned the "dreadful sculptures" of Anish Kapoor and Andrew replied ruefully that he likes Anish Kapoor, only to be told "You're wrong!" by Andrew Graham-Dixon. 

I was particularly struck by Andrew Graham-Dixon's depiction of England over the near century from Henry VII and Edward VI's initial waves of iconoclasm to the beginning of Charles's fascination with art as being pretty much 'a land without art'. He compared their supporters' iconoclasm to that of Maoist China, saying that nearly all art in Britain was destroyed, with estimates ranging from 90% to nigh on 100%. Some 100,000 wooden sculptures alone, he said, were taken to Smithfield and destroyed. Now, it did strike me that the absence of art couldn't have been total given there were portraits, such as those of Elizabeth I and many another Elizabethan notable, but still...Thank goodness we're beyond that way of thinking these days and that no-one but no-one is thinking of tearing down and destroying works of art like statues or stained glass windows


Notes from a small, obscure, far-right, website (this one) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Following Daniel Sandford's bizarre comments on that video, particularly his references to the al-Quds march, Id like to bring more Hezbollah related material to your attention.

According to Sandford, the al-Quds march was obscure therefore did not merit being reported, specifically for fear of inciting people like Darren Osborne. 

What an odd concept, particularly as it seems it was the BBCs own dramatisation Three Girls that was, at least according to this, Osbornes major inspiration; that and being unhinged. 

Ive already posted a brief article on the recent Hezbollah debate in the House of Commons. There was an implied thread running through the piece, which is that the desire to proscribe Hezbollah in its entirety was a joint-party matter. My intention was to highlight the fact that the divide was not between Labour and Conservative, but between people who knew what Hezbollah was all about, and ignoramuses and cowards who buried their heads in the sand for fear of triggering the Islamists among us, as well as a coalition of deluded and weak Conservative MPs and the current Labour leadership.

There is a worthwhile opinion piece from CUFI (Christians United For Israel) which I urge you to read, as it sets out the arguments for proscribing Hezbollah with clarity. 



The Child-Rape Assembly Line "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenbergwho is 63 with a long, graying beardrecently sat down with me to explain what he described as a child-rape assembly line among sects of fundamentalist Jews.

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, victim of a bleach attack. Photos by Christian Storm

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenbergwho is 63 with a long, graying beardrecently sat down with me to explain what he described as a child-rape assembly line among sects of fundamentalist Jews. He cleared his throat. Im going to be graphic, he said.

A member of Brooklyns Satmar Hasidim fundamentalist branch of Orthodox Judaism, Nuchem designs and repairs mikvahs in compliance with Torah Law. The mikvah is a ritual Jewish bathhouse used for purification. Devout Jews are required to cleanse themselves in the mikvah on a variety of occasions: Women must visit following menstruation, and men have to make an appearance before the High Holidays, such as Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Many of the devout also purify themselves before and after the act of sex and before the Sabbath.

On a visit to Jerusalem in 2005, Rabbi Rosenberg entered into a mikvah in one of the holiest neighborhoods in the city, Mea Shearim. I opened a door that entered into a schvitz, he told me. Vapors everywhere, I can barely see. My eyes adjust, and I see an old man, my age, long white beard, a holy-looking man, sitting in the vapors. On his lap, facing away from him, is a boy, maybe seven years old. And the old man is having anal sex with this boy.

Rabbi Rosenberg paused, gathered himself, and went on: This boy was speared on the man like an animal, like a pig, and the boy was saying nothing. But on his facefear. The old man [looked at me] without any fear, as if this was common practice. He didnt stop. I was so angry, I confronted him. He removed the boy from his penis, and I took the boy aside. I told this man, Its a sin before God, a mishkovzucher. What are you doing to this boys soul? Youre destroying this boy! He had a sponge on a stick to clean his back, and he hit me across the face with it. How dare you interrupt me! he said. I had heard of these things for a long time, but now I had seen.

The child sex abuse crisis in ultra-Orthodox Judaism, like that in the Catholic Chur...


Hundreds took the streets of Berlin Kreuzberg to protest for... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Hundreds took the streets of Berlin Kreuzberg to protest for democracy in Turkey. Kurds, Turks and members of left wing groups marched against the coup attempt in Turkey but also against president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
The pictures shows Left Party politicians Oliver Hfinghoff (l.) and Anne Helm (r.) during a minute of silence for the victims of the right wing terror attack in Munich the same day. 07/22/2016.
#berlin #kreuzberg #turkey #kurds #kurdistan #coup #march #demonstration #dielinke #politician #terror #farright #reportage #protest #blackandwhite #photojournalism #documentary #journalism


Shoe meets Russian president Vladimir Putin and Syrians... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Shoe meets Russian president Vladimir Putin and Syrians dictator Bashar al-Assad.
Syrian opposition activists and Ukrainians protest together near the Federal Chancellery in Berlin against Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine and Syria where Russia is beside Iran the closest ally of the regime. 10/19/2016.

#berlin #syria #freesyria #ukraine #putin #russia #rally #protest #reportage #blackandwhite #photojournalism #documentary #journalism


Bisher waren alle meine Bahnfahrten dieses Jahr pnktlich ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Bisher waren alle meine Bahnfahrten dieses Jahr pnktlich und sauber und das Personal freundlich.

Dafr hatte ich heute morgen eine lustige Begegnung am Flughafen. Ich steh am Gate und warte. Da kommt die Bordcrew in Uniform, inklusive Purser (und der sieht ja fast wie ein Pilot aus mit seinen drei Streifen an der Uniform). Und dann stellt sich heraus, dass am Gate gar kein Flugzeug steht. Das ist nmlich am Vorflughafen erst mit 90 Minuten Versptung losgeflogen. Und da ist mir aufgefallen, wie dieser hervorragend geschulte Typ die Situation gehandhabt hat.

Und zwar hat der sich entschuldigt, und gesagt, was sie jetzt tun werden. Er hat nicht Ausreden gebracht. Keine "sowas kann immer mal passieren"-Floskel oder so. Er hat nicht mal um Verstndnis gebeten. Erst als insistierende Nachfragen kamen, und nachdem er das telefonisch geklrt hatte, hat er erzhlt, was passiert war: Ein Passagier hatte sein Gepck aufgegeben und kam dann nicht. Sie mussten die Koffer also wieder ausladen. Damit verpassten sie ihren Slot fr den Rausflug und der nchste war 20 Minuten weiter hinten.

Der Punkt ist: Dadurch dass er da genau so wie ein begossener Pudel stand wie die Passagiere, war eh schon klar, dass es nicht seine Schuld war. Menschen haben in solchen Situationen einen enormen Druck, ihre Unschuld zu beteuern, und das ist ja auch nur natrlich. Besonders wenn man wirklich unschuldig war.

Aber wenn man das nicht macht, sondern einfach nur um Entschuldigung bittet, ist das viel kraftvoller.

Diesen Mechanismus kann man leicht abgewandelt auch bei dem Peterson-Channel4-Interview sehen, das ich neulich verlinkt hatte. Peterson wird da von dieser Journalisten ziemlich heftig bearbeitet, und stellt dann immer ihre Falschzusammenfassungen richtig, aber nicht ein Mal kommt nach der Richtigstellung ein "was machen Sie denn hier?" oder "wieso machen Sie das?". Nichts, was man als Vorwurf interpretieren knnte.

Das muss eine bermenschliche Zurckhaltung gebraucht haben.

Gegen Ende, als er dann ihr Verhalten in dem Interview doch als Argument verwendet, spinnt er es maximal positiv fr sie interpretiert, und explizit nicht als Vorwurf.

Ich glaube, das Verhalten ist der Schlssel fr erfolgreichen Dialog. Ich muss da auch noch mehr an mir arbeiten. Ich versuche gerne die Perspektive des Gegenber zu ndern, indem ich ein Analog fr die Situation konstruiere, aber umgedreht. Wenn mir jemand unbegrndete Vorhaltungen macht, dann mache ich unbegrndete Vorhaltungen zurck. Keine verletztenden, aber das ist ja subjektiv. Besser ist, gar keine zu machen. Ich bin mir nicht ganz sicher, ob man das universell anwenden kann, aber einen Versuch ist es wert.

Update: Gleich mehrere Einsender verweisen...


How "careful" is Daniel Sandford's own language? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Daniel Sandford

Further to Sue's comment on the previous post, Daniel Sandford's own "careful" choice of language was actually very "careless" on Monday's News at One. He said:
The prosecution say that Darren Osborne had become obsessed also with events in Rochdale, where Muslim men were accused of abusing young women.
As Sue notes, these nine Muslim men were actually convicted of abusing young women.

And actually, the victims weren't "young women" either. They were children, including girls as young as 13. 


What does Theresa May actually believe in? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Whatever your opinions on the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, it's very easy to see what he stands for.

There's obviously a lot of deceptive interference being run by right-wingers who despise Corbyn's political stance and want the public to believing in a terrifying caricature of the man rather than thinking about his actual policies, but if you haven't picked up the basics of what he stands for by now, you've really not been paying attention at all have you?

Here are three of the things Corbyn undeniably stands for:
  • Social be...


Language Tommy! "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Here's a fascinating video of a BBC interview with a difference. It shows the informal interview leading up to the actual BBC interview. 

And a very intense informal interview it is too, with the BBC reporter answering as well as asking the questions!

It stars the BBC's Daniel Sandford and Tommy Robinson, and whether you strongly approve or strong disapprove of either or both of them (or neither), it's gripping stuff.

I'll quote a few bits from it but the full 50 minutes is well worth watching...

TR: Do you know, I stood in Manchester after the Manchester attack. I stood there and I found in the point that I was standing there, in the two-mile radius, there were 19 terrorists who had come from that point. That's what you need to be reporting. You're leaving it to me to report it. And that's why...
DS: I suppose we would argue that we do report this stuff but we try and do it in a measured way so that it doesn't...
TR: A politically-correct way? 

TR: I you were to sit here and say, 'You said this, which was a lie', then I'd hold my hands up. But I've not said one lie. I've reported the truth and the reality of the situation our country's in. 
DS: Well that's an honest answer. I think there'll be lots of people who would say, 'Yeah, but it's all about how you say it, and you have to be careful.
TR: You don't have to be careful. As I said, when 22 children get blow up in Manchester the time for being careful in our words has gone.



Ghost Towers Galore: Half of New-build Luxury London Flats Fail to Sell "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Developers have 420 towers in pipeline despite up to 15,000 high-end flats still on the market

Cross-posted from The Guardian

More than half of the 1,900 ultra-luxury apartments built in London last year failed to sell, raising fears that the capital will be left with dozens of posh ghost towers.

The swanky flats, complete with private gyms, swimming pools and cinema rooms, are lying empty as hundreds of thousands of would-be first-time buyers struggle to find an affordable home.

The total number of unsold luxury new-build homes, which are rarely advertised at less than 1m, has now hit a record high of 3,000 units, as the rich overseas investors they were built for turn their backs on the UK due to Brexit uncertainty and the hike in stamp duty on second homes.

Builders started work last year on 1,900 apartments priced at more than 1,500 per sq ft, but only 900 have sold, according to property data experts Molior London. A typical high-end three-bedroom apartment consists of around 2,000 sq ft, which works out at a sale price of 3m.

There are an extra 14,000 unsold apartments on the market for between 1,000-1,500 per sq ft. The average price per sq ft across the UK is 211.

Molior says it would take at least three years to sell the glut of ultra-luxury flats if sales continue at their current rate and if no further new-builds are started.

However, ambitious property developers have a further 420 residential towers (each at least 20 storeys high) in the pipeline, says New London Architecture and GL Hearn.

Henry Pryor, a property buying agent, says the London luxury new-build market is already overstuffed but were just building more of them.

Continue reading the article


EXPOTROF 2018: Gastronomic Treasures from Every Corner of Greece Jan 27-29 in Athens "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

More than 300 small producers with know-how, passion and vision as well as Greek companies with a strong position both in the domestic and international markets participate in the 5th EXPOTROF  in Ellinikon, January 26-29 2018 in Ellinikon, suburb of South Athens. With a special honor is dedicated to monastery products, pure products from every

The post EXPOTROF 2018: Gastronomic Treasures from Every Corner of Greece Jan 27-29 in Athens appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Most Unhappy People Are Unhappy for the Exact Same Reason "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Its all about screen time

Jean TwengeProfessor of Psychology, San Diego State University, and cross-posted from Quartz

Wed all like to be a little happier.

The problem is that much of what determines happiness is outside of our control. Some of us are genetically predisposed to see the world through rose-colored glasses, while others have a generally negative outlook. Bad things happen, to us and in the world. People can be unkind, and jobs can be tedious.

But we do have some control over how we spend our leisure time. Thats one reason why its worth asking which leisure time activities are linked to happiness, and which arent.

In a new analysis of 1 million U.S. teens, my co-authors and I looked at how teens were spending their free time and which activities correlated with happiness, and which didnt.

We wanted to see if changes in the way teens spend their free time might partially explain a startling drop in teens happiness after 2012 and perhaps the decline in adults happiness since 2000 as well.

A possible culprit emerges

In our study, we analyzed data from a nationally representative survey of eighth-, 10th- and 12th-graders thats been conducted annually since 1991.

Every year, teens are asked about their general happiness, in addition to how they spend their time. We found that teens who spent more time seeing their friends in person, exercising, playing sports, attending religious services, reading or even doing homework were happier. However, teens who spent more time on the internet, playing computer games, on social media, texting, using video chat or watching TV were less happy.

In other words, every activity that didnt involve a screen was linked to more happiness, and every activity that involved a screen was linked to less happiness. The differences were considerable: Teens who spent more than five hours a day online were twice as likely to be unhappy as those who spent less than an hour a day.

Of course, it might be that unhappy people seek out screen activities. However, a growing number of studies show that most of the causation goes from screen use to unhappiness, not the other way around

Continue reading the article...


A.C. Railing Against the BBC "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

I like reading books about the origins of words and phrases (especially those by Mark Forsyth) and and greatly enjoy Radio 4's Word of Mouth. I was wondering this morning about the phrase "mad as a box of frogs", which seems like a recent invention. When and how did it come about, and why has it taken off over the last few years? Well, the answer seems to be that no one knows its origins. Newspapers began using it in headlines around 2010, but it must have been current before then. As for why it's taken off, it's presumably simply because it's such a colourful phrase. It also fits in nicely with a long line of other such phrases possibly dating back to as far as "as mad as a March hare" (in common use since the 16th century).


Australia - Letter | Why revisit the follies of fluoridation "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

FELLOW residents, the time has come again to discuss the states controversial fluoridation policy. The Oberon people decisively rejected state government backed fluoridation of our water four years ago, and it may be time to dust off and have at it again, as council have decided to decide whether or not to review the original decision. 
Back in the day good dental health in children was a parental responsibility, not a government one; and the government ought to butt out of this one permanently. The state may spruik the high number of fluoridated precincts in NSW, but cant deny 23 Queensland councils have voted to remove it. Why is that? Or that first world governments such as Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Hungary, Japan and Israel have openly rejected it. Why? 
Why is NSW Health so far behind on this issue? Cant they read what is accepted mainstream news/policy outside of our national media? Fluoride should have gone the way of thalidomide, thimerosal, Ritalin and other terrible government approved ideas of the past. 


Dr Mercola - Properly Filter Your Water "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Story at-a-glance

filtering household waterIf you care about your health, filtering your household water is more a necessity than an option
Drinking water is becoming increasingly toxic worldwide, thanks to aging water pipes and chemical pollution. Water treatment plants cannot filter out all of the toxins now entering the water

One of the most pernicious toxins in American water supplies is fluoride. While fluoride isnt healthy for anyone, pregnant women and households mixing formula for babies should take extra care to avoid fluoridated water

A 2017 analysis of water samples from 50,000 water utilities in 50 states revealed more than 267 different kinds of toxins in U.S. tap water. To find out whats in your tap water, check out the EWG Tap Water Database

Ideally, filter the water you use both for drinking and bathing, as immersing yourself in contaminated water may be even more hazardous to your health than drinking it


Degrees of separation "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Regular readers will know that Samira Ahmed holds the opinion that UKIP (especially Nigel Farage) shouldn't be given prominence by the BBC. She's repeatedly talked, tweeted and written about her view on that matter over the past couple of years or so. Therefore, it always feels a bit uncomfortable when she reads out identical points of view from BBC viewers on Newswatch

This week's edition featured two complainants in the wake of Henry Bolton's travails as UKIP leader and a News at One report about it on Monday. Samira noted that "plenty of attention was given to UKIP" over the story, with its leader  being "under pressure since news broke of his relationship with ex-model Jo Marney and the racist messages she had sent":
Sheila Grant was watching that and wondered, "Why on earth is UKIP the lead story on the News at One, reporting live from Westminster? This party has no MPs and following the referendum no longer has any relevance in this country as can be seen by the haemorrhaging of their support and constantly changing leaders". 
And Dave Noble agreed: "Given the current farce that is the UKIP leadership wrangling, I am at a loss as to why it is getting such prominence. Can the BBC please now stop giving UKIP such a platform - unless of course the Corporation sees it purely as a vehicle for public entertainment, in which case please put UKIP on BBC3 in a comedy slot, thanks".
Maybe Fran Unsworth could send her a "reminder" that she shouldn't report on the story if she has expressed a view? Or, as when Jane Garvey was rep...


Florida prisoner literally tortured after detailing prisoner abuse "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Kevin Rashid Johnson, an inmate incarnated in Florida State Prison in Raiford and a member of  Prison Chapter of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (NABPP), is facing charges of inciting a riot or demonstration after he penned a letter detailing mistreatment of prisoners by the Florida Department of Corrections. Rashids letter, entitled Florida Prisoners Are


Greeces Asylum Service report: 58,661 asylum applications submitted in 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greeces Asylum Service has published its report for the work in 2017. The Asylum Service registered 58,661 asylum applications, of which 26,668 were submitted on the five Aegean islands where Reception and Identification Centers (hotspots) are located. The detailed report gives information about countries of origin, approved and rejected application as wells as funding. According

The post Greeces Asylum Service report: 58,661 asylum applications submitted in 2017 appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Malware-Crew hat 28 Fake Werbeagenturen aufgemacht, ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Malware-Crew hat 28 Fake Werbeagenturen aufgemacht, um ihre Malware auf Werbenetzwerken zu verteilen. Inklusive Fake-CEO-Profilen auf Linkedin und so.

Ad security company Confiant, the one who discovered this entire operation, says ads bought by this group reached 62% of ad-monetized websites on a weekly basis.
Das finde ich ja nun wieder sehr geil. "Ad Security Company", srsly? Die Werbemafia hat noch ein Layer an Bullshit-Abgreifern in ihre Abzockkaskade eingebaut? Wow.

Akt 1: Trump fragt das Guggenheim-Museum, ob sie ihm ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Akt 1: Trump fragt das Guggenheim-Museum, ob sie ihm nicht einen schnen Van Gogh oder so frs Weie Haus leihen knnten.

Akt 2: Van Gogh geht leider nicht, aber eine goldene Kloschssel knnten wir anbieten!

Der Einsender kommentiert:

Das pat doch mal buchstblich wie Arsch auf Eimer!

Update: Der Knstler, der das goldene Klo geschaffen hat, nennt sein Werk brigens "Amerika".

Kennt ihr den schon? Deutsche Autolobbyisten lieen ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Kennt ihr den schon? Deutsche Autolobbyisten lieen in den USA im Tierversuch Affen Diesel-Abgase einatmen, um zu zeigen, wie harmlos das angeblich ist. Was das "Institut", das diese Tierversuche durchgefhrt hat, allerdings nicht wusste: Dass da schon die Beschei-Software eingebaut war. Die Ergebnisse waren also eh wertlos.

Liebe Leser, diese Story hat alles, was eine Story ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Liebe Leser, diese Story hat alles, was eine Story braucht.

An angry American traveler found herself plunged into German legal waters this month after allegedly calling federal police officers "Nazis" during a dispute at Frankfurt International Airport.
Das alleine ist ja schon toll. Reicht dem einen oder anderen vielleicht schon. Aber nein, bleibt mal dran! Warum ist die denn ausfallend geworden? Welches Unrecht haben die Flughafen-Cops ihr angetan? Dreimal drft ihr raten!
Police say the woman, a 49-year-old professor, became "unreasonable and irritated" when they told her she had too many liquids in her carry-on during a screening for explosives.
Jaaaaa! Die 100ml-Bullshit-Regel! Die Regel, von der wirklich jeder wei, dass sie nicht den Hauch eines Anfluges von Sinn ergibt.

Update: Dieser Qualittsartikel in der fr ihre journalistische Integritt bekannten Qualittspublikation "Express" sagt, die Frau arbeite beruflich als ... Friedensforscherin in Washington D.C., war leitende wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am Zentrum fr Konfliktanalyse und -prvention.

Update: Sie hat ihre Seite der Geschichte in diesen durchaus unterhaltsamen mehrseitigen Rant ber den Frankfurter Flughafen destilliert. Ein Money Quote jagt das nchste! Z.B.

I also asked for the names of the individuals involved because none of the persons had name tags, as is customary in many democratic countries.
The police officer bellowed I am the manager and that is a liquid.
Harr Harr Harr

Update: Oooooh am Ende ist noch diese wunderbare Brandwunde:

To be subjected to this thuggery by a police service in Europes vanguard of democracy is beyond belief. This is what I expect in my own country: not in Germany.
Hoffentlich versteht der Herr Sachbearbeiter die Wucht dieser Aussage!


VIDEO: Jews for DACA Let My People Stay! "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Their actions here shouldnt be any surprise for anyone who is privy to their schemes. This is a time-tested tactic that most Goyim are completely unaware of in sum, it is play the victim while other groups are victimized thereby maintaining a status of victimization all while undermining the host society.





Gute Nachrichten! Das Cyber-Attribuierungsproblem ist ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Gute Nachrichten! Das Cyber-Attribuierungsproblem ist gelst! Sagt der Grnder und CTO von Crowdstrike.

Alperovitch erklrte das Problem "Attribution" fr gelst also die eindeutige Identifikation des hinter einer Attacke stehenden Angreifers. Beispiele dafr seien die Beschuldigung der USA, Nordkorea sei fr WannaCry verantwortlich oder Russland und Israel fr Stuxnet.
Oh ACH SO! Die Russen waren Stuxnet! Na DAS war ja einfach!
"Attribution ist leicht", meint Aperovitch, "jetzt brauchen wir Abschreckung." Schtzenhilfe bekam er von der ukrainischen Parlamentsabgeordneten Svitlana Zalishchuk. "Putin hat sich in die ukrainischen Wahlen eingemischt, in die US-amerikanischen und die franzsische und hatte er dafr irgendwelche Konsequenzen zu tragen?"
Da wchst zusammen, was zusammen gehrt! Eine groe Bullshit-Familie!

AfD-Mann schreibt seine Rede zu Datenschutz ab ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

AfD-Mann schreibt seine Rede zu Datenschutz ab von!

Finde ich gut. Immerhin eine serise Quelle. Das haben wir im Bundestag auch schon anders erlebt.

Benutzt hier jemand ClamAV?Aber nicht doch, Fefe! Antiviren ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Benutzt hier jemand ClamAV?

Aber nicht doch, Fefe! Antiviren erhhen nicht die Angriffsoberflche!1!!

Woher wissen die Amis eigentlich, dass es die Russen ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Woher wissen die Amis eigentlich, dass es die Russen waren, die damals die Democrats gehackt haben?

Na vom niederlndischen Geheimdienst, der die Russen gehackt hatte!

Update: Mit anderen Worten (und das habt ihr hoffentlich selber auch gemerkt): Eine "anonyme Quelle" aus einem Geheimdienst sagt etwas Unbewiesenes, das diesen Geheimdienst gut aussehen lsst. Viel Glaubwrdiger geht es ja gar nicht mehr!

Och schade: Der EuGH hat die Sammelklage von Max Schrems ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Och schade: Der EuGH hat die Sammelklage von Max Schrems gegen Facebook abgelehnt. Er selbst darf schon im eigenen Namen weiterklagen, aber nicht als Sammelklage im Namen von auslndischen EU-Brger.

Update: Hier ist die Crowdfunding-Kampagne von Max Schrems, falls jemand findet, dass wir die letzten 10% auch noch reinkriegen sollten.

Update: Das Spendenziel ist inzwischen erreicht!

Old and busted: Linke hngen Doxxing/Outing-Plakate ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Old and busted: Linke hngen Doxxing/Outing-Plakate gegen Rechte in Steckbriefform auf.

New hotness: Rechte hngen Doxxing/Outing-Plakate gegen Linke in Steckbriefform auf.

Htte doch nur jemand die Linken gewarnt, dass ihre Taktiken eines Tages gegen sie angewendet werden knnten!1!! (Achtung: Die Site scheint eine Rechtsauen-Postille zu sein)

Meine Damen und Herren, ich prsentiere: Das Deutsche ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Meine Damen und Herren, ich prsentiere: Das Deutsche Institut fr Vertrauen und Sicherheit im Internet, DIVSI. Unter der Schirmherrschaft von Bundesprsident a.D. Joachim Gauck. Nur echt mit dem Google-Analytics-Qualittssiegel (wegen Vertrauen und Sicherheit, wissenschon).

Benutzt hier jemand curl?This bug has existed since ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Benutzt hier jemand curl?

This bug has existed since before curl 6.0. It existed in the first commit we have recorded in the project.

Kurze Durchsage von CDU-Generalsekretr Peter Tauber:Konkret ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Kurze Durchsage von CDU-Generalsekretr Peter Tauber:

Konkret soll Tauber in einer parteiinternen Diskussion ber die Flchtlingspolitik gesagt haben: Wer hier nicht fr Angela Merkel ist, ist ein Arschloch und kann gehen.
Aber uns Hate-Speech verbieten wollen, so haben wir das gern.

Update: Das war Ende 2016.

Kostet die Digitalisierung jetzt eigentlich eher Mnner ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Kostet die Digitalisierung jetzt eigentlich eher Mnner oder eher Frauen ihre Jobs?

Gute Frage! Die Antwort hat die FAZ: Mnner. Oh, und das ehemalige Nachrichtenmagazin: Frauen.

Wie wre es, wenn wir mal aufhren, das als Mnner-gegen-Frauen zu sehen? Die Digitalisierung gefhrdet praktisch alle Jobs, egal wer die vorher ausgebt hat.

Der Gouverneur von Hawaii htte ja schneller Entwarnung ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Der Gouverneur von Hawaii htte ja schneller Entwarnung gegeben bei dem Fake-Raketenalarm, aber er hatte sein Twitter-Passwort vergessen.

Hey, habt ihr gerade Israel im Blick?Der Rest der Welt ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Hey, habt ihr gerade Israel im Blick?

Der Rest der Welt offenbar auch nicht. Israel nutzt die Gelegenheit der Ablenkung, um die Grenze mit Syrien ein bisschen auszuweiten.

Na DA bin ich ja mal gespannt, wieviel Krim-Annektierungs-Vlkerrecht-Rhetorik jetzt von der Bundesregierung kommt. Oder ist das was anderes, wenn Israel das macht?

Der Fingerabdrucksensor erkennt euch nicht? Kein Problem! ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Der Fingerabdrucksensor erkennt euch nicht? Kein Problem! Beim Amazon-Phone einfach auf die Werbung auf dem Lock-Screen klicken.

Ja, richtig gelesen. Werbung auf dem Lock-Screen. m(

Ah, endlich sind die Sondierungsgesprche vorbei. ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Ah, endlich sind die Sondierungsgesprche vorbei. Ab jetzt ist alles klar. Hier z.B. ganz am Ende dieser Absatz:

Die Tagesordnung der Kabinettsitzungen soll den Fraktionen vorab mitgeteilt werden. Im Bundestag und in allen von ihm beschickten Gremien stimmen die Koalitionsfraktionen einheitlich ab. Das gilt auch fr Fragen, die nicht Gegenstand der vereinbarten Politik sind. Wechselnde Mehrheiten sind ausgeschlossen.
Oh ach SO ist das. Das nennt man dann Demokratie, ja?

Aktuelle Ergebnisse der Genderforschung: Female hurricanes ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Aktuelle Ergebnisse der Genderforschung: Female hurricanes are deadlier than male hurricanes

Und zwar nicht, weil die Hurricanes schlimmer sind, oder die schlimmeren Hurricanes weibliche Namen kriegen, sondern weil die Leute instinktiv Hurricanes mit weiblichen Namen fr schon nicht so gewaltttig halten und spter evakuieren.

Update: Ein Einsender dazu:

Cool study, but the finding seems to be controversial:
Are female hurricanes really deadlier than male hurricanes?

Female hurricanes are not deadlier than male hurricanes

Statistics show no evidence of gender bias in the public's hurricane preparedness

Also see the response to comments:

Other responses.

Moan. Ist doch echt immer das selbe bei so wissenschaftlichen Studien. If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

Aber hey, das ist ja auch eine wichtige Medienkompetenzlektion.

Habt ihr mitgekriegt, dass Erdogan im Dezember den ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Habt ihr mitgekriegt, dass Erdogan im Dezember den Griechen mitgeteilt hatte, der Vertrag von Lausanne sei ja damals nicht ordentlich spezifisch gewesen und man msse die Grenzen zwischen Trkei und Griechenland nochmal nachverhandeln? Es gibt da ein paar Inselchen in der gis, an denen er anscheinend Interesse hatte.

Gut, da ist jetzt nicht weiter draus geworden, das war eher ein innenpolitisches Signal an die Nationalisten. Aber, h, ich hab das berhaupt nicht mitgekriegt. Ende 2016 gab es schon mal so eine Meldung, hab ich auch nicht mitgekriegt. Wot!?


The Face Speaks "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The face of the BBC in the U.S.

This Thursday's From Our Own Correspondent began with 'Kate Adee of the Bee Bee Cee' saying:
Today headlines here about sexual harassment but our correspondent fears a backlash against 'Me too' in the United States or a suspicion that old habits die hard.
My first thought on hearing that was to think, "OK Kate, but why is a supposedly impartial BBC correspondent 'fearing' a backlash? Isn't 'fearing' something that an activist should be expressing rather than a supposedly impartial BBC correspondent?"

An 'Aha!' moment came later when 'our correspondent' was named.

Yes, it was Katty Kay, the face of the impartial BBC is the U.S. 

Our Katty's piece didn't even try to disguise the fact that she is an activist on the issue - albeit a somewhat conflicted one. 

She explicitly said "We thought. I thought" and "We hoped" in describing the Me Too campaigners' hopes and anxieties. 

Their campaign - "a revolution long past its due" - was openly expressed as her campaign too.

It's odd, isn't it, what you can get away with, impartiality-wise, if you're the face of the BBC in the U.S.?


Syrian War Report January 26, 2018: Turkey Threatens To Attack Manbij "IndyWatch Feed Europe" On January 25, ISIS units attacked positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the villages of Kishmah and Ghuraybah in the province of Deir Ezzor. According to the


The BBC Hasn't Got a Leg to Stand On "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation? is the title of a new Civitas report published today

It's a gathering together of over 18 years worth of work by David and Andrew at News-watch and takes about two hours to read the whole thing - something I'd recommend you do if you can, especially as there are plenty of fascinating details...

...such as that during News-watch's first monitoring exercise - the 1999 European Parliament elections - there was just one interview on the theme of withdrawal from the EU. It was with a 38-year-old UKIP spokesman by the name of Nigel Farage: "In the exchange, John Humphrys bracketed the party with the BNP, and then suggested that leaving the EU was literally unthinkable because of all the turmoil that would be created". 

The central theme of the report is that, despite public support for withdrawal from the EU being either a huge minority or a majority throughout that entire time, the BBC pretty much ignored it. 

For starters, the BBC only very rarely interviewed pro-withdrawal speakers over a long period: 

The BBC's choice of guests, therefore, has been consistently and overwhelmingly biased against pro-withdrawal voices to a truly staggering degree - until the referendum of course (though the BBC has subsequently regressed again).


Why is the BBC dancing to the Islamists tune over Sara Khan? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Sara Khan

Reading a piece by Sarah AB at Harry's Place I was taken, via a link, to another piece, this time from the National Secular Society website, written by Chris Sloggett. 

Its headline reads: Why are journalists dancing to the Islamists tune over Sara Khan?

I hope Chris doesn't mind if I quote a huge chunk of his piece here:
'Controversial' is a word that means almost nothing while revealing a great deal. Pretty much anything worth saying is controversial. If something is newsworthy, it's either controversial or very likely to become so. 
But when something means so little, the fact someone has chosen to use it usually tells you something. 
So let us consider the case against Sara Khan, the Government's new Commissioner for Countering Extremism. Today the BBC's headline about her appointment is
'Controversy over new counter-extremism tsar Sara Khan'. 
Many of those who claim to speak for Muslims do not like Khan because she promotes a positive message. She encourages a degr...


If only Brian Rix was still with us... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The Gang of Six

We all know, thanks to Frankie Howard especially, that it's wrong to mock the afflicted, but nonetheless...

The Telegraph's account of the BBC's reporting of the latest twist in the 'BBC gender pay scandal' story (headlined BBC confirms pay cut for male stars after it changes story five) made me chuckle tonight.

The Telegraph calls the BBC's reporting of this story a "farce".

And it is a farce.

Check out Newsniffer (particularly versions 3-5) if you also fancy sporting a mean grin at the expense of the BBC hapless 'reporting'! 

The BBC News website, reflecting evident panic at the BBC, first reported four names (Jeremy Vine, John Humphrys, Huw Edwards and Jon Sopel); then added another name (Nicky Campbell); then dropped the first four names (Jeremy Vine, John Humphrys, Huw Edwards and Jon Sopel) leaving the added name (Nicky Campbell) as the sole patsy; then reinstated the dropped names after the patsy's name; then put the dropped names back before the patsy; and then added a sixth name (Nick Robinson). 

Apparently, the first four named presenters "had no idea their names would be published, and some were unhappy that they were singled out by the BBC". 


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#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite #dailylife #maria #flowers #waiting


A participant of the annual anti-semitic Al Quds Day march in... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A participant of the annual anti-semitic Al Quds Day march in Berlin shouts while holding a picture with Iranian leaders. Another man holds a flag of Hezbollah in the background.
The Al Quds Day was founded by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979.
#berlin #iran #hezbollah #alqudsday #qudsday #antisemitism #zionism #palestine #israel #protest #rally #demonstration #reportage #blackandwhite #photojournalism #documentary #journalism


Flowers enchant, Zionists kill. Very weird sign at the annual... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Flowers enchant, Zionists kill.
Very weird sign at the annual Al Quds march in Berlin. The anti-semitic protest allegedly to support the Palestinians denies Israels right to exist and celebrate Iran and militias like Hezbollah.
The Al Quds Day was founded by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979. 07/11/2015.
#berlin #iran #hezbollah #qudsday #antisemitism #zionism #palestine #israel #protest #rally #demonstration #reportage #blackandwhite #photojournalism #documentary #journalism


Moveable Feast Cafe 2018/01/26 Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

2018/01/26 22:00:03Welcome to the Moveable Feast Cafe. The Moveable Feast is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of


Guest Post: A Call to Alms "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Here's a guest post from loyal commenter Loondon Calling to lead you interestingly into the weekend...

There is a case to be made for the ITBBCB? being renamed ATBBCAGB? - Are the BBC and Guardian Biased? After all, they seem to share a single brain. Thats my excuse for bringing this recent Observer/Guardian article A blueprint for British housing in 2028 by Rowan Moore to ITBBCB? readers attention.

First of all, the sub-heading . Imagine this: in two years, riots force the government to transform planning, design and building sounds like the output of a warped imagination - even a call to arms, especially from an architecture critic. Arent they expected to celebrate the firmness...


Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew extends support to Erdogans operation in Arfin against Kurds "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greek Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I has lent his support to the Turkish Military Operation Olive Branch against Kurds in Arfin area in North-West Syria. In a letter to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Greek Orthodox spiritual leader who is based in Istanbul,  said the Greek Church is praying for the success of the

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Theresa May is actually bragging about the Tories' lamentable economic record! "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The Tory party propaganda machine is pumping out another new misrepresentation of their woeful economic record.

This time they're actually trying to brag that the UK economy has grown by "almost 17% since 2010" as if that's some kind of remarkable achievement, rather than an extraordinarily sluggish growth rate.

Here are four things you need to know about this highly deceptive new propaganda line from the Tories.
1. Under 17% growth in almost eight years is nothing to boast about at all. In fact, thanks to the global financial sector meltdown and the catastrophic effects of almost a decade of ruinous Tory austerity dogma, the UK has actually suffered an entire decade in which GDP growth has not exceeded 3.5% annual growth once, which represents the longest period of sluggish growth since reliable GDP growth records began in the 1950s.
The Tories are actually trying to present this record-breaking period of slow economic growth as some kind of brilliant success story!
2. The period of slow economic growth since the Tories came to power in 2010 actually equates to the slowest post-crisis recovery the UK has suffered since the time of the Napoleonic wars!
Economies usually bounce back after recessions like the 2007-08 bankers' crisis, but the application of ruinous Tory austerity dogma has caused the slowest post-crisis recovery in modern history, yet they're actually presenting this appalling failure as some kind of marvellous victory!
3. The latest GDP figures show......


Finance report 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Good news: weve escaped the clutches of BT and so significantly reduced our second largest item of expenditure.
Not so good news: weve taken on responsibility for paying for the NELSN* phone, but will hopefully get contributions to cover that.
Bad news: we still managed to spend just over twice as much as we got in, excluding the cost of reprinting the Little Squatters Handbook (which we will get back over time).
Good news: we have resources, were not going bust any time soon.

For 2018 we can estimate the following:
rent ie contribution towards buildings rates and bills, 2,236
phone / internet, 654
other, about 450
total, 3,340

Standing Orders, 924
Gap to be filled by sales on Squatters Handbook and Little Squatters Handbook, benefits and donations, 2,416

Standing orders ranging from 2 to 20 per month are received from individual housing activists, ASS collective members whove moved on to other things, a housing co-op that remembers its roots and a radical book distributer. Its always nice to get new donors, but its also always possible existing donors might give up on us.

Happy to give more detail / answer any questions
the Treasurer

* No Evictions London Squatters Network


The power of speech "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Another furore surrounding Jeremy Corbyn is the omission of Jews from  his Holocaust Memorial Day speech. 

This years HMD is themed The Power of Speech so here are a few examples of  speech from Corbyns defenders. 

Heres a short excerpt from a powerful Commons speech from the January 18th Holocaust debate  by one Labour MP who gets it.
As we know, the Nazis created and peddled myths about Jew....


Chios Mayor and City Council declare Golden Dawn politicians Persona non gratae "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Mayor Manolis Vournous and the City Council of Chios unanimously declared officials of extreme-right Golden Dawn as persona non gratae.  The local authorities have herewith expressed their opposition to a planned event organized by the Golden Dawn on the island. The event is on the Migration-Refugee Crisis and is scheduled to take place on Wednesday,

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Erdogan has made his choice "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Ghassan Kadi for The Saker Blog It seems that Erdogan has already made up his mind, but the speculations about what deals have been and havent been done seem


Varoufakis announced he will present his political party in Greece in "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Former SYRIZA finance minister Yanis Varoufakis announced that he will present his political party in Greece in two months from now, on March 26th. The new party will be related to his pan-European movement DiEM25. Varoufakis made the announcement on Twitter on the occasion of 3 years of  his former left-wing comrades in power. Three

The post Varoufakis announced he will present his political party in Greece in appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Two things "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

So, heres the thing.  Well, two things.

1. Jeremy Corbyn Tweeted:
 Appalling that @AlexSobel has received a stream of antisemitic abuse online after Channel 4 posted a video of his speech to mark Holocaust Memorial Day. We must root out this disgusting prejudice from our society.

Well, that got an absolute drubbing, but the satisfaction faded a bit when I heard that this is 100% normal for all Corbys tweets.

2. Tother thing is the long-awaited debate about Jezbollah. Hezbollah.
Long awaited by me, at any rate. I couldnt find out what time it was due to start, which meant an unhealthy afternoon staring at the parliament channel and taking in a good deal of the previous debate along the way. This was about the joint enterprise law and the unintended consequences thereof, and very interesting it was too. 

These parliamentary debates arent debates in the true sense. Theyre speeches, read out with varying degrees of dramatic interpretation. Not interactive in the normal sense apart from interventions, either supportive or vexatious, as much of the content covers the same ground, rather like the party game, where you have to memorise a list of items, adding your own before passing it on. My aunt went shopping and she bought.

The moment finally arrived. (direct link to vid)

Joan Ryans delivery was heartfelt and excellent, and I have to say that the most impressive speeches of all came from the Labour benches. Particularly impressive were Ian Austin, Louise Ellman (obvs) and Sharon Hodgson. 
From the other parties, Dr. Matthew Offord and Theresa Villiers stood out. Jim Shannon of the DUP ditto.



Class War Scotland member on trial for displaying a poster on his window "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Last year during the national elections campaign, Class War Scotland member David McHarg was arrested twice because of a poster that was displayed on his window. The poster read: Fuck off you Tory cunts. The first time the police had visited David McHarg in May 2017. Upon Davids absence, the cops demanded that his wife


Doomsday Clock Statement "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Doomsday Clock Statement

Shifting focus, momentarily, from the provincial to the global, readers may appreciate the opportunity to consider the views set out in the Science and Security Board Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, edited by John Mecklin.

The Bulletin (reproduced below), expressing the collective opinions of a group of the worlds most qualified observers, paints a sobering evaluation of the worlds proximity to doomsday. Immediately following the Bulletin, short biographies of the contributors set out their credentials (from p.9). But do take the time to review the Doomsday Clock Timeline (from p.15).

A printable PDF of this statement, complete with the President and CEOs statement and Science and Security Board biographies, is available here.

Global issues, by definition, include every locality on the planet. What contribution can our local authorities make to tackling them?

Should Councils reconsider their positions on investing their Reserves and Pension Funds in armaments-related industries? In plastics manufacturers and proliferators? In non-renewable energy sources (including fracking)? And so on . . .

Should Councils commit more heavily to evironmental preservation (including combatting littering, fly-tipping and industrial marine pollution)? And so on . . .

The Enquirer would welcome (and will publish) comment from local Councillors via email to, with the word DOOMSDAY in the Subject-line.

Download the PDF file 2018_DOOMSDAY_CLOCK.


The Essential Saker II Now Available (Administrative Update) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Administrative Update for Patreon Account Users   Remember I said I will make very sure that Patreon does not charge on a monthly basis if you purchase the book.  Well,


City of Athens imposes new hours for music played in bars in downtown Athens "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Are you having fun in a bar in downtown Athens and suddenly the music is off? It is midnight. Dont be afraid that you will turn into a pumpkin. It is just the new regulation imposed by the City of Athens. According to the Athens Municipality decision on working days Monday to Thursday  

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Why Were Underestimating American Collapse "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The strange new pathologies of the worlds first rich failed state

By Umair Haque and cross-posted from

You might say, having read some of my recent essays, Umair! Dont worry! Everything will be fine! Its not that bad! I would look at you politely, and then say gently, To tell you the truth, I dont think were taking collapse nearly seriously enough.

Why? When we take a hard look at US collapse, we see a number of social pathologies on the rise. Not just any kind. Not even troubling, worrying, and dangerous ones. But strange and bizarre ones. Unique ones. Singular and gruesomely weird ones Ive never really seen before, and outside of a dystopia written by Dickens and Orwell, nor have you, and neither has history. They suggest that whatever numbers we use to represent declineshrinking real incomes, inequality, and so on we are in fact grossly underestimating what pundits call the human toll, but which sensible human beings like you and I should simply think of as the overwhelming despair, rage, and anxiety of living in a collapsing society.

Let me give you just five examples of what Ill call the social pathologies of collapsestrange, weird, and gruesome new diseases, not just ones we dont usually see in healthy societies, but ones that we have never really seen before in any modern society.

America has had 11 school shootings in the last 23 days. Thats one every other day, more or less. That statistic is alarming enoughbut it is just a number. Perspective asks us for comparison. So let me put that another way. America has had 11 school shootings in the last 23 days, which is more than anywhere else in the world, even Afghanistan or Iraq. In fact, the phenomenon of regular school shootings appears to be a unique feature of American collapseit just doesnt happen in any other countryand that is what I mean by social pathologies of collapse: a new, bizarre, terrible disease striking society.

Why are American kids killing each other? Why doesnt their society care enough to intervene? Well, probably because those kids have given up on lifeand their elders have given up on them. Or maybe youre rightand its not that simple. Still, what do the kids who arent killing each other do? Well, a lot of them are busy killing themselves.

So there is of course also an opioid epidemic. We use that phrase too casually, bu...


The Banality of Good pt. 2: Blaming the Victim? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

blaming the victim.jpg Share

Blaming the Victim? 

By Clara S. and Gilad Atzmon

To read part 1


Clara:   You know, when I saw the pictures of the kids killed in Gaza while playing on the beach in 2014, I was shocked again. But I was told to accept that these people had brought their fate upon themselves using their kids as human shields. Hadnt I heard that before? Didnt the Nazis say the Jews deserved to die because they had brought so much evil upon the world?

And you have just told me, that the Holocaust survivors were treated kind of the same by their fellow-citizens.

So heres my next question: When I read your book I couldnt help to think,
"Does Gilad really want to say that the Jews were responsible themselves for what had happened to them? 

In chapter 21 you write: "65 years after the liberation of Ausschwitz we should be able to ask why? Why were the Jews hated? Why did European people stand up against their neighbours? (The Wandering Who?)

Isnt that just like telling a victim of rape that she should have dressed more properly or stayed at home altogether? That is outrageous!

Gilad: Dont blame the victim is a popular, however problematic, proclamation. It begs for attention. We must ask some crucial questions who and what is a victim? What forms victimhood? What are the circumstances in which a crime is taking place? As you may imagine, I actually gave a lot of thought to these questions.  The ethical judgment here is far from being a universal algorithm. On the contrary, it is the particularity of the judgment that aspires at a universal maxim instead. 

Lets for instance examine the case of young woman X who was raped in the park in the middle of the night. She...


Vote for Athens as Europes Best Destination for 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

  For the ninth consecutive year you will be the ones to determine the ranking of the most trendy European destinations to visit in 2018. Your votes, coming from everywhere in the world, will be decisive during these three weeks of competition. Which destination will be awarded the title of Best European destination of the year? According

The post Vote for Athens as Europes Best Destination for 2018 appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


EPA: Courts should limit scope when reviewing citizen petitions under TSCA "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Fluoride case may set a precedent
Law - gavel Africa Studio - Fotolia.comIn reviewing citizen petitions for chemical regulation under the US Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), courts should only consider information originally presented to the EPA in administrative proceedings, the agency has argued.
The EPA made the argument in connection with a lawsuit brought by a group of NGOs demanding that the agency ban the addition of fluoride to drinking water. This case could end up setting precedent for how the judiciary handles citizen petitions under TSCA, and may also have implications for a separate legal dispute over the EPAs implementation of TSCAs risk evaluation mandates.
In a December ruling, the court rejected both the agencys request to dismiss the case and its contention that citizen petitions must address all potential conditions of use, rather than demanding action against one use of a chemical.
The administrative action underlying the case is the EPAs February 2017 ...


House of Lords "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Photo of Lord Smith of LeighLord Smith of Leigh Labour

.........Although health and social care needs more money, the fundamental problems are such that we cannot just put more money in. We need to change the NHS from being an ill-health service, which, on the whole, it does pretty well, to a proper health service. I wonder whether anyone has read the recent report on childrens dental health. We are spending money on repairing and replacing childrens teeth instead of simply getting them to clean their teeth. Yesterdays Times reported on lifestyles which are likely to cause long-term problems. People will be four or more times likely to develop chronic conditions by the time they get to 65, and that will mean more pressure on the NHS. Unless we put more effort and energy into prevention and early ...


Film Review: Detroit "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Director: Kathryn Bigelow Released August 2017 143 min Reviewed by William Boyer The misnamed film Detroit is more about a triple slaying by police than the citys 1967 Rebellion. It first opened in the Motor City in July, and then nationwide 50 years to the day of the final riot fatality, a firefighter electrocuted trying to


Uncle Sam dumps the Kurds (yet again) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

[This article was written for the Unz Review] The drama which is unfolding in northern Syria is truly an almost ideal case to fully assess how weak and totally dysfunctional


Syrian War Report January 25, 2018: Syrian Army Prepares To Clear Abu al-Duhur Pocket "IndyWatch Feed Europe" The Syrian military is deploying reinforcements to northern Hama and eastern Idlib reportedly preparing to launch a military operation to clear the militant-held pocket there. According to pro-government sources,

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Thursday, 25 January


Hours after the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Hours after the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France hundreds of people spontaneously came together in Berlin in front of the French embassy. 01/07/2015.
#berlin #france #charliehebdo #attack #terror #vigil #sadness #reportage #blackandwhite #photojournalism #documentary #journalism


Hours after the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Hours after the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France hundreds of people spontaneously came together in Berlin in front of the French embassy. 01/07/2015.
#berlin #france #charliehebdo #attack #terror #vigil #sadness #reportage #blackandwhite #photojournalism #documentary #journalism


Hours after the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Hours after the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, France hundreds of people spontaneously came together in Berlin in front of the French embassy.
Among them Yasmin Fahimi, General Secretary of the German social democrats (left) and the ambassador of France in Germany Phillippe Etienne (in the middle). 01/07/2015.
#berlin #france #charliehebdo #attack #terror #vigil #ambassador #spd #sadness #reportage #blackandwhite #photojournalism #documentary #journalism


Hundreds took the streets of Berlin Kreuzberg to protest for... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Hundreds took the streets of Berlin Kreuzberg to protest for democracy in Turkey. Kurds, Turks and members of left wing groups marched against the coup attempt in Turkey but also against president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 07/22/2016.
#berlin #kreuzberg #turkey #kurds #kurdistan #coup #march #demonstration #reportage #protest #blackandwhite #photojournalism #documentary #journalism


Mastercard Pushes Biometrics, Banks Soon to Follow "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Biometric authentication will be of great benefit to everyone.

Mastercard has set a deadline for widespread use of biometric identification for its services across the whole of the EU: April 2019. Mastercard Identity Check, currently available in 37 countries, enables individuals to use biometric identifiers, such as fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition, to verify their identities when using a mobile device for online shopping and banking. The technology is not mandatory for customers, but from next year it will be vigorously promoted throughout the EU and many consumers will welcome it.

The impact will be felt not just by consumers but also by most European banks, since any bank that issues or accepts Mastercard payments will have to support identification mechanisms for remote transactions, alongside existing PIN and password verification. The deadline will also apply to all contactless transactions made at terminals with a mobile device.

Citing research it carried out with Oxford University, Mastercard says that 92% of banking professionals want to introduce biometric ID. This high number shouldnt come as much of a surprise given the vast untapped value consumer data holds for banks and corporations as well the preference most banks have for electronic transactions. The study also claims that 93% of consumers would prefer biometric security to passwords, which is a surprise given the array of thorny issues biometrics throws up, including the threat it poses to privacy and anonymity and its deceptively public nature

Continue reading the article


Hambacher Forest, Germany: Barricade-eviction, and the Hambi 9 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

received 1/25/2018

9 activists in pre-trial detention, after being arrested during a barricade-eviction in the occupied Hambach Forest, Germany.
The activists are accused of obstructing the work of police officers, during the barricade eviction on Monday the 22. of January.

Arriving early in the morning, the cops were met with activists occupying blockading-infrastructure, including 2 tripods, 3 monopods, a skypod, and a 3 meter deep tunnel.

The cutting of the Hambacher Forest was officially stopped early this season, on a court-decision, postponing cutting until October 1st 2018, however the risk of eviction of the occupation is as great as ever.

The Hambi 9 would love to get mail! Exact information, including adresses and languages, can be found on the blog of ABC Rhineland.



Listening to Mattis "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Auslander for The Saker Blog I watched US Secretary of Defense General Mattis live on 19 January and Im reasonably sure a lot of us either watched him or


Association of Greek Clerics to back Macedonia protest in Athens "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The Association of Greek Clerics has thrown its considerable weight behind a rally that is set to take place in Athens on February 4th to protest ongoing negotiations between Athens and Skopje regarding the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The associations administrative council decided to endorse the rally even though Archbishop

The post Association of Greek Clerics to back Macedonia protest in Athens appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Vatican Translator: Alien God Genetically Cloned Humans, Mauro Biglino "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The author

Foto Mauro Biglino

Mauro Biglino is an Italian scholar of religious studies, for about thirty years he has been researching the so-called sacred texts, in the belief that only knowledge and direct analysis of the ancient writers message can lead to true and profound understanding of the religious thought expressed by humanity.

The linguistic and philological knowledge acquired through the study of Hebrew Masoretic manuscripts, as well as his knowledge of Latin and Greek , allowed Biglino to work as a translator for Edizioni San Paolo, the Vatican publishing house that eventually published 17 books from the Ancient Testament including Biglinos interlinear literal translations from the Stuttgartensia Bible.



After years of professional translations I started to tell on my own as I noticed in the Hebrew texts from which the Bibles that are in use for the believers. The method I decided to apply consists in focusing on the text literal meaning without proposing personal interpretations or receiving canonical exegesis. A clear and coherent framework emerges, which tells/telling us the story of an actual relationship between one people and one individual named Yahweh, who had received a mandate to deal with it. The biblical sequences read with this method reveal a story that calling into question what weve been taught and while providing hypothetical answers to questions which remain suspended. This applies to religion but also to science, a part of which is examining new hypotheses of the study and exploration that are able to open pathways that can lead to rewriting the entire history of mankind.

Mauro Biglino

The Bible is not an Holy Book is his sixth book, preceded byThere is no creation in the Bible, The Alien God of the Bible, The book that will forever change our ideas about the Bible,Resurrection Reincarnation, Roman Catholic Church and  Freemasonry.




London meets the Table Olives: Competition, Awards for Quality and Packaging "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The London meets the table Olive! The largest table olive competitions in the heart of Europe. London ITOC 2018-International Table Olive Competitions Quality awards of Table Olive Packaging awards of Table Olive PROMOTE PRODUCTS PARTICIPATING IN COMPETITIONS Table olive marketing strategists agree that brand awareness in any industry gives that company an edge.

The post London meets the Table Olives: Competition, Awards for Quality and Packaging appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Turkey invades Afrin: the Kurds lose again "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

By Aram Mirzaei for The Saker Blog After weeks of belligerent rhetoric and preparations, Turkey finally invaded Afrin last week. It came as no surprise that Turkey would go for


The Presidents Club - Here Comes the Israeli Connection "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Two out of the three Presidents Clubs trusties are intrinsically associated with Israeli charities!

Two out of the three Presidents Clubs trusties are intrinsically associated with Israeli charities!


Britain is outraged and disgusted by the revelations regarding the Presidents Club annual charity dinner. The appalling gathering and its organisers were denounced by every media outlet and political body.

Madison Marriage, the Financial Times reporter who worked at the event, said she and "numerous other hostesses" were groped at the event.


She said that the 130 hostesses were told to wear skimpy black outfits with matching underwear and high heels and also that they could drink alcohol while working.

On the face of it, British media seems to do its job, it empathically covers the story of some of the hostesses, it covers the unfolding political outrage, but there is one thing British media works hard to conceal.  A quick look at the Presidents Clubs official  charity commissions web page reveals that two out of the three trustees of the charity are  intrinsically associated with Israel. Mr David Robert Meller is a trustee  for the Tel Aviv Universiity charity as well as The British Friends Of The Jaffa Institute.  Mr Harvey Soning is connected with Youth Aliyah - Child Rescue, he is also a trustee of  ...


Sailing with local passenger ship in the Cyclades by 9 Beaufort (video) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Passengers and crew of ship Artemis had a hard time due to the gale strong winds blowing in the Aegean Sea with an intensity of up to 9 Beaufort. The vessel operating among the island group of Cyclades was sailing from the island of Milos to Kimolos, Folegandros, Sikinos, Ios, Naxos, Paros and Syros. When

The post Sailing with local passenger ship in the Cyclades by 9 Beaufort (video) appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


New Greek Animal Protection Law to give Municipalities the power to do what they want with strays "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greeces Ministry of Rural Development plans several modifications in the Animals Protection Law of 2012. The aim of the ministry is reportedly the improved animal management especially by local municipalities and the reduction of  the number of strays. Many details about the legislation that is expected to be uploaded for public dialogue beginning of February

The post New Greek Animal Protection Law to give Municipalities the power to do what they want with strays appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Want to know why Brexit is turning into such a shambles? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A National Audit Office report has found that Liam Fox's Department for International Trade is so unfit to secure post-Brexit trade deals that even after 19 months they haven't even defined "the range of capabilities and level of capacity it will require to undertake its role in delivering an independent UK trade function". Additionally they were only able to name a single person when asked to provide a list of the experienced trade negotiators they've been able to hire since the Brexit vote.

Things are even worse at David Davis' Department for Exiting the EU which is the is the most chaotic and chronically understaffed department of the most shambolic government the UK has suffered in decades.

The reason these departments are such a mess is obvious: What experienced civil servant or trade negotiator would want to have either of these two incompetent self-serving blaggers as their boss?

Working in either of these departments means continually defending whatever pathetic nonsense/lies/boasts/excuses that Fox or Davis are spewing at the time, then having your entire career tainted by association with the resulting mess once they inevitably screw it all up (and likely blame their subordinates rather than taking any responsibility whatever for their own shortcomings).


[Book Review] Anarchist Encounters. Russia in Revolution. Edited by A.W. Zurbrugg (London: Anarres Editions -Merlin Press, 2017) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

anarchistencountersrusrev.jpegWith the occasion of the recent centenary of the Russian Revolution of October, 1917, Anthony Zurbrugg has edited a wonderful contribution to our understanding of those turbulent times. What we found in this collection of reports put together by Zurbrugg, are testimonies written by anarchists who visited the USSR in the crucial years of 1920-1921.


Les tats en guerre contre les peuples subiront la dfaite "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

df0c1da5b22e4a8fbe74d256ebb68e2a_2.jpgAfrn appartient aux peuples dAfrn. Les peuples vivant dans le canton dAfrn sont ns sur ces terres et vont mourir sur celles-ci. Vivre l-bas na rien voir avec un quelconque plan ou programme. Ils ne vivent pas dans le canton dAfrn dans un but stratgique. Afrn, pour eux, est leau, le pain, la nourriture, le jeu, lhistoire, lamiti, la camaraderie, lamour, la rue, la maison, le voisinage. Mais pour ltat, ce nest quune stratgie. Une stratgie dnue de souci pour la terre dAfrn ou ses peuples. [] [][] []


Hundreds to protest against outsourcing at University of London "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Hundreds of people are expected to protest today at the University of Londons Senate House demanding an end to outsourcing of Unis essential staff.  The protest is organised by the Independent Workers Union of Great Britains (IWGB): the biggest union at the University of Londons central administration buildings. IWGB has launched its Back in-House campaign in September


Lagarde claims The IMF was vastly misunderstood on Greeces pensions cuts "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Pensions in Greece were too high and had to be regulated, Managing director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, said at the world Economic Forum in Davos on Wednesday. To cut pensions was a difficult political dilemma  she added. In case of Greece, pensions were significantly higher than in any other EU state, regardless

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WATCH: Israeli government minister Miri Regev publishes a video of herself smiling as she is embraced by people chanting and calling for the genocide of Palestinians "IndyWatch Feed Europe"



Ferries, ships remain docked due to gale winds in the Aegean Sea "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Gale winds blowing with intensity of up to 9 Beaufort have disrupted sea traffic on Thursday morning with the effect that authorities decided to keep ferries and ships docked at the ports. Ferries and ships are not allowed to depart for the Aegean Sea from the ports of Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio in Attica.  Also

The post Ferries, ships remain docked due to gale winds in the Aegean Sea appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Halklarla Savaan Devletler Kaybedecek "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Afrin Halk KazanacakAfrin, Afrinlilerindir. Afrinde yaayan halklar, bu topraklarda lm ve bu topraklarda domulardr. Orada yaamak, herhangi bir planla programla alakal deildir. Bir strateji olarak Afrinde deillerdir. Afrin onlar iin su, ekmek , a, oyun, yk, arkada, dost, sevgili, sokak, ev, mahalledir. Devlet iinse sadece bir stratejidir. Afrin ve Afrinlileri umursamayan bir strateji.


Basildon: Study of a tower killing "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The slow death of public residential blocks and resurrection as luxury apartments is well documented in the major cities, but as The Stirrer notes, market town councils are busily trying to emulate the poisonous process nationwide. The regeneration of Basildon town centre has been under discussion for a number of years now accompanied by the

Gold Standards "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

In a satirical spirit, the North Yorks Enquirer presents the one hundred and twenty-seventh in a continuing series of so-called Photoons cartoons developed from digital photographs highlighting the more amusing aspects of current affairs in North Yorkshire and far beyond.

Readers are left to place the protagonists in the context of news articles.



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FYROM PM Zaev announces first steps towards Macedonia name solution "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A high level meeting between Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his counterpart from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Zoran Zaev on the margins of the World Economic Forum in Davos showed that both sides are keen to finally solve the name dispute. In the joint press conference that followed the 2-hour meeting both

The post FYROM PM Zaev announces first steps towards Macedonia name solution appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


VIDEO: Muh Holocaust!! VP Mike Pence Visits Yad Vashem "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A speech to the Israeli Knesset isnt enough for Shabbos Goy Mike Pence. To add insult to injury, he goes to play his part in perpetuating one of the biggest lies in history. This traitor knows no bounds!




The end of French artistry: Labor capitalism comes to France in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Ramin Mazaheri for the Saker blog The French dont want to think of themselves as miniature capitalists: they want to think of themselves as artists. Or at least artisans.


Max Hastings: My Lai "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

This is as thorough an account as we are ever likely to have of this defining act of military barbarism. If its concluding passages fail to provide a wholly satisfactory closure, that is probably because no closure is attainable. We hate to be brought face to face with the fact that Western soldiers, poorly led and operating in a climate of endemic racial contempt, are capable of acting as appallingly as the Germans who murdered Jews and other captives in the Second World War. As the US Marine sergeant said to Phil Caputo in 1965, young men of all nationalities are capable of doing unspeakably cruel, barbaric things, if their commanders allow them.

Lorna Finlayson: Can the law be feminist? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The difference between Catharine MacKinnon and a typical pro-war American feminist is that MacKinnon has a far bleaker view of the condition of women in Western countries. As she sees it, they need more than top-level representation in the form of a female president, for example to perfect their equality. They are systemically brutalised in a society that refuses even to recognise what is going on. This raises the question of whether America, too, might be a legitimate target of humanitarian intervention. But that doesnt seem to be what MacKinnon has in mind when she asks: Will the marines never land for them?

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Wednesday, 24 January


Thousands attended a rally in front of the seat of the German... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Thousands attended a rally in front of the seat of the German parliament to protest against the conquer of Aleppo, Syria by the regime, Russian forces and allied militias. A humanitarian desaster and mass murder is feared by the Syrian opposition. 12/17/2016.
#berlin #syria #freesyria #aleppo #save_aleppo #russia #rally #demonstration #reportage #blackandwhite #photojournalism #documentary #journalism


#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite#dailylife #secure #social


Raise your voice! Kurds held a rally in front of... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Raise your voice!
Kurds held a rally in front of the German parliament in Berlin to protest against the ongoing attacks by Turkeys army on Northern-Syrian and Kurdish Afrin (Efrin). The activists shouted against Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and urged the international community to stop the attacks. 01/24/2018.
#berlin #kurds #kurdistan #syria #afrin #efrin #turkey #ypg #attack #rally #demonstration #reportage #blackandwhite #photojournalism #documentary #journalism


Tsipras in Davos: Turkey is an aggressive neighbor blames austerity policies for rise of racism and nationalism in Europe "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Speaking at a panel discussion in Davos, Switzerland, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras described Turkey as an aggressive neighbor. Addressing the migration crisis, he blamed austerity policies for the rise of racism and nationalism in Europe. His European partners couldnt always appreciate the challenges of living with an aggressive neighbor such as Turkey, the Greek

The post Tsipras in Davos: Turkey is an aggressive neighbor blames austerity policies for rise of racism and nationalism in Europe appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


London College of Communication in occupation again "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Today the students from UAL London College of Communication re-occupied the LCC campus in Elephant and Castle. The action follows the campus occupation from 15th January. The students protest against UAL partnering with international development company Delancey to gentrify the campus, Elephant and Castle shopping centre, and surrounding areas. Despite of UAL workers, unions, academics


Lucky Pence "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

pece _edited-1.jpg Share

Reported by Gilad Atzmon

According to Times of Israel former British chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks helped US Vice President Mike Pence write his Monday address to the Knesset.

A source with knowledge of the speech-writing process said Rabbi Sacks provided input and editorial suggestions on various drafts throughout the writing process.

As we are learning from the American press that the White House has lost contact with the Palestinian leadership, maybe the Palestinian should save time, cut the goy in the middle and just negotiate directly with Rabbi Sacks.


Soundbite and fury "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Its a thankless business, this opining-on-the-internet malarky. Call me the thinking mans Katie Hopkins but I expected to be taken to task over the minor divergence of opinion between the proprietors of this blog regarding the Rob Burley / Dan Hodges contretemps. In the event, zilch.  Does no-one care?

To recap; it was a close-run thing, but I sided with Burley, whereas Craig was more inclined towards the Hodges camp.  The nub of the matter was whether Andrew Marr had caved in by not playing the infamous lynch-gate audio clip at John McDonnells behest. Of course, if Andrew Marr had indeed caved in with the dishonourable intention of concealing an incriminating piece of evidence, (take that as non-disclosure) that would indeed have been a serious breach of the BBCs guidelines. But since the actual clip did not shed much light on whether John McDonnell told the anecdote approvingly or not, there wouldnt have been much point in exposing it yet again to people with agendas like me. It was almost as if John McDonnells no need remark showed that he was resigned to all the potential fall-out from this embarrassing outing.  

I think Im saying that Andrew Marrs silliest mistake was appearing to cave in, but in reality his decision not to play the clip was completely defensible. Anyway, my bigger point is that when a fake, distorted or out-of-context soundbite is seized upon, left to metamorphose into a mantra and subsequently used as a verbal sledge-hammer to shut-down ones opponent, it must be called out for what it is - tricksy nonsense. 

The BBC mustnt accept quick-fix sound-bites as a substitute for the intelligent tenacious scrutiny one expects from all those quick-thinking, well informed, highly paid scrutineers that the Beeb is bulging with.

Here are some examples. 
The Bus 
 Did the Leave campaign promise 350 million a week (or whatever it was) to the NHS?  Not exactly. But its ok for opponents of Brexit to simply say Red Bus and the dragon is slain. Just like that. Drop dead, Leavers! You havent got a leg to stand on. Now that Ive said Bus the games up.  See what I mean? An instant silencing tool and all-purpose cosh for the convenience of the lazy and the vindictive.

Of course w...


ECB Draghi calls for full geographical coverage of foreclosures across Greece "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The president of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, has called for full geographical coverage of foreclosures across Greece. In a letter to European Parliament Member Nikos Chountis, Draghi said that while Greek authorities have made welcome progress in recent weeks to speed up foreclosures and help banks reduce their huge pile of nonperforming loans,

The post ECB Draghi calls for full geographical coverage of foreclosures across Greece appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


The War on Men (and women, and kids, and families and nature and even God imnsho!) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Paul Joseph Watson clearly knows as much about Communism as he knows about Islam: nothing.  But in his observations of what is going on in the US society, he is


When it comes to Davos, its inequality, stupid "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Pepe Escobar (cross-posted with the Asia Times by special agreement with the author) For billions of people, the Groucho Marx rule applies when talking about Davos. This is the


Pyramid island Keros in the Aegean reveals its stunning prehistoric secrets "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Keros has been long famous for its flat-faced Cycladic marble statues. Latest excavations on the island reveal that the ancient inhabitants had an advanced system of plumbing long before the Mycenaeans built it in the palace of Knossos. Around 4,500 years ago, ancient engineers and workers terraced the little island of Keros in the Cyclades

The post Pyramid island Keros in the Aegean reveals its stunning prehistoric secrets appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


"IndyWatch Feed Europe"

daf04.jpg DAF
, Afrin, , . , , Afrin. , . . . . . `...


Snow on Mount Parnitha in outskirts of Athens as icy cold weather has (video) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

When icy cold weather has Greece in its grip, Mount Parnitha cannot be the exception. With temperature at -3  degrees Celsius at 2 o clock in the afternoon and at -6 C at night and north winds blowing with intensity of  6 Beaufort, no wonder the mountain in the outskirts of Athens is covered with

The post Snow on Mount Parnitha in outskirts of Athens as icy cold weather has (video) appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Baby boy alone at home when fire breaks out in apartment in Athens "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Fire fighters were shocked to find a baby boy alone in an apartment on fire in downtown Athens in the early morning hours of Wednesday. The 14-month-old boy has been transferred to a childrens hospital where it remains intubated and in critical condition. Authorities investigate to raise charges against the mother. The fire broke out

The post Baby boy alone at home when fire breaks out in apartment in Athens appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


BWQ: BacTrack Yorkshire Water Report Fingers McCAIN "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

BWQ: BacTrack Yorkshire Water Report Fingers McCAIN

  • an In My View article by NIGEL WARD, introducing readers to the conclusions of the BacTrac bathing water report to Yorkshire Water.


Readers who have followed with interest the Enquirers coverage of the long-running controversy over the loss of the Scarborough South (and now) North Bay Blue Flag Awards may be unsurprised by the Conclusions presented in the recently released (in response to an EIR 2004 request) May 2017 Final Report to Yorkshire Water Services Ltd the BacTrack analysis of Scarborough North and South bathing waters.

Interestingly, the data analysed was collected between early June and the beginning of October, suggesting (as has been suggested elsewhere) that dog faeces is unlikely to have made a significant contribution to the second of BacTracks bullet-pointed categories (The unknown sources possibly faeces deposited on the beach), given that dogs are banned from the South Bay monitoring point between 1st May and 30th September.

Seagulls, of course, defecate onto beaches all around the country, all year round, without preventing then from being awarded a Blue Flag.

The BacTrack Report is a clear vindication of the suspicions raised by Enquirer contributors over the past fifteen months.

Earlier in the Report, it is explicitly confirmed that It is clear that McCains is consistently a primary source of Enterococci in the bathing water.

The accompanying graphic (showing the McCAIN contribution in maroon) tells its own story:



Where the richest and the poorest Greeks live: Per Capita GDP per Region "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The average Gross Domestic Product per capita has decreased at 16,294 in 2015 recording a decline of  0.7% when compared to 2014. At the same time, the richest Greeks live in the prefecture of Attica around Athens, despite the continuing recession. According to Greek Statistics authority ELSTAT, the richest region in Greece is Attica

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The Banality of Good (part 1) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

the banality of good.jpg Share

Clara S & Gilad Atzmon


The following is the first segment of fearless eight parts exchange between German Left voice Clara S and ex Israeli Jazz artist Gilad Atzmon. We spoke about  Israel, Palestine, the Holocaust, peace and delusion, Left and Right, the meaning of the past and the prospect of a future within the context of the current identitarian dystopia. 

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding (Albert Einstein)

In cases of doubt stay coherent! (Kurt Flasch, German philosopher and historian) 

 Growing up


Clara:   What does the Holocaust mean to you?

Gilad: This is pretty loaded question. The answer is undoubtedly a multilayered one.

Clara:   So lets have a look at the layers and loads in this conversation. How did the Holocaust come into your life?

Gilad: I grew up in Israel, I was surrounded by people with tattooed forearms; some of them were members of my family.

Clara:   So the Holocaust was part of your reality from the day you were born?

Gilad: That is hard for me to say although it was clearly there. But I do not think that we, Israelis born in the 1960s, were that concerned about the Holocaust.  Both my parents were born in Palestine. On my fathers side, my great great grandfather was buried on Mount Olive.  My wife probably sees it differently. Both her parents lived in Europe during the war and suffered a lot. 

Still the Israeli society in which I grew up looked down on Holocaust survivors. They were seen as weak diaspora characters, people who werent quick enough to respond to the Jewish National...


Police union criticizes government for using officers to protect notaries during foreclosures "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greeces government has decided to deploy policemen to protect notary offices during the electronic property auctions. However, the union of police officers reject the plans saying that protecting notaries while they are implementing such negative policies creates tensions between police and the public. While the government supposedly cares about improving polices good relations with the

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NZ - Editorial: Christchurch's water safety move is vital but why the delay? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel, left, and Canterbury medical officer of health Alistair Humphrey tell media about the ...
Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel, left, and Canterbury medical officer of health Alistair Humphrey tell media about the need to add chlorine to water.
EDITORIAL: In the wake of the Havelock North crisis, when thousands were affected and at least four people were killed by contaminated drinking water, it is no great surprise to learn that the Christchurch City Council is considering temporary chlorination of the city's water. Instead, the surprise came when it was revealed that the council took more than a month to tell the public. 
As Mayor Lianne Dalziel explained at a media conference on Tuesday, the pivotal report from the Canterbury Water Assessor landed at council in the middle of the afternoon on Friday, December 22. Council must have been as good as closed for the year because the report "wasn't brought to high enough attention in the organisation", as Dalziel said. 


A Full-Blown War in Ukraine Between Russia, US and NATO Creeps Closer "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A new draft law adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament and awaiting Petro Poroshenkos signature threatens to escalate the Ukrainian conflict into a full-blown war, pitting nuclear-armed Russia against the United States and NATO.

By Gilbert Doctorow and cross-posted from Consortium News

While much of Americas and the worlds attention focused this weekend reflecting on Donald Trumps first year in the Oval Office, holding one-year anniversary events for the historic Womens March and drawing up balance sheets of his promises and achievements, Russia has had a rather different issue on the front-burner: a possible war with Ukraine.

The situation in the Donbass region of south-eastern Ukraine has been a feature of Russias political talk shows for the past couple years, along with the military campaign in Syria and more recently the stages in the preparation for presidential elections on March 18.

Focus on the Donbass conflict increased in the closing weeks of 2017 as military action on the front lines separating the forces of the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk enjoying Russian support from Ukrainian militias and armed forces reached an intensity not seen for more than a year. This is despite the heralded exchange of military prisoners by both sides before New Years under talks supervised by the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Kirill.

Then, this past Thursday came a wholly new development a draft law passed by the Ukrainian Parliament that could effectively end Kievs participation in the conflict resolution process known as the Minsk Accords. Although observers in the United States and Western Europe may have missed it, many Russians believe this development amounts to a declaration of war.

Dmitri Kiselyov, head of all Russian television and radio news services, offered a sober analysis of the emotionally charged development on his Sunday evening news wrap-up today.

According to Kiselyov, the new law, which awaits Poroshenkos signature, makes preparations for war and includes language indicating a bellicose new approach to the conflict. The mission in Donbass is no longer described as an anti-terrorist operation. Rather, the mission now is to send armed forces against military formations of the Russian Federation in Donbass.

Military headquarters are established to coordinate the operation to be waged in Donbass. While up until now the self-declared republics of Donetsk and Lugansk were considered under the Minsk Accords as negotiating parties, now there are only occupation administrations of the Russian Federation on these territories, with Russia identified as an aggressor.



Thousands Kurds marched through Berlins district Wedding... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Thousands Kurds marched through Berlins district Wedding in solidarity with Northern-Syrian and Kurdish Kobane. The city of Kobane was under attack by Daesh (ISIS) and successfully defended by Kurdish YPG/YPJ.
Wedding ist a stronghold of Turkish nationalists and radical Salafists in Berlin so the tensions were high during the protest. 10/18/2014.
#berlin #kurd #kurdistan #kobane #savekobane #rojava #syria #ypg #ypj #protest #demonstration #blackandwhite #photojournalism #reportage #documentary #journalism


Turkey submits third extradition request for the 8 Turkish soldiers "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Turkey has filed one more extradition request claiming it had new evidence about the involvement of the 8 Turkish soldiers in the failed coup of July 2016.  The file was was given to Greek officials during the visit of Turkish Deputy Justice Minister Bilal Ucar in Athens on Tuesday. We want extradition of the eight

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The AngloZionist family goes on a stroll "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

This fantastic cartoon was sent to me by a friend who saw it on Moon of Alabama.  I did some looking around and the original might well be from here,


Los estados en guerra contra el pueblo perdern "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

df0c1da5b22e4a8fbe74d256ebb68e2a_1.jpgAfrin pertenece a los pueblos de Afrin. Los pueblos que han vivido en Afrin nacieron en estas tierras y murieron en estas tierras. Vivir all no est relacionado con ningn plan o programa. No estn en Afrin como parte de una estrategia. Afrin, para ellos es agua, pan, comida, juego, historia, amistades, compaeros/as, amantes, calle, hogar, barrio. Pero para el estado, es solo una estrategia. Una estrategia a la que no le importa Afrin o los pueblos de Afrin.

[] [] [] []


Rojava: Mensaje urgente de un compaero anarquista en Afrin "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

sk_2.jpgEl ejrcito de Erdogan y sus brbaros aliados (a saber, el Ejrcito Sirio Libre respaldado por Turqua / TFSA y el llamado Ejrcito Nacional Sirio / SNA) invadieron 4 aldeas exteriores y 4 puntos defensivos en la regin de Afrin. Se estn moviendo realmente muy lento. Tienen poder areo y armas ms superiores que nosotros, pero nuestra lnea de defensa se esta follando a los erdoganistas y a la moral de sus terroristas sirios. Los aviones de combate de Erdogan bombardean puntos en blanco. Sus unidades de operaciones especiales temen moverse hacia el centro de la ciudad de Afrin. Nuestra ltima lnea de defensa puede sobrevivir al menos 4 meses. Pero s, desafortunadamente, si no contamos con apoyo internacional, los erdoganistas pueden invadir Afrin. Pero ser un gran caos para ellos. El ejrcito erdoganista sufrir!


States In War With Peoples Will Lose "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

df0c1da5b22e4a8fbe74d256ebb68e2a.jpgAfrin belongs to the peoples of Afrin. Peoples living in Afrin were born in these lands and died in these lands. Living there is not related with any plans or programs. They are not in Afrin as part of a strategy. Afrin, for them is water, bread, food, play, story, friend, mate, lover, street, home, neighborhood. But for state, it is only a strategy. A strategy that does not care about Afrin or peoples of Afrin. [] [] [] []


Ursula Le Guin dies aged 88 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

One of the most influential writers of her generation, author of possibly the most famous anarchist science fiction ever penned, Le Guin passed away at home after a short illness. While many will remember her for the Earthsea series, The Dispossessed was perhaps Le Guins most enduring work for anarchists, a deep, nuanced and beautifully


#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite #dailylife #waiting

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Tuesday, 23 January


Barcelona Rental Market Is Out of Control "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Rents up 50% since 2013, wages go nowhere, a third of residents earn less than 1,000/month.

For the first time in over a decade, I spent a few days last week flat hunting. It was not for my own benefit but rather to provide moral support to a close friend of mine whos looking to rent a place in the same central Barcelona neighborhood where my wife and I live, Fort Pienc. The experience was a depressing one for the both of us. Not only is my friend almost certainly priced out of this highly gentrified neck of the woods, but my wife and I could also find ourselves in the same predicament the next time our contract is up, in three-and-a-half years time.

When we moved to this once staunchly middle class neighborhood way back in 2006, just before the collapse of Spains crazy housing bubble unleashed a surge in demand for rental properties, you could rent a decent three-bedroom apartment (with one of the bedrooms so tiny its barely large enough for a bed) for between 800 and 900 a month. Todays prices are almost double that and Barcelonas rental market is now so skewed in the sellers favor that flat hunting has become a deeply demoralizing, if not humiliating, experience for all but the richest renters.

Despite a moderate slowdown in prices resulting from the recent political uncertainty in Catalonia, rents in Barcelona have still risen by around 50% since 2013, with the result that more and more local people are getting priced out of the market. But its not just the price of rents that are prohibitive; so, too, are the upfront fees and deposits tenants have to pay

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At the first anniversary of his murder a picture of Boris... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

At the first anniversary of his murder a picture of Boris Nemtsov was pinned at a tree in front of the embassy of Russia in Berlin during a vigil by some dozen activists. 02/27/2016.
#berlin #russia #embassy #vigil #murder #borisnemtsov #opposition #blackandwhite #photojournalism #reportage #documentary #journalism


Christianity and Judaism "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Dear friends, Today I am posting the full translation of an amazingly interesting text Christianity and Judaism on the issue of the historical role of the Jewish people


Police Self-Investigators are Doorstepping Spycops Victims "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

This is a repost from Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance Once again, police self-investigations have been contacting activists who were spied on, asking for co-operation. The latest activity centres around Operation Sparkler/Operation Nitrogen, which is examining evidence that undercover police officer Bob Lambert planted incendiary devices in the Harrow branch of Debenhams in 1987. Lambert was one of a group

Monday, 22 January

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