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Thursday, 16 November


FBI investigates Russias Embassy bank account "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Scott Humor As defined in various civil rights acts and  codes of civil crimes and offenses,  the crime of harassment takes places when actions are committed with intent to


The Next Italian Bank Threatens to Topple "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Sharp Dose of Deja Vu for Italys Teetering Banks.

In a speech that did little to soothe investors nerves, Italys finance minister said yesterday that he was strangely optimistic about Italys economic outlook. Senior eurocrats in Brussels are far from convinced. Italys accounts are not improving, blasted European Commission Vice-President Jyrki Katainen at a press conference yesterday.

The financial situation in Italy, according to Katainen, is due to get worse with Italys deficit in 2018 now predicted to be 3.5 billion more than previously stated by Paolo Gentilonis administration in the spring. The only thing I can say in my name is that all Italians should know what the real economic situation in Italy is, he said.

That real economic situation includes the fragile health of the nations banking system which continues to teeter on the edge despite the controversial rescue last summer of Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS) and the resolution of the Popolare di Vicenza and Veneto Banca, which left over 40,000 businesses in Italys wealthy Veneto region starved of credit.

Its pretty clear that investor concerns about the health of Italys toxic debt-laden banking system have not been put to rest. Todays developments will hardly have helped steady nerves after mid-sized lender Carige, with assets of 26 billion, scuttled a capital increase demanded by European authorities when it failed to get the backing of a banking consortium led by Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, and Barclays to underwrite the deal

Continue reading the article

Filed under: Brussels Business, Central Banking, Italy Banking Crisis


Hassan Nasrallah: are Saudi Arabia and Israel preparing a war against Hezbollah? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Speech of Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, on November 5th, 2017, after the resignation of Lebanons Prime Minister Saad Hariri source: Transcript: [] My speech tonight will be


Boom Bang a Bang "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Has this ever happened to you? You're enjoying a nice nap at work when someone in your office suddenly shouts 'Boom!' and wakes you from your happy slumbers?

Well, it must be like that many a night at the BBC - at least according to The Sun who splashed today with the 'TV scandal' that BBC News Channel staff are snoozing the night away at BBC licence fee payers' expense. 

A BBC snitch told The Sun that "during a 12-hour night shift some staff do around an hour of work" and sent them a dozen or so photos of BBC staff 'sending exclusive reports from the Land of Nod', so to speak. 

Sir Peter Bone MP (and, one presumes, Mrs Bone too) is aghast.

The BBC hasn't taken this lying down - or slumped over their desks fast asleep either. BBC staff have taken to Twitter en masse to mock The Sun and the BBC Press Office has re-tweeted that poll graphic about trust again, with a Sun-baiting tweak: 

Alas, not one person (not even a BBC editor) ever bothered to shout 'Boom!' when I wrote a truly s...


Schlechte Nachrichten, ihr sexistischen Kackscheie-Suhlschweine: ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Schlechte Nachrichten, ihr sexistischen Kackscheie-Suhlschweine: Your company's Slack is probably sexist.

Wer sich jetzt denkt: Da fehlt aber noch das man-spreading und das mansplaining fr die Klischee-Trifecta, fr den habe ich gute Nachrichten!

For the discourse style to shift toward female, the group has to be over 60% women, and include an active female moderator, Spender found in her studies. Otherwise, she says, digital man-spreading prevails.

While most of the men I queried said they dont believe gender influences Slack behavior, some actively work to prevent mansplaining, and promote womens ideas.


Syrian War Report November 16, 2017: Fierce Fighting Erupts In Eastern Ghouta "IndyWatch Feed Europe" If youre able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldnt be possible without your help: PayPal: or via: or via: On November 15, Ahrar


Why are the BBC ignoring the shocking death toll that comes with Tory austerity dogma? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Just imagine the howls of outrage in the mainstream media if the British Medical Journal had published a study that showed that the policies of a Labour government had led to 120,000 deaths, which were described as "economic murder" by one of the study co-authors.

The British Medical Journal have published such a report, but the conclusion is that the excess 120,000 deaths are the result of massive ideologically driven Tory cuts to the NHS and social care system.

Co-author Professor Lawrence King of the Applied Health Research Unit at Cambridge University said that "it is now very clear that austerity does not promote growth or reduce deficits it is bad economics, but good class politics". He added that the results of the study show that the Tories have overseen "a public health disaster" and claimed that "it is not an exaggeration to call it economic murder".

The report also suggests that without a significant increase in health spending there could be an additional 150,000 excess deaths between 2015 and 2020.

150,000 excess deaths is an awful lot of to imagine, so to put it into perspective, this report suggests that Tory austerity dogma comes with a death toll the equivalent of a September 11th 2001 scale terrorist attack every single month for five punishing years.



'Scary' "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Some say she resigned, but never mind. Its good that the BBC reported it, even if they had to cast doubt on it even as they said it. 

Presumably the timorous use of scare quotes is to indicate that it was reported speech rather than an accidental value-judgement on the part of the 'reporter'.
A potential Labour councillor has been removed from the candidate list after being accused of being anti-Semitic.
Nasreen Khan was hoping to stand in next year's Bradford council elections.
The party removed Ms Khan after investigating claims reported on the Jewish News website about comments it said she posted on Facebook in 2012.
The BBC has contacted Ms Khan for comment. Labour said it "condemns all anti-Semitism in the strongest possible terms.

I cant help noticing that the BBC is careful to tell us that the claims (of antisemitism) were reported on the Jewish News website, using the distancing framework:   
about comments it said she posted on Facebook in 2012.

Well, it, being the Jewish News,  would say that, wouldnt they? - as would the Labour Party when it said:
"it condemns all anti-Semitism in the strongest possible terms.


Three metro stations in Athens to close to public Nov 17/2017 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Three Metro stations in downtown Athens will be closed for security reasons on Friday, November 17 2017. Metro station will cost at 3 pm, and at 5 pm. The wagons will pass through but they will not stop at these stations. The metro stations will open again when the march to commemorate

The post Three metro stations in Athens to close to public Nov 17/2017 appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


The invisible victims: Appeal for help for surviving strays in the flash floods of West Attica "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

It was heartbreaking to watch the dogs of a missing man, probably buried under tons of mud and rubble in the basement of a house Mandra, the area most affected by the deadly flash floods in West Attica.  Fire brigades and rescue teams have been tirelessly trying since Wednesday afternoon to remove the rubble and

The post The invisible victims: Appeal for help for surviving strays in the flash floods of West Attica appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


The Daily Beast- Innocent Rabbi attacked by an Antisemite Lioness in Africa (video) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A story brought to you by Gilad Atzmon

Everyone's favorite Yiddish sage, Artie Fishel, and the Rabbi Yehuda Meshi Zahav make friends with lions in South Africa. Or, do they? Share

We learn from the Israeli press that rabbi Yehuda Meshi Zahav, was lightly injured after being attacked by a racist white supremacist lioness while on tour in South Africa.

For the first time in my life I felt fear, and the power of the lioness, Rabbi Meshi said  before the bigoted Jew hating  beast suddenly turned and attacked him.

As I was  showing off to the camera presenting the harmonious  relationships between us, the chosen people, and the animal's royal family, the meshugina lioness changed her mind all of a sudden.  She  "knocked me down and I couldnt fall, because if I had fallen, she would consider me a gefiltefish, and this would be the end. Rabbi Meshi explained to Yiddishe Geographic. Then everyone started hitting her with lulavs and their tzitzis and the terrorist lioness bailed for her life.

Maybe Jews and Lions aren't a perfect match after all, the Rabbi concluded. 

We also learned from the London Zionist outlet,  The Daily Kvetch that Campaign Against Antisemitsm's  Gideon Falter and enforcement commissar  Stephen Silverstein vowed to travel to Africa and trace the bigoted lion as soon as they finish their business with prince Charles and princes Chabloz..

CAA in Africa

CAA in Africa


Infrastrukturapokalypse in Berlin: Ein massiver Wasserrohbruch ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Infrastrukturapokalypse in Berlin:

Ein massiver Wasserrohbruch in Berlin-Lichtenberg untersplt Straen, behindert Autos und legt den ffentlichen Nahverkehr lahm. Die Feuerwehr ist im Groeinsatz.


Powerful Metropolit Amvrosios to stand trial for incite hate against gays "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The Metropolit of Kalavryta and Aegialeia, Amvrosios, is to stand trial in March next year for inciting hate and violence against the gay community.  A prosecutor accepted the lawsuit filed against Amvrosios by nine citizens who are reportedly gay. In 2015, Metropolit Amvrosios lashed out at homosexuals writing on his website Spit on them! Deprecate

The post Powerful Metropolit Amvrosios to stand trial for incite hate against gays appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Protest takes London Mayor to task on climate promises "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Mayors Question Time was occupied by protesters this morning, who confronted Sadiq Khan for skipping out on election pledges to found a fuel energy utility for London and divest the city pension fund from fossil fuels. Around 50 people from groups including the Greater London Pensioners Association, Fuel Poverty Action and Switched On interrupted the


Shadow Foreign Secretary backs down over BBC Panorama links to al-Qaeda and ISIS "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry has retreated from pursuing concerns that BBC licence fee revenue may have been paid to al-Qaeda and ISIS linked jihadi group Ahrar al-Sham.

On 19 August I emailed Ms Thornberry observing that BBC reporter Ian Pannell and cameraman Darren Conway had apparently employed Ahrar al-Sham militants as security during the filming of the 2013 Panorama special Saving Syrias Children.

As noted in my recent presentation for Frome Stop War (from 15:18 below), Ahrar al-Sham was co-founded by one of Osama bin Ladens most trusted couriers, Mohamed Bahaiah. Bahaiah is suspected by Spanish investigators of delivering surveillance tapes of the World Trade Centre to al-Qaedas senior leadership in Afghanistan in 1998.

Less than three weeks before filming on Saving Syrias Children began Ahrar al-Sham were, along with ISIS and al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra, among the key fundraisers, organizers, planners, and executors of attacks in which at least 190 civilians were killed and over 200 mostly women and children were kidnapped. The BBCs own news reports describe Ahrar al-Sham as a hardline Islamist group.

On 3 October Thornberry responded statin...


Why did the Tories scrap Amendment 58? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The ever deceptive Tories have continually tried to create the fiction that they have no intention of using Brexit as a Trojan Horse to launch ideologically driven attacks on workers' rights, consumer standards, equal rights legislation, environmental protections, animal welfare laws and the like.

On the evening of November 15th 2017 they proved these promises to be outright lies when they voted against Labour's amendment to add Clause 58 to the EU withdrawal bill.

All Clause 58 sought to do was prevent the Tory-DUP government from bypassing parliament in order to revoke EU derived workers' rights, equal rights, workplace safety legislation, consumer protections, and environmental standards (see image).

The amendment sought to ensure that if the government wants to revoke any of these rights and standards, they must submit legislation to parliament in order to do it, rather than just using Brexit as an excuse to scrap them on the sly with no democratic scrutiny whatever.



Downbeat-Q&A with Gilad Atzmon: Jazz Traveler with Passion for Politics "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 12.10.03.png Share

ByJohn Ephland

 Saxophonist Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli citizen living in London since 1994, remains a veritable planetary citizen, a traveling artist who fuses his inner jazz urges with a deep passion for the political.

A multi-instrumentalist who plays soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, clarinet and flute, the 54-year-old Atzmon is currently touring off a new book, Being In TimeA Post-political Manifesto (Skyscraper), and three new albums: the alternately straightahead and romantic The Spirit Of Trane (Fanfare Jazz) with the Orient House Ensemble: pianist Frank Harrison, bassist Yaron Stavi, drummer Enzo Zirilli and the Sigamos String Quatet; the lovely and the haunting folk/gypsy jazz of Talinka (MoonJune) with vocalist Tali Atzmon, multi-instrumentalist Jenny Bliss Bennett (violin, viola, flute and vocals) and Stavi, Harrison and Zirilli; and World Peace Trio (Enja) with Dwiki Dharmawan on piano and synthesizers and Kamal Musallam on oud, guitar and MIDI guitar (also featuring Ade Rudiana on kendang, frame drummer Nasser Salameh and drummer Asaf Sirkis).

He evokes the image of a soul man with ideas, spurred on by a love affair that began when he was a teen growing up in Jerusalem.

Charlie Parker looms large in your musical life.

I fell in love with jazz when, one evening in my late teens, I heard Charlie Parker With Strings. I think it was Birds rendition of Laura. That omnipotent saxophone flying effortlessly over the lush string orchestration left an incredible impression on me. The next day, instead of going to school I went to Piccadilly Records, the one and only music shop in Jerusalem, and bought everything they had with Charlie Parker, three vinyl albums. A week later I rented a sax.


What do Britain and Greece have in common? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The mainstream media rarely draw attention to the ongoing collapse in the value of UK workers wages.

They rarely bother to explain that the real terms value of workers' wages are lower than they were 10 years ago, and that this decline is set to continue into the 2020s.

They rarely bother to explain that the percentage of people living in poverty despite being in working families has been soaring.

And they steadfastly ignore the fact that the only country in the developed world that has suffered a comparably severe collapse in the value of workers' wages is crisis-stricken Greece.

To hear Tories scaremongering that the UK could end up like Greece if the public don't re-elect the Tory party is utterly laughable. Wealthy Tory MPs and their cheerleaders in the right-wing press may be financially insulated from the dire consequences of their austerity wealth transfer con but ordinary working people certainly aren't.

Judged by the collapse in the value of our wages, the UK has already ended up like Greece in the experience of ordinary working people.

We all know that prices have been rising way faster than wages. 

We've all seen people we know struggling on exploitative zero hours contracts, and fake self-employment scams in the gig economy. 



Mama, were drowning! Six missing in deadly flash floods while new rainstorm strikes West Attica "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Six people are still missing in the flash floods that covered towns of West Attica with tons of mud on Wednesday and cost the life to 15 people.Twenty three people have been injured, majority of them were almost drowned. Others were hit by rubble and other items during the disaster. One 83-year-old woman remains intubated

The post Mama, were drowning! Six missing in deadly flash floods while new rainstorm strikes West Attica appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Der neue Besen im chinesischen Politbro kehrt gut ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Der neue Besen im chinesischen Politbro kehrt gut :-)

Writing in the partys official mouthpiece, the Peoples Daily, Chen Xi accused some officials of becoming politically and morally degraded and of looking to religion, superstition and perhaps even worse western-style multi-party democracy as their faith in socialism faded.

Some dont believe in Marx and Lenin but believe in ghosts and gods; they dont believe in ideals but believe in sorcery; they dont respect the people but do respect masters, wrote Chen, who was last month handed a spot on Chinas 25-member Politburo.

Infrastrukturapokalypse:In weiten Teilen des Rhein-Main-Gebiets ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"


In weiten Teilen des Rhein-Main-Gebiets ist am Morgen 20 Minuten lang die Stromversorgung zusammengebrochen. An der Hochschule Mainz fhrte der Stromausfall zu einem Alarm, in dessen Folge die Tren verriegelt wurden. Auch Ampeln fielen aus.


A year through anarchist eyes: 1950 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Rob Ray takes a unique run through the pages of Freedom in 1950, a time when anarchism was in a pretty dire state, but was starting to gain traction via a focus fighting issues such as capital punishment, nuclear weapons and militarism, which would characterise some of anarchisms biggest campaigns later in the decade. The


PM Tsipras announces bill to limit jurisdiction of Sharia Law in Thrace "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has announced that a bill will be introduced to limit the jurisdiction of  Sharia Law in Thrace, home of a strong Muslim minority in North-Eastern of the country. Greece is the last European country to recognize the validity of the Islamic Sharia law which settles mostly family matters. In his speech

The post PM Tsipras announces bill to limit jurisdiction of Sharia Law in Thrace appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


NZ - Human rights issues bite in fluoride test case, top court told "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A protest in Nelson against fluoridation. (File photo)Opponents of adding fluoride to water supplies say it breaches human rights to protect against unwanted medical treatment, a Supreme Court test case has been told.

Two small Taranaki towns, Waverley and Ptea, are at the centre of the case after the South Taranaki District Council decided to add fluoride to their water supplies.

New Health New Zealand has taken on the council and the minister of health, and says fluoridating water supplies breaches the right to be able to refuse to undergo medical treatment.
New Health's lawyer, Mary Scholtens, QC, said about 48 per cent of New Zealand's water was fluoridated at present, without proof that fluoride was effective against tooth decay............


Council of State rules tax audits may not use evidence beyond 5-year limitation "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greeces top court, the Council of state ruled on Wednesday that the tax service does not have the right to take into consideration transactions and deposits of bank accounts in Greece that are older than five years from the time of its audit.  It is the second ruling of CoS that tax audits beyond the

The post Council of State rules tax audits may not use evidence beyond 5-year limitation appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Dressed to Kill "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

In a satirical spirit, the North Yorks Enquirer presents the one hundred and twentienth in a continuing series of so-called Photoons cartoons developed from digital photographs highlighting the more amusing aspects of current affairs in North Yorkshire and far beyond.

Readers are left to place the protagonists in the context of news articles.



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Weinstein Urged Jews to Get Organized 'As Mafia' to Take On Anti-Semites "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

weinstein.png Share

 Reported by Gilad Atzmon

 It has recently emerged that in his 2015 acceptance speech for a Humanitarian Award at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, serial sex predator and film producer Harvey Weinstein said that the Jewish community had  better stand up and kick these guys (antisemites) in the ass"

Sputnik News article from 25.3.2015 reports that after being introduced as a really nice Jewish boy at the ceremony by long time friend, fellow filmmaker and Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg, Weinstein abandoned his prepared speech in favour of a rant on defeating anti-Semitism. 

 "We're gonna have to get as organized as the mafia," Weinstein said. We just can't take it anymore [from] these crazy bastards."

 And now it seems that since then the disgraced film producer has been operating as a Mafioso. With the assistance of former Israeli PM Ehud Barak, Weinstein allegedly hired ex Mossad agents in an attempt to suppress the recent expose of his sex crimes and predatory behaviour.  

To learn more about Weinstein Mafioso behaviour read:

As Weinstein was about to receive his Humanitarian Award at the Jewish gathering, he expressed his harmonious vision of the cinematic world:

Too bad movies cant all be like Inglourious Basterds, where Hitler gets what he deserves. 

In Quentin Tarantinos 2009 film, a Jewish commando unit  burns down a crowded theatre in an attempt to end Hitlers life together with the rest of the Nazi elite. The film portrays the Jewish combatant as a vengeful subject; an iconic retaliating scalping savage.*  When Inglourious Basterds came out I wondered what the Weinstein Brothers, who produced the film, had in mind. I asked myself why would they allow such a...


Thomas Jones: X marks the self "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Before it was co-opted as the pocketwatch of late capitalism a gift from the US government GPS was developed as a way to help the US air force drop its bombs just where it wanted with as little risk as possible to American lives. As with any technological breakthrough, it took decades, with false starts, moments of inspiration, patient refinements, scepticism from the brass (Were the navy, we know where we are), inter-service rivalry and a more or less steady influx of government cash. Within days of Sputniks launch in 1957, two young engineers at Johns Hopkins University were using the Russian satellites radio signal to plot and then predict its position. GPS came of age in the 1991 Gulf War.

T.J. Clark: The Art of the Russian Revolution "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

I have been trying to forget the shows in London commemorating the Bolsheviks, in particular the Royal Academys Revolution: Russian Art 1917-32. But I havent been able to: some things, some spaces and images, have stuck in the mind like shards of glass. In particular, Ive found myself from time to time back in a small dark room at the end of the Royal Academys exhibition, on the walls of which were projected mugshots of entrants to the Gulag. The room was manipulative, and I was manipulated like everyone else. There would have been a kind of obscenity in trying to resist.


PART 2 Towards a corvette-centric Russian navy "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Le Dahu for The Saker Blog   In the previous article Part 1: Russian Navy frigates, the downsizing of combat ships over the last 30 years is as a

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Wednesday, 15 November


Weather Warning: Meteorologists forecast rain- and thunderstorms, winds up to 10B, a Medicane in the Ionian Sea "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greeces meteorologists are warning of extreme weather phenomena with powerful rain- and thunderstorms, very strong winds but also a Mediterranean Hurricane (Medicane) in the next days. Weather Forecast Nov 15-19 2017 According to National Meteorology Service EMY, analytically, areas affected will be: Nov 15 the Ionian Sea, Epirus, West Sterea, Peloponnese, Thessaly, Central Macedonia. At

The post Weather Warning: Meteorologists forecast rain- and thunderstorms, winds up to 10B, a Medicane in the Ionian Sea appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Synthesis of Xi Jin Pings Win-Win BRI : Waxing Global Destiny "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Anne Teoh for the Saker blog From the depths of despair, one can climb out to see blue sky and fields of flowers, hear birdsongs and the rivers flowing,


Italy: Updates on operation Scripta Manent "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The trial will begin on November 16th in high security court in Turin prison.

The anarchist comrades Alfredo Cospito, Anna Beniamino, Danilo Cremonese, Nicola Gai will not be allowed to attend the trial in the courtroom, they will be subjected to a video-conference inside the High Surveillance 2 sections, where they are held.

The anarchist comrades Marco Bisesti, Valentina Speziale, Alessandro Mercogliano will be allowed to attend the trial in the courtroom, but they refuse to take part in the trial in solidarity with comrades subjected to video-conference.

CNA [Croce Nera Anarchica] l portuguese l spanish


Compare and contrast "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

I've given this one a few hours as I wanted to see if the BBC would change its angle or not, but as it hasn't...

It's as if the BBC isn't prepared to yield any positive ground to Boris Johnson.

Indeed, if you click into the respective reports, you'll see that this continues and that the contrast becomes even sharper.

From Sky News:



And there's more... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Another lead story on the BBC News website this evening - though nowhere else - is this:

The musician in question will be apologising for Brexit (which he associates with "hate") across the continent of Europe.

Is this really one of the main stories in the world (or the UK) today?


Death toll reaches 15, still 3 missing in floods. PM Tsipras declares national mourning "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The drama in West Attica floods has no end.  The bodies of more and more people who died in the floods have been recovered. The majority of them were elderly trapped in their homes, unable to escape the powerful force of the rushing waters bring mud and rubble from the mountain. By 6 o clock

The post Death toll reaches 15, still 3 missing in floods. PM Tsipras declares national mourning appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Its Time to Call the Housing Crisis What It Really Is: The Largest Transfer of Wealth in Living Memory "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

By Laurie Macfarlane and cross-posted from Open Democracy

One of the basic claims of capitalism is that people are rewarded in line with their effort and productivity. Another is that the economy is not a zero sum game. The beauty of a capitalist economy, we are told, is that people who work hard can get rich without making others poorer.

But how does this stack up in modern Britain, the birthplace of capitalism and many of its early theorists? Last week, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) released new data tracking how wealth has evolved over time. On paper, the UK has indeed become much wealthier in recent decades. Net wealth has more than tripled since 1995, increasing by over 7 trillion. This is equivalent to an average increase of nearly 100,000 per person. Impressive stuff. But where has all this wealth come from, and who has it benefitted?

Just over 5 trillion, or three quarters of the total increase, is accounted for by increase in the value of dwellings another name for the UK housing stock. The Office for National Statistics explains that this is largely due to increases in house prices rather than a change in the volume of dwellings. This alone is not particularly surprising. We are forever told about the importance of getting a foot on the property ladder. The housing market has long been viewed as a perennial source of wealth.

But the price of a property is made up of two distinct components: the price of the building itself, and the price of the land that the structure is built upon. This year the ONS has separated out these two components for the first time, and the results are quite astounding.

In just two decades the market value of land has quadrupled, increasing recorded wealth by over 4 trillion. The driving force behind rising house prices and the UKs growing wealth has been rapidly escalating land prices.

For those who own property, this has provided enormous benefits. According to the Resolution Foundation, homeowners born in the 1940s and 1950s gained...


Syria War Report November 15, 2017: Syrian Army Turns Militants Back In Northern Hama "IndyWatch Feed Europe" If youre able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldnt be possible without your help: PayPal: or via: or via: On November 14, the


Refugees to march to Greece-FYROM border, one Iraqi tried to set himself on fire "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Men, women and children, some 60 refugees and migrants, have gathered in downtown of Thessaloniki awaiting for more people to join them in their protest march to Greeces northern border with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The first tents were set up and the first sleeping bags and blankets were spread on the

The post Refugees to march to Greece-FYROM border, one Iraqi tried to set himself on fire appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Greek and foreign anarchists occupy Polytechnic University blocking access to students organizations "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Trouble ahead: Greek and foreign anarchists occupied the Polytechnic University and blocked access to students organizations preparing the 44. anniversary of the bloody 1973 Students Uprising against the colonels junta. The situation is tense. Authorities are on alert as also anarchists have been imported from abroad to assist their Greek counterparts in fight against the

The post Greek and foreign anarchists occupy Polytechnic University blocking access to students organizations appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Why are the mainstream media not howling about "entryists" in the Tory party? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

We should all be well aware by now how the mainstream media manufacture and disseminate absurdly biased political narratives shouldn't we?

You don't have to be a supporter of Scottish independence to recognise the concerted mainstream media propaganda drive against the independence movement, and you don't have to be a supporter of the Labour Party to recognise the shocking levels of mainstream media bias in favour of the Tories during Theresa May's vanity election.

One of the clearest examples of mainstream media bias is the completely different approaches they've taken to the demographic shifts in support for the two main UK political parties.

When Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party it signalled the end of the centre-right dominance of the party leadership and a move away from pro-austerity neoliberalism-lite rubbish, and back towards democratic socialism.

This seismic shift in the Labour Party triggered a flood of hundreds of thousands of new and returning traditional Labour voters joining the party, and a spectacular 3.5 million increase in the Labour vote at the 2017 General Election (the first actual increase in the Labour vote since 1997).

The mainstream media dealt with this influx of new members by deriding them as "entryists" and framing the surge in support as if it were some kind of sinister take-over of the party by the extreme-left, rather t...


Israels Money Machine: Jewish oligarchs fund crimes against humanity "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The stars came out in Hollywood on November 2nd, or at least some of them did. The gala event celebrated the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and raised funds to support its mission in Israel itself and on the occupied West Bank. The organization being fted was the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF), which has fourteen regional offices in the United States and operates under the slogan Their job is to look after Israel. Our job is to look after them. In attendance were Arnold Schwarzenegger and actor Gerald Butler. Entertainment was provided by the singer Seal.

Hollywood Jewish royalty was thick on the ground, the grub was strictly kosher and billionaires competed to see who could give the most to such a worthy cause. The 1,200 attendees at the Beverly Hilton Hotel donated a record $53.8 million, with Oracle founder Larry Ellison leading the pack with a contribution of $16.6 million. Israeli media mogul Haim Saban, Hillary Clintons most generous supporter, served as host of the event and donated $5 million. Two weeks ago, a similar gathering of 1,200 in New York City dubbed A Night of Heroes, attended by GOP major donor casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, raised $35 million, $7 million coming from Adelson personally. FIDF reportedly was sitting on $190 million in contributions for the year before the Hollywood and New York events.

Donations to FIDF are tax deductible as the organization is registered with the U.S. Treasury as a 501(c)3 educational and charitable non-profit foundation. One might well ask how it is possible that the American taxpayer should subsidize a foreign military organization that is regularly accused of war crimes in its ongoing brutal and genocidal occupation of...


#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite #dailylife #woman #waiting #sleeping #advertising


The Daily Telegraph's effort to bully these Tory MPs has backfired spectacularly "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Seven years of wilfully loading the burden of austerity dogma onto the poor and ordinary whilst lavishing tax breaks and handouts on corporations and the mega-rich is proof that there is no such thing as a good Tory. However it's clear that some Tories are certainly a lot less bad than others.

There are around two dozen potential Tory rebels who are expressing opposition to the fanatically right-wing Blue-kip takeover of their party that is happening under Theresa May's leadership. They don't like the way Theresa May is being edged ever closer to the "no deal" Brexit cliff edge by the ideological fanatics in their party, and they have strong reservations about Theresa May's efforts to sideline parliament and give her ministers the power to rewrite thousands of UK laws with no parliamentary scrutiny whatever.

They're not actually trying to stop Brexit completely, but they are determined to prevent the economic catastrophe that a "no deal" flounce out of Europe would entail.

Take a listen to Ken Clarke's speech during the Brexit bill debate to get an idea of where these "rebel" Tory MPs are actually coming from.



UK Against Fluoridation "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Found this advice.

A fourth and just as vital prevention practice is scheduling regular visits to your dentist, usually twice a year.

These should include updated X-rays so we can catch any problems at the earliest stage, he said.

Just because something doesnt hurt doesnt mean something isnt wrong that cannot be seen visually, Dr. Salud said.

A life time of X-rays is that wise? Say 100 x-rays on your jaw in a life time. Another statistic for cancer.


Cancer is a lifestyle disease: Researchers make the connection between food, obesity and the big C "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Image: Cancer is a lifestyle disease: Researchers make the connection between food, obesity and the big C(Natural News) How you live your life affects your health, either positively or negatively. Having a healthy lifestyle is a must if you want to be free from diseases. Studies reveal that food, obesity and cancer are related to each other.

Obesity is caused by the kind of food you eat. Mounting evidence has shown that diet is the primary cause of cancer in the world today and that an obese person is more likely to develop cancer. A study, published in the journal CMAJ Openanalyzed the incidence of cancer attributed to lifestyle and environmental factors. The researchers estimated summary population attributable risk estimates for 24 factors: passive and active smoking; overweight and obesity; lack of physical activity; inadequate fruit and vegetable intake, inadequate fibre intake, excess red and processed meat intake, salt intake, inadequate calcium consumption, and vitamin D intake; alcohol; oral contraceptives and hormone therapy; Epstein-Barr virus, hepatitis B and C viruses, human papillomavirus, and Helicobacter pylori; air pollution; natural and artificial ultraviolet radiation; radon; and water disinfection by-products.

The findings of the study reveale...


+++ Ten people die, several missing in West Attica floods, dramatic rescue operations (videos, picts) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Hour by hour the death toll in West Attica floods is increasing, while an unknown number of missing people has been reported to authorities by concerned relatives. The body of an 82-year-old woman was found by fire fighters short before 10 a.m. Wednesday. The woman was trapped inside her home when rushing waters and rubble

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Greeces Finance Ministry announces further easing of Capital Controls "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greeces finance Ministry announced the further easing of capital controls, however, the monthly limit of cash withdrawals will remain the same. The three major changes refer to individuals and they are: people to open a bank acocunt provided they do not have one in any bank. another person will be allowed to be added to

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17 , "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

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Brazil: Neoliberal drift and repression of popular movements "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Jos Luis Carretero Miramar writes on recent Brazilian state crackdowns against anarchists amid increasing fascist confidence, and how social movements are rising to meet it. The social and political situation in Brazil is increasingly compromised. Since Michel Temers ascent to power through an institutional and palatial coup the main BRICS representative in Latin America has


Gilad Atzmon on Richie Allen Show: Priti Patel, Prince Charles, Zion and Beyond "IndyWatch Feed Europe"


We spoke about the relentless Zionist campaign against truth tellers, Prince Charles and others. We asked how is it possible that those Zionist ethnic activists have failed to assimilate into British society. Despite living in the kingdom for over a century, they insist to see themselves as a foreign ethnic group in a constant danger. 

cover bit small.jpg

 If they want to burn it, you want to read it!

Being in Time - A Post Political Manifesto, , and  here ( 


Four dead, three injured in West Attica floods, tons of water turn towns into mud lakes (videos, picts) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Torrential rains that started in the dawn of Wednesday and kept sending tons of water in Western Attica have flooded homes and shops in Mandra and Nea Peramos, the wider area of Megara as well as parts of the old and the new Athens-Corinth highway. Two elderly lost their lives in the floods, two elderly

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Open Parachute "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Anti-fluoride expert finds the real reason oral health has improved and its not fluoride



USA - Fluoride petition circulates Edgartown "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The Edgartown board of healths decision to add fluoride to the town water supply has sparked outrage from the community.
It should have been brought before the voters, and not been done behind closed doors, Water commission superintendent Bill Chapman said in a phone conversation with The Times.
On Oct. 10, board of health members Harold Zadeh and Dr. Garrett Orazem voted in favor of adding fluoride, and Kathie Case abstained. According to Massachusetts general law, 10 percent of the 3,628 registered voters must petition the boards decision in less than 90 days, otherwise fluoride will be added to the water supply. The town has until mid-January.
In my opinion, said Edgartown resident Heidi Boyd, It doesnt seem fair that two people on the board of health made this decision for the whole town of Edgartown. I looked back at the minutes from the meeting, and the fluoride talk began in February, and we, the townspeople, are now just finding out about it in November. I work in the town hall, and I didnt hear a peep. Its an enormous decision and we should have a say.
The petition is active, and concerned residents are trying to spread the word. Last Saturday, Nov. 11, David and Megan Burke helped organize a drive-through petition signing.
Its tough, Mr. Burke said. A good portion of registered voters are snowbirds and leave the area. Its also been on public record that less than 10 percent of registered voters show up at town meeting. Its going to be difficult to obtain these signatures.


Lebanon The Next Front in the Great Gas War "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

By David Malone and cross-posted from his blog, Golem XIV

The Great Gas War has already two distinct fronts: The now relatively quiet Northern Front in Ukraine and the Southern Front in Syria in which the Western empire has been losing. It looks to me that Lebanon is being targeted as the next front, where the West hopes its loses might be recouped.

Yesterday, November 6th,  Reuters reported,

Saudi Arabia said on Monday that Lebanon had declared war against it because of attacks against the Kingdom by the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah.

This comes after Israel, Saudis long time though largely un-offical best friend in the region,  has been very publicly preparing to renew its own war with Lebanon or more accurately with Hezbollah.  As the American news journal Newsweek put it recently,


Why now and why Lebanon?  Well the rulers of Saudi, a Sunni dominated country, will tell us that it is because Hezbollah is a Shia terrorist organisation. Hezbollah literally means the Party of Allah or Party of God.  Saudi Gulf affairs minister Thamer al-Sabhan yesterday pointedly referred to Hezbollah as, the Lebanese Party of the Devil.  Saudi is not alone of course, Hezbollah has also been listed as a terrorist organisation by America, Israel, the Arab League, the UK and the EU. It is also, however, part of the popular government of Lebanon having seats in its parliament.

I suggest, however, a powerful reason that a new war with Hezbollah may be in the offing is because Lebanon is the next link in any gas pipeline that could potentially bring Iranian Gas to Europe. That was the reason the West decided to liberate the Syrian people and it will be why they decide to enforce the same salvation upon the people of Lebanon. Having failed to liberate the Syrians, Saudi, the West, its Sunni Gulf allies and Israel will now see if they can succeed in blocking any Iranian gas ambitions by liberating the Lebanese from their own government.  I would not be surprised to hear quite soon from opposition groups vocally denouncing the government or at least Hezbollah. I expect spokes people from those groups to suddenly get a global platform along-side American and regional supporters such as Saudi.

When I look at Saudi I cant help but notice that it has , all in a short space of time, begun wars in neighbouring Yemen and Syria, an...


Huw's at Ten "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

On last night's BBC News at Ten, Huw Edwards could have introduced the Brexit segment like this:
The House of Commons has started to take a detailed look at the legislation designed to take Britain out of the European Union. The EU Withdrawal Bill will end the primacy of European law, but MPs have tabled some 500 amendments, including one which opposes setting a date in law for Britain's departure.
Instead he introduced it like this:
The House of Commons has started to take a detailed look at the controversial legislation designed to take Britain out of the European Union. The EU Withdrawal Bill will end the primacy of European law, but MPs have tabled some 500 amendments, including one which opposes setting a date in law for Britain's departure.


Israel, Saudi Arabia Setting Preconditions For War With Hezbollah "IndyWatch Feed Europe" If youre able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldnt be possible without your help: PayPal: or via: or via: The crisis in the


Live from Baghdad: the secret of Iraqs renaissance "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Pepe Escobar of the Asia Times (cross-posted by special agreement with the author) BAGHDAD On a sandstorm-swept morning in Baghdad earlier last week, Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes, the legendary


Ist euch aufgefallen, dass die Regierung gerade auffallend ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Ist euch aufgefallen, dass die Regierung gerade auffallend wenig Mist macht?

Der Postillon kommentiert das schn. Ich schliee mich dem an. Sondiert gerne noch 4 Jahre herum.


Traando uma definio de imperialismo na etapa do capitalismo global e financeiro ps-2008 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

economicimperialisminindiaexamplemeaning.jpg preciso caracterizar a ao do imperialismo no sculo XXI tanto nas chamadas revolues coloridas como em seus efeitos subsequentes, com a internacionalizao de empresas nacionais.
Vemos como essencial interpretar o conceito de imperialismo globalizado e financeiro. Este se manifesta desde formas mais grosseiras, como uma invaso militar, at o objeto de estudo o qual este texto se vincula, as relaes complementares e subordinadas de Transnacionais (TNCs), parasos fiscais, capital financeiro como forma de acumulao selvagem contempornea, endividamento securitizado de populaes inteiras e a existncia de uma soma nefasta de elites orgnicas agindo atravs de portas giratrias em escala nacional e transnacional, a servio e se locupletando da verso atual do neoliberalismo.

Tuesday, 14 November


Moveable Feast Cafe 2017/11/14 Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

2017/11/14 20:30:01Welcome to the Moveable Feast Cafe. The Moveable Feast is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of


Bombshell Report Confirms US Coalition Struck A Deal With ISIS "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Tyler Durden

At a moment of widespread acknowledgement that the short-lived Islamic State is no longer a reality, and as ISIS is about to be defeated by the Syrian Army in its last urban holdout of Abu Kamal City in eastern Syria, the US is signalling an open-ended military presence in Syria. On Monday Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon that the US is preparing for a long term military commitment in Syria to fight ISIS as long as they want to fight.

Mattis indicated that even should ISIS loose all of its territory there would still be a dangerous insurgency that could morph into an ISIS 2.0 which he said the US would seek to prevent. The enemy hasnt declared that theyre done with the area yet, so well keep fighting as long as they want to fight, Mattis said. Were not just going to walk away right now before the Geneva process has traction.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis stands in front of a map of Syria and Iraq.

Mattis was referring to the stalled peace talks in Geneva which some analysts have described as a complete failure (especially as the Geneva process unrealistically stipulates the departure of Assad), as the future of Syria has of late been increasingly decided militarily on the battlefield, with the Syrian government now controlling the vast majority of the countrys most populated centers.

Ironically just as some degree of stability and normalcy has returned to many parts of the county now under government control, Mattis coupled the idea of a permanent US military presence with the goal of allowing Syrians to return to their homes. He said, You keep broadening them. Try to (demilitarize) one area then (demilitarize) another and just keep it going, try to do the things that will allow people to return to their homes.

Meanwhile Turkey once again reiterated that the US has 13 bases in Syria...


New adoption law in Greece aims to make process much shorter "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greeces Labour Ministry has drafted a bill to streamline the complicated adoption process. Greek parents wanting to adopt have to wait between four and six years to do so. Meanwhile, an estimated 2,800 children under the age of five live in the countrys state-run institutions. The situation is in the interests of neither parents nor

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Snobs! "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The BBC has gone way too far this time, plugging some luxury 'eco hotel' in the Andes and being snobbish about the UK's finest seaside resort in the process (h/t Peter).

Just look at the caption! The cheeky beggars!!

And, no, Radio 4 I won't 'Like' your Page!

At least the fine folk who visit Facebook are blowing richly-deserved raspberries at the BBC for this outrage:

  • Please note - Your guest house in Morecambe has a stunning view of the mountains of the Lake district, across Morecambe Bay. Save yourself the air fare and come here. No humming birds, but a great many overwintering wading birds on this important part of the North Atlantic Flyway.
  • Sorry, I fail to see how that can be 'Eco' anything as the first thing you see is a stack of air conditioning units and a satellite dish on the roof. And I'm sure the forest would have been far better off without that building there. Morecambe for me
  • Great post, but why the nasty bourgeois snipe at Morecambe? Not everyone can afford these luxuriously expensive hols! Show some sensitivity caption writer for r4 posts.
  • Morecambe is home to the stunning Midland Hotel.
  • Why the snobbery about Morecambe? Had some great holidays there. Some people just want a nice view and a relaxing stroll along the promenade and what is wrong with that?
  • Your conspicuous consumption and selfish use of resources to get their means it wont be around for long
  • How does one get there? And back? Few more quick qus: The video... but cheesy... shot by them, or the BBC? The lodge... does the climate warrant a/c? If so, is it provided? Or fans? 5 star ratings tend to require certain features not too Eco. How is th...


#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

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