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Saturday, 24 September


NYP: Appeal re Whitby Holiday Cottage ‘Domestic’ Incident "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

NYP: Appeal re Whitby Holiday Cottage ‘Domestic’ Incident

North Yorkshire Police is appealing for witnesses and information about a domestic incident that occurred in Loggerheads Yard in Whitby between Thursday 15 September and Saturday 17 September 2016.

We are asking for witnesses and information about any screaming, shouting or arguments that could be heard on Baxtergate, Station Square or Loggerheads Yard in Whitby between these dates.

It happened inside an address on Loggerheads Yard and involved a male and female couple arguing loudly over a three-day period.

Members of the public may have heard this ongoing argument as they shopped in the area.

We are conducting enquiries and are requesting the public’s assistance to help determine the full circumstances surrounding the incident.

In particular, we are appealing for information about the loud argument, if anybody heard this and if the heard details of what was shouted during this argument.

Anyone with information that could assist the investigation should contact us on 101, select option 2, and ask for DC Graeme Boast You can also email

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can pass information to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Please quote the North Yorkshire Police reference number 12160170608.

Contact details:
Graeme Boast – #1927 | 01609643252
Incident reference:


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Auch Obama hat E-Mails an Hillarys Basement-Mailserver ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Auch Obama hat E-Mails an Hillarys Basement-Mailserver geschickt, aber unter Pseudonym. Er wusste also, dass das nicht koscher ist.

Woher wissen wir, dass das von Obama ist, wenn es mit Pseudonym war? Weil das FBI die Mail nicht rausrücken will, mit Begründung "presidential communications privilege".

Lacher des Tages: Die US-Regierung findet, dass sich ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Lacher des Tages: Die US-Regierung findet, dass sich die Terroristen auf Facebook koordinieren, und da müsse man mal was machen. Also hat man da mal eine Anhörung einberufen. Facebook hat einen Mitarbeiter geschickt, der noch nicht mal seit einem Jahr bei Facebook arbeitet. Bei dem Richter kam das nicht so gut an. Der dachte, sie schicken ihm einen Azubi oder so.

Ich finde das nur konsequent. US-Tech-Konzerne sind ja bekannt für ihren tollen Kundendienst. "*dudel* Ihr Anruf ist uns sehr wichtig! *dudel* Bitte bleiben Sie in der Leitung! *bimmel* Vor Ihnen sind noch *krtscht* drei-und-zwanzig *krtscht* Personen in der Warteschlange! *knödel*"

Seit ein paar Monaten blubbert ja in den USA ein Streit ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Seit ein paar Monaten blubbert ja in den USA ein Streit darüber, ob die 9/11-Opfer Saudi Arabien verklagen können sollten oder nicht. Im Moment geht das nicht, aber weil 9/11 so eine Trigger-Phrase ist, der sich kein Politiker entziehen kann, hat das Parlament mit überwältigender Mehrheit ein Gesetz gemacht, das das erlauben würde.

Das ist natürlich eine sehr, sehr schlechte Idee, so ein Gesetz. Erstens einmal ist das ja keine Justiz, wenn ein Richter in Land A Land B verklagt. Ein Gericht muss neutral sein. Das wäre eher ein Schauprozess als Gerechtigkeit. Außerdem spräche dann nichts mehr dagegen, dass andere Länder das selbe mit den USA machen, und, sagen wir mal, den Botschafter einlochen und Milliardenstrafen verhängen. Ich denke hier beispielsweise an Venezuela und andere Länder in Südamerika, die seit vielen Jahren überzeugt sind, dass die USA ihnen massive Schäden zufügen bis hin zu Putschversuchen. Wenn die jetzt alle sagen, hey, wir frieren mal alle Assets von US-Konzernen ein, dann wäre aber ganz schnell Ende mit Ölförderung und Chiquita und so.

Daher hat Obama ein Veto eingelegt. Das Parlament will das jetzt überstimmen.

Da weiß man auch gar nicht, auf wessen Seite man sein soll. Popcorn!

Die Wurzel des Problem ist natürlich, dass die USA den Internationalen Strafgerichtshof, der ja eigentlich für sowas zuständig wäre, nicht anrufen können, weil sie ihn nicht anerkennen wollen. Auch aus Angst, dass sie dann sofort abgeurteilt werden.


The US and Syria SitRep September 24th, 2016 by Auslander "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The war in Syria is in fact a war between US and RF in microcosm. Russia Armed Forces have demonstrated masterful tactical skill and her diplomats have shown they are


Russia Defense Report: Army-2016 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"


How President Putin returned the ownership of Sakhalin II to Russia "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

How President Putin returned the ownership of Sakhalin II to Russia A bit of political humor Sakhalin II operates the Piltun-Astokhskoye and Lunskoye oil and gas fields. Sakhalin II project


Monsanto Outsmarts the GMO Resistance "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

crispr-cornby Christina Sarich, Staff Writer | Waking Times

How do Big Ag companies try to change opposition to genetically modified organisms? They simply change the technology. They dance around the technical terms used to define how a gene has been altered, so that they can slither through a government agency loophole to unleash that new technology on the unsuspecting masses – that is, until the ever-shifting tectonics of the GM industry are again exposed.

Crispr technology is the biotech industry’s latest attempt to befuddle us. Maybe the die-hard Monsanto-Bayer haters won’t buy it, but those who tend to embrace new technologies blindly in the name of supporting ‘science,’ just might.

How Crispr Works

Here’s how the industry is trying to get around ‘GMO’ labeling while still feeding you and your family a synthetically altered plant, grown from a patented seed.

Just as the Bayer-Monsanto merger is being plastered across every Internet page in town, Monsanto nabbed the licensing rights to a technology developed by the Broad Institute that has developed Crispr crops. (DuPont Pioneer is collaborating with another company working on the same technology.)

Because Crispr simply ‘edits’ a gene in a plant, not to be confused with traditional hybridization that has been practiced by indigenous cultures for centuries, instead of genetically altering it by adding ‘foreign’ genes, regulators wouldn’t have to label food products made with it as ‘GMO.’ If I’ve already lost you, it’s understandable. This whole topic, at first glance, seems to be splitting hairs.

What a molecular biologist would say is that by editing DNA, they “can send proteinsto precise DNA targets to toggle genes on or off, and even engineer entire biological circuits — with the long-term goal of understanding cellular systems and disease.”

Crispr Catastrophe

As we’ve already seen with previous GM technologies, traits that are meant to be controlled in a plant – such as a Bt toxin, for example, which is supposed to only kill the ‘pests’ which eat Bt toxic GM plants, propose a whole host of additional environmental and health concerns. It was only later proven that Bt toxin was alsotoxic to mammals, AFTER the Bt crops were planted across thousands of hectares of land. Why scientists didn’t see a problem with placing a pesticide...


#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography


Mike Adams - Hexavalent chromium (chromium-6) was just found in 75% of drinking water... the mass chemical suicide of America is under way "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

America's infrastructure collapsing into Third World status

As Donald Trump said recently at a rally in Michigan, we used to make cars in Flint and you couldn't drink the water in Mexico. Now the cars are being made in Mexico, and you can't drink the water in Flint. Nor can you safely drink public water almost anywhere in America, as it's almost universally contaminated with chromium-6, heavy metals or other toxic chemicals.

This doesn't even cover the deliberate poisoning of public water systems with fluoride, a neurotoxic chemical purchased in bulk from Chinese chemical plants (or sometimes acquired as a waste product from fertilizer manufacturing factories). Fluoride is dumped into public water supplies under the quack science claim that every person in the nation is deficient in fluoride -- a blatantly false and highly irresponsible claim. In reality, many children suffer from fluorosis, a dark mottling and discoloration of the teeth caused by too much exposure to toxic fluoride.

Avoid fluoride. A highly toxic metal, fluoride accumulates in certain areas of the brain (the pineal gland and hippocampus) and has been shown to significantly lower IQ and interfere with memory and complex brain functions. Studies have shown that even concentrations of 0.5 parts per million (ppm) can damage cells and microvessels in the brain. Yet, 60 percent of our public drinking water is fluorinated at higher levels of 1 to 1.3 ppm....


Trade Deals’ Investor State Provisions: a Sub-Criminal Conspiracy? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

By Marray Dobbin and cross-posted from

There is a glaring disconnect in the world between economic growth, and trade and investment agreements. At the same time that Canada and other countries are pushing hard for huge multi-national deals – the TPP, CETA and the US-EU deal, the TTIP – all the evidence suggests that global trade is on a long-term downward trend. Nothing in the near or middle term future suggests that it will recover to anything like its China-driven peak. Financial Times analyst Martin Wolf recently argued bluntly that globalization no longer drives the world economy. He points out that “…ratios of world trade to output have been flat since 2008, making this the longest period of such stagnation since the second world war. According to Global Trade Alert, even the volume of world trade stagnated between January 2015 and March 2016…” In addition, says Wolf, ”The stock of cross-border financial assets peaked at 57 per cent of global output in 2007, falling to 36 per cent by 2015. “ Foreign direct investment has also declined.

So if global trade isn’t going to pull the world economy out of its persistent doldrums, why are countries putting so much political energy into signing these agreements? They do little or nothing to enhance growth in global trade – trade is driven by global demand – also flat. Amongst the countries primed to sign these agreements trade is already virtually tariff free. Even the government’s Global Affair’s department recent analysis estimates the Pacific Rim deal, the TPP, would increase GDP by a minuscule .127 per cent ($4.3 billion in a two trillion dollar economy) – but not until 2040!   In short, we will gain virtually nothing.

If these deals don’t enhance trade or growth what do they do? Investment agreements like CETA, TTIP and the TPP are all aimed at making international investment by multinationals as risk free as possible. Corporations always try to externalize costs – but these deals and their ISDS clauses allow then to externalize risk – and it’s taxpayers who take the risk.  In a global economy that has virtually no prospect of recovering in the foreseeable future, one road to continued profitability lies in treaties that protect a company’s “projected future profits” against any government action in the public interest

Continue reading the article


London: Free the Warsaw 3 Banner drop and upcoming events "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Last weekend, individuals handed out zines and dropped a banner at TRESPASS ( DIY Punk show ) to raise awareness and support for the Warsaw 3; three anarchist arrested and charged under new anti-terror laws. Donations were also collected to go towards their legal costs. banner-drop_censored On the 28th September  7pm ,  there’s an  info night being held in Decentre  to discuss the Warsaw 3 and how their case is part of a growing pattern of State repression of anarchists and those involved in social movements and struggles . There will be a talk with  a comrade from ROD collective based in Warsaw, short movie screening and  bar and food for donation.w31-page-001On the 7th October 8pm, come along to the solidarity SQUAT gig & party with London based bands and musicians to help raise funds for the Warsaw 3 !

Free the Warsaw 3 and all hostages of the State !

Links for events: Info Night / Gig



[Amsterdam] Antikapitalistisch/Antiautoritair blok anti-TTIPactie "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

[Scroll down for English]

Antikapitalistisch/antiautoritair blok tegen TTIP, CETA en TISA 22 oktober

De verdragen TTIP, CETA en TISA staan helaas nog steeds op de rails. Het zal stevig duwen worden om ze van die rails af te krijgen. Gelukkig komt er weer actie, op 22 oktober. Die actie heeft omvang nodig, maar vooral ook scherpte. Het gaat niet om wat aanpassingen hier en daar. Effectieve strijd tegen TTIP, CETA en TISA is radicale strijd. Effectief tegen TTIP, CETA en TISA strijden betekent: botsen met het kapitaal, met de grote ondernemingen in wiens belang TTIP, CETA en TISA wordt doorgedrukt. Effectief tegen TTIP, CETA en TISA strijden betekent: botsen met de staat die het kapitaal helpt door dit verdrag er doorheen te duwen, achter de rug van bevolkingen, in het geheim. Daarom bij deze een oproep om dit gezichtspunt op de demonstratie tegen TTIP, CETA en TISA in Amsterdam zichtbaar en hoorbaar te maken in de vorm van een radicaal antikapitalistisch en anti-autoritair blok. Het idee is om als groep, voorzien van passende spandoeken, leuzen, vlaggen, pamfletten en dergelijke, aan de demonstratie deel te nemen. Zoals het er nu uitziet wordt er verzameld op het Museumplein waarbij wij zullen aansluiten. Het programma voor de dag is nog niet bekend, maar wij zullen er om 14.00 uur al zichtbaar staan met een spandoek “Sloop staat en kapitaal – de wereld = van ons allemaal” (zie foto op poster en Facebook-oproep).

We nodigen mensen nadrukkelijk uit om zelf met creatieve ideeën te komen om het blok zo sterk en effectief mogelijk te maken. We nodigen groepen uit om deze oproep te onderschrijven en verder te helpen verspreiden.

Dat kun je laten weten door ons te mailen:
Ondersteunende groepen: Autonomen Brabant, Anarchistische Groep Eindhoven, Meer zon minder politie

Link naar het evenement van de Anti-TTIP/CETA/TISA demonstratie zelf:

Anticapitalist/antiauthoritarian bloc against TTIP, CETA and TISA 22 October

The TTIP, CETA and TISA treaties unfortunately are still on track. It will need a lot of pushing to get them off the rails. Fortunately, there will be action, on 22 October. This action needs to be big, but it needs to be sharp at least as much. This is not about some adaptastions here and there. Effectively struggle against TTIP, CETA and TISA means radical struggle. Fighting TTIP, CETA and TISA effectively means: clashing with capital, with the big corporations in whose interest TTIP, CETA and TISA is being pushed. Fighting TTIP, CETA and TISA effectively means clashing with the state which is helping capital pushing this treaty, behand the back of the population, in secret. Therefore, this call-out to push this point of view on the demonstration against TTIP, CETA and TISA on 22 of october in Amsterdam, in the form of a radical anticapitalist, antiauthoritarian bloc. The idea is to take part in the demonstration as a group, with banners, flags, slogans, le...



UK Against Fluoridation "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Chinese Suppliers Admit Fluoride is Poison


UK - Just four in ten children have seen an NHS dentist in last years "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Child having teeth examined Professor Nigel Hunt, dean of the faculty of dental surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons, said: "There is nothing to smile about in these woeful statistics.

"With the average five-year-old now eating their own weight in sugar each year, it is alarming that 42.1 per cent of children failed to visit an NHS dentist at all in the last year.

"It is appalling that in the 21st century, tooth decay remains the most common reason why children aged five to nine are admitted to hospital. In some cases, these children undergo multiple tooth extractions under general anaesthetic - despite the fact that tooth decay is almost entirely preventable.

Izzi Seccombe, from the Local Government Association, said the figures were “deeply worrying”.

"Regular dentist trips can ensure tooth decay is tackled at an early stage, and avoid the need for far more invasive treatment in hospital later on,” she said.

The statistics reflect visits to NHS dentists. Experts pointed out that in some areas- such as Kensington and Chelsea – low numbers of visits to NHS dentists might be because families were more likely to pay for treatment.

Extractions were most common in South Tyneside and least common in Richmond upon Thames. The data also shows a 20 per cent rise in a year in fluoride varnish treatments for children. This is when a varnish is painted on to the teeth to strengthen the enamel, making it resistant to decay.

Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen, from the British Dental Association said: "When half of adults - and nearly five million children - fail to see the dentist, ministers have some very serious questions to answer.

"This isn't patient apathy, this is what you get when governments treat oral health as an optional extra. Effective prevention is impossible without regular check-ups, and to date ministers have been unwilling to get that message across."

Dr Sandra White, Director of Dental Public Health, Public Health England, said: “Tooth decay is a largely preventable disease that can lead to dental problems throughout life. For children, tooth decay can cause pain, problems with sleep, days off school and problems eating and socialising. Treatment can involve having teeth removed under general anaesthetic.

"Parents and carers can help reduce dental decay by reducing the amount of sugary foods and drinks in their children’s diet and offering just milk and water to drink. Parents should supervise young children and encourage older children to brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day, especially before bed, and take them to the dentist regularly.”


USA - State still pushing fluoride "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Two fluoridation-related observations:

First point: The Associated Press has just spotlighted drug makers’ efforts to promote use of opioid painkillers and blunt legislation aimed at preventing their overuse and abuse. Big Pharma’s efforts here mirror a much earlier promotion of fluoride-polluting industries and sugar producers for their own selfish purposes.

The AP series lays out how the drug industry has gained a measure of control over the science of painkillers, using its money to hire lobbyists and forge alliances with the medical sector to protect profits that come from the lucrative though deadly opioid trade.

A very similar strategy underlaid the promotion of fluoridation in the 1940s and beyond. Fluoridation was not so much a tooth decay preventative as a public relations ploy. The goal: protect fluoride-polluting industries from lawsuits and shield the sugar industry from being a target in tooth-decay prevention.

Second point: Recently, I sent the Vermont Department of Health laboratory water samples to compare my Rutland City tap water with water from my new, reverse osmosis filtration unit. I wanted to see if the filter was really working at removing fluoride.

The test report showed city water from my tap at 0.7 milligrams per liter, the level recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — misguided though that recommendation is. The test from my fluoride-filtering unit measured “less than” 0.3 milligrams per liter, the bottom level the state tests for. Therefore my filter is working.

Here’s the kicker: With my test report, the Health Department included a sheet with a “Dietary Fluoride Supplement Schedule” for those whose water has less than the “recommended” 0.7 milligrams per liter of fluoride.

And how does one supplement one’s fluoride intake? Well, with fluoride supplements, of course. And what about those supplements? It is notable that the Food and Drug Administration has never approved fluoride supplements, even though they require a prescription. Also, the FDA recently ordered Kirkman Industries to stop producing fluoride supplements on the grounds they are “drugs” that “are not generally recognized as safe and effective” for cavity prevention. Yes, really. The FDA said that.

As noted in today’s (Sept. 21) Herald, our state Department of Health is acting independently to curb the abuse of opioids in Vermont. But the same lead-the-way spirit is clearly lacking when it comes to the obsolete, unethical and risky practice of public water supply fluoridation and fluoride supplementation. Visit my website,, to see a critique of Health Commissioner Harry Chen’s previous false defense of fluoridation.



Canciller de Ecuador: Plan Cóndor ha resurgido y tiene muchos rostros "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

El ministro de Relaciones Exteriores del Ecuador, Guillaume Long, en una entrevista al canal de noticias internacional Russia Today, ratificó


scientists link fluoridated water with adhd, obesity and depression "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

1. Bottle-fed infants receive the highest doses of fluoride as they rely solely on liquids for food, combined with their small size. A baby being fed formula receives approximately 175 times more fluoride than a breast-fed infant
2. There is not a single process in your body that requires fluoride
3. A multi-million dollar U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) -funded study found no relation between tooth decay and the amount of fluoride ingested by children
4. Water fluoridation cannot prevent the oral health crises that results from inadequate nutrition and lack of access to dental care
5. Water fluoridation is a violation of your individual right to informed consent to medication
6. Forty-one percent of all American children aged 12-15 are now impacted by dental fluorosis, rising to more than sixty percent of children in fluoridated communities
7. The chemicals used to fluoridate water supplies are largely hazardous by-products of the fertilizer industry and have never been required to undergo randomized clinical trials for safety or effectiveness by any regulatory agency in the world


Pyongyang: Programa nuclear se debe a constantes amenazas por parte de EEUU "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

El canciller de la República Popular Democrática de Corea, Ri Yong-ho, explicó este viernes que el programa nuclear de su país


Gobierno griego recortará de nuevo las pensiones "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

El Gobierno griego ha decidido proceder a un nuevo recorte de las pensiones, en sintonía con una de las exigencias


Cuarta noche de protestas en Charlotte contra la violencia policial "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

La ciudad de Charlotte fue escenario por cuarta noche consecutiva de fuertes protestas en rechazo al racismo y la violencia


Delcy Rodríguez: Venezuela es un objetivo del imperio "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

La diplomática venezolana aseveró que la violencia letal en el mundo ha ido de la mano con la expansión del


Crosstalk: The Media’s Syria "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Published on Sep 23, 2016 Conflicting narratives and competing agendas – this is the tragedy of the Syrian conflict. Western media coverage is focused on forcing political outcomes. In the


Russian FM Lavrov press conference following UNGA speech (Streamed live) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Russian FM Lavrov press conference following UNGA speech (Streamed live) Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s answers to media questions following the ISSG meeting, New York, September 22, 2016 Question: What has


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Friday, 23 September


Hillary Caption Photos! Kaine And Unable "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Making room for whistle blowers Take the red pill and I will show you how deep your butt hole goes!     This is a football site no less.


Old and busted: Software schreibt Wetter-, Sport- und ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Old and busted: Software schreibt Wetter-, Sport- und Börsenberichterstattung.

New hotness: Software schreibt Paper-Kritiken für Peer Review in akademischen Journalen. Und zwar gut genug, dass das nicht sofort aufgeflogen ist.

Using automatic text generation software, computer scientists at Italy’s University of Trieste created a series of fake peer reviews of genuine journal papers and asked academics of different levels of seniority to say whether they agreed with their recommendations to accept for publication or not.
Kontext dazu: Alan Sokal.

Lacher des Tages: Die Geheimdienstkuschler vom "Focus" ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Lacher des Tages: Die Geheimdienstkuschler vom "Focus" verbreiten die Agitprop-Legende, dass nicht die Amis Merkel abgehört haben und das zu Wikileaks geleakt ist, sondern dass die Russen Merkel abgehört haben, das mit täuschend echt aussehendem Ami-Berichtformat an ihre Kumpels von Wikileaks gegeben haben, um die armen, ritterlichen, unschuldigen, für das Gute kämpfenden, rechtschaffenen Amerikaner anzuschwärzen. Sozusagen eine Dolchstoßlegende 2.0.

Die Dienste glauben aber offenbar selber nicht, dass sie mit dieser offensichtlichen Schutzbehauptungslüge durchkommen, dann werden wir nie wieder jemand anderen als Ostasien Eurasien die Russen als Schuldigen bei irgendwas haben.

Teilweise sind wir ja schon da. Flugzeugabsturz über der Ukraine? DIE RUSSEN! Syrienkrieg? DIE RUSSEN! Der nächste Schritt ist nicht mehr groß, und dann sind die Russen an Global Warming Schuld, und an dem schlechten Abschneiden der CDU. Am Verfall des westlichen Wertesystems. Am Pressesterben. Und so weiter.

Die NSA wusste seit drei Jahren, dass jemand ihre Cisco-0day ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Die NSA wusste seit drei Jahren, dass jemand ihre Cisco-0day geklaut hat, aber hat nichts gesagt. Lasst euch das mal auf der Zunge zergehen. Selbst als sie wussten, dass andere wussten, dass Ciscos VPNs unsicher sind, haben sie Cisco nicht Bescheid gesagt.


#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography


Greece: Solidarity with the U.$. prison struggle from Themistokleous 58 Squat "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

From the wing 58 of this open air prison called Athens we send our warmest greetings to the U.$. prison rebels and all those taking action in solidarity with them around the globe. We understand your fight to end prison slavery as a call to end prison society as a whole. We understand mass imprisonment behind tones of concrete and iron as a reflection of the mass society that shackles us all and as an inevitable consequence of the techno-industrial kingdom that determines our lives daily in all possible ways.

We know that contexts might be different from place to place and that some times we get lost into the partiality of our small or big fights against this or that expression of domination and Power. Nevertheless, we believe this is a good opportunity to build up the so much needed intersectionality, to foment it with a borderless perception of the struggle for total self-determination and liberation from hierarchies and authorities that chain us all.

We salute all means of struggle deployed so far against the murderous apparatus of the U.$. prison-industrial complex, and we are happy to know that at least one jailer got what he deserved. While bars of steel and walls of stone may physically contain those in prison, the recent uprisings all over the U.$. have shown that they can never take away the fighting spirit from countless rebels.

As small tokens of our solidarity, on September 11th we hung a banner in Kamara, downtown Thessaloniki, that reads “Victory to the prisoners’ strike in the U.$. // Fire to the prison society” and on September 20th we participated alongside ABC Solidarity Cell and other comrades in a 2 hour blockade at the McDonald’s in the Athenian district of Ilion, holding a banner that reads “Solidarity with the U.$. prison uprising”. After the blockade we dropped the banner from the 58 in Exarchia, where it can be seen daily by hundreds passing by.

As the strike continues, so will our actions. As prisons exist, so will our fight to destroy them.



Why the recent developments in Syria show that the Obama Administration is in a state of confused agony "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The latest developments in Syria are not, I believe, the result of some deliberate plan of the USA to help their “moderate terrorist” allies on the ground, but they are


Britain to send £100mn in aid to war-torn Yemen… while selling £3bn in arms to Saudis "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

57e3a7c9c36188b92c8b46f6Britain is to increase spending on humanitarian aid to war-torn Yemen while at the same time signing off multibillion-pound arms deals to Saudi Arabia, which stands accused of war crimes.

International Development Secretary Priti Patel announced Britain will send an additional £37 million (US$48 million) in aid to Yemen this year, bringing the total package to £100 million.

It comes as Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson faces calls from two senior MPs to support an independent investigation into whether war crimes have been committed in the Yemen conflict.

Yemen “war crime” footage emerges DAY after May defends UK-Saudi arms deal

— RT UK (@RTUKnews) September 8, 2016

Johnson has refused to block UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the government has rejected calls for a vote in Parliament on the matter.

The foreign secretary maintains there is no evidence international law has been violated in the Yemen conflict, where Saudi Arabia has led a coalition of nations fighting Houthi rebels since March last year.

Patel defended the UK’s weapons exports to Saudi Arabia – which totaled £3 billion last year – saying the government has a “robust policy and position” on arms controls.





Cops in Charlotte Keep Dashcam Video of Killing Under Wraps, as Major Opposition Builds Throughout the City "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Witnesses in Charlotte question official narrative, ask press to dig deeper.

By Sarah Lazare

police_8Defying mounting calls for transparency, Charlotte, North Carolina, police are refusing to publicly release dash-camera footage showing their officer’s killing of Keith Lamont Scott, as city officials maintain tight control over the media narrative surrounding ongoing protests.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney told reporters on Thursday that, despite demands from the ACLU and NAACP, he will not release footage of Officer Brentley Vinson’s deadly shooting of Scott, proclaiming he will do so “when there is a compelling reason.” Because Putney claims Vinson was not wearing a body camera at the time of the killing, his withholding of the video constitutes a significant media blackout. The police chief said he will share the footage with Scott’s family, but did not provide a precise timeline.

Tamika Lewis, an organizer with the Charlotte-based organizations the Tribe and the Trans and Queer People of Color Collective, told AlterNet that there is “compelling reason” to make the evidence public. “I think their jobs, their duties and their oaths to ‘protect and serve’ should be compelling reason, as well as the people demanding its release and paying respects to the family,” said Lewis. “I think this shows the lack of transparency and how they are more concerned with protecting the police image than serving and protecting the folks of Charlotte.”





UN Removes Charges Against Russia & Syria Regarding Air Strike on Humanitarian Convoy in Syria "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

alalam_636099735406517152_25f_4x3The UN has revised its recently released statement regarding the humanitarian convoy affected by an attack in Syria. The phrase “air strikes” were replaced with references to unspecified “attacks.” Change of the text of the statement came after explanations of the Russian side.

Earlier, the UN reported that the convoy was damaged “as a result of an airstrike.” In response, the Russian delegation noted that that neither the Russian Aerospace Forces, nor the Syrian Air Forces have attacked the convoy with humanitarian aid.

Spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, said that after studying a video, no signs of aircraft ammunition’s hits on the humanitarian convoy on the outskirts of Aleppo have been identified. He also reminded that on Monday, terrorists of the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (previously known as the Jabhat al-Nusra or the Al-Nusra Front) group began their offensive on Aleppo precisely in this direction, using “powerful artillery fire from tanks, cannon gunnery and various multiple rocket launchers.”

According to Konashenkov, the photos show that there are no relevant funnels, and vehicles do not have hull damages and fractures of its structures from the blast wave of the aero-ammunition. He also added that Russia had used drones to monitor the convoy but only to a certain point.

“Around 13:40 Moscow time (10:40 GMT), the aid convoy has successfully reached the destination. The Russian side did not monitor the convoy after this, and its movements were only known to militants, who were controlled the area,” Konashenkov said.

The spokesman also noted that a pickup truck with a large-caliber mortar, used by terrorists, can be clearly seen in the footage. “The video clearly shows how terrorists are relocating a pickup truck with a large-caliber mortar,” he said.

[more + video…]




Here’s how the US, Israel, al-Qaeda and ISIS work together in Syria "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Simultaneous US and Israeli airstrikes on Syrian military positions in the eastern city of Deir-ez-Zour and in Al-Quneitra show how the US and Israel manipulate ISIS and Al-Qaeda to wage their war of aggression against Syria.

us-israel-terror-400x191The Syrian battlefield is now witnessing an escalation of the war. This is despite the fact that it is supposed to be a time of cessation of hostilities brokered by the US and Russia.

The Syrian war has two major fronts. The first and most important is in southern Syria, on the borderline with Israel and the occupied territories of the Syrian Golan Heights.  This area is divided into two areas:  the liberated area of Al-Quneitra, and the occupied area of the Golan Heights where Jabhat Al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda’s base their fighters.

Israel has been attempting to drive the Syrian army out of Al-Quneitra.  Israel’s objective is to join this part of the Golan Heights to the territory it controls, thereby creating a buffer zone like the one it once had in southern Lebanon. In order to achieve this objective Israel regularly bombs Syrian military positions in the area, including Syrian Arab Army artillery positions, radar stations, etc.

There is a UN Security Council Resolution (UNSC Resolution number 338) dated 22nd October 1973, which supposedly established a Syrian-Israeli ceasefire in this area.  There is also a UN force – UNDOF – set up in 1974, which is supposed to supervise the ceasefire line.  However, Israel has forced out most of UNDOF from the area, and in practice Israel simply ignores the terms of Resolution 338 and violates it at will.

By attacking the Syrian Army in Al-Quneitra Jabhat Al-Nusra – Al-Qaeda’s local franchise – is helping Israel.  Al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda fighters are attacking Syrian military positions important for the defence of Syria and of the Arab nation from Israeli aggression.

These Al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda attacks would not be possible without air support from Israel. Indeed, Israel has admitted many times that it supports these terrorists, whom it calls “moderate rebels”.

[more + video…]



Les Deplorables "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Pepe Escobar for Sputnik News Perplexed global public opinion holds its breath at the (circus) best American “democracy” is able to conjure: the first cage match this coming


HUMANITY vs INSANITY # 79 : Cestui Que Vie "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

An introduction to the Financial & Legal Frauds being perpetrated upon Humanity.

Few have heard of ‘CESTUI QUE VIE’, yet this is the LEGAL FRAUD perpetrated upon HUMANITY in Courts throughout the World. EVERYONE employed within the Legal Profession is GUILTY of perpetuating the Cestui Que Vie FRAUD … but few of them KNOW it!

Meanwhile, the Alchemical process of creating ‘Money from Nothing’, FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING is the means by which the Ruling Parasites are keeping HUMANITY in ‘Debt Slavery’.
EVERYONE employed within the FINANCIAL Sector is GUILTY of FRAUD … & the vast majority of them KNOW it!




Syrian War Report – September 23, 2016: Operation to Clear Eastern Aleppo "IndyWatch Feed Europe"


Infomiddag Zapatista's cancelled "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Let op! De infomiddag over de Zapatista's die geplant stond voor 1oktober is gecancelled.


Wow. Akamai schmeißt Brian Krebs raus, weil der gerade ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Wow. Akamai schmeißt Brian Krebs raus, weil der gerade den fettesten DDoS in der Firmengeschichte abkriegt. Das ist aus mehrerer Hinsicht interessant. Erstens ist das eine Größenordnung an DDoS, die man bisher nur von Reflection-Angriffen kennt. Dabei nutzt jemand anderer Leute exzellente Anbindung für einen Angriff aus. Dieser Angriff schafft 620 GBps aus eigener Kraft. Das ist mal ein echt großes Botnet. Zweitens: Ein großes Botnet, das bisher niemand auf dem Radar hatte. Drittens: Akamai ist der größte Anbieter, zu dem man geht, wenn man Angst vor DDoS hat.

Die haben sich gerade das größte Ei in der Firmengeschichte gelegt.

Wenn ich bei denen Kunde wäre, würde ich das als kein gutes Signal werten, dass die jetzt so einknicken. Ich würde vermutlich ernsthaft die Konkurrenz von Akamai prüfen und einen Umzug erwägen. Akamai hat sich ein Schild umgehängt "wir sind doch kein Schutz gegen DDoS". Das Problem ist halt, dass es in der Größenordnung gar nicht soviele Konkurrenten gibt. Und wenn Akamai schon einknickt, wo kann man dann überhaupt noch hosten und sicher vor DDoS sein? Das ist auf jeden Fall eine ungünstige Entwicklung.

Fairerweise muss man dazu sagen, dass Brian Krebs bei denen kostenlos gehostet wird. Aus deren Sicht ist das also eine fette Geldsenke gerade. Trotzdem ist der Imageschaden durch das Rauskanten meiner Ansicht nach deutlich höher als die Kosten für das Ertragen von diesem DDoS.

Update: Heise-Meldung zum Rausschmiss.


Time to “Be Alarmed” about Emerging Market Debt: UN "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The potential to unleash “third phase” of the Global Financial Crisis.

It seems like only yesterday that a cacophony of voices — our own included — was warning about the dire threat posed to global economic stability by unraveling hard currency-denominated emerging market debt. Then, roughly six months ago, everything went quiet.

And the debt began growing again.

So far this year $153 billion of new EM corporate foreign currency debt has been issued, according to Citigroup. That’s 7% higher than the same period last year. No reason to worry, say Citi’s analysts W.R. Eric Ollom and Ayoti Mittra. So-long as the appetite for high-risk debt remains unabated, indefinitely, EM companies should be able to handle their need to roll over their foreign currency bonds and loans.

“The TINA trade (‘There Is No Alternative’) remains a strong force in the market as investors search the world for higher yields in a low rate universe,” the Citi analysts conclude. “We recommend investors remain long the asset class.”

The Third Leg Down

Not everyone’s quite so sanguine. According to a sobering new report launched yesterday by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), a collapse of emerging market debt is not only a very real, present danger; it has the potential to unleash the third leg of the Global Financial Crisis…

Continue reading the article at WOLF STREET


SBC: Proud & Prejudiced (Part Two) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

SBC: Proud & Prejudiced (Part Two)

  • an “In My View” article by NIGEL WARD – Part Two of a continuing series exposing the secrecy culture of Scarborough Borough Council. 


Having offered readers, in Part One of this article, an insight into the methods that SBC deploy to prevent the public from connecting, for example, the relationship between Council staff and convicted criminals, I would like to develop some ideas concerning the second P-word of the title – PREJUDICED.


The legal dictionary provides a more precise definition of the root word:

  • A forejudgment; bias; partiality; preconceived opinion. A leaning toward one side of a cause for some reason other than a conviction of its justice.

Yet the received wisdom is, in our modern democratic society, that we are “All equal under the law”; ergo, it is not acceptable that a Council – or a Police Force – should treat different people in different ways or degrees.

Were it to be widely known that Scarborough Borough Council operates a policy of selective transparency, the reputation of the Council in the public perception would stand to be seriously prejudiced. Consequently, any bias the Council may wish to apply must be applied covertly – secretly.

It is a matter of demonstrable fact that the Council – or a faction within the Council – is committed to a policy of selective transparency amounting to deliberate secrecy. It is this secrecy that facilitates the application of bias – treating different people in different ways or degrees.

Having demonstrated (in Part One) that the Council has exerted influence over the local newspaper, I can now present evidence of a wider application of the Council’s predilection for secrecy – secrecy even from the majority of its own elected Councillors.

In my article “SBC: Duty of Care” (published 16th September 2016), I touched upon the case of Whistleblower Ben MARRIOTT and his successful claim for Constructive Dismissal against the Council.

Readers may be interested to perform a simple experiment by visiting the Scarborough News website and entering the words ‘Ben Marriott’ in the search facility. My sole search return was a 2008 story entitled “Boat trashed by Scarborough harbour joyriders”. Clearly, SBC – who took pains to keep one of its solicitors out of the news – has not provided the Scarborough News with a press release regarding its defeat – read “rout” – by Ben MARRIOTT in his successful Constructive Dismissal claim.

At the request of Rob BARNETT (a Scarborough Borough Councillor...


German Politicians Are Getting Nervous About Deutsche Bank "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Originally published at Zero Hedge

Just a few short days after Germany’s premier financial publication Handelsblatt dared to utter the “n”-word, when it said that in the aftermath of last week’s striking $14 billion DOJ settlement proposal, “some have even raised the possibility of a government bailout of Germany’s largest bank, which would be a defining event and a symbolic blow to the image of Europe’s largest economy”, German lawmakers are finally starting to get nervous.

According to Bloomberg, Deutsche Bank’s suddenly troubling finances, impacted by the bank’s low profitability courtesy of the ECB’s NIRP policy as well as mounting legal costs courtesy of years of legal violations, “are raising concern among German politicians.” At a closed session of Social Democratic finance lawmakers on Tuesday, Deutsche Bank’s woes came up alongside a debate over Basel financial rules. Participants discussed the U.S. fine and the financial reserves at Deutsche Bank’s disposal if it had to cover the full amount.

While the participants in the meeting did not reach any conclusions on the likely outcome, the discussion signals that the risks facing Deutsche Bank have the attention of Germany’s political establishment. Which means it’s almost serious enough where the politicians, in the parlance of Jean-Claude Juncker, “have to lie” or in this case redirect attention, ideally abroad: the German Finance Ministry last week called on the U.S. to ensure a “fair outcome” for Deutsche Bank, citing cases against other banks where the government settled for reduced fines.

Actually lying also works: on February 9 German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told Bloomberg Television that he has “no concerns about Deutsche Bank.” That has probably changed

Continue reading the article



Pesticide Companies’ Own Secret Tests Showed Their Products Harm Bees: Report "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

“If Bayer and Syngenta cared about the future of our pollinators, they would have made the findings public…It’s time for these companies to come clean”

The findings may “substantially undersestimate” the impact of neonics on pollinators, Greenpeace said (Photo: Darko Mares/flickr/cc)


Agrochemical giants Syngenta and Bayer discovered in their own tests that their pesticides caused severe harm to bees, according to unpublished documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by the environmental group Greenpeace.

The companies conducted the trials on products that used the controversial pesticides known as neonicotinoids, or neonics, which have long been linked to rapid bee decline. Neonics are also the world’s most commonly used pesticide.

According to their own studies, Syngenta’s thiamethoxam and Bayer’s clothianidin were found to cause severe harm at high levels of use, although the effect was lessened when used under 50 parts per billion (ppb) and 40ppb respectively, the Guardian reports.

However, as Greenpeace notes, the research “assumes a very narrow definition of harm to bee health and ignores wild bees which evidence suggests are more likely to be harmed by neonicotinoids.”

That means the findings may “substantially underestimate” the impact of neonics, Greenpeace said.

Still, the studies are significant not just for the admission of risk to bees, which help pollinate three-quarters of the world’s food supply, but also because they expose the agrochemical industry’s disregard for environmental and food security concerns, experts said.

“If Bayer (DQ: now proud owner of world’s least-loved corporation, Monsanto) and Syngenta cared about the future of our pollinators, they would have made the findings public. Instead, they kept quiet about them for months and carried on downplaying nearly every study that questioned the safety of their products. It’s time for these companies to come clean about what they really kno...


Moveable Feast Cafe 2016/09/23 … Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

2016/09/23 08:30:02Welcome to the ‘Moveable Feast Cafe’. The ‘Moveable Feast’ is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of


NZ - 'Gun' aimed at district health board candidate in Timaru "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

South Canterbury District Health Board candidate Rachel Tomkinson claims she had a gun pointed at her as she campaigned ...A South Canterbury District Health Board candidate says she had a gun pointed at her as she campaigned on a busy Timaru street.Anti-fluoride campaigner Rachel Tomkinson claims the gun's firing mechanism was clicked, twice, before the man holding the gun was driven away.

Tomkinson said she told police she was on the footpath outside the Landings building on State Highway 1 when the incident occurred about 1.15pm on Wednesday.It was obvious she was campaigning: she was wearing a gold and purple lycra "superhero outfit" and holding an election placard, Tomkinson said on Friday.

A white utility vehicle drove slowly past her on the other side of the road, having just turned on to the highway from Sophia St, she said.She saw the ute's dark window roll down and a man, who was probably in his 20s, pointed something at her.It looked to be a BB gun or something similar. She said the man "clicked" the gun twice while it was pointed at her.Tomkins was by herself. She said she laughed off what happened and did not take it seriously until she told her friends.

They were shocked and urged her to report it to police. She said she did so on Thursday.She described the ute as being white with black trims and with tinted windows.Senior Sergeant Dylan Murray, of Timaru, on Friday confirmed a complaint had been laid and that inquiries were continuing.

Tomkinson, a health shop/cafe owner, has been a familiar sight in downtown Timaru for her part in the anti-fluoride group Sweet Freedom Army (SFA).The group's public campaigning started about four months ago and has continued with action on Stafford St and outside Timaru Hospital.

Tomkinson said the anti-fluoride campaign generated strong views from passers by, from robust comment to outright abuse.Early in the anti-fluoride campaign, a man told he she was hurting children and should be locked up, she said.She offered the man a hug; he was angry and continued to rant and rave, she said.
"It saddens me that people are getting so angry ... they don't have to agree with me."
The "rage" she encountered during the once-a-week action was sometimes shocking, she said.
"If they are bullying me what kind of example is that to their children or grandchildren?"

South Canterbury District Health Board chief executive Nigel Trainor could not comment directly on claims linked to a candidate's election campaign.However, he confirmed he had received no complaints as to how the public responded to the SFA campaign.


Mosaic sinkhole "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

MULBERRY — The politics heated up Thursday over state environmental officials’ response to the Mosaic sinkhole that emptied 215 million gallons of contaminated water into the Floridan Aquifer.
After Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton criticized the state’s initial silence about it, Republican Gov. Rick Scott fired back with orders for the Department of Environmental Protection to release its timeline of responsiveness and to provide daily updates.
In a separate flow of information, Mosaic posted on its website an illustration showing how it is using one if its existing 800-foot-deep wells to suck the contaminated water sideways out of the sinkhole into the well, then pumping the contaminated water up.
The well is pumping from the aquifer at a rate of 3,500 gallons a minute, Mosaic spokeswoman Callie Neslund said Thursday.
“We believe the contaminated water is sitting under the gypsum stack in the aquifer," she said. "And we believe it is being pumped over to the well and back up to be recycled.”
That belief is based on measurements of dissolved solids in the well water, basically finding salt in the water, she said. Among the contaminants that were in the pond sucked into the sinkhole were sodium (salt), small amounts of radium (radioactivity), sulfate and fluoride.
Early signs that a sinkhole was developing were noticed Aug. 27 by a Mosaic technician who reported the depth of the pond on top of the 150-foot tall gypsum stack had dropped by 2 feet. The 45-foot-wide sinkhole opened Sept. 5, emptying the pond. The depth of the sinkhole is still unknown but it is believed to extend down into the Floridan Aquifer .................................


From #AusterityJustice to Access to #ProsperityJustice? #HLEThinkTank @MoJGovUK @JoshuaRozenbergQC "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The future of Legal Aid and Litigants in Person: can we Safeguard Access to Justice? was an excellent event chaired by Joshua Rozenberg and organised by the Halsbury Law Exchange last night 22.09.2016.

One of the four panellists was Steve Hynes, the author of “Austerity Justice”.

In the morning I was cheered up with “Go on, Love”, as my walking sticks took me to the tube.

“Carry on, Soldier”, I thought when I spoke with a retired Crown Prosecutor who used to work with Austin Mitchell MP on the Campaign for a National Legal Service (CNLS). On behalf of the Forum for Stable Currencies, Austin had submitted Early Day Motions to ensure Public Credit for Public Purposes from 2001 to 2011.

On the legal issue of the supposed ‘neutrality’ and ‘independence’ of the Judiciary:

  • who decides on its budget?
  • who finances court buildings, judges, court staff, prisons?
  • the money does not seem to come out of Governments budgets – but last night everybody seemed to assume that Government is responsible for the quality of the ‘justice system’.

On the financial power to control, maybe we need to go back to the Enforcement of the Bank of England Act 1694:

  • it made trading ‘financial products’ punishable – at three times the value of the trade!

Maybe we need to question what the Bank of England does with its powers

On the expectations projected onto the Online Court, maybe the Law Specialist Group of the British Computer Society can contribute?

My computer logic tells me that the Bank of England owes the Government a lot of money!

  • Who will lead the way from Austerity Justice to Prosperity Justice or can we envisage prosperity and justice?

What do I find about CNLS – the Campaign for a National Legal Service?

The crisis of funding for public legal services is not limited to the UK.

The Campaign for a National Legal Service (CNLS) recognises the gravy train has hit the buffers.

The group wants a national network of law centres doing all publically-funded civil work – law centres represent bette...


USA - State still pushing fluoride "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Two fluoridation-related observations:

First point: The Associated Press has just spotlighted drug makers’ efforts to promote use of opioid painkillers and blunt legislation aimed at preventing their overuse and abuse. Big Pharma’s efforts here mirror a much earlier promotion of fluoride-polluting industries and sugar producers for their own selfish purposes.

The AP series lays out how the drug industry has gained a measure of control over the science of painkillers, using its money to hire lobbyists and forge alliances with the medical sector to protect profits that come from the lucrative though deadly opioid trade. 

A very similar strategy underlaid the promotion of fluoridation in the 1940s and beyond. Fluoridation was not so much a tooth decay preventative as a public relations ploy. The goal: protect fluoride-polluting industries from lawsuits and shield the sugar industry from being a target in tooth-decay prevention.

Second point: Recently, I sent the Vermont Department of Health laboratory water samples to compare my Rutland City tap water with water from my new, reverse osmosis filtration unit. I wanted to see if the filter was really working at removing fluoride. 

The test report showed city water from my tap at 0.7 milligrams per liter, the level recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — misguided though that recommendation is. The test from my fluoride-filtering unit measured “less than” 0.3 milligrams per liter, the bottom level the state tests for. Therefore my filter is working.

Here’s the kicker: With my test report, the Health Department included a sh...


It's in the water: the debate over fluoridation lives on "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Many people take for granted the addition of fluoride into public drinking water systems that aims to prevent tooth decay. It’s a seven-decade old public health effort. But it’s not nearly as universally accepted as one might think.

At least seven cities or towns across the country debated it just this summer.

For example, Wellington, Fla., decided to add fluoride back into the water in July after the city council voted two years ago to remove it. Across the country in Healdsburg, Calif., voters will revisit a ballot question in November regarding whether to stop adding the mineral to the water supply.

“There has always been periodic discussion,” said Steven Levy, a dentistry professor at the University of Iowa. Levy is involved in an Iowa-based longitudinal study that tracks fluoride intake and its effects on children’s bones. “We are seeing more challenges now because of the communication explosion with the Internet.”

The debate started well before 1945 when Grand Rapids, Mich., became the first U.S. city to add fluoride to its water supply. In the decades since, opposition usually stems from studies linking fluoride intake by children with lower IQs, higher rates of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder and potential toxicity.

Still, fluoridation has become a fairly common practice, with about 74% of the population receiving fluoridated water from community water systems, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But the intervention, which is considered by the CDC to be one of the 10 top public health achievements of the 20th century and backed by the American Dental Association and the World Health Organization, also continues to raise grass-roots concerns. These arguments range from casting fluoride as unnecessary and ineffective to efforts to paint the mineral as “mass medication” and a “damaging environmental pollutant.”

“Fluoridation is not safe or cost-effective,” said Bill Osmunson, director of the Fluoride Action Network, a national organization against fluoridation of water supplies, adding that people should be given the freedom of choice so they can avoid ingesting excess fluoride.

In Wellington, Mayor Anne Gerwig often fields angry emails on this issue.

“I watch the videos that they email me, I read the information they send me,” Gerwig said. Gerwig has no background in science, but she read studies and fact-checked the claims being made by the town’s residents. Gerwig said she decided to support fluoridation after she found scientific consensus about the benefits of fluoridation in preventing tooth decay.

The CDC, for instance, considers water fluoridation to be the most cost-effective method of delivering fluoride to all, reducing tooth decay by 25% in children and adults. Tooth decay is still one of the most common chronic conditions among children.

“A big thing about community water fluoridation is that it’s a passive intervention, you don’t really have to do anything other than drink tap water,” said Katherine Weno, oral health director at the CDC. “You don’t have to buy a product or access to a dental professional. It benefits people who don’t have money to go to a dentist or don’t have any insurance.”

But some question the need for continued fluoridation, especially as products such as toothpaste and rinses containing fluoride are available, and because the chemical’s levels vary and indications of harm are not always clear.

Philippe Grandjean, an adjunct professor at Harvard University School of Public Health, has authored a couple of studies questioning the need for the added fluoride.

“Our dental health is clearly much less dependent on fluoride in drinking water than way back when this important public health intervention was initiated,” Grandjean said.

In a 2016 Harvard Public Health article, Grandjean commented about the nee...


Hundreds took the streets of Berlin Kreuzberg to march against... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Hundreds took the streets of Berlin Kreuzberg to march against gentrification, evictions and rising rents. 09/10/2016.


Macri, implicado también en ‘Bahamas Leaks’ "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Nueva documentación filtrada por el Registro de Compañías en el paraíso fiscal de Bahamas revelan que el presidente argentino, Mauricio


Reino Unido levanta un muro en el norte de Francia para impedir el paso de refugiados "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Sin respaldo de las autoridades locales de la ciudad de Calais, al norte de Francia, se está construyendo un muro


Las FARC aprueban su transformación en fuerza política "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

El comandante de las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia – Ejército del Pueblo (FARC-EP), Félix Antonio Muñoz Lazcarro, conocido como


Stone: “Estados Unidos se encamina hacia la autodestrucción” "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Estados Unidos “se encamina hacia la autodestrucción”, afirmó el cineasta Oliver Stone durante la presentación en el festival de cine


Inauguran mural en el Bronx en homenaje a Hugo Chávez "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

“Se ve, se siente, Chávez está presente”, gritaron las organizaciones sociales del Bronx, donde recordaron la última visita del comandante


Cuba advierte en Naciones Unidas que no renunciará a sus principios revolucionarios "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

El ministro de Relaciones Exteriores de Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez, aseveró este jueves en su discurso en la 71° Asamblea General


Eskuelita Libertaria: Abya Yala re-existe e In-surge "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

14355134_177117369395198_458891685225265729_n.jpgTodas invitadas a forjar digna rabia y tejer alegre rebeldía desde el diálogo de saberes y el intercambio de experiencias. ¡Asi si, carajo… porque los pueblos de Amerikua siguen de-construyendo y di-soñando mundos otros desde abajo, a la izquierda y con la madre tierra!


Medios hegemónicos crean una realidad manipulada de Venezuela "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

De acuerdo al analista español Fernando Casado, la realidad en Venezuela ha sido manipulada de la manera “más obvia y


Die Bankster wollen nicht, dass TLS zu sicher wird. ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Die Bankster wollen nicht, dass TLS zu sicher wird. Begründung:

Like many enterprises, financial institutions depend upon the ability to decrypt TLS traffic to implement data loss protection, intrusion detection and prevention, malware detection, packet capture and analysis, and DDoS mitigation. Unlike some other businesses, financial institutions also rely upon TLS traffic decryption to implement fraud monitoring and surveillance of supervised employees.
Dann können wir doch unsere Leute nicht mehr bei der Arbeit totalüberwachen!1!!

Die europäische Rechtsgemeinschaft "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

(Eigener Bericht) - Das Flüchtlingshilfswerk der Vereinten Nationen übt zum wiederholten Male scharfe Kritik an der Flüchtlingsabwehr der EU. Mit Blick auf die desaströsen Bedingungen, unter denen Flüchtlinge auf den griechischen Inseln leben müssten, sei es dringend notwendig, zumindest eine größere Zahl von ihnen auf das griechische Festland zu holen und ihre Umverteilung in andere EU-Staaten endlich im zugesagten Umfang vorzunehmen, fordert ein UNHCR-Vertreter in Athen. Berlin lehnt dies ab; die Bundesregierung verlangt im Gegenteil den Rücktransport der Flüchtlinge von den griechischen Inseln in die Türkei und die Wiederaufnahme von "Dublin III"-Abschiebungen aus Deutschland nach Griechenland. Rechtliche Bedenken der Athener Asylbehörde, die darauf verweist, dass die Türkei keineswegs ein "sicherer Drittstaat" ist, führen in der deutschen Hauptstadt ebensowenig zu einem Kurswechsel wie aktuelle Berichte von Menschenrechtsorganisationen, laut denen in Griechenland hunderte unbegleitete minderjährige Flüchtlinge entgegen international gültigen Normen in Haft gehalten werden, teils in Polizeizellen und oft unter desaströsen hygienischen Bedingungen. Während Berlin den Abschiebedruck in jede Richtung erhöht, erreicht die Zahl der Flüchtlinge, die beim Einreiseversuch übers Mittelmeer zu Tode kommen, neue Negativrekorde.


Which is the single largest threat to the global economy? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Filed under: And the Weak Suffer What They Must? - the book, DiEM, European Crisis

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#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography


Yemen: Saudi Massacre In Hodeida Falls On Western Powers And “Activists” Who Don’t Support Ansarullah "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Jonathan Azaziah

There isn’t a day that goes by in which Yemen’s suffering doesn’t give persons of conscience the feeling of a black hole in the pits of their stomachs. I’m not going to feign shock that the Zionist media either did not pick up the news of Saudi Arabia’s massacre of at least 54 Yemeni civilians in Hodeida or simply regurgitated the Wahhabi tyrants’ lie that they had bombed “Houthi targets”. This has been the norm since Riyadh invaded Yemen: crimes are committed and crimes are covered up with the ‘Israeli’-designed sectarian narrative or just outright silence. I will however burn with fury. A souk and a dozen residential homes were eviscerated with American-made bombs, dropped from American-made jets and guided with intelligence from America, the UK and ‘Israel’. A local market and people’s houses… Do those sound like military installations to you?! Do they?! And imagine that this sheer savagery was dropped on the heads of innocent Yemenis as they were marching in their millions to commemorate the two-year anniversary of the Great Yemeni Revolution led by Ansarullah. The hateful, vindictive, sadistic Saudi despots could not let this historic day go by without bloodshed.

But in doing so, all the cowardly Dönmeh Saudi monsters exposed was their own battlefield ineptitude, as they are only capable of killing large numbers of unarmed civilians, as well as their bitterness regarding their own overall failure to send Ansarullah packing from any territories–including the historically Yemeni southern regions of Saudi Arabia like Jizan, Asir and Najran–and restore Saudi-American-‘Israeli’ hegemony over Yemen. Al-Saud has been defeated. Al-Saud has failed. So Al-Saud, like its blood-drinking friends in the cancerous Zionist entity, devastates the defenseless in a disturbing attempt to take its toxic mind off how badly it has lost. And to see that devastation in Hodeida, from the bombed out architecture to the charred bodies of women and children in the ruins of ancient living quarters, is painfully, immensely sorrow-inducing, as it is not only one of Yemen’s most beautiful places but a great gem of the entire Maghreb and Mashreq.

If it wasn’t for Ansarullah’s counter-invasion campaign, which is as historic as the Great Yemeni Revolution still being celebrated, the aforementioned sorrow would be all there is. We mourn for the Hodeida martyrs and we anxiously await the vengeance that the Houthiyeen will take. Above and beyond this though, we, as in the persons of conscience with the black holes in the pits of our stomachs, curse the perpetrators of this ungodly atrocity… Starting at the top with Riyadh, Washington, “Tel Aviv”, London, Paris, Berlin and Ottawa and then working our way down to every last one of those miscreants arrogantly trotting out their credentials as “reporters” and “activists” but still have yet to take the side of the Yemeni Islamic Mouqawamah in its righteous struggle against the tyrannical Takfiri Kingdom of Darkness. We curse ’em all.

Sunday, 18 September


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13924891_954429914703245_6859468209330807415_n_1.jpgEntre el 14 y 16 de diciembre del 2014, en el municipio de Corinto, los indígenas Nasa iniciaron el proceso de liberación de 2000 hectáreas que se encontraban bajo el dominio de INCAUCA. Pasado año y medio, y pese a los reiterados intentos de desalojo por parte del ESMAD y el ejército, utilizando tanques, helicópteros y tractores contra las comunidades indígenas, las fincas Quebrada Seca, Miraflores, García Arriba, García Abajo, los Cultivos y Granaditas continúan hoy en proceso de liberación.

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