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Saturday, 24 February


Supporters of the Syrian opposition held a rally in Berlin at... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Supporters of the Syrian opposition held a rally in Berlin at the first anniversary of the gas attack on Ghouta near Damascus by regime forces of dictator Bashar al-Assad. They reminded of the up to 1,500 dead who were killed by that gas attack. 08/23/2014.

Its the same Ghouta which is until now still under siege and is heavily bombed during the last days. The people in Ghouta are now suffering for more than four years.
#berlin #syria #freesyria #russia #ghouta #breathing_death #gasattack #warcrime #reportage #blackandwhite #photojournalism #documentary #journalism

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Friday, 23 February


Thousands attended a march in Berlin against the inhuman asylum... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Thousands attended a march in Berlin against the inhuman asylum system in Germany. Against residence obligation, the conditions in the camps for asylum seekers and deportations. The demonstration followed a march by about 20 refugees from Wrzburg to Berlin who arrived one week earlier. These protests were the beginning of a wave of refugee actions, including protest camps and hunger strikes, in Berlin and throughout Germany. 10/13/2012.
#berlin #refugees #refugeeswelcome #noborders #asylumpolicy #march #oplatz #refugeestruggle #demonstration #protest #blackandwhite #photojournalism #documentary #journalism #reportage


Fisking 'Feedback' on the BBC's Brexit coverage "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Whatever reservations some of us might have about Samira Ahmed's Newswatch and its usefulness (though I'm glad it exists and that it's to the credit that the BBC broadcasts it), I really don't think it can be credibly denied that its teeth are a heck of lot sharper than its Radio 4 equivalent, Roger Bolton's Feedback...

...or that the otherwise very opinionated, censorious Samira Ahmed does a far, far better job of concealing her own views than Roger Bolton ever manages to do.

For example, Samira would never begin an edition of Newswatch like this: 
Roger Bolton: Hello. It's nice to be back. Nothing much has happened at the BBC since we've been off-air, just a little local difficulty about gender equality and presenters pay and the usual accusations of leftie-liberal bias. Oh, and the BBC is now the prime target in the age-old political game of 'Shoot the Messenger'. The reason? This:
BBC newsreader: Senior ministers will meet tomorrow to discuss what the government wants from the final Brexit deal. 
Roger Bolton: Yes, Brexit.
Note the dismissive, mocking tone of "the usual accusations of leftie-liberal bias" followed by the emphatic, preemptive, opinionated, even-more-dismissive defence of the BBC in "Oh, and the BBC is now the prime target in the age-old political game of 'Shoot the Messenger'" (specifically in connection with the BBC's coverage of Brexit).

Yes, Samira Ahmed (however opinionated and illiberal she might be on Twitter, or in newspapers, or in magazines, or on other BBC programmes) would never glibly mock viewers' concerns on Newswatch itself.



Wenn ihr die atemlosen schockierten emprten Vorwrfe ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Wenn ihr die atemlosen schockierten emprten Vorwrfe der Wahlmanipulation durch die Russen hrt, fragt ihr euch da auch, was eigentlich mit den Wahlmanipulationen durch die USA ist?

Bill Clintons CIA-Direktor Woolsey hat sich mal zu der Frage geuert:

When asked whether the U.S. interferes in other countries elections, James Woolsey said, Well, only for a very good cause in the interests of democracy."

Oh, probably, but it was for the good of the system in order to avoid communists taking over, he told Laura Ingraham on her Fox News show on Friday night.

Seht ihr? Das haben wir fr die Demokratie getan! Die Wahlmanipulation jetzt. Ist doch einleuchtend, findet ihr nicht? Also ich habe da keine Fragen mehr. Die russische Botschaft auch nicht.

Gute Nachrichten! Der Mindestlohn hat unsere Wirtschaft ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Gute Nachrichten! Der Mindestlohn hat unsere Wirtschaft doch nicht umgebracht!

Germany's statistics office has said the German state last year logged the highest annual surplus since the country reunited in 1990. The result came on the back of record-low unemployment and low interest rates.
Und wisst ihr, was noch voll am Boden ist? Die Reallhne!




Officers are searching for a man who failed to attend court after being charged with a serious driving offence.

Marcin Wiczynski, 30, of Scarborough, is wanted by police after Scarborough magistrates issued a warrant for his arrest.

Wiczynski, pictured above, failed to attend court after he was charged with causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

He is short around 5ft 7ins and of average build. He has short, brown receding hair and speaks with an Eastern European accent.

Anyone who has seen Wiczynski or knows his whereabouts should contact North Yorkshire Police on 101, select option 2 and ask for Huw Walkey.

You can also email Traffic Constable Walkey on

Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Please quote incident number 12170101831.

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Lung-Patient hospitalized in serious condition after PPC cuts power to poor household "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Outstanding debts? No settlement? Poverty? Sickness? Greek Public Power Company knows no mercy.  The public company sent a crew and cut the power supply to a couple that has been living under the poverty line and furthermore the man has been suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a lung disease. The cut of the

The post Lung-Patient hospitalized in serious condition after PPC cuts power to poor household appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Moveable Feast Cafe 2018/02/23 Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

2018/02/23 18:00:01 Welcome to the Moveable Feast Cafe. The Moveable Feast is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions


Globally Top-Respected Experts on Middle East Warn Syrian War May Produce WW III "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Eric Zuesse for The Saker blog Abdel Bari Atwan, the retired editor-in-chief (1989-2013) of the pan-Arab newspaper Al Quds Al Arabi and author of widely respected books on the


Wie geht es euch, wenn ihr die SPD beteuern hrt, ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Wie geht es euch, wenn ihr die SPD beteuern hrt, dass es vor der Ycel-Freilassung keine Deals mit der Trkei gab?

Da lacht ihr doch heiser, oder?

Und vllig zu Recht, wie sich rausstellt:

Die Bundesregierung hat vor der Freilassung von Welt-Korrespondent Deniz Ycel zahlreiche Genehmigungen fr Rstungsexporte in die Trkei erteilt. Insgesamt handelt es sich um 31 Flle. Das Wirtschaftsressort besttigte unterdessen ein Treffen zwischen Auenminister Gabriel und hochrangigen Vertretern der Waffenindustrie.
Warte mal, Gabriel, Gabriel, wer war noch mal der, der behauptet hatte, es habe keine Deals gegeben? Oh ja richtig! Gabriel!


a-Fisking we shall go : David Raynes in Conservative Woman "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Every now and again a piece of perfectly congealed boneheadedness comes along. Why do they come on a Friday from the brexstremists, making me fisk them when I should be heading for a beer? Anyhow, here we go, with a piece of internally inconsistent and condescending foolishness of note. So bad is it that the author knew, and allowed a sign, reproduced above, of a vandalised welcome to NI sign be its picture lede. 

Is the Irish border really the unsolvable Brexit problem the EU Commission would have us believe?

Well, it is not just the commission, is it.Lets recall this ever fresh comment from a conservative of note. Ready.1.2..3..

The position of countries has been violently altered. The modes of thought of men, the whole outlook on affairs, the grouping of parties, all have encountered violent and tremendous change in the deluge of the world. But as the deluge subsides and the waters fall short we see the dreary steeples of Fermanagh and Tyrone emerging once again. The integrity of their quarrel is one of the few institutions that have been unaltered in the cataclysm which has swept the world

W Churchill, Esq.

So, yeah, pretty much unsolvable.

It keeps coming up,

Funny that . Imagine a border coming up in debates about a country taking control of its border. Its almost like its a a border?

 on Any Questions, Question Time, Daily Politics and so on. It is presented, especially by the ignorant or duplicitous (those with Brexit-preventing intent?),

three different things here. And all in the mind of the beholder.

 as a deal-breaker,

It is that.

 an unsolvable barrier to Brexit.

To a hard Brexit, yep.

We are told by the EU Commission that a system for the Irish border must be agreed before the interminable talks move on.

And, indeed, that is what the tattermedallion rags of the UK governance system agreed

There is no doubt

I has a doubt. Therefore there is a doubt. You mean I, Brexit Britain, have no doubt

a false worry about avoiding a hard border, and probably crocodile tears about the Good Friday Agreement

This is a lovely little dig. Kudos. Remember the Arlene Forster statement on crocodiles?

. If anyone wants a hard border or the threat of it, it is the EU, not the UK or Irish governments or peoples.

Later we find our author worked for decades in customs and excise. In all that time, which spanned...


300 more doctors on Novartis payroll while company under investigation "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

In a new raid to Novartis offices in Athens, authorities secured a list with the names of 300 private and public doctors. the doctors reportedly received 1,000 to 5,000 euros in order to prescribe medicines of the Swiss drug-maker. The payments were paid in the time period  January 2016 to January 2017, that is while

The post 300 more doctors on Novartis payroll while company under investigation appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


The toddler allergic to water: 18-month-old girl breaks out in agonising blisters "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The toddler allergic to water: 18-month-old girl breaks out in agonising blisters

SECONDS after she cries, sweats or has a bath Ivy Angerman suffers painful break outs after any water exposure

The 18-month-old is being taught by her mother not to cry when upset

Mother Brittany Angerman, 27, worries Ivy will be bullied due to her disorder

The only truly effective treatment is for sufferers to avoid water entirely

Ivy is thought to be the youngest of just 50 sufferers of the condition worldwide ............

I bet there's a lot more than 50 suffers we don't all run to the doctor. 
For one year I too suddenly became allergic to water. I even found that distilled water still brought me out in a rash ruling out chlorine being the culprit. Not as bad as this kiddie but bad enough that bathing became a problem.
It has now disappeared but I switched to  quick showers rather than chance it coming back.


Germanys support is clear and given, Merkel tells Tsipras on Turkeys provocations "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Germanys support is clear and given, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated on Friday when Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras raised the issue of Turkish provocations in the Aegean. Tsipras had pointed out that, while EU-Turkey cooperation on migration was effective as admitted by all sides it was necessary that there be no tensions

The post Germanys support is clear and given, Merkel tells Tsipras on Turkeys provocations appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Pharmacists Association warns of legal actions against every license obtained by non-pahrmacists "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The Pan-Hellenic Pharmacists Association warns that it will appeal in courts against any license granted to non-pharmacists. The warning comes just hours after the Council of State ruled in favor of the full opening of the pharmacists profession that will allow investors to open pharmacies in Greece. The pharmacists Association says it considers the CoS

The post Pharmacists Association warns of legal actions against every license obtained by non-pahrmacists appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


23 February 2014, SitRep Sevastopol "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Today, 23 February, is the anniversary of the City of Sevastopol cementing its course of leaving Ukraine. I personally think that soon this will be a holiday in this City


#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite #dailylife #waiting #woman


Check your pension stamps in Greece with One Click on e-system ATLAS "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Those who have worked in Greece and have paid social security contributions for pension, can now check with the new electronic platform of Greeces e-government how many pension stamps they have collected. The ATLAS application give this possibility to those insured at IKA (employees and part of self-employed), OAEE (self-employed), OGA (farmers) as well as

The post Check your pension stamps in Greece with One Click on e-system ATLAS appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Turkish warships threaten to sink Italian drillship SAIPEM in Cyprus EEZ "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A serious incident took place at 10 a.m. on Friday morning, when five Turkish warships threatened to sink the drillship  SAIPEM 12000 commissioned by the Italian energy company ENI. The drillship had set to reach block 3 of Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in a new effort to reach Soupia target. SAIPEM could not reach

The post Turkish warships threaten to sink Italian drillship SAIPEM in Cyprus EEZ appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


FinMin Tsakalotos admits Citizens do not see the economy improvements "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Finally a government official admitted the obvious: that the average citizens does not see the improvements in economy as they are been recorded in spread sheets and in the upgrades of the contrys credit ratings. Touring the island of Crete and meeting with local authorities, Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos said Some things are done, there

The post FinMin Tsakalotos admits Citizens do not see the economy improvements appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Open Letter to NYCC "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

An Open Letter on the subject of Adult Social Care (ASC) to County Councillor Helen SWIERS [Con.], in her capacity as Chair of North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC), from County Councillor Tony RANDERSON [Lab.]. Councillor RANDERSON is also a Scarborough Borough Councillor (SBC).


Madam Chairman.

I cannot in all conscience support this budget, although in a quite minute way sympathise with Cllr Dadd and the Executive in their uncomfortable positions in these times of Austerity foisted upon us all by their Tory Government.

It is diabolical that once again there is a recommendation for us all to chew over of yet another 2% precept on Social Services.

This is again another double whammy upon those good residents throughout North Yorkshire.

The Government has already received finances from us all to ensure Social Services are adequately catered for, just why should our citizens have to pay twice for the same service.

To put a further extra financial burden in the County Councils court, purely because of this continuous slashing of funding from Central Government, is a step too far. It just is not fair or equitable.

I am perfectly aware that the County Council has attempted to protect adult social care spending to a much greater extent than many other councils and it now spends 42% of its budget on social care of older people along with vulnerable adults, for this they must be applauded.

However, North Yorkshire citizens pay more Council Tax and receives less government funding along with having higher costs due to the delivery of its services right across Englands largest rural authority. This has to be correct because these are Cllr Dadds words and not my own, however I agree whole heartedly with them.

This being the case I have to beg the question from North Yorkshires illustrious Members of Parliament just what they are doing, if anything, to address this ludicrous situation, where our council tax in varying parts of North Yorkshire is higher than most if not all constituencies throughout Britain. Their unacceptable silence is deafening, it clearly is the case living in their respective Ivory Towers of yes you are struggling but Im alright, Jack.

It just cannot be right that once again our residents have to dig deep into their own pockets just in order to prop up failing government economic policies.

For the avoidance of doubt, I also take issue with the continuous term Savings when we should be clearly pointing out that these are Cuts to this County Councils funding.

I shall be resisting this budget f...


Living in Athens: 1:2 households cannot afford heating, 1:5 work for less than 500 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The living and working conditions of the millions of people living in the Attica prefecture and Athens have been surveyed by Marc on behalf of the Attica Regional Authorities in cooperation with the Labor Center of Athens. The results draw   as no otherwise expected a grim picture of those living in the Greek

The post Living in Athens: 1:2 households cannot afford heating, 1:5 work for less than 500 appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


UK Against Fluoridation "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Never seen this before - funny how he kept misspelling fluoride.


The link between fluoride levels and Alzheimers disease "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The link between fluoride levels and Alzheimers disease
By Contributor 22nd February 2018

Dear Editor,

The Irish Examiner previously published an excellent report on the increase in dementia in Ireland (Dementia tsunami looms, Catherine Shanahan, June 25, 2015).
In this article, Dr Ronan Collins was quoted as saying: I have seen the exponential growth of dementia in our clinical workload over the last 15 years, a true tsunami with the burden it imposes on increasing numbers of people and their families, and its cost both in terms of the lost social contribution of the person and through the economic cost of care needed.
Shanahan also reported that the economic cost of dementia illness in the Republic of Ireland was estimated to be 1.7 billion in 2010.
Like Ireland, the USA has also seen an unprecedented increase in dementia in recent decades. Between 1999 and 2014, deaths rates from Alzheimers disease in the USA rose by more than 50 per cent.
The current cost of healthcare for dementia in the USA is US$236bn (191.2bn). It is important to be aware that the USA and Ireland are two of the most fluoridated countries in the world, with in excess of 70 per cent of their populations provided with artificially fluoridated drinking water.
It is also important to note that in 2003, research published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry found that lower brain acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity was associated with cognitive impairment in adults, and that individuals with low AChE activity may have early Alzheimers disease changes in the brain.
Most people remain unaware that in 2006, the National Research Council of the National Academies in the USA reported that fluoride inhibits the activities of AChE, and warned of the possibilities that...


Australia - Dentists urge big picture view of fluoride in shire water "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Wednesdays decision that council would be fluoridating the remainder of the shires public water supply met with heated debate both inside and outside of the councils chambers. 
There were loud disruptions in the chamber with Mayor Kristy McBain rising on several occasions to ask for respect from the public members. Then, only a few hours later, online forums lit up with support for the decision, but also some anger and consternation.


BAN IT NOW : RED PILL /FLUORIDE ITS POISON (self.CBTS_Stream) "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by ScorpioPatriot

Here you will find a list of just 9 Out of the many dangers of Fluoride.. that can be found in 95% of all toothpaste sold and knowingly added to our water supply . Its time we call for a BAN on FLUORIDE In its entirity . Our Days of being dumbed down and people being mass sterlilized is over. Here is the list ..I just came acrossed . CODE : SPAM SHARE THIS POST.


In fact, the number one reason for poison control calls concerning fluoride are for children whove eaten toothpaste. Long-term ingestion is harmful to the brain, digestive system, heart, bones even the tooth enamel its supposed to help. These next 9 shocking facts will make you take a second look at your exposure to fluoride.

Weakens Skeletal Health Skeletal fluorosis is a condition resulting from fluoride consumption. The liver is unable to process fluoride, thus it passes into the bloodstream where it combines with calcium thats been leeched from the skeletal system. Youre left with weak bones, otherwise known as skeletal fluorosis. The risk has been known about for decades yet its not been established how much exposure will trigger skeletal fluorosis and the impact it has on quality of life is horrendous. The best way to protect yourself is to avoid fluoride. Recently, Chinese authorities established a link between reductions in fluoride exposure and the incidence of fluorosis.

Causes Arthritis Fluoride has been shown to cause calcification of cartilage, the essential tissue for joint health.Degenerative osteoarthritis has been linked to skeletal fluorosis. And in a study of individuals suffering from fluorosis, osteoarthritis knee conditions occurred frequently.

Toxic to the Thyroid Iodine and fluoride belong to a family of compounds known as halogens. Although iodine is beneficial to the thyroid, fluoride is not. However, because of the similarities, the thyroid can absorb fluoride instead of iodine. This is bad. Fluoride is toxic to thyroid cells; it inhibits function and causes cell death.For decades, fluoride was used to reduce thyroid function in individuals suffering from an overactive thyroid. Now and pay attention to this the range used in water fluoridation matches the levels typically used to reduce thyroid function.

Calcifies the Ultra-Important Pineal Gland Although the full capabilities of the pineal gland have been the subject of debate for centuries, its known for certain that, at a minimum, the pineal gland regulates body rhythms and wake-sleep cycles; two extremely important functions. Fluoride is especially toxic to the pineal gland, where it accumulates and calcifies the gland. In fact, by the time the average person reaches old age, their pineal gland will have higher calcium density than their bones.

Accelerates Female Puberty It also deserve...


Endlich kmmert sich mal jemand um die Frage, ob man ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Endlich kmmert sich mal jemand um die Frage, ob man nicht die Software enteignen kann, wenn ein Spielehersteller die Server abschaltet. Es geht um eine Gruppe, die alte Computerspiele als eine Art Kunstmuseum spielbar halten will, und das ging eigentlich immer gut, bis wir heute umgestiegen sind auf Spiele, die nur mit Online-Servern funktionieren. Und wenn der Hersteller die Server abschaltet, dann ist halt Aus mit dem Spiel.

Aber warum eigentlich? Man knnte ja auch sagen: Wenn ihr die Server nicht weiterbetreiben wollt, dann betreibt sie halt jemand anderes weiter.


Italy: arson attack on CSA Magazzino47 Social Centre "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Last night the fascists broke into CSA Magazzino47 social centre in Brescia, Italy, and set fire to it. They forced entry through a window and used gasoline to set the social centre bookshop on fire. Fortunately, no one was injured during the attack or due to fire. The situation was quickly contained by a community centers member


Athens: Construction works to paralyze 2 main Tram Lines Feb 24-Mar 6 "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Only one out of three Tram lines, the along the Athens Riviera, will be in operation for eleven whole days, causing immense trouble to thousands of commuters and why not, tourists. Due to construction works,  Tram lines 1 and 2, that is SyntagmaAsklipieio Voula and SyntagmaSEF/Neo Faliro will be halted February 24 March 6

The post Athens: Construction works to paralyze 2 main Tram Lines Feb 24-Mar 6 appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Greece: Free Transportation For All: A paradigmatic anarchist campaign in the difficult years of Syriza "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

In early 2016 in Athens, a far-reaching campaign begun with a fairly modest announcement: Free Transportation for All. The campaign started with a few initial actions that grabbed headlines, such as the intervention at the OASA (Athens Mass Transit System) office and the destruction of ticket machines at several stations. Since then, the campaign has


: "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

0 2015 . .   , ( ),     ( ).

:     ( ) ( ).




. - .  (20/9/2017, EURO2day):

100 . . , . capital controls, mail . .

100 . . ; : 86 . .

. .   .  . . 12,3 . . (1)

   100 .;  ...


A poll the BBC probably won't be tweeting about "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

So according to the latest YouGov poll...

...nearly half of Leave voters think the BBC is biased against Brexit and only 13% of them give the BBC believe the BBC to be unbiased over Brexit. 

Not surprising that of course - though the 5% of Leave voters who think the BBC is pro-Brexit is quite something!

The more interesting finding is that - despite Lord Adonis and Alastair Campbell - there's no equivalent result among Remain voters. Nearly three times as many Remain voters think the BBC is unbiased. And most startling of all,  more Remain voters (14%) think the BBC is anti-Brexit than pro-Brexit (13%) - so Lord Adonis and Alastair Campbell are a minority of a minority of a minority here!

Wonder what the BBC Press Office will say about this one?


Syrian War Report February 22, 2018: Russia Moves Its Advanced Su-57 Stealth Fighters Into Syria "IndyWatch Feed Europe" On February 21, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured the villages of Qara Baba, Kirbet Siluki and Vergan from the Kurdish Peoples Protection


Russian Presidential Elections: boring, useless and necessary? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

[this analysis was written for the Unz Review] As the Presidential elections in Russia are drawing near I am amazed to see how much interest this event is generating in


The Venezuelan Petro Towards a New World Reserve Currency? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Peter Koenig for The Saker Blog Imagine an international currency backed by energy? By a raw material that the entire world needs, not gold which has hardly any

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Thursday, 22 February


Stop confusing Kurdistans! Syrias leftists must turn home to Assad "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Ramin Mazaheri for the Saker Blog As Assad-backed troops enter Afrin to fight Turkish invaders, the Syrian conflict has entered its decisive crossroads: Will Northern Syria cooperate with Damascus,


Youtube Deleted The Richie Allen Show Channel "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 21.41.12.png Share

GA: Earlier this evening, Youtube deleted The Richie Allen Show channel, one of the best internet program on the net. You may want to ask yourself what is left of our elementary freedom. With Youtube and Google around, the idea of an open society feels like a remote nostalgia... 

YouTube Has Informed Me That It Will Soon Delete The Richie Allen Show Channel.

By Richie Allen

YouTube operates a three strikes and you are out policy. Content creators are told that if they violate community standards three times, their channel and all its content will be deleted. Two weeks ago The Richie Allen Show received a strike. Incredibly, I was informed that I had violated the bullying and harassment guidelines. The video in question was of an interview I conducted with Wolfgang Halbig over two years ago about The Sandy Hook school shooting. There was nothing harassing about it, there was certainly no bullying. I repeatedly challenged Wolfgang in the interview and pressed him for evidence to support his theory. Nevertheless that was strike one. YouTube said that as punishment, I couldn't live stream for three months. I don't live stream anyway. But of course I was worried. I had been warned repeatedly, by commercial presenters and producers and former colleagues of mine, that the show would be targeted.

Strike two came this morning. The offending video this time was an interview I did with Michael Rivero about the shooting of journalist Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward in Virginia in August 2015. Yes that's right, YouTube has issued me with a community guideline strike for an interview I uploaded two and a half years ago. Get this, in the interview, Mike clearly states that he does not...


Syria Solidarity UK stages protest against atrocities inflicted on Eastern Ghouta "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Syria Solidarity UK delivered a letter to Boris Johnson at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office In London last night. In the letter, they demand urgent intervention of the Foreign Secretary in defence of civilians currently being exterminated in a Syrian city of Eastern Ghouta. Ghouta, with its 350,000 inhabitants, is under siege since 2012. It


Encounter during the Zombiewalk in Berlin.... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Encounter during the Zombiewalk in Berlin. 10/25/2014.
#berlin #zombiewalk #undead #horror #fun #searchforfood #reportage #blackandwhite #photojournalism #documentary #journalism #reportage


Council of State approves Hellinikon Project, one of outstanding prior actions "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greeces Council of State approved a presidential decree for the massive investment in Hellinikon, including provisions on construction of tall buildings, citing public interest. Approval of the plan fulfills one of the two outstanding prior actions in order for lenders to disburse the 5.7 billion euro tranche. The remaining condition is the electronic auctions that

The post Council of State approves Hellinikon Project, one of outstanding prior actions appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Research Paper: Turkey-ISIS Oil Trade "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The WorldPaost By David L. Phillips Introduction The sale of oil products by ISIS garners about $500 million/year. The US led multinational coalition has pledged to destroy ISIS. Its strategy includes depriving ISIS of financial support. Allegations abound that Turks are engaged in oil trade with ISIS. Additionally, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his family []


#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

#berlin #txl #tegel #airport #streetphotography #blackandwhite #dailylife #waiting #solitaryman


Mag hier jemand Fantasy-Rollenspiele? Vielleicht wegen ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Mag hier jemand Fantasy-Rollenspiele? Vielleicht wegen der schnen Ortsnamen immer? So "Pfadesquell" oder "Fhrenheim"? Dann viel Spa mit dieser etymologischen Deutschlandkarte!

Update: Die sollte man aber eher nicht so ernst nehmen inhaltlich. Orte, die nach Personen benannt sind, kennen die anscheinend nicht. Hier ist ein Buch zum Thema, da steht u.a. fr Prenzlau drin, dass es nach einer Person benannt ist.


ENI is moving drill ship away from Cyprus amid dispute with Turkey "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Italys Eni will probably have to move a drilling ship blocked by Turkey off Cyprus, but will not relinquish its interests in the area, the oil majors CEO said on Thursday. Were used to having potential disputes we did not pull out of Libya or other countries where there were complicated situations, Claudio Descalzi

The post ENI is moving drill ship away from Cyprus amid dispute with Turkey appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Merkel welcomes FYROMs Zaev as Macedonian Prime Minister "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed FYROMs Zoran Zaev as the Macedonian Prime Minister. Did she think that Zaevs full name was Zaevopoulos, that Greece was a federal republic and Macedonia a federal state in Northern Greece? No. She did it on purpose, she welcomed Zaev as Macedonia Prime Minister at the begin of their joint

The post Merkel welcomes FYROMs Zaev as Macedonian Prime Minister appeared first on Keep Talking Greece.


Cash Must Not Be Made the Scapegoat "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

In the War on Cash, a rare defense of physical money by an ECB Board Member.

The proposed EU-wide cash restrictions could come into effect as early as this year. But defenders of physical cash have an unexpected ally in their struggle: Yves Mersch, a member of the European Central Banks executive board. In a speech hosted by the Bundesbank last week, the Luxembourgian central banker exalted cashs value as legal tender and heaped scorn on the oft-heard argument that its anonymity only helps criminals.

Protection of privacy matters to all of us. Privacy protects people from the risk of a surveillance state and thought police, he told his audience. No particular link can be established statistically between cash and criminal activities. The focus must be on the fight against crime. Cash must not be made the scapegoat.

One of the worlds biggest issuers of notes and coins, the Bundesbank was a fitting location for a speech on the virtues of physical money. In total, 592 billion of the 1.1 trillion of banknotes in circulation at the end of 2016 were issued by the Bundesbank.

Judging by recent statements, the Bundesbank wants to preserve this arrangement. Bundesbank president Jens Weidmann, who is hotly tipped to replace Mario Draghi as ECB president in 2019, has warned that it would be disastrous if people started to believe cash would be abolished an oblique reference to the risk of negative interest rates and the escalating war on cash triggering a run on cash.

That didnt stop five national governments Cyprus, Bulgaria, Belgium, Portugal and Denmark from approaching the ECB last year to consult on measures to limit the use of cash, according to Mersch. Meanwhile, Sweden is widely regarded as the most cashless society on the planet

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Bug des Tages:By using sudo npm on a non-root user ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Bug des Tages:

By using sudo npm on a non-root user (root users do not have the same effect), filesystem permissions are being modified. For example, if I run sudo npm --help or sudo npm update -g, all commands starting with sudo npm cause my filesystem to change ownership of directories such as /etc, /usr, /boot, and other critical directories needed for running the system to the current user running the command.
Schon echt Qualitt, dieses Node. Da wei man doch, wieso man von PHP umgestiegen ist!

Kurze Durchsage des Direktors der Stasi-Gedenksttte ... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Kurze Durchsage des Direktors der Stasi-Gedenksttte Berlin-Hohenschnhausen (zur Titanic-Aktion):

Erinnert eher an #Stasi -Methoden der HVA-Abteilung X (Desinformation und Aktive Manahmen), wenn man einer Zeitung geflschte Dokumente zuspielt, um jemanden blozustellen: Heute nennt sich das offenbar Satire @jreichelt @drumheadberlin
Keine Sorge, ihr msst nicht reagieren. Jan Bhmermann hat das schn geklrt.

brigens sind ja so gut wie alle Tweets von "Bild"-Chefagitator Reichelt ein Fest fr jeden aufrechten Satiriker.


Markets react positive as Moodys upgrades Greeces credit rating by two notches "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

In a surprise move, ratings agency Moodys upgraded Greeces credit rating to B3 from Caa2, maintaining the positive outlook. Moodys cited material fiscal and institutional improvements under the current adjustment programe, which will be sustained in the coming years. This should support economic recovery and banking sector. Furthermore, Moodys said in its upgrade report Greeces

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Furious senior spills gasoline in PPC office and staff after power cut due to debts "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A senior in outrage poured gasoline in the offices and employees of Greek Public Power Corporation (PPC/DEH) and would have set everyone and everything alight hadnt the police manage to take him under control just moments before the disaster would break out. The 70-year-old pensioner went to the local branch of PPC in Kilkis, north

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Ex FM Pangalos sued for saying A good Turk is a dead Turk "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The chairman of a small political party based in Thrace, home of the Muslim minority in Greece, has reportedly filed a lawsuit against former Foreign Minister, Theodoros Pangalos for having said on a radio interview A good Turk is a dead Turk. On 13. February Theodoros Pangalos was invited to a Skai Radio program to

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"IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Circus. Joan Mir. 1934 , , / 19 * , .


Moderate earthquakes strike Zakynthos, Crete, Patras and Sporades in less than "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Greece is showing an intense seismic activity on Thursday with four earthquakes to have struck Zakynthos, Crete, Patras and Sporades in less than ten hours. The tremors caused concern among locals, however, Greek seismologists appear reassuring. The first tremor occurred at 1:45 Thursday morning with a magnitude of 4.8 R. The epicenter was located in

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Devon dentist reveals 'heartbreaking' horror stories of children's rotten teeth - and how they could have been avoided "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

"I've had to refer children under 18 months to have teeth removed under general anaesthetic - it makes me want to cry."
A Devon dentist has spoken publicly about the 'heartbreaking' amount of tooth decay in young children that she sees every day - and how it could all be avoided.
Vicki Jephcote, of Torrs Park Dental Practice in Ilfracombe, has had to refer babies under the age of 18 months to have teeth removed under general anaesthetic and seen children come to her in tears of pain with huge abscesses.
Educate the cloddish parents .. or make the parents have the same amount of teeth removed as their child ..... that should focus their shoe sized IQ's Educate the cloddish parents .. or make the parents have the same amount of teeth removed as the...


USA - Franklins Fluoride Return to Safe Levels "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

...............................Both Rudegair and Jamieson have stated that the morning of February 8, the city received more complaints and contacted the Department of Environmental Protection. They say that at that time, they believed the problem was probably coming from one of two of the industrial plants in the area of the reports.

That is when the city issued the Do Not Drink Water warning to what seemed to be the affected area (previous coverage)
That morning, upon inspecting the water flow, it was determined there was a malfunction of one of the valves. Uncertified field testing of the water showed elevated levels of fluoride. Staff at Barrett Flats also noticed that a pump that put the flow of fluoride into the system was not functioning, and all of the fluoride tanks were empty. They discovered three different malfunctions with the pump which allowed elevated amounts of fluoride into the system. At that time, the staff cut off the fluoride flow from both plants and began to flush the lines, while continuing to take field tests, according to Rudegeair.
Although the malfunctions were discovered on the morning of the February 8, city officials still arent certain exactly when it occurred. When asked, City Manager Tracy Jamieson said, The staff would have noticed if the fluoride was gone on the seventh, but noted that it was something that they would continue to investigate.............


And Now: The Push for Antidepressants "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

So the Brits are being told today to get antidepressants
We all know that the reason for depressions is NOT the way the Society works.
Do not question this!
Just eat some pills and swallow it all.

Headlines in major UK Newspapers today:

The drugs do work: antidepressants are effective, study shows

Antidepressants work some more effectively than others in treating depression, according to authors of a groundbreaking study which doctors hope will finally put to rest doubts about the controversial medicine.

Millions more people around the world should be prescribed pills or offered talking therapies, which work equally well for moderate to severe depression, say the doctors, noting that just one in six people receive proper treatment in the rich world and one in 27 in the developing world.

If cancer or heart patients suffered this level of under-treatment, there would be a public outcry, they say.

Its official: antidepressants are not snake oil or a conspiracy  they work

Depression is the single largest contributor to global disability that we have a massive challenge for humankind, said John Geddes, professor of epidemiological psychiatry at Oxford University. It affects around 350 million people worldwide and instances rose almost 20% from 2005-2015.

Antidepressants are an effective tool for depression. Untreated depression is a huge probl...


On the Fence About Fluoride? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Are thousands of communities around the world (especially in Europe and the United States, still using fluoride? Of course.
The sad truth is that fluoride compounds that are put into our water, toothpaste, and even vitamins were never tested for safety before being approved. Recent independent research by scientists not associated with dental trade organizations have found that fluoride is NOT effective in preventing tooth decay; it actually causes tooth deformity in children, along with a long list of other atrocities. It is so toxic in fact, that toothpaste companies in the U.S. are now required to display a poison warning. Even pro-fluoridation scientists admit that there is no real research showing that fluoride helps prevent cavities.
In 1995, neuro-toxicologist and former Director of Toxicology at Forsyth Dental Center in Boston, Dr. Phyllis Mullenix, published research that shows that fluoride builds up in the brains of animals causing brain damage. When pregnant animals were administered relatively low doses of fluoride their offspring suffered brain damage and hyperactivity (ADD-like symptoms). Adult animals given fluoride experienced the opposite effect hypo-activity, or sluggishness.
The toxic effects of fluoride on the central nervous system were also confirmed by the release of previously classified government research. This research and subsequent studies show that children exposed to higher levels of fluoride had lower IQs. A study published in Brain Research shows that rats drinking only 1 part per million fluoride (NaF) in water had lesions in their brains similar to Alzheimers disease and dementia.

Fluoride is also linked to cancer....


After Years of Crisis in Spain, Pensioners Next to Feel the Pain "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Doubts emerge as to who is saving whom.

Structural unemployment and falling wages, precarious jobs, an endless brain drain, a rapidly ageing population, and the governments constant pilfering of the national pensions pot have all taken their toll on Spains social security system. As we warned last November, the countrys Social Security Reserve Fund, which was meant to serve as a nationwide nest egg to guarantee future pension payouts given Spains burgeoning ranks of pensioners has been bled virtually dry by the government.

To avoid wiping out the fund altogether in 2017, the Spanish government extended a 10.1 billion interest-free loan to Spains social security system, which enabled it to pay out the two extra pension payments due in June and December. That way, only about 7.5 billion would be tapped from Spains public pension nest egg. Emptying the pot altogether last year would have been politically unpalatable, said El Pas. Instead, it will be emptied this year as the social security system racks up yet another massive annual shortfall.

In 2016, the system registered its biggest deficit in its history (18.1 billion), which was covered by the pension pot. In 2017, the deficit is estimated to be about 17 billion, according to the government. Thats roughly 1.5% of Spanish GDP. The deficit in 2018 is projected to be 18-20 billion

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USA - Why do we have fluoride in our water? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Fluoride is found naturally in soil, water, and foods. It is also produced synthetically for use in drinking water, toothpaste, mouthwashes and various chemical products.

Water authorities add fluoride to the municipal water supply, because studies have shown that adding it in areas where fluoride levels in the water are low can reduce the prevalence of tooth decay in the local population.
Tooth decay is one of the most common health problems affecting children. Many people worldwide cannot afford the cost of regular dental checks, so adding fluoride can offer savings and benefits to those who need them.
However, concerns have arisen regarding fluoride's effect on health, including problems with bones, teeth, and neurological development..........................


Dr Mercola - Link Between Sugar and Alzheimer's Strengthens "IndyWatch Feed Europe"


High-Sugar Diet Significantly Raises Your Risk of Dementia

One of the most striking studies7 on carbohydrates and brain health revealed that high-carb diets increase your risk of dementia by a whopping 89 percent, while high-fat diets lower it by 44 percent. According to the authors, A dietary pattern with relatively high caloric intake from carbohydrates and low caloric intake from fat and proteins may increase the risk of mild cognitive impairment or dementia in elderly persons.
Studies also strongly suggest Alzheimers disease is intricately connected to insulin resistance;8 even mild elevation of blood sugar is associated with an elevated risk for dementia....


Poland: logging in Bialowieza Forest declared illegal "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

The Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the EU has issued a legal opinion confirming that increased logging in Polands Bialowieza Forest is in breach of EU nature laws. The final ruling will be published in a couple of weeks. Bialowieza Forest is a large forest complex located on the border between Poland


Greek Parliament decides to probe 10 politicians in alleged Novartis bribery case "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

After a plenary debate that lasted 18 hours, the majority of Greek lawmakers voted in favor of setting up a parliamentary committee to investigate two former prime ministers and eight former ministers over allegations of bribery and money laundering by Swiss drugmaker Novartis. Majority of votes was received by EU Migration Commissioner, Dimitris Avramopoulos, the

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SBC in the Eye AGAIN! "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

SBC in the Eye AGAIN!

For the second time this month, Scarborough Borough Council has made it into the pages of the Private Eye magazine, this time on its old stamping ground the Rotten Boroughs column where readers nationwide have been treated, in recent years, to a great many exposs of the antics of arguably the most despised local authority in the country; most recently over the inexplicable decision to waste 4million plus on destroying The Futurist Theatre.

A follow-up to these revelations is keenly anticipated; one source has promised to disclose details of the membership of what is described as a mini-cartel but only after leaving the Council. We could name them now, but why not let them suffer a while? The next local elections at SBC will take place in May 2019.  Of course, by-elections do occur, from time to time. We may not have too long to wait . . . and then the Council can commission MAZARS to investigate. (LMAO).

All this, of course, follows hard on the heels of Helen PIDDs humiliating swipe at SBC Leader Councillor Derek BASTIMAN [Con.] in the Guardian/Observer, describing him (quite accurately) as a former estate agent with a penchant for loud shirts and cold chains about right for a local authority whose activities extend to little more than emptying the trash and flogging off (or giving away) the Boroughs assets. Only yesterday, BASTIMANs Tories lost overall control of the Council.

The Tory stranglehold on the Yorkshire coast is already unravelling with todays announcement that East Riding of Yorkshire Leader Councillor Stephen PARNABY [Con.] will not stand next time. BASTIMAN is heading the same way. All political lives end in failure, right?


How Biblical is Zionism? "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

by Laurent Guynot for the Saker Blog Laurent Guynot is the author of From Yahweh to Zion: Jealous God, Chosen People, Promised Land Clash of Civilizations, 2018.  ($30 shipping included

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Wednesday, 21 February


Nota da CAB sobre a Interveno federal e militar no Rio de Janeiro "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

cab.jpgNa ltima sexta-feira (16) o governo de Michel Temer (MDB) lanou um decreto que colocou a rea da segurana pblica do Estado do RJ sob o comando do exrcito brasileiro na figura de seu general Walter Braga Neto. Uma interveno federal apresentada como soluo ao que as elites dominantes chamam de crise na segurana pblica e que deve ser entendida como um desdobramento do governo de choque j aplicado ao estado.

No a primeira vez que o exrcito atua no RJ. As intervenes militares em comunidades e favelas cariocas so uma realidade. Contudo, a novidade est na centralizao de comando de toda a segurana pblica nas mos de um comando militar. Se o expediente militar no controle social e na represso dos oprimidos foi utilizado inclusive nos governos petistas, um novo passo foi dado.


A interveno federal no Rio de Janeiro e o xadrez da classe dominante "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

Interveno federal e militar no Rio de Janeiro. Estamos presenciando a inaugurao de mais um captulo do governo de choque aplicado ao estado do Rio de Janeiro. Um captulo que a plena continuao da nefasta poltica de segurana pblica implementada no estado, alinhada ao avano do golpe contra os trabalhadores, que destituiu anteriormente um governo que no servia mais aos plenos interesses da classe dominante nessa nova fase do sistema capitalista.

No carnaval desse ano e seguindo a tradio de resistncia da cultura afro-brasileira, a Paraso do Tuiti lavou a alma de todos os/as trabalhadores/as brasileiros, mostrando que a reforma da previdncia e trabalhista so ataques contra seus direitos sociais e escancarou o passado escravocrata da elite brasileira. Agora, essa mesma elite, faz um novo acordo e aprova um plano de interveno federal na segurana pblica do Rio de Janeiro, que agora vai ficar sob controle do general do exrcito Walter Braga Neto.


Syrian War Report February 21, 2018: Government Forces Entered Afrin "IndyWatch Feed Europe" Over the last few days, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army have captured over a dozen villages from the Kurdish Peoples Protection Units (YPG)


ASS supports the Womens Strike "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

ASS will be supporting the Womens Strike on March 8th
We will not be open and some of us will be helping with childcare and food


A refugee activist wore a clowns nose during a march from... "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

A refugee activist wore a clowns nose during a march from the embassy of the European commission to the Federal Chancellery in Berlin. The march remembered the more than 300 deads of a sunken refugee ship in the Mediterranean Sea. 10/10/2013.
#berlin #refugees #refugeeswelcome #noborders #nofrontex #asylumpolicy #march #demonstration #protest #blackandwhite #photojournalism #reportage #documentary #journalism #photojournalism

Tuesday, 20 February


Confederalism, Democratic Confederalism and Rojava "IndyWatch Feed Europe"

This article explains the definition of Confederalism by Murray Bookchin and the concept of the Democratic Confederalism by Abdulla Ocalan . The article tries to show the similarities and differences between both concepts and both views . In addition it followed by brief review of what has been achieved in Rojava.

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