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Thursday, 19 April


Victor Swallow: We are a broken and scattered people. How do we rebuild? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

We are a broken people and most of us wouldnt know how to survive without the help of the government that destroyed our ancestors' way of life.


Snake oil "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

While CEOs rake in millions of dollars, working people pick up the bill. When big banks and giant corporations don't pay their fair share, everyone else feels it. Less money for Medicare and Medicaid. Less money for education, affordable housing, and infrastructure. Less money to build a future so the next kid can get ahead, and the kid after that, and the kid after that.


Officers Sentenced to Only 5 Days in Jail for Dehydrating Man to DEATH and Covering It Up "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Officers responsible for dehydrating a mentally ill man to death in a prison cell were sentenced this week and received an insultingly low five-day jail term.

The post Officers Sentenced to Only 5 Days in Jail for Dehydrating Man to DEATH and Covering It Up appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Native Sun News Today: Native youth take a stand against methamphetamine "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A methamphetamine awareness walk will bring together service providers, recovering addicts, law enforcement, city leaders and youth in South Dakota.


The New Blank Check for War "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Entire Island of Puerto Rico Loses Power (Jimmy)

The author writes, An island-wide electricity outage plunged Puerto Rico back into darkness Wednesday, in the biggest blackout to hit the island since Hurricane Maria wiped out much of the islands fragile infrastructure seven months ago.

Out of 26 Major Editorials on Trumps Syria Strikes, Zero Opposed (Jimmy)

The author writes, Seven of the top 10 newspapers by circulation USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, Chicago Tribune, Newsday and Washington Post supported the airstrikes. The New York Daily News and San Jose Mercury News offered no opinion, while the New York Times (4/13/18) was ambiguous mostly lamenting the lack of congressional approval, but not saying that this meant the strikes were illegal or unwise.

The Biggest US Banks Made $2.5 Billion From Tax Law in One Quarter (Reader Luke)

The author writes, The latest gain came Tuesday when Goldman Sachs Group reported first-quarter profit that rose 26% from a year earlier. This was aided by a lower corporate tax rate that boosted earnings by about $232 million.

Formally Ending the Korean War? Not So Fast. (Dan)



White Lies and Black Disbelief in a Fading Empire "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Obama-Time is over; the spell is broken. Donald Trump is the sum of all Black fears and loathings, an arch racist who is perceived as rendering the entire planet unsafe for people of color. Blacks are primed to oppose all of his policies, foreign and domestic. Black people are the only U.S. group that shares the general global distrust of U.S. foreign policy motives.


Presenting the Second G Salvatore Fashion Showcase on April 20 [Video] "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Master singers will meet Reggae royalty at the G Salvatore Fashion Showcase in Wales. Reggae star Toyin Adekale will be part of an impressive line-up of international singers at the second G Salvatore Fashion Showcase event. Adekale will be performing alongside Master sopranos Jane Maria and Zhang Yu Carolyn at the Cloud Shisha Bar in []

The post Presenting the Second G Salvatore Fashion Showcase on April 20 [Video] appeared first on Guardian Liberty Voice.


Syrian War Report April 19, 2018: Journalists Find Boy Filmed In Staged Video Of Chemial Attack In Douma - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

from SouthFront A group of Russian correspondents led by Evgeny Poddubny has found a boy filmed by the White Helmets in their video showing people affected by the alleged chemical attack in Douma on April 7. According to Poddubny: 11-year-old Hassan Diab is fine; He suffered no injures from the chemical attack because there was []


Red Terry Takes A Stand I Will Come Out Of The Tree When These People Get Off My Land "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Excellent video (by Water Is Life. Protect It.; see below), I definitely recommend it. As a property owner on Bent Mountain puts it, I think thats one of the big issues with this pipeline is that the rest of the public that is not in this community up here, a good chunk of them dont think its going to affect them, its not in my backyard, but it is it IS your backyard, we are what feed a lot of the clean, crisp water that Roanoke city gets. And as the treesitter known as Red Terry adds, They havent decided how to lie about the sediment coming down these huge, steep banks into these creeks feeding into the Roanoke Valley and Salem; they havent come up with a life for that yet


By US Standards, America Shouldve Been Bombed for What Happened in Texas, 25 Years Ago Today "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


25 years ago today, the U.S. government used chemical weapons on American civilians, which resulted in the death of nearly 80 men, women, and children.

The post By US Standards, America Shouldve Been Bombed for What Happened in Texas, 25 Years Ago Today appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Andrew Cuomo Is Moving Left And Getting Woke "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is getting woke.

In the wake of his primary challenge by former Sex in the City star Cynthia Nixon, the son of liberal legend Mario Cuomo is finding new and exciting ways to prove that hes just as progressive as she is. Last month this took the form of lying on the ground for a die-in protest at Zuccotti Park, formerly the home of Occupy Wall Street.

But this week, Cuomo has actually affected a policy change to show off his progressive bona fides. He effectively changed a law prohibiting parolees from voting until they are no longer under supervision by granting conditional pardons (and the right to vote) to 35,000 parolees in the state. He said the executive action was needed because the Republican-led state senate refused to pass a bill allowing the ex-cons access to the ballot.

Its a curious argument given that Republicans were duly elected to the Senate to make these kinds of decisions. But, in the face of being primaried by a progressive celebrity, a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do. The first thing a cynic might suggest is that these are 35,000 New Yorkers who will be grateful for the restoration of their franchise and reward Cuomo, or Democrats in general, with their votes. And that may be part of it, but the deeper, perhaps more cynical plot line is that he has to keep up with a Nixon platform that falls, as the playwright Herb Gardner once put it, somewhere to the left of whoopee.

Progressive Talent Show

Earlier this month Nixon tweeted about how rich white men cannot be allowed to participate in the marijuana industry once it becomes legal in New York.

Even though we all know rich white men are the worst, it is not clear how Nixon plans to use the states authority to bar them from selling grass. In fact, there is likely no plausible w...


Tax Day 2018: A Bonanza For Corporations And The Military "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The IRS is projected to gather roughly $1.6 trillion in individual income taxes this year, and these taxes will make up almost half of the revenue of the federal government for 2017. By comparison, corporations are expected to pay $297 billion in federal income taxes. Individuals will contribute five times as much in income taxes to the federal government as corporations do. It wasn't always this way. Corporations used to pay more income taxes than individuals did. In 1943, for example, corporations contributed 40 percent of federal revenues, compared to just 9 percent today. What happened? Throughout the last half of the 20th century, individual income tax revenues kept growing. Corporate income taxes didn't keep the pace, growing much more slowly than individual income tax revenues. The corporate tax rate declined from over 50 percent in the 1950s to 35 percent as of 2017. The Trump tax plan will likely lead to a corporate income tax cut of $135 billion in 2018 alone.


Transportation Strikes, University Protests Continue To Shake France "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

To Macrons dismay, the popular movements show no signs of slowing down. The Air France tussle over salaries is separate from the larger and politically more significant stand-off between Macrons centrist, business-friendly government and the public sector trade unions fighting its reform plans. Rail unions are particularly up in arms over proposed reforms that they say would reduce job security. Students have been blocking several public universities over Macrons plan to introduce more selective applications. There is a general atmosphere of social discontent against Macrons reforms, including protests and strikes by civil servants, energy workers and garbage collectors. Recently, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire admitted that, while he couldnt produce numbers, it was clear that the strikes were impacting growth.


#DianteYarber: California Cops Gun Down Father Of 3 In Hail Of Bullets. His Crime? Sitting In Walmarts Parking Lot "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Barstow, Calif., police officers fired what sounded like more than 30 bullets into a car in Walmarts parking lot, killing Diante Butchie Yarber, 26, and shooting two other passengers, including 23-year-old Marian Tafoya who was critically wounded. The incident occurred on the morning of April 5, when Yarber, the father of three girls, ages 9, 7, and 1, drove his cousin and friends to a local Walmart. Barstow police claim they were responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot, when they spotted Yarber waiting in a black Mustang for his passengers to return to the car. This, per usual, is where law enforcements account of events doesnt appear to align with reality.


Syria Used Chemical Weapons--Are You Sure? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Do we have proof that Syria used chemical weapons on its own citizens in Dourma? We don't and President Assad had no rational reason to do so.


National Parks Under Siege "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Working families look forward to hard earned vacations, but the often enjoyed national parks are under siege. These parks just dodged a bullet. Secretary Ryan Zinke and President Trump's proposed 8% cuts with 4,000 fewer jobs for the national parks didn't happen in the Omnibus Funding Bill just passed and signed "reluctantly," the President said. One of his objections was "too much money". Congress refused the cut.


Who Will Protect Elections From U.S. Oligarchs? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Political money matters a great deal as we race into the 2018 midterm contests and the 2020 elections with U.S. "election integrity" still unprotected from the special plutocratic power of America's wealthy masters. Nobody in Congress is talking seriously about passing bills to remove private cash from the public elections -- or even to mandate reasonable "dark money" disclosure.


Lavrov confirms VTs reporting on Ghouta staged gassing - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Jim W. Dean - Lavrov speaks, "We have irrefutable evidence that this was another staged event, and that the secret services of a certain state that is now at the forefront of a Russophobic campaign was involved in this staged event,"


Neuroscientist shares easy, natural ways to prevent dementia "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

So youve become a regular at the gym, turned vegan, and done almost everything in your power to stay physically healthy. What about staying mentally fit as well? Mental health is just as important as physical health. Mental fitness protects us from depression, dementia, Alzheimers, and other diseases.

Neuroscientist Dr. Lisa Mosconi, director of the Alzheimers Prevention Clinic at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York claims we can prevent Alzheimers and dementia through healthier food and lifestyle choices. In her new book Brain Food: How to Eat Smart and Sharpen your Mind, Mosconi says that while genetics plays a key role in causing dementia, lifestyle factors, like diet, are just as crucial.

  • Maintain your sugar levels  Our brain depends mainly on glucose (sugar) and needs 62 grams of glucose daily. Before you grab that extra-large pizza though, Mosconi says our brains sugar gates open when it needs sugar, but shuts down once its had enough. Excess glucose cant enter the sugar gate. Instead, it leads to high blood sugar levels and weight gain.
  • Know how your nutrients interact  Nutrients in your body should interact withe each other. Make sure you get a balance of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) and vitamin B.
  • Have plant-based meals  Our vegetarian ancestors knew it all along. Plant-based foods are the best. In fact, 98 percent of those who live long, healthy and dementia-free lives are vegans.
  • Choose organic food well  You can also save on costs by choosing fruits that are in season. You can also opt for wild fish over the farmed variety, since the former tends to have less pollutants and pesticides.
  • Always eat breakfast  Breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day, because the brain needs an energy source in the morning. This means fresh fruit, whole grains, and lean protein.
  • Go for red wine  Because it is rich in the antioxidant resveratrol, red wine protects our brains and helps us live longer. Mosconi advises women to take a small glass of wine a day for brain health. Organic pomegranate juice, grape juice, and prune juice are good substitutes.
  • Try fasting overnight  Research shows that cutting down on calories enha...


Why Are Secular Skeptic Communities Failing To Address Sexual Crime? My Latest for The Establishment "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

CN: Sexual assault

Its no secret that Christianity has a history of mishandling sexual misconduct allegations. From the Catholic Churchs well-documented pattern of silencing child abuse victims, to evangelicals brushing aside allegations against both Roy Moore and Donald Trump, theres a common theme that one should not touch Gods anointed, no matter what they do. One would think secular communities that promote skepticisma method of determining truth where beliefs are questioned until sufficient evidence is presentedwould do a better job of handling sexual misconduct allegations. Yet, a recent BuzzFeed article documenting the many sexual misconduct allegations against famous physicist Lawrence Krauss, taken with the attendant responses from the atheist community, demonstrate how even skeptics have a long way to go.

To be fair, several prominent atheist organizations and activists severed ties with Krauss shortly after the articles publication. The American Humanist Association released a statement on March 9 saying they would no longer invite him to speak at any upcoming conferences, and they are considering rescinding his 2015 Humanist of the Year Award. The...


Know Thyself Self-Realization is the Greatest Service YOU CAN GIVE to the World "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Know Thyself Self-Realization is the Greatest Service YOU CAN GIVE to the World

By: Gary Lite

The Year is 2018, in this period of time, a rapidly rising collective consciousness is settling in our society. No matter wh...


Florida Moves to Shut Down For-Profit Residence After Finding Horrific Abuse and Neglect "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

After another patient died under suspicious circumstances and reports surfaced of more instances of abuse and neglect, Florida regulators moved this week to shutter a for-profit school and residential campus for children and adults with severe developmental disabilities.

The action Tuesday by Floridas Agency for Persons with Disabilities came after years of complaints that patients at the Carlton Palms Educational Center were violently mistreated by staff and subjected to physical restraints known as wrap mats, which resemble full-body straitjackets.

Carlton Palms and its owners other facilities were the subject of a ProPublica investigation two years ago that chronicled the deaths of three teenaged patients, patterns of abuse and neglect, and company executives often-successful efforts to stave off regulation.

After our coverage, state officials said they would work to transfer all residents from Carlton Palms by 2019. The centers parent company, AdvoServ, also changed its name in 2017 to Bellwether Behavioral Health.

But the new name and new executives brought in to lead the company, which is owned by a New York private equity firm, Wellspring Capital Management, didnt end the troubles at Carlton Palms.

Floridas Agency for Persons with Disabilities, or APD, filed an administrative complaint with the state Tuesday seeking to revoke the facilitys license, fine it $10,000 the maximum allowed by law and remove its remaining patients.

We are actively working to close Carlton Palms as soon as possible, said APD Director Barbara Palmer in a press release. We will not tolerate any type of abuse or neglect at any of our APD licensed facilities.

The agency said Wednesday that 108 residents remain at Carlton Palms. Another 52 residents have already been moved. The relocations have been complicated by the intense needs of Carlton Palms patients, many of whom face behavioral challenges such as compulsions to injure themselves.

Bellwether has 21 days to respond to the states complaint and request a hearing. Representatives for...


Bi Any Means Podcast #146: The Trans Podcaster Visibility Initiative with Callie Wright and Marissa McCool "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Todays episode is the audio from an online panel discussion Callie Wright, Marissa McCool, and I did about the Trans Podcaster Visibility Initiative during last weeks online OrbitCon. OrbitCon was a three-day online conference organized by the bloggers at The Orbit featuring panels and talks livestreamed on YouTube about atheism and social justice. Benny Vimes introduced us and asked us a few audience questions near the end, but mostly its the three of us talking about what the Initiative does, as well as talk about trans visibility in the atheist movement.

Listen to Bi Any Means Podcast #146: The Trans Podcaster Visibility Initiative with Callie Wright and Marissa McCool on Spreaker.

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Open Letter To President Trump "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

We are journalists, activists and citizens from the United States and around the world who care about press freedom and are writing to you in response to the latest threat of prosecution against WikiLeaks for its journalistic work. We ask you to immediately close the Grand Jury investigation into WikiLeaks and drop any charges against Julian Assange and other Wikileaks staff members which the Department of Justice is planning. This threat to WikiLeaks escalates a long-running war of attrition against the great virtue of the United States free speech. The Obama Administration prosecuted more whistleblowers than all presidents combined and opened a Grand Jury investigation into WikiLeaks that had no precedent. It now appears the US is preparing to take the next step prosecuting publishers who provide the "currency" of free speech, to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson.


Framed for murder by your own DNA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

DNA has become the gold standard for evidence in criminal cases. It has a high reputation for accurately identifying people who had some contact with the scene of a crime and results in many convictions since jurors give great weight to DNA evidence. According to Katie Worth, a 2008 series of studies by researchers at the University of Nevada, Yale and Claremont McKenna College found that jurors rated DNA evidence as 95 percent accurate and 94 percent persuasive of a suspects guilt.

But more importantly, it has resulted in many convicted people being able to prove their innocence when their DNA did not match that found at the scene. But as with all forms of evidence, one must be wary of depending too much on just one piece, however reliable one may think it. Worth reports on a 2012 case where a man was wrongly convicted of a murder because his DNA was found on the fingernails of the victim, even though he had had no contact with him, a phenomenon called secondary DNA transfer.

When the DNA results came back, even Lukis Anderson thought he might have committed the murder.

I drink a lot, he remembers telling public defender Kelley Kulick as they sat in a plain interview room at the Santa Clara County, California, jail. Sometimes he blacked out, so it was possible he did something he didnt remember. Maybe I did do it.

Before he was charged with murder, Anderson was a 26-year-old homeless alcoholic with a long rap sheet who spent his days hustling for change in downtown San Jose. The murder victim, Raveesh Kumra, was a 66-year-old investor who lived in Monte Sereno, a Silicon Valley enclave 10 miles and many socioeconomic rungs away.

Three-and-a-half weeks later, the police arrested Anderson. His DNA had been found on Raveeshs fingernails. They believed the men struggled as Anderson tied up his victim. They charged him with murder. [Public defender Kelley] Kulick was appointed to his case.

As they looked at the DNA results, Anderson tried to make sense of a crime he had no memory of committing.

Nah, nah, nah. I dont do things like that, he recalls telling her. But maybe I did.

But he hadnt and how his DNA ended up on the victim makes for a fascinating story, starting with a paper by Australian forensic scientist Roland van Oorschot who back in 1997 first showed that DNA traces could be found on objects touched by people. But while that took the world of criminal investigation by storm, people tended to overlook another thing in...


AT&T And Cable Lobby Are Terrified Of A California Net Neutrality Bill "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Internet service providers celebrated four months ago when the Federal Communications Commission voted to eliminate nationwide net neutrality rules that prohibit blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization. But now Internet service providers in California are terrified that they could end up facing even stricter rules being considered by the California legislature. AT&T and the lobby group that represents Comcast, Charter, Cox, and other cable companies have been making their displeasure known to lawmakers in advance of hearings on a bill that could impose the toughest net neutrality law in the nation. The California bill implements the FCC's basic net neutrality rules from 2015, but it also bans paid zero-rating arrangements in which home or mobile Internet providers charge online services for data cap exemptions.


Squids from SPAAAAAAAAACE! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I was reading this article with a provocative title: Cause of Cambrian Explosion Terrestrial or Cosmic?. It set my alarm bells ringing from the title onward.

Look at those authors! So many, yet the paper itself is so empty of data. Most I dont know. Steele Ive heard of he was promoting neo-Lamarckism in the 1980s, and thinks the Cambrian explosion was caused by retroviruses squirting new complex genes into the ancestors of all animals. Brig Klyce Ive bumped into a few times on the internethes a panspermia fanatic. Milton Wainwright is the guy who used an EM to look for odd blobs and declared they are evidence of alien life. The Walliss were part of a time that announced that diatoms came from outer space. Oh, and Chandra Wickramasingheyes, we have crossed paths multiple times. He published a lot in the Journal of Cosmology, with an editor, Rhawn Joseph, who really, really doesnt like me.

Wickramasinghe has been making bank on this nonsensical idea that genes for complex intelligent life have periodically rained down on the Earth from outer space. There is no evidence for it, and no reason to invoke this random phenomenon to explain biology we have random phenomena enough, thank you very much, and none of them have the extreme weirdness of the space virus explanation.

I guess I have heard of quite a few of the authors! And its a most unsavory stew of notorious crackpots.

Lets take a look at the abstract for this gem of a paper, shall we?

We review the salient evidence consistent with or predicted by the Hoyle-Wickramasinghe (H-W) thesis of Cometary (Cosmic) Biology. Much of this physical and biological evidence is multifactorial. One particular focus are the recent studies which date the emergence of the complex retroviruses of vertebrate lines at or just before the Cambrian Explosion of ~500 Ma. Such viruses are known to be plausibly associated with major evolutionary genomic processes. We believe this coincidence is not fortuitous but is consistent with a key prediction of H-W theory whereby major extinction-div...


How Vermont Changed From Red To Blue "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Donald Trumps fear mongering about Mexicans and Muslims, Haitians and Africans, and other foreigners is hardly sui generis in U.S. history. In the mid- 19th century, nativists on our east coast regularly sounded the alarm about barbarian invasions from famine-stricken Ireland. Their west coast counterparts warned for many decades of the yellow peril spreading across the Pacific Ocean from China to California. Yvonne Daleys new book about the late 20th century transformation of Vermont, reminds us that even domestic population shifts involving native-born whites can be easily demonizedif the physical appearance and social customs of the outsiders in question are sufficiently strange and they are not depicted as law-abiding. One of the highlights of Going Up the Country: When the Hippies, Dreamers, Freaks, and Radicals Moved to Vermont is Daleys re-creation of a minor panic triggered by Playboy, when it had millions of readers.


Pine Ridge family still grieving after crash claims lives of mother and 14-year-old son "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

On February 23, Lynell Morrison-Cash and her son Waylon, 14, died when their car was struck head-on in Nebraska.


Youtube Video: Medieval Living History "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I have never been to any such event, but it sounds fun and should the opportunity arise, I would not shirk it.


Monsanto Loses Right To Patent Seeds "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Opponents of genetically modified crops received a boost when the Delhi High Court upheld the Indian Patent Act, which states that seeds and life forms cannot be patented, and the Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers Rights Act, 2001 (PPV&FR Act), which biotechnology multinationals have tried to undermine, and ruled that key plant genetic material cannot be patented. The court was deciding a dispute between Monsanto and Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd, Prabhat Agri Biotech Ltd and Pravardhan Seeds Private Ltd, over interpretation of law, especially Section 3(j) of the Indian Patent Act and applicability of PPV&FR Act for transgenic plants. Justice S Ravindra Bhat and Justice Yogesh Khanna, on April 11, ruled that Monsanto Technologies LLC does not have the patent for Bt Cotton seed varieties Bollgard and Bollgard II.


Theresa Mays Husbands Investment Firm Made A Financial Killing From The Bombing Of Syria "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

It is common knowledge that Theresa Mays husband Philip essentially acts as the unofficial advisor to the Prime Minister a fact proven by the former Conservative MP for Chichester, Andrew Tyrie, who said during a Newsnight profile of the PMs husband that Philip is clearly acting as, informally, an advisor to Theresa. Probably much like Denis did to Margaret Thatcher.  Whilst it is pretty obvious that almost all married couples act as informal advisors to each other in come capacity, Tyries admission that the Prime Ministers husband has such a great influence over his wifes decisions is made all the more worrying by the fact that Mr May who is a Senior Executive at a 1.4Tn investment firm stands to benefit financially from the decisions his wife, the Prime Minister, makes.


Boulder Sues Exxon Over Climate Change: Wildfires, Droughts And Water Are A Few Reasons Why "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In Boulder, Colorado, climate change means extreme weather and wildfires. It means worrying about water security for people and farms, and about heat waves and mosquito-borne diseases. These aren't just future risksthey're problems the city and its surrounding county are facing now. On Tuesday, the city and Boulder County joined San Miguel County, home to the ski slopes of Telluride, in suing two fossil fuel companiesExxonMobil and Suncorover the costs of dealing with climate change. Their lawsuit is the latest in a string of legal actions by communities that are attempting to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for the problems climate change creates. Until now, the plaintiffs had been coastal cities and counties worried primarily about sea level rise.


Daily Inspiration --- First of Six "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Germaine Tailleferre, born this day in 1892, composed music that is delightful, accessible, interesting and fresh. More conviction than Poulenc, more tuneful than Honneger, as inventive and rhythmically vibrant as Milhaud. I discovered her music just today.


Chevron Case New Hearing In Canada "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

On the 17th and 18th of April it will take place a new hearing which will face the Ecuadorian people against the oil company Chevron in Canada. Guillermo Grefa, member of the Kichwa indigenous community of Rumipamba (Orellana) and Jaime Vargas, president of the CONAIE (Ecuadorian Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities) will participate on behalf of the 30.000 affected people, organized in the Union of People Affected by Texaco (UDAPT). They will be supported by the lawyer Julio Prieto. The Court of Appelas of Ontario will be the setting in which the Ecuadorian plaintiffs, through the lawyer Alan Leczner, will demonstrate that Chevron Canada is wholly owned by Chevron Corporation, which would allow the indigenous and peasant people of Ecuador to enforce the judgement of more than 9.5 billion dollars, issued by the Courts of Justice in Ecuador.


Brazil Govt: Probable Police Involvement In Francos Murder "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Brazil's government declared Monday that human rights activist Marielle Franco was very likely killed by militias, according to Minister of Public Security Raul Jungmann. There are basically one or two promising leads: I would say that in one of them, investigators have moved forward significantly. The most probable hypothesis is the involvement of Rio de Janeiro's militias, said Jungmann in an interview with local radio CBN. Militias refer to criminal groups whose members are former police officers or active and corrupted officers, controlling large parts of the city. They function as paramilitary groups and compete with other drug-trafficking groups over the control of favelas, affecting primarily the marginalized populations living there.


X Is For Xylem. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Xylem is a scientific term for vascular plant tissue that transports water and nutritients from the roots to other parts of the plant. Wood is xylem and the term comes from the Greek word for wood, xylon. The pictures are close-ups of the wood, pine, birch and oak glulam boards, used in the pieces of crude furniture Ive made for myself. Ive applied a mixture of linseed oil and polyurethane lacquer on them as finish.

The pine board with the Phillips head screw is the top of of my windowsill extender. With the extender I can get a second level on my window sill, so that I can grow more herbs. The extender stands on the windowsill and consists of an oak bottom board, legs and support structure of the top made of pine slats and the top itself.

The oak board with the holes is the top of a short-legged table for my laptop computer. The holes are there to help supply air for the cooling of the computer. The table is usually on top of my table/desk and I keep my music keyboard, WiFi router and miscellaneous other stuff under it.

The birch board is the top of a cabinet used for housing my plant watering equipment, Raspberry Pi stuff and paper to be recycled.

Click for full size!

Ice Swimmer, all rights reserved.


The Coup to Install Pence as the President "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I have never approved of President Trumps choice for Vice-President. For reasons that will reiterate, later in this article, Pence and the Trump agenda are horribly mismatched.

When Trump made his VP announcement, I did not waiver in my support of Trump, but I was very vocal in my opposition to Pence. I was roundly criticized by many Trump supporters for expressing my opposition to the Pence appointment. Now, it would appear that a big I told you so may be in order.

Pence is salivating at the notion that the Democrats,or some nefarious set of people, will  remove Donald Trump from office through invoking the 25th Amendments disability clause. The Democrats allege that Trump is mentally ill and this will be their justification.

The New York Times Previously Exposed Pences Intention to Replace President Trump

Vice President Mike Pences disloyalty to President Trump is on full display in a 2017 New York Times article in which it is impossible to not conclude that Pence has been planning to leap frog over Trump and seize the Presidency in 2020.

From the New York Times

.The centerpiece of the effort is a string of dinners held every few weeks at the vice presidents official residence on the grounds of the Naval Observatory in Washington. Mr. Pence and his wife, Karen, have presided over at least four such soires, and more are in the works. Each has drawn roughly 30 to 40 guests, including a mix of wealthy donors such as the Chicago hedge fund manager Kenneth C. Griffin and the brokerage firm founder Charles Schwab, as well as Republican fund-raisers and executives from companies like Dow Chemical and the military contractor United Technologies.

The guests and their f...


Thors Day Mood. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Fit For An Autopsy Black Mammoth.


Fools gold, siphoned and sold, merchants of death. Dead in spirit, now dead in flesh.
Born of violent flames, landscapes of ashes. The roots soak up the rain, burning in acid.
The wounds are cauterized, and left un-bandaged. Wilting beneath a sun, withered and damaged.
Tragedy reigns forever.
Rejoice in masses. The tribe collapses. The mother weeps in her dying breath.
Rise from the ashes, oh foul Black Mammoth. Dead in spirit, now dead in flesh.
Tread on sacred terrain, envenomed and ravaged. The peace upon the plains, seized by the savage.
Primitive practices, uproot and vanish. Modern barbarians, new rite of passage.
Rejoice in masses. The tribe collapses. The mother weeps in her dying breath.
Rise from the ashes, oh foul Black Mammoth. Dead in spirit, now dead in flesh.
Tragedy reigns forever.


Bunny! Part 1. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

From Giliell, click for full size! Such a serious looking cutiepuss. :D

Giliell, all rights reserved.


It's All-Theater Thursday "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Comey Book Tour

Was/is James Comey just incompetent or is the whining weasel that we see flogging his book (sort of a preparatory move to the Stormy Daniels book tour) a sly, smug, self righteous calculator who was bent on destruction of President Trump? That's a loaded question because the Democrats feel that he betrayed Crooked Hillary Clinton.

I don't believe that I will buy his book, not even to use as a doorstop, or as kindling for the fireplace, what a whining, miserable punk, James Comey has proved himself to be. What a self-promoting (kiss and tell) goofball. First we have Comey on tour and then the whore, but whether Comey or Stormy is the bigger whore remains to be seen.

Two Koreas

Live broadcasts agreed for 27 April. The two Koreas on Wednesday agreed to broadcast live key events of the upcoming inter-Korean summit, South Koreas presidential office said. 

Comment: According to Kwun Hyuk-ki, a member of South Koreas delegation in Wednesdays working level talks, the two sides are largely in agreement over issues concerning media coverage and protection for the two leaders.

North Korea will hold a plenary meeting of its ruling party's central committee on Friday (April 20), state media announced on 19 April.

The meeting has been convened to discuss and decide "policy issues of new stage" to meet the demands of the current "important historic period. This is the meeting where Kim finally will inform the Party elite about his diplomacy.



Revealed: Robert Muellers FBI Repeatedly Abused Prosecutorial Discretion "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Journalist Mike Allen of Axios recently said that one word described Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and that word was unafraid.

The context for his remarks on Fox News Special Report was that Mueller had just spun off to the U.S. Attorneys Office for the Southern District of New York a bit of his limitless investigation into President Donald J. Trump. Allens comment was like so many others from media and pundit types since the special counsel was launched. If theres one word to describe the medias relationship to Mueller, its unquestioning.

Pundits and politicians have said, repeatedly, that he is somebody we all trust with impeccable credentials. No matter what his office does, from hiring Democratic donors to run the Trump probe to aggressively prosecuting process crimes, he is defended by most media voices. Criticism of Mueller by people who arent part of the Trump Resistance is strongly fought, with claims that disapproval of anything related to Mueller and how he runs his investigation undermine the rule of law.

The media and establishment DC who reflexively defend Mueller havent explained how they came to trust him so completely. Its a question worth asking given the bumpy historical record of Muellers tenure as FBI director from 2001 to 2013.

For instance, as I noted to Allen, Mueller was also unafraid at completely botching the anthrax killer case, wasting more than $100 million in taxpayer dollars, destroying the lives of multiple suspects, and chasing bad leads using bad methods. Lets look at that and other cases involving how Mueller and those he placed in positions of power used their authorities and decided what charges to pursue.

The Anthrax Bungling

Shortly after the terrorist attacks in 2001, letters containing anthrax were mailed to media outlets and the offices of Sens. Tom Daschle, D-S.D., and Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., killing five people and infecting 17 others. The FBI quickly focused on an innocent man named Steven Hatfill, relentlessly pursuing him for years while the real killer walked free. As Carl Cannon wrote about the botched case, ridiculous and aggressive methods were used to go after the wrong man:

So what evidence did the FBI have against Hatfill? There was none, so the agency did a Hail Mary, importing two bloodhounds from Californi......


Latest Silicon Valley Episode Mocks Californias Anti-Christian Animus "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A new episode of HBOs hit series Silicon Valley ruthlessly mocks the double standard on discrimination held by liberal elites, no shortage of whom can be found in the Bay Areas cradle of innovation.

In the episode, Richard Hendricks, the CEO of a small tech company building a new internet, is trying to pitch a big vendor on putting exclusive content on his internet. In his effort to talk up the vendors already signed on with him, he accidentally outs DD, the CEO of a gay dating site, by mentioning he and his boyfriend regularly go to church.

The mood in the room instantly changes. The expressions shift from excitement and interest to a wide-eyed look of shock and subtle dread, as if theyd been told the deal would require them to eat a box of spiders. The moment was characteristic of the subtle situational humor the show does so well.

Im not openly Christian, a spurned DD whispers after the meeting. Thanks a lot, you just outed me.

A puzzled Hendricks tells the rest of his team what happened. Mild-mannered Jared, the COO, gently tries to explain the extent to which the tech hub is biased against Christians. Here, you can be openly polyamorous and people will call you brave. You can put micro doses of LSD in your cereal and people will call you a pioneer. But the one thing you cannot be is a Christian.

Even Gilfoyle, a self-professed Satanist on the show, comments, I find their theology illegitimate and its clear that theyre the source of the majority of the worlds problems. But f-ck Richard, even I wouldnt just out a Christian like that.

When Hendricks meets with DD to apologize for outing him, DD explains not even his parents are supportive of his faith. Im from Palo Alto. My dad says my lifestyle makes him sick. He just wants his gay son back.

According to 2015 polling by Barna Research Group, residents of the Bay Area are the most de-churched in the country. De-churched residents have been to church in the past, but decided to stop attending.

Apparently the writers werent exaggerating by much, but the over-the-top disdain for Christians was just a launch point for turning the progressive paradigm of discrimination on its head.  The episode opens on Hendricks pep talk to the eight developers who had already agreed to launch their sites on Pied Pipers new internet. The camera slowly pans across the ethnically diverse array of faces as Hendricks expounds on how the new internet will be free and truly decentralized, unlike our current internet.

As Hendricks and DD, the CEO of the gay dating site, walk back to their cars, DD asks, You dont have any issue with us being an exc...


Marquette Case Will Say Whether Colleges Can Break Contract To Silence Professors "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Intolerance towards conservative speakers on college campuses often follows the same story line: A small cadre of student activists and professors shout down or disrupt the appearance because they have determined that ideas themselves are akin to physical violence. But the suppression of speech also comes in quieter forms with even graver consequences.

At Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisc., the climate of campus intolerance towards conservative voices has done more than ruin a speaking event. Tenured political science Professor John McAdams, who also happens to be a conservative, has been placed square in the crosshairs by his faculty peers and an administration that has decided their contractual commitment to academic freedom shouldnt have to cover the free expression of viewpoints they dont like. McAdamss livelihood, career and reputation hang in the balance of a Wisconsin State Supreme Court case, the most important academic freedom case in the country.

Marquette University fired McAdams in 2015, after he wrote a blog post about an incident between a student and a graduate instructor. Following a classroom discussion on John Rawls, philosophy instructor Cheryl Abbate told a student that she would not permit opposition to same-sex marriage in her classroom because such views would come off as offensive and homophobic. When the student complained to the department, he was told to change his attitude and that he would be watched.

The matter might have ended there, but the student had recorded the conversation and brought it to McAdams, who has long enraged the campus left and bothered administrators with his personal blog, The Marquette Warrior. He frequently comments on what he sees as the universitys commitment to intolerant forms of political correctness on the blog. McAdams believes that a teacher who tells a student that his views on marriage are out of bounds has acted to stifle the open discourse that ought to be encouraged on a college campus.

His post went viral. Local and national outlets highlighted the story. Abbate did receive a number of hateful and ugly emails and letters following the blog post, although McAdams had nothing to do with them.

Alarmed by what it regarded as bad publicity, Marquette University administrators quickly determined that Abbate, despite her role as the instructor who prohibited debate in her classroom, was a victim and that McAdams blog post criticizing that position meant that he had to go. According to Marquette, it was an attack on a student even though Abbate was acting as a paid instructor imbued with the authority of the university and proudly noted that she was teaching the student that oppressive discourse would not be tolerated. McAdams was banned from campus and awaited a pro forma faculty review whose clear intent was to set the st...


Huge drug (pharma) money changes hands in high-level financial dealswhy? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Huge drug (pharma) money changes hands in high-level financial dealswhy?

by Jon Rappoport

April 19, 2018

These are notes on money-musical-chairs among drug companies. Big-time money.

Clues as to why there is such a tidal wave of cash:

One: Consolidation, of course. Fewer giant companies, who have greater control over the market, are too big to fail, and have more lobbying power with governments.

Two: The companies are making deals left and right to temporarily give stockholders and prospective investors the impression that something good is happening, while concealing the fact that numerous new drugs in the testing pipeline are failing to produce beneficial results, and are unsafe. Sleight of hand.

Three: The companies are making very favorable loan deals with banks, enabling them to buy out other drug firms. Before the loan repayments are completed, the companies will have sold themselves (and the debt) to bigger fish.

Four: A drug company knows its development of a new drug is fraudulent, and is riddled with illegal practices, such as lack of informed consent in recruiting volunteers for clinical trials. So it sells the research unit for that drug to another company, making it their problem.

Here are $$ details. Follow the astonishing money trails.


Other bidders may have dropped out of an auction for Sanofis European generics unit, but that doesnt mean it hasnt found a buyer. The drugmaker is nearing an agreement and could announce a sale in the next several days, Bloomberg reports.

Sanofis board could meet as soon as Monday to vote on a deal worth about 2 billion ($2.48 billion), according to the news services sources. Of course, the sources note that the deal isnt final and that it could ultimately fail to materialize.

The news follows previous decisions by private equity firm Nordic Capital and Indian drugmaker Torrent Pharma to bow out of negotiations, worried that the unit is too pricey, according to press reports. PE firm Carlyle Group and Brazils EMS remained in deal talks through final bidding, according to Bloomberg.

And thats not the only deal Sanofi has had in the works. The company has been toiling to reshape itself for several years, and as part of that effort on Monday sold 12 noncore pharma brands to Coop...


Removing Confederate Statues Doesnt Need To Be A Partisan Issue "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The South will always be haunted by race, and there is no easy way to understand its history. When New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced to a crowd gathered in downtown New Orleans on May 19, 2017 that he was removing four Confederate monuments from public display, he addressed his citys complex past.

Theres a difference between remembrance of history and a reverence for it, he said.

Landrieu made the right call to tear down statues honoring the wartime achievements of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, generals Robert E. Lee and P.G.T. Beauregard, and trash a monument dedicated in 1891 to the attempts of the White League to overthrow Louisianas Reconstruction-era government. In removing these statues, the mayor said he hoped to tamp down the errant reverence often bestowed upon men like Lee and Beauregard (who were great men, but not because of their wartime achievements).

Of course and Landrieu knew this would happen his decision to quietly remove the statues under cover late at night polarized the public. Those in favor lauded the mayor, praising him for leading the charge against a legacy of systematic racism in the South. Those opposed to the decision criticized Landrieu for his methods: that while a noble gesture, taking down four statues swiftly and without public support might actually do more harm than help in a Southern city still recovering from the racial gulf ripped open by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

There was (and still is) a third group: reactionaries who militantly opposed the statue removal, in New Orleans and anywhere in the South. Because Landrieus decision called into question the legitimacy of all Confederate memorials, movements such as the alt-right emerged from their parents basement and became an attractive force, and their suit n tied leader Richard Spencer commanded a disproportionate amount of media attention. His mantra We will not be replaced splattered all over the internet, and dedicated groups of protesters gathered in front of Confederate memorials to save those ugly bits of American history.

The unrest culminated with bloodshed in Charlottesville, Virginia, just after the city decided that its own Lee statue must go to. A group of protesters led by Spencer got out of control, and an alt-righter in a car ran over and killed a woman. Spencer disavowed the bloodshed, but his rising star was squelched. He became untouchable. His followers violence unmasked the evil of the entire alt-right movement.

Acknowledging the Common Humanity

Now almost a year later, the statues are gone probably draped in sheets somewhere in a big warehouse like the one at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The New Orleans dust has settled in their place, and Landrieu has written a manifesto explaining and defending his...


Stanford Study: The Most Religious Kids Do Best In School "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Adolescents who practice religion regularly perform better in school than those adolescents who do not, finds a recent study performed by Dr. Ilana M. Horwitz at Stanfords Graduate School of Education. Horwitzs paper explores differences among the grade point averages (GPAs) of public school students based on their levels of religiosity.

Horwitz bucketed the students into five different levels of religious adherence, from most religious to least religious: Abiders, Adapters, Assenters, Avoiders, and Atheists. She found the most religious kids had the highest GPAs. Horwitz defines that group, the Abiders, as those who display high levels across all measured dimensions of religiosity and abide by religion in a classic, institutional sense, while Avoiders, true to their nomenclature, avoid religious involvement and broader issues of the relevance of religion for their life. Unlike the Atheist group, they believe in G-d, but participate far less in religious ceremonies and prayer.

Horwitz discovered that Abiders report the highest GPAs while Avoiders report the lowest GPAs, even after controlling for a host of background factors and behaviors. Based on her own religious research, Horwitz believes religion nurtures two qualities rewarded heavily in school curriculums: conscientiousness and cooperation. Conservative Protestants comprised the largest religious type within the high-achieving Abiders group, which run[s] counter to the hypothesis that Conservative Protestants fare worse in terms of academic achievement, Horwitz wrote.

Faith Keeps Kids Focused on Positive Behavior

Horwitz found that, within each income bracket, Abiders consistently received better grades than Adapters, Assenters, and Avoiders did, while the GPA gap between Abiders and Avoiders was most pronounced. Even after controlling for a host of factors, including Gender, race/ethnicity, family socioeconomic status, religious affiliation, and region of the country, Abiders had an average GPA of 3.21, while Avoiders had just a 2.92 GPA. Even more interestingly, Horwitz found that, after instating the same controls, this effect of religiosity on student grades was most profound for middle-income families and least impactful for high-income families.



Tragic Crash Involving Canadian Hockey Players Touches Bruins-Leafs Series Game "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Sometimes a hockey game is more than a hockey game. And sometimes singing a national anthem is more than just a song. Both these things were true in Torontos Air Canada Center on April 16, as the Maple Leafs cut the Big Bad Boston Bruins series lead in half. Ten days before this game 16 members of Canadas thriving hockey community died in a tragic bus crash. Ten of the fatalities were players for the Humboldt Broncos on their way to a playoff game in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League Playoffs.

Canada is hockey and hockey is Canada. Theres really no parallel here in the United States. Hockey belongs to Canada and Canada belongs to Hockey. They are married to each other. And because of that this tragedy was bigger than the individuals involved. Within a few days of the crash, the Gofundme page for the Humboldt Broncos survivors had raised millions, and as of Wednesday some 138,000 people have donated more than $14 million through the site.

America has many teams that define us nationally. The Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Yankees, and Notre Dame Fighting Irish. These four Behemoths of sports are cultural dividing lines. You either love or hate them. We all know who and what these teams mean even if we dont follow sports.

Now imagine that there was one team that embodied all this money, fame, scrutiny, hate, and love.

That is what the Toronto Maple Leafs are to Canada. When they are on TV Canada has their TVs on. Especially during the playoffs. And sadly they have not won a playoff series since the 03-04 season. Adding insult to injury the last time they won the Stanley Cup was in 67 and worse still they have never been back since. Thats 49 years without an appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals. And yet their ticket prices are by far the most expensive in the entire NHL. Many native Canadians actually have to fly to lesser markets like Arizona if they want to see their beloved Leafs play live. Its considerably cheaper that way.

There are 31 teams in the NHL and only 7 are located in Canada. This year only 2 of those 7 made the playoffs. The Leafs and the Winnipeg Jets. And the Jets dont really seem to symbolize much yet. Theyve only been in Winnipeg for the last 7 seasons having relocated from Atlanta. The original Jets team left Canada to become the Coyotes over 20 years ago. So it matters that the Leafs made the playoffs this year. And it matters that they beat the Bruins in their first home game of the playoffs. This would all matter anyways, but it matters more now.

The Bruins were the first U.S.-based team to join the NHL way back in 1924. And over the years theyve had some heated rivalries, most notably with Canadian teams. But one of the most dramatic moments between the Leafs and Bruins was very recent. In 2013, after a season shortened by a lockout, they faced off in...


RAF celebrates its Centenary. Whats exciting? - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The RAF is celebrating being 100 with months of special events, but how exciting theyll be remains to be seen. I doubt if they can match the sheer bravura of one pilot who decided to liven up a feeble 50th anniversary by rudely violating Tower Bridge and posting his Hawker Hunter between its teasing spans []


Without Consequences, Public Apologies Equal Public Manipulation "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Public figures often dont seem to mind publicly acknowledging responsibility for their mistakes. In his recent Senate hearing responding to concerns over data privacy and Russian disinformation on his social network, for example, Mark Zuckerberg declared, I started Facebook, I run it, and Im responsible for what happens here.

Former secretary of state and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton famously asserted at a congressional hearing in 2015: I take full responsibility for what happened in Benghazi. Before that, prominent politicians John Edwards and Anthony Weiner both claimed full responsibility for their immoral sexual behavior.

Although a phrase imbued with a certain Ciceronian gravitas, its unclear what exactly it means to acknowledge full responsibility for wrongs committed. Given how often those who make such declarations never make restitution for their public sins, it may mean practically nothing, if not something worse.

The New Public Self-Flagellation

The Washington Post recently published an article cataloguing Zuckerbergs public apologies related to managing Facebook, going back all the way to 2003. Yet a more-than-decades long apology tour, as one article called it, seems a bit disingenuous, especially in light of the bravado Zuckerberg has shown on other occasions.

In a 2017 letter to the world he seemed to suggest Facebook was the future global community, transcending national boundaries and solving many of our worlds ills. God bless Facebook! As some critics have noted, many of his philanthropic activities, however noble, border on the arrogant in their scope, magnitude, and impracticality.

Of course, Zuckerberg notoriously called early users of Facebook dumb f-cks for handing over personal data. Its certai...


Irans Moderate President Appoints Justice Minister Linked With Torture, Mass Executions "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Who is Irans Alireza Avayi? Now Irans justice minister, he is also among those involved in imprisoning, torturing, and executing Iranians in the past 39 years.

It appears the moderate reformist Iranian President Hassan Rouhani appointed Avayi to replace the defamed Mostafa Pourmohammadi and continue his crackdown policy in the face of an uprising nation.

Avayis recent speech at the United Nations Human Rights Council disgraced this world body and resulted in numerous protests. His appointment calls for a deep look into this individuals past.

Previously a figure hidden from the limelight, Avayis past speaks for itself. He has been involved in Irans so-called judiciary system from 1979 to this day, as a public prosecutor, judge, and administrator.

Avayis resume clearly shows his involvement in Irans executions spree of the 1980s. Avayi was the main figure in charge of executions in Dezful prison following the 1988 fatwa issued by Iranian regime founder Ayatollah Khomeini.

Throughout the 1980s, Avayi played a major role in executions, along with his brothers. Reports indicate these individuals are accused of committing coup de grace alongside the most heinous crimes in Khuzestan Province.



Why Kendrick Lamars Rap Album Deserves Its Pulitzer "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

If you want to see anguished artists who bleed American, look no further than Kendrick Lamar. He has a strange, contradictory relationship to the country where he has discovered fame and its effects, both good and bad, unlike any of the celebrities of pop music. Its American justice and Afro-futurism with him; its American racial injustice and the need for loyalty and discipline. Its using fame without forgetting suffering. Its a powerful mix, and now he has a Pulitzer, too, for his album Damn. This is the first time the prize is awarded to an album with lyrics. Its previously gone to classical music or, in the last twenty years, jazz.

Lamar is the closest thing popular music has to the voice of a generation. The combination of popularity, agony, and sense of destiny required to speak to the broad American audience is getting rarer and rarer as we sink in the chaos of digital democracy. But while we had popular poets it seemed that thats what it took to speak plausibly about how confusing freedom has gotten and how much suffering we undergo in our souls.

America and our identities are changing very quickly with the emergence of digital tech and its possible that we will no longer have celebrity-poets. I dont know who will address our secret suffering. This may be a last hurrah. Neither the broad audience popular music has enjoyed for two generations nor the intense admiration its creators excited seem to be part of our lives anymore. We used to look to popular music for our identity, at least we have since the 60s. But maybe no worthwhile identity is possible anymore and thats why social media and digital tech produce, furiously and futilely, identities that get ever more perishable.

This is why I offer congratulations to Lamar on receiving this unusual honor. Maybe people will reflect on his strange career now. Lets also note, however, the only thing stranger than his Pulitzer award: he was confined to winning in the rap categories at this years Grammys, as the important awards went to fairly unimpressive pop music instead. Apparently, Lamars political art is not in favor, and only shallow statements need apply.

The same album was considered in the two venues and the elite institution seemed much more interested in anointing the voice of a generation than the popular institutions. Yet another upside down sign of our times. The contradiction, of course, is that the revolution in the rules at the Pulitzers is part of their backwardness they cannot influence the culture, however hard they try, because only elites care about such prizes and the elites have lost control of the culture themselves.

TV itself and its pageants look just as ridiculous. Lamar gave a remarkable performance at the Grammys, which included Dave Chappelle and U2. It was as political as Lamars music usually is. What can one say?......


5 Female Lawyer Role Models Who Easily Outstrip Dominatrixes "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The American Lawyer recently suggested lady lawyers struggling in their careers turn to an unexpected new role model: the dominatrix. Although the article is less titillating than the headline (Ladies, Get Out Your Whip), it suggests that the career-counseling dominatrix can teach female lawyerswhom the article suggests are accustomed to [n]ot getting credit, fear of asking, freezing at critical momentsto train the men in their lives by making the men submissive.

Set aside the fact that an article encouraging male lawyers to train their female colleagues in such a way could only be found in the deep recesses of 4chan. In this article, I suggest five women all lawyers could view as role models long before turning to someone in leather and chains.

1. Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Currently sitting on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, Amy Coney Barrett is a sterling role model for all lawyers. Barrett was nominated by President Trump in 2017 and survived a heated confirmation hearing, which included an exchange that has not aged well: Sen. Al Franken question[ed] her judgment.

Barrett is a beloved member of the faculty at Notre Dame Law School, where she teaches civil procedure, federal courts, and statutory interpretation. She is the mother of seven children, andas this writer can personally attest a generous and kind woman who gives to and expects from her students attentiveness of the highest quality.

2. Sister Nirmala Joshi

Any lawyer worth his salt should respect those trained in law but who live without practicing law. Sister Nirmala Joshi lived that life in spades. Raised in India and the eldest of ten children, Sister Nirmala was brought up in a Hindu family but, after being educated by Christian missionaries, converted to Catholicism and joined Saint Mother Teresas Missionaries of Charity.

While a religious sister, Sister Nirmala attended the University of Calcutta and obtained her law degree. As a Missionary of Charity, Sister Nirmala dedicated her life to serving the poorest of the poor, and eventually succeeded Saint Mother Teresa as superior general of the institute.

3. Professor Erin Hawley

Erin Hawley is counsel at Kirkland and Ellis LLP and an associate professor of law at the University of Missouri. As a member of the academy, her research focuses on constitutional law and the federal courts.



Our Debt Crisis Results From Too Many American Takers And Not Enough Makers "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Many years ago, President Calvin Coolidge correctly discerned the moral dimension of government policy when he said: I am for economy in government not to save money, but to save people. Profound. Yet we Americans have largely ignored his insight.

The two immense challenges we citizens will eventually be forced to face are the staggering explosion of federal debt and the accompanying increased dependency upon the government by much of our population. While most of the debate is couched in economic terms, the heart of the question is moral.

Since the onset of the Great Societys War on Poverty in the mid-1960s, the United States has spent more than $15 trillion in means-tested entitlement programs. Between 1960 and 2010, federal entitlement spending increased from 19 percent to 43 percent of annual federal spending. In 1960, government entitlement spending was a mere $24 billion, or $134 per citizen. By 2019, federal entitlement spending had soared to $7,200 (or approximately $1,000 in 1960 dollars) for every American.

These programs aimed not only to eliminate poverty but to eradicate its root causes. The results? The overall poverty rate in 1966 stood at 14.7 percent, while in 2013 it stood at 14.5 percentbasically unchanged. By any standard of measurement, these programs were a disastrous investment.

The government has massively redistributed income and, because lawmakers have funded this spending with deficits, shifted the burden of this redistribution to future generations, with no reduction in poverty. As former U.S. budget director and Indiana governor Mitch Daniels has written, As a people, we have discovered the ability to vote ourselves largesse from the federal treasury in such vast quantities that we are destroying our own chances at prosperity.

When interest rates inevitably rise to more normal, historical levels, the debt service burden will prove massive. Lest you think this is a partisan issue: Democrat Erskine Bowles, a former White House chief of staff, has called the pending debt crisis the most predictable crisis in American history. Admiral Michael Mullen, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, warned, The most significant threat to our national security is our debt.

In economic terms, we are perched atop a time bomb. The explosion of federal debt to something over $20 trillion will have real consequences. Deep down, we Americans agree with Ben Stein: If something cant go on forever, it will stop. Yet Congress refuses to reduce spending. Why? Because the American public refuses to demand congressional action. We have, in Arthur Brooks words, Become a nation of takers not makers.

Over the years, millions of Americans have become takers. In 1950, only one in 25 Americans received any government aid, but, by 2012, it was one in three....


If Youre 48 And Your Dad Does Your Taxes, You Have A Problem "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

To understand why the federal government currently holds a $21 trillion (and rising) debt, look no further than the front page of Tuesdays Wall Street Journal. Its A-Hed on the day Americans had to file their taxes? Yes, Its Tax Day and Youre Still Doing Returns for Your Adult Children.

From a 42-year-old marketing director who has never done her taxes, to the excuses she gave for burdening her parents with the taskmy dad legitimately seems to enjoy doing itto the 48-year-old mother whose father prepares taxes for both her and her 22-year-old daughter, the article reads like the prototypical combination of fiscal irresponsibility and helicopter parenting gone amok.

I cant comprehend, let alone sympathize with, this behavior. Ive always prided myself on attention to detail in my own budget and spending. Upon entering the working world, I decided to prepare my own taxes. Granted, I enjoy personal finance issues more than most do, but I didnt find the process complicatedwage income, some small dividend payments, and student loan interest made for a relatively simple tax filingand prided myself on my independence.

In time, buying a home and collecting small business income complicated my tax situation and suggested the wisdom of hiring an accountant. That said, I generally prepare a draft return well before I sit down with her. After all, if I dont understand my own financial situation, how can my accountant offer solid advice?

Second, the experience of doing my own taxes infused my policy knowledge, and vice versa. For me, anyway, doing my own taxes illustrated the difference between above-the-line and below-the-line provisions in ways that inside-the-Beltway publications never could. (For the curious or uninitiated, above-the-line provisions reduce incomethe line being Adjusted Gross Income, calculated at the very bottom of page one of the federal 1040 formwhile below-the-line deductions reduce tax liability.)

Conversely, monitoring policy debates has allowed me on occasion to provide my accountant with a heads-up about how events in Washington will affect tax filers, and thus tax preparers like her. Last December, I read the tax bill to understand the implications of its provisions on my situation, most notably how the tax deduction for pass-through income would affect the small business income I report on my return.

A few years ago, I told my accountant about the ...


Police Go Undercover for Months, Spend Thousands to Bust FSU Quarterback with Tiny Bit of Weed "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Tallahassee Police Department raided Deondre Francois' apartment, starting QB for FSU, all to bust him with a tiny bit of weed.

The post Police Go Undercover for Months, Spend Thousands to Bust FSU Quarterback with Tiny Bit of Weed appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Capital: Valuations and Market Caps 101 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In 1999, I became a millionaire on paper by selling shares in a company that I had created for the express purpose of selling the shares. That ought to sound bizzare to you, and it is its one of the weirdest parts of corporate capitalism. The entire thing feels like a scam, except that the money is very real, or its not, depending on what happens.

This posting may help you understand Marxs dialectical reasoning, too. Marx, in Capital, is trying to explain why things are worth what they are. This was crucially important to Marx for two reasons: 1) for political reasons he was trying to develop a theory of what labor was worth so he could argue precisely how badly industrialists were screwing their workers, 2) economics doesnt make sense without a theory of value to explain why anyone pays anything for anything. If we dont have a theory of value, everyone just turns to market value: what is someone willing to pay for my thing?

Suppose I have a dozen bananas and Kent Hovind wants to buy one. He asks me how much for a banana? and I reply, for you, $100. He says that had better be a good banana! and I reply, it was made by god. And he forks over $100 and I give him the banana. We have now established a market price for bananas: $100. Of course someone else might come along and offer me $.05 for a banana (and Id take it) now what is the value of a banana? We can see that its got a market price thats fluctuating in a certain range, but we just dont have enough long-term data to be able to price the banana. [If we had long-term data we might base our notion of the value of a banana on the long-term average market price.]

Now you can see why being able to value a banana would be important to Marx: a worker who collects bananas in horrible, hot, brutal conditions, has helped produce the valued item. If were selling bananas at $100 and an exploitative capitalist is paying his (its always a him isnt it?) workers $1/1000 that they pick, were justified in calling them exploiters. If bananas sold for $100 apiece and were paying the worker $5/banana Ive probably put myself out of business because while I was being generous to my laborers I forgot to account for shipping, packaging, bribes, duties, taxes, and whatnot.

Aside from the absurd price-structure I made up for bananas, thats about how it works in capitalism. My farm and my banana trees and my infrastructure costs are the means of production and Marx was trying to tease of the relationship betwee...


The New Frontline in the Battle for Campaign Finance Reform "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

With the FEC asleep at the wheel, the best hope for campaign finance reform might be local governments.

High levels of independent expenditures, the prominence of big donors, and a lack of transparency about funding sources have become part and parcel of the electoral process thanks to legislative changes and agency gridlock.

By closely following the flow of cash into political coffers, a new report from the Campaign Finance Institute (CFI) sheds light on what has caused the ever-increasing polarization of political campaigns.

But not all is grim on the reform front. Where federal bodies have failed to regulate and enforce laws intended to abate political corruption, cities and states are moving ahead with local measures that hold out the promise of more transparent and representative elections.

Big Money and Independent Expenditures


Through the 1990s, most major presidential candidates accepted public funds to finance their campaigns. The spending caps that came with public funding were widely seen as an integral part of a healthy election process. By the early 2000s, the pendulum had begun to swing toward private donations. Barack Obama was the first major party nominee to rely solely on private money; not coincidentally, levels of campaign spending have skyrocketed since.

In 2010, two Supreme Court decisions Citizens United v. FEC and v. FEC made it even easier and more appealing for campaigns to renounce public funding, and its associated spending caps, and draw entirely on private donations. Citizens United removed any limits on independent spending by corporations and unions, while SpeechNow declared that organizations that make only independent expenditures would face no contribution limits. Taken together, these rulings led to a spike in independent spending.



Omniology fails to check Snopes "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Ah, yesthe familiar There were giants in the Earth in those days spiel. Im always surprised at how credulous creationists are.

You may be wondering where you can see the bones of the 12 meter tall man, like this fellow:

The answer isfind someone good with Photoshop. Also, be ignorant of the square-cube law. You could also try watching the recent HBO documentary about Andre the Giant, who was only 7 feet tall and suffered terribly from the difficulties of joints that couldnt cope with the weight.

By the way, the image seems to come from the Mt Blanco Creation Museum and Journal of Omniology, the less well-known creation museum in Texas. Its one Id like to visit someday, because the owner, Joe Taylor, seems wackier than most, but its got a history of financial woes and was up and down for years. He doesnt seem to be quite as venal as Ken Ham, but he is pretty cranky.


Framed for Murder By His Own DNA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

We leave traces of our genetic material everywhere, even on things weve never touched. That got Lukis Anderson charged with a brutal crime he didnt commit.


A Decade of Strong Towns Year 2 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

10 years after beginning Strong Towns, we're reflecting on the history of this movement, year by year. Read reflections on Year 1 (2008) here.

The first full year of this website was 2009. Forcing myself to look back at those posts now is a painful but worthy exercise. There are a lot of nascent concepts getting their first rough and ugly airing. There are a lot of misconceptions common to someone who has their head still buried in the day-to-day myopia of working as a planner and engineer. I would not want 2009 to be the year any of our present readers dwelled upon.

Yet, it was an incredibly pivotal year for us, perhaps the most pivotal, because it is the year we decided these ideas were worthy of more than just a blog.

 Ben Oleson, Jon Commers and Chuck Marohn the original Strong Towns crew

Ben Oleson, Jon Commers and Chuck Marohn the original Strong Towns crew

I think I should define we at this point because its important to the story. The site you know as Strong Towns started as a blog called The Planner Blog (told you it was myopic) written by myself and my business partner at Community Growth Institute, Ben Oleson. The two of us, along with some colleagues that have subsequently gone on to do amazing things, spent way more time than was financially prudent debating how cities (mostly small towns) could be made better, how the planning profession could help with that and what our role as an organization was in making this happen.

Community Growth Institute was part think tank and part consulting firm. In 2009, that meant it was fully failing as few local governments were interesting in thinking or consulting because, in the aftermath of the housing bubble, they were being forced to eat the poison stew their growth policies had created. Ben and I were not only seeing the business we had worked hard to create crumble around us, we were seeing the communities we worked with reacting hysterically on the one hand, blaming others, and on the other, seeking desperately to sustain the unsustainable, to restore the illusion that had been lost.

One of my favorite posts from this year is...


SKRIPAL AFFAIR: Nikki Haley Already Back-Tracking on Russian Novichok Case "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Yesterday, the US began to back-track on the official Anglo-American Novichok conspiracy theory.

U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, spoke to the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday regarding the latest report on the alleged Novichok attack in Salisbury, United Kingdom.

While Haley called on the world to condemn Russia for what she calls a chemical weapons attack on British soil she also began back-tracking on the US-UKs highly likely claims:

As we have stated previously, the United States agrees with the U.K.s assessment that Russia is responsible for the chemical weapons in Salisbury. Whether that is in their direct act, or irresponsibly losing control of the agent, which could be worse, our support for our British friends and colleagues is unwavering, Haley said.

In other words, the US are now hedging their previous certainty about Russian guilt in the Skripal Poisoning and are now saying maybe Russia lost control of their deadly chemical arsenal (the same talking point which was included in Theresa Mays original hedging statement back when the story broke). Either way, the US and UK cannot produce any evidence to substantiate their initial damning allegations.

In recent weeks, representatives from both the US and UK have been repeating a series of lies about what Russia did or didnt do. Below is a list of those lies:

RT International reports

The UKs narrative in the Skripal case is a story woven with lies, with London continuously trying to deceive the international community, Russias OPCW envoy said, highlighting eight examples of such misinformation.

Weve tried to show that everything our British colleagues produce is a story woven with lies, Russias permanent representative to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Aleksandr Shulgin told reporters on Wednesday, following the organizatio...


Chicagos Gang Database Is Full of Errors And Records We Have Prove It "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

ProPublica Illinois reporter Mick Dumke looks at the states political issues and personalities in this occasional column.

During January 1984, the Chicago Police Department labeled more than 700 people as suspected gang members following arrests for various crimes.

One was in his early 30s and identified as a member of the Black P Stones.

By last fall, nearly 34 years later, that individual was 77 and still in what police commonly refer to as the departments gang database.

In fact, the 77-year-old was one of 163 people in their 70s or 80s in the database, which now includes information about 128,000 people and counting, according to records I obtained through a series of requests under the state Freedom of Information Act.

Its hard to fathom that there are so many elderly, active gang members in Chicago who need to be tracked by police. But those arent the only curious entries in the database. As of this March, it also included 13 people who are supposedly 118 years old and two others listed as 132.

Over the last year, all kinds of questions have been raised about the way the police department collects and uses its gang data). But its become clear to me the database is riddled with dubious entries, discrepancies and outright errors.

These are serious problems, because Chicago police and other law enforcement officials regularly cite the database during criminal investigations, immigration enforcement and court proceedings. Information from the database could also surface in background checks for jobs. And getting your name removed is all but impossible.

Yet the department has long fought against releasing portions of the database, or explaining how its generated or used.

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Last year, two men brought separate lawsuits against the departmentand, in one of the cases, against U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement as wellafter federal officials detained and moved to deport them. They were targeted because the database identified...


The Victims in Douma, Gaza and Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The "worthy victims" are the victims (real and alleged) of leaders on the U.S. enemies list, such as Bashar al-Assad. The "unworthy victims" are those of the U.S. and its client states, such as Israel and Saudi Arabia.


Total Failure of Governance: Island-Wide Blackout Deepens Puerto Rico Crisis "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Puerto Rico Darkness(CD)  After struggling for nearly seven months to rebuild Puerto Ricos power grid, which was destroyed by Hurricane Maria, the U.S. territory experienced an island-wide blackout on Wednesdayits first since the storm struck last September. As meteorologist Eric Holthaus put it, This is still a humanitarian emergency. Puerto Rico, Day 210:The entire island (>3,000,000 people) is w/o power for []


Out of Top 100 Papers in the US by Circulation, Zero Opposed Syria Strikes "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Syria Strikes(FAIR)  A survey by FAIR of the top 100 papers in the US by circulation found not a single editorial board opposed to Trumps April 13 airstrikes on Syria. Twenty supported the strikes, while six were ambiguous as to whether or not the bombing was advisable. The remaining 74 issued no opinion about Trumps latest escalation []


EPA Faces Lawsuit For Withholding Records Related To Pesticide Rule Change "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Derrick Broze The Environmental Protection Agency is facing a lawsuit for failing to release records related to its decision to remove two rules aimed...


The Carbon Fee Initiative (1631) Has Major Problems: Let's Try Something Better "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This fall, voters in Washington State will consider an initiative (1631) that, if passed, would put a fee on carbon and use the funds to "reduce pollution, promote renewable energy, and address climate change impacts."  Superficially it sounds good, but underneath the hood there are very serious problems.

In this blog, I will analyze Initiative 1631, note some its major deficiencies, and suggest a far better approach (a revenue-neutral carbon tax that would improve Washington's regressive tax structure).

As I described in my previous blog, I am a strong believer in carbon taxes and was an enthusiastic supporter of the defeated Initiative 732.   Mankind is doing too little to slow carbon emissions into the atmosphere, and a well-designed carbon tax or fee can use the free market to effectively respond to the problem.  Economists of all political backgrounds acknowledge the power of taxing what you don't want (in this case emissions of carbon) in encouraging people to make different choices.  Like driving smaller cars or switching to electric vehicles.

But Initiative 1631, whose goal is to initiate a carbon fee in Washington State, is deeply flawed and poorly constructed, and I believe destined for certain and dramatic defeat.

The Essentials


American Cable News Journalist Visits Douma, Finds No Evidence of Gas Attack "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Pearson Sharp Douma(TIM)  An exclusive report by Pearson Sharp of One America News, who went to the site of the alleged chemical weapons attack in the war-torn town of Douma outside the capital of Damascus, reported that residents there deny an attack happened and instead claim it was staged by rebel forces in an effort to incite a []


Busted! Syrian Boy in White Helmets FAKE Chemical Attack Video Reveals Truth - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Earlier the White Helmets, a Western-backed NGO known for its ties with terrorist groups, released a video showing alleged victims of the false-flag chemical attack in Douma. The US and its allies used the video as a pre-text to conduct a missile strike on Syria. The Russia 24 TV channel released an exclusive interview on April []


UN Security Team Blocks Chemical Inspectors From Entering Douma "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Chemical Inspectors Douma(ANTIWAR.COM)  The UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) continues to prevent chemical inspectors from entering Douma for their investigation, citing safety concerns. They have offered no timetable for when the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) inspectors will be allowed in. The OPCW inspectors did not visit Monday, and there were a lot of allegations exchanged as to []


Rand Paul Destroys Trump-The Captured Presidency Is Exposed "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Often, Rand Paul and President Trump have been on the same side on many issues. However, since the decision by Trump to reverse the withdrawal of the troops from Syria and attack Syria over an obvious false flag attack, Rand Paul has eviscerated Trump. It is clear that he recognizes the capitulation and subsequent capture of Trumps Presidencyand is reacting accordingly.




The post Rand Paul Destroys Trump-The Captured Presidency Is Exposed appeared first on Dave Hodges - The Common Sense Show.


Congress Calls For Clinton, Comey, Lynch Investigation, AI Drones Decide Who Dies & Taxes Fund Wars "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/15/18). Some breaking news to begin with today, which was brought to my attention by Brain Richmond, 11 members of Congress have officially requested an investigation into the crimes []

The post Congress Calls For Clinton, Comey, Lynch Investigation, AI Drones Decide Who Dies & Taxes Fund Wars appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


NEO: Privatization and Militarization of Deep State - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Jim W. Dean - We have published a lot of material on VT over the years, but never what you are about to read, about the real use of chemical weapons that has remained hidden while fake attacks are now used to start wars.


Whose Wars? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Israel is not at all shy about what it wants to happen, namely a war in Syria targeting both Damascus and Tehran, leading to a much bigger war with the Iranians. Fought by Uncle Sam, to be sure, as Jewish lives are far too precious to waste.


Shoot First and Think Later: Supreme Court Deals Another Blow to Police Accountability "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

cop fired for not shooting police accountability(ANTIMEDIA)  Last week, the Supreme Court dealt another blow to police accountability in the United States. In a 7-2 ruling in Kisela v. Hughes, a majority of Supreme Court justices decided that police officer Andrew Kisela of the University of Arizona Police Department could not be sued for shooting Amy Hughes, who was holding a knife at the time of the shooting but was not []


Why Not Assassinate? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Daniel Geery's article is definitely worth reading all the way through. His "fantasies" on the first page are cleverly undermined by his contrary arguments on the second page. So read both pages and think about it.


A 2018 May Day Call for the Triangle, NC "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post A 2018 May Day Call for the Triangle, NC appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following is a call for decentralized May Day actions and events in North Carolina.

We (1) address this call to any and all abolitionists, anti-capitalists, angry workers, anarchists, inside and outside agitators, daytime dreamers and nighttime ner-do-wells. After several ongoing conversations and the most recent triangle autonomous assembly, we are proposing a series of decentralized daytime actions on May Day, prior to folks converging at the 6pm march starting at the new DPD HQ.

You could picket a shitty restaurant that has screwed you or your coworkers, drop a banner over a highway overpass, make a scene at the office of a real estate company profiting off of gentrification, flyer the names of people killed by the Durham jail, host a call-in day for a political prisoner needing extra support, or a hundred other ideas.

Days like May Day are a time for finding new accomplices, new tactics, and new ideasthink of it as practice, or as a very old, now very dead comrade once said, revolutionary gymnastics. So start talking with your friends, comrades, local organizations, etc., and make a plan! And by all means, take a pic, write a statement, and (safely!) blast it out in whatever social media avenues you have available. News throughout the day will be available on twitter via @NC_autonomy.

See you on the first of May!
-(1) some @ccomplices


Bringing The ZAD Back Home: A Video Series "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Bringing The ZAD Back Home: A Video Series appeared first on It's Going Down.

The first episode in a series by The Cinema Committee which looks at La ZAD, or the Zone to Defend, in France.

In the early morning of Monday, April 9, 2018, the current invasion of the ZAD began. This land-occupation near the village of Notre-Dames-des-Landes is still under siege after nine days of tear gas, concussion grenades, drones, clubs, tanks, and attack dogs. Like the famous French childrens song, the imperial assault began on a Lundi matin and continued every day of the week until the following Monday when it started all over again. This is now the second week of the siege.

In the original lyrics of the childrens song, the emperor, the empress, and the prince come to put you in a pinch every day of the week but luckily you are never there. The emperor of this little song was based on Napoleon III, the disease-ridden tyrant who ruled over France until his disastrous war with Prussia. Thanks to his idiocy and egotism, the city of Paris was surrounded by the invading army and within a year the autonomous Commune had forced the Republican government to flee the city. The current situation is much different than it was in 1871 and hopefully it ends with victory rather than bloodshed. In no uncertain terms, what is being fought for at the ZAD is the earth itself. Unlike the Paris Commune with its delusions about the citizen, the state school, money, and government, this epic battle in the hedgerows is being fought to free the land from the capitalist economy, not compromise with it.

Our own personal time in the ZAD was far too brief and yet long enough to linger in our minds forever. Like those whove visited Chiapas or Rojava, the ZAD is one of the few places on the planet where capitalist time and its market relations have been abolished. Living a communal life free from economic constraints is a visceral experience that makes even the longest work-vacation seem like a sick joke. Nothing is more infectious and viral than the experience of a life worth living. Its powerful enough that thousands of people have spent the past week fighting for it on the moorland of Notres-Dames-des-Landes where there have been over 100 serious injuries.

On this Wednesday, April 18, three representatives of the ZAD......


PM May forced to face Parliament on quick-draw Syria bombing - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Theresa May will be grilled over military action in Syria after she finally caved in to pressure to hold a Commons emergency debate two days after more than 100 legally questionable missiles were launched.


Roger Stone: Barbara Bush was a mean-spirited vindictive drunk "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Top pundit calls out Barbara Bush after her timely death, says shes on her way to Hell

(INTELLIHUB) Author and political operative Roger Stone told Infowars commander-in-chief Alex Jones that the former First Lady Barbara Bush is ascending into Hell right now following her timely death.

She was a mean-spirited vindictive drunk, the infamous political pundit and author told Jones on Wednesdays broadcast. Shes ascending into Hell right now.

She was a bad person, Stone said as Jones butted in to explain how the former First Lady was married to the head of a former Nazi crime syndicate.

2018. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved.

The post Roger Stone: Barbara Bush was a mean-spirited vindictive drunk appeared first on Intellihub.


Time to End longest U.S. War and occupation of Afghanistan - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I strongly believe the only solution to end the United States longest war is for the United States to hold direct talks with the Afghan Freedom Fighters. The bombardment and massacring of the Afghan /Pashtun villagers will not result in a U.S. win and an end to the war for the American and Afghan people. []


Support Trump Effort on North Korea "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

President Trump is right and just in efforts to make peace in Korea. He is more likely to be successful if he knows he has public support for this effort ... long over due to end that war ... worthy of Nobel.


James Hunter, "The Russians Didn't Respond" "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Russian air-defense systems are advanced enough so that those 3 generations behind are able to repel 70% of the west's "smart" missiles... And the west's drones may be subject to being "captured" and redirected.


Jacks Walk "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Our feet took us past the train station today.

rail cars at train station

At the station

voyager, all rights reserved


Have you ever wondered why the #MeToo movement hasnt caught up with Michael Shermer? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I can tell you why: its because he bullies people, is litigious, and does his best to make life miserable for anyone who squeaks. I publicized a womans first person account of how he took advantage of her at a conference she was terrified that hed go after her and he did and he responded by encouraging conference organizers to blackball me, and threw a lawsuit at me (he later backed down, since it was just going to be a parade of witnesses describing his deplorable behavior).

That turns out to be a common reaction on his part.

Shermer spoke at a west coast college lately, and one faculty member objected, sharing articles others had written about his behavior to the colleges in-house e-mail list. Shermer went ballistic. He sent a long, angry email to the professor; had another person who writes for his magazine contact them; made legal threats; defamed them (confirmed by a lawyer); sent multiple aggressive emails to the campus email list; blustered as he does, and eventually backed down on his threats of a lawsuit, after compelling my correspondent to hire a lawyer to deal with all the sabre-rattling. A portion of their email to me:

Shermer was a recent campus speaker at my college and after I shared articles about the allegations against him, I received legal threats from him (among other things in a 10 paragraph long email), intimidation from someone that writes for his magazine, I had to retain a lawyer, all while my college administration knew it all has been happening and stayed quiet (and then sent a late night email saying lets not get distracted after the campus faculty and staff generated a 8k gofundme account so I could afford a lawyer, but Ive digressed). This Saturday Shermer sent his second all-campus horrible email defaming me for the second time and said even though he has a really good case against me (he doesnt) hes decided to not sue me (when really his lawyers probably told him there is no case after my lawyer responded twice). Theres a million more details that Im leaving out for now.

Now doesnt that sound familiar? Its what he did to me, except, at least, he didnt spam my campus email server with his diatribes. This is how he always reacts, rushing to silence others free speech.

Somehow, though, those alt-right/right wing crusaders for FREE SPEECH never get around to criticizing their libertarian hero. I dont know why, other than that its entirely clear that theyre actually interested in suppressing some free speechjust not their own. Another email from my correspondent:

I guess hes shut down now, as he sent a second letter to my campus (t...


How bullet-proof vehicles work "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Via Andrea James I came across this video about how armored vehicles are made to stop bullets. The key point is that the energy of the bullet has to be dissipated laterally as much as possible so that it cannot penetrate the glass or the metal.


Syria, Iran and "chaos in international relations" "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Moscow, Damascus, Tehran and Baghdad are showing a united front even as the alleged chemical attack in Douma -- the reason for the strikes -- is being forcefully debunked. Additionally, pesky questions remain unanswered on why more than 100 missiles were necessary to destroy only three largely empty state-run scientific centers in Damascus and Homs.

Go Back:30 Days | 7 Days | 2 Days | 1 Day

IndyWatch North American News Feed Today.

Go Forward:1 Day | 2 Days | 7 Days | 30 Days

Wednesday, 18 April


Who is In Charge? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

It's s not only Bernie Sanders and others in United States that raise the issue that it is Congress and not the executive branch that has the authority to use military force, is also the House of Commons in the UK and the French parliament that has raised objections to its leaders using force without consulting their legislative branches.


Missiles over Damascus Courtesy of Monsters in Washington "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Our proclivity to violence has been institutionalized and our fundamental societal need to maintain group cohesion has been perverted by the those who claim to be our leaders. It is something of a vicious circle -- or maybe just an eternal Catch 22.


Skripal Poisoning: What the UK and Russian Governments Dont Want You to Know "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Skripal PoisoningAn alternative explanation to the mystery surrounding the poisoning of Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter may involve a possibility that neither the British nor Russian governments want to talk about. (CN)  For weeks, British Prime Minister Theresa May and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson have insisted that there is no alternative explanation to Russian government responsibility for []


American People Are Getting Screwed By The Corporate Banks: Buy More Physical Silver & Gold "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

* During my time training to be an equity options trader, the shop I worked for required that I log 100 hours of poker training. Under the belief that there are great similarities between the decision-making required for poker, and that required for successfully trading the financial markets.   Along those lines, there was aContinue reading "American People Are Getting Screwed By The Corporate Banks: Buy More Physical Silver & Gold"


Bolton leads new charge for Arab NATO occupation force - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Bolton's first big move is "occupation substitution", to bribe Arab states using the deep pockets of the rich Gulf States to replace US troops, to complete the Balkanization of Syria.


Comey Confesses To Colbert: I Thought Investigating Trump Made Me Untouchable "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Former FBI Director James Comey said Tuesday he was surprised President Trump fired him, admitting to late-night host Stephen Colbert he thought investigating the president made him untouchable.

I was quite surprised, Comey said. Because I thought, Im leading the Russia investigation. Even though our relationship was becoming strained, theres no way Im going to get fired, or whacked. (Colbert had been joking with him that Trump is like a mob boss.)

Why wouldnt you get fired? Colbert pressed.

Because that would be a crazy thing to do, Comey said. Why would you fire the FBI director whos leading the Russia investigation?

Comey was on the show to promote his new memoir, A Higher Loyalty, in which he presents himself as a moral hero at the FBI and bashes Trump as unfit for the presidency, in addition to insulting Trumps hair color and commenting on his hand size.

Trump fired Comey in May at the recommendation of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who found the FBI director had mishandled the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Trump later said he was thinking about that Russia thing when he made the call, that it was a political witch hunt and he planned to fire Comey either way.

Comey was leading the investigation into Russia meddling at the time, and his remarks to Colbert make it clear he believed investigating the president made his job safe. He famously kept memos of his interactions with Trump, and leaked one to the press that has formed a basis for an investigation into whether Trump obstructed justice by pressuring Comey to end the Russia probe.


Former United Nations Climate Expert Calls For Global Rules on Geoengineering "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Derrick Broze In a recent speech a former United Nations climate expert warns that climate engineering should halt until global rules are established. On...


Deep Spirituality: Towards Bottom-Up Approach to Life "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This article is about fostering a culture based upon Bottom-Up Cultures. Isn't it about time that we empower ourselves? Do we truly need to have a curse on our heads that states "the Man shall rule over Thee." Thus we have been in a several thousands of years that we need to let go of. Or, do we continue surrender our power to the likes of Trump to destroy our lives and the planet.


US Nuclear Submarine That Struck Syria Last Week Not Welcome Back To Naples, Italy "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

nuclear submarine(ANTIMEDIA)  The U.S. nuclear submarine that helped U.S., U.K., and French forces commit an act of war against Syria last week is no longer welcome near the waters of Italys largest seaports, Newsweek reports. Citing Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Newsweek reported that Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris wrote last week to Rear Admiral Arturo Faraone, head of the citys port authority, []


I Really Did Kill Those Babies "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Convicted murderer Genene Jones, suspected for decades of killing more than a dozen children while working as a nurse at San Antonios charity hospital, offered several chilling confessions while in a Texas prison, according to court testimony by a prosecutor today.

During an October 1998 prison interview for a parole review, Jones tearfully told a parole officer I really did kill those babies, testified Bexar County Assistant District Attorney Jason Goss, who is leading the prosecution on five additional murder charges. On another occasion, Goss told the court, a fellow inmate wrote the parole board opposing Jones release, explaining that Jones had told her: I didnt kill those babies. The voices in my head did.

The alleged admissions surfaced during a pretrial hearing in state court in San Antonio, Texas. Thats where Jones, now 67, faces five new murder charges in the mysterious deaths, which took place in the pediatric intensive care unit at Medical Center Hospital in 1981 and 1982.

Todays hearing was held to hear arguments by the court-appointed lawyer for Jones, who has pleaded not guilty, to have the new charges thrown out. The defense attorney, Cornelius Cox, argued that the decadeslong delay in filing charges violates his clients rights to due process and a speedy trial. Cox did not attempt to rebut the alleged admissions, saying in an interview after the hearing that he was focused on his efforts to have the charges dismissed.

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Presiding state District Judge Frank Castro rejected the defenses speedy trial argument during the hearing and said he would rule on the defenses due process motion later.

Despite longstanding suspicions that Jones was a serial killer other nurses called her hours on duty the Death Shift she was not charged in the hospital deaths during the original 1980s investigation. However, she was convicted in 1984 of using a paralyzing muscle relaxant to murder 15-month-old Chelsea McClellan. That crime occurred at a different medical institution, a small-town pediatric clinic where Jones went to work after being sent off from the San Antonio hospital...



Podcast: Dating, Campus Rape Culture, And Remembering Barbara Bush "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Ashe Schow, reporter, columnist, and senior contributor at The Federalist, joins Staff Writer Bre Payton on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour. They discuss a range of womens issues including the campus dating scene and alleged gender wage gap.

Later in the hour, they discuss the life of First Lady Barbara Bush and what women can learn from her legacy today.

A lot of what [Bush] had to say was counter-cultural then and is still counter-cultural today, Payton said. I think her point here is still controversial today because if you make career decisions to prioritize your familythats so unwoke and so terrible.

Listen to the full show here:


Hotwire #27: From La ZAD to May Day "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Hotwire #27: From La ZAD to May Day appeared first on It's Going Down.

Long running anarchist media collective CrimethInc. presents their weekly news roundup, The Hotwire.

Its been a week of battle at La ZAD, and we share a day-to-day play-by-play of the resistance to the governments eviction operation. Elsewhere in France, the Tarnac Nines legal victory shows that with a little luck and courage, we can beat the state.
Direct action gets the goods for a university occupation against a racist student body president at Texas State University in San Marcos, we finally have an address where you can write Cedar, who is in jail on charges of conspiracy over the anti-gentrification prole stroll in Hamilton, Ontario, and we close the episode by sharing calls for May Day actions in Los Angeles, Eugene, Portland, Olympia, and Seattle.

Notes and Links

  • Table of Contents:
    • Introduction {0:00}
    • Down with the state and its taxes! {0:33}
    • A week of battle over La Zad {3:25}...


What does "mixed-income" mean for our towns? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

What does mixed-income housing mean? To some, it means the next generation of public housing, an incredible improvement over the disastrous projects of the early 20th century. To others, it is just a less obvious way to discriminate against people with low incomes. The complicated reputation of this type of housing has fueled debate between policymakers and residents for decades. Needless to say, the effectiveness of mixed-income housing as we know it is far from a settled issue. But through its successes and failures, mixed-income housing offers some valuable ideas for ensuring equitable and sustainable neighborhoods. And it may offer a glimpse at a promising future for our towns.

 A public housing project in Rochester, NY

A public housing project in Rochester, NY

The Beginning of Public Housing

To understand the relevance of mixed-income housing to our cities today, its important to know where it came from. In the early 20th century, U.S. housing policy introduced the government to the real estate business. Early iterations of public housing were meant as a solution to the problems of tenements and slums that housed most low-income residents. Slumlords had supposedly taken advantage of the poorest class of people by providing cramped, unsanitary, and unsightly living conditions in privately-operated tenements. The federal government intervened by expanding the housing division of the Public Works Administration and passing subsequent housing acts which marked the provision of housing as a responsibility of the government.

However, within a few decades, public housing facilities were plagued with the same mismanagement, unsanitary living conditions, and lack of maintenance that were used to justify the governments initial venture into housing (See: Pruitt-Igoe, Robert Taylor Homes). The dramatic failure of federally-funded housing...


False Fags Are Real US Has A Long History Of Lying To Start Wars "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Use of the term false flag is often met with raised eyebrows and accusations of conspiracism. But false flags are a very real and very present feature of geopolitics and denying that is simply denying reality. Last week, the United States, along with the United Kingdom and France, bombed Syrian government targets, ostensibly in []

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Gene Therapy And The Trans-Human Agenda Cure Disease Or Alter Humans? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Researchers say theyre well on the way to curing thousands of diseases by tinkering with human genes. But is that true? Or is their effort really part of a long-range agenda to keep experimenting in the dark, through grotesque trial and error, to alter humans and make them into a new species? (The Underground, Jon Rappoport) []

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TCK RADIO: Dr. Suzanne Humphries Anti-Vaccine Doctor Facing Death Threats - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

TradCatKnight Radio, Dr. Suzanne Humphries Anti-Vaccine Doctor Facing Death Threats Talk given 4-18-18 (aprx.30 minutes) VISIT TRADCATKNIGHT.BLOGSPOT.COM DAILY! TCK PODCASTS ARE NOW FOUND ON ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY & PLAYER.FM Special guest Dr. Suzanne Humphries joins me to discuss: the latest in the death threats coming her way due to her anti-vaccine stance, dealing with trolls, []


Autonomous Drones Will Soon Decide Who To Kill "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The United States Army wants to develop a system that can be quickly integrated and deployed into its weaponized drone fleet to automatically Detect, Recognize, Classify, Identify (DRCI) and target enemy combatants and vehicles using artificial intelligence (AI). This is an impressive leap forward, whereas humans still operate current military drones, this technology could foster a new era of []

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A Conversation on Race "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Western peoples are so propagandized, so brainwashed, that they have no understanding that their disunity was created in order to make them impotent in the face of a rapacious ruling class, a class whose arrogance and hubris has the world on the brink of nuclear Armageddon.


The CIA Directors Secret Meeting With Kim Jong-Un: What You Need to Know "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Kim Jong-un - Trump - North Korea(ANTIMEDIA)  Mike Pompeo, current CIA director and U.S. President Donald Trumps nominee for secretary of state, reportedly met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un over the Easter weekend, further indicating that the two countries are becoming increasingly serious about meeting later this year. The Washington Post broke the story about what was supposedly a top-secret meeting late Tuesday night. The Post noted []


Are Chemical Weapons Inspectors Investigating Anything In Syria? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Syrian Ambassador Bashar Jaafari told the UN Security Council on Tuesday that a UN security team has entered the city of Douma. The inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) are scheduled to visit on Wednesday. The OPCW inspectors did not visit Monday, and there were a lot of allegations exchanged as to []

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Watch Meghan McCain Take On James Comey Over His Self-Serving Memoir "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

During an appearance on ABCs The View on Wednesday to publicize his new book A Higher Loyalty, former FBI Director James Comey took some tough questions from co-host Meghan McCain.

Director Comey, youre not naive to the criticism you have gotten from Republicans and Democrats, McCain said. David Axelrod, a former chief strategist to President Obama, said: I have no doubt about its brilliance when it comes to book sales. Maybe he should have called it Higher Royalties. What do you say to people like him and people like me that think youre just doing this for money and attention?

Yeah, the first thing I do is ask him to read the book, Comey said. Im not saying he should agree with me, but if he reads the book, he will see Im trying to make choices between bad options and doing it in a way that I think you would want someone as director of the FBI to do it. So even if you leave the book still thinking Im an idiot, you realize Im actually kind of an honest idiot, and Im not on anybodys side.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked Comey why, if hes investigated both Republicans and Democrats, his handling of the FBIs Hillary Clinton investigation prompted such a high level of outrage.

I think theres a unique level of partisan division in our country, far greater than when I served in the Bush administration, Comey answered. That is in part the explanation for the anger. People assume in our country, not all people but most partisans assume, everybodys on a side. And so they look at my actions and every one of my actions they view through whose side is he on, whose team is he on. Which is why the Clinton people are mad at me and the Trump people. Both cant be true, I cant be on Trumps side and Clintons side, but the truth is, I really worked hard to not be on anybodys side, but in todays America thats confusing and infuriating.

McCain questioned Comeys portrayal of himself as nonpartisan and above the fray.

I want to believe youre not a political person, McCain said. Youre the head of the FBI, but you write in your book how you went to President Obama and you were on the verge of tears saying you were going to miss him. You also said that you were dreading the next four years with Trump. You said very incendiary things about my party this morning does it reflect our values, its transactional, its in service to [Trumps ego].



Stormy Daniels perp sketch looks like the Green Goblin from Spiderman online laughter ensues "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Image: Stormy Daniels perp sketch looks like the Green Goblin from Spiderman online laughter ensues

(Natural News) I usually dont comment on stupid news involving Stormy Daniels and the fake news medias attempts to make a scandal out of nothing, but the release of the perp sketch by Stormy Daniels is so hilarious, it begged for some mockery.

If the sketch is to be believed, Stormy Daniels was verbally threatened by the Green Goblin from Spiderman. The sketch depicts a man who looks almost exactly like Willem Dafoe. Or, if you squint a bit, it looks like Tom Brady (see photos, below).

Come to think of it, the sketch looks like every male model in GQ Magazine.

Stormy Daniels says she was threatened by this guy. A guy walked up on me and said to me, leave Trump alone. Forget the story, Daniels is reported as saying by Thats a threat? As a member of the independent media, Im constantly death-threated by the insane, delusional Left and its hate-filled trolls. But even I dont consider it a threat when someone says Forget the story. Perhaps it was a Jedi mind trick. These arent the droids youre looking for

Daniels has emerged as a person being systematically exploited by the left-wing media in yet another effort to discredit President Trump. Notably, this is the same media that protected Bill Clinton as he was raping and sexually assaulting vulnerable women. If Trump slept with Daniels, at least it was a consenting act between two adults, not an assault like Clinton repeatedly pulled off (and completely got away with, thanks to the dishonest, left-wing media running cover for Slick Willy).

Heres a sketch of the guy Daniels now says threatened her. Maybe she was watching too much Spiderman and has a crush on The Green Goblin.



A sham vote, and why it happened "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

tax, taxes, debt, deficits, spending, trillion, State of the Union, deficit hawks, balanced budget amendmentBy Steve Brawner

2018 by Steve Brawner Communications, Inc.

The U.S. House of Representatives last week played politics with a serious issue. You should not be disappointed if your congressman participated. You should only be disappointed if he brags about it. Read the rest

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Does the GOP have room for anyone not totally loyal to Trump? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The answer to that question may be revealed on May 8th in North Carolina. Lee Fang writes about an interesting Republican primary race in a congressional district where Walter Jones, the Republican incumbent who has bucked his party and Donald Trump on several issues, is being challenged by a lobbyist who accuses him of being disloyal to Trump.

Jones, who is in his 11th term in office, cuts an unlikely figure in Washington, D.C. He has fought for a higher minimum wage, tougher regulations on Wall Street, and stronger limits on big money in politics. He has called for restrictions on government surveillance, sharply criticized the leadership of his party for being too cozy with K Street lobbyists and corporate interests, and waged a one-man battle to rein in United States-backed wars raging throughout the Middle East. Though once a strong supporter of the Iraq War, Jones changed his tune as the disastrous war unfolded: Lyndon Johnsons probably rotting in hell right now because of the Vietnam War, and he probably needs to move over for Dick Cheney, he once quipped.

These sorts of strident positions have put him at odds with Republican-aligned special interest groups and the GOP establishment over the years, with party leadership at one point revoking a plum committee assignment, and also dispatching a parade of Washington insiders to undermine him in his Republican primary. Jones has beaten back every attempt in the past, but faces a spirited challenge again this year.

For two consecutive cycles in 2012 and 2014, a Republican operative named Taylor Griffin challenged Jones using a similar playbook. Griffin, who previously worked at a public relations firm for the banking industry, claimed Jones was too liberal and too friendly with Democrats. Super PACs, Wall Street PACs, GOP leadership PACs, and undisclosed dark money from outside organizations, including pro-Israel groups, poured over $1 million into race to unseat Jones. As one of the only GOP lawmakers to vote for the post-financial crisis regulations on the banking sector, observers noted that the influx of financial industry cash appeared to be retribution by the industry over his maverick voting record.

In both races, though, Jones who has deep roots in the district, having taken over his fathers congressional seat emerged victorious.

The Republicans have lost congressional seats to Democrats in special elections suggesting that Trumps appeal is wearing thin. But the primary races are where rue believers v show up and the result on May 8 will be interesting as a measure of whether he is losing support among the party faithful as well....


Top 5 Veterans News: April 18th, 2018 - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

We encourage you to browse our list so that you can take what you want and keep what you need.


US Communications Being Hacked- Is It Deep State or the Russians? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Verizon and AT&T have experienced massive outages as has Twitter and the IRS. Is this a Russian hack or a Deep State false flag designed to frame Russia in order to start WW III?


For more stories like these, visit The Common Sense Show

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Making a Rondel Dagger Part 2 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Today I planted new cherry tree but there was not much that I could otherwise meaningfully do, so I have spent about 40 minutes testing my belt grinder. It has worked reasonably well, but the supporting table needs improvement.

I chose this particular file for this project because it is thick at the base almost 6 mm and it already had a distal taper. That means I do not need to grind of as much material, but it is actually more challenging to work with, and therefore better exercise.

Centerline for he edge.

Centerline for the edge.

First problem was scribing the center line for where the edge shall be. Due to the taper I could not use my scribing tool because it scribes line at a constant distance from an edge. Luckily the curvature is very mild, so I could do with a steel ruler for most of the way and steady(ish) hand for the rest. I am not fond of measuring, I prefer to eyball the work, but for blade symmetry is important. The more asymmetrical the roughed out blade, the more it warps in quench. Very slight warp can be ground off, but big warp not. And of course grinding off a warp on hardened blade is tougher on the abrasive belts, and those do not grow on trees.



Scribed bevel lines.

Scribed bevel lines.

After scribing the center line, I also scribed two lines for where the bevels shall go. This dagger will have only one cutting edge, and in order to make it more useful as an ordinary knife, the bevel should go almost all the way to the spine at first grind, and wander de-facto all the way to it during polishing. On the other hand shallower bevel is easier to make and makes for stiffer blade. At this point I have not decided on the way I will do it. I scribed two bevel lines and decided to grind to the first one and reconsider.

With these preparations done, which took only about five minutes, I have spanned a 60 grit belt on my grinder and started. First time I was grinding with the use of supporting table and it was a great help at first and slight hindrance later on. For me it might be good to use...


Hey! Yo! Ohio, Your Elected Officials Passed A Bill So Telecom Companies May Now Install More Small Cell Towers in Residential Yards and Everywhere Else. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By B.N. Frank Dear Ohioans, last week, comedian, Bill Maher made a crack about cell phones. You are tolerating things right now that will make...


The Inquisition Tentacles Are Spreading. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Ive written about Ralph Drollinger before. Hes one scary lunatic christian, and he wields way too much influence in the current regime. Hes crowing again, over all the progress hes making. Its as well to remember that Drollingers idea of progress is to bring back the inquisition or something like.

Ralph Drollinger, who runs fundamentalist Bible studies for dozens of members of Congress and President Trumps Cabinet every week, said in a fundraising letter this month that his group has been blessed by God with extraordinary growth beyond our wildest imaginings in foreign nations across the globe and most notably in former Soviet Bloc countries.


We noted last fall that Drollinger is aggressively expanding his operations both at the local government level in the U.S. and in national capitals around the world. His April 4 letter includes some details about the latter:

In the last few months discipleship Bible studies have been established to Parliamentarians in Romania; Ukraine; Fiji; Papua New Guinea; and the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. A ministry is about to begin in Guatemala, and before fall, we expect work to be completed for ministries in the Central and South American nations of Peru; Ecuador; Brazil; Mexico; Uruguay; and Paraguay, as well as in the European city Riga, Latvia.

Work is current an ongoing with partners to establish discipleship Bible studies in Berlin and Bonne [sic]. We are enthusiastically pursuing an opportunity to plant a ministry in the European Union Parliament, a body of 600 Parliamentarians from 26 Western and Eastern European nations who meet two weeks every month in Brussels, Belgium and one week every month in Strasbourg, France.

We thought the Lord did not want us in the Middle East, but to our great surprise discussions are currently underway to establish a ministry in a Muslim majority nation in the Middle East.


Although Drollinger is quick to complain about news coverage he believes is unfair, his letter says a story published in a German newspaper helped attract new friends. And Capitol Ministries has been gushing about a recent BBC story that the grou...


Is The US Using Lies To Justify Bombing Syria? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

The mainstream media and government have lied in the past to justify war. This is evident in the stories about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which did not exist and humanitarian intervention in Libya, which led to chaos on Libyan soil.

Now the US and allies have launched a missile strike on Syria. The justification is that President Assad has been using chemical weapons on civilians. This has been questioned by many and is the topic of this Reality Check with Ben Swann.

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Image Copyright: seita / 123RF Stock Photo

I am Luke Miller the author of this article, and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of my free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here

The post...


A Poor Man Asked The Buddha Why Am I So Poor? This Was His Answer "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

A story has been circulating the internet accredited to the Buddha in which a poor man asks why he is in his situation. The allegorical story was answered in the typical Buddhist way and unfolded as follows.

A poor man asked Buddha Why am I so poor ?

Buddha reply : You are not giving enough

Poor Man : But I have nothing to give

Buddha : You have at least 5 things to give

Your Face: You can smile. Be joyful, cheerful and happy

Your Mouth: You can speak words of kindness, encourage people, and give comfort

Your Heart : You can open your heart to others, be sincere, truthful and kind

Your Eyes : You can look to others with kindness and compassion

You Body: You can use your own labor to help others.

See. You are not poor at all. Poverty lives in our heart

Sometimes it feels as if the situation we find ourselves in is the obstacle, but often the true obstacle is the one...


Jimmy Dore Interviews Oliver Stone on Vladimir Putin, Russiagate, etc. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I particularly liked this 23 minute video with Jimmy Dore (who I highly recommend, based on the fair amount I've seen of him) interviewing Oliver Stone. Hard to believe OS has been blacked out here "in the land of the free," when he's got critical information that all Americans should be hearing.


City of Berkeley Passes Ordinance Taking on Surveillance State "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Michael Maharrey The city of Berkeley, Calif., has passed a local ordinance that sets the stage to limit the acquisition and use of spy...


To A Burnt-Out Activist "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The scandal brewing at the end of my post has come to pass. This one hurt a little bit; publicly  at least, Silverman seemed to be in favor of policies that would reduce sexual assault, and spoke out against the bigots in our movement. In reality, given the evidence, he was talking the talk but not walking the walk.

That comes on top of my growing unease over that last blog post. Theres nothing in there worth changing, that Im aware of; the problem is more with what it doesnt say, and who it mentions in passing but otherwise leaves at the margin.

See, theres a pervasive belief that minorities are responsible for bringing about social justice, either by claiming they created the problem or demanding they educate everyone. That falls apart if you spend a half-second dwelling on it. The majority, by definition, hold most of the power in society. If they accepted the injustice done to the minority, theyd use that power to help resolve it. In reality, they tend to bury their heads in the sand, ignoring the evidence of injustice or finding ways to excuse it, so their power is often wielded against the minority. The result is that the minority has to spend an enormous amount of time and energy educating and agitating the majority.

So you can see why calling for people to fight harder for the change theyd like to see, as I did last blog post, can seem clueless and even heartless. Yes, I placed a few lines in there to hint that I was talking to the majority, but those have to be weighed against the context I outlined above. This time around, Id rather focus on the burnt-out activist than the clueless white guy.

Put bluntly, life is short. You should spend your time doing things you find rewarding; endlessly quoting painful testimony of sexual assault, or the science and statistics of how tragically common it is, or giving...


Information Service Company Is Hiring U.S. Veterans Now! - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Company that offers excellent salary and benefits is hiring veterans right now. Don't wait and apply today!


White Coat Syndrome: It Exists - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Have you ever felt uneasy/nervous/anxious when going to a doctor's appointment?


Paul Erlich and Guy McPhearson on Climate, Population, and More "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Chronologically a bit outdated (2015), unfortunately for us all, but right on point with two of the most far-seeing scientists I'm aware of. Dr. Erlich wrote The Population Bomb with his wife decades ago, and was promptly attacked by clowns that be, such as William Buckley (who responded with an essay, "The Population Firecracker"). The Erlichs were right, as we now clearly see, in spite of a few unforeseeable changes.


Saudi Arabia Exposed as Secret Hand Behind Ongoing Syrian Regime Change Operation "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


While the security services of the United States, United Kingdom, and France have played a pivotal role, Saudi Arabia is the ultimate driving force behind the push for regime change in Syria.

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Industry Leading Cyber Security Company Is Hiring U.S. Veterans Today! - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Eligibility for benefits begins the first day of employment so there's no delay in coverage for you or your family. Apply Now!


BREAKING: US Intel Officials Just Admitted US Bombed Syria with No Proof of Sarin Attack "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


US intelligence officials have admitted to CNN that the US launched the attack against Syria without being able to confirm that a sarin chemical attack had taken place.

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The Californians Are Coming! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I got a phone call a few months back from a woman in Arizona who sought my advice. Her town was receiving an influx of new residents from out of state and it was obvious the trend was accelerating. The resulting growth and economic distortions caused by an expanding population, more traffic congestion, less open space, stresses on municipal services, and higher home prices would (all together now) change the character of the community. She was an earnest woman who genuinely cared for her town and was in search of tools to manage the inevitable in the best way possible. But I had to smile when she announced, The Californians are coming! in a thick Chicago accent. How long had she been in Arizona?

I rented a house here in California to a Canadian couple for four years. They relocated to take advantage of career opportunities in San Francisco. They owned a condo in Vancouver which they rented out while they were living here so it was a financial wash for them. When a great job presented itself in Kelowna, B.C. the couple returned to Canada.

But the timing was rough. The city of Vancouver had recently enacted a tax on foreign property investors meant to cool the overheated real estate market. One side effect was a 25% price spike in Kelowna in a single year as hot money found the next sweet spot. In Vancouver, the tax induced a brief lull in the property market for a few months, but then prices resumed their upward trajectory as pools of international funds kept searching for a safe haven. Whats an extra 15% if youre already paying cash for a $1.2M condo? Was there anything Kelowna could have done to alter that trajectory? Friends in Australia tell me Hobart, Tasmania is seeing significant home value increases as people from Melbourne migrate to second and third tier cities in the provinces...



NW Community Power Conference: Opening Session "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Hosted by Seattle Communists on Sunday, April 1st, 2018 in Seattle, Washington.


James Giago Davies: We grew up never knowing my veteran dad was suffering "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

My dad never told me that he loved me. I never once heard him tell my mom he loved her.


Word Wednesday. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"



1: obsolete a: a small hook or hooked instrument b: Brooch.

2a: a highly individual and usually eccentric opinion or preference b: a peculiar trick or device.

3: quarter note syn, see caprice.

[Origin: Middle English crochet, from Anglo-French crochet, croket.]

{14th Century).

It had occurred to Jakob that hed left his beloved tobacco back at the house. A few puffs would perhaps have helped his mood a bit, but then he remembered, Johann Lechner, despised tobacco. If Schongau had not been a Catholic town through and through, the secretary could have been viewed as a crotchety, pleasure-hating Protestant. The Play of Death, Oliver Ptzsch.


A 1991 Book Predicted the Connection Between Mass Shootings and Public Demand for Gun Control "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Isaac Davis The American public is being triggered to fear scary black assault rifles, and in the wake of school shootings and mass shootings,...


Syrian Conflict Is A Distraction From A Secret War "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Brandon Smith Back in March 2010 I published an article titled Will Globalists Trigger Yet Another World War? under the pen name Giordano Bruno...


Google and Kajeet Install WiFi on School Buses When No Safe Level of WiFi Has Been Scientifically Determined for Kids and Tech Inventors Send Their Kids to Low-Tech Schools. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By B.N. Frank Last week, Bill Maher talked about how every generation could be called the What Were You Thinking? generation. Carrying cell phones in...


The meaning of my work "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The meaning of my work

by Jon Rappoport

April 18, 2018

My work as a researcher and writer goes back 50 years. My work as a reporter goes back 35 years.

Basically, I investigate and uncover scandals involving deep crimes, because those crimes illuminate ways in which controlling entities are creating reality for the planetary population.

The crimes are bad enough in and of themselves, but in the long run, using them to invent a wrap-around hypnotic reality for Earth is a massive trap. It traps the mind, it traps perception, it traps the individual creative impulse

Unless and until the individual understands what is going onAND UNDERSTANDS IT FROM A VIEWPOINT OF CREATIVITY.

What do I mean by that?

This is what I mean: Well, this is how they are inventing reality for me. Therefore, it is possible to invent reality. Therefore, it is possible for me to invent my own superior realityAS A MANIFESTATION OF MY DEEPEST DESIRES.

Now we are talking about true independence. And only now.

And what is the starting point for the individual to invent his own reality? If you want to go back in time to ancient Hermetic philosophy, to the practices of early Tibetan schools, to certain Western alchemists, you come up with the same answer:


This is the apex of mind, this is power, this is the resolution of inner conflict.

This supersedes prevailing cultures, this supersedes propaganda, and most important, this supersedes the individual forming the belief that he is a victim (and must therefore attack the free and independent and intensely creative person).

If there is a problem, you are the solver. You are the one who imagines a way to solve it. You are the dynamic force. You are the initiator. You are the one who asks a question and answers it. You are the one who surmounts the notion of problems and, by inventing reality, gets out ahead of chronic problems.

As I said in a talk I gave several years ago, Im selling you to you.

Most people, if they have any interest beyond the details of daily life, are looking for a metaphysical structure they can they hang their hats on. They hope they can find a metaphysic out there that explains life and existence, and by attaching their thoughts to it they will find greater illumination and consciousness. However, this solution brings diminishing returns over time.


Because what they are seeking is obscuring an avoidable fact: they themselves are t...


May let off lightly after launching air-strike without asking MPs - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

On Monday Theresa May came to the House of Commons to explain why she launched an air strike against Syria without consulting Parliament.


Social media now being used by police and intelligence agencies to collect biometrics "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Amid the ongoing Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle over their general surveillance and misuse of users private data, there is an emerging trend that is infinitely more disturbing.

The first story popped up in the UK yesterday where police admitted to using a photo sent through WhatsApp to cull fingerprints for evidence that successfully led to the conviction of 11 individuals for drug crimes. The story further revealed that this was not just a special-use case; apparently, it is a technique that has been developed specifically to use the vast amount of public photos available to extract evidence from images that have been posted or transmitted online.

As reported by Dawn Luger for The Daily Sheeple, this new technique is being rolled out and law enforcement is calling it groundbreaking, as it can pull information from even partial photos:

It all started with a drug bust. The bust resulted in the police getting hold of a phone that had a WhatsApp message and image of ecstasy pills in a persons palm. The message read: For sale Skype and Ikea-branded ecstasy pillsare you interested?

The phone was sent to South Wales Police where the photo showing the middle and bottom portion of a pinky was enhanced.


Despite being provided with only a very small section of the fingerprint which was visible in the photograph, the team were able to successfully identify the individual, said Dave Thomas, forensic operations manager at the Scientific Support Unit.

No specifics were actually given by the police department about this pioneering fingerprint technique, but it is quite clear that this is a tool they are ready and willing to use.

Meanwhile, intrusions from Facebook are compounding in the wake of a massive lawsuit sparked by revelations that Facebook appears to be using facial recognition information for much more than just tagging people in your private social circle. The multi-billion dollar lawsuit was just given the go-ahead by an Illinois judge and illustrates the scope of what Facebook retains about people, how they are willing to distribute it, and the lack of safeguards against outside violations:

The class of users approved by Donato dates back to June 2011, when Facebook had an Illinois user base of more than 6 million people, according to lawyers for the plaint...


"Crooked Donald! Lock him up!" "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

There are many reasons to question the legitimacy of the election of Donald Trump. Nevertheless, there appears to be a reluctance on the part of the Democratic Party to represent that position, even though surely that conviction is widely held within the party. This article discusses the issue in its particulars.


Discuss: Political Madness All the Time "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Lynna is your curator. How are you all holding up, America?

(Previous thread)


Native Sun News Today: Audit faults tribal consultation at nuclear agency "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

An audit is finding much to be desired when it comes to tribal consultation and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


The Speculative Poetic Justice Series: An Introduction and FAQ "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The second speculative poetry project Im launching for National Poetry Month here at Freethinking Ahead is the Speculative Poetic Justice Series.

What is Freethinking Aheads Speculative Poetic Justice series?

The Speculative Poetic Justice series takes a cue from John Scalzis The Big Idea and Mary Robinette Kowals My Favorite Bit and adds a twist. Posts in this series will feature poets on the social justice elements of their work.

The goals here are to:

  • showcase upcoming and available speculative poetry collections,
  • curate a searchable list of speculative poetry collections to highlight authors, and, similarly,
  • create a hub for featuring presses and magazines that feature speculative poetry.

Im also always on the lookout for poets and editors to interview for Speculative Poets in Conversation, and I anticipate an overlap in these series.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone who has a book-length work that contains speculative poetry (i.e., science fiction, fantasy, slip-stream, horror, weird, etc.) can request to participate. Heres what Im looking for:

  • Full-length and chapbook-length works that are currently in print or forthcoming in the next three months.
  • Books published by a press not owned or operated by the author. I am not accepting self-published works at present. (If you work for the press that published your book, however, I may make exceptions, depending on the history of the press; just send a quick query to the email address below.)
  • Single-author and multiple-author books as well as anthologies or special theme issues of magazines.

Collections of multiple genresshort stories, poems, essays, etc.are eligible, as long as the included poems touch on social justice issues.

Please do not send collections that contain graphic and/or needless violence, especially graphic sexual violence, and especially violence against children or animals. Im not a horror reader for a reason, yall. The topic is not off the table, of course, since poems that decry war, crimes, etc. are powerful statements against these things. But theres a vast difference between useful mention of horror and gore for its own sake.

What Do Authors/Editors Need to Submit?

Just send an email to info at tdwalke...


Las Vegas massacre survivor during fully-automatic volley of gunfire: Its a helicopter! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The sixteenth known witness who saw helicopters above, near, or firing onto the crowd of Route 91 concertgoers statements were captured on video in real-time during last years 1 October attack

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) An eyewitness to last years Route 91 Harvest Music Festival massacre was captured on video during one of the fully-automatic volleys of gunfire frantically shouting about a helicopter which may have been firing upon the crowd of country music concertgoers at the time.

The bombshell footage republished to the John E. Hoover YouTube channel on Wednesday, in a video titled, Is this Clarissa? Las Vegas Shooting: Eyewitness Live, from the Venue shows concertgoers reacting to what sounds like light machine-gun fire which quite possibly may have been emitting from an aircraft as one female eyewitness in the video, and others have suggested since day one, as Intellihub has reported on numerous occasions.

(LAS VEGAS) At 10:08:39 p.m. a helicopter retreats toward the air park during the 1 Oct. Route 91 Harvest Music Festival massacre. (Modified screenshot via

The females name who spots the helicopter in the newly released video conglomeration is not known at this time but her voice and her emotion tells the entire story.

Thats a f**king gunshot right? a womans voice [woman #1] can be heard saying over fully-automatic gunfire. (600 rounds per minute +/-)

Right, it is, another woman [woman #2] replied calmly.

No, its a helicopter, another woman [woman #3] frantically explained. Its a f***king helicopter! [] Its not okay!

When one of the other women offers woman #3 comfort, woman #3 makes clear: No! Its a helicopter!

2018. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved.


Annie Laurie Gaylor on David Silverman, harassment policies, and all the usual issues "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A good article by one of the founders of the FFRF: it seems there have been many concerns simmering for some time. I was a little surprised by this bit of news.

That Silverman is accused of saying to a woman fighting him off, You dont get to say no to me, however, unfortunately rings true to me. I felt bullied while attempting to work with Silverman on the speakers committee for the second Reason Rally. I say attempting because I was summarily booted from the committee he was chairing and denied a voice in the planning (but at least not before I was able to secure Julia Sweeney as a speaker, Im pleased to say).

Also, the FFRF has been leading by example for a long time.

At FFRF, all staff and volunteers must sign an anti-harassment policy, which also instructs on how to report any such harassment. This has been in place for decades.

In 40 years, there have been only two reported or known occasions of sexual harassment. One involved a friend, then in her early 20s, who was accosted by one of our Board members, a middle-aged man, in an elevator as she left an FFRF convention in the late 1970s. He restrained her in a bear hug and forcibly kissed her as the elevator went down several flights. She was a rape survivor, and this repugnant encounter unfortunately summoned back that trauma for her. She told me what happened, I immediately informed my mother, the president of FFRF, who immediately confronted the Board member and demanded (and got) his resignation.

About 12 years ago, I learned that a young staffer, another woman in her 20s, was accosted at our office by a new volunteer, an elderly man. As she walked past him, he slapped her behind with a post-it note containing a weird message. As soon as I learned of this, I immediately contacted and confronted him, and he too was fired.

A commitment to women and equality means nothing unless the freethought movement makes clear it will not tolerate sexual misconduct or sleazy behavior by leading nonbelievers.

One disappointment, though: dont read the comments. Like many of the atheist sites on Patheos, the FFRF page is infested with known slymepitters and miscellaneous sexists/misogynists. One of the only suggestions Id offer to them is that you ought to curate your comments sections, because theyre pretty much unreadable.

Also, the first comment is from a guy threatening to withdraw from the FFRF because hes annoyed about the grammar in the post, and talks about how he could go on for hours, nitpicking. Yeah, let him withdraw.


Syrian War Report: April 18, 2018 - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

After the victory in Eastern Ghouta, the Syrian military turned its eyes to other militant-held pockets across the country.


Final Declaration Of The 2018 Peoples Summit In Lima, Peru "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

We, the representatives of social and popular organizations of Peru, Latin America and the Caribbean, have met in Lima / Peru from April 10 to 14, 2018 to discuss the political, social and economic reality of our America, to share our struggles and resistance, to strengthen the militant solidarity of our peoples and the continental unity of the social and popular movements of our region. The movements which find themselves here again include union organizations that fight for the defense of the labour rights of the working class, trade associations, feminist organizations that fight for gender equality, youth and student organizations that defend the rights of youth as a leading actor, campesino organizations that continue to fight for the right to land, indigenous organizations that resist the onslaught of savage capitalism, environmental organizations that confront the predatory extractive model, organizations that defend the rights of sexual diversity...


Rasputin's Daughter Speaks at Whole Foods "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

"And then, Rasputin's illegitimate daughter, Dorothy, stood, stern and wispy, she was 104, "I've seen a lot in my lifetime: murder, destruction, passion and good things..."


Political Dynamite: Poor People's Campaign and the Movement for a People's Party "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Combining MLK's resurrected Poor People's Campaign with the political strategy of the Movement for a People's Party could result in political dynamite--peacefully exploding a two-party system (and above all, a Democratic Party) that has served progressives badly.


The Cops Have Not Always Been This Bad "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Americans my age grew up to imagery in LIFE Magazine, of cops beating black protesters. Oddly, I think of desegregation as something that happened, and jim crow was a bad period we mostly grew out of.

Thats completely wrong, unfortunately.

The cops have gotten worse not better. Back in the 60s they beat people with impunity, today, they kill them. We need to look at that, understand it, and think about how to deal with it.

There are no good cops; that is a myth created by deliberate propaganda campaigns such as Officer Friendly.  Probably at least one of the cops in that picture was Officer Friendly, at some school its a disciplinary detail, now, that you can find yourself assigned to if you screw up while youre dropping fake evidence on a suspect, or there are too many complaints that you hit people too hard.

The July, 2016, shootings in Dallas, [wp] when Micah Xavier Johnson ambushed a group of police officers and killed five, was a racially motivated incident. News has downplayed that fact, presumably because there is a fear that people will think, thats actually a pretty good idea. The shooter was a member of the Huey Newton Rod and Gun Club, a group dedicated to teaching black people how to defend themselves against police. Or, they are para-militants whatever you want to call them. Thats actually a pretty good idea.

Its hard for me to write about the police because, frankly, I am scared and disgusted and all I feel that I can do is flail helplessly at the keyboard. Meanwhile, they openly shoot people, now, and they joke about it while they are doing it.

The media probably thinks its shining a light on blah, blah, blah, but I think their coverage is too soft-soap. [wp]

The Sacramento Police Department on Monday released dozens of videos related to the Stephon Clark killing new material that showed officers muting their body-worn cameras at least 16 times, raising more questions about police action in the moments after the fatal shooting of the unarmed black man.

Look, heres how that should be reported:

The Sacramento Police Dep...


International Day Of Campesino Struggle Marked In Latin America "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Every year, on April 17, social movements and Campesinos commemorate the International Day of Campesino Struggle to honor the 19 campesinos of Brazils Landless Workers Movement murdered by Brazilian military in the northern state of Para on April 17, 1996 during a protest to demand their right to land. Struggle against the concentration of land in the hands of a few large landowners, a colonial legacy, has been marked in Latin Americas struggle for independence, nation-state building and its present. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Latin America has the most unequal distribution of land in the world. A 2016 Oxfam report on the issue showed that 1 percent of productive land estates hold over half of the total arable land. That means 1 percent concentrates more land than the other 99 percent.


The strange saga of the Rajneeshees "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

India seems to breed a constant stream of so-called holy men. These are people who preach some kind of religious mish-mash that followers find appealing enough to give them lots of money. They are not unlike the pastors of the megachurches in the US in fleecing the believers. The main difference is that these Indian mystics tend to run residential programs at places called ashrams where people live 24/7 while the megachurch followers live in their own homes.

Among these holy men appeared Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (1931-1990) in the late 20th-century who attracted a huge number of followers to his ashram in Pune, India many of whom were westerners, who adopted the orange garb of the group and took on new Indianish names. While we tend to associate ashrams with an ascetic lifestyle, Rajneesh preached that he was advocating a combination of capitalism and religion. Material things were not only not disdained, they were encouraged, along with a hedonistic lifestyle. Rajneesh himself was fond of luxury items and owned a diamond-encrusted million-dollar watch and 93 Rolls Royce cars, though he seemed to drive them only around the compound.

I watched the six-part documentary Wild Wild Country on Netflix. Heres the trailer.

This article gives the main outline.

After establishing a devoted following at an ashram in Pune, Indiaand with a $5 million tax bill looming from the Indian governmentthe free love-preaching cult leader needed a change of scenery for him and his relentlessly devoted red-clothed followers, called sannyasins. So he charged his perpetually-smiling secretary/second in command, Ma Anand Sheela, with finding a new home for their group. She settled on the Big Muddy Rancha 64,000-acre property in Wasco County, Oregon, which was purchased in 1981 for $5.75 million. And there, they transformed the barren fields into a miniature city: Rajneeshpuram.

The community had its own fire and police departments, a school, a shopping mall, a boutique bookshop (that sold only Bhagwans books), an airstrip, and enough A-frame townhouses to accommodate as many as 7,000 people. But tensions simmered between the Rajneeshees and the locals in nearby Antelope (population: 40) and the rest of Wasco County, Oregon. Following a bombing at the Hotel Rajneesh by an Islamic militant, the cult armed itself to the teeth, acquiring over 100 semiautomatic riflesmore than the entire Oregon police force combinedand 1 million rounds of AK-47 ammunition.

Then things got truly wild. In 1984, in an attempt t...


Seven Surprising Tax Facts For 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In 2017, individuals and corporations were still paying taxes under the old system. The Trump tax plan that Congress passed in December 2017 hadnt yet taken effect. In 2018, the rules have changed. The new tax plan favors billionaires and corporations, while leaving poor and middle income Americans essentially where they are. The richest one percent of Americans will receive a total of $85 billion in tax cuts in 2019, while the poorest twenty percent  one in five Americans will receive tax cuts totaling just $3 billion. Foreign investors will benefit more from the tax cuts ($48 billion) than the bottom sixty percent (or 3 in 5) American earners ($41 billion, combined).


From Deir Yassin Massacre To Avigdor Lieberman No Palestinian Is Innocent "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

One day, when historians discuss the history of Palestine under Zionist occupation, two dates will be remembered as important indicators. The first is the massacre and total destruction of the village of Deir Yassin, which was committed by Zionist militias on April 9, 1948. The second is a statement given almost exactly seventy years later by Israels defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman. Lieberman, in response to Israeli soldiers murdering innocent civilians in Gaza, said There are no innocent people in Gaza.  As the state of Israel prepares to celebrate seventy years of independence, and Palestinians mourn seventy years of genocide, ethnic cleansing and apartheid, it is abundantly clear that in the eyes of Zionist Israel all Palestinians are guilty and deserve to die. As it was in Deir Yassin in April 1948, so it was in Gaza in April 2018.


Shock Video Shows Cops Kill Unarmed Man for Complying with Order to Get Hands Out of Pockets "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Body camera footage has been released that shows police officers shooting and killing an unarmed man 10 seconds after contacting him when he appears to be complying with their orders.

The post Shock Video Shows Cops Kill Unarmed Man for Complying with Order to Get Hands Out of Pockets appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Charlottesville: Anti-Racist Activist Corey Longs Trial Delayed "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Charlottesville organisers pledge support of African Americans on trial for 'self-defence' at white nationalist rally. The trial of Corey Long, an African American man who was allegedly shot at by a white nationalist during last August's "Unite the Right" Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia has been granted a continuance. Community organisers gathered outside the courtroom on Tuesday morning wearing all black in support of Long, whose lawyers asked for the continuance. Organisers told Al Jazeera they believe the trial will take place in June. Long has been charged with misdemeanour assault and disorderly conduct related to his use of a "flamethrower" at the rally. Long's lawyers asked for the delay after being offered a plea deal, which they did not accept, activists said. Organisers feel Long was unjustly charged after white nationalists present during the August 12 rally told law enforcement they were assaulted.


Pink Floyd Frontman Stops Concert To Explain False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

During a solo concert this week in Barcelona, Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters took a moment to address the audience about the recent bombing of Syria. Waters said he was approached by someone before the concert who wanted to get onstage and speak on behalf of the White Helmets about the alleged chemical attacks in []


Lets Apply The Sean Hannity Standard To Objective Journalists With Hidden Political Ties "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Sean Hannity was caught in the middle of controversy Monday when he was disclosed as the third client of President Trumps personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who is in a heap of legal trouble himself.

At a court hearing that focused on his $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels about her alleged affair with Trump, the judge demanded Cohen reveal his mystery client, who up until yesterday did not want to be named. And once the name was revealed, it sent shockwaves through much of the media.

The Fox News host attempted to defuse the situation by insisting that Cohen never represented him in any sort of legal battle, though he had previously sought legal advice, and by stressing that there was never a financial transaction between them. But no matter how he tries to distance himself from Cohen, their ties were strong enough for Cohen to list him among his three clients.

Hannity has every right to seek counsel from any attorney (he says he has eight lawyers representing him for various matters) and whatever was discussed between him and Cohen should be protected under attorney-client privilege unless criminality is involved. That being said, his failure to disclose his personal ties to Cohen, who has dominated the news cycle in recent months, was a complete lapse in judgment as a cable news host.

We all know Hannity isnt an objective journalist. He himself acknowledges that. Hes an opinion host who is a staunch supporter of Trump and more recently, a vocal defender of Cohen. Yet, folks in the media are calling for his head because he wasnt forthcoming about his relationship with Cohen.

Okay. If thats the standard, why dont we apply it to actual objective journalists?

CNNs Jim Sciutto is the networks chief national security correspondent who also serves as a fill-in anchor for Jake Tapper and Erin Burnett. He has quite the prominent role considering the fact that hes a former Obama administration official. You cant even find Obamas name in Sciuttos full bio on CNNs website. Isnt he obligated to tell his viewers that he had served in the previous presidency, which has its animus towards the current one?

Then theres also the face of ABC News, George Stephanopoulos, who famously served as White House Communications Director for President Bill Clinton. But no one seems to think its a conflict of interest when he interviews people like Hillary Clinton or former FBI Director James Comey.



WATCH: Power-Tripping Cop Attacks Innocent Man, Showing Us Everything Wrong with Police "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


A power-tripping police officer unlawfully detained, assaulted, threatened, and accosted an innocent railroad worker who would later report the incident only to watch the department cover it up.

The post WATCH: Power-Tripping Cop Attacks Innocent Man, Showing Us Everything Wrong with Police appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


BP Claims Oil Spills Are Socially Acceptable and Boost Local Economies "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

BP Oil Spills(TIM)  British Petroleum, better known as BP, sought to convince the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA) of Australia that a potential oil spill off the countrys coast would provide a welcome boost to local economies. BP made the claim in 2016 in an environmental plan written to convince NOPSEMA to approve the companys bid []


USAs stupid missiles ensure major victories for Russia on many fronts - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The missile attack on Syria ended with major victories for Moscow on military and diplomatic fronts, like the Suez crisis was a victory against imperialist powers, which inspired many nations to fight for freedom and economic independence. It will be interesting to see how the Syrian crisis is going to end.


2018 International Surrealism Now exhibition, Coimbra, Portugal, Europe "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Santiago Ribeiro is preparing the International Surrealism Now exhibition to November 17, 2018, in Coimbra, Portugal with exhibitions in Spain, New York, Paris and Moscow.


Western media cover tracks of Trump, May and Macron's war crime in Syria "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Western media journalists, if they were really committed to principles of accuracy and critical investigation, should be poring over the rubble in Douma, interviewing local people and finding out what really happened. But they are not.


Syrian War Report: April 17, 2018 - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Last night, the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF) repelled another missile attack allegedly carried out by the Israeli military. Missiles were intercepted in two areas.


Vietnam Locks Up US-funded Agitators "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Vietnam has tried and imprisoned several members of a US-funded network engaged in sedition across the country. The move follows  trials and prison terms handed out earlier this year for other US-funded operatives meddling in Vietnams internal political affairs. The prison terms for agents of US-funded political meddling in Vietnam come as the US and its European allies continue pushing accusations of Russian meddling. However, unlike the US and Europes accusations against Russia, agents of US-funded sedition in Vietnam are exposed by extensive evidence, much of which comes from the US government itself. The BBC in its April 6, 2018 article, Nguyen Van Dai: Vietnam jails activist lawyer and five others, would claim...


Fake News Is Fake Amerika "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The series of brief reviews of critical moments in recent US history in this article would be described by some as "conspiracy theories," but over the years many have been shown to be conspiracy facts. There are conspiracies, i.e. agreements by people in and out of government to work together to accomplish an end result. These are only some recent examples and do not include many US government regime change efforts that the US initially denied but are now admitted and documents prove they occurred. Their are allegations of fake news conspiracies today. The most recent are the allegations of a chemical attack by President Assad in Syria.


Rinse, Lather, Repeat: False WMD Accusations As Tool of Foreign Policy - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Recently, rumors and provocations have become the main, if not the only, instrument of the so-called US-led bloc to justify its aggressive and two-faced policy around the world.


Bobbin Lace Bonsai "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I got this picture from my bother for my twentieth birthday. The second twenty.

It s based on one of my real bonsai trees.

Bobbin Lace Bonsai

Charly, all rights reserved. Click for full size.


China Announces Plan for Restructuring Global Governance "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Chinese supremo Xi Jinping laid out Chinas vision for the international system at the Bo Ao conference on Hainan Island.  And it sounds pretty good.  Especially when contrasted with Donald Trumps clumsy application of the America First! principle in his illegal bombing of Syria. The PRC probably wishes that Donald Trump could stay president of []


The Enzyme That Eats Plastic "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Mattis Wanted Congressional Approval Before Striking Syria. He Was Overruled (Jimmy)

The author writes, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis urged President Trump to get congressional approval before the United States launched airstrikes against Syria last week, but was overruled by Mr. Trump, who wanted a rapid and dramatic response, military and administration officials said.

Goldman Sachs Analysts Ask Is Curing Patients a Sustainable Business Model? (Klaus)

The author writes, Goldman Sachs analysts attempted to address a touchy subject for biotech companies, especially those involved in the pioneering gene therapy treatment: cures could be bad for business in the long run.

Bolton Dealing to Build an Arab Military Force in Syria (Jimmy)

The author writes, The US is pursuing contributions from Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to help counter Iran in Syria by filling the void should the US significantly reduce its footprint in the country.

The American Pastor Held in Turkey (Dan)

American pastor Andrew Brunson has been detained in Turkey since 2016 on suspicion he had something to do with the attempted coup that year. US officials, including President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, have claimed Brunsons innocence and have sent appeals for his release. The only way that will happen, it seems, is if the US extradites the Turkish priest Fethullah Gulen, who is currently residing in Pennsylvania.

More Than 95% of Worlds Population Breathing Unhealthy Air (Reader Luke)

The author ...


Working Class Town Goes Green, Protect Environment, Improves Lifestyle "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Straddling the northeast branch of the Anacostia River just outside of Washington, D.C., is a half-square-mile patch of green called Edmonston. Its a tiny Maryland town where, despite its distance from the Chesapeake Bay, the residents seem to understand that what they do here affects what happens there. What started in the early 2000s as an effort to ameliorate flooding on the towns main thoroughfare has snowballed into a series of water quality-minded projects that are sprucing up streets, filling empty lots with community gardens and reducing the amount of polluted stormwater flowing into the Anacostia River. The projects also have burnished the towns sense of identity, setting Edmonston apart from the maze of Maryland suburbs tucked inside DCs bustling beltway in Prince Georges County.


Virtual personal relationships "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

One of the most familiar themes that children are taught is that mankind is a social being. From the earliest age, the process of socialization is integrated into every learning experience or social contact. Getting along with ones peers is preached as a primary objective for each succeeding generation. Departing from previous contemporaries has been a common trend that shapes and redirects society. Differences between parents and children are often stressed, but the shift among personal relationships, at its very core, has altered from the inception of the cyber age.

Baby boomers were the television indoctrinated, Generation X dropped out without ever watching the news or turning in to the social issues, Gen Y were technology wise and internet savvy and Gen Z kids became preoccupied with a diverse media and computer environment. The trend for each following group diminished their interpersonal skills and social interaction between their own crowd and among different age brackets, became more isolated.

Online dating often has more to do with adding a Facebook friend for chat conversations than for establishing a real relationship in the presence of alive flesh and blood vulnerable people. Relationships are not safe spaces. Snowflakes are not equipped to handle the harsh reality of criticism. Utopia for these pansies consists of mingling among milquetoast jellyfish. All others need not apply. Uncomfortable online contacts come with a delete button as a default response.

Ellie Lisitsa from The Gottman Institute argues in The Digital Age: Empathy In Utopia.

Online, without nonverbal cues without the ability to look into someones eyes, observe their body language, hear the fluctuations in their tone of voice we cannot intuit intention or vicariously experience their feelings. A sense of right and wrong, responsibility for ones actions, can easily vanish. And even if intimate connection is desired, deep emotional attunement becomes effectively impossible. In its stead, we are granted the opportunity to reconstruct ourselves.

We can edit idealized online personas, projecting confidence and omitting reference to perceived human flaws. We can spend months developing a satisfying digital self a pleasing specimen without imperfections or limitations, and naturally, without necessity to experience negative feelings. There is little room in the midst of all of this perfection for genuine intimacy or authentic connection. In the wise words of Jeremy Rifkin, There is no empathy in utopia, because there is no suffering.



Barbaras 1990 Wellesley Address Is A Lesson In The Lost American Art Of Conversation "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In 1990, First Lady Barbara Bush was invited to Wellesley College to give the commencement address. She was not the student bodys first choice. That honor had gone to Alice Walker, the author of The Color Purple. Walker declined the invitation, but Bush was the runner-up on a list populated by powerful women of the time novelist Toni Morrison, the actresses Whoopi Goldberg and Glenn Close, the television anchor Connie Chung, the astronaut Sally Ride, Associate Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day OConnor.

The New York Times called the invitation of a Republican First Lady to a womens liberal arts school in Massachusetts, seemingly harmless. Those were more innocent days.

As it turned out, the invitation was not to be without controversy. Instead, a group of about 150 students publicly protested the choice, which as the Times reported, ignited a dispute that has roiled the campus and raised questions around the country about the nature of feminism.

The students objected to Bush because she was known for her role as a wife and mother instead of her own career, having left Smith College to marry her first love and first kiss, George H.W. Bush in 1945.

Wellesley teaches that we will be rewarded on the basis of our own merit, not on that of a spouse, the students said in the petition. To honor Barbara Bush as a commencement speaker is to honor a woman who has gained recognition through the achievements of her husband, which contravenes what we have been taught over the last four years at Wellesley.

Theres some irony here given one of the schools most famous alumnae, but I digress.

President Bush was asked about the controversy by reporters, and stuck up for his wife. I think these young women can have a lot to learn from Barbara Bush and from her unselfishness and from her advocacy of literacy and of being a good mother and a lot of other things, he said.

Whats most striking about the controversy, looking back from the vantage point of modern outrage politics, is how mature it was. Protesters were outraged, but did not ask for the university to rescind Bushs invitation.

The college president acknowledged their concerns, coming to the reasonable conclusion that a generation gap and the quickly changing role of women in American society means [f]eminism is very hard to pin down. She said the discussion was worth the public dust-up and, notably, never wavered on the invitation to Mrs. Bush.

Bush handle...


Tribal lobbyist running on pro-Trump agenda for seat in North Carolina "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A well-known tribal lobbyist is seeking the Republican nomination for a U.S. Congressional seat in North Carolina.


Nevada sheriff violates YouTubers constitutional rights for live-streaming Area 51 employee bus, Youtube censors feed "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Even though the Extraterrestrial Highway and surrounding tourist attractions draw thousands to the Nevada desert yearly, the sheriff of Lincoln County doesnt like it when people film the Area 51 bus

LINCOLN COUNTY, Nev. (INTELLIHUB) A father and his daughter were conducting a live-streaming report about a parked Area 51 Groom Lake facility bus when a local sheriff appeared on the scene where he threatened the duo for filming government property in a public lot Wednesday evening.

Now you guys will see how strange things are around here, the man told his viewers who were watching the live broadcast on the Explore With Us channel as the sheriff pulled up.

The hot-headed and unfit sheriff told the girl who was holding the camera to turn it off as he stepped out of his vehicle.

You are going to turn it off, the sheriff told the girl who was holding the camera in a stern voice.

Um, I dont have to turn it off, the girl replied. Ive complied. Ive moved the camera away from you.

Again, the sheriff stated: Youre going to turn it off.

You know we have a thousand people that are watching right now, you cant tell people to just turn it off, the girl explained.

Youre suspicious subjects, I dont know who you are youre on government property, you need to turn it off, the sheriff said, despite the fact that all three of them were standing on public property at the time.

There is no law that says I have to turn off a stream, the girl asserted before the controlling officer told her to place her camera on top of the vehicle.

Eventually, the officer apologized for coming off so strong and told the two that they were free to go.

According to the girl, the officer also broke her camera gimbal during the altercation.

It appears the sheriff of Lincoln County literally works hand-in-hand with Area 51.

Moreover, the Youtubers claim that their original live-stream was taken down by YouTube.

2018. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved.

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McKayla Maroney Speaks Out About Abuse a Year Later "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

McKayla Maroney, Olympic gold medalist, says the former team doctor, Larry Nassar molested her. She says this occurred on her first visit to the Karolyi Ranch. Nassar continued to abuse Maroney over the next five years. In an exclusive interview with NBCs Savannah Guthrie, Maroney said, He said that nobody would understand this and the []

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Teacher Rebellion: Class Dismissed "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Are teachers professionals, proletarians, or both? One symptom of our pathological denial of class realities is that we are accustomed to thinking of teachers as middle class. Certainly, their professional bona fides should entitle them to that social station. After all, middle class is the part of the social geography that we imagine as the aspirational homing grounds for good citizens of every sort, a place so all-embracing that it effaces signs of rank, order, and power. The middle class is that class so universal that its really no class at all. School teachers, however, have always been working-class stiffs. For a long time, they were also mainly women who would have instantly recognized the insecurities, struggles to get by, and low public esteem that plague todays embattled teachers.


W Is For White. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Birch bark is white. The contrast with the landscape not yet green and no longer white is stark. This was taken in early April 2017 in Helsinki, from the park behind the congress and event venue Finlandia Hall towards the Linnunlaulu cliffs.

As a bonus picture (taken mid-November 2017), another birch, in a less bright shade of white and one corner of Finlandia Hall (completed 1971), designed by the architect Alvar Aalto (18981976), who is still, over 40 years after his death held in a very high regard about the aesthetics of his work.

However his acoustics design and construction technical choices have been criticised. The faade of Finlandia Hall is made of white Carrara marble from Italy. The marble plates will bend with time because of the climate and they have to be replaced every 2030 years. Theyve been replaced once so far, in 19981999.

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The Cult Of Violence Always Kills The Left "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.The Weather Underground, a clandestine revolutionary organization that advocated violence, was seen by my father and other clergy members who were involved in Vietnam anti-war protests as one of the most self-destructive forces on the left. These members of the clergy, many of whom, including my father, were World War II veterans, had often became ministers because of their experiences in the war. They understood the poison of violence. One of the most prominent leaders of Clergy and Laymen Concerned About Vietnam (CALCAV), to which my father belonged, was the Catholic priest Philip Berrigan, who as an Army second lieutenant fought in the Battle of the Bulge.


More Evidence Supporting UN Planned EMP Attack On American Soil "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Yesterday, I published an article in which I expressed concern that a possible EMP attack, of an unspecified scope and severity, is being prepared on US soil. Additionally, I am gettting information which strongly suggests that if an attack does take place, it would be the UN that would be behind the attack. The purpose of such an attack would be to provide the justification for UN troops to emerge and attempt a military coup, in order to occupy the US under the Kigali Principles. In case you missed it, the Kigali Principles were signed by Obama before he left office and this gives the UN complete and unilatral power to enter a country that is a signatory to the agreement.  In fact, based on what I have previously learned and am presently learning, I am willing to state that the UN would be the controlling command force behind  any future EMP-style attack. I have previously published evidence which already pre-connects these dots. Is, indeed, a plot in motion by UN forces to unleash some kind of EMP/grid down scenario and bring out its troops? I think the evidence is ovewhelming and, therefore, the purpose of this article, is to connect these dots so we can expose this plot and then act against it if need be.

To set the tone for this article, I want to remind the readers of a quote made famous by the ultimate globalist, Henry Kissinger.

Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.

Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderberger meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992.



Western Media Finally Investigates Alleged Chemical Attack in Syria and Finds NO EVIDENCE "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Reporters who traveled to Syria to investigate claims of a chemical attack carried out by the Syrian government found that residents believe the event was staged by rebel forces.

The post Western Media Finally Investigates Alleged Chemical Attack in Syria and Finds NO EVIDENCE appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Wings, Flora and Fauna. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

One of those moments of photographic serendipity, spotted by Opus on a walk through the botanical garden, red maple seed and luna moth wing. Click for full size!

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The 1%'s Mind Games: Psychology Gone Bad "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

While millions of Americans grasp for lifelines amid the unforgiving currents of extreme inequality, multi-millionaires and billionaires comfortably ride the waves and add to their enormous wealth and power. Progress toward a more equal and decent society depends upon resisting and debunking the seductive propaganda of today's plutocratic snake-oil vendors.


Today in OpenGov: Protection "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In today's edition, Robert Mueller needs some protection, open data and requests for extension mark tax day, Maryland embraces transparency for online ads, and more. 

special counseling

Robert Mueller III.

Despite apparent bipartisan support, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell won't schedule a vote on bill to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller. "Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that he would not be making floor time for legislation designed to shield Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III from firing. McConnells determination that the action is not needed is apparently regardless of what happens in the Senate Judiciary Committee." (Roll Call)

We don't agree with McConnell. Congress should ensure that the Special Counsel's investigation is protected, not assume that the President will do the right thing. Yesterday, we officially endorsed the Special Counsel Transparency Act to preserve evidence and recommendations that result from Special Counsel Robert S. Muellers investigation, should President Donald J. Trump fire him. Additionally, we joined a coalition of good government and ethics watchdogs in a letter urging the U.S. House Judiciary Committee to support the bill. You can read our full take here.

Meanwhile, more than 600 former Justice Department employees have signed a letter urging protection for Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. ...


A curious phenomenon "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Most mornings, I get up a few hours before my wife does, and shortly afterwards I carry out the morning ritual of Making the Coffee, and I dutifully deliver a cup to her bedside, where the sweet strong smell gently awakens her. Ive been noticing an odd thing, though: we have lots of cups, and a place in the kitchen cupboard where we put them, but on many mornings, the cups are not there. Thus begins another part of the morning ritual, the Quest for Coffee Cups. I tend to find them in the dining room, in the living room, and in our bedroom, strangely always on the table near her side of the bed, and also, they have often collected tea bags in their interiors.

From my observations, I have determined that these ceramic cups undergo a daily migration, and that they wander the house to prey upon teabags. I am pretty sure theres a complex hidden ecosystem at work here. For instance, Ive noticed that if I take off my socks in my office and leave them by my slippers, sometime during the day they will mysteriously disappear. My first hypothesis was that the hungry coffee cups were snatching them up, but Ive never found a cup with a sock in it, suggesting that there may be some other medium-sized predator prowling about the house. Im eyeing the casserole dish. Or maybe the toaster.

The existence of a hitherto unnoticed food web operating inside my house has me vaguely worried. If I vanish some day, somebody check the guts of the dishwasher, or possibly the cabinet in my office. Theyve been trying too hard to look nonchalant lately, and could be plotting something.


Beyond the study of psychology "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Beyond the study of psychology

by Jon Rappoport

April 17, 2018

These are notes I made in preparation for my second collection, Exit From The Matrix:

Psychology is essentially a reflection of the culture: it focuses on the family unit and what can happen to fracture it. It focuses on society and how an individual can adapt to it. It focuses on re-establishing norms of behavior. It focuses on a persons past as the key to his problems. It stumbles and stutters and retreats when it comes up against the individuals creative impulse. This impulse travels far beyond family, society, and the past.

Let us consider what are called contents of the mind. Many efforts have been made to describe various items: persistent thoughts and images; so-called archetypes; symbols; memories; and so on. These and other items can be viewed as helpers in solving problems. They can be viewed as influences. They can be viewed as irrelevant debris. They can be analyzed from different perspectives. But one thing is clear. For the creative individual, they are all fuel for the fire. They can be reworked, recombined, and, above all, transformed in the invention of some new reality. Therefore, there is nothing final or ultimate about these contents. Unless a person is merely a passive spectator who has no creative urge at all.

When consciousness is directed to find something in particular, it will. This is not a cause for celebration, any more than a dog finding a bone in a garden is shocking. Directed consciousness gives answers that depend on prior assumptions. Consciousness will find the kind of content it is looking for. But these answers ultimate prove unsatisfying. They exist in a bubble that has been laid out beforehand. Imagination, however, is a completely different story.

Imagination has the capacity to be spontaneous. Science cant touch or analyze spontaneity. At bottom, mind control, whether imposed externally or self-induced, exists to prevent spontaneous action.

On the surface, it may appear that society does not reward spontaneity because it doesnt acknowledge it. But every great work contains inexplicable leaps, when the inventor vaults beyond anything that was done and cataloged before. He spontaneously lights on something that never existed. He brings it into being. In retrospect, going back to discover how it happened results in plausible but completely false conclusions.

People will do everything they p...


South Dakota now offering specialty license plates for all nine Sioux tribes "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The state of South Dakota is now offering specialty license plates for all nine tribes based within its borders.


Will a Canadian Court Hand a Powerful Tool to the Oppressed? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Far away from the media spotlight, a crucial two-day hearing in a landmark court case could set the stage for giving stakeholders in developing nations a powerful tool to hold multinational corporations to account for violating labor and environmental standards.

The case, Yaiguaje v. Chevron Corporation, pits indigenous peoples of Ecuador against Chevron. At issue is whether a multi-billion-dollar judgment the plaintiffs won in their home country because their land was contaminated with toxic materials can be enforced against Chevrons Canadian subsidiary.

If they prevail in the Ontario Court of Appeal in Toronto, it would allow other groups that feel wronged by multinational corporations to pursue justice across the globe.

Chevrons April court hearing in Canada is critically important to the well-being of all indigenous and farmer communities in Ecuador who have been harmed by the companys pollution, as well as to all victims of corporate human rights abuses throughout the world, said Greenpeace co-founder Rex Weyler.

Before its Canadian appearance, the case was heard and adjudicated in Ecuadorian and American courts, as the oil giant has tried to win a war of attrition against plaintiffs with far fewer resources.

Were going to fight this until hell freezes over, and then well fight it out on the ice, Chevron said in response to the lawsuit.

Against all odds, however, the plaintiffs have persisted. It has taken them decades to get to this point. In fact, Chevron, the current defendant, wasnt even involved in the dumping of toxic chemicals in Ecuadors rainforest. (Editors note: As explained in greater detail below, the oil company that did business in Ecuador was Texaco, which is now owned by Chevron. For purposes of clarity, however, this article will refer to the defendant as Chevron in most cases).



New Polls Undermine Forecast Of Blue Wave In Midterms "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Since Jon Ossoff nearly snatched away a safe Republican congressional seat in suburban Atlanta last summer, Democrats have been certain a Blue Wave midterm election is coming.

Democrats are hyping every electoral pickupan Alabama Senate seat, a close Pennsylvania congressional race, a Wisconsin supreme court justiceas proof that American voters are repelled by President Trump and will return them to power this November. A special counsel, an onscreen prostitute, and a rabid niche of anti-Trump Republicans are helping boost those prospects.

The tide seems even more favorable for Democrats as a record number of incumbent Republicans, including the speaker of the House, will not run for re-election. But less than seven months out, a strong undercurrent is pulling the Blue Wave out to political sea. A trove of new polling shows the once-formidable lead Democrats had in the generic congressional ballot is nearly gone.

Wedge issues, such as gun control and immigration, are not working in Democrats favor. In fact, thanks to Trump even independent voters believe Democrats are using the children of illegal immigrants for political purposes rather than legitimately protecting their welfare. Although Trumps job approval ratings remain underwater among Democrats and Independents, voters give him props for a number of achievements, not the least of which is a strong economy, proving it is politically possible to dislike a man but like what he does.

Lets Look at Those Polls in Greater Depth

In a Washington Post-ABC News poll released Monday, voter preference in the November election only shows a four-point lead for Democrats, of 47 percent to 43 percent among registered voters. This is a drastic drop from a 13-point advantage Democrats had at the end of last year.

There is no enthusiasm gap for Democrats. In fact, Republicans now seem more motivated to vote in November: 86 percent of Republicans say they are absolutely or certain to vote this fall, compared to 81 percent of Democrats.

The demographics arent trending blue, either. Democrats only hold a six-point lead among Independents and among the coveted age group of 18-39. Suburban voters are most likely to vote, urban voters the least likely. While white college graduates favor Democrats by nine points, non-college whites...


No, Republican Presidents Arent Responsible For Most Of Americas Debt "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

New York Times columnist David Leonhardt recently wrote a widely shared article arguing that Democrats were the party of fiscal responsibility while Republicans were nothing more than profligate spenders and reckless tax cutters. The heart of Leonhardts contention relies on a old liberal claim that alleges GOP presidents are responsible for the bulk of our massive debt.

Every one of the last four Republican presidents has increased the deficit, Leonhardt writes. Every one of the last three Democratic presidents has reduced the deficit. He even has a chart to prove it.

I did notice a pattern. The above graph, like many of the other assertions in the article (Democrats cut corporate welfare and social programs? Obamacare held down deficits?), are misleading or highly debatable.

Leonhardt, for example, makes a bunch of inconvenient debt that resulted from spending liberals deem necessary simply disappear. The stimulus bill championed and signed by President Obama was pegged at $787 billion, but the cost grew to around $2.6 trillion when automatic stabilizers Keynesian spending increases embedded into law were included. The above graph discounts automatic stabilizers, which are both supported by Democrats and a reflection of economic conditions.

While ignoring $1.8 trillion might be politically convenient, the fact is that the day Obama left office, the debt was almost $20 trillion, nearly double what it was when he got there. According to the Office of Management and Budget, the deficit went from just over 52 percent of gross domestic product at the end of fiscal year 2009 to 77 percent of GDP at the end of fiscal year 2016. With all that spending, Obama still oversaw the weakest recovery in American history.

The only other way a person can argue Obama lowered def...


Judge Buys FBIs Bogus Rationale For Hiding Leaked Comey Memos "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

When James Comey, the just-fired director of the FBI, testified before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence last June, the public understood his testimony published before the hearing to be a highly reliable transcription of his earlier private conversation with the president.

At the time, the media couldnt marvel enough at the vividness, accumulation of authentic detail (remember the grandfather clock?) and real-life drama in his sworn statement. That he told Congress he input his memo hurriedly into a laptop in a government limousine outside Trump Tower to insure accuracy only increased the publics admiration, and also the sense that the testimony overlapped the memo itself, which in turn described the February meeting in the Oval Office when President Trump allegedly asked Comey to shut down the federal investigation of his former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn.

That conversation, as filtered through Comeys fevered literary imagination, quickly became the basis for widespread accusations that Trump was attempting to obstruct justice. As evidence of the collusion narrative failed to materialize, Trumps opponents began to hang their hat on the obstruction theory, fueled specifically by that alleged exchange. Comeys secret memo became the source of Comeys higher authority, in part because the law grants a privileged evidentiary status to contemporaneous writings. Yet to this day, the FBI, Justice Department and D.C. district court have taken pains to prevent the public from seeing the actual memos and deciding for themselves whether James Comey has in fact been telling all.

Fake Rationale For Keeping Leaked Memo From Release

D.C. District Court Judge Boasberg denied Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for the Comey memos in February. The requests were brought by CNN, Judicial Watch, The Daily Caller and others, all consolidated into a single class of plaintiffs. In siding with the FBI that the release would interfere with the Special Counsels investigation, the judge downplayed the public interest at stake in dispelling misunderstanding over the actual contents of the underlying documents.

Boasberg not only granted the exemption from FOIA compliance sought by the FBI, but also rejected the plaintiffs argument that Comeys select and orchestrated disclosures of the memo last May defeated such exemption under the circuits public domain doctrine. Boasberg put a highly technical interpretation of public domain before the f...


Starbucks Is Right To Address Racism, And Conservatives Should Be On Board "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

After a deeply troubling incident in which two black men were arrested for sitting in a Starbucks, the company has responded by closing all of its stores for one day for diversity training. Most conservatives are rolling their eyes at this virtue-signaling. But I disagree. I fully support Starbucks efforts and wish conservatives would join them.

Make no mistake, I fully believe that on May 29, when stores are closed for training, employees will be treated to progressive gobbledygook about privilege and systemic racism, but thats in large part because conservatives have ceded this ground. Starbucks is responding to an incident that was either racially motivated, or sure seems like it. Regardless of what happened in this specific incident, the company is wise to address the possibility that its managers are engaged in racist practices.

But while I applaud Starbucks decision to tackle this issue, I dont have much hope for its remedy. Thats because anti-racism pedagogy has gone badly off the rails in the last decade, in no small measure because conservatives have disengaged from it. When a company faces the problem of racism and seeks to ameliorate it, their only options come from a handy Left, which foists privilege theory and systemic racism upon CEOs desperate for an answer.

Conservatives Can Give a Better Answer

Generally speaking, conservatives have trepidation in talking about race. This is because any conservative who talks about race is eventually called a racist, and nobody likes being called that. But conservatives should be making a very simple and important argument about racism that they are all too often too cowed to make: Its irrational. Judging a person on the basis of his or her skin color makes no rational sense, and we should never do it. Full stop.

My concern is that on this day of racial education Starbucks has planned, this vital message wont be sent. Instead, employees, baristas, partners, or whatever term is of the moment, will be sold a bill of goods about privilege theory and embracing difference that blames the evil of American society rather than one bad actor.

This matters because the bad actor, in this case the Starbucks manager who has been fired and may or may not have violated company policy, acted within a broader cultural scope. This was the Starbucks in Rittenhouse Square, a place where original WASPs laugh at people who think they are WASPs. Removing two black men from those premises obviously sends a racist message and the company is wise to address it.

How Should We Handle This

Teaching anti-racism, not only in our schools but also in our workplaces, is a worthy enterprise. But what should be the basis of anti-racist education? Progressives have made privilege the playing field, but we dont have to play there....


This Man Rescues Children From Sex Slavery And Wants You To Know This About Backpage "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Last week, the U.S. Department of Justice seized, a classified ad website notorious for facilitating prostitution and the sex trafficking of children. The sites founders face more than 100 criminal charges.

In response, the Womens March, which promotes itself as a movement to empower women, freaked out, calling the DOJs seizure an absolute crisis for sex workers who rely on the site to safely get in touch with clients.

Tim Ballard, founder and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad, which has rescued more than 1,000 victims from human trafficking and assisted in the arrests of more than 443 traffickers, spoke with The Federalist about why this reaction is ill-informed and harmful to women.

Last time I checked, there were some girls that were also children, Ballard said of the Womens Marchs response, which he says overlooks the dangerous reality girls throughout the world live in. Backpages shuttering and the cost to those who voluntarily sell sex is a small price to pay to protect children, Ballard said. What do we value more? The right [for] a sex worker to sell her body, or a child being raped for money? 

Throughout Ballards experience at OURescue and as a special agent for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, where he also fought the Internet exploitation of children, traffickers used Backpage as the primary venue to sell children for sex a dark reality he says many people simply do not understand.

We always have to convince people that this is real, he said, of the...


11 Top Superman Stories Of All Time To Celebrate Action Comics No. 1,000 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Action Comics No. 1,000 is upon us! Eighty years ago, in June 1938, Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster essentially created the superhero genre when National Comics published Action Comics No. 1. Superman was featured on the cover and eventually took over that monthly anthology completely.

National Comics eventually took the name of their other big monthly anthology, Detective Comics, as their official moniker, creating the DC label that is still going strong enough to get to their first issue 1,000. They had to reboot their numbering for this, but regardless, there have now been 1,000 issues of Action Comics. Despite being older, Detective Comics is only at issue 978, and Spider-man is in third place at No. 798.

In these times of partisan insanity and constant social media meltdowns, we need the stalwart strength of Kryptons last son more than ever. To quote Homer Simpson: Im not normally a praying man, but if youre up there please save me Superman! Maybe these Supes stories can temporarily save you from insanity.

11. Superman: The Man of Steel

This short reboot to Superman was my first encounter with the red cape. This limited series ran in 86 after DCs first bizarre continuity reset, Crisis on Infinite Earths. It changed a lot of things about Supermans origin at the time. He was still from Krypton, but the Kryptonians were reimagined. Instead of dying of a heart attack, his earthly father lived to see him become a full-grown man.

Superman was a star athlete on the football team, but kept his powers in constant check. His relationship to Batman became more adversarial. Most importantly, his powers were considerably toned down, while Lex Luthors ability to wreak havoc as a supervillain was pared way up. In other words, John Byrne put a lot of thought into how to revamp the character for a new age.

Its non-continuity now, but still a good place to start if you want to understand the character and his world.

10. Huck

This is not a Superman story, officially. Mark Millar was so disturbed by the ending of Man of Steel (2013) that he felt the need to write something that would heal his soul. Now, Man of Steel is supposed to be disturbing. Millar was one of the few people who truly understood that film and how appropriate the ending was to Warner Brothers powerful, tragic re-envisioning of Superman, in which his powers had realistic consequences.

Instead of criticizing it, Millar responded artistically. And what a response. Huck is one of the most heartwarming stories ever written, and its vision of America and goodness is Superman all the way through.

Huck is an orphan in a small American town. He has unexplained superpowers and tries to do at least one good deed every day. This may sound corny, but...


Yes, A GQ Writer Actually Called Taylor Swifts Cover Of September Hate Speech "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Taylor Swift has been the target of leftist outrage mobs by being a positive role model as a pop artist, rather than creating near-pornographic shows or spewing hateful politics at half the country. Shes drawn the medias ire not for what she says, but for her silence in the political realm. Her success drives the haters crazy, and time and time again shes shown the ability to shake it off. This last week, the simple act of releasing a cover of a popular song again sent the media after her to try to claim her scalp.

Do You Remember Dancing In September?

The left-wings echo chamber of the internet is outraged at Swifts new cover of Earth, Wind & Fires September, which she released on Spotify. The simple acoustic recording sparked dozens of outrage articles and hundreds of angry tweets by left-wing activists.

White rapper, Five Five, said, September is literally one of my favorite songs in existence, who let this dumb b Taylor Swift cover it omfg.

Nathaniel Friedman, writer at GQ Magazine, said, Taylor Swifts cover of September is hate speech.

Perhaps the most egregious display of hatred was from the entertainment magazine, The Root, in which their columnist actually called for violence against Swift over the recorded tune. Taylor Swift needs her ass whooped, wrote Monique Judge.

Why is Swift considered such a threat? A singer recording a song shouldnt bother anyone, but the outrage mob has been obsessed with her these last few years. They want to destroy her career, and are increasingly frustrated that they have been unable to do so. Now theyre grasping at straws.

Know That Its Delicate

Its sensible business for a mass-marketed pop star to not want to turn off half the country from purchasing their work. Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters figured this out. He said in an interview:

When the Foo Fighters go out and tour, we play to everyone. I like to think music is something that can bring two opposite sides of the spectrum in to the same arena for three hours of relief. Theres part of me that thinks Im better at giving people hope. So thats where Id rather be.

The left-wing thrives on control of the entertainment industry, creating propaganda through all forms of entertainment, from Hollywood movies to pop songs. Silence is an act of defiance that causes the media to relentlessly try to destroy careers. But like they did with President Trump, they have overstepped from sane reality into attacks that appear disingenuous to the general public. Swifts career is just as healthy as its ever been, and shes already faced about the worst of what the left can do to her.

Haters Gonna Hate

Swift has been one...


Barbara Bush, Mother And Wife Of Presidents, Dies at 92 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

On April 17, Barbara Bush passed away at the age of 92 after a battle with lung and heart diseases. She was the wife of a president, George H.W. Bush, and the mother of another, George W. She was the second woman in American history to hold this honor, following only Abigail Adams. Barbara was a much-loved first lady and public figure, and her legacy for America is long and influential.

Barbara was the mother of six children, one of whom preceded her in death due to childhood leukemia. This loss profoundly shaped her and Georges marriage, and their charitable endeavors throughout her life.

Pauline, known to the family as Robin, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of three. In her biography, Barbara wrote extensively about the lasting effects of Robins illness and death, and that her own death wasnt something she feared after losing her daughter.

For seven months, Barbara and her husband sat in a New York hospital as doctors struggled to treat a cancer that at the time was poorly understood. Robin passed away with her mother and father by her side. Its during this time that Barbaras hair turned white, and she became known for her bright white hair. Barbara will be buried by Robins side in the family cemetery.

Barbara was a constant support and vocal fixture at the side of her husband throughout his lengthy political career. She left college to support her husbands political journey. George H.W. began as a U.S. representative for Texas, where the family was from, and later became a United Nations ambassador, then the Republican Party chairman, as well as an ambassador to China.



Milos Forman Was Singularly Honest About The Brutality Of Totalitarianism "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

When director Milos Forman died last week, he was eulogized by Michael Douglas and Jack Nicholson as part of the counter-cultural wave labeled The New Hollywood that overtook the industry in the late 1960s. On the surface, this seemed understandable. Forman directed One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest starring the counter-cultural pin-up Nicholson, an adaption of Hair, and toward the end of his life a depiction of the court battles between Hustler publisher Larry Flynt and the Moral Majority.

The New Hollywood benefited from the Vietnam era and jettisoning the Hays Code, an industry watchdog in place since the 1930s to keep sex, violence, and unpatriotic sentiments off the screen. The film that kicked off the new artistic freedom was the Warren Beatty vehicle Bonnie and Clyde (1967), which transformed this bloodthirsty couple into anti-establishment heroes who took the fight to the rich on behalf of the starving common people in 1930s America. This was followed by John Schlesingers Midnight Cowboy, with pimps and hustlers heroes against a hypocritical society, and The Way We Were, which depicted American Stalinists as civil libertarian heroes.

To emphasize such victimhood, people dusted off the term fascism and loosely applied it to anyone who peopled the Silent Majority (although it must be said that the most scorn was directed at Cold War liberals). Communism was embraced by mansion-owners like producer Bert Parks, who openly hoped Black Panther leader Huey Newton would be the American Mao.

Into this zeitgeist came Forman. But he was an odd fit. Like his contemporaries, he switched roles for figures that in another age would be considered villains. The character Nicholson played in Cuckoos Nest was a criminal who manipulated the mental health system to escape jail time. Along with the authentically insane who resided with him, Forman made the patients heroes and the villain a nurse. The latter had been deified in 1930s-1940s films.

But along with Roman Polanski, Forman resisted the trend of using the fascist label loosely. For him this topic was literally dead-serious, as he witnessed it up close. During World War II Formans parents Rudolf and Anna were murdered in concentration camps for the crime of handing out verboten books. His father died during a torture session with the Gestapo, while his mother was killed at Auschwitz.

Distancing him further from his American contemporaries was a hatred of Communism. A Czech in a country that was the plaything of the Soviet Union, Forman escaped when the Soviets in 1968 brutally crushed an attempt by the Czech government to liberalize Communism. What made Formans escape necessary was a play he wrote using the guise of a dinner party as a thinly veiled attack on Communism. Seen from his angle, his debut in America in the Vietnam era could...


Try Not To Cry While Watching This Mom Talk About Choosing Adoption For Her Baby "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Even though her younger sister was adopted, Kelly Clemente never understood how a mother could give up her child to another family.

I thought that adoption was a wonderful thing, but I thought that birth mothers were heartless and evil, says Kelly, whom I interviewed for The Daily Signal. To be able to have a child, to walk nine months through a pregnancy, and to be able to walk away from that child, what type of person does that?

Kellys perception of adoption wasnt unique. As Americans, weve come to view families who adopt in a positive, altruistic light. Meanwhile, we view birth mothers who give up their children to another family negativelythat is, if we think about them at all.

During her freshman year of college, Kelly found herself pregnant with a young man she was not only not married to, but who proceeded to cheat on her. At just 18 years old, she was no better than the birth mothers she had scorned.

It wasnt until Kelly thought of her sisters sweet face that she decided to do what her sisters birth mother had donego through with her pregnancy and place her child for adoption. It was at that moment Kelly realized her sisters birth moms decision was far from cold or selfishit was selfless, and the reflection of love.

After giving birth in September 2008, Kelly returned to college and went on to get her masters degree in school counseling. Her birth son, Alex Hansen, is now 10 years old and lives with his mother and father in Texas. When his parents, Shawn and Dave, adopted Alex, they thought theyd never have biological children of their own. Then, as life will have it, they got pregnant a month after adopting Alex. From there, they went on to have four boys and a girl.

Alex never knew a time when he wasnt adopted and refers to Kelly as his birth mommy. His siblings have even gotten jealous, and asked why they dont get to have a birth mommy. Alex and Kelly spend time together about once a year, and stay in touch via phone calls, texts, and social media. A decade later, their story has a happy ending. But Kelly says the stigma against birth mothers that she once shared is real.

The stories of birth mothers who choose to place their children for adoption have largely gone untold. Filling that void is an unfair stereotype about women who choose to go through with their pregnancy.

Although they claim to care about more than just abortion, neither Planned Parenthood nor much of the media tell these stories. Instead, they encourage women to #ShoutYourAbortion and champion single motherhood.

From time to time, youll hear the occasional tale of a ce...


Holding An LGBT Festival In His Hometown To Spite Mike Pence Is Not A Good Look "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Columbus, Indiana hosted its first LGBT pride festival April 14, and by all accounts, it was a success. The event was planned and spearheaded by a high school student named Erin Bailey who began planning the event as a school project. More than 1,000 people reportedly attended, and the towns population of 47,000 welcomed them generously with rainbow banners in the streets. The Human Rights Campaign, an LGBT rights organization, supported, promoted and attended the event as well.

When the event was first announced in late March of this year, it received recognition from dozens of international media outlets that celebrated the festival. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm had absolutely nothing to do with LGBT pride, equality or the ambitious efforts of an 18-year-old student hoping to bring laughter and celebration to her town. The focus was exclusively on the fact that the event was happening in Vice President Mike Pences hometown.

In March, Bailey stated, I am organizing Columbus Pride Festival because I feel it is important for members of the LGBTQ community to know that Columbus is a welcoming and diverse community Even though Pence is openly anti-gay, that doesnt mean that all of us in his hometown are.

The Human Rights Campaign, while listing a string of anti-LGBT offenses ranging from opposing same-sex marriage to supporting religious freedom laws and most absurdly, citing Trump once saying Pence would hang all gay people, declared, We are honored to participate in Columbus inaugural LGBT Pride Festival and prove once again that love trumps hate By fearlessly standing up for equality, Erin Bailey is showing Pence, who has a long, disturbing record of attacking and demonizing the LGBTQ community, that Hoosiers wont stand for his brand of discriminatory politics.

The Human Rights Campaign tweeted about the event reiterating this same message and tagged the Vice President. The event featured rainbow signs declaring No Pride in Pence and Love Not Hate Columbus. The mock-Catholic-Nun group called The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence attended with a sign titled More Fornication Less Hate.


Why Free Trade, Not Tariffs, Actually Increases American Jobs "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In light of President Trumps recent tariff proposals, its worth noting why free trade has almost unanimous support among economists.

Imagine Joe in Minnesota wants to purchase bread. Suppose he can buy from Sam, who resides in Minnesota, or from Tom, who lives in Wisconsin. Sam sells his bread for $5; Tom sells his for $3. Using his common sense, Joe purchases from Tom. While Sams bread business may lose, free trade benefits consumers like Joe, who have access to the lowest rates on the market.

But imagine instead we lived in a protectionist world, much like under mercantilism before the eighteenth century. Suppose the governor of Minnesota wanted to protect Sams job and the broader Minnesota public by throwing a taxtariffon Toms bread. The result is that Toms loaves now cost $6 to purchase in Minnesota. While Sams business may benefit, everyone else pays higher prices as a result.

This basic illustration offers a few lessons. First, protectionism not only hurts consumers and producers, who lose business as a result of artificially higher prices, but in the long run it also harms the very workers protectionist policies are intended to protect. Sheltering inefficient worklike Sams bread businessprevents workers like Sam from finding and developing a skill set that the economy needs.

Nor does the equation change when countries subsidize their producers to sell products abroad below cost. Such cheating, as media and politicians often describe it, hurts only nations that cheat, as their citizens pay the subsidies via higher taxation. Meanwhile, consumers abroad reap the benefit of low prices. The only people for whom this is unfair are the citizens whose taxes pay for their governments folly.

Second, like seventeenth-century mercantilists, todays anti-free traders think in zero-sum termsthat is, the belief that the wealth of one country comes at the expense of another. Before the eighteenth century it was widely believed that hoarding gold and silver would increase a nations power relative to others. To capture gold, nations desired a favorable balance of tradethat is, maximizing exports and restricting imports.

Modern anti-free traders, who have simply replaced the emphasis on gold with an emphasis on jobs, often also stress the need for favorable trade. As Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman explained, however, a favorable balance of trade really means exporting more than we import, sending abroad goods of greater total value than the goods we get from abroad. In your private household, you would surely prefer to pay less for more rather than the other way around, yet that would be termed an unfavorable balance of payments in foreign trade....


FULL INTERVIEW: Sergei Lavrov Dismantles BBC Hard Talk Host Stephen Sackur on Syria, Skripal "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

According to Russia Insight, the following full and unedited footage was taken by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, not BBC.

Watch as Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov gives an interview to BBC host of HardTalk Stephen Sackur. Throughout the interview Sackur is constantly interrupting and trying to head off the Russian FM. Through this unedited version, viewers can see how the British State-run media try and manipulate their subjects in order to reinforce their own governments official line. In this case, the BBC are peddling extremely damaging fake news about chemical attacks without any credible evidence to substantiate their claims. By definition, this is egregious state propaganda. Despite the BBC presenters rudeness, incoherent and pseudo-journalistic line of questioning, Lavrov still manages to lay out a damning case against both Britain and the US over whats fast being revealed as fabricated chemical weapons incidents in both Salisbury with the Skripal Affair and in Douma, Syria. Watch:

READ MORE SYRIA NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Syria Files



Why Strong Towns Need Strong Citizens "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Kailey Sherrick is an Ohio native and writer sharing a guest article today about what it means to be a strong citizen.

 An arts festival organized by strong citizens in Akron, Ohio gets families out playing games, listening to music, eating local food and enjoying art in the community. (Source: Jeffrey Klaum via Akronstock)

An arts festival organized by strong citizens in Akron, Ohio gets families out playing games, listening to music, eating local food and enjoying art in the community. (Source: Jeffrey Klaum via Akronstock)

They say, home is where the heart is, and by they, I mean the faceless, amorphous group of people who decided to make this sentence an everyday idiom. Just because its an old saying doesnt mean its less true, but I prefer to think that home extends far beyond the reaches of your property line. Home is more than just four walls. Its also your street. Its your block. Its your neighborhood, your village, your hamlet, your town, your city. And just like a house requires inhabitants to be a home, a town needs strong citizens in order to flourish.

What is a Strong Citizen?

A strong citizen, simply put, is someone who cares. They care about their community, their neighbors, and the place they call home. Strong citizens take pride in the micro as well as the macro, from their front lawn to the city in which they live. This doesnt mean that theyre a public figure, a politician, or on any special council. A strong citizen is the school teacher who pays out of pocket to keep her classroom supplied. Its the neighbor up the street who cleaned up an empty lot and turned it into a community garden. Its the group of kids who organize a pick up game of soccer, or the firefighters who host a summer barbecue.

A strong citizen is anyone who cares about the quirky and unique ecosystem that is their neighborhood. Theyre open to the needs of their neighbors, as well as the needs of their town. They contribute however they can to improve the lives of everyone around them, and inspire others to care as well.

Strong Citizens Make Strong Towns

When strong citizens work collaboratively, it can turn a neighborhood full of disjointed famil...


Ambassador Peter Ford speaks to Tucker Carlson: The President Has Been Mislead on Douma "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

What really happened in Douma? Have the US, UK and French governments been misled by fabricated intelligence, or are these governments involved in the fabrication of that intelligence? Does the western media bear any responsibility for their own willful inability to do their jobs and interrogate their own governments over such a serious matter as military intervention?

Former British Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, speaks to leading US political talk show host Tucker Carlson about the obvious lack of evidence and the US and UKs reliance on a fraudulent NGO called the White Helmets as their primary source of information regarding the alleged chemical attack on April 7th in the Damascus suburb of Douma.

Watch this impactful segment here:

READ MORE SYRIA NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Syria Files



Angelo Baca: Bears Ears faces serious threat under the Trump administration "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Bears Ears is at the center of a critical discussion around Indigenous rights and protection of sacred sites and traditional uses in the United States.


Daily Inspiration --- Biodegrading Plastic Bottles "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A group of University of Portsmouth scientists stumbled on an enzyme that can be used to degrade PET bottles in just a few days.


Cronkite News: Supreme Court strikes down law linked to violent crime "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Supreme Court ruled that a federal law allowing deportation of immigrants who commit 'crimes of violence' was unconstitutionally vague, a decision hailed by Arizona immigration lawyers as promising.


Tribes hail historic Supreme Court hire as justices hear treaty rights case "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

With the U.S. Supreme Court taking up its third Indian law case of the term, tribes and their advocates are welcoming a historic development.


The Company Michael Cohen Kept  Trump, Inc. Podcast "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

If youve seen video or images of Michael Cohen, President Donald Trumps personal attorney, theyve probably been set in locations that exude power and importance: Cohen berating a CNN anchor in a TV studio, for example, or striding across the sleek marbled interior of Trump Tower, or more recently, smoking cigars in front of Cohens temporary residence, the Loews Regency Hotel on Manhattans Park Avenue.

But to understand how Michael Cohen arrived in those precincts, you need to venture across New York Citys East River. There, in a Queens warehouse district in the shadows of an elevated No. 7 subway line, is a taxi garage that used to house his law practice. The office area in the front is painted a garish taxicab-yellow, with posters of hockey players on the wall and a framed photo of the late Hasidic rabbi Menachem Schneerson. Cohen practiced law there and invested in the once-lucrative medallions that grant New York cabs the right to operate.

Or you could drive 45 minutes deep into Brooklyn, near where Gravesend turns into Brighton Beach. There, in a desolate stretch near a shuttered podiatrists office, youd find a medical office. According to previously unexamined records, Cohen incorporated a business there in 2002 that was involved in large quantities of medical claims. Separately, he represented more than 100 plaintiffs who claimed they were injured in auto collisions.

At the same time, in Brooklyn and Long Island, New York prosecutors were investigating what Fortune magazine called possibly the largest organized insurance-fraud ring in U.S. history. That fraud resulted in hundreds of criminal prosecutions for staging car accidents to collect insurance payments. Cohen was not implicated in the fraud.

A distinctive pattern emerged early in Cohens career, according to an examination by WNYC and ProPublica for the Trump, Inc. podcast: Many of the people who crossed paths with Cohen when he worked in Queens and Brooklyn were disciplined, disbarred, accused or convicted of crimes.

Cohen, 51, has always emerged unscathed until now. Last week, his Rockefeller Center office was raided by federal agents, as were his home, hotel room, safety deposit box and two cellphones. Cohen is under criminal investigation by federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York. According to court papers, investigators are examining whether he committed fraud and showed a lack of truthfulness.

He and his attorneys did not respond to a lengthy set of questions emailed to them. Cohens lawyers have stated that he has done nothing improper.

Cohen has attained...


VANDALISMS: Getting Your Hands Dirty "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post VANDALISMS: Getting Your Hands Dirty appeared first on It's Going Down.

Much of the previous VANDALISMS columns have been focused on elaborating the theoretical underpinnings of why we see vandalism as part of an insurrectionary strategy. If you havent already, we highly recommend checking them out for both the writing and of course all the sweet graffiti.

This time, were going to start looking at spreading the practices themselves.


Tribal self-governance celebrates 30th anniversary with some 'PROGRESS' "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The tribal self-governance program, a key development in the self-determination era, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with some achievements.


Support Avispa Midias Independent Journalism in Latin America "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Support Avispa Midias Independent Journalism in Latin America appeared first on It's Going Down.

Avispa Midia, an independent media collective based in Mexico whose work has appeared in translation on Its Going Down, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to support and expand their important work. Below is the call. Support it here. (Note the amounts are in Mexican pesos. MX$100 = $6 USD.)

For the past four years, Avispa Midia has provided in-depth, critical coverage of events throughout Latin America, from risky situations like the 2016 teachers protests in Nochixtln, Oaxaca, where federal police assassinated 8 people, to catastrophes like the major earthquakes that devastated Mexico in September 2017. We have also worked throughout Central America and Brazil to investigate how military and police forces collude with organized crime to control populations and protect corporate interests.

Recently, Avispa was recognized by the Index on Censorships 2018 Freedom of Expression Awards under the category of high-impact journalism. Our independent coverage has gained a reputation for investigating topics that large media outlets have forgotten or simply ignore because it doesnt help their ratings. We have done this work by making the best of limited resources and materials: to date we dont have a stable funding source and have managed to raise small amounts through fund-raising events and the sale of photographs and t-shirts.

In 2017 alone, Avispa completed 18 investigative project and dozens of local and international reports. We produced two documentaries and numerous photo essays. We also facilitated community mapping workshops, discussion panels, screenings and conferences during visits to cities as well as Indigenous and rural communities. The majority of this work has developed in response to the needs of the communities and organizations that invited us to document their struggles and create communication tools that support their resistance movements.



Graphic Designer for Conservative Firm Outed as Neo-Nazi, Quickly Fired "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

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On April 12th, Screwston Antifascist Committee released a well researched and extensive document about Ariel Michelle Gherman. While on the surface Gherman looked like an ordinary 24 year old, in reality she was part of the white supremacist and neo-Nazi Alt-Right movement, and participated in the deadly Unite the Right demonstration along side various neo-Nazi and KKK groups. According to local antifascists, by day, Gherman also worked for a graphic design firm that catered to conservative and right-wing organizations.

From Screwston Antifascist Committee:

Ariel Michelle Gherman is a 24-year-old white supremacist living in Austin, Texas. In August 2017 she participated in the white supremacist Unite the Right demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, where fellow white supremacist James Fields murdered anti-racist protester Heather Heyer. She also helped organize logistics for the group of Texas fascists and white supremacists who traveled to the Unite the Right demonstrations, and is connected to numerous Texas neo-Nazis and white supremacist organizations on social media. She works at a mainstream conservative graphic design and media strategy firm in Austin called Harris Media LLC.

According to antifascists and photo/video evidence, Gherman was part of a larger group of neo-Nazis that attended the Unite the Right rally from the Texas area including well known militants and talking heads like Azzmador of The Daily Stormer and William Fears, who was involved in the attempted murder of protesters outside of a Richard Spencer speaking event in Gainesville, Florida:

In August 2017, a group of fascists and white supremacists from Texas organized a caravan of vehicles to travel to the white supremacist Unite the Right (UtR) demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia. According to inside information, one van picked up people in Austin and Houston, then met two other vehicles from...


92-Year-Old Former First Lady Barbara Bush Passes Away "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Former First Lady Barbara Pierce Bush died on April 17, 2018, she was 92 years old. Her husband, George H.W., was the 41st President of the United States. The announcement of her death came out of the former presidents office. No information was provided for Mrs. Bushs cause of death. However, on the 15th a statement []

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Tribes secure hearing on homelands legislation amid drama on Capitol Hill "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

When it comes to tribal homelands, the Senate has some catching up to do with the House.


Camp NaNoWriMo 2018, Part One "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

NaNoWriMo has a spinoff thing called Camp NaNoWriMo which runs two non-consecutive months, and Im doin it, you know?  Since I lowered my word goal to twenty-five thousand, it looks like I might actually win for the first time in years.  I like that feeling.

Im adding those twenty-five thou to a failed NaNo from the past, which got to seventeen thousand words.  So between the two, itll be forty-two thou.  Which isnt a full NaNoWriMo novel, but its getting closer.

Anyhow, I cant discuss the particulars of the story with my dude because it isnt his thing, and I can see why.  Ive been pretty over the top with the lesbionic melodrama.  But Im kinda sorta proud of it just the same, so I wanted to tell somebody.

Hey everybody, Im doing it!  Im writing a novel.  First time in years.  Feels good, man.


US senator: Chemical attack used to galvanize the world against Assad - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

US Republican Senator Rand Paul says he has seen no evidence that could justify claims about the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad carrying out the suspected chemical attack in the town of Douma, and that the attack was used as a pretext to galvanize the world against the Syrian leader. I still look at []


US Opens New Military Base at Former ISIS Stronghold in Syria "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

ISIS Stronghold Syria(ZHE)  So much for President Donald Trumps promises to pull US troops out of Syria. Despite the USs insistence that it intends to pull troops out of Syria (at some point, possibly in the distant future), local media report that the US has set up a new military facility in Eastern Deir ez-Zor not far from ISISs []


Should we bomb Israel for using chemical weapons? - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

If you think that the Israeli/Neocon/Zionist equation can work in the political landscape, then you are in deep trouble.


Are Chemical Weapons Inspectors Investigating Anything in Syria? \_()_/ "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Chemical Weapons Inspectors Syria(ANTIWAR.COM)  Syrian Ambassador Bashar Jaafari told the UN Security Council on Tuesdaythat a UN security team has entered the city of Douma. The inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) are scheduled to visit on Wednesday. The OPCW inspectors did not visit Monday, and there were a lot of allegations exchanged as to why. []


Saudi Arabia Offers to Deploy Troops to Syria in Support of Illegal US Intervention "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

(MEE)  Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir reaffirmed on Tuesday the kingdoms willingness to deploy troops to Syria as part of US-led efforts to stabilize the conflict-torn country. Speaking at a press conference alongside UN chief Antonio Guterres, Al-Jubeir said that Riyadh had held previous discussions with America to deploy troops in Syria after the civil war []


New Ice Age Will Result from Gulf Stream Failure "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"



The Gulf Stream is dying. What will be the result? The result will be a catastrophic ice age. Can you say end of civilization?




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Syria Lie Collapses, Israel Attacks, Charity Founder Arrested For Pedophilia & Facebook Scandal Continues "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/15/18). So over the last couple days we have seen the complete collapse of the manufactured lies in Syria. While the Q crowd have their own fairytale theyre weaving, []

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Carla Ortiz and the White Helmets Lair in Aleppo - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Inside the WHITE HELMETS headquarters in Aleppo This are the headquarters in #Aleppo of the #WhiteHelmets the men that filmed & reported the alleded #chemicalatack in #Douma #Ghouta meet them and take your own conclusions!Esta es la Base de los #CascosBlancos los hombres que reportaron y filmaron el supuesto ataque quimico en #Duma #Guta conocelos []


Solidarity from Atlanta to the ZAD "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Solidarity from Atlanta to the ZAD appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following photo and communique was anonymously submitted to Its Going Down. We repost it below.

The communique reads:

Last week, we painted a message of solidarity outside the French Consulate in Atlanta. The picture, barely legible in the low-quality picture, says DEAR FRANCE, ZAD PARTOUT.

To all the beautiful people at the ZAD and everywhere fighting against endless development and economic despotism.

To all those braving the military assaults of totalitarian regimes.

To all the people whose lives are evidence that another world is possible here, now.

Keep fighting. Well see you soon.

With love and courage,

Your American Friends


As Ryan leaves, Arkansas congressmen seek to stay "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Shutdown, impeach, RyanLets note the contrast between powerful congressional leaders leaving office and Arkansas congressmen who havent started being in leadership until now who seek to stay.

Speaker Paul Ryans announced retirement Wednesday was the blockbuster, but hes not the only leader going home. Read the rest

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A Wilderness Between Us "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post A Wilderness Between Us appeared first on It's Going Down.

The world was white. From ground to sky the white was constant, and etched in it were the vertical brown streaks of tree trunks. Stepping outside on the first day of spring the forest around my house was gone, entombed in snow. Ice came first, so that when the snow followed for several hours it sheathed every branch and twig. Heavy with now frozen leaves, the smaller beech are bent downward, tips touching the ground until all of these young trees become arches, man sized croquet wickets frosted and strewn about the land.

On the barest winter day, I can look to the southeast and make out the shape and color of my nearest neighbors house through the foreground of maple and poplar. Today there is just the solitude of white.

The unseasonable eight-inch snowfall was followed days later by highs in the sixties, which retreated to nights below freezing, and only days later shot back into the seventies with beaming sun, to land once again in the cold of the thirties. The entire month of April has been a mix of glorious spring warmth and bouts of freezing rain and snow. Apple trees are budding, hyacinths are donating flashes of pink and purple to the landscape, and trout lilies are breaking from the leaf litter in such densities as to make the forest floor look like it has a carpet of grass. Then a quick layer of ice will fall in the dark of night to test them all.

In early April, the House of Commons Library detailed how the richest one percent of the population is on track to own two-thirds of all of the worlds wealth by the year 2030, should trends maintain as they are. Oxfam reported prior to this that eight billionaires have as much wealth as the poorest half of the global population 3.6 billion people. All of the land that is being gutted and made uninhabitable, and all of the laborers the world over who stoop and heft and daily erode their bodies through exertion and chemical exposure are part of a great machine that exists to send a steady stream of excess to a small handful of individuals.

Capitalism was supposed to have corrected the contradictions and failures of feudalism, and it seems to have done so by creating a class of people with no loyalties, no fidelity to place or people or principle other than a berserk lust for profit. Capital and its controllers float freely over the borders that cage the underclasses. Money and power write and erase laws, and at whim wage war against the peasant class and nonhuman life with a cold business class gusto.

Centuries ago, the edicts of lords could o...


Robert Fisk and the Truth About Douma, UK Independent - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A 58-year-old Syrian doctor says the victims were overcome by oxygen starvation (not by gas) in the rubbish-filled basements where they lived during a night of heavy shelling that stirred up a dust storm.


The Cult of Violence Always Kills the Left "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The thing about nonviolence is that it works. But it only works if it's total. The cops put the burden of violence on protesters. Our job is to do the opposite. Our job is to make it crystal clear it's the government and the system that engages violence. We muddy the water when we use violence.


Tomgram: Steve Fraser, Teaching America a Lesson "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Teachers in red-state America are hard at work teaching us all a lesson. The American mythos has always rested on a belief that this country was born out of a kind of immaculate conception, that the New World came into being and has forever after been preserved as a land without the class hierarchies and conflicts that so disfigured Europe.


SHARE THIS!!! The History Of Syrian False Flags Exposed "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

You take the red pill and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

The infamous line from the movie The Matrix  where Morpheus offers Neo a glimpse of the real reality that is occurring, not the manufactured reality that those whose rule want him to see could not be a better analogy for what one brave (and clearly a treasonous Russian troll who should be banned from any and all social media forever) Twitter user exposes below.

Jad @Jadinho123 shows how the world has been lied to many times to create the current Syrian theater of war

Remember this photo of a kid laying next to her dead parents who were killed by Assad and this photo went viral and got thousands of retweets and had people crying all over Twitter?


Oh and remember this photo of this child who was in the back of an ambulance after supposedly being attacked by Assad and his regime???



Breaking News! Massive Military Movements-Reservists Call-Ups-Leaves Cancelled "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


This is a breaking news report which encompasses many recent current events, ND military movement of equipment and personnel. These events are indicative of a world that is about to war and a nation that is about to descend into terrorism and occupation.

Paul Martin is reporting that there are at least some miltiary reservists who are being called to active duty.

This video was recently taken in Flagstaff, Arizona. This is quite obviously a massive movement of tanks and armored vehicles. This is meant to representative of what is going on. For example, I have reports of high levels of activity at Wright Patterson AFB.  Ft. Carson was shut down for 2 hours earlier today.

In the following video, please note the length of the train needed to accomodate the massive amounts armored vehicles being transported.

Additionally, I received this email 4 hours ago. The concents speak for themselves.

12:52 AM (4 hours ago)

to Common


Average American Taxpayer Sent $3,456 to the Pentagon Last Year "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

War Taxpayer Pentagon(CD)  As Americans rushed to pay their taxes on Tuesday before the official deadline, peace groups reminded the public of the uncomfortable fact that an astronomical amount of the money sent to the IRS each year goes not to funding education or a single-payer healthcare system the U.S. supposedly cant afford, but straight into the bloated coffers []


War with Syria -- What Is It Good For? We May Soon Find Out "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The American people may not favor this war -- though I can't see the unwashed (those of us with non-political lives) being much opposed. Yet should it come home, they'll surely pay most of the price -- and no doubt be thanked for their service after their deaths by those in the safe seats at corporate-owned cable news.


Audio Report: Fighting Kinder Morgan at Camp Cloud "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Audio Report: Fighting Kinder Morgan at Camp Cloud appeared first on It's Going Down.

Over the last several months, an encampment has been growing in Coast Salish Territory, also known as so-called British Columbia against a massive Kinder Morgan project, the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

In response, the project has faced mass opposition; in March, upwards of ten thousand marched against it. But while NGOs are concentrating on organizing large spectacles and symbolically blocking roads, a direct action encampment known as Camp Cloud and comprised of largely indigenous people has set up in the path of the pipeline. To learn more about this ongoing battle, we talked with Tia Chicome about how people are fighting back on the ground.


Posted by Clarissa Antone on Sunday, March 25, 2018

Chicome has recently been targeted for repression. As their fundraising page states:

In the early hours of March 21, indigenous land defender Tia Chicome heroically intervened to protect land defenders being charged by a truck in front of the KM Tank Farm. 

Land defenders put up their hands and yelled for the truck to stop. It did not stop and kept forcing the demonstrators backwards, pushing into their bodies with the grill of the truck. It was a very dangerous situation, and land defenders rallied to protect themselves.

Originally her charges consisted of assault and mischief, however she has now been handed over to Canadian Border Services Agency as an immigration issue. A lawyer has been arranged to represent Chicome on both the criminal and immigration charges, and her daughter is being safely cared for. We...


Retrospective No. 1: "I'm Shocked, Shocked (about the Libby Commutation), Not" "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This is the first in an occasional series that I will be running of columns that I published both on OpEdNews and other sites, that bear relevance to current events. There will be very slight, if any, editing, and contemporaneous notes in [ ].I wrote this one, in 2007, on the commutation by Pres. George W. Bush of the sentence that Scooter Libby received for lying and obstruction of Justice in the Valerie Plame case.


When You Hide Something, Remember Where You Hid It "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

[I apologize for not being able to locate the comment that originally led me to this news.] Some ancient Japanese swords were found where they were hidden in 760AD.

NARA Two swords found under the Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple in the Meiji Era have been identified as sacred swords that had been missing for some 1,250 years since around 760 after Empress Komyo, the wife of Emperor Shomu, who built the Buddha, dedicated them along with other items to the temple, the temple said Monday.

The swords, decorated with gold, silver and lacquer, appear on the top of about 100 swords in the weapon list of the Kokka Chimpo Cho (book of national treasures to Todaiji) kept at the Shosoin repository at the temple. They are considered important historical materials.

The swords were discovered at the end of the Meiji Era (1868-1912) along with other items, including a silver pot near the pedestal on which the Great Buddha sits when three holes were created nearby for research purposes, and were designated together as national treasures in 1930.

[Japan Times]

Parsing the story of the Japanese swords is a bit difficult. The blades were missing for 1,250 years but were found in the 1900s. They were believed to be the swords, but have only recently identified using X-ray scans:

When researchers at the Gangoji institute for research of cultural property put the swords through an x-ray scan on Sept. 30 as part of preservation and repair work, inscriptions, hidden from the naked eye by rust, were found near the handles of the swords. The inscriptions, made by inlaying another metal into the metal of the sword, read Yohoken (treasure sword of light) and Inhoken (treasure sword of shadow). These two names come at the top of a record of 100 swords donated by Empress Komyo (701-760) to the large Buddha at Todaiji Temple. The lengths and decorations of the swords almost perfectly match the record.

The Japanese, oddly, are fairly cagy about publishing pictures of swords. Im not sure why, but its difficult to find photos of various great blades. The blades in question were ancient, and well before the advent of the Japanese sword-form we have come to recognize as the samurai sword they looked more like Chinese wushu swords.



Video: Cop Who Was Fired for Not Writing Enough Tickets Finally Speaks Out "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

cop fired not writing enough tickets(ANTIMEDIA) A police officer in Alpharetta, Georgia, claims he was fired for not issuing enough traffic tickets to motorists in the area. Officer Daniel Capps was on the force for nine years and was ultimately terminated because he declined to issue a traffic ticket to a driver after he bumped into another car. According to a department memo []


While China Picks Winners, Trump Picks Losers "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

America has always had an industrial policy. The real question is whether it's forward-looking (the Internet, solar, zero-emissions buses) or backwards (coal). Trump wants a backwards industrial policy. That's not surprising, given that everything else he and his administration are doing is designed to take us backwards.

Tuesday, 17 April


Why wouldnt we want to be related to them? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Some anti-evolutionists think they are being clever when the point to chimpanzees , monkeys, and apes as evidence that evolution cannot occur, saying things like if we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?. That is stupid enough but even worse is that some seem to think that being biologically related to them is somehow shameful and something that we should be embarrassed about.

But watch this mother gorilla tenderly caress her baby seconds after giving birth. ((Via Carla Sinclair.)

And see how four baboons found a way to escape from confinement. (Via Jason Weisberger .)

Why would you be ashamed to be related to them, when humans can be so much worse?


Jacks Walk "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

We had a lot of freezing rain over the weekend and it caused some minor damage to the trees in my neighbourhood. A few small branches down here and there, but nothing serious. I wish I could say the same about our favorite trail in the woods. Today we found major storm damage there, including three large trees, each about 25 30 meters high, pulled up by the roots and laying across the path. There are also several smaller trees and lots of large branches down across the forest and over the path. We went around a lot of obstacles today and in places we had to scramble up and over. This will likely cause damage to the flowers as well because people are treading off the walking path and onto the beds where the trilliums and jack-in-the-pulpit grow. We also heard a few branches cracking overhead which gave the whole place quite an eerie feel. All in all not our usual walk today.

fallen trees

Fallen tree

Uprooted tree

Uprooted tree

voyager, all rights reserved




YouTube Vs 420 & The Great Cannabis Purge of 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

YouTube Strikes Again! This time their purge is aimed at cannabis related channels because they to are going up against the status quo by exposing big Pharma and educating people on the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the latest news regarding censorship on the YouTube platform while also explaining his plans for extensive and exclusive coverage coming up of this years 420 event in Vancouver!


IRS E-File and Payment Systems Crash Hours Before Tax Day Deadline "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

With less than 12 hours to go until the Tax Day deadline, The IRS's E-Filing system and "Direct Pay" systems are unavailable.

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Rebuild Tooth Enamel and Treat Dental Cavities From Home "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Dental cavities plague nearly every age group and come with serious health concerns, according to the World Health Organization. Additionally, the costs of treating dental cavities and related diseases can be a huge economic burden. Now, there is a new product being created that uses proteins that rebuild tooth enamel and treat dental cavities. Lead []

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Russia: Douma Open to Press, Says Trump/May Lied - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

After speaking with eyewitnesses on the ground in Syria, even mainstream media are beginning to cast doubt on the Wests narrative of an alleged gas attack in Douma


Thousands of US Troops Amass on Syrias Border in Jordan for Military Drill "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

troops jordan(ANTIMEDIA)  In what can only be described as a remarkable coincidence, thousands of U.S. Marines arrived in Jordan at around the same time the U.S., U.K., and France were organizing a direct military strike on Jordans neighbor, Syria. According to the Marine Corps Times, nearly 3,600 U.S. troops, including roughly 1,800 Marines with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, arrived in []


Social Media Now Being Used by Police and Intelligence Agencies to Collect Biometrics "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Nicholas West Amid the ongoing Facebook/Cambridge Analytica debacle over their general surveillance and misuse of users private data, there is an emerging trend that...


Koreas Negotiating Peace Treaty & End To Demilitarized Zone "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The 1950 to 1953 war between North and South Korea ended their hostilities with a truce and the creation of a demilitarized zone. Now the North and South Korea governments are preparing to announce a permanent end to the Korean War, he  newspaper Munhwa Ilbo reported Tuesday, citing an unnamed South Korean official. CNBC reports: Ahead of a summit next week between North Korean premier Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, lawmakers from the neighboring states were thought to be negotiating the details of a joint statement that could outline an end to the confrontation. Kim and Moon could also discuss returning the heavily fortified demilitarized zone separating them to its original state, the newspaper said.


Pakistan heading towards chaos - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

  Asif Haroon Raja India has all along been trying to breakup Pakistan, but it became a collective target of Indo-US-Israeli nexus after it opted to gain nuclear capability in 1970s.  Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, India and Israel in collaboration kept trying to knockout Kahuta plant. In this regard, imposition of Pressler amendment in []


Mike Lees New Project Measures Social Capital And The Closeness Of Communities "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Senator Mike Lee, vice chairman of Congresss Joint Economic Committee, discusses a new index measuring decline in our countrys social capital, on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour. Both Lee and Scott Winship, director of the Social Capital Project, discuss what studying families, health, crime, and volunteer work tells us about the state of institutions, religion, and loneliness.

I think we are all sort of seeing this immediate short-term gain from technology and from doing less interaction with people, but it does leave behind this longer term emptiness that I personally think has causes a lot of folks to worry more about economics than they should, Winship said.

Listen to the full episode here:


As The Us Starts A New War In Syria With No Evidence, Israel Is Murdering Civilians "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By  Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project

Over the weekend, the United States led a coordinated attackalong with French and British forceson the sovereign country of Syria. Western nations have ganged up on and attacked this sovereign state, launching countless missiles, hitting civilian targets, and, all of it was based on alleged crimes for which they had no evidence.

After the strikes Friday night, the French and British governments released the supposed evidence they had to justify the act of war carried out by allied nations in Syria. The reports admitted to not having any actual intelligence and the evidence was based on open source information widely available on the internet.\

As The Us Starts A New War In Syria With No Evidence, Israel Is Murdering Civilians "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By  Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project

Over the weekend, the United States led a coordinated attackalong with French and British forceson the sovereign country of Syria. Western nations have ganged up on and attacked this sovereign state, launching countless missiles, hitting civilian targets, and, all of it was based on alleged crimes for which they had no evidence.

After the strikes Friday night, the French and British governments released the supposed evidence they had to justify the act of war carried out by allied nations in Syria. The reports admitted to not having any actual intelligence and the evidence was based on open source information widely available on the internet.\


Lawyer Burns Himself To Death To Protest Environmental Destruction "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By , Ecowatch

A nationally known civil rights lawyer and environmental advocate died after setting himself on fire in Brooklyns Prospect Park on Saturday to protest environmental destruction.

David Buckel, 60, doused himself with an accelerant before starting a fire that ultimately killed him.

I apologize to you for the mess, he wrote in a suicide note he left in a shopping cart near his body, the Daily News reported.

In an emailed copy of the note the New York Times received, he said: Pollution ravages our planet, oozing inhabitability via air, soil, water and weather. Most humans on the planet now breathe air made unhealthy by fossil fuels, and many die early deaths as a resultmy early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves.

The Times further reported:

In his note, which was received by the Times at 5:55 a.m., Mr. Buckel discussed the difficulty of improving the world even for those who make vigorous efforts to do so.

Privilege, he said, was derived from the suffering of others.

Many who drive their own lives to help others often realize that they do not change what causes the need for their help, Mr....

Lawyer Burns Himself To Death To Protest Environmental Destruction "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By , Ecowatch

A nationally known civil rights lawyer and environmental advocate died after setting himself on fire in Brooklyns Prospect Park on Saturday to protest environmental destruction.

David Buckel, 60, doused himself with an accelerant before starting a fire that ultimately killed him.

I apologize to you for the mess, he wrote in a suicide note he left in a shopping cart near his body, the Daily News reported.

In an emailed copy of the note the New York Times received, he said: Pollution ravages our planet, oozing inhabitability via air, soil, water and weather. Most humans on the planet now breathe air made unhealthy by fossil fuels, and many die early deaths as a resultmy early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves.

The Times further reported:

In his note, which was received by the Times at 5:55 a.m., Mr. Buckel discussed the difficulty of improving the world even for those who make vigorous efforts to do so.

Privilege, he said, was derived from the suffering of others.

Many who drive their own lives to help others often realize that they do not change what causes the need for their help, Mr...


If you're not growing, you're dying "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

If you're not growing, you're dying. This is an exact statement made to me recently by a business owner in a small town. It is conventional wisdom, especially amongst the small town business community. And it is a belief based on observation. Indeed, when you look generally across the landscape, towns that are not growing are dying.

This points out the fragility of our current model of growth and development: Cities that don't grow, die.

Today I would like you to ponder two things about that statement. First, why is that a reality for so many places? And second, what does this say about the future of America's cities and towns?

Growth as we know it today is driven primarily by four mechanisms, which we have discussed in detail previously but which I will mention briefly again.

The gains here are not real in the sense that they foretell some new age of prosperity. The growing simply allows you to not be dying for a little bit longer.

They are:

  1. Transfer payments between governments.
  2. Demand-driven transportation spending.
  3. Debt, both public and private.
  4. The Growth Ponzi Scheme.

What all these mechanisms share is that they create short-term financial benefits for a community, but almost always generate even greater long-term financial burdens. The long-term imbalance is due to the auto-oriented, spread out nature of our development pattern. When the true cost of development is masked, there is little incentive to think about the unsustainable long-term maintenance expenses inherent in this way of building.

But the short-term benefits are real and, in our dominant pattern of development, they're necessary to the very existence of what we build. You see, the notion that if you are not growing, you are dying is persuasive precisely because those short-term financial gains do happenand they need to happen in order to make up for the failings of the prior bad investments the new (bad) development is meant to replace.  

Our pattern of development is one big Ponzi scheme. We must grow or die the same way Bernie Madoff needed to grow his portfolio of new investors to pay off older investors. Or the same way interest-only mortgage holders needed housing prices to continue to climb so they could cover their debts. The gains here are not real in the sense that they foretell some new age of prosperity. The growing simply allows you to...


TCK RADIO: (MrMBB333) Binary System Approaching & Weird Wildlife Behavior - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Special guest Michael aka "MrMBB333" joins me to discuss: latest weird weather anomalies from around the world.


7 Habits That Are Making You Unhappy "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

Sometimes it is less what we do, and more what we dont do that has the biggest impact on our lives.

Happiness; something that everyone wants to find in some form, yet elusive enough that many never really find the deep level of satisfaction that they crave. Often we go for everything that surrounds the potential happiness, instead of just going direct to the source. This often leads to immense suffering.

There are many things in the world, yet none of those things will actually bring us anywhere closer to our desires. It is feelings that we need, and feelings are created by experiences and mindset.

There are many decisions we can make that will bring us closer to the life we desire, but often it is the things we choose not to do that will have the biggest impact.


It is good to have high standards, but if you expect things to be perfect you will be in for a rough ride. Those who manage to find happiness do so as a result of being able to adapt to the given situation.

Nothing will ever be perfect and you can always tweak an idea to enhance it in some way. But when you get stuck in this, you will never hold the fruit of your labour and eventually the fruit will turn sour.

Sometimes you have a very specific idea and goal, the evolution of this can change over time. If you refuse to adapt, it wil...

7 Habits That Are Making You Unhappy "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

Sometimes it is less what we do, and more what we dont do that has the biggest impact on our lives.

Happiness; something that everyone wants to find in some form, yet elusive enough that many never really find the deep level of satisfaction that they crave. Often we go for everything that surrounds the potential happiness, instead of just going direct to the source. This often leads to immense suffering.

There are many things in the world, yet none of those things will actually bring us anywhere closer to our desires. It is feelings that we need, and feelings are created by experiences and mindset.

There are many decisions we can make that will bring us closer to the life we desire, but often it is the things we choose not to do that will have the biggest impact.


It is good to have high standards, but if you expect things to be perfect you will be in for a rough ride. Those who manage to find happiness do so as a result of being able to adapt to the given situation.

Nothing will ever be perfect and you can always tweak an idea to enhance it in some way. But when you get stuck in this, you will never hold the fruit of your labour and eventually the fruit will turn sour.

Sometimes you have a very specific idea and goal, the evolution of this can change over time. If you refuse to adapt, it wi...


Famed War Reporter Robert Fisk Reaches Syrian Chemical Attack Site, Concludes They Were Not Gassed "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Robert Fisks bombshell first-hand account for the UK Independent runs contrary to nearly every claim circulating in major international press concerning what happened just over week ago on April 7th in an embattled suburb outside Damascus: not only has the veteran British journalist found no evidence of a mass chemical attack, but hes encountered multiple local eyewitnesses who experienced []

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Media Cover-up: Shielding Israel a Matter of Policy "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Media spin will continue to provide Israel with the needed margins to carry out its violent policies against the Palestinian people, with no moral accountability. The current disgraceful coverage of Gaza's popular protests indicates that the media's position aims at suppressing the truth on Palestine, at any cost and by any means.


When Will America Wake Up And Tackle Its Homelessness Problem? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Seattle spends $1.06 billion a year in a feigned effort to help the homeless, yet that money is used on programs that help companies and corporations profit from their destitution medical visits, insurance, etc. while it would cost only $192 million to house and care for all the homeless people in King County.  []

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Mainstream Journalist Visits Site of Syrian Gas Attack, Questions Official Story "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Syrian Children gas attack(ANTIMEDIA)  There are more than enough sound reasons to doubt the official narrative on the Syrian conflict and the alleged poison gas attack, according to the Independents Robert Fisk, who is currently on the ground in the Syrian city of Douma. While in Douma, Fisk met with Dr. Assim Rahaibani, a Syrian doctor from an underground clinic that emerged as []


Quite Possibly a Greater and More Imminent Danger than WW3 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I've been aware of climate change since 1977, when reading Energy for Survival: An alternative to extinction. Then kicked in the head again in 1997, in an article in Orion Magazine, which made six predictions that have all since come true, with a vengeance. And of course again in the past two decades or so, when we read about this in the headlines (as freak storms, etc.).


Young Turks Are Leaving Islam For Deism "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Turkish students in state-sponsored Islamic schools are leaving Islam for Deism. This has Turkish government and religious officials upset. It would be wonderful to see the same thing happen in the US as it would greatly weaken the religious right.


Rinse, Lather, Repeat: False WMD Accusations As Tool of Foreign Policy - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

from SouthFront Recently, rumors and provocations have become the main, if not the only, instrument of the so-called US-led bloc to justify its aggressive and two-faced policy around the world. Douma chemical attack On April 14, the US, the UK and France delivered a massive missile strike on Syria describing their actions as a response []


The Art of Maureen Tepedino Featured on April 22, 2018! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The art of Maureen Tepedino will be celebrated in a new exhibit entitled "Imagination: Art that Speaks to You" at the Upper West in Santa Monica on April 22nd, from 4-7 pm.


Life Credits "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Life Credits starts from being honest with one's self; to see the energy that is associated with each and every purchase as well as earning. To simply call it for what it is so that one can start to break down the lies by putting away the euphemisms and perhaps question more.


Funny, Wise Quotations on Taxes "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This article was originally published April 15, 2016.

Filling Out Tax Forms with Fiction


Income tax returns are the most imaginative fiction being written today. (Herman Wouk)

The income tax created more criminals than any other single act of government. (Barry Goldwater)

The income tax has made more liars out of the American people than golf has. Even when you make a tax form out on the level, you dont know when its through if you are a crook or a martyr. (Will Rogers)

The avoidance of taxes is the only intellectual pursuit that still carries any reward. (John Maynard Keynes)

There isnt a rich man in your vast city who doesnt perjure himself every year before the tax board. They are all caked with perjury, many layers thick. Iron-clad, so to speak. If there is one that isnt, I desire to acquire him for my museum, and will pay Dinosaur rates. (Mark Twain)

They cant collect legal taxes from illegal money. (Al Capone)

I am willing to barter my nudity for your love. That way the IRS cant tax our transaction. (Jarod Kintz)

There are no withholding taxes on the wages of sin. (Mae West)

The IRS spends God knows how much of your tax money on these toll-free information hot lines staffed by IRS employees, whose idea of a dynamite tax tip is that you should print neatly. If you ask them a real tax question, such as how you can cheat, theyre useless. (Dave Barry)

Guide to the Perplexed


This is a question too difficult for a mathematician. It should be asked of a philosopher. (when asked about completing his income tax form) (Albert Einstein)

The devil appears in many forms, but the most nefarious of all are tax forms. (Jarod Kintz)

Of course the truth is that the congresspersons are too busy raising campaign money to read the laws they pass. The laws are written by staff tax nerds who can put pretty much any wording they want in there. I bet that if you actually read the entire vastness of the US Tax Code, youd find at least one sex scene (Yes, yes, YES! moaned Vanessa as Lance, his taut body moist with moisture, again and again depreciated her adjusted gross rate of annualized fiscal debenture). (Dave Barry)

There is an ancient belief that the gods love the obscure and hate the obvious. Without benefit of divinity, modern men of similar persuasion draft provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. Section 341 is their triumph. (Martin D. Ginsburg)

You Will Pay



Democracy Needs a Free Press -- Even in the Congo "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Transformational change in the Democratic Republic of Congo must start with a free press.


Critiquing PCness: Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

We need a shared belief system as a code for mutually predictable relations, expectations, desires allowing for cooperation, peaceful competition. We need a clear value system because both perception and action require a goal. For this to work, we need to take responsibility to strive for goals consistent with reality. Hey, this is Islam or Christianity!


Facebook Is Violating Your Privacy Via Facial Recognition Technology "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

On April 6, a coalition of consumer privacy organizations led by the Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, accusing Facebook of violating individuals privacy via the companys facial recognition practices. The complaint focuses on changes to Facebooks policy which went into effect in early 2018, namely the ability to scan user []

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Australian TV Host Peta Credlin Goes Off On Transgender Birth Certificates "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Australian TV host Peta Credlin gave a short monologue yesterday against a proposal to let people at whim call themselves or their newborns male, female, intersex, unspecified, or indeterminate on their birth certificates. She notes this ideas proponents say its the next step after government affirmation of same-sex relationships, although at the time that was not publicly sold as an entrance point for transsexual politics.

Trust us, they said, didnt they? Love is love,' she recalls.

Children are born a boy or a girl, [for] the vast bulk of humanity, Credlin says, because stating the obvious is now not only necessary, it even requires courage. That is a biological fact, and laws must reflect reality.

Credlin noted an exception is logical for the approximately 1.5 percent of humans who are discovered, usually at puberty, to have both male and female reproductive organs due to chromosomal abnormalities. But then and only then is the time right to alter a birth certificate, armed with medical fact, but not in a birthing suite due to the whim of a parent who wants to record [her] child as nonbinary, Credlin continued.

This is nothing more than a dangerous push by the Left into records we have kept as civilizations since almost as long as we have had the written word. Assuming change from the outset is designed to disrupt social norms and it must be resisted.

The Australian News Weekly notes the Victorian Upper House voted down transgendering Victorian birth certificates in 2016. When Victorian opposition parliamentarians asked, if a person can change their sex, can they also change their age or change their race? Labor members had no answer.

The proposal would require no physical alterations to a persons body before retconning his or her birth certificate. Transgender activists claim that would discriminate against trans people or those who identify as something other than transgender, male, or female (such as  visual trigger warning ...


577,The Unluckiest Number,Ten years out......The British Columbia Diluted Bitumen pipeline disaster "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

(I wrote this story in 2010....I wrote it in response to the proposed Enbridge northern gateway pipeline.....nothing has changed, big oil will never go away, the fight to save B.C. goes no world Eden safe, can't we as a species strive to save what little clean environment that's left...Kinder Morgan is not our friend...however, KM is not our worst's Trudeau, Notley and PostMedia's entire corporate newspaper chain..add in CKNW which is wholly owned by corporate propaganda central Global B.C.....we're alone on this one people...Horgan won't stop Kinder Morgan, nor will anyone help us....It will be the people of BC that stop Kinder Morgan...there will be political casualties..namely Trudeau and Notley(although Notley is already gone).....this story, change location, Island names and....this disaster is in the gulf Islands..

The Kinder Morgan Pipeline Disaster, Ten Years Out.......Grant G..April/17th....2018...)

Written by Grant G
                                    Number 577, The Unluckiest Number

The 10 year anniversary next month of the Bengal Lion Star tragedy and I had to come to ground zero to see for myself, perhaps it was a mistake to come here, from what I have seen i`m way too angry to cry and too sad for fury, in fact I almost have that peaceful easy feeling.

How I miss my dad`s analytical explanation and mom`s hope springs eternal talks, yet I fear that neither parent could explain away this tragedy, 10 years later, 10 years of black death extending it`s reach.

Looking around by boat off Banks island, one mile from ground zero the feeling is of the surreal, trees are still green but any ocean life or bird activity is eerily quiet, no salmon fry swimming , no squawking gulls just silence, for tens of miles in every direction the great kelp forests are gone, who gave us permission to gam...


US: Russia Hacked The Evidence Of Chemical Attack In Syria "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

We are now being told (and I assure you I am not making this up) that if the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons doesnt find evidence that the Syrian government conducted a chemical weapons attack in Douma last week, its because Russia hid the evidence. It is our understanding the Russians may have []

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World Renowned Scientists Have Their Lab Shut Down After Troublesome Vaccine Discovery "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In the 90s, Dr. Antonietta Gatti discovered the relationship between micro- and nano-particles as well as a great number of pathologies: cardiovascular diseases, many forms of cancer, multiple neurological diseases, and autoimmune diseases. Shes taken part in many international research projects, including the pathologies induced by depleted uranium, waste incineration, food polluted with inorganic particles, []

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What James Comey Gets Wrong About Donald Trump "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

To assure that presidents did not become elected despots, and to guarantee that unfit leaders could be removed when necessary, George Mason argued at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 that "No point is of more importance than that the right of impeachment should be continued."


Why Not Emphasize Assad Had No MOTIVE To Use Gas! He Had Defeated the Terrorists Sent by USA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Why Not Emphasize That Assad Had No MOTIVE To Use Gas When He Already Defeated the Terrorists Sent and Armed by USA and Saudi Arabia, While Assad's Enemies Had a Reason to Stage a Gas Attack To Give USA a Pretext To Bomb Yet Again.


Southwest Airlines flight makes emergency landing in Philadelphia "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

PHILADELPHIA A Southwest Airlines jet made an emergency landing at Philadelphias airport Tuesday with part of the covering from its left engine ripped off and a window damaged. Passengers walked off the plane onto the tarmac at the airport.

It wasnt immediately known if anyone on board was injured. Southwest said 143 passengers and five crew members were on the plane.

Passenger Marty Martinez did a brief Facebook Live posting while wearing an oxygen mask. He posted, Something is wrong with our plane! It appears we are going down! Emergency landing!! Southwest flight from NYC to Dallas!!

Via CBS News
Featured Image: Andy LoPresto/Flick

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U.S. claims Russia hacked Syrian attack evidence, after Russia finds rebel chemical weapons facility "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Update: Interfax reports that the Russian military has discovered a rebel-owned chemical weapons lab in Douma.

The Russian Defense Ministry says that components for Mustard Gas production were discovered along with cylinders of chlorine at a alb belonging to militants in Douma.

Additionally, Moscow has said it is stunned by a French statement that Russia is obstructing OPCW experts from entering Syrias Douma (echoing Ambassador Wards). the Russian foreign  ministry confirms OPCW expoerts are already in Douma.

*  *  *

And on the game goes

While Russias foreign ministry warns that Western powers are interfering with OPCWs work in Syria (noting that the chemical weapons experts access to Douma is being hampered by remaining militants, supported by Washington), as Caitlin Johnstone details, we are now being told by US officials (and I assure you I am not making this up) that if the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons doesnt find evidence that the Syrian government conducted a chemical weapons attack in Douma last week, its because Russia hid the evidence.

It is our understanding the Russians may have visited the attack site, reports U.S. Ambassador Kenneth Ward.

It is our concern that they may have tampered with it with the intent of thwarting the efforts of the OPCW Fact-Finding Mission to conduct an effective investigation.

Via Caitlin Johnstone,

I guess the idea is that this international top-level investigative team on which tremendous credibility has been placed by the western world can be thwarted by Russians showing up with a Hoover and spraying some Febreze in the air like a teenage stoner when mom comes home? Im not sure, but given the immense dearth of evidence weve been seeing in support of the establishment Douma narrative and the mounting pile of evidence contradicting it, it sure does sound fishy.

Now that the jihadist-occupied suburb of Douma has been retaken by the Syrian government, western journalists ha...


Congress should ensure the investigation of the Special Counsel is protected "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Today, the Sunlight Foundation endorsed the Special Counsel Transparency Act to preserve evidence and recommendations that result from Special Counsel Robert S. Muellers investigation, should President Donald J. Trump fire him.

Additionally, we joined a coalition of good government and ethics watchdogs in a letter urging the U.S. House Judiciary Committee to support the bill.

The Special Counsel Transparency Act would protect the Special Counsels investigation by triggering the disclosure of evidence to Congress in the event of the Muellers dismissal, which helps prevent a cover-up, protects any evidence of wrongdoing, and reasserts Congresss relevance to the investigation, all at the same time, said John Wonderlich, our executive director, in a statement to the public and press. Congress should carefully consider and then pass this bill, and quickly.

We dont come to this decision lightly, but recent events have suggested that the special counsels office and its investigation could be imperiled by a president who has become isolated and unnerved in the wake of a corruption inv...


Durham Becomes First City in US to Ban Cops From Going to Israel for Military-Style Training "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Cops across the country routinely participate in a program in which they travel to Israel to receive training in policing tactics. To prevent the militarization of their police force, the city of Durham has banned this practice.

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The Youth Are Protesting This Much More Than Gun Control "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Kids are protesting this much more than they are guns confiscation rallies. What are they protesting?



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From the Hagmann blood sugar protocol to the Hodges joint protocol, Dr. Broer has helped hundreds of thousands of people. There is something for everybody at Take 5% off the cost of your order with coupon code DAVE5

From the Hagmann blood sugar protocol to the Hodges joint protocol, Dr. Broer has helped hundreds o...


Who is Alan Grayson and Why is He Asking Questions About Syria? - Veterans Today | News Military Foreign Affairs VA "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Editors note:  Alan Grayson is a former member of US House of Representatives from Florida.  Grayson is Jewish, formerly a backer of any Israeli policy and known to VT through our contacts in Israeli intelligence.    There are those there, our compatriots as it were, men of honor, who stand with us.  This is why []


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Goddamnit Morrissey "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I had a difficult time coming up with a name for my blog. Im not very creative, so I picked a song by an artist I adored Morrissey. And Morrissey is, well, problematic. Im not going to rehash all of the questionable opinions hes vomited out over the years. The idea for this post actually came from the last time he said something terrible but, like dozens of other posts Ive began and left idle, I never finished it. For that instance, he had some thoughts on Kevin Spacey and #metoo:

Morrissey says that the whole thing has become a play, and that the definition of sexual harassment has become so broad that every person on this planet is guilty. Specifically, he says that the allegations against Kevin Spacey are ridiculous, saying that if he was 26 and alone in a bedroom with a 14-year-old boy, then the boys shouldve known what was going to happen. When you are in somebodys bedroom, he says, you have to be aware of where that can lead to. Because of that, he thinks Spacey has been unnecessarily attacked.

This was on the heels of his new garbage album. Coupled with his last garbage album, he hasnt made good music in almost a decade. Yet he still sells out everywhere he plays and has an extremely devoted fanbase. This gives him a modicum of mainstream relevancy so, unfortunately, microphones keep being shoved in his face. Behold the most recent example:

As far as racism goes, the modern loony left seem to forget that Hitler was leftwing, he says now. When someone calls you racist, what they are saying is: hmm, you actually have a point, and I dont know how to answer it, so perhaps if I distract you by calling you a bigot well both forget how enlightened your comment was.

Yes, people tend to forget that Hitler was leftwing I mean, cmon people, Socialism is in the freaking name of his ideology! Also, when I call someone a racist, deep down I think that theyre right. Moreover, it masks the fact that I have no way of responding to the airtight logic so masterfully deployed by those I unjustifiably call bigots. Fuck.

Anyways, my blog name is bad. Fortunately for me, most people probably dont even know...


North and South Korea in Talks to Officially End Korean War: Report "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

(CD)  Technically, North and South Korea are still at war, and have been for more than six decadesbut an absolutely earth-shaking new report on Tuesday indicates the Korean War may soon be coming to an end. Citing an anonymous South Korean diplomatic official, Munhwa Ilboa South Korean daily newspaperreported that the neighboring countries are hashing out a []


A Small Town Mayor Puts Strong Towns Principles into Action "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

 Mayor Lou Radkowski (Photo by Elena Radkowski)

Mayor Lou Radkowski (Photo by Elena Radkowski)

Lou Radkowski is a Strong Towns member and the Mayor of St. Marys, a town of about 13,000 in northwestern Pennsylvania. On top of that, hes also a dad to seven kids (see the photo at the top) and works another full-time job. I chatted with him in the midst of his busy life about his time in office, how hes implementing Strong Towns ideas in his community, and what the Strong Towns movement has taught him.

Rachel: What encouraged you to run for office?

Mayor Lou: I decided to run basically because Ive always wanted to. From a young age, I was always interested in government, politics and the machine that makes everything work. I have a family and relocated back to the town where I grew up. I felt that [running for office] would be a way to share some skills and experience I have with my town.

Rachel: What are the biggest issues your town is facing that you want to address?

Mayor Lou: The big one is trying to stop the brain drain and population decline. Ive been catching up on my Strong Towns Podcast episodes and the one with Haile McCollum from Thomasville, Georgia really spoke to me. As Ive been reaching out on Slack and contributing to discussion, Im seeing that there are a lot of folks out there in rural America struggling, too.

Basically the overarching principle is to just stop it either flat line or increase the population by 2030. Im hoping we can adopt a strategic plan in one of our next meetings. One key part of that is reinventing our downtown to make it a place again and not just an area where traffic just passes through. We also want to get kids more involved. Id like to start a youth council in town to get them more engaged and let them know we care about them. I saw [Jonathan Holth's] recent article on that topic. A lot of the things that I want to do are in line with the stuff you all put out on Strong Towns. Thats why I...


Pink Floyd Frontman Stops Concert To Explain False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By John Vibes During a solo concert this week in Barcelona, Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters took a moment to address the audience about the...


The Crisis Is Only In Its Beginning Stages "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Until Washington is effectively resisted, Washington's European vassals, the UN Security Council and the OPCW will stand with Washington. Once Washington experiences a defeat, NATO will dissolve and with this dissolution Washington's ability to threaten other countries will lose its cover and evaporate.


Wake: The Hidden History of Women-Led Slave Revolts. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Page from Wake by Rebecca Hall and Hugo Martinez (all images courtesy Hugo Martinez).

Page from Wake by Rebecca Hall and Hugo Martinez (all images courtesy Hugo Martinez).

In 1712, New York City witnessed a dramatic uprising when over 20 black slaves, fighting against their unjust conditions, set fire to several houses of white slaveowners and fatally shot nine. Known today as the New York Slave Revolt of 1712, the insurgence resulted in the conviction and public execution of 21 slaves, as well as more severe slave codes. While sources often state that these rebels were all men, the historian Dr. Rebecca Hall has identified four women who were captured during the clashing and were tried. Their names were Amba, Lilly, Sarah, and Abigail.

Erased from history books, their stories will now be told in vivid form by Hall, who has devoted much of her career to unearthing the roles of women in slave revolts. Hall is currently working on her first graphic novel, which will highlight female rebels in various 18th-century uprisings, from three in New York to those that broke out on slave ships. Titled Wake: The Hidden History of Women-Led Slave Revolts, the 150-page work emerges out of Halls 2004 dissertation on the same topic. She is now collaborating with independent comic artist Hugo Martinez to produce the storyboards and, through Friday, May 4, is raising $5,900 on Kickstarter to realize it for submission to publishers.

The way the history of slave resistance has been written, this very gendered narrative developed about how manly and masculine enslaved men actually were, which served to elide the role that women played, Hall told Hyperallergic. I was going against everything being taught in womens roles in slave resistance by insisting that, if I looked, I bet I would find these women. She recalled how her dissertation advisor had told her that she wouldnt find any sources to realize her chosen topic; how one archive claimed that it had no related material.

This is a fascinating, and I th...


Inside the Inquisition: How the Church gets away with Crime "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


This Sunday April 22 on Here We Stand: 

at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern and 11 pm GMT at


Like other churches with a genodical legacy, the United Church of Canada is a law unto itself, destroying the innocent and crushing dissent with impunity and immunity. And yet its operations are shrouded in mystery, unaccountable and untouchable.

As part of the global Operation Atonement, todays program features an insiders detailed account of how a secret United Church court stripped him of his civil rights and expelled him from the ministry in order to cover up its crimes against native people. The insider is Kevin Annett, who was railroaded out of the church soon after he exposed the latters theft of Ahousaht land and murder of children in its Indian residential schools.

In the words of human rights observer Dr. Jennifer Wade,

The kangaroo court expulsion of Kevin Annett from his profession was the worst travesty of justice Ive ever seen, made all the more atrocious by the deeper crimes it was concealing. I could not believe such a thing could happen in Canada.

To know how to stop the churchs crimes, we must first understand how they get away with them. Tune in this Sunday and find out.

See and



Comeys Book Tied Trumps Removal Under the 25th Amendment Disability Clause "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Disgraced FBI Director, James Comey, recently wrote a book called A Higher Loyalty. Is he talking loyalty to the Deep State? In his book, Comey talks about his actions towards Hillary Clinton. You will not believe the words that came out of Comeys mouth. The apparent purpose of the book is tied to impugning the Presidents mental health which could result in his removal from office under the 25the Amendment.


The post Comeys Book Tied Trumps Removal Under the 25th Amendment Disability Clause appeared first on Dave Hodges - The Common Sense Show.


The White Privilege Tax Deduction. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Hyperallergic asked CM Campbell, a black artist, to design a rather special tax form. Head on over to see the full form!


They Were Not Gassed: Famed Reporter Reaches Syrian Chemical Attack Site "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Robert Fisk Syria Chemical Weapons(ZHE)  Robert Fisks bombshell first-hand account for the UK Independent runs contrary to nearly every claim circulating in major international press concerning what happened just over week ago on April 7th in an embattled suburb outside Damascus: not only has the veteran British journalist found no evidence of a mass chemical attack, but hes encountered multiple local eyewitnesses who experienced []


Bill Maher on How Every Generation Could Be Called the What Were You Thinking? Generation. Cell Phones in Pockets Included In Current List of Senseless Behavior. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By B.N. Frank On April 13, 2018 Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO), Bill provides the audience with a long list of what was once...


George Amiotte: Reflecting on my third tour of duty in Vietnam in 1969 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

It was 1969 and I was returning to Vietnam for my third tour of duty (TDY) with the 3rd Marine Division, Fleet Marine Force.


Today in OpenGov: Insufficient Commitment "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In today's edition, Trump businesses benefit from GOP campaign spending, Baton Rouge engineers its open data for community involvement, the case for closing digital loopholes in campaign finance transparency becomes more clear, more bad news for EPA chief Scott Pruitt, Hungarians take to the streets, and more. 


The Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC. 
  • Trump businesses made more than $15 million off political groups, federal agencies since 2015. 90% funneled through the Trump presidential campaign. "President Donald Trumps U.S. businesses have received at least $15.1 million in revenue from political groups and federal agencies since 2015, according to a new report to be released Monday. The money went to Trumps airplanes, hotels, golf courses, even a bottled water company during the presidential campaign and the first 15 months of his presidency, according to a compilation of known records of the spending by Public Citizen obtained by McClatchy. But it was Trumps campaign itself that spent the biggest chunk by far about 90 percent, or $13.4 million." (McClatchy DC)
  • More than 20% of Trump campaign spending this year has gone to legal fees. "President Donald Trump's 2020 reelection campaign has spent about $835,000 in legal fees so far this year, or about 22% of its total spending, according to the latest fundraising reports filed quarterly with the Federal Election Commission. The spending comes as Trump deals with the intensifying special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, as well as an ongoing legal battle with adult film star Stormy Daniels, whose given name is Ste...


'We will be back' vows leader of National Congress of American Indians after sovereignty vote fails "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A vote on the Tribal Labor Sovereignty Act failed in spectacular fashion evening but a key leader says the fight isn't over.


Science Supporters Gather in Oakland "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

On April 14, the second annual March for Science Bay Area included a walk around the Lake Merritt path, speakers, and live music. The sunny day event also featured information booths and hands-on demonstrations, speakers, live music and activities for children. Organizers explained they want robustly funded and publicly communicated science as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity.

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