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Friday, 16 November


Georgia & Florida MUST Have New Elections "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The infamously tainted elections in Georgia and Florida MUST be re-done while the whole world watches. These elections have been run by candidates who are running in them. There's no reason to have any confidence in any outcome. There's just one solution: New Elections. This time supervised by the United Nations, or some other neutral international body, under intense global scrutiny.


WikiLeaks Lawyer Warns U.S. Charges Against Assange Endanger Press Freedom Worldwide "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Assange case has been closely followed by advocates for press freedom. Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch tweeted, "Deeply troubling if the Trump administration, which has shown little regard for media freedom, would charge Assange for receiving from a government official and publishing classified information -- exactly what journalists do all the time."


Friday Cephalopod: Why are some cephalopods so clever? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Im just ruined for some things. Heres this article thats smack dab in my wheelhouse: Grow Smart and Die Young: Why Did Cephalopods Evolve Intelligence? Its a topic Im very interested in, but the article fell flat for me. Im going to be a bit nit-picky here.

The good part of the story is that its a review of various hypotheses for the evolution of intelligence in various clades. They propose 3 general classes of hypotheses.

  1. The Ecological Intelligence hypothesis. Intelligence arose in response to food foraging challenges. Youve got to have a detailed knowledge of your environment in order to take advantage of scarce or difficult to extract food sources.
  2. The Social Intelligence hypothesis. Animals with complex social interactions build complex brains to match.
  3. The Predator/Prey hypothesis. Avoiding predation in some organisms might require an intelligence comparable to that required to negotiate social interactions.

Not mentioned is an alternative sort-of null hypothesis: there was no selection for intelligence at all. It hitch-hiked along with an expansion of neural tissue associated with morphological changes intelligence is something that just emerges with a surplus of brains that arose for other reasons.

OK. With my addition, I think this is a reasonable framework for discussing the evolution of intelligence. Unfortunately, the paper has a couple of problems. One is that, well, its a review paper that doesnt have any data or experiments or even any real evidence. Its speculative, which is fine, but I went into it with higher expectations.

The one piece of information I found useful, though, was this table, which gathers together information about groups of animals with a reputation for intelligence and puts them in a comparative context. Thats what I like to see!

But. Heres what bugs me: its comparing a whole taxonomic class, the cephalopods, with a couple of families. The cephalopods are diverse, with some impressively intelligent representatives, like the octopus. But market squid? Are they particularly bright? I dont think so. We could say the same of primates are we really going to compare Galago with Homo? This table would have benefited from a much tighter focus.

It also leaves out some features uniq...


Tacoma #PrisonStrike Participant & Asylum Seeker Dies "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Tacoma #PrisonStrike Participant & Asylum Seeker Dies appeared first on It's Going Down.

A 40 year-old asylum seeker who went on hunger strike 86 days ago as part of the Nationwide Prison Strike has passed away at the Tacoma Northwest Detention facility. Amar Mergensanas death follows 11 months in immigration detention. The following statement comes from Northwest Detention Center Resistance.

Tacoma, WA Members of the Northwest Detention Center Resistance have received word that Amar Mergensana, a 40-year-old Russian asylum seeker, died in the detention center on the afternoon of Thursday, November 15th. NWDC Resistance received a phone call from a person currently detained in the solitary confinement unit of the now-infamous Tacoma immigration detention facility, stating that he had been held next door to Mr. Mergensana, and had seen paramedics unsuccessfully attempt to revive him, and had seen his body taken out of the detention center with blue hands and feet. Members of NWDC Resistance observed both paramedics and Tacoma Police Department vehicles at the facility yesterday afternoon, and Mr. Mergensana was described as unavailable for a legal visit by NWDC authorities.

Mr. Mergensana had arrived in the US last December, seeking asylum after crossing the US-Mexico border. With his attempts at securing asylum proving unsuccessful, he joined a hunger strike at the NWDC on August 23rd, as part of a larger national prison strike that ran from August 21st to Sunday, September 9th. Even after the hundreds of detained immigrants on hunger strike at the NWDC ended their protest, Mr. Mergensana continued to refuse meals, vowing to continue to starve himself until he either died or was released, given his fear of being deported to Russia. Mr. Mergensana was profiled by the news outlet Crosscut 50 days into his protest. Federal district court judge Benjamin Settle granted ICEs request to force hydration into Mr. Mergensana this past September, and Mr. Mergensana faced threats of forced-feeding throughout his hunger strike.

We are horrified and saddened by Amar Mergensanas death. He died protesting his detention and imminent deportation in the only way that was left to him. His death makes clear that ICE and GEO Group cannot guarantee the health and safety of people they cage. The more than one dozen hunger strikes by people detained since 2014, in which hundreds have taken part, speak to the need to shut down these cages for immigrants once and for all, stated Maru Mora Villalpando of NWDC Resistance. In the last written statement he gave us, Amar described being left in a cold locked r...


As California Burns, Trump Administration Battles Climate Lawsuit "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

As both ends of California burn in one of the deadliest fire seasons on record, the Trump administration is in court stymying an interesting approach to fighting climate change.

The Camp Fire roared through the northern town of Paradise, killing at least 63 people, while the Woolsey fire in Malibu torched the estates of the rich and famous, from Miley Cyrus and Shannen Doherty to Neil Young.

But in the stuffy halls of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, federal judges deliberate on yet another attempt from the Trump administration to thwart a trial that could lay bare the governments posture toward our environment.

The case, Juliana v. United States, has been stalled repeatedly by the federal government with a series of motions that have taken it all the way to the Supreme Court.

Twenty-one young people between the ages of 10 and 22 are the plaintiffs in the suit, including Kelsey Juliana, a student at the University of Oregon.

Climate change is the biggest threat to our earth, and our government is failing us, said Avery McRae, an 8th grader in Eugene, OR, and one of the plaintiffs with Our Childrens Trust, an Oregon nonprofit.

Philip Gregory, an attorney for the plaintiffs, has likened their case to Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark 90 Supreme Court ruling in 1954 that struck down segregation in public schools.

The finding in Brown was that children were being harmed due to separate but unequal rulings like Plessy v. Ferguson, Gregory said. When a policy is causing harm to children as the result of aggregate acts of the government, that policy is unconstitutional. That is exactly our case. The government has not introduced any evidence that the plaintiffs are not being harmed by climate change.

US Government Knew of the Harm for Decades


Gregory say...


This Years CMAs Depicted Country Music At A Crossroads "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

While we saw classic country performances by Nashville legends, more and more artists took the stage with songs that look, feel, and sound more like pop music.


Pomegranates are some of the best foods you can eat to prevent cancer "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


(Natural News) Why do you need to make pomegranates a part of your diet? Apart from being refreshingly delicious, pomegranates are packed with vital nutrients and offer many health benefits, among which is p...


Natural remedies for dermatitis "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


(Natural News) Dermatitis is the general name for skin inflammation. This condition is often...


How You Fight Internet Censorship "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Watch this video for tips on revolting against social media giants.

The post How You Fight Internet Censorship appeared first on Alternative News Network.


Marvel Legend Stan Lee And The Future Of The Comic Industry "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Washington Post writer David Betancourt joins Federalist Radio to discuss the work of Stan Lee and big changes in the superhero entertainment industry.


"Do We Not Bleed?" Ask Pakistanis "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

For every militant killed in Pakistan, at least 10 to 15 civilians are being killed. A comprehensive investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism revealed that only 12% of those killed in Pakistan by drones over the past 10 years were militants. Al Qaeda members, the original intended targets of the drone program, constitute only 4% of those killed.


The Air Quality Health Crisis from the California Wildfires "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The smoke from the California wildfires near Paradise, CA is producing the greatest air quality health crisis in the modern history of California.   Schools, universities, and sports events are being cancelled.

Although the terrible loss of life directly caused by wildfires in and near Paradise should not be minimized in any way, the health impacts of smoke will be profound, with millions of people being exposed to high concentrations of wood smoke.  Hospitalizations will surely increase and some increase mortality of vulnerable populations should be expected.

MODIS satellite imagery on Thursday at noon.  Dense smoke filled the central valley of CA and moved directly over the Bay Area.

For me, it is also personal.  My son, a healthy young man of 28 living in San Francisco, is greatly feeling that smoke as is his similarly aged co-workers and friends.  If young, healthy individuals are being sickened, can you image the impacts of those that are vulnerable?

The current air quality conditions around the Bay area are pretty extreme (see below), with much of San Francisco and neighboring areas in the very unhealthy range (200-300).   Looking at data around the world, it appears that San Francisco now has worse air quality than any major metropolitan area in the world, worse than even Beijing and Mumbai.

But what really stands out is the longevity of this poor air quality event-- extending 7-9 days now for many central CA locations.    From my perusal of the air quality data of the Bay Area Air Quality Agency and other sources, this event is unprecedented in the 20 year period of data available.


Marianne Williamson Announces Interest in 2020 Dem Nomination "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Progressive Marianne Williamson, author and facilitator of a series of Sister Giant conferences focusing on politics and spirituality, has announced that she is forming an exploratory committee for a presidential run.


Why is our disproportionately Jewish MSM obsessed with Nazi holocaust not Rohingya holocaust? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Press TV interview with Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor Aid groups and humanitarian agencies have warned about dangerous plans of repatriation of thousands of Rohingya Muslim refugees to their home country Myanmar, where they faced unimaginable atrocities at the hands of military. Press TV In this interview I bring up the very dangerous, taboo topic []


The Realist Report Ed Chiarini "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

On this edition of The Realist Report, were joined by Ed Chiarini, an independent media analyst that maintains the very thought-provoking website


Blundering American Ambassadors Unmask the War on Terror "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

                          By David Boyajian    We know that U.S. ambassadors tend to be bureaucratic and boring. If you challenge them forcefully, however, the resulting outbursts can provide stunning insights into their ineptitude and State Department policies. Consider the mind-boggling statements made by then-Ambassador to Armenia Richard M. Mills during the Q & []


Pentagon Fails Its First-Ever Official Audit "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Jason Ditz (ANTIWAR.COM)  After generations of being a black hole down which money goes, never to return, a team of 1,200 auditors tried to give...


Syrias Islamist Threat, Cooked in London, Served by Trump "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor with Nahed al Husani and Janice Kortkamp in Damascus Syria is going to hell in a handbasket This story cant be ignored.  The real disaster in Syria isnt Turkey and the Kurds or Israel and the threat of Russian air defenses.  The real danger is the idiots from MI6, Britains []


Jacks Walk "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Under the category of Be Careful What You Wish For, yesterdays November blues have turned into todays November whites. It is very pretty if you look past the mush on the road, and I do like the way the trees look with a blanket of snow, but thundering Jesus its made the walking hard. Most of the sidewalks havent been shoveled and my winter muscles for tramping are way out of shape. Suddenly its the season of boots and bundling up, of wiping Jacks feet and checking them for salt and of doing the slip and slide on snowy sidewalks and wet floors. Its also HappyJack season and thats just enough to make it all tolerable.

Frosting, voyager, all rights reserved


Taking advantage of the kindness of strangers "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This story has received widespread coverage but I felt that I had to comment on it because these kinds of things infuriate me. Last year, I read the heartwarming story of a homeless man who gave his last $20 to a woman whose car had run out of gas. The woman and her boyfriend posted this story online and started a GoFundMe page to raise money for the homeless man and received over $400,000.

It now turns out that the whole story was a scam and that the couple and the homeless man conspired to concoct the entire scheme. The scam was only exposed when the homeless man complained that the couple had spent nearly all the money on themselves living the high life and gave him very little, providing support for the old saying that there is no honor among thieves.

Why this story angers me is that such behavior takes advantage of the good nature of people. People are often touched by such stories and want to help out and reward those whom they see as deserving of assistance. A homeless person who is willing to help someone else is seen as worthy of being helped.

But this kind of swindle, even if it is sometimes just a prank, breeds cynicism and will result in people being much less willing to assist the next worthy cause, even if that happens to be genuine, and that is what makes it so reprehensible.


Happy ThanksGetting Day "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

All the 'pomp and circumstance' revolving around this holiday is just that, to quote Ebenezer Scrooge (one month early) - Humbug! Of course, even the southern Colonial slaves and Northern 'indentured servants' of that era would be thankful to just have a roof over their heads and enough to eat each day.


Corporations That Fail To Reduce Carbon Will Face Stock Depreciation & Devaluation "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The researchers further determined that the failure of companies within the emission-intensive sector to take carbon reduction actions could start negatively impacting the general stock market in as little as 10 years' time. "Over the long-term, companies from the carbon-intensive sectors that fail to take proper recognizable emission abatements may be expected to experience fundamental devaluations in their stocks when the climate change risk gets priced correctly by the market," said lead author Mingyu Fang, a PhD candidate in Waterloo's Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science. "More specifically for the traditional energy sector, such devaluation will likely start from their oil reserves being stranded by stricter environmental regulations as part of a sustainable, global effort to mitigate the effects caused by climate change.


How Neoliberal Economists Wreak Havoc On The Global Poor While Protecting The Financial Elite "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

On December 1, Mexico will have a new presidentAndrs Manuel Lpez Obrador. He will take over the presidency from the lackluster Enrique Pea Nieto, whose administration is marinated in corruption. Pea Nietos legal office has already asked the Supreme Court to shield his officials from prosecution for corruption. The elite will protect itself. Lpez Obrador will not be able to properly exorcize the corrupt from the Mexican state, let alone from Mexican society. Corrupt weeds grow on the soil of capitalism, the loam of profit and greed as well as of rents from government contracts. Lpez Obrador comes to the presidency as a man of the left, but the space for maneuvering that he has for a left agenda is minimal. Mexicos economy, through geography and trade agreements, is fused with that of the United States.


National Bike Share Data Program Can Identify Users In Real-time "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By MassPrivateI A recent article in Smart Cities Dive revealed that the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (DOT) will be partnering with Remix, Lime and...


Voices of Collective Power From Nanaimos Schoolhouse Squat "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Voices of Collective Power From Nanaimos Schoolhouse Squat appeared first on It's Going Down.

Analysis and collection of documents from the recent squat of the Nanaimo Schoolhouse Squat in British Columbia. To listen to our podcast interview with someone from Alliance Against Displacement, go here.

Ive been chased around, I cant be in the streets, I cant be in the shelters. My only option is to go somewhere where Im protected and where Im with the people I love and care about.

 Darcy Kory, Discontent City resident and Schoolhouse Squatter

A week before an injunction imposed by Nanaimos City Council was set to displace hundreds from Discontent City, a group of tent city residents and their supporters, including members of Alliance Against Displacement and residents of Anita Place tent city in Maple Ridge, occupied a school abandoned because of austerity cuts to public education. The Schoolhouse Squat was born. Drawing strength from our solidarity, the squat established a visible front against the suffocating chains of anti-Indigenous and anti-homeless policing, social isolation, and institutionalization. The 17 hours we spent inside the Schoolhouse Squat, from the moment we entered and blockaded the building to the aggressive police operation that forced us out, were monumental in expanding the political imaginations of our group of homeless, working class, and Indigenous fighters, and in building our collective power for the fight pushing forward.



More Than A Dozen Navy SEALs May Get Caught Up In War Crimes Investigation "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Military officials are prepared to call nearly a dozen past and present Navy SEALs to testify in the case of one elite Navy commando accused of fatally stabbing an Islamic State detainee in Iraq last year, according to documents obtained by Navy Times. The records related to the Naval Criminal Investigation Services probe offer new insight into the probe that will be aired publicly when the case against Special Operations Chief Edward Eddie Gallagher goes to an Article 32 hearing Wednesday morning in San Diego. The documents suggest that military officials have obtained cellphone text conversations showing Gallagher allegedly sought to cover up the fatal stabbing.


Palestinians Denounce Hollywood Stars $60m For Israeli Army Terror "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

RAMALLAH, West Bank - As Hollywood stars celebrated at a fundraiser for the Israeli army last week in Los Angeles, halfway across the world Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip were waking up for another Friday of protest and bloodshed. The gala on 1 November, organised by Friends of the Israeli Defence Forces and attended by actors such as Ashton Kutcher, Gerard Butler and Andy Garcia, was praised by Israel and its supporters for raising a record $60 million and bringing together more than 1,200 people. A memorandum of understanding signed between Israel and Barack Obama's US administration in 2016 included a record $38bn deal to provide Israel with military assistance over a ten-year period, the largest such pledge in American history.


What Recent London Demos Say About The State Of The British Left "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Demonstrations on successive weekends in London last month shone a spotlight on major political rifts in the major parties and in the political left. On October 13, an extreme right-wing Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) march was out-mobilised and disrupted by anti-fascist demonstrators. One week later, about 670,000 people turned out for a Peoples Vote demonstration. The Peoples Vote march was ostensibly to call for a referendum on the terms of Britains withdrawal from the European Union. In reality, it was an attempt to re-run the 2016 referendum that narrowly voted in favour of leaving the EU. Both demonstrations highlighted fault lines on the left. The huge People's Vote demonstration was dominated politically by the right-wing, pro-EU trend in the Labour Party, as well as the Liberal Democrats.


Portland, OR: Direct Action Against Right-Wing Violence; We Refuse to be Victimized "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Portland, OR: Direct Action Against Right-Wing Violence; We Refuse to be Victimized appeared first on It's Going Down.

The following communique was sent anonymously to Its Going Down, which we reprint here.

It reads:

On the night of November 15th, a crew of anti-fascists gathered to take direct action against the rise of right-wing violence in our community.  We paid a visit to the business of III%er and murderer Joseph Dymond Vinci.  Last February Dymond brutally beat and murdered Richard Hanley, a housless man, while he collected trash in the strip mall that houses Dymonds tattoo parlor in S.E. Portland. Dymond was never charged for his deadly actions because of Oregons stand your ground laws, which give white gun owners carte blanche to victimize with impunity the most marginalized members of our society. Just because the state wont hold Dymond accountable for his actions doesnt mean we wont.

While Dymond isnt giving tattoos at his parlor, Timeless Tattoo, (1218 SE 7th Ave, Portland, Oregon) hes fraternizing with the far-right nationalists and xenophobes of Patriot Prayer online.  Posting explicit threats of violence against anti-fascists and pontificating about a war with the left. While this cities shit river may not be flowing with the blood of antifa, the floor of your tattoo parlor is now flowing with the shards of glass from your windows.  In the back drop of continued racist and misogynistic violence being orchestrated by Patriot Prayer in our city, Dymonds words should not be viewed as idle threats; he has killed in past and has expressed a desire to kill in the future. Dymond is not welcome in Portland.

We refuse to be victimized. We refuse to allow right-wing jingoists and xenophobes to run rough-shot over our city. We will bash back.

This action is dedicated to all...


Somali-American Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Backs BDS Amid Facing Anti-Semitism Smear Campaign "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Longtime supporter of Palestine Ilhan Omar has taken her passion to Congress and backed the BDS movement. The first Somali-American congresswoman Ilhan Omar has backed the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement after a large attempt to smear her as an anti-Semite for her Palestine activism. Ilhan believes in and supports the BDS movement, and has fought to make sure peoples right to support it isnt criminalised. She does however, have reservations on the effectiveness of the movement in accomplishing a lasting solution, her office told Muslim Girl on Sunday. This comes after months of being attacked online for her support for Palestine, with many trying to smear her as an anti-Semite.


UK Subway Employee Ambushed by Gang Over Out of Order Toilet "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


UK Subway Employee Ambushed by Gang Over 'Out of Order' Toilet

A 21-year-old Subway employee was ambushed and brutally beaten by a teen gang in the UK after he told them...


Amazons Billion-Dollar Shakedown Of Americas Cities "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

If one required reminding of the Democratic Partys complete capitulation to corporate interests, to say nothing of the countrys as a whole, he or she need only have listened to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasios address on Tuesday. One of the biggest companies on earth next to the biggest public housing development in the United States, he told reporters during a joint press conference with Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The synergy is going to be extraordinary. The company in question is Amazon, which confirmed earlier that morning that Long Island City, Queens, will become the site of its second headquarters (a third headquarters will be located in northern Virginia).


EU Responds To US Midterm Elections With Calls For Military Build-Up "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Europes political and media establishment is responding to the 2018 US midterm elections with calls for a military build-up to confront Washington and for legitimizing far-right politics. It is ever clearer that the breakdown in trans-Atlantic relations following Donald Trumps election and his trade war measures against Germany and China was not a coincidence or a passing blip. European ruling circles are widely interpreting Trumps ability to extend Republican control of the Senate, though he lost control of the House of Representatives to the Democratic Party, as a sign that growing US-European conflicts reflect a deeper crisis than they originally believed. They are calling for their own aggressive military policy in response.


Cointelpro Gothic: Attorney General Whitaker Linked to Probes on 2008 RNC, Grand Juries "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Southern District of Iowa Acting US Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, formerly Jeff Sessions Chief of Staff, served as US Attorney for the Southern District of Iowa, from June 15, 2004 to November 25, 2009. During this tenure, his office engaged with FBI investigations around

The post Cointelpro Gothic: Attorney General Whitaker Linked to Probes on 2008 RNC, Grand Juries appeared first on UNICORN RIOT.


Whats Really in the First Step Act? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Too much? Too little? You be the judge.


Saudi Arabia to Seek Death Penalty for Khashoggis Accused Killers "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

GOP House Candidates Adopt Trump Tactic of Charging Vote Fraud With Races Still Undecided (Chris)

The author writes, Two Orange County [CA] Republicans facing the prospect of defeat in the Nov. 6 congressional election as final ballots are counted have adopted President Trumps tactic of making baseless allegations of vote fraud.

Video: GOP Senator Spoke of Difficult Voting for Liberals (Reader Steve)

The author writes, A Republican US senator from Mississippi is shown in a new video talking about liberal folks and making it just a little more difficult for them to vote.

As the Obama DOJ Concluded, Prosecution of Julian Assange for Publishing Documents Poses Grave Threats to Press Freedom (Jimmy)

The author writes, The Trump Justice Department inadvertently revealed in a court filing that it has charged Julian Assange in a sealed indictment. The disclosure occurred through a remarkably amateurish cutting-and-pasting error in which prosecutors unintentionally used secret language from Assanges sealed charges in a document filed in an unrelated case.

Kellyanne Conways Husband Leads Group Who Say Trump Is Undermining Rule of Law (Reader Steve)

The author writes, As Trumps DOJ says he has the power to depart from the succession order that was established by one federal law by appointing Acting AG Matthew Whitaker, more than a dozen prominent conservative lawyers raised the alarm about Trump undermining the rule of law, before the annual convention of the Federalist Society, a conservative legal group, this Thursday, the...


Pentagon Fails Its First-Ever Audit "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

After generations of being a black hole down which money goes, never to return, a team of 1,200 auditors tried to give the Pentagon its first ever comprehensive audit, just to see where all that money went. Unsurprisingly, it went poorly, and was declared a failure. How bad the failure was is something of a mystery []

The post Pentagon Fails Its First-Ever Audit appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Donald Trump Preparing For The Worst As Robert Mueller Set To Unleash Category 5 Hurricane, Insiders Say "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

________ Inquisitr Donald Trump Preparing For The Worst As Robert Mueller Set To Unleash Category 5 Hurricane, Insiders Say Anxiety is running high inside the Donald Trump White House as Russia investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller prepares to end a period with almost no public activity, leading up to the 2018 midterm elections, Politico reported []


Oreo Cookie Maker Linked To Orangutan Habitat Destruction For Palm Oil "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Lorraine Chow via Eco Watch

Greenpeace International published a new report on Tuesday accusing Mondelz International of sourcing palm oil from rainforest destroyers.

Palm oil is an ingredient in many of the companys popular products, including Oreo cookies, Ritz crackers and Cadbury chocolate bars.

The report comes a day after Mondelz announced it has excluded 12 upstream suppliers as a result of deforestation practices. The Illinois-based snack food giant started its journey to sustainable palm oil in 2009 and committed to sourcing certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO) in 2013, according to WWFs palm oil scorecard.

Despite this commitment, Greenpeace said in its report that between 2015 and 2017,...


Trump Surpasses Record For Most Bombs Dropped In One Year In Afghanistan, Over 5,200 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

17 years after U.S. forces and the Northern Alliance captured Kabul, half of Afghanistan has been retaken by the Taliban and the war is dragging on. ISIS have also become increasingly active in the country and approximately 14,000 U.S. troops are still serving there in an attempt to contain a growing wave of extremism. Even though the conflict has been making fewer headlines in recent years, the U.S. has never dropped as many bombs on Afghanistan as it did this year. According to U.S. Air Forces Central Command data, manned and unmanned aircraft released 5,213 weapons between January and the end of September 2018.


Russia close to recognising Donetsk and Luhansk republics after Donbass elections "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Pravda: Moscow has strengthened its position in Luhansk and Donetsk Peoples Republics (LDNR) on Sunday, November 11. Now there are legitimate authorities in the republics, with which Russia can implement the project of the economic integration of the Donbass. Representatives of Western countries and Ukraine released a joint statement at the UN, in which they []


Cost Of War On Terror Soon To Be Over $6 Trillion "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The United States has appropriated and is obligated to spend an estimated $5.9 trillion (in current dollars) on the war on terror through Fiscal Year 2019, including direct war and war-related spending and obligations for future spending on post-9/11 war veterans (see Table 1). This number differs substantially from the Pentagons estimates of the costs of the post-9/11warsbecause it includes not only war appropriations made to the Department of Defense spending in the war zones of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and in other places the government designates as sites of overseas contingency operations, but also includes spending across the federal government that is a consequence of these wars.


Claimed Khashoggi Murdered Partnered With Mike Flynn, Trumps Disgraced RussiaGate General "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Editors note:  VT has claimed, all along, that the Khasoggi murder was done to stop the after mid-term Trump/Saudi inquiry, leading to impeachment and prison for Trump family members, maybe all of them. Now we find that General Ahmed al Assiri was in bed with Trumps alleged death squad hitman, Mike Flynn, whose gross misconduct []


Bumblebees "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Courtesy of Avalus we have a rabble of bumblebees to help chase the November blues away.

All from the first week of October.

The bumblebee on my hand was nice. It was a cold morning and she just buzzed to me, sat down on my hand and seemed to enjoy the heat. My hand hat just been holding a tea mug, so it was extra warm. I improvised some sugarwater of which she drank a drop from my hand and then after about two minutes flew away again.

I love these fuzzy critters.

I love them too, Avalus and it must have been wondrous to have one sit and your hand and stay for so long. Thanks for sharing.

octobees, Avalus, all rights reserved

Avalus, all rights reserved

Avalus, all rights reserved

Avalus, all rights reserved


Graham Lee Brewer: The search for Native identity on city streets "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Tommy Orange deftly captures the urban-Indigenous experience in his debut novel, There There.


Russia Has Made Clear That Status Quo of Syria Strikes Gone "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This week, multiple media reports alleged that the Israeli military was training to destroy Russian-made air defence systems, including the S-300s recently delivered to Syria. The reports followed an expression of hope by the US that Russia would allow Tel Aviv to resume its airstrikes against so-called Iranian targets in the Arab Republic. Moscows warnings []


Casualties of American Democracy: Trump Serves Up Immigrants as Scapegoats "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Henry Kamens for Veterans Today and New Eastern Outlook, Moscow One thing that is most predicated about the American political landscape is the pack-of-lies that flows before elections, especially under the Trump administration. We have heard so many recently that most have even stopped trying to separate the truths and half truths from the []


Trump Caught Again, the Politics of Distraction (video) "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Russia Today: When Donald Trump and CNNs Jim Acosta clashed at a White House news conference, both behaved so badly it was hard to pick sides, which poses a dilemma in the current day when its essential to have an opinion. However, instead of everyone accepting some blame and moving on, Trumps team decided to []


A Chance to Vote for Universal Basic Income "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

People who think the antidote to Donald Trump is a boring generic Democrat missed the point. He is a sign of massive institutional failure, on both sides. -- Andrew Yang


Why Taliban Kill Hazara People "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Nazar Mohammad Mutmaeen, VT Kabul It almost one week that the domestic and international media publish reports on Taliban genocide of Hazara people in Malistan, Jaghori and Khas Uruzgan areas of Afghanistan; and the similar concern is expressed by Western embassies as well as Iranian embassy in Kabul. During last 17 years, the US and []


Britains Second Lord Chamberlain: PM Theresa May? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Op-Ed by Catherine J. Frompovich For those who dont know history, nor take the time to read it in these days of time bite size...


If America Is Such A Happy Place, Why Is The Suicide Rate Up 34% Since The Year 2000? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Michael Snyder What in the world has happened to us?  Despite our ridiculously high standard of living compared to the rest of the world,...


MSU News: Study focuses on health effects of stress on Blackfeet Nation "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A study that looks at the health effects of stress has been published in the Tribal College Journal of American Indian Higher Education.


Democrats Attack President Trump For Saying Exactly What Democrats Did About Californias Fires "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A Democrat-led California oversight agency released a report earlier this year on wildfire destruction that mirrored President Trumps sentiments. Yet he's taking heat for being 'partisan.'


Pretty Much a Failure: HUD Inspections Pass Dangerous Apartments Filled With Rats, Roaches and Toxic Mold "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In the winter of 2017, a toddler was rushed to the emergency room after swallowing rodent poison inside her familys unit at the federally subsidized Clay Arsenal Renaissance Apartments in Hartford, Connecticut. Her mother had placed sticky traps throughout the house after another one of her children was bitten on the arm by a mouse, according to a local housing advocate who worked with the family.

This August, Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley sued the St. Louis Housing Authority and the private management company it hired to run the Clinton-Peabody Housing Complex, saying they both violated the states consumer protection laws by advertising that the development was habitable even though it was plagued by a pest infestation, black mold and water damage.

That same month, residents of Texas Coppertree Village Apartments in Houston filed suit against the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, saying the federal government had failed to hold their landlord accountable for deplorable conditions and criminal activity at the federally subsidized complex, including rapes, aggravated assaults and robberies.

In all three cases, despite well-known, long-standing problems, the properties had passed their most-recent inspections mandated by HUD.

Apartment complexes subsidized by HUD collectively house more than 2 million low-income families around the country. Some are run by public housing authorities and others are owned by private for-profit or nonprofit landlords. By law, the owners of such complexes must pass inspections demonstrating they are decent, safe and sanitary in exchange for millions of dollars in federal money each year.

But as thousands of renters across the country have discovered, passing scores on HUD inspections often dont match the reality of renters living conditions. The two-decade-old inspection system the federal housing agencys primary oversight tool is failing low-income families, seniors and people with disabilities and undermining the agencys oversight of billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded rental subsidies, an investigation by The Southern Illinoisan and ProPublica has found.

HUD has given passing inspection grades for years to dangerous buildings filled with rats and roaches, toxic mold and peeling lead-based paint, which can cause lifelong learning delays when ingested by young chil...


HUD Inspect "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Congress Votes To Block Yemen Debate, US Blames Assad For ISIS & $5.9 Trillion On War Since 2001 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (11/15/18). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth []

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How HUDs Inspection System Fails Low-Income Tenants Nationwide "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This year, The Southern Illinoisan and ProPublica have reviewed the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Developments system of inspecting publicly subsidized housing complexes by analyzing thousands of inspection scores and requesting the detailed backup reports from numerous inspections.

Among the findings:

  • Dangerous buildings that presented immediate health and safety concerns often passed HUD inspections. An August 2017 inspection of a public housing project in Richmond, Virginia, for instance, estimated 820 health and safety violations, but the property passed anyway. The year prior, an inspection report estimated over 1,000 violations in a public housing project in New York City. It also passed.

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  • Public housing complexes, owned by government housing authorities, sometimes fail over and over, with few consequences. About 260 public housing complexes have failed at least twice in the past five years. And those projects were far more likely to house African-American children and families than other properties. In a recent audit, HUDs inspector general criticized the agencys lack of a clear policy concerning how and when it should respond to unsafe public housing.

  • Some properties scores have whipsawed bet...


Exit From The Matrix: Having big goals, big dreams "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

by Jon Rappoport

November 16, 2018

In my collection Exit From The Matrix, the importance of big goals and big dreams comes to the foreground. This is the main event. This is where electricity occurs. This is where old habits are swept off the board and new plans take their place. This is where previously unseen energies emerge and a person feels a new deep sensation: power.

Focusing on achieving a goal you dont really care about is deadening, to say the least.

Every individual is built for achieving big personal dreams/desires. This is where magic can happen, in the form, for example, of synchronous events that spontaneously come together and fortify each other.

In working with clients, Ive learned the importance of doing whats necessary at the right time. Sometimes its all about unearthing those big desires and dreams; and then there are periods when the strategy of how to bring a dream to fruition is paramount.

In the end, what transforms a life is pursuing, with great intensity, a major dream. Then, EVERYTHING moves up on to another level of experience. Then, a person knows what it means to be alive.

Am I talking about imagination? Absolutely. This is where it starts. This is where the new path originates. This is the dream and the vision. In my collection, Exit From The Matrix, I include a large set of unique imagination exercises that are designed to liberate that far-reaching quality of the individual. Does the quality have a limit? No. It isnt a machine or a robot or a computer. It isnt programmed. And thats the whole point. The limitless nature of imagination wakes up the individual. He wakes up to infinity.

Here are the full contents of my mega-collection Exit From The Matrix. You can order it here:



Are You a College Journalist of Color? Apply for ProPublicas Emerging Reporters Program. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Are you a college student of color interested in doing great journalism? ProPublica wants to help. Apply for our Emerging Reporters program by Dec. 2.

What is ProPublicas Emerging Reporters Program?

The Emerging Reporters Program provides a $9,000 stipend, along with mentoring, and trips to the National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting conference and our New York office for five students each year who work or want to work at college journalism outlets newspapers, websites, radio stations or TV stations. Check out our previous fellows.

Why does ProPublicas Emerging Reporters Program exist?

People of color are underrepresented in our nations newsrooms. A new survey by the American Society of News Editors suggests that people of color make up just a quarter of U.S. newsrooms and that itself is only among newsrooms that chose to respond to the survey. Often, those numbers are even smaller in newsrooms focused on investigative reporting.

ProPublica has a vested interest in developing more minority journalists. Our mission is to shine a light on abuses of power, producing stories of moral force that provoke change. There are currently few reporters of color who specialize in investigations. Without their voices and points of view, there is every reason to believe that important stories are being overlooked. We believe the best way to bring about meaningful change is to take a holistic approach, tackling the obstacles to entering careers in journalism especially investigative journalism. These include financial barriers and limited access to early-career opportunities. That is what this program aims to address.

Am I eligible for this program?

The Emerging Reporters Program is specifically designed for African Americans, Latinos and other people of color. It is only for current undergraduate or graduate students taking full-time classes in the academic year and those who can demonstrate financial need. The purpose of the stipends is to make college journalism accessible to students for whom it would otherwise be economically out of reach.

Are high school students or recent college graduates eligible for the program?

No, it is only available for college or gradu...


4-Year-Old Girl Left in Freezing Van Overnight After Cops Arrested Her Mom, Impounded Van "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


After police arrested a mother for suspicion of DUI, they failed to remove her 4-year-old daughter from the back of the van, leaving her to freeze overnight in the impound lot.

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Let's Talk "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This is the final day of our fall 2018 member drive. Today, we're sitting by the phone waiting for you to call. Seriously. If you've been waiting  been putting this off all week  we're here to help you get past the finish line.

Here's the number: 844-218-1681.

Ask for me. Ask for Kea. Ask for Daniel or Jacob or Bo or Michelle. We're all sitting here waiting for you to call. We'll chat a little and then get you signed up to be a member of Strong Towns. It's really that easy.

Or, just sign up on your own. That's easy too. Just click here to join a movement that is pushing for urgent change in our culture of growth and development.

Today's the day. Before you head out for your pre-holiday weekend, take a quick minute to make a huge difference.

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Mary Annette Pember: Ojibwe women return to sacred island "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Jingle Dress Project immerses Native and non-Native people in the history of Madeline Island in Wisconsin.


Copy-Paste Error Reveals Assange Has Already Been Charged in the US "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Julian Assange Ecuador(ZHE)   Update: The ACLU has published a statement declaring the USs decision to prosecute Assange to be unprecedented and unconstitutional. .@ACLU: Prosecuting Assange for @wikileaks publishing operations unprecedented and unconstitutional. . sets dangerous precedent for U.S. journalists, who routinely violate foreign secrecy laws to deliver information vital to the public's interest. Jamil Dakwar (@jdakwar) []


Daily Inspiration --- A Meteor Ended the Last Ice Age "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A large new meteor crater has been discovered in NW Greenland. The story of Noah's Ark is just one of many flood stories, oral tradition and folklore from from cultures around the world. Did millions of cubic miles of ice melt gradually at the end of the ice age, or did this meteor impact trigger a sudden melting? Sea levels were 120 meters lower during the last ice age.


U.S. Government Accidentally Exposes Sealed Charges Against WikiLeaks and its Founder Julian Assange In Copy-Paste Error "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Aaron Kesel The U.S. Department of Justice just accidentally revealed that it has had sealed charges against WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange in a botched...


TESLA vs EDISON ~ The War of the Currents "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

TESLA vs EDISON ~ The War of the Currents

The war of the currents was a series of events surrounding the introduction of direct current electricity (DC) Thomas Edison invention based Edison Electric Light Company and the alternating current (AC) Nikola Tesla invention based Westinghouse Electric Company. It included commercial competition, a debate over electrical safety, and a nasty media propaganda campaign led by Edison.

This historical event helped inspire the band name AC/DC.

Thomas Edison was an American inventor and businessman, who has been described as Americas greatest inventor, and most people would argue that Nikola T...



Is The Cult Of Personality Presidency Permanent? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

For the first time in modern history we have had two cult of personality presidents in a row. How will this shape the future of our politics?


Ohio is the gerrymandering capital of the US "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Ohio is becoming notorious not just for producing horrific murder cases, it also leads the way in how gerrymandering produces results that do not come close to reflecting the voting preferences of its citizens and last weeks election results demonstrated this very clearly. Republican officials have abused their power to draw districts such that all the Democratic-leaning voters were crammed into as few seats as possible, leaving few left over in the other areas. The results are stark, with Republicans winning a huge majority in the state houses while actually trailing in the popular vote.

The Democrats actually collected more total votes in the 116 Ohio House and Senate elections across the state, found in tabulating the unofficial returns.

More importantly, in terms of controlling Ohios government, the GOP won 72 of the 116 Statehouse races.

But the Republicans scored their wins for 62 percent of the seats while collecting just under 50 percent of the total vote.

This is a lot like what happened in Ohios 16 congressional districts, where Republicans won 75 percent of the seats with just 52 percent of the overall vote.

Despite the strong showing by the Ohio GOP, the Democrats actually did make significant gains over 2016, argues Richard Gunther, who worked on gerrymandering reform and is a professor emeritus of political science at Ohio State University.

He found the vote margin between Democrats and Republicans in Ohios congressional races shifted the Democrats way by an average of 10 percentage points. That was in line, he said, with national trends.

Ohio did not miss out on the wave at all, Gunther said. The difference is that gerrymandering was so effective that the Democrats picked up no additional seats.

But the times, they are achanging. People are getting fed up with gerrymandered districts.

Ohioans in 2015 voted to reform the way Statehouse districts will be drawn, beginning in 2021. Then, earlier this year, Ohio voters did the same for congressional districts going forward. The votes for change were not close, passing each time with more than 70 percent support.

The separate reforms carry their own set of rules,...


US Govt Accidentally Reveals Theyre Charging Julian Assange, Paving the Way for Persecution of All Journalists "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


The US government accidentally copied and pasted information from sealed documents indicating that they have already charged Julian Assange for his journalism.

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Friday Feathers "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Some lovely seagulls from Iceswimmer








Syrian War Report Nov. 16, 2018: U.S. Exposes Assads Evil Plan To Hurl Middle East Into Chaos "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

from SouthFront On November 15, US Ambassador to Syria James Jeffrey exposed an evil plan of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to create ISIS and to hurl the Middle East, particularly Syria and Iraq, into chaos. We also think that you cannot have an enduring defeat of ISIS until you have fundamental change in the Syrian []


WATCH: Cop Clearly Caught Taking Mans Cash, Stuffing It into His SockNO CHARGES "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


A police officer was seen stuffing cash into his sock during a raid on a drug suspect. He told prosecutors it was a "joke" when he got caught, and they believed him.

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Albert Bender: Young Hoopa woman found murdered in California "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Added to the long list of missing and murdered indigenous women is Angela McConnell, found brutally killed on September 7.


Russia excels in ditching dollar ahead of pending US sanctions against countrys financial system "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

by Russia Today, Moscow [ Editors Note: The US is taking a high stakes gamble on its current most aggressive sanctions campaign aimed not only at old Cold War adversaries, but allies alike. There are basically two types of countries being targeted, those already weak and vulnerable, and then there are those with solid, diversified []


Watch Live: Can The Globalists Attempt To Steal US And British Elections Be Turned Back? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Its time for patriots worldwide to stand up to the NWO and take their countries back.



Video: Rand Paul Wanrs Of Censorship Of Conservatives By Big Tech "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Facebook needs to convince conservatives theyre not the enemy

  Read More

The post...


Driver takes plea deal for deaths of Lakota mother and son "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A Nebraska man is facing just a year in jail for a crash that took the lives of Lynell Morrison-Cash and her son, Waylon, 14.


Bugs Bugs Bugs "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Yesterday we went to the Natural History Museum in Washington, DC! Is there some way I can make going to museums a career? Would any national magazine like a museum reviewer? Contact my agent.

The butterfly room is always so cool, but theyre always a reminder of mortality to me.

A Common Morpho very beautiful under the light.

The museum must have an amazing collection of sculptors. There was a section on the evolution of humans, with these fantastic bronzes of Neanderthals, and so forth. The sculptures walked perfectly down the line of being realistic but artistic, too educational but not bland. They were in a dark part of the museum so I didnt photograph any of them.

I loved these giant terra-cotta faces of bugs. These are beautifully done and would look good hanging on anyones wall.


Hate Fueled By Trump "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The main source of hate in the United States is what Professor Warren Goldstein, who chairs the History Department at the University of Hartford, accurately describes as the "violent, hateful rhetoric comes overwhelmingly from one side only and from its padron, Donald Trump. Period."


Voter Fraud? What Voter Fraud? How America Will End "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"




How America Will End


The following is an analysis of what has been learned about the pattern America will follow on the path to its demise and final resting place. But America isnt just going to end, it will, and already is, morphing into a new entity which will be complete divorced from its original founding principles and culture.

The Foundations of God, Family, Country

The three virtues listed in the subtitle is what America used to aspire to be. Because of our sinful nature, America never achieved great heights with regard to the attainment of our ideals, but at least the ideals were in place.

Russian defectors warned us this would be coming as the Communist/Muslim Brotherhood influence dominate the national agenda and in particular, the Democratic party that has been selected to complete the take down of America.

America has become a rudderless ship of amoral and immoral people cast adrift in a sea depravity and Satanic principles.

Control of the Media

Where a 1968 Brady Bunch TV episode was the FIRST ever TV show to display a husband and wife sleeping in the same bed, todays displays on TV regarding language, sexual behavior and adherence to the rule of law are virtually non-existent. We make fun of classic TV shows such as Leave It to Beaver, yet, this used to be the Happy Days norm.

Instead of entertainment...


Scott Gottlieb's Nicotine Nazism Will Kill Kids, Not Save Them "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Does tobacco kill people? Yes, it does. The more relevant question at the moment is why Scott Gottlieb is working overtime to guarantee that it kills more people at younger ages.


"Mirrors of the Mind 7: The Psychotherapist as Artist" opens November 24th "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

"Mirrors of the Mind 7: The Psychotherapist as Artist" opens on November 24th at Santa Monica Art Studios. The annual juried exhibit features artist psychotherapists and students within the psychotherapy community and is presented by the Community Outreach Committee (COC) of the Los Angeles County Psychological Association (LACPA).


First Ever Ranked-Choice Vote Flips Seat to Dems "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Democrats netted their 36th House gain on Thursday as Democratic challenger Jared Golden unseated Republican incumbent Bruce Poliquin in Maines 2nd District.

Golden pulled ahead thanks to Maines ranked-choice system of voting. Under the system, voters rank their preferred candidates under their top choice. If neither major party candidate secures the necessary 50 percent threshold for a victory, ballots cast for third-party candidates are reallocated to their second choice.

On election night, Poliquin (R) led Golden (D) by a 46.4 45.5 percent margin. Under Maine law, since Poliquin failed to reach 50 percent, ballots for independent candidates Tiffany Bond and William Hoar were reallocated to one of the two major party candidates selected by those voters as their second choice.

Prior to the election, both Bond and Hoar advised their supporters to rank Golden ahead of Poliquin on their ballots. The third-party vote swung decisively for Golden.

Poliquin sued Maines Secretary of State earlier this week to stop the ranked-choice vote tabulation. Poliquins argument rests on the constitutionality of ranked-choice voting and emphasizing Maines history of electing officials with only a plurality of the vote.

On Wednesday, Judge Lance Walker threw out Poliquins request to stop the ranked-choice vote, allowing the results to become final on Thursday.

In his opinion, Judge Walker noted...


The Bishops In Their Labyrinth "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops met in Baltimore this week hoping to address the sex abuse crisis. Instead, they made things worse.


The 40th Anniversary Of The Jonestown Massacre Is The Perfect Time To Brush Up On How Cults Operate "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

As horrifying as the Jonestown tape is, it also offers us a stark, invaluable lesson on the weakness of the human mind when its put into isolation and subjected to coercive persuasion.


Why Never Trumpers Attack On The Federalist Society Is Disingenuous And Foolhardy "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Checks and Balance's attempt to pose as a moral alternative to the Federalist Society and others who support the Trump administration is disingenuous.


How Misguided Environmentalism Is To Blame For Californias Wildfires "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The saddest part about these fires in California is that they are self inflicted. Californians should not allow such mismanagement to continue.


CEOs Departure Is A Golden Opportunity For Victorias Secret To Roar Back "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Victorias Secret is losing out to competitors like American Eagles Aerie, and theyve been blaming the struggle on changing consumer demands. Its a total disaster.


How Seasteading Can Change The Environment And Society For The Better "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In 'Seasteading: How Floating Nations Will Restore the Environment, Enrich the Poor, Cure the Sick, and Liberate Humanity from Politicians,' authors Joe Quirk and Patri Friedman argue that colonizing the oceans points the way forward for humanity.


What We All Can Learn From The Commemoration Of Saints Margaret And Elizabeth "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Ours is no era of new enlightenmentthe church, and Jesus himself, have been empowering and uplifting Christian women for years.


What We Know So Far About Michael Avenattis Arrest For Domestic Violence "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

On Wednesday, self-proclaimed Fighter for Good Michael Avenatti was arrested on a felony domestic violence charge. He contests the charges.


How Stan Lee And Jack Kirbys Revolutionary Partnership Changed Superheroes "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Their partnership was tense, but Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were pioneers.


HBOs Camping Really Should Be Better "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

'Camping' is worth watching, but falls short of expectations given the show's concentration of talent.


Revisiting DS9:1, Ep. 8: Star Treks Dueling Notions Of Justice "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Despite the generally all-encompassing lawlessness of Star Trek, two competing notions of justice take hold in 'Deep Space Nine.'


Amazon Chose DC And NYC Because Thats Where The Childless Workaholics Live "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

How do people find fulfillment if they don't have religion, a sense of community, or a family? Hopefully by devoting their life to finding a way to ship mouthwash to people's doors for ten cents cheaper.


Voting Cards "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Mexico had a problem with illegal voting (the dead voted there just as they do in Chicago today) and they arrived at a solution. They issue a national identification card in the form of a voter credential. 

Q - LL can you get a legitimate voter card yourself even though you aren't a Mexican citizen.

A - Yes, but it's not easy. You need a voter ID card to obtain a passport in Mexico. So the pathway to "legitimate citizenship" under an assumed name in Mexico is through a voting card. I would never collect legitimate identification documents from a nation not my own, but knowing how to do it is part of tradecraft.

Having made that admission, you must appear in person to vote in Mexico, presenting your voter ID card, which is physically punched. You must vote at least once every seven years, or the card becomes invalid.

Given that the current pattern of electing Democrats is that massive numbers of ballots are "found" as if by act of God to tip the numbers, they won't be interested in instating something like a voter ID card (which is a national ID card in Mexico). Given that natural resistance, the only way that we will have legitimate election results in the US is to abandon on-line, absentee and other mail-in ballots and use the Mexican system to insure an honest election.

To obtain a voting card in Mexico, you must verify citizenship in person, be fingerprinted, and photographed. Even using the above mentioned tradecraft, a personal appearance with metrics is required. I'm sure that the Chicago Machine will be able to exhume the bodies of the dead and roll prints from their shriveled carcasses, but it will be more challenging than the current system (impossibly corrupt and broken) seems to be.


US State Dept. Claims Assad Brought ISIS Into Syria, Admits US Has No Intention of Leaving Syria "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

It has long been suspected, that far from fighting ISIS as the US boldly claim at every turn, that Washington has been managing the issue of ISIS in order to first help facilitate regime change in Syria (which has so far failed), and now as the justification for the illegal US occupation of northeastern Syria.

Many remaining suspicions have been dispelled following a recent Special Briefing this week conducted by the US State Dept. and  its Special Representative for Syria Engagement, James F. Jeffrey (image above).

In it, Jeffrey let slip that the US would indeed be staying to illegally occupy Syria even after Daesh (ISIS) is gone, claiming that it would be pursuing other, secondary goals like evicting Iranian influence from Syria and stopping Tehrans malign activities, as well as proving to the world that Washington has a genuine interest in achieving a political solution by the various ways we have, not just diplomatic but security and military, through economic tools and other assets that we have and that were deploying in this conflict.

Jeffrey opened his address by rattling off a series of lies none of which were challenged by the mainstream media stenographer pool. He opened with the invented claim that the Syrian government only controls half if the country, and then went on the claim that half the population (of Syria) has fled its horrific rule as refugees or internally displaced persons (IDPs). Both of these statements are gross exaggerations designed to bolster the central US propaganda pillar which gives the false impression that the Syrian government is illegitimate.

Jeffrey then lied again by pushing a completely bogus claim that Iran was responsibly for the rise of ISIS in 2013 and 2014.

He didnt stop there. Jeffrey proceeded lie again about the roots of ISIS, inventing a fictional narrative claiming that ISIS was invited into Syria by the government in Damascus:

Technically, the Syrian government invited them in; we expect the Syrian government to ask them to leave.

One has to question the qualificat...


Syrian migrant, 20, is arrested for raping three-year-old boy at Greek refugee camp "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Three-year-old came running to his mother crying and bleeding

The post...


Breaking News: Orange Man Bad! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


We think for self! Just coincidence views exactly same as npcnn and npcolbert and all tv. We think the thoughts ourself!!!

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While Some States Are Still Counting Ballots, California Is Burning "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

California forests have long been a disaster waiting to happen. Forest density, antiquated forest practices, stressed and dead trees as a result of bug infestation, conflicts between state and federal government, and private property owners wanting to live close to the wildland-urban interface are just a few of the problems.

In this weeks WhoWhatWhy podcast, we talk with longtime California environmental reporter, Julie Cart, about just how bad the problem is and what is being done to prevent more death and destruction.

She explains that a full 30 percent of California is forested. Of this total, 60 percent is owned by the federal government, 2 percent by the state of California, and the rest is owned either privately or by local governments. Each has a different approach to dealing with the problem.

California has an estimated 129 million dead trees, an acknowledged factor in spreading wildfires, Cart says. The cost for removing a single dead tree is approximately $1,000, and the optics of cutting down trees, even dead ones, in a state with strong environmental rules make remediation even more difficult.

The impact of climate change on forest fires involves a deadly feedback loop. So many of the fires are a direct result of extended drought related to climate change. But in torching so many dead trees, a severe fire season of one or two months can release enormous amounts of carbon into the air more than that emitted by all the cars in California each year which significantly adds to the buildup of greenhouse gases fueling climate change.

Last years fires cost over $9 billion; this year the toll will be even higher. In both dollars and lives lost. Cart points out that while Cal Fire and the US Forest Service have vast resources, so much of those resources are diverted to firefighting, leaving little time or money to do the necessary work of prevention.

Cart suggests that perhaps the real solution is simply to tell people, as they do in Australia, that if they choose to live in certain areas, they cannot expect a fire truck to roll up the driveway during the next disaster. They will have to learn how to fend for themselves.



US secretly charged Assange, prosecutor accidentally reveals WikiLeaks "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


WikiLeaks tweeted the document on Thursday, saying it was an apparent cut-and-paste error.

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The post...


CRISPR/Cas9 mutagenesis in Volvox "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Researchers in Stephen Millers lab at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County have successfully used CRISPR/Cas9 to knock out several developmentally important genes in Volvox carteri. CRISPR/Cas9 is a relatively new technology that allows heritable mutations to be introduced into living cells at specific locations within the genome.

This advance was announced in a new paper in The Plant Journal by Jose A. Ortega-Escalante, Robyn Jasper, and Stephen M. Miller (Jasper and Ortega-Escalante are listed as equal contributors). They were able to transform wild-type V. carteri with inversion-deficient and somatic-regenerator mutations, and they transformed somatic regenerator mutants with a gonidialess (no specialized reproductive cells) mutation.

I have never used CRISPR/Cas9, and I dont know as much about it as I should, so Im sure any explanation I gave would be riddled with errors. Heres someone who seems to know what shes talking about:

Thats Jennifer Doudna, co-inventor, with Emmanuelle Charpentier and Virginijus iknys, of the CRISPR/Cas9 system. For their roles in CRISPR/Cas9 development, Doudna and Charpentier have shared the 2015 Breakthrough Prize, the 2015 Gruber Prize in genetics, the 2016 Warren Alpert Prize (with iknys and two others), and the 2018 Kavli Prize in Nanoscience (with iknys).

Briefly, CRISPR/Cas9 is a bacterial mechanism for destroying viral DNA, and humans have exploited it into a system for making specific changes at precise locations within the genomes of living organisms. In the video above, Dr. Doudna is focused on repairing malfunctioning genes, but CRISPR/Cas9 is equally effective at introducing malfunctions to (previously) normally functioning genes, which is often a useful tool in basic research. The reason we often want to do this is that by breaking a gene and observing the result, we can often get an idea of the genes function.

In a sense, Ortega-Escalante, Jasper, and Miller turned this logic on its head. Rather than using CRISPR/Cas9 to identify gene functions, they used known gene functions to assay the success of their transformations. By targeting three genes with known, easily observable phenotypes, they were able to identify Volvox spheroids in which CRISPR/Cas9 had introduced loss of function mutations:


Stone: Enough, Already, Of Robert Muellers Politicized Investigation "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Consistent with my testimony, nothing in these text exchanges suggests that I knew of the source or content of any of the allegedly stolen or hacked material released by Wikileaks.



Mumble Rap What Happens When You Listen To Mumble Rap (Soundcloud Rap) Like Drake, 6ix9ine, TRIPPIE REDD "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By O.G.T via The Renegade Pharmacist

This is a serious scientific investigation into the effects to your health, life and your mind after listening to a new genre of rap music called Mumble Rap, also known as Soundcloud Rap that has been sweeping the internet and becoming incredibly popular on places like Youtube and Soundcloud.

In this article you will learn:

  1. What exactly is mumble rap.
  2. What happens when you listen to mumble rap.
  3. How to cure yourself of any harm caused by listening to mumble rap.

What Exactly is Mumble Rap?

The saying goes you must be getting old when you begin to judge the music kids are listening to. However in the case of mumble rap, this no longer applies. You have to be a psychologically disturbed and morally challenged individual if you condone the influence to youth culture of one of the most monumental disasters of modern times.

Mumble rap is a new form of rap music that has become incredibly popular in recent times due to several factors that we will explore in this article, including the viral effect of social sharing pl...


If America Is Such A Happy Place, Why Is The Suicide Rate Up 34% Since The Year 2000? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


In the years ahead, poverty is likely to get a whole lot worse in this country.



Why the Perfect Red-State Democrat Lost "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Taylor Sappington heard the call like so many other Democrats in the year after Nov. 8, 2016. He had seen Donald Trump coming, homing in on his little town of Nelsonville, Ohio, in the states impoverished Appalachian southeast. The town of 5,300 people had voted for Barack Obama twice by large margins.

Trump was Nelsonvilles pick in 2016, though it was more by default than acclamation. Trump won there with less than a majority, with 30 percent fewer votes than Obama had gotten four years earlier.

Sappington, a 27-year-old Ohio native, took this as evidence that Nelsonville was not beyond redemption, that the town where he had grown up in hard circumstances the son of a single mother who was for a time on food stamps, living deep in the woods in a manufactured home wasnt really Trump country.

Not so long ago at all, Ohio was considered the quintessential swing state it had, after all, voted for the winning presidential candidate in every election starting with 1964. Something happened this decade, though. The 2010 national shellacking of Democrats left a particularly strong mark in Ohio. The Republicans who assumed control of Columbus pulled off an aggressive gerrymandering of federal and state legislative districts. In 2012, when Obama won the state for the second time, Republicans held 12 of the states 16 congressional seats despite winning only 52 percent of the total House vote.

The states makeup had been trending red, too. At a time when the share of white voters without college degrees who are fast becoming the Republican base decreased nationwide, it held strong in Ohio. The state was drawing relatively few immigrants, its education system was sliding in national rankings and, with its smaller cities and towns falling far behind thriving Columbus, it was losing many young college grads to jobs out of state.

Not Taylor Sappington, though. He wanted to stay. He had gotten hooked on national politics in high school, around the time he read a book on Robert F. Kennedys 1968 campaign. And he had gotten out of Nelsonville, winning nearly a full ride to George Washington University.

Barack Obama, then a presidential candidat...


Elite Plan to Crash ALL Paper Currencies and Usher In a Digital Currency "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


The ultimate gold-digger, IMF Director, Christine Lagarde issued a statement yesterday in which she said that all countries should go to an electronic currency and they should abandon their national currency is very clear that the elite plan to destroy the  current paper currencies by collapsing the worlds economy.

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Heres what digital devices are really doing to our brains "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Heres what digital devices are really doing to our brains

Digital devices dominate modern culture, consuming our attention and distracting our brains throughout the day. Its easy to see why we dedicate our lives to the devices. Smart phones and tablets have replaced not only our cumbersome landline phones, clocks, calendars, notepads, and CD players, but they have also given us access to a personalized stream of information, video, and communication that we can carry around in our pocket and access virtually anywhere. Even though the conveniences are undeniable, what are digital devices really doing to our brains?

Since the brain has the ability to reprogram itself over time, the way we use digital information and communication has a profound effect on how we maintain focus, learn, and remember things. Neuroscientists believe that the devices arent universally damaging our brains; more importantly, its how we use devices that makes all the difference.

Instead of avoiding digital devices forever, people can foster ways to help their brain get the most out of its experience balancing real life with digital life. People who regularly use devices must consciously learn to develop their concentration, self-control, and critical-thinking skills at the same time. If they truly want to benefit from technology long term, users must make discerning, aware decisions about the information they are interacting with. In other words, for the brain to stay healthy, the person should always be aware of the information they are consuming, so they are not consumed by the information or distract...


Get Out of Jail for a Price: The First Investigation From Our Illinois Reporting Project "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This week, we published the first story from our Illinois reporting project, an initiative to fund investigative reporting around the state that we announced this year.

These programs, experts say, create an uneven playing field where well-to-do defendants can buy their way out of criminal trouble while low-income defendants cannot. In some cases, states attorneys probably wouldnt have followed through with the prosecution. Whats more, the companies take the lions share of the fees.

Its the kind of investigation we were looking for when we issued our call for proposals: a story on an issue of particular concern to Illinoisans who live outside the Chicago metropolitan area.

We have several more projects we plan to publish in the coming months, including stories that look at topics involving the environment and worker safety.

Were excited to be collaborating with these reporters and hope youll read their work. If you have ideas for other stories we should investigate, whether theyre in Chicago, central Illinois or the southern part of the state, please let us know. You can email me at

You can also call us or reach us confidentially through Signal at 312-282-0273.

Outside Review Faults Orlando Fire Department Policies and Mistakes in Pulse Shooting Response "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

An independent review of the Orlando Fire Departments response to the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting has concluded that the agency was not prepared for the disaster and did not know how to use the ballistic vests it had previously purchased.

The report by the National Police Foundation, released Wednesday, largely corroborates a September investigation by WMFE and ProPublica that found that the Orlando Fire Department failed to prepare adequately for a mass shooting, despite calls from some supervisors to do so. Forty-nine people died and more than 50 were injured during the shooting. The foundation is a nonpartisan police research organization.

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The foundations report concluded that Fire Department personnel working the night of the Pulse shooting operated with bravery and that their actions saved lives. But, it noted, operations were challenged by the extended or delayed arrival of executive leadership on scene, which didnt arrive until after the shooter was killed, the lack of inter-agency communication, and outdated policies.

ProPublica and WMFE...


A natural food supplement to treat obesity: Desalted glasswort "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


(Natural News) People struggling with obesity may depend on the glasswort for aid, according to the authors of a study published in the journal Pharmaceutical Biology, who concluded that the herb has potent antiobesity and antiadipogenic properties. Obesity is a grow...


What is the best diet for a healthy heart? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


(Natural News) The heart is undoubtedly one of the most important organs, enabling the circulation of blood that carries oxygen and nutrients to your bodys cells. There are several ways to keep your heart healthy, and it all starts with eating the right food and avoid...


New York Times Kowtows to Israel, Rewrites Gaza Coverage, As Israel Harasses Its US Critics "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This behavior by the New York Times is nothing new. Previously, 21WIRE has reported how this newspaper sanitized its headlines in order to placate Saudi Arabia in its coverage the kingdoms illegal war on Yemen War. When dealing with Israel however, the practice of whitewashing is taken to a whole new level.
For anyone who has objectively monitored US or UK mainstream media coverage of anything related to Palestine and Israel will have naturally observed how words are carefully selected so as to never let Israel appear to ever be the instigator or be on the wrong side of any moral of security argument. The results of this policy of kowtowing to the Israel Lobby have been devastating for the native Palestinian population. Pervasive media whitewashing has allowed the government in Tel Aviv to repeatedly and illegally carry out state-sanctioned mass murder and terrorize the indigenous Arab population living under the worlds most brutal and repressive, far-right ethno-nationalist military occupation in modern history. With media reporting obscured by political influence, the American or European public havent a scant clue what is actually happening in occupied Palestine, nor do Americans have the faintest clue that their own public funds are going to subsidize the Israel military. Media compliance to the cause also means that western politicians will not feel any significant public opinion backlash for their role in facilitating this sordid state of affairs and accepting cash from the Israeli Lobby.

This Israeli Lobby regards this policy of waging a propaganda war in the West and managing the Western media coverage is known as Hasbara, which Israelis claim is merely a form as public diplomacy. In reality, this is an all-out effort to manage Western media narratives with the primary objective of covering-up and spinning its litany of international war crimes.

Hasbara takes many forms, and even carries with it an obligatory self-delusional defense mechanism which convinces the practitioner that the victimizer is somehow the victim, and that the pa...


Meet the 17 Saudis Now Under US Sanctions for Jamal Khashoggis Killing "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Jamal Khashoggi Killed(MEE)  The United States imposed sanctions on 17 citizens of Saudi Arabia it says were involved in the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The individuals were penalised for serious human rights abuses resulting from their roles in the killing of the prominent Saudi journalist and Washington Post columnist at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on 2 []


Native Sun News Today: Lakota grandmother pleads guilty for boy's death "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The grandmother of 2-year-old Kylen Shangreaux helped her daughter conceal the Lakota boy's death on the Pine Ridge Reservation.


Celebrities Raised $60 Million for the Israeli Military Before It Bombed Gaza "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Hollywood Israeli Army(MPN)  Just two weeks before Israel pounded Gaza with bombs last night, over 1,200 celebrities came together to raise a record-breaking $60 million to support the Israeli Defense Forces and Israels occupation of Palestine at a gala called Friends of Israeli Defense Forces (FIDF). The Israeli jets bombing the Gaza Strip targeted the Al-Aqsa TV headquarters []


Noam Chomsky Warns of the Rise of Judeo-Nazi Tendencies in Israel "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Noam Chomsky(MEMO)  Prominent Jewish intellectual Noam Chomsky has raised concerns over what he believes is the rise of Judeo-Nazi tendencies in Israel. Speaking to i24NEWS last week, the renowned political dissident, linguist and scholar repeated warnings given by Yeshayahu Leibowitz, an Israeli public intellectual, biochemist and polymath, concerning the dehumanising effect of Israels brutal occupation of Palestine on the []


Whose hoods these are, I think I know "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Whose hoods these are, I think I know.

The mall need not reject them, though

Their money is still welcome here:

their skins as white as purest snow.


Security accepts the queer

without a same-sex spouse too near

but to a black mans face, a frozen lake

is warmer than guards act all year.


They give the black shoppers a shake

to ask if there is some mistake

while whites move round in dainty sweep

of ignorance to please Jeff Flake


The hoods spark fears too dark and deep

for black men to have rights to keep.

And white minds now can go to sleep

And white minds now can go to sleep.


Ah, capitalism! The great leveler! The true herald of the color-blind world! All praise!

Or not: Unfortunately, for them, the story did go gang agley.



True Feminism "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The men who ran things said in effect, "Right. Okay. You want equality? Fine. The jobs we invented are over there, the capitol building for the government we invented is over there, the bank for the economic system we invented is across the street, the Department of War is two blocks that way, and the Church of the Patriarchal God is around the corner. Welcome to equality!"


Pentagon Fails Its First-Ever Official Audit "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Pentagon Audit(ANTIWAR.COM)  After generations of being a black hole down which money goes, never to return, a team of 1,200 auditors tried to give the Pentagon its first ever comprehensive audit, just to see where all that money went. Unsurprisingly, it went poorly, and was declared a failure. How bad the failure was is something of a mystery []


An Inside Look at How US-Funded Fascists in Ukraine Mentor US White Supremacists "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Fascists Ukraine(MPN)  Last month, an unsealed FBI indictment of four American white supremacists from the Rise Above Movement (RAM) declared that the defendants had trained with Ukraines Azov Battalion, a neo-Nazi militia officially incorporated into the countrys national guard. The training took place after the white supremacist gang participated in violent riots in Huntington Beach and Berkeley, California []


Even My Dreams Are Behind Bars "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

After being locked up for years, a prisoners ability to see freedom fades.


Live Coverage Of Trumps Wall Being Built "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Construction underway as migrant caravan reaches US border.

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Acosta Press Pass First Amendment Right? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Find out why CNN has it dead wrong when it comes to Acostas treatment by Trump.

The post Acosta Press Pass First Amendment Right? appeared first on Alternative News Network.


Are We Violent By Nature? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Animal agriculture is completely obsolete. It is also anti-rational as well. It's immoral, unjust, unhealthy, and unsustainable, and yet it persists, not because we are naturally predatory or violent, but because we are conditioned by our culture's routine mealtime rituals to become numb to our feelings and to disconnect from and repress our natural capacities for intelligence and awareness.


Science Admitted Signals Control Us "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Truthstream Media If perceptions create our reality, then misperceptions can too It can be the difference between growth and protection. It can also be...


SIAL 2018 The Worlds Largest Food Show "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

SIAL 2018 the world"s largest food show held in Paris from October 21-25 was very informative.


Prostate Cancer Education Campaign for Veterans "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Health Editors Note: 12,500 veterans are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. This makes prostate cancer the most frequently diagnosed cancer in veterans. To address the severity of the issue a campaign of a series of on line courses have been launched. These courses, focus on precision medicine tools for prostate cancer that are available []


Nearly All the Officers in Charge of an Indiana Police Department Have Been Disciplined Including the Chief Who Keeps Promoting Them "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

When Ed Windbigler became Elkharts police chief in January 2016, one of his first tasks was selecting his top command staff.

For assistant chief, his second in command, Windbigler named Todd Thayer. Less than three years before, Thayer had been demoted two ranks for making flippant comments about a fatal shooting. Witnesses reported he said a fellow officer could now check shooting a person off his bucket list.

For patrol captain, Windbigler named Brent Long. Less than two years before, Long had received a four-day suspension for sending inappropriate emails to fellow officers. One email included gruesome photos of a man in another city who, while running from police, jumped or fell from an overpass and was decapitated on a wrought-iron fence.

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Under Windbigler, Thayer and Long are not aberrations, according to a review of personnel files by the South Bend Tribune and ProPublica. Twenty-eight of the Elkhart Police Departments 34 supervisors, from chief down to sergeant, have disciplinary records. The reasons range from carelessness to incompetence to serious, even criminal, misconduct. Fifteen of them...

Who Runs This Police Department? Lots of Officers Whove Been Reprimanded or Even Suspended. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Elkhart, Indiana, Police Department has long allowed officers with problematic histories to stay on the job or even climb its ranks. Most of its current supervisors have been disciplined, a trove of disciplinary records provided by the city reveal. A fifth have been involved in fatal shootings. (Read our investigation.)

Elkhart Police Department, by the Numbers

  • 34: Supervisors from chief down to sergeant
  • 28: Have disciplinary records
  • 15: Have been suspended
  • 7: Have been involved in at least one fatal shooting
  • 18: Supervisors with disciplinary records who have been promoted by the current police chief, Ed Windbigler
  • 27: Times officer Scott Garvey was disciplined before being promoted to sergeant (11 suspensions, 15 reprimands, one verbal warning)
  • 20: The average number of disciplinary cases that police chiefs brought to the citys oversight board each year from 2006 to 2015
  • 0: Disciplinary cases Windbigler brought to the board in his first year as chief (2016)
  • 3: Supervisors who have been convicted of crimes during their careers.

Windbigler declined comment. Elkharts mayor, Tim Neese, said police work, by its nature, can lead to complaints because officers deal with people in stressful circumstances. Garvey said he has learned from his mistakes, and that hes a better officer now than when his career started.

Promoted With Disciplinary Records

The 18 supervisors with disciplinary records who have been promoted by Windbigler include:

Dan Jones

  • Hired in 1997
  • Promoted in 2016 from corporal to sergeant
  • Suspended once in 2005 for two days
  • Reprimanded five times. Once each in 2001, 2003 and 2006, and twice in 2010
  • Received written warnings in 2005 and 2008

Dan Jones was promoted in January 2016, during Windbiglers first month as police chief. Jones had previously received at least seven reprimands or written warnings and was suspended i...


Heres What Youll Pay for Neocon Wars: $5,900,000,000,000 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Kurt Nimmo More evidence the war on terror, now shifted over to a New Cold War against Russia and China, is nothing if not...


Billionaire Uses $25 Million Yacht to Bring Supplies to Fire Victims But Police Dont Let Him Ashore "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Matt Agorist Malibu, CA  Howard Leight, co-owner of the Malibu Rocky Oaks winery, is a billionaire tech industry mogul who lost most of his...


The pilot after a collision with a UFO over Ireland: I am glad that not only I saw it! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Immediately, several pilots of various airlines witnessed unidentified flying objects in the skies over Ireland. Records of conversations between pilots and dispatchers are available on YouTube. UFOs, according to eyewitnesses, moved with astronomical speed. The pilot of the British Airways aircraft flying from Montreal to London says: he appeared on the left and flew north. According to her []


Fighting breaks out in Sri Lankan parliament "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I have written before about the Byzantine political intrigues in Sri Lanka that has led to political turmoil. A measure of how things have deteriorated can be seen by a fight that broke out in the Sri Lankan parliament when some members rushed at the Speaker.

The latest chaos followed the abrupt decision by the president Maithripala Sirisena (MS) on October 26 to dismiss the prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe (RW) and install the leader of the opposition party Mahinda Rajapaksa (MR) in his place. MR had been president and MS one of his cabinet members before MS and some of his supporters defected from MRs party, joined up with RWs party in a coalition, defeated MR in the next presidential election, dissolved parliament and called for new elections in which RWs party became the largest one, and then appointed RW as prime minister. Got that? That kind of shifting alliances is not uncommon in Sri Lankan politics.

The recent falling out between MS and RW has triggered the current state of confusion. RW has said that his dismissal was unconstitutional, but MS went ahead and appointed MR as prime minister and also appointed a cabinet. When it became clear that MR did not have the support of the majority in parliament, MS first suspended parliament, a move that was challenged, and then he brought it back into session to enable MR to show that he had majority support. When that support did not materialize, MS dissolved parliament and called for new elections but then the Supreme Court stepped in and said that he could not do that.

It appears that RWs party then brought a no-confidence vote against MR and it passed on Wednesday. MR addressed the parliament on Thursday and apparently the fight started when the Speaker called for a vote on whether to approve or reject MRs remarks. Parliament has been adjourned until Friday afternoon but it is hard to see how this impasse will be resolved.

It is truly a mess.


The "Pelosi Problem" Runs Deep "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Nancy Pelosi will probably be the next House speaker, a prospect that fills most alert progressives with disquiet, if not dread. But instead of fixating on her as a villain, progressives should recognize the long-standing House Democratic leader as a symptom of a calcified party hierarchy that has worn out its grassroots welcome and is beginning to lose its grip.


Veterans Reject Liberty Medal Award For George W. Bush "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Philadelphia, PA (November 11, 2018) Members of About Face: Veterans Against the War (formally Iraq Veterans Against the War) gave testimonies of war while participants of the Liberty Medal ceremony dined at an event that cost $1,000 per plate. This award is an attempt to revise George W. Bushs place in history. He should be remembered for wars of choice that have not ended, for millions of dead civilians, for a bloated department of defense budget, for torture, for erosion of human rights, and for a high veteran suicide rate, said Captain Brittany Ramon DeBarros, who was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012.


While The Left Was Destroying Western Civilization, China Made Its Move "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Find out how the communists plan on infiltrating the country before destroying it from within.

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The post...


How High-tech Is Your Smart Car? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Catherine J. Frompovich Thanks to Andrew Michrowski, PhD, President of the Planetary Association for Clean Energy in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, for sharing the following...



Federal Courts Rule Against Vote Suppression in Florida and Georgia "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In the past 24 hours, a fourth federal court ruling was issued in Georgia that will ensure an entire category of ballots must be counted -- those cast by mail that had been rejected based on examining the absentee ballot envelope.


Daily Inspiration --- What does it mean to be self-actualized in these crazy times? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The goal of identity (self-actualization . . .) seems to be simultaneously an end-goal in itself, and also a transitional goal, a rite of passage, a step along the path to the transcendence of identity. This is like saying its function is to erase itself. Put the other way around, if our goal is the Eastern one of ego-transcendence and obliteration, of leaving behind self-consciousness and self-observation, . . . then it looks


RAG RADIO: Populist Commentator Jim Hightower on 2018 Elections "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Jim Hightower is Thorne Dreyers guest on Rag Radio, and its always a great honor and a lot of fun to have Jim on the show! Our primary topic is the midterm elections and about the political path ahead. Populist road warrior Hightower is a progressive political activist who is on the national []


Mass HPV Vaccination Plan for the U.S. "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Research shows women vaccinated with Gardasil have higher incidence of HPV infection with HPV strains not covered by vaccine.

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Total War on Climate Change "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Content Warning: Apocalyptic Environmental Problems. Really think twice before reading.

Do we give a shit about the world or not? About the human species or any others? About our own lives? Do we want to live in a disgusting hellpit assuming were capable of living at all, when this is done? The latest IPCC report on climate change is a real motherfucker. Forty years until all the coral reefs die, even if we start doing things right this instant. Thats just one aspect of it.

The worst part is that we dont know what effects that level of environmental devastation will have. Everything is interlinked in ecology. The coral reefs alone dying out (surely there will be more direct damage besides that) could have a knock-on effect that kills almost all non-bacterial life in the ocean. That could happen.

And some of that life helps regulate global temperatures photosynthetic algae and the like. So what if that stuff dies off and the rate of greenhouse gas build runs away, beyond expectation? We could already be a dead species walking. Thats right. Even if we dropped everything right now and waged total war on climate change? It could already be too late. We could all fucking die over this.

Id like to take a moment to thank the captains of industry and gold digging political bros for fucking our species to death for money. One love, baby. Capitalism is the only economic system that works with human nature. Human nature is to extinct itself like locusts gone wild, so, like, top marks my dudes.

What Im here to say is this: We need to declare total war on climate change. In WWII we restructured our economy with fervor to meet the challenge of that time. Well the challenge now is, arguably, a lot more dire. Making carbon markets and all that kinda crap? Insufficient funds, man. Its time to go all out. Now.

It might be too late, but at least if you get on board with this, you can say you died fighting. Any of you captains of industry and pet politicians not on board? Youre pissing on your own graves, fiddling while Rome burns. See how far that gets you.


The AGENDA 2030 SMART CITY Challenge - Government To AWARD $75 Million For Best SMART CITY Design! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Googles parent company Alphabet Inc. owns a company called Sidewalk labs and they are working with the Canadian government to launch a new smart city at the waterfront of downtown Toronto called Quayside. Quayside is proposing a centralized identity management system which each resident uses to accesses public services such as library cards and health care. Other plans include driverless cars, mixed-use spaces that change according to the markets demands, heated streets, and sensor-enabled waste separation. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth takes a deep look at how our governments are jumping in bed with the big tech companies to form a surveillance state they are calling smart cities in a big brother nightmare the like of which George Orwell himself couldnt have even envisioned.


When will America stop participating in Yemen's genocidal war? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The 1973 War Powers Resolution is still the law of the land, and the courts have not overturned any part of it. There are officials in the "national security state" who believe that the president can decide without Congress to participate in a war. But that is not the law, or is it consistent with the US Constitution.

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Thursday, 15 November


Superior, WI: Streets and Enbridge Headquarters Shut Down by Protesters "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Superior, WI: Streets and Enbridge Headquarters Shut Down by Protesters appeared first on It's Going Down.

Report from Anti-Colonial Land Defense, who today rallied and marched against Enbridges Line 3 pipeline in Superior, Wisconsin.

Today, Water Protectors with Anti-Colonial Land Defense carried out the following action:

The Enbridge Headquarters in Superior Wisconsin bordering Duluth Minnesota is blockaded on all sides: come stand up against oil pollution of sacred stolen land, and genocide!



BREAKING: Enbridge Office blockades on all sides preventing Enbridge employeess from going to work, happening NOW in so-called Superior WI; cone stand up against oil pollution of sacred stolen land & waters, & stand AGAINST genocide!:

Posted by Anti-colonial Land Defense on Thursday, November 15, 2018

Before that, they had organized a march through the downtown:

Today the struggle against Enbridge continues and today we took the streets in Superior and blockaded the road and Enbridge Office to stand in solidarity with the indigenous people of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, and to show the public how many of our Ojibwe comrades people feel, STUCK, with the decision forced upon them by there governing body The RBC and their deal with Enbridge.



Nearly Divorced "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The decree is signed and before a judge. He has promised to sign it next week.

Thus ends over a year of absolute hell. I have become a new person, through this journey, and am much happier now than I have been in the last 18 years. Funny how perspective changes when youre finally alone and see your past life from the outside.

I will be writing again, as everything calms down and my routine comes into view. I wont be saying much about the specifics of the woman I divorced, though, because I want her to succeed in life, as the mother of my six children, and my lover for 18 years. I loved that woman with everything I knew about love, which I now consider to be a faulty understanding.

I wont even pretend to know what love is, but I now know what it isnt.

Love you all. Thanks for reading and having the patience of a sloth who just found a pool of perpetually warm mud.

I. C.


Fla. Orders First-Ever Statewide Hand-Recounts "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Fla. Secretary of State to issue a directive to give voters a chance to correct their ballots

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Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Health Editors Note:  Some words for thought.Carol The Real Loser in the Midterms: Individuality by Marilyn M. Singleton, MD, JD After the election, sappy statements on social media exhort us to bow down in praise that the first minority this or the first woman that was elected and how this means we have catapulted our []


Indigenous Organizers Face Political Attack by Flagstaff Police for Anti-Columbus Day Demonstration "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Indigenous Organizers Face Political Attack by Flagstaff Police for Anti-Columbus Day Demonstration appeared first on It's Going Down.

OCCUPIED FLAGSTAFF, AZ Flagstaff police stalked and cited an Indigenous organizer in so-called Flagstaff, Arizona last night for their alleged role in a demonstration that took to the streets the previous month on what is now recognized as Indigenous Peoples Day.

The cops confronted the organizer at work and threatened that they were preparing to cite more people who may have been involved in the action based upon surveillance and a nearly month-long investigation.

According to a police report obtained this morning, at least 13 people, including Indigenous organizers and supporters, are facing misdemeanor charges of Obstructing a Public Thoroughfare for their alleged roles in the action. The report states that others have yet to be identified via social media and other forms of surveillance.

We will not be silenced by what is clearly a political attack designed to deter further organizing for justice in our communities. stated Maile Hampton, who is facing charges. On the day that city officials celebrated their empty declaration of Indigenous Peoples Day this demonstration called for justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, for an end to mass deportations and migrant detentions, for accountability of the city of Flagstaff for their hypocritical role in desecrating the Peaks, and to address the disproportionate level of arrests Native people face in this town. That I now face further state repression for standing for justice is not a surprise, it is the reality we face as we resist cultural genocide.

I do not see it as a coincidence that these charges come on the eve of a planned protest against desecration of the Holy San Francisco Peaks this Friday. stated Klee Benally, who is also facing charges. I will not be intimidated by state repression, I will continue to fight back and honor my ancestors and future generations through this process.

The rally specifically addressed the disproportionate number of Indigenous People threatened and targeted in Flagstaff.

This political attack further demonstrates a severe issue of targeted policing of the Indigenous community, stated Benally.

According to the most recent census, Indigenous Peoples comprise 10% of the population but account for nearly half of all the annual arrests each year.

Organizers of the rally had previously called for these immediate actions:



We Put One Step Forward, Kept Movin On: A Report from the Caravan "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post We Put One Step Forward, Kept Movin On: A Report from the Caravan appeared first on It's Going Down.

One thing missing from a lot of the news coverage of the caravan Donald Trump made noise about before the election and no so much after. Very few bothered to actually talk with those that are a part of it. A crew from Strikecorps did, and this is their report. Originally posted to Idavox.

Cover Photo: Alexei Wood, Video: Rebecca Centeno

Just got back to San Antoniofor the last few days comrades, media activists, and I traveled to livestream, record, and provide media equipment to the refugee caravan(s).

Erik Forman, a comrade from NYC and member of Strikecorps, reached out to me to see about getting a media team together to document and provide livestream equipment to the caravan, so that people can tell their own stories and challenge the right-wing/Trump propaganda narrative about the refugees who are risking their lives, and the lives of their families, to get to the US. A small media team joined Strikecorps: Matt Hopard on livestream,...


Soybean Farmers Stand With Trump "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Dems gain ground, eye 2020 political cycle for Americas farmers

  Read More

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Death doesn't equal someone's opinion about death "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

People who see other people die often assume they know why it happened. Certainly, when it comes to viruses, they don't have a clue. They're sure they know. That doesn't make them right.


Survivors and Antifascists Confronting Misogynists, Proud Boys, and Patriot Prayer in Portland this Saturday "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Survivors and Antifascists Confronting Misogynists, Proud Boys, and Patriot Prayer in Portland this Saturday appeared first on It's Going Down.

Anti-Fascist News discusses the upcoming mass mobilization against the Proud Boys in Portland under the banner, #PUSHBACKPDX.

The far-right formation Patriot Prayer, and its base of Proud Boys, are again descending on Portland to try and antagonize the community. This time led by Alt Light internet personality Haley Adams, they are holding a #HimToo event in Downtown Portland on November 17th.  Created in response to the growing #MeToo movement to confront unchecked sexual assault, and highlighted by the blatant misogyny of the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination hearings, Adams created the #HimToo event to give men a day to speak about how they feel, what they have gone through, raising the specter that false rape allegations are ruining the lives of men, which neglects the fact that false reporting is almost complete non-existent.

In response an organized coalition has created a number of events intended to compliment each other, raise the voices of affected people, and then confront the far-right directly.

Starting at 12pm, at Chapmant Square (right next to Terry Shrunk Plaza), Pop Mob has organized an event called Survivors Are Everywhere: A Survivor Shout Out to show open solidarity with ALL survivors of sexual assault.

Not everyone is able to share their story. Some survivors choose to stay silent for their safety, others are silenced by those around them. Some survivors refuse to be silent.

The alt-right is trying to silence survivors, erase trans identities, control the bodies of women and people of color, and criminalize families and individuals seeking safety. WE ARE ALL SURVIVORS. As Audre Lorde said, there is no such thing as a single issue struggle. People are sufferi...


Aluminum Safety Info Debunked Report "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Scientist replies to aluminum, medical industrys false claims

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Psychologists Call Out Tech Industry and the Psychologists They Hire to Design Programs to Hook Kids on Tech "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By B.N. Frank While American public school systems collectively spent billions to provide high tech educations to students, Silicon Valley parents have been limiting their...


The Next Crash "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The combination of stagnant wages with most economic gains going to the top is once again endangering the economy. Most Americans are still living in the shadow of the Great Recession that started in December 2007 and officially ended in June 2009. More have jobs, to be sure. But they haven't seen any rise in their wages, adjusted for inflation.


Wisconsin company gives employees guns for Christmas as gifts "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A Wisconsin company has decided to give its employees revolvers as Christmas gifts this year. The company says the gifts will promote team building and personal safety.

Ben Wolfgram, who co-owns Hortonville-based BenShot, a local business that produces glassware embedded with bullets, recently decided to give every employee a handgun as a Christmas present. The father-son business was started in 2015 in a small garage workshop in a little village of about 3,000 residents 100 miles northwest of Milwaukee. This is the first time Wolfgram has given guns as Christmas gifts to his employees. And its been a well-received decision.  Employee Chelsea Priest of Green Bay, Wisconsin, told the Appleton Post-Crescent that she believes the gift will empower her and help keep her safe. Ive never been a part of anything like this, she said.

USA Today reported that the gift of a revolver is a choice, and employees can decline to accept the gun as a present. At least two employees initially declined the gift but are considering accepting the revolver after taking a gun-safety course that company executives have required before Wolfgram can begin giving out the guns. The business has 16 full-time employees, including several veterans, however, the business also has employees who had never fired a gun, said Wolfgram.

According to The Appleton Post-Crescent, Wolfgram said he wasnt worried at all about mass shootings or the workplace violence often seen anymore because his business has a small staff and all of the employees know each other well. He says that he and the staff actually feel good now that the company has an armed staff. For us, now, we have an entire armed staff, he said. I think thats pretty good.

 Wolfgram is all but certain to receive negative feedback from the mainstream media, who would rather have every single American disarmed and defenseless against violent sociopaths.


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Bringing the Message to You: Highlights From Strong Towns Events in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Albemarle County, VA Anaheim, CA Baltimore, MD Billings, MT Bismarck, ND Boerne, TX Boston, MA Brainerd, MN Cedar City, UT Cedar Creek, TX Chattanooga, TN Colorado Springs, CO Conway, AR Detroit, MI Erie, PA Fergus Falls, MN Fishers, IN Fort Worth, TX Halifax, NS Harvard University, Cambridge, MA Huntsville, AL Hutchinson, KS Indianapolis, IN Kansas City, KS Kansas City, MO Kennett Square, PA Mashpee, MA Muskegon, MI New Orleans, LA Peoria, IL Phoenix, AZ Plano, TX Savannah, GA Sioux Falls, SD St. Cloud, MN Thomasville, GA Thompsonville, MI West Palm Beach, FL Wichita, KS Wickenburg, AZ

What do the above places have in common? Theyre all places where weve shared the Strong Towns message through our events this year.

A recent email we sent to our mailing list posed the (rhetorical) question, Why on earth is Strong Towns trying to change the way the world is built by writing articles? Its rhetorical because weve spent this week telling you how much we really do believe that our content can be a catalyst for changeand we see it, every day, in the way it inspires Strong Citizens to go out and take action to make their communities stronger.

But its important to remember that here at Strong Towns, we do much more than just write about the unproductive development patterns we see. Every year, we take our observations face to face with citizens, community leaders, and public officials. We host dozens upon dozens of events across the continent every year. This is where we are able to get on the ground, reach people in their own towns, and share our message.

Chuck Marohn changes the way you see your city. For the weeks after hearing his talk, I couldnt look at a city block without thinking about his ideas.

From St. Cloud to Huntsville to Halifax, our team has been relentlessly spreading the Strong Towns message as far as we can through more than 39 speaking events and 61 presentations this year. Weve been invited to cities big and small to share the Strong Towns message. Our small but growing staff helps make this happen, but the real reason weve been able to host more events than ever this year is because of the dedication of our members.

When we get invitations to host these events, we see ourselves as having been invited into the neighborhoods and homes...


A cheaper alternative? Scientists looking at converting plastic waste into hydrogen fuel "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The problem of plastic waste pollution shows no signs of letting up. Around eight million tons of plastic waste are making their way into our oceans every year, and the problem is only expected to get worse as plastic production will need to grow by three or four times by 2050 to meet demand. Although public awareness campaigns and legislation may be making a dent in this problem, there are still concerning amounts of plastic littering our planet, and experts believe our planets oceans will have more plastic than fish by 2050.

Thankfully, U.K. scientists have found a new process that can help transform some of this waste into useful chemicals like hydrogen. Swansea Universitys Moritz Kuehnel and colleagues have come up with a clever sunlight-driven process that could revolutionize the way we deal with plastic waste.

A photocatalyst, cadmium sulfide quantum dots, is added to the plastic, and it is immersed into an alkaline solution. Sunlight then reduces the solutions water to hydrogen. Meanwhile, the plastic polymers are oxidized to small organic molecules. The bubbles of the hydrogen gas can be seen coming right off the surface as the process works its magic. In addition to the hydrogen gas given off, the process leaves behind chemicals that can be used for creating new plastic.

When the photoreforming process was tested on common polymers such as polyurethane, polyethylene terephthalate, and polylactic acid, the results matched the ones achieved with cutting-edge hydrogen evolution photocatalysis processes that use costly sacrificial reagents. Their work is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in conjunction with an Austrian petrochemical firm.

Process works on all types of plastic

The remarkable results are made even better by the fact that the approach can even work on the dirtiest of plastics. Current plastic recycling methods require clean and pure materials to create new and usable plastics. Plastics that have traces of oil or food on them are nearly impossible to recycle as these impurities can interfere with the recycling process, and the cleaning process used on them can be quite expensive.

The scientists admitted that they were relieved to see their process work on real-world waste. Thats because lab tests typically involve purified materials, and the results dont always translate to the kind of waste you would find in...


How to grind grains to make your own flour when SHTF "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


(Natural News) Even if things are relatively quiet, you can still benefit from knowing how to make flour from various kinds of grains. After all, food security is crucial for every prepper. Knowing how to make your own flour also gives you access to a final product thats more nutritious and flavorful than store-bought flour.



Is hypnotherapy useful in alleviating headaches or migraines? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


(Natural News) People are familiar with hypnosis, primary because of its portrayal in media. It usually goes that a hypnotist controls a persons actions with nothing more than a swing in their pocket watch. However, this is not what hypnotism is really about. In recent years, the practice has gained wider acceptance as an alternative treatment to conditions...


Federal Court Says Clinton Must Answer More Questions About Her Emails "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Will also answer key questions about the setting up of her email system, according to Judicial Watch.

The post Federal Court Says Clinton Must Answer More Questions About Her E...


The Truth About Brexit "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


It was designed to fail from the outset.

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The Democrats' Victory Can Save The Republican Party "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The retaking of the House by the Democrats will soon allow them to exercise checks and balances and stop the Republicans from going down a slippery slope. Otherwise, the party would have slid into complete self-implosion as they blindly but willingly followed Trump's chaotic political agenda.


GLOBAL ALERT: German and French leaders call for new military empire to fulfill the conquest wishes of Adolf Hitler "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

POTUS Donald Trump may go down in history as the U.S. president who exposed the European Union for what it has become since the end of the Cold War: A gaggle of ungrateful, Left-wing pretenders who have taken advantage of American generosity for decades.

Following in the footsteps of French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is channeling her monstrous predecessor, Adolph Hitler, in calling for a European army so the European Union can fulfill his objective of conquering the continent while getting rid of the United States military presence there.

In a speech in Strasbourg, Merkel called for a real, true EU army in what was seen as a direct rebuke to POTUS Trump, the U.K.s Daily Mail reported.

In addition, Merkel called for the creation of a European Security Council which would be responsible for developing and coordinating defense policy throughout the alliance.

But wait what about NATO? Germany and most of the EU are all members. Why not just strengthen NATO? Well, Merkel explained, the new EU army would certainly work in conjunction with the longstanding alliance, adding that only a stronger Europe is going to defend Europe.

Continuing, Merkel declared, Europe must take our fate into our own hands if we want to protect our community. 

Is that true, though? Hardly. NATOs reason for existence is to defend alliance members, which is to say virtually all of the continent. Its hard to imagine that NATO would not come to the defense of non-members like Sweden, Finland, and Norway, for that matter. (Related: Russia may have just practiced going to war with NATO.)

Just days ago, Macron made similar remarks. In an interview with Europe 1, he talked about renewed Russian aggression and POTUS Trumps decision to withdraw from the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty. 

I believe in the project of a sovereign Europe. We wont protect Europe if we dont decide to have a true European army, he said, as the Daily Mail reported. We have to have a Europe that can defend itself alone and without only relying on the United States in a more sovereign manner.

We should protect ourselves when it comes to China, Russia and even the United States of America, he continued as though the U.S....


Senate War Hawks Block Sen. Rand Pauls Bid to Halt Arms Sales to Bahrain "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Today the US Senate voted 77-21 to kill a proposal made by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul which would block US arms sales to the GCC monarchy of Bahrain who is also a member of the Saudi coalition in its illegal war on Yemen now approaching its forth year.

Democratic war hawk Bob Menendez (D-NJ) led the opposition to Pauls bill on military strategic grounds as  Bahrain is host to the US Navys Fifth Fleet. At the same time, Menendez and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) introduced another bill which they claim will curtail arms to Saudi Arabia, entitled the Saudi Arabia Accountability and Yemen Act of 2018, sponsored by three Democrats and two Republicans.

This comes on the heels of US sanctions against 17 Saudi nationals to try and pressure Riyadh into a credible investigation into the murder of the supposed dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

This legislation is an important way to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for various acts in Yemen as well as the death of Jamal Khashoggi, said Graham.

More and more, this looks like a convenient exit being engineered by Washington from a very unpopular and highly illegal war which its been involved in from day one under Barack Obama. The fact that they now wont let go of the Bahrain arms deal proves that what we are witnessing now is merely Punch n Judy for the international media. reports

In a 21-77 vote on Thursday, the Senate rejected a bill from Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) aiming to block a $300 million arms sale to Bahrain. The bill was heavily opposed by the White House.

Bahrain is among the participants in the Saudi-led, US-backed war in Yemen, and failing to secure the arms deal mightve obliged them to quit the conflict. This was seen as a major goal of the bill, to both pare back the Yemen War in general, and US involvement in supporting the invasion in particular.



Are Successful, Bipartisan Policy Debates Even Possible? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Avik Roy, President of FREOPP, joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss health policy, think tanks, 2018 midterms, the child tax credit and more.


Jacks Walk "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Watching the squirrels scurry, voyager, all rights reserved

Theres not a trace of snow left in town, but out in the country we saw highlights of white persisting in pockets here and there in the fields. In the forest, the fallen branches and trees were frosted like cupcakes and the leaves on the ground were wet and nearly silent as we padded along. All but a very few leaves are down now and the trees stand like scratchy wire sculptures against a foreboding gray and gloomy sky. Late autumn has arrived and with it has also come the November blahs and blues. Even Jack seemed tinged with ennui today.


Kanye Wests Private Firefighting Is a Force for Good "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Kanye West Firefighting(FEE)  Kanye West is no stranger to public controversy. Arguably, his career has thrived on it. But unlike his previous squabbles, West is currently being attacked not for his typical outlandish commentary but for using private firefighters to help protect his southern California home from the devastating Woosley Fire. At least 58 people have been killed, and []


Chaos, Lack of Transparency Mar Vote Count in Georgia "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Election officials in Georgias second-largest county are scheduled to announce completed vote tallies this afternoon but they may wind up doing so in violation of federal law and state guidelines. One thing seems certain: Those looking for closure and a definitive answer on who won, how many votes they got, and whose vote should have been counted will be disappointed.

The Thursday meeting is the second this week for the Gwinnett County Board of Elections and Registration, after 10 days of court battles, closed-room deliberations, conflict, and chaos.  

Regardless of the results, Stephen Day, board chairman, had already declared to WhoWhatWhy toward the end of an 8-hour meeting Tuesday that the board would not be counting hundreds of absentee mail-in ballots. By declining to do so, the board may be ignoring guidance from the secretary of states office that would have allowed it to consider any ballots previously rejected for immaterial errors.

Whats more, the wording of the secretary of states guidance drew a sharp rebuke from state Board of Elections and Registration member David Worley. In an email he sent to fellow board members and others, Worley alleged that the guidance deliberately left out a reference to the federal Voting Rights Act (VRA), which prohibits rejection of a ballot when the omitted information is immaterial.

Gwinnett County, Georgia, election

Activists wore red sashes to signify the sacrifices Americans have made for the right to vote. Other activists sitting behind lawyers for the Republican candidate held signs demanding Gwinnetts election board obey election laws. Photo credit: Jordan Wilkie / WhoWhatWhy.

The State Board of Elections has the authority t...


RCV brings down another Republican "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

I wrote yesterday about how the incumbent Republican for Maines 2nd district Bruce Poliquin sued to stop the second and third choice votes of the third and fourth place candidates from being counted and argued that he should be declared the winner based on his plurality of just the first choice votes, where he had a slim 2,000 vote lead over Democratic challenger Jared Golden. He clearly seemed to think that the 23,000 second and third choice votes would go against him.

But earlier this morning, the federal judge overseeing the case refused to halt the counting and declare Poliquin the winner. Poliquins fears have since been realized because Golden has now been declared the winner.

Democrat Jared Golden was declared the winner of Maines 2nd Congressional District race on Thursday following a historic tabulation of ballots using ranked-choice voting.

Golden, a Marine Corps veteran and state lawmaker from Lewiston, began the day roughly 2,000 votes behind incumbent Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin. But Golden surged past Poliquin by slightly less than 3,000 votes after the ranked-choice votes of two independents in the race were redistributed Thursday afternoon.

Of the second-choice votes redistributed Thursday, Golden received 10,232 while 4,695 went to Poliquin. More than 8,000 of the ballots cast for independents did not designate a second choice.

In his ruling US District Court judge Lance Walker emphasized the fact that Maine voters had twice endorsed ranked choice voting. Poliquins case against RCV will be heard next month. This is the first federal election run under the RCV system but there are many state and local races that use this system. Since the US constitution gives states broad leeway in how to conduct elections, I doubt that this lawsuit will succeed.

With Poliquins ouster, there is not a single Republican left in the entire New England region. Currently the House of Representatives stands at 230-198, a gain of 35 seats for the Democrats with seven races still not decided.


Leaked 2009 Cable Labels Saudi Arabia Most Significant Source Of Funding To Terrorist Groups Worldwide Exposes Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, And Pakistan "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Brandon Turbeville While the Saudi military continues to besiege Yemen and create the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet today, the United States also...


Its Time To Rethink What Weve Been Proselytized Into Accepting About Weather Change And Ask Why No Investigation Is Given Regarding Weather Geoengineering As Part Of UNs Agenda 21 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Op-Ed by Catherine J. Frompovich Everyone complains about the weather, but no one can control it. You wanna bet? Weather patterns in 2018 have hit...


Is Mass Immigration About Establishing a World Without Borders? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Catherine J. Frompovich As with all news, one does not know what to believe anymore.  However, an independent film maker decided to go to...


US Has Spent $5,900,000,000,000 on Wars Since 2001: Study "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A new report from Brown University is aiming to provide a close estimate of the overall cost to the US government of its myriad post-9/11 wars and assorted global wars on terror. The estimate is that $5.933 trillion has been spent through fiscal year 2019. This is, of course, vastly higher than official figures, owing to the Pentagon []

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Will You Tell One Person They Should Join The Strong Towns Movement? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Today is the fourth day of our fall member drive. Are you a Strong Towns member yet? If not, why wait: join the movement today.

Join the Movement

And if youve already joined, we have a simple question for you: why? What convinced you to finally take the plunge? And what keeps your around?

Maybe our content gives you ideas and information that make you better at the work you do.

Maybe you attended a Strong Towns event and found yourself moved to see your city differently, and you want more people to be able to have that experience.

Maybe you participate in the Strong Towns community through social media, our Slack channels, or the comment forums on our website, and youve found your fellow members to be a valuable source of information, inspiration, and camaraderie.

Whatever your personal reasons, odds are good the reason you joined the Strong Towns movement has to do with people. Maybe, when you clicked that join button, you were thinking about a community you already belonged toyour town, your neighborhood, your workplace, your school, your place of worship, etc. Maybe, you were thinking about a community you want to belong toone filled with strong citizens from around the world who are hungry to share inspiration to make your own place stronger.

Weve been showcasing testimonials this week from Strong Towns members who are making inspiring change in their own places, and every one of those stories has something in common: Strong Towns has helped them bring people together to accomplish more than they can do alone.

Help Us Get to a Million People Who Care

Chuck Marohn has described our movements growth strategy as a million people who care. Were at just over 2,500 members right now, but a million isnt as far off as it seems.

If youre a member and youre reading this, wed bet you know at least one person who isnt a Strong Towns member yet but ought to be.

Maybe its that guy or girl at your office whos always pushing for a more walkable workplace.

Maybe theyre...


In Close Vote, House Blocks Debate On Yemen War "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

On Wednesday, in a vote heavily along party lines, the House passed the Manage our Wolves Act 201-187. The vote effectively blocked all debate on the war in Yemen, and precluded that conflict from coming up for a future vote. This is the second straight year that an attempt to challenge Americas unauthorized involvement in the []

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Second Largest School District Increases Salary Offer, Teachers Hold Out for Students "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has nearly met the union's salary demands but still wants to keep the option of balancing budgets with larger class sizes.


Conservatives and Slave Owners "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Thinking about our national, almost forty-year, slow, but inexorable fall into the whirling room of mirrors, propelled by mountebanks and posers and just downright cruel and stupid folks. Ronnie Reagan ushered in what has become, living in the White House, our national disgrace and possible downfall.


Why NATO trains to survive "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

This fall in Europe and in the Baltic region in particular is very "hot" from the military point of view. Russia thinks that NATO exercises in the region are not just single episodic maneuvers but a chain of successive events, a well-designed scheme of conducting large-scale exercises that are offensive in nature.


Isreali Attacks on US Democracy Dwarfs Russia's "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The full force of the Israeli government is conducting a massive, sophisticated campaign of psychological warfare, spying, lying, sabotage, cyber attacks, character assassination, bribery, threats, intimidation, and fake news throughout social media, across college campuses and down the halls of Congress to smear and discredit Palestinian activists, destroy BDS support and promote war with Iran


Youtube Video: A Guide to Imperial Measurements with Matt Parker | Earth Lab "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Matt Easton mentioned in one of his latest videos why he still uses and prefers imperial units to metric ones, which has completely baffled me.

I know that humans are creatures of habit, but why anyone who knows both imperial and metric units would still prefer the imperial ones is a complete mystery to me. But I do not wish to rant too much, so I let someone else to do that (content warning: razor sharp sarcasm).


China Fishes in Muddy Waters "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Humans have a passion for order.  But somehow much of what they produce is chaos.  Chaos creates confusion, danger, which, if properly exploited, a source of opportunity and advantage. The Chinese idiom for this is fishing in muddy waters.  The fish dont see you, so you can sneak up on them and scoop them up. []


Do You Have These Diseases? Pharma Hopes So "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In the excellent book, Generation RX, Greg Critser traces the history of direct-to-consumer advertising and unveils early concerns from major drug companies that it would raise fears of disease, sell unnecessary pills and corrupt the doctor/patient relationship. That's exactly what has happened and Pharma is lamenting it all the way to the bank.


Securing Our Planet "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Daniel Ellsberg on nuclear policy is now available not only in his recent book, The Doomsday Machine, but also in a brilliant series of video interviews


LNR has 77% Voter Turnout- Ukraine is Beside Itself "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In upcoming videos we'll show the reasons why this election was necessary, why the turnout was so high, and interview the foreign minister, deputy foreign minister, as well as some of the international observers.


Israel Bombed Gaza After Failed Raid, US Evacuates ISIS, Congress Aims To Ignore Yemen & Iran Psyop "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (11/14/18). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth []

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Trump's worst nightmare begins as Democrats and Mueller prepare to join forces "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Very soon we will see the combined power of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and the Democrats who now control the U.S. House used to expand the scope of the Mueller Russian investigation. Their primary target will, of course, be Donald J. Trump.


New ACLU Documents Reveal CIA Considered Reviving MK-Ultra-Like Mind Control Programs "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


 Documents released to the American Civil Liberties Union detail how the CIA considered using a controversial psychotropic drug as a truth serum.

The post New ACLU Documents Reveal CIA Considered Reviving MK-Ultra-Like Mind Control Programs appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


The War to End War 100 Years On: An Evaluation & Reorientation Of Our Resistance to War "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

If we consider war as an outcome not of political and economic differences manifesting as military violence but, fundamentally, as an outcome of psychological dysfunctionality preventing intelligent resolution of conflict, then our strategy for ending war can acquire a sophistication it must otherwise lack. Put simply, by understanding the psychological roots of violence we can develop and implement a strategy that intelligently addresses these, both in the short and medium terms. So how do we tackle, strategically, the interrelated set of problems that constitute the institution of war?


Data Released from 200 Law Enforcement Agencies Automated License Plate Reader Programs "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

EFF and MuckRock have filed hundreds of public records requests with law enforcement agencies around the country to reveal how data collected from automated license...


How to Resolve the De-Platforming Problem "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Op-Ed by Jos Nio Is enacting anti-discrimination legislation the answer to social media de-platforming? Many right-wing commentators are justifiably concerned about social media censorship of...


Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation public statement of gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation is celebrating the settlement of a civil rights lawsuit.


US Has Spent $5,900,000,000,000 on War Since 2001: Study "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Trillions War(ANTIWAR.COM)  A new report from Brown University is aiming to provide a close estimate of the overall cost to the US government of its myriad post-9/11 wars and assorted global wars on terror. The estimate is that $5.933 trillion has been spent through fiscal year 2019. This is, of course, vastly higher than official figures, owing to []


Why Data Privacy Is a Controversy That Shouldnt Exist "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Op-Ed by Rachel Tripp We live in a world of instant information. In the age of social media, Google, and virtual assistants like Siri and...


Family murders in rural Ohio "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Ohio has developed a reputation for producing grisly serial killers and psychopaths. Jeffrey Dahmer is perhaps the poster child for but there are so many competitors for that dubious honor. I dont usually comment on such things but two years ago in April 2016, there was a particularly bizarre case. That was the systematic execution style murder of eight members of a family in four different homes. Seven of them had been shot in their beds. The case remained unsolved but just yesterday authorities finally announced arrests and the information that was released was startling.

The victims were Christopher Rhoden Sr., 40, his ex-wife Dana Manley Rhoden, 37, and the couples three children: Christopher Rhoden Jr., 16; Hanna May Rhoden, 19; and Clarence Frankie Rhoden, 20.

Frankie Rhodens fiancee, Hannah Gilley, 20, Christopher Rhoden Sr.s brother, Kenneth Rhoden, 44, and a cousin Gary Rhoden, 38, were also murdered.

Cops said the killers spared the lives of three children, including the 5-day-old daughter of Hanna Rhoden. The baby, Kylie, was in bed next to Hanna when she was executed, police said. (The other children were 6 months and 3 years old.)

Now arrests have been made of four members of another family named Wagner.

Police cuffed four members of the Wagner family: George Billy Wagner III, 47; his wife, Angela Wagner, 48; and their sons George Wagner IV, 27, and Edward Jake Wagner, 26.

Jake Wagner was an ex-boyfriend of Hanna Rhoden, and the two shared a daughter, then 3 years old.

Why was this brutal killing carried out? As the investigation expanded it exposed the dark underbelly of rural life. It turned out that the entire Rhoden family was involved in marijuana cultivation and three of their homes had marijuana farms. Since that part of southern Ohio is awash in drugs, initial speculation was that these killings were part of a drug war or at least triggered by a drug deal gone awry. But the drug motive seems to have moved to the background and now suspicions point to a custody fight, with confusion added by the fact that two key individuals in the Rhoden clan were called Hannah and Hanna.

Still, one story published weeks after the slayings seemed to foretell strife between Jake Wagner and Charlie Gilley, the father of victim Hanna Rhodens newborn baby, Kylie. Both men were apparently awaiting paternity testing.

In June 2016, Jake Wagner told that there was a 50/50 chance he was Kyl...


Sanders Wants to Penalize Walmarts Owners Unless They Pay Their Workers $15 an Hour "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Republicans First Big Post-Midterms Move: Keep US In Yemens Vicious Civil War (Reader Luke)

The author writes, With less than two months left at the helm of the House of Representatives, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Wednesday won his first vote since the midterm elections on behalf of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Almost all Republicans and a handful of Democrats voted with Ryan to strip privilege from a bill endorsed by top Democrats that would have ended US support for the Saudis and their allies in the four-year civil war in Yemen.

More States Should Follow Washington and Vote by Mail (Reader Steve)

From the Seattle Times: With last weeks midterm election, Washington, Oregon and Colorado once again demonstrated the value of universally mailed ballots.

Amazons Long Game Is Clearer Than Ever (Reader Jill)

The author writes: No population genuinely worried about abuses of power would even countenance placing a single private company in control of securing the data of both the intelligence community and the armed services. Add putting a major media organ or two under the same umbrella and youre beginning to enter oligarchy territory.

Seattle High-School Teacher Shares The Wonder of Books With Students on a Different Kind of Field Trip (Jimmy)

The author writes, It was, perhaps, the sound of worlds opening. It was a school field trip, but one with a difference: They were there to buy books whatever books they wanted. Each student was equipped with a $50 gift card, to which the store added a 20 percent discount.

How the...


The Medias Obsession With Michael Avenatti Has Gone Far Enough "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The 'Creepy Porn Lawyer' was arrested Wednesday and charged with felony domestic battery in Los Angeles.


The Man From The North Commentary On The Elections "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Vote - the beloved, abused, scorned, corrupted, stolen, hijacked, pointless, profound, hopeful, depressing, hard-won, cherished vote - is not the only way to take action for meaningful change. Currently, the elections operate in our nation like a cattle chute, all too often forcing us back into the deadly, no-win tracks of the two- party duopoly that serves only the moneyed class. It becomes a handy device for siphoning off the demand for revolutionary change by giving false hope that elected officials will actually enact their campaign promises once in office.


US State Department Claims Daesh Created to Protect People From Assad "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Damascus and its allies have repeatedly accused Washington of waging a phony war on the jihadists, and of providing various forms of covert support for terrorists operating on Syrian territory. The Syrian government is directly responsible for creating Daesh (ISIS)*, US special representative for Syria engagement James Jeffrey has alleged. The Syrian regime produced ISIS, the diplomat []


Metal Magic "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Weve received a wonderful surprise from kestrel. Shes making magic and has decided to let us watch the show. This is part 1 of what may be about 5 parts and I am just as in the dark as you about whats coming next. Kestrel will reveal all one post at a time so make sure to tune in for all the updates. Thats just the way magic should be, full of anticipation and surprises. And now heeeres kestrel!

A while back, Marcus posted about some mokume gane he had made, and the exciting adventures he had making it. I know its properly called mokume gane, but I like to think of it as MarcusMetal. (No doubt that will trademarked soon.) Much to my surprise, it arrived at my house early one morning. I immediately leaped up to polish part of it away from the coffee, mind you because I knew it was going to be very beautiful and I could not wait to see it. If you look carefully, you can see a pattern of swirls of copper against the nickel in the part that I polished. When I am done and I finish a piece, I will put a patina on the metal that will make the pattern show up in greater contrast.

kestrel, all rights reserved

Now, to make something with this, Im going to have to cut a piece out. I want the longest piece I can get out of this piece of metal. So I have scribed two lines, marking the piece Id like to cut out. Unfortunately its only a little over 4 (a little over 10 cm) long, but thats OK. I can make it longer. But first I have to cut it out of the larger piece.

kestrel, all rights reserved

There are professional metal workers here who have really nice equipment, but Im a jeweler and my tools are very simple. These are the blades Im going to use in my saw frame to cut on the scribed line. These are size 8, the smallest my supplier carries. And yes, I love Laser Gold blades! 



Tribal leader tapped for legal transition team in Michigan "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Chairperson Aaron Payment of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe will be helping Dana Nessel prepare to serve as Michigan's Attorney General.


Tomgram: Engelhardt, An "Earned Media" Presidency "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Face it: it's been an abusive time, to use a word he likes to wield. In his telling, of course, it's he or his people who are always the abused ones and they -- the "fake news media" -- are the abusers. But let's be honest. You've been abused, too, and so have I. All of us have and by that same fake news media.


Why US-led Western Entities Oppose China-Pakistan Economic Corridor? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

                                               By Sajjad Shaukat for Veterans Today The European Foundation for South Asian Studies (EFSAS) organized a Seminar in the European Parliament on November 7, 2018 in Brussels, titled CPEC East India Company Mark 2? The Seminar was organized under the aegis of Member European Parliament (MEP) Mr. Jonathan Bullock-Member of the Committees on Budgetary []


Death doesnt equal someones opinion about death "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

by Jon Rappoport

November 15, 2018

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I saw people die of HIV.

No. You saw people die. Doctors said they had HIV.

I saw people die from Ebola.

No you didnt. You saw people die. You yourself have no idea what killed them. You can pretend you know, but you dont.

The doctors know what kills people.

You win a gold star for your faith. Youre now a fully-fledged member of the Church of Biological Mysticism.

People who see other people die often assume they know why it happened. Certainly, when it comes to viruses, they dont have a clue. Theyre sure they know. That doesnt make them right.

A parents healthy son returns from the doctors office, saying he just found out hes HIV-positive. He tells his mother the doctor has put him on AZT. Three weeks later, the boy folds up, cant get out of bed. Hes so weak he can hardly move. The doctor says, HIV has spiraled out of control. Its full-blown AIDS. He must continue taking his AZT. Three months later, the boy is dead.

The mother says, My son died of HIV.

Does she know that AZT, a failed chemotherapy drug, was taken off the shelf for AIDS patients, and that it mercilessly attack all cells of the body, including the immune-system cells?

Of course not.

As Ive repeatedly pointed out over the past 30 years (starting with my first book, AIDS Inc., Scandal of the Century), covert medical ops will use death and dying to construct a false picture of the cause of death and dying.

They know this strategy works, because people, seeing death, will accept what the authorities tell them caused it.

Ive often cited the groundbreaking review, Is US health really the best in the world? Author, Dr. Barbara Starfield, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Publisher: The Journal of the American Medical Association, July 26, 2000.

Starfield concluded that, every year in the US, the medical system directly kills 225,000 people. 106,000 die as a result of medicines the FDA has approved as safe. The other 119,000 die as a result of treatment in hospitals.

Add it up. Thats 2.25 million deaths per decade caused by the US medical system....


Trump Administration Plots Costly Private-Care Expansion for Veterans "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Last June, President Donald Trump signed a landmark law on veterans health care after months of tense negotiations. At the ceremony in the Rose Garden, Trump said the bill would deliver on his campaign promise to let veterans see private doctors instead of using the Department of Veterans Affairs government-run health service: Im going to sign legislation that will make veterans choice permanent, he said.

Standing behind him, the leaders of major veterans groups looked around uncomfortably. What Trump called choice these veterans groups called privatization, and theyd been warning for years that it would cost taxpayers more money and deliver worse care for veterans. The veterans groups had endorsed the bill, but Trumps description of it was not what they thought they were there to support.

The moment left no doubt that the Trump administration is determined to use the new law to expand the private sectors role in veterans health care. The administration is working on a plan to shift millions more veterans to private doctors and is aiming to unveil the proposal during Trumps State of Union address in January, according to four people briefed on the proposal. The people spoke on the condition of anonymity because they werent authorized to disclose information about the administrations plans.

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Saudis Attempt to Whitewash MBS over Khashoggi Murder "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

From BBC, Jamal Khashoggi murder ordered by agent Saudi prosecutor Saudi Arabias public prosecutor has concluded that an intelligence officer ordered Jamal Khashoggis murder, and not Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The officer was tasked with persuading the dissident journalist to return to the Gulf kingdom, a spokesman said. Khashoggi was given a lethal injection []


Syrian War Report November 15, 2018: Israeli Defense Minister Resigns Amid Setbacks In Gaza, Syria "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

from SouthFront Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra), the Turkistan Islamic Party, Jaish al-Izza and other so-called opposition groups continue to exploit the ceasefire in the Idlib de-escalation zone to launch attacks on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies. On November 14, they carried out two attacks on SAA positions in northern Hama []


Media Shamefully Attacking Ocasio-Cortez for Being PoorInstead of Focusing on Her Terrible Policy "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Instead of focusing on Ocasio-Cortez's failed policies of "free stuff" for everyone, much of the media is shamelessly attacking her for simply being poor.

The post Media Shamefully Attacking Ocasio-Cortez for Being PoorInstead of Focusing on Her Terrible Policy appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Saudi Arabia Seeks Death Penalty for Five Khashoggi Murder Suspects "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Jamal KhashoggiSaudi public prosecution says five out of 21 defendants have been found guilty of killing Khashoggi but that Mohammed bin Salman wasnt involved. (MEE)  Saudi Arabia is seeking the death penalty for five people convicted of killing prominent Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi media reported on Thursday. According to a press statement read by the []


A Secular Bangladeshi Blogger Fights for His Life My Latest for Splice Today "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

While the murder of Jamal Khashoggi brought more attention to Saudi Arabia, its not the only country where writers are in danger. Secular humanist bloggers in Bangladesh are often murdered by radical religious extremists simply for promoting secular humanist values online. One such blogger currently fighting for his life is Md. Sazzadul Hoque, a 21-year-old man who was forced to flee to India due to threats against his life. I now fear for my life, he recently told The Times of India. I could also be killed in India by fundamentalists who support the goings on in Bangladesh I have nowhere to go.

Raised in a conservative Muslim household, Hoque began questioning his religious beliefs and started blogging about secular humanism in 2016. A year later on Facebook, he publicly announced his atheism, and while the post went viral, his account was suspended and sparked countless death threats. People who were my best friends are my worst enemies now, Hoque told the Times of India, and would turn me over to the fundamentalists at any time. He tried to seek shelter in Bangladesh, but to no avail. After getting kicked out of college, he fled to India with a tourist visa in May of 2017. As he recently told the Press Trust of India (PTI), Even now, I keep receiving threats on Facebook, but the situation here is not as fearful as it is in my country.

Read the rest here.


When It Comes to Rape, Just Because a Case Is Cleared Doesnt Mean Its Solved "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Andy Leisher didnt like what he was seeing on the security cameras from his post at the front desk of the Ramada Inn in Janesville, Wisconsin. On the closed-circuit television in front of him, Leisher watched as a man in his 30s kissed what appeared to be a teenager in the motel hot tub.

It put him on alert. It just felt awkward, Leisher said of the scene. She just seemed really young, and he seemed really old. Or too old to be with her.

When Leisher, a part-time pastor, confirmed that the girl was 16, he called the police. A few hours later, police arrested 31-year-old Bryan Kind, and he was charged with having sex with a child and possession of child pornography. Hes pleaded not guilty.

After collecting Kinds cellphones, Janesville police also found naked photos of a girl from Maryland, and they sent the information to authorities there.

It wasnt news to the Baltimore County Police Department. About a month before the May 2017 arrest, the department closed its investigation into Kind on allegations that he had sex with a 13-year-old girl.

It went on Baltimore Countys books as a success, another rape case cleared.

But Kind had walked free. He wasnt charged with any crime. The Police Department hadnt arrested him, even though it had a thick investigative file on him.

Across the country, dozens of law enforcement agencies are making it appear as though they have solved a significant share of their rape cases when they simply have closed them, according to an investigation by Newsy, Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting and ProPublica based on data from more than 60 police agencies nationwide.

They are able to declare cases resolved through whats known as exceptional clearance. Federal guidelines allow police to use the classification when they have enough evidence to make an arrest and know who and where the suspect is, but cant make an arrest for reasons outside their control.

Although criminal justice experts say the designation is supposed to be used sparingly, our data analysis shows that many departments rely heavily on exceptional clearance, which can make it appear that they are better at solving rape cases than they actually are.

Because exceptional clearance data...

How We Analyzed Rape Clearance Rates "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

As part of the FBIs standardized Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program, thousands of law enforcement agencies across the country regularly tell the FBI how many serious crimes were reported in their jurisdictions and how many of them they cleared. Police agencies often point to the annual clearance rate the number of cases cleared divided by the number of total crimes (excluding unfounded cases) as a measure of their effectiveness. Clearance rates are often presented to the public as solve rates.

While clearance rates have been described as cleared by arrest rates in FBI documents, FBI rules actually allow the police to clear a case without making an arrest. According to the FBI UCR handbook, a case can be cleared by exceptional means if the answers to the following questions are all yes:

  1. Has the investigation definitely established the identity of the offender?
  2. Is there enough information to support an arrest, charge and turning over to the court for prosecution?
  3. Is the exact location of the offender known so that the subject could be taken into custody now?
  4. Is there some reason outside law enforcement control that precludes arresting, charging and prosecuting the offender (for example, suicide, deathbed confession, double murder, etc.)?

This means that the police departments have the ability to mark a case as cleared in a broad range of situations if after talking to police the victim doesnt feel comfortable proceeding, for example, or if the local district attorney tells the investigators he or she doesnt want to proceed with prosecution. The outcome is that police clearance rates go up, making the agency look better to the public, while the suspect remains on the street. FBI rules state that cases cleared in this manner require enough evidence for arrest, but it is not evident that police always adhere to that standard.

Unfortunately, the system does not require most agencies to declare how many of their cases were cleared by exceptional means. More than 60 percent of law enforcement agencies reporting to the UCR program still use the older summary system, which does not distinguish between the two types of clearance. The FBIs newer National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), however, does require law enforcement disclose arrests and exceptional clearances separately.

A review of the NIBRS data indicated that rape offenses are frequently cleared by exceptional means, yet neither the FBI nor the public has any way to know how many rape crimes are being cleared without arrest in the majority of cities across the United States. We hoped to uncover the arrest and exceptional clearance rates previously hidden from the public by reque...


Cronkite News: Report looks at missing and murdered sisters "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

On November 14, 1992, a Native American woman was found murdered in Tucson, and 26 years later her name is still not known.


Investigations Point To Energy Corporations Negligence In California Wildfire "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

An investigation is now underway that will assess the culpability of Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) in starting the Camp Fire, now the deadliest wildfire in the history of California. The company acknowledged Tuesday that it had submitted an electric incident report to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) on November 8, moments before the wildfire broke out. The report detailed a power failure on a transmission line in Butte County at 6:15 a.m., 15 minutes before the fire was reported as starting in the same area. More than 100 people are still listed as missing by the Butte County Sheriffs Office after the fire destroyed the town of Paradise, California Thursday morning.


Dont Protect Mueller, Microscopic Effects Of Inequality & Combating Detention "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

It might sound like common sense that poverty affects our overall health but did you know that income inequality catalyzes wear and tear on a micro molecular level? Science has a disturbing new scoop. Next up, please please PLEASE don't go to these kinds of protests. And finally, a local grassroots initiative to address an often overlooked aspect of our immigration crisis.


Boston Billboard Honoring Palestinian Heroes Pulled "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

An electronic billboard honoring first responders in the Gaza Strip was pulled because the billboard company received phone calls and email complaints calling their staff terrorists and anti-Semites, and threatening a boycott. The billboard was extremely positive and does not even mention Israel. Instead it was a celebration of Palestinian heroes.


Press Release From The Central American Migrant Exodus For Life "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Today marks 31 days of the historic exodus of Central American migrants, known as the Migrant Caravan, which departed from Honduran territory on October 13, 2018. Our exodus is a consequence of forced displacement caused by the widespread systematic violence suffered by men, women, children and entire families who flee from poverty and impunity in our countries of origin. The whole world is watching with great concern as more than 13 thousand people in Mexican territory advance towards the U.S. border. This monumental collective rejection of violence has reached the dimension of a humanitarian crisis. In an exercise of autonomy as a displaced group, we named a delegation to dialogue with United Nations authorities in Mexico on behalf of the more than five thousand migrants housed at the shelter in Mexico City, Mexico.


Native Sun News Today: Oglala Sioux Tribe elects new leader "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Julian Bear Runner will become one of the youngest candidates to win the presidency of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.


Meet Ten Corporate Giants Helping Israel Massacre Gaza Protesters "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

NEW YORK  As Israeli soldiers gun down unarmed Palestinian demonstrators in the Great March of Return, their lethal operations depend on an array of contractors and suppliers, many of them companies based outside Israel. The Israeli military relies on a network of international companies, supplying everything from sniper rifles to tear gas, to carry out its massacres of protesters in Gaza, Tom Anderson, a researcher for Corporate Occupation, told MintPress News. These companies are knowingly supporting war crimes, and are complicit in state-orchestrated murder. Since the mobilization began on March 30, Israeli forces have killed 205 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip...


Billionaire Uses $25 Million Yacht to Bring Supplies to Fire Victims But Police Dont Let Him Ashore "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


A billionaire vineyard owner decided to use his $25 million yacht to bring supplies to fire victims, but the police wouldn't let him ashore.

The post Billionaire Uses $25 Million Yacht to Bring Supplies to Fire Victims But Police Dont Let Him Ashore appeared first on The Free Thought Project.


Realities And Challenges Of Recuperated Workplaces In Argentina "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Facultad Abierta (Open School) is something that in Latin America is usually known as a University Extension, understood as the university function that is dedicated to the community. Usually these have to do with cultural aspects, courses, workshops, and this issue has also been commodified recently. We started the programme in 2002. In the School of Philosophy and Literature of the University of Buenos Aires we set up a tiny extension unit to work with social movements, popular movements, that were flourishing at the time, among them the recuperated workplaces. We quickly turned to the subject of worker self-management, or workers control, on one hand doing research, and on the other taking part in the processes, trying to support the organizations that emerged.


Midterm Results: The War Party Rules "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Forget the midterms. The blue wave was a low tide. The Democrats took the House but lost the Senate, and badly. The good news is that another excessively hyped election is over. Lets talk instead about how under US imperialism, war is a constant. Republican and Democratic Party officials are members of the War Party. US imperial wars rage on regardless of whether a Democrat is elected for President or Congress. The War Party follows of the dictates of Wall Street and the war machine. Party membership not only includes Democratic and Republican officials but also the corporate media. Democratic Party officials described last weeks midterm elections as the most important electoral moment in U.S. history.


Colombian Soldiers Implicated In Social Leaders Murder "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Alvaro Gomez Garzon became the 183rd social leader killed in Colombia in 2018. Communal leader and human rights defender Alvaro Gomez Garzon was reportedly murdered by members of the Colombian Army Monday night in the Cauca department. Cristian Delgado, a member of the left-wing political movement Patriotic March, denounced the fact via Twitter. Gomez was a member of the Patriotic March, the National Association of Campesino Reserve Zones (ANZORC-ZRC), and the National Federation of Agricultural Unions (Fensuagro).


EU Caving to Trump Pressure on Iran Sanctions, SPV Alternative Mechanism Now in Tatters "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Before the US-Israeli embargo of Iran came into effect on November 1st, EU officials had trumpeted their resolve to preserve guarantees made in the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iran nuclear deal by establishing a brand new framework which will allow EU-based firms to continue doing normal business with Iran.

Mindful of the urgency and the need for tangible results, the participants welcomed practical proposals to maintain and develop payment channels, notably the initiative to establish a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to facilitate payments related to Irans exports, including oil to protect the freedom of their economic operators to pursue legitimate business with Iran, said the EU, Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia in a joint statement made this past fall.

Despite this and other strong announcements by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Frederica Mogherini (pictured above), the European members appear unable to make good on their promise to support the rights of Iran under the UN charter, as well as each others sovereignty relative to US foreign policy dictates. One indication the SPV initiative may be dead in the water, is that both Germany and France appear to be too scared to host it on their own soil. There are a number of contributing factors to this, one of which became clear earlier this week, when the US appeared to have already out-flanked the EU by bullying the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication aka SWIFT organization, based in Belgium into blocking Iranian transactions from its inter-bank transaction clearing messaging service. The swift capitulation of SWIFT has already set a precedent within the EU that member states do not possess the political where-with-all or independence to stand up to Washington (and the Israeli Lobby) on a matters of principle and with respect to international law. SWIFTs CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt quickly folded to what appeared to be a hollow US bluff of threats to sanction SWIFT itself should it allow Iran is right to trade essential goods and services. Based on this dubious move, Leibbrandt could be considered an accessory to a US-led international criminal effort to de...


Climate And The Infernal Blue Wave: Straight Talk About Saving Humanity "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Let me tell you about why I woke up crying today. It has to do with just how close we are to full-blown climate disaster. I was thinking about children who are already experiencing the horrible consequences of global warming, and I was thinking about particular children I love and whats in store for them. Most of all, I was thinking about the unthinkable: that we are on the verge of ensuring that most, if not all, life on Earth will be snuffed out. Everyone should be tossing and turning in their beds unable to sleep, experiencing the raw emotions that led me to tears this morning. This is not a joke, or a drill. This is it. Decision-point for humankind. The UN says we have to turn things around within 12 years to avoid catastrophe. Others give us even less time.


Fox News has been having the nightmares again "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Women! In shades of light brown! Invading congress! With plans!

They might have made Rupert Murdoch cry with their rude talk of child and health care and education and the environment and stuff.


New Documents Reveal CIA Considered Reviving MK Ultra-like Programs "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Derrick Broze Documents released to the American Civil Liberties Union detail how the CIA considered using a controversial psychotropic drug as a truth serum....


Brexit Sellout Follows EU Model of Ignoring Results of Democratic Votes "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Theresa May dutifully carries out orders of Brussels globalists.

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The post...


Are Mexico and Russia Starting a Modern Day Cuban Missile Crisis? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Are the Russians amassing tanks in the jungles of Mexico in preparation for a Red Dawn type of invasion of the American Southwest. In the history of The Common Sense Show, has such an allegation gained such traction among the rank and file followers of the Independent Media.

Have the Russians engaged in  a substantial military buildup just south of our border? Is Russia receiving help from Latin America? These are the topics of this article.

What Is Known

The following are well-established facts previously published at the CSS.

  1. There are substantial terror cells residing inside the United States including ISIS which has a cell in all 50 states- James Comey the Former FBI Director, stated on July 4, 2016.
  2. In the 2008-2015 time frame, the Russians engaged with a type of lend-lease of military weaponry to Central and South America. What follows in this article is a report of thousands of Russian tanks in Mexico. This could be a true report. However, the operators of these tanks may just be Honduran or Nicaraguan.
  3. The Sanchez-Parades Drug Cartel (AKA the Peruvian Army and national bank, which is now known as the Shining Path) is the conduit between Middle Eastern terror groups (ie Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, ISIS, et al) and the Central American drug cartels (eg MS-13, Sinoloa Cartel, Juarez Cartel, etc). This is a significant contingent of te Red Dawn invasion force.
  4. Together the Middle Eastern terror groups train at base camps primarily in El Salvador and in Honduras. Thanks to Kathy Rubio for providing much of this documented evidence.
  5. During the previous Central American invasion of the United States in 2014, it was revealed by US Border Patrol to the CSS, that MS-13 were being captured and ordered release by personnel from DHS and the United Nations for points unknown inside the United States. Please note that MS-13 is used as the hit men for the drug cartels.
  6. It is a well-established fact that the Communist Ch...


Judge Expected to Make Decision on CNN Lawsuit on Thursday "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Judge Timothy Kelly of the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia is expected to rule on whether the White Houses decision to take away Acostas credentials violated the Constitution.

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The post...


Obvious Double Standard On Recusals Proves Russia Probe Is About Getting Trump "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Robert Muellers probe is a political prosecution, and everyone willing to be honest with the situation knows it. Where are the calls for their recusals?


Studies Indicate Obamacares Medicaid Expansion Bought Democrats Votes "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Giving people government health subsidies increases their voting registration, turnout, and likelihood of voting Democrat, says a New York Times article about three recent studies plus midterm results.


A Factoid "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Andrew M emailed me with a strange factoid.

Apparently a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier weighs about 102,000 tons and generally cruises using about 260,000 horsepower. Horsepower is a difficult thing to measure when youre talking about a nuclear reactor thats pushing a bunch of turbines and rotating several (4) propeller shafts. No matter how you slice it, though, thats a hell of a lot of horsepower and its pushing a lot of tonnage and about 6,000 people and food and water and ass-kicking stuff at a fairly high speed.

Apparently each of the engines of an SR-71 outputs about 160,000 horsepower. So the SR-71, during a speed run, is putting out more horsepower than a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier.

As Andrew observed, pushing things through air gets difficult as your speed goes up.

I still believe that the Saturn Vs F-1 engines are the king of horsepower a bit more than 3,000,000 horsepower each and the rocket had 5. It was also bigger and faster than an SR-71. So, theres that. I wonder if an F-1 engine could get a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier to water-plane? Briefly. I believe I read somewhere that you could water-ski behind an aircraft carrier; they are ridiculously fast for something that big.

Time is a factor to consider. As Andrew pointed out, an SR-71 needs to refuel frequently, but a Nimitz-class aircraft carriers fuel supply is rated at 90 years. And lets not talk about the F-1, the great gas-guzzler.

And, just in case you havent heard this story before, its a tale of SR-71 awesomeness.

------ divider ------

A Boeing 747 at cruise speed is loafing along on 19,000hp of thrust. The in-cabin entertainment system of an SR-71 probably made more horsepower than that! If they had one, that is.

Back in 1997 when we were prepping for the V-One IPO roadshow, the investment bankers brought in a motivational speaker/speech coach for the management team. It was a horrible waste of time for all of us. The only part I remember was when the guy was talking about The Power of Marketing and Branding and said (in that tone that one uses when one is being very clever) Do any of you know what Rolls Royce makes?
Without opening my eyes I muttered, Jet engines.
Obviously he expected us to say cars. Memo to motivational speak...


The White Album Hits Its 50th In The Perfect Moment To Recall Its Release "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The classic album was born out of the discord of the late '60s and The Beatles' disintegration, and remains poignant in today's political discord.


Blame Inept Bureaucrats And Environmentalists For California Wildfires, Not Global Warming "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The fact that wildfires are no more frequent or severe during recent decades is remarkable considering anthropogenic changes that should make wildfires more prevalent.


Rod Serling Was So Much More Than The Twilight Zone "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Nicholas Parisi's new biography, 'Rod Serling: His Life, Work, and Imagination,' fails to present a complete picture of the legendary screenwriter who did his best work outside the TV show that made him famous.


Is It Always Wrong To Buy And Sell Nazi Memorabilia? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

As a collector, I don't have any appreciation for the Third Reich. I see it as the enemy and its items as 'war trophies.' Yet still people question why I do. And I question why video games can do it while I can't.


Meet The Bipartisan Billionaire Couple Quietly Funding Planned Parenthood "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

After they gained notoriety for backing far-left advocacy organizations, it appears the Arnolds tried to scrub their giving from the internet.


Why The FDA Didnt Move To Ban Menthol Cigarettes Sooner Might Shock You "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In 2009, the FDA looked the other way on a menthol ban. Now, they're reconsidering it. Here's a primer on two potential policy issues at play.


Government-Pay Plan Could Slash Revenue For 77 Percent Of New Yorks Hospitals "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Making the government the single-payer of medical care will pit community against community in a fight to claim the largest share of the limited funds available.


Tick-Tock How 60 Minutes Sat on a Crucial 2000 Election Story "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Florida is in the spotlight once again as it is in nearly every election it seems undergoing multiple recounts to determine who will be its next governor and US senator. And, once again, the process is incredibly messy, tensions are high, and election officials dont seem up to the task.

This all brings back memories of what happened in the presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore in 2000. The world was glued to TV screens as partisan election officials, state lawmakers and judges, and, ultimately, the US Supreme Court decided who would be the next president.

In the end, many Americans felt cheated by a process that was prematurely shut down. This feeling was amplified by some noteworthy irregularities that benefited Bush and hurt Gore. Among them were the infamous hanging chads.

The chad referred to the bit of paper on the ballot that voters were supposed to punch through to indicate which candidate they preferred. Some chads didnt completely punch out, but instead hung on the back of the card. When the ballot was then read by the machine to determine how the citizen had voted, sometimes the chad when placed on the bed of the machine would fall back into place in its original hole, making it appear as if the citizen had voted for no one.

The narrative from some in the GOP was that the fault lay with the voters themselves who hadnt fully punched out the hanging chads. The unspoken and dubious implication was that the voters in those (blue) counties didnt follow instructions or were just stupid.

But what if something more sinister was at work? What if the hanging chads were not a bug but a feature? What if the paper could be engineered in such a way that certain chads for certain (blue) counties could be made to hang in such a way, while others punched out cleanly?

Thats the very mystery investigative journalist Stephen Singular wanted to get to the bottom of. Is that in fact what happened in Florida? And, if so, who was behind these paper ballots? Where and how were they made?



Watch: Tucker Carlsons Epic Takedown Of CNN; One of free speechs greatest enemies "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


CNN almost single-handedly led the campaign to have Alex Jones banished.



Lytton Band donates $1 million to help victims of wildfire "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Lytton Band of Pomo Indians is helping victims of the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history


Turning Ideas Into Reality through the Strong Towns Movement "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

At Strong Towns, we talk a lot about Strong Citizens. These are the folk who care about where they live and, as individuals, do what they can to make their towns strongerencouraging their neighbors to do the same along the way.

Since our president, Chuck Marohn, started Strong Towns 10 years ago, weve been collecting, and documenting on the blog, stories of Strong Citizens across the country taking actions to make their towns stronger. For just a few recent examples:

These stories likely spark your imagination as you picture ways you can make your own city or town stronger. I can throw a block party on that vacant lot! I can plant trees in my neighborhoods shared green space! I can get my council people to approve bike lanes!

Last week, we surveyed our readers and members to gather success stories and learned that, while imagination is key, theres a common theme thats essential to turning neighborhood-strengthening ideas into reality: sharing the idea with the community.

Throwing a Community-Led Festival

Strong Towns inspired me to invest my energies in revitalizing downtown, partnering with existing downtown merchants, and creating events to bring community downtown.

Flashback to summer 2018 and Doug Phillips, now Strong Towns member and resident of Alma, Arkansas, attended one of our Curbside Chat presentations in Conway, Arkansas.

As Chuck shared the Strong Towns messagewhy our cities and towns are going broke and how Strong Citize...


As It Is In China, So It Will Be In America "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

As it is in China, so it will be in the US. Watch what is happening with China. In particular, watch what Google is doing in China. What they are doing there, they are beginning to do here. God help us!



The archives of The Common Sense Radio Show Are Available on Megaphone. The way to access them is to go to either Google Play, I-Tunes or Spotify. The shows are listed under The Common Sense Show

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KC Police Pour Bleach on the Food Intended for the Homeless "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Evil comes in many forms. Evil is personified in the Kansas City Police Department as they poured bleach on the food intended for the homeless.

The archives of The Common Sense Radio Show Are Available on Megaphone. The way to access them is to go to either Google Play, I-Tunes or Spotify. The shows are listed under The Common Sense Show

The Best Food Deal in America is here! Are you prepared? Isnt it time? Click here to begin your path that will allow you to survive what is coming. BOTH TWO AND FOUR WEEK OFFERS ARE AGAIN AVAILABLE!




Please God Say Yes! Hillary 2020 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


To stay out of prison, Hillary is willing to sacrifice her political party. Her candidacy for the 202 election is a dream come true for the Democrats.


The archives of The Common Sense Radio Show Are Available on Megaphone. The way to access them is to go to either Google Play, I-Tunes or Spotify. The shows are listed under The Common Sense Show

The Best Food Deal in America is here! Are you prepared? Isnt it time? Click here to begin your path that will allow you to survive what is coming. BOTH TWO AND FOUR WEEK OFFERS ARE AGAIN AVAILABLE!




The Lost Box In the Closet Could Change the Course of History "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


A Little lost box in the closet, happening all over the country, could change the course of history.

The archives of The Common Sense Radio Show Are Available on Megaphone. The way to access them is to go to either Google Play, I-Tunes or Spotify. The shows are listed under The Common Sense Show

The Best Food Deal in America is here! Are you prepared? Isnt it time? Click here to begin your path that will allow you to survive what is coming. BOTH TWO AND FOUR WEEK OFFERS ARE AGAIN AVAILABLE!





Rustbelt Abolition Radio: Riots, Crisis, and Prisons "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Rustbelt Abolition Radio: Riots, Crisis, and Prisons appeared first on It's Going Down.

Professor Joshua Clover joins Rustbelt Abolition Radio to talk about riots, crisis, and prisons on their podcast.

Joshua Clover is a professor of literature and critical theory at the University of California Davis and author of Riot. Strike. Riot. He joins this episode to discuss rebellion and incarceration in relation to the recurrent crisis of state and capital.

Subscribe via iTunes | Subscribe via RSS |Download the MP3


Hotwire #45: Centrism Strikes Back, Report from DC, Wildfires "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Hotwire #45: Centrism Strikes Back, Report from DC, Wildfires appeared first on It's Going Down.

CrimethInc. returns with their weekly podcast show on national and international news from an anarchist perspective.
On the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht, liberals and centrists are once more playing right into fascists hands. Our feature this episode is a reading of the recent CrimethInc. op-ed Take Your Pick: Law or Freedom; How Nobody Is above the Law Abets the Rise of Tyranny, about the outrageously liberal demonstrations over Trump firing Jeff Sessions. We also interview an anarchist who was at the protest outside Tucker Carlsons home in Washington D.C. about what really happened there, Twitters banning of anti-fascists, and why its important to take the offensive in the struggle against fascism. Friday, November 9 was the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht, and we bring you a round up of fascistanti-fascist, and centrist actions from the weekend. Send us news, events, or ideas on how our show can better serve anarchist activity in your town by emailing us at

Notes and Links

  • Table of Contents:
    • Intro {0:00}
    • Headlines {0:55}
    • Kristallnacht anniversary and #OutliveThem actions roundup {5:55}
    • Interview about Tucker Carlson protest and liberal blowback {10:05}
    • Take Your Pick: Law or Freedom; How Nobody Is above the Law Abets the Rise of Tyranny {22:10}
    • Repression ro...


Hamilton, ON: IWW Recovers Stolen Wages "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Hamilton, ON: IWW Recovers Stolen Wages appeared first on It's Going Down.

Hamilton Industrial Workers of the World report on a recent and successful solidarity campaign to get a workers stolen wages back. This article was orignally posted on North Shore Counter-Info. 

We won!

The first ever Hamilton Reclaim Your Pay Campaign case was a ridiculously easy and an absolute success. We took on Gallaghers Bar owner, something which can be intimidating if not outright scary, and we made it easy!

Last month, Jamie Gallagher (yes he named a bar after himself) engaged in wage theft from a former employee. After this employee resigned and went to cash their last paycheque for approximately $1,000, they were charged with an NSF [non-sufficient funds fee] as the cheque bounced. So not only did this worker not get paid for the work they did, they were also charged by the bank for the employers failure to pay! When the worker notified the boss that the cheque bounced, the boss did not respond.

We got together with the former employee and came up with a game plan they were comfortable with. We asked them what their needs are and how they can best be achieved with a solidarity network model. Regardless of what they needed we got their back. We had three steps of escalated actions planned out. But were successful on the first step.

We hand-delivered a letter to the boss in front of his customers and read it out loud for everyone to hear. The dude was shooook. Then we marched out chanting. One of the bosss friends gave us trouble on the way, but thanks to the help of people on the street, we got him to back off. 3 days later, the boss paid up $1,000 and the NSF charge. We never thought it would be this easy.

This is what solidarity organizing looks like. If you or anyone you know is in a similar situation, weve got your back. We will work with you within your comfort zone. We will give you all the support you need. We will make sure you feel safe as you reclaim your pay and respect. And we will see it through till the end. Whether its wage theft, harassment or injustice at work, we got you!

The full story:

The former employee reached out to Reclaim Your Pay Hamilton and we got the collective privilege of kicking ass. We worked with the former employee to come up with an...


Europe Struggles With Common Identity, Army, as Brexit Deal Reached "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Brexit is a huge deal, and not only because it will redraw the map of the European Union (EU). As populism and far-right sentiments surge across the globe, whats at stake is the future of the alliances and ideas that shape the world as we know it.

Britain and the EU on Tuesday struck a long-anticipated Brexit deal which would in theory allow for Londons orderly exit from the union though it remains unclear whether the draft text, which is not yet public, will be approved by the British parliament.

One argument in favor of Brexit has been that it would allow for a closer integration of the remaining EU countries: in that spirit, also on Tuesday, both the French and German leaders called for the creation of a common European army. This triggered a derisive response from US President Donald Trump, who went so far as to claim the idea is based on the assumption that the US is an enemy of Europe, along with Russia and China.

The times when we could rely on others is past [sic], German Chancellor Angela Merkel told members of the European Parliament and journalists in a thinly veiled rebuke to Trumps insistence that Europeans pay more to support a NATO dominated by the US instead.

The exchange came shortly after Frances President Emmanuel Macron and Trump traded insults over whether patriotism or nationalism is a higher virtue an obscure......


Confronting the Carbon Capitalists "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Confronting the Carbon Capitalists appeared first on It's Going Down.

Last summer brought another record wildfire season to the Pacific Northwest. Smoky air from fires in the region caused hellish air quality around the entire Northern Hemisphere. The causes of the forest fires and the destruction of our forest ecosystem generally are incontrovertible. Over one hundred years of fossil-fueled capitalist development and hundreds of years of violent colonial oppressionof people and the biological worldhave driven the Earth to the brink.

Northwest forests, once some of the most biodiverse regions on Earth, have been clear-cut and laden with biocides. Complex interrelationships have been smashed with saws and machinery to make way for monoculture working forests devoid of biodiversity. Decades of fire suppression by the Forest Service on behalf of timber companies have left trees to grow on each other like matchsticks waiting to be lit.

In the face of all of this, liberals, true to form, have resorted to self-flagellation and hand-wringing. The New York Times Magazines recent piece, Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change by Nathaniel Rich, places the blame of climate change and ecocide squarely at the foot of an undefined human nature. The author mostly chronicles failed climate negotiations between nation-states at the United Nations.

In his telling, we were so close to breakthroughs, but then greedy human nature stopped everything. Our collective desire for more stuff led to the failure of negotiations being made in good faith between nations. There is no other possible direction for history to have unfolded. Or so the story goes.

International diplomacys climate failures are a failure of all humans in the eyes of the liberal elite like Rich. That a nation-state would act counter to the will of its subjects is unthinkable to the privileged classes.

The victims of colonialism and capitalism have always known otherwise. At the same time human nature was failing to protect the earth in UN meeting halls, working-class people were mobilizing against extractive industry in Northern California and being targeted for assassination. Indigenous peoples around the world were suffering from state violence for fighting against the very oil drilling that state officials said they were trying to curb. Everywhere the triplet monsterscapitalism, colonialism, and patriarchytread, organized resistance by the oppressed fought back. Contrary to the pearl-clutching lament that human nature led to this, water protectors, land defenders, and workers have laid their bodies in front of the machinery of extrac...


Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation wins big court victory "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape people have been restored to their rightful place in New Jersey history.


Is the California Fire Spreading Nuclear Toxins? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

FILE PHOTO Reuters / Eric Thayer

The devastating wildfires sweeping California may be even worse than you think; exposing Californians to toxic nuclear material.

The Woolsey fire may have disturbed the nuclear waste site at the Santa Susana Field Lab (SSFL) exposing many to deadly toxins in the air

We have QUARTZ reporting that

As the Woolsey fire tore through more than 90,000 acres of Southern California over the weekend, it scorched land at a closed-down lab where the US government and private companies tested nuclear weapons and rocket engines for decades beginning in the 1940s.

The Santa Susana Field Lab (SSFL), in the Simi Hills right on the border of Ventura and Los Angeles counties, is now a federal Superfund site. It was the site of several nuclear accidents, including the worst nuclear meltdown in US history when, in 1959, facility operators intentionally vented nuclear material from the sites  Sodium Reactor Experiment to prevent it from overheating and exploding. By the time the leaks were closed, the site had released 459 times more radiation than was leaked during the better-known 1979 meltdown at Three Mile Island.

The lab property, now owned by airplane manufacturer Boeing, stretches for 2,800 acres in the Simi Hills, and remains contaminated with toxic materials. Thousands of people live within two miles of the site, and roughly half a million live within 10 miles, according to an investigation by NBC 4 Los Angeles.

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control said that, as of Friday (Nov. 9),...


Legality of Marijuana in the US: Whats Changed in 2018? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

One month ago Canada became the 2nd country in the world that legalized the use of recreational marijuana. However, 71% of Canadians are not interested in smoking weed once legal. Unlike its neighbour, the USA is far from full cannabis adoption. 10 states legalized marijuana for a recreational use + 23 states legalized marijuana for []


Kevin Barrett on Richie Allen Show: Gaza genocide, Zionist Hollywood, suspicious wildfires, end times prophecies "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

From Richie Allen Richie is joined by the brilliant author, academic and broadcaster Dr. Kevin Barrett. Why do Hollywood A-Listers lend their support to the Israeli government? Kevin has the answer. He and Richie also discuss the wildfires in California. Could directed energy weapons have been used to start the fires? In a wide ranging []


Reap the Whirlwind "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Those who have sowed the wind will someday reap the whirlwind. When you sow the ills of mankind what you reap is so many times worse. So be careful what you wish for; you may just get it.


#TheEssay today "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The paradox of understanding is in "the cold". We just don't know how to do anything. At all anymore.


Deepawali defiance has a grave message "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Deepawali is second to none in a Hindu calendar, carrying an ethical lesson on good lording over the evil in the form of their supreme deity, Ram. Tragically, the news in newspapers is about seizing of firecrackers, violations and arrests, with the same sense of foreboding as bomb-attacks in our cities, seizures of cache of rifles, machine guns or handcuffed terrorists. A classic case of solutions being worse than the malady.


Arrested D.C. Nazi Marched in Charlottesville, Befriended Pittsburgh Shooter "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Washington, DC After the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, researchers have kept advancing investigations and documentation of the violent neo-Nazi and white supremacist network that attended. James Alex Fields, Jr., the white nationalist who drove his car into a crowd of

The post Arrested D.C. Nazi Marched in Charlottesville, Befriended Pittsburgh Shooter appeared first on UNICORN RIOT.


Aerial Drone Video Shows NorCal Fire Devastation "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot

Hey guys I live in Chico, California, less than 30 miles from the town of Paradise to where now 27,000 people are displaced and many have died because they could not escape the inferno.

Personally, these fires do not look normal. But Im living and working in this community and although I cannot discuss my views on the fires, I do ask questions and by doing that I am planting seeds.

Chico was spared from devastation so I was not affected by the fires, however, the air is not safe and we are all breathing in toxic ash and chemicals to which even wearing a mask is not going to prevent one from inhaling it. I do have concern that many may have future issues with their health because of this. We havent seen the sun either, its just blackened skies and still, the ash continues to fall from the skies.

On a positive note, many will agree that this tragedy has created a unity bond in this community that is purely divine. Instead of our noses shoved in our cell phones, we are all talking with one another, hugging, listening, caring, loving and giving to each another. Its quite amazing and heartbreaking at the same time.

So I found some ariel drone footage showing the devastation that these fires have caused and thought I would share it with you.

In case you dont know who I am, I created Sheep Media DBA A Sheep No More, and my name is Julie Telgenhoff.

Video footage via Associated Press:

(14 Nov 2018) A wildfire all but obliterated the Northern California town of Paradise, population 27,000, and ravaged surrounding areas last Thursday. About 7,700 homes were destroyed.

If you like my work, please consider a small donation so that I can keep this site up and operational. Thank you!



Talk in Dallas on Sunday November 18th: The Creative Skeptic "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Ill be giving a talk at the Fellowship of Freethought Dallas gathering this month:

The Creative Skeptic: Or, How to Live the Magic, Embrace the Mystery, and Invoke the Muses When You Dont Believe in Supernatural Forces

Are you an artist and a freethinker? A crafter and skeptic? A coder and a humanist? A social organizer and an atheist? A fan of movies and a fan of rationality?

Do you want to explore both your ability to create and your ability to question with like-minded folks?

Then join us for a workshop on creativity for freethinkers. Well discuss ways in which we can use advice for creative types that is too often couched in spiritual terms. And well play lively social games designed to help you tap into your creativity, without resorting to calling on a Muse.

Dont consider yourself creative? Dont worry! Well address ways in which consumers of creative productsmovies, TV, games, books, and so oncan also consider themselves creative and thus apply what we talk about in the gathering.

So come explore the mysteries of creativity with us. Itll be magical.

Fellowship of Freethought Dallas gatherings are held at the Walnut Hill Recreation Center (10011 Midway Road, Dallas, TX) and begin at 11am.



Take A Look At The Past American Idol Winners And See What They Are Up To Now "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Source: True Activist

If youve never heard of the reality TV show American Idol, then you must have been hiding inside some sort of bomb shelter since the year 2000. When the show first aired in 2002, its rise to fame was so instant, and so intense, that it had an entire country riveted to their television screens waiting to vote for an everyday, ordinary person with incredible vocals to instantaneously rise to fame through the power of texting, and their singing skills too, of course. There have been 15 winners that have graced the stage of this favorite singing contest, but more than a few have seemingly slipped between the cracks since.

Take a look at these 15 winners and find out, where are they now?


Veterans Advocate for Alternative Health Programs to Overcome Stress and PTSD "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Project Welcome Home Troops (PWHT) addresses the most pressing issues facing service members and veterans today. It was created in 2006 and has reached thousands of people. The cornerstone of the program is the researched and evidence-based SKY Breathing Meditation, a scientifically backed technique rooted in the yogic science, which is shown to give relief []


America's Healthcare Crisis Is about to Get Even Crazier "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Picture this: as Baby Boomers age and need more care, the cost of care skyrockets even higher than it is now. Insurance premiums keep rising, hospitals are short-staffed and hospital bills rise accordingly, pharmaceuticals follow suit. That is exactly what we're going to see starting in 2019. There's a fatal flaw in our system, exacerbated by Trump's and Obama's decisions. Here's how to fix it.


Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti Arrested For Domestic Violence "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Stormy Daniels's lawyer Michael Avenatti has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.


Republican Circles Embracing Proud Boys in Recount Fight "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The post Republican Circles Embracing Proud Boys in Recount Fight appeared first on It's Going Down.

In recent years, the Republican Party has fallen back on a variety of voter suppression tactics to ensure electoral victories, from shutting down polling places in working class areas of color, gerrymandering and redistricting, to pushing new laws like Voter ID, as well as programs such as Cross-Check, which have been successful in kicking literally millions off the voting rolls. In the past when confronted with these tactics, such as in 2000 during the Florida voter recount, the Republicans have also turned towards another tried and true tool in their toolbox: far-Right muscle.

Paid Republican staffers take part in the Brooks Brothers Riot.

In 2000, Republican operative Roger Stone was instrumental in what was known as the Brooks Brothers Riot, where hundreds of paid Republican staffers and operates descended on the office where the vote recount was happening in Miami-Dade Florida. The group then attempted to storm the building and violence broke out, pushing the State to shut down the recount itself and became instrumental in handing the election over to Bush.

Now, in the lead up to another possible recount,...


How to interview a Trump surrogate "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Mehdi Hasan shows how in this interview with Steve Rogers, a Trump advisor for his 2020 campaign.

But alas, this will not catch on. Why wont we see mainstream US journalists follow Hasans lead? Because they want the same old hacks to appear over and over again on their shows and if they are too hard on them, they wont pay a return visit. That is the dirty little secret of the US politics-media axis. Each side knows what the other side expects in order to put on a show for the viewers. Its show biz.


Juul To Pull Four E-Cigarette Flavors From Retail Stores "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Health Editors Note: It seems to me that if you can order something off of an Internet site, you can beat any system of controls.  How can an age really be verified?  All it takes to make a successful purchase is a valid credit card. The issue with e-cigarettes that offer flavoring to make them []


Feeling good "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

We went out to celebrate. Jumbo Margarita Texana!

Shelebration complete. Shtaggered home. Feelin fine.

Ish all good. Really good. Nap time!


Only 40,000 "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

'Tis passing strange:

In the recent Arizona mid-term election race, you should note that 40,000 more people voted in the US Senate race than voted in the governor's race. Riddle me that one. 


Clapper Admits Gross Intelligence Failure on Iraq WMDs But Still Escapes Justice "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Former DNI James Clapper had his own words read back to him by Ray McGovern, exposing his role in justifying the Iraq invasion based on fraudulent intelligence.


How Trumps presidency has divided Jewish America "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Ed Vulliamy Picture the scene: Michael Peinovich, an American neo-Nazi, stands beneath the Lincoln Memorial in Washington during summer 2017 warning of a white genocide. Who controls the media? he bellows, call-and-response. Who controls Hollywood? Who controls Wall Street? The Jews, the Jews, the Jews. Beside him stands a man with a placard reading: Jews []


Report: Dem Presidential Hopeful Michael Avenatti Arrested for Allegedly Beating Ex-Wife "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"


Creepy Porn Lawyer reportedly left estranged wife swollen and bruised.



VTs investigation breeds coverup "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Experts from 17 (Occupied/Controlled) countries inspecting Lugar Germ Lab [ Editors Note:  When Bio-Warfare experts from VT got plans for a weapon production facility in Georgia and testimony from workers on the bio-weapons assembly lines, a 4 year coverup has continued despite new revelations from Georgias own former Intel chief. ] * Experts from 17 []


Chicago City Council Members Seek Hearing on Psychiatric Hospital "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Two Chicago City Council members Wednesday called for a hearing to look into reports that children at a psychiatric hospital were physically and sexually abused, including those in state care.

Alderman Ed Burke, the powerful chairman of the councils Finance Committee, and Alderman Margaret Laurino, from the Northwest Sides 39th Ward, introduced the resolution calling for a hearing on Aurora Chicago Lakeshore Hospital. The request, which cited ProPublica Illinois investigations, asks for details on the hospitals business license and a review of the allegations.

ProPublica Illinois found 16 allegations of abuse or neglect at the hospital in Uptown involving children since January. The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, which is charged with investigating those allegations, found sufficient evidence to support four. Seven were not substantiated, and five continue to be investigated.

Some of those children had already been cleared for discharge but remained at the hospital because DCFS failed to find them a more appropriate placement.

Dive Deeper Into Our Reporting

Our newsletter is written by a ProPublica Illinois reporter every week

Among the allegations that DCFS...


PAYPAL BANS BITCHUTE As The Battle To Maintain FREE SPEECH Online Rages On! "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Free speech is under attack once again as Bitchute has become the latest video sharing website to be deplatformed by PayPal. According to PayPal The User Agreement for PayPal Service states that PayPal, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to limit an account for any violation of the User Agreement, including the Acceptable Use Policy. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth goes over the latest censorship news as Bitchute now finds itself in the crosshairs of the silicon Vally tech giants who have an agenda to block the free flow of information online and they plan to take us out one outlet at a time!


In Breach of Human Rights, Netanyahu Supports the Death Penalty for Palestinians "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Right-wing Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is escalating his war on the Palestinian people, although for reasons almost entirely related to Israeli politics. He has just given the green light to legislation that would make it easier for Israeli courts to issue death sentences against Palestinians accused of carrying out "terrorist" acts.


After hoc therefore something else hoc "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Ross Douthat has a theory, to which I reply: Oh, dear.

Before we get to that, theres a great scene in the show, The West Wing, in which the president asks his staff if anyone knows the meaning of post hoc ergo propter hoc.

Douthat notes that the rise of easily available of porn was seen by conservatives as inevitably teaching that sexual practices are under our control, and can, should we so desire, respond, fluidly, from moment to moment according to the whims of those involved in those sexual practices. This horrifying future in which sex was constrained primarily if not solely by consent was then forecast to cause massive social chaos, including increased rates of rape, sexual hedonism (which, of course, is worse then rape to Douthat because now TWO people are choosing to have sex, maybe more!), and abortion.

But the inevitable rising tide of fluid sexuality did not drown the United States. Instead, with a more heavily consent-based sexual culture came married adults, unmarried adults, and adolescents that all had a bit less sex, while random violence, sexual violence, and abortion all appear to have declined. Because of the difficulty in quantifying changes in underreporting of crime over time, the certainty with which we can say things like, intrafamily violence is down or sexual violence is down isnt what wed like. But those declines certainly appear to be real.

Douthat notes the decline in adult and adolescent sexual intercourse (and some other sexual behaviors) reported in an Atlantic article thats getting a lot of attention, including here on FtB from the always wonderful Siggy. But then Douthat kinda goes off the rails, although we should note that he was given a push by the Atlantic author of the piece, Kate Julian. As Siggy notes, after relating known facts about declines in certain behaviors, Julian engages in quite a lot of fact-free speculation about the causation of that decline. Douthat than does Julian a half-dozen worse.

Douthat has decided that the rise of the internet, with easier access to porn than Ed Meese ever daydreamed, is the root cause of this shift in sexual behavior. Further, he notes that feminist predictions about (often feminist) consent-based education on sexuality were just as wrong as conservative predictions, because feminists...


Brothers Who Were Online Friends With Pittsburgh Shooting Suspect Had Ties to Violent Neo-Nazis "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The morning of the synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh last month, 23-year-old Edward Clark killed himself in a Washington, D.C., park.

Ever since, the authorities have been piecing together a disturbing portrait of Clark and his older brother, Jeffrey Clark, 30, who had been online friends with the suspect in the Pittsburgh attack. Online, Jeffrey Clark had called the massacre a dry run for things to come.

Now, there are new indications that the lives of the Clark brothers in Washington intersected with some of the most violent white supremacist groups in the country including Atomwaffen Division, a neo-Nazi organization that calls for racially motivated, lone-wolf terror attacks like Pittsburgh and whose members or associates have been charged in five murders in the last two years.

In court filings, prosecutors say Edward Clark had used the handle DC_Stormer on the social media platform Gab, a site favored by racists and other extremists. That same handle appears in Atomwaffens secret chat logs, which ProPublica and Frontline have been reviewing as part of ongoing reporting about the resurgence of white supremacists and the groups involved in the violent 2017 rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Both Clark brothers participated in the rally, according accounts given to prosecutors by their family, and were affiliated with Vanguard America, a white supremacist group at the center of the violence that day. Many Vanguard America members ended up joining Atomwaffen in the months after Charlottesville.

In the Atomwaffen chat logs obtained by ProPublica and Frontline, members of the group from Northern Virginia mention DC_Stormer and their plans to see one of the groups leaders in Houston.

A former Atomwaffen member told Frontline and ProPublica on Wednesday that he is familiar with the handle DC_Stormer, although he is not certain it belongs to Edward Clark. He said DC_Stormer was most likely either a member or what the group called an initiate, someone seeking formal entrance into the group.

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A Star Shines Again "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

In the progressive splinter of the atheoskeptisphere, there are some people that are really smart, some people that are really strong communicators, some people that just have the most consistent and best ethical practices. And then there are a vanishingly tiny set that have it all.

Heina Dadabhoy is writing again! Theyre one of the very best. Give them a read, please. Their comment section is a ghost town right now, which seems so deeply wrong to me.

Come correct yall. Read Heinas blog, or Ill box your ears!


Chicago City Council Approves Modest First Reforms on Ticketing and Debt "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

The Chicago City Council on Wednesday approved the first reforms aimed at helping the citys low-income motorists cope with ticket debt, with more significant changes potentially on the way.

The approved measures, tucked into Mayor Rahm Emanuels final city budget, chip away at a massive problem that has exploded during his tenure: debt and bankruptcies concentrated in black neighborhoods.

In a way, the new policies come full circle, as they seek to undo some of the damage done by a hike in the price of tickets for mandatory vehicle stickers introduced in the mayors first budget, in 2011.

Chicago City Clerk Anna Valencia (Elliott Ramos/WBEZ)

Aldermen approved a pilot city sticker program designed to help low-income motorists comply with the municipal requirement and to avoid costly citations that have contributed to a bankruptcy boom in Chicago. City Clerk Anna Valencia proposed the program last month in response to ProPublica Illinois/WBEZ reporting on how a 2011 decision to increase the cost of the city sticker citation led to more debt but not much more revenue for the city.

The council also approved a measure from the citys Law Department to wipe away some ticket debt for motorists who file for bankruptcy under Chapter 7. The measure seeks to curb the number of Chapter 13 bankruptcies filed here to deal with ticket debt, most of which fail to deliver debt relief.

The changes, while modest, signal a growing acknowledgment that Chicagos reliance on fines and fees to generate revenue has come at a significant cost for some residents, particularly those from low-income, African-American neighborhoods.



Why Hasnt Geoengineering Been Used To Stop The California Wildfires? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

By Aaron Kesel Apparently, weather can be used for warfare as U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen has previously said, but it cant be used to...

Wednesday, 14 November


Case Dismissed "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Just over two years ago, Richard Carrier filed a lawsuit against Freethought Blogs, The Orbit, Skepticon, and a few individuals. Strangely, his choice of venue was Ohio, well away from anyone involved

Its worth noting that Ohio lacks any anti-SLAPP protections making it easier to sue people who may not have the money to fight back while California, Minnesota, and Missouri have at least some protections.

It was a crafty move, but in the end it bit Carrier in the ass.

Defendants made allegedly defamatory statements outside of Ohio, relating to conduct that occurred outside of Ohio, about an individual who moved to Ohio a few weeks before the statements were made. In sum, there is no sufficiently substantial connection between any of the Defendants and Ohio to make the exercise of personal jurisdiction reasonable.

The Court declines to hold an evidentiary hearing because even if all of Plaintiffs assertions of fact are true, there is still an insufficient basis for personal jurisdiction. Weighing the evidence in the light most favorable to Plaintiff, the Court holds that Plaintiff has not made a prima facie showing of personal jurisdiction over any of the Defendants.

PZ Myers is already celebrating, quite understandably, so Ill play the grump.

For the foregoing reasons, the Court GRANTS Defendents motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction and DISMISSES Plaintiffs Complaint WITHOUT PREJUDICE.

WITHOUT PREJUDICE is the troublesome bit, as that means Carrier can re-file his lawsuit in another state. He appears to be an independent scholar that earns most of his money from online courses, yet his legal bills must be substantial, which suggests one or more people are subsidizing his lawsuit. Even if he didnt have a sponsor at the start,...


Decoding the hyper-sonic Putin on a day of remembrance "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Assuming the dialogue continues at the Group of 20 summit in Buenos Aires at the end of November, Putin might be able to impress on Trump that just as Serbia catalyzed a chain of events that led great powers to sleepwalk into World War I, the same could happen with Iran leading to the terrifying prospect of World War III.


Scam Artists Prey on the Better Nature of Our Angels "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Scam artists prey on the innocent year around but they come out in droves during the holidays. They portray themselves as helpers. The Bible warns against these individuals in the book of Matthew:  They come to you in sheeps clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. (Matt. 7:15 NIV) Most everyone who has a roof []


Why the Sudden Resignation of Israels Defense Minister Is Not a Victory "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Avigdor Lieberman(MPN Op-ed)  A wave of instability now threatens Israels government following the sudden resignation of Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Wednesday. Lieberman announced that he was resigning in protest of a recently brokered ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, which has governed the Gaza Strip since winning elections in 2007. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will []


What Dolly Partons 1978 Wardrobe Malfunction Says About The Plight Of Female Country Artists "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Dolly Parton's classic moment from the CMAs 40 years ago is an important reminder.


How Is Strong Towns Different? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

We get it. Although you can become a member at any amount, we know you have a lot of worthy causes you could give money to. And even if you're fully on board with what we're trying to do, you may see us as just one more in a constellation of organizations that are more than deserving of your support, time, and money.

 What is Strong Towns about, anyway?

What is Strong Towns about, anyway?

And you're right. Many, many people and groups are doing incredible work that is resulting in stronger cities and towns, and they deserve your support too. Maybe the thing that keeps you up at night is your town's fiscal solvency. Maybe it's affordable and plentiful housing. Maybe it's making sure that opportunity exists for the next generation of small businesses and entrepreneurs. Maybe it's that you want a safe and friendly place to raise a family.  Maybe your fight is for government that is more responsive to its citizens. Maybe it's for local food self-sufficiency, for pedestrian safety, for environmental conservation, for reinvestment in poor neighborhoods and marginalized communities, for eliminating financial waste. We've probably published articles that relate to the causes you're passionate about. We've probably given shout-outs to the work of committed advocates working on that cause.

But still, we hope you've found something of a philosophical home in Strong Towns. We hope we speak, powerfully, to the world you want to see. And we hope we can keep doing that, for an ever-larger audience, with your support.

Join the Movement

I'm going to get a little personal here, because I do find that Strong Towns uniquely speaks to the world I want to see. It's why I approached Chuck Marohn after he gave a talk in my city four years ago and said, "I want to volunteer. Put me to work." It's why I put in many dozens of hours over nearly three years as a regular contributor. And it's why I jumped at the chance to apply for a full-time position working for this one-of-a-kind organization.

Let me offer four reasons that Strong Towns is my activist home.

1. Strong Towns Aims for Bottom-Up...


A Christmas Present From Hucky Boo Boo Sanders, She's Leaving WH The End Of The Year "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Man, I knew that after the midterms things were going to be different, but they must be climbing the rafters and swinging from the chandeliers at the White House. Everybody is eyeing the exits. Now Sarah Hucky Boo Boo Sanders is supposedly leaving the end of the year -- the second time this story has surfaced in the past four months.


Keystone Pipeline Blocked by Court, For Now "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

A federal judge ruled today that the Trump administration violated bedrock U.S. environmental laws when approving a federal permit for TransCanada's proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline project. The judge blocked any construction on the pipeline and ordered the government to revise its environmental review.


UPDATE Homeland Security Secretary An Actor? "IndyWatch Feed Nthamerica"

Is the Department of Homeland Security's Secretary, an actor?  We caught them before, and nothing changed so why not?

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