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Saturday, 24 September


Pidato Presiden Nauru di PBB Angkat Isu Pelanggaran HAM yang Sedang Terjadi di Papua "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

New York, Tabloid-WANI -- Seperti sudah diperkirakan sebelumnya, Presiden Republik Nauru, Baron Divavesi Waqa, mengangkat isu pelanggaran Hak Asasi Manusia (HAM) di Papua saat berpidato pada Sidang Umum Perserikatan Bangsa-bangsa di New Yok, (21/9). Dalam salah satu bagian pidatonya, ia mengatakan negaranya sangat prihatin dengan situasi di Papua, terkait dengan tuduhan pelanggaran HAM di sana.…

Pidato Presiden Nauru di PBB Angkat Isu Pelanggaran HAM yang Sedang Terjadi di Papua was originally published on

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The usurpation of informed consent: Toxic assaults of insecticide spraying "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Through case-law, as well as by the 4th amendment of the U.S. Constitution, it is well established as a legal precedent in the United States that an individual has the right to informed consent of any invasive medical procedure. "No right is more sacred, or is more carefully guarded by the common law, than the right of every individual to the possession and control of his own person, free from all restraint or interference of others, unless by clear and unquestionable authority of law...To compel any one, and especially a woman, to lay bare the body, or to submit it to the touch of a stranger, without lawful authority, is an indignity, an assault, and a trespass..." ~Union Pacific Railway Co. v. Botsford (1891) "Mandating an invasive procedure in order to give informed consent is not a proper role for the state. No person should be directed to undergo an invasive procedure by the state, without their consent, as a precondition to another medical procedure." ~Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell (2012) This is quite common sensical, yet now we find a pressing need to extend this to include the right to not be poisoned without our consent, as state and corporate powers are granting themselves the authority to spray people with dangerous and toxic chemical insecticides... for public health, of course.


Well, you did open that particular door Mr. Editor..... "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This is what happens when an editor opens his mouth about a subject about which he knows very little……

The Daily Examiner, letter to the editor, p. 9:

Diverse communities of interest

Your reference in your editorial (9/9), "The divisions and jealousies between the different area's - particularly the up river/down river divide have to be dealt with decisively" by the new Council, is dripping with hypocrisy.

Many people may have been justified in believing there was a "division" when the DEX received the CVC's block advertising at the expense of the Independent.

You may find it "stunning" that rates balance between different area's still lingers after a dozen years, but it demonstrates profound ignorance of the diverse economies and different communities of interests that exist within the shire that demand contrasting services and facilities.

The driver of the lower Clarence Airport Shuttle will tell you the services to the Ballina Airport are far greater than to Grafton Airport. The market therefore suggests the lower Clarence is paying for a Grafton Airport it does not require.

In fact the Grafton Airport was in the Ulmarra Shire and it too saw no need for it. It was Grafton and its business economy that needed it, so it took over its costs. However, since amalgamation, it has been able to offload these costs onto communities that have no need for it.

Similar arguments can be put for the expensive services provided by the Grafton Regional Gallery and Library from which Grafton enjoys the direct benefit. Are our kids really expected to skateboard down the Pacific Highway, enjoy these services and then ride back for tea?

The then State Government forced four councils of rural, urban and coastal communities, each with their differing economies and communities of interests, into one council to cover a massive 10,440sqm, under the delusion there would be tremendous savings from economies of scale. In fact the only one that gained savings was the State Government in its allocation of Financial Assistant Grants.



Pidato Presiden Nauru di PBB Angkat Isu Pelanggaran HAM yang Sedang Terjadi di Papua "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

New York, Tabloid-WANI -- Seperti sudah diperkirakan sebelumnya, Presiden Republik Nauru, Baron Divavesi Waqa, mengangkat isu pelanggaran Hak Asasi Manusia (HAM) di Papua saat berpidato pada Sidang Umum Perserikatan Bangsa-bangsa di New Yok, (21/9). Dalam salah satu bagian pidatonya, ia mengatakan negaranya sangat prihatin dengan situasi di Papua, terkait dengan tuduhan pelanggaran HAM di sana.…

Pidato Presiden Nauru di PBB Angkat Isu Pelanggaran HAM yang Sedang Terjadi di Papua was originally published on

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More Evidence Proves Nutrition Beats Vaccines in Preventing Disease "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Several doctors are beginning to speak out against the danger of vaccines. In her recently released bestselling book A Mind of Your Own, holistic, functional medicine trained psychiatrist Kelly Brogan explains why she opposes vaccinations.

Brogan shares a fascinating example of how the nutrient selenium was used to prevent and treat Keshan disease in China, replacing the vaccination proposed by Western researchers. Brogan also discusses how vitamin A can be used to treat and prevent measles, along with vitamin C to address tetanus, in place of toxic, dangerous vaccinations. [1]

Famous dentist Weston Price described the perfect health of indigenous groups of individuals who had natural immunity to tuberculosis from excellent nutrition, not from vaccinations, in his revered book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. Comparative studies of unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals add to the argument that vaccines are not the answer to disease prevention. [2]

The Case of Keshan Disease in China

In a 2014 New England Journal of Medicine report, selenium deficiency is credited with causing Keshan disease. Brogan discusses how a group of Western research scientists brought to China had proposed the use of vaccinations to address the epidemic of Keshan disease, but how this proposal was stopped when an observant scientist noticed the lack of selenium in certain provinces where the disease was rampant, while individuals in other provinces with adequate supplies of selenium appeared to be protected from Keshan disease. [3]

Keshan disease was first discovered in the Keshan province of China in which deficiencies of the mineral selenium caused a life-threatening deterioration of the heart muscle. It has been found to also occur in New Zealand and Finland. Fifty-five micrograms of selenium are recommended on a daily basis to treat and prevent Keshan disease. [4]

Vitamin C Treats Tetanus

Vitamin C, given at one gram daily, was found to be 100% effective in preventing mortality in children, diagnosed with tetanus, aged 1-12, by a study reported in the Cochrane library and the National Institute of Health. In older individuals with tetanus, aged 13-30, vitamin C was found to reduce mortality by 45%. In rare cases of tetanus, this protocol makes more sense than dangerous, ineffective mass vaccination against tetanus. [5, 6]

Vitamin A Reduces Complications of Measles, a Normally Mild Childhood Disease

The National Institute of Health reports on a study identifying vitamin A deficiencies as a risk factor for serious cases of measles. The World Health Organization recommends administering an oral dose of 200,000 IU of vitamin A to adults and 100,000 IU to infants for 2 days in areas with vitamin A deficiency. [7]

Measles is generally a very mild childhood disease, while the MMR vaccine is linked to serious health consequences. Using vitamin A to treat and prevent very rare cases of serious measles is a much safer health protocol than dangerous mass vaccination programs. [8]

Weston Price and Nutrition to Prevent Disease

Dentist Weston Price, in his landmark ten-year study of endemic groups around the globe, discovered that the groups who maintained high nutrition were naturally resistant to tuberculosis, the common disease at that time. When individuals broke away from their nutrient-dense foods, consuming modern, processed, vitamin-deficient diets, they became susceptible to tuberculosis and suffered immensely. [9]

Vaccinated Versus Unvaccinated

If more evidence is required pointing to the importance of nutrition to prevent disease, in place of dangerous, ineffective vaccinations, one only needs to examine the comparative studies on vaccinated and unvaccinated children. In multiple studies, the outcome is unanimous that unva...


Presiden Marshall Islands Minta PBB Selidiki Kasus Pelanggaran HAM di Papua "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

New York, Tabloid-WANI -- Setelah Presiden Nauru mengangkat isu pelanggaran Hak Asasi Manusia (HAM) di Papua saat berpidato pada Sidang Umum Perserikatan Bangsa-bangsa (PBB) di New York (22/9), satu lagi kepala negara Pasifik juga menyuarakan hal yang sama di forum yang sama. Ketika mendapat kesempatan berpidato, Presiden Marshall Islands, Hilda C.Heine, menyerukan agar Dewan HAM…

Presiden Marshall Islands Minta PBB Selidiki Kasus Pelanggaran HAM di Papua was originally published on

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Dewan Gereja-gereja Pasific Tetap Mendukung West Papua Kembali ke Keluarga Pasifik "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

SUVA, — Sekretaris Jenderal Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC), Rev. Francois Pihaatae menegaskan, PCC tetap pada pendirian untuk tetap mendukung West Papua kembali ke keluarga Melanesia di Pasific, dengan kondisi kenyataan pemimpin Negara-negara di Pasifik setelah akhir pertemuan Pacific Island Forum (PIF) yang kurang konsisten. “Ini bertanda bahwa, penting untuk PCC membawa kembali West…

Dewan Gereja-gereja Pasific Tetap Mendukung West Papua Kembali ke Keluarga Pasifik was originally published on

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Tiga negara tegaskan hak penentuan nasib sendiri West Papua di PBB "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Manasseh Sogavare menekankan hubungan tak terpisahkan antara pelanggaran HAM dan kehendak penentuan nasib sendiri West Papua sebagai dua sisi pada mata koin yang sama, karena keinginan menentukan nasib sendiri itu berdampak langsung pada pelanggaran HAM yang dialami oleh rakyat West Papua selama ini. Jayapura, Jubi – Tiga negara, Kepulauan Solomon, Vanuatu dan Tuvalu, menekankan dukungan…

Tiga negara tegaskan hak penentuan nasib sendiri West Papua di PBB was originally published on

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September 25 in history "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

275  The Roman Senate proclaimed Marcus Claudius Tacitus Emperor.

303 On a voyage preaching the gospel, Saint Fermin of Pamplona was beheaded in Amiens.

1066  The Battle of Stamford Bridge marked the end of the Viking invasions of England.

1396  Ottoman Emperor Bayezid I defeated a Christian army at theBattle of Nicopolis

1513  Spanish explorer Vasco Núñez de Balboa reached the Pacific Ocean.

1555 The Peace of Augsburg was signed in Augsburg by Charles V and the princes of the Schmalkaldic League.

1690  Publick Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestick, the first newspaper to appear in the Americas, was published for the first and only time.

1694 Henry Pelham, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was born (d. 1754).

1725 Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, French steam vehicle pioneer, was born (d. 1804).

1764 Fletcher Christian, English Bounty mutineer, was born (d. 1793).

1775  Ethan Allen surrendered to British forces after attempting to capture Montreal during the Battle of Longue-Pointe. At the same time,Benedict Arnold and his expeditionary company set off from Fort Western, bound for Quebec City (Invasion of Canada (1775)).

1789   The U.S. Congress passed twelve amendments to the United States Constitution: the Congressional Apportionment Amendment (which was never ratified), the Congressional Compensation Amendment, and the ten known as the Bill of Rights.

1804   The Teton Sioux (a subdivision of the Lakota) demanded one of the boats from the Lewis and Clark Expedition as a toll for moving further upriver.

1819 1819 Samuel Marsden planted what is believed to have been the first grape vines in New Zealand.

NZ's first grape vines planted?

1846  U.S. forces led by Zachary Taylor captureed the Mexican city of Monterrey.

1862 Billy Hughes, seventh Prime Minister of Australia, was born (d. 1952).

1868  The Imperial Russian steam frigate Alexander  Nevsky Neuski was shipwrecked off Jutlandwhile carrying Grand Duke Alexei of Russia.

1889 C. K. Scott-Moncrieff, Scottish writer and translator, was born (d. 1930).........


In Case You were Confused about the Out of Africa News "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Many news outlets are running headlines this week like this one in the Times:

A Single Migration From Africa Populated the World, Studies Find
But others are running headlines like this:
Mysterious Branch of Humanity Possibly Discovered
That story goes on to explain that a "new, ancient" branch of humanity was in Australia before fully modern humans.

Both stores are based on the same group of three articles just published in Nature. Those articles describe studies that analyze large samples of human genomes from indigenous people around the world, 787 in all. They use mutation counts to estimate the date of the common ancestry for all those people. For the most part they come up with dates between 50,000 and 75,000 years ago. Also, they find that all the people outside of Africa are more closely related to each other than they are to most people in Africa, hence, they descend from a single African group.

But wait – what about the skeletons found in Israel, apparently fully modern humans, that have been dated to between 90,000 and 120,000 years ago? What about the tools kits from Saudi Arabia that look like those of fully modern humans and date to 100,000 years ago? Modern human teeth from China dated to 80,000 years ago?

Two of these studies found no evidence for any such people; if they existed, these scientists suggest, they simply went extinct without leaving any descendants. But didn't modern humans interbreed with Neanderthals and Denisovans? Um, yes, they did. And why would they breed with semi-humans they encountered in their travels but not other modern humans?

Which brings us to the third study, based on genomes from Australia and New Guinea:
But on that question, Dr. Metspalu and his colleagues ended up with a somewhat different result. In Papua New Guinea, Dr. Metspalu and his colleagues found, 98 percent of each person’s DNA can be traced to that single migration from Africa. But the other 2 percent seemed to be much older. Dr. Metspalu concluded that all people in Papua New Guinea carry a trace of DNA from an earlier wave of Africans who left the continent as long as 140,000 years ago, and then vanished.
I have some personal history on these questions. When the first genetic arguments for the "one wave out of Africa" were made 15 years ago, I accepted them wholeheartedly. Back then the upper bound for this migration was set at 55,000 to 60,000 years ago, and I began to write and talk about how this date would effect studies of things like language and folklore, given that we now had an actual date for when all the non-African culture of the world diverged. And then came the steady drip of counter-evidence: the Israeli skeletons, the Middle Eastern tool kits, interbreeding with Neanderthals, different genetic calculations that made the date more like 120,000, and so on. That moment of certainty and clarity was, for me, gone. I've never been able to get it back, and these studies don't get me there. It seems quite clear now that all sorts of people and semi-people were wandering around Eurasia 80,000 years ago, leaving traces in Israeli caves and DNA from New Zealand. Plus, my confidence in these genetic dates has been drastically undermined by the work done on the population of the Americas, because it turns out that some geneticists have been calibrating their clocks by asking archaeologists what the date should be and then tweaking their models to get the right date.

So while all of this is very interesting, there is a lot of work yet to be done.


Cornwall garden birds in slow motion video "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This video from Britain says about itself:

Video and Sounds for Cats and People to Watch and Listen To – Slow Motion Birds in The Gentle Rain in My Garden

Filmed in 2016

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Including a male bullfinch, a goldfinch and others.


NUCLEAR’s WHOPPING CLIMATE LIE – theme for September 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

goebbels-josephIf you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth ”

Dr Goebbels would be delighted with the nuclear lobby’s lie that nuclear power is zero carbon and will fix climate change. He would be even more delighted with the current success of this lie.

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”

The failing nuclear industry is fighting for its life. It now pitches its salvation on its claim to halt climate change.

Even if  that were true (which it isn’t) the world would have to construct several thousand ‘conventional’marketing-pigs-trough reactors, or several millions of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) very quickly, within a decade or two.

How is it that politicians , media, academics have swallowed this lie?



Latest Wellbeing Survey on Maori in Christchurch post-disaster "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

I've followed the CERA Wellbeing Surveys since their first back in 2012. The surveys contain an awesome collection of data on how Cantabrians have responded and been impacted by the earthquakes of 2011, 2012.

My main interest has been the impact on Maori. The somewhat jingoistic presentation of the Maori response (how 'resilient' we were, how wonderful our support networks are, et cetera...) is increasingly disturbing given the repeated negative stats coming out of these surveys.

Example, in the latest results (April 2016) of those more likely to say the impact on their everyday lives is moderate or major (23% of respondents) are:

  • Māori (36%)
  • Women (30%)
  • People living with children in the household (30%)
The graph below shows how Maori have answered this question over all the surveys  ...

Data has changed, well different questions are perhaps being asked as we are now 5 years on from the February 22, 20122 disaster. And the data is presented in a patchy manner, making it difficult to track groups over the time of the surveys (which I hope continue). But what they are saying is that the most consistently impacted group are Maori, and it seems to be getting worse.

Now there comes a time when the impact of the earthquakes are diluted and overtaken by other things (working conditions, family security, health, neighborhood factors and so on). But that one particular community, the Indigenous Peoples of a land that promotes its race relations to the rest of the world, continue to record their lack of resilience continues to be ignored the media, policy makers, and politicians (including Maori).


Adelaide Advertiser’s nauseous sycophantic account of Premier Weatherill’s nuclear jaunt to Finland "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

a-cat-CANI knew that The Advertiser was the mouthpiece of the nuclear lobby, anyway, but their latest effort was really sick-making. A rave which portrays Premier Weatherill as some kind of democratic champion, and which is pushing the soft sell that the decision on nuclear waste importing will not happen soon, but be dragged on for years.  (They  don’t say this, but in the interim, the nuke lobby has time to get secret arrangements made – and money lent to South Australia, so that ultimately, it might all be just too committed to turn back.)
A Premier with any spine might make a decision, a soon decision, and a wise one, to say no to the whole noxious scheme, – send home the business lobbyists and the propaganda spruikers like Geraldine Thomas, put the lid on the shonky Nuclear Royal Commission’s biased report, stop the silly nuke spinning Forums, and get on with running South Australia properly.   Such an opportunity that State has, as a world leader in renewable energy!
Lack of trust more toxic than nuclear dump notion: Daniel Wills, The Advertiser September 23, 2016   “South Australia is still at the stage where it needs reassurance about the science, as well as the competency and motivations of a government that would oversee its administration.

No site has been selected to house the world’s high-level international waste for profit, should the state choose to build one, nor any explanation of how one would be picked. The State Government is yet to overturn laws that ban public money being spent on investigating the establishment of a nuclear dump or even to pick up the phone to ask places like Japan what they would pay…….

nuclear-marketing-crapThe Finnish operators say they would jump at the chance to form an alliance with SA to build a dump here…..

Mr Weatherill is likely to confirm before Christmas that the Government will begin the serious work of developing a robust business case…….

Expect the Government to seek money from overseas to undertake a major geological survey that rules out places too unsafe for disposal to occur. At a cost of up to $1 billion, this is too expensive for SA to fund itself, but could have the benefit of doubling as a discovery tool for new mining deposits.

From there, it is likely the offer will be thrown open to communities to show an interest, and estimates made of what they could receive. Even on the most extremely rapid timeline, that point is unlikely to have been reached by the time voters head to the polls in March 2018.

This project is multi-generational, with a point of no return years away. But it is a doubtful and open question as to whether our politics are up to the job…….Mr Weatherill has framed this as a great test of our democracy’s ability to consider difficult questions and come to wise solutions. …


Today’s Trivia "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Welcome to Daily Trivia. In the 1960’s, US spy planes were taking photos of Cuba. Those who analyzed them noticed something peculiar. They were building soccer fields. Cubans don’t like soccer, they like baseball. Russians like soccer. This is how the Cuban Missile Crisis started. (Source)   When a missionary told the Amazonian Piraha tribe […]


366 days of gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

We were in Wanaka in autumn when a friend suggested we visited a garden centre.

Among the many gems were daffodil bulbs, some of the common or garden variety and some not so common.

I bought some of the latter, planted them and this week was rewarded with a patch of bright yellow flowers, with separate petals like a mop top.

They look happy, they make me smile and I”m grateful for them.

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We shouldn’t be the world’s nuclear dump, says Councillor Lynton Vomow "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

We shouldn’t be the world’s nuclear dump, Adelaide Hills Herald News. By Councillor Lynton Vomow, Lobethal 23 Sep 16,  You may have recently had a say at one of the Nuclear Waste Dump forums being held around the state. My biggest concern, however, being the prevention of an ship radiationaccident at sea and the loss of highly radioactive nuclear waste into the ocean, was not  satisfactorily explained .

Indeed the attendant basically said that we could not guarantee against such a disastrous event, it could be impossible to retrieve every container of waste and modelling is showing it wouldn’t actually be that bad!  Fish and all creatures of the ocean for hundreds of miles around the lost radioactive waste material would be devastatingly affected.

Did you know that medium or high level (depending on whether it’s France or Australia describing it) nuclear rubbish was brought to Australia, in December just last year, in  a rust bucket that had failed three safety inspections in five years?

Can you imagine what could happen if we were to receive dozens of shipments? Can we be guaranteed the waste will make it here safely, every single time?

Some are saying that low level waste is non hazardous, so then why not store it near its source i.e Sydney, and save the fuel costs of transporting it?

Basically a low level waste dump would be coming here to soften us up for a high level dump.

There is a need to have safe repositories for the waste, somewhere, but it will have to be near its usage location.

Countries ought to be looking at phasing out nuclear power so that there is as little waste as possible.

How long does nuclear waste last anyway? Can you imagine two hundred years? Ten times that then takes us back to the birth of Christ. Ten times all of that now takes us back to just before the last ice age, 20,000 years ago.   Then ten times 20,000 years? 200,000 years. That’s when only about half of the atoms in high level nuclear waste will have decayed to less harmful atoms. It is going to be a long wait for this deadly waste to become harmless, to care for our generation’s nuclear waste.


Are we going to be beggars or choosers? We are not so desperate that we have to take the world’s most toxic waste and prevent it from damaging anything for hundreds of thousands of years.

South Australia continues to have huge potential for growing the renewable energy industry instead.

The risk to the world’s environment of transporting high level nuclear waste across the oceans to to the furthest point on the planet, ie, South Australia, just doesn’t make sense.

And people, (including of course the Adnyamathanha Indigenous people of the Flinders Ranges) do not want it.


Pine Gap endangers Australia – a likely target for nuclear missiles "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Map-Aust-Target1Pine Gap: Secretive spy base’s role in drone strikes putting Australia in danger, expert warns  The World Today  By Brendan Trembath  An expert on Pine Gap has raised concerns about the spy base’s role in supporting drone attacks on suspected terrorists overseas.

Officially called The Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap, the site is jointly run by the Australian and United States governments and is one of Australia’s most secret sites. The facility has been in operation since 1970 and is located half-an-hour’s drive south-west of Alice Springs.

Professor Richard Tanter, from the University of Melbourne, says Pine Gap contributes targeting data to American drone operations, including assassinations. “One of Pine Gap’s two key functions is as a control station and a downlink station for signal intelligence satellites 36,000 kilometres up in space,” he said. “They are picking up a very wide array of radio transmissions, including cell phones, satellite phones and so forth. “And that provides the data, both the contents and the geolocation data for targets of interest through the United States military.”

He said Pine Gap was also used for counter-terrorism and wider intelligence programs, as the site was able to contribute data “pretty directly — for example into drone targeting operations.”

Professor Tanter acknowledged that those type of programs were part of the alliance between the US and Australia, and Australia’s interest in the global fight against terrorism

But he said the question was whether it could be considered a good idea on a political level, seeing the potential for creating “further terrorism” if a strike were to go wrong.

“At a legal and moral level do we really want to be involved in operations which are frankly illegal under international law. In countries where we’re not at war, such as Pakistan or Somalia or Yemen, these are simply assassinations.”

“We won’t like it very much when it’s done back to us I suspect.”

Base also a likely target for nuclear missiles Professor Tanter said the site continued to be a “pretty high priority nuclear missile target” in the event of a major conflict between the United States and Russia or China.

“It would be, as they say in the military, a lucrative target of many benefits,” Professor Tanter said . “Secondly it is itself involved in nuclear war planning. I think that’s a totally awful thing for us to contemplate — you can’t use nuclear weapons except in a fairly genocidal way.”The Defence Department said that “the facility makes an important contribution to national security.”

A spokesperson said: “It provides intelligence on priorities such as terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and foreign military capability and weapons developments. “It also supports monitoring of compliance with arms control and disarmament agreements, and...


Climate change is already destabilizing communities worldwide "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

climate-changeU.S. intelligence community warns climate change is already destabilizing communities worldwide, Mashable, 23 Sept 16   The U.S. intelligence community on Wednesday released a new report finding that global warming is already acting as a destabilizing force worldwide, with more serious ramifications to come in the next two decades.

 In the report, the National Intelligence Council (NIC) — a group of public and private sector experts who advise the Director of National Intelligence — found that extreme weather events have growing implications for humans, which “suggest[s] that climate-change related disruptions are well underway.”

The report also states that during the next five years, which will largely fall within the timeframe of the next presidential administration, climate change will cause growing security risks for the U.S. that “will arise primarily from distinct extreme weather events and from the exacerbation of currently strained conditions, like water shortages.”

 According to Brian Deese, a senior advisor to President Barack Obama, this is the first intelligence assessment to find that climate change is already affecting U.S. national security. Previous reports from the CIA, the Defense Department and other agencies had portrayed climate change as a future challenge.

The new intelligence report starkly warns of climate instability-driven migrations in the next two decades and was released the same week world leaders have been meeting in New York City to consider how to increase support for refugees streaming out of war-torn Syria, Somalia, Libya and other countries.

 The report states:

Over 20 years, the net effects of climate change on the patterns of global human movement and statelessness could be dramatic, perhaps unprecedented. If unanticipated, they could overwhelm government infrastructure and resources, and threaten the social fabric of communities

The report is illustrated with examples of climate-related security developments that have already occurred, such as insurgents’ exploitation of drought-enhanced desertification in a “food for Jihad” movement in northern Mali during 2015.

The report also comes as the White House announced a new policy framework requiring federal agencies to take the impacts of climate change into account when making national security-related policies and plans. President Obama established this framework through a presidential memorandum.

The NIC report provides more detailed information on how climate change will likely pose national security challenges for the U.S. during the next 20 years, raising the possibility that climate change-related impacts could cause entire countries to collapse. ………

The NIC report also considers the possibility of abrupt climate change from unanticipated tipping points in the climate system.

 “Even if sudden shifts in the climate do not materialize, gradual shifts in climate could nonetheless spark surprising secondary effects — such as a massive release of gases from melting permafrost, persistent megadroughts, extreme shifts in critical ecosystems, emerging reservoirs of new pathogens, or the sudden breakup of immense ice sheets,” the report states.

“The national security implications of such changes could be severe.”...


Dr Keith Baverstock refutes Prof Geraldine Thomas’ pro nuclear propaganda "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

a-cat-CANThis is part of a very important article, in which Dr Baverstock thoroughly refutes the claims of Professor Geraldine Thomas’ made in  a BBC  interview, about Fukushima ionising radiation not being much to worry about. The BBC has since withdrawn her statements.

But that hasn’t stopped the South Australian government bringing Thomas out here to spin her stuff, in support of Weatherill’s push for SA as the global nuclear waste dump.

Thomas, GeraldineThomas’ comments in the video were insulting to the intelligence of the Japanese authorities and their advisors, and extremely ill-judged from a professional radiological point of view.  The BBC was right to withdraw her comments as incorrect

‘This was quite clearly scientific misconduct’  by Dr Keith Baverstock, Fissiononline 23 Sept 16  .  I will take the BBC interview first. In this interview Thomas questions the whole basis of the Japanese response to the Fukushima accident in terms of its evacuation policy. Is one to imagine that those authorities and the Japanese scientific establishment are so stupid as not to recognise that there is no risk entailing living in those areas?

The internationally agreed public dose limit is 1 mSv per year in addition to approximately 2 mSv per year from natural background radiation.  The single measurement made in that television interview indicate 2.8 microsieverts per hour, which is close to 25 mSv per year. That includes the natural background doses o at that point the dose rate is at least 20 times the public dose limit.

Surely Thomas can recognise that this must demand serious consideration by the appropriate authorities as to the safety of those who would live there? However, to determine the safety or otherwise of living there it would be necessary to do a comprehensive survey of the area.  My guess is that five years after the deposition of the radioactivity there will be a high degree of variability in measurements: some may be less in the measurement made on the programme, but others more and perhaps considerably more. Furthermore, if one were looking at a situation, for example in the UK, one would have to ensure that the most exposed person could not receive more that 1 mSv per annum. Therefore promises arguments that being indoors for example would reduce the dose rate are not valid in the context of the radiological protection of the public in general.

Whether a special dispensation applies when determining the return of evacuees  to their homes is a question that I believe needs to be discussed, because as far as I’m aware the current situation in Japan is unique. Furthermore, we are not talking about a total dose of 20 mSv for someone who returns to live in this village.  In many such villages remedial measures to reduce the dose rate are being taken, but only for the main “living areas”.  Straying beyond these areas could lead to much higher doses, and eating natural produce, mushrooms etc,  to even higher doses.

In the light of these considerations, Thomas’ comments in the video were insulting to the intelligence of the Japanese authorities and their advisors, and extremely ill-judged from a professional radiological point of view.  The BBC was right to withdraw her comments as incorrect if that is indeed what they did.

Watching the vide...


Hillary Clinton bought by the nuclear lobby "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Flag-USAHillary Takes the Nuclear-Energy Option, National Review,  by ROBERT BRYCE September 22, 2016 She recognizes that public perceptions about nuclear power are becoming more positive. Amid the avalanche of criticism aimed at Hillary Clinton in recent weeks about Pneumonia-gate, the Clinton Foundation, and her never-ending e-mail troubles, the Democratic nominee actually made an important policy statement, one that puts her directly at odds with America’s biggest environmental groups as well as her own party’s platform. What did Clinton do?
She endorsed nuclear energy.

In a candidate questionnaire published in the September 13 issue of Scientific American, she said that addressing climate change is “too important to limit the tools available in this fight. Nuclear power . . . is one of those tools.” She went on, pledging to make sure that the “climate benefits” of existing plants are “appropriately valued,” adding that she will “increase investment in the research, development and deployment of advanced nuclear power.”……….
She has also straddled the fence on nuclear. In 2007, she said nuclear “has to be part of our energy solution.” A few months later, she said she was “agnostic” about nuclear energy. Then, in early 2008, during a Democratic primary debate in Las Vegas, she touted her “energy plan that does not rely on nuclear power.”
Nevertheless, Clinton has now come out in favor of nuclear. By doing so, she has broken with the orthodoxy of the anti-nuclear Left, a group that includes the New York Times editorial board, as well as the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council,, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and many others. Recall that in June, Michael Brune, the executive director of the Sierra Club declared that his group “remains in firm opposition to dangerous nuclear power.” Furthermore, Clinton is contradicting her own party. For four decades, the Democratic party has either ignored nuclear energy or stated outright opposition to it.
In July, the party released its platform, which says climate change “poses a real and urgent threat to our economy, our national security, and our children’s health and futures.” But it doesn’t contain a single mention of nuclear energy. Indeed, you have to go all the way back to 1972 to find a positive statement in the party’s platforms about nuclear energy. According to a 2015 Gallup poll, voters who identify as Republican are twice as likely (47 percent to 24 percent) to support nuclear energy as are those who identify as Democrats.
Those poll numbers, as well as the Democratic party’s history, lead to an obvious question: Why has Clinton come out in favor of nuclear now? ….



Within ten years, climate change could pass the 1.5 degree Celsius rise "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

global-warming1Climate change could cross key threshold in a decade: scientists By Laurie Goering 23 Sept 16, OXFORD, England (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The planet could pass a key target on world temperature rise in about a decade, prompting accelerating loss of glaciers, steep declines in water availability, worsening land conflicts and deepening poverty, scientists said this week.

Last December, 195 nations agreed to try to hold world temperature rise to “well below” 2 degrees Celsius, with an aim of 1.5 degrees Celsius.

But the planet is already two-thirds of the way to that lower and safer goal, and could begin to pass it in about a decade, according to Richard Betts, head of climate impacts research at the UK Met Office’s Hadley Centre.

With world emissions unlikely to slow quickly enough to hit that target, it will probably be necessary to remove some carbon pollution from the atmosphere to stabilize the planet, scientists said at a University of Oxford conference on how to achieve the 1.5 degree goal.

That could happen by planting forests or by capturing and then pumping underground emissions from power plants. Or countries could turn to controversial “geoengineering” techniques, such as blocking some of the sunlight arriving on the planet, to hold down temperatures, they said.

“Negative emission technologies are likely to be needed, whether we like them or not,” said Pete Smith, a plant and soil scientist at the University of Aberdeen.

But other changes – such as reducing food waste and creating more sustainable diets, with less beef and fewer imported greenhouse vegetables – could also play a big role in meeting the goal, without so many risks, he said.

“There are lots of behavioral changes required, not just by the government … but by us,” Smith said……..


Abolitionist Demand 24: Wipe all persons’ benefit fraud debt after incarceration. "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This is a part of No Pride in Prisons’ Abolitionist demands. These demands were originally published as a book. To see a pdf of the book, click here. To buy a copy, please email

For those who end up serving time for their supposed fraud, they often come out of prison with large debts to repay in addition to living in severe financial hardship.[1] On the other hand, the government has written off $5 billion in tax debt from tax evaders since 2008.[2] Given No Pride in Prisons’ demand to decriminalise benefit fraud, we also believe that those who have already been convicted of benefit fraud should have all remaining debts forgiven.

[1] Ibid., 22.

[2] Catriona MacLennan, “Catriona MacLennan: Benefit Debt Punishment Out of all Proportion to ‘Crime’,” New Zealand Herald, 20 January 2015.


Daily Roundup "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"




  As reported in the latest issue of Uncensored Magazine, Google has ignited outrage by apparently deleting Palestine from Google Maps, but in subsequent developments, Google has defended itself by claiming Palestine was never labelled on Google Maps in the first place! Google also  says that West Bank and Gaza were missing due to “a […]

The post GOOGLE DELETES PALESTINE? NOW SAY IT NEVER EXISTED!? appeared first on Uncensored Magazine.


30 Israeli, Foreign Intelligence Officers Killed in Russia's Caliber Missile Attack in Aleppo "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Mossad are the secret police of the state of Israel, which has explicitly waged wars of aggression against Syria in the past. Whilst we are aware of other NATO-aligned illegal presences in Syria, this news of the presence of Mossad is particularly shocking, in a series of increasingly shocking incidents. This report directly implicates US-NATO in terrorist activities and it is likely that the western newsmedia will avoid reporting this exposure of its illegal activities, for fear of calling into legitimate question the western presence in Syria.Republished from article of Wed Sep 21, 2016 12:12 on Farsnews (Iran) which cites Sputnick as its source. Inset Video is Russian language news report with summary in English by Lad Rey, from her article here: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian warships stationed in Syria's coastal waters targeted and destroyed a foreign military operations room, killing over two dozen Israeli and western intelligence officers."The Russian warships fired three Caliber missiles at the foreign officers' coordination operations room in Dar Ezza region in the Western part of Aleppo near Sam'an mountain, killing 30 Israeli and western officers," the Arabic-language service of Russia's Sputnik news agency quoted battlefield source in Aleppo as saying on Wednesday.

This video is a Russian news report of the incident. Here is Lada Rey's 'summary translation' published at According to Fars News agency, Russian military ships launched three Kalibr cruise missiles; the strike hit the Dar Ezza joint intelligence coordination center for the US coalition, killing 30 Israeli and Western officers. The center, aka, Field Operations Room near Aleppo is staffed with officers from US, Turkey, UK, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar. Canadian researcher Michel Chossudovsky says that the center was hit after US c...


Whaleoil Backchat "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Whaleoil Backchat is brought to you byuse coupon code WHALE OIL to get 10% off e-cigarettes and e-liquids  Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. You don’t have to stay “on topic” in these posts like you do in all others. Feel free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. […]


Lizzie Marvelly "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

I shouldn't read them. Lizzie Marvelly's columns always irritate me but they do provide an insight into the modern feminist's mind. 

Today she has been unusually arrogant - even by her standards - about David Seymour's comments this week suggesting that if a Women's Ministry was legitimate so should a Man's Ministry be. Not that he was promoting the formation of such. Rather, he was highlighting the inconsistency.

Marvelly lets fly:

During this otherwise celebratory week, however, I was unfortunate enough to stumble upon a publication entitled Free Press, which the Act Party seemingly sends out as a press release on a regular basis. On Suffrage Day (September 19), the Act Party decided to tell the nation (or more accurately, the small minority of New Zealanders who have nothing better to do with their time than read the party's public relations material) that there is no longer any need for a Minister for Women, when in fact, it is men who are disadvantaged.
"Where once women were clearly marginalised, men are now behind in most social statistics," Free Press asserted, on a day dedicated to celebrating the still-challenged idea that women are as important as men.
More men go to prison. More men commit suicide. More women graduate from university than men. Men even die earlier!
Never mind the fact that women are paid less than men for the same work. Nor that women are more likely than men to suffer from mental illness. Nor that men commit the vast majority of the country's crimes.
Though I generally try to avoid reading about anything the Act Party says or does out of concern for my sanity, the Free Press caught me by surprise. I'd almost have thought that a Suffrage Day issue dedicated to mansplaining was a joke, but that would require the Act Party to have a sense of humour and a shred of self-awareness.

....From a party that has had exactly zero female leaders in its 22-year history, perhaps the Free Press' stance is unsurprising. Ignorance, however, is no excuse.

A female President is a female leader. The accusation of ignorance is somewhat ironic.

Not that ACT would concern itself with gender parity because its core philosophy is individualism.
Marvelly's is collectivism. But I am not sure she comprehends that.

The woman is a chronic belly-acher. To men, she says,

When you have no experience of what it's like to live in a world where another gender running the show is the way it's always been - from the fact that we've had only two female prime ministers out of 38, to the injustice of Sir Ed and Lord Rutherford receiving titles for their achievements while Kate Sheppard gave half the population the vote and was never made a dame - it must be hard to imagine.
I have lived in that world rather longer than MS Marvelly and  I often reflect on the freedom I have relished as a female, and a mother, a freedom furnished by a husband who has not had the same time or opportunity to pursue his every inclination because he has busied himself with supporting his family. Perhaps Ms Marvelly's father did the same. Perhaps not.

But what about a little gratitude? If not to men especially, for the privilege you have enjoyed by dint of being born in a relatively peaceful, prosperous and civilized country.

You don't know how lucky you are Lizzie.


Sorry to tell you, but Auntie Helen is coming home "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Ms Clark is one of nine contenders remaining in the complex race for the position of UN secretary-general, but she hasn’t fared well in preliminary polls, coming in seventh. Added to this, she may possibly face a veto from permanent Security Council member Russia when voting proper begins next month. But Ms Clark says she […]


Dopeheads not welcome in Marijuana debate "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

  Nichola Smith is a nurse from the ‘Naki who loves animals and looks for everyday blessings. Kat Le Brun, by her own admission, is a “grumpy” Christian student teacher from Nelson, and Jacinta, a tiger mother with a quickfire voice. What do they have in common? Pain. Not bang-your-thumb-with-a-hammer pain, but the sort of […]


John Palino on Auckland getting more for less "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Our debt strapped Council needs innovative alternative financial funding and development policies. My BIG idea is for Council sponsored involvement in creating a greenfields Satellite City. This project will raise very significant user pays Council revenue, reducing the need for further rates increases. Here is how … Everything council is doing is making property investors, […]


Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Epistemophiliac – one who excessively strives for knowledge, or has a preoccupation with it.

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Labour “all the more certain” to win "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Party President Nigel Haworth has said that Labour are “all the more certain” to win next year’s election because of Andrew Little’s leadership.  He was speaking at an event in Dunedin celebrating the centenary of the party. That’s rather optimistic given the current state of the party and polls. ODT: Labour confident in its 100th […]


Abolitionist Demand 23: Decriminalise benefit fraud and stop criminalising beneficiaries. "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This is a part of No Pride in Prisons’ Abolitionist demands. These demands were originally published as a book. To see a pdf of the book, click here. To buy a copy, please email

The New Zealand government systematically criminalises people receiving welfare benefits. This occurs both when people deliberately or accidentally draw more than the legally allowed amount of support from the welfare system, and when, due to bureaucratic ineptitude, the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) accidentally overpays[1] them or sanctions[2] them for things often beyond their control. The government is harsher on beneficiaries than white-collar tax fraudsters,[3] despite the fact that benefit fraud cost just $22 million in 2010[4] compared to tax evasion’s more than $7.4 billion in 2011.[5] Further, 60 percent of people convicted of benefit fraud were imprisoned compared to only 22 percent of tax offenders between 2008 and 2011.[6] These practices disproportionately affect women, as women are more likely to be imprisoned for fraud offences than men,as well as Māori, who make up nearly half of those sentenced to imprisonment for fraud.[7] This unequal, punitive, and dehumanising approach commonly leads people from poverty into debt and, sometimes, incarceration.

The current system is also open to abuse as a vehicle for interpersonal control. This is due to the MSD practice of encouraging informants[8] to file fraud reports against people they know.[9] It is MSD policy to act on all allegations of benefit fraud and to seek prosecution for those instances they believe are “premeditated.”[10] The fraud reporting process is designed to be used by informants with a high level of knowledge of the person whom they are reporting.[11] This can, and has, led to the use of MSD reporting as a tool for blackmail or revenge.[12]

People dependent on the Sole Parent Benefit[13] are especially vulnerable to pressure and blackmail because they are in danger of being fined...


The cool kids "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

He didn’t much like school, my husband. Got out of there fast. Chafing for life. Reckoned the world could teach him more. There was this one teacher, though. She told him, 12 years old, rebellious and randy, that the girls he was so cockily catting around were not the ones he’d want to marry. He […]


Sweating and chanting couple asked to leave aircraft "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

When it comes to suspicious behaviour this couple raised four red flags but as usual CAIR, the well-funded American centre of Islamic legal jihad has gone into bat for them. I believe that CAIR’s intention, in this case, is the same as their intention when they defended ” Clock boy”, the Muslim boy who scared his teachers by […]


Mental Health Break "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"



The weeping wound of inequality "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A perceptive quote from a post about Donald Trump: There is a deep underbelly of American society who feel as deeply resentful of the political and cultural elites as  those voters in Brexit did. That weeping wound will require healing not mocking and is a reminder that if the fruits of democracy are not shared equitably, rot […]


Bruce the Wandering Whale’s adventures in Cesky Krumlov "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

We arrived around midday on Saturday – and had a walking tour of the town and Castle grounds booked for 2PM. Bruce was pretty tired after the previous day in Prague, so he had a rest the afternoon we arrived… Our tour guide spoke good English (as many Czechs do) and we spent a couple […]


Waikato Times letter of the week #72 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

From the edition of Friday 23 September. As always, spelling, punctuation (in this case especially, hyphens and the lack thereof), grammar and logic are exactly as printed in the Waikato Times. The writer is no relation; the “priggish” Tim Macindoe he describes does not resemble the one I lunch with regularly at the Wintec Press Club. That Tim Macindoe, National’s chief whip, is a hoot.

Café debate
West Ward city council and DHB incumbent candidate Martin Gallagher must cease tacitly endorsing his electoral successor, National MP for Hamilton West, Tim Macindoe. With his predecessor’s endorsement ensuring his position becomes virtually un-opposable, Macindoe is guaranteed a return to this once marginal seat, making next year’s general election race here undemocratic; certainly unviable for a serious Opposition contender.   

Tackling a generic question put to candidates at the National MP’s Agora Café debate (September 9), Gallagher defended his own multiplicity of elected roles, linking extra effective benefits to taking on greater responsibilities. Throughout the debate, Gallagher was unwilling to provide the required brief answers, constantly having to be cut short by mediator and host Tim Macindoe.

The priggish Tim Macindoe proved an unreliable debate adjudicator, unwilling to pull former Waikato Times reporter Geoff Taylor up for an unfortunate anecdote regarding his two teenage daughters commanding excessive water for showering, meant to illustrate higher demands on rural tank water capacity. Taylor’s unchallenged inferences are all the more concerning considering Macindoe’s chief political adversary over recent general elections, Labour list MP Sue Moroney, has herself been a former spokeswoman on women’s affairs.

Roger Stratford


Map of the Day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Sponsored by What Power Crisis, Award winning solar power provider, FREE Solar Power Diverter worth $795 with 2kW + system. Say “Whaleoil sent you” and email us on for a deal. North Korea’s Estimated Ballistic Missile Ranges Click here for larger view


At best Calum Penrose is a fantasist "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Calum Penrose is one of the terrible ten who voted for the 9.9% rates rise, and now he is trying to say he and John Walker delivered the three laning of the Southern Motorway, and the improvements at Takanini Interchange. We want to see proof that Penrose and Walker can actually make this claim. We […]


Hooton on need for Cabinet reshuffle "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Matthew Hooton has written in NBR about the need for a Cabinet reshuffle, and he names a few names he thinks deserve promotion and demotion Cabinet reshuffle needed soon (paywalled). Bryce Edwards has tweeted a few key points. Matthew Hooton (NBR): “Cabinet reshuffle needed soon” – makes case for firing many ministers Nick Smith – […]


Abolitionist Demand 22: End the practice of incarcerating trans people. "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This is a part of No Pride in Prisons’ Abolitionist demands. These demands were originally published as a book. To see a pdf of the book, click here. To buy a copy, please email

International studies have consistently demonstrated that trans people, particularly trans women, experience significant levels of violence and discrimination in prison.[1] This violence occurs in many ways, from harassment by staff and other inmates, to physical and sexual violence. In particular, a 2007 report on California prisons found that trans women are thirteen times more likely than other inmates to be sexually assaulted while in prison.[2] This finding is supported by the largest ever survey of LGBTIQ prisoners in the USA, conducted by Black and Pink, which found that 79% of trans women in the study had been sexually assaulted while in prison.[3] Further, 37% of all LGBTIQ respondents to the Black and Pink survey said that they had experienced some form of sexual violence at the hands of prison staff.[4] 22% of trans women in the survey reported that they had been specifically raped by prison staff.[5]

With these statistics in mind, the incarceration of a trans person, particularly a trans woman, is inherently a harsher sentence than the equivalent incarceration of a cisgender person. Sentencing a trans woman to a custodial sentence must be recognised as sentencing her to near-unavoidable prison violence and sexual assault. Subjecting a trans person to increased rates of sexual and physical assault is entirely unacceptable.

For these reasons, No Pride in Prisons demands that, in the intermediate term, no trans person be sentenced to a custodial sentence.[6] This demand is not without precedent. In McGhie v Police, a trans woman was given a non-custodial sentence on the basis that her gender would make that sentence unnecessarily harsh.[7] In cases involving more serious offences, custodial sentences have often been reduced where gender identity has been considered (Tua v Police, R v Warwick).[8] In other words, there are cases where even the New Zealand Courts recognise that prisons are extremely unsafe places for trans women, and account for that in sentencing. No Pride in Prisons supports an extension of this legal principle to all custodial sentences for all cases involving trans people. Doing so would, in effect, end the incarceration of trans people.

[1] Valerie Jenness et al., Violence in California Correctional Facilities: An Empirical Examination of Sexual Assault, (California: Center for Evidence-Based Corrections, 2007). Jason Lydon et al. Coming Out of Concrete Closets: A Report on Black & Pink’s National LGBTQ Prisoner Survey, (United States: Black & Pink, 2015.

[2] Valerie Jenness et al., Violence in California Correctional Facilities: An Empirical Examination of Sexual Assault, (California: Center for Evidence-Based Corrections, 2007), 3.



As terrorism goes, what do you think is the most critical change we can make to improve our safety? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The UN wants countries to tighten up security to prevent further terrorist attacks. Can you guess what? Responding to increasing attacks on airports and aircraft, the U.N. Security Council unanimously approved its first-ever resolution to address extremist threats to civil aviation and urge beefed-up security. The UN’s most powerful body called for stepped up screening […]


Almost every study on parents with mental illness centres on mothers "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

And that’s been OK with men.  Because we don’t really talk about feeling weak and vulnerable. Jonathon Ashe is in his first year of clinical psychology at the University of Waikato and he wants to speak to dads with an acute mental illness. He said there is no current research in New Zealand that explores […]


Clearing The Smog: The Hunt For A Coherent Climate Policy "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Modelling released this week on the Australian Government’s plan to tackle climate change is not exactly what you might term ‘inspiring confidence’, writes Thom Mitchell.

In August 1990, journalist Kerry O’Brien anchored a segment on the then-new “burning issue”. Climate change. Four Corners viewers were told that the very “survival of the planet itself” was being threatened. This was urgent. It couldn’t wait.

The Hawke Government had just joined an emerging international movement, agreeing in-principle with the Toronto Agreement. Australia would aim to shave 20 per cent off its carbon emissions by 2005, over a period of just 15 years. 

In the end, caveats were cashed, and literally nothing was achieved.

It seems ironic now, though, that even then O’Brien was identifying “a bankruptcy of effort in real terms”. In the 15 years since that broadcast, emissions have not declined. Even today, Australia is bereft of a fully-formed climate policy, and the odds of a disastrous repeat seem worryingly short.

Our form is bad. Australia has almost the highest per capita emissions of any developed nation. We export vast amounts of carbon each year. In 2014 Australia’s emissions pegged up for the first since their historical peak in 2005, and the rising trend continued through 2015.

In real terms, outside of the tricky numbers game of international agreements and carbon counting, analysts have warned that Government figures put absolute emissions on track to be up 6 per cent on 2000 levels by 2020.

Yet we’ve been told – incessantly, by former Environment Minister Greg Hunt – that we are “on track”. We’ve been told that we will “meet and beat” our current international commitment, to shave 5 per cent off 2000 level emissions by 2020.

That’s true – within the technocratic matrix of international carbon accounting – but it smacks of a bureaucrat’s victory, while overall annual emissions continue to trend the wrong way. According to analyst Hugh Grossman, from today’s emission levels, “we’ve still got emissions growing by around about 9 per cent through to 2030”. 

Grossman is the Executive Director of energy analytics firm Reputex, a division of ratings agency Standard & Poor’s. In a White Paper published this week, the group found that on current policy settings, emissions would be just 2 per cent lower in 2030 than they were in 2005.

It’s a far cry from being ‘on track’ to meet the 26 per cent cut the Coalition pledged to achieve by 2030 at the climate conference in Paris last year. If we’re going to meet that target, much of the policy development is yet to be done.

In its analysis, Reputex modelled two very different options for how the Coalition’s policies could be used to meet the 2030 target (more on that later).  Their scenarios are extreme, because they’re academic.

We actually don’t know that much abou...


Digicel Foundation to Build new double classroom at Marara "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

There you have it. Its a perfect new year gift for the Marara Communiy School in Warakamb. The ground breaking was done today by Mr Lawrence Lakale of the Digicel Foundation -PNG. He told the people to look after the school and encouraged teachers and students to do well. This follows a comprehensive proposal with pictures, statistics, health and social indicators and literacy rates prepared by one of the pioneer students of Marara Community school- Dr Eric Ungil. Digicel was impressed and convinced by the proposal that they send their executives to do the ground work and fund the classroom.
Thank you Digicel Foundation.

A double classroom like this to be built in Marara Community School


Photo of the Day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Operation Mincemeat How a Corpse Fooled the Nazis  In World War II, a secret department of British ‘corkscrew thinkers’ hatched a plan to use the cadaver of an unclaimed homeless man to turn the tide of the war in the Allies’ favour. It worked. Ewen Montagu and his team of deceivers achieved in Operation MINCEMEAT […]


Saturday’s smiles "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A surgeon picking up her car after a service and some minor repairs was highly indignant at the size of the bill.

“All this for a couple of hour’s work?” she said. “You charge more for your work than I do.”

“Well, yes,” the mechanic said. “That’s how it should be. You doctors have been working on two models of the same make since time began but we’ve got to learns about new makes and models every year.”

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More on Williams’ court outburst "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Stuff has more detail on the outburst by Jordan Williams in court yesterday in his defamation case against Colin Craig. Taxpayers Union founder Jordan Williams’ courtroom rant The proceedings finished in the High Court at Auckland with Craig’s lawyers recalling Taxpayers Union founder Jordan Williams, who has taken the defamation action against Craig.  The tense final […]


Warakamb Valley from Bin Mountain, before and now "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Compare these images from before and now. Phenomenal change.
Warakamb Valley from Bin Mountain looking South - Before

Warakamb Valley from Bin Mountain looking south - Today
Notice the differences


How Did I Miss That? Plastic Soup in the Pacific; Expensive Johns in N.C. "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Slate reported that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch has been grossly exaggerated in that most of the plastic detritus i...


Warakamb Villagers starting to drink more tea "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Warakamb Valley villagers have now started to drink more tea. Unlike coffee, tea is more cheaper, more healthier and delicious. Tea has found to be good for the lungs and also found to contain substances that may fight cancer and repair damaged DNA. One for the road! Em Nau??

Haus cook

Make fire

Boil your water in teapot, dish, or any pot

Make tea with or without sugar

Tea is delicious and healthy and cheap



TriggleyMuzz puts victim blaming Media into overdrive "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The rush for the media to demonise the victim of an abusive Muslim female University student in Australia is staggering. They have tried to justify her disgraceful actions by labelling the victim provocative and smearing him with things that they know that he did not do. If I accosted a Muslim woman and screamed at […]


Two un-named mining companies hired Chinese to survey New Britain Trench "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Shangai is reporting two un-named mining companies operating in PNG hired a Chinese reaserch vessel

Chinese media is reporting two un-named mining companies hired a Chinese research vessel to survey the New Britain Trench. Lihir, Porgera and Hidden Valley are PNG’s largest gold mines.

Golden task for vessel’s maiden trip

Echo Yang | Shanghai Daily | September 24, 2016

CHINA’S first privately funded oceanic research vessel “Zhang Jian” returned to Shanghai yesterday after its maiden voyage off the coast of Papua New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean.

Hired by two mining companies in Papua New Guinea, the ship carried out surveys offshore near two gold mines to assess the influence of mining operations on the environment.

“Zhang Jian,” the mother ship of China’s deep-diving submersible “Rainbow Fish,” docks in Shanghai yesterday after its maiden voyage to the New Britain Trench in the Pacific Ocean. — Dong Jun

“Zhang Jian,” the mother ship of China’s deep-diving submersible “Rainbow Fish,” docks in Shanghai yesterday after its maiden voyage to the New Britain Trench in the Pacific Ocean. — Dong Jun

The ship also tested scientific equipment during the 73-day voyage, said Wu Xin, chairman of Shanghai Rainbow Fish Ocean Technology Co, the ship’s operation company.

Samples of ocean water and marine macro organisms were collected at the 8,000-meter-deep New Britain Trench, testing the ship’s capability in oceanic research to prepare for future missions aiming at depths of more than 10,000 meters.

The ship also carried 15 Chinese deep sea exploration enthusiasts, each paying 100,000 yuan (US$15,000).


Subverting the democratic will of voters? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Is telling voters who they should vote for ‘subverting the democratic will of voters’? Wellington mayoral candidate Nick Leggett thinks so, or he thinks that saying so will attract a bit of attention and a few votes. @nickoleggett All candidates in this election must respect the democratic will of the voters. Tactics like this must […]


Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


The Grassroot Institute criticized the Department of the Interior for subverting the will of Native Hawaiians on the issue of federal recognition. With the announcement of the DOI's rule to facilitate the reestablishment of a formal government-to-government relationship with the Native Hawaiian community, the President has reignited a controversy that had begun to wane in the wake of Na`i Aupuni's dissolution.

"Native Hawaiians are on record as overwhelmingly opposed to efforts by the Department of Interior to recognize or establish a Hawaiian tribe or government," stated Keli`i Akina, Ph.D., President of the Grassroot Institute. "Every survey by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, from 1978 to the present, shows that Native Hawaiians want OHA to stop wasting money on federal recognition and, instead, to spend those millions on meeting the real needs of Hawaiians for housing, jobs, education, and healthcare. OHA and the DOI are on a crash course in their rejection of the will of the Hawaiian people."

The DOI proposed the rule in 2015, and the Grassroot Institute was among the many who submitted comments in opposition to the creation of a federal Native Hawaiian tribe. Grassroot's comments cited problems with the rule's Constitutionality, its attempt to usurp Congressional authority, and its divisive nature as only a few of the many reasons the rule should have been set aside.

Most of all, Grassroot cited the continual Native Hawaiian opposition to federal recognition, pointing out that by pushing for the creation of a Native Hawaiian polity, the rule would precipitate a legal challenge and fracture any sense of cultural unity among Native Hawaiian groups.

Dr. Akina continued: "With today's announcement, the bureaucrats in Washington have proved that they aren't listening to the Native Hawaiian people. We are still fresh from the disaster that was the Native Hawaiian Roll and the Na`i Aupuni constitutional convention. This rule only encourages OHA and the state to waste more time and resources on a problematic and unconstitutional nation-building effort."



11 straight months of record-breaking heat "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Discover Magazine: With no La Niña to help cool Earth’s fever, last month shattered the mark for warmest August on record According to data (from NASA), last month was the warmest August on record. That makes it 11 straight months of record-breaking global heat. And as it turned out, August tied with July 2016 for warmest of […]


Oh the irony… it HURTS! "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

First, check out the background A small group of New Zealand insurance brokers affected by a lengthy loss of data services may band together to seek compensation. Up to 21 brokers here suffered to varying degrees when a power cut knocked out SSP’s Solihull data centre in the UK, and some had staff sitting doing […]


Why taking the middle ground isn’t always the best choice "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

It is difficult being an online business these days. Thanks to social media you are an easy target for social justice bullies and politically motivated groups like unions. Few online businesses have the stones to stand up to these kinds of attacks and most totally capitulate, despite the fact that the attackers are not even customers […]

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Friday, 23 September


Find out if you have the same personality as Free Speech advocate Andrew Torba "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Andrew Torba is the CEO of Gab. Gab is a rapidly growing social media platform that puts the user in control of what they read not the corporation. What kind of a personality enables someone to fearlessly take on twitter and facebook and to provide a truly free speech media platform for everyone? Take the personality […]


The Nation – Key, Clark, UN "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

On The Nation this morning: Patrick Gower sits down with Prime Minister John Key and former PM Helen Clark at the UN in New York. @patrickgowernz@johnkeypm@HelenClarkUNDP Audrey Young interviewed Key in New York, including on Clark and her UN bid: John Key among friends in the big apple And should 17 year olds be tried […]


Who am I? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Guess who the mystery person using the 3 clues. Include in your comments how the clues relate to the mystery person


A defamation settlement proposal "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Lawyer Greg Presland makes some observations that are probably widely shared, and A settlement proposal for Jordan Williams and Colin Craig To both of them can I suggest that they immediately discontinue their proceedings.  And pay the anticipated further legal fees to a suitable charity.  I suggest Salvation Army.  The lawyers will understand.  At least […]


Unbelievably racist article on NZ MSM website "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Below I have reproduced part of a Stuff article with a few minor changes. I substituted ONE WORD for another one and made a few small adjustments including using a different photo.In its original unedited form it upset so many commenters that the website turned off the comments.I am hoping that the minor changes I […]


Radioactivity Measuring From Hirono to Okuma, Fukushima Prefecture "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

As a result of the measurement of radioactivity from the town of Hirono to the town of Okuma.

Measurements and vido from Tarachine Medical Center, a citizen organized radiation measuring center located in Iwaki city, Fukushima Prefecture.

Credit to tarachine Medical Center

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Radiocontamination of Tokyo "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs


Based on the data released by everyone to the Minna-san data website, a map of the soil contamination of Tokyo by radioactivity was put together.

This data is the result of measurements from 2013 to now 2016.

You can see that the radioactive contamination spread over a wide range of Tokyo.

Particularly, Katsushika district, Edogawa district, Shinjuku district, Setagaya district and Bunkyō district.

Radioactive contamination of both radioactive cesium 134 and 137 exceeding 500Bq / kg has been confirmed.

Among other locations: Inagi city/ Katsushi district / Edogawa district / Eto district / Arakawa district / Kokubunji city / Kokuritsu City / Komae City / Mitaka City / Kodaira city/ Shinjuku district / Suginami district/ Setagaya district / Nishitama gun / Ome city / Chiyoda district / Ota District/ Oshima-cho / Machida city / Chofu city / Higashi Kurume City / Higashimurayama city / Hachioji city / Fuchu city…

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Reassessing the 3.11 Disaster and the Future of Nuclear Power in Japan: An Interview with Former Prime Minister Kan Naoto "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

Interview by Vincenzo Capodici, Introduction by Shaun Burnie, Translation by Richard Minear


For more than two decades, the global nuclear industry has attempted to frame the debate on nuclear power within the context of climate change: nuclear power is better than any of the alternatives. So the argument went. Ambitious nuclear expansion plans inthe United States and Japan, two of the largest existing markets, and the growth of nuclear power in China appeared to show—superficially at least—that the technology had a future. At least in terms of political rhetoric and media perception, it appeared to be a winning argument. Then came March 11, 2011. Those most determined to promote nuclear power even cited the Fukushima Daiichi accident as a reason for expanding nuclear power: impacts were low, no one died, radiation levels are not a risk. So claimeda handful of commentators in the international (particularly English-language) media.

However,from the…

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Public to get new $83-billion bill for Fukushima, reactor expenses "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs


The crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant is located in the towns of Okuma and Futaba in Fukushima Prefecture.

The government plans to make the public pay an additional 8.3 trillion yen (about $83 billion) to decommission reactors at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant and provide compensation for evacuees of the 2011 disaster, sources said.

The public’s money will also be used for the future decommissioning of reactors at other nuclear plants, they said on Sept. 20.

The burden will also affect families that switched from nuclear power generating utilities to new electric power companies after the liberalization of the electricity retail market for families in April this year.

Major utilities that operate nuclear plants are, in principle, required to secure funds through electricity charges to decommission their reactors. Tokyo Electric Power Co., operator of the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, is no exception.

Under the reforms of…

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The Daily Bloggers "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Daily Blog is unusual in how many bloggers/authors they have (most have one or a few). They have just announced the addition of four more ‘bloggers’: Paralympian Aine Kelly Costello Artist and social commentator LaQuisha St Redfern New Green MP and anti-TPPA campaigner – Barry Coates Arts reviewer – Genevieve McClean They add to […]


Collins crushes hopes "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Awesome.  Despicable crims are unlikely to get a pay-out Prisoners considering seeking compensation for being jailed for too long should not get their hopes up, says Corrections Minister Judith Collins. Following a Supreme Court decision released on Thursday, the Department of Corrections has admitted wrongly calculating release dates for 500 serving prisoners. In its judgment, […]


So gloriously different: Do Not Adjust Your Set "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Scene: A field. An unmistakable historic figure from 200 years ago stands, alone and glowering, in his French uniform, his arm tucked in characteristic pose. 

A stentorian voiceover demands, rhetorically: ‘Why did Napoleon keep his hand inside his waistcoat?’

Napoleon pulls his hand out. His trousers fall down. 

This was one of the earliest things I can remember laughing like a drain at for several hours afterwards.  It is stuck in my mind for that reason and also because it was the first time I realised how you pronounced ‘Napoleon’. 

 I had read the word – probably in Look and Learn magazines –  but had no idea how to pronounce it.

Napoleon was, I think, played by either David Jason or Terry Jones.  The sketch  was from  Do Not Adjust Your Set, a tv series made in Britain in the late 1960s by several people who went on to form of Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

It was shown in New Zealand in the early 1970s –  I think 1972.

And I loved it.  The combination of eccentricity,  humour,  and historical references like the one above was just magical.

It was just so gloriously different. 

It’s been on my mind at the moment because I threw together an iTunes music playlist for a road trip last month labelled “Brits” which included the obvious ones such as the Kinks and Madness and Ian Dury and the Jam and the Smiths…and then, for light relief, the Bonzos.

Vivian Stanshall was…well, an alcoholic nutter, and probably rather awkward to be around. A brilliant eccentric, though.

The Bonzos only had one hit – I’m the Urban Spaceman – and the B side was this lovely piece.

I first heard this on a jukebox in an Auckland cafe, sometime in the mid-eighties, and lay on the floor under the table laughing uncontrollably.




City survey – housing "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The latest ‘best city’ survey – see Dunedin, Wellington ‘best cities to live in’ – howed that surprisingly low numbers of people thought their city had a poor or very poor quality of life, ranging from 2% in Dunedin and Wellington to 4% in Auckland and Christchurch. There were both unsurprising and surprising responses on one of […]


Crime, when justified, is just fine (do you agree?) "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Karl du Fresne reports on a movie called The 5th Eye about the Waihopai spy base vandals The Waihopai Three were convinced that innocent people were dying – in Iraq, especially – as a result of Waihopai’s inclusion in an international network of Western spy bases operating under an alliance known as Five Eyes. The […]


Saturday soapbox "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Saturday’s soapbox is yours to use as you will – within the bounds of decency and absence of defamation. You’re welcome to look back or forward, discuss issues of the moment, to pontificate, ponder or point us to something of interest, to educate, elucidate or entertain, amuse, bemuse or simply muse, but not abuse.

Image may contain: text

If the words don’t add up, it’s usually because the truth wasn’t included in the equation.

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Whaleoil General Debate "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Whaleoil General Debate is brought to you by use coupon code WHALE OIL to get 10% off e-cigarettes and e-liquids Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoil’s daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate you’ll need to register a free Disqus account. There are some rules, and if there […]


Face of the Day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Wellington eastern ward candidate Chris Calvi-Freeman found about 1000 of his leaflets in a recycling bin outside the home of the man in charge of delivering the pamphlets. He was prompted to look in the bin after a canvas of friends in the area, and locals at bus stops, had him wondering if many of […]


Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The word for today is… chimerical (adj) – Highly improbable or illusory. Source : The Free Dictionary Etymology : 1630s, from chimera + -ical.


Daily Proverb "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Proverbs 23 4Don’t wear yourself out trying to get rich. Be wise enough to know when to quit.


China considers a huge national park for Amur tigers and leopards "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t is rare to spot an Amur tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) in the wild, according to Yang Jun, director of the Hunchun Forestry Bureau’s wildlife protection department. However, on July 19, residents of Machuanzi, a village merely 10 kilometers away from downtown Hunchun in China’s northeastern Jilin Province, informed him that a tiger came to the residential area and ate two dogs on a single day. Yang went to the village immediately after he heard the news and saw footprints of the tiger and blood stains of its prey just 20 to 30 meters away from a villager’s house. “We then left four foot-bound roosters on the ground near the house for the tiger,” Yang told Mongabay. “The tiger did come back and picked the roosters one by one, four consecutive times, and we took video of the whole process.” Living inside the buffer zone of Hunchun National Nature Reserve near the border with Russia, most villagers in Machuanzi never encounter a live tiger in their lifetime due to the animal’s scarcity. The villagers set off firecrackers to scare the tiger away, but it seemed unwilling to leave the human domain, where it could easily obtain prey. Yang said the tiger, a sub-adult not yet fully capable of finding its own prey in the wild, remained in a neighboring village about four kilometers from Machuanzi and ate sheep from local’s sheepfold. Jilin province’s Forestry Department was planning to trap the tiger and send it to a remote forest area away from…


New US Republic via a Global Currency Reset: 23 Sept. 2016 Update "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

New Republic via a GCR: 23 Sept. 2016 Update

Compiled on 23 September 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces,", CEO, Child Abuse Recovery

1. On Sept. 22 2016 Zap reported:

A. Money movements for releases were finishing. Tons of gold had been moved to position the new financial system and ensure the rollout was smooth. The magnitude of this rollout was far greater than originally perceived.

B. The rules and regulations of this new system prevented money laundering - a critical element of the drug lords and politicians (the Cabal) who needed to launder their money.

C. The Cabal were being caught by the hundreds as they attempted to circumvent the new system, not understanding that it was fully functional. The arrests and firings of bankers was getting to a position of closure as corruption was being wiped out in the banking system.

D. The Wells Fargo practice of opening accounts to gain profit was an unsovory act, but was not a major corruption issue. It was expected that anything to discredit WF would be attempted.

E. ZAP had ample experience with the HSBC in the UK where a particular banker was immediately taken out after being reported. A whole floor of corrupt people were fired or imprisoned. The ensuing investigation uncovered even more corruption brought to light.

2. On that same Sept. 22 2016 Fisher reported:

A. Key issues and decisions were made overnight, all very important and sensitive, which is why there would be no more intel from Fisher.

B. Landa Global Humanus had received their funding, as did other similar organizations.

C. There was a magistrate from the World Court in Reno to verify the transfers.

D. The Wells Fargo CEO was fired.

E. Zap stated, "If you believe anything for the next few days, believe that everything has been scripted for public consumption."

F. On that Sept. 22 a power outage continued for the second day in Puerto Rico where the IRS was located.

3. On the Sept. 22 The Big Call, Bruce reported: The Big Call

A. On Mon Sept. 19 at the UN, Iraq was told to revalue their Dinar immediately.

B. Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi flew home yesterday Sept. 21 and supposedly did a press conference. They were supposed to have celebrations today, but there was no word on that yet.

C. The new IEX was active - an international exchange where all the trading platforms across the world were connected and gave fair advantage to all world trading.

D. As of early Thurs. Sept. 22 morning, the threshold for Tier 2 transactions (SKRs, bond platforms) had increased.

E. At 8 pm Thurs. Sept. 22 Tier 2 transactions went up to over a trillion dollars.

F. The Internet Group was considered a Tier 3. Tier 3 wouldn't be given access to the 800 exchange appointment numbers until Tier 2 transactions were completed.

G. With the transactions that had happened over the last 24 hours, it was expected that the Internet Group would receive the 800 numbers in the not too distant future. They wanted to complete the Internet Group by the end of the month.

H. Bruce felt that this was the last Big Call he would have, although he would continue his work for veterans and have calls on Humanitarian work.

3. On the Sept. 22 2016 Situation Report it was reported: ...


Sea Shepherd Reveals a New Weapon in the War Against Japan’s Whaling "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

by Daniel Flitton / The Age


It is a custom-made warship without guns, pimped out with bigger engines and a long-distance fuel tank.

Anti-whaling activists Sea Shepherd have a brand new, $12 million custom-built ship they boast will for the first time match the speed and endurance of Japan’s whaling fleet.

And with Japan’s defiance of an international court ruling about to be in the spotlight at a global summit next month, the activists plan to sail the new vessel to Australia, before launching south in a bid to disrupt the summer whale hunt near Antarctica.

“Our biggest challenge in our campaigns in the past has been that the Japanese whaling vessels have rammed us with their superior size, and they have outrun us with their superior speed,” Sea Shepherd’s Peter Hammarstedt told Fairfax Media.

“So this is a vessel that they cannot catch.”

Christened Ocean Warrior, it is the first brand new ship Sea Shepherd has built, allowing the activist group to specify engine size and other features for its controversial high-seas protests.

All its other ships have been refitted older vessels, the Bob Barker once a Norwegian whaling ship, built in 1950, the Steve Urwin a former fisheries vessel operating from Scotland, built in 1975.

Ironically, for an environmental group that only serves vegan meals aboard, the design of Ocean Warrior is based on a popular supply ship for off-shore oil rigs.

Cargo space has been converted to fuel tanks to give the ship longer range.

Japan killed 333 minke whales last summer – the first hunt after a 2014 ruling in the International Court of Justice that declared the so-called “scientific whaling” to be illegal.

But Japan has since exempted itself from the court’s jurisdiction and drawn up new guidelines for whaling, effectively doubling the size of the hunting grounds in the Southern Ocean and the activist group was not able to track the whalers last summer.

The Japanese institute for whale research has also run a website to promote whale recipes.

Australia joined with 95 countries earlier this month to condemn Japan’s resumption of whaling, and the issue is expected to dominate a meeting of the International Whaling Commission in Slovenia in October.

Sea Shepherd won’t yet disclose the top speed of Ocean Warrior but said it comfortably topped 30 knots in recent...


Our silence supports this.................. "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Fifty-one pages of February-March 2016 incidents reports from the Nauru Regional Processing Centre created and funded by the Australian Government with the implied consent of the Australian people.


September 24 in history "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

622 Prophet Muhammad completed his hijra from Mecca to Medina.

1180 Manuel I Komnenos, last Emperor of the Komnenian restoration died after which the Byzantine Empire slipped into terminal decline.

1625 Johan de Witt, Dutch politician, was born (d. 1672).

1645  Battle of Rowton Heath, Parliamentarian victory over a Royalist army commanded in person by King Charles.

1664 The Dutch Republic surrendered New Amsterdam to England.

1667 – Jean-Louis Lully, French composer, was born (d. 1688).

1674  Second Tantrik Coronation of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

1717 Horace Walpole, British novelist and politician, was born (d. 1797).

1725 Sir Arthur Guinness, Irish brewer, was born (d. 1803).

1841  The Sultan of Brunei ceded Sarawak to Britain.

1852  The first airship powered by (a steam) engine, created by Henri Giffard, travelled 17 miles (27 km) from Paris to Trappes.

1869 “Black Friday“: Gold prices plummeted after Ulysses S. Grant ordered the Treasury to sell large quantities of gold after Jay Gould and James Fisk plotted to control the market.

1871 –  Lottie Dod, English athlete, was born (d. 1960)

1877  Battle of Shiroyama, decisive victory of the Imperial Japanese Army over the Satsuma Rebellion.

1890 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints officially renounced polygamy.

1892 – Adélard Godbout, Canadian agronomist and politician, 15th Premier of Québec, was born (d. 1956).

1896 F. Scott Fitzgerald, American novelist, was born (d. 1940).

1898 – Charlotte Moore Sitterly, American astronomer, was born (d. 1990).

1905 Lionel Terry killed Joe Kum Yung to draw attention to his crusade to rid New Zealand of Chinese people.

Race killing in Haining St, Wellington

1906  U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt proclaimed Devils Tower in Wyoming as the nation’s first National Monument.

1914 Sir John Kerr, 18th Governor-General of Australia, was born (d. 1991).

1916 – Ruth Leach Amone.........


ZIKA: Judicial Remedy Urged, Researchers Decry Fraud "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Researchers Decry ZIKA Fraud in “Crisis Capitalism” and Urge Judicial Remedy   Miami, FL (Sept. 21, 2016)—A team of experts investigating ZIKA fraud for a non-profit public health advocacy group in the United States has concluded that the spraying of toxic pesticides and release of government-approved genetically-modified (“GM”) mosquitoes to fight ZIKA has been schemed […]

The post ZIKA: Judicial Remedy Urged, Researchers Decry Fraud appeared first on Uncensored Magazine.


Fukushima Daiichi To Cost Citizens Another $83 Billion "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Japanese government plans to cover the costs of the Fukushima disaster including evacuee compensation and decommissioning of the plant site with a new public cost of $83 billion dollars. This includes a plan to make all electricity providers and consumers chip in to cover the costs of decommissioning other nuclear plants around Japan. This is not included in the $83 billion dollar estimate. The plans require approvals of the Diet but clearly show the massive cost of the disaster and how the burden is always put on the public. Meanwhile, TEPCO has been turning a profit on paper and paying dividends to shareholders. This article would not be possible without the extensive efforts of the SimplyInfo research team Join the conversation at © 2011-2016, All Rights Reserved Content cited, quoted etc. from other sources is under the respective rights of that content owner. If you are viewing this page on any ...



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Hillary Clinton, lower corporate taxes and TPP "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This video from the USA says about itself:

Clintons Want Lower Corporate Tax Rates… And TPP

22 September 2016

Hillary Clinton’s agenda on corporate taxes may not be super progressive. Or any progressive. Bill Clinton has tipped their hand. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down.

“Bill Clinton suggested a proposed major trade deal between the U.S. and 11 Pacific Rim nations was in the nation’s foreign policy interests, but he stopped short of endorsing the plan.

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a major priority for the Obama administration, but is opposed by Clinton’s candidate spouse.

“The geopolitical reasons for it from America’s point of view are pretty clear,” the former president said of the TPP in an interview with CNBC. “It’s designed to make sure that the future of the Asia-Pacific region economically is not totally dominated by China.”

But he said Hillary Clinton has been “pretty clear” about her desire to see some additional provisions to ensure tough enforcement of currency manipulation and provide additional economic safeguards for Americans who may suffer from lowering barriers for foreign goods to enter the U.S.

According to edited video posted online by the network, Clinton said the TPP doesn’t “have anything to do with NAFTA,” the North American trade deal which was negotiated before he took office, but which he championed after taking office. Because Mexico and Canada are also party to TPP, the Obama administration has argued it is effectively a renegotiation of NAFTA and addresses many criticisms of it.”

Read more here.

First, Ms Clinton was for TPP before she was against it. Will there now, or after the November presidential election, be another flip-flop, being for...


Sentence of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Peter Bland reminiscing in 2003 about his acting days in the West End:
I can remember Joanna Lumley suddenly screaming onstage, ‘I can’t take this any more!’, and running off in her bikini. 
I wish I had memories like that.


Bradbury in Williams v Craig "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

One of the last witnesses to appear for Colin Craig in his defamation case with Jordan Williams was Martyn Bradbury. The NZH senior police reporter Anna Leask from Heated scenes at Colin Craig trial: He was called by Colin Craig’s team to give evidence about Jordan Williams, it was basically a character witness kind of […]


366 days of gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Sometimes it’s just an ordinary day when you do ordinary things that happen in an ordinary way, no drama, no stress, no trouble.

Today was such a day and I”m grateful for it.

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Today’s Trivia "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Welcome to Daily Trivia. U.S. FDA study showed 90% of more than 100 drugs, prescription and over-the-counter, “were perfectly good to use even 15 years after the expiration date.” The U.S. military saved $260 million in five years by not discarding expired drugs. (Source)   During their expedition Lewis and Clark brought packs of “thunderclappers,” rediculously […]


1) Govt renews vows to solve rights abuse cases in Papua "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

2) RI, NZ look beyond dairy, palm oil for new business
3) 124 State Defense members introduced to nationalism

1) Govt renews vows to solve rights abuse cases in Papua
Marguerite Afra Sapiie The Jakarta Post
Jakarta | Fri, September 23 2016 | 09:26 am
Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Wiranto has admitted that the authorities faced numerous obstacles in resolving human rights abuse cases in Papua.
"The obstacles include a lack of evidence to prove some of the allegations. We also see, in several cases, a lack of witnesses to testify, since the cases occurred years ago," Wiranto told journalists on Thursday.
Nevertheless, he reiterated that the government remained committed to settling rights abuse cases, claiming law enforcers had made some progress by intensifying investigation efforts to deal with gross violations in Papua, so that the cases could be immediately prosecuted at the Attorney General's Office.
Similarly, Papua Police chief Insp. Gen. Paulus Waterpauw said there were some difficult cases that the force was currently trying to settle, including the incident during the third Papuan People's Congress in 2011, when action by police and military officials to disperse the crowd allegedly resulted in the death of at least three Papuans.
Aside from th...


“You’ve shat on Rachel” – Williams "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Jordan Williams appeared to be feeling the pressure at the end of the third week in his defamation trial against Colin Craig, getting emotional and frustrated in court today when called again, this time as the final witness. NZH: Jordan Williams emotional and angry in court Williams gave evidence in the first week, and was […]


Premier Jay Weatherill’s not really honest pro nuclear article "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Weatherill glow23 Sept 16 In today’s Advertiser, Jay Weatherill writes about the Finland nuclear waste project.( Jay Weatherill: South Australia can learn valuable lessons from nuclear waste facility at Eurajoki, Finland)

Weatherill’s article completely ignores the negative side of the project –  over time, over budget, possibly too small even for Finland’s requirements. Meanwhile he spouts deceptive nonsense about it being so similar to the South Australian plan. He implies that it is already functioning, which is not true. He praises the supposed “transparency” and “community consultation”, which is also incorrect. (See When haste makes risky waste: Public involvement in radioactive and nuclear waste management in Sweden and Finland




Far from fixing climate chenge, the nuclear industry causes it! "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

How Nuclear Power Causes Global Warming, The Progressive,   September 21, 2016  Harvey Wasserman

Supporters of nuclear power like to argue that nukes are the key to combatting climate change. Here’s why they are dead wrong.

climate-change-lieEvery nuclear generating station spews about two-thirds of the energy it burns inside its reactor core into the environment. Only one-third is converted into electricity. Another tenth of that is lost in transmission. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists:

Nuclear fission is the most water intensive method of the principal thermoelectric generation options in terms of the amount of water withdrawn from sources. In 2008, nuclear power plants withdrew eight times as much freshwater as natural gas plants per unit of energy produced, and up to 11 percent more than the average coal plant.

Every day, large reactors like the two at Diablo Canyon, California, individually dump about 1.25 billion gallons of water into the ocean at temperatures up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the natural environment.

Diablo’s “once-through cooling system” takes water out of the ocean and dumps it back superheated, irradiated and laden with toxic chemicals. Many U.S. reactors use cooling towers which emit huge quantities of steam and water vapor that also directly warm the atmosphere.

These emissions are often chemically treated to prevent algae and other growth that could clog the towers. Those chemicals can then be carried downwind, along with radiation from the reactors. In addition, hundreds of thousands of birds die annually by flying into the reactor domes and towers.

The Union of Concerned Scientists states:

The temperature increase in the bodies of water can have serious adverse effects on aquatic life. Warm water holds less oxygen than cold water, thus discharge from once-through cooling systems can cr.......


Near Tokyo, 6.4 earthquake hits Japan "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

exclamation-flag-japan6.4 quake hits Japan southeast of Tokyo, 23 Sep, 2016  A powerful 6.4-magnitude earthquake rocked Japan some 230km southeast of the country’s capital, Tokyo, at a depth of 10km on Thursday night, the US Geological Survey (USGS) reported on its website.

Japan’s Meteorological Agency reported that the earthquake “has caused no damage to Japan,” while adding that “slight sea-level changes in coastal regions” may be observed.

No immediate tsunami warning has been issued.

Small tremors were reportedly felt in nine Japanese prefectures, including in Fukushima and Tokyo……..


Maralinga: art exhibition raises the question- what has changed in pro nuclear activities? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

see-this.wayArt exhibition to mark 60th anniversary of nuclear testing in Maralinga asks what has changed ABC Central Victoria  By Larissa Romensky , 22 Sept 16,  A national touring exhibition of artwork marks 60 years after the British government exploded an atomic bomb in South Australia’s outback.

On September 27, 1956 the British government conducted its first atomic test at Maralinga.

In total, seven nuclear bomb blasts were detonated between 1956 and 1967 in the southern part of the Great Victoria Desert in South Australia followed by more than 600 “minor tests”.

These were not the first nuclear tests to be conducted in Australia, but the term Maralinga, an Aboriginal word for thunder, became the name associated with this chapter in Australian history.

Black Mist Burnt Country, is a national touring exhibition that revisits the events and its location through the work of more than 30 Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists.

Curator JD Mittman said the title refers to the “mysterious” black mist that hovered over the country after the first test at Emu Field in South Australia in 1953 that “badly” affected Aboriginal families at Wallatinna.

“[Yankunytjatjara man] Yami Lester testified that people got very sick, some died, and he lost his eyesight,” Mr Mittman said.

Burnt country was in reference to the enormous heat generated by an atomic bomb blast, 1,000 times hotter than the sun.

“The blast melts the ground to glass, also called Trinitide, after the Trinity test ," he said.

Inspired by Jonathan Kumintjarra Brown

Jonathan Kumintjara Brown was a member of the stolen generation and later in life connected with his family in South Australia and found out about the atomic testing of his traditional land.

Mr Mittman said the exhibition was originally inspired by the artist's work entitled Marilinga before the atomic test.

"The question that came to mind immediately was: if there's a work that depicts the country before the atomic tests then surely there must be work that is also about the period after or during the tests," he said.

The work in the exhibition spans seven decades from across the globe from the first atomic test in Hiroshima to the present day, from both private and public collections........


Premier Weatherill accompanied to Finland by pro nuclear advocates "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

nuke-spruikersSmDan Monceaux‎ to Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia, 22 Sept 16 On his current delegation to Finland, Premier Weatherill has been accompanied by Bill Muirhead (Agent-General for South Australia), Madeleine Richardson (CE of CARA) and John Mansfield (chair of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Consultation and Response Agency (CARA) advisory board).

Muirhead is an advertising man with a political bend who has been busy promoting SA as a destination for defence and mining investment since his appointment as Agent-General in 2007.


Abolitionist Demand 21: End the practice of incarcerating intellectually disabled people. "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This is a part of No Pride in Prisons’ Abolitionist demands. These demands were originally published as a book. To see a pdf of the book, click here. To buy a copy, please email

Intellectually disabled people are exceptionally at-risk during incarceration. Intellectually disabled people in New Zealand often receive inadequate support from the public health system[1] and from the Ministry of Social Development,[2] and this results in many being incarcerated.[3]

Once incarcerated, access to healthcare and appropriate support – especially appropriate and safe social and living conditions – is significantly minimised.[4] This fosters an environment where incarceration serves not only to conceal inadequate support of the intellectually disabled from the public eye, but to exacerbate it. Incarceration of disabled persons as a substitute for adequate care meets none of their needs, instead effectively punishing them for being disabled.

Intellectually disabled people are overrepresented in prison populations. A 1998 study suggests that over 80% of New Zealand prisoners have sustained a traumatic brain injury, [5] and in the 2005 Prisoner Health Survey, 63.4% of prisoners self-reported a head injury.[6] A UNSW study suggests that intellectual disability severely impacts treatment and experiences at every stage in the Criminal Injustice System.[7] The researchers found that being more susceptible to peer pressure or experiencing impaired reasoning creates a higher probability of being arrested for criminal activity, heightens risk of assault or mistreatment while incarcerated, and impairs readjustment into society after release.[8] No conviction of an intellectually disabled person under the Criminal Injustice System can be separated from their disability. As such, the incarceration of intellectually disabled persons should be ended entirely.

[1] Human Rights Commission, “Disturbing Health Statistics on Intellectual Disabilities,” Scoop, 12 September 2013.

[2] J. R. Murphy, “Open Letter to New Zealand Ministry of Social Development,” J. R. Murphy Poet, 16 October 2014.


Top global scientists warn of ‘real, serious, immediate’ climate threat "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

climate SOS375 top scientists warn of ‘real, serious, immediate’ climate threat  21 September 2016 by John Abraham

Yesterday, 375 of the world’s top scientists, including 30 Nobel Prize winners, published an open letter regarding climate change. In the letter, the scientists report that the evidence is clear: humans are causing climate change. We are now observing climate change and its affect across the globe. The seas are rising, the oceans are warming, the lower atmosphere is warming, the land is warming, ice is melting, rainfall patterns are changing and the ocean is becoming more acidic.

These facts are incontrovertible. No reputable scientist disputes them. It is the truth.

Despite these facts, the letter reports that the US presidential campaign has seen claims that the earth isn’t warming, or it is only a natural warming, or that climate changeis a hoax. These claims are false. The claims are made by politicians or real estate developers with no scientific experience. These people who deny the reality of climate change are not scientists. 

These claims aren’t new. We see them every election cycle. In fact, for the Republican Party, they are a virtual litmus test for electability. It is terribly sad that the party of Lincoln (the president who initiated the National Academy of Sciences) has been rebuked by the National Academy today. It is sad that the party of Teddy Roosevelt, who created the National Park System, is acting in a way antithetical to his legacy. It is also sad that the party of Nixon, who created the Environmental Protection Agency, now is trying to eliminate that very organization.

What is perhaps most sad is that the party of “fiscal conservatism” is leading us on a path that will result in higher economic and social costs for all of us. What we don’t know is what the future will bring. Will the warming be gradual or sudden? Will ocean rise increase at a faster rate or not? Will we continue to see major ice shelfcollapse? Increased droughts and heat waves? Will we be able to adapt?

A rational decision maker would take action to manage the risks from climate change. This threat is to our health, our communities, and our economies. A changing climate with warming seas and an acidifying ocean will cause real economic losses for our generation and for the future.

In the letter, the scientists venture deeper into politics than scientists are generally willing to tread. They describe the...


Japan’s 20 year, costly, nuclear reprocessing experiment to be scrapped "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Monju fast-breederCostly Japanese prototype nuclear reactor shuts down By Jack Loughran, September 21, 2016

The Monju nuclear reactor in Japan, which has operated for less than a year in more than two decades at a cost of 1tn yen (£7.6bn), is set to be scrapped. The prototype fast-breeder reactor was designed to burn plutonium from spent fuel at conventional reactors to create more fuel than it consumes.

The process is appealing to a country whose limited resources force it to rely on imports for virtually all its oil and gas needs.

But Tokyo believes it would be difficult to gain public support to spend several hundred billion yen to upgrade the Monju facility, which has been plagued by accidents, missteps and falsification of documents.

There is also a strong anti-nuclear sentiment in Japan in reaction to the 2011 Fukushima atomic disaster, and calls to decommission Monju have been growing in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, with scant results from using around 20 billion yen of public money a year for maintenance alone.

Science Minister Hirokazu Matsuno, Trade Minister Hiroshige Seko and others had decided to shift policy away from developing Monju, a fast-breeder nuclear reactor in the west of the country, the government said.

They had also agreed to keep the nuclear fuel cycle intact and would set up a committee to decide a policy for future fast-breeder development by the end of the year.

A formal decision to decommission Monju is likely to be made by the end of the year, government officials said.

The decision would have no impact on Japan’s nuclear recycling policy as Tokyo would continue to co-develop a fast-breeder demonstration reactor that has been proposed in France, while research will continue at another experimental fast-breeder reactor, Joyo, which was a predecessor of Monju.

“The move will not have an impact on nuclear fuel balance or nuclear fuel cycle technology development or Japan’s international cooperation,” said Tomoko Murakami, nuclear energy manager at the country’s Institute of Energy Economics.

Before the Fukushima disaster, Japan had planned to build a commercial fast-breeder before 2050, but according to the International Energy Agency that project may be delayed, given the difficulties at Monju.

The fallout from the Fukushima disaster is continuing. Specialised robots have been developed to retrieve some of the radioactive material from the ill-fated plant but they have been repeatedly unable to complete their task because the high levels of radiation destroys their circuitry.


Some timely comments on theSouth Australian govt’s “Your Say” nuclear site "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

text-your-sayLeon Ashton 21 Sep 2016

The government has the last say on the decision so as most people before me have said, no matter how many people are against it, the whole nuclear consultation process is a farce. The Know Nuclear displays tell half truths and make nuclear storage sound incredibly safe without adding any of the negatives. For a state which is struggling economically there seems to have been a helluva lot of money already spent in the name of nuclear. I don’t trust the government. We only need to look at the bungled RAH project and our useless desalination project to realize how inept the state government is. If SA becomes the world nuclear dumping ground, it will be the WORST decision an Australian government has ever made.

Steve Charles 20 Sep 2016

The article in today’s Australian demonstrates that the consultation process is a farce. Weatherill decided long ago that he wanted to turn SA into the world’s nuclear waste dump, and the “consultation” that has been going on is all for show. We are all being led by the nose to a conclusion that he wants, and the taxpayer pays for it all. Weatherill should be treated with the contempt he deserves.
It would be a disaster for SA to have a nuclear waste dump here.

Kay Dl 18 Sep 2016

Jay Weatherill will never get consent to go ahead from the South Austrlain public, to consent to a nuclear waste dump in South Australia. We know better despite what the media is reporting about the statistics. He must lose his position as Premier if the rest of the Labour Party has any sense.

Peter Lazic > Kay Dl 18 Sep 2016

I agree, but hot to get him kicked out before he takes the next step down the path of a nuclear waste dump.

Steve Charles > Kay Dl 20 Sep 2016

The decision was made long ago. We are all being led like lambs to the slaughter. Weatherill must be stopped.

Steve Ingham 13 Sep 2016

Looks as though ourgov has lost interest in this discussion board. Ourgov’s rep last commented on 15 Aug. Maybe we are being very dull and boring. Any suggestions on how to spice this board up a bit.

Mary-Ann Lovejoy > Steve Ingham 16 Sep 2016

They were too busy at the Royal Show, handing out pretty “Nuclear” balloons to little children. True! I’ve had several reports from unhappy grandparents and parents, who thought it was an outrageous piece of propaganda on the government’s behalf. Every day, it seems that more people are being made aware, and they are not happy about this proposal.



“Your Say” Has Jay Weatherill the right to spend #millions promoting nuclear waste dump? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

text-your-sayPeter Lazic 16 Sept 16 What consent does Jay Weatherill have to spend $600 million dollars of taxpayer money to plan a nuclear waste dump, when the proposed dump may never get approved. This and the money spent to date on the Royal Commission, the road show, now TV advertisements, etc, is obscene and immoral

Noel Wauchope > Peter Lazic 16 Sep 2016

Especially as the SA Law says:

13—No public money to be used to encourage or finance construction or
operation of nuclear waste storage facility Nuclear Waste Storage Facility (Prohibition) Act 2000

and the link


Curator Special Projects "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Australian National Maritime Museum



Release date blunder affects 500 inmates "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Release date blunder affects 500 inmates:

Absolutely disgraceful. Every day in prison is a day too long but the fact that Corrections has been detaining people for sometimes years longer than legally allowed is outrageous:

“About 500 inmates have had their jail time calculated incorrectly, the Department of Corrections says, and 21 could be freed today.

The Supreme Court yesterday ruled that violent offender Michael Marino had spent about four months longer in jail than he should have, because the Department had failed to accurately factor in the time he had spent on remand. He is no longer in custody.

Corrections said it had been able to quickly identify 21 current inmates affected by the decision and they were due to be released today.

Deputy national commissioner Rachel Leota told Morning Report about 500 other inmates had incorrect release dates which would need to be changed.

Michael Marino’s lawyer, Douglas Ewen, said sentencing laws had been confusing since 2003 and thousands of prisoners could be affected, potentially costing Corrections millions of dollars if it had to pay compensation.”


Whaleoil Backchat "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Whaleoil Backchat is brought to you byuse coupon code WHALE OIL to get 10% off e-cigarettes and e-liquids  Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. You don’t have to stay “on topic” in these posts like you do in all others. Feel free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. […]


Whalesong, interrupted "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]rossbow in hand, Jo Marie Acebes strides the deck of the outrigger fishing boat she has refitted for tracking whales off the Philippines’ Babuyan Islands. She’s scanning for a target in the very same waters that Herman Melville extolled as the gateway to the Yankee whalers’ Pacific hunting grounds in Moby Dick. On the deck, the sounds are as placid as the vista of flat, steely ocean stretching to the horizon. Nothing to be heard but the whistling wind and the slap of gentle waves against the hull. But 20 meters down, where Acebes has suspended an underwater microphone, there’s an entirely different soundscape: a brisk a cappella fugue performed by two voices, a pair of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) that may be located dozens of miles from the boat and each other. One humpback takes up the theme and the other follows a few seconds later with the exact same series of sounds: three ascending whoops, then two low moans. This series repeats for a quarter of an hour before the leviathans switch to a sequence of whines, purrs, and pips. Humpback whale calls. Audio courtesy of Balyena Humpbacks and other whales forage, breed, and migrate in small, far-flung pods in an underwater milieu where sound waves travel four times faster than in air and reach much farther than light rays. In the course of their 48-million-year evolution, whales have developed a sophisticated array of vocal signals and exquisitely attuned mechanisms to produce and receive sounds. For instance,…


Cedric the useless hitchhiker has another day in the sun "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The adventures of a French tourist arrested after a West Coast tantrum have gone from bad to worse. Cedric Claude Rene Rault-Verpre pleaded guilty on Tuesday to wilful damage, after damaging a State Highway 6 road sign when he became frustrated at being unable to hitch a ride. Outside court, Rault-Verpre said New Zealand should […]


Bill Before Select Committee Will Increase Crime, Imprisonment and Child Poverty "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Bill Before Select Committee Will Increase Crime, Imprisonment and Child Poverty:

“No Pride in Prisons says that a current bill before the Social Services Select Committee will lead to higher rates of crime, victimisation, imprisonment and child poverty.

“The Social Security (Stopping Benefit Payments for Offenders who Repeatedly Fail to Comply with Community Sentences) Amendment Bill, a member’s bill introduced by Mark Mitchell, utterly fails to fulfil its purpose,” says No Pride in Prisons spokesperson and University of Auckland Prison Sociologist Ti Lamusse.

“The supposed reason for introducing this bill was to reduce the number of people who end up before the court because of a breach in their community-based sentence obligations. However, in effect it will lead to more crime and more people being imprisoned.”

As the bill currently stands, it would give the Department of Corrections the power to instruct Work and Income to reduce or entirely suspend a person’s benefit, if they are on a community-based sentence and they have not followed the instructions of their probation officer…

No Pride in Prisons is concerned that, if the new sanctions are introduced, they will have serious impacts on the lives of those affected.

“A similar measure in the US, where people convicted of drug offences were prevented from accessing welfare, had disastrous effects. As a result of these reforms, people often went for days at a time without food, were more likely to be homeless and develop drug and alcohol addictions. If people have their entire benefit cut in New Zealand, as was done in the US, we can expect a similar explosion in the rate of severe poverty.”

The group argues that the bill will also worsen child poverty. “We estimate that there are tens of thousands of children whose guardians are currently serving a community-based sentence and are receiving a benefit. Given that the current level of financial support for beneficiaries leaves more than half of children of beneficiaries in severe or substantial poverty, cutting a child’s caregiver’s primary income will only make that child more vulnerable.”

… “US data suggests that preventing someone from being able to access welfare increases the likelihood that they will commit more crime.”

“When you have limited opportunities to find employment, because you have a criminal conviction history, and the government won’t give you any money, you have to find some other way to support yourself or your family. For many people that may involve theft, fraud or engagement in illegal employment.””

The links on the Scoop article are broken

The template submission is available here:

No Pride in Prisons’ submission can be found here:


“Must” "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

You probably only had half an ear on the Winston Peters treaty stoush debacle upset thingy.  Helpfully, Richard Harman has distilled it down for those of us who couldn’t care less. At issue is the wording in one Bill, Taranaki Iwi Claims Settlement Bill, which would require the Taranaki Regional Council to appoint six iwi […]


Murri Rugby League Carnival kicks off in Redcliffe "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

THE 2016 Murri Rugby League Carnival is off to a flying start at Dolphin Oval, Redcliffe, Queensland. This year’s carnival featured 21 open men’s teams, nine open women’s teams and a boys’ under 15 competition. The final day of the carnival will be tomorrow, Saturday, September 24. For more action check out the Koori Mail’s Facebook page


Tell ‘im he’s dreamin’ "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Someone needs to take failed Labour politician Bryan Gould aside and quote the infamous words of Darryl Kerrigan. The recent poll showing that Labour is losing rather than gaining ground will have been very disappointing to the Labour leadership – particularly because their improved performance across the board might have been expected to produce a […]


Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Blag – manage to obtain something by using persuasion or guile; steal something in a violent robbery or raid; gain entrance to a restricted area or club, or some material good, through confidence trickery or cheekinessobtain by wheedling or cadgingan act of using persuasion or guile to obtain something; a violent robbery or raid.

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Why is the Marlborough Express focused on leaks? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Marlborough Express is breathlessly reporting on the witch hunt at the council where mayoral candidate John Leggett told us what he really thought about the “World Class” theatre. Instead of running stories about what a giant waste of money the “World Class” theatre is, and how badly mismanaged the entire project has been, they […]


Abolitionist Demand 20: Abolish life sentences. "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This is a part of No Pride in Prisons’ Abolitionist demands. These demands were originally published as a book. To see a pdf of the book, click here. To buy a copy, please email

Undeniably, the intention of many of those working for the Departments of Corrections and Justice is to “ensure that offenders receive the help they need to turn their lives around.”[1] The very name ‘Department of Corrections’ suggests that its purpose should be towards the ‘correction’ of socially harmful behaviour. If the role of Corrections is to ‘correct,’ then how can sentencing a person to incarceration for life be justified? Such a sentence is an admission, from the outset, that the Department of Corrections, and the Criminal Injustice System broadly, has failed to ‘correct’ and plans to continue to fail for the rest of that person’s life.

Life sentences are enforceable for the crimes of murder, manslaughter, and Class A drug dealing, although almost all instances of life sentences are handed down for murder.[2] This is despite evidence that suggests that people convicted of murder are some of the least likely to reoffend.[3] Further, the effect of life imprisonment on incarcerated people is dire. The United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice issued a report on life sentences in 1994, finding that life imprisonment “can lead to common deleterious sociological effects: isolation, desocialization, loss of personal responsibility, identity crisis and a general dependency on the penal institution.”[4] The report describes all long-term imprisonment as “a slow process of social deformation,”[5] which destroys the ability of incarcerated people to function as members of communities. Rather than ‘correction,’ life imprisonment causes “prisonization” – the adaptation of human beings to conditions of incarceration.[6] Far from rehabilitating people and reintroducing them to society ready to heal the social harm they have perpetrated, life sentences break people and condemn them indefinitely to life in prison institutions.

There is no justice in locking someone away for a lifetime. Justice is achieved by transforming that person, and the social conditions that led them to do harm, as demonstrated in demands 10, 26, and 47. No Pride in Prisons is committed to the belief that people and society are capable of fundamental change and that justice requires a commitment to helping people, and society, to change. With this in mind, No Pride in Prisonsdemands the immediate repeal of all life sentences.



Catherine Delahunty does her bit to give Marama Davidson her 5 seconds of fame "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A motion without notice was put forward by Catherine Delahunty this week regarding the Women’s peace boat to Gaza that Marama Davidson is going on. She asked the National Party in private if they were okay with it and they said no. Normally that would be the end of it but she still asked leave to […]


"Cluttering the internet" "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

In New Zealand the right of access to official information is well-established, and the introduction of FYI, an online service to make it easy, was uncontroversial. While a few agencies - notably the NZ Police - waste everyone's time by being dicks about the OIA's outdated eligibility rule, most are happy to accept requests from it. But in Australia, its a different story:

The Australian Tax Office has escalated a row with a website that facilitates freedom of information requests, claiming it "clutters the internet".


Last month, the ATO announced it would not cooperate with the [RightToKnow] website claiming it published the names of department staff and exposed abuse, stress, anxiety and damage to professional reputation.

Correspondence released under FOI laws reveal the ATO considered launching a court injunction to remove "offending material on the grounds it was defamatory, or threatening in a criminal sense".

RightToKnow publishes exactly and only what the ATO release. So if they publish the names of ATO staff members, it is because the ATO did not redact them (and I'm assuming that, as in NZ, names can be redacted for privacy purposes). But more generally, it exposes a deep unease in the Australian public service about freedom of information, and FOIA requests being public and publicly available. Its a toxic mindset, and one they will need to fix if they wish to be a modern democracy.


Mental Health Break "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Botswana from Erwin Olmos on Vimeo.


Police killed 65, injured 270 at ‘World Class’ Barrick mine in Tanzania "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Toronto-based Barrick has faced criticism for many years for the large number of violent deaths at the North Mara mine. (David Chancellor/INSTITUTE)

Toronto-based Barrick has faced criticism for many years for the large number of violent deaths at the North Mara mine. (David Chancellor/INSTITUTE)

Geoffrey York | The Globe and Mail | September 22, 2016

Tanzanian police have killed 65 people and injured 270 during years of sporadic clashes with villagers at a controversial Canadian-owned gold mine, according to evidence heard by a Tanzanian government inquiry.

The alleged number of fatalities, based on complaints given to the inquiry by local communities, is the first official estimate of the scale of reported violence at the North Mara gold mine, operated by the African subsidiary of Barrick Gold Corp.

The Toronto-based company has faced criticism for many years for the large number of violent deaths at the Tanzanian mine, where the mine has agreements with local police to provide security. Villagers routinely enter the site in search of low-grade rock, from which they can extract small bits of gold. They often clash with the police, who are accused of barring some villagers while accepting bribes from others to let them enter.

Barrick’s majority-owned subsidiary, formerly known as African Barrick Gold and now known as Acacia Mining, is based in London. It operates three major gold mines in Tanzania.

In July, in its interim results for the first half of this year, Acacia disclosed that the Tanzanian Mines Minister had appointed a commission to investigate the disputes between the North Mara mine and the local communities.

The mining company praised the commission’s report, which has been shown to local communities near North Mara. The company called it “a fair outcome for all stakeholders” but did not mention the number of fatalities and injuries that were cited in the report.

In the Swahili-language report, obtained by The Globe and Mail, the commission said it had received complaints of 355 cases of torture or other abuse by the police, 65 fatalities caused by the police and 270 injuries inflicted by the police. The complaints were given to the commission in February and March when it visited the remote region where the mine is located.

The report did not give the time period for these deaths and injuries, but the numbers appeared to date back to 2006, when Barrick acquired the North Mara mine.

In a separate confidential letter obtained by The Globe and Mail, a senior Tanzanian official told the company that the government is worried by the fatalities at North Mara, the “escalating” number of intrusions by villagers, and the reported collusion between the police and some of the trespassing villagers.

“The government cannot allow this situation to continue,” said the letter, sent to a vice-president of African Barrick Gold in November, 2014, by Eliakim Maswi, the permanent secretary of Tanzania’s Energy and Minerals Ministry.

He said the situation calls for “urgent action” from the government and other involved parties to reduce the clashes and the fatalities an...


"No Pride in Prisons says that a current bill before the Social Services Select Committee will lead to higher rates of crime, victimisation, imprisonment and child poverty. “The Social Security (Stopping Benefit Payments for Offenders who Repeatedly Fail to Comply with Community Sentences) Amendment Bill, a member’s bill introduced by Mark Mitchell, utterly fails to fulfil its purpose,” says No Pride in Prisons spokesperson and University of Auckland Prison Sociologist Ti Lamusse. “The supposed reason for introducing this bill was to reduce the number of people who end up before the court because of a breach in their community-based sentence obligations. However, in effect it will lead to more crime and more people being imprisoned.” As the bill currently stands, it would give the Department of Corrections the power to instruct Work and Income to reduce or entirely suspend a person’s benefit, if they are on a community-based sentence and they have not followed the instructions of their probation officer... No Pride in Prisons is concerned that, if the new sanctions are introduced, they will have serious impacts on the lives of those affected. “A similar measure in the US, where people convicted of drug offences were prevented from accessing welfare, had disastrous effects. As a result of these reforms, people often went for days at a time without food, were more likely to be homeless and develop drug and alcohol addictions. If people have their entire benefit cut in New Zealand, as was done in the US, we can expect a similar explosion in the rate of severe poverty.” The group argues that the bill will also worsen child poverty. “We estimate that there are tens of thousands of children whose guardians are currently serving a community-based sentence and are receiving a benefit. Given that the current level of financial support for beneficiaries leaves more than half of children of beneficiaries in severe or substantial poverty, cutting a child’s caregiver’s primary income will only make that child more vulnerable.” ... “US data suggests that preventing someone from being able to access welfare increases the likelihood that they will commit more crime.” “When you have limited opportunities to find employment, because you have a criminal conviction history, and the government won’t give you any money, you have to find some other way to support yourself or your family. For many people that may involve theft, fraud or engagement in illegal employment.”" The links on the Scoop article are broken The template submission is available here: No Pride in Prisons' submission can be found here: "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

from No Pride in Prisons



Make a submission "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Make a submission:

No Pride in Prisons needs your help.

There is currently a bill before select committee that will really badly hurt people serving community-based sentences.

The “Social Security (Stopping Benefit Payments for Offenders who Repeatedly Fail to Comply with Community Sentences) Amendment Bill” would give the Department of Corrections the power potentially cut a person’s entire benefit.

This will leave some individuals and families with absolutely nothing. All the experts suggest that it lead to more people in prison and more families homeless and living in poverty.

At this stage, we are calling on all our supporters, across the world, to submit something online to the social services select committee. This committee has to read all of the submissions we want them to know how much people oppose this terrible bill. You can make a submission here:

The deadline for making a submission is in five days do so as soon as possible.

If you’re not sure what to say, No Pride in Prisons has written a template submission which you can copy and paste into a word document and then upload to the website. You just need to put your name in and you’re ready to go! You can find the template submission here:

We have also written a long, detailed submission which you can read here:

Please share this widely!


Rural round-up "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Farmers must ‘lock in the gains’ as milk price lifts:

DairyNZ is encouraging farmers to lock in the gains achieved in the past two seasons, as a pasture-first farm system will continue to provide payback as the milk price rises.

Chief executive Tim Mackle says the increase to $5.25 per kg MS for the forecast 2016/17 Fonterra Farmgate milk price is terrific news for dairy farmers.

“This brings many farm businesses to around the 2016/17 break-even milk price of $5.05 per kg MS, once retrospective payments and dividends are taken into account. This means fewer farmers will need to borrow extra funds this season,” says Tim.

“Retrospective payments for next year have also been boosted by 20-25 cents in this announcement, to over $1 per kg MS. . . 

New funding for Mayfield Hinds irrigation scheme:

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy has welcomed $345,000 in new funding to investigate expansion of the Mayfield Hinds irrigation scheme in mid-Canterbury.

The funding comes from the Ministry for Primary Industries’ Irrigation Acceleration Fund (IAF)and will look at the feasibility of increasing the irrigated area of the current scheme by 4,500 hectare through piped extensions.

“Storing alpine water to use in dry times is crucial for rural communities to thrive, especially as the climate becomes more variable,” says Mr Guy.

“Well planned and managed irrigation schemes are good for rural economies and the environment. . . 

Fonterra says China well-poised for growth, regulatory changes will see 1800 brands disappear – Fiona Rotherham

(BusinessDesk) – Fonterra Cooperative Group chief executive Theo Spierings says legislation will mean drastic changes in the Chinese infant formula market with the removal of between 1800 and 2000 brands in the next 15 to 18 months.

Regulatory changes require each entity to have only three brands and three different recipes of infant formula in a bid to crack down on the grey market and allay consumers’ food safety concerns by reducing fake formula.

Spierings said Fonterra was well-positioned in every segment in China where it is already the global market leader for ingredients such as whole milk powder but a lot of things have changed in the past few years including a shift to sales from mother and baby shops to e-commerce. . . 

NZX milk futures fall from record after GDT, still above Fonterra payout forecast – Tina Morrison

(BusinessDesk) – New Zealand milk price futures have fallen in the wake of the latest GlobalDairyTrade auction, having reached a record in the run-up to this week’s sale, but remain above the payout level forecast by most of the country’s milk processors.

The NZX milk futures contract for the 2016/17 season hit a record $5.65 per kilogram of milk solids ahead of the GDT overnight on Tuesday, and recently traded at $5.50/kgMS. That’s still above the base milk price forecast by the country’s major milk processors, with Fonterra Cooperati...


Map of the Day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Sponsored by What Power Crisis, Award winning solar power provider, FREE Solar Power Diverter worth $795 with 2kW + system. Say “Whaleoil sent you” and email us on for a deal. Total Milk Consumption per Capita Click here for larger view


Newsletter: PNG Update | Aisyiyah | AAC taking shape | Diasporas & development "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A.A Milne

Now we are six

Devpolicy turns six this week, and we would like to thank you for your continued support. One milestone we have reached is the publication of more than 1,500 blogs since 2010. A quick reminder to our newer readers that we are always happy to receive submissions to the Devpolicy Blog. Guidelines here.

New dates for the 2016 PNG update

The 2016 PNG Update will be held at the Waigani campus of The University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) on 3-4 November 2016. The annual PNG Update is the premier forum for the discussion of research and analysis relating to contemporary economic and public policy issues in PNG. Organised by UPNG’s School of Business and Public Policy and Devpolicy, the 2016 PNG Update will feature keynote and plenary sessions on the post-boom PNG economy, gender issues, urban and infrastructure development, the private sector, health, education and development strategies, public-private partnerships, the impact of the drought, and more. Participation is free and open to the public. Details and a draft program are available here.

Aisyiyah: Australian aid and Indonesia’s largest women’s organisation

The second in our series of Aid Profiles is now online: two articles on Indonesia’s longest-serving women’s organisation, Aisyiyah. Part 1 profiles the organisation and its engagement with the Australian aid program. Part 2 looks at the special support that Aisyiyah provided to the survivors of the 2004 bombing of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta.

The Aid Profiles series shares stories that deserve to be better known and showcases international development contributions with an Australian flavour. It also forms a shortlist of nominees for the 2017 Mitchell Humanitarian Award – we’ll be publishing several more profiles in the coming months.

AAC taking shape

The Australasian Aid Conference (AAC), to be held 15-16 February 2017, is taking shape with plenary sessions on re-thinking governance, re-shaping humanitarian aid, Asian approaches to the private sector and development, and ideas for Australian aid. Parallel sessions will cover politics and development, poverty measurement, market development, labour mobility, and more. The deadline for proposals (for both papers and panels) has been extended by two weeks to October 16. Review the call for papers here.

Engaging diasporas in development

In a public forum co-hosted with Diaspora Action Australia and the Research for Development Impact Network on 29...


Widespread flooding continues to ravage New South Wales, Australia "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Floodwater continues to ravage Australia's New South Wales and meteorologists warn more rain is on the way. Since the flooding started three weeks ago, there have been 81 flood rescues and 1 811 calls for assistance to the SES. Widespread overnight rainfall of...... Read more »


Bill Before Select Committee Will Increase Crime, Imprisonment and Child Poverty "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

No Pride in Prisons says that a current bill before the Social Services Select Committee will lead to higher rates of crime, victimisation, imprisonment and child poverty.

“The Social Security (Stopping Benefit Payments for Offenders who Repeatedly Fail to Comply with Community Sentences) Amendment Bill, a member’s bill introduced by Mark Mitchell, utterly fails to fulfil its purpose,” says No Pride in Prisons spokesperson and University of Auckland Prison Sociologist Ti Lamusse.

“The supposed reason for introducing this bill was to reduce the number of people who end up before the court because of a breach in their community-based sentence obligations. However, in effect it will lead to more crime and more people being imprisoned.”

As the bill currently stands, it would give the Department of Corrections the power to instruct Work and Income to reduce or entirely suspend a person’s benefit, if they are on a community-based sentence and they have not followed the instructions of their probation officer.

“As we’ve seen with the current set of sanctions Work and Income imposes on beneficiaries, Work and Income often, through bureaucratic incompetence, unfairly or without warning sanctions people,” says Lamusse.

“Sometimes people have had their benefit cut by WINZ by accident or because they have not been provided with meaningful notice that they may be sanctioned. This suggests that the implementation of the bill will be similarly  adhoc and unjust.”

No Pride in Prisons is concerned that, if the new sanctions are introduced, they will have serious impacts on the lives of those affected.

“A similar measure in the US, where people convicted of drug offences were prevented from accessing welfare, had disastrous effects. As a result of these reforms, people often went for days at a time without food, were more likely to be homeless and develop drug and alcohol addictions. If people have their entire benefit cut in New Zealand, as was done in the US, we can expect a similar explosion in the rate of severe poverty.”

The group argues that the bill will also worsen child poverty. “We estimate that there are tens of thousands of children whose guardians are currently serving a community-based sentence and are receiving a benefit. Given that the current level of financial support for beneficiaries leaves more than half of children of beneficiaries in severe or substantial poverty, cutting a child’s caregiver’s primary income will only make that child more vulnerable.”

“This bill will lead to an increase in the number of children living in poverty.”

No Pride in Prisons’ analysis of the US-equivalent of this bill suggests that the bill will also lead to an increase rate of crime.

US data suggests that preventing someone from being able to access welfare increases the likelihood that they will commit more crime.”

“When you have limited opportunities to find employment, because you have a criminal conviction history, and the government won’t give you any money, you have to find some other way  to support yourself or your family. For many people that may involve theft, fraud or engagement in illegal employment.”

“This bill will effectively force more people to commit crime in order to survive.”

“Contrary to the aim of the bill, it will end up with more people before the courts, acting out of desperation just to feed and house themselves and their kids.”

No Pride in Prisons unreservedly opposes this bill and has written a Select Committee s...


Rabid Right Winger Stuart Nash agrees to stop running down our Police "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

  Labour’s Stuart Nash has decided to tone down his criticism of the police after a complaint from the deputy commissioner. Mr Nash’s recent criticism of Eastern District Commander Sandra Venables and policing in Gisborne, Napier and Hastings drew a response from Deputy Commissioner Viv Rickard. His letter to Labour leader Andrew Little was posted […]


North Korea Threatens to “sweep Guam from the surface of the earth” for B-1 Fly-bys "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

by John Galt
September 22, 2016 21:15 ET


In the world of “yes, the dangerous little nut job in North Korea is up to it again” file, tonight he decided to raise the stakes a little bit more after promising last night to “completely reduce to ashes Seoul” because of this week’s fly-by of U.S. strategic bombers.

From Yonhap News tonight:

Strategic bombers made closest-ever flight to N. Korea: U.S. military


Two U.S. Air Force B-1B strategic bombers this week made the closest-ever flight to North Korea to warn the communist country against any further provocations, the U.S. Pacific Command (USPACOM) said Thursday.

North Korea conducted its fifth underground nuclear test on Sept. 9, despite international condemnations and sanctions imposed after the previous nuke detonation in January. The latest provocation came on the heels of the launch of three ballistic missiles four days earlier.

One of the two B-1B Lancers landed on Osan Air Base in Pyeongtaek, 70 kilometers south of Seoul, after flying over the skies of South Korea on Wednesday. The other returned to Andersen Air Base in Guam the same day.

“It was the first time a Lancer landed on the Korean Peninsula in 20 years (since 1996),” the USPACOM’s website showed.

Of course that initiated another irrational response from a nation which could be wiped out in about 45 minutes by one Trident sub. Tonight’s reply from Pyongyang was classic, needless to say as quoted from the same Yonhap News article linked above:

The statement from the KPA also showed their anger against the U.S., saying the country can launch a strike at U.S. territory.

“Should they escalate the danger of military provocations by letting B-1Bs fly over the air of Korea, the KPA will sweep Guam, the base of provocations, from the surface of the earth,” it said. “The U.S. introduction of nuclear war means would put its aggressor forces’ bases in the theatres of Pacific operations into a nuclear nightmare.”

The KPA said the only way for the U.S. and South Korea to avoid their attack is to “exercise prudence and self-restraint, refraining from infringing upon the latter’s dignity and security.”

With the adoption of the ‘dignity’ angle, it is safe to assume that Black Lives Matter is now advising the North Korean leader.

Can someone, anyone, please steal a tank and get rid of this little turd like they did in the movie “The Interview”? Seriously, please.


Free West Papua Newsletter – September 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Momentum continues to build following Westminster meeting
... ...

Free West Papua Campaign Newsletter
September 2016

It’s been a ground breaking few months for the campaign. In May, an historic meeting in Westminster marked the official launch of the call for an internationally supervised vote in West Papua.

Following on from this, the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) has continued to make progress in its bid for membership of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG). Currently, Octo Mote of the ULMWP is at the UN General Assembly in New York, working with the Prime Ministers of Tonga and the Solomon Islands to raise the issue of West Papua.

Feeling a bit lost when it comes to the ULMWP and the MSG? Look no further than the handy guide below.

We are also building up to October’s global month-long music event, Rockin for West Papua. It’s not too late to get involved, and there are lots of ways you can show your support, from using #MUSICISAWEAPON to organising your own gig. Lastly, if you’re a UK supporter please invite your MP to the next meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on West Papua, on 12th October.

Thank you, as ever, for all your support and solidarity. Papua Merdeka!

Momentum continues to build following Westminster meeting

On 3rd May an historic meeting took place in Westminster where political leaders from around the world signed a declaration calling for an internationally supervised vote on independence in West Papua. The meeting gained press coverage around the world and momentum for the new declaration continues to grow.

Read more



Abolitionist Demand 19: End legal employment discrimination on the basis of criminal record. "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This is a part of No Pride in Prisons’ Abolitionist demands. These demands were originally published as a book. To see a pdf of the book, click here. To buy a copy, please email

The Human Rights Act 1993 does not specifically protect those with criminal records from discrimination.[1] It is therefore lawful for employers to discriminate against job applicants on the grounds of previous criminal offences, unless it somehow indirectly leads to discrimination on other grounds outlined in the Act.[2] This heavily restricts the possibility of those with criminal records from being employed and moving on from their prison time. A 2003 study showed that employers are far less likely to respond to applications from people with criminal records.[3] It has also been demonstrated that when fewer jobs are available to previously incarcerated people, rates of recidivism increase.[4] This leaves previously incarcerated people stuck in a vicious cycle of unemployment and imprisonment.

While the Clean Slate Act 2004 effectively wipes away a person’s criminal conviction after some time,[5] this does not apply to those who have had a custodial sentence imposed on them.[6] This means that the law does not apply to formerly incarcerated people, and that a person will be marked by their prison sentence until they die.

No Pride in Prisons therefore demands that protection from employment discrimination on the basis of criminal record be enshrined. This should be implemented by amending the Human Rights Act 1993 to include criminal records under unlawful grounds for discrimination,[7] and by the inclusion of formerly incarcerated people within the provisions of the Clean Slate Act 2004.[8] While this would not directly end stigma against incarcerated and previously incarcerated people, it would remove some of the barriers to finding stable employment that are essential to moving on from prison.

[1]Human Rights Act 1993 s 21.

[2] Human Rights Act 1993 s 65.

[3] Devah Pager, “The Mark of a Criminal Record,” American Journal of Sociology 108, no 5 (2003): 956.

[4] Crystal S. Yang, “Local Labor Markets and Criminal Recidivism,” (working paper): 30.

[5]Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004 s 4.

[6]Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004 s 7(1)(b).

[7]Human Rights Act 1993 s 21.

[8]Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004 s 7.


Rabid Right Winger Stuart Nash agrees not to criticise women for their looks "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Labour MP Stuart Nash has said sorry to Newshub political reporter Jenna Lynch after telling her she looked as though she’d had a “rough night”. In a blog, Ms Lynch called out Mr Nash for commenting on her face, which was not covered by any makeup, as he arrived to speak to her at Newshub’s […]


Minister admits to misleading parliament over Crown land "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

NSW primary industries minister Niall Blair has admitted to misleading parliament over the Crown lands management. Photo

NSW primary industries minister Niall Blair has admitted to misleading parliament over the Crown lands management. Photo

In a rare and embarrassing back down for the NSW government, the Minister for Lands has apologised to Parliament for providing incorrect information on Crown Land leases that have commenced since 2012.

During debate this week on the Auditor General’s recent scathing report into the sale and leasing of Crown Land, the minister, Niall Blair (Nationals), advised the House that no lease had been directly negotiated by Crown Land since 2012.

It turns out there were 19 – involving leases to airports as well as transactions tied up with the privatisation of Newcastle Port and the NSW electricity generators.

The report reflects also longtime concerns by campaigners against the takeover of public foreshore Crown land at Brunswick Heads by a government-appointed trust which runs three public holiday parks in the town.

Byron Shire Council recently renewed operating licences for the holiday parks amid a public outcry over the encroachments of public foreshore land.

The Opposition says that Crown Lands was clearly dysfunctional and now in crisis mode.

Shadow lands minister Mick Veitch said Crown Lands’ staff numbers have been slashed by the Baird government, and a lot of corporate knowledge has walked out the door since 2011.

‘The Auditor General’s report said that the Crown Lands agency did not know what was occurring on Crown Land,’ Mr Veitch said.

‘The minister’s false response actually affirms that Auditor General’s grave concerns for the management of public land in NSW.

‘Savage job cuts by the Coalition means that Crown Lands is no longer aware of many transactions are taking place on public land.

‘It has now provided incorrect information to the minister on leases – and the minister has admitted to misleading Parliament.

‘While the minister was quick to blame public servants – the real reason behind the dysfunctionality of Crown Lands are job cuts which have left many Crown Lands offices with a skeletal staff.

‘Without staff, you simply can’t know what is going on across land that comprises 42 per cent of NSW’.

Hansard transcription

(Hansard: 20 September 2016, Auditor-General’s Report)
The Hon. NIALL BLAIR (Minister for Primary Industries, and Minister for Lands and Water) (14:52 :25): By leave: On 15 September 2016 I participated in debate, under Standing Order 57, along with a number of other members, on the Auditor-General’s report into the sale and lease of Crown land. When speaking about direct negotiations since 2012, I advised the House that no new areas of Crown land were allocated by direct negotiation for commercial use by lease during this period. I have since been advised by the Department of Industry—Lands that, in fact, 19 commercial leases have been approved for direct negotiation with new tenants by the department since 2012. I apologise to the House for this regrettable error, which was contained in draft speech notes prepared by the department but not corrected prior to the debate. As soon as I was advis...


ZAP's Mid-Week Report -- September 22, 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Subject: Mid-Week by ZAP from 'The Office of Poofness"
From: "The Office of Poofness" <<a href="">>
Date: Thu, September 22, 2016 9:19 am












Brexit and bigotry (crosspost from CT) "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Following my previous post, I’d like to add a bit more to the debate about Brexit and migration. On this issue, a common defence of the Leave campaign is that the central concern was about the need to cut the number of migrants to the UK so as to reduce competition for jobs. The plausibility of this defence has been undercut by recent negotiations, widely reported in the Australian press, but largely ignored by British media.

Prior to the Brexit vote, and constrained by freedom of movement within the EU, the Cameron government sought to address these concerns by imposing stringent restrictions on non-EU migrants, notably including Australians. Unsurprisingly, Australians weren’t happy about this, and the Australian government voiced these concerns.

But, given the validation of concerns about migration by the Brexit votes, and renewed pledges to cut net migration, you might have expected Australia to get short shrift from the new government. Not a bit of it. On the contrary it seems pretty clear that the hoped-for cut in EU migration will allow more room for Australians (someone has to do all those jobs, after all). Boris Johnson has been explicit about this, but what really matters are the favorable noises coming from Home Secretary Amber Rudd, whose portfolio covers migration.

The underlying idea, again made explicit by Johnson, is a restoration of free movement within the ‘white Commonwealth’ (Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Britain). This would take British migration policy back to the line advocated by Enoch Powell in the 1960s, and arguably further back than that.

It’s easy enough to point out the racism* implicit in Johnson’s position. But, as I said in my previous post, that has to be the starting point, not the end point. It’s necessary to respond to the particular form of racism present here, and show that it’s untenable. The assumption underlying Johnson’s position is that it’s possible to operate a large scale migration program in a way that avoids explicit discrimination, but ensures that only “people like us” get in.

One illustration of the problem, put very neatly by one of my Twitter commenters, is that Johnson might be surprised at the range of colours young Australians come in these days (unlike the largely Anglo-Celtic society he apparently visited as a youth). The same is true of New Zealand and, I think, of Canada. Free migration to the UK will bring in plenty of the people that the Brexiteers want to keep out.

On the other side of the coin, there’s the irony that the Polish government (along with the rest of the Visegrad group) is simultaneously ready to fight to the end for the principle of free movement within the EU and to resist demands that Poland should take its share of refugees from Syria. This kind of hypocrisy is, if not the norm, at least very common among supporters of discriminatory immigration policies: they are keen to keep others out of their own patch, but resentful of any constraints on their own freedom of movement. That makes sense from a viewpoint of racial/tribal superiority, but it’s hard to see any other basis for it.

The contradictions inherent in racism and tribalism mean that it can’t be sustained for long as a basis for policy, as it will need to do if Brexit is to work. But that doesn’t mean it can’t do an awful lot of damage in the meantime.

* Writing this, I realised that someone would be bound to raise the point that, as white Christians, Poles could not be the subject of racism or religious bigotry. Anyone thinking...


Email of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

I’ve decided to give voice to some good emails that I periodically receive. This one came in yesterday. A recent statement issued by the Human Rights Commission is calling out the use of “the ‘N’ word” as not OK in New Zealand. Putting aside the arguments about free speech and the right to be offended, […]


DNA Hints at Earlier Human Exodus From Africa "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Hints of an early exodus of modern humans from Africa may have been detected in living humans.

People outside Africa overwhelmingly trace their descent to a group that left the continent 60,000 years ago.

Now, analysis of nearly 500 human genomes appears to have turned up the weak signal of an earlier migration.

But the results suggest this early wave of Homo sapiens all but vanished, so it does not drastically alter prevailing theories of our origins.

And two separate studies in the academic journal Nature failed to find the signal of a later movement.

Writing in Nature , Luca Pagani, Mait Metspalu and colleagues describe hints of this pioneer group in their analysis of DNA in people from the Oceanian nation of Papua New Guinea.

The researchers examining the DNA in Papua New Guinea found the traces of the earlier migration by subtracting the DNA from the more recent migration out of Africa 60,000 years ago and the DNA from the Denisovans.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Friday’s answers "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Andrei and J Bloggs posed yesterday’s questions for which they get my thanks.

Should they have stumped us all they can claim a virtual chocolate cake by leaving the answers below.

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Photo of the Day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Naming the Nameless It all started with “Tent Girl”  “Who founded Doe Network? A single person did not found or create the Doe Network that we know and use today.” – Todd Matthews The Doe Network began as a website in 1999, evolving into an informal volunteer organization in 2001, and finally evolving into an […]


Excellent Tips from Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe To PNG Prime Minister Peter O’Neill To Win The 2017 Elections And Beyond "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


Zimbabwean leader President Robert Mugabe has successfully stayed in power for nearly 36 years and is now 92 years old.   He is widely made fun of inside Zimbabwe for his senility and vanity.   The Zimbabwean economy by 2009 was only half the size of what it was when President Mugabe first took over in 1980.  At that time, Zimbabwe was sub-Saharan Africa’s second richest country after South Africa.  The economy collapsed completely in 2008, with the Zimbabwean dollar losing value that year at a rate of 231 million percent.  Prices sometimes doubled on a daily basis and today Zimbabweans buy everything using foreign currency.  The country has sanctions against it by the European Union and the United States, including a travel ban on Mugabe and his inner circle.
Many people rightfully question how does President Mugabe hold onto power?   Much of it is due to what is called in Africa “preponderance of incumbency”.  Only in Zambia (twice) have incumbent leaders ever lost to opposition challengers.  This is because African leaders have developed the ability to control the state institutions, which they then apply to retain power for their political parties and themselves.
President Mugabe enjoys support in rural areas for his land reform policies, as well as his power base in the police, army and courts. Most importantly of all, President Mugabe holds regular elections for the outside world to see while behind the scenes employs electoral fraud at almost every level.  


Muslim Activist calls Lesbian Jew out on her ignorance of Sharia law "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

I would describe Sally Kohn as a well-meaning but ignorant liberal political commentator.  She reminds me of a line in the TV show,” Some mothers do Ave Em.”  One character asks the mother of the main character Frank Spencer, “What would happen if you gave someone who was not very clever, lots of praise and […]


Guest Post: For once I am a bit cross with SB "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

For once I am a bit cross with SB in her article about the forced marriages of young girls.  She demands “what are the feminists doing about this?” This is not only a feminists’ debate and action – it belongs to all of us, men, women, old and young. If action is the responsibility of […]


Almost half of all Australians want a ban on Muslim immigrants "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Do you think the Aborigines,the Maori and the American Indians were happy about British immigration into their countries? The difference between those indigenous cultures and ours in Australia and New Zealand is that the power is in our hands. Unlike those cultures we can limit who we let into our country and prevent them from […]

Thursday, 22 September


Empire in motion: Imperium Americana's regional warlords march to their own drum beats "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Not since the days of the Roman Empire have regional warlords commanded so much authority to craft their own military and diplomatic policies apart from the central government. The United States calls its warlords «combatant commanders» and the title is not misleading. These combatant commanders are always looking for new wars and conflicts, all of which are in the personal interests of them and their top military echelons, but certainly not in the general interest of the American people. American combatant commanders rule over their own virtual fiefdoms, which the Pentagon calls «areas of responsibility» or «AORs». The Roman Empire's warlords were called «proconsuls» and they were military commanders appointed to govern newly-conquered territories. These Roman AORs, known as proconsular imperia, differed little from modern-day American AORs. However, the Roman proconsuls were much more answerable to the Roman emperors than American combatant commanders are presently to the President of the United States. The U.S. military-intelligence complex has divided the world into AORs over which combatant commanders exercise authority over U.S. military, political, diplomatic, and, increasingly, economic decision-making. These commands - U.S. Central Command, Pacific Command, European Command, Southern Command, Northern Command, and Africa Command - also involve themselves in the military and political activities of nations within their AORs that are either allied with the United States or dependent on U.S. security arrangements. Conveniently, the chief of the U.S. European Command also served as the Supreme Allied Commander of Europe, the military chief of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Effectively, NATO is an integral part of U.S. military hegemony.


President of Nauru mentions West Papua at UN "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


H.E. Mr. Baron Divavesi Waqa, President

21 September 2016 

UN Photo / Download
Statement Summary: 
BARON DIVAVESI WAQA, President of Nauru, said the world was at a crossroads.  The seventy-first 
session of the General Assembly would decide which path to choose, with the Samoa Pathway, 
the 2030 Agenda, the Paris climate agreement, the Addis Ababa Action Agenda and the Sendai 
Framework serving as road maps.  Translating words into action would require directing resources 
where it mattered, but some international funding mechanisms excluded small countries like Nauru 
or proved impossible to access.  Private investment was unreliable and rarely available for basic 


Waikanae Fatal Crash "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

SH1 between Te Mona Road and Peka Peka closed due to fatal crash — Update The NZ Transport Agency is advising that following a fatal crash earlier this morning, State Highway 1 between Te Moana Road and Peka Peka is closed in both directions until at least 3pm today. Motorists can expect significant delays, and […]


Dodgy Socialist Dam having its dodgy numbers reviewed "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council is really trying hard to ram their dodgy dam through before the council makeup changes. Finally, the council is getting an independent auditor to look at their dodgy numbers, but already there appears to be a $2 million hole to fill. The Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme’s financial viability will […]


Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"



What does a gang do with 210-litre drum of pure milk fat? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A drum of milk fat was among stolen items recovered when police searched a house occupied by gang members:

Detective Senior Sergeant Roger Small revealed that one of the stolen items was a 210-litre drum of pure milk fat.

Among the other items seized were a Holden engine, iPads, laptops, building equipment and power tools. A pair of trailers, scaffolding and tarpaulins made up the rest of the items seized by police. . . 

What does a gang do with a 210 litre drum of pure milk fat?

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Diddums. Time for retrospective legislation so scumbags don’t get our money "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The scumbags are getting set for some compo claims. The country’s highest court has found the Corrections Department made mistakes in calculating the release dates for two inmates, and the ruling could now have a ripple effect. Read the full decision or the summary provided by the court Corrections has so far identified 21 prisoners […]


1) Solomon Islands Repeats Call for Independent Assessment of West Papua "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

2) Solomon Islands` minister reiterates respect for Indonesian territory

3) Indonesia, PNG to strengthen cooperation for welfare of region

4) Sport: West Papua Warriors to take on PNGs best

Thursday, 22 September 2016 11:03 AM

1) Solomon Islands Repeats Call for Independent Assessment of West Papua

The Solomon Islands representative in Geneva, Switzerland, has repeated calls for Indonesia to allow a UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression to visit West Papua and Papua Provinces.



How many dwarves are there in Wellington. Do they need saving? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Phil Quin notes something strange about Justin Lester…it seems he is wanting to save “the little people”. No secret I’m supporting Nick Leggett, so I was listening to the Newstalk ZB mayoral candidates debate this morning, and one exchange stood out. When asked about the Living Wage, Labour’s candidate Justin Lester said he supported it […]


Lester’s ‘little people’ or ‘Little people’ "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Ex Labour Party member Phil Quin (and others) have highlighted a comment by Welington candidate Justin Lester. What Justin Lester’s “Little People” Tells us About Modern Labour I was listening to the Newstalk ZB mayoral candidates debate this morning, and one exchange stood out. When asked about the Living Wage, Labour’s candidate Justin Lester said […]


Aid and Afghanistan’s future "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


Ameen Habibi

Afghanistan is preparing for a major international aid conference on 5 October in Brussels. Ameen Habibi is Deputy Minister for Policy in Afghanistan’s Ministry of Finance, and in charge of his government’s preparation for the conference. On his recent visit to Canberra, he talked with Devpolicy’s Nematullah Bizhan about the Brussels conference, and lessons learned from aid to Afghanistan to date.

Nematullah: What are the differences between the priorities that the Afghan government will present at the Brussels conference, and priorities identified in the past?

Ameen: The difference is that we have had the experience of the last fourteen years. We learned the hard way. Billions of dollars came to Afghanistan; they were utilised, but they could have been utilised more effectively. Now we have the commitment from the government leadership for reform, and this is crucial for boosting the economy and promoting the private sector. Meanwhile, the Afghan government is taking bold steps in pushing the regional agenda forward. The launch of the CASA 1000, TAPI and railway projects are notable examples. The whole idea is to move towards self-reliance and less dependence on aid as our economy grows and private sector thrives. Some other developing countries receive aid of between 10-15 per cent as ratios to their budget, and we are moving in that direction.

Nematullah: Did Afghanistan use aid effectively?

Ameen: As far as the government of Afghanistan is concerned, we used aid effectively but could have done much better. As you know, aid effectiveness depends not only on the role of the Afghan government but also our development partners. Aid is aligned to government priorities, but there is still room for improvement. Aid is, for example, divided into on-budget aid, which flows through the government budget and systems, and off-budget, which bypasses the government budget and systems. This year 57 per cent of development aid was on-budget. If we bring the rest of our aid through the government system, it would have a multiplier effect in the country. Off-budget aid and lack of alignment of aid with government priorities are the two major challenges. Another challenge is that the cost of development is very high in Afghanistan, because of the way contracts are awarded. Capacity is also an issue when it comes to implementation. These factors have increased the cost of development in Afghanistan. For example, building a kilometre of road in Afghanistan will cost much more than doing the same elsewhere in the region.

Nematullah: The government proudly talks about reforms in the procurement process. What has changed?

Ameen: In the past, we had the same framework for procurement as we have now. The procurement committee was chaired by the Minister of Finance, with membership from other ministries, including the Ministry of Economy. Procurement was an area perceived as being highly corrupt. Contracts granted in the past were not seen as transparent. This does not mean that the system was...


More electoral dishonesty from Phil Goff "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A reader emails: Hi Cam, Just received these election flyers in the mail here in Papatoetoe. One brochure shows the “independent” Phil Goff appearing on a Labour flyer. The smaller ‘blue’ flyer was delivered inside the Labour one. You’ll notice Ashraf Choudary is also standing – the one who supports stoning and campaigned for the […]


NZ ‘climate snapshot’ "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Climate Change Issues Minister Paula Bennett has praised New Zealand’s progress on addressing climate change. Climate snapshot shows NZ’s progress A report released today shows New Zealand is making good progress in tackling climate change and is focused on the next steps, Climate Change Issues Minister Paula Bennett says. ‘New Zealand’s Action on Climate Change’, […]


Compassion "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Former British MP Bryan Gould has written in today's NZ Herald about what Labour needs to do:

But voters will feel more confident in voting Labour if they are convinced that a Labour government will approach individual issues from a consistent viewpoint - one that will give priority to the values of tolerance, mutual respect, compassion, care for each other, and a recognition that "we're all in this together".
Spoken like a true politician.

Here is Thomas Sowell's definition of 'compassion', from his political glossary:

 "A ... term that is likely to be heard a lot, during election years especially, is "compassion." But what does it mean concretely? More often than not, in practice it means a willingness to spend the taxpayers' money in ways that will increase the spender's chances of getting reelected. If you are skeptical — or, worse yet, critical — of this practice, then you qualify for a different political label: "mean-spirited." A related political label is "greedy." In the political language of today, people who want to keep what they have earned are said to be "greedy," while those who wish to take their earnings from them and give it to others (who will vote for them in return) show "compassion." "


Paying for organ “donations” – acceptable when it saves a life? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Organ donor campaigners are hopeful changes to compensation laws will significantly increase the number of New Zealanders opting to become live donors. There’s cross-party support for the Live Organ Donors Bill, which will cover 100 percent of a donor’s income for up to 12 weeks during their recovery. Currently donors are only entitled to a […]


Nashing of journo teeth "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Much knashing of journo teeth yesterday when Labour MP Stuart Nash fell foul of Newshub reporter Jenna Lynch, who slammed him in Opinion: Embracing my bare face: I’m not usually that keen on plastering pictures of myself everywhere, but today this is the face that spawned the following completely uninvited comments. “You look unwell.” “Gosh, […]


Stuart Nash versus the constitution and the Police "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Stuart Nash, Labour’s spokesperson for Police, was strongly criticised recently for comments made on the sentencing of Nikolas Delegat, including by law professor Andrew Geddis who said Nash was “calling for the undermining of New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements”. Pundit: Shut up, Stuart Nash (with added thoughts on the Nikolas Delegat case) Stuart Nash is trying […]


Quote of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Nothing has more strength than dire necessity.Euripides who was born on this day in 480 BC.

He also said:

Slight not what’s near through aiming at what’s far.


Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other.

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Whaleoil General Debate "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Whaleoil General Debate is brought to you by use coupon code WHALE OIL to get 10% off e-cigarettes and e-liquids Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoil’s daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate you’ll need to register a free Disqus account. There are some rules, and if there […]


Fortnightly links: RCT sceptics, cash + childcare, US-China trade, Global Fund, and more "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Angus Deaton exchanges his RCT scepticism for a carefully considered pros and cons approach in this new NBER working paper (ungated here).

Aptly enough, this NBER working paper was released at the same time (ungated here) its findings are fascinating, at least for the Nepalese context where it was conducted: giving new families information on childcare and a short-term cash grant appeared more effective than information on its own in improving child health.

If the US presidential election is leaving you feeling the need for consoling irony, this new working paper by David Autor and co-authors (gated, ungated) should do the trick. Rising trade with China appears to have contributed to political radicalism in the United States (primarily conservative political radicalism). For anyone with an interest in globalisation it’s a fascinating finding on its own. But if you just want the irony: in other words, Donald Trump is opposed to the very phenomenon that helped make him a success.

It was a big fortnight for global development events. The UN General Assembly is ongoing in New York. And the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria’s Fifth Replenishment Conference in Montreal, where $12.9 billion were pledged, was generally heralded as a success (read a Devpolicy blog post about it here). Not everyone was enthused, though — Stephen Lewis, for example, branded the $13 billion fundraising target “ridiculous”.

The post Fortnightly links: RCT sceptics, cash + childcare, US-China trade, Global Fund, and more appeared first on Devpolicy Blog from the Development Policy Centre.


Upbeat mood: Physics of the Future "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A quote from Conspiratoor to kick the day off “with an upbeat mood”: “Our grandkids will lead the lives of the gods of mythology. Zeus could think and move objects around. We’ll have that power. Venus had a perfect, timeless body. We’ll have that, too. Pegasus was a flying horse. We’ll be able to modify […]


Face of the Day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Oh come on Cedric, keep trying, maybe you’ll find a way to finally dodge responsibility for your mindless behaviour. But he told his new host that he thinks some Kiwis are racist. “In the North Island he was fine. But he reckons down here they’re odd and racist. He was angry he couldn’t get a […]


Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The word for today is… pulverulent (adj) – 1. Made of, covered with, or crumbling to fine powder or dust. 2. Dusty; crumbly. Source : The Free Dictionary Etymology : Mid 17th century: from Latin pulverulentus, from pulvis, pulver- ‘dust’.


Daily Proverb "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Proverbs 22 4True humility and fear of the LORD lead to riches, honor, and long life.


Friday's Fulminations "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

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Unfortunately our system does not allow your comments to show up in the blog post itself.  Just in the comments section.

Visitors might consider the wisdom of using moderate language.




Green Party: assisted dying policy "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Green Party has released their ‘Medically-Assisted Dying policy’, aka their proposals on euthanasia. They gave a brief description via @NZGreens: We are releasing our Medically-Assisted Dying policy. Stories like those of Lecretia Seales, who stepped into the public eye to ask the courts to give her the right to choose, have recently brought this […]


Fukushima Daiichi Floods, Shows Lack Of Preparedness "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

News reports indicated that groundwater at Fukushima Daiichi had risen so high it broke the surface and flowed into the port as a recent typhoon passed through the area. The general issue of rising groundwater has been the subject of much discussion between TEPCO and Japan’s nuclear regulator (NRA). As TEPCO prepared to close the steel sea wall and freeze the underground frozen wall, NRA stopped the process for a review of the potential for flooding within the reactor building area. The conclusion was that TEPCO thought they could sufficiently remove excess groundwater with the sump pump subdrain system near the reactor buildings. Part of the frozen wall process left a set of openings in the wall on the land side. This allows some water to flow into the area. There were also concerns of the groundwater dropping too low, allowing contaminated water to flow out of the reactor building basements. With ...



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An Obsolescent Military: Bombing Everything, Gaining Nothing "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

What, precisely, is the US military for, and what, precisely, can it do? In practical terms, how powerful is it? On paper, it is formidable, huge, with carrier battle groups, advanced technology, remarkable submarines, satellites, and so on. What does this translate to?

Military power does not exist independently, but only in relation to specific circumstances. Comparing technical specifications of the T-14 to those of the M1A2, or Su-34 to F-15, or numbers of this to numbers of that, is an interesting intellectual exercise. It means little without reference to specific circumstances.

For example, America is vastly superior militarily to North Korea in every category of arms–but the North has nuclear bombs. It can’t deliver them to the US, but probably can to Seoul. Even without nuclear weapons, it has a large army and large numbers of artillery tubes within range of Seoul. It has an unpredictable government. As Gordon Liddy said, if your responses to provocation are wildly out of proportion to those  provocations, and unpredictable, nobody will provoke  you.

An American attack by air on the North, the only attack possible short of a preemptive nuclear strike, would offer a high probability of a peninsular war, devastation of Seoul, paralysis of an important trading partner–think Samsung–and an uncertain final outcome.  The United States hasn’t the means of getting troops to Korea rapidly in any numbers, and the domestic political results of  lots of GIs killed by a serious enemy would be politically grave. The probable cost far exceeds any possible benefit. In practical terms, Washington’s military superiority means nothing with regard to North Korea. Pyongyang knows it.

Or consider the Ukraine. On paper, US forces overall are superior to Russian. Locally, they are not. Russia borders on  the Ukraine and could overrun it quickly. The US cannot rapidly bring force to bear except a degree of air power. Air power hasn’t worked against defenseless peasants in many countries. Russia is not a defenseless peasant. Europe, usually docile and obedient to America, is unlikely to engage in a shooting war with Moscow for the benefit of Washington. Europeans are aware that Russia borders  on Eastern Europe, which borders on Western Europe. For Washington, fighting Russia in the Ukraine would require a huge effort with seaborne logistics and a national mobilization. Serious wars with nuclear powers do not represent the height of judgement.

Again, Washington’s military superiority means nothing.

Or consider Washington’s dispute with China in the Pacific. China cannot begin to match American naval power. It doesn’t have to. Beijing has focused on anti-ship missiles–read “carrier-killer”–such as the JD21 ballistic missile. How well it works I do not know, but the Chinese are not stupid. Is the risk of finding out worth it? Fast, stealthed, sea-skimming cruise missiles are very cheap compared to carriers, and America’s admirals know that lots of them arriving simultaneously would not have a happy ending.

Having a fleet disabled by China would be intolerable to Washington, but its possible responses would be unappealing. Would it tart a conventional war with China with the ghastly global economic consequences?  This would not generate allies. Cut China’s oil lanes to the Mid-East and push Beijing toward nuclear war? Destroy the Three Gorges Dam and drown god knows how many people? If China used the war as a pretext for annexing bordering counties? What would Russia do?

The consequences both probable and assured make the adventure unattractive, especially since likely pretexts for a war with China–a few rocks in the Pacific, for example–are too trivial to be worth the certain costs and uncertain outcome.  Again, military superiority doesn’t mean much.

We live  in a  mi...


Social chat – Friday "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A post for social chat. You can still chat socially on other posts if it happens in relation to other discussions but if you simply want a bit of social chat start here. The usual guidelines apply as to respecting others, behaviour and avoiding legal exposure. An emphasis on ‘social’, not ‘anti-social’.


Media watch – Friday "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

23 September 2016 Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media. A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy. A general […]


Template Submission to the Social Services Committee "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Below is a template submission for a bill that would allow the New Zealand Department of Corrections to completely cut a person’s welfare for failing to meet community-based sentencing obligations. The bill will force more individuals and families into poverty and increase the number of people who get sent to prison.

No Pride in Prisons is encouraging all of its supporters to submit something in opposition to this bill. If you would like to write a submission, you can do so here

If you would like to see No Pride in Prisons’ longer, more detailed submission, click here.

If you do not have time to write your own submission, please copy and paste the template submission into a word doc and upload the doc to the Select Committee website. 

It is absolutely essential that the Select Committee realises that people oppose this bill in its entirety.

For a pdf of the template submission, click here, otherwise see below: 

Submission to the Social Services Committee on the Social Security (Stopping Benefit Payments for Offenders who Repeatedly Fail to Comply with Community Sentences) Amendment Bill

Submission by [insert your name here]

I oppose this bill entirely and encourage the Social Services Committee to reject it.

I write this submission in support of No Pride in Prisons’ submission in opposition to the bill. My primary reasons for opposing this bill are as follows:

  1. I believe this bill will not be implemented in a just and equitable way. Given Work and Income’s track record of bad bureaucratic practices, especially when it comes to how it enforces sanctions, I think that many people will have their benefits cut without warning and without knowing why.

    I am also concerned about the current scope of power given to probation officers to provide “instructions” under section 184(2)(b)(ii). I am worried that the Department of Corrections will interpret this section broadly and use it as an excuse to impose harsh financial penalties on people who do not do everything their probation officer wants them to do.

  2. I do not think that further punishment of those serving community-based sentences is fair. It is already bad enough that people serving community-based sentences have a criminal conviction on their record, which makes it harder for them to find a job. The fact that this bill would add an additional punishment on top of the existing punishment is excessive.

    That this bill would apply to people already serving community-based sentences really concerns me. The idea that Parliament can decide that after someone has already been punished for a crime that it can impose a new, additional punishment is wrong and unjust. For that reason, I oppose the retroactive effect of section 186.

  3. I believe this bill will lead to higher rates of poverty and homelessness. I know that when someone is on a benefit, that usually means they are either unable to find a job or cannot work. If you cannot find work or you cannot work and then you have your benefit cut, what are you expected to do? At that point, you have to start making decisions whether you will eat today, whether you can still afford to live in a house, whether or not you can pay to heat the house. This will make people more vulnerable and put them at risk of housing and food insecurity.

    I am concerned about the level of child poverty in this country and believe that the ability of the Department of Corrections to cut someone w...


New US Republic via a GCR: Update for September 22, 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

New Republic via a GCR: 22 Sept. 2016 Update

Compiled on 22 September 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces,", CEO, Child Abuse Recovery

1. The ISX online trading system (that was set to replace the Forex) was said to have been live inside Iraq since Feb. 2016.

2. On Mon. Sept. 19 2016 Obama and Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi met at the UN where it was announced that Iraq was now a sovereign member of UN. Sanctions were lifted, clearing the way for revaluation of the Dinar, (which had already RI'd inside Iraq).

3. On Tues. Sept. 20 an Iraqi couple in Texas reported their Iraqi debit card showed $3.20 per Dinar.

4. On Sept. 20 2016 The Real Truth Chatter Fisher reported that Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi left New York at around 7:30 pm EST, heading to Iraq to make an RV announcement that would trigger the Global Currency Reset.

5. Fisher also said that the Elders resorted to eliminating some of their own due to their support and collusion with the Cabal.

6. On the Sept. 21 2016 Landa Global Humanus Call: Landa Global

A. Jerzy stated they were busy dealing with all the (Gold backed) cash which had come in, combined with building up the staff, indicating Landa/Humanus had finally received their funding today.

B. Because of the corrupt global monetary system and in order to have the Global Currency Reset, BRICS, the CIPS system, Nesara Law, AIIB and other monetary and government...

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