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Saturday, 24 February


Ok Tedi workers advised they were sacked because of illegal stop work "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The National aka The Loggers Times | February 22, 2018

THE workers of Ok Tedi Mining Ltd sacked on Tuesday were advised in their termination letters that they had taken part in an illegal stop work. A copy of the letter obtained by The National yesterday dated Feb 20, 2018, read: This letter is to inform you that you had participated in an illegal stop work and was absent from duties on Tuesday 20th of February 2018.
As stipulated in our Terms and Conditions of your employment employees resorting to withdrawing their labour or restricting other employees from working will have their employment terminated.
There will be no recourse to appeal. The company is therefore terminating your services effective immediately and you will be advised of your repatriation arrangements.
The letter was signed by the manager mine maintenance and endorsed by acting manager human resources John Kalu. It was copied to Susan Songoa, the senior workplace relations adviser, and Harold Duigu, the manager human resources.


Are some benefit fraudsters more equal than others? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Guest Post: Yesterday Chelsea Hibben and John Roberts were sentenced in the Napier District Court after pleading guilty to benefit fraud and using a document to obtain a pecuniary advantage.   Both received 5 months of community detention with curfews between 6 pm and 6 am with Hibben receiving an additional nine months of supervision and []

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MILITARY PLUTONIUM To be manufactured at Hinkley "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

 MILITARY PLUTONIUM To be manufactured at Hinkley

The charade of Atoms for Peace, Dr David Lowry , 23 Feb 18, Atoms for Peace ( in reality a cynical project promoting  US  global nuclear technology  dominance launched by President Eisenhower at the UN in New York in December 1953)   using a special atomic train  taking nuclear scientists around the country promoting nuclear power.



Lawsuits against USA agencies and companies, over Widespread radioactive contamination in St Louis, Missouri "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

HBO documentary, Atomic Homefront at St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase

Lawsuits: Widespread radioactive contamination in north county
The lawsuits seek relocation and financial awards for thousands of people  Grant Bissell, February 22, 2018 


Tesla big battery results suggest local storage better than monster projects RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

New analysis says performance of Tesla big battery shows advantages of distributed storage rather than a single monster project like Snowy 2.0.

via Tesla big battery results suggest local storage better than monster projects RenewEconomy


Battery storage: Are Australian households about to charge into market? RenewEconomy "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Further rises in Australias already ridiculously high grid prices, South Australian incentives, and the first battery storage manufacturing plant in the country suggest the battery storage market is about to take off.

via Battery storage: Are Australian households about to charge into market? RenewEconomy


Guardian angels who deserve our thanks "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Israeli PR machine, if there actually is one, does a pretty stink job. Israels public profile is not rated important enough for serious attention. They just dont care what the rest of the world thinks of them. Presented as the monster of the Middle East, Israel is constantly berated by the UN, labelled a []

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Alluvial Mining To Be Reserved For Locals "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Post Courier | February 22, 2018

Alluvial mining is now [to be] reserved for Papua New Guineans according to the Minister for Mining Johnson Tuke.

This will also see for regional alluvial (small scale) mining schools to be established in the country and the sector to be funded by the government.

Mr Tuke made this announcement in Milne Bay province during the 2018 alluvial and small scale mining convention and Exposition.

This exposition is a regional initiative of the Esaala district development administration in partnership with the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA), and supported by the Milne Bay Provincial Government.

Since taking office as the Mining Minister, I have been passionately attracted to the growth of the alluvial industry.

My desire is to help Papua New Guineans to train professionally and acquire necessary skills and knowledge on how to mine the alluvial exceptionally well and build up the wealth capital to be able to engage productively in the exploration and mining stages of...


Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


 Honolulu Civil Beat - February 20, 2018

A board member for a state agency dedicated to helping Native Hawaiians is calling for the organizations chief executive officer to step down in light of a damning state audit alleging widespread misspending.

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs is a semi-autonomous state agency that manages a $600 million trust for the benefit of Hawai`is indigenous people.

A state audit recently revealed both the chief executive officer and the members of the Board of Trustees have spent millions of dollars without proper oversight and rules.

OHA Trustee Keli`i Akina, a fiscal conservative, issued a press release Tuesday calling for the removal of Kamana`opono Crabbe, the organizations chief executive officer.

The audit found Crabbe sometimes overrode staff recommendation to approve expenditures. In 2015 and 2016 Crabbe exceeded his discretionary budget for sponsorships by more than $300,000, Akina wrote.

Failure to act decis...


View From Your Window "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Where do you think todays photo was taken? Yesterdays photo: Hi Whale Oil, This is a pic from my car window at the rest stop at Inangahua Junction, Buller Gorge on 9 January 2018 at 10.00am. If you think that you have the perfect competition photo please send it to  Put Competition photo in the subject line. []

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Saturdays smiles "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A whale swims all day, only consumes fish and water, and is fat.

A rabbit eats only vegetables, runs and hops all day long, and only lives 5 years.

Meanwhile a tortoise doesnt swim, doesnt run and does nothing energetic, yet it lives for 450 years.

And you tell me to eat well and exercise?

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Friday, 23 February


Did Mueller Withhold Evidence From Michael Flynn? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


440px-Michael_T_FlynnThe court order for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to share exculpatory evidence with former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has raised intriguing questions about whether evidence might have been withheld from Flynn before his plea deal.  As I stated on air, I do not believe that the issuance of this order by Judge Sullivan should be assumed as evidence of any second thoughts by Flynn. As I state in my column below in The Hill newspaper, I do not see a real option for Flynn in trying to undo his plea deal. However, the disclosure of the evidence could raise questions for Flynn.

Here is the column:

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Rural round-up "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The items on A2 were most interesting. Not anything I had cottoned onto previously


A2 Milk now a $10B company, eclipsing Fonterra as investors bet on bullish   Rebecca Howard:

 (BusinessDesk) A2 Milk Co is now more valuable than Fonterra, even though the milk marketers sales amount to less than 3 percent of the dairy giants, as investors bet it will continue to beat expectations.

A2 shares jumped 18 percent to $13.87 on the NZX and are trading at more than 50 times forecast per-share earnings the highest price-to-earnings (PE ratio) of any company on the NZX 50 Index. The market capitalisation of a2 has jumped to $10.1 billion, exceeding the $9.76 billion value of Fonterra based on the $6.06 price of the shares that trade in a farmer-only market on the NZX. . . 

NZs largest dairy genetics supplier gets behind A2 market:

Herd improvement and agri-technology co-operative LIC welcomes the announcement from Fonterra and The a2 Milk Company

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The murder of Rene Duckmanton "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A noticeable lack of grace, empathy and professionalism has once again been displayed on the Stuff news website in its recent reporting into the murder trial of Christchurch woman Rene Duckmanton. Apparently, the reporter in question, Sam Sherwood, seems to find nothing wrong with further besmirching the name of an innocent woman whose only apparent []

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Whitianga and Cave Creek "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

There could have been a tragedy By Carol Sawyer Eugenie Sage, Lou Sanson please remember Cave Creek and do the honest thing by the people of Whitianga whose crime was to not want their water, land and wildlife poisoned. Remember Cave Creek ? Turns out Denis Marshall, Minister of Conservation at the time, actually []


Social Concerns Notes February 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

7000 positions still unfilled at government health centres
February 12, 2018 The National
PAPUA New Guinea has more than 7000 positions still vacant at Government-run health facilities in the country. According to the 2016 annual health report tabled in parliament last week by Health and HIV/AIDS Minister Sir Puka Temu stated that out of the 17,878 positions available in government-run health facilities, only 9985 positions were occupied.The report said the number of vacancies were due to many reasons, which included funding constraints, rural-urban migration, shifting from clinical to administration and sometimes remoteness of rural health centres which did not attract health workers. Another reason is that the country has only one medical school that produces only 50 doctors a year, so from 2010 to 2016 only 316 doctors graduated, the report said. Also from 2010 to 2016, only 1364 nurses graduated and 2326 community health workers graduated in the country.The report said that the country had only 446 registered medical officers of which 421 were in government-run health facilities.The National Capital District has the highest number of health workers with more than 15 per cent of the total population of the health workforce practising at the Port Moresby General Hospital, followed by Central. And Hela has the lowest with only one per cent of the health workforce practising in the province, the report said.
Better development alternatives (Letters Post Courier, 29 January)
I support the call by one Alphonse Roy to ban all logging operations in PNG (Post-Courier, December 22, 2017). There are now better development alternatives for our forest resources. Consequently, there is no need for landowners to pursue an outdated development option like logging. We can do forest conservation to mitigate climate change and benefit through climate funding. A tree is now worth more money standing than dead, so it is worthwhile to conserve our forests and attain more social, economic and environmental benefits than to earn a few lousy kina from a cubic meter of wood.The Managalas Plateau, an area of 360 thousand hectares in the Oro Province, has recently been declared a biodiversity conservation area along with Yus in Morobe Province. So biodiversity conservation is no longer a myth in PNG but a development option that promises more than just the preservation of peoples culture and natural environment.The Rottock Bay landowners of Kandrian-Gloucester in West New Britain Province are now calling on the PNGFA to action recommendations of an audit that was carried out on logging operations in their forests. They claim they are owed millions of kina by the developer, having been paid in part or not at all since 1991 for many of the development benefits.If the benefits of 60 per cent for infrastructure and the collective 40 per cent levies for education, business, agr...


The present review considers the literature on the effects of botanicals on BDNF. "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

PMID:  Neural Plast. 2017 ;2017:5965371. Epub 2017 Dec 31. PMID: 29464125 Abstract Title:  Botanicals as Modulators of Neuroplasticity: Focus on BDNF. Abstract:  The involvement of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in different central nervous system (CNS) diseases suggests that this neurotrophin may represent an interesting and reliable therapeutic target. Accordingly, the search for new compounds, also from natural sources, able to modulate BDNF has been increasingly explored. The present review considers the literature on the effects of botanicals on BDNF. Botanicals considered were(L.) Pennell,L.,L.,Maxim.,(L.) Kuntze (green tea),L.,L.,L. (olive oil),C.A. Meyer,L.,Bunge,L.,(L.) Dunal, and(L.) Britton. The effect of the active principles responsible for the efficacy of the extracts is reviewed and discussed as well. The high number of articles published (more than one hundred manuscripts for 14 botanicals) supports the growing interest in the use of natural products as BDNF modulators. The studies reported strengthen the hypothesis that botanicals may be considered useful modulators of BDNF in CNS diseases, without high side effects. Further clinical studies are mandatory to confirm botanicals as preventive agents or as useful adjuvant to the pharmacological treatment.

read more


Rural round-up "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A2 Milk now a $10B company, eclipsing Fonterra as investors bet on bullish   Rebecca Howard:

 (BusinessDesk) A2 Milk Co is now more valuable than Fonterra, even though the milk marketers sales amount to less than 3 percent of the dairy giants, as investors bet it will continue to beat expectations.

A2 shares jumped 18 percent to $13.87 on the NZX and are trading at more than 50 times forecast per-share earnings the highest price-to-earnings (PE ratio) of any company on the NZX 50 Index. The market capitalisation of a2 has jumped to $10.1 billion, exceeding the $9.76 billion value of Fonterra based on the $6.06 price of the shares that trade in a farmer-only market on the NZX. . . 

NZs largest dairy genetics supplier gets behind A2 market:

Herd improvement and agri-technology co-operative LIC welcomes the announcement from Fonterra and The a2 Milk Company about their new partnership as it prepares to launch a new team of elite A2 bulls supported by genotype testing that allows farmers to determine the A2 status of each of their animals.

As the countrys largest supplier of artificial breeding services, LICs bulls are responsible for up to 80 per cent of the cows grazing on dairy farms around the country. LIC has been providing farmers with A2 genotype testing for more than 15 years from its laboratory in Riverlea, Hamilton. Its first A2 bull was made commercially available to farmers for AI in 2002. . .

Shearers plan marathon session to support mental health organisations Emma Dangerfield:

Before Mark Herlihy lost his brother to suicide two years ago, mental health was not something the family had needed to discuss.

There had been no signs, no-one had seen it coming.

Were a really bubbly sort of family, Mark said of his parents and seven other siblings.

Michael was just 20. He and his brothers had been preparing for a shearing record, which may have put him under a bit of pressure, but nothing they would have attributed to such a dramatic event. . . 


RNZ Country Life: Sustainable food production "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Niva and Yotam Kay produce an astonishing 8,000 kilogrammes of vegetables a year from their quarter acre or 1000 m2 vegetable patch in the lush Kauaeranga Valley near Thames.

And they say they can do better.

Last year the tiny market garden grossed sales of $85,000. Now the young couple is aiming to hit $100,000.

Yotam says they farm bio-intensively; giving a lot to the plants and the soil and receiving a lot in return.

The couple grows dozens of lines of vegetables and herbs and once one crop is harvested, another is immediately planted.

Up to six crops might be harvested from the one bed in a season.

Because we are not using tractors or machinery we have the beds closer together, the paths are small so we can yield a lot more per square metre than a big farm, Niva says.

The couple, who try to live as self sufficiently as possible, met while studying peace leadership and environmental studies in the desert in their home country, Israel.

They spent years travelling; visiting eco-villages, intentional communities and permaculture projects.

Basically we took courses in education, environmental economics and lawand we thought whats the most important thing we can do for the planet?' says Niva.

It was, everybody eats and the food system is broken. We need to learn how to grow amazing food in a regenerative  way and thats what we did.


Book review of the day: The Fighter "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

You can help. Send your book review to and we will put it up when it is your turn. Please set your submission out with the name of the book, then the author and then describe in your own words what the book is about. Also if you happen to be a commenter please []

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WOT A CRACKER OF A GAME "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

to start the Super Rugby season in NZL.   Congrats to both the Highlanders and the Blues.

Now if the ODI against the Poms  is as good as that I can go into Sunday without too much to worry about with the Chiefs sure to smash the Crusaders ... only joking.

Then on Monday morning (our time) go the Cains over the Bulls. 


Auckland Council spending on overseas travel "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Auckland Council spends a lot of money on overseas travel. Auckland Mayor Phil Goff wants council bosses to end business class travel and fly premium economy on long flights. The revised rule comes as a Herald survey of overseas travel by the chief executives and leadership teams of Auckland Council and the six council-controlled organisations []

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Dear straight Cam "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Guest Post: Dear straight Cam, Being a reputable gay man and having helped the so-called gay community in the past, I am becoming profoundly embarrassed about all the ridiculously pathetically absurd political correctness you addressed in your alphabet soup article, et al akin. When the now-called gay pride movement started back in the 70s, it []

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Review: 538 on the gun debate "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

As a gun owner I am often asked whether anything can be done in the US about guns, and I am not sure there is a good answer. The combination of partisanship, enthusiasm from the pro gun lobby and the ruthlessly efficient NRA means that it is not easy to see a route for legislative change.

Fivethirtyeights podcast gives the best recent analysis of the problem facing gun reform proponents, analyses the data, the debate itself, and what possibly could happen. It is well worth listening to if you want to understand how difficult gun reform is going to be.

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One year on "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A year on. Who'd have thought it'd take so long. But how much we have learned. Probably the most educative year of my entire life. Would I recommend it? Not if making money is the goal.

Some before and after shots:



Trade at any price? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Hamish Price seems to be intimating that if there is money to be made then we should bend over and take it up the bottom rather than expect our guests to show respect for our culture, customs and the fact that our women have equal rights in our country. Remarkably, instead of commenting on how []

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Quote of the Day: Music is ... "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

"Music is the cup which holds the wine of silence.
Sound is that cup, but empty.
Noise is that cup, but broken."

~ musician Robert Fripp, in an interview with 'Musician, Player, and Listener' magazine


Compare and contrast "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Judith Collins appeared on Seven Sharp speed dating with Jeremy Wells: and there were Simon Bridges and Amy Adams: All candidates were asked and only Judith Collins accepted, until Judith did her appearance. Then they all piled in badly. I mean Tom Cruise? Seriously? And sharing a toothbrush?   -TVNZ

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Guilty of importing drugs, not guilty of assisting suicide "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

In a topical trial in Wellington Susan Austen  has been found not guilty of assisting suicide, but guilty of illegally importing drugs that can be used for suicide but can also be used for alleviating suffering. ODT (NZH): Euthanasia campaigner acquitted of aiding suicide Wellington woman Susan Austen has been found not guilty of []


Matthew Hooton on the Stockholm Syndrome inside National "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Matthew Hooton writes at NBR: Judith Collins is obviously the best candidate to lead National in opposition but she will be trounced on Tuesday. Stockholm Syndrome afflicts the National caucus. For 10 years, its members have been kept in a straitjacket by a party leadership in total control. As an overwhelmingly popular prime minister, John []

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Is PNG a lynchpin in Chinas expansion into the Pacific? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Phil Fitzpatrick at mic
Phil Fitzpatrick


TUMBY BAY - In the ongoing debate about governance in Papua New Guinea and the internal and external forces influencing it, we tend to make certain assumptions as if they are foregone conclusions requiring no further examination.

One of these is that PNG is a very small fish in an extremely large pond and is irrelevant in terms of global geo-politics.

From this we then assert that it has no role in wider events such as globalisation and the rise of China.

Im not sure this assumption is necessarily true, especially when one begins to examine the motives and methods used by the key players in these power struggles.

Late last year both the USA and Australia released strategy documents that attempted to define Chinese ambitions and suggest ways to deal with them.

These documents all concluded that China is a revisionist power that wants to displace the USA in the Indo-Pacific and, using predatory economics, reorder the region in its favour.

Neither the USA nor Australia wants this to happen but both are unsure how to prevent it.

China maintains that its intentions are wholly peaceful. Its chief strategy seems to be finding weaknesses in the affairs of places of interest to it and infiltrating itself into them. This sort of strategy is often called soft power.

The USA, in contrast, has often used its military might to get what it wants. If the Chinese strategy is called soft power the USA strategy could be characterised as hard power. These kinds of opposing forces dont work well together.

Rather than sending in tanks and missiles China prefers to compromise the ruling elites in nations of interest so it can influence the political process and, among other things, entrap the nation in debt exactly what it is currently doing in PNG.

And it doesnt just involve PNGs politicians and business elites, it includes the churches and other institutions like universities.

For instance, a Christian Chinese website in Austr...


The tech cooperative making tech for good less outlandish "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


When Sion Whellens, a client services director from communications cooperative Calverts, met with Outlandish to help them craft a new way to do business in December 2015, he found Murphy and the other members were already operating as a co-operative. 

Tech tends to bring together people with high level skill sets, so its easier to establish equality, Whellens says. Particularly, the way tech people think in terms of agile projects can be applied to governance. They do project management on Trello or Vimeo day in day out, so that kind of thinking is already familiar.

Outlandish based their organisational structure on the Enspiral Foundation, which started as a group of computer programmers in New Zealand who wanted to put more time and energy into making a positive social impact. Enspiral has grown into a range of ventures, all dedicated to using their time and energy to have a social impact.


Rather than partners or shareholders extracting profits from the company through huge salaries and dividends, Outlandish members are paid what they consider a fair rate. This ranges from 150 to 350 a day much lower than other private tech companies with surplus going into a fund that members then decide how to spend. In 2016, 5,000 of that surplus went into building the school cuts website.

Read the rest at The Independent



National party leadership contest "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

After a lot of initial media attention the contest to become the next National Party leader and Leader of the Opposition seems to have become more of an in-house affair. This isnt surprising given that the contenders only need to convince enough of the 56 National MPs top vote for them. It is now expected []


Stanford Gender Research Director Declares Space Exploration To Be Another Example of Male Entitlement "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Another example of barking mad statements from activists and denizens of academia


as11-40-5875hreditWe previously We discussed recent publications by academics arguing that math is a form of white privilege and male domination.  Now, Marci Bianco, the communications manager of Stanford Universitys Clayman Institute for Gender Research, has found a new manifestation of patriarchy: space exploration.  In the article on, Bianco declares that the patriarchal race to colonize Mars is just another example of male entitlement.  The efforts reveals a Columbusing attitude. The movie The Martian will now be renamed The Patriarch.

View original post 149 more words


RNZ Checkpoint: EQC Changes an ominous portent? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Earthquake Commission Minister Megan Woods has announced an independent advisor will be sent in to EQC, at the same time confirming Sir Maarten Wevers has resigned. John Campbell speaks to them both.

There are potentially some concerning issues here:

  • precisely why are these claims unsettled ?
  • who will be the independent adviser?
  • who will be the new chair of EQC?
  • what directions will the minister be giving and why?
  • will it affect EQC ability to obtain reinsurance and / or the terms of that reinsurance ?

On a broader issue are we seeing  an even greater trend towards overt politicisation of government boards and agencies. Already Health Minister Clark has clearly signalled to DHB chairs that it is his way or the highway. Now this. All governments do this to an extent, but potentially this one seems more overt and very prone to crossing the governance boundaries.

Which agency or board will be next RNZ? NZTA? TVNZ?

Where is openness and transparency in all this?

So time will tell if the portent is ominous!


Daily crossword "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This is Subscriber Content. You can access subscriber content, including crosswords, polling, commentary and podcasts by subscribing to one of our membership packages.

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Gates to plead guilty "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

ABC News: Former Trump aide tells loved ones of plans to plead guilty, cooperate with special counsel President Donald Trumps one-time campaign aide Richard Gates has told family and close friends in a letter sent this morning he plans to plead guilty Friday in the special counsels criminal case against him, setting up the potential []


Debate on guns in US schools "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Parkland, Florida shooting last week has stirred up debate about access to firearms and gun violence, a major problem in the United States. From the Gun Violence Archive 2018: Total number of incidents 7,803 Number of deaths 2,138 Number of injuries 3,651 Deaths from mass shootings 34 Deaths from defensive use 224 Unintentional shooting []


If you want to UPDATE, UPGRADE or CHANGE any details this post has all the links you will need "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

If you want to update your credit card details click here. If you want to upgrade or change your subscription click here. You can easily upgrade between subscription levels at any time by visiting your account page. When upgrading your subscription, it will be prorated based on the amount you have already paid and how much time is left on your []

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Saturday soapbox "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Saturdays soapbox is yours to use as you will within the bounds of decency and absence of defamation. Youre welcome to look back or forward, discuss issues of the moment, to pontificate, ponder or point us to something of interest, to educate, elucidate or entertain, amuse, bemuse or simply muse, but not abuse.


Why Music?

I Music is a science

II Music is mathemtqacial

III Music is a foreign language

IV Music is history

V Music is physical education

VI Music is all these things, but most of all, music is art.

That is why we teach music: not becasue we expect you to major in music.

Not because we expect you to play or sing all your life.

But so you will be human.

So you will recognise beauty.

So you will be closer to an infinit beyond this world.

So you will have something to cling to.

So you will have more love, more compassion, more gentleness, more good in short, more life.


Whaleoil general debate "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoils daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate youll need to register a free Disqus account. There are some rules, and if there is one thing about Whaleoil that you need to know is that these rules are dispassionately and strictly enforced.  (No []

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Belt and Road to nowhere: Chinas incoherent aid in PNG "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Graeme Smith
Dr Graeme Smith

GRAEME SMITH | The Interpreter

CANBERRA - At the tail end of this months episode of The Little Red Podcast, a show I host, Jo Chandler shares a story from her visit to Manus in 2014, when she caught up with Powes Parkop, a native Manusian, current governor of Port Moresby and one of Papua New Guineas most respected politicians:

Manus Harbour was absolutely enormous; it was almost the scale of Pearl Harbour. MacArthur won the Pacific out of Manus. Strategically, it was this enormous resource a million American military went through this tiny little place toward the end of the war and this PNG politician [Powes Parkop] is pointing out to me it wouldnt take too much work to clear some of that rubbish off and youd have those lovely runways back, and if Australias not going to help us out, Im pretty sure the Chinese might like to ... Just put that in your newspaper for me will you?

With this single anecdote, Chandler captures how chance, accident, and a willing Pacific partner can shift the geostrategic game.

When Concetta Fierravanti-Wells railed against Chinese aids white elephants and roads to nowhere in the Pacific, part of her frustration was with the speed and surprise attached to these projects.

Ironically, this feeling is shared by many Chinese diplomats in the Pacific, who often along with their Pacific counterparts first find out about projects in the morning news.

One project that fits squarely in that category is the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) in Madang, my vote for the worst of more than 200 Chinese aid projects in the Pacific.

When the project was first announced as one of four PNG projects funded by China Exim Banks 2006 Concessional Loan Facility, the economic rationale was clear: PNG needed modern canning facilities to capture more value from tuna caught in its waters. Ten canneries were to be built.

A decade later, there are no canneries, only an access road, a fence, and a gate that cost $1 million.

The PMIZs backstory is murky. I...

Trump Toon "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Donald Trump Jr. dismisses criticism about his India trip, where prospective buyers of Trump Tower condos pony up $38,000 for a conversation and dinner with the first son.


Ann Telnaes WAPO


RNZ Checkpoint: Susan Austen Cleared "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

There were loud cheers outside the High Court in Wellington today as euthanasia advocate Susan Austen was cleared of involvement in another womans suicide.


Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The word for today is decadent (adj) 1. Being in a state of decline or decay. 2. Marked by or providing unrestrained gratification; self-indulgent. 3. Often Decadent Of or relating to literary Decadence. (noun) 1. A person in a condition or process of mental or moral decay. 2. Often Decadent A member of []

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Daily Proverb "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Proverbs 24 19 Dont fret because of evildoers; dont envy the wicked.

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Find or Create a Chapter or Affiliate "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

World Beyond War allows volunteers to create (and assists in the creation) of new local organizations that we call World Beyond War chapters. If you cant find one near you below, you can create one. Its easy!

We also let existing organizations become affiliates. You can do that too. We do not include as affiliates groups that support war or other major forms of violence or injustice. But we do not expect to agree on every topic with every affiliate. An affiliate must be an organization working with us on ending war. If your organization or business wants to endorse ending war without becoming an affiliate, please sign here.

You can also vounteer to be a Country Coordinator.

Heres are some resources and guidelines for chapters and affiliates.


Country Coordinator: Samira Abrar
Affiliate: Rehabilitee Organization for Afghan War Victims

Country Coordinator: Robert Salerno

Chapter: World Beyond War Cameroon

Country Coordinator: Bob Fantina
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Media watch Saturday "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

24 February 2018 Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media. A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy. A general []


General chat "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat? Do it here. Please no personal attacks or bickering. Anything abusive, provocative or inflammatory may be deleted.


Open Forum Saturday "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

24 February 2018 This post is open to anyone to comment on any topic that isnt spam, illegal or offensive. All Your NZ posts are open but this one is for you to raise topics that interest you.  If providing opinions on or summaries of other information also provide a link to that information. Bloggers []


Woman severely injured after being bitten by shark off Sydney, Australia "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A woman is severely injured after being bitten by a shark off the coast of Sydney. The swimmer was in the water at Congwong Beach in La Perouse at 7pm on Friday when she was attacked by what is believed to have been a shark. In the wake of the attack, the local council has announced all beaches in the area will be closed on 'for at least Saturday'. The woman, who is aged in her 50s, was taken to St George Hospital where she is being treated for severe lacerations to one of her legs. A NSW Ambulance spokesman said it was unclear what species of shark had bitten the woman.


In other news: Environmental stories from around the web, February 23, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Tropical forests DRC reissues logging concession licenses, violating its own moratorium (Mareeg). NGOs charge that reinstated logging rights in DRC are on peatlands (Nasdaq/Reuters). No-deforestation pineapples available from Costa Rica (UNDP Green Commodities Programme/PR Newswire). The Amazon rainforest is nearing a tipping point, scientists argue (Science Advances). We have the tools to stop global deforestation, UN official says (UN News). Assessing the state of the Amazon (Ensia). How tropical trees withstand droughts in the Amazon (UCR Today). Drilling down into satellite data to understand seasonal changes in the tropics (Brookhaven National Laboratory/Phys.Org). Illegal avocado plantations discovered in Mexican butterfly refuge (Los Angeles Times). DJ races to record forest sounds before theyre gone in Indonesia (VICE News). Has forest certification failed to protect forests? (Yale e360). Brazil nears a decision on drilling by French oil company Total in the Amazon River basin (Reuter). Other news Investment firm BlackRock to demand contributions to society from supported companies (The New York Times). Scientists claim to have found the worlds ugliest animal in the deep ocean (The Straits Times). Vegetarian and vegan diets could help cut climate-warming emissions by 70 percent (AccuWeather). A profile of modern climate-change activists (The New York Times Magazine). Animals increasingly hemmed in (The New York Times). Pangolins saved in a vehicle crash in Thailand (The Nation). Satellite data reveals the state of Antarcticas ice flow (NASA/Phys.Org). Extinction cascades possible with increasing biodiversity loss, new study finds (University of Exeter/Phys.Org). New research reveals decades of warming in the Pacific near


Sustainable Population Australia comments on Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton on migration "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Australia has no coherent population plan other than to inundate the major cities with people. Instead of a well though-out population policy, the strategy has been to stoke overall economic growth to support big business. This suits the property industry and retailers but GDP per capita growth is stagnating while ordinary Australians are worse off.

Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott have both recently called out for a reduction of immigration to Australia. To quote Mr Abbott: "At the moment weve got stagnant wages, unaffordable housing, clogged infrastructure and there is no doubt the rate of immigration impacts on all of these things.

We support Mr Abbott's comments but it's unfortunate he didn't consider this while he was Prime Minister. Australia is suffering cumulative economic and environmental damage from unconstrained growth.

It is incorrect of Peter Dutton to suggest that in the Labor years the number peaked at about 305,900 in one year which was an enormous number, weve got that number down now below 190,000

While it is true that net overseas migration (NOM) which includes both permanent and temporary long-term residents peaked under Labor (at 315,700), it was still running at 245,500 as at the year to June 2017.

Most importantly, Peter Dutton failed to mention that Australias permanent migrant intake has never been higher than under this Coalition Government, set at nearly 210,000 a year currently.

Currently 60% of Australias growth is skilled migration whereas the humanitarian intake is less than 10%.

Foreign aid has also been significantly cut whilst the coalition has been in power. This is particularly true for overseas family planning services and the access to education that is required to empower women to choose the size of their families.

Paul Hawken, who was the keynote speaker at Melbournes Sustainable Living Festival, stated that family planning and access to education are together the most significant global responses to addressing climate change.

SPA calls for a fundamental change to population policy that addresses population issues both nationally and globally. This should involve reducing total migration to around 70 000 per a...


Giacometti Exhibition Art Gallery New South Wales 2006 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Sculptures, prints & drawings from the Maeght Foundation
Art Gallery of New South Wales
18 August until 29 October 2006

One of the most original and inventive artists of the 20th century

The Art Gallery of New South Wales brings to Australia for the first time an exhibition of some 79 works by Alberto Giacometti. Renowned for his relentless investigation of the human figure and his unique and singular vision, Giacometti stands beside Picasso and Matisse as one of the towering masters of 20th century art.

The 35 sculptures, 22 prints and 22 drawings in the exhibition span the two most intense phases of Giacomettis career the surrealist period from 1929 to 1934 and the post World War II period from 1947 to 1965, when he produced the thin and unnaturally elongated figures for which he has become best known.

The works have been drawn from the Marguerite and Aim Maeght Foundation in the south of France, which holds one of the most significant collections of Giacomettis work. In 1947 the Maeght family opened a gallery in Paris specialising in modern French art and were passionate advocates of Giacomettis work, holding exhibitions in the 1950s and early 60s. Aim and Marguerite Maeghts remarkable collection, which also includes work by Bonnard, Braque, Matisse, Miro, Chagall and Calder, is now on permanent display at the Maeght Foundation in Saint-Paul in the south of France.

Edmund Capon, director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales and curator of the....


World watch Saturday "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Friday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


February 24 in history "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

303  Galerius, Roman Emperor, published his edict that began the persecution of Christians in his portion of the Empire.

1387  King Charles III of Naples and Hungary was assassinated at Buda.

1538 Treaty of Nagyvarad between Ferdinand I and John Zpolya.

1582 Pope Gregory XIII announced the Gregorian calendar.

1607  LOrfeo by Claudio Monteverdi, one of the first works recognised as an opera, premiered.

1711 The London premire of Rinaldo by George Frideric Handel, the first Italian opera written for the London  stage.

1739 Battle of Karnal: The army of Iranian ruler Nadir Shah defeated the forces of the Mughal emperor of India, Muhammad Shah.

1786 Wilhelm Grimm, German philologist and folklorist, was born (d. 1859).

1803 The Supreme Court of the United States, in Marbury v. Madison, established the principle of judicial review.

1804 Londons Drury Lane Theatre burnt to the ground, leaving ownerRichard Brinsley Sheridan destitute.

1822 The 1st Swaminarayan temple in the world, Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Ahm...


1964 250 GT/L Berlinetta Lusso "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Only 350 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso were manufactured by Ferrari; they were produced from 1963 to 1964, and the rarity accounts for the 7 figures they regularly fetch at auctions. The car below, #275, was recently auctioned at Sothebys for $1,682,500. It has a 240 bhp, 2,953 cc SOHC aluminium V-12 engine with three Weber

Read More

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Midnight Movie: Sophie Scholl The Final Days remembering The White Rose "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Based on a true story of The White Rose a group of Germans who stood against the Nazis in Germany and paid with their lives.


365 days of gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Highlanders 41 Blues 34.

A win of the match and the Gordon Hunter Memorial Trophy is a wonderful way to start a season and brighten a Friday and Im grateful for it.


Podiatric Laboratory Orthotech Podiatric Laboratory "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Otrhotics manufacturer and supplier in Australia, UK, Ireland, New Zealand, and South East Asia.


Barnaby Joyce quits as Australian deputy prime minister and National party leader "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Barnaby Joyce has finally caved under pressure and sensationally stepped down as leader of the Nationals and as Deputy Prime Minister.

After a tumultuous month for the beleaguered politician, Joyce announced his resignation in a dramatic press conference in Armidale this afternoon.

Pressure has been mounting on Joyce ever since it was revealed that he had an affair with his staffer Vikki Campion, who is now his partner. They are now living together and their baby is due in April.

The member for New England confirmed he would remain in the seat but would be moving to the backbench

Can I say right from the start, this is never about me, he said in the press conference. Its about the person in the weather board, something that manifestly expressed what the National Party is about.

Its about the person in many places, their right to transcend through the economic and social stratification of life.

Joyce said it has been an incredible privilege to serve as Deputy Prime Minister of Australia.

It went from bad to worse for Joyce this week. Thursday, he denied claims of sexual harassment against him as spurious and defamatory as he faces fresh questions about an 11-day road trip he undertook in December.

The Deputy PM said there has been a litany of allegations none of which have been sustained.

Might I say right here, any person in any political party always says, the leaking, the backgrounding, all that, it will destroy not only our government, it will destroy any government, he said at the press conference today.

Now, might I say, with the last allegation that was in the paper today, I have asked that be referred to the police. Ive asked for the right of the person whos made the allegation and Ive asked for my right of defence that be referred to the police, he said.

But its quite evident that you cant go to the Despatch Box with issues like that surrounding you.

Joyce said the media attention was completely and utterly unwarranted.

He said he came to the decision to step down following the allegations describing it as the straw that broke the camels back.

Obviously, it was confirmed by the allegations that I read in the paper. I just thought that has to be the straw that breaks the camels back, he said.

Just hours ago, Nine N...


Cyber Ghosts and False Hopes "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Commentary By Sam Basil

Enough time has passed to discuss the issues at the centre of my recent decisions. I did not take any steps without considerable thought of the future of my political party and my country.

I spent each day imagining the wishes and aspirations of millions of people who advocated for revolutionary change in PNG in 2017. I knew that my job was to deliver on some of the dreams expressed to me in emails, blogs, and private conversations and even in popular songs.

However, when everything was said and done many hundreds of thousands of people did not follow through with the support that appeared to be pledged to me mainly through social media.

I too was misled into believing that the growing rhetoric would match the end result.

Like any other Papua New Guinean ahead of the 2017 General Election, I had expectations and high hopes for a result I knew I had worked vigorously to achieve with few resources.

I too rested my hopes on the support of millions of people who embraced my messages. I optimistically led a team of committed people who witnessed the expanding crowds and teams of women and children who rallied around our campaign to grant this country the change it was longing for.

I was there I led the charge. But this spirit was not reflected in votes.

My district and my people sacrificed politically so that I could be the voice for the entire country. The people of Wau-Bulolo District accepted the limitations of having their MP in opposition for 2 terms.

They understood that the resources that developed their infrastructure and delivered services to them came from my own innovation and my willingness to find new and creative ways to access funds and roll out programs in my district with very limited resources from opposition.

Today many voices and faces that were given a chance to commit to lasting change are criticizing my recent decisions and direction. Importantly, I too had beliefs in those in all electorates in PNG that are criticizing me now.

My expectation was that they were going to help me to create change with confidence. Many social media campaigners will never do anything more than sit in the luxury of a virtual reality and criticize.

They will use the thin veil of online chat rooms to analyse and theorize without ever risking anything, not even a vote in a secret ballot......


New Zealander of the year "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Congratulations Kristine Bartlett 2018 Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year. #bestofus Kiwibank (@KiwibankNZ) February 22, 2018 That seems like a fair choice. her determination had made a major difference to many aged care workers by getting them decent wage rates for difficult jobs. It should also benefit many of those being care []


FAKE NEWS "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Dopy and Grumpy (wif one eye shut) on the 7pm nzlp election advertorial,  introduced a Jamie Strange as 'the' MP for Hamilton East who was formerly a rock muso.

Very bloody 'Strange'  I thought, didn't a certain David Bennett win the last five elections for National after binning Dianne Yates who managed to be a one term wonder when she defeated Tony Steel in 2002.
2017 Bennett[ 18975,  also-rans including The Strange one[ 16541

I guess it is a minor point if the main focus is to promote the Red team,  any need for a red radio TV station is a relevant question.


Donald Trumps incredible powers of persuasion "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Long before Trump became president my daughter showed me this video. At the time both my parents were really anti-Trump and didnt think that he had a chance since they heard nothing but bad things from the mainstream media. After watching the video they could see that he actually is a very effective communicator.

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NZ First pork or overdue help for regions? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

I dont think theres any doubt that the regions have been neglected and in some cases allowed to wither by successive governments over the past thirty years. Its harder to work how much the $3 billion over three years regional development fund is an overdue investment in provincial New Zealand, and how much might be []


Daily roundup "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Put that in your pipe and smoke it Chris Hipkins!    

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Whaleoil backchat "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. You dont have to stay on topic in these posts like you do in all others. Feel free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. If you havent tried it before, signing up for a Disqus account is free, quick, and it is easy. New []

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Did they mislead the House? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Yesterday Adam had a post on how the Ardern calamity, aka the Labour led government,were unready for power. The main point of the post was the back-track on what had been seen as an electoral commitment by Labour.

Yet in The House

Julie Anne Genter later said Pharmac would fund $5m a year, so not a total back track, but additional questions then arise:-

  • in fact given the reference to the Pharmac Governance Manual below has a formal direction been issued if so by who and when as based on the list of delegated authorities to Associate Ministers, Pharmac is not explicitly listed as within Genters delegations as of early 2018
  • timing of the direction is crucial, was the direction after the question was raised in the media?
  • has additional funding been made available to Pharmac for this funding?
  • if not, what funding has Pharmac had to cut to make this funding available?
  • so whilst it can be argued that the electoral commitment has been met, what has been sacrificed to meet the commitment

Indeed directing Pharmac to provide the funding, if not augmented by additional funding to the agency sits very poorly with past Labour/Greens claims, aka grandstanding, that Vote Health was grossly underfunded and that they would move to increase funding. From that perspective one can legitimately claim that the Ardern calamity have danced on the head of a pin and made a truthful statement to Parliament, but have failed to deliver on the implied promise as instead of additional funding, it can be reasonably assumed that something else has been forgone

At the least more questions arise, Genters clarification has raised more questions and answers need to be given.

Crown agents l...


Lets talk "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

When did something start out badly for you but in the end, it was great? What weird food combinations do you really enjoy? Discuss:

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Comment of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

As successful Charter schools full of Maori students face forced closure we can only wonder if Marama Fox had a point. Did Maori parents vote for Labour en-masse? Have they run from the arms of a government that provided their Whanau with a bright future, straight back onto the arms of a Nanny state who want education []

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School uniform too expensive? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Whine, whine, whine!  Each start of the school year brings parents complaints about the cost of kitting out little Johnny Simpleton in his new school uniform. Its a rip-off, they say. When will they realize they get what they pay for? Schools choose uniforms that are fit for purpose, comfortable, durable and yes, value for []

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Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Suggestionize   to treat or influence by the power of suggestion; prompt.


The loneliest tree in the world "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

I came across this on WUWT where the climate bods are getting all excited about what a core sample told them but that is all boring.  For those of you who also like quirky facts heres one: Campbell Island is one of those places few people can point to on a map but it []

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Destroying the foundations of our culture, one holiday at a time "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

You dont have to be a church-going Christian to acknowledge the deep-rooted Christian foundations of Western society. Everything from our artistic treasures, to such fundamental principles as natural law and the rights and dignity of the individual, even despite the misinformed sneering of porch atheists the rise of modern science, sprang in large []

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Mental health break "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Growth from Sil van der Woerd on Vimeo.

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Botten: 2018 a pivotal year ahead for Oil Search "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

2018 is expected to be a pivotal year for Oil Search, with many activities reaching important milestones, Mr Botten said when releasing the companys full year results for 2017 today (February 20th, 2018).

The companys net after tax profit rose 236% to $US302.1 million, buoyed by strong oil and gas prices, and record production.

Oil Search reported a net profit after tax of $US302.1 million, 236 per cent higher than the net profit in 2016, Mr Botten said.

Sales revenue benefited from the rise in global oil and gas prices, with the average realised oil and condensate price increasing by 24% to US$55.68/bbl and the average realised LNG and gas price 21% higher, at US$7.67/mmBtu. This more than offset slightly lower sales volumes, driving a 17% increase in total revenue to US$1.45 billion.

Unit production costs remained highly competitive, at US$8.67 per boe, and the Companys operating margin was a healthy 73%. Other operating costs increased from US$131.7 million to US$141.1 million, primarily reflecting the impact of higher sales on royalties, levies and selling expenses as well as a provision for redundant warehouse stock. Depreciation and amortisation charges of US$11.95 per boe were significantly lower than in 2016, reflecting the impact of higher 2P reserves following the recertification of the PNG LNG Project fields.

Speaking about LNG expansion, Mr Botten said: Productive, high level meetings were recently held between Oil Search, ExxonMobil and Total to discuss the results of the downstream development options that were received by the PRL 15 joint venture partners last December.

The partners have reached broad agreement on the preferred development concept, which will be presented to the PNG Government and other PNG LNG and PRL 3 joint venture partners for endorsement. The development concept that will be proposed is likely to comprise the construction of three LNG trains, with total capacity of approximately 8 MTPA.

Two of these trains are likely to be dedicated to Papua LNG, supplied with gas from the Elk-Antelope fields, with an additional expansion train underpinned by gas from the existing PNG LNG fields and the Pnyang field. We expect negotiations on cost sharing arrangements and the principles governing integration to commence shortly, which will enable the completion of downstream and upstream technical studies.

Oil Search expects that discussions....


Recognising Oil Searchs brilliant women in science - introducing Velencia Komun, Oil Search Graduate Geoscientist "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Recognising Oil Searchs brilliant women in science - introducing Velencia Komun, Oil Search Graduate Geoscientist

You can be a scientist too!"

Geology was considered a purely male discipline in the 1800s. During that time, women had limited access to educational resources such as libraries, and even classrooms, if men were already seated in them. Those were challenging times for women, but Florence Bascom pursued her love of science and went on to make innovative contributions to the field of geology and is considered to be the first American woman geologist.

Bascom paved the way for women everywhere, including graduate geoscientist Velencia Komun from Western Highlands, who recently joined Oil Search through its graduate development programme.

I was inspired to become a geologist after I read about Florence Bascom, the Pioneer of Women Geologists. Even though she lived so many years ago in America, her legacy lives on to this day, said Velencia who achieved a milestone for herself and her highly supportive family by graduating with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Geology from the University of Papua New Guinea.

Not only was it a significant milestone for me, it opened doors to so many opportunities, each a milestone in itself such as this opportunity I now have with Oil Search, added Velencia who has been affiliated with the Company since 2016.

Little did she know she would also create history for herself by traveling to the country where Bascom was born to experience an exciting area of geological research which included work on structural geology: something that also fascinated Bascom.

Velencia mentioned in an earlier interview that an understandi...


Akaku Upstairs Presents: Who Survived the Nuclear Bomb? The REAL story behind Hiroshima 3/1/18 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Melinda Clarke is an accidental activist who began marching to her own tune after the Three Mile Island incident in 1979. Having lived in Japan in 1964, she had a calling to move back. Not long after she arrived, Clarke took on a prophecy-fulfilling side project: She started interviewing survivors of the atomic blast in

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The system works, if youre Muslim, brown and female "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

As recently reported on Whale Oil, one-woman Muslim clownshow, Yassmin Abdel-Magied, was recently made the subject of notorious star chamber, the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC). Naturally, Abdel-Magied was shocked shocked at such temerity. After all, as she never tires of reminding us, shes Muslim, brown and female and, therefore according to leftist []

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Map of the day: Bastards "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Percentage Of Children In Europe Born Outside of Marriage The map shows the percentage of children in various European countries born to parents who are not married. While the map is in German, the colours are fairly obvious, the darker the red the greater the share of children born outside of marriage is. The data []

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Where to Find the Big Stock Trades "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

  • Spare a thought for the desperate people of Venezuela
  • Why the good time for Qantas might not last
  • Plus, why a gain is never yours until its in your pocket
 Amidst the happy earnings season here in Australia, we should probably spare a thought for the people of Venezuela right now.

Bloomberg reports that the oil industry the only thing the country has going for it is collapsing from workers too exhausted and weak to do their jobs properly.

Thats because theyre starving. The food supply in the country is minimal and the currency has collapsed from hyperinflation. The regime there has turned the entire country into a failed state.

Its just another tragic example of how a country blessed in natural resources can be reduced to penury under autocratic government.

Poverty is never the natural state of the world. There are only three things we need to create wealth: Land, labour and capital. Only the idiocy of manmade laws and corrupted human nature can turn a country as resource-rich as Venezuela into what it is today

Will China move to save Venezuela?

And yet we hear so little about this. Surely this is a humanitarian crisis? But there no whispers of regime change or help, as far as the powers that be are concerned.

They dont seem to mind interfering everywhere else, so why not here? I have no idea. Presumably, theres no geopolitical significance to Venezuela.

That might say something about the oil industry right now. There was a time when a crumbling energy supply coming out of Venezuela might have caused angst in the world. But the US shale revolution is pouring out so much oil and gas that the US has the luxury of not caring quite so much.

Im not sure how long such a benign state of affairs can last. One concern is that the ongoing tension in the Middle East could cause oil prices to spike. The second is that China and India are going to stay very thirsty for oil in the foreseeable future.

Venezuela with no great love of the US was a handy source of supply here. Lets keep an eye on this to see if Chinese firms or the government do something to stem the chaos happening here.

Its also worth following oil right now because its possible and Im only speculating here that Qantas could be setting up as a great short at some point in the future.

I know, I know. Qantas has just announced a great profit and share buyback. It might ev...


No "breakthrough" in the Mackenzie country "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

ECan has released a report on the environmental governance of the Mackenzie basin, which they're hailing as some sort of "breakthrough":

After more than 10 years of wrangling between environmental and farming interests, a "breakthrough" report on the Mackenzie Basin proposes everyone comes together if the area is to be properly protected.

While emphasising a need for better collaboration, the 54-page "Mackenzie Basin: Opportunities for Alignment", released publicly this week, stops short of suggesting a formal amalgamation of local council and government departments.

Commissioned by Environment Canterbury (ECan), Land Information New Zealand (Linz), the Department of Conservation (DOC) and the Waitaki and Mackenzie district councils, the report recommends joint consent hearings, clearer plan guidelines, new tenure review guidelines and staff sharing among affected organisations. It also suggests all of the major agencies look into ways of managing the pressures of tourism in the Mackenzie.

Mackenzie District Mayor Graham Smith said the report was a "breakthrough".

Hardly. Because if you read the report, and in particular the issues summary table, its clear that there is a huge divergance in views between farmers (who want to profit by despoiling the area and drowning it in pivot irrigators) and everyone else. While there's obvious potential for government agencies to work more closely together to ensure that e.g. ECan's water consents don't undermine district council efforts to control land use, there's no kum-bah-yah group hug "everyone wins" moment to be found here. As the report itself notes, "a common understanding of the appropriate extent of pastoral intensification compared to landscape / ecological protection has not yet been achieved". And given that that is the central problem, this isn't any form of "breakthrough".

The central idea of the report is a drylands park to protect the natural landscape, now downgraded to a non-contiguous drylands natural heritage area because so much of it has been privatised and destroyed while they've been talking. If we're to have any hope of achieving this, then the first step has to be stopping the corrupt process of tenure review, at least in the northern part of the basin, so the government can work out what land we would need to make it happen. The good news is that the relevant portfolios are both in the hands of Eugenie Sage, so we we now have a Minister and a government which might actually be interested in doing this.


NZ teachers unions: Keep the Brown Down "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Guest Post: I was just mulling over the reasons the teachers unions hate the Charter schools and a dazzling and obvious reason came to me. I think itd make a great slogan for teachers unions T-shirts   Lets keep the brown down! as, lets face it, Charter schools are overwhelmingly helping Polynesian students, eh! Just []

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Rural round-up "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Southland eyes oats instead of dairy Baz Macdonald:

Southland is looking into an alternative to dairy farming that taps into surging Asian demand, but uses less capital and water and produces less nitrates and greenhouse emissions. Baz Macdonald reports.

Agriculture represented 4% of NZs real GDP in the 2016 financial year, yet an OECD report released last year showed the sector produced half of our countries greenhouse emissions making NZ the second highest creator of emissions per unit of GDP in the world. The recommendation from the OECD was that we develop alternative measures to counter the pressures of farming. . . 

Gita: Motueka orchards hit hard Alexa Cook:

Orchards in the Motueka area have been hit hard by flooding from Cyclone Gita, prompting fears fruit will not make it to market.

The Nelson region grows a quarter of the countrys apples, and in the past week has started harvesting this years crop.

Apple and Pears Incorporated chief executive Alan Pollard said the flooding came at a bad time and was a big set back. . . 

Cyclone devastates up to 50 percent maize crops Alexa Cook:

The pressure is on for Taranaki farmers to harvest maize crops that have been flattened by Cyclone Gita, before the crop starts to die and rot.

The cyclone hit the region on Tuesday with wind gusts of up to 140km/h.

Southern and coastal Taranaki farmers have struggled with drought this summer, but conditions were just right for growing maize and a bumper crop was expected.

However, Taranaki Federated Farmers president Donald McIntyre said the cyclone might have put an end to that. . . 



The journalist, the Human Rights Commissioner, the Prime Minister and the abuses. "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

By PNG Echo It is, by now, well known that, last weekend, this journalist was refused entry into Papua New Guinea (PNG) by order of the Prime Minister. It was heavy handed, provocative and ultimately an exercise in futility. May I remind the Prime Minister that there have been very successful revolutions enacted remotely the Ayotollah Khomeini effected the Iranian revolution from enforced exile in Paris, for instance.   In PNG, political revolution is not called for the government was democratically elected and ought to be free to do its job. Its the fact that this government is not doing that job; that it is falling down badly in some areas of concern affecting the human rights of half its population. The ill-fortune of women in PNG will not change (and it surely must) until there is effective political leadership with a Prime Minister whos committed to the Continue reading The journalist, the Human Rights Commissioner, the Prime Minister and the abuses.


REGARDING THE NATIONAL RADIOACTIVE WASTE MANAGEMENT FACILITY summary of letter to Industry Minister Matt Canavan "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

1) The process is very divisive. Repeated, highly damaging processes imposed on previously cohesive communities are causing significant harms.
2) Considerable amounts of persistently misleading information have been and continue to be presented to communities. Incorrect and incomplete information does not result in genuine consent.
3) There is a failure to observe international best practice standards for the highly radioactive long lived intermediate level waste (ILW) management. There is no disposal plan whatsoever for ILW, leaving the problem for many future generations.

1) There is a lack of demonstrable Net benefit. The proposed 40 year-long expansion of medical isotope production needs genuine cost/benefit analysis to make sure this is not a heavily subsidised product being sold into the global market at the expense of the Australian community both now and in the future. Independent NEA/OECD economic modelling finds only 10-15% cost recovery of isotope manufacture when there is genuine inclusion of all costs.
2) The expansion will create 40 years of significantly increased production of ILW.
3) ANSTO has a narrative of global shortages, yet given falling demand and increasing global supply there is no shortage of Mo99. The NEA/OECD predict a significant oversupply.
4) Again, there is no plan whatsoever for disposal of the additional ILW generated.

Both processes are unacceptably flawed.

Medical Association for the Prevention of War (MAPW)  urges

* A halt to the current NRWMF process until such time as worlds best practice i...


Bravo Bryce "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Bryce Wilkinson from the New Zealand Initiative writes:

When I was a lad, Treasury was a home for bean counters. Many a fine public servant did an accounting degree part-time at evening classes at Vic. Full-time study was unaffordable; they needed a day job for income.

They knew their day job. It was to run a surgical eye over departmental spending proposals. Noes were more satisfying than Ayes. Noes could help a minister of finance keep the budget healthy. Noes saved the country money.

The proportion of Noes that won the day in Cabinet was a measure of ones batting average.

They wrote short, incisive reports with recommendations based on a few well-chosen facts, knowledge, and experience. Cabinet deadlines were tight. A succinct one-page report was good. It would be read. A longer one might not be.

Looking back, one has to feel sorry for these investigating officers. The poor chaps never had a chance in these short reports to muse about such lofty matters as intergenerational wellbeing.

Happily, todays Treasury is not so constrained by cold-hearted value-for-money considerations. Your and my wellbeing and that of our children and their future children are ever closer to its throbbing heart.

This week it added to the warming embrace by releasing four discussion documents on its wellbeing framework. Treasury wants government agencies to be more cohesive so public policy on wellbeing, spending and other government interventions is aligned with improving intergenerational wellbeing.

At long last the public service will overcome its silo tendencies. We look forward to seeing agencies graciously deferring to each other: No, please cut our budget to help you expand yours, what you are doing is more important for intergenerational wellbeing.

The Treasury old-timers probably never conceived that this might be possible.  One can almost imagine them applauding in unison from their graves.

It is comforting to know that the public service will be focusing on how much you want to cut back on your spending to bequeath more to the next generation. You wont need to think about that for yourself as much.

Perhaps the day will come when the sign outside Treasury, coined from a Christchurch art exhibit, reads: The House of Wellbeing, Resilience and Sustainability: All Welcome, bar Bean Counters.


Longterm slump in uranium industry looks like being permanent "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Very few mines could operate at a profit at current prices. Some mines are profitable because earlier contracts stipulated higher prices, while many mines are operating at a loss.

And with the cost of a single power reactor climbing to as much as $20 billion, proposals to introduce nuclear power to Australia seem more and more quixotic and are now largely limited to the far right in particular, Australians Conservatives luminary Senator Cory Bernardi and the Minerals Council of Australia.

BHP marketing vice-president Vicky Binns said in December 2017 that uranium markets would remain oversupplied for close to a decade, with downward pressure remaining on uranium prices 

Uranium industry slumps, nuclear power dead in the water  Jim Green, Online Opinion,  23 F

.These days, the market exhibits multiple levels of weirdness, all stemming from the growing acknowledgment that nuclear power and the uranium industry face a bleak future.

The uranium market has a subdued outlook and Camecos uranium is now more valuable in the ground according to Warwick Grigor from Far East Capital, because the cost of production is higher than the prices currently being offered. Camec...


Resource owners welcome industry removal from MRA Board "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Resource Owners Have Thanked The Government For The Many Laws That Give Rights To Them In The Country.

Post Courier | February 23, 2018

The Resource Owners Federation of Papua New Guinea, which has been campaigning for the removal of the industry representatives from the board of the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA), is pleased with the government for finally amending the Mineral Resources Authority Act 2005, to remove the mining industry representatives from the board of the authority. The presence of the mining industry representatives on the board of the MRA had caused the public to distrust the Authority and its decisions, even if those decisions were proper.

MRA is the States regulatory institution, whose function is to administer the mining laws of PNG.

Federation President Jonathan Paraia said it was utterly improper and unlawful for representatives of the industry, who are the subjects of the mining laws to have had a hand in the enforcement of the laws against themselves for the last seventeen years or so. He said their presence has been an impediment to the rule of law being applied impartia...


There is no conflict of interest says Minister of Education Kelvin Davis: Put up or shut up "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Question No. 8Education 8. Hon NIKKI KAYE (NationalAuckland Central) to the Associate Minister of Education: What recent discussions or meetings has he had to progress opportunities for young Mori in our education system? Hon KELVIN DAVIS (Associate Minister of Education): I met with officials as recently as yesterday to talk about our Mori education work programme, which, for the []

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Promoter of war with China to be next US ambassador to Australia "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Contributed by Jim Hayes

The United States has appointed Admiral Harry Harris to be the next ambassador to Australia, after his coming retirement from military service.

This should be of serious concern, given his recent call to the American Congress to prepare for the possibility of war with China.

A war to enforce ongoing American domination in the Asia-Pacific region is wrong.  It would bring immense destruction and suffering, and the appointment of a principal champion of the military path is a provocation to China and poses a threat to Australia.

Harris claims that Chinas military might could soon rival US power across almost every domain, and assesses that Beijing aims, to control the South China Sea. What he neglects to say is that up to now, the South China Sea has been under the control of the United States naval presence. To put this into perspective. This is one of the worlds most important shipping lanes, carrying one third of world shipping,  and extends to Chinas mainland border. The Chinese see that American dominance of this stretch of water, poses a major security threat to Chinas sovereignty and international trade.

It is not so strange that China should introduce its own military presence near the border of its own home turf. How would the United States react if the Chinese sent war ships into the Gulf of Mexico? This is no different. We saw during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis that the Gulf became a United States exclusion zone, although there are a number of other nations on the borders and inside the Gulf.

Harry Harris told the House Armed Services Committee that the US and its allies should tackle Chinas rising influence. He talked about the threat to the existing international rules based order.  What are these rules, other than those imposed by the United States after the Second World War, to underline its dominant position and global policing role?

It is clear that the old rules no longer apply and that a new mechanism for the settlement of territorial disputes needs to be put in place. This needs diplomacy and not military threat.

The world has changed, and the United States is a diminishing power. This means other nations are starting to assert themselves and the age of a single dominant power has come to an end. A section of the American elite cannot stomach this an...


OFFICIAL VISITORS "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

ACT Corrective Services and Child and Youth Protection Services


Labour love to virtue signal about Islam but just got a cold dose of reality "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

In what has been called a diplomatic incident an Iranian delegation refused to shake the hand of Labour MP Jo Luxton. The fact that Labour were even surprised by this insult illustrates how completely ignorant and naive they are about Islam. Clearly, Iranian Green MP Golriz Ghahraman hasnt bothered to educate them about Islam (which []

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Broncos arrive in Port Moresby "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Brisbane Broncos team arrived today to a packed crowd waiting for them at the Jacksons International Airport, Port Moresby.
They were greeted outside the terminal by die heart fans who waited at the airport for 2-3 hours just to get a glimpse of their favourite players and offcourse the man behind the team Wayne Bennett.
Broncos Captain Alex Glenn was overwhelmed with the reception they received at the airport and he was even surprised to see a placard with his name on it.
As we were coming out, I looked up and there were hundreds of people behind the fence, I saw this small fellow holding an Alex Glenn flag and I was pretty stoked
He said he felt like a rock star walking out of the airport and the atmosphere just gave him that feeling of being an important person.
As soon as we walked out of the doors, we could hear everyone screaming, clapping and the big smile on their faces with hundreds of cameras everywhere, it was a rock star moment
Meanwhile the captain believes it will be a very physical game against the PNG Hunters this Saturday.
I played with the Cook Islands against PNG in the Pacific Test Match and they were very physical and very tough and they played with lots skills, it just not going to be an easy match PNGFM


PNG Government imposes tough penalties for Illegal Use or Possession of Firearms "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

PNG PM O'Neill
People illegally using or possessing firearms will face jail terms of up to ten years and fines of up to K10,000 under strict new laws to be presented to Parliament in April.

The Prime Minister, Peter ONeill , has announced that the National Executive Council has formally endorsed amendments to the Firearms Act that will increase penalties for offenders, and will work with the Governments commitment to modernise the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

In making the announcement, the Prime Minister said there is no excuse for the illegal use of firearms, so criminals caught with weapons will be sentenced to long periods in jail and pay a significant amount of money in fines.

I am sick and tired of reports of people illegally using weapons who are not sent to jail, the Prime Minister said.

This is not good enough for our families and our communities, so under the changes the law will get tough on weapons offenders.

The illegal firing of a gun, dealing in illegal weapons, or making homemade guns will attract a range of penalties of between one and ten years in jail, and fines of up to K10,000.

Papua New Guinea, and countries around the world, face similar problems with the illegal use of weapons, and we must take action to stop the criminals.

Our Government earlier directed an audit of penalties, and the recommendations are that we must create real deterrents to the illegal use of firearms.

So when the amendments to the Firearms Act are passed into law by the Parliament, anyone holding an illegal gun, or anyone who knows about an illegal weapon, better be ready for serious jail time when they are caught.

The same goes for any misuse of weapons that will bring hefty fines and jail time.

PM ONeill said the review of Firearms Act is also in line with the Governments program to modernise the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

A review of the entire police force is underway that will deliver recommendations for NEC to consider.

This review goes to core element...


Comment for Today "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

From a comment on a Twitter thread

Ive noticed a disturbing pattern: the 2nd amendment, as it is now interpreted, is increasingly in conflict with the 1st. Instead of banning guns, we need to regulate the internet, movies, and video games. Also, the right to peacefully assemble is under assault literally.


Fridays answers "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Andrei posed Thursdays questions for which he gets my thanks.

A virtual box of peaches can be collected by leaving the answers below.


View from your window "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Where do you think todays photo was taken? Yesterdays photo was the view from a readers Waiheke Island window. If you think that you have the perfect competition photo please send it to  Put Competition photo in the subject line. We need one full of visual clues.  

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Thursday, 22 February


Manager, Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Murdoch University Perth Western Australia


Student Success Officer "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Murdoch University Perth Western Australia


No democracy for education "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Why does Labour insist on democracy being everywhere except in education? They want Maori wards to push democracy for Maori because they want Maori to have more control. They want to bring back democracy to Environment Canterbury and have campaigned for years to bring back the board that National sacked for being useless because they []

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Best earnings growth since 2014 (led by NSW & QLD) "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Pay gap closing

It's been a pedestrian half-decade for salaries, especially if you're a man.

And that continued in 2017, with the average pay for males growing by about +2 per cent for ordinary time earnings. 

An awful lot of energy is directed to blaming immigration for this, but as with many other data releases the figures have generally followed a pattern of being very upbeat before the peak of resources construction, and then far more modest as we've come down the other side. 

That's particularly been the case in the resources states such as Western Australia, South Australia, and Queensland where average earnings growth was very strong up until 2012, and then cooled. 

This dynamic is perhaps most evident in full-time male total earnings. 

At the sectoral level, unsurprisingly mining was the weakest performing industry, with earnings essentially flat over the year to November 2017 - or down in real terms - although mining remains the highest paid sector of the economy with an average wage exceeding $134,000. 

The next highest paid roles tend to be in IT, where the average wage is now approaching six figures, and finance & insurance at just over $97,000. 

Pay gap closes

There was some...


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Medal Mania "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Sporting success in perspective By Roger Childs We do have a reputation for being a country thats sporting mad. However, I have friends who, despite my best efforts, dont know who is playing in up-coming cricket and rugby tests. But at times the media seems to go crazy over meritorious, but by world standards, minor []


First thoughts on the Herald paywall "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Herald announces:

NZME, owner of the 'New Zealand Herald', plans to put up a paywall around premium journalism on its website, says chief executive Michael Boggs.
Based on the Herald's increasing tabloidisation, that would be a laughably small amount of content.

If any.

The phrase 'the Herald's premium journalism' has become virtually on oxymoron. And only a moron would pay to have to have the Herald's reporters pass on their gossip or paid advertising as news.

And since the Herald's rare excursions into quality are generally lifted wholesale from the world's other, better, news sources, why wouldn't you just read your news direct?

So, no, I won't be signing up. Would you?



Angry Abbott returns serve after criticism "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Tony Abbott has penned a blistering retort to his colleagues after his calls for cuts to immigration were dismissed by the governments front bench.

In an opinion piece for The Australian on Friday, Mr Abbott names and shames critics of his calls for cuts to Australian immigration, and suggests they have not read his speech.

One thing I am not going to cop is gratuitous criticism from ministers who are only in government because I led them there, the federal member for Warringah writes.

It is the prime ministers right to choose his ministerial team and, given some of the policies of this government, Im happy to serve on the backbench.

The former prime minister lobbed a grenade into the immigration debate this week by calling for Australias permanent migration intake to be slashed by 80,000 places per year to 110,000.

That sparked a war of words with senior coalition colleagues all slapping down Mr Abbott, and continuing after his latest string of suggestions.

Trade Minister Steve Ciobo was among those who rejected Mr Abbotts arguments against migrants, labelling his position lazy and inaccurate.

Despite not wanting to get into a tit-for-tat discussion with Mr Abbott he spoke out again from Washington, where hes part of a delegation to the US led by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

He said housing issues raised by Mr Abbott were largely restricted to Melbourne and Sydney while other markets are experiencing price drops and only modest gains.

Lets not pretend this is about numbers of immigrants, the fact is Australia is a richer country because of immigration, he told Sky News.

Acting Prime Minister Mathias Cormann and Treasurer Scott Morrison have also drawn Mr Abbotts ire.

Youd think a government thats lost the past 27 Newspolls might be curious about how it could lift its game, Mr Abbott wrote.

But no, ministers have gone out of their way to attack a colleague who knows more about winning elections than anyone in the parliament.

Australias population is expected to grow by 11.8 million people by 2046, which is equivalent to adding a new city roughly the size of Canberra each year for the next 30 years.

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APEC to promote foreign plunder of PNG resources "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Newcrests Ian Kemish signed the agreement with Chairman of PNG ABAC Secretariat, Wayne Golding

Australian mining giant, Newcrest, paying K841,000 to sponsor the APEC CEOs meeting in November tells us all we need to know about who stands to benefit from the APEC pantomime in PNG this year.

It sure as hell is not going to be PNGs 3 million farmers or 7 million customary landholders!

First platinum sponsor for APEC CEOs Summit

Freddy Mou | PNG Loop | February 22, 2018

Seven platinum sponsor spaces are yet to be lled, with nine months remaining for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEOs Summit in November this year.

Newcrest Mining Ltd was the first company to sign an agreement with the APEC Authority in Port Moresby today for the platinum sponsor. ...


When in Rome? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Labour and others exploiting NZ xenophobia


When in Rome its good manners to do what the Romans do, but what if youre expected to do something that contravenes your religion or culture?

Labour MPs have taken offence at an Iranian agricultural delegation after they were told the Iranians wouldnt shake the hand of their female counterpart.

Labours Jo Luxton is the deputy chair of the Primary Production select committee, which held a meeting with the Iranians today.

She says as a woman it made her uncomfortable, but she understands that in her role as an MP shell deal with situations of cultural difference.

Luxton says they were told at the start of the meeting it wouldnt be appropriate for her to approach the visitors, to shake their hand. . . 

Before New Zealanders get too outraged about this, remember its only a couple of weeks ago that the Prime Minister was allowed to speak on

View original post 35 more words


Coral reefs may dissolve in acidic oceans "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Coral reefs could start to dissolve before 2100 as man-made climate change drives acidification of the oceans, scientists say.

Acidification will threaten sediments that are building blocks for reefs.

Corals already face risks from ocean temperatures, pollution and overfishing.

Coral reefs will transition to net dissolving before end of century, the Australian-led team of scientists wrote in the US journal Science.

Net dissolving means reefs would lose more material than they gain from the growth of corals.

Carbon dioxide, the main man-made greenhouse gas, forms a weak acid in water and threatens to dissolve the reef sediments, made from broken down bits of corals and other carbonate organisms that accumulate over thousands of years, it said.

The sediments are 10 times more vulnerable to acidification than the tiny coral animals that also extract chemicals directly from the sea water to build stony skeletons that form reefs, the study said.Coral animals will be able to keep growing and replenish reefs long after sandy sediments start to dissolve, lead author Bradley Eyre, of Southern Cross University, told Reuters.

This probably reflects the corals ability to modify their environment and partially adapt to ocean acidification whereas the dissolution of sands is a geo-chemical process that cannot adapt, he wrote in an e-mail.

The report said it was unknown if the whole reef will erode once the sediments become net dissolving and whether reefs will experience catastrophic destruction or merely a slow erosion.

Some reef sediments were already starting to dissolve, such as at Kaneohe Bay in Hawaii, where other pollutants were contributing.

Eyre said it was unclear if the dissolution of sediments could be a long-term threat to entire islands, from the Pacific to the Caribbean.

Other studies say that deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions can limit acidification.

Most studies show that acidification will be overwhelmingly bad for ocean life, also threatening creatures such as oysters, lobsters and crabs.

Another study on Thursday, however, found that it might help the growth of some plants.

An increase of carbon dioxide in the ocean theoretically could stimulate higher growth of kelp and seaweeds, Kasper Hancke, a biologist at the Norwegian Institute for Water Research, wrote in a statement.

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Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"



Office of Hawaiian Affairs Trustee Keli`i Akina is publicly calling on the OHA Board of Trustees to take action to remove CEO Kamana`opono Crabbe, after a scathing audit revealed serious financial mismanagement.

Although the state audit reveals that OHAs CEO is personally responsible for the misspending of millions of dollars, the Trustees who allow him to remain in place are now just as complicit, Trustee Akina said.  

Failure to act decisively to remove the CEO, considering the overwhelming evidence presented by the state Auditor, would be a dereliction of our fiduciary duty as Trustees to protect the Native Hawaiian trust fund.

After months of rigorous examination of OHA grants, sponsorships and spending in fiscal years 2015 and 2016, the state audit identified gross financial mismanagement and inappropriate spending.

According to the state Auditor, there were numerous instances where the CEO ignored grants...


When in Rome? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

When in Rome its good manners to do what the Romans do, but what if youre expected to do something that contravenes your religion or culture?

Labour MPs have taken offence at an Iranian agricultural delegation after they were told the Iranians wouldnt shake the hand of their female counterpart.

Labours Jo Luxton is the deputy chair of the Primary Production select committee, which held a meeting with the Iranians today.

She says as a woman it made her uncomfortable, but she understands that in her role as an MP shell deal with situations of cultural difference.

Luxton says they were told at the start of the meeting it wouldnt be appropriate for her to approach the visitors, to shake their hand. . . 

Before New Zealanders get too outraged about this, remember its only a couple of weeks ago that the Prime Minister was allowed to speak on the marae at Waitangi.


In New Zealand women are supposed to be equal everywhere and the role of Prime Minister should transcend gender but there are still places where old cultural practices take precedence.



The Politician's Syllogism, or, How politics solves problems "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Read this:

His Royal Majesty was forced to swallow antimony a toxic metal. He vomited and was given a series of enemas. His hair was shave f, and he had blistering agents applied to the scalp, to drive any bad humours downward.
....Plasters of chemical irritants, including pigeon droppings, were applied to the soles of the royal feet, to attract the falling humours. Another ten ounces of blood was drawn.
....The king was given white sugar candy, to cheer him up, then prodded with a red-hot poker. He was then given forty drops of ooze from "the skull of a man that was never buried" who, it was promised, had died a. most violent death. Finally, crushed stones from the intestines of a goat from East India were forced down the royal throat
If you guessed that the next sentence reads something like, "not surprisingly, the king died soon after," then you wouldn't be too surprised.

The quote comes from new book The Elephant in the Brain by Robin Hanson. It describes perfectly how politics "solves" problems.

Why did what was then the world's most celebrated physicians undertake such injudicious treatment on their single-most important patient? Because all the nations eyes were upon them.
The king died on February 6. But notice all the conspicuous effort in this story. If Charles's physicians had simply prescribed soup and bed rest, everyone might have questioned whether "enough" had been done. Instead, the king's treatments were elaborate and esoteric, By sparing no expense or effort -- by procuring fluids form a torture victim and stones from goat bellies -- the physicians were safe from accusations of malpractice.
The physicians were safe. The patient was not.

This is a prime example of what Sir Humphrey Appleby famously summarised as the Politician's Syllogism, "Something must be done. This is something. Therefore we must do it." And be seen to do it.

In following the Syllogism the politicians themselves are almost always safe.

It's you and I who are not.

[Hat tip Michael Strong and David Weiner]


We can change the world "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

No, nothing will change so long as we support corrupt governments by doing NOTHING! Australia & the US support the genocide in West Papua, the Papuans were our allies in WW2 & saved many of our servicemen. Nothing will change unless the corrupt governments are sacked & a better non corrupt governing system is put in place. This will never happen in Australia, but it may happen in other countries.


Book review of the day: Beartown "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

You can help. Send your book review to and we will put it up when it is your turn. Please set your submission out with the name of the book, then the author and then describe in your own words what the book is about. Also if you happen to be a commenter please []

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1080 Whistleblower Wins Case "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Graeme Sturgeon goes free By Stephanie McKee In the Thames District Court on 20th February,  Judge Greg Hollister-Jones dismissed a charge of common assault brought by the New Zealand Police against Graeme Sturgeon of Coromandel. The unprofessional and confrontational methods used by the DoC security guard, in opening Graeme Sturgeons car door forcibly, in a []


Brewarrina residents step up campaign against proposed nuclear dump. "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

22 Feb 18 Brewarrina residents, including Ngemba people with local cultural responsibilities, are stepping up their campaign against the proposal for national nuclear waste dump in the region. 

silent vigil will be held during the Council meeting at 8:30am this Friday February 23, followed with a rally on Saturday morning at 9:30am.

In November 2017 the Brewarrina Council revealed that a delegation had traveled to Lucas Heights nuclear reactor in Sydney and subsequently engaged pro-nuclear consultant Robert Parker.

Trish Frail, a Ngemba woman who is coordinating the local campaign to oppose the dump, said the community was shocked by the proposal.

This nuclear facility will not benefit our town, the community or the environment, Ms Frail said. 

Ngemba people are custodians for the Ngunnhu Fish Traps. The site is claimed to be over six...


Swedish Courts finding on dubious safety of copper canisters for radioactive wastes "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

MKG 20th Feb 2018, Translation into English of the Swedish Environmental Courts opinion on
the final repository for spent nuclear fuel as well as some comments onthe decision and the further process. The court said no to the application because it considered that there were problems with the copper canister that had to be resolved now and not later.

The translation shows the courts judicial argumentation and why it decided not to accept the regulator
SSMs opinion that...


Education Centrals poll: Charter schools should stay open "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Education Central ran an online poll asking if Charter schools should be closed. Someone needs to tell Jacinda Ardern that her governments termination plan is not a winner with the general public.

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Premier Jay Weatherill says that South Australias election will be a referendum on renewables "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Weatherill: Why state election will be referendum on renewables, REneweconomy, By Giles Parkinson on 22 February 2018 


NRA vision of schools in their perfect safe world "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Pat Bagley Salt Lake Tribune responding to Wayne Lapierres revolting remarks at CPAC. Bagley did not have to draw this recently he drew it 5 years ago, it seems the NRA are consistently appalling




Labors doublespeak about Adani coal mine plan "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Greens use Labors Adani indecision to ramp up Batman campaign
Activists seize upon Labors contradictory messages on Queensland coalmine in battle for inner-city Melbourne,
Guardian, Katharine Murphy Political editor @murpharoo 21 Feb 2018 


Townsville City Council censors documentary about Adani coal megamine plan "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Anti-Adani documentary screening axed for safety reasons, not politics, council says, ABC News, 21 Feb 18 By Josh Robertson   Public safety concerns, not politics, were behind the axing of the screening of a documentary on the Stop Adani protest movement, a north Queensland council says.


#StopAdani movement A Mighty Force coming to a screen near you. #Auspol #Qldpol #ClimateChangef jpratt27 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A new film documenting the massive community movement to stop Adanis mega coal mine in Queenslands Galilee Basin, A Mighty Force, will screen in Bellingen on Friday March 2 and in Coffs on Thursday February 22. The events will also launch a crowdfunding campaign to cover legal costs for locals arrested last month disrupting work []

via #StopAdani movement A Mighty Force coming to a screen near you. #Auspol #Qldpol #ClimateChangef jpratt27


Donald Trump suggests extra pay for teachers who carry guns "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Trump floats pay bonus for teachers who carry guns in class, NBC News 22 Feb 18 WASHINGTON President Donald Trump expanded on his idea to train and arm some teachers with guns Thursday, suggesting that firearm-adept school staff be given a little bit of a bonus for carrying weapons, and promising federal funds for their training.

At a White House discussion of school safety solutions with state and local officials, Trump said highly adept peoplewho understand weaponry could carry guns in schools, estimating that between 10 and 40 percent of teachers could be qualified for such a task. Those who are would undergo rigorous training, he said, later adding that hed consider offering federal money for that effort. Officials cant just give a teacher a gun, he said.

Asked if he had concerns about teachers with guns making quick judgments in the chaos of a school shooting, the president said he did not, because they would be experts..


This is actually EXPLOSIVE: Partnership schools Authorisation board standing down "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

In what can only be described as a big EFFYOU to Education Minister Chris Hipkins, PM Jacinda Ardern and the coalition government yesterday, the Partnership schools Authorisation board sent a barb-filled but principled email explaining their reasons for standing down. This mass resignation adds to the pressure on the government as Charter schools continue to []

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Operation Pacific Eagle: The US and Duterte Take Aim at China and the Armed Poor "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

As we conclude this exclusive MPN series, we compare Operation Pacific Eagle to the notorious counterinsurgency initiative Plan Colombia and look at how the new Pentagon mission enables the U.S. to continue encircling China with its military bases. We speak to exiled Filipino revolutionary Jose Maria Sison and Professors William I. Robinson and Roland Simbulan.

In Part One, we discussed the armed struggle on the southern island of Mindanao and its nearly trillion dollars in mineral deposits a crucial motive for Washington to prioritize the Philippines as a major military theater on the same scale as Syria and Iraq.

In Part Two, we explored the history of U.S. colonialism and imperialist domination of the Philippines and President Rodrigo Dutertes inability to forge an independent foreign policy free of Washingtons dictates.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES   While the Pentagons latest major mission, Operation Pacific Eagle, does represent a major boost to the U.S. military presence in the Philippines, in many ways its old wine in a new bottle.

The overseas contingency operation is a spinoff of Operation Enduring Freedom Philippines an intervention that began shortly after the World Trade Center attacks of September 11, 2001, and was used to justify U.S. participation in counter-insurgency operations primarily targeting the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Maoist fighters of the New Peoples Army (NPA), the latter of whom formed in 1968 and have been fighting ceaselessly ever since.

On the pretext of President George W. Bushs Global War on Terror, Washington used the manufactured terrorism bogeyman to reestablish its military bases in strategic locales across the world in preparation for future wars with China slotted into the role of the U.S.s long-term strategic rival.

With the United States decline from regional hegemony palpable and the Philippines experiencing continued social unrest, Operation Pacific Eagles stated goal of combating radicalization and violent extremism in the Southeast Asian archipelago offers Washington and Manila a way to kill two birds with one stone. And of course, it uses the time-tested methods honed in other regions of strategic importance to the maintenance of Washingtons overseas...


Labour say pre-election promise was not broken, it was never made "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The NZ Organisation for Rare Disorder claims that Labour have broken a pre-election promise to fund life-saving medicines for patients with rare diseases but the government have responded by saying the promise was never made. Our Whaleoil election-promise spreadsheet does not include the claimed promise. The countrys biggest charity helping people dealing with rare disorders []

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Question on America's 2nd Amendment "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

1. So we all know America is going nuts.

2. And we all know that in arguing gun rights/gun control, that no-one is listening to anyone else. (See point 1 above.)

3. And we do know that the discussion (such as it is, see point 2 above) is pitted between those arguing that they have a right to guns for self-defence, those arguing they have a right to guns because their god told them so, and those arguing that no-one has any right to guns at all. Ever. But they can perhaps apply to government for the privilege. (Maybe.)

4. So the discussion has more than just two sides (see point 3 above) but has become tightly focussed around a central misunderstanding of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.

5. Because the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution has never protected what people think it protects (see point 4 above).

6. The 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution does protect "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, [which] shall not be infringed." So there's that. But the stated constitutional reason for this is neither self-defence nor because your god said so, but because "a well regulated Militia [is] necessary to the security of a free State." That's what the Constitution itself states to be the reason for any right to bear arms at all. And that means that what the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution actually does protect (see point 5 above) is simply the right of people in pre-Federal America to bring their arms to bear in protection of their particular State (being Vermont, New York, Virginia etc.) And that's it.

7. So (and I'll put this in italics so you can read it again) there is no constitutional right to bear arms in self-defence. And nor, since no reasonable government would be expected nor required to protect a "right to revolution," is there a constitutional right to revolt. (See points 5 & 6 above.)

Q: So I have three questions for you that follow from the above 7 points (and if you aren't a Seppo, just wring your hands for a moment as you imagine that you are):

  1. Would you support a constitutional amendment that does explicitly protect "the right to self-defence and the means thereof."
  2. What would be the odds of such an amendment having the necessary support of two-thirds of the congress-reptiles? And...
  3. If in the unlikely event it did pass, would you expect to see a preponderance of (say) small disposable single-shot handguns instead of automatic weapons with (say) 30-cartridge magazines?

And finally, would you like such a clause in a NZ constitution?

Leave your answers in the comments.

[NB: Both the 2nd Amendment argument above, an...


Trump the Troll keeps winning "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Donald Trump is the worlds most successful troll. Of course, I use the word troll in its proper sense. Although the term has been debased by normies to just mean being an a-hole on the internet, true trolling is a kind of pranksterism with a mission: purposefully exposing ignorance, hypocrisy and groupthink. This is why []

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A hidden cost of diversity "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Two recent news items got me thinking. On TV1 on 20 February, lawyer Mai Chen was interviewed about a new website she has launched in Mandarin for the Mandarin-speaking community to be able to understand the NZ legal system. She explained that her Asian clients often asked her about giving gifts to officials to progress []

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Teenage fertility rate drops to lowest ever "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

New Zealands fertility rate has dropped well below replacement level:

In the December 2017 year:

  • 59,610 live births and 33,339 deaths were registered in New Zealand, resulting in a natural increase (live births minus deaths) of 26,268.
  • There were 180 more births and 2,160 more deaths compared with 2016.
  • The total fertility rate dropped to a low of 1.81 births per woman, compared with an annual average of about 2.01 from 19802017.
  • The infant mortality rate was 3.9 deaths per 1,000 live births.
  • All regions had more births than deaths.

If it wasnt for a lower death rate and more immigration our population would be in decline.

The replacement rate for fertility is around 2.1% in the developed world. New Zealand has joined other OECD countries in falling below that.

Part of the reason for that is more couples are choosing to have no children or just one child.

Another reason is that more are leaving it too late and fertility drops for both men and women as they age.

The birth rate has dropped for all ages and among the statistics is one very positive one,  the teenage fertility rate has dropped to its lowest ever:

The teenage fertility rate has dropped to its lowest ever, with 15 live births per 1,000 women aged 1519 in 2017 just under half the 2008 rate of 33.

In 1962, when fertility rates were highest for women in their twenties, the teenage fertility rate was 54 births per 1,000 women aged 1519. While rates dropped for women in their twenties throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the teenage rate increased to a peak of 69 births per 1,000 women in 1972. The teenage rate then decreased to 30 births per 1,000 women in 1984. 

No automatic alt text available.


The media release doesnt say how many of the teenage mothers are single but the drop in the number of teens giving birth is reflected in a drop in benefit numbers for teen parents.

In 2017, the median age (half are younger and half older than this age) of New Zealand women giving birth was 30 years.  It has remained at 30 years since 1999. In comparison, the median age of women giving birth in the 1970s was 25 y...


Advocating for the CPTPP "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

An interesting post,repays reading

croaking cassandra

A couple of days ago MFAT released its National Interest Analysis of the new CPTPP preferential trade, investment (and all manner of other stuff) agreement.  Unsurprisingly, given MFATs own heavy involvement in negotiating the agreement for the government of the day, MFAT concludes that New Zealand should sign the agreement.

They may well be correct that, taking all the aspects of the agreement together, and recognising that the other countries would probably have gone ahead even if New Zealand hadnt signed, entering the now-concluded agreement would be in the best interests of New Zealanders as a whole.    But the National Interest Analysis (NIA) isnt the resource an interested and informed citizen would turn to for a considered assessment of all the pros and cons.  The NIA is really best seen as an advocacy document, written to make the governments case.    In particular, the document seems targeted to the

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PNG hosts APEC on illicit timber while allowing illegal logging "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

IMAGE: Map showing new logging roads and tree cover loss in 2017

SOURCE: Global Witness

The Papua New Guinean (PNG) government has disregarded a decision by its Supreme Court and allowed loggers found guilty of flouting PNG law to continue operating, new research by Global Witness reveals. The revelations come as APEC countries meet in Port Moresby this weekend, February 24-25, to discuss measures to tackle illegal logging and the trade in illegal timber. Global Witness is calling on the PNG government, this years APEC host, to show leadership on the issue by following through on past commitments to shut down illegal logging operations.

Hosting the 2018 APEC Summit is a historic moment for PNG, but this risks being overshadowed by land grabbing and deforestation driven by the governments failure to enforce its own laws, said Lela Stanley of Global Witness. The PNG government has been promising for years to crack down on illegal logging but continues to turn a blind eye while its forests are raided by foreign logging interests.

New Global Witness analysis of satellite imagery and export data reveals loggers have recently extended a major forest clearance operation declared illegal by PNGs Supreme Court. The Court ruled in August 2016 that a land lease used as a pretext to clear forest in East Sepik Province was invalid, and that any associated logging and oil palm development was illegal. It found that the logging operation violated the legal rights of indigenous communities to their land and forests by failing to gain their consent.

However, the PNG government failed to stop the logging, and in February 2017 its National Forest Board quietly granted a new forest clearance permit to the Malaysian loggers responsible, allowing them to continue cutting down the same forests. Global Witness findings show that by the time the new permit was issued around 930 km of logging roads had been built and logs valued at roughly US$65 million exported under the illegal operation. In 2017, more than 70 km of new roads were added and at least US$5 million of timber exported under the new permit.



The MSM wont tell you about the revised text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership so we will "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

On a German (English language) website yesterday some details about the revised text of New Zealands controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership deal were revealed. The article said that changes to the original document included the suspension of 22 items relating to areas such as intellectual property and taxpayer-subsidised medicine. As this news story was front-page news in Germany you []

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Amazing that in just 100+ days Labour has fixed the problem of the homeless.   Not a single story in the media now of anyone forced to sleep in a car.

Nor anything on foodbanks being under pressure.

Congratulations where congratulations are due.

Or am I perhaps missing something


Is Brooke Loader after Louisa Walls seat? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Manurewa Local Board by-election represents the first loss for Labour since the 23 September 2017 general election. Dave Pizzini won by a 14 percent margin. Pizzini has publicly credited Manurewa-Papakura Ward Councillor and Aucklands most formidable political fixer Cr Daniel Vlad Newman for running his campaign. At a time when Labour won by-elections in []

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The Pacific Labour Scheme: no families allowed? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) was announced in September 2017. Its a welcome initiative to allow greater access for Pacific Island workers to the Australian labour market. While currently capped at 2,000 (and its not clear if that is per year or in total), it has huge potential. As the PLS fact sheet says, it will enable citizens of Pacific island countries to take up low and semi-skilled work opportunities in rural and regional Australia for up to three years.

For all its potential, there are some odd aspects to the PLS. One is the hands-on role of DFAT, which will have primary responsibility for screening prospective employers for participation in the program. Thats the Department of Foreign Affairs. Pre-approval for the Seasonal Worker Programme (or SWP, which allows Pacific Islanders to come to Australia to work on farms typically for up to six months) is the responsibility of the Department of Jobs and Small Business. It is widely perceived not to have sufficiently promoted the SWP, and to have taken a very risk-averse approach. Perhaps DFAT will do a better job.

Another oddity is the initial focus on Nauru, Tuvalu and Kiribati. These are certainly three remote and relatively isolated countries. But Nauru is at full employment due to its processing centre. Tuvalu, like Nauru, is tiny and has some access to the New Zealand labour market. That leaves Kiribati, perhaps the most remote, but also a relatively small and one of the least healthy of all the Pacific island countries. At least one of the Melanesian countries such as Vanuatu or Solomon Islands should be added as pilot source countries.

An odd and worrying aspect of the scheme is the restriction that workers will not be able to bring their families with them. This isnt mentioned in the fact sheet, but was made clear when the scheme was explained at the recent Brisbane Pacific Labour Mobility Annual Meeting.

This is odd because the closest counterpart to this new scheme is what used to be called the 457, now the Temporary Skill Shortage visa. That visa now provides work rights for a two- or three-year period. Under it, workers are allowed to bring their families.

The PLS ban on family entry is worrying because surely it cant be a good thing to separate families for three years. More so because presumably workers will be allowed to return for a second or third stint. So the separation might be not for three years but....


Unbelievable remarks from NRA CEO on how to stop school shootings "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The CEO of NRA envisions more guns and fortified schools as the solution

to school shootings. How about a more rational response? Reduce, preferably eliminate the huge numbers of guns. USA is supposed to be a civilised society. However guns are more valued than childrens lives.


The delicate balance between perception & accountability "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Sam Koim
Sam Koim - public perception is not always a reflection of reality


PORT MORESBY Papua New Guinea is so politicised that even our simple-minded people are quick to perceive that every decision by any public authority is influenced by politics regardless of its merits.

So too has corruption become so rife in public life in PNG that our people tend to attribute governance decisions to an invisible hand of corruption at play.

Well, unfortunately, such is the state we have come to be in.

Those perceptions have evolved overtime with our unsavoury experiences. Every time decisions on public interest matters are made, we may unwittingly see them as possessing these biases.

We all have our personal prejudices but the one I am talking about is kind of 'national syndrome' of cynicism.

And because we immerse ourselves in such a syndrome, many who are subject of accountability inquiries easily draw out politics and corruption cards to deflect and mask the real issues.

Although these malodorous incidents may cry to high heaven for accountability, the resistance is always ingrained in this syndrome.

It happens everywhere in the world, and I have personally had many experiences to attest to it. Those who are pliable easily fall prey to such perception manipulations. Such manipulators pin our attention to peripheral issues whilst they spin themselves away from the real issues.

Public perception is healthy as it keeps government authorities in check when formal institutions fail.

The unintended consequence, however, is that it can become a source of indecision for those managing and working in public institutions.

Those who fear public perception will never make tough decisions, though the facts may be compelling. Leadership is about decision-making.

I prefer making informed decisions, uncontaminated by private or parochial interests, because that is the best defence against challenge.


Daily crossword "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Welcome to our Daily Crossword. Readers have requested a daily crossword and stated that the only reason they maintained a subscription to the NZ Herald or other newspapers was for a daily crossword. We have now sourced a quality crossword provider, the same provider who provides many crosswords to media outlets for print. It is []

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Has your sub EXPIRED? Need help? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

If your subscription has not automatically renewed it may be because you hadnt ticked for it to automatically renew when you set it up or be because your credit card has expired or be because you have removed your credit card details from Paypal. or be because of insufficient funds If you want to update []

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Quote of the Day: The confusion of the anti-globalist "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

"The great age of foreign investment came to an inglorious end when the 20th century's doctrinaires were no longer prepared to see any difference between the devastation of a country by military action and the investment of foreign capital for the construction of factories and transportation facilities. Each of these two entirely different procedures is called conquest and imperialism."
~ Ludwig Von Mises, writing in 1966 on 'The Outlook for Saving & Investment'


Should a handshake be expected? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

There has been some angst over an Iranian agricultural delegation in Wellington when they refused to shake the hands of Labour MP Jo Luxton. Barry Soper:  Surely a handshake isnt too much to ask It should be a case of when in Wellington do as the Wellingtonians do, well in a political sense that seems []


Quote of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody.   Samuel Pepys  who was born on this day in 1633.


Whaleoil general debate "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Morning everyone, and welcome to Whaleoils daily General Debate post (another one called Backchat will start at 6pm). To participate youll need to register a free Disqus account. There are some rules, and if there is one thing about Whaleoil that you need to know is that these rules are dispassionately and strictly enforced.  (No []

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PNG CEOs reveal problems & hopes: foreign exchange still critical "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Port Moresby CBD
Port Moresby CBD - CEO's say forex a big problem into third year but security & communications big improvers


NOOSA The annual Business Advantage International (BAI) survey of 100 chief executives in Papua New Guinea has found that the shortage of foreign exchange remains the top problem facing business in the country.

The PNG 100 CEO Survey, conducted each year since 2012, included senior executives from a representative sample of PNGs largest companies across all sectors of the economy.

Each year, the survey asks CEOs to identify the important issues they face and also provide information about anticipated profit levels and expectations for investment and recruitment in the year ahead.

For the third consecutive year, access to foreign exchange was the most significant impediment to business, being nominated by 71% of respondents as a first order issue, up from 60% in 2017.

It is considered a critical issue by 42% of respondents and very important by 29%.

Other issues considered to be critical are lack of government capacity, shortage of expertise and skills, unreliable telecommunications, and security and law and order, although telecommunications and security were said to be much improved from 2017.

However, business leaders remain generally optimistic despite the varied economic conditions. Two-thirds believe profits will rise this year, with less than 10% anticipating lower profits.

Investment and employment intentions are useful indicators of business confidence and the survey found that two-thirds of respondents were planning to increase investment this year, despite subdued economic conditions.

Over half were also planning to increase employee numbers this year.

BAI has been involved in promoting business in PNG and the Pacific since 2005. On 6 and 7 August it will host the PNG Investment Conference in Brisbane.


Amnesty International: Indonesia 2017/2018 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Amnesty International Report 2017/2018

INDONESIA 2017/2018

Indonesia failed to address past human rights violations. The rights to freedom of expression, of peaceful assembly and of association continued to be arbitrarily restricted. Blasphemy provisions were used to imprison those who peacefully exercised their rights to freedom of religion and belief. At least 30 prisoners of conscience remained in detention for peacefully exercising their rights to freedom of expression or of religion and belief. The security forces carried out unlawful killings and used excessive force during protests and security operations. Two men were caned in public in Aceh after being convicted by a local Sharia court of same-sex consensual sexual relations.


Indonesias human rights record was examined in May under the UN UPR process. Although Indonesia accepted 167 out of 225 recommendations, it rejected, among other things, calls to investigate past human rights violations and to repeal blasphemy provisions in laws and regulations. These included several provisions of the Criminal Code and Law No. 1/PNPS/1965, which imposed restrictions on freedoms of expression and of religion and belief. 1


Despite commitments made by the President, Indonesia failed to address past human rights violations. In February, the Administrative Court in the capital, Jakarta, overturned a decision by the Public Information Commission ordering the government to publish a report on the 2004 murder of human rights defender Munir Said Thalib, which reportedly implicated senior intelligence officers. The Court made the decision on the grounds that the current government had not received the report from the previous government. In August, the Supreme Court upheld the Administrative Courts decision.

During the UPR, Indonesia promised that the Attorney General would finalize a criminal investigation into alleged gross human rights violations in Wasior in 2001 and Wamena in 2003, both in Papua region, and forward the case to the Human Rights Court established under Law No. 26/2000. However, this had not happened by the end of the year.

Freedoms of assembly, association and expression

The authorities continued to prosecute those participating in peaceful political activities, particularly in areas with a history of pro-independence movements such as Papua. Prisoner of conscience....


More on Labour advisers, lobbyists and conflicts of interest "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A follow-up to Lobbyists and Labour advisers in Government more coverage plus some interesting tweets. The Spinoff: Conflict of interest concerns over lobbyist turned chief of Jacinda Arderns staff The government lobbyist who served for several months as chief of staff to the prime minister as the new government took office says he didnt do any []


Parkland student speaks out, ignores alt right fantasies "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Clearly these teens are digital natives. Consequently they are winning the immediate battles and deserve to achieve their aim.


Face of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Both Kelvin Davis and Penni Henare have whanau connections at the Te Kura Hourua O Whangarei Terenga Paraoa, which is run by He Puna Marama Trust. The next time you hear Labour hate on charter schools, dont believe them. Because the truth is a wedge of Labour actually thinks charter schools are all good. And []

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Whats up at Whale Oil? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Its curious that there were no posts at Whale Oil yesterday under Cameron Slater apart from a couple of regular posts that had no commentary, and none on Wednesday either since early in the day. I havent seen any messages that Slater would be on blog leave. This is in contrast to a procession of []


Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The word for today is courtesy (noun) 1.(a) Polite behaviour. (b) A polite gesture or remark. 2.(a) Consent or agreement in spite of fact; indulgence. (b) Willingness or generosity in providing something needed. Source : The Free Dictionary Etymology : Circa 1200, curteisie, courtly ideals; chivalry, chivalrous conduct, also a courteous act, from Old []

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Daily proverb "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Proverbs 23 19 My child, listen and be wise: Keep your heart on the right course.

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Friday's Fulminations "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

There is mild moderation.  Normal rules of blogger etiquette and courtesy to blog hosts will apply.with serious transgressors being thrown out.

Unfortunately our system does not allow your comments to show up in the blog post itself.  Just in the comments section.

Visitors might consider the wisdom of using moderate language.




Media watch Friday "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

23 February 2018 Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media. A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy. A general []


General chat "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Is there any way we could have a thread for the more lightweight stuff like music and general chat? Do it here. Please no personal attacks or bickering. Anything abusive, provocative or inflammatory may be deleted.


Open Forum Friday "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

23 February 2018 This post is open to anyone to comment on any topic that isnt spam, illegal or offensive. All Your NZ posts are open but this one is for you to raise topics that interest you.  If providing opinions on or summaries of other information also provide a link to that information. Bloggers []


A Larger Role for Midwives Could Improve Deficient U.S. Care for Mothers and Babies "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

In Great Britain, midwives deliver half of all babies, including Kate Middletons first two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. In Sweden, Norway and France, midwives oversee most expectant and new mothers, enabling obstetricians to concentrate on high-risk births. In Canada and New Zealand, midwives are so highly valued that theyre brought in to manage complex cases that need special attention.

All of those countries have much lower rates of maternal and infant mortality than the U.S. Here, severe maternal complications have more than doubled in the past 20 years. Shortages of maternity care have reached critical levels: Nearly half of U.S. counties dont have a single practicing obstetrician-gynecologist, and in rural areas, the number of hospitals offering obstetric services has fallen more than 16 percent since 2004. Nevertheless, thanks in part to opposition from doctors and hospitals, midwives are far less prevalent in the U.S. than in other affluent countries, attending around 10 percent of births, and the extent to which they can legally participate in patient care varies widely from one state to the next.

Now a groundbreaking study, the first systematic look at what midwives can and cant do in the states where they practice, offers new evidence that empowering them could significantly boost maternal and infant health. The five-year effort by researchers in Canada and the U.S., published Wednesday, found that states that have done the most to integrate midwives into their health care systems, including Washington, New Mexico and Oregon, have some of the best outcomes for mothers and babies. Conversely, states with some of the most restrictive midwife laws and practices including Alabama, Ohio and Mississippi tend to do significantly worse on key indicators of maternal and neonatal well-being.

We have been able to establish that midwifery care is strongly associa...


Community Blockades Detention Center To Protect Asylum Seekers "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Community members have blockaded the gates of MITA detention centre in Broadmeadows this morning in a desperate bid to stop the deportation of Tamil asylum seeker, Santharuban. Grave fears are held for him should he be returned to Sri Lanka. As a former member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (Tamil Tigers), he faces plausible threat to his safety on return. Former Tiger members and returned Tamil refugees are routinely harassed, interrogated and some are subjected to torture by Sri Lankan security forces. The UN Committee Against Torture (UNCAT) has asked the Australian government to stop Santharubans deportation until it is able to perform an investigation. The Home Affairs Department has issued a deportation notice for the 22nd of February in spite of the UNCAT request.


How General Electric Gambled on Fossil Fuel Power, and Lost "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Disclosure: I sell solar power systems in New Zealand. Via: Reuters: Rather than rising, GE Powers profit fell 45 percent last year, forcing GE to slash its overall profit outlook and cut its dividend for only the second time since the Great Depression. Its shares have plunged more than 50 percent since the March []


Indias Ranking in Global Corruption Perception Index Slides to 81 from 79 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The 2017 index also singled out India as one of the worst offenders in the Asia-Pacific region.

A silent protest against corruption scandal in New Delhi. Credit: Reuters/Parivartan Sharma

New Delhi: India has been ranked 81st in the global corruption perception index for 2017, released by Transparency International, which named the country among the worst offenders in terms of graft and press freedom in the Asia Pacific region.

The index, which ranks 180 countries and territories by their perceived levels of public sector corruption, placed India at 81. In 2016, India was at 79 among 176 countries.

The index uses a scale of zero to 100, where zero is hi...


REVIEW: The Square and the Tower Networks and Power, from the Freemasons to Facebook "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Amazon Page

Niall Ferguson

3 Stars Half-Assed History from a Courtesan

Niall Ferguson is neither Will Durant nor John Lewis Gaddis.  He is far removed from Howard Zinn. He is, in effect, an intelligent idiot, a courtesan historian. While the books intent may remind one of Eric S. Raymonds classic essay on The Cathedral or the Bazaar, or the book by Thomas L. Friedman, The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization, the author while spectacularly qualified in conventional, which is to say, approved thinking, offers so many false notes in this book in relation to what I know to be true, that I consider this book largely worthless.

Among my early notes are these:

Elite apologist.  Selective sourcing following a planned counter-narrative.

Pushes the known falsehoods about both 9/11 and the Russians intervening in 2016; accepts Zimmerman telegram in Mexico as real when it is known to be a British covert operation; completely mistaken on who funded Lenin and why.

Dismisses idea of a Deep State while recognizing that elite networks do serve to concentrate wealth.

Emphasizes how hierarchies achieve economies with scale without having the vaguest regard to true cost economics and the price we pay for internalized profit for the 1% versus externalized costs to the 99%.

Funniest useful   quote not accurate by my modern experience but telling in a catty way (186):

While Milners network of Oxford men envisioned a muscular, martial, imperial, and heterosexual future, their counterparts at Cambridge aspired to almost the precise opposite. The network that evolved there in and around the Cambridge Apostles was effete, pacific, liberal, and homosexual.

Most stunning statement oblivious to its meaning today (218):

By defining the slightest grumble as treason or counter-revolution, the Stalinist system was in a position to send whole armies of Soviet citizens to the Gulag.

This is not a man who understands either of the below two links:

Review: The Fruits of Graft



Civil society decries FSANZ approval of Golden Rice "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The recent release of Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) approval report of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) application for a Golden Rice safety stamp and trade liability clearance have garnered negative reactions and widespread critique. 


Demographic time bomb ticks down on Singapore "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A fast aging population threatens to stall the economy, test social cohesion and strain national finances

It is being called a demographic time bomb. The impact of a shrinking workforce coupled with a greying population will be among the toughest economic and social challenges Singapore faces in the decades ahead.

Already the oldest society in Southeast Asia measured by median age, the wealthy city-state is now seeking coping strategies for the economic and social impacts to come of a rapidly aging population.

While aging populations affect much of the Asia-Pacific, the expected decline in Singapores working-age population will be among the regions most acute.

Indeed, this year marks the first time in modern Singapores history when the share of the population that is 65 years old and over will match that of those under 15 years old, according to a UOB report published last year.

UOB economist Francis Tan predicted in the research that demographic change will stall the city-states economic growth and raise substantially future healthcare costs.

Other data suggests that Singapores percentage of seniors will reach 27% by 2030, while the percentage of juniors under 15 will decrease to 10.8%, leading in a worst-case scenario to a nearly 1:1 dependency ratio, with one working-age adult supporting a child or elderly person.

Read the full story at Asia Times.

Nile Bowie.....


Why can't Australia break up with coal? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Governments all across the world are starting to shift away from coal-powered energy out of environmental and economic concerns. So why isn't Australia? Australia's Blair Palese explores.


Colbert: These kids are not acting "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Which is more than can be said for many of the so called adults

The students show leadership and backbone, whilst the adults cower in fear of the NRA


World watch Friday "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Thursday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


February 23 in history "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

632 The Last Sermon (Khutbah, Khutbatul Wada) of Prophet Muhammad.

1455 Traditional date for the publication of the Gutenberg Bible, the first Western book printed from movable type?

1633 Samuel Pepys, English naval administrator, man of letters and diarist, was born  (d. 1703).

1660  Charles XI became King of Sweden.

1685   George Frideric Handel, German-English organist and composer, was born (d. 1759).

1739 Richard Palmer was identified at York Castle by his former schoolteacher, as the outlaw Dick Turpin.

1744   Mayer Amschel Rothschild, German-born banker, was born  (d. 1812).

1820  Cato Street Conspiracy: A plot to murder all the British cabinet ministers was exposed.

1836 The Battle of the Alamo began in San Antonio, Texas.

1840  Frederick Wicks, English author and inventor, was born (d. 1910).

1847  Battle of Buena Vista  American troops under General Zachary Taylor defeated Mexican General Antonio Lpez de Santa Anna.

1850 Csar Ritz, Swiss hotelier, was born (d. 1918).

1854 The official independence of the Orange Free State was declared.

1887 French Riviera was hit by a large earthquake, killing around 2,000.

1898 mile Zola was imprisoned in France after writing ...


A Case Against Antidepressants "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

From Newsroom: University of Auckland researchers make a case against the chemical imbalance theory of mental illness, arguing that biological explanations and treatments for emotional distress may do more harm than good.

Psychiatrys disease model explains all difficult human moods, emotions and behaviours as pathologies for which pills are the cure, allowing little room for political, social or cultural factors in explaining the causes and solutions for distress. Doctors promoting the theory justify their undermining of informed consent by claiming it reduces the stigma of a psychiatric diagnosis and therefore benefits patients. Unfortunately evidence shows this is another falsehood.

In fact, studies have shown that whose who believe their depression is caused by a chemical imbalance have a poorer prognosis than those offered other explanations. They suffer more stigma and self-blame, have a greater sense of helplessness and hopelessness in their ability to recover, and are less likely to have faith in, and engage in, talking therapies. Significantly when one considers the suicide and disability figures, they are less likely to take action to change lifestyle or environmental factors, less likely to engage in developing coping strategies, and are more likely to use medication. In a country reported by the OECD to have the highest rate of youth suicide in the developed world, along with one of the worst rates of child abuse, this last point is critical.



Baffled US intelligence officers leak UFO footage THEMSELVES to get help from unwitting public in IDing mystery objects, Pentagon X files project chief claims "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Truth, or another Intelligence community disnformation game? Judge for yourself: From The Sun THE former head of the Pentagons real life X-Files programme revealed that defence officials released top secret UFO videos to the public in a bid to find answers. Luis Elizondo, the former head of the top secret programme, said that two []

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By Aloysius Laukai
Work has started to complete the Bougainville Community Government elections with the inclusions of urban areas left when the initial Community Government elections was conducted last year.
The urban areas were left as the Community Government elections did not need a common roll to conduct and to include the urban areas a common roll had to be used.
And to complete the election, the Office of the Bougainville Electoral Commission started this week to update and complete a common roll for urban areas of Buka, Arawa and Buin.
According to the media officer for the Bougainville Electoral Commission, WINTERFORD TOREAS work on updating the common roll started at Sohano island and will cover areas, Buka town,Kubu, Kukul,Ieta, Hahela and Hutjena.
Later they will cover other urban wards in Buin and Arawa before conducting elections in these areas to complete the Bougainville Community Government Election.




By Aloysius Laukai
The Bougainville Technical College, Tinputz is now accepting students for the 2018 academic year.
According to the Deputy Principal of the School, GABRIEL DAVE, Trade Courses the school is offering are WELDING,CAPENTARY,PLUMBING and LIGHT MOTOR VEHICLE MECHANIC.
The school is also offering two non-Trade Courses, BUSINESS STUDIES and TOURISM.
Enrolment days will start on Monday February 26th to Friday 2nd March, 2018.
And orientation week will be between, March 5th to March 9th, 2018.
School fees for 2018 are as follows, Boarding students for Trade Courses will pay K5,462 and for Non Trade Courses the school fees will be K5,462.
Day students will pay K4,554 for Trade courses and K4,505 for Non Trade Courses.
The school requires sixty percent as upfront payment from students before they are accepted into the School.
Sixty percent for Trade courses and boarders are K3,307.20 and for Day students K2732.40.
For Non Trade courses Sixty percent is K3,277.20 for boarders and Day students will pay K2,702.40.
The deputy Principal also said that students with outstanding schools fees will have to complete them too.
Students are also required to go to the School with their beddings and Plates and Cups plus Buckets and Knives and Grass knives.
For more information, you can call the deputy Principal on mobile number 70639199.



So-Called Australia: Break Away From Break Free A Critique of the Environmental NGO Model of Organizing Direct Action (PDF) "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"



Two minutes after getting on a minibus headed for Newcastle, the person seated next to me tugged at their friends arm in mild distress.

Noo, I forgot the selfie stick!

Without putting any blame on this individual, this brief interaction had already captured the essence of this protest for me. Truthfully, I already had an idea of what it was going to be like from past involvement in actions run by groups such as Direct Action Melbourne and, as well as from the communications hype in the lead-up. But I had gone on this trip to find out if my suspicions were warranted.

We were going to take part in a mass flotilla of kayaks which would block a shipping channel in Newcastle, home to the worlds largest coal port, preventing coal ships from leaving and entering. Signups happened online when the invitation was initially shared through 350.orgs email list and facebook promotions. Since then we had been kept in constant contact about logistics, shown inspirational videos and excitedly told about the well-known musicians and politicians who would be there on the day.

As we headed towards the Hume, the driver tried to break the ice by gauging everyones spirits onboard. How are we all feeling this morning?

So happy!, Excited!, came the replies.

Yes Were creating histo...


Hell On EarthBeyond Imagination: Ghouta "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Excerpts from MSM reports on the atrocious situation in Ghouta, Syria, with links to full articles: Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, called on the Security Council to pass a draft resolution calling for a 30-day ceasefire in Eastern Ghouta, a besieged rebel enclave in Syria. Its time to take immediate action in []

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By Aloysius Laukai

A former senior Public servant in the Bougainville administration, PATRICK HEROMATE is calling on the ABG to make sure they control and monitor the movement of people into communities throughout Bougainville.
He told New Dawn FM in Buka that he was concerned at the influx and movement of people especially outsiders into communities without any reasons.
He said in the past District Managers were on 24 hours on call to monitor such movements to make sure the communities were protected from unscrupulous investors going directly into unsuspecting communities.
MR. HEROMATEs call came after a ship was seen trying to berth in the West Coast area last week.
He said drug dealers and other illegal activities can destroy Bougainville if the Government is not cautious of such activities taking place in the remote areas of Bougainville.



By Aloysius Laukai

The Bougainville Police is concerned at road safety on all Bougainville roads.
Buka Police Station Commander, Senior Sergeant John Popui told New Dawn FM yesterday that Police wants all drivers to make sure their vehicles are roadworthy and registered to be on public roads.
He said Police wants all drivers to make sure that they do not overload their vehicles and also over the speed limits.
The Police Commander said that Bougainville Police are making random checks on all Bougainville roads and drivers will be booked and charged for un-road worthy vehicles and overloaded vehicles.
He said that as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure so it is better to prevent accidents from happening and save lives.



Climate Minister: New cyclone category may be needed "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Climate Changeor geoterrorism? Or perhaps this is just a part of Earths natural  cycles?: Scientists may need to create a new Category 6 for cyclones as the effects of climate change make them more extreme, the Climate Change Minister James Shaw says. Speaking at the Pacific Climate Conference in Wellington, Mr Shaw said cyclones were []

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Scott Trial Date Set "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Kapiti Councillor on trial in May for alleged indecent assault Kapiti Coast District Councillor David Scott will go to trial on May 21  on a count of indecent assault. The jury trial is set down for three days. Cr Scott,71, has retained veteran counsel Hugh Rennie, QC to lead his defence. The charge relates to events []


365 days of gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

After three days of steady rain we measured 130mms.

Thats set us up for autumn growth and today the sun came back, for both of which Im grateful.


Petro Gold Spawned After El Petros $735 Million Sales "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Venezuelan president Maduro announces countries second commodity backed cryptocurrency Petro Gold the day after El Petros initial private sale raised $735 Million.

Maduro Doubles Down With Petro Gold

Once again President Nicolas Maduro took the podium to announce a government-owned cryptocurrency. This time instead of oil its the Petro Gold which is to be backed by precious metals.

Next week Im going to launch the petro gold, backed by gold, which is even more powerful, that will strengthen the petro, Maduro said in a televised speech. The Petro which launched on Tuesday is reported to have raised $735 Million dollars on its first day of private sales.

Scheduled to be capped at 100 million tokens with an initial sales price of $60 roughly the price of a barrel of oil the government could raise up to $6 billion if the Petro succeeds in selling out. So far 824 million tokens have been made available.

It is not yet clear whether the Petro Gold is to be backed by gold held in reserves or the countries gold resources. In fact, no details about the new currency were given besides that it would launch next week. This sudden announcement doesnt help the already highly criticized Petro and the Governments intentions for creating it.

Problems With The Petro

Widely seen as a poorly thought out solution to boost the floundering Venezuelan economy, where the fiat currency has been in a free fall for several years and inflation rates are as high as 600%, the Petro has been called a stunt and bogus currency by financial experts.

The Petro is really a top-down hierarchically controlled asset, and its much more akin to a new way to tokenize oil. When the first gold ETF appeared, they werent considered gold, but a different way of packaging the commodity. With Petro, we really have a new wrapper around oil.

Chris Burniske of venture capital firm Placeholder told Bloomberg.

Maduro himself now admits that the Petro was created in part as a way to skirt US backed economic sanctions against the country. While the US Treasury Department has warned investors that by buying the Petro they themselves could become subject to the same sanctions as creditors to the government.

The Petro Gold is not the first cryptocurrency backed by gold. The RMG backed by the Royal Mint in Britain was fi...


ON MR 'MEDALS' MARK "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Richard Harman is reporting on Politik that Ron 'Medals' Mark is about to be rolled by the NZ First caucus (read Winston Peters) as Deputy Leader.

Mark's reaction to story was that it was news to him ... figures.

Peters doesn't do forgiveness and his reaction to the story broken here that Mark was wearing unauthorised medals was telling ... he said Mark should have listened to the the advice tendered to him by officials.

The speculation is that Fletcher Tabuteau, a Peters confidante, will replace Mark.    Clearly what the leader wants the leader gets.    Meanwhile in the House of Mark ...................


On School Shootings "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Now that a few days have passed since the latest appalling slaughter in the United States, I have a few observations to make, not necessarily in order of importance.

The usual 'gun control' shouters were out and about before the bodies were cold.

President Trump has been remarkably 'presidential' in the way he has invited the families of victims to the White House.  Numerous sources say these people were heard by the President 'respectfully' and for that he has received widespread praise.

I applaud his decision to invoke a ban on devices which render semi-automatic rifles fully automatic.

Not so his decision to investigate lifting to 21 the age at which a person can buy a rifle. (I owned my first rifle when I was sixteen.  A bolt action ten shot .22 hunting rifle.)  Of  all the mass shootings  in the US over the last ten years, how many were committed by people under 21?  I suspect few.

I see hundreds of people protested outside the White House.  The fools should have staged their protest outside the HQ of the FBI.

Some commentators remark upon the coincidental massive increase in the rate of prescribing psychotic (Is that the right word?) drugs by doctors over the same period as gun slayings have sky rocketed.  Others remark that the period coincides with a massive increase in the number of fatherless children.  I'm sure both factors contribute but how much is debatable.

There seems to me no doubt that a major contributor to the epidemic was the creation of gun free zones at schools.  Israel knows the folly of such a policy and has installed one or more armed guards at every school.  Result?  Few, if any, mass shootings.

What to do?

I suggest a first immediate action would be for the president to fund armed guards for all schools and to fund training for teachers to become proficient users of hand guns.

The second and almost simultaneous immediate action should be to clean out the FBI which has devoted tens of millions of dollars to scandalous partisan political activity but has failed to carry out the core duties for which it is paid.


Ethics is a county in SE England "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Earlier Adam posted on how there was a possibility of negative perceptions concerning the role of a lobbyist as the acting Chief of Staff for Ardern, this was engendered by the Tweet from Toby Manhire reproduced below

Mahires point was largely validated by this tweet

Broadly the response tended to say not an issues and in any event John Key was an evil corrupt person and that it was essentially evil under National, but not evil under Ardern.

It seems that like so much in NZ, ethics are flexible depending on who is in power and the blinkers of the commentator. In other words as the old joke has it Ethics is a county in the South East of England it would seem.


Tech Thursday "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Elon Musks Boring Company $500 flamethrower stunt was vaguely amusing and, evidently, a very successful way of separating fanboys from their money. Now, theyre all sold out, but all the better because if you really need (need) a flamethrower you should just make your own. Not only is it way cheaper with an end product []

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New deputy predicted for NZ First "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

There has never been any doubt who will lead NZ First while Winston Peters remains an MP, but the deputy spot is less secure. In 2015 Ron Mark got the numbers to oust Tracey Martin, but it looks like the knives are out for Mark, with the position up for a caucus vote next week. []


Two medals at Winter Olympics "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Great news from the Winter Olympics, with two 16 year olds winning bronze medals today, doubling New Zealands all time medal tally. Zoi Sadowski-Synnott wins bronze in the Women's Big Air at the Olympic Winter Games! Read more: NZ Olympic Team (@nzolympics) February 22, 2018   RNZ: Sadowski-Synnott wins first medal for []


Trump proposes more guns to combat too many guns "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

President Donald trump has a proposal to combat shootings in schools let teachers carry concealed handguns. In a country with far too many firearms and far too many killings, he has proposed more firearms. He said this in front of people who went to the White House to implore him to do something to []


Student Services Manager "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The University of New South wales


Daily roundup "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Maybe Labour are right and our State school system does need a total overhaul. Spelling standards have certainly slipped.  

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Ethics lobbying corruption and the revolving door "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

On a day when TPI announce that on their perception index is the least corrupt country in the world, The Spinoff runs an article on how a leading lobbyist acted as Arderns Chief of Staff. Now Adam is not speculating on the behaviour of the individual involved, but on the perception generated.

Toby Manhire, Spinoff Editor tweeted on this article:-


Manhire posed a highly relevant comment.

Intriguingly Adam had posted on the subject of lobbying the other day.

Funnily enough the issue of Thompson came up in the comments.

NZ is a small society and it behoves all concerned to ensure that all appropriate proprieties are observes and conflicts not just managed, but are seen to be managed.

In NZ we have increasingly seen a revolving door between government, public service, commerce and lobbying.

Adam will write more on this in due course, once he has given this more thought.


Whaleoil backchat "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. You dont have to stay on topic in these posts like you do in all others. Feel free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. If you havent tried it before, signing up for a Disqus account is free, quick, and it is easy. New []

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Lets talk "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Toilet paper: Over or Under? Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down? Pancake or Waffle? Discuss:

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Labours Broken Promises the cost of being unprepared to govern "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Ardern calamity, aka our government, has trumpeted their no fees for the first year of tertiary education of which more another day. However, it is undeniable that in order to deprive many of a tax cut and give a benefit (aka bribe) to many who do nt need it other segments of our society are also very materially deprived, conceivably with life threatening consequences.

This item from RNZs Nine to Noon sets this out:-

This is supplemented by this item lifted from a post by Homepaddock:-

Its also being paid in promises broken which included one to patients suffering from rare diseases:

The New Zealand Organisation for Rare Disorders (NZORD) is stunned that the Government is not honouring its election promise to establish a separate fund which would allow rare disease patients to access vital, life-saving medicines.

Dr Collette Bromhead, NZORD Chief Executive said that the decision to take the promised fund off the table is devastating to the 377,000 New Zealand patients and their families who live with a rare and life-threatening disease.

We have been told that the pledged $20m fund, to be spent over 4 years, will now not go ahead.

And in a double blow, we have now been notified that the Government is also reviewing the contract which enables NZORD to provide the essential services and support for patients and families impacted by rare diseases.

The decision to cancel the fund for medicines is a complete u-turn by the Government and has been done without any consultation with the rare disease community. It leaves these vulnerable patients with no way to access the essential medicines that could extend their life and provide them with a better quality of living, she said.

During the 2017 election, the Labour Party announced that it would set up a separate fund to enable patients who suffer from rare diseases to access medicines. There are over 7,000 rare diseases and we are well awar...


Volunteers Wanted Lismore & Broken Hill "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Intellectual Disability Rights Service (IDRS)


Down on Main Street "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

    On the main street heading south out of town, named Main Street funnily enough, upstairs from the Night n Day Dairy, sit three flats. The general structural maintenance and upkeep of these tenancies are carried out by a cousin of mine who has a contract with the owner of the property. As a []

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Abbott kicks the immigration hornets nest "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has always been something of a political bomb-thrower, and this week he has put the match to the wick of an issue which the political and media elite have been vigilant to keep defused for decades. Tony Abbott [has told] the Sydney Institute that Australias immigration intake should be halved. []

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Word of the day "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Pronk  of a springbok or other antelope, leap in the air with an arched back and stiff legs, typically as a form of display or when threatened; a weak or foolish person.


History: Niall Ferguson The Square and the Tower "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Ferguson on his latest book which is about networks


I have a theory "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Guest Post: I dont know if you are like me but from time to time I have musings about things that (as far as I can tell) have not been fully considered before.  If I was inclined to delve into these musings more I think they could be developed into a thesis or even a []

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FIFTY8 Interviews Alba Weinman: Part III - The Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness and Entity Attachment "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


FIFTY8 Interviews Hypnotherapist Alba Weinman


PART III - The Spiritual Journey of Forgiveness & Entity Attachment

I talk to Alba Weinman, a world renowned Hypnotherapist for those on the path of Spiritual Awakening. Alba talks about her sessions and how forgiveness is such an important part of her practice and hypnotherapy. She shares how forgiveness releases a lot of energy that holds us back. We also discuss entities and how they can attach to our frequency and how to release them with forgiveness and a higher vibration. Included is a session with an entity and how Alba uses her techniques to release them.



Poetry Monthly "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Welcome to 2018 & exciting literary adventures! By Gill Ward  Im thinking of the Readers and Writers New Zealand Festival 8 11 March this year. So good to have it taking place in Wellington. There are brochures in the libraries, and if not there will be some in the information site over by []


But why would we want to do that? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Queenstown Lakes District Council wants luxury houses exempted from the Overseas Investment Act's foreign-buyer ban:

The Queenstown Lakes District Council wants luxury homes to be exempt from the government's foreign buyers ban.

Some expensive homes owned by the exeptionally wealthy may not sell if they are only available to New Zealanders, it said in its submission on the bill.


The council said the district had benefited "significantly" from people who have purchased in the luxury home market.

"Not only have we seen traditional investment in local business, but we have seen the launch of ground breaking social enterprises and incredible impact investment," the submission said.

That part of the housing market attracted high net worth people to the country who help the economy by bringing expertise, connections, investment and philanthropy, it said.

Yeah - people like anti-democratic vampire capitalist Peter Thiel and his silicon-valley doomsday prepper friends. Or the various foreign millionaires who have restricted access to public land. Or foreign criminals stashing and laundering money. Why would we want people like that?

The proposed law doesn't apply to anyone who actually lives here, so what QLDC is saying is that non-resident foreigners should be allowed to own parts of New Zealand for use as emergency boltholes for when they've fucked up the world, or as a commodity, effectively a house-shaped gold bar. And I just don't see why we should accept that, especially when said house-shaped gold bars are fucking things up for the rest of us. While QLDC is correct that the luxury property market is effectively a foreign market, utterly out of reach of almost all kiwis, those empty luxury houses are still taking up land which could be used for real homes for real people - something Queenstown is desperately short of. If they are devalued by the law, then maybe that land will be used for other purposes. The only losers in that will be the foreign speculators and the parasitic developers and real-estate agents who service them. But I guess the latter are exactly the sorts of people who get elected to local authorities and use them as a platform to promote their own economic interests.


Damned if you do, damned if you dont "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A salutary tale from the pizza lovers:  How long until the edifice topples over? By the end of the 3rd century AD, the finances of ancient Rome were in terminal crisis. Years and years of debasing the currency had resulted in severe hyperinflation a period of Roman history known as the Crisis of the Third []

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Transparency Internationals definition of corruption "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Transparency International rated NZ as the least corrupt country for the second year in a row on their Corruptions Perception Index Note this is a perception index

Their definition of corruption:

Generally speaking as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. Corruption can be classified as grand, petty and political, depending on the amounts of money lost and the sector where it occurs.

Grand corruption consists of acts committed at a high level of government that distort policies or the central functioning of the state, enabling leaders to benefit at the expense of the public good. Petty corruption refers to everyday abuse of entrusted power by low- and mid-level public officials in their interactions with ordinary citizens, who often are trying to access basic goods or services in places like hospitals, schools, police departments and other agencies.

Political corruption is a manipulation of policies, institutions and rules of procedure in the allocation of resources and financing by political decision makers, who abuse their position to sustain their power, status and wealth.

Now NZ has tended to congratulate itself on this ranking, but is this self congratualtion warranted? In fact our rating declined marginally in the year. Furthermore NZ did not score 100% but 89%. This suggests that there is at least a perception of corruption in some areas.

From the descriptors on the TPI web-site it is possible that local government is not included in the assessment. The TPI NZ web-site specifically uses the term public sector, suspect this excludes local government.


Mental health break "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Inertia ft. Brandon Semenuk from Revel Co. on Vimeo.

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Unions respond to the publication of the full TPP text "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

22 February, 2018: Yesterday the New Zealand government published the full text of the Comprehensive Progressive Trans Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) agreement, which Australia and 10 other countries intend to sign on March 8 in Chile, along with a National Interest Analysis of the deal. As Fairfaxs Peter Martin writes, the Australian government will not release their analysis of the deal, done by the Department that negotiated it,  until after the signing ceremony. The government is still rejecting calls for an independent analysis.

However, NZ Council of Trade Unions (CTU) economist Bill Rosenberg says the New Zealand governments analysis of the deal is deeply flawed. There is no analysis of health or environmental risks posed by the CPTPP, and it assumes that working people will find new employment immediately when their jobs are displaced. Mr Rosenberg says:

Like previous studies, its estimates of gains in GDP are tiny - a one-off gain of between 0.3% and 1% of GDP in 16 years time. Even these small benefits are unlikely to be evenly spread. At the same time, citizens risk losing our ability to use government purchasing and our state-owned enterprises for the public good. We need to retain our ability to drive the economy towards higher wage, higher value industries like the local processing of New Zealand timber and other materials.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions made similar criticisms of the CPTPP. ACTU Assistant Secretary Scott Connolly said the deal puts corporate profit ahead of jobs and wages and will allow companies to exploit more temporary migrant workers and allow foreign companies to sue the Australian government over domestic laws. Yesterday AFTINET called for independent studies of the economic and social impacts of the CPTPP, and for a Senate inquiry that can critically assess whether the deal is in the public interest.


Clean-up Follows Downpour "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

UPDATE ON KPITI FLOODING  After last nights rain, the Kpiti Coast District Council operations and welfare teams are working with the community to clean up areas that were affected by flooding. The KCDC says: The Kapiti Fire Service has advised us that approximately six houses in the Paraparaumu Beach area were evacuated due to flooding. []


PNG police forced removal of refugees from Port Moresby to Manus reveals resettlement farce "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"


This article comes from the Refugee Action Coalition (Sydney)  21 February 2018.

In the early hours of Tuesday, 20 February, police arrested up to 13 refugees who had been living Aku Lodge.

They were being forcibly returned to Manus Island, but for unconfirmed reasons there was a problem with the plane. The refugees are now being held at another lodge in Port Moresby surrounded by up to 50 PNG police. Their mobile phones have been confiscated.

It is expected that the refugees will be moved to Manus Island once alternative transport can be arranged.

The refugees had been living at Aku for up to two years, after being moved from Manus Island, supposedly to be resettled in Port Moresby or further afield in PNG.

The refugees have simply subsisted in Aku since being relocated there no jobs; no welfare program; no trauma counselling not even the basic elements of what might comprise anything resembling a resettlement program. Essentially they became prisoners in the lodge, at risk of being robbed and assaulted if they ventured outside.

But their arrest and forced relocation back to Manus provides official confirmation that, contrary to the claims made by Minister Dutton, there are no PNG resettlement arrangements.

In 2016, there was an attempt to resettle six refugees in Lae. None are still living on Lae. Faced with the deprived circumstances in Lae in terms of jobs, health and safety three of the refugees actually made their way back to Manus Island and attempted to move back into the detention centre.

This forced relocation of refugees to Manus from Port Moresby puts the lie to the Ministers suggestion that refugees can be resettled in PNG, said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition, The Minister cant hide behind that lie any longer.

There is no resettlement in PNG, and the shonky US deal will not provide resettlement places for all the refugees on Manus and Nauru. There is an urgent need for all the asylum seekers and refugees to be brought to Australia, where they can get the safety and protection they need.

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Turkey Will Be Ground Zero in the Next Global Debt Crisis "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Turkey is a beautiful country with a rich history, including Greek, Roman and Muslim influences, making it one of the most fascinating places on Earth. It is literally a bridge between East and West: The mile-long Bosphorus Bridge, just north of Istanbul, connects Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus Strait.

Turkey has been a magnet for direct foreign investment from abroad and dollar-denominated loans by international banks to local enterprises. This investment enthusiasm is understandable given Turkeys well-educated population of 83 million, and its rank as the 17th-largest economy in the world, with a GDP of just under US$1 trillion.

The flood of bank lending and direct foreign investment has given rise to another flood of hot-money portfolio investors in Turkish stocks, chasing high returns with cheap dollar funding in a variation of the global carry trade. So-called emerging-market (EM) funds, offered by Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and others, are stuffed full of Turkish stocks and bonds.

Jim Rickards in Turkey

Your strategist in central Istanbul, Turkey, on the site of the ancient Hippodrome, where chariot races were still held in Late Antiquity. In my many visits there since 1996, I have observed Turkeys shift from a firmly secular society to one dominated by religious and authoritarian rule. As Turkey turns its back on Western society, it still relies on Western institutions to deal with potential debt, currency and reserve crises. Turkeys new alienation from the West may mean that Western help will not be available in a future financial crisis.

But theres a dark side to this seeming success story. Turkeys external US dollar-denominated debt is so large that a combination of rising US dollar interest rates and a slowing global economy could quickly turn Turkey from model EM to the canary in the coal mine of the next great global debt crisis.

The risk of a major debt crisis beginning in Turkey is heightened by the rise of Turkeys President Recep Tayyip Erdoan as an autocratic strongman in the mould of Argentinas Juan Pern and other populist nationalists who have ruined strong economies.

Begin with a look at the Turkish debt situation. Turkeys debt is huge; one of the highest debt burdens of any EM. Turkey owes US$450 billion to foreign creditors, of which US$276 billion is denominated in hard currency, mostly dollars and euros. The remainder of US$174 billion is denominated in Turkeys local currency, the lira.

Both kinds of debt are problematic. The lira debt is a growing burden because lira interest rates have skyrocketed from 6% to 12%...


Is Islam just another religion? "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Absolutely not, Islam is a political movement cloaked with religion, a political beast with a huge appetite for mankind. This wolf in sheeps clothing gobbled up the mighty Persian and Ottoman empires and hunts voraciously today. In the predominantly Islamic countries of Iran, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, Islam and politics are inseparable. Tyrants use religious laws []

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Map of the day: Military camouflages of the world "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The map above shows the worlds military camouflages. Its based on the countrys primary camo and does not taken into account different branches of the military in each country. Moreover, the original map creators are aware that there are a few inaccuracies and out-of-date designs included. Iceland has no camouflage as it has no standing army whereas []

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It was never just about same-sex marriage "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

During the debate on Australias same-sex marriage postal survey often incorrectly described as a referendum, or a plebiscite, when it was neither proponents steadfastly, hand on heart, swore that it was about gay people getting married and nothing more. Anyone who argued that it might be part of a wider agenda or a []

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Rural round-up "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Ban kids from riding quad bikes RCH surgeon urges Warwick Teague:

IN MY work as a surgeon and trauma prevention advocate, I see few better places to start saving lives than a ban on children getting on quad bikes.

This is a hard line, too hard for some, but I would challenge anyone farmer, doctor, lawyer, voter, seller, buyer, parent or child to answer the question: How many more children do you think need to be injured on quad bikes before we say Enough is enough?

Since 2001, 42 Aussie kids aged under 16 have died from quad bike trauma. . .

Using technology to give farmers an eye in the sky:

Is there anything technology cant do? It seems everyday something new pops up that makes our lives easier and now one Taranaki dairy farmer has taken this to new heights, using a drone to get his cows in.

Hayden Fowles says its not just about getting the herd to the shed quicker, the drone also helps him keep his cows healthy.

It gives me another pair of eyes. I can check for lameness and anything that might appear a bit odd sooner than I would if I was on foot or bike.

Not only is the drone helping to keep his cows healthy, its also helping to improve his on-farm health and safety.

It means a lot less time on and off the bike and I dont need to go on to the steeper land. . . 

NFU elects new officeholder team:

Minette Batters has been elected as the new President of the National Farmers Union.

Ms Batters, a beef farmer fr...


SABL petition anniversary marks PNG's greatest ever scandal "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

21 Feb 2018 | ActNowDespite repeated promises from the O'Neill government to cancel the agribusiness leases in Papua New Guinea, stretching back to 2013, almost nothing has been done.


Guns, statistics and lies "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Every time a Muslim terrorist shoots, stabs, bombs or runs over Americans, the default response is, Lets not jump to any conclusions. Thats swiftly followed by media spin pieces claiming that the majority of terrorist attacks are really committed by white male Republicans and the Amish based on math so bad that even the worlds []

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Mining Policies Need To Be Reviewed: Minister "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Minister For Mining Johnson Tuke Says The Policies Governing The Mining Sector In Papua New Guinea Need To Be Revisited.

Matthew Vari | Post Courier | February 22, 2018

Minister for Mining Johnson Tuke says the policies governing the mining sector in Papua New Guinea need to be revisited.

He said much of the legislations governing the sector are still from the colonial era.

Mr Tuke said with the strong support from Prime Minister ONeill and government caucus he is determined to take stock of benefits to landowners that make changes for the country to have a greater share in its own wealth.

I think all our mining policies are more or less colonial. Are we still in the colonial times? We are moving forward, Mr Tuke said.



ONeill and Allan stitch up another huge land grab "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Philippines President Duterte and his Agriculture Secretary want to plant 1 million hectares of rice in Papua New Guinea by 2023

Prime Minister Peter ONeill and Agriculture Minister Benny Allan have promised the Philippines government at least one million hectares of land in Papua New Guinea for Filipino farmers to grow rice, according to media reports.

The 1 million hectares [10,000 square kilometres] will be leased to Filipino companies and thousands of Filipino farmers and agriculture graduates are expected to head to PNG, according to the countrys Agriculture Secretary, Emmanuel F. Piol.  

The Ph...


Ok Tedi workers sacked for peaceful protest "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Mine group sacked

Shirley Mauludu | The National aka The Loggers Times | 22 February 2018

THE Ok Tedi Mining Ltd has sacked a group of employees who were staging a protest at the mine site on Tuesday, telling them in a letter that their action was illegal.
Some of employees, who arrived on a charter flight yesterday in Port Moresby, claimed there were 191 of them who were issued termination letters on Tuesday. They were told to leave the site on a charter flight yesterday.
Henry Kuso, a spokesman for those who arrived at Jackson Airport, in Port Moresby, yesterday, said the company arranged three charter flights yesterday out of Tabubil in Western.
Mining Minister Johnson Tuke was unable to comment when contacted yesterday.
Ok Tedi managing director Peter Graham could not be reached for comment yesterday. But he had confirmed with The National on Tuesday that the protest had not affected the company operations.
The industrial action was illegal since it did not follow the grievance process and was not supported by the union, he said.
Management is addressing the matter in accordance with company pol...


National vandalised our health system "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Surprise, surprise! The health system in Auckland is collapsing due to underfunding:

Auckland health bosses have revealed a picture of a health system at breaking point from underfunding and population growth.

Reporting to MPs at Parliament yesterday, they spoke of a wave of unprecedented demand for acute services and staff who were extremely stressed at having to cope with more and sicker people.

"Our staff were working unexpectedly long hours and became increasingly stressed about not just how hard they were having to work but about the numbers of extremely unwell people they were having to look after," the head of Manukau Counties District Health Board, Gloria Johnson, told the health select committee.

"The problem we have at the moment, particularly over the last 18 months, [is] we've become overwhelmed by demand."

Its so bad that the former chair of the three Auckland DHBs believes they no longer have the resources to deal with a pandemic.

This isn't surprising: National deliberately underfunded health for its term of office in an effort to pay for its tax cuts for the rich. While they played up large nominal increases, these were always less than that required to counter inflation, let alone population growth and demographic change. Instead, like the rest of the public service, the health system was expected to "do more with less". The results of that policy can be seen above. What's changed is that with a new government, DHB chairs feel they can openly say it, rather than risking dismissal and revenge funding cuts under National.

It is going to take the best part of a decade to undo this damage. And no doubt, National will spend that time complaining about "overspending" and "inefficiency" and promising more vandalism if re-elected. Just like they did during the Clark government after Jenny Shipley and Bill English vandalised the health system in the 90's.


Now you know why they shouldnt be driving "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Up to 350 drivers have had their licences cancelled or have been required to re-sit tests after an investigation into bribes being paid for licences admits the NZTA. System issues were discovered in 2016 leading to an investigation revealing licences being obtained through bribes or corruption. Among the allegations are claims that for between $500 and []

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ON MR 'MEDALS' MARK "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Richard Harman is reporting on Politik that Ron 'Medals' Mark is about to be rolled by the NZ First caucus (read Winston Peters) as Deputy Leader.

Mark's reaction to story was that it was news to him ... figures.

Peters doesn't do forgiveness and his reaction to the story broken here that Mark was wearing authorised medals was telling ... he said Mark should have listened to the the advice tendered to him by officials.

The speculation is that Fletcher Tabuteau, a Peters confidante, will replace Mark.    Clearly what the leader wants the leader gets.    Meanwhile in the House of Mark ...................


Dinosaurs and birds locomotion "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

This 2016 video is called Dinosaur Walk Theory Video.

From PLOS:

Locomotion of bipedal dinosaurs might be predicted from that of ground-running birds

BIRDS Model uses just two inputs to predict terrestrial locomotion in extinct avian and non-avian dinosaurs

February 21, 2018

A new model based on ground-running birds could predict locomotion of bipedal dinosaurs based on their speed and body size, according to a study published February 21, 2018 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Peter Bishop from the Queensland Museum, Australia and colleagues.

Previous research has investigated the biomechanics of ground-dwelling birds to better understand the how bipedal non-avian dinosaurs moved, but it has not previously been possible to empirically predict the locomotive forces that extinct dinosaurs experienced, especially those species that were much larger than living birds. Bishop and colleagues examined locomotion in 12 species of ground-dwelling birds, ranging in body mass from 45g to 80kg, as the birds moved at various speeds along enclosed racetracks while cameras recorded their movements and forceplates measured the forces their feet exerted upon the ground.

The researchers found that many physical aspects of bird locomotion change continuously as speed increases. This supports previous evidence that unlike humans, who have distinct walking and running gaits, birds move in a continuum from walking to running. The authors additionally observed consistent differences in gait and posture between small and large birds.

The researchers used their data to construct the biomechanically informative, regression-derived statistical (BIRDS) Model, which requires just two inputs body mass and speed to predict basic features of bird locomotion, including stride length and force exerted per step. The model performed well when tested against known data. While more data are needed to improve the mode...


Oral questions: 22 February 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Questions to Ministers Hon PAULA BENNETT to the Prime Minister: Does she have confidence in all of her Ministers? Dr SHANE RETI to the Minister of Health: What are his priorities in the health portfolio? JAN LOGIE to the Associate Minister of Finance: What recent progress has there been on development of the Living Standards Framework and other sustainable development indicators? JONATHAN YOUNG to the Minister []

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View from your window "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Where do you think todays photo was taken? Yesterdays photo I walk so no window. This was my view on my morning commute. Blocking the Bus lane he turned left out of,the straight ahead car lane that has a green light and the right turn of cars that are coming towards him. Busses cause congestion. []

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Thursdays quiz "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The questions are yours for the asking.

Anyone who stumps everyone will win a virtual case of peaches.

Wednesday, 21 February


More Aircraft Maintanance Engineers (AMEs) return to Air Niugini "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Following the completion of their four year training at the Air New Zealand Aviation Institute in Christchurch, New Zealand, ten Air Niugini Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AMEs) including two females have returned to Port Moresby and joined the aircraft maintenance workforce at Air Niugini Engineering.

The AMEs include Patrick Misina, Melvin Paru, Breanne Ume-Taule, Simon Silas, Temuera Samuel, Dennis Kasup, Bernard Kari, Branden Boeha, Jeremy Camillus and Miriam Tai whose training was fully funded by Air Niugini under its Engineering Cadet Program. It cost the airline over K6million to train the ten AMEs.

Air Niugini Chief Executive Officer, Mr Simon Foo in welcoming them home yesterday said the airline invests a lot of resources into training young Papua New Guineans and the results are very rewarding.

Mr Foo said Aviation is a highly regulated and compliant industry and we are serious about training, whether it is for engineers, pilots, cabin crew, or ground staff. Air Niugini invests about K600,000 in training each young Papua New Guinean engineer or pilot cadet. The achievement by these ten young people is something we at Air Niugini, their families and our country can be proud of.

Following a four year cadet program, it normally takes 12 to 14 months before the AMEs can get their PNG License.

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer(AME) is a trained person who does the maintenance requirements of the aircraft including aircraft servicing, parking, jacking, component replacements, inspections, defect, troubleshooting, modifications and repairs.

Air Niugini currently has 32 AMEs, 4 of them are female.

Mr Foo added that the Board and management of Air Niugini will be investing in hangar facilities at the Jacksons airport that will eventually allow heavy maintenance of aircraft to be carried out in Papua New Guinea, resulting in cost savings and further up-skilling of the Papua New Guinean work force.

In 2017, the first Dash 8 aircraft heavy check was done in Port Moresby and Air Niugini expects another to be completed mid this year.

This will reduce overseas expenditure as well as build the PNG Engineering staff capacity. These ten AMEs are fortunate to be among those who will be using this facility and they are the future of Air Niugini. Foo said.

Meanwhile, Mr Foo also said Air Niugini is working to improve and standardize its employ...


Labour tear it all down and call it reform "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Education Minister Chris Hipkins and PM Jacinda Ardern are trying to spin their plans for New Zealands education system as reform but that couldnt be further from the truth. What they are planning is a complete destruction of the existing system, razing it to the ground, bulldozing it and then starting from scratch amongst the []

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Just gets smelly and unhygienic with no palpable results, a bit similar to mud wrestling with pigs.

The important bit will come when the decision is made and the whole teim have to get on with implementing it.

Smith, Carter, Barry, and co who through perseverance and longevity have survived at levels often well beyond their ability need to give early notice they accept time has been kind but it has arrived at the crossroads..
Much of their apparent success has emanated from the gentrification of the electorate combined with an inexplicable lack of desire for younger voters to engage to a level  that even has them voting.
Social media has built a new Colosseum for future combat.

The military have evolved to a system that has commanders giving orders and soldiers carrying them out. When a commander is elevated beyond his competence then things can unravel fast but can still be salvageable if lower ranks can act with courage, in politics it is no different.

I am one who sees Ms Kaye as lacking a presence that equates to leadership but she is launching what appears to be a serious assault on Hipkins and Davis that even the worst speaker since the shrieking banshee Wilson sat up there running interference, can cover for.

Is it good for democracy that Mallard in seeking a personal biased means of enforcement with removing questions for infractions from either team?
Or is that a suppression of one of the tenets of the Westminster system where holding the Government to account  is a vital part of the process.
To deduct a question from the questioner as a punishment for an infraction of his warped sense of discipline by someone entirely removed from the process must be a retrograde step. Expulsion removes aa problem but the system can continue with another stepping up. Mallard needs to pull his head in.

This rabble need to be held to account and with so many wheels wobbling and beginning to fall off, it might take a lot more than a Canoe jumping act to keep  the vehicle warrantable.


Watch: Fluoride can impair intelligence says professor but former Health Minister says water fluoridation is safe, beneficial "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Anti-fluoride activist Professor Paul Connett has shared his views during an interview with TVNZ 1s Breakfast programme this morning, with a counter argument given by former Health Minister Jonathan Coleman.

[Watch it here]

Both gave firm arguments this morning on Breakfast around the controversial practice of fluoridating drinking water supplies.

Professor Connett, who has a PhD in chemistry, made numerous points, but one of the main ones was that he believes research suggests fluoride can impair intelligence.

For counter balance, Breakfast invited former government Health Minister Dr Jonathan Coleman on the show, who said he still believes fluoridation of drinking water is completely safe and beneficial.

Water supplies in many New Zealand regions has been fluoridated for more than 60 years due to its beneficial effects on oral health, according to the Ministry of Health.

Fluoridation in New Zealand typically adjusts the amount of fluoride present in water to between 0.7 and 1 parts per million.

A 2007 Ministry for the Environment report showed that 95 per cent of the 279 groundwater sites it tested had naturally occurring fluoride concentrations of 0.56 parts per million, or less.

*Original online at

Note: The TV interview was live at 7:20 am, on Feb 22, in NZ   or 1:20 pm in New York on February 21.


Free Hawai`i "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"




Office Of Hawaiian Affairs Chair Colette Machado Is At It Again.

Lots Of Promises With No Real Action.

This Time Shes Promising To Clean Up OHA After The State Audit Results.

Watch This To See How You Can Make Colette Machado Turn Her Words Into Action.

Then Share This Video Today With Your Family & Everyone You Know.


PNGs losses from Solwara 1 currently over K350 million "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Solwara 1 is chewing its way through PNG taxpayer funds at an alarming rate

In 2014, the State borrowed US$120 million [K375 million] from BSP to buy a 15% stake in the proposed Solwara 1 seabed mine.

Nautilus Minerals says US$113 million from the loan was paid to the company in December 2014.

It is not clear what has happened to the other US$7 million, the balance of the funds borrowed, but at the moment the governments investment in Solwara 1 is not looking like a very good bet.

While the States partner, Nautilus Minerals is on financial life support and haemorrhaging senior staff, the State has written down its investment by over K260 million.

The latest financial report from Eda Kopa (Solwara) Limit...


Queensland high-rise boom unwinds apace "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

Apartment building slowing

Residential building work done for non-houses dropped by some 25 per cent in Queensland in 2017.

And this construction trend will continue in 2018 as the sector continues to rebalance towards equilibrium.

Not quite so many cranes expected in 2018 then, at least in the residential sector! 

As construction slows Brisbane's apartments are gradually filling up, as I looked at in a bit more detail here, but it's taking time for the stock to be absorbed.

The figures for engineering construction have been all over the show across recent quarters with some wild spikes in Western Australia due to the import of LNG platforms.

Looking at the smoother trend figures brings positive news.

Post-mining boom engineering construction is no longer dragging back the economies of Western Australia and Queensland, paving the way for an economic recovery for the resources states. 

Good to see.

At the national level residential building work done fell by about 5 per cent in 2017 as supply and demand look to swing back into balance.

However, this was more than offset by the rebound in engineering co...


Climate Justice Forum: Sandpoint Railroad Issues Meeting, Second Lake Rail Bridge Application, Payette Riverside Gas Wells, Anti-Silicon Smelter Meeting & March, Jordan Cove LNG Project Protest, Solar Panel Tariff 2-21-18 "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The Wednesday, February 21, 2018 Climate Justice Forum radio program, produced by regional, climate activist collective Wild Idaho Rising Tide (WIRT), features a recording of an Idaho Conservation League, railroad issues meeting in Sandpoint, and news and reflections on an application to build a second, Lake Pend Oreille, rail bridge, Alta Mesa gas well drilling next to the Payette River, a WIRT and Newport silicon smelter resisters meeting and march, an Oregon meeting disruption by Jordan Cove LNG project protesters, and a Trump administration tariff on imported solar panels.  Broadcast for six years on progressive, volunteer, community station KRFP Radio Free Moscow, every Wednesday between 1:30 and 3 pm Pacific time, on-air at 90.3 FM and online, the show describes continent-wide, community resistance to fossil fuel projects, thanks to the generous, anonymous listener who adopted program host Helen Yost as her KRFP DJ.


Ex-Cyclone Gita turns New Zealand's Terrible Gully into river of rock "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

A river of shingle rock flowing down Terrible Gully has left eight farms cut off from town in Rakaia, near Canterbury's Mt Hutt. Incredible video of the "rocky river" was captured by Donna Field of Cleardale Station as she surveyed the damage from former Cyclone Gita on Wednesday. The flow of careering shingles closed Double Hill Run Rd which services the farms in the South Island region. It's an event that has become a regular occurrence for the farmers in the area. "But it's never been this bad before," Field said. "For a long time it was quite stable, but the last 2.5 - 3 years it has become a lot more active."


Civil society decry FSANZ approval of Golden Rice "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The recent release of Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) approval report of International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) application for a Golden Rice safety stamp and trade liability clearance have garnered negative reactions and widespread critique. 


Civil society decries FSANZ approval of Golden Rice "IndyWatch Feed Pacific"

The recent release of Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) approval report of International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) application for a Golden Rice safety stamp and trade liability clearance have garnered negative reactions and widespread critique. 


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