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Friday, 24 November


St. Lucias Ambassador to the United States: Who Is Anton Edmunds? "IndyWatch Feed"

Anton Edsel Edmunds, who for much of his career has worked to promote business investment in his island nation and the Caribbean as a whole, presented his credentials as St. Lucias ambassador to the United States on September 8, 2017.


Edmunds father, J. Edsel Edmunds, is a nematologist and former diplomat who served as St. Lucias ambassador to the United States from 1984 to 1998. He also had a nematode named after him: Longidorus edmundsi. Anton Edmunds attended college in the United States. He earned a B.A. in politics from Catholic University of America in 1989 and an M.A. from American Universitys School of Public Affairs in 1992.


Beginning in 1990, Edmunds was manager of investment promotion for the Eastern Caribbean Investment Promotion Service in Washington. He moved to New York in 1995 as senior manager for business development for the government of St. Lucia.


Edmunds left the government post in 1997 to work as a consultant for a year before joining Caribbean-Central American Action, a private economic development organization. He started as director of marketing and business development programs before moving up to deputy director of the organization in 2002; executive director and COO in 2005; and executive director and CEO in 2008.


Since 2009, Edmunds has run his own consulting firm, The Edmunds Group International, which advises corporations and governments on doing business in the Caribbean region. His government clients included the U.S. Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Barbados, St. Lucia, the World Bank, the Organization of American States and the Inter-American Development Bank. Private-sector clients included Bank of America, ExxonMobil, Chevron, FedEx, Tropical Shipping, Seaboard Marine and Scotiabank. Edmunds remained with his consultancy until taking the Washington post.


Shortly after being installed as ambassador, Edmunds was the subject of a rumor that he had been killed in the October 1, 2017, mass shooting in Las Vegas. The spokesperson for Jamaicas opposition party sent out a condolence message in response to the rumor, then had to retract the message after Edmunds was found to be safe.


Edmunds is married and has one child.

-Steve Straehley


To Learn More:

Official Biography (pdf)

Trinidad Drug Bust: A Cautionary Tale for the Caribbean (by Anton Edmunds, Caribbean News Now)



MS-13 Members Maimed, Ripped Out Heart And Decapitated Man in Maryland Park "IndyWatch Feed"

Another sanctuary for unaccompanied minors. Via NBC4: As many as 10 members of the gang MS-13 stabbed a man more than 100 times in a Maryland park, ripped out his heart and buried him, officials say. Court documents released Wednesday reveal gruesome details about the killing of a man officials in Montgomery County still have []


Horrific Islamist Attack in Egypt Northern Sinai Mosque Targeted Killing 235 "IndyWatch Feed"

Against the backdrop of the first border opening between Egypts northern Sinai and Gaza; and against the ongoing efforts by the al-Sisi led coalition to move toward peace between Arabs and Israelis; the extremists strike back today with a horrific Continue reading


New York Giants Player Kneels For National Anthem During Thanksgiving Game "IndyWatch Feed"

The message is youre a leftist who hates America, dont try to sugarcoat it into anything more than that. And Kaepernicks actions on Thanksgiving also prove that. Via Washington Examiner: Oliver Vernon, defensive end for the New York Giants, took a knee during the national anthem prior to the Thursday night Thanksgiving football game against []


Thanksgiving in Chiraq: 2 dead, 9 others shot "IndyWatch Feed"

Chiraq: Now above 600 homicides for this year. From MyFoxChicago: Two men were killed and at least nine other people were wounded in shootings across Chicago during the Thanksgiving holiday. A fatal shooting happened early Thursday in the Chatham neighborhood Continue reading


Can Trump Survive Star Witness Michael Flynn? "IndyWatch Feed"

Theres a real sense in which it is a crime to obstruct justice even if no underlining crime is ever proven, but its certainly a more serious thing to deliberately undermine an investigation if the crime that is the prime focus is discovered and prosecutable. For this reason, it matters a lot whether or not Michael Flynn is charged with criminal offenses because the president of the United States asked the director of the FBI to drop his inquiry into Flynn and then fired the director when he would not.

Were Michael Flynn to be cleared of all wrongdoing, we might not consider Trumps interference a high crime or misdemeanor even if it is a crime of some sort. On the other hand, if it looks like Trump tried to prevent justice from being obtained for actual crimes, thats obstruction however you want to define it.

Therefore, the worse things are for Flynn, the worse they will be for Trump. If he can say that he was right all along that Flynn is innocent and shouldnt be harassed, that will benefit him politically and in the eyes of Congress. But if Flynn is slapped with a long list of indictments, its going to make Trump look like a coconspirator. His best defense at that point will be that he is actually a dope and a fool rather than a witting participant in a series of criminal acts. And thats not a great look for a president.

But, of course, theres a third possibility thats even worse for the president, and that seems to be what were about to see unfold.

Lawyers for Michael T. Flynn, President Trumps former national security adviser, notified the presidents legal team in recent days that they could no longer discuss the special counsels investigation, according to four people involved in the case an indication that Mr. Flynn is cooperating with prosecutors or negotiating a deal.

Mr. Flynns lawyers had been sharing information with Mr. Trumps lawyers about the investigation by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, who is examining whether anyone around Mr. Trump was involved in Russian efforts to undermine Hillary Clintons presidential campaign.

That agreement has been terminated, the four people said. Defense lawyers frequently share information during investigations, but they must stop when doing so would pose a conflict of interest. It is unethical for lawyers to work together when one client is cooperating with prosecutors and another is still under investigation.

The notification alone does not prove that Mr. Flynn is cooperating with Mr. Mueller. Some lawyers withdraw from information-sharing arrangements as soon as they begin negotiating with prose...

Casual Observation "IndyWatch Feed"

This dude got himself blocked from Wikipedia as a sockpuppet because he was trying to scrub Michael Caputo's links to Russia.

Time to re-read and probably update my piece from May: Who is Michael Caputo and What Can He Tell Us?.


The Wannsee Conference and Trumpism "IndyWatch Feed"

A few nights ago I was looking for something to watch while I went to sleep and I settled on an old movie called Conspiracy about the Wannsee Conference. Theres only one record of what happened at the Wannsee Conference and its obviously incomplete, so its hard to say how accurately the movie portrayed what actually happened. But the basics were probably captured accurately.

Adolf Eichmann organized a meeting on the behalf of Reinhard Heydrich that included representatives from various ministries and branches of the military and police. The major decisions had already been made at the highest level, but there was some pretense of debate about what to do with the Jewish population in the occupied areas of the Third Reich.

Heydrich knew that there would be opposition to what he was going to propose so he walked them slowly up to the real news. He didnt just come out and say that they had built gas chambers and crematoriums. He walked them through all the logistical problems with trying to feed and house so many Jewish prisoners. He explained why their suggestions were impractical for one reason or another. And only after hed gotten a lot of input and dismissed a lot of ideas did he and Eichmann spring the big news that there would be a highly mechanized program of complete annihilation.

In the movie, probably more than half of the participants were untroubled by this, although they were at least a bit surprised. But others who would have clearly objected in strong moral language at the beginning of the meeting had been beaten down by the time the announcement was made. Overall, what won the day is that no one present was willing to argue that any Jews should be allowed to live in a future Reich. They all agreed that they must be removed, only differing on the timeline and whether it could be done in the near term without undermining the war effort. It didnt hurt that Heydrich was considered powerful and dangerous enough that no one wanted to cross him.

In the end, there was a consensus built that there would be a Final Solution, or a Holocaust. Yet, I was struck by how that consensus was built, and it made me think about the broader German public that wasnt consulted at the Wannsee Conference.

How many Germans would have voted for Hitler in 1933 if he had run on a program of mass extermination of Jews? And how did that change over time as people were exposed to Nazi propaganda and the stresses of war? Who convinced themselves to go along happily even though their decision was made more out of fear than enthusiasm? What happened in two hours during the Wannsee Conference happened to Germany over eight years.

Sure, there were some genuinely bad people in Germany, as ther...


Verizon and the Death of the Internet "IndyWatch Feed"

In Portugal, with no net neutrality, internet providers are starting to split the Internet into "packages" so much for email service, so much for social media, and so on. You don't buy the service, you don't get access (source; click to enlarge)

by Gaius Publius

There are two stories here, one about net neutrality which Trump's FCC is about to terminate and one about a corruption of the process by which the FCC arrives that decision.

About net neutrality itself, consider an analogy. Should companies that control the telephone wires control (a) who gets to use them, and (b) what is allowed to be talked about? In the U.S. a long time ago, the answer was no. Telephone wires were declared "common carriers" in the same way that roads are common carriers a resource that should be open and available to all.

The same with the transmission lines and pathways that carry the Internet, or so the thinking goes. For most of its life, the Internet was treated like a utility, and Internet "wiring" was treated like a common carrier. That made sense and happened almost automatically, since early Internet traffic was carried by phone wires (via modems and DSL), to which established common carrier rules already applied.

In short, in the early days, the Internet was treated the same way the phone system was treated like a public utility whose transmission lines were mandated to remain open to anyone who wants to use them.

The Internet, Big Money and Political Speech

Then three things happened. First, "ecommerce" grew, becoming a sizeable percentage of both Internet traffic and company profit. The Internet wasn't just about communication, it was about Money, not just for large existing companies. Dedicated ecommerce giants were created Amazon, for example, and Netflix. The people who love money more than anything now had a stake in how the Internet was treated under the law. Meaning, they had a stake in making sure their Internet traffic was special, privileged.


Nearly Half Of Illegal Border-Crossers Into Canada Are From Haiti "IndyWatch Feed"

Strong swimmers. Via CBC: There were 14,467 refugee claims made by people who crossed into Canada outside legal border points in a nine-month period this year, and nearly half of them were from Haiti. Data released by the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) on Wednesday shows that 6,304 citizens of Haiti claimed refugee status after []


Its An Obama Moment In Texas "IndyWatch Feed"

-by Tom Wakely
Candidate for Governor, Texas

The 2018 election season is officially underway in Texas.

Candidate filing began Saturday, November 11th for next year's March 6 primaries. The filing period runs through December 11th. While many candidates have announced that they are running for Texas governor as a Democrat only three have officially filed the paperwork with the state party and paid their filing fee of $3,750 or submitted 5,000 ballot petition signatures in place of the filing fee.

Grady Yarborough, a 75 year old perennial candidate, who has been a thorn in the side of the Texas Democratic partys for decades, has filed. A fellow by the name of Adrian Ocegueda, a principal with Lone Star Investment Advisors, which, according to their website is a Dallas-based private equity firm that specializes in leveraged acquisitions and recapitalizations of strategically viable, middle-market businesses with strong potential for growth, has filed. I am the third candidate that has filed. Dubbed the Berniecrat with the Panama Hat by the Austin-American Statesman, I submitted my paperwork and paid the filing fee (which I borrowed from my wife) on Saturday, November 11th, opening day of the filing period. On the same day I filed for Governor, Michael Cooper filed to run for Lt. Governor as a Democrat. Mike Collins, a Republican has also filed to run for Lt. Governor but he has filed to run as a Democrat-- but more on this later.

Next years election season will be an Obama Moment for Texas. Let me explain.



LONDON POLICE Respond to Incident at Oxford Circus Subway Station=> SHOCKING VIDEO OF SHOPPERS STAMPEDE "IndyWatch Feed"

LONDON POLICE Respond to Incident at Oxford Circus Subway Station


This is rush hour in London!


Police were called to the area.

People are running for their lives.

This is one of the busiest shopping days of the year in a very busy part of London.



235 Killed In Islamic Militant Attack On Mosque In Sinai "IndyWatch Feed"

Sufi Muslim mosque, who ISIS would regard as apostates. Via BBC: Militants have launched a bomb and gun attack on a mosque in Egypts North Sinai province, killing 235 people, state media say. Witnesses say the al-Rawda mosque in the town of Bir al-Abed, near al-Arish, was targeted during Friday prayers. It is the deadliest []


And Then The Clown Prince Told Friedman: 'Suck On This.' "IndyWatch Feed"

The Moustache of Understanding, Thomas Friedman, has written the probably most embarrassing fanfiction ever: The most significant reform process underway anywhere in the Middle East today is in Saudi Arabia. Yes, you read that right. Though I came here at...


Media Disdain For Sarah Sanders Gets Personal "IndyWatch Feed"

After being lap dogs for eight years, the media is suddenly offended. Via Washington Examiner: The national medias relationship with White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has taken on a new tension over the last month, as journalists and news commentators have grown more and more personal in their hostility toward the Trump administrations top []


ISIS-Affiliated Muslims Slaughter at Least 235 in Egyptian Mosque Attack (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

At least 200 were killed in a bomb attack an Egyptian mosque in the Sinai peninsula.

An ISIS-affiliated group is behind the attack.

Haaretz reported:

MENA, a state news agency, reported that ISIS-affiliated militants are suspected of perpetrating the attack, which targeted a mosque frequented by Sufis, members of Islams mystical movement, in the north Sinai town of Bir al-Abd. Islamic militants, including the local ISIS branch, consider Sufis heretics because of their less literal interpretations of the faith.

Here is video from inside the mosque after the deadly attack.

It was a Sufi mosque. The bombing was


Al Frankens Newest Groping Excuse: Im A Warm Person. I Hug People "IndyWatch Feed"

Yeah, hes warm alright. I really find his Im a sensitive male trip so offensive, either deny or dont say anything. Dont try to play this game that you care so much about women and have just learned that you may have crossed the line. Via Daily Caller: Democratic Minnesota Sen. Al Frankens latest excuse []


Federal Judge Lauds But Dismisses High-Profile Lawsuit Against NSA Surveillance "IndyWatch Feed"

A federal judge offered praise but dismissed a high-profile and multi-year lawsuit against National Security Agency surveillance programs.

In 2013, following disclosures from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, attorney Larry Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch, and Charles Strange filed a lawsuit seeking a preliminary injunction barring the government from collecting their phone records through a program operated under a section of the PATRIOT Act.

Judge Richard Leon of United States District Court of the District of Columbia issued a preliminary injunction in December 2013 and described the technology used for the NSA program as almost Orwellian. But twice, in 2014 and 2015, the federal appeals court in the same circuit sent the lawsuit back to the district court, asserting plaintiffs did not meet the burden of proof necessary to sue. Each time the appeals court avoided key constitutional issues.

While the zeal and vigilance with which plaintiffs have sought to protect our constitutional rights is indeed laudable, this court, in the final analysis, has no choice but to dismiss these cases for plaintiffs failure to demonstrate the necessary jurisdiction to proceed, Leon stated [PDF]. I do so today, however, well aware that I will not be the last district judge who will be required to determine the appropriate balance between our national security and privacy interests during this never-ending war on terror.

Hopefully, by the time these issues are next joined, our Supreme Court will have had the opportunity to provide us with further guidance on the parameters of our privacy interests in this era of ever-increasing electronic communication. If not, concerned citizens such as these will continue to shoulder the heavy yoke that vigilance to our constitutional liberties surely requires.

Leon agreed with the government that the passage of the USA FREEDOM Act in June 2015which was intended to address concerns over bulk metadata collection from phone recordsmeant the plaintiffs no longer had a case or controversy. He found little merit to arguments that the USA FREEDOM Act is riddled with loopholes and that the statute in many ways actually expands the wide-scaled unconstitutional surveillance.

To the argument from Klayman and Strange that they should be able to engage in discovery to show their metadata was collected under the NSA program, the judge maintained they must have some facts already before discovery could be granted. They...


Obama admin.s 35-yr lease of Port Canaveral to Middle East company with Russian ties endangers U.S. national security "IndyWatch Feed"

Port Canaveral in Brevard County, Florida, is one of the busiest cargo and cruise ports in the world, with fuel accounting for 75% of the cargo in 2011. It is also a naval port adjacent to the U.S. strategic ballistic missile nuclear Continue reading


White House Braces for Indictment of Gen. Flynn in Muellers Never-Ending Witch Hunt (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

The Trump White House is reportedly bracing for an indictment of General Michael Flynn in the Robert Mueller Deep State witch hunt.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with Russian collusion.
That was all a scam to set into motion a Deep State probe into undermining the Trump presidency.

This was all a deep state scam to flip the 2016 election.

For some reason there is no investigation into James Comey who leaked classified documents or Robert Mueller who should be charged with criminal action in the Uranium One scandal. Instead these crooked cops are investigating and actively working to destroy the current administration.

And Jeff Sessions is compromised and neutered as Attorney General and allows this illegal investigation to proceed.

The swamp runs deep in Washington DC.

The post White House Braces for Indictment of Gen. Flynn in Muellers Never-Ending Witch Hunt (Video) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Bill Clinton Flew On Pedo Jeffrey Epsteins Lolita Express Ex-Secret Service Agent Threatens To Expose New Details "IndyWatch Feed"

Its well documented former President Bill Clinton flew on convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epsteins private jet. During a Twitter spat with former Hillary Clinton aide Nick Merrill, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino threatened he may reveal new details about Lolita Express.

Gawker reported:

Bill Clinton took repeated trips on the Lolita Expressthe private passenger jet owned by billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epsteinwith an actress in softcore porn movies whose name appears in Epsteins address book under an entry for massages, according to flight logbooks obtained by Gawker and published today for the first time. The logs also show that Clinton shared more than a dozen flights with a woman who federal prosecutors believe procured underage girls to sexually service Epstein and his friends and acted as a potential co-conspirator in his crimes.

The spat began following Bongino appearance on Fox News, where he called Clinton the manipulative political person in a position of power [he had] ever met in my entire life.

The former communications director for Clinton replied to Bonginos critici...


Berlin To Bring Back Children Of German Islamic State Fighters "IndyWatch Feed"

Future jihadis. Via DW: The German government wants to bring back the children of German IS members who fought in Syria, according to a report. At least six children including babies are currently in detention centers in Iraq. Diplomats with Germanys Foreign Ministry requested exit permits from the Iraqi government for the children []


Third Ranking Dem In House: Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Conyers Could Be Made Up "IndyWatch Feed"

Did he make up the settlement he made using our money too? Or the multiple staffers who came forward claiming hes harassed women for years? The women must be believed only applies when a Republican is accused. Via Townhall: The sexual misconduct reckoning thats sweeping the nation does cross party lines and political persuasions. Republicans []


Sanctuary policy allows them in: MS-13 gang decapitate and stab victim 100 times, heart ripped out "IndyWatch Feed"

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, Montgomery County, Maryland is a sanctuary county. MS-13 has a heavy presence in Montgomery County. Gee, I wonder why From NY Post: A man murdered earlier this year by the MS-13 street gang Continue reading


Anti-Anthem Protest Leader Colin Kaepernick Participates in Anti-US Protest on Thanksgiving (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

Remember when the liberal media and Social Justice Warriors told you the anti-anthem protests were a patriotic gesture and that Colin Kaepernick really loves his country?
Well, they lied.

Colin Kaepernick participated in an un-Thanksgiving Day protest with Native Americans on Alcatraz Island on Thanksgiving Day.

Kaepernick was the featured speaker.

Colin Kaepernick is the leader of the anti-police, anti-military, anti-US National Anthem protests in the NFL.

The post Anti-Anthem Protest Leader Colin Kaepernick Participates in Anti-US Protest on Thanksgiving (Video) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


SEASONS BEATINGS: Huge Black Friday Brawl Erupts Inside Mall Shopper Throws Shoe At Baby! (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

A large Black Friday brawl erupted inside Riverchase Galleria mall in Hoover, Alabama, late Thursday night. Female shoppers were filmed punching and kicking one another, while one threw a shoe at a baby.

Video credit: Rd Gtti

Mirror UK reports:

Black Friday shoppers got into a huge brawl at a shopping mall as wild footage shows women wrestling on the floor and being handcuffed by police.

There were scenes of chaos as the women brawled and police and staff struggled to break them apart.

Stunned witnesses laughed and recorded video on their mobile phones as police ordered them to leave the store.

The mall in the US state of Alabama had to be shut down early after multiple fights were reported, while a shooting left one person critically injured at a mall in Missouri as Black Friday shoppers showed up looking for deals.

A number of women were arrested during the brawl inside a shop at the Riverchase Galleria mall in Hoover, Alabama.

In the video above, a police officer can be heard shouting, Get out of here, go!

The furious officer can then be heard threatening brawlers with jail time if they do not leave the mall.

At this time, no information about arrests have been made public.

Security shut down the Riverchase Galleria at 11:20 PM, instead of midnight, as planned.

The post...


Hollywood Actresses Mock First Lady Melania Trump in Racist Skit on Thanksgiving Holiday (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

Remember as you read this: These people think they are your moral superiors.

Hollywood actresses mocked First Lady Melania Trump this year in their Thanksgiving video.

The two women play characters Melanoma and Bulimia her cousin and mock the First Ladys accent in their Thanksgiving video.

The women have a whole series of videos mocking the First Lady.

The Real EG is actress Tommy Pickles from Rugrats, Buttercup from Power Puff Girls, Happy Feet, Pee Wees Big Adventure.

Via Jack Posobiec:

The post...


Meet The Only NFL Player To Kneel During The National Anthem On Thanksgiving POTUS Trump Made Sure To Rip Into Him "IndyWatch Feed"

The NFL continues to struggle as players from around the league are kneeling during the National Anthem. How bad is it? The NFLs ratings are a train wreck and theres no end in sight. One would think Thanksgiving would be a time for players to give thanks to a nation that has provided them the opportunity to play the game they love, while making gobs of money. 

Not New York Giants defensive end Olivier Vernon. Hes not thankful, and let America know by kneeling during the National Anthem on Thanksgiving.

The Hill reports:

New York Giants defensive end Olivier Vernon continued his protest on Thursday night, kneeling during the national anthem before a game against the Washington Redskins.

Vernon, who has been kneeling since early on in the NFL season, appeared to be the only player to take a knee before the game.


Prior to last Sundays game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Vernon told Newsday that he would continue kneeling, even as criticism of the protests continues.

What it would take for me to stand is if people can understand what the whole message is behind it, he told Newsday. That would actually help a whole lot, but everybody doesnt see things that way and tries to distort what the message was from the beginning, which is basically social injustice on African-Americans and police brutality.

White House social media director Dan Scavino took to Twitter Friday, denouncing Vernons decision to kneel.

While ratings continue to plummet Not So Thankful: Kneels During the National Anthem on Thanksgiving Day (while a Master Sergeant of the United States Army sings) at FedEx Field, tweeted Scavino.


Vatican threatens to excommunicate priest for criticizing Pope Francis "IndyWatch Feed"

About two weeks ago, I posted about Cardinal Gerhard Mller sounding the alarm that there is a pervading sense of fear in Pope Francis Curia the administrative body of the Holy See in Vatican City, Rome. Mller had served Continue reading


Trump: Just Another Tinkerbell Republican "IndyWatch Feed"

If there's a literary genre more embarrassing than Trump fan fic, I hope to god I never live to read any of it. It's embarrassing to me as an English speaker, as an American, and as a member of the same species as the people who write that drivel. Seriously: read some Trump fan fic and then watch Independence Day, and tell me you aren't rooting for the aliens.

Yesterday brought us a particularly ripe example in the form of a Washington Times piece called Trump proves his warrior spirit by defending Moore. The piece itself is every bit as embarrassing as the title:

At some point, every warrior eventually runs out of arrows. His armor wears thin yet grows heavier still. He must lay down his weary helmeted head for rest.

Even Coriolanus was forced to retreat at the behest of his mother.

Not so Donald Trump.

Not a weary drop of blood pumps through the mans veins. He wears his thick armor light as skin. His bottomless quiver is never empty.
The most striking thing about this, besides the sheer awfulness of the writing, is the Onion-esque mismatch between rhetoric and subject. I mean, this slobbering paean to imaginary epic heroism is about a guy notable for his cowardice, whose epic battle is defending a guy who sexually assaulted a minor.

Except, part of his epic heroism is equivocating about it:
Note how Mr. Trump did not endorse Judge Moore. He simply refused to endorse Democrat Doug Jones.
Yeah, Trump's weasely attempt at plausible deniability is totally Sparta, man.

But that's how Republicans roll. We saw this kind of thing before, with Bush. This is a rule: when a Republican president is at his most hapless and incompetent and indefensible, that's when the wingnut prose about him is most ludicrously adulatory.

The Republican solution is always to clap louder.


Outrageous! Tillerson State Dept. Dumps $700,000 into Hungarian Media to Defeat Conservative Leader Orban "IndyWatch Feed"

This is outrageous.
Hungarys Victor Orban is one of the few conservative Western leaders speaking about against open borders, globalism and George Soros.

Orban recently told an EU audience that George Soros and his allies are using mass immigration to destroy Europes cultural and ethnic identity.

Deep state operatives in the State Department despise Orban for his pro-democracy, anti-immigrant positions.

It was announced this week that the Tillerson State Department is spending over $700,000 to defeat Orban in Hungary.
This is outrageous! reported:

The U.S. State Department has courted controversy by announcing it will plough $700,000 into Hungarian media, angering the countrys anti-globalist, conservative government.

The funding was announced by U.S. Charg dAffaires David Kostelancik, who has previously appeared to openly criticise the Trump administration by alluding to apparent inconsistencies in [U.S.] foreign policy and remarking that not every criticism of the government is fake news.

Breitbart London spoke to a State Department official who confirmed it supports what it calls democracy and human rights programming in many countries, and that its intentions in Hungary a NATO ally are to support media outlets operating outside the capital  to produce fact-based reporting and increase their audience and economic sustainability.

The State Department also echoed Kostelanciks claim that too many Hungarian news outlets are sympathetic to Prime Minister Viktor Orbns popular conservative government which has earned powerful enemies by opposing the European Union on...


Matt Forney After Hours, Episode 3: Abortively Implicit "IndyWatch Feed"

On this episode of Matt Forney After Hours, I expound on Tomi Lahrens pro-abortion views, Richard Spencers and the alt-rights response to them, and why right-wingers and nationalists must oppose abortion. I also discuss the Japanese abortion industry. This episode originally aired on March 24, 2017.

Listen and download the MP3 below:

To listen to the show on YouTube, click here.

To subscribe to The Matt Forney Show, check out the following links:

To support the show, click here.


Read Next: Matt Forney After Hours, Episode 2: Gamma Mindset

The post Matt Forney After Hours, Episode 3: Abortively Implicit appeared first on Matt Forney.


Things Will Only Get Worse For Ryan And His House Republicans As The Midterms Approach "IndyWatch Feed"

Every poll that asks about who voters would rather see in control of Congress shows the same thing: by large and growing numbers, registered voters and likely voters want to see the Republicans lose control of Congress. Except for hard core Republicans-- and not even all of them no one wants to see another Paul Ryan speakership and even fewer people want to see Mitch McConnell in control of the Senate. But the caveat is always "but a lot could happen between now and the 2018 midterms. And that's true; a lot could happen. And there's no reason to believe what happens will help the Republicans' situation in any way. In fact, every indication is that the GOP will be in worse shape next November than they are in this November.

Harry Enten endeavored to explain this at FiveThirtyEight a couple weeks ago, with a logical post, Theres No Reason To Think Republicans Will Be In Better Shape A Year From Now. Polls that week by CNN and the Washington Post/ABC News "both found Democrats leading Republicans by 11 percentage points on the generic ballot... But the really bad news for Republicans: Theres a good chance they wont be able to eat too much into that lead by the 2018 midterms."
The generic congressional ballot, even more than a year before a midterm, has historically been quite predictive of what will eventually occur in the following year. It was predictive in April, and its even more predictive now. You can see this phenomenon in the chart below. The chart shows the margin by which the presidential party leads on the generic ballot in an average of polls in October a year before the midterm compared with the national House margin in the midterm election. Every midterm cycle since 1938 is included, with the exception of 1942 and 1990, for which we dont have polling at this point in the cycle.



Portland Man Who Used Climate Defense Found Guilty Of Pipeline Damage "IndyWatch Feed"

He was protecting mother earth, Gaia. Via Great Falls Tribune: Leonard Higgins, charged with tampering with an oil pipeline in Montana last year following a four-state climate change demonstration, was found guilty Wednesday by a Chouteau County jury of trespassing and criminal mischief. The jury, which got the case at 11:15 a.m., returned an hour []


Someone Tell the Democrats that the Top Rated Tax Regimes in World have Low Tax Rates and Simple Tax Filing Procedures "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest post by Joe Hoft

A couple years ago I wrote a post for Breitbart where I discussed Hong Kongs top rated tax status. It is still rated one of the top tax regimes in the world because its tax rates are very low and it is simple to file in Hong Kong.

Please someone tell the Democrats and the #NeverTrumpers in Congress that the tax bill is good for America and Americans!

From my post where I discussed a chapter in my book Falling Eagle Rising Tigers

Hong Kong has a total corporate tax rate which is amongst the lowest in the world and is well known for its simple tax system. Hong Kongs total tax rate on corporations is 23%, with numerous incentives for corporations to reduce their tax rates further. Out of more than 170 economies researched and included in the World Bank/PWCs 2012 study of corporate and business taxes, the average total tax rate was 44.8% of profits. The total tax rate includes all taxes imposed on a business. Hong Kong is well below the global average at 23%. The US on the other hand, has a reported total tax rate of 131%, well above the world average and Hong Kongs 23% rate. This study shows that the total taxes the US places on corporations (e.g. payroll, property, income, etc.) are 131% of the net income reported by these same entities.

In addition, Hong Kong tax system is administratively simple, while the US tax system is complex and costs individuals and companies millions, if not billions, every year in compliance. As tax systems become more complex, they become more costly for governments as well. The comparison between the administrative costs of the US IRS and Hong Kongs IRD for collecting tax revenues is staggering. The...


Sexgate: Russell Simmons now realizes its not cool to be a playboy "IndyWatch Feed"

According to WhosDatedWho, the 60-year-old Simmons has had 22 relationships, mostly with much younger models. Im sure his intent with all 22 women was playful. From Hollywood Reporter: Russell Simmons, a prolific music and TV producer and co-founder of Def Continue reading


Staggering Variety of Clandestine Trackers Found In Popular Android Apps "IndyWatch Feed"

David Singleton speaks during the Google I/O 2015 keynote presentation in San Francisco.


US Congressman Cummings Info Request About Flynn Jr.s Security Clearance Application; Flynn Cooperating With Mueller To Save His Son? "IndyWatch Feed"

It is believed that Flynn may be starting to cooperate with Special Counsel Mueller in the Trump-Russia investigation. It might save both him and his son from prison, or shorten the duration.

On November 16th, US Congressman Cummings requested that the FBI produce, by November 30, 2017, all documents Flynn, Jr. provided on his security clearance application relating to his contact with foreign nationals, including business and government officials, foreign activities, and foreign travel. Lying on this form is a felony which could carry up to five years in prison. He also asked for any files about foreign influence or foreign preference associated with his clearance.

Excerpt from press release and letter. See entire press release and more of the letter below.

NYTimes: A Split From Trump Indicates That Flynn Is Moving to Cooperate With Mueller...


Capital is making the city and its making it in its own image "IndyWatch Feed"

David Harvey talking: The right to the city argument was partly connected to the fact that a right to the city movement developed in the United States. It was me and others like Peter Marcuse who were getting into dialogue with those social movements. What they were recognising was that their individual concerns whether []


War is, just one continual lie "IndyWatch Feed"

There is no end in sight to the longest war in U.S. history. In a prime time address Monday, President Trump vowed to step up the U.S. military campaign in Afghanistan, which began nearly 16 years ago. While Trump offered few specifics, he has reportedly signed off on a plan to send about 4,000 more []


US Aid to Israel Is Too Much Say 61.9% of Americans "IndyWatch Feed"

A majority Americans say US foreign aid to Israel is excessive either much too much (32.5 percent) or too much (29.4 percent). The single-question March 10, 2016 opinion survey, fielded through Google Consumer Surveys, reveals only slight changes since it was first asked on September 27, 2014. (For details on sample size, bias and []


Midnight Meme Of The Day! "IndyWatch Feed"

-by Noah

Dear Donnie, If you really want to be praised for an action you took in your heinous life; if you really want to be considered a patriot: Do it! Do it now!

If only. If Seor Trumpanzee would take that step tonight! Black Friday would never be known as Black Friday again. It would be something like VE Day was in 1945; much celebration in the streets, and so much relief and happiness in so many homes across America. We could call the Friday after Thanksgiving "National Euphoria Day." If he'd join hands with Republicans in Congress and they would all jump like a bunch of lemmings, even better. Best of all would be if we could park McConnell and Ryan in a Russian car on the street below, and he landed, splat, right on top of them.

Given advance scheduling, the World Pay-Per-View profits would be so high that we could pay to fully fund a national healthcare program, repair our infrastructure, and maybe even find a cure for cancer; all without using taxpayer dollars! And, of course, one big orange tumor of a humanoid would be gone. Bring on the hazmat team to clean up the mess.

If only.


Trapped in Raqqa "IndyWatch Feed"

In Syria, the local journalistic group, Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently reports dozens of civilians have been killed by US-led bombing and artillery fire over the last few days in the ongoing battle to seize control of the city of Raqqa from ISIS. The group says as many as 32 civilians were killed amid bombing []




Q Clearance Anon?  Are people being suckered or just sucked in?  What are the real clues that Q is providing?  It appears to me that the real rabbit hole to go down is that of the data mining wonderland.  Ill start with Jim Breyer, head of Accel which is an American Venture Capital Firm with partnership to International Data Group named IDG AccelCLICK here to find out more about IDG-Accel

Breyer invested 13 million dollars into Facebook, the same year Gilman Louie joined the Board of National Venture Capital Association of America (NVCA) who was also the first CEO of the CIA startup In-Q-Tel which is an American Venture capital firm in partnership with IDG Accel.  CIA owns Facebook?  



Who Owns the Internet? "IndyWatch Feed"

On the night of November 7, 1876, Rutherford B. Hayess wife, Lucy, took to her bed with a headache. The returns from the Presidential election were trickling in, and the Hayeses, who had been spending the evening in their parlor, in Columbus, Ohio, were dismayed. Hayes himself remained up until midnight; then he, too, retired, []


Judge Roy Moore Weighs Legal Action Against Accusers As Allegations Fall Apart "IndyWatch Feed"

It looks like the flimsy 38-year-old allegations against Judge Roy Moore are falling apart.

In fact it looks like EVERY SINGLE DETAIL in Gloria Allreds accuser allegations against Roy Moore have been debunked.
Beverly Nelson was not telling the truth.

And Alabama voters are paying attention.
Roy Moore now leads ultra-liberal Doug Jones by at least 6 points in several polls this week.
And President Trump gave him the nod on Tuesday on the way to Mar-a-Lago.

And now this

Judge Roy Moore told reporters this week he is considering pressing charges against one or more of the women who accused him of sexual misconduct 38 years ago.

NBC News reported:

Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is considering legal action against one or more of the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct, he said Tuesday night.

Moore, the Republican nominee to replace U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the Senate in a Dec. 12 special election, has strongly denied all accusations that he inappropriately approached or accosted woman, some of them who were underage at the time of the alleged incidents.

Asked about some of his accusers in an interview Tuesday night with controversial conservative radio talk show host Scott Beason on Alabama Cable Network, Moore repeated: I dont know them. Ive never spoken to them, and certainly I didnt do anything to them.

Moore has previously threatened to sue The Washington Post, which first reported the allegations against him, and Alabama Media Group, which publishes The Birmingham News, The Huntsville Times and the Press-Register of Mobile.

Roy Moores wife Kayla hinted earlier that the Moores may also press charges against the far left Washington Post.


Young Friends of Israel "IndyWatch Feed"

Al Jazeera Investigations The Lobby P1 00:06 How Israel influences British politics- 00:08 We reveal from the inside how the Israeli Embassy 00:10 penetrates different levels of British democracy in the first of four programmes: 00:14 The Battle for Britains Youth 00:20 [sounds of explosions and yelling] 00:22 Following decades of violence 00:24 a []


November 24th 2017 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #309 "IndyWatch Feed"

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


Thanksgiving Message 11/23/17 Greg Hunter "IndyWatch Feed"

By Greg Hunters  Happy Thanksgiving!!!!  I have plenty to be thankful for, and the community is one of the biggest things.  I have a few thoughts on this important holiday I want to share with you all.  I also want to let you know there will not be a Weekly News Wrap-Up this []


Friday November 24th Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


CO2 levels in atmosphere hit record high in 2016 "IndyWatch Feed"

Concentrations of carbon dioxide surged at a record breaking speed in 2016, according to the annual Greenhouse Gas bulletin compiled by the World Meteorological Organization. The Geneva-based organization said that levels of the heat-trapping gas CO2 in the atmosphere are the highest in in 800,000 years. source 2017-10-31


Is Bannon's Scheme To Get Rid Of Jared Kushner Finally Working Out? "IndyWatch Feed"

Kushner-in-law and Ivanka have wanted to move back to New York and get out of the public spotlight for some time. Now it's too late, as Kushner's Trumpian world is collapsing around his ears. Wednesday, AOL reported that "Mueller's team has begun to question witnesses about some of Kushner's conversations and meetings with foreign leaders during the transition [and] investigators are also homing in on Kushner's role in pushing Trump to fire former FBI Director James Comey in May." It's all about the big "C" and "O" words: collusion and obstruction.

Gabriel Sherman has a major piece in Vanity Fair about how WhiteHouse chief of staff John Kelly has clipped Jared's wings, and diminished his role in the West Wing.
Its perhaps hard to remember now, but it wasnt long ago when Trump handed Kushner a comically broad portfolio that included plans to reinvent government, reform the V.A., end the opioid epidemic, run point on China, and solve Middle East peace. But since his appointment, according to sources, Kelly has tried to shrink Kushners responsibilities to focus primarily on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And even that brief appears to be creating tensions between Kushner and Kelly. According to two people close to the White House, Kelly was said to be displeased with the result of Kushners trip to Saudi Arabia last month because it took place just days before 32-year-old Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman arrested 11 Saudi royals, including billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. The Washington Post reported that Kushner and M.B.S., as the prince is known, stayed up till nearly 4 a.m. planning strategy, which left Kelly to deal with the impression that the administration had advance knowledge of the purge and even helped orchestr...


Stop using antibiotics in healthy animals "IndyWatch Feed"

WHO is recommending that farmers and the food industry stop using antibiotics routinely to promote growth and prevent disease in healthy animals. In some countries, approximately 80% of total consumption of medically important antibiotics is in the animal sector, largely for growth promotion in healthy animals. Over-use and misuse of antibiotics in animals and humans []


Snowden should be thanked "IndyWatch Feed"

Take Action: Pardon Snowden


CFTC Fines Cargill $10 Million "IndyWatch Feed"

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has fined Cargill $10 million for providing mid-market marks that concealed from counterparties and its swap data repository (SDR) its full mark-up on certain swaps, in violation of the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) and CFTC Regulations. The CFTC found that Cargill provided counterparties and the SDR inaccurate marks which []


The Tyrant Abe "IndyWatch Feed"

President Abraham Lincoln should not be revered as a hallowed figure. Honest Abe was a mere man; one who made mistakes and decisions based on his own self-interest. Some of his choices did benefit America, but the benefits were often a positive byproduct of his political self-interest, not benevolence.

Abraham Lincolns Flopping Stance on Slavery

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The liberal Republicans of the time, who eventually touted Lincoln as a champion of freedom, steadfastly demanded the media and citizens not paint him with an Abolitionist brush, during his first inaugural address. Abraham Lincoln did not wish to be known as anti-slavery after putting his hand on the Bible and taking the oath of office. Also, during his first inaugural address, President Lincoln declared that he had absolutely no legal authority to interfere with the practice of slavery in states where it already existed. He then went on to boldly say that he would be enforcing the Fugitive Slave Act. The federal law mandated the return of runaway slaves who had fled slave states to seek safety and freedom in the North.

Although the history textbooks tend to gloss over such facts, slavery did once exist...

Organized Sports and the Total State "IndyWatch Feed"

The POTUS chastised the NFL for disrespecting the flag and the NFL Commish chastised the POTUS for a lack of respect for the NFL, our great game and all of our players, and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players represent in our communities. Thus, the jingoistic USA in demanding that we respect the sacred flag and nationalism gets crossed up with the narcissistic NFL in its demand that we respect the sacred sport of football and athleticism. Spectator sport indeed! as one roots for an increase in internecine fighting within the totalitarian powers that be. For both sports and nationalism go hand-in-hand.

Organized sports, be they participatory or spectatorial, are especially powerful transmitter of the Total States propaganda due to their being both entertaining and participatory. Sports as well is a cause that elicits an energetic allegiance and loyalty that squanders and perverts  (especially a males) the innate piety that is to be given only to the family and God. Sports fosters blind allegiance to a team; a my team (country) right or wrong mentality. So too, sports inculcate the belief that life is a level playing field, where rules are made up by decree. This is legal positivism, which is the life blood of the Total State, as opposed to God-given natural law, which is the nemesis of the Total State.

Organized sports, especially team sports, thus indoctrinates a person to be an obedient citizen of the Total State; a Total State that decides by positivistic decree what is right and wrong; that forces its citizens to think within its box of what is politically correct; that dictates to its citizens the very parameters of acceptable reality; that demands that its citizens unquestionably accept its designated enemies as enemies indeed; that requires its citizens to see the Total State as infallible because (worse than my country right or wrong) the State is right, period! Sports is also a means of propagandizing, not the least of which is in the promotion of nationalism and war. From 2012 to 2015 alone, the United States government spent $53 million on marketing and advertising contracts with sports teams. (Tackling Paid Patriotism, a senate report by McCain & Flake, 2015.) So the adolescent male thinks to himself, OK. Maybe I cant be a football hero, but I can be an American hero by merely signing on the dotted line.

Time to buy old US gold coins

But those of goodwill neednt acquiesce to the Total State/total sports mentality, nor need they allow their children to be indoctrinated in it. Young men should not don glitzy uniforms, be they bright jerseys or dress blues, in order to be a small, expendable part in the power curve o...

The US-Saudi Starvation Blockade "IndyWatch Feed"

Our aim is to starve the whole population men, women, and children, old and young, wounded and sound into submission, said First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill.

He was speaking of Germany at the outset of the Great War of 1914-1918. Americans denounced as inhumane this starvation blockade that would eventually take the lives of a million German civilians.

Yet when we went to war in 1917, a U.S. admiral told British Prime Minister Lloyd George, You will find that it will take us only two months to become as great criminals as you are.

After the Armistice of Nov. 11, 1918, however, the starvation blockade was not lifted until Germany capitulated to all Allied demands in the Treaty of Versailles.

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As late as March 1919, four months after the Germans laid down their arms, Churchill arose in Parliament to exult, We are enforcing the blockade with rigor, and Germany is very near starvation.

So grave were conditions in Germany that Gen. Sir Herbert Plumer protested to Lloyd George in Paris that morale among his troops on the Rhine was sinking from seeing hordes of skinny and bloated children pawing over the offal from British cantonments.

The starvation blockade was a war crime and a crime against humanity. But the horrors of the Second World War made people forget this milestone on the Western road to barbarism.

A comparable crime is being committed today against the poorest people in the Arab world and with the complicity of the United States.

Saudi Arabia, which attacked and invaded Yemen in 2015 after Houthi rebels dumped over a pro-Saudi regime in Sanaa and overran much of the country, has imposed a land, sea and air blockade, after the Houthis fired a missile at Riyadh this month that was shot down.

The Saudis say it was an Iranian missile, fired with the aid of Hezbollah, and an act of war against the kingdom. The Houthis admit to firing the missile, but all three deny Iran and Hezbollah had any role.

Whatever the facts of the attack, what the Saudis, with U.S. support, are doing today with this total blockade of that impoverished country appears to be both inhumane and indefensible.

Almost 90 percent of Yemens food, fuel and medicine is imported, and these imports are being cut off. The largest cities under Houthi control, the port of Hodaida and Sanaa, the capital, have lost access to drinking water because the fuel needed to purify the water is not there.

Thousands have died of cholera. Hundr...

Merkel Tanks in the Polls "IndyWatch Feed"

The survey, carried out in the coalition talks breakdown, makes worrying reading for Angela Merkel.

While Mrs Merkel said yesterday she wanted to stand again in any new snap election the German people appear to be turned off by the prospect.

Of those polled, 54 per cent said she should not run for office, according to the polling institute Civey for

Only 38.5 percent of Germans would welcome a renewed candidacy of the chancellor.

A breakdown of those views saw Mrs Merkel pick up 76.2 per cent support amongst the supporters of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Christian Social Union (CSU) which stood at 76.2 per cent.

Amongst supporters of the Greens, Mrs Merkel also seemed to gain a sizeable backing with 52.2 per cent wanting the current leader to stand again.

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Among the FDP supporters that was only about 30 per cent.

Perhaps unsurprisingly supporters of the right wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) do not want her to stand again with 88.5 per cent calling on her to step back.

There was also little comfort for the German leader in another poll published yesterday in Der Spiegel.

The latest SPON poll indicated that support for the coalition between Mrs Merkels CDU and the CSU fell below 30 per cent to 29.2 per cent.

This is believed to be their lowest ever level.

The polling institute Civey, based in Berlin, indicated the fall is part of a downward trend for the two parties.

There was no joy though either for the main opposition party the Social Democrats (SPD) which also suffered a decline in popularity.

Leader Martin Schulz saw the support for his party drop to 19.5 per cent, its lowest level since December 2016.

A similar fate was suffered by the AfD which had been making progress in popularity recently.

The latest poll shows the party has fallen by 1.5 per cent points since negotiations over forming a new coalition had failed. It is now at to 13.6 per cent.

The main party to gain in popularity were the Liberals with the FDP up 1.7 percentage points, rising to 13.3 per cent.

The Greens have also seen support rise, growing by 1.5 percentage points to 11.9 per cent.

While there have been various shifts in support the overall picture indicates little would change if there was a new election any future government would need some sort of grand coalit...

The Secretive Sackler Family "IndyWatch Feed"

By Dr. Mercola

The U.S. has a massive opioid addiction problem. According to the U.S. surgeon general, more Americans now use prescription opioidsthan smoke cigarettes,1 and addiction to narcotic pain relievers now costs the U.S. more than $193 billion each year. The Manchester, New Hampshire, fire department recently said it now responds to more calls for drug overdoses than fires.2 Thats not so surprising when you consider that opioids are now the leading cause of death among Americans under the age of 50.3

The following graph by the National Institute on Drug Abuse shows the progressive incline in overdose deaths related to opioid pain relievers between 2002 and 2015.4 This does not include deaths from heroin addiction, which we now know is a common side effect of getting hooked on these powerful prescription narcotics. In all, were looking at just over 202,600 deaths in this 13-year time frame alone.5

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National Overdose Deaths

Meditation and Mindfulness Training

Among volunteers who had never meditated before, those who attended four 20-minute classes to learn a meditation technique called focused attention (a form of mindfulness meditation) experienced significant pain relief a 40 percent reduction in pain intensity and a 57 percent reduction in pain unpleasantness.......

JFK Files Reveal Bobby Kennedy and the CIA "IndyWatch Feed"

False flag conspiracy theories have arisen from thousands of global tragedies ever since pirates allegedly spawned the term by flying the flag of the home country they were preparing to attack.  Of course, these conspiracy theories would be far easier to discredit if theyd stop coming true

Alas, a recently revealed document from the so-called JFK Files will only serve to stoke the flames of conspiracy theorists as it very clearly confirms a plot crafted by then Attorney General Robert Kennedy and the CIA to carry out a false attack that could be pinned on the USSR and serve as a basis for a U.S. counterattack.

According to a formerly Top Secret document summarizing a meeting from March 22, 1962, officials from JFK administration secretly strategized on the best way to manufacture or acquire Soviet aircraft, including a MIG 17 or MIG 19.  Per the following exceptplans ranged from building aircraft that could stand up distant observation or close observation and ranged in cost from $3.5 million to $22 million.

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So what were these replica planes to be used for?  Well, it turns out those details were laid out with some level of specificity as wellthat is, if you can get beyond the brilliant efforts at redaction in the excerpt below

There is a possibility that such aircraft could be used in a deception operation designed to confuse enemy planes in the air, to launch a surprise attack against enemy installation or in a provocation operation in which Soviet aircraft would appear to attack U.S. or friendly installations in order to provide an excuse for U.S. intervention. If the planes were to be used in such covert operations, it would seem preferable to manufacture them in the United States.

According to the Daily Caller, the meeting was held by the Special Group (Augmented), which according to an encyclopedia on the Central Intelligence Agency, included Attorney General Robert Kennedy, CIA Director John...

Biased Reporting on a Bad Guy "IndyWatch Feed"

Mohammed bin Salman, who seems to be running Saudi Arabia these days, is one of the bad guys. If he were a good guy, he wouldnt have attacked his neighboring country, Yemen. He wouldnt be committing war crimes there in conjunction with vital U.S. support. If he were a good guy, hed respect not only the rights of females but also the rights of everyone else.

Based upon some cursory research, all that I have time for at the moment, I suggest that the dominant media in America are biased in their reporting about this political potentate. I searched Google using Mohammed bin Salman 2016. You can check me. I found headlines with terms like this: the prince trying to wean Saudi Arabia off oil, shatters decades of Royal tradition, plotting to try and take over as the countrys new king by the end of 2016, buys 452m yacht, Mohammed Bin Salman seems to have won a power struggle in the Kingdom, The 30-year-old prince who is changing the world, just pushed through a bold package of reforms, Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Three-Pronged Approach to Counter-Terrorism, Saudi deputy crown prince to visit the United States, Obama hosts Saudi Prince Salman at White House and Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammed Bin Salman To Visit Silicon Valley.

The preceding articles mainly sell bin Salman as progressive, modern, bold, daring, and innovative. They paint him as a great guy with youthful energy. His age is almost always mentioned.

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You would not know that he started a war against Yemen unless you searched on saudi aggression on yemen 2016. Then youd find some headlines like these: Airstrikes on Yemen funeral kill at least 140 people, U.N. experts warn Saudi-led coalition allies over war crimes in Yemen, Yemen conflict: The view from the Saudi side, US/Saudi Aggression in Yemen Celebrated by Co-Aggressor UAE, Why Saudi Arabia Is Continuing Its War In Yemen, Saudi-Led Coalition Says It Bombed Yemen Funeral Based on False , and Why is Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen.

Some of these war-oriented articles are justifying the Saudi aggression. One article explains that bombing the funeral procession can be blamed on false intelligence. The mans name who is responsible for all this is not in these headlines.

Nowadays, the press is busy associating Yemen with Iran in order to justify Saudi aggression. However, it is reluctantly being forced to acknowledge the Saudi starvation strategy. The spread of cholera and the rising number of deaths is the attention-getter after 2 years.

Had the dominant press recognized and reported the Saudi aggression for what it was in 2015, the image of bin Salman would have been entire...

At the UN "IndyWatch Feed"

While Presidents Putin and Trump continue to make progress on the question of Syria, the United States senior civil servants in service at the UNO have locked into a round of arm-wrestling with Russia. Refusing to investigate a crime that they have already tried a priori, they provoked not one, but four vetos at the Security Council. For Thierry Meyssan, the schizophrenic behaviour of the United States on the international stage is a demonstration of the divisions within the Trump administration and the decline of US imperialism.

Decidedly, very little has changed since 11 September 2001. The United States continue to manipulate international public opinion and the tools of the United Nations, no doubt for different reasons, but still with the same contempt for the truth.

In 2001, the representatives of the United States and the United Kingdom, John Negroponte and Stewart Eldon, assured that their two countries had just attacked Afghanistan in legitimate defence after the attacks committed in New York and Washington [1]. The Secretary of State, Colin Powell, promised to hand the Security Council a complete dossier presenting proof of Afghan responsibility. 16 years later, this document has still not been seen.

In 2003, the same Colin Powell came to explain to the Security Council, during a speech which was relayed by the televisions of the whole world, that Iraq was also implicated in the attacks of 11 September, and that it was preparing new acts of aggression against the United States by means of weapons of mass destruction [2]. However, once he had retired from his functions in the US government, General Powell admitted on a TV channel in his own country that the many accusations in his speech were all false [3]. 14 years after this speech, we are still waiting for the United States to apologise to the Security Council.

Buy Gold at Discounted Prices

Everyone has forgotten the US accusations concerning the responsibility of President Saddam Hussein in the attacks of 9/11 since then, Washington has attributed these same attacks to Saudi Arabia, and again, today, to Iran, but without ever...

The Electoral College Works "IndyWatch Feed"

NEW YORKLets all dogpile on the Electoral College.

Its undemocratic, its outdated, its un-American. The New York Times (surprise, surprise) believes it should be abolished and we should go to a straight-up popular vote.

Because (this is the part they dont tell you when they make this argument)

Screw Wyoming.

Screw Vermont.

Screw Arkansas.

Screw Rhode Island.

Screw Delaware.

How could the concerns of those little pipsqueak states matter when the massive voting blocs of the Upper West Side and West Hollywood and Nob Hill and the South Side of Chicago are saying, You people go back to your bass boats and your cattle ranches and your plaid work shirts and let us run the country as we see fit.

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The founders never intended 100 percent popular voting except at the lowest levels of government, town halls and city councils, where everyone knows one another. Anything beyond that, they wanted some kind of check on the passions of the mob, so that nobody got railroaded just because they were too small to defend themselves.

In other words, the Electoral College is set up to defend minorities.

Thats why Wyoming gets three votes out of 538. This one half of one percent apparently outrages the East Coast Brahmans who would prefer to ignore the small-government radicals from Laramie and Casper who keep rabble-rousing for causes like better management of the wolf population and more equitable policies for grazing livestock on federal land. Who cares about crap like that? They should have exactly what their population entitles them to

.018 percent of the vote.

They can use the incredible clout of that .018 percent to get whatever they need and then go back to roping their goats or whatever they do.

The same goes for the syrup farmers in Vermont and the Walmart moguls in Arkansas. Twenty-five of the fifty states have seven electoral votes or fewer, so all those people who choose to live away from the crowded urban areas can basically just go artificially inseminate themselves. The most underrepresented people in Americacitizens of the District of Columbiashould have those three votes taken away so we dont have to listen to their constant bitching about, you know, how theyre not represented in Congress at all.


On the Rehabilitation of George W. Bush "IndyWatch Feed"

He received a prestigious award from the West Point Association of Graduates. He published a runaway bestselling autobiography. Last February, a lavishly produced book celebrating his paintings of Americans who served in the military was, as Time put it, burning up the Amazon charts.

Still, the liberal media wasnt ready to embrace George W. Bush not at least until he made some oblique criticisms of the current tenant of his old position, suggesting that, in the present political climate, bigotry seems emboldened. Seems? Have you been to Charlottesville lately, Mr. Bush?

The former president was less tentative on the main subject of his address to a conference on democracy hed organized in New York City: the importance of free trade and the need for a large American footprint in the world. We see a fading confidence in the value of free markets and international trade, he said, forgetting that conflict, instability, and poverty follow in the wake of protectionism. More on that speech later.

Not the First Rehab Job

George W. Bush is hardly the first disgraced Republican president and war criminal to worm his way back into American esteem. Richard Nixon remains the leader in that department.  He spent his later years being celebrated as an elder statesman and a master of realpolitik in international relations. In the process, he managed to shake off the dust of Watergate.

Buy Silver at Discounted Prices

In those years, few even remembered that his was the first administration in which both the president and vice president resigned. In 1973, that disgraced vice president, Spiro Agnew, pled guilty to a felony count of tax evasion, but not before hed bequeathed the English language a few of its most mellifluous sobriquets, among th...

Going to the Mall? "IndyWatch Feed"

Are you hitting the malls on Black Friday?  If so, be careful where you park!  Holiday shopping season presents many challenges. Tracking down this seasons hottest gifts or negotiating mall traffic may seem like the biggest perils youll encounter, but be wary of the real dangers that occur in the mall parking lot.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1 in 10 property-related thefts occur in parking lots. Follow these rules, and you can avoid becoming part of that group.

1. Chose your parking spot wisely

Instant Access to Current Spot Prices & Interactive Charts

At the risk of stating the obvious, the closer to the mall entrance, the better. Not only is this convenient, but it is typically the most populated area of the parking lot. It almost always has the most lighting. If you cant find a spot thats close to the mall and well lit, keep searching, even if it takes longer.

2. Lock it up

If you are on the home stretch of a shopping marathon, it may seem like a small hassle, but take that extra moment to completely lock your car. Most new cars have remote key fobs, but for the older ones, be patient and lock it all up.

3. Out of sight, out of (the criminals) mind

The best way to keep a mouse out of the house is to hide the cheese. The same can be said for leaving valuables visible in your car. Any bags or expensive items of any kind should be put in the back and out of sight of would-be-criminals. Make sure the GPS gets put away, as well.

Criminals might also camp out waiting for someone to drop off a large item in the car and go back into the mall. If you have to make another trip back inside, it is a good idea to move to another parking space on the other side of the mall.

4. Have a plan

Getting lost in the parking lot is a surefire way to make you easy prey. If you have Google Maps on your smartphone, you can drop a pin simply by opening the app and holding your finger down on your location when you park. Save that location and you can use GPS to get ba...

Prepare Your Home for a Bad Winter "IndyWatch Feed"

While we are getting close to the official start of winter, you still have time to get your place in good order. Chances are some of the things on this list are things you already have or that you can order or get in town with ease.

Preparing your place for the winter doesnt have to be nerve wracking but there are some steps you should take to make sure things go smoothly. A little bit of prevention can result in a lot less problems later on. Here are some tips for making winter a little easier to transition to.

Think about unique needs

The world is a big place in a lot of ways. This list I have come up with can be applied to quite a few areas but there are very likely going to be some things unique to your area or living situation that you will want to add.

Check your pipes and check them twice

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I want to tell you a little story that was passed on through the family over the years. My great grandfather Fred Queen lived in NC most of his life then he followed his kids out to Washington state where they had found employment in the logging industry.

Well, one dad he was prepping his place for winter but Grandpa Fred had a pet raccoon that followed him around. This raccoon watched Grandpa Fred meticulously wrap all of his pipes and plumbing in insulation. It was quite a job and he was naturally glad and felt accomplished after it was done.

Raccoons are smart and have very dexterous little hands. Great Grandpa Freds  beloved pet came behind him not a day later and unwrapped every single pipe.

The moral of this story is never to assume that your insulation is in good shape. You need to look and then make sure that it is in good shape before winter sets in.

A broken pipe can cause your water to go out and thousands of dollars in damage from leaks. If you are away part of the year it is even more essential to make sure things are in order. If something happens and you are away it can be absolutely terrible.

Clean and refurbish heating systems



Church of Sweden Sets New Gender Neutral Rules: God Will No Longer Be Called He or Lord "IndyWatch Feed"

Archbishop Antje Jackeln. Photo Magnus Aronson.

The Church of Sweden set new rules regarding language to make the church more inclusive. The Church is urging clergy to use gender-neutral language and refrain from terms like Lord and him.

Last year Swedish lesbian bishop Eva Brune proposed removing crosses and Christian symbols from her church to make it more inclusive. reported:

The Church of Sweden has voted to adopt a controversial new handbook which says masculine references to God, such as He and Lord should be scrapped so as to be more inclusive.

Despite heavy criticism from organisations including Royal Swedish Academy, on Thursday the church approved the new handbook with a large majority.

The Church Handbook which was last updated in 1986 sets out how services, baptisms, weddings and funerals should be conducted, in language, liturgy, theology and music, and is therefore central to the churchs activities.

According to local media, many priests have objected to directions in the new handbook regarding language, which have been added with the goal of making the church more inclusive.

This includes instructing clergy to refer to God in a gender-neutral fashion, without unnecessarily using the male pronoun He, or terms like Lord.



Milwaukee Woman Tricked Into Buying A Box Of Potatoes She Thought Was An iPhone "IndyWatch Feed"

A van selling phones out of the back seems legit. Via Daily Mail: A Milwaukee woman trying to get a head-start on the Christmas shopping season paid $100 for a box of potatoes which she thought was an iPhone. The scam was perpetrated by a man driving around her neighborhood in a black truck with []


NYT Thomas Friedman Interviews MbS in Saudi Arabia "IndyWatch Feed"

Theres an interesting interview within the New York Times written by Thomas Friedman who interviews Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman about the current changes taking place within Saudi Arabia and MbSs intense drive to modernize and engage.  The article is Continue reading


Mother, Air Force Vet JAILED OVER HANDGUN In New York Sent to Rikers Island "IndyWatch Feed"

Deanna Jo Robinson, from her days in the Air Force, where she spent 5 years in active duty.

Deanna Jo Robinson was on her way from Texas to bring her two children to New York so they could spend some time with their father. Having served in the Iraq war with the Air Force, Robinson had military clearances and has an active, valid Texas LTC. She kept her defensive handgun in the glovebox of her car. Her mistake was traveling to New York.

She was subsequently arrested, apparently by the NYPD in the Bronx, on November 11th, under the charge of 265.03 FC (CRIM POSS WEAPON-2ND DEGREE C Felony) for daring to want to protect herself and her children from violent thugs. She has been booked into Rikers Island at the Rose M. Singer Center, alongside murderers and armed robbers. Her friends are now asking for help to get her out.

A Funded Justice page, started by James Gressett, reads:

Deanna Jo, loving mother of two adorable boys, Veteran, Activist and friend in liberty, was arrested in NYC on Nov 11 while traveling from Texas, when her self-defense handgun was discovered in her vehicle. Please help us free her from Rikers.

Two beautiful little boys are wondering where their mother is after the family of three traveled across the country from Texas to NYC so the children could spend time with their estranged father. Deanna Jo is a responsible mother and a veteran with military clearances and a Texas License to Carry. Concerned primarily with her childrens safety and posing no threat to any other person, Deanna Jo arrived at her destination, where her estranged husband took the children into his house then contacted police, who found her self-defense ha...


This Post Might Help Save Your Life Today-- Sugar Really Does Kill "IndyWatch Feed"

When I was diagnosed with cancer, the very first thing my doctor told me was that he could save my life but that I had to stop eating sugar. He asked me if I was willing. I agreed. There was a lot more after that, but stopping sugar consumption was the first step. Good news: there are healthy sweeteners-- replacements-- that are just as good, if not better: stevia, honey, fruit, agave... Bad news: like the tobacco industry, the sugar industry isn't giving up without a fight. Yesterday Business Insider covered a new report you might want to read before sitting down to dinner tonight.

For decades, sugar lobbyists have been taking aim at studies linking sugar and cancer.

When a study last year found that mice on sugar-heavy diets were more likely to develop breast cancer, the Sugar Association, one of the biggest sugar lobbying groups in the US, called it sensationalized. The group insists that no credible link between ingested sugars and cancer has been established.

But doctors and researchers claim the sugar industry may have been intentionally keeping research about that link from getting published.  A new study in the journal PLOS Biology reveals how the Sugar Association worked to suppress scientific findings on the harmful effects of table sugar on rodents nearly 50 years ago.


Texas Teacher Adopts Former Student In Time For Thanksgiving "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Breitbart: Thanksgiving came early to a Texas teenager who has been in the states foster care system since he was nine. His former high school teacher decided to adopt and became his forever mom last weekend. Sixteen-year-old Anthony said he never wanted to be adopted. Most older kids age out of the foster care []


Trump's Toxic Brand Is Now Less Than Worthless "IndyWatch Feed"

Every time another Trump property is called out for being a major hub or criminal activity-- like in Baku and more recently, Panama City, the Trump's go to great lengths to explain that they don't own the hub and they don't know anything about it... all they do is rent the building Trump's name. In fact, all his bullshit about being a multibillionaire was always based on the "value" of his name as a brand. Before he moved into the White House, he owned about $940 million in real stuff you can sell but the $10 billion dollar claims about his worth were all based on his brand being worth any random number of billions of dollars.

Well, it turns out the nearly bankrupt Trump Soho is paying him for his name--paying him to take it down and end any association between the hotel and the toxic Trump brand. Back in April we mentioned that the Trump Soho's sushi restaurant, Koi, shut down. Grubstreet explained that "his controversial campaigns harsh rhetoric and administrations agenda have made many potential customers uneasy about giving their business to Trumps properties. Residents of Manhattans Trump Place successfully changed their propertys name, two celebrity chefs famously backed out of D.C.s Trump International Hotel and others were unwilling to replace them, and Trumps new line of hotels wont bear his name. Then last December, a month after three NBA teams announced they wouldnt stay at his hotels, members of the Cleveland Cavaliers (including Black Lives Matter supporter LeBron James) refused to stay at the Trump Soho. Now, that hotels restaurant operator, Koi, an international chainlet of sushi spots for beautiful people, is shuttering its outpost there. But this isnt a closing as usual. Its collateral damage from the rise of Trump." Trump's name will come off the hotel and the Trump Organization will cease managing the property.
Trump SoHo has emerged as one of the clearest examples of how Trump's divisive politics have redefined his luxury hotel and real estate company, which spent years courting upscale customers in liberal urban centers where he is n...


YouTube and Google Crap on America With Petty and Hateful Thanksgiving Day Video "IndyWatch Feed"

YouTube, owned by Google (Alphabet) took a giant dump on America this Thanksgiving Day, posting to Twitter a year-old Teen Vogue video of six teenage Native American girls angrily toppling a Thanksgiving dinner table. The YouTube tweet links to a Teen Vogue video posted to YouTube entitled, Native American Girls Describe the REAL History Behind Thanksgiving.

This is the largest tech company in the world.

This is what they are promoting.

YouTubes statement promoting the video, Thanksgiving is a loaded word. These girls explain what it means to Indigenous people.

The Indian girls in the video claim that Thanksgiving was actually a dinner held to celebrating each time an entire Indian village was slaughtered by European settlers, who called it Thanksgiving.

They then go on to attack Abraham Lincoln. Then the girls talk about what they are thankful for (Identity politics in action).

The video ends with the girls saying, Happy Thanksgiving, America. Then they stand in unison and turn over the table set with a bountiful Thanksgiving meal.

The credits for the video name the participants: Laurel Cotton, Daunnette Reyome, Evannah Moniz-Reyome, Kiera Thompson, Wacantkiya Mani Win Eagle and Wanbli Waunsila Win Eagle.

Teen Vogue wrote about the video in a post last November. Turns out it was also a fashion shoot.

Here, the girls school us on the REAL history behind Thanksgiving detailing the genocide of Native American people...


Black Liberation Group Vows To Shut Down Black Friday Shopping To Fight Racism "IndyWatch Feed"

They tried this last year. It didnt work very well. Via Daily Caller: A Seattle, Wash., black liberation group planned a Black Friday march to urge people to only shop at black-owned businesses this Friday. Black Liberation Front-Seattle, an assertive group aimed at fighting racism, also launched a four-hour demonstration called BlackLivesMatterFriday 4.0 -Racism. It []


Top DC Lawyer: Democrat Conyers Would Meet Me in His Underwear in His Capitol Hill Office "IndyWatch Feed"

Melanie Sloan and Rep. John Conyers

Creepy Democrat John Conyers met attorney Melanie Sloan in his underwear in his office on Capitol Hill.

The Hill reported:

A high-profile ethics lawyer based in Washington, D.C., says Rep. John Conyers Jr. summoned her to his office where the Michigan Democrat was in his underwear during her time as minority counsel for the House Judiciary Committee.

Melanie Sloan, who formerly headed Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and worked for Conyers from 1995 to 1998, told The Washington Post on Wednesday that Conyers asked her to come to his Rayburn Building office at one point, where she found him in his underwear.

I was pretty taken aback to see my boss half-dressed, she said. I turned on my heel and I left.

Sloan added that Conyers behavior toward her was inappropriate and abusive, but she told the Post that she didnt believe she was sexually harassed by him.

There was nothing I could do to stop it, Sloan told the Post. Not going to leadership, not going to my boss, not going to a womens group, not going to a reporter. I was dismissed and told I must be mentally unstable.

The post Top DC Lawyer: Democrat Conyers Would Meet Me in His Underwear in His Capitol Hill Office appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Seattle Black Liberation Group Vows To Shut Down Black Friday Shopping To Fight Racism "IndyWatch Feed"

Mostpeople have started avoiding Black Friday like the plague. Via Daily Caller: A Seattle, Wash., black liberation group planned a Black Friday march to urge people to only shop at black owned businesses this Friday. Black Liberation Front-Seattle, an assertive group aimed at fighting racism, also launched a four-hour demonstration called BlackLivesMatterFriday 4.0 -Racism. It []


Fellow Congressional Black Caucus Member Calls For Conyers To Step Down From Powerful Committee Post "IndyWatch Feed"

The sacrificial lamb for the 2018 election. Via Daily Mail: Representative John Conyers faced new internal pressures Friday as a fellow senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus called on him to relinquish his top spot on the House Judiciary Committee and a home-state Democrat brought up disciplinary action. No one is exempt from bad []


Former NYPD Officer Shuts Down Las Vegas Sheriffs Latest Claim About Mandalay Bay Massacre "IndyWatch Feed"

Its been nearly two months since the Las Vegas shooting and we still dont have answers to the deadliest shooting in modern U.S. history. According to Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, gunman Stephen Paddock fired in excess of 1,100 rounds the night of the shooting

Las Vegas Review Journal reports:

The new total includes about 200 rounds fired from Paddocks Mandalay Bay corner suite and into the hallway of the 32nd floor late Oct. 1, injuring hotel security guard Jesus Campos.

Lombardo was aware of the previously unreported total because the Metropolitan Police Departments forensics lab is working in conjunction with the FBI to process all ballistics evidence from the mass shooting, which left 58 concertgoers dead and more than 500 injured.

Investigators have not determined why Paddock stopped shooting. Lombardo said they found about 4,000 more rounds of unused ammunition in the gunmans suite.

John Cardillo, a former NYPD officer, isnt buying the new claim.

1100 rounds in 9 minutes, even with a bump-fire stock, from one shooter seems implausible. Thats 2 rounds/second not accounting for reloading, or any kind of malfunction. Tough to believe.

The new claim raises more questions about the competency o...


Intellectual Froglegs Thanksgiving Edition. "IndyWatch Feed"

Joe Dan Gorman has released the long awaited internationally acclaimed 2017 Thanksgiving Day commemorative collectors edition of Intellectual Froglegs: Visit Website Here . Um, ahem, scuse me human, would you be so kind as to afford me entry? WE HAVE Continue reading


Cat Lady Mailed Bomb to Texas Governor Abbot That Didnt Explode Because He Opened Wrong End of Box (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

A Texas woman was arrested after sending explosives to Republican Governor Greg Abbot, Barack Obama and the commissioner of the Social Security administration.

Governor Abbot opened the package from the wrong end or it would have exploded!

Detectives match cat hair in the box to the womans cat in Brookshire.
KHOU reported, via Cernovich:

A woman in the Brookshire area is accused of sending explosives to three government leaders in 2016.

According to the six-count indictment, 46-year-old Julia Poff mailed explosives to Governor Greg Abbott, President Barack Obama and Commissioner of the Social Security Administration Carolyn Colvin on Oct. 12, 2016.

Other court documents say Gov. Abbott opened the package, but it failed to explode because he didnt open it right. If opened correctly, documents say it couldve caused severe burns and death.

She was allegedly upset with Gov. Abbott for not receiving support from her ex-husband.

Federal investigators say they were able to connect Poff to the packages using pieces of the shipping labels, and also matched cat hair found in the box mailed to President Obama with her cat.

Poff has been charged with Injurious Articles as Nonmailable and Transportation of Explosives with the Intent to Kill and Injure for the crimes against the government officials.

More from Reuters:

The packages sent to Obama, the Social Security Administration and Abbott contained pyrotechnic powder, and investigators found a large amount of fireworks at Poffs home in Brookshire, west of Houston.

The post Cat Lady Mailed Bomb to Texas Governor Abbot That Didnt Explode Because He Opened Wrong End of Box (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


NRO: This Thanksgiving, Thank Donald J. Trump "IndyWatch Feed"

Via NRO: This Thanksgiving, Americans in general and free-market conservatives in particular have plenty for which to be grateful. And much of it would be absent had the White Houses current occupant not become president on November 8, 2016. The day after Donald J. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, Princeton University economist Paul Krugman []

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Sean Hannity Gives Behind-The-Scenes Look at Cooking His Thanksgiving Turkey (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

On Thursday, Fox News host Sean Hannity wished his over three-million Twitter followers a Happy Thanksgiving. 

To all my Deplorable friends, I am extremely thankful to each and every one of you for just being who you are, Great Americans! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!, tweeted Hannity.

Hours later, the ratings juggernaut tweeted a series of behind-the-scenes video clips of him cooking his Thanksgiving turkey.

HANNITY: See this? This is 14.5 lbs turkey. It will be done in one hour. Now, Im going to show you how fun this is, and it tastes better than any turkey youve ever had. And by the way, to Laura Ingraham who said Id never do this myself, pay very close attention. As I know begin the process, Youve got to do it very slowly, and you drop it in peanut oil is in there in one hour from now it will be paradise.

After just 53 minutes, here is our 14.5 lbs Butterball turkey  Butterball turkey frier. How many of you slaved over a hot stove for hours and hours? And this turkey is the juiciest turkey youd ever have in your life!, adde...


Why Are You Always Lying?: John McCain Called Out For Absurd Explanation About Why His Boot Was On Different Foot "IndyWatch Feed"

On November 6th, POLITICO reported Senator John McCain received treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center after injuring his Achilles tendon.

Senator McCain was treated at Walter Reed Medical Center over the weekend for a minor tear in his right Achilles tendon, as well as for other normal and non-life-threatening side effects of cancer therapy. Senator McCain has returned to work in the Senate and will be wearing a walking boot until his injured tendon is fully healed, the Senators office said in a statement.

I cant tell you how much I hate wearing this boot!, tweeted McCain showing off his boot on right foot.

On Wednesday, McCain tweet a photo of himself with his wife Cindy, saying Mother, father & puppy of the bride in beautiful Cornville  yesterday!

Zerohedge contributor ZeroPointNow point out something peculiar about McCains boot. The Senator is wearing it on his right foot on the 6th and on the left on the 22nd.

Looks like @SenJohnMcCain forgot which Achilles tendon tore two weeks after he walked out in a boot on Nov 6th, tweeted ZeroPointNow.



Senator John McCain Explains Mysterious Boot Switch "IndyWatch Feed"

Lots of people were wondering why Senator John McCains orthopedic boot mysteriously switched from his right leg to his left leg yesterday. Senator McCain has worn the boot on his right leg since treatment for a minor tear in his Continue reading


TripAdvisor Being Investigated By The FTC After Claims The Website Deleted Reviews Mentioning Rape And Assault "IndyWatch Feed"

Do your own research, buyer beware. Via Daily Mail: TripAdvisor has been accused of removing claims of rape and assault from reviews made by the websites users. The travel firm is now reportedly under investigation by the Federal Trade Commission. Senator Tammy Baldwin, a Democrat from Wisconsin, was sent a letter informing her that the []


LEAK: Gen. Michael Flynn Splits With Trumps Lawyers Is He Being Squeezed to Negotiate With Mueller? "IndyWatch Feed"

Attorneys for retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn have cut ties with President Trumps legal team, raising questions if the former national security adviser is cooperating with prosecutors or negotiating a deal with Robert Mueller in the Special Counsels Russia collusion investigation. To date, no concrete evidence has emerged linking Trump officials to Russia with the purpose of colluding.

After earlier reports saying Mueller has enough evidence to charge Flynn, one must ask the question if the Special Counsel is squeezing the former national security adviser to negotiate?

New York Times claims:

Mr. Flynns lawyers had been sharing information with Mr. Trumps lawyers about the investigation by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, who is examining whether anyone around Mr. Trump was involved in Russian efforts to undermine Hillary Clintons presidential campaign.

That agreement has been terminated, the four people said. Defense lawyers frequently share information during investigations, but they must stop when doing so would pose a conflict of interest. It is unethical for lawyers to work together when one client is cooperating with prosecutors and another is still under investigation.

The notification alone does not prove that Mr. Flynn is cooperating with Mr. Mueller. Some lawyers withdraw from information-sharing arrangements as soon as they begin negotiating with prosecutors. And such negotiations sometimes fall apart.

Still, the notification led Mr. Trumps lawyers to believe that Mr. Flynn who, along with his son, is seen as having significant criminal exposure has, at the least, begun discussions with Mr. Mueller about cooperating.

Earlier this month, the Office of Special Counsel leaked details of its investigation into Russias alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election.

According to NBC News, Team Mueller possesses sufficient evidence to charge retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.



Like Father Like Daughter=> Malia Moonbeam Obama Gets Her Smoke On (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Malia Obama is just like her daddy.

She loves to smokewe arent sure what shes exactly smoking, but she likes to show off her rebellion.

Many argue Malia Obama is in college and this is just what college kids do. Really? Is that what people said when the Bush twins were constantly in the tabloids for partying while they were in college?

Barstool News posted a video from what appears to be a Snapchat of Malia Obama smokingsomething we arent exactly sure. Caption reads, Malia Obama rippin Os like a bawss.

The internet responded


White Candidates Banned From Applying For Job At BBC, Where Ethnic Minorities Already Overrepresented "IndyWatch Feed"

Shaun King should apply. Via Breitbart: A job advert offering an exceptional and unique opportunity to train as a broadcast journalist at the BBC says it is only open to non-white applicants. Posted to the jobs section of w4mp the Westminster political, media, and lobbying jobs portal on Tuesday, the advert states plainly []


Estonias Ambassador to the United States: Who Is Lauri Lepik? "IndyWatch Feed"

Lauri Lepik, a long-time member of Estonias diplomatic service, was announced to be his countrys ambassador to the United States in February 2017. He presented his credentials on September 8.


Lepik was born October 14, 1960, in Tallinn, Estonia, which was then one of the Soviet Unions satellite states. He attended Tallinn 7th Secondary School before going to Tallinn Pedagogical Institute, earning a B.A. in library and information science in 1985. Later, in 2003, Lepik earned an M.A. in political science from Humboldt University in Germany.


Lepiks career began on a more conventional note for someone with his educational background; beginning in 1987, he was research director for the National Library of Estonia. But in 1992, Lepik moved to a post in the State Chancellery, which works on policy and national security issues for the Office of the Prime Minister. Lepik became an adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1995 and the following year had his first posting in Estonias Washington embassy, as political advisor, serving for a time as charg daffaires and as defense counselor.


Lepik took a leave of absence from the foreign ministry in 2000 because his wife, Riina Kionka, was named Estonias ambassador to Germany. While on leave, Lepik worked as a researcher for the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute.


In 2004, Lepik returned to work as the head of the European Security and Defense Policy Bureau in Estonias Ministry of Defense. The following year, he was named senior adviser to the security service of Estonias mission to NATO and became the delegations deputy leader in 2008.


Lepik won his first ambassadorial post in 2011, representing his country in Ukraine and Moldova beginning in November. In September 2012, he moved on become ambassador to NATO. As Russia became more aggressive to its neighbors, Lepik urged that NATO troops be stationed in the Baltic statesEstonia, Latvia and Lithuaniaas a tripwire to a Russian attack. Indeed, an Estonian military base was converted into a NATO air surveillance base. Lepik remained representative to NATO until being named ambassador to the United States.


With neighboring Russia a constant threat to Estonia, there was concern from some in the region about President Donald Trumps close relations with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Lepik said he was glad that Vice President Mike Pence made a stop in Estonia in the summer of 2017. That was a highly appreciated visit, Lepik told The Washington Post. The administration was engaged, and we were in constant contact. President Barack Obama had visited Estonia in 2014.




Neo-con Bill Kristols mask comes off; admits hes socialist & liberal "IndyWatch Feed"

There is a fumigation a disinfection of America going on. Can you feel it?: Every day, creeps like Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Charlie Rose are being outed and banished from Hollywood and the MSM. Human traffickers and Continue reading


Happy Thanksgiving! "IndyWatch Feed"

"I am thankful that everyone can change their life at any moment with a shift in perception. I am thankful that the only battle in our world is just in our minds. I am thankful!



Rumblings: Was Mrs. Claus in Macys Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade a Man? "IndyWatch Feed"

She looks a little more manly than I remember.

Too much reindeer meat?

Reader Laura sent this in: I was making clam dip, when I stopped to watch the end of the Macys parade, and I think Mrs. Claus was a man! What do you think? I dont really care, but its kind of funny. She reminds me of the great guy in my favorite movie, The Bird Cage.

Heres another shot.
Santa left her home this year.

So what do you think?

Heres video of Mrs. Claus from this morning.

The post...


NFL Ratings Are a Train Wreck And Theres No End in Sight "IndyWatch Feed"

The NFL continues to struggle as players from around the league are kneeling during the National Anthem. How bad is it? The NFLs ratings are a train wreck and theres no end in sight. 

Breitbart News reports:

Ratings for the National Football League have gotten worse as Week 11 passes in the rear-view, with the league losing one million viewers over the numbers from 2016 as protests during the national anthem continue.

Some analysts felt the ratings slump showed signs of slowing over week 9 and 10, but the downward trend picked back up for Week 11. With a loss of 6.3 percent compared to last weeks loss of 5.7 percent the loss of viewers deepened, the New York Post reported.

The 6.3 percent dip reflects a viewership of 14.9 million viewers, which is down a million from the 15.9 earned in Week 11 last year.


With TV ratings off nearly 20 percent for the season over all, the networks have reportedly lost up to $500 million in ad revenue. The ratings slide is reflected in the sparse attendance at the stadiums, too, with Week 11 photos showing that there are still empty seats galore.

Not only is the NFL suffering from poor ratings, but game attendance is down, as well.

Week 11 games had empty seats galore at stadiums across the league.

The Kansas City Chiefs played the New York Giants and there were many empty seats visible.

Wow. I have never seen this many empty seats here before. John Mara must be thrilled. #GiantsPride, tweeted Giants fan Kevin McCleerey. 


SC Attorney General Alan Wilson Urging Congress To Pass Law Recognizing Concealed Weapon Permits "IndyWatch Feed"

Easy solution is SCOTUS applying the second amendment. Via WACH: South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson is urging Congress to pass a law requiring every state to recognize concealed weapon permits from all other states. Wilson says such a measure would protect citizens rights to self-defense. States should not be able to deny citizens of []


And Justice For All Except Republicans "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Daily Caller: Texas Rep. Joe Barton is having a nightmarish Thanksgiving. Late Tuesday, nude photos were circulated of the Texas Republican, prompting a wave of gleeful mockery on social media. Barton, a divorcee, had sent the compromising photos to a woman he had a consensual relationship with. It appears she leaked them after they []


SUNY Albany Social Justice Event Calls Thanksgiving A Day Of Mourning "IndyWatch Feed"

Afterwards free-range tofu turkey was served. Via Campus Reform: A peer education program at SUNY Albany recently held a meeting to discuss how Thanksgiving is allegedly a commemoration of mass murder. Hosted by the C.H.A.R.G.E. Peer Education Program, posters originally advertised the meeting as NO THANKS GIVING: Do you know what you are celebrating this []


Illegal Aliens Block Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Four protesters, including illegal alien adults with temporary DACA protection against deportation, briefly blocked the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City Thursday morning. Police quickly removed the four red-shirt wearing protesters right after they sat down in the middle of the street. The protesters were detained but not arrested. Supporters on the sidewalk chanted, Undocumented and unafraid! in protest of President Donald Trump reversing the unconstitutional DACA program for illegal aliens who entered the U.S. as children enacted by former President Barack Obama after Congress refused to grant them amnesty.

The protest was organized by the pro-amnesty for illegal aliens group the Seed Project, which posted photos and statements about the protest.

A Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade marching band, dressed in black and holding a banner, is blocked by illegal alien protesters.

Video of the protest:


President Trump and First Lady Melania Visit Coast Guard Station for Thanksgiving "IndyWatch Feed"

Earlier today President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited a Coast Guard station in Riviera Beach, Florida, to thank them for their service and celebrate Thanksgiving.


How Mike Pence Spent His Thanksgiving Eve Will Tell You Exactly Where His Priorities Are "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Daily Caller: Its Thanksgiving Eve. Families across the country are en-route to visit loved ones and friends for some warm holiday cheer. However, some families of wounded American service members will be spending the holidays away from home and in a hospital next to their injured sons or daughters, husbands or wives. Many of []


GQ magazine: Its your civic duty to ruin Thanksgiving by bringing up Trump "IndyWatch Feed"

Im guessing this is meant as satire. Then again, with TDS-infected libtards, you never know. Happy Thanksgiving! From the author, Joe Berkowitz, at GQ: Its late-November 2017, and you know what that means: Every man youve ever seen on TV Continue reading


President Trump Holds Live Teleconference With Military. "IndyWatch Feed"

Earlier today President Donald Trump sat at a desk with large computer screen and a phone as he teleconferenced with troos stationed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey Bahrain and aboard the U.S.S. Monterey. Army: 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan; Marines: Direct Support Continue reading


President Donald Trump Thanksgiving Message "IndyWatch Feed"

President Donald Trump delivers his Thanksgiving message to the nation: HAPPY THANKSGIVING, your Country is starting to do really well. Jobs coming back, highest Stock Market EVER, Military getting really strong, we will build the WALL, V.A. taking care of Continue reading


US, S. Korean Soldiers Get Medals For Helping To Rescue N. Korean Defector "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Stars and Stripes: Six U.S. and South Korean soldiers were awarded medals Thursday for helping to rescue a North Korean defector who made a daring escape across the border that divides the peninsula. The fleeing soldier was severely wounded on Nov. 13 as other North Korean troops opened fire to try to stop him []


Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz: Pre-Colonial Socialism and the Effects of Genocide "IndyWatch Feed"

Dandelion Salad Previously posted Nov. 24, 2016 The Laura Flanders Show on Oct 14, 2014 Author and historian Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz joins GRITtv to discuss how the history of genocide of Native peoples effects all people of the US, even today. In Chew On This, Laura talks to Tom Goldtooth about todays solutions to the []


bensozia "IndyWatch Feed"

Chameleon catching a dragonfly, Salalah, Oman. Photograph by Abrar Sekhi, who spent five hours sitting and waiting to take a picture using a shutter speed of 1/4000 of a second. From National Geographic.


College Republican Sues Antifa Member For $100,000 In Damages "IndyWatch Feed"

Nice job, Troy! Make her pay. Via Washington Examiner: Troy Worden, former president of the Berkeley College Republicans, has filed a motion seeking more than $100,000 of damages against Yvette Felarca, a member of the Antifa-affiliated By Any Means Necessary group, on the basis that she has repeatedly threatened and harassed Worden and others on []


Did Al Franken Brag About Kissing, Grabbing Kathy Lee Giffords Butt? (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Senator Al Franken is in a world of trouble. The Democrat lawmaker is being accused by two more women of inappropriate touching. Four women in total have accused Franken of sexual misconduct. 

Huffington Post reports:

The first woman, who spoke to HuffPost on condition of anonymity because shes worried shell be harassed online for making the allegation, said Franken groped her when they posed for a photo after a June 25, 2007, event hosted by the Minnesota Womens Political Caucus in Minneapolis.


The second woman told HuffPost that Franken cupped her butt with his hand at a 2008 Democratic fundraiser in Minneapolis, then suggested the two visit the bathroom together. She spoke on condition of anonymity out of fear that the allegation could affect her position at work.

My immediate reaction was disgust, the second woman said. But my secondary reaction was disappointment. I was excited to be there and to meet him. And so to have that happen really deflated me. It felt like: Is this really the person who is going to be in a position of power to represent our community?

In a statement to the Huffington Post, Franken denied the allegations.

Its difficult to respond to anonymous accusers, and I dont remember those campaign events, said Franken.

Amid Frankens groping scandal, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld recently recounted footage of Franken on the Howard Stern Show in 1999, where the then-comedian is accused of kissing, grabbing Kathy Lee Giffords butt.

Transcript via Grabien News:

STERN: He evidently, is legendary. And he did admit that he was very large. Are you large as well?

FRANKEN: I really dont know in comparison to other guys because I never really

STERN: Thats a lie. You dont look at other guys? Let me see yours.

FRANKEN: I have a medical condition and I wasnt allowed to go in the shower but

STERN: What kind of medical condition would prohibit you[overtalk]

FRANKEN: I dont want to go into it. B...


Democrat Kathleen Sebelius: Clinton WH Doubled Down On Abusive Behavior, Fair To Criticize Hillary "IndyWatch Feed"

Battle lines are being drawn. Via CNN: As a wave of stories unfold about sexual harassment and assault by men in power, a senior Democratic leader says her party should reflect on how it handled such charges when they were leveled against former President Bill Clinton. Not only did people look the other way, but []


BANNON: One Thing Has Forever Broken the Democrat Party "IndyWatch Feed"

The Democrat Party is in shambles after losing over one-thousand seats around the country under former President Obama. President Trumps stunning victory last November made the Democrat Partys situation even more precarious. Yet, according to former Chief White House Strategist Steve Bannon, both events are recoverable whats not is the degree to which identity politics has infected the Party. 

Breibert News reports:

Stephen K. Bannon believes that the Democratic Partys obsession with identity politics will ultimately backfire against them. In fact, he believes this has broken the party to such a degree that it will never recover.


Bannon, with the whiteboard in his office and his eagerness to check off Trump campaign promises as accomplished, took the brunt of the blame for the administration moving too quickly. But he says the uproar had its upside: It helped create the resistance that Bannon believes thoroughly delegitimizes the Democratic Party with average voters it needs to win elections. He claimed he knew the outrage was coming, and that the Left had fallen into a trap. The Left bit on it, and created the resistance, and it blew up, and now its part of the political movement, Bannon said. Its whats broken the Democratic Party.

Bannons belief that the Democratic Partys addiction to divisive identity politics may succeed in stirring up much noise on the fringes, but that this very tactic will work against them among the very same minority groups they are using to cause an uprising, writes Bannon: Always the Rebel author Keith Koffler.

How enshrined is identity politics in the Democrat Party? The latest example is a secretive Democrat donor and activist conference set to be held in California. The conference is a place for progressives to meet and share goals and discuss issues of common interest. A copy of the conference agenda was leaked to the Washington Free Beacon who reported on it today. Pelosi will headline the event along with George Soros.



How A Homeless Mans Selfless Act Changed His Life "IndyWatch Feed"

Very cool. Via NY Post: A homeless man used the last $20 in his pocket to buy gas for a stranded motorist because he feared for her safety and what she did next changed his life. Kate McClure, 27, and her boyfriend, Mark DAmico, 38, made it their mission to get ex-Marine and firefighter []


How US Tries to Link Iran to Al Qaeda "IndyWatch Feed"

The U.S. propaganda campaign against Iran has tried to tie it somehow to Al Qaeda, including exploitation of a newly released document, but a close reading shows a very different story, says Gareth Porter at The American Conservative. By Gareth


Report: Anti-Trump Saudi Prince Alwaleed Hung Upside Down and Beaten by Interrogators in Saudi Arabia "IndyWatch Feed"

Dopey Prince Alaweed Was Warned Now He Sits In Prison

In December 2015 Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal slammed Donald Trump for proposing a ban on Muslim immigrants in the US after the San Bernardino attacks.

Donald Trump hit the dopey prince back twice as hard.

Trump was right.

In October Prince Alwaleed was arrested in a corruption sweep.

And now Prince Alwaleed is being tortured.

The billionaire prince was reportedly hung upside down and beaten by interrogators.
The Daily Mail reported:

Detained members of Saudi elite have been hung by their feet and beaten by interrogates, source says.

Among those hung upside down are Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, an investor worth at least $7 billion who is being held at Riyadhs Ritz Carlton.

Read more:
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Saudi princes and billionaire businessmen arrested in a power grab earlier this month are being strung up by their feet and beaten by American private security contractors, a source in the country tells

The group of the countrys most powerful figures were arrested in a crackdown ordered by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman three weeks ago as he ordered the detention of at least 11 fellow princes and hundreds of businessmen and government officials over claims of corruption.

Just last month, the Crown Prince vowed to restore moderate, open Islam in the k...


Give Thanks To MoA "IndyWatch Feed"

It is Thanksgiving. It will soon be Christmas. Please consider to give some thanks, or a Christmas present, to this site. Moon of Alabama publishes original content, stuff that is hard to find elsewhere. It provides fact checked no-nonsense writing...


UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Is The Most Intelligible Politician "IndyWatch Feed"

Last place may shock some. Via WISTV: Former South Carolina governor and current U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is the most effective communicator in politics, according to a group using artificial intelligence to rate speech by politicians. According to Trint, which the group claims is an A.I.-based software that uses machine learning to transcribe recorded audio []


Is The Dam About To Break? Attorney Hints At Allegations Against Many Members Of Congress "IndyWatch Feed"

Are various members of the House and Senate about to be embroiled in sex scandals of their own? According to Arnold E. Reed, an attorney for Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), the damn may be about to break when it comes to future allegations. 

Daily Caller reports:

The attorney for Democratic Michigan Rep. John Conyers, who is accused of continuously sexually harassing his female staffers, defended Conyers by indicating that there are allegations against many members of the House and Senate.

Conyers attorney, Arnold E. Reed, released a statement defending the Michigan Democrat and pushing back against the disturbing allegations. The bizarre statement was written in all-CAPS and referred to both Reed and Conyers in the third person.

Reed acknowledged that while these allegations are serious, they are simply allegations, the statement said. If people were required to resign over allegations, a lot of people would be out of work in this country including many members of the House, Senate and even the president.

Below is Arnold E. Reeds letter in full.

As one Senate staffer admitted to the Daily Caller, Things have gotten dark around here, in light of the Franken allegations. Everyone is walking on eggshells, asking whos next?

According to Axios reporter Jonathan Swan, claims against the Democrat lawmaker are the very tip of the congressional iceberg.

Democratic Sen....


President Donald Trump Allegedly Groped A Thanksgiving Turkey "IndyWatch Feed"

A White House staffer present during the selection process for the Thanksgiving turkeys, which President Donald Trump would later pardon, said Trump allegedly groped one of the turkeys.

Trump said, Is this a woman? as he hoisted the bird up in the air. Its a very special time to be a woman turkey. Very special. He was immediately informed that only toms (males) are selected for pardons, and swiftly put the tom down.

The staffer said Trumps face went blank, as he coolly looked around like nothing had happened. But several people saw the act, according to the staffer. They agreed to forget about it because they wanted Americans to stay focused on tax cuts during the Thanksgiving dinner and not the latest and possibly most moronic thing Trump did during Thanksgiving week.


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Michelle Malkin Questions Roy Moore Attacks Due to Credibility of far Left WaPo and Jump the Shark Gloria Allred (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Michelle Malkin was on Fox and Friends Wednesday and provided excellent commentary on a number of topics.

After discussing the recent gruesome deaths of border patrol agents she then discussed her time on Capital Hill as an intern. Based on her experience she was not surprised by the recent reports of corruption coming from the D.C. swamp and the sex scandals unearthed and reported of Congressmen in Washington. The subject then changed to the Alabama Senate race.

When asked whether Malkin thought Roy Moore (the Republican Senate hopeful in Alabama) should get a pass on recent accusations of sex abuse from 40 years ago because Democrat Senator Al Frankin and Democrat Congressman John Conyers are getting passes from the media, Malkin responded as follows:

Each and every one of these allegations needs to be vetted. I will say it until I am blue in the face, that assertions are not truth until there is corroboration, corroboration of evidence, and that these assertions have to be established as facts. And my concern is that so many of these allegations are being litigated in the court of public opinion rather than having any kind of empirical evidence and any kind of vetting. Instead youve got these activists in the liberal media that are going out and procuring victims, so called victims and accusers to voice their own political narratives and intervene in these campaigns.

Im very troubled whether were talking about a Republican or a Democrat, whether talking about a liberal actor or a conservative public figure. When youve got these investigations which can turn into witch hunts and band wagons of women who for whatever reason only come out 15, 20, 30 years later. Heres my advice to young women and girls, and I have been saying this for the 25 years that I have worked in public life. If somebody does something wrong to you, if you are uncomfortable, dont wait to tell. There is nothing worth it for you to be quiet. There is no job that is worth risking for you not to stand up and defend your own integrity and safety. That is my feminist message.

When asked her thoughts on the accusers of Judge Roy Moore, Malkin replied:



Man Still On Hold Waiting For Liberal Hotline To Tell Him What To Say About Trump During Thanksgiving Dinner "IndyWatch Feed"

A 33 year-old man, who has #AbsolutelyWithHer and #WhenFemsResist in his Twitter bio, is still waiting on a liberal hotline for people who need talking points on President Donald Trump for their Thanksgiving dinners. The hotline was launched by Stand Above Impeachable Lies, or SAIL.

About an hour ago, one of his uncles said he thinks it is crazy how so many people believe Trump is mentally ill. The man quickly grabbed his cellphone while the mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn were passed around. He dialed the hotline but quickly his family moved to conversation about how dog owners get their pets to pee in the airport. Not wanting to let the moment pass, he stayed on the line while eating his turkey and stuffing. He is reportedly the last remaining person at the dinner table.

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Thanksgiving: The Presidential Tradition From Washington To Trump "IndyWatch Feed"

Via NY Post: The first Thanksgiving in the New World was celebrated in 1621, nearly a year after the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. In 1789, George Washington became the first of many US presidents to formally proclaim a day of public thanksgiving and prayer: I do recommend and assign Thursday, []


Students blast Steve Martins King Tut skit as racist "IndyWatch Feed"

Special snowflakes with special demands need to take a chill pill. I bet these students are a BLAST during Thanksgiving dinner. From NY Post: ComedianSteve Martins famous portrayal of King Tut on Saturday Night Live has suddenly come under fire Continue reading


High school students give homeless-friendless veteran a final farewell "IndyWatch Feed"

Catholic Memorial High School (CMH) is a co-ed Catholic high school in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Established in 1949, CMH opened as a parochial school for St. Josephs parish, named for the 23 men of St. Josephs who died in World War Continue reading


They Went After The Women Who Came Forward: Ex-Obama Cabinet Member Eviscerates The Clintons "IndyWatch Feed"

Originally authored by Alex Thomas of

In the post Weinstein world we now find ourselves in we have seen dozens and dozens of prominent figures in Hollywood, politics, and the media be accused of a wide range of sexual attacks on women.

From groping all the way to rape, powerful establishment figures are being outed as sexual predators across the country, with the mainstream media declaring that all accusers must, at least initially, be believed.

Amazingly, at the same time, mainstream media talking heads have either specifically ignored the numerous allegations against Bill Clinton or actually claimed that his accusers are discredited and cannot be believed. (Keep in mind all other accusers are automatically assumed to be telling the truth.)

With that being said, it was only a matter of time before that dam broke as well and now, with a series of explosive comments by an Obama and Clinton ally, one can hope that Bill Clinton may finally be brought to justice with Hillary forever shamed for her role in attacking the women who came forward.

In an interview conducted on a CNN podcast by former Obama chief adviser David Axelrod, former Obama Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius opened up about the cover-up and subsequent attacks on the women who accused then President Clinton in the 1990s.

Not only did people look the other way, but they went after the women who came forward and accused him, Sebelius stunningly detailed. Keep in mind this is a fact that the alternative media has reported on literally hundreds and hundreds of times while being attacked as right-wing conspiracy theorists for doing so.

And so it doubled down on not only bad behavior but abusive behavior. And then people attacked the victims, Sebelius continued.

Sebelius made clear that her criticism extend...


Syria - This U.S. Occupation - Or "Presence" - Is Unsustainable "IndyWatch Feed"

[It takes time and effort to write such analyses. Please consider to support their publication.] The U.S. is now occupying north-east Syria. It wants to blackmail the Syrian government into "regime change". The occupation is unsustainable, its aim is unattainable....


Hillary Clinton: Public Racism Becoming More Politically Acceptable "IndyWatch Feed"

Still Not POTUS. Via The Hill: Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said in an interview on Wednesday that it has become more politically acceptable to air racist views in the age of President Trump. I think there are people who are, unfortunately, kind of reverting back to rather virulent attitudes about race in part []


The Final Form of Love "IndyWatch Feed"

Nothing that is worth doing can be achieved in our lifetime; therefore, we must be saved by hope. ... Nothing we do, however virtuous, can be accomplished alone; therefore, we are saved by love. No virtuous act is quite as virtuous from the standpoint of our friend or foe as it is from our standpoint. Therefore, we must be saved by the final form of love, which is forgiveness.

--Reinhold Niebuhr


The Interstellar Visitor "IndyWatch Feed"

Artist's representation of Oumuamua oh-mu-ah-mu-ah, Hawaiian for "messenger" an asteroid that is visiting our solar system from somewhere else in the galaxy. We know this because of its orbit and 40,000 mph speed, which will carry it right back into interstellar space again. It is the same dark red color as many objects from the Oort Cloud at the edge of the solar system, and since it is spinning around its long axis it must be made of solid rock; ice would fly apart under the strain. Sadly for fans of Rendezvous with Rama and Pushing Ice, it seems to be a natural object. But then aliens advanced enough to send interstellar probes would have no difficulty fooling our primitive sensors, would they?


President Trump Greets Troops on Thanksgiving Morning Kicks Reporters Out of Room So He can Speak with Them Privately (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

President Trump greeted the troops by video in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Arabian Gulf on Thanksgiving morning.

The president spoke to the troops to thank them for their service.

President Trump: We totally support you. In fact, we love you. We really do. We love you. And this is a Thanksgiving you wont forget. Youre in a very different part of the world that youre used to but boy are you doing a job there. And thank God for you. We also want to give thanks to our loved ones. Our amazing military families. I know they miss you and they miss you so deeply and badly there And again, Im gonna now, Im surrounded by reporters and press and Im going to ask them to leave and were going to have very confidential personal conversations. Were set up for that.

President Trump then kicked reporters out of the room so he could speak with the troops personally and privately.

The president is spending Thanksgiving at his home in Mar-a-lago this year.

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What Things Can Teach Us "IndyWatch Feed"

This is what the things can teach us:
to fall,
patiently to trust our heaviness.
Even a bird has to do that
before he can fly.

Rainer Maria Rilke, Book of Hours, II, 16


The NFL Ratings Slump Is Getting Worse "IndyWatch Feed"

Via NY Post: The TV audience for NFL games steepened its slide in Week 11, losing 1 million viewers versus last years season-to-date average. The 6.3 percent slump worsening from comparable declines of 5.6 to 5.7 percent during the previous three weeks plagued a week whose off-the-field drama made gridiron tackling seem almost []


Doug Applegate: "A Labor Family Is What's Given Me The Values That's Made Me What I Am" "IndyWatch Feed"

Frank Schaeffer has been traveling around the country meeting with the best progressive candidates for Congress and filming them. Last week he was in Orange County. We saw his talk with Laura Oatman, the progressive woman running for the coastal Orange County district held by Dana Rohrabacher, a few days ago. The video above is the interview he did with Doug Applegate.

Doug is, by far, the best candidate running to represent the district just south of Oatman's in southern Orange County and northern San Diego County. CA-49 goes from Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano and Ladera Ranch in the north, through San Clemente, Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, Vista and Encinitas to Solana Beach, Del Mar, Torrey Pines and UC, San Diego. Last cycle the Applegate-Issa election was the very last to be decided in the whole country because it was so close. The DCCC had never tried holding Darrell Issa accountable before. Doug forced them to and he came with in a small handful votes to beating one of Congress' arch-villains. The final vote was 155,888 (50.3%) to 154,267 (49.7%). Doug and his grassroots army announced that they would complete what they started in 2018.

But, almost immediately, along came the self-serving opportunists-- the forces of big money who had never objected to Darrell Issa and had never done anything to defeat him. Failed Virginia political hack and sleazy multimillionaire-- and Pelosi crony-- Ira Lechner decided he needed to put one of his own puppets into a race that looked very winnable... and he picked some clown and Hillary fundraiser named Mike Levin. Then San Diego New Dem-- one of Congress' richest men and one of the most right-wing Democrats in Congress-- Scott Peters decided the seat could be bought by one of his crooked cronies, Paul Kerr (because we all know that if there's one thing Congress needs more of it's clueless mega-millionaires). Not to be outdone, the young heiress to the Qualcomm fortune, Sara Jacobs, came flying in from Brooklyn last week to declare she's running too. What a pathetic nest of cruddy opportunists and self-servers!

Meanwhile, Issa is hoping his crooked Republican collea...


Happy Thanksgiving 2017 "IndyWatch Feed"

Happy Thanksgiving 2017
Let us Thank the Lord for our rights and freedom which come from God.

Freedom to Worship is the second of the Four Freedoms oil paintings produced by the American artist Norman Rockwell.

1 Chronicles 29:11-13
Yours, O LORD, is the greatness and the power
and the glory and the majesty and the splendor,
for everything in heaven and earth is yours.
Yours, O LORD, is the kingdom;
you are exalted as head over all.

Wealth and honor come from you;
you are the ruler of all things.
In your hands are strength and power
to exalt and give strength to all.

Now, our God, we give you thanks,
and praise your glorious name.

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A Day Before A Baltimore Detective Was Set to Testify Against His Own Department, He Was Gunned Down. So Police Barricaded the Community. "IndyWatch Feed"

This undated photo provided by the Baltimore Police Department shows Det. Sean Suiter. Suiter was shot Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017, in a particularly troubled area of West Baltimore while investigating a 2016 homicide and died Thursday.


Thanksgiving Cheap Shots: And Farewell to Mark Halperin "IndyWatch Feed"

Reconstruction Thanksgiving, Thomas Nast in Harper's Weekly, 1869. Uncle Sam carving the turkey, self-government and universal suffrage on the menu, and everybody, a Native with a feather in his hair, Germans, French, Spanish, African Americans, Chinese (the Chinese woman looks more Japanese, but the child she's admonishing is wearing a Qing-dynasty queue), even a disreputable but hopeful-faced Irishman at far right, among the guests. Identity politics used to be a thing Republicans approved of! Image via Millard Fillmore's Bathtub.
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful Trump's too busy watching TV to do all the harm he might otherwise be doing, glad to have a voice and wonderful readers, happy to have a big extended family to go have dinner with, and schadenfreudig that the exodus of famous but bad men from social respectability includes Charlie Rose, Leon Wieseltier, and Mark Halperin.

Following Dylan Byers awful tweet (since deleted) about the catastrophic loss of talent in the media industry because all these sexual assault victims keep telling their stories, Jeet Heer:
and me:


Democrat Who Accused Trump Of Harassment Now Resigning Over Sexual Harassment Charges "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest post by Michael LaChance at American Lookout:

Minnesota Democrat State Senator Dan Schoen has been critical of President Trump and even accused him of being a sex harasser but now Schoen is resigning over harassment accusations against him.

A Republican State Rep named Tony Cornish is also stepping down.

The Star Tribune reported:

State Sen. Dan Schoen, Rep. Tony Cornish both to resign after harassment claims

A pair of Minnesota state lawmakers one a DFL senator, the other a Republican representative announced Tuesday that they will resign from office in the wake of sexual harassment allegations.

Word of the resignations of Sen. Dan Schoen and Rep. Tony Cornish came within two hours of each other Tuesday afternoon. It was a stunning sequence of events that vividly demonstrated a new awareness of what many political insiders say has been a long-standing tolerance of mistreatment of women who work at Minnesotas Capitol. Both men had been under pressure from leaders of their respective parties to resign

Schoen continued to deny wrongdoing. The St. Paul Park resident served two House terms starting in 2013 and joined the Senate at the beginning of this year. His lawyer, Paul Rogosheske, said Schoen felt he had little choice but to resign, adding that they plan to release information on Wednesday that would demonstrate Schoens innocence.

He doesnt feel he can be effective anymore, Rogosheske told the Star Tribune. And he doesnt want to work in an environment like this.

Were in the process of a political purge, folks.
Who will be next?

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Thanksgiving is a religious holiday to thank God, not another occasion for white guilt "IndyWatch Feed"

Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved holidays in America. But in the hands of progressives, public schools and the MSM, Thanksgiving has long become yet another occasion for white guilt. If you want an illustration, see my 2010 post, Continue reading


Homeless people defecating on LA streets fuels horror hepatitis outbreak "IndyWatch Feed"

Great job demorats! From Fox News: An outbreak of hepatitis A is spreading through Los Angeles County after leaping from a large homeless contingent in San Diego, threatening thousands of people and fueling criticism that local officials have not done Continue reading


Why Is Donald Trump So Obsessed With LaVar Ball? "IndyWatch Feed"

Have you ever done a good deed for someone? Can you think of something particularly generous you did to help someone who really needed it? Im not just asking rhetorically: Put that deed in your mind.

Now imagine, after doing that good deed, you go on Twitter and say how grateful the person you helped should be and even ask publicly if they are going to thank you for it.

Thats gross, right?

Now imagine being the president of the United States and being so starved for attention so deeply needy for adulation and praise, so hooked on being in the spotlight that after you did a rather simple good deed, you got on Twitter and made clear how good your deed was, and how much you wanted that person to be grateful for your good deed.

This saga is about what is lurking behind Trumps obsession with the three UCLA basketball players and one of their fathers.

Well, on November 15, thats exactly what Donald Trump did. He had just played a role in getting charges dropped against three University of California-Los Angeles basketball players suspected of stealing from a local mall in China. But the saga is so much worse than that: Its about what is lurking behind Trumps obsession with the three UCLA basketball players and one of their fathers. Its about how Trump can fixate on black people in America and make ridiculous demands that he would only make of them: that they never fail to express gratitude to Trump for their freedom.

Lets look at how this happened.

First, Trump, speaking of himself in third person (which is weird), said: Do you think the three UCLA Basketball Players will say thank you President Trump? They were headed for 10 years in jail!

Thats not normal. First, 10 years in jail is not the automatic sentence for such a crime in China. The justice system there has an option to dismiss the charges if the merchandise is returned. That option was exercised.

Second, the young men immediately held a press conference once they returned to the United States in which they each thanked, among other people, Donald Trump.


Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station At Risk Of Spent Fuel Pool Uncontrolled Nuclear Reaction-Criticality Event Due To Degraded Neutron-Absorbing Panels "IndyWatch Feed"

The Pilgrims arrived in 1620. In 1972 Pilgrim nuclear power station was commissioned. It legally discharges radioactive materials into the air and water of Cape Cod Bay routinely, even without an accident.


National Day of Mourning, Thursday, November 23rd "IndyWatch Feed"



Since 1970, Native Americans have gathered at noon on Coles Hill in Plymouth to commemorate a National Day or Mourning on the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.

Many Native Americans do not celebrate the arrival of the Pilgrims and other European settlers. To them, Thanksgiving Day is a reminder of the genocide of millions of their people, the theft of their lands, and the relentless assault on their cultures.

Participants in National Day or Mourning honor Native ancestors and the struggles of Native peoples to survive today. It is a day of remembrance and spiritual connection as well as a protest of the racism and oppression which Native Americans continue to experience.

Erected by the Town of Plymouth on behalf of the United American Indians of New England

Submitted by @SparkleMask (
Location 415624.6N 703853.0W




News Magazine that sold for one dollar compares Trump to Manson "IndyWatch Feed"

BUSINESS INSIDER: Newsweek Sells For $1 To Stereo Equipment Mogul Sidney Harman WND  NEWSWEEK COMPARES TRUMP TO SERIAL KILLER CHARLES MANSON Says president forms similar bond with followers who feel marginalized or alienated The leftist magazine Newsweek took its anti-Trump hysteria Continue reading


Billionaire Carl Icahn Resigns as Trump Adviser After Reaping Millions "IndyWatch Feed"

billionaire investor Carl Icahn left his role as regulatory adviser to Donald Trump just before The New Yorker published an article entitled, Carl Icahns Failed Raid on Washington The article detailed Carl Icahns potential conflict of interest, including his heavy lobbying for a rule change about blending ethanol into gasoline, a rule which affects the []


Midnight Meme Of The Day! "IndyWatch Feed"

-by Noah

Imagine if there was something called RA. You know, a 12 step program for those who suffer the shame of having a Republican in their family. For me, it would go something like this: "Hello, my name is Noah and I have a Republican in my family."

Imagine being in a room with others who could say the very same thing. For too many suffering Americans, that is what they face every Thanksgiving. The problem is, though, that all too often, that Republican is in the same room, the dining room. That is not the case with me! When it comes to my family, I adopted a Republican-Be-Gone solution. Yes, I am genetically related to a couple of Republicans, but I didn't need no stinking 12 step program. I simply ignore their existence. A 1 step program! Perhaps, for you, that would be hard. Perhaps, you considered setting up a TV table or a card table in the corner of the dining room for the family goon. Not me. Not the "kiddie table" approach. Not the porch. Not the garage. Not on my property! I'm a get off my lawn guy. I mean, come on! We all know what happens to that patch of grass when the dog pees on it.

Look, I know it's probably too late. You've probably already, in some ridiculously misguided moment of tolerance, invited the family Republican to Thanksgiving dinner, but, there's always next year, or, perhaps you could quickly build a wall around your property, one that is high enough that no Republican could ever jump over it; one that is deep enough that no Republican could tunnel under it. Think of the delicious irony!

But, enough of this. Assuming that you might have some FOX "News"-Alex Jones-Breitbart loon in your midst today, why not give everyone else in your house some sort of Buzzword Bingo game or drinking ga...


64th anniversary of the west sponsored coup in Iran "IndyWatch Feed"

Mohammad Mosaddegh in court, 8 November 1953 After WWII, the West had one huge problem on its hands: all three most populous Muslim countries on Earth Egypt, Iran and Indonesia were clearly moving in one similar direction, joining group of patriotic, peaceful and tolerant nations. They were deeply concerned about the welfare of []


Exploring the Shadows of Americas Security State "IndyWatch Feed"

In the wake of the 2001 terrorist attacks, Washington pursued its elusive enemies across the landscapes of Asia and Africa, thanks in part to a massive expansion of its intelligence infrastructure, particularly of the emerging technologies for digital surveillance, agile drones, and biometric identification. In 2010, almost a decade into this secret war with its []


FLASHBACK Nancy Pelosi: So Proud Of John Conyers, He Has Been There Steady And Strong As A Champion In The Fight To End Violence Against Women "IndyWatch Feed"

Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has a history of praising accused sexual predator Congressman John Conyers as an ally of women and a champion of womens issues, according to a 2013 video reviewed by GotNews. Like Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), who just last month told Womens March organizers that Conyers has been supportive of []

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Thanksgiving Prayers From St. Basil "IndyWatch Feed"

A few prayers from St. Basil. On Giving Thanks to the Creator: As thou takest thy seat at table, pray. As thou liftest the loaf, offer thanks to the Giver. When thou sustainest thy bodily weakness with wine, remember Him Continue reading


The Taliban Tried to Surrender and the U.S. Rebuffed Them. Now Here We Are "IndyWatch Feed"

Did you know that shortly after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, the Taliban tried to surrender? For centuries in Afghanistan, when a rival force had come to power, the defeated one would put down their weapons and be integrated into the new power structure obviously with much less power, or none at all. Thats how []


Human Rights Leader: Fusion GPS Paid a Whole Bunch of Reporters in Cash to Spread Smear on Trump (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

The scandal of the century

The scandal behind the discredited Russia-Trump dossier deepened this week as it was discovered that Fusion GPS received money from the Russians and DNC to write their slanderous report on Donald Trump.

And then it was discovered that Fusion GPS paid at least three journalists during and after the election to push the phony dossier. The three reporters were on the record reporting negative stories about Donald Trump.

And on Wednesday night investigative reporter Todd Shepherd from the Washington Examiner joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the scandal. Thor Halvorssen, who was a victim of a Fusion GPS smear campaign, then dropped this bomb.

Thor Halvorssen: What Fusion GPS does is create fake news. They get paid to smear people. And the fact that the House investigators have found that these three journalists have been paid, they should unredact that. And I should note that just because its in their banking records doesnt mean that there was a whole bunch of other journalists who didnt get paid in cash. I have no doubt that they also paid journalists in cash. Its what Fusion GPS does. And a lot of journalists dont want it on the record so they take it in cash. This is a massive scandal.

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan human rights advocate who was viciously smeared by Fusion GPS at the behest of the Marxist Chavez regime.

Via Tucker Carlson Tonight with Brian Kilmeade:

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Dick Gregory in his own words "IndyWatch Feed"

We remember the pioneering comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory. He died on Saturday in Washington, D.C., at the age of 84. In the early 1960s Dick Gregory became one of the most popular comedians in the country and paved the way for generations of African-American comedians from Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor to []


November 23rd 2017 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #308 "IndyWatch Feed"

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


Thursday November 23rd Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


ALABAMA REJECTS DC MEDIA ELITES=> Roy Moore Opens Up 6 Point Lead Over Shameless Liberal Doug Jones "IndyWatch Feed"

It looks like the voters in Alabama have rejected the far left DC media.

The flimsy 38-year-old allegations against Judge Roy Moore are falling apart.

In fact EVERY SINGLE DETAIL in Gloria Allreds allegations against Roy Moore have been debunked.
Beverly Nelson was not telling the truth.

Alabama voters are paying attention.
Roy Moore now leads ultra-liberal Doug Jones from 6 to 33 points in three Tuesday polls.

And now this
A new Alabama poll shows Judge Roy Moore with a 6 point lead over liberal hack Doug Jones.
Via Alabama Today:

Alabamas special U.S. Senate election is less than one month away and a new poll shows Republican nominee Roy Moore holding a solid lead over his Democratic opponent Doug Jones.
In a poll conducted by Sky Research on Tuesday Nov. 21 among registered Alabama voters, the results show Moore with 46.7 percent support to Jones 39.6 percent. 13.7 percent of voters polled remain undecided. With a margin of error of 3.1 percent, Moore maintains significant lead over Jones, but the undecided voters could swing the election either way.

When asked Do you consider your political views to be more in line with the Republican or Democrat party?, 62.3 percent of 1,059 respondents identified as Republican, while 37.7 percent Democrat.

The results come as President Donald Trump on Tuesday avowed his support for the former Alabama Chief Justice for first time since Moore was accused of sexually pursuing at least nine women when he was in his 30s and they were in their teens. Trump had previously said, through the White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Like most Americans, the president believes we cannot allow a mere allegation, in this case, one from many years ago, to destroy a persons life. However, the president also believes that if these allegations are true, Judge Moore will do the right thing and step aside.

On Tuesday, Trump himself said Moore totally denies the allegations against him. Reiterating that the country doesnt need liberal Jones in the...



Has Congress Ever Had A Spy For A Hostile Foreign Power In Its Midst Before? "IndyWatch Feed"

Putin's favorite congressman, Dana Rohrabacher

This NY Times headline could have only been referring to 2 congressmen, both Californians-- and both of whom having made spectacles of themselves in relations to Putin-Gate: Dana Rohrabacjer from Orange County or Devin Nunes from the Central Valley. Both are in big trouble with voters in their districts. Hes a Member of Congress. The Kremlin Likes Him So Much It Gave Him a Code Name. The Times story, by Nick Fandos, was another nail in Dana Rohrabacher's political coffin. "For two decades," he began, "Representative Dana Rohrabacher has been of value to the Kremlin, so valuable in recent years that the F.B.I. warned him in 2012 that Russia regarded him as an intelligence source worthy of a Kremlin code name.The following year, the California Republican became even more valuable, assuming the chairmanship of the Foreign Affairs subcommittee that oversees Russia policy. He sailed to re-election again and again, even as he developed ties to Vladimir V. Putins Russia. Then came President Trump."

Before Trump was elected House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, believing he was speaking to a group of Republicans who would never rat him out, was recorded saying that "There's two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump." When other Republicans asked if it was really true that Putin was actually funneling money into the Trump campaign, McCarthy, who later claimed he was joking, said "Swear to God." Paul Ryan was there and tried to get all the other Republicans in the room to promise not to tell anyone. "No leaks," he warned. This stays in the family....


York University Faculty Boycotts Israeli Academic Institution "IndyWatch Feed"

Students Against Israeli Apartheid at York University (SAIA York) is proud to announce that the Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES) at the third largest university in Canada has boycotted the Israeli academic institution, the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies (AIES). This move is a major win for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement, as []


World is rapidly becoming an international oligarchy "IndyWatch Feed"

Bernie Sanders has warned that the world is rapidly becoming an international oligarchy controlled by a tiny number of billionaires, highlighted by the revelations in the Paradise Papers. In a statement to the Guardian in the wake of the massive leak of documents exposing the secrets of offshore investors, Sanders said that the enrichment of []


Sheriff Clarke DESTROYS Carnival Barker Maxine Waters For Praising Pervert John Conyers "IndyWatch Feed"

Former Milwaukee Sheriff, David Clarke absolutely destroyed Maxine Waters on Wednesday after video of the Congresswoman praising pervert John Conyers surfaced. 

As previously reported, footage resurfaced showing Rep. Maxine Waters praising pervert and serial sexual harasser John Conyers for his impeccable integrity on womens issues in October. 

You know, there is a member of Congress who has been supportive of women for many, many, many years, Waters told the crowd at the Womens Convention Sojourner Truth Luncheon in Detroit on October 28th.

He is quiet, he is confident, he is powerful, but he has impeccable integrity on all of our issues. Give John Conyers a big round of applause!

Multiple women have accused Democrat Rep. John Conyers of sexual harassment. The most recent accuser, a high profile DC lawyer named Melanie Sloan is the first woman to go on the record.

Conyers other accusers are anonymous for the time being.

The documents were first provided to BuzzFeed News by Mike Cernovich.

Conyers made it very clear that if female staffers performed personal favors it would lead to salary increases and promotions. It was well known Conyers was having affairs with multiple female staffers. He often made sexual advances towards women and grew angry if they brought their husbands around.

Even more egregious, Conyers victims were paid a settlement in exchange for their silence out of taxpayer money after a long, daunting process.

Sheriff Clarke destroyed Maxine Waters!

I am NOT AT ALL surprised that carnival barker Maxine Waters last week praise...


The Jewish Scholastic "IndyWatch Feed"

Scholasticism: is a method of critical thought which dominated teaching by the academics (scholastics, or schoolmen) of medieval universities in Europe from about 1100 to 1700, and a program of employing that method in articulating and defending dogma in an increasingly pluralistic context.

I have just completed reading the 2 volume Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought by the Jewish/Austrian School economist Murray Rothbard. This is a magisterial (the edition sold by the Mises Institute is 1084 pages (2006, originally published in 1995)) survey of economic thought from antiquity up to the modern era in volume 1 and British classical economics, the French school of classical liberalism, and Marxism in volume 2. Somewhat surprising to me, a key realization pervasive throughout this text is that Rothbard was a Jewish Scholastic. This is not a contradiction in terms; indeed, at one point Rothbard states The term, Protestant scholastic has been coined for such writers as John Locke, and indeed the phrase is a coherent one, since one does not have to be Catholic to use the rational scholastic method or arrive at scholastic conclusions. In practice, the most important concept for Rothbard is the recognition of Natural Law. David Gordon has written that Murray Rothbard rested much of his Ethics of Liberty on the foundation of Thomistic natural law.

For Rothbard, the natural law can be discerned through reason by anyone; i.e., it is not necessarily a religious concept. Roberta Modugno has compiled some of Rothbards private reports for the Volker Fund in Rothbard vs. the Philosophers. In a report on a conference held in 1960 Rothbard favors the objective values of Leo Strauss against the subjective values of his mentor Ludwig von Mises.

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The absolutist believes t...

Debt and Taxes and Perdition "IndyWatch Feed"

Should the government borrow against the future? Should it guarantee higher taxes for your children and grandchildren in return for lower taxes for you?

If governments moral legitimacy depends on the consent of the governed, as Thomas Jefferson argued in the Declaration of Independence, can the federal government morally compel those who havent consented to its financial profligacy because they are not yet born to pay higher taxes?

These questions are at the base of the debate such as it is in Congress these days over the so-called Republican tax reform plan. But you will not hear these questions even asked, much less answered, on Capitol Hill because the Republican leadership of the House and Senate is afraid that the answers might drive them from power. The same can be said for Democratic leaders when their party controls Congress.

In fact, with the exception of a few courageous senators, such as Rand Paul of Kentucky, and representatives, such as Justin Amash of Michigan and Thomas Massie of Kentucky, most in Congress in both parties think the only limit on the governments taxing power is what it can politically get away with at any given moment.

And it gets away with a great deal because vast majorities in both major political parties recognize no moral limits to the governments sordid pattern of tax, borrow and spend.

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The numbers are chilling.

The federal government collects about $2.5 trillion in revenue and spends about $4 trillion, annually. The difference between what it collects and what it spends is made up in borrowing. But it doesnt borrow money as you or I do or any business does with a planned schedule to pay back the principal it owes plus interest. Rather, it goes deeper into debt to pay its debts.

Though the federal government has been in debt since day one, when it borrowed millions to pay the debts that the states had amassed in fighting the American Revolution (who knows whether the states would have formed a central government without its promise of assuming their war debts?), but from time to time, it has paid back the principal that it borrowed.

Since the presidency of Woodrow Wilson 100 years ago, however, with two then-novel revenue-generating tools the personal income tax to produce cash and the Federal Reserve to print cash the federal government has rolled over debt but has never retired it. Stated differently, the feds have always made timely interest payments, but when principal has come due, they have simply borrowed more money to pay the principal and of course thereby incurred more debt.


The First Thanksgiving "IndyWatch Feed"

Stan Freberg was a very funny man. I first wrote about him in 2003.

He was part of the original Time for Beany, a local Los Angeles TV hand puppet show, which was immensely popular locally in 1949, and then went national from 1950 to 1955. Albert Einstein loved it. So did Groucho Marx.

He did comedy skits on records, beginning with John and Marsha in 1951.

He did some of the most clever TV ads for half a century. He ran his own ad agency, Freberg, Ltd. (But Not Very). The companys motto was Ars Gratia Pecuniae (Latin for art for moneys sake).

In 1961, he produced the classic comedy album, Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America, Volume 1. It was a musical. The ensemble included Jesse White, who five years later became the original lonely Maytag repairman, and the great June Foray, the voice of Rocky the flying squirrel. She died at age 99 this year. Freberg died in 2015.

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Reprinted with the authors permission.

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Ethnically Cleanse the Palestinians "IndyWatch Feed"

Let me confess that Ive never liked Ben Shapiro, ever since I first saw his smirking face on Fox-news. He spouts minicon banalities with all the smiling assurance of a con artist selling ownership deeds for Time Square. Its also annoying to watch all the media-authorized conservatives drooling over Ben every time he opens his mouth to say something that is strikingly uninteresting. Therefore when he was dispatched to Berkeley by conservatism, inc. to defend free speech, values or whatever else he was sent there to defend, I found myself actually rooting for the antifascist mobs. These rowdies looked far more authentic and spontaneous than did the banality-spouting emissary of Fox-news.

But recently I found this column in from 2003 that made me think that Ben is willing to take daring positions. In a passage that is worth quoting, he proposed expelling the Palestinian population from the West Bank: The Jews dont realize that expelling a hostile population is a commonly used and generally effective way of preventing violent entanglements. After World War II, Poland was recreated by the Allied Powers. Anywhere from 3.5 million to 9 million Germans were forcibly expelled from the new Polish territory and relocated in Germany. The Germans accepted the new border, and decades of conflict between Poles and Germans ended. If Germans, who had a centuries-old connection to the newly created Polish territory, could be expelled, then surely Palestinians, whose claim to Judea, Samaria and Gaza is dubious at best, can be expelled.

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Shapiros advice warrants our attention. Why does Shapiro consider what was done to ethnic Germans after World War Two a model worthy of being followed? According to R.M. Douglas, Alfred-Maurice de Zayas and other reputable historians, about 13 million men, women and children of German descent were forcibly resettled from Eastern European countries after the War. Over half a million of these dislocated ethnic Germans were murdered, usually on the pretext of having been Nazi collaborators. Is Shapiro urging Israelis to emulate this example? It would certainly seem so. Shapiro thinks its all right to expel Palestinians from their homes, in areas that he describes in place names, Judea and Samaria, used by the Zionist Right? Does he advocate this extreme policy because the present inhabitants are creating a ruckus? If so, would he advise the US to kick out blacks or some other minority because their crime...

The Illusion of Growth "IndyWatch Feed"

The Wall Street Journal published a superb example of hopium recently in a sunny-side-up story entitled U. S. Manufacturing Rides Rising Tide, Buoyed by Global Growth, Optimism.

Indeed, this lazy cheerleading excuse for journalism captured the sum and substance of why the punters keep buying the dips despite troubles gathering all around.

That is, as the tax bill falters, the crusade to remove the Donald from office gathers strength, the Fed moves into balance sheet normalization and instability breaks out all over the world from the Persian Gulf to the Korean peninsula.

You would think the title says it all, but the WSJ was not nearly done. It cited a 156,000 pick-up in manufacturing employment since last November, rising energy and commodity prices as evidence of a booming global economy and double digit growth in business investment earlier this year, among other things.

American manufacturing has picked up pace over the last 12 months thanks to steady global economic growth, a rise in energy and other commodity prices, and increased business confidence.

Although progress isnt being felt by all industries, makers of items ranging from bulldozers to semiconductors to food products are on the upswing as various measures of spending, sentiment and employment have climbed, while stock markets have hit record highs.

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Yet every one of the trends cited in the WSJ article are less than a year-old. They coincide with the Great Coronation Boom in the Red Ponzi ( the run-up to Xi Jinpings ascension to total power at the 19th Party Congress); represent only a minor up-tick from the 2014-2015 global deflation; and in the context of the current feeble recovery from the 2008 crisis represent nothing at all to write home about.

Indeed, I am confident that as the Red Ponzi goes into a stabilization and credit containment mode, as is already evident from the October economic data (fudged as it is), that the slight lift to global activity engendered by the latest China credit impulse will quickly fade. And with it the entire trading meme reflected in that WSJ puff piece.

But short of that yet to unfold but predictable global mini-cycle, the actual data on U.S. manufacturing output trends through September reveal nothing to smile about.

In fact, overall U.S. manufacturing production is still down 4.3% from its pre-crisis high back in December 2007, and was no higher last month than it was three years ago in November 2014.


The Pilgrims Rejected Communism "IndyWatch Feed"

Historically, Thanksgiving has been a feast day during which Americans are called upon to thank the Lord for the many blessings he has bestowed upon us. Richard J. Maybury and Gary Galles both explain the economic lessons to glean from the experience of the Pilgrims and both note that the primary reason for Gods blessing them with relative prosperity after years of famine and hunger was a shift away from socialism and toward private property. In their essays, both authors draw upon William Bradfords History of Plymouth Plantation to get the story straight from the source.

One misconception that is still with us is that the Pilgrims adopted socialism out of religious conviction, as if Christian ethics requires a Platonic communist utopia. Galles notes that this is a misconception, but it is beyond the scope of his essay to provide the full historical back drop to that initial fateful economic design.

In fact, as Bradford makes clear, the Pilgrims did not desire to establish Christian communism. The Pilgrims original communal property arrangements were foisted upon them by their colonial sponsors. The sponsors did this after they learned that they would not be granted a monopoly of fishing rights in Cape Cod. The sponsors original agreement with the Pilgrims was such that the Pilgrims were to work for four days for the sponsoring company and then would have two days to work for themselves. The sponsors later changed their deal and told the Pilgrims that they would have to work all six days of the work week for the sponsors. At the end of seven years, the Pilgrims would be granted title to the property they worked. The Pilgrims were not happy with the change, several of them recognizing that the new arrangement would make them virtual slaves of the sponsors, but they went along with the deal because many had already made large investments toward the move and they were convinced that emigrating to the New World is what God wanted them to do.

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Bradfords establishing private property was not a repudiation of any belief they had that Christian charity requires communism. They had no intention of implementing such a system. The Pilgrims move to private property was, in fact, a move to a properly Christian ethic as it regards property.

Historically, the majority report from Christians embraces private property as required by Christian ethics. The morality of private property was recognized by many of...

Why Everyone Uses the US Dollar "IndyWatch Feed"

As Doug Casey has correctly noted, the prime directive of any organismwhether its an amoeba or a person or a corporation or a governmentis to survive.

Thats why the US government protects the petrodollar so zealously. It needs the system to survive.

World leaders who have challenged the petrodollar recently have ended up dead

Why Everyone Uses the US Dollar for Now

In the 1970s, the US government struck a series of deals with Saudi Arabia, creating the petrodollar system. The US promised to coddle and protect the Saudi kingdom. And, in exchange, Saudi Arabia would use its dominant position in OPEC to ensure that all oil transactions happened in US dollars.

Until recently, virtually anyone who wanted to import oil from any country needed US dollars to pay for it.

The dollar is just a middleman here. But countries and businesses use it in countless transactions amounting to trillions of dollars that have nothing to do with US products or services.

Plus, if foreign countries are already using dollars for oil, its just easier to use the dollar for other international trade. Thats why, in addition to oil sales, the US dollar is used for about 80% of all international transactions.

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Take Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, for example. Each led a large oil-producing countryIraq and Libya, respectively. And both tried to sell their oil for something other than US dollars, before US military interventions led to their deaths.

In October 2000, Saddam had started to sell Iraqi oil for euros only. Iraq said it would no longer accept dollars for oil because it did not want to deal in the currency of the enemy.

A little over two years later, the US invaded. Immediately after Baghdad fell to US forces, all Iraqi oil sales were switched back to dollars.

Thanks to WikiLeaks release of Hillary Clintons emails, we know that protecting the petrodollarnot humanitarian concernswas a primary reason for overthrowing Libyas Gaddafi.

According to her leaked emails, the US (and France) feared that Gaddafi would use Libyas vast gold reserves to back a pan-African currency. This gold-backed currency would have been used to buy and sell oil in global markets. Also, it would have likely displaced a version...

The Manliness of Card Games "IndyWatch Feed"

Card games have been around for a long time. Theyve existed in various forms for a millennium, having been invented in the Far East. From there, they came West with trading, and in the 1400s the French solidified the 52-card deck and the four suits  spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds that we use today. While different cultures and nations use different sets of cards, that system is the most widely used around the world. For literally centuries now, friends, families, and strangers have convened around bar tops, campfires, and dining room tables to play friendly and perhaps not-so-friendly games of cards.

The Appeal (and Manliness) of Card Games

What is it that makes card games so appealing, and why have they found such a particularly prominent place in the culture of men?

Portability. Rather than having to cart around a game board and various easily-lost pieces, a deck of cards can readily fit into a pocket or other small space. This is one reason theyve long been popular with sailors and soldiers (as well as travelers and adventurers of all kinds); they can easily be thrown in a pack or seabag and cracked open on the frontlines or the bunk of a submarine.

Speed. Board games often require lengthy set-ups, and games can take a long time. Its easily forgotten where one is at in the game if a break is needed. Card games, on the other hand, just need a shuffle, and you can play almost anything imaginable. And most games, even long ones, have natural breaks at the end of a hand or deal. You can just as easily play for a few minutes or a few hours.

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Adaptability and informality. Most card games are folk games, with rules being passed on and changed from generation to generation (which is what makes tracing each games specific history particularly difficult!). Every family and even region has its own set of rules they prefer, and those rules can continue to evolve based on whats most enjoyable for the folks playing it. Most games can also be scaled up or down on the challenge level to incorporate kids and expert players alike.

Balance of chance and skill. Games scholar David Parlett writes: A major attraction of card games is that they are in general neither wholly mindless, like most dice games, nor excessively cerebral, like Chess, but offer a reasonable balance of chance and skill. The actual balance varies from game to game, ena...

Kratom: The Safe Natural Pain-Killer "IndyWatch Feed"

It is no secret that Americans are losing trust in large institutions that were once believed to be beyond reproach. The media, once considered a paragon of integrity, is viewed with cynicism and suspicion. Our former faith in governmental programs and the best and brightest has plummeted steadily from doubt into resentment. So it seems politically foolish for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, in the midst of its own opioid crisis, which has wrought hundreds of thousands of deaths, laid waste to the life prospects of millions, and lined the pockets of its unscrupulous partner corporations, to issue a warning against the use of a natural herb that combats opioid dependence, eliminates drug withdrawal, and kills pain. Of course, being a naturally-growing plant does not automatically qualify something as safe. There are, after all, varieties of poisonous mushrooms and berries, but people intuitively know to place a greater trust into organic substances.

In a damning health advisory, the F.D.A. recently stated that it is aware of reports of 36 deaths associated with the use of kratom-containing products between 2010 and 2015. The F.D.A. report is saturated with lies about kratom, and the statistic that they cited seems unworthy of the fear mongering. In that same period, approximately 80,000 people died from over-the-counter painkillers such as aspirin, but where is their dire warning about the use of aspirin? Are they illegally confiscating aspirin too, and likewise claiming that it is such a danger to public safety that they must ignore the law to tyrannically confiscate something that is completely legal? The widely-prescribed opioid fentanyl, an approved drug, has been reported to have caused over 20,000 deaths in 2016 alone. That exceeds 54 deaths per day from fentanyl in 2016 compared to the 36 deaths that the F.D.A. associates with kratom over a five year period, or 0.02 deaths a day. When are they going to take action against fentanyl, since it is indeed a part of their admitted opioid epidemic of which they are supposedly fighting? They even name the opioid epidemic as their reason for suppressing kratom, even though it is not dangerous, not addictive, and finally, it is not even an opioid. As a close relative of the coffea (coffee) plant, kratom roughly has the same toxicity and degree of addiction.

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Their legalistic use of the term associated is of interest. The politicizing disinformation that the F.D.A. routinely participates in for suppressing natural competition, such as kratom, is easily expressed in the following scenario. If someone consumed a product that consisted mostly of fentanyl with only a trace amount of kratom, then his death could be technically......

For Goodness Sake, Let Boys Be Boys "IndyWatch Feed"

Im a man.

There, Ive said it. At the risk of offending the worlds increasing army of hypersensitive PC-crazed snowflakes, I am proudly and unapologetically identifying as a male.

I realise that for some people, this admission alone is currently tantamount to having me fired, arrested and possibly publicly executed.

Think Im being ridiculous?

Think again.

Last night, popular US Teen Vogue writer Emily Lindin tweeted this to her 22,000 followers: Heres an unpopular opinion. Im not actually at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations.

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So yes, for some people like Ms Lindin, just being a man right now is enough to warrant a career and life being wrongly destroyed.

She is the very worst kind of radical feminist, the kind that hates men so much it blinds her even to basic fairness and justice.

Yet Ms Lindins tweet wasnt even the most outrageous gender-related thing I read today.

Popular US Teen Vogue writer Ms Lindin tweeted this to her 22,000 followers last night

Popular US Teen Vogue writer Ms Lindin tweeted this to her 22,000 followers last night

No, that accolade goes to a speech by Natasha Devon, former British government mental health tsar, to the UK Girls School Association annual conference.

In it, she advised that teachers should no longer refer to female students as girls or ladies, or to male students as boys.

Ms Devon explained: I would never walk into a room in an all girls school and say girls or ladies because it would be patronising.

She added: I dont think its useful to be constantly reminded of your gender all the time and all the stereotypes that go with it.

Warming to her theme, Ms Devon stated that boys holds connotations of being macho and not talking about feelings, whereas girls prompts a sense that everything must be done perfec...

Hillary Dreams of Being the Planetary Ruler of Earth 2 "IndyWatch Feed"

A bitter Hillary Clinton may have finally just developed a plan that would fulfill her lifelong dream of wielding complete power while simultaneously granting her detractors their lifelong dream of being rid of her.  The plan, apparently hatched in an interview with Now This News, envisions Hillary traveling to an alien planet, Earth 2, where she could rule the non-existent masses with impunity.

Unfortunately, this is not a jokein an interview that starts with the Now This anchor declaring that people joke about Earth 2, where you are president (a joke that literally no one has ever told), an awkward, giggling Hillary comments on everything from North Korea to gun control.  Per The American Mirror:

On Earth 2s North Korea, Clinton said she would have full on diplomatic pressure to solve the crisis with the portly dictator Kim Jong-un.

Clinton said if she was in charge, she would be putting as much money as it took into enforcing the laws we already have, and added she would want universal background checks.

After answering a question about the opioid crisis, a handler attempted to cut off the interview.

Meanwhile, despite efforts of the anchor to wrap the interview without discussing Russia, Clinton begs for a bonus question so she can once again tell us What Happened in 2016.

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You want one more? Ill be short one more. Because I like being on Earth 2.

Weve got to get to the bottom of what happened in 2016.

If I had been president, or on Earth 2, where I am, I would have an independent commission with subpoena power because if we dont get to the bottom of it, its going to keep happening.  This is an ongoing threat.

I worry about 18. I worry about 2020 because this is the first time weve even been attacked and not imposed any real consequences on our adversary,

JFK Files Reveal US Planned To Buy Soviet Planes "IndyWatch Feed"

The recently released batch of files related to the Kennedy assassination includes a curious document revealing secret plans by the US government to purchase or build Soviet aircraft for the purpose of staging false flag attacks on the US or its allies, thus giving Washington the pretext it needed to go to war with Moscow or its allies.

According to the partially declassified document, a March 22, 1962 meeting attended by the Special Group Augmented (SGA), a high-level Kennedy administration committee charged with overthrowing the Cuban government, included a discussion on the different possibilities for obtaining Soviet planes.

The SGA group, which formally included Attorney General Robert Kennedy, CIA Director John McCone, National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Lyman Lemnitzer, could also be attended by Secretary of State Dean Rusk and President Kennedy himself.

The document fragment lists various Soviet aircraft, including MiG-17 and MiG-19 fighters, as well as the Il-14 military cargo transport, and how much time and money it would take to reproduce them to withstand distant observation and/or up close examination. Another option, according to an analysis by the CIA cited by the document, was to try to obtain the planes via defecting pilots, or purchasing them from non-Soviet Bloc countries; these options were deemed problematic.

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The document also explains why the Soviet planes are so desirable, including their possible use to stage false flag attacks against the US to justify a US military response.

There is a possibility that such aircraft could be used in a deception operation designed to confuse enemy planes in the air, to launch a surprise attack against enemy installations or in a provocation operation in which Soviet aircraft would appear to attack US or friendly installations in order to provide an excuse for US intervention, the document reads.

Page 2 of the document, touting the benefits of obtaining authentic or look-alike Soviet planes.



Checks on Government abuses of power "IndyWatch Feed"

Take Action: Pardon Snowden


The Vanity Press "IndyWatch Feed"

Retraction Watch has a bombshell, an injunction against OMICS for deceptive business practices.  Now what pray tell are those.

In her decision granting the injunction Judge Gloria Navarro wrote

The evidence produced by the FTC demonstrates that Defendants engaged in probable misrepresentations regarding journal publishing. On the OMICS website, for example, OMICS makes numerous representations indicating that it follows standard peer-review practices. (See PX12 Att. L at 657, 773, 748, Ex. 12 to Mot. for Prelim Inj., ECF No. 9-12). 1 Under standard industry practice, the peer review process often takes several weeks or even months and involves multiple rounds of substantive feedback from experts in the related field. (See PX13 910). In contrast, the FTC has provided evidence that Defendants peer review practices, in numerous instances, took a matter of days and contained no comments or substantive feedback
The Court found that the FTC would likely succeed in proving the merits of its claims. 
This inadequacy is further demonstrated by statements from purported editors, which indicate that they never received manuscripts to review or else even agreed to be listed as an editor. (See, e.g., PX03 34; PX11 7). In some instances, individuals listed as editors without permission requested removal from the website without success. (See, e.g., PX02 4; PX08 47; PX06 11).
and the injunction is a doozy.  OMICS is enjoined from (among other things
making any representation, or assisting others in making any representation, expressly or by implication, that any journal or other publication is peer-reviewed unless any work product submitted to that journal or publication is reviewed by peers who are subject matter experts, who are not journal employees, and who evaluate the quality and credibility of the work product, and the representation is otherwise non-misleading;
Now whom does Eli know who publishes with OMICS?

Ned Nikolov, and amusingly what points does Ned make about his OMICS publication:


High Profile DC Lawyer Says John Conyers Harassed Her After Reporting Him, She Was Dismissed as Mentally Unstable "IndyWatch Feed"


Democrat Rep. John Conyers is under siege after spending decades sexually harassing women while using taxpayer money to cover up his sins.

This time a high profile DC ethics lawyer is accusing Conyers of harassing and abusing her during her time on Capitol Hill. This woman said she repeatedly reported Conyers yet she was ignored and dismissed as mentally unstable.

Conyers admitted to having knowledge of one of the settlements, however; he is still denying the allegations!

WaPo reported:

A high-profile Washington lawyer specializing in congressional ethics said Wednesday that Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) harassed and verbally abused her when she worked for him on Capitol Hill in the 1990s and that her repeated appeals for help to congressional leadership were ignored.

There was nothing I could do to stop it, Melanie Sloan said in an interview. Not going to leadership, not going to my boss, not going to a womens group, not going to a reporter. I was dismissed and told I must be mentally unstable.

Sloan worked for Conyers as minority counsel to the House Judiciary Committee from 1995-1998.

It was during this time that Sloan said she witnessed and personally experienced behavior from Conyers similar to what other women described in the Buzzfeed report.

Conyers was incredibly abusive to Sloan. WaPo reports:

Sloan said that Conyers routinely yelled at and berated her, often criticizing her appearance. On one occasion, she said, he summoned her to his Rayburn Building office, where she found him in his underwear.

I was pretty taken aback to see my boss half-dressed, she said. I turned on my heel and I left.

According to WaPo, Arnold Reed, Conyerss legal counsel, denied Sloans allegations and said Conyers will address complaints about his conduct after Thanksgiving. Representative Conyers has never done anything inappropriate to Melanie Sloan, he said.

Watch Sloan recount how incredibly abusive Democrat John Conyers was to her during her time on Capitol Hill:



Harrisburg, PA Violent Elementary School Students Have Caused 40 Teachers To Resign Since July "IndyWatch Feed"

Lack of discipline in the home. Via WHP: Emotions were high inside the Harrisburg School Board meeting Monday night as The Harrisburg Education Association pleaded with the board for help following violent encounters in the classrooms at elementary schools throughout the district. First grade teacher Johanna Brown describes whats going on in her classroom at []


No Men-- Especially No Men In Public Office-- Should Ever Think They Are "Untouchable" When It Comes To Workplace Sexual Harassment "IndyWatch Feed"

-by Valley Girl

I wrote an email to Howie a few days back saying in part "I totally agreed with your tweet. This is what leadership should be about. It seems that they are not willing to name names because it will hurt their own careers. Howie, you have a lot of connections. Is there any way you could winkle this information out of someone? Get them to name even a few names? My gut feeling is that once even a few names are mentioned, then the floodgates will open."

Howie asked me to do a guest post. Ive been working on that. Getting into the weeds, as I usually do. I started checking out Barbara Comstock (R-VA), who I didnt know anything about before, but who now seems to have little record of bravery of any sort. Ive compiled quite a dossier on her.

And, reminding myself of the details of Jackie Speirs history-- 1978 including when she went, as a congressional aide to Leo Ryan, to Jonestown, Guyana. By the end of the trip, Ryan was dead-- the first and only congressman to be assassinated in office-- along with three journalists and one cult defector. Speier and nine others had been shot and left for dead at a remote airstrip; they waited 22 hours for help to arrive.

Yes, she does have a solid history of bravery, courage, and public service. Watch this for context as to what Howie was talking about-- a House hearing:



CNN Blackout On House Democrat Under FBI Investigation "IndyWatch Feed"

He allegedly bribed an opponent to drop out of the race. Via Daily Caller: It has been 24 hours since news broke that Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Bob Brady is under FBI investigation for allegedly paying his primary opponent to drop out of the race, but CNN has published zero articles and devoted zero airtime to []


Two More Women Accuse Al Franken of Sexual Harassment One Female Was Groped at an Event Honoring Women! "IndyWatch Feed"

Two more women came forward Wednesday accusing creepy Democrat Al Franken of sexual harassment.

Todays victims brings the total count to FOUR.

Al Franken is so brazen that he grabbed a womans butt at an event honoring women, complete with a feminist choir.

Huffington Post reported:

The first woman, who spoke to HuffPost on condition of anonymity because shes worried shell be harassed online for making the allegation, said Franken groped her when they posed for a photo after a June 25, 2007, event hosted by the Minnesota Womens Political Caucus in Minneapolis.

The second woman told HuffPost that Franken cupped her butt with his hand at a 2008 Democratic fundraiser in Minneapolis, then suggested the two visit the bathroom together. She spoke on condition of anonymity out of fear that the allegation could affect her position at work.

My immediate reaction was disgust, the second woman said. But my secondary reaction was disappointment. I was excited to be there and to meet him. And so to have that happen really deflated me. It felt like: Is this really the person who is going to be in a position of power to represent our community?

One of the victims said shes a liberal and even voted for Franken after he sexually assaulted her.


The first woman wanted to tell her story because Franken is a serial groper, she said.



BREAKING: Two More Women Accuse Sen. Al Franken Of Inappropriate Touching "IndyWatch Feed"

And lo and behold, he doesnt remember those incidents either, like the other two. So will Democrats continue to excuse him? Via HuffPo: Two more women have told HuffPost that Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) touched their butts in separate incidents. These are the third and fourth such allegations against Franken in the past week. Leeann []


Donna Brazile Predicts 25 People Running For Democrat President Nomination in 2020 "IndyWatch Feed"

I somewhat agree with Mrs. Brazile, but I doubt shell ever be honest with the reason. Anyone who has watched the ongoing internal battle within the larger Democrat party will note the institutional apparatus is about to make a major Continue reading


Republican Rep. Joe Barton Apologizes, After Someone Else Posts Nude Photo Of Him Online "IndyWatch Feed"

Not his fault. He sent the pic over his phone to a girlfriend. He wasnt married at the time and it was a consensual relationship. He didnt put it online, she apparently did. So while its not a smart idea to ever send nude pic, it wasnt his fault, hes actually the victim in this []


Ultra-Liberal Senate Candidate Doug Jones Attacks President Trump after his Support for Roy Moore (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

On Tuesday President Donald Trump defended Judge Roy Moore by going after his liberal opponent Doug Jones.
President Trump told reporters outside the White House:

I can tell you one thing for sure we dont need a liberal person in there, a Democrat, Jones.

On Wednesday Democrat Doug Jones took a swipe at Republican President Trump.
Doug Jones told reporters:

I feel like my record speaks for itself. And I dont have to have the president or anyone else to talk about it or try to label it.

Doug Jones is right. His far left record does speak for itself.

Jones is for partial birth abortion at nine-months, he is open borders, will vote against a wall, hes anti-gun and a big government liberal.

Here is Doug Jones admitting on MSNBC that he supports partial birth abortion of a baby at nine months the day before birth.
Think of that!

The post Ultra-Liberal Senate Candidate Doug Jones Attacks President Trump after his Support for Roy Moore (Video) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


John McCains wandering orthopedic boot "IndyWatch Feed"

Remember this pic of Sen. John McCain on November 6, 2017, wearing an orthopedic or walking boot on his right foot? We are told he needed the boot because of a minor tear in his right Achilles tendon. Coincidentally, Hillary Continue reading


Another Accuser Comes Forward: Says Conyers Asked To See Her In His Underwear "IndyWatch Feed"

52 years in Congress and he used taxpayer money to pay off another accuser. Via The Hill: A high-profile ethics lawyer based in Washington, D.C., says Rep. John Conyers Jr. summoned her to his office where the Michigan Democrat was in his underwear during her time as minority counsel for the House Judiciary Committee. Melanie []


Never Trump Hack Bill Kristol Admits to His Inner Socialist Gets Destroyed on Twitter "IndyWatch Feed"

Never Trump hack Bill Kristol finally admitted publicly what we knew to be true all along-hes a liberal.

Full stop.

The Never Trump freak show tweeted, The GOP tax bills bringing out my inner socialist. The sex scandals are bringing out my inner feminist. Donald Trump and Roy Moore are bringing out my inner liberal. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Bill Kristol was applauded by liberals and slammed by Trump supporters.



GQ Wants You To Ruin Your Trump-Supporting Familys Thanksgiving And Has Advice How To Do It "IndyWatch Feed"

Happy Liberal Thanksgiving! And thats GQs picture by the way, with knives all pointed at Trump. Via The Blaze: If you believe GQ magazine, you should probably ruin your Trump-supporting familys Thanksgiving holiday. Just because. In an article posted Wednesday, the long-running mens magazine tossed out several ways for you to sabotage your familys holiday []


Doug Jones Defended Man With Ties To KKK, Holocaust Deniers "IndyWatch Feed"

Would this stop liberals from pushing him? No. Because its always and only about ideology. Via Daily Caller: Doug Jones, the Democratic nominee in the Alabama Senate race, once defended a man who has ties to the Ku Klux Klan and Holocaust deniers. Jones has largely built his campaign on his stint as a U.S. []


Search For Missing Argentine Submariners Enters Critical Phase "IndyWatch Feed"

According to officials who are familiar with the characteristics of the missing submarine, if submerged, there is approximately a seven day supply of oxygen.  The vessel has been missing since November 15th.  President Trump tweeted about it today: MAR DEL Continue reading


Conyers Hometown Paper, Detroit Free Press: He Must Go, Behavior Can Never Be Tolerated "IndyWatch Feed"

Hes also 88 years old, is barely coherent and has been in Congress for 52 years, since 1965. Via Free Beacon: Democratic Rep. John Conyers (Mich.) hometown newspaper, the Detroit Free Press, called on him to resign on Tuesday night following allegations that he sexually harassed female staffers and reports that he quietly settled one []


NFL Considers Blocking Anthem Protests. Heres What They Might Do "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Daily Caller: It has not been a good season for NFL kneelers and National Anthem protesters. Fans have reacted with literal fire and fury as the anthem protests have swept across the NFL. People are tuning out in record numbers while attendance at games has dropped to its lowest level in decades. The league []

Wednesday, 22 November


Congress Panics Over Sexual Harassment Bombshell Everyone is Walking on Eggshells, Asking Whos Next? "IndyWatch Feed"

The D.C. swamp creatures are in full panic mode after sexual harassment bombshells were dropped on Deomocrats Al Franken and John Conyers.

Prominent Democrats are calling for Al Franken to resign after model and radio host Leeann Tweeden came forward accusing the Senator of sexual assault.

It was revealed Monday evening that one Congressman who settled a harassment suit in 2015 was Democrat Rep John Conyers. According to affidavits, Conyers used taxpayer money to fly women into D.C. to meet with him in hotel rooms!

The documents were first provided to BuzzFeed News by Mike Cernovich.

Democrat John Conyers then got slammed by another woman on Tuesday accusing him of sexual harassment.

Al Franken and John Conyers being embroiled in sexual harassment scandals have Congress in panic mode! Whos next?

Twitter was set ablaze last week after the Congressional Office of Compliance released a year-by-year breakdown of harassment settlements and other awards without details.

Americans are mad as hell and wants the names of the sexual predators in Congress to be released.

President Trump also wants the names of Congressmen who have settled sexual harassment cases to be released to the public.

Congress should fear the American people. It is only when the government fears the public that we have true freedom.

Senate staffers spoke to the Daily Caller on the condition of anonymity and said things have gone dark and people are walking on eggshells wondering whos next.

According to current Senate staffers, the governing body is becoming increasingly desperate to train their offices in sexual harassment policy light of the compounding allegations against one of its most high-profile members: Sen. Franken.

An email or two was circulated after the sexual harassment allegations in the House, a Senate staffer tells The Daily Caller. But they have sent numerous ones since Franken. At least three. Theyr...


VICE Magazine Calls Out Mike Pence For The Length Of His Rabbits Nails "IndyWatch Feed"

Desperate for clicks. Which is why I screenshotted this, not linked to it. Dont bother even going there. These people are idiots.


Sexual Allegations Against Jordan Chariton And The Need For Due Process "IndyWatch Feed"

Young Turks reporter Jordan Chariton was accused of rape and sexual assault by several former employees of his media company, Truth Against the Machine, and Facebook chat messages provided to Shadowproof show former employees plotting to have him fired. They discuss ending his career. But does this mean Chariton was the target of some conspiracy?

The allegations revolve around an event that occurred in a hotel room in Flint, Michigan, in May. Carly Hammond, the accuser, informed Shadowproof she is considering pressing charges. Chariton plans to sue the Young Turks and the Intercept for false sexual misconduct allegations.

It is difficult to prove with the screen shots from the Facebook chat that Chariton was the victim of some vendetta, as he publicly claimed. Perhaps, it was distasteful or foolish for Christian Chiakulas, the journalist who broke the story on the allegations, to celebrate. Ok were bringing this motherfucker down, he declared.

We dont want to just do damage, we want to finish it, Chiakulas wrote. In response, Hammond replied, If Jordan gets fired from [the Young Turks] then its all over. Even [Young Turks host] Jimmy Dore would be an idiot to stick with him if the allegations were strong enough.

At one point in the chat, Hammond suggested, You know why people believe shit about [Harvey] Weinstein? Cause 55,000 people accused him and came out about it, and added, We have to have at least 5 people. Chiakulas replied, With [George] Takei it only took 1.

But it is also possible the accuser, a former Truth Against the Machine (TATM) employee, was uncertain her story would be believed if she was the only person alleging misconduct.

We know that Jordan is a public figure with a large following of ardent supporters, Hammond said in a statement provided to Shadowproof. Not having a game plan to address how to get the stories out there would have been stupid.

Chiakulas told Shadowproof, During the course of our group chat, tensions ran very high, especially for the people who had been closest with Chariton. Throughout it all, I tried to keep the group focused and keep the story Carly wanted to tell succinct. This chat was not begun with any organized motive or goal in mind, but certain goals did organically develop as we spoke with each other.

He suggested Chariton is taking certain things said out of context to allege a conspiracy, which is nonsense.

A group of people, many of whom have never met, bouncing ideas off of each other and venting their frustrations does not equal conspiracy, Chiakulas said.

Is it possible Hammond, who is married, made a bad choice that she later regretted? She celebrated a news story in the hotel room and drank beer and had sex with multi...


Newsweek Worries: What Happens When We Run Out Of Water? "IndyWatch Feed"

DONT LIVE IN A DESERT THEN! Via Newsweek: Summer is always scorching in Amman, Jordan, but last July was particularly brutal for Tarek el-Qaisi, a mechanic who lives with his family in the eastern part of the city. A gang of thieves tapped into the power lines across from his home, and the electricity provider []


How Bad You Think It's Going To Hurt Republicans Who Voted To Raise Taxes On Their Constituents? "IndyWatch Feed"

I often mention how hard it is for the House Democrats to effectively message a progressive agenda because so manyDemocrats in Congress do not adhere to progressive policies. And when the GOP passes most of their toxic agenda, Ryan and McCarthy have rounded up a few putative Democrats from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party-- basically Blue Dogs and New Dems and their fellow travelers-- Raul Ruiz (Palm Springs), Al Lawson (Tallahassee), Tom Suozzi (Long Island), Jack Rosen (Vegas suburbs), Tim Walz (Rochester, MN), Julia Brownley (Ventura Co.) and Donald Norcross (Camden)-- the House Democrats find it difficult to attack them effectively because it would be condemning so many of their own members.

Now the Republicans are experiencing something similar. Remember how 13 House Republicans decided to stand up for their constituents last week and voted against the Ryan Tax Scam? Ryan's bill drastically raises annual taxes on middle class voters, particularly in California, New York and New Jersey, causing usual rubber stamp Republicans like Darrell Issa (CA), Dana Rohrabacher (CA), Tom McClintock (CA), Elise Stefanik (NY), Peter King (NY), Lee Zelden (NY), John Faso (NY), Dan Donovan (NY), Frank LoBiondo (NJ), Chris Smith (NJ), Leonard Lance (NJ) and even Appropriations Committee chair Rodney Freylinghuysen (NJ) to vote NO.

The Democrats are going after Republicans in California, New York and New Jersey who voted YES, since constituents of Members like, for example, Mimi Walters (Orange County), Ed Royce (Orange County), David Valadao (Central Valley), Jeff Denham (Modesto), Devin Nunes (Fresno), Tom MacArthur (Toms River), Claudia Tenney (Binghampton), Tom Reed (Jamestown) and John Katko (Syracuse) will be paying thousands of dollars more in taxes per year, in some cases over $20,000 more annually.



As Democrats Continue Their Push for Socialist State Video Emerges of North Korean Soldier Shot 5 Times As He Tries to Flee Regime "IndyWatch Feed"

As Democrats continue to push for a Socialist State they tend to ignore little details like this

A 24-year-old North Korean soldier was filmed fleeing the regime across the demilitarized zone.

North Korean soldiers shot several rounds at the young soldier and hit him five times.

The young man was rescued by South Korean soldiers and is being treated for his injuries. The South Koreans also said the soldiers body was suffering from parasites another issue with Socialism.

Dan Bongino calls this concrete evidence of the failure of our education system.

The post As Democrats Continue Their Push for Socialist State Video Emerges of North Korean Soldier Shot 5 Times As He Tries to Flee Regime appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Piers Morgan: For Gods Sake, Let Boys Be Boys And Girls Be Girls "IndyWatch Feed"

Piers Morgan tries a third time to appeal to American Conservatives. Dont be fooled, he still wants to confiscate guns and institute Obamacare. But he does have the gender nonsense right. Via Daily Mail: Im a man. There, Ive said it. At the risk of offending the worlds increasing army of hypersensitive PC-crazed snowflakes, I []


Delusional Hillary Relentlessly Mocked After Claiming No Dem 2020 Candidate Has Asked Her For Advice "IndyWatch Feed"

Hillary Clinton just wont go away!

Ol Crooked is so delusional that she actually thinks the 2020 Dem presidential hopeful can benefit from her advicesince she lost two election bids. Hillarys recent loss is even more pathetic given that she cheated and lied the entire time and failed to visit blue states she lost to Donald Trump.

Even the illegal alien vote couldnt save Hillary! Hah!

Hillary Clinton joined radio host Hugh Hewitt for a radio interview Wednesday to talk about her memoir What Happened.

The entire interview was laced with lies from Crooked Hillary (shocker) as she tries to stay relevant in the political sphere.

Hugh Hewitt asked Crooked Hillary how many 2020 candidates have approached heryou know since she has a stellar record on winning presidential elections

Then Im going to ask you about David Plouffe coming to see you three years before the election saying you were too late. How many 2020 candidates have been asking you for help already? And are they, its about that time. Theyve got to get going, isnt it?

Who has, has anyone been to see you, yet? I think Kamala Harris may have been to see you. Anyone else?

Hillary responded by saying:

 Nobodys actually been to see me. I see Democrats all the time, and nobody has said Hey, Im going to run, or Im thinking about running, give me advice now, because it is too soon. And there may be some private planning going on by some people. I wouldnt know who. I wouldnt hazard a guess. But in terms of actually seeking out advice, people have said hey, I want to come talk to you. But I havent had those conversations, in large measure, because Ive said Im going to focus next year on 2018, and then you know, Ill be happy to talk.

Our favorite patriotic actor James Woods came out swinging and absolutely slammed Crooked Hillary in a viral tweet saying, Maybe because her strategy of owning the media, getting millions of illegal votes, spending over a billion dollars in campaign funds, rigging the primary, and running against the easiest opponent in history didnt work?


Schumer: Bring A Chart To Thanksgiving To Talk About The GOP Tax Plan "IndyWatch Feed"

People who talk politics on Thanksgiving are cancer. Via Washington Examiner: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told his Twitter followers Tuesday to prepare for tax politics at the Thanksgiving dinner table, and then he took a shot at Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. The New York Democrat instructed his followers to bring a chart from a []


John McCains Walking Boot Swaps Sides Two Weeks After Treatment For Torn Achilles Tendon (PHOTO) "IndyWatch Feed"

On November 6th, POLITICO reported Senator John McCain received treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center after injuring his Achilles tendon.

Senator McCain was treated at Walter Reed Medical Center over the weekend for a minor tear in his right Achilles tendon, as well as for other normal and non-life-threatening side effects of cancer therapy. Senator McCain has returned to work in the Senate and will be wearing a walking boot until his injured tendon is fully healed, the Senators office said in a statement.

I cant tell you how much I hate wearing this boot!, tweeted McCain showing off his boot on right foot.

On Wednesday, McCain tweet a photo of himself with his wife Cindy, saying Mother, father & puppy of the bride in beautiful Cornville  yesterday!

Zerohedge contributor ZeroPointNow point out something peculiar about McCai...


GOP Lawmaker Also Sent Masturbation Clip to Girlfriend Its Making the Rounds on Internet "IndyWatch Feed"

Texas Republican Joe Barton sent masturbation video to his girlfriend.
The video is now making the rounds on the internet.

We have seen it but cannot post it for obvious reasons.

This screengrab was taken from the masturbation video.

Cristina posted the photos that were published in a tweet and on TMZ today.
Joe Barton said he sent the video when he was single after a divorce.

The comments from our previous post are brutal.

Via Joanie:

What is it with these men and a smartphone? Maybe nutty women do it also but seems we are only hearing about sex-crazed guys. Why do they think sharing a picture of their genitals would be a turn on to a woman?

Via Old Texian:

What is it with taking junk pics. Thats frickin evidence!!
Republican or not. Sending that crap to any woman will come back to haunt you fools.
You have no place in creating policy or laws for this nation.

Via Dio Heerai:

JUST GO.we want to hear nothing elseAnyone this STUPID is a threat to our national security in the highest lawmaking body in the country

We agree.
Any lawmaker this careless and irresponsible and out of touch with reality needs to just go away.
Hopefully, Joe Barton will clear out his desk this weekend and take a nice long and quiet retirement.

The post GOP Lawmaker Also Sent Masturbation Clip to Girlfriend Its Making the Rounds on Internet appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Long Conversation President Trump Talks To Russian President Putin "IndyWatch Feed"

Yesterday while exiting the White House, President Trump told reporters he had just finished a 90 minute phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin: We had a great call with President Putin. Were talking about peace in Syria very Continue reading


Fusion GPS Founder Bizarrely Claims Russian Spies Have Infiltrated The NRA "IndyWatch Feed"

In his interview with House investigators, Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson claimed Russian spies have infiltrated the National Rifle Association. Simpson did not elaborate on his bizarre claim, nor did members of the House Permanent Select Committee press the Fusion GPS founder for additional details. 

Daily Caller reports:

Glenn Simpson, a founding partner of Fusion GPS, casually suggested in an interview with the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that the gun rights group had been breached, a source familiar with the matter told The Daily Caller.


TheDCs source said that Simpson suggested the NRA-Russia connection in response to a line of questions from committee Democrats who asked whether any conservative groups have been infiltrated by Kremlin agents.


News articles attempting to link Russians to the NRA have appeared with increased frequency over the past year. The articles have keyed in on Aleksander Torshin and Maria Butina, two Russian nationals who have developed a close relationship to the pro-Second Amendment group.

The pair are lifetime members of the NRA and frequently attend the groups events. In 2011, Butina founded a Russian gun rights group called The Right to Bear Arms. Some NRA officials have visited Russia to attend that groups functions.

News of the claim comes amid reports that Fusion GPSs bank records show Russia-related payments made by the firm behind the infamous Trump dossier. The document shows that the committee sought records related to five Fusion payments to research and Russia expert [name redacted], and production of three additional payments, writes the Daily Callers Chuck Ross.

The records raise new questions as to who is the mysterious Russia expert, that Fusion GPS made various payments to. At the very least, the involvement of the expert, with the firm demonstrates more cooperation between the Clinton-linked group and Russia.

The post Fusion GPS Founder Bizarrely Claims Russian Spies Have Infiltrated The NRA appeared first on...


MSNBC Host Says Assault on Rand Paul is One of Her Favorite Stories "IndyWatch Feed"

With this caveat, of course its not a good thing when a brutal assault breaks a senators ribs. HT: NTK


Baltimore Police Throw Constitution Out the Window "IndyWatch Feed"

Baltimore Police Throw Constitution Out the Window

glen Thu, 11/23/2017 - 01:44

by Glen Ford

Even when police are in hot pursuit of a criminal suspect, they cannot treat a whole neighborhood like criminals.

The Baltimore police department seems to have learned nothing from the civil disturbances that rocked the city after Freddie Gray died in police custody back in 2015. Six cops got off scot-free for killing Gray -- which seems to have led the police to conclude that they can treat the Black community as a Constitution-Free Zone, where anything the cops do is legal.

Baltimore is 63 percent Black. Its elected officials are mostly Black, and its police force is majority Black and Hispanic. So, what were seeing in Baltimore is how a plantation operates when the white folks leave the Black overseers in charge. What we find is, the Black Misleadership Class and the Black police are nothing more than servants of white supremacy, and have no respect for the rights of Black citizens.

Last week, a Black police detective was shot to death in the Harlem Park section of west Baltimore. The police declared the entire neighborhood a crime scene and locked down every street and sidewalk for blocks around. Residents were patted down, coming and going into the neighborhood, and required to show little pieces of paper from police vouching that they were residents. If you couldnt show you lived in Harlem Park, you couldnt get in, even to visit relatives. Checkpoints were everywhere, and residents were questioned, over and over again, about the identity of the shooter. All this is blatantly unconstitutional which means, its a massive police crime against the people. As the local American Civil Liberties Union said, even when police are...


Islamic Radicals Call For Jihad At Conference Near Washington, DC "IndyWatch Feed"

Nothing to see here folks. Via Newsweek: Groups of Sunni Muslim extremists gathered in a Holiday Inn in northern Virginia over the weekend and called for followers to wage jihador holy waragainst infidels. The radical extremists didnt call for violence against Jews or Christians, but instead used the so-called Final Prophet Conference to rage against []


Gen. Ratko Mladic Was Convicted of Siege Warfare in Bosnia. Will the U.S.-Backed Siege in Yemen Face Justice? "IndyWatch Feed"

Ratko Mladic appears at the International Criminal Tribunal in 2011 in The Hague, Netherlands.


Hillary Clinton Now Blaming Obama Legacy For Election Loss "IndyWatch Feed"

Living in a land of denial. Via Daily Caller: Hillary Clinton is now pointing her finger at the eight years of former President Barack Obama as a reason she couldnt campaign on an agenda of change and conceivably win the 2016 election. Obama actively campaigned for his former secretary of state throughout the election campaign. []


Stupid Texas Lawmaker Joe Barton in Hot Water After Sexting Women Graphic Nude Photos/Videos "IndyWatch Feed"

Texas Congressman Joe Barton is on hot water after sexting women very graphic nude photos and videos of himself.

Barton apologized for letting his constituents down adding he was separated from his wife at the time and had consensual relationships with adult women.

One censored screenshot of Barton was circulated on Twitter (below)

Another sext from Barton was also posted to Twitter which reads,  I want u soo bad. Right now. (screenshot below)

TMZ reported:

Barton now says, While separated from my second wife, prior to the divorce, I had sexual relationships with other mature adult women. Each was consensual. Those relationships have ended.

He adds, I am sorry I did not use better judgment during those days. I am sorry that I let my constituents down.

The Gateway Pundit was sent a very graphic video of Congressman Barton, however; we decided the footage was too offensive to post.

Joe Barton is a Republican and has served in the House for 32 years.


Dem Lawmaker Calls on Rep. John Conyers to Step Down From Committee Post (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Democratic lawmaker and Black Caucus member Gregory Meeks called on John Conyers to step down as ranking Democrat of House Judiciary Committee.

Notice: Meeks didnt call on Conyers to resign (after all he is not a Republican) He only called on him to step down as minority leader of Judiciary committee.

Mediaite reported:

Congressman Gregory Meeks is calling on colleague John Conyers to step down from his post as ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee.

With reports in the past few days about allegations of sexual harassment leveled against the Democrat, Conyers is now the subject of a House Ethics Committee investigation.

On CNN Wednesday morning, Meeks said that no one is exempt from bad behavior.

I really think that probably the appropriate thing right now, he continued, is that he should step down as the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee and be subject to this ethics investigation.

This is rich coming from Rep. Meeks who has had his own issues with the law.

In 2010 a federal grand jury issued a subpoena to Democrat Gregory Meeks for a shady house deal. Rep Meeks (D-NY) is also being investigated for his involvement with a charity that raised money for Hurricane Katrina victims who never received a dime.

The post Dem Lawmaker Calls on Rep. John Conyers to Step Down From Committee Post (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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