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Monday, 18 September


Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): Who Is Jim Bridenstine? "IndyWatch Feed"

James Frederick Bridenstine, a three-term Republican congressman from Oklahoma, was announced September 1, 2017, as President Donald Trumps nominee to lead the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Bridenstine is a strong supporter of private sector involvement in space exploration and weather and communications satellites. Although Bridenstine has a sincere interest in space in general and NASA in particular, his extreme right-wing views, including climate change denial, have drawn criticism from scientists and even politicians from his own party.


Bridenstine was born June 15, 1975, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He spent his formative years in Arlington, Texas, and then, while in high school, moved with his parents to the Tulsa area. He graduated from Jenks High School after being named swimmer of the year. He went to Rice University on an athletic scholarship, and an extra year in school because of an injury allowed him to triple major in economics, psychology and business. He graduated in 1998.


Bridenstine joined the Navy after college and trained as an aviator. He initially flew EC-2 Hawkeye early warning and control planes over Iraq and Afghanistan and then transitioned to the Navys top-line fighter, the F/A-18. Bridenstine was assigned to fly a profile as an enemy pilot as Navy pilots went through training. He left active duty in 2007, but continued in the reserves, leaving in 2012 as a lieutenant commander.


In 2007, Bridenstine joined defense contractor Wyle Laboratories as a subject matter expert in the E2-D. He also became involved in a speculative Rocket Racing League. The idea was to race rocket planes in a setup patterned after the NASCAR stock car racing circuit. One demonstration run was made in 2010, but nothing else came of the league.


Bridenstine was named executive director of the Tulsa Air and Space Museum in 2008. Under his leadership, the museum ran a deficit while Bridenstine made an unsuccessful long-shot bid to bring a retired space shuttle orbiter to Tulsa. He left the museum in 2010, supposedly on good terms, but when Bridenstine began his bid for a congressional seat, one of the museums board members, Jim Bertelsmeyer, said: The best day for the museum was the day that Jim Bridenstine left. While I respect Jims service to our country as an aviator, I cant imagine how he is qualified to run a congressional district if, in my judgment, he cant effectively manage our air and space museum.


While at the museum, Bridenstine began work on his MBA at Cornell University, which he ea...


Students at Liberal Webster Groves High School Walk Out to Hold Moment of Silence for Dead Heroin Dealer (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

This is the crap they are teaching in local schools.

Students at liberal Webster Groves High School walked out today to protest the Jason Stockley decision.


The protesters were carrying signs about brutal cops.

Former St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley was acquitted in the shooting death of heroin dealer Anthony Lamar Smith on Friday. Smith rammed Stockleys police car with his vehicle, sped down the highway and then was shot in a confrontation with the police.

KSDK reporter Abby Llorico was there.


Terrific! St. Louis Police Chant Whose Streets? Our Streets! After Arresting Protesters "IndyWatch Feed"

How great is this? Via Daily Caller: A group of riot police reportedly chanted Whose streets? Our streets! Sunday night after arresting more than 80 violent rioters protesting the acquittal of an officer who shot a black man in 2011. A large group of rioters stayed after a dispersal order on the third day of []


Medicare-For-All: Open Rebellion, Paid Politicians & Net Family Savings "IndyWatch Feed"

Bernie Sanders in March 2016 explains "what we will ask for if we lose." Note the list near the end of the clip. His candidacy and policy proposals count as an act of "open rebellion" as defined below.

by Gaius Publius

The Medicare-for-All debate is heating up. Bernie Sanders has introduced a bill in the Senate that's gathering co-sponsorship though noticeably not leadership support and John Conyers has a similar, but not identical, bill in the House. Conyers bill has also drawn no leadership support; it has, in fact, drawn leadership opposition.

Still, these bills, riding the wave of great poplar support for the Medicare-for-All concept, represent both a great next step for progressive office holders and a gauntlet thrown down by Sanders and Conyers in an act of open rebellion against mainstream pro-profit, neoliberal Democratic leadership.

As a way of thinking about this phase of the war against "you can't have that" neoliberal economics, I want to offer three points:

1. This really is an act of open rebellion by office holders who support Sanders' economic policies. The response of Democratic leaders to that rebellion will have consequences.

2. Opposition by Democratic office holders to Medicare-for-All can be predicted by financial support taken from the insurance and pharmaceutical industries. Some of this support works like a bribe, and some works like Thank You money. Either way, there's a real financial benefit to opponents.

3. Most of the cost estimates headlined by the mainstream (i.e., pro-corporate) media exaggerate the cost side and completely ignore the savings to consumers.

If you keep these points in mind as the debate evolves, you'll be well-positioned to understand what ensues.

Closed Rebellion and Open Rebellion

For years, progressive Democratic office holders have opposed the "centrist," pro-corporate policies of Party leadership, but have done so primarily within the context of "not splitting the caucus."

For example, in the Senate session that began in 2013, with Democrats in charge of the Senate, filibuster reform was strongly considered. Among the proposals was "strong reform" supported by a large group of senators led by Jeff Merkley, and "weak reform" or no reform at all supported by a group of the most senior senators in the Party. Harry Reid, then Senate Majority Leader, appeared to have attempted to find a...


Trump Slams UN In First Appearance "IndyWatch Feed"

Via NY Post: President Trump used his inaugural address at the United Nations on Monday to criticize the world body for not living up to its potential because of bureaucracy and urged member nations to reject business as usual and take bold stands. In recent years, the United Nations has not reached its full potential []


No Justice, No Peace: StL Post-Dispatch Reporter Arrested in Sunday #BlackLivesMatter Riots "IndyWatch Feed"

When Liberal Reporters Attack

St. Louis Police arrested 80 protesters on Sunday night in the third day of rioting after the acquittal of police officer Jason Stockley was acquitted in the shooting death of heroin dealer Anthony Lamar Smith, who rammed Stockleys police car with his vehicle.

Also arrested was St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter Mike Faulk.

Faulk about his predicament last night.

FOX 2 Now reported:

A St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter is among the 80 people arrested by St. Louis police late Sunday after protests in the city turned combative.

The newspaper reports on its website that Mike Faulk was covering the protest and its aftermath when he was taken into custody as police cleared a street early Monday. The report doesnt say if Faulk has been charged or released. City police say they will release a statement later.

Sunday marked the third day of protests following the acquittal Friday of a white former police officer in the death of a black suspect.

Faulk was trailing the rioters last night.

The post No Justice, No Peace: StL P...


Pattern Recognition Readout: President Trump Calls President Xi Jinping of China "IndyWatch Feed"

It is important for political travelers deep in the weeds to reference and recognize patterns that encompass significant geopolitical events.  Businessman Donald Trump has, as a natural disposition of his approach, always maintain a specific engagement pattern of respect toward Continue reading


Mapping the Effort to Do Tax Reform "IndyWatch Feed"

Even a good faith bipartisan tax reform effort would run into the problem that federal taxation policy has an impact on state and local tax policy, and making changes in deductions will hurt some states while benefitting others. The home mortgage deduction and the deduction for state and local taxes benefit states with high taxes and high home values. Those tend to be traditionally blue states, especially in the Mid-Atlantic region of the country. Its true that the primary beneficiaries tend to be wealthy. They make enough money to make it worth their while to itemize their tax returns, they own real property, and their state and local taxes are more than a pittance. But not every one who pays a mortgage is a fat cat, obviously, and the SALT deduction makes it less painful for state and local legislators to impose taxes, raise revenue, and provide services that lower income people need.

It can be argued that the Mid-Atlantic states (as well as states like Illinois, California and Texas) get a sweet deal on these deductions, and it effectively amounts to lower-tax, lower property value states subsidizing their taxes. On the merits, it might not be wrong to eliminate or cap the home mortgage and SALT deductions. But, as a political matter, its not something too many New York or Pennsylvania or New Jersey Republicans will vote for. Heres just two examples:

I intend to fight it with everything I know how, said Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-N.J.), who represents a district where 43 percent of tax filers claim SALT deductions and signed a bipartisan letter to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin urging him to preserve the break. Its a big deal for states like ours.

Rep. Peter T. King (R-N.Y.), who represents a middle-class Long Island district, said he could never vote for a tax bill that eliminated the deduction, especially for property taxes.

These people have 60-by-100 [foot] plots, theyre paying about $15,000 a year in property taxes, high state income taxes, not into Wall Street, not into stocks and bonds, he said. It would be devastating. These are Trump voters. They didnt vote for him to take away the deduction on their main asset.

Paul Ryan has discussed some possible ways to lesson the blow, perhaps by doubling the standard deduction, for example, but Im not really concerned about what constitutes fair or sensible tax policy in this piece. Im focused on what is politically possible.

There are a bunch of constraints facing the effort to do tax reform. The Republicans want...


Ratings Tank For Emmys After They Endlessly Bash Trump On Track To Be Least-Watched In Shows History "IndyWatch Feed"

Feel good story of the day. Via The Hill: The 2017 Emmy Awards show hosted by Stephen Colbert on CBS is tracking to be the lowest-rated in the shows televised history, according to preliminary numbers from Nielsen Media Research. The 8.2 overnight rating among metered-market households is down 2 percent from the previous all-time low []


Strict gun control in Chiraq: One person shot every 2 hours and 18 minutes "IndyWatch Feed"

Below are the shooting numbers for this past weekend. Expect the final tally to go up by Monday morning. It always goes up. From MyFoxChicago: Nine people have been shot dead and at least 27 others wounded in Chicago since Continue reading


Actors And Reporters Furious The Emmys Normalized Trump By Inviting Sean Spicer "IndyWatch Feed"

Awww, too bad. Via Free Beacon: Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer made a surprise appearance at the 2017 Emmy Awards and caused reporters to lose it. Emmy host Stephen Colbert introduced Spicer, who entered the stage on a mobile podium similar to the one Melissa McCarthy used on Saturday Night Live to mock []


Hillary Admits Bills Tarmac Meeting With Lorretta Lynch Was Bad Look, Admits Deputy AG Should Have Made Decision Not Comey "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Daily Mail: Hillary Clinton doesnt believe her husbands tarmac meeting with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch ruined public perception of her or cost her the election. The former presidential candidate spoke to PBS while promoting her new book What Happened. She has blamed many factors for why she lost to President Donald Trump, including []


Agent of Change President Trump Remarks to The United Nations Reform Meeting in New York "IndyWatch Feed"

President Donald Trump delivers remarks to participating member nations of the United Nations reform assembly today in New York. President Trump calls for the wholesale reform to the U.N. as a bureaucratic institution, and called upon the diplomatic body to Continue reading


No More Worrying about Immoral Politicians "IndyWatch Feed"

I should be over being surprised or impressed by any more data showing how little most people care about the things they say they care about, but here's a doozy:

In the wake of Trump, the number of white evangelical Protestants saying they don't care about a politician's private morality has gone from 30 percent to 72 percent, which you have to admit is an impressive accomplishment for an orange-haired television personality.

Personally I've never cared much about this sort of thing, but in the 1990s I listened to conservative Christians going on about this forever. Maybe the good news is that I won't have to listen to it as much for a while.


Could a Bernie Bro Be the Next Mayor of Atlanta? "IndyWatch Feed"

Vincent Fort. left, and campaign workers canvass for votes in Atlanta on Sept. 9, 2017.


The U.S. Military Cant Keep Track of Which Missions Its Fueling in Yemen War "IndyWatch Feed"

Yemenis check the site of an air raid that hit a funeral reception in the Arhab district, 25 miles north of the capital Sanaa, on Feb. 16, 2017.


Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump And American Electoral System At Emmys, But Lies In Process "IndyWatch Feed"

"Unlike the presidency, #Emmys go to the winner of the popular vote." Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) September 18, 2017 Except not so much. Emmys are voted on by the Academy members, not the public, not even all actors. Just the select group of Academy members. Either he doesnt even know how theyre selected, which []


Chris Hedges and Eric Foner: Not Just the History That Those in Power Want Us to Remember "IndyWatch Feed"

Dandelion Salad with Chris Hedges RT America on Sept 18, 2017 Eric Foner, historian and author of Battles for Freedom: The Use and Abuse of American History discusses confederate monuments, the role of the historian and the lie of omission with Chris Hedges. from the archives: Pull Down That Statue of the U.S. Constitution by []


St. Louis Police Arrest 80 Protesters After A Night Of Vandalizing, Assaulting The Police "IndyWatch Feed"

Reports of a lot of people being shipped in from out of town too. Via Daily Caller: St. Louis police arrested more than 80 demonstrators that vandalized city businesses and assaulted police officers in a series of protests against a not guilty verdict in a fatal police shooting Sunday night. About 100 demonstrators broke off []


Croatian Language School Uses Beautiful Melania Trump to Recruit Students "IndyWatch Feed"

A language school in Zagrab, Croatia is using First Lady Melania Trump to recruit local students to speak English.

The signs read: Just imagine how far you can go with a little bit of English.

These billboards might be of use in several American sanctuary cities, too!

Global News reported:

How far can you get with a little bit of a foreign language? According to billboards in the Croatian capital of Zagreb, just ask Melania Trump.

A private language school in Zagreb is trying to persuade people to learn English by reminding them of the U.S. first ladys personal experience.

The text reads: Just imagine how far you can go with a little bit of English.

The post Croatian Language School Uses Beautiful Melania Trump to Recruit Students appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Fake Arguments for Killing Iran-Nuke Deal "IndyWatch Feed"

Israel and its American supporters continue to press President Trump to repudiate the nuclear agreement with Iran, often using disingenuous arguments that ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar dissects. By Paul R. Pillar Opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement, known formally


President Trumps Mass Movement "IndyWatch Feed"

President Trump is building a mass movement or a cult of personality based on the alienation that millions of Americans feel toward the economic/political system, as Lawrence Davidson describes. By Lawrence Davidson In the Sept. 10 issue of


EXPOSED: Hillary Clinton Moved 800K From Her Campaign To Help Fund ANTIFA "IndyWatch Feed"

Hillary, who long during the campaign trail condemned dark-money Super-PACs, has funneled over 800K from her Campaign over to one of these very same outfits. It has been revealed that the failed presidential candidates Super-PAC, Onward Together, is heavily backing resistance and Alt-Left extremist groups such as ANTIFA.

In building investigations, Daily Caller first discovered that Hillary transferred a mass sum of money from her campaign over to Onward Together:

Clinton transferred $800,000 from her failed 2016 presidential campaign to Onward Together shortly before announcing the groups launch in May, documents the campaign filed with the FEC reveal.

Now, today, it has been revealed by Offended America exactly where that money is going:

Daily Caller reached out to five different Antifa linked groups, and only one was willing to deny donations from Onward Together. Soros-linked group, Indivisible, denied receiving financial support from Clinton or Onward Together.

Onward Together has not given any financial support to us, Helen Kalla, an Indivisible spokesperson, wrote to Daily Caller.

Kalla added that Clintons group has been amplifying and highlighting our work through their digital networks, which she explained has consisted of retweeting [Indivisible], and theyve highlighted our work via their emails to their list too.

According to Federal Election Commission documents, Hillary Clinton transferred $800,000 from her failed political campaign Hillary for America to her new Super-PAC Onward Together, before she announced the existence of the PAC in May, 2017.

Amid other disturbing details, its now been revealed that Onward Together is a 501(c)4 Social Welfare organization, which means that its not required...


How The Military Defeated Trump's Insurgency "IndyWatch Feed"

Trump was seen as a presidential candidate who would possibly move towards a less interventionist foreign policy. That hope is gone. The insurgency that brought Trump to the top was defeated by a counter-insurgency campaign waged by the U.S. military....


Here are the Four US Victims of Acid Attacks in France This Past Weekend "IndyWatch Feed"

You wont be seeing this picture of these bright, beautiful young American students from Boston College in the media this week.
The left wing media knows that the thought of their faces burning from acid would be too much for Americans.

Four Boston College students were sprayed in the face with acid this past weekend outside the Saint-Charles train station in Marseille.

Acid attacks are common in third world Muslim countries but have been rare in the West.

But acid attacks are now more common in European countries thanks to generous open border policies of the far left leaders.

Police said a mentally unstable woman was behind the attack.
CNN reported on the attack.

Four American college students were attacked with acid Sunday at a train station in Marseilles, southern France, a spokeswoman for the Prefecture of Police of Bouches-du-Rhne said.

All four are women in their early 20s. Two of them were taken to a hospital and two were in shock, police said.

Boston College said Sunday the young women were students who were studying abroad.

Three of the students, identified as Courtney Siverling, Charlotte Kaufman and Michelle Krug, are juniors who are studying in Paris, the school said in a statment. The fourth, Kelsey Kosten, also a junior, is studying at the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark.

The students were treated for burns at a hospital in Marseille, the statement said. They have since been released.

The post Here are the Four US Victims of Acid Attacks in France This Past Weekend appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Maxine Waters To AG Sessions: How Does It Feel To Be Dragged & Humiliated Like You Did To Blacks? "IndyWatch Feed"

Nuts. Via The Hill: Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) ripped Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Friday afternoon following reports that he was berated by President Trump in the Oval Office earlier this year. To Jeff Sessions, how does it feel to be dragged & humiliated? Now you know how the African Americans you disrespected feel, Waters []


Emmys Tank in Ratings- Four Hour Trump Bash Was a Dud "IndyWatch Feed"

It was another Hollywood night of Trump bashing.
The Emmys Awards on Sunday night were the most political ever.

The stale anti-Trump jokes fell flat on the American audience.

More Americans watched Sunday night football than the Emmys.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Adjustments could put the total audience ahead of the previous years low, but the 8.2 overnight rating among metered market households is down another 2 percent from the previous year. That means that the final tally for the 2017 Emmys, hosted by Stephen Colbert on CBS, is on track to slip below the 11.3 million viewers (and a mere 2.8 rating among adults 18-49) that tuned in during 2016.

Overnight ratings are naturally below those of NBCs Sunday Night Football, which took a 12.6 overnight rating.

FOX and Friends slammed the leftie awards show on Monday morning.

The post Emmys Tank in Ratings- Four Hour Trump Bash Was a Dud appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Hungary Builds A Wall, Cuts Illegal Immigration By Over 99 Per Cent "IndyWatch Feed"

Walls do work. Via Breitbart: Hungary has slashed illegal immigration by over 99 per cent after rolling out a series of powerful border fences in response to the European migrant crisis, possibly providing a lesson as to the potential impact of constructing President Trumps much-discussed southern wall in the U.S. Speaking on the second anniversary []


Itlia prende refugiados forados a pilotar barcos de contrabandistas "IndyWatch Feed"

This Jan. 14, 2017, photograph shot by The Intercept's reporter shows the scene as close to 250 refugees disembark in the Sicilian port of Augusta, after being rescued by the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms. They were met by members of the Italian local, provincial and national police, officers from Frontex, the European coast guard, as well as representatives from the Red Cross and the International Organization for Migration.


Playing politics in exchange for American lives: California lawmakers approve sanctuary state bill "IndyWatch Feed"

The death of Kate Steinle meant nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, to demorats in California. I cannot express here, within our guidelines, how outraged I am with the so-called lawmakers of that state.  From Fox News: Lawmakers in California on Saturday passed Continue reading


Protest Song Of The Week: Wont Let It Go By La Neve "IndyWatch Feed"

Joey La Neve DeFrancesco is a guitarist for Downtown Boys, the Providence group whose recent full-length Cost Of Living received widespread critical acclaim. The group was called the most exciting punk band in America and described as rewriting the rules of punk rock.

Under the radar, earlier this year, DeFrancesco released a debut record under the solo moniker La Neve. Its titled American Sounds, and was released on a small run of cassettes via Don Giovanni Records.

On Bandcamp, La Neve described the collection of electro-pop as all aimed at destroying the right wing power structure that has always run the USA and has come to pose a more intense threat than ever in 2017.

DeFrancescoas La Neveembraces dance beats, electronic collages, deadpan melodies, and multimedia performance while interrogating the past, the present, and the future. Songs like the soaring 8 to 8 draw from the labor movement politics that infiltrate all of DeFrancescos work. (*Note: Prior to playing in Downtown Boys, DeFrancesco worked at a hotel, eventually famously quitting with the help of a marching band, a video of which later went viral.)

In the cinematic American Sounds video, La Neve wears a black mini-skirt, riding an escalator in a shopping mall. The video was filmed in a Pennsylvania mall in the middle of Donald Trump Country.

DeFrancesco browses the sequined dresses at Bloomingdales and wanders through the American Girl doll store, as young girls play with doll wigs.

The whole point of shooting this video was to go and loudly claim the right to take up space in these conservative, suburban spaces at a time when Trumps America is trying to make queer, trans, and gender non-binary people as invisible and as threatened as possible, they said, of the video.

Perhaps, the most anthemic song of all is Wont Let It Go, an upbeat cut of synths and chimes, layered harmonies, and explosive percussion. Its a song about not compromising on your values (You should know / I wont let that go / Ill never let that go), but it also has a nuanced understanding of the systems people would like to tear down (You wanna stop it? The first thing you gotta learn is how does it speak.)

Wont Let It Go appears on American Sounds, out now on Don Giovanni Records. It was also included on Evergreen: A Benefit Compilation for Hour Children, released in July.

Listen to Wont Let It Go by La Neve:



Professor, Suspended For Tweeting Its A Privilege To Teach Future Dead Cops, Slams Mayor De Blasio "IndyWatch Feed"

He keeps sticking his neck out. Update to this story. Via Daily Mail: A professor with ties to antifa has slammed Bill de Blasio after the New York City mayor blasted his tweets about dead cops. Michael Isaacson, 29, tweeted his disgust with de Blasio on Saturday, a day after the professor ignited a furor []


Hillary Dismisses Tarmac Meeting Between Bill Clinton And Loretta Lynch As Nothing (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest post by Mike LaChance at American Lookout:

In a recent interview on PBS, Judy Woodruff asked Hillary Clinton if the infamous tarmac meeting between her husband and then attorney general Loretta Lynch may have cost her the election.

Hillary waved the controversy off as nothing, proving once again how out of step she is with the American people.

The Blaze has the transcript:
One of Clintons main targets for excusing why she lost the presidential election last November has been Comey. She says the investigation, his letters to Congress less than two weeks before the election, and the scathing rebuke he gave of her on national TV last July contributed to a poor public perception of her, and therefore, her loss.

But is it really Comeys fault? Woodruff wanted to know.

My question is: He was in the role he was in because Loretta Lynch had pulled back and essentially turned over the leading roll in overseeing the FBIs investigation into your emails because of that meeting on the airport tarmac with your husband. To what extent did Loretta Lynch and President Clinton make a costly mistake? Woodruff asked.

Clinton, shaking her head, said:

Judy, I just dont buy that I honestly reject that premise partly because theres a chain-of-command in the Justice Department.

The optics looked bad, I admit that.

What we know happened: The investigation was getting nowhere, there was nothing to find. And [Comey] was in a position of having to accept the evidence that there was no case.

The post Hillary Dismisses Tarmac Meeting Between Bill Clinton And Loretta Lynch As Nothing (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


BUSTED: Claire McCaskill Refuses to Condemn MenendezBut Wanted @JulianAssange Imprisoned "IndyWatch Feed"

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill refuses to condemn fellow Democrat Bob Menendez while his bribery trial is underway but rushed to say Wikileaks founder Julian Assange should be in prison. WikiLeaks began publishing a total over 200,000 State Department cables starting in November 2010. Speaking to Fox News on December 7, 2010, McCaskill didnt hesitate to []

The post BUSTED: Claire McCaskill Refuses to Condemn MenendezBut Wanted @JulianAssange Imprisoned appeared first on GotNews.


Historians Support Tribal Groups Call For Removal Of Veterans Name From Yellowstone Mountain "IndyWatch Feed"

Change all monuments and memorials to numbers to appease the offended. Via Billings Gazette: Two Bozeman historians are supporting tribal groups call for the removal of Gustavus Cheyney Doanes name from a mountain in Yellowstone National Park. On Saturday, representatives of the Blackfoot Confederacy and Great Sioux Nation will gather at Yellowstones iconic Roosevelt Arch []


Twitter Rival GAB Served Notice its Registrar Will Seize its Domain if Not Changed Due to GAB Promoting Free Speech "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Twitter rival GAB was served notice by its domain registrar that it has 5 days to transfer its domain or they will seize it.

At the same time GAB is suing Google for anti trust violations.

According to David Z. Morris at Fortune magazine, GAB supports Milo Yiannopoulous whom Morris slanders by calling him a white supremacist who was banned from Google for his racially offensive harassment of a black actress 

Gab, a social media platform that touts its openness to any and all forms of speech, has sued Google for refusing to list the Gab Android App on the Google Play store. Gab claims, according to Ars Technica, that Google denied its listing to protect a data-sharing agreement with Twitter, potentially violating antitrust rules. But the stakes here may be more about perception than the law.

Twitter used to think of itself as the free speech wing of the free speech party. But the internet obviously took that as a challenge, breeding dozens of professional trolls like Milo Yiannopoulous, who was banned from Twitter after organizing a racially offensive harassment campaign against actor Leslie Jones.

Yiannopoulos, along with many white supremacists and other prominent figures of the so-called alt-right, have since migrated to Gab as their primary public platform. Antitrust lawyer Mark Patterson told Ars Technica that if Google could show that they chose not to all...


No One In History Has Ever Presided Over A Swamp Like Trump's Swamp-- The Swampiest Swamp That Will Forever Define Swamps "IndyWatch Feed"

Yesterday, during the tweet storm that is her life, Ann Coulter reminded the lunatics who follow her online that "The 1 fact (before DACA betrayal) that made die-hard Trump voters hate him: White House full of Goldman Sachs bankers," pointing to the must read essay by Gary Rivlin and Michael Hudson, Government By Goldman. She must really hate Trump by throwing this piece of red meat out to the fan boys she and Trump share. "Gary Cohn is giving Golman Sachs everything it ever wanted for the Trump Administration" is the best description of how Trump has dealt with his draining the swamp campaign promise.

It was Kushner-in-law who introduced Trumpanzee to Cohn, then still president of Goldman Sachs, at the end of November, an imperious, insecure man, like Trump, who is "at heart a salesman." They wrote how "Goldman Sachs had been a favorite cudgel for candidate Trump-- the symbol of a government that favors Wall Street over its citizenry. Trump proclaimed that Hillary Clinton was in the firms pockets, as was Ted Cruz. It was Goldman Sachs that Trump singled out when he railed against a system rigged in favor of the global elite-- one that 'robbed our working class, stripped our country of wealth, and put money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities....


J Off Like its Your Day Off: A Counter to the NoFap Movement "IndyWatch Feed"

This is a guest post by Kid Strangelove. Kid originally published this article at his own blog, but he deleted the site a while ago so he could focus on other projects. He asked me if Id be willing to re-post some of his articles on my blog and I said yes.

Okay, Im about to confess something a little bit taboo: yesterday, I masturbated. A lot. I didnt have anything particularly outgoing planned for that Sunday: in fact, my day centered around watching my friends compete in the Evolution 2012 fighting game championships in Las Vegas an event I would have attended had my money not been tied up in other, more pressing affairs. Yes, my Sunday was centered around watching a giant video game tournament. Not very alpha, I know.

So yeah, as I said, I jacked off a lot yesterday. And once more this morning for good measure. I practically had to milk myself at the end. Okay that was a bit TMI, so heres a picture to get that image out of your head.


Jackie Chan is holding pandas. Awwwww.

So right now, Im sitting in my office typing out this post, and I feel extraordinarily relaxed and very clear-headed. The girls Ive been talking to and seeing recently all seem to have their role assigned to me pretty clearly. The good-date-turned-bad-date I had last week vanished from my head. I havent even checked my OkCupid account today, which I usually do to a point of statistical obsession. I am completely and utterly...


Black Actor Wins Emmy, Thanks Trump For Making Black People Number One On The Most Oppressed List "IndyWatch Feed"

Hes so opposed he won an Emmy. Donald Glover: "I want to thank Trump for making black people number one on the most oppressed list." (via Variety) Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) September 18, 2017


Maxine Waters Suggests President Trump Is Cheating On Wife "IndyWatch Feed"

ber classy! Via NTK: Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been calling for President Trumps impeachment since his inauguration, based on unproven allegations. On Friday, though, Waters made one of her strangest claims yet against Trump. Democrats cant trust Trump, Republicans cant trust Trump, and Melania cant trust Trump, Waters tweeted out, suggesting that Trump is []



This showed up at the Daily Caller last night:

Tucker: Trump Thinks TV More Accurately Reveals The Publics Beliefs Than Polls Do

Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson says President Trump told him that television programming is a more accurate reflection of the publics beliefs than polling is.

I know that he watches a lot of television. I know because Ive talked to him about it at length, that hes really interested in television, both the mechanics of it he knows a lot about ratings and lighting, and producing and guest booking, Carlson said on The Jamie Weinstein Show.

... Carlson told Weinstein that Trump believes that television is a pretty clear window into what people care about.

He believes that television producers, especially of highly rated shows, understand what the public is interested in what it fears, what it wants, what it loves. And so TV programming in some ways is a more accurate reflection of the public mood than polling, Carlson said. Thats his view, he said it to me. And thats one of the reasons he watches a lot of television. Whether thats true or not is an entirely debatable point, but he believes if you want to know where the country is, watch TV.
Oh, okay -- Trump isn't just an old man addicted to his TV remote. He's doing research! As president of the United States, he's staying in touch with the pulse of the people by ... um, watching TV along with them. And not top-rated sports and entertainment programs, but, y'know, Morning Joe, which ordinary people don't watch. He's doing this to become better informed about regular Americans, the same way guys used to say they read Playboy to become better informed about politics and jazz.

Are we going to start hearing this on a regular basis? That Trump's TV addiction is really a populist's attempt to stay populist, and a media professional's attempt to stay on top of trends in his old field? Is this going to be like all the talk we heard during past Republican presidencies about how Reagan and George W. Bush weren't stupid at all, as snooty elitists insisted, but in fact had a unique, intuitive populist genius developed through non-elite means?

It would also seem that Trump's interest in "highly rated shows" is a tad selective. Saturday Night Live and Stephen Colbert got big ratings boosts when they began attacking Trump. American Horror Story...


In a Cool September "IndyWatch Feed"

We had only one hot week in August, and since then four straight weeks of cool, cloudy weather when the temperature has rarely gone above 82 (28 C). This has been hard on the butterflies but the late summer flowers are thriving like I have never seen before.



Attention Secret Service: CNN host Anthony Bourdain says he would give Trump poison if given the chance "IndyWatch Feed"

From NY Post: Anthony Bourdain, host of Parts Unknown on CNN, said last week that he would poison Donald Trump if the celebrity chef was asked to cater a peace summit between the President and Kim Jong Un.Hemlock, Bourdain simply Continue reading


Bill OReilly and Ann Coulter Discuss Building a Wall and Stopping Obamas DACA Amnesty "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest post by Joe Hoft

In a 2015 interview with NBCs Chuck Todd, candidate Donald Trump said he would end birthright citizenship and end Obamas DACA amnesty.  His supporters believed him.

Then last week President Trump had a working dinner with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and they have reportedly struck a deal shielding DACA recipients from deportation.

The two leading Democrats left the White House and released the following statement.
No border wall
And amnesty for DREAMERs

That would break two Trump campaign promises right there.

White House officials refuted Pelosi and Schumer.

Then President Trump shared that no deal was made with Pelosi and Schumer but his tweets were confusing.



Sean Spicer Is Honored Because, As Bush Officials Showed, D.C. Elites Always Thrive "IndyWatch Feed"

Sean Spicers playful, glamorous appearance at last nights Emmy Awards and being honored as a visiting fellow at Harvards Kennedy School (the honorific which the CIA vetoed for Chelsea Manning) has prompted a mix of shock and indignation. Former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau wrote: Harvard fellowships, Emmy appearances, huge speaking fees: theres just gonna be no penalty for working in Trumps White House, huh? Slates Jamelle Bouie added: The degree to which Sean Spicer has faced no consequences is a glimpse into the post-Trump future.

There should be nothing whatsoever surprising about any of this, as it is the logical and necessary outcome of the self-serving template of immunity which D.C. elites have erected for themselves. The Bush administration was filled with high-level officials who did not just lie from podiums but did so in service of actual war crimes. They invaded and destroyed a country of 26 million people based on blatant falsehoods and relentless propaganda. They instituted a worldwide torture regime by issuing decrees that purported to re-define what that term meant. They spied on the communications of American citizens without the warrants required by law. They kidnapped innocent people from foreign soil and sent them to be tortured in the dungeons of the worlds worst regimes, and rounded up Muslims on domestic soil with no charges. They imprisoned Muslim journalists for years without a whiff of due process. And they generally embraced and implemented the fundamental tenets of authoritarianism by explicitly positioning the President and his White House as above the law.

Were supposed to all forget about that, or at least agree to minimize it, in service of this revisionist conceit that the United States has long been governed by noble, honorable and decent people until Donald Trump defaced the sanctity of the Oval Office with his band of gauche miscreants and evil clowns. Many of the same people who, just a decade ago, were depicting Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Paul Wolfow...


Sovereign Debt Jubilee, Japanese-Style "IndyWatch Feed"

Japan has found a way to write off nearly half its national debt without creating inflation. We could do that too. Lets face it. There is no way the US government is ever going to pay back a $20 trillion federal debt. The taxpayers will just continue to pay interest on it, year after year. []


Midnight Meme Of The Day "IndyWatch Feed"

-by Noah

In case you've ever wondered why Republicans don't like the idea of people smoking weed or taking hallucinogenics, it may be because they are already so "out there" that they don't see anything to be gained. Case in point: One of the biggest reasons that over 60 million head cases voted for Trump is because they believed that his opponent was running a pedophile ring out of a pizza joint just outside of Washington, DC. One Trump terrorist even went there fully armed, intending to "rectify the situation."

Republicans believe all sorts of things. Just last week, Rush Limbaugh was telling his devoted followers that Hurricane Irma was fake news being pushed by crazy libtards that believed storms were getting bigger and more devastating due to climate change.

Then there's one of Trump's favorite news sources. No, I'm not talking about those kooks on FOX "News." I'm talking about Alex Jones, a major go-to news source for Republicans everywhere. Among the stories that he has broken is the news that the New Town Massacre was a "false flag" operation staged by the government with actors, that it was a hoax, never happened. Republicans often point to lack of coverage of this and similar stories as evidence that the "lamestream media" is not on the up and up. Think about how truly sick you have to be to believe this stuff. Supporting Trump is a manifestation of mass hysteria.

Cruelty is often a thread of the stories that Republicans swear to. Just think how cruel you have to be to go around preaching and repeating these things. Many Republicans are too sociopathic to consider the feelings of the parents...


Even a mask wont hide you from the latest face recognition tech "IndyWatch Feed"

Ditch the hat and scarf its not fooling anyone. Face recognition software can now see through your cunning disguise even you are wearing a mask. Amarjot Singh at the University of Cambridge and his colleagues trained a machine learning algorithm to locate 14 key facial points. These are the points the human brain []


The Shadow Brokers Unveil 2 NSA hacking tools this month "IndyWatch Feed"

The Shadow Brokers is a hacker collective that successfully infiltrated the NSA and took some of its goodies. More powerful tools remain part of the collectives monthly subscription service, which has been operational for nearly three months now. The August software is called United Rake, and it is quite a powerful tool. United Rake is []


Light penalties and lax oversight encourage weak safety culture at nuclear weapons labs "IndyWatch Feed"

The plan on a hot summer day was to liquefy highly flammable lithium at a temperature of more than 750 degrees and then pump it into a special chamber for cooling, as part of a research project at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico. But what happened instead in August 2011 was a near-catastrophe that []


September 18th 2017 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #242 "IndyWatch Feed"

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


Monday September 18th Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


Americas PC Plague Is a Catastrophe "IndyWatch Feed"

Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to Dmitry Kiselyov, Russias #1 news anchor, and simultaneously, the head of one of the biggest government media conglomerates, Rossiya Segodnya, which owns, among other things, RT.

He has been roundly demonized by the western media, and put on the sanctions list, a strong hint that he probably talks a lot of good sense and is worth listening to.

Kiselyov is an excellent wordsmith, and his carefully crafted video essays pack a punch. This time hes found an excellent translator to convey a hint at his style. Some choice chops:

Time to buy old US gold coins

I cant say that we are always happy with our turbulent history, but at least unlike America, Poland or Ukraine, we dont destroy monuments and dont ban films.

Otherwise, we would have to stop showing, for example, And Quiet Flows the Don or Battleship Potemkin, to ban the The White Guard or Lenin in October. Then, we would begin to destroy the monuments.

And then, we would get indignant because Chekhov romanticizes the old landlord life in the play Three Sisters. And then we would ask if we needed Chekhov at all?

And did you know? Pushkin was a landowner himself. He received 200 servants as a wedding gift from his father. Is it possible to give living people as a gift? And hundreds of them at that?

And what should we do with Pushkin now?

For starters, the intellectual fare served to the broad masses in Russia is substantially higher than in the US.

Well worth listening to his take on the PC plague gripping America: (video and full text follows below)

Last week, stunning news came out of America even though to the unobservant eye, what happened could seem trifling at first glance.

At the Orpheum Theater in Memphis, Tennessee, it was officially announced that from now on the movie Gone with the Wind would be banned. Although until now, the same Orpheum Theater in Memphis has traditionally shown Gone with the Wind in August during the Film Classics daysfor 34 years in a row. There wont be a 35th season.

What happened, in my opinion, is a national catastrophe for America.

Ill try to explain why. To assess the scale of the disaster, its worth recalling something that everyone knows. The great movie...

The Google Apocalypse Looms "IndyWatch Feed"

By Dr. Mercola

Ive written about the dangers of monopolies within the drug and agricultural industries on numerous occasions, but Google is perhaps one of the greatest  monopolies that ever existed on the planet. The reason why Ive decided to address Google here is because the technology giant is injecting itself ever deeper into our day-to-day lives, from childhood education to patented meat substitutes1,2 and health care, and with its internet monopoly and personal information tracking and sharing,

Google poses a very unique threat. Anyone concerned about their health and food and their ability to obtain truthful information about both needs to understand the role Google plays, and whose side Google is really on.

Starting with the issue of health care, the company recently partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and is getting deeper into the drug promotion business with its launch of a depression self-assessment quiz.3,4 Just like WebMD before it, this test funnels you toward a drug solution. No matter how you answered WebMDs questions, you were diagnosed as being at risk for major depression and urged to discuss treatment with your doctor.

Time to buy old US gold coins

That test, it turns out, was sponsored by drugmaker Eli Lilly, maker of the antidepressant Cymbalta. Now, any time you use the search term clinical depression in the Google mobile search engine, you will find a link to a page to check if youre clinically depressed. The quiz is part of the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHG-9), a clinically validated screening questionnaire according to MedicalXpress....

More Fascism "IndyWatch Feed"

Eleven years ago, this essay argued against hate-crime laws. One argument read People can eventually be accused of hate crimes when they use hateful speech. Hate crimes laws are a seed that can sprout in new directions. This has now come to pass, I am sorry to say. This week, the Congress passed S. J. Res. 49, and President Trump signed it, making it part of the U.S. legal code.

The law rejects White nationalists, White supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups But why? Because of their ideas? Because of their expression of these ideas? No government that stands for freedom and free speech, whose charge is to protect rights, should be singling out specific groups by name and by law declaring them as outlaws or threats because of their philosophies. If they have committed a crime, such as defamation of character or incitement to riot or riot itself, then charge them and try them. But American government has no legitimate authority to single out some of its citizens in this way. This, furthermore, is an exceedingly bad precedent. Whos next?

The resolution is too specific, but its also dangerously vague. The term other hate groups has no known definition. Suppose that this term is defined by a group like the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC currently names 917 groups as hate groups (see here for a list). Their criteria are not restricted to violent actions. They comprise SPEECH. They say All hate groups have beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics. They are very clear about this: Hate group activities can include criminal acts, marches, rallies, speeches, meetings, leafleting or publishing.

Time to buy old US gold coins

This Congressional resolution is a declaration that certain kinds of groups, some named but many, many others open to inclusion, are to be attacked by the U.S. government. The law urges the President and the Presidents Cabinet to use all available resources to address the threats posed by those groups. The term threats in the first paragraph is vague, dangerously vague. However, the very next paragraph singles out free speech actions when hundreds of torch-bearing White nat...

If You Cant Beat Em "IndyWatch Feed"

Since they cant sell electric cars not enough of them, anyhow and not without subsidies so huge they amount to outright bribes the solution appears to be to outlaw all cars except electric cars.

This is no joke.

There are IC engine No Go Zones in Germany and France. The Brits have just decreed a ban on the sale of internal combustion-engined vehicles period, beginning in 2040 which sounds like a long time from now but isnt because car companies begin designing cars about ten years before they see the light of production and so this fatwa means the car companies are on notice that the current generation of cars they are selling is either the last or the second-to-last generation of cars they will be selling . . . at least insofar as they are powered by internal combustion.

And so, they wont be wasting resources to design and build the next generation.

Its not just Britain, either.

Time to buy old US gold coins

If it were, the madness could be contained. Instead, the madness metastasizes. India (well, the government of India) wants all IC engined cars off the road or retrofitted with electric drivetrains by 2030, which is only about ten years away and so just over the horizon as far as product planning cycles go.

And now the commissars in China have announced they are all in . . . or out depending on your point of view. The worlds largest market for cars and the worlds largest manufacturer of cars.

Same 2030 extinction-by-decree date.

That is comment worthy.

More than a century ago, it was not necessary for any government to decree that horses and buggies and the first electric cars, for that matter will be verboten henceforth.

They died a natural death a free market death.

Internal combustion proved superior. Economically and functionally better than horse (and electric) power. People gave up their buggies and their equines freely, without being nudged.

They didnt have to be.

Now, they do.

This ought to raise questions and probably does among the Thinking but such questions are rarely given voice and answered even less often.

If electric cars are so...

Put the Wall in the Right Place "IndyWatch Feed"

Experience to a politician is like experience to a prostitute not much to recommend themCharley Reese

The wall along the border is like a prostitute to politicians. If it cost money thats okay. If not, thats okay too. Anyway, its never going to get built because politicians, like prostitutes need more votes from the people (not our citizens as the pols like to call us) to continue their careers as swamp creatures. But, a necessary wall, a wall that will prevent crime, corruption and the spreading of PD (philosophical disease) is one that the people (not our citizens) would find useful, and probably stem the tide of the Washington plague.

Lets take up a private collection (if the Red Cross can do it, we can do it) for the building a wall around Washington. Lets keep those rats and visceral swine locked inside their own debased pool of greed and narcissism. It is never going to be drained, so lets just contain it. Let them die in their own metaphysical defecation.

Once it is built we can, via networks of loyalist hackers cut off their computerized lives of i-phones, laptops and everything else they use to either ignore or lie to the people (not our citizens). The hacking soldiers can rupture the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the multitude of cabinet offices, the Congress and the innumerable number of bureaus feeding on the financial flesh of the people (not our citizens).

Time to buy old US gold coins

Then they can survive via anthropophagic sustenance and perhaps in another century the wall can follow Jerichos wall and tumble, simply time-worn, without the blast of trumpeters.

Any form of organic law has now been erased, and the words of Patrick Henry on refusing to attend the Constitutional Convention more than echo, they resound, I smell a rat. The disease of Washington and its bacterial throwback philistines to the French Revolution can only be contained not removed from office. The so-called party system of governance for the people (not our citizens) is no more than (and has been since its beginning) a sham. Today we have two major parties. One, a party of liars; the other, a party of liars.

They see themselves living in their stolen and corrupt city as a proverbial shinning city on a hill; always trying to save life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the people (not our citizens). no matter h...

Distortion, Fiction, and Myth "IndyWatch Feed"

There are three types of lies lies, damn lies, and statistics.  Benjamin Disraeli

Every month the government apparatchiks at the Bureau of Lies and Scams (BLS) dutifully announces inflation is still running below 2%. Janet Yellen then gives a speech where she notes her concern inflation is too low and she needs to keep interest rates near zero to save humanity from the scourge of too low inflation. I dont know how I could survive without 2% inflation reducing my purchasing power.

This week they reported year over year inflation of 1.9%. Just right to keep Janet from raising rates and keeping the stock market on track for new record highs. According to our beloved bureaucrats, after they have sliced, diced, massaged and manipulated the data, youve experienced annual inflation of 2.1% since 2000. If you believe that, Ive got a great real estate deal for you in North Korea on the border with South Korea.

Time to buy old US gold coins

Lies sound like facts to those whove been conditioned to mis-recognize the truth.  DaShanne Stokes

CPI and Core CPI

Ignore that silly Shiller PE ratio far surpassing 1929 and 2007 levels. Ignore every historically accurate valuation method showing the stock market 70% to 129% overvalued. Wall Street shysters like Jamie Dimon, faux financial analysts, corporate media talking heads and even Donald Trump tell you this time is different. Tax cuts, amnesty for illegals, more wars, and eliminating the debt ceiling will surely spur massive economic growth. Trillion dollar deficits are always bullish. Making America Great with More Debt should drive the stock market to 30,000 in no time.

All is well. Real median household income just surpassed the level achieved in 1999. Think about that for a second. It took seventeen years for the average American family to get back to a household income of $59,000. The $59,000 of household income in 2017 doesnt quite go as far as it did in 1999, with even BLS manipulated inflati...

US Interference in Foreign Elections "IndyWatch Feed"

Secret documents, recently declassified by the Reagan presidential library, reveal senior White House officials reengaging a former CIA proprietary, The Asia Foundation, in political action, an intelligence term of art for influencing the actions of foreign governments.

The documents from 1982 came at a turning-point moment when the Reagan administration was revamping how the U.S. government endeavored to manipulate the internal affairs of governments around the world in the wake of scandals in the 1960s and 1970s involving the Central Intelligence Agencys global covert operations.

Instead of continuing to rely heavily on the CIA, President Reagan and his national security team began offloading many of those political action responsibilities to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that operated in a more overt fashion and received funding from other U.S. government agencies.

But secrecy was still required for the involvement of these NGOs in the U.S. governments strategies to bend the political will of targeted countries. If the political action of these NGOs were known, many countries would object to their presence; thus, the secret classification of the 1982 White House memos that I recently obtained via a mandatory declassification review from the archivists at the Reagan presidential library in Simi Valley, California.

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In intelligence circles, political action refers to a wide range of activities to influence the policies and behaviors of foreign nations, from slanting their media coverage, to organizing and training opposition activists, even to setting the stage for regime change.

The newly declassified memos from the latter half of 1982 marked an ad hoc period of transition between the CIA scandals, which peaked in the 1970s, and the creation of more permanent institutions to carry out these semi-secretive functions, particularly the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which was created in 1983.

Much of this effort was overseen by a senior CIA official, Walter Raymond Jr., who was moved to Reagans National Security Councils staff where he managed a number of interagency task forces focused on public diplomacy, psychological operations, and political action.

Raymond, who had held top jobs in the CIAs covert operations shop specializing in propaganda and disinformation, worked from the shadows inside Reagans White House, too. Raymond was rarely photographed although his portfolio of responsibilities was expansive. He brought into his orbit emerging stars, including Lt. Col. Oliver North (a central figure in the Iran-Contra scandal), State Department...

The Gentlemans Guide to Self-Defense "IndyWatch Feed"

Stay tuned for a review of a bullet-proof vest which is as comfortable to wear as a normal polo shirt.

Top self-defense teachers admit that it is very difficult to defend against a knife attack

A knife can cut you from many different angles.

And unlike the artificial dance step choreography most defense instructors peddle knife attacks are unpredictable and chaotic:

Buy Gold at Discounted Prices

Body Armor USA provided us with a Cut-Tex Pro PPSS slash-resistant hoodie to test out.  Its comfortable, flexible and can be comfortably worn on top of or under other clothing.

Body Armor USAs President and CEO Ben Rakhman tells Washingtons Blog that the PPSS cut-resistant clothing he sells provides protection against cuts, slashes, bites, tears and abrasion.

Rakhman tells us that most attacks are cuts and slashes, more than stabs (Rakhman also provides personal protection services, and is quite knowledgeable about real-world self-defense).

Best of all, the hoodie provides slash-resistance for the major arteries in your body the carotid, brachial and abdominal arteries as well as the upper portion of the femoral arteries, and the jugular vein.  So wearing it will help you survive a knife attack.

Its outstanding for working with blades, machinery and other materials such as shop glass and sheet metal which could cut you. Although not specifically designed for animals, many professionals wear it when working with dogs, seals (their head can spin almost 180 degrees without the ability to control its movement), and other animals which may bite during rescue attempts or when dealing with aggressive behavior or training in general. This clothing also helps to protect kids with mental health issues, autism, self-mutilation and challenging behavior as they often try to cut or bite themselves.


Calm Down and Stop Making Threats "IndyWatch Feed"

With the arms race between North Korea and the United States formalised after recent statements by both Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un, China is rapidly losing patience over the situation on the Korean peninsula.

After months of Donald Trump provocatively hectoring China about North Korea, under the false assumption that North Korea is a uniquely Chinese responsibility, China has now called on the US to do more to de-escalate the situation in a statement that seeks to highlight Americas own irresponsible and threatening remarks which are almost always met with predictable retaliation from Pyongyang.

Chinas Ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai has said,

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Honestly, I think the United States should be doing much more than now, so that theres real effective international cooperation on this issue.

They should refrain from issuing more threats. They should do more to find effective ways to resume dialogue and negotiation.

Here, China has voiced a view that is not dissimilar to that of Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently stated that it is not realistic to expect North Korea to simply stop its weapons program entirely as the lessons of Libya and Iraq being attacked from a position of not being able to defend themselves, is etched deeply on the North Korean psyche.

As The Duran previously reported,

After strongly condemning North Koreas recent nuclear test, the Russian President explained that after seeing how Iraq and Libya were unilaterally decimated by US forces, North Korea has determined that a nuclear deterrent is the only thing which will spare Pyongyang a similarly grim fate.

Rather than play games of nuclear chicken Putin warned that a dialogue based approach to de-escalation on the Korean peninsula is the only rational approach. He stated,

Ramping up military hysteria in such c...

Are You Saying These Cocktail Names Incorrectly? "IndyWatch Feed"

We all know how to order a gin and tonic or a martini without sounding foolish, but these days bars have dozens of exotic cocktails with equally exotic names on their menus.

Now a new guide reveals exactly how to say the most commonly mispronounced drinks on offer at late night drinking spots.  

And the colourful graphics show that many of us may not be as au fait with modern cocktail menus as we thought.

While some of the drinks you will know how to say from years of ordering, others, such as a caipirinha, are much harder to pronounce.

The guide, by Hospitality Training Solutions, reveals exactly how to say the names of popular drinks so that next time you want to try a new cocktail, you wont stumble over how to say it.

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The Ti' Punch is a rum-based mixed drink that is especially popular in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti, French Guiana and other French-speaking Caribbean islands that contains rum, lime and cane syrupThe Marguerite is a precursor to the dry martini and contains vermouth, orange bitters, and gin

The Ti Punch is a rum-based mixed drink that is especially popular in Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti, French Guiana and other French-speaking Caribbean islands that contains rum, lime and...

How Armed Is Your State? "IndyWatch Feed"

While we dont know for certain, its estimated that there are roughly 300 million guns in America. Of course, some say that number is highermuch higherlike upwards of 200 million higher. So who owns all these guns, and where do they live? Injury Prevention, a scholarly journal, decided to find out.

The journal surveyed 4,000 adults across the country to see which states have the highest number of gun owners per capita, also known as the gun ownership rate.

Check to see how your state ranks. You just might be surprised.

Instant Access to Current Spot Prices & Interactive Charts

Below the national average of 29.1%

Delaware: 5.2

Rhode Island: 5.8

New York: 10.3

New Jersey: 11.3

New Hampshire: 14.4

Connecticut: 16.6

Ohio: 19.6

Nebraska: 19.8

California: 20.1

Maryland: 20.7

Massachusetts: 22.6

Maine: 22.6

District of Columbia: 25.9

Illinois: 26.2

Oregon: 26.6

Missouri: 27.1

Pennsylvania: 27.1

Washington: 27.7

North Carolina: 28.7

Michigan: 28.8

Vermont: 28.8

Read the Whole Article

The post How Armed Is Your State? appeared first on LewRockwell.

The Date of the Apocalypse "IndyWatch Feed"

In case you missed it, here is the scoop on the end of the world, scheduled for September 23rd, 2017.

A particular configuration of constellations that occurs once in 7000 years is about to take place and prognosticators say it is only a few days from its ominous alignment.

The constellations Leo and Virgo along with the moon will replicate a Biblical astrological event described in the book of Revelation:

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars. (Revelation 12)

Instant Access to Current Spot Prices & Interactive Charts

The constellation Virgo is the woman; Leo is a constellation of 12 stars that will crown Virgo, and the moon will be seen underneath Virgos feet, occurring in the night sky Sept. 23.  This is a fact.  Its interpretation is what is left for speculation.

Is there any plausible rationale that the apocalypse, the end of the world as predicted in Biblical prophecies, would actually occur next week?

Uh, at this juncture I had better throw in the scripture from the Book of Matthew 24:36 (Jesus speaking): But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my father only.

But Jesus did go on to instruct His followers in that chapter to keep watch for that day. (Matthew 24: 32)

Season but not year is known

Jesus explains it will be summer, when the twigs on the fig trees get tender and its leaves fall. (Matthew 24:32).  So we have the right season.  The apocalypse (end of the world) occurs in summer, all we have to do now is figure out the right year.

But then again, even Jesus says He doesnt know the year.  For the scriptures say: But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father (God Himself). (Matthew 24:36).

However Jesus goes on to alert His followers to be vigilant: Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it is near, right at th...


St. Louis Police Confiscate Weapons, Guns and Protective Gear From Rioter (PHOTOS) "IndyWatch Feed"

St. Louis Police Department went on a tweetstorm Sunday evening updating as the protesters turned violent. Thugs were breaking windows and damaging property as St. Louis protests spilled over into day 3 because of a verdict in favor of a police officer.

A St. Louis bike officer was transported to a hospital by ambulance with non-life threatening injuries on Sunday night as protests turned violent.

Now thisSt. Louis police confiscate weapons, guns and protective gear from peaceful rioter.

Officers confiscate weapons, guns, protective gear from a rioter. Suspect was taken into custody.

Two arrested after speeding car crashed into innocent motorist at 7th & Olive. Guns, drugs, mask found in vehicle.


Trumpanzee vs Bannon "IndyWatch Feed"

Trump is taking on the onus of a losing battle in Alabama against his own base on behalf Mitch McConnell, who he's said to detest. Background: last year Trump pulverized all his Republican presidential primary opponents in Alabama:
Senor Trumpanzee- 371,735 (43.4%)
Cruz- 180,608 (21.1%)
Rubio- 159,802 (18.7%)
Carson- 87,517 (10.2%)
Kasich- 37,970 (4.4%)
Jeb- 3,946 (0.5%)
Huckabee- 2,535 (0.3%)
Paul- 1,879 (0.2%)
Christie- 850 (0.1%)
Santorum- 616 (0.1%)
Fiorina- 543 (0.1%)
Lindsey Graham- 254 (0.0%)


POTUS Trump Makes Good on His $1 Million Hurricane Harvey Relief Donation Liberals Still Trash Him "IndyWatch Feed"

President Trump announced in late August that he was pledging $1 million to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Hate-filled liberals immediately attacked President Trump saying that he was lying and that he actually wouldnt give the money. They also attacked Trump when he released the names of the charities he was donating to. Apparently Trump is evil because he donated his money to too many Christian charities.

Now that Trump has made good on his pledge, liberals are still trashing him. Satan runs the left.

President Trump tweeted over a report from the Washington Examiner confirming he officially donated the $1 million dollars to Hurricane Harvey relief saying My great honor!

Via the Washington Examiner:

President Trump made good on his promise to donate $1 million to Harvey relief efforts, according to a report Saturday.

The president sent 12 checks to various organizations helping Texas and Louisiana recover after last months disastrous storm, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed to The Hill.

Liberals immediately trashed POTUS.


How About A New Country In The Middle East? "IndyWatch Feed"

A Kurdish homeland has been a realistic but unfulfilled dream for between 20 and 30 million Kurds living primarily in eastern Turkey, northern Iraq, northeastern Syria and northwestern Iran since World War I. It almost happened then and almost happened after World War II and almost happened after the first Gulf War (1991). Turkey, more than any other country, has always stood in the way. A week from tomorrow, September 25, will see an independence referendum in Kurdish Iraq, home to a largely autonomous 5-6 million strong Kurdish majority (17% of Iraq's total population). And, predictably, Turkey, home to as many as 20 million restive Kurds, is flipping out. Turkey which has moved in a fastist direction in recent years called the referendum a "matter of national security" for Turkey. Over the weekend Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said "No one should have doubt that we will take all the necessary steps in this matter."

And Iraq is even more hysterical over the referendum. They are already threatening military intervention. The country's latest Prime Minister, Haider Al-Abadi, said if the Iraqi population was "threatened by the use of force outside the law, then we will intervene militarily," a prepared excuse for any action the Baghdad government decides it can get away with. The government in Baghdad says it won't recognize the results of the referendum and on Thursday the Iraqi parliament voted to fire Najmaddin Kareem, the Kurdish governor of Kirkuk province. He said the order was unlawful and that he will stay in office and the referendum will go ahead as planned."
Al-Abadi called the vote a dangerous escalation that will invite violations of Iraqs sovereignty.

Iraqs Kurdish region plans to hold the referendum on 25 September in three governorates that make up their autonomous region and in disputed areas controlled by Kurdish forces but claimed by Baghdad.

The United Nations h...


Issa Rae, Created Of HBOs Insecure At Emmys: Im Rooting For Everyone Black "IndyWatch Feed"

"I'm rooting for everybody black!" #Insecure star @IssaRae says on the red carpet #Emmys Variety (@Variety) September 17, 2017


St. Louis Police Officer Taken Away by Ambulance After Protests Turn Violent (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

A St. Louis bike officer was transported to a hospital by ambulance with non-life threatening injuries on Sunday night as protests turned violent.

St. Louis Police Department went on a tweetstorm updating as the protesters turned violent. Thugs were breaking windows and damaging property as St. Louis protests spilled over into day 3 because of a verdict in favor of a police officer.


Baylor U. professor & M.D. Carol Baker: Lets just get rid of all the whites in the United States "IndyWatch Feed"

On May 9, 2016, in Atlanta, Georgia, the National Meningitis Association ( hosted a panel discussion, Achieving Childhood Vaccine Success in the U.S., before its Give Kids a Shot Gala. The panel addressed a range of issues including parents who Continue reading


Rolling Stone Magazine Up For Sale After GotNews Exposes #JackieCoakley and @SabrinaRErdely "IndyWatch Feed"

Rolling Stone magazine founder Jann S. Wenner gave up the controlling stake in his company Sunday evening, three years after GotNews correctly identified rape hoaxer Jackie Coakley and exposed journalist Sabrina Rubin-Erdelys fraud. The New York Times calls the University of Virginia rape hoax a botched story about an unproven gang rape at the beginning []

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Christian Dairy Queen Owner Proudly Triggers Libs With Warning Sign Praising God, Mocking Snowflakes "IndyWatch Feed"

Putting the social justice warriors on notice. Via BPR: A christian Wisconsin Dairy Queen owner has put social justice warriors on notice with a politically incorrect trigger warning sign. This restaurant is politically incorrect, the sign reads. We have been known to say Merry Christmas, Happy Easter (and) God Bless America. We salute and honor []


London Bucket Bomber Is A Syrian Refugee "IndyWatch Feed"

Taken in by British non-Muslim foster parents who took in foster children from war-torn areas. Via Daily Mail: This is the moment a Syrian refugee raised by a loving British foster family was pinned to a wall by police as he was arrested over the Parsons Green bucket bomb. Yahya Faroukh, 21, was showered with []


America is Weird "IndyWatch Feed"

The tourists were coasting on their Segways. The local yuppies were out jogging, Fitbits strapped to their forearms documenting every stride. Members of the District of Columbias ever-prolific homeless population sat like tragic Buddhas on the sidewalk. It was, by all accounts, a typical Washington morning. A Saturday. The sun was shining and the grass was green on the National Mall. Youd never know to look at such a finely manicured landscape that a storm was brewing not an Irma or a Harvey but the Bikers for Trump were revving up their hogs and the Juggalos were painting their faces for a dark carnival. 

A political hurricane of sorts was in the works. Hardly a soul trafficked the wide expanse of greenery between Capitol Hill and the Lincoln Memorial that morning. Leaning on the side of caution, they must have decided to evacuate.

Yet, in the end, there was no storm.

Maybe it was the lack of shade on the Mall, the heat countermanding the rage. Maybe the upstarts were just too worn out by their sojourns from the de-industrialized Heartland and Americas backwater swamps to give-a-shit enough about the swamp in Washington they came to drain. But more than likely they were just worn out by the fight. They werent prepared to abandon their allegiance to Donald Trump or the Insane Clown Posse (ICP), their beliefs in anarchism or their paranoia of the deep state. But they werent going to fulfill any destructive, hyperbolic prophecies either. 

Turns out an insane clown posse is not enough to take on an insane clown president.

I witnessed members of the Three Percenter militia from Southern New York, dressed in battle fatigues, arguing with bandana-clad Antifa over politics, even history and the nature of totalitarianism topics that seemed more than a bit abstract given the outfits both sides were wearing.It wasnt that they were searching for some middle ground. No, they were like opposing boxers, too wasted with exhaustion to lift their arms, who, instead, decided to talk it out.

Though organizers billed the Mother of All Rallies (MOAR) as a momentous occasion that would draw a million...


Sean Spicer Shocks Audience With Surprise Appearance at Emmys Jokes About Crowd Size (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer sent shockwaves through the audience at the 69th annual Emmy awards Sunday when he crashed Stephen Colberts monologue. 

Sean Spicer rolled out on his podium as Stephen Colbert joked about the Emmys audience size, which of course is a jab at President Trump.

This will be the largest audience to witness an Emmys, periodboth in person and around the world! Spicer said jokingly.

The actors and actresses in the audience were shocked at his surprise appearance and erupted in laughter.

The camera panned in on Melissa McCarthy who just won an Emmy for her impersonation of Spicer last weekend.

Video via Variety

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WaPo Writer: Trump Is Killing Him, Literally "IndyWatch Feed"

Retire and move to Mexico. Via Daily Caller: Dana Milbank, a writer for The Washington Post, believes President Donald Trump is literally killing him. Milbank said he discovered Trumps presidency is affecting his health after visiting the doctor for his first physical in 49 years, in an opinion piece published Friday. Milbank said he had []


Actress: Im Rooting For Everybody Black! When Asked Who Shes Rooting For to Win Emmy Awards (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Issa Rae is the creator and star of HBOs Insecure and when asked from the red carpet on Sunday who she was rooting for to win Emmy awards, she responded, Im rooting for everybody black! I am!.

Variety reported that Raes show Insecure, features a largely African American cast and failed to garner any Emmy attention this year despite critical acclaim. 

Perhaps this is why Issa Rae is a little bitter?

Now of course Issa Rae has every right to say this if she wishes, however; imagine the outrage had a white person said they are rooting for everybody white to win an Emmy award. They would be forced to publicly apologize and be branded as a racist forever.

Controversy about race is nothing new to award shows. in 2016 a hashtag on social media #OscarsSoWhite was trending after the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced its 2016 Oscar nominees. Only white actors and actresses were chosen for the top coveted categories for the second year in a row.

In February of 2016, CNNs headline read, Is Racism Why Adele Beat Beyonce At The Grammys? 

Adele won all 3 categories taking home 3 Grammys so of course its racism, not talent that won her the awards according to CNN. 

Video via Variety Twitter

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Knife-Wielding Bisexual, Nonbinary, And Intersex Georgia Tech Student Shot, Killed By Campus Police "IndyWatch Feed"

Suicide by cop. Via Washington Times: Campus police shot and killed a Georgia Tech student who they say was advancing on officers with a knife. Scout Schultz, 21, refused to put down a knife and kept moving toward the officers early Sunday outside a dormitory, according to a statement from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, []


Arpaio Fires Back at Liberal Activist Judge Threatening to Keep His Conviction Despite Trumps Pardon "IndyWatch Feed"

Another day, another radical judge.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, a U.S. district judge may actually refuse to rescind Sheriff Joe Arpaios conviction despite the fact that President Trump pardoned him.

Arpaio is 85 years old.

The White House announced on August 25th that President Trump pardoned former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

In a filing Thursday, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton wrote she wasnt convinced that she should drop Arpaios conviction, The Washington Post reported. Instead, she may only drop the criminal case and let the conviction standunless she can be convinced otherwise.

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton is a Bill Clinton appointee who slammed Arpaio with a guilty ruling in July after leftist groups spent nearly a decade attacking him legally over his aggressive policies against illegal aliens.

Arpaio fired back at the liberal activist judge over the weekend.

In a Fox News report, Arpaio responded by saying, Does she believe in the presidents pardon? I think the pardon said everything. So if she wants to do it, OK. And then well appeal all the way to the Supreme Court.

Obama pardoned over 1,000 criminals and emptied out Gitmo. Many of the criminals and terrorists he pardoned ending up murdering people again or returning to the battle field as Islamic terrorists. Where were these judges after Obama pardoned such dangerous people? These liberal activists are targeting an 85-year-old man who served his community for decades. Sickening.

The post Arpaio Fires Back at Liberal Activist Judge Threatening to Keep His Conviction Despite Trumps Pardon appeared first on The Gateway...


Tillerson Says Closing U.S. Embassy In Cuba Under Review "IndyWatch Feed"

The only thing holding them back is theyre not sure whether its Cuba or Russia whos specifically behind it. But Cuba is in any event responsible. Via Bloomberg: New York (AP) The Trump administration is considering closing down the recently reopened U.S. Embassy in Havana following a string of unexplained incidents harming the health []


Second London Bucket Bomb Suspect Arrested Was Syrian Refugee "IndyWatch Feed"

The second suspect arrested in the London bucket bomb attempt highlights the reality of the multi-year concern about unvetted refugees and the potential for importing terrorism. Yahya Faroukh, 21, is a Syrian national who sought asylum in the U.K. from Continue reading


NC Charity Triathlon Canceled After Controversy Over Trump Name "IndyWatch Feed"

Trump derangement syndrome is everywhere. Via WBTV: A triathlon that was scheduled to take place at a Trump National golf course in Mooresville has been canceled a few days after the race director changed the name of the event to distance itself from President Donald Trumps name. The race, originally called Tri at the Trump, []


Newsweek Makes Resignation Of Seattles Gay Dem Mayor All About Donald Trump Jr "IndyWatch Feed"

Donald Trump Jr. has used the resignation of Seattle's mayor over sex abuse allegations to bash the Democrats Newsweek (@Newsweek) September 16, 2017 Deflect, deflect is the new mantra of Newsweek. HT: Twitchy

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CNN Cuts Away Feed as Black Trump Supporter Rejects White Guilt Narrative (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Black Trump supporter Diante Johnson attended the mother of all rallies in Washington D.C. Saturday with hundreds of other Trump supporters to celebrate American patriotism. 

CNN interviewed Johnson and asked him about Trump supporters wearing No White Guilt t-shirts. As soon as Johnson said white Americans shouldnt feel guilty for what their ancestors did, CNN cut the feed. Interesting.

Of course CNN has to whip up racial tension. Instead of seeing Diante Johnson as an American who supports President Trump while enjoying fellowship with other Americans, they attempt to divide.

I have seen some shirts here today, I think one shirt that said no white guilt, things like thatI mean, there have been some messages that might not be that open to folks from diverse perspectives. What would your message be to folks like that? CNN asked Johnson.

When it comes to no white guilt, uh, I agree with that, I actually just made a post about it on my page and a video about itis that there are some White Americans that feel guilty for what their ancestors did, you know, this and that, and the thing about it is, they shouldnt have to feel guilty, this is America Johnson said as CNN cut his feed.

Typical CNN. Every time they have a guest say something that goes against their Marxist narrative, they cut the feed. Just because Diante Johnson isnt an angry Black Lives Matter protester, CNN doesnt want to give him a voice.

Video via Robert Kraychik:

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The legacy of the Cassini spacecraft "IndyWatch Feed"

By Don Barrett
16 September 2017

The Cassini spacecraft has been one of the most productive, versatile and inspiring astronomical platforms ever made. Launched on October 15, 1997, this spacecraft, simply by its own exploits, stands as a triumph for a generation of scientists across the globe, and testament to humanitys vast capacity for exploration far beyond Earth. Friday morning, after nearly 20 years of operation, including 13 years in the system of Saturn, its rings, and its icy moons, Cassinis journey ended.

Sunlight illuminates the hexagon-shaped jet stream around Saturns north pole. NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI

Cassinis demise was as meticulously prepared as its life. As part of the planning for the spacecrafts final mission extension in 2010, its controllers debated what to do when Cassini finally ran out of fuel. Two propellant systems were available to perform maneuvers at Saturn, but the bulk of the steering was accomplished by gently nudging the spacecraft towards various moons. Using minuscule adjustments in position, Cassini used a succession of gravity assists to change its orbit, allowing it to conserve its fuel and last more than three times its initial mission specifications.

But even with careful management, the fuel reserves would eventually be exhausted. Rather than leave an uncontrollable spacecraft in orbit and potentially contaminate one of the nearby moons biologically, it was decided that Cassini would end its mission by performing a risky series of 22 dives into Saturns rings, taking the spacecraft closer to the planet than it had ever been. On its final orbit, Cassini plunged into Saturns atmosphere, taking one last series of atmospheric measurements before becoming a part of the planet it had studied since 2004.

The spacecrafts first major achievement upon reaching Saturn was the successful landingof the Huygens probe onto Saturns largest moon, Titan, the only soft landing ever conducted beyond the inner Solar System. The data provided by Huygens provided humanitys first glimpse into a world shrouded by a dense nitrogen, methane and hydrogen atmosphere.

Near-Infrared Cassini image of Titan, showing hydrocarbon seas. Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona/University of Idaho

Titan was also studied extensively in 127 targeted encounters by Cassini, its infrared cameras a...


Dem Senator Feinstein: No Evidence Kushner Helped Russians (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, Special Counsel Robert Muellers probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election has taken yet another strange turn. This time, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has transferred data on ads likely purchased by Russian entities.

Whatever that means.    

CNNs Dana Bash interviewed Senate Intel Committee ranking member and Dem Senator Dianne Feinstein on Sunday. When Dana Bash asked Feinstein if there is evidence that Jared Kushner helped the Russians with Facebook ads, she said, no, not at this time.

Of course Dana Bash was upset with this news so she asked AGAIN, no indication? Or

Feinstein said again that there is no evidence of Russian collusion and said people need to be cautious in what they say because none of us want to be false in what we say and we have to wait until the evidence comes in.

This is not what CNN wants to hear after pushing a Russian collusion hoax for nearly a year. They didnt even update their chyron to say Feinstein says no evidence Kushner helped Russians. They kept is as Facebook Gives Russia-linked Ads to Special Counsel.

What about Hillary Clintons collusion with the Ukrainian government during the 2016 presidential election?

Hillary Clintons aides met with Ukrainian government officials and journalists specifically to dig up dirt on team Trump. The information gathered was then sent to the DNC and Hillarys camp.

Politico reported back in a January 2017 article:

Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office. They also disseminated documents implicating a top Trump aide in corruption and suggested they were investigating the matter, only to back away after the election. And they helped Clintons allies research damaging information on Trump and his advisers, a Politico investigation found.

A Ukrainian-American operative who was consulting for the Democratic National Committee met with top officials in...


Pull Down That Statue of the U.S. Constitution by David Swanson "IndyWatch Feed"

with David Swanson Writer, Dandelion Salad Lets Try Democracy September 17, 2017 Nobody, not racist warmakers, not imaginary non-racist warmakers, not founding fathers, not radical protesters should be made into a deity, larger than life, in marble or bronze, on horseback or otherwise. Nobody is that flawless, and nobodys story so withstands the test of []


St. Louis Protests Turn Violent In Delmar Loop Late Saturday "IndyWatch Feed"

Standard operating procedure. Via St. Louis Post Dispatch: For the second consecutive night, peaceful daytime protests descended into late-night violence with broken windows and thrown rocks, water bottles and garbage can lids following Fridays acquittal of a white former police officer in the shooting death of a black suspect. Shortly before 11 p.m. at Leland []


Blue America Endorses Dan Canon (IN-09) "IndyWatch Feed"

Indiana was Trump country last year, but there is one district, it looks to us, ripe for a red-to-blue flip-- IN-09, which stretches from the suburbs north of Louisville and the Ohio River, due north through Bloomington into the suburbs of Johnson and Morgan counties south of Indianapolis. Freshman Trey Hollingsworth, a complete Trump rubber-stamp, only managed to get 54.1% of the vote last year, seriously underperforming Trump. Next year Hollingsworth is likely to face Dan Canon, the first serious progressive to run in the district in living memory. As of today, Blue America has endorsed Dan. We asked him to introduce himself-- and we're asking you to consider contributing what you can to his campaign here.
My name is Dan Canon. Im a civil rights lawyer. You might know me as one of the attorneys on the Supreme Courts marriage equality case, or the guy who is suing Donald Trump for turning a mob of white supremacists on a peaceful Black protester, or one of the lawyers on the front lines of attacking the White Houses ban on refugees, but today Im talking to you as a Congressional candidate for Indianas 9th District.

When I tell folks Im running for Congress, the question everyone asks is "Why?" The answer to that question is complicated, but it has a great deal to do with how I grew up. My mother raised me on her own, sometimes working two or three jobs at a time to make sure I was safe, healthy, and well-educated. She made a lot of sacrifices that no one should have to make. But whatever it took, whatever was thrown at her-- my mom stepped up and did more. I dropped out of high school when I was 17, but building on her example, I beat the odds, got my GED, and became the first person in my family to...


Violent Protesters in St. Louis Arrested For Rioting, Destroying Property and Assaulting a Police Officer "IndyWatch Feed"

Hundreds of St. Louis #BackLivesMatter protesters shut down Kings highway in the Central West End Friday night.

The protesters held a rally there in the Central West End restaurant district for a couple hours.


Black Lives Matter thugs also hurled bricks at the police line.

The St. Louis Police department said in a media release Saturday evening that ELEVEN police officers were injured during the violent protests by Black Lives Matter thugs. Sadly, a 26-year-old female police officer suffered a broken jaw after a brick hit her in the face. Thank God no police officers were killed.

Protests spilled over into Saturday after Jason Stockley, a former St. Louis police officer was acquitted of first-degree murder charges in the shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith.

Protesters stormed West County Mall in St. Louis, forcing a temporary shut down. Macys staffers closed their doors out of fear as protesters tried to march into the store!

On Saturday night the protesters marched in University City Loop restaurant district.

The Loop is just west of the St. Louis city limits and is a very popular restaurant district.

St. Louis County Police Department says 7 people were arrested including 5 adults and 2 juveniles. Charges include resisting, destruction of property and assault on LEO.

St. Louis County PD said, Individuals arrested on Saturday were not peacefully protesting in University City. Charges range from looting to assault on a LEO.


Evergreen Professor Chased Off Campus For Being White, Gets Big Payout In Lawsuit Against School "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Biz Pac Review: The college professor who refused to leave campus under pressure from students, who wanted all white people off of school grounds for the 2017 Day of Absence, has settled his $3.85 million lawsuit with the university. Evergreen State College settled for $500,000 with the professor, Bret Weinstein, and his wife Heather []


United States Ambassador to Zambia: Who Is Dan Foote? "IndyWatch Feed"

Daniel Lewis Foote, a career member of the Foreign Service who has spent much of the last several years in drug enforcement, was nominated on September 2, 2017, to be the United States ambassador to Zambia. If hes confirmed, it will be his first such posting.


Foote was born in Syracuse, New York, and grew up in the Buffalo area. He graduated from East High School in Williamsville, New York, in 1982 and went to Columbia University, where he was a defensive end on the football team and participated in track and field for the Lions. Foote graduated with a B.A. in economics in 1986.


After college, Foote worked in New York City for six years as a trader/broker of natural gas. He left the business world behind in 1992 to become a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia, where he oversaw the construction of water systems, improvement of schools and residences, and alternative agriculture and marketing programs. After his two-year stint was up, Foote moved to Northern California to teach high school Spanish and coach football and track. He joined the State Department in 1998.


Footes early assignments included time in the State Department Operations Center and in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, a posting at the embassy in London and in the consulate in Guadalajara, Mexico. He was part of the reconstruction team in Erbil, in the Kurdish region of Iraq. He was then assigned as management officer and political/economic chief in the Luxembourg embassy in 2005 and 2006. He was also a management counselor at the embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2007.


Foote was then sent back to Iraq, first at the Baghdad embassy and then to lead the provincial reconstruction team in Maysan province. There, he focused creating a U.S.-friendly local government and on economic development, including the delivery of services such as water and electricity.


In 2010, Foote was in Colombia as director of the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) section in that country. The following year, he was sent to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as deputy chief of mission and went across the island of Hispanola to a similar role in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 2013, where he also served as charg d'affaires.


Foote then went...


NYT Reporter Attacks Trump For Allowing 11-Year-Old Boy to Mow WH Lawn: Sends Bad Signal For Child Labor "IndyWatch Feed"

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read a letter from a 10-year-old entrepreneur who asked if he could mow the White House lawn in early August.

The boy, who since sending the letter turned 11-years-old, is named Frank. Frank wrote to the President, explaining that he has been mowing his neighbors lawns in the nearby town of Falls Church, Virginia and was itching to mow the White House lawn.

President Trump invited the young boy and his father to the White House so he could mow the lawn.

Eleven-year-old Frank Giaccio mowed the White House Rose Garden on Friday.
President Trump later invited Frank into the Oval Office.

Look how excited this young man is in the Oval Office with President Trump.

President Trump just cant do anything without criticism from the left. The liberals will find fault in everything he does.

According to New York Times reporter, Steven Greenhouse, Trump allowing this young man to mow the lawn is Not sending a great signal on child labor, minimum wage & occupational safety.

Many young boys mow the lawn, take out the trash, shovel snow and rake leaves as normal chores growing up, but liberals think coddling boys and making them afraid of everything is the right thing to do. This boy was completely supervised as he mowed the lawn, but thats just not good enough!


UK Islamic school: Kill apostates, transgenders, homosexuals, adulterers! "IndyWatch Feed"

The video above was taken surreptitiously in an unnamed Islamic school one of 126 full-time Islamic schools in England. (The number, of course, is even larger for all of the UK.) The video confirms what we know about Islam: Continue reading


Rain And Snow Help Montana Firefighters "IndyWatch Feed"

Mother Nature lending a helping hand. Update to this story. Via KRTV: The recent rain and snow will have a definite effect on crews fighting wildfires across Montana. The fires have scorched more than 1 million acres of land across Montana so far in 2017. People have been excited to see the rain and snow, []



  Its hard to credit anything about a movie whose ruthless Medellin Cartel Drug Lords wear powder-blue leisure suits. Still, when a based on a true story movie spreads egregious falsehoods about a man who...

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Thought "IndyWatch Feed"

If one is to do good, it must be done in minute particulars.

William Blake


CNN Cuts Off Black Trump Supporter When He Answers White Guilt Question "IndyWatch Feed"

From the rally at the National Mall in D.C. yesterday. Via Daily Caller: A CNN broadcast Saturday cut off an African-American Trump supporter in the middle of answering a question about white guilt posed by a reporter. I [have seen] one shirt that said no white guilt, things like that. I mean, there have been []


Sunday Talks: Senator Tom Cotton -vs- The Smug Filled Toady "IndyWatch Feed"

Good grief, its obvious Will Rogers never met Chuck Todd.  However, that said, the Tom Cotton part of the interview, despite the ridiculously smug condescending and antagonistic questioning, was quite good. . There aint a table wide enough


Greek Anti-Fascist Protesters Gather At Anniversary Of Greek Rappers Murder "IndyWatch Feed"

The disease is spreading. Via TOI: About 3,000 leftist activists and migrants marched through central Athens Saturday to honor the memory of activist rapper Pavlos Fyssas, murdered by a neo-Nazi sympathizer four years ago, and Heather Heyer, the activist killed by a car at Charlottesville, Virginia last month. The protesters gathered at Athens Syntagma Square []


Four American Women Attacked With Acid in France "IndyWatch Feed"

 Four young American women in their 20s were attacked with hydrochloric acid at a Marseille train station in France on Sunday.

Initial media reports are saying this acid attack is not terror-related. The perpetrator is a 41-year-old mentally unstable woman according to BBC News.

Two of the women suffered from superficial injuries while the other two women were in shock after the attack.

According to La Provence, the 41-year-old woman who attacked the young American girls said she wanted others to feel the pain she suffered being a victim of an acid attack herself. She reportedly showed police pictures of her acid burns.

Acid attacks are on the rise in Western nations thanks to Islamic migration.

There have been 1,500 recorded acid attacks in London since 2011 according to British media.

The Daily Caller reported that acid attacks in London are up 250% in the last year or so:

A third of the attacks alone were committed in 2016, which itself was up 250 percent from the previous year. The attacks are notoriously used occasionally in the Islamic world by angry suitors seeking revenge on women who rebuff marriage proposals, or commit other shameful acts. Charities consulted by British media said 80 percent of all acid attack victims globally are women.

Isnt multiculturalism beautiful?


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Liberal Snowflakes Meltdown After Trump Tweets Hilarious Hillary-Golf Meme "IndyWatch Feed"

President Trump re-tweeted an animated meme or gif of him hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball on Sunday and the liberals are coming unhinged.

President Trump retweeted a gif of himself hitting a golf ball from a golf coursethe golf ball travels all the way to Hillary Clinton and knocks her down while shes boarding a plane.

The video is a spoof a Hillary tripping and falling while she was boarding a plane back in January of 2011.


The liberal snowflakes melted down! One lib even said he should be jailed for ityes, jailed for retweeting a video. Kathy Griffin holding up Trumps bloody severed head is art according to these same liberals, but him posting this video is grounds for impeachment.


John McCain Throws Lindsey Graham Under The Bus Over Why He FKed It Up During Comey Hearing "IndyWatch Feed"

He has lost that loving feeling. Update to this story. Via Washington Examiner: Sen. John McCain is adding his buddy Sen. Lindsey Graham to the list of possible reasons why his line of questioning to former FBI Director James Comey during a hearing in June was so disjointed and confusing. McCain notably was mocked on []


Yale replaces freshman, upperclassman with gender neutral terms "IndyWatch Feed"

No doubt feminazis would love to replace woman with womyn. From Fox News Insider: Yale University has kicked off the new school year by officially scrapping the terms freshman and upperclassman and replacing them with the gender-neutral terms first year Continue reading


The New Republican Party Wall Tax "IndyWatch Feed"

I'm sure you remember that Trump repeatedly promised during the campaign that he would get Mexico to pay for his ridiculous wall. Obviously, Mexico laughed in his face. So now the Republicans are ginning up a way of taxing Americans to pay for the (totally not) Great Wall of Trump. Trump is starting to back away from the wall-- sending some of his most devoted (completely racist and xenophobic) supporters into orbit, people like Ann Coulter, Steve King (R-IA), Joe Walsh, even close allies like Bannon, Miller and others from the lunatic fringe.

If Trump ever expects to find "Democrats" to help him with his insane agenda, he knows exactly where ro go-- the Blue Dogs. One Blue Dog he knows he can count onion a pinch is Dan Lipinski, who has a 31.8% Trump adhesion score, one of the highest for any Democrat in Congress-- and the absolute highest for any Democrat in a solid blue district. But if the sleazy right-wing Lipinski has nothing to fear from a Republican challenge, this cycle he has a progressive Democrat rapidly gaining on him. Marie Newman is running a strong campaign for the IL-03 seat and you can contribute to her campaign here. Earlier today she told us that "Voters in my district want no part in this wall, especially paying for it out of their hard earned money. It's about time Congress focus on passing legislation that actually helps working families-- like affordable child care and health care for all-- rather than working to fulfill President Trump's ridiculous fantasy of a Great Wall."

David Gill, another progressive candidate in Illinois, is running for a seat held by a Trump rubber stamp that stretches through central Illinois from Bloomington and Champaign through Decatur and Springfield down into the suburbs north and east of St. Louis. He said that "Trump's proposed wall stands in direct opposition to some of the values proudly embraced by myself and the majority of voters in my district: brotherhood, compassion, and respect for others. And given the overall net negative movement...


MO Governor On St. Louis Protests: Only Safe Space For Looters Is A Jail Cell "IndyWatch Feed"

St. Louis isnt Baltimore. Via Fox News: St. Louis erupted in more violent protests overnight since the acquittal of a white police officer charged with murdering a black man after a car chase. For the second day protesters took to the streets, facing off against a line of cops in riot gear. Looters and vandals []


Trump Retweets Gif of Him Hitting Golf Ball Into Clintons Back "IndyWatch Feed"

Donald Trump's amazing golf swing #CrookedHillary Mike (@Fuctupmind) September 14, 2017 Via Free Beacon: President Donald Trump was active on Twitter Sunday morning, and one of his actions was to retweet a days-old gif depicting him hitting a golf ball that hits former opponent Hillary Clinton in her back. In the gif, Trump []


ROCK THE VOTE=> Kid Rock Is Registering People to Vote at His Concerts "IndyWatch Feed"

In late July The Gateway Pundit reported rock star Kid Rock was leading his Democrat rival Sen. Debbie Stabenow.

Kid Rock has not officially launched his senatorial campaign but is already making headlines.

Kid Rock is already gaining support from GOP lawmakers.

Now this..,

Kid Rock is registering voters at his concerts.

Why not?
The Democrats have been doing this for decades.

The post ROCK THE VOTE=> Kid Rock Is Registering People to Vote at His Concerts appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Sunday Talks: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson -vs- CBS John Dickerson "IndyWatch Feed"

Good interview with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and CBS John Dickerson.  Worth noting the nuance in Tillersons statements about messaging toward China, specifically Beijing.  Those who have followed CTH analysis of the administrations China/DPRK strategy will note how Tillerson Continue reading


StL Reporter Describes Scariest Moment of My Career After Far Left Mob Assaulted and Chased Him from Rally (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

On Friday a St. Louis judge found former Police Officer Jason Stockley NOT GUILTY in the shooting death of Anthony Smith, a black suspected drug dealer.

Local St. Louis protesters called for mass disruption after the former police officer was acquitted.

Outraged protesters took to the streets of downtown St. Louis following the courts decision.

Angry protesters shut down Market and Tucker Boulevard in downtown St. Louis on Friday.

Local FOX 2 reporter Dan Gray was covering the protests in downtown St. Louis.
An angry protester in a Colin Kaepernick jersey started screaming at Dan Gray, the mob then pushed him out of the area and chased him down the street.
The attack was captured by Rebelolutionary Z.

Dan Gray got pummeled with water bottles as he fled the area!

Now this
Dan Gray described the sheer terror he experienced after the far left mob turned on him!


View Harpies Stir The Pot By Suggesting Women Are Told By Husbands How To Vote "IndyWatch Feed"

Next time cut the Prozac in half. Via Fox News: The ladies of The View are being labeled out of touch for their comments on Friday about how women listen to their husbands when deciding whom to vote for. Whoopi Goldberg mentioned an NPR interview in which Hillary Clinton said that Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg []


Harvards Cowardice on Chelsea Manning "IndyWatch Feed"

Exclusive: In an abject display of intellectual cowardice, Harvards Kennedy School withdrew a fellowship from Chelsea Manning after hearing protests from accomplices in the war crimes she exposed, reports Robert Parry. By Robert Parry Harvard Universitys John F. Kennedy School


Scott Adams: Hillary Clinton Lost Because @realDonaldTrump Is Funny As Hell "IndyWatch Feed"

Dilbert creator Scott Adams says President Donald Trump won the 2016 election in part because hes funny as hell compared to excuse-making Hillary Clinton. Early Sunday morning, Trump retweeted a GIF showing him hitting a golf ball that knocks Clinton into her plane. Donald Trump's amazing golf swing #CrookedHillary Mike (@Fuctupmind) September 14, []

The post Scott Adams: Hillary Clinton Lost Because @realDonaldTrump Is Funny As Hell appeared first on GotNews.


Four American Women Attacked With Acid In Marseille "IndyWatch Feed"

But they dont know if its terror related? Because random people throwing acid at Americans is just a part and parcel of the big city? Via Sky News: Four female American tourists have been attacked with acid in the French city of Marseille. The women were sprayed with acid by a 41-year-old woman who has []


Sunday Talks: Dana Bash -vs- Nikki Haley "IndyWatch Feed"

CNN interview with Dana Bash, John Kings ex wife, and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley discussing DPRK, London Bombing, DACA and additional administration policies. Two quick points:  #1] Overall Haley does well.  However, those who watch closely will note Haley continues Continue reading


Male Transgender Activist Assaults 60-Year-Old Woman At Gender Debate "IndyWatch Feed"

Disruption is not debate. Via Daily Caller: On Wednesday evening, a group of mothers in London drew protest from transgender activists when they held an event on women speaking about what it means to be a woman. During the event, which was disrupted, a transgender activist assaulted a 60-year-old woman. British woman Maria MacLachlan was []



The New York Post's Page Six claims that women are flocking to a Manhattan plastic surgeon in order to be transformed into the president's favorite daughter.

A New York plastic surgeon says that since the 2016 Republican primaries, he has seen a deluge of patients who want to look like Ivanka Trump.

Dr. Norman Rowe says that since last summer, up to 50 clients have asked him to give them the Ivanka look which he describes as widened cheekbones, a slender nose and large eyes.

It's odd that Dr. Rowe is saying this now, because in March, when Allure asked him to comment on a report that Ivanka surgery is popular in China, he denied seeing a similar trend in his practice:
While there haven't been any recorded reports of Ivanka Trumpinspired cosmetic enhancements Stateside, New York Citybased plastic surgeon Norman Rowe says he's seen a number of clients request procedures to create Westernized-looking features. "I don't see too many patients, including Asian clients, asking for cosmetic procedure to make them appear like a celebrityexcept for patients who want noses like Megan Fox or lips like Khlo Kardashian, for example," Rowe tells Allure. "I do have Asian patients who see me for the creation of Westernized eyelids, though. This is a very popular procedure that is requested."
But now he says Ivankaplasty has been a trend since last summer. Go figure.

Rowe is pretty good at getting his name in the papers. Here he is in the Post talking about women who get plastic surgery before going to Coachella. Here he is telling the local ABC affiliate about one of his specialties, a procedure that gives women enhanced breasts for 24 hours -- he calls them "Instabreasts." If that doesn't suit you, according to...


Detained illegal alien who jumped off a balcony is paralyzed and now suing the government for lifetime medical care "IndyWatch Feed"

From Sacramento Bee: A year ago, Luis Alberto Mendez was an able-bodied immigrant from Mexico who worked as a carpenter. He had suffered from depression, but his lawyer said he had gotten the symptoms under control with medication. He was Continue reading


Black Lives Matter Protests Turn Violent Mob Attacks St. Louis Police on Second Night of Mass Protests "IndyWatch Feed"

Black Lives Matter activists shut down West County Mall in the St. Louis area on Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday night the protesters marched in University City Loop restaurant district.

The Loop is just west of the St. Louis city limits and is a very popular restaurant district.

At least three seven protesters were arrested when the mob started hurling objects at police.

The protesters also blocked the streets.

Eleven police officers were injured in the Friday protests.


The Cost Is Justified: $450,000 Spent And One Life Lost To Remove Robert E. Lee Statue In Dallas "IndyWatch Feed"

Social justice warriors to the rescue, all is well. Via PJ Media: Removing a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee may cost the Dallas City Council as much as $450,000, and one life has already been lost in connection to this project. Even so, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said that these costs would be []


California School Tapes 8th Grade Students Wrists, Put Them In Dark Room For Slavery Lesson "IndyWatch Feed"

Liberalism is a disease.

Teachers at Whitney High School in Cerritos, California, taught students about the slave trade by taping their wrists and forcing them to lie down in a dark room.

And they wonder why more and more parents home school?

The Huffington Post reported:

What is the right way to teach kids about the American slave trade? And when should a parent have a say?

For one mother of three, this question is at the center of an ongoing conflict she says she is having with administrators at Whitney High School in Cerritos, California. Shard Carrington, 31, posted a Facebook message Monday to open up a dialogue about a disturbing history lesson she says was being taught to her sons eighth-grade class.

According toCarrington, a teacher sent an email on Sept. 5 with the subject heading Unique Learning Experience to inform parents of an upcoming exercise that would supposedly expose students to the horrors of slavery. The lesson wo...


The Rights Made-up Constitution "IndyWatch Feed"

From the Archive: On the U.S. Constitutions 230th birthday, many Americans dont realize that the document actually gives the federal government broad powers to provide for the nations welfare, as Jada Thacker noted in 2013. By Jada Thacker (Originally published on


Trump Was Right=> 18-yr-Old Islamist Bucket Bomber Was Held By Police Released Two Weeks Ago "IndyWatch Feed"

Police responded to an incident at Parsons Green tube station in London on Friday, with people reportedly hearing an explosion during rush-hour traffic.

An Islamist used a bucket wrapped in an insulated bag.
The device sent a fireball down a carriage as it detonated.

20 people were injured in the blast including a 10-year-old boy.

President Trump condemned the attack in a Friday morning tweet.

The liberal media immediately pounced on the US President for jumping to conclusions.

But Trump was right The young refugee was held by police two weeks ago.
Scotland Yard was familiar with the teen.

Trump was right.

Score one for Trump.

Via Mike Cernovich:


African-American University Students Offended By Cotton "IndyWatch Feed"

So dumb. Via Todd Starnes: The president of Lipscomb University issued a public apology after an untold number of African American students were offended by a dinner table centerpiece made from stalks of cotton. Yes, good readers a group of college students was triggered by the fabric of our lives. Randy Lowry, president of []


Shaun King on Donald Trump, Colin Kaepernick, and White Supremacy "IndyWatch Feed"

Shaun King, a Black Lives Matter leader and writer for the New York Daily News, speaks a rally at Westlake Center on March 8, 2017 in Seattle.


TrumpCare Is Back-- And Ready To Fail Again! "IndyWatch Feed"

TrumpCare-- basically repealing the Affordable Care Act-- may actually pass the Senate this time. They have 'til the end of the month-- because that's when the 50 vote reconciliation window closes-- and this time it's called Graham-Cassidy, written by a quartet of senatorial fools, Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Bill Cassidy (R-LA), Dean Heller (R-NV) and Ron Johnson (R-WI). They claim to have 49 votes in the bag-- with Susan Collins (R-ME), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Rand Paul (R-KY) opposed. Paul, who is easily pressured (or bribed) is not a reliable "no" vote.

Amazing that they're trying this again after polling has been consistent that incumbents who back repeal with be subject to this statistic: 46% of voters say that if their representative or senator votes for repeal they will be more likely to vote against them. Only 25% say they would be more likely to vote for them. These are a half dozen of the worst things Graham-Cassidy is trying to accomplish:
Takes insurance coverage from 32 million Americans over a 10 year period
Ends Medicaid expansion
Ends all subsidies for ACA exchanges, replacing them with small and inadequate (and declining) "block grants"
Cuts coverage for low income seniors, children and people with disabilities and institutes a "per capita lifetime cap."
Gives insurance companies permission to stop insuring people with pre-existing conditions
Ends funding for Planned Parenthood


Homeless Men In Aspen Found Grilling Lobster Tail, Lamb, Salmon "IndyWatch Feed"

Priorities. Via Aspen Times: In Aspen, even the homeless eat like kings. That was the message received by a sergeant with the Aspen Police Department on Tuesday evening after he checked on a report of smoke coming from a popular homeless campsite in the Castle Creek Valley near Aspen Valley Hospital. Sgt. Rob Fabrocini said []


President Trump Sets Record for Most Stock Market Closing Highs in First Year Obama Had None His Entire First Term "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest post by Joe Hoft

The DOW recorded its 56th All time record closing high on Friday since President Trump was elected on November 8th.   As a result the market is up 21% since the election.  No President has more all time closing highs in their first year in office than President Trump.

* President Trump is already the only President in US history to oversee two stock market rallies of nine days or more where the markets set new highs each and every day.

* On February 28th President Trump matched President Reagans 1987 record for most continuous closing high trading days when the DOW reached a new high for its 12th day in a row!
* Then in early August President Trump reigned over a 9 day stock market rally with each day reaching record highs.

* The DOW daily closing stock market average has risen as much as much as 21% since the election on November 8th. (On November 9th the DOW closed at 18,332 on September 15th the DOW closed at 22,268 another all time closing high).
* Since the Inauguration on January 20th the DOW is up 12%. (It was at 19,827 at January 20th.)
* The DOW took just 66 days to climb from 19,000 to above 21,000, the fastest 2,000 point run ever. The DOW closed above 19,000 for the first time on November 22nd and closed above 21,000 on March 1st.
* The DOW closed above 20,00...


O MBL e as novas Senhoras de Santana "IndyWatch Feed"

Nos anos 1980, senhoras catlicas do bairro de Santana em So Paulo se juntaram para protestar contra o que consideravam imoral na programao da TV brasileira. Ficaram conhecidas como as Senhoras de Santana, uma espcie de TFP formado s por velhinhas. Um dos principais alvos do grupo era o programa TV Mulher da Rede Globo, em que a sexloga Marta Suplicy falava abertamente sobre sexo. Elas chegaram a ir at Braslia entregar pessoalmente ao ministro da Justia um manifesto contra a pornografia na televiso. Foram to bem recebidas pelos militares, que chegaram a ser convidadas a integrar rgos censores do regime. Elas se chocavam mais com educao sexual na TV do que com a violncia da ditadura militar.

Quase 40 anos depois, jovens do MBL reencarnaram as Senhoras de Santana e assumiram o legado da carolice organizada. Eles ficaram chocados com a exposio Queermuseu Cartografias da Diferena na Arte Brasileira em Porto Alegre, que tratava de temas ligados ao universo LGBT. O grupo enxergou apologia pedofilia e zoofilia em diversas obras e liderou, ao lado dos mais tacanhos grupos conservadores, uma campanha massiva contra a exposio e um boicote contra o Santander, banco que a patrocinou atravs da Lei Rouanet.

Apesar da chucrice que enxergar apologia de qualquer coisa em obras de arte, o protesto legtimo. A expresso da estupidez um direito constitucional. Mas no deixa de ser curioso ver como nossos jovens ditos liberais modernos no se acanham em formar fileiras com a direita mais conservadora para atacar qualquer vulto que considerem de esquerda.

O MBL se defende da acusao de carolismo afirmando que o principal problema o uso de dinheiro pblico para financiar uma exposio que agride parcelas da sociedade. engraado esse argumento vindo de uma turma que sistematicamente agride parcelas da sociedade e que j recebeu ajuda financeira de partidos polticos bancados pelo Fundo Partidrio, criado com dinheiro pblico. A crtica Lei Rouanet tambm curiosa. Trata-se de uma lei essencialmente liberal, que transfere s empresas a escolha dos eventos culturais que ir patrocinar.

O atraso venceu...


Sunday Devotional: Hate not "IndyWatch Feed"

Matthew 18:21-22 Peter approached Jesus and asked him, Lord, if my brother sins against me, how often must I forgive? As many as seven times? Jesus answered, I say to you, not seven times but seventy-seven times. Why? Because we Continue reading


Gary Cohn Is Giving Goldman Sachs Everything It Ever Wanted From the Trump Administration "IndyWatch Feed"

Weeds grow in the driveway of a foreclosed home May 7, 2009 in Antioch, California.


Syria Summary - Eliminating ISIS' Remains "IndyWatch Feed"

The last Syria Summary was headlined A New Clash Looms in Syria's East. It stated: Critical oil fields are north and east of Mayadin. The Omar oil field in the east is the biggest one in all Syria. The U.S....


Arthur Melville "IndyWatch Feed"

Arthur Melville (1855-1904) was a Scottish watercolor painter known for his unusual use of color and impressionistic style. I was inspired to look him up by this painting, The Music Boat, Venice, which I find delightful. Its date is listed as 1904, so it must have been one of his last works.

He was born at Loanhead-of-Guthrie in Angus, a real out-of-the way place. I haven't read anything about his family but he must have been born to money, because he studied in Paris and did a lot of traveling before he ever had much success as a painter. This is the first painting he exhibited at the Royal Academy, A Cabbage Garden, 1877.

Zooming in on the cabbages you can see the rather wayward treatment of color that was his hallmark.


Libtard fantasies: Superman protects illegal aliens from white supremacist with a machine gun "IndyWatch Feed"

The super hero is now a full-blown SJW. From Hollywood Reporter: In the recent issue of Action Comics #987, The Oz Effect, released Wednesday, Superman arrives in the nick of time to protect a group of undocumented immigrants illegal aliens Continue reading


How Two Common Medications Became One $455 Million Specialty Pill "IndyWatch Feed"

Everything happened so fast as I walked out of the doctors exam room. I was tucking in my shirt and wondering if Id asked all my questions about my injured shoulder when one of the doctors assistants handed me two small boxes of pills. These will hold you over until your prescription arrives in the []


RBI Data Confirms Note Ban was a Total Failure "IndyWatch Feed"

In a severe jolt to the Modi sarkars tall claims that last years note ban had destroyed black money in India, recently released data from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) shows that almost 99% of the banned 1000-rupee notes were actually returned to the RBI. This means that either black wealth held in these []


Midnight Meme Of The Day "IndyWatch Feed"

-by Noah

Doesn't Seor Trumpanzee always have the best words? Of course, maybe he's doing one of those Jedi mind tricks like "These are not the drones you are looking for."

My personal reaction to this is: You don't want me as president. I am not the president you want.


Activist Who Laughed During Jeff Sessions Hearing to Face New Trial "IndyWatch Feed"

CODEPINK activist Desiree Fairooz, who was arrested after laughing during Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing, will face a second trial this fall after she rejected a plea deal on Friday. she was convicted in May of disorderly and disruptive conduct during the hearing. While Sen. Richard Shelby (R-Ala.) argued that Sessions record of treating []


Folic acid may mitigate autism risk from pesticides "IndyWatch Feed"

Researchers at UC Davis and other institutions have shown that mothers who take recommended amounts of folic acid around conception might reduce their childrens pesticide-related autism risk. In the study, children whose mothers took 800 or more micrograms of folic acid (the amount in most prenatal vitamins) had a significantly lower risk of developing autism []


Economics says time to shut down some coal plants (even ignoring externalities) "IndyWatch Feed"

From Think Progress (originally from paywalled Moodys):

Sadly the graph isn't global, it's for the 15 US states with the best wind resources. But for those states it's saying that the cost of just operating and fueling coal plants exceeds the cost for wind power of constructing, operating, and (heh) fueling.

Imagine a utility that recently commissioned a coal plant and sold long term bonds to finance it. The utility would need to charge $39/MWhr plus the cost of paying off the bonds, let's say another $6/MWhr (for this exercise, the bond payment amount doesn't matter). That utility could shut down the coal plant, build wind instead, pay off the stranded cost bond for constructing the coal plant and still charge much less than it would cost to keep operating coal.

Moodys predicts early retirement of coal plants as a result. Looking to see it happen soon.


Safety problems at a Los Alamos laboratory delay U.S. nuclear warhead testing and production "IndyWatch Feed"

In mid-2013, four federal nuclear safety experts brought an alarming message to the top official in charge of Americas warhead production: Los Alamos National Laboratory, the nations sole site for making and testing a key nuclear bomb part, wasnt taking needed safety precautions. The lab, they said, was ill-prepared to prevent an accident that could []


Trumps Red Line "IndyWatch Feed"

On April 6, United States President Donald Trump authorized an early morning Tomahawk missile strike on Shayrat Air Base in central Syria in retaliation for what he said was a deadly nerve agent attack carried out by the Syrian government two days earlier in the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun. Trump issued the order despite []


September 17th 2017 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #241 "IndyWatch Feed"

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


Sunday September 17th Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


Until They Pass Berniecare... Maybe You Can Try A Healthier Diet "IndyWatch Feed"

I grew up like everyone else from an American working class background-- eating pretty crappy food-- bacon and eggs for breakfast, ham and cheese for lunch, burgers, meatloaf, pot roast or some other crap for dinner. When I got to college I realized for the first time that there's another way of eating. She didn't consult me, but my girlfriend-- a great cook, was a vegetarian and before I ever made a decision to become one, I was one. After college, when everyone around me in Kabul was getting sick and crapping and puking on themselves, too weak to get up off the floor, I was fit as a fiddle (or as fit as a rubab at least). That's because everyone was eating meat-- those fly-covered carcasses we would see, unrefrigerated, hanging in the markets-- and I was still a vegetarian... and not drinking Coke or Pepsi because I was boycotting them over the massacre at Kent State. I still haven't has a sugary beverage since 1970.

Eventually, I managed to make my way back to Europe, utterly destitute, penniless. I found a macrobiotic restaurant inside the city-owned meditation center and a meal was a buck. And when I ran out of bucks, they hired me to wash dishes. Eventually I would up as the manager. But first, I was a chef. Me-- who had never heated up a pan of water. I learned how to make food, specifically how to make healthy food... how to shop for it, what to avoid, how to cut it and prepare it... everything. So decades later when I went to the hospital to be treated for cancer, my doctor said I was remarkably healthy for a man my age and would probably live through the treatment-- and I passed every physical test they give you before allowing you to get (expensive) experimental treatments. They check every organ in your body because they don't ant to spend a million bucks on you if you're gonna die anyway. So... lucky me that my girlfriend imposed vegetarianism on me.

Yesterday, Newsweek ran a piece, Eating Badly Is A Leading Cause Of Death Worldwide, New Study Shows, that explains how "a long list of benefits is associated with maintaining a nutritious, well-balanced diet, including added energy, weigh...


China Dollar Dump Means Hyperinflation Chris Martenson "IndyWatch Feed"

By Greg Hunters (Early Sunday Release) Resource analyst and futurist Chris Martenson says everyone should be taking notice of our dangerous markets. At the center of the danger zone is the declining U.S. dollar.  Martenson explains, We are talking about a steady erosion of the dollar as a reserve currency.  I think that is []


The DC Dems Should Learn That Working Class Voters Are Not Eager To Re-Embrace Status Quo Candidates "IndyWatch Feed"

I find Robert Costa's reporting for the Washington Post worthwhile; and his contributions on MSNBC are better than most. He's a 31 year old reporter who comes from a rock background in the Philly suburbs. Only thing... his background wasn't just rock. It was also conservative. When I first noticed him he was the relatively sane writer at the right-wing National Review. He never seemed to be a right-wing hack, not even at the National Review. But if someone wanted me to take a bet on Costa's partisan affiliation, I'd I'd insist on very favorable odds before I'd agree to wager.

This morning I woke up to find the tweet storm above about Bernie's Medicare for All proposal and how it may help define electoral politics over the next few years. Over the last months, I've been asserting that Bernie would have won by pointing to the counties and districts that Trump won went for Bernie over Trump in the primaries. This wasn't about Bernie beating Hillary in counties in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, etc... this was about counties where voters went to the polls and cast more votes for Bernie than for Trump, but then-- in the general-- looked at what Trump was offering and what Hillary was offering and decided it was Trump who was the lesser evil.

She was unquestionably the candidate of the status quo. What voters had to decide was whether the change Trump was promising was change for the better or change for the worse. People capable of a modicum of discernment and critical thought decided Trump was worse. Nearly three million more Americans saw Trump for what he was and voted for Hillary, whether holding their nose or with some kind of hope and enthusiasm.

The kind of counties I'm talking about are like rural and coal counties in West Virginia. Sure Bernie beat Hillary in every s...


Pregnant Woman Believed Among 4 Shot Dead In Chicago Friday Night Rifle Attack "IndyWatch Feed"

Latinos this time. Via Chicago Tribune: Four people, including a woman police believe was pregnant, were killed Friday night in a rifle attack in the Brighton Park neighborhood. The shooting happened about 8:40 p.m. in the 4700 block of South Fairfield Avenue, police said. Three men and a woman were inside a vehicle when someone []


Peaceful Black Lives Matter Mob Vandalizes Several Businesses, Busts Out Car Windows, Starts 18 Fires "IndyWatch Feed"

The peaceful Black Lives Matter mob was out in force last night in St. Louis.

Eleven police officers were injured during the mob violence.
One female officer suffered a broken jaw.

At least two police vehicles were vandalized.
Protesters jumped on the hood and smashed the windshield of one police cruiser.

Several businesses in the Central West End restaurant district had their windows bashed in or damaged.
The protesters broke the windows at Mayor Lyda Krewsons home and threw red paint at her home.

The St. Louis Police Department posted a list of property damage from Friday night.

The post Peaceful Black Lives Matter Mob Vandalizes Several Businesses, Busts Out Car Windows, Starts 18 Fires appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


President Trump Right Again London Bucket Bomber Detained by Police Two Weeks Ago "IndyWatch Feed"

Yesterday President Trump took heat from U.S. and international media for calling the attempted London bomber a terrorist, identifying the loser and saying he was in the sights of law enforcement: The media went bonzo: []  Mr. Trumps assertion that Continue reading


Florida Man Leaves 19-Month-Old Girl Outside Overnight During Hurricane Irma "IndyWatch Feed"

Cut him some slack, he wasnt out looting. Via WFLA: A convicted felon is back behind bars after his toddler was found looking purple after being left outside overnight at Hurricane Irma pummeled Florida with strong winds and heavy rain, police said. Angelo Mitchell, 36, was charged with felony child abuse on Monday. According to []


European Commissioner the Wall Street Journal Cited Says Story Entirely False "IndyWatch Feed"

See how that horse-pucky news works? European Commissions Miguel Arias Canete denies ever telling the Wall Street Journal that the U.S. was changing the Trump administration position on Paris Climate Treaty. (Via Reuters) [] The Wall Street Journal reported that Continue reading


Azerbaijani Laundromat; Trump Tower Baku; Trump Jr. Meeting in Trump Tower "IndyWatch Feed"

According to an investigation carried out by a consortium of European newspapers, members of Azerbaijans ruling elite used a secret $2.9 billion slush fund nicknamed the Azerbaijani Laundromat to pay off European politicians, buy luxury goods, and launder money. (See RFERL article further below).

While we dont know yet if this implicates the Trump family, it is suggestive of how things operate in Azerbaijan, and that anyone dealing in Azerbaijan is probably at least somewhat dirty, as is probably the case for Russia.

How to explain this bizarrely located, and unfinished Trump Baku Tower in Azerbaijan? Note the tower in relation to the highway, railroad, shipping containers. It has been suggested that this location is proof of it being a money-laundering enterprise, rather than a serious project, although one cannot exclude sheer stupidity. And, reportedly, the Agalarovs are Baku Azerbaijan born intermediaries between the Trumps and Putin-Russia. Emin Agalarov was married to the President of Azerbaijans daughter until May of 2015 and they have twin sons. Emin attended High School in New Jersey, and a private College in Manhattan.


The Push for a Medicare-for-All Plan "IndyWatch Feed"

Americas complex and inefficient healthcare system ends up being both very expensive and limited in its coverage, a problem that Sen. Bernie Sanders is targeting in his Medicare-for-all plan, reports Dennis J Bernstein. By Dennis J Bernstein Sen. Bernie Sanders


Actor Nick Cannon Spotted at St. Louis Protest Wearing Kaepernick Jersey (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

 St. Louis, MO Washed up actor Nick Cannon was spotted walking with Black Lives Matter protesters near the University City Loop on Saturday evening.

Cannon was wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey as he marched with his fist up. Perhaps the millions of dollars Cannon has earned while living in the U.S. means hes oppressed too.

CBS News journalist caught Cannon on video:

Cannon also bragged on his Instagram account, St. Louis we out here in the streets with you! and hashtagged #BlackLivesMatter

St. Louis we out here in the streets with you! #FrontLiners #BlackLivesMatter

A post shared by LORD NCREDIBLE ALMIGHTY IkeT (@nickcannon) on...


Troubling Questions Linger Over Russian Apartment Bombings "IndyWatch Feed"

From RFERL, Sept. 2009, about the 1999 bombings, now eighteen years ago: Ten Years On, Troubling Questions Linger Over Russian Apartment Bombings September 09, 2009 10:50 GMT, by Gregory Feifer

Most of the residents of an apartment block in southeast Moscow were asleep when an explosion on the ground floor tore through the front of their building shortly after midnight, 10 years ago today. The blast killed 94 people and injured almost 250.

Five days earlier, a bomb killed 64 people at an apartment building in the southern city of Buinaksk. In the coming weeks, two more apartment blasts would kill more than 130 in Moscow and another southern city, Volgodonsk. More than 300 people would die in the four bombings.

The blasts sent a wave of fear washing over a country crippled by a savage political struggle to succeed ailing President Boris Yeltsin. The authorities blamed the explosions on Chechen rebels. Seething with anger [or pretending to], newly appointed Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Yeltsins choice to replace him vowed to kill Chechen militants wherever they were hiding.

If theyre in the airport, well kill them there. And excuse me, but if we find them in the toilet, well exterminate them in their outhouses, Putin said.

It was the publics first taste of Putins now infamous prison-inflected slang, and it met with huge approval in a society weary from a decade of economic collapse. Putin soon launched a second war in Chechnya. His ratings soared.

Dark Biography

Political analyst Vladimir Pribylovsky says the apartment bombings enabled a virtually unknown bureaucrat to sweep into the presidency months later.

[The bombings] changed the situation by favoring a prime minister nobody knew, with a dubious, dark biography.

They changed the situation by favoring a prime minister nobody knew, with a dubious, dark biography, Pribylovsky says.

Two things brought about Putins victory: the bombings and the phrase about wiping out terrorists in the outhouse.

Today, after eight years as president, Putin is prime minister again, and still firmly in charge of a country he remade into an authoritarian state.

Six Muslims from southern Russia have been s...


Volunteer Hurricane Irma Interpreter Under Fire for Gibberish Signing That Included Pizza and Monsters "IndyWatch Feed"

Blame the county officials for not planning to have an interpreter. Via KFMB: It was an urgent evacuation order in Florida as Hurricane Irma loomed, but the sign language interpreter tasked with alerting deaf viewers was actually delivering a message of complete nonsense. What he was really communicating to deaf citizens caught up in the []


Update: ELEVEN St. Louis Police Officers Injured During Violent Protest Female Cop Has Broken Jaw "IndyWatch Feed"

Hundreds of St. Louis #BackLivesMatter protesters shut down Kingshighway in the Central West End Friday night.

The protesters held a rally there in the Central West End restaurant district for a couple hours.


Black Lives Matter thugs also hurled bricks at the police line.

The St. Louis Police department said in a media release Saturday evening that ELEVEN police officers were injured during the violent protests by Black Lives Matter thugs. Sadly, a 26-year-old female police officer suffered a broken jaw after a brick hit her in the face. Thank God no police officers were killed.

The St. Louis Police department reported that there were 33 arrests. Many of the charges were for resisting and interference.

There is also a list of property damage because of out of control, violent thugs. Some of the damage included broken windows on police vehicles and broken windows on local restaurants and businesses. The Mayors home had broken windows and paint was thrown onto the exterior.

The Fire Department was also called in to put out a total of 18 fires. Who knows how much these protests have cost, but as usual, the left destroys everything in their path while wasting taxpayer money.



Abedins Mother Made Sure Clintons Saudi Speech Omitted Freedom, Driving For Women "IndyWatch Feed"

Wonderful. And shes connected to the Muslim Brotherhood. Via Fox News: Huma Abedins mother helped to water down a speech then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave at a Saudi womens college, warning not to mention political terms like freedom and driving for women, new emails show. Abedins mother, Saleha Abedin, is a sociology lecturer at []


Hah-Hah! Jennifer Lawrence Movie Gets F Grade, Worst Movie of the Century One Week After Trashing Trump Voters "IndyWatch Feed"

Hollywood Hack Jennifer Lawrence got a nice dose of karma after trashing Trump supporters in a T.V. interview last week. She claimed the recent hurricanes slamming the United States are the fault of Trump voters because they dont believe in man-made climate change.

Fast forward one week later and her movie Mother! gets an F grade and is now being reported as perhaps the worst movie of the century.


Jennifer Lawrences new movie Mother! raked in $7.8 million to start and scored a rare F grade from CinemaScore audiences on Friday night. In other words it was a box office flop.

Rex Reed absolutely slammed Mother! in the Observer calling it the worst movie of the century.

Reed had some colorful words to describe just how bad this Jennifer Lawrence movie is. As Reed wrote in the Observer:

This delusional freak show is two hours of pretentious twaddle that tackles religion, paranoia, lust, rebellion, and a thirst for blood in a circus of grotesque debauchery to prove that being a woman requires emotional sacrifice and physical agony at the cost of everything else in life, including life itself.

Although you will spend most of the painful, torturous and stressful two hours it takes to survive mother! trying to figure out what its all about, I advise you to ignore the reviews entirely and make up your own fantasy.

Reed saved the best for last because his conclusion was the icing on the cake.

Nothing about mother! makes one lick of sense as Darren Aronofskys corny vision of madness turns more hilarious than scary. With so much crap around to clog the drain, I hesitate to label it the Worst movie of the year when Worst movie of the century fits it even better.

There is something so satisfying about seeing a Hollywood elitist get served after attacking ordinary Americans. Enjo...


Teacher Who Compared Trump Campaign Slogan To Swastika: This Was Not Political "IndyWatch Feed"

The shirts could have triggered someone. Update to this story. Via Washington Times: A Georgia high school teacher who was yanked from the classroom after comparing President Trumps campaign slogan Make America Great Again to a swastika is speaking out for the first time since video of the exchange went viral. Lyn Orletsky, a teacher []


Horsepucky News Courtesy of Murdochs Wall Street Journal "IndyWatch Feed"

This stuff is beyond ridiculous at this point.  Remember, there are trillions of dollars at stake and all of the vested financial interests, writ large, have positioned themselves to do anything possible to draw down the support for President Trumps Continue reading


BUSTED: #Mueller Witch Hunters Families Think @realDonaldTrump Is A Sexual Predator And Russia Hacked The Election "IndyWatch Feed"

Close family of multiple members of Robert Muellers witch hunt against President Donald Trump attack the free press, think Trump is a bigoted sexual predator, and have hinted that the teams purpose is to take down Trump, according to a review of court documents and social media activity. Despite former FBI director James Comey testifying under []

The post BUSTED: #Mueller Witch Hunters Families Think @realDonaldTrump Is A Sexual Predator And Russia Hacked The Election appeared first on GotNews.


Antifa Chick Thrown Out of Trump Rally Gets Trolled by Trump Supporters Go Home Commie! (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Lacy MacAuley is a well known radical left-wing Antifa organizer in Washington D.C. She was featured in Project Veritas undercover videos which exposed the #DisruptJ20 plot to violently disrupt President Trumps inauguration. 

MacAuley crashed the pro-Trump rally in Washington D.C. on Saturday and was eventually escorted out by police.

You may remember Lacy MacAuley as the Antifa chick, just like every other lunatic leftist, who fell in love with Islam and became obsessed with helping Syrian refugees, wholeheartedly believing that Islam is the religion of peace. She detailed her experience dating a Turkish Muslim man in a blog post, describing the hell and fear she lived in because he controlled every move she made, beat and raped her.

Islam is still the religion of peace, eh Lacy?

Trump supporters recognized Lacy MacAuley and trolled her as she was being led out by police. They shouted go home commie! and even brought her Turkish ex-boyfriend. OUCH.



Photo and video via journalist Alejandro Alvarez

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ESPN Head To Staff: ESPN Is Not A Political Organization "IndyWatch Feed"

Tell that to Robert Lee. Via The Hill: ESPN head to staff: ESPN is not a political organization ESPNs chief is defending the network after intense backlash this week, including a stream of White House criticism over anchor Jemele Hill calling President Trump a white supremacist. We have issues of significant debate in our country []


Kathy Ireland Speaks Out Against Late Term Abortions: We Cannot Deny Science "IndyWatch Feed"

Woah! I didn't know THIS about @kathyireland. Take a listen to her at the White House. Jason Calvi (@JasonCalvi) September 15, 2017

00:20 is deleting bad reviews of Hillary Clintons new book "IndyWatch Feed"

RT reports, Sept. 15, 2017, that Amazon is accused of censorship after it removed hundreds of one-star reviews of Hillary Clintons new memoir, What Happened, on the grounds that the reviews violated community guidelines. According to Twitterer Wednesdayy, on Wednesday, Continue reading


Defiant Judge May Keep Arpaio Conviction Despite Trump Pardon "IndyWatch Feed"

Another day, another radical judge.

A U.S. district judge may actually refuse to rescind Sheriff Joe Arpaios conviction despite the fact that President Trump pardoned him.

Arpaio is 85 years old.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, The White House announced on August 25th that President Trump pardoned former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

In a filing Thursday, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton wrote she wasnt convinced that she should drop Arpaios conviction, The Washington Post reported. Instead, she may only drop the criminal case and let the conviction standunless she can be convinced otherwise.

U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton is a Bill Clinton appointee who slammed Arpaio with a guilty ruling in July after leftist groups spent nearly a decade attacking him legally over his aggressive policies against illegal aliens.

WaPo also reported:

Bolton went on to quote from U.S. Supreme Court and appeals court cases suggesting that presidential pardons leave the recipients underlying record of conviction intact.

One case, Nixon v. United States (involving a judge named Walter Nixon, not President Richard Nixon) seemed to put the issue in plain terms. The granting of a pardon is in no sense an overturning of a judgment of conviction by some other tribunal, the excerpt read, it is an executive action that mitigates or sets aside punishment for a crime.

Obama pardoned over 1,000 criminals and emptied out Gitmo. Many of the criminals and terrorists he pardoned ending up murdering people again or returning to the battle field as Islamic terrorists. Where were these judges after Obama pardoned such dangerous people? These liberal activists are targeting an 85-year-old man who served his community for decades. Sickening.



Rep. Dana Rohrabacher: Someone Leaked Very Important Call With John Kelly Concerning WikiLeaks "IndyWatch Feed"

The previous administration holdovers need to be purged. Via Washington Examiner: Rep. Dana Rohrabacher said someone leaked information about his call this week with White House chief of staff John Kelly, possibly to undermine his ability to speak directly with President Trump about WikiLeaks. The Republican congressman from California spoke with Kelly on Wednesday regarding []

Saturday, 16 September


Registering for FEMA Recovery Assistance How To, and What To Expect "IndyWatch Feed"

Its really challenging to get solid information into the hands of the people who need it most.  Several, heck a lot, of people weve met are renters, have absentee landlords and dont have any insurance coverage themselves. There are door-to-door Continue reading


Millennial children use smartphones to spy on their parents "IndyWatch Feed"

Smartphones tracking features have caused a role-reversal; one woman observed her parents lie about dinner plans

Millennial children use smartphones to spy on their parents
(Credit: Getty/Rawpixel Ltd)

Buried in a Wall Street Journal story about savvy young Americans using technology to get a one-up on their parents lies a tale of the Millennial family drama.

This generation of young adults is leading the anti-Trump charge. Theyre killing industry after industry, but keeping libraries alive. But most importantly, theyre living with their parents, because, despite their education, they cant find jobs to keep them afloat.

So, the generation that matured in tandem with the internet is able to use their parents phones to determine where their parents are at all times. And the Wall Street Journal looked at this trend, finding that there were a number of teens and young adults who were using this app for Ferris Bueller-like debauchery throwing sleepovers for friends and cleaning up just before their parents were home, for example. But one story stood out, because its just the sad tale of a couple this womans parents who just want a cheap night out.

Alexa McDonald of Columbus, Ohio, discovered that her parents fib a bit. The 24-year-old call-center dispatchers app revealed that, while claiming to be stuck in traffic, they were so...


WSJ FAKE NEWS: Trump Administration IS STILL Leaving the Paris Climate Agreement "IndyWatch Feed"

On Saturday, the Wall Street Journal published a deeply concerning report about the Trump administration reversing its decision to exit the Paris Climate agreement.

According to WSJ:

Trump administration officials said Saturday the U.S. wouldnt pull out of the Paris Agreement, offering to re-engage in the international deal to fight climate change, according to the European Unions top energy official.

The shift from President Donald Trumps decision in June to withdraw to renegotiate the landmark accord or craft a new deal came during a meeting of more than 30 ministers led by Canada, China and the European Union in Montreal.

The U.S. has stated that they will not renegotiate the Paris accord, but they will try to review the terms on which they could be engaged under this agreement, European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Miguel Arias Caete said.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The White House issued a statement to NBC News Kelly ODonnell, denying the explosive claim. The Trump administration is still leaving the international agreement and retains the right to negotiate more favorable terms for the U.S.

NEW: WH officials say NO CHANGE on US position regarding Paris Agreement on climate change after report, tweeted ODonnell.

WH says no change unless US can re-enter on terms more favorable Regarding report Trump admin would not withdraw from Paris Accord


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