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Wednesday, 22 November


Delusional Hillary Relentlessly Mocked After Claiming No Dem 2020 Candidate Has Asked Her For Advice "IndyWatch Feed"

Hillary Clinton just wont go away!

Ol Crooked is so delusional that she actually thinks the 2020 Dem presidential hopeful can benefit from her advicesince she lost two election bids. Hillarys recent loss is even more pathetic given that she cheated and lied the entire time and failed to visit blue states she lost to Donald Trump.

Even the illegal alien vote couldnt save Hillary! Hah!

Hillary Clinton joined radio host Hugh Hewitt for a radio interview Wednesday to talk about her memoir What Happened.

The entire interview was laced with lies from Crooked Hillary (shocker) as she tries to stay relevant in the political sphere.

Hugh Hewitt asked Crooked Hillary how many 2020 candidates have approached heryou know since she has a stellar record on winning presidential elections

Then Im going to ask you about David Plouffe coming to see you three years before the election saying you were too late. How many 2020 candidates have been asking you for help already? And are they, its about that time. Theyve got to get going, isnt it?

Who has, has anyone been to see you, yet? I think Kamala Harris may have been to see you. Anyone else?

Hillary responded by saying:

 Nobodys actually been to see me. I see Democrats all the time, and nobody has said Hey, Im going to run, or Im thinking about running, give me advice now, because it is too soon. And there may be some private planning going on by some people. I wouldnt know who. I wouldnt hazard a guess. But in terms of actually seeking out advice, people have said hey, I want to come talk to you. But I havent had those conversations, in large measure, because Ive said Im going to focus next year on 2018, and then you know, Ill be happy to talk.

Our favorite patriotic actor James Woods came out swinging and absolutely slammed Crooked Hillary in a viral tweet saying, Maybe because her strategy of owning the media, getting millions of illegal votes, spending over a billion dollars in campaign funds, rigging the primary, and running against the easiest opponent in history didnt work?


Schumer: Bring A Chart To Thanksgiving To Talk About The GOP Tax Plan "IndyWatch Feed"

People who talk politics on Thanksgiving are cancer. Via Washington Examiner: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told his Twitter followers Tuesday to prepare for tax politics at the Thanksgiving dinner table, and then he took a shot at Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. The New York Democrat instructed his followers to bring a chart from a []


John McCains Walking Boot Swaps Sides Two Weeks After Treatment For Torn Achilles Tendon (PHOTO) "IndyWatch Feed"

On November 6th, POLITICO reported Senator John McCain received treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center after injuring his Achilles tendon.

Senator McCain was treated at Walter Reed Medical Center over the weekend for a minor tear in his right Achilles tendon, as well as for other normal and non-life-threatening side effects of cancer therapy. Senator McCain has returned to work in the Senate and will be wearing a walking boot until his injured tendon is fully healed, the Senators office said in a statement.

I cant tell you how much I hate wearing this boot!, tweeted McCain showing off his boot on right foot.

On Wednesday, McCain tweet a photo of himself with his wife Cindy, saying Mother, father & puppy of the bride in beautiful Cornville  yesterday!

Zerohedge contributor ZeroPointNow point out something peculiar about McCai...


Guatemalas Ambassador to the United States: Who Is Manuel Espina? "IndyWatch Feed"

Manuel Alfredo Espina Pinto, an entrepreneur with no previous diplomatic experience, presented his credentials as Guatemalas ambassador to the United States on September 8, 2017.

Espinas father, Gustavo Adolf Espina Salguero, served as Guatemalas vice president from 1991 to 1993 under President Jorge Serrano Elas. The elder Espina even served as president for a few days after Serrano was sent into exile because he attempted to suspend the constitution and dissolve the Congress and the Supreme Court. Espina, however, was found to also have been involved in the coup and he too fled the country. He later returned and paid a small fine.


Manuel Espina studied political science at Guatemalas University of Francisco Marroqun. He was a real estate investor and was involved in the fashion industry.


More recently, Espina founded Guatemala Prospera. The organizations goal is to instill moral and cultural values in Guatemalans, based on the teachings of American evangelical pastor John Maxwell. Guatemala Prospera sponsors a prayer breakfast, similar to the U.S. National Prayer Breakfast.


Espina is close to many Republicans, such as Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Those ties are seen in Guatemala as a major reason for Espinas appointment.


Espina and his wife, Lisa Arizpe de Espina have two children: Anika and Juan Michael.

-Steve Straehley


To Learn More:

Official Biography

Nuevo Embajador en EEUU: Empresarios, Conservadores y Neopentecostales (Centro de Medios Independientes)


The Wannsee Conference and Trumpism "IndyWatch Feed"

A few nights ago I was looking for something to watch while I went to sleep and I settled on an old movie called Conspiracy about the Wannsee Conference. Theres only one record of what happened at the Wannsee Conference and its obviously incomplete, so its hard to say how accurately the movie portrayed what actually happened. But the basics were probably captured accurately.

Adolf Eichmann organized a meeting on the behalf of Reinhard Heydrich that included representatives from various ministries and branches of the military and police. The major decisions had already been made at the highest level, but there was some pretense of debate about what to do with the Jewish population in the occupied areas of the Third Reich.

Heydrich knew that there would be opposition to what he was going to propose so he walked them slowly up to the real news. He didnt just come out and say that they had built gas chambers and crematoriums. He walked them through all the logistical problems with trying to feed and house so many Jewish prisoners. He explained why their suggestions were impractical for one reason or another. And only after hed gotten a lot of input and dismissed a lot of ideas did he and Eichmann spring the big news that there would be a highly mechanized program of complete annihilation.

In the movie, probably more than half of the participants were untroubled by this, although they were at least a bit surprised. But others who would have clearly objected in strong moral language at the beginning of the meeting had been beaten down by the time the announcement was made. Overall, what won the day is that no one present was willing to argue that any Jews should be allowed to live in a future Reich. They all agreed that they must be removed, only differing on the timeline and whether it could be done in the near term without undermining the war effort. It didnt hurt that Heydrich was considered powerful and dangerous enough that no one wanted to cross him.

In the end, there was a consensus built that there would be a Final Solution, or a Holocaust. Yet, I was struck by how that consensus was built, and it made me think about the broader German public that wasnt consulted at the Wannsee Conference.

How many Germans would have voted for Hitler in 1933 if he had run on a program of mass extermination of Jews? And how did that change over time as people were exposed to Nazi propaganda and the stresses of war? Who convinced themselves to go along happily even though their decision was made more out of fear than enthusiasm? What happened in two hours during the Wannsee Conference happened to Germany over eight years.

Sure, there were some genuinely bad people in Germany, as ther...

These Sexual Abuse Revelations Will Pay Dividends "IndyWatch Feed"

With all the revelations coming out about men who have mistreated women, I think its natural for me to take a little inventory of my own experiences. Fortunately, I cant find much to regret in my own behavior, but its been sobering to think back on all the things Ive witnessed and heard about. These things existed in my head, but as unconnected incidents. Now they seem like more of a pattern.

I recall three separate cases of rape involving both perpetrators and victims that I went to high school with. One involved two young men and a young woman in an Atlantic City hotel room. Another happened in a car, and the third in a womans apartment bedroom. I learned of all three because they were widely discussed, but more so people could be wary of the rapists than for any other reason. No one was ever charged with anything, and I wasnt a witness to any of the crimes so there wasnt much for me to do but spread the news and shun the men.

There was a drunken party in high school where a half dozen boys or more went upstairs to have sex with a girl who was reportedly willing but in reality too inebriated to make any decisions. She had to live with the shame of that night, but I dont think it caused the boys any lasting social problems.

Ive known of grayer areas, too, where there was some dispute about consent the morning after, but memories were fuzzy from drink and nothing ever came of it.

And I knew a man in his mid-twenties who bragged that he had taken two 16 year-old girls back to their home after a concert, they were identical twins, and acted like he wanted a life achievement award for bedding them. We thought he was disgusting, and he was incredulous that we were not impressed.

Im sure youve experienced the discomfort of discovering that someone youve known for a while has experienced some major tragedy or trauma in their life. This was like that but for an entire gender. It was eye-opening and sobering a...

Guess Who Thought Trump Was Paid By Putin? "IndyWatch Feed"

As I was perusing the New York Times article on Rep. Dana Rohrabachers woes, I was reminded that back on June 15th, 2016, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was captured on tape confiding with Paul Ryan, Evan McMullin and others that he swore to God that Vladimir Putin was paying Rohrabacher and also Donald Trump. When the recording leaked, the House leadership tried to explain it away by saying it was just an attempt at humor. But McCarthy was serious and Ryan immediately swore everyone present to secrecy.

Some of the lawmakers laughed at McCarthys comment. Then McCarthy quickly added: Swear to God.

Ryan instructed his Republican lieutenants to keep the conversation private, saying: No leaks. ... This is how we know were a real family here.

The remarks remained secret for nearly a year.

With the daily deluge of news and the constant exposure of new damaging facts, its easy to forget little details like the fact that the House leadership suspected Trump and Rohrabacher of being on the Kremlin payroll. They have, however, followed up on the Rohrabacher end of things. Theyve limited his travel, and Rep. Ed Royce, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, fired Rohrabachers top committee aide, Paul Behrends, because of his ties to pro-Russian lobbyists.

On the other hand, theyve done precious little about Trump.

I want to do a little something here that I think will help you visualize the moment in time when McCarthy said Trump was being paid by Putin and Paul Ryan swore everyone to secrecy. That meeting occurred on 6/15/16, but I want to extend the timeline a bit in both directions so you can see what was going on and put McCarthys comments into their proper context.

Were going to be looking at a pretty consequential two-week period of time.  Its important to know that just prior to the start of our timeline here, on May 26th, Trump finally secured the majority of the GOP delegates he needed to win the nomination. Also, you should know that on June 3rd, WikiLeaks...

Why Politicizing the U.S. Census Is Dangerous "IndyWatch Feed"

Let me ask you an honest question. What do you think about this argument? Lets say I tried to convince you that competitive elections are bad for America. That seems counterintuitive, right? Wouldnt it be better if politicians had to earn reelection through performance and they could be easily voted out if they became embroiled in scandal? How might I go about convincing you that other factors outweigh these sensible considerations?

In his 2008 book, Redistricting and Representation: Why Competitive Elections are Bad for America, [Prof. Thomas Brunell] argued that partisan districts packed with like-minded voters actually lead to better representation than ones more evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, because fewer voters in partisan districts cast a vote for a losing candidate. He has also argued that ideologically packed districts should be called fair districts and admits that his stance on competitive elections makes him something of an outlier among political scientists, who largely support competitive elections.

Im tempted not to take that argument seriously at all since Im positive its made in bad faith. But there is at least something within it thats defensible, which is the idea that its a good thing rather than a bad thing when a larger percentage of the electorate in a given district feels like theyre getting the representation that they want.

Taken in isolation, this is an attractive concept. But it fails to account for two other important concepts: legitimacy and disenfranchisement.

What they offer instead is a distinct Republican advantage, which is why Prof. Brunell wrote a book in defense of them.

If you have any doubt about this, read on:

Brunell, a registered Republican, has criticized partisan gerrymandering in his...

Honoring What You Love "IndyWatch Feed"

I have two stepsons who are in their twenties. When they were teenagers, I noticed that one of their least favorite holiday presents was the iTunes gift card. They could barely feign gratitude and they left the things unused. When I enquired about why they didnt want free music, they explained that they could get all the free music they wanted online, and they didnt need to download it song-by-song but could get whole albums just as easily.

My first thought was that this was some kind of illicit revival of Napster which I thought had been resolved all the way back in 2000 with the resolution of Metallica v. Napster. Peer-to-peer sharing of this type was illegal, so how could my kids be doing this? Soon enough I realized, however, that I was witnessing a generational change and that almost no one their age was buying music anymore.

My next thought was that the legal system had been overwhelmed by digital pirating and that musicians would soon be starving to death.  The problem, I discovered, was so pervasive that there was really no point in me as a parent trying to fight against it.  All that was left was to figure out how it might soon devastate writers.

Of course, the news industry had been staggering from the digital revolution for some time by that point, trying to find a way to avoid giving away its product for free.  They explored paywalls and premium content, all the while trimming payroll and closing foreign desks.  Nothing appeared to work, and unpunished pirating seemed like it would close off or undermine some of the few solutions that were being explored with some success.

The music industry had to adapt, and the patch so far has been for musicians to pretty much give up on selling CDs and instead focus on getting people to pay to see live performances.  They tour more and they charge much more for their concerts.

This is interesting because if basically follows the model of the Grateful Dead. They were an improvisational band that did not perform well in the studio, so they spent less time making albums and more time touring the country, often doing ninety or more shows a year.  They were unique in that they made no effort to keep people from taping and trading recordings of their concerts, and saw it as a way to increase their exposure and popularity.  They didnt charge more for their concerts, instead making up for their lost record sales revenue by having a higher volume of shows.

This past week, I looked into seeing a Dead & Company show in Philadelphia. This is an ensemble that includes three members from the original...


Clown GOP Lawmaker Also Sent Masturbation Clip to Girlfriend Its Making the Rounds on Internet=> Please Go Away Joe Barton "IndyWatch Feed"

Joe Barton needs to go away.
The Texas Republican sent masturbation video to his girlfriend.
The video is now making the rounds on the internet.

We have seen it but cannot post it for obvious reasons.

This screengrab was taken from the masturbation video.

Cristina posted the photos that were published in a tweet and on TMZ today.
Joe Barton said he sent the video when he was single after a divorce.

The comments from our previous post are brutal.

Via Joanie:

What is it with these men and a smartphone? Maybe nutty women do it also but seems we are only hearing about sex-crazed guys. Why do they think sharing a picture of their genitals would be a turn on to a woman?

Via Old Texian:

What is it with taking junk pics. Thats frickin evidence!!
Republican or not. Sending that crap to any woman will come back to haunt you fools.
You have no place in creating policy or laws for this nation.

Via Dio Heerai:

JUST GO.we want to hear nothing elseAnyone this STUPID is a threat to our national security in the highest lawmaking body in the country

We agree.
Any lawmaker this careless and irresponsible and out of touch with reality needs to just go away.
Hopefully, Joe Barton will clear out his desk this weekend and take a nice long and quiet retirement.

The post Clown GOP Lawmaker Also Sent Masturbation Clip to Girlfriend Its Making the Rounds on Internet=> Please Go Away Joe Barton appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Long Conversation President Trump Talks To Russian President Putin "IndyWatch Feed"

Yesterday while exiting the White House, President Trump told reporters he had just finished a 90 minute phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin: We had a great call with President Putin. Were talking about peace in Syria very Continue reading


Fusion GPS Founder Bizarrely Claims Russian Spies Have Infiltrated The NRA "IndyWatch Feed"

In his interview with House investigators, Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson claimed Russian spies have infiltrated the National Rifle Association. Simpson did not elaborate on his bizarre claim, nor did members of the House Permanent Select Committee press the Fusion GPS founder for additional details. 

Daily Caller reports:

Glenn Simpson, a founding partner of Fusion GPS, casually suggested in an interview with the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that the gun rights group had been breached, a source familiar with the matter told The Daily Caller.


TheDCs source said that Simpson suggested the NRA-Russia connection in response to a line of questions from committee Democrats who asked whether any conservative groups have been infiltrated by Kremlin agents.


News articles attempting to link Russians to the NRA have appeared with increased frequency over the past year. The articles have keyed in on Aleksander Torshin and Maria Butina, two Russian nationals who have developed a close relationship to the pro-Second Amendment group.

The pair are lifetime members of the NRA and frequently attend the groups events. In 2011, Butina founded a Russian gun rights group called The Right to Bear Arms. Some NRA officials have visited Russia to attend that groups functions.

News of the claim comes amid reports that Fusion GPSs bank records show Russia-related payments made by the firm behind the infamous Trump dossier. The document shows that the committee sought records related to five Fusion payments to research and Russia expert [name redacted], and production of three additional payments, writes the Daily Callers Chuck Ross.

The records raise new questions as to who is the mysterious Russia expert, that Fusion GPS made various payments to. At the very least, the involvement of the expert, with the firm demonstrates more cooperation between the Clinton-linked group and Russia.

The post Fusion GPS Founder Bizarrely Claims Russian Spies Have Infiltrated The NRA appeared first on...


MSNBC Host Says Assault on Rand Paul is One of Her Favorite Stories "IndyWatch Feed"

With this caveat, of course its not a good thing when a brutal assault breaks a senators ribs. HT: NTK


Baltimore Police Throw Constitution Out the Window "IndyWatch Feed"

Baltimore Police Throw Constitution Out the Window

glen Thu, 11/23/2017 - 01:44

by Glen Ford

Even when police are in hot pursuit of a criminal suspect, they cannot treat a whole neighborhood like criminals.

The Baltimore police department seems to have learned nothing from the civil disturbances that rocked the city after Freddie Gray died in police custody back in 2015. Six cops got off scot-free for killing Gray -- which seems to have led the police to conclude that they can treat the Black community as a Constitution-Free Zone, where anything the cops do is legal.

Baltimore is 63 percent Black. Its elected officials are mostly Black, and its police force is majority Black and Hispanic. So, what were seeing in Baltimore is how a plantation operates when the white folks leave the Black overseers in charge. What we find is, the Black Misleadership Class and the Black police are nothing more than servants of white supremacy, and have no respect for the rights of Black citizens.

Last week, a Black police detective was shot to death in the Harlem Park section of west Baltimore. The police declared the entire neighborhood a crime scene and locked down every street and sidewalk for blocks around. Residents were patted down, coming and going into the neighborhood, and required to show little pieces of paper from police vouching that they were residents. If you couldnt show you lived in Harlem Park, you couldnt get in, even to visit relatives. Checkpoints were everywhere, and residents were questioned, over and over again, about the identity of the shooter. All this is blatantly unconstitutional which means, its a massive police crime against the people. As the local American Civil Liberties Union said, even when police are...


Islamic Radicals Call For Jihad At Conference Near Washington, DC "IndyWatch Feed"

Nothing to see here folks. Via Newsweek: Groups of Sunni Muslim extremists gathered in a Holiday Inn in northern Virginia over the weekend and called for followers to wage jihador holy waragainst infidels. The radical extremists didnt call for violence against Jews or Christians, but instead used the so-called Final Prophet Conference to rage against []


Gen. Ratko Mladic Was Convicted of Siege Warfare in Bosnia. Will the U.S.-Backed Siege in Yemen Face Justice? "IndyWatch Feed"

Ratko Mladic appears at the International Criminal Tribunal in 2011 in The Hague, Netherlands.


Hillary Clinton Now Blaming Obama Legacy For Election Loss "IndyWatch Feed"

Living in a land of denial. Via Daily Caller: Hillary Clinton is now pointing her finger at the eight years of former President Barack Obama as a reason she couldnt campaign on an agenda of change and conceivably win the 2016 election. Obama actively campaigned for his former secretary of state throughout the election campaign. []


Stupid Texas Lawmaker Joe Barton in Hot Water After Sexting Women Graphic Nude Photos/Videos "IndyWatch Feed"

Texas Congressman Joe Barton is on hot water after sexting women very graphic nude photos and videos of himself.

Barton apologized for letting his constituents down adding he was separated from his wife at the time and had consensual relationships with adult women.

One censored screenshot of Barton was circulated on Twitter (below)

Another sext from Barton was also posted to Twitter which reads,  I want u soo bad. Right now. (screenshot below)

TMZ reported:

Barton now says, While separated from my second wife, prior to the divorce, I had sexual relationships with other mature adult women. Each was consensual. Those relationships have ended.

He adds, I am sorry I did not use better judgment during those days. I am sorry that I let my constituents down.

The Gateway Pundit was sent a very graphic video of Congressman Barton, however; we decided the footage was too offensive to post.

Joe Barton is a Republican and has served in the House for 32 years.


Dem Lawmaker Calls on Rep. John Conyers to Step Down From Committee Post (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Democratic lawmaker and Black Caucus member Gregory Meeks called on John Conyers to step down as ranking Democrat of House Judiciary Committee.

Notice: Meeks didnt call on Conyers to resign (after all he is not a Republican) He only called on him to step down as minority leader of Judiciary committee.

Mediaite reported:

Congressman Gregory Meeks is calling on colleague John Conyers to step down from his post as ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee.

With reports in the past few days about allegations of sexual harassment leveled against the Democrat, Conyers is now the subject of a House Ethics Committee investigation.

On CNN Wednesday morning, Meeks said that no one is exempt from bad behavior.

I really think that probably the appropriate thing right now, he continued, is that he should step down as the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee and be subject to this ethics investigation.

This is rich coming from Rep. Meeks who has had his own issues with the law.

In 2010 a federal grand jury issued a subpoena to Democrat Gregory Meeks for a shady house deal. Rep Meeks (D-NY) is also being investigated for his involvement with a charity that raised money for Hurricane Katrina victims who never received a dime.

The post Dem Lawmaker Calls on Rep. John Conyers to Step Down From Committee Post (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Jay-Z Stops Concert To Tell 9-Year-Old Girl That America Is Way More Sexist Than Racist "IndyWatch Feed"

Side note: Who brings a 9-year-old to a Jay-Z concert? #444Tour JAY-Z's spontaneous conversation with a 9 year old girl: "At this very moment America is way more sexist than they are racist, but you young lady, you got the potential to be the next president of the United States, you believe that." : []


Is DNC Chair Tom Perez Trying Broken Arrow 2018? "IndyWatch Feed"

Aside from the common vernacular of broken arrow referencing a loss of a nuclear weapon it also means: a code phrase that a ground unit is facing imminent destruction from enemy attack and all available air forces within range are Continue reading


Wednesday funny! "IndyWatch Feed"

A nice, calm, and respectable lady went into the pharmacy, walked up to the pharmacist, looked straight into his eyes, and said, I would like to buy some cyanide. The pharmacist asked, Why in the world do you need cyanide? Continue reading


The FCCs Plan to End Net Neutrality: What You Need to Know by Candace Clement + Take Action! "IndyWatch Feed"

Dandelion Salad by Candace Clement Free Press Nov. 21, 2017 The details of FCC Chairman Ajit Pais plan to destroy Net Neutrality are out. And theyre even worse than expected. Our lawyers and policy experts are reviewing the reports and gathering details about Pais plan. This is our first read on the most important details []


North Korea Bans Mothers Day Celebrations Because It Distracts People From Thanking Marxist Tyrants "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Newsweek: North Koreans can no longer express feelings of affection for their mothers on the countrys Mothers Day celebration as they have reportedly been banned from writing thank you messages on bouquets of flowers given to mark the occasion. The regime has begun restricting the practice of attaching ribbons signifying a thank you or []


Court Documents Fusion GPS Paid Individual Journalists and Five Media Companies "IndyWatch Feed"

What a tangled web is weaved.  Hillary Clinton paid her lawyers at Perkins Coie for opposition research on candidate Donald Trump.  In turn Perkins Coie paid Fusion GPS to gather information.  Fusion GPS paid Christopher Steele to write the Russian Continue reading


Support This Poor Poet! "IndyWatch Feed"

[This post is pinned to the top. Scroll down for fresh content.] A recent BBC Breaking "Exclusive" showed how the U.S. and its proxy forces made a deal with the Islamic State. Under U.S. supervision hundreds of ISIS fighters in...


Fusion GPS Paid Liberal Reporters to Push Their Propaganda That Was Funded by Russians "IndyWatch Feed"

Unsealed court documents reveal that Fusion GPS, the firm behind the salacious 34-page Trump-Russia Dossier, was paid $523,000 by a Russian businessman convicted of tax fraud and money laundering.

The Russian businessmans lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, was a key figure in the infamous June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower arranged by Fusion GPS associate Rob Goldstone.

And now this

Fusion GPS was paying liberal reporters between June 2016 and Februaryto push their propaganda.

Washington Examiner reported:

Newly filed court documents confirm that Fusion GPS, the company mostly responsible for the controversial Trump dossier on presidential candidate Donald Trump, made payments to three journalists between June 2016 until February 2017.

The revelation could be a breakthrough for House Republicans, who are exploring whether Fusion GPS used the dossier, which was later criticized for having inaccurate information on Trump, to feed anti-Trump stories to the press during and after the presidential campaign. The three journalists who were paid by Fusion GPS are known to have reported on Russia issues relevant to [the committees] investigation, the House Intelligence Committee said in a court filing.

But the recipients names, the amounts, and purposes of those payments were either redacted from the documents that Fusion GPS filed to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia or were not disclosed.

Fusion has asked the court to issue a restraining order against the House committee, which is demanding documents from the company that, among other things, explain the payments it made to reporters. Most of the documents sought are banking records.



Google Does Evil "IndyWatch Feed"

Up to about 2006 or 2007 Google provided an excellent search engine. It then started to prioritize and present more general results even where one searched for very specific information. It became cumbersome to search for and find details. The...


Even If Trump's Motivations Are As Foul As You Would Expect, Stopping The AT&T/TimeWarner Merger Is Good Policy "IndyWatch Feed"

We tend to think-- and for good reason-- that anything the Trump regime does, is wrong. And in most cases, that is a good rule of thumb to follow, But not in the case of blocking the AT&T merger. No doubt Trump is meddling in the Justice Department antitrust case because of his petty vindictiveness, but blocking the merger between AT&T and Time Warner is good policy. This merger would have been celebrated by the Obama administration-- the same way the Comcast/NBCUniversal acquisition was. And that doesn't make it right-- it just shows a sickness from which we collectively averted our eyes. What it all amounts to, then and now, is far too much media clout-- sheer power-- being concentrated in far too few hands.

Early yesterday, anti-trust activist Zephyr Teachout tweeted that "The way to deal with White House meddling in antitrust is not to stop enforcing the law (the Clayton Act), especially at a time of increasingly extreme concentration of power." Instead Congress must hold hearings. A little while later, continuing the conversation on twitter, Evan McMullin wrote that "After years of hostility to CNN, the Trump Administration's efforts to block AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner, CNN's parent company, should be investigated by Congress. This is about protecting our free press-- and our freedom-- from a wannabe despot."

So here's the skinny: on Monday the Justice Department sued AT&T to stop the $85.4 billion acquisition of TimeWarner. Almost all of Trump's campaign promises were idiotic and worthless, but when he said "AT&T is buying Time Warner, and thus CNN, a deal we will not approve in my administration because its too much concentration of power in the hands of too few," someone had put some smart ideas in his dumb head. And, regardless of his venal mo...


Rand Pauls Wife Eviscerates Media For Falsely Reports About Assault On Her Husband "IndyWatch Feed"

They minimized his injuries and victim-blamed him for his leftist neighbor attacking him. And havent bothered to explore the real reason for the attack, which the FBI has said is political. Via Daily Caller: Rand Pauls wife, Dr. Kelley Paul, eviscerated the media and the neighbor who attacked her husband in an opinion piece for []


Burnt Alive by Capitalism "IndyWatch Feed"

In 1991, a fire at a chicken-processing factory in Hamlet, North Carolina killed 25 workers. While briefly a national-news story, it soon disappeared from the collective consciousness. Now, over 25 years later, Temple University historian Bryant Simon has written a book, The Hamlet Fire: A Tragic Story of Cheap Food, Cheap Government, and Cheap Lives, that uses the story of the fire to illuminate the human (and animal) costs of the direction American society has taken since the 1970. It is a magisterial work that lives up to the challenge.

The book begins with a harrowing account of the fire itself. According to Simon, many people in Hamlet lay the blame for the tragedy on owner Emmett Roe and his son Brad, who relocated from Pennsylvania when they purchased the Imperial Food Products factory. Although the Roes do not come off well, the book is basically a refutation of the idea that blame can be neatly placed on a couple of venal individuals.

Simons narrative is organized around the contrast between two phases of capitalism, which he summarizes with two words more and cheap. (More academically minded readers would use Fordism and neoliberalism.) During the phase of more, beginning with the New Deal of the 1930s, the government worked to insure demand for goods by taking measures to keep employment high and creating a social safety net. Consequently, wages tended to rise.

In the era of cheap, beginning roughly in the 1970s, government took measures to ensure that businesses could produce goods as cheaply as possible. The resultant drop in wages was somewhat offset by the resultant cheap prices of goods. Simons history offers a multisided, close look at the consequences of the cheap regime in a particular time and place.

Simon paints a golden age in Hamlets history in the time of more. The small town, near the South Carolina border about halfway between Charlotte and Fayetteville, was a key transportation hub for railroads and had thousands of union jobs servicing trains, mostly held by white men. As a result, many working people were able to enjoy something like a middle-class lifestyle. Women largely worked in their homes raising kids. That golden age was more dross for African Americans, who were mostly excluded from this prosperity, although there w...


Accused Make America Great Again Hat Thief Could Face Jail Time "IndyWatch Feed"

If she has no prior record, it would be unlikely for her to get jail time, if found guilty. But hopefully, she gets some punishment that makes her reconsider her thinking. She should be sentenced to classes on American exceptionalism and the things the U.S. has done for the world. Via Fox News: A University []


GOP Rep. Writing Bill To Prevent Lawmakers From Pulling a John Conyers "IndyWatch Feed"

Following reports of Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) using tax dollars to settle sexual harassment claims, Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is crafting legislation that would unseal all sex settlement records and ban the use of tax dollars to pay the claims. 

Settlements paid with tax dollars should not be kept secret. Members of Congress cannot be allowed to use the American peoples money as a personal slushfund to cover wrongdoing. Im working on legislation to unseal settlement records, bar use of tax dollars to pay claims against members & staff, prohibit members from using office budgets to camouflage payments (a Conyers rule) & require reimbursement of the taxpayer, tweeted DeSantis on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, President Trump called for the names of lawmakers who have settled sexual harassment lawsuits to be made public.

President Trump tells me he believe Congress should release the names of lawmakers who have settled sexual harassment claims, tweeted OANNs Trey Yingst.


Top Samantha Power Aide is Now Lobbying to Undermine Opponents of Yemen War "IndyWatch Feed"

Starving children with haunting eyes and emaciated bodies. Bombed-out hospitals and homes. A cholera epidemic that is the largest and fastest-spreading in modern history. These scenes have sparked outrage and a flurry of denunciations of the U.S.-backed war in Yemen, which is led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

But thats not to say the war has no defenders in the United States. In fact, a public relations consultant and former U.S. diplomat enlisted by the UAE has worked to discredit U.S.-based groups raising awareness of atrocities in Yemen.

Hagar Chemali previously served as a top spokesperson for Samantha Power, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Now, she is paid six figures to shape the debate about the war at the U.N., including by discrediting NGOs that advance evidence of human rights violations in Yemen, according to public disclosures and emails obtained by The Intercept.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE launched a military intervention in March 2015 against the Houthi rebels, who are allied with former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and backed by Iran. The Saudi-led coalition, which aims to reinstate ousted president Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi, blockaded the country and has indiscriminately bombed civilian centers such as markets, hospitals, and childrens schools.

Last week, Power weighed in on the conflict, condemning American support for the coalition. But during her time at the U.N., Power maintained a code of silence on what U.S. allies were doing in Yemen. She is now criticizing a Trump administration policy that is largely a continuation of her former bosss approach.

Now, Chemali, who was Powers spokesperson at the time the Saudi-led war on Yemen began, is working to undermine criticisms of the war.

At the U.N., Chemali played an influential role, coordinating all communications and overseeing public diplomacy for the U.S. Mission the U.N.s largest financial contributor. She...


Fusion GPS Paid Journalists, Court Papers Confirm "IndyWatch Feed"

Getting worse and worse. So they may have even been paying press to run the anti-Trump stories. House Intel needs to have the names revealed. Via Washington Examiner: Newly filed court documents confirm that Fusion GPS, the company mostly responsible for the controversial Trump dossier on presidential candidate Donald Trump, made payments to three journalists []


Trump Resumes Abuse of Terror List "IndyWatch Feed"

The U.S. government has long abused its terrorism list by including disfavored nations while leaving off allies implicated in 9/11 and other terror attacks, a practice President Trump has resumed, notes ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar. By Paul R. Pillar


CNN Reporter Bemoans Talent Drain That Sexual Harassment Claims Have Caused In Media "IndyWatch Feed"

Such talent we dont need. Via Daily Mail: CNNs Dylan Byers has come under fire for his disgusting tweet bemoaning the talent drain that he believes the recent allegations of sexual harassment has caused in the media industry. Beyond the pain/humiliation women have endured (which is of course the paramount issue), its worth taking stock []


Donna Brazile: Bill Clinton Should Hit the Campaign Trail for Democrats in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed"

Former Interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile said Bill Clinton paid a huge price for the Monica Lewinsky scandal and that talking about his past at this time distracts from the pervasive problem of sexual harassment in our society and the workplace.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., recently told the New York Times that Bill Clinton stepping down during the scandal involving Lewinsky, a White House intern at the time, would have been an appropriate response.

During an event at Politics & Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday evening for her new book Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House, Brazile weighed in on Gillibrands statement about Clinton and whether Democratic candidates should campaign with the Clintons during the 2018 midterm election campaign.

Absolutely, no doubt, and let me tell you something, Brazile said. I worked for Bill Clinton and Al Gore, OK, part of my formative years. Bill Clinton was impeached. In 1998, I went over to the DNC, I left my job with [Reps.] Eleanor Holmes Norton and Dick Gephardt to go over to the [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] and the [Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee] and the DNC, and we came within five seats [of taking the House in the 1998 midterm elections]. Bill Clinton paid a huge price and I know everybody wants to re-litigate it today and rather than talk about Roy Moore, a man who has been banned from the mall, and not want to talk about sexual harassment sexual harassment is a pervasive problem in our society and the workplace.

Braziles memoir has been much-discussed in Democratic circles, as it reveals that the campaign of Hillary Clinton had won outsized control over the DNC as early as the fall of 2015. The campaign took on the DNCs debts, which had mounted under the mismanagement of former President Barack Obama and former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Reporter Nicholas Ballasy questions Donna Brazile at an event at Politics & Prose bookstore in Washington, D.C.

The book does not treat the Democratic presidential nominee gently, a mood signaled by the memoirs opening line: When the name Hillary Clinton popped up on my phone in February 2017, I realized hers was a call I stopped waiting to receive.

At the boo...


Non-White Student Linked To Racist Graffiti Inside School, Officials Say "IndyWatch Feed"

Another hoax. So yes, good question, why are so many students creating these hoaxes? If there is such rampant racism, you wouldnt need to create hoaxes. Via Fox News: School officials in a Missouri community were making plans Tuesday to discipline a non-white student whom they said had confessed to writing a racial slur and []


Canada Prepares for a New Wave of Refugees as Haitians Flee Trumps America "IndyWatch Feed"

An RCMP officer talks with a group of people who claimed to be from Haiti in Champlain, New York as they prepare to cross the border into Canada illegally on August 4, 2017.


Hillary Clinton Has No Regrets After Sleeping Through Benghazi Terrorist Attack and the Briefing Three Days Later "IndyWatch Feed"

Hillary Clinton said Wednesday she had no regrets for leaving the State Department at 9 or 10 and going home to sleep through the Benghazi terror attacks.

Hillary Clinton also famously slept through the Benghazi briefing three days later after four Americans were murdered by Islamists in a well coordinated attack.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Hillary Clinton said Wednesday that she has no regrets about leaving State Department headquarters during the 2012 Benghazi raid that left four Americans dead, a decision that exposed her to criticism during years of investigations into the terror attack.

You know, I was there until 9, 10 oclock. We had done a number of what are called SVTCs, you know, satellite conferences, Clinton told radio host Hugh Hewitt during an interview that aired Wednesday. I had talked on the phone. I had talked over satellite with our team in Libya. I had talked with members of our government, Defense and Intel and others, obviously the White House.

Clinton has taken fire for going home relatively early on the night of the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on a U.S. consulate in Libya. Four Americans died in the attack, and the Obama administration came under intense scrutiny for initially blaming the attack on an inflammatory YouTube clip before acknowledging that it was a planned attack.

You know, we knew that our goal was to find all of our people and get them out of there, and that was ongoing. And so you know, I went home for a few hours of sleep. I talked to the President, bringing him totally up...


SEE YOU IN A FEW DAYS "IndyWatch Feed"

I'm heading off for the holiday. Hope you have a good one -- and if you're inclined, stop by here, because I think there may be a guest post or two while I'm away. See you on Saturday.


Watch Video Of North Korean Soldiers Harrowing Defection Dash Across The DMZ "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Daily Caller: Incredible video footage from the tense Korean Demilitarized Zone shows one North Korean soldiers desperate dash into South Korea as his comrades let loose a barrage of bullets. United Nations Command released CCTV footage Tuesday of a suspected North Korean staff sergeant in his 20s fleeing his desolate country last Monday, first []


The Ford Report: Police Shootings of Native Americans Grossly Underreported "IndyWatch Feed"

The Ford Report: Police Shootings of Native Americans Grossly Underreported

bruce Wed, 11/22/2017 - 21:26

SHARMINI PERIES: It's the Real News Network. I'm Sharmini Peries coming to you from Baltimore. Over the past three years, the issue of police shootings of African-Americans has received much attention. Less known, but equally severe, are police shootings of Native Americans. CNN and Newsweek point out that Native Americans are victims of police shootings to a far larger extent than is generally known, that is, according to latest data reported by the Center for Disease Control. Between 1999 and the year 2015, police killed 2.9 Native Americans per million inhabitants per year. For African-Americans, the figure is lower at 2.6 per million per year, and for whites, it is 0.9. The Native American figure at 2.9 is the highest such rate of any ethnic group in the US, and the actually number is probably higher, according to the Indigenous Law and Policy Center at Michigan State University.


Joining me now to discuss this is Glen Ford. Glen is the executive editor of the Black Agenda Report. He's also the author of the book titled, The Big Lie. Glen, good to have you with us.



GLEN FORD: Thanks for having me.



SHARMINI PERIES: Glen, so what is your assessment of the problem of police shootings of Native Americans?



GLEN FORD: The data on Native Americans in general is very problematical and that's why you're going to continue to have this kind of confusion and it will be difficult to compare the newest figures with last year's or figures from 10 years ago. Actually, all that we can be confident of seeing is some kind of general tendency. The reason these figures with Native Americans are so problematical is because, well, essentially the biggest problem is that Native Americans populations are split. They're split between the isolation of reservations, and then that portion of the native population which is in big ci...


Rand Pauls Wife Takes Sledgehammer to Media Coverage After Husbands Attack More Health Issues Arise "IndyWatch Feed"

Kelley Paul, the wife of Senator Rand Paul (KY-R), is furious with media coverage after the assault on the lawmaker. 

Mrs. Paul blasted the media for concocting theories, saying the media has victimized Rand a second time with its irresponsible coverage of the assault.

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

The Hill reports:

It is incredibly hurtful that some news outlets have victimized Rand a second time as he struggles to recover, delighting in hateful headlines like Not A Perfect Neighbor, and concocting theories about an ongoing dispute, based on nothing more than speculation from an attention-seeking person with no knowledge of anything to do with us, Kelley Paul wrote in an op-ed for CNN.

Some reports have suggested the incident stemmed from an argument over landscaping, but Paul, his wife and his staff have pushed back, calling it a blindside, violent attack.

The only dispute existed solely in the attackers troubled mind, until, on a beautiful autumn day, he ran down the hill on our property and slammed his body into Rands lower back as he stood facing away, wearing noise canceling headphones to protect his ears from the lawnmower, Kelley Paul wrote.

This has been a terrible experience; made worse by the medias gleeful attempts to blame Rand for it, ridiculing him for everything from mowing his own lawn to composting, she added.

According to Mrs. Paul, Rand has not had a single nights sleep uninterrupted by long periods of difficult breathing or excruciating coughing.

The impact left Rand with six broken ribs, three displaced, pleural effusion and now pneumonia. This has been a terrible experience; made worse by the medias gleeful attempts to blame Rand for it, ridiculing him for everything from mowing his own lawn to composting, added Kelley Paul.

Nearly three weeks ag...


Movie producer tells man groped by Kevin Spacey: You should be flattered hes attracted to you "IndyWatch Feed"

For decades, Hollywood had turned a blind eye to movie mogul Harvey Weinsteins and others sexual abuse and rape of women, as well as of children a scandal that still needs to be broken into the open. Worse still, Continue reading


Miracle Park To Be Built In Rock Hill, SC Will Be Designed Specifically For People With Special Needs "IndyWatch Feed"

Some positive news. Via WBTV: A non-profit organization in York County is trying to build a one of a kind outdoor park designed specifically with people with disabilities in mind. The so-called Miracle Park is a dream of the York County Disabilities Foundation. Last week, the foundation presented the idea to Rock Hills City Council, []


Ungrateful Fool! Trump Goes in for Kill Shot on Ingrate LaVar Ball "IndyWatch Feed"

Last week the Chinese regime released three UCLA basketball players from jail after they were caught stealing merchandise from a Gucci store. The three players could have spent 10 years in prison for the felony crime in China.

But President Trump made a call to the Chinese President Xi Jinping and was able to negotiate their release.

Thats when LaVar Ball, the father of one of the players, refused to thank President Trump for helping the UCLA players out of the Chinese prison system.

LaVar Ball even went on CNN and told Chris Cuomo that he was responsible for his sons release.

On Wednesday morning President Trump blasted ingrate LaVar Ball again This time it left a mark.

The post...


Women of SNL release statement in support of Al Franken "IndyWatch Feed"

Yall may regret that decision, ladies. From Entertainment Weekly: Women who worked with Al Franken on Saturday Night Live are stepping out to support him 36 SNL Women, to be exact. The comic-turned-senator, who spent a total of 15 years on Continue reading


22-Count Indictment Including Racketeering Returned Against Suspect In New York City Bike Path Terror Attack "IndyWatch Feed"

The gloves are off. Via ABC News: A federal grand jury returned a 22-count indictment Tuesday against Sayfullo Saipov in connection with the deadly terror attack on Manhattans West Side on Halloween. The indictment treats the Islamic State, in whose name Saipov told police he carried out the attack, like a mafia family. It charges []


DACA Twins Are Spending Thanksgiving Fighting Their Parents Deportation "IndyWatch Feed"

Twins and DACA recipients Liany Jr. Villacis-Guerrero and Maria Villacis-Guerrero in their home as Maria waits her turn to briefly talk to their father who is in detention and awaits removal to Ecuador, in Woodhaven, New York on Nov. 21, 2017.


ISIS Urges Supporters To Kill Trumps 11-Year-Old Son, Lists His School Location "IndyWatch Feed"

Via SITE: Islamic State (IS) supporters distributed a call to kill Barron Trump, the 11-year-old son of U.S. President Donald Trump, providing the name and Google Map location of his school.


GQ Has Knives Out for Trump Tells Readers to Ruin Thanksgiving Dinner "IndyWatch Feed"

The knives are out for President Trump.

GQ pushes Trump assassination porn in its Thanksgiving post.

GQ Magazine is urging its far left readers to ruin Thanksgiving dinner this year.

What a classy bunch.

Its late-November 2017, and you know what that means: Every man youve ever seen on TV for any reason has just been unmasked as a woman-hating sewer ghoul. Also, its time to ruin your Trump-supporting familys Thanksgivingfor America!

Thanksgiving is a celebration of community and gratitude, where we reconvene in our nostalgia-drenched hometowns and perform time-honored traditions such as almost sleeping with your high school crush and going around the table to say what youre most thankful for and where you were on 9/11. Last years Thanksgiving was a difficult time for most Americansroughly 65.8 million of us. The election was still a fresh wound. Trump had begun assembling his Dr. Caligari cabinet of White House monsters, each one a direct fuck-you to some beloved ideal. There was the EPA chief who doesnt believe in climate change, the labor secretary who opposed minimum wage increases, the flagrantly Islamophobic National Security Adviser who might just be a foreign agent, and at the helm of it all, a man who speaks almost exclusively in racist dog whistles and locker room talk. Thanksgiving was a cathartic vent sesh for liberals with like-minded families, and a painful twist of the knife for those without

This year, if youre headed home to a household that still thinks a sex-offending game show host in rapid cognitive decline was the best choice for a president, it is your civic duty to filibuster Thanksgiving.

Trump has spent the entire year performing one long, clumsy touchdown dance atop the wreckage of Americas former norms and values. He turned the presidency into a haberdashery. He made nepotism a core hiring strategy. He attacked a civil rights leader during Martin Luther King Day. He politicized a Boy Scout jamboree. Any parents still riding the Trump Train at this point have thereby signaled that nothing is sacred. It is time to follow their example. They cant stand idly by while President Deals tramples every other American tradition and yet somehow expect that Thanksgiving will be normal too. If every other moment of this year is going to be drastically out of whack, nobody should get to pretend that everything is normal for one meal just because thats what the pilgrims would ha...


About those Marine Ospreys at CIA November 18th "IndyWatch Feed"

In a search for credible information I came across this piece by April LaJune. It feels like a media blackout, with trusted sources no longer feeling reliable. So I dont know if this woman is giving us straight information, but Continue reading


ISIS Names Its Top 5 Terror Attacks In 2017 "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Newsweek: The Islamic State militant group revealed Thursday a list of what it considered to be its most prominent attacks around the world this year and called for more deadly violence. ISIS, by most accounts, was effectively defeated as a warfighting force in 2017, but its ability to strike without warning in major cities []


Another Stock Market All Time High on Tuesday! Dow Up 29% Since Last Novembers Election! "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Greatest Stock Market Rally Ever! Another All Time Closing High!

Dow up 29% since last years election on November 8th, 2016 closing yesterday at 23,591!

* The Dow increase of 5,258 points since the November 8th election a year ago is the largest point increase in this amount of time in Dow history.  This has never happened in the more than 100 years in the Dow.

* The Dow has increased more in 2017 than any year ever in Dow history! The Dow ended 2016 at 19,763 and has increased by 3,828 points through today. (The old record was 3,473 set by Obama in 2013.)

* Since the election the Dow has surpassed 5 major milestones 19,000, 20,000, 21,000, 22,000 and 23,000. This is the first time this happened in less than a year in US history.

* The stock market is based on current information and future expectations. This is why its logical to base any impact on the stock market related to a President by measuring from their election onward. For example, when Obama was elected President the Dow was at 9,625. Immediately after his election win the Dow plummeted to an eventual 6,547 on March 9th, 2009 before it began to recover. When President Trump was elected President the Dow sat at 18,332 and has increased at a record pace ever since.

* President Trumps stock market rally is historical! No President has seen more all time highs in their first year in office than President Trump.

* President Trump set the record earlier this year for the most all time closing stock market highs during his first year in office. Currently the Dow has set 77 closing highs since last years election and 60 since President Trumps inauguration. (As a comparison, President Obama had no stock market h...


Second Federal Judge Blocks President Trumps Transgender Military Ban "IndyWatch Feed"

Another black robed social justice warrior. Update to this story. Via Washington Examiner: A federal judge in Maryland issued a second order on Tuesday blocking President Trump from implementing his ban on transgender military service. The preliminary injunction was granted to a group of active-duty transgender troops who sued Trump and top military officials in []


Thanksgiving with a Trump-Supporting Climate Change Skeptic Who Happens To Be Your Father "IndyWatch Feed"

Before she shares Thanksgiving dinner with her father at her childhood home in the mountains of North Carolina, Anna Jane Joyner plans to meditate, do yoga, and drink several mimosas. Still, chances are dinner wont be easy. Joyner, a full-time climate activist, will be celebrating the holiday with her father, a prominent Southern evangelical pastor and climate skeptic. While Anna Jane has spent the past year grieving the results of the presidential election, Rick Joyner, who runs MorningStar Ministries in South Carolina, has been proclaiming Donald Trumps victory a miracle of God.

Although they find themselves across an ideological divide on almost every issue, Rick Joyner could almost be credited for his daughters career path. He introduced her to reading and, through it, the intellectual pursuits that have given meaning to her life. The oldest of Rick and Julie Joyners five children, Anna Jane also credits her father and the countless hikes they took together for her love of nature, which emerges in the documentary work shes done, as well as in the podcast of climate-related stories she hosts.

But the elder Joyner also helped elect Trump. Rick Joyner has likened the president to Jesuss disciples and is said to have prophesied his victory. Based in the South Carolina compound that used to belong to Jim and Tammy Fae Bakker, Joyner, who is still a frequent guest on the Jim Bakker Show, was even part of a group of ministers who advised Trump on immigration issues during his campaign. While Anna Jane has made the fight against climate change her lifes work, her father believes climate change was invented by communists so they can be the ones who save the world.

Since Anna Jane left the church at 16 and the Young Republican Club a few years later, the political rift between father and daughter has widened. Anna Jane, who has her fathers brown eyes and gentle curve of a smile, is pro choice; her father sees abortion as the gate of hell. Anna Jane took a stand against discrimination based on sexuali...


Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly, and the Fraud of Conservative Media "IndyWatch Feed"

NOTE: This article was originally published at Right On on April 8, 2016. Im re-posting it here as the site is now defunct.

For years, the sleeping giant of American nationalism has been lulled to slumber by the lies of corporate-owned Right-wing media outlets like Fox News. The conservative medias hysterical reaction to Donald Trump has revealed them as phonies.

One of the things I find absolutely delightful about this years presidential election is watching the Leftist media forced to defend people they hate in the service of trying to stump Donald Trump. In crowing about the Donalds loss in the Wisconsin primary earlier this week, the media was forced to side with winner Ted Cruz, an autistic mommas boy who pals around with preachers who advocate executing homosexuals. Similarly, in order to push the meme that Trump is a knuckle-dragging misogynist, theyve had to pretend that Fox News spokesbimbo Megyn Kelly is Edward Murrow with a vagina.

Kelly is and always will be a tabloid hack, employed solely for her peroxide-drenched looks. In typical female fashion, she regards her hurt feelings over Trumps comments about women to be more important than the actual issues. The best quote I ever heard about Kelly came from a woman Karl Ushanka and I met in line at a Trump rally near Omaha. We were talking about Kelly and I described her as a lightweight, to which the woman interjected, Oh come on, you dont have to be so polite! Shes a bitch!

Indeed, Trumps candidacy has exposed the rot within the so-called conservative media. Unlike Leftist media outlets like CNN and MSNBC, who sincerely believe the nonsense they spew, Rupert Murdoch established Fox News out of a cynical desire to tap the wallets of Right-wing Americans. One of 21st Century Foxs major investors is Saudi Prince Alwaweed bin Talal, a Trump opponent who has used his influence to prevent Fox News from covering stories that put Muslims in a bad light.



Is There A Central Core To Trumpism-- Aside From Kleptocracy? "IndyWatch Feed"

I'm still sticking with the theory that there's a mammoth and unstoppable tsunami forming up now and preparing to sweep away the Republican majorities in the House and maybe even the-- nearly impossible-- Senate. This kind of thing-- from a respectable Michigan blogger and party activist-- makes me wonder if it really is unstoppable though. Can this kind of clueless embrace of a Bannon-inspired war of the sexes actually derail a tsunami? Maybe...

I get the feeling that Bannon isn't... the 3 Stooges-- and that he's not going to at least try to turn back the tsunami. I mean, can you imagine what the loss of 50-60 House seats would do to his agenda and Trumopanzee's illegitimate presidency? You can't? Look at that nice Nancy Ohanian painting at the top of the page more closely. Trump 2019.

Meanwhile, Adam Serwer drew a portrait of Bannon's nationalist agenda that helps reminding us what's worth fighting against as we battle not just the specter of vile patriarchy but also against women being made to feel uncomfortable by unreconstructed pigs. "Thirty years ago," he began, reminding us what gravity is, "nearly half of Louisiana voted for a Klansman, and the media struggled to explain why. It was 19...


University Of Montana Journalism Dean Objects To Conservative Columnist Speaking At The Jeff Cole Distinguished Lecture "IndyWatch Feed"

Another conservative invading the safe space of academia. Via Helena IR: A controversial professor and columnist whose selection as the Jeff Cole Distinguished Lecturer drew objections from the University of Montana School of Journalism dean will speak on campus at the Dennison Theatre. Mike Adams, a professor at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, will give []



Prominent men are being exposed as sexual harassers and assailants, and I see that National Review has asked Ben Shapiro to offer some thoughts about that:

My gender is terrible, Politico Chief Economic Correspondent Ben White wrote earlier this week. Time Politics Editor Ryan League Beckwith tweeted, Not tweeting tomorrow. Just retweeting women. Men: Join me.

This is the trendy new habit on Twitter when another prominent man is outed for sexual harassment and sexual assault: Virtue-signaling men rush to the medium to repent on behalf of their sex. Men, they say, are disgusting creatures but they know that, since theyre men. So leave them alone, ladies. Theyre on your side.
Ben Shapiro has some nerve chastising other people for "virtue signaling." Shapiro's career was built on virtue signaling. As a young pundit he tried to beat liberalism to death with his own virginity. His labors landed him a book deal:
I'm 21 years old, a columnist, an author, a graduate of UCLA, a Harvard law student -- and a virgin. And I'm proud of it.

As I explain in my new book, "Porn Generation: How Social Liberalism Is Corrupting Our Future," in today's America, being a proud virgin is no easy task. Those with values are under attack in a culture that treasures "tolerance" above morality. It's no wonder that because of my outspoken advocacy of traditional morality in general and of virginity in particular, I've become a favorite target of Internet leftists, who often refer to me as "The Virgin Ben."
But let's return to his National Review column.
All of this is galling. Thats because it ignores a fundamental fact about human life: All human beings are capable of sin. And that means that the antidote to human frailty and brutality isnt issuing broad-based mea culpas in behalf of groups, but working to instill virtue in individuals through prophylactic rules. But the leftist rubric forbids such inculcation, because that would be culturally oppressive and judgmental.
Right -- we want there to be no moral rules. That's why we regularly attempt to formulate rules for decent conduct -- between genders, among races and ethnic groups, among socioeconomic classes. When we do this, Shapiro calls it "political correctness" and says it breeds insanity and...


SHOCKING Never Before Seen Prophecy of Pope John Paul II Is Published in Italy On Muslim Invasion of Europe "IndyWatch Feed"

Related image

A never-before published prophecy attributed to Pope John Paul II has been revealed by a close confidant of the former pontiff during a memorial lecture on his life, the contents of which could cause scandal within the increasingly liberal and politically-correct Vatican.

Speaking in Italy on October 22nd, Monsignor Mauro Longhi from Trieste, an Opus Dei prelate and for ten years a member of the Vaticans Congregation for the Clergy, was still a student when he accompanied the Polish pope on summer retreats into the Italian Alps in the 1980s and 90s.

Born Karol Wojtya in Poland, John Paul II was known for his love of hiking and skiing.

It was during one such mountain retreat in the early 1990s at Bienno, Northern Italy, that the Italian priest claims to have been told of a troubling vision by the pontiff.

I had looked at him thinking that he might need something, the longtime friend of John Paul II explained as part of a series of recollections and anecdotes on their friendship, but he realizes that I am looking at him; he has the shiver in his hand. It was the beginning of Parkinsons.

Dear Mauro, it is old age, John Paul joked, before becoming more serious in tone and voice, according to the then student priest, going on to explain his vision.

Remind this to those whom you will meet in the Church of the third millennium. I see the Church of the third millennium afflicted by a mortal plague, which compared to those of this millennium will be deeper, more painful, the Polish Pope confided, having meant Communism and Nazism as the plagues of his time.

It is called Islam. They will invade Europe. I have seen the hordes surging from the West to the East, from Morocco to Libya, from the Oriental countries towards Egypt.

They will invade Europe. Europe will be a cellar; old relics, twilight, cobwebs. Old family souvenirs. You, the Church of the third millennium, must contain the invasion. But not with weapons. Weapons will not be enough, but with your faith, lived with integrity.

Emerging from the Italian and French blogosphere in recent days, the story featured in Italian daily, La Stampa, Tuesday, with an article appearing on its...


Senate Dems: Trump Helping ISIS Stage Attacks On America With His Travel Ban "IndyWatch Feed"

Wait, what? Via Newsweek: As part of their latest attempt to block President Donald Trumps travel ban, Senate Democrats say the order preventing refugees from Muslim-majority countries is being used by ISIS to recruit lone-wolf terrorists. Eight Democratic senators on Friday introduced the No Ban on Refugees Act, which would prohibit the U.S. government from []


Tehama deputies were called 21 times to to gunmans neighborhood before shooting spree "IndyWatch Feed"

Im still waiting for the gun control fanatics to tell me which gun control laws, not already in place, would have stopped this nut. As reported by Dale Kasler at the Sacramento Bee: When it came to police calls, the Continue reading


Coastal Cities on the Edge "IndyWatch Feed"

The U.S. environmental movement has often historically put cities in opposition to nature. Yet over half the worlds population now lives in cities, and the natural disasters of the last several years have shown how extreme weather can be most devastating to the urban poorHurricane Katrina drowning elderly people in New Orleansand how the social inequality intensifies that, like Hurricane Maria devastating a Puerto Rico hobbled by debt and a shaky electrical-power infrastructure.

In Extreme Cities: The Peril and Promise of Urban Life in the Age of Climate Change, Ashley Dawson asserts that while cities are the sites of the most greenhouse-gas emissions, it is in the extreme city that the most important struggles for human survival will take place. He defines extreme city as an urban space where extreme economic and political inequality threaten its own sustainability. How a city copes with that has everything to do with how well it will weather the storms that are bearing down upon humanity.

While we know about the dire predictions of rising temperatures, acidification of the oceans, melting glaciers and polar ice, and rising waters, why dont we talk about this existential threat more often? Dawson suggests that because there is so much global wealth centered in cities and invested in urban real estate, those in economic and political power do not want the rest of us to talk about what is about to happen. He believes we will inevitably be forced to retreat from the coastal and riverine cities and resettle inland.

Extreme Cities is well-researched and accessibly written. Its main focus is New York City, primarily as a case study of the effects of climate change and the social movements responding to it. He weaves in experiences and experiments from other cities but always returns to Gothams history and future.

The vast majority of major world cities have been built next to water oceans, rivers, deltas and lakes and if global warming melts the polar icecaps, sea levels could rise as much as 50 feet over the next century. Dawson deftly shows us how building hard barriers against rising water is doomed to fail, that we need to work with, not against, the natural systems around us and understand that water must go somewhere, and the land must be replenished with residue that the water can bring back to the shore. He compares cities in Holland, which are recognizing this, with Louisiana, where with fossil-fuel barons controlling the state and local governments, the coast is shrinking because the wetlands and marshlands that historically protected the land from floods have been destroyed for oil drilling and shipping.



No Safe Dose of Radioactive Ruthenium 106; Increased Dose is Increased Risk; Even the US NRC Knows That It Is Toxic "IndyWatch Feed"

Ruthenium 106 is both a chemical and radiological hazard. With a half-life of over one year, Ruthenium 106 will stay radioactive in the environment for well over a decade. With an average half-life in the body of over 100 days, it will stay radioactive in the body for years, continuing to shoot out ionizing radiation, some of which will cause damage which may lead to cancer or other health problems. Here a combination of exposure level, random chance, and immune system apparently come into play in determining the outcome. Clustered DNA damage is uniquely caused by ionizing radiation and nearly impossible to correctly repair, and one must then hope that the body will simply destroy/clean-up any serious damage.

There is no safe dose of ionizing radiation. Increased dose is increased risk. So, when some experts say that the (radioactive) Ruthenium 106, which was noticed in low levels in Europe, and high levels in Russia, is not dangerous, they are lying. The risk for the overall population in Europe is just lower with lower concentrations in air. The outcome for those individuals who inhale or ingest those particles may not be good, but the cause of any cancers or other health problems will remain unproveable, because there are so many man-made radioactive materials still causing cancer and other health problems in Europe, the US, and elsewhere from nuclear weapons testing, Chernobyl, the Mayak accident, Windscale, nuclear waste processing, operating nuclear reactors, Fukushima, etc. There is also some additional risk caused by natural radiation (On this last see Spycher et. al. below).

This is the US NRC debating the risks of ruthenium in spent (i.e. used) nuclear reactor fuel stored or transported at room temperature.


Locals Left In Dark About Russian Radiation Spike: Russian Authorities Confirmed Spike In Radioactivity in Air Over Ural Mountains; Classified It As Extremely High Contamination "IndyWatch Feed"

Air samples in the town of Argayash, 30 kilometers from Mayak, in late September-early October, for example, showed levels nearly 1,000 times higher than those recorded in previous months. (RFERL-Wesolowsky).

Locals Left In Dark About Russian Radiation Spike
November 21, 2017 18:12 GMT
RFE/RLs Tatar-Bashkir Service
Sixty years after the nearby Mayak facility was the site of one of the worst nuclear accidents in history, local residents worry about what the authorities arent telling them.

ARGAYASH, Russia People living near a nuclear reprocessing plant that is suspected to have caused a spike in radioactivity over the Ural Mountains in Russia say they were never warned by officials of any potential danger.

Residents and even local officials in the town of Argayash told RFE/RL on November 21 that they first heard reports of the rise in radioactivity from Western news reports.

No, we dont know anything. Just read about it on the Internet myself. We dont know any more. Only doctors might know, said a local official who requested anonymity, he explained, due to his working for the government.

However, at least one doctor in Argayash, Abdulkhay Valeyev, said he couldnt comment because there was not enough information.

No, these are unconfirmed facts. We cant confirm or deny it because theres no data about it, Valeyev told RFE/RL.

The comments come after Russian authorities earlier on November 21 confirmed reports of a spike in radioactivity in the air over the Ural Mountains.

The Russian meteorological service said in a statement that it recorded the release of ruthenium-106 in the southern Urals in late September and classified it as extremely high contamination.

It also said high levels of radiation in residential areas adjacent to Rosatoms Mayak plant for spent nuclear fuel had been detected. Air samples in the town of Argayash, 30 kilometers from Mayak, in late September-early October, for example, showed levels nearly 1,000 times higher than those recorded in previous months.

No, these are unconfirmed facts. We cant confirm or deny it because theres no data about it, Valeyev told RFE/RL.

The comments come after Russian authorities earlier on November 21 confirmed reports of a spike in radioactivity in the air over the Ural Mountains....


Generais dos EUA afirmam que impediriam ataque nuclear ilegal. Mas existem ataques legais? "IndyWatch Feed"

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, left, poses for a handshake at Offutt Air Force Base with Gen. John E. Hyten, the head of Strategic Command, in Bellevue, Neb. on Sept. 14, 2017. Mattis will be receiving classified briefings at Strategic Command, which will help him in his "nuclear posture review," a top-to-bottom reassessment of U.S. nuclear weapons policy.


Democrat Congressman Bob Brady Accused of Rigging Pennsylvania Election "IndyWatch Feed"

Oh, this is SWAMPY and the timing is epic.  Pennsylvania Congressman Bob Brady is a ranking member of the Committee on House Administration which oversees settlements paid by Congress for sexual discrimination and harassment complaints. Additionally, representative Brady is Continue reading


President Trump is rapidly reshaping Americas judiciary to end the progressive state as we know it "IndyWatch Feed"

A main reason why I voted for Donald John Trump last November 8th has to do with the courts not just the Supreme Court, but also the circuit courts across America that wield profound influence over Americans lives. Whereas Continue reading


When you cant tell the truth, anonymity is your rescue "IndyWatch Feed"

The liberty we know as Freedom of Speech, when written into law, only says that your government cannot retaliate against you for speaking your mind. But your friends and family can, and would. When people have something important to say that cant be said, privacy and anonymity are the liberties that make it possible to []




Reports railing against and down right attacking with no real substance of truth have collectively been spewed out in an attempt to discredit an honest and fact finding investigative reporter, April LaJune.

LaJune has a large following of people who want to know what is going on and appreciate her refreshing updates. They are to the point, up front and factual.

Collectively, and all at once, a group of what now appear to be You Tube shills, blasted their liar accusations, complete with twisting Aprils words beyond the shape of a pretzel ,out into You Tube land and beyond via a few scathing blog posts. They had fun skewing her words and trying to roast her, although their attempt went sour when the only thing they had on her were their own twisted words and liar interpretations.  The same as we have seen from the MSM on President Trump. Well, meet the pretzel makers.  For what its worth. take a hard look at the accusers and then decide who did what and when. Note: George Webbs name was used by many who allegedly chimed in with the othersand since he has been doing a lot of shill workit is important to be aware of his ties.




Joe Arpaio is a symbol of domestic terrorism "IndyWatch Feed"

Ahead of Trumps speech in Phoenix on Tuesday, there was much speculation that Trump would pardon Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was convicted of contempt of court for defying an order to stop his deputies from detaining people on suspicion of being undocumented. While he didnt pardon Arpaio on Tuesday, Trump hinted during his speech []


Midnight Meme Of The Day! "IndyWatch Feed"

-by Noah

Tonight's meme goes a long way in explaining how Alabama got where it is right this moment. Sure, it's a joke, but, then, maybe it isn't.

Don't you love it when the South gets all uppity about being stereotyped as a bunch of racist, inbred, barefoot, backward yahoos? Well, every damn time we people with a more diversified gene pool start to thinkin' that maybe, just maaayybee, places like Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, the Carolinas, and Georgia are about to catch up with, at least, say, the 1980s, well, there they go again! This Judge Roy Moore thing shows us that Alabama might as well be some wacko country in the Middle East, wedged somewhere in the 14th century between Iran and Pakistan. Better yet, let's just call it Al Abama and stick it in one of the isolated tribal mountain areas of Afghanistan.

The inbreeding thing was always a big part of jokes about the South, but, I have to admit that I had forgotten about the pedophilia factor. Then, I think of Louisiana's Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his 14 year old cousin. We guess things just haven't changed.

Al Abama's eager embrace of their defiant pedophile candidate shocks and dismays normal people. So does the emphatic jihadist support that Moore gets from fanatical Christian fundamentalists, people who are so much like the Taliban that one would have to be forgiven if they couldn't readily tell the difference between the two. Really, can you look at those Duck Dynasty freaks and others like them throughout the south and not think they look and sound like Muslim terrorists? They even sport the same beards, not to mention the bad case of crazy eyes. But, shouldn't we have seen it coming? I mean, just look at how many times we've seen clips of southerners parading around in th...


No Two Sides about It, Confederate Statues Must Come Down "IndyWatch Feed"

One of the enduring images of the 2000s was that of American Marines purportedly helping a group of Iraqi civilians tumble the statue of Saddam Hussein at Firdos Square in Baghdad in April 2003. British journalist Robert Fisk famously described the scene as the most staged photo opportunity since Iwo Jima. Questions as to why []


The biggest problem in America is white domestic terrorism "IndyWatch Feed"

Life After Hate On Wednesday night, a thousand people gathered for a candlelight vigil at the University of Virginia campus to call for peace, later marching on the same route used by neo-Nazis and white nationalists in their torchlight march last Friday. Earlier in the day, a memorial service was held in Charlottesville to remember []


Fed Fears New Record High Credit Bubble Danielle DiMartino Booth "IndyWatch Feed"

By Greg Hunters Former Federal Reserve insider Danielle DiMartino Booth says the record high stock and bond prices make the Fed nervous because its fearful of popping this record high credit bubble. DiMartino Booth says, The Feds biggest fear is they know darn well this much credit has built up in the background, and []


November 22nd 2017 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #307 "IndyWatch Feed"

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


Colonialisms new clothes "IndyWatch Feed"

Since 2002, African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries have negotiated a reciprocal free trade agreement known as the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union (EU). While it was marketed as the magic bullet towards the ACP countries industrialisation and development, it is in fact an unfair agreement that is anchored in a colonial []


Roy Moore Campaign Officials Hold Press Conference (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

Alabama campaign officials who support Roy Moore held a press conference yesterday to outline the reason for their continued support.  Additionally, several officials confronted and deconstructed the accusations. The audio is a little sketchy in the beginning:


Wednesday November 22nd Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


Thanksgiving for JFK "IndyWatch Feed"

If he had lived, President John F. Kennedy would have been 100 years old this year.  At Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, his family would be raising a glass in his honor.

But as we all know, he was murdered in Dallas, Texas on this date November 22nd in 1963.  A true war hero twice over, he risked his life to save his men in World War II, and then, after a radical turn toward peace-making in the last year of his life, he died in his own country at the hands of his domestic enemies as a soldier in a non-violent struggle for peace and reconciliation for all people across the world.

But we can still celebrate, mourn, and offer thanksgiving for his courageous witness.  When we gather tomorrow to give thanks, we should remember today the profound significance of the date and the absent presence of a man whose death, dark and bloody as it was, is a sign of hope in these dark times. For if John Kennedy had not had the spiritual conscience to secretly carry-on a back channel letter correspondence with Nikita Khrushchev, facilitated by Pope John XXIII, we very well might not be here, having been incinerated in a nuclear holocaust.

Hope?  Not because he was assassinated, but why he was assassinated.

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While there is much media focus on the release of more of the JFK files, they are beside the point.  They were withheld all these years to dribble out the clock on an endless pseudo-debate about who killed President Kennedy.  We know who killed him: the national security state, led by the CIA, killed him, not Lee Harvey Oswald.  It was a coup dtat purposely conducted in plain sight to send a message that every president since has heeded: Your job is to make war and threaten nuclear annihilation for the Deep State elites.  Follow orders or else.  They have followed.

If you find my assertion about the CIA audacious and absurd, first read James Douglasss JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters, a book widely regarded as the best book on the assassination and its meaning.  Read it very closely and slowly.  Check all his sources, read his endnotes, and analyze his logic.  Approach his meticulous research as if you agreed with Gandhis saying that truth is God and God is truth. Try to refute Douglass. You will be stymied. Then read David Talbots...

The Diversity Mania "IndyWatch Feed"

A common feature of our time is the extent to which many in our nation have become preoccupied with diversity. But true diversity obsession, almost a mania, is found at our institutions of higher learning. Rather than have a knee-jerk response for or against diversity, I think we should ask just what is diversity and whether its a good thing. How do we tell whether a college, a department or another unit within a college is diverse or not? What exemptions from diversity are permitted?

Seeing as college presidents and provosts are the main diversity pushers, we might start with their vision of diversity. Ask your average college president or provost whether he even bothers promoting political diversity among faculty. Ill guarantee that if he is honest and even bothers to answer the question he will say no. According to a recent study, professors who are registered Democrats outnumber their Republican counterparts by a 12-1 ratio ( In some departments, such as history, Democratic professors outnumber their Republican counterparts by a 33-1 ratio.

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The fact is that when college presidents and their diversity coterie talk about diversity, theyre talking mostly about pleasing mixtures of race. Years ago, they called their agenda affirmative action, racial preferences or racial quotas. Not only did these terms fall out of favor but also voters approved initiatives banning choosing by race. Courts found some of the choosing by race unconstitutional. That meant that the race people had to repackage their agenda. That repackaging became known as diversity. Some race people were bold enough to argue that diversity produces educational benefits to all students, including white students. Nobody has bothered to scientifically establish what those benefits are. For example, does a racially diverse student body lead to higher scores on graduate admissions tests, such as the GRE, LSAT and MCAT? By the way, Israel, Japan and South Korea are among the worlds least racially diverse nations. In terms of academic achievement, their students run circles around diversity-crazed Americans.

There is one area of college life where administrators demonstrate utter contempt for diversity, and thats in sports. It is by no means unusual to watch a Saturday afternoon college basketball game and see that the starting five on both teams are black. White players, not to mention Asian players, are underrepresented. Similar underrepresentation is practiced in college football. Where you find whites overrepresented in both sports is on the cheerleading squads, which are mostly composed o...

Explaining Postmodernism "IndyWatch Feed"

In listening to Jordan Peterson over the last few months, he has often commented on the destructive philosophy of post-modernism, a philosophy that in his view is the force behind the cultural destruction underway in the west.

Prior to hearing this from him, my knowledge on the matter went to the cultural Marxists of the Frankfurt School and, before this, Antonio Gramsci.  Peterson is aware of these influences, but for him the Post-Modernists are todays driving force.

What is meant by postmodernism?

Postmodernism is difficult to define, because to define it would violate the postmodernists premise that no definite terms, boundaries, or absolute truths exist.

Are nationalism, politics, religion, and war the result of a primitive human mentality? Is truth an illusion? How can Christianity claim primacy or dictate morals? The list of concerns goes on and on.

It seems both an infinite number of realities and no realities all at the same time.  No wonder it is difficult to define.

I have been thinking about this post from the first time I heard the subject mentioned by Peterson.  Even setting aside the normal life that often gets in the way of writing, this has been a subject that I have had to let stew in the old noodle for a while.  I offer the following as an initial foray into a subject that I do not yet understand very well.

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I have found a few helpful resources on the topic and will reference two of these in this post.  With this, lets begin.

Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault, by Stephen R. C. Hicks, a book review by David Gordon

A more thorough definition and explanation of this philosophy:

Hicks tells us exactly what he means by postmodernism: Metaphysically, postmodernism is anti-realist, holding that it is impossible to speak meaningfully about an independen...

America a god-Nation? "IndyWatch Feed"

How stands John Winthrops city upon a hill this Thanksgiving?

How stands the country that was to be a light unto the nations?

To those who look to cable TV for news, the answer must at the least be ambiguous. For consider the issues that have lately convulsed the public discourse of the American republic.

Todays great question seems to be whether our 45th president is as serious a sexual predator as our 42nd was proven to be, and whether the confessed sins of Sen. Al Franken are as great as the alleged sins of Judge Roy Moore.

On both questions, the divide is, as ever, along partisan lines.

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And every day for weeks, beginning with Hollywood king Harvey Weinstein, whose accusers nearly number in three digits, actors, media personalities and politicians have been falling like nine pins over allegations and admissions of sexual predation.

What is our civil rights issue, and who are todays successors to the Freedom Riders of the 60s? Millionaire NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem to dishonor the flag of their country to protest racist cops.

And what was the great cultural issue of summer and fall?

An ideological clamor to tear down memorials and monuments to the European discoverers of America, any Founding Father who owned slaves and any and all Confederate soldiers and statesmen.

Stained-glass windows of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson have been removed from the National Cathedral. Plaques to Lee and George Washington have been taken down from the walls of the Episcopal church in Alexandria where both men worshipped.

But the city that bears Washingtons name is erecting a new statue on Pennsylvania Avenue to honor the four-term mayor who served time on a cocaine charge: Marion Shepilov Barry.

Whatever side one may take on these questions, can a country so preoccupied and polarized on such pursuits be taken seriously as a claimant to be the exceptional nation, a model to which the world should look and aspire?

Contrast the social, cultural and moral morass in which America is steeped with the disciplined proceedings and clarity of purpose, direction and goals of our 21st-century rival: Xi Jinpings China.

Our elites assure us that America today is a far better place than we have ever known, surely better than the old America that existed before the liberating cultural revolution of the 1960s.

Yet President Trump ran on a pledge to Make Americ...

Repeal the Second Amendment? "IndyWatch Feed"

After the horrific shooting in Las Vegas last month, congressional Democrats, progressive pundits, and liberal activists, predictably and immediately, began calling for more, and more draconian, gun-control laws.

It is long past time for Congress to take action on gun safety to save innocent lives, said Bernie Sanders. According to Igor Volsky of Guns Down and the Center for American Progress: Its not enough to just limit the kind of people who own guns. You have to go after the guns themselves. Guns are the problem. Joe Biden opined: How long do we let gun violence tear families apart? Enough. Congress & the WH should act now to save lives. Theres no excuse for inaction. Black Lives Matter agitator and New York Daily News columnist Shaun King blamed the shooting on white privilege.

But the strangest reaction did not come from a Democrat, a progressive, or a liberal. It came from a conservative. Bret L. Stephens joined the New York Times as an op-ed columnist in 2017 after a long career with the Wall Street Journal. Stephens, a neoconservative, argues in his book America in Retreat: The New Isolationism and the Coming Global Disorder that America should be the worlds policeman.

In an opinion piece for the New York Times, titled Repeal the Second Amendment, Stephens declares that he has never understood the conservative fetish for the Second Amendment. From a law-and-order standpoint, more guns means more murder. From a personal-safety standpoint, more guns means less safety. From a national-security standpoint, the Amendments suggestion that a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free State, is quaint. From a personal liberty standpoint, the idea that an armed citizenry is the ultimate check on the ambitions and encroachments of government power is curious.

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Stephens correctly points out the endless liberal...

What Happened to My Profession? "IndyWatch Feed"

Car journalist were once upon a time car guys. They were not Safety Nags, indistinguishable from Ralph Nader or Joan Claybrook.

Today, they are indistinguishable. Might as well be Ralph. Or Joan.

Keith Crain, for example. He is the editor of Automotive News  which isnt really. It would be more accurate to style it, Automotive Hate  because Crain doesnt much like cars or driving them.

He likes saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety.

And wants more of it to be mandated. Automated emergency braking, for instance. This is technology which uses radar or other proximity sensors to detect another car or object within the orbit of a vehicle; if the driver does not brake when the computer/programming thinks he ought to brake, the computer/programming will apply the brakes automatically. Peremptorily. Usually when there is no need to do so the object in the path of the vehicle being (typically) astronomical units distant.

The system is set up to brake like a glaucomic old lady with no depth perception or capacity to judge time-distance relationships might.

For saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafety.

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This, of course, is all accompanied by frantic flashing lights and beeps. The system cannot be switched off.

Crain writes:

This technology has not only been developed, but it is offered on many vehicles today. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have a voluntary agreement with 20 automakers to standardize automated braking by 2022.

The problem is that automated braking is mainly sold as an extra-cost option or as part of a cruise control system, i.e., adaptive cruise control. IIHS estimates that only 1 percent of registered vehicles on the road today have automated braking.

In my opinion, if an automaker has developed automatic braking and can install it as an option, then it can make the technology standard on all its vehicles.

If it adds to the cost of the vehicle then so be it. Just raise the price of the vehicle!

I dont know of any company that offers as optional equipment seat belts or airbags or any of the other life-saving devices that have been developed over the years.

There is something wrong with a company having the...

The Pentagrams Ally in Fact "IndyWatch Feed"

Americans have been living in a country that has not known peace since 9/11, when President George W. Bush and his posse of neoconservatives delivered the message to the world that you are either with us or against us. The threat was coupled with flurry of hastily conceived legislation that opened the door to the unconstitutional war on terror carried out at the whim of the Chief Executive, a conflict which was from the start conceived of as a global military engagement without end.

Bush and his handlers might not have realized it at the time but they were initiating a completely new type of warfare. To be sure, there would be fighting on the ground worldwide against an ideologically driven enemy somewhat reminiscent of communism, but there would also be included regime change of governments in countries that were not completely on board with the direction coming out of Washington. Instead of invading and occupying a country in the old-fashioned way, so the thinking went, far better to just knock off the top levels and let the natives sort things out while acting under direction from the pros in Washington.

Even though regime change in Iraq and Afghanistan did not work out very well, Bush saw himself as a triumphant war leader with his vainglorious Mission Accomplished, and he later dubbed himself the decider. He insisted that his reelection in 2004 when running against a weak John Kerry was a validation of his policies by the American people, but one has to wonder how many voters really understood that they were signing on for perpetual war that would of necessity also diminish their most cherished liberties.

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Nobel Peace Prize winner and U.S. President Barack Obama followed Bush and made it clear that there would be no stepping back from a policy of proactively protecting the American people. Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton destroyed Libya, a disaster that is still playing out, increased involvement in Syria, and introduced death by drone for both American citizens who have transgressed and random foreigners who fit a profile. And to eliminate any pushback to what he was doing, Obama relied on invoking the state secrets privilege to block legal challenges more times than all his predecessors in office combined.

And now we have President Donald Trump, whose foreign policy is particularly unarticulated, though in many ways similar to that of his predecessors. The United States is increasing its involvement in Afghanistan, where it has been engaged for longer than in any previous war, is threatening both Iran and North Korea with annihilation, and is hopelessly entangled in Trumps pledge to completely eliminate ISIS. Indeed, destro...

Study: Women Are Attracted to White Men "IndyWatch Feed"

study at Coventry and Aberystwyth universities in the United Kingdom, published in Feminist Media Studies in August, drew a completely unremarkable conclusion; women (and gay men) are attracted to men with muscles and money.

That this has been true throughout human history appears to have escaped the feminist researchers.  And therein lies the real story.  The feminists believe that women should be attracted to emotionally engaged men who may be awkward around women but exhibit the politically correct attitude.


The guy candy posted on the website were mostly white men despite London being a multicultural city indicating that white male privilege is still an attractive quality.

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No, it doesnt.  What it indicates is that the people snapping the pictures of mostly white men were probably white themselves, since race plays a significant role in sexual attraction.

The photos and comments focused on the mens biceps, pecs and chest as well as perceived sexual ability. Items that indicated wealth such as smart suits, watches and phones were emphasized. Pictures showing other representations of masculinity, such as fatherhood, and more emotional and awkward-appearing men were far less frequent.

This celebration of masculine capital is achieved through humor and the knowing wink, but the outcome is a reaffirmation of mens position in society, lead author Adrienne Evans from the Coventry Universitys Centre for Postdigital Cultures said in a statement. The problem, according to Evans, is that although it appears as though we have moved forward, our desires are still mostly about money and strength.

The feminists believe that sexual attraction should be an adaptive behavior, not instinctual.  The millions of years of human evolution that has created numerous nonverbal and subconscious signals being given to males by women and the subsequent nonverbal and subconscious signals returned by the males  doesn...

Killer Robots, Using Facial Recognition To Slaughter People "IndyWatch Feed"

Killer robots capable of using facial recognition before slaughtering people will be devastating to humankind, a top professor warned.

Professor Stuart Russell, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) expert at the University of California, said allowing machines to kill humans would endanger freedom and security.

He remarked on the chilling vision following an appearance at the end of a short film which explores how AI could be used to take out targeted individuals.

The film, entitled Slaughterbots , shows a dystopian future where tiny drones are programmed to carry out mass killings.

It was shown at a United Nations summit that heard stark warnings about the growing danger of killer drone attacks.

Professor Russell states: This short film is more than just speculation, it shows the results of integrating and miniaturising technologies that we already have.

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Ive worked in AI for more than 35 years. Its potential to benefit humanity is enormous, even in defence.

But allowing machines to choose to kill humans will be devastating to our security and freedom thousands of my fellow researchers agree.

We have an opportunity to prevent the future you just saw, but the window to act is closing fast.

Slaughterbots was filmed around Edinburgh and features an attack on students in the city.

Campaigners hope that the film will help bolster the case for a global ban on lethal weapons systems.

The seven-minute film, produced by the Campaign To Stop Killer Robots, shows a classroom full of students being murdered after a swarm of drones are launched.

Read the Whole Article

The post Killer Robots, Using Facial Recognition To Slaughter People appeared first on LewRockwell.

Chicken Soup Still Works "IndyWatch Feed"

Unfortunately, everyones least favorite season is upon uscold and flu season. Its those few months where everyone around you is sniffling, coughing, or sneezing. Everywhere you turn, someone is fighting something and youre on the defense to ensure you dont catch what they are giving out. The problem with cold and flu season is that those pesky germs are invisible to the eye, and so unknowingly to you, you are allowing those germs to enter your body and temporarily take over leaving you feeling sick and miserable.

As precautionary methods, you wash your hands more, cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze, and bundle up when heading outdoors. But is this enough? You want to make sure that your immune system is working its best to be able to fight any pesky bacteria or virus that even dares to enter. For this reason, give it an added boost by implementing these immune-boosting foods into your diet.

Immune-boosting foods to prevent cold and flu

Yogurt: Yogurt provides good bacteria and having more good bacteria means a stronger immune system to be able to fight off illness.

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Eggs: Eggs are packed with zinc, which is known to reduce symptoms related to a cold. Start stocking up on eggs within 24 hours of feeling something coming on.

Oatmeal: The fiber found in oatmeal helps boost your immune system. Furthermore, adding antioxidant-rich berries to the mix can further improve your immune system.

Cauliflower: Cauliflower naturally helps your body create more antioxidants, which can help you fight off illness.

Seafood: Tuna, salmon, and oysters contain nutrients, which can activate T-cells.

Hot beverages: Many teas are high in antioxidants, which can help you fight off illness. Furthermore, adding lemon or honey to your hot beverages can provide other soothing relief and benefits.

Spicy food: When dealing with congestion, opt for something spicy, as it will help break all that mucus up.

Fennel: Fennel is quite high in essential vitamins that boost your immune system. Some studies have shown that nutrients in fennel help your immune cells work more efficiently too.

Carrots and sweet potatoes: Carrots and sweet potatoes may be what the doctor ordered to improve congestion and sore throats.

Turkey and chicken: Turkey and chicken help your body build essential antibodies to fight off illne...

The End of Merkel Is Nigh "IndyWatch Feed"

This is a headline Ive been waiting to write for six years.  German Chancellor Emeritus Angela Merkel cant put a bad coalition together.  This is the result of an election that saw populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) rise and the Social Democrats, led by Soros-stooge Martin Schultz, fall.

Now the Free Democrats (FDP), led by Christian Lidner, understand just how strong their position is.  They dont have to make a bad deal with Merkel to get a seat at the table only to have to share it with the ideologically-opposite Greens.  They can force a re-vote, see their standing rise, along with AfD and go for a far bigger piece of the pie.

But, ultimately, if Merkels CDU/CSU coalition party is to stay together, and theres no guarantee of that anymore, it will have to dump Merkel herself if it wants to survive as a voting bloc.

Moreover, the CSU, led by Bavarian Governer Horst Seehofer, could break off from the CDU making any kind of coalition building impossible without a re-vote.

Merkel-isms Last Stand

The only thing this article by the Washington Post gets right is that the decision now falls to President Frank-Walter Steinmeyer.  It lays out three scenarios, none of which include the obvious, a re-vote.  But, that is anathema to the Deep-State on both sides of the Atlantic so it is ignored by the Post.

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A re-vote, however, is what is likely on the table.  The powers-that-be in Europe will forestall that for as long as possible and try to drag this through the Bundestag in the hope that Merkel can win the ability to form a minority government.  But, frankly, I dont see why anyone would want that other than to block any access to power by AfD.

With a minority government AfDs voting bloc of nearly 100 seats puts it in a very strong position to begin cutting deals with the other parties, who publicly, say they would never work with them.

So, the reality of a re-vote is high. And that means gains for all of the so-called conservative German parties The CSU, FDP and AfD.  The nightmare scenario for everyone is AfD rising above 15% in any re-vote.  Stripping out the CSUs 6.8%, Merkels CDU only got 26.8% o...

Can You Ace This Numeracy Test? "IndyWatch Feed"

For most of us numeracy tests are a distant memory, so you may need to swot up before taking on this tricky quiz.

The new test shared by Playbuzz challenges your knowledge of maths, and only a select few will make it to the end unaided.

The quizs creator, Michael Rodgers, claims just three per cent of the population will be able to ace his test without the help of a calculator.

The 15 sums include multiplication, subtraction, percentages and division taking you straight back to childhood maths lessons.

Instant Access to Current Spot Prices & Interactive Charts

Think youre smart enough to pass? Scroll down to take the test. Answers are at the bottom and no cheating!

Read the Whole Article

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Why Is Paul Ryan Trying To Harm The Electric Car Industry With His Tax Scam? "IndyWatch Feed"

Ryan's Tax Scam certainly picks winner and losers-- it is designed that way-- and although people in blue states like California, New York, New Jersey and Illinois are singled out for the worst treatment, people who drive electric cars are also targeted. Yesterday, released a study showing that that electric vehicles will be hard hit by Ryan's scam. The survey of 23,217 vehicle owners found that political Independents reported feeling 6.7% more financially burdened than Republicans and 1.34% more burdened than Democrats. Similarly, women on average reported feeling 6.2% more financially burdened than men by the cost of vehicle ownership.
Republicans feel 5% less burdened by the cost of vehicle ownership than the average owner; by contrast, Independents are the group that feel the most burdened.
60% of Democrats and 51% of Independents are willing to pay higher taxes for road quality improvements; by contrast, only 47% of Republicans are willing to do so.
Women are 6% more burdened by the cost of vehicle ownership than men.
The average used electric vehicle sells 26.4 days faster than a used gasoline vehicle; however, with elimination of the tax credit, competition gets considerably more difficult for used EVs, impacting their value proposition.
The study also looked at the impact the plan would have on electric vehicles given the proposed elimination of the $7,500 EV tax break. Currently, used electric vehicles on-average sell 26.4 days faster than gasoline vehicles. However, with projected higher resale values, competition gets significantly more challenging. For...


BREAKING: Pressure Grows On John Conyers To Resign As Liberal Detroit Paper Declares His Tenure As A Member Of Congress Must End Now "IndyWatch Feed"

The pressure continues to mount on embattled Congressman John Conyers to resign after the editorial board of the Detroit Free Press, a local liberal paper, has demanded his resignation. The piece notes Conyers long and complicated legacy in southeast Michigan and the U.S. Congress, referencing both his civil rights activism and power as a legislator as []

The post BREAKING: Pressure Grows On John Conyers To Resign As Liberal Detroit Paper Declares His Tenure As A Member Of Congress Must End Now appeared first on GotNews.


Ranking Member of House Judiciary Committee Im Immediately Calling For an Investigation Into FBIs Special Treatment of Hillary (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Last week, a report by The Hills John Solomon revealed FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe gave Hillary Clintons email investigation special status.

According to The Hill, the FBI refuses to clarify what McCabe meant by labeling the Clinton probe special

The Hill reports:

McCabes Oct. 23, 2016, email to press officials in the FBI said the probe was under the control of a small group of high-ranking people at the FBIs headquarters in Washington.

As I now know the decision was made to investigate it at HQ with a small team, McCabe wrote in the email. He said he had no input when the Clinton email investigation started in summer 2015, while he was serving as assistant director in charge of the FBIs Washington office.

[The Washington office] provided some personnel for the effort but it was referred to as a special and I was not given any details about it, he wrote.

Rep. Gaetz (R-FL), a ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee said to Laura Ingraham Tuesday evening, I am immediately calling for an investigation into the special treatment that the FBI gave Hillary Clinton.


The post Ranking Member of House Judiciary Committee Im Immediately Calling For an Investigation Into FBIs Special Treatment of Hillary (VIDEO) appeared first on...


Does size matter? Bigger cod contains more mercury "IndyWatch Feed"

The Norwegian Institute of Water Research (NIVA) has been monitoring the mercury levels in the Oslofjord cod since 1984. Their latest research article says that there is an increase in mercury over the last thirty years. The average length of the sampled Oslofjord cod has increased over the last decades, and this might be the []


US Spends $250 Million per Day for the War on Terror "IndyWatch Feed"

The Department of Defense has spent more than $1.46 trillion for direct war-related costs since September 11, 2001, according to the latest Pentagon tabulation of war costs obtained by Secrecy News. The 74-page DoD report provides extensive and detailed reporting on war-related appropriations and expenditures. The current total includes $83 billion in classified spending, the []


THIRD TUESDAY POLL Shows Judge Roy Moore with 10 Point Lead Over Liberal Doug Jones After Accuser Allegations Fall Apart "IndyWatch Feed"

After a week of headlines the horrific 38-year-old allegations against Judge Roy Moore are falling apart.

But now it looks like EVERY SINGLE DETAIL in Gloria Allreds accuser allegations against Roy Moore have been debunked.
Beverly Nelson was not telling the truth.

And Alabama voters are paying attention.
Roy Moore now leads ultra-liberal Doug Jones from 6 to 33 points in three new polls.

** Judge Roy Moore maintains a six point lead over ultra-liberal Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate special election according to a Breitbart poll of 11,000 likely voters released today.

** Judge Roy Moore jumped to a 33 point lead on the PredictIt market following President Trumps nod today.

** And Judge Roy Moore holds a 10 point lead in the latest Emerson College Survey.

The post THIRD TUESDAY POLL Shows Judge Roy Moore with 10 Point Lead Over Liberal Doug Jones After Accuser Allegations Fall Apart appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


SWAMPTASTIC! Dem Congressman Who Oversees Sexual Harassment Settlements is Under FBI Investigation "IndyWatch Feed"

It turns out that the Democrat swamp creature who oversees Congressional sexual harassment settlements is under FBI investigation.

Democrat Congressman Bob Brady of Pennsylvania is under FBI investigation for false statements, conspiracy and campaign fraud, Newsweek reported.

Brady is apparently Congress most trusted man to oversee sexual harassment cases. Amazing.

Via Newsweek:

Pennsylvania Congressman Bob Brady, who oversees the settlements paid by Congress for sexual discrimination complaints, is under FBI investigation for false statements, conspiracy and campaign fraud, documents showed Tuesday.

Brady, a Democrat, is a ranking member of the Committee on House Administration, which gives him power over settlement payments with taxpayer dollars. The office also works to prevent sexual harassment in Congress.

The FBI obtained a search warrant for Bradys emails.

There is probable cause to believe that Brady and his associates were involved in the commission of several crimes, including conspiracy, false statements, producing false records, false campaign contribution reports, and violating limits on campaign contributions and expenditures, the court papers say. Bradys email account is likely to contain evidence of these crimes.

Bradys campaign associates were also indicted last month.

A man like Bob Brady can easily be bribed or blackmailed since he is compromised. He is not fit to be in a position of power over other men who are desperate to make their sexual harassment cases disappear. This dynamic further stacks up against female victims who are abused and intimidated by powerful men in DC.

Is there anyone left in DC who isnt a sexual predator, under FBI investigation and or a complete fraud? How do we have any faith in the system when the men in charge are equally corrupt?

Mr. President, we beg you.please DRAIN THE ENTIRE SWAMP!

The post...


Democrat Stalwart Representative John Conyers Admits Settlements But Refutes Sexual Harassment Claims "IndyWatch Feed"

This one is going to be a tough call for the Democrat apparatus.  88-year-old Representative John Conyers is the longest serving member of the house, and generally insulated from criticism by the congressional black caucus and identity politics. Initially on Continue reading


Three More Women Step Forward To Outline Sexual Harassment By Charlie Rose CBS Fires Figurehead "IndyWatch Feed"

CBS has fired long-time figurehead Charlie Rose as three more victims come forward to outline his history of sexual harassment.  Additionally, PBS and Bloomberg news have also dropped Rose from their media networks. (Via CBS)  CBS News has fired CBS Continue reading


Thoughts And Prayers For Weasel Zippers Friend: JettieG "IndyWatch Feed"

From Louisiana Mom: Long time Weasel Zipper commenter and former moderator, Jettie (Blue Dog), has been seriously ill and has taken a turn for the worse, she will be going to a hospice today. Her longtime boyfriend and sister will be there for her. Knowing Jettie as well as I do, I know shes a []


Muslim College Basketball Player Grabs Ball and Shoots Baskets During National Anthem "IndyWatch Feed"

Rasool Samir is a college ball player at Garden City Community College.

During the national anthem Rasool sat on the bench. Then he picked up a ball and started shooting baskets during the anthem.

FOX News reported:

Jim Howard, of Garden City, Kansas is a red-blooded, American patriot and a faithful supporter of the athletic program at the local community college.

For 32 years hes volunteered with the booster club keeping scorebooks, holding fundraisers, running the chain gang for football and even providing a place for players to have a Thanksgiving meal.

He was in the stands on Nov. 1 for the season-opener of the Garden City Broncbusters basketball team. And when the announcer asked everyone to stand for the national anthem, he dutifully joined the crowd and stood at attention.

Thats when he noticed a lone player seated on a bench at courtside Rasool Samir, a 19-year-old Muslim red-shirt

As the crowd began singing about the bombs bursting in air and the rockets red glare, the Muslim basketball player grabbed a ball, walked onto the court and began shooting baskets.

Rasool was later kicked off the team.
The far left ACLU is defending his Rasools right to shoot baskets during the National Anthem.

Rasool said it was against his religion to stand for the National Anthem.


CONFIRMED: Fusion GPS Paid Journalists Amid Trump-Russia Collusion Hysteria "IndyWatch Feed"

On Tuesday, a federal court unsealed Fusion GPSs bank records, shining new light on Russia-related payments made by the firm behind the infamous Trump dossier.

Judge Richard Leon, a Bush-appointee, unsealed the records, showing 112 transactions involving Fusion GPS.

Perkins Coie, the law firm that represented the Clinton campaign and DNC, paid Fusion a total of $1,024,408 between May 24, 2016 and Dec. 28, 2016, the records show, reports Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller.

Ross adds, The largest payment was made just before the election. Perkins Coie made a $365,275 payment to Fusion GPS on Oct. 28, 2016, according to the records.

Daily Caller reports:

The unsealed documents also reveal details of the House committees requests for records related to Fusions payments to journalists.

The document shows that the committee sought records related to five Fusion payments to research and Russia expert [name redacted], and production of three additional payments.


The unsealed filings show that Fusion argued against releasing records related to payments to journalists.

The records raise new questions as to who is the mysterious Russia expert, that Fusion GPS made various payments to. At the very least, the involvement of the expert, with the firm demonstrates more cooperation between the Clinton-linked group and Russia.

The bank records show that Fusion GPS paid journalists for work amid the Trump-Russia collusion, hysteria.

The firm claims the journalists were paid to do work that was separate from the now discredited Trump dossier.

The journalists have not yet been identified.

Washington Examiner reports:

One of the documents filed by the company this week was an affidavit from one of Fusion GPSs co-founders, Peter Frisch. That affidavit said, in part, [The House Intelligence Committee] has also demanded records related to transactions between Fusion GPS and certain journalists i.e., Request Nos. 66, 68-69, 107-112. Those requested records involve transactions that are not pertinent to work related to Russia or Donald Trump.


Fusion GPS didnt deny that some payments went to reporters, but...


Alleged Gun Enthusiast Destroys Assault Rifle In Wake Of Mass Shootings "IndyWatch Feed"

He went full social justice warrior. Via WFLA: A gun enthusiast from southern California says he is taking a step to help destroy gun violence. One of Chad Vachters prized possessions was a thousand-dollar AR-15 assault rifle. After seeing the growing number of mass shootings in the country, Vachter said he was fed up and []


In Washington Everyone Hates The Most Toxic Swamp Creature Of All, Donald J. Trump "IndyWatch Feed"

Poor Trumpanzee. Everyone knows what an incompetent imbecile he is-- and Republicans in high positions increasingly are forced to bite their tongues to pretend otherwise. Some just can't do it any longer. Yesterday, BuzzFeed's Joseph Bernstein reported that last July National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster just couldn't take it any longer and let Oracle CEO Safra Catz know what he thinks of the orange pile of amorphous dung he works for. Five second-hand witnesses are all saying the same thing, namely that McMaster told Catz Trump is an "idiot" and a "dope" with the intelligence of a "kindergartner." There are people who don't already know that. Maybe back in July there were.
A sixth source who was not familiar with the details of the dinner told BuzzFeed News that McMaster had made similarly derogatory comments about Trumps intelligence to him in private, including that the president lacked the necessary brainpower to understand the matters before the National Security Council... [T]hree of the sources said that McMaster disparaged multiple members of the administration to Catz, including Tillerson, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, and President Trumps son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner. Of Kushner, one source told BuzzFeed News, McMaster said he had no business being in the White House and should not be involved in national security issues... Catz was so alarmed by the tenor of McMasters comments about President Trump and Israel that she confided her concerns to several administration officials, as well as Adelson.
Reaction to Trump is far worse in Congress where, according to multiple sources, "most" Capitol Hill Republicans "hate him enough to wish he would drop dead." One top Senate staffer told me today that Senate Republicans generally think Trump "is destroying the party and maybe the country." In one of his deranged, Adderall-fueled Twitter rants over the weekend, Trump lashed out, foolishly, at Jeff Flake:



Sexual Predators Unite! Kevin Spacey Gushed Over Bill Clinton on the Charlie Rose Show In Cringeworthy Interview (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

In what is retrospectively one of the most cringeworthy interviews ever conducted on television, actor Kevin Spacey discussed his bromance, with former President Bill Clinton on the Charlie Rose Show. To date, all three men are embroiled in sex scandals. 

Video credit: Charlie Rose

Washington Free Beacon reports:

Rose asked Spacey about his bromance with the 42nd president. Spacey, who has previously described his relationship with Clinton as a close friendship, explained why he thinks they are good friends.

Well, weve known each other a long time. Weve had a lot of different experiences over the years, Spacey said. Both in his first and second terms, I did a great number of things for him either at the White House or for the Democratic Party, hosted a lot of events, did a lot of things privately, did a lot of things on the campaign.

Spacey said that he never doubted Clinton and was always there for him.

I suppose that perhaps I never waited to see which way the wind would blow in respect to him. I was always there. And I was true friend. And never doubted him. Never stopped believing in him. Thought he was an extraordinary man, Spacey told Rose.

Took him as he was? Rose asked.

Took him as he was, Spacey replied.

And I think that may be part of the reason why we became close.

The post Sexual Predators Unite! Kevin Spacey Gushed Over Bill Clinton on the Charlie Rose Show In Cringeworthy Interview (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Sportswriter Outraged Racist Washington R*dskins Get To Play In Prime Time Thanksgiving Game "IndyWatch Feed"

Who will be watching? Via Fox News: The Five discussed a Sportswriter for The Nation, who criticized the NFL for putting the Washington Redskins game on primetime on Thanksgiving. Dave Zirin wrote that the the R*dskins [sic] slur, a name that exists only because of genocide and displacement will have center stage, Zirin said that []


MAGA Brilliant Multidimensional Economic Policy Trade Shift to Durables "IndyWatch Feed"

Go through the archives and youll note a strategy unfolding that few, including us, could fully conceptualize when it first appeared.  Way back when candidate Trump first began to put his economic plans into platform outlines the subtle signature was Continue reading


Fake Hate: Racist Graffiti at Parkway Central School in Missouri Was Written by Minority Student "IndyWatch Feed"

Another Hate Hoax!

Last week officials at Parkway Central High School in St. Louis County reported a racial incident in one of the school bathrooms.

White Lives Matter N*ggers was written on a bathroom mirror.

But it was all a hoax.
A minority student admitted to writing the offensive language on the mirror.

KMOV reported:

Local FOX 2 reported:

Officials at Parkway Central High School said a student has confessed to writing a racial slur and the phrase White Lives Matter on a mirror inside a campus bathroom.

In an email to the PCH Community, Principal Timothy McCarthy said the students actions violated the school discipline code and that the guilty party would be punished. The Parkway School District would only identify the student as non-white, but stressed that does not diminish the hurt it caused or the negative impact it has had on our community.

School officials did not disclose the students motive for the graffiti

The slur was discovered on the bathroom mirror on Wednesday, November 15. It was not immediately known if the illicit graffiti was drawn in a boys or girls restroom.

The post Fake Hate: Racist Graffiti at Parkway Central School in Missouri Was Written by Minority Student appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


North Korean Soldier Shot When He Defected Across DMZ Wakes Up Heres What He Had To Say "IndyWatch Feed"

Hes just so happy to be out, he cant bring himself to believe it. Via Daily Caller: The North Korean soldier who was shot multiple times fleeing into South Korea at the border has regained consciousness, according to South Korean reports. Is this actually South Korea? I want to hear South Korean songs, the man []


Roy Moore Leads Ultra-Liberal Doug Jones by 6 Points in Breaking Poll of 11,000 Likely Voters "IndyWatch Feed"

Judge Roy Moore maintains a six point lead over ultra-liberal Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate special election.

This poll of 11,000 likely voters has Moore up 46.4 to 40.5 for Doug Jones. reported:

Judge Roy Moore, the conservative GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate in Alabama, maintains a solid lead over Democrat Doug Jones, a new poll obtained exclusively by Breitbart News shows.

The poll from WT&S Consulting of 11,641 likely voters conducted from November 18 to November 20, with a margin of error of 1.2 percent, has Moore at 46.4 percenttowering six points over Jones, who is stuck down at 40.5 percentwhile 13.1 percent are undecided.

The survey includes 60.9 percent Republicans and 39.1 percent Democratsapproximately the margins by which President Donald Trump defeated failed 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton in Alabama.

This survey shows Roy Moore tracking down slightly since the allegations were released by the Washington Post but still holding a 5.9 percent lead, pollster John Wahl told Breitbart News.

The PredictIt market has Roy Moore up by 33 points over Jones after President Trumps supportive words this afternoon.

The post Roy Moore Leads Ultra-Liberal Doug Jones by 6 Points in Breaking Poll of 11,000 Likely Voters appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Trump Pardons Drumstick The Turkey In Accordance With Thanksgiving Tradition "IndyWatch Feed"

Funny speech. President Trump pardons Drumstick the turkey! 36 pounds thats a big bird! Good Morning America (@GMA) November 21, 2017


Fusion GPS Bank Records Are Finally Unsealed Payments To Mysterious Russia Expert Raises New Questions "IndyWatch Feed"

On Tuesday, a federal court unsealed Fusion GPSs bank records, shining new light on Russia-related payments made by the firm behind the infamous Trump dossier.

Judge Richard Leon, a Bush-appointee, unsealed the records, showing 112 transactions involving Fusion GSP.

Perkins Coie, the law firm that represented the Clinton campaign and DNC, paid Fusion a total of $1,024,408 between May 24, 2016 and Dec. 28, 2016, the records show, reports Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller.

Ross adds, The largest payment was made just before the election. Perkins Coie made a $365,275 payment to Fusion GPS on Oct. 28, 2016, according to the records.

Daily Caller reports:

The unsealed documents also reveal details of the House committees requests for records related to Fusions payments to journalists.

The document shows that the committee sought records related to five Fusion payments to research and Russia expert [name redacted], and production of three additional payments.

The committee also seeks records related to Fusions payments to journalists who have reported on Russia issues relevant to its investigation.

It is not clear from the requests whether Fusion GPS paid active journalists for their work. The firm is known to employ a stable of former reporters. Simpson and his two founding partners, Peter Fritsch and Thomas Catan, worked together at The Wall Street Journal.

The unsealed filings show that Fusion argued against releasing records related to payments to journalists.

In a Nov. 3 declaration, Fritsch argued that transactions between Fusion GPS and certain journalistsare not pertinent to work related to Russia or Donald Trump.

The records raise new questions as to who is the mysterious Russia expert, that Fusion GPS made various payments to. At the very least, the involvement of the expert, with the firm demonstrates more cooperation between the Clinton-linked group and Russia.

The curious detail comes to light at a time when Trump-Russia hysteria continues to roll on without concrete evidence the Trump campaign officials colluded with the Kremlin during the election.

The unsealing of the bank records comes amid reports that Fusion GPS Co-founder Glenn Simpson personally gave Senator John McCain (...


More MAGAnomic Winning NY Fed Raises GDP Forecast, DOW Closes New Record "IndyWatch Feed"

Almost too much winning almost, but I think we can take it.  The New York federal reserve has raised their anticipated fourth quarter GDP growth forecast to 3.8%.  Thats only a week after previously raising it to 3.2%. The Stock Continue reading


EXCLUSIVE @LauraLoomer: Islamic Terror Sympathizer And Apparent Penn State Student Proves President Trump Right About Travel Ban "IndyWatch Feed"

Citizen journalist Laura Loomer believes an apparent Penn State exchange student who sent her pro-terrorist messages over Twitter yesterday largely vindicates President Trumps tough approach on radical Islamic terrorism. Donald Trump has been warning Americans about the threat of Islamic immigrants and students who come from terror hotbeds, Loomer told GotNews. The messages I received vindicate []

The post EXCLUSIVE @LauraLoomer: Islamic Terror Sympathizer And Apparent Penn State Student Proves President Trump Right About Travel Ban appeared f...


Champion of Women Elizabeth Warren Wont Tell Groper Al Franken to Resign (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

She pretends to be a champion of women but shes really just a hack.

Elizabeth Warren wont tell groper Al Franken to resign.

Of course, she didnt.
Hes a Democrat!

Heres how Liawatha Warren dodged the question like a champ.

Elizabeth Warren: So, look, I was just enormously disappointed about this. I knew Senator Franken long before he was Senator Franken. These allegations are serious and women have a right to be heard and listened to on this. Als going to be subjected to a hearing in the United States Senate. Weve had for a long time now a bipartisan Ethics Committee that meets on a regular basis and hes going to go in and answer This is a moment in America, as I see it. The question is whether this is a big moment where theres a big flash and nothing really changes. Or is this a moment where theres real change?

What a complete fraud she is.

Via Hannity:

The post Champion of Women Elizabeth Warren Wont Tell Groper Al Franken to Resign (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Most Powerful Man in Animation Disney Pixar Head John Lasseter Taking Leave of Absence For Missteps "IndyWatch Feed"

Translation: coming out ahead of the allegations he knew were about to drop. Via Hollywood Reporter: Its never easy to face your missteps, but its the only way to learn from them, the executive stated. Disney Animation head John Lasseter is taking a leave of absence from Pixar after acknowledging painful conversations and unspecified missteps, []


ANOTHER Woman Accuses Democrat Pervert John Conyers of Sexual Harassment Suffered Unwanted Touching Daily "IndyWatch Feed"


Another woman accused pervert Democrat Rep. John Conyers of sexual harassment this year according to court filings. YUCK.

Conyers admitted to having knowledge of one of the settlements, however; he is still denying the allegations!

Buzzfeed reports:

A former scheduler in the Conyers office attempted to file a sealed lawsuit against him this February in the US District Court for the District of Columbia that alleges she suffered unwanted touching by the Democrat repeatedly and daily. She abandoned the lawsuit the next month, after the court denied her motion to seal the complaint.

The lawsuit centered on behavior that took place later, from 2015 to 2016, but involves similar allegations. The woman said that shortly after she started to work for Conyers he began to make sexual advances in the form of inappropriate comments and touching.

These behaviors and actions were so common and pervasive that they created a hostile work environment, she alleged.

Conyers is reportedly mentally incapacitated perhaps due to old age because this woman was hired to keep track of him and deliver his medication!

She also cited his age and failing mental capacities in the suit, saying she was hired, in part, to keep track of his whereabouts, call to wake him up every morning, and deliver his medication, including on weekends. She said she asked a male staffer shed earlier dated to be her fake boyfriend and make regular stops by the office in the hopes of halting Conyers advances.

Conyers became physical with the victim. She was exposed to daily harassment by the Democrat lawmaker that included rubbing on her shoulders, kissing her forehead, covering and attempting to hold her hand as well as on some occasions urging her to come to his home, Buzzfeed reported.

This woman was under such stress from Conyers harassment that she suffered from depression, anxiety and insomnia. Conyers wife, Monica Conyers was also hostile towards the female victim, calling her a whore and accusing her of wanting to have an affair with her husband, Buzzfeed reported.

Conyers victim was so ill from the s...


In Case You Missed "IndyWatch Feed"

Some of our special stories in October dealt with the impact of climate change, the Saudi role in Mideast bloodshed, and the ongoing Russia-gate melodrama and what it means to journalism. Galvestons BioLab Amid Global Warming by Joe Lauria, Oct.



If you're wondering what your right-wing uncle is going to say on Thanksgiving about Roy Moore and other headline-grabbing sex predators, let me try to prepare you.

He's probably going to tell you that sexual misconduct is exclusively a liberal problem. He's likely to paraphrase what Rush Limbaugh said on the radio today:

... heres the thing about this, folks, go through names here again. Charlie Rose, Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Louis C.K., John Conyers, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, Jeffrey Tambor, not a conservative among them.

Okay, well put Roy Moore on the list, but Im telling you Roy Moore cant compete with these people. Roy Moore has got no business being on the same page or in the same league with these people, particularly Clinton, Louis C.K., Spacey, Weinstein, and Charlie Rose.
As long as the media continue to play this story straight -- going after predators across the political spectrum -- and as long as rank-and-file Democrats and liberals agree that the predators on our side really are predators, some of "our" guys are going to be highlighted, and even if Republicans are as well, the GOP noise machine will downplay or memory-hole all the Republicans and portray this as a purely Democratic/liberal problem. Bill O'Reilly? Roger Ailes? Donald Trump? James Woods, who creeped on Amber Tamblyn and her friends when they were 16 and he was in his fifties? Ralph Shortey, the Oklahoma Trump campaign chair who just pleaded guilty to child sex trafficking? To Limbaugh and his listeners, they don't even exist.

Your uncle will tell you, as Limbaugh does, that the media protects liberals, even as he's listing all the people identified as liberals who were exposed by the media:
How come it took Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood to break the dam? Why did it take whats going on in Hollywood in this area to break the dam?

Why didnt the dam break with Anthony Weiner, with Carlos Danger? Multiples times this guy is engaging in absolutely reprobate behavior. And the Democrats and the media circle the wagons to make sure that nobody else gets linked to it, and they do what they do to Carlos Danger, making him fall on a bunch of swords he-he-he his own and try to limit it to that.

And I think the reason is that the Drive-By Media is more protective of the Democrats, especially the Clintons, than they are of Hollywood people. Even Hollywood people that are major donors, even Hollywood peo...


Another Woman Accused John Conyers Of Sexual Harassment In Lawsuit This Year "IndyWatch Feed"

He settled one. But, apparently, there are more. Via Buzzfeed: Another former staff member to Michigan Rep. John Conyers alleged that she endured persistent sexual harassment by the congressman, according to court documents. A former scheduler in the congressmans office, attempted to file a sealed lawsuit against Conyers this February in the United States District []


Standing Against Sexual Assault: A Response to Reports About a Former Staff Member "IndyWatch Feed"

At The Intercept, we were deeply disturbed by the reports of rape and other abuses by former staff member Morgan Marquis-Boire that were described in detail this past weekend in The Verge. We had no knowledge of any such allegations against him until they surfaced publicly last month, at which time his employment with the company had already ended. (He left The Intercept in 2015, and First Look in September of this year.) Our organization has no ties whatsoever to him now. As members of the community affected by these actions, we are shaken by this news, and we stand with the women who reported the abuse.

As the media world awakens to the harassment, assault, misogyny, and sexist power dynamics that pervade the industry, we are attuned to the presence of these pernicious forces in our orbit, and we are determined to stamp them out. In the coming weeks and months, we will be ramping up The Intercepts editorial coverage of these issues. We are committed to a workplace that is free of harassment and violence, and to using our journalism to uncover the truth about these incidents and amplify voices that have historically been silenced, including those of survivors of sexual assault.

The post Standing Against Sexual Assault: A Response to Reports About a Former Staff Member appeared first on The Intercept.


36 SNL Women Offer Solidarity in Support of Franken, Downplay Actions as Stupid and Foolish "IndyWatch Feed"

Photographic evidence be damned. Via Free Beacon: Thirty-six of Sen. Al Frankens (D., Minn.) previous female Saturday Night Live coworkers signed a letter to express their support while downplaying the senators actions as stupid and foolish. We feel compelled to stand up for Al Franken, whom we have all had the pleasure of working with []

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President Trump Impromptu Presser En Route To West Palm Beach. "IndyWatch Feed"

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump depart White House en route to West Palm Beach, Florida and their Mar-a-Lago resort residence where the first family will gather for Thanksgiving. President Trump delivers remarks to the press pool and answers Continue reading


President Trump Pardons White House Thanksgiving Turkey "IndyWatch Feed"

In keeping with modern presidential tradition, President Trump, First-Lady Melania Trump and their son Barron participate in the annual pardon of the Thanksgiving turkey. Drumstick comes from Minnesota and was raised by 4-H members in Douglas County. President Trump noted Continue reading


Minnesota Police Dept Roasts The Greenbay Packers On Twitter "IndyWatch Feed"

Sick burn. We are noticing garbage all over the streets due to the high winds knocking garbage cans over. Oh. Wait. Thats not garbage. Thats Green Bay Packers game film. Our bad. Easy to mix up the two. #skol Wyoming (MN) Police (@wyomingpd) November 21, 2017


Sick! Liberals Threaten Violence Against Girl Trump Supporter Over Video of Her Happy Reaction to Going to Trump Rally "IndyWatch Feed"

Liberals are savaging a then 9-year-old girl over a video of her ecstatic reaction to her mother telling her she would be going to a Donald Trump rally. The nearly two-year-old video is being passed around on Twitter this week by hateful liberals cruelly mocking the girl with tweets that are garnering tens of thousand of likes and retweets, with one getting well over 100,000 likes. Several of the comments threaten violence against the child.

This tweet by 18-year-old Internet personality Nazanin Kavari posted Monday evening has nearly 120,000 likes and over 60,000 retweets as of Tuesday afternoonin less than 24 hours. The comment over the video says, This the ugliest shit Ive ever seen The video tweet she is commenting on says, this is singlehandedly the whitest, most unseasoned thing ive ever watched. That tweet has nearly 27,000 likes and over 11,000 retweets.

The video is sourced to the Twitter account of @kekreddington, which has been dormant since September 1.

The Washington Post reported about the girl, Ava Lovley and her mother Kim from Newport, Maine and the video back when it first went viral in January of 2016.

Kim arranged for the family...


BREAKING: Dem Congressman Bob Brady Under Investigation By FBI For Campaign Fraud, False Statements "IndyWatch Feed"

Heres a copy of the warrant they got to search his email. Via CBS: Rep. Robert Brady, D-Pennsylvania, is a target of FBI scrutiny in an investigation into payments his campaign allegedly made to his opponent in 2012 to encourage him to drop out of the race, according to an approved search warrant application filed []


Hes Not Paying Attention To Me!: Extremely Angry Eminem Complains Trump Never Responded To BET Awards Freestyle Diss (AUDIO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Once an international rap star revered by fans and music critics alike, Eminem is now a washed-up musician, aiming to capitalize on anti-Trump hysteria propagated by the political and media elite to sell albums.


Speaking to Shade 45 on Sirius XM on Friday about his anti-Trump BET freestyle, the 45-year-old rapper said, I was and am still extremely angry. I cant stand that motherfucker.

I feel like hes not paying attention to me! I was kinda waiting for him to say something, and for some reason, he didnt say anything, added Eminem.

Video credit: Shade 45

As The Gateway Pundits Jim Hoft reported, Eminem went on a four minute freestyle rap against President Donald Trump in October.

Complete with references to Steve Bannon and the KKK.

Of course, there is no truth to anything Eminem was rapping about.

But what the hell.

Meanwhile inner cities across the US continue to suffer and wither away with their drugs, gangs and Democrat politicians. (Warning on Language)

Eminem obviously wants to be invited back next year.

What a disgrace.

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NY Daily News Lost More Than $90 Million In Last 3 Years "IndyWatch Feed"

Via NY Post: The floundering Daily News lost $90.4 million over the last three years including $23.7 million of red ink in the year ended Dec. 25. Revenue last year tumbled 14.2 percent, to $144.78 million, according to a regulatory filing on Monday. Paid print Monday-to-Friday circulation slipped to 182,472 in the second quarter, []


Let's Face It, Men Are Pigs "IndyWatch Feed"

For society, the sexual harassment scandals should be about two things:

1- mending the patriarchal environment we live in to change, over the long-term, the way men think they are entitled to behave

2- (a corollary)- dealing very harshly with instances of men using power relationships to prey on people dependent on them for careers

I used to be an astrologer. I studied it in Amsterdam, took it very seriously. I was good at it too-- really good. It was a gift. But the gift came with a warning: use this gift to further your own material desires and kiss the gift goodbye. So I never charged for my services and I never used my abilities to try to seduce anyone. I can't remember exactly what I did wrong, just that I did do something-- this was like decades ago-- and BOOM! it was gone. I don't know a Gemini from a Mars-Mercury conjunction in Sagittarius any more. No, really, I have books of charts I drew for people and now I not only couldn't draw a chart if my life depended on it, I can't even read them. Fortunately my full-time gig was chef at the time.

Much later I wound up in the music business. Were there men who used their positions of power to seduce aspiring artists? Well... let me think about that for a second. Um... yes, everything single day, in every single way. Kind of horrifying-- and real life in the fast lane. And, yeah, there were some guys who didn't believe in that and didn't do it. (I mostly hung out with those kinds of people, because... who wants to be around a pig too much?)

I'm gay and a couple times...


Censorship: The Death Knell of Democracy "IndyWatch Feed"

The Essays of The Man From the North by Rivera Sun Writer, Dandelion Salad November 21, 2017 Censorship is the foe of freedom. It comes in many forms. The choking grip of control silences dissent. The bullhorns of propaganda blare out lies and fictions of consent. The maddened clench of greed stifles outlets for a []


About The Q-anon Storm "IndyWatch Feed"

The MSM, including DrudgeReport, is eerily silent while huge things are happening. There are reports of assassination attempts on the President, of Saudi involvement in the las Vegas attack, of sealed indictments of powerful people, of unexpected people playing a Continue reading


BREAKING: Democrat Congressman Bob Brady Under FBI Investigation For False Statements, Conspiracy, And Campaign Fraud "IndyWatch Feed"

Democrat Congressman Bob Brady of Philadelphia is under FBI investigation for making false statements, conspiracy, and campaign fraud, according to newly released search warrants. On October 24th, two of Bradys top campaign aides were indicted by federal prosecutors for paying one of Bradys Democratic primary challengers $90,000 to drop out of the 2012 race. Seamus []

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Charlie Rose Fired From CBS "IndyWatch Feed"

Via KSDK: PBS and Bloomberg also suspended airings of Roses nightly interview show after the Washington Post published an article Monday about women who said he groped them and walked around naked in front of them. CBS News has fired Charlie Rose after several women accused the veteran newsman of sexual misconduct. Rose has been []


Will the Prison Rape Epidemic Ever Have Its Weinstein Moment? "IndyWatch Feed"

In this photo taken Oct. 17, 2014, the PREA hotline number for offenders to call is pasted on the floor under a bank of phones at the Washington Corrections Center For Women in Gig Harbor, Wash. A 2003 federal law was meant to put a stop to sexual assault in the nations prisons, jails and juvenile detention centers and more than $110 million in state and federal taxpayer money has been spent to help states tackle the problem. By last fall, every state was supposed to have dozens of new standards in place, ranging from increased training of staff about sex abuse policies to procedures meant to help inmates safely report attacks.


Judge Roy Moore Jumps to 33 POINT LEAD in PredictIt Market Following Trump Nod! 69-36 "IndyWatch Feed"

Following the annual White House Turkey pardon, President Trump held an impromptu gaggle with the press before his departure to Mar-a-Lago.

When asked if he supported GOP Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore, President Trump responded, We dont need a liberal democrat in that seat.

President Trump wants a Republican representing Alabama in the US Senate.

GOP elites are hoping ultra-liberal Doug Jones wins the special election on December 12th.

Judge Roy Moore jumped to a 33 point lead following President Trumps nod today.

Roy Moore now leads the PredictIt market 69% to 36%.

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Real Life Hunger Games: Maine Police Caution People To Not Eat Turkeys They Find In Dumpsters "IndyWatch Feed"

Darwin award. Via WMUR: Police have a very important warning ahead of Thanksgiving: Do not eat the turkeys you found behind Hannaford. Police said several turkeys were taken out to the dumpster behind the Falmouth location. The turkeys thawed due to a mechanical failure and were thrown out, police said. Its not a good idea, []


Belizes Ambassador to the United States: Who Is Daniel Gutierez? "IndyWatch Feed"

Francisco Daniel Gutierez presented his credentials as ambassador from Belize to President Donald Trump on July 21, 2017. Gutierez also serves as Belizes ambassador to the Organization of American States.


Gutierez was born in 1974 in San Ignacio, Cayo district, in the western part of Belize, not far from the border with Guatemala. He attended primary and secondary school in San Ignacio before going to Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala. He earned a degree in communications and advertising in 1997. Gutierez then came to the United States to continue his education at Philadelphias St. Josephs University. There, he earned an M.S. in international marketing in 1999.


Gutierez returned to Belize to lecture in business, marketing and communications at Sacred Heart College, a high school and junior college in San Ignacio. In 2003, Gutierez was named dean of the junior college.


Gutierez left his post as dean in 2006while taking a seat on the schools board of governorsfor a job as manager of marketing, logistics, corporate communication and business development for Belize Natural Energy (BNE), an oil company.


He left BNE in 2015 and in January 2016 took his first ambassadorial post, serving as his countrys representative to Caricom, the Caribbean Community, headquartered in Georgetown, Guyana. In addition, Gutierez served as executive director of Belizes Economic Development Council.


Gutierez is married and has two children.

-Steve Straehley


To Learn More:

Official Biography


POTUS Trump Signals Support For Judge Roy Moore By Blasting Dem Doug Jones (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Following the annual White House Turkey pardon, President Trump held an impromptu gaggle with the press. When asked if he supported GOP Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore, President Trump responded, we dont need a liberal democrat in that seat.

Ive looked at his record. Its terrible on crime. Its terrible on the border. Its terrible on the military, added Trump.

On the sexual harassment allegations facing the Judge, Trump added, Roy Moore denies it thats all I can say.

Trump, asked about Alabama Republican Senate candidate Moore, says his liberal opponent is not needed in the Senate, tweeted Reuters.

Trump On Roy Moore race we dont need a liberal democrat in that seat, confirmed CNN reporter Ryan Nobles.

Trump on Roy Moore sexual misconduct allegations: He totally denies ityou have to listen to him also, tweeted NBC News.


Trump Wants Congress to Release Names of Sex Freak Lawmakers Named in Sexual Harassment Suits "IndyWatch Feed"

President Trump wants the names of Congressmen who have settled sexual harassment cases to be released to the public.

Congress has a rampant sexual harassment problem. In fact the problem is so bad that female lawmakers and aides keep a creep list of men who are notorious for lewd behavior.

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) recently told MSNBCs Chuck Todd that taxpayers have paid over $15 million to settle sexual harassment lawsuits against members of Congress!


White House Correspondent for One America News, Trey Yingst tweeted, NEW: President Trump tells me he believe Congress should release the names of lawmakers who have settled sexual harassment claims.

Twitter was set ablaze last week after the Congressional Office of Compliance released a year-by-year breakdown of harassment settlements and other awards without details. (screenshot below)

Americans are mad as hell after it was revealed Monday evening that Democrat Rep John Conyers has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. According to affidavits, Conyers used taxpayer money to fly women into D.C. to meet with him in hotel rooms!

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California Judge Blocks Trumps Executive Order Punishing Sanctuary Cities "IndyWatch Feed"

Booo! Via Daily Caller: A federal judge in California blocked President Donald Trumps executive order reducing funding for sanctuary cities Monday, limiting the administrations ability to punish municipalities that violate federal immigration law. The permanent injunction follows a preliminary ruling, issued in April, in a suit filed by the city of San Francisco and Santa Clara county. []


Germany Arrests Six Syrian Refugees For Planning Christmas Terror Attack In ISIS Name "IndyWatch Feed"

Via The Local: German police on Tuesday arrested six Syrian refugees suspected of preparing a terror attack in the name of the Islamic State jihadist group, prosecutors said. The suspects, aged 20 to 28, were detained in dawn raids that saw some 500 police officers swoop on residences in the cities of Kassel, Essen, Hanover []


Theres a Hitch in Trumps Plan to Stick Mick Mulvaney on the CFPB: Its Illegal "IndyWatch Feed"

As soon as Richard Cordray, the current director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, officially resigns which could happen as soon as this week we are told President Donald Trump will choose Mick Mulvaney, the current director of the Office of Management and Budget, to run the CFPB on a temporary basis.

It would be a GOP dream come true. Mulvaney, who once called CFPB a sad, sick joke, would then be able to carry out the long-desired conservative wish to dismantle the agency that safeguards consumers from the deceptions of banks and credit card companies.

Practically every media outlet has carried this report about Mulvaney to CFPB. Theres only one problem: its not Trumps pick to make.

That fact, and expected resistance to that fact inside the White House, could create a titanic legal battle, and a scenario with competing interim directors of the agency, which has become a political football ever since Congress created it in 2010. This will be like the situation where you had two popes, said Jeff Hauser, executive director of the Revolving Door Project at the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

Adam Levitin, Georgetown Law professor and former CFPB adviser, was the first to point this out....


Judicial Watch Uncovers New Evidence of FBI Leadership Panicking Over Conflicts of Interest With Clinton Email Investigation "IndyWatch Feed"

On Tuesday, conservative watchdog Judicial Watch released 79 pages of Justice Department records showing FBI leadership discussions about perceived conflicts of interest with the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

According to Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton, the watchdog obtained emails with FOIA lawsuit filed on July 24, 2017. The FOIA was prompted  after the Justice Department officials refused to respond to an October 24, 2016 request.

Judicial Watch reports:

Judicial Watch today released 79 pages of Justice Department documents concerning ethics issues related to FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabes involvement with his wifes political campaign. The documents include an email showing Mrs. McCabe was recruited for a Virginia state senate race in February 2015 by then-Virginia Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northams office.

The news that Clinton used a private email server broke five days later, on March 2, 2015. Five days after that, former Clinton Foundation board member and Democrat party fundraiser, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, met with the McCabes. She announced her candidacy on March 12. Soon afterward, Clinton/McAuliffe-aligned political groups donated nearly $700,000 (40% of the campaigns total funds) to McCabes wife for her campaign.


An October 23, 2016, email shows McCabe running the response effort to a Wall Street Jou...


North Korean Dictator Bans Fun No More Singing And Drinking In Pyongyang "IndyWatch Feed"

Party pooper. Via Daily Caller: Just in case life in North Korea wasnt sad enough, North Korean leadership has reportedly implemented a blanket ban on fun, according to South Koreas National Intelligence Service. North Korea has banned any gatherings related to drinking, singing and other entertainment, the NIS, South Koreas spy agency, revealed during a []


Breaking: Pelosi Calls for Ethics Investigation of Crooked Sex-Crazed Conyers Who is Already Under Investigation! "IndyWatch Feed"

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called for an ethics investigation of Rep. John Conyers (Democrat-MI).

Nancy Pelosi and Democrat John Conyers (Getty Images)

The House Ethics Committee already opened an investigation on Rep. Conyers in July!

Conyers was already investigated and fined by the House of Representatives.
He used taxpayer dollars to fly in his women for sex romps.


Greta Van Susteren Unleashes on Congress Its a Crime to Hide Personal Lawsuits Paid With Taxpayer Money "IndyWatch Feed"

Legal analyst and former news anchor for FOX, CNN and MSNBC, Greta Van Susteren unleashed on Congress Tuesday for secretly settling sexual harassment cases with taxpayer money.

Congress has a rampant sexual harassment problem. In fact the problem is so bad that female lawmakers and aides keep a creep list of men who are notorious for lewd behavior.

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) recently told MSNBCs Chuck Todd that taxpayers have paid over $15 million to settle sexual harassment lawsuits against members of Congress!


It was revealed Monday evening that Democrat Rep John Conyers has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. According to affidavits, Conyers used taxpayer money to fly women into D.C. to meet with him in hotel rooms!


Greta Van Susteren tweeted, If you settle (pay) a personal law suit with taxpayer money or company money without telling shareholders,you are committing a crime.

Why are members of Congress above the law? Hard working Americans are paying for their sexual deviancy and kept in the dark! Why are women being abused and intimidated while lawmakers stand by and do nothing?...


MSNBC Guest: Unhinged Trumps Response To Puerto Rico Very Racist In Nature "IndyWatch Feed"

New York City council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito smears: On MSNBCs Deadline: White House, New York City council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito said, Everything has happened is based on the Presidents response, right, that he is a fragile individual. He is very emotional and unhinged, and his response to any sort of criticism is taking it personally. []


Black Agenda Radio Week of November 20, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed"

Black Agenda Radio Week of November 20, 2017

bruce Wed, 11/22/2017 - 00:54

Black Agenda Radio for Week of Monday, November 20, 2017

Scapegoating Russia for War and Profit

The military-industrial complex depicts Russia as an implacable enemy of the U.S. to justify our eternal war footing, said Daniel Kovalik, professor of human rights at the University of Pittsburgh and author of The Plot to Scapegoat Russia. The Democrats are also pushing it to cover their tracks for what appeared to be an impossible loss to Donald Trump.

Haiti Police, Like the Old Army, Work for Uncle Sam

The U.S.-backed regime in Haiti plans to reactivate the national army, which was disbanded for terrorizing the population. The 15,000-strong natio...


Dem Rep. John Conyers Issues Statement Confirming Settlement, Denies Allegations "IndyWatch Feed"

The morning after Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) was hit with sexual harassment claims, the Associated Press went to the lawmakers Detroit home to seek comment. 

Conyers denied the report, claiming he has not settled any sexual harassment complaints with staffers. Hours later, the lawmaker confirmed that he did, in fact, pay a settlement over sexual harassment claims. 

JUST IN: Rep. John Conyers retracts earlier statement to AP, says he was surprised and confused about which allegations. He confirms a settlement but denies the allegations, tweeted BuzzFeeds Paul McLeod.

Daily Beast reports:

Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) confirmed Tuesday that he had paid out a settlement after BuzzFeed News reported that his office paid a woman more than $27,000 as part of a confidentiality agreement related to sexual-harassment complaints. The confirmation retracts an earlier statement he made to the AP denying such a settlement and claiming he was surprised by the accusations. I expressly and vehemently denied the allegations made against me, and continue to do so, he said. My office resolved the allegations with an express denial of liability in order to save all involved from the rigors of protracted litigation. That should not be lost in the narrative. The resolution was not for millions of dollars, but rather for an amount that equated to a reasonable severance payment. The long-time congressman also stated that he would cooperate with a House investigation.

Monday evening, the longtime lawmaker was accused of settling sexual harassment allegations against hi...


Report: Border Patrol Agentd Ambushed By Illegal Aliens, Bashed With Rocks Before Death "IndyWatch Feed"

Time to order the Border Patrol to lock and load. Via Fox News: Illegal immigrants appeared to have ambushed two U.S. Border Patrol agents near the Texas border with Mexico and bashed their heads with blunt objects possibly rocks killing one agent and sending another to a hospital in serious condition Sunday, a []


COVER-UP=> Dem Rep John Conyers Used Sneaky Tactic to Secretly Pay Off Sexual Harassment Victims "IndyWatch Feed"

As previously reported, it was revealed Monday evening that Democrat Rep John Conyers has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. According to affidavits, Conyers used taxpayer money to fly women into D.C. to meet with him in hotel rooms!

The documents were first provided to BuzzFeed News by Mike Cernovich.

Buzzfeed reported:

Michigan Rep. John Conyers, a Democrat and the longest-serving member of the House of Representatives, settled a wrongful dismissal complaint in 2015 with a former employee who alleged she was fired because she would not succumb to [his] sexual advances.

Buzzfeed also reported that staffers were tasked with flying women in for Conyers using Congressional resources!

Former employees also said that Conyers made it very clear that if they performed personal favors it would lead to salary increases and promotions. It was well known Conyers was having affairs with multiple female staffers. He often made sexual advances towards women and grew angry if they brought their husbands around.

Conyers denies the allegations, however; he knew exactly what he was doing and used sneaky tactics to deliberately cover up the settlements to various women.

In one case, Conyers paid a woman a settlement through payroll (via taxpayer money) as if she were a temporary employee. Buzzfeed explains:

In this case, one of Conyers former employees was offered a settlement, in exchange for her silence, that would be paid out of Conyers taxpayer-funded office budget. His office would rehire the woman as a temporary employee despite her being directed not to come into the office or do any actual work, according to the document. The complainant would receive a total payment of $27,111.75 over the three months, after which point she would be removed from the payroll, according to the document.



Woman With F-Trump Sticker Adds Sheriff Troy Nehls To Display On Truck "IndyWatch Feed"

Smart move after posing bond. Update to this story. Via KPRC: The driver of a truck featuring a sticker with an expletive directed toward President Donald Trump made some new adjustments by adding, F*** Troy Nehls and F*** You for Voting for Him after being arrested on an unrelated, outstanding charge. Karen Fonseca, 46, walked []


Throuple of two homosexual men and one woman live together and want to adopt children "IndyWatch Feed"

Someone needs to inform the woman in this throuple about the medical consequences she may face by having sexual relations with homosexual men as well as the medical consequences the men bring upon themselves. From Daily Mail: A throuple of Continue reading


Special Snowflake Complains That College Outdoors Clubs Are Rife With Whiteness "IndyWatch Feed"

Shockingly, the person complaining is also white. Via Campus Reform: In a recent op-ed for the school paper, a white Pitzer student frets that the colleges outdoor programs, though open to all students and well-funded, are predominantly white spaces that deny people of color access to the outdoors. The op-ed, written by Malcolm McCann, a freshman at []


Exclusive: Islamist Exchange Student Sends Terrorist Threats to Conservative Laura Loomer Penn State Police Investigating, FBI Notified "IndyWatch Feed"

Theyre not sending their best.

An idiot Islamist ATTENDING COLLEGE at Penn State University sent terrorist threats to conservative activist and investigative reporter Laura Loomer on Monday night.

HAltarakmah is a student at Penn State University.

Islamist HAltarakmah contacted Laura Loomer on Twitter to mock the US and US soldier deaths.
Altarakmah is an exchange student

Altarakmah texted Laura, 9/11 didnt kill enough of you f*ckers.
He also praised a deadly ISIS attack.

The Islamist continued to rant against the US making fun trash Americans and soldier suicides.

The Islamist also texted Laura Hope Iran nukes your country.


BREAKING REPORT: Conyers Has Multiple Other Sexual Harassment Victims Who DID NOT Enter Settlements Or Sign NDAs "IndyWatch Feed"

There are multiple sexual harassment allegations against Representative John Conyers from women who have not entered settlements and signed NDAs, according to a source close to Conyers. Yesterday, journalist and documentary filmmaker Mike Cernovich released a bombshell report alleging that Democrat Congressman John Conyers who is the longest-serving member of the current Congress, and []

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Conservative Mark Levin Gets Fox Show Starting In February "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Free Beacon: Conservative radio host Mark Levin is getting a weekly Fox News show beginning in February. The show will be called Life, Liberty & Levin, and it will air Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET. Levin will continue to host his syndicated radio program, The Mark Levin Show, as well as his show []


Will Progressive Republicans Make A Comeback? The Competition Could Do Wonders For The Democratic Party "IndyWatch Feed"

Blue America has always been more than aware of the failings of the Democratic Party. At a time when other progressive organizations were petrified of bucking the establishment too hard, we were working, successfully, to dislodge entrenched corrupt conservative Democratic incumbents like Al Wynn (MD), Tim Holden (PA) and Sylvester Reyes (TX), who were all replaced-- with progressives Donna Edwards, Matt Cartwright and Beto O'Rourke. But we've never endorsed a Republican. Except once, since we've come along in 2005, the Republican candidate was always the greater of two evils. And even in that "once," all we did was point out that Steve Pestka, the anti-choice homophobic asshole the Michigan Democratic Party had decided to run against libertarian Justin Amash, was a worse candidate than Amash. In fact, Michigan's whackadoodle anti-choice fascists decided to endorse putative Democrat Pestka instead of Republican Amash!

Let's not kid ourselves; whatever heritage of progressivism the GOP once had-- from Lincoln to Teddy Roosevelt, Tom Dewey, Jacob Javits, Nelson Rockefeller, Charles Percy, Mark Hatfield, Margaret Chase Smith, Charles Mathias and John Lindsay-- somewhere between the mass migration of Southern Democratic racists to the GOP and the ascendency of the Goldwater wing of the Republican Party, the GOP turned into a hardcore vehicle for hard core conservatism, gross corruption and, more recently, perhaps inevitably, a kind of neo-fascism, while the Democratic Party establishment moved right and away from it's own labor roots and more in a corporatist/Clintonian direction.

Will Blue America ever endorse a Republican? Who knows? I don't foresee it, but... there's an interesting movement on the fringe of the left. Some of the idealistic-- and impatient-- activists who had backed Bernie are having a look at the GOP as a vehicle to... well, to what is the question of course, but let's not go there quite yet. Let's start with the video up top, a monologue by freshly-minted Cincinnati faux-Republican Samuel Ronan.

You may have thought the contest to replace the wretched Wasserm...


Media Ignores Key Alabama Witness Reports That Refute Roy Moore Accuser "IndyWatch Feed"

On top of the original story told by Gloria Allred falling apart; and on top of Allred refusing to produce the yearbook from the accuser that she highlighted as evidence; the Alabama campaign of Roy Moore has been contacted by Continue reading


ISIS Calls for Assassination of Barron Trump After Posting His Personal Details Online "IndyWatch Feed"

Pro-ISIS  internet channels, are calling for President Trumps son Barron to be assassinated. Recently, personal details of Barron Trump were posted on social media channels frequented by Islamic terrorists and sympathizers. 

Washington Free Beacon reports:

The initial message, sent on Nov. 21 by an ISIS supporter on Telegram, called for the assassination of Barron Trump, and shared the name of the school that Barron attends along with a Google map pinpointing its location, according to MEMRI, which shares images of this messages with reporters.

Using the hashtag handle the son of the mule of America, the supporter, who uses the name Dak Al-Munafiqeen, Arabic for striking the hypocrites, wrote: Barron Trump goes to this school in Washington,' according to MEMRI.

The post was followed by a photo of Barron Trump, according to MEMRIs research. To widely disseminate the call for assassination, several pro-ISIS Telegram channels have shared and forwarded the post.

Reports of ISIS calling for Barron Trumps assassination comes amid the terror group threatening the Vatican with a Christmas attack. As The Gateway Pundits Jim Hoft reported, a pro-ISIS propaganda channel called Wafa Media made the threat through a poster depicting a vehicle attack, according to the Site Intelligence Group.

ISIS is threatening a Christmas attack on the Vatican.

On Saturday ISIS posted an image of Pope Francis beheaded.



Trump Administration Set to Defend Birth Control Rules That Pit Religion Against Womens Health "IndyWatch Feed"

U.S. President Donald Trump pats the shoulder of Senator Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, signing an executive order on health care in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017.


Russia In Syria - Military 'Failure' Sets Off Intense Diplomacy "IndyWatch Feed"

Western media predicted that the Russian military campaign in Syria would end in `failure`. That - presumably - has been achieved (not). Now follows a push of diplomatic efforts to settle the war. In September 2015 the "west" prepared for...


ISIS Calls for Assassination of Barron Trump "IndyWatch Feed"

Savages. Via Free Beacon: Pro-ISIS internet channels are calling for the assassination of President Donald Trumps son, Barron, and have shared personal details of the childs life on its social media networks, including the address of his school, according to a media monitoring organization. ISIS supporters, on a well-known Telegram channel, shared the name and []


CBS News FIRES Charlie Rose Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations "IndyWatch Feed"

Longtime television host Charlie Rose has been fired by CBS News following sexual miscount allegations brought forth by eight women in a Washington Post bombshell report. 

LA Times reports:

Charlie Roses CBS News career came to an unceremonious end Tuesday when the network fired him over allegations of sexual harassment.

Roses departure marks the downfall of one of televisions most venerable journalists and a major blow to CBS News, which enjoyed its greatest success ever in the morning thanks to CBS This Morning, which was built around Rose and his co-anchors Gayle King and Norah ODonnell in 2012.

CBS News terminates Charlie Rose following allegations of sexual misconduct. There is absolutely nothing more important, in this or any organization, than ensuring a safe, professional workplace, says CBS News President David Rhodes

Rose allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct with nudity, groping and lewd calls.

According to the Washington Post, Roses unwanted advances included groping [womens] breasts, buttocks or genital areas.

Washington Post reports:

The wome...


Dow Hits Record High "IndyWatch Feed"

DOW Hits Record High Fox News (@FoxNews) November 21, 2017


BUSTED: Dem Rep. John Conyers Caught Lying About Not Knowing Sexual Harassment Claims Against Him "IndyWatch Feed"

Embattled Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) is going about his sex scandal the hard way. Monday evening, the longtime lawmaker was accused of settling sexual harassment allegations against him with taxpayer money. 

The morning after Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) was hit with sexual harassment claims, the Associated Press went to the lawmakers Detroit home to seek comment. Conyers denied the report, claiming he has not settled any sexual harassment complaints with staffers.

BuzzFeed reports:

Democratic Rep. John Conyers claimed Tuesday he didnt know about the sexual harassment claims against him that were detailed in a BuzzFeed News investigation  but a person involved in the case immediately said that he did, in fact, know.


But a person involved in the case which went through the Office of Compliance which has a secret mechanism by which Congress has kept an unknown number of sexual harassment allegations quiet said it had actually reached a point where he did know.

We brought the complaint to the Office of Compliance. They didnt even tell him about it. You have to go through counseling and all this stupid stuff. Theres an informal mediation that takes place the congressmen dont even know about this, the person said.

He ended up knowing about this because we took it as far as you can take it before you get to the official hearing, the person said.

In a statement to POLITICO., Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said, The allegations against Ranking Member Conyers are extremely serious and deeply troubling. Obviously, these allegations must be investigated promptly by the Ethics Committee.

Speaker Paul Ryan called allegations against Conyers extremely troubling.

Rep. Bill Huizenga (R-MI) was the person member of Congress calling for Conyers to resign.

As TGP reported, The documents were first provided to BuzzFeed News by Mike Cernovich.



Just Ignore Those Docs: Conyers Denying He Harassed Anyone Or Made Any Settlements "IndyWatch Feed"

Just ignore those docs that you did. Why is there an office covering stuff like this up for Congress?


BREAKING: Rober Mugabe Resigns, Ending 40 Decades Of His Dictatorial Rule "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Free Beacon: Robert Mugabe resigned as Zimbabwes president on Tuesday, shortly after parliament began an impeachment process to end his nearly four decades of rule. The 93-year old clung on for a week after an army takeover and expulsion from his own ruling ZANU-PF party, which also told him to leave power. Wild celebrations []


Been Looking At These Things With Amazement: Dem Rep. John Conyers Breaks Silence On Sex Scandal "IndyWatch Feed"

The morning after Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) was hit with sexual harassment claims, the Associated Press went to the lawmakers Detroit home to seek comment. Conyers denied the report, claiming he has not settled any sexual harassment complaints with staffers. 

AP reports:

Conyers, who answered the door at his Detroit home Tuesday morning, says he knows nothing about any claims of inappropriate touching and learned of the story just hours earlier.

Referring to allegations of sexual harassment and assault being made against politicians and others, the veteran lawmaker says hes been looking at these things with amazement.

BuzzFeed reports that Conyers office paid the woman over $27,000 to settle the complaint under a confidentiality agreement. BuzzFeed also published affidavits from former staff members who said they had witnessed Conyers touching female staffers inappropriately or requesting sexual favors.

As TGP reported, The documents were first provided to BuzzFeed News by Mike Cernovich.

Buzzfeed reports:

Documents from the complaint obtained by BuzzFeed News include four signed affidavits, three of which are notarized, from former staff members who allege that Conyers, the ranking Democrat on the powerful House Judiciary Committee, repeatedly made sexual advances to female staff that included requests for sexual favors, contacting and transporting other women with whom they believed Conyers was having affairs, caressing their hands sexually, and rubbing their legs and backs in public. Four people involved with the case verified the documents are authentic.

Buzzfeed also reported that staffers were tasked with flying women in for Conyers using Congressional reso...


CBS Hosts Address Suspension Of Charlie Rose Over Sexual Harassment Allegations: We Are All Rocked By This "IndyWatch Feed"

If multiple assistants were harassed, you knew. Were not giving YOU a pass. Via Free Beacon: The visibly shaken female hosts of CBS This Morning addressed the sexual harassment allegations against their longtime colleague Charlie Rose at the start of their show Tuesday, saying we are all rocked by this. An explosive Washington Post story []


EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of Gloria Allreds Attack on Roy Moore Has Been Debunked ARREST HER NOW! "IndyWatch Feed"

Last Monday far left attorney Gloria Allred held a press conference with Beverly Nelson in New York City.

Allred and Nelson accused Republican Roy Moore of attempted rape 38 years ago.

We now know that EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of their public accusation was a LIE.

Republican Judge Roy Moore released testimony Monday night that proves far left Attorney Gloria Allred, accuser Beverly Nelson and the national media were lying about the allegations against Judge Roy Moore.

The Moore campaign published a report on Monday that shows the accusers, Gloria Allred and Beverly Nelson, were not telling the truth on the accusations against Judge Moore.


Gloria Allred was lying and so was the national media.

From the report:

1.) The Olde Hickory House required employees to be at least 16.  Beverly Nelson claims she was 15 when she started.

2.) The restaurants dumpsters were on the side of the building and not in back as Nelson claimed.

3.) A former employee says the restaurant NEVER closed at 11 PM as Nelson claimed and at midnight on most nights.

4.) Customers at the counter were served by the bartender or cook and not by any waitress.

5.) The witnesses claim they have shared this information with several news outlets but they have refused to report the truth!

More Rhonda Ledbetter, who worked at the restaurant at the time, hesitated to come forward but she said, As a moral and ethical person, she had to come forward.  Rhonda said she never remembered ANYONE coming into the restaurant in a suit and that Roy Moore NEVER came into the restaurant.



Maxine Waters To Women: Alleged Sexual Harasser John Conyers Has Impeccable Integrity On Our Issues "IndyWatch Feed"

She knew but all they care about is holding power on their issues, so she has no problem supporting him. Via Washington Examiner: Rep. John Conyers, newly facing sexual misconduct charges from former aides, was praised by fellow Rep. Maxine Waters just last month as a champion of women. During an address to organizers of []


Cosmopolitan magazine promotes incest "IndyWatch Feed"

There is a decided push underway to legitimate, if not legalize, incest all in the name of love. See: Columbia U. prof who pled guilty to incest compares it to same-sex marriage Yale U. hosts workshop teaching sensitivity to bestiality Continue reading


FLASHBACK=> Maxine Waters To Womens Convention: John Conyers Has Impeccable Integrity On Our Issues (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Amid sexual harassment allegations against Rep. John Conyers, footage has resurfaced showing Rep. Maxine Waters praising the embattled lawmaker for his impeccable integrity on womens issues in October. 

Video credit: wazobia Global

You know, there is a member of Congress who has been supportive of women for many, many, many years, Waters told the crowd at the Womens Convention Sojourner Truth Luncheon in Detroit on October 28th.

He is quiet, he is confident, he is powerful, but he has impeccable integrity on all of our issues. Give John Conyers a big round of applause!

During the address, Waters called on women to reclaim their time, in the Trump-era.

Whatever that means.

The footage has resurfaced amid reports that Conyers used taxpayer money to fly women into D.C. to meet with him in hotel rooms.

As TGP reported, The documents were first provided to BuzzFeed News by Mike Cernovich.

Buzzfeed reports:

Documents from the complaint obtained by BuzzFeed News include four signed affidavits, three of which are notarized, from former staff members who allege that Conyers, the ranking Democrat on the powerful House Judiciary Committee, repeatedly made sexual advances to female staff that included requests for sexual favors, contacting and transporting other women...


Amid new groping allegations and a past encounter, CA Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra (D) will not run for re-election "IndyWatch Feed"

Demorats knew of Bocanegras behavior in 2009 and they supported him in the 2016 election. Guess demorats are only disturbed about his behaviors when more than one victim comes forward. From Sacramento Bee: Assemblyman Raul Bocanegra, a Los Angeles Democrat Continue reading


Someone Should Tell Marshawn Lynch A Thing Or Two About Mexican Police "IndyWatch Feed"

Lynch stood for the Mexican national anthem and sat for the U.S. national anthem when he was in Mexico for a game. And hes obviously pretty ignorant about how Mexican police treat people. Via Daily Caller: In perhaps the most crystallized example of uninformed activism, Marshawn Lynch actually protested police brutality by standing for the []



"You're The President" is trending on Twitter, after Fox's Neil Cavuto criticized some of President Trump's tweets.

A Fox News host has condemned Donald Trump over his latest attacks on the father of a college basketball player and a Republican senator.

On Saturday, the US President said he should have left three UCLA basketball players in jail in China after LaVar Ball, the father of LiAngelo Ball, refused to thank Mr Trump for his sons release....

Mr Trump then accused Jeff Flake of saying bad things about your favourite President after the Republican Senator was caught on camera criticising the billionaire and controversial Alabama Senate nominee Roy Moore.

During a three-minute monologue, Fox News host Neil Cavuto said Mr Trumps remarks dont even border on being human.

Accusing him of using a bazooka to respond to a peashooter, Mr Cavuto said the President wanted to see gratitude bordering on grovelling.

Pick your fights because neither of these scenes is worth the fuss, he added. You wanted a thank you, you got it. You wanted a reason to go after a Senator you hate, you pounced on it. But last time I checked you are the President of the United States. Why dont you act like it?

Is Fox becoming disillusioned with Trump?



Revealed: Top Democrat Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accuser With $27K In Taxpayer Money "IndyWatch Feed"

This is where our money goes. Via Daily Caller: A leading Democratic congressman settled a wrongful dismissal complaint for more than $27,000 in taxpayer funding after he allegedly fired the staffer because she would not succumb to [his] sexual advances, according to a new report. The congressman, Michigan Rep. John Conyers, is described as a []


Mark Levin Awarded Weekly Talk Show on FOX News "IndyWatch Feed"

Conservative author and radio show host Mark Levin was awarded a weekly talk show on FOX News Channel.

Matt Drudge broke the news on Tuesday morning.

Levin, who was a Ted Cruz supporter in 2016, has defended President Trump from the police state tactics of the Obama regime.

The Wrap has more:

Conservative radio firebrand Mark Levin will host a new weekly Fox News program, the network announced Tusday.

Beginning in February, Life, Liberty & Levin will air on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET and feature a mix of long-form interviews and debates with newsmakers and cover current events, history, philosophy and economics.

Marks passion for the principles found in the Constitution and success in talk radio has made him a distinct figure in the media landscape, programming president Suzanne Scott said in a statement. We look forward to adding this spirited program to our weekend lineup.

The post Mark Levin Awarded Weekly Talk Show on FOX News appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Taking a Knee, Keeping Hope Alive "IndyWatch Feed"

Dear Reverend Billy,

I cant believe its been one year since Trump was elected. It feels like we fell through a collective wormhole into an alternate universe. The Womens March in January was very encouraging, but since then the resistance seems to have petered out at least it doesnt feel like it has the same momentum it did in the beginning. Do you have any shreds of hope to offer?

Burt, Greenpoint

Well, Burt, the date on your letter precedes the November 7 elections, the triumph of Jenny Durkan, an out lesbian, in the Seattle mayors race and of Danica Roem, a transgender person, who was elected to the House of Delegates in Virginia. Ravinder Bhalla is now the Sikh mayor of Hoboken.  Andrea Jenkins, the Minneapolis City Council-bound winner, is the first black transgender woman elected to public office in the United States. Maybe she can get the killer of Philando Castile into prison.

Point is: Many of the get-out-the-voters in this revolution attended their local Womens March. They got the lesson taught by the millions of people with hand-made pussy caps on that January day: the future is all of us and the future is now.

These wins are a glorious first step, but the trouble is that they are Democrats. That party has a crisis going on. Is it the party of Wall Street bankers or is it the party of all of us? The big banks are financing climate change, gentrification and war. With your impatience, Burt, youre saying that the resistance seems to have petered out just as this new generation is beginning to etch its way into office. It wont be so easy to kick the offshore 1 percenters out of their posts, but this years elections were a start. Lets roll up our sleeves and get to work, because we have a long way to go.

Rev. Billy


Dear Reverend Billy,

My son took a knee the other day before his middle school basketball game. Personally, I dont even know why they play the anthem to begin with but Im a little bit concerned about the way some of the other parents reacted. Some of them actually scolded my son in front of me and I was more than a tad peeved that the coach didnt stand up for my child. My son loves basketball and all his friends are on the team, but Im concerned for his mental wellbeing. I saw that yo...


Worst President Ever: Obamas Al Qaeda Is on the Run Line Was a Complete Lie and He Knew It (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Barack Obama was likely the most dishonest president in US history.

After eight years of Obama we put together a list of his five biggest and most outlandish lies.

1.) If you like your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance plan
Number of mentions: 37 times

As Obama was pushing the tremendously unpopular legislation now known as Obamacare, at least 37 different times he promised that If you like your insurance plan you can keep your insurance plan. Even the liberal media could not ignore it. This was lie of the year in 2013. After cancellation letters were sent to 4 million Americans, the public finally realized his breezy assurances were wrong.

2.) With Obamacare we will reduce your insurance premiums by $2,500, per family per year
Number of mentions: At least 22 times

Barack Obama promised repeatedly that Obamacare would reduce your premiums by $2,500 per year. It was a lie. The exact opposite happened. Average premiums have skyrocketed, for some groups as much as 78 percent.

3.) I cannot pass amnesty through executive action I am not a dictator
Number of mentions: At least 22 times

At least 22 times Obama said he couldnt do executive amnesty himself. Then he implemented an immunity scheme via executive fiat. In bypassing Congress, Obama blatantly ignored the rule of law that is the foundation of our democracy and violated his presidential oath to uphold the laws of this land.

4.) Not one dime of Obamacare will go for abortions
Number of mentions: At least 12 times

1,036 Obamacare plans cover abortions.

In spite of repeated promises t...


Reality Challenged CNN Guest: Trump Reluctant To Attack White Men "IndyWatch Feed"

He is one of the reasons we have Velcro shoes. Via Daily Caller: Donald Trump biographer Michael DAntonio claimed on CNN Monday that the president is reluctant to attack white men, despite evidence to the contrary. DAntonio seemed convinced that Trumps Twitter attack on LaVar Ball was racially motivated, stating, the president is signaling to []


Under the GOP Tax Plan, Top Republican Orrin Hatchs Own American Dream Would Have Been Out of Reach "IndyWatch Feed"

Orrin Hatch came from nothing, and he made it.

In office for 40 years, hes president pro tempore of the Senate and chairs the powerful committee writing the Senate GOPs tax plan. Hes using that perch, he explained last week, so that everybody can have the same chance he did.

As the Senate put the finishing touches on its tax bill in his Finance Committee last week, Hatch got into it with Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown, who was lambasting the bill as a giveaway for the rich.

I come from the poor people. And Ive been here working my whole entire stinkin career for people who dont have a chance. And I really resent anyone saying that Im just doing this for the rich. Gimme a break, Hatch told Brown. I come from the lower middle class originally. We didnt have anything. So dont spew that stuff on me. I get a little tired of that crap.

Hatch, satisfied with the exchange, shared a video of it on social media, adding a few narrative details.

Hatch went to to the University of Pittsburgh Law School on a scholarship when tuition there ranged from $1,100 to $1,300 per year.

The bottom tax rate in 1960 was 20 percent, which would have put Hatchs tax bill at around $780 for the waiver. In an interview with the local Utah press in 2015, the senator described his ordeal, which at the time was tax-free. It was a blessing to me that I had that honors s...


Proof in the Age of Doubt "IndyWatch Feed"

After the 2016 presidential election, I was one of many who spontaneously posted an all-black image to social media. In the immediate aftermath of Trumps victory, there was a need to express something along with the sense that nothing could express that mix of fear, frustration and grief that hit last Nov. 9. An all-black image with its deathly/funereal associations was all that fit.

Brooklyn-based artist Robert Longo (born 1953) may have been acting on similar impulses when he made Untitled (Obama Leaving) (2017). The piece, like most of his work, is a large-scale charcoal drawing. One of its paired panels shows Barack Obama and his entourage walking off an airport tarmac, the ex-Presidents facial expression the combination of hope and resignation that he so often wore. The second panel, though, is pure darkness the whole sheet of paper covered with charcoal dust. The juxtaposition suggests a slight movement through time, like a comic-book page or film stills: from a grim but palpable present to some unimaginable future.

This work is part of Proof, currently on view at the Brooklyn Museum, which puts Longos work alongside that of Sergei Eisenstein and Francisco Goya. The Brooklyn Museum has lately presented a streak of progressive-minded, socially conscious exhibitions. This show is part of that, but it comes to its politics in a stranger, more elliptical way. Rather than trying to rally viewers around any particular cause, it asks them to question the nature of proof the ways reality is mediated, codified, distorted and dramatized. Dramatized, especially: The art is almost all striking, severe imagery, delivering its various looming horrors in stark black and white.

The show begins with Sergei Eisenstein (1898-1948), the gifted Russian filmmaker who defined the powers of cinematic montage, while also chronicling Soviet history in films like Battleship Potemkin (1925) and October (Ten Days that Shook the World) (1927-28). Seven of his films are displayed simultaneously, with no sound or titles, and slowed to a crawl: Whats left are his cinematographic images which, frame by frame, convey a wondrously melodramatic sort of old-fashioned pathos.



Brooklyn College Asks The NYPD To Limit Presence On Campus Even For Bathroom Breaks "IndyWatch Feed"

The police can use the stairwells same as the homeless. Via Washington Examiner: Certain members of Brooklyn College dont want police officers using the bathrooms on campus. Students are reportedly circulating a petition asking the college to release a statement disinviting NYPD on campus in any respect even if its just to take breaks and []


Right-Wing Snowflake Roy Moore Is Now Threatening To Sue Alabama's 3 Biggest Newspapers For Exposing Him "IndyWatch Feed"

I have no idea how many Alabama voters even read newspapers, let alone factor their endorsements into their decision-making, but the 3 biggest newspapers in Alabama have a message for the voters there: "Stand for decency; reject Roy Moore." All three-- the Birmingham News, the Mobile Press-Register and the Huntsville Times-- endorsed Democrat Doug Jones. And they all put the endorsement on the front page of the Sunday papers. The 3 share the state's top website, and they're featuring it as well. The papers had already pointed out that Moore is ""grossly unfit" to represent the state in the Senate but this was the first time they endorsed Jones. Moore says he's suing them. Excerpts from the editorial:
This election is a turning point for women in Alabama. A chance to make their voices heard in a state that has silenced them for too long.

The accusations against Roy Moore have been horrifying, but not shocking.

Every day new allegations arise that illustrate a pattern of a man in his 30s strutting through town like the cock of the walk, courting and preying on young women and girls. And though Roy Moore has denied the accusations of these women, his own platform and record is hostile to so many Alabamians.

Unlike the national party, the Alabama Republican establishment has chosen to stand by him, attacking and belittling the brave women who have come forward.

As a news organization, we have independently investigated...


A Greek Tragedy Foretold "IndyWatch Feed"

Along with French economist Thomas Piketty, former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis is making economics sexy again. Journalists enjoyed snapping photos of Varoufakis, clad in a black leather coat, commuting to the finance ministrys offices on his Yamaha motorcycle. But his short tenure in the Greek government was marked by clashes with the countrys creditors and ultimately with the leadership of Syriza, the left-wing party that came to power in Greece in early 2015.

Varoufakis, a self-described erratic Marxist, also happens to be a gifted storyteller who can deftly relate personal experiences to larger themes without sacrificing analytical rigor. Its not something you would expect to find in your average finance minister, but he is no ordinary government bureaucrat.

He opens Adults in the Room, his memoir about his short time in government, by describing a late-night meeting in a Washington bar in which former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers asks him if he would behave as an insider or outsider. It is a sly narrative construct, as Varoufakis tells all from the outsider-insider perspective and recounts the negotiations over Greeces debt with the Troika: the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission and the European Central Bank (ECB).

Varoufakis names the individual actors in the Greek tragedy, but where he really shines is in explaining the central economic and political forces that created Europes economic crisis.

Greeces population is 10.75 million but its public debt is around 330 billion euros ($390 billion). He argues that Greece is in a modern-day debtors prison and cannot pay its sovereign debt without a serious restructuring. Adults in the Room takes pains to describe his attempts to end the countrys fiscal waterboarding at the hands of the Troika. Varoufakis demanded new debt terms and some debt cancellation haircuts for the banks and other institutions that held Greeces bonds. One problem was that the ECBs charter explicitly prohibited debt cancellation and bailouts, thus stacking the deck against the debtor nation.

An outsiders tale of crashing the ultimate insiders club.

Once in power, Varoufakis got creative. He offered to convert Greeces unsustainable debt payments to perpetual bonds that paid lower but perpetual interest, and the country would be able to choose when to pay off the principal, sometime in the distant future. Another novel but workable idea was that Greece would swap its largest debt obligations for new 30-year bonds that had crucial provisions: Annual payments would be suspended until Greeces national income increased, and would then be linked to its economic growth.



How Game Can Get in the Way of Getting Laid "IndyWatch Feed"

This is a guest post by Kid Strangelove. Kid originally published this article at his own blog on October 12, 2010, but he deleted the site a while ago so he could focus on other projects. He asked me if Id be willing to re-post some of his articles on my blog and I said yes.

Ever get flaked on by a girl?

Of course you have. Its normal. Its human nature.

Sometimes flaking can be disheartening, sometimes you just ignore it and move on, and sometimes you try to learn from your mistakes. But rarely do you get a chance to find out straight from the source what you did wrong, or what she thought of you.

I mean, a flake is the ultimate form of rejection: apathy. Its like in the pro wrestling world: the best guys are the guys the audience either cheers the loudest or completely shits on with boos, but the guys that you dont hear about are the guys that just simply get no reaction, positive or negative, whatsoever.

Sorry, Bobby. They tried.

Bumping into a former flake just doesnt happen every single day, but when it does, man does it feel enlightening (or embarrassing or both).

Flash back to last week. I was hanging out with a few friends of mine, having a quiet hookah night, followed by our familiar Tuesday spot famous for its two dollar beers and amazing burgers. The Tuesday spot was overflowing with Yankee fans, since this was their very first series game against the Twins. Beer and baseball flowed through me, and I was relaxed.

But when I steppe...


Flashback: Sex Abuser Charlie Rose Shames Steve Bannon and Ridicules President Trump for Billy Bush Tape (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest post by Joe Hoft

A few months ago CBS Anchor Charlie Rose interviewed former President Trump Campaign Strategist Steve Bannon on 60 Minutes.

During the interview the Billy Bush tape was discussed where President Trump was recorded saying that women let him grab them anywhere since hes a celebrity. The video was years old when presented on all the mainstream media (MSM) outlets late in the campaign just a few weeks before the election.

President Trump and Steve Bannon responded to the Bush tape by having a press conference in St. Louis a few days later on a Sunday shortly before the 2nd debate with Hillary Clinton.

President Trump did what no politician has ever done he hit back HARD and Bannon had much to do with it.

On that Sunday President Trump invited the media to a pre-debate presser.  The media was non- stop about the video claiming Trump was finished.  The reporters thought they were going to a pre-debate photo op with Donald Trump.  They walked in on Trump sitting with Clinton rape victims.  Trump held a presser with Paula Jones, Kathy Shelton, Juanita Broaddrick & Kathleen Willey


This all occurred a few hours before the 2nd debate.  The liberal MSM thought again that they had finally knocked Donald Trump out of the race.  This was their October surprise.  What the MSM could not see was that the Clinton campaign could not win an argument about abusing women.  Bill Clinton, the Democrat candidates husband, was the worlds most notorious womanizer and Trump reminded us all that this was the fact.

In the 60 minutes interview with Bannon, Charlie Rose revisited the Billy Bush tape.  He shamed Bannon for his support of candidate Trump during this time and ridiculed President Trump for the video when interviewing Bannon.

Rose started a segment of the interview off with a comment to Bannon that Americans do care about respect for women.   There was some discussion then Rose asked Bannon in a confronting manner, Are you trying to destroy somebody when you...


Billings, MT Elects Democratic Socialist To City Council "IndyWatch Feed"

Just the beginning. Via Billings Gazette: Denise Joy is trying to get used to this elected official thing. At a downtown Billings coffee shop on Thursday, she said its a bit different to have people recognize her in public and stop to comment on the election win. Joy joked about how she thought things would []


The Future of 1939 "IndyWatch Feed"

Gallery of photos from the 1939 New York World's Fair.

Statue of a Pony Express rider being ambushed by Indians, from the AT&T Pavilion.

GM Building. One of the interesting things to me is that despite World War II, architecture took up in the 1950s right where it left off in 1939, along the path of abstract modernism. This was how the future looked in 1939 and it remained how the future looked right into the 1960s, just as much in the Soviet Union and Japan as in western Europe and North America. Whatever modernism was about, it was a powerful, worldwide movement that couldn't even be derailed by the greatest slaughter humanity has ever contrived.

The Electric Utilities Building at night. Electric power was big at the fair, celebrating one of th...


Sexgate: CBS & PBS fired Charlie Rose after 8 women accused him of sexual misconduct, incl. walking around naked "IndyWatch Feed"

I knew it! Years ago, when I first saw Charlie Rose on PBS, before he became CBS This Mornings anchor, I took an instant visceral dislike of him, not because of his political ideology (of which I knew little), but Continue reading


U.S. Generals Might Stop Trump From an Illegal Nuclear Strike But Who Will Save Us From a Legal One? "IndyWatch Feed"

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, left, poses for a handshake at Offutt Air Force Base with Gen. John E. Hyten, the head of Strategic Command, in Bellevue, Neb. on Sept. 14, 2017. Mattis will be receiving classified briefings at Strategic Command, which will help him in his "nuclear posture review," a top-to-bottom reassessment of U.S. nuclear weapons policy.


North Carolina fire department loses funds over Confederate flag "IndyWatch Feed"

From Fox News: A fire department in North Carolina stands to lose at least $19,000 because of its refusal to remove a Confederate flag from its property.  The Uwharrie Volunteer Fire Department has been flying the Confederate flag in front Continue reading


Senador ignora apelos e mantm relatrio contra plantio de maconha para uso prprio "IndyWatch Feed"

Audincia pblica realizada no dia 26 de outubro ouviu vozes contra e a favor da descriminalizao do cultivo de maconha para uso prprio. Na ocasio, o senador Srgio Peteco (PSD/AC) reconheceu haver "consenso" favorvel ao plantio para uso medicinal.


How to Use Fiscal and Monetary Policy to Make Us Rich Again "IndyWatch Feed"

During the post war Golden Age, from 1950 to 1973, US median real wages more than doubled. Today, they are lower than they were when Jimmy Carter was President. If you want an explanation why Americans are pessimistic about their future, that is as good a reason as any. In a recent article, Noah Smith []


Trump Accused Of Sexual Assault-Harassment By 24 Women: Hear The Stories Of 16 Of Them "IndyWatch Feed"

3 1/2 minute video; inappropriate for minors

Here is an article on the 16:

There are apparently 24:

Video brought to our attention here:




Afghan poppy farmers extract raw opium from poppy heads in fields in Zhera disrict west of Kandahar

Commander In Chief Donald Trump is bombing the heck out of the CIAS Opium Labs thwarting all the cartel dollars and taking over the corrupt C.I.A.  For those of you out there who had been saying things like Psyop If that Marine Troops were at CIA in Langley why didnt we know about it?  Where are the pictures?  Good grief!  President Trump said many times on the campaign trail and in televised debates (several of them) that when he is President he will take care of the problems and, You wont know what Im going to do.  Thats stupid to tell the enemy on this day at this timewe ar...


FBI Statement on Murder of Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez "IndyWatch Feed"

The initial report from the U.S. Border Patrol on the murder of Agent Rogelio Martiez was posted Sunday November 19th, and stated: Agent Rogelio Martinez and his Big Bend Sector partner were responding to activity while on patrol near Interstate Continue reading


Depleted Uranium and Radioactive Contamination in Iraq "IndyWatch Feed"

The amount of devastation caused by the Depleted Uranium (DU) weaponry used against Iraq during the consecutive US led wars is historically unprecedented in modern warfare. The devastating magnitude of the complications and damage caused as a result of the use of such radioactive and toxic weapons on the environment and the human population was []


Midnight Meme Of The Day! "IndyWatch Feed"

-by Noah

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey is a woman who knows what she wants and what she looks for in a senator. She wants the best her party has to offer! That's why she supports Judge Roy Moore!

If Moore wins, I wonder if she'll bring her granddaughters to the victory party. Well, it is Alabama, so, probably, yeah.


The White House is Run Entirely by Hucksters, Democrats, and Generals "IndyWatch Feed"

There is no one left in the White House who has any idea what theyre doing. At least nobody conservative. President Donald Trump never tires of reminding audiences that he is not a politician, and he proves it on an hourly basis. He is by turns a nationalist, a populist, and a demagogue but []


Gazans turn to their rooftops for sustenance "IndyWatch Feed" For Muhyeddin al-Kahlout, the benefits of his rooftop farm are wide-reaching. Mohamed Hajjar The decade-old Israeli blockade on Gaza has dramatically undermined the coastal strips agriculture sector. The electricity crisis has exacerbated this problem. With electricity available for only three to four hours a day, most productive sectors in Gaza are debilitated to the []


CNN Sister Network TBS Gives Show to Vile Trump Assassin Wannabe Snoop Dogg "IndyWatch Feed"

TBS, the sister cable network to CNN, is airing a primetime TV show hosted by rapper Snoop Dogg even though he has repeatedly promoted the assassination of President Donald Trump. Dogg also attacked the President in a vile video released Mondaythe day before Doggs show, a reboot of the game show The Jokers Wild, is set to air a new episode.

Screen image from March 2017 of TBS host Snoop Dogg acting out assassinating President Trump.

In a video released in March, Dogg, aka Calvin Broadus, Jr., acted out the assassination of President Trump. CNN reported on the video at the time.

At the beginning of November, Dogg released an album cover showing him standing over an American flag draped corpse with a toe tag that prominently said, TRUMP.

Variety reported Dogg pulled the image and released the album with a different cover.

The rappers publicist told Variety his album has already been released with a different cover. The new graphic features a blue baseball cap reading, Make America Crip Again, clearly alluding to Trumps red hats with his Make America Great Again campaign slogan. The EPs original artwork appears to be a reference to Ice Cubes 1991 album Death Certificate, which showed the rapper standing over the corpse of Uncle Sam.

On Monday, Dogg released a profanity-laced rant attacking Trump over his comments about NFL player Marshawn Lynch not standing for the National Anthem in Mexico and LaVar Ball over his statements dissing Trump about helping free his shoplifting UCLA basketball player son from China.

Excerpted quotes from TBS host Snoop Dogg:

Fuck Donald Trump, bitch! Fuck you. Fuck you Donald Trump and everything you stand for. &#8220...


To monitor entire world "IndyWatch Feed"

A Good American


Save the Internet: Petition; Call Congress; Share; Info About the Trump Administrations Attack On Net Neutrality "IndyWatch Feed"

From Free
Stop the Trump administrations attack on Net Neutrality
Take Action here:

Net Neutrality is not negotiable. Its essential to everything we need in our society and democracy from educational and economic opportunities to political organizing and dissent. Millions of people fought for over a decade to secure lasting Net Neutrality protections. We will not accept anything less. We urge you to reject any attacks on real Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality keeps the internet free and open enabling anyone to share and access information of their choosing without interference from companies like AT&T, Comcast and Verizon.

But the Trump administration wants to shut down the open internet.
The Federal Communications Commission passed historic rules protecting Net Neutrality in...


November 21st 2017 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #306 "IndyWatch Feed"

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


The Corruption of the Law "IndyWatch Feed"

I drink coffee in the morning on a round, ornate oak table that once belonged to Harlan Fiske Stone, a U.S. Supreme Court justice from 1925 to 1946 and the chief justice for the last five of those years. Stone and his family spent their summers on this windswept, remote island six miles off the []


Tuesday November 21st Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


Democrat Rep John Conyers Gets SAVAGED on Twitter Following Sexual Harassment Revelation "IndyWatch Feed"

Americans are enraged over taxpayer money being used to pay for the sins on Congressmen.

It was revealed Monday evening that one Congressman who settled a harassment suit in 2015 was Democrat Rep John Conyers. According to affidavits, Conyers used taxpayer money to fly women into D.C. to meet with him in hotel rooms!

The documents were first provided to BuzzFeed News by Mike Cernovich.

Buzzfeed reports:

Michigan Rep. John Conyers, a Democrat and the longest-serving member of the House of Representatives, settled a wrongful dismissal complaint in 2015 with a former employee who alleged she was fired because she would not succumb to [his] sexual advances.

Buzzfeed also reported that staffers were tasked with flying women in for Conyers using Congressional resources!

Former employees also said that Conyers made it very clear that if they performed personal favors it would lead to salary increases and promotions. It was well known Conyers was having affairs with multiple female staffers. He often made sexual advances towards women and grew angry if they brought their husbands around.

Even more egregious, Conyers victims were paid a settlement in exchange for their silence out of taxpayer money after a long, daunting process.

John Boehner was House Speaker when these settlements were made. Buzzfeed reached out to his spox and they have not responded with comment.


Angry Americans savaged Conyers on his last tweet where he said, I miss Barack Obama.



The Secret Lives Of Republicans-- In The "O" States, Ohio And Oklahoma "IndyWatch Feed"

Are ALL ultra-conservative Republican state legislators child rapists?

Last week I professed bewilderment as to why Ohio state Rep and rising star Wes Goodman-- heir apparent to Jim Jordan-- faced political erasure after he was caught having consensual sex with another adult male in his district office. If Republicans fired every officeholder guilty of gross hypocrisy, there would be virtually no Republican officeholders left. Sure, Goodman, was a hypocrite for living in the closet while wracking up an anti-LGBT record but there are dozens of Republicans in the same boat, including Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Patrick McHenry (R-NC), David Young (R-IA), to name a few prominent ones. But Ohio Republicans didn't force Goodman to quit over the hypocrisy. Fondling a supporter's teenage son without the kid's consent is a much bigger deal.

Over the weekend, the backstory came tumbling out of Goodman's closet: this was no one-time faux pas-- he led secret gay life, made unwelcome advances to younger men. Jackie Borchardt reporting: "In public, Wesley Goodman was an up-and-coming conservative who championed pro-family and anti-LGBT causes and aspired to someday run for Congress. In private, he exchanged salacious texts and emails with gay men he met on Capitol Hill, and sent sexually suggestive messages to young men he met through conservative circles who were too intimidated to publicly complain, according to three people who knew him when he worked in Washington." It wasn't just...


Stealin Be Ok, No Big Deal LeVar Ball Showcases Mentality Behind His Son LiAngelo Ball Shoplifting in China "IndyWatch Feed"

UCLA basketball players LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill were arrested in China for shoplifting while attending basketball tournament. UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero said the players stole from three stores in China including sunglasses stolen by LiAngelo Ball Continue reading


Telia to Pay $965 Million FCPA Prosecution Deferred in Uzbek Bribery Case "IndyWatch Feed"

Stockholm-based Telia Company AB and its Uzbek subsidiary, Coscom LLC, entered into a global foreign bribery resolution and will pay a combined total penalty of more than $965 million to resolve charges arising out of a scheme to pay bribes in Uzbekistan. Coscom pled guilty and was sentenced on a one-count criminal information charging the []


Footage Resurfaces of Dem Rep. John Conyers Reading Porn Magazine on Airplane Amid Sex Scandal (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Footage has resurfaced of Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) reading a pornographic magazine on a packed airplane in 2010 amid the lawmakers bombshell sex scandal. 

Video credit: Henry Payne

Daily Mail UK reports:

Clearly unabashed, an elderly congressman has been filmed reading Playboy magazine on a flight to Washington.

Maybe it was for research purposes but it must surely be a touch embarrassing for 81-year-old John Conyers, who is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

The headline of the story on one website, The Michigan View, refers to Mr Smut goes to Washington.

The Detroit Democratic congressman was on a plane headed to the capital when a fellow passenger filmed him flicking through pages of the magazine.

The video and pictures were first posted on the Facebook page of the former Pulitzer Prize winner Charlie LeDuff.

The Michigan View reports Conyers may have been scanning the magazines articles, such as La Chatte by Maureen Gibbon. Judging by Conyers sex scandal, we arent buying it.

Syndicated columnist Phi Kerpen joked about the Democrat lawmakers sex scandal by tweeting a link to the Playboy Magazine incident, tweeting If only there had been some clue.

As The Gateway Pundits Cristina Laila reported, it was revealed Mon...


CNN Host Grills UCLA Basketball Players Father For Disrespecting POTUS Trump In Off the Wall Interview (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

On Monday evening, CNN host Chris Cuomo grilled Lavar Ball, the father of UCLA basketball player LiAngelo Ball for dismissing President Trumps role in securing his sons release from China.

Ball told Cuomo that he did more to get his son out of jail than President Trump.

I helped my son get out of [China]I had some people that had boots on the ground that knew the situation!

Video credit: PG Sports

Uproxx reports:

LaVar Ball took his feud with Donald Trump to another level on Monday night, as the founder of Big Baller Brand appeared on CNN. The much-anticipated interview came one day after the president tweeted about Balls comments regarding Trumps involvement in getting three UCLA basketball players who were detained in China back to the United States.

Among the three players who were arrested for shoplifting was Balls middle son, LiAngelo. Trump tweeted that he wanted the players to thank him for speaking to Chinese president Xi Jinping about their status, and all three obliged upon returning stateside.

LaVar Ball was not as eager to thank Trump, however, as he responded to a question about the lead...


Charles Manson "IndyWatch Feed"

It is strange how close we are to people we have never met. It is no more than six degrees of separation in most cases.

There is a parlor game on this: the Kevin Bacon game. Name a movie. Then get to Kevin Bacon within six steps. Sometimes it is far fewer than six. site member posted this.

As a member of the BMW Club of Northern California, I met some unusual people. Dick (Richard) Van Dusen was among them. He invited me to visit his home to meet his family. He did so with this invitation, We dont have much, but we will share what we have.We visited back and forth many times over the next couple of years. His middle daughter was quite skilled at sewing. I once bought her a hunk of fabric and in just over an hour, she was wearing the pants made from it. The younger daughter, Julie, really liked me and was about 9 at the time.

One Sunday I was visiting the family and a school bus drove into the yard. Out came a bunch of hippy types. Two guys and 8-10 young women. One guy, Charlie, was clearly the head of the group. It was obvious that they all worshipped him. He was so weird and the relationships so sick that I made an excuse and left after a couple of hours. He had visited the family several times over the years. I didnt recall names, as I just pushed aside this bunch of crazies. The hippie era was full of way out groups, so this wasnt so unusual.

A few months later, Dick reminded me of that group. He told me that they were in the news for having killed Sharon Tate. He was quite appalled and shaken. Charlie had given a diamond ring to Julie, which I suppose she still has today.

Time to buy old US gold coins

This is one degree of separation for him, two for me.

I also have three degrees, twice.

In high school, one of my closest friends was Neal Jardine. That was in the late 1950s. His younger brother was Al. I met him only once, probably in 1958.

Thats one degree.

In 1961, Al got together with the Wilson brothers to form a band, the Pendletones. They cut a single. When it came out, they found that someone in the record company had changed the bands name to the Beach Boys.

Thats two degrees.

Dennis Wilson rented a home in Malibu in the late-1960s. A frequent guest was Charles Manson. Dennis persuaded brother Brian to cut a song of Mansons, Cease to Exist. Brian changed it...

Your Lower and Lower Standard of Living "IndyWatch Feed"

Several times over my 29 years in Congress I have wondered whether there are any fiscal conservatives at the Pentagon.

It seems that the Defense Department is just like every other gigantic bureaucracy. When it comes to money, the refrain is always more, more, more.

On November 14, the House passed what one Capitol Hill paper described as a $700 billion compromise defense bill.  It was $80 billion over the budget caps and many billions more than even President Trump had requested.

I opposed almost all the major initiatives of the Obama administration. But it was false to say that the Defense Department was depleted or eviscerated during those years, or that now we must rebuild the military.

In fact, public relations experts in future years should conduct studies about how the Defense Department has been able to convince the public it has been cut when it is getting more money than ever.

Defense Department appropriations have more than doubled since 2000. In addition, the Department has gotten extra billions in several supplemental or emergency appropriation bills.

The military construction bill is a separate bill that has added another $109.5 billion over the last 10 years. It would be hard to find any U.S. military base any place in the world that has not had several new buildings constructed over the last few years.

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In fiscal year 2016, we spent over $177 billion on new equipment, guns, tanks, etc. We have spent similar amounts for many years. Most of this equipment does not wear out or have to be replaced after just one year.

It is ironic that the only President in the last 60 or 70 years who has tried to rein in defense spending is the only President in that period who spent most of his career in the military.

In Evan Thomas book, Ikes Bluff, when told by his top staffer that he could not reduce defense spending, President Eisenhower said if he gave another star to every general who cut his budget, there would be such a rush to cut costs youll have to get out of the way.

The book also quotes Eisenhower as saying Heaven help us if we ever have a President who doesnt know as much about the military as I do.

Therein lies an explanation for a big part of what has caused much excessive and/or wasteful defense spending and, the willingness, even at times eagerness, to go to war and support permanent, never-ending wars.

Only 18% of the current Congress has ever served in any branch of our military. Members are afraid if they do not vote for an...

The End Is Near "IndyWatch Feed"

The storyline began with Weinstein and moved, as sure as day follows night, to Clinton.

And now this:

Bill Clinton Faces Sexual Assault Accusations From Four More Women

the women allege the former president assaulted them in the early 2000s, when Clinton was working with playboy billionaire investor Ron Burkle.

They say there is no evidence that Burkle knew anything about the alleged assaults.  I say that there is:

Clinton and Burkle used to travel together on Burkles private jet, which earned the reprehensible nickname Air F*** One. All of the women are former employees of Burkle who said Clinton took advantage of his power over them.

Time to buy old US gold coins

What do you think?  I say Burkle will be added to the list.

And Bill and Hillary are done.

Reprinted with permission from Bionic Mosquito.

The post The End Is Near appeared first on LewRockwell.

Were Fighting For Our Lives and Liberty "IndyWatch Feed"

More than three-and-a-half years since the so-called Battle of Bunkerville, Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, his two sons, and a fourth defendant are facing a jury of their peers in a Las Vegas courtroom.

As opening statements kicked off this week, prosecutors said the Bundy camp defied the rule of law by threat of violence and intimidation, while defense attorneys called the nearly weeklong standoff in April 2014 a legal protest against federal government overreach.

The only thing (Bundy) wanted to do was raise cattle, just like his grandfather did, and his dad did, defense attorney Bret Whipple said in his opening presentation, according to Reuters.

Cliven Bundys cattle, and the lands they roamed, represent the root cause of the Bunkerville standoff, which was the culmination of a decades-long dispute between Bundy and the Bureau of Land Management. Before 1993, Bundy paid the federal government land grazing fees. But then Bundy took issue with the governments tightened ranch restrictions meant to protect the endangered desert tortoise.

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In the end, BLM agents retreated, and no shots were fired. But 19 people have been arrested in connection with the standoff. Some have pleaded guilty, others have been found guilty in other trials, and others still have been exonerated or taken plea deals with what are expected to be light sentences.

On Tuesday, Acting U.S. Attorney Steven Myhre cast the 71-year-old Bundy, his two sons Ryan and Ammon, and co-defendant Ryan Payne as members of a conspiracy meant to impede law enforcements efforts to execute a court order.

Countering that, Defense attorney Whipple showed a video of a federal agent throwing Bundys...

Why Is the US Helping Saudi Arabia "IndyWatch Feed"

Its remarkable that whenever you read an article about Yemen in the mainstream media, the central role of Saudi Arabia and the United States in the tragedy is glossed over or completely ignored. A recent Washington Post article purporting to tell us how things got so bad explains to us that, its a complicated story involving warring regional superpowers, terrorism, oil, and an impending climate catastrophe.

No, Washington Post, its simpler than that. The tragedy in Yemen is the result of foreign military intervention in the internal affairs of that country. It started with the Arab Spring which had all the fingerprints of State Department meddling, and it escalated with 2015s unprovoked Saudi attack on the country to re-install Riyadhs preferred leader. Thousands of innocent civilians have been killed and millions more are at risk as starvation and cholera rage.

We are told that US foreign policy should reflect American values. So how can Washington support Saudi Arabia a tyrannical state with one of the worst human rights record on earth as it commits by what any measure is a genocide against the Yemeni people? The UN undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs warned just last week that Yemen faces the largest famine the world has seen for many decades with millions of victims. The Red Cross has just estimated that a million people are vulnerable in the cholera epidemic that rages through Yemen.

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The United States is backing Saudi aggression against Yemen by cooperating in every way with the Saudi military. Targeting, intelligence, weapons sales, and more. The US is a partner in Saudi Arabias Yemen crimes.

Does holding hands with Saudi Arabia as it slaughters Yemeni children really reflect American values? Is anyone even playing attention?

The claim that we are fighting al-Qaeda in Yemen and thus our involvement is covered under the post-9/11 authorization for the use of force is without merit. In fact it has been reported numerous times in the mainstream media that US intervention on behalf of the Saudis in Yemen is actually a boost to al-Qaeda in the country. Al-Qaeda is at war with the Houthis who had taken control of much of the country because the Houthis practice a form of Shia Islam they claim is tied to Iran. We are fighting on the same side as al-Qaeda in Yemen.


Cowboys, Truckers, and Us "IndyWatch Feed"

Being a trucker especially an owner-operator used to be a lot like being a cowboy was back in the 1800s.

On your own timetable, beholden to none so long as the cows (or the cargo) got where they needed to be on time. Independent, free.

Which, naturally, is why both avocations had to be stomped.

Cowboys became ranch hands, no longer free to roam.

But at least they arent subject to 24-7 recording of their doings  as truckers soon will be. It will be done via something called an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) which is basically a mobile, in-truck Panopticon a rig for the rig that sees all and knows all and narcs all, to the Appropriate Authorities.

It will tell drivers when to stop driving even if they are just a couple of miles away from their destination. And they must stop. No matter how needless or inconvenient.

If they do not . . .

The ELDs, of course, will not be optional.

Time to buy old US gold coins

They will become mandatory for all new trucks about a month from now on Dec. 18 when a new federal fatwa goes into effect.

Unless, as the result of some last-minute spasm of concern for our ever-diminishing liberties, someone puts a legislative stop to it.

One such someone is Republican Rep. Brian Babin of Texas, who wrote a bill (H.R. 3282) that would do just that but. Give him credit for trying. But like the effort to get rid of Obamacare its more about talking points than actually doing something about it. Because most Republicans might as well be Democrats, or the reverse. The one party always seeks the same things more power, more control.

Trumps nominee for oberbefehlshaber der Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Raymond Martinez, has already indicated he supports the ELD mandate. See? Voting matters . . .

The truckers, of course, will get to pay for the technology which will be used to treat them like home-release criminals and those people at least get free ankle bracelets (well, free in the sense that they are paid for by taxpayers).

The ELD mandate like so many similar mandates in the land of the formerly free is based on the new American guiding ideas of presumptive guiltcollective dumbing down and collective punishment. It...

Cops Can Get Your DNA "IndyWatch Feed"

Sending a sample of your DNA through the post may seem like a harmless and novel way of tracing your ancestry, and millions of Americans have already done so, but there is a more sinister side to this relatively new enterprise.

If youre suspected of a crime police can, if they have a warrant, request access to your DNA profile from both the Ancestry and 23andMe websites. The latter has received five requests for customer information from law enforcement, although the company says it didnt comply with any of these requests.

As the 5 requests resulting in zero information provided indicates, we resist all of these requests. For perspective, 5 requests with over 3 million customers are 0.0002% worth of requests in 11 years. Thats less than rare, 23andMe spokesman Andy Kill told

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Though the company hasnt ruled out providing information to authorities in the future. We would always review a request and take it on a case-by-case basis, privacy officer Kate Black told WJAX on Thursday., however, has complied with such requests. Of the nine made by authorities for customer info in 2016, the company provided information in eight of the cases, according to the companys transparency report.

However, the company stressed to that these requests were not related to DNA profiles rather they were all with regards to things like account data that could be useful in credit card fraud investigations.

USAID and Wall Street "IndyWatch Feed"

In 1928 when the US-based United Fruit Company now known as Chiquita Brands International faced labor issues in Colombia, it had at its disposal Colombian troops which gunned down hundreds of strikers to maintain production and profits.

Ensuring that Colombia protected American interests was the US State Department who hosted company representatives at the US embassy in Bogot, which in turn was in contact with Washington.

The United Fruit Companys actions in Colombia was far from an isolated incident. US Marine Corps General Smedley Butler would write a book regarding his personal, first-hand experience in fighting wars on multiple continents for oil companies, bankers, and fruit companies.

Nearly a century ago large corporate interests already possessed full control over the mechanisms of American governance, determining its domestic and foreign policy, and readily using the nations military might for their own personal gain across the globe.

The arrangement has not disappeared over time. It has simply evolved.

Buy Gold at Discounted Prices

The US Chamber of Commerce and USAID

The US Chamber of Commerce on its own website admits it is a lobbying organization and while it claims it represents millions of businesses big and small it is an organization dominated by, and existing solely for it largest members.

These include Chevron, Citi, Coco-Cola, Chevrolet, McDonalds, Ford, Dow, Exxon, Honeywell, Proctor & Gamble, Visa, Yum, Monsanto, and many more.

And while there is nothing inherently wrong with a lobbying organization, or US companies doing business abroad, it is what this particular lobbying organization does with its immense, concentrated, and unwarranted influence.

Representing not only the largest corporations in the United States, but also some of the largest corporations on Earth, the US Chamber of Commerce today just as United Fruit did nearly a century ago has direct access to the levers of US governance.

The US State Department today just as it did in Bogot in 1928 represents American interests, understood as being synonymous with corporate interests. It is through the US State Department that organizations like the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) receive their funding and directives.

These organizations are either chaired by or partnered directly with representatives not from humanitarian aid or democracy promotion circles,...

Whats the #1 Supplement Recommended by Cardiologists? "IndyWatch Feed"

By Dr. Mercola

According to the industry publication New Hope,1 coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and the reduced version, ubiquinol, are among the most popular supplements for mitochondrial health. Between 2000 and 2016, the number of Americans using CoQ10 increased from 2 million to 24 million, and the number of brands featuring CoQ10 has increased from 18 brands to 125.

This rapid growth suggests people are becoming increasingly familiar with the importance of mitochondrial health, which is great news. Even better, a recent poll2,3 reveals CoQ10 is now also the No. 1 supplement recommended by cardiologists for all patients. For years, Ive warned that anyone taking a statin drug to lower their cholesterol really must take a CoQ10 supplement or better yet, ubiquinol, which is the active, reduced form to protect their health, especially their heart health.

In the past, few doctors, including cardiologists, would warn their patients of the fact that statins deplete your body of CoQ10 (and other important nutrients, including vitamin D). It appears this may now be slowly changing. Your body also produces less ubiquinol with advancing age, which is why supplementation is recommended even if youre not on a statin drug.

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You can also improve absorption of CoQ10 from food or supplements by taking it with a small amount of healthy fat such as some olive oil, coconut oil or avocado. To optimize your bodys production of CoQ10, also be sure to eat plenty of:

  • Fatty fish low in contaminants, such...

Hate Waiting at the Luggage Carousel? "IndyWatch Feed"

Air travel involves plenty of waiting, from standing in long security lines to preparing for takeoff. And even after you land, your trip is stalled until you locate your luggage on the carousel. Luckily for impatient fliers, there are several ways to game the system and ensure a speedy suitcase delivery once you step off the plane, according to Travel + Leisure.

To score true VIP luggage treatment, ask the representative behind the check-in counter if they can attach a fragile sticker to your bag. Suitcases with these kinds of labels are often loaded last and unloaded first. (Plus, they receive the type of kid-glove treatment that ultimately helps them last longer.)

Buy Silver at Discounted Prices

Keep in mind, however, that youll need a new tag each time you fly. If it looks old, or was issued by a different airline, the crew might not pay attention to it, according to Cond Nast Traveler. Also, consider upping your suitcase game, as quality, hard-shell bags look like they contain delicate or important items. Their appearancealong with the fragile stickerwill inspire baggage handlers to give them special treatment.

Read the Whole Article

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Semi-Automatic, Revolver, Caliber, Cartridges "IndyWatch Feed"

What do you really need to know before buying a gun? Last week, in the first installment of our series, we talked about some of the things you needed to think about, like how you plan to be using it and some basic definitions. But theres a lot more to buying a gun that will work well for you than understanding what the words mean.

So, lets move on to Part 2 of our Monday GunDay guest series by Steve Candidus, who has generously written these articles to make choosing a firearm easier.

What You Need to Know When Buying a Gun

By Steve Candidus

Revolvers vs. Semi-Automatics

Lets start with an important note your ammunition is not called bullets that is what exits the barrel. The complete bullet, powder, and brass or aluminum case, is called a cartridge or round.


Instant Access to Current Spot Prices & Interactive Charts

A revolver, sometimes called a wheel gun, has a cylinder typically holding five or six rounds. A semi-automatic is flatter in profile and typically holds more ammunition.  It fires a bullet each time the trigger is pulled, and extracts and ejects the spent cartridge case from the firing chamber, re-cocks the firing mechanism, and loads a new cartridge into the firing chamber.

Revolvers do not come with a safety. The trigger pull is longer and it takes more effort to fire them and thus acts as a safety sort of. Revolvers come in sizes ranging from small pocket size guns to large heavy hunting guns. They are a good choice for home defense as their extra weight is actually an advantage. The weight absorbs more of the felt recoil.

They are loaded by releasing the cylinder button to the rear of the cylinder and swinging the cylinder out exposing the cartridges. By pushing on the cylinder rod that is located under the barrel when closed and in the center of the cylinder the rounds will be pushed out.

Cylinders can be reloaded either one at a time or with gadgets called speed loaders. These are plastic devices in the exact dimension of the cartridges in the cylinder and are held in place internally by small clips. By simply dropping the rounds into the cylinder and releasing the hold mechanism (a twist or a push) the entire cylinder is loaded very quickly.


Semi-Automatics, referred to as semi-autos, are thinner in profile and often carry more ammunition than revolvers.

Note that although some refer to them as autos they are still not what is calle...

Upsurge in Big Earthquakes for 2018 "IndyWatch Feed"

Scientists have warned there could be a big increase in numbers of devastating earthquakes around the world next year. They believe variations in the speed of Earths rotation could trigger intense seismic activity, particularly in heavily populated tropical regions.

Although such fluctuations in rotation are small changing the length of the day by a millisecond they could still be implicated in the release of vast amounts of underground energy, it is argued.

The link between Earths rotation and seismic activity was highlighted last month in a paper by Roger Bilham of the University of Colorado in Boulder and Rebecca Bendick of the University of Montana in Missoula presented at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America.

The correlation between Earths rotation and earthquake activity is strong and suggests there is going to be an increase in numbers of intense earthquakes next year, Bilham told the Observer last week.

In their study, Bilham and Bendick looked at earthquakes of magnitude 7 and greater that had occurred since 1900. Major earthquakes have been well recorded for more than a century and that gives us a good record to study, said Bilham.

Instant Access to Current Spot Prices & Interactive Charts

They found five periods when there had been significantly higher numbers of large earthquakes compared with other times. In these periods, there were between 25 to 30 intense earthquakes a year, said Bilham. The rest of the time the average figure was around 15 major earthquakes a year.

The researchers searched to find correlations between these periods of intense seismic activity and other factors and discovered that when Earths rotation decreased slightly it was followed by periods of increased numbers of intense earthquakes. The rotation of the Earth does change slightly by a millisecond a day sometimes and that can be measured very accurately by atomic clocks, said Bilham.

Read the Whole Article

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Christians pray for Lady Gaga! "IndyWatch Feed"

Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) regrets her pact with the dark powers behind the Illuminati. Now before you become self righteous (I certainly could be tempted to take that route), remember that the Lord does not take pleasure in Continue reading


NAFTA Round #5 Reaches Impasse on Critical Auto Sector Canada/Mexico Balk At Rules of Origin "IndyWatch Feed"

$64 billion of the current annual trade deficit with Mexico stems from the auto sector alone. For over a decade auto manufacturers have moved to Mexico in order to import parts from Asia, assemble and install them, and then ship Continue reading


BREAKING SCANDAL: Dem Rep. John Conyers Accused of Sexual Harassment Flew Women Into DC For Sex Romps "IndyWatch Feed"

As TGP previously reported, according to Axios reporter Jonathan Swan, claims against Democrat Al Franken are the very tip of the congressional iceberg.

The next wave, is coming, says Swan.

Congress has a rampant sexual harassment problem. In fact the problem is so bad that female lawmakers and aides keep a creep list of men who are notorious for lewd behavior.

It was revealed Monday evening that one Congressman who settled a harassment suit in 2015 was Democrat Rep John Conyers. According to affidavits, Conyers used taxpayer money to fly women into D.C. to meet with him in hotel rooms!

The documents were first provided to BuzzFeed News by Mike Cernovich.

Independent journalist Mike Cernovich teased from his Twitter account Sunday evening following the Axios report. Ranking Democrat on major committee accused of several harassment by multiple women. Huge scandal. Developing Cernovich tweeted.

On Monday Cernovich tweeted Tonight over his Sunday night teaser.

Now this

Buzzfeed reports:

Michigan Rep. John Conyers, a Democrat and the longest-serving member of the House of Representatives, settled a wrongful dismissal complaint in 2015 with a former employee who alleged she was fired because she would not succumb to [his] sexual advances.

Documents from the complaint obtained by BuzzFeed News include four signed affidavits, three of which are notarized, from former staff members who allege that Conyers, the ranking Democra...


Thoughts And Prayers For Weasel Zippers Friend: Common Sense "IndyWatch Feed"

According to Don B., Common Sense passed away on Saturday.


BOOM! Witness Drops Bomb! PROVES Gloria Allred and Accuser Nelson Were Lying SAYS MEDIA WOULD NOT TALK With HER "IndyWatch Feed"

Republican Judge Roy Moore released testimony Monday night that proves far left Attorney Gloria Allred, accuser Beverly Nelson and the national media were lying about the allegations against Judge Roy Moore.

The Moore campaign published a report on Monday that shows the accusers, Gloria Allred and Beverly Nelson, were not telling the truth on the accusations against Judge Moore.


Gloria Allred was lying and so was the national media.

From the report:

1.) The Olde Hickory House required employees to be at least 16.  Beverly Nelson claims she was 15 when she started.

2.) The restaurants dumpsters were on the side of the building and not in back as Nelson claimed.

3.) A former employee says the restaurant NEVER closed at 11 PM as Nelson claimed and at midnight on most nights.

4.) Customers at the counter were served by the bartender or cook and not by any waitress.

5.) The witnesses claim they have shared this information with several news outlets but they have refused to report the truth!

More Rhonda Ledbetter, who worked at the restaurant at the time, hesitated to come forward but she said, As a moral and ethical person, she had to come forward.  Rhonda said she never remembered ANYONE coming into the restaurant in a suit and that Roy Moore NEVER came into the restaurant.


Review: Shadow World Documentary Exposes Business Of War Based On Greed "IndyWatch Feed"

In his first year in office, President Donald Trump has earnestly played the role of salesman-in-chief for United States arms manufacturers.

The U.S. accounts for more than half the worlds annual arms deals. Trump may make it much easier for the government to sell weapons by enlisting the Pentagon and State Department to more aggressively peddle the products of U.S. arms manufacturers. His administration also has proposals and plans in the works to make nuclear weapons more usable, with Lockheed Martin and Raytheon each working on prototypes of a delivery system for future nukes.

Trumps actions reinforce all the most profoundly disturbing aspects of Shadow World, a documentary based on Andrew Feinsteins book on the global arms trade that premiered on PBS at 9:30 pm ET.

Feinstein was once an African National Congress (ANC) member of South Africas Parliament. As he recounts in the film, Nelson Mandelas successor, Thabo Mbeki, spent $10 billion on weapons. Three hundred million dollars was spent on bribes to senior politicians, officials, and military officers. At the same time, Mbeki claimed there were no funds for developing life-saving medications for 6 million South Africans suffering from HIV/AIDS.

The financial oversight committee on which I was the ranking ANC member started to investigate the deal and the corruption. The ANC leadership instructed me to stop the investigation, Feinstein said in an interview with ITVS/Independent Lens interactive editor Craig Phillips. When I refused, they thwarted the investigation, including removing me from the committee and then forcing me out of Parliament.

As Feinstein wrote in his first book on corruption in South Africa, he took an interest in global defense contractors, especially how they were propped up by their own governments. He recognized there was no comprehensive book on the subject and developed the Shadow World project.

The film manages to cover quite a bit of history from President Ronald Reagan to President Barack Obama. Commentators featured in the film also reach back before to reference developments that happened with CIA covert operations in the 1950s to the 1970s. And President Richard Nixons disdain for diplomacy is highlighted through a clip of Nixon expressing the urge to use nuclear weapons.

Many of the key arguments in the film come from journalist Vijay Prashad, who condemns policymaking on the assum...


North Korea Bans Drinking, Singing, Punishes Officials For Impure Attitude, Report Says "IndyWatch Feed"

Sounds like the sanctions are beginning to get to him and people may be questioning him, hence impure attitude. Via Fox News: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un keeps his citizens on a tight leash, according to defectors, but the leader has now constricted his control even further by banning North Koreans from drinking and []


Never-Before-Seen Photos Show Al Franken Grabbing Arianna Huffingtons Boobs And Butt "IndyWatch Feed"

Never-before-seen photos of Al Franken and Arianna Huffington show the then-comedian grabbing the media moguls boobs and butt. 

Photo credit: New York Post

Photo credit: New York Post

New York Post reports:

Newly revealed pictures show Sen. Al Franken grabbing self-described feminist Arianna Huffingtonon her bottom and breasts.

The never-before-published images, taken for a magazine in 2000 and obtained exclusively by The Post, include a number of frames showing the former Saturday Night Live star grabbing the media moguls buttocks as they pose back to back.

An even more shocking snap shows the pair posing on a bed, with Franken cupping Huffingtons breast with one hand.

Franken was clowning around, but it really isnt funny, said a source from the shoot. Thats his tactic, pretend like its all a big joke. Arianna was pushing his hands away. He was groping her. There was some fun attached to it, but she wasnt enjoying it. She definitely told him to stop and pushed him away.

Franken stood there with his hand on her bottom for a long time, because there are numerous frames, each taken seconds apart, and his hand was there the whole time his hand wasnt just there for a quick moment, a source told Emily Smith of the New York Post.

The pictures were taken by award-winning photographer Harry Benson.

Last Thursday, Franken was...


Scapegoating Russia for War and Profit "IndyWatch Feed"

Scapegoating Russia for War and Profit

glen Tue, 11/21/2017 - 07:40

The military-industrial complex depicts Russia as an implacable enemy of the U.S. to justify our eternal war footing, said Daniel Kovalik, professor of human rights at the University of Pittsburgh and author of The Plot to Scapegoat Russia. The Democrats are also pushing it to cover their tracks for what appeared to be an impossible loss to Donald Trump.


Fantasies about Socialism "IndyWatch Feed"

Meanwhile in the awful assemblage of obnoxious opinions called The Stone, Benjamin Yong argues for this:

The real culprit of the climate crisis is not any particular form of consumption, production or regulation but rather the very way in which we globally produce, which is for profit rather than for sustainability. So long as this order is in place, the crisis will continue and, given its progressive nature, worsen. This is a hard fact to confront. But averting our eyes from a seemingly intractable problem does not make it any less a problem. It should be stated plainly: Its capitalism that is at fault.

As an increasing number of environmental groups are emphasizing, its systemic change or bust. From a political standpoint, something interesting has occurred here: Climate change has made anticapitalist struggle, for the first time in history, a non-class-based issue.
I would find this silly if so many people didn't take it seriously. So let me give it a serious response.

First, certain parts of the world have already tried a communist economy, and the environmental results were awful. There is simply no reason to assume that a socialist system would do any better at protecting the environment than the regulatory regimes we have now. It's just the old fantasy of Revolution: after we overthrow the oppressors, everything will be better. Trust us!

Second: is the government producing electric cars? No. Elon Musk is. And General Motors and Nissan. Capitalist firms produce what people want to buy. Ok, you have to factor in advertising and occasionally the refusal of big firms to produce certain things, but by and large capitalism is better at making the things people want than any other system. Nowadays many people want solar panels and electric cars, so capitalist firms produce them. The reason they don't make more is that most people still prefer gasoline and getting their power from the grid. In this case as in many others, what activists like Yong call "capitalism" is really just economic democracy. Firms make lots of stuff because people want it. Try to take it away from them and they are going to howl.

Third: many, many people hate it when bossy leftists tell them they have to change their whole lives and conform to the dictates of the greens: Change now! Give up your favorite things! Or the planet is doomed! Really! You must obey us or else!

People like Yong are somehow (like so many other progressive activists) incapable of hearing how they sound to other people. This whole "we must have systematic change" approach only guarantees that nothing will be done, because let me tell you we are not going to have socialist environmentalism in America. If you didn't like the backlash that gave u...


Haiti Police, Like the Old Army, Work for Uncle Sam "IndyWatch Feed"

Haiti Police, Like the Old Army, Work for Uncle Sam

glen Tue, 11/21/2017 - 07:36

The U.S.-backed regime in Haiti plans to reactivate the national army, which was disbanded for terrorizing the population. The 15,000-strong national police force recently massacred a number of teachers and students, said Brooklyn-based radio host and Haitian community activist Dahoud Andre. This police force was created by the United States and trained by Canada and the United States, he said. This is the means by which they are trying to determine the future of our country.


New Pics Show Al Franken Grabbing Arianna Huffingtons Breasts And Butt "IndyWatch Feed"

He just thought he was being funny. Haha. Not. He did the same thing in a pic with Joy Behar. Via Page Six: Newly revealed pictures show Sen. Al Franken grabbing self-described feminist Arianna Huffington on her bottom and breasts. The never-before-published images, taken for a magazine in 2000 and obtained exclusively by The Post, []


Hundreds Prosecuted for Breaking the Same Window "IndyWatch Feed"

Hundreds Prosecuted for Breaking the Same Window

glen Tue, 11/21/2017 - 07:30

Trial begins this week for some of the 214 people charged with conspiracy to riot during Donald Trumps inauguration, in Washington, January 20th. The prosecutions theory is that, just by being there, you are engaging in a crime, said Chip Gibbons, of Defending Rights and Dissent. They actually charged 214 people with breaking the same window. Scores of defendants face up to 61 years in prison.


Nebraska Public Service Commission Approves Keystone XL Pipeline "IndyWatch Feed"

As you probably know, the Blue Dogs, New Dems and DCCC are all furiously pushing Brad Ashford on Omaha voters again. Ashford, an opportunist who changes parties like normal people change underwear, was one of the 3 worst Democrats in the House for his one miserable term. Having been fired from his new job, he decided to jump into a race he can probably win in an anti-GOP wave, but not hold in a normal midterm. He's a big Keystone Pipeline proponent and normal Douglas County Democrats are happy to have a progressive alternative, Kara Eastman. This morning, after the pro-pipeline ruling, she told us that she's "opposed to today's decision by the Nebraska Public Service Commission approving the Keystone XL Pipeline." So are an awful lot of other Nebaskans, especially in the Omaha area. Kara:
For the last eleven years, I've has worked with Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance combating the devastating effects of lead poisoning, among other environmental hazards, in Omaha, Nebraska. Why was the organization started, you might wonder? Omaha has the nations largest residential superfund site where lead poisoning has affected thousands and has had an especially adverse impact on children. We now know what lead can do to water because weve seen the tragedy unfold in Flint, Michigan. In Omaha, the community has rallied around an organization to deal with lead-contaminated soil and a long-term health crisis. It was started because funds from a legal settlement from a large corporation had to be used to clean up a toxic, polluted Superfund site. The EPA also had to come in and spend hundreds of millions of dollars to clean up what a big corporation left us with-- lead poisoned soil. I know firsthand what unregulated industries do to our environment, our citizens, and our most vulnerable population-- our children. I know what can happen when concerned activists lose out to the possibility and allure of corporate profits and their well-funded campaigns to persuade people that their big business will benefit the community in the long run. I also understand that short-term thinking like that can and does lead to long-ter...


It Begins. Liberal Hacks at Newsweek Compare Charles Manson to Trump "IndyWatch Feed"

Mass murderer Charles Manson died today.
He was 83 years old.

Mansons cult followers committed a series of nine murders at four locations in July and August 1969.

Newsweek compared him to Donald Trump.

This is your liberal media at work.

Yup. They went there.
Via Newsweek:

The death of cult leader and convicted murderer Charles Manson resurfaces tales from his twisted familys killing spree after nearly four decades. Manson orchestrated the brutal deaths of actress Sharon Tate and six other innocent people in the 1960s according to historical reports, which leave many wondering how he convinced followers, made up of a former Sunday school teacher, a church choir singer and a one-time homecoming princess, into committing such brutal acts.

According to psychoanalyst Mark Smaller, past president of the American Psychoanalytic Association, part of Mansons power lay in the type of language he used. Notably, Manson was able to speak in a way that engaged those who felt marginalized or alienated.

A charismatic leader knows how to speak to people in a way that will emotionally engage those people, Smaller told Newsweek.

Smaller is clear that he does not believe President Donald Trump is similar to the convicted killer, or that their followers have any shared beliefs or characteristics, but he did say we can look to the current president to see how language is used to form a bond with followers.

Our current president speaks in an emotional or affective way to large numbers of people in our country who feel a kind of alienation or disconnection from the government, he said. They feel very responded to and become his political base.

According to the psychoanalyst, cult followers like those in the Manson family are so seduced by feelings of acceptance and understanding that they accept their leaders ideologies regardless of how destructive or dangerous they may be.

Its not even the content of what that charismatic leader says, he said. He or she is able to do it in an emotional way.

The post...


Africa: A Continent Under Lockdown "IndyWatch Feed"

Africa: A Continent Under Lockdown

glen Tue, 11/21/2017 - 07:25

AFRICOM perpetuates the myth that Africa needs policing, said Washington DC human rights activist Netfa Freeman, representing the Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) at the national conference of the Black Is Back Coalition, at Howard University. AFRICOM has to be seen in the same light as the militarization of our communities here in the U.S.


Mumias New Book "IndyWatch Feed"

Mumias New Book

glen Tue, 11/21/2017 - 07:19

The nations best known political prisoner, Mumia Abu Jamal, told supporters that his new book, Have Black Lives Ever Mattered? reflects the peoples struggles in the invisible sectors of American society.


Shaun King: Ungrateful Is The New N-Word "IndyWatch Feed"

Sorry, Shaun, youre white. You not allowed to comment. Via Daily Caller: Shaun King, a leftist political activist and writer for The Intercept, asserted Monday in response to a Trump tweet that ungrateful is the new nigger. Trump accused LaVar Ball of being ungrateful that he was able to get Balls son and two other []


Sessions DOJ Caught Downplaying Evidence Linking Obama And Hillary To Uranium-One Scandal "IndyWatch Feed"

A new report says the Justice Department under Attorney General Jeff Sessions downplayed evidence linking former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the Uranium-One scandal. 

The evidence comes amid the secret FBI informant behind the Uranium-One deal breaking his silence.

Last week, William Campbell came forward as the secret FBI informant, saying he is eager to testify because of his concerns about Russias activities in the United States, but declined to comment further, reports Reuters.

I have worked with the Justice Department undercover for several years, and documentation relating to Uranium One and political influence does exist, and I have it, Campbell told Reuters.

FBI informant Campbell, acting as a consultant trying to help Rosatom overcome political opposition to the Uranium One deal, gathered evidence for six years, and, according to the more than 5,000 pages of documents from the counterintelligence investigation, there are a number of evidentiary links between corrupt Russians, President Obama, and Hillary Clinton, reports Zerohedge.

Heres how Sessions and Rosenstein attempted to downplay proof linking Obama and Clinton to the Uranium-One scandal.

The Hill reports:

For instance, both Attorney General Jeff Sessions in testimony last week and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in a letter to the Senate last month tried to suggest there was no connection between Uranium One and the nuclear bribery case. Their argument was that the criminal charges werent filed until 2014, while the Committee of Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) approval of the Uranium One sale occurred in October 2010.

The way I understand that matter is that the case in which Mr. Mikerin was convicted was not connected to the CFIUS problem that occurred two...


Judge Moore RIPS Swamp Creature McConnell in Epic Tweetstorm Bring, it Mitch "IndyWatch Feed"

Judge Moore is hitting Mitch McConnell hard and its paying off.

As TGP reported, after two weeks of continual hits by the Washington media and GOP elites Judge Roy Moore leads liberal Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race.

Judge Moore ripped swamp creature Mitch McConnell in a tweetstorm that went viral. Bring it, Mitch!

Moore taunted McConnell saying after spending millions he still couldnt beat him in the primary so now hes teaming up with Dems!

Bring it, Mitch!

Moore reminded Alabama voters that it is now day 6 of Crooked Allreds refusal to turn over the fake yearbook.


MSNBCs Ruhle Worries About Slippery Slope in Holding Franken Accountable "IndyWatch Feed"

Yup, only Republicans should be held accountable. Democrats get a pass.


Judge Roy Moore Leads Liberal Doug Jones 58% to 35% in latest Tribune Poll "IndyWatch Feed"

After two weeks of continual hits by the Washington media and GOP elites Judge Roy Moore leads liberal Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race.

Only 35% of respondents believed the several attacks against Judge Moore who has been in public office for decades.

The Trussville Tribune reported:

In an unscientific online poll conducted by The Trussville Tribune, Republican Roy Moore led Democrat Doug Jones by a healthy margin.

The poll limited participating IP addresses to one entry and had 2,741 participants. The Tribune covers the cities of Trussville, Clay, Pinson, Center Point, Argo and Springville in Jefferson and St. Clair counties.

When asked who participants would vote for in Alabamas U.S. Senate race, 58.5 percent chose Moore over Jones with 35 percent. Less than 4 percent said they would not vote and less than 2 percent said they would write in a candidate.

Asked if they were affiliated with a political party, 46.5 percent of participants identified as Republican, 33 percent said they were independent, and 22 percent said Democrat.

The poll participants identified as conservative 55 percent of the time, moderate 30 percent, and liberal 15 percent.

Asked if they believed the allegations about Moore, 50 percent did not, 36 percent did believe the allegations and 14 percent were undecided.

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The Young Turks and Reporter Abruptly Part Ways Following Sexual Assault Allegations "IndyWatch Feed"

Jordan Chariton attends the TYT Watchdog Correspondents' Dinner 2017 on April 29, 2017 in Washington, DC.


Rand Pauls Assault Is One Of MSNBC Hosts Favorite Stories "IndyWatch Feed"

It was common among liberals on social media to say about the Paul attack it was their favorite story. Apparently Hunt let her personal feelings slip out. Via Daily Caller: MSNBC host Kasie Hunt called the story of Senator Rand Pauls recent assault one of her favorite stories, on MSNBC Live Monday. New details today []


HELL FREEZES OVER=> MSNBCs Chris Matthews SLAMS Hillary For Deplorables Comment "IndyWatch Feed"

Its no secret that Obama and Hillary (and all Democrats) have contempt for white Americans and Christians.

It turns out that Obama doesnt give left-wing crank Chris Matthews a tingling sensation up his legs anymore because he slammed the former president and Hillary for their anti-white rhetoric.

MSNBCs Chris Matthews was in Miami over the weekend for a book signing. He zinged Hillary for her deplorables comment and took a shot at Obamas clinging to guns and religion hit.

Ever since we started this Archie Bunker thing in the early 70s, making fun of white working people, we kissed them goodbye. You make fun of people, you look down on them, they get the message. You call them deplorables, they hear it. You bet they hear it.

You say they cling to their guns and religion? Oh yeah? I cling to my religion. OK. Im a little person, and youre a big person. Thank you, Ill be voting for the other guy this time.

Donald Trump won the election because he appealed to the forgotten man and woman. Middle America has been neglected by the coastal elitists in D.C. for decades. The Democrats in particular have contempt for white Christians while praising Islam and illegal aliens.

Whites are routinely demonized by the left while carrying the brunt of the tax burden.
The deplorables hit back hard in 2016 and will do it again the next election.

H/T Washington Examiner

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Embattled Angela Merkel Indicates New Election Preferred Over Minority Governing "IndyWatch Feed"

Stunningly even Chancellor Merkel herself admits her immigration intransigence is the leading reason for her inability to form a coalition government.  Yet she is so committed to the ideology of open borders she will tender no compromise. In an effort Continue reading



Tom Steyer is throwing good money after bad:

Tom Steyer, the billionaire environmentalist and Democratic mega donor, said hes heading to the heart of New York City for the next step of his $20 million ad campaign urging the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Were putting a couple of large billboards in Times Square calling for the impeachment of the president, Steyer said Monday in an interview. We legitimately feel that this is the huge issue in front of the American people that no one is standing up for what the overwhelming number of Americans think.
It pains me that Donald Trump is president, and he certainly deserves impeachment and removal from office. But it's not true that impeachment is what "the overwhelming number of Americans" want. In the poll showing the greatest support for impeachment, an October Public Policy Polling survey, 49% of respondents favored it, while 41% opposed it. That's a plurality, but not a majority, and certainly not an "overwhelming" majority. In an August Harvard/Harris poll, 43% of respondents favored impeachment, while 42% backed no action and 12% backed censure. Also in August, the Public Religion Research Institute found 40% support for impeachment.

So Congress isn't failing to do what the public wants. It's failing to do what not quite half of the public wants. More to the point, it's failing to do what Tom Steyer wants. Steyer is another billionaire who's so used to getting his way on everything that he thinks it's a monstrous injustice when he's rebuffed. He's just like a Koch brother, except on the side of good. I'm sorry he's being rebuffed, but if he were a non-billionaire, he might have a better understanding of disappointment.

Trump won't be impeached as long as there's a Republican House, and he can't be convicted in the Senate unless 67 senators vote to convict. Currently, there are 46 Democratic senators and 2 independents who caucus with the Democrats. So unless you can name 19 Republican senators who'd vote to convict, why are we even having this conversation now?

I'm not the first person to say this, but $20 million could be put to much better use supporting Democratic candidates and funding voter registration drives and turnout efforts. Every dime devoted to this crusade could be better spent.

And Times Square? Really? I arrived in New York City as a college freshman in 1976, and even by then Times Square had long si...


Linda Sarsour Set To Be On Anti-Semitism Panel "IndyWatch Feed"

You put an anti-semite on a panel that fights anti-semitism? Yikes! Via Fox News: A private university in New York City is hosting a panel on combating anti-Semitism but theres at least one glaring problem, according to critics: an avowed anti-Zionist protester is among the so-called experts. Brooklyn-born Muslim activist Linda Sarsour is set []


Michael Parenti: Capitalism vs. Reality (2015) "IndyWatch Feed"

with Michael Parenti Writer, Dandelion Salad November 20, 2017 anti-imperialism on Oct 31, 2017 Springfield, Illinois, 6th October 2015. This took ages to upload and the audio might be a bit loud or quiet at some points, sorry. [Parenti begins at 6:55] Michael Parenti is an award winning, internationally known author. His most recent books []


DUMB AS A BRICK=> Jemele Hill Takes Another Pot Shot at Cowboys After Being Suspended! "IndyWatch Feed"

As previously reported, ESPN pundit, Jemele Hill was so upset that Jerry Jones warned Cowboys players to stand for the Anthem that she called for people to boycott his advertisers.

Liberals arent the sharpest tools in the shed. ESPN lives and dies by the NFL so Jemele Hill was telling people to boycott her own network.

ESPN subsequently suspended Jemele Hill for 2 weeks and rolled out new rules for ESPN employees and their social media use.

Shes back and at it again! Jemele Hill took a lowkey pot shot at the Cowboys Sunday night and people took notice.

Jemele Hill sent out a celebratory tweet, Giants and Washington fans tweeting Cowboys slander right now

Jemele Hills original tweet calling for the boycott of Cowboys sponsors is STILL UP on her Twitter account.

As previously reported, ESPN is expected to announce a massive layoff after Thanksgiving after losing thousands of customers a day for an extended period of time. This layoff will include on-air personalities which has people asking if Jemele Hill may be on the chopping block.

NFL fans took notice and called her out..


8 Women Accuse Charlie Rose Of Sexual Harassment "IndyWatch Feed"

He said he thought they shared his feelings. Yup, because multiple assistants love it when their boss walks in front of them naked. These people are sick. Via Daily Caller: Eight women have come forward alleging CBS television host Charlie Rose made unwanted sexual advances towards them, The Washington Post reports. All of the women, []

Monday, 20 November


Making Christmas Great Again Melania and Barron Receive White House Christmas Tree (video) "IndyWatch Feed"

First Lady Melania Trump and Barron Trump receive the official White House Christmas Tree for 2017; a beautiful 19-and-a-half-foot Balsam fir from Wisconsin that White House officials picked out in September. Jim and Diane Chapman, owners of a Wisconsin Christmas Continue reading


Fox News Now Seemingly Peddling Conspiracy Theories About The Moon Landing "IndyWatch Feed"

the hell? Via Fox News: Despite insurmountable evidence to the contrary, conspiracy theorists have claimed for years that man did not walk on the moon, that the landings were fake. That theory has surfaced again, thanks to a new picture posted to YouTube that alleges the last moon landing, one from Apollo 17, was staged. []


HANNITY EXCLUSIVE: Newly Unearthed Documents Linking Russia To Clinton-Uranium One Scandal Validates FBI Informant "IndyWatch Feed"

Fox News host Sean Hannity and Circa News reporter Sara A. Carter have teamed up to report that the treasure trove of documents, linking Russia to the Clinton-Uranium One deal validates statements by FBI informant William D. Campbell Jr.

Recently, Campbell came forward as the secret FBI informant in the Uranium-One deal. The informant revealed he is eager to testify because of his concerns about Russias activities in the United States, but declined to comment further, reports Reuters.

I have worked with the Justice Department undercover for several years, and documentation relating to Uranium One and political influence does exist, and I have it, Campbell told Reuters. reports:

Recent pushback in Congressional testimony by Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as well as unnamed Justice Department officials in several news articles, stating that the case involving a highly placed FBI confidential informant in the Russian nuclear industry was not connected to the sale of the Canadian firm Uranium One in 2010, does not coincide with the trove of documents, emails and memoranda obtained by this reporter that prove otherwise.

Moreover, an American energy consultant, whose now an official with the Department of Energy office of Nuclear Energy, produced a memorandum regarding the acquisition of Uranium One and other legislative matters for one of the main Russian co-conspirators that was then under an FBI clandestine investigation.

Within the over 5,000 documents and briefs given to the FBI and DOJ by the informant, there were detailed plans of Russias state controlled nuclear arm Rosatom, and its subsidiaries, to penetrate Americas vast energy market and its efforts to gain approval of the United States government for the eventual purchase of Uranium One. At the time Uranium One controlled roughly 20 percent of American uranium mining capacity.

In fact, the evidence obtained by the Department of Justice and FBI, starting as early as 2008, paint a much different picture than that of recent reports regarding the confidential informant, William D. Campbell Jr., and his role. According to the documents, Campbell gained insight into Russias strategic plans to gain g...


The Bloom is Off The Rose Eight Women Outline Terrible Sexual Harassment By Charlie Rose "IndyWatch Feed"

While the obvious WaPo motive here is to enhance the poignancy of their attack against Roy Moore by offering one of their own as collateral damage,  I can think of few things less disturbing in life than 75-year-old Charlie Rose Continue reading


Apple Executive Takes Aim At Trump "IndyWatch Feed"

Via NTK Network: Lisa Jackson, Apples vice president of environment, policy and social initiatives, blasted President Trump and his administration in a recent interview with Jackson told the overseas outlet that it was hard to watch Trumps presidency after years of working for President Obama at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). According to the []


Kellyanne Conway Supports Judge Roy Moore: Doug Jones Is a Doctrinal Liberal (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

Kellyanne Conway: And Doug Jones in Alabama, folks dont be fooled. Hell be a vote against tax cuts. Hes weak on crime, weak on borders. Hes strong on raising your taxes. Hes terrible for property owners. And Doug Jones is a doctrinal liberal which is why hes not saying anything and why the media are trying to boost him.

Brian Kilmeade: So vote Roy Moore?

Kellyanne Conway: Im telling you, we want the votes in the senate to get this tax bill through. And if the media were really concerned about all these allegations and thats what this was truly about Al Franken would be in the ash heap of bygone half-funny comedians.


And any Republican who stays home or refuses to support Roy Moore over the flimsy 38-year-old allegations is siding with the Democrats too.

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The Lost Journalistic Standards of Russia-gate "IndyWatch Feed"

Exclusive: The Russia-gate hysteria has witnessed a widespread collapse of journalistic standards as major U.S. news outlets ignore rules about how to treat evidence in dispute, writes Robert Parry. By Robert Parry A danger in both journalism and intelligence is


Santa is black and has a white husband "IndyWatch Feed"

Nothing is sacred or off limits to the Lefts remake in their perverse self-image. Now, its Santa Claus. Brian Murphy reports for the Miami Herald, March 29, 2017, that Daniel Kibblesmith, a staff writer for The Late Show with Stephen Continue reading


Nudity, Groping and Lewd Calls: Eight Women Accuse Charlie Rose of Sexual Harassment "IndyWatch Feed"

Longtime television host Charlie Rose is being accused of sexual harassment by eight women. Rose allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct with nudity, groping and lewd calls.

According to the Washington Post, Roses unwanted advances included groping [womens] breasts, buttocks or genital areas.

Washington Post reports:

The women were employees or aspired to work for Rose at the Charlie Rose show from the late 1990s to as recently as 2011. They ranged in age from 21 to 37 at the time of the alleged encounters. Rose, 75, whose show airs on PBS, also co-hosts CBS This Morning and is a contributing correspondent for 60 Minutes.

There are striking commonalities in the accounts of the women, each of whom described their interactions with Rose in multiple interviews with The Post. For all of the women, reporters interviewed friends, colleagues or family members who said the women had confided in them about aspects of the incidents. Three of the eight spoke on the record.


Reah Bravo was an intern and then associate producer for Roses PBS show beginning in 2007. In interviews, she described unwanted sexual advances while working for Rose at his private waterfront estate in Bellport, N.Y., and while traveling with him in cars, in a hotel suite and on a private plane.


Kyle Godfrey-Ryan, one of Roses assistants in the mid-2000s, recalled at least a dozen instances where Rose walked nude in front of her while she worked in one of his New York City homes. He also repeatedly called the then-21-year-old late at night or early in the morning to describe his fantasies of her swimming naked in the Bellport pool as he watched from his bedroom, she said.

Click here to read the rest of the Washington Posts report. 

In a...


Chris Matthews Slams Obama And Clinton For Belittling White Working Class Voters "IndyWatch Feed"

Too late now to say something Chris. Via Washington Examiner: Chris Matthews, the host of MSNBCs Hardball, over the weekend hit the politics of former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for belittling the little guy, who in turn reacted by voting for their opponents. In Miami for a book signing, and videoed by C-SPAN, []


Aside From Nancy Pelosi, Who Thinks Congress Needs More Clueless Multimillionaires Buying House Seats? "IndyWatch Feed"

I'm afraid that if Pelosi stays on as House Democratic Leader for another decade-- she'd only be 87, barely older than DiFi when she starts her next 6-year Senate term-- there will be no Democratic members of Congress who aren't multimillionaires. Pelosi's net worth is around $192 million. She likes-- and encourages-- candidates like what she sees in the mirror to run as Democrats. There are at least 5 Democrats in the House in that same super-duper-rich category-- Jared Polis (New Dem-CO- $476 million), John Delaney (New Dem-MD- $369 million), Scott Peters (New Dem-CA- $118.3 million), Suzan DelBene (New Dem-WA- $97.3 million), and Don Beyer (New Dem-VA- $79.8 million). Will you look at that! A bunch of conservatives from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party-- at least when it comes to economic issues. Multimillionaires tend to be that way. All these sickening New Dems who play footsie with the Republicans and the same corrupting elements who fund the Republicans.

But it's the crappy candidates Pelosi has the DCCC recruiting that get me going. I never saw so many multimillionaires running as I have this year. I want to throw up. See the nice "I'm Running!" video up top-- like from an undergraduate communications class? That was released yesterday by Sara Jacobs, the self-entitled heiress to the Qualcomm fortune. And there's already a completely pointless multimillionaire in that race, Paul Kerr, a crony of one of California's worst (and richest) members, Scott Peters, who persuaded him to run. This is a district where the incredible grassroots work by Doug Applegate and his team last year exposed how weak Darrell Issa is-- and nearly beat him. The final vote wasn't declared 'til January-- last in the nation-- and Issa squeaked through 155,888 (50.3%) to 154,267 (49.7%). So Applegate announced he would finish what he started in 2016. But a vile gaggle of predatory super-rich scumbags, like Peters, started telling their friends it would be easy to roll over Applegate and then let the wave sweep them to victory against Issa with no real effort. Worst of all is Pelosi crony Ira Lechner, a failed Virginia political hack who persuaded one of his pals, Mike Levin-- who never lifted a finger against Issa previously-- to jump in, promising him that a thuggish political operative in Pasasda, Park Skelton, could "deliver" Pelosi and force Applegate out of the race. None of these people were in the...


Delusional Hillary Fantasizes About Being President on Another Planet (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Crooked Hillary has become so delusional that shes fantasizing about being president on another planet dubbed Earth 2.

Put a fork in her. Shes done.

Ol Crooked sat down with Nico Pitney of ultra liberal news outlet Now This and talked about what she would do as president on Earth 2.since she isnt president of the U.S. on actual planet earth.


People joke about Earth 2, where you are president, Nico Pitney began.

When asked about North Korea Hillary tried to act like she would be tough on them (even though her husband Bill Clinton gave them 2 nuclear light water reactors in the 90s).

After answering a few more questions, the interview came to an end but Hillary wanted to stay on another planet.

Hillary then volunteered to answer one more question saying, I like being on Earth 2.

Enter Russia

We gotta get to the bottom of what happened in 2016. If I had been president, or on Earth 2where I am, I would have an independent commission with subpoena power because if we dont get to the bottom of it, its going to keep happening. This is an ongoing threat, Hillary said.

I worry about 18. I worry about 2020 because this is the first time weve even been attacked and not imposed any real consequences on our adversary, Hillary said completely ignoring sanctions imposed on Russia by the Trump administration.


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Now That Charles Manson Is Burning In Hell, Dont Forget The Leftist Radicals Who Cheered Him On "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Daily Wire: On Sunday, mass murderer Charles Manson finally received the trip to Hell he earned long ago. The world universally condemned his lifes work as, of course, they should, given that Mansons followers were responsible for nine murders in 1979 alone, that one of his followers attempted to assassinate Gerald Ford, and []


Hillary Clinton Fantasizes About Leaving Earth And Being President Of Another Planet "IndyWatch Feed"

Good. Start walking. What would be happening right now if Hillary Clinton were president? NowThis (@nowthisnews) November 19, 2017


MSNBC Host: Assault on Rand Paul is One of My Favorite Stories! (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

MSNBCs Kasie Hunt told viewers Monday that the assault on Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), which left the lawmaker with six broken ribs, is one of her favorite stories to cover. 

New details today on the incident that left Senator Rand Paul with six broken ribs this might be one of my favorite stories, Hunt said.

Hunt, realizing how ridiculous she sounded, continued by saying awkwardly, Although, of course, we dont clearly Senator Paul is struggling. Neighbor Rene Boucher is accused of beating the Senator and GQ reports that lawn-care issues might be at the heart disagreement.

Nearly two weeks ago, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was physically attacked by neighbor Rene Boucher. According to a new report, the incident may have stemmed from a real estate dispute, as Boucher has been trying to sell his Bowling Green, Kentucky home for years and blames Paul for his troubles. 

Daily Mail UK reports:

The socialist doctor charged with cracking Senator Rand Pauls ribs in a crunching blindside tackle may have harbored a secret grudge against his GOP neighbor for spoiling his lakeside views and devaluing his home, can reveal. 

Rene Boucher, 59, told Paul in the wake of the mauling that he hadnt been able to sell his $740,000 house for ten years because the congressmans trees were in the way.

Its believed Boucher was referring to woodland at the back of Pauls property that blocks the doctors views of the picturesque private lake that forms the centerpiece of their upscale gated community.

Friends say it could explain why the retired anesthesiologist has failed to find a buyer for his five-bedroom, 1.36-acre home which is nonetheless described on property websites as overlooking the desirable water feature....


New York Times Suspends WH Correspondent Glenn Thrush After Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct "IndyWatch Feed"

Unreal. Via Politico: The New York Times said on Monday it is suspending White House correspondent Glenn Thrush while it investigates allegations in a new report from Vox that he made unwanted sexual advances toward young women, including colleagues from his time working for POLITICO. Three women, including the pieces author, Laura McGann, a former []


BREAKING: Judicial Watch Sues State Department For Podesta Group Records "IndyWatch Feed"

Once again Judicial Watch is doing the heavy lifting.

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch announced Monday that it filed a lawsuit against the State Department for records on the shady Podesta Group run by Tony Podesta, brother of Clinton fixture John Podesta.

Via Judicial Watch:

Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. Department of State for all records about the Podesta Group Inc. and the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine, which have both been connected to the recent special counsel indictment of Paul Manafort (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:17-cv-02489)).

Judicial Watch sued after the State Department failed to respond to a September 13, 2017, FOIA request for:

  • All records of communication between any official, employee, or representative of the Department of State and any principal, employee, or representative of Podesta Group, Inc.
  • All records produced related to any meetings or telephonic communications between any official, employee, or representative of the Department of State and any principal, employee, or representative of Podesta Group, Inc.
  • All records regarding the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine.
  • The FOIA request covers the timeframe of January 1, 2012 to the present.

President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton had this to say about the Podesta Group:

Muellers special counsel seems more interested in the alleged foreign ties of the Trump Team, rather than Hillary Clintons associates. Judicial Watch aims to figure out the truth of what exactly the Podesta Group was doing with the Obama State Department.

As previously reported, The Podesta Group was subpoena...


Nebraska Approves Keystone XL Pipeline as Opponents Face Criminalization of Protests "IndyWatch Feed"

Opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline demonstrate on the Dodge Street pedestrian bridge during rush hour in Omaha, Neb. Nov. 1, 2017.


Twitter Allowed Trump Assassination Threat by Blue Checkmark Journo Crissy Milazzo to Stay Up for Three Months "IndyWatch Feed"

kill donald trump aaaayyye kill donald trump As Twitter cracks down on the granting of the sites verified blue check mark to conservativesincluding now monitoring their activities and associates in the offline worldan assassination threat against President Donald Trump by liberal blue check mark freelance writer Crissy Milazzo has been allowed to stay on Twitter for the past three months since it was posted on August 25.

Crissy Milazzo, LinkedIn avatar.

Milazzo most recently wrote for Conde Nast publications according to her LinkedIn page: Writer Cond Nast October 2016 January 2017 (4 months)Greater Los Angeles Area As a social news desk writer, I aggregated trending news stories for Cond Nast brands like Teen Vogue, Allure, Traveler and more. Milazzo previously worked for Viacom and New York Magazine. Link to Teen Vogue articles by Milazzo.

As this article was being written, Milazzo took her Twitter account private Monday afternoon and the tweet was deleted.

Screen images were made.

Apparently Twitters algorithms are programmed to allow Trump assassination threats by liberal blue check mark journalists.

UPDATE: Conservative journalist and activist Laura Loomer, whose verified status was recently revoked by Twitter, reported she contacted the Secret Service to investigate both Milazzo and Twitter.

I just got off the phone with a @SecretService agent who told me they will be investigating @crissymilazzos tweet about killing @realDonaldTrump. I told them they should also investigat...


President Trump Delivers Remarks During Cabinet Meeting "IndyWatch Feed"

Earlier today, prior to a closed meeting between Secretary of State Tillerson and U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley, President Trump delivered remarks to the full cabinet within the White House Cabinet Room. During remarks (transcript below) President Trump Continue reading


Kathy Griffin Whines: Ive Been Blacklisted After Beheaded Trump Photo "IndyWatch Feed"

Her lack of talent has nothing to do with the slowdown in her career. Via Daily Caller: Kathy Griffin bemoaned that she cant get any work in the U.S. and said shes in the middle of a Hollywood blacklist after taking the infamous bloody beheaded photo of President Donald Trump. Im getting a lot of []


Lou Dobbs Goes Off on Dirty Cop Mueller as Witch Hunt Expands to DOJ Officials Overseeing Special Counsel! "IndyWatch Feed"

Fox News Lou Dobbs unleashed on dirty cop Robert Mueller after he expanded his witch hunt to DOJ officials overseeing his Russian collusion investigation!

Shut it down!

ABC News reported:

Issued within the past month, the directive marks the special counsels first records request to the Justice Department, and it means Mueller is now demanding documents from the department overseeing his investigation.

Muellers investigators now seek not only communications among Justice Department staffers but also any of their communications with White House officials, the source said. Before this request, investigators asked former senior Justice Department officials for information from their time at the department, ABC News was told.

The latest move suggests the special counsel is still digging into, among other matters, whether Trump or any other administration official improperly tried to influence an ongoing investigation.

Mueller and his team of 17 left-wing radical lawyer hacks are being paid millions of dollars for an unconstitutional, out of control witch hunt.

Where is the honest leadership in this country? The American people are watching in horror as Mueller investigates an innocent Donald Trump while the Deep State swamp creatures walk freely.

Lou Dobbs went off on Mueller!

Now Mueller is Carrying Out an Investigation of the DoJ Officials Who Oversee the Special Counsel. This is Officially Nuts, and So are the Fools Leading Congress and the Senate Who are About to Provoke a Constitutional Crisis.


Apple Fires Diversity Chief For Saying White People Can Be Diverse "IndyWatch Feed"

Wait, Apple has a vice president of diversity and inclusion? Via NY Post: Apples diversity chief is stepping down after only six months on the job after causing an outcry by saying that being a minority or a woman are not the only criteria for diversity, according to reports. Denise Young Smith, who was []

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