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Wednesday, 14 November


Why Are Republicans Using a Bill About Wolves to Kill a Vote on Yemen? "IndyWatch Feed"

Republican leaders in the House of Representatives are undercutting a bipartisan effort to end U.S. involvement in Yemen by sneaking a measure that would kill an anti-war resolution into a vote about wolves.

On Tuesday night, the Republican-led House Rules Committee voted to advance the Manage Our Wolves Act, which would remove gray wolves from the endangered species list. The Rules Committee waived all points of order against the bill and voted to advance it to the floor.

The catch: Republicans inserted language that would block a floor vote on whether to direct President Donald Trump to end U.S. involvement in the Saudi- and UAE-led intervention in Yemen. The intervention has been highly destructive, flattening homes, roads, markets, hospitals, and schools, and leading to the worlds largest humanitarian crisis.

In September, Rep. Ro Khanna, D-Calif., introduced a resolution that would direct the Trump administration to remove U.S. forces from hostilities related to the Saudi-led intervention. Because it invoked the 1973 War Powers Act, Khannas resolution was privileged under House Rules, meaning it could bypass a committee vote and, barring any interference from the powerful Rules Committee, get a vote on the floor.

The measure passed by the Rules Committee on Tuesday still has to pass a procedural vote on the floor, which will take place later on Wednesday afternoon and is expected to pass. If it does, Khannas resolution will be stripped of its privileged status, meaning that Republicans on the Foreign Affairs Committee can prevent it from coming up for a vote on its own.

If the Yemen measure had come up for a vote, it would have been the first time a chamber of Congress, which is notorious for avoiding votes on issues of war and peace, took an up-or-down vote that could end U.S. involvement in the conflict in Yemen.

On Capitol Hill, outrage against Saudi Arabia is at an all-time high following the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi at the hands of Saudi agents last month. The measure now has 81 co-sponsors, including four Republican members and several top Democrats. Two Democratic aides told The Intercept that Khannas measure needed about 30 Republican votes to pass, and they were optimistic about getting them.

Republican leadership had to kill the bill in a surprise, underhanded maneuver, Eric Eikenberry, advocacy officer at the Yemen Peace Project, told The Intercept in an email. If they didnt, they risked further rank-and-file Republican cosponsors and a floor vote, a...


The Openly Plutocratic Domination of U.S. Politics by Paul Street "IndyWatch Feed"

by Paul Street Writer, Dandelion Salad The Official Website of Paul Street November 14, 2018 So often, underlying structures and institutions of oppression escape serious scrutiny amid our countrys most high-profile political dramas. Take the recent conviction of Jason Van Dyke, the white Chicago police officer caught on tape four years ago firing 16 shots []


Netanyahoo's Likely Fall Destroys Trump's Middle East Strategy "IndyWatch Feed"

The political upheaval in Israel is a problem for the White House and its Middle East plans. Today Israel's defense minister Avigor Lieberman resigned and called for new elections. He disagreed with prime minister Netanyahoo over the renewed ceasefire in...


Republican Kevin McCarthy Voted to Lead Minority "IndyWatch Feed"

The GOPe big club know how to control political outcomes.  During internal party elections today current republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who failed to keep a republican majority, was approved by a vote of 159-43 to become the new 2019 Continue reading


O desembarque de Cuba do Mais Mdicos embretou Bolsonaro entre o comunismo e a desaprovao popular "IndyWatch Feed"

O governo de Cuba anunciou hoje que vai encerrar o contrato que tem com o governo brasileiro no programa Mais Mdicos. Declarou o governo da ilha em nota oficial: O presidente eleito do Brasil, Jair Bolsonaro, com referncias diretas, depreciativas e ameaadoras presena de nossos mdicos, disse e reiterou que modificar os termos e condies do Programa Mais Mdicos, desrespeitando a Organizao Pan-Americana da Sade e o que esta acordou com Cuba, ao questionar o preparo de nossos mdicos e condicionar sua permanncia no programa revalidao do ttulo e como nica forma de se contrat-los a forma individual.

A sada dos mdicos cubanos do Brasil uma porrada poltica forte no novo governo que ainda no comeou. Talvez a mais forte delas at agora porque, dessa vez, por mais que tente, Bolsonaro no controla a narrativa.

O problema objetivo: os mdicos cubanos atuam, sozinhos, em 1575 cidades (lembrem que o Brasil tem 5.570 municpios). Esses mdicos cubanos cuidam de 24 milhes de pessoas. Ainda no h data para que os profissionais parem de atuar no Brasil mas, de uma hora pra outra, muita gente pode ficar sem mdico. uma crise gigantesca sem soluo fcil. As bravatas de Bolsonaro, dessa vez, no serviro para nada alm de agradar ao fandom. Isso abre as portas para que milhes de pessoas comecem o ano irritadas com o novo governo.

Leiam o que escreveu a reprter Nayara Felizardo em uma reportagem sobre a cidade de Guaribas, no interior do Piau, publicada no ms passado:

Outro programa que os moradores temem que termine o Mais Mdicos. Os mdicos cubanos, contam, esto disponveis todos os dias e ainda visitam as famlias em casa, se for preciso. Antes, no havia nenhum mdico residente na cidade, e o atendimento acontecia uma vez a cada um ou dois meses.

Guaribas no exceo. Muitas cidades no tinham mdicos antes do comeo do programa, em 2013.

Do ponto de vista da retrica de Bolsonaro, as opes postas na mesa at agora so pssimas:

1. Ele pode voltar atrs de suas declaraes (pra variar) estapafrdias e sem p na vida real e negociar com Cuba pra manter os 8.612 mdicos...


Exclusive: Conservative Group Bikers for Trump Submits Evidence of Broward County Ballot Tampering to Florida AG Pam Bondi "IndyWatch Feed"

Chris Cox of Bikers for Trump had a lawyer submit a letter containing evidence of ballot tampering in Broward County to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

Cox exclusively told The Gateway Pundit that if they do not receive a satisfactory response in a reasonable amount of time he is willing to file a lawsuit.

According to the letter sent by Coxs lawyer Derek A. Schwartz, while outside the Broward Supervisor of Elections main office, Cox and other members of Bikers for Trump learned of twelve colored plastic zip tie tags that were each stamped with a seven digit serial code.

The tags were discovered by other citizens on the ground near the loading dock area outside the BSOE building, the letter explains. He then went on to provide the serial numbers and the color of the tags.

It is my clients understanding and belief that these tags may have been used by the BSOE to secure and seal ballot boxes and/or bags on the night of the election prior to transporting the ballots to the BSOE office. Based on where these tags were found, my client believes these tags were likely illegally removed from the ballot boxes and bags prior to being delivered to the BSOEs office, the letter continues.

Schwartz goes on to state that if these tags were used to seal ballot boxes and bags and improperly removed, then the chain of custody of the ballots in the boxes and bags was broken and the ballots were subject to tampering and manipulation.

It goes on to request that Bondis office immediately determine if any of the tags were used to secure ballot containers, that they find out who removed them, as well as who authorized the removal. The letter additionally requests information about how many ballots were related to the tags, what the serial numbers correspond with and which polling locations they came fro...


Update: US Officials Say Reporter Austin Tice Is Still Alive Six Years After Kidnapping in Syria "IndyWatch Feed"

American journalist Austin Tice disappeared in Syria on August 13, 2012.

The former Marine reported for The Washington Post, McClatchy Newspapers, the AP, CBS and others.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Austins disappearance in 2012.

In August Austins parents pleaded for the return of their son.

Syrian jihadists released video in October 2012 of US reporter Austin Tice blindfolded after his capture. The Islamists were chanting Allahu Akbar as they marched Tice from their truck out into the wilderness.

Now this
Robert OBrien, the US Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs, says Austin Tice is alive.
The New York Post reported:

A freelance journalist from Texas abducted in Syria over half a decade ago is still alive, according to US officials.

Robert OBrien, US Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs, said Tuesday investigators have every reason to believe that Austin Tice, who was taken in August 2012, is being held captive in Syria but didnt elaborate on the reporters condition

Washington has declined to identify who they believe is holding the former US Marines captain. The Syrians say they have no clue where he is.

The post Update: US Officials Say Reporter Austin Tice Is Still Alive Six Years After Kidnapping in Syria appeared first on...


Migrant Lead Caravan Opts For Safer, Longer Route To US Border "IndyWatch Feed"

Mexico is aiding and abetting the caravan. Via Fox News: One month ago today, 1,000 people started walking from Northern Honduras, beginning a journey they hoped would end with a job in the United States. Today, they are about halfway to Tijuana, Mexico, where many will apply for asylum or pay a smuggler to get []


Hillary Clinton, Dems Accuse Georgia GOP of Stealing Governors Race From Stacey Abrams Whos Behind by 55,000 Votes "IndyWatch Feed"

Georgia Democrat Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams

Democrat Senators Cory Booker and Sherrod Brown accused the Georgia GOP of stealing the Governors race from Stacey Abrams.

Abrams is down by 60,000 votes and refuses to concede even though her opponent Republican Brian Kemp declared victory. Abrams and other far-left groups subsequently filed multiple lawsuits to delay certification of the election.

Two Obama-appointed judges ruled in favor of Stacey Abrams on Tuesday in her attempt to steal the Georgia governors race.

Now the Democrats are accusing the Republicans of disenfranchising certain groups and suppressing voters.

I think that Stacey Abrams election is being stolen from her, using what I think are insidious measures to disenfranchise certain groups of people, Cory Booker said Tuesday evening.

Cory Booker also called for the DOJ to investigate the Georgia election.

Ohio Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown said, If Stacey Abrams doesnt win in Georgia, they stole it. Its clear. I say that publicly. Its clear.

VIDEO via Free Beacon:

Hillary Clinton also attacked the Georgia GOP Tuesday night while speaking at the University of Texas and said Stacey Abrams would have already won if she had a fair election.

I know Stacey Abrams well she was one of my really strong surrogates in the campaign. If shed had a fair election, she already would have won, Hillary said.



Broward Elections Chief Brenda Snipes: It Is Time To Move On "IndyWatch Feed"

Retired with full pension. Via Sun Sentinel: Facing mounting criticism across the country and all the way to the White House, Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes said Tuesday that it is time to move on from her time in office. I think at this point she should probably think about retiring, said county Commissioner []



At PJ Media, Robert Spencer writes:

The brazenness of the theft is astounding....

The theft of elections ... is a new low in American politics, and testifies to the Lefts overriding lust for power. The Democrats have never recovered their equilibrium after losing to Donald Trump in 2016, and now appear to be willing to stop at nothing -- absolutely nothing -- to neutralize Trump and regain their hegemony.
It's now conventional wisdom on the right that any post-Election Day adjustment in a vote count is vote fraud if it's favorable to Democrats, even if the late counting is a perfectly understandable consequence of the locality's voting rules. So when the historically slow vote counting in Arizona reversed a lead for Republican Senate candidate Martha McSally and led to a victory for Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, many in the wingnuttosphere cried "Fraud!," even though the outgoing Republican senator, Jeff Flake, said no fraud was taking place, and even though McSally conceded.

Late votes changed the count in the Arizona race in Democrats' favor, and also in a handful of House races. But Republicans aren't just upset about those races -- they're particularly upset about close races in Florida and Georgia. They're convinced that Democrats are stealing those races.

But if Democrats are such expert election thieves, why haven't they have stolen these races already?

The governor's race and Senate race in Florida are both very close. So is the governor's race in Georgia. The Senate race in Texas was fairly close. And hey, you know what other races were close? The presidential races in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan in 2016.

The right-wing theory of Democratic voter fraud is this: Democrats cheat in such a sophisticated way that they almost win many key races on Election Night, and then they manipulate the vote count so they seize the lead some of the time. What a skilled set of crooks Democrats are! Dems could simply cook the books on Election Day or earlier, but I guess they'd rather do part of the work then and then manipulate the vote almost successfully afterward, when everyone's paying attention. Because that's how profess...


The GOP Evolved to Oppose, Not to Govern "IndyWatch Feed"

By the time Newt Gingrich became Speaker of the House in 1995, the House Republicans had spent sixty-two years in the minority, with the exception of two single-session majorities they gained after the 1946 and 1952 elections.  The first of those exceptions was a fluke related to a contracting postwar economy, and President Truman won a surprising election in 1948 by dubbing the Republican majority the Do-Nothing Congress and running aggressively against them.  The second exception came in the midst the unpopular quagmire in Korea and with the help of Dwight Eisenhowers unifying coattails.  That Congress became famous for its witch-hunt against alleged Communists.

For the rest of the mid-20th Century, the Republicans were in a mostly deep minority in both chambers of Congress, although they did regain the Senate for the first six years of Reagans presidency.  You cant really understand the modern Republican Party or the rise of conservatism within their ranks without understanding that Republicans spent more than a half century having almost no say about how the federal government spent its money.

Eventually, this frustration and powerlessness would find a partner in Jim Crow Democrats who were frustrated with Supreme Court rulings and Civil Rights legislation that stripped them of their power to discriminate against and oppress their black populations and maintain one-party rule in the South.

When these two sets of grievances came together and combined with the anxieties of religious conservatives, the Reagan Revolution was born and set in motion a process by which conservatives would take over the Republican Party and eventually win control of Congress.

The key point is that the unifying spirit of the coalition was an opposition to the federal governments power. Economic elites had gravitated to the Republican Party primarily out of a desire to avoid taxation, regulation, and pro-labor policies. Southern whites and religious conservatives wanted state control and local autonomy.  And Republican lawmakers were sick and tired of having federal monies appropriated in a way that didnt necessarily put their constituents first.

Seen in this light, conservatism was ill-suited to actually run the federal government and enforce or oversee its laws.  As soon as Gingrich took the Speakers gavel, Congress immediately entered into a conflict with the Clinton administration that resulted in a government shutdown.  Shutdown politics dominated the last six years of Barack Obamas presidency.  In between, the George W. Bush administration briefly lost its Senate majority to a defection when they couldnt act with enough moderation.

This basic picture did not improve during Donald Trumps first two years, as Congress failed in all its top priorities with the exception of the first tax cut in history to act......

Trump Won't Take North Korean Threat Seriously "IndyWatch Feed"

On Monday, the New York Times reported that North Korea is moving ahead with its ballistic missile program at 16 hidden bases that have been identified in new commercial satellite images. Today, the president of the United States called this nothing new and fake news.

Theres more than a little reason to believe that President Trump is not an objective judge in this case. While campaigning unsuccessfully against Senator Joe Manchin in West Virginia, Trump described his relationship with Kim Jong Un this way, we fell in love, OK? No, really, he wrote me beautiful letters, and theyre great letters. We fell in love.

This is insane. But its also the kind of thing that warrants removal from office. Unless you think North Koreas nuclear and intercontinental missile programs are trifling matters, its simply too dangerous to have a commander in chief who refuses to take the intelligence seriously.

I dont really understand why Trump has an affinity for the worlds most horrible...

The Republican Death Spiral "IndyWatch Feed"

I didnt know until today that when columnist Robert Novak tarred George McGovern as the candidate of legalized pot, draft amnesty and legal abortion (later alliterated to acid, amnesty and abortion) that his source was McGoverns future running mate Tom Eagleton. Of course, Eagleton also contributed to McGoverns historic drubbing by declining to disclose that hed been treated for depression with electroconvulsive therapy. Once that became public, McGovern felt compelled to drop him from the ticket in favor of Sargent Shriver.

The acid, amnesty and abortion charge was never a fair characterization of McGoverns stated positions. He did not favor the legalization of either acid or marijuana, his position on abortion was that it should be left to the states to decide, and Nixon, Carter and Ford all favored some kind of amnesty for Vietnam draft dodgers, so its hard to see how McGovern really stood out from his peers.

Nonetheless, the accusation captured something fundamental about the chasm that was opening between the new left and the old, and the full measure of the backlash would be felt at the ballot boxes in November 1972. The Democrats under McGoverns leadership had gotten too far ahead of the rest of the country and whatever the merits of their positions at the time its fair to say that they were out of touch with the electorate and had alienated an essential part of their political base.

Something similar seems to be happening now to the Republican Party. As Ron Brownstein details in his careful review of the midterm election exit polls, traditional GOP constituencies are moving against the party with what can only be described as revulsion and indignation. Chief among these are white professionals, particularly women, and particularly in the suburbs.

In McGoverns case, he shed Democratic voters while doing very little to win over anyone from the Republican side, resulting in a landslide loss. The Republicans arent in quite so dire a position because theyve actually been gaining support among the Democrats traditional farmer/labor wing. In other words, were not seeing the playing board tip so much as watching the pieces get moved around. Thats why the 2016 election was so close and why the Senate is so evenly divided and why bellwether states like Florida are still delivering toss-up results. Yet, this swapping of voters is not going to remain close to even for lo...


Chef Jos Andrs Offered Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez A Place To Stay "IndyWatch Feed"

Her woe is me fundraising stunt worked. Update to this story. Via CBS News: Victorious but a little short on cash, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez admitted after Election Day that she couldnt afford a Washington apartment before her new job in Congress starts and the internet went wild. She later tweeted she was working it out. []


Parents Support School Staff Who Wore Border Wall Costumes "IndyWatch Feed"

Lighten up, its called humor. Update to this story. Via Fox News: Parents rallied in support of a suspended principal at a school board meeting held by a district where 14 staffers were placed on administrative leave after donning costumes depicting racial stereotypes and a border wall. The Middleton School Board meeting on Monday was []


PG&E to pay Calaveras County $25.4 million for 2015 Butte Fire "IndyWatch Feed"

The states two biggest utilities might be the possible cause for other recent deadly wildfires, even though liberals say the cause is climate change. Mother Nature cant write a big, fat check so follow the money From Sacramento Bee: Pacific Continue reading

The post PG&E to pay Calaveras County $25.4 million for 2015 Butte Fire appeared first on Fellowship Of The Minds.


More Florida Fun: Sen. Bill Nelson Sues To Prevent Rejection Of Unconventionally Marked Ballots "IndyWatch Feed"

Just apply the law. If it isnt valid, you cant make it valid. Via Twitchy: As Twitchy reported earlier, Palm Beach County has been granted a five-day extension on its recount, so it might be December before we know who won in Florida. That leaves more time for lawsuits, too. Now Sen. Bill Nelson is []


DOJ Office of Legal Counsel: Matt Whitaker Can Serve as Acting Attorney General "IndyWatch Feed"

Liberal Heads Explode

The Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel issued an opinion Wednesday supporting President Trump in appointing Matt Whitaker as Attorney General after Jeff Sessions was fired last week.

Sessions was fired last week after his absence of fulfilling the role as head of the US Justice Department.
It was long overdue.
Whitaker is more of a Trump loyalist.

Democrats  fear that Whitaker will expose the Obama administrations illegal spying on candidate and then President Trump.

FOX News reported:

The Justice Department Office of Legal Counsel issued an opinion Wednesday supporting President Trumps appointment of Matt Whitaker as acting attorney general, despite criticism from Democrats who have questioned his qualifications to oversee the Russia investigation.

In its opinion, the Office of Legal Counsel said that the presidents appointment of Whitaker to replace former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was consistent with the Federal Vacancies Reform Act (VRA) of 1998.

This Office previously had advised that the President could designate a senior Department of Justice Official, such as Mr. Whitaker as Acting Attorney General, the OLC said, noting that Whitaker has been serving at the Justice Department at a sufficiently senior pay level for over a year.

But a senior Justice Department official said this week that when reviewing Whitakers appointment, the OLC had to research back to 1866 to find a similar instance where a non-Senate confirmed individual sat as acting attorney general. The Justice Department wasnt created until 1870, though an attorney general existed prior to that.

The official told Fox News that the issue was constitutionality of the appointment.

What were talking about here is constitutionality, the official said. VRA unquestionably gives the president the option to do it.

The post DOJ Office of Legal Counsel: Matt Whitaker Can Serve as Acting Attorney General appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Florida Governor Rick Scott Recuses Himself From Certifying Election Results "IndyWatch Feed"

Florida Governor Rick Scott

Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) who is currently embattled in a recount against Democrat incumbent Bill Nelson for the US Senate seat, announced Wednesday that he recused himself from certifying the election results.

Rick Scott recused himself from certifying the election results in 2014 and says his recusal is nothing new.

Gov. Scott then took a swipe at his opponent Bill Nelson, calling him confused and added he doesnt know how Florida works.

RICK SCOTT: I recused myself from certifying results on the Elections Canvassing Commission in 2014, and I will do so again this year. This is nothing new. Bill Nelson is confused and doesnt even know how Florida works- I have no role in supervising/ overseeing the ongoing recount process.

Democrat Bill Nelson previously called on Governor Rick Scott, to recuse himself from the recount process.

Bill Nelson accused Governor Rick Scott of undermining the votes of Floridians, but didnt say a word about Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes who is blatantly defying a judges orders and refusing to count votes in accordance with the law.

Governor Rick Scott put up a fight and filed three lawsuits as he ramped us his legal battle against the Democrat lawyers trying to steal the election.

On Sunday, Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) filed two emergency motions in Broward County and Palm Beach County as he ramped up his legal fight going into the recount.

Governor Scott also took legal action to bar the Brow...


Bob Woodward Attacks CNNs Lawsuit Against White House "IndyWatch Feed"

He needs to tell Fox. Via Free Beacon: Bob Woodward, a best-selling author and critic of President Donald Trump, said Tuesday night that CNNs lawsuit against the Trump administration wasnt the remedy. Woodward, who gained fame for breaking the Watergate scandal, spoke at the Global Financial Leadership Conference in Naples, Florida where he recommended more []


Thanks To Trump's General Psychosis, Democrats Managed To Get Around A Great Deal Of Pernicious GOP Gerrymandering "IndyWatch Feed"

Actual photo of the man who sank gerrymandering to new depths

When Republicans in Texas gained control of the state legislature, then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay went home to work with them on creating new Republican seats where Democratic seats existed before and in the middle of the decade, no less, not satisfied to wait for the 2010 census. The most blatant power grab in contemporary history ensued. In 2005, the NY Times editors noted that DeLays 2003 redrawing of Texas' Congressional district lines threw aside the longstanding tradition that new lines are drawn only every 10 years, after the census. The purpose of this heavy-handed line-drawing was purely to increase the number of Republican districts. It worked. The number of Republicans in the delegation went to 21 from 16, helping to entrench Mr. DeLay as majority leader. One of those seats, TX-32, long the home of GOP powerhouse Pete Sessions, just fell to a Democrat, Colin Allred. It wasnt even that close.
Colin Allred (D)- 142,885 (52.2%
Pete Sessions (R)- 125,600 (45.9%)
Years after DeLay carved Sessions a nice safe red district in north Dallas, the GOP intervened again when it looked like there were too many Latinos registering to vote, excising some Latino towns and neighborhoods out of the district and putting in some wealthy white areas, extending Sessions dominance for another couple of cycles. This year, the gerrymandering trick had come...


BOOM! Federal Prosecutors Discover Altered Election Documents in Broward County Tied to Florida Democrats "IndyWatch Feed"

Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes

Federal prosecutors in Florida are reviewing date changes on forms used to fix vote-by-mail ballots.

Feds discovered the dates were altered by the Florida Democrat party in four different counties, including Broward.

Cure affidavits are due by 5 PM the day before the election, however prosecutors have discovered these altered documents show the ballots could be turned in on Thursday, one day after the election.

Via Politico:

The Florida Department of State last week asked federal prosecutors to investigate dates that were changed on official state election documents, the first voting irregularities it has flagged in the wake of the 2018 elections.

The concerns, which the department says can be tied to the Florida Democratic Party, center around date changes on forms used to fix vote-by-mail ballots sent with incorrect or missing information. Known as cure affidavits, those documents used to fix mail ballots were due no later than 5 p.m. on Nov. 5 the day before the election. But affidavits released on Tuesday by the DOS show that documents from four different counties said the ballots could be returned by 5 p.m. on Thursday, which is not accurate.

Among those counties is Broward, which emerged as the epicenter of controversy as three statewide races and three local legislative races went into recounts following the Nov. 6 elections. Republicans have pointed to embattled Broward Elections chief Brenda Snipes record of past election gaffes in arguing that the largely Democratic country is tilted against them perhaps fraudulently so.

The dates on the cure affidavits were also altered in Okaloosa County and the elections supervisor said the email he received included a person from the Florida Democrat party.

Another email included in the DOS document dump included correspondence from Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections Paul Lux, who also said he believed the affidavits were from the Florida Democratic Party.

Please pass the word to the FDP that they cant arbitrarily add their own deadline to your form or VBM cures!! Lux emailed DOS officials on Nov. 9. This is crazy!

In a Tuesday interview with POLITICO, Lux said he recei......


Fox News Announces Support for CNN Lawsuit Over Jim Acosta Being Barred From White House "IndyWatch Feed"

Fox News President Jay Wallace issued a statement Wednesday morning announcing the Fox would be filing an amicus brief in support of CNNs lawsuit against the Trump administration over the revocation of the White House hard pass of Jim Acosta following Acostas abusive behavior at President Trumps press conference last Wednesday.

Jay Wallace, Fox News President, image via Twitter avatar.

Acosta argued with Trump and assaulted a White House intern as she tried to take a microphone from him to pass to another reporter called on by Trump. CNN filed suit on Tuesday claiming First and Fifth Amendment rights.

The Fox statement reads:

FOX News supports CNN in its legal effort to regain its White House reporters press credential. We intend to file an amicus brief with the U.S. District Court. Secret Service passes for working White House journalists should never be weaponized. While we dont condone the growing antagonistic tone by both the President and the press at recent media avails, we do support a free press, access and open exchanges for the American people.

Video clip of Acosta hacking interns arm.



CNN Lawsuit Against White House Contains Multiple Mistakes, Stupid Meme References "IndyWatch Feed"

BREAKING: White House aide grabs and tries to physically remove a microphone from CNN Correspondent Jim Acosta during a contentious exchange with President Trump at a news conference. NBC News (@NBCNews) November 7, 2018 Well, it is CNN, so, of course. Via Daily Wire: CNN has filed a lawsuit against the White House []


Protesters At Ohio State Shapiro Event Chant Reagans Dead John McCains Dead "IndyWatch Feed"

The schools diversity scholarship program offered a safe space for students from Shapiros speech. But they didnt offer other students a safe space from this communist stupidity. Via Daily Wire: On Tuesday night at Ohio State University, while Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro was giving a speech that was part of his YAF-sponsored campus lecture []


Incoming demorat Tennessee state House rep calls residents racist, GOP voters uneducated "IndyWatch Feed"

Shell get a pass. Demorats always do From Fox News: A newly-elected Tennessee state lawmaker is apologizing after a video surfaced of the Democrat calling her state racist and claiming that most of its residents who voted Republican are uneducated. Continue reading

The post Incoming demorat Tennessee state House rep calls residents racist, GOP voters uneducated appeared first on Fellowship Of The Minds.


Human Rights Activist Tommy Robinson Denied Visa to Speak to US Lawmakers in Washington DC "IndyWatch Feed"

Tommy Robinson

US members of Congress have invited human rights activist Tommy Robinson to speak in Washington DC.

Robinson is an outspoken critic of radical Islam and the Muslim grooming gangs in England.
The liberal media in Great Britain attacks Robinson for speaking out against this modern day horror.

In May, Robinson was arrested for contempt of court while filming outside a Pakistani grooming gang trial in Leeds, as the case was under a reporting ban. In August, the charge was struck down by Lord Chief Justice Burnett and two other judges but he will now be subjected to a retrial.

Now this

Robinson was not granted a visa to come to America to speak this week.

The Telegraph reported:
(Note: The Telegraph describes Robinson as a far right activist because he speaks out against Muslim rape gangs.)

British far-Right activist Tommy Robinson has not been granted a US visa to meet with Republican lawmakers in Washington this week, an organiser of the meeting said on Monday.

Robinson is the founder of the English Defence League, or EDL, which in the past has staged violent demonstrations against Islam.

He was jailed by British authorities in 2013 for using a passport in someone elses name to travel to the United States from Britain. He was later jailed on a separate charge of contempt of court, but was released in August.

Daniel Pipes, president of the conservative Philadelphia-based Middle East Forum which invited Robinson to the United States, said the Br...


Tweet Of The Day "IndyWatch Feed"

Im dead Joe Biggs (@Rambobiggs) November 13, 2018


UPDATE: Since ELECTION DAY Democrats Snatch a Dozen US House Seats And Now Suddenly Lead in 7 of 10 Undecided Races "IndyWatch Feed"

Democrats had a decent haul on election night but since Election Day the Democrats have had A SPECTACULAR RUN!

In the US Senate Democrats picked up two seats since Election Day.

** In Montana Senator Jon Tester who was behind on election day had a huge haul overnight and won by 5 points.
** In Arizona Taliban-supporting Marxist Kyrsten Sinema was declared the winner a week after votes were cast after being behind on election night
** In Florida Democrats have discovered a secret stash of 83,000 votes since election day! Senator Bill Nelson is now surprisingly only 12,000 votes down here.

Democrats have performed even better in the US House.

Since election day Democrats have added close to 17 seats from Republicans who were winning on Election Day.

Heres the list of the lost Republican Congressional seats so far:
Via Vox:

1.) Rep. Barbara Comstock in Virgina 10
2.) Rep. Maria Salazar loses to Donna Shalala in Florida 27
3.) Rep. Pearl Kim lost to Mary Scanlon in P 5
4.) 4) Pennsylvanias Seventh Congressional District: Democrat Susan Wild defeats Republican Marty Nothstein
5) Colorados Sixth Congressional District: Democrat Jason Crow beats Republican Rep. Mike Coffman
6) Pennsylvanias 17th Congressional District: Democratic Rep. Conor Lamb tops Republican Rep. Keith Rothfus
7) Floridas 26th Congressional District: Democrat Debbie Mucarsel-Powell beats Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo
8) Kansass Third Congressional District: Democrat Sharice Davids defeats Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder
9) New Jerseys 11th Congressional District: Democrat Mikie Sherrill wins over Republican Jay Webber
10) Minnesotas Third Congressional District: Democrat Dean Phillips defeats Republican Rep. Erik Paulsen
11) Virginias Second Congressional District: Democrat Elaine Luria beats Republican Rep. Scott Taylor
12) New Yorks 11th Congressional District: Democrat Max Rose tops Republican Rep. Dan Donovan
13) Pennsylvanias Sixth Congressional District: Democrat Christina Houlahan beats Republican Greg McCauley
14) Texass 32nd Congressional District: Democrat Colin Allred defeats Republican Rep. Pete Sessions
15) Illinoiss Sixth Congressional District: Democrat Sean Casten defeats Republican Rep. Peter Roskam
16) Arizonas Second...


Julin Castro Huddles With Donors To Prepare 2020 Bid "IndyWatch Feed"

After the popularity of Beto, he will run as Jelo. Via Politico: Julin Castro convened a group of supporters in San Antonio Monday in preparation for a 2020 presidential campaign, sources familiar with the gathering told POLITICO. Castro and his twin brother, Rep. Joaquin Castro, brought together about 20 of their loyal donors and bundlers []


The Same Liberal Media Defending Jim Acosta BLOCKED Breitbart and Gateway Pundit From Obtaining Senate Gallery Press Pass "IndyWatch Feed"

Last Wednesday CNNs Jim Acosta once again took over the White House press briefing, started screaming at the President of the United States, refused to sit down, refused to turn over the microphone, hurled insults at the US President and took a swipe at a young female intern.

In response to this latest outburst Acostas hard press pass was revoked.

The liberal mainstream media then uniformly defended Acostas right to harass and abuse the US president and hijack a press conference.

The media even invented a COMPLETE LIE that the White House doctored a video of Acosta taking a swipe at the female intern.

This is modern liberal journalism in the United States.

** These same liberal reporters actually BLOCKED The Gateway Pundit and from accessing a Senate Press Gallery pass in 2017.

As TGP previously reported, on Monday, June 12th 2017, The Gateway Pundits founder and EIC Jim Hoft along with D.C. Correspondent Lucian Wintrich and Media and Ethics Lawyer, Charles Glasser, counsel to Gateway Pundit, met before the Senate Press Gallery Executive Committee.

The Senate Press Gallery Executive Committee is a group made up entirely of liberal journalists and pseudo-journalists.

We argued the implications and the necessity for alternative voices in the room voices that arent financed by special interests but voices that are a specific and genuine reflection of the voices of America and every day Americans.

The Gateway Pundit was one of the largest and most vocal pro-Trump websites before the November election.

We later received a call from a liberal reporter that we did not win our appeal.

The committees decision was leaked to the far left Daily Beast They didnt even contact us.



Michelle Obama: I Stopped Even Trying To Smile At Trump Inauguration "IndyWatch Feed"

Moochs not-so-bold political statement. Washington (CNN) Former first lady Michelle Obama wrote that she was unable to put on a happy face and smile during President Donald Trumps inauguration in her new book, according to ABC News. Someone from Baracks administration might have said that the optics there were bad, that what the public []


Politics-- The Art Of The Possible? Please, Give Me A Break "IndyWatch Feed"

-by Valley Girl

"Politics is the Art of the Possible."

Hearing that phrase always makes me grind my teeth. One person on a college email list I am on (all Democrats) likes to repeat this phrase. Sanctimonious Bullshit I say.
The problem with the art of the possible.

Whenever a commentator declares that "politics is the art of the possible," I'm on my guard. What I'm being told, I suspect, is to accept apparent present conditions as immutable facts of life, and to trim my goals accordingly. I'm being told to let injustices stand.

Like all banalities, the familiar dictum contains an obvious truth. To be politically effective, you have to be able to distinguish between your desires and realities on the ground, between aspirations and resources.

But like most banalities, it begs more questions than it answers. How is "the possible" defined? Where are its limits drawn? Who...


FL GOP Candidate Caldwell: Only 30,000 Votes Could Have Possibly Come in After Election Day Snipes Found 83,000 Votes (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Democrats are stealing the the election in Florida.

Since the election Broward County has mysteriously manufactured over 83,000 votes in Broward County and they refused to report how many more votes they have yet to count.

A judge last week found Broward County in violation of the Constitution and ordered Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes to allow ballot inspections immediately during an emergency hearing on Friday.


And now a recount is taking place.

Republicans have already lost at least one race in Florida since election night.

Republican Matt Caldwell won his election for the state Agricultural Commissioner on Tuesday night.

When Matt went to bed on Tuesday he had won his race by 40,000 votes. But then after three days of vote manufacturing in Broward County Matt is suddenly down by 3,000 votes.
Its too bad the Republican Party allowed this to happen.

On Wednesday morning Matt Caldwell joined FOX and Friends to discuss the ongoing corruption in Broward County.

Matt told the morning hosts it was not possible for there to be 83,000 new votes since Tuesday.

Matt Caldwell: We were up by 40,000 votes on Tuesday night. Based on what was reported there was only possibly 30,000 votes that could possibly still come in from Broward. So we declared victory, went to bed and over the next four days they found 80,000 ballots as you said.

Matt has a lawsuit against the Broward County DOE. It is unlikely he will change the result...


Woman rescues orphaned baby armadillo "IndyWatch Feed"

A woman in Kentucky rescued an orphaned baby armadillo who weighed only a pound. She named him Arnie. Since little is known about armadillos, the woman had a tough time figuring out what to feed Arnie. But Arnie has a Continue reading

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Oklahoma State Football Coach Mike Gundy Blames Snowflakes For College Transfers "IndyWatch Feed"

College level free agency. Via Daily Mail: Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy has blasted new college football transfer rules that allow student-athletes to transfer without permission from their current school. Speaking on Monday, at a news conference in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Gundy, was asked for his views on the increased frequency of college athletes []


This is such baloney: Crazy sh*t democrats want "IndyWatch Feed"

Demorats says the darndest things A liberal who lives in Georgia and goes by the name of TDP claims that demorats just want to follow the law. His Twitter bio states the following: Middle-class white guy, small business owner, marathon Continue reading

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Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnsons Long Record of Justifying Police Misconduct and Shootings "IndyWatch Feed"

Patricia Green holds a picture of her son, Christian Green, at her home in Chicago on Jan. 13, 2016. Her 17-year-old son Christian Green was fatally shot in the back by Officer Robert Gonzalez on July 4, 2013.


Matt Forney Live: Glory to Poland! "IndyWatch Feed"

On this episode of Matt Forney Live, Ill be discussing my trip to Warsaw to cover the Polish independence march, the aftermath of the midterm elections, the Nazi salute at Baraboo High School, and more. Ill also be taking your calls. The show will air this afternoon at 2PM Eastern (1PM Central/11AM Pacific).

Watch the show live below:

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I used cocaine only a few times in my youth, and what I remember about it most is the comedown -- the all-over toxic feeling, and especially the crankiness. That was more than three decades ago for me, but it comes to mind as I read about the pouty, self-pitying president of the United States:

As he jetted to Paris last Friday, President Trump received a congratulatory phone call aboard Air Force One. British Prime Minister Theresa May was calling to celebrate the Republican Partys wins in the midterm elections never mind that Democrats seized control of the House but her appeal to the American presidents vanity was met with an ornery outburst.

Trump berated May for Britain not doing enough, in his assessment, to contain Iran. He questioned her over Brexit and complained about the trade deals he sees as unfair with European countries. May has endured Trumps churlish temper before, but still her aides were shaken by his especially foul mood, according to U.S. and European officials briefed on the conversation.

For Trump, that testy call set the tone for five days of fury....

During his 43-hour stay in Paris, Trump brooded over the Florida recounts and sulked over key races being called for Democrats in the midterm elections that he had claimed as a big victory. He erupted at his staff over media coverage of his decision to skip a ceremony honoring the military sacrifice of World War I.
And when he returned, "the White House called a 'lid' at 10:03 a.m. EST" on Veterans Day, "informing reporters that the president would not have any scheduled activities or public appearances for the rest of the day." He didn't go to Arlington. He's been blowing off public appearances.

Is it just a mood swing? Trump really seemed to be enjoying himself at all those campaign rallies. Under those circumstances, a normal person might have an emotional crash, although most adults would make an effort to do what's expected of them and to avoid lashing out at others.

Trump, of course, isn't a normal person. He's an overgrown adolescent -- pre-adolescent? -- who indulges his emotional whims. But is there more going on than that?

I know that Trump says he's never had a drink (I believe him) and has never done recreational drugs. But it's clear that he's taken mood-altering prescription drugs, at least in the past.

In May of this year, NBC News reported that a year earlier T...


The Apostasy of Pope Francis: Wiccan stang and an LGBT rainbow cross "IndyWatch Feed"

Since his election and installation in March 2013 as Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church, we now have sufficient evidence from Jorge Bergoglios words and deeds to raise serious questions as to whether this pope is Catholic or even Continue reading

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Man Banned From Disney World After Displaying Trump Sign On Splash Mountain "IndyWatch Feed"

The mouse wasnt happy. Via Fox News: A man who held up a political sign on a ride at Walt Disney World has been banned from the park for the second time. Dion Cini shared a photo of himself on Splash Mountain with a large Trump 2020 banner along with a note from the Orange []


Simone Weil "IndyWatch Feed"

There is no area in our minds reserved for superstition, such as the Greeks had in their mythology; and superstition, under cover of an abstract vocabulary, has revenged itself by invading the entire realm of thought. Our science is like a store filled with the most subtle intellectual devices for solving the most complex problems, and yet we are almost incapable of applying the elementary principles of rational thought. In every sphere, we seem to have lost the very elements of intelligence: the ideas of limit, measure, degree, proportion, relation, comparison, contingency, interdependence, interrelation of means and ends. To keep to the social level, our political universe is peopled exclusively by myths and monsters; all it contains is absolutes and abstract entities. This is illustrated by all the words of our political and social vocabulary: nation, security, capitalism, communism, fascism, order, authority, property, democracy. We never use them in phrases such as: There is democracy to the extent that... or: There is capitalism in so far as... The use of expressions like "to the extent that" is beyond our intellectual capacity. Each of these words seems to represent for us an absolute reality, unaffected by conditions, or an absolute objective, independent of methods of action, or an absolute evil; and at the same time we make all these words mean, successively or simultaneously, anything whatsoever. Our lives are lived, in actual fact, among changing, varying realities, subject to the casual play of external necessities, and modifying themselves according to specific conditions within specific limits; and yet we act and strive and sacrifice ourselves and others by reference to fixed and isolated abstractions which cannot possibly be related either to one another or to any concrete facts. In this so-called age of technicians, the only battles we know how to fight are battles against windmills.

Revolution does not necessarily correspond to a higher, more intense and clearer awareness of the social problem. The opposite is true. . . . In the torment of civil war, principles lose all common measure with realities.

More here.


US Congressman Bennie Thompson Statement On Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smiths Hanging Comment Plus Additional Context-Info "IndyWatch Feed"

The journalists in the press conference ( ) were very, very nice to Cindy Hyde-Smith when asking questions about what she meant about being on the front row of a hanging: If he invited me to a public hanging, Id be on the front row ( ) They gave her the benefit of the doubt in every way. However, she refused to answer these reasonable questions that everyone wants answered, but rather stonewalled, constantly referring back to her statement:In a comment on Nov. 2, I referred to accepting an invitation to a speaking engagement. In referencing the one who invited me, I used an exaggerated expression of regard, and any attempt to turn this into a negative connotation is ridiculous. While she deserved the b...


Trump Puts America Last, As Always When He's Palling Around With Putin "IndyWatch Feed"

When Herr Asshole got back from his disastrous trip to Paris, he couldnt think of anything better to do than insult Emmanuel Macron, the French president on twitter... in a way he would never have been man enough to do to his face. Trump is certainly the most disgusting excuse for a national leader anywhere in the world and a stain on our nation, just like his dwindlng base of supporters are. I once pissed on Nixons grave. I look forward to defecating on Trumps. Imagine what Jamie McCourt must have thought when someone in the Embassy rang her up and said, "Madame Ambassador, I think you had better take a look at la page twitter du grand crtin." Although... she did give him $400,000 for the job so shes probably as cretinous as he is. (Besides, she used to be married to Frank McCourt and didnt even have the class to change her name back.)

Aside from everyone in the world laughing at him for his general petulance and for being afraid to get his hair wet, Trump is also pissed off about Paris because Macron released an international agreement on cybersecurity principles Monday as part of the Paris Peace Forum, which was the backdrop for Trumps latest international buffoonery. More than 50 nations were among the initial signatories, but not authoritarian states like Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Trumpistan.

As Axios explained yesterday, "The Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace is another step in the disjointed effort to create international norms and laws for cybersecurity and warfare. In most international matters of regulating the internet, there tends to be a wide split between the liberal Western order and authoritarian nations like Russia and China. The agreement does not command any specific legislation." Asshole just wanted to show he stands with Russia and China against...


Rains No Big Deal: French Army Twitter Denies Trolling Trump Over Rain; French President Macron Ignores Trumps Twitter Trolling "IndyWatch Feed"

Even during World War I, soldiers had more frightening things to deal with than rain! Trumps mother was still living in Scotland during World War I. His German grandfather died of flu in spring of 1918.


2014: President Obamas Under Secretary of the Army with US troops in the rain.


Dangerous Fire Weather Threat Continues in Southern California; Winter Weather from the Mid-Mississippi Valley to the Mid-Atlantic "IndyWatch Feed"

Dangerous Fire Weather Threat Continues in Southern California; Winter Weather from the Mid-Mississippi Valley to the Mid-Atlantic

Critical fire weather conditions continue for portions of Southern California. Conditions should improve somewhat by Thursday, and at least an elevated fire weather threat is expected to continue. A storm system is expected to bring heavy rain with a river/flash flooding threat to the Southeast, and accumulating snow and ice from the Mid-Mississippi Valley to the interior Mid-Atlantic.

Geographic Boundaries  
 Map 1: Color
Map 2: Color


Donald Trump and the Counterrevolutionary War "IndyWatch Feed"

Subscribe to the Intercepted podcast on Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayStitcherRadio Public, and other platforms. New to podcasting? Click here.


Donald Trump is waging a political counterinsurgency. This week on Intercepted: Columbia University professor Bernard Harcourt lays out the multidecade history of paramilitarized politics in the U.S., how the tactics of the war on terror have come back to American soil, and why no one talks about drone strikes anymore. Academy Award-winning director Michael Moore talks about his recent visit from the FBI in connection to the pipe bomb packages and who he thinks should run against Trump in 2020. Journalist and lawyer Josie Duffy Rice analyzes the battle over vote counts in Florida and Georgia, the Republican campaign to suppress black voters, the gutting of the Voting Rights Act, and why she isnt protesting the firing of Jeff Sessions. Jeremy Scahill explains why Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer need to go away.

Transcript coming soon.

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Californias Deadliest Fires Leave 50 Confirmed Dead; Hundreds Still Missing; Fires Only Partially Contained "IndyWatch Feed"

Although its not very clear in the article, there are 48 confirmed deaths from the Camp Fire, and 2 confirmed deaths from the Woolsey Fire.
From VOA News: Californias Deadliest Fire Leaves 48 Dead, Hundreds Missing Last Updated: November 14, 2018 0:15 AM, VOA News

Search teams in the U.S. state of California found more bodies Tuesday in areas ravaged by the most destructive wildfire in the states history, bringing the overall death toll to 48.

Crews are working with cadaver dogs and a rapid DNA analysis system in and around Paradise, a town of 27,000 people where in the span of a few days a rapidly moving fire destroyed more than 7,000 homes.

Authorities said more than 200 people were still unaccounted for as the searches continued and the fire advanced to the north and east of Paradise.

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea told reporters the six bodies discovered Tuesday were found in homes.

When asked if authorities had done...


Midnight Meme Of The Day! "IndyWatch Feed"

by Noah

Somewhat lost or at least overshadowed by Comrade Trump's failure to pay respects to the fallen of World War 1 because he feared it might muss that thing on top of his head was this shot of Trump beaming with happiness as his handler and chief controller of the Trump Crime Family investment capital approached world leaders in France on Sunday. It was a very telling moment.


Elite Terrified of 1930s Depression or Weimar Hyperinflation John Rubino "IndyWatch Feed"

By Greg Hunters Financial writer John Rubino says everywhere you look, debt is exponentially mounting. Nothing demonstrates the imminent bankruptcy problem better than the financial obligations of New York City. Rubino says, They just announced that they have unfunded liabilities for retiree healthcare, just retiree healthcare and not the rest of their pensions, of []


November 14th 2018 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #664 "IndyWatch Feed"

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


Wednesday November 14th Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


We Have an Identity Problem "IndyWatch Feed"

According to a recent report in The New York Times, Health and Human Services Department officials have been circulating a proposal to define sex. Their memo says, Sex means a persons status as male or female based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth. They add, The sex listed on a persons birth certificate, as originally issued, shall constitute definitive proof of a persons sex unless rebutted by reliable genetic evidence. I think the latter statement lacks complete rigor. Its chromosomes, not whats on a birth certificate, that determine ones sex. Therefore, if a fetus has XX chromosomes, a female is born, and if a fetus has XY chromosomes, a male is born.

Whats an open-and-shut case in biology can become confused in the political/social arena, particularly when ones sex is referred to as ones gender. By the way, before modern times, the term gender was used solely when referring to the grammar of some languages, such as French, in which nouns and pronouns are masculine, feminine or neuter and require words syntactically associated with them. Gender has become completely disassociated with biological reasoning. For example, in the past when a person signed up for a Facebook account, male and female were the only options. In 2014, Facebook introduced 50 gender options, including intersex, gender nonconforming, non-binary and androgynous (

In addition to the muddying of waters about ones sex, race has become muddied. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has long claimed that she has Native American heritage. Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania saw her as making a contribution to their law schools racial diversity agenda by being on their faculties. Recently, many doubted her heritage and lampooned and harangued the Massachusetts Democrat as Pocahontas. (She also has been dubbed Lieawatha.) Warrens recent effort to settle the issue through DNA analysis blew up in her face. She is only between 1/64th and 1/1,024th Native American.

This new liberal agenda allowing flexibility in determining ones identity was used by Rachel Dolezal to land a job as president of the Spokane, Washington, office of the NAACP and to become a professor of Africana studies at Eastern Washington University. Dolezal was born Caucasian but chose to be a black person; she was outed by her white parents. The NAACP defended Dolezal, saying, Ones racial identity is not a qualifying criteria (sic) or disqualifying standard for NAACP leadership. By the way, as far as Dolezal is concerned, shes still a black person. She has a new legal name, Nkechi Amare Diallo, which means gift of God...

Our Low-IQ Elites Strike Again "IndyWatch Feed"

Shop all books by Tom Woods

Evidently the acting Attorney General believes, correctly, that the states have the power to nullify unconstitutional federal laws.

So the usual suspects went berserk, and trotted out the usual nonsense arguments.

Im especially entertained when law professors speak against state nullification. Why, they didnt learn this in law school! Which is why, as Kevin Gutzman says, one should never confuse legal training with an education.

What law school students learn are a series of cases, and implicitly the nationalist theory of the Union. The compact theory, developed in detail by the Jeffersonians and which makes far more sense of the historical record, is simply ignored.

Also ignored are the ratifying conventions, which is where James Madison told us the meaning of the Constitution was to be found. John Marshall, in nearly 35 years as Chief Justice, did not cite the ratifying conventions even once.

But there we find assurances that the federal government will have only the powers expressly delegated to it, and at the all-important Richmond ratification convention we read that Virginia will be exonerated if the federal government should reach beyond the delegated powers.

No wonder the so-called progressives prefer to ignore them.

This idea was discredited by the Civil War. (As Bob Murphy says, this is like saying the claims of the Plains Indians were discredited by the U.S. Army.)

The Supremacy Clause invalidates nullification as if Jefferson hadnt heard of the Supremacy Clause. (Ill smash this one on the podcast.)

Nullification was used by the southern states to defend slavery even though (1) there were no antislavery laws for the southern states to nullify, (2) it was primarily northern states like Massachusetts and Connecticut that urged nullification over unconstitutional searches and seizures, the prospect of military conscription, and the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, and (3) Jefferson Davis, in his farewell address to the U.S. Senate, made clear he was a foe of nullification: I hope none who hear me will conf...

Red Flag Gun Laws "IndyWatch Feed"

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.George Santayana

We never learn.

In the right (or wrong) hands, benevolent plans can easily be put to malevolent purposes.

Even the most well-intentioned government law or program can beand has beenperverted, corrupted and used to advance illegitimate purposes once profit and power are added to the equation.

The war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on illegal immigration, asset forfeiture schemes, road safety schemes, school safety schemes, eminent domain: all of these programs started out as legitimate responses to pressing concerns and have since become weapons of compliance and control in the police states hands.

Mark my words: red flag gun laws, which allow the police to remove guns from people suspected of being threats, will only add to the governments power.

These laws, growing in popularity as a legislative means by which to seize guns from individuals viewed as a danger to themselves or others, are yet another Trojan Horse, a stealth maneuver by the police state to gain greater power over an unsuspecting and largely gullible populace.

Thirteen states now have red flag laws on their books. That number is growing.

As The Washington Post reports, these laws allow a family member, roommate, beau, law enforcement officer or any type of medical professional to file a petition [with a court] asking that a persons home be temporarily cleared of firearms. It doesnt require a mental-health diagnosis or an arrest.

In the midst of what feels like an epidemic of mass shootings, these gun confiscation lawsextreme risk protection order (ERPO) lawsmay appease the fears of those who believe that fewer guns in the hands of the general populace will make our society safer.

Of course, it doesnt always work that way.

Anythingknives, vehicles, planes, pressure cookerscan become a weapon when wielded with deadly intentions.

With these red flag gun laws, th...

Donald Trump Isnt Wrong "IndyWatch Feed"

Another day, another case of Donald Trump ignorantly tweeting from the hip. Or maybe not quite so much. On Saturday, the President blamed the deadly forest fires in California, which have killed over 40 people in the town of Paradise near San Francisco and devastated celebrity-inhabited areas outside Los Angeles, on poor forest management.

It drew a furious response from, among others, singer-songwriter Neil Young whose home was reduced to a smouldering ruin and who posted on his website: California is vulnerable not because of poor forest management as DT (our so-called president) would have us think. We are vulnerable because of climate change; the extreme weather events and our extended drought is part of it.

California has suffered an especially dry year, but then California has a Mediterranean-style climate with very dry summers which create the ideal conditions for forest fires every single year. It wasnt a whole lot different in the 1970s when Youngs fellow singer-songwriters Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood penned a ditty with the lyrics: It Never Rains in California.

It may be true that a changing climate has lengthened the dry season and increased the threat of wildfires throughout the year. But what is lost on Neil Young is that the amount of land being burned in wildfires in the US is vastly lower than it would be without the influence of humans. Wildfires are natural events, which can be triggered by lightening just as much as they can be by a carelessly discarded match. They are part of natural forest management but their role in this has been much-reduced thanks to the success of fire services becoming much better at tackling fires or preventing them in the first place. Between 2008 and 2017 an average of 6.6 million acres a year were burned in wildfires across the US. Between 1928 and 1937, before fire services got much better at tackling the fires, an average of 41.7 million acres a year were burned. That fell steadily until 1978-87 when 3.0 million acres were burned, before the figure started to rise again.

Read the Whole Article

The post Donald Trump Isnt Wrong appeared first on LewRockwell.

The Electric Suicide "IndyWatch Feed"

Imagine a Harley that doesnt vibrate. No bark through the straight pipes when you push the starter button. No nothing through the pipes which arent there anymore.

There is no starter button.

Just an On/Off switch.

No shifter, either. Because no gears.

All that remains is the Harley name on the tank which isnt one because it will never be used to store any gas. Might as well paint it on the side of your toaster.

Welcome to the 2019 LiveWire  Harleys first electric motorcycle. The first of a whole line of them intended to be ready by 2025.

Theyre betting the future of the company on it.

If you have any Harley stock, better unload it.


Because an electric Harley is as silly as juice-bar speakeasy. It runs counter to the point.

People buy motorcycles and especially Harley motorcycles because they make that sound.

And also because of the smells  of gas and oil which attend those sounds. Without which youve got what amounts to  alcohol-free beer.

Or a girlfriend who wont sleep with you.

There is no engineering reason for the distinctive and patented  potato-potato-potato sound which for decades has defined the presence of a Harley before you even see the Harley.

And it is the heart and soul of a Harley.

That sound was actually the result of a design flaw inherent in the early versions of the big V-twins but became iconic. It is why that sound has been deliberately perpetuated built in as the V-twin engine was redesigned and updated over the years.

The company even went so far as to sue other bike manufacturers who built their bikes to emulate the rowdy sound of a Hog (and then sold their knock-off Hogs for a lot less).

What is a Harley without that sound?  Think of Arnold without his muscles or his accent.

And think about everything else thats not longer there. Not just the things which make a Harley, but which make a motorcycle.

This thing goes on two wheels. That is the only thing it has in common with motorcycles. It is, fundamentally, a Moped but lacking even the Mopeds internal combustion burble at idle. The operating principles are essentially identical.

One does not ride this bike; one is carried along for the ride.

You get on, turn it on and thats pretty much it. Theres nothing for your left hand to...

Pompeos Albright Moment "IndyWatch Feed"

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is not a very bright guy. He is, like his boss, a thin-skinned bully with a narrow view of the world focused on US righteousness. With the sanctions going into place on Iran this week he gave an interview with the BBC which laid bare what happens when you scratch Pompeo just a hair beneath the polished surface.

Pompeo will be happy to see the people of Iran starve to achieve his ends. And those ends are purely in service of not only Israel and Saudi Arabia but the military contractors who back him and direct so much of the policy coming out of D.C.

Pompeo: Yeah, were going to work to do two things: that things that are sanctioned dont happen, and things that are permitted to happen are permissible, and can in fact happen. [Speaking of food and medicine flowing unimpeded]

Well, remember, just so you remember, the leadership has to make a decision that they want their people to eat. They have to make a decision that they want to use their wealth to import medicine, and not use their wealth to fund Qasem Soleimanis travels around the Middle East with causing death and destruction. Thats the Iranian Governments choice on how to use Iranian wealth. If they choose to squander, if the Iranian leadership chooses to spoil it, if they choose to use it in a way that doesnt benefit the Iranian people, Im very confident the Iranian people will take a response that tries to fix that themselves as well.

Aside from the fact that Pompeo has no idea how commerce works, this is a horrific statement. Were going to destroy your economy and if you dont overthrow your government you will starve.

Way to change hearts and minds, Mike.

This is his Madeleine Albright moment who famously said that 500,000 dead Iraqi children were a price worth paying because the US cut Iraq off from all trade, including basic medical supplies.

This is the legacy of our Secretaries of State. We come, we sanction, we invade, they die.

He was pressed on the fact that food and medicine commerce was not sanctioned under Obama and yet these items were curtailed. And Pompeo is stupid enough to believe that this wont happen again under the watch of Steve Mnuchins treasury department.

Mike Pompeo knows that the sanctions are horrific. But he doesnt care because you cant make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, right?

Spinning the same tale of demonizing a foreign government and exhorting the people to stand up and fight for their freedom is idiotic.

It has never and will never work.

But, as a dyed-in-the-wool neoconservative Utopian...

US Elections: Not a Word About Wars "IndyWatch Feed"

Counting up the votes in a midterm election turnout that hit a 50-year high in the United States, all major party candidates running for the House and Senate championed Americas military/industrial/intelligence defense complex and its ballooning budget.

Throughout the election cycle, not one Republican or Democratic candidate presented a campaign platform to end Americas longest, losing Afghan War, nor to end its other illegal and unconstitutional foreign engagements in the Middle East and Africa thats killing people, destroying nations and intensifying the hatred against We the People.

Indeed, not only was Peace a dirty word on the 2018 campaign trail, eight House seats that went to Democratic candidates were won by former members of the military/national security complex veterans, Central Intelligence Agency and State Department officials. And even the gubernatorial race in solidly Republican Kansas was won by a Democrat who touted her familys strong military credentials.

Imagine, trillions spent and millions killed in illegal, immoral wars with no end in sight launched on platforms based on lies from Washington and promoted by the media and it was NEVER a campaign issue in the 2018 midterm elections.

And now, with a new line up of pro-war politicians in office, Americans can expect an even more aggressive foreign policy agenda against China, Russia, Syria, Iran, and other nations under the lies and guise of winning the War on Terror, national security, making the world safe for democracy and regime change in countries whose leaders are cruel to their citizens.

In fact, on Wednesday, the day after the Midterm Elections, when the S&P 500 and Dow notched up their biggest post-midterm elections gains since 1982, CNBC noted:

Defense stocks are also among the expected winners from a divided Congress as it is one of the areas Democrats and Trump may find common ground. Democrats agreed to a Defense Department budget increase for fiscal year 2019.

Yes, they did. Some 68 percent of House Democrats and 85 percent of Senate Democrats voted for the $716 billion Defense budget.

Ah, those wonderful defense stock companies that General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Five Star General, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in World War II and two-term President of the United States warned the American people would take over the nation in his farewell address in 20 January 1961:

Until the latest of our world conflicts, the United States had no armaments industry. American makers of plowshares could, with time and as required, make swords as well. But we can no longer risk emergency improvisation of national defense. We have been compelled to create a permanent armaments industry of vast proportions. Added to this, three...

Return of the Fifth Columnists "IndyWatch Feed"

A fifth columnist is a supporter or secret sympathizer of an enemy nation, and the phrase was coined by Spanish nationalist general Emilio Mola Vidal. Before World War II broke out in 1939, Europe was awash with charges of the fifth column at work being bandied about by both appeasers as well as those who wanted to stand up to Hitler. One thing was for sure: Jewish groups were adamant that appeasing Germany was the work of fifth columnists; until the Soviet-Nazi peace agreement was signed, that is. (Twenty million dead afterward, and Europe in ruinsappeasers didnt look as wrong as previously thought.)

What got me thinking about fifth columnists was a new book that I, of course, will neither buy nor read by one Max Boot, a so-called neoconservative who has announced in his opus that hes leaving the Republican Party for good because he cannot be associated with people who like Trump or those who voted for him. Losing Boot, of course, feels like losing an obese dead man in a tiny overcrowded lifeboat in a storm. The Republican Party is well rid of him, because if ever there were a fifth columnist among conservatives and Republicans, it was the likes of Boot and that poisoned dwarf William Kristol.

Boot is described by the Times as a lifelong Republican with sterling neoconservative credentials, which only means to little ole me that he was an American fifth columnist working full-time for either Halliburton and the military-industrial complex, Israel, or both. Boots book is called The Corrosion of Conservatism, another misnomer because if anyone has corroded the Republican Party and stolen the conservative ethos, its people like Boot, David Frum, the poisoned dwarf, and their ilk.


Intelligent Design "IndyWatch Feed"

Vi and I have just returned from Chengdu, a Chinese village of seventeen million and the gateway to Tibet. Since China is of some interest to the US these days, I thought a description of sorts, actually more in the nature of a disordered travelog,  might be of interest. I hadnt been to the country for twelve years and, before that, not since living in Taiwan in the mid-Seventies. Each time, the changes were astonishing. Herewith some notes:

A caveat: we never got more than three hundred miles from the city and do not pretend to describe the country beyond what we saw.

Despite Trumps trade war we had no problems in getting visas in Guadalajara or getting through customs in Chengdu. Nobody showed us the slightest hostility. Although China is assuredly a dictatorship and vigorously represses dissent, we saw virtually no police. A friend who lived in Chngdu for several years until recently asserts that there is close to zero street crime. (White collar crime is a very different matter, he said, and seems built into Chinese culture. There are books on this.)

China is often described as a developing country. Well, sort of. Chengdu is decidedly of the First World, modern, muscular, appearing to have been recently built because it was. The downtown is beautiful, at least as cities go,  and livable. In many hours of walking aimlessly we encountered everything from elegant high-end stores selling upscale Western bands to noodle shops. It is not a poor city. A considerable number of people wear worn clothes and clearly are not overly prosperous, but nobody looked hungry and most appeared middle class. We saw no beggars or homeless people of the sort common in the US. Whether this is because there arent any, or because the government doesnt allow them on the streets, I do not know.

For anyone who knows what China was before Deng Xiaoping took over in 1978, after Mao made his greatest contribution to his countryhe diedthe growth of prosperity astouds. Many criticisms may be made of the Chinese government, some of them valid, but no other government has lifted so many people out of poverty so fast.

When I lived in Taiwan, I wondered why the Chinese, especially the mainlanders, were so backward. They seemed to have been so almost forever, certainly since well before Legation days. At the time Taiwan had a Five Year Plan for development, but so did all sorts of dirtball counties, mostly consisting of a patch of jungle, a colonel, and a torture chamber.

I noted, though, it the reader will forgive me a digression:  Taiwan was actually meeting its Plan. In the Thirld World of the time, this was a novel idea. The Jin Shan reactors were going in, the new port, the steel mill.,the highway. I interviewed the  head of the nuclear program for the Far Eastern Economic ReviewHarvard guy. Other officials were from...

A Civil War Lesson "IndyWatch Feed"

In response to my short essay on November 9, a reader sent me a link to secession documents that implicated slavery, not the tariff, as the reason for Southern secession. It is typical for the uneducated to come across a document of which they have no understanding and to send it off with a rude got you note to one who does understand the document.

I have explained the Southern states secession from the union in long essays. See here, here, here, here, and here.

Once again:

When the Southern states seceded, they were concerned to do so legally or constitutionally under the Constitution so that the North could not legally claim that it was an act of rebellion and invade the Southern states. To make this case, the South needed to make a case that the North had broken the Constitutional contract and that the South was seceding because the North had not kept to the Constitution.

This presented a legal challenge for the South, because the reason for which the Southern states were seceding was the tariff, but the Constitution gave the federal government the right to levy a tariff. Therefore, the Southern states could not cite the tariff as a breach of the Constitutional fabric.

Slavery was the only issue that the South could use to make a legal case that it was not in rebellion. Article 4 of the US Constitution reads: No person held to service or labor in one State, under the laws thereof, escaping into another, shall, in consequence of any law or regulation therein, be discharged from such service or labor, but shall be delivered up, on claim of the party to whom such service or labor may be due. In defiance of Article 4, some Northern states had passed laws that nullified the Fugitive Slave Act and other laws that upheld this article of the Constitution. The South used these nullification laws to make its case that Northern states had broken the Constitutional contract, thus justifying the Southern states secession.

Lincoln understood that he had no authority under the Constitution to abolish slavery. In his inaugural address he said: I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so. The North had no intention of going to war over sla...

The Morning of November 11, 1918 "IndyWatch Feed"

On the morning of November 11, 1918, fighter pilot and leading American ace Eddie Rickenbacker quietly ambled to the hangar of his aerodrome in France. The night before, in anticipation of the Armistice, all Allied flights were grounded. But Rickenbacker was not known as a rule-follower. He told his crew to roll out his SPAD XIII fighter plane and warm it up to test the engines. He climbed into the cockpit, took off, and headed to the trenches of the Western Front. Low clouds kept him low, around five hundred feet. He could see flashes of rifle and machine gun fire from the German trenches.

And then it was 11:00 A.M., the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. I was the only audience for the greatest show ever presented. On both sides of no-mans-land, the trenches erupted. Brown-uniformed men poured out of the American trenches, gray-green uniforms out of the German. From my observers seat overhead, I watched them throw their helmets in the air, discard their guns, wave their hands. Then all up and down the front, the two groups of men began edging toward each other across no-mans-land. Seconds before they had been willing to shoot each other; now they came forward. Hesitantly at first, then more quickly, each group approached the other.

Suddenly gray uniforms mixed with brown. I could see them hugging each other, dancing, jumping. Americans were passing out cigarettes and chocolate. I flew up to the French sector. There it was even more incredible. After four years of slaughter and hatred, they were not only hugging each other but kissing each other on both cheeks as well.

Star shells, rockets and flares began to go up, and I turned my ship toward the field. The war was over.

In memoirs, diary entries, and letters, we find that for the fighters of the First World War, the Great thing about the War was its end. In victorious countries, schools let out, impromptu parades and rallies erupted. These outbursts recognized victory, to be sure, but they chiefly celebrated the end of the war. My own grandmother recounted to me, more than once and each time luminously, the ecstatic celebration in her little town of Murray, Kentucky, where school was cancelled and virtually everyone in town gathered in the courthouse square to celebrate. In my recollection, she never mentioned the word victory once. In Rickenbackers squadron, everyone from pilot to cook joined in a mad celebration, but not of victory, many of them shouting I survived the war! I survived the war!


The Propaganda Machine of the $4.3 Billion Influenza Vaccine Industry "IndyWatch Feed"

Flu season is upon us again the time of year when the steady message is Have you gotten your flu shot yet? Considering the many studies showing flu vaccines offer minimal protection against illness even when well-matched to circulating viral strains, the fact that vaccination continues to be touted as your first line of defense against influenza suggests this annual campaign is more about generating conformity for profit rather than actually improving and protecting public health.

Questionable Data Used to Support Annual Flu Vaccination Campaigns

Statistics reveal that in most years, flu shots are at best 50 to 60 percent effective at preventing lab confirmed type A or B influenza requiring medical care.1 In the decade between 2005 and 2015, the influenza vaccine was less than 50 percent effective more than half of the time.2

The 2017/2018 flu vaccine was a perfect example of this trend. The overall adjusted vaccine effectiveness against influenza A and B virus infection was just 36 percent.3

According to a 2014 meta-analysis,4 71 people have to be vaccinated in order for a single case of influenza to be avoided a ratio that speaks to the ineffectiveness of this annual routine. Adding insult to injury, evidence5 (which was confirmed three years later6) suggests flu vaccination may double your risk of contracting pandemic influenza or a more serious bout of influenza.

Research7 published in 2011 also warned the seasonal flu vaccine appears to weaken childrens immune systems and increases their chances of getting sick from influenza viruses not included in the vaccine.

When blood samples from healthy, unvaccinated children and children who had received an annual flu shot were compared, the unvaccinated group had naturally built up more antibodies across a wider variety of influenza strains compared to the vaccinated group.8

Evidence also shows you can get vaccinated, show few or no symptoms and still shed and transmit influenza to other people.9,10 Flu vaccines are also associated with debilitating and potentially lifelong side effects such as Guillain-Barr syndrome and chronic shoulder injury related to vaccine administration.

2018/2019 Flu Season Brings Back Failed Nasal Spray Vaccine...


Rubio Sounds the Alarm: Democrat Lawyers Now Asking Judge to Change Florida Laws to Steal Election "IndyWatch Feed"

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

Democrat lawyers have descended on Florida in order to steal the Senate and Governor elections from Republicans.

Hillary Clinton, Perkins Coie and other DC swamp dwellers are now working round the clock to install their radical left-wing candidates.

In a series of urgent tweets, Senator Rubio said late Tuesday evening that Democrat lawyers are actually asking a judge to change Florida election laws AFTER the election in order to steal the Senate and Governor seats.

RUBIO: Imagine if NFL team was trailing 24-22 but in final seconds hits a 3 pt kick to win. Then AFTER game lawyers for losing team get a judge to order rules changed so that last second field goals are only 1 pointWell thats how democrat lawyers plan to steal Florida election

For example, Florida law requires that the voter signatures on mail ballots match the signature of the voter, but Dem lawyers are asking a judge to throw that law out & force Florida to count ballots with signatures that dont match the voter signature on file, Senator Rubio explained.

RUBIO: Florida law requires a manual recount of undervotes in close races & provides a clear standard for determining whether a voter intended to vote for a candidate.

Now Dem lawyers want a judge to order Florida to ignore this intent standard when reviewing undervotes Rubio added.

In short, Dem lawyers came to Florida to get judges to change Florida elections laws, AFTER the election. That isnt a strategy to win an election, that is a strategy to steal an election, Rubio said.


The Conners Stars Face Pay Cuts as Ratings Continue to Sink without Roseanne Barr Future of Show Is Uncertain "IndyWatch Feed"

The stars of The Conners may face pay cuts as the show continues to sink with star Roseanne Barr.

ABC announced in May they cancelled Roseanne after Barr fired off a tweet about Valerie Jarrett.

The Conners rating debut was down 35% from Roseanne opener via Deadline.

And ratings are decreasing each week.
It is now uncertain if the show will survive past its first season.
Nice work, ABC!

Radar Online reported:

John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf have learned Roseanne Barrs absence could have a dramatic effect on their wallets!

The Straight Shuter podcast reports The Conners is already in trouble without controversial comedian Barr around Opens. Ratings are decreasing every week, and the stars paychecks might soon follow suit.

With the sitcoms ratings dropping to 7 million, John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf are too expensive to keep around, a source told Straight Shuter. They both earn $375,000 an episode, a number that was negotiated before the Roseanne scandal.

Now that the audience has disappeared along with the star, the only way to keep the show profitable is to ask both John and Laurie to take a pay cut, the source noted.

But a decrease in the pairs check sizes may not be enough to increase the chances the show will survive.

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Theyre Here!!! Caravan Migrants Reach US Border at San Diego, Climb Fence "IndyWatch Feed"

The first waves of caravan migrants, totaling nearly 500, mostly men, reached the U.S. border at San Diego this week. One group of about 350-400 arrived Tuesday with many of them climbing a tall border fence in an act of defiance as Border Patrol agents watched from a distance. Two migrants were filmed jumping over the fence, located at the Playas De Tijuana and San Diego border, taunting Border Patrol officers assembled at a watchful distance before climbing back up the fence to the Mexican side.

A few days earlier a group of about 85 migrants arrived in Tijuana accompanied by U.S. lawyers who were paying their expenses.

KGTV-TV reported:

The first group of people from the migrant caravan have arrived in Tijuana, according to a Mexican journalist.

According to journalist Jorge Nieto, the group has 85 people. This group is reportedly people of the LGBTQ+ community and they left the others behind because they felt they were being discriminated against.

They arrived at the Tijuana bus station, then took buses to an Airbnb in Playas de Tijuana, paid for by U.S. lawyers with the caravan.

Once at the house, neighbors clashed with the migrants, Yelling at them go away go to a shelter, this is not your place, all you came here this is a safe area and we are afraid of you, Nieto said shelters arent an option as they are already over capacity from the last caravan.

That claim was contradicted by a later report that there is room for 900 migrants at Tijuana shelters.

Desert Sun USA Today reporter Rebecca Plevin  posted a photo of the fence climbers on Tuesday but then deleted the photo from Twitter. Mark Krikorian, Executive Director, Center for Immigration Studies, reposted the photo.

Plevin posted and did not delete other photos and videos of the caravan reaching Tijuana and the San Diego border.


Bolsonaro encabear um governo em que ministros falam em pedir demisso antes mesmo de assumir "IndyWatch Feed"

Paulo Guedes um Roberto Campos com menos livros lidos e mais fanatismo pelo cada-um-por-si na economia e na vida social. O economista e diplomata Campos ganhou dos detratores a alcunha brejeira de Bob Fields, tamanho o fetiche pelo capital estrangeiro e a devoo pelos Estados Unidos.

De 1964 a 1967, o seminarista que desistira do sacerdcio foi o primeiro ministro do Planejamento da ditadura. Era to brilhante que no se converter sua lbia hipnotizante constitua exerccio intelectual desafiador. No alvorecer da dcada de 1980, o cardeal brasileiro do liberalismo foi esfaqueado na barriga pela amante, e no por um abilolado. Morreu em 2001.

Embora ministro do marechal Castello Branco, cujo governo cassou mandatos de parlamentares e fechou o Congresso, Campos no pronunciava intimidaes vulgares como prensa neles!, truculncia com que Guedes pretendeu peitar senadores e deputados para votar logo as mudanas na Previdncia. A jornalista Cristiana Lobo contou que at a semana passada o futuro ministro da Economia ignorava que o Oramento de 2019 ser elaborado em 2018.

Numa reportagem da revista piau de setembro, o banqueiro bem-sucedido Bob Fields malogrou como dono de banco se referira a Jair Bolsonaro como indivduo pertencente a uma fauna indeterminada. A reprter Malu Gaspar narrou: Guedes fez uma pausa e prosseguiu, parafraseando as crticas ao seu candidato: Ah, mas ele xinga isso, xinga aquilo Amansa o cara! Pergunto se possvel amansar Bolsonaro. Acho que sim, j outro animal.

Se um animal est amansado, o outro escoiceia. Guedes j especulava sobre ser ministro e, surpresa, deixar de ser: Quer saber de uma coisa? Se no der para fazer o negcio bem feito, que valha a pena, para que eu vou [para o governo]? Ficar escutando essas merdas que esto falando? A reprter enticou: Ento posso escrever que voc desistiu? O Paulo posto Ipiranga Guedes riu com ironia: Esse o sonho de todo mundo, todo mundo quer foder o Bolsonaro. Mas esse prazer eu no dou. S depois que ele for eleito.



O capito se elegeu, indicou Srgio Moro para o Ministrio da Justia, e na primeira entrevista coletiva aps o anncio o juiz tagarelou sobre sua eventual partida. Declarou, acerca de divergncias vindouras: A deciso final dele [Bolsonaro]. A eu vou tomar a minha deciso se, para mim, vamos dizer assim, continuo ou no continuo.

Moro no tratou Bolsonaro como um cavalo, chucro ou domado, m...


Im Going To Get You Out: Good Samaritan Recounts Saving Pilot From Crashed Plane In South Carolina "IndyWatch Feed"

Via WMBF: The Myrtle Beach Fire Department responded after a two-person plane crashed into the ocean near Springmaid Pier, according to Lt. Jonathan Evans with Myrtle Beach Fire. Only one person was inside the plane at the time of the crash, Evans said. Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue Chief Tom Gwyer said a good Samaritan pulled []


Palm Beach County Ballot Counting Machines Break Down, Setting Them Back Day And A Half "IndyWatch Feed"

Just a coincidence. Via Twitchy: Weve had plenty of news to report from Palm Beach County; most recently, that a judge had ordered a five-day extension of the countys deadline to tally the votes in its current recount after Palm Beach County SOE Susan Bucher declared it impossible to complete the recount by the Thursday []


BREAKING: Ballot Counting Machines in Palm Beach BREAK DOWN Bucher Says All 179,000 Early Votes Have to be Recounted "IndyWatch Feed"

Here we gomore delays and shadiness in Palm Beach County.

The ballot counting machines in Palm Beach County broke down Tuesday evening.

The elections supervisor Susan Bucher says that they now have to rerun all early vote tallies in the Senate race!

This already took them a day and a half to countand they were given an extension by a judge to finish the recount by November 20th.

Via WPBF reporter Terri Parker:

BREAKING: ballot counting machines break down in Palm Beach County Susan Bucher says they have to rerun all early vote tallies in Senate Race that already took them a day and a half to tally

BREAKING: MORE DELAYS PBC Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher says theyve flown in mechanics to work on aging ballot counting machines that are stressed from recount & giving incorrect totals. All 179,000 early votes will have to be recounted


Priso em que detentos trabalham, estudam e so bem tratados faz reincidncia criminal cair a 10% "IndyWatch Feed"

Percorrer as instalaes da priso modelo no muito diferente de andar por uma escola pblica. O prdio antigo e precrio, mas limpo e bem cuidado, assim como as celas.


SINCE ELECTION DAY: Democrats Pick Off Over a Dozen GOP House Seats and 2 Senate Seats And Theyre Going for More "IndyWatch Feed"

Democrats had a decent haul on election night but since Election Day the Democrats have had a spectacular run.

In the US Senate Democrats picked up two seats since Election Day.

** In Montana Senator Jon Tester who was behind on election day had a huge haul overnight and won by 5 points.
** In Arizona Taliban-supporting Marxist Kyrsten Sinema was declared the winner a week after votes were cast after being behind on election night
** In Florida Democrats have discovered a secret stash of 83,000 votes since election day! Senator Bill Nelson is now surprisingly only 12,000 votes down here.

Democrats have performed even better in the US House. Since election day Democrats have added close to 17 seats from Republicans who were winning on Election Day.

Heres the list of the lost Republican Congressional seats so far:
Via Vox:

1.) Rep. Barbara Comstock in Virgina 10
2.) Rep. Maria Salazar loses to Donna Shalala in Florida 27
3.) Rep. Pearl Kim lost to Mary Scanlon in P 5
4.) 4) Pennsylvanias Seventh Congressional District: Democrat Susan Wild defeats Republican Marty Nothstein
5) Colorados Sixth Congressional District: Democrat Jason Crow beats Republican Rep. Mike Coffman
6) Pennsylvanias 17th Congressional District: Democratic Rep. Conor Lamb tops Republican Rep. Keith Rothfus
7) Floridas 26th Congressional District: Democrat Debbie Mucarsel-Powell beats Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo
8) Kansass Third Congressional District: Democrat Sharice Davids defeats Republican Rep. Kevin Yoder
9) New Jerseys 11th Congressional District: Democrat Mikie Sherrill wins over Republican Jay Webber
10) Minnesotas Third Congressional District: Democrat Dean Phillips defeats Republican Rep. Erik Paulsen
11) Virginias Second Congressional District: Democrat Elaine Luria beats Republican Rep. Scott Taylor
12) New Yorks 11th Congressional District: Democrat Max Rose tops Republican Rep. Dan Donovan
13) Pennsylvanias Sixth Congressional District: Democrat Christina Houlahan beats Republican Greg McCauley
14) Texass 32nd Congressional District: Democrat Colin Allred defeats Republican Rep. Pete Sessions
15) Illinoiss Sixth Congressional District: Democrat Sean Casten defeats Republican Rep. Peter Roskam
16) Arizonas Second Congressi...


Trump Names Neomi Rao To Succeed Kavanaugh In D.C. Circuit "IndyWatch Feed"

Looks like a good conservative choice. Via Daily Caller: President Donald Trump will nominate Neomi Rao, administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), for a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Speaking at the White Houses Diwali celebration Tuesday, the president said he was slated to make []


Eye-Opening Ground Report Video From Inside Migrant Caravan Shows Truth of Motivation and Intent "IndyWatch Feed"

Excellent reporting from Ami Horowitz (Daily Wire) who traveled to Mexico to find out the real reason why there is a caravan of migrants on its way to the United States border with its southern neighbor.  Within the video report Continue reading


Ocasio-Cortez Ticks Off Democrats With Her First Action In D.C. Protesting Nancy Pelosi "IndyWatch Feed"

Love left eating left. Via Daily Wire: Newly elected Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) made her first appearance in Washington, D.C., Tuesday, but the first item on her agenda has fellow Democrats seeing red. Ocasio-Cortez joined a group of young activists called the Sunrise Movement in staging a sit-in protest outside the Capitol Hill office of []


Two Radical Obama-Appointed Judges Rule in Favor of Stacey Abrams in Her Attempt to Steal Election "IndyWatch Feed"

Two Obama-appointed judges ruled in favor of Stacey Abrams on Tuesday in her attempt to steal the Georgia governors race.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

Judge Amy Totenberg is a United States District Judge on the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. She was born in New York and was appointed by Barack Obama.

Another Obama-appointed leftwing judge ruled ballots should be accepted with an incorrect or omitted birth year.

This is todays Democrat Party.
Anything to win no matter what.

The Daily Mail reported:

A Federal Judge has ordered Georgia to wait until Friday to certify the results of the midterm elections amid concerns about the states voter registration system and the handling of provisional ballots.

US District Judge Amy Totenberg ruled late Monday that Georgia must not certify the election results before Friday at 5 pm, which falls before the November 20 deadline set by state law.

Totenberg also ordered the secretary of states office to establish a hotline or website where voters can check whether their provisional ballots were counted.

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Feds Drop Charges Against Jane Sanders After She Bankrupts University "IndyWatch Feed"

Jane Sanders

Federal prosecutors dropped charges against Bernie Sanders wife, Jane Sanders after an investigation into a land deal she spearheaded while she was the president of Burlington College.

Jane Sanders shady bank scheme ultimately bankrupted the university in 2016.

Politico reported:

Federal prosecutors have ended an investigation into a land deal overseen by Jane Sanders, wife of Sen. Bernie Sanders, without bringing any charges, an aide said Tuesday.

Investigators had been looking into a $10 million real estate deal that Jane Sanders led when she was president of the now-defunct Burlington College between 2004 and 2011.

Jane Sanders has been informed that the U.S. Attorney in Vermont has closed its investigation of the Burlington College land deal and has decided not to bring charges of any kind, Jeff Weaver, a Sanders adviser, said in a statement.

TGP previously reported the FBI was investigating Jane Sanders over a sketchy land deal she spearheaded while she was president of Burlington College, ultimately bankrupting the school.

Jane Sanders denied any wrongdoing because naturally, Socialists see nothing wrong with wasting other peoples money. Sanders also agreed to a settlement after her resignation in which she collected approximately a $200,000 severance package.

The school was founded in 1972 and was humming along until Jane Sanders came up with an elaborate bank scheme, ran it into the ground and walked away with cash in hand. Typical leftist; they destroy everything they touch.

There is a two-tiered justice system in this countryDemocrats dont have to follow the law and rarely go to jail if they break the law.

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During the last few days of the midterm campaign, it was conventional wisdom that everyone on the right would instantly stop talking about the caravan as soon as the polls closed. I never believed that -- right-wingers are always talking about how evil immigration is -- and here's the lead story at Breitbart right now:

I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn that that's not what Gallup's survey actually says.

From the Breitbart story:

Five million poor Central Americans want to migrate into the United States communities and workplaces, according to a report by Gallup.

The caravans of economic migrants moving northwards to the U.S. border actually represent a relatively small fragment of a much larger group of people in their own region and around the world who say they would like to move to the U.S. if they could, said Gallup.
Notice that the linked item from Gallup doesn't say that the people surveyed want to come here in a migrant caravan. Or want to come here illegally in any other way. And only a small percentage seem to be really serious about moving.

From the Gallup post:
In Gallup's most recent global estimate, between 2015 and 2017, 15% of the world's adults -- more than 750 million people -- said they would like to move to another country permanently if they could. In Central America, this percentage is one in three (33%), or about 10 million adults.

Three percent of the world's adults -- or nearly 160 million people -- say they would like to move to the U.S. This includes 16% of adults from Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama and Costa Rica, which translates into nearly 5 million people.
But unlike the caravan of Central American migrants who are currently on the move, most people who desire to migrate will never try to make their way to the U.S. Desire remains only that. Gallup typically finds that the percentage of those who have......


Mueller Grand Jury Witness Accuses Clinton-Linked Prosecutor Of Conflict Of Interest "IndyWatch Feed"

So will anything actually be done? Via Daily Caller: An attorney who appeared as a witness before the Mueller grand jury is accusing the special counsels office of a conflict of interest because one of the prosecutors involved in the special counsels case has worked for Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. The prosecutor, Jeannie []


Figures. WaPo Guest Contributor Ordered the Deaths of 26 Journalists "IndyWatch Feed"

WaPo contributor Ali al-Houthi and his AK47

The Washington Post: Fake and Dangerous

The Washington Post has a guest contributor who ordered the deaths of 26 journalists in Yemen.

The Islamist contributor likes to carry an AK47 with him even to interviews.

Al Arabiya reported, via Religion of Peace:

Users on Twitter were able to unearth past photos and videos of Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, the controversial Yemeni militant leader who published an op-ed piece on the Washington Post, showing him with his gun as he conducted televised interviews.

The op-ed by al-Houthi, the head of the so-called the Supreme Revolutionary Committee of the Houthi militia, was published by the US newspaper on November 9.

Al-Houthi is implicated in issuing directives for killing more than 26 Yemeni journalists, while there are 16 journalists until this day in detention centers.

The shocking images of al-Houthi dating back to 2016 shows him with his AK-47 placed either on his lap or on a table during multiple interviews that were aired on pro-Houthi channels.

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Incoming Tennessee State House Rep Caught On Video Calling Residents Racist, GOP Voters Uneducated "IndyWatch Feed"

And her apology on being caught was worse than the original statement. Via Fox News: A newly-elected Tennessee state lawmaker is apologizing after a video surfaced of the Democrat calling her state racist and claiming that most of its residents who voted Republican are uneducated. The eyebrow-raising comments from London Lamar, a Democrat who is []


President Trump Remarks During Diwali Ceremony "IndyWatch Feed"

At the White House today President Trump participated in the Diwali Ceremonial Lighting of the Diya, the Hindu festival of lights.  Anyone paying close attention to the Trump administration over the past two years will note the warmness expressed toward Continue reading


Ocasio-Cortez Claimed She Couldnt Afford D.C. Apartment. Then She Released Her Financial Records. "IndyWatch Feed"

Shes going to be the new gaffe machine, just like Pelosi. Gaffe 2.0. If $15,000 isnt enough for three months, where was she intending to rent? Via Daily Wire: Last week, Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, newly elected to Congress, complained that she could not afford an apartment in Washington, D.C. until she began collecting her []


Protest Song Of The Week: Thoughts And Prayers By Lee Reed "IndyWatch Feed"

The phrase thoughts and prayers is reflexively uttered by elites, who desperately hope acknowledging tragedy will be enough to avoid doing anything to meaningfully address carnage and destruction.

And for every tragedy that demands thoughts and prayers, there are many more examples in the United States and throughout the world that do not receive attention from politicians.

On Canadian hip-hop artist Lee Reeds latest album, Before and Aftermath, he deconstructs the common political expression, exposing how it reinforces a status quo that benefits Western capitalism and empire.

The opening mentions mass shootings while noting that shootings by cops or public executions of young black dudes do not lead to similar calls for thoughts and prayers.

There are no prayers for the bomb victims, people who are killed by the U.S. as it uses force to secure resources.

Thoughts and prayers for white despair. Its right there, Reed raps. No thoughts, no prayers for the kids whove been killed by our fiscal affairs at the will and the behest of Western billionaires and their heirs.

There are no prayers for folks living behind broken borders, but there are plenty for folks stuck too long in an airport in a bad storm.

Reed adds, Thoughts and prayers for America or the victims of terrorists from white Euro heritage. No care for the daily despair in the places, where terror is born with Western endorsement.

Thoughts and prayers are useless. Theyre impotent, toothless, Reed declares. Theyre insignificant and fruitless. Truth is, you dudes already knew this. Thoughts and prayers are no solution for what consumes us.

The hook for the song stops and starts, sometimes punctuated by the words of President Donald Trump saying he wants to take a moment to send thoughts and prayers.

It is like Reed is constantly pressing a reset button. In essence, this is a 3-minute deprogramming effort. If one example does not get through, maybe the next one will resonate.

For over 20 years, Reed has created music. He was noticed by hip-hop artist Sage Francis and invited to produce this latest project with Francis label, Strange Famous Records.

Francis describes Reeds fiery anti-capitalist rant-hop as functionally mean. (He means that in the best way.)

Political hip-hop can often come across as a put-on or as if the emcee is pandering to certain niche groups, but Lee Reed is the genuine article, Francis adds. He raps as if hes showing great restraint in order to not go fully off the railsas if hes got his...

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Tuesday, 13 November


MORE Broward County Voting Equipment Found Stashed at Elementary School "IndyWatch Feed"

Broward County, Florida.

MORE voting equipment was found today at an elementary school in Broward County.

They stashed in a back room at the school!

The school was later identified as Wilton Manors Elementary.

The school is located at 2401 NE Third Avenue, Wilton Manors, FL 33305.

It is listed as a polling place in Wilson Manors.

This follows Sunday night find of blank votes in the back of a returned Avis car in Broward County.

More at has more.

UPDATE Hello Florida sent us more information on the abandoned equipment. An administrator at the school notified them of the equipment. She said Brendas Snipes staff picked up the equipment on Tuesday afternoon. Two members showed up. They signed into the office.

The post MORE Broward County Voting Equipment Found Stashed at Elementary School appeared first on The Gateway...


Man Banned from Disney World for Sneaking Pro-Trump 2020 Banner on Splash Mountain "IndyWatch Feed"

Buy that man a beer!

Disney World banned Don Cini from entering the park after he displayed a Trump 2020 banner on Splash Mountain.

Don was able to display the sign perfectly for the cameras.

In September Don Cini unfurled a large Trump 2020 banner while inside the park.
Don is a season ticket holder at the park.

The Hill reported:

A man who was banned from entering Disney World months ago for sneaking a large pro-Trump banner into the parks Magic Kingdom has reportedly been caught doing it again.

According to a local ABC station, the man, identified as Don Cini, was banned last week after photos emerged of him holding a Trump 2020 sign while on Splash Mountain and a Keep America Great sign at the parks Expedition Everest.

They never mentioned the fact that there was some kind of safety issue on the ride. That I was holding up a sign and I shouldnt be doing that, Cini told the news station.

Cini said the park revoked his annual pass again, which he claims to have had for over 20 years.

The post Man Banned from Disney World for Sneaking Pro-Trump 2020 Banner on Splash Mountain appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Republican-Lite Democrats Are Only Good At One Thing: Losing "IndyWatch Feed"

You think Democratic primary voters want this as their candidate against Trump?

A silly new poll from Morning Consult purports to show something about how the 2020 Democratic nomination is shaping up. The same kind of lo-info, identity politics idiots who saddled the party with Hillary Clinton in 2016, want Joe Biden in 2020. Will Democratic primary voters ever think about where a candidate might actually want to take the country rather than the color of their skin or the shape of their genitals? I think so. But it takes some kind of concentration, which isnt easy when youre talking about something years in the future (even just 2). Anyway, that list up top is the latest iteration of the laughable horserace tabulation, different from Mondays. What! No groundswell for the Starbucks guy? No Mayor Buttfuck Buttigieg? No Terry McAuliffe? Wheres The Rock and Hillary, all the governors who want to form unity tickets with John Kasich and the backbencher congressmen no one ever heard of like John Delaney whos been living in Iowa campaigning for a year and only tangentially more absurd than Seth Moulton or Tulsi Gabbard?



BREAKING: Judge Orders Recount in Palm Beach County Extended to Nov. 20th FIVE DAYS After Initial Deadline "IndyWatch Feed"

Palm Beach County elections supervisor Susan Bucher

We knew this was coming.

On Tuesday afternoon, a judge ordered the recount in Palm Beach County to be extended to November 20th.

This is five days after the initial Thursday deadline.

The Hill reported:

A Leon County circuit judge ruled Tuesday that the recount of midterm votes in Palm Beach County, Fla., will be extended to Nov. 20, five days after the initial deadline.

The order will extend recounts for a U.S. Senate race between incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson (D) and Gov. Rick Scott (R), as well as the gubernatorial race between former Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum (D).

Broward County and Palm Beach County are deliberately delaying their recount efforts in order to pass the election over to lawyers and judges, Senator Marco Rubio said Tuesday morning.

The Florida Secretary of State officially ordered a recount over the weekend and as expected, Broward and Palm Beach Counties wont make the Thursday recount deadline.

The corrupt elections officials in Palm Beach County said Sunday evening that they will not be able to finish their recount by the Thursday deadline.

By Tuesday morning it was reported that Broward County hadnt even started its recount yet!

The reason why Snipes and Bucher are delaying the recount is so they can get a judge to order domestic vote by mail received after 7 PM election day counted, Senator Rubio said.

This is a violation of state law, but apparently laws dont apply to Democrats.

Where the hell is the GOP??

The post BREAKING: Judge Orders Recount in Palm Beach County Extended to Nov. 20th FIVE DAYS After Initial Deadline appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Report: President Trump Considering Thomas Homan for DHS Secretary. "IndyWatch Feed"

Last night there were several reports that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen might be replaced.  Those reports evolved today toward exit likely but timing uncertain.  The issue with removing Nielsen is her attachment to current Chief-of-Staff John Kelly; if Trump Continue reading


Jim Acosta and CNN Sue White House for Banning Abusive Jackass from Constitutional Right to Harass President "IndyWatch Feed"

CNN believes this jackasss constitutional rights were abused when they took his hard pass to attend press briefings.

CNN sued today to get Acostas White House hard pass back so he can harass the president and take over a press conference.
Imagine if ANY reporter treated Obama with such disrespect?

CNN really is fake news.

The Daily Mail reported:

CNN filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against the Trump administration after the White House suspended White House correspondent Jim Acostas hard pass press credential. Acosta clashed with President Donald Trump and a press office intern during a November 7 press conference.

The networks suit, filed by a team that includes former George W. Bush solicitor general Ted Olson, demands the immediate return of Acostas credentials. The White House fired back at CNN, one of the presidents favorite targets, for grandstanding.

Acosta lost access to the building last Wednesday night, hours after refusing to give up a microphone when the president said he had answered enough of his questions.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement that Acosta physically refused to surrender a White House microphone to an intern. That appeared to be softer language than her earlier claim that he placed his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job.

CNN vigorously disputed the implication of anything more than minor physical contact.

Attorneys for CNN sued Tuesday in Washington, D.C. in U.S. Dis...


In Japan, the Kei Truck Garden Contest "IndyWatch Feed"

Not sure how this started, but it is now an official event sponsored by the Japan Federation of Landscape Contractors. Like bonsai gardens on wheels. Fascinating.



Trump Is Cracking Down On Wasted Time And Money At The VA "IndyWatch Feed"

Freeing up 430 doctors and nurses from performing union work. Via The Daily Signal: Believe it or not, the Department of Veterans Affairs has 430 medical professionals who, instead of performing their duties as nurses or doctors, spend some or all of their time working for their federal employees unions. All of that happens on []


Amazon in Queens and Arlington, Virginia "IndyWatch Feed"

In announcing that it will create major corporate centers in Queens, New York and Arlington, Virginia, each with 25,000 employees, Jeff Bezos said,

These two locations will allow us to attract world-class talent that will help us to continue inventing for customers for years to come.
The rationale for this whole exercise was that Amazon plans to grow at a rate that they think will outstrip the supply of skilled labor in Seattle, and the deciding factor in picking these locations was that they think they can hire thousands of programmers and other professionals to work in them. (Well, there was also the billions in tax incentives, but mostly likely all the cities and states on their list made similar offers.)

And this explains why around the world mega-cities continue to swell while smaller cities languish. Companies headquartered in smaller cities -- Kellogg's, Corning -- have terrible trouble recruiting executives, largely because executives are married to other professionals who can't find jobs in a small place. The way for big corporations to thrive is to locate themselves where there are lot of educated workers to choose from.


Which Sack Of Human Excrement Will Be The New Head Of The DCCC? "IndyWatch Feed"

Worse than Steve Israel? Worse than Ben Ray Lujan?

Whether in the hiring of staff the DCCC hires right-of-center hacks in it to line their pockets with not the slightest care about candidates winning or losing the recruitment of candidates or the decisions about which candidates to support and which to leave bleeding on the side of the road the DCCC has a lot of sway in the makeup of the Democratic caucus. This cycle, their resources, once again, were deployed omnisciences behalf of New Dems and Blue Dogs from the Republican wing of the party and few progressives were elected exactly what the DCCC was aiming at.

They interfered against progressives in primaries and refused to support progressives who won primaries. Although races are still be finalized, lets look at the freshman class. In races where the DCCC had no sway, replacements for retiring Democrats in blue districts, seats are split between progressives and less progressive Democrats: Ilhan Omar is replacing Keith Ellison in Minneapolis, Rashida Tlaib is replacing John Conyers in Detroit, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is replacing Joe Crowley in New York City, Chuy Garcia is replacing...


Perfect Trump Tells Macron: They were starting to learn German in Paris before the U.S. came along "IndyWatch Feed"

This is what I call representing the red-blooded patriotic American.  Plain-speak, direct truth; what every middle-American would say to in the same or similar circumstance. And ironically, this is also (almost verbatim) one of the reasons Donald Trump earned my Continue reading


Abby Martin: Why America? Mass Shootings and White Nationalism Share Roots "IndyWatch Feed"

Dandelion Salad With Abby Martin Empire Files on Nov 12, 2018 Since October 2017, America experienced three of the deadliest mass shootings in modern history. This epidemic coincides with a frightening resurgence of white nationalism. Sometimes the two trends overlap. But why here? Both phenomena can be explained by a common historical threadto unravel it []


Pipeline Opponents Make Gains in Midterms as Federal Judge Halts Keystone XL Pipeline "IndyWatch Feed"

People protest against President Donald Trump's executive order fast-tracking the Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines in Los Angeles, Calif., March 10, 2017.


Heres What Happens If Palm Beach County Cant Count Its Votes By Thursday "IndyWatch Feed"

Democrats will judge shop to extend the deadline. Via Washington Examiner: If Floridas Palm Beach County cant recount its votes in three statewide races by Thursday, Florida will likely move on to a final count without it. All of Floridas 67 counties are re-counting their votes in the races for Senate, governor, and agriculture commissioner, []


BREAKING: In Rare Move, Office of First Lady Publicly Calls For Firing of NSC Official Update: SHES FIRED? "IndyWatch Feed"

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is on the chopping block as rumors swirl of a cabinet shakeup.

But John Kelly isnt the only one clashing with President Trump and the First Lady.

On Tuesday, in a rare and extraordinary move, the Office of First Lady released a statement on Deputy National Security Advisor, Mira Ricardel.

First Lady Melanias spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said in a statement of Ms. Ricardel:

It is the position of the Office of the First Lady that she no longer deserves the honor of serving in this White House, Grisham said.

NBC reported that the First Lady also clashed with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Via NBC:

John Kelly, mired in conflicts with a widening array of officials from the National Security Council to the office of the first lady, may soon depart the Trump administration, according to seven people familiar with the discussions.

Nick Ayers, Vice President Mike Pences chief of staff, is among those being considered for the job, three of the people said, though President Donald Trump has mused about other possible candidates.

Kellys time as chief of staff for most of the past year has been clouded by controversy and disagreements with Trump and various West Wing staff. But questions about his future in the White House recently became more serious after his repeated clashes with national security adviser John Bolton and his deputy, Ricardel.

Kelly has also gotten on the wrong side of Melania Trump over staffing issues and travel requests. Some of the disputes with the East Wing have escalated to the president, the seven people familiar with the clashes said.

According to reports, First Lady Melania Trump brought the issues to her husband earlier this year.


Supporting Journalism Not Driven By Trumps Insult Of The Day "IndyWatch Feed"

Shadowproofs journalism doesnt depend on White House access.

We dont let President Donald Trumps petty ravings shape our coverage.

The fixation on defending the credentials of elite journalists often distracts from the material consequences of Trumps policies, as well as daily injustices throughout the nation.

Your donations allow us to hire journalists, whose work focus on daily injustices instead of President Twitters Insult of the Day.

Please donate $20 so we can reach our $2,000 goal so we can hire more journalists focused on issues and struggles that matter.

Reporting should not depend on permission from powerful people. Not a single piece of critical journalism comes from White House press briefings, which use journalists as tools for spreading the administrations hateful and dangerous messages (e.g. migrant caravan).

At Shadowproof, we put a lot of care into curating journalism. Since we rely on donations from our readers, we spend a lot of time and effort on making the most efficient use of those funds by directing them to stories that desperately need more daylight.

We hired Ashoka Jegroo to provide on-the-ground coverage of community opposition to jail expansion plans in New York City, where officials are trying to replace the infamous Rikers Island jail complex with $10 billion in new facilities. Larissa Banitt contributed a piece on how librarians in Portland, Oregon, are trained to administer naloxone to fight the opioid epidemic.

Arvind Dilawar wrote a report for us on how the FBI and Border Patrol are the leading perpetrators of anti-Muslim incidents. Jonathan Michels worked with us on a comprehensive report on a citizens commission in North Carolina, which investigated the states role in the CIA torture program.

Help us continue to publish crucial reports from independent journalists by chipping in a few dollars.

Staying on top of what is responsible for persistent injustice does not require public interaction with officials, who are paid to lie to the public.

All we need is your continued support for journalists in a tough media economy, and well have no trouble getting closer to the truth.

The post...


Democrats Want Robert Beto ORourke To Run Again, And Soon "IndyWatch Feed"

Beto dont run, he skateboards. Via Washington Examiner: Democrats want Beto ORourke to run in 2020 for the White House or Senate they dont really care for which; they just want him on the battlefield. ORourke may have lost to Cruz in ruby red Texas Tuesday night, but he lost like no Democrat has []


Deep State Unleashed: Hillarys Attack Dog Heads Potential Mueller Prosecution of Roger Stone "IndyWatch Feed"

By Jim Hoft

The potential Mueller prosecution of the Clintons nemesis Roger Stone is being headed by Jeannie Rhee, the very same lawyer who represented Hillary Clinton personally  in the missing e-mail case and represented the Clinton Foundation in 2015 against a racketeering lawsuit.

This comes at time when Democrats are demanding that acting Matthew Whitaker recuse himself from the Mueller investigation because of political bias.

The woman charged with potentially prosecuting Trumps longest serving political adviser Roger Stone is Jeannie Rhee, who also represented Obama Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes during the House Select Committee on Benghazis investigation of Hillary Clintons handling of the  2012 Benghazi terrorist attack.

As a private attorney in Robert Muellers law firm Wilmer-Hale, Rhee has represented Hillary Clinton personally as well as the Clinton Foundation.

In addition to serving as Hillary Clintons personal attorney and lawyer for the Clinton Foundation, Rhee is a contributor to Hillary Clintons Presidential campaign. According to FEC records Rhee gave $5,400 to Clintons Presidential bid in 2015 and 2016.

Rhees conflict of interest is particularly brazen in that she represented Hillary in the missing e-mails case and that issue is one of the questions under which Stone is under investigation according to several witnesses interviewed about Stone by the FBI.

That Rhee is investigating false allegations against Stone regarding the missing e-mails the very issue where she represented Clinton is a very serious conflict, said Stone attorney Tyler Nixon.

Since June, Rhee has been questioning witnesses about Roger Stone in front of the grand jury. Stone, of course, is the colorful Trump loyalist who wrote the bestselling book The Clintons War on Women, which Trump himself cited on the campaign trail in 2016.

During a tsunami of illegal leaks from the Special Counsels office, Rhee is said to be investigating Stone to determine whether Stone had knowledge of the content or source of the Clinton material published by the on-line website Wikileaks, including the allegedly stolen e-mails of Clinton campaign chief John Podesta. Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange himself announced to the world that he had such material in a CNN interview with Anderson Cooper in June of 2016.

Stone has steadfastly denied that is the case. But the Special Counsels legal reac...


The Short War With Gaza Exposed Israel's Weakness - Updated "IndyWatch Feed"

Updated below --- Last week a ceasefire was agreed upon between Palestinian factions in Gaza and Israel: The aim of the change, in a plan mediated by Egypt and with money supplied by Qatar, is to provide much-needed relief for...



I appreciate Ed Kilgore's warning: Democrats did very well in the 1982 midterms only to lose the presidential election in a landslide two years later, and something like that could happen again.

... 1982 [was] the first midterm after the election of Ronald Reagan, whose ascension to the presidency in 1980 terrified liberals every bit as much as Trumps did in 2016. After an upbeat battle to rein in the so-called Reagan Revolution, Democrats won the national House popular vote by nearly 12 percent (when its all said and done, Democrats will have won it this year by less than 8 percent).... the future looked quite good for the Donkey Party; in mid-1982, a horse-race poll for 1984 showed Ted Kennedy (then considered the Democratic front-runner) leading Reagan by six points.

In what should be a clear warning from history for todays Democrats, Reagan rebounded from his midterm drubbing and carried 49 states in his landslide reelection.
Kilgore knows that America is far too polarized now for any candidate to win 49 states, or any number close to 49. However, he has a point: A good 2018 doesn't mean Democrats will necessarily finish Trump off in 2020.

But there are big differences between Reagan's first term and Trump's. In 1982, Kilgore notes, "Rising unemployment rates gave [Democrats] an opening," while throughout the rest of Reagan's first term "The economy steadily improved, with the 'stagflation' of the late 1970s giving way to lower interest rates and a rising stock market." I think this is putting it mildly. The unemployment rate was 7.4% when Reagan took office in January 1981, but by October 1982, just before the midterm elections, it had risen to 10.4%. (It would rise further, to 10.8% over the next two months.) No wonder voters wanted change.

But by October 1984 the unemployment rate was back down to 7.4%. Also, inflation, which had been in double digits for most of 1981 and was above 8.5% well into 1982, was down to 4.9% by October 1984.

For Trump, the economy simply can't improve that dramatically -- unemployment is 3.7% now -- unless companies suddenly start giving workers serious wage increases, and that isn't going to happen. Trump had terrible midterms with, in all likelihood, the best economy he'll ever have.

I'm not saying that Trump can't...


Petition Asks University Of Minnesota To Address College Republicans Gender Pronoun Mural "IndyWatch Feed"

Words trigger the snowflakes and snowflakes retaliate by spray painting words. Via Campus Reform: College Republicans at the University of Minnesota painted a critique of a proposed pronoun policy at the school, but the mural was later vandalized with the phrase Queer Power. Now, some students are petitioning the university to take action against the []


Constant Narcissism News CNN Sues White House in Silly Effort to Restore Jim Acosta Hard Pass "IndyWatch Feed"

Constant Narcissism News (CNN) has filed a lawsuit against President Trump, Sarah Sanders, John Kelly, Bill Shine and the Secret Service over the White House decision to revoke the hard pass of Narcissist News correspondent Jim Acosta. If rejected, Acosta Continue reading


Former Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, Reportedly Eyes Challenging Trump For President In 2020 "IndyWatch Feed"

As a capitalist he doesnt have a chance in the Democrat Socialist primary. Via Daily Mail: Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is assembling a crack PR-team, including the campaign manager for John McCains 2008 presidential run, as he considers challenging Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Schultz, a Democrat and successful businessman, could be a []


Trump Points to Polls in France, Where 80 Percent Say Hes a Dangerous, Incompetent Racist "IndyWatch Feed"

On Tuesday morning, the President of the United States encouraged Americans to study opinion polls in France, apparently unaware of a recent survey there showing that 8 of 10 French citizens consider him to be a dangerous, incompetent racist.

According to the polling, conducted last week for Le Figaro, a conservative newspaper, just 20 percent of French citizens call Donald Trump competent, while 84 percent agree that he is racist and 83 percent say he is dangerous. His overall approval rating comes in at 10 percent.

Trump accidentally called attention to his vast unpopularity in France after enduring a weekend of harsh criticism for his conduct during a visit to Paris to mark the anniversary of the end of the First World War specifically his decision to skip a ceremony honoring Americans who were killed in the conflict because it was raining.

When he finally responded on Tuesday the sort of delayed reaction the French call lesprit descalier, when you come up with what seems like the perfect retort but only when it is too late to deliver it in person Trump could think of no better comeback than to lash out at his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, by pointing to his low approval rating among French voters.

Macron apparently earned Trumps ire by using his speech to dozens of world leaders on Armistice Day to warn of the dangers of a resurgent nationalism across the globe.

The old demons...


Marco Rubio Reveals Broward and Palm Beach Counties Strategy to Steal the Election "IndyWatch Feed"

Florida elections supervisors Susan Bucher and Brenda Snipes

Broward County and Palm Beach County are deliberately delaying their recount efforts in order to pass the election over to lawyers and judges, says Senator Marco Rubio.

The Florida Secretary of State officially ordered a recount over the weekend and as expected, Broward and Palm Beach Counties wont make the Thursday recount deadline.

The corrupt elections officials in Palm Beach County said Sunday evening that they will not be able to finish their recount by the Thursday deadline.

By Tuesday morning it was reported that Broward County hadnt even started its recount yet!

Miami-Dade County was already halfway through its recount of over 800,000 votes by noon Monday, however; Broward County hasnt started yet, according to the Miami Herald.

But there is a method to this madness, says Rubio.

The reason why Snipes and Bucher are delaying the recount is so they can get a judge to order domestic vote by mail received after 7 PM election day counted.

This is a violation of state law, but apparently laws dont apply to Democrats.

Broward County and Palm Beach County are headed towards being the only counties to not make the deadline for machine recount, Rubio said.

Potentially deliberate effort to delay final count hoping a judge will order domestic vote by mail received after 7pm Election Day counted, in violation of state law, Rubio added in a tweet posted Tuesday afternoon.

Incompetent law breaking election officials lead to chance for lawyers to steal an election. Dem lawyers arent here to make sure every vote is counted. Theyre here to get as many votes for their client as possible counted & get as many votes for opponent as possible thrown out, Rubio said.


State Of Maryland Asks Judge To Declare Rosenstein Acting Attorney General "IndyWatch Feed"

Frivolous lawsuit. Via NBC News: The state of Maryland plans to ask a federal judge on Tuesday for an order declaring that Rod Rosenstein is the acting attorney general not Matt Whitaker, who was appointed to that position last week after the forced resignation of Jeff Sessions. If the judge does as Maryland asks, []


What Can Be Learned From Democrat And Republican Delusions On Obamacare "IndyWatch Feed"

After a decade of intense political fighting and two of the largest wave elections in history, the United States finally has a quasi-stable political equilibrium on the Affordable Care Act.

We have Obamacare, just minus the deeply unpopular stuffi.e., the individual mandate and the Cadillac tax on employer-provided insurance. This fills me with both personal vindication, since this what I advocated Democrats pass in 2010, and deep concern because it shows neither major political party has any idea how to make laws popular.

When it comes to big pieces of legislation, they are only as popular as the least popular major provision. Most voters dont evaluate legislation with a complex utilitarian calculation weighing the net value of every provision. Most judge legislation the way they would a pizza. You could have five amazing toppings on that pizza, but if the sixth topping is rotten fish, no one will want to eat your pizza.

If you understand this axiom and realize none of the so-called political gurus leading either major party in our country do, something becomes clear. The last decade of political fighting over the ACA has been less of a titanic struggle between genius ideological leaders and more of a farcical dark comedy performed by fools.

Democrats mass delusion

In 2009-2010, Democrats strongly bought into their own spin, so convinced of their technocratic mastery that they succumbed to mass delusion.

Poll after poll after poll showed Democrats that the ACA was unpopular because of the individual mandate and tax on employer-provided insurance. Yet, instead of jettisoning these provisions, Democrats kept digging deeper into their own self-delusion.

Democrats became dogmatically convinced that only they could see these policies were essential, even though the Congressional Budget Office kept saying without a mandate the system would still work fine, though a bit less efficiently.

Meanwhile, the economic logic behind the tax on employer-provided insurance was grossly naive, since it ignored how the price problem in the U.S. system is mainly due to monopoly power.

Democrats insisted these policies were only unpopular because Republicans made them controversial. However, it was well known these ideas were politically toxic from the beginning. That is why, as a candidate, President Barack Obama hammered Hillary Clinton over her support of the mandate during the 2008 primary and hammered John McCain for his s...


Reminder Guidelines for Comments "IndyWatch Feed"

Seek first to understand, then to be understood. 1.) First, please READ THIS ENTIRE THREAD and the full context of any discussion thread you wish to participate in. Skipping to the comments to express an opinion without reading the Continue reading


Republican Congressman Sues to Stop Algorithm From Deciding Election in Maine "IndyWatch Feed"

Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R-ME)

Republican Congressman for Maines 2nd district, Bruce Poliquin filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against Maines Secretary of State to stop an algorithm from deciding the election in his race against Democrat opponent Jared Golden.

Via the Press Herald:

Republican 2nd District Congressman Bruce Poliquin filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against Maines Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap in an attempt to stop a tabulation of ranked-choice ballots in his race against Democratic challenger Jared Golden.

The suit filed in federal court in Bangor is asking for an injunction against Dunlap to stop what would be the first congressional race in the nation to be decided through ranked-choice voting. Neither Poliquin nor Golden secured a majority of the vote in the first round of counting, pushing the tabulation to voters second choices in an attempt to determine which candidate has the support of more than 50 percent of voters.

Maine voters have approved the process twice at the ballot box.

Poliquins suit claims the use of ranked-choice voting violates the U.S. Constitution because the document sets a plurality vote as the qualification for election to Congress.

Bruce Poliquin also sent a letter to Secretary of State Dunlaps office requesting his staff stop processing votes ahead of Wednesdays ranked-choice run-off.

Republican Congressman Bruce Poliquin pointed out that Maine has a lon...


When thoughts & prayers arent enough to end gun violence, wear a t-shirt! "IndyWatch Feed"

Remember, progressives tell us that thoughts and prayers are not enough to end gun violence. Guess the only solution is to wear a t-shirt that says Enough. From Yahoo:  Last weeks Thousand Oaks mass shooting is still at the top Continue reading

The post When thoughts & prayers arent enough to end gun violence, wear a t-shirt! appeared first on Fellowship Of The Minds.


Watch: Jada Pinkett Smith Talks About Her Bias Against White Women With Blonde Hair "IndyWatch Feed"

What happened to what we used to be taught to view everyone as an individual and by the content of their character, not by color of skin? Via Daily Wire: On Monday, actress Jada Pinkett Smith talked about her prejudice against white women with blonde hair. The actress revealed that she has found herself []


Developing: Does Mueller Have Matt Whitakers Emails to Trump Campaign Adviser Sam Clovis? "IndyWatch Feed"

Democrats are panicked now that Trump assigned Matt Whitaker as acting Attorney General.

Whitaker is a friend of Sam Clovis a former Trump campaign official.

Several Democrats believe this is reason for Whitaker to recuse himself from overseeing the Mueller Special Counsel.

Clovis was interviewed by the Mueller Special Counsel.

Clovis believes Obama spy Stefan Halper used him in his quest to build an espionage trail for the corrupt Obama deep state.

Now there are reports that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has all of Cloviss emails with Matt Whitaker.

The post Developing: Does Mueller Have Matt Whitakers Emails to Trump Campaign Adviser Sam Clovis? appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Media Isnt Even Pretending Any More, Check What CNN Just Ran About Pelosi "IndyWatch Feed"

Are they kidding? Do Democrats have to declare this in-kind contribution? CNN "report" or DNC ad? #whatdifferencedoesitmake Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) November 13, 2018


Democrat Star and Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Travels to DC Joins Sit-In Protest in Pelosis Office (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

Grab your popcorn.

Incoming lawmaker Democrat-Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) traveled to Washington DC today to join a sit-in protest inside Nancy Pelosis office.

She was met with cheers from the socialist protesters.

Ocasio-Cortez promoted 100% renewable energy in a couple years(?)

Ocasio-Cortez told the young activists: I just want to let you know how proud I am of each and every one of you for putting yourselves and your bodies and everything on the line to make sure we save our planet our generation and our future. Its so incredibly important. I shared my story that my journey started with everyday people doing exactly what you all are doing We have to get to 100% renewable energy in a couple years. There is no other option.

The post Democrat Star and Socialist Ocasio-Cortez Travels to DC Joins Sit-In Protest in Pelosis Office (Video) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


DEMOCRATS Eye Mississippi Runoff Election Hope Racist Smears Will Give Democrat a Boost in Race "IndyWatch Feed"

Democrats are itching to steal another senate election and now have their eyes on Mississippi.

The Democrat party is pushing the myth that Republican Sen. Cyndy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) is a racist because she mentioned the words public hanging during a campaign stop in Tupelo.

So she must be a racist.

This is what the Democrat Party is today racist smear merchants.

It seems to be working for them.

Cindy Hydee-Smith responded to the smear on Monday. reported:

Democrats in Mississippi are hoping to pull off an upset in the November 27 Senate runoff election between GOP nominee Sen. Cyndy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) and Democrat nominee former Rep. Mike Espy (D-MS).

This is precisely what they did in the Alabama special Senate election in December of last year when Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) narrowly defeated embattled GOP nominee Roy Moore.

At first glance, the odds in favor of a Democrat victory would appear improbable.

President Trump easily defeated Hillary Clinton in Mississippi in 2016 by 18 points, 58 percent to 40 percent.

It has been 36 years since the state last elected a Democrat to the United States Senate in 1982, when incumbent Sen. John Stennis (D-MS) was re-elected to his seventh and final term.

But some level of trouble is on the horizon for the GOP, and the Democrats are looking to capitalize on it.

In the three-way election to complete the remaining two years of Sen. Thad Cochrans term last Tuesday, Hyde-Smith, who was appointed by Gov. Phil Bryant to the seat in April after Cochrans resignation, finished in first place with 41 percent, Espy finished in second place with 40 percent, and State Senator Chris McDaniel, the Tea Party favorite who narrowly lost the 2014 GOP runoff primary election to Cochran, finished in third with 16 pe...


Neil Young Loses His Home In California Fires, Blasts Trump, Blames Climate Change "IndyWatch Feed"

Sorry he lost his home, but this is lunacy. Via NY Post: Neil Young is among the slew of celebrities who have lost their Malibu homes to the raging California wildfires and the rock legend scorched President Trump over the devastation. In a post to his website late Sunday, Young blasted Trumps controversial statements []


Deception: NGO coaches migrants how to pretend to be Christian refugees to gain political asylum "IndyWatch Feed"

The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) is an European Union agency created in 2010 to improve protection for asylum seekers and to coordinate EU Member States on political asylum. The agency has a process to identify real refugees among the Continue reading

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Sarah Sanders RIPS Jim Acosta in Response to CNN Lawsuit Over Suspension of Press Pass "IndyWatch Feed"

CNN and Jim Acosta filed a lawsuit against President Trump, WH Press Sec. Sarah Sanders, the Secret Service and several aides on Tuesday over the suspension of Acostas hard press pass.

ABC reported:

The wrongful revocation of these credentials violates CNN and Acostas First Amendment rights of freedom of the press, and their Fifth Amendment rights to due process, CNNs communications team said in a press release.

In the complaint, filed in D.C. District Court, lawyers for CNN argued the revocation of Acostas credentials is only the beginning.

This severe and unprecedented punishment is the culmination of years of hostility by President Trump against CNN and Acosta based on the contents of their reportingan unabashed attempt to censor the press and exclude reporters from the White House who challenge and dispute the Presidents point of view, CNNs lawyers wrote in the court documents.

The president lacks the authority to quash the First Amendment, the lawyers wrote, and access to the White House cannot be denied arbitrarily.

According to the lawsuit, CNN and Acosta aim to enforce this constitutional commitment, restore Acostas well-deserved press credentials, and ensure that the press remains free to question the government and to report the business of the nation to the American people.

Jim Acostas White House press pass was suspended following the incident wherein he assaulted a female White House staffer last Wednesday.

Acosta said Secret Service denied him entry to the White House following the suspension.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders responded to CNNs lawsuit on Tuesday and ripped Jim Acosta.

This is just more grandstanding from CNN, and we will vigorously defend against this lawsuit, Sarah Sanders said in a statement.

Sarah Sanders pointed out that CNN has nearly 50 additional hard pass holders and that Jim Acosta is no more or less special than any other media outlet or reporter with respect to the First Amendment.

Full statement via...


Ocasio-Cortez Is Upset Worlds Most Valuable Company Is Investing In NYC "IndyWatch Feed"

How dare companies bring jobs to New York! Then she cant stoke resentment. Via Daily Wire: Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not happy that Amazon, the worlds most valuable company, has decided to invest billions of dollars and bring approximately 25,000 jobs to New York City. The 28-year-old bartender turned politician responded to the news that []


Nancy Pelosi Wants to Find Common Ground With Donald Trump. But Her Job Right Now Is to Fight Fascism. "IndyWatch Feed"

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., holds a news conference following the 2018 midterm elections at the U.S. Capitol Building on Nov. 7, 2018.


Every Week, Amount Of Illegal Aliens Entering US Dwarfs The Caravan "IndyWatch Feed"

The caravan is just a more visible sign of the huge and continuing problem. Via Daily Caller: The massive procession of migrants winding through Mexico may be weeks away from the southwest border, but a caravan-sized number of people cross into the U.S. illegally every single day. That fact has been overshadowed by coverage of []


Hypocrite: Rocker Neil Young blasts climate-change denier President Trump "IndyWatch Feed"

  Like most famous globe-trotting celebrities, Canadian rocker Neil Young blasts others for contributing to man-made global warming while spewing more carbon emissions in a year than you and I ever will in our lifetimes. Young lost his Malibu home in Continue reading

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Its True: Broward County Has Yet to Start Their Official Recount of Ballots (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes

What is going on in Broward County and where is the GOP??

Miami-Dade County was already halfway through its recount of over 800,000 votes by noon Monday, however; Broward County hasnt started yet, according to the Miami Herald.

FOX News previously reported that Broward County started its recounting at around 11:30 AM Sunday 4-and-a-half hours late.

But on Tuesday morning FOX News agreed with the Miami Herald and said the recount in Broward County had not yet started.

Broward County has less ballots to count than Miami-Dadelet that sink in.

Once again Broward County is turning out to be the problem.

Here again is the Monday report from the Miami Herald:

By noon on Monday, Miami-Dade managed to recount about half of the more than 800,000 votes cast in the 2018 election. Broward County had not yet started its state-mandated recount.

The stark contrast in pace from Floridas two largest sources of ballots highlights the pressure facing Broward as it tries to meet a Thursday afternoon deadline to recount the more than 700,000 votes cast in the largely Democratic county.

As of noon Monday, Broward still had to calibrate its ballot-scanning machines and sort out the ballots needed to be counted, suggesting the actual recount may not start until later in the day or even Tuesday morning.

The equally corrupt elections officials in Palm Beach County said Sunday evening that they will not be able to finish their recount by the Thursday deadline either.

Florida Governor Rick Scott took legal action on Sunday in an attempt to get the situation under control as he ramps up his fight going into the recount.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi stepped in and sent letters to the FDLE and the Se...


One Little-Watched Race Has Huge Implications for Election Hacking and Voter Suppression in Georgia "IndyWatch Feed"

Republican Brian Kemp, right, holds a news conference to resign as Georgia's secretary of state with Gov. Nathan Deal, left, on Nov. 8, 2018, in Atlanta, Ga.


Breaking Report: Broward County Deputy Says Civil Rights Attorneys Were Handing Out Absentee Ballots to Inmates AFTER ELECTION? (Update) "IndyWatch Feed"

This is a SteelTruth Exclusive
By Ann Vandersrteel

A Broward County Sheriffs deputy says attorneys were collecting ballots AFTER the election last Tuesday.
We are looking into this

Protesters outside the Broward County Elections headquarters (By Ann Vandersrteel)

Friday Novemeber 9, 2018 5:30pm Annie Marie Delgado, President of TrumpTeam Florida 2020, conference called Ann Vandersteel with a a current DOJ employee and was a former high ranking Broward County law enforcement officer. He stated at 7:00 AM that same morning he received a call from a deputy in the Broward County jail. The Deputy said there was corruption going on inside the jail and that he had never seen anything like it.

Six months prior to this the Supervisor of Elections allowed non-felon inmates awaiting trial in jail to register to vote. This did not occur due to the security risk it posed if civilians were allowed to walk through the jail doing the voter registration and absentee ballot requests.

** It was previously reported that mass murdered Nikolas Cruz was registered to vote from jail in Broward County.

The Broward County Deputy explained that on Thursday November 8, 2018, after the midterm election, absentee ballots were delivered to the jail for the inmates and the deputies were told to pass them out.

Civil rights attorneys arrived on last Thursday and demanded to see the inmates. They were not the inmates personal attorneys of record. The attorneys wanted to know if the inmates had received their absentee ballots in the mail. As these attorneys were not th...


Media Still Trying To Make Robert ORourke A Thing, Beto Is Making People Horny "IndyWatch Feed"

Yeesh. It isnt about whats in his mind or whether theyre rabid leftists, just like Kyrsten Sinema, its whether you think theyre cute. Via Twitchy: Democrats have proven that what matters most to them is not policy, or ideas, or integrity, or knowledge, or even experience. No no, what matters to them is if their []


Kat Timpf Explains How She Was Chased Out Of Brooklyn Bar Because She Works For Fox "IndyWatch Feed"

Fox News' @KatTimpf reveals that she was attacked at a bar over the weekend when a belligerent woman started screaming at her, telling her to get out! The woman couldnt name a single thing that Timpf did that she found offensive, she only knew that she worked at Fox News. Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) []


K-9 puppies report for duty! "IndyWatch Feed"

The newest members of Taiwans police force are gearing up and getting ready to serve! The six puppies Lucky Star, Schumann, Feida, Brother, AJ, and Full Moon will be trained to join the Taiwans National Police Agencys K-9 Continue reading

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Here We Go State of Maryland Files Legal Objection to President Trumps Appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest post by Joe Hoft

The Deep State is absolutely terrified of President Trumps appointment to Acting Attorney General, Matthew Whitaker.  Today the state of Maryland announced their legal action into the constitutionality of Whitakers appointment.  The Deep State must have him removed to continue the Mueller witch hunt.

WNYC reported this morning that

President Trumps choice of Matthew Whitaker to be the acting attorney general is running into a buzz-saw of opposition, and not just from Democrats. And now, the first legal action is being filed Tuesday, by the state of Maryland, challenging Whitakers status.

It does not involve limits to asylum claims that Whitaker has already put into effect, nor any challenge involving the Mueller investigation of the president, which Whitaker has frequently criticized.

Maryland and the deep state are trying to get DAG Rod Rosenstein appointed as Acting Attorney General

The state seeks a preliminary injunction that...


New MAGA Building Blocks Urge Kids To Build The Wall "IndyWatch Feed"

Just in time for Christmas. Via NY Post: A self-proclaimed conservative gift expert is touting a timely toy for tots. We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new line of toys: MAGA building blocks!, the homepage of hypes in blood-red lettering. This set comes with more than 100 pieces including President []


Black Agenda Radio, Week of November 11, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed"

Black Agenda Radio, Week of November 11, 2018

bruce Tue, 11/13/2018 - 19:52

Alex Vitale: civilian agencies not cops should deal with social problems; Kyle Mays on the myriad connections between hip hop and North American indigenous cultures; Alexander Main on the consequences of fascism for Afro-Brazilans; Pan Africanists lead Be Clean campaign in Sierra Leone.


Ted Malloch: Macrons Virulent In Your Face Globalism "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest post by Ted Malloch author of The Plot to Destroy Trump

The clocking is ticking

So says the alarmist headline of the new, so-called peace initiative of French President, Emmanuel Macron, which started this week in Paris.

Noticeably after Macrons ardent anti-nationalist, anti-Trump speech in Paris on Sunday at Armistice Day ceremonies, Donald J. Trump is missing.

See here:

It appears the President of the USA wants nothing to do with this blatantly globalist agenda and its co-conspirators.

He sees through their Anti-American parade.

They are in fact what should be called, liberal fundamentalists, who seek to erode the power of all sovereign nation states and to advocate only more globalism.

A new annual meeting for all global governance actors is on offer, all served up by the new European Napoleon himself, little Emmanuel.

The new Paris Peace Forum is neither a summit nor a conference their literature says.

What is it, then?

It is a new annual event based on a what they refer to as a, simple idea: international cooperation as the key to tackling global challenges and ensuring durable peace.

Who could be against cooperation? We all want and need allies.

But this is not what it is.

They are not true allies and they are ungrateful to America and hate Trump.

Behind the curtain is something elsemuch more sinister.

It is a socialist cabal of Leftists who want to take over the world, install world government with a new fangled name: global governance.

Rules we ALL must live by determined by an unelected elite and led by the French President a new emperor are its centerpiece.

To support collective action, it will gather all actors of global governance under one roof for three days states, international organizations, local governments, NGOs and foundations, companies, experts, journalists, trade unions, religious groups and citizens.

Through original formats of debates and the presentation of solutions, it will demonstrate there is still a momentum for multilateralism and a better organization of th...


The double standard of the left: Youre either for civility and law or you just joke about it "IndyWatch Feed"

Guess which side the proggies favor TDS-infected libtards change their rules every day. They claim to be the tolerant party yet cannot act in a civil manner in our society (just ask Tucker Carlson). See the following: Unhinged Demorats: Washington Continue reading

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Roger Stone: Poor Jerry Corsi Is Being Squeezed But Where is the Russian Collusion? Where is the Wikileaks Evidence Against Me? Or Was This Fake News? "IndyWatch Feed"

There never was any Trump-Russia collusion.
It was the greatest media hoax in US history.

On Monday journalist Jerome Corsi said he will be indicted by dirty cop Robert Mueller on perjury charges.

The liberal mainstream media wailed and gnashed their teeth like demons after the Trump White House banned loudmouth sideshow Jim Acosta from the White House press pool.

What will they say about journalist Jerome Corsi who is being squeezed by the Mueller mob to invent stories about the president and his associates?
And the liberal media cheers this news.

On Tuesday The Gateway Pundit heard from our friend and conservative stalwart Roger Stone.

Roger had this to say about his friend Jerome Corsi following yesterdays news.

Poor Jerry Corsi. It appears that he has been relentlessly squeezed but refuses to bear FALSE WITNESS against others.

In the meantime where is the Russian Collusion? Where is the proof of Wikileaks collaboration? Where is the evidence that proves I had advance knowledge of the source or content of any of the allegedly stolen or hacked e-mails published by Wikileaks?

Or was that all fake news?

Of course, we all know the answer to that.

It is clear to anyone who has been paying attention that the Mueller-Rosenstein-Sessions witch hunt was put in place to deflect from the lawlessness of the Obama Department of Justice and their historic crimes during the 2016 election when they illegally spied on the opposition candidate.

Pray that justice is served against these traitors in the Obama regime.

The DC swamp must be drained for the country to survive.


Yossi Gestetner posted a thread on Twitter that accurately describes the degree of deception these criminals in the deep state and their allies in the liberal media are pushing on the American people.


The post...



Florida is counting and re-counting ballots in several midterm races, including the races for governor and a Senate seat. Republicans lead in those two contests, but as the vote count changes, the GOP victory margins have been narrowing. President Trump and other Republicans say this is electoral fraud, and some have focused on Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes, who is accused even by non-partisan critics of not being very good at her job.

But twice in her tenure Snipes seems to have made misjudgments that cost Democrats votes. That seems to be what's happening now -- and the problem, by coincidence, involves on another black Democratic woman who's been a target of the president's wrath:

... on about 26,000 ballots, voters registered their choice in the governor's race ... but not for Senate. That adds up to about 3.7 percent of all ballots cast in Broward. To put it mildly, that number is radically higher than anything found in any of Florida's 66 other counties, where votes cast in the Senate and gubernatorial races have tracked about evenly.

... Did the design of Broward's ballot cause a small but critical chunk of voters to miss the Senate race?

... A look at the Broward ballot shows that the Senate race occupies a lonely corner, buried in the left column under a lengthy set of instructions. The governor's race, meanwhile, is perched prominently atop the middle column, with wide spacing between the names of all six candidates who qualified to run. There's no question where the eye is more easily drawn.

Then there is this: On the Broward ballot, the Senate race is paired in that lower left column with one other contest, for the House. Broward contains parts of four congressional districts all of them safely Democratic so voters in different parts of the county had different House races on their ballots. But in one of those districts, Rep. Frederica Wilson's 24th Congressional District, there was apparently no House race listed at all. That's because Wilson was running unopposed and Florida law mandates that the race simply not appear on the ballot in such a case, with the sole candidate simply being deemed the winner.

And, as political cartographer Matthew Isbell discovered, in the small portion of Broward County that is part of the 24th District, the number of ballots that contained no vote in the Se...


Report: House Democrats Planning 85 Trump Probes "IndyWatch Feed"

One of the Dems favorite pastimes, pissing away taxpayer dollars.


Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush Stops Criticizing Trump for a Minute and Condemns Broward County Elections "IndyWatch Feed"

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Last week, Jeb Bush, the brother of President George W. Bush and the son of President George H. Bush, criticized President Trump for doing what his brother and father never did, stand up to the mainstream media

At the same time the Florida election was being stolen by Democrats in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

President Trump understands that the media are the left wing arm of the socialist Democrat party and he is the first politician with the guts and ability to stand up to these villains

Finally, last night, Jeb decided to opine on the criminal activities taking place in the state where he once was governor, and pause on his bitter comments of the President

This is why Jeb never came close to being elected President of the United States.  He doesnt understand that Democrats are doing all they can to obt...


Undecided House Races And Where They Are Headed "IndyWatch Feed"

Will Orange County be a Republican-free zone?

Currently there are 9 House races considered too close to call or in recount. This is the list and my predictions as to how they will likely turn out. Asterisks indicate incumbents and bolding indicates likely winners:

CA-10- Central Valley
Josh Harder (D)- 90,263 (50.9%)
Jeff Denham* (R)- 86,956 (49.1%)
CA-39- Orange County
Young Kim (R)- 87,924 (50.7%)
Gil Cisneros (D)- 85,501 (49.3%)
CA-45- Orange County
Mimi Walters* (R)- 107,132 (50.5%)
Katie Porter (D)- 105,123 (49.5%)
GA-07- northeast Atlanta suburbs
Rob Woodall* (R)- 139,837 (50.2%)...


Midnight Meme Of The Day! "IndyWatch Feed"

by Noah

Surprise! Just like with the 2016 election, all mention of a nation-threatening "caravan" ended with Election Day! Why it's as if the threat never even existed! It's like it vanished into thin air! It's like it was all a manufactured crisis cynically used to fool the gullible and hate-filled! That couldn't possibly be, could it? Surely, Republicans wouldn't play their bigoted voters for suckers, would they?


November 13th 2018 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #663 "IndyWatch Feed"

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


Tuesday November 13th Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed"

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


Youll be Great Outgoing RINO Senator Jeff Flake Congratulates Taliban Sympathizer Kyrsten Sinema on Victory "IndyWatch Feed"

Outgoing Arizona Senator Jeff Flake

Radical code pink activist and Taliban sympathizer Kyrsten Sinema won the Arizona Senate race against Martha McSally several days after the polls closed.

Outgoing Arizona Senator Jeff Flake was ecstatic that a radical Marxist won the Senate race and congratulated her.

Kyrsten Sinema previously expressed her utter disgust with Arizona in a speech given in March of this year.

Jeff Flake thinks shell be great!

Congratulations to @kyrstensinema on a race well run, and won. Its been a wonderful honor representing Arizona in the Senate. Youll be great, Flake said in a tweet Monday evening.

Republican Martha McSally was ahead Tuesday evening when the polls closed, but the Democrats produced tens of thousands of ballots out of no where post election.

Jeff Flake may have been a Trump-hating RINO, but he did vote for both of the Presidents SCOTUS nomineesnow Arizona has taken a hard left turn with Sinema.

Democrats took the House in the 2018 midterms and the Republicans held onto the Senatebarely after the Dems launched a campaign to steal the Florida elections.

The post...


Mark Levin Says McSally Refused to Go on His Show, Didnt Want to be Tied to Conservatives Then Lost to a Marxist "IndyWatch Feed"

Marxist Code Pink pro-Taliban activist Kyrsten Sinema was declared the winner today against female fighter pilot Republican Martha McSally in the Arizona senate race.

Martha McSally was a #NeverTrumper before the 2016 election.

She refused to attend the Republican convention.
But Paul Ryan really liked her.

Conservative radio host and author Mark Levin told his audience on Monday that McSally refused to go on his show.

McSally tried to play it safe and moderate.
She ended up with more 200,000 votes less than the Republican candidate for governor.
He embraced Trump.

Governors race
Pro-Trump R 1,213,849
D 889,000

Senate race
Trump-shy R 1,059,000
D 1,097,000


Whats Wrong With Nationalism? "IndyWatch Feed"

Shop all books by Pat Buchanan

In a rebuke bordering on national insult Sunday, Emmanuel Macron retorted to Donald Trumps calling himself a nationalist.

Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism; nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.

As for Trumps policy of America first, Macron trashed such atavistic thinking in this new age: By saying we put ourselves first and the others dont matter, we erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life, what makes it great and what is essential: its moral values.

Though he is being hailed as Europes new anti-Trump leader who will stand up for transnationalism and globalism, Macron reveals his ignorance of America.

Trumps ideas are not ideological but rooted in our countrys history.

America was born between the end of the French and Indian War, the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and the ratification of the Constitution in 1788. Both the general who led us in the Revolution and the author of that declaration became president. Both put America first. And both counseled their countrymen to avoid entangling or permanent alliances with any other nation, as we did for 160 years.

Were George Washington and Thomas Jefferson lacking in patriotism?

When Woodrow Wilson, after being re-elected in 1916 on the slogan He Kept Us Out of War, took us into World War I, he did so as an associate, not as an Allied power. U.S. troops fought under U.S. command.

After that war, the U.S. Senate rejected an alliance with France. Under Franklin Roosevelt, Congress formally voted for neutrality in any future European war.

The U.S. emerged from World War II as the least bloodied and least damaged nation because we remained out of the war for more than two years after it had begun.

We did not invade France until four years after France was occupied, the British had been thrown off the Continent, and Josef Stalins Soviet Union had been fighting and dying for three years.

The leaders who kept us out of the two world wars as long as they did did they not serve our nation well, when Americas total losses were just over 500,000 dead, compared with the millions other nations lost?

At the Armistice Day ceremony, Macron declared, By saying we put ourselves first and...

Is It Normal? "IndyWatch Feed"

Its not often that US Government officials are honest when they talk about our foreign policy. The unprovoked 2003 attack on Iraq was called a liberation. The 2011 US-led destruction of Libya was a humanitarian intervention. And so on.

So, in a way, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was refreshingly honest last week when, speaking about newly-imposed US sanctions, he told the BBC that the Iranian leadership has to make a decision that they want their people to eat. It was an honest admission that new US sanctions are designed to starve Iranians unless the Iranian leadership accepts US demands.

His statement also reveals the lengths to which the neocons are willing to go to get their regime change in Iran. Just like then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said it was worth it that half a million Iraqi children died because of our sanctions on that country, Pompeo is letting us know that a few million dead Iranians is also worth it if the government in Tehran can be overthrown.

The US Secretary of State has demanded that Iran act like a normal country or the US would continue its pressure until Irans economy crumbles. How twisted is US foreign policy that Washington considers it normal to impose sanctions specifically designed to make life miserable or worse for civilians!

Is it normal to threaten millions of people with starvation if their leaders refuse to bow down to US demands? Is the neoconservative obsession with regime change normal behavior? Is training and arming al-Qaeda in Syria to overthrow Assad normal behavior? If so, then perhaps Washingtons neocons have a point. As Iran is not imposing sanctions, is not invading its neighbors, is not threatening to starve millions of Americans unless Washington is regime-changed, perhaps Iran is not acting normal.

So what is normal?

The continued Saudi genocide in Yemen does not bother Washington a bit. In fact, Saudi aggression in Yemen is viewed as just another opportunity to strike out at Iran. By making phony claims that Yemens Houthis are Iran-backed, the US government justifies literally handing the Saudis the bombs to drop on Yemeni school busses while claiming it is fighting Iranian-backed terrorism! Is that normal?

Millions of Yemenis face starvation after three years of Saudi attacks have destroyed the economy and a Saudi blockade prohibits aid from reaching the suffering victims, but Secretary Pompeo recently blamed Yemeni starvation on, you guessed it: Iran!


Racial Politics "IndyWatch Feed"

I wasnt closely following the midterm elections campaign, but the results seemed to be about as expected for Donald Trump and the Republicans. With some races still undecided, the Democrats will apparently pick up close to 35 House seats, giving them solid control, and also a half-dozen governorships, while losing at least a couple of Senate seats. These overall Democratic gains seem roughly what might be expected for the first midterm after a Republican presidential victory, but nothing at all like the blue wave that had seemed possible a few months earlier, before the bitter public battle over the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination greatly re-energized the Republican base.

Perhaps the loss of the House may actually prove to be a mixed blessing for Trump. Democrats will achieve control of all the investigative committees and their accusations and subpoenas will make Trumps life even more miserable than it was before, while surely removing any chance that significant elements of Trumps remaining agenda will ever be enacted. However, although Trump had reached the presidency by advocating a radical populist-nationalist agenda, he has hardly governed in those terms. For his first two years in office, he sunk nearly all his political capital into enacting huge tax cuts for the rich, wholesale Wall Street deregulation, large increases in military spending, and an extremely pro-Israel foreign policyexactly the sort of policies near-and-dear to the establishment conservative candidates whom he had crushed in the Republican primaries. Meanwhile, his jilted grassroots supporters have had to settle for some radical rhetoric and a regular barrage of outrageous Tweets rather than anything more substantive. With Republicans in full control of Congress, finding excuses for this widespread betrayal was quite difficult, but now that the Democrats have taken the House, Trumps apologists can more easily shift the blame over to them.

Meanwhile, a considerably stronger Republican Senate will certainly ease the way for Trumps future court nominees, especially if another Supreme Court vacancy occurs, and there will be little chance of any difficult Kavanaugh battles. However, here once again, Trumps supposed radicalism has merely been rhetorical. Kavanaugh and nearly all of his other nominees have been very mainstream Republican choices, carefully vetted by the Federalist Society and other conservative establishment groups, and they would probably have been near the top of the list if Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio were sitting in the Oval Office.

Both Trumps supporters and his opponents claim that his presidency represents a drastic break from Republican business-as-usual, and surely that was the hope of many of the Americans who voted for him in 2016, but the actual reality often seems rather different.

Although the net election results were not particularly bad...

Florida Midterm Election Drama "IndyWatch Feed"

If you havent been following the drama coming out of Floridas Broward and Palm Beach Counties since the Midterm Election polls closed on Tuesday night, I would like to alert you to the fact that it is an event worth paying attention to. Not necessarily because it is a prime example of election fraud, which it certainly is. But more profoundly, because it may become the signature public event that reveals the long-hidden Deep State influence over American politics to Americans at large on both sides of the political divide.

The fact that election laws have clearly been broken is certainly not a first; what is noteworthy is that we have finally reached the time in history in which it is no longer possible for the Deep State to hide their blatant crimes from public scrutiny. And the transparent agenda that is being revealed here reeks of last-chance desperation on the part of the Deep State. Lets first give some context before getting into details.

Context: Midterm Election Results

By Wednesday morning, it had become clear that Democrats had gained control of the House and Republicans had retained control of the Senate. While for many Democrats this initially seemed like a moment for celebration, President Donald Trump lauded the results as a victory for his side. Looking at it from the perspective of Q here, post #2448 from Q-Anon the next day explained why the election results were exactly what the Alliance was looking for in their quest to take down the Deep State:

We are at war.
Think logically.
Why was winning the House majority the primary goal for them?
To this point, what chamber is currently directing the DOJ/FBI investigations?
To this point, what chamber do they feel most threatened by?
While the focus was on the House for them (due to above), our underlying focus was adding PRO_POTUS members to the Senate and safely securing a PRO_MAJORITY.
While we had a senate majority on paper, in reality, we never did, nor could we count on bringing investigations to that body until it was safely in our full control.
Moves & countermoves.

The message here is very clearly stated. In order to begin mass arrests of the Deep State, the Alliance has to remove po...

What Group of Smart Kids "IndyWatch Feed"

If you are a top ability student, but white, especially white male, you have scant chance of being admitted to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown, Penn, Stanford, MIT, CalTech, Berkeley, or UCLA.

The reason whites cannot gain admission is that in the entirety of the Ivy league, Jews are over-represented, relative to the pool of high ability students, by 381%. High ability Asians are under-represented at 62%, and non-Jewish whites are most under-represented of all with a presence in the Ivy League of only 35% of their presence in the pool of high ability students. The Asians are suing Harvard for discrimination, but any such action by whites would be dismissed as an act of white supremacy.

At MIT and Stanford, Jews are also over-represented. At CalTech it is Asians, and at Berkeley and UCLA it is a combination of Jews and Asians. The over-representation is with reference to the pool of high ability students. Equally or better qualified whites are passed over in favor of admission of others.

These are the conclusions of Ron Unz.

Unz reports that in the past three decades, at Harvard the presence of white Gentiles has dropped by as much as 70 percent, despite no remotely comparable decline in the relative size or academic performance of that population; meanwhile, the percentage of Jewish students has actually increased. This period certainly saw a very rapid rise in the number of Asian, Hispanic, and foreign students, as well as some increase in blacks. But it seems rather odd that all of these other gains would have come at the expense of whites of Christian background, and none at the expense of Jews.

It couldnt be more clearly stated that in America white Gentiles are being excluded from the universities that create the elites.

Unz explores the statistics further and concludes:

Based on these figures, Jewish students were roughly 1,000% more likely to be enrolled at Harvard and the rest of the Ivy League than white Gentiles of similar ability. This was an absolutely astonishing result given that under-representation in the range of 20% or 30% is often treated by courts as powerful prima facie evidence of racial discrimination. Furthermore, I noted the possibility that this discrepancy might be related to the overwhelming Jewish dominance of the top administration of those institutions.

It would be unreasonable to ignore the salient fact that this massive apparent bias in favor of far less-qualified Jewish applicants coincides with an equally massive ethnic skew at the topmost administrative ranks of the universities in question, a situation which once again exactly parallels Karabels account from the 1920s. Indeed, Karabel points out...

A Return to Barbarism "IndyWatch Feed"

Prehistoric warfare was total war in which victors normally killed all enemy women, children, and adult males, according to groundbreaking research published by Lawrence H. Keeley, in his book War Before Civilization1.

Keeley wrote that primitive war was always a struggle between societies and their economies, and warriors carried out that struggle. Rome fielded great armies, in historical time, and sometimes killed whole societies that opposed them. The destruction of Carthage is just one example. After Romes decline, Western Europeans preferred to wage war between specialized forces. Initially those were armored noblemen, then mercenaries, and then professionals. Napoleons citizen army signaled the beginning of the widespread impressment by European nations of male civilians into military service.

In The War of the World2, Niall Ferguson noted that, Throughout European history there had been social and institutional as well as technological limitations on war, which limited the mortality rates inflicted by organized conflict. The Thirty Years War was a bloody exception to the generally limited goals for which states fought and to the warfare engaged in by them to reach those goals. The peace treaties that ended those wars normally resulted in minor transfers to victors of a little territory with its population and payment of a moderate indemnity.

Western European nations renounced total war after the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) and fought their wars between uniformed armies and away from major urban areas.

Keeley noted that many military historians claim that Grant and Sherman defined the current rules and doctrines of Western civilized warfare. They were only partly right. Grant, Sherman, and other U.S. generals did conduct total war against the Confederacy, but Lincoln gave them authority and encouragement to do that, and modern, western nations wars against whole societies began again in North America with his war and the U.S. Army.

One example of Lincolns support of total war must suffice here. It began in April 1862, when Col. John Basil Turchin, a former Russian officer, encouraged his regiment, the 19th Illinois Volunteer Infantry and also the 24th Illinois, to commit atrocities against the citizens of Athens, Alabama.

Turchins troops, many drunk, attacked the towns 1,200 residents, and stole from stores and private homes, and burned private buildings. They sexually attacked both black and white women, and civilians that resisted were taken away at bayonet point....

World War I Homage "IndyWatch Feed"

World leaders gathered in Paris on Sunday under the Arc de Triomphe to mark the centennial anniversary ending World War I. In an absurd way, the Napoleon-era arc was a fitting venue because the ceremony and the rhetoric from President Emmanuel Macron was a triumph of lies and platitudes.

Among the estimated 70 international leaders were US President Trump and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, each sitting on either side of Macron and his wife. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was also given pride of place beside the French president.

Macrons address to the dignitaries was supposed to be a call for international multilateralism. He urged a brotherhood for the cause of world peace. He also made a pointed rebuke of nationalism as posing a danger to peace a remark which seemed aimed at Donald Trump who recently boasted of his politics with that very word.

But, ironically, everything about the ceremony and Macrons speech resonated with jingoistic French nationalism, not his avowed multinationalism. As the politicians sat under the Arc de Triomphe, Macron walked around its circular esplanade in a salute to assembled French military forces bearing assault rifles and bayonets. The French anthem The Marseillaise was played twice, once by an army brass band, the second time sung by an army choir. There was also a military plane flyover displaying the blue, red and white tricolor of the French national flag.

In his speech, Macron talked about soldiers coming from all over the world to die for France during the 1914-18 Great War. He even said at one point that the war was fought for the vision of France and its universal values.

This was fluent drivel, French-style. No wonder Russias Putin momentarily gave a look of boredom as Macron waxed lyrical.

The speechifying and commemoration was completely detached from current realities of conflict and international tensions.

Among the brotherhood whom Macron was appealing to were Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu whose military forces continue to bomb and slaughter Palestinian civilians in illegally occupied territory. Also present was Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko whose armed militias continue to terrorize the people of eastern Ukraine with the blatant objective of instigating a war between the US-led NATO alliance and Russia.

Listening to Macron one would think that World War I erupted mysteriously from no specific cause and that an estimated 10 million soldiers were all killed in heroic battles for noble principles.

There was, of course, no mention by Macron of imperialist warmongering and the barbaric sacrifice of humans as slaves in the service of national capitalist power interests.

Grotesquely, as the world leaders donned solemn fac...

Yemeni War Deaths "IndyWatch Feed"

An NGO responsible for reporting on war deaths in Yemen has acknowledged that it has underestimated the casualties in the three-year-old conflict by at least five to one.

Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project had originally estimated that about 10,000 people had been killed in the war in Yemen, roughly the same number reported by the World Health Organization. WHO surveys are regularly cited as estimates of war deaths in Yemen by UN agencies and the worlds media.  But ACLED now estimates the true number of people killed in Yemen is probably between 70,000 and 80,000.

ACLEDs estimates do not include the thousands of Yemenis who have died from the wars indirect consequences, such as starvation and preventable diseases like diphtheria and cholera. UNICEF reported in December 2016 that a child was dying every 10 minutes in Yemen, and the humanitarian crisis has only worsened since then.  At that rate the total of all deaths caused directly and indirectly by the war must by now be more than one hundred thousand.

Another NGO, the Yemen Data Project, revealed in September 2016 that at least a third of Saudi-led airstrikes, many of which involve U.S.-built and (until Friday U.S.-refueled warplanes) using U.S.-made bombs, were hitting hospitals, schools, markets, mosques, and other civilian targets. This has left at least half the hospitals and health facilities in Yemen damaged or destroyed, according to the Yemen Data Project, leaving them hardly able to treat the casualties of the war or serve their communities, let alone to compile meaningful figures for the WHOs surveys.

Even comprehensive surveys of fully functioning hospitals would capture only a fraction of the violent deaths in a war-torn country like Yemen, where most of those killed in the war do not die in hospitals. And yet the UN and the worlds media have continued to cite the WHO surveys as reliable estimates of the total number of people killed in Yemen.

Dramatically Wrong

In a three-part series for Consortium News in April, I claimed that such estimates of civilian deaths in U.S. war zones were likely to be dramatically wrong...

United We Fall "IndyWatch Feed"

Unity is not all its cracked up to be.

Everything I said is contained in a single wordcollectivism. And isnt that the god of our century? To act together. To thinktogether. To feeltogether. To unite, to agree, to obey. To obey, to serve, to sacrifice. Divide and conquerfirst. But thenunite and rule. Weve discovered that one at last. Remember the Roman Emperor who said he wished humanity had a single neck so he could cut it? People have laughed at him for centuries. But well have the last laugh. Weve accomplished what he couldnt accomplish. Weve taught men to unite. This makes one neck ready for one leash. We found the magic word. Collectivism.

Ellsworth Toohey to Peter Keating, The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand, 1943

Countless commentators have decried disunity. They fret about our divided nation, warn of impending civil war, and implore us to come together to avert it. Unitys desirability is taken as given, but what if the longed-for unity is that of passengers on a jet plunging into the ocean? A reappraisal of disunity is in order.

Unity was doomed with the passage of the 16th, or Income Tax, Amendment. Its hard to feel any goodwill towards a government that forcibly relieves you of what youve produced, benefitting itself and those to whom it redistributes. The income tax divides the country into makers and takers, a division that cannot be bridged.

For the productive, Unite! is a poisonous bromide, code for: support your own slavery. For a long time they bit their tongues and holstered their weapons as perpetually expanding government and its partner in crime, the Federal Reserve, took an increasing portion of what they produced, made it increasingly difficult to produce, loaded the country with a pile of debt and unfunded liabilities that cannot be paid, and depreciated the unit of exchange. Boxed in, a shrinking minority, the country they and their productive forebears built circling the drain, some are finally realizing they are underwriting their own servitude.

With whom are the productive to unite? The politicians who believe they have first claim on all income, ignore or marginalize anyone who points out that its not their money, and reject accountability for how they spend it? Government employees working paper-shuffling sinecures? A military-industrial-intelligence complex milking perpetual war for all its worth? Rabid recipients demanding still more unearned benefits: higher education, health care, housing, and whatever other goodies to which they feel entitled?

If there were any goodwilla sentiment that promotes unityamong those groups, one would expect gratitude towards those who provide their sustenance. SLL knows of no instance where a taxpayer received a thank you note from...

Self-Induced Disaster "IndyWatch Feed"

Actions have consequences, and bad actions often have bad consequences. In much the same way that liberal policies have burned Venezuelas economy to the ground, California environmentalist policies have unleashed a catastrophic fire that has so far claimed the lives of 11 people and countless animals.

This is what liberal policies always lead to: Destruction, pain, suffering and death.

We pray for those who are suffering through this catastrophe, but above all we pray that the people of California might wake up and realize this disaster is self-inflicted and can be prevented. But that can only happen if dangerous liberal policies that promote these catastrophes are finally stopped.

Years ago, the California government began interfering with local efforts to bulldoze the deadwood out of forests as part of a forest management plan to reduce fire risk. This was all done, of course, under the banner of environmentalism, usually with emotional pleas to save the wildlife by leaving all the forests alone.

Year after year, the deadwood built up. It was only a matter of time, of course, before a fire would be ignited by lightning (Mother Natures natural fire starter). Fueled by the tremendous underbrush that was no longer being cleaned out of the forests, the fires erupted with catastrophic ferocity.

Extreme environmentalists have shut down public access. They talk about habitat, and yet they are willing to burn it up, warned Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke in an interview with KCRA. This has nothing to do with climate change. This has to do with active forest management, he said.

Liberals, you see, dont believe in forest management. They dont want fire breaks to be maintained, and they dont want fire access roads to disrupt forest ecology. So in their effort to prevent humans from having any impact at all on forests, they prevent commonsense management activities from taking place that would help prevent forest fires.

This is how liberals think: They demand authoritarian control so they can create a liberal utopia, but when their ideas are implemented, they deliver absolute Hell.

There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor, tweeted President Trump. And hes right. Billions of dollars are given each year, with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forests.

Rock the Vote "IndyWatch Feed"

It warmed my heart to read in The Wall Street Journal that Hillary Clinton is preparing to re-enter the Washington DC swamp from her deluxe exile in the woods of Chappaqua, New York, and make another run for the White House though its hard to calculate how many porters in sandals and loincloths will be required to lug all her baggage around the campaign trail. Will hubbie hit the hustings with her? That would be rich. I can just imagine the pussy-hatted legions shrieking #MeToo at every stop. Surely there is no better way to put the Democratic Party out of its misery.

The post-election melodramas in Georgia and Florida grind on, despite the various rules and laws about deadlines for certifying ballots and accounting for their origin. What is a ballot after all but a mere scrap of paper, easily reproducible, and interchangeable. Sometimes, they make strange journeys out of election headquarters in trucks and SUVs, seeking fun and excitement, and they have been known to mysteriously turn up by the hundredweight in broom closets where they retreat to caucus. Only one thing is certain: the ballot fiasco is a billable hours bonanza for DC lawyers arriving on the scene to sort things out which they may not manage anyway.

If the vote count somehow remains in favor of the provisional winners Republicans Rick Scott, Ron DeSantis (Fla), and Brian Kemp (Ga) you can be sure well be in a frenzy of sore loserdom that will make the Medieval ergot outbreaks of yore look like episodes of Peewees Playhouse. If the provisional votes get overturned, the attorneys billable hours will quickly exceed the national debt, and well find ourselves in a new era where the free citizens of this republic cant be trusted to the simple task of counting ballots, or even holding elections in the first place.

This epic confusion is of a piece with a prediction I made about what happens to government in The Long Emergency: it becomes impotent and ineffectual, and can no longer be depended on to carry out the simplest tasks. The process goes from the top down. At each step, the public loses faith that government can accomplish anything. The Trust Horizon shrinks away from distant authorities the DC Swamp, the state capitals, and soon the people dont believe anything or anyone they cant reach by throwing a rock.

And so we enter a new stage of collapse. It will be made very much more emphatically worse as the money issues underlying this American malaise unravel in the months ahead. The reason that nothing will be done is that nothing can be done about the countrys intractable technical bankruptcy. The wealth we assumed was there is a fiction and will be expressed in plunging asset values, especially stocks and real estate. And any attempt to fix that by the Federal Reserve and its TBTF handmaidens moving to stop losses will only redirect th...

Alkaline Water or Hydrogen Water "IndyWatch Feed"

Alkaline water is experiencing a resurgence in popularity with sales jumping from $47 million in 2014 to $427 million in 2017.1 Marketers claim alkaline water can correct excess acidity in your tissues, which can then prevent or reverse cancerarthritis and other degenerative diseases.2

However, theres virtually no good evidence to support such claims, and I warned people about drinking alkaline water on a regular basis over eight years ago. Molecular hydrogen, on the other hand, does have a number of health benefits, some of which mirror the claims made for alkaline water and theres a really good reason for that.

So, here, Ill review these two types of waters, and the scientific support (or lack thereof) for each of them, and how the benefits of molecular hydrogen were inappropriately transferred over to alkaline water primarily due to ignorance.

What Is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is water that has gone through electrolysis that separates it into alkaline and acid fractions. The theory behind alkaline water is that alkaline (ionized) water is a powerful antioxidant with surplus electrons that can mop up dangerous free radicals. As reported by Arwa Mahdawi in The Guardian:3

Dr. Tanis Fenton, an adjunct professor at the University of Calgary and an evidence analyst for Dietitians of Canada, told me that the marketing claims behind alkaline water are based on an old idea called the acid-ash hypothesis.

This posits that eating certain food like meat, dairy and eggs results in something called acid ash in your body, which increases your acid levels and causes adverse health effects including osteoporosis.

In 2002, an alternative medicine practitioner called Robert O. Young4 spun the acid-ash hypothesis into a fad alkaline diet, with a popular series of books called the pH Miracle.

According to these books, an alkaline diet could treat all manner of woes, from poor digestion to cancer. Young, by the way, was sentenced to three years in jail in 2017 for practicing medicine without a license.

According to Fenton author of a systematic review5 of the association betw...


McSally Concedes Arizona Senate Race To Democrat Krysten Sinema "IndyWatch Feed"

Republican Senate Candidate Martha McSally has conceded the Arizona Senate Race to Democrat Krysten Sinema.   The Associated Press called the race, and McSally was quick with a twitter video conceding the race. As much as this is a set-back in Continue reading


Veterans Day: 75 Years Later, WWII Marine Corps War Dog Handler Still Remembers His Dogs "IndyWatch Feed"

Via Fox News: Seventy-five years ago, on November 1, 1943, the 1st Marine War Dog Platoon stormed the beach at Bougainville, Solomon Islands. Twenty-four dogs landed with the Marines and the 2nd Marine Raider Regiment (Provisional) three were German Shepherd messenger dogs, the other twenty-one were Doberman Pinscher silent scout and sentry dogs. Two []


Tora para que Moro siga o livro que levou casa de Bolsonaro "IndyWatch Feed"

Capa do livro "Novas medidas contra a corrupo", da Fundao Getlio Vargas e da Transparncia Internacional.


Hillary Clinton Stakes Claim in Florida Begs Voters For Money to Fund Democrat Bill Nelsons Recount Efforts "IndyWatch Feed"

Hillary Clinton, Perkins Coie partner Marc Elias

Hillary Clinton officially staked her claim in Florida Monday after she launched a fundraising campaign to pay for lawyers and activists to help corrupt Democrat Senator Bill Nelson with his recount efforts.

Hillary Clinton released a memo via her PAC Onward Together Monday begging for money to help Democrats steal the Senatorial election in Florida.

Swamp dweller and Clinton fixer, Marc Elias of Perkins Coie has already been retained by Bill Nelson to help with the recount.

Hillarys memo to her supporters (courtesy of Washington Examiner):

Despite the tweeted complaints of Donald Trump and Rick Scott, the counting of ballots in Florida has continued. The final margin in the races for Senate is too close to call, and the Secretary of State has just ordered a recount.

We need to make sure that Senator Nelsons team has everything they need for this process, and we cannot waste a moment. Make a donation to the DSCCs voter protection efforts while they work to make sure every vote is counted.

What were seeing right now is unprecedented this is the first a full statewide recount in Florida history. Its unbelievable that any elected official wouldnt call for a fair and accurate count of the votes.

The DSCC is currently deploying lawyers and organizers down to Florida to make sure that Senator Nelson has whatever legal support, staff capacity, and voter protection resources he needs to win this fight and investing in their work is the best way you can have an impact. Chip in $25 to defend Democrats like Bill Nelson:

Donate now

Thank you,


Rumors are swirling Hillary Clinton may announce her 2020 Presidential bid soon.

Clintons fundraising effort in Florida is her first move after her former aide said she would run again in 2020.

Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) is currently ahead of incumbent Bill Nelson, however; Broward County and Palm Beach County continued producing tens of thousands of votes several days after the election which prompted a recount after narrowing both top ticket races.



The End of a Bromance: Frenchie Macron Gets No Love From Papa Trump After Insulting Speech (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

This weekend was the 100 year celebration of the end of World War I.
French President Emmanuel Macron took the opportunity to play politics and hit President Trump and his supporters in his speech.

Macron told the global audience patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism and nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.
Of course, this nonsensical statement made headlines from Paris to the liberal American mainstream media.

President Trump did not appreciate this public slight.

For the rest of the weekend Papa Trump gave Frenchie no love.

The post The End of a Bromance: Frenchie Macron Gets No Love From Papa Trump After Insulting Speech (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Reconciling Rosenstein through Wolfe and Horowitz "IndyWatch Feed"

Back on July 22nd, the day after the July 21st surprise release of the Carter Page FISA Title-1 surveillance application, I wrote: Oh My, This is Either A Sting -OR- The Most Corrupt U.S. Dept of Justice in History (link).  The Continue reading


BREAKING: CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION Now Underway In Corrupt Broward and Palm Beach Counties After Tens of Thousands of Votes Appear (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

FOX News host Sean Hannity announced on Monday night a criminal investigation is now underway in corrupt Broward and Palm Beach counties in Florida.

Sean made the announcement on Monday night.

Corrupt Democrat elections supervisors Susan Bucher (l) and Brenda Snipes from Broward County (r).

On election night last Tuesday Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis easily won their races in Florida.
Now Democrats are working to steal the elections.

Then Democrats in Palm Beach and Broward counties started manufacturing tens of thousands of new votes for several days.

By Saturday Scotts lead went from 83,000 to 12,562 votes in the Florida Senate race.
Desantiss lead also shrunk by tens of thousands of votes.

On Tuesday Broward County Elections supervisor Brenda Snipes reported 634,000 votes were cast in the midterm election in her county.

On Friday morning Broward County Elections officials said 717,000 votes were cast in the midterm election.

Broward County Democrats have mysteriously found 83,000 votes in two days!

ALL Florida counties met the latest deadline on Saturday at noon to turn over their election totals.

Governor Rick Scott leads Sen. Nelson by 12,562 votes after three days of of Broward and Palm Beach County ballot manufacturing operations.
This is down from his 80,000 vote lead on election night.



Democrats: Cruel And Unscientific To Define Legal Sex By Biology "IndyWatch Feed"

The science is only settled when it involves climate change. Via Breitbart: The Democrats statement was sent to President Donald Trumps administration after the New York Times reported that the administration will formally clarify that the sex of people involved in sex-discrimination legal fights will be based on their male or female body. Trumps biology-determines-sex []


WTH? Brenda Snipes Reveals Broward Elections Official Was Driving Around with Blank Provisional Ballots in Rental Car (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed"

Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes

Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes gave a press conference Monday afternoon to address the box marked provisional found in a rental car Sunday night.

As previously reported, an Avis employee at Ft. Lauderdale airport found a box labeled with the SOE (Supervisor of Elections) and the word Provisional in the back of the returned car on Sunday night. According to the Avis employee the last person to drive the car was a Broward County employee.

Monday afternoon, Brenda Snipes read the police report detailing what was in the boxes found in the rental car.

Snipes revealed among supplies, blank provisional ballots were inside of the box marked provisional, according to the written police report.

This is to help clarify some of the questions that were raised earlier regarding some boxes that were identified and left in a carI think it was a Budget rental cars that we had during the election cycle, Snipes said.

Brenda Snipes said she notified the Broward County police after finding out about the boxes; the officer who investigated, wrote a report concerning the contents of the box.

He [police officer] identified that there were..theres a grey storage box that was labeled provisional ballot box containing elections supplies and blank provisional ballots, Snipes said.

Another orange box contained campaign signs and orange cones used for parking, according to the police report.

In a stunning display of arrogance, Snipes also rejected the notion that her elections office failed to act in accordance with the law; she even snubbed President Trump.



Breaking: AP Finally Calls Arizona For Sinema, McSally Concedes "IndyWatch Feed"

Sigh, she mocked Arizona, said joining the Taliban was ok and led anti-military protests in a tutu. WTH, Arizona? Via Daily Wire: The Associated Press (AP) declared far-left Democrat Kyrsten Sinema the winner of Arizonas tightly contested Senate race against Republican Rep. Martha McSally. The three-term congresswoman won after a slow vote count that dragged []


Colorado Just Had a Real Wave Election-- And National Democrats Need Them To Have Another In 2020 "IndyWatch Feed"

Colorado just elected a socially liberal, fiscally conservative Democrat as governor; nothing new there. But hes also the the first openly-gay man elected governor in any state. Also the richest Democrat in the House and a member of both the reformist Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Wall Street-owned and operated New Dems. Jared Polis can be almost all things to all people. Last Tuesday he beat Republican Walker Stapleton 1,210,621 (52.3%) to 1,018,072 (44.0%). There was never much doubt that Polis was going to win. And there was even less doubt that politically similar Democrat Joe Neguse would be replacing him in Congress. Neguse beat Republican Peter Yu in the Boulder-centered district 252,220 (60.0%) to 142,617 (33.9%).

The only partisan change in the Colorado congressional delegation was that conservative Democrat Jason Crow beat mainstream conservative Republican Mike Coffman in the suburban Denver 6th district 184,399 (54.1%) to 146,339 (42.9%). So the House delegation went from 3 Democrats and 4 Republicans to 4 Democrats and 3 Republicans, not that big of a chance to merit this headline from the Denver Post: Colorado Republicans conundrum: Donald Trump and the unaffiliated voters who loathe him. Well there was also the legislature. Heading into the election, Republicans had an 18-16-1 majority in the state Senate. Of the chamber's 35 seats, 17 were up for election. Ten were held by Republicans, six were held by Democrats, and one was held by the independent. Democrats won 3 Republican seats and will now control that body. Democrats already controlled the state House and still do. And Democrats replaced Republicans as Attorney General, Secretary of State and Treasurer. Yep wave.

Reporter Nic Garcia wrote that there is a great deal of concern in the GOP about Cory Gardners chance of holding the US Senate seat. Insiders, he wrote, consider G...


NEVER FORGET: Whistleblower Investigating Fraud in Broward County Shot Himself in the Head But No Gun Was Found "IndyWatch Feed"

A federal prosecutors body was discovered on a Hollywood, Florida beach in May 2017.

Beranton J. Whisenant, Jr. was handling several visa and passport fraud cases in Debbie Wasserman Schultzs district in Broward County at the time of his death.

He was shot in the head.

Beranton J. Whisenant, Jr.s body was found in May 2017 by a random individual. Local police investigated to determine if Whisenants death was a homicide, suicide, or something else.

Whisenant worked for the U.S. Attorneys Office in Miami in its major crimes unit. He was handling several visa and passport fraud cases in Debbie Wasserman Schultzs district.

Officials later decided Berantons death was a suicide and he shot himself in the head.
But no gun was ever found.

The Sun-Sentinel reported:

Detectives and a medical examiner found Whisenant had shot himself in the head, Hollywood police said.

Police searched for two blocks north and south of the crime scene but couldnt find the gun or any other weapon.

He was assigned to the Miami office of the U.S. Attorneys Office and been hired as federal prosecutor a few months earlier.

More Three whistleblowers ended up dead in Broward County.

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Computer Algorithm Will Decide Whether A Democrat Unseats Republican In Maine "IndyWatch Feed"

Redistribution of votes. Via Daily Mail: The election drew to a close last week in most places but not in fishing villages, potato farms and vast tracts of wilderness that comprise Maines 2nd Congressional District. The four-way political battle wont conclude until a computer algorithm has the final say this week on whether Republican Rep. []


Activists Hold Candlelight Vigil Outside Corrupt Broward Elections Office for The Death of Fair Elections (Video) "IndyWatch Feed"

Several conservative activists held a candlelight vigil outside the Broward County Elections Office on Monday night.

This was the vigil was for the death of free and fair elections.

On election night last Tuesday Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis easily won their races in Florida.
Now Democrats are working to steal the elections.

Then Democrats in Palm Beach and Broward counties started manufacturing tens of thousands of new votes for several days.

By Saturday Scotts lead went from 83,000 to 12,562 votes in the Florida Senate race.
Desantiss lead also shrunk by tens of thousands of votes.

On Tuesday Broward County Elections supervisor Brenda Snipes reported 634,000 votes were cast in the midterm election in her county.

On Friday morning Broward County Elections officials now say 717,000 votes were cast in the midterm election.

Broward County Democrats have mysteriously found 83,000 votes in two days!

ALL Florida counties met the latest deadline on Saturday at noon to turn over their election totals.

Governor Rick Scott leads Sen. Nelson by 12,562 votes after three days of of Broward and Palm Beach County ballot manufacturing operations.
This is down from his 80,000 vote lead on election night.




When I woke up this morning, this Wall Street Journal op-ed co-authored by Mark Penn seemed to be the talk of the political Internet:

Hillary Will Run Again

Claims of a Russian conspiracy and the unfairness of the Electoral College shielded Mrs. Clinton from ever truly conceding she had lost. She was robbed, she told herself, yet again. But after two years of broodingincluding at book lengthMrs. Clinton has come unbound. She will not allow this humiliating loss at the hands of an amateur to end the story of her career. You can expect her to run for president once again.
Um, I think if she were determined to run, she'd have an organization in place now, the way several other serious aspirants do. Don't you think?
Expect Hillary 4.0 to come out swinging. She has decisively to win those Iowa caucus-goers who have never warmed up to her. They will see her now as strong, partisan, left-leaning and all-Democratthe one with the guts, experience and steely-eyed determination to defeat Mr. Trump. She has had two years to go over what she did wrong and how to take him on again.
But nearly every pundit I've encountered said that firebrand progressives didn't do all that well in this year's midterms, especially in Middle America. Why is this an approach tailor-made for Iowa?
Mrs. Clinton wont travel the country in a van with Huma Abedin this time, doing small events and retail politics. Instead she will enter through the front door, mobilizing the army of professional women behind her, leveraging her social networks, and raking in donations. She will hope to emerge as an unstoppable force to undo Mr. Trump, running on the #MeToo movement, universal health care and gun control. Proud and independent, this time she will sideline Bill and Mr. Obama, limiting their role to fundr...


How The Justice Department Uses Law Enforcement Tools Against Journalists "IndyWatch Feed"

Attorney General Jeff Sessions authorized the Justice Departments attorneys to apply for a warrant in 2017 to search freelance journalist Aaron Cants phone.

Investigators at the Justice Department believed Cant incited violence and acted in concert with protesters accused of destroying property and menacing bystanders in Washington, D.C., on January 20, when President Donald Trump was inaugurated.

Law enforcement authorities intervened and arrested the freelance journalist, among others, and seized his smartphone, which investigators believed contained evidence of the freelance journalists coordination with other protesters, a 2017 annual report from the Justice Department briefly describes. Investigators decided he likely committed crimes while engaged in newsgathering.

Charges against Cant and others were dismissed, as the #J20 cases collapsed and it became clear that prosecutors withheld evidence.

This is one of several examples of the Trump administration questioning, arresting, or charging journalists in its first year in office. It also is one example of the administration seizing the records of members of the news media.

Changes to news media guidelines, which were implemented by Attorney General Eric Holder, committed the Justice Department to publishing reports on how it uses law enforcement tools against journalists.

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (RCFP) concluded the overall number of subpoenas and applications for court orders or search warrants do not appear to have fluctuated much in the last four years.

Subpoenas, applications for court orders or search warrants, questioning, arrests, or charges authorized by the deputy assistant attorney general for the Criminal Division under the PPAs suspect exception increased from zero in 2014, to two in 2015, and to four each in 2016 and 2017.

In an editorial for the Santa Fe Reporter, Cant detailed what it was like to be criminalized as an enemy of the people.

To my knowledge, the feds were never able to crack into my phone thanks to strong encryptionthough they made clear that they were specifically interested in me, declaring in one motion from last October [2017] that they were undertaking additional efforts to get my data, Cant wrote. But I was sufficiently terrified by other fishing expeditions, including subpoenas issued to Apple, Facebook, and possibly Twitter for communications between and among co-defendants.

I never received a notice from any of these companies that my accounts had been subpoenaedthough apparently, they do not have...


Democrats Load Subpoena Cannon With 85+ Trump Targets "IndyWatch Feed"

Democrat Russian roulette. Via Axios: House Democrats plan to probe every aspect of President Trumps life and work, from family business dealings to the Space Force to his tax returns to possible leverage by Russia, top Democrats tell us. What theyre saying: One senior Democratic source said the new majority, which takes power in January, []


Conflicting Reports: With Thursday Deadline Looming, Miami Herald Says Broward County Has Still Not Started Recount? "IndyWatch Feed"

Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes

What is going on in Broward County and where is the GOP??

There are conflicting reports coming out of Broward County right now.

Miami-Dade County was already halfway through its recount of over 800,000 votes by noon Monday, however; Broward County hasnt started yet, according to the Miami Herald.

However, conflicting reports state Broward County started its recounting at around 11:30 AM Sunday 4-and-a-half hours late.

Broward County has less ballots to count than Miami-Dadelet that sink in.

Once again Broward County specifically is turning out to be the problem.

Via Miami Herald:

By noon on Monday, Miami-Dade managed to recount about half of the more than 800,000 votes cast in the 2018 election. Broward County had not yet started its state-mandated recount.

The stark contrast in pace from Floridas two largest sources of ballots highlights the pressure facing Broward as it tries to meet a Thursday afternoon deadline to recount the more than 700,000 votes cast in the largely Democratic county.

As of noon Monday, Broward still had to calibrate its ballot-scanning machines and sort out the ballots needed to be counted, suggesting the actual recount may not start until later in the day or even Tuesday morning.

The equally corrupt elections officials in Palm Beach County said Sunday evening that they will not be able to finish their recount by the Thursday deadline either.

Florida Governor Rick Scott took legal action on Sunday in an attempt to get the situation under control as he ramps up his fight going into the recount.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi stepped in and sent letters to the FDLE and the Secretary of State Sunday, however; many believe they took too long and the damage is already done.



Gerard Butler Lost His House In California Wildfires But Some Leftists Say They Dont Feel Sorry For Him "IndyWatch Feed"

Vile. Via Daily Wire: Actor Gerard Butler lost his Malibu home in a raging wildfire last weekend, but leftists are having a tough time empathizing with the 300 star because hes an unabashed supporter of the State of Israel. Butler posted a photo of the charred remains of his house on both Twitter and Instagram, []


The Russia Collusion That Wasnt: Jerome Corsi Says Mueller Will Indict Him in Perjury Trap "IndyWatch Feed"

There never was any Trump-Russia collusion.
It was the greatest media hoax in US history.

And now journalist Jerome Corsi says he will be indicted by dirty cop Robert Mueller on perjury charges.

Trump would be out of his mind to sit and talk with these corrupt demons.

The liberal mainstream media wailed last week and hurled abuse at the Trump White House for banning loudmouth sideshow Jim Acosta from the White House press pool.

What will they say about Jerome Corsi?
I think we all know the answer to that.

Yossi Gestetner posted a thread on Twitter that accurately describes the degree of deception these criminals in the deep state and their allies in the liberal media are pushing on the American people.

Jerome Corsi will be the latest man to have his life destroyed by the Deep State Democrats.
They never had collusion but that didnt stop the Deep State from ruining good men.



Nelson Lawsuit Seeks To Count Ballots Received After Election Day "IndyWatch Feed"

Moving the goalposts. Via Fox News: Lawyers for Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson on Monday filed a federal lawsuit that claims Florida is disenfranchising voters by not counting mail-in ballots it received after Election Day. The lawsuit comes after 266 absentee ballots from the post offices Opa-locka sorting facility arrived at Miami-Dades election office on Sunday. []

Monday, 12 November


CNN Commentator: Fox News Jerks The President Off Every Single Day "IndyWatch Feed"

CNN political commentator Tara Setmayer on one of her recent podcasts: "Fox News jerks the President off every single day. It is political masturbation on that channel. Thats right. I said it." Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) November 12, 2018 Vile. Who is that violating norms again? Via Daily Wire: CNN political commentator Tara Setmayer []


Liberal firebrand Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2020? "IndyWatch Feed"

Hillary can barely make it down/up a flight of stairs. How is she going to make it to Wisconsin in 2020? According to a post from Twitchy: Get ready for Hillary Clinton 4.0. More than 30 years in the making, Continue reading

The post Liberal firebrand Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2020? appeared first on Fellowship Of The Minds.


Illegal alien killed three people after release from sanctuary county in New Jersey "IndyWatch Feed"

From Fox News: An illegal alien accused of a triple murder in Missouri was previously jailed and released in New Jersey on domestic violence charges, authorities said, putting the spotlight on the conflict between local and immigration authorities nationwide. Luis Continue reading

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Americans turn against the biased Hate America Media (HAM) with open hostility "IndyWatch Feed"

Americans already distrust the mainstream media (MSM). A January 16, 2018 Gallup Poll found that distrust of the news media has soared in recent decades, from 25% of U.S. adults in 1989 to 45% today saying there was a great Continue reading

The post Americans turn against the biased Hate America Media (HAM) with open hostility appeared first on Fellowship Of The Minds.

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