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Wednesday, 12 December


New FCC Data Indicates Future Broadband Access for Most Americans Will Be a Monopoly "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) produced its first Communications Marketplace Report, a biannual report recently required by Congress, to comprehensively assess the status of Americas communications and media market. And heres the good news: if what you want is a choice of slow, outdated Internet, then the United States market looks great.

The major takeaway of this report, which provides policymakers in D.C. and the states a wide-ranging view of available data to see trends in the Internet, is that competition for broadband only looks good at slow speeds while a vast majority of Americans (EFF estimates at least 68 million) are facing monopoly or no access to high-speed broadband. In comparison to our international counterparts, the FCC currently ranks the U.S. in fifth place globally (an improvement from our 11th place showing last year) for fixed broadband speeds and 23rd place for mobile broadband speeds (yet curiously found that we have universal access to 4G LTE networks).

In short, we still do not have an accurate picture of how bad the broadband monopoly problem is. The methodology the FCC relies on for collecting information is flawed. Namely, if one household in a census block has broadband, the data reports that an entire census block has access to the same service. The agency acknowledges that this risks overcounting deployment, but does not describe its plan to improve data collection.

The FCC Has Acknowledged That Fiber to the Home Deployments Have Been Slowing Down in the U.S., Resulting in the Monopoly Problem

The faster the speed you want, the fewer choices are available to you until, like a majority of Americans, you effectively return to monopoly options or no options at all. The cause of this is tucked into the report where the FCC noted that new construction plans for fiber networks appears to have slowed recently. We at EFF wholeheartedly agree and submitted comments to the FCC for this report to raise the alarm and push back against AT&Ts and Verizons plan to make a bad situation worse.

This slowdown coincides with the complete deregulation of the ISP industry under the Restoring Internet Freedom Order and a massive tax cut stim...


AMDGPU For Linux 4.20 Gets The Final Radeon RX 590 Fix, Adds The New Vega PCI IDs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With just over one week to go until the expected Linux 4.20 kernel release, Alex Deucher of AMD today sent in the latest batch of fixes to the DRM tree for landing at the end of this cycle...


Supermicro says independent investigation found no spy chips on its motherboards "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

An independent audit has found no evidence that malicious chips were planted on Supermicros motherboards, debunking Bloomberg claims that servers at Amazon and Apple were being spied upon by China.


Qanon - Tic Toc "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The count down is surely underway and we have useful housekeeping here.

Turns out that the Freedom Caucus was formed in 2015 and included Mil Intel plus White Hats, Trump and compatriots worldwide to stop the takeover of all forms of freedom.  This provided the necessary base and consensus allowing Trump to proceed.   We have seen parts of it but by deduction we knew this had to have happened for Trump to run in the first instance.   This was the hostile takeovers of all hostile takeovers.
The first phase is to reboot nationalism in order to stop the globalists cold.   Once stopped we may well see a different outcome.  I certainly perceive such a different outcome as plausible.
Right now though the cabal is about to all be indicted..

Dec 10 2018 2576 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: a22a92 No.4243831  

Dec 10 2018 15:24:28 (EST) NEW
Those with the most to lose are the loudest.
Those who 'knowingly' broke the law in a coordinated effort [treason] are the most vocal.
Crimes against Humanity. 


2575 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: a22a92 No.4243710 
Dec 10 2018 15:20:23 (EST) NEW
The plan to have the FED raise rates [steep inclin...


FCC mulls ending merger ban on 'Big Four' broadcast networks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted Wednesday to review media ownership rules and potentially overturn one preventing the four major broadcast networks from merging with each other. The FCC will seek comments on the rule...


Congressional scorecard finds federal agencies improving on IT "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new congressional scorecard released this week found that federal agencies are gradually improving in their use of information technology.The House Oversight and Government Reform committee unveiled its biannual Federal Information...


GNOME 3.31.3 Released As Another Step Towards GNOME 3.32 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

GNOME 3.31.3 was released today as the latest development stepping stone towards next March's GNOME 3.32 desktop environment update...


Taylor Swift used facial recognition software to check crowds for known stalkers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Pop star Taylor Swift reportedly used facial recognition software at a Los Angeles concert venue to scan the crowd for any of her known stalkers.A display inside a kiosk at her Rose Bowl Show in May was equipped with a facial-recognition camera...


Electric Drift Trike Needs Water Cooling "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Electric vehicles of all types are quickly hitting the market as people realize how inexpensive they can be to operate compared to traditional modes of transportation. From cars and trucks, to smaller vehicles such as bicycles and even electric boats, theres a lot to be said for simplicity, ease of use, and efficiency. But sometimes we need a little bit more out of our electric vehicles than the obvious benefits they come with. Enter the electric drift trike, an electric vehicle built solely for the enjoyment of high torque electric motors.

This tricycle is built with some serious power behind it. [austiwawa] constructed his own 48V 18Ah battery with lithium ion cells and initially put a hub motor on the front wheel of the trike. When commenters complained that he could do better, he scrapped the front hub motor for a 1500W brushless water-cooled DC motor driving the rear wheels. To put that in perspective, electric bikes in Europe are typically capped at 250W and in the US at 750W. With that much power available, this trike can do some serious drifting, and has a top speed of nearly 50 kph. [austiwawa] did blow out a large number of motor controllers, but was finally able to obtain a beefier one which could handle the intense power requirements of this tricycle.

Be sure to check out the video below to see the trike being test driven. The build video is also worth a view for the attention to detail and high quality of this build. If you want to build your own but dont want to build something this menacing, we have also seen electric bikes that are small enough to ride down hallways in various buildings, but still fast enough to retain an appropriate level of danger.


FSF Licensing and Compliance Lab: 2018 and the future "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

We are currently running a fundraising drive to launch free software to new frontiers. Would you consider supporting the work of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and Licensing and Compliance team by becoming a member or making a donation today?

I am the current licensing and compliance manager for the FSF, though I've had several roles in my time here. The Lab handles all the free software licensing work for the FSF. Copyleft is the best legal tool we have for protecting the rights of users, and the Lab makes sure that tool is at full power by providing fundamental licensing education. From publishing articles and resources on free software licensing, to doing license compliance work for the GNU Project, to handling our certification programs like Respects Your Freedom, if there is a license involved, the Lab is on the case.

While the GPLv3 celebrated its tenth anniversary last year, there still remains a lot to be done in helping developers understand how to best use it and other GNU licenses. The Licensing and Compliance Lab, along with a team of volunteers, has for many years answered questions from the community. This year, we were delighted for Jake Glass to join the team as an intern, and are grateful for his help in improving licensing materials as well as answering questions from the community. The world of free software has grown so much over the past decade that we want to help make it as easy as possible to use free software and track the licenses in projects. Many organizations are developing tools to help tackle this issue, such as the Software Package Data Exchange (SPDX). But these tools are only useful if they are accurate and support best practices. Looking to improve the situation, we worked together with SPDX to make sure that their identifiers correctly reflected the licensing choices of...


Blockchain: What's Not To Like? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Digital preservationist, David Rosenthal, has a blog post discussing his recent Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) talk about distributed ledger technology. CNI is a joint initiative of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and EDUCAUSE to promote the use of digital information technologies to advance scholarship and education. The discrepancy between the available capacity in transactions per second and what is actually needed, plus the excessive power consumption, suggests that many attempted uses for distributed ledgers are inappropriate and counterproductive.

I gave a talk at the Fall CNI meeting entitled Blockchain: What's Not To Like? The abstract was:

We're in a period when blockchain or "Distributed Ledger Technology" is the Solution to Everything, so it is inevitable that it will be proposed as the solution to the problems of academic communication and digital preservation. These proposals typically assume, despite the evidence, that real-world blockchain implementations actually deliver the theoretical attributes of decentralization, immutability, anonymity, security, scalability, sustainability, lack of trust, etc. The proposers appear to believe that Satoshi Nakamoto revealed the infallible Bitcoin protocol to the world on golden tablets; they typically don't appreciate or cite the nearly three decades of research and implementation that led up to it. This talk will discuss the mis-match between theory and practice in blockchain technology, and how it applies to various proposed applications of interest to the CNI audience.

Below the fold, an edited text of the talk with links to the sources, and much additional material. The colored boxes contain quotations that were on the slides but weren't spoken.

Earlier on SN:
BitCoin's Record Drop may have Started Scaring Miners Away
Cryptocurrency Miners Are Building Their Own Electricity Infrastructure

Original Submission



EFF To U.S. Supreme Court: Rule Carefully In Free Speech Case About Private Operators, State Actors, and the First Amendment "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provide an opportunity for everyone to have a voice on the Internet, to communicate with friends, post their views, and comment on movies or the president. However, the fact that they provide a broad, open platform for speech doesnt automatically mean they are public forums in the sense your towns official Facebook page or @realDonaldTrump are. Those are run by the government or its officials, who, when it comes to the First Amendment, are state actors and cant block people from the forum without complying with First Amendment standards. Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, are platforms created and run by corporations, which are private entities that can curate and edit content.

The distinction between private entities and state actors providing forums for communication is crucial for the free speech rights of Internet users and the platforms they use. In a brief filed yesterday in a case before the U.S. Supreme Court, we explained that private entities do not become state actors simply by providing their own platforms for use by other speakers.

The case before the court, Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck, doesnt actually involve social media platformsits about whether a public access television station is a state actor that violated the First Amendment rights of two producers by taking down their videos that criticized the station. But the courts decision could have a profound impact on online speech. Heres why: the television station is operated by a privately owned nonprofit. The State of New York has no control over or say in the stations content. It does appoint two of the nonprofits 13-member board of directors. A lower court ruled that the station was an arm of the state actor and couldnt block the videos.

Although EFF does not have a position on whether the public access broadcaster in the case is a public forum, our brief urges the Supreme Court to rule narrowly and take great care in writing its opinion. We want to make sure nothing the court says in this case can be used in unintended ways in the far different context of privately operated Internet platforms. A broadly written opinion, adopting a low threshold for governmental involvement, could threaten the First Amendment rights of platform operators to curate content, and c...


Scientists Outfit Bees With Wireless Sensors to Create a "Living IoT Platform" "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A research team tries to turn bees into living drones by gluing wireless sensor platforms to their backs

Drones are growing in popularity for their ability to serve as a kind of eye in the sky. However, they can generally only last up to 30 minutes on a charge because of the limits of current battery technology.

Now, a research team at the University of Washington has found a way to make bumblebees act like tiny drones. The group has developed a platform for sensing, computing, and wireless communication devices thats small enough to piggyback on the insects.

"We wanted to leverage nature's best flying machines," says Shyam Gollakota, a computer scientist at the University of Washington, who led the research. "Insects can feed themselveswe don't need to keep recharging their batteries. Fats and sugars can store much more energy for their weight than batteries."

The scientists experimented with three species of bumblebees and found that healthy worker bees could fly and hover while carrying up to roughly 105 milligrams. Knowing this, the researchers developed an electronic platform that weighs only 102 milligrams and measures just 6.1 by 6.4 millimeters in size. It includes a 70-milligram rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last up to seven hours, as well as a microcontroller, antenna, and sensors that could analyze humidity, temperature, and light intensity once every four seconds. Then, the research team glued these platforms onto the backs of bees. "All the electronics we used were off-the-shelf components," Gollakota says.

A close-up of tweezers holding a wireless sensor platform. Photo: Mark Stone/University of Washington

To use as little electricity as possible, the design eliminates many conventional radio components. Instead, it communicates by modifying radio signals that scatter off it, wirelessly offloading data at rates of roughly 1,000 bits per second after the bees return to their hives.

The researchers noted they currently have no way of controlling the movements of the bees. Still, they could pinpoint the insects positions. Instead of using a power-hungry GPS device, their design relies on special radio transmitters placed around the area in which the bees are expected to fly. These transmitters serve as beacons, and keep track of the bees locations as long as the bees stay within 80 me......


Re: Multiple telnet.c overflows "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Tavis Ormandy on Dec 12

The energy I spent asking if a security boundary being crossed was
minimal. I think the answer is that you do not know of any cases of
this being a security boundary, but you feel that all bugs are
security bugs whether or not a security boundary is crossed, because
you don't know how someone might be using the software.

It certainly does, thank you. I think we disagree on what qualifies as
a vulnerability, but I'm still very grateful...


Re: Multiple telnet.c overflows "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Tavis Ormandy on Dec 12

That would certainly qualify, but the attack your describing does not
seem relevant to this bug, no?



Tech Giants Warn US Govt. Against EUs Article 13 Plans "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Under President Trump, the United States has worked hard to put several new trade deals in place.

The administration is also working on a new trade agreement with the EU for which the US Trade Representative recently asked the public for input.

This week the Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA), which includes Amazon, Cloudflare, Facebook, and Google as members, sent in its thoughts.

The submission includes a stark warning against the EUs proposed copyright reform plans, including Article 13, which could open the door to upload filtering.

Its no secret that the proposal is a topic of intense debate within the EU. The tech companies, however, warn the US Government that its effects may hurt the US economy as well.

The CCIA cautions that the proposed changes could increase liability for large Internet services by weakening the safe harbor protections provided by current EU law. At the same time, it will be at odds with the DMCAs safe harbor provisions.

The proposed Copyright Directive disrupts settled law protecting intermediaries by weakening established protections from U.S. Internet services in the 2000 EU E-Commerce Directive, and by imposing an unworkable filtering mandate on hosting providers that would require automated notice-and-stay-down for a wide variety of copyrighted works.

If adopted, the Directive would dramatically weaken these long-standing liability protections, which suggests that most modern service providers may be ineligible for its protections, the CCIA says.

The tech companies note that EU officials have identified US companies as the intended targets of these proposals. They fear that the plans will result in implicit upload filter requirements.

Under Article 13 of the proposal, the Directive now implies that online services must procure or develop and implement content recognition technology. The decision to compel affirmative filtering of all Internet content, including audiovisual works, images, and text, based on that contents copyright status, is alarming and profoundly misguided.

According to the latest proposals, Article 13 would not impose a general monitoring requirement. However, it may require Internet services to ensure that infringing content is not reuploaded, which is hard to achieve without automated filters.

The CCIA points out the lack of speci...


Re: Multiple telnet.c overflows "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Hacker Fantastic on Dec 12

Hi Tavis,

The "little used" package you mentioned is in some distributions a
dependency of "xorg-xinit" (:: removing inetutils breaks dependency
'inetutils' required by xorg-xinit in Arch Linux). The security boundary in
the Mikrotik example is "escape of restricted shells" which is also in the
TLDR; advisory. If you are unhappy with how I described the issue and wish
to spend time and ultimately money...


Litigation and Other Formal Complaints Concerning Targeted Digital Surveillance and the Digital Surveillance Industry "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This is a living resource document providing links and descriptions to litigation and other formal complaints concerning digital surveillance and the digital surveillance industry. If you have additional resources to add to this document, please send to Siena Anstis: siena [at] citizen lab [dot] ca. This document was last updated on December 12, 2018.

NSO Group
Gamma Group

NSO Group

Company background

NSO Group is an Israeli-based company which develops and sells a spyware called Pegasus. It is majority owned by Francisco Partners, a global private equity firm with offices in San Francisco and London that invests in the technology industry. In the past few years, investigations into NSO Group have revealed some information about the companys operations. A non-exhaustive list of resources follows:


Dem megadonor Steyer posts job listing for high-level campaign staffers on LinkedIn "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Billionaire philanthropist Tom Steyer is putting out feelers on the professional networking website LinkedIn for several high-level campaign staffers in three crucial early-voting states.The posting, which seeks applications for state director...


CCCB: Oliver Twist "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its Thursday, so it must be time to bake something and read a book Ive avoided reading for a couple of decades.

Ive done cake and cookies, so why not bread? Nutty bread. Looks like the flour:nut ratio is 25:10, and I have no idea whether thats like totally nuts.

I have baked a couple of loaves of bread before, but theyve never been like actually any good.



Soft Rotating Pneumatic Actuators "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

When we think of pneumatic actuators, we typically consider the standard varieties of pneumatic cylinder, capable of linear motion. These can be referred to as hard actuators, made of rigid components and capable of great accuracy and force delivery. However, soft actuators have their own complementary abilities such as being able to handle more delicate tasks and being less likely to injure human operators when used in collaborative operations. The Whitesides Research Group at Harvard University has undertaken significant research in this field, and released a paper covering a novel type of soft pneumatic actuator.

The actuator consists of a series of soft, flexible sealed chambers which surround a wooden dowel in the center. By applying vacuum to these various chambers, the dowel in the center can be pulled into up to eight different positions. Its a unique concept, and one we can imagine could have applications in various material processing scenarios.

The actuator was built by moulding elastomers around 3D printed components, so this is a build that could theoretically be tackled by the DIYer. The paper goes into great detail to quantify the performance of the actuator, and workshops several potential applications. Testing is done on a fluid delivery and stirring system, and a tethered robotic walker was built. The team uses the term cVAMS cyclical vacuum actuated machine to describe the actuator technology.

The world of soft robotics is a hot bed of development, and we look forward to further work in this field. Its not just Harvard, either weve seen interesting work from Yale and from the Hackaday community too!



Scanning for Flaws, Scoring for Security "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Is it fair to judge an organizations information security posture simply by looking at its Internet-facing assets for weaknesses commonly sought after and exploited by attackers, such as outdated software or accidentally exposed data and devices? Fair or not, a number of nascent efforts are using just such an approach to derive security scores for companies and entire industries. Whats remarkable is how many organizations dont make an effort to view their public online assets as the rest of the world sees them until its too late.

Image: US Chamber of Commerce.

For years, potential creditors have judged the relative risk of extending credit to consumers based in part on the applicants credit score the most widely used being the score developed by FICO, previously known as Fair Isaac Corporation. Earlier this year, FICO began touting its Cyber Risk Score (PDF), which seeks to measure an organizations chances of experiencing a data breach in the next 12 months, based on a variety of measurements tied to the companys public-facing online assets.

In October, FICO teamed up with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to evaluate more than 2,500 U.S. companies with the Cyber Risk Score, and then invited these companies to sign up and see how their score compares with that of other organizations in their industry. The stated use cases for the Cyber Risk Score include the potential for cyber insurance pricing and underwriting, and evaluating supply chain risk (i.e., the security posture of vendor partners).

The company-specific scores are supposed to be made available only to vetted people at the organization who go through FICOs signup process. But in a marketing email sent to FICO members on Tuesday advertising its new benchmarking feature, FICO accidentally exposed the FICO Cyber Risk Score of energy giant ExxonMobil.

The marketing email was quickly recalled and reissued in a redacted version, but it seems ExxonMobils score of 587 puts it in the elevated risk category and somewhat below the mean score among large companies in the Energy and Utilities sector, which was 637. The October analysis by the Chamber and FICO gives U.S. businesses an overall score of 687 on a scale of 300-850.



Re: Multiple telnet.c overflows "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Bob Friesenhahn on Dec 12

Is a network connection between two machines not a 'privilege
boundary'? If the remote machine has the ability to subvert the
accessing machine (e.g. by transmitting something which causes harm to
the client) then that seems to qualify.



Re: Multiple telnet.c overflows "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Tavis Ormandy on Dec 12

Yes, the bug exists on NetBSD, but in order for it to be a security
issue, there has to be an example of this bug being used to cross a
privilege boundary. I assume we agree that not every bug is a security
bug, there has to be some sort of supported security boundary that the
bug allows an attacker to violate. The question I'm asking is can you
elaborate on which security boundary is being crossed? I don't dispute
the bug exists and...


WelcomeHosting KVM VPSs in Los Angeles 6GB KVM VPS for just $9/mo & more! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its been a while since we heard from Brian at WelcomeHosting, however, they recently contacted us with some exclusive offers to share with the community this holiday season. They are offering KVM VPS services out of Los Angeles with some amazing discounts for our community. They are offering various different pricing structure options based on the plan, however, the most savings and value are to be had when choosing to pay using an annual billing cycle. For example, the 6GB KVM VPS is just $69/year when paid annually, instead of $9/mo!

Their WHOIS is public, and you can find their ToS/Legal Docs here. They accept PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum as payment methods.

Heres what they had to say: 

Nowadays, it seems like its almost impossible to find a hosting company that understands its customers by their first name not just another number. Whats one aspect about home thats found nowhere else? Feeling comfortable and welcome and thats exactly the type of client experience we aspire to deliver here at WelcomeHosting. We offer plenty of different hosting solutions, and were always available to help you every step of the way. Welcome to a personalized and worry-free hosting experience!

Heres the offers: 


  • 512MB RAM
  • 1x CPU Core
  • 10GB SSD Storage
  • 1.5TB Bandwidth
  • 1Gbps Uplink
  • 1 x IPv4
  • KVM/SolusVM
  • Docker/Custom ISO
  • $2/mo OR $14/yr
  • [ORDER]


  • 1024MB RAM
  • 1x CPU Core
  • 25GB RAID-10 Storage
  • 2TB Bandwidth
  • 1Gbps Uplink
  • 1 x...


Uber Allegedly Ignored Safety Warnings Before Self-Driving Fatality "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

Uber allegedly ignored safety warnings before self-driving fatality

Just days after Uber announced its plans to resume testing of its self-driving taxis, new information reveals that a whistleblower had made the company aware of the technology's safety failures before the incident in Arizona last March, which saw a pedestrian struck and killed by one of Uber's vehicles, and which led to the suspension of all testing activity.

According to The Information, Robbie Miller, a manager in the testing-operations group, sent a cautionary email to a number of Uber's executive and lawyers, warning that the vehicles were "routinely in accidents resulting in damage. This is usually the result of poor behavior of the operator or the AV technology."

It appears the email was prompted by an incident in Pittsburgh, where just a few days before Miller sent the message an Uber prototype swerved completely off the road and onto the sidewalk, where it continued to drive. According to Miller's email, the episode was "essentially ignored" for days, until Miller raised it with other managers. He also noted that towards the end of 2017, it took two weeks for engineers to investigate the logs of a separate Arizona incident, in which an Uber vehicle almost collided with another car.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Linux Is Already In Good Shape For The New Features Of Intel Gen11 Graphics & Icelake "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Besides seeing Icelake demos at the Intel Architecture Day that were running on Ubuntu, with closely tracking the Linux kernel's development most of the new features presented for Sunny Cove and Gen11 graphics have already been merged or at least available in patch form for some months within the Linux ecosystem. Here's a look at the features talked about yesterday and their state on Linux...


MiniRHex Makes Wiggly-Legged Unstoppability Tiny and Affordable "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For about $200, you can build a surprisingly capable six-whegged robot with googly eyes

RHex (pronounced rex) is a unique hexapedal robot that uses hybrid wheel-legs (whegs) to get around. Its surprisingly adaptable, able to adjust its gait to conquer a variety of obstacles and terrains, and it can even do some impressive parkour. RHex has been around for nearly two decades, which is practically forever in robot years, but because of how versatile it is you still see it doing cool new stuff from time to time.

Wow. This is how to make a good robot video, folks.

MiniRHex weighs in at under half a kilogram, but can support a payload of up to 3 kilograms. Six Dynamixel XL320s power the legs, driven by a ROBOTIS main board that talks to your computer via Bluetooth. Most of the structure of the robot is 3D printed, which keeps the cost quite low: If you have access to a 3D printer and a laser cutter, the entire robot will run you just over $200, or around $250 if you also need to buy the Bluetooth module and a charger for the battery. Theres a tiny amount of soldering plus some software setup that doesnt look too difficult, and the instructions seem very easy to follow.

As you can see from the video, MiniRHex can, with a little bit of work, clamber over obstacles at least as high as it is, and it can scamper along at several body lengths per second. These arent optimized gaits eitherwhile MiniRHex can currently take advantage of an alternating tripod gait as well as a pronking gait, theres still plenty of room for optimization. Beyond just tweaking the gait in software, the size and springiness of the legs themselves can be adjusted as well, which is one of the reasons why RHex platforms are so interesting to work with. Heres some preliminary gait testing with MiniRHex on a treadmill; watch until the end for a few outtakes.



Re: Multiple telnet.c overflows "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Hacker Fantastic on Dec 12

Hi Tavis, thanks for the input - I referenced Mikrotik as a vendor using a
vulnerable implementation that can be used to escape restricted shells.
This is just one example of a instance where a restricted shell could be
escaped when using inetutils, or when the vulnerable code path reached
unexpected systems (like NetBSD). As Mikrotik case is not an oss security
issue I did not post the advisory here, but as I shared to you already on


How To Stay Grounded When You Have Zero Potential "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Ground is an interesting topic when it comes to engineering. Either its the reference level for a digital circuit (not necessarily at zero volts, either), or its the return path for current, or its the metal chassis, which shouldnt be the return path for current or else somethings terribly broken. Erika Earls talk at this years Hackaday Superconference is all about ground.

The first type of ground to talk about is the ground in your outlets and walls. The AC safety ground is the third pin on your plug that should be attached to the chassis of your washer/dryer on one end, and somehow connected to the neutral wire somewhere near your breaker box. The theory of this being if a conductor touches the chassis of a lamp or appliance, all the current will go along that ground bus saving you from electrocution. It should also trip the circuit breaker.

But really were rarely dealing with mains power around here. When it comes to electronic design, were mostly dealing with analog grounds and digital grounds in circuits. Sometimes these are the same, sometimes theyre not, but theyre both usually referenced to 0 Volts, Add in some considerations for EMC, and ground loops, and you have an astonishing amount of knowledge wrapped up in having zero potential.

If you want to know about what ground actually is, this isnt a talk to miss. Erika has tons of experience chasing down grounds as an audio engineer, and her career highlights including the director of hardware engineering at Slate Digital and the Senior Technical Engineer at LAs legendary Village Recording Studios. Theres a lot of experience here, and if you want to where to find your ground, Erika is the person to ask.


NASA offers advice on how to rescue Tony Stark "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

NASA directed Marvel to listen for a signal from Stark saying Avengers, we have a problem. #INQEntertainment

MANILA, Philippines Tony Stark being stranded in space without food, water or air in the Avengers: Endgame trailer stirred the emotions of many Marvel fans.


Cyber attack hit the Italian oil and gas services company Saipem "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Some of the servers of the Italian oil and gas services company Saipem were hit by a cyber attack early this week.

 Saipem has customers in more than 60 countries, including Saudi Arabian oil and gas giant Saudi Aramco. It could be considered a strategic target for a broad range of threat actors.

The attack has been identified out of India on Monday and primarily affected the servers in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait.

Main operating centers in Italy, France and Britain had not been affected.

The attack affected only a limited number of servers in its infrastructure, Saipem said it is working to restore them using backups, a circumstance that could suggest that a ransomware hit the company.

Saipem told Reuters the attack originated in Chennai, India, but the identity of the attackers is unknown.

The servers involved have been shut down for the time being to assess the scale of the attack,Saipems head of digital and innovation, Mauro Piasere, told Reuters. 

There has been no loss of data because all our systems have back-ups, he added.


The Italian oil services company Saipem was hit by a cyber attack, it confirmed the event but has shared a few details about the attack.

We have no proof of the origins or reasons for the attack, though this is being investigated, a Saipem spokesperson said via email.

We are collecting all the elements useful for assessing the impact on our infrastructures and the actions to be taken to restore normal activities, the firm said in a statement.

At the time it is impossible to attribute the attack, it is not clear is the company faced a targeted attack or if was hit in a broader camp...


FCC votes to allow service providers to block texts in effort to fight spam "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Wednesday voted to classify text messages as an information service, allowing mobile carriers to block texts in a move that supporters say will help crack down on spam messages. The proposal was...


Re: Multiple telnet.c overflows "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Tavis Ormandy on Dec 12

To be clear, this is a bug in the (little used) GNU inetutils telnet
*client*, not server. It's hard to imagine a real usage of this in a
context that would be exploitable.

If you can set DISPLAY, then you can probably also set LD_PRELOAD, and if
you can interact with the command then you can use shell escapes.

I asked on twitter, and was told that maybe someone is using untrusted
telnet:// URIs with GNU inetutils, but there are no known...


Pinoy team to compete in global NASA Space Apps Challenge "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The ISDApp was designed to communicate useful information to fishermen (such as real-time weather updates, sunrise and sunset times, wind speed, and cloud coverage) without the need for an internet connection. #SpaceApps #SpaceAppsPH

For the first time, a Filipino-made app was selected to join the global NASA Space Apps Challenge. Current latest trending Philippine headlines on science, technology breakthroughs, hardware devices, geeks, gaming, web/desktop applications, mobile apps, social media buzz and gadget reviews.


An Interview with Reason Near-Term Life Extension Therapies "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Today, we present an interview with Reason, the editor of Fight Aging! and co-founder of Repair Biotechnologies. We asked him about the state of rejuvenative therapies, some of which may be available in the near future.

Fight Aging! was the first blog that tackled the science of aging in a serious fashion. Many people still treat it as the go-to site for high-quality information and opinion on the rapidly growing field of biogerontology.

Reason (he goes by only his first name), the brain behind the Fight Aging! blog, has been involved in one way or another with anti-aging science for almost two decades as a writer, researcher, and investor. His new company, Repair Biotechnologies, is focused mainly on halting thymic atrophy and atherosclerosis, which causes about 20 percent of all human deaths.


[$] DMA and get_user_pages() "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In the RDMA microconference of the 2018 Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC), John Hubbard, Dan Williams, and Matthew Wilcox led a discussion on the problems surrounding get_user_pages() (and friends) and the interaction with DMA. It is not the first time the topic has come up, there was also a discussion about it at the Linux Storage, Filesystem, and Memory-Management Summit back in April. In a nutshell, the problem is that multiple parts of the kernel think they have responsibility for the same chunk of memory, but they do not coordinate their activities; as might be guessed, mayhem can sometimes ensue.


The x32 subarchitecture may be removed "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The x32 subarchitecture is a software variant of x86-64; it runs the processor in the 64-bit mode, but uses 32-bit pointers and arithmetic. The idea is to get the advantages of x86-64 without the extra memory usage that goes along with it. It seems, though, that x32 is not much appreciated; few distributions support it and the number of users appears to be small. So now Andy Lutomirski is proposing its eventual removal:

I propose that we make CONFIG_X86_X32 depend on BROKEN for a release or two and then remove all the code if no one complains. If anyone wants to re-add it, IMO they're welcome to do so, but they need to do it in a way that is maintainable.

If there are x32 users out there, now would be a good time for them to speak up.


Will we ever be able to control gravity? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Fancy flying? Humans are a far way off manipulating gravity.


AMDVLK 2018.Q4.4 Driver Update Brings Performance Improvements, New Vulkan Bits "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

AMD developers today outed their latest "AMDVLK" open-source Vulkan driver code drop dubbed AMDVLK 2018.Q4.4...


Re: CVE Request: mini-httpd (<= v1.30) is affected by a response discrepancy information exposure (CWE-204) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Salvatore Bonaccorso on Dec 12


Can you request a CVE directly via ?



Re: CVE Request: mini-httpd (<= v1.30) is affected by a response discrepancy information exposure (CWE-204) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Solar Designer on Dec 12

The advisory is in fact significantly more detailed
than what you posted, so I've attached it to this message for archival.

oss-security is no longer a place to request CVE IDs. See:

"Previously, one could request CVE IDs for issues in Open Source
software from oss-security. This is no longer the case. Instead,
please start by posting...


My Oscilloscope Uses Fire "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If you want to visualize sound waves, you reach for your oscilloscope, right? That wasnt an option in 1905 so physicist [Heinrich Rubens] came up with another way involving flames. [Luke Guigliano] and [Will Peterson] built one of these tubes known as a Rubens tube and will show you how you can, too. You can see a video of their results, below. Just in case a flame oscilloscope isnt enough to attract your interest, they are driving the thing with a theremin for extra nerd points.

The guys show a short flame run and one with tall flames. The results are surprising, especially with the short flames. Of course, the time base is the length of the tube, so that limits your measurements. The tube has many gas jets along the length and with a sound source, the height of the flames correspond to the air pressure from the sound inside the tube.

According to their plans, the tube is a 2 inch tube, six feet long. They used a #42 drill bit to create the gas jet holes an inch apart although they mention if they did it again theyd go smaller and space them closer. The working gas is propane and if you want to exactly duplicate their build, youll need to weld. They mention, though, that you could probably build it without welding. Total cost? About $350.

You can extend the idea of a Rubens tube to a square we hate to call it a Rubens cube. Or you can shrink it down to a single point. Either way, it is fire, so you want to be careful, but there is a certain appeal to it, too. It always amazes us how resourceful people can be when they have to be. The invention of the Rubens tube is an example of that, although there were many other ways people made up for not having oscilloscopes.


California considers text messaging tax to fund cell service for low-income residents "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

California may soon charge its residents a fee for text messaging, according to a report released by state regulators Tuesday.The report from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) says the tax on text messaging would likely be a flat fee...


Google+ Bug Exposes Non-Public Profile Data for 52 Million Users "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

Google+ bug exposes non-public profile data for 52 million users

Two months after disclosing an error that exposed the private profile data of almost 500,000 Google+ users, Google on Monday revealed a new leak that affects more than 52 million people. The programming interface bug allowed developers to access names, ages, email addresses, occupations, and a wealth of other personal details even when they were set to be nonpublic.

The bug was introduced in a release that went live at an undisclosed date in November and was fixed a week later, Google officials said in a blog post. During the time the bug was active, developers of apps that requested permission to view profile information that a user had added to their Google+ profile received permission to view profile information about that user even when the details were set to not-public. What's more, apps with access to users' Google+ profile data had permission to access non-public profile data that other Google+ users shared with the consenting user. In all, the post said, 52.5 million users are affected.

Original Submission

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NVIDIA 415.23 Driver Fixes Build Issues Against Linux 4.20 Kernel "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It was just last week NVIDIA released the 415.22 driver while out today is the 415.23 update...


Security updates for Wednesday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security updates have been issued by Arch Linux (chromium, firefox, lib32-openssl, lib32-openssl-1.0, openssl, openssl-1.0, texlive-bin, and wireshark-cli), Fedora (perl), openSUSE (pdns), Oracle (kernel), Red Hat (kernel), Slackware (mozilla), SUSE (kernel, postgresql10, qemu, and xen), and Ubuntu (firefox, freerdp, freerdp2, pixman, and poppler).


CVE Request: mini-httpd (<= v1.30) is affected by a response discrepancy information exposure (CWE-204) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Salva Peir on Dec 12

Hi everyone,

is affected by a response discrepancy information exposure (CWE-204) that
enables an attacker to remotely enumerate valid htpasswd usernames (RFC

A more detailed advisory can be found at:

Is there a CVE for this? If not, could one...


Aliases: DIY Shell Commands "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Aliases: DIY Shell Commands


Activists canvas Queens to oppose Amazon move "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Grass-roots activists in New York have been canvassing Long Island City and other parts of Queens to organize opposition to Amazons upcoming move there, with hundreds joining a meeting Monday night to protest against the company.When our...


Record for High-Temperature Superconductivity "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Room temperature superconductors belong in the same basket as fusion power plants artificial general intelligence: They were only a couple of decades away when we read about them in Omni magazine in the 1980s. Via: MIT Technology Review: Chemists found a material that can display superconducting behavior at a temperature warmer than it currently is []


Happy to announce Dr. Manuel Serrano from the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) in Barcelona as a speaker for the 2019 Undoing Aging Conference "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Manuel has been a world-leading researcher in cell senescence for decades, and participated in various of our conferences starting many years ago. His latest breakthrough, which he will discuss in Berlin, is one of those head-slappingly brilliant concepts that I encounter at most once per year, combining a couple of long-established ideas in a completely novel way that potentially delivers far more than the sum of the parts. I wont spoil the surprise here! says Aubrey de Grey.

#undoingaging #sens #foreverhealthy


What a Newfound Kingdom Means for the Tree of Life "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The tree of life just got another major branch. Researchers recently found a certain rare and mysterious microbe called a hemimastigote in a clump of Nova Scotian soil. Their subsequent analysis of its DNA revealed that it was neither animal, plant, fungus nor any recognized type of protozoan that it in fact fell far outside any of the known large categories for classifying complex forms of life (eukaryotes). Instead, this flagella-waving oddball stands as the first member of its own supra-kingdom group, which probably peeled away from the other big branches of life at least a billion years ago.

Its the sort of result you hope to see once in a career, said Alastair Simpson, a microbiologist at Dalhousie University who led the study.

Impressive as this finding about hemimastigotes is on its own, what matters more is that its just the latest (and most profound) of a quietly and steadily growing number of major taxonomic additions. Researchers keep uncovering not just new species or classes but entirely new kingdoms of life raising questions about how they have stayed hidden for so long and how close we are to finding them all.


Warnings On Steroids Static Code Analysis Tools "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A little while back, we were talking about utilizing compiler warnings as first step to make our C code less error-prone and increase its general stability and quality. We know now that the C compiler itself can help us here, but we also saw that theres a limit to it. While it warns us about the most obvious mistakes and suspicious code constructs, it will leave us hanging when things get a bit more complex.

But once again, that doesnt mean compiler warnings are useless, we simply need to see them for what they are: a first step. So today we are going to take the next step, and have a look at some other common static code analysis tools that can give us more insight about our code.

You may think that voluntarily choosing C as primary language in this day and age might seem nostalgic or anachronistic, but preach and oxidate all you want: C wont be going anywhere. So lets make use of the tools we have available that help us write better code, and to defy the pitfalls C is infamous for. And the general concept of static code analysis is universal. After all, many times a bug or other issue isnt necessarily caused by the language, but rather some general flaw in the codes logic.

Compiler Warnings Recap

But lets first take a step back again to compiler warnings. If we recall the nonnull attribute which indicates that a functions parameter cant and therefore wont be NULL, we saw that the compilers perspective is extremely shortsighted on it:

extern void foo(char *) __attribute__((nonnull));

void bar(void) {
    char *ptr = NULL;

    foo(NULL); // warning
    foo(ptr);  // no warning here

The compiler will warn about the foo(NULL) call, as it is an obvious violation of the nonnull declaration, but it wont realize that the second call will eventually also pass NULL as parameter. To be fair though, why should it understand that, its primary job is to generate a machine-readable executable from our source code?

Now, this example is a rather clear case, and while the compiler may not warn about it, it is still easy to spot. If you have decent code review practices in place, it should be straightforward to detect the mishap. But sometimes its just us by ourselves, no other developer to review our code, and due to tiredness or other reasons, it might simply slip by our eyes. Other times, the potential issue hiding underneath is a lot less obvious, and it might take a whole series of unfortunate events for it to become an actual problem. Wed have to go mentally through every possible execution path to be sure its all good....


Bad news for scammers. Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou has been released on bail "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Scammers want you to send $2000 to help Huaweis CFO bribe her way out of jail.


Re: Linux kernel: userfaultfd bypasses tmpfs file permissions (CVE-2018-18397; since 4.11; fixed in 4.14.87 and 4.19.7) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Solar Designer on Dec 12

(I resisted the urge to comment on this piece in previous postings.)

What should distros/users do, then? Use latest mainline or upstream
stable kernels? That would expose them to the many recent bugs like
this one, but which haven't yet been found (or not yet made public,
which is worse).

As far as I can tell, by far most Linux kernel vulnerabilities (that are
eventually found and made public) are in relatively recent (as of that


Google CEO Sundar Pichai Testifies before the U.S. Congress "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Google's Sundar Pichai was grilled on privacy, data collection, and China during congressional hearing

Google's CEO testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday where lawmakers grilled him on a wide range of issues, including potential political bias on its platforms, its plans for a censored search app in China and its privacy practices.

This is the first time Pichai has appeared before Congress since Google declined to send him or Alphabet CEO Larry Page to a hearing on foreign election meddling earlier this year. That slight sparked anger among senators who portrayed Google as trying to skirt scrutiny.

[...] Tuesday's hearing was titled "Transparency & Accountability: Examining Google and its Data Collection, Use, and Filtering Practices" and many representatives posed questions on whether or not Google's search results were biased against conservative points of view.

[...] Another topic that came up multiple times was Google's plan to launch a censored search engine in China. The Intercept first reported details of the project over the summer, which would block search results for queries that the Chinese government deemed sensitive, like "human rights" and "student protest" and link users' searches to their personal phone numbers. [...] "Right now, we have no plans to launch search in China," Pichai answered, adding that access to information is "an important human right."

Also at Bloomberg and The Hill.

See also:...


New method gives microscope a boost in resolution "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Scientists at the University of Wrzburg have been able to boost current super-resolution microscopy by a novel tweak. They coated the glass cover slip as part of the sample carrier with tailor-made biocompatible nanosheets that create a mirror effect. This method shows that localizing single emitters in front of a metal-dielectric coating leads to higher precision, brightness and contrast in Single Molecule Localization Microscopy (SMLM). The study was published in the Nature journal Light: Science and Applications.

The sharpness of a microscope is limited by structures that are closer together than 0.2 thousandths of a millimeter blur, and can no longer be distinguished from each other. The cause of this blurring is diffraction. Each point-shaped object is therefore not shown as a point, but as a blurry spot.

With , the resolution can still be drastically improved. One method would calculate its exact center from the brightness distribution of the blurry spot. However, it only works if two closely adjacent points of the object are initially not simultaneously but subsequently visible, and are merged later in the . This temporal decoupling prevents superimposition of the blurry spot. For years, researchers in have been using this tricky method for super high-resolution light of cells.


New X-ray imaging approach could boost nanoscale resolution for advanced photon source upgrade "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A longstanding problem in optics holds that an improved resolution in imaging is offset by a loss in the depth of focus. Now, scientists are joining computation with X-ray imaging as they develop a new and exciting technique to bypass this limitation.

The upcoming Advanced Photon Source Upgrade (APS-U) project at Argonne will put this problem under one of the brightest spotlights imaginable. The upgrade will make the APS, a Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility, 500 times brighter than it is today, further enhancing the capabilities of its X-rays to study the arrangements of atoms and molecules in a wide range of biological and technological materials.

A whole variety of X-ray imaging experiments ultimately will need something like this as they all push the resolution to finer length scales in the future, said Chris Jacobsen, an Argonne Distinguished Fellow and professor of physics at Northwestern University. With the Upgrade in place, the APSs X-rays could allow scientists to study systems like the brains full network of synaptic connections, or the entire volume of an integrated circuit down to its finest details.


Algorithms to locate centrioles in the cell "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Investigators from the Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Group at the University of Extremadura are studying signaling mediated by a pathway known as planar cell polarity (PCP), which regulates the coordinated orientation of cells during organogenesis, the process of organ formation in living organisms. This pathway has been highly conserved on the evolutionary scale, and one of its key functions in vertebrates is the regulation of the coordinated positioning of centrioles/ciliary basal cells inside cells.

This signaling pathway was discovered initially in the fruit fly genus Drosophila, although the majority of the pathway components have been retained in humans. It has likewise been observed that certain pathologies such as hydrocephaly, infertility and some kinds of cancers are associated with defective functioning of this signaling.

Under the auspices of the project EPICENTR within the Spanish national research plan, whose objective is to study the planar polarisation of centrioles in epithelial , the UEx researchers have now published the first results of their investigation in the journal Development. These results are related to the polarised positioning mechanism of centrioles in Drosophila and its correlation with actin.


Intel Working On Open-Sourcing The FSP - Would Be Huge Win For Coreboot & Security "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Intel's Architecture Day on Tuesday was delightfully filled with an overwhelming amount of valuable hardware information, but Intel's software efforts were also briefly touched on too. In fact, Raja Koduri reinforced how software is a big part of Intel technology and goes in-hand with their security, interconnect, memory, architecture, and process pillars and that's where their new oneAPI initiative will fit in. But what learning afterwards was most exciting on the software front...


Intel Developing "oneAPI" For Optimized Code Across CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs & More "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Intel's 2018 Architecture Day was primarily focused on the company's hardware architecture road-map, but one of the software (pre)announcements was their oneAPI software stack...


Intel Details Gen11 Graphics & Sunny Cove For Icelake "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

At Intel's architecture day, the company finally detailed their "Gen 11" graphics that we've been seeing open-source Linux graphics driver patches for many months (Intel OTC posted their initial open-source display driver code in early January and has continued the enablement work since) albeit elusive in substantive user details and hardware until Icelake. But today at least we can share more about the significant improvements with Gen11 graphics...


Singularity: CVE-2018-19295: local root exploit - unprivileged users can join arbitrary mnt, net, pid and ipc namespaces "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Matthias Gerstner on Dec 12


following is a report about security issues found in Singularity [1].


Singularity is a Linux namespace based container solution often used
in HPC (high performance computing) environments. In the course of a
SUSE enterprise products I found a couple of security issues.

According to upstream this affects Singularity versions 2.4.0 through...


RSA Conference announces initial 2019 keynote speakers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

RSA Conference announced its initial line-up of keynote speakers for the 2019 Conference, which begins Monday, March 4 and runs through Friday, March 8 in San Francisco, CA. The keynote program will culminate with an entertaining close from actress, writer and producer Tina Fey. New this year, RSA Conference will have two keynote stages: West Stage keynotes will continue to feature sponsor keynotes, panels and esteemed guest speakers, and South Stage keynotes will utilize the More

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New Ebook Offers Comprehensive Guide to Open Source Compliance "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Linux Foundation has released the second edition of Open Source Compliance in the Enterprise by Ibrahim Haddad, which offers organizations a practical guide to using open source code and participating in open source communities while complying with both the spirit and the letter of open source licensing.


[slackware-security] mozilla-firefox (SSA:2018-345-01) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Slackware Security Team on Dec 12

[slackware-security] mozilla-firefox (SSA:2018-345-01)

New mozilla-firefox packages are available for Slackware 14.2 and -current to
fix security issues.

Here are the details from the Slackware 14.2 ChangeLog:
patches/packages/mozilla-firefox-60.4.0esr-i686-1_slack14.2.txz: Upgraded.
This release contains security fixes and improvements.
For more information, see:...


Police use facial recognition doorbells to create private watchlist networks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

image credit: Pocket-Lint

Earlier this year, I reported that Amazon's spying Ring doorbells are being installed everywhere and how everyone's privacy is at stake.

But a recent CNN article revealed that Amazon wants to turn homeowners doorbells into facial recognition devices using their Rekogntion software.

"An Amazon patent application which was made public on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website, describes how a network of cameras could work together with facial recognition technology to identify people."

Amazon also wants homeowners to create their "own" private database of suspicious people, effectively creating private watchlist networks.

"The application describes creating a database of suspicious persons. Unwanted visitors would be added to the list when a homeowner tags them as not authorized. Other people could be added to the database because they are a convicted felon or registered sex offender, according to the application. Residents may also alert neighbors of a suspicious person's presence."

Because who doesn't want to create a private watchlist of your friends and neighbors?

Amazon is not the only company that wants you to spy on your neighbors.

Nest Hello is Google's facial recognition doorbell that can identify anyone and store their images to the cloud. Homeowners are required to sign up for a Nest Aware subscription that ranges anywhere from $5.00 to $30.00 a month.



December 2018 Patch Tuesday: Microsoft patches Windows zero-day exploited in the wild "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its Patch Tuesday again and, as per usual, both Microsoft and Adobe have pushed out patches for widely-used software packages. The Microsoft patches Microsofts December 2018 Patch Tuesday release is pretty lightweight: the company has plugged 38 CVE-numbered security holes, nine of which are considered to be Critical. Among the most notable bugs in this batch are CVE-2018-8611, an elevation of privilege vulnerability that arises when the Windows kernel fails to properly handle objects in More

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Go inside your brain! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Allen Institute has released an open database of live human brain cells.


Brexit Status Once Again in Limbo "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

"Prime Minister Theresa May has called off Tuesday's crucial vote on her Brexit deal so she can go back to Brussels and ask for changes to it.

"As it stands the deal 'would be rejected by a significant margin' if MPs voted on it, she admitted."

The biggest stumbling block appears to be the issue between Ireland and Northern Ireland. In particular, what the borders will look like in terms of what people and goods will need to do or not do in order to cross it.

Original Submission

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Nasty Android malware found stealing its victims PayPal funds "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

Another day, another Android malware This time, according to the latest findings of ESETs IT security researchers, there is a new malware in Google Play Store that hijacks PayPal account to steal money Researchers assessed that the malware is specifically targeting Android users and steals no less than $1,000. The malware was first []

This is a post from Read the original post: Nasty Android malware found stealing its victims PayPal funds


A Pi Cluster to Hang in Your Stocking with Care "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its that time of year again, with the holidays fast approaching friends and family will be hounding you about what trinkets and shiny baubles they can pretend to surprise you with. Unfortunately theres no person harder to shop for than the maker or hacker: if we want it, weve probably already built the thing. Or at least gotten it out of somebody elses trash.

But if they absolutely, positively, simply have to buy you something thats commercially made, then you could do worse than pointing them to this very slick Raspberry Pi cluster backplane from [miniNodes]. With the ability to support up to five of the often overlooked Pi Compute Modules, this little device will let you bring a punchy little ARM cluster online without having to build something from scratch.

The Compute Module is perfectly suited for clustering applications like this due to its much smaller size compared to the full-size Raspberry Pi, but we dont see it get used that often because it needs to be jacked into an appropriate SODIMM connector. This makes it effectively useless for prototyping and quickly thrown together hacks (I.E. everything most people use the Pi for), and really only suitable for finish...


Add It Up: Enterprise Adoption of Kubernetes Is Growing "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A recently updated user survey from monitoring software provider Datadog confirms an increase in Kubernetes adoption. We believe this is the result of three factors: 1) more organizations using containers in production; 2) Kubernetes has emerged as the leading orchestration platform; 3) organizations are choosing to adopt Kubernetes earlier in cloud native voyage.


Supermicro Says That an Audit Found No Evidence to Support Claims of Chinese Backdoors in Products "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Audit: No Chinese surveillance implants in Supermicro boards found

In a letter to customers issued December 11, Supermicro President and CEO Charles Liang and other top executives announced that an audit conducted by an outside investigating team had found no evidence of any malicious hardware incorporated into motherboards currently or previously manufactured by the company. The letter is the latest rebuttal to Bloomberg reports in October that claimed tiny chips that provided a backdoor for China's intelligence agencies had been integrated into boards provided to major Internet and cloud providersa report also refuted by the companies the report claimed were targeted.

"After a thorough examination and a range of functional tests, the investigative firm found absolutely no evidence of malicious hardware on our motherboards," the letter signed by Liang, Supermicro Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer David Weigland, and Senior VP and Chief Product Officer Raju Penumatcha stated.

Searching for supermicro on Google brought up a Supermicro ad linking the CEO letter, with the link entitled "Supermicro Independent Testing | No Malicious Hardware". Do you believe them?

Previously: Chinese Spy Chips Allegedly Inserted Into Amazon, Apple, etc. Datacenters by Super Micro
Bloomberg Stands by Chinese Chip Story as Apple, Amazon Ratchet up Denials
Bloomberg Claims That a Major U.S. Telecom Operated a Server Backdoored by a Hidden Chip

Related: Apple Deleted Server Supplier After Finding Infected Firmware in Servers
Firmware Vulnerabilities in Supermicro Systems
Supermicro Announces Suspension of Tra...


New threat actor SandCat exploited recently patched CVE-2018-8611 0day "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Experts from Kaspersky Lab reported that that the recently patched Windows kernel zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2018-8611) has been exploited by several threat actors.

Microsofts Patch Tuesday updates for December 2018 address nearly 40 flaws, including a zero-day vulnerability affecting the Windows kernel.

The flaw, tracked as CVE-2018-8611, is as a privilege escalation flaw caused by the failure of the Windows kernel to properly handle objects in memory.

An elevation of privilege vulnerability exists when the Windows kernel fails to properly handle objects in memory. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could run arbitrary code in kernel mode. reads the security advisory published by Microsoft.

An attacker could then install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights. To exploit this vulnerability, an attacker would first have to log on to the system. An attacker could then run a specially crafted application to take control of an affected system.

The vulnerability was reported to Microsoft by researchers at Kaspersky Lab. Kudos to Kaspersky experts that in the last months reported other two Windows zero-days, CVE-2018-8453 and CVE-2018-8589, respectively exploited by FruityArmor and multiple threat actors in attacks mostly aimed at the Middle East.

according to Kaspersky, the CVE-2018-8611 is a race condition that resides in the Kernel Transaction Manager, and most interesting, it could be used to escape the sandbox of the Chrome and Edge web browsers.

CVE-2018-8611 is a race condition that is present in the Kernel Transaction Manager due to improper processing of transacted file operations in kernel mode. reads the...


EPO Trust, Leadership and Commitment "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Summary: Trust, leadership and commitment is the latest publication from EPO insiders, who in the absence of free speech and freedom of association for the union/representation are an essential spotlight on EPO abuses

THE FOLLOWING publication was made available yesterday. Here it is in HTML form.


11 December 2018



The EPO-FLIER wants to provide staff with uncensored, independent information at times of social conflict



Adobe's Year-End Update Patches 87 Flaws in Acrobat Software "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Adobe is closing out this year with its December Patch Tuesday update to address a massive number of security vulnerabilities for just its two PDF appsmore than double the number of what Microsoft patched this month for its several products. Adobe today released patches for 87 vulnerabilities affecting its Acrobat and Reader software products for both macOS and Windows operating systems, of


Kubernetes etcd Data Project Joins CNCF "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

How do you store data across a Kubernetes container cluster? With etcd. This essential part of Kubernetes has been managed by CoreOS/Red Hat. No longer. Now, the open-source etcd project has been moved from Red Hat to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).


Future of U.S.-Russian Space Cooperation in Doubt "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Russia Wants to Extend U.S. Space Partnership. Or It Could Turn to China.

The American incentives for engaging with Russia in space in the 1990s political goals like the employment of idle rocket scientists to prevent missile proliferation have mostly disappeared with the resumption of tensions. The Trump administration has already proposed that by 2025 the United States should stop supporting the International Space Station that is the principal joint project today. A final decision is up to Congress. The American role might be shifted to a commercial footing thereafter.

[...] [It] is unclear how much longer the post-Soviet era of space cooperation between the United States and Russia can last in the more hostile environment now surrounding relations. In the interview, [Dmitri O. Rogozin, the director of Russia's space agency,] said Russia wanted to carry on joint flights with the United States and its allies, despite the tensions over election interference, wars in Syria and Ukraine, and the chemical weapons poisoning of a former double agent in Britain.

[...] Analysts say Moscow has a strong incentive to maintain the joint program: a decided lack of money to pursue a lunar station on its own. Russia's budget for its space program is something less than one-10th what the United States spends on NASA. [...] Russia's preference is to press on with a space program entwined with the United States', on either the lunar program or another venture, Mr. Rogozin said. But if talks fail, Russia can turn to China or India for partnership. There might then be two stations circling the Earth or the moon, one led by the United States the other a Russian-Chinese enterprise. Mr. Rogozin even floated the idea of a "BRIC station," the acronym for the developing economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Mr. Rogozin in November ordered the Russian Academy of Sciences to study the prospects for a solo Russian program to build a habitable base on the surface of the moon. Ivan M. Moiseyev, the director of the Institute of Space Policy in Moscow, said in a telephone interview that any proposal for a lone Russian lunar station was fantastical, given the budget constraints. "The technical capability exists, but the finances don't."

The U.S. and NASA could develop stronger partnerships with the European Space Agency, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, and Indian Space Research Organisation instead.




Bell & Videotron File Criminal Complaint Against IPTV Provider "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

While regular torrent and streaming sites are still a big hit with online pirates, dedicated IPTV services are becoming increasingly popular with consumers.

These services, which can be difficult to tell apart from official offerings, typically supply access to hundreds of otherwise premium channels at a knockdown price. This disruption is something that broadcasters and rightsholders all over the world are keen to bring to an end.

In particular, there have been many raids around Europe but news is now surfacing of action in Canada, featuring two of the countrys most powerful media companies and what appears to be an unlicensed IPTV provider.

On an unspecified date, Bell and Videotron filed a criminal complaint against IPTV provider Cielo 4K. A website featuring that branding is available here, offering around 250 channels including PPV and adult content while recommending its offer especially for the residents of the province of Quebec-Canada.

On October 11, 2018, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) reportedly conducted a search at the residence of a former employee of a Videotron subcontractor in Boisbriand, Montreal. LaPresse reports that dozens of computers and modems plus Bell, Videotron, Roku and DirecTV receivers were seized, totaling some 150 items of hardware.

According to the news outlet, the four people listed as defendants in court documents are not yet facing criminal charges since the RCMP investigation is still ongoing. However, the quartet is suspected of using three Videotron and Bell accounts to receive, capture, and redistribute channels to the public.

This kind of use makes us believe that the service installed at this residence is used to power an IPTV network broadcasting unauthorized television content, the plaintiffs state in their claim.

Its further alleged that the streams were sent to servers operated by OVH Hosting Services, from where they were distributed to the public.

OVH is also recognized by the telecommunications industry for hosting the majority of IPTV services offering unauthorized television content, the court documents note, citing a Videotron investigation.

When approached for comment, OVH said it does not discuss the activities of its customers, insisting that as a cloud infrastructure provider it does not have access to customers data.

This latest action against Cielo 4K...


Pew study: Artificial intelligence will mostly make us better off by 2030 but fears remain "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

But many experts, even those mindful of such risks, have a more positive outlook, especially in health-care and possibly in education.

Most experts canvassed by Pew say artificial intelligence will leave most of us better off by 2030. But there are fears about jobs and mayhem.


Toast Printer Prints Tasty Images And Weather Forecasts "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Electrical Engineering degrees usually focus on teaching you useful things, like how to make electronic devices that actually work and that wont kill you. But that doesnt mean that you cant have some fun on the way. Which is what Cornell students [Michael Xiao] and [Katie Bradford] decided to do with T.O.A.S.T: The Original Artistic Solution for Toast. In case the name didnt give it away, this is a toast printer. The user supplies an image and a bit of bread, and the T.O.A.S.T prints the image onto the toast. Alternatively, the printer can show you the weather by printing a forecast onto your daily bread.

[Xiao] and [Bradford] programmed a Raspberry Pi W to handle most of the heavy lifting, converting the image or the weather forecast into a 10 by 10 matrix, which is then sent to the PIC32. This drives two motors that move a heat gun. To turn a 1 in this matrix into a toasted spot, the motors pause over one spot of the bread, creating a nice toasty spot. The whole thing is mounted onto a laser-cut frame, with a 3D printed holder for the heat gun. There is, unfortunately, no butter or jam dispenser, but if you were to combine this with the Toast-Bot, you might get the finished product. That might be a postgraduate level build, though.





Microsoft Issues Patch for Windows Zero-Day Flaw Under Active Attack "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Microsoft today, on its year-end December Patch Tuesday, released security updates to patch a total 39 vulnerabilities its Windows operating systems and applications10 of which are rated as critical and other important in severity. One of the security vulnerabilities patched by the tech giant this month is listed as publicly known at the time of release, and one is a zero-day reported as being


Git 2.20.0 released "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Git 2.20.0 is out. Changes include interdiff generation support in git format-patch, an improved ability to cope with corrupted patches in git am, a number of performance and usability improvements, and more.


Btrfs Restoring Support For Swap Files With Linux 4.21 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Btrfs file-system hasn't supported Swap files on it in early a decade, but that support will be restored again with the upcoming Linux 4.21 kernel...


Linux kernel: userfaultfd bypasses tmpfs file permissions (CVE-2018-18397; since 4.11; fixed in 4.14.87 and 4.19.7) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Jann Horn on Dec 12

NOTE: I have requested a CVE identifier, and I'm sending this message,
to make tracking of the fix easier; however, to avoid missing security
fixes without CVE identifiers, you should *NOT* be cherry-picking a
specific patch in response to a notification about a kernel security

In Linux kernel versions since 4.11, userfaultfd can be used to write
arbitrary data into holes in sparse tmpfs files to which an attacker
has read-only access....


The Best Albums of 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Best album has been decided by Emacs which keeps track of what albums Ive listened to most, so this is a totally objective list that objectively literally lists the best music this year.

Except for the bits where I just edited by hand, because Ive been listening more to old music than new music this year. There hasnt been a single new wow, this is the best album ever in 2018, I think, but just a huge quantity of really kinda good stuff. I think 2018 has been a stronger year than what weve seen recently. Music goes in waves

Anyway, heres the best song of the year, which is John Brown by Marc Ribot (feat. Fay Victor):

And heres the list:

Marc Ribot ...


Humans may be reversing the climate clock "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Our future on Earth may also be our past. In a study published Monday (Dec. 10, 2018) in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers show that humans are reversing a long-term cooling trend tracing back at least 50 million years. And its taken just two centuries.


Who Lost the World Bush 41 Left Behind? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


What happened was a complete loss of imagination and a DEEP STATE conspiracy ultimately run by stupid people. Let us leave it at that.

Bush 41 was their choice as well, but it can be said that he chose them as well.  The CIA provided the internal glue that preserved the Status quo that then ran its course through 2016.

The talent to create a great country is rare and its is even more rare for the talent to be inherited or chosen by a committee.   Thus we had good leadership in Ike, JFK, LBJ ( sorry folks) Nixon, and Reagan and got spoiled. Since then we have had a leadership gap and that includes both Bushes.  That Gap allowed the opportunity provided by Russia to be thrown away and for CHINA to remain unchecked as well as allowing smaller shows to simply fester.

Now we can expect a return to competent leadership for several terms as the path has been established to make this true.  . 

Who Lost the World Bush 41 Left Behind?

Friday - December 7, 2018 at 12:45 am

By Patrick J. Buchanan

George H.W. Bush was Americas closer.

Called in to pitch the final innings of the Cold War, Bush 41 presided masterfully over the fall of the Berlin Wall, the unification of Germany, the liberation of 100 million Eastern Europeans and the dissolution of the Soviet Union into 15 independent nations.

Historys assignment complete, Bush 41 was retired.

And what happened to the world he left behind?

What became of that world where America was the lone superpower, which 41 believed should lead in creation of the New World Order?

The Russia that back then was led by Boris Yeltsin, a man desperate to be our friend and ally, is now ruled by an autocratic nationalist.

Was not Vladimir Putin an inevitable reaction to our treating Russia like an untrustworthy and dangerous recidivist, by our expansion of NATO into the Balkans, the eastern Baltic and the Black Sea the entire front porch of Mother Russia?


Researchers Develop Cheap, 10-Minute Test That Can Detect Cancer Anywhere in the Body "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

An extraordinary discovery which can be made simple and universal.  Best yet it separates those with a current problem.  No effort need be spent on false leads.   

With that the patient can start anti tumor protocols and also track the bodies response until it all goes away.  with CBD coming into its own this may well be as simple as having a course of CBD oil..

In fact this makes it possible to imagine it been part of an annual checkup and possibly the whole industry literally going away.  Nothing has ever promised this.

Researchers Develop Cheap, 10-Minute Test That Can Detect Cancer Anywhere in the Body

Australian scientists are being hailed for possibly developing a quick and easy test that can detect any kind of cancer in a matter of minutes.

Cancer is an extremely complicated and variable disease and different types of cancer have different signatures. Up until now, the scientists have had trouble finding a simple signature that was distinct from healthy cells and common to all cancers but the team was finally able to identify a unique biomarker that was common...


Robot Janitors Are Coming to Mop Floors at a Walmart Near You "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. signage is displayed outside the company's location in Burbank, California, U.S.

This should be a good start, though all cleaning tasks do demand fine detail work as well that actually takes up a huge amount of time when compared to the basic action.  We already have vacuums and even those must fail when the geometry does not cooperate. 

Fine detail is the important problem.  We need machines able to identify a raspberry and to reach out and pick it.  This same ability is needed to identify untouched that needs cleaning or even additional reps.  After all a clean tile in your bathroom needs to be individually scrubbed to achieve perfection.

And what happens when you drop a quarter on the floor?
Robot Janitors Are Coming to Mop Floors at a Walmart Near You

Pavel Alpeyev

Bloomberg Wal-Mart Stores Inc. signage is displayed outside the company's location in Burbank, California, U.S.

Robots are coming to a Walmart Inc. near you, and not just as a gimmick.

The worlds largest retailer is rolling out 360 autonomous floor-scrubbing robots in some of its stores in the U.S. by the end of the January, it said in a joint statement...

Medical Cannabis Superior To Opioids for Chronic Pain, Study Finds "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It is interesting that when used in conjunction with morphine, the morphine dosage is cut by 75%.   This strongly suggests that it will be much easier to avoid addiction and resolve it as well with low maintenance dosages.

All this can stop progressive deterioration in hte addiction profile.

It is certain that CBD is on the way to be the key bridge drug needed for the majority of chronic pain if not all such cases with opiates reserved for surgery and severe short term pain which was the way it was...
Medical Cannabis Superior To Opioids for Chronic Pain, Study Finds


Minnesota's Mall of America Introduces a Virtual Elf "Hologram" "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Mall of America debuts helpful holographic elf for the holidays

How would you keep a shopping mall lively in an era when more and more people are buying their holiday gifts online? The Mall of America has a one-word answer: holograms. It's partnering with mixed reality firm VNTANA on what's billed as the "first-ever" holographic shopping concierge. Visit the mega-mall's Holiday Cottage throughout the season and you can speak to Ellie the elf (no, really, that's her name) for help tracking down top gifts. Ask about how to find an Xbox One for the kids, for instance, and Ellie will point you to the Microsoft Store.

The hologram isn't mind-blowing by itself (it's more like those Pepper's Ghost musician holograms than a true 3D image), but it's helped by a VNTANA platform that can tie a chatbot to a digital model. And no, you won't have to shout over the mall traffic -- there's a handheld microphone to take your voice requests.

Original Submission

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Novidade, a new Exploit Kit is targeting SOHO Routers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security experts at Trend Micro have discovered a new exploit kit, dubbed Novidade (novelty in Portuguese), that is targeting SOHO routers to compromise the devices connected to the network equipment.

The Novidade exploit kit leverages cross-site request forgery (CSRF) to change the Domain Name System (DNS) settings of SOHO routers and redirect traffic from the connected devices to the IP address under the control of the attackers.

Since its first discovery in August 2017, experts observed three variants of the exploit kit, including one involved in the DNSChanger system of a recent GhostDNS campaign.

Currently, Novidade is used in different campaigns, experts believe it has been sold to multiple threat actors or its source code leaked.

Most of the campaigns discovered by the researchers leverages phishing attacks to retrieve banking credentials in Brazil. Experts also observed campaigns with no specific target geolocation, a circumstance that suggests attackers are expanding their target areas or a larger number of threat actors are using the exploit kit. 

We found Novidade being delivered through a variety of methods that include malvertising, compromised website injection, and via instant messengers. reads the analysis published by Trend Micro.

Novidade eK

Experts noticed that the landing page performs HTTP requests generated by JavaScript Image function to a predefined list of local IP addresses that are used by routers. Once established a connection, the Novidade toolkit queries the IP address to download an exploit payload encoded in base64.

The exploit kit blindly attacks the detected IP address with all its exploits. 

The malicious code also attempts to log into the router with a set of default credentials and t...


Securing and managing the enterprise Internet of Things "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A future where the Internet of Things spreads exponentially is almost certain. Seemingly everybody wants these devices: consumers for the helpful features and manufacturers for the ability to collect data about the product and consumers use of it. Paul Calatayud, Palo Alto Networks CSO for the Americas, sees the IoT evolving into a new form of distributed computing powered by 5G and ever-increasing bandwidth speeds. The result will be intelligent, programmable devices that operate without More

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Space mining: the new goldrush "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

While space mining is still a decade or so off, next year the industry is ramping up their efforts.


6.8% of the top 100,000 websites still accept old, insecure SSL versions "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Mac-based malware has appeared on the list of the top ten most common types of malware for the first time in WatchGuards quarterly Internet security report. The Mac scareware appeared in sixth place in WatchGuards latest Q3 2018 report and is primarily delivered by email to trick victims into installing fake cleaning software. Researchers also found that 6.8 percent of the worlds top 100,000 websites still accept old, insecure versions of the SSL encryption protocol, More

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Android Trojan steals money from victims PayPal account "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

ESET researchers have unearthed a new Android Trojan that tricks users into logging into PayPal, then takes over and mimics the users clicks to send money to the attackers PayPal address. The heist wont go unnoticed by the victim if they are looking at the phone screen, but they will also be unable to do anything to stop the transaction from being executed as it all happens in a matter of seconds. The only thing More

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Will sophisticated attacks dominate in 2019? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Trend Micro released its 2019 predictions report, warning that attackers will increase the effectiveness of proven attack methods by adding more sophisticated elements to take advantage of the changing technology landscape. As we head into 2019, organizations must understand the security implications of greater cloud adoption, converging IT and OT, and increasing remote working, said Greg Young, vice president of cybersecurity for Trend Micro. Cybercriminals will continue to follow a winning formula exploiting existing More

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Distribution Release: Univention Corporate Server 4.3-3 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Stefan Gohmann has announced the release of Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 4.3-3, the latest update of the project's Debian-based distribution for servers with a web-based administration system: "Third point release for Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 4.3 is now available. It includes a number of important updates and....


Massachusetts Town Votes Against Comcast Cable Internet Offer, Will Build Municipal Fiber Instead "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Comcast rejected by small townresidents vote for municipal fiber instead

A small Massachusetts town has rejected an offer from Comcast and instead plans to build a municipal fiber broadband network. Comcast offered to bring cable Internet to up to 96 percent of households in Charlemont in exchange for the town paying $462,123 plus interest toward infrastructure costs over 15 years. But Charlemont residents rejected the Comcast offer in a vote at a special town meeting Thursday.

"The Comcast proposal would have saved the town about $1 million, but it would not be a town-owned broadband network," the Greenfield Recorder reported Friday. "The defeated measure means that Charlemont will likely go forward with a $1.4 million municipal town network, as was approved by annual town meeting voters in 2015." About 160 residents voted, with 56 percent rejecting the Comcast offer, according to news reports.

Charlemont has about 1,300 residents and covers about 26 square miles in northwest Massachusetts. Town officials estimate that building a municipal fiber network reaching 100 percent of homes would cost $1,466,972 plus interest over 20 years. An increase in property taxes would cover the construction cost. But the town would also bring in revenue from selling broadband service and potentially break even, making the project less expensive than Comcast's offer. "With 59 percent of households taking broadband service, the tax hike would be 29 cents [per $1,000 of assessed home value], similar to that for Comcast," a Recorder article last month said. "But if 72 percent or more of households subscribe to the municipal-owned network, there is no tax impact, because subscriber fees would pay for it."

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November 2018: Most wanted malware exposed "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Check Point has published its latest Global Threat Index for November 2018. The index reveals that the Emotet botnet has entered the Indexs top 10 ranking after researchers saw it spread through several campaigns, including a Thanksgiving-themed campaign. This involved sending malspam emails in the guise of Thanksgiving cards, containing email subjects such as happy Thanksgiving day wishes, Thanksgiving wishes and the Thanksgiving day congratulation! These emails contained malicious attachments, often with file names related More

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LIVE NOW: Do you like penguins? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Do you like space? A science team is presenting about their expedition to document a supercolony of penguins in Antarctica which they found by using NASA Earth satellite imagery! Learn all about how to study penguins from space!


FPGA Hack Becomes An Atari Game Genie "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Game Genie is a classic of the early 90s video game scene. Its how you would have beaten the Ninja Turtles game, and its why the connector in your NES doesnt work as it should. They never made a Game Genie for the Atari 2600, though, because by the time the Game Genie was released, the Atari was languishing on the bottom shelves of Toys R Us. Now though, we have FPGAs and development tools. We can build our own. Thats exactly what [Andy] did, and his Game Genie for the 2600 works as well as any commercial product youd find for this beleaguered console.

To understand how to build a Game Genie for an Atari, you first have to understand how a Game Genie works. The hacks for a Game Genie work by replacing a single byte in the ROM of a game. If your lives are stored at memory location 0xDEAD for example, you would just change that byte from 3 (the default) to 255 (because thats infinite, or something). Combine this with 6-letter and 8-letter codes that denote which byte to change and what to change it to, and you have a Game Genie.

This build began by setting up a DE0 Nano FPGA development board to connect to an Atari 2600 cartridge. Yes, there are voltage level differences, but this can be handled with a few pin assignments. Then, its just a matter of writing Verilog to pass all the data from one set of address and data pi...


Product showcase: iStorage diskAshur PRO SSD "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The diskAshur PRO SSD is an ultra-secure, PIN authenticated, portable USB 3.1 hard drive with real-time AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption. It doesnt require any software the keypad enables you to securely access the drive by entering a PIN code. DiskAshur PRO enforces an excellent PIN policy. The PIN must be at least 7 digits long and the maximum option is 15 digits. It cannot consist of all consecutive numbers (i.e., 1234567) or just one More

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Mesa 18.3.1 Released To Disable Botched Vulkan Extension "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Mesa 18.3 was released less than a week ago while today Mesa 18.3.1 was issued due to an error in the Vulkan specification...


Intel's IWD Linux Wireless Daemon 0.13 Adds Opportunistic Wireless Encryption "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Intel's promising IWD open-source wireless daemon continues picking up additional functionality in its trek towards potentially replacing wpa_supplicant. Out this week is IWD 0.13...


CECPQ2 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

CECPQ1 was the experiment in post-quantum confidentiality that my colleague, Matt Braithwaite, and I ran in 2016. It's about time for CECPQ2.

I've previously written about the experiments in Chrome which lead to the conclusion that structured lattices were likely the best area in which to look for a new key-exchange mechanism at the current time. Thanks to the NIST process we now have a great many candidates to choose from in that space. While this is obviously welcome, it also presents a problem: the fitness space of structured lattices looks quite flat so there's no obviously correct choice. Would you like keys to be products (RLWE) or quotients (NTRU; much slower key-gen, but subsequent operations are faster; older, more studied)? Do you want the ring to be NTT-friendly (fast multiplication, but more structure), or to have just a power-of-two modulus (easy reduction), or to have as little structure as possible? What noise profile and failure probability? Smart people can reasonably end up with different preferences.

This begs the question of why do CECPQ2 now at all? In some number of years NIST will eventually whittle down the field and write standards. Adrian Stanger of the NSA said at CRYPTO this year that the NSA is looking to publish post-quantum standards around 2024, based on NIST's output. (And even said that they would be pure-PQ algorithms, not combined with an elliptic-curve operation as a safeguard.) So if we wait five years things are likely to be a lot more settled.

Firstly, you might not be happy with the idea of waiting five years if you believe Michele Mosca's estimate of a one sixth chance of a large quantum computer in ten years. More practically, as we sail past the two year mark of trying to deploy TLS 1.3, another concern is that if we don't exercise this ability now we might find it extremely difficult to deploy any eventual design.

TLS 1.3 should have been straightforward to deploy because the TLS specs make accommodations for future changes. However, in practice, we had to run a series of large-scale experiments to measure what patterns of bytes would actually weave through all the bugs in the TLS ecosystem. TLS 1.3 now has several oddities in the wire-format that exist purely to confuse various network intermediaries into working. Even after that, we're still dealing with issues. Gallingly, because we delayed our server deployment in order to ease the client deployment, we're now having to work around bugs in TLS 1.3 client implementations that wouldn't have been able to get established had we quick...


Why Smart People Are Vulnerable to Putting Tribe Before Truth "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

From Scientific American

Science literacy is important, but without the parallel trait of "science curiosity," it can lead us astray

What intellectual capacitiesor if one prefers, cognitive virtuesshould the citizens of a modern democratic society possess? For decades, one dominant answer has been the knowledge and reasoning abilities associated with science literacy. Scientific evidence is indispensable for effective policymaking. And for a self-governing society to reap the benefits of policy-relevant science, its citizens must be able to recognize the best available evidence and its implications for collective action.

This account definitely isnt wrong. But the emerging science of science communication, which uses scientific methods to understand how people come to know whats known by science, suggests that it is incomplete.

Indeed, its dangerously incomplete. Unless accompanied by another science-reasoning trait, the capacities associated with science literacy can actually impede public recognition of the best available evidence and deepen pernicious forms of cultural polarization.

The supplemental trait needed to make science literacy supportive rather than corrosive of enlightened self-government is science curiosity.

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Curry signals willingness to meet with NASA over Moon landing doubts "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

NASA offered to give Stephen Curry a tour of its lunar labs in Houston after the NBA superstar expressed doubts on the moon landings.

Three-time NBA champion Stephen Curry on Tuesday signaled that he is willing to take NASA up on its offer to tour its lunar lab in Houston after his pronouncement this week that he does not believe humans ever walked on the Moon.

During the Winging It podcast released on Monday, the Golden State Warriors guard asked fellow players Vince Carter and Kent Bazemore whether they believed humans had ever been to the Moon.

The players said they did not, to which two-time MVP Curry said: Theyre gonna come get us. I dont think so either.


IonQ Has the Most Powerful Quantum Computers With 79 Trapped Ion Qubits and 160 Stored Qubits "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

IonQ just made a presentation on two new trapped ion quantum computers with 160 stored and 79 processing qubits. This is more qubits than the best noisy superconducting quantum computers which is currently the Google 72 Qubit Bristlecone processor.

* IonQ systems are at room temperature

* IonQ manipulates ions with magnets and lasers and have software control on mostly FPGA chips.


Notes about hacking with drop tools "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In this report, Kasperky found Eastern European banks hacked with Raspberry Pis and "Bash Bunnies" (DarkVishnya). I thought I'd write up some more detailed notes on this.

Drop tools

A common hacking/pen-testing technique is to drop a box physically on the local network. On this blog, there are articles going back 10 years discussing this. In the old days, this was done with $200 "netbook" (cheap notebook computers). These days, it can be done with $50 "Raspberry Pi" computers, or even $25 consumer devices reflashed with Linux.

A "Raspberry Pi" is a $35 single board computer, for which you'll need to add about another $15 worth of stuff to get it running (power supply, flash drive, and cables). These are extremely popular hobbyist computers that are used everywhere from home servers, robotics, and hacking. They have spawned a large number of clones, like the ODROID, Orange Pi, NanoPi, and so on. With a quad-core, 1.4 GHz, single-issue processor, 2 gigs of RAM, and typically at least 8 gigs of flash, these are pretty powerful computers.

Typically what you'd do is install Kali Linux. This is a Linux "distro" that contains all the tools hackers want to use.

You then drop this box physically on the victim's network. We often called these "dropboxes" in the past, but now that there's a cloud service called "Dropbox", this becomes confusing, so I guess we can call them "drop tools". The advantage of using something like a Raspberry Pi is that it's cheap: once dropped on a victim's network, you probably won't ever get it back again.

Gaining physical access to even secure banks isn't that hard. Sure, getting to the money is tightly controlled, but other parts of the bank aren't not nearly as secure. One good trick is to pretend to be a banking inspector. At least in the United States, they'll quickly bend over an spread them if they think you are a regulator. Or, you can pretend to be maintenance worker there to fix the plumbing. All it takes is a uniform with a logo and what appears to be a valid work order. If questioned, whip out the clipboard and ask them to sign off on the work. Or, if all else fails, just walk in brazenly as if you belong.

Once inside the physical network, you need to find a place to plug something in. Ethernet and power plugs are often underneath/behind furniture, so that's not hard. You might find access to a wiring closet somewhere, as Aaron Swartz famously did. You'll usually have to connect via Ethernet, as it requires no authentication/authorization. If you could connect via WiFi, you could probably do it outside the building using directional antennas without going thr...


New Relic introduces Kubernetes cluster explorer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

New Relic introduced the Kubernetes cluster explorer, a new way for DevOps teams to understand the health and performance of their Kubernetes environments. Kubernetes cluster explorer allows teams to drill down into application and infrastructure metrics side-by-side in a UI that simplifies complex environments. As a result, teams can understand dependencies across their entire environment, make better-informed decisions, and resolve errors. The Kubernetes cluster explorer extends New Relics existing Kubernetes monitoring capabilities by offering a More

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China Arrests Former Canadian Diplomat; Chinese Companies Ban iPhones, Require Huawei Phones "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Michael Kovrig, former Canadian diplomat, reportedly arrested in China

A former Canadian diplomat has reportedly been arrested in China. The International Crisis Group said Tuesday it's aware of reports that its North East Asia senior adviser Michael Kovrig has been detained.

The Brussels-based non-governmental organization said in a statement it's doing everything possible to obtain additional information about Kovrig's whereabouts and that it will work to ensure his prompt release.

The Globe and Mail in Toronto and the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported the arrest, citing unnamed sources.

Reports of Kovrig's detention come after China warned Canada of consequences for its recent arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou at Vancouver's airport. It's unclear if there's any link between the cases.

Some Chinese companies ban iPhones, require Huawei after CFO's arrest: report

Some Chinese companies are banning iPhones and requiring that their employees use Huawei products following the arrest of Huawei's chief financial officer, according to a new Yahoo News report. Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Chinese telecom giant Huawei, was arrested by Canadian authorities last Saturday at the request of the U.S. after allegedly violating trade sanctions against Iran. Chinese officials have strongly protested Meng's detention.

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Improving Depth Of Field With Only 5 Phones "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The hottest new trend in photography is manipulating Depth of Field, or DOF. Its how you get those wonderful portraits with the subject in focus and the background ever so artfully blurred out. In years past, it was achieved with intelligent use of lenses and settings on an SLR film camera, but now, its all in the software.

The franken-camera rig, consisting of five Pixel 3 smartphones. The cameras are synchronised over WiFi.

For the Pixel 2 smartphone, Google had used some tricky phase-detection autofocus (PDAF) tricks to compute depth data in images, and used this to decide which parts of images to blur. Distant areas would be blurred more, while the subject in the foreground would be left sharp.

This was good, but for the Pixel 3, further development was in order. A 3D-printed phone case was developed to hold five phones in one giant brick. The idea was to take five photos of the same scene at the same time, from slightly different perspectives. This was then used to generate depth data which was fed into a neural network. This neural network was trained on how the individual photos relate to the real-world depth of the scene.

With a trained neural network, this could then be used to generate more realistic depth data from photos taken with a single camera. Now, machine learning is being used to help your phone decide which parts of an image to blur to make your beautiful subjects...


NetSecOPEN announces cybersecurity founding members and appoints board of directors "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

NetSecOPEN revealed that 11 security vendors, test solutions and services vendors, and testing laboratories have joined the organization as founding members. The organization also appointed its board of directors, who will guide NetSecOPEN toward its goal: making open network security testing standards a reality. These developments momentum for the organization, which formed in 2017 to close the gap between proprietary performance metrics and the observed real-world performance of security solutions. Certification of security product performance More

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NASA to NBA star Steph Curry: Yes, we went to the moon, and we can prove it "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

NASA has offered to give NBA superstar Steph Curry a tour of one of its lunar labs after the Golden State Warriors guard said on a podcast that he doubts humans landed on the moon.

No, really.

Curry made the head-scratching comment on an episode of the Winging It podcast, which posted Monday. According to Bleacher Report, Curry brought up the subject himself during the more than hour-long podcast with fellow NBA players Vince Carter, Kent Bazemore and Andre Iguodala:


Police investigating bomb threat against Facebook office in California "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Police in Menlo Park, Calif., are investigating a bomb threat against the city's Facebook office, according to multiple reports. The Facebook building has been evacuated and law enforcement is on the scene, NBC Bay Area reported. The bomb&...


Best Bitcoin wallet: Hardware or hosted? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The question asked in the title has been edited from what was asked today at Quora, the Q&A forum at which I participate as expert columnist. The original question was a bit more ambiguous: Which is better? a digital bitcoin wallet or a physical one?

I have included the original question, to better distinguish products and terms.

All bitcoin wallets are all digitaleven a paper wallet, whether a character string or a QR code. Conversely, an exchange may use physical wallets to host client assets, individual application wallets, or they may simply keep records of client assets that are stored, collectively, in their own master wallet.

To complicate matters, Bitcoin is never really stored by you or an exchange service. It is stored on a public blockchain, where assets and transaction history can be traced through time by anyone. Therefore, all forms of user access are digital. What the reader really wants to know is Which form of access control is better?  custodial or personal?

Type 1: Custodial Wallets are Managed by a Trusted Party
They hold your assets. You view a statement balancejust like a bank account.

The reader uses the term digital wallet to mean a hosted wallet in which a trusted 3rd party holds the private keys, or aggregates the assets of many customers and tracks their individual ownership in their own accounting system, like a traditional bank or broker. In this case, the 3rd party is trusted to maintain security, privacy, and constant, robust user access.

It is possible that the reader may have used the term digital wallet to additionally refer to PC and smartphone applications, such as Bitcoin Core, Armory or Electrum. But, these are really personal and private wallets because they are created and configured by the owner, and only the owner has the private keys. And so, we classify device wallet applications as personal/private along with hardware or paper wallets.

Type 2: Personal Wallets are Private
but with privacy comes risk!

Wallets are...


China behind Marriott data breach, investigators conclude "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Chinese hackers were behind the Marriott security breach that left the personal information of up to 500 million hotel guests exposed, investigators have concluded, The New York Times reported on Tuesday. The hack was part of an...


Password-less security arrives on macOS with HYPR "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

HYPR released its Employee Access solution for macOS. The addition of macOS marks a milestone in expanding enterprise-wide coverage of HYPRs Decentralized Authentication Platform, enabling businesses to secure password-less access to corporate resources, eliminate credential reuse and stop phishing attacks while improving workforce productivity on a global scale. With existing support for Windows 7, 8 and 10, the launch of MacOS rounds off the HYPR Employee Access offering and accelerates HYPRs continued transformation of enterprise More

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NEW 'Off The Wall' ONLINE "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

NEW 'Off The Wall' ONLINE

Posted 12 Dec, 2018 1:41:36 UTC

The new edition of Off The Wall from 11/12/2018 has been archived and is now available online.


ELASTX deploys Fortanix SDKMS runtime encryption key management to protect customers cloud data "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Fortanix unveiled that ELASTX has deployed its Self-Defending Key Management Service (SDKMS) to protect customers data as they migrate to the cloud. Now ELASTX customers can utilize its platforms that now offer security of their private data moving to the cloud, powered by Fortanix. Founded in 2012, ELASTX delivers automated cloud services via its platforms Jelastic PaaS (Platform as a Service) and OpenStack IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Its CloudOps Engineers help businesses automate the More

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Abundance of Life Found Kilometers Beneath the Earth's Surface "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Scientists Reveal a Massive Biosphere of Life Hidden Under Earth's Surface

Earth is not the home you think it is. Far below the scant surface spaces we inhabit, the planet is teeming with an incredibly vast and deep 'dark biosphere' of subterranean lifeforms that scientists are only just beginning to comprehend.

[...] "Ten years ago, we had sampled only a few sites the kinds of places we'd expect to find life," explains microbiologist Karen Lloyd from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. "Now, thanks to ultra-deep sampling, we know we can find them pretty much everywhere, albeit the sampling has obviously reached only an infinitesimally tiny part of the deep biosphere."

There's a good reason why the sampling remains in its early stages. In a preview of results from an epic 10-year collaboration by over 1,000 scientists, Lloyd and fellow researchers with the Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) estimate the deep biosphere the zone of life under Earth's surface occupies a volume of between 2 to 2.3 billion cubic kilometres (0.48 to 0.55 billion cubic miles). That's almost twice the volume of all the world's oceans another enormous natural environment that lies largely unexplored by humans.

And just like the oceans, the deep biosphere is an abundant source of countless lifeforms a population totalling some 15 to 23 billion tonnes of carbon mass (between 245 to 385 times greater than the equivalent mass of all humans on the surface).

The findings, representing numerous studies conducted at hundreds of sites around the world, are based on analyses of microbes extracted from sediment samples sourced 2.5 kilometres (1.6 miles) under the seafloor, and drilled from surface mines and boreholes more than 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) deep.

Original Submission

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Netwrix completes acquisition of Concept Searching "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Concept Searching has been acquired by Netwrix Corporation. Concept Searching will remain active in the metadata management, classification, and insight engine market, continuing to provide a range of solutions to clients. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. The relationship between the two companies developed in 2017, with Netwrix integrating a portion of Concept Searchings technology into its Netwrix Auditor product. The technology integration and partnership were successful. As a result, Netwrix acquired Concept More

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Hillicon Valley Presented by AT&T Google CEO gets grilling before Congress | Pressure builds for election security bill | Trump to target China over IP theft | Experts warn cyber criminals growing more brazen "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Welcome to Hillicon Valley, The Hill's newsletter detailing all you need to know about the tech and cyber news from Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley.Welcome! Follow the cyber team, Olivia Beavers (@olivia_beavers) and Jacqueline Thomsen (@jacq_thomsen...


A10 Networks introduces secure service mesh solution for applications deployed in Kubernetes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A10 Networks released the A10 Secure Service Mesh solution for applications deployed in open-source Kubernetes container environments. The solution provides teams deploying microservices applications with a way to integrate enterprise-grade security and load-balancing with application visibility and analytics. A10s Secure Service Mesh solution protects east-west traffic and transparently encrypts traffic between microservices without requiring changes to those applications. The result is a higher level of security and performance for microservices-based applications. With the Secure Service More

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Trump says he's willing to intervene in Huawei case to close China trade deal "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

President Trump said Tuesday he would intervene in the case involving a top Chinese technology executive if it would help close a trade deal with the country.Trump, who made the comments in an interview with Reuters, also said he would consider...


Firefox 64.0 Released "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Firefox 64.0 is available today as the last major feature update to Mozilla's web browser for 2018...


MakerBot Moves Away From Makers with New Printer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If youve been following the desktop 3D printing market for the last couple years, youre probably aware of the major players right now. Chinese companies like Creality are dominating the entry level market with machines that are priced low enough to border on impulse buys, Prusa Research is iterating on their i3 design and bringing many exciting new features to the mid-range price point, and Ultimaker remains a solid choice for a high-end workhorse if youve got the cash. But one name that is conspicuously absent from a Whos Who of 3D printing manufacturers is MakerBot; despite effectively creating the desktop 3D printing market, today theyve largely slipped into obscurity.

So when a banner popped up on Thingiverse (MakerBots 3D print repository) advertising the imminent announcement of a new printer, there was a general feeling of surprise in the community. It had been assumed for some time that MakerBot was being maintained as a zombie company after being bought by industrial 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys in 2013; essentially using the name as a cheap way to maintain a foothold in the consumer 3D printer market. The idea that they would actually release a new consumer 3D printer in a market thats already saturated with well-known, agile companies seemed difficult to believe.

But now that MakerBot has officially taken the wraps off a printer model they call Method, it all makes sense. Put simply, this isnt a printer for us. With Method, MakerBot has officially stepped away from the maker community from which it got its name. While it could be argued that their later model Replicator printers were already edging out of the consumer market based on price alone, the Method makes the transition clear not only from its eye watering $6,500 USD price tag, but with its feature set and design.

That said, its still an interesting piece of equipment worth taking a closer look at. It borrows concepts from a number of other companies and printers while introducing a few legitimately compelling features of its own. While the Method might not be on any Hackaday readers holiday wish list, we cant help but be intrigued about the machines future.

A Method to the Madness

Method relies heavily on concepts and technology inherited from parent company Stratasys, and bears little resemblance to previous MakerBots or even contemporary desktop 3D printers. It represents the merging of the desktop and industrial 3D printing markets which many assumed would follow MakerBots acquisition, it just took a lot longer to materialize than anyone expected.



HPR2703: Fog of war in Yesod based game "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Duality of the universe: there's true state of the universe used in simulation and there's state the the players perceive. These most likely will always be in conflict. One possible solution is to separate these completely. Perform simulation in one system and record what players see in other. For every type of entity in the game, there's two sets of data: real and reported. Reports are tied to time and faction. Examples are given for planets. Thus, we have Planet, PlanetReport and CollatedPlanetReport. First is the real entity, second is report of that entity tied in time and faction. Third one is aggregated information a faction has of given entity. In database two first ones are: Planet json name Text position Int starSystemId StarSystemId ownerId FactionId Maybe gravity Double SystemPosition starSystemId position deriving Show PlanetReport json planetId PlanetId ownerId FactionId Maybe starSystemId StarSystemId name Text Maybe position Int Maybe gravity Double Maybe factionId FactionId date Int deriving Show Third one is defined as a datatype: data CollatedPlanetReport = CollatedPlanetReport { cprPlanetId :: Key Planet , cprSystemId :: Key StarSystem , cprOwnerId :: Maybe (Key Faction) , cprName :: Maybe Text , cprPosition :: Maybe Int , cprGravity :: Maybe Double , cprDate :: Int } deriving Show Data from database need to be transformed before working on it. Usually it's 1:1 mapping, but sometimes it makes sense to enrich it (turning IDs into names for example). For this we use ReportTransform type class: -- | Class to transform a report stored in db to respective collated report class ReportTransform a b where fromReport :: a -> b instance ReportTransform PlanetReport CollatedPlanetReport where fromReport report = CollatedPlanetReport (planetReportPlanetId report) (planetReportStarSystemId report) (planetReportOwnerId report) (planetReportName report) (planetReportPosition report) (planetReportGravity report) (planetReportDate report) To easily combine bunch of collated reports together, we define instances of semigroup and monoid for collated report data. Semigroup defines an associative binary operation (<>) and monoid defines a zero or empty item (mempty). My explanation about Monoid and Semigroup were a bit rambling, so maybe have a look at which explains it in detail. instance Semigroup CollatedPlanetReport where (<>) a b = CollatedPlanetReport (cprPlanetId a) (cprSystemId a) (cprOwnerId a <|> cprOwnerId b) (cprName a <|> cprName b) (cprPosition a <|> cprPosition b) (cprGravity a <|> cprGravity b) (max (cprDate...


Valve Rolls Out New Steam Play Proton 3.16 Beta, 29 More Games Supported "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new beta relase of Proton 3.16 is now available, the Wine-based software that powers Valve's Steam Play for running many Windows games on Linux...


John Romero Gifts 'Doom' 18 New Levels For Its 25th Birthday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

Ready to feel ancient? The original Doom is 25 years old -- and co-creator John Romero wants to make sure you know it. He's preparing an add-on for the 1993 game, Sigil, that serves as a "spiritual successor" to the classic shooter's fourth episode ("Thy Flesh Consumed") with nine single-player story levels as well as nine multiplayer deathmatch levels. The expansion will be free if you're just looking for some nostalgia-fueled demon slaying, but you can also spend a lot of money on it if you're determined to flaunt your fandom.

[...] Both the new levels and the physical copies are expected to arrive in mid-February.


According to Paul Thurrott, there will be 9 new single players levels and 9 new death match levels released for free but you will need the original DOS game in order to play them. It's planned for mid February so comfortably misses the 25 year anniversary.

"SIGIL is the spiritual successor to the fourth episode of DOOM, and picks up where the original left off."

Original Submission #1   Original Submission #2

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Links 11/12/2018: Tails 3.11, New Firefox, FreeBSD 12.0 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

GNOME bluefish



  • Desktop

    • Best Lightweight Linux Distros for Older Computers

      Dont throw away that old Pentium III tower and CRT monitor just yet! While that old laptop in the closet may not be able to run Windows 10 or macOS Mojave, it doesnt mean its destined for the dump.

      Many Linux distributions are made specifically for utilizing the ancient, underpowered hardware found in older machines. By installing these lightweight distros, you can breathe new life into an old PC thought to be long past its prime. Here are the best lightweight Linux distros that weve picked out from the pile.

    • VirtIO-FS: A Proposed Better Approach For Sharing Folders/Files With Guest VMs

      Red Hat developers have proposed a new VirtIO-FS component to provide better support for shared folders/files between the host and guest virtual machines.

      VirtIO-FS was developed out of the need to share folders/files with guest VMs in a fast, consistent, and secure manner. They designed VirtIO-FS for Kata containers but coud be used with other VMs too. The closest existing project to fulfilling their needs was Virtio-9p, but there were performance issues and other factors l...


China Launches 1st Mission to Land on the Far Side of the Moon "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The first-ever surface mission to the far side of the moon is underway.

Chinas robotic Change 4 spacecraft streaked away from Earth today (Dec. 7), launching atop a Long March 3B rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center at about 1:23 p.m. EST (1823 GMT; 2:23 a.m. on Dec. 8 local China time).

If all goes according to plan, Change 4 will make historys first landing on the lunar far side sometime in early January. The mission, which consists of a stationary lander and a rover, will perform a variety of science work and plant a flag for humanity in a region that remains largely unexplored to date. [Chinas Change 4 Moon Far Side Mission in Pictures].


Huawei executive released on bail in Canada "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A judge in Canada has granted bail to a top executive of the Chinese technology giant Huawei, according to multiple media reports Tuesday.Meng Wanzhou, the tech firm's chief financial officer (CFO), was arrested earlier this month by Canadian...

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Tuesday, 11 December


HPE Servers Powers ABBs Performance and Reliability "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

ABB extends service life, reduces costs of critical process control solutions.

This case study looks at how industrial control and automations solutions leader ABB is using enterprise-class servers built for the edge from HPE OEM Solutions to offer data-driven, innovative solutions. Find out how your manufacturing solutions business can drive industrial innovation and help customers minimize business disruption and lower costs.



ODROID-XU4: Much Better Performance Than The Raspberry Pi Plus USB3 & Gigabit Ethernet @ $60 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Hardkernel recently sent over the ODROUD-XU4 for benchmarking. This ARM SBC that just measures in at about 82 x 58 x 22 mm offers much better performance than many of the sub-$100 ARM SBCs while also featuring dual USB 3.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet, eMMC storage, and is software compatible with the older XU3 ARM SBCs. Here's a look at the performance of the ODROID-XU4 compared to a variety of other single board computers.


Time Magazine Person(s) of the Year 2018: The Media "Guardians" "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

TIME Person of the Year 2018: The Guardians

Every detail of Jamal Khashoggi's killing made it a sensation: the time stamp on the surveillance video that captured the Saudi journalist entering his country's Istanbul consulate on Oct. 2; the taxiway images of the private jets bearing his assassins; the bone saw; the reports of his final words, "I can't breathe," recorded on audio as the life was choked from him.

But the crime would not have remained atop the world news for two months if not for the epic themes that Khashoggi himself was ever alert to, and spent his life placing before the public. His death laid bare the true nature of a smiling prince, the utter absence of morality in the Saudi-U.S. alliance andin the cascade of news feeds and alerts, posts and shares and linksthe centrality of the question Khashoggi was killed over: Whom do you trust to tell the story?

[...] In the Philippines, a 55-year-old woman named Maria Ressa steers Rappler, an online news site she helped found, through a superstorm of the two most formidable forces in the information universe: social media and a populist President with authoritarian inclinations. Rappler has chronicled the violent drug war and extrajudicial killings of President Rodrigo Duterte that have left some 12,000 people dead, according to a January estimate from Human Rights Watch. The Duterte government refuses to accredit a Rappler journalist to cover it, and in November charged the site with tax fraud, allegations that could send Ressa to prison for up to 10 years.

In Annapolis, Md., staff of the Capital, a newspaper published by Capital Gazette Communications, which traces its history of telling readers about the events in Maryland to before the American Revolution, press on without the five colleagues gunned down in their newsroom on June 28. Still intact, indeed strengthened after the mass shooting, are the bonds of trust and community that for national news outlets have been eroded on strikingly partisan lines, never more than this year.

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New Music "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Music Ive bought this month.

jukebox.php?image=micro.png&group=Various&album=%23savefabric+(9) jukebox.php?image=micro.png&group=Laraaji&album=Ambient+3%3A+Day+Of+Radiance jukebox.php?image=micro.png&group=Yoko+Ono&album=Approximately+Infinite+Universe+(1) ...


Re: Multiple telnet.c overflows "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Alan Coopersmith on Dec 11

GNU inetutils telnet is a fork of the original BSD telnet code, but most of
the BSD's seem to have already switched to snprintf a while ago:

with NetBSD as the outlier:...


Patch Tuesday, December 2018 Edition "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Adobe and Microsoft each released updates today to tackle critical security weaknesses in their software. Microsofts December patch batch is relatively light, addressing more than three dozen vulnerabilities in Windows and related applications. Adobe has issued security fixes for its Acrobat and PDF Reader products, and has a patch for yet another zero-day flaw in Flash Player that is already being exploited in the wild.

At least nine of the bugs in the Microsoft patches address flaws the company deems critical, meaning they can be exploited by malware or neer-do-wells to install malicious software with little or no help from users, save for perhaps browsing to a hacked or booby-trapped site.

Microsoft patched a zero-day flaw that is already being exploited (CVE-2018-8611) and allows an attacker to elevate his privileges on a host system. The weakness, which is present on all supported versions of Windows, is tagged with the less severe important rating by Microsoft mainly because it requires an attacker to be logged on to the system first.

According to security firm Rapid7, other notable vulnerabilities this month are in Internet Explorer (CVE-2018-8631) and Edge (CVE-2018-8624), both of which Microsoft considers most likely to be exploited. Similarly, CVE-2018-8628 is flaw in all supported versions of PowerPoint which is also likely to be used by attackers.

It generally cant hurt for Windows users to wait a day or two after Microsoft releases monthly security updates before installing the fixes; occasionally buggy patches can cause serious headaches for users who install them before all the kinks are worked out. Also, its a good idea to get in the habit of backing up your data before installing Windows updates.

Windows 10 likes to install patches all in one go and reboot your computer on its own schedule. Microsoft doesnt make it easy for Windows 10 users to change this setting,...


WaitMaybe the Hippies Werent Right "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Not surprising I suppose, and also goodto have a kind of counter article soon in the same magazine.

A recent proposal about consciousness is fascinatingbut its not science.


Open Hardware Board For Robust USB Power Monitoring "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Weve all seen the little USB power meters that have become popular since nearly every portable device has adopted some variation of USB for charging. Placed between the power source and the device under test, they allow you to see voltage and current in real time. Perfect for determining how long youll be able to run a USB powered device on batteries, or finding out if a USB power supply has enough current to do the business.

Essentially the UPM works in much the same way as the simple USB meters: one side of the device goes towards the upstream power source, and the device under test plugs into the other side. Between the two devices is a 16 bit ADC and differential amplifier which measures the voltage and current. Theres a header on the board which connects to the ADC if you wanted to connect the UPM to an external microcontrolle...


Come to Silicon Valley and Learn to Code for Free "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Thats the promise of 42, a free school for software engineering

The building in Fremont, Calif., looks like your basic tech companya boxy building surrounded by parking lots, with large expanses of glass breaking up the otherwise unadorned exterior. I was there last month to meet with startup Lali in a corner of the building being leased by incubator Hacking House. But once inside; I got very lost. There were no numbered doors, no office suites, no building directory. In fact, most of the 100,000 square feet was basically open, the top floor filled with rows and rows of computers1024 of them, it turned out. My hosts from Hacking House eventually found me, leading me through the forest of desks, to the corner that is their tiny incubator. But what was the rest of this place?

A coding school, I was told, and an arm wave brought over someone affiliated with the operation to fill me in. Eager to tell me more was Jamie Parenteau, corporate relations manager of 42 Silicon Valley, a sister campus to the original 42 in Paris, a grand experiment in free STEM education. Funded by French tech entrepreneur Xavier Niel, the Paris school opened in 2013; the Silicon Valley branch kicked off in 2016.

(As many science fiction fans know, 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, at least according to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.)

And 42the schoolis really free, Parenteau explained. Even housing is included: Besides the school building, 42 owns a nearby dorm that houses 600; the organization had counted on students from the local community to fill the additional slots. Housing, however, has proved to be a bit of a choke point, she indicated. Theres a long list of accepted students waiting for a spot in the dorm right now.


Courseworklearning materials, projects, and testsare online in a gamified format; students are expected to reach out to each other for help when they get stuck. Learning how to ask for help from peersand how to give help themselvesis a big part of the process. There are projects to complete and tests to take at different levels21 in all. It takes about a year to get to Level 7, at which point students can choose to continue in the program at their own pace or start looking for an internship or job....


FBI Investigating Public Comments on Net Neutrality Repeal "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Report: FBI opens criminal investigation into net neutrality comment fraud

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is investigating the use of stolen identities in public comments on the government's repeal of net neutrality rules, BuzzFeed News reported Saturday.

The investigation focuses on "whether crimes were committed when potentially millions of people's identities were posted to the FCC's website without their permission, falsely attributing to them opinions about net neutrality rules," the report said.

"Two organizations told BuzzFeed News, each on condition that they not be named, that the FBI delivered subpoenas to them related to the comments," BuzzFeed wrote.

The FBI subpoenas came a few days after similar subpoenas sent by NY AG Barbara Underwood in mid-October. Underwood "subpoenaed more than a dozen telecommunications trade groups, lobbying contractors, and Washington advocacy organizations," The New York Times reported in October.

Previously: John Oliver Leads Net Neutrality Defenders to Crash FCC Website. Again.
Bot Floods the FCC's Website with Anti-Net Neutrality Comments
FCC Officially Publishes Net Neutrality Repeal
U.S. Officially Repeals Net Neutrality Rules; FOIA Request Reveals Details of Bogus DDoS Attack


Former Canadian diplomat held in China "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A former Canadian diplomat was reportedly detained in China on Tuesday around the same time a Chinese telecom executive appeared in a Vancouver courtroom, but officials said there was no immediate connection between the two cases.The Associated...


Google chief defends company during Capitol Hill grilling "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Google CEO Sundar Pichai defended the internet giant's business practices during a contentious hearing on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.The executive was calm and soft-spoken even as he fielded a storm of questions from lawmakers angry over a host of...


Google CEO responds to Steve King's iPhone concerns: 'Congressman, iPhone is made by a different company' "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Tuesday responded to Rep. Steve Kings (R-Iowa) confusion over why he sees unwelcome news on his iPhone, telling King, Congressman, iPhone is made by a different company.After @SteveKingIA raises inscrutable concerns about...


Firefox 64 released "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Mozilla Blog takes a look at the Contextual Feature Recommender (CFR) in Firefox 64. "Aimed at people who are looking to get more out of their online experience or ways to level up. CFR is a system that proactively recommends Firefox features and add-ons based on how you use the web. For example, if you open multiple tabs and repeatedly use these tabs, we may offer a feature called Pinned Tabs and explain how it works. Firefox curates the suggested features and notifies you. With todays release, we will start to rollout with three recommended extensions which include: Facebook Container, Enhancer for YouTube and To Google Translate. This feature is available for US users in regular browsing mode only. They will not appear in Private Browsing mode. Also, Mozilla does NOT receive a copy of your browser history. The entire process happens locally in your copy of Firefox." The release notes contain more details about this release.


Steve King asks Google CEO for names of employees to see if they're liberals "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) asked Google CEO Sundar Pichai to disclose the names of more than 1,000 employees who work on the search engines algorithm to examine for a built-in bias.There is a very strong conviction on this side of the aisle that...


Dem lawmaker asks Google CEO why Trump's photo shows up when she searches for 'idiot' "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was asked to explain during a congressional hearing Tuesday why photos of President Trump appear when people type the word idiot into the company's search engine."Right now, if you Google the word 'idiot' under images, a...


[$] Large files with Git: LFS and git-annex "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Git does not handle large files very well. While there is work underway to handle large repositories through the commit graph work, Git's internal design has remained surprisingly constant throughout its history, which means that storing large files into Git comes with a significant and, ultimately, prohibitive performance cost. Thankfully, other projects are helping Git address this challenge. This article compares how Git LFS and git-annex address this problem and should help readers pick the right solution for their needs.


Modified F Clamp is Wheely Good "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Sometimes, a job is heavy, messy, or unwieldy, and having an extra pair of hands to help out makes the job more than twice as easy. However, help isnt always easy to find. Faced with this problem, [create] came up with an ingenious solution to help move long and heavy objects without outside assistance.

Simple, and effective.

The build starts with a regular F-clamp  a familiar tool to the home woodworker. The clamp is old and worn, making it the perfect candidate for some experimentation. First off, the handle is given a good sanding to avoid the likelihood of painful splinters. Then, the top bar is drilled and tapped, and some threaded rod fitted to act as an axle. A polyurethane wheel from a childrens scooter is then fitted, and held in place with a dome nut.

The final product is a wheel that can be clamped to just about anything, making it easier to move. [create] demonstrates using the wheelclamp to move a long piece of lumber, but we fully expect to see these on the shelf of Home Depot in 12 months for moving furniture around the house. With a few modifications to avoid marring furniture, these clamps could be a removalists dream.

While youre busy hacking your tools,...


These useless quirks of evolution are actually evidence for the theory "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I guess I just feel like venting for a moment So here goes

Why are humans the only animals with chins?


Group-IB identifies leaked credentials of 40,000 users of government websites in 30 countries "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Group-IB, an international company that specializes in preventing cyberattacks, has detected more than 40 000 compromised user credentials of online government services in 30 countries around the world.

Most of the victims were in Italy (52%), Saudi Arabia (22%) and Portugal (5%). Users data might have been sold on underground hacker forums or used in targeted attacks to steal money or exfiltrate sensitive information. CERT-GIB (Group-IBs Computer Emergency Response Team) upon identification of this information promptly warned CERTs of the affected countries about the threat so that risks could be mitigated.

Group-IB Threat Intelligence has detected government websites user accounts compromised by cyber criminals in 30 countries. Official government portals including Poland (, Romania (,Switzerland (, the websites of Italian Ministry of Defense (, Israel Defense Forces(, the Government of Bulgaria (, the Ministry of Finance of Georgia (,Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Romania and Italyand many other government agencies were affected by the data compromise.

Government employees, military and civilian citizens who had accounts on official government portals of France (, Hungary ( and Croatia ( became victims of this data compromise. In total Group-IB Threat Intelligence system has detected more than 40 000 comprised user accounts of the largest government websites in 30 countries across the world over the past year and a half Italy (52%), Saudi Arabia (22%) and Portugal (5%) were aff...


Chinese Gene-Editing Scientist's Project Rejected for WHO Database (Plus: He Jiankui is Missing) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

China gene-editing scientist's project rejected for WHO database (original)

A Chinese branch of the World Health Organization has withdrawn an application to register He Jiankui's project in its clinical database. The move comes after China's government halted He's work, saying it would take a "zero tolerance attitude in dealing with dishonorable behavior" in research.

He has faced a global backlash after claiming to have produced the world's first gene-edited babies in a bid to make them HIV-resistant. The project drew international criticism for its lack of transparency, with health officials and other scientists concerned that it raises ethical questions that will taint other work in the field.

The application to enter the database of the Chinese Clinical Trial Registry was rejected because "the original applicants cannot provide the individual participants' data for reviewing," according to the registry's website.

[...] He's whereabouts are still unknown. Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily cited unnamed sources earlier this month that the researcher was put on house arrest by his university, Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, but representatives of the university and He's lab both declined to comment.

takyon: Several news organizations reported on Dec. 3 that He Jiankui was missing.

Previously: Chinese Scientist Claims to Have Created the First Genome-Edited Babies (Twins)
Furor Over Genome-Edited Babies Claim Continues (Updated)

Original Submission

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New Comodo Cybersecurity services address mounting SMB cyberattacks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Comodo Cybersecurity, a global leader in threat intelligence and malware cyberdefense, today introduced new managed security services in response to mounting cyberattacks on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as well as state and local government and education organizations (SLEDs). cWatch MDR SOCaaS is a platform for the future, built the SOC using NIST and CSF with remote access for your security to benefit without the huge costs A staggering 58 percent of all malware attack More

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Linux Kernel Developers Discuss Dropping x32 Support "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It was just several years ago that the open-source ecosystem began supporting the x32 ABI, but already kernel developers are talking of potentially deprecating the support and for it to be ultimately removed...


Multiple telnet.c overflows "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Hacker Fantastic on Dec 11

Original advisory is here -

GNU inetutils <= 1.9.4 telnet.c multiple overflows
GNU inetutils is vulnerable to a stack overflow vulnerability in the
client-side environment
variable handling which can be exploited to escape restricted shells
on embedded devices.
Most modern browsers no longer support telnet:// handlers, but in...


Hardwood Floors, Natural Light and the Right to Choose Your ISP "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Your landlord is prohibited from making deals that restrict you to a single video provider, and those prohibitions should apply to your broadband service as well. Yet, across the country, tenants remain locked into a single choice. In January of 2017, San Francisco became the first city to take action toward filling in the loopholes that enable anti-competitive practices. Will 2019 see more cities adopting similar protections?

Large Corporate ISPslooking to lock out competitionhave created a market of landlord addiction to practices that take advantage of these loopholes in the FCCs prohibition on exclusive access agreements, by simply denying physical access to any but their preferred ISP. These owners and Real Estate Investment Trusts may charge prohibitive Door Fees, participate in ISP revenue sharing schemes, or enter into exclusive marketing agreements. While ostensibly legal, these practices often result in the same lack of choice, and disincentivization of innovation, the FCC intended to curtail.

Xfinity Revenue Sharing Scheme

Proposed revenue share for building owners. Image Source: Wired

Along with EFF, residents, community groups, and local ISPs are already looking to break this corporate ISP stranglehold in neighboring Oakland. Media Alliance Executive Director, Tracy Rosenberg notes Letting tenants use their choice of providers creates better services for all by forcing the big companies to compete. It prevents them from tying up the market by crafting exclusive deals with big landlords. Rosenberg adds that It can also let you put your values into action by getting Internet services from companies that agree to abide by net neutrality, or have better data privacy practices and don't sell your data or voluntarily respond to government information requests.

Letting tenants use their choice of providers creates better services for...


Dem knocks GOP colleagues: Blame 'yourself' for unfavorable Google search results "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) on Tuesday compared positive and negative Google search results for two GOP lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee to rebut claims that the search engine is biased against conservatives.Lieu compared...


Julius Lilienfeld and the First Transistor "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Heres a fun exercise: take a list of the 20th centurys inventions and innovations in electronics, communications, and computing. Make sure you include everything, especially the stuff we take for granted. Now, cross off everything that cant trace its roots back to the AT&T Corporations research arm, the Bell Laboratories. Wed wager heavily that the list would still contain almost everything that built the electronics age: microwave communications, data networks, cellular telephone, solar cells, Unix, and, of course, the transistor.

But is that last one really true? We all know the story of Bardeen, Brattain, and Shockley, the brilliant team laboring through a blizzard in 1947 to breathe life into a scrap of germanium and wires, finally unleashing the transistor upon the world for Christmas, a gift to usher us into the age of solid state electronics. Its not so simple, though. The quest for a replacement for the vacuum tube for switching and amplification goes back to the lab of  Julius Lilienfeld, the man who conceived the first field-effect transistor in the mid-1920s.

Vacuums and Emissions

Julius Edgar Lilienfeld. Source: Emilio Segre Visual Archives, Physics Today Collection via the Computer Hsitory Museum.

Youd expect big things from a physicist whose Ph.D. advisor was...


Create animated 2019 on terminal "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The above animation can be generated on the termnal using the following script.


Apps on smartphones are selling and sharing our location data 24/7 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

Its no surprise that the apps we download on our smartphones are tracking our movements and also transferring the information to third parties without our consent. Last year it was Google caught collecting location data of Android users even if their devices location service was off then the Gay dating app Grindr, Facebook and the fitness app by []

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NASA Finds Evidence of Water on Asteroid Bennu "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft, which "arrived" at the asteroid Bennu on December 3 but has been slowly approaching it for weeks, has found evidence of Bennu's interaction with liquid water in the past:

In a conference today, scientists announced that OSIRIS-REx has found evidence of hydrated minerals on the surface of Bennu using its on-board spectrometers - tools used to determine the exact chemical composition of a specific spot.

That means "evidence of liquid water" in Bennu's past, according to Amy Simon, the scientist overseeing OSIRIS-REx's spectral analysis.

"To get hydrated minerals in the first place, to get clays, you have to have water interacting with regular minerals," says Simon. "This is a great surprise."

And they're abundant, too. There's "strong convincing, evidence that the surface is dominated by these hydrated minerals," according to Dante Lauretta, leader of OSIRIS-REx's sample return mission, leading the team to believe Bennu is "water rich".

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Google CEO: No current plans to launch search engine for China "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Google CEO Sundar Pichai downplayed the controversy over the company's work on a search engine for China, telling lawmakers repeatedly Tuesday that there were no plans to launch the project.Pichai would only describe the program as an internal...


The Geminid meteor shower is coming to a sky near you Thursday night "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Theres a cool doubleheader in outer space this week: In addition to the fly-by of comet 46P/Wirtanen over the weekend, the often spectacular Geminid meteor shower will also make its annual appearance Thursday.

With hundreds of meteors streaking across the night sky, the Geminids are often the best meteor shower of the year. The reliable Geminid shower counts as one of the years best, peppering the nighttime sky with 50120 meteors per hour at its peak, noted

More good news: The crescent moon will set around 10:30 p.m., leaving the rest of the night moon-free, said. Observers under a clear dark sky can expect to see an average of two per minute.


Zoho ManageEngine OpManager 12.3 before Build 123237 has XSS via the domainController API. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Murat Aydemir on Dec 11

Zoho ManageEngine OpManager 12.3 before Build 123237 has XSS via the
domainController API.



20/11/18 Vulnerability discovered
20/11/18 Vendor contacted
06/12/2018 OPManager replay that they fixed



[SECURITY] [DSA 4353-1] php7.0 security update "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Moritz Muehlenhoff on Dec 11

Debian Security Advisory DSA-4353-1 security () debian org Moritz Muehlenhoff
December 10, 2018

Package : php7.0
CVE ID : CVE-2018-14851 CVE-2018-14883...


US to condemn China over alleged economic espionage: report "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Trump administration is reportedly set to condemn China this week over economic espionage and hacking campaigns, a move that would likely increase tensions between the two countries amid a trade war truce.The Washington Post reported Tuesday...


Google CEO Sundar Pichai Testifies Before Congress "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

LIVE: Google CEO Sundar Pichai testifies before Congress on the companys data collection practices.


Number of Filings at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) Highest in Almost Two Years "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Objections (post-grant) to particular US patents

Andrei IancuSummary: Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) inter partes reviews (IPRs), which typically invalidate software patents by citing 35 U.S.C. 101, are withstanding negative rhetoric and hostility from Iancu (on the right)

IMPROVING the quality of US patents would improve their overall value. Maybe not revenue of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), but its not a corporation and it has no shareholders.

Michael Loney has just crunched some numbers and it looks encouraging. PTAB is, in the simplest of terms, some entity you can tell, hey, this patent is rubbish, invalidate it already! And they do. So this highest filing level (in nearly 2 years) is good news for patents quality:

Novembers 230 petitions filed at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board was the highest monthly figure since January 2017, while the newly-formed Precedential Opinion Panel will address issue joinder

Challengers flocked to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) in November, with 230 petitions filed. This was the largest monthly figure since the 246 petitions in January 2017.

Unhappy about 35 U.S.C. 101, Watchtroll is attacking SCOTUS again. This is from yesterday. Theyre totally losing their minds and their business (litigation). The writer this time is Eric Guttag, who boasts private intellectual [sic] property [sic] law experience on patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret (what he actually means by IP). It was only yesterday that...


Seedworm APT Group targeted more than 130 victims in 30 organizations since Sept "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Seedworm APT Group has targeted more than 130 victims in 30 organizations since September including NGOs, oil and gas, and telecom businesses.

According to a new research conducted from Symantecs DeepSight Managed Adversary and ThreatIntelligence (MATI) team, the Seedworm APT group, aka MuddyWater, is rapidly evolving and extended its targets to the telecom, IT services, and oil and gas industries.

The first MuddyWater campaign was observed in late 2017, then researchers from Palo Alto Networks were investigating a mysterious wave of attacks in the Middle East.

The experts called the campaign MuddyWater due to the confusion in attributing these attacks that took place between February and October 2017 targeting entities in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Georgia, India, Pakistan, Turkey, and the United States to date.

In September 2018, experts from Symantec found evidence of Seedworm and the espionage group APT28 on a computer in the Brazil-based embassy of an oil-producing nation. 

We not only found the initial entry point, but we were able to follow Seedworms subsequent activity after the initial infection due to the vast telemetry Symantec has access to via its Global Intelligence Network. Because of this unique visibility, our analysts were able to trace what actions Seedworm took after they got into a network.

Seeing two active groups piqued our interest and, as we began pulling on that one string, we found more clues that led us to uncover new information about Seedworm. reads the analysis published by Symantec.

The experts were able to gather further information on the group, of the 131 victims hit from mid-September to late November 2018, 39% were in Pakistan,14% in Turkey, 8% in Russia, and 5% in Saudi Arabia.

Most of the targets were in the telecommunications and IT services sectors.



Google Gets a Slap on the Wrist For Site-Blocking Failures "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Last year, Russian introduced new legislation that can see search engines fined for offering links to VPNs and other anonymizers that have been banned in the country. Fines can also be issued to search engines that fail to connect to a resource offering up-to-date information on what domains should be rendered inaccessible.

This database (known as FGIS), should have been utilized by Google, but for reasons that remain unclear, the US-based search giant didnt want to play ball.

Several weeks ago, local telecoms watchdog Roscomnadzor contacted Google with a demand that it should immediately connect to the FGIS blacklist. Google still did not comply, placing the company in breach of federal law.

That left Google exposed to a potential administrative fine of between 500,000 and 700,000 rubles (US$7,545 to US$10,563). A further demand insisted that it should connect to the FGIS database by today.

Despite a meeting between Deputy Head of Roscomnadzor Vadim Subbotin and Doron Avni, Googles Director of Public Policy & Government Relations for Europe, Middle East & Africa Emerging Markets, which took place in Moscow last month, todays deadline wasnt met.

Roscomnadzor announced this morning that as a result of the continued breach, it had considered the merits of an administrative violation against Google. Since the company had not responded as required, despite having the rules repeatedly explained, a fine had been imposed.

Failure to comply with these requirements constitutes an administrative offense (Part 1 of Article 13.40 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation). The sanction of this article provides for a legal fine in the amount of from 500 to 700 thousand rubles, a Roscomnadzor statement reads.

While fines are never welcome, the watchdog fined Google just 500,000 rubles (US$7,545). This is the lowest amount that can be handed down under existing laws.

While the dispute was ongoing, Google said that it was in constant contact with Roscomnadzor and was ready for discussion and negotiation, including action to ensure it complies with Russian legal requirements moving forward. Why connecting to Russias FGIS database didnt happen as required remains unclear.

Early November, major rightsholders and tech companies in Russia...


Hertz to use biometric scans for some rental car pickups "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Hertz announced Tuesday that it will begin allowing some rental car drivers to use biometric scans to pick up their vehicles.The rental car company is teaming up with Clear, which makes biometric screening kiosks found at many airports,...


How developments in Quantum Computing could affect cryptocurrencies "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

by Eloisa Marchesoni

Today, I will talk about the recent creation of really intelligent machines, able to solve difficult problems, to recreate the creativity and versatility of the human mind, machines not only able to excel in a single activity but to abstract general information and find solutions that are unthinkable for us. I will not talk about blockchain, but about another revolution (less economic and more mathematical), which is all about computing: quantum computers.

Quantum computing is not really new, as we have been talking about it for a couple of decades already, but we are just now witnessing the transition from theory to realization of such technology. Quantum computers were first theorized at the beginning of the 1980s, but only in the last few years, thanks to the commitment of companies like Google and IBM, a strong impulse has been pushing the development of these machines. The quantum computer is able to use quantum particles (imagine them to be like electrons or photons) to process information. The particles act as positive or negative (i., the 0 and the 1 that we are used to see in traditional computer science) alternatively or at the same time, thus generating quantum information bits called qubits, which can have value either 0 or 1 or a quantum superposition of 0 and 1.


Searching for the Perfect Artificial Synapse for AI "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Researchers tried out several new devices to get closer to the ideal needed for deep learning and neuromorphic computing

Whats the best type of device from which to build a neural network? Of course, it should be fast, small, consume little power, have the ability to reliably store many bits-worth of information. And if its going to be involved in learning new tricks as well as performing those tricks, it has to behave predictably during the learning process.

Neural networks can be thought of as a group of cells connected to other cells. These connectionssynapses in biological neuronsall have particular strengths, or weights, associated with them. Rather than use the logic and memory of ordinary CPUs to represent these, companies and academic researchers have been working on ways of representing them in arrays of different kinds of nonvolatile memories. That way, key computations can be made without having to move any data. AI systems based on resistive RAM, flash memory, MRAM, and phase change memory are all in the works, but they all have their limitations. Last week, at the IEEE International Electron Device Meeting in San Francisco, researchers put forward some candidates that might do better.

IBMs latest entrant as the basis of the perfect synapse is called electrochemical RAM. Like phase change memory or RRAM, it stores information as a change in its conductance. But unlike those two, which are usually built to achieve two or a few states, ECRAM is built to achieve dozens or even hundreds.

A box-shaped diagram of an ECRAM cell has four layers. Illustration/Image: IBM Writing to an ECRAM cell drives lithium ions into or out of a tungsten trioxide channel. Reading involves measuring the conductance of the channel.

The ECRAM cell looks a bit like a CMOS transistor. A gate sits atop a dielectric layer, which covers a semiconducting channel and two electrodes, the source and drain. However, in the ECRAM, the dielectric is lithium phosphorous oxynitride, a solid-state electrolyte used in experimental thin-film lithium-ion batteries. In an ECRAM, the part that would be the silicon channel in a CMOS transistor is made from tungsten trioxide, which is used in smart windows, among other things.

To set the level of resistancethe synapses weight in neural networks termsyou pulse a current across the gate and source electrodes. When this pulse is...

Off Road Vehicle has Six Wheels and Fluid Power "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

What has six wheels and runs on water? Azaris  a new off-road vehicle prototype from Ferox. Azaris has a rocker suspension modeled after the one on the Mars rover. The problem is, linking four drive wheels on a rocker suspension would be a nightmare. The usual solution? Motors directly in the wheels. But Ferrox has a different approach.

The vehicle has a conventional BMW motorcycle engine but instead of driving a wheel, it drives a pump. The pump moves fluid to the wheels where something similar to a water wheel around the diameter of the wheel causes rotation. The fluid is mostly water and the pressure is lower than a conventional hydraulic system. Auto Times has a video of some stills of the prototype and you can see it below. We havent actually seen it in motion, unfortunately.

According to media reports, the pressure runs from 200 to 1,000 PSI which is a lot lower than in a conventional system. The motorcycle engine provides 100 horsepower and could be replaced by an electric motor if desired. They also quote the motors as being 98 percent efficient, although we think that means considering the energy in the water pumps output to the wheels energy, not the thermal efficiency starting with the motor, as an internal composition engine is doing great to accomplish 50% efficiency.

The selling point is that you can drive wheels using a liquid drivetrain that is supremely flexible. This allows you to do things like the rover-style suspension that would ordinarily require heavy motors in the wheels. The liquid motors are about 24 pounds each. Equivalent electric motors could weigh up to 66 pounds. The motorcycle engine doesnt even max out the amount of power the wheels could deliver, so theres room to grow.

These are prototypes and not for sale at the moment, unfortunately. They are simply to showcase Ferox technology. We couldnt help but wonder if anyone has tried a similar scheme for a robot or other hacker drivetrain?

Weve seen water power charging a cell phone, but thats hardly the same thing. We also saw some pretty conventional but tiny hydraulics in this model excavator. The idea is the same though. Use hydraulics to move something with a remote motor.



Understanding Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is an intermediate stage between the expected cognitive decline of normal aging and the more-serious decline of dementia. It can involve problems with memory, language, thinking, and judgment that are greater than normal age-related changes.

If you have mild cognitive impairment, you may be aware that your memory or mental function has slipped. Your family and close friends also may notice a change. But generally these changes arent severe enough to significantly interfere with your day-to-day life and usual activities.

Mild cognitive impairment may increase your risk of later progressing to dementia, caused by Alzheimers disease or other neurological conditions. But some people with mild cognitive impairment never get worse, and a few eventually get better.


Scientists just created tiny specs of ultra-hot early universe matter "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder have been able to create what they call tiny droplets of the ultra-hot matter that once filled the early universe. The matter they created formed th


The source of stem cells points to two proteins "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Mammalian embryos are unlike those of any other organism as they must grow within the mothers body. While other animal embryos grow outside the mother, their embryonic cells can get right to work accepting assignments, such as head, tail or vital organ. By contrast, mammalian embryos must first choose between forming the placenta or creating the baby.


Apollo 8: A Story of Christmas Around The Moon "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

50 years ago this Christmas, we orbited the Moon for the first time. 1 out of every 4 people on Earth watched the crews broadcast on Christmas Eve. This is the story of Apollo 8:


Researchers Reveal Inner Workings of the Proteasome "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Researchers from Scripps Research have discovered how the proteasome, which is made of protein complexes in the cell that breaks down damaged and unwanted proteins, converts energy into motion to unfold target proteins for recycling.

What is the proteasome?

The proteasome is a protein complex whose job is to break down and recycle proteins that have become damaged or are no longer required. It achieves this via a process called proteolysis, a chemical reaction that breaks the peptide bonds, thus allowing the target protein to be destroyed and broken down into its constituent parts, which become ready to be reused to make new proteins. The enzymes that facilitate this recycling process are known as proteases.


With Brexit in a Lot of Headlines Team UPC Takes the Unitary Patent Lies up a Notch "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Bristows EPO

Summary: Misinformation continues to run like water; people are expected to believe that the UPC, an inherently EU-centric construct, can magically come to fruition in the UK (or in Europe as a whole)

THE lies told by Team UPC are nowadays pathetic. The European Patent Office (EPO) seems more reluctant to lie after Antnio Campinos started his term, so the EPO basically says almost nothing.

Funnily enough, even the biggest liars have been mostly silent. Bristows LLP, for instance, barely posts anything on the matter (since the summer) and when Alan Johnson mentioned the UPC a few days ago it wasnt even about the UPC but about SPCs. It seems as though his employer is now paying to spread its nonsense elsewhere (from its marginalised blog that is barely active anymore). We took note of it at the time.

They dont want people to publicly call them liars (even implicitly) when they lie. They believe that massively repeating the lies ad infinitum will help these lies stick and thereby shape perceptions. At the same time they attack their critics, albeit only anonymously.An article by Alistair Maughan, Wolfgang Schnig, Sana Ashcroft, Robert Grohmann and Jana Fuchs (Morrison & Foerster LLP) promoted the same old UPC myths earlier this week. UPC was also mentioned here yesterday. They dont seem to care about facts. Its just that same old nonsense about Britain joining something that does not even exist and that it cannot technically join anyway. Team UPCs Wouter Pors wrote about it first thing in the morni...


Security updates for Tuesday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security updates have been issued by Debian (php7.0), Fedora (keepalived, kernel, kernel-headers, kernel-tools, mingw-uriparser, and uriparser), openSUSE (pdns-recursor), Oracle (kernel), SUSE (compat-openssl098, glibc, java-1_8_0-ibm, kernel, opensc, python, python-base, python-cryptography, python-pyOpenSSL, samba, and soundtouch), and Ubuntu (cups).


Form-Fitting, Nanoscale Sensors Now Make Sense "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

Form-fitting, nanoscale sensors now make sense

What if a sensor sensing a thing could be part of the thing itself? Rice University engineers believe they have a two-dimensional solution to do just that.

Rice engineers led by materials scientists Pulickel Ajayan and Jun Lou have developed a method to make atom-flat sensors that seamlessly integrate with devices to report on what they perceive.

Electronically active 2D materials have been the subject of much research since the introduction of graphene in 2004. Even though they are often touted for their strength, theyre difficult to move to where theyre needed without destroying them.

The Ajayan and Lou groups, along with the lab of Rice engineer Jacob Robinson, have a new way to keep the materials and their associated circuitry, including electrodes, intact as theyre moved to curved or other smooth surfaces.

The results of their work appear in the American Chemical Society journal ACS Nano.

Original Submission

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Watch live: Google CEO testifies before House Judiciary Committee "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Google CEO Sundar Pichai testifies before the House Judiciary Committee on the company's data collection, use and filtering practices Tuesday morning.Watch the live video above.


Gene study unravels redheads mystery "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Eight genes linked to red hair have been discovered by scientists, helping to shed light on how redheads inherit their distinctive locks.

The Edinburgh University-led research has been described as the largest genetic study of hair colour to date.

It had been thought red hair was controlled by a single gene, MC1R, with versions passed on from both parents.


An Initial Look At The Intel Iris Gallium3D Driver Performance "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

One of the most exciting developments in the open-source Intel driver space this year was the Iris Gallium3D driver taking shape as what's destined to eventually succeed their "classic" i965 Mesa driver. With Iris Gallium3D maturing, here's a look at how the performance currently stacks up to their mature OpenGL driver.


DAV1D v0.1 AV1 Video Decoder Released "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Out today is DAV1D as the first official (v0.1) release of this leading open-source AV1 video decoder...


Trump Commits to $750 Billion U.S. Defense Budget a Week After Saying $717 Billion Is Crazy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Drain the swamp. Mmm hmm. Via: Independent: President Donald Trump has backtracked on his proposal to shrink military spending, instead agreeing to Defence Secretary Jim Mattis request for a $750 billion budget for the upcoming 2019 fiscal year. Last week, Mr Trump tweeted that a $716 billion Defence Department budget is crazy. The following day, []


Alex Jones heckles Google CEO heading into House hearing "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones heckled Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Tuesday as the tech executive made his way to a House committee hearing on alleged political bias in Silicon Valley.Jones followed Pichai down the hallway as Pichai ...


Get the Skills You Need to Monitor Systems and Services with Prometheus "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Get the Skills You Need to Monitor Systems and Services with Prometheus


The EPO Not Only Abandoned the EPC But Also the Biotech Directive "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Like outlaws still run the Office

Topi France

Topi letter

Summary: Last weeks decision (T1063/18, EPO Technical Board of Appeal 3.3.04) shows that theres still a long way to go before the Office and the Organisation as a whole fulfil their obligation to those who birthed the Organisation in the first place

EUROPEAN Patents (EPs) which threaten lives and software patents that are EPs were mentioned in our last post. How far is Antnio Campinos willing to go? How far will Iancu at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) go?

How about patents on life itself?

It is widely known that this subject is controversial, by which we mean on one side we have large corporations like Monsanto and on the other side virtually everyone else, i.e. the public (those not striving to own all lives using bizarre patents).

Last week there was some disturbing development/news which made one wonder if judges had been having dinners at Bayer or something like that. There has been no word on this decision from the EPOs Twitter account, which has been unusually quiet lately (the past few days). Those who covered the decision have been almost without exception patent maximalists; the same goes for comments. Apparently all that matters is how much they can profit from it, not how much sense it actually makes. Miquel Monta wrote about this yesterday (The Political Dimension of Tomatoes, Broccoli and Peppers); its about the incredible stance of the European Patent Offices (EPO) Board of Appeal (BoA), which decided that patents on seeds, pigs, plants etc. are acceptable as if people invented these. Does the EPC not matter anymore?

Heres a new comment on the connection between the EU and the EPO:



Open Letter: Response to Google on Project Dragonfly, China, and Human Rights "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

To: Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive Officer, Google Inc

CC: Ben Gomes, Vice President of Search; Kent Walker, Senior Vice President of Global Affairs; Scott Beaumont, Vice President, Greater China & Korea

December 11, 2018

Dear Mr Pichai,

We are writing to ask you to ensure that Google drops Project Dragonfly and any plans to launch a censored search app in China, and to re-affirm the companys 2010 commitment that it wont provide censored search services in the country.

We are disappointed that Google in its letter of 26 October1 failed to address the serious concerns of human rights groups over Project Dragonfly. Instead of addressing the substantive issues set out in the August letter,2 Googles response along with further details that have since emerged about Project Dragonfly only heightens our fear that the company may knowingly compromise its commitments to human rights and freedom of expression, in exchange for access to the Chinese search market.

We stand with current and former Google employees speaking out over recent ethical scandals at the company, including Project Dragonfly. We wholeheartedly support the message from hundreds of Google employees asking Google to drop Dragonfly in their open letter of 27 November, and commend their bravery in speaking out publicly. We echo their statement that their opposition to Dragonfly is not about China: we object to technologies that aid the powerful in oppressing the vulnerable, wherever they may be.3

New details leaked to the media strongly suggest that if Google launches such a product it would facilitate repressive state censorship, surveillance, and other violations affecting nearly a billion people in China. Media reports state that Google has built a prototype that censors blacklisted search terms including human rights, student protest and Nobel Prize, including in journalistic content, and links users search queries to personal phone numbers.4 The app would also force users to sign in to use the service, track and store location information and search histories, and provide unilateral access to such data to an unnamed Chinese joint venture company, in line with Chinas data localization law allowing the government virtually unfettered access to this information.5

Facilitating Chinese authorities access to personal data, as described in media reports, would be particularly reckless. If such...


'Monopoly man' returns for Google CEO hearing "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

An activist who attends congressional hearings dressed as the mustachioed Monopoly mascot returned to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to attend a hearing with Google CEO Sundar Pichai.  Ian Madrigal sat a few rows behind Pichai during the...


Organs grown in space: Russian scientists 3D-print mouses thyroid on ISS in world first "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Medical research has taken a leap into the future as Russian scientists have managed to grow a mouses thyroid in zero gravity using a 3D bioprinter on the International Space Station (ISS). And human organs may be next in line.

The breakthrough device dubbed Organaut was delivered to the ISS by a Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft on December 3 by Expedition 58.

In what is no longer a plot of a sci-fi movie, the innovative device created a mouses thyroid in zero gravity. And the result was a success. Invitro, whose subsidiary 3D Bioprinting Solutions built the printer, told Ria Novosti: We received photos from space. The camera clearly shows a living construction of a mouses thyroid being assembled.


Answering the mystery of what atoms do when liquids and gases meet "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

How atoms arrange themselves at the smallest scale was thought to follow a drum-skin rule, but mathematicians have now found a simpler solution.

Atomic arrangements in different can provide a lot of information about the properties of materials, and what the potential is for altering what they can be used for.

However, where two materials touch at their interface arise that make predicting the arrangement of atoms difficult.


ABS: Three Plastics in One "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It would be really hard to go through a typical day in the developed world without running across something made from ABS plastic. Its literally all over the place, from toothbrush handles to refrigerator interiors to car dashboards to computer keyboards. Many houses are plumbed with pipes extruded from ABS, and it lives in rolls next to millions of 3D-printers, loved and hated by those who use and misuse it. And in the form of LEGO bricks, it lurks on carpets in the dark rooms of children around the world, ready to puncture the bare feet of their parents.

ABS is so ubiquitous that it makes sense to take a look at this material in terms of its chemistry and its properties. As well see, ABS isnt just a single plastic, but a mixture that takes the best properties of its components to create one of the most versatile plastics in the world.

All for One

Unlike simple plastics such as polylactic acid (PLA), which we discussed earlier, ABS, or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, is a copolymer. That means that instead of linking together a single type of monomer into long chains, multiple different monomers are linked together. In the case of ABS, its three monomers, and theyre all right there in the name acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene.



[$] Measuring container security "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

There are a lot of claims regarding the relative security of containers versus virtual machines (VMs), but there has been little in the way of actually trying to measure those differences. James Bottomley gave a talk in the refereed track of the 2018 Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC) that described work that targets filling in that gap. He and his colleagues have come up with a measure that, while not perfect, gives a starting point for further efforts.


30% of healthcare databases are exposed online "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Despite the fact that electronic health records (EHR) contain extremely sensitive information about individuals, it is shockingly easy for malicious actors to get their hands on them, Intsights security researchers have discovered. It took them some 90 hours to try to gain access to 50 databases used by healthcare organizations and they found that 15 of them (i.e., 30 percent) easily discoverable and accessible to anyone who knows where to look and has a basic More

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Patents on Abstract Things and on Life (or Patents Which Threaten Lives) Merely Threaten the Very Legitimacy of Patent Offices, Including EPO "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Limits are necessary

Low maximum speed

Summary: Patent Hubris and maximalism pose a threat or a major risk to the very system that they claim to be championing; by reducing the barrier to entry (i.e. introducing low-quality or socially detrimental patents) they merely embolden ardent critics who demand patent systems as a whole be abolished; the EPO is nowadays a leading example of it

Disguising/framing bogus, invalid software patents as AI isnt so hard anymore. Antnio Campinos, who has no grasp of the concept (hes not a scientist but a former banker), thinks of the term like its pixie dust that miraculously makes everything innovative.

As IPPro Magazine put it yesterday: According to Khan, the US has seen the most AI-related patents granted, but it is the European Patent Office (EPO) in which he sees some difficulty in terms of filing.

They dont even use the term AI in its classic/traditional sense; they just call almost any clever algorithm or computer AI.He described the EPOs take on the excluded subject matter in its guidelines relation to AI inventions as easy to overcome but warned that the inventive step aspect will be the opposite of that, likening it to pole-vaulting.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) also started to adopt this buzzword more recently, quite likely in pursuit of tricks by which to overcome (at least at the Office) 35 U.S.C. 101 (SCOTUS). They dont even use the term AI in its classic/traditional sense; they just call almost any clever algorithm or computer AI. This is what happens when nontechnical people are put in charge of leadership roles. Law firms run the asylum.

IP Kats Neil Wilkof has just written about...


Google fined in Russia over search results: report "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Russia fined tech giant Google 500,000 rubles, or approximately $7,500, on Tuesday for violating a legal requirement to remove certain entries from its search results, according to Reuters.The fine comes after Moscow declared in November it was...


The Curious Tale of ICANN, Verisign, Claims of Subterfuge, and the $135m .Web Dot-word "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for takyon

The curious tale of ICANN, Verisign, claims of subterfuge, and the $135m .Web dot-word

An ugly struggle over the .Web top-level domain may soon spill into public view again, after one of the companies vying for control of the dot-word demanded an independent review of DNS overlord ICANN's handling of the saga.

More than two years ago, the internet infrastructure industry was agape when an unknown company paid $135m for the rights to sell .web internet addresses: the sum paid was three times the previous record paid for a new dot-word, and seven times the average auction price for a top-level domain.

All that money went directly into the coffers of ICANN, a financial sum that was more than double its annual budget. That was unusual since the vast majority of previous similar dot-word auctions had been decided in private between the bidders themselves with the proceeds split among them.

It soon emerged that the unknown winner a company called Nu Dot Co had been secretly funded by the owner of the dot-com registry, Verisign. But before that information emerged, many in the industry were astonished when Nu Dot Co refused to agree to a private auction and insisted all the money go to ICANN.

Original Submission

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PlayStation Classic hacked to become platform-free console "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Uzair Amir

Retro remake consoles are the preferred targets of hackers and their latest victim is Sonys PlayStation Classic. According to reports, the security of PlayStation Classic is substantially affected by weak cryptography and this is why prominent console hackers including madmonkey1907 and yifanlu managed to exploit the UART serial port to get access to the console []

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Nouveau Lands Initial Open-Source NVIDIA Turing Support - But No GPU Acceleration "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Just in time for the upcoming Linux 4.21 kernel, the developers working on the reverse-engineered, open-source support for NVIDIA GeForce RTX "Turing" GPUs have published their preliminary code. But before getting too excited, there isn't GPU hardware acceleration working yet...


Researchers: Hackers increasingly able to breach cloud services "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Hackers are becoming increasingly able to access and take advantage of vulnerabilities in cloud services, according to a new report published Tuesday.Palo Alto Networkss threat research team Unit 42 found that 29 percent of vendors it worked...


How to install Nvidia driver on CentOS 7 Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I am a new CentOS 7 Linux desktop user. I need to use Nvidia software for my video editing software and other purposes. How do I install the Nvidia driver on CentOS 7 Linux?

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Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and Theyre Not Keeping It Secret "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Bytram

Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They're Not Keeping It Secret

At least 75 companies receive anonymous, precise location data from apps whose users enable location services to get local news and weather or other information, The Times found. Several of those businesses claim to track up to 200 million mobile devices in the United States about half those in use last year. The database reviewed by The Times a sample of information gathered in 2017 and held by one company reveals peoples travels in startling detail, accurate to within a few yards and in some cases updated more than 14,000 times a day.

These companies sell, use or analyze the data to cater to advertisers, retail outlets and even hedge funds seeking insights into consumer behavior. Its a hot market, with sales of location-targeted advertising reaching an estimated $21 billion this year. IBM has gotten into the industry, with its purchase of the Weather Channels apps. The social network Foursquare remade itself as a location marketing company. Prominent investors in location start-ups include Goldman Sachs and Peter Thiel, the PayPal co-founder.

Businesses say their interest is in the patterns, not the identities, that the data reveals about consumers. They note that the information apps collect is tied not to someones name or phone number but to a unique ID. But those with access to the raw data including employees or clients could still identify a person without consent. They could follow someone they knew, by pinpointing a phone that regularly spent time at that persons home address. Or, working in reverse, they could attach a name to an anonymous dot, by seeing where the device spent nights and using public records to figure out who lived there.

Many location companies say that when phone users enable location services, their data is fair game. But, The Times found, the explanations people see when prompted to give permission are often incomplete or misleading. An app may tell users that granting access to their location will help them get traffic informatio...


Homeland Security creates exclusive "Platinum" spy on your neighbors cam-share club "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Image credit: NOLA media group

Looking for that special gift for your family this holiday season? Why not signup for Homeland Security's "Platinum" spy on your neighbors cam-share club.

According to an article in the Advocate, DHS and New Orleans law enforcement have just created a "platinum" spying program that encourages homeowners and business owners to spy on everyone in real-time.

"The New Orleans Police & Justice Foundations SafeCam NOLA program, which allows residents to register their cameras with NOPD, recently launched its platinum program that connects cameras to the Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC). The program debuted in October, and its public launch is among 2019 budget priorities with the citys Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, along with the other surveillance camera expansions."

Remember that dated saying keeping up with the Jones's?  Well DHS has even screwed that up. Because now New Orleans residents can spy on the Jones's in real-time.

Apparently New Orleans was not content with turning "Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street into the largest spying network in the country."

Homeland Security's RTCC SafeCam Platinum program is a disgusting attempt to add exclusivity to spying on your neighbor.

"SafeCam Platinum is an exciting new opportunity to connect your home or business with the City of New Orleans by sharing your public-facing security camera footage directly with the Real Time Crime Center!"

Here's how it works:

Homeowners and business owners have to go to and...


First Pinoy app nominated as global finalist to the NASA Space Apps Challenge "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

MANILA, Philippines Among the 2,729 teams in 200 locations all over the world who participated in the NASA Space Apps Challenge, an app made by Filipino innovators was nominated first time by NASA scientists and experts to become a finalist at the global level. Altogether, they will join the top 25 in competing for the six winners of the biggest hackathon in the universe.

The winning app seeking to communicate scientific data to fishermen even without Internet connection was made by IT professionals Revbrain G. Martin, Marie Jeddah Legaspi, and Julius Czar Torreda from team iNON, which stands for Its now or never. Named ISDApp, from the Tagalog word isda meaning fish, it sends useful information to fishermen such as real-time weather, sunrise and sunset, wind speed, and cloud coverage to plan their fishing activities in catching more fish using the NASA GLOBE Observer app, a data collection from citizen scientists around the world used in concert with NASA satellite data to identify or communicate information, and educating the public about planet Earth. Fishermen will receive SMS notifications from the Amazon Web Services gateway while local government officials would manage their details using a smartphone app connected to the cloud. NASA scientists and experts consider this fisherfolk app made by Pinoys as one of the solutions with the most potential to improve life on Earth or in the universe, therefore nominated as global finalist for Galactic Impact.

The fishermen app won in the local level on Friday-Sunday, October 1921, 2018 at De La Salle University, Malate, Manila, Philippines, in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States of America to the Philippines and PLDT. US Embassy deputy chief of mission John C. Law, PLDT Enterprise Core Business Research and Development head Leandro T. Santos, DOST-Philippine Council for I...


True Transparent Parts from a Desktop 3D Printer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Were no strangers to seeing translucent 3D printed parts: if you print in a clear filament with thin enough walls you can sorta see through the resulting parts. Its not perfect, but if youre trying to make a lamp shade or decorative object, its good enough. You certainly couldnt print anything practical like viewing windows or lenses, leaving clear 3D printing as more of a novelty than a practical process.

But after months of refining his process, [Tomer Glick] has finally put together his guide for creating transparent prints on a standard desktop FDM machine. It doesnt even require any special filament, he says it will work on PLA, ABS, or PETG, though for the purposes of this demonstration hes using the new Prusament ABS. The process requires some specific print settings and some post processing, but the results hes achieved are well worth jumping though a few hoops.

According to [Tomer] the secret is in the print settings. Essentially, you want the printer to push the layers together far closer than normal, in combination with using a high hotend temperature and 100% infill. The end result (hopefully) is the plastic being laid down by the printer is completely fused with the preceding one, making a print that is more of a literal sol...


What to Do If Your iPhone or iPad got stuck on Apple logo? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

There are situations when people have frozen iPhone and iPad on Apple logo during startup.

And, if you are also one of those, then you need not to worry because here in this article we are providing you with the ways to get rid of this Startup loop.

Also Read  How to factory reset an iPhone or iPad?

Why does it occur?

This problem mainly occurs when there is some issue with the operating system or better if we say something is preventing the phone from booting up like normal.

Though its very difficult for a normal user to point out the exact same reason but following are some of the points which might be the reason for its occurrence.

  • Problems while jailbreaking the iPhone

Ways to fix Frozen iPhone or iPad (Stuck on Apple logo)

1. Restart your Device

The first thing you should do to solve this problem is just to restart your device. It may or may not fix the issue, but surely is the simplest way you can try as the first option.

2. Recovery Mode

The second best option you can try is to put your iPhone on a Recovery mode.

To do this you need to connect your iPhone with iTunes then restore the fresh installation of iOS or load a backup of your data to your iPhone.

Recovery mode works well in most cases as compared with the Restart option.

3. DFU Mode

Last but definitely not the least, if you tried all the above-mentioned ways and they havent worked for you then you should try this one.

The term DFU stands for Device Firmware Update.

This mode basically stops your iPhone from booting up all the way so that you can connect it to iTunes for fresh iOS installation.

But before proceeding further one thing to keep in mind is that DFU Mode takes some practice to use as it has few precise steps to follow.



Google decides to kill off Google+ earlier than planned "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Another data leak forces Google to close down Google+ in April 2019

In October this year, we had reported how personal data of hundreds of thousands of Google+ social media users were exposed after a software glitch between 2015 and March 2018. Following the data exposure, Google had decided to shut down Google+ permanently over a span of 10 months.

However, a newly discovered second data leak has now forced Google to shut down much before it has planned. According to the company, a bug in the Google+ API has exposed the data of 52.5 million users, which has compelled the search giant to kill off Google+ in April 2019. The company also added that the bug was fixed within a week of it being introduced.

Weve recently determined that some users were impacted by a software update introduced in November that contained a bug affecting a Google+ API. We discovered this bug as part of our standard and ongoing testing procedures and fixed it within a week of it being introduced. No third party compromised our systems, and we have no evidence that the app developers that inadvertently had this access for six days were aware of it or misused it in any way, David Thacker, VP, Product Management, G Suite said in a blog post.

With the discovery of this new bug, we have decided to expedite the shut-down of all Google+ APIs; this will occur within the next 90 days. In addition, we have also decided to accelerate the sunsetting of consumer Google+ from August 2019 to April 2019. While we recognize there are implications for developers, we want to ensure the protection of our users.

Profile information of Google+ users such as name, email address, occupation, and age were exposed even when their profile was set to not-public. In addition, apps with access to a users Google+ profile data also had access to the profile data that had been shared with the consenting user by another Google+ user but that was not shared publicly. However, no access was given to information such as financial data, national identification numbers, passwords, or similar data typically used for fraud or identity theft.

The company has started notifying consumer users and enterprise customers affected by the bug. Although the platform will shut down for consumer users in April 2019, Google will continue to invest in Google+ for businesses.

We understand that our ability to build reliable products that protect your data drives user trust. We have always taken this seriously, and we continue to invest in our privacy programs to refine internal privacy review processes, create...


Phippy + Cloud Native Friends Make CNCF Their Home "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In 2016, Deis (now part of Microsoft) platform architect Matt Butcher was looking for a way to explain Kubernetes to technical and non-technical people alike. Inspired by his daughters prolific stuffed animal collection, he came up with the idea of The Childrens Illustrated Guide to Kubernetes. Thus Phippy, the yellow giraffe and PHP application, along with her friends, were born.


Three Sentenced For Placing Advertising on Pirate Sites "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

Three Sentenced For Placing Advertising on Pirate Sites - TorrentFreak

While there are several business models that are able to keep pirate sites up and running, advertising is one of the most popular.

With huge amounts of traffic landing on both torrent and streaming platforms, even with low-quality adverts its possible for both site owners and advertising companies to generate decent profits.

Until now, pirate site operators have been the main targets for law enforcement agencies but a recently concluded case in Germany shows that the authorities are prepared to extend their reach when required.

According to Germany-based anti-piracy group GVU, the Leipzig District Court has now sentenced three employees of an Internet advertising agency to prison terms for aiding and abetting copyright infringement.

The investigation was led by the Integrated Investigation Unit Saxony (INES) at the Saxon Attorney Generals Office and supported by the GVU with analysis and insights.

The defendants had brokered advertising space on well-known piracy portals such as or and displayed lucrative banner ads on a large scale, GVU reveals.

In this way, they achieved profits of more than 350,000 euros. They were aware that they were involved with structurally infringing sites, which apparently offered almost exclusively copyrighted files for download and streaming.

The sentences for the trio were considerable, despite not being directly involved in the running of the sites. The manager of the agency received a sentence of one year and eight months, with two programmers each receiving one year and four months in prison. However, since the defendants confessed, all sentences were suspended.

The verdict sets a significant precedent because up to now no advertising agency in Germany has ever been prosecuted for its support of illegal portal sites, GVU concludes.

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How the brains face code might unlock the mysteries of perception "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The view of the world through any primates eyes is funnelled from the retina into the visual cortex, the various layers of which do the initial processing of incoming information. At first, its little more than pixels of dark or bright colours, but within 100 milliseconds the information zaps through a network of brain areas for further processing to generate a consciously recognized, 3D landscape with numerous objects moving around in it.

Doris Tsao mastered facial recognition in the brain. Now shes looking to determine the neural code for everything we see. Doris Tsao mastered facial recognition in the brain. Now shes looking to determine the neural code for everything we see.


How to Learn Kubernetes with Minikube "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

How to Learn Kubernetes with Minikube


We Finally Have Found One Part of The Human Body Not Damaged by Space Travel "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Being in space can have weird and sometimes harmful effects on the human body, and well have to work through those issues if were to make it out to Mars and beyond, and stay healthy.

But it looks like we have finally found one feature of the human body thats untroubled by microgravity and its a part of our all-important immune system.

Based on a study of blood samples from International Space Station (ISS) crew members, a few months in space dont affect B-cell immunity the number of white blood cells in our bodies ready to fight off infection by producing antibodies.


Rapid genetic evolution linked to lighter skin pigmentation in a southern African population "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Populations of indigenous people in southern Africa carry a gene that causes lighter skin, and scientists have now identified the rapid evolution of this gene in recent human history.

The gene that causes lighter pigmentation, SLC24A5, was introduced from eastern African to southern African populations just 2,000 years ago. Strong positive selection caused this gene to rise in frequency among some KhoeSan populations.

UC Davis anthropologist Brenna Henn and colleagues have shown that a gene for lighter skin spread rapidly among people in southern Africa in the last 2,000 years.


Fedora Looks To Build Firefox With Clang For Better Performance & Compilation Speed "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Following the move by upstream Mozilla in switching their Linux builds of Firefox from being compiled by GCC to LLVM Clang, Fedora is planning the same transition of compilers in the name of compilation speed and resulting performance...


"IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Weve recently determined that some users were impacted by a software update introduced in November that contained a bug affecting a Google+ API. wrote David Thacker.

We discovered this bug as part of our standard and ongoing testing procedures and fixed it within a week of it being introduced. No third party compromised our systems, and we have no evidence that the app developers that inadvertently had this access for six days were aware of it or misused it in any way.

The new flaw was introduced with a software update in November and it was discovered during routine testing and quickly fixed by the experts of the company.

Thacker pointed out that the protection of Google users is a priority for the firm and for this reason all Google+ APIs will be shut-down soon.

With the discovery of this new bug, we have decided to expedite the shut-down of all Google+ APIs, Thacker said.

While we recognize there are implications for developers, we want to ensure the protection of our users.

social network Google+

According to Google, the vulnerability affected approximately 52.5 million users, allowing applications to see profile information such as name, occupation, age, and email address even if access was set to private.

Google initially announced plans to shut down Google+ after discove...


Play Tetris at your Linux Terminal "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

After taking the world by storm, Tetris was cloned many, many times. I would suspect you could find a Tetris clone for just about any operating system in any language you looked for. Seriously, go look. There are some fun ones out there.

The version I'm bringing you for today's command-line toy is written in Haskell, and it's one of the better-done versions I've seen, with on-screen preview, score, help, and a clean look.


Activists to Deliver 4 Million Anti Article 13 Signatures to EU Parliament "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In a plenary vote in September, the European Parliament backed the controversial Article 13 proposal, which is part of the EUs copyright reform plans.

Since then, the proposal has been tweaked in an attempt to gain broader support, but thus far the critics have yet to be silenced. That includes rightsholders as well.

Most opposition is generated by anti upload filter activists though. They rallied support from the public through various online campaigns, including a prominent petition hosted on

Yesterday the Stop the censorship-machinery! Save the Internet! petition passed four million signatures, making it one of the largest to be hosted on the platform. With these impressive numbers activists behind the SaveTheInternet campaign hope to make a change.

Tomorrow the SafeTheInternet team will hand over the signatures to copyright rapporteur Axel Voss at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The activists tried to do the same in July when the petition had roughly one million signees. At the time Voss wasnt willing to accept them, but he has agreed to do so tomorrow.

The timing of the handover is not a mere coincidence. Its scheduled a day ahead of the final trilogue meeting, during which lawmakers will try to reach agreement on the final test of Article 13 and other copyright reform proposals.

With the petition, the activists call on Members of the European Parliament to decide against directives such as Article 13 which may hamper freedom of information.

This form of censorship could very soon destroy the cultural normatives of the internet as we know it. The blocking of uploads, in combination with faulty algorithms, will result in so called overblocking lead by the platforms, so that they can avoid legal violations, the campaign website warns.

The latest Article 13 proposal, published by Politico this week, shows that the proposed language has been tweaked further still. Any references to upload filters were long gone, and its now clarified that Article 13 does not impose any monitoring obligation.

In addition, it suggests that platforms will be held liable if they fail to remove content following reports from copyright holders. Optionally, platforms may also be required to make best efforts to prevent these files from being uploaded. A...


The Linux Direct Rendering Manger Subsystem Poised To Have A Second Maintainer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For hopefully helping out with code reviews and getting code staged in a timely manner before being upstreamed to the mainline Linux kernel, Daniel Vetter of the Intel Open-Source Technology Center is set to become a co-maintainer...


ASML Says Fire at Supplier Prodrive Will Lead to Delays Early Next Year "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

AMSTERDAM, Dec 3 (Reuters) - Semiconductor industry bellwether ASML said on Monday a fire at one of its suppliers, electronic components maker Prodrive, would lead to some product delivery delays in early 2019.

The Dutch company, a key supplier to the world's largest computer chip makers, said in a statement it did not expect any change in 2018 deliveries, and it would take several weeks to assess the overall impact to its business.


ASML makes lithography systems, machines which can cost up to 100 million euros each and are used by Samsung, Intel, TSMC and others to help map out the circuitry of semiconductors.

ASML is the only supplier of tech required for the next generation of microchips (see: 7 nm).

Original Submission

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Scientists identify vast underground ecosystem containing billions of micro-organisms "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The team combines 1,200 scientists from 52 countries in disciplines ranging from geology and microbiology to chemistry and physics. A year before the conclusion of their 10-year study, they will present an amalgamation of findings to date before the American Geophysical Unions annual meeting opens this week.

Global team of scientists find ecosystem below earth that is twice the size of worlds oceans.


LLVM's OpenMP Runtime Picks Up DragonFlyBSD & OpenBSD Support "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Good news for those using the LLVM Clang compiler on OpenBSD or DragonFlyBSD: the OpenMP run-time should now be supported with the latest development code...


Biology Lab on Your Christmas List "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

We hope you have been good this year because we have a list to start your own biology lab and not everything will fit into Santas bag (of holding). If you need some last minute goodie points, Santa loves open-source and people who share on our tip line. Our friends at [The Thought Emporium] have compiled a list of the necessary equipment for a biology lab. Chemistry labs-in-a-box have been the inspiration for many young chemists, but there are remarkable differences between a chemistry lab and a biology lab which are explained in the Youtube video linked above and embedded after the break.

If you are preparing to start a laboratory or wondering what to add to your fledging lab, this video is perfect. It comes from the perspective of a hacker not afraid to make tools like his heat block and incubator which should absolutely be built rather than purchased but certain things, like a centrifuge, should be purchased when the lab is mature. In the middle we have the autoclave where a used pressure cooker may do the trick or you may need a full-blown commercial model with lots of space and a high-pressure range.

Maybe this will take some of the mystique out of starting your own lab and help you understand what is happening with a gel dock or why a spectrophotometer is the bees knees. There are a handful of other tools not mentioned here so if this is resonating, it will be worth a watch.


OSIRIS-REx spacecraft already found water on its target asteroid "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The NASA explorers initial discoveries might provide some insight into the early Solar System.


Walmart Testing Robotic Fry Cook "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Yahoo Finance: Walmart (WMT) is in the early stages of testing a kitchen robot assistant named Flippy at its Bentonville, Arkansas, headquarters to see whether or not its the right fit for its in-store delis. Flippy is the worlds first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant powered by artificial intelligence from Miso Robotics, a two-year-old startup. []


Nextcloud 15 released "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Version 15 of the Nextcloud productivity and communications platform is out. New features include Mastodon integration, two-factor authentication, a number of user-interface improvements, and more.


Topology Can Help Us Find Patterns in Weather "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

Topology Can Help Us Find Patterns in Weather

Topologythe study of shapes seems to be all the rage. You could even say that data has shape, and shape matters. Shapes are comfortable and familiar concepts, so it is intriguing to see that many applications are being recast to use topology. For instance, looking for weather and climate patterns.

[...] Thanks to high-performance computing, weather predictions have become both more accurate and more precise (localized) in recent years. While this is true for most weather, it is far less the case for extreme weather events. It turns out that the extreme weather, such as thunderstorms, blizzards, heavy rains, dry spells, and hurricanes, are more challenging to forecast than more ordinary weather. The immediate and tangible benefits of better forecasting of extreme weather better are obvious. Additionally, there are longer-term trends to consider as well. In this vein, puzzling over the apparent supercharging of extreme weather events due to human activity is one of the youngest and most important branches of climate science.

[...] Researchers at the University of Liverpool, working with researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, are exploring the use of topological data analysis for detecting and classifying patterns (shapes) in climate data.

[...] The researchers combined ideas from topological data analysis with machine learning for detecting, classifying and characterizing extreme weather events, such as certain atmospheric rivers. While these researchers were developing their techniques to analyze climate model output, it will have applicability to weather model output as well. They have successfully demonstrated this approach on the Cori supercomputer. Cori, one of the world's dozen most powerful supercomputers, with high performance Intel multicore processors, is operated by the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC).

Researchers have published results showing that their accuracy (up to 90%) is higher than any prior published results for detection and classification of atmospheric rivers. They applied their algorithm to climate models, using data spanning nearly four decades of weather data, including four different spatial resolutions and two different temporal resolutions.



The Top 8 Things to Know About Anti-Aging Research Right Now "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The prospect of intervening in a profound way in human aging is still not seen as credible by the vast majority of thoughtful people around the world,

Heres the Inside Scoop from an Icon in the Longevity Field.


Anxious? Consuming more wild cabbage can improve symptoms, according to a study "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Wild cabbage grows naturally on European coastlines in particular. I also think that it is used as a fodder crop as well.  Here we have additional indication of real medical benefits that surpass what is commercially available in terms of safety at least.

It needs to be readily available and in time it should be easily breed this trait back into our cultivars.

This is good news for all those suffering from anxiety disorders.

Anxious? Consuming more wild cabbage can improve symptoms, according to a study


FBI email chain may provide most damning evidence of FISA abuses ye "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The use of the FISA court to spy was both  criminal abuse, but also seamless.  That surely implies a whole history of past bad acts that no one has looked for yet.  This will be necessary in order to properly rewrite the laws involved.

Claiming this is a one off bad act is not enough and must be guarded against.

In the meantime what is happening is the ongoing process of full disclosure and criminal indictment that is now entering the stage of full tide.  The process is been carefully staged to ensure public understanding is complete.


FBI email chain may provide most damning evidence of FISA abuses yet 


By John Solomon

Opinion Contributor

Just before Thanksgiving, House Republicans amended the list of documents theyd like President Trump to declassify in the Russia investigation. With little fanfare or explanation, the lawmakers led by House Intelligence Committee Cha...


The UNs Bloodless Coup Against the US "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This meme will not stand of course, yet it must emerge as a threat in order to be destroyed. What is clear is that the obvious majority inside the UN is producing this globalist meme and attracting support from the neo NAZI banking elite.

The strategy is as simple as blowing mobs of the uneducated through the borders of the successful nations and hoping the disruption will produce a political advantage to be exploited by fascist political movements. The first round of this strategy blew through Europe producing discord and now blow back. The second round is now halted at the USA border. Had it slightly succeeded, there would be tens of thousands on their way..

What is happening is that the so called progressives are trying to assert global political control through the facility of the UN.  This item shows us just that.  Again blow back is now in full swing and Europe is in full revolt and will soon  join with Russia to impose a Eurocentric hegemony to prevent assaults of social integrity.

They Walk Among Us-They Live Next Door-Many More Are On Their Way-The UNs Bloodless Coup Against the US

The United Nations has ordered Trump to admit all migrants. Further, and shockingly, the UN says it 
will be the global authority by the year 2030. Here are the details of this incredible story of how the 
UN is perpetrating a bloodless coup to take over the United States.

This article is an article which uses original source material from the United Nations related to foreign occupation of America. Its purpose is to illustrate how much trouble America is in and how much danger each and everyone reading these words are in, as well. I felt that the display of abject ignorance of the public related to the lack of urgency on the part of the Trump administration in dealing with substantive issues in a timely fashion needed to be addressed. Trump has done some wonder...


The Psychological Challenges of Just Getting to Mars - Facts So Romantic "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Though space may be the quintessential I.C.E. environment, Musk appears to be aiming to make trips to Marsaspirationally scheduled to commence in 2024as far away from I.C.E.-y as possible.Photograph by NASA

Life outside Earth has its own Hobbesian description: isolated, confined, and extremeor I.C.E. Space is the quintessential ICE environment, according to a 2018 paper, published in American Psychologist. Space includes inhospitable planets like Mars, whose arresting vistas, canyons, and mountains beckon. But only humans sealed inside cumbersome suits, trained to weather such nerve-racking circumstances, can explore them. Just getting to Mars, says Lauren Blackwell Landon, the papers lead author and a behavioral performance researcher at NASA, presents a major challenge. The astronauts will be months away from home, confined to a vehicle no larger than a mid-sized RVthe still-under-development Orion spacecraftfor two to three years, she says. Unlike on the International Space Station, there will be an up to 45-minute lag on communications to and from Earth.

Orion is NASAs answer to the call of deep-space exploration. It will be the safest, most advanced spacecraft ever built, a NASA document states, and it will be flexible and capable enough to take us to a
Read More


Scammers Hit Pirate Game Sites With 'Irreversible' Google Takedowns "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for TheMightyBuzzard

Every single day, rightsholders and their representatives scour the web for references to pirated content, which aren't hard to find. These links are then reported to various online services, such as Google, requesting their operators to remove the allegedly infringing content. This system works well in theory but it's being abused by scam-artists as well.

One of the most recent scams we've seen targets various popular game piracy sites[...] The notices in question are seemingly sent by prominent names in the gaming industry, such as Steam and Ubisoft. However, the sudden flurry of takedown requests appears to be initiated by scammers instead.

[...] The end result of these fraudulent notices is that thousands of URLs have been wiped from Google's search results by what appear to be scammers. In some cases, Google has rejected the requests, but many have been honored.

What certainly doesn't help is that the allegations are not incorrect per se. Pirated games often circumvent DRM. However, the scammy notices are sent out for a different purpose.


Original Submission

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CISO challenges and the path to cutting edge security "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Zane Lackey is the co-founder and CSO at Signal Sciences, and the author of Building a Modern Security Program (OReilly Media). He serves on multiple Advisory Boards including the National Technology Security Coalition, the Internet Bug Bounty Program, and the US State Department-backed Open Technology Fund. Prior to co-founding Signal Sciences, Zane lead a security team at the forefront of the DevOps/Cloud shift as CISO of Etsy. In this interview with Help Net Security he More

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Watch scientists make and explode lava to study volcanoes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

When water and lava collide, youd better get out of the way.

  • by
  • Jackson Ryan


High profile incidents and new technologies drive cybersecurity M&A to record highs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Cybersecurity M&A Market Report from international technology mergers and acquisitions advisors, Hampleton Partners, outlines how high profile hacks, the global digitisation of business and new regulations are driving record transaction volumes and valuations, with 141 completed transactions by October this year, surpassing 2016 and 2017 levels. 2018 has seen nine big ticket deals in excess of $500m from buyers such as Thoma Bravo, Cisco, RELX, AT&T and Francisco Partners, which have generated attention to More

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An integrated approach helps companies improve operational resilience "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By taking a unified approach to managing critical events (i.e. extreme weather, violence, supply chain disruption), businesses can significantly reduce the impact on employee safety, organizational reputation, and revenue, according to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting for Everbridge. According to the study, companies are investing significant resources in sophisticated controls to protect their employees, brand and assets from critical events. These disruptive incidents (ranging from cyberattacks to terrorist activity) increasingly lead to business impacts More

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Guide: 5 Steps to Modernize Security in the DevSecOps Era "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The practices of DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Agile have become common place for some time now among the development and operations teams in most organizations, and now they are surfacing in security teams. This change is rippling across the organization and breaking down silos for software delivery. Teams are delivering APIs, microservices and web applications at faster than ever speeds. But what about security? Even though application security is well into its teenage years, vulnerabilities More

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Researchers say coffee may combat two devastating brain diseases "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The past few years have brought lots of good news for anyone who considers coffee a vice. Scientists have discovered that various compounds in coffee can help fight a number of diseases including Alzheimers, and now a new study is putting even more weight behind the notion that coffee is very good for you.

The work, which was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, suggests that not only does coffee battle Parkinsons but also another incurable brain disease called Lewy body dementia. Conducted by scientists at Rutgers, the study points to the combined effects of caffeine and a fatty acid present in coffee called EHT as potentially playing key roles in disease fighting.


The Future of Tech Will Change Everything From Food to Healthcare "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Advancement in technology will continue to impact the way we work, eat, and even take care of ourselves. A new report from Scientific American takes a look at some of the top emerging technologies that range from the field of biology to computer science. The publications chief science editor Seth Fletcher talked to Cheddar about whats next when it comes to tech.




Googles New AI Is a Master of Games, but How Does It Compare to the Human Mind? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

After building AlphaGo to beat the worlds best Go players, Google DeepMind built AlphaZero to take on the worlds best machine players.


Interfacing Philips Hue Lights With Everything "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Internet of Things is eating the world alive, and we cant buy incandescent light bulbs anymore. This means the Internet is now in light bulbs, and with that comes some special powers. You can turn lights on and off from a botnet. You can change the colors. This is the idea for the Philips Hue system, which is well respected among people who like putting their lights on the Internet. There are other brands and you can make your own but the Hue system does work pretty well.

This is what led [Marius] to create software to interface various electronics with the Hue system. Its a project called diyHue, and already theres a vibrant community of devs creating their own smart lights and connecting them to the Internet.

The software for this project is built in Python, and is designed to run on certain single board computers. This allows the SBC to connect to the Hue bridge so Hue bulbs can be controlled, a MiLight hub so MiLight bulbs can be controlled, or, with the addition of a ZigBee radio, all those ZigBee devices can be controlled. Right now the only thing that doesnt work is Google Home because it requires a remote API, the Home & Away feature from the Hue app (again, remote API), and the Eneco Toon.

There really are a fantastic number of devices this software works with, and if youre building out your Internet-connected home lighting solution, this is one piece of software you need to check out. Thanks to [cheesemarathon] for bringing our attention to this. He also liked it so much hes now contributing to the GitHub. Very cool.


VirtIO-FS: A Proposed Better Approach For Sharing Folders/Files With Guest VMs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Red Hat developers have proposed a new VirtIO-FS component to provide better support for shared folders/files between the host and guest virtual machines...


Dutch Hospitals to Drop U.S. Body Brokers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

From Reuters:

Two major Dutch hospitals say they will stop importing human body parts from American firms, which they have been doing without any regulation for a decade. The hospitals told Reuters in recent weeks they made their decisions on ethical grounds. The move comes amid investigations by U.S. law enforcement into some so-called body brokers - companies that obtain the dead, often through donation, dissect them and sell the parts for profit.

Earlier this year, Reuters reported that one broker under scrutiny by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation - Portland, Oregon-based MedCure - has used a Dutch hub to distribute tens of thousands of kilograms of human body parts across Europe since 2012. U.S. authorities suspect MedCure sold body parts tainted with disease to American and foreign customers, a concern triggered in part by such shipments to Canada and Hong Kong, according to people familiar with the investigation.

[...] One frozen head from Science Care [one of the largest body brokers in America] that passed through Dutch airport customs belonged to a 53-year-old who died in April 2017 after treatment to remove a brain tumor. Although the declared value of the head on the customs form was $25, the going rate for a human head in the U.S. market is currently around $500 [...] Even though the hospitals say they plan to stop using the U.S. suppliers, the business of sending body parts through the Netherlands continues.

Original Submission

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GCC 9 Guts Out The PowerPC SPE Support "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It should come as no surprise since it was deprecated in this year's GCC 8 release, but the PowerPC SPE code has been removed...


Four million Europeans' signatures opposing Article 13 have been delivered to the European Parliament "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Lawmakers in the European Union (EU) often lament the lack of citizen engagement with the complex policy questions that they wrestle with in Strasbourg and Brussels, so we assume that they will be delighted to learn that more than 4,000,000 of their constituents have signed a petition opposing Article 13 of the new Copyright in the Single Market Directive. They oppose it for two main reasons: because it will inevitably lead to the creation of algorithmic copyright filters that only US Big Tech companies can afford (making the field less competitive and thus harder for working artists to negotiate better deals in) and because these filters will censor enormous quantities of legitimate material, thanks to inevitable algorithmic errors and abuse.

Currently, the Directive is in the "trilogue" phase, where European national governments and the EU negotiate its final form behind closed doors. We're told that the final language may emerge as soon as this week, with the intention of rushing a vote before Christmas, despite the absolute shambles that the negotiations have made of the text.

On Monday, a delegation from the signatories officially presented the Trilogue negotiators with the names of 4,000,000+ Europeans who oppose Article 13. These 4,000,000 are in esteemed company: Article 13 is also opposed by the father of the Internet, Vint Cerf, and the creator of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee and more than 70 of the Internet's top technical experts, not to mention Europe's largest sports leagues and film studios. Burgeoning movements opposing the measure have sprung up in Italy and Poland.

With so much opposition, its time for negotiators to recognize there's no hope of...


Voyager 2 has finally entered interstellar space, more than 40 years after its launch "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its pretty cool how NASA knows the spacecraft is in interstellar space.

Its only the second object made by humans to ever reach this distance, following Voyager 1 in 2012.

The long journey: Since launching more than 40 years ago back in 1977, the probe has traveled 11 billion miles to get to cross into interstellar space. While it launched before Voyager 1, its flight path put Voyager 2 on a slower path to reach this milestone.

What does that mean? No, Voyager 2 hasnt left the solar system. Our solar system is huge and goes way beyond its last planet. Instead, it means Voyager 2 has left the heliosphere, the pocket of particles and magnetic fields created by our closest star. Solar wind, the charged plasma particles that come out from the sun, generates this bubble.


TP-Link introduces next-generation routers that support Wi-Fi 6 wireless standard "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

TP-Link unveiled two new WiFi routersthe Archer AX6000 and the Archer AX11000. Both routers support the new 802.11ax wireless standard, also known as Wi-Fi 6. The 802.11ax standard features technologies such as OFDMA, AX MU-MIMO, 160MHz channel and 1024 QAM to improve network capacity and efficiency, aiming to support more devices with faster speed. Archer AX6000: Router for the smart home The Archer AX6000 is TP-Links first 802.11ax WiFi router. It is designed to speed More

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NASAs Newly Arrived OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Discovers Water on Bennu "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Weve discovered water on the asteroid Bennu! Our OSIRIS-REx mission has revealed water locked inside the clays that make up Bennu.

Recently analyzed data from NASAs Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx) mission has revealed water locked inside the clays that make up its scientific target, the asteroid Bennu.

During the missions approach phase, between mid-August and early December, the spacecraft traveled 1.4 million miles (2.2 million km) on its journey from Earth to arrive at a location 12 miles (19 km) from Bennu on Dec. 3. During this time, the science team on Earth aimed three of the spacecrafts instruments towards Bennu and began making the missions first scientific observations of the asteroid. OSIRIS-REx is NASAs first asteroid sample return mission.

Data obtained from the spacecrafts two spectrometers, the OSIRIS-REx Visible and Infrared Spectrometer (OVIRS) and the OSIRIS-REx Thermal Emission Spectrometer (OTES), reveal the presence of molecules that contain oxygen and hydrogen atoms bonded together, known as hydroxyls. The team suspects that these hydroxyl groups exist globally across the asteroid in water-bearing clay minerals, meaning that at some point, Bennus rocky material interacted with water. While Bennu itself is too small to have ever hosted liquid water, the finding does indicate that liquid water was present at some time on Bennus parent body, a much larger asteroid.


Human Rights Groups to Sundar Pichai: Listen to Your Employees and Halt Project Dragonfly "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

EFF, as part of a coalition of over sixty other human rights groups led by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International still have questions for Sundar Pichai, Googles CEO. Leaks and rumors continue to spread from Google about Project Dragonfly, a secretive plan to create a censored, trackable search tool for China. Media reports based on sources from within the company have stated that the project was being readied for a rapid launch, even as it was kept secret even from Googles own security and privacy experts.

These stories undermine the vague answers we were given in previous correspondence. On the eve of Pichai being called before the House Judiciary Committee, we have re-iterated our profound concern, and jointly called upon Google to halt Project Dragonfly completely.

Silicon Valley companies know how dangerous it can be to enter markets without considering the human rights implications of what they do. A decade ago, following Yahoos complicity in the arrest and detention of journalist Shi Tao, and Googles own fumbles in creating a Great Firewall-compatible search service, companies like Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo agreed to work with independent experts in the Global Network Initiative to stave off the use of new technology to conduct human rights violations. Members of the U.S. Congress concerned about Google and other tech companies co-operation with other governments, have been supportive of this open, cautious approach.

But under Pichais leadership, Google appears to have ignored not just outside advice; the company has apparently ignored the advice of its own privacy and security experts. An Intercept article based on statements made by four people who worked on Project Dragonfly noted that Googles head of operations in China shut out members of the companys security and privacy team from key meetings about the search engine and tried to sideline a privacy review of the plan that sought to address potential human rights abuses.

If that desc...


Move Over AlphaGo: AlphaZero Taught Itself to Play Three Different Games "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Move over AlphaGo: AlphaZero taught itself to play three different games

Google's DeepMindthe group that brought you the champion game-playing AIs AlphaGo and AlphaGoZerois back with a new, improved, and more-generalized version. Dubbed AlphaZero, this program taught itself to play three different board games (chess, Go, and shogi, a Japanese form of chess) in just three days, with no human intervention.

A paper describing the achievement was just published in Science. "Starting from totally random play, AlphaZero gradually learns what good play looks like and forms its own evaluations about the game," said Demis Hassabis, CEO and co-founder of DeepMind. "In that sense, it is free from the constraints of the way humans think about the game."

[...] As [chess grand master Garry] Kasparov points out in an accompanying editorial in Science, these days your average smartphone chess playing app is far more powerful than Deep Blue. So AI researchers turned their attention in recent years to creating programs that can master the game of Go, a hugely popular board game in East Asia that dates back more than 2,500 years. It's a surprisingly complicated game, much more difficult than chess, despite only involving two players with a fairly simple set of ground rules. That makes it an ideal testing ground for AI.

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Bootstrapping An MSDOS Assembler With Batch Files "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

You have a clean MSDOS system, and you need to write some software for it. What do you do? You could use debug, of course. But there are no labels so while you can get machine code from mnemonics, youll still need to figure out the addresses on your own. That wasnt good enough for [mniip], who created an assembler using mostly batch files. There are a few .COM files and it looks as if the first time you use debug to create those, but theres also source you can assemble on subsequent builds with the assembler.

Why? We arent entirely sure. But it is definitely a hack. The technique sort of reminded us of our own universal cross assembler sort of.

There are a few things that make this work. First, there are not many 8086 instructions to worry about. Second, you have to use a special format essentially prefixing the op codes with CALL. This keeps the assembler from having to parse op codes. You actually call a batch file with the name of the instruction. For example:


REM H e l l o , w
CALL DB 72 101 108 108 111 44 32 119

That code snippet shows another nuance. You have to CALL LABEL to introduce a label. To use the label in an instruction, you have to surround it with percent signs.

Of course, as a practical matter, you could use gcc to build a proper assembler. But wheres the sport in that?


Asavie joins MaaS360 Community on IBM Security App Exchange "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Asavie has joined IBMs MaaS360 App Exchange ecosystem of partners. Asavie complements IBM MaaS360 to provide enterprises with a defense-in-depth approach to managing their mobile fleet of devices as they seek protection against the increasing variety of mobile threats. Asavie Moda extends the UEM features of IBM MaaS360 with Watson by bringing the security policies into the network, providing real-time visibility, control and security for all data in transit to and from the mobile devices More

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Ayla Networks adds new cellular IoT capabilities to its IoT platform "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Ayla Networks released a new set of capabilities for its IoT platform that makes it easier and more affordable to build IoT solutions that run over any cellular protocol, including low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs) such as Cat-M1 and NB-IoT. Ayla Networks is launching: Four new device agents and modules for embedding cellular connectivity into edge devices: a Linux cellular agent; a cellular portable agent; cellular LPWAN production modules using SimCom and Quectel hardware; and a More

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Google admits Google Plus hit by *another* privacy flaw, speeds up sites closure "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Google has admitted that Google Plus suffered another security failure last month, allowing the personal information of 52 million users to be accessed by third-party apps and developers without permission.


Aspen Mesh beta now available for microservice infrastructures "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As companies move to a model where applications are continuously developed and deployed, they are leveraging microservices to build and manage them. However, this often adds complexity and de-centralizes ownership and control, so companies are employing service mesh technology to ensure resiliency and uptime. Many companies are adopting Istio as their service mesh of choice as it provides a toolbox of different features with a range of microservices capabilities. But some enterprise challenges remain, especially More

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4AD 1983 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Heres 4AD 1983 on Spotity.

1983 is the watershed year for 4AD, when they transition fully from a post-punk label into something much stranger and something that people will still obsess about decades later.

Most important commercially (and musically, for that matter) are the Cocteau Twins releases. The Peppermint Pig single was a major step away from their Garlands sound, and with the Head Over Heels album and the Sunburst and Snowblind EP later that year, everybody started paying attention. Like seriously.

Perhaps symbolically, 4AD releases two five song compilation EPs, saying a final goodbye to Bauhaus and The Birthday Party (and everybody involved with those bands), as well as a five song compilation EP from Modern English, who would leave them the next year.

And look at those covers. Vaughan Oliver/23 Envelope is getting in full swing with those gorgeous typographical covers to the Xmal Deutschland releases, and those vague Cocteau Twins covers, and, erm, the horses fucking Colourbox EP, which is, of course, everybodys favourite.


Pew study: Majority of experts think AI tech will be positive for humans "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A majority of artificial intelligence (AI) experts believe that, by 2030, AI will have had a positive impact on humans, according to a new Pew Research Center study.When asked whether AI will positively impact humans by 2030, the study found that 63...


Supercomputers without Waste Heat "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Supercomputers without waste heat

A collaboration at the University of Konstanz between the experimental physics group led by Professor Elke Scheer and the theoretical physics group led by Professor Wolfgang Belzig uses an approach based on dissipation-free charge transport in superconducting building blocks. Magnetic materials are often used for information storage. Magnetically encoded information can, in principle, also be transported without heat production by using the magnetic properties of electrons, the electron spin. Combining the lossless charge transport of superconductivity with the electronic transport of magnetic information -- i.e. "spintronics" -- paves the way for fundamentally novel functionalities for future energy-efficient information technologies.

The University of Konstanz researchers address a major challenge associated with this approach: the fact that in conventional superconductors the current is carried by pairs of electrons with opposite magnetic moments. These pairs are therefore nonmagnetic and cannot carry magnetic information. The magnetic state, by contrast, is formed by magnetic moments that are aligned in parallel to each other, thereby suppressing superconducting current.

"The combination of superconductivity, which operates without heat generation, with spintronics, transferring magnetic information, does not contradict any fundamental physical concepts, but just nave assumptions about the nature of materials," Elke Scheer says. Recent findings suggest that by bringing superconductors into contact with special magnetic materials, electrons with parallel spins can be bound to pairs carrying the supercurrent over longer distances through magnets. This concept may enable novel electronic devices with revolutionary properties.

[...] "It is important to find materials that enable such aligned electron pairs. Ours is therefore not only a physics but also a materials science project," Elke Scheer remarks. Researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) provided the tailor-made samples consisting of aluminium and europiumsulfide. Aluminium is a very well investigated superconductor, enabling a quantitative comparison between theory and experiment. Europiumsulfide is a ferromagnetic insulator, an important material property for the realisation of the theoretical concept, which maintains its magnetic properties even in very thin layers of only a few nanometres in thickness as used here. Using a scanning tunnelling microscope developed at the University of Konstanz, spatially and energetically resolved measurements of...


GlobeImposter ransomware victims find themselves abandoned by their extortionists "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its a bad day when your computers get hit by ransomware.

But it only gets worse when you realise that you not only dont have backups, but also have no way of contacting the criminals who encrypted your data.


Google CEO to tell Congress he leads company without political bias "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Google CEO Sundar Pichai will tell members of Congress during testimony on Tuesday that he leads Google "without political bias," according to a transcript of his remarks that were released Monday.Pichai is set to testify before the House...


Amazon And Microsoft Claim AI Can Read Human Emotions. Experts Say the Science Is Shaky "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Facial recognition technology is being tested by businesses and governments for everything from policing to employee timesheets. Even more granular results are on their way, promise the companies behind the technology: Automatic emotion recognition could soon help robots understand humans better, or detect road rage in car drivers.

But experts are warning that the facial-recognition algorithms that attempt to interpret facial expressions could be based on uncertain science. The claims are a part of AI Now Institutes annual report, a nonprofit that studies the impact of AI on society. The report also includes recommendations for the regulation of AI and greater transparency in the industry.

The problem is now AI is being applied in a lot of social contexts. Anthropology, psychology, and philosophy are all incredibly relevant, but this is not the training of people who come from a technical [computer science] background. says Kate Crawford, co-founder of AI Now, distinguished research professor at NYU and principal researcher at Microsoft Research. Essentially the narrowing of AI has produced a kind of guileless acceptance of particular strands of psychological literature that have been shown to be suspect.


Hillicon Valley Presented by AT&T NRCC exposes security flaws 2 years after Russia hacks | Google Plus to shut down early | Scathing House report scolds Equifax for breach | McCarthy knocks Google ahead of CEO's hearing "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Welcome to Hillicon Valley, The Hill's newsletter detailing all you need to know about the tech and cyber news from Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley.Welcome! Follow the cyber team, Olivia Beavers (@olivia_beavers) and Jacqueline Thomsen (@jacq_thomsen...


HPR2702: Audacity set up and response to episode 2658 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Hi Guys and Girls in HPR land. This is Tony Hughes in Blackpool in the UK back for another show. I normally talk about my own stuff but while it is related to what I have been doing lately this is a response to Als interview with Dave in Episode 2658 and how to setup Audacity to record and edit audio for best sound quality when podcasting. Ive recently joined the mintCast podcast team and have been editing and doing the post production of the audio recording for the last couple of episodes. The information that Dave provided during the show was invaluable in helping me in this task, I also have to give a shout out to Rob the previous host who also spent an hour and a half giving a tutorial on his post production work flow, but the additional information given by Dave in this show was also a big help. Ive now purchased a boom arm and pop filter for my mic to reduce any artefacts in the recording although as it is still attached to my desk I think I may need to invest in a shock mount although Im not sure how it will attach to my current Boom arm. Ah well thats a problem for another day. As I said this was just a shout out to Al and Dave to say thanks for the show and I will save it for another day to do a show on my new post production work flow on the mintCast audio. This is Tony Hughes saying goodbye for now.


First Light for SPECULOOS Southern Observatory "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

SPECULOOS Project Makes Its First Observations

The SPECULOOS Southern Observatory (SSO) has been successfully installed at the Paranal Observatory and has obtained its first engineering and calibration images a process known as first light. After finishing this commissioning phase, this new array of planet-hunting telescopes will begin scientific operations, starting in earnest in January 2019.

SSO is the core facility of a new exoplanet-hunting project called Search for habitable Planets EClipsing ULtra-cOOl Stars (SPECULOOS), and consists of four telescopes equipped with 1-metre primary mirrors. The telescopes named Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto after the four Galilean moons of Jupiter will enjoy pristine observing conditions at the Paranal site, which is also home to ESO's flagship Very Large Telescope (VLT). Paranal provides a near-perfect site for astronomy, with dark skies and a stable, arid climate.

These telescopes have a momentous task SPECULOOS aims to search for potentially habitable Earth-sized planets surrounding ultra-cool stars or brown dwarfs, whose planetary populations are still mostly unexplored. Only a few exoplanets have been found orbiting such stars, and even fewer lie within their parent star's habitable zone. Even though these dim stars are hard to observe, they are abundant comprising about 15% of the stars in the nearby universe. SPECULOOS is designed to explore 1000 such stars, including the nearest, brightest, and smallest, in search of Earth-sized habitable planets.


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Studies reveal role of red meat in gut bacteria, heart disease development "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

TMAO (trimethylamine N-oxide) a gut bacteria byproduct formed during digestioncan lead to the development of cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks and strokes. TMAO is produced when gut bacteria digest choline, lecithin and carnitine, nutrients that are abundant in animal products such as red meat and liver and other animal products.

In concurrent studies, Cleveland Clinic researchers have uncovered new mechanisms that demonstrate why and how regularly eating red meat can increase the risk of heart disease, and the role gut bacteria play in that process.

The research, led by Stanley Hazen, M.D., Ph.D., builds upon showing TMAO (trimethylamine N-oxide) a gut bacteria byproduct formed during digestioncan lead to the development of cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks and strokes. TMAO is produced when gut bacteria digest choline, lecithin and carnitine, nutrients that are abundant in animal products such as and liver and other animal products.

In a new dietary intervention study published today in the European Heart Journal, the researchers found that a rich in red meat as the primary protein source significantly increases circulating TMAO levels, compared to diets with white meat or non-meat as protein sources. The study showed chronic red meat consumption enhanced the production of TMAO by gut microbes and reduced the kidneys efficiency of expelling it. Both enhanced production and reduced elimination caused by a red meat diet contribute to elevation in TMAO levels, which has been linked to the development of atherosclerosis and heart disease complications.


Arch Linux Users With Intel Graphics Can Begin Enjoying A Flicker-Free Boot "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It looks like the recent efforts led by Red Hat / Fedora on providing a flicker-free Linux boot experience and thanks to their upstream-focused approach is starting to pay off for the other desktop Linux distributions... A flicker-free boot experience can now be achieved on Arch Linux with the latest packages, assuming you don't have any quirky hardware...


Its Official: Voyager 2 Has Entered Interstellar Space "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A human-made object has entered the space between the stars for the second time in history, scientists report.

NASA will announce the details live at a press conference today at 11 a.m. ET, at the meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in Washington. You can watch the press conference live here.


In the Universe of Equations, Virtually All Are Prime "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Equations, like numbers, cannot always be split into simpler elements. Researchers have now proved that such prime equations become ubiquitous as equations grow larger.


Security firm: Cyber espionage group Seedworm escalating attacks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A cyber espionage group called Seedworm is escalating its malicious web activities, hitting a variety of targets including government organizations and telecommunications companies over the past couple months, a security firm...

Monday, 10 December


Border entry searches of electronic devices up nearly 50 percent last year: report "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers searched 50 percent more electronic devices in fiscal 2017 than they did the year before, according to a new watchdog report.Customs officers searched 29,000 devices among 397 million...


Dolphin-Shaped Cloud Swims Across Jupiter in This Awesome NASA View "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Try to spot a dolphin swimming through a sea of Jovian clouds.

In a phenomenon called pareidolia, humans can find shapes in what is otherwise just random data. Is Flipper actually splashing across Jupiters atmosphere? Obviously not. But a new series of images that showcase a dolphin-shaped cloud moving across Jupiters southern belt is really enjoyable to look at.

Citizen-scientists Brian Swift and Sean Doran made the images using data from the JunoCam imager, an instrument on board NASAs Juno spacecraft. On Oct. 29, the spacecraft performed its 16th close flyby of Jupiter.


NASA Has Just Released 2,540 Stunning New Photos of Mars "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If its quiet solitude and beauty you seek, there is no better place than the surface of Mars has earned its moniker as the red planet, but the HiRISE camera aboard NASAs Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) can transform the subtle differences of soils into a rainbow of colours.

For 10 years, HiRISE has recorded gorgeous and scientifically valuable images of Mars. Its photos are so detailed that scientists can examine the planets features at the scale of just a few feet, including the recent crash site of Europes Schiaparelli Mars lander.

We combed through 2,054 of the cameras latest pictures, released in August, September, and October, to bring you some of the best and hopefully help you temporarily escape Earth.


Australian regulator calls for Facebook, Google to be curbed "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Australia's antitrust regulator called for Facebook and Google's influence to be curbed by government regulation in order to prevent abuses of power.The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in its preliminary report released...


Electrical Pulses Stem Blood Loss From a Hemorrhaging Artery "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A test in sheep shows that custom-made electrodes can constrict an injured artery and reduce blood loss

Our precious arteries are encased in three layers of protective cellssomething to be grateful for, considering that injured vessels can cause an adult to bleed to death in fewer than five minutes. But when extreme trauma does cause an artery to rupture, very few options exist for stemming the flow of blood. Now, a novel short-term approach for closing a hemorrhaging artery is one step closer to helping humans, as researchers have shown that pulses of electricity can make an injured artery constrict, ultimately reducing blood loss.

A team led by Yossi Mandel of Bar-Ilan University, successfully demonstrated this approach in sheep; their results were published on 23 November in IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering.

While working for the Israeli army, Mandel was tasked with studying how to stop severe bleeding from trauma. Bleeding control is, of course, one of the main aims of every army, he says. There were some preliminary reports on the effect of electric fields on blood vessels and I wanted to further explore this phenomenon and its translational potential for treating patients and soldiers wounded in the battlefield.

For his most recent experiments in sheep, his team first modeled different configurations of electrodes to see which could deliver the most effective electric field to the wall of an artery. This included modeling the electrical properties of each layer of the artery wall, as well as the thermal properties of the surrounding tissues.

Using these data, they created two experimental setups: one with a monopolar electrode that produces an electrical field with a single, large focus, and one with bipolar electrodes that generated two fields, each focused on a different area.

In a series of experiments, the team then tested their customized electrodes by inserting them into the hemorrhaging carotid arteries of sedated sheep. They wanted to see if the electrical fields produced by the electrodes could cause the artery to constrict enough to limit blood loss. The technique worked and, as predicted by modeling, the monpolar electrode caused the blood vessel to constrict at just one site, and the bipolar configuration caused constriction at two sites.

The group then measured how much blood loss occurred when the vessels were restricted by 50 and 100 percent. They reported "mo...


A new Mac malware combines a backdoor and a crypto-miner "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Experts from Malwarebytes discovered a new strain of Mac malware, tracked as DarthMiner, that is a combination of two open-source programs. 

Experts from Malwarebytes discovered a new piece of Mac malware, tracked as DarthMiner, that is the combination of two open source tools.

The malware is distributed through Adobe Zii, an application supposedly helps in the piracy of various Adobe programs. In this case, attackers used a fake Adobe Zii software that was definitely not the real thing.

Earlier this week, we discovered a new piece of Mac malware that is combining two different open-source toolsthe EmPyre backdoor and the XMRig cryptominerfor the purpose of evil. reads the analysis published by MalwareBytes.

The malware was being distributed through an application named Adobe Zii.

The Python script looks for the presence of Little Snitch, a commonly-used outgoing firewall, and halt the infection process if it is present.

Then the script opens a connection to an EmPyre backend that send arbitrary commands to a compromised Mac. Next, the backdoor downloads a script that fetches and installs the other components of the malware. The malware creates a launch agent named com.proxy.initialize.plist that keeps the backdoor open persistently by running exactly the same obfuscated Python script mentioned previously.

The malicious code also installs the XMRig cryptominer and creates a launch agent for it. 

The analysis of the code revealed another interesting feature, the code to download and install a root certificate for the mitmproxy tool.

Interestingly, theres code in that script to download and install a root certificate associated with the mitmproxy software, which is software capable of intercepting all web traffic, including (with the aid of the certificate) encrypted https t...


Toshiba Will Adopt Western Digital's Microwave-Assisted Magnetic Recording Approach for Hard Drives "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Toshiba plans to boost its hard drive capacities by using Microwave-Assisted Magnetic Recording rather than Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording. The company could use the technology to produce an ~18 terabyte hard drive:

Toshiba, like Western Digital, is going to use Microwave-Assisted Magnetic Recording (MAMR) to escape the inability of current PMR tech to go beyond 15-16TB disk drive capacity. [...] Seagate has chosen to [increase capacities] using heat (Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording or HAMR). Proponents of the MAMR approach say HAMR stresses the disk surface and read:write heads rendering the disk unreliable in the long-term. Seagate disputes this and has demonstrated long life HAMR read:write heads.

Western Digital has chosen MAMR for its future technology and now we know Toshiba is doing the same.

[...] MAMR uses 20 - 40GHZ frequencies and the [Spin Torque Oscillator (STO)] bombards a bit area with a circular AC microwave field, lowering its coercivity and enabling the bit value to be written (magnetic polarity changed as desired.)

It is reckoned that MAMR could lead to 4Tbit/in2 areal densities, beyond the 700 to 1,000Gbit/in2 used currently, and leading to 40TB drives.

Related: Western Digital to Use Microwave Assisted Magnetic Recording to Produce 40 TB HDDs by 2025
Seagate to Stay the Course With HAMR HDDs, Plans 20 TB by 2020, ~50 TB Before 2025
Seagate Plans 36 TB HAMR HDDs by 2022, 48 TB by 2024
Seagate Starts to Test 16 TB HAMR (Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording) Hard Drives

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Fisetin is a senotherapeutic that extends health and lifespan "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Of the 10 flavonoids tested, fisetin was the most potent senolytic. Acute or intermittent treatment of progeroid and old mice with fisetin reduced senescence markers in multiple tissues, consistent with a hit-and-run senolytic mechanism.

The natural product fisetin has senotherapeutic activity in mice and in human tissues. Late life intervention was sufficient to yield a potent health benefit. These characteristics suggest the feasibility to translation to human clinical studies.


Silicon Valley billionaire backing independent database for Democratic voters: report "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The billionaire co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, has reportedly teamed up with a few ex-Obama administration officials to build an independent database that would store all of the progressive community's voter data.Three sources familiar with...


Google+ to Shut Down Early After New API Flaw Hits 52.5 Million Users "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Google today revealed that Google+ has suffered another massive data breach, forcing the tech giant to shut down its struggling social network four months earlier than its actual scheduled date, i.e., in April 2019 instead of August 2019. Google said it discovered another critical security vulnerability in one of Google+'s People APIs that could have allowed developers to steal private


Re: mpg321: Out-of-bounds Write "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Ren Kimura on Dec 10

20181210() 12:44 Matthew Fernandez :

Yes. I've reported it to Ubuntu security team.
But there is no response yet.

Ren Kimura


Some Chinese companies ban iPhones, require Huawei after CFO's arrest: report "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Some Chinese companies are banning iPhones and requiring that their employees use Huawei products following the arrest of Huawei's chief financial officer, according to a new Yahoo News report.Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Chinese telecom...


Dopamines yin-yang personality: Its an upper and a downer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Having separate neuronal correlates for appetitive and aversive behavior in our brain may explain why we are striving for ever-greater rewards while simultaneously minimizing threats and dangers. Such balanced behavior of approach-and-avoidance learning is surely helpful for surviving competition in a constantly changing environment.

Dopamine has a reputation as the key player in the brains reward circuits, making us seek out pleasurable experiences, but growing evidence points to a multipronged role for the neurotransmitter. In particular, dopamine may also reinforce avoidance of painful experiences. UC Berkeley researchers have now mapped dopamine neurons in the brain with fiber photometry and discovered two parallel dopamine circuits driving attractive and aversive reinforcement learning and motivation.


How Internet Savvy are Your Leaders? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Back in April 2015, I tweeted about receiving a letter via snail mail suggesting the search engine rankings for a domain registered in my name would suffer if I didnt pay a bill for some kind of dubious-looking service Id never heard of. But it wasnt until the past week that it become clear how many organizations including towns, cities and political campaigns actually have fallen for this brazen scam.

Image: Better Business Bureau.

The letter I tweeted about was from a company called Web Listings Inc., and it said I should pay a $85 charge for an annual web site search engine service.

The first clue that this was probably a scam was the letter said halfway down in capital letters THIS IS NOT A BILL, although it sure was made to look like one. Also, the domain it referenced was, which was indeed registered using my street address but certainly not by me.

The sad truth is plenty of organizations *are* paying the people behind this charade, which is probably why Web Listings has been running it continuously for more than a decade. Most likely thats because some percentage of recipients confuse this notice with a warning about a domain name they own that is about to expire and needs to be renewed.

We know plenty of people are getting snookered thanks to searchable online records filed by a range of political campaigns, towns, cities and municipalities all of which are required to publicly report how they spend their money (or at least that of their constituents).

According to a statement filed with the Federal Election Commission, one of the earliest public records involving a payment to Web Listings dates back to 2008 and comes from none other than the the 2008 Hillary Clinton for President fund.

The documents unearthed in this story all came compliments of Ron Guilmette, a most dogged and intrepid researcher who usually spends his time tracki...


Time-domain Simulation of Electromechanical Sensors and Systems "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The following article is a summary of OnScales webinar discussing how OnScale allows companies to optimize their most demanding sensor and system designs using powerful FEM seamlessly integrated with Cloud HPC.

Sensors Market

Technology in general is becoming both more interactive and connected. From Alexa to Digital Factories of the future, sensors are the gateway to transforming the physical to the digital. Yet, they are also often the limiting factor in performance. Part of the reason for this explosion in sensor technology is the advances in MEMS/Semiconductor processes, helping serve market demand at low cost. The most profound example of this is the Internet of Things (IoT) movement, often known as the trillion sensors initiative, which predicts an ever-increasing number of connected sensors in our environment. All this translates into a huge global market for sensors that is growing at a healthy rate year-on-year, with total market predicted to reach $60B by 2022.


Figure 1: Bar Chart of MEMS and sensors revenue market in B$ from 2015-2021

The most exciting market segments, showing the fastest growth, are RF filters driven by 5G demands and ultrasonic MEMS for biometric and biomedical sensors. Both applications present significant challenges to engineers, who not only have to develop new solutions to meet increasing requirements and specifications, but do so in an economical manner to meet mass demand. It is a fiercely competitive arena, with ever decreasing product development cycles.

Why Simulate?

Understanding the complex, highly coupled behaviour of electromechanical sensors (e.g. MUTs, piezoelectric transducer arrays, BAWs and SAWs) and their performance in a system is critical in the development of innovative technologies (e.g. Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensors, Medical Imaging, and RF Filters). Simulation allows engineers to reduce the number of prototypes thus reducing cost and risk. Simulation accelerates design and allows engineers to innovate faster. Competition is fierce in these large markets, with the gap between innovation and commoditization reducing every year.

Advantages of Time Domain Simulation

Time domain simulation offers a variety of advantages: extraction of any key performance indicators (KPIs); direct comparison with experimentally captured results as well as the ability to simulate complex non-linear systems. Perhaps most importantly though, with the availability of Cloud HPC hardware and cutting edge solver technology, simulations with billions of degrees of freedom (DOFs) can be considered to capture full system effec...


Links 10/12/2018: Linux 4.20 RC6 and Git 2.20 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

GNOME bluefish



  • Desktop

    • The 5 Best Linux Distros for Laptops

      Maybe youve just purchased a brand new laptop. Or maybe you have an older laptop sitting in your closet that youd like to bring back to life. Either way, the best Linux distros for laptops are those that offer better driver support and can accommodate the performance offered by most laptops.

      People buy laptops for a specific purpose. That may be software development, creating graphic content, gaming, or office work. The Linux distros below are well suited to run on any laptop.

    • Heres The Best Linux Distro For Your Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme

      When I evaluate any combination of hardware and operating system, my goal is to have 100% out-of-the-box functionality and start testing. Thats a demand I place on both Windows and Linux. Im currently in the process of reviewing Lenovos ThinkPad X1 Extreme (watch for separate Windows 10 and Linux reviews), but in the interim wanted to share my experience installing a few different Linux distributions on it. Beyond that, I want to provide an enthusiastic recommendation for X1 Extreme users wanting the easiest desktop Linux experience right out of the box.



Robot Gift Guide 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Over a dozen robots that we promise will make fantastic holiday gifts

Welcome to the seventh edition of IEEE Spectrums Robot Gift Guide! Our apologies for being a bit late with our list this year (too many projects and trips!), but we hope itll help you find the best giftable robots for your family, friends, and other special people in your life, including yourself, of course. As in previous years, we tried to include a wide variety of robot types and prices, focusing mostly on products released this year.

If you need even more robot gift ideas, take a look at our past guides: 2017, 2016201520142013, and 2012. Some of those robots are still great choices and are probably way cheaper now than when we first posted about them. And a reminder: While we provide prices and links to places where you can buy these items, were not endorsing any in particular, and a little bit of searching may result in better deals (all prices are in U.S. dollars, and yikes, robots are pricey, we know).

If you have suggestions that youd like to share, post a comment to help the rest of us find the perfect robot gift.

  1. Roomba i7+

    Roomba i7+ Image: iRobot

    Robot vacuums dont get much better than this. Featuring persistent intelligent maps that let you define specific cleaning zones, top-notch cleaning performance on both carpet and hardwood, and the kind of rugged reliability that iRobot is famous for, the Roomba i7+ is just about everything you could ever want in a floor-cleaning robot. And on top of all that, it has a magical dock that will suck the dirt right o...


From Proof-of-concept to Product: Designs of a MEMS Sensor "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In collaboration with Mentor, OnScale presents an article on the meticulous product design of the MEMS pressure sensor, by the industry experts, along with the simulation and the design of the sensor as well as its integration into the overall system.

Understanding the System

We are developing a tank fluid-level monitoring system. This system can be deployed in breweries, wineries, and other beverage facilities at the IoT edge to collect the status of the fluid levels and to notify technicians proactively if there are any issues (such as leaks). We have modified the system (Figure 1) to utilize the PMUT sensor that monitors the fluid level in the tank and periodically transmits measurements to a gateway device.


Figure 1: Block diagram of the tank fluid-level monitoring system.

The ultrasonic sensor produces acoustic waves in the tank and then measures the waves that get reflected by the liquid, resulting in a small analog waveform that requires amplification. The time difference between sending the wave and the measured reflected wave is proportional to the distance to the liquid. An analog front-end (AFE) amplifies the MEMS waveform and converts the signal to an integrated voltage representing time-of-flight or twice the depth to the liquid. An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) circuit converts the voltage to digital as an input into the microcontroller that runs the software. The clock, PLL, and oscillator circuits are supporting modules to the digital circuitry and the bias current generator, voltage regulator, and bandgap reference are supporting modules to the analog circuitry. The RF transmitter sends the data to the gateway. The Arm Cortex-M3 microcontroller interfaces to the analog circuits and RF transmitter. In the future, we plan on adding a temperature sensor which necessitates a multiplexer, but for this whitepaper we will not implement those two elements.

Understanding the Sensor

Ultrasonic transducers use acoustic waves to detect the distance between the sensor and other objects. They operate by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, and in most cases, converting mechanical energy back to electrical energy. It is this duality of function that allows them to produce pressure waves that travel to an object or interface and subsequently detect them when they are reflected back to the source. They are widely used in everyday applications, but have historically been bulkier, more power hungry, and more expensive than competing technologies. This has limited their use in, for example, consumer applications, but this is changing fast. New generations of miniaturized ultrasonic transducers coming to ma...


Linux 4.21 Will Better Protect Against Malicious Thunderbolt Devices "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Linux 4.21 is set to further improve the system security around potentially malicious Thunderbolt devices...


NASA Announces That Voyager 2 Has Exited the Heliosphere "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

NASA's Voyager 2 Probe Enters Interstellar Space

For the second time in history, a human-made object has reached the space between the stars. NASA's Voyager 2 probe now has exited the heliosphere - the protective bubble of particles and magnetic fields created by the Sun.

Members of NASA's Voyager team will discuss the findings at a news conference at 11 a.m. EST (8 a.m. PST) today at the meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in Washington. The news conference will stream live on the agency's website.

Comparing data from different instruments aboard the trailblazing spacecraft, mission scientists determined the probe crossed the outer edge of the heliosphere on Nov. 5. This boundary, called the heliopause, is where the tenuous, hot solar wind meets the cold, dense interstellar medium. Its twin, Voyager 1, crossed this boundary in 2012, but Voyager 2 carries a working instrument that will provide first-of-its-kind observations of the nature of this gateway into interstellar space.

Voyager 2 now is slightly more than 11 billion miles (18 billion kilometers) from Earth. Mission operators still can communicate with Voyager 2 as it enters this new phase of its journey, but information - moving at the speed of light - takes about 16.5 hours to travel from the spacecraft to Earth. By comparison, light traveling from the Sun takes about eight minutes to reach Earth.

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Create a countdown to 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Save the following script as


Social Justice Organizations Challenge Retention of DNA Collected from Hundreds of Thousands of Innocent Californians "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

California Arrestees DNA Profiles Become Part of Federal Database, Accessible to Law Enforcement Across the Country, Even for Those Not Convicted of Any Crime

San Francisco - Two social justice organizationsthe Center for Genetics and Society and the Equal Justice Societyand an individual plaintiff, Pete Shanks, have filed suit against the state of California for its collection and retention of genetic profiles from people arrested but never convicted of any crime. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the Law Office of Michael T. Risher represent the plaintiffs. The suit argues that retention of DNA from innocent people violates the California Constitutions privacy protections, which are meant to block overbroad collection and unlawful searches of personal data.

One-third of people arrested for felonies in California are never convicted. The government has no legitimate interest in retaining DNA samples and profiles from people who have no felony convictions, and its unconstitutional for the state to hold on to such sensitive material without any finding of guilt, said Marcy Darnovsky, Executive Director at the Center for Genetics and Society.

While California has long collected DNA from people convicted of serious felony offenses, in 2009 the state doubled-down on this policy to mandate DNA collection for every single felony arrestee, including those later determined to be innocent. The intimate details that can be revealed by a persons DNA only increases as technology develops, exposing plaintiffs to ever heightening degrees of intrusiveness. After collection, the DNA is analyzed and uploaded to the nationwide Combined DNA Index System, or CODIS, which is shared with law enforcement across the U.S.

DNA identification is widely but mistakenly seen as a fool-proof technology. Studies and real-life cases have shown that there are myriad ways that it can implicate innocent people for crimes, ranging from crime-lab sample mix-ups and sample contamination by forensic collectors, to subjective misreading of complex mixtures containing genetic material from multiple donors, to selective presentation of the evidence to juries.

Including an individuals DNA in CODIS increases the chance that they could wrongly become a suspect in a criminal case. And because of the deep racial disparities that plague our criminal justice system, DNA collection and retention practices dispropor...


Richard Darienzo joins our blog team with the post MIT Interactive Robotics Laboratory. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Richard Darienzo joins our blog team with the post "MIT Interactive Robotics Laboratory".


Re: libvnc and tightvnc vulnerabilities "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Solar Designer on Dec 10

Oh. So you reported the instance of that one issue in LibVNC here:

Upstream's fix appears to be to add casts to (uint64_t) before adding 1
in those many malloc() calls. On platforms with larger than 32-bit
size_t, this should be sufficient against integer overflows since the
sizes are read from 32-bit protocol fields, but it isn't sufficient to
prevent maliciously large memory...


Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and Theyre Not Keeping It Secret "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Dozens of companies use smartphone locations to help advertisers and even hedge funds. They say its anonymous, but the data shows how personal it is.


Therapies that Target the Aging Processes are in Human Trials Now "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A number of therapies that directly target the aging processes are currently in human trials and could change medicine significantly in the next decade if the results are positive.

What is aging?

Aging is basically the accumulation of damage and errors caused by a collection of varied processes that harm the functions of the body through the accumulation of waste, imperfect repair, the deregulation of cellular processes, the dysfunction of the immune system, chronic inflammation, and other disorders.


Adobe Customer Care: There Hasn't Been Enough Demand For Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Besides the lack of games, one of the other pressing reasons why some desktop/workstation users haven't migrated full-time to Linux has been over the lack of Adobe's Creative Suite working natively on Linux (and the Wine-based options often only working well for dated versions of Adobe's software). But if you hope to see Adobe Linux software, their customer care recommends you vote...


[$] A filesystem corruption bug breaks loose "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Kernel bugs can have all kinds of unfortunate consequences, from inconvenient crashes to nasty security vulnerabilities. Some of the most feared bugs, though, are those that corrupt data in filesystems. The losses imposed on users can be severe, and the resulting problems may not be noticed for a long time, making recovery difficult. Filesystem developers, knowing that they will have to face their users in the real world, go to considerable effort to prevent this kind of bug from finding its way into a released kernel. A recent failure in that regard raises a number of interesting questions about how kernel development is done.


Unlock the power of threat intelligence with this practical guide. Get your free copy now "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Graham Cluley Security News is sponsored this week by the folks at Recorded Future. Thanks to the great team there for their support!

At Recorded Future, we believe every security team can benefit from threat intelligence. Thats why weve published The Threat Intelligence Handbook.

Its aimed at helping security professionals realize the advantages of threat intelligence by offering practical steps for applying threat intelligence in any organization.

Download your free copy now.

About Recorded Future

Recorded Future delivers the only complete threat intelligence solution powered by patented machine learning to lower risk. We empower organizations to reveal unknown threats before they impact business, and enable teams to respond to alerts 10 times faster. To supercharge the efforts of security teams, our technology automatically collects and analyzes intelligence from technical, open web, and dark web sources and aggregates customer-proprietary data. Recorded Future delivers more context than threat feeds, updates in real time so intelligence stays relevant, and centralizes information ready for human analysis, collaboration, and integration with security technologies. 91 percent of the Fortune 100 use Recorded Future.

If youre interested in sponsoring my site for a week, and reaching an IT-savvy audience that cares about computer security, you can find more information here.


South Korea Criminalizes "Boosting" (Playing on Another Person's Game Account) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

South Korea criminalizes 'boosting' with new law

Boosting basically one person playing on another's account to rank them up is going to be a criminal offense in South Korea with some stiff punishments awaiting the booster.

The new measure comes courtesy of an amendment to the country's Game Industry Promotion Act, reports The Daily Dot. That law was passed in June 2017. This new measure was developed in collaboration with the video games industry in the country and will punish boosters with a fine of up to 20 million won, which is roughly $18,000. They also get a two-year suspended prison sentence.

[...] The act goes into effect in six months, and defines a "proxy game" as "an act that interferes with the normal operation of the game by arranging or providing the service to acquire the score or performance of the game in a way that is not approved by the game-related business operated."

If you pay me in Bitcoin, I will post comments for you using your SN login.

Original Submission

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UK Govt. Backs Anti-Piracy Campaign With 2 Million in Funding "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Four years ago, copyright indistry groups and Internet providers teamed up to fight online piracy in the UK.

Backed by the Government, they launched several educational campaigns under the Get it Right banner.

Under the program, ISPs send out piracy warnings to subscribers whose accounts are used to share copyright-infringing material. This started early last year and has been ongoing since.

There havent been any official updates in a while, nor is it known how many alerts are going out on a monthly basis. However, it appears that copyright holders and the UK Government are happy with the progress thus far.

Late last week the Government announced that it will continue its support for the Get it Right campaign. It will allocate 2 million in funding as part of a 20 million boost to the UKs creative industries.

This package will take the sector from strength to strength by arming the next generation of creatives with the necessary skills and giving businesses in the sector the support they need to succeed, says Margot James, Minister for the Creative Industries.

Its unclear what the future plans are. The official Get It Right page hasnt changed much in recent years. However, its expected that the email warning program, targeted at alleged pirates, will continue.

We are not aware of any public reports on the effectiveness of the campaign. However, Ian Moss, Public Affairs director at the music industry group BPI, suggests that there is data suggesting that it works.

The research into the campaign has shown it really makes a difference and that a positive campaign that is relevant to fans can help change the way people think about accessing content online, Moss says.

The Governments continuing commitment to the successful campaign is warmly welcomed.

This isnt the first time that the UK Government has financially supported the Get it Right campaign. It also contributed 3.5 million to the program at the start.

While its hard to measure a direct return on investment, the Government previously justified the spending with an expected increase in sales tax. This would be achieved by converting pirates into legitimate customers.



Toyotas PASTA- A car hacking tool to enhance automobile cybersecurity "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

A team of security researchers working for the renowned automobile maker Toyota have developed a new car hacking tool. Dubbed as PASTA (Portable Automotive Security Testbed with Adaptability), it is an open source tool created to help researchers identify the prevailing vulnerabilities in modern vehicles. The team presented their research at the BLACKHAT EUROPE 2018, []

This is a post from Read the original post: Toyotas PASTA- A car hacking tool to enhance automobile cybersecurity


Free Gas Over Yemens Skies: Saudi Jets Refueled By American Taxpayers Due To Accounting Errors "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: ZeroHedge: The White House wants to stay the course in Yemen even as the Senate is set to push back against US military support to the Saudi-led bombing campaign. But now a bombshell report reveals the Pentagon has been fueling Saudi and UAE jets free of charge due to errors in accounting where DoD []


The Open-Source NVIDIA "Nouveau" Linux Driver Performance At The End Of 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As it's been a while since last looking at the NVIDIA vs. Nouveau Linux OpenGL driver performance, here's a look at the current performance difference as the end of the year quickly approaches. This benchmarking roundabout features multiple generations of GeForce GPUs while testing with the NVIDIA 415 proprietary driver against the Nouveau stack on Linux 4.19 and Mesa 19.0-devel.


Increasing Dietary Fiber Intake Is Associated with a Distinct Esophageal Microbiome "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

There is increasing evidence that the microbiome contributes to esophageal disease. Diet, especially fiber and fat intake, is a known potent modifier of the colonic microbiome, but its impact on the esophageal microbiome is not well described. We hypothesized that dietary fiber and fat intake would be associated with a distinct esophageal microbiome.

We collected esophageal samples from 47 ambulatory patients scheduled to undergo endoscopy who completed a validated food frequency questionnaire quantifying dietary fiber and fat intake. Using 16S high-throughput sequencing, we determined composition of the esophageal microbiome and predicted functional capacity of microbiota based on fiber and fat intake.

Among all samples, the most abundant phyla were Firmicutes (54.0%), Proteobacteria (19.0%), Bacteroidetes (17.0%), Actinobacteria (5.2%), and Fusobacteria (4.3%). Increasing fiber intake was significantly associated with increasing relative abundance of Firmicutes (p=0.04) and decreasing relative abundance of Gram-negative bacteria overall (p=0.03). Low fiber intake was associated with increased relative abundance of several Gram-negative bacteria, including Prevotella, Neisseria, and Eikenella. Several predicted metabolic pathways differed between highest and lowest quartile of fiber intake. Fat intake was associated with altered relative abundance of few taxa, with no alterations at the phylum level and no changes in microbiome functional composition.


Intel Launches Open-Source Deep Learning Reference Stack Powered By Clear Linux & Kata "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With aiming to improve the deep learning development experience, Intel's Open-Source Technology Center has announced the Deep Learning Reference Stack...


How to factory reset an iPhone or iPad? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Factory Resetting an iPhone or iPad is the best way to get rid of problems that you are not able to understand and it also completely wipes out all the data in case you are looking to sell your phone.

But there can be some other reasons as well for which you are planning to Factory Reset it.

So for that, here in this article, we are providing you with the very useful ways to factory reset your iPhone or an iPad.

Also Read  How to Use Find my iPhone To Track Your Lost iPhone?

What is Factory Reset?

Factory Reset is the functionality in your smartphone operating system, which lets you erase all your data at once.

Its mainly done due to the following reasons:

  • A person is planning to sell it
  • Something went wrong with the Operating system of the smartphone
  • The phone becomes laggy overtime

Advantages OR Benefits

  1. Easy to do Doing Factory Reset is as easy as rebooting the device. All you need is to visit the settings app and search for Factory Reset or Erase all data.
  2. Can be Done Remotely   Every smartphone manufacturer provides inbuilt data wiping tool or functionality in their smartphone, which ultimately allows the user to remotely wipe the data intentionally, or even if it is lost.
  3. Free up the Device from Issues There are some scenarios when the device get equipped with lots and lots of issues. So in that case Factory Resetting the device is the best option.

Disadvantages OR Limitations

  1. Not Perfect The biggest disadvantage of a factory reset is that it erases only the data resides in local storage. Means the contacts in SIM card or Data in SD card has no effect of it.
  2. Provides security as an illusion Erasing data from local storage (Factory Reset) provides an illusion to the user that he/she safely erases all its data. But in reality, its actually not. Some data is kept in SD card or some in SIM card as it is stated in the above-mentioned point.

How to factory reset your iPhone or iPad

Before erasing the data from your iPhone or iPad, there are a few things you need to keep in mind which are as follows:

Note: Both share the same operating system and that is iOS....


Spot Mini Robot Dancing to Uptown Funk You up Boston Dynamics "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Click on photo to start video.

Dancing to bruno mars uptown funk you up.


Soft Robotics for the Disabled Harvard University "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Lightweight, soft, wearable robots that people can wear all day, every day, to help them regain use of their upper extremities.


Duke-Cohan sentenced to three years in prison due to false bomb threats and DDoS "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The British teenager George Duke-Cohan (19) has been sentenced to three years in prison due to false bomb threats and carrying out DDoS attacks.A

Cohan was arrested in August by the U.K. National Crime Agency (NCA), the teenager, aka 7R1D3N7, DoubleParallax and optcz1, was arrested on August 31 and pleaded guilty to three counts of making hoax bomb threats.

According to the investigator, the young man is the leader of the Apophis Squad, which is the hacking group that sent bomb threats to thousands of schools in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The group is also known for launching massive DDoS attacks against encrypted email provider ProtonMail, the popular investigator Brian Krebs, the DEF CON hacking conference, and government agencies worldwide.

The team was offering a DDoS-for-hire service that has many similarities with the booter implemented by the popular Lizard Squad hacking crew.

He has admitted making bomb threats to thousands of schools and a United Airlines flight traveling from the UK to San Francisco in August. in many cases resulting in evacuations. 
The NCA says the teenager, known online as 7R1D3N7, DoubleParallax and optcz1, has also admitted making a prank call claiming that a United Airlines flight traveling from the U.K. to San Francisco had been hijacked by gunmen, including one carrying a bomb.

Cohan has now been sentenced to one year in prison for the bomb hoaxes targeting schools, and two years for the airport attack.

Unfortunately for the British youngster, he will face additional charges in the United States, even if the indictment has yet to be announced.

Before sentencing, the judge noted that Duke-Cohans early guilty pleas, his age, no prior criminal record and, to a limited extent, his functioning deficiencies which have contributed to a diagnosis of autism, were taken into consideration. However, these mitigating factors only helped his case to a certain degree.

You knew exactly what you were doing and why you were doing it, and you knew full well the havoc that would follow. said Judge Richard Foster

You were playing a cat...


RE: libvnc and tightvnc vulnerabilities "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Pavel Cheremushkin on Dec 10

Thanks for an answer.

These particular issues I was describing in my previous letter are located in source code of TightVNC vncviewer. Source
code of TightVNC 1.3.10 vncviewer can be acquired though this link and integer overflow that leads to a
heap-buffer-overflow I was speaking about is located on the line 1220 inside file `vnc_unixsrc/vncviewer/rfbproto.c`.
It is a...


Small Steps Towards Ending Surveillance Capitalism "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Aral Balkan has a blog post about taking small steps to end surveillance capitalism. In particular he focuses on the need for federated services. He points out that the move to re-decentralize the WWW is difficult and needs to start at the beginning, using a comparison of Apple's original computers to their latest generation of tablets as an illustration.

Five years ago, when I decided to devote myself to tackling the problem of surveillance capitalism, it was clear what we needed: convenient and beautiful ethical everyday things that provide seamless experiences1 on fully free-as-in-freedom stacks.

This is as true today as it was then and it will remain so. The only way to compete with unethical products built by organisations that have control over hardware + software + services is to create ethical organisations that have control over hardware + software + services and thus have at least the possibility to craft competitive experiences. We remove our eyes from this goal at our peril.

Related: Tim Berners-Lee Launches Inrupt, Aims to Create a Decentralized Web

Original Submission

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Security updates for Monday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security updates have been issued by Debian (chromium-browser and lxml), Fedora (cairo, hadoop, and polkit), Mageia (tomcat), openSUSE (apache2-mod_jk, Chromium, dom4j, ImageMagick, libgit2, messagelib, ncurses, openssl-1_0_0, otrs, pam, php5, php7, postgresql10, rubygem-activejob-5_1, tiff, and tomcat), Red Hat (chromium-browser and rh-git218-git), Slackware (php), SUSE (audiofile, cri-o and kubernetes packages, cups, ImageMagick, libwpd, SMS3.2, and systemd), and Ubuntu (lxml).


Re: libvnc and tightvnc vulnerabilities "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Solar Designer on Dec 10

This one is interesting in that related server-side code got some
scrutiny before, yet apparently this similar issue in its client-side
counterpart was overlooked. (I assume this is in
libvncclient/rfbproto.c, and you meant line 2220, not 1220.)

Specifically, the oCERT advisory from 2014 based on "vulnerability
report received from Nicolas Ruff of Google Security Team":


Demystifying Kubernetes Operators with the Operator SDK: Part 2 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Demystifying Kubernetes Operators with the Operator SDK: Part 2


Adiantum File-System Encryption Support Ready For Linux 4.21 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Adiantum, Google's newly developed crypto algorithm to replace their planned use of the controversial Speck, is ready to begin providing speedy file-system encryption support for low-end devices with the upcoming Linux 4.21 merge window...


AMD Files Trademark For Vega II "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It looks like AMD could be announcing Vega II as new 7nm Vega GPUs soon complementing the recently announced Vega 20 Radeon Instinct MI50 / MI60 accelerators...


Nissan Motor Chairman and Others Set to be Indicted "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Prosecutors set to indict Ghosn and Nissan as CEO's role in focus: sources

Tokyo prosecutors are due to indict ousted Nissan Motor Chairman Carlos Ghosn as well as the automaker itself on Monday, sources said, intensifying scrutiny of CEO Hiroto Saikawa's role in the financial misconduct scandal.

Ghosn was arrested on Nov. 19 on suspicion of conspiring to understate his compensation by about half of the actual 10 billion yen ($88 million) over five years from 2010. Nissan has said the misconduct was masterminded by the once-celebrated executive with the help of former Representative Director Greg Kelly.

Tokyo authorities plan to re-arrest the two executives, the sources said, declining to be named as they were not authorized to speak with media. Media reports have said the fresh crime was for three additional years of under-reported income. The two would then remain in custody without bail. Nissan itself is also likely to be indicted for making false statements in an annual report, they said. A separate source said there were concerns running through the company that Chief Executive Hiroto Saikawa and others may also be indicted.

Earlier, Nissan sought to block Carlos Ghosn from accessing his company-owned apartment in Rio de Janeiro, fearing that he would remove or destroy evidence related to his misconduct.

Original Submission

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Introducing the Interactive Deep Learning Landscape "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning (DL) and machine learning (ML) space is changing rapidly, with new projects and companies launching, existing ones growing, expanding and consolidating. More companies are also releasing their internal AI, ML, DL efforts under open source licenses to leverage the power of collaborative development, benefit from the innovation multiplier effect of open source, and provide faster, more agile development and accelerated time to market.

15:04 - 575,437 breached accounts "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In December 2018, the Slovak website for watching movies online for free suffered a data breach. The incident exposed over 575k unique email addresses and passwords stored as unsalted MD5 hashes. No response was received from when contacted about the incident.


Google Chromes Dark Mode For macOS To Arrive In Early 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Chromes Dark Mode in macOS Mojave to come by early 2019

For the unaware, Dark Mode instantly changes all the compatible apps to a dark color palette when enabled in System Preferences. In other words, dark colors are used in place of light colors in the user interface, for instance, such as the menus, tabs, bookmark bar, Omnibox, status bar, and dialog boxes.

However, a recently submitted code change by a Google developer on a post on Reddit (via MacRumors) suggests that support for macOS dark mode will be arriving in a future release of Chrome. The new code change submitted in Chromium hints at system-level Dark Mode.

According to MacRumors, changes made in Chromium usually roll out every six weeks or so, which means that Dark Mode for macOS is unlikely to make it for Chrome 72 release due in mid-to-late January. This implies that Dark Mode may likely come with Chrome 73 sometime in March 2019.

While Dark Mode has yet to be supported on Googles Chrome, the search giants other service, YouTube is already supporting Dark Mode.

The post Google Chromes Dark Mode For macOS To Arrive In Early 2019 appeared first on TechWorm.


libvnc and tightvnc vulnerabilities "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Pavel Cheremushkin on Dec 10


LibVNC is a cross-platform library to implement programs that use RFB (remote frame buffer protocol). Although, on its
Github page ( it is stated that libvnc is designed to implement server-side
software, it also has functionality to implement a VNC client. Due to the fact that many ICS vendors use open source
VNC products I would like to drag some attention to the VNC products because they have...


FAA's "Integration Pilot UAS Program" is really a national police surveillance drone program (Updated) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This year was full of many disturbing stories, like the one about Bloomberg's role-playing workshops being used to convince the public to accept police drones equipped with microphones. And another about politicians claiming police drones will help revitalize a downtown and create community connections.

None of that could have prepared me for what I discovered after looking into the FAA's drone program.

Last month an article in Nextgov caught my attention with the headline "Surveying the public in a city being used as a federal drone testing site." Those first three words "surveying the public, sounds an awful lot like surveilling the public.

Could that be what they are really saying? You be the judge.

The article claims the FAA plans to allow drones to be used for food deliveries like Uber Eats, blood and medical supplies and mentions police surveillance drones only once. Which seemed a little suspicious.

An article in the San Diego Tribune revealed that the FAA and 20 regional organizations are working together to convince residents to accept drones.

"San Diego was one of the regions chosen for the two-year test program because of the areas unusually busy airspace, thriving technology industry and the presence of the international border with Mexico, city officials said."

Since May, our partners have been busy evaluating possible drone uses that will benefit residents and businesses, as well as government agencies, said John Valencia, executive director of the citys Office of Homeland Security.

A 25-question online survey mentions privacy twice and police surveilla...


China Backs "Plan S" for Open-Access Research "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

China backs bold plan to tear down journal paywalls

In a huge boost to the open-access movement, librarians and funders in China have said that they intend to make the results of publicly funded research free to read immediately on publication.

The move, announced at an open-access meeting this week in Berlin, includes a pledge of support for Plan S, a bold initiative launched in September by a group of European funders to ensure that, by 2020, their scientists make papers immediately open.

It is not yet clear when Chinese organizations will begin implementing new policies, or whether they will adopt all of Plan S's details, but Robert-Jan Smits, the chief architect of Plan S, says the stance is a ringing endorsement for his initiative. "This is a crucial step forward for the global open-access movement," he says. "We knew China was reflecting to join us but that it would join us so soon and unambiguously is an enormous surprise."

In three position papers, China's National Science Library (NSL), its National Science and Technology Library (NSTL) and the Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), a major research funder, all said that they support the efforts of Plan S "to transform, as soon as possible, research papers from publicly funded projects into immediate open access after publication, and we support a wide range of flexible and inclusive measures to achieve this goal". "We demand that publishers should not increase their subscription prices on the grounds of the transformation from subscription journals to open access publishing," the papers say.

Previously: Plan S: Radical Open-Access Science Initiative in Europe
Wellcome Trust and Gates Foundation Join "Plan S" Open-Access Initiative

Original Submission

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Open Source's Evolution in Cloud-Native DevOps "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Open source tools continue to serve as the underlying cornerstone of cloud native DevOps patterns and practices while they also continue to change and evolve.

Cloud natives origins, of course, trace back to when Amazon and then Microsoft began to offer so-called cloud platforms, allowing organizations to take advantage of massive resources on networks of servers in their data centers worldwide. Heavy hitters Google and Alibaba followed their lead, laying the groundwork for when, more recently, Netflix and Pivotal began to describe so-called cloud native architectures.


10dec2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


235 members of dark web money counterfeiting gang busted "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

The Dark Web has become a thriving hub of all sorts of criminal activities from selling illegal drugs to the distribution of ransomware and running child porn platforms. To tackle the situation, a wide-scale crackdown was launched by European law enforcement agencies throughout Europe coordinated by Europol and 13 countries. The operation was launched on November 19th in []

This is a post from Read the original post: 235 members of dark web money counterfeiting gang busted


Initial i.MX8 SoC Support & Development Board Possibly Ready For Linux 4.21 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

While the i.MX8 series was announced almost two years ago and the open-source developers working on the enablement for these new NXP SoCs hoped for initial support in Linux 4.17, the Linux 4.21 kernel that will be released in the early months of 2019 is slated to possibly have the first i.MX8 support in the form of the i.MX8MQ and also supporting its development/evaluation board...


Paranoid Facebook Employees Using Anonymity Apps and Burner Phones to Talk to Each Other "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Mark Zuckerberg's Biggest Problem: Internal Tensions At Facebook Are Boiling Over

In a year teeming with scandals and missteps, Facebook's latest fiasco has inspired a clutter of leaks, finger pointing, and internal conversations about the future of the company and its leadership. And after more than a year of bad press, internal tensions are reaching a boiling point and are now spilling out into public view.

The tumult is surprising given Facebook's history as a tight-lipped organization where employees had little incentive to leak information or voice dissent outside the company's walls. Throughout the crises, Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who maintains majority shareholder control, has proven remarkably immune to outside pressure and criticism from politicians, investors, and the press leaving his employees as perhaps his most important stakeholders. Now, as its stock price declines and the company's mission of connecting the world is challenged, the voices inside are growing louder and public comments, as well as private conversations shared with BuzzFeed News, suggest newfound uncertainty about Facebook's future direction.

Internally, the conflict seems to have divided Facebook into three camps: those loyal to Zuckerberg and chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg; those who see the current scandals as proof of a larger corporate meltdown; and a group who see the entire narrative including the portrayal of the company's hiring of communications consulting firm Definers Public Affairs as examples of biased media attacks.

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3 Aging IT Specialties that Just Won't Retire "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If your organization has a point-of-sale system running on technology that is older than you care to admit in public, well, youre not alone.


Best VPNs for Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Linux-based operating systems are still a very small part of the desktop market, but that hasn't stopped VPN services from providing client applications. The best weve found are from ExpressVPNNordVPNand VPN Unlimited.


Unvanquished Open-Source Game Sees Its First Alpha Release In Nearly Three Years "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Unvanquished had been easily one of the most promising open-source games several years back with decent in-game visuals/art, a continually improving "Daemon" engine that was a distant mod of ioquake3 while leveraging ETXReaL components and more, and all-around a well-organized, advancing open-source game project. Their monthly alpha releases stopped almost three years ago while today that's changed just ahead of Christmas...


"IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Christian Jarrett. Part of the problem may be the lack of evolutionary science in many psychology degree courses.


DNA That Should Only Pass Down From Mothers Can Come From Fathers, Too "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

You probably learned two things about mitochondria in high school biology. First, theyre the powerhouses of the cell. Second, you can only inherit them from your mother. But a new study seems to cloud that second point.

A team of researchers from the United States, China, and Taiwan identified three unrelated families with members whose mitochondria contained DNA from both parents. While this discovery could reignite debate about the nature of inheriting mitochondrial DNA, the researchers hope it will open up new ways to treat disease.


The FDA is revamping the medical device approval process "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This story was delivered to Business Insider Intelligence Digital Health Briefing subscribers hours before appearing on Business Insider. To be the first to know, please click here.

In order to advance innovation and keep pace with the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is modernizing the approval process most medical device manufacturers undergo when bringing new products to market.


Wine-Staging 4.0-RC1 Released With Just Over 800 Patches On Top Of Wine "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Released on Friday was Wine 4.0-RC1 while coming out over the weekend was the Wine-Staging re-base that is carrying still over 800 patches on top of the upstream Wine code-base...


Coral Larvae Cryogenically Frozen and Thawed for the First Time "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Warming oceans are killing the worlds reefs, but scientists may have found a way to help them get out of hot waterby putting corals into a deep freeze.

Hackers defaced with DNS hijack "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The website was defaced last week via DNS hijack, attackers breached into associated registrar account and changed the DNS settings.

Attackers changed the defacement page a few times, they protested against the new Linux kernel developer code of conduct in a regrettable way with 
racial slurs and the image of an individual showing the anus.

The defacement page also includes links and a Twitter account (@kitlol5) believed to be under the control of the attacker.

The person who was operating the Twitter account posted a screenshot showing that they had access to the Network Solutions account of Michelle McLagan, who evidently owns, and modified the DNS settings.

This evening someone got into my partners netsol account and pointed DNS to their own cloudflare account. The production env (web / db) wasnt touched. DNS was simply pointing to another box. 
one of the admins
wrote on Reddit.

Shes working wi...


950-Mile-Long Cloud Spotted Over Martian Volcano. And It Has Staying Power "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A mysterious white-colored plume extending some 950 miles (just over 1,500 kilometers) has been spotted on the leeward side of the Arsia Mons volcano on Mars.

Unlike other Martian cloud structures that seem to poof in and out of existence, this one has staying power, with the lengthy plume hovering near Arsia Mons since Sept. 13 and seen as recently as Nov. 12, according to the European Space Agency. The agencys Mars Express camera has been recording images of the mountainous cloud.

Montane clouds are very common on Mars, but it was the length of the cloud and its duration that makes it interesting, said Francois Forget, a senior research scientist at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Paris. Usually, it is more localized to the volcano. [The 7 Most Mars-Like Places on Earth].


NASA administrator: The US is returning to the surface of the moon, and were doing it sooner than you think! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A big announcement from NASA about landing on the moon is coming on Thursday.

  • The last time NASA landed a spacecraft on the moon was in December 1972.
  • The US space agency said its about to announce moon partnerships with American companies to return to the lunar surface.
  • NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine claimed the new moon missions will occur sooner than you think!
  • NASA is withholding details of the announcement until Thursday afternoon, but Business Insider has independently confirmed some information.

If NASAs stunning landing of a car-sized robot on Mars didnt already whet your appetite for space exploration this week, mark your calendar for 2 p.m. EST on Thursday.

Thats when NASA plans to give an update about a program that aims to land privately developed spacecraft on the moon.


A Review of Caloric Restriction, Fasting, and Time Restricted Feeding "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Today, we want to discuss this review published in the journal Science, as it provides a whistle-stop tour of caloric restriction, intermittent fasting, and time-restricted feeding.

There is a considerable amount of data supporting the effects of caloric restriction and similar dietary approaches on both health and lifespan in multiple species. In general, the more simple the organism, the greater the observed effect tends to be, although the effect is less so in longer-lived organisms. For example, caloric restriction has a significant effect on mouse lifespan, but it appears to do little, if anything, to the lifespan of humans.

Why is this? One explanation could be that, as humans, we have already evolved efficient repair systems that more thoroughly address the damages of aging than the repair systems of mice and other short-lived species. In other words, there is little improvement to be made to human repair systems compared to those of mice.


Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent 12/10/18 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This week we have two newcomers in our chart.

Venom is the most downloaded movie.

The data for our weekly download chart is estimated by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. All the movies in the list are Web-DL/Webrip/HDRip/BDrip/DVDrip unless stated otherwise.

RSS feed for the articles of the recent weekly movie download charts.

This weeks most downloaded movies are:
Movie Rank Rank last week Movie name IMDb Rating / Trailer
Most downloaded movies via torrents
1 (1) Venom 7.0 / trailer
2 (7) Smallfoot 6.7 / trailer
3 (2) The Predator 5.6 / trailer
4 () Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle 6.8 /...


Re: mpg321: Out-of-bounds Write "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Ren Kimura on Dec 10

checking malloc status is not enough, because playbuf.num_frames can
be very large value, in my environment Ubuntu 18.04, gcc 7.03,
it becomes 0x8000000000000000.
990 playbuf.frames = malloc((playbuf.num_frames + 1) *
So at this point it try to calculate (0x8000000000000000 + 1) * 8 =
As a result malloc succeed but it only allocate 0x8 byte buffer, lead
OOB write at following points.

283 if...


US Courts Make the United States Patent System Sane Again "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The only patent that is valid is one which this Court has not been able to get its hands on.

Supreme Court Justice Jackson

Summary: 35 U.S.C. 101 (Section 101), the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) and other factors are making the patent system in the US a lot more sane

THE U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the courts arent the best of friends these days. The courts often disagree with the decisions of the Office. The higher courts also increasingly resist/anatagonise Office-friendly and trolls-friendly litigation venues. Consider TC Heartland and its application by lower courts.

Seven Networks LLC on Friday urged the Federal Circuit not to reconsider a ruling that allowed a patent lawsuit it brought against Google LLC to remain (in Texas), Matthew Bultman (Law360) wrote. Also from Bultman and colleagues we have this: Verizon subsidiary Oath Holdings Inc. can defend a patent suit over advertisement technology in Delaware, a New York federal judge has ruled, following the Federal Circuits decision that the judge failed

The higher courts also increasingly resist/anatagonise Office-friendly and trolls-friendly litigation venues.Lawyers are trying to find creative new ways to pick courts/judges in patent cases. Its not working for them. Well done, US courts and judges. When it comes to tackling the Cult of Patents at least. When I say Cult of Patents I dont mean to suggest all patents are inherently evil. The same goes for religion. Its when people take it to the extreme that the whole broth spoils and the system looks like rubbish. Here is more on this from Watchtroll and from Law360: A Texas federal court has jurisdiction to hear whether several banks infringe a licensing companys patents covering electronic banking procedures because the company sent demand letters to the institutions...


All Hail the AI Overlord: Smart Cities and the AI Internet of Things "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

All hail the AI overlord: Smart cities and the AI Internet of Things

Cities generate lots of data. The exact amount depends on the size of the city and its sophistication and ambitions, but it's certainly more than mere humans can absorb and use. The Smart Cities movement, which looks for ways to find data-driven technological solutions to everyday urban challenges, is increasingly turning to artificial intelligence to deliver "services" to its residentseverything from locating gunshots and finding tumors to dispatching work crews to pick up trash.

New York is one of about 90 cities worldwide that uses a system called ShotSpotter, which uses a network of microphones to instantly recognize and locate gunshots. In Moscow, all chest X-rays taken in hospitals are run through an AI system to recognize and diagnose tumors. And Taiwan is building a system that will be able to predict air quality, allowing city managers to warn residents of health dangers and work to lessen what the data tells them will be the worst of the impacts.

What constitutes a "Smart City" isn't well-defined. In the broadest sense, a Smart City is one that uses electronic means to deliver services to its residents. But if you dig down even a little, delivering even on that simple promise of service delivery can be exquisitely difficult. For example, Smart City technology might strive to eliminate the need to call up your alderman to complain that the streets aren't getting plowed. Instead, a network of sensorsyes, an Internet of Thingswould know when the snow is falling, how much has fallen, where the snowplows are, when they've last been on your street, and when they'll be there next. All of that would be delivered in a browser or app to anyone who cares to either dial in or build their own information utility using that freely available data.

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UNDP 2018: Evidence based vs experimentation based policy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Recently I have a remote talk to a UNDP event about Evidence based versus experimentation based policy. Below are the notes.
  • We invented all of this, and we can reinvent it. We can co-create a better future for everyone, if we choose. But if we settle for making things just a bit better, a bit more sustainable, a bit anything, then we will fundamentally fail the world because change and complexity is growing exponentially, and we need an exponential response to keep up.
  • There is a dramatic shift in paradigm from control to enablement, from being a king in a castle to a node in a network, which assumes a more collaborative approach to governance.
  • Evidence based approaches are great to identify issues, but we need experimentation based approaches, equitably co-designed with communities, so create sustainable and effective solutions. Evidence based solutions often are normative rather than transformative.
  • We need both evidence and experimentation based policy making, combined with system thinking and public engagement to make a real difference.
  • Digital transformation is often mistaken for meaning the digitisation of or service design led improvement of services, but digital transformation means creating institutions that are fit for purpose for the 21st century, from policy, regulation, services, public engagement, a full rethink and redesign of our social, economic and political systems.
  • History in implementation, and we realised that it was the disconnect between policy and implementation, the idea of policy as separate to implementation is undermining the possibility of meeting the policy intent through implementation.
  • Measurement ends up being limited to the context of function rather than outcomes.
  • Urgently need to reform how we do policy, regulation and legislation, to embrace an outcomes based approach, to bring design thinking and system design into the process from the start, from policy development in the first instance.
  • Working in the open is essential to getting both the demand and supply of evidence based policy, and working openly also means engaging in the shared design of policy and services with the communities we serve, to draw on the experience, expertise and values of the communities.
  • Public Values Management
  • Evidence based AND experimentation based policy.
  • Examples:
    • Service Innovation Lab NZ
      • Service design and delivery rapid prototyping is trusted for service design
      • Applying design thinking to regulation and policy
      • Legislation as code rapid testing of policy and legislation, Holidays Act, it is critical if we...


Ancient elephant-sized mammal ancestor gave dinosaurs a run for their money "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

An artist's reconstruction of Lisowicia bojani, an elephant-sized ancestor of mammals that lived during the Triassic

 This looks like the mother of all boars and likely crunched its way through a lot of opposition.

Our knowledge of mammalian evolution is speculative at best.  Accepted ideas merely mean no proof at all except that the originators are all dead.

The mammalian and reptilian exegesis appear to be separate enough but are they really?  The mammalian lineage is closer to our aquatic origins while the production of a shell is an unusual extra step by itself.  

Certainly the reptilian population made thing difficult for other forms of life.  Just how would we do today with the landscape filled with oversized hungry chickens?  This had a thick skin at least..

Ancient elephant-sized mammal ancestor gave dinosaurs a run for their money



legally safe sex "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I really do not know  where this all ends.  The issue continues back through history that consent is a serious problem and engineering social constructs has always been a lot of trouble.  In fact it is those social constructs that produce much of the problem itself.  If all men were Lotharios and all women were indiscriminately willing, it is hard to see a problem.  That is never the case.

We have actually taken a shot at an engineered solution in order to plausibly show that it might be possible.  I just do not see anyone ever agreeing.

In the meantime the rise of the #MeToo has again provided a further impediment in hte form of lawyering up no less..


Fearing False Accusations, Men Are Asking Women To Create 'Consent Videos' Before Sex. Feminists Are Not Happy. 

December 5, 2018
Thanks to the excesses of the #MeToo movement, sexual encounters have morphed into an episode of South Park. In the midst of an otherwise romantic night, gals, you might be asked to create a so-called "consent video" so your understandably petrified partner can cover his behind against any future false accusation leveled against him.

A consent video is exactly what it sounds like: a woman telling a camera lens that she is fully onboard with having sex with so-and-so once the record button is turned off.
And they say romance is dead.

According to a recent article f......


The War Between God and Satan Manifests In Globalism vs Nationalism-Who Will Win? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The globalist dream is put together by a lot of stupid rich men and women.  That is the only way to characterize them and if they all subscribe to Lucifer then doubly so.  Throw in the pedophile conspiracy glue and it all becomes monstrous.

I want to say something about stupidity.  the Majority of the population and that includes almost all of you are average plus intelligence and are generally able to read a newspaper and fit comfortably into our culture.  Intelligence improves with education and practice such as reading books.  thus older does mean wiser through gathering information and experiences as well.  It is competitive out there so most of us do rise to the challenge society gives us.  

This does not necessarily make you talented and creative or even leadership gifted. Generally that cut is one person in twenty at best and likely the talented and creative aspect applies to one in twenty leaders.  Really capable leaders will bless a community of hundreds at least and possibly thousands.  They do not come easily and our political systems tend to chase them away through mediocrity.  That includes corporate.

Now we have a global cadre of very rich men who all inherited their wealth.  Most of these men are generations away from the smart boy who created the fortune.  These men and women almost by definition will be a group of terribly ordinary men and women who are rarely distinguished in any manner other than wealth.



The migrant caravan trying to invade the USA is a DISEASE caravan "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Image: The migrant caravan trying to invade the USA is actually a DISEASE caravan thats infested with HIV, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases

They are not all sick, but all have been exposed and need to at least be quarantined which is essentially happening.  Stable so far.  They do look to be deterred from anything approaching military action.  Those young men do not want to commit suicide.
Stories abound that more are on the way but that seems unlikely with a mob stuck on the border
Sooner or later they all have to go home and sticking to our guns is the only way forward.  The spectacle of them walking home will send a wonderful message particularly if the money support dries up.
Now imagine this had been pulled with Hilary or Obama in charge.  We already had a rehearsal watching Europe. 
The migrant caravan trying to invade the USA is actually a DISEASE caravan thats infested with HIV, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases
Sunday, December 02, 2018 by: Ethan Huff


Kernel prepatch 4.20-rc6 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The 4.20-rc6 kernel prepatch is out for testing. "Most of it looks pretty small and normal. Would I have preferred for there to be less churn? Yes. But it's certainly smaller than rc5 was, so we're moving in the right direction, and we have at least one more rc to go."


Fedora 30 To Finally Use GnuPG 2 As The Default "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

While many Linux distributions have moved past GnuPG 1 and some no longer even packaging it, Fedora Linux continues using GnuPG 1 as the default gpg, but that is likely to change with Fedora 30...


Todays USPTO Grants a Lot of Fake Patents, Software Patents That Courts Would Invalidate "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Trump and Iancu

Summary: The 35 U.S.C. 101 effect is very much real; patents on abstract/nonphysical ideas get invalidated en masse (in courts/PTAB) and Director Andrei Iancu refuses to pay attention as if hes above the law and court rulings dont apply to him

THE current state of 35 U.S.C. 101 is encouraging and as we noted a couple of hours ago, 35 U.S.C. 101 isnt going to be revisited by SCOTUS.

On Sunday we wrote about the European Patent Offices obsession with AI. We have since then seen similar examples about patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, e.g. AI-driven here and AI-driven network security here (BluVector Awarded Additional Patent for Machine Learning in Cybersecurity). Those tricks are fast becoming rather common, even worryingly so. Those are very obviously bunk, bogus, fake, abstract software patents. Why is the Office still granting these, knowing courts would trash them? Heres an example of a new patent on video processing and another of an Irish firm that went to the US to patent software on a very trivial idea [1, 2]. Based on all these press releases and articles, quality control is lacking. Everything there sounds like bogus software patents that are going to be invalidated based on 35 U.S.C. 101 in any court...


The Privacy Risks of Compiling Mobility Data "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The privacy risks of compiling mobility data

The privacy risks of compiling mobility data
-- Merging different types of location-stamped data can make it easier to discern users identities, even when the data is anonymized.

Rob Matheson | MIT News Office
December 7, 2018

A new study by MIT researchers finds that the growing practice of compiling massive, anonymized datasets about peoples movement patterns is a double-edged sword: While it can provide deep insights into human behavior for research, it could also put peoples private data at risk.  

Companies, researchers, and other entities are beginning to collect, store, and process anonymized data that contains location stamps (geographical coordinates and time stamps) of users. Data can be grabbed from mobile phone records, credit card transactions, public transportation smart cards, Twitter accounts, and mobile apps. Merging those datasets could provide rich information about how humans travel, for instance, to optimize transportation and urban planning, among other things.

But with big data come big privacy issues: Location stamps are extremely specific to individuals and can be used for nefarious purposes. Recent research has shown that, given only a few randomly selected points in mobility datasets, someone could identify and learn sensitive information about individuals. With merged mobility datasets, this becomes even easier: An agent could potentially match users trajectories in anonymized data from one dataset, with deanonymized data in another, to unmask the anonymized data.

In a paper published today in IEEE Transactions on Big Data, the MIT researchers show how this can happen in the first-ever analysis of so-called user matchability in two large-scale datasets from Singapore, one from a mobile network operator and one from a local transportation system.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


A Month After Microsoft Claimed Patent Truce Its Patent Trolls Keep Attacking Microsofts Rivals "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A bird

Summary: Microsofts legal department relies on its vultures (to whom it passes money and patents) to sue its rivals; but other than that, Microsoft is a wonderful company!

THE company that spent decades committing crimes and is currently under investigation in the US for bribery and corruption nowadays loves Linux, according to itself. But does it really love GNU/Linux? Or is it just bribing people (and organisations and publishers) to say so or at least passively accept those who claim so?

About a month ago the Open Invention Network helped spread the "Microsoft loves Linux" lie; days ago it also added another member (Printing Industry Leader Heidelberg Joins the OIN Community in Support of its Digital Future) to its pact that is absolutely worthless in the face of patent trolls and other satellite entities. It can do absolutely nothing about those. It even admits so.

We have meanwhile also noticed that the Franklin Pierce Center at the University of New Hampshire School of Law brought in a person from Microsoft. He is still at Microsoft too; hes Microsofts vice president and chief patent counsel, so hes like an influencer through academia too (Microsoft does a lot of that). To quote these tidbits:

The Franklin Pierce Center at the University of New Hampshire School of Law has announced that Micky Minhas, vice president and chief patent counsel for Microsoft Incorporated, will join the faculty as the Franklin Pierce Distinguished Professor of Intellectual Property Practice. In addition to teaching in both the fall and spring semesters, Minhas will provide strategic guidance on cutting-edge IP curriculum at UNH Law. Minhas will retain his position with Microsoft. For more than six years, he has managed the Microsoft patent group that is primarily responsible for outbound and inbound intellectual property licensing, patent strategy, patent acquisitions and divestitures, and managing patent preparation and prosecution of patents. He is a frequent speaker on patent and patent...


AeonWave: An Open-Source Audio Engine Akin To Microsoft's XAudio2 / Apple CoreAudio "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

An open-source audio initiative that's been in development for years but flying under our radar until its lead developer chimed in is AeonWave, which supports Windows and Linux systems while being inspired by Microsoft XAudio and Apple's CoreAudio...


New EU Piracy Watchlist Targets Key Pirate Sites and Cloudflare "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In recent years the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) has released several reports detailing notorious markets that contribute to large volumes of copyright infringement worldwide.

The annual reports are aimed at guiding the U.S. Governments position towards foreign countries where these sites and services are located. With a focus overseas, US-based platforms are not included.

Earlier this year the EU announced that it would be following the example set by the United States by producing a similar report of its own.

The list will identify and describe the most problematic marketplaces with special focus on online marketplaces in order to encourage their operators and owners as well as the responsible local authorities and governments to take the necessary actions and measures to reduce the availability of IPR infringing goods or services, the EU noted in January.

Almost 11 months later the EU has published its debut Counterfeit and Piracy Watch List based on consultations with stakeholders, decisions handed down against sites by national courts, the UKs Police Intellectual Property Crime Units infringing website list, Googles Transparency Report, plus various Europol assessments.

As promised, it lists sites, services, and other players who allegedly engage in, facilitate or benefit from counterfeiting and piracy, with the aim of placing pressure on the platforms themselves as well as those in power.

For inclusion in the report, the owner of allegedly-infringing platforms must be believed to reside outside the EU, whether or not the platforms themselves have connections inside due to domain registrations or web hosting, for example.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority of the 70 responses received during the consultation phase mentioned cyberlockers and BitTorrent sites, followed by stream-ripping, linking sites, and unlicensed pay-per-download sites. Also under the spotlight are hosting providers, domain registries and registrars, plus ad-networks generating profit from pirate sites.


Given its appearance in several earlier US watch list documents, the inclusion of Rapidgator in the brand new EU report was perhaps a given. Supposedly hosted in Switzerland but operated from Russia, the platform is accused of hosting a wide range of infringing content while encouraging uploa...


Good News: US Supreme Court Rejects Efforts to Revisit Alice, Most Software Patents to Remain Worthless "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Summary: 35 U.S.C. 101 will likely remain in tact for a long time to come; courts have come to grips with the status quo, as even the Federal Circuit approves the large majority of invalidations by the Patent Trial and Appeal Boards (PTAB) panels, initiated by inter partes reviews (IPRs)

2017 and 2018 have been very good years. Irrespective of what the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office grants as patents (more on that in a separate post), courts do a good job. Theyre a lot tougher than before.

Irrespective of what the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office grants as patents (more on that in a separate post), courts do a good job.As Karl Auerbach put it some days ago: The supreme court and the IP bar have gotten a lot smarter about software, so they are far more able to recognize that a huge portion of software patents are simply old ideas rewrapped as code and are thus not eligible for patent protection..

Heres the full comment (a reply I received):

I do not accept the mantra that software is math. Sure, computers operate through the application of the laws of physics, via the emergent properties of electronics and electro-mechanical devices. But so do procedures in chemistry. The act of using a hammer to pound a nail is ultimately mathematical in the sense that it is an expression of the laws of force and mass and velocity all of which are usually expressed in mathematical form. That would make a patent on a novel and non-obvious use of a hammer and nails to be unpatentable.

Some software is, indeed, used to computer mathematical expressions. So are pencils. And pencils are not unpatentable because they are mathematics. (Pencils are unpatentable because they or no longer novel or non-obvious.)

The analogy with gears is to counter the argument that software has no physical reality which is not true given that once it is reduced to its basic form it consists of charges in electronic circuits that, when combined with electrical time pulses, turns into a very physical machine but with electrical charges interacting rather then gears meshing.

The main problem that has existed with software patents is that they fail the required test of being non-intuitive to someone practiced in the art of computer programming. The US patent office for decades refused to hire computer people, so it made itself inte...


22 Apps With 2 Million+ Google Play Downloads Had a Malicious Backdoor "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

22 apps with 2 million+ Google Play downloads had a malicious backdoor

Almost two dozen apps with more than 2 million downloads have been removed from the Google Play market after researchers found they contained a device-draining backdoor that allowed them to surreptitiously download files from an attacker-controlled server.

The 22 rogue titles included Sparkle Flashlight, a flashlight app that had been downloaded more than 1 million times since it entered Google Play sometime in 2016 or 2017, antivirus provider Sophos said in a blog post published Thursday. Beginning around March of this year, Sparkle Flashlight and two other apps were updated to add the secret downloader. The remaining 19 apps became available after June and contained the downloader from the start.

By the time Google removed the apps in late November, they were being used to click endlessly on fraudulent ads. "Andr/Clickr-ad," as Sophos has dubbed the family of apps, automatically started and ran even after a user force-closed them, functions that caused the apps to consume huge amounts of bandwidth and drain batteries. In Thursday's post, Sophos researcher Chen Yu wrote:

Andr/Clickr-ad is a well-organized, persistent malware that has the potential to cause serious harm to end users, as well as the entire Android ecosystem. These apps generate fraudulent requests that cost ad networks significant revenue as a result of the fake clicks. From the user's perspective, these apps drain their phone's battery and may cause data overages as the apps are constantly running and communicating with servers in the background. Furthermore, the devices are fully controlled by the C2 server and can potentially install any malicious modules upon the instructions of the server.

Original Submission

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[slackware-security] php (SSA:2018-341-01) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Slackware Security Team on Dec 09

[slackware-security] php (SSA:2018-341-01)

New php packages are available for Slackware 14.0, 14.1, 14.2, and -current to
fix security issues.

Here are the details from the Slackware 14.2 ChangeLog:
Several security bugs have been fixed in this release:
Segfault when using convert.quoted-printable-encode filter.
Null pointer dereference in imap_mail.
imap_open allows to run arbitrary shell commands via...


[SECURITY] [DSA 4352-1] chromium-browser security update "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Michael Gilbert on Dec 09

Debian Security Advisory DSA-4352-1 security () debian org Michael Gilbert
December 07, 2018

Package : chromium-browser
CVE ID : CVE-2018-17480...


[SECURITY] [DSA 4351-1] libphp-phpmailer security update "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Salvatore Bonaccorso on Dec 09

Debian Security Advisory DSA-4351-1 security () debian org Salvatore Bonaccorso
December 07, 2018

Package : libphp-phpmailer
CVE ID : CVE-2018-19296
Debian Bug...


HostedSimply 4GB RAM SSD Cached VPS w/ 120GB HDD for $25/yr in Los Angeles & New York! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Peter from HostedSimply sent in an exclusive LEB offer to us the other day which we felt was worth sharing with you. They are now offering a SSD Cached VPS equipped with 4GB RAM, 120GB storage, 5TB bandwidth for just $25/year.

Their WHOIS is public, and they were featured on LEB before and received a moderate amount of positive feedback. As always, we encourage our readers to share their thoughts below in the comments section. You can find their ToS/Legal Docs here. They accept PayPal, Credit Cards, Bitcoin and Alipay as payment methods. As always, if you do decide to buy one, wed love to hear about your experience below in the comments section!

Heres what they had to say: 

At HostedSimply, we bring together a variety of hosting solutions to make sure our customers are never short of the flexibility they would need for their businesses. Our pricing is geared towards being market competitive offering an edge through extra features and prompt support.

We are pleased to present the following SSD Cached VPS offer, exclusive for the LowEndBox community! These are available for deployment in either our Los Angeles or New York data center locations.

Heres the offer: 

SSD Cached 4GB VPS

  • 120GB RAID10 SSD Cached
  • 4096MB RAM
  • 4096MB vSwap
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 5TB Bandwidth
  • 100Mbps Uplink
  • Upgrade to 1Gbps for just + $1.50/yr!
  • OpenVZ/SolusVM
  • Los Angeles or New York
  • $25/yr
  • [ORDER]


Los Angeles, California, USA (Redundant Network Blend of GTT and Zayo)
Test IPv4:
Test file: http://19...


Florian Mllers Article About SEPs and the EPO "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Summary: Report from the court in Munich, where the EPO is based

THE writings of Florian Mller have become more frequent lately. He used to write about the European Patent Office (EPO) after he had campaigned quite famously in fact against software patents in Europe.

His latest article, which deals with standard-essential patents (SEPs), may be of interest to EPO insiders. Heres a portion:

While standard-essential patents (SEPs) is one of the most common terms in the tech sector, it would sometimes be more accurate and inclusive to refer to standard-essential intellectual property rights (SEIPRs). That collective term would include both SEPs and SEUMs: standard-essential utility models. Utility models are a German specialty, basically a second-class type of patent with a shorter term but instant registration (no substantive examination). This blog covered a utility model case years ago when Apple asserted a slide-to-unlock utility model against Samsung in Germany; that case got stayed over validity concerns and never went anywhere. Beyond German utility models, the collective term SEIPRs would cover any other IPRs that may exist in other jurisdictions and are like patents, but arent called patents.

Yesterday I went to the Munich I Regional Court to watch a standard-essential utility model case, Netlist v. SK Hynix and HP, over German utility model no. DE2020100185017, which was derived last year, in preparation of this lawsuit as counsel for Netlist explained, from a pending European patent application, EP2454735 on a system and method utilizing distributed byte-wise buffers on a memory module. From what Ive been able to find out, this patent was declared essential to a JEDEC memory standard.

An EPO patent examiner rejected the application, though Netlist is still trying to persuade the EPO to grant a patent. But in parallel to that effort, they quickly took out a utility model, with claim language drafted specifically for the purposes of the lawsuit against SK Hynix and HP, and sued in Munich.

Wrong patent grants can have devastating effects not just for large companies but also individual engineers/developers. This is why we so aggres...


EPO Vice-President eljko Topi in New Article About Corruption in Croatia "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Kuterovac Topi WIPO 2010

Summary: The Croatian newspaper 7Dnevno has an outline of what eljko Topi has done in Croatia and in the EPO in Munich; it argues that this seriously erodes Croatias national brand/identity

An article about eljko Topi, a Vice-President at the European Patent Office, recently appeared in the Croatian newspaper 7Dnevno. We mentioned it at the time.

Below were including an English translation of the part of the article which pertains to eljko Topi.


Published by Tomislav KOVA November 30, 2018

The Republic of Croatia has a recognizable tourist and sport brand, but it should be creating its own strong and positive national brand because it offers a key competitive advantage over other countries. Regarding the emphasis of the importance of creating an image and branding, Croatia as a country has not built up a sufficiently recognizable image to strengthen its position either vis--vis other states nor within international relations in its entirety. In addition, Croatia does not have a clear and quality system to build and manage a national brand. And, in our country, there is not enough developed awareness of the importance of branding as a tool for strengthening the competitiveness of the Croatian economy within the world context. The words are those recently addressed to the public by Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovi on the round table under the title Identity and the Trademark of the Republic of Croatia.


What is a brand? The brand is a set of associations that a product or service has in the consumer consciousness, and the branding process makes any product, service or individual recognizable based on its visual identity, the way of communication, and the entire content that is attached to that brand. In the branding process it is most important to define the visual identity (logo, name and typography) and the entire content that will be linked to that brand. When we talk about content, we mean everything that will be published with respect to that brand, from texts, photos, visuals, or vid...


Girls vs Boys in STEM and non-STEM "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In a landmark study involving over a million students, it appears that the reason boys dominate girls in STEM fields is not that they are better than girls at it (the reverse seems to be true) but, perversely, that gender differences are lower in non-STEM fields.

About the STEM grades, which are often abused as an explanation:

A classroom with more variable grades indicates a bigger gap between high and low performing students, and greater male variability could result in boys outnumbering girls at the top and bottom of the class.

Greater male variability is an old idea that people have used to claim that there will always be more male geniuses and fools in society, ODea says.

The team found that on average, girls grades were higher than boys, and girls grades were less variable than boys.

But girls' and boys' variability were much closer in non-STEM fields.

Original Submission

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