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Wednesday, 15 August


Power Management Updates Land In The Linux 4.19 Kernel "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Intel's Rafael Wysocki has submitted the ACPI and power management updates today for the Linux 4.19 kernel which were subsequently merged by Linus Torvalds...


Microsoft ADFS flaw allows attackers to bypass MFA safeguards "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A vulnerability (CVE-2018-8340) in Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) allows a second authentication factor for one account to be used for all other accounts in an organization, Okta REX Security Engineer Andrew Lee has discovered. By employing some simple phishing and leveraging the flaw, an attacker could compromise accounts belonging to other employees or executives and access sensitive information through a variety of company resources. About the vulnerability (CVE-2018-8340) and possible attacks Many organizations More

The post Microsoft ADFS flaw allows attackers to bypass MFA safeguards appeared first on Help Net Security.


Foreshadow: The Sky Is Falling Again for Intel Chips "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its been at least a month or two since the last vulnerability in Intel CPUs was released, but this time its serious. Foreshadow is the latest speculative execution attack that allows balaclava-wearing hackers to steal your sensitive information. You know its a real 0-day because it already has a domain, a logo, and this time, theres a video explaining in simple terms anyone can understand why the sky is falling. The video uses ukuleles in the sound track, meaning its very well produced.

The Foreshadow attack relies on Intels Software Guard Extension (SGX) instructions that allow user code to allocate private regions of memory. These private regions of memory, or enclaves, were designed for VMs and DRM.

How Foreshadow Works

The Foreshadow attack utilizes speculative execution, a feature of modern CPUs most recently in the news thanks to the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. The Foreshadow attack reads the contents of memory protected by SGX, allowing an attacker to copy and read back private keys and other personal information. There is a second Foreshadow attack, called Foreshadow-NG, that is capable of reading anything inside a CPUs L1 cache (effectively anything in memory with a little bit of work), and might also be used to read information stored in other virtual machines running on a third-party cloud. In the worst case scenario, running your own code on an AWS or Azure box could expose data that isnt yours on the same AWS or Azure box. Additionally, countermeasures to Meltdown and Spectre attacks might be insufficient to protect from Foreshadown-NG

The researchers behind the Foreshadow attacks have talked with Intel, and the manufacturer has confirmed Foreshadow affects all SGX-enabled Skylake and Kaby Lake Core processors. Atom processors with SGX support remain unaffected. For the Foreshadow-NG attack, many more processors are affected, including second through eighth generation Core processors, and most Xeons. This is a significant percentage of all Intel CPUs currently deployed. Intel has released a security advisory detailing all the affected CPUs.


A New, Highly Effective And Selective Molecule To Fight Malaria "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A novel laboratory-synthesized molecule, based on natural compounds known as marinoquinolines found in marine gliding bacteria, is a strong candidate for the development of a new antimalarial drug.

In tests, the molecule proved capable of killing even the strain that resists conventional antimalarials. The molecule displays low toxicity and high selectivity, acting only on the parasite and not on other cells of the host organism.

The molecule was developed in Brazil at the Center for Research and Innovation in Biodiversity and Drug Discovery (CIBFar). The researchers tested the molecule in strains cultured in vitro as well as in mice using Plasmodium berghei, since mice are immune to infection by Plasmodium falciparum, which causes the most aggressive type of malaria.

"In mice, the number of parasites in the bloodstream (parasitemia) had fallen 62 percent by the fifth day of the test. After 30 days, all the mice given doses of the molecule were still alive," said Rafael Guido, a professor at the University of So Paulo's So Carlos Physics Institute (IFSC-USP).

Guido co-authors an article published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, in which the researchers describe the molecule's inhibitory action in the blood and liver stages of the parasite's asexual cycle, which is responsible for the signs and symptoms of the disease.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.

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Tuesday, 14 August


Twiddling Youtube; or, I mean, Innovations in Machine Learning "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I mean, weve all been annoyed when we set up our USB monitor in our hallway that displays weather data, and then we decided to show videos from Youtube that somehow relate to the music thats playing our apartment; weve dreamed of having something like the following catch our eyes when passing by on the way to the kitchen.

Oh, what a marvellous dream we all had, but then it turned out that most of the videos that vaguely matched the song titles turn out to be still videos.

So many still photo videos. So very many.

I mean, this is a common problem, right? Something we all have?



xf86-video-v4l X.Org Driver Sees First New Release In A Decade "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The xf86-video-v4l v0.3.0 driver was announced today as the first new release for this DDX driver in ten years...


Astronomers Discover Supermassive Black Hole In An Ultracompact Dwarf Galaxy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A team of scientists from the Faculty of Physics and Sternberg State Astronomical Institute, MSU, leading an international collaboration with members from Europe, Chile, the U.S. and Australia discovered a supermassive black hole in the center of the Fornax galaxy. The results of the research were published in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society journal.

Fornax UCD3 is a part of a Fornax galaxy cluster and belongs to a very rare and unusual class of galaxies, ultracompact dwarfs. The mass of such dwarf galaxies reaches several dozen millions of solar masses, and the radius does not typically exceed 300 light years. This ratio between mass and size makes UCDs the densest stellar systems in the universe.

"We have discovered a supermassive black hole in the center of Fornax UCD3. The black hole mass is 3.5 million that of the sun, similar to the central black hole in our own Milky Way," explained Anton Afanasiev, the first author of the article, a student of the department of the Faculty of Physics, MSU.

[...] The black hole discovered by the authors is the fourth ever to be found in UCDs and corresponds to 4 percent of the total galaxy mass. In average galaxies, this ratio is considerably lower (about 0.3 percent). Though there are few known examples, the existence of massive black holes in UCDs is a strong argument for the tidal origin of such galaxies. According to this hypothesis, an average-sized galaxy passed a bigger and more massive one at a certain stage of its evolution, and as a result of the influence of tidal forces, lost the majority of its stars. The remaining compact nucleus has become what we know as an ultracompact dwarf.

"To be able to say with complete assurance that this hypothesis is correct, we need to discover more supermassive black holes in UCDs. This is one of the prospects of this work.

Moreover, a similar methodology may be applied to more massive and less dense compact elliptical galaxies. In one of our next works, we will study the population of central black holes in objects of this kind," concluded the scientist.

Original Submission

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[$] CVE-2018-5390 and "embargoes" "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A kernel bug that allows a remote denial of service via crafted packets was fixed recently and the resulting patch was merged on July 23. But an announcement of the flaw (which is CVE-2018-5390) was not released until August 6a two-week window where users were left in the dark. It was not just the patch that might have alerted attackers; the flaw was publicized in other ways, as well, before the announcement, which has led to some discussion of embargo policies on the oss-security mailing list. Within free-software circles, embargoes are generally seen as a necessary evil, but delaying the disclosure of an already-public bug does not sit well.


CVE-2018-5391: Linux kernel: IP fragments with random offsets allow a remote denial of service (FragmentSmack) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Vladis Dronov on Aug 14


A flaw named FragmentSmack was found in the way the Linux kernel handled
reassembly of fragmented IPv4 and IPv6 packets. A remote attacker could
use this flaw to trigger time and calculation expensive fragment reassembly
algorithms by sending specially crafted packets which could lead to a CPU
saturation and hence a denial of service on the system.

External References:


Bad news conspiracy theorists. QAnon codes are just a guy mashing his keyboard "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The codes in Qs posts arent actual codes, but instead just random typing by someone who might play an instrument and uses a qwerty keyboard, says password expert.


All the Badges of DEF CON 26 (vol 1) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Two or three years back you would see a handful of really interesting unofficial badges at DEF CON. Now, theres a deluge of clever, beautiful, and well executed badges. Last weekend I tried to see every badge and meet every badge maker. Normally, I would publish one megapost to show off everything I had seen, but this year Im splitting it into volumes. Join me after the break for the first upload of the incredible badges of DC26!

Telephreak Eleven Badge



Libinput 1.12 RC2 Continues Working On Improving Linux Touchpad Behavior "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

We've known libinput 1.12 is going to be a significant release and that's still holding true in looking at the second release candidate for this Wayland/X.Org input handling library...


When's A Backdoor Not A Backdoor? When The Oz Government Says It Isn't "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Australia's promised not-a-backdoor crypto-busting bill is out and the government has kept its word - it doesn't want a backdoor, just the keys to your front one.

The draft of The Assistance and Access Bill 2018 calls for anyone using or selling communications services in Australia will be subject to police orders for access to private data.

That includes all vendors of computers, phones, apps, social media and cloud services in the Lucky Country, and anyone within national borders using them. These data-tapping orders will be enforced with fines of up to AU$10m (US$7.3m) for companies or $50,000 ($36,368) for individuals

The draft legislation also wants five years in prison for anyone who reveals a data-slurping investigation is going on. And while there's no explicit encryption backdoor requirements in the 110 page draft bill, our first look suggests there doesn't need to be.

Original Submission

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How Did The Mayans Disappear? Researchers Think They Finally Know "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Sediment samples from Lake Chichancanab in Mexico show that annual rainfall decreased by more than 50 percent at the end of Mayan civilization.


"Citizens Police Academies" are used to improve community relations and influence voters "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A recent article in KSFY revealed that the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office is training citizens to act like cops.

Because that is what America needs right now, more police.

These 'citizen cops' go through a ten-week training program called "Citizens Academy" which teaches them to take part in fingerprinting, shooting a taser, A.L.I.C.E. training and much more.

In Great Falls, Montana, Citizen Academy attendees can be tasered by the police.

"Along with learning so much attendees also get to ride with an officer, see a homicide investigation, be Tased (or just watch)."

A.L.I.C.E. training is an acronym for 'Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate' or Active Shooter Civilian Response techniques.

Why are police training citizens and corporations in active shooter drills?

A.L.I.C.E. training reduces corporate liability

At approximately 2:45 minutes into the video, the ALICE Institute reveals that active shooter training reduces an organization's liability.

Citizens are also trained to conduct mock traffic stops.


SolvedByData SSD Shared, Reseller Hosting & VPSs from $3/year! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Taylor from SolvedByData has submitted their very first offer to LowEndBox today. They are offering deals on their Shared, Reseller and OpenVZ based services out of Los Angeles and New York. Give them a try and let us know what you think about them so!

Their WHOIS is public, and you can find their ToS/Legal Docs here. They accept PayPal, Credit Cards, Alipay and Cryptocurrency (bitcoin and altcoins) as payment methods.

Heres what they had to say: 

SolvedByData provides purpose built hosting for mission critical sites, applications, stores, forums, and more. Our performance tuned platform takes the worry and guesswork out of hosting.

With SolvedByData, we provide hassle-free hosting, with a get-it-done attitude so you can focus on growing your business. With so many hosting companies to choose from, we at SolvedByData want to make this decision as easy and clear to you as possible. We believe in building long term business relationships with our customers, and we do that by understanding your needs and following through with that understanding. With our years of industry experience, we know what it takes in order to get you up and running, and keep you online every step of the way. You can always rely on SolvedByData day and night.

Heres the offers: 
** After your order, open a ticket and request *one* of the following freebies **



  • 20GB SSD Space
  • 750GB Bandwidth
  • 2 Domains
  • DDoS Protection
  • cPanel/Softaculous
  • LiteSpeed/CloudLinux
  • Free Migrations
  • New York Datacenter
  • $3/yr
  • [ORDER]


  • 150GB SSD Space...


What would it take to become a trillionaire? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Apple has crossed over into the four-comma club what would it take for a person to do the same?


Microsoft Releases Patches for 60 FlawsTwo Under Active Attack "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Get your update caps on. Just a few minutes ago Microsoft released its latest monthly Patch Tuesday update for August 2018, patching a total of 60 vulnerabilities, of which 19 are rated as critical. The updates patch flaws in Microsoft Windows, Edge Browser, Internet Explorer, Office, ChakraCore, .NET Framework, Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio. Two of these


DIY Wind Turbine for Where the Sun Doesnt Shine "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

There are plenty of places outside where you may like to have a project requiring electricity that may not get enough sun for solar power to be viable. Perhaps wind power could be used instead? [Greg] has a project to create a platform for using a small wind turbine to generate the power for your projects.

The wind turbine that [Greg] designing is a Savonius-style wind turbine that would put out between 5 and 12 volts. In a Savonius turbine, blades are mounted on a vertical axis allowing for a smaller, less complicated build than traditional horizontal axis wind turbines. The design is named for its inventor, Finnish engineer Sigurd Johannes Savonius.

After doing some research, the design will have a 2:1 height to blade ratio and use three pairs of overlapping curved blades stacked on top of each other, each pair offset by 120 degrees. This design, [Greg] figures, will come within a few percentage points of the efficiency of more exotic blade shapes while making the windmill easy to design and implement. Being half cylinders, the blades can easily be made from existing objects cut in half pop cans, for example, but there has been some designing the blades in Fusion 360 for 3D printing. The stator board has been designed and the initial prototypes of it and the rotor have arrived, so the testing can now commence.

Once the design is finalized and the prototype working, itd be interesting to see some projects start showing up using wind power instead of solar power. Take a look at this design for a vertical wind turbine, and this design for a simple, straightforward turbine.

The HackadayPrize2018 is Sponsored by:


[$] Meltdown strikes back: the L1 terminal fault vulnerability "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Meltdown CPU vulnerability, first disclosed in early January, was frightening because it allowed unprivileged attackers to easily read arbitrary memory in the system. Spectre, disclosed at the same time, was harder to exploit but made it possible for guests running in virtual machines to attack the host system and other guests. Both vulnerabilities have been mitigated to some extent (though it will take a long time to even find all of the Spectre vulnerabilities, much less protect against them). But now the newly disclosed "L1 terminal fault" (L1TF) vulnerability (also going by the name Foreshadow) brings back both threats: relatively easy attacks against host memory from inside a guest. Mitigations are available (and have been merged into the mainline kernel), but they will be expensive for some users.


How Militaries Should Plan for AI "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Today we are publishing a new EFF white paper, The Cautious Path to Strategic Advantage: How Militaries Should Plan for AI. This paper analyzes the risks and implications of military AI projects in the wake of Google's decision to discontinue AI assistance to the US military's drone program and adopt AI ethics principles that preclude many forms of military work.

The key audiences for this paper are military planners and defense contractors, who may find the objections to military uses of AI from Google's employees and others in Silicon Valley hard to understand. Hoping to bridge the gap, we urge our key audiences to consider several guiding questions. What are the major technical and strategic risks of applying current machine learning methods in weapons systems or military command and control? What are the appropriate responses that states and militaries can adopt in response? What kinds of AI are safe for military use, and what kinds aren't?

Militaries must make sure they don't buy into the machine learning hype while missing the warning label.

We are at a critical juncture. Machine learning technologies have received incredible hype, and indeed they have made exciting progress on some fronts, but they remain brittle, subject to novel failure modes, and vulnerable to diverse forms of adversarial attack and manipulation. They also lack the basic forms of common sense and judgment on which humans usually rely.[1]

Militaries must make sure they don't buy into the machine learning hype while missing the warning label. There's much to be done with machine learning, but plenty of reasons to keep it away from things like target selection, fire control, and most command, control, and intelligence (C2I) roles in the near future, and perhaps beyond that too.

The U.S. Department of Defense and its counterparts have an opportunity to show leadership and move AI technologies in a direction that improves our odds of security, peace, and stability in the long runor they could quickly push us in the opposite direction. We hope this white paper will help them chart the former course.

Part I i...


Apple argued building was worth $200 not $1B to lower tax bill "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Apple argued that buildings it owned around Cupertino, Calif., where it is headquartered, were only worth $200 instead of the $1 billion tax assessors deemed in 2015, according to appeals reviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle.The report...


Latest Apple Release to Defeat Browser Fingerprinting in Safari "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Browser fingerprinting is where JavaScript or other means are used to scrape uniquely identifying information from the browser metadata and functions such as how it draws a canvas object. In it's latest release Apple will defeat browser fingerprinting by making all Mac users look alike to advertisers and websites that use fingerprinting to track users. Apple can afford to do this as it doesn't have skin in the online advertising game.

[This is likely only going to be for the Safari browser. - Ed]

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Xen Security Advisory 272 v2 - oxenstored does not apply quota-maxentity "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Xen . org security team on Aug 14

Xen Security Advisory XSA-272

oxenstored does not apply quota-maxentity


Ammend patch to reference XSA-272 in the commit message.

Public release.


The logic in oxenstored for handling writes depended on the order of
evaluation of expressions making up a tuple.

As indicated in section 7.7.3...


PUBG: NetEase Masks Its Copyright Infringement With Game Updates "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG) is without a doubt one of hottest games at the moment.

The success earned the company hundreds of millions of dollars, which inspired other developers to create similar games.

Some of these games are too similar, according to PUBG.

To protect its financial interests, the company, therefore, decided to take the developer of two alleged spinoffs to court. PUBG sued the Chinese company NetEase, the makers of Rules of Survival and Knives Out, accusing it of copyright infringement.

While NetEase readily admitted that its games operate in the same genre, it refuted the copyright infringement claims. Last month the company filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, describing it as an attempt to monopolize the popular battle royale genre.

This motion triggered a response from PUBG this week, in which it describes NetEases defense as baseless.

Defendants attack on PUBGs complaint is baseless. PUBG is not seeking to monopolize the popular battle royale genre of video games, instead, it seeks to protect its creative expression of unique and distinctive elements within its BATTLEGROUNDS game, PUBG writes.

NetEase argued that the infringement claims are unfounded, pointing at several elements that are clearly different. However, PUBG clearly disagrees, noting that individual elements and the overall selection and combination of these elements were copied.

Those distinctive and protectable elements have been blatantly copied by Defendants in not one, but two, competing games, the company writes.

NetEases defense also summed up a variety of elements that were clearly different in their games.

This is a non-issue according to PUBG, as copyright infringement is based on similarities between works. This means that the differences between the games provide no defense.

In addition, PUBG notes that this argument is improper, as many of the cited differences were introduced in updates that came out after the lawsuit was filed.

[M]any of Defendants claimed dissimilarities are a fallacy, strategically inserted by Defendants after this lawsuit was filed, in a clear attempt to mask Defendants blatant infringement, PUBG writes.

The developer provides several examples of Rules of Survival changes that were added after the complaint was filed. These range from changes to optimize the gameplay to the addition of...


Xen Security Advisory 271 v2 (CVE-2018-14007) - XAPI HTTP directory traversal "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Xen . org security team on Aug 14

Xen Security Advisory CVE-2018-14007 / XSA-271

XAPI HTTP directory traversal


Public release.


XAPI has an unauthenticated HTTP endpoint update/ which exports the
contents of /var/update for other hosts to use.

However, the resolution of . and .. in paths is performed before url
unquoting is...


Xen Security Advisory 270 v2 - Linux netback driver OOB access in hash handling "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Xen . org security team on Aug 14

Xen Security Advisory XSA-270

Linux netback driver OOB access in hash handling


Public release.


Linux's netback driver allows frontends to control mapping of requests
to request queues. When processing a request to set or change this
mapping, some input validation was missing or flawed....


Xen Security Advisory 269 v2 - x86: Incorrect MSR_DEBUGCTL handling lets guests enable BTS "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Xen . org security team on Aug 14

Xen Security Advisory XSA-269

x86: Incorrect MSR_DEBUGCTL handling lets guests enable BTS


Public release.


The DEBUGCTL MSR contains several debugging features, some of which virtualise
cleanly, but some do not. In particular, Branch Trace Store is not
virtualised by the processor, and software has...


Xen Security Advisory 268 v2 - Use of v2 grant tables may cause crash on ARM "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Xen . org security team on Aug 14

Xen Security Advisory XSA-268

Use of v2 grant tables may cause crash on ARM


Public release.


ARM never properly implemented grant table v2, either in the
hypervisor or in Linux.

Unfortunately, an ARM guest can still request v2 grant tables; they
will simply not be properly set up, resulting in...


Uber taps former NSA official to head security team "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Uber announced Tuesday that it has named Matt Olsen, a former National Counterterrorism Center director and National Security Agency (NSA) general counsel, as its new chief security officer.Olsen, who served as the counterterrorism head...


Xen Security Advisory 273 v1 (CVE-2018-3620,CVE-2018-3646) - L1 Terminal Fault speculative side channel "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Xen . org security team on Aug 14

Xen Security Advisory CVE-2018-3620,CVE-2018-3646 / XSA-273

L1 Terminal Fault speculative side channel


In x86 nomenclature, a Terminal Fault is a pagetable walk which aborts
due to the page being not present (e.g. paged out to disk), or because
of reserved bits being set.

Architecturally, such a memory access will result in a page fault
exception, but some processors will speculatively...


L1 Terminal Fault - The Latest Speculative Execution Side Channel Attack "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Details are still light but a new vulnerability is coming out called the L1 Terminal Fault. It's been described as a "train-wreck" and is another big deal in the security space as the latest speculative side-channel attack vector...


Turning off Location History doesnt prevent Google from knowing your location "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If you believe that by turning off Location History on your Android device or iPhone means that Google wont be able to know your location, think again: Princeton University researchers have confirmed Google services store users location regardless of those settings. The research was performed on behalf of Associated Press, whose interest was piqued by a blog post by a graduate researcher at UC Berkeley, who noticed that her Android phone prompted her to rate More

The post Turning off Location History doesnt prevent Google from knowing your location appeared first on Help Net Security.


Behind The Pin: Logic Level Outputs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

There is one thing that unites almost every computer and logic circuit commonly used in the hardware hacking and experimentation arena. No matter what its age, speed, or internal configuration, electronics speak to the world through logic level I/O. A single conductor which is switched between voltage levels to denote a logic 1 or logic zero. This is an interface standard that has survived the decades from the earliest integrated circuit logic output of the 1960s to the latest microcontroller GPIO in 2018.

The effect of this tried and true arrangement is that we can take a 7400 series I/O port on an 8-bit microcomputer from the 1970s and know with absolute confidence that it will interface without too much drama to a modern single-board computer GPIO. When you think about it, this is rather amazing.

Its tempting to think then that all logic level outputs are the same, right? And of course they are from a certain viewpoint. Sure, you may need to account for level shifting between for example 5V and 3.3V families but otherwise just plug, and go, right? Of course, the real answer isnt quite that simple. There are subtle electrical differences between the properties of I/O lines of different logic and microcontroller families. In most cases these will never be a problem at all, but can rear their heads as edge cases which the would-be experimenter needs to know something about.

Consider the Voltage



Google parent invests $375M in ObamaCare startup Oscar "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Googles parent company, Alphabet, is investing $375 million in Oscar Health, a startup health insurance company seeking to redefine the industry by using technology and data. The infusion of funding from the parent of a major technology giant is a...


Millions of Android Devices At Risk of Man-in-the-disk Attack "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

Thanks to Ignorant App Developers At Defcon 2018, we have so far witnessed many innovative forms of compromising devices including electoral voting machines. However, this latest revelation Man-in-the-disk Attack is quite surprising and to a great extent concerning for Android users. According to researchers at CheckPoint security firm, the new attack method dubbed as Man-in-the-disk []

This is a post from Read the original post: Millions of Android Devices At Risk of Man-in-the-disk Attack


A Lot Of Spectre Changes Land In The Linux 4.19 Git Tree, Possible Performance Impact "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

"The Speck [Spectre slang, not to be confused with the controversial NSA algo] brigade sadly provides yet another large set of patches destroying the perfomance which we carefully built and preserved," began the latest x86/pti pull request by kernel maintainer Thomas Gleixner...


Links 14/8/2018: Virtlyst 1.2.0, Blender 2.8 Planning Update, Zorin OS 12.4, FreeBSD 12.0 Alpha "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

GNOME bluefish



  • Kernel Space

    • XArray Proposed For Merging In The Linux 4.19 Kernel

      Matthew Wilcox who most recently has been employed by Microsoft is looking to get the new XArray data structure added to the Linux 4.19 kernel.

      Earlier this year Wilcox was hoping for XArray in Linux 4.17 but that didnt pan out but he believes it is ready for Linux 4.19. XArray is intended to eventually replace the radix tree data structure in the Linux kernel. XArrays advantages include locking support as part of its design, memory not being pre-loaded, and page cache improvements in using XArray.

    • Btrfs Gets Fixes & Low-Level Improvements With Linux 4.19

      David Sterba of SUSE sent in the Btrfs file-system updates today for the Linux 4.19 kernel merge window.

      The most noticeable change with Btrfs for Linux 4.19 is that it now supports defragging opened read-only files that have read-write permissions. Btrfs in Linux 4.19 is also carrying some validation improvements, error code handling improvements, tree checker improvements, some fsync fixes, a possible deadlock fix, resetting the on-disk device stats value after replacing a drive, and a variety of other code clean-up...


House Dems press FCC chairman for answers on false cyberattack claim "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Democratic lawmakers are putting heat on Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai over a recent inspector general (IG) report that found the agency falsely claimed it had suffered a cyberattack that briefly took down its electronic...


Defense in depth -- the Microsoft way (part 57): all the latest MSVCRT installers allow escalation of privilege "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Stefan Kanthak on Aug 14

Hi @ll,

about 6 weeks ago, Microsoft updated their MSKB article
<<a href="" rel="nofollow">>,
listing the current/lastest downloads of their MSVCRT alias
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 201x

Guess what Microsoft used to build the executable installers
offered on that page: COMPLETELY outdated versions 3.7.3813.0
(and before) of Wix Toolset, which NOBODY...


Aboard The ISS, Researchers Investigate Complex Dust Behavior In Plasmas "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

[...] PK-4 is a collaboration between the European Space Agency and the Russian State Space Corporation "Roscosmos" to investigate complex plasmas. Complex or dusty plasmas contain electrons, ions and neutral gas, as well as microparticles such as dust grains. The microparticles become highly charged in the plasma and interact strongly with each other, which can lead to liquid or even crystalline behavior within the complex plasma. The most important property of such a system is that investigations of physical phenomena can be performed on the individual (micro-) particle level allowing new insights into fluid and solid-state physics.

[...] In the experiment, a microparticle cloud drifted in a plasma with a constant direct current and formed self-excited wave patterns. After that, the discharge polarity was reversed. Although the field strength was nearly identical for both discharge polarities, the wave patterns exhibited bifurcations: A new wave crest formed between the two old crests in the head of the microparticle cloud.

"The most interesting finding was the velocity of these waves strongly depends on the electric field, which is exciting the waves," said Mikhail Pustylnik, an author on the paper. "We expect to encounter these types of waves in astrophysical situations where you might have dust -- in a cometary tail, for example."

"Many plasma processes are also used in the semiconductor industry," Pustylnik said. Dust poses big challenges for the semiconductor industry because particles may damage a silicon wafer during manufacturing. Starting this fall, the researchers are planning additional experiments that will vary the range of electric fields by switching the polarity of the discharge.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


How WeChat Filters Images for One Billion Users "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With over 1 billion monthly users, WeChat boasts the title of most popular chat application in China and the fourth largest in the world. However, a new report by Citizen Lab researchers reveals exactly how the platform is able to censor images sent by these billion users.

Building on previous research which shows that WeChat censors sensitive images, this new report demonstrates the technical underpinnings of how this censorship operates. Specifically, findings show that WeChat uses two different algorithms to filter images: an Optical Character Recognition (OCR)-based approach that filters images containing sensitive text and a visual-based one that filters images that are visually similar to those on an image blacklist.

Most censorship research has thus far focused on measuring website blocking or censorship of chat, posts, and other text media, says report author Jeffrey Knockel. As images become an increasingly large component of how we communicate online, we need to also have a good understanding of how image censorship is implemented.

And evidence suggests that images are gaining favour among WeChat users. In a recent study, images ranked as the most preferred type of message shared on WeChat Moments (similar to Facebooks Timeline feature), beating out text-based posts and short videos.

Understanding how the industry leader conducts censorship of different content formats offers us some insights into the trend of censorship and direction of future research, says report author Lotus Ruan.

To evaluate how image censorship functions, Citizen Lab researchers devised a series of tests that revealed the ways in which filters would reject or allow images in Moments. They discovered that the OCR-based algorithm has details common to many standard OCR algorithms in that it converts images to grayscale and uses blob merging to consolidate characters. Additionally, they found that the visual-based algorithm is not based on any machine learning approach that uses high level classification of an image to determine whether it is sensitive or not.



Looking Forward To Electromagnetic Field 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

There is an air of excitement among the hackerspaces of Europe, because this month is hacker camp season. In Denmark they have Bornhack beginning on Thursday, in Italy IHC was held earlier in the month, while here in the UK we are looking forward to Electromagnetic Field. Were excited be at Eastnor Castle for Electromagnetic Field at the cusp of August and September for several days under canvas surrounded by our communitys best and brightest work. Well even have a Hackaday Readers Village this year!

If youve never been to a hacker camp before, this is one thats not to be missed. Technically this is camping, but where every structure from the smallest tent upwards has mains power and gigabit Ethernet. Its the equivalent of a music festival if you replace the music with technology and other cool stuff from our world. There are talks on a huge variety of fascinating subjects, the chance to see up close some of the things youll have read about here on Hackaday, and best of all, a significant proportion of Europes hackerspace communities all together in one place. They are a uniquely stimulating and exciting environment.

Hackaday Readers Village Among the Highlights



CVE-2018-14722: btrfsmaintenance: Code execution "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Marcus Meissner on Aug 14


SUSE employee Fabian Vogt has found a shell code injection issue in the "btrfsmaintenance" tools.

Mounting btrfs images with a label including shell injection characters could cause
the cron jobs (running as root) to execute the include shellcode.

Our proposed fix attached to this email.

bad image can be created with:
mkfs.btrfs --label "`/evil/command`'...


An 11-Year-Old Changed Election Results On a Replica Florida State Website in Under 10 Minutes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: PBS: An 11-year-old boy on Friday was able to hack into a replica of the Florida state election website and change voting results found there in under 10 minutes during the worlds largest yearly hacking convention, DEFCON 26, organizers of the event said. Thousands of adult hackers attend the convention annually, while this year []


Key Reuse opens to attacks on IPsec IKE, Cisco, Huawei, ZyXEL products are affected "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security expert demonstrated that reusing a key pair across different versions and modes of IPsec IKE open the doors to attacks. Many vendors are affected

Security researchers from the University of Opole in Poland and the Ruhr-University Bochum in Germany have devised a new attack technique that allows cracking encrypted communications.

The products of several vendors, including Cisco, Huawei, ZyXEL, and Clavister, are vulnerable to the attack.

The experts will present their findings this week at the 27th USENIX Security Symposium, meantime they have released a research paper.

In this paper, we show that reusing a key pair across different versions and modes of IKE can lead to cross-protocol authentication bypasses, enabling the impersonation of a victim host or network by attackers. We exploit a Bleichenbacher oracle in an IKEv1 mode, where RSA encrypted nonces are used for authentication. reads the paper.

Using this exploit, we break these RSA encryption based modes, and in addition break RSA signature-based authentication in both IKEv1 and IKEv2.

The experts focused their analysis on the impact of key reuse on Internet Protocol Security (IPsec). IPsec is used for virtual private networks (VPNs). The cryptographic key for IPsec leverages the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocol, which has two versions, IKEv1 and IKEv2.

The experts have also described an offline dictionary attack against the PSK (Pre-Shared Key) based IKE modes, thus covering all available authentication mechanisms of IKE.

The researchers found Bleichenbacher oracles in the IKEv1 implementations of Cisco (CVE-2018-0131), Huawei (CVE2017-17305), Clavister (CVE-2018-8753), and ZyXEL (CVE-2018-9129).

Major vendors, including Cisco, Huawei and ZyXEL have published security advisories for this vulnerability.

The Ciscos advisory describes the issue as an issue in the implementation of RSA-encrypted nonces in the IOS and IOS XE software.  A remote unauthenticated attacker can obtain the encrypted nonces of an IKEv1 session by sending specially crafted ciphertexts to the targeted system.

A vulnerability in the implementation of RSA-encrypted nonces in Cisco IOS Software and Cisco IOS XE Software could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to obtain the encrypted nonces of an Internet Key Exchange Version 1 (IKEv1) session. reads the advisory published by Cisco....


Our Families Succumb "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Everyone can find plenty of examples from his or her own life of what aging is doing to us all.

A few days ago, I wrote an article while on a plane. Im an expat, and I was flying back to my home country. Im now in my hometown, where I lived until I was 18. I come back here only seldom, and the last time I visited was four years ago.

For the vast majority of the time I lived at my parents house, I was a child. My most vivid memories of the place are from my childhood, when everything looked so much larger. So, even though I did live here as a grown-up as well, every time I come back here after years of absence, every room in the house looks far less spacious. Things have changed a bit since I left. Furniture has changed place and function; ornaments and knick-knacks have been moved, added, or removed; predictably, even the town has changed somewhat over the years.

What has changed the most, though, are the people.


Adobe releases important security patches for its 4 popular software "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Adobe has released August 2018 security patch updates for a total of 11 vulnerabilities in its products, two of which are rated as critical that affect Adobe Acrobat and Reader software. The vulnerabilities addressed in this month updates affect Adobe Flash Player, Creative Cloud Desktop Application, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Acrobat and Reader applications. None of the security


Hack the Marine Corps bug bounty program kicks off "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and HackerOne launched the Departments sixth bug bounty program, Hack the Marine Corps. The bug bounty challenge will focus on Marine Corps public-facing websites and services in order to harden the defenses of the Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN). The bug bounty program will conclude on August 26, 2018. The Marine Corps bug bounty program kicked off with a live-hacking event in Las Vegas, Nev. on August 12, 2018 More

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R&D Special Report: Federally Funded Research Labs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Concept art: Air Force

National Defense magazine asked research laboratories involved in national security programs: What is your organizations number one R&D big bet, (in other words: a high-risk, high-reward technology investment) that you believe will have the biggest payoff for those in the military or national security realm? Why? And in what ways do you think it will benefit the end users?


Leather Working with a 3D Printer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

No, you cant print in leather at least not yet. But [Make Everything] has a tutorial about how to produce a custom leather embossing jig with a 3D printer. From a 3D printing point of view, this isnt very hard to do and you might want to skip over the first six minutes of the video if youve done 3D printing before.

The real action is when he has the 3D print completed. He glues the stamp down to some wood and then fits the assembly to a vise that hell use as a press. After wetting the leather, the wood and 3D printed assembly sandwiches the piece and the vise applies pressure for ten minutes. He did make the leather a bit oversized to make alignment more forgiving. After the embossing is complete, he trims it out.

If you are experienced with leather, this probably isnt a revelation. But if you are not wise in the ways of tanned animal hide, this is an easy way to add a capability to your workshop using nothing more than what you already probably have. All you need is some leather.

If you decide you want to go all out working with textiles, we can help you. Weve actually seen 3D-printing done for leather book covers before, although the technique is quite a bit different as the plastic stays in and the text is outset.


Faxploit: Hackers can use Fax machines to inject malware into a targeted network "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

Think twice before sharing your fax number with someone. Many corporations provide their fax number in the contact information page on the websites. After all, it is considered completely harmless to share fax number with other information like the email address or phone number. However, it turns out that the fax number is also exploitable []

This is a post from Read the original post: Faxploit: Hackers can use Fax machines to inject malware into a targeted network


Security updates for Tuesday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security updates have been issued by Arch Linux (thunderbird), Debian (gdm3 and samba), openSUSE (cgit and lxc), SUSE (grafana, kafka, logstash, openstack-monasca-installer and samba), and Ubuntu (gdm3 and libarchive).


Intel Publishes New DRM Driver For Their Arria 10 FPGA System "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

An Intel engineer has published the "Intel FPGA Video and Image Processing Suite" DRM driver today for Linux. This Direct Rendering Manager is intended for use with their Arria 10 FPGA system when combined with Intel DisplayPort IP...


Def Con 26 Voting Village Sees an 11-Year-Old Crack a Voting Machine "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Another item from Def Con 26, which ended the other day, an 11-year-old was easily able to change tallies on real electronic voting equipment within minutes. These machines are designed not to leave any evidence when tampering happens so it was useful that there were many witnesses present for her demo.

Election hackers [sic] have spent years trying to bring attention to flaws in election equipment. But with the world finally watching at DEFCON, the world's largest hacker conference, they have a new struggle: pointing out flaws without causing the public to doubt that their vote will count.

This weekend saw the 26th annual DEFCON gathering. It was the second time the convention had featured a Voting Village, where organizers set up decommissioned election equipment and watch hackers [sic] find creative and alarming ways to break in. Last year, conference attendees found new vulnerabilities for all five voting machines and a single e-poll book of registered voters over the course of the weekend, catching the attention of both senators introducing legislation and the general public. This year's Voting Village was bigger in every way, with equipment ranging from voting machines to tabulators to smart card readers, all currently in use in the US.

In a room set aside for kid hackers [sic], an 11-year-old girl hacked a replica of the Florida secretary of state's website within 10 minutes and changed the results.

Earlier on SN:
Georgia Defends Voting System Despite 243-Percent Turnout in One Precinct
South Carolina's 13k Electronic Voting Machines Vulnerable, Unreliable
Top Voting Machine Vendor Admits It Installed Remote-Access Software on Systems Sold to States

Original Submission

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Renewable Energy Could Basically Be Free by 2030, According to New Analysis "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A research analyst at Swiss investment bank UBS believes the cost of energy renewables could be so near to zero by 2030 it will effectively be free, according to a projections published on Monday. If renewables could soon be cheaper than all the alternative energy sources, and that this is great news for the planet, and probably also for the economy.

The analysis, published in the Financial Times, explains that solar and wind farms are getting bigger, and that the potential of this sort of cheap, green energy is far-reaching and will only get cheaper. In 2010, using solar power to boil your kettle would have cost you about 0.03, the analyst writes in FT. By 2020, according to estimates by our research team at UBS, the cost will have fallen to half a penny. And just ten years later, the costs will be so minuscule, it will practically be free.

See also: 7 Massive Corporations Going Green to Boost Their Bottom Lines.


X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory X41-2018-005: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Apple smartcardservices "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by X41 D-Sec GmbH Advisories on Aug 14

X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory: X41-2018-005

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Apple smartcardservices

Confirmed Affected Versions: e3eb96a6eff9d02497a51b3c155a10fa5989021f
Confirmed Patched Versions: 8eef01a5e218ae78cc358de32213b50a601662de
Vendor: Apple
Vendor URL:
Credit: X41 D-Sec GmbH, Eric Sesterhenn
Status: Public


X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory X41-2018-002: Multiple Vulnerabilities in OpenSC "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by X41 D-Sec GmbH Advisories on Aug 14

X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory: X41-2018-002

Multiple Vulnerabilities in OpenSC

Confirmed Affected Versions: 0.18.0
Confirmed Patched Versions: possibly 0.19.0
Vendor: OpenSC
Vendor URL:
Credit: X41 D-Sec GmbH, Eric Sesterhenn
Status: Public

Summary and Impact


X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory X41-2018-003: Multiple Vulnerabilities in pam_pkcs11 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by X41 D-Sec GmbH Advisories on Aug 14

X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory: X41-2018-003

Multiple Vulnerabilities in pam_pkcs11

Confirmed Affected Versions: 0.6.9
Confirmed Patched Versions: -
Vendor: Unmaintained
Vendor URL:
Credit: X41 D-Sec GmbH, Eric Sesterhenn
Status: Public

Summary and Impact


X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory X41-2018-004: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Yubico libykneomgr "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by X41 D-Sec GmbH Advisories on Aug 14

X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory: X41-2018-004

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Yubico libykneomgr

Confirmed Affected Versions: 0.1.9
Confirmed Patched Versions: -
Vendor: Yubico / Depreciated
Vendor URL:
Credit: X41 D-Sec GmbH, Eric Sesterhenn
Status: Public

Summary and Impact...


X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory X41-2018-001: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Yubico Piv "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by X41 D-Sec GmbH Advisories on Aug 14

X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory: X41-2018-001

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Yubico Piv

Confirmed Affected Versions: 1.5.0
Confirmed Patched Versions: 1.6.0
Vendor: Yubico
Vendor URL:
Vendor Advisory URL:
Credit: X41 D-Sec GmbH, Eric Sesterhenn
Status: Public


New Sound Hardware Support & Other Improvements Playing In Linux 4.19 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

SUSE's Takashi Iwai sent in the pull request this morning of the sound subsystem updates for the Linux 4.19 kernel and it includes a lot of new hardware support and other improvements for Linux's audio capabilities...


[SECURITY] [DSA 4271-1] samba security update "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Salvatore Bonaccorso on Aug 14

Debian Security Advisory DSA-4271-1 security () debian org Salvatore Bonaccorso
August 14, 2018

Package : samba
CVE ID : CVE-2018-10858 CVE-2018-10919...


Diversity Empowerment Summit Highlights Importance of Allies "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Diversity and inclusion are hot topics as projects compete to attract more talent to power development efforts now as well as build their ranks to carry the projects into the future. The Diversity Empowerment Summit co-located with Open Source Summit coming up in Vancouver August 29-31, will offer key insights to help your project succeed in these endeavors.


Big CIFS/SMB3 Improvements Head To Linux 4.19 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Linus Torvalds has merged a rather significant set of patches for improving the CIFS/SMB3 support in the mainline kernel...


Virgin Orbit Readies First Launch "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Ever since the Pan Am Space Clipper first slid into frame in 1968s 2001: A Space Odyssey, the world has been waiting for the day that privately funded spaceflight would become as routine as air travel. Unfortunately, its a dream thats taken a bit longer to become reality than many would have hoped. The loss of Challenger and Columbia were heartbreaking reminders that travel amongst the stars is not for the faint of heart or the ill-equipped, and pushed commercial investment in space back by decades.

Although Pan Am has since folded, we now have a number of companies working hard towards making the dream of commercial spaceflight a reality. SpaceX and Rocket Lab have shown private companies developing and operating their own orbital class vehicles is a concept no longer limited to science fiction. Now that private industry has a foot in the door, more companies are coming forward with their own plans for putting their hardware into orbit. In many ways were seeing the dawn of a second Space Race.

If all goes according to plan, a new challenger should be entering the ring in the very near future. Scheduled to perform their first test launch before the end of the year, Virgin Orbit (a spin-off of the passenger carrying Virgin Galactic) promises to deliver small payloads to Earth orbit fast...


Accenture forms strategic alliance, invests in Chinese AI start-up Malong Technologies "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Accenture has formed a strategic alliance with and made an investment in Malong Technologies, an artificial intelligence (AI) start-up headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Through the alliance, Accentures Applied Intelligence practice and Malong will offer computer vision and product recognition capabilities to clients worldwide. The alliance gives Accenture an AI presence in China and forms part of its wider regional growth strategy. Malongs product recognition and auto-tagging technology, ProductAI, lets machines see physical objects the way More

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Zscaler receives FedRAMP authorization for a Zero Trust remote access platform "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Zscaler announced that Zscaler Private Access-Government (ZPA-Government), its application access platform, meets the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Moderate security requirements and was granted Authority to Operate (ATO) by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). FedRAMP Authorization enables Zscaler to expand its sales pursuit of Federal market share. FedRAMP is a federal program which assures a standardized, government-wide approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. With this milestone, More

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Samsung announces new SmartThings mesh Wi-Fi system "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In an effort to eliminate the Wi-Fi buffering zone and prevent streaming latency, Samsung announced its new SmartThings Wifi mesh network system. Equipped with AI-based mesh Wi-Fi technology from Plume and a built-in SmartThings Hub, the system delivers an optimized whole home network with the added value of complete smart home control throughout every room of the home. Reliable and secure Wi-Fi is a need for consumers today, and internet use is no longer limited More

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X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory X41-2018-005: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Apple smartcardservices "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by X41 D-Sec GmbH Advisories on Aug 14

X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory: X41-2018-005

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Apple smartcardservices

Confirmed Affected Versions: e3eb96a6eff9d02497a51b3c155a10fa5989021f
Confirmed Patched Versions: 8eef01a5e218ae78cc358de32213b50a601662de
Vendor: Apple
Vendor URL:
Credit: X41 D-Sec GmbH, Eric Sesterhenn
Status: Public


X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory X41-2018-004: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Yubico libykneomgr "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by X41 D-Sec GmbH Advisories on Aug 14

X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory: X41-2018-004

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Yubico libykneomgr

Confirmed Affected Versions: 0.1.9
Confirmed Patched Versions: -
Vendor: Yubico / Depreciated
Vendor URL:
Credit: X41 D-Sec GmbH, Eric Sesterhenn
Status: Public

Summary and Impact...


X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory X41-2018-003: Multiple Vulnerabilities in pam_pkcs11 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by X41 D-Sec GmbH Advisories on Aug 14

X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory: X41-2018-003

Multiple Vulnerabilities in pam_pkcs11

Confirmed Affected Versions: 0.6.9
Confirmed Patched Versions: -
Vendor: Unmaintained
Vendor URL:
Credit: X41 D-Sec GmbH, Eric Sesterhenn
Status: Public

Summary and Impact


X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory X41-2018-002: Multiple Vulnerabilities in OpenSC "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by X41 D-Sec GmbH Advisories on Aug 14

X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory: X41-2018-002

Multiple Vulnerabilities in OpenSC

Confirmed Affected Versions: 0.18.0
Confirmed Patched Versions: possibly 0.19.0
Vendor: OpenSC
Vendor URL:
Credit: X41 D-Sec GmbH, Eric Sesterhenn
Status: Public

Summary and Impact


X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory X41-2018-001: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Yubico Piv "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by X41 D-Sec GmbH Advisories on Aug 14

X41 D-Sec GmbH Security Advisory: X41-2018-001

Multiple Vulnerabilities in Yubico Piv

Confirmed Affected Versions: 1.5.0
Confirmed Patched Versions: 1.6.0
Vendor: Yubico
Vendor URL:
Vendor Advisory URL:
Credit: X41 D-Sec GmbH, Eric Sesterhenn
Status: Public


California water managers vary in use of climate science "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Historically, water managers throughout the thirsty state of California have relied on hydrology and water engineeringboth technical necessitiesas well as existing drought and flood patterns to plan for future water needs.

Now, is projected to shift as winters become warmer, spring snowmelt arrives earlier, and extreme weather-related events increase. Some water utilities have started to consider these risks in their management, but many do not. Lack of change adaptation among water utilities can put water supplies and the people dependent on them at risk, especially in marginalized communities, a new University of California, Davis, paper suggests.

The paper, which analyzes various approaches to climate science by drinking water utility managers in California, was presented along with new research at the American Sociology Association Conference in Philadelphia on Aug. 11. The paper, Climate Information? Embedding Climate Futures within Social Temporalities of California Water Management, was published this spring in the journal Environmental Sociology.


From office windows to Mars: Scientists debut super-insulating gel "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new, super-insulating gel developed by researchers at CU Boulder could dramatically increase the energy efficiency of skyscrapers and other buildings, and might one day help scientists build greenhouse-like habitats for colonists on Mars.

The aerogel, which looks like a flattened plastic contact lens, is so resistant to heat that you could put a strip of it on your hand and a fire on top without feeling a thing. But unlike similar products on the market, the material is mostly see-through.

Transparency is an enabling feature because you can use this gel in windows, and you could use it in extraterrestrial habitats, said Ivan Smalyukh, a professor in the Department of Physics. You could harvest sunlight through that thermally-insulating material and store the energy inside, protecting yourself from those big oscillations in temperature that you have on Mars or on the moon.


Sci-Hub Proves That Piracy Can be Dangerously Useful "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

Despite two lost legal battles in the US, domain name seizures, and millions of dollars in damage claims, Sci-Hub continues to offer unauthorized access to academic papers. The site's founder says that she would rather operate legally, but copyright gets in the way. Sci-Hub is not the problem she argues, it's a solution, something many academics appear to agree with.

Sci-Hub has often been referred to as "The Pirate Bay of Science," but that description really sells the site short.

While both sites are helping the public to access copyrighted content without permission, Sci-Hub has also become a crucial tool that arguably helps the progress of science.

The site allows researchers to bypass expensive paywalls so they can read articles written by their fellow colleagues. The information in these 'pirated' articles is then used to provide the foundation for future research.

What the site does is illegal, according to the law, but Sci-Hub is praised by thousands of researchers and academics around the world. In particular, those who don't have direct access to the expensive journals but aspire to excel in their academic field.


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Magic 8X Phone Lens "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


Get 50% OFF


CompTIA IT Certification Training 2018 12 Course Bundle "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Information Technology industry has witnessed exponential growth over the years, and if you want to be a part of this growing industry, it's important for you to earn certificates in this field. Organisations always prefer employees with strong internationally-recognized professional certifications that proof your skills, knowledge, and what you knowgiving you more credibility and


Berkheimer Changed Nothing and Invalidation Rates of Abstract Software Patents Remain Very High "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Weight comparison

Summary: Contrary to repetitive misinformation from firms that sell services around patents, there is no turnaround or comeback for software patents; the latest numbers suggest a marginal difference at best one that may be negligible considering the correlation between expected outcomes and actions (the nature of risk analysis)

THE QUALITY of patents at the USPTO (existing and newly-awarded ones) isnt great, but at least it seems like its improving and the number of patent grants is declining (at long last).

Sadly, some people who write on patent matters are willfully cluelessThe psyche or mentality surrounding patents ought to change. Not all patents represent innovation and some kinds of patents actively suppress innovation. Its not even a controversial premise as many scholars have shown just that, even empirically.

Microsofts New Patent Will Let You Communicate With Others In 3D, said a headline from yesterday, but patents dont let anything. They restrict. Sadly, some people who write on patent matters are willfully clueless (this site is generally awful in its coverage on most topics because the writers dont specialise in the areas they cover; they do Microsoft ads a lot of the time, under the banner of FOSS)

Apple Could Let You Store Your Passport on an iPhone, said another new headline, misusing that word let again. Patents are not about letting but about monopolising. Another new article about Apple patents talks about so-called Augmented Reality (buzzword); its a patent or at least an application that we wrote about over a weekend. Its abstract, sure, but with trendy terms like Augmented Reality (or AR for short) will examiners see that? Andrew Rossow,...


Turkey plans boycott of US electronics "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Turkey on Tuesday announced that it will boycott American electronic devices amid tensions with Washington that have led to a historic Turkish currency crisis.The Associated Press reported that Turkish President Recep Tayyip...


Connecting the dots to North Korea as a threat adversary "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Reports of malware campaigns invariably focus on two critical conclusions: attribution and who was the intended target of the attack. It is challenging to draw swift conclusions on the former, due to the use of false flags designed to divert attention from the true source of the attack. Those swift conclusions are modified as more information becomes available, and it is much later before we achieve transparency on the campaign. Whilst this is a challenge More

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Three As of SaaS adoption, and why every company goes through them "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Ive noticed that as more and more companies turn to SaaS applications to power their business, they all experience the same journey along the way, more or less. Everyone goes through what I call the 3 As of SaaS adoption: aggravation, acceptance, and adoption. Companies go through distinct stages of SaaS adoption. As your SaaS environment matures, needs shift and challenges evolve. But if you know what to expect at each stage and whats coming More

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Lockton Insurance Brokers Exploiting Patent Trolls to Sell Insurance to the Gullible "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

LocktonSummary: Demonstrating what some people have dubbed (and popularised as) disaster capitalism, Lockton now looks for opportunities to profit from patent trolls, in the form of insurance (the same thing Microsoft does [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12...


mRNA Methylation: A Novel Mechanistic Link Between Stress Regulation and Psychiatric Disorders "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It is well established that stress can alter the activation pattern of our genes. Stress also triggers epigenetic mechanisms which modulate how DNA, the carrier of genetic information, is read. The genetic information on the DNA is in the next step translated into RNA, which is the blueprint of proteins. In a groundbreaking study, scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry (MPI) have shown for the first time that stress can also cause similar epigenetic changes on the RNA level. The research results were recently published in the internationally renowned journal Neuron.

It was recently rediscovered that RNA can be modified by chemical tags in a similar way to the epigenetic modifications seen on DNA. Messenger RNA (mRNA) is made up of four molecular building blocks: adenosine, cytidine, guanosine and uridine, which can be modified by the attachment of chemical tag. These tags or RNA modifications provide a sophisticated extra layer of gene regulation.

A modification of mRNA, which occurs post-transcriptionally is methylation of adenosine and the most abundant is N6-methyladenosine (m6A). Although m6A was first described in 1974, recent technological advances were necessary before more detailed analyses of the epitranscriptome could be carried out.

[...] Alon Chen, Director at the Institute and head of the project explains: Increasing evidence suggests that the fine-tuning seen with mRNA methylation may underlie the etiology of psychiatric disorders. We think that elucidating the role of mRNA methylation in regulating brain function will help us to better understand psychiatric disorders.

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RADV Now Supports On-Demand Compilation Of Built-In Shaders "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For helping out the RADV Vulkan driver in cases where no shader cache is available, this open-source Mesa Radeon Vulkan driver now supports the on-demand compilation of built-in shaders...


10,644 vulnerabilities disclosed in the first half of 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

There have been 10,644 vulnerabilities disclosed through June 30th, according to Risk Based Securitys 2018 Mid Year VulnDB QuickView report. This is the highest number of disclosed vulnerabilities at the mid-year point on record. The 10,644 vulnerabilities cataloged during the first half of 2018 by Risk Based Securitys research team eclipsed the total covered by the CVE and National Vulnerability Database (NVD) by well over 3,000. The newly released 2018 mid-year report from Risk Based More

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Five key security tips to avoid an IoT hack "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Recently, Russian PIR Bank lost $1,000,000 because of a compromised router that allowed hackers to gain entry into their local network. Why did it happen and how companies can protect themselves? Malicious IoT hacking incidents are a norm today. That is not surprising, considering that by 2020, the IoT is expected to reach a staggering amount of 20.4 Bn devices. Homes and enterprises using legacy security measures are in danger because of the ever-growing IoT. More

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Patent Lawyers Writing Patent Law for Their Own Enrichment Rather Than for Innovation "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Anathema, antithetical to the very concept/purpose of patents

A payment

Summary: We have become detached from the original goals and come to the point where patent offices arent necessarily run by people qualified for the job of advancing science and technology; they, unlike judges, only seem to care about how many patents get granted, irrespective of their quality/merit

THE conundrum which lawmakers sometimes face depends on who pays (or bribes) them. We recently wrote about Orrin Hatch, sponsored the most by the pharmaceutical industry, trying to make pharmaceutical patents immune/exempted from Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) inter partes reviews (IPRs). The USPTO is itself run by a lot of lawyers, not just scientists; look who has been appointed its Director.

There has always been this danger that nontechnical people (like Battistelli and Campinos) would doom patent offices, making them little more than litigation pipelines, preparing the patents for lawsuits, even frivolous ones.

There has always been this danger that nontechnical people (like Battistelli and Campinos) would doom patent offices, making them little more than litigation pipelines, preparing the patents for lawsuits, even frivolous ones.The UK will also be excluded from the EUs unitary patent framework, says a British magazine this week, perpetuating the false belief that something constructed by lawyers for personal gain is actually worthwhile for all of us. But more importantly, however, there is no such framework. The Unified Patent Court is dead, irrespective of Brexit. It nev...


The assembly line of the future: Automation, DNA construction, and synthetic biology "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This story is brought to you by SynbiCITE, which is accelerating the commercialization of synthetic biology applications. To learn how SynbiCITE is nucleating a sustainable UK economy, visit

Just as Henry Fords assembly line revolutionized the automobile industry, synthetic biology is being revolutionized by automated DNA assembly (see SynBioBetaLive! with Opentrons). The key features of an assembly line translate well into the field of synthetic biology speed, accuracy, reproducibility and validation. Instead of welding chassis together, small robotic arms are lifting delicate plates holding dozens of samples, adding and removing miniscule amounts of fluid.

In 2014, Imperial College London received 2 million to develop a DNA Synthesis and Construction Foundry to operate with SynbiCITE, the UK Innovation and Knowledge Centre for synthetic biology. Speaking at the Foundrys inception, SynbiCITE co-director Prof. Paul Freemont said, Standardizing the methods for synthesising DNA is crucial if we are going to scale up efforts to design and create this genetic material. The new DNA Synthesis and Construction Foundry will streamline and automate the writing of DNA at an industrial scale so that tens of thousands of designed DNA constructions can be built and tested.


Run a Linux Terminal on Cheap E-Ink Displays "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If you havent kept up with the world of e-ink displays, heres some good news: they are pretty cheap now. For as little as $15 you can get a small e-ink display that has good enough performance and contrast to actually do something useful. Theres only one problem: figuring out how to drive them in your project.

Tired of seeing nothing but wiring diagrams and sample code when it came to actually putting these e-ink modules to use, [Jouko Strmmer] decided to try his hand at creating a turn-key application for these gorgeous little displays. The result is PaperTTY, a Python program that allows the user to open up a fully functional Linux virtual terminal on an e-ink display.

Of course, there are some caveats. For one, this all assumes youre using a Waveshare display (specifically their 2.13 inch HAT) connected to a Raspberry Pi over SPI. Not to say thats the only hardware combination that will work, but its the only one that [Jouko] has done any testing on at this point. If you want to try to shake things up in terms of hardware, you might need to get your hands dirty.

The advantage of being able to open a Linux VT on one of these e-ink displays is pretty simple: you can run basically any piece of software you want on it. Rather than having to come up with software that specifically features support for the display, you can just use (or write) standard Linux console progr...


EXT4 & XFS File-System Updates Submitted For Linux 4.19 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The pull requests updating the XFS and EXT4 file-system driver code have been sent in for the recently started Linux 4.19 kernel merge window...


A Quick Reminder on HTTPS Everywhere "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

HTTPS Everywhere! So the plugin says, and now browsers are warning users that sites not implementing https:// are security risks. Using HTTPS everywhere is good advice. And this really means "everywhere": the home page, everything. Not just the login page, or the page where you accept donations. Everything.


Hackers can compromise your network just by sending a Fax "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

What maximum a remote attacker can do just by having your Fax machine number? Believe it or not, but your fax number is literally enough for a hacker to gain complete control over the printer and possibly infiltrate the rest of the network connected to it. Check Point researchers have revealed details of two critical remote code execution (RCE) vulnerabilities they discovered in the


Pausing Location history doesnt stop Google tracking your location. Heres how to stop it "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

You would think that telling Google that you didnt want your location be tracked by disabling an option called Location History would stop the internet giant from errr.. storing data about your location.

Think again.


Investigating Global Air Pollution "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

At 10.30 a.m. on Tuesday morning the High-Altitude and Long-Range Research Aircraft (HALO) left the German Aerospace Center Airbase in Oberpfaffenhofen, and took off to the Cape Verde Islands.

This marked the official beginning of the Chemistry of the Atmosphere Field Experiment in Africa (CAFE-Africa)a mission coordinated by the Atmospheric Chemistry Department of the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry (MPIC) in Mainz.

The objective of the research mission is to study the influence of the massive biomass burning emissions from Africa on the atmospheric composition and oxidation capacity over the tropical and subtropical Atlantic Ocean. It is expected that these emissions combine with the strongly increasing urban-industrial pollution and with desert dust from the Sahara and may thus change chemically and physically.

The mission will be conducted out of Sal on the Cape Verde Islands and will continue until September 7th, 2018. During these five weeks the HALO research aircraft will fly along the coast and over several countries in Africa to collect unique data, needed for the understanding of long-distance pollution transport over the Atlantic and further areas downwind.

Original Submission

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SevenTorrents Shuts Down, Transfers Database to New Torrent Site "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Hundreds of torrent sites have come and gone over the years with most disappearing after relatively short periods in action.

Sites like The Pirate Bay, which has just celebrated 15 years online, tend to drown out smaller players on the news front, but several have an impressive history behind them.

Take SevenTorrents, for example. The site has been serving torrents for around 10 years and last year serviced around six million unique visitors. Its not a giant by any means but its longevity is notable in a somewhat hostile and oppressive anti-piracy environment.

Now, however, the show is over for this long-term player. In an announcement yesterday, SevenTorrents operator said the towel had been thrown in.

We have been serving you for near 10 years and served over 40 Million visitors, with all troubles including copyright complaints, limitations, domain bans and ., we were able to keep this site up and running and make our visitors satisfied, the announcement reads.

Indeed, SevenTorrents has weathered the usual storms over the years. In 2014, the sites main domain was added to the UKs ISP blocking system following a complaint from the Motion Picture Association and in 2015, other domains were added to the list.

Unlike other sites on a downward spiral, no single event appears to have pressured SevenTorrents out of existence but they clearly feel the time is right to move on. However, the sites decision to hand over its database to another torrent site raises some questions.

Today we have decided to retire. But this is not the end for you and we will not let you down, there is a good news for you. We have talked with the owners of our professional friend site WatchSoMuch which is doing same thing as we were doing but in a better way, it has a super fast search and modern and mobile friendly design, SevenTorrents says.

We have transferred all the data and members to there, please visit and continue using your account in WatchSoMuch with same password and enjoy.

While SevenTorrents is an open index, according to its operator it has around 200,000 members, which means that WatchSoMuch a site that only surfaced in June now has the details those users signed up wi...


The Hidden Dangers of Home DNA Tests "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Consumer DNA tests have taken off in popularity, promising to give you clues to your heritage and health. But after the test is done, who owns your personal genetic data? Bloomberg QuickTake explains why you should think twice before sending in that vial.


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NVIDIA CUDA 10 Adding nvJPEG, Turing Support "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

NVIDIA is capitalizing upon SIGGRAPH 2018 as now in addition to launching the Quadro RTX GPUs and open-sourcing the MDL SDK they have announced their work on CUDA 10...


CVE-2018-14424: Use-after-free in GDM "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Chris Coulson on Aug 14


I recently discovered a use-after-free in the GDM daemon, which is
possible to trigger via a specially crafted sequence of D-Bus method
calls as an unprivileged user.

Details from follow:

When GdmDisplayStore (daemon/gdm-display-store.c) emits the
"display-removed" signal, the GdmDisplay being removed has already been
removed from the store. Subsequent calls to...


FreeBSD 12.0 Alpha Hits The Web "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The first alpha release of FreeBSD 12.0 was quietly uploaded a few days ago to the project's download servers as the first step to shipping this next major update to the FreeBSD operating system...


Linux 4.19 Will Fend Off Stack Attacks With STACKLEAK Plugin "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As expected, Linux 4.19 is getting STACKLEAK as a GCC plug-in for the Linux kernel that will fend off various form of stack attacks...


ASUSTOR NAS ADM - 3.1.0 Remote Command Execution, SQL Injections "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by kyle Lovett on Aug 14

Product - ASUSTOR ADM - 3.1.0.RFQ3 and all previous builds
Vendor -
Patch Notes -

Issue: The Asustor NAS appliance on ADM 3.1.0 and before suffer from
multiple critical vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities were submitted
to Asustor in January and February 2018. Several follow-up requests
were made in an attempt to obtain vendor acknowledgement,...


New Man-in-the-Disk attack leaves millions of Android phones vulnerable "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security researchers at Check Point Software Technologies have discovered a new attack vector against the Android operating system that could potentially allow attackers to silently infect your smartphones with malicious apps or launch denial of service attacks. Dubbed Man-in-the-Disk, the attack takes advantage of the way Android apps utilize 'External Storage' system to store app-related data,


4 Tips for Successful Remote 1-1s "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Team dynamics are complicated enough even when everyone can grab lunch together. Its often the relationship side of your team that will need some different techniques in a remote setting. If youre a manager, building strong relationships with your direct reports is paramount for both their success and yours.


Google tracks users movements even if they have disabled the Location History on devices "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

According to the AP, many Google services on both Android and iPhone store records of user location even if the users have disabled the Location History.

According to a recent investigation conducted by the Associated Press, many Google services on both Android and iPhone devices store records of user location data, and the bad news is that they do it even if the users have disabled the Location History on devices.

When a user disables the Location History from the privacy settings of Google applications, he should prevent Google from stole location data.

Currently, the situation is quite different, experts from AP discovered that even when users have turned off the Location History, some Google apps automatically store time-stamped location data without explicit authorization.

Google says that will prevent the company from remembering where youve been. Googles support page on the subject states: You can turn off Location History at any time. With Location History off, the places you go are no longer stored.

That isnt true. Even with Location History paused, some Google apps automatically store time-stamped location data without asking. (Its possible, although laborious, to delete it .) reads the post published by AP.

For example, Google stores a snapshot of where you are when you merely open its Maps app. Automatic daily weather updates on Android phones pinpoint roughly where you are,

And some searches that have nothing to do with location, like chocolate chip cookies, or kids science kits, pinpoint your precise latitude and longitudeaccurate to the square footand save it to your Google account.

The AP has used location data from an Android smartphone with Location History disabled to desing a map of the movements of Princeton postdoctoral researcher Gunes Acar.



A Molecular Switch May Serve as New Target Point for Cancer and Diabetes Therapies "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If certain signaling cascades are misregulated, diseases like cancer, obesity and diabetes may occur. A mechanism recently discovered by scientists at the Leibniz- Forschungsinstitut fr Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP) in Berlin and at the University of Geneva has a crucial influence on such signaling cascades and may be an important key for the future development of therapies against these diseases. The results of the study have just been published in the prestigious scientific journal 'Molecular Cell'.

Cell growth and cell differentiation as well as the release and efficacy of hormones such as insulin depend on the presence of lipids. Lipids are small molecules resembling fat. They are the building blocks of cell membranes, and they also serve as molecular switches in signaling cascades.

Such cascades play a crucial role in the control of cell growth and division as well as in differentiation processes such as the formation of new blood vessels referred to as angiogenesis. If signaling cascades are disturbed, diseases such as cancer or metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes can occur. The ability to influence the enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of signaling lipids in cells could thus serve as a starting point for the treatment of these diseases.

Original Submission

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Video of Interactive OpenBSD Porting Workshop "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

[Dr.] Brian Callahan (bcallah@) recently live-streamed (at an interactive OpenBSD Porting Workshop.

A recording of the workshop is now available.


Internet of Tea: Coaster Watches for Optimum Drinking Temperature "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Ah, the age-old question: at what temperature does ones tea need to be for maximum enjoyment? Its subjective, of course, but subjective in a way that makes everyone elses opinion demonstrably wrong. Whats worse, the window of opportunity for optimum tea temperature is extremely narrow. Whats a tea drinker to do?

Throw a little technology at the problem, of course, in the form of this Internet of Tea smart coaster. Through careful experimentation, [Benjojo] determined the temperature of his favorite mug when the tea within was just right for drinking and designed a coaster to alert him to that fact. The coaster is 3D-printed and contains an MLX90616 IR temperature sensor looking up at the bottom of the mug. An ESP8266 lives inside the coaster too and watches for the Optimum Tea Window to open, sending an alert via Discord when the time is right. Yes, he admits that a simple blinking LED on the coaster would keep his tea habit metadata from being slurped up by the international tea intelligence community, but he claims he has nothing to hide. Good luck with that.

Whats next for [Dane]s tea preparation? Perhaps he can close the loop and automate the whole pre-consumption process.


DSP Satellite FastWalkers (UFOs) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Consider that the information provided here is already fifty years old.  What is important is that those satellites confirm several atmospheric transitions every week.  Other observations have actually seen them enter water in particular.  Other above sea level access points may exist as well particularly around the SW desert.

It is clear though that accessing a base by going underwater is a preferred method.
That quality of security will start to disappear though as our own deep sea tech has become effective.

Thus full disclosure must happen within the next three decades and is certainly underway already.  After all, actual sightings are increasing and disguised aliens are making like tourists as well..

DSP Satellite FastWalkers (UFOs)

The Defense Support Program (DSP) satellite has been detecting FastWalkers (UFOs) entering our atmosphere for decades. The DSP analyzes the temperature, location and trajectory of a hot infrared source could build up both a description of the type of missile as well as its target dramatically reducing the chances of a surprise ICBM attack. The satellite weighed about 2,000 pounds and had a 12-foot long Schmidt infrared telescope with a linear array of 2,048 lead sulfide detectors that detected infrared energy. The satellite rotated six times per minute as the sensor scanned the entire face of the Earth. The sensor provided below-the-horizon coverage by spotting the missiles exhaust plume and carried sensors for detecting nuclear explosions in the atmosphere....


China Forces All Religious Buildings to Fly Communist Flag "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In this Thursday, June 14, 2018, file photo, a Chinese national flag at Tiananmen Square flutters against the capital city tallest skyscraper China Zun Tower under construction at the Central Business District in Beijing. China has threatened
 I find this hilarious.  From now on you advertise the religious nature of a building by hanging a huge flag.  Does hanging a flag make you legal as well?

Perhaps Falun Gong can practice their public exercises by also mounting a giant flag.  The spectacle of government enforcers tearing down a flag will do wonders for party credibility.

This can only bring attention to a religious movement and whatever else they attempt to impose, the public will merely ignore.  All this will trigger organized passive resistance.

China Forces All Religious Buildings to Fly Communist Flag


Qanon Media Deconsolidation "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

On the corporate front two major initiatives have long been powerfully indicated.I have little doubt that they are underway in the planning stages since Trump landed.

The easy one is the breakup of the Too big to fail crowd and the reestablishment of the original regulatory regime separating ordinary retail banking from any form of investment banking.  This was changed just as clinton left office and led directly to the 2008 crash and the need for 'quantative easing' or money printing.

The more difficult is the smashing of all forms of media monopoly whatsoever. Their access to capital has been through merger after merger and their capacity for internal promotion that came with it.  Thus today we have a single source media that acts exactly like a propaganda machine who even is trying to clumsily suppress competition.  Their abuses have now become visible and their breakup is certainly necessary and it is coming.

This item from Q merely confirms that this is at the top of the legislative agenda and will be underway during the next two years..  .

  Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.141 
Aug 11 2018 12:23:43 (EST)

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.138 ...


Does removing sugar from your diet starve cancer cells? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Somewhere along the way an old doctor had success with his patients by essentially starving them of all foods except cabbage soup.  Sounds boring and all that but this would certainly impose the protocol indicated here.

I also keep coming back to this because it prevents backsliding which is the enemy of every dietary approach.  I am sure a few other veggies work as well but starting with a large bowl of cabbage soup is pretty safe.

I have never actually had any reports on all this and my experience is that no one takes good advice or even truly safe advice. .

Does removing sugar from your diet starve cancer cells? New study finds surprising answers

Sunday, July 22, 2018 by: Ralph Flores
Tags: added sugars, Cancer Cells, cancer prevention, fructose, glucose, goodfood, goodhealth, high-fructose corn syrup, sugar

(Natural News) Cutting back on sugar may help decrease your likelihood of getting certain cancers, a recent study noted. The finding, which was part of an investigation made by researchers from Duke-NUS Medical School and the National University of Singapore, together with the Duke University School of Medicine and the Medical University of Vienna, is part of a unique approach explaining how reducing sugar can cause cancer cells to die.

The paper, which was published in the onli...


In Reply to Modern Einstein,Next Stephen Hawking and Freud-Howard Bloom "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Dear Mr Howard Bloom-The modern Einstein,next Stephen Hawking and Freud,

Its an honor to be known by you. Your work on Space Sciences are revolutionary Sir. Your association and projects with CalTech and other scientific organizations will change the world we live in.I also have great passion in Space and Astronomy Sciences and that led me attending multiple workshops of NASA apart from attending its three credit course and organizing its prestigious essay contest in Indian schools in India and Abroad. I have searched NASA websites for close to 16 years and have found that it stores trillions of pages of materials where you can learn and research without help of any other source. I also have written my fundamental concept called The Cosmic Mask which I have sent to National Research Council and The American Astronomical Society for their review. I plan to publish it on AAS website.My two booksThe Cosmic Mask(Not the Fundamental Concept) and NASA-The Story of Manned and Unmanned Missions is dedicated to youths of this world for their love and passion in Space and Astronomy Sciences.

I want to know how you can associate me with National Space Society and other organizations you are associated with.

You asked me few things and here is what I think.

Yes I am a Journalist also and I write for Russian International Affairs Council,Moscow,Life Boat Foundation,Nevada,USA,Global Ethics Network,Washington and few more places.

I think the concept of Globalization has brought many developments in countries. I traveled to China thrice and I am quite amazed kind of progress China has achieved in last 30 years. I will not be wrong if I say that in many aspects its way ahead to USA or western World. They care about their culture,language but at the same time have welcomed and have adopted foreign companies on their soil. Deng Xio Ping and his many successors including current President Xi Jin Ping has metamorphosed China in a way that its now called second super power in exiting world.

As for as Russia is concerned its now a bit stable but it still has to go a long way ahead. Russia and USA relation or Trump and Putin relation are in much better shape than their predecessors and its good for both countries.

Now about country which is my mother land-India. India has all potential to grow and is growing rapidly. From the days in immediate post independence time where it had to import literally everything it is now a giant nation in IT sector and launches satellite every month if not every week . The Great Indian Middle Class is back bone of Indian economy due to its spending capacity and Agriculture its soul. Railways,Metros,New Airports,Thousands of Kilometers of Roads,Seaway-Starting on 15th August from Varanasi to Kolkata Bullet train and curving corruption,Demonetization are few tasks out o...


ICS-CERT warns of critical flaws in NetComm industrial routers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security researcher has found two critical vulnerabilities in the industrial routers manufactured by the Australian company NetComm Wireless.

Sood reported the flaws to the ICS-CERT in October 2017.

NetComm industrial routers.jpg

The CSRF and XSS flaws have been classified by as critical, while the information disclosure issues have been classified as high severity.The ICS-CERT published a security advisory that warns of four vulnerabilities that affect the industrial routers. The issues tracked with CVE identifiers CVE-2018-14782 through CVE-2018-14785, are an Information Exposure, a Cross-site Request Forgery, a Cross-site Scripting, an Information Exposure through Directory Listing.

The cross-site request forgery condition could be triggered by a remote attacker to change passwords of the device.

When a web server is designed to receive a request from a client without any mechanism for verifying that it was intentionally sent, then it might be possible for an attacker to trick a client into making an unintentional request to the web server which will be treated as an authentic request. This can be done via a URL, image load, XMLHttpRequest, etc. and can result in exposure of data or unintended code execution. reads the security advisory.

The Netcomm industrial routers are vulnerable to several cross-site scripting attacks, a remote attacker can carry out them to run arbitrary code on the device.

The software does not neutralize or incorrectly neutralizes user-controllable input before it is placed in output that is used as a web page that is served to other users. states the...


How to Join the Digital Disruption with Progressive E-Learning Design "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Progressive e-learning design revolves around users and their lives. Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith writes in a Forbes article that the future of e-learning platforms will be making learning easier to find, more engaging to digest and accessible on-demand. So how does progressive e-learning design fit into all of this?

Its long past time that students only had access to the family PC for lessons. Today, 70% of e-learners use their smartphones. And, as well see, progressive design adapts content to suit the device, which is crucial for those who learn on their phones or tablets.

HTML5 is the golden ticket that allows e-learning developers to create online solutions that can automatically morph content to suit varying screen sizes. The crucial part here is to not only adapt the size of content but also make it easily digestible. Shrinking content from desktop to mobile devices isnt enough; the writing becomes all but illegible and frustrates the user.

Progressive design positions content in a way that delivers a delightful experience to the user.

Theres a lot you can also do with progressive design. Many e-learning frameworks, such as Adapt, have a tagging function, which allows you to choose the content that is hidden depending on the device used. Tagging prevents interface cluttering and gives a smooth on-the-go learning experience.

When progressive design is executed well, learners will feel that the course fits well into their lives. And those low completion rates that most e-learning businesses endure will improve.

Progressive Design vs. Apps

Progressive Design vs. Apps

E-learning website platforms have...


Google May Allow Windows 10 to Dual-Boot or Run Alongside ChromeOS on Chromebooks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Google may add Windows 10 dual-boot option to Chromebooks

Google appears to be working on dual-boot support for Chromebooks. XDA-Developers has discovered that Google has been working to support an "alt OS mode" for its Pixelbook laptop for months now. Dubbed "Campfire," an obvious nod to Apple's own Boot Camp feature, Google's dual-boot is rumored to support Windows 10 on Chromebooks.

XDA-Developers claims Google is attempting to pass Microsoft's hardware certification for Windows 10 to allow its Pixelbook to officially run the alternative operating system. References to Microsoft's Windows Hardware Certification Kit have appeared in development builds of Chrome OS, and Google's Campfire work might extend to other new Chromebooks in the future.

Dual-boot support is said to be arriving on the Pixelbook soon, as Google engineers are pushing through multiple changes for Chrome OS to support the new feature.

That makes Google's recent attack ad a little funnier.

Also at Engadget, The Register, 9to5Google, Tom's Hardware, and CNET.

See also: Why cheap Chromebooks running Windows will benefit Google, not you

Related: ChromeOS Gains the Ability to Run Linux Applications
Google's Fuchsia OS Adds Emulator for Debian Linux Applications

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GPS Satellite Essential to Space Force Has Been Delayed Again "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

Vice President Mike Pence laid out plans for the US Space Force on Thursday, calling out an advanced type of satellite, GPS III, that is apparently resistant to tampering. According to Bloomberg, however, this specific orbital machinery has been delayed for the last four years, and the launch date has slipped yet again.

Bloomberg reports that the launch, originally scheduled for April of this year and delayed to October, will now happen in December. The Air Force confirmed to the site that the delay will accommodate "qualification testing" and a validation of SpaceX's Falcon 9 Block 5, the rocket that will boost the satellite into orbit.


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ex-NSA Hacker Discloses macOS High Sierra Zero-Day Vulnerability "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Your Mac computer running the Apple's latest High Sierra operating system can be hacked by tweaking just two lines of code, a researcher demonstrated at the Def Con security conference on Sunday. Patrick Wardle, an ex-NSA hacker and now Chief Research Officer of Digita Security, uncovered a critical zero-day vulnerability in the macOS operating system that could allow a malicious application


Raspberry Pi Foosball Scoreboard "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Foosball, also known as table football, is a classic game from the 1920s that is completely devoid of the bells and whistles of modern gaming. Players control stoic little figures with the most simplistic of input devices in order to move a tiny ball to and fro on the playing field. So naturally, somebody thought they should add a Raspberry Pi to it and drag the whole thing kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

The team at [Matmi] spend a good portion of their down time huddled over a foosball table, but they found the experience was significantly less exciting for the spectators than the players. To add a little more pomp to their sessions they added a flashy display that not only shows the current score, but makes individual scores a bit more exciting by showing some celebratory confetti.

Micro switches mounted in the ball return tubes of the table allow the Raspberry Pi to know who scored and when. This information is picked up by the web-based scoreboard written in Vue.js and served out by nginx. The actual scoreboard is being displayed by a laptop thats connected to the Pi over Wi-Fi.

If the software setup seems a bit convoluted, its because the project itself was something of a learning experience for HTML5 and web programming in general. Further updates are planned to streamline the system a bit to make it more self-contained, as well as adding...


NVIDIA Announces Open-Source MDL SDK "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In addition to announcing the Turing-based Quadro RTX GPUs with GDDR6 memory, NVIDIA used SIGGRAPH 2018 to announce their open-sourcing of the MDL SDK...


Mesa 18.1.6 Released With Build System Updates, Various OpenGL/Vulkan Driver Fixes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Mesa 18.1.6 is now available as the latest point release for Mesa 18.1 as the Q2'2018 release of this collection of open-source graphics drivers/infrastructure...


FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Passes Blame Over Lying About Public Comment System Being DDoSed "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Ajit Pai admits FCC lied about "DDoS," blames it on Obama administration

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai acknowledged Monday that the FCC lied about its public comment system being taken down by a DDoS attack during the net neutrality repeal proceeding.

Pai blamed the spreading of false information on employees hired by the Obama administration and said that he isn't to blame because he "inherited... a culture" from "the prior Administration" that led to the spreading of false information. Pai wrote:

I am deeply disappointed that the FCC's former Chief Information Officer [David Bray], who was hired by the prior Administration and is no longer with the Commission, provided inaccurate information about this incident to me, my office, Congress, and the American people. This is completely unacceptable. I'm also disappointed that some working under the former CIO apparently either disagreed with the information that he was presenting or had questions about it, yet didn't feel comfortable communicating their concerns to me or my office."

Pai's admission came in a statement yesterday. "It has become clear that in addition to a flawed comment system, we inherited from the prior Administration a culture in which many members of the Commission's career IT staff were hesitant to express disagreement with the Commission's former CIO in front of FCC management," he also said.

Inspector General report.

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This Will Help You Grasp the Sizes of Things in the Universe - Facts So Romantic "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In The Zoomable Universe, Scharf puts the notion of scalein biology and physicscenter-stage. The start of your journey through this book and through all known scales of reality is at that edge between known and unknown, he writes.Illustration by Ron Miller

Caleb Scharf wants to take you on an epic tour. His latest book, The Zoomable Universe, starts from the ends of the observable universe, exploring its biggest structures, like groups of galaxies, and goes all the way down to the Planck lengthless than a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a meter. It is a breathtaking synthesis of the large and small. Readers journeying through the book are treated to pictures, diagrams, and illustrations all accompanied by Scharfs lucid, conversational prose. These visual aids give vital depth and perspective to the phenomena that he points out like a cosmic safari guide. Did you know, he offers, that all the Milky Ways stars can fit inside the volume of our solar system?

Scharf, the director of Columbia Universitys Astrobiology Center, is a suitably engaging guide. Hes the author of the 2012 book Gravitys Engines: How Bubble-Blowing Black Holes Rule Galaxies, Stars, and Life in the Universe, and
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From windows to Mars: Scientists debut super-insulating gel "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new, super-insulating gel developed by researchers at CU Boulder could dramatically increase the energy efficiency of skyscrapers and other buildings, and might one day help scientists build greenhouse-like habitats for colonists on Mars.


MIT Makes Washable LED Fabric "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Lets face it, one of the challenges of wearable electronics is that people are filthy. Anything you wear is going to get dirty. If it touches you, it is going to get sweat and oil and who knows what else? And on the other side its going to get spills and dirt and all sorts of things we dont want to think about on it. For regular clothes, thats not a problem, you just pop them in the washer, but you cant say the same for wearable electronics. Now researchers at MIT have embedded diodes like LEDs and photodetectors, into a soft fabric that is washable.

Traditionally, fibers start as a larger preform that is drawn into the fiber while heated. The researchers added tiny diodes and very tiny copper wires to the preform. As the preform is drawn, the fibers polymer keeps the solid materials connected and in the center. The polymer protects the electronics from water and the team was able to successfully launder fabric made with these fibers ten times.

The waterproofing isnt just good for the laundry. The fibers even work underwater as the team demonstrated by transmitting music through water in a fish tank.

We often see research like this and have to admit that practical use of it will be many years away, if ever. However, according to reports, commercial products using these fibers will start appearing in 2019.


Kodi Addon Repo Operator Shuts Down Following Threats from BREIN "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A Dutch-based developer and Kodi addon repository administrator has shut down his operation following threats from anti-piracy outfit BREIN. Due to the XvBMC-NL repo offering addons including Covenant and IPTV Bonanza, BREIN accused its operator of facilitating access to infringing content. He is now required to sign an abstention agreement and pay a settlement of 2,500 euros.

As the battle to prevent unauthorized content getting into the hands of the masses continues, Kodi remains one of the leading platforms for such consumption.

Completely legal as it leaves its official download platform, the Kodi software is easily modified to provide access to pirated movies, TV shows, and live sports. From here on in, usage of such a setup to infringe copyright is illegal in Europe.

With this established, anti-piracy outfit BREIN has been attempting to stem the tide of platforms offering 'pirate' addons in the Netherlands. One of those was XvBMC-NL, a repository which contained addons including the hugely popular Covenant and live TV addon IPTV Bonanza.

According to a report by BREIN, last month the Dutch developer and administrator of XvBMC-NL received an unwelcome visit to his home by bailiffs sent by the anti-piracy group. BREIN hasn't made the precise contents of its message to 'Z' known but it's clear that it views his work as illegal and contrary to copyright law. The developer shut down soon after.

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Novel optics for ultrafast cameras create new possibilities for imaging "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

MIT researchers have developed novel photography optics that capture images based on the timing of reflecting light inside the optics, instead of the traditional approach that relies on the arrangement of optical components. These new principles, the researchers say, open doors to new capabilities for time- or depth-sensitive cameras, which are not possible with conventional photography optics.

Specifically, the researchers designed new optics for an ultrafast sensor called a streak that resolves images from ultrashort pulses of light. Streak cameras and other ultrafast cameras have been used to make a trillion-frame-per-second video, scan through closed books, and provide depth map of a 3D scene, among other applications. Such cameras have relied on conventional optics, which have various design constraints. For example, a with a given , measured in millimeters or centimeters, has to sit at a distance from an imaging sensor equal to or greater than that focal length to capture an image. This basically means the lenses must be very long.

In a paper published in this weeks Nature Photonics, MIT Media Lab researchers describe a technique that makes a reflect back and forth off carefully positioned mirrors inside the lens system. A fast imaging sensor captures a separate image at each reflection time. The result is a sequence of imageseach corresponding to a different point in time, and to a different distance from the lens. Each image can be accessed at its specific time. The researchers have coined this technique time-folded optics.


Printed electronics breakthrough could lead to flexible electronics revolution "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new form of electronics manufacturing which embeds silicon nanowires into flexible surfaces could lead to radical new forms of bendable electronics, scientists say.

In a new paper published today in the journal Microsystems and Nanoengineering, engineers from the University of Glasgow describe how they have for the first time been able to affordably print high-mobility semiconductor onto flexible surfaces to develop high-performance ultra-thin electronic layers.

Those surfaces, which can be bent, flexed and twisted, could lay the foundations for a wide range of applications including video screens, improved health monitoring devices, implantable devices and synthetic skin for prosthetics.


Terahertz technology creates new insight into how semiconductor lasers work "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Lasers are widely used as high power sources of light operating at a specific frequency. But how does this frequency get selected when a laser is turned on, and how quickly?

Pioneering engineers working with technology have been researching how individual frequencies are selected when a laser is turned on, and how quickly the selection is made.

The development of specific terahertz equipment has allowed them to investigate this process for the first time. Their results, published in Nature Communications, will underpin the future development of semiconductor lasers, including those used in public and private sector-owned telecommunications systems.


The behavior of waterscientists find new properties of H2O "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A team of scientists has uncovered new molecular properties of watera discovery of a phenomenon that had previously gone unnoticed.

Liquid water is known to be an excellent transporter of its own autoionization products; that is, the charged species obtained when a water molecule (H2O) is split into protons (H+) and hydroxide ions (OH). This remarkable property of water makes it a critical component in emerging electrochemical energy production and storage technologies such as fuel cells; indeed, life itself would not be possible if water did not possess this characteristic.

Water is known to consist an intricate network of weak, directional interactions known as . For nearly a century, it was thought that the mechanisms by which water transports the H+ and OH ions were mirror images of each other identical in all ways except for directions of the hydrogen bonds involved in the process.


3D printed biomaterials for bone tissue engineering "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

When skeletal defects are unable to heal on their own, bone tissue engineering (BTE), a developing field in orthopedics can combine materials science, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to facilitate bone repair. Materials scientists aim to engineer an ideal biomaterial that can mimic natural bone with cost-effective manufacturing techniques to provide a framework that offers support and biodegrades as new bone forms. Since applications in BTE to restore large bone defects are yet to cross over from the laboratory bench to clinical practice, the field is active with burgeoning research efforts and pioneering technology.

Cost-effective three-dimensional (3D) printing (additive manufacturing) combines economical techniques to create scaffolds with bioinks. Bioengineers at the Pennsylvania State University recently developed a composite ink made of three materials to 3D print porous, -like constructs. The core materials, polycaprolactone (PCL) and poly (D, L-lactic-co-glycolide) acid (PLGA), are two of the most commonly used synthetic, biocompatible biomaterials in BTE. Now published in the Journal of Materials Research, the materials showed biologically favorable interactions in the laboratory, followed by positive outcomes of in an animal model in vivo.

Since bone is a complex structure, Moncal et al. developed a bioink made of biocompatible PCL, PLGA and hydroxyapatite (HAps) particles, combining the properties of bone-like mechanical strength, biodegradation and guided reparative growth (osteoconduction) for assisted natural bone repair. They then engineered a new custom-designed mechanical extrusion system, which was mounted on t...


A Particle Accelerator Between Your Fingertips "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

An early prototype of the silicon-chip-sized particle accelerator that scientists at Stanford University are developing. Later, this could be made smaller to be inserted into the body and used to treat tumour.


Robotics Solutions Using Deep Learning "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Kinema Systems and GhostRobotics faced off and shared their pitches with the live audience at NVIDIAS GPU Technology Conference (GTC) to showcase different approaches with autonomous systems using deep learning, machine learning and AI.

Kinema Systems, based in Menlo Park, Calif., is building innovative deep learning and 3D vision-based robotic solutions for logistics and manufacturing.

From Philadelphia, Pa., GhostRobotics is revolutionizing legged robotics and the market for autonomous unmanned ground vehicles used in unstructured terrain and harsh environments.


Solar-powered aircraft stays aloft for record-breaking 25 days "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

While Facebook and Google recently pulled the plug on their solar-powered internet drones, another company with a lot more experience is having success with the idea. Airbus announced that its solar-powered Zephyr S HAPS (high altitude pseudo-satellite) flew for 25 straight days, setting a time aloft record for any airplane, ever. It shattered the previous record of 14 days, marked by a previous prototype Zephyr aircraft.

The Zephyr flies on sun power alone at over 70,000 feet, an altitude that just a few aircraft like the Concorde and SR-71 Blackbird have reached. Thats well above any weather, and lets it perform reconnaissance, surveillance and communications/internet duties. [It fills a] capability gap complimentary to satellites, UAVs and manned aircraft to provide persistent local satellite-like services, Airbus said in a press release. A video of the takeoff (below) shows that it can be lifted and launched by hand. Once aloft, it can be operated for a fraction the cost of a satellite.


FBI warns banks about ATM cash-out scheme "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The FBI is warning banks about a fraud scheme called an ATM cash-out, Krebs on Security reports. With this type of heist, attackers typically compromise a bank or payment card processor with malware, disable fraud controls and withdraw large sums of money sometimes millions of dollars with cloned bank cards. The FBI reportedly sent an alert to banks last week. The FBI has obtained unspecified reporting indicating cyber criminals are planning to conduct a global Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cash-out scheme in the coming days, likely associated with an unknown card issuer breach and commonly referred to as an unlimited operation, said the notice.

Once hackers gain access to a financial institutions system, often through phishing, theyll alter account balances as well as disable maximum ATM withdrawal amounts and transaction limits. That way, they can quickly take out large amounts of cash from ATMs with fraudulent bank cards made from stolen card data and gift cards.

Last month, Krebs on Security reported on two successful applications of this type of scheme. Hackers were able to steal around $2.4 million from The National Bank of Blacksburg through two ATM cash-outs in 2016 and 2017.


DeepMind Subsidiary's Software Can Diagnose Eye Diseases "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

DeepMind's AI can detect over 50 eye diseases as accurately as a doctor

Step by step, condition by condition, AI systems are slowly learning to diagnose disease as well as any human doctor, and they could soon be working in a hospital near you. The latest example is from London, where researchers from Google's DeepMind subsidiary, UCL, and Moorfields Eye Hospital have used deep learning to create software that identifies dozens of common eye diseases from 3D scans and then recommends the patient for treatment.

The work is the result of a multiyear collaboration between the three institutions. And while the software is not ready for clinical use, it could be deployed in hospitals in a matter of years. Those involved in the research described is as "ground-breaking." Mustafa Suleyman, head of DeepMind Health, said in a press statement that the project was "incredibly exciting" and could, in time, "transform the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with sight threatening eye conditions [...] around the world."

The software, described in a paper published in the journal Nature Medicine, is based on established principles of deep learning, which uses algorithms to identify common patterns in data. In this case, the data is 3D scans of patients' eyes made using a technique known as optical coherence tomography, or OCT. Creating these scans takes around 10 minutes and involves bouncing near-infrared light off of the interior surfaces of the eye. Doing so creates a 3D image of the tissue, which is a common way to assess eye health. OCT scans are a crucial medical tool, as early identification of eye disease often saves the patient's sight. [...] In a test where the AI's judgments were compared with diagnoses by a panel of eight doctors, the software made the same recommendation more than 94 percent of the time.

Move over, Watson.

Also at BBC and VentureBeat.

Clinically applicable deep learning for diagnosis and referral in retinal disease (DOI: 10.1038/s41591-018-0107-6) (DX)

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NVIDIA Announces Turing-Based Quadro RTX GPUs As The "World's First Ray-Tracing GPU" "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This morning AMD announced the Vega-based Radeon Pro WX 8200 graphics card as the "best workstation GPU under $1,000 USD" while tonight NVIDIA is trying to steal the thunder by announcing the Quadro RTX series as the "world's first ray-tracing GPU" that is also based on their new Turing architecture...


HPR2617: Exposing a Raspberry Pi database through a REST API "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Links from the episode Wikipedia - REST API Wikipedia - WSGI Bottle Framework SQLite


Theorists with a Swamp, not a Theory "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In recent weeks string theory has been again getting a lot of press attention, because of claims that new progress is being made in the study of the relation of string theory and the real world, via the study of the swampland. This is a very old story, and Ive often written about it here. I just added a new category, so anyone who wants to can go follow it by clicking on the Swampland category of posts.

Recent press coverage of this includes an article by Clara Moskowitz at Scientific American, entitled String Theory May Create Far Fewer Universes Than Thought. This motivated Avi Loeb to write his own Scientific American piece highlighting the dangers of string theory speculation unmoored to any possible experimental test, which appeared as Theoretical Physics is Pointless without Experimental Tests. Loeb reports:

There is a funny anecdote related to the content of this commentary. In my concluding remarks at the BHI conference we held at Harvard in May 2018, I recommended boarding a futuristic spacecraft directed at the nearest black hole to experimentally test the validity of string theory near the singularity. Nima Arkani-Hamed commented that he suspects I have an ulterior motive for sending string theorists into a black hole. For the video of this exchange, see

Last week Natalie Wolchover reported on this controversy, with an article that appeared at Quanta magazine as Dark Energy May Be Incompatible With String Theory and at the Atlantic as The Universe as We Understand It May Be Impossible (the Atlantic headline writer misidentifies we as string theorists).

Wolchover accurately explains part of this story as a conflict between string theorists over whether certain solutions (such as the KKLT solution and the rest of the so-called string theory landscape) to string theory really exist. Vafa argues they may not exist, since the proposed solutions are complicated and Usually in physics, we have simple examples of general phenomena. In response Eva Silverstein argues:

They [Vafa and others] essentially just speculate that those things dont exist, citing very limited and in some cases highly dubious analyses....


XArray Proposed For Merging In The Linux 4.19 Kernel "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Matthew Wilcox who most recently has been employed by Microsoft is looking to get the new XArray data structure added to the Linux 4.19 kernel...


Hillicon Valley: FBI fires Strzok after anti-Trump tweets | Trump signs defense bill with cyber war policy | Google under scrutiny over location data | Sinclair's troubles may just be beginning | Tech to ease health data access | Netflix CFO to step down "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Welcome to Hillicon Valley, The Hill's newsletter detailing all you need to know about the tech and cyber news from Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley.Welcome! Follow the cyber team, Morgan Chalfant (@mchalfant16) and Olivia Beavers (@olivia_beavers),...


Converting A 3-in-1 Printer Into A WiFi Scanner, Just Because "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

[Zaprodk] had trash-picked a defunct HP Envy 450 AIO, a 3-in-1 printer, scanner, and copier. Normally there usually isnt much use for these unless youre willing to hunt down the cartridges which it used, so your next step is to dismantle it for parts. Thats what he was going to do but then decided to see if he could remove as much as possible while leaving just the scanner.

Converted WiFi scanner boards

He ran into trouble after hed fixed the lid-open sensor and unplugged pretty much everything. He was getting too many error messages on the LCD panel to reconfigure the WiFi. Luckily he could connect it to his computer using USB and do the configuration from there. One dubious mod involved turning an unflipped flexible flat cable into a flipped one by doing a little cutting, scraping and gluing. Check out his write-up for the full hack.

Interested in more dumpster hardware recovery? Check out how [Adil Malik] rescued a scope with some reverse engineering and an FPGA. And then theres how [Matt]...


Electron Beam Patterning for High-Resolution Full-Color OLED Displays "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Currently, OLED technology faces the hurdle that full-color displays can only be realized by using color filters or shadow masks, which limit OLED efficiency and resolution. Researchers are working intensely on new approaches to fabricate microdisplays characterized by high resolution while at the same time offering high efficiency and long operating life time.

The patterning of the organic layers of OLEDs is one of the greatest challenges, since conventional methods such as photolithography cannot be utilized with organic semiconductor materials. The use of electron beam technology for microstructuring was successfully demonstrated at the Fraunhofer FEP two years ago. Using its patented process, FEP was able to modify the emission of an OLED through the existing encapsulation layer to create any feature imaginable and even produce high-resolution grayscale images.

Further development of the electron beam process has now achieved full-color OLED without using color filters or shadow masks. To create red, green, and blue pixels, an organic layer of the OLED itself is ablated by a thermal electron beam process. This patterning causes a change to the thickness of the layer stack, which makes the emission of different colors possible.

This is the first major step towards the development of full-color displays without the use of restrictive color filters in the process. Elisabeth Bodenstein, developer in the Fraunhofer FEP project team, explains the advantages: With our electron-beam process it is possible to thermally structure even these sensitive organic materials without damaging the underlying layer.

The results were obtained by simulating and initially estimating the HTL (hole transport layer) thicknesses that are produced by the electron beam. The researchers actually achieved the decoupling of red, green, and blue emissions from the white OLED. Following proof of concept at Fraunhofer FEP, these colors were demonstrated on the first test substrates, exhibiting comparable OLED performance.

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Tech companies earn White House praise for committing to easier health data access "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Major technology companies on Monday announced their commitment to making it easier to share data across the healthcare sector, in a move backed by the White House.The companies said that theyre pushing to make data more accessible for the...


[$] The importance of being noisy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Hundreds (at least) of kernel bugs are fixed every month. Given the kernel's privileged position within the system, a relatively large portion of those bugs have security implications. Many bugs are relatively easily noticed once they are triggered; that leads to them being fixed. Some bugs, though, can be hard to detect, a result that can be worsened by the design of in-kernel APIs. A proposed change to how user-space accessors work will, hopefully, help to shine a light on one class of stealthy bugs.

Monday, 13 August


Badness, Enumerated by Robots "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A condensed summary of the blacklist data generated from traffic hitting and cooperating sites.

After my entry was posted, there has been an uptick in interest about the security related data generated at the site. I have written quite extensively about these issues earlier so I'll keep this piece short. If you want to go deeper, the field note-like articles I reference and links therein will offer some further insights.

There are three separate sets of downloadable data, all automatically generated and with only very occasional manual intervention.

Known spam sources during the last 24 hours

This is the list directly referenced in the piece.

This is a greytrapping based list, where the conditions for inclusion are simple: Attempts at delivery to known-bad addresses in domains we handle mail for have happened within the last 24 hours.

In addition there will occasionally be some addresses added by cron jobs I run that pick the IP addresses of hosts that sent mail that made it through greylisting performed by our spamd(8) but did not pass the subsequent spamassassin or clamav treatment. The system is part of the bgp-spamd cooperation.

The traplist has a home page and at one point was furnished with a set of guidelines.

Misc other bots: SSH Password bruteforcing, malicious web activity, POP3 Password Bruteforcing.

The bruteforcers list is really a combination of several things, delivered as one file but with minimal scripting ability you should be able to dig out the distinct elements, described in this piece.

The (usually) largest chunk is a list of hosts that hit the rate limit for SSH connections described in the article or that was caught trying to log on as a non-existent user or other undesirable activity aimed at my sshd(8) service. Som...


Fax machines ripe for hacking, says new study "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Often overlooked office fax machines pose a huge vulnerability to the cybersecurity of businesses and other organizations, according to a new study. Many such machines run on decades-old protocols that are easy for hackers to penetrate, says...


Funding for Tesla to Go Private Could Come From Saudis; Lawsuits and SEC Scrutiny Increase "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Musk Says 'Funding Secured' Claim Sparked by Saudi Meeting

Elon Musk said interest from Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund gave him the confidence to drop the bombshell last week that he was considering taking Tesla Inc. private. The Saudi Kingdom's Public Investment Fund had approached Musk going back almost two years about taking Tesla off the market, he wrote in a blog post Monday, confirming that the fund recently bought an almost 5 percent stake. Musk described a July 31 meeting in which the Saudi fund's managing director expressed regret that Tesla hadn't moved forward with a go-private transaction.

[...] Several investors have since sued Musk and Tesla, claiming the company's share price had been manipulated. The Securities and Exchange Commission is said to be intensifying its scrutiny of the company and its chief executive officer after having started gathering general information about Tesla and Musk's earlier public pronouncements about manufacturing goals and sales targets.

One of Tesla's biggest critics, Vertical Group analyst Gordon Johnson, read Musk's blog post as a walk-back maneuver from his "funding secured" tweet last week. He cited Musk's statement Monday that the Saudi fund's support for taking Tesla private was "subject to financial and other due diligence and their internal review process for obtaining approvals." "He is specifically stating that funding is not secured, and I think that's a big deal," Johnson, whose $93 price target on Tesla shares is the lowest among Wall Street analysts, said on Bloomberg Television. "The question then becomes, what does the SEC do here, and do the shareholders stick with him?"

Also at CNBC.

Previously: Elon Musk Considers Taking Tesla Private

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Quantum formulation of the Einstein equivalence principle "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The physical conditions that support a geometric interpretation of spacetime, such as the equivalence between rest and inertial mass, are shown not to be necessarily valid in the quantum regime, and a quantum formulation is provided.


A Look At The Windows 10 vs. Linux Performance On AMD Threadripper 2990WX "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Complementing the extensive Linux benchmarks done earlier today of the AMD Threadripper 2990WX in our review (as well as on the Threadripper 2950X), in this article are our first Windows 10 vs. Linux benchmarks of this 32-core / 64-thread $1799 USD processor. Tests were done from Microsoft Windows 10 against Clear Linux, Ubuntu 18.04, the Arch-based Antergos 18.7-Rolling, and openSUSE Tumbleweed.


Defcon: 11-year-old modifies Florida Presidential voting results "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

At the largest hacking conference in the world, Defcon 2018, there have been many surprising discoveries. However, the news that has shocked the United States is the hacking and modifications of election results by young kids. The 26th Defcon conference is being held in Las Vegas. Reportedly, the 11-year-old Emmert Brewer managed to modify election []

This is a post from Read the original post: Defcon: 11-year-old modifies Florida Presidential voting results


Thomas The Terrifying Karaoke Robot "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The junk bin can be a great source of inspiration, unless youre too familiar with the contents to be imaginative with them. But thrift stores are another matter, like giant junk bins that are constantly replenished by underappreciated elves. You never know what kinds of goodies they will pile on the shelves, so its easy to become a fixture and visit them once or thrice a week.

[Hunter Irving] haunts a few choice thrift stores in his neighborhood, and a few months ago he found a knockoff Thomas the Tank Engine with an articulated face. It uses a simple mechanism to produce an impressive amount of movement, especially for a cheap knockoff toy. Both of its eyes slide sideways and its mouth opens, resulting in a very animated (and terrifying) range of expressions. Sensing an opportunity to turn his animatronic robot dreams into karaoke-singing nightmare fuel for the rest of us, he forked over a few bucks and took it home.

As luck would have it, a 9g micro servo fit perfectly in the back of the frightening little face. [Hunter] designed an axle to transfer motion to the face mechanism, but it broke almost immediately. We applaud his Plan B, though, which consists of a mounting block for the servo, and a cable tie armature connected with screws. Once that was...


Wearable "Microbrewery" Used to Measure Radiation Dosage "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Wearable 'microbrewery' saves human body from radiation damage

Purdue University researchers have engineered yeast "microbreweries" within disposable badges made of freezer paper, aluminum and tape. Simply adding a drop of water activates the yeast to show radiation exposure as read by an electronic device. On a commercial level, the readout device could one day be a tablet or phone. The badge could also be adapted in the future for nuclear power plant workers and victims of nuclear disasters.

[...] The success of the badge lies in the quick and measurable response of yeast to radiation: The higher the radiation dose, the higher the percentage of yeast cells that die. Wetting the badge activates the cells that are still alive to eat glucose and release carbon dioxide the same fermentation process responsible for brewing beer and making bread rise. When carbon dioxide bubbles at the surface, ions also form. The concentration of these ions increases the electrical conductivity of yeast, which can be measured by hooking up the badge to a readout system.

"We use the change in electrical properties of the yeast to tell us how much radiation damage it incurred. A slow decrease in electrical conductivity over time indicates more damage," said Rahim Rahimi, Purdue postdoctoral researcher in electrical and computer engineering.

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Netflix CFO to step down "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Netflix announced on Monday that its longtime Chief Financial Officer (CFO) David Wells will be stepping down.Wells has been part of the company since 2004 and has served as CFO since 2010. Netflix said he would stay on as it searches for his...


Scientists Have Successfully Reversed The Aging Of Human Cells In The Lab "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Aging is a battle that humans have known they cant win since the beginning of history. We can hate it or (eventually) accept it but ultimately we cant avoid growing old. However, over the years scientists have been trying to pinpoint the roots of this biological process and work out if there is any way to stop or reverse it. There have been some minor successes along the way and a new study adds to these.

The researchers were able to reverse the aging process of some old human cells by delivering a specific molecule to their mitochondria, the structures within cells where energy is produced. This approach stops the cells from becoming senescent, a point at which they can no longer duplicate. Some researchers believe that the accumulation of these cells in organs is key to the aging process.

We still dont fully understand why cells become senescent as we age, but damage to DNA, exposure to inflammation and damage to the protective molecules at the end of the chromosomes the telomeres have all been suggested, the authors wrote in a post on The Conversation. More recently, people have suggested that one driver of senescence may be loss of our ability to turn genes on and off at the right time and in the right place.


DaVinci Resolve 15 Video/Effects Editor Released With Linux Support "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

DaVinci Resolve 15 has been released by Blackmagic Design as the company's professional-grade video editing, visual effects, motion graphics, and audio post-production software...


Election systems should be considered critical infrastructure "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

93 percent of security professionals are concerned about cyber-attacks targeting election infrastructure and data, and 81 percent believe cyber criminals will target election data as it is transmitted by machines, software and hardware applications, from local polling stations to central aggregation points, a recent study by Venafi has revealed. Last year, attendees at DEF CON managed to find and take advantage of vulnerabilities in five different voting machine types within 24 hours, said Jeff Hudson, More

The post Election systems should be considered critical infrastructure appeared first on Help Net Security.


Btrfs Gets Fixes & Low-Level Improvements With Linux 4.19 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

David Sterba of SUSE sent in the Btrfs file-system updates today for the Linux 4.19 kernel merge window...


Power Generation Modules Mix and Match Wind, Water, and Hand Cranks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Whats great about the Power Generation Modules project headed by [Cole B] is the focus on usability and modularity. The project is a system for powering and charging small devices using any number and combination of generator modules: wind turbine, hand-crank, and water turbine so far. Power management and storage is handled by a separate unit that acts as a battery bank to store the output from up to six generators at once. Theres also a separate LED lamp module, designed to be capable of being powered directly from any of the generator modules if needed.

Testing the water turbine module

The hand crank is straightforward in concept, but key to usability was selecting a DC gearmotor with a gear ratio that made cranking by hand both comfortable and sustainable; too weak of a crank and its awkward, too hard and its tiring. The wind turbine has three compact vanes that turn a central shaft, but testing showed the brushless motor it uses as a generator isnt a good match for th...


Is Life Extension Altruistic? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Recently, weve published an article explaining why life extension is not a selfish endeavor. As a matter of fact, life extension is a rather altruistic endeavor, though this depends on your interpretation of the definition. Lets dig deeper.

What is altruism?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, altruism is disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others. Thus, one is altruistic when his or her actions are done for the benefit of others, without placing any importance on his or her own benefit.


Aerial-Biped Is a Quadrotor With Legs That Can Fly-Walk "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Walking around wouldnt be nearly so hard if you could just shut gravity off for a bit

A couple years ago, we wrote about a robot called BALLU from Dennis Hong at UCLAessentially a blimp with skinny little legs, BALLU made walking easier by taking gravity out of the equation. If your robot doesnt weigh anything, you dont have to worry about falling over, right? Inspired in part by BALLU, researchers from the University of Tokyo have developed a quadrotor with legs called Aerial-Biped. Designed primarily for entertainment, Aerial-Biped enables a richer physical expression by automatically generating walking gaits in sync with its quadrotor body.

Until someone invents a robot that can moonwalk, you can model a gait that appears normal by simply making sure that the velocity of a foot is zero as long as its in contact with the ground. The Aerial-Biped robot learns how to do this through reinforcement learning in a physics simulator, and the policy transfers to the robot well enough that the legs can appear to walk as the quadrotor moves.

Right now, getting this to work on the real robot involves using motion capture on the drone, so its not yet suitable for out-of-lab wandering. The researchers are working on adding more degrees of freedom to both the body and the legs, with the goal of being able to physically imitate the gaits of animated characters. 

For a bit more detail on this project, we spoke with lead author Azumi Maekawa from the University of Tokyo.

Where did you get the idea for this research?

We were inspired by bipedal robots that use invisible force to get stability, such as Magdan, created by Tomotaka Takahashi (an electromagnet on the bottom of its feet lets it walk on a metal plate), and BALLU (which uses buoyancy of a helium-filled balloon). The foot trajectory generation method is based on the assumption that one of the key features of walking (or at least the appearance of walking) is that the velocity of the foot in contact with the ground is zero.

What function do the legs serve on this robot? Or, what is the goal of adding legs to a quadrotor?

The goal is to develop a robot that has the ability to display the appearance of bipedal walking with dynamic mobility, and to provide a new visual experience. The robot enables walking motion with very slender legs like those of a flamingo without impairing dynamic mobility. This approach enables casual users to choreograph biped robot walking without expertise. In add...


Facebook Bans The Sale of All Kodi Boxes, Legal or Not "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Entertainment companies see streaming piracy as one of the largest threats to the industry. This is true for streaming sites, but also specialized pirate boxes, which are often sold with the popular media player Kodi installed.

While Kodi itself is a neutral platform, third-party add-ons can turn it into a powerful pirate tool. This is why Kodi and piracy are often mentioned in the same breath.

This negative stigma has already resulted in Google banning Kodi from the autocomplete feature of its search engine, among other things. And recently Facebook has piled on with another broad measure.

Facebook previously banned the sale of fully-loaded pirate streaming devices, as did Amazon and eBay, but the social network appears to have expanded this to all Kodi-powered hardware now.

This is made clear in the prohibited content section of the companys commerce policies, as shown below.

Facebook states that users are no longer allowed to promote the sale or use of streaming devices with KODI installed. In addition, jailbroken or loaded devices are also banned from the platform.

Banned commerce on Facebook

The issue was first noticed by CordCuttersNews which notes that sellers who violate the policy may have their Facebook accounts banned.

Interestingly, Facebook will still permit the sale of add-on equipment for KODI devices, including keyboards and remotes. However, selling any devices with the software itself is no longer allowed.

TorrentFreak reached out to the Kodi team for a comment on the news, but at the time of publication, we had yet to hear back.

Its unclear why Facebook has expanded its previous ban of piracy-enabling devices to Kodi specifically. Kodi itself is not the problem here, which is something acknowledged by several anti-piracy groups. Perhaps the piracy-stigma is simply too big.

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Two Tools That Are Key to Perfect Writing "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Being a writer can be a tiring job at times. It requires your time, focus and skills. Anyone can write, but not everyone can write something that is compelling, error-free and informative. Just scribbling on paper or typing on your laptop is never equivalent to writing something worth reading.

Whether you are working on your next assignment, article or book, vigilance is the ultimate key. Writing is an art and a good writer is the one who values his time as well as the time of his clients or target audience. A careless piece of writing is not only going to serve you bad, but it will also be off-putting for anyone who reads it.

Plagiarism & Grammar: Two Important Elements in Writing

If you are a student or someone who writes for a living, then you must be well aware of two important terms: Plagiarism & Grammar.

Both plagiarism and grammar play a very important part in any writing. As a student, it is imperative for you to write grammatically correct and free of plagiarism in order to secure high scores and impress your teachers. As a professional, you have to make sure that you are turning in all official documents with no plagiarism or grammar errors. The quality of writing depends on the uniqueness of content, correct grammar usage, and the ability to put those ideas and thoughts into words. Two essential tools that are helpful for people in this regard are Plagiarism Checker and Grammar Checker.

Plagiarism: What is it & How to Avoid It

What is plagiarism and how does it happen? How should I avoid it? These are important questions that go through the mind of anyone attempting to write something. To answer them, lets begin with understanding plagiarism.

Using someone elses ideas or work without proper citation or attribution is known as plagiarism. Of all the instances of plagiarism that may occur, many are unintentional. Some of the common examples include using an argument or information in your research without any attribution, using excerpts from an already published work without quoting the author, and rephrasing a source without giving credit to the original source. That is why, it is advised when youre unsure, its always better to cite a source. The rule of thumb is always to use an offline or online plagiarism checker to make sure you have not ended up plagiarizing accidentally or unintentionally. Thats the best way to prevent plagiarism from occurring.

Grammar Checker: Why Is Grammar Important?

Your language teacher must have told you that correct grammar is the foundation of any piece of writing. You can never successfully communicate your thoughts and mes...


The Pirate Bay Turns 15 Years Old "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

The Pirate Bay Turns 15 Years Old

Founded in 2003 by a group of hackers and activists, The Pirate Bay aimed to bring file-sharing to the masses. In the fifteen years that followed, the site transformed from a small community to Hollywood's resilient arch-rival, serving millions of users. And that's not the only thing that changed. Todayish, The Pirate Bay turns 15 years old, which is quite an achievement considering the immense legal pressure it has faced over the years.

While the exact launch date is a bit of a mystery, even to the site's founders, August 10 was previously chosen as its anniversary. What we do know is that the site was brought online in 2003 by now-disbanded pro-culture organization Piratbyrn, which is Swedish for Bureau of Piracy. The group was formed by political activists and hackers in the same year, many of whom had already launched other web projects challenging political, moral, and power structures.

One of the group's unwritten goals was to offer a counterweight to the propaganda being spread by local anti-piracy outfit Antpiratbyrn. With BitTorrent as the up-and-coming file-sharing technology, they saw fit to start their own file-sharing site to promote sharing of information.

The Pirate Bay first came online in Mexico where Gottfrid Svartholm, aka Anakata, hosted the site on a server owned by the company he was working for at the time. After a few months, the site moved to Sweden where it was hosted on a Pentium III 1GHz laptop with 256MB RAM. This one machine, which belonged to Fredrik Neij, aka TiAMO, kept the site online and included a fully operational tracker.

Related: Anti-Piracy Firm: P2P Piracy Still Relevant

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Google Tracks Android, iPhone Users Even With 'Location History' Turned Off "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Google tracks you everywhere, even if you explicitly tell it not to. Every time a service like Google Maps wants to use your location, Google asks your permission to allow access to your location if you want to use it for navigating, but a new investigation shows that the company does track you anyway. An investigation by Associated Press revealed that many Google services on Android and


Vulnerabilities in smart card drivers open systems to attackers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security researcher Eric Sesterhenn of X41 D-SEC GmbH has unearthed a number of vulnerabilities in several smart card drivers, some of which can allow attackers to log into the target system without valid credentials and achieve root/admin privileges. A lot of attacks against smart cards have been performed in the past but not much work has focused on hacking the driver side of the smart card stack [the piece of software that interacts with chip More

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Two Startups Use Processing in Flash Memory for AI at the Edge "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Mythic AI and Syntiant sound similar on the surface, but theyre after different markets

Irvine, Calif.based Syntiant thinks it can use embedded flash memory to greatly reduce the amount of power needed to perform deep-learning computations. Austin, Texasbased Mythic thinks it can use embedded flash memory to greatly reduce the amount of power needed to perform deep-learning computations. They both might be right.

A growing crowd of companies are hoping to deliver chips that accelerate otherwise onerous deep learning applications, and to some degree they all have similarities because these are solutions that are created by the shape of the problem, explains Mythic founder and CTO Dave Fick.

When executed in a CPU, that problem is shaped like a traffic jam of data. A neural network is made up of connections and weights that denote how strong those connections are, and having to move those weights around so they can be represented digitally in the right place and time is the major energy expenditure in doing deep learning today.

Our approach is to completely eliminate both memory bandwidth and memory power penalties by doing computation in memory, explains Syntiant CEO Kurt Busch.

In both companies approaches, the network weights are actually levels of charge stored in an array of flash memory cells. The charge alters the amount of current that flows through the cell, and the cells are arranged in a way that the current produces the crucial multiply and accumulate computations needed for a network to tell a stop sign from a sunset, or OK Google from big gray poodle.

Because the weights are always just where they need to be, theres no need to expend any time or energy to move them. The analog nature of the computation also keeps power low. While training neural networks is typically done by computing with fairly precise (8- or 16-bit) numbers, actually using the trained networkcalled inferencingcan be done faster and at lower power using much-less precise5-bit or even 3-bitnumbers as the weights. With analog computation, you can build multiply and accumulate that is low precision but very, very accurate, says Busch.

Mythic is aiming for a mere 0.5 picojoules per multiply and accumulate, which would result in about 4 trillion operations per watt (TOPS/W). Syntiant is hoping to get to 20 TOPS/W. An Nvidia Volta V100 GPU can do 0.4 TOPS/W, according to Syntiant. However, real apples-to-apples comparisons in the machine learning world are difficult to determine,...


Dawn of the First Digital Camera "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Technology vanishes. It either succeeds and becomes ubiquitous or fails. For example, there was a time when networking and multimedia were computer buzzwords. Now they are just how computers work. On the other hand, when was the last time you thought about using a CueCat barcode reader to scan an advertisement? Then there are the things that have their time and vanish, like pagers. It is hard to decide which category digital cameras fall into. They are being absorbed into our phones and disappearing as a separate category for most consumers. But have you ever wondered about the first digital camera? The story isnt what you would probably guess.

The first digital camera I ever had was a Sony that took a floppy disk. Surely that was the first, right? Turns out, no. There were some very early attempts that didnt really have the technology to make them work. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory was using analog electronic imaging as early as 1961 (they had been developing film on the moon but certainly need a better way). A TI engineer even patented the basic outline of an electronic camera in 1972, but it wasnt strictly digital. None of these bore any practical fruit, especially relative to digital technology. It would take Eastman Kodak to create a portable digital camera, even though they were not the first to commercialize the technology.

Kodak 1975

Steven Sasson, working for Kodak, received an early CCD image sensor from Fairchild in 1974. The going price for these, by the way, was $965 when they were introduced a year or so earlier. Kodak had an interesting blog post about the camera from the 2007 induction of Sasson into the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame, although it seems to be gone. Luckily, you can still read it on the Internet Archive (the source of the still images of the Kodak device in this post are from the archived Kodak website).

Just like a bag phone doesnt look much like a cellphone, Sassons 8-pound camera didnt look much like todays digital point and shoot you can see it quite well in the video, below. Featuring a lens from a Super 8 movie camera, 16 NiCad batteries, and a cassette recorder, the box contained about a half dozen circuit boards that included an A/D converter design meant for a digital voltmeter. Even then it took 23 seconds to record one of the 30 pictures onto the cassette (although the 30 limit appears to have been arbitrary to mimic the number of shots on a roll of film which was usually 24 or 36)....


Blender 2.80 Now Coming In Early 2019 With Many Improvements "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Blender 3D modeling software is facing a slight set-back in their release schedule for the big Blender 2.80 release, but it's moving along and they intend to have it ready by early next year...


What are the Uses of Reverse Image Search? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Reverse image search is a technique wherein it allows people to retrieve content that is relevant to a particular image. It is also known as content-based image retrieval a method that eliminates the need for a user to identify keywords that may or may not provide an accurate result. The user only needs to supply the sample image to make a search or query.

We know that Google images can provide us with any photo, but we need to write the keyword or the terms associated with it to be able to proceed with the search. While in using a reverse image search tool we will just provide a sample image. It is helpful in locating the source of an image or the content creator, search for the image in terms of popularity, extract details that are related to an image, look for similar images that have higher resolution, locate the web pages where the photo is displayed, and look for manipulated versions of the image.

If you are into social media and you want to find if a persons account is legit, you can use a reverse image search tool for this purpose. You only have to supply the photo of the person, and it will show you the information that you need to check if the account is legit or not. Verifying account using a reverse image search tool can save you the trouble of being connected with an impostor or scammer. At present, many people are using fake accounts that is why you must be cautious and check the profile of the person first before adding them.

Photographers spend a great deal of money to buy their equipment and to attend workshops. They also exert a lot of time and effort in their craft to be able to produce quality and beautiful pictures that is why it is only right that they get the proper compensation for their work. They can use the reverse image search tool to discover if someone is using their pictures without their permission. By not giving credits to the owner, one can be accused of false ownership.

Whether it is for personal or public use, it should always be a practice to attribute the source of an image. To be able to get the information that you need, you can use a reverse image search from This specific website offers many helpful tools that anybody can use online. One of the most popular tools from Small SEO Tools is the reverse image search because it is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is to upload an image or paste the URL where the image is located, and then it will give you the results in a flash. It will show you similar images and their sources.

Also, if you want to get any information about a particular image like a famous person, place or product you can run it through a reverse image search tool. It can help you save a lot of time looking for answers if you want to know more about the photo. You dont have to go through an intensive research by t...


Time-domain Simulation of Electro-mechanical Sensors and Systems "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Learn how OnScale massively accelerates sensor design by removing compute constraints with powerful CAE integrated directly to Cloud HPC.

If you are interested in modeling a variety of electromechanical sensors, then tune into this webinar to learn how OnScale helps Fortune100 companies optimize their most demanding designs using powerful FEM seamlessly integrated with Cloud HPC directly with on-demand, scalable Cloud HPC.

Understanding the complex, highly coupled behavior of electromechanical sensors (e.g. MUTs, piezoelectric transducer arrays, BAWs and SAWs) and their performance in a system as a whole is critical in the development of innovative technologies (e.g. Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensors, Medical Imaging, and RF Filters).

Due to the anisotropic materials, complex modal coupling, and multiphysics involved in a single design (piezoelectric, electrostatic, structural, thermal and acoustic), powerful numerical simulation is essential for predicting and understanding effects of design changes, environmental influences, and manufacturing tolerances. By facilitating rapid design iteration and assessment, cloud based simulation tools can explore large design spaces that would be impossible to do via physical prototypes.

In this webinar, OnScale will explore and analyze some of the common pain-problems in the senor space, and present pragmatic examples to show how rapid FEM & Cloud HPC can dramatically accelerate product design cycles, reducing time, cost and risk.


   Gerry Harvey, VP of Engineering, OnScale

Dr. Harvey is a numerical scientist and engineer with 15 years of experience applying FEA/FEM approaches to complex engineering problems. An acoustics expert, Dr. Harvey supports hundreds of RF filter engineers who use OnScale every day for filter design optimization.

   Andrew Tweedie, UK Director, OnScale

Dr. Tweedie is a multi-disciplined engineer with 15 years of experience in Finite Element simulation of piezoelectric devices. Dr. Tweedie supports UK and EU customers while simultaneously managing the development center in Glasgow, Scotland.

Attendees of this IEEE Spectrum webinar have the opportunity to earn PDHs...


Vulkan 1.1.83 Released With Minor Documentation Updates For SIGGRAPH "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Khronos Group has released Vulkan 1.1.83 as a routine maintenance update to the Vulkan 1.1 graphics/compute API to coincide with the start of ACM SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver...


Links 13/8/2018: Linux 4.18 and GNU Linux-libre 4.18 Arrive "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

GNOME bluefish



  • Kernel Space

    • New ARM SoCs & Boards To Be Supported By The Linux 4.19 Kernel

      Hardware support improvements coming for Linux 4.19 arent limited to the x86 space but a lot of new ARM hardware support is also being introduced in this imminent kernel cycle.

      While the Linux 4.19 kernel merge window isnt quite open yet it should open tonight, following the release of Linux 4.18 the new feature work is already staged. There is the for-next arm-soc.git branch.

    • F2FS In Linux 4.19 Will Fix Big Performance Issue For Multi-Threaded Reads

      The Linux 4.19 kernel updates for the Flash-Friendly File-System (F2FS) should bring much faster performance for multi-threaded sequential reads as much as multiple times faster.

      Two years ago F2FS dropped its write-pages lock on the basis it could improve multi-threading performance 4KB writes across 32 threads went up from 25 to 28MB/s on some tests done on the developers hardware. While it was a minor win for multi-threaded writes, it turns out dropping the write-pages lock took a major toll on the multi-threaded read performance. Now with Linux 4.19, that write-pages lock is being restored....


DXVK Merges Direct3D 10 API Support "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Separate from the "DXUP" initiative, the popular DXVK project for accelerating Direct3D 11 atop Vulkan now has support itself for Direct3D 10...


Sony FH-7 Mkii - Can you handle it? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

There were countless mini component HiFi units in the 1980s - but very few of them came with a handle. The Sony FH-7 is one exception and this video is all about my quest to assemble this classic system.  


My FH-7 Mk2 came from ebay:

If you are interested in the Boombox Calendar - you can find more details here:

The Music and media featured in the video include; Purple Cassette - Anders Enger Jensen - Retro Grooves Vol 2

Colourful Printed Cassette: Jazz Spastiks - Midnight Method (Sold Out)

Labyrinth Soundtrack

Red Record - Colemine Records - Soul Slabs Vol 1.

CD - Marvin Gaye - What's Going On ...


NASA Signs Off on SpaceX's Load-and-Go Procedure for Crew Launches "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The NASA manager overseeing development of Boeing and SpaceX's commercial crew ferry ships says the space agency has approved SpaceX's proposal to strap in astronauts atop Falcon 9 rockets, then fuel the launchers in the final hour of the countdown as the company does for its uncrewed missions.

The "load-and-go" procedure has become standard for SpaceX's satellite launches, in which an automatic countdown sequencer commands chilled kerosene and cryogenic liquid oxygen to flow into the Falcon 9 rocket in the final minutes before liftoff.

[...] SpaceX's "load-and-go" procedure raised concerns after a Falcon 9 rocket exploded on its launch pad at Cape Canaveral in September 2016. The fiery accident occurred in the final minutes of a countdown while propellants were flowing into the rocket before a hold-down engine firing, destroying the launcher and an Israeli-owned communications satellite on-board.

Officials from SpaceX said the Crew Dragon's escape system, comprising a set of high-thrust SuperDraco engines around the circumference of the capsule, would be quick enough to push the spacecraft and its crew away from such an explosion during fueling.

The abort thrusters will be activated and armed before fueling of the Falcon 9 during crewed launches.

SpaceX plans an unmanned, in-flight abort test prior to the first crewed flight, which is tentatively scheduled for April 2019.


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Faxploit Critical flaws potentially exposes millions of HP OfficeJet Printers to hack "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A vulnerability in HP OfficeJet all-in-one inkjet printer can be exploited by attackers to gain control of the printer and use it as entry point into the network environment.

A critical vulnerability potentially exposes millions of HP OfficeJet printers to hack, according to the experts at Check Point the attackers only need to send a fax to the vulnerable printers.

The researchers discovered two critical vulnerabilities in HPs implementation of a widely used fax protocol implemented in all its OfficeJet all-in-one inkjet printers.

The vulnerabilities affect the HP all-in-one printers that support Group 3 (G3) fax protocols that are part of the ITU T.30 standard for sending and receiving color faxes.

OfficeJet HP flawCheckpoint experts reported the flaws to HP and shared details for the two vulnerabilities at the DEF CON conference.

The researchers devised an attack technique dubbed Faxploit, they demonstrated that once the attackers have compromised a fax machine they could leverage the NSA exploit EternalBlue for lateral movements.

The below diagram shows the Faxploit attack flow, following which a threat actor could then move laterally across your network to access your organizations most confidential information. reads the blog post published by CheckPoint Security. 

The crucial element to notice is that whereas most attacks today penetrate through an internet connection to enter an organizations network, using this vulnerability in the fax protocol even a network that is completely detached would be vulnerable. This is due to the attack being channeled through a route that until now was considered to be secure and need not have protection layers applied.



Google Tracks Your Movements, Like It or Not "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Mmm hmm. Via: AP: Google wants to know where you go so badly that it records your movements even when you explicitly tell it not to. An Associated Press investigation found that many Google services on Android devices and iPhones store your location data even if youve used privacy settings that say they will prevent []


The fastest-sinking city in the world "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With frequent floods, sinking markets and engulfed homes, by 2050 parts of Jakarta will be underwater.

Critical vulnerability in Oracle Database, patch without delay! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Oracle is urging users to patch their Oracle Database installations to plug a critical security issue that can result in complete compromise of the Oracle Database and shell access to the underlying server. About the vulnerability (CVE-2018-3110) The vulnerability (CVE-2018-3110) affects Oracle Database versions and on Windows and is apparently easy to exploit, but can only be exploited remotely by an authenticated attacker. The vulnerability is in the Java Virtual Machine component of More

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Bayer shares plunge after Monsanto cancer ruling "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Shares in German chemicals and pharmaceuticals giant Bayer tumbled more than 10 percent as markets opened Monday, as investors reacted to a shock US ruling against freshly-acquired Monsanto.

Stock in the Leverkusen-based group fell 10.4 percent to 83.61 euros ($95.19) around 9:25 am (0725 GMT), after a California jury on Friday awarded a dying groundskeeper damages of almost $290 million, saying Monsanto should have warned buyers that its flagship Roundup weedkiller could cause cancer.

While observers have predicted thousands of other claims could follow, Bayer said the jurys findings went against scientific evidence and that other courts might arrive at different conclusions.


Distribution Release: Zorin OS 12.4 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Zorin OS is an Ubuntu-based distribution which strives to provide a desktop interface that will look familiar to Windows users. The project has published an update to the distribution's 12.x series, offering improved hardware support and bug fixes. The release announcement for Zorin OS 12.4 states: "We are....


Biomimetic micro/nanoscale fiber reinforced composites "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Over hundreds of millions of years of evolution, nature has produced a myriad of biological materials that serve either as skeletons or as defensive or offensive weapons. Although these natural structural materials are derived from relatively sterile natural components, such as fragile minerals and ductile biopolymers, they often exhibit extraordinary mechanical properties due to their highly ordered hierarchical structures and sophisticated interfacial design. Therefore, they are always a research subject for scientists aiming to create advanced artificial structural materials.

Through microstructural observation, researchers have determined that many biological materials, including fish scales, crab claws and bone, all have a characteristic twisted plywood structure that consists of a highly ordered arrangement of micro/nanoscale fiber lamellas. They are structurally sophisticated natural fiber-reinforced composites and often exhibit excellent damage tolerance that is desirable for engineering structural materials, but difficult to obtain. Therefore, researchers are seeking to mimic this kind of natural hierarchical structure and interfacial design by using artificial synthetic and abundant one-dimensional micro/nanoscale fibers as building blocks. In this way, they hope to produce high-performance artificial structural materials superior to existing materials.


Flat-pack homes and profit-sharing retrofits are making sustainable housing affordable "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Wealth-generating, flat-pack solar houses and a profit-sharing scheme that incentivises retrofitting are bringing sustainable living to people who would otherwise not be able to afford it.

One of the biggest problems that we see right now is (the creation of) a big gap between the lower and the middle classes. Everyone is talking about this growing inequality gap, said Bart Glowacki, co-founder of SOLACE, a start-up based in Warsaw, Poland, set up with the aim of making sustainable housing widely affordable.

Tighter mortgage controls, job insecurity and high student debts in Europe has meant that it is increasingly difficult for young people to buy their own homes.


Oil-Immersed Raspberry Pi Keeps Its Cool Under Heavy Loads "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As a general rule, liquids and electronics dont mix. One liquid bucks that trend, though, and can contribute greatly to the longevity of certain circuits: oil. Dielectric oil cools and insulates everything from the big mains transformers on the pole to switchgear in the substation. But what about oil for smaller circuits?

[Lord_of_Bone] was curious to see if an oil-cooled Raspberry Pi is possible, and the short answer is: for the most part, yes. The experimental setup seen in the video below is somewhat crude just a Pi running Quake 3 for an hour to really run up the CPU temperature, which is monitored remotely. With or without heatsinks mounted, in free air the Pi ranges from about 50C at idle to almost 70C under load, which is pretty darn hot. Dunking the Pi in a bath of plain vegetable oil, which he admits was a poor choice, changes those numbers dramatically: 37C at idle and an only warmish 48C after an hour of gaming. He also tested the Pi post-cleaning, which is where he hit a minor hiccup. The clean machine started fine but suffered from a series of reboots shortly thereafter. Twelve hours later the Pi was fine, though, so he figures a few stray drops of water that hadnt yet evaporated were to blame.

Is oil immersion a practical way to cool a Pi? Probably not. It doesnt mean people havent tried it before, of course, but we applaud the effort and the careful experimentation.

[via r/raspberry_pi]


Security updates for Monday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security updates have been issued by Debian (blender, openjdk-8, postgresql-9.6, and sam2p), Fedora (libmspack, mingw-glib2, mingw-glibmm24, and rsyslog), Mageia (blender, glpi, godot, kernel, lftp, libjpeg, libsndfile, libsoup, mariadb, mp3gain, openvpn, and soundtouch), openSUSE (cgit, libvirt, mailman, NetworkManager-vpnc, and sddm), Slackware (bind), and SUSE (ffmpeg, glibc, and libvirt).


CVE-2018-11770: Apache Spark standalone master, Mesos REST APIs not controlled by authentication "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Sean Owen on Aug 13

Severity: Medium

Vendor: The Apache Software Foundation

Versions Affected:
Spark versions from 1.3.0, running standalone master with REST API enabled,
or running Mesos master with cluster mode enabled


job submission, in addition to the submission mechanism used by
spark-submit. In standalone, the config property
'spark.authenticate.secret' establishes a shared secret for authenticating
requests to submit jobs via...


Even Anonymous Coders Leave Fingerprints "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Wired is reporting on a presentation given at Def Con 26 by Rachel Greenstadt, an associate professor of computer science at Drexel University, and Aylin Caliskan, Greenstadt's former PhD student and now an assistant professor at George Washington University, entitled Even Anonymous Coders Leave Fingerprints. Stylistic expression is uniquely identifiable and not anonymous, that includes code especially. There are privacy implications for many developers because as few as 50 metrics are needed to distinguish one coder from another.

The researchers don't rely on low-level features, like how code was formatted. Instead, they create "abstract syntax trees," which reflect code's underlying structure, rather than its arbitrary components. Their technique is akin to prioritizing someone's sentence structure, instead of whether they indent each line in a paragraph.

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Flaws in Pre-Installed Apps Expose Millions of Android Devices to Hackers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Bought a new Android phone? What if I say your brand new smartphone can be hacked remotely? Nearly all Android phones come with useless applications pre-installed by manufacturers or carriers, usually called bloatware, and there's nothing you can do if any of them has a backdoor built-ineven if you're careful about avoiding sketchy apps. That's exactly what security researchers from mobile


Linux Kernel 4.18 Keeps Things Solid and Secure "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Linus Torvalds published the 4.18 kernel on Sunday, one week later than expected. This has a been a rocky release... and its all Android's fault (more or less).


Project Orion: Detonating Nuclear Bombs For Thrust "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Rockets with nuclear bombs for propulsion sounds like a Wile E. Coyote cartoon, but it has been seriously considered as an option for the space program. Chemical rockets combust a fuel with an oxidizer within themselves and exhaust the result out the back, causing the rocket to move in the opposite direction. What if instead, you used the higher energy density of nuclear fission by detonating nuclear bombs?

Detonating the bombs within a combustion chamber would destroy the vehicle so instead youd do so from outside and behind. Each bomb would include a little propellant which would be thrown as plasma against the back of the vehicle, giving it a brief, but powerful push.

Thats just what a group of top physicists and engineers at General Atomic worked on between 1958 and 1965 under the name, Project Orion. They came close to doing nuclear testing a few times and did have success with smaller tests, exploding a series of chemical bombs which pushed a 270-pound craft up 185 feet as youll see below.

How Orion Works



arm64 gains RETGUARD "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In a series of commits, Todd Mortimer (mortimer@) has added RETGUARD for the arm64 platform.

We previously reported the addition of RETGUARD for amd64.

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Study: 3 of every 10 House candidate websites vulnerable to hacks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

About 30 percent of House candidates running for office this year have significant cybersecurity issues with their campaign websites, according to a new study. Four independent researchers at a security conference over the weekend unveiled...


Researchers discover volcanic heat source under major Antarctic glacier "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A researcher from the University of Rhode Islands Graduate School of Oceanography and five other scientists have discovered an active volcanic heat source beneath the Pine Island Glacier in Antarctica.

The discovery and other findings, which are critical to understanding the stability of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, of which the Pine Island Glacier is a part, are published in the paper, Evidence of an active source beneath the Pine Island Glacier, in the latest edition of Nature Communications.

Assistant Professor Brice Loose of Newport, a chemical oceanographer at GSO and the lead author, said the paper is based on research conducted during a major expedition in 2014 to Antarctica led by scientists from the United Kingdom. They worked aboard an icebreaker, the RRS James Clark Ross, from January to March, Antarcticas summer.


Small group of students beat Googles machine learning code "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

AI coders from created an algorithm that outdid codes from Googles researchers

A small team of student AI (artificial intelligence) coders outperformed codes from Googles researchers, reveal an important benchmark.

Students from, a non-profit group that creates learning resources and is dedicated to making deep learning accessible to all, have created an AI algorithm that beats code from Googles researchers.

Researchers from Stanford measured the algorithm using a benchmark called DAWNBench that uses a common image classification task to track the speed of a deep-learning algorithm per dollar of compute power. According to the benchmark, the researchers found that the algorithm built by Fast.ais team had beaten Googles code. consists of part-time students who are eager to try out machine learning and convert it into a career in data science. It rents access to computers in Amazons cloud. In fact, it is important that a small organization like succeed, as it is always thought that only those who have huge resources can do advanced AI research.

The previous rankings were topped by Googles researchers in a category for training on several machines, using a custom-built collection by its own chips designed specifically for machine learning. The team was able to deliver something even faster, on more or less equivalent hardware.

State-of-the-art results are not the exclusive domain of big companies, says Jeremy Howard, one of Fast.ais founders and a prominent AI entrepreneur. Howard and his co-founder, Rachel Thomas, created to make AI more accessible and less exclusive.

Howards team have competed with the likes of Google by doing a lot of simple things, such as ensuring that the images fed to its training algorithm were cropped correctly. More information can be found in a detailed blog post. These are the obvious, dumb things that many researchers wouldnt even think to do, Howard says.

Recently, a collaborator at the Pentagons new Defense Innovation Unit developed the code needed to run the learning algorithm on several machines, to help the military work wi...


13aug2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


Indonesian Island Lifted 10 Inches "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Using satellite images of Lombok from the days following the Aug. 5 quake, scientists from NASA and the California Institute of Technologys joint rapid imaging project made a ground deformation map and measured changes in the islands surface.

In the northwest of the island near the epicenter, the rupturing faultline lifted the earth by a quarter of a meter. In other places it dropped by 515 centimeters (26 inches).

NASA said satellite observations can help authorities respond to earthquakes and other natural or manmade disasters.


6 Ways The Centuries-Old Art of Origami is Bringing us The Future "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Scientists are using the Japanese art of origami to inspire various technological innovations, including a bulletproof shield and a deep-sea grabber.


Sunlight Might Be the Key to Turning Our Oceans Into Drinkable Water "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Department of Energy is betting big on a new technology to turn saltwater into freshwater.


AMD Threadripper 2990WX Linux Benchmarks: The 32-Core / 64-Thread Beast "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Whether you are compiling a lot of code, rendering models with Blender, or running various scientific workloads with OpenMP or MPI, the AMD Threadripper 2990WX is capable of delivering immersive Linux performance with its 32-cores and 64 total threads. While coming in at $1800 USD, the AMD Threadripper 2990WX can deliver better performance than the more expensive Intel Core i9 7980XE. Beyond being mesmerized about the performance today with this high-end desktop/workstation processor with the many thread-happy Linux workloads we encounter daily, this 32-core Zen+ processor has us even more eager to see AMD's next-generation Zen2-based EPYC CPUs next year.


AMD Threadripper 2990WX Cooling Performance - Testing Five Heatsinks & Two Water Coolers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The 32-core / 64-thread AMD Threadripper 2990WX carries a 250 Watt TDP rating, thus the cooling performance is quite important especially if you don't want to hit any thermal throttling with this $1799 USD processor. Fortunately, the 2990WX doesn't require water cooling but actually can work quite well with high-end air heatsinks too. For adding some perspective on the cooling requirements of the Threadripper 2990WX, here are benchmarks of five heatsinks and two all-in-one water cooling systems.


AMD Threadripper 2950X Offers Great Linux Performance At $900 USD "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The embargo has expired now for talking about Threadripper 2 performance figures... First up are our initial Threadripper 2950X Linux benchmarks. In this article are the most interesting metrics for this 16-core / 32-thread processor while in the just-published AMD Threadripper 2990WX Linux Benchmarks are a lot more figures complemented by the 2950X and other CPUs plus power consumption numbers, etc. This article is most useful if specifically focused on the performance of the Threadripper 2950X that comes in at $899 USD.


SIGGRAPH 2018: OpenCL-Next Taking Shape, Vulkan Continues Evolving "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It's a busy week folks as besides the AMD Threadripper 2 performance embargo expiring, it is also SIGGRAPH 2018 week in Vancouver and as well the start of the Linux 4.19 kernel cycle... No longer under wraps are the Khronos announcements from this annual graphics conference. Continue reading to learn about the latest happenings for the various Khronos industry-standard APIs and efforts like Vulkan and OpenCL-Next.


The Strange David and Goliath Saga of Radio Frequencies "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The email blast from the head of my son and daughter's theater group relayed a frantic plea: "We need to raise $16,000 before the upcoming spring performances," Anya Wallach, the executive director of Random Farms Kids' Theater, in Westchester, New York, wrote in late May. If the money didn't materialize in time, she warned, there could be a serious problem with the shows: nobody would hear the actors.

Random Farms, and tens of thousands of other theater companies, schools, churches, broadcasters, and myriad other interests across the country, need to buy new wireless microphones. The majority of professional wireless audio gear in America is about to become obsolete, and illegal to operate. The story of how we got to this strange point involves politics, business, science, and, of course, money.


Original Submission

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The LEAF Advisory Board Expands "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As our organization grows and we are doing more and more things, there is an ever greater need for specialist knowledge and guidance to help inform our decisions as a company. We rely on the advice and expertize of both our scientific and business advisors and we have added to them this week with two new experts joining us.

We are delighted to announce that Steven A. Garan has joined our scientific advisory board. Steven is the Director of Bioinformatics at the Center for Research & Education on Aging (CREA) and serves on its advisory board, and he is a researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. While at the University of California, Berkeley, he played a major role in the invention and the development of the Automated Imaging Microscope System (AIMS), and he collaborated for many years with a group from Paola S. Timiras lab, researching the role that caloric restriction plays in maintaining estrogen receptor-alpha and IGH-1 receptor immunoreactivity in various nuclei of the mouse hypothalamus.

Steven was also the director of the Aging Research Center and is a leading scientist in the field of aging research. His numerous publications include articles on systems biology, the effects of caloric restriction on the mouse hypothalamus, and the AIMS. He is best known for coining the word Phenomics, which was defined in Phenomics: a new direction for the study of neuroendocrine aging, an abstract published in the journal Experimental Gerontology.


Criminals can compromise company networks by sending malicious faxes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Check Point has revealed details about the two critical remote code execution vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-5924, CVE-2018-5925) it discovered in the communication protocols used in tens of millions of fax devices globally. A fax number is all an attacker needs to exploit the flaws, and potentially seize control of a company or home network. The Check Point research demonstrated the vulnerabilities in the popular HP Officejet Pro All-in-One fax printers. The same protocols are also used by More

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Securitys bane: The false positive "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Nothing makes security look worse than the false negative when we miss an attack and damage is suffered. As security professionals, its something we all obsess a lot about. However, the number two thing that makes us look bad is the false positive. We experience this all the time in the physical world. A few months ago, I went to buy a new stove. My credit card was declined because of the large purchase More

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Report: Google tracks users even with location history turned off "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Google continues to store users' location data even on phones that have privacy settings set to prevent that kind of tracking, according to an Associated Press report released Monday. The AP, along with Princeton University...


Instagram Web | Instagram Download for PC | How to run it? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Instagram one of the worlds most leading social networking App is now available for pc (Instagram web). If you are on social media then the chances are high about your visit to this app at least once in your life. This app is loved by millions with over 700 million active users around the world. People use this app because of its simplicity and ease of use. Many leading business corporations or even startups use this platform to showcase their services and products.

It has also been called as the second home for new models as they post their beautiful pictures here and get viral. There are tons of example out there such as Doctor Mike who got viral on Instagram and claimed the title of Hottest Doctor on the planet. It is considered as the most used social networking app just after Facebook and WhatsApp. In 2012 it was sold to Facebook for $1Billion and it has been installed 1 billion times on Google Play store alone as well.

By this, you can easily judge its popularity. Now all of you must be using this amazing app on your smartphones which can be difficult sometimes in the office. So in this article, we are providing you with the best ways to use Instagram just right on your PC screens or laptops.

How to use Instagram on pc?

There are basically two ways to use Instagram on a pc or laptop. The first and most basic way to use Instagram is by using its official website or downloading an Instagram app for windows. If you are not interested in these ways then you have an option of using third party software or android emulator called Bluestacks.

Using the Instagram website (Instagram web).

Instagram Web | Instagram Download for PC |How to run it?


First: Type https://www.instagr...


Faster, simpler, smaller, smarter: A cybersecurity dream becomes reality "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

More ports, same space, faster speeds, simpler deployment, foolproof configuration, fully scalable and a smarter way to protect your network. Sounds like an IT professionals dream. In the world of high technology, the holy grail of new products can be summed up with four words: Faster, Simpler, Smaller, Smarter. Think about Moores Law which states, The number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years. This has become a mantra and More

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Security breach in the White Houses Situation Room "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security breach in the White House's Situation Room

A former reality TV star was able to sneak in her smartphone and record secret conversations in the Situation Room, supposedly the most secure place in the White House.


Disciplined Traders Profit With Forex Trading Plans "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Let your winners run is profit maximizing advice for a forex trader, but instead, traders tend to exit trades too early due to a human fallacy called loss aversion. Traders fall into this mental trap because, psychologically, a loss is twice as powerful as a gain. When a loss does occur in forex tradingsay a price breakout quickly reversesowing to another mental trap called recency bias, you are likely to avoid the trade setup that caused recent losses. Over a dozen such biases can affect trading performance. Alas, if we could only take the human out of trade decisions.

Automated trading is gaining in popularity because it takes the human out of trading decisions. Traders have another optiona forex trading plan. Most trading mistakes are caused by a lack of discipline. A trading plan will instil discipline in your trading by establishing rules for trading.

What Is a Forex Trading Plan?

A forex trading plan is your strategy for when and how to enter and exit trades. Imagine you are a basketball player with no strategy for setting up a winning shot. As you dribble the ball, the other players block you, so you instinctively choose to reverse direction. If you had analyzed the players positions and likelihood of moving in A or B direction, you could have found the likeliest breakaway to sink the ball.

Forex trading is very much like basketball. You need a strategy based on historical trading performance to increase your odds of a trade running up a profit for you. Recording your trading performance in a trading journal, which could include an Excel spreadsheet, will supply you with the performance data. Also consider recording your emotions associated with trading mistakes and successes in your journal. Review five things you must have in your trading journal. When used together, a trading plan and journal can keep you in control of the market.

Steps to Creating a Forex Trading Plan

  1. Start by establishing your trading strategies, whether you are engaged in fundamental forex trading such as a news event (e.g., a central bank interest rate rise) or a technical trading pattern (e.g., a Fibonacci Pricing pattern).
  2. Gather your trading performance data. Ideally, this information has been collected in yours excel spreadsheets and/or journal. This data should inform your rules of trade.

You are now ready to develop your trading rules.

  1. Establish your trading frequency. Are you a day trader entering multiple trades a day? Do you make one trade a day? Determine your average trading frequency per day, per week, or per month....


Wine Had A Successful GSoC 2018, Better Direct3D Game Benchmarks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Wine project once again participated in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) for furthering their open-source agenda of better support for Windows programs on Linux and other operating systems...


Ethics Training for Coders "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Computer Programmers get new Tech Ethics Code

The guidelines come from the Association for Computing Machinery

Technological professionals are the first, and last, lines of defense against the misuse of technology. Nobody else understands the systems as well, and nobody else is in a position to protect specific data elements or ensure the connections between one component and another are appropriate, safe and reliable. As the role of computing continues its decades-long expansion in society, computer scientists are central to what happens next.

Personally, I am quite concerned that our Congress has not attached Responsibility with Rights when it comes to software. If someone is going to claim ownership and rights to a piece of code then protect it with electronic lock or obscurity, why aren't they also held 100% responsible if that code causes mayhem?

We just had a story here about the concerns we have about a hemoglobin based meat substitute ... and what we go through to make damn sure the substance is harmless to life before we introduce it into the food chain... and even *that* has to be completely described and its molecular structure demonstrated.

Can you imagine the uproar if Chemists started releasing anything tasty, that people would eat, and call it "food"? And would our Congress grant them the right to withhold information as to what it was? Then hold them harmless for whatever it did to people?

Original Submission

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Modern PC Crammed Into an Original Xbox "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

When the original Microsoft Xbox was released in 2001, one of the most notable features of its design was that it used a number of off-the-shelf computer components. Inside contemporary offerings from Nintendo and Sony youll see almost nothing but proprietary components, whereas cracking open the Xbox reveals an IDE hard drive, a customized PC DVD-ROM drive, and an Intel Pentium III CPU. Depending on which team you were on, the Xboxs close relation to PC hardware of the day was either a point of honor or ridicule in the early 2000s console wars; but regardless of politics, it ended up being instrumental in all of the hacks and mods the console got over its lifetime.

In that light, [P8ntBal1551] managing to jam a modern computer into the shell of an Xbox is like having the last laugh in this nearly two-decade-old debate. Wanting to build an HTPC that wouldnt look out of place in his entertainment center, he figured the Xbox would make a suitable home for his Intel 4460 powered build. Not to say it was easy: getting all of the hardware and associated wiring inside the case took a bit of cheating, but the end result looks good enough that well give him a pass.

The key to this project is the 3D printed structure inside the Xboxs case that holds everything toget...


Compiler Fuzzing, Part 1 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Much has been written about fuzzing compilers already, but there is not a lot that I could find about fuzzing compilers using more modern fuzzing techniques where coverage information is fed back into the fuzzer to find more bugs.

If you know me at all, you know I'll throw anything I can get my hands on at AFL. So I tried gcc. (And clang, and rustc -- but more about Rust in a later post.)


Hackers can manipulate Police body cam footages "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

Kiss goodbye to crucial evidence. Body cameras used by the law enforcement nowadays have already remained controversial but no one has, so far, attempted to assess the credibility of the device itself. But, at Defcon 2018, police body cameras became an object of discussion when a researcher Josh Mitchell identified these cameras to be vulnerable []

This is a post from Read the original post: Hackers can manipulate Police body cam footages


British UFO Researcher, Who Died After Vomiting Black Liquid, Had His Laptop Wiped by Authorities "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Natural causes. Via: Daily Mail: A conspiracy theorists laptop and mobile will be analysed at an inquest into his death after the UFO expert vomited two litres of black fluid and died aged 39. Max Spierss laptop was wiped when authorities returned it after his death more than two years ago during a trip to []


GLB: GitHub's Open Source Load Balancer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

At GitHub, we serve tens of thousands of requests every second out of our network edge, operating on GitHubs metal cloud. Weve previously introduced GLB, our scalable load balancing solution for bare metal datacenters, which powers the majority of GitHubs public web and git traffic, as well as fronting some of our most critical internal systems such as highly available MySQL clusters.


IBM S/390 Linux 4.19 Kernel Code Sees More Spectre Updates, Boot Code Rework "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The IBM System/390 "s390" architecture code has seen a number of improvements for Linux 4.19...


A Year in Paris is as Bad for Your Health as Smoking 183 Cigarettes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A year in Paris is as bad for your health as smoking 183 cigarettes

A study by the European Transport & Environment association published on Friday confirmed that spending a few days in various popular European capitals is equivalent to smoking between one and four cigarettes.

[...] The Transport & Environment study compared the contamination from fine particles of the ten largest European tourist cities by converting it into the number of cigarettes smoked. The NGO used a method of calculation created by Berkeley Earth, an international climate association.

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Threadripper 2900 Series Temperature Monitoring Sent In For Linux 4.19 Then Backported "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As expected, the CPU temperature monitoring support within the "k10temp" hwmon driver has seen the patches sent in today to be updated for the AMD Threadripper 2900 series CPU support. These patches are going into the Linux 4.19 kernel merge window but slated to be back-ported to the currently supported stable kernel series...


IEEE Survey Ranks Programming Languages "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It's been said that programming languages are akin to religion. Engineers and developers will go out of their way to defend the use of their favorite language. (Perhaps it's more the pain of learning a new language that keeps us using the old). Surely you've seen many surveys on programming language preferences. As with all surveys, the results depend on who was asked. 


Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent 08/13/18 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This week we have two newcomers in our chart.

Deadpool 2, released in a high quality format last week, is the most downloaded movie.

The data for our weekly download chart is estimated by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. All the movies in the list are Web-DL/Webrip/HDRip/BDrip/DVDrip unless stated otherwise.

RSS feed for the articles of the recent weekly movie download charts.

This weeks most downloaded movies are:
Movie Rank Rank last week Movie name IMDb Rating / Trailer
Most downloaded movies via torrents
1 (7) Deadpool 2 8.0 / trailer
2 (1) Avengers: Infinity War 8.7 / trailer
3 () Skyscraper (subbed HDRip) 6.1 / trailer
4 (2) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (subbed HDRip) ...


Radeon Pro WX 8200 Launches As "Best Workstation Graphics Performance Under $1,000" "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It's SIGGRAPH week and AMD has used this annual graphics conference to announce the Radeon Pro WX 8200, which they are saying is able to offer the best workstation graphics card performance in the sub-$1,000 USD category...


Linux look Command Tutorial for Beginners (with Examples) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Linux look Command Tutorial for Beginners (with Examples)


KickassTorrents Karaoke Pirate Handed Suspended Jail Sentence "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Following a complaint filed by the BPI, City of London Polices Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) launched an investigation into UK-based individuals who uploaded unlicensed karaoke tracks to the Internet.

In February 2015, the BPI carried out test downloads of eight pirate karaoke albums to which Sunfly Karaoke and Digitop held the rights. In December that year, police carried out raids in several locations, one of which targeted then 60-year-old Steve Mather.

The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) has dismantled a gang suspected of uploading and distributing tens of thousands of karaoke tracks online, including artists such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue and Kanye West, PIPCU said in a statement.

Mather was part of Karaoke RG (KRG), a release group specializing in karaoke tracks. On KickassTorrents alone, their account had around 2,150 uploads.

KRG claimed they were servicing a gap in the market by hand-creating their own karaoke titles that werent commercially available. However, karaoke companies Digitop and Sunfly Karaoke saw things differently, claiming that the release groups actions caused them losses of 485,000 and 29,593 respectively.

Its taken more than two-and-a-half years but PIPCU now reports that after pleading guilty, 63-year-old Mather of Rochdale, Lancashire, has been handed an eight-month suspended sentence for illegally creating and distributing karaoke tracks without permission

By making these tracks available to the public, this not only impacts upon the businesses involved, but also upon those who work for them by putting jobs at risk and negatively impacting upon the progress of the company, said Acting Detective Chief Inspector, Nick Court of PIPCU.

Mather has caused these companies to suffer significant financial losses. We take these crimes and the integrity of the UK creative industry very seriously. We put every effort into protecting their work.

Kiaron Whitehead, BPI General Counsel said that as the leader of KaraokeRG, Mather caused serious harm to legitimate karaoke companies.

KaraokeRGs ringleader Steven Mather liked to use the nickname KaraokeKid. But, as he has learnt, the internet is not the Wild West, Whitehead said.

The BPI is pleased to have supported the City of London Police in thei...


Gamers Rejoice: Heres a Fix for ASUS Strix Vega 64 Thermal Issues "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Every year, we demand our computers to be ever faster, capable of delivering progressively more eye-watering graphics and doing it all as reliably as ever. Unfortunately, sometimes, new designs miss the mark. [Cloakedbug] was having issues with voltage regulator temperatures on an ASUS Strix VEGA 64 one of the latest RADEON graphics cards on the market  and decided to investigate.

Right away, issues were apparent; one of the main thermal pads was making poor contact with the FETs it was intended to carry heat for, and was poorly sized to boot. In a show of poor quality, the pad wasnt nicely sized for the aluminium plate it was attached to, and was applied in a rather haphazard manner. Suspecting this was perhaps one of the root causes of the card running hot, the decision was made to replace the pad with something more suitable.

Specifying a thicker pad that was properly sized to the heatsink plate was the order of the day, and a couple of other smaller heatsink pads were also replaced, all with Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8. [Cloakedbug] reports a temperature drop of over 30 degrees C under load on the VR SOC bank, down from 115 C initially. It sounds like this will go a long way to keeping the card happy and healthy over time. Looking around the web, theres definitely a few reports of thermal issues out there, so this could be a useful fix if youre having trouble with the same card at home.

In the end, its a simple, tidy fix to an expensive piece of hardware that really should have shipped with this sorted from the factory. Weve seen a fair few thermal fixes over the years here, like this one involving a thermal camera as a diagnosis tool.

[Thanks to Keith O for the tip!]


Federal Appeals Court Orders EPA to Ban the Pesticide Chlorpyrifos "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The New York Times reports:

A federal appeals court ordered the Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday to bar within 60 days a widely used pesticide associated with developmental disabilities and other health problems in children, dealing the industry a major blow after it had successfully lobbied the Trump administration to reject a ban.

The order by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit came after a decade-long effort by environmental and public health groups to get the pesticide, chlorpyrifos, removed from the market. The product is used in more than 50 fruit, nut, cereal and vegetable crops including apples, almonds, oranges and broccoli, with more than 640,000 acres treated in California alone in 2016, the most recent year data is available.

Original Submission

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Oracle warns of CVE-2018-3110 Critical Vulnerability in Oracle Database product, patch it now! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Last week Oracle disclosed a critical vulnerability in its Oracle Database product, the issue tracked as CVE-2018-3110 has received a CVSS score of 9.9,

On Friday, Oracle released security patches to address a critical vulnerability affecting its Database product, the company is urging install them as soon as possible.

The vulnerability resides in the Java VM component of Oracle Database Server, a remote authenticated attacker can exploit it take complete control of the product and establish a shell access to the underlying server.

The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2018-3110, affects Oracle Database,, on Windows and running on Unix or Linux.

Vulnerability in the Java VM component of Oracle Database Server. Supported versions that are affected are,, and 18. reads the security advisory published by Oracle Easily exploitable vulnerability allows low privileged attacker having Create Session privilege with network access via Oracle Net to compromise Java VM. While the vulnerability is in Java VM, attacks may significantly impact additional products. Successful attacks of this vulnerability can result in takeover of Java VM. 

Oracle CVE-2018-3110

The Version on both Windows and Unix/Linux systems was already addressed with the Oracle July 2018 CPU.

Due to the nature of this vulnerability, Oracle recommends that customers apply these patches as soon as possible. reads the blog post published by Oracle.

This means that:

  • Customers running Oracle Database versions and on Windows should apply the patches provided by the Security Alert.


PTAB is Loathed by Patent Maximalists Because It Can Potentially Invalidate Thousands of Software Patents (More Than Courts Can Handle) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its nowadays needed more than ever because of examination sloppiness

Intuitive visions

Summary: The US patent system has become more resistant to software patents; courts, however, are still needed to invalidate such patents (a potentially expensive process) because the USPTO continues to grant these provided some fashionable buzzwords/hype waves are utilised (e.g. facial recognition, blockchain, autonomous vehicles)

THE U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), increasingly dealing 35 U.S.C. 101 (Section 101) barriers (based on SCOTUS rulings), no longer grants software patents quite so easily; the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) with its inter partes reviews (IPRs) sometimes prevents examiners from granting such patents, so software patents are prevented from even existing in the first place. The Federal Circuit (CAFC) typically approves all this. So where can the patent maximalists turn? Who can they blame? Who will they attack?

Blockchain patents are another type of bunk patents on algorithms, i.e. patents that should not be granted as per Section 101/Alice. Existing ones should be invalidated en masse, e.g. one by one at PTAB.Jeremy Doerre is the latest to moan about Section 101. He does this in Watchtroll. These people just want software patents because they want more patent litigation, not because of any other reason. Remember that Watchtroll routinely attacks PTAB, CAFC and even SCOTUS. This is what we have come to expect because nothing else has worked. Attacking courts and judges wont help either; thats just likely to alienate.

Another site of patent maximalists has just promoted a patent maximalists event about PTAB (among other things). Webinar is what they...


How the Universe Works: Quasars "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The brightest objects in space are powered by the darkest. #foodforthought


Mysterious Pyramids Are Spotted on the Atlantic Ocean Floor "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Let me explain something.  I have been expecting evidence of pyramids in this exact location for years.  This the first real occurrence to be properly reported or at least brought to my attention.

These were all port cities of the European Bronze Age and were sunk in 1159 BC by the same events that ended the whole Atlantean sea trade based civilization.  I have been posting now for years that the annual copper fleet from all of he Americas but principally from Poverty point and Lake Superior would gather here before making their run to the Irish Sea and Lewis in particular.  This area could hardly be more important.  It also collected brass from the mines in nearby Georgia.

Pyramids are built world wide and they are mostly associated with the Bronze Age from 2500 BC through 1159 BC.  This also had a long more local prehistory.

Earlier pyramids appear also but they are associated with a civilization that predated the 12900 BC destruction of the Great Ice Age through a comet strike causing the Pleistocene nonconformity.


Mysterious Pyramids Are Spotted on the Atlantic Ocean Floor

Is China's Day Of Reckoning Coming? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


Of course it is coming.  China needs access to the USA market unless they want to see their whole economy contract nastily. The trouble for them now is that they have to negotiate the present situation with Donald Trump.  

Trump will be presenting a long list of bad acts by the Chinese along with their costs to the American economy.  It will be heavily marked up.  It may add up to a couple of trillion dollars.  The Chinese will be invited to make good.  You too get to negotiate with your landlord after your drunken party. 

 All this will be aimed at a complete reformation of the Chinese economy and a reformation of the political economy as well to avoid a revolt.  I know it can be done, but i do not know if the imagination exists to do it.  Their adherence to political and economic folly supported by what has been supported by an internal printing press on currency and credit does not bode well..

Is China's Day Of Reckoning Coming?...


The Coconut Crab "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Coconut Crab

A reminder that some things in nature are not your friend.
All this explains the antiquity of both the coconut and the crab as well as coral atolls as well..
The Coconut Crab Kills Birds And Breaks Bones And May Have Eaten Amelia Earhart

By Mark Oliver

Published July 16, 2018

The coconut crab isnt just scary-looking these things really can tear you apart. Its claws are powerful enough to rip open a coconut, it can climb trees, and it may just be the animal that devoured Amelia Earhart.

Epic Wildlife/YouTubeA gigantic coconut crab climbs a trash can.

Monstrous. That was the only word Charles Darwin could find to describe the coconut crab when he first saw one for hims...


Universal Healthcare Could Save Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Annually "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The USA has been suffering under a blizzard on disinformation for decades whose sole purpose is to provide cover for insurance fraud.  An insurance company is necessary to provide life insurance or a pension benefit for a group of people representing a subset of the population.  All good as many people simply cannot actually qualify and it is certainly not universal.

Good health happens to be incredibly important to the individual and the Nation itself.  It is an universal need as is base sustenance.  The dead may well vote, but they certainly do not pay taxes.  My point is that the need is universal and quite independent of means.

Thus it is completely practical to establish it as a universal system as has been done everywhere else for a fraction of the cost the USA has been paying. Is any system perfect?  Of course not but it also makes progress as well.  What we have today in Canada is way better than what we had fifty years ago.

And private wealth will always be able to queue jump by simply paying cash now. Remember that when you hear the usual bleating.

Universal Healthcare Could Save Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Annually

Published by Stephen Lendman at August 1, 2018

by Stephen Lendman ( Home Stephen Lendman)

According to Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), universal healthcare in America would save about $500 billion annually by eliminating insurer middlemen and the bureaucratic nightmare it creates for physicians and hospitals.

Individuals wanting coverage this way could still get it.

Under a single-payer system, a public or quasi-public agency would administer healthcare coverage and financing, while delivering it would remain private, patients free to choose their providers.

Because of insurer middlemen, along with lack of regulatory restraint on drug companies and large hospital chains, healthcare in America cost twice as much as in...


First Particle Accelerator Beam Measurement In Six Dimensions "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

The first full characterization measurement of an accelerator beam in six dimensions will advance the understanding and performance of current and planned accelerators around the world.

A team of researchers led by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville conducted the measurement in a beam test facility at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory using a replica of the Spallation Neutron Source's linear accelerator, or linac. The details are published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

"Our goal is to better understand the physics of the beam so that we can improve how accelerators operate," said Sarah Cousineau, group leader in ORNL's Research Accelerator Division and UT joint faculty professor. "Part of that is related to being able to fully characterize or measure a beam in 6D space -- and that's something that, until now, has never been done."

Six-dimensional space is like 3D space but includes three additional coordinates on the x, y, and z axes to track motion or velocity.

"Right away we saw the beam has this complex structure in 6D space that you can't see below 5D -- layers and layers of complexities that can't be detangled," Cousineau said. "The measurement also revealed the beam structure is directly related to the beam's intensity, which gets more complex as the intensity increases."

Previous attempts to fully characterize an accelerator beam fell victim to "the curse of dimensionality," in which measurements in low dimensions become exponentially more difficult in higher dimensions. Scientists have tried to circumvent the issue by adding three 2D measurements together to create a quasi-6D representation. The UT-ORNL team notes that approach is incomplete as a measurement of the beam's initial conditions entering the accelerator, which determine beam behavior farther down the linac.


Original Submission

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Apple zero-day exposes macOS to Synthetic Mouse-Click attacks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Patrick Wardle, the popular white hat hacker, has discovered a zero-day vulnerability that could allow attackers to carry out synthetic mouse-click attacks

Patrick Wardle, the popular white hat hacker and chief research officer at Digita Security, has discovered a zero-day vulnerability that could allow attackers to mimic mouse-clicks for kernel access.

Wardle presented his discovery during the Def Con 2018 conference in Las Vegas, he explained that by using two lines of code he found an Apple zero-day in the High Sierra operating system that could allow a local attacker to virtually click a security prompt and thus load a kernel extension.

Once obtained the Kernel access on a Mac, the attack can fully compromise the system.

Apple has already in place security measures to prevent attackers from mimicking mouse-clicks for approving security prompts presented to the user when attempting to perform tasks that can potentially expose to risks the system.

Patrick Wardle has discovered a flaw that allows attackers to bypass such kind of security measures through Synthetic Mouse-Click attacks.

Wardle recently demonstrated that a local, privileged attacker could leverage vulnerabilities in third-party kernel extensions to bypass Apples kernel code-signing requirements.

Malware developers and hackers have started using synthetic mouse-click attacks to bypass this security mechanism and emulate human behavior in approving security warnings.

Apple mitigated the attack devised by Wardle by implementing a new security feature dubbed User Assisted Kernel Extension Loading, a measure that force users to manually approve the loading of any kernel extension by clicking the allow button in the security settings UI.

The latest macOS versions, including High Sierra introduced a filtering mech...


Gene Quinn and Dallas Innovates as Couriers of Agenda for Patent Trolls Like iPEL "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Dallas Litigates


Summary: Failing to hide their real purpose and malicious agenda, sites whose real purpose is to promote a lot of patent litigation produce puff pieces, even for patently unethical trolls such as iPEL

THE UNITED STATES patent office, the USPTO, is a subject we wrote perhaps 5,000 articles about, directly or indirectly. Back in the old days software patents were a regular thing there. Not anymore. It has been getting a lot harder to get these and even when/if one gets these it is hard to enforce these in court; this, in turn, reduces demand (applications) for such patents and reduces their value, e.g. in case theyre sold.

It is not hard to see whos upset by the above and why.

While we generally prefer not to entertain Watchtroll too much (not everything is poison; Gene Quinn sometimes gives advice as opposed to attacks on judges), yesterday we saw Watchtroll writing about US Inventor as though its separate from Watchtroll (its not really; there are overlaps) and actually worth the publicity (it's not worthy of any; in fact it pretty much vanished last year). A few days beforehand Gene Quinn was pushing purely promotional fluff for iPEL; this patent trolls propaganda site (Watchtroll) is now doing a puff piece for the patent troll iPEL, just like IAM does. Recall more of IAMs coverage (puff pieces) about this patent troll [1,...


Inside Googles Effort to Develop a Censored Search Engine in China "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: The Intercept: Google analyzed search terms entered into a Beijing-based website to help develop blacklists for a censored search engine it has been planning to launch in China, according to confidential documents seen by The Intercept. Engineers working on the censorship sampled search queries from, a Chinese-language web directory service owned by Google. []


Build Your Own Linux Single Board Computer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

We are fortunate enough to have a huge choice of single-board computers before us, not just those with a bare-metal microcontroller, but also those capable of running fully-fledged general purpose operating systems such as GNU/Linux. The Raspberry Pi is probably the best known of this latter crop of boards, and it has spawned a host of competitors with similarly fruity names. With an entire cornucopia to choose from, it takes a bit more than evoking a berry to catch our attention. The form factors are becoming established and the usual SoCs are pretty well covered already, show us something we havent seen before!

[Marcel Thrmer] may have managed that feat, with his Blueberry Pi. On the face of it this is just Yet Another SBC With A Fruity Pi Name, but what caught our attention is that unlike all the others, this is one you can build yourself if you want. Its entirely open-source, but it differs from other boards that release their files to the world in that it manages to keep construction within the realm of what is possible on the bench rather than the pick-and-place. Hes done this by choosing an Alwinner V3, an SoC originally produced for the action camera market that is available in a readily-solderable TQFP package. Its a choice that has allowed him to pull off another constructor-friendly feat: the board is only two layers, so it wont break the bank to have it made.

Its fair to say that the Allwinner V3 (PDF) isnt the most powerful of Linux-capable SoCs, but it has the advantage of built-in RAM to avoid more tricky soldering. With only 64Mb of memory, its never going to be a powerhouse, but it does pack onboard Ethernet, serial and parallel camera interfaces, and audio as well as the usual interfaces youd expect. There is no video support on the Blueberry Pi, but the chip has LVDS for an LCD panel, so its not impossible to imagine something could be put together. Meanwhile, all you need to know about the board can be found on its GitHub repository. There is no handy OS image to download, u-boot instructions are provided to build your own. We suspect if youre the kind of person who is building a Blueberry Pi though this may not present a problem to you.

We hope the Blueberry Pi receives more interest, develops a wider community, and becomes a board with a solid footing. We like its achievement of being both a powerful platform and one that is within reach of the home constructor, and we look forward to it being the subject of more attention.


In-the-Wild Router Exploit Sends Unwitting Users to Fake Banking Site "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

DLink vulnerability lets attackers remotely change DNS server settings.

Hackers have been exploiting a vulnerability in DLink modem routers to send people to a fake banking website that attempts to steal their login credentials, a security researcher said Friday.

The vulnerability works against DLink DSL-2740R, DSL-2640B, DSL-2780B, DSL-2730B, and DSL-526B models that havent been patched in the past two years. As described in disclosures here, here, here, here, and here, the flaw allows attackers to remotely change the DNS server that connected computers use to translate domain names into IP addresses.

According to an advisory published Friday morning by security firm Radware, hackers have been exploiting the vulnerability to send people trying to visit two Brazilian bank sitesBanco de Brasils and Unibancos malicious servers rather than the ones operated by the financial institutions. In the advisory, Radware researcher Pascal Geenens wrote:

The attack is insidious in the sense that a user is completely unaware of the change. The hijacking works without crafting or changing URLs in the users browser. A user can use any browser and his/her regular shortcuts, he or she can type in the URL manually or even use it from mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones or tablets. He or she will still be sent to the malicious website instead of to their requested website, so the hijacking effectively works at the gateway level.


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Airbus Solar-Powered Zephyr Smashes Flight Duration Record on Maiden Outing "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: New Atlas: Airbus Zephyr program has claimed another record, with a production model unmanned solar-powered aircraft touching down after more than 25 days in the air. That voyage is the longest unmanned flight ever made, and was achieved on this particular vehicles maiden voyage, no less. Originally built by British defence company Qinetiq and []


Hacker Finds Hidden God Mode on Old x86 CPUs; These Backdoors Probably Exist Elsewhere "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

One more for your herniating Compromised Down to the Silicon file folder. Via: Toms Hardware: Some x86 CPUs have hidden backdoors that let you seize root by sending a command to an undocumented RISC core that manages the main CPU, security researcher Christopher Domas told the Black Hat conference here Thursday (Aug. 9). The command []


Cost to Dismantle First Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier: Up to $1.5 Billion "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Popular Mechanics: Six years after decommissioning USS Enterprise, the worlds first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the U.S. Navy is still figuring out how to safely dismantle the ship. The General Accounting Office estimates the cost of taking apart the vessel and sending the reactors to a nuclear waste storage facility at up to $1.5 billion, []


Ford Workers Using Exoskeleton Vests at 15 Auto Plants in Seven Countries "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: CBS: Ford Motor Company will unveil its plan Tuesday to use wearable technology to lighten the load on some of its human workers. Exoskeleton vests are being introduced in 15 auto plants in seven countries, and the business of providing technology to augment the human workforce is expected to boom in the coming years. []


Resisting the Ideology of Screen-Based Learning "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Aeon: As a parent, it is obvious that children learn more when they engage their entire body in a meaningful experience than when they sit at a computer. If you doubt this, just observe children watching an activity on a screen and then doing the same activity for themselves. They are much more engaged []


DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 776 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: NomadBSD 1.1News: Debian tackles bugs, openSUSE extends life of 42.3 release, update on the Librem 5 phone, NAS4Free renamed to XigmaNASQuestions and answers: Maximum storage limits on LinuxReleased last weekTorrent corner: 4MLinux, Antergos, AUSTRUMI, Bluestar, Container, ExTiX, StarOpinion poll: Review of Linux....


Berry Growers Use Lasers To Stave Off Thieving Birds "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: NPR: During every berry-picking season in the Pacific Northwest, blueberry and raspberry growers fight to prevent birds from gobbling up the crop before harvest. This year, some farmers are trying something new to scare away the thieving birds: lasers. Justin Meduri manages a large blueberry farm and cherry orchard outside Jefferson, Ore. Birds like []


Inside the Very Big, Very Controversial Business of Dog Cloning "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Barbra Streisand is not alone. At a South Korean laboratory, a once-disgraced doctor is replicating hundreds of deceased pets for the rich and famous. Its made for more than a few questions of bioethics.


  • David Ewing Duncan


Vimeo removes Infowars content "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Vimeo has pulled Infowars content from its site for violating the platforms standards.A spokesperson for the video hosting service told Business Insider on Sunday that the Infowars videos "violated our Terms of Service prohibitions on...


Mitochondria-targeted hydrogen sulfide attenuates endothelial senescence "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Aging (Albany NY). 2018 Jul 19;10:16661681. doi: 10.18632/aging.101500.

Latorre E, Torregrossa R, Wood ME, Whiteman M, Harries LW.

1University of Exeter Medical School, University of Exeter, UK.2College of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Exeter, UK.


The Ins and Outs of Geiger Counters, for Personal Reasons "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

There are times in ones life when circumstances drive an intense interest in one specific topic, and we put our energy into devouring all the information we can on the subject. [The Current Source], aka [Derek], seems to be in such a situation these days, and his area of interest is radioactivity and its measurement. So with time to spare on his hands, he has worked up this video review of radioactivity and how Geiger counters work.

Why the interest in radioactivity? Bluntly put, because he is radioactive, at least for the next week. You see, [Derek] was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and one of the post-thyroidectomy therapeutic options to scavenge up any stray thyroid cells is drinking a cocktail of iodine-131, a radioisotope that accumulates in thyroid cells and kills them. Trouble is, this leaves the patient dangerously radioactive, necessitating isolation for a week or more. To pass the time away from family and friends, [Derek] did a teardown on a commercial Geiger counter, the classic Ludlum Model 2 with a pancake probe. The internals of the meter are surprisingly simple, and each stage of the circuit is easily identified. He follows that up with a DIY Geiger counter kit build, which is also very simple just a high-voltage section made from a 555 timer along with a microcontroller. He tests both instruments using himself as a source; we have to say its pretty alarming to hear how hot he still is. Check it out in the video below.

Given the circumstances, were amazed that [Derek] is not only keeping his cool but exhibiting a good sense of humor. We wish him well in his recovery, and if doing teardowns like this or projects like this freezer alarm or a no-IC bipolar power supply helps him cope, then we all win.


Turn a Kitchen Microwave Into a Plasma-Etching Device "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For those who want to play around with the other form of non-dark matter:

"Plasmas have never been easy to create or exploit. But now you can make them in your own kitchen. ...

Kausik Das of the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and several colleagues who have found a way to create plasmas in an ordinary kitchen microwave. Their technique opens the way for a new generation to experiment with this exotic form of matter and perhaps to develop new applications.

They also demonstrate several interesting applications for home-brewed plasmas.



Original Submission

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FBI Warns of Unlimited ATM Cashout Blitz "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is warning banks that cybercriminals are preparing to carry out a highly choreographed, global fraud scheme known as an ATM cash-out, in which crooks hack a bank or payment card processor and use cloned cards at cash machines around the world to fraudulently withdraw millions of dollars in just a few hours.

The FBI has obtained unspecified reporting indicating cyber criminals are planning to conduct a global Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cash-out scheme in the coming days, likely associated with an unknown card issuer breach and commonly referred to as an unlimited operation, reads a confidential alert the FBI shared with banks privately on Friday.

The FBI said unlimited operations compromise a financial institution or payment card processor with malware to access bank customer card information and exploit network access, enabling large scale theft of funds from ATMs.

Historic compromises have included small-to-medium size financial institutions, likely due to less robust implementation of cyber security controls, budgets, or third-party vendor vulnerabilities, the alert continues. The FBI expects the ubiquity of this activity to continue or possibly increase in the near future.

Organized cybercrime gangs that coordinate unlimited attacks typically do so by hacking or phishing their way into a bank or payment card processor. Just prior to executing on ATM cashouts, the intruders will remove many fraud controls at the financial institution, such as maximum ATM withdrawal amounts and any limits on the number of customer ATM transactions daily.

The perpetrators also alter account balances and security measures to make an unlimited amount of money available at the time of the transactions, allowing for large amounts of cash to be quickly removed from the ATM.

The cyber criminals typically create fraudulent copies of legitimate cards by sending stolen card data to co-conspirators who imprint the data on reusable magnetic strip cards, such as gift cards purchased at retail stores, the FBI warned. At a pre-determined time, the co-conspirators withdraw account funds from ATMs using these cards.

Virtually all ATM cashout operations are launched on weekends, often just after financial institutions begin closing for business on Saturday. Last month, KrebsOnSecurity...


AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In his brilliant book, Kai-Fu Lee applies his superpowers to predicting the disruptive shifts that will define the AI-powered future and proposes a revolutionary social contract that forges a new synergy between AI and the human heart. Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO Salesforce.

AI is surpassing human intelligence in more and more domains, transforming the planet. Kai-Fu Lee has been at the epicentre of the AI revolution for thirty years and has now written the definitive guide. Erik Brynjolfsson, professor, MIT, bestselling co-author of The Second Machine Age and Machine, Platform, Crowd

Kai-Fu Lee is at the forefront of the coming AI revolution, helping us transcend the limitations of thought, reach, and vision. This seminal book on AI is a must read for anyone serious about understanding the future of our species. Peter Diamandis, Executive Founder, Singularity University; bestselling author of Abundance and BOLD.


HPR2616: Liverpool Makefest 2018 - interview with Josh - A.K.A - All About Code "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This is another short interview recorded at this year's Liverpool Makefest, this time with Josh who developed EduBlocks.


Peak Times for Perseid Meteor Shower "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

MLive reports:

The Perseid Meteor Shower peaks Sunday night into early Monday, and is expected to remain strong for the next few evenings, so don't miss your chance to spot some fireballs shooting across the night sky.

[...] "The Perseids are best seen between about 2 a.m. your local time and dawn," NASA said in a Perseid blog this week. "If those hours seem daunting, not to worry! You can go out after dark, around 9 p.m. local time, and see Perseids. Just know that you won't see nearly as many as you would had you gone out during the early morning hours."

According to Wikipedia:

The Perseids are a prolific meteor shower associated with the comet SwiftTuttle. The meteors are called the Perseids because the point from which they appear to hail (called the radiant) lies in the constellation Perseus.

[...] The shower is visible from mid-July each year, with the peak in activity between 9 and 14 August, depending on the particular location of the stream. During the peak, the rate of meteors reaches 60 or more per hour. They can be seen all across the sky; however, because of the shower's radiant in the constellation of Perseus, the Perseids are primarily visible in the Northern Hemisphere.[8] As with many meteor showers the visible rate is greatest in the pre-dawn hours, since more meteoroids are scooped up by the side of the Earth moving forward into the stream, corresponding to local times between midnight and noon [...] Some can also be seen before midnight, often grazing the Earth's atmosphere to produce long bright trails and sometimes fireballs. Most Perseids burn up in the atmosphere while at heights above 80 kilometres (50 mi).

Also at:, NASA,...

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