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Saturday, 15 December


There Is Certainly Much Interest In Linux On Intel's Future Discrete Graphics Cards "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Intel's growing graphics team recently hosted a "Ask You Anything" on Reddit as they solicit more feedback and ideas from the community about their discrete graphics plans. From that, interest in their Linux graphics driver/software stack came in second for popularity...


Wine 4.0-RC2 Released With 11 Bug Fixes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The second weekly release candidate of Wine 4.0 is now available for testing this weekend...


Yandex and TV Giants Make Peace Over Pirate Search Results "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In many developed countries, rightsholders are in dispute with search engines over the appearance of pirated content in search results and other indexes.

Back in August, TV companies under the Gazprom-Media umbrella filed complaints at the Moscow City Court, demanding that Yandex remove links to infringing content. Yandex initially refused to comply but under threat of ISP blocking, eventually took preventative action.

In September, the TV channels filed another four lawsuits against Yandex. The companies asked the Court to order the search provider to stop creating technical conditions that ensure the placement of [infringing] works on the website.

At the time, it was reported that the underlying aim of Gazprom Media was to reach a settlement agreement with Yandex, which would see the search company take action against infringing content. That aim, it seems, is well on the way to being achieved.

The press service of Gazprom reports that settlement agreements have been reached in four lawsuits, two featuring TV3 and Super TV and another two featuring TNT and 22.

The settlements are directly linked to the landmark Memorandum of Cooperation signed by Russias most powerful tech companies and several major media companies early November.

The agreement will see the formation of a central database of infringing sites which will provide information on what content tech companies should remove from their indexes. The database will be queried every few minutes, with search platforms removing infringing links visible in Russia within six hours.

Commenting on the settlements, Gazprom Media said that the cooperation agreement signed last month represents another important step towards the development of civilized content consumption.

Reports circulating mid-November indicated that Yandex had already started to comply with the memorandums terms by deleting links to infringing content.

Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and more. We also have VPN reviews, discounts, offers and coupons...


How the Sun was born "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Sun is essential to all life on Earth, but where did it come from?

BBC World Service


DragonFly's HAMMER2 File-System Receiving Christmas Improvements "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With DragonFlyBSD 5.4 having been recently released, development is back onto full-swing in Git master. DragonFlyBSD/HAMMER2 lead developer Matthew Dillon has been landing HAMMER2 file-system improvements that he hopes to back-port to stable in the coming weeks...


Duckduckgo on Filter Bubbles "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Measuring the "Filter Bubble": How Google is influencing what you click

Over the years, there has been considerable discussion of Google's "filter bubble" problem. Put simply, it's the manipulation of your search results based on your personal data. In practice this means links are moved up or down or added to your Google search results, necessitating the filtering of other search results altogether. These editorialized results are informed by the personal information Google has on you (like your search, browsing, and purchase history), and puts you in a bubble based on what Google's algorithms think you're most likely to click on.

The filter bubble is particularly pernicious when searching for political topics. That's because undecided and inquisitive voters turn to search engines to conduct basic research on candidates and issues in the critical time when they are forming their opinions on them. If theyre getting information that is swayed to one side because of their personal filter bubbles, then this can have a significant effect on political outcomes in aggregate.

This is a moderately long read, as web pages go. IMO, it's well worth the time.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Meet the People Trying to Live Long Enough to Live Forever "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For the most serious devotees, immortality-seeking is a full-time commitment to keeping abreast of the latest innovationsthey speak of these modalities with the same reverence a Christian would of a blessing. A $250 billion industry of antiaging products and services is there for the collectionand many of their offerings are for sale at RAADfest.

Ivan Apers, center, surrounded by participants in the RAAD Challenge, a yearlong health and fitness regimen culminating at RAADfest. Members showed off their results with a choreographed workout set to music.

This story appears in VICE Magazines Burnout and Escapism Issue. Click HERE to subscribe.

Are we ready to open the doors? an event producer in a skintight catsuit asked into a headset.


Reflex Trainer Puts Athletes To The Test "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Being a top athlete in this modern age is a full-time job. No longer do athletes simply practice at their nominated sport of choice. They undergo strength training, full nutritional programs, cardio, and even reflex training.

Reflex training involves a series of nodes that an athlete must identify when lit up, and touch them to switch them off. By triggering them in a fast sequence, the athlete must work hard to both identify the lit node and then move to switch it off. TrainerLights is just such a system, built around the NodeMCU platform.

The system consists of a minimum of four lights one acting as a server, the others as nodes. The lights each contain a nodeMCU board which communicates over WiFi, while the server has an additional board acting as a WiFi hotspot that controls the system.

With the lights switched on, the coach connects to the server with a smartphone, and configures the lighting sequence and timings depending on the desired excercise regime. The server then communicates with the lighting nodes, which light their LEDs  at specified intervals. The athlete must clear the lights by swiping at the nodes, which detect the athletes hand via an ultrasonic proximity sensor. The sensitivity is configurable, to allow the system to trigger from a distant wave or a direct touch from the athlete. This allows a variety of training uses, from tennis to taekwondo.

With a 3D printed case and parts readily available from any good maker supplier, its a project you could tackle in a weekend to add to your own training regime.

We see plenty of athletic hacks in these parts like this line-following robot for training sprinters. Video after the break.

[Thanks to Baldpower for the tip!]


Technology will kill the 9-to-5 work week, says Richard Branson "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With the rise of A.I., and studies that repeatedly suggest that workers productivity actually increases during shorter work days, the work week is poised to undergo a major transformation in the coming years.

The billionaire entrepreneur predicts the rise of technology will soon force society to rethink the modern work week.


Huge 'Pterosaur' Observed at the Vermilion River in Danville, Illinois "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This appears to be a very reliable eye witness.  Better yet the creature is hugging the river as has been observed in the past.  I do think that it feeds of fish and that it slides into the water to do this. So we actually have subtle conforming evidence here unlikely to be made up.
We have collected a literal menagerie of larger cryptids that seem to be adept in not showing their presence, though mostly because they are nocturnal.  They all seem to have large hunting ranges though that is not proven.
I have only just understood that our so called chupacabras must hunt in groups to fully drain a cow..

Huge 'Pterosaur' Observed at the Vermilion River in Danville, Illinois 
Friday, November 30, 2018

I recently received a telephone call from an eyewitness ('DF') who was referred to me by an associate.

In the spring of 2013, DF was on his property at the end of Ave. F near the Vermilion River in Danville, Illinois. It was around 4pm on a warm sunny afternoon. The property extended back to the edge of the river. DF was busy clearing brush and trees on the bluff overlooking the river. Many times he would ride his ATV to the location, then sit and watch a variety of wildlife along a game trail. 
There was also a dock on the property.

On this particular day, DF was taking a break from his work. After a while, he noticed that the regular sound of birds had suddenly stopped and it became usually quiet. DF said that he has always been very quick to pick-up on movement, since he has ridden a motorcycle everywhere he went, and needed to be aware of his surroundings.

As he stood on the bluff looking out onto the river, he noticed a la...


New generation of therapeutics based on understanding of aging biology show promise for Alzheimer's disease "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


What this shares is a realization that multiple factors contribute to Alzheimer and no one factor will resolve the problem. Wworse though is that nothing presently stops deterioration.  That is also unexpected as this surely unlinks the whole process from the dietary meme in particular.
 we need to ramp up our game here.

In the meantime  we need to check through the traditional material.

New generation of therapeutics based on understanding of aging biology show promise for Alzheimer's disease 

Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation

Public Release: 7-Dec-2018...


Theres new evidence giving cash to the poor is more transformative than we thought "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The sole difference between the 'MAN' and a slave has always been a handful of cash.  Claiming otherwise is utter rubbish whatever racist meme you buy into.

Let me show you ECONOMICS 101.  This is not taught at the best schools.  Approximately one fifth of society is not sufficiently monetized.  They are called poor.  Yet the per capita income is less than that of the next fifth and up.  Paying direct attention just to that fifth to ensure monetization and internal success will flush cash up into the top four fifths.

My central point is that making sure that the so called poor are doing fine will cause the rest to do just dandy.

Now simply handing over cash is not that efficient but considering that intelligent decision making is generally impossible at the level of so called government  it may be the only way in most countries.

Everyone now becomes the MAN and invests in himself which rapidly expands the economy. 

Theres new evidence giving cash to the poor is more transformative than we thought

By Abdi Latif DahirNovember 22, 2018

When it comes to poverty alleviation in the developing world, cash transfer schemes have been at the center of a difficult debate. For years, donor agencies and governments were urged to integrate the poor into their economies by providing them with a basic amount of cash. Yet those programs have been dogged by controversies, with critics arguing they encourage dependency, negatively impact labor, and pit community members against each other.

Using evidence collected in eight countries in sub-Saharan Africa over a decade, a new paper dispels some of these common misperceptions about unconditional cash transfers in Africa. The research was conducted through the Transfer Project, a multi-partner initiative that includes the UN agencies for children and food, nati...


Burial sites from 5th and 6th centuries yield unexpected treasures "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Some of the artefacts discovered during excavations at a burial site in Lincolnshire

What this shows is that the appetite for exotic goods continued after the Roman exit.  Earlier eras tended toward more closed communities possibly even hostile to traders and perhaps much less traffic.  Yet the real issue was the use of copper and the use of copper alloys which was used for most manufactures along with wood.

The metal served a dual purpose of currency as well.  Thus it was constantly recycled.  This economy extended to some degree to iron but there abundance and rust created much more wastage.

Most of the mined copper remained in circulation to this day.  We still generally avoid wasting it.

Burial sites from 5th and 6th centuries yield unexpected treasures
Jewellery and grooming items found during summer excavation in Lincolnshire

Haroon Siddique

Tue 27 Nov 2018 00.01 GMT

Some of the artefacts discovered during excavations in Lincolnshire. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA 

Archaeologists have uncovered lavish burial sites for women in Lincolnshire from the fifth and sixth centuries, which illustrate how women of the time made themselves resplendent.

Items recovered from the previously unknown Anglo-Saxon cemetery include jewellery made from amber, silver and glass as well as personal grooming items such as tweezers.

Dr Hugh Willmott, senior lecturer in European historical archaeology from Sheffield University and a dig leader, said: These women...


When Will Electric Airliners Make Sense? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


[...] Assuming these electric aircraft could be built, would they actually lower emissions? At present, no. Given the average emissions involved with powering the US grid, the emissions involved with powering an electric aircraft (including losses during transmission) would be about 20 percent higher than those generated by a modern, efficient jet engine. That doesn't mean they'd be entirely useless from a climate perspective, though. Once the additional warming effects of aircraft are taken into consideration, the electric aircraft comes out ahead by about 30 percent.

Future considerations complicate things pretty quickly, though. The price of renewable energy is expected to keep dropping, which will make renewables a larger part of the grid, lowering the emissions. The authors estimate that the vast majority of charging will take place during daylight hoursthe peak of solar productionas well. Assuming future solar production leads to a discount on electric use during the day, it could help the economics of electric aircraft; currently, they only make sense economically with fuel at about $100/barrel.

How all of this would affect air travel is very sensitive to the capacity of future batteries. The authors estimate that an effective range of about 1,100 kilometers would allow electric aircraft to cover 15 percent of the total air miles (and corresponding fuel use) and nearly half the total flights. That would raise the total electricity demand by about one percent globally, although most of that would affect industrialized nations. Upping the range to 2,200 kilometers would allow 80 percent of the global flight total to be handled by electric aircraft.

Zeppelins still don't seem to figure into the answer.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Distribution Release: SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP4 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Raj Meel has announced the availability of the fourth service pack for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12, the current legacy branch of the company's commercial, enterprise-class distribution with long-term support of over 10 years: "SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 4 is now generally available. Service Pack 4 marks....


Kings troll Steph with moon landing footage "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Kings played moon landing footage during Warriors intros and Steph loved it (via NBCS Bay Area)


A cosmic fountain is just as cool as it sounds and stunningly beautiful to match "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

When vast amounts of gas fall toward a supermassive black hole at the center of a galaxy cluster, gravitational and electromagnetic forces spray most of the gas away continuously for tens of millions of years. See for yourself:


GDB Picks Up Support For OpenRISC Linux Debugging "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The GNU Debugger (GDB) now has support for OpenRISC Linux debugging...


Critical SQLite Flaw Leaves Millions of Apps Vulnerable to Hackers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a critical vulnerability in widely used SQLite database software that exposes billions of deployments to hackers. Dubbed as 'Magellan' by Tencent's Blade security team, the newly discovered SQLite flaw could allow remote attackers to execute arbitrary or malicious code on affected devices, leak program memory or crash applications. SQLite is a


Miguel Aznar, Director of Education at the Foresight Institute, joins our Nanotechnology Board. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Miguel Aznar, Director of Education at the Foresight Institute, joins our Nanotechnology Board.


Build Your Own Anechoic Chamber "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For professional-level sound recording, youll need professional-level equipment. Microphones and mixing gear are the obvious necessities, as well as a good computer with the right software on it. But once you have those things covered, youll also need a place to record. Without a good acoustic space, youll have all kinds of reflections and artefacts in your sound recordings, and if you cant rent a studio you can always build your anechoic chamber.

While it is possible to carpet the walls of a room or randomly glue egg crate foam to your walls, [Tech Ingredients] tests some homemade panels of various shapes, sizes, and materials against commercially available solutions. To do this he uses a special enclosed speaker pointed at the material, and a microphone to measure the sound reflections. The tests show promising results for the homemade acoustic-absorbing panels, at a fraction of the cost of ready-made panels.

From there, we are shown how to make and assemble these panels in order to get the best performance from them. When dealing with acoustics, even the glue used to hold everything together can change the properties of the materials. We also see a few other cost saving methods in construction that can help when building the panels themselves as well. And, while this build focuses on acoustic anechoic chambers, dont forget that there are anechoic chambers for electromagnetic radiation that use the same principles as well.

Thanks to [jafinch78] for the tip!


Khronos Seeking Feedback On KTX2 Specification For Storing Textures For OpenGL/Vulkan "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Khronos Group is looking for feedback on its KTX2 specification that is used for storing textures for OpenGL (including GLES) and Vulkan while being a simple format and an extension of the original KTX with improvements for Vulkan and other graphics APIs...


Federal Judge Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Reuters: A federal judge in Texas on Friday ruled the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, was unconstitutional based on its mandate requiring that people buy health insurance, a decision in a case that could reach the U.S. Supreme Court. U.S. District Judge Reed OConnor in Fort Worth agreed with a coalition of []


How an App Can Help Fight Loneliness in Old People at Christmas "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

[...] only 17% of their [elderly] clients currently access the internet. As Jack explains: "Family and friends often use technology to find out things for me when I am stuck. However, most of my friends do not have internet access. They did not use technology in their working lives, as they were either farmers or manual workers. They still just ring people up or ask their children or grandchildren to use technology for them."

Technology can help, as long as it focuses on helping older people with overcoming the concerns that hold them back from meeting people outside the house. Using the insights from the research, we developed an app that draws on open data about events and volunteering opportunities nearby.

Older people can create user profiles to set their preferences for events according to cost and location. They can then review the transport options and routes to the event on an age-friendly map which includes the location of bus stops and car parks as well as nearby toilets and benches. If they select an event they want to attend, it's recorded in a calendar. The app can also be accessed by family, friends or carers who can search and plan on their behalf. This allows for the app to also be beneficial to older adults that do not have internet access.

But, even with this support, it's striking how few listings of events and transport options were available for older people over the festive period. Without more efforts to remedy the crisis of loneliness and isolation in the elderly, the festive season may still be anything but a season of cheer for many.

If kids and grandkids can't go to grandma's house, an app can help grandma come to them?

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Anti-cancer virus fits tumor receptor like a key in a lock "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Seneca Valley virus sounds like the last bug youd want to catch, but it could be the next breakthrough cancer therapy. Now, scientists at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) and the University of Otago have described exactly how the virus interacts with tumorsand why it leaves healthy tissues alone.

The study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on October 29, 2018, provides the first detailed images of how the complex Seneca Valley forms with its preferred receptor. The researchers used cryo-electron microscopy to capture images of over 7000 particles and rendered the structure in high resolution. They predict their results will help scientists develop the virus, and other viral drug candidates, for clinical use.

If you have a virus that targets cancer cells and nothing else, thats the ultimate cancer fighting tool, said Prof. Matthias Wolf, principal investigator of the Molecular Cryo-Electron Microscopy Unit at OIST and co-senior author of the study. I expect this study will lead to efforts to design viruses for .


Doctoral Student Just Published a Paper Describing How Time Travel Would Be Possible "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

And how to build a time machine.

The concept of time travel has always captured the imagination of physicists and laypersons alike. But is it really possible? Of course it is. Were doing it right now, arent we? We are all traveling into the future one second at a time.

But that was not what you were thinking. Can we travel much further into the future? Absolutely.

If we could travel close to the speed of light, or in the proximity of a black hole, time would slow down enabling us to travel arbitrarily far into the future. The really interesting question is whether we can travel back into the past.


Young minds get into science "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The innovators and discoverers of tomorrow took centre stage in Chesterfield Inlet when Victor Sammurtok School (VSS) hosted its Elementary Science Fair on Dec. 4. Local fairs in schools across the region led up to the Kivalliq Science Educators Communitys (KSEC) Kivalliq Regional Science Fair, where students were vying for the right to represent the


Spy Virus Eavesdrops on Bacteria, Then Obliterates Them "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Viruses use bacterias chemical language to time their destruction; this might lead to new ways to fight infections.


Scientists Detect Hot Neptune Losing Atmosphere at an Extraordinary Rate "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Scientists have detected a so-called Hot Neptune losing atmosphere extremely quickly, possibly explaining why we find so few of them in the first place.


Chinas Social Ranking System Will Now Target Rule-Breaking Scientists "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

To tackle widespread scientific misconduct, the Chinese government has expanded its controversial social credit system to include infractions made by research scientists. The plan could scare some scientists straightbut the potential for abuse is very real.

Researchers in China who commit scientific misconduct could soon be prevented from getting a bank loan, running a company or applying for a public-service job, reports science writer David Cyranoski at Nature News.


Ethan Siegel, author of Treknology: The Science of Star Trek from Tricorders to Warp Drive, joins our Cosmology Board. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Ethan Siegel, author of "Treknology: The Science of Star Trek from Tricorders to Warp Drive", joins our Cosmology Board.


A Lecture By A Fun Guy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Many people hear fungus and think of mushrooms. This is akin to hearing trees and thinking of apples. Fungus makes up 2% of earths total biomass or 10% of the non-plant biomass, and ranges from the deadly to the delicious. This lecture by [Justin Atkin] of [The Thought Emporium] is slightly shorter than a college class period but is like a whole semesters worth of tidbits, and the lab section is about growing something (potentially) edible rather than a mere demonstration. The video can also be found below the break.

Lets start with the lab where we learn to grow fungus in a mason jar on purpose for a change. The ingredient list is simple.

  • 2 parts vermiculite
  • 1 part brown rice flour
  • 1 part water
  • Spore syringe

Combine, sterilize, cool, inoculate, and wait. We get distracted when cool things are happening so shopping around for these items was definitely hampered by listening to the lecture portion of the video.

We made a huge list of notes from the video, and they are the refined tidbits from years of research. Here is the top of our list, so this is the double-distilled list. Mushrooms are only the fruiting portion of a fungus. A fungus is the largest single organism on the planet at three-and-a-half kilometers across. Fungi are analogous to natures digestive system and were the first things to digest wood, which went untouched for fifty-million years. If there is something a fungus cannot eat, it will focus its nuclei there, and if it figures out a solution, the genetic information is passed to the rest of the organism. Certain strains hunt, for example Cordyceps turn insects into zombies, drive them like a Huffy to someplace tall before sprouting from the head of the creature to distribute spores. That somewhat grizzly example is also highly prized for its medicinal value.

If you are already growing mushrooms on a small scale, we can help you increase your yield.


Helpful Microbes Inhale Carbon Dioxide via Porous Cylindrical Electrodes and Exude Useful Chemicals "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


Microbes could become key allies in global efforts to curb carbon emissions and avoid dangerous climate change. A group of microbes called chemolithoautotrophs consume CO2 through their natural metabolism, spitting out small organic molecules as a byproduct. These microbes could be enlisted to convert industrial CO2 emissions into valuable chemicals, thanks to a new concept developed by Pascal Saikaly and his team at KAUST.

[...] To harness chemolithoautotroph capabilities for recycling CO2 emissions into useful chemicals, researchers supply electrons to the microbes in a process called microbial electrosynthesis (MES). Typically, MES reactors have grown chemolithoautotrophs on a submerged flat-sheet cathode and bubbled CO2 gas into the solution, but this setup has two key limitations, explains Manal Alqahtani, also a Ph.D student in the team. Flat-sheet cathodes are difficult to scale up and CO2 gas has poor solubility.

The team developed an alternative MES reactor using cathodes made from stackable, cylindrical porous nickel fibers that Saikaly's group had previously applied to recover water and energy from wastewater. CO2 is pumped through each cylinder, and electrons flow along it. "Using this architecture, we directly deliver CO2 gas to chemolithoautotrophs through the pores in the hollow fibers," Alqahtani says. "We provided electrons and CO2 simultaneously to chemolithoautotrophs on the cathode surface."

Will the microbes demand minimum wage for remediating our excess carbon dioxide?

Porous Hollow Fiber Nickel Electrodes for Effective Supply and Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Methane through Microbial Electrosynthesis (DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201804860) (DX)

Porous nickel hollow fiber cathodes coated with CNTs for efficient microbial electrosynthesis of acetate from CO2 using Sporomusa ovata (DOI: 10.1039/C8TA05322G) (DX)

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Virgin Galactics Historic Space Trip Heralds a Coming Age of New US Human Spaceflight Leaps "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Virgin Galactic just brought human spaceflight back to American soil after a seven-year hiatus, and other private companies are poised to make some giant leaps of their own.

Virgins VSS Unity suborbital spaceliner soared to a maximum altitude of 51.4 miles (82.7 kilometers) during a rocket-powered test flight over Californias Mojave Desert yesterday (Dec. 13).

The milestone marked the first U.S.-based crewed trip to the final frontier since NASA grounded its space shuttle fleet in July 2011. And it was the first spaceflight ever by a private vehicle designed to carry commercial passengers. (By one measure, anyway: Though many people place the boundary of outer space 62 miles, or 100 km, up at the Karman Line, the U.S. Air Force awards astronaut wings to personnel who reach an altitude of 50 miles, or 80 km.) [In Photos: Virgin Galactics SpaceShipTwo Unity Soars to Space].


Taylor Swift Concert Used Facial Recognition Tech to Identify Stalkers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

Taylor Swift concert used facial recognition tech to identify stalkers

You're probably used to the presence of facial recognition cameras at airports and other transport hubs, but what about at concerts? That's the step Taylor Swift's team took at her May 18th show at the Rose Bowl, in a bid to identify her stalkers. According to Rolling Stone, the camera was hidden inside a display kiosk at the event, and sent images of anyone who stopped to look at the display to a "command post" in Nashville, where they were cross-referenced with other photos of the star's known stalkers.

As the target of numerous death and rape threats, Swift arguably has a valid motivation for leveraging such technology. However, it's unclear who has ownership of the photos of her concertgoers, or how long they will remain on file. Her representatives have also not yet responded to queries as to whether fans knew about the cameras.

Taylor Swift.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Jen Blank joins our Space Settlement Board. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Jen Blank joins our Space Settlement Board. She is a member of the Mars Curiosity rover science team among her many roles.


Lessons Learned From A 1-Day RTL-SDR Enclosure Project "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

[ByTechLab] needed an enclosure for his R820T2 based RTL-SDR, which sports an SMA connector. Resolving to design and 3D print one in less than a day, he learned a few things about practical design for 3D printing and shared them online along with his CAD files.

The RTL-SDR is a family of economical software defined radio receivers, and [ByTechLab]s enclosure (CAD files available on GrabCAD and STL on Thingiverse) is specific to his model. However, the lessons he learned are applicable to enclosure design in general, and a few of them specifically apply to 3D printing.

He started by making a basic model of the PCB and being sure to include all large components. With that, he could model the right voids inside the enclosure to ensure a minimum of wasted space. The PCB lacks any sort of mounting holes, so the model was also useful to choose where to place some tabs to h...


The FBI Secretly Collected Data on Aaron Swartz Earlier Than We Thoughtin a Case Involving Al Qaeda "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


Nearly two years before the U.S. government's first known inquiry into the activities of Reddit co-founder and famed digital activist Aaron Swartz, the FBI swept up his email data in a counterterrorism investigation that also ensnared students at an American university, according to a once-secret document first published by Gizmodo.

The email data belonging to Swartz, who was likely not the target of the counterterrorism investigation, was cataloged by the FBI and accessed more than a year later as it weighed potential charges against him for something wholly unrelated. The legal practice of storing data on Americans who are not suspected of crimes, so that it may be used against them later on, has long been denounced by civil liberties experts, who've called on courts and lawmakers to curtail the FBI's "radically" expansive search procedures.

The government does store information indefinitely that can be used against you later at a more convenient time.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Scientists Discover New, Bizarre Eel-Like Creature in Florida "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Florida residents, you have a new neighbor and it has the body of an eel and the spots of a leopard. It also has two small arms with gills sticking out of its body, and lives in the swamps of the Panhandle.

The creature is actually a new species of legless salamander or siren. It is being officially called Siren reticulata, or the Reticulated Siren, and its discovery was published in the journal PLOS One journal last week.

Scientists say the two-foot-long Reticulated Siren is among the largest species discovered in the United States in over 100 years.


Facebook bug exposed private photos of 6.8M users to third-party developers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

Another day, another privacy breach This time, the social media giant Facebook has announced that a bug in its Photo API exposed private photos of over 6.8 million users to third-party app developers. The breach took place from September 13 to September 25, 2018, which means for 12 days straight some developers could view your []

This is a post from Read the original post: Facebook bug exposed private photos of 6.8M users to third-party developers

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Friday, 14 December


"What Would Doug Engelbart Do?" Ask Organizers of a Silicon Valley Event "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Inspired by the man who showed the way to modern computing, tech-minded experts shared ideas for how to tackle climate change, nuclear proliferation, and broken political systems

Fifty years ago this month Doug Engelbart demonstrated what weve come to know as computingthe mouse, hypertext, and windows. His goal wasnt to revolutionize computing per se, it was to give people better tools for collaboration, which he hoped would lead to better ways to fix the real problems of society. (Moving a cursor around a display, while sometimes challenging before the mouse, was not a real societal problem.)

He thought the single greatest existential challenge of our time was to raise the curve on our ability to collectively solve problems, said Christina Engelbart, Doug Engelbarts daughter, who spoke at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., this week, along with a group of tech execs, futurists, and other people interested in tackling todays big problems.

How are we doing in terms of meeting that challenge? According to Christina, her father, who died in 2013, would say, Great effort guys, but there is one problem. That problem involves technology evolving on a much faster path than the organizations that have to manage it. The explosion of digital technology unchecked is a threat multiplier, and that gap is a cause for concern, she said.

Christina remains hopeful that organizations can catch up, and finally realize her fathers vision of using technology to find answers to critical problems.

To get there, said futurist Paul Saffo, We need more Engelbarts, more people who are long distance thinkers, long distance doers, tackling the greatest challenges that lay ahead.

Saffo then brought three people on stage who hope to tackle big issuesclimate change, political dysfunction, and nuclear proliferationwith a long term perspective. Heres what those would-be Engelbarts are doing:

Paul Saffo (left), Erika Gregory, Ben Rattray, and Erika Woolsey discuss how Doug Englebart's approach of using technology to augment human capabilities can be used to address today's toughest problems. Photo: Douglas Fairbairn/CHM Paul Saffo (left), Erika Gregory, Ben Rattray, and Erika Woolsey discuss how Doug Englebart's approach of using technology to augment human capabilities can help address today's toughest problems.

On climate change:

Stanford marine biologist...


Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Spots InSight Hardware on Mars "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter may not have managed to spot InSight under its parachute, but it has finally spotted the lander, its parachute, and its heat shield resting on the Martian surface. The images confirm the location of InSights landing site, a little to the north and west of the center of the landing ellipse.

First, the fantastic hardware images:

HiRISE images of InSight hardware on Mars


Hillicon Valley Presented by AT&T Facebook bug exposed photos of up to 6.8M users | Canada warns Trump not to intervene in Huawei case | Tech giant accused of providing cybersecurity to terror groups "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Welcome to Hillicon Valley, The Hill's newsletter detailing all you need to know about the tech and cyber news from Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley.Welcome! Follow the cyber team, Olivia Beavers (@olivia_beavers) and Jacqueline Thomsen (@jacq_thomsen...


[$] Relief for retpoline pain "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Indirect function calls calls to a function whose address is stored in a pointer variable have never been blindingly fast, but the Spectre hardware vulnerabilities have made things far worse. The indirect branch predictor used to speed up indirect calls in the CPU can no longer be used, and performance has suffered accordingly. The "retpoline" mechanism was a brilliant hack that proved faster than the hardware-based solutions that were tried at the beginning. While retpolines took a lot of the pain out of Spectre mitigation, experience over the last year has made it clear that they still hurt. It is thus not surprising that developers have been looking for alternatives to retpolines; several of them have shown up on the kernel lists recently.


The EFF Gift Guide: Whats Creeping Us Out "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

EFF doesnt endorse products. But as Internet-connected products proliferate, ads for them bombard holiday shoppers with promises of a more streamlined life. And they do so without always divulging that theyre tracking you more than a jolly fat man who sees when youre sleeping and knows when youre awake.

So, we are taking a different approach to the holiday gift guide: highlighting products that raise red flags for us, as privacy-conscious digital advocates. Here are some gifts being pushed this year that, from a privacy or security standpoint, are on our naughty list.

Facebooks Portal

Youve probably seen the ads for Facebooks in-home camera, Portal, which its advertising as a way to keep in touch via video call with friends and loved ones wherever they are. If you cant be there, feel there, is the maudlin tagline for the camerawhich can follow you around the room during video-conferences.

Facebook has made some nods to privacy with this product, namely including a camera cover and a promise that its not using the companys facial recognition technology to identify you. And Portal itself doesnt serve you ads.

Still, Facebook has already had to change its tune about the extent to which it uses Portal data for advertising, first saying that no data would be used to serve Facebook users ads, and then being forced to clarify.

Data from Portal does, in fact, inform ads. This includes the fact that you logged into your account or how often you use a feature or app. What does that mean? Facebook offers the example that if you make a lot of video calls, you may see ads related to video calling.

Its also collecting everything that Messenger collects, including usage data such as length of calls, frequency of calls, along with aggregate usage of ads, which could also inform your advertising profile.

Facebook has a history of changing the terms of how it uses your data, which is worth keeping in mind as you consider giving it a place in your home. The companys practices have drawn its fair share of trust issues this year, to say the least, and have shown a certain disregard for notifying people of how its using their data....


Signal Says It Can't Allow Australian Government Access to Users' Chats "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

Signal says it can't allow government access to users' chats

Last week, the Australian government passed the country's controversial Access and Assistance Bill 2018 into law, legislation that allows government agencies to demand access to encrypted communications. Companies that don't comply with the new law could face fines of up to AU$10 million ($7.3 million). A number of companies that stand to be affected have spoken out about the legislation, and Signal has now joined in, explaining that it won't be able to fulfill such requests if asked.

"By design, Signal does not have a record of your contacts, social graph, conversation list, location, user avatar, user profile name, group memberships, group titles or group avatars," Signal's Joshua Lund wrote in a blog post. "The end-to-end encrypted contents of every message and voice/video call are protected by keys that are entirely inaccessible to us." Lund added that Signal is open source, meaning anyone can "verify or examine the code for each release." "People often use Signal to share secrets with their friends, but we can't hide secrets in our software," he wrote. "We can't include a backdoor in Signal."

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Tipster Gets $10,000 Reward for Reporting Software Piracy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Over the past two decades, the Software Alliance (BSA) has represented major software companies including Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and Oracle, in their fight against under-licensed businesses.

This has resulted in audits at thousands of companies worldwide, whose computers are carefully inspected to see if the business owner has failed to pay his or her dues.

Some of these audits have been controversial and the evidence collection process has raised eyebrows as well. Especially BSAs explicit attempts to convince people to report companies in exchange for hard cash.

In recent years, the industry group has actively solicited such tips from the public. Legitimate leads are then followed up with a thorough investigation or audit, something many companies are contractually obliged to agree to.

If unlicensed software is found during an audit, BSA tries to negotiate a settlement. This is what happened with an unnamed Australian manufacturing company, CRN reports.

Its not clear what type of software was used improperly. What we do know is that the tip came from an anonymous informant who presumably works or worked at the company in question.

We work in a competitive industry and while were all trying to get ahead, it didnt feel right using infringing copies of software to give the business an unfair competitive advantage, the informant reportedly told BSA.

The decision to report the business ultimately came down to my personal morals and ethics. I dont believe its right to use software without paying for it.

Its unclear whether the informant also raised the issue internally, but that doesnt matter anymore. The BSA followed up the lead which eventually led to a significant AU$160,000 settlement.

The whistleblower, tipster, or rat, depending on which side youre on, fared well too.

BSA says that the information it receives from informants is invaluable. It plays a critical role in identifying misbehaving companies and holding them accountable, so its worth a reward.

BSA is grateful to the informant for doing the right thing, and have provided the informant with a reward of AU$10,000 for his assistance in this mat...


Facebook co-founder: Give the 99% a $6,000 raise "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes a millionaire many, many times over is behind this big idea.

Chris Hughes earned nearly half a billion dollars after co-founding Facebook. Now hes arguing for fairer wages in the form of a $500 monthly social dividend for low- and middle-class Americans.


Report: T-Mobile, Sprint edging closer to merger approval after Huawei compromise "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

T-Mobile and Sprint are close to getting a national security panel to sign off on their $26 billion merger after their parent companies agreed to consider cutting back on buying telecommunications equipment from Huawei, Reuters reported Friday....


Biologists Engineered An Assassin Virus to Kill Bacteria on Command "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its brilliant and insidious!

These assassins could help in the fight against antibiotic resistance.


Vintage Plotter Turned Fruit Spectrometer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Fruit can be a tricky thing: if you buy it ripe youll be racing against time to eat the pieces before they turn into a mushy mess, but if you buy the ones which are a bit before their prime its not always easy to tell when theyre ready to eat. Do you smell it? Squeeze it? Toss it on the counter to see if it bounces? In the end you forget about them and they go bad anyway. Thats why here at Hackaday we sustain ourselves with only collected rainwater and thermo-stabilized military rations.

But thankfully Cornell students [Christina Chang], [Michelle Feng], and [Russell Silva] have come up with a delightfully high-tech solution to this decidedly low-tech problem. Rather than rely on human senses to determine when a counter full of fruit has ripened, they propose an automated system which uses a motorized spectrometer to scan an arrangement of fruit. The device measures the fruits reflectance at 678 nm, which can be used to determine the surface concentration of chloroph...


Verizon Signals That its Yahoo! and AOL Divisions Are Almost Worthless "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In news that nobody could have foreseen and will be a shock to everyone:

Verizon signals its Yahoo and AOL divisions are almost worthless

The on-paper assessment represents a realization that Verizon's online ad strategy, called Oath, is a bust.

Only a year and a half after it built Oath from the assets of the communications giants Yahoo and AOL, Verizon now says they're virtually worthless. In a filing Tuesday with the Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, Verizon Communications Inc. said it was taking a $4.6 billion charge on the goodwill balance of Oath, the division it created in June 2017 after it spent billions of dollars to buy Yahoo Inc. and AOL Inc.

[...] Oath was supposed to be Verizon's big push into web-driven advertising, a bid to compete with behemoths like Google LLC and Facebook Inc. in the U.S. online ad market, which the Internet Advertising Bureau projects could top $100 billion this year. But rather than eat into Google's and Facebook's market shares, Oath's ad revenue fell by 7 percent in the third quarter, which ended Sept. 30, to just $1.8 billion.

Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc., by comparison, hoovered up $29 billion in ad revenue in the same three months, a rise of more than 10 percent over the previous quarter. [...] Meanwhile, the growth of another player, Amazon Advertising which outpaced Oath with $2.5 billion in ad sales in the third quarter has pushed Oath even lower down the food chain.

[...] Writing off 96 percent of its value is like "ripping off the Oath band-aid," Fritzsche wrote. [...] Verizon bought AOL for $4.4 billion in 2015, and it bought Yahoo for $4.5 billion in 2017. It then merged them into a new venture called Oath.

Who could possibly have imagined that with big names like AOL and Yahoo! this venture wouldn't compete well against the mere likes of Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

Verizon cuts 10,000 jobs and admits its Yahoo/AOL division is a failure

Verizon's Oath division failing in ad market, and it could get even worse.



AIs Strive to Juggle Signals and Thwart Jammers in DARPAs Spectrum Challenge "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Six teams won US $750,000 each by showing that their AIs could responsibly manage spectrum

Its not clear which is more challenging: constructing AIs that can collaboratively learn to manage radio spectrum more effectively than humans can, or presenting the results in a way that isnt snooze-inducing. Yet both were accomplished during Phase 2 of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agencys (DARPA) Spectrum Collaboration Challenge (SC2), held on 12 December at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab.

For three hours, presenters cracked jokes and gave a play-by-play rundown of test results, complete with hand-drawn circles and arrows, that would have made any sportscaster proud. While watching replays of the most high-stakes tests, the audience gasped and cheered and shouted encouragement at the AI programs.

AI-managed spectrum allocation might not seem important enough to celebrate with such zeal. But bandwidth is a finite resource, and engineers are searching for ways to squeeze as many bits as possible out of every hertz. One way to avoid a spectrum crunch is to teach machines to be better at managing bandwidth than humans could ever hope to be. That idea is important enough that DARPA has dedicated a Grand Challenge to it, which completed its Phase 1 competition in December 2017.

Rather than regulators chopping spectrum into defined, rigidly-allocated bands, the hope is that devices can learn to autonomously manage their own spectrum use. That means training devices to listen for gaps in transmissions on viable frequencies, broadcast which frequencies they intend to use ahead of time, and perhaps most importantly, negotiate with nearby devices that also need to send and receive signals.

DARPA tested those skills in a series of matches representing scenarios that such an AI might encounter in the real world, like managing transmissions from squads of soldiers deployed in an urban environment, or from Wi-Fi routers trying to deliver service despite a nearby radio jammer.

Each AI scored points based on the number of connections it was able to deliver using the available spectrumspectrum it was sharing with two, three, or four other AIs at a time. The kicker is that all the participating AIs in each match only earned as many points as the lowest-scoring AI in the group, to ensure the AIs were sharing resources fairly rather than battling for spectrum supremacy.

DARPA tallied the points each AI earned across the more than 400 ma...


A bug in Facebook Photo API exposed photos of 6.8 Million users "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

New problems for Facebook, the social network giant announced that a bug related to Photo API could have allowed third-party apps to access users photos.

Facebook announced that photos of 6.8 Million users might have been exposed by a bug in the Photo API allowing third-party apps to access them.  
The bug impacted up over 870 developers, only apps granted access to photos by the user could have exploited the bug. 
According to Facebook, the flaw exposed user photos for 12 days, between September 13 and September 25, 2018.

The flaw was discovered by the Facebook internal team and impacted users who had utilized Facebook Login and allowed third-party apps to access their photos.

Our internal team discovered a photo API bug that may have affected people who used Facebook Login and granted permission to third-party apps to access their photos. We have fixed the issue but, because of this bug, some third-party apps may have had access to a broader set of photos than usual for 12 days between September 13 to September 25, 2018. reads a post published by Facebook.

Theoretically, applications that are granted access to photos could access only images shared on a users timeline. The bug could have exposed also other photos, including ones shared on Facebook Marketplace or via Stories, and even photos that were only uploaded but not posted.

Currently, we believe this may have affected up to 6.8 million users and up to 1,500 apps built by 876 developers. The only apps affected by this bug were ones that Facebook approved to access the photos API and that individuals had authorized to access their photos. continues the post.

Facebook is notifying impacted people via an alert in their account.

Were sorry this happened. Early next week we will be rolling out tools for app developers that will allow them to determine which people using their app might be impacted by this bug. We will be working with those developers to delete the photos from impacted users. concludes Facebook.

We will also notify the people potentially impacted by this bug via an alert on Facebook. The notification will direct them to a Help Center link where theyll be able to see if theyve used any apps that were affected by the bug.


AI for Scholarship: How Machine Learning can Transform the Humanities "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Will AI transform or replace the Humanities?

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the Humanities by transforming how we analyze texts.


Kelly Robson, author of A Human Stain, joins our Futurists Board. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Kelly Robson, author of "A Human Stain", joins our Futurists Board. This story won the Nebula Award for Best Novelette.


FreeBSD ZFS vs. Linux EXT4/Btrfs RAID With Twenty SSDs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With FreeBSD 12.0 running great on the Dell PowerEdge R7425 server with dual AMD EPYC 7601 processors, I couldn't resist using the twenty Samsung SSDs in that 2U server for running some fresh FreeBSD ZFS RAID benchmarks as well as some reference figures from Ubuntu Linux with the native Btrfs RAID capabilities and then using EXT4 atop MD-RAID.


This Could Be the Best Quantum Computer Yet "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A startup based in Maryland has released and tested an impressive new quantum computer that demonstrates the power of an occasionally overlooked quantum computing architecture.

Companies like IBM, Google, and Rigetti are developing new kinds of computer processors that rely on the mathematics of subatomic particles to potentially perform calculations difficult for classical computers to do. These devices use superconductors as the basis for their qubits. A company called IonQ, however, has now announced a state-of-the-art system that relies on the quantum nature of atoms themselves, and its one of the best-performing quantum computers yet.


Marie Is the First Life-Sized, 3D-Printed Human Body "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Mariea five-foot-one, fifteen-pound 3D printed bodycould be used to help create better radiation treatments for cancer.


Clothing patch is like a personal heating system "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new flexible patch sewn into your clothes could one day keep you warmand lower your electricity bill at the same time.


Surprises are in store for the New Horizons fly by "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

There will be no New Years Eve revelry for those working on NASAs New Horizons space probe. They will need to be stone cold sober with their wits about them when, on New Years Day 2019, it whizzes past one of the fossil building blocks of the planets and one of the most primitive bodies in the Solar System.


Arduino-Powered Rocket Test Stand "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If youre into amateur rocketry, you pretty quickly outgrow the dinky little Estes motors that they sell in the toy stores. Many hobbyists move on to building their own homebrew solid rocket motors and experimenting with propellant mixtures, but its difficult to know if youre on the right track unless you have a way to quantify the thrust youre getting. [ElementalMaker] decided hed finally hit the point where he needed to put together a low-cost test stand for his motors, and luckily for us decided to document the process and the results.

The heart of the stand is a common load cell (the sort of thing youd find in a digital scale) coupled with a HX711 amplifier board mounted between two plates, with a small section of vertical PVC pipe attached to the topmost plate to serve as a motor mount. This configuration is capable of measuring up to 10 kilograms with an 80Hz sample rate, which is critically important as these type of rocket motors only burn for a few seconds to begin with. The sensor produces hundreds of data points during the short duration of the burn, which is perfect for graphing the motors thrust curve over time.

Given such a small window in which to make measurements, [ElementalMaker] didn&#821...


How to check RAID configuration in Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I need to check RAID configuration in Linux. How do you check your current software RAID configuration in a Linux-based server powered by RHEL/CentOS or Debian/Ubuntu Linux?

The post How to check RAID configuration in Linux appeared first on nixCraft.


Yalda Mousavinia, Cofounder of the Space Cooperative, joins our Space Settlement Board. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Yalda Mousavinia, Cofounder of the Space Cooperative, joins our Space Settlement Board.


Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Reaches Space for the First Time "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo reaches space for the first time

Virgin Galactic has come a long way since its tragic 2014 crash. The company's SpaceShipTwo has reached space after months of testing, flying to an altitude of 271,268 feet before returning to Earth. The stay was brief (SST fired its rocket for all of a minute), but it was enough to both verify the spacecraft as well as conduct four NASA-backed scientific experiments that studied the effects of microgravity and devices that could handle life support and counteract vibration.

[...] Actual passenger flights aren't likely to happen for some time. Virgin stressed that it wanted to finish its tests "safely," not just quickly. The successful visit to space makes that more a question of when than if, though, and suggests that Richard Branson might be vaguely realistic when he talks about hopping aboard his own flight within months.

Original Submission

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AlphaRacks SSD KVM VPS & Hybrid Dedicated Servers from $22/year in Los Angeles, CA! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

AlphaRacks own Julian is back with with some exclusive holiday promotions on SSD KVM VPS and Hybrid Dedicated Servers, located within the QuadraNet Los Angeles datacenter. They have been operating since 2013, and are one of the original LEB hosting providers! We have featured them on LowEndBox numerous times in the past, and look forward to sharing their new offers with you today as it is something new!

Their WHOIS is public and you can find their ToS/Legal Docs here. They accept PayPal, Credit Cards (via 2Checkout), Bitcoin, and Alipay. as payment methods.

Heres what they had to say: 

AlphaRacks is a premium web hosting provider based in Los Angeles, CA. Initially started in 2006 as an on-site IT consultancy firm providing support to local businesses, the AlphaRacks brand was launched in 2013 offering mainstream premium hosting services to both web start-ups and large enterprises. We currently support over 40,000 clients of all sizes in over 100 countries worldwide. Support is provided 24x7x365 by our in-house dedicated staff; services are provided by leveraging strategic partnerships of top tier facility and network providers, ensuring the services we deliver are highly available; which is backed by our service level promise agreement to you.

Heres the offers: 

**Docker, Custom ISOs, and kernels are fully supported with the below offers!**


  • 1GB RAM
  • 20GB SSD Space
  • 2TB Transfer
  • 1x IPv4
  • 100Mbps Uplink
  • Linux or Windows
  • Virtualizor/KVM
  • Custom ISO/Docker Supported
  • $22/yr
  • [ORDER]


  • 2GB RAM
  • 30GB SSD Space
  • 5TB Transfer
  • ...


US tech giant has been offering cybersecurity to terrorist groups: report "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

American tech giant Cloudflare is providing cybersecurity to at least seven terrorist organizations and militant groups, HuffPost reported Friday.Cloudflare has more server traffic than Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Instagram, Bing and Wikipedia...


Hackers bypassed Gmail & Yahoos 2FA to target US officials "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

The attack was carried out by Iran-backed charming kitten hackers and victims include dozens of US government officials. Private emails of US sanctions officials and nuclear scientists have been breached by Iranian state-sponsored hackers. As per the data obtained by Certfa, a cybersecurity firm based in London, the hacking group Charming Kitten is responsible for the []

This is a post from Read the original post: Hackers bypassed Gmail & Yahoos 2FA to target US officials


Go security releases 1.11.3 and 1.10.6 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Dmitri Shuralyov on Dec 14


We have released Go 1.11.3 and Go 1.10.6 to address three recently
reported security issues. You can see an announcement at

We are making this posting to oss-security list now that the security
issues are public to follow the policy described at We
recommend subscribing to the golang-announce list at...


Tiny implantable wireless devices could help people repair nerves and lose weight "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Implanted electronics are typically large, require batteries, and sometimes need replacementbut new technology could change that.

Some of the devices even dissolve in the body once their work is done.


Scott Swaaley On High Voltage "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If you were to invent a time machine and transport a typical hardware hacker of the 1970s into 2018 and sit them at a bench alongside their modern counterpart, youd expect them to be faced with a pile of new things, novel experiences, and exciting possibilities. The Internet for all, desktop computing fulfilling its potential, cheap single-board computers, even ubiquitous surface-mount components.

What you might not expect though is that the 2018 hacker might discover a whole field of equivalent unfamiliarity while being very relevant from their grizzled guest. Its something Scott Swaaley touches upon in his Superconference talk:  Lessons Learned in Designing High Power Line Voltage Circuits in which he describes his quest for an electronic motor brake, and how his experiences had left him with a gap in his knowledge when it came to working with AC mains voltage.

When Did You Last Handle AC Line voltages?

If you think about it, the AC supply has become something we rarely encounter for several reasons. Our 1970s hacker would have been used to wiring in mains transformers, to repairing tube-driven equipment or CRT televisions with live chassis,  and to working with lighting that was almost exclusively provided by mains-driven incandescent bulbs. A common project of the day would have been a lighting dimmer with a triac, by contrast we work in a world of microcontroller-PWM-driven LEDs and off-the-shelf switch-mode power supplies in which we have no need to see the high voltages. It may be no bad thing that we are rarely exposed to high-voltage risk, but along the way we may have lost a part of our collective skillset.

Scotts path to gaining his mains voltage experience started in a school workshop, with a bandsaw. Inertia in the saw kept the blade moving after the power had been withdrawn, and while that might be something many of us are used to it was inappropriate in that setting as kids are better remaining attached to their fingers. He looked at brakes and electrical loads as the solution to stopping the motor, but finally settled on something far simpler. An induction motor can be stopped very quickly indeed by applying a DC voltage to it, and his quest to achieve this led along the path of working with the AC supply. Eventually he had a working prototype, which he further developed to become the MakeSafe power tool brake.

Get Your AC Switching Right First Time

The full talk is embedded below the break, and gives a very good introduction to the topic of switching AC power. If youve never encountered a thryristor, a triac, or even a diac, these once-ubiquitous components make an entrance. We learn...


New Facebook Bug Exposed 6.8 Million Users Photos to Third-Party Apps "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Facebook's latest screw-up a programming bug in Facebook website accidentally gave 1,500 third-party apps access to the unposted Facebook photos of as many as 6.8 million users. Facebook today quietly announced that it discovered a new API bug in its photo-sharing system that let 876 developers access users' private photos which they never shared on their timeline, including images uploaded


International email bomb hoax proves to be a spectacular failure "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

International email bomb hoax proves to be a spectacular failure

Authorities in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are said to be investigating a wave of bogus bomb threats that have been sent to a variety of organisations late on Thursday.

But if the hoaxer thought they were going to make a lot of money through the scam, theyre going to be disappointed.


Re: Multiple telnet.c overflows "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Hacker Fantastic on Dec 14

I have revised the original advisory for this issue due to discovery of a
wider range of impacted clients and the latest updated copy can be found
here and also at the following URL's:

So far the list of impacted clients for these issues:
* Apple Sierra telnet client
* netkit-telnet 0.17
* inetutils telnet
* NetBSD telnet...


Hamid Anbari, CEO and Cofounder of IKAP Robotics, joins our Robotics/AI Board. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Hamid Anbari, CEO and Cofounder of IKAP Robotics, joins our Robotics/AI Board.


Re: Linux kernel: userfaultfd bypasses tmpfs file permissions (CVE-2018-18397; since 4.11; fixed in 4.14.87 and 4.19.7) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Solar Designer on Dec 14

I agree, assuming it's likely also unknown to at least a subset of
potential attackers, whereas the known would also be known to them.

However, a major aspect is how often and how quickly you update in
response to new bug findings. What I'm saying is that if you run a "too
recent" kernel, you have to update far more often than if you run a
"sufficiently old" kernel. If you're not sure to update often and...


NVIDIA Is Making Faces At You "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Some folks at NVIDIA have developed a "style-based generator architecture for generative adversarial networks", borrowing from "style transfer literature". It has been demonstrated to generate remarkably realistic (and fictitious) human faces. As impressive as it is, it's not obvious the extent to which the demonstration of this architecture is like a little old lady who only drove it to church on Sundays. Regardless, it looks like the AI overlords can now have alleged supermodel girlfriends in Canada too:

The video demonstration is at

Their explanation/description is at

Original Submission

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Fedora Developers Are Trying To Figure Out The Best Linux I/O Scheduler "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Fedora developers are working on trying to figure out the best default behavior moving forward for their I/O scheduler selection...


Video Friday: Agile Amphibious Robot, and More "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

Video Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your Automaton bloggers. Well also be posting a weekly calendar of upcoming robotics events for the next few months; heres what we have so far (send us your events!):

Robotic Arena  January 12, 2019  Wrocaw, Poland
RoboDEX  January 16-18, 2019  Tokyo, Japan

Let us know if you have suggestions for next week, and enjoy todays videos.

The bar has now been set for robot holiday videos, thanks to FZI. Happy ROS-lidays!

Still waiting for a robot with a cookie to show up at my door. Any time now, Im sure. 

[ FZI ]

Thanks Arne!

Looks like Honda will be showing a new mobile robot at CES next month:

Honda PATHBot is a robot equipped with AI that recognizes surrounding situations and moves with the optimum route to the destination while avoiding people and obstacles. Honda aims at a society in which robotic devices coexist and cooperate with people and expand the possibilities of people. PATHBot has a function to smoothly move public space where people go, without giving anxiety to people, which is essential for utilizing robotics devices in real society.

[ Honda ] via [ Robotstart ]

Berkshire Grey is helping customers radically change the essential way they do business by delivering game-changing technology that combines AI and robotics to automate omni-channel fulfillment. Berkshire Grey solutions are a fundamental engine of change that moves you forward by transforming pick, pack and sort operations to deliver competitive advantage for enterprises serving todays connected consumers.



An Anti-Aging Vaccine? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Researchers from the Rutgers New Jersey Medical School are attempting to defy and reverse the biological aging process by developing a therapeutic vaccine that would bolster the essential repair and regeneration processes of cells.

This is potentially important research since the current life expectancy at birth is around 78.8 years in the USA.

In the United States, about 46 million people are above the age of 65. This number is expected to double by 2060, therefore increasing age-related health issues, reports


3 New Ways To Take A ScreenShot On Android Smartphones "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Android is possibly the most popular Smartphone OS with more than 2 billion monthly active devices.

There might be times when you are looking for how to take screenshots on Android smartphone?

Here in this article, we are providing you with the best easiest ways to take a screenshot on android devices.

A screenshot is an image taken of whatevers on your screen. The process of taking screenshots on Android smartphones might sound obvious to many users but still, its good to learn some new stuff.

So these are the three best ways to capture and share a screenshot on Android smartphones.

ALSO READ: 5 New Ways To Take A Screenshot On Windows 10

Here is how to take a screenshot on Android smartphone?

The Standard Way To Take Screenshot On Android

The most basic way to capture a screenshot on Android smartphones is by pressing the volume down and power button at the same time. This will instantly capture a screenshot of whatevers on your screen.

A screenshot captured by using the above-mentioned process is generally verified by a screenshot capture sound, screen flash, or a notification.

Screenshot Using Gestures

The next best way to capture screenshots on Android is by using third-party applications. These Screenshot applications eliminate the need of pressing physical buttons to capture a screenshot.

Furthermore, using screenshot capturing applications you can even use gestures to capture screenshots. Third-party screenshot capturing applications also offer photo editing tools.

You can find an extensive collection of applications to capture screenshots on Playstore.

Scrolling Screenshots In Android



Facebook reveals bug affecting photos of up to 6.8 million users "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Facebook said on Friday that up 6.8 million people may have been affected by a software bug exposing their photos to third-party app developers who did not have permission to view them.Tomer Bar, Facebooks engineering director, said in a blog post...


What is Mac OS? Pros and Cons | Explanation "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Apple the most valuable brand in the world produces some of the best Hardware & Software products and Mac OS is just one of them.

If you dont know what is it? then you came at right place because here, in this article, we are providing you with everything you need to know about MacOs.

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What is Mac Os?

The term Mac OS stands for Macintosh Operating System.

Its a UNIX based operating system by Apple, exclusively for MacBooks and iMacs.

In the market of Desktops, Laptops, and Home Computers its the second most widely used desktop OS after Windows.

Brief History of Mac Os

After the departure of Steve Jobs from Apple, the company suffered a huge loss and board of directors at Apple decided to bring Steve back from NEXT and lead the company on an interim basis.

This really made Steve and his team work harder on Mac Os and soon they proved that Apple really has a potential.

The first initial Release of Mac Os was on March 24, 2001, which is nearly 17 years ago from now.

And till now Mac OS is improving with every new release.

Myths Related to Mac Os

1. Mac OS is more secure than Windows

Many of you might have heard that Mac Os is more secure than windows. But thats not true.

The market share of Mac is less than 10% which results in less malware and spyware attacks.

Actually, the main reason behind this is iMac and Macbook.

These two products running on Mac OS which is a bit expensive as compared to windows. So this automatically results in less damage.

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2. Mac is built for Artists

Mac Os comes with lots of built-in creative and useful tools as compared to Windows.



Re: Linux kernel: userfaultfd bypasses tmpfs file permissions (CVE-2018-18397; since 4.11; fixed in 4.14.87 and 4.19.7) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Solar Designer on Dec 14

Definitely. But relatively few people build their own per-machine
kernels. For many Linux distros, it's a choice of which base kernel to
use and maintain, and then they enable plenty of features that are in
any demand at all.

For someone doing their own kernel builds and bothering to spend time
deciding on every option, yes. This was slightly time-consuming in the
2.0.x days. Much more so later. Probably unaffordable for most now....


Dexterity Hand is a Configurable Prosthetic Hand "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

One of the interesting benefits of the 3D printing revolution is the dramatic increase in availability of prosthetics for people with virtually any need. With a little bit of research, a 3D printer, and some trial and error, virtually anyone can build a prototype prosthetic to fit them specifically rather than spend thousands of dollars for one from a medical professional. [Dominick Scalise] is attempting to flesh out this idea with a prosthetic hand that he hopes will be a useful prosthetic in itself, but also a platform for others to build on or take ideas from.

His hand is explained in great detail in a series of videos on YouTube. The idea that sets this prosthetic apart from others, however, is its impressive configurability while not relying on servos or other electronics to control the device. The wearer would use their other hand to set the dexterity hand up for whatever task they need to perform, and then perform that task. Its versatility is thanks to a unique style of locks and tensioners which allow the hand to be positioned in various ways, and then squeezed to operate the hand. It seems like a skilled user can configure the hand rapidly, although they must have a way to squeeze the hand to operate it, or someone will need to develop an interface of some sort for people without needing to squeeze it.

To that end, the files for making your own hand are available on Thingiverse. [Dominick] hopes that his project will spark some collaboration and development, using this hand as a basis for building other low-cost 3D printed prosthetics. There are many good ideas from this project that could translate well into other areas of prosthetics, and putting it all out there will hopefully spur more growth in this area. Weve already seen similar-looking hands that have different methods of actuation, and both projects could benefit from sharing ideas with each other.

Thanks to [mmemetea] for the tip!


Bash check if string starts with character such as # "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

My bash shell script read a config file line-by-line using a bash while loop. I need to check if a string stored in $var starts with some value such as # character. If so I need to ignore that value and read the next line from my config file. How do I check if variable begins with # in bash shell scripting running on a Linux or Unix-like operating systems?

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Can You Pass This Astronaut IQ Test? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Take this NASA IQ test and see if youve got the brains to be an astronaut.


Facebooks latest privacy scandal: The private photos of millions of users were accidentally shared with 1,500 apps "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Were sorry this happened, Facebook said in a statement after disclosing yet another privacy failing.

Facebook said on Friday in a developer-focused blog post that it had discovered a nasty bug in its photo software.

The bug allowed authorized app programmers to access photos that people had uploaded to Facebook but not publicly shared, as well as those posted on Facebooks Marketplace software or Facebook Stories, the post said.

There are several cases in which someone might have uploaded a photo but didnt share it, Facebook explained.


Computers could soon run cold, no heat generated "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Transistors, superconductors, and chip design have all seen efficiency breakthroughs this year. So much so, that we may see the cold-running computer before too long.


New Shamoon Malware Variant Targets Italian Oil and Gas Company "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Shamoon is back one of the most destructive malware families that caused damage to Saudi Arabia's largest oil producer in 2012 and this time it has targeted energy sector organizations primarily operating in the Middle East. Earlier this week, Italian oil drilling company Saipem was attacked and sensitive files on about 10 percent of its servers were destroyed, mainly in the Middle East,


The Amazing Ways How Unilever Uses Artificial Intelligence To Recruit & Train Thousands Of Employees "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Unilever, the multinational consumer goods manufacturer, uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help with recruiting and onboarding of new employees. The algorithms help to sift through CVs and even conduct and analyze video interviews.


Crick Scientists Crack CRISPR editing "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A team of researchers have just figured out how to play god, mastering the editing of DNA



We Might be able to Eradicate Cytomegalovirus "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a -herpesvirus that infects the majority of people in the world. It lies dormant in the body, waiting for an opportunity to strike when the immune system is weakened. This persistent virus infects people for their entire lives, and now researchers have discovered how the virus spreads, opening the door to ways to destroy it.

What is cytomegalovirus?

CMV is part of the -subfamily of herpesviruses, which are believed to have been co-evolving with their hosts for around 180 million years [1]. CMV infection is asymptomatic; this means it causes no symptoms and is a latent infection; in other words, it lies dormant in the cell, awaiting activation under certain conditions [2].


Security updates for Friday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security updates have been issued by CentOS (ghostscript, git, java-1.7.0-openjdk, java-11-openjdk, kernel, NetworkManager, python-paramiko, ruby, sos-collector, thunderbird, and xorg-x11-server), Debian (gcc-4.9), and SUSE (amanda, ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs, and tiff).


J&J Knew for Decades that Asbestos Lurked in its Baby Powder "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Reuters: A Reuters examination of many of those documents, as well as deposition and trial testimony, shows that from at least 1971 to the early 2000s, the companys raw talc and finished powders sometimes tested positive for small amounts of asbestos, and that company executives, mine managers, scientists, doctors and lawyers fretted over the []


The Dark Side of the ForSSHe "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

ESET researchers discovered a set of previously undocumented Linux malware families based on OpenSSH. In the white paper, The Dark Side of the ForSSHe, they release analysis of 21 malware families to improve the prevention, detection and remediation of such threats

[...] Something that wasnt originally discussed in the Operation Windigo paper, but that ESET researchers have talked about at conferences, is how those attackers try to detect other OpenSSH backdoors prior to deploying their own (Ebury). They use a Perl script they have developed that contains more than 40 signatures for different backdoors.

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Re: Linux kernel: userfaultfd bypasses tmpfs file permissions (CVE-2018-18397; since 4.11; fixed in 4.14.87 and 4.19.7) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Solar Designer on Dec 14

I thought you'd say something like this. Thanks. What I did here is
try and show that even using this biased data we see that sufficiently
old kernels aren't affected by most vulnerabilities that are found and
fixed in latest mainline kernels.

As I understand, you think that overall the data is biased towards more
CVEs for old and long-living bugs than for newer and short-living bugs.
Correct? If so, and if this assumption is in...


Personal & banking data of 120 million Brazilians leaked online "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Carolina

The Cadastro de Pessoas Fsicas (CPFs) is a taxpayer registry identification for Brazilians In this case, 120 million CPFs were exposed online. The IT security researchers at InfoArmors Advanced Threat Intelligence team discovered a treasure trove of personal sensitive data belonging to over 120 million Brazilians exposed on an unprotected AWS (Amazon Web Service) S3 cloud []

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4 Unique Terminal Emulators for Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

4 Unique Terminal Emulators for Linux


EU Members Approve Upload Filters for Terrorist Content "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The upload filters topic has been widely debated in the European Parliament this year.

While most attention has been focused on copyright-infringing material and Article 13, another filtering discussion has been going on at the same time.

This summer the EU Commission pushed forward a plan to require content hosting platforms including Google, Twitter, and Facebook to swiftly remove terrorist content when a national authority points it out to them.

The proposed regulation was accepted by the EU member states at a Council meeting earlier this week.

According to the published report, the EU countries in favor believe that there is a need to achieve automatic detection and systematic, fast, permanent and full removal of terrorist content.

This terrorist content can be reported by local police, for example, or another designated private authority. No court has to be involved in the process. What has many activists worried is that, like Article 13, the proposal can enable automated upload filters.

The proposed terrorist content filters will go further than Article 13 in the sense that they require services to remove reported content within one hour. In addition, services will have to prevent this content from reappearing on their platforms.

If they fail to do so, the companies could face hefty fines and criminal liability.

Its worth noting that the proposal is not restricted to large Internet platforms. It will apply to all hosting service providers that do business in the EU. This includes many smaller companies.

The French civil rights group La Quadrature notes that while its easy for large tech giants to comply, smaller competitors will be severely disadvantaged. These would all need a point of contact thats available 24/7.

The other actors will have no other choice but to close down their hosting services or (less likely but just as serious) to outsource the execution of their obligations to the giants, the group writes.

The proposed legislation has triggered opposition from more sides, including...


Retrotechtacular: Remembering Radio Shack P-Box Kits "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If you are under a certain age, you probably associate Radio Shack with cellphones. While Radio Shack never gave us access to the variety and economy of parts we have today, they did have one thing that I wish we could get again: P-Box kits. The obvious questions are: Whats a P-Box and why do I want one? But the kit wasnt to make a P-Box. P-Box was the kind of box the kit came in. It was like a piece of perfboard, but made of plastic, built into a plastic box. So you bought the kit which might be a radio or a metal detector opened the box and then built the kit using the box as the chassis.

The perfboard was pretty coarse, too, because the components were all big discrete components. There was at least one that had an IC, but that came premounted on a PC board that you treated like a big component. One of my favorites was a three-transistor regenerative shortwave receiver. In those days, you could pick up a lot of stations on shortwave and it was one of the best ways at the time to learn more about the world.

On the left, you can see a picture of the radio from the 1975 catalog. You might think $7.95 is crazy cheap, but that was at least a tank full of gas or four movie tickets in those days, and most of us didnt have a lot of money as kids, so you probably saved your allowance for a few weeks, did chores, or delivered papers to make $8.

The Dirty Few Dozen

The kits changed over the years. In 1975 there were twenty of them, but over the years there were about thirty different kits. In fact, the shortwave radio was a few bucks more than most of them, although there were a few that were even more, but in 1975, at least none of them were over $9.



ARM's AArch64 Adding Pointer Authentication Support To The Linux 4.21 Kernel "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The 64-bit ARM architecture code (a.k.a ARM64 / AArch64) with the Linux 4.21 kernel is seeing pointer authentication added as a new security feature...


Re: Linux kernel: userfaultfd bypasses tmpfs file permissions (CVE-2018-18397; since 4.11; fixed in 4.14.87 and 4.19.7) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Jann Horn on Dec 14

I think one additional aspect here is the kernel config. From what
I've seen, distros tend to turn on all the config options because they
probably have some user, somewhere, who wants to use that feature; and
if you use that strategy for your kernel config, then yes, new
releases probably add new features and attack surface.

But since you're able to use a 3.10 kernel, evidently you don't need
those features. So I think it makes...


Re: Linux kernel: userfaultfd bypasses tmpfs file permissions (CVE-2018-18397; since 4.11; fixed in 4.14.87 and 4.19.7) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Brad Spengler on Dec 14

I really wish such statistics would stop being cited as evidence of anything,
since the ingrained bias of CVE allocation (which is generally not done by
upstream itself, and is instead mostly done by the distros for issues that
affect their older kernels) inherently changes the range of conclusions that
can be reached. These statistics and the "5 year lifetime" of Linux kernel
bugs are simply myths. The original "5 year...


Sharp introduces multifunction printers that include firmware attack prevention "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA), a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation (SEC), introduced a new line of Advanced and Essentials Series color document systems for the technology-driven workplace. The eleven new models include seven that are available now, and four models that will be available in early summer 2019. All the new models offer Sharps touchscreen display, which is common across 30+ models in Sharps multifunction printer lineup, and add new features More

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Threat Stack announces contextualized data export to Amazon S3 for cloud security observability "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Threat Stack unveiled its plan to export cloud infrastructure security telemetry directly to its customers Amazon S3 accounts in order to enhance security observability. With access to contextualized runtime and behavioral analysis data from the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform through Amazon S3, Threat Stack customers will be able to achieve full stack security observability of their cloud infrastructure. With a direct data export to Amazon S3, Threat Stack helps customers unlock the true value More

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Cylance narrows the cybersecurity skills gap with virtual CISO "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Cylance released its virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) service, a program designed to provide organizations with technology and security resources that support next-generation security architectures and offer staff augmentation. Cylance vCISO enables customers at organizations large and small tackle the cybersecurity skills shortage that has long been a problem for CISOs. In fact, a recent study notes that the skills gapup by more than 50% in the last three yearsis expected to grow by More

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Physicists Create Quark-Gluon Plasma Droplets "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

From Sci-News

Physicists from the PHENIX Collaboration have created droplets of a liquid-like state of matter called quark-gluon plasma, forming three distinct shapes and sizes circles, ellipses and triangles.

Scientists believe that quark-gluon plasma filled the entire Universe during the first few microseconds after the Big Bang when the Universe was still too hot for particles to come together to make atoms.

[...] The scientists discovered that, by carefully controlling conditions, they could generate droplets of quark-gluon plasma that expanded to form three different geometric patterns.

[...] The results, published in the journal Nature Physics, could help theorists better understand how the Universes original quark-gluon plasma cooled over milliseconds, giving birth to the first atoms in existence.

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Google Search is testing Learn To Pronounce feature in different speeds and accents "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Google Searchs new feature will teach you how to pronounce words in different accents

Over a period of time, Google Search has become a lifeline for many of us and the go-to-place to find answers for any kind of queries ranging from food, health, entertainment, weather, and much more. Not only this, it also serves as a platform for us to learn new things.

Google is always looking to better its services and make it more user-friendly. And one such service is its Search feature. Apparently, Google is testing a new feature that will help users learn how to pronounce words in different accents and speeds, reports Android Police.

Google Search is testing Learn To Pronounce featureImage: Android Police

The new Learn to Pronounce feature will help users to correctly pronounce a word, which will be played in both American and British accents. Also, it allows managing the speed of pronunciation for a word for those users who have trouble in understanding the accent.

For the unaware, when a user searches for the definition of a particular word in Google Search, it displays the meaning of the word in question along with a small speaker icon next to the said word to hear how it is pronounced.

The introduction of the new feature will pop up the Learn To Pronounce box below the word, which when tapped will open up a new search card. For instance, if you search for onomatopoeia, a box will reportedly appear that directs to a new search for how to pronounce that will have the written pronunciation of the word along with a small speaker icon placed next to it.

It will then give a drop-down option, which will have the British or American pronunciation of the given word that the user needs to choose from. Additionally, there is also an option to slow down the speed of the audio pronunciation in case it is not understandable.

Google has yet to officially confirm the release or testing of the new feature. However, the feature is already displaying for some users, according to Android Police. This could mean that Google may slowly roll out the feature to users in coming weeks. Keep watching this for more updates!

Source: Android Police

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Association of Assisted Reproductive Technologies With Arterial Hypertension During Adolescence "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Theres a positive correlation of assisted reproductive technologies with arterial hypertension. Epigenetics and hormone treatments with IVF are probable causes.

Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) have been shown to induce premature vascular aging in apparently healthy children. In mice, ART-induced premature vascular aging evolves into arterial hypertension. Given the young age of the human ART group, long-term sequelae of ART-induced alterations of the cardiovascular phenotype are unknown.

This study hypothesized that vascular alterations persist in adolescents and young adults conceived by ART and that arterial hypertension possibly represents the first detectable clinically relevant endpoint in this group.

Five years after the initial assessment, the study investigators reassessed vascular function and performed 24-h ambulatory blood pressure (BP) monitoring (ABPM) in 54 young, apparently healthy participants conceived through ART and 43 age- and sex-matched controls.


How to secure Apache with Lets Encrypt Certificates on RHEL 8 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I read that Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate for web server and other usages. How do I secure Apache with Let's Encrypt Certificates on RHEL 8?

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Re: Linux kernel: userfaultfd bypasses tmpfs file permissions (CVE-2018-18397; since 4.11; fixed in 4.14.87 and 4.19.7) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Solar Designer on Dec 14

Important correction:

Actually, that wouldn't answer this exact question - it'd answer a
similar question about tracked vulnerabilities, and the answer would
tell us how frequently a vulnerability would need to be patched on a
system (apparently, 1/8 of the time for RHEL7 vs. latest mainline now).

We can't answer the question about untracked vulnerabilities from
per-vulnerability data because untracked implies we lack such data....


"IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Researcher Tim Coen discovered several cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in the CMS. One of the flaws is caused by the ability of contributors to edit new comments from users with higher privileges.
Coen also discovered that it is possible to trigger XSS flaws by using  specially crafted URL input against some plugins.

Coen along with the researcher Slavco Mihajloski discovered an XSS vulnerability that allows authors on websites running on Apache servers to upload specially crafted files that bypass the MIME verification.

Prior to 5.0.1, WordPress did not require uploaded files to pass MIME type verification, so files could be uploaded even if the contents didnt match the file extension. For example, a binary file could be uploaded with a .jpg extension, wrote WordPress developer Ian Dunn. This is no longer the case, and the content of uploaded files must now match their extension. Most valid files should be unaffected, but there may be cases when a file needs to be renamed to its correct extension (e.g., an OpenOffice doc going from .pptx to .ppxs).

Another flaw discovered by experts at Yoast affects some uncommon configurations and causes the user activation screen being indexed by search engines. This could lead the exposure of email addresses and some default passwords in some rare cases.

Karim El Ouerghemmi discovered that security issues allows authors to alter metadata and delete files that they normally would not be authorized to delete.

Security expert Sam Thomas discovered that contributors could use specially crafted metadata for PHP object injection.

The last flaw was discovered by Simon Scannell from RIPS Technologies, il could be exploited by authors using specially crafted input to create posts of unauthorized types.

Security updates that addressed the above flaws have been released for WordPress 4.9 and older releases. Version 5.0 already includes the fixes.



Re: Linux kernel: userfaultfd bypasses tmpfs file permissions (CVE-2018-18397; since 4.11; fixed in 4.14.87 and 4.19.7) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Solar Designer on Dec 14

Thanks! Slide 4 says average lifetime among 3 critical issues is 5.3
years, and among 79 high severity issues is 5.6 years. (And then
there's over a thousand of medium and low severity issues. Ouch.)

However, to answer my question above we need median and not average.
For example, (1, 2, 3, 16) has an average of 5.5 years, but in that
below the average, we'd...


In the NatureNurture War, Nature Wins "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

About the dinosaur wars? Somehow I find this whole discussion to be debated in a pretty narrow-minded fashion and it renders it, at least to me, fairly useless.

Environmental influences are important, too, but they are largely unsystematic, unstable and idiosyncratic.


NASAs Insight Lander on Mars Spotted from Space! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

NASAs newly arrived Mars lander has been spotted by one its orbiting cousins.

The space agencys Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter used its supersharp High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment camera (HiRISE) to photograph the InSight lander, as well as the hardware that helped the stationary robot ace its Nov. 26 touchdown on the equatorial plain known as Elysium Planitia.

It looks like the heat shield (upper right) has its dark outside facing down, since it is so bright (saturated, probably a specular reflection), HiRISE principal investigator Alfred McEwen, of the University of Arizona, wrote in an image description today (Dec. 13). [Mars InSight in Photos: NASAs Mission to Probe Core of the Red Planet].


Fake Bomb Threat Emails Demanding Bitcoins Sparked Chaos Across US, Canada "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

"Pay $20,000 worth of bitcoin, or a bomb will detonate in your building" A massive number of businesses, schools, government offices and individuals across the US, New Zealand and Canada on Thursday received bomb threats via emails that caused nationwide chaos, forcing widespread evacuations and police response. The bomb threat emails were apparently sent by spammers, threatening people that


ONAP Myths Debunked "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Linux Foundations Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) is well into its third 6-month release (Casablanca came out in Dec 18), and while the project has evolved since its first release, there is still some confusion about what it is and how its architected. This blogs takes a closer look at ONAP, under-the-hood, to clarify how it works.  


Intel Signs $100 Million Deal With ESL to Promote its Brand With eSports "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Intel and ESL Commit $100 Million to eSports

Intel and eSports organizer and production company ESL have announced this week a commitment to invest at least $100 million to "shape the future landscape of eSports through innovative technology, tournaments and events" through 2021 in what the companies described as "the biggest brand and technology eSports partnership in history." That's a lot of money, but it almost doesn't seem like it when you consider the duo's belief that eSports will become a billion-dollar industry. Almost.

This partnership isn't new. Intel and ESL have worked together on the Intel Extreme Masters tournament series for Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and other titles since 2006. Intel also sponsors the ESL One circuit for CS:GO and Dota 2, the ESL Pro League for CS:GO and the multi-tourney Intel Grand Slam that challenged CS:GO teams to win four of 10 events in 2018 in exchange for $1 million and gold bars engraved with their names.

Also at CNBC.

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Lets Look At Some Cool Old LEDs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

LEDs are now a mature technology, with all manner of colors and flavors available. However, back in the 1970s, it was early days for this fledgling display tech, and things looked very different. [IMSAI Guy] happened to work at the optoelectronics division of Hewlett-Packard during their development of LED displays, and has a handful of prototypes from those heady days.

The video is a great look at not only vintage display hardware, but also rarely seen prototypes that seldom left the HP offices. Matrix, 7-segment and even 16-segment devices are all in attendance here. Theres great macro photography of the packages, including the now-forgotten bubble displays as well as hermetically sealed glass packages. The parts all have a uniquely 1970s look, drenched in gold plating and otherwise just looking very expensive.

The followup video breaks out the microscope and powers up the displays. [IMSAI Guy] shares some useful tips on how to best tinker with unknown LED parts, as well as knowledge about the chemical compounds and manufacturing processes involved in LED production. If you dont know your III-V compounds from your II-VI compounds, prepare to learn.

Its always interesting to take a look back, and even better to get a peek at the experiments of engineers of the past.

If youre wondering about applications of this hardware, weve seen messageboards and watches before. Video after the break.


Affect Recognition: Face Scanning Combined with Insane Pseudoscience "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Youll love this one. Via: The Intercept: Facial recognition has quickly shifted from techno-novelty to fact of life for many, with millions around the world at least willing to put up with their faces scanned by software at the airport, their iPhones, or Facebooks server farms. But researchers at New York Universitys AI Now Institute []


Amazons Disturbing Plan to Add Face Surveillance to Doorbell Cameras "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: ACLU: Recently, a patent application from Amazon became public that would pair face surveillance like Rekognition, the product that the company is aggressively marketing to police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement with Ring, a doorbell camera company that Amazon bought earlier this year. While the details are sketchy, the application describes a []


KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Videos Now Online "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This week's KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2018 in Seattle was the biggest ever! This sold-out event featured four days of information on Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy, OpenTracing, Fluentd, gRPC, containerd, and rkt, along with many other exciting projects and topics.

More than 100 lightning talks, keynotes, and technical sessions from the event have already been posted. 

You can check out the videos on YouTube.


Researchers Control Trapped Nanoparticles With Greater Precision "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

New device could help answer fundamental questions about quantum physics

Researchers have developed a new device that can measure and control a nanoparticle trapped in a laser beam with unprecedented sensitivity. The new technology could help scientists study a macroscopic particle's motion with subatomic resolution, a scale governed by the rules of quantum mechanics rather than classical physics.

The researchers from the University of Vienna in Austria and the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands report their new device in Optica, The Optical Society's journal for high impact research. Although the approach has been used with trapped atoms, the team is the first to use it to precisely measure the motion of an optically trapped nanoparticle made of billions of atoms.

[...] The new method uses a light-guiding nanoscale device called a photonic crystal cavity to monitor the position of a nanoparticle levitating in a traditional optical trap. Optical trapping uses a focused laser beam to exert a force on an object to hold it in place. The technique was recognized by the award of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics to pioneer, Arthur Ashkin.

[...] The new device accomplishes a high level of sensitivity by using a long photonic crystal cavity that is narrower than the wavelength of the light. This means that when light enters and travels down the nanoscale cavity, some of it leaks out and forms what is called an evanescent field. The evanescent field changes when an object is placed close to the photonic crystal, which in turn changes how the light propagates through the photonic crystal in a measurable way.

Near-field coupling of a levitated nanoparticle to a photonic crystal cavity (open, DOI: 10.1364/OPTICA.5.001597) (DX)

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The Year Ahead: Tech braces for new scrutiny from Washington "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Tech and cybersecurity are poised to be at the forefront of Congresss agenda in 2019.Lawmakers have increasingly set their sights on Silicon Valley, demanding a crackdown on tech giants like Facebook and Twitter. At the same time, cybersecurity...


A Look At The Clear Linux Performance Over The Course Of 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With the end of the year quickly approaching, it's time for our annual look at how the Linux performance has evolved over the past year from graphics drivers to distributions. This year was a particularly volatile year for Linux performance due to Spectre and Meltdown mitigations, some of which have at least partially recovered thanks to continued optimizations landing in subsequent kernel releases. But on the plus side, new releases of Python, PHP, GCC 8, and other new software releases have helped out the performance. For kicking off our year-end benchmark comparisons, first up is a look at how Intel's performance-optimized Clear Linux distribution evolved this year.


2018 - a year of data breaches in review "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

2018 - a year of data breaches

Week after week, month after month, 2018 saw organisations and companies struck by massive and damaging data breaches, putting the personal details of innocent members of the public at risk.

Read more in my article on the Bitdefender Business Insights blog.


Seven Remarkable Takeaways From Massive Kubernetes Conference "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The 8,000 attendees attending the Cloud Native Computing Foundations(CNCF) KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Kubernetes conference this week in Seattle demonstrated the exponential growth in interest in this complex, technical combination of open source technologies.


The State of Enterprise Open Source in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The state of open source in 2018, and especially, the IBMs Red Hat purchase, were discussed in this podcast with Rachel Stephens, an analyst with of RedMonk, and Michael Cot, director, marketing, at Pivotal Software, hosted by Libby Clark, editorial director, and Alex Williams, founder and editor-in-chief, of The New Stack.


The Worst Passwords of 2018 are Just as Dumb as You'd Expect "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Worst Passwords of 2018 are Just as Dumb as You'd Expect;

"Password" will never be a good password. Period.

[...] It doesn't look like we're getting any smarter about our passwords.

On Thursday, software company SplashData released its annual list of the Top 100 worst passwords, and it includes some pretty obvious blunders. Coming in at No. 1 is, you guessed it, "123456," and in second place is, yup, "password." This is the fifth year in a row these passwords have held the top two spots.

Newcomers to the list include "666666" (No. 14), "princess" (No. 11) and "donald" (No. 23).

[...] To compile its list, SplashData evaluated more than 5 million leaked passwords, mostly from users in North America and Western Europe. The company estimates that about 10 percent of people have used at least one of the Top 25 worst passwords, and about 3 percent have used "123456."

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Silicon Valleys quest for immortality and its worrying sacrifices "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Whether we will ever find a way to overcome the physiological trade offs that hold back immortality, or whether we will really be able to replicate human consciousness in a computer are questions too difficult for us yet to answer. But are those leading the charge against death at least inspiring us to lead healthy lives, or are they simply rallying against an inevitable fate?

Long read: How nature is fighting our attempts to use biohacking to live forever.


AMD Adding STIBP "Always-On Preferred Mode" To Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Initially during the Linux 4.20 kernel merge window with the STIBP addition for cross-hyperthread Spectre V2 mitigation it was turned on by default for all processes. But that turned out to have a sizable performance hit so the behavior was changed to only turn it on for processes under SECCOMP or when requested via the PRCTL interface. However, AMD is landing a patch that for select CPUs will have an always-on mode as evidently that's preferred for some AMD processors...


Charge Your EV The Portable Way "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

[Andrew Rossignol] has a slightly unusual plug-in hybrid vehicle, a Cadillac ELR, and his latest project for the car sees him building a battery-powered portable mains charging pack for it in an attempt to increase its range. If this seems to be a rather cumbersome exercise, his write-up details the work he put in trying to hook up directly to the cars internal battery, and how a 4 kW mains inverter and an off-the-shelf mains charging station were the most practical alternative.

His first impulse was to hook a second supply to the cars high voltage bus from a supplementary battery pack and inverter, but in this aim he was thwarted by a protection diode and his not wanting to modify the car to bypass it. So the unlikely solution was to take his battery pack from a second-hand Toyota Prius upgrade kit and build it into a frame along with the inverter and charger. The result is something akin to a portable generator without the small gasoline engine, and while it is hardly the most efficient way to transfer energy from a wall socket into a car it does offer the ELR a significant range upgrade.

The cost involved has probably kept away many readers who would like to hack their hybrid cars, so weve seen surprisingly few. This home made Geo Metro supplements its forklift motor with a small gasoline generator. Meanwhile [Andrew] is no stranger to these pages, among the several times his work has appeared here are his rundown on OBD sniffing the ELR, and from a while back, displaying graphics on an oscilloscope including a Wrencher.



The coming of low-Earth orbit satellites "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The launch of thousands of new satellites will boost the space economy.


New Sofacy campaign aims at Government agencies across the world "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security experts at Palo Alto Networks uncovered a new espionage campaign carried out by Russia-Linked APT group Sofacy.

Russian Cyber espionage group Sofacy (aka APT28Pawn StormFancy BearSednitTsar Team, and Strontium)) carried out a new cyber campaign aimed at government agencies in four continents in an attempt to infect them with malware.

The campaign has been focusing on Ukraine and NATO members like it has done in past attacks.

Earlier December the group used Brexit-themed bait documents on the same day the UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced the initial BREXIT draft agreement with the European Union (EU). In November experts at Palo Alto Networks documents a new malware, dubbed Cannon in attacks on government entities worlwide.

The latest campaign documented by Palo Alto Networks was carried out from mid-October through mid-November, attackers used both the
Zebrocy backdoor and Cannon Trojan. 

Researchers noticed that in all the attacks threat actors used decoy documents that have the same author name Joohn.

The delivery documents used in the October and November waves shared a large number of similarities, which allowed us to cluster the activity together. Most notably, the author name Joohn was used repeatedly in each delivery document. reads the...


12 Creative Virtual Reality Uses Businesses Should Consider "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Virtual reality (VR) has made massive bounds in recent years. Were now seeing VR as an innovative and creative experience catered to customers.

To find out about t he creative ways entrepreneurs are using VR and which methods have true applicability I asked a panel of entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council the following question:


Rightsholders Say Latest Article 13 Text Wont Close the Value Gap "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This September, the European Parliament backed the controversial Article 13 proposals, something that was met with a chorus of support from the entertainment industries, the music sector in particular.

The final text of Article 13 is yet to be finalized so the EU Parliament will need to vote again, once thats completed. However, as Article 13 mutates to address the concerns of opponents, rightsholders have been expressing concern that the changes will actually strengthen the position of major online content sharing service providers (OCSSPs) such as YouTube.

Last week, major rightsholders including the MPA and the Premier League warned that as it stands, Article 13 will create a new safe harbor for services that take measures to prevent infringement. Now, even more dissenting voices are making their opinions known.

In an open letter to the European Commission, Parliament and Council, more rightsholders and content groups including IFPI a previously staunch supporter of Article 13 say the proposals are going in the wrong direction.

We have reviewed the European Commission text/non-papers on article 13 and we have serious concerns about the direction of travel, the groups write.

As we reach the very final stages of this process, and negotiators seek to finalize a compromise text, we urge you to remember that the overall aim of the original European Commission proposal was to correct the distortion of the digital market place caused by User Upload Content (UUC) services, which enable users to upload content onto their sites and then profit from the availability of creative content without returning fair revenues to rightsholders, who create and invest in such content.

The groups say that the solution to the so-called Value Gap lies in holding OCSSPs liable for communication to the public when copyrighted works are made available from their platforms while excluding them from the safe harbors available in Article 14 of the E-Commerce Directive.

We continue to believe that only a solution that stays within these principles meaningfully addresses the Value Gap/Transfer of Value. Moreover, licensing needs to be encouraged where the rightsholders are willing to do so but at the same time not be forced upon rightsholders, the groups write, noting that proposals that deviate from the above should be dismissed.

As things stand, the current proposal tex...


Supernova May be Linked to Extinction of the Megalodon "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Researchers consider whether supernovae killed off large ocean animals at dawn of Pleistocene

About 2.6 million years ago, an oddly bright light arrived in the prehistoric sky and lingered there for weeks or months. It was a supernova some 150 light years away from Earth. Within a few hundred years, long after the strange light in the sky had dwindled, a tsunami of cosmic energy from that same shattering star explosion could have reached our planet and pummeled the atmosphere, touching off climate change and triggering mass extinctions of large ocean animals, including a shark species that was the size of a school bus.

[...] The effects of such a supernova and possibly more than one on large ocean life are detailed in a paper just published in Astrobiology.

[...] A supernova 2.6 million years ago may be related to a marine megafaunal extinction at the Pliocene-Pleistocene boundary where 36 percent of the genera were estimated to become extinct. The extinction was concentrated in coastal waters, where larger organisms would catch a greater radiation dose from the muons.

According to the authors of the new paper, damage from muons would extend down hundreds of yards into ocean waters, becoming less severe at greater depths: "High energy muons can reach deeper in the oceans being the more relevant agent of biological damage as depth increases," they write.

Indeed, a famously large and fierce marine animal inhabiting shallower waters may have been doomed by the supernova radiation.

"One of the extinctions that happened 2.6 million years ago was Megalodon," Melott said. "Imagine the Great White Shark in 'Jaws,' which was enormous and that's Megalodon, but it was about the size of a school bus. They just disappeared about that time. So, we can speculate it might have something to do with the muons. Basically, the bigger the creature is the bigger the increase in radiation would have been."

Megalodon (Carcharocles megalodon).

Hypothesis: Muon Radiation Dose and Marine Megafaunal Extinction at the End-Pliocene Supernova (DOI: 10.1089/ast.2018.1902) (DX)

Original Submission...


Cardinal Pell "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Not too many years ago, the West freed the queer boys and girls from continuous judicial assault.  That was good.  What we are seeing now is the various hideouts used by those once under threat been shaken out and we are seeing what they had been up to.
We discover aggressive homosexuality preys on vulnerable young men and boys of course. These victims often then go on to become perpetrators.  All this places the problem of mutual consent into a deep grey area twisted by the imbalance of power, just as sexual harassment does in the work place.
The Church will have to end the demand for celibacy and perhaps limit that to promotion candidates.  Considering the ample supply of divorced older men with a potential long lifespan, this may well solve itself.  The real problem is how to accommodate homosexuality at all except through legitimate celibacy, but that is exactly what has not worked.
We have not heard the details of this man's crimes, but perhaps that is as well. It will take little for our culture to slam the legal door back down on all this.  Instead we need to work with the natural community in order to resolve human sexuality safely..  .. .
Cardinal Pell, top advisor to Pope Francis, found guilty of historical sexual offenses

Gerard OConnell December 12, 2018

Australian Cardinal George Pell leaves the Melbourne Magistrates Court Oct. 6. (CNS photo/Mark Dadswell, Reuters) An Australian jury has found Cardinal George Pell, 77, guilty on five charges of historical child sexual offenses that go back decades, according to various media reports and confirmed by America. The 12-member jury gave their unanimous verdict in the County Court of the State of Victoria in Melbourne on Tuesday, Dec. 11.

Yuezhi Civilization "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Chinese mission of Zhang Qian to the Yuezhi in 126 BCE, Mogao Caves, 618712 CE mural painting

  A snapshot of another nomadic group finally settling down and then been merged into a larger population. The last of those are finally going the same way. The Romans and the Chinese and even India somewhat faced a steady onslaught.  The rise of modernism and particularly its predecessor the European Medieval world which debauched onto the Americas crushed nomadic threats everywhere.  More practically it was the gun and its supply tail that did the nomads in finally. There are many such stories all the same..

Yuezhi Civilization: Ancient Nomadic People Who Once Ruled Bactria



Bat-Winged Humanoid Observed Near Hamilton, MT "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Interesting item in which the observer thinks that the sonics he was putting out affected the giant bat.

We have specifically covered what are essentially giant bats usually mistaken for Chupcabras and/or gargoyles.  So this certainly conforms to what we have so far and supports the Bat conjecture for all of it along with its harvesting of arterial blood.

Also it is part of the Great Plains and the huge herds of cattle that are available.

I wonder if a single bat can feed of a single cow without killing it?  That actually makes sense as a cow has around ten gallons of blood.  Most likely the dead cows were bled by a whole flock who mostly took turns draining the blood.
Bat-Winged Humanoid Observed Near Hamilton, MT 

 Monday, December 03, 2018

I recently came across the following account:

This account took place in 2010. I was living in Hamilton, Montana with my current girlfriend. It was late at night and my friend and I would always go for a drive. We parked at an empty parking lot outside of a gym that was on the outskirts of town. My friend had his medical marijuana card and he would smoke whil...


What science is confirming about the benefits of CBD oil "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Image: What science is confirming about the benefits of CBD oil


It is about time to consider just what we have here.  So far the best delivered product is a full spectrum CBD oil that contains only a trace amount of THC.  I suspect that will become the product of choice.

It remains to be seen just how the regulatory framework itself will shake out.  The potential exists for a supplement platform, but that is optimistic.

What is shaping up is a profoundly beneficial pain management product that assists in healing gthe brain.  .

What science is confirming about the benefits of CBD oil


Energy Model Management Framework Queued For Linux 4.21 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new framework queued for introduction with the Linux 4.21 kernel is the ARM-developed Energy Model Management Framework...


Attackers increasingly exploiting vulnerabilities to enlarge their IoT botnets "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Attackers looking to add IoT devices to their botnets are increasingly adding vulnerability exploitation to their attack arsenal, Netscout researchers warn. Instead on just relying on a list of common or default passwords or brute-forcing attacks, they are taking advantage of the fact that IoT devices are rarely updated and manufacturers take a lot of time to push out fixes for known flaws. Currently under exploitation In November 2018, the company detected many exploitation attempts More

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Most concerning security controls for cyberattackers? Deception and IDS "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Attivo Networks surveyed more than 450 cybersecurity professionals and executives globally to gain insights into detection trends, top threat concerns, attack surface concerns, and whats on their 2019 security wish list. Overall, the survey highlighted that the battle to keep cyber attackers from successfully compromising networks is not working. Over 50% of respondents reported that 100 days of dwell time or more was representative of their organization, while nearly half of respondents indicated that their More

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Bitcoin Bomb Threat Scam Circulating "IndyWatch Feed Tech" reports that there have been a number of email bomb threats sent out demanding blackmail payments in bitcoin. An example of one message follows:

"Good day. My mercenary has carried the bomb (lead azide) into the building where your business is conducted. My mercenary built the explosive device under my direction. It can be hidden anywhere because of its small size, it is impossible to destroy the supporting building structure by this explosive device, but if it denotates there will be many wounded people.

My recruited person is watching the situation around the building. If he notices any suspicious activity, panic or cops the device will be blown up.

I can call off my man if you make a transfer 20,000 usd is the price for your safety and business. Transfer it to me in Bitcoin and I assure that I have to withdraw my mercenary and the bomb will not detonate. But do not try to deceive me my guarantee will become valid only after 3 confirmations in blockchain."

So does this sound like somebody who speaks English natively? Can you predict where this is coming from? Can you predict what kind of person sent this? Can you predict what kind of mess this is going to create? Who are you betting is really behind this?

Also at The Register, threatpost, Krebs on Security, and Ars Technica.

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Most organizations suffered a business-disrupting cyber event "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A study conducted by Ponemon Institute found that 60 percent of organizations globally had suffered two or more business-disrupting cyber events defined as cyber attacks causing data breaches or significant disruption and downtime to business operations, plant and operational equipment in the last 24 months. Further, 91 percent of respondents had suffered at least one such cyber event in the same time period. Despite this documented history of damaging attacks, the study found More

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Liss C. Werner joins our Complex Systems Board. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Liss C. Werner joins our Complex Systems Board. Liss is director of and Assistant Professor of Architecture and Cybernetics at Technical University Berlin, where she founded the CyPhyLab.


How students learn to code, evaluate job opportunities "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

New data from HackerRank reveals the technical skills, learning preferences and career motivators of collegiate software engineers. The findings provide a playbook for corporate recruiters and hiring managers looking to improve how they identify, attract and retain the upcoming generation of skilled developers. In the U.S. alone, there are nearly 580,000 open computing jobs with less than 50,000 computer science graduates entering the workforce thats over 11 job postings for every Computer Science (CS) More

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Radeon Software for Linux 18.50 Released - Just One Listed Change "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Radeon Software for Linux 18.50 driver release (a.k.a. "AMDGPU-PRO" 18.50) is now officially available..


Turn Old Pinball Parts Into A Unique Digital Clock "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its getting ever harder to build a truly unique digital clock. From electronic displays to the flip-dots and flip-cards, everything seems to have been done to death. But this pinball scoring reel clock manages to keep the unique clock ball in play, as it were.

Its not entirely clear whom to credit with this build, but the article was written by [Lucky]. Nor do they mention which pinball machine gave up its electromechanical scoring display for the build. Our guess would be a machine from the 60s, before the era of score inflation that required more than the four digits used. And indeed, the driver for the display is designed so that a scoring unit from any pinball machine from the electromechanical era can be used. An ESP8266 keeps the time with the help of an RTC and drives the coils of the scoring unit through a bunch of MOSFETs. The video below shows that it wouldnt make a great clock for the nightstand; thankfully, it has a user-configured quiet time to limit the not inconsiderable noise to waking hours. It also flashes the date every half hour, rings solenoid operated chimes, and as a bonus, it can be used to keep score in a pinball game built right into the software.

We like the idea of honoring the old pinball machines with clock builds like this. Weve seen a word clock built from the back-glass of an old machine, and one that uses a four-player back to display the date and alarm time too.

Thanks to [Emma Lovelace] for the tip.


Worldwide enterprise storage systems market revenue reached $14 billion during 3Q18 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

According to the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Enterprise Storage Systems Tracker, vendor revenue in the worldwide enterprise storage systems market increased 19.4% year over year to $14.0 billion during the third quarter of 2018 (3Q18). Total capacity shipments were up 57.3% year over year to 113.9 exabytes during the quarter. Revenue generated by the group of original design manufacturers (ODMs) selling directly to hyperscale datacenters increased 45.8% year over year in 3Q18 to $3.9 billion. This More

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WebKitGTK+ and WPE WebKit Security Advisory WSA-2018-0009 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Michael Catanzaro on Dec 13

WebKitGTK+ and WPE WebKit Security Advisory WSA-2018-0009

Date reported : December 13, 2018
Advisory ID : WSA-2018-0009
WebKitGTK+ Advisory URL :
WPE WebKit Advisory URL :...


Buzz Aldrin To Steph Curry: Go Ask The Russians If We Landed On The Moon "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Buzz to Steph Curry on the Moon landings: Go ask the Russians Priceless. #buzzaldrin #Moon #NASA #MadhuThangavelu

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) The second man to walk on the moon doesnt want to talk about NBA superstar Steph Currys theory that it never happened.

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, one of three men who took part in the Apollo 11 moon landing mission, was at USC Tuesday night to hear presentations by students on why the U.S. should attempt to return to the moon.

The event came hours after Curry raised doubts over whether humans ever landed on the moon during an appearance with other NBA players on the Winging It podcast.


How I discovered new worlds (and how you can, too) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Thinking of trying something new today? How does discovering new planets while sitting comfortably at home sound? Learn how ordinary citizens can make a WORLD of difference in the ongoing hunt for exoplanets.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to discover new planets? Learn how Planet Hunters TESS shows us how to find new worlds far away from our Sun.


Himawari-8 Real-time Web NICT "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

HAPPENING NOW: MOU Signing on Himawari-8 Real-Time Web Collaboration among DOST-Advanced Science & Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI), Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS-DOST), Dost_pagasa, and NICT Japan.


Second Canadian Detained in China "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Canadian Michael Spavor detained in China as Huawei row continues

A second Canadian has been detained in China on accusations of harming national security, as tension continues between the two countries. It was confirmed on Thursday that Michael Spavor, a businessman, had been detained in addition to former diplomat Michael Kovrig.

Canada drew Chinese protests after it arrested an executive at telecoms giant Huawei at the request of the US. Meng Wanzhou has been bailed but may face extradition for fraud.

[...] Michael Spavor is a businessman based in Dandong, near the Chinese border with North Korea. He has ties to the North Korean government and has met its leader Kim Jong-un many times.

Ex-diplomat Michael Kovrig currently works for a think tank, the International Crisis Group (ICG), which has said it is concerned for his health and safety. He is being held officially "on suspicion of engaging in activities that harm China's state security".

However, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Lu Kang, suggested another reason, saying the ICG had not been registered as a non-governmental organisation (NGO) in China and therefore it was unlawful for its staff to work there. Checks by Reuters news agency did not turn up a registration for ICG on government databases for NGOs or social enterprises.

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland has said Mr Kovrig's case was raised directly with Chinese officials.

The article has a photo of Spavor standing with Dennis Rodman.

Previously: Canada Arrests Huawei's Global Chief Financial Officer in Vancouver
Arrest of Huawei Executive Causing Discontent Among Chinese Elites
China Arrests Former Canadian Diplomat; Chinese Companies Ban iPhones, Require Huawei Phones

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Virgin Galactic Test Flight Reaches Edge of Space for First Time "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: CBS: Virgin Galactics rocket-powered SpaceShipTwo carried two test pilots out of the discernible atmosphere Thursday, the companys first piloted flight to the edge of space and a major milestone for Richard Bransons plans to eventually launch tourists on brief, sub-orbital trips to space. It was the fourth non-government, purely commercial flight to carry pilots []


Google Finally Transfers Ownership of Domain to DuckDuckGo "IndyWatch Feed Tech" now points to DuckDuckGo, not Google

Non-tracking search engine, DuckDuckGo, is now a little easier to find online after the company acquired the premium generic domain name thereby shaving a few letters off its usual URL. This means browsing to now automatically redirects to

The twist in this tale is that's prior owner was Google. And DDG had accused the search giant of anti-competitive behavior by pointing to its own search engine,, and thus "consistently" confusing DDG users ( having long pointed to the DDG community page.)...

[...] [Calls] for antitrust scrutiny of tech giants have been rising in the US. And Google's dominant position in Internet search and smartphone platforms, along with its pincer grip (along with Facebook) on the online ad market, position it for some special attention on that front. So the company quietly passing off now after using it to redirect to for close to a decade to a pro-privacy search rival smacks of concern over competition optics, at the very least.

Also at Gizmodo.

Previously: Google Throws DuckDuckGo a Bone, Adds Redirect on Landing Page

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Bluetooth Smart Pill Pairs With Your Phone From Inside Your Stomach "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A tiny piece of 3D-printed tech could foreshadow the future of medicine.

A team from MIT, Draper, and Brigham and Womens Hospital has created a 3D-printed smart pill that can release medications in the stomach and monitor temperature for up to a month at a time and they believe theyve only scratched the surface of its capabilities.


Alzheimers could be triggered by medical procedures, study suggests "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The seeds of Alzheimers disease can be transmitted through medical procedures, scientists have found, leading experts to call for the monitoring of blood transfusions from the elderly and those with a family history of dementia.

In 2015, researchers at University College London discovered that people who developed Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) following treatments with human growth hormone also showed signs of Alzheimers in their brains after death.

The scientists tracked down vials of the same hormone and found that it did indeed contain misfolded amyloid-beta proteins, capable of setting off the deadly chain reaction which can lead to dementia.


Historic Virgin Galactic Flight Reminds Us That Space Is Just a Concept, Man "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Earlier today, Virgin Galactic sent its SpaceShipTwo commercial aircraft into space, a historic first for the private company. But at a maximum altitude of 51.4 miles (82.68 kilometers), the spaceplane fell 10.6 miles (17.32 kilometers) short of the Karman linethe internationally recognized boundary separating the atmosphere from space. Prompting the inevitable question: What the hell is space, anyway?

Before we nitpick Virgin Galactics achievement, lets give credit where its due.


Is a cancer vaccine on the horizon? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For years immunotherapy has held huge promise. Finally, it seems to be coming to fruition with hopes for a cancer vaccine in the near future


The New Bad Tick Is Going to Take Over Half the United States, Study Finds "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A disease-carrying, newly invasive tick to the United States, the Asian longhorned tick, is poised to spread across much of North America, suggests a new study published Thursday in the Journal of Medical Entomology. According to the study, the tick might be able to live anywhere from Southeastern Canada to most of the eastern half of the U.S. and even parts of the West Coast.

The Asian longhorned tick, or Haemaphysalis longicornis, made an unwelcome splash last year, when researchers and health officials discovered it on a pet sheep in New Jersey. Any hopes that the discovery was an isolated incident faded away this year, with sightings of the tick popping up again in New Jersey and eight other states this past spring and summer (Arkansas, Connecticut, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia). Since 2017, the tick has been found on pets, farm animals, and at least two people in the U.S., and its possible that it might have made its way here at least as early as 2010.


A Cheat Sheet For Publishing Python Packages "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

[Brendan Herger] was warned that the process of publishing a Python package would be challenging. He relishes a challenge, however, and so he went at it with gusto. The exhausting process led him to share a cheat sheet for publishing Python packages with the goal of making the next time smoother, while also letting other people benefit from his experience and get a running start.

[Brendan] describes publishing a Python package as tying together many different solutions with brittle interchanges. His cheat sheet takes the form of an ordered workflow for getting everything in place, with some important decisions and suggestions about things like formatting and continuous integration (CI) made up-front.

The guide is brief, but [Brendan] has made errors and hit dead ends in the hopes that others wont have to. The whole thing came about from his work in deep learning, and his desire to create a package that allows rapid building and iterating on deep learning models.

Deep learning is a type of machine learning that involves finding representations in large amounts of data. [Brendan] used it in a project to automatically decide whether a Reddit post contains Star Wars plot spoilers, and we recently saw it featured in a method of capturing video footage only if a hummingbird is present.


Valve's Steam Link For Raspberry Pi Now Available "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

After being announced last week, Valve's Steam Link application for the Raspberry Pi is now officially available...


Cymulate and Symantec announce shared research of email-based attacks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Cymulate partnered with Symantec to provide an Attacker-Defender collaboration to share the research into the latest email-based threats. Cymulates Breach & Attack Simulation (BAS) platform enables organizations to launch simulations of multi-vector cyberattacks against their networks, exposing vulnerabilities and providing mitigation suggestions to close each found gap. One of the attack vectors is email, which is one of the most common attack vectors. The partnership allows Cymulate and Symantec to share the information of how More

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Want Adobe's Premiere Pro Ported To Linux? Here's What To Do "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

"Recently I polled more than 1600 macOS and Windows users on Twitter, asking them to tell me the primary obstacle holding them back from using a Linux desktop operating system. While I expected gaming to be the most popular response, the lack of Adobe's popular apps like Premiere Pro and Photoshop came in second. And the users bemoaning that fact were a loud and passionate bunch. Now, Adobe wants to hear from people like them directly."


MS-Linux? Lindows? Could Microsoft release a desktop Linux? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

"I used to say that Microsoft would release a Microsoft desktop Linux -- MS-Linux or Lindows -- when pigs fly. Lately, though, I've been hearing oinking from the sky. Here's why."


Pulse Secure and BNT Pro sign Technical Alliance Partnership to deliver identity control "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Pulse Secure revealed a Technical Alliance Partnership with BNT Pro to jointly sell and support a solution that offers SecTrail, an Identity Control and Management Platform developed by BNT Pro, as part of an integrated solution with Pulse Secure Connect Secure VPN appliances. The agreement will ensure that joint customers benefit from compatibility, enhanced features and simplified support and upgrades. The SecTrail suite includes a One-Time-Password (OTP) and Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) solution with support for mobile More

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Intel Announces "Sunny Cove", Gen11 Graphics, Discrete Graphics Brand Name, 3D Packaging, and More "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Intel has announced new developments at its Architecture Day 2018:

Sunny Cove, built on 10nm, will come to market in 2019 and offer increased single-threaded performance, new instructions, and 'improved scalability'. Intel went into more detail about the Sunny Cove microarchitecture, which is in the next part of this article. To avoid doubt, Sunny Cove will have AVX-512. We believe that these cores, when paired with Gen11 graphics, will be called Ice Lake.

Willow Cove looks like it will be a 2020 core design, most likely also on 10nm. Intel lists the highlights here as a cache redesign (which might mean L1/L2 adjustments), new transistor optimizations (manufacturing based), and additional security features, likely referring to further enhancements from new classes of side-channel attacks. Golden Cove rounds out the trio, and is firmly in that 2021 segment in the graph. Process node here is a question mark, but we're likely to see it on 10nm and or 7nm. Golden Cove is where Intel adds another slice of the serious pie onto its plate, with an increase in single threaded performance, a focus on AI performance, and potential networking and AI additions to the core design. Security features also look like they get a boost.

Intel's upcoming discrete graphics cards, planned for release around 2020, will be branded Xe. Xe will cover configurations from integrated and entry-level cards all the way up to datacenter-oriented products.

Like AMD, Intel will also organize cores into "chiplets". But it also announced FOVEROS, a 3D packaging technology that will allow it to mix chips from different process nodes, stack DRAM on top of components, etc. A related development is Inte...


Arctic Wolf acquires RootSecure "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Arctic Wolf Networks acquired RootSecure. RootSecure provides risk-based vulnerability assessment solutions that probe networks, discover connected devices, and test an organizations social engineering resilience. The acquisition enables enterprises to assess and manage their cybersecurity risk in addition to leveraging Arctic Wolfs AWN CyberSOC service to detect and respond to cyber threats. As customers embrace SOC-as-a-service, they also want to understand their vulnerabilities, said Brian NeSmith, CEO and co-founder of Arctic Wolf. This acquisition augments our More

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Webroot strengthens leadership in security and data protection with ISO 27001 certification "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Webroot received ISO 27001 certification, one of the highest internationally recognized standards for information security management systems. This achievement highlights Webroots ongoing commitment to providing the highest standard in security protection. Established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), this process-based standard specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving an information security management system. It also includes requirements for the assessment and treatment of information security risks tailored to the needs of More

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Entersekt gains certification for e-commerce authentication solution "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Entersekt has gained EMVCo certification for its 3-D Secure 2 access control server. EMVCo is a payments industry consortium managing global specifications for secure card-based e-commerce transactions. Entersekt has offered a 3-D Secure access control server (ACS) for many years. Its mobile-optimized solution was accredited by Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. It has proved popular among consumers in Europe and South Africa, who continue to enjoy the password-free, one-touch experience it makes possible. Several years More

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CDC Report Says That Fentanyl is the Deadliest Drug in America "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Fentanyl is the deadliest drug in America, CDC confirms

Fentanyl is now the most commonly used drug involved in drug overdoses, according to a new government report. The latest numbers from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics say that the rate of drug overdoses involving the synthetic opioid skyrocketed by about 113% each year from 2013 through 2016.

The number of total drug overdoses jumped 54% each year between 2011 and 2016. In 2016, there were 63,632 drug overdose deaths.

[...] In 2016, over 18,000 overdose deaths involved fentanyl, and 16,000 fatalities were due to heroin.

China recently agreed to reclassify fentanyl as a controlled substance to curb sales to the U.S. Will that agreement hold given ongoing trade war tensions?

Also at CBS.

Related: U.S. Life Expectancy Continues to Decline Due to Opioid Crisis
Senate Investigators Google Their Way to $766 Million of Fentanyl
"Synthetic Opioids" Now Kill More People than Prescription Opioids in the U.S.
120 Pounds (54 kg) of Fentanyl Seized in Nebraska
U.S. House of Representatives Passes Opioid Legislation; China Will Step Up Cooperation
The Dutch Supply Heroin Addicts With Dope and Get Better Results Than USA
U.S. Opioid Deaths May be Plateauing

Original Submission

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Facing Criticism from All Sides, EUs Terrible Copyright Amendments Stumble into the New Year "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Today, EU negotiators in Strasbourg struggled to craft the final language of the Copyright in the Single Digital Market Directive, in their last possible meeting for 2019. They failed, thanks in large part to the Directives two most controversial clauses: Article 11, which requires paid licenses for linking to news stories while including more than a word or two; and Article 13, which will lead to the creation of error-prone copyright censorship algorithms that will block users from posting anything that has been identified as a copyrighted work -- even if that posting is lawful. This means that the Directive will not be completed, as was expected, under Austrias presidency of the European Union. The negotiations between the European Parliament, representatives of the member states, and the European Commission (called trilogues) will continue under the Romanian presidency, in late January.

The controversy over Article 13 and Article 11 has not diminished since millions of Europeans voiced their opposition to the proposals and their effect on the Internet earlier this year. Even supporters and notional beneficiaries have now grown critical of the proposals. An open letter signed by major rightsholder groups, including movie companies and sports leagues, asks the EU to exempt their products from Article 13 altogether, and suggest it should only apply to the music industrys works. Meanwhile, the music industry wrote their own open letter, saying that he latest proposed text on Article 13 wont solve their problems. These rightsholders join the world's most eminent computer scientists, including the inventors of the Internet and the Web, who denounced the whole approach and warned of the irreparable harm it will do to free expression and the hope of a fair, open Internet. More than four million Europeans have signed a petition opposing Article 13.

The collective opposition is unsurprising. Months of closed-door negotiations and corporate lobbying have actually made the proposals worse: even less coherent, and more riddled with irreconcilable contradictions. The way that the system apportions liability (with stiff penalties for...


Chinese scientists get first look at geometric phase effect in a chemical reaction "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China and the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics carried out a combined experimental and theoretical investigation of the H+HD to H2+D reaction. They got first look at geometric phase effect in a chemical reaction.


New techniques better determine how ancient viral DNA influences human genes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For decades after the discovery of DNA, researchers mostly thought of genetics in terms of genes, the pieces or sequences of DNA that encode instructions for building proteins in cells. Then scientists discovered that genes make up just 2 percent of our DNA and that most genetic complexity stems from the vast non-gene code, which influences when genes are turned on or off. Further, half of that non-gene code was found to come from insertions of viral DNA. Consequently, say the authors, genetic variation, and the potential for disease-causing mistakes, occurs in transposons as well as in genes.

New laboratory techniques can identify which of our genes are influenced by DNA snippets that are left behind in our genetic code by viruses, a new study finds.


How To Make A Pilotron, The Forgotten Tube "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The vacuum tube is largely ignored in modern electronic design, save for a few audio applications such as guitar and headphone amps. The transistor is smaller, cheaper, and inordinately easier to manufacture. By comparison, showing us just how much goes into the manufacture of a tube, [glasslinger] decided to make a wire-element pilotron from scratch!

To say this is an involved build is an understatement. Simply creating the glass tube itself takes significant time and skill. [glasslinger] shows off the skills of a master, however steadily working through the initial construction, before showing off advanced techniques necessary to seal in electrodes, produce the delicate wire grid, and finally pull vacuum and seal the tube completely.

The project video is an hour long, and no detail is skipped. From 2% thoriated tungsten wire to annealing torches and grades of glass, its all there. Its enough that an amateur could reproduce the results, given enough attempts and a complete shop of glassworking equipment.

The pilotron may be a forgotten design, but in 2018 it once again gets its day in the sun. Overall, its a testament to [glasslinger]s skill and ability to be able to produce such a device that not only looks the part, but is fully functional on an electronic level, as well.

Theres a few people out there still building valves the old fashioned way, and wed love to see more tip em if you got em. Video after the break.

[Thanks to Morris for the tip!]


HPR2705: Evidence-based Medicine "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Basing medical care and treatment on the scientific evidence should be the norm, but frequently it is not. Doctors may treat based on how they have always done it, or how other doctors do it (i.e. best practices), but there is a movement now to reorient medicine to follow the best scientific guidelines.


Re: Linux kernel: userfaultfd bypasses tmpfs file "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Nicholas Luedtke on Dec 13

We have also been compiling and presenting the CVEs on a per stream
basis at because the question of which
upstream stable branch to choose has been asked on a enterprise level
many times. Of course, once you choose once you still have to track the
changes (or lack there of).



OPAQ awarded patent for software-defined network segmentation "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

OPAQ has received a patent from the United States Patent & Trademark Office for its software-defined network segmentation technology that monitors connection requests on endpoint devices and enforces security policies to prevent lateral attacks on corporate networks (Patent # 10,122,760). The patented approach is part of the OPAQ Cloud, a platform-as-a-service that enables managed service providers to deliver Fortune 100-grade security to midsize enterprises. With this technology, OPAQ can offer enforcement of security policies at More

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Bransons Virgin reaches edge of space "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The latest test flight by Sir Richard Bransons Virgin Galactic successfully rocketed to the edge of space and back.

The firms SpaceShipTwo passenger rocket ship reached a height of 82.7km, beyond the altitude at which US agencies have awarded astronaut wings.

It marked the planes fourth test flight and followed earlier setbacks in the firms space programme.

Thursday, 13 December


Links 13/12/2018: IRS Migration, GNOME 3.31.3 Released "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

GNOME bluefish



  • Watchdog: IRS botched Linux migration

    Poor IT governance prevented the IRS from making progress on a long-term effort to migrate 141 legacy applications from proprietary vendor software to open source Linux operating systems, according to an audit by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration.

    Under a migration plan developed in 2014, two-thirds of targeted applications and databases were supposed to have been successfully migrated by December 2016.

    However, only eight of the 141 applications targeted have successfully transitioned to Linux as of February 2018. More than one third have not even started.

  • Inadequate Governance Leads to Linux Migration Delays at IRS

    The IRS hosts 190 applications on the Solaris Sun Sparc system, with 141 of those targeted for migration to the open-sourced Linux operating system. The audit found that the project staff lacked the technical skills and training required to carry out the migration.

    In 2013, an IRS analysis found that migrating their E-file system to Linux would save costs on paying $12 million in licensing fees over five years with Solaris. The plan was to migrate 33 percent of the target applications to Linux by the end of the 2015 fiscal year, and 66 percent by the end of the 2016...


Guide RNAs Influence the Location of CRISPR-Cas9 Off-Target Mutations "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

We've been using CRISPR for years now we know how it really works

A storm of criticism met the claimed creation of the first genome-edited children in China last month. One reason is that the twin girls have unpredicted new mutations whose effects are unknown. But it now appears there's a really easy way to ensure the CRISPR genome editing technique makes far more precise, predictable mutations.

The term "CRISPR genome editing" is really a bit of a misnomer. The method is most commonly used to disable genes by cutting the DNA in a specific site. When the cell repairs the cut, it typically adds or removes one or more DNA letters. But Paola Scaffidi of the Francis Crick Institute in London suspected that these mutations might not be as random as they appear. To find out, her team induced mutations in 1500 target sites in human cells growing in a dish.

They found a stunningly simple pattern. "We started with machine learning but we did not need it," Scaffidi says. It appears the sequence of the RNA that guides the CRISPR Cas9 protein to its target is crucial. If the fourth DNA letter from the end is a G, the resulting mutation is indeed relatively random. But if it's an A, T or C the outcome is more predictable. If it's a T, for instance, in 9 out of 10 cells a single extra T will be inserted at the target site.

If the findings are confirmed, it means the thousands of biologists around the world using CRISPR for research can make it far more precise and powerful simply by altering the guide RNAs they use. It also greatly boosts the prospects for using CRISPR to treat all kinds of disorders by correcting disease-causing mutations inside the body.

Also at The Francis Crick Institute.

Target-Specific Precision of CRISPR-Mediated Genome Editing (open, DOI: 10.1016/j.molcel.2018.11.031) (DX)

Original Submission



Hillicon Valley Presented by AT&T New momentum for privacy legislation | YouTube purges spam videos | Apple plans $1B Austin campus | Iranian hackers targeted Treasury officials | FEC to let lawmakers use campaign funds for cyber "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Welcome to Hillicon Valley, The Hill's newsletter detailing all you need to know about the tech and cyber news from Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley.Welcome! Follow the cyber team, Olivia Beavers (@olivia_beavers) and Jacqueline Thomsen (@jacq_thomsen...


Remove Barriers to Efficiency with High-Performance ZVS Buck Regulators "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The family of ZVS Regulators enables unsurpassed flexibility by delivering power at higher temperatures, at higher efficiency, in a smaller size, and in the first layout.

Modern projects require higher power density and higher efficiency from non-isolated point-of-load regulators. Zero-voltage switching (ZVS) regulators can help, enabling unsurpassed flexibility by delivering power at higher temperatures, at higher efficiency, in a smaller size, and in the first layout. Download this white paper to get the details!


Gigi Sohn, Renowned Public Advocate and Net Neutrality Pioneer, Joins EFFs Board "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

EFF is honored to announced that Gigi Sohn, a leading public advocate for the concept that broadband Internet should be open, affordable, and competitive, has joined our board of directors. A lawyer and innovator who has both counseled and stood up to the Federal Communications Commissionalbeit not always at the same timeSohn has fearlessly worked for over 30 years to make U.S. communications networks accessible to all consumers and protective of user privacy. 

Gigi has focused throughout her career on defending competition and innovation policies to advance net neutrality and broadband access and affordability. As counselor to former FCC commissioner Tom Wheeler from 2013 to 2016, Gigi played a big role in the FCCs adoption of the strongest-ever net neutrality rules, earning recognition in the tech press as one of the Heroes Who Saved the Internet.

Gigi helped co-found Public Knowledge (PK), the nations leading nonprofit representing consumer interests in telecommunications policy, and served as its president from 2001 to 2013. At PK Gigi stood up for fair use and consumer rights in the face of entertainment industry attacks, warned Congress and policymakers that AT&Ts planned merger with T-Mobile would greatly reduce competition while driving up prices for customers, and pushed the FCC to strengthen its net neutrality proposal in 2010.

Gigi has been a close collaborator with EFF for nearly 20 years, said EFF Executive Director Cindy Cohn. During her time leading Public Knowledge we worked together on too many issues to count, including stopping SOPA/PIPA in Congress. Gigi then helped make tremendous things happen on Network Neutrality and IS...


WebKitGTK+ and WPE WebKit Security Advisory WSA-2018-0009 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Michael Catanzaro on Dec 13

WebKitGTK+ and WPE WebKit Security Advisory WSA-2018-0009

Date reported : December 13, 2018
Advisory ID : WSA-2018-0009
WebKitGTK+ Advisory URL :
WPE WebKit Advisory URL :...


Vulkan Memory Allocator 2.2 Released Along With RGP 1.4 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In addition to AMD's year-end Radeon driver updates issued today, their GPUOpen crew has also carried out some new open-source software releases...


U.S. Officials Warn Senate About Chinese Economic Espionage "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Chinese Espionage Poses Growing Threat, U.S. Officials Say

Chinese cyber espionage and theft of intellectual property from U.S. companies is increasing and poses a dire threat to the country's security and economic competitiveness, Trump administration officials told senators on Wednesday.

"What hangs in the balance is not just the future of the United States, but the future of the world," Bill Priestap, assistant director of the FBI's counterintelligence division, told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

[...] John Demers, assistant attorney general for national security, said Chinese espionage against U.S. targets has steadily increased and China has stolen technology ranging from autonomous drones to chemical compounds. "We cannot tolerate a nation that steals the fruits of our brain power," Demers said, "and that is just what China is doing."

The Chinese espionage campaign extends beond[sic] government agents to encompass tourists, technology workers, students and academic researchers, they said. For example, the Chinese government's payment of students' tuition provides leverage to pressure them to bring home intellectual property, Priestap said.


Also at The Hill.

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Manchin puts hold on FCC nomination over wireless internet fund delay "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) has placed a hold on a Republican nomination to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in response to the agencys decision to pause a program that would fund wireless internet expansion in rural areas.Manchin...


What Is Cloud Computing (Computing As A Utility) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This video is the tenth in a multi-part series discussing computing. In this video, well be discussing what cloud computing is and the fundamental change it brings in how we view and think about computing.

[0:272:19] Starting off well discuss, the revolution the cloud computing paradigm, computing as a utility, brings to the field of computing, and similar transformations seen when electricity became a utility.

[2:195:24] Following that well discuss, what exactly cloud computing is and the types of cloud computing: Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS), Platform As A Service (PaaS) and Software As A Service (SaaS) further extending to serverless architecture, Functions As A Service (FaaS).


Every Computer Deserves a Rotary Encoder "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In the era of touch screens and capacitive buttons, wed be lying if we said we didnt have the occasional pang of nostalgia for the good old days when interfacing with devices had a bit more heft to it. The physical clunk and snap of switches never seems to get old, and while you can always pick up a mechanical keyboard for your computer if you want to hear that beautiful staccato sound while firing off your angry Tweets, theres a definite dearth of mechanical interface devices otherwise.

[Jeremy Cook] decided to take matters into his own hands (literally and figuratively) by designing his own multipurpose USB rotary input device. Its not a replacement for the mouse or keyboard, but a third pillar of the desktop which offers a unique way of controlling software. Its naturally suited to controlling things like volume or any other variable which would benefit from some fine tuning, but as demonstrated in the video after the break even has some gaming applications. No doubt the good readers of Hackaday could think of even more potential applications for a gadget like this.

The device is built around the diminutive Arduino-compatible PICO board by MellBell, which features a ATmega32u4 and native USB. This allowed him to very rapidly spin up a USB Human Interface Device (HID) with minimal headaches, all he had to do was hang his buttons and rotary encod...


Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) Decisions Still Uncontroversial Unless One Asks the Patent Maximalists "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As Andrei Iancu does

Andrei IancuSummary: Contrary to what the Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (on the left) has claimed, PTAB is liked by companies that actually create things and opposition to PTAB comes from power brokers of the Koch brothers, law firms, and trolls (including those who foolishly repeat them)

On December 12, 2018, Mr. Jain wrote on the same day (yesterday), Unified filed a petition for inter partes review (IPR) against U.S. Patent 6,697,730, owned and asserted by RideApp, Inc., an NPE. The 730 patent, directed to a transit system based on cellular communication, GPS locating technology, and digital computers, has been asserted in district court litigation against Lyft and Juno.

IPRs filed at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) are very powerful means by which to invalidate software patents, usually by citing 35 U.S.C. 101. Appeals to the Federal Circuit then put growing pressure on the USPTO to no longer grant such patents. RideApp, the patent troll, might soon have nothing at all. Its not a business, its a litigation pipeline that might soon have no patents left.

Its not difficult to see who opposes PTAB and why. Consider what happened earlier this year in Oil States (SCOTUS). We must express disappointment at Camilla Alexandra Hrdy, who has just ignorantly promoted Koch-funded lies (scholars funded by Big Oil) that call patents rights (that's a lie). The misleading term Public Rights is even used in her title and perhaps she fails to realise that the person shes boosting has put these words in Gorsuch's mouth (and even bragged about it in public). Here is what she said:



Spammed Bomb Threat Hoax Demands Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new email extortion scam is making the rounds, threatening that someone has planted bombs within the recipients building that will be detonated unless a hefty bitcoin ransom is paid by the end of the business day.

Sources at multiple U.S. based financial institutions reported receiving the threats, which included the subject line, I advise you not to call the police.

The email reads:

My man carried a bomb (Hexogen) into the building where your company is located. It is constructed under my direction. It can be hidden anywhere because of its small size, it is not able to damage the supporting building structure, but in the case of its detonation you will get many victims.

My mercenary keeps the building under the control. If he notices any unusual behavior or emergency he will blow up the bomb.

I can withdraw my mercenary if you pay. You pay me 20.000 $ in Bitcoin and the bomb will not explode, but dont try to cheat -I warrant you that I will withdraw my mercenary only after 3 confirmations in blockchain network.

Here is my Bitcoin address : 1GHKDgQX7hqTM7mMmiiUvgihGMHtvNJqTv

You have to solve problems with the transfer by the end of the workday. If you are late with the money explosive will explode.

This is just a business, if you dont send me the money and the explosive device detonates, other commercial enterprises will transfer me more money, because this isnt a one-time action.

I wont visit this email. I check my Bitcoin wallet every 35 min and after seeing the money I will order my recruited person to get away.

If the explosive device explodes and the authorities notice this letter:
We are not terrorists and dont assume any responsibility for explosions in other buildings.

The bitcoin address included in the email was different in each message forwarded to KrebsOnSecurity. In that respect, this scam is reminiscent of the various email sextortion campaigns that went viral earlier this year, which led with a password the recipient used at some point in the past and threatened to release embarrassing videos of the recipient unless a bitcoin ransom was paid.

I could see this spam campaign being extremely disruptive in the short run. There is little doubt that some businesses receiving this extortion email will treat it as a credible threat. This is exactly what happened today at one of the banks that forwarded me their copy of this email. Also, KrebsOnSecurity has received reports that numerous school districts across the country have closed schools early today in respons...


BTC plunge: Why I dont worry "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Join me for a quick review of the spikes & dips in the Bitcoin exchange rate. This time, its all about one very simple chart. [continue below graphic]

The chart below shows a history of BTC price spikes, dips and recovery. Click to enlarge, then start at the topand move down.

  • Consider the percent-pullback after each spike (red label)
  • Think about the stellar rebound after each drop (green label)

The table at right illustrates why I do not get too worked up over the plunge in the BTC exchange rate. There are no fundamental flaws in Bitcoin math or mechanisms, the market need for benefits conveyed by Bitcoin is terrific, and popular arguments against Bitcoin are severely flawed. Skeptics and Critics typically say this:

Even if blockchain currencies are beneficial and inevitable, Bitcoin can be displaced by another, better cryptocurrency.


A viable crypto may emergebut it will be one that is backed by a tangible asset or issued/sanctioned by government.

These arguments are false. They are made by individuals who dont yet fully appreciate a distributed, consensus mechanism and, especially, its relationship with trust, value, government and free markets.

What Bitcoin currently lacks is education, familiarity, standards, simple commercial tools (built upon clear analogies), definitive best practices, a widespread understanding of multisig & security, and limited recourse for certain commercial & retail transactions. But Bitcoin is still an infant, just like the early TV or the early telephone. All of these are under developmentwithout a hint of significant obstacles. Even the messy process of democracy among the various stakeholders is heading toward harmony (miners, developers, vendors, exchanges and consumers).

Of course, I am bullish on Bitcoin, and this may color my analysis. But, I try hard to keep an open mind. There have been moments in its history where I have questioned the market need or the potential for a setback in politics, legislation, or the mechanism itself. Tho...


Nintendo Targets Sellers of Pirated Switch Games in Court "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

At the start of the year the infamous hacking group Team Xecutor announced an unstoppable Nintendo Switch hack.

This made it possible to load pirated games onto the popular console, an opportunity many people have taken advantage of.

Some have taken it a step further by offering Nintendo Switch modifications for sale, specifically mentioning the Team Xecuter hack. This is what California resident Mikel Euskaldunak did, according to Nintendo.

In a complaint filed at a federal court this week, Nintendo of America accuses the man and several unnamed accomplices of various counts of copyright and trademark infringement.

The defendants allegedly offered modification devices and physical chips for the Nintendo Switch which bypass Nintendos anti-piracy protections.

This modification is installed in a users Nintendo Switch in the form of a circumvention tool along with unauthorized custom firmware. This exploit allows the playing of pirated Nintendo Console Games, the company writes.

Euskaldunak sold the mods in public through a profile at According to the advert, the Team Xecuter mod would allow buyers to play any Switch games they want.

Just load and play! In connection with the purchase of Nintendo Switch Mod Play Switch Games Team Xecuter, Defendants will give [the buyer] a free game of [his or her] choice, it reads.

In addition, the defendant also offered a 64GB SD card containing pirated games which could be loaded through Team Xecuters dongle.

These SD cards will come with any 4-6 (depending on the game size) released Nintendo Switch games of your choice. That is less than the price of a single Switch game.

The defendants OfferUp offer

Nintendo believes that the defendants modified more than 100 Switch game systems. In addition, they are suspected of having access to a large library of Switch games, including dozens of titles that havent been released in the US yet.

Interestingly, the sellers are aware that pirating games does not come without challenges. They explicitly warn that games downloaded from the Internet might be tracked...


Latest Talk From IBMs Manny Schecter Shows That IBM Hasnt Changed and After the Red Hat Takeover Itll Continue to Promote Software Patents "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

And dont forget what David Kappos is doing

Manny Schecter
Photo credit: Esteban Minero

Summary: IBMs hardheaded attitude and patent aggression unaffected by its strategic acquisition of a company that at least claimed to oppose software patents (whilst at the same time pursuing them)

THE SO-CALLED champion of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) was, for a number of decades, IBM, based on the number of granted patents.

As IBM takes over Red Hat (not finalised yet) Red Hat could use a reminder that IBM is hostile to software freedom, free software, sharing etc. because it's a propagandist for software patents and it's aligned with 'IP' extremists' front groups. Its funding them and its leading them.

Less than a day ago this article from a site of patent propagandists (pro-patent trolls, pro-UPC, pro-software patents and so on) was published with this summary: IBMs Manny Schecter believes public awareness of intellectual property has increased but there has not been a corresponding increase in understanding (patents are not property).

He mentioned patents specifically:

On the patent side, people often get confused about various aspects of patents, such as the difference between filing and grant date. All understandable, noted Schecter.

Those who are intimately familiar with IP do not necessarily help the situation: a second area of confusion, according to Schecter, comes from the public debate around IP. We argue vigorously for positions in the intellectual property world, and we have a tendency to use a lot of rhetoric and take a lot of extreme positions in trying to make our point, said Schecter. Sometimes we actually want that extreme position and sometimes we are just trying to get our point across.

Schecter urged the audience to close the gap be...


BMW and Porsche Announce an EV Charger That Gives 100 Kilometers of Range in 3 Minutes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

That lightning-bolt of a charger needs cooling for the cable and the battery

A consortium including BMW and Porsche has unveiled a fast charger that can deliver enough juice to an electric cars batteries in 3 minutes for it to travel 100 kilometers. The new charger can put the batteries state of charge above 80 percent in 15 minuteshalf the time that Teslas vaunted supercharger needs.

The chargers 450 kilowatts would fry anything but a specially modified car: Both the batteries and the charging cables themselves need to be cooled. Thats why the first station, which has just been opened to the public in the state of Bavaria, will have to pull its punches. Itll feed just 50 kW to the BMW i3, for instance. The companys iX3, due out in 2020, will take 150 kW.

The consortium, funded by the Bavarian government, also includes Allego GmbH, the operator; Phoenix Contact E-Mobility, which provided charging technology; and Siemens, which handled engineering. 

EVs make up just a small fraction of all road vehicles, and offering ultra-fast-charging to the fraction of those EVs that can take it should be no big problem for utilities. But the grid might buckle under the strain of topping off a vast fleet of EVs, when we finally amass one.

Some people in the industry argue that wed do better with a slow-charging system that makes up for its lack of speed with heightened convenience. Wireless charging, once its widely available in garages, could provide such an alternative, argues Witricity, which develops such systems. Today, Witricity and Honda said they were working on a project to allow EVs to trade electric power with the grid, making such vehicles a load-bearing asset to utilities rather than just another burden.

Fast chargers? Itll be like the gas lines of the 70s, queuing up for your spot, Witricitys CEO, Alex Gruzen, told IEEE Spectrum back in April.  


Windows 10 Activity History Sent to Microsoft Despite Setting to Turn It Off "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Bytram

Windows 10 can carry on slurping even when you're sure you yelled STOP!

A feature introduced in the April 2018 Update of Windows 10 may have set off a privacy landmine within the bowels of Redmond as users have discovered that their data was still flowing into the intestines of the Windows giant, even with the thing apparently turned off. In what is likely to be more cock-up than conspiracy, it appears that Microsoft is continuing to collect data on recent user activities even when the user has explicitly said NO, DAMMIT!

First noted in an increasingly shouty thread over on Reddit, the issue is related to Activity History, which is needed to make the much-vaunted and little-used Timeline feature work in Windows 10.

Introduced in what had previously been regarded as one of Microsoft's flakiest updates prior to the glory of the October 2018 Update, of course Timeline allows users to go back through apps as well as websites to get back to what they were doing at a given point. Use a Microsoft account, and a user can view this over multiple PCs and mobile devices (as long[sic] you are signed in with that same Microsoft account). The key setting is that "Send my activity history to Microsoft" check box. Uncheck it and you'd be forgiven for thinking your activity would not be sent Redmondwards. Right?

Except, er, the slurping appears to be carrying on unabated. The Redditors reported that if one takes a look at the Activity History in the Privacy Dashboard lurking within their account, apps and sites are still showing up.

Original Submission

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Foldable Drone Changes Its Shape in Mid-Air "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This quadrotor can alter its shape in flight depending on where it needs to go

Quadrotors are fast, cheap, and capable, and theyre getting smarter all the time. Where they struggle a little bit is with adaptation. Many other kinds of robots can change their structure to better perform different tasks: Humanoids do it all the time, with all those conveniently placed limbs. Hey, wouldnt it be cool if drones had movable limbs too? Yes, it would. Someone should figure out how to do that.

Weve seen some drones in the past that can alter their shape in flight, but this Folding Drone (developed by roboticists from University of Zurich and EPFL) is different in several important ways. Each of its four arms has a servo motor at the base that can rotate one propeller independently, with some height differences between the arms making sure that the Folding Drone doesnt immediately blenderize itself. While there are some arm location combinations that are particularly handy, like completely unfolded (X morphology), completely folded (O), straight line (H), and partly folded (T), the drone isnt limited to those shapes, and it remains fully stable and controllable wherever its arms happen to be, even if the configuration is asymmetric. Its not easy to do thisit requires an adaptive control scheme able to cope in real-time with the dynamic morphology of the vehicle.

We exploit the morphing to adapt the vehicles size to tasks such as traversing gaps, inspecting surfaces, or transporting objects. However, we believe that a morphing quadrotor can tailor its shape to more dynamic tasks, like for example flying at high speed, where it can improve its performance by folding to change its aerodynamic properties. This would allow very fast flight in time-critical scenarios. Davide Scaramuzza, University of Zurich

While the Folding Drone doesnt have quite as many degrees of freedom as that crazy flying dragon robot from ICRA, its much less complex and expensive, and can transform very quickly, as you can see in the video. It may not be able to wrap itself around anyones neck and slowly strangle them, but well let that slide just this once. The (relatively) simple design helps the Folding Drone maintain both efficiency and versatility, allowing it to operate autonomously with onboard sensing and computing. It doesnt sound like the drone can autonomously decide how to reconfigure itself to get past an obstacle yet, but the researchers are definitely working on that.

Theyre also working o...


The Battle Between Robot Harmonica And Machine Finger Rages On "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

When asking the question Do humans dream of machines?, its natural to think of the feverish excitement ahead of an iPhone or Playstation launch, followed by lines around the block of enthusiastic campers, eager to get their hands on the latest hardware as soon as is humanly possible. However, its also the title of an art piece by [Jonghong Park], and is deserving of further contemplation. (Video after the break.)

The art piece consists of a series of eight tiny harmonicas, which are in turn, played by eight fans, which appear to have been cribbed from a low-power graphics card design. Each harmonica in turn has a microphone fitted, which, when it picks up a loud enough signal, causes an Arduino Nano to actuate a mechanical finger which slows the fan down until the noise stops. Its the mechanical equivalent of a stern look from a parent to a noisy child. Then, the cycle begins again.

The build is very much of the type we see in the art world put together as simply as possible, with eight Arduinos running the eight harmonicas, whereas an engineering approach may focus more on efficiency and cost. Between the squeaks from the toy harmonicas and the noise from the servos entrusted to quiet them, the machine makes quite the mechanical racket. [Jonghong] indicates that the piece speaks to the interaction of machine (robot harmonica) and humanity (the finger which quells the noise).

Its a tidily executed build which would be at home in any modern art gallery. It recalls memories of another such installation, which combines fans and lasers into a musical machine.



Virgin Galactic edges toward space tourism with flight to boundary of space "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Virgin Galactics tourism space shuttle on Thursday flew more than 50 miles above the earths surface, reaching a height considered by the U.S. Air Force and other government agencies to be the boundary of space.The ship reached a height of 51...


When we send astronauts to the surface of the Moon in the next decade, it will be in a sustainable fashion, says NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

When we send astronauts to the surface of the Moon in the next decade, it will be in a sustainable fashion, says NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstinee. Learn how well expand partnerships with industry and other nations to explore the Moon and advance our exploration missions to even farther destinations, such as Mars:


IT consultancy firm caught running ransomware decryption scam "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

Ransomware has become a persistent threat to users globally but for cybercriminals, it is a lucrative business. Recently, IT security researchers at Check Point unearthed a sophisticated ransomware decryption scam in which a Russian IT consultant company has been caught scamming ransomware victims. The company according to Check Point researchers calls itself Dr. Shifro and claims to provide []

This is a post from Read the original post: IT consultancy firm caught running ransomware decryption scam


The European Patent Troll Wants as Much Litigation as Possible "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

And as many granted European Patents as it can get away with

Antnio Campinos FTI

Summary: Patent quality is a concept no longer recognisable at the European Patent Office; all that the management understands is speed and PACE, which it conflates with quality in order to register as much cash as possible before the whole thing comes crashing down (bubbles always implode at the end)

THE European Patent Office (EPO) does not intend to improve patent quality. It does not even acknowledge such an issue. Antnio Campinos is happy enough to personally promote software patents in Europe (even in his blog) and tell concerned stakeholders such as law firms that he just wants to remove the cause/source of criticism rather than properly tackle the issue. Kluwer Patent Blog wrote about it last month and commenters were understandably upset. Who does todays EPO serve? As we put it some weeks ago, "Antnio Campinos is Working for Patent Trolls at the Expense of Science and Technology" (the original purpose of the Office was to advance science).

Just more than a day ago the EPO was retweeting epi as saying: Visit us at the EPO Vienna, 5 Feb 19 for the Opposition & Appeal seminar supported by the EPO. You get an intensive and practical overview of all relevant legal & practical issues concerning opposition and appeal proceedings before the @EPOorg.

As a reminder to our readers, epi very belatedly protested EPO abuses and the same goes for EPLAW [1, 2], whose latest think tank was boosted by IP Kat yesterday. Annsley Mere...


Privacy Coalition to Congress: Dont Dismantle Stronger State Data Privacy Laws "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

After years of claiming self-regulation would keep them in line, big tech companies spooked by new state data privacy safeguards are now calling for a national privacy lawone that would roll back these vital state protections.

We are one of sixteen consumer privacy and civil rights groups to remind Congress that while we support federal baseline data privacy legislation that provides basic protection for all Americans, such a law must not come at the price of dismantling (or as lawyers say, preempting) the legal rights of people who live in states with stronger data privacy protections.

State governments across the country have stepped up in the fight to strengthen privacy, with laws that grant their citizens important protectionssuch as a right to know what personal information companies collect about them (California), the right to decide whether to share biometric information with companies (Illinois), and protection from fraudulent collection of their data (Vermont).

As our coalition says in our letter:

We urge you to focus intently on the rights and dignity of your constituents by actively opposing any proposals to preempt stronger state laws in federal privacy legislation, so that existing state protectionsboth regulatory standards and liability rulesare maintained and so that states are free to adopt new protections.

While EFF would welcome sensible nationwide legislation that increases everyones protections for data privacy, a uniform federal law is counterproductive if it blocks something stronger. We will oppose any federal legislation that preempts hard-fought state privacy rules that provide stronger protection.

As we said in our ...


Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Rolls Out While Linux Users Should Have AMDGPU-PRO 18.50 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

AMD today released their Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition geared for Windows gamers while Linux users should have AMDGPU-PRO 18.50 available shortly for those wanting to use this hybrid Vulkan/OpenGL driver component that does also feature the AMDGPU-Open components too in their stable but dated composition...


Unlocking Android phones with a 3D-printed head "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Unlocking Android phones with a 3D-printed head

Forbes journalist Thomas Brewster wanted to find out just how well a variety of Android phones and a top-of-the-range Apple iPhone would fare against a determined attempt to break facial recognition. And he did that by having a 3D-model printed of his head.

Read more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog.


Juno snaps giant Jupiter polar storms "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

NASAs JunoCam has captured photos of huge, endless storms on our Solar Systems largest planet. .


Antnio Campinos Turns His Boss Into His Lapdog, Just Like Battistelli and Kongstad "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

And the brand new management is still a censorship operation

Battistelli and Kongstad

Summary: The European Patent Organisation expects us to believe that Josef Kratochvl will keep the Office honest while his predecessor, the German who failed to do anything about Battistellis abuses, becomes officially subservient to Antnio Campinos

EARLIER THIS week the European Patent Organisation (EPO) made the decision to choose a particular new Chairman of the Administrative Council, seeing that in a matter of weeks Antnio Campinos turns his 'boss' into his assistant. Its just as ludicrous as that sounds and it says a lot about the lack of oversight at the EPO.

Suffice to say, the European Patent Office wont be bossed by him but will boss him, as usual, as its a rogue institution where Campinos, according to insiders, seeks to have even greater powers than Battistelli.They wrote in Twitter that Josef Kratochv [is] elected Chairman of the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation, pointing to a page from the prior day (warning: link).

Suffice to say, the European Patent Office wont be bossed by him but will boss him, as usual, as its a rogue institution where Campinos, according to insiders, seeks to have even greater powers than Battistelli. Look no further than the fact that his former boss will be bossed by him very shortly; but there are other aspects to this power grab, other than this uttertly gross reversal of roles.

Next month well have a lot to say about the Croat who made corruption at the EPO not only banal; it encouraged the Office to aggressively block and punish anything and anyone who dared bring up the subject.To quote the EPO: The Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation today elected Josef Kratochvl (CZ) as its Chairman. Mr Kratochvl succeeds Christoph Erns...


Brightest comet of the year will zoom near Earth next week "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Itll be 7.2 million miles away, but that still might be close enough to see with the naked eye heres when to catch it.


Jeremy Hong: Weaponizing the Radio Spectrum "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Jeremy Hong knows a secret or two about things you shouldnt do with radio frequency (RF), but hes not sharing.

That seems an odd foundation upon which to build ones 2018 Hackaday Superconference talk, but its for good reason. Jeremy knows how to do things like build GPS and radar jammers, which are federal crimes. Even he hasnt put his knowledge to practical use, having built only devices that never actually emitted any RF.

So what does one talk about when circumspection is the order of the day? As it turns out, quite a lot. Jeremy focused on how the military leverages the power of radio frequency jamming to turn the tables on enemies, and how civilian police forces are fielding electronic countermeasures as well. Its interesting stuff, and Jeremy proved to be an engaging guide on a whirlwind tour into the world of electronic warfare.

SDRs Take Wing

Jeremy comes to this field more as an informed enthusiast than as an employee or contractor for one of the many alphabet agencies or defense contractors who jealously guard such secrets. A recent EE grad from Wright State University, where courses on electronic warfare (EW) are offered, Jeremy not only developed an interest in the field but has been able to observe some of the systems in action, thanks to nearby Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.



How HTTPS Everywhere Keeps Protecting Users On An Increasingly Encrypted Web "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Way back in 2010, we launched our popular browser extension HTTPS Everywhere as part of our effort to encrypt the web. At the time, the need for HTTPS Everywhere to protect browsing sessions was as obvious as the threats were ever-present. The threats may not be as clear now, but HTTPS Everywhere is still as important to users as ever.

The Relevance of HTTPS Everywhere in 2018



Louisiana Adopts Digital Driver's Licenses "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Could this be the end of underage drinking in New Orleans bars?

This is a scene likely to become more common in Louisiana pubs in the coming months as residents adopt the states new digital drivers license app LA Wallet. Next week, Louisianas Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control is expected to announce that bars, restaurants, grocery stores and other retailers  are allowed accept LA Wallet as proof of age, according to the apps developer, Envoc

Louisianas Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control did not immediately respond to Spectrums request for confirmation of the planned announcement. 

The Baton Rouge-based company launched LA Wallet in June, after two years of collaboration with state officials. But so far only law enforcement officers making routine traffic stops are required to accept the digital drivers license. Next weeks announcement would greatly broaden the scope of the apps use.

About 71,000 people have downloaded LA Wallet so far, says Calvin Fabre, founder and president of Envoc. The app costs $5.99 in the Google Play and Apple App stores. 

Users buy it, create an account with some basic information from their physical drivers license, and create a password. Thats it. No biometric securitylike iris scans or facial recognitionrequired. 

The app links back to Louisianas Office of Motor Vehicles database, which completes the digital license with the users photo and additional information. Any changes to the license, like a suspension or renewal, are updated immediately in the app with a wireless network connection.

To present the licensesay, to a cop during a traffic stopthe driver (hoping his phone battery isnt dead) opens the app with a password, shows the cop the digital license image, and authenticates it by pressing and holding the screen to reveal a security seal. The license can be flipped over to show a scannable bar code on the back. 

Theres also a handy security feature that allows anyone with the LA Wallet app to authenticate anothe...

18:44 Report Concludes That Broadband Speeds in U.S. Are Improving "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

2018 Speedtest U.S. Fixed Broadband Performance Report by Ookla

With gigabit expanding across the nation, fixed broadband speeds in the United States are rapidly increasing. Speedtest data reveals a 35.8% increase in mean download speed during the last year and a 22.0% increase in upload speed. As a result, the U.S. ranks 7th in the world for download speed, between Hungary and Switzerland. The U.S. ranks 27th for upload, between Bulgaria and Canada, during Q2-Q3 2018. Though 5G looms on the mobile horizon, fixed broadband speeds in the U.S. continue to outpace those on mobile showing both faster speeds and greater increases in speed.

During Q2-Q3 2018, the average download speed over fixed broadband in the U.S. was 95.25 Mbps. Average upload speed was 32.88 Mbps. [...] According to Speedtest Intelligence data for Q2-Q3 2018, Comcast was the fastest provider in the U.S. with their XFINITY Internet receiving a Speed Score of 104.67.

Mean download speeds varied widely across the U.S. during Q2-Q3 2018 with the fastest state (New Jersey) coming in 139.8% faster than the slowest (Maine). The East Coast fared well with 5 states (New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Delaware and Rhode Island) and the District of Columbia ranking in the top ten. [...] Kansas City, Missouri topped the fixed chart as the fastest city in the U.S. during Q2-Q3 2018 with an average download speed of 159.19 Mbps. [...] Memphis, Tennessee came in last with an average download of 44.86 Mbps and Laredo, Texas was second to last at 55.37.

On average, U.S. consumers should have few complaints about recent increases in internet speeds. [...] As ISPs continue to build out their fiber networks and gigabit-level speeds expand we only expect to see internet speeds increase across the U.S. We'll check back in next year to see if all parts of the nation are experiencing the same improvements or if some states fall even farther behind.

Should consumers look forward to hitting their data caps now faster than ever, or are data caps being rolled back on gigabit connections?

Original Submission

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YouTube's 'Rewind 2018' passes Justin Bieber as most disliked video in site's history "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

YouTube's "Rewind 2018" video this week surpassed Justin Bieber's "Baby" to become the most disliked video in the site's history."YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind," which was created to showcase the past year on the...


YouTube removed 58 million videos in latest quarter "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

YouTube removed 58 million videos between July and September this year because they broke community guidelines.More than 7.8 million of those videos were taken down because they violated community guidelines. The other 50.2 million were taken down...


[$] Linux in mixed-criticality systems "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Linux kernel is generally seen as a poor fit for safety-critical systems; it was never designed to provide realtime response guarantees or to be certifiable for such uses. But the systems that can be used in such settings lack the features needed to support complex applications. This problem is often solved by deploying a mix of computers running different operating systems. But what if you want to support a mixture of tasks, some safety-critical and some not, on the same system? At a talk given at LinuxLab 2018, Claudio Scordino described an effort to support this type of mixed-criticality system.


CVE-2018-16872 Qemu: usb-mtp: path traversal by host filesystem manipulation in Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by P J P on Dec 13


A flaw was found in qemu Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). The code opening files
in usb_mtp_get_object and usb_mtp_get_partial_object and directories in
usb_mtp_object_readdir doesn't consider that the underlying filesystem may
have changed since the time lstat(2) was called in usb_mtp_object_alloc, a
classical TOCTTOU problem. An attacker with write access to the host
filesystem shared with a guest can use this property to...


Choosing Sensors for Medical Applications "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Sensor based monitoring is becoming popular among the aging population. Heres how to select a sensor to fit your application and parameters.

With the ever growing and aging population, patient auto-monitoring systems are becoming more and more popular. Their popularity stems from being both consistent and repeatable in addition to being low cost. Sensor-studded monitoring instruments in this category are also versatile because they can be used both in hospitals and at home. Selecting a sensor can be simple if the application and the parameters that need to be monitored are clearly understood. The most complicated sensors are implantables, followed by sensors used in catheters (through incision) and sensors used in body cavities, sensors that are external but come in contact with body fluids and sensors for external applications.


Implantable sensors need to be small, lightweight, and compatible with body mass as well as require very little power to operate. Most importantly, they must not decay over time. Since they are Class III medical devices, they automatically require FDA approval. Implantable sensors typically require two to four years for development and implementation before moving on to production. Generally, they are more expensive and require a specialist to surgically implant them. The power requirement is one of the major challenges for implantable sensors. Sensors that can function with no power are ideal, but these are few and rare in the market. Piezoelectric polymer sensors are well suited for vibration detection since they are small, reliable, durable, and require no power. Such sensors can be used in pacemakers that monitor activities of the patient.


This Piezo sensor is in the shape of a tiny cantilever beam with weight attached on one end that flops with body movement. Every time the patient moves, the sensor generates a signal. Using a pacemaker as an example, the pacemaker then receives this signal and makes the heart beat at the desired pace. The sensor can differentiate between various activities such as walking, running, or other physical activities. For instance, if the patient is resting, the signal will be zero and the pacemaker will make the heart beat at a minimal rate. In this way, the sensor signal is proportional to the level of activity. A miniature Piezo film vibration sensor is 15/100 of an inch in length including the pacemaker which houses it. Implanted sensors can also be powered by external sources. For example, a Radio Frequency (RF) energy wand when placed near a sensor located inside the body will power the sensor up. The sensor will then record patient measurements, transmit the data ba...


Tiny Art Etched into Silicon Wafers with Electron Beam Lithography "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Looks like [Sam Zeloof] got bored on his Thanksgiving break, and things got a little weird in his garage. Of course when your garage contains a scanning electron microscope, the definition of weird can include experimenting with electron-beam lithography, resulting in tiny images etched into silicon.

Youll probably remember [Sam] from his 2018 Hackaday Superconference talk on his DIY semiconductor fab lab, which he used to create a real integrated circuit. That chip, a PMOS dual-channel differential amp, was produced by photolithography using a modified DLP projector. Photolithography imposes limits to how small a feature can be created on silicon, based on the wavelength of light.

[Sam] is now looking into using the electron beam of his SEM as a sort of CNC laser engraver to produce much finer features. The process involves spin-coating silicon wafers with SU-8, an epoxy photoresist normally used with UV light but that also turns out to be sensitive to electron beams. He had to modify his SEM to control the X- and Y-axis deflection with a 12-bit DAC and provide a custom beam blanker. With a coated wafer in the vacuum chamber, standard laser engraving software generates the G-code to trace his test images on the resist. A very quick dip in acetone develops the exposed chip.

[Sam] says these first test images are not too dainty; the bears are about 2.5 mm high, and the line width is about 10 m. His system is currently capable of resolving down to 100 nm, while commercial electron beam lithography can get down to 5 nm or so. He says that adding a Faraday cage to the setup might help him get there. Sounds like a project for Christmas break.

Radeon ROCm 1.9.1 vs. NVIDIA OpenCL Linux Plus RTX 2080 TensorFlow Benchmarks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Following the GeForce RTX 2080 Linux gaming benchmarks last week with now having that non-Ti variant, I carried out some fresh GPU compute benchmarks of the higher-end NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon graphics cards. Here's a look at the OpenCL performance between the competing vendors plus some fresh CUDA benchmarks as well as NVIDIA GPU Cloud TensorFlow Docker benchmarks.


KDE Applications 18.12 Released With File Manager Improvements, Konsole Emoji "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The KDE community is out with an early holiday presents for its users: KDE Applications 18.12 is shipping today...


A set of stable kernels "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Greg Kroah-Hartman has released stable kernels 4.19.9, 4.14.88, 4.9.145, 4.4.167, and 3.18.129. They all contain important fixes and users should upgrade.


Re: Multiple telnet.c overflows "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Hacker Fantastic on Dec 13

Morning coffee not fully consumed, I meant to write NetBSD (stack overflow,
others unsure as no time to test but assumed vulnerable) in the list of
clients. I hope the supplied PoC is useful to others in testing and
removing these flaws. In my past life of having free time I would write an
IAC environment handling stress tester to isolate all occurrences of these
issues. If you think about the growing risk of IoT equipment and the use of


Security updates for Thursday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security updates have been issued by Debian (firefox-esr), Fedora (singularity), openSUSE (compat-openssl098, cups, firefox, mozilla-nss, and xen), and SUSE (cups, exiv2, ghostscript, and git).


Mesa 18.2.7 Released With Several RADV Driver Fixes, Variety Of Other Updates "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For those not yet prepared to move over to the Mesa 18.3 series, Mesa 18.2.7 is out today with the latest batch of fixes...


French foreign ministry announced its Travel Alert Registry Hack "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The French foreign ministry announced today that its travel alert registry website had been hacked and personal data of citizens could be misused.

The French foreign ministry confirmed tha hackers breached into
the Ariane system, its travel alert registry website, and personal data of citizens could be misused.

The Ariane system provides security alerts to registered users when traveling abroad. At the time there arent technical details about the intrusion or the number of affected people.

Users reported receiving emails notifying them that their names, cellphone numbers and email addresses may have been stolen, but the ministry said none of the data was sensitive or of a financial nature. reported the AFP press.

statement did not indicate who might be behind the attack.

The ministry started notifying the incident to the affected users, it also informed media to have taken necessary measures to avoid similar incidents in the future.

We immediately took the necessary measures to ensure this type of incident would not happen again, it said.

The Ministry confirmed that the site was now secured.

Pierluigi Paganini

(Security Affairs Travel Alert Registry, hacking)

The post...


The Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame: Bowmar 901B "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In 1973, Bowmar/ALI was the biggest calculator company in the world. In 1976, it went out of business

photo Photo: Division of Medicine and Science/National Museum of American History/Smithsonian Institution Good-Bye, Slide Rule: The Bowmar 901B (a.k.a. the Brain) calculator is generally regarded as the first calculator to use an LED display and the first to be pocket size.

The creation of the Bowmar Brain was a desperation move. In 1968, Monsanto created the first numeric LED display cheap enough to be used in consumer products. Several other companies followed Monsanto into the market, among them Bowmar/ALI, then a tiny defense-industry subcontractor in Acton, Mass.

At first, all Bowmar/ALI intended to do was make and sell LED displays. They were novel, but at the time they were also small and faint, and there werent many commercial uses for them. One possible application would have been in the compact calculators that had only recently begun to appear, but Bowmar was having trouble cracking that new and growing market.

The very earliest battery-powered calculators, which appeared in Japan around 1970 from Canon, Sharp, and Sanyo, used unwieldy fluorescent or gas-discharge displays, or even tiny thermal-paper printers. Could Bowmar succeed with a handheld calculator that used LED displays? In 1970, the company decided to find out. Thus the 901B was born.

photo Photo: Division of Medicine and Science/National Museum of American History/Smithsonian Institution Handy Guide:...


Re: Multiple telnet.c overflows "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Hacker Fantastic on Dec 13

Hi, I do not believe this is either CVE-2005-0469 or CVE-2005-0468. The
issue is the same problem I described in handling environment variables
originally, the TERM environment being a remotely reachable way of trigger
the issue in inetutils and other clients. The issue appears to behave
differently on netkit-telnet instances, and mirrors that of the Mikrotik
client - causing a assertion error to be printed, however the
application still...


Aides advise Trump to stay out of Chinese tech executive's case: report "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Aides have advised President Trump to stay out of the case involving a top Chinese technology executive, a source told The Wall Street Journal.Some of Trump's advisers have warned him that it would not be productive for the White House to intervene...


Delta IV Heavy Countdown Aborted Moments Before Launch "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

Delta 4-Heavy countdown aborted moments before launch Spaceflight Now

A dramatic automatic abort 7.5 seconds before the planned liftoff of a United Launch Alliance Delta 4-Heavy rocket Saturday night kept the towering launcher on the pad at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, with a top secret spy payload for the National Reconnaissance Office.

The 233-foot-tall (71-meter) rocket was counting down to launch at 8:15 p.m. PST Saturday (11:15 p.m. EST; 0415 GMT Sunday), but an automated sequencer detected a technical issue and triggered an abort. "Hold hold hold," a member of the ULA launch team declared on the countdown net.

[...] In the statement, ULA said the abort was "due to an unexpected condition during terminal count at approximately 7.5 seconds before liftoff. "The team is currently reviewing all data and will determine the path forward. A new launch date will be provided when available," ULA said.

takyon: A new date has not been chosen yet.

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Unity 2018.3 With HDR Render Pipeline Preview, Updated PhysX & More "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Unity Tech is ending out the year with their Unity 2018.3 game engine update that brings a number of new features and improvements to its many supported platforms...


Hertz's airport facial recognition program uses customer loyalty rewards to change public opinion "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Americans no longer have to worry about the TSA (DHS) using facial recognition to spy on you and your family. Because private corporations and sports stadiums are doing their dirty work for them.

Two days ago, Hertz Global Holdings Inc., revealed their plans to install facial recognition fast lane car rentals at every airport.

Which really should not surprise anyone, because last month I revealed the key to convincing Americans to accept facial recognition is to offer them consumer loyalty rewards and avoiding long lines.

"SensibleVision CEO George Brostoff sees customer loyalty rewards as a logical next step in the U.S. And Goode Intelligence Founder Alan Goode, sees a huge potential for biometric customer loyalty programs.  Goode also thinks facial recognition should be used for age verification in self-check out systems."

Hertz and CLEAR's slogan "The Exit Gate Without The Wait" follows that blueprint to a T. It is also a near carbon copy of DHS's "platinum spy on your neighbor cam-share club" which attempts to add exclusivity to spying on your neighbors
A look at Hertz's "Fast Lane Hertz Powered by Clear" webpage reveals their main selling points are customer loyalty rewards and speeding through checkout/check-in lines.


Steph Curry says moon landing comments were a joke, but he will take NASA up on its offer of a tour "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

NBA superstar Steph Curry said he was kidding when he said he doesnt believe humans landed on the moon.

Obviously I was joking when I was talking on the podcast, the Golden State Warriors guard told ESPN on Wednesday. I was silently protesting how stupid it was that people actually took that quote and made it law.

While appearing on an episode of the podcast Winging It, which posted Monday, Curry asked fellow NBA players Vince Carter, Kent Bazemore and Andre Iguodala We ever been to the moon?


Today, Virgin Galactic will fly their first mission for us and join the growing list of commercial vehicles supporting our suborbital research "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Payloads on the flight will collect valuable data to improve technologies for future exploration missions. This flight will be specifically be used to study how dust disperses in microgravity. Understanding dust dynamics can help abate the damage that is caused by particles contaminating hardware and habitats. Swoop in:


Aubrey de Grey Clinical Trials in Five Years "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In November, Dr. Aubrey de Grey, a graduate of the University of Cambridge, was in Spain to attend the Longevity World Forum in the city of Valencia, and he gave a press conference organized by his friend, MIT engineer Jos Luis Cordeiro.

Dr. Aubrey de Grey is the scientific director (CSO) and founder of the SENS Research Foundation. In Madrid and Valencia, Dr. de Grey reaffirmed for Tendencias21 one of his most striking statements of 2018: In the future, there will be many different medicines to reverse aging. In five years, we will have many of them working in early clinical trials.

The Longevity World Forum is a congress on longevity and genomics in Europe. It is heir to the first congress in Spain, the International Longevity and Cryopreservation Summit, which was held at the CSIC headquarters in Madrid in May 2017, and Dr. de Grey also participated in that event. In Valencia, his presentation was recieved with interest, and Dr. de Grey explained to this select audience that aging will be treated as a medical problem in the near future. Rather than treating its symptoms using the infectious disease model, the root causes of aging will themselves be treated.


10 Best Free Skype Alternatives For Windows/Android/iOS "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Since its advent in 2003, Skype has become an industry standard when it comes to video calling on Windows PC. In addition to video calls, Skype is also a full-fledged messaging and voice calling application that is available for smartphones as well.

Even after its immense popularity, Skype is still not the most feature-rich and secure video calling application.

So these are some of the best alternatives to Skype that will definitely enhance your video calling experience.

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Best Free Skype Alternatives


The first Skype alternative for PC that you are probably already using is WhatsApp. This immensely popular messaging application also doubles up as a reliable video-calling application. WhatsApp is available for both smartphones and computers.

A majority of your friends and family members are already using WhatsApp, which eliminates the need for signing up for new services.

WhatsApp now supports group video calls, using which you can communicate with up to four friends at once. Overall WhatsApp is a reliable Skype alternative.


Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is another popular video calling service that is mainly used by various organizations to interact with co-workers. Similar to WhatsApp Google Hangouts is also available for smartphones and computers.

Using Google Hangouts you can hold a video call with up to 25 participants. So as to invite and connect with different users you only need their email address or phone number.

During calls, Google Hangouts offers impressive audio and video quality and the connection is secure as well.



Apple picks Texas for $1B site "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Apple announced Thursday that it will open a new campus in Austin, Texas, where it estimates about 15,000 jobs will be created across a variety of fields including engineering and finance.The tech giant said in a statement that it...


A Designer Seed Company Is Building a Farming Panopticon "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Indigo Ag, known for its microbe-coated seeds, is acquiring geospatial data startup TellusLabs to use satellites to learn every last thing about its farmers fields.


Operation Sharpshooter targets critical infrastructure and global defense "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

McAfee uncovered a campaign tracked as Operation Sharpshooter that hit at least 87 organizations in global defense and critical infrastructure.

Security experts at McAfee uncovered a hacking campaign, tracked as Operation Sharpshooter, aimed at infrastructure companies worldwide. The threat actors are using malware associated with Lazarus APT group that carried out Sony Pictures attack back in 2014.

The current campaign os targeting nuclear, defense, energy, and financial companies, experts believe attackers are gather intelligence to prepare future attacks.

In October and November 2018, the Rising Sun implant has appeared in 87 organizations across the globe, predominantly in the United States, based on McAfee telemetry and our analysis. reads the analysis published by McAfee.

Based on other campaigns with similar behavior, most of the targeted organizations are English speaking or have an English-speaking regional office. This actor has used recruiting as a lure to collect information about targeted individuals of interest or organizations that manage data related to the industries of interest.

Operation Sharpshooter

Threat actors are carrying out spear phishing attacks with a link poining to weaponized Word documents purporting to be sent by a job recruiter. The messages are in English and include descriptions for jobs at unknown companies, URLs associated with the documents belongs to a US-based IP address and to the Dropbox service....


RISC-V Will Stop Hackers Dead From Getting Into Your Computer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The greatest hardware hacks of all time were simply the result of finding software keys in memory. The AACS encryption debacle the 09 F9 key that allowed us to decrypt HD DVDs was the result of encryption keys just sitting in main memory, where it could be read by any other program. DeCSS, the hack that gave us all access to DVDs was again the result of encryption keys sitting out in the open.

Because encryption doesnt work if your keys are just sitting out in the open, system designers have come up with ingenious solutions to prevent evil hackers form accessing these keys. One of the best solutions is the hardware enclave, a tiny bit of silicon that protects keys and other bits of information. Apple has an entire line of chips, Intel has hardware extensions, and all of these are black box solutions. They do work, but we have no idea if there are any vulnerabilities. If you cant study it, its just an article of faith that these hardware enclaves will keep working.

Now, there might be another option. RISC-V researchers are busy creating an Open Source hardware enclave. This is an Open Source project to build secure hardware enclaves to store cryptographic keys and other secret information, and theyre doing it in a way that can be accessed and studied. Trust but verify, yes, and thats why this is the most innovative hardware development in the last decade.

What is an enclave?

Although as a somewhat new technology, processor enclaves have been around for ages. The first one to reach the public consciousness would be the Secure Enclave Processor (SEP) found in the iPhone 5S. This generation of iPhone introduced several important technological advancements, including Touch ID, the innovative and revolutionary M7 motion coprocessor, and the SEP security coprocessor itself. The iPhone 5S was a technological milestone, and the new at the time SEP stored fingerprint data and cryptographic keys beyond the reach of the actual SOC found in the iPhone.

The iPhone 5S SEP was designed to perform secure services for the rest of the SOC, primarily relating to the Touch ID functionality. Apples revolutionary use of a secure enclave processor was extended with the 2016 release of the Touch Bar MacBook Pro and the use of the Apple T1 chip. The T1 chip was again used for TouchID functionality, and demonstrates that Apple is the king of vertical integration.

But Apple isnt the only company working on secure enclaves for their computing products. Intel has developed the SGX extension which allows for hardware-assisted security enclaves. These enclaves give developers the ability to hide cryptographic keys and the components for digital rig...


The Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame: GoPro Hero "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The original action camera started as a home-sewn strap that secured a disposable camera to the users wrist

GoPro photo Photo: GoPro First Hero: The initial GoPro, introduced in 2004, was a 35-mm film camera manufactured by a Chinese company.

There are entrepreneurs who set out wanting to be entrepreneurs, and they dont really care how they do it. And then there are entrepreneurs driven by a vision so compelling that entrepreneurship becomes a means to an end. Nick Woodman was in that latter category.

After failing with two successive startups, he just wanted to take some time off and travel and surf. While bumming around and riding waves in Indonesia, it occurred to him that it might be cool to take some point-of-view pictures while surfing. Hardly any such photos existed, mainly because, news flash: It is virtually impossible to handle a camera while surfing. Wanting to rectify this situation, Woodman took a busted surfboard leash and a rubber band and jury-rigged a strap that would hold a disposable waterproof film camera from Kodak securely on his wrist.

photo Photo: GoPro Camera, Action: The original Hero had a hook mechanism that held the camera flat on the users wrist when the device wasnt being used to take photos.

Woodman thought other surfers might be interested in documenting their exploits, and he figured he might make a little cash selling straps. He bought some blocks of plastic, found a Dremel tool, borrowed his moms sewing machine, and went to work. He combined some some...


Iranian hackers targeted personal email accounts of US Treasury officials: report "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Iranian-backed hackers targeted the personal email accounts of U.S. Treasury officials around the time President Trump reimposed sanctions on the country, according to an Associated Press report.The news outlet on Thursday reported that the...


Researchers Develop Nanodiscs That Can Wipe Out Tumors "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Cancer research is an area of medical science that, rightfully, gets considerable attention. There are nearly 14.5 million Americans with a history of cancer and with more than 13 million estimated new cancer cases each year. Its no wonder even artificial intelligence (AI) has gotten into the field. Researchers from the University of Michigan are not getting left behind, with a groundbreaking method that has the potential to eliminate tumors.

This new technology uses nano-sized discs, about 10 nm to be exact, to teach the body to kill cancer cells. We are basically educating the immune system with these nanodiscs so that immune cells can attack cancer cells in a personalized manner, said James Moon from the University of Michigan.

Each of these nanodiscs is full of neoantigens (tumor-specific mutations) that teach the immune systems T-cells to recognize each neoantigen and kill them. These work hand-in-hand with immune checkpoint inhibitors that boost the responses of T-cells forming an anti-cancer system in the body that wipes out tumors and potentially keeps them from reemerging.


Strategies for Deploying Embedded Software "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Strategies for Deploying Embedded Software


Harvards $39B Endowment Is Reportedly Buying Up Californias Vineyardsand Their Water Rights "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Fortune: Harvard Universitys endowment is reportedly buying up vineyards in Californias wine country, along with the water rights belonging to those properties. Instead of making the land purchases in its own name, Harvard is using a wholly owned subsidiarynamed Brodiaea after the scientific name for the cluster lilyto buy vineyards. Harvard created Brodiaea in []


France in a Nutshell: The Government Stopped Listening to the People 20 Years Ago "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Of Two Minds: The elites clever exploitation of politically correct cover stories has enthralled the comatose, uncritical Left, but not those who see their living standards in a free-fall.


Biologists shed new light on the diversity of natural selection "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Evolutionary genetic theory shows that genetic variation can be maintained when selection favors different versions of the same in males and femalesan inevitable outcome of having separate sexes. That is, for many genes, there may not be a universally best , but rather one is best for males and one is best for females. This is known as sexually antagonistic genetic variation, but it might only be maintained under a narrow set of conditions, limiting its prevalence in nature. However, a new study by Dr. Karl Grieshop and Professor Gran Arnqvist, published in PLoS Biology, may change this view.


A Self-Aware Fish Raises Doubts About a Cognitive Test "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

New test proposal Do you experience stress, entropy, decoherence? Yes? Ofcourse you do. Well, I declare you self- aware .

A report that a fish can pass the mirror test for self-awareness reignites debates about how to define and measure that elusive quality.


Re: Linux kernel: userfaultfd bypasses tmpfs file permissions (CVE-2018-18397; since 4.11; fixed in 4.14.87 and 4.19.7) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Greg KH on Dec 13

Which is better, to be running a system with unkown or known bugs? :)

I'd pick unknown, as you are a _bit_ safer that way.

Who are you relying on for those backports?

And what about all of the backports that do not get made? Just look a
the spectre patches for loads of examples of that.

If you want to rely on RHEL, that's wonderful, but you are tying
yourself to some unknown developers doing some unknown work (figuring
out what...


The Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame: Epson R-D1 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This odd hybrid camera had a mechanical shutter and a 6.1-megapixel image sensor

photo Photo: Epson Surprising Pioneer: The very first digital rangefinder camera came not from Leica, a company long renowned for its rangefinders, but from a collaboration between Epson and camera maker Cosina Voigtlnder.

Starting in the 1940s and for the next 30 years or so, rangefinder cameras were de rigueur for those who wanted professional-looking photographs. But in the 1970s, single-lens reflex cameras were introduced, later followed by digital SLRs, which made it easy for even the most unskilled amateurs to consistently take decent photos. As digital SLRs soared in popularity, rangefinders became curiosmainly suitable, it seemed, for occasional use by professionals and serious hobbyists. Then Epson introduced the R-D1, the first digital rangefinder, which single-handedly returned rangefinders to combined commercial and artistic relevance.

Rangefinder cameras use two optical pathsone through the lens, one through a separate rangefinderto get two slightly different angles on the same view, which are then superimposed. The photographer turns the lens focus ring, and when the two images align, the object is in focus.

SLRs, on the other hand, use mirrors and prisms to project an image coming through the lens onto a viewfinder, thereby allowing the user to focus it. When the shutter-release button is pressed, the main mirror is physically flipped up and out of the pathway between lens and film (or image sensor). Because the images that photographers see in their viewfinders come through the lens, what they see is what they get. For that reason, the arrangement lends itself well to a system in which the lenses can be changed. By the end of the 1970s, SLRs were outselling rangefinders by a big margin.


What Are Silicon Valleys Highest-Paying Tech Jobs? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Product management, reliability, and security jobs pay the most in Silicon Valley, says job search firm Indeed

Job-search site Indeed crunched its Silicon Valley hiring numbers for 2018, looking at tech job searches, salaries, and employers, and found that engineers who combine tech skills with business skills as directors of product management earn the most, with an average salary of US $186,766. Last year, the gig came in as number two, at $173,556.

Also climbing up the ranks, and now in the number two spot with an average annual salary of $181,100, is senior reliability engineer. Application security engineer is third at $173,903. Neither made the top 20 in 2017.

And while it seems that machine learning engineers have been getting all the love in 2018, those jobs came in eighth place, at $159,230. Thats still a bit of a leap from last year, when the job made its first appearance on Indeeds top 20 highest-paying jobs in the 13th spot at $149,519. This years top 20 is below; last years numbers are here.

Highest-paying tech jobs in Silicon Valley (January through October, 2018):



Job Title

Annual Salary


Director of product management



Senior reliability engineer...

Apple Announces Plan to Build $1 Billion Campus in Texas "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Bytram

Apple announces plan to build $1 billion campus in Texas

Apple will build a $1 billion campus in Austin, Texas, and establish smaller new locations in Seattle, San Diego and Culver City, California, the company said Thursday. The tech giant based in Cupertino, California, says the new campus in Austin will start with 5,000 employees working in engineering, research and development, operations, finance, sales and customer support. It will be less than a mile from existing Apple facilities.

The other new locations will have more than 1,000 employees each.

Austin already is home to more than 6,000 Apple employees, representing the largest population of the company's workers outside of Apple's Cupertino headquarters, where most of its roughly 37,000 California employees work.

[...] The company also said it plans to expand in Pittsburgh, New York and Colorado over the next three years.

Apple press release. Also at CNET.

Original Submission #1 Original Submission #2

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California Considering Text Messaging Tax "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: CBS: Californians may or may not type OMG at the news, but texting may soon come with an extra fee on their mobile phone bills. State regulators are weighing a tax on text messaging to help fund a program that makes phone service available to low-income residents. A texting surcharge could help sustain the []


Re: CVE Request: mini-httpd (<= v1.30) is affected by a response discrepancy information exposure (CWE-204) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Salva Peir on Dec 13

I totally agree its a robustness bug, not a vulnerability,
therefore, it is not worth assigning a CVE for this issue,
I did not have enough evidences at the time I requested the CVE.



Timechain : a Decade of Misunderstanding Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Abstract: The term blockchain has caused much confusion and damage due to its failure to accurately capture the core characteristics of decentralized byzantine fault tolerant systems. In this article, a restoration of an older term is proposed as replacement.


The Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame: Sony Walkman "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The idea for the Walkman came from Sonys opera-loving cofounder

photo Photo: Sony Pacesetter: The original Sony Walkman, model TPS-L2, ran on a pair of AA batteries, had two headphone jacks, and came with a pair of matching lightweight headphones.

Roughly half of all the people alive today were born after the Walkman was introduced. Thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy, though, almost everyone knows what a Walkman is. But if you werent there in 197980, you dont know what a head-spinning revelation the thing was, how radically it changed the way music was played and consumed, or the stunning speed with which it became seemingly ubiquitous.

Back in the 70s there were plenty of cassette tape decks, but the prevailing trend was to make them bigger, not smaller. Bragging rights went to whoever could pump out the most sound. The prestige player was a boom box, and in 1979, the biggest of them were about as big as a Fiat 128 and had more sophisticated lighting. (Okay, that size comparison is pure exaggeration. But on some of them, the lighting really was dazzling.)

Then Sony starts selling this little player, small enough to put in a large pocket, and inexpensive. You could take it anywhere. Today, with smartphones and earbuds nearly as commonplace as socks, young folk will have a hard time understanding how crazily revolutionary this was: You used headphones to listen to your own music privately. Nobody would know you were listening to Captain & Tennille or Air Supply unless you told them.

In fact, the Walkman came about because one guy wanted to listen to opera on airplanes without annoying his fellow passengers. This one guy, Masaru I...


The end of GEO Satellites as we know today "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

GEO Satellites business globally make roughly 80% of the overall Space market business with $270B revenues claimed in 2017. How a Space Industry of such kind level of business can disappear is not an argument for many years to come but how a transformation of the Satellite configuration can impact the Space Industry this represents a real topic.

I already discussed in my previous article of how the advancement of A.I. bringing to autonomous missions for satellites, 3D printing permitting on-orbit Manufacturing and Robotic Assembly are not far away technologies, with the mature advancements achieved in on-Ground applications, to be applied to Space Satellites. Already today recently born Startups are working on Satellites on-board software/hardware permitting more autonomous tasks with decision making capability without being piloted from remote on-Ground Stations, significantly reducing operative costs.

Arriving to build fully autonomous Satellites is just a matter of time, with remotely controlled operations to be applied only for safety contingencies. The foreseen growth in the number of small satellites by order of magnitudes push the market this way.


Fireball That Exploded Over Greenland Shook Earth, Triggering Seismic Sensors "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

WASHINGTON When a blazing fireball from space exploded over Earth on July 25, scientists captured the first-ever seismic recordings of a meteor impact on ice in Greenland.

At approximately 8 p.m. local time on that day, residents of the town of Qaanaaq on Greenlands northwestern coast reported seeing a bright light in the sky and feeling the ground shake as a meteor combusted over the nearby Thule Air Base.

But the fleeting event was detected by more than just human observers, according to unpublished research presented Dec. 12 here at the annual conference of the American Geophysical Union (AGU).


AMD Squeezes In Some Final AMDGPU Changes To DRM-Next For Linux 4.21 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Complementing all of the AMDGPU feature work already staged for the upcoming Linux 4.21 kernel, another (small) batch of material was sent out on Wednesday...


This Ancient Galaxy Was Loaded With Dark Matter "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Light that reaches Earth from this galaxy is 9 billion years old.

The light they analyzed was 9 billion years old.


The Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame: Nokia N85 Cellphone "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The first cellphone with an AMOLED screen fizzled in the marketplace, despite combining several very advanced technologies

photo Photo: Alamy Things to Come: The Nokia N85 was the first smartphone with an active-matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) display. Such displays would become the preferred type on high-end phones in the years to come.

The Nokia N85 isnt on anyones list of best phones of all time. Heck, it didnt even make the list of top five best-selling Nokia phones released in 2008. What makes it special is that it was the first cellular handset to incorporate what would come to be the ne plus ultra of smartphone screens: an active-matrix organic light emitting diode (AMOLED) display.

Today Samsung is associated with AMOLED screens, but Nokia beat it to the punch. The N85 came out in October of 2008, while Samsungs first AMOLED phone, the i7110, arrived in February of 2009.

Most phones in those days incorporated TFT (thin-film transistor) screens, though a few had OLED displays. AMOLEDs provided a much richer color palette and better color contrast than TFTs. Battery capacity has never not been an issue with smartphones, and AMOLEDs drew less power than OLEDs and significantly less power than TFTs. They have a wider viewing angle than TFTs. AMOLEDs are also flexible, a trait of little consequence 10 years ago, but the key enabler of the curved screens that some phone manufacturers are experimenting with today. AMOLED displays did not start out as touch screens; that capability would be created later by putting a touch-sensitive layer on top of the AMOLED screen.


[Ben Krasnow] Builds a One-Component Interferometer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

When we think of physics experiments, we tend to envision cavernous rooms filled with things like optical benches, huge coils in vacuum chambers, and rack after rack of amplifiers and data acquisition hardware. But it doesnt have to be that way you can actually perform laser interferometry with a single component and measure sub-micron displacements and more.

The astute viewer of [Ben Krasnow]s video below will note that in order to use the one component, a laser diode, as an interferometer, he needed a whole bunch of support gear, like power supplies, a signal generator, and a really, really nice mixed-signal oscilloscope. But the principle of the experiment is the important bit, which uses a laser diode with a built-in monitoring photodiode. Brought out to a third lead, older laser diodes often used these photodiodes to control the light emitted by the laser junction. But they also respond to light reflected back into the laser diode, and thanks to constructive and destructive interference, can actually generate a signal that corresponds to very slight displacements of a reflector. [Ben] used it to measure the vibrations of a small speaker, the rotation of a motor shaft, and with a slight change in setup, to measure the range to a fixed target with sub-micron precision. Its fascinating stuff, and the fact you can extract so much information from a single component is pretty cool.

We really like [Ben]s style of presentation, and the interesting little nooks and crannies of physics that he finds a way to explore. He recently looked at how helium can kill a MEMS sensor, an equally fascinating topic.

[baldpower] sent in this tip. Thanks!


6 Best Practices for Highly Available Kubernetes Clusters "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

6 Best Practices for Highly Available Kubernetes Clusters


New Intel Architectures and Technologies Target Expanded Market Opportunities "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

At Intels recent Architecture Day, Raja Koduri, Intels senior vice president of Core and Visual Computing, outlined a strategic shift for the companys design and engineering model. This shift combines a series of foundational building blocks that leverage a world-class portfolio of technologies and intellectual property (IP) within the company.

Architecture Day Fact Sheet: New Intel Architectures and Technologies Target Expanded Market Opportunities

This approach is designed to allow Intel to drive an accelerated pace of innovation and leadership, and will be anchored across six strategic pillars:


Worst password offenders of 2018 exposed "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Kanye West is the worst password offender of 2018, according to Dashlane. When visiting the White House, the famous rapper was sprotted unlocking his iPhone with the passcode 000000. The Pentagon made second place: an audit by the Government Accountability Office revealed easy-to-guess admin passwords and default passwords for multiple weapons systems. Other offenders on the list include: Italian company Ferrero, who offered spectacularly bad password advice to users (they suggested the use of Nutella More

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ID Numbers for 120 Million Brazilians taxpayers exposed online "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

InfoArmor discovered a misconfigured server online that contained taxpayer identification numbers for 120 million Brazilian taxpayers

In March 2018, security experts at InfoArmor discovered a misconfigured server online that contained taxpayer identification numbers, or Cadastro de Pessoas Fsicas (CPFs), for 120 million Brazilian nationals. It is not clear how long data remained exposed online or who accessed them.

Every Brazilian national has assigned a taxpayer identification number that allows him to perform ordinary operations, such as opening a bank account, paying taxes, or getting a loan.

Experts discovered the file index.html_bkp on the Apache server (likely a backup of the index.html), which caused the web server to display the list of the files and folder stored in that folder and download them.

The folder included data archives ranging in size from 27 megabytes to 82 gigabytes.

Experts at InfoArmor discovered that one of the archive contained data related to Cadastro de Pessoas Fsicas (CPFs), personal information, military info, telephone, loans, and addresses. 

CPFsare an identification number issued by the Brazilian Federal Reserve to Brazilian citizens and tax-paying residentaliens, and each exposed CFP linked to an individuals banks, loans, repayments, credit and debit history, voting history, full name, emails, residential addresses, phone numbers, date of birth, family contacts, employment, voting registration numbers, contract numbers, and contract amounts. reads the report published by InfoArmor.



How To Install Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack On RHEL 8 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

How do I set up a LAMP stack on RHEL 8 cloud server or VPS or bare metal server? How can I install Linux, Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, PHP (LAMP) stack On RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) 8?

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The Year Ahead: Push for privacy bill gains new momentum "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Congress is seeing a new flurry of activity toward drafting a national privacy law as major breaches mount and the publics anger over companies data policies grows.The calls for a privacy bill have been growing louder in recent months. And for...


Mesa 19.0 RADV Vulkan Driver Gets New Fixes To Help DXVK Gaming "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Samuel Pitoiset of Valve's Linux graphics driver team has landed some fresh patches in Mesa 19.0 (and also marked for back-porting to the stable branch) to help out the DXVK gaming experience for Windows games using Direct3D 11 that are re-mapped to run on top of the Vulkan graphics API...


Sony PlayStation Classic hacked to run games off a USB drive "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Hackers crack Sonys PlayStation Classic shortly after the release

Last week, Sony released PlayStation Classic with 20 officially preinstalled games, which includes games such as Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, Grand Theft Auto, and Resident Evil Directors Cut. The list of games left out many countless classic games from the 90s leaving fans disappointed. Moreover, the gaming console does not have any built-in machine to add more unofficial games.

However, this did not stop the members of the console hacking community to find a way out to unofficially add games to the mini-console. Just one week after its launch, hackers have apparently found a method to run games and software on the PlayStation Classic via a USB flash drive, reports Ars Technica.

Popular console hackers, yifanlu and madmonkey1907 have managed to successfully sideload the PlayStation Classics code via the systems UART serial port. Thanks to the weak cryptography in the PlayStation Classic, which was discovered by these console hackers while dumping the PlayStation Classic system code onto an external machine.

According to the hackers, the most sensitive parts of the PlayStation Classics codes were signed and encrypted using a key that had been mistakenly left behind on the console instead of being held by Sony.

YifanLu took to Twitter and documented the process in real-time of hacking the PlayStation Classics security. He was able to successfully run Crash Bandicoot on the console via a USB thumb drive (see video below).

YifanLu stated, One key is, Hey am I Sony?The other key is saying, Hey I am Sony. They distributed the key that identifies [themselves] uniquely and this key doesnt expire for another 50 years or so.

Basically, consoles have encrypted codes that run in the system to prevent people from making any changes. However, on the PlayStation Classic, the necessary tool to decrypt the systems codes is already available in the consoles system and all a user has to do is copy it to their PC.

In order to hack the mini-console, yifanlu and madmonkey1907 used an open-source tool called BleemSync, which is available on GitHub for PlayStation Classic owners w...


Rocket Lab Set to Launch its First Payloads for NASA "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Rocket Lab preparing for NASA mission with Electron launch of ELaNa-XIX

Rocket Lab is set to launch their second mission in just over a month on Thursday (local time), in a window opening at 04:07 UTC and lasting until 08:00. The Electron rocket will carry a host of CubeSats for NASA's Educational Launch of Nanosatellites (ELaNa) program.

The 19th such mission to deploy educational CubeSats into orbit will also be the first mission procured under NASA's Venture Class Launch Services (VCLS) program. Rocket Lab, Virgin Orbit, and Firefly Aerospace were selected to provide dedicated smallsat launch vehicles to support the increasing role of CubeSats in NASA's research.

Thursday's launch was scrubbed and moved to Friday (early hours UTC).

Live stream page.

Original Submission

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Re: libvnc and tightvnc vulnerabilities "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Solar Designer on Dec 13

I've just created this issue:

SECURITY: malloc((uint64_t)length + 1) is unsafe, especially on 32-bit systems



DoJ Indicts Five Men For Pre-Release Movie & TV Show Piracy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Public sharing of movies and TV shows before their commercial release is considered to be one of the most damaging types of piracy.

With no official copies on the market, entertainment companies are unable to compete in what would ordinarily be the most profitable window of opportunity for sales. Thats why, year after year, individuals who leak content early become targets for law enforcement.

Yesterday the Department of Justice revealed that a federal grand jury has indicted five men in four countries on charges that they distributed or offered for sale hundreds of movies and TV shows in advance of their official release. It appears to be one of the most important prosecutions in recent memory.

Malik Luqman Farooq, 30, of the UK, is alleged to have sold access to more than a dozen stolen pre-release or contemporaneous-release films over a period of two years. He is alleged to have used online aliases including dark999, codex, and Lucky.

Aditya Raj, an assumed resident of India, allegedly released pirated movies online and was involved in camming in India.

Sam Nhance, believed to live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, allegedly maintained a server on which other members of the group stored and manipulated videos for distribution. He used online aliases including SamNhaNc3

Ghobhirajah Selvarajah, who is claimed to live in Malaysia, owned a PayPal account which was used to accept payments from people accessing the movies and to pay server bills. He used aliases including Hunter and Hunter X.

Jitesh Jadhav, another presumed resident of India, was allegedly involved in camcording films in India, including The Amazing Spider-Man 2, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Of the five indicted men, only one Malik Luqman Farooq has been physically detained by authorities. He was reportedly arrested by City of London Police and is currently awaiting trial in the UK.

None are in U.S. custody but face a seven-count indictment listing conspiracy to commit computer fraud, unauthorized access to a computer, aggravated identity theft, and copyright infringement.

According to the indictment, the group began offending prior to May 5, 2013 and continued to May 20, 2015.

Its alleged that Farooq, Raj, Nhance, and Selvarajah rented servers from companies including OVH which they used to store pirated copies of movies which had been illegally obtained from servers operated by movie, distribution, and other third-party companies.

Farooq and Jadhav are further accused of obta...


How Facebook Made a Universal Open Source Language for the Web "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A more flexible alternative called Graph Query Language, developed by Facebook, is spreading fast and has won over companies ranging from GitHub to Audi.

GraphQL is heavily inspired by another language called Facebook Query Language, which in turn was based on Structured Query Language, the well-established lingua franca of database software supported by Oracle, Microsoft, and other database makers. That makes the structure and syntax of GraphQL familiar to many developers.


Re: CVE Request: mini-httpd (<= v1.30) is affected by a response discrepancy information exposure (CWE-204) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Solar Designer on Dec 13


Thank you for this additional detail.

This tells us that mini_httpd isn't compatible with Apache httpd's
htpasswd. mini_httpd uses system-provided crypt(3), whereas Apache
httpd's htpasswd by default generates its own password hashes that are
generally not supported by system-provided crypt(3).

Exactly. That's an interoperability issue and a robustness bug. But to
call it a vulnerability is a stretch, in my opinion....


Smashing Security #108: Hoaxes, Huawei and chatbots - with Mikko Hyppnen "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The curious case of George Duke-Cohan, Huaweis CFO finds herself in hot water, and the crazy world of mobile phone mental health apps.

All this and much more is discussed in the latest edition of the award-winning Smashing Security podcast by computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, joined this week by special guests Mikko Hyppnen from F-Secure and technology journalist Geoff White.


Flying Red-Eyed 'Gargoyle' Suddenly Vanishes in Rockford, Illinois "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Definitely a  large gargoyle.  Much more important it was able to order the observers to both stop seeing it but also to forget the incident.  We have seen this before and now we are alert to the phenomena which makes it easier.

The bottom line is that they can suppress our senses to maintain stealth.  We have already understood that their population is much larger than a single sighting indicates.

We have seen the same phenomena elsewhere with other animals.  

Flying Red-Eyed 'Gargoyle' Suddenly Vanishes in Rockford, Illinois 

 Thursday, November 29, 2018

I recently received a telephone call from an elderly woman ('SS') in Rockford, Illinois who witnesses a winged humanoid in 1999, along with her husband and a close friend.

The incident occurred during the summer, in the early evening when there was a full moon. The trio was relaxing on the friend...


CVE-2018-20123 QEMU: pvrdma: memory leakage in device hotplug "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by P J P on Dec 13


A memory leakage issue was found in the way QEMU initialised its VMWare's
paravirtual RDMA device. In pvrdma_realize() routine, if an error occurred, it
did not release memory resources allocated to various objects.

A guest user/process could use this flaw to leak host memory, resulting in DoS
for host.

Upstream patch:

This issue was...


Indian academia is fighting a toxic mix of nationalism and pseudoscience "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its a problem that has many academics here worried. As India becomes increasingly polarised, coordinated efforts to popularise pseudoscientific theories, and to aggrandise the nations own scientific past, have begun to gain ground, they say. Its a worrying mash-up of nationalism, religion, and scientific bunkum that appears to be an increasingly easy selland one that leaves the population both misinformed and perennially at odds with itself. That is why our leaders and scientists talk about how evolution is wrong, said Aniket Sule, an astrophysicist and colleague of Karandikar at HBCSE, or how Indians were first to invent plane or atomic theory, or how cow worship is scientific.

A wave of superstitions is being promoted as legitimate science.


Understanding the Future of Humans, AI and Quantum Computers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I believe it is likely that we will have 10,000 qubit quantum computers within 5 to 10 years. There is rapidly advancing work by IonQ with trapped ion quantum computers and a range of superconducting quantum computer systems by Google, IBM, Intel, Rigetti and 20005000 qubit quantum annealing computers by D-Wave Systems.

10,000 qubit quantum computers should have computing capabilities far beyond any conventional computer for certain classes of problems. They will be beyond not just any regular computer today but any non-quantum computer ever for those kinds of problems.

Those quantum computers will help improve artificial intelligence systems. How certain is this development? What will it mean for humans and our world?


Re: CVE Request: mini-httpd (<= v1.30) is affected by a response discrepancy information exposure (CWE-204) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Salva Peir on Dec 13

Hi there,

Thanks for the pointers for further investigating,

I was also curious about why crypt(3) was returning NULL,
when I looked at the crypt(3) man-page I found that crypt()
returns NULL on error, upon further checking I've observed that
errno is being set to EINVAL (22) after the call to crypt(3).

So here is what I've done so far to reproduce this,
initially, I omitted the steps to generate the htpasswd
as I though they where...


Cosmonauts Cut Into Soyuz Docked at the ISS During Nearly 8-Hour Spacewalk "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Two Russian cosmonauts have removed samples from a Soyuz spacecraft docked at the International Space Station during a spacewalk. They used knives and shears to cut around the now-sealed 2mm hole in the Soyuz MS-09:

Expedition 57 flight engineers Oleg Kononenko and Sergey Prokopyev of the Russian federal space agency Roscosmos conducted the 7-hour and 45-minute spacewalk. The two cosmonauts worked on the exterior of the Russian Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft, where the space station's crew had earlier found and repaired the leak from the inside.

[...] Today, Prokopyev joined Kononenko on a spacewalk to inspect the repair area from the outside in an effort to discover what caused the leak and to collect a sample of the epoxy that had extruded through the hole from the inside. To reach the area needed to perform the inspection, Kononenko rode at the end of two Russian Strela booms, translating from the Pirs docking compartment where the spacewalk began to the Zarya functional cargo block (FGB) and then up alongside the Soyuz. Prokopyev controlled the booms' motion from the opposite end, moving Kononenko into place, before shimmying up the second boom himself.

At the worksite, Kononenko and Prokopyev took turns using a knife and a pair of long-arm scissors to stab at and cut away layers of brown, gold and silvery insulation. As they cut into the spacecraft, small fragments of the material floated away and formed a cloud of debris. The two cosmonauts then used the same tools to cut into and peel away a thin metal orbital debris shield to expose the hole in the Soyuz MS-09's orbital compartment. [...] Kononenko used a pair of forceps and a swab to collect samples of the dark epoxy. The residue, stowed inside a bag, was brought back inside the space station and will be returned to Earth for analysis.

Also at BBC.

Previously: Russian Space Chief Vows to Find "Full Name" of Technician Who Caused ISS Leak
NASA and Roscosmos Release Joint Statement on ISS Leak Amid Rumors
Controversy Over ISS Leak Continues, Spacewalk Planned for November



Re: Multiple telnet.c overflows "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Hacker Fantastic on Dec 13

Please see the below proof of concept in triggering the heap overflow using
the IAC SB TELQUAL_IS environment option variable assignment. As per my
original advisory, which did not fully indicate the details but gave the
overview of how to trigger the condition.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# Proof-of-concept exploit to settle debate on remote
# exploitability of telnet client overflows identified
# by Hacker House in previous advisory.
# Starting...


iCEBreaker, The Open Source Development Board for FPGAs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Hackaday Superconference is over, which is a shame, but one of the great things about our conference is the people who manage to trek out to Pasadena every year to show us all the cool stuff theyre working on. One of those people was [Piotr Esden-Tempski], founder of 1 Bit Squared, and he brought some goodies that would soon be launched on a few crowdfunding platforms. The coolest of these was the iCEBreaker, an FPGA development kit that makes it easy to learn FPGAs with an Open Source toolchain.

The hardware for the iCEBreaker includes the iCE40UP5K fpga with 5280 logic cells,, 120 kbit of dual-port RAM, 1 Mbit of single-port RAM, and a PLL, two SPIs and two I2Cs. Because the most interesting FPGA applications include sending bits out over pins really, really fast, theres also 16 Megabytes of SPI Flash that allows you to stream video to a LED matrix. There are enough logic cells here to synthesize a CPU, too, and already the iCEBreaker can handle the PicoRV32, and some of the RISC-V cores. Extensibility is through PMOD connectors, and yes, theres also an HDMI output for your vintage computing projects.

If youre looking to get into FPGA development, theres no better time. Joe Fitzs WTFpga workshop from the 2018 Hackaday Superconference has already been converted to this iCEBreaker board, and yes, the seven-segment display and DIP switches are available. Between this and the Open Source iCE toolchain, youve got a complete development system thats ready to go, fun to play with, and extremely capable.


Qanon - GOOGLE & CHINA "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

From this we can presume that the GOOGLE collaboration with China is continuing under another arrangement.  Inasmuch as we are now seeing Chinese traffic in our search systems, this has to be considered confirmed.

China has been a black hole forever and now information is been actively shared.  It remains a difficult problem and the application of Chinese authority is troublesome.

solving that will take a full press assault including powering up INDIA to act as solution matrix mirroring Chinese assets..

Dec 12 2018

2600 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: c48298 No.4277174 
Dec 12 2018 15:44:12 (EST) NEW

Q 2599 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: fa672f No.4274693 
Dec 12 2018 13:20:44 (EST)

Anonymous ID: 25f5b9 No.4274486 
Dec 12 2018 13:09:16 (EST) ClipboardImage.png 



Think POTUS Tweet re: PEPE
Trolling the FAKE NEWS media IS SO MUCH FUN!

 2598 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 576371 No.4274405 

The Elite Are Creating An Authoritarian Beast System, And Those That Dissent Could Lose EVERYTHING "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

They do what they do because they are ultimately stupid.  They think that we the people are not united in distaste and will thus not ever react.  Do they already forget the collapse of communism?

We truly need the rule of twelve.  Leaders must be able to trust their people and not succumb to this type of stupidity.  Civilization only works with the free flow of opinion both right and wrong.  That is how a consensus even arises.  Having a consensus formed only by a few makes them into a prime target from the excluded.  That is why central bankers are now in deep trouble. After all the excluded are developing conspiracy explanations and this destroys trust.  Then the mob forms and the police stand down.

 Understand that seven billion people dissent and they each hold a rock to hand.

The Elite Are Creating An Authoritarian Beast System, And Those That Dissent Could Lose EVERYTHING



Qanon Rosenberg out and HUBER up to bat "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Rosenberg is out.  He was a dead man from day one but was placed there to facilitate distracting the DEEP STATE.  Last guy out the door of the past. Investigations and planning must now be complete and full disclosure is beginning along with the initial arrests surely.

We are seeing a lot of judicial activity with bands of investigators showing up.  This will start becoming more open.

Sadly, Q confirms that JFK jr is not alive, that Julian Assange remains outside the USA and that Snowdon is a traitor now negotiating for return.

We also presage a return to the gold standard.  Except that i do think our reserves do need to be melted down for full confirmation.

Dec 12 2018 2619 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 089200 No.4281049 
Dec 12 2018 19:01:15 (EST)
Anonymous ID: 376ff2 No.4280876 
Dec 12 2018 18:57:57 (EST)
Q: Do we have the gold?

Gold shall destroy FED.


2618 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 089200 No.4280936 
Dec 12 2018 18:59:10 (EST)
Anonymous ID: 0c235c No.4280653 
Dec 12 2018 18:53:30 (EST)
>>4280202 (pb)
Will Flotus confirm anything on Hannity tonight?



Does Scrabble Need To Be Fixed? - Issue 67: Reboot "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

You can find Lynda Woods Cleary playing Scrabble every Tuesday at a Panera in Princeton, NJ. Cleary, a 68-year-old retired financial consultant, has been playing every week for 20 years since founding the Princeton Scrabble Club in 1998. When I asked her if shes ever disappointed to draw certain tiles, she looked surprised, even hurt. Oh no, she said with an Alabama twang. I want each and every one.

Its a sweet sentiment, but according to a 2014 statistical program written by Joshua Lewis, then a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, San Diego, it isnt a sensible one. His study showed that there are lucky tiles in Scrabble: A Q is harder to place on a board than a Z, and yet both are worth 10 points. Therefore, its luckier to draw a Z than a Q. Lewis argued that the traditional values associated with each letter diminish the role of skill in the game, and recommended changing them to make Scrabble scores more indicative of skill.

Pueri / Wikimedia

The suggestion was picked up by the BBC, the Huffington Post, and TIME, among others. As you can imagine, traditionalists like Cleary were dismissive of Lewis suggestion.
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Holding Hands with a Chimp - Issue 67: Reboot "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Revelation comes in different forms for different people. A biblical verse. A flash of recognition in a lovers eyes. A Nietzschean proverb. A classical sonata. A childs embrace. Any moment of profundity, really, where time stops and the divine reveals itself, if only for an instant, and the world makes sense.

For me, revelation came in the form of ape knuckles.

When I first met her, Noelle was a 6-month-old chimp whod just been surrendered to a sanctuary in south Florida, where she was to be raised by human caregivers along with half a dozen other orphans like her until they were old enough to live in a more natural captive environment. As one of those lucky caregivers, I volunteered at the sanctuary between classes and spent nights there on the weekends.

LizBridgesTravel / Shutterstock

Over the next few years, Noelle and I developed, not exactly a daddy-daughter bond, but I suppose something similar to it. One night, as she lay hiccupping on my chest, a belly full of warm formula and drunk with sleepiness, I took her small hairy hand in mine and studied it in detail ... the crescent-shaped lunulae of her nails, the follicles of coarse black hair
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Your City Has a Gender and Its Male - Issue 67: Reboot "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I have a secret to tell you about my city, she says. It has to do with what Eve Ensler calls the feminine cell.

It was the autumn of 2016. Id met her in Quito, Ecuador, at the United Nations Habitat III, the biggest global urban development conference in two decades. After a week spent pondering cities, we found ourselves talking to each other like strangers often do in the tired, busy evenings that follow a days hustle.

Whats the feminine cell? I ask.

Its empathy. Its respect for the human experience. Its being aware of the space you take up in the world and how that relates to the commons.1

iofoto / Shutterstock

Outside the colors of Quito were drenched in rain as the bars filled with eager conference attendees and locals alike. In the second year of a post-doc studying energy footprint reduction in cities, I was just about beginning to see the connections between social justice, the urban experience, and what makes a city tick.

My city is always looking for solutions, she continued. There is no place in my city. There are only points and routes that connect those points.

America is having a bit of
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Deception technology: Authenticity and why it matters "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This article is the second in a five-part series being developed by Dr. Edward Amoroso in conjunction with the deception technology team from Attivo Networks. The article provides an overview of the central role that authenticity plays in the establishment of deception as a practical defense and cyber risk reduction measure. Requirements for authenticity in deception The over-arching goal for any cyber deception system is to create target computing and networking systems and infrastructure that More

The post Deception technology: Authenticity and why it matters appeared first on Help Net Security.


Two Contract Employees Die in Antarctica "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Two fire technicians at the National Science Foundation's McMurdo Station in Antarctica have been pronounced dead following an incident at a generator building that powers a radio transmitter near the station.

The incident, which still is under investigation, occurred on Dec. 12 local time (McMurdo Station keeps New Zealand time).

NSF is not releasing any personal information about the deceased at this time. Their next of kin have been notified.

The workers were performing preventative maintenance on the building's fire suppression system. They were found unconscious on the building's floor by a helicopter pilot, who landed after seeing what appeared to be smoke coming from the structure. They were removed from the building and CPR was administered. One person was pronounced dead at the scene by medical personnel who arrived from the McMurdo clinic. The other was flown to the McMurdo clinic and pronounced dead there a short time later.

Two contract employees die in Antarctica

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.

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