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Wednesday, 19 September


[$] Resource control at Facebook "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Facebook runs a lot of programs and it tries to pack as many as it can onto each machine. That means running close toand sometimes beyondthe resource limits on any given machine. How the system reacts when, for example, memory is exhausted, makes a big difference in Facebook getting its work done. Tejun Heo came to 2018 Open Source Summit North America to describe the resource control work that has been done by the team he works on at Facebook.


Join Hackaday For A Night Of Pre-Maker Faire Hacks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This weekend is the World Maker Faire in New York, and Hackaday will be there looking at the latest and greatest projects from makers around the globe. Well also be buying bottles of water for five dollars, but thats another story entirely.

As always, this years World Maker Faire will be held at the wonderful New York Hall of Science, and the lineup is spectacular. There will be cosplay, and Adam Savage will be there with a half dozen Junior Mythbusters. There will be a twenty-six foot tall hydraulic hand trucked in from Burning Man. Youre looking at the greatest event in STEAM education since the Bay Area Maker Faire last May.

Hackaday has a fantastic New York community and were holding a meetup this Thursday to sync up with Maker Faire. Guess what?  Youre invited!

Were teaming up with our friends at Kickstarter to bring you an awesome night of hardware builds, music hacks, snacks, and more. While this is an informal event,...


Radeon/GPUOpen OCAT 1.2 Released But No Linux Support Yet "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new feature release is out for the Radeon/GPUOpen "OCAT" open-source capture and analytics tool...


Denise Mueller-Korenek Sets New Paced Cycling Speed Record "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

VeloNews reports: Mueller-Korenek rides 183.9mph, smashing world record

On the Bonneville Salt Flats, tucked in behind a 1,000-horsepower drag race car, Denise Mueller-Korenek hit 183.932 miles per hour, smashing a 23-year-old world record.

"It was a crazy wild ride to 183.9 mph, but so worth the sacrifice and years of focus on becoming the fastest human on a bicycle in the world," said Mueller-Korenek after breaking the record on September 16.

She hit the record speed on her second attempt, breaking Fred Rompelberg's 1995 Paced Bicycle Speed Record, 167mph.

Also at NPR.

Original Submission #1 Original Submission #2

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


How Breakthrough Listen Trained AI to Spot Elusive, Mysterious Radio Bursts "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Radio astronomers are increasingly using convolutional neural networks to sift through massive amounts of data

To date, radio astronomers have catalogued fewer than 300 fast radio bursts, mysterious broadband radio signals that originate from well beyond the Milky Way. Almost a third of them72, to be precisewere not detected by astronomers at all, but instead were recently discovered by an artificial intelligence (AI) program trained to spot their telltale signals, even hidden underneath noisy background data.

Radio astronomers almost never spot fast radio bursts, or FRBs, when they happen. Instead, the vast majority are found by sifting through massive amounts of data after the fact. Even the very first recorded FRB, spotted in 2007, was nestled in data from 2001.

Thats why AI developed by Breakthrough Listen, a SETI project headed by the University of California, Berkeley, which has already found dozens of new bursts in its trial run, will be a big help in future searches. This new AI will allow us to pick up signals not picked up by traditional algorithms, says Gerry Zhang, a graduate student at the Berkeley SETI Research Center.

There are a few theories about what FRBs might be. The prevailing theory is that theyre created by rapidly rotating neutron stars. In other theories, they emanate from supermassive black holes. Even more out-there theories describe how theyre produced when neutron stars collide with stars composed of hypothetical dark matter particles called axions. The bursts are probably not sent by aliens, but that theory has its supporters, too.

What we do know is that FRBs come from deep space and each burst lasts for only a few milliseconds. Traditionally, algorithms tease them out of the data by identifying the quadratic signals associated with FRBs. But these signals are coming from far-flung galaxies. Because these pulses travel so far, there are plenty of complications en route, says Zhang. Pulses can be distorted and warped along the way. And even when one reaches Earth, our own noisy planet can obfuscate a pulse.

Thats why it makes sense to train an AIspecifically, a convolutional neural networkto poke through the data and find the ones that traditional algorithms missed. In radio astronomy, says Zhang, at least nowadays, its characterized by big data. Case in point: the 72 FRBs identified by the Berkeley teams AI were found in 8 terabytes of data gathered by the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia....


New Malware Combines Ransomware, Coin Mining and Botnet Features in One "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Windows and Linux users need to beware, as an all-in-one, destructive malware strain has been discovered in the wild that features multiple malware capabilities including ransomware, cryptocurrency miner, botnet, and self-propagating worm targeting Linux and Windows systems. Dubbed XBash, the new malware, believed to be tied to the Iron Group, a.k.a. Rockethe Chinese speaking APT threat


When Power Lines Break, a New Control System Keeps the Sparks From Flying "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

San Diego is rolling out synchrophasor tech for realtime grid control

Photo: Mike Eliason/Santa Barbara County Fire Department/AP Slow Burn: A 2017 wildfire near power lines in Montecito, Calif., burned for almost six months before firefighters subdued it.

Amidst what could be Californias worst wildfire season on record, San Diego Gas & Electric is counting on technology to reduce dangerous sparking from its power lines. This month, the utility completed the initial rollout of a home-grown automated control technology that taps ultrafast synchrophasor sensors to detect and turn off broken power lines before they hit the ground.

Projects such as this mark a turning point for grid control. Synchrophasor sensors send out time-stamped measurements of power and its phasethe angular position of the alternating current and voltage wavesup to 60 times per second. That is at least 120 times as fast as most utilities industrial control systems. And the GPS-synchronized time stamps allow data assembled from multiple sensors to create a precise wide-area view of power grids.

The grids human operators have progressively attained a wider view since the synchrophasor devices invention 30 years ago. But only recently have they begun to exploit the speed of these phasor measurement units (PMUs) for real-time grid control.

San Diegos line-break-protection system works by spotting quick voltage changes. PMUs arrayed along a circuit report continuously via a high-speed wireless radio communications network to a controller in a substation. If the controller spots a sudden voltage spread between adjacent sensors, it orders the closest relays to isolate and de-energize the iffy segment. Generally, its all over in less than half a second.

San Diego Gas & Electric and its parent company, Sempra Energy, started looking at synchrophasor sensors in 2010 and quickly identified dozens of potential uses. A broken-line-detection and control system became the utilitys flagship project after engineer William OBrien calculated that it could spot broken lines two to three times as fast as gravity could pull them down, allowing the controller to stop the flow of electricity before a line touched the ground, and thus greatly reduce the risk of fire. (OBrien developed and patented the concept with Eric Udren, an executive adviser at Quanta Technology......

Braille on a Tablet Computer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Signing up for college classes can be intimidating, from tuition, textbook requirements, to finding an engaging professor. Imagine signing up online, but you cannot use your monitor. We wager that roughly ninety-nine percent of the hackers reading this article have it displayed on a tablet, phone, or computer monitor. Conversely, Only one percent of published books is available in Braille, according to [Kristina Tsvetanova] who has created a hybrid tablet computer with a Braille display next to a touch-screen tablet running Android. The tablet accepts voice commands for launching apps, a feature baked right into Android. The idea came to her after helping a blind classmate sign up for classes.

Details on the mechanism are not clear, but they are calling it smart liquid, so it may be safe to assume hydraulic valves control the raised dots, which they call tixels. A rendering of the tablet can be seen below the break. The ability to create a full page of braille cells suggest they have made the technology pretty compact. We have seen Braille written on PCBs, a refreshable display based on vibrator motors, and a nicely sized Braille keyboard that can fit on the back of a mobile phone.


Security updates for Wednesday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security updates have been issued by Debian (chromium-browser and libapache2-mod-perl2), Oracle (kernel), and Ubuntu (ghostscript, glib2.0, and php5).


One Year Since the W3C Sold Out the Web with EME "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Molly de Blanc writes at that it has been one year since the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) sold out. It was then they, including Tim Berners-Lee himself, decided to incorporate Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) into web standards signalling an end to the open Web. She covers how it happened, what has transpired during the last year in regards to EME, and what steps can be taken.

Digital Restrictions Management exists all over the world in all sorts of technologies. In addition to media files, like music and film, we can find DRM on the Web and enshrined in Web standards. As a Web standard, its use is recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), making it not only easier, but expected for all media files on the Web to be locked down with DRM.

It's been a year since the the W3C voted to bring Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) into Web standards. They claimed to want to "lead the Web to its full potential," but in a secret vote, members of the W3C, with the blessing of Web creator Tim Berners-Lee, agreed to put "the copyright industry in control" of media access. The enshrinement of EME as an official recommendation is not how we envision the "full potential" of the Web at the Free Software Foundation (FSF).

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Mirai Botnet Creators Helping FBI Fight Cybercrime to Stay Out of Jail "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Three young hackers who were sentenced late last year for creating and spreading the notorious Mirai botnet are now helping the FBI to investigate other "complex" cybercrime cases in return to avoid their lengthy prison terms. Paras Jha, 21 from New Jersey, Josiah White, 20 from Washington, and Dalton Norman, 21 from Louisiana, plead guilty in December 2017 to multiple charges for their role


Changes are needed to fund US water infrastructure "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Water infrastructure in the western United States was funded in the early and mid-20th Century by federal financing through the Bureau of Reclamation, but such financing has declined in recent decades and there has been increased interest in alternative approaches to infrastructure funding. A new Journal of the American Water Resources Association article notes that two of these approachespublic-private partnerships and loan guaranteesare hampered by existing federal budgetary policies, however.

In the article, Dr. Martin Doyle, of Duke University, notes that significant policy changes are needed to allow private capital to play an important role in funding and financing water systems characterized by aging infrastructure.

Everyone likes the idea of bringing more private capital to aging ; but no one is able, or willing, to get into the really weedy details of policy changes necessary to make such investments possible, he said.


Learn To Loop The Python Way: Iterators And Generators Explained "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If youve ever written any Python at all, the chances are youve used iterators without even realising it. Writing your own and using them in your programs can provide significant performance improvements, particularly when handling large datasets or running in an environment with limited resources. They can also make your code more elegant and give you Pythonic bragging rights.

Here well walk through the details and show you how to roll your own, illustrating along the way just why theyre useful.

Youre probably familiar with looping over objects in Python using English-style syntax like this:

people = [['Sam', 19], ['Laura', 34], ['Jona', 23]]
for name, age in people:

info_file = open('info.txt')
for line in info_file:

hundred_squares = [x**2 for x in range(100)]

", ".join(["Punctuated", "by", "commas"])

These kind of statements are possible due to the magic of iterators. To explain the benefits of being able to write your own iterators, we first need to dive into some details and de-mystify whats actually going on.

Iterators and Iterables

Iterators and iterables are two different concepts. The definitions seem finickity, but theyre well worth understanding as they will make everything else much easier, particularly when we get to the fun of generators. Stay with us!


An iterator is an object which represents a stream of data. More precisely, an object that has a __next__ method. When you use a for-loop, list comprehension or anything else that iterates over an object, in the background the __next__ method is being called on an iterator.

Ok, so lets make an example. All we have to do is create a class which implements __next__. Our iterator will just spit out multiples of a specified number.

class Multiple:
    def __init__(self, number):
        self.number = number
        self.counter = 0

    def __next__(self):
        self.counter += 1
        return self.number * self.counter

if __name__ == '__main__':
    m = Multiple(463)

When this code is run, it produces the following output:

$ python

Lets take a look at whats going on. We made our own class and defined a __next__ method, which returns a new iteration every time its called. An iterator always has to keep a record of where it is in the sequence, which we do using self.counter...


Carnegie Mellon is Saving Old Software from Oblivion "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A prototype archiving system called Olive lets vintage code run on todays computers

illustration Illustration: Nicholas Little

In early 2010, Harvard economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff published an analysis of economic data from many countries and concluded that when debt levels exceed 90 percent of gross national product, a nations economic growth is threatened. With debt that high, expect growth to become negative, they argued.

This analysis was done shortly after the 2008 recession, so it had enormous relevance to policymakers, many of whom were promoting high levels of debt spending in the interest of stimulating their nations economies. At the same time, conservative politicians, such as Olli Rehn, then an EU commissioner, and U.S. congressman Paul Ryan, used Reinhart and Rogoffs findings to argue for fiscal austerity.

Three years later, Thomas Herndon, a graduate student at the University of Massachusetts, discovered an error in the Excel spreadsheet that Reinhart and Rogoff had used to make their calculations. The significance of the blunder was enormous: When the analysis was done properly, Herndon showed, debt levels in excess of 90 percent were associated with average growth of positive 2.2 percent, not the negative 0.1 percent that Reinhart and Rogoff had found.

Herndon could easily test the Harvard economists conclusions because the software that they had used to calculate their resultsMicrosoft Excelwas readily available. But what about much older findings for which the software originally used is hard to come by?

You might think that the solutionpreserving the relevant software for future researchers to useshould be no big deal. After all, software is nothing more than a bunch of files, and those files are easy enough to store on a hard drive or on tape in digital format. For some software at least, the all-important source code could even be duplicated on paper, avoiding the possibility that whatever digital medium its written to could become obsolete.

Saving old programs in this way is done routinely, even for decades-old software. You can find online, for example, a full program listing for the Apollo Guidance Computercode that took astronauts to the moon during the 1960s. It was transcribed from a paper copy and uploaded to GitHub in 2016.

While perusing such vintage source code might delight hard-core programmers, most people arent interested in such things. What they want to do is use......


Developer of Terrarium TV says he could hand over user info to authorities "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Details of Terrarium TV users could be handed to authorities, developer says

Terrarium TV had recently announced that it would be shutting down its service at the end of September. Terrarium TV, a popular app for Android-powered devices, allowed users access to pirated copies of TV shows and movies pulled from file-hosting sites for free.

According to NitroXenon aka Peter Chan, the apps developer who announced the shut down on September 10 in a notification to app users said, It has always been a great pleasure to work on this project. However, it is time to say goodbye. I am going to shut down Terrarium TV, forever. I know this day will come eventually. I know it would be hard to let go. But it is really time for me to move on to other projects.

The message continued: Please note that you will not be able to open the Terrarium TV app after the end of September as the app will close itself automatically.

While this news came as a huge blow for its users, the developer starting sending another notification to its users to immediately uninstall their app. Apparently, those users who did not uninstall the Terrarium TV app immediately after receiving the notification message of shut down are now receiving warning notification on their devices. It is asking the user to immediately uninstall the app or their data including IP addresses may be handed over to the authorities.

Uninstall immediately! one notification reads. Your IP address and location are being tracked!

We cant guarantee that details wont be shared upon request, advises another.

When TorrentFreak contacted NitroXenon and asked for an explanation for the warning notifications, he replied, Im just telling the truth. Almost every app tracks users IP [addresses]. And if I must [hand] the info to authorities then Ill do it.

While it isnt clear why NitroXenon decided to shut down Terrarium TV, many are speculating that the developer may be under legal pressure to shut down due to the growing number of lawsuits targeting piracy apps.

Not only Terrarium TV, but pirate services like Morpheus TV and even paid services like Set TV have also shut down recently due to piracy lawsuit.

The post Developer of Terrarium TV says he could hand over user info to authorities appeared first on TechWorm.


Chinas leaders are softening their stance on AI "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A year after announcing an aggressive plan to dominate artificial intelligence, Chinas vice premier has called for international collaboration.


Bogus finance apps on Google Play target users worldwide "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

ESET researchers have discovered malicious apps impersonating various financial services and the Austrian cryptocurrency exchange Bitpanda on Google Play. The fake apps Uploaded to Googles official app store in June 2018 and collectively downloaded and installed over a thousand times, upon launch the apps would immediately request the user to enter credit card details and/or login credentials to the targeted bank or service. The entered information would then be sent to the attackers server, and More

The post Bogus finance apps on Google Play target users worldwide appeared first on Help Net Security.


How To Add Bots To Discord Server; Working-2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Discord is possibly the best cross-platform voice and text chat service for gamers. Well, adding bots to discord server makes the messaging service even more feature rich. There are bots dedicated to specific games that show updated stats and scores. So heres how to add bots to discord.

How To Add Bots To Discord Server

Adding bots to discord server is a straightforward process. First of all, ensure that you are logged in to your discord account. Next up select the bot that you want to add on discord. You can even check out some useful bots from Carbonitex. Once you have chosen bots to be added on discord server follow these simple steps.

1. Open general permissions of your discord server and ensure that Manage Channel, Manage Permissions, and Manage Webhooks are all turned on.

2. Select a bot from Carbonitex and click on Add Bot to Server button.
3. Next up select the server to which you want the bot to be added.
4. Lastly, authorize the bot and verify the captcha.

Alternate Method For Adding Bots To Discord Server

The method as mentioned earlier is very simple, but if you are a pro user and want to add bots quickly to your discord server, then this method might help you.

  1. Paste the following URL into any browser of choice
  2. Replace the Bot_Client_ID in the above URL with the client ID of the bot you want to add.
  3. Similar to the previous method, authorize the bot and verify the captcha.

Benefits of Adding Bots To Discord Server

These bots can be considered as the virtual assistants that enhance your communication experience. Once, you add a bot to discord server you can use it anytime as per your preference. Furthermore, adding bots on discord also eliminates the need for tracking scores and stats of other gamers in the server. Bots can help improve productivit...


NVIDIA Vulkan Beta Adds New KHR_driver_properties & KHR_shader_atomic_int64 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Not to be confused with the new NVIDIA Linux/Windows drivers that should be out today for RTX 2070/2080 "Turing" support and also initial RTX ray-tracing support, there is also out a new Vulkan beta driver this morning...


Ampere eMAG Processors Delivering 32 ARMv8-A Cores At Up To 3.3GHz "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

On Tuesday, Ampere Computing announced their first-generation ARMv8-A 64-bit processors for data centers and already has formed a partnership with Lenovo and other ODMs...


Mirai authors avoid the jail by helping US authorities in other investigations "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Three men who admitted to being the authors of the Mirai botnet avoided the jail after helping the FBI in other cybercrime investigations.

Im following the evolution of Mirai botnet since MalwareMustDie shared with me the findings of its investigation in August 2016.

Now three individuals who admitted to being the authors of the infamous botnet avoided the jail after helping feds in another cybercrime investigations.

The three men, Josiah White (21) of Washington, Pennsylvania; Paras Jha (22), of Fanwood, New Jersey, and Dalton Norman (22), of Metairie, Louisiana, pleaded guilty in December 2017 to developing and running the dreaded Mirai botnet that was involved in several massive DDoS attacks.

The identification and conviction of the three men is the result of an international joint cooperation between government agencies in the US, UK, Northern Ireland, and France, and private firms, including Palo Alto Networks, Google, Cloudflare, Coinbase, Flashpoint, Oath, Qihoo 360 and Akamai.

According to the plea agreements, White developed the Telnet scanner component used by Mirai, Jha created the botnets core infrastructure and the malwares remote control features, while Norman developed new exploits.

Jha, who goes online with the moniker Anna-senpai leaked the source code for the Mirai malware on a criminal forum, allowing other threat actors to use it and making hard the attribution of the attacks.

Jha also pleaded guilty to carrying out multiple DDoS attacks against his alma mater Rutgers University between November 2014 and September 2016, before creating the Mirai botnet. According to the authorities, the three earned roughly $180,000 through their click fraud scheme.

The Mirai case was investigated by the FBI Field Office in Anchorage, and the Chief U.S. District Judge in Alaska sentenced the men.

U.S. Attorney Bryan Schroder announced today that three defendants have been sentenced for their roles in creating and operating two botnets, which targeted Internet of Things (IoT) devices.  Pa...


GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Linux Benchmarks Coming Today, NVIDIA Driver Bringing Vulkan RTX "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

NVIDIA's review/performance embargo has now lifted on the GeForce RTX 2080 series ahead of the cards shipping tomorrow. I should have out initial Linux benchmarks later today, assuming Linux driver availability...


Bash get basename of filename or directory name "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I need to extract file basename in bash running on Linux. How can I use bash to get basename of filename or directory name for given path?

The post Bash get basename of filename or directory name appeared first on nixCraft.


LLVM 7.0.0 released "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Version 7.0.0 of the LLVM compiler suite is out. "It is the result of the community's work over the past six months, including: function multiversioning in Clang with the 'target' attribute for ELF-based x86/x86_64 targets, improved PCH support in clang-cl, preliminary DWARF v5 support, basic support for OpenMP 4.5 offloading to NVPTX, OpenCL C++ support, MSan, X-Ray and libFuzzer support for FreeBSD, early UBSan, X-Ray and libFuzzer support for OpenBSD, UBSan checks for implicit conversions, many long-tail compatibility issues fixed in lld which is now production ready for ELF, COFF and MinGW, new tools llvm-exegesis, llvm-mca and diagtool". The list of new features is long; see the overall release notes, the Clang release notes, the Clang tools release notes, and the LLD linker release notes for more information.


[CVE-2018-8017] Apache Tika Denial of Service Vulnerability -- Potential Infinite Loop in IptcAnpaParser "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Tim Allison on Sep 19

CVE-2018-8017: Apache Tika Denial of Service Vulnerability --
Potential Infinite Loop in IptcAnpaParser

Severity: Medium

The Apache Software Foundation

Versions Affected:
Apache Tika 1.2 to 1.18

A carefully crafted file can trigger an infinite loop in Apache Tika's

Apache Tika users should upgrade to 1.19 or later.

This issue was discovered by Tobias Ospelt of modzero AG.


Three Years Later, Let's Encrypt Has Issued Over 380 Million HTTPS Certificates "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Fnord666

The free-to-use nonprofit was founded in 2014 in part by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and is backed by Akamai, Google, Facebook, Mozilla and more. Three years ago Friday, it issued its first certificate.

Since then, the numbers have exploded. To date, more than 380 million certificates have been issued on 129 million unique domains. That also makes it the largest certificate issuer in the world, by far.

Now, 75 percent of all Firefox traffic is HTTPS, according to public Firefox data in part thanks to Let's Encrypt. That's a massive increase from when it was founded, where only 38 percent of website page loads were served over an HTTPS encrypted connection.

"Change at that speed and scale is incredible," a spokesperson told TechCrunch. "Let's Encrypt isn't solely responsible for this change, but we certainly catalyzed it."


Previously: "Let's Encrypt" Has Issued 1 Million Certificates
Let's Encrypt Issues 100 Millionth Certificate
Let's Encrypt is Now Officially Trusted by All Major Root Programs

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


[CVE-2018-11762] Zip Slip Vulnerability in Apache Tika's tika-app "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Tim Allison on Sep 19

CVE-2018-11762: Zip Slip Vulnerability in Apache Tika's tika-app

Severity: Low

The Apache Software Foundation

Versions Affected:
Apache Tika 0.9 to 1.18

In a rare edge case where a user does not specify an extract directory on
the commandline (--extract-dir=) and the input file has an embedded file
with an absolute path, such as "C:/evil.bat", tika-app would overwrite
that file.

Apache Tika...


[CVE-2018-11761] Apache Tika DoS XML Entity Expansion Vulnerability "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Tim Allison on Sep 19

CVE-2018-11761: Apache Tika Denial of Service via XML Entity Expansion

Severity: Medium

The Apache Software Foundation

Versions Affected:
Apache Tika 0.1 to 1.18

Apache Tika's XML parsers were not configured to limit entity expansion.
They were therefore vulnerable to an entity expansion vulnerability which
can lead to a denial of service attack.

Apache Tika users should upgrade to 1.19 or...


LLVM 7.0 Released: Better CPU Support, AMDGPU Vega 20; Clang 7.0 Gets FMV & OpenCL C++ "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As anticipated, LLVM release manager Hans Wennborg announced the official availability today of LLVM 7.0 compiler stack as well as associated sub-projects including the Clang 7.0 C/C++ compiler front-end, Compiler-RT, libc++, libunwind, LLDB, and others...


Peekaboo zero-day lets hackers view and alter surveillance camera footage "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Hundreds of thousands of security cameras are believed to be vulnerable to a zero-day vulnerability that could allow hackers to spy on feeds and even tamper with video surveillance recordings.

Read more in my article on the Bitdefender BOX blog.


The makers of the Mirai IoT-hijacking botnet are sentenced "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The makers of the Mirai IoT-hijacking botnet are sentenced

Three men who operated and controlled the notorious Mirai botnet in October 2016 have been sentenced to five years of probation.

Read more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog.


Linux 3.16~4.18.8 Affected By Another Potential Local Privilege Escalation Bug "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

From June of 2014 with Linux 3.16 until last week, the Linux kernel was affected by another potential local privilege escalation bug...


Intel's New Iris Gallium3D Driver Picks Up Experimental Icelake Bits, GL Features "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

One of the talks we are most interested in at XDC2018 is on the Intel "Iris" Gallium3D driver we discovered last month was in development...


International Day Against DRM Celebrates its 12th Anniversary "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The International Day Against DRM is twelve years old today. International Day Against DRM fights to raise awareness of the problem of digital restrictions management technology (DRM) and offers methods how to fight it. Specifically, one idea is to try to avoid any and all DRM for the day to be cognizant of where and how it is creeping into daily life. The other is to nudge others to eschew or at least become aware of DRM. The author Cory Doctorow has posted an editorial over at the Electronic Frontier Foundation about how and why to resist DRM.

The Free Software Foundation's Defective by Design campaign today celebrates its 12th annual International Day Against Digital Rights Management. DRM is the controversial practice of restricting what consumers can do with legitimately acquired digital media. Given its pervasive nature, is it possible for you to completely avoid DRM for the day?

[...] Content with DRM is restricted by default yet by its very nature only affects legitimate purchases. Those who pirate their software, for example, are unaffected since piracy groups remove the DRM from content before release. Bizarrely, however, some pirates have even protected their work with DRM, signalling that no one is immune. There are great alternatives, however.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Final Fantasy Exploit Teaches 32-bit Integer Math "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

One of the fun things about old video games, besides their obvious nostalgia, is that some of the more popular games have been pried apart and tinkered with for years, leading to a lot of new development within the games. This often uncovers some hidden gems that gamers might not have had any knowledge of during the games heyday, like this coding oddity found in Final Fantasy 7 that illustrates a lot about how 32-bit processors do math.

The original PlayStation used a 32-bit RISC processor, but the most significant bit could be used for integer signing. This means that if you have an integer that has a value of 2,147,483,647 (01111111111111111111111111111111 in binary) and you add one, the value is suddenly negative 2147483648 because the most significant digit is also an indicator of the integers sign. In this situation, the integer is said to overflow. In Final Fantasy 7, if you can somehow get a character to deal 262,144 damage in one hit (much less than two billion, due to the way the game does damage calculations), the game has a little bit of a meltdown.

[4-8Productions] had to do a lot of work to show how this glitch can be exploited in the game as well. Usually damage in this game is limited to 9,999 but under certain configurations (admittedly obtained by using other exploits and tools available for FF7 like a savegame editor) two of the characters can deal more damage than this critical value, exposing the 32-bit processors weak spot.

Even though integer signing is a pretty basic concept for most of us, the video is definitely worth a watch especially if youre fans of the classic game. Of course, Final Fantasy 7 isnt the only classic that has been exploited and reverse-engineered to the extreme. You can use a Super Mario World level to implement a calculator now, too.


NetworkManager Merges An Initrd Generator For Early Boot Handling "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Days following the NetworkManager 1.14 release, feature activity on the next release is progressing and the newest addition is nm-initrd-generator...


Windows Systems Vulnerable to FragmentSmack, 90s-Like DoS Bug "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for TheMightyBuzzard

Microsoft released a security advisory about a denial-of-service vulnerability that could render multiple versions of Windows completely unresponsive and has no mitigation factors, the company says.

The vulnerability affects all versions of Windows 7 through 10 (including 8.1 RT), Server 2008, 2012, 2016, and Core Installations that don't have the latest set of security updates released as part of the September 2018 Patch Tuesday updates.

Tagged with the identification number CVE-2018-5391, the bug received the moniker FragmentSmack because it responds to IP fragmentation, a process that adjusts the packet size to fit the maximum transmission unit (MTU) at the receiving end.

IP fragmentation attacks are a known form of denial of service, where the victim computer receives multiple IP packets of a smaller size that are expected to be reassembled into their original form at the destination.

FragmentSmack is a TCP fragmentation type of attack, also known as a Teardrop attack, that prevents reassembling the packets on the recipient end. The vulnerability is as old as Windows 3.1 and 95, where it crashed the OS, but it was seen in the more recent Windows 7, too.

Why write all new bugs when you can just reboot old ones?


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Western Digital's My Cloud NAS Devices Turn Out to Be Easily Hacked "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security researchers have discovered an authentication bypass vulnerability in Western Digital's My Cloud NAS devices that potentially allows an unauthenticated attacker to gain admin-level control to the affected devices. Western Digital's My Cloud (WD My Cloud) is one of the most popular network-attached storage (NAS) devices which is being used by businesses and individuals to host their


Artificial intelligence can transform the economy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Surging productivity and the general rise in incomes it brings would be welcome, of course, but that isnt sufficient. The same questions being raised about the advance of robotics in the workplace apply to machine learning. While new jobs would be created, many existing jobs from doctors and financial advisers to translators and call-center operators are susceptible to displacement or much-reduced roles. No economic law guarantees that productivity growth benefits everyone equally. Unless we thoughtfully manage the transition, some people, even a majority, are vulnerable to being left behind even as others reap billions.

Whether its for the better and for the many is up to human intelligence.


Opus 1.3 Codec Library Nears, New Tools Release "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Back in June was the first release candidate of Opus 1.3 (libopus v1.3) with this open-source audio codec allowing to use SILK down to bitrates of about 5kb/s, wideband encoding down to 9kb/s, improved security, improved Ambisonics support, and much more. Libopus 1.3 RC2 is now available along with some tooling updates...


Re: Linux kernel: potential local priviledge escalation bug in vmacache code "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Salvatore Bonaccorso on Sep 19


It got assigned CVE-2018-17182.



Evolution of threat landscape for IoT devices H1 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security experts from Kaspersky have published an interesting report on the new trends in the IoT threat landscape. What is infecting IoT devices and how?

The researchers set up a honeypot to collect data on infected IoT devices, the way threat actors infect IoT devices and what families of malware are involved.

The first data that emerged from the study is that threat actors continue to look at the IoT devices with increasing interest. In the first six months of 2018, the experts observed a number of malware samples that was up three times as many samples targeting IoT devices as in the whole of 2017. In 2017 there were ten times more than in 2016.

IoT devices attacks

In the first half of 2018, researchers at Kaspersky Lab said that the most popular attack vector against IoT devices remains cracking Telnet passwords (75,40%), followed by cracking SSH passwords (11,59%).

Mirai dominates the IoT threat landscape, 20.9% of IoT devices were infected by this malicious code, other prominent malware are Hajime (5.89%) and Gafgyt.

Top 10 countries from which Kaspersky traps were hit by Telnet password attacks is led by Brazil, China, and Japan.

As we see, in Q2 2018 the leader by number of unique IP addresses from which Telnet password attacks originated was Brazil (23%). Second place went to China (17%). Russia in our list took 4th place (7%). reads the report.

Overall for the period January 1 July 2018, our Telnet honeypot registered more than 12 million attacks from 86,560 unique IP addresses, and malware was downloaded from 27,693 unique IP addresses.

Experts pointed out th...


Re: Linux kernel: potential local priviledge escalation bug in vmacache code "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Salvatore Bonaccorso on Sep 19

Hi Vladis,

I requested earlier the day one from MITRE (via webform) but got no
assignment yet.



Re: Linux kernel: potential local priviledge escalation bug in vmacache code "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Vladis Dronov on Sep 19

Hello, Davidlohr,

Thank you for reporting this. Was CVE-ID assigned or requested
for this flaw? If not, the Red Hat (as a CNA) could allocate one
and handle adding it to the MITRE's database.

Best regards,
Vladis Dronov | Red Hat, Inc. | Product Security Engineer


PIPCU Wins Piracy Enforcement Award From US Chamber of Commerce "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

First announced in the summer of 2013, the City of London Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) said it had a mission to tackle IP crime wherever it may take place.

With a special focus on online infringement, PIPCU has always been closely in step with the music, movie, and publishing industries and it didnt take long for its presence to be felt. Even before its official launch in December 2013, PIPCU began writing letters to torrent and streaming sites, advising them to shut down or else. But that was just the beginning.

Over the past five years the unit has publicised various actions against alleged infringers including streaming arrests, attempted domain seizures, torrent site closures and advertising disruptions. PIPCU also shut down several sports streaming and ebook sites plus a large number of proxies.

Now, however, with its fifth official birthday looming, PIPCU has received prestigious recognition from overseas.

During the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Global Innovation Policy Centers (GIPC) 6th annual IP Champions event in Washington, PIPCU was among 11 innovators and creators to be honored for their contribution to the intellectual property arena. Two key players from PIPCU were handed the IP Champion for Excellence in Enforcement award.

Detective Chief Superintendent Pete ODoherty, the head of the City of London Polices Economic Crime Directorate, was recognized for his leadership at PIPCU which has successfully swept millions of pounds worth of counterfeit goods off the streets.

Nick Court, PIPCUs Acting Detective Chief Inspector, was credited for combating illegal online streaming and other digital piracy, while suspended 30,000 websites linked to the sale of counterfeit goods.

The GIPC award is notable in itself but PIPCU will be particularly pleased that this is the first year that the award has been handed to an international law enforcement body outside the...


Exoplanet Found Around 40 Eridani A "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

An exoplanet with a minimum mass of 8.470.47 Earth masses has been discovered around 40 Eridani A:

"Star Trek's" planet Vulcan, ancestral home of Spock and his species, just became a little more real, thanks to a team of exoplanet scientists. Because "Star Trek" creators eventually associated planet Vulcan with a real star, called 40 Eridani A, scientists have wondered for years whether a factual equivalent of the beloved science fiction planet exists, with or without pointy-eared inhabitants. And now, a team of scientists has said that the star really does host at least one planet.

"This star can be seen with the naked eye, unlike the host stars of most of the known planets discovered to date," Bo Ma, lead author of the new research and an astronomer at the University of Florida, said in a statement. "Now, anyone can see 40 Eridani A on a clear night and be proud to point out Spock's home." That star, located about 16 light-years away from Earth, is also known as HD 26965. It's a bit orange, because it's a little smaller and cooler than our sun. But it also has some clear similarities to Earth's star: It's about the same age and sports a fairly similar sunspot pattern.

Also at Science Magazine.

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Your business should be more afraid of phishing than malware "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Your business should be more afraid of phishing than malware

If you were to make a list of the most common causes of security breaches, it is phishing attacks that would surely dominate.

Read more in my article on the Bitdefender Business Insights blog.


Flaw in Western Digital My Cloud exposes the content to hackers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

An authentication bypass vulnerability in Western Digital My Cloud NAS could allow hackers to access the content of the storage

Researchers at security firm Securify have discovered an elevation of privilege vulnerability in the Western Digital My Cloud platform that could be exploited by attackers to gain admin-level access to the device via an HTTP request.

The flaw, tracked as CVE-2018-17153, would allow an unauthenticated attacker with network access to the device to authenticate as an admin without providing a password.

The attacker could exploit the flaw to run commands, access the stored data, modify/copy them as well as wipe the NAS.

It was discovered that the Western Digital My Cloud is affected by an authentication bypass vulnerability that allows an unauthenticated user to create an admin session that is tied to her IP address. reads the report published by Securify.

By exploiting this issue an unauthenticated attacker can run commands that would normally require admin privileges and gain complete control of the My Cloud device.

The vulnerability resides in the process of creation of admin sessions implemented by the My Cloud devices that bound to the users IP address.

Once the session is created, it is possible to call the authenticated CGI modules by sending the cookie username=admin in the HTTP request. The CGI will check if a valid session is present and bound to the users IP address.

An attacker can send a CGI call to the device including a cookie containing the cookie username=admin.

It was found that it is possible for an unauthenticated attacker to create a valid session without requiring to authenticate. continues Securify.

The network_mgr.cgi CGI module contains a command called cgi_get_ipv6 that starts an admin session that is tied to the IP address of the user making the request when invoked with the parameter flag equal to 1. Subsequent invocation of commands that would normally require admin privileges are now authorized if an attacker sets the username=admin cookie.



Mississippi Werewolf "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Here we have the Giant Sloth again.  In this case it stared down its pursuers and let them know what it was.
It is also the certain source of the known werewolf lore.  At least we are getting better identifications out there though no one except myself understands what these are.
It is also a proper warning to hunters to not work without a buddy system.  These creatures are not afraid of us and they certainly know what rifles are.  Yet they are stalkers and avoid direct confrontation normally although this one took the bull by the horns when he had no real choice..  .

Mississippi Werewolf

Friday, September 07, 2018

Chris in Winona, Mississippi called in to tell of a werewolf sighting he had:

In the mid-80s, my cousin and I, we saw this, Id call it a werewolf. We saw it on a gravel road but I was raised as a Christian so seeing something like this, it looked like it was beautiful but it was evil and it bothered me for a long time until about 94 1994. My mom called me and she said, 'They seen the same thing you and Elizabeth saw up in Wisconsin.' So I did a little research and it made me feel better. Like it wasnt just me that saw this. You (Linda Godfrey was the guest that evening wrote the book Beast of Bray Road about a werewolf creature) being a real reporter and not being afraid to tell a real story and not just hiding it, like, I cant do that, it would make me look crazy. I appreciate what you did because you actually helped me a lot because we saw, in 1986, in December.

I came back from Dallas to my little town in Mississippi where I was raised in. My cousin said, 'They...


10 Disturbing Stories About Hollywoods Pedophile Problem "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


It is our burden to see this problem correctly resolved in the world of rising modernity.

Ridding society of this problem needs to be formally addressed.  I do think we can accept consenting adults largely doing what they will with each other so long as no one is hurt or criminally abused.

Even that does beg therapy often as not.  I do have difficulty accepting the bath room subculture as anything other than predatory top to bottom. We also have a subculture of abusive spouses that does need to be properly addressed as well.  There we have at least started in the right direction.  There is much to be done there as well and it really comes back to biting the bullet and formalizing sexual training for our youth upon puberty along with management training.  It has never really been attempted before and will need ample study and a deep understanding.

Again, youth training should also eliminate much of that as well as predation is a response to a frustrated biological need.  Of course i cannot see this happening too soon.

There then remains the capital solution of summary castration for men and a surgical intervention for women.  The fear of just that...


Current Sea Ice "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


I noticed an odd report that overstated the ice situation and this woke me up to put up an update.   This year, the north west passage has remain closed off and quite badly as well.  No one is going through there this year.  In fact it would be challenging for a viking long boat as well although the southern route is reachable and it is clear.

Yet the total ice cover remains close to the now established 2008 - 2018 channel to keep that fully intact.  The Russian route is also wide open and you could sail a fleet through there.

The restoration of Medieval sea ice conditions continues and that particular cycle lasted several centuries and allowed a steady  movement of support and trade between Greenland and Vinland which was the Cowichan valley on Vancouver Island.

Considering that it should also be quite apparent that they also established meaningful Walrus hunting bases on Ungava and through to Hudson Bay.  It is also plausible that they built out a community in James Bay far earlier than their actual abandonment of Greenland.  Thus actual abandonment, although necessarily organized and taking at least two seasons was also well fed through the walrus hunt.  At the same time they would have used their shipping to move as many as possible to New England which could not absorb more than a few hundred from a population reported to be 10,000.  The walrus hunt was close by and a handful of ships could move hundreds every week to Ungava.


Current State of the Sea Ice Cover

J. C. Comiso, C. L. Parkinson, T. Markus, D. J. Cavalieri and R. Gersten
The sea ice cover is one of the key components of the polar climate system. It has been a focus of attention in recent years, largely because of a strong decrease in the Arctic sea ice cover and modeling results that indicate that global warming could be amplified in the Arctic on account of ice-albedo feedback. This results from the high reflectivity (albedo) of the sea ice compared to ice-free waters. A satellite-based data record starting in late 1978 shows that indeed rapid changes have been occurring in the Arctic, where the ice...


The Beginnings of Philosophy in Greece, by Maria Michela Sassi "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


This is a good beginning to point to.  That they did converse and that they also named themselves is the more remarkable by far.  This type of contemplation has been going on forever..  It was the act of naming that dragged all this out into the light of history.

It has been said that all western philosophy is an annotation of Plato. That is perghaps a valuable study guide we should all take to heart.

All good.

The Beginnings of Philosophy in Greece, by Maria Michela Sassi

Elegant theories provide a new narrative about Presocratic philosophers, writes Emma Gee

By Emma Gee

Depth psychology: according to Heraclitus, we must seek out the logos of our own soul, what Freud was to call the unconscious

I searched out myself. In this fragment of Heraclitus, which wafts down to us from the turn of the 5th century BC, we are struck by an unprecedented level of self-awareness. Heraclitus elsewhere says, You would not find out the boundaries of the soul, even by travelling along every path: so deep a measure does it have. This is depth psychology. According to Heraclitus, we must seek out the logos of our own soul, what Freud was to call the unconscious. Only then may we reflect, in full knowledge of our subjectivity, on the cosmos around us. Egotism (to use Sassis term) was a defining characteristic of what we now call Presocratic philosophy.

The main thing that the Presocratics have in common is that they come down to us as fragments, snatches of birdsong from the early morning of Western thought. But despite the tattered nature of the tradition, we have, for the first time, not just one or two names, as of the epic poets, but a crowd of names, jostling for space among the wisdoms that emerged in the Greek world in the 6th and 5th centuries BC. The Presocra...


SpaceX to livestream private BFR Moon mission in high-def VR with Starlink satellites "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Following a detailed update to SpaceXs BFR plans and the first privately contracted mission to the Moon, CEO Elon Musk has tweeted that the company intends to stream the entire six-day journey in high def VR, a plan that would demand unprecedented communications capabilities between the Moon and the Earth.

Musk further confirmed that Starlink should be active by [2023], suggesting at a minimum that the SpaceX-built and SpaceX-launched internet satellite constellation will have reached what is known as initial operating capability, pegged for Starlink at roughly 800 satellites launched.

Moon mission will be livestreamed in high def VR, so itll feel like youre there in real-time minus a few seconds for speed of light.


Malicious hacking activity increasingly targeting critical infrastructure "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In this podcast, Andrew Ginter, VP of Industrial Security at Waterfall Security Solutions, and Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber, talk about how the traditional focus of most hackers has been on software, but the historical focus of crime is on anything of value. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that as operational technology (OT) and industrial control system (ICS) infrastructure have become much more prominent components of national critical infrastructure, that malicious hacking More

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Mozilla Launches "Firefox Reality", a VR Web Browser "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Mozilla's Firefox Reality web browser is now available

Mozilla's vision of a VR-first web browser is ready for consumers to download and judge.

Firefox Reality is a browser built entirely for virtual reality. While you may have read about desktop Firefox or Chrome adding WebVR support, Firefox Reality is a web browser that you actually use entirely inside a VR headset. You can visit URLs, search things and otherwise browse the 2D and 3D internet within the new browser all without moving a mouse, just your VR hand controller.

Firefox Reality is available on the Oculus, Viveport and Daydream platforms and is optimized to run on the latest standalone mobile headsets like the Oculus Go and Lenovo Mirage Solo.

Also at Engadget, Road to VR, VRFocus, and VentureBeat.

Related: Hubs by Mozilla: A New Way to Get Together Online

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Why humans are necessary to the threat hunting process "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For thousands of years, humans have worked to collect intelligence on their enemies. Intelligence gathering is not a new practice; in fact, it is one of the oldest war tactics dating back to biblical times, when warlords and army commanders used it to gain advantages over their rivals. However, the methods have changed as new technologies and new forms of warfare have been developed. In recent years, cyber-attacks have led to an entirely new host More

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Key weapon for closing IoT-era cybersecurity gaps? Artificial intelligence "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As businesses struggle to combat increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity attacks, the severity of which is exacerbated by both the vanishing IT perimeters in todays mobile and IoT era, and an acute shortage of skilled security professionals, IT security teams need a both a new approach and powerful new tools. Increasingly, they are looking to artificial intelligence (AI) as a key weapon to win the battle against stealthy threats inside their IT infrastructures. The Ponemon Institute study, More

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[SECURITY] [DSA 4297-1] chromium-browser security update "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Michael Gilbert on Sep 18

Debian Security Advisory DSA-4297-1 security () debian org Michael Gilbert
September 19, 2018

Package : chromium-browser

Two vulnerabilities have been discovered...


83% of SMB owners have no cash put aside to deal with the fallout from a cyber attack "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Small businesses are leaving themselves exposed to significant financial risk from cybercrime by not having adequate measures in place to recover in the event of a cyber attack. Thats according to the findings of InsuranceBees Cyber Survey, which asked more than 1,000 SMBs how prepared they are to deal with cybercrime. Although the average cost for small and medium-sized businesses to recover from a cyber attack is estimated to be $120,000, 83% of SMBs do More

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Orbital Insight acquires computer vision startup FeatureX "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

SAN FRANCISCO Orbital Insight, a Silicon Valley geospatial analytics company, announced the purchase Sept. 18 of FeatureX, a Boston-based artificial intelligence firm specializing in computer vision for satellite imagery. The terms of the purchase were not disclosed.

It was the first acquisition made by Orbital Insight, a firm that has raised $78.7 million to date, including $50 million in a Series C funding round completed in May 2017.

FeatureX founder Gil Syswerda will join Orbital Insight as its technology research vice president, working in the companys Boston office. FeatureX specializes in applying computer vision to satellite imagery to detect objects, enhance images and facilitate deep learning.


TESS Shares 1st Science Image in Hunt to Find New Worlds "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

NASAs Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, which began science operations in July, has released its first full frame image using all four of its cameras.


The Application Of AI To Augment Physicians And Reduce Burnout "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Recently, there has been an explosion of interest in applying artificial intelligence (AI) to medicine. Whether explicitly or implicitly, much of this interest has centered on using AI to automate decision-making tasks that are currently done by physicians. This includes two seminal papers in the Journal of the American Medical Association demonstrating that AI-based algorithms have similar or higher accuracy than physicians: one in diagnostic assessment of metastatic breast cancer compared to pathologists and the other in detecting diabetic retinopathy compared to ophthalmologists.

While promising, these applications of AI in medicine raise a number of novel regulatory and policy issues around efficacy, safety, health workforce, and payment. They have also triggered concerns from the medical and patient communities about AI replacing doctors. And, except in narrow domains of practice, general AI systems may fall far short of the hype.

We posit that the applications of AI to augment physicians may be more realistic and broader reaching than those that portend to replace existing health care services. In particular, with the right support from policy makers, physicians, patients, and the technology community, we see opportunities for AI to be a solution forrather than a contributor toburnout among physicians and achieving the quadruple aim of improving health, enhancing the experience of care, reducing cost, and attaining joy in work for health professionals.


Stockton U. may build $41M science center at former Atlantic City airport "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Stockton University will conduct a study on a proposed environmental center.

The Press of Atlantic City reports Atlantic City and the university received a $100,000 state grant last week to conduct the feasibility study on the new Marine and Environmental Science Center. According to university officials, the facility would cost about $41 million to build.

The facility would be built on a 15-acre portion of Bader Field. Stockton Universitys current science facility in Port Republic was built in the early 1900s.


Regtech to account for 40% of global compliance spend by 2023 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new study from Juniper Research has found that spending on Regtech platforms will exceed $115 billion by 2023, up from an estimated $18 billion in 2018. The research found increased regulatory pressures, as demonstrated by the recent GDPR implementation, are driving businesses towards Regtech to meet greater compliance challenges. According to the research, any heavily regulated business sector not prioritising Regtech adoption would risk damaging fines from failing to keep pace with regulatory changes. More

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How well leave Earth for good "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It might sound like pie in the sky, but the idea of leaving Earth for good is one that scientists are taking seriously we investigate in the new issue of BBC Focus.


If Youre Not Using PhoneSoap Yet, You Need To Be "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Because if youre not sanitizing your phone each day, you might as well be drinking from the toilet.


Alphabet AI Is Helping Release Sterile Mosquitoes in Singapore "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Alphabets healthcare and tech company Verily will use a sex-sorting computer vision algorithm to help Singapore battle mosquitoes.


Software could lead to personalized leukemia treatments "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

New research lays the foundation for the development of highly personalized immune therapies for people with acute myeloid leukemia.


High blood pressure breakthrough: Over 500 genes uncovered "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The worlds largest genetic study of hypertension finds that the number of genetic loci involved is three times larger than previously thought.


DARPA Announces $2 Billion Campaign to Develop Next Wave of AI Technologies "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Over its 60-year history, DARPA has played a leading role in the creation and advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that have produced game-changing capabilities for the Department of Defense. Starting in the 1960s, DARPA research shaped the first wave of AI technologies, which focused on handcrafted knowledge, or rule-based systems capable of narrowly defined tasks. While a critical step forward for the field, these systems were fragile and limited. Starting in the 1990s, DARPA helped usher in a second wave of AI machine learning technologies that created statistical pattern recognizers from large amounts of data. The agencys funding of natural language understanding, problem solving, navigation and perception technologies has led to the creation of self-driving cars, personal assistants, and near-natural prosthetics, in addition to a myriad of critical and valuable military and commercial applications. However, these second wave AI technologies are dependent on large amounts of high quality training data, do not adapt to changing conditions, offer limited performance guarantees, and are unable to provide users with explanations of their results.

To address the limitations of these first and second wave AI technologies, DARPA seeks to explore new theories and applications that could make it possible for machines to adapt to changing situations. DARPA sees this next generation of AI as a third wave of technological advance, one of contextual adaptation. To better define a path forward, DARPA is announcing today a multi-year investment of more than $2 billion in new and existing programs called the AI Next campaign. Agency director, Dr. Steven Walker, officially unveiled the large-scale effort during closing remarks today at DARPAs D60 Symposium taking place Wednesday through Friday at the Gaylord Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland.

With AI Next, we are making multiple research investments aimed at transforming computers from specialized tools to partners in problem-solving, said Dr. Walker. Today, machines lack contextual reasoning capabilities, and their training must cover every eventuality, which is not only costly, but ultimately impossible. We want to explore how machines can acquire human-like communication and reasoning capabilities, with the ability to recognize new situations and environments and adapt to them.



This Experiment Will Shoot Ghostly Particles Through Earth, Answer Why We Exist "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The study of the subatomic world has revolutionized our understanding of the laws of the universe and given humanity unprecedented insights into deep questions. Historically, these questions have been in the philosophical realm: How did the universe come into existence? Why is the universe the way it is? Why is there something, instead of nothing?

Well, move over philosophy, because science has made a crucial step in building the equipment that will help us answer questions like these. And it involves shooting ghostly particles called neutrinos literally through the Earth over a distance of 800 miles (nearly 1,300 kilometers) from one physics lab to another.

An international group of physicists has announced that they have seen the first signals in a cube-shaped detector called ProtoDUNE. This is a very big stepping stone in the DUNE experiment, which will be Americas flagship particle physics research program for the next two decades. ProtoDUNE, which is the size of a three-story house, is a prototype of the much larger detectors that will be used in the DUNE experiment and todays (Sept. 18) announcement demonstrates that the technology that was selected works. [The 18 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in Physics].


Modified superconductor synapse reveals exotic electron behavior "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Electrons tend to avoid one another as they go about their business carrying current. But certain devices, cooled to near zero temperature, can coax these loner particles out of their shells. In extreme cases, electrons will interact in unusual ways, causing strange quantum entities to emerge.


Soldering Like Its 205 BC "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Did you ever stop to think how unlikely the discovery of soldering is? Its hard to imagine what sequence of events led to it; after all, metals heated to just the right temperature while applying an alloy of lead and tin in the right proportions in the presence of a proper fluxing agent doesnt seem like something that would happen by accident.

Luckily, [Chris] at Clickspring is currently in the business of recreating the tools and technologies that would have been used in ancient times, and hes made a wonderful video on precision soft soldering the old-fashioned way. The video below is part of a side series hes been working on while he builds a replica of the Antikythera mechanism, that curious analog astronomical computer of antiquity. Many parts in the mechanism were soldered, and [Chris] explores plausible methods using tools and materials known to have been available at the time the mechanism was constructed (reported by different historians as any time between 205 BC and 70 BC or so). His irons are forged copper blocks, his heat source is a charcoal fire, and his solder is a 60:40 mix of lead and tin, just as we use today. He vividly demonstrates how important both surface prep and flux are, and shows both active and passive fluxes. He settled on rosin for the final joints, which turned out silky smooth and perfect; we suspect it took quite a bit of practice to get the technique down, but as always, [Chris] makes it look easy.

If youd like to dig a bit deeper into modern techniques, weve covered the physics of solder and fluxes in some depth. And if you need more of those sweet, sweet Clickspring videos, weve got you covered there as well.


ManageEngine strengthens endpoint security with the launch of Browser Security Plus "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

ManageEngine announced its launch of Browser Security Plus, a browser management solution that helps organizations secure their corporate data in the cloud and protect their networks from web-based cyberattacks. Available immediately, Browser Security Plus provides organizations with a layer of management capabilities for browsers and their add-ons to maintain enterprise security. This allows enterprises to improve network health by preventing, detecting and fixing any browser vulnerabilities. As modern web, portable computing devices, and other technologies More

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Simulations Indicate "Nuclear Pasta" Degenerate Matter is 10 Billion Times Stronger Than Steel "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Weird 'Nuclear Pasta' Could Be The Strongest Material in The Universe

A really weird form of matter found in ultradense objects such as neutron stars is looking like a good candidate for the strongest material in the Universe. According to new calculations, it clocks in at a massive 10 billion times stronger than steel.

"This is a crazy-big figure," physicist Charles Horowitz of Indiana University Bloomington told Science News, "but the material is also very, very dense, so that helps make it stronger."

[...] This incredibly high density does something strange to the nuclei of the atoms in the star. As you move closer and closer in towards the centre, the density increases, squishing and squeezing together the nuclei until they deform and fuse together.

The resulting nuclear structures are thought to resemble pasta - hence the name - forming just inside the star's crust. Some structures are flattened into sheets like lasagna, some are bucatini tubes, some are spaghetti-like strands and others are gnocchi-esque clumps. Their density is immense, over 100 trillion times that of water.

Nuclear pasta:

In astrophysics and nuclear physics, nuclear pasta is a type of degenerate matter found within the crusts of neutron stars. Between the surface of a neutron star and the quarkgluon plasma at the core, at matter densities of 1014 g/cm3, nuclear attraction and Coulomb repulsion forces are of similar magnitude. The competition between the forces allows for the formation of a variety of complex structures assembled from neutrons and protons. Astrophysicists call these types of structures nuclear pasta because the geometry of the structures resembles various types of pasta.

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Symantec makes elections more secure with free service to spoof proof candidates websites "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Symantec announced the availability of a free service, powered by Symantecs artificial intelligence technology, that political candidates and campaigns can use to test the security and authenticity of their websites. Attracting users to fake websites that contain differences from legitimate websites, is a technique that cyber criminals use to gather personal information, such as birth dates, email addresses, and voting preferences. That data can then be weaponized to influence behavior and attitudes, spread false information, More

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NSFOCUS introduces new capability to identify cyber risk exposure "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

NSFOCUS announced the launch of NSFOCUS Exposed Internet Surface Analysis (EISA), a new capability to address the cyber security risk faced by organizations today. EISA identifies malicious activity of rogue IPs, ports and services that might be compromised and hidden within the organizations network providing insights to prioritize remediation and block further malicious activity from within the network. Organizations have embraced digital transformation to create new business models and ecosystems, deliver new products and services, More

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NemoWeb - 3,472,916 breached accounts "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In September 2016, almost 21GB of data from the French website used for "standardised and decentralized means of exchange for publishing newsgroup articles" NemoWeb was leaked from what appears to have been an unprotected Mongo DB. The data consisted of a large volume of emails sent to the service and included almost 3.5M unique addresses, albeit many of them auto-generated. Multiple attempts were made to contact the operators of NemoWeb but no response was received.


Authentication bypass vulnerability in Western Digital My Cloud allows escalation to admin privileges "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Securify B.V. on Sep 18

Authentication bypass vulnerability in Western Digital My Cloud allows
escalation to admin privileges
Remco Vermeulen, September 2018

It was...


NEW 'Off The Wall' ONLINE "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

NEW 'Off The Wall' ONLINE

Posted 19 Sep, 2018 3:40:14 UTC

The new edition of Off The Wall from 18/09/2018 has been archived and is now available online.


SEC Consult SA-20180918-0 :: Remote Code Execution via PHP unserialize in Moodle open-source learning platform "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab on Sep 18

SEC Consult Vulnerability Lab Security Advisory < 20180918-0 >
title: Remote Code Execution via PHP unserialize
product: Moodle - Open-source learning platform
vulnerable version: 3.5 to 3.5.1, 3.4 to 3.4.4, 3.1 to 3.1.13 and
earlier unsupported versions
fixed version: 3.5.2, 3.4.5, 3.3.8 and 3.1.14


Accenture expands data and AI capabilities of Accenture myWizard platform "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Accenture has expanded the capabilities of its automation platform, Accenture myWizard, to help companies to disrupt every aspect of the application lifecycle and drive business value. Accenture has bolstered the platforms capabilities by integrating artificial intelligence (AI), automation, analytics and DevOps, through investments, technology enhancements and expanded ecosystem collaboration. With over 50 patents and patent applications, Accenture myWizard enables organizations to move beyond driving productivity and cost reduction in their technology applications and focus on More

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Tesla Facing Criminal Probe "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Tesla Is Facing U.S. Criminal Probe Over Elon Musk Statements

Tesla Inc. is under investigation by the Justice Department over public statements made by the company and Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk, according to two people familiar with the matter. The criminal probe is running alongside a previously reported civil inquiry by securities regulators.

Federal prosecutors opened a fraud investigation after Musk tweeted last month that he was contemplating taking Tesla private and had "funding secured" for the deal, said the people, who were granted anonymity to discuss a confidential criminal probe. The tweet initially sent the company's shares higher.

[...] The criminal inquiry is in its early stages, one of the people familiar with the matter said. Justice Department probes, like the civil inquiries undertaken by the SEC, can take months. They sometimes end with prosecutors deciding against bringing any charges.

Also at MarketWatch.

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How to Livestream a Canon EOS M50 eg YouTube or Facebook Live "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I have an EOS M50 camera and I wanted to use it for livestreaming on both Facebook Live and YouTube Live.  It was challenging to work out but I did it!

How I connect my Canon EOS M50 to Facebook Live or YouTube Live or Twitch via OBS. 2018 version. Took me a while to figure out, so here it is

  1. Put the Canon EOS M50 camera on a tripod etc, and then connect USB (NOT HDMI) to the camera and the computer. You should get a computer icon flash up on the viewfinder of the camera. If it doesnt, check the cable and connections.
  2. Turn the camera on, in any mode, but do NOT press record. The computer is just going to act as a viewfinder, as a feed, the camera does nothing but be on.
  3. Launch software that acts as a webcam driver. Camera Live for Mac, Windows has Sparkocam. You can even try the EOS Utility but it didnt work for me.
  4. On my Mac, Camera Live says ACTIVE above the camera name. If it does not say Active, make sure you have NOTHING else that can grab camera feeds open. Close Camtasia, Google hangouts, Screenflow, Quicktime, even your smartphone if the Canon app is launched and active on your phone.
  5. Make sure that whatever service you are running can see the camera as a video source e.g. Camera Live. To make sure, and because I like multiple cameras plus screensharing, I use OBSProject to run Facebook Live and YouTube Live (see below) so I choose {Game Capture Syphon} and then add the camera. Go to 2:05 in my video if you get stuck.
  6. Now I can record a video or stream live (you have to add the secret Facebook or YouTube key to OBS if you are using OBS or any other 3rd party broadcasting software).  Choose CONNECT (not camera) in Facebook live and take that info into OBS Project etc).

The key to remember is that the Canon EOS M50 is simply acting as a viewer, not as a camera, in this scenario. Once you have connected the camera to your computer, and have the software driving it to a broadcasting platform etc, everything else says the same. I cannot emphasise enough that if Camera Live will not pick up the video feed from the camera, make sure you are properly connected and NOTHING else has grabbed the feed already. This was an issue for me!



SupremeVPS 6GB KVM SSD VPS for $79/year & more in Los Angeles & Chicago! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Michael from SupremeVPS has submitted another offer to LowEndBox. Michael stated their last offer was quite successful, but they continued to see requests for KVM VPS so SupremeVPS is excited to announce their expansion to start offering KVM VPS today with some hot deals for our community!

Their WHOIS is public, and you can find their ToS/Legal Docs here. They accept PayPal, Credit Cards, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum as payment methods.

Heres what they had to say: 

We are on a mission to make VPS hosting affordable, easy to use, and transparent. Since day one, we have been on a constant mission to change the VPS hosting industry. Having experienced it ourselves, we have found VPS hosting to be rather tedious with hidden fees, upsells, poor support, etc. and SupremeVPS was born to change that and to set a new standard a high standard, for that matter. Today we are successfully empowering over 1500 customers from all over the world!

Our pricing is simple, flat-rate, and easy to understand. No calculator needed, and there are absolutely zero hidden fees. SupremeVPS was born to be simple & easy to use and our intuitive platform allows you to deploy in under 60 seconds.

Heres the offers: 

NEW! KVM VPS Offers by SupremeVPS. Docker, Custom Kernels, Custom OS is supported with KVM virtualization! See below:


  • 1 CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • 8GB SSD Space
  • 2TB Bandwidth
  • 1Gbps Port
  • KVM
  • $1.50/mo or $10/yr
  • [ORDER]


  • 2 CPUs
  • 2GB (2048MB) RAM
  • 20GB SSD Space
  • 5TB Bandwidth
  • ...


WhiteHat Security broadens application security testing portfolio with Bugcrowd partnership "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

WhiteHat Security announced a partnership with Bugcrowd to broaden the WhiteHat Sentinel application security testing portfolio with vulnerability testing. The partnership will deliver an application security testing solution to organizations around the world. WhiteHat Sentinel provides application security testing augmented with human intelligence to reduce risk with near zero false positives. Bugcrowd offers managed bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure programs to identify and triage security risks, delivered via a global crowd of security researchers to More

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Covata announces general availability of SafeShare for ITAR "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Covata announced the general availability of SafeShare for the US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). This SaaS offering will serve a role in allowing small and medium-sized businesses in the Defense Industrial Base sector to adopt the cloud while complying with export control laws, such as ITAR and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). ITAR and EAR are two regimes that control the export of defense articles including technical data, defense services, and dual-use articles More

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XebiaLabs extends Jenkins for all DevOps teams and tools "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Adding to XebiaLabs enterprise DevOps platform for Release Orchestration, Deployment Automation, and DevOps Intelligence, the XebiaLabs DevOps Pack for Jenkins provides everything enterprise DevOps teams need to make Jenkins pipelines an integrated part of their software delivery pipelines. As a result, Jenkins pipeline data is available toand usable byall types of team members involved in getting software from code to production. Development pipelines are disconnected from the software delivery organization As part of the coding More

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Express Logics X-Ware IoT platform brings security and safety to the Microchip SAM L11 microcontrollers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Express Logic has announced that its industrial-grade X-Ware IoT Platformpowered by the ThreadX RTOSnow supports the TrustZone for ARMv8-M technology-based Microchip SAM L11 microcontrollers. IoT devices require an RTOS and network connectivity. As device vendors open up their APIs to share data and allow more interoperability with other products and single-point devices and systems, information security and protection become issues. Express Logics X-Ware IoT Platform provides a foundation that enables embedded developers using the SAM More

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Super Magnesium: Lighter Than Aluminum, Cheaper Than Carbon Fiber "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

We think of high tech materials as the purview of the space program, or of high-performance aircraft. But there are other niche applications that foster super materials, for example the world of cycling. Magnesium is one such material as it is strong and light, but it has the annoying property of burning in its pure state. Alloys of magnesium meanwhile generally dont combust unless they are ground fine or exposed to high temperatures. Allite is introducing a new line known as super magnesium which is in reality three distinct alloys that they claim are 30% lighter than aluminum, as well as stronger and stiffer than the equivalent mass of that metal. They also claim the material will melt at 1200F instead of burning. To lend an air of mystique, this material was once only available for defense applications but now is open to everyone.

Its a material that comes in three grades. AE81 is optimized for welding, ZE62 is better suited for forging, while WE54 is made for casting processes. Those names might sound like made up stock numbers, but they arent, as magnesium allows typically have names that indicate the material used to mix with the magnesium. A stands for aluminum, Z is for zirconium zinc, W is for yttrium, and E stands for rare earths. So AE81 is a mix of magnesium, aluminum, and some rare earth material. The numbers indicate the approximate amount of each addition, so AE81 is 8% aluminum and 1% rare earth.

Previously, flame retardant magnesium had calcium added to the mix which raised the burn temperature significantly. There remains a widespread perception that magnesium alloys easily burn, but thats because elemental magnesium burns spectacularly. Typical alloys can burn, but fortunately for us that doesnt happen at temperatures under 800F with these alloys in a solid piece of metal although powders or ribbons may burn more easily. According to the company, normal machining works well and requires less power than machining with other metals.

IF you want to see a big magnesium alloy forge, check out the Mesta. If you want to make your own wheels, maybe you should stick to aluminum for now.


Incredible strength of nuclear pasta revealed in new simulations "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Researchers from Indiana University and the California Institute of Technology say the new simulations could help us better understand major astrophysical phenomena, such as gravitational waves.

The strength of the neutron star crust, especially the bottom of the crust, is relevant to a large number of astrophysics problems, but isnt well understood, says Matthew Caplan, a postdoctoral research fellow at McGill University.

Neutron stars are the product of supernovas, and are extremely dense.


AMD Picasso Support Comes To The RadeonSI OpenGL Driver "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Last week AMD sent out initial support for yet-to-be-released "Picasso" APUs with the Linux AMDGPU kernel graphics driver. Today on the user-space side the support was merged for the OpenGL RadeonSI Gallium3D driver...


You Don't Really 'Own' That Movie You Bought, But Pirates... "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Fnord666

In this day and age ownership of digital media is often an illusion. When you buy a book or movie there are severe restrictions on what you can do with these files. In some cases, purchased content can simply disappear overnight. These limitations keep copyright holders in control, but they breed pirates at the same time.

[...] Millions of people have now replaced their physical media collections for digital ones, often stored in the cloud. While that can be rather convenient, it comes with restrictions that are unheard of offline.

[...R]esearchers examined how the absence of the right to resell and lend affects people's choice to buy. They found that, among those who are familiar with BitTorrent, roughly a third would prefer The Pirate Bay over Apple or Amazon if they are faced with these limitations.

These rights restrictions apparently breed pirates.

"Based on our survey data, consumers are more likely to opt out of lawful markets for copyrighted works and download illegally if there is no lawful way to obtain the rights to lend, resell, and use those copies on their device of choice," the researchers concluded.

The paper in question is two years old by now, but still very relevant today. While we don't expect that anything will change soon, people should at least be aware that you don't always own what you buy.


Original Submission

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Gemalto and R3 pilot blockchain technology to put users in control of their Digital ID "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Who are you, and can you prove it? The new Gemalto Trust ID Network enables users to give digital service providers verified and secured answers to these questions. By creating and managing their own Self-Sovereign Digital ID, users can enroll with a host of different digital banking, eCommerce and eGovernment services, without having to go through repeated due diligence processes for each of them. This distributed approach to Digital ID management enables service providers to More

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HPR2643: The Payoff In Storytelling "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Lostnbronx takes a quick look at how story endings need to be structured in order to be satisfying. Lots of endings are possible, but they dont all require the same treatment. Some can be abrupt, some can be sad, but all of them need to meet certain emotional expectations.


Associated Press Publishes Supposedly Leaked WikiLeaks Documents "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

WikiLeaks founder sought Russian visa in 2010, per AP report

The Associated Press has published a cache of 10 documents that it says are part of a leaked "larger trove of WikiLeaks emails, chat logs, financial records, secretly recorded footage, and other documents." AP reporter Raphael Satter declined to elaborate as to how much more material the AP had or why that material was not being released now.

Among those documents is a purported November 30, 2010 effort by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to seek a Russian visa via its London consulate. That's just a week before Assange surrendered to British authorities who sought him for questioning on behalf of Swedish prosecutors who wanted him on allegations of sexual misconduct. By June 2012, Assange had entered the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he has remained since. Assange has denied any wrongdoing in the Swedish case.

[...] This cache adds intrigue to WikiLeaks' and Assange's ongoing saga. Numerous media outlets reported early last month that Assange's days in the embassy are numbered and that the Ecuadorian authorities could boot him soon. "The files provide both an intimate look at the radical transparency organization and an early hint of Assange's budding relationship with Moscow," Satter wrote.

[...] For its part, WikiLeaks responded shortly after the Associated Press story went live on Monday morning by suggesting that, at a minimum, the visa application document was false, tweeting at numerous media outlets:

Mr. Assange did not apply for such a visa at any time or author the document. The source is document fabricator & paid FBI informant Sigurdur Thordarson who was sentenced to prison for fabricating docs impersonating Assange, multiple frauds & pedophilllia.

Related: Ecua...


US Dept of State says attack on email system exposed employees personal data "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The US Department of State has confirmed that it has suffered a data breach which exposed the personally identifiable information of some employees.


Robotic Fruit Fly Wont Eat Your Fruit "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The DelFly project has been busy since the last time we checked in on them. The Dutch team started 13 years ago and produced the smallest camera-carrying drone, and an autonomous tiny ornithopter. However, that ornithopter now five years old had to use some traditional control surfaces and a tail like an airplane which was decidedly not fruit fly-like. Now theyve solved those problems and have announced the DelFly Nimble, a 13 inch and 1-ounce ornithopter. You can see the Nimble in the video below.

The close emulation of a real fly means the thing looks distinctly insect-like in flight. The dual wings use Mylar and form an X configuration. They flap about 17 times per second. A fully charged battery  remember, the whole thing weighs an ounce lasts five minutes. With an efficient speed of 3 meters per second, the team claims a flight range of over 1 kilometer with a peak speed that can reach  7 meters per second. It can even take a payload, as long as that payload weighs 4 grams or less.

The tiny robot has two rotary servo actuators, one for each pair of wings, along with two flapping mechanisms. There are a lot of technical details on their website, but it caught our eye that the flight computer is an STM32 microcontroller.



Does IBM Have The Quantum Advantage? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

At the latest TechCrunch Disrupt conference IBM provided a visionary speech on the future of compute using quantum computing. IBM Research COO Dario Gil gave a very cogent description of quantum computing and how it will change the computing landscape in the near future.

Quantum computing is a very complex and esoteric technology to try to explain to an audience of entrepreneurs and developers looking to raise money for the next Snapchat. Interestingly enough, there was a quantum computing start up at Disrupt, Rigetti Computing, pitching a quantum computing cloud service. IBM introduced its quantum computing cloud service in May 2016.


Representing a revolution: how the popular press has portrayed personalized medicine "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This study investigated the portrayal of personalized and precision medicine (PM) in North American news over the past decade. Content analysis of print and online news was conducted to determine how PM has been defined and to identify the frames used to discuss PM, including associated topics, benefits, and concerns.

A data set was built using the FACTIVA database, searching for popular North American publications with the terms personalized (personalised) medicine and/or precision medicine from 1 January 2005 to 15 March 2016. The final set of publications totaled 774.

PM is almost exclusively defined as related to genetics and is often part of a story related to cancer. The PM story is overwhelmingly one of highlighting (potential) benefits and optimism, especially in shorter publications, and ones where PM is not the main focus. This promotional PM discourse has remained fairly consistent over the past decade.


Hillicon Valley: ACLU accuses Facebook of discriminatory job ads | EU drops Apple lawsuit | Tesla faces DOJ criminal probe | Symantec offers free security tests for campaigns | Judge allows Georgia to use electronic voting machines "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Welcome to Hillicon Valley, The Hill's newsletter detailing all you need to know about the tech and cyber news from Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley.Welcome! Follow the cyber team, Olivia Beavers (@olivia_beavers) and Jacqueline Thomsen (@jacq_thomsen...


Valve Posts The Code To Their Moondust VR Demo "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As expected when discovering a Valve "Moondust" repository on GitHub, today they indeed posted the code to this latest VR tech demo...

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Tuesday, 18 September


Massachusetts Explosions Update: Pipe Pressure Was 12 Times Too High "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Pipe pressure before gas explosions was 12 times too high

The pressure in natural gas pipelines prior to a series of explosions and fires in Massachusetts last week was 12 times higher than it should have been, according to a letter from the state's U.S. senators to executives of the utility in charge of the pipelines.

Democratic U.S. Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey sent the letter Monday seeking answers about the explosions from the heads of Columbia Gas, the company that serves the communities of Lawrence, Andover and North Andover, and NiSource, the parent company of Columbia Gas.

"The federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration has reported that the pressure in the Columbia Gas system should have been around 0.5 pounds per square inch (PSI), but readings in the area reached at least 6 PSI twelve times higher than the system was intended to hold," the letter said.

The pressure spike registered in a Columbia Gas control room in Ohio, the senators said in the letter, which requests a reply by Wednesday.

See also: Columbia Gas pledges $10M toward relief efforts in Lawrence, Andover, North Andover

Previously: 60-80 Homes Burn; Gas Line "Incident" in Northern Massachusetts

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SmartBear announces SoapUI Pro 2.5, enabling teams to embed API testing into DevOps "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

SmartBear announced the release of SoapUI Pro 2.5, the latest update of the testing platform for REST and SOAP APIs. This release includes the addition of native Docker support, automated test creation, and native integrations with Continuous Integration (CI) servers like Jenkins, TeamCity, and VSTS. Containers are changing the way software is delivered in a microservice-driven world. DevOps teams are turning to containers, and specifically Docker, as a critical component of their continuous delivery process. More

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[$] Code, conflict, and conduct "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A couple of surprising things happened in the kernel community on September 16: Linus Torvalds announced that he was taking a break from kernel development to focus on improving his own behavior, and the longstanding "code of conflict" was replaced with a code of conduct based on the Contributor Covenant. Those two things did not quite come packaged as a set, but they are clearly not unrelated. It is a time of change for the kernel project; there will be challenges to overcome but, in the end, less may change than many expect or fear.


Reimagining of Schrdingers cat breaks quantum mechanics and stumps physicists "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In a multi-cat experiment, the textbook interpretation of quantum theory seems to lead to contradictory pictures of reality, physicists claim.


Quantum theory cannot consistently describe the use of itself "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Quantum mechanics is expected to provide a consistent description of reality, even when recursively describing systems contained in each other. Here, the authors develop a variant of Wigners friend Gedankenexperiment where each of the current interpretations of QM fails in giving a consistent description.


Jumping genes work together to control programmed deletion in the genome "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Scientists have discovered a new family of molecules that work together to precisely remove unwanted DNA during reproduction in single-celled, freshwater organisms called ciliates.

The discovery of these new molecules has profound implications for our understanding of the mechanism of gene removal (or excision) and rearrangement which plays a crucial role in the development and evolution of many species. The findings are published in eLife.

Transposons are pieces of DNA that move around in the genome, transported by enzymes called transposases that bind to them. As transposons jump around during evolution, host organisms can acquire the genes they carry and use them to gain new functions in a process known as domestication.


Gold Nanomaterials Make Photoelectrode Shine Bright "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A photoelectrode made from a combination of gold nanoparticles and a gold nanofilm offers efficient way to split water

There is perhaps no more hotly pursued area in alternative energy than artificial photosynthesis, with research papers jumping from 11,000 in 2010 to 21,500 in 2017, according to some estimates. Artificial photosynthesis is used to either split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen or reduce carbon dioxide. Last year, we visited the U.S. Department of Energys  Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP)one of the leading labs in the world in this field. We saw that water-splitting research had reached a level of success that made the researchers look to the new challenge of carbon dioxide reduction.

In research described in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, researchers at Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan, in collaboration with researchers at National Chiao Tung University, in Taiwan, found that simply adding gold nanoparticles on top of a semiconductor like titanium dioxide did not provide the amount of light absorption they were looking to achieve for their new electrode.

The trick to achieving such a large boost in light-absorbing efficiency was creating a sandwich of materials in which a 100-nanometer gold film and gold nanoparticles served as the outside bread layers to the titanium dioxide semiconductor in the middle. When light hit the gold nanoparticles on one side, the gold film on the other side acted like a mirror and trapped the light in a nanocavity so that the gold nanoparticles could continue to absorb more light.

The addition of the gold film was critical for creating the nanocavity. But the gold nanoparticles use of ...


The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Arrives For Linux Benchmarking "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It looks like NVIDIA has their launch-day Linux support in order for the GeForce RTX 2080 "Turing" graphics cards slated to ship later this week as arriving today at Phoronix was the RTX 2080 Ti...


Amazon Plans to Add Alexa Voice Support to Microwaves, Amplifiers, Subwoofers, and "In-Car Gadgets" "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Amazon plans to release at least 8 new Alexa-powered devices, including a microwave, an amplifier, and an in-car gadget

Amazon is doubling down on its Alexa-powered devices, with plans to release at least 8 new voice-controlled hardware devices before the end of the year, CNBC has learned.

The devices include, among others, a microwave oven, an amplifier, a receiver, a subwoofer, and an in-car gadget, people familiar with the matter said. All of the devices will be Alexa-enabled, meaning they can easily connect to the voice assistant. Some of the devices will also have Alexa built in.

Amazon is expected to reveal some of these devices at an event later this month, according to an internal document describing the plans.

The new devices reflect Amazon's ambition to make its Alexa voice technology ubiquitous by focusing on areas where people spend most of their time at home and in the car. Alexa was initially considered a geeky experiment at Amazon. Now it is now one of the most popular voice assistants, leading the growth of the burgeoning smart speaker market, which is expected to be worth $30 billion by 2024, according to Global Market Insights.

Alexa-"powered" microwave ovens would be among the first consumer "AI" devices with the ability to harm small animals or babies.

Also at The Verge.

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Hill-Climbing Our Way to Defeating DRM "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Computer science has long grappled with the problem of unknowable terrain: how do you route a packet from A to E when B, C, and D are nodes that keep coming up and going down as they get flooded by traffic from other sources? How do you shard a database when uncontrollable third parties are shoving records into it all the time? What's the best way to sort some data when spammers are always coming up with new tactics for re-sorting it in ways that suit them, but not you or your users?

One way to address the problem is the very useful notion of "hill-climbing." Hill-climbing is modeled on a metaphor of a many-legged insect, like an ant. The ant has forward-facing eyes and can't look up to scout the terrain and spot the high ground, but it can still ascend towards a peak by checking to see which foot is highest and taking a step in that direction. Once it's situated in that new place, it can repeat the process, climbing stepwise toward the highest peak that is available to it (of course, that might not be the highest peak on the terrain, so sometimes we ask our metaphorical ant to descend and try a different direction, to see if it gets somewhere higher).

This metaphor is not just applicable to computer science: it's also an important way to think about big, ambitious, fraught policy fights, like the ones we fight at EFF. Our Apollo 1201 Project aims to kill all the DRM in the world inside of a decade, but we don't have an elaborate roadmap showing all the directions we'll take on the way.

There's a good reason for that. Not only is the terrain complex to the point of unknowability; it's also adversarial: other, powerful entities are rearranging the landscape as we go, trying to head us off. As the old saying goes, "The first casualty of any battle is the plan of attack."

Instead of figuring out the whole route from A to Z, we deploy heuristics: rules of thumb that help us chart a course along this complex, adversarial terrain as we traverse it.

Like the ant climbing its hill, we're feeling around for degrees of freedom where we can move, ascending towards our goal. There are four axes we check as we ascend:

1. Law: What is legal? What is illegal? What chances are there to change the law? For example, we're suing the US government to invalidate Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the abetting legislation that imposes penalties fo...


Epic Clock Clocks The Unix Epoch "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Admit it: when you first heard of the concept of the Unix Epoch, you sat down with a calculator to see when exactly 2-1 seconds would be from midnight UTC on January 1, 1970. Personally, I did that math right around the time my company hired contractors to put Y2K Suspect stickers on every piece of equipment that looked like it might have a computer in it, so the fact that the big day would come sometime in 2038 was both comforting and terrifying.

[Forklift] is similarly entranced by the idea of the Unix Epoch and built a clock to display it, at least for the next 20 years or so. Accommodating the eventual maximum value of 2,147,483,647, plus the more practical ISO-8601 format, required a few more digits than the usual clock sixteen to be exact. The blue seven-segment displays make an impression in the sleek wooden case, about which there is sadly no detail in the build log. But the internals are well documented, and include a GPS module and an RTC. The clock parses the NMEA time string from the satellites and syncs the RTC. Theres a brief video below of the clock in action.

We really like the look of [Forklift]s clock, and watching the seconds count up to the eventual overflow seems like a fun way to spend the next two decades. Its not the first Epoch clock weve featured, of course, but its pretty slick.


NSO mobile Pegasus Spyware used in operations in 45 countries "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new report published by Citizen Lab revealed that the NSO Pegasus spyware was used against targets across 45 countries worldwide.

A new investigation of the Citizen Lab revealed that the powerful Pegasus mobile spyware was used against targets across 45 countries around the world over the last two years.

Pegasus is a surveillance malware developed by the Israeli surveillance NSO Group that could infect both iPhones and Android devices, it is sold exclusively to the governments and law enforcement agencies.

Earlier August, Citizen Lab shared evidence of attacks against 175 targets worldwide carried on with the NSO spyware. Citizen Lab uncovered other attacks against individuals in Qatar or Saudi, where the Israeli surveillance software is becoming very popular.

Panama Up to 150 (Source: Univision)1 2012-2014
UAE 1 (Source: Citizen Lab) 2016
Mexico 22 (Source: Citizen Lab) 2016


Dark Web: US court seizes assets and properties of deceased AlphaBay operator "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

AlphaBay was one of the largest dark web marketplaces In 2017, its admin Alexandre Cazes committed suicide in a Thai prison. The Fresno Division of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California has finally concluded a 14-month long civil forfeiture case and allowed seizure of property and assets of a Canadian national Alexandre Cazes []

This is a post from Read the original post: Dark Web: US court seizes assets and properties of deceased AlphaBay operator


Linux Patches Surface For Supporting The Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Last year Creative Labs introduced the Sound BlasterX AE-5 PCI Express gaming sound card while finally there are some patches pending for supporting this high-end sound card in Linux...


Generative Design in Architecture and Construction Will Pave the Way to Productivity "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In the new era of generative design in architecture, engineering, and construction, designers and builders will use computers not just to describe buildings, but cocreate them.

Before GPS, if you got lost while driving your car, you had to swallow your pride and stop to ask for directions. With the help of the innate intelligence of Google Maps or Waze, you can let a machine compute the best route so you can concentrate on whats really importantdriving.

In the case of architects, engineers, and contractors, their computers will help navigate the design and construction process, so they can focus on making successful projects and great buildings as a result.


Startup: Triton Submarines, with Aston Martin, Readies Luxury Personal Sub Thats Surprisingly Capable "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Tritons deep-diving submersibles already play a crucial role in marine research

photo of Triton's Project Neptune Illustration: Triton Submarines Submerge in Style: Tritons Project Neptune will bring luxury to dives beneath the seas.

If youre looking for the perfect add-on to your megayacht, how about a personal submarine? Triton Submarines can set you up. The company, based in Vero Beach, Fla., specializes in high-end submersibles that can dive as far as 1,000 meters deep. Now, Triton has partnered with luxury carmaker Aston Martin, based in England, to build a limited-edition model. Due in early 2019, it combines ultimate style with hydrodynamic performance.

Over the past 12 years, Tritons subs have earned a reputation for safety, maneuverability, and comfort. But back in 2008, when the company was founded, the idea of a personal submersible was a tough sell. Too many potential buyers had seen too many Hollywood action movies featuring doomed submarines, recalls Tritons president, Patrick Lahey, who cofounded the company with CEO L. Bruce Jones.

People thought [submarines] must be massively complicated and dangerous, Lahey says. Ill forever be grateful to our first customer. Putting our sub on his vessel and having it displayed at boat shows really got the conversation started. Today, Tritons preorders and word-of-mouth recommendations continue to propel the firms growth.

Triton subs all feature spherical transparent cabins, which provide the widest possible window on ocean flora, fauna, and landforms while resisting the deeps crushing pressures. Figuring out how to build the cabins took some doing. In 2011, production of Tritons most popular modelthe US $3.8 million three-person 3300/3hit a wall when suppliers were unable to cast the 2.1-meter-diameter, 2.2-metric-ton acrylic bulb. It actually threatened to take us out of business because we had a couple of orders that we couldnt fill, says Lahey. Triton turned to German acrylics pioneer Evonik Industries, which developed a more uniform thermal-forming process.

photo Illustration: Triton Submarines

Triton Submarines

Founded: 2008

Headquarters: Vero Beach, Fla...


More Wolves = Fewer Elk = Yellowstone Aspen Comeback "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

But with the reintroduction of wolves, the elk population has gone down significantly from almost 20,000 in 1995 to around 7,500 in the latest estimates and during that time scientists have documented a Yellowstone aspen comeback. Thats part of a larger picture of restoring balance to the ecosystem. The aspen already face a variety of challenges from insects and the like.

A 2010 study did not find any impact on aspen with the reintroduction of wolves, but a new study, published in the journal Ecosphere, did. Heres a synopsis of the study from Oregon State:

This is the first large-scale study to show that aspen is recovering in areas around the park, as well as inside the park boundary, said Luke Painter, a wildlife ecologist at Oregon State University and lead author on the study. Wolves were reintroduced to the park in 1995. The study shows their predation on elk is a major reason for new growth of aspen, a tree that plays an important ecological role in the American West.

Wolves are culling the elk herd, adding to the effects of bears, cougars, and hunters outside the park, which means less elk are browsing on aspen and other woody species. The presence of wolves has also resulted in most of the elk herd spending winter outside of the park, Painter said. Before wolf restoration, even when elk numbers were similarly low, most of the elk stayed in the park.

"What we're seeing in Yellowstone is the emergence of an ecosystem that is more normal for the region and one that will support greater biodiversity," Painter said. "Restoring aspen in northern Yellowstone has been a goal of the National Park Service for decades. Now they've begun to achieve that passively, by having the animals do it for them. It's a restoration success story.".

The study answers the question of whether the return of wolves to Yellowstone could have a cascading effect on ecosystems outside the park, Painter said, where there is much more human activity such as hunting, livestock grazing, and predator control. There has also been skepticism surrounding the extent and significance of aspen recovery, he said.



EFF to Court: The First Amendment Protects Criticism of Patent Trolls "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

EFF has submitted an amicus brief [PDF] to the New Hampshire Supreme Court asking it to affirm a lower court ruling that found criticism of a patent owner was not defamatory. The trial judge hearing the case ruled that patent troll and other rhetorical characterizations are not the type of factual statements that can be the basis of a defamation claim. Our brief explains that both the First Amendment and the common law of defamation support this ruling.

This case began when patent assertion entity Automated Transactions, LLC (ATL) and inventor David Barcelou filed a defamation complaint [PDF] in New Hampshire Superior Court. Barcelou claims to have come up with the idea of connecting automated teller machines to the Internet. As the complaint explains, he tried to commercialize this idea but failed. Later, ATL acquired an interest in Barcelous patents and began suing banks and credit unions.

ATLs patent litigation did not go well. In one case, the Federal Circuit ruled that some of ATLs patent claims were invalid and that the defendants did not infringe. ATLs patents were directed to ATMs connected to the Internet and it was undisputed that the defendants products are not connected to the Internet and cannot be accessed over the Internet. ATL filed a petition asking the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the Federal Circuit. The Supreme Court denied that petition.

Unsurprisingly, ATLs licensing revenues went down after its defeat in the federal courts. Rather than accept this, ATL and Barcelou filed a defamation suit in New Hampshire state court blaming their critics for ATLs financial decline.

In the New Hampshire litigation, ATL and Barcelou allege that statements referring to them as a patent troll are defamatory. They also claim that characterizations of ATLs litigation campaign as a shakedown, extortion, or blackmail are defamatory. The Superior Court found these statements were the kind of rhetorical hyperbole that is not capable of defamatory meaning and dismissed the complaint. ATL and Barcelou appealed.



Music Group Celebrates Millions of Pointless Piracy Takedown Notices "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Association of Independent Music (AIM) represents the interests of more than 800 independent music companies in the UK.

With online copyright infringement as one of the major threats, the organization also offers assistance on the anti-piracy front.

Earlier this year, AIM teamed up with anti-piracy tracking outfit MUSO to help its members remove pirated links from the web. With MUSOs automatic takedown service, the labels can remove infringing URLs with minimal effort.

This week AIM sent out a press release showing how much has been achieved over the past four months. The results, shared by AIMs Head of Legal & Business Affairs Gee Davy are impressive indeed.

AIMs partnership with MUSO began in May this year, and to see 5 million takedowns achieved already reflects the speed and efficiency with which MUSO has covered the catalogs across the independent music community, Davy notes.

Our members report that they are delighted with the service, which not only protects their releases from online piracy, but creates a visual dashboard to track piracy and protection activity in real time.

While the comments suggest that pirated content was pulled offline, the reality appears to be quite different.

The press release doesnt mention it, but, from what we can see, the five million takedown requests were (nearly) all targeted at Google. This means that no infringing content was taken down there, only search results.

Looking more closely at all the takedown requests MUSO sent to Google, on behalf of AIM, an even more disturbing picture emerges.

Googles Transparency Report confirms that AIM sent close to five million pirate URLs to the search engine. However, as it turns out, the vast majority of all reported URLs were not removed. And for a good reason.

Most of the links that were reported are simply not in Googles search index. So, logically, there is nothing to remove.

Not removed

This also means that MUSO and AIM shouldnt refer to these as removed links, or even takedown notices. These are reports of non-existent search results.

While Google previously noted that it accepts takedown notices...


Links 18/9/2018: Qt 5.12 Alpha , MAAS 2.5.0 Beta, PostgreSQL CoC "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

GNOME bluefish



  • Desktop

    • Windows 7 to Linux: Preparations

      This is the first part of a series of articles that describes how to migrate from a Windows 7 device to a device running Linux. The main motivation behind the series of tutorials is to provide Windows 7 users with instructions to migrate to a Linux distribution and not to Windows 10.

      Support for Microsofts Windows 7 operating system ends in January 2020. While Enterprise customers may extend the support phase by three years by paying Microsoft for extended support, that is not an option for regular users.

  • Kernel Space

    • Linux adds a code of conduct for programmers

      If you follow Linux development closely, you know Linux kernel discussions can be very heated. Recently, Linus Torvalds has admitted the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML) and other Linux development spaces are hostile to many. Torvalds announced hed change his behavior and apologized to the people that my personal behavior hurt and possibly drove away from kernel development. It was never just Torvalds. So, the Linux community announced its adopting, for the first time, a Code of Conduct....


VirtualBox DRM/KMS Driver Proceeding With Atomic Mode-Setting Support "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The "vboxvideo" DRM/KMS driver for use by VirtualBox guest virtual machines that has been part of the mainline Linux kernel the past several cycles will soon see atomic mode-setting support...


Moxi Prototype from Diligent Robotics Starts Helping Out in Hospitals "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Earlier this year, Diligent Robotics introduced a mobile manipulator called Poli, designed to take over non-care related, boring logistical tasks from overworked healthcare professionals who really should be doing better things with their time. Specifically, Diligent wants to automate things like bringing supplies from a central storage area to patient rooms, which sounds like it should be easy, but is actually very difficult. Autonomous mobile manipulation in semi-structured environments is hard at the best of times, and things get even harder in places like hospitals that are full of busy humans rushing around trying to save the lives of other humans.

Over the past few months, Diligent has been busy iterating on the design of their robot, and theyve made enough changes that its no longer called Poli. Its a completely new robot, called Moxi.

As a friendly, sensitive, and intuitive robot, Moxi not only alleviates clinical staff of routine tasks but does so in a non-threatening and supportive way that encourages positive relationships between humans and robots, further enhancing clinical staffs ability to and interest in leveraging AI in the healthcare industry. Created with a face to visually communicate social cues and able to show its intention before moving to the next task, Moxi is built to foster trust between patients and staff alike, setting the stage for future innovation and partnerships with developing technology. Moxis specific tasks and responsibilities at each hospital will be tailored to fit each hospitals needs.

While Diligents general concept for a mobile manipulator for hospitals is the same as its always been, Moxi is much, much different than its predecessor, Poli, that we wrote about in January. Moxi uses a Freight mobile base from Fetch Robotics, which seems like a reasonable thing to do if your company is about manipulation and human-robot interaction (HRI) and you just want the navigation and obstacle avoidance to work without you having to stress about it. Moxi is significantly more human-like than earlier designs (with a pronounced head and torso), which presumably makes HRI more straightforward, although theres that Velodyne Puck that almost looks like it was added as an afterthought. For manipulation, the robot relies on a Kinova...


GnuPG for Washington State Electronic Notary Public Endorsements "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

C.J. Collier posted to the gnupg-users' list about working through the steps to get GNU Privacy Guard approved for Washington State electronic notary public endorsements:

[...] This all seemed to me to be something that GnuPG is designed to do and does quite well. So I sent an email on Friday night to the sender of the letter requesting specific issues that my provider did not comply with. This morning I received a call from the DoL[*], and was able to successfully argue for GnuPG's qualification as an electronic records notary public technology provider for the State of Washington.

In short, GnuPG can now be used to perform notarial acts <> in the State of Washington!

[*] DoL: WA State Licensing (DOL) Official Site: Home

Original Submission

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A Look at Liquid Dielectrics "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

One evening quite a few years ago, as I was driving through my hometown I saw the telltale flashing lights of the local volunteer fire department ahead. I passed by a side road where all the activity was: a utility pole on fire. I could see smoke and flames shooting from the transformer and I could hear the loud, angry 60 Hz buzzing that sounded like a million hornet nests. As I passed, the transformer exploded and released a cloud of flaming liquid that rained down on the road and lawns underneath. It seemed like a good time to quit rubbernecking and beat it as fast as I could.

I knew at the time that the flaming liquid was transformer oil, but I never really knew what it was for or why it was in there. Oil is just one of many liquid dielectrics that are found in a lot of power distribution equipment, from those transformers on the pole to the big capacitors and switchgear in the local substation. Liquid dielectrics are interesting materials that are worth taking a look at.

Same Thing, Different State

If you know what a dielectric is, youve got a pretty good idea already of why a dielectric in a liquid state would be a useful thing. A dielectric is just a material that doesnt conduct electricity but can be polarized by an electric field. So dielectrics are just special cases of insulators, where the properties of the material make it easy for charges to separate but not flow. Therefore, all dielectrics are insulators, but not all insulators are dielectrics.

Liquid dielectrics are just dielectric materials in the liquid state, and maintain all the properties of the solid dielectrics commonly found in the capacitors were all familiar with. But for practical purposes, the more useful property of liquid dielectrics is their insulating ability as opposed to their charge separation properties. In fact, electrical insulation is probably the most important property of a liquid dielectric, at least as far as their use in power distribution gear.

That transformer I watched explode was likely filled with mineral oil, which is probably the most common liquid dielectric in use today. Mineral oil is just highly refined petroleum baby oil is perfumed mineral oil and its used in transformers because of its high flash point and excellent insulating properties. Its primary job is to conduct heat away from the windings by convection; some large transformers even have radiator fins to increase heat transfer to the atmosphere. The transformer oil also serves to exclude oxygen and moisture that would attack the interior components, especially the paper used to insulate the windings.



Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Tap Google to Power In-Car Systems "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Whats next? New homes with Google hardware and software embedded in the walls? Via: Engadget: This week, the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance, the worlds largest maker of cars, signed a deal with Alphabets Google to be able to use Google Maps, Google Assistant and the Android OS in its vehicles. The new systems will debut []


iOS web attack crashes, causes iPhones or iPads to restart "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This new CSS-based web attack can crash and restart iPhones or iPads and can cause a Mac computer to freeze

A security researcher has discovered a new iOS web attack that can cause an iPhone or iPad to restart and a Mac to freeze, if the device visits a webpage with specific CSS & HTML. However, this bug doesnt affect users using Windows and Linux.

Sabri Haddouche, a security researcher at encrypted instant messaging app Wire, on Saturday tweeted the URL featuring the proof-of-concept (PoC) webpage that crashes iOS devices. The source code of the webpage containing the exploit that uses just 15 lines of specially crafted CSS & HTML code was posted by Haddouche on GitHub as well. This 15-line Web code snippet when visited on any iPhone or iPad, can cause the device to restart.

According to Haddouches PoC, the attack exploits the weakness in Apples web rendering engine WebKit. Further, the code, based on HTML and CSS, contains numerous


For those unaware, WebKit is the web browser engine used by Safari, Mail, App Store, and many other apps on macOS, iOS, and Linux.

The attack uses a weakness in the -webkit-backdrop-filter CSS property. By using nested divs with that property, we can quickly consume all graphic resources and crash or freeze the OS. The attack does not require Javascript to be enabled therefore it also works in Mail. On macOS, the UI freeze. On iOS, the device restart, Haddouche told Bleeping Computer.

Since Apples App Store rules doesnt allow developers to bring their own rendering engine, all apps and browsers are required to use its WebKit. As a result, the code works on almost all the Apple devices making all iOS browsers susceptible to the attack.

On the other hand, the CSS/HTML attack in macOS only slows down the browser but adding JavaScript into the equation can brick the macOS.

With the current attack (CSS/HTML only), it will just freeze Safari for a minute then slow it down, Haddouche revealed.

However, Haddouche notes the bug cannot be used to run any malicious software or to perform attacks that could steal a users data. But, if someone shares a link to a particular webpage disguised as some other...


Robotic Exploration of Moons Lava Tubes Technology Demonstration "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By tapping robotic and sensor technologies, a small free-flying spacecraft is being demonstrated to autonomously investigate lava tubes on the Moon.

Astrobotic Technology of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is partnering with scientists from the RIS4E node of NASAs Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI), led by Stony Brook University.


TE Connectivity: Focused on a Connected Future "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

TE Connectivity is focused on creating a safer, sustainable, productive and connected future.

sponsor logo...


Can NMN Increase Longevity? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Today, we are delighted to announce that we have launched a new crowdfunding campaign on the NAD+ Mouse Project by Dr. David Sinclair and his team at Harvard Medical School.

The first long-term lifespan study in mice involving supplementation with NMN, a precursor of NAD+ metabolism, which has been shown to reduce aging markers and increase sirtuin activity. We propose to conduct a longevity study using NMN in the drinking water of wild-type mice. We also propose to test NMN on a novel model of accelerated aging mice known as ICE mice (Induced Changes In Epigenome).


Tesla facing criminal probe over Musk statements: report "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Tesla is facing a criminal probe from the Justice Department (DOJ) over public statements made by CEO Elon Musk, according to Bloomberg News.The investigation stems from an August tweet from Musk that said he had secured funding to...


Future robo-taxis could charge themselves and help balance the electric grid "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Wireless startup WiTricity wants cars to power up without human help and feed utilities energy during peak demand.


NAD+ Mouse Launches on Today "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Today, we are delighted to announce that we have launched a new crowdfunding campaign on the NAD+ Mouse Project by Dr. David Sinclair and his team at Harvard Medical School.

NAD+ is a vitally important molecule that is found in every cell in your body and is involved in DNA repair, tissue growth, nutrient sensing and metabolism, cell-to-cell signaling, and many other cellular processes. Quite simply, without NAD+, cells would not work and life would be impossible. If you would like to learn more about NAD+ and its role in aging, check out our articles here, here, and here.


How NASA plans to use lunar dust to build structures on the Moon "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With everyone from NASA to Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos looking to send people to the Moon and beyond, engineers at NASAs Swamp Works are hard at work figuring out how to help future.


Canada Court Says ISPs Can Charge Studios for Hunting Pirates "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Fnord666

From Engadget:

It could soon prove expensive for media makers to chase online pirates in Canada. The country's Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that internet providers are entitled to "reasonable" compensation when asked to link pirates' IP addresses to customer details.

Voltage Pictures (the production firm behind The Hurt Locker) intended to sue roughly 55,000 customers of telecom giant Rogers for allegedly bootlegging movies, but balked when Rogers wanted to charge $100 per hour to comply with the requests for information. Rogers won the initial Federal Court case, but had to defend itself at the Supreme Court when Voltage appealed the case.

From TorrentFreak:

In a 9-0 decision, the Supreme Court ruled in Rogers' favor this week. The Internet provider is entitled to recover costs to link IP-addressed to customer details. Exactly how much will be determined in a future Federal Court hearing.

Original Submission

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Get Your PCBs Made at the Mall "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As weve seen with some recent posts on the subject here at Hackaday, there seems to be a growing schism within the community about the production of PCBs. Part of the community embraces (relatively) cheap professional fabrication, where you send your design off and get a stack of PCBs in the mail a couple weeks later. Others prefer at home methods of creating PCBs, such as using a CNC, laser engraver, or even the traditional toner transfer. These DIY PCBs take some skill and dedication to produce, but the advantage is that you can have the board in hand the same day you design it. But there may be a third option that seems to have slipped through the cracks.

[Virgil] writes in with a very interesting method of producing professional looking prototype PCBs that doesnt involve weeks of waiting for the results, nor does it require any complicated techniques or specialized equipment. In this method, a UV printer is used to deposit your mask directly onto the copper clad board, which you then etch with whatever solution you like. Dont have a UV printer you say? No worries, theres probably somebody at the mall that does.

As [Virgil] explains, the little kiosks at the mall which offer to personalize items for customers generally use a UV printer which allows them to shoot ink on nearly any m...


EU will drop lawsuit against Ireland after Apple pays $16.7 billion in back taxes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The European Union is planning to drop its lawsuit against Ireland over back taxes from Apple after the country announced that it had collected $16.7 billion from the company.Margrethe Vestager, the European Commissions top competition regulator,...


Elon Musk And SpaceX Is Announcing The First Lunar Mission Tourist RIGHT NOW "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Elon Musk, the founder of the rocket company SpaceX, is about to reveal who the companys first lunar space tourist will be.

SpaceX has signed the worlds first private passenger to fly around the Moon aboard our BFR launch vehicle an important step toward enabling access for everyday people who dream of travelling to space, SpaceX said on its website.

Only 24 humans have been to the Moon in history. No one has visited since the last Apollo mission in 1972.


Linux & Windows hit with disk wiper, ransomware & cryptomining Xbash malware "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

Xbash is an all in one malware. Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 researchers have come to the conclusion that the notorious Xbash malware that has been attacking Linux and Windows servers is being operated by the Iron Group which is an infamous hacker collective previously involved in a number of cyber crimes involving the use []

This is a post from Read the original post: Linux & Windows hit with disk wiper, ransomware & cryptomining Xbash malware


Linux kernel: potential local priviledge escalation bug in vmacache code "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Davidlohr Bueso on Sep 18


A potential local priviledge escalation bug was reported in the vmacache code dealing with 32-bit sequence number
overflows, introduced in v3.16 by 6b4ebc3a9078 (mm,vmacache: optimize overflow system-wide flushing). The change
introduces a "fastpath" which skips the invalidation on overflows for single threads (mm_users == 1), which can lead to
a use-after-free. As reported:
[A starts as a singlethreaded process]
A: create...


Security updates for Tuesday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security updates have been issued by Fedora (ghostscript, icu, nspr, nss, nss-softokn, nss-util, and okular), Red Hat (java-1.7.1-ibm, java-1.8.0-ibm, OpenStack Platform, openstack-neutron, and openstack-nova), and Ubuntu (clamav and php5, php7.0, php7.2).


Self-Driving Cars Can Handle Neither Rain nor Sleet nor Snow "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Bloomberg: As things stand today, the driverless car of the future cant handle more than a dusting of snow. Its a known problem in the field, and vaguely embarrassing when the end result is supposed to be robots sophisticated enough to navigate the uncertainties of traffic and improve on lackluster human perception. In Boston, []


Powerful Android and iOS Spyware Found Deployed in 45 Countries "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

One of the world's most dangerous Android and iPhone spyware program has been found deployed against targets across 45 countries around the world over the last two years, a new report from Citizen Lab revealed. The infamous spyware, dubbed Pegasus, is developed by NSO Groupan Israeli company which is mostly known for selling high-tech surveillance tools capable of remotely cracking into


Researchers: Users allowed to access infected sites found through search engines "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Users are largely allowed to access infected websites found through search engines, according to new research published Tuesday.Security firm SiteLock scanned more than 6 million of their clients sites during the second quarter of 2018.The firm...


ACLU accuses Facebook of allowing employers to exclude women from seeing jobs ads "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The ACLU is accusing Facebook of illegally allowing its advertisers to place job ads that engaged in gender discrimination.The civil liberties group, along with the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and the law firm Outten and Golden LLP,...


Germany rolls out worlds first hydrogen train "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Germany on Monday rolled out the worlds first hydrogen-powered train, signalling the start of a push to challenge the might of polluting diesel trains with costlier but more eco-friendly technology.

Two bright blue Coradia iLint trains, built by French TGV-maker Alstom, began running a 100-kilometre (62-mile) route between the towns and cities of Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Bremervoerde and Buxtehude in northern Germanya stretch normally plied by .

The worlds first hydrogen train is entering into commercial service and is ready for serial production, Alstom CEO Henri Poupart-Lafarge said at an unveiling ceremony in Bremervoerde, the station where the trains will be refuelled with hydrogen.


Blockchain Training Takes Off "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Blockchain Training Takes Off


PostgreSQL adopts a code of conduct "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The PostgreSQL community has, after an extended discussion, announced the adoption of a code of conduct "which is intended to ensure that PostgreSQL remains an open and enjoyable project for anyone to join and participate in".


Volvo unveils all-electric and autonomous truck without a cab "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If your truck is completely autonomous, why would you need a cab? Volvo Trucks believes that you dont and thats why they built a new all-electric and autonomous truck without a cab called Vera.

Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks, the idea behind Vera:

The full potential of the transport industry is yet to be seen. Everything suggests that the global need for transportation will continue to significantly increase in the coming decade. If we are to meet this demand in a sustainable and efficient way, we must find new solutions. In order to secure a smoothly functioning goods flow system we also need to exploit existing infrastructure better than currently. The transport system we are developing can be an important complement to todays solutions and can help meet many of the challenges faced by society, transport companies and transport buyers,


Open-air helicopter is the ultimate joyride "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This open-air helicopter takes joyrides to new heights .


3D electron microscopy uncovers the complex guts of desalination membranes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Careful sample preparation, electron tomography and quantitative analysis of 3D models provides unique insights into the inner structure of reverse osmosis membranes widely used for salt water desalination wastewater recycling and home use, according to a team of chemical engineers.

These reverse osmosis membranes are layers of material with an active aromatic polyamide layer that allows molecules through, but screens out 99 to 99.9 percent of the salt.

As water stresses continue to grow, better membrane filtration are needed to enhance water recovery, prevent fouling, and extend filtration module lifetimes while maintaining reasonable costs to ensure accessibility throughout the world, said Enrique Gomez, professor of chemical engineering, Penn State. Knowing what the material looks like on the inside, and understanding how this microstructure affects water transport properties, is crucial to designing next-generation membranes with longer operational lifetimes that can function under a diverse set of conditions.


Japan eager to be on board vertical-takeoff flying cars "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Electric drones booked through smartphones pick people up from office rooftops, shortening travel time by hours, reducing the need for parking and clearing smog from the air.

This vision of the future is driving the Japanese governments flying car project. Major carrier All Nippon Airways, electronics company NEC Corp. and more than a dozen other companies and academic experts hope to have a road map for the plan ready by the years end.

This is such a totally new sector Japan has a good chance for not falling behind, said Fumiaki Ebihara, the government official in charge of the project.


Ask Hackaday: Hows That Capacitor Shortage Going? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

There is a looming spectre of doom hovering over the world of electronics manufacturing. Its getting hard to find parts, and the parts you can find are expensive. No, it doesnt have anything to with the tariffs enacted by the United States against Chinese goods this last summer. This is a problem that doesnt have an easy scapegoat. This is a problem that strikes at the heart of any economic system. This is the capacitor and resistor shortage.

When we first reported on the possibility of a global shortage of chip capacitors and resistors, things were for the time being, okay. Yes, major manufacturers were saying they were spinning down production lines until it was profitable to start them up again, but there was relief: parts were in stock, and they didnt cost that much more.

Now, its a different story. Were in the Great Capacitor Shortage of 2018, and we dont know when its going to get any better.

The Beginnings of a Shortage

The news of a coming shortage of chip resistors and capacitors hit early this year. Yaego was not taking any new chip resistor orders. The best reasoning for Yaegos actions were that prices on SMD resistors were already too low. There was an abundance of chip resistors and capacitors, and inventory simply wasnt moving fast enough. There is a minimum price at which it is economical to manufacture resistors. It seems that price is somewhat north of a few tenths of a penny per resistor.



SpaceX Reveals Plan to Fly Yusaku Maezawa and Artists "Around the Moon" in a BFR "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

During a press conference at his company's Hawthorne, CA headquarters, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced the first planned private passenger to travel into deep space and around the Moon. Yusaku Maezawa, a billionaire fashion entrepreneur and art collector, paid an undisclosed amount to become one of the first people to fly on a SpaceX Big Falcon Rocket (BFR), with a target date of 2023. If the launch happens, he won't be going alone. Maezawa (aka "MZ") plans to invite at least six to eight artists to accompany him on a journey around the Moon. The passengers chosen may be painters, sculptors, musicians, fashion designers, dancers, film directors, architects, etc. and are intended to represent the Earth and participate in an art exhibition after returning to Earth. Musk himself has also been invited. The project is called #dearMoon.

Yusaku Maezawa approached SpaceX and made a contribution that will pay for a "non-trivial" amount of the BFR's development costs. During the Q&A, Musk estimated that the entire development of BFR would cost around $5 billion, or no less than $2 billion and no more than $10 billion. Other potential sources of funding for BFR development include SpaceX's top priority, Crew Dragon flights to the International Space Station (ISS), as well as satellite launches and Starlink satellite broadband service.

Maezawa (along with a guest) was a previously announced anonymous customer for a Falcon Heavy ride around the Moon. SpaceX currently has no plans to human-rate the Falcon Heavy. The switch from Falcon Heavy to BFR will substantially increase the maximum number of passengers and comfort level attainable on a nearly week-long mission, since the Crew Dragon 2 has a pressurized volume of just 10 m3, about 1% of the volume of the BFS.

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Operation C.A.R.E. checkpoints used to question thousands of motorists "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For those of you that think law enforcement really cares about you I give you...Operation C.A.R.E.

What is Operation C.A.R.E.?

Operation C.A.R.E. or "Combined Accident Reduction Effort" began in 1977 as a Michigan and Indiana State Police safety initiative.

What began as a local "safety initiative" has morphed into something much worse. Motorists across the country are being subjected to "roadside safety checks" and much more.

C.A.R.E. has expanded to all 50 states and American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, U. S. Virgin Islands, and the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

There are at least twenty-seven different types of checkpoints or "roadside safety checks" in America alone.

If you add C.A.R.E. and Border Patrol checkpoints the number rises to an incredible twenty-nine.

That's right, not only are 50,0000 motorists being stopped daily or 20 million each year but now we have two more checkpoints to worry about.   

As you will see, police in North America have turned C.A.R.E.into something to be feared.

Over Labor Day weekend, the Illinois State Police announced that local law enforcement used C.A.R.E. to stop and question more than 5,000 motorists and passengers.

Law enforcement uses C.A....


Giving environmental water to drought-stricken farmers sounds straightforward, but its a bad idea "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The east coast is currently flooded. Why dont we have pipelines for pumping water around the country where it is needed? We do it for oil and gas, and you know if it leaks it would not be a toxic mess.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack last week suggested the government would look at changing the law to allow water to be taken from the environment and given to farmers struggling with the drought.

This is a bad idea for several reasons. First, the needs in dry years as well as wet ones. Second, unilaterally intervening in the way water is distributed between users undermines the water market, which is now worth billions of dollars. And, third, in dry years the environment gets a smaller allocation too, so there simply isnt enough water to make this worthwhile.

In fact, the growing political pressure being put on environmental water holders to sell their water to farmers is exactly the kind of interference that bodies such as the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder were established to avoid.


A flaw in Alpine Linux could allow executing arbitrary code "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security researcher Max Justicz has discovered several flaws in the distribution Alpine Linux, including an arbitrary code execution.  

Alpine Linux is an independent, non-commercial, general purpose Linux distribution that is heavily used in containers, including Docker.

Alpine Linux is based on musl libc and busybox, it is a tiny distro and is optimized to manage resources, it is known also for fast boot times.

The experts discovered several vulnerabilities in the APK, the default package manager in Alpine. The most severe bug discovered by Max Justicz could be exploited by an attacker to carry out a man-in-the-middle attack to execute arbitrary code on the users machine.

I found several bugs in apk, the default package manager for Alpine Linux. Alpine is a really lightweight distro that is very commonly used with Docker. states the analysis published by the researcher.

The worst of these bugs, the subject of this blog post, allows a network man-in-the-middle (or a malicious package mirror) to execute arbitrary code on the users machine. This is especially bad because packages arent served over TLS when using the default repositories.

An attacker could trigger the flaw to target a Docker container based on Alpine and execute arbitrary code, Justicz also published a video PoC of the attack.

The package manager extracts packages, in the form of gzipped tar archives distributed as apks, then check their hashes against the ones in the signed manifest.

If the hashes are different, the package manager attempts to unlink all of the extracted files and directories.

The expert highlighted that the APKs commit hooks feature could allow an attacker to turn persistent arbitrary file writes into code execution. Justicz discovered that it is possible to hide a malware within the packages commit_hooks directory that would escape the cleanup and could then be executed as normal.

The expert explained that if an attacker is able to extract a file into /etc/apk/commit_hooks.d/ and have it stay there after the cleanup process, it will be executed before apk exits.

The attacker has to control the downloaded tar file avoiding that the package manager will unlink the payload and its directory during the cleanup process.

The expert explained that the attacker can run MitM to intercept apks package requests during Docker image building, then inject them with malicious code before they are passed to the target machines tha...


[SECURITY] New security advisory for CVE-2018-11787 released for Apache Karaf "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofr on Sep 18

A new security advisory has been released for Apache Karaf, that is
fixed in recent 3.0.9, 4.0.9 and 4.1.1 releases.

CVS-2018-11787: Apache Karaf unsecure access to Gogo shell in the webconsole

Severity: Moderate

Vendor: The Apache Software Foundation

Versions Affected: all versions of Apache Karaf prior to 3.0.9, 4.0.9,


When the webconsole feature is installed in Karaf, it is available at
.../system/console and requires...


Weird Coincidence: The First and Yusaku Maezawa "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A few days ago, I was trying to get through a new and excruciatingly boring TV show called, The First: The First is an American-British drama web television series created by Beau Willimon and starring Sean Penn and Natascha McElhone. The show portrays members of a team of astronauts as they become the first humans []


Designing smarter cities using computer game thinking "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Dr. Willem-Jan Renger, head of the Innovation Studio at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, is driving citizen engagement in smart city planning using methods generally seen in computer game creation, as part of an international consortium of cities, IRIS.

Why do we need to engage citizens in urban planning?

The most important thing to know [when planning a city] is what do citizens want What do they need? If we start talking to people, they bring key concerns that they have on their level to the table. One such concern in Utrecht was theres some street racing going on and some nasty incidents. When we were dealing with issues that the citizens had put forward, traffic safety was something we considered combining with smart street lighting solutions by creating some clever combinations to help pedestrians to cross the street, for example, or give cars feedback on the basis of their driving.


[SECURITY] New security advisory for CVE-2018-11786 released for Apache Karaf "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Jean-Baptiste Onofr on Sep 18

A new security advisory has been released for Apache Karaf, that is
fixed in recent 4.2.0 release.

CVS-2018-11786: Apache Karaf SSH RBAC security enforcement

Severity: Moderate

Vendor: The Apache Software Foundation

Versions Affected: all versions of Apache Karaf prior to 4.2.0.M1


If the sshd service in Karaf is left on so an administrator can manage
the running instance, any user with rights to the Karaf console can
pivot and...


PortableCL 1.2 Still Coming While POCL 1.3 Will Further Improve Open-Source OpenCL "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It's been a number of months since last having any major news to report on POCL, the "PortableCL" project providing a portable OpenCL/compute implementation that can run on CPUs, select GPUs, and other accelerators...


Hackers disrupt UKs Bristol Airport flight info screens after ransomware attack "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Uzair Amir

The ransomware attack disrupted the screens for two days.  In a nasty ransomware attack, flight information screens at the United Kingdoms Bristol airport were taken over and hijacked by malicious hackers on September 15th Friday morning. The ransomware attack forced the airport staff to go manual by using whiteboards and hand-written information to assist passengers regarding their []

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Facebook offers bounties for user token bugs in third-party apps, websites "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Facebook is expanding its bug bounty program to include vulnerabilities in third-party apps and websites that involve improper exposure of Facebook user access tokens. Whats in scope? Access tokens allow people to log into another app using Facebook and are uniquely generated for the specific person and app, security engineer Dan Gurfinkel noted. If exposed, a token can potentially be misused, based on the permissions set by the user. We want researchers to have a More

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The Open Insulin Project and the Future of the U.S. Pharmaceutical Market "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

Open Insulin, 'DIY bio' and the future of pharma

The development, manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical drugs in the United States is a complex landscape involving intellectual property and strict federal regulations. But according to Colorado State University scientists, the status quo of the U.S. pharmaceutical market may soon be turned on its head. That's due in part to a growing community of do-it-yourself "biohackers" who are disrupting business-as-usual for pharmaceutical discovery, development and distribution. A Sept. 13 perspective piece in Trends in Biotechnology [DOI: 10.1016/j.tibtech.2018.07.009] [DX] frames these emerging issues, and predicts how the pharmaceutical industry, and the U.S. regulatory environment, will need to change in response.

[...] The authors use the California-based Open Insulin Project as a case study of how the DIY bio movement might shape the future of medicine. Founded in 2015, the project's creators are trying to increase competition in the insulin market by developing and releasing an open-source protocol for manufacturing off-patent insulin.

Why does the Open Insulin Project exist in the first place? Insulin is 100 years old, but it remains prohibitively expensive for many patients, with some uninsured patients paying up to $400 a month for this life-saving medicine. People are angry, and in some cases, people are dying, from lack of access to affordable insulin.

Original Submission

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International Day Against DRM Celebrates its 12th Anniversary "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For creators of intellectual property, from movies, TV shows and software, through to the devices that allow them to be played, Digital Rights Management (DRM) is essential to control access to those products.

Proponents argue that without the digital locks of DRM, rampant copying of their content and designs would ensue, reducing revenues and threatening the very business models that bring these products to market.

On the flip side, DRM is seen as a huge hindrance by many consumers, particularly when its existence restricts, as it always does, what legitimate buyers of content and devices are able to do with their purchases.

From copying a DVD or game disc for backup purposes through to a myriad of legitimate fair-use scenarios, DRM is an ever-present mesh of digital barbed wire laid down for the sole purpose of restricting freedom.

While DRM aims to be its own protection (which can also backfire), it is also supported by legislation. Circumvention is criminalized under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the EU Copyright Directive, meaning those that choose to undermine it can face the wrath of the legal system.

For these reasons and many others, the Free Software Foundations (FSF) Defective by Design (DbD) campaign has sought to draw attention to the anti-consumer effects of DRM. From its roots back in 2006, today the FSF celebrates its 12th annual International Day Against DRM, inviting supporters to protest against digital locks while envisioning a world without DRM.

DRM is a major problem for computer user freedom, artistic expression, free speech, and media, says John Sullivan, executive director of the FSF.

International Day Against DRM has allowed us to, year after year, empower people to rise up together and in one voice declare that DRM is harmful to everyone.

The FSF and those who share their concerns over DRM believe that the addition of digital locks actually causes damage to a product. While offering no benefits to the consumer, DRM can fail catastrophically when those behind such systems are no longer able to maintain them, resulting in massive digital book-burnings when content is rendered inaccessible.

DRM also gives companies a reason and a route to spy on consumers and the use...


Why the Future of Data Storage is (Still) Magnetic Tape "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Studies show [PDF] that the amount of data being recorded is increasing at 30 to 40 percent per year. At the same time, the capacity of modern hard drives, which are used to store most of this, is increasing at less than half that rate. Fortunately, much of this information doesnt need to be accessed instantly. And for such things, magnetic tape is the perfect solution. ...


Wolfenstein: The Old Blood Should Now Be In Good Shape With RadeonSI On Mesa 18.3 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Earlier this month Valve developers began working on Mesa/RadeonSI fixes for Wolfenstein: The Old Blood to run nicely with the open-source Linux drivers while the game is running under Steam Play / Proton. The last batch of these fixes for The Old Blood are now in Git for Mesa 18.3...


PostgreSQL Is The Latest Open-Source Project To Announce A Code of Conduct "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The PostgreSQL database server is the latest open-source project adopting a Code of Conduct to promote inclusivity and appropriate conduct in engaging with the community...


BAE Systems introduced Epiphany, a new information security and risk management framework "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Epiphany is a configurable solution that uses electronic workflows, centralized storage, and smart data optimization features to cut down on hours of labor and documentation and put enterprise data to work to solve agency challenges. Epiphany is both a process and secure information management solution capable of searching an organizations historical data and completing many standard compliance documents while safeguarding the processing, storing, and transmission of national security and weapon system information. After just a More

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CrowdStrike and Secureworks partner to deliver a new endpoint threat detection solution "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

CrowdStrike and Secureworks announced that they will bring a new endpoint threat detection to the marketplace by teaming up to apply Secureworks Red Cloak behavioral analytics and intelligence to CrowdStrikes Falcon platform data. The joint offering delivers in one package an endpoint detection and response solution with applied analytics and intelligence to accelerate investigations and provides guided remediation steps for response to threats. Announcement follows the Sept. 4 launch of the Secureworks Red Cloak Partner More

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Rocket Science With The Other SpaceX "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

When you say that somethings not rocket science you mean that its not as hard to understand or do as it may seem. The implication is that rocket science is something which is hard and best left to the likes of SpaceX or NASA. But thats not the hacker spirit.

Rocket science with BPS.Space[Joe Barnard] recently had an unsuccessful flight of his Falcon Heavys second stage and gives a very clear explanation of what went wrong using those two simple concepts along with the thrust, which in this case is just the force applied to the moment arm.

And no, you didnt miss a big happening with SpaceX. His Falcon Heavy is a homebrew one using model rocket solid boosters. Mind you, it is a little more advanced than that as hes implemented thrust vectoring by controlling the engines direction using servo motors.

And therein lies the problem. The second stages inertia is so small and the moment arm so short that even a small misali...


Todays European Patent Office (EPO) Works for Large, Foreign Pharmaceutical Companies in Pursuit of Patents on Nature, Life, and Essential/Basic Drugs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A butterfly

Summary: The never-ending insanity which is patents on DNA/genome/genetics and all sorts of basic things that are put together like a recipe in a restaurant; patents are no longer covering actual machinery that accomplishes unique tasks in complicated ways, typically assembled from scratch by humans; some supposed inventions are merely born into existence by the natural splitting of organisms or conception (e.g. pregnancy)

THE EPO used to be so much better than the USPTO. I personally used to like the EPO and was proud to say we had the best patent office in the world. It was strict, it was pedantic, and it assured limits on patent scope. That is no longer the case, however, as many EPO insiders can attest to as well. They too complain about the collapse in patent quality that we've just revisited.

billionaire drug lords are using patents to profit from the very disease which they themselves created (drug addiction).Looking across the Atlantic, its not hard to see patent scope going (or already gone) insane. Some of the things being patented are outright laughable (well deal with these in a separate post later on) and they would be funny/amusing if they didnt cause so much agony/pain for legitimate, practicing companies. In the area of patents on natural things, how about this new settlement? Bausch Health blackmailed a rival until the rival gave up. They try to drive competitors out of business using patents alone. Is this good for the so-called free market? What would be the impact on people in need of medicine?

In other news that gained traction lately, billionaire drug lords are using patents to profit from the very disease which they themselves created (drug addiction). It is not even remotely ethical. These people should be in prison, but they are billionaires who are well connected. We mentioned this yesterday and its good......


Insurance experts expect higher cyber-related losses "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Insurance companies are expecting increased cyber-related losses across all business lines over the next 12-months, driven by increasing reliance on technology and high-profile cyber-attacks, according to Willis Towers Watson. The survey reveals that over 60% of respondents estimate it is likely to incur more than one cyber related loss for every hundred non-cyber covered losses over the next 12 months in all lines of business apart from workers compensation compared to less than 50% in More

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California to Launch Weather Satellite "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

California Gov. Jerry Brown to launch satellite to track greenhouse gas emissions

California Gov. Jerry Brown started the week by signing a pair of actions to get his state to use nothing but electric power drawn from green sources like wind and solar by 2045. He ended the week Friday with a surprise: The state would launch its "own damn satellite" to track down greenhouse gas emitters who fuel global warming.

Brown announces California plan to launch satellite to track climate change

News of California's satellite was among an abundance of pomp and pageantry on Friday when some of the week's biggest names took the stage, including musician Dave Matthews, former Secretary of State John Kerry and chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall.

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Improved features and security fixes in iOS 12, watchOS 5, tvOS 12, and Safari 12 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Apple has released new versions of iOS, watchOS, tvOS and Safari and has plugged a number of security holes in each. iOS 12 iOS 12 comes with improved usability, stability, reliability, speed, but also with some interesting new and improved features that should help users choose and manage passwords and use two-factor authentication. Apple software engineer Ricky Mondello has highlighted a number of them, including: A revamped iCloud Keychain password manager that generates passwords when More

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Qt 5.12 Alpha Released With OpenGL ES 3.1 Renderer, Several Wayland Improvements "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Qt Company has released the first alpha milestone of the upcoming Qt 5.12 tool-kit update...


Cracked Windows installations are serially infected with EternalBlue exploit code "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

According to Avira, hundreds of thousands of unpatched Windows systems are serially infected with EternalBlue exploit code.

The EternalBlue, is the alleged NSA exploit that made the headlines with DOUBLEPULSAR in the WannaCry attack.

The malicious code was leaked online by the Shadow Brokers hacking group that stole it from the arsenal of the NSA-linked Equation Group.

ETERNALBLUE targets the Server Message Block SMBv1 protocol on port 445, it has become widely adopted in the community of malware developers to target Windows 7 and Windows XP systems.

Microsoft addressed the flaw with the MS17-010 and also released an emergency patch for Windows XP and Server 2003 in response to the WannaCry ransomware attacks.


According to a new blog post published by Avira, unpatched systems remain exposed to cyber attacks and are serially infected by threat actors.

There are still significant numbers of repeatedly infected machines more than a year after the big WannaCry and Petya attacks, said Mikel Echev...


CVE-2018-14641: Linux kernel: a security flaw in the ip_frag_reasm() "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Vladis Dronov on Sep 18


A security flaw was found in the ip_frag_reasm() function in
net/ipv4/ip_fragment.c in the Linux kernel which can cause a later system crash
in ip_do_fragment(). With certain non-default but non-rare configuration of
a victim host an attacker can trigger this crash remotely, thus leading to a
remote denial-of-service.

The CVE-ID CVE-2018-14641 was assigned to this flaw and we would suggest to use
it in the public communications....


The EPO Has Quit Pretending That It Cares About Patent Quality, All It Cares About is Quantity of Lawsuits "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Dark clouds over every legitimate (practicing) company in Europe

Dark clouds

Summary: A new interview with Roberta Romano-Gtsch, as well as the EPOs promotion of software patents alongside CIPA (Team UPC), is an indication that the EPO has ceased caring about quality and hardly even pretends to care anymore

TODAYS EPO is nothing like your fathers and grandfathers EPO. It has become a lot more like the USPTO (one decade ago, predating much-needed reforms in the US).

They conflate application pendency with patent quality and staff (as in patent examiners) isnt happy about this lie.The EPOs Roberta Romano-Gtsch, who will attend an event in Chicago in which the EPO (per its own words) will promote software patents under the guise of automobiles innovation, has done an interview with Gene Quinn (Watchtroll). The second part was published yesterday. Its an event they organise with IPO, the pressure group of the litigation industry (which also lobbies quite ferociously for software patents). EPO promoted this and stay classy, EPO was my response to them. Associating with patent zealots who attack judges just like Battistelli did

Regular readers of ours are probably familiar with the tone and the agenda of Watchtroll. From the interview:

We then move on to discuss what the term quality means to the EPO, and then pivot into discussing the EPOs upcoming Automotive and Mobility Seminar, which will take place in Chicago from September 26-27, 2018.

As usual, we prefer not to quote much or anything at all from Watchtroll because the site uses misleading terms like efficient infringers and insults those who stand for science. The interview reinforces the perception that what EPO means by quality is how fast it grants a patent! Thats it. Even if wrongly. They conflate applicati......


Linux on Windows 10: Running Ubuntu VMs Just Got a Lot Easier, Says Microsoft "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Ubuntu maintainer Canonical and Microsoft have teamed up to release an optimized Ubuntu Desktop image that's available through Microsoft's Hyper-V gallery.


Linus Torvalds Apologizes For His Rude BehaviorTakes Time Off "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

What just happened would definitely gonna surprise you. Linus Torvaldsfather of the Linux open-source operating systemfinally admitted his behavior towards other developers in the Linux community was hurting people and Linux. In a surprising move this weekend, Torvalds apologized for insulting and abusing other developers for almost three decades and took a break from the open-source


A New CSS-Based Web Attack Will Crash and Restart Your iPhone "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Fnord666

A security researcher has found a new way to crash and restart any iPhone with just a few lines of code. Sabri Haddouche tweeted a proof-of-concept webpage with just 15 lines of code.

Sabri Haddouche tweeted a proof-of-concept webpage with just 15 lines of code which, if visited, will crash and restart an iPhone or iPad. Those on macOS may also see Safari freeze when opening the link.


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ENISA launches Cybersecurity Strategies Evaluation Tool "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) has launched a tool that will help EU Member States evaluate their priorities according to their National Cyber Security Strategies. ENISA supports EU Member States Since 2012, ENISA has been supporting the EU Member States to develop, implement and evaluate their National Cyber Security Strategies. To achieve this goal, ENISA has developed several tools, studies, guidelines and a group of experts. Initially, only 12 Member More

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Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Disruptive solutions that are poised to change the world a special report produced by Scientific American in collaboration with the World Economic Forum.

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.


Qualcomms Escalating Patent Wars Have Already Caused Massive Buybacks (Loss of Reserves) and Loss of Massive Clients "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Yesterday: Qualcomms Patent Aggression Threatens Rationality of Patent Scope in Europe and Elsewhere

Qualcomm loses Apples business and drops NXP deal. Whats next?
Reference: Qualcomm loses Apples business and drops NXP deal. Whats next?

Summary: Qualcomms multi-continental patent battles are an effort to shock and awe everyone into its protection racket; but the unintended effect seems to be a move further and further away from Qualcomm territories

ARMED with patents, including software patents from the EPO and USPTO, Qualcomm embarked on a misguided crusade which was bound to drive away clients and reduce interest in its patent pool. A few hours ago it was noted that Apple Moves Away From Qualcomm (even further than before) and according to Florian Mller, who followed the respective cases closely, theres a new lawsuit in Germany, based on a European Patent:

With a view to a Qualcomm v. Apple patent infringement trial in Munich on Thursday I contacted the Munich I Regional Court to check on the time. As for the biggest issue in that case, may I refer you to my recent post on how thin air can practice claim limitations unless the name of the game is the claim.

On the same occasion, I inquired about any Qualcomm v. Apple first hearings that might come up in the near term. Unlike other German courts, the Munich court holds a first hearing, not as formally focused on claim construction as a U.S. Markman hearing, prior to patent trials. A spokeswoman for the...


Amazon is investigating allegations that its staff is selling customer data "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Amazon confirmed an ongoing investigation of the allegations that some of its personnel sold confidential customer data to third party companies.

Amazon confirmed that it is investigating allegations that its staff sold customer data and other confidential information to third-party firms, particularly in China, a practice that violated the company policy.

The news was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, which discovered that the company staff sells customers data to merchants that are Amazon sellers.

Employees of Amazon, primarily with the aid of intermediaries, are offering internal data and other confidential information that can give an edge to independent merchants selling their products on the site, according to sellers who have been offered and purchased the data, as well as brokers who provide it and people familiar with internal investigations. reads the report published by the WSJ.

On Amazon, customers can buy products sold directly by the company along with goods from many other merchants.

The Wall Street Journal said cited the cases of intermediaries in Shenzhen working for group employees and selling information on sales volumes for payments ranging from 80 to more than 2,000 dollars.

[Amazon is] conducting a thorough investigation of these claims. Amazon spokesperson told AFP.

We have zero tolerance for abuse of our systems and if we find bad actors who have engaged in this behavior, we will take swift action against them, including terminating their selling accounts, deleting reviews, withholding funds, and taking legal action, the statement said.


The company is concerned by fake reviews by purported customers, the company started the investigation months ago.



RADV's Iffy 16-bit Integer Support Merged Into Mesa "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Just days after the patches were published for enabling 16-bit integers within shaders for the RADV driver, this Radeon Vulkan driver code has been merged...


A Deep Dive Into Data Lakes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In the age of Big Data, weve had to come up with new terms to describe large-scale data storage. We have databases, data warehouses and now data lakes.

While they all contain data, these terms describe different ways of storing and using that data. Before we discuss data lakes and why they are important, lets examine how they differ from databases and data warehouses.


ARM-Based NAS Is A Low Cost, Low Power Beauty "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A NAS is always a handy addition to a home network, but they can be a little pricey. [Blake Burkhart] decided to create his own, prioritising budget and low power considerations, with a secondary objective to produce some router and IoT functionality on the side.

A Banana Pi R2 was a good choice to meet these requirements, being a router-based development board that also sports dual SATA connectors and gigabit Ethernet. [Blake] had some retrospective regrets about the performance of this particular SBC, but it does just fine when functioning purely as a NAS.

The enclosure for the device is a three bay hot-swap HDD module, with one of the bays gutted and used for the Banana Pi. Its a simple idea, elegantly executed, which looks great. To access the ports of the Banana Pi, a custom acrylic side panel was laser cut, which also allowed LEDs to shine through obligatory for any DIY server/computer build. When mounting this panel to the existing enclosure, [Blake] was reluctant to take his chances tapping the brittle acrylic, instead opting to melt the threads into the plastic with a pre-torched screw. We find that tapping acrylic is usually okay if you take it slow, but heat-tapping does sound fun.

The 12 V fan that came built into the hot-swap enclosure was too loud and awkwardly came in a non-standard size with a non-standard connector. Whats more, a buzzer alarm was triggered any time the fan was disconnected and 0 RPM was detected. [Blake]s solution was to rewire the power pin of the connector to a 5 V rail; he found that running the fan at 5 V led to much quieter performance whilst keeping the HDDs sufficiently cool.

We find that when it comes to DIY network gear and routers, there are two approaches. Either create your own bespoke solution that perfectly fits your needs, like this perfect home router, or work around your current gear and build some tech to automatically reboot it for you.



Uber Glitch Not Paying Drivers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Uber glitch not paying drivers:

A glitch within the Uber driver payment system is forcing San Diego drivers off the road, and riders are paying for it with higher charges.

[...] Uber drivers earn a commission on each drive that they perform. At the end of the trip, that money is pooled and is available two ways for the driver. The most traditional is a weekly period paid into a bank account after the period ends. The other method is InstaPay, which drivers use to finance their Uber duties. Instapay allows drivers to "cash out" their earnings, and thus self-fund their Uber duties without having to access their traditional accounts.

The glitch within the system has halted payments being made to drivers, and unable to access their funds, drivers are not available to Uber. By mid-afternoon Friday, September 14, the glitch had pushed enough San Diego drivers off the platform that the entire region began to surge. Surge is higher pay for the drivers that continue to work, and, higher costs for passenger riders

The glitch in the payment system also means that trip and safety issues are unable to be reported, either by the passenger, or the driver.

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Japan Government Presents Pirate Website Blocking Proposals "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Back in March, Japans Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said that the government was considering measures to prevent access to pirate sites.

Manga and anime are considered national treasures and the government should consider all measures to prevent illegal downloading, Suga added.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the main option put forward was that of website blocking. In Japan, however, thats not a straightforward option given the constitutions support for freedom of speech and prevention of censorship.

Despite the hurdles, a month later the government decided to introduce emergency measures to prevent access to websites hosting pirated manga, anime and other content. ISPs would not be forced to comply but would be asked to assist instead.

NTT Communications Corp., NTT Docomo Inc. and NTT Plala Inc. responded by blocking access to three sites identified by the government Mangamura, AniTube! and MioMio adding that more sites could be blocked upon request.

This interim measure proved controversial but it appears the government isnt planning to step back from its plans to protect copyright. The Cabinet Office has now presented a draft report indicating that blocking websites to protect copyright could become a policy option for the government.

According to Mainichi, the proposal was presented at a meeting attended by experts, who criticized the draft as a move that would undermine citizens constitutional right to secrecy of communications.

Intercepting users Internet requests have the potential to cause significant problems under Japanese law. The Telecommunications Business Act guarantees privacy of communications and prevents censorship, as does Article 21 of the Constitution.

Cited by the publication, lawyer Ryoji Mori said that denying users access to blocked sites would enable Internet service providers to collect information about users unrelated to the piracy issue. Visitors to blocked websites should have warnings automatically displayed in their browser, the proposal adds.

The draft also envisions pirate sites being removed from search engine results while preventing their operators from generating revenue from advertising. These are options being tested in a number of other countries to varying degrees but it appears that Japan faces more obstacles than most due to its constitution.

Nevertheless, it appears the government could ask copyright holders to take the initi...


How to create a Hall of Fame caliber cybersecurity playbook "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Whether the sport is football, basketball or hockey, all the best coaches have playbooks and reports with the latest information on opponents. They study the playing field and never go into a game unprepared, spending hours fine tuning strategies, whether thats finding the perfect angle to swoop past defenders or knowing an offenses weakness and stopping them dead in their tracks. Cybersecurity should be no different. Sure, youre not a quarterback looking for a lane More

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Space-Based Missile Defense Can Be Done "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Interception is no small problem  but can be done with a kinetic weapon.  You would require multiple platforms packing an arsenal of tethered kinetic weapons with enough control to actually chase and intercept at extreme high speed.

Explosive effects would be limited to producing a focused cloud of material but not even that unless very close.

The speed is huge and any lateral movement by the target will allow evasion.  Such movement every thirty seconds or so would be ample.  Recall it still takes minutes to close the gap and the speed is such that adjustment becomes difficult as well.

At least our sensing tech will now be up to it.

Space-Based Missile Defense Can Be Done

Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. writes, Some 35 years after Ronald Reagans famous Star Wars speech, the Pentagons R&D chief said that space-based missile defenses are technically feasible and reasonably affordable.

Hypersonic weapon (Raytheon concept)

Since Reagans day, technology has advanced enough that putting both sensors and shooters in space is not only possible but relatively easy, Undersecretary for Research & Engineering Mike Griffin said. Whats more, past estimates of the cost of space-based interceptors have been unrealistically, even naively high.

Specifically, Griffin told reporters here,

Michael Griffin

The US absolutely needs space-based sensors to detect low-flying hypersonic cruise missiles, a new threat thats much harder to spot from orbit than ICBMs; and We probably need space-based interceptors to shoot down high-flying ballistic missiles during the boost phase, the peri...


Qanon Fisa Declassification "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


The shoe has finally dropped this Monday afternoon. BOOM # 1. I do expect that the coming revelations will reveal that the entire Russian investigation was a known and willful fraud. It may well have been done before where an inconvenient lack of facts stymied the use of the FBI's powers.

This will end the Muellar probe with a nasty bang.

I am also expecting two other major events this week. I included the Q drops for the day, but the first one addresses declassification.

Sep 17 2018

Sep 17 20182204Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.258 Sep 17 2018 19:54:01 (EST)PANIC IN DC


2203Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.257 Sep 17 2018 19:47:05 (EST)PANIC IN DC

2202Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.256 Sep 17 2018 19:43:37 (EST)PANIC IN DC
LYNCH talking.

2201Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.255 Sep 17 2018 19:37:56 (EST)PANIC IN DC.
BLACKMAIL v Senate & House [BRIDGE: FAKE NEWS MEDIA] being used to apply leverage against POTUS and/or force immediate 'impeachment' hearings based on 'mental state - potential release of state secrets - sources & methods.'

2200Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.254 Sep 17 2018 19:34:28 (EST)PANIC IN DC.
[RR] req meeting #2 w/ POTUS DECLINED.

2199Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.253 Sep 17 2018 19:33:16 (EST)PANIC IN DC

Teleporting Red-Eyed Wolf? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This is important because what is described is an holograph. However you look at it it presents the same in three dimensions.  That does imply an artificial source.
We already are well aware of abductions and encounters and this fits right in.  We just do not know why bother?
Again that applies to the whole contact phenomena.  As better venues arise, more and more reports are coming forward on all these phenomena and we are all shedding our ability to dismiss any of this.  If we posit billions of non human dwellers on earth, hidden away from us, than this ongoing research activity is completely plausible.
One suspects this observer has forgotten a more direct interaction and that this embedded a powerful memory to over ride another memory...

Teleporting Red-Eyed Wolf?

Marilyn in Las Vegas called to tell of a bizarre sighting she had:

I had a serious experience earlier in my life, when I was a teenager around 67 or 68. I was getting ready for bed. I was in the bathroom and all of a sudden I felt like someone was staring at me. I looked out the window and theres this black wolf sitting up, just staring up at me. (Noory asks what color the eyes of the animal were) Red! This was big, like a wolf. When I looked out the window, it scared me. I turned the lights off and I peeked out again and it was still there so I went to my bedroom which had these windows, exposures to the north, to the west and to the south. I peeked out my window to the north and now the wolf-like thing had changed position and was now sitting staring up at me from that window. It scared me, so I went to the west win...


Maple leaves may hold the key to wrinkle-prevention "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

i wonder how many leaves are needed to produce the extract.  What is certain is that this provides a legitimate basis for applying creams to your exposed skin in particular.   It we also have a legitimate reason for internal consumption remains to be seen.
In the event, we certainly have farmers producing the leaves.   It would be astounding if this became a major source of revenue driving additional expansion of the industry.
Curiously, fall leaf fall has always been easily collectible.  I should know.  What surprises though is just how light the resultant load happens to be.  I doubt if a single tree produces as much as fifty pounds of leaves.  Reducing for an extract is likely to produce mere pounds or useful product. .

Maple leaves may hold the key to wrinkle-prevention

Ben Coxworth

August 20th, 2018

Extracts from summer or fall red maple leaves have been formulated into a powder that could be incorporated in skincare products to prevent wrinkles(Credit: Hang Ma)

As we age, an enzyme in our skin known as elastase breaks down the elasticity-maintaining protein elastin, causing wrinkles to form. Now, however, scientists have developed a natural product that may keep this from happening and it utilizes maple leaves.

Based on findings from a previous study on maple sap and syrup, a team from the University of Rhode Island recently set out to determine if leaf extracts from red maple trees could block elastase activity. More specifically, they were looking at compounds called glucitol-core-containing gallotannins (GCGs).

In both test tube experiment...


Seizing cyber resilience mastery in financial services "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Despite the volume of cyberattacks doubling in 2017, financial services firms are closing the gap on cyberattacks, having stopped four in five of all breach attempts last year, up from two-thirds in 2016, according to Accenture. However, firms will need to improve their security procedures to heed off increasingly sophisticated attacks powered by new technologies. The study, 2018 State of Cyber Resilience for Financial Services, is based on a survey of more than 800 enterprise More

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Heres a snapshot of AI-predicted built-up "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Heres a snapshot of AI-predicted built-up areas in Aparri from Planet satellite images. This image was processed by the DATOS Project team before the onslaught of Typhoon #OmpongPH. Images will also be processed after the typhoon to detect changes in urban areas, such as destroyed buildings and changes in landscape.


New XBash malware combines features from ransomware, cryptocurrency miners, botnets, and worms "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Palo Alto Network researchers discovered a new malware, tracked as XBash, that combines features from ransomware, cryptocurrency miners, botnets, and worms

Security researchers at Palo Alto Networks have discovered a new piece of malware, dubbed XBash piece that is targeting both Linux and Microsoft Windows servers.

Xbash was developed using Python, then the authors converted into self-contained Linux ELF executables by abusing the legitimate tool PyInstaller for distribution.

The malicious code combines features from different families of malware such as ransomware, cryptocurrency miners, botnets, and worms.

Xbash has ransomware and coinmining capabilities. It also has self-propagating capabilities (meaning it has worm-like characteristics similar to WannaCry or Petya/NotPetya). reads the analysis published by Palo Alto Networks.

It also has capabilities not currently implemented that, when implemented, could enable it to spread very quickly within an organizations network (again, much like WannaCry or Petya/NotPetya).

The malicious code was attributed to a popular crime gang tracked as the Iron Group.

The Iron cybercrime group has been active since at least 2016, is known for the Iron ransomware but across the years it is built various strain of malware, including backdoors, cryptocurrency miners, and ransomware to target both mobile and desktop systems.

In April 2018, while monitoring public data feeds, we noticed an interesting and previously unknown backdoor using HackingTeams leaked RCS source code. states the report published by Intezer

We discovered that this backdoor was developed by the Iron cybercrime group, the same group behind the Iron ransomware (rip-off Maktub ransomware recently discovered by Bart Parys), which we believe has been active for the past 18 months.

Thousands of victims have been infected by malware used by the crime gang.

Now the experts from Pa...


Robotic 'Trees' Can Turn CO2 Into Concrete "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Climate change is killing our planet. The excess production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses are filling the atmosphere and warming the Earth faster than natural processes can effectively negate them. Since 1951, the surface temperature has risen by 0.8 degrees C, with no sign of slowing. So now it's time for humans to step in and rectify the problem they created -- by using technology to suck excess CO2 straight from the air.

Direct Air Capture (DAC), is one of a number of (still largely theoretical) methods of collecting and sequestering atmospheric carbon currently being looked at. Despite their varied methods, all of these techniques seek to accomplish the same goal: pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and sequester it in a form that will not contribute to the effects of global warming.

[...] Unlike current flue gas capture systems, which can only effectively collect CO2 directly from a factory smokestack where the carbon dioxide is more concentrated, DACs can capture carbon at more diverse and distributed sources. And given that roughly half of annual CO2 emissions come from distributed sources (such as vehicle tailpipes), DACs could have a huge impact on climate change.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Millions of older people taking aspirin may be doing so unnecessarily, study finds "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Some older people take aspirin every day to prevent a heart attack or stroke. But a landmark Australian study has found they may be wasting their time.


Trump Hits China with Fresh Tariffs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Reuters: U.S. President Donald Trump escalated his trade war with Beijing, imposing 10 percent tariffs on about $200 billion worth of imports in a move one senior Chinese regulator said poisoned the atmosphere for negotiations. Trump also warned in a statement on Monday that if China takes retaliatory action against U.S. farmers or industries, []


Its The Web, Basically "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If you are of a certain age, you probably learned to program in Basic. Even if you arent, a lot of microcontroller hobbyists got started on the Basic Stamp, and there are plenty of other places where to venerable language still hides out. But if you want to write cool browser applications, you have to write JavaScript, right? Google will now let you code your web pages in Basic. Known as WWWBasic, this is of course a Javascript hack that you can load remotely into a web page and then have your page use Basic for customization. You can even import the thing into Node.js and use Basic inside your JavaScript, although it is hard to think of why youd want to.

According to the projects documentation which is pretty sparse so far, were afraid the Basic program is compiled into JavaScript on page load. There are a few examples, so you can generally pick up whats available to use. There are graphics, the ability to read a keyboard key, and a way to handle the mouse.

If you were thinking about old-school games, so was Google, apparently. It would be fun to pull out some of the old books full of Basic games and get Star Trek, Wumpus, and all the other games of that era in the browser. However, it looks as though some things that would be difficult are yet to be implemented (for example, the INPUT statement). We suppose you could write your own quasi-input function using INKEY but that would be painful.

We couldnt find any way for the Basic code to interact with the browser data directly which is a shame because that means your output is limited to a virtual Basic screen. It looks pretty good for graphics, but the text output looks like an old-school computer, which is charming but not terribly practical. Microsofts VBScript technology for example, can write into the page just like JavaScript does, and that would be nice to see in WWWBasic.

Is it practical? Probably not, but we enjoyed seeing our old friend Basic show up in the browser again. The fact that unlike VBScript it is sort of retro just made it that much more fun.

If you want a more traditional Basic experience, Quickbasic is still around. Or, if you want to stay in the browser, you can do that, too. Incidentally, no actual donkeys were harmed during the production of this post.


As Massive Zika Vaccine Trial Struggles, Researchers Revive Plan to Intentionally Infect Humans "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In 2016, as the mosquito-borne Zika virus spread through the Americas and cases of infected women having brain-damaged babies mounted, investigators raced to develop a vaccine. Now, a $110 million vaccine trial is underway at 17 sites in nine countries, but it faces an unexpected, and ironic, challenge. Cases of Zika have plummeted to levels so low that most people vaccinated in the trial likely will never be exposed to the virus, which could make it impossible to tell whether the vaccine works.

"Right now, there are no infections, and certainly not enough to even think about an efficacy signal at this point," says Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in Bethesda, Maryland, which launched the trial. Human trials of other Zika vaccine candidates at earlier stages are also in limbo, and last year one large vaccinemaker pulled the plug on development of its candidate. But NIAID and others are pressing ahead, saying a vaccine might someday be needed. To make up for the lack of new cases, other investigators are turning to an unusual, and ethically complex, strategy. Starting next year, Science has learned, they plan to test a vaccine by deliberately infecting people with Zika.

Launched in March 2017, NIAID's placebo-controlled vaccine trial includes two sites in Brazil, where Zika hit hardest and where the brain damage known as microcephaly first surfaced. From the beginning of the outbreak in 2015 until the start of this year, Brazil had about half of all 800,000 suspected and confirmed Zika cases in the Americas, according to the Pan American Health Organization in Washington, D.C. But from January through June, Brazil's Ministry of Health reported fewer than 7000 probable cases, in a nation of 200 million people. "It's a good dilemma because we don't have Zika anymore," says Esper Kalls of the University of So Paulo in So Paulo, Brazil, principal investigator for the local NIAID site. "But it's a dilemma. Everybody is concerned about it. It's a lot of investment."

[...] Given the drop in cases, a surer way to test any vaccine against Zika is to deliberately expose inoculated subjects to the virus. Researchers have used this strategy, known as a human challenge trial, for decades to test vaccines against diseases that either can be effectively treated or, like Zika, typically cause mild symptoms.

But in 2017, an ethics committee convened by NIAID and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Silver Spring, Maryland, called it "premature" for Zika. They worried that pe...


Where Are We in Space? Astronomers Update Their Celestial Frame of Reference "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

How do you know where anything is in space? Sure, you can say, Oh, that star, its the one in the middle of the Big Dipper, but thats not very useful in an era of incredible telescopes peeping at galaxies billions of light-years away. On January 1, 2019, scientists will adopt the newest, internationally standardized frame of reference to help locate things in space.


Devastating solar storm is a matter of when not if warns Met Office as Solar Orbiter begins testing "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A devastating solar storm which could wipe out communications on Earth and fry power grids is a matter of when not if the head of the Met Offices Space Weather Monitoring centre has warned.

Extreme space weather has already caused widespread disruption, with a geomagnetic storm leaving six million people without power in 1989 while Apollo astronauts narrowly missed being exposed to deadly radiation in 1972 and solar flares in 2003 forced the crew of the International Space Station to take cover.

The largest solar storm ever recorded, The Carrington Event in 1859, knocked out Telegraph systems and even set fire to paper in offices.


The electrifying energy of gut microbes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Some bacteria make energy in a process that is accompanied by transfer of electrons to a mineral. A previously unknown electron-transfer pathway now reveals an energy-generation system used by bacteria in the human gut.


AI helps unlock dark matter of bizarre superconductors "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Machine learning supports 20-year-old theory of bizarre electron behaviour in high-temperature superconductor.


Stephen Hawkings ghosts may have been found "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

All the evidence shows our universe emerged from a single event: an eruption commonly known as the Big Bang.

What preceded that point is a mystery.

But it has significant implications.

Its about the fate of our universe.

We know space is expanding. We can see that in the way all the galaxies around us are moving outward. But how far can it extend? What happens next?


APPLE-SA-2018-9-17-5 Apple Support 2.4 for iOS "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Apple Product Security on Sep 17

APPLE-SA-2018-9-17-5 Apple Support 2.4 for iOS

Apple Support 2.4 for iOS is now available and addresses the

Available for: iOS 11.0 and later
Impact: An attacker in a privileged network position may be able to
intercept analytics data sent to Apple
Description: Analytics data was sent using HTTP rather than HTTPS.
This was addressed by sending analytics data using HTTPS.
CVE-2018-4397: Yigit Can YILMAZ (@yilmazcanyigit)...


The Strange Numbers That Birthed Modern Algebra - Facts So Romantic "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Reprinted with permission from Quanta MagazineAbstractions blog.

A spinning cube with attached ribbons returns to its original state only after two full turns, rather than one turn. Four-dimensional numbers called quaternions behave similarly, as do matter particles such as electrons and quarks.Jason Hise / YouTube

Imagine winding the hour hand of a clock back from 3 oclock to noon. Mathematicians have long known how to describe this rotation as a simple multiplication: A number representing the initial position of the hour hand on the plane is multiplied by another constant number. But is a similar trick possible for describing rotations through space? Common sense says yes, but William Hamilton, one of the most prolific mathematicians of the 19th century, struggled for more than a decade to find the math for describing rotations in three dimensions. The unlikely solution led him to the third of just four number systems that abide by a close analog of standard arithmetic and helped spur the rise of modern algebra.

The real numbers form the first such number system. A sequence of numbers that can be ordered from least to greatest, the reals include all the familiar characters we learn in school, like 3.7, 5 and
Read More


race condition in .net core System.IO.Directory.Delete allowing deletion of entire drives "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Joshua Hudson on Sep 17

Here's a link to the original reporting of this class of bug:

In looking for how to deal with this problem on Windows, I discovered
that .net core has
essentially the same security bug.

That file system node might have been a directory when FindNextFile
returned it, but it's a symlink to c:\users now. Goodbye half your
data (on average) before hitting a locked file....


APPLE-SA-2018-9-17-3 tvOS 12 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Apple Product Security on Sep 17

APPLE-SA-2018-9-17-3 tvOS 12

tvOS 12 is now available and addresses the following:

Available for: Apple TV (4th generation)
Impact: An attacker in a privileged network position may be able to
intercept Bluetooth traffic
Description: An input validation issue existed in Bluetooth. This
issue was addressed with improved input validation.
CVE-2018-5383: Lior Neumann and Eli Biham

iTunes Store
Available for: Apple TV 4K and Apple TV (4th...


APPLE-SA-2018-9-17-4 Safari 12 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Apple Product Security on Sep 17

APPLE-SA-2018-9-17-4 Safari 12

Safari 12 is now available and addresses the following:

Available for: macOS Sierra 10.12.6, macOS High Sierra 10.13.6, macOS
Mojave 10.14
Impact: A malicious website may be able to exfiltrate autofilled data
in Safari
Description: A logic issue was addressed with improved state
CVE-2018-4307: Rafay Baloch of Pakistan Telecommunications Authority

Available for: macOS Sierra 10.12.6,...


Teslas Most Credible Rival Raises $1 Billion from Saudi Arabia "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Ars Technica: Lucid Motors, the electric car startup we described as Teslas most credible rival last year, got a shot in the arm on Monday as Saudi Arabias sovereign wealth fund announced a $1 billion investment. The company aims to bring its first car to market in 2020.


APPLE-SA-2018-9-17-1 iOS 12 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Apple Product Security on Sep 17

APPLE-SA-2018-9-17-1 iOS 12

iOS 12 is now available and addresses the following:

Available for: iPhone 5s and later, iPad Air and later, and iPod
touch 6th generation
Impact: A local app may be able to read a persistent account
Description: This issue was addressed with improved entitlements.
CVE-2018-4322: Min (Spark) Zheng, Xiaolong Bai of Alibaba Inc.

Available for: iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone...


Preventing Muscle Loss as We Age "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Sarcopenia, a decline in skeletal muscle in older people, contributes to loss of independence.

[...] Sarcopenia can be considered for muscle what osteoporosis is to bone," Dr. John E. Morley, geriatrician at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, wrote in the journal Family Practice. He pointed out that up to 13 percent of people in their 60s and as many as half of those in their 80s have sarcopenia.

As Dr. Jeremy D. Walston, geriatrician at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, put it, "Sarcopenia is one of the most important causes of functional decline and loss of independence in older adults."

Yet few practicing physicians alert their older patients to this condition and tell them how to slow or reverse what is otherwise an inevitable decline that can seriously impair their physical and emotional well-being and ability to carry out the tasks of daily life. Sarcopenia is also associated with a number of chronic diseases, increasingly worse insulin resistance, fatigue, falls and, alas, death.

A decline in physical activity, common among older people, is only one reason sarcopenia happens. Other contributing factors include hormonal changes, chronic illness, body-wide inflammation and poor nutrition.

But and this is a critically important "but" no matter how old or out of shape you are, you can restore much of the strength you already lost. Dr. Moffat noted that research documenting the ability to reverse the losses of sarcopenia even among nursing home residents in their 90s has been in the medical literature for 30 years, and the time is long overdue to act on it.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


APPLE-SA-2018-9-17-2 watchOS 5 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Apple Product Security on Sep 17

APPLE-SA-2018-9-17-2 watchOS 5

watchOS 5 is now available and addresses the following:

iTunes Store
Available for: Apple Watch Series 1 and later
Impact: An attacker in a privileged network position may be able to
spoof password prompts in the iTunes Store
Description: An input validation issue was addressed with improved
input validation.
CVE-2018-4305: Jerry Decime

Available for: Apple Watch Series 1 and later
Impact: An application...


SpaceX will send Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa to the Moon "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This evening, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed that Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire and founder of Zozotown, Japans largest online clothing retailer, will be the first private customer to ride around the Moon on the companys future massive rocket, the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR). Maezawa plans to fly on the trip as early as 2023, and he wants to take artists with him to turn the entire ride into an art project called #dearMoon. A website for the mission went live after the announcement.

Finally, I can tell you that I choose to go to the Moon! I choose to go to the moon with artists! Maezawa said to announce his trip at a SpaceX event.

Maezawa, who is 42, reportedly has a current net worth of $2.9 billion, according to Forbes. He is also an avid art collector, and he spent $110.5 million on a 1982 painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat called Untitled last year. As an artist, he wants to invite other artists to come along with him on his ride. Maezawa says he has bought all the seats on the BFR and will be looking for others to join him on a week-long mission around the Moon.


Japanese Billionaire Yusaku Maezawa to Fly Around Moon on SpaceX BFR "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: The Verge: This evening, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed that Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire and founder of Zozotown, Japans largest online clothing retailer, will be the first private customer to ride around the Moon on the companys future massive rocket, the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR). Maezawa plans to fly on the trip as []


Disclose SSRF Vulnerability "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by alphan yava on Sep 17

Rollup 18 for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP3 Server Side Request
Forgery (SSRF)



19/06/2018 Vulnerability discovered
22/06/2018 Vendor contacted
15/08/2018 Microsoft replay that Update rollup 18 is out of date.



A $1, Linux-Capable, Hand-Solderable Processor "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Over on the EEVblog, someone noticed an interesting chip thats been apparently flying under our radar for a while. This is an ARM processor capable of running Linux. Its hand-solderable in a TQFP package, has a built-in Mali GPU, support for a touch panel, and has support for 512MB of DDR3. If you do it right, this will get you into the territory of a BeagleBone or a Raspberry Pi Zero, on a board thats whatever form factor you can imagine. Heres the best part: you can get this part for $1 USD in large-ish quantities. A cursory glance at the usual online retailers tells me you can get this part in quantity one for under $3. This is interesting, to say the least.

The chip in question, the Allwinner A13, is a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor. While its not much, it is a chip that can run Linux in a hand-solderable package. There is no HDMI support, youll need to add some more chips (that are probably in a BGA package), but, hey, its only a dollar.

If youd like to prototype with this chip, the best options right now are a few boards from Olimex, and a System on Module from the same company. That SoM is an interesting bit of kit, allowing anyone to connect a power supply, load an SD card, and get this chip doing something.

Currently, there arent really any good solutions for a cheap Linux system you can build at home, with hand-solderable chips. Yes, you could put Linux on an ATMega, but thats the worst PC ever. A better option is the Octavo OSD335x SoC, better known as the BeagleBone on a Chip. This is a BGA chip, but the layout isnt too bad, and it can be assembled using a $12 toaster oven. The problem with this chip is the price; at quantity 1000, its a $25 chip. At quantity one, its a $40 chip. NXPs i.MX6 chips have great software support, but theyre $30 chips, and youll need some DDR to make it do something useful, and that doesnt even touch the fiddlyness of a 600-ball package

While the Allwinner A13 beats all the other options on price and solderability, it should be noted that like all of these random Linux-capable SoCs, the software is a mess. There is a reason those Raspberry Pi killers havent yet killed the Raspberry Pi, and its because the Allwinner chips dont have documentation and lets repeat that for emphasis: the software is a mess.

Still, if youre looking for a cheap chip you can solder at...


Galaxy Note 9 Reportedly Catches Fire "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Not Again: Galaxy Note 9 Reportedly Catches Fire

Two years after the infamous exploding issues suffered by the recalled Galaxy Note 7, there's now a report of a woman's Galaxy Note 9 catching fire.

The woman, Diane Chung, said that she had a Galaxy Note 9 in her purse recently and spontaneously caught fire, according to the New York Post, which obtained a copy of the lawsuit. The incident occurred on Sept. 3, when Chung was in an elevator.

She said in the court documents that the Galaxy Note 9 "became extremely hot" in her purse. She then heard "a whistling and screeching sound, and she noticed thick smoke," the lawsuit alleges, according to the Post.

After seeing the smoke, Chung said that she placed her bag on the floor in the elevator and tried to remove the phone. In doing so, she burned her fingers and was "extremely panicked," according to the lawsuit. A thick smoke was clouding her vision in the elevator.

Samsung says . . .

"Samsung takes customer safety very seriously and we stand behind the quality of the millions of Galaxy devices in use in the United States," said a Samsung spokesperson. "We have not received any reports of similar incidents involving a Galaxy Note9 device and we are investigating the matter."

Hopefully this is an isolated incident and not a trend.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


The D Language Front-End Is Trying Now To Get Into GCC 9 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Going on for a while now have been D language front-end patches for GCC to allow this programming language to be supported by the GNU Compiler Collection. It's been a long battle getting to this state but it looks like it soon might be mainlined...


Navy to flight test first-of-its-kind carrier-launched drone in 2021 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Navy will launch formal flight testing in 2021 for a new, first-of-its kind carrier-launched drone engineered to double the attack range of F-18 fighters, F-35Cs and other carrier aircraft.


Class Action Lawsuit Charges IBM With Age Discrimination "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Mounting anecdotal evidence that IBM may have committed age discrimination boils over into suit

In March, a ProPublica and Mother Jones report put the spotlight on years of reports by laid-off IBM employees that they had been targeted due to their age. In May, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission began a nationwide investigation into age discrimination complaints against the company. Also in May, Jonathan Langley, an Austin-based IBM employee, filed a lawsuit charging age discrimination in his firing.

And now, a lawyerwho famously sued Uber for allegedly misclassifying its drivers as independent contractorshas picked up the ball and is expected to run hard with it.

Attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan today filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of three former IBM employees in their 50s and 60s, charging that when IBM fired them earlier this year, the company discriminated against them based on age.

More former employees are likely to join the class of plaintiffs; we at Spectrum for years have heard anecdotal reports from individuals that believe they were targeted for layoffs because of their age.

In an emailed statement, IBM indicated that any workforce changes were about skills, not age. In fact, since 2010 there is no difference in the age of our U.S. workforce, but the skills profile has changed dramatically.

This statement is hard to verify, because several years ago IBM stopped including any data about its U.S. workforce in its annual reportit no longer even reports the size of the workforce, much less the average age or skills profile.

Comments from former employees to the Facebook group Watching IBM were generally supportive of the class action suit. Said one commenter, Many hundreds of people that I know, that were laid off in the March action, were part of the so-called strategic imperatives. Everyone in my group was over 50 and most of the people that I know personally were all over 45.



HPR2642: My swedish and german Podcasts Part 2 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Helt sant Brysselbubblan Fri tanke podcast Chaosradio Radio Tux Heiseshow


Emerging Australian Jobs in the New Millennium "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As technology and society change the work we do changes with it. Some people with lots of data about what work people do have picked out five up and coming in demand jobs in Australia for 2018 showing which career paths are likely to be worth aiming for in the next decade. The positions have been described as "Customer success manager", "Data scientist", "Full stack engineer", "Cyber security", and "Experience designer". This will primarily be of interest to IT graduates and anyone already in IT looking to cash in on the changing direction of the industry.

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Versity announces next generation open source archiving filesystem "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Versity Software has announced that it has released ScoutFS under GPLv2. "ScoutFS is the first GPL archiving file system ever released, creating an inherently safer and more user friendly option for storing archival data where accessibility over very large time scales, and the removal of vendor specific risk is a key consideration."


Hacked Electric Toothbrush Defeats Locks With Ease "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This expedient electric toothbrush lockpick is a surprisingly effective example of the more brute force approach to lockpicking. As [Jolly Peanut] explains, pin tumbler locks work by lining up each pin with the shear line of the cylinder, which allows the lock to turn. This can be accomplished a pin at a time with picks, or en masse by vibrating the pins until they randomly line up with the shear line just long enough for the lock to turn. A locksmith might use a purpose-built tool for the job, but a simple battery-powered electric toothbrush works in a pinch too. [Jolly Peanut] removed the usual business end of the brush to reveal a metal drive rod that vibrates at a high frequency. The rod was slimmed down by a little grinding to fit into the keyway of a lock, and with the application of a little torque, the vibration is enough to pop the pins into the right position. He tries it out on several locks in the video below, and it only takes a few seconds each time.

Such brute force methods have their drawbacks, of course. Theyre not exactly subtle, and the noise they create may attract unwanted attention. In that case, hone your manual lockpicking skills with a giant 3D-printed see-through lock.

Thanks for the tip, [Net Imp].

Monday, 17 September

23:57 Leaks 14M+ Records "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Government Payment Service Inc.  a company used by thousands of U.S. state and local governments to accept online payments for everything from traffic citations and licensing fees to bail payments and court-ordered fines has leaked more than 14 million customer records dating back at least six years, including names, addresses, phone numbers and the last four digits of the payers credit card.

Indianapolis-based GovPayNet, doing business online as, serves approximately 2,300 government agencies in 35 states. displays an online receipt when citizens use it to settle state and local government fees and fines via the site. Until this past weekend it was possible to view millions of customer records simply by altering digits in the Web address displayed by each receipt.

On Friday, Sept. 14, KrebsOnSecurity alerted GovPayNet that its site was exposing at least 14 million customer receipts dating back to 2012. Two days later, the company said it had addressed a potential issue.

GovPayNet has addressed a potential issue with our online system that allows users to access copies of their receipts, but did not adequately restrict access only to authorized recipients, the company said in a statement provided to KrebsOnSecurity.

The statement continues:

The company has no indication that any improperly accessed information was used to harm any customer, and receipts do not contain information that can be used to initiate a financial transaction. Additionally, most information in the receipts is a matter of public record that may be accessed through other means. Nonetheless, out of an abundance of caution and to maximize security for users, GovPayNet has updated this system to ensure that only authorized users will be able to view their individual receipts. We will continue to evaluate security and access to all systems and customer records.

In January 2018, GovPayNet was acquired by Securus Technologies, a Carrollton, Texas- based company that provides telecommunication...


Coca-Cola Is Eyeing the Cannabis Market "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Coca-Cola says it's monitoring the nascent industry and is interested in drinks infused with CBD -- the non-psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that treats pain but doesn't get you high. The Atlanta-based soft drinks maker is in talks with Canadian marijuana producer Aurora Cannabis to develop the beverages, according to a report from BNN Bloomberg Television.

"We are closely watching the growth of non-psychoactive CBD as an ingredient in functional wellness beverages around the world," Coca-Cola spokesman Kent Landers said in an emailed statement to Bloomberg News.

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Hillicon Valley: Elon Musk sued by diver from Thai cave rescue | Researchers find new malware family | FEMA delays new presidential alert test "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Welcome to Hillicon Valley, The Hill's newsletter detailing all you need to know about the tech and cyber news from Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley.Welcome! Follow the cyber team, Olivia Beavers (@olivia_beavers) and Jacqueline Thomsen (@jacq_thomsen...


JAXA Wants Telepresence Robots for In-Space Construction and Exploration "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The AVATAR X program will send telepresence robots to the ISS and beyond

Last Monday, we covered the new, updated, and way way better guidelines for the ANA Avatar XPRIZE. Since we were mostly talking with the folks over at XPRIZE, we didnt realize that ANA (All Nippon Airways) is putting a massive amount of effort into this avatar concept theyre partnering with JAXA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, to create a new space industry centered around real-world avatars. 

AVATAR X aims to capitalize on the growing space-based economy by accelerating development of real-world Avatars that will enable humans to remotely build camps on the Moon, support long-term space missions and further explore space from afar.

These avatars will be essentially the same sorts of things that the Avatar XPRIZE is looking to advance: Robotic systems designed to operate with a human in the loop through immersive telepresence, allowing them to complete tasks like a human could without a human needing to be physically there.

JAXA says that theyre interested in the usual stuff, like remote construction in space and maintenance, but also in space-based entertainment and travel for the general public, so use your imagination on that one. The AVATAR X program will go through several different phases, beginning quite sensibly with some Earth-based testing, which will happen at a new lab to be built in what looks like an artificial impact crater, with a futuristic building somehow hovering in the middle of it:


Of course, JAXA is not alone with this telepresence robots in space ideafor years, NASA has been suggesting that Valkyrie-like robots (likely controlled through a combination of full teleop, assistive teleop, and autonomy) are the best way to get stuff done in space, or in other places where humans are too expensive and squishy. Heres a NASA rendering, for example:

NASA Valkyrie-like robot Image: NASA A Valkyrie-like robot performing ma...


Mars-Moon Lava Tube habitation simulation in Iceland "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Mike Dunn talked about the use of lava tubes for the Moon and Mars habitats. Mike has worked on The Mars Lava Tube Pressurization Projects (MLTPP).


Molecule Produced During Fasting has Anti-Aging Effect on Vascular System "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

New Atlas:

Diet trends like intermittent fasting and ketogenesis are proving wildly popular for their rapid weight-loss effects, but scientists are also starting to uncover how they might benefit the body in other, longer term ways. Case in point: a molecule produced during fasting has now been found to apply the brakes to aging of the vascular system, a process closely tied to the aging of the human body as a whole.

When the body enters ketosis, a metabolic state induced by fasting and low-carb diets, it turns to the body's stored fats for energy, rather than glucose. One of these sources of energy, known collectively as ketones, is a molecule called -Hydroxybutyrate.

"Previously, studies on ketone bodies focused on energy metabolism, but this study showed that there are other physiological effects which regulate cell cycle to retardate aging progression," study senior author Dr. Ming-Hui Zou tells New Atlas.

The more you starve, the longer you live.

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Re: Re: [SECURITY] Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.2 resolves CVE-2017-15705, CVE-2016-1238, CVE-2018-11780 & CVE-2018-11781 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Leo Famulari on Sep 17

Agreed, that's why it's important to publicize the vulnerability so that
the "good people" notice it quickly.


David Patterson Says Its Time for New Computer Architectures and Software Languages "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Moores Law is over, ushering in a golden age for computer architecture, says RISC pioneer

David PattersonUniversity of California professor, Google engineer, and RISC pioneersays theres no better time than now to be a computer architect.

Thats because Moores Law really is over, he says: We are now a factor of 15 behind where we should be if Moores Law were still operative. We are in the postMoores Law era.

This means, Patterson told engineers attending the 2018 @Scale Conference held in San Jose last week, that were at the end of the performance scaling that we are used to. When performance doubled every 18 months, people would throw out their desktop computers that were working fine because a friends new computer was so much faster.

But last year, he said, single program performance only grew 3 percent, so its doubling every 20 years. If you are just sitting there waiting for chips to get faster, you are going to have to wait a long time.

There are Turing Awards waiting to be picked up if people would just work on these things. David Patterson

For a computer architect like Patterson, this is actually good news. Its also good news for innovative software engineers, he pointed out. Revolutionary new hardware architectures and new software languages, tailored to dealing with specific kinds of computing problems, are just waiting to be developed, he said. There are Turing Awards waiting to be picked up if people would just work on these things.

As an example on the software side, Patterson indicated that rewriting Python into C gets you a 50x speedup in performance. Add in various optimization techniques and the speedup increases dramatically. It wouldnt be too much of a stretch, he indicated, to make an improvement of a factor of 1,000 in Python.

On the hardware front, Patterson thinks domain-specific architectures just run better, saying, Its not magicthere are just things we can do. For example, applications dont all require that computing be done at the same level of accuracy. For some, he said, you could use lower-precision floating-point arithmetic instead of the commonly used IEEE 754 standard.

The biggest area of opportunity right now for applying such new architectures and languages is machine learning, Patterson said. If you are a hardware person, he said, you want friends who desperately need more computers. A...


Open Source Paramotor Using Quadcopter Tech "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Have you ever dreamed of flying, but lack the funds to buy your own airplane, the time to learn, or the whole hangar and airstrip thing? The answer might be in a class of ultralight aircraft called powered paragliders, which consist of a soft inflatable wing and a motor on your back. As you may have guessed, the motor is known as a paramotor, and its probably one of the simplest powered aircraft in existence. Usually little more than big propeller, a handheld throttle, and a gas engine.

But not always. The OpenPPG project aims to create a low-cost paramotor with electronics and motors intended for heavyweight multicopters. It provides thrust comparable to gas paramotors for 20 to 40 minutes of flight time, all while being cheaper and easier to maintain. The whole project is open source, so if you dont want to buy one of their kits or assembled versions, youre free to use and remix the design into a personal aircraft of your own creation.

Its still going to cost for a few thousand USD to get a complete paraglider going, but at least you wont need to pay hangar fees. Thanks to the design which utilizes carbon fiber plates and some clever hinges, the whole thing folds up into a easier to transport and store shape than traditional paramotors with one large propeller. Plus it doesnt hurt that it looks a lot cooler.

Not only are the motors and speed controls bo...


Links 17/9/2018: Torvalds Takes a Break, SQLite 3.25.0 Released "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

GNOME bluefish



  • Desktop

    • which spare laptop?

      Im in a perpetual state of downsizing and ridding my life (and my familys life) of things we dont need: sometimes old computers. My main (nearly my sole) machine is my work-provided Thinkpad T470s: a fantastic laptop that works so well I havent had anything to write about it. However, I decided that it was worth keeping just one spare, for emergencies or other odd situations. I have two candidate machines in my possession.


      Surprising myself perhaps more than anyone else, Ive ended up opting for the Toshiba. The weight was the clincher. The CPU performance difference was too close to matter, and 3G RAM is sufficient for my spare laptop needs. Once Id installed a spare SSD as the main storage device, day-to-day performance is very good. The resolution difference didnt turn out to be that important: its still low enough that side-by-side text editor and browser feels crowded, so I end up using the same window management techniques as I would on the X61s.

      What do I use it for? Ive taken it on a couple of trips or holidays which I wouldnt want to risk my work machine for. I wrote nearly all of liquorice on it in downtime on a holiday to Turkey whilst my daughter was having her afternoon nap. Im touching up this blog post on it now!

  • Audiocasts/Sho...


Some Apple products to be left off Trump tariff list: report "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Some Apple products might be left off the latest round of tariffs that the Trump administration will place on Chinese products.The administration is set to put out a final list of items that will be affected by the new tariffs but Apple AirPods...


Shifting focus from life extension to healthspan extension "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

On the new article by Prof Dr S. Olshansky published in JAMA, advising to focus on healthspan extension not on lifespan extension. No, I personally believe that we can still focus on lifespan extension. We could obtain indefinite healthy life extension by different methods of rejuvenation because the rejuvenation process eliminates the main reason for sickness ie the aging diseases and renders us healthy again! And also only through indefinite life extension we could close the gap of tens of years between the lifespan in different social and ethnic groups (Lens-Pechakova, Rejuvenation Res. 2014 Apr;17:23942)

Clinicians, scientists and public health professionals should proudly declare victory in their efforts to extend the human lifespan to its very limits, according to University of Illinois at Chicago epidemiologist S. Jay Olshansky.

In an article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Olshansky writes that the focus should shift to compressing the red zone the time at the end of life characterized by frailty and disease, and extending the healthspan the length of time when a person is alive and healthy.


Mesa Eyeing The Removal Of Autotools Build Support In Favor Of Meson "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For those currently relying upon Autotools for building Mesa3D, the days are numbered and soon will likely need to shift over to their modern Meson build system support...


Driving Transportation to an Emissionless Future "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Learn how Nikola Motor Company partnered with TE Connectivity to enable fully electric hydrogen powered long-haul trucks

Trucking is vital to the way we live. Trucks haul the final miles between warehouses and stores. Supermarket shelves would be empty without their weekly deliveries. Long-haul trucks carry whats needed to where its needed quickly and affordably. Its fair to say that without trucking, life as we know it would not be possible.

While trucking may be essential, it comes with environmental costs associated with diesel engine emissions. Standards are getting tougher around the world. Europe is moving towards outlawing emissions altogether by 2030.

To make diesel engines greener, manufacturers have partnered with TE Connectivity to develop and apply the necessary fluid quality, pressure and temperature sensors used in after-treatment emission systems that reduce pollutants. SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology reduce NOx emissions. SCR technology relies on the appropriate dosing of urea (Diesel Emission Fluid DEF) into the exhaust stream from the engine through a catalyst to reduce NOx into ammonia, nitrogen and oxygen. TEs urea quality sensors ensure the concentration and quality of urea in the DEF fluid meets industry standards. If the ratio of urea to demineralized water is out of specification or the urea fluid is contaminated, the sensor provides this feedback to the engine control system which then adjusts engine operation to ensure the exhaust emissions meet environmental regulations.

Although cleaner diesel engines are an improvement, they still create carbon-based emissions. The future may lie in harnessing new technologies that rely on cleaner forms of energy.


Nikola gearbox close up


One promising solution is a fully electric long-haul truck currently under development by Nikola Motor Company. Hydrogen fuel cells will create the current that charges the trucks batteries and powers the drive train.

The idea of hydrogen as a fuel is not a new one. In fact, it precedes the era of oil. In 1806, Francois Isaac de Rivaz invented the first hydrogen-powered internal combustion engine. The hydrogen was held in a balloon.

By 1863, the hydrogen-powered Lenoir Hippomobile became the first successful commercial vehicle. Gas powered engines started appearing in 1870.1 Fast forward 150 years and technology has advanced to the point where hydrogen is ready for prime time. Hydrogen fuel cells have alread...


Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Release Postponed To September 27th "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Nvidia delays the launch date of GeForce RTX 2080 Ti by a week

Nvidia has decided to postpone the release date of its upcoming graphics card, GeForce RTX 2080 Ti to September 27th. The company originally had plans to release this graphics card on September 20th along with GeForce RTX 2080.

The delay in availability of the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti by a week was confirmed by a moderator on the official Nvidia GeForce forums. This means PC gamers will need to wait for an additional week to get their hands on the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

Hi Everyone, Wanted to give you an update on the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti availability. GeForce RTX 2080 Ti general availability has shifted to September 27th, a one week delay. We expect pre-orders to arrive between September 20th and September 27th, wrote the moderator on the forum post.

The delay in the release of the RTX 2080 Ti by a week could possibly be due to high demand and shortage of supply of the graphics card since it was available for pre-order from the time it was announced last month. Although nothing has been confirmed by Nvidia yet.

However, there is no change to the general availability of the GeForce RTX 2080, confirmed the moderator. There is no change to GeForce RTX 2080 general availability, which is September 20th. Were eager for you to enjoy the new GeForce RTX family! Thanks for your patience, the moderator added.

In other words, the GeForce RTX 2080 is still on schedule and will be available on September 20th. This means those who have pre-ordered the RTX 2080 can expect to get their card at its initial launch date.

The GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition is priced at $1199, while non-Founders Edition cards will be available for $999.

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[SBA-ADV-20180420-01] CVE-2018-13982: Smarty 3.1.32 or below Trusted-Directory Bypass via Path Traversal "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by SBA Research Advisory on Sep 17

# Smarty Trusted-Directory Bypass via Path Traversal #


## Vulnerability Overview ##

Smarty 3.1.32 or below is prone to a path traversal vulnerability due
to insufficient template code sanitization. This allows attackers
controlling the executed template code to bypass the trusted directory
security restriction and read arbitrary files.



Co-Founder of Salesforce Buys Time Magazine for $190 Million "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Time Magazine is being sold by Meredith Corp. to Marc Benioff, a co-founder of Salesforce, and his wife, it was announced Sunday.

Meredith announced that it was selling Time magazine for $190 million in cash to Benioff, one of four co-founders of Salesforce, a cloud computing pioneer.

Meredith had completed the purchase of Time along with other publications of Time Inc. earlier this year.

The Benioffs are purchasing Time personally, and the transaction is unrelated to, where Benioff is chairman and co-CEO and co-founder. The announcement by Meredith said that the Benioffs would not be involved in the day-to-day operations or journalistic decisions at Time. Those decisions will continue to be made by Time's current executive leadership team, the announcement said.

Tech wealth continues to swallow up old media. Will old media improve?

Original Submission

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British diver sues Elon Musk for libel after being attacked as 'pedo' "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A British diver involved in a rescue mission in Thailand has filed a lawsuit for libel against Elon Musk after the Tesla and SpaceX CEO called him a "pedo guy"Diver Vernon Unsworth, who played a pivotal role in the rescue of 12 Thai boys&...


More Details On The WSL-Based Flatpak for Windows, Including Linux Games Running "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A few days ago we wrote about Red Hat developer and Flatpak creator Alexander Larsson getting Flatpaks running on Windows albeit using the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). He's now shared more details on that accomplishment...


Mans Best Robotic Friend "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

When it comes to robotics, some of the most interesting work and certainly the most hilarious has come from Boston Dynamics, and their team of interns kicking robotic dogs over. Its an impressive feat of engineering, and even if these robotic pack mules are far too loud for their intended use on the battlefield, its a great showcase of how cool a bunch of motors can actually be.

Its not quite up there with the Boston Dynamics robots, but [Dimitris] project for the Hackaday Prize is an almost equally impressive assemblage of motors, 3D printed parts, SLAM processing and inverse kinematics. I suppose you could also kick it over and watch it struggle for laughs, too.

This robotic dog was first modeled in Fusion 360, and was designed with  22 Dynamixel AX-12A robot actuators: big, beefy, serial-controllable servos. Of course, bolting a bunch of motors to a frame is the easy part. The real challenge here is figuring out the kinematics and teaching this robot dog how to walk. This is still a work in progress, but so far [Dimitris] is able to move the spine, keep the feet level with the ground, and have the robot walk a little bit. Theres still work to do, but theres an incredible amount of work thats already been done.

The upcoming features for this robot include a RealSense camera mounted on the head for 3D visualization of the surroundings. Theres also plans for a tail, loosely based on some of the tentacle robots weve seen. Its going to be a great project when its done, and its already an excellent entry for the Hackaday Prize.

The HackadayPrize2018 is Sponsored by:


Samsungs Galaxy Note 9 catches fire in womans purse "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Woman sues Samsung over Galaxy Note 9 bursting into flames

A woman in Long Island has filed a lawsuit against Samsung after her Galaxy Note 9 caught fire inside her purse, the New York Post reported Saturday.

The report brings back ill-fated memories of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which was infamously recalled twice and discontinued merely weeks after it was released due to its exploding battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Catches Fire

Diane Chung, a real estate agent based in Long Island, was in the elevator of a Bayside building on September 3rd when her new Galaxy Note 9 became extremely hot after use, reveal the legal documents. As a result, she stopped using the phone and put it inside her purse.

Chung said she then heard a whistling and screeching sound, and she noticed thick smoke coming out of her purse.

According to the lawsuit filed to the Queens Supreme Court, Chung tried to empty the purses contents on the floor but in the process, she burned her fingers while trying to touch the Samsung phone that had caught fire. The moment the doors of the elevator opened, Chung kicked the burning handset out of the elevator. However, the device did not stop burning until a passerby picked it up with a cloth and placed it into a bucket of water, the newspaper reports.

Chung calls the experience traumatic in her lawsuit, adding that the fire left her unable to contact clients and ruined everything in her bag. She is seeking unspecified damages and a restraining order barring the sales of any Galaxy Note 9.

Ironically, the incident comes barely a month after DJ Koh, head of Samsungs mobile business had promised consumers the batteries on the new Galaxy Note 9 are safer than ever and it goes well above and beyond the industry standard.

Commenting on the incident, a spokesperson for Samsung told the New York Post that Samsung takes customer safety very seriously and we stand behind the quality of the millions of Galaxy devices in use in the United States. We have not received any reports of similar incidents involving a Galaxy Note 9 device and we are investigating the matter.

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Australian Court Slams Brakes on GTA V Cheat Developer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Over the past year, there has been a wave of copyright infringement lawsuits against alleged cheaters or cheat makers.

Most of the action weve seen thus far has taken place in the US, but there has also been some activity Down Under recently.

Earlier this year Take-Two Interactive Software, the company behind Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), filed a lawsuit against modder Jeremy Taylor.

Known under the alias Chr0m3 x MoDz, Taylor has been involved in several mods and cheats, including African Engine.

As in the cases against other cheaters, Taylor stood accused of copyright infringement and circumvention of technical protection measures, among other things.

Faced with the legal claim, the developer chose to control the damage. As a part-time employee of a local go-kart track, the 24-year-old has limited means. However, with a crowdfunding campaign, he raised over $1,000. Not to fight the allegations, but to find a way out without being made bankrupt.

[T]his is a battle I can not afford to take part in, so I am reaching out to the community for any help I can get, Taylor wrote in his GoFundMe campaign brief.

The funds will be withdrawn and used for my legal expenses (lawyers, travel, etc..), I want to be very clear about this, I am not fighting Take-Two Interactive, I am simply trying to survive and get to the end.

This strategy appears to have paid off. Last week the Federal Circuit Court of Australia issued a consent order, which both parties agreed on, that effectively ends the matter.

The order also includes a permanent injunction which prevents Taylor from infringing Take-Twos copyrights, including any work on mods and cheats such as African Engine.

The Respondent be permanently restrained from infringing copyright in the Software and any T2 Software, the order reads.

The Respondent be permanently restrained from possessing, distributing, accessing, or using any software that alters the operation of the Software and any T2 Software [], including but not limited to the African Engine Source Code, GTAV The Purge Source Code, GTAV Engine and GTAV Fucker Menu Source Code.

Interestingly, the injunction also requires Taylor to take down his GoFundMe campaign, which is no longer active today.



Lucid Motors closes $1 billion deal with Saudi Arabia to fund electric car production "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Lucid Motors, the electric car startup that aims to compete with Tesla, will receive an eye-popping $1 billion in funding from Saudi Arabias sovereign wealth fund, the kingdom announced on Monday. The investment will finance Lucid Motors 2020 commercial launch of its first electric vehicle, the Lucid Air. Meanwhile, Teslas stock dipped by as much as 2 percent in early trading on news of the investment.

The deal is a major win for Lucid, which has languished over the last year as it failed to secure the funding necessary to start making its luxury electric cars. News of the talks comes weeks after Saudi Arabia purchased 5 percent of Tesla and emerged as a central player in Elon Musks failed effort to take the company private again. Musk cited conversations with the director of the Saudi fund as the impetus for his push to take Tesla private.


The Car in the Age of Connectivity: Enabling Car to Cloud Connectivity "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Learn how TE Connectivity is transforming technology to enable the connected car

Advancements in enabling connected cars are astonishing. From the time the first Model T rolled off the factory floor, cars functionality has been largely unchanged. When advances did happen, they were mostly mechanical: a bigger engine, more efficient transmissions, safer brakes, and more.

Today, we are witnessing a radical reimagining of the automobile. Advances in connectivity are creating opportunities in the automotive industry. Dashboard navigation, infotainment systems, and Bluetooth-enabled dashboards are a glimmer of what is coming in the not-so- distant future.

In 2015, McKinsey estimated that the number of networked cars would rise by 30% a year1. By 2018, automobiles with connected capabilities were almost 39% of the US market2. By 2020, Gartner estimates that 250 million connected vehicles will be on the roadways, making [them] a major element of the Internet of Things3. By 2022, the market penetration is expected to reach over 80%4. Much of this growth will start in premium cars and then the technology will filter down into the value segment.

Cloud connectivity, antennas capable of sharing data with many nodes both inside and outside the vehicle, sensors that create a safer and more informed driving experience and rugged, high-speed, in-vehicle data networks are all vital to achieving the seamless, connected, feature-rich automotive future consumers are demanding. TE Connectivitys (TE) deep understanding of rigorous automotive standards as well as our unparalleled expertise in sensors, data networks, interconnects, and antenna technology can help accelerate success for carmakers in this burgeoning market.

One thing to keep in mind is that while all automobiles share much of the same technology, connected cars and autonomous cars are different topics. Connectivity is turning the car into smart devices with the potential to become crucial pieces in enabling the Internet of Things (IoT). Autonomy means cars gain the capacity to gather input for independent decision-making so that they can be self-reliant.


Since the late 1970s, electronically controlled sensors have been integral to automotive engineering due to emissions regulations from the United States Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) that required the use of catalytic converters5. This regulation drove the demand for sensors and helped create performance, safety, and comfort advantages. Car owners now expect advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), adaptive cruise control (ACC), lane de...


FEMA delays presidential alert test amid Florence response "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is delaying a test of a new national alert that was scheduled for this week due to the impact of Hurricane Florence on the East Coast.The test will now take place on Oct. 3 at 2:18 p.m. EDT. It...


5nine enhances platform to help businesses strengthen their cloud infrastructure "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

5nine announced enhancements to its 5nine Unified platform, the hybrid cloud management and security platform that unifies the functions of system monitoring, management, backup and recovery, security and migration into one interface. Integrating these functions in the hybrid cloud environment improves operational efficiency and cost savings, two key factors that are driving growing numbers of customer to hybrid solutions. The 5nine platform allows enterprise, mid-market and small-to-mid-size businesses to reinforce their Microsoft cloud infrastructure by More

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Quest enhances KACE SMA to meet demands of endpoint environments "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Quest Software announced the general availability of KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA) 9.0, a multi-platform endpoint and asset management solution that helps businesses provision, manage, secure and service their growing endpoint environments. The unified endpoint management solution features improvements to workflow and infrastructure, as well as updates to Service Desk, asset management, endpoint communications and security functionalities. Quest KACE SMA makes it easier for IT administrators to manage network-attached devices from notebooks, PCs and More

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Where You Can Get after Logging 4000 Hours in KSP "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Kerbal Space Program (KSP) is a remarkably rich, open-ended physics-based space program simulator. The types of spacecraft and missions you can design and simulate, particularly with a very active modding community is practically endless. Do you want to fly the Enterprise? Which one? Perhaps see if you can survive out of Andy Weir's The Martian?

PCGamer has an article on a person who has logged more than 4000 hours on KSP. The user, known as ShadowZone in the Steam community, spends many hours designing and implementing complex spacecraft as well as calculating flight plans. It is an interesting read for anyone who has given this game a try, and if you're not careful you may learn something before it's done.

When I first spied the 39-year-old father of two discussing his playtime on Twitter, I wanted him to answer one simple question: What do you even do in Kerbal Space Program for that length of time? Well if you're Daniel, you spend it building staggeringly complex machines to then launch on missions so daring it'd make Arthur C. Clarke sweatall while rediscovering that childish sense of wonder that makes space so captivating to begin with.

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3D Printing in Metal: the Laser and Metal Powder Printers We Saw at IMTS "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Last week I went to the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) and it was incredible. This is a toy store for machinists and showcases the best of industrial automation. But one of the coolest trends I found at the show are all the techniques used to 3D print in metal. The best part is that many of the huge machines on display are actually running!

Its probably better to refer to this as additive manufacturing, because the actual methods can be significantly different from your 3D printer. Below youll find examples of three different approaches to this process. I had a great interview with a company doing actual 3D printing in metal using a nozzle-based delivery often called cladding. Theres a demo video of powder layer printing using lasers. And a technique that uses binders as an intermediary step toward the final metal part. Lets take a look!

BeAM is Using Directed Energy Deposition

It was great to run into Tim Bell who was showing off this huge jet engine cone at the BeAM Machines booth. The cone itself was spun out of stainless steel as the fastest and most economical way of producing it. The isogrid was printed on the outer surface of this cone, a structure that is usually machined out of a larger part in a subtractive process.



EU to rule on Microsoft acquisition of Github in October "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

European Union antitrust regulators said they will make a decision on Microsofts pending merger with the coding platform Github on Oct. 19. Microsoft submitted the proposed $7.5 billion acquisition to the European Union for approval on Friday...


The Desktop Computer Returns As Amiga-Infused Retro Case "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The desktop computer is dead. No, I dont mean computers that are meant to sit either on or underneath a desk. Im talking about computer cases that are placed on a desk horizontally, probably with a monitor on top. The monitor stand case was a mainstay for most of the 80s and 90s, but died out when CRTs became too heavy.

Now, though, theres an interesting Kickstarter project that aims to bring the desktop computer case back, and its doing it as an upgrade to the classic Amiga 500, Amiga 1200, and Amiga 600 computers.

The idea for this project began all the way back in the 80s, with the Checkmate A1500 computer case. This case was designed to add expansion capabilities to the low-end Amiga 500 computer, transforming it into a desktop system with extra floppies, a hard drive, and an expansion port. In effect, you could have a professional Amiga system for half the price of Commodores product offerings.

Now the Checkmate is back, this time with a case upgrade that will transform an A500, A600, A1200, or even the PPC Aeon Tabor A1222 motherboard. Theres another trick this case has to offer: its also compatible with MicroATX and Mini-ITX motherboards, meaning yes, there is now going to be a real desktop case that you can throw a motherboard in and a monitor on top.

The death of the desktop computer is an absolutely tragic tale that has resulted in people dropping towers on a floor and propping up their LCDs on piles of books. The reason why we do this is understandable when CRTs got too heavy for plastic enclosures, computers became towers. Now, though, were all using featherweight LCDs, and computers could easily return to the desktop.


Labor group urges state AGs to fight T-Mobile-Sprint merger "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A labor group is urging state attorneys general across the country to fight the proposed T-Mobile-Sprint merger, arguing that the deal will kill jobs and raise prices for consumers.Last week, Christopher Shelton, the president of the Communications...


AURA Statement about the Status of the Sunspot Solar Observatory "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

On September 6th, the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) made the decision to temporarily vacate the Sunspot Solar Observatory at Sacramento Peak, New Mexico as a precautionary measure while addressing a security issue. The facility closed down in an orderly fashion and is now re-opening. The residents that vacated their homes will be returning to the site, and all employees will return to work this week.

AURA has been cooperating with an on-going law enforcement investigation of criminal activity that occurred at Sacramento Peak. During this time, we became concerned that a suspect in the investigation potentially posed a threat to the safety of local staff and residents. For this reason, AURA temporarily vacated the facility and ceased science activities at this location.

The decision to vacate was based on the logistical challenges associated with protecting personnel at such a remote location, and the need for expeditious response to the potential threat. AURA determined that moving the small number of on-site staff and residents off the mountain was the most prudent and effective action to ensure their safety.

Original Submission

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California Law Could be a Big Step Forward for Police Transparency "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Government cant be accountable unless it is transparent. Voters and taxpayers can only know whether they approve of the actions of public officials and public employees if they know what theyre doing. That transparency is especially important when it comes to the actions of local police, who carry weapons and have the power of arrest.

In the age of the Internet, for most of us, access to the state, local and federal laws that we must follow is just a click away. But if a resident of a particular city wants to know the rules that the police she pays for must follow, its a lot more difficult. In the state of California, accessing records about basic police policies often requires the filing of a California Public Records Act (CPRA) request.

Theres a chance now to make it much easier. Both houses of the California legislature have passed S.B. 978, which requires local police departments to publish their training, policies, practices, and operating procedures on their websites. Thats exactly as it should be, with transparency as the defaultnot a special privilege that journalists or activists have to request.

In an age when police are enhancing their powers with extraordinary surveillance tools like automated license plate readers, facial recognition, drones, and social media monitoring, transparency in police procedures is especially importantbecause without it, it's much harder to hold law enforcement personnel accountable. 

The bill has exceptions that give us real concern. Governor Brown vetoed a similar bill last year that we also supported, which led the bills author to exempt several important state agencies that would have been covered under the earlier bill, including the Department of Justice and the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Also, S.B. 978 doesnt provide enforcement mechanisms or consequences for police agencies that fail to post the required information.

Despite those limitations, S.B. 978 will be a big step forward in creating a more transparent government, at a time when trust between police and vulnerable communities needs to be rebuilt. Join us in urging Governor Jerry Brown to sign this important bill.

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Safari & Firefox browser to block user data tracking with new security add-ons "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

Apple has been trying hard to improve the security mechanisms of its hardware and software products.  The addition of new privacy features in Safari browser is yet another attempt to toughen security measures for preventing breaches and tracking by websites like Facebook. It is a well-known fact that companies use cookies to keep track of []

This is a post from Read the original post: Safari & Firefox browser to block user data tracking with new security add-ons


High-Fiber Diet Reduces Brain Inflammation in Older Mice "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A diet rich in fiber helps reduce inflammation in murine brains.

According to a new study performed by University of Illinois researchers and published in Frontiers in Immunology, a diet rich in fiber reduces inflammation in aged mice, both in the guts and the brain. This beneficial reduction is due to high levels of butyrate, which result from the fermentation of fiber during digestion [1].

Study abstract

Aging results in chronic systemic inflammation that can alter neuroinflammation of the brain. Specifically, microglia shift to a pro-inflammatory phenotype predisposing them to hyper-activation upon stimulation by peripheral immune signals. It is proposed that certain nutrients can delay brain aging by preventing or reversing microglial hyperactivation. Butyrate, a short chain fatty acid (SCFA) produced primarily by bacterial fermentation of fiber in the colon, has been extensively studied pharmacologically as a histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor, and serves as an attractive therapeutic candidate, as butyrate has also been shown to be anti-inflammatory and improve memory in animal models. In the present study, we demonstrate that butyrate can attenuate pro-inflammatory cytokine expression in microglia in aged mice.


Linux, Without The Git Factor "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Linux started as a student project in the 1990s, the creation of Linus Torvalds. He has attained celebrity status while steering his creation through the decades, but along the way he has also attracted a different reputation within the Linux and software community. He is famous for his outbursts and rants, some of which become rather personal, and it is not difficult at all to find kernel developers or would-be kernel developers who have turned their backs on the project as a result.

Its very refreshing indeed then to read an update from [Linus] as part of his regular communications, in which he admits that he has an issue, and says that he is taking the time to seek help for it. There is an accompanying update to the kernel maintenance code of conduct, which suggests that this is likely to mark a sea-change in that environment, as well as we hope salvage that aspect of [Linus] reputation.

My flippant attacks in emails have been both unprofessional and uncalled for. Especially at times when I made it personal. In my quest for a better patch, this made sense to me. I know now this was not OK and I am truly sorry.

The Hackaday community has a much greater than average proportion of Linux users among its readership. Even those readers who use a desktop OS with BSD, Windows, or other kernels will almost certainly have a Linux kernel somewhere, whether its in their phone, their set-top-box, their childrens toys, or even their domestic appliances. And of course a large swath of the Internet runs on Linux. It is in the best interest of us all that we continually attract and retain brilliant people to contribute to the effort put into developing and maintaining the Linux kernel.

Without wishing to lionise [Linus] above the many others whose work has also contributed to Linux and its success, his contribution to our community has been beyond measure and it has been uncomfortable to see his other side. Its a step in the right direction to apologize for personal attacks and behavior that drives a wedge into the kernel developer community, and seek to change that behavior. Wed urge others to follow his example, were sure every grouping has at times had its personality problems, and its never too late to enact some repairs.

While Linus steps away to work on his self improvement, veteran kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman will take the reigns among the kernel maintainers.


Another wave of sextortion emails "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Another wave of sextortion emails

During the last few months, many of us will have received emails that try to extract a ransom via an anonymous cryptocurrency.

But as email blackmailers make big winnings, others are trying to cash in on the craze.


Security updates for Monday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security updates have been issued by Debian (discount, ghostscript, intel-microcode, mbedtls, thunderbird, and zutils), Fedora (ghostscript, java-1.8.0-openjdk-aarch32, kernel-headers, kernel-tools, libzypp, matrix-synapse, nspr, nss, nss-softokn, nss-util, zsh, and zypper), Mageia (kernel, kernel-linus, and kernel-tmb), openSUSE (chromium, curl, ffmpeg-4, GraphicsMagick, kernel, libzypp, zypper, okular, python3, spice-gtk, tomcat, and zsh), Oracle (kernel), Slackware (php), SUSE (curl, libzypp, zypper, and openssh-openssl1), and Ubuntu (curl and firefox).


Predicting flood risk better "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

90% of natural disasters are flood related. Flooding will occur and people will build in areas that can and will flood so how can we change the outcomes in the future? Why not have floating homes that are anchored to their site but rise and lower with the flood with zero damage? I am about to start a new company that can manufacture those homes. If you want to know more contact me directly.

Engineers at Ruhr-Universitt Bochum have developed a new statistical model that predicts how likely extreme flood events are in Germany. In contrast to earlier models, they distinguish between several types of floods with different causes, such as heavy rain, snow or spatially extended rain events with long durations. The model improves the assessment of flood risks and to plan appropriate protective measures. The team led by Professor Andreas Schumann from the Institute of Hydrology, Water Resources Management and Environmental Engineering reports on its work in the Bochum science magazine Rubin.

In their model, the hydrologists distinguish between three main types of flood, which stem from different causes: heavy , which lasts one or two days; prolonged rain over four to five days; and snow-related flooding.

In general, annual maximum values are analysed statistically without distinguishing between the different types of flooding. However, this is precisely what is required in order to estimate the likelihood of flooding under consideration of the regional conditions. Brief, localised heavy rain can, for instance, cause rivers to break their banks if their catchment is small, but for large river basins events with long durations are more relevant, which result in an overlay of flood waves from tributaries.


Bike-path made from recycled plastic opens in the Netherlands "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I am all for recycling of plastics but I would prefer we stop using petroleum based plastics and instead use hemp based plastics that are biodegradable. I have better materials for roads and paths that could last for hundreds of years. If you want to know more get in touch with me.

Officials with the Dutch city of Zwolle have announced the opening of a new bike path made using recycled plastic. The bike path is part of a nationwide effort to recycle more user end products. The bike path was made using a modular design called PlasticRoad by a pipe-making company called Wavin.

The idea for the bike path was conceived by Anne Koudstaal and Simon Jorritsma who work for KWSa company that makes roads. KWS and Wavin were joined by petroleum giant Total in designing the PlasticRoad concept.

The bike path is 30 meters long and runs from Verenigingstraat to Lindestraat in Zwolle. Officials with Wavin report that the modules making up the bike path used the equivalent of a a half-million plastic bottle caps and approximately 218,000 plastic cups. Recycled plastic accounted for approximately 70 percent of the PlasticRoad material. The modules were created using a hollow designat the top is the road surfacebeneath it is a hollow area that can be used for draining. A frame holds the top and bottom pieces together. The researchers also added sensors in the hollow section to count traffic and monitor wear and tear on each module. Installation of a stretch of roadway or bike path is done by excavating the ground and then laying the modules one by one. Each module is then connected to adjacent ones to provide a seamless ride for bike riders. Wavin officials claim the modules are easy to install, very lightweight and are more durable than asphalt.


Greek authorities approved extradition of Russian hacker Alexander Vinnik to Russia "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Greek authorities have approved the extradition of Russian Alexander Vinnik to Russia, Supreme Civil and Criminal Court of Greece overruled previous ones.

The Greek authorities have approved the extradition of Russian Alexander Vinnik to Russia, the decision has surprised the media because the man was expected to be extradited in the US or France as previously announces.

The decision of the Supreme Civil and Criminal Court of Greece has overruled previous ones that were taken by other Greek courts.

Russia, France, and the United States, where Vinnik is charged with different hacking crimes.

Greek Police have arrested the Russian national Alexander Vinnik (38) and they accuse the man of running the BTC-e Bitcoin exchange to launder more than US$4bn worth of the cryptocurrency.

The police seized two laptops, two tablets, mobile phones, a router, a camera, and four credit cards.

The authorities reported that since 2011, 7 million Bitcoin went into the BTC-e exchange and 5.5 million withdrawn.

According to the Greek media outlet the Daily Thess, the FBI tracked Alexander Vinnik for more than a year.

The man is charged by the US authorities with fraud and money laundering for more than $4 billion worth amount of Bitcoin (BTC) resulting from criminal activities, the US prosecutors requested his extradition in July 2017.

The Greek Supreme Court first opted out to extradite Vinnink to the US  to face with the charges with the operation of an unlicensed money service business, money laundering, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and engaging in unlawful monetary transactions.

Vinnik is also accused to be the responsible for the failure of the Japanese bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox.
Mt. Gox was the biggest Bitcoin exchange at the time of the shut down in 2014 that occurred after the platform was the victim of a series of cyber heists for a total of $375 million in Bitcoin.

The U.S. authorities speculate the Russian man stole funds from Mt. Gox, with the help of an insider. The stolen funds were transferred to a wallet managed by Vinnik and funds were laundered through his platform BTC-e-service during a three-year period.

In July 2018 there was a twist, a Greek lower court agreed to extradite Vinnik to France to face with charges with hacking,...


How IBM Is Using Open Source for a Greater Good "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Dr. Angel Diaz is the face of open source at IBM as Vice President of Developer Technology, Open Source & Advocacy. At the recent Open Source Summit in Vancouver, we spoke with Diaz to talk about the importance of open source at IBM and how its changing the world around us.

LF: Whats the importance of open source in modern economy?


Exploring an Abandoned Toys R Us "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If someone asked me to make a list of things I didnt expect to ever hear again, the question Do you want to go to a Toys R Us? would be pretty near the top spot. After all of their stores (at least in the United States) closed at the end of June 2018, the House of Geoffrey seemed destined to join Radio Shack as being little more than a memory for those past a certain age. A relic from the days when people had to leave their house to purchase goods.

But much to my surprise, a friend of mine recently invited me to join him on a trip to the now defunct toy store. His wifes company purchased one of the buildings for its ideal location near a main highway, and before the scrappers came through to clean everything out, he thought I might like a chance to see what was left. Apparently his wife reported there was still Computers and stuff still in the building, and as Im the member of our friend group who gets called in when tangles of wires and sufficiently blinking LEDs are involved, he thought Id want to check it out. He wasnt wrong.

Readers may recall that Toys R Us, like Radio Shack before it, had a massive liquidation sale in the final months of operations. After the inventory was taken care of, there was an auction where the stores furnishings and equipment were up for grabs....


Canonical Developers Now Preparing Mir 1.0 For Release With Wayland Support "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Mir 1.0 was talked about for release last year but at the last minute they reverted it to Mir 0.28. There is now a patch pending that is once again attempting the Mir 1.0 milestone...


India Launches UK's NovaSAR and S1-4 Satellites "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Two UK satellites have been launched by India's ISRO:

The first all-British radar satellite has launched to orbit on an Indian rocket. Called NovaSAR, it has the ability to take pictures of the surface of the Earth in every kind of weather, day or night.

The spacecraft will assume a number of roles but its designers specifically want to see if it can help monitor suspicious shipping activity. Lift-off from the Satish Dhawan spaceport occurred at 17:38 BST.

NovaSAR was joined on its rocket by a high-resolution optical satellite - that is, an imager that sees in ordinary light. Known as S1-4, this spacecraft will discern objects on the ground as small as 87cm across. Both it and NovaSAR were manufactured by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited of Guildford.

Formerly live coverage.

There are a few interesting aspects to this story: the satellite is completely British-built--it seems unusual in the era of global manufacturing. Second, it was put into orbit on an Indian rocket, which points up India's growing launch capabilities. Third, the satellite is tasked with tackling suspicious shipping, with implications for smuggling, piracy, and the environment.

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Bristol Airport says it did not pay any ransom to recover from cyber attack "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Officials at Bristol Airport in the UK declined to pay a ransom demand from extortionists who attacked its computer systems late last week, forcing them to resort to whiteboards and public address systems to communicate with travellers.


NVIDIA Further Details Turing's Mesh Shaders, Supports OpenGL/Vulkan "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Later this week the GeForce RTX 2080 "Turing" GPUs begin shipping and one of the interesting additions with this new GPU architecture is support for mesh shaders...


Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.2 released "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

SpamAssassin 3.4.2 is out, the first release from this spam-filtering project since 3.4.1 came out in April 2015. It fixes some remotely exploitable security issues, so SpamAssassin users probably want to update in the near future. "The exploit has been seen in the wild but not believe to have been purposefully part of a Denial of Service attempt.  We are concerned that there may be attempts to abuse the vulnerability in the future.  Therefore, we strongly recommend all users of these versions upgrade to Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.2 as soon as possible."


Harrison Ford: Stop Giving Power To People Who Dont Believe In Science "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Harrison Ford delivered a passionate speech at the Global Climate Action Summit 2018 in San Francisco, calling for voters to stop giving power to those who dont believe in science.

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Amazon probes allegations of employees leaking data for bribes: report "IndyWatch Feed Tech" is reportedly investigating company employees suspected of leaking internal data to sellers for profit.Multiple employees have been accused of deleting negative reviews and leaking confidential sales metrics to sellers in exchange...


Bizarre Physics Phenomenon Suggests Objects Can Be Two Temperatures at Once "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The first new uncertainty principle to be formulated in decades helps explain why a quantum object can be two temperatures at once.


Father of hobby robotics, Gordon McComb, has died "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I woke up this morning to the sad news that maker-pal and pioneering hobby roboticist, Gordon McComb, had passed away. I wrote a brief eulogy on Make:

It is with a heavy heart that we here at Make: announce the passing of hobby robotics pioneer, Gordon McComb. He died on Monday, Sept 10th, apparently of a heart attack. Gordon was a great friend to Make: and to makers and robotics hobbyists from around the world.

Gordons Robot Builders Bonanza book, first published in 1987, arguably marks the beginning of hobby robotics as a significant maker category. It was the book that I bought in the late 80s that got me into robot building, and by extension, all forms of hardware hacking


Learn Ethical Hacking Online A to Z Online Training Pack "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Good news for you is that this week's THN Deals brings Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle that let you get started regardless of your experience level. The Ethical Hacking A to Z Bundle will walk you through the very basic skills you need to start your journey towards becoming a professional ethical hacker. The 45 hours of course that includes total 384 in-depth lectures, usually cost $1,273, but


Ransomware Attack Takes Down Bristol Airport's Flight Display Screens "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Bristol Airport has blamed a ransomware attack for causing a blackout of flight information screens for two days over the weekend. The airport said that the attack started Friday morning, taking out several computers over the airport network, including its in-house display screens which provide details about the arrival and departure information of flights. The attack forced


The Current Linux Performance With 16 ARM Boards "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Last week I provided a fresh look at the latest Linux performance on 22 Intel/AMD systems while for kicking off the benchmarking this week is a look at the current Linux performance on sixteen different ARM single board computers / developer boards from low-end to high-end.


8 Industry Best Practices for a Successful Mobile First Strategy (eBook by OneSpan) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Graham Cluley Security News is sponsored this week by the folks at OneSpan. Thanks to the great team there for their support!

More than 10,000 customers in 100 countries rely on OneSpan to secure access, manage identities, verify transactions, simplify document signing and protect high value assets and systems.

And you can now download OneSpans free eBook: 8 Industry Best Practices for a Successful Mobile First Strategy.

Financial institutions strategically aim for customers to do more with mobile while minimizing fraud exposure tied to untrusted, high-risk devices. To enable growth in the mobile channel, financial institutions need to provide fast, convenient and frictionless high-value services delivered as securely and fraud-proof as possible. Building trust between the bank and the customer is priority one in achieving this goal.

Inside OneSpans eBook, youll discover how to:

  • Provide a frictionless experience
  • Measure risk on each mobile device
  • Combat social engineering and other threats
  • Simplify document signing
  • Login quickly and securely
  • Adopt an Omni-channel approach
  • Be ready for regulation

Download now: 8 Industry Best Practices for a Successful Mobile First Strategy.

If youre interested in sponsoring my site for a week, and reaching an IT-savvy audience that cares about computer security, you can find more information here.


[$] Fedora reawakens the hibernation debate "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Behavioral changes can make desktop users grumpy; that is doubly true for changes that arrive without notice and possibly risk data loss. Such a situation recently arose in the Fedora 29 development branch in the form of a new "suspend-then-hibernate" feature. This feature will almost certainly be turned off before Fedora 29 reaches an official release, but the discussion and finger-pointing it inspired reveal some significant differences of opinion about how this kind of change should be managed.


Linus Torvalds Taking a Break From Linux Kernel Maintainership "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Linux 4.19-rc4 Released As Linus Temporarily Steps Away From Kernel Maintainership

Linux 4.19-rc4 is out today as the very latest weekly development test kernel for Linux 4.19. It's another fairly routine kernel update at this stage, but more shocking is that Linus Torvalds will be taking a temporary leave from kernel maintainership and Greg Kroah-Hartman will take over the rest of the Linux 4.19 cycle.

Following the recent decision to change the location of the Linux Kernel Summit after Torvalds accidentally booked his flights to the wrong dates/location, plus other discussions happening recently, Linus Torvalds is taking a temporary leave. "I am going to take time off and get some assistance on how to understand people's emotions and respond appropriately," he wrote as part of today's 4.19-rc4 announcement.

So it begins.

Also at ZDNet.

The Linux kernel has adopted a new code of conduct. The link to the code of conduct is here.

It seems Linus Torvalds is also taking a break from being the top kernel maintainer.

The short story is Linus screwing up his scheduling to the Linux maintainers conference which was entirely rescheduled around his mistake. Then he was approached by people who are concerned about his blunt (or some consider rude) comments on the kernel dev mailing list.

I, personally, will miss Linus and I hope he gets things figured out.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


TNS Context: The CNCF Open Source Survey and the Ballerina Programming Language "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Today on The New Stack Context podcast, we talk with Chris Aniszczyk, co-founder of the TODO Group and Chief Technology Officer of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) about the results of our recent open source program management survey. 


In-flight charging gives drones unlimited autonomous range "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Russian company GET (Global Energy Transmission) has pioneered a mid-air inductive recharging system that can charge up several drones at once without requiring them to land. Build enough of these stations, and you can have an army of drones in the air that never need to land.


A.I. and robotics will create almost 60 million more jobs than they destroy by 2022, report says "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Machines and technology in the workplace could create 133 million new jobs in place of 75 million that will be displaced between now and 2022, new research from the World Economic Forum found.


Elon Musks SpaceX to name first passenger for round-the-moon flight Monday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The SpaceX CEO is also showing photos of its BFR rocket, which could eventually go to Mars.


Heres what Google Maps looks like running on Apple CarPlay "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With iOS 12, Apple is giving third-party apps more flexibility and new capabilities within CarPlay. As an example, for the first time, you can use other apps besides Apple Maps as your preferred navigation software for Apples in-car platform. With that change now possible, Google Maps and Waze are both planning to support CarPlay and have begun beta testing.

Unfortunately its not a beta test most of us can join, so youll have to wait for the proper release before you can use either of these in your own vehicle through CarPlay. But some early screenshots posted by 9to5Mac provide a good preview of how Google Maps and Waze will look once that happens.


5 new ways your Apple Watch will help you track fitness "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Apple is bolstering the Apple Watchs fitness capabilities with several much-needed, intuitive features.

  • by
  • Taylor Martin


LLVM 7.0 Is Ready For Release "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The LLVM/Clang 7.0 release had been running a bit behind schedule and warranted a third release candidate, but this week LLVM 7.0.0 is now ready to ship...


The Effects of Demagnetization on Electric Motor Simulations "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

How advanced material modeling can help you reduce size but not performance

Is it possible to reduce size without reducing performance? Download this white paper to learn about predicting demagnetization of magnets and its effect on the overall performance of an electric motor used for electric vehicle application.


MitoSENS Update September 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Today, we have an update from the MitoSENS team over at the SENS Research Foundation. As some of you may recall, MitoSENS was the first project we hosted on our research fundraising platform back in August 2015. The project was successfully funded and raised $46,128, which was 153% of the funds needed. The extra funds were used to increase the scope of the project, which resulted in a paper being published in the prestigious Oxford Journal.

Since then, the team has been busy working on transferring the other mitochondrial genes to the nucleus, and they have given us an update to let everyone know how things are progressing at the lab. Dr. Matthew Oki OConnor had the following to say about progress and the future.

Hi, everyone! Time for another exciting mito update. This time, weve got 2 teasers for you. The first is that were preparing a story about a new trick that weve discovered to improve the allotopic expression of mito genes. Were still confirming that were 100% sure that were right before writing up the manuscript and making an announcement, but were very close. Yes, that means were getting it to work on more genes. Stay tuned!



Quantum Computing and Cryptography "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Quantum computing is a new way of computing -- one that could allow humankind to perform computations that are simply impossible using today's computing technologies. It allows for very fast searching, something that would break some of the encryption algorithms we use today. And it allows us to easily factor large numbers, something that would break the RSA cryptosystem for any key length.


Valve Prepares Open-Source Moondust Repository "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Back in June, Valve announced "Moondust" as a new VR technical demo to showcase their hardware efforts (primarily with the Knuckles EV2 VR controllers) and consists of some mini games. It looks like this tech demo might be soon open-sourced...


DIY Rubber Ducky is as Cheap as its Namesake "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Rubber Ducky by Hak5 is a very powerful tool that lets the user perform rapid keystroke injection attacks, which is basically a fancy way of saying the device can type fast. Capable of entering text at over 1000 WPM, Mavis Beacons got nothing on this $45 gadget. Within just a few seconds of plugging it in, a properly programmed script can do all sorts of damage. Just think of all the havoc that can be caused by an attacker typing in commands on the local machine, and now image they are also the Flash.

The hardware side of thi...


One year later BlueBorne disclosure, over 2 Billion devices are still vulnerable "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

One year after the discovery of the BlueBorne Bluetooth vulnerabilities more than 2 billion devices are still vulnerable to attacks.

In September 2017, experts with Armis Labs devised a new attack technique, dubbed BlueBorne, aimed at mobile, desktop and IoT devices that use Bluetooth.  The BlueBorne attack exposes devices to a new remote attack, even without any user interaction and pairing, the unique condition for BlueBorne attacks is that targeted systems must have Bluetooth enabled.

The attack technique leverages on a total of nine vulnerabilities in the Bluetooth design that expose devices to cyber attacks.

A hacker in range of the targeted device can trigger one of the Bluetooth implementation issues for malicious purposes, including remote code execution and man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks. The attacker only needs to determine the operating system running on the targeted device in order to use the correct exploit.

According to the experts, in order to launch a BlueBorne attack, it is not necessary to trick the victim into clicking on a link or opening a malicious file.

The attack is stealthy and victims will not notice any suspicious activity on their device.


Two months later, experts at Armis also revealed that millions of AI-based voice-activated personal assistants, including Google Home and Amazon Echo, were affected by the Blueborne flaws.

At the time of BlueBorne disclosure, Armis estimated that the security flaw initially affected roughly 5.3 billion Bluetooth-enabled devices.

One year after the company published a new report that warns that roughly one-third of the 5.3 billion impacted devices are still vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Today, about two-thirds of previously affected devices have received updates that protect them from becoming victims of a BlueBorne attack, but what about the rest? Most of these devices are nearly one billion active Android and iOS devices that are end-of-life or end-of-support and wont receive critical updates that patch and protect them from a BlueBorne attack. states the new report published by Armis.

The other 768 million devices are still running unpatched or unpat...


A look at VinylVideo "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

May I introduce you to VinylVideo - probably the least commercially viable new product I've seen in quite some time, and yet I was inexplicably compelled to buy one. It's half art project, half tech demo and 100% bizarre.  


In a world of smartphones and more smartphones with the occasional smartphone, the not-at-all-smart VinylVideo has the power to stand out from the crowd and capture my attention. Thank goodness for oddballs and tech tinkerers - they're the ones who keep things interesting.

Here is the official website 

You may also be interested in the Holgar Czukay Cinema Box Set which includes a VinylVideo disc: (This is an Affiliated Link)

There are additional links in the video description text box on youtube. 


Intel 2.5G Ethernet Controller Support Continues Being Prepped For The Next Linux Kernel "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Last month we covered early work being done on an Intel 2.5G Ethernet Linux driver. That "IGC" driver for Intel I225-LM/I225-V 2.5G Ethernet adapters didn't make it for Linux 4.19, but it looks like it will be on track for the Linux 4.20~5.0 kernel...


Cryptocurrency Mining Attacks Using Leaked NSA Hacking Tools Are Still Highly Active a Year Later "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Fnord666

It's been over a year since highly classified exploits built by the National Security Agency were stolen and published online.

One of the tools, dubbed EternalBlue, can covertly break into almost any Windows machine around the world. It didn't take long for hackers to start using the exploits to run ransomware on thousands of computers, grinding hospitals and businesses to a halt. Two separate attacks in as many months used WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware, which spread like wildfire. Once a single computer in a network was infected, the malware would also target other devices on the network. The recovery was slow and cost companies hundreds of millions in damages.

Yet, more than a year since Microsoft released patches that slammed the backdoor shut, almost a million computers and networks are still unpatched and vulnerable to attack.


Original Submission

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Greece U-Turns Now Approves Mr. Bitcoin's Extradition To Russia "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Greece just took another U-turn. Mr. Bitcoin a.k.a. Alexander Vinnik is not going to France nor to the United States; instead, he is now possibly going to his homeland Russia. The Supreme Civil and Criminal Court of Greece on Friday has overruled previous decisions and approved to extradite the alleged owner of the now-defunct Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e Vinnik to Russia. Several


These Stunning Designs Show What Our Future on Mars Might Look Like "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A recent contest challenged participants to create utopian designs of future human Mars settlements, and their creations are stunning.

In the HP Mars Home Planet Rendering Challenge, over 87,000 people from all over the world flexed their creative muscles to design the perfect colony on the Red Planet. Last summer, when HP launched the challenge, the participants started working on their designs, and the winners were announced on Aug. 14.

This challenge wasnt just about creating a pretty, futuristic-looking, idealistic Martian colony. Indeed, the designs also had to show how the settlements would support 1 million colonists. The surface of the Red Planet is harsh, with an extremely thin atmosphere, intense radiation and dust storms that occasionally envelop the planet. [Mars Ice Home: A Red Planet Colony Concept in Pictures].


Re: [SECURITY] Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.2 resolves CVE-2017-15705, CVE-2016-1238, CVE-2018-11780 & CVE-2018-11781 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Reindl Harald on Sep 17

Am 16.09.18 um 23:11 schrieb Kevin A. McGrail:

again: i doubt that distributions push updates *NOW* because most
maintainers are not ware of the release nor do the expecit it at all
given how long we hear about 3.4.2 with no other official bugfix
releases for years

bad guys typically watch better than anyone else


Re: [SECURITY] Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.2 resolves CVE-2017-15705, CVE-2016-1238, CVE-2018-11780 & CVE-2018-11781 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Kevin A. McGrail on Sep 17

Per the asf security team, mitre considers the public rc1 from a few days
ago as the start of the clock for the publishing so we were already way
past the 24 hour windiw.

Hopefully, the announcements and reports are obfuscated and bugzilla ia
private so it'll be contained.


Re: [SECURITY] Apache SpamAssassin 3.4.2 resolves CVE-2017-15705, CVE-2016-1238, CVE-2018-11780 & CVE-2018-11781 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Reindl Harald on Sep 17

i doubt that it is wiese to blwo out security notes *that short* after
release and *that long* after the last release

Am 16.09.18 um 18:59 schrieb Kevin A. McGrail:


Data breaches make companies underperform the market in the long run "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

While the share prices of companies that experienced a sizeable/huge data breach suffer just a temporary hit, in the long term breached companies underperformed the market, an analysis by consumer tech product review and comparison site Comparitech has shown. This is the sites second annual analysis into the share prices and overall performance of 24 companies that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and have suffered a data breach in the last ten More

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Watch Out! This New Web Exploit Can Crash and Restart Your iPhone "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It's 2018, and just a few lines of code can crash and restart any iPhone or iPad and can cause a Mac computer to freeze. Sabri Haddouche, a security researcher at encrypted instant messaging app Wire, revealed a proof-of-concept (PoC) web page containing an exploit that uses only a few lines of specially crafted CSS & HTML code. Beyond just a simple crash, the web page, if visited, causes a


LLVM Developers Still Discussing SPIR-V Support Within Clang "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

One of the features that didn't materialize for LLVM / Clang 7.0 is the SPIR-V support within the compiler toolchain...


Chinese vice-premier calls on global AI elites to tackle ethics questions "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Chinese vice-premier Liu He called on the world to work together to address complex ethical, legal and other questions raised by artificial intelligence as he kicked off a gathering in Shanghai bringing together the globes AI elites.

As members of a global village, I hope countries can show inclusive understanding and respect to each other, deal with the double-sword technologies can bring, and together embrace AI, said Liu, a highly influential official who has been Chinas top trade negotiator in the US-China trade war and is also on the countrys technology development committee.

The star-studded World Artificial Intelligence Conference, which opened Monday morning, comes as China has emerged as one of the worlds top players in AI, which promises to revolutionise everything from health care to driving to policing.


All of the WineConf 2018 Videos Are Now Available "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Happening back at the end of June was WineConf 2018 in The Hague as the annual Wine developer conference. The remaining video recordings from that event are finally available...


Linux For Beginners: What's A Desktop Environment? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As I continue my journey into the world of Linux, I've realized that one of its most distinct advantages over Windows and macOS can also be one of its most confusing hurdles for beginners. Choice has a tendency to be overwhelming, and Linux is all about choice. Let's say you've set your sights on using Ubuntu. That's a safe decision, but there are eight official "flavors" of Ubuntu that all look and behave differently.


BPA-Free Replacement Plastics May Still Have Harmful Effects "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

BPA-free plastics may not be safer than regular plastics after all, a new study finds

Consumers turning to plastics made with alternatives to BPA in the hope that they're safer won't like what they're about to hear.

A new study [open, DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2018.06.070] [DX], published in the journal Current Biology, concluded that common alternatives to BPA caused harmful effects in mice, notably in their reproductive cells. The findings add to the mounting body of evidence that these alternatives carry their own health risks. As Science noted, if further research on animals and humans continues to support these findings, it could derail efforts to reassure the many consumers already nervous about the plastics in their food and drink containers that there are safe options to choose from.

The issue has been one of major concern in recent years, in part because of the work of Patricia Hunt, the Washington State University geneticist who led the team behind the new research. She first helped draw attention to the possible perils of BPAbisphenol A in its long formafter stumbling on them by accident.

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The Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) Helps Prevent Frivolous Software Patent Lawsuits "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

it is therefore opposed by those who profit (hundreds of dollars per hour) from these frivolous lawsuits


Summary: PTAB with its quality-improving inter partes reviews (IPRs) is enraging patent maximalists; but by looking to work around it or weaken it they will simply reduce the confidence associated with US patents

THE reputation of the USPTO will depend on its patents. A few days ago we learned, based on an article from Brittany Shoot (Fortune), that OxyContin drugs lords make billions getting you addicted to drugs (with the states approval) and then they want a patent monopoly on getting you off these drugs. This is outrageous, yet the USPTO sees no scandalous thing here; it only sees scandals in particular trademark applications because these might seem rude.

It also looks like another bogus software patent has just been wrongly granted by the Office. Aquiire published a press release about it. How about this other press release, this time from MKThink, which speaks of technologies for analyzing business intelligence applied to physical assets, environmental factors, and cultural dimensions. Not abstract? Talari Networks also pushed out a press release [1, 2] and this one is almost certainly about software patents. Last among this bunch we have a press release [1,...


[SECURITY] [DSA 4296-1] mbedtls security update "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Moritz Muehlenhoff on Sep 17

Debian Security Advisory DSA-4296-1 security () debian org Moritz Muehlenhoff
September 16, 2018

Package : mbedtls
CVE ID : CVE-2018-0497 CVE-2018-0498



[SECURITY] [DSA 4295-1] thunderbird security update "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Moritz Muehlenhoff on Sep 17

Debian Security Advisory DSA-4295-1 security () debian org Moritz Muehlenhoff
September 16, 2018

Package : thunderbird
CVE ID : CVE-2018-5156 CVE-2018-5187...


[SECURITY] [DSA 4294-1] ghostscript security update "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Moritz Muehlenhoff on Sep 17

Debian Security Advisory DSA-4294-1 security () debian org Moritz Muehlenhoff
September 16, 2018

Package : ghostscript
CVE ID : CVE-2018-16509 CVE-2018-16802...


[SECURITY] [DSA 4273-2] intel-microcode security update "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Moritz Muehlenhoff on Sep 17

Debian Security Advisory DSA-4273-2 security () debian org Moritz Muehlenhoff
September 16, 2018

Package : intel-microcode
CVE ID : CVE-2018-3639...


[slackware-security] php (SSA:2018-257-01) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Slackware Security Team on Sep 17

[slackware-security] php (SSA:2018-257-01)

New php packages are available for Slackware 14.0, 14.1, 14.2, and -current to
fix security issues.

Here are the details from the Slackware 14.2 ChangeLog:
patches/packages/php-5.6.38-i586-1_slack14.2.txz: Upgraded.
One security bug has been fixed in this release:
Apache2: XSS due to the header Transfer-Encoding: chunked
For more information, see:...


[SECURITY] [DSA 4293-1] discount security update "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Alessandro Ghedini on Sep 17

Debian Security Advisory DSA-4293-1 security () debian org Alessandro Ghedini
September 14, 2018

Package : discount
CVE ID : CVE-2018-11468 CVE-2018-11503...


Hand-Forged Cases Make Nixie Clocks into Works of Art "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Both Nixie and Steampunk are getting a bit overused. Its hard to count the number of clock projects weve seen recently that combine the two, and normally wed be loath to feature yet another variation on that theme without a good reason. This is a good reason.

[Claes] doesnt have many details on the build process weve been in contact and he says hes working on documentation but it doesnt matter. As if all that werent enough, the clocks are controlled by a remote, which has its own IN-16 tube and is motion controlled. The last bit is a nice touch since there are no buttons to distract from the smooth lines of the hammered metal case.

We gush, but we think this one really shines. Thats not to take anything away from previous Nixie-steampunk mashups, like this single-digit clock or this solar power meter. But these clocks are a step beyond.


Google Android team found high severity flaw in Honeywell Android-based handheld computers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Experts at the Google Android team have discovered high severity privilege escalation vulnerability in some of Honeywell Android-based handheld computers.

Security experts from the Google Android team have discovered a high severity privilege escalation vulnerability in some of Honeywell Android-based handheld computers that could be exploited by an attacker to gain elevated privileges.

According to the vendor, Honeywell handheld computers combine the advantages of consumer PDAs and high-end industrial mobile computers into a single rugged package.

The rugged devices provide enhanced connectivity, including industry standard 802.11x, Cisco compatibility, and Bluetooth, they are widely adopted in many sectors, including energy, healthcare, critical manufacturing, and commercial facilities.

The US ICS-CERT published a security advisory to warn of the vulnerability that affects several models of Honeywell Android handheld computers, including CT60, CN80, CT40, CK75, CN75, CT50, D75e, CN51, and EDA series.

A vulnerability in a system service on CT60, CN80, CT40, CK75, CN75, CT50, D75e, CN51, and EDA series mobile computers running the Android Operating System (OS) could allow a malicious third-party application to gain elevated privileges. reads the advisory published by the US ICS-CERT.

The flaw, tracked as CVE-2018-14825, received a CVSS v3 base score of 7.6).

Honeywell Android-based handheld computers

Customers should whitelist trusted applications to avoid malic...


How to crash and restart an iPhone with a CSS-based web attack "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

How to crash and restart an iPhone with a CSS-based web attack

A security researcher has revealed a method of crashing and restarting iPhones and iPads, with just a few lines of code that could be added to any webpage.

Read more in my article on the Hot for Security blog.


(IN)SECURE Magazine issue 59 released "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

(IN)SECURE Magazine is a free digital security publication discussing some of the hottest information security topics. Issue 59 has been released today. Table of contents The importance of career pathing in the cybersecurity industry Securing healthcare organizations: The challenges CISOs face Fingerprinting HTTP anomalies to dissect malicious operations How to keep cryptominers from opening up your IT container boxes Report: Black Hat USA 2018 Vulnerability research and responsible disclosure: Advice from an industry veteran Managing More

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Tesla is Ending its Lifetime Free Supercharging Offer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Fnord666

Tesla's offer of free, unlimited Supercharger access was supposed to have ended in early 2017, but it's been on a form of life support since then. Unless you were buying a regular Model 3, you could get the no-cost charging by ordering your EV with a referral code from an existing owner. Now, however, even that exception appears to be coming to an end. Elon Musk has pointed out that the referral program is about to end. After September 16th, owners will only get to hand out $100 in Supercharging credit to Model S, Model X and Model 3 Performance buyers -- just enough for a few top-ups.

While there is a chance this isn't a permanent end (this is the company that brought back the Roadster), we wouldn't count on it given the finality of Musk's statement. Previous referral programs started the day after their predecessors ended.

The end to the offer isn't surprising, even with Tesla's repeated extensions. Superchargers may cost you less than filling up a gas-powered car, but they're still expensive to operate -- Tesla had to factor the cost of Supercharging into every sale when the perk was free for every buyer. And when the automaker is still bleeding cash, it's likely determined to cut costs and boost revenue whenever possible.


Original Submission

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Abstract Patents (Things One Can Do With Pen and Paper, Sometimes an Abacus) Are a Waste of Money as Courts Disregard Them "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

An abacus

Summary: A quick roundup of patents and lawsuits at the heart of which theres little or no substance; 35 U.S.C. 101 renders these moot

THIS almost final post (for today) is also the longest. It covers new examples in which the patent system notably the USPTO in this case presents recklessness or disregards for patent quality, legal certainty and so on. What good are patents if their legitimacy isnt being assured and whose underlying economics are misunderstood (or worse ignored)? Mere ideas arent inventions. Thoughts arent inventions, either. Nature is not an invention and merely discovering things which always existed in nature cant be considered an invention (at best a discovery). The patent systems oughtnt be misused or endlessly stretched to cover just about every conceivable thing because that would hold science as well as free thought back. Those who care about patents should shun the patent maximalists and aim to restrict the scope of patents. The same goes for copyrights and trademarks.

We start our journey with this bizarre new article that uses the term IP, probably conflating trade secrets, copyrights and trademarks with patents. Proactive Investors UK speaks of patent licensing, but this case appears to concern something like copyrights (which they vaguely allude to as IP). GAN must be extremely misguided if it thinks that it can win a patent lawsuit over software in the US, so on the face of it it boils down to bad reporting or bad communication (misleading on purpose) from Irwin IP LLP. What does the following mean by technology? Code? Mere ideas? Secrets? It doesnt say clearly. To quote:

GAN claims that some internet gambling operators have been using its technology without permission, and it is now seeking commercial settlements for these...


Terrarium TV Dev Says He Could Hand User Info to Authorities "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Terrarium TV was one of the most impressive pirate apps in recent years. Utilizing video content hosted on file-hosting platforms, it grew to become a serious competitor to apps like Showbox and Popcorn Time.

Last week, however, developer NitroXenon announced that the project would be shutting down

It has always been a great pleasure to work on this project. However, it is time to say goodbye. I am going to shut down Terrarium TV, forever, he wrote.

I know this day will come eventually. I know it would be hard to let go. But it is really time for me to move on to other projects.

As always, people wanted to know why the project was really being shut down. TorrentFreak spoke with NitroXenon who told us.very little. When questioned he refused to speak about his motivation, which of course led to speculation, some of it reasonable, some of it less so.

The big possibility, of course, is legal threats. Given that NitroXenon refused to answer, we might deduce that hes under pressure not to speak. However, no substantial facts were available to definitively back that up so we had to take his statement at face value.

And then this weekend, out of the blue, NitroXenon scared thousands of Terrarium TV fans with a surprise announcement.

Former users of Terrarium TV, who didnt immediately uninstall the app as NitroXenon had previously advised, suddenly started receiving notifications on their devices.

Uninstall immediately! one warned. Your IP address and location are being tracked!

We cant guarantee that details wont be shared upon request, advised another.

These kinds of notifications are not what the average user expects and of course, panic ensued. Was this some kind of scare tactic to ensure the last few people uninstalled the app or were the notifications sent out of genuine concern for users?

On Sunday, TorrentFreak was able to reach NitroXenon and ask him what on earth is going on. He had nothing reassuring to say.

Im just telling the truth, he told TF. Almost every app tracks users IP [addresses]. And if I must [hand] the info to authorities then Ill do it.

Other than this statement, Nitro...


Manitoba hiker missing in German Alps found dead, family confirms "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

 This is a reminder of just how vulnerable we truly are when we walk the wild.  This guy was clearly an experienced hiker.  Yet he had a simple misstep.  That is also possible on a city street.  Step off a curb in error and roll directly into an oncoming bus.  Just how concious are we of our surroundings.  Because of years of expereince, our city instincts are well honed.

Not so in the wild.  Yet it is simple to lower your guard.  After all it was only a short mile or so to the next station.  He got too relaxed and took his eye of the ground in the wrong spot.  I have made similar mistakes and cannot emphasize how dangerous the wild really is.

It is also a reminder to always have a walking partner and if that is not possible, to put on your hyper vigilant persona.  Wake up.  Make that your watch word.

Manitoba hiker missing in German Alps found dead, family confirms

Jeff Freiheit last spoke to his wife Aug. 2, before he set out on a treacherous trail

CBC News Posted: Aug 26, 2018 8:02 AM CT | Last Updated: an hour ago

Jeff Freiheit posted this photo to Facebook from Bad Tolz, Germany, on Aug. 2. A Facetime call with him on that date was the last time his wife, Selena Freiheit, spoke with him before he went missing. (Submitted by Selena Freiheit)

Jeff Freiheit, a Manitoba teacher who went missing while hiking in the German Alps, has been found dead, his family has confirmed. He was 32.

Freiheit's family last heard from him on Aug. 2, shortly before he set out to hike a five-kilometre stretch of rugged trail just north of the Austrian border.

Freiheit's sister, Amanda Devigne, said her brother was found at the base of Brauneck mountain by his mother and his best friend, who had travelled there to search for him. He'd fallen about 60 metres. The pair were accompanied by a group of volunteer searchers.

  Devigne said she and her family are "forever grateful" to the strangers who treated Freiheit and her family like it was their own family they were looking for.

No evidence of foul play

German police said Sunday that searchers had found what they believe to be the body of a Canadian in the Bavarian Alps, and that there was no evidence of foul play.

On YouTube, Rich Manfield, who had been...


"Diversity" is a NWO Doublespeak Trick to Destroy the White Race "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Let us understand something.  Racism or ethnic supremacy comes to all of us a naturally as breathing and it empowers the constant warfare between natural communities.  It is logically absurd and that is that.  Overcoming this natural bias demands education of all participants.

That means it is a two way street subject to careful investigation.  We may challenge Jewish attitudes to Palestinians but it is empty if we do not also challenge Palestinian attitudes to Jews.  Without a binary approach, the one soon feeds of the other and mutual hatred is easily and continuously promoted.

It means little enough if one side has power over the other, yet it has been the glory of Christianity that they ended slavery in a time and place.  That decision is still working out.  The intent of the NWO is suspect and is a real problem in terms of resurgent NAZISM.

Worse, the leadership is not the cream of the intellectual crop and the aspects of their belief system belies all that.  They are stupid and their solutions are stupid.

All this is resolved through the continuing promotion of Christianity as is actually happening..

"Diversity" is a NWO Doublespeak Trick to Destroy the White Race

The Zionist central banking cartel is behind "diversity" whether it takes the form of multiculturalism, migration, miscegenation or the attack on gender. Its proponents are globalist (Communist) traitors.
by Henry Makow Ph.D. (excerpt)

In English, "Diversity" means acknowledging differ...


Qanon Heads up for Thursday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Various tidbits here.  Not only are we having a communication test on Thursday, but it appears that the supreme court vote will also be held on that day.  What it does mean is that the President can actually address the whole population on that day and thereafter on this emergency system.  How about sending out Executive Orders?

How about launching those arrests that day? Other events should also happen between today and Thursday including the release of redacted documents.

 Without question, the arrest of 55,000 will be historic.  And the only thing that is certain in terms of this flood of data is that those sealed indictments exist.  The rest we need to be aware of in order to avoid been shocked but we do not need to know at all.  What we have is a list of expectations and an opposition that is becoming steadily quieter..

Sep 16 2018

2186 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: cb7fb5 No.3046898 
Sep 16 2018 13:13:12 (EST)
TEST [Thursday] by DoD to confirm 'free-flow' of direct comms.


What on Earth Happened to the Old Europeans? Pre-Indo-European History of Europe "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

What i suspect is essentially true is that northern tribes around the Baltic, somehow or the other bred true for a white skin and this ultimately dominated however it happened.  Recall though that the climate naturally bleeds out the pigmentation.  Thus the natural coloration will be brownish and this surely includes the Mediterranean although it has been argued otherwise.

This came home to me with a Cypriot Turkish friend of mine who in Cyprus was known as Black Josef because of his deep sun tan.  Yet years in Vancouver lightened him hugely.

However it happened, they all became cattle men first and then excellent farmers in order to preserve their herds and themselves through the winter.  This led to large established villages and a concomitant population increase.  Increasing numbers naturally absorbed the far less populous lifeway of all other nations there.

Their organized lifeway supported hugely increased economic activity. and this triggered the European Bronze Age and the advent of a serious seamanship as well.  All this took place before 2500 BC which coincides with the unusual expansion of white skinned peoples in particular.

This then fed directly into the eastern seaboard of the USA  and drove a migration of European folk to the Americas.  Migrations may well have happened much earlier as well, but a major influx then became possible.  What this meant is that a small clan driven from their hunting grounds by expanding agriculturists  would naturally take ship and head to known better hunting.  Ironically this is exactly what played out later in the Americas as well.

What on Earth Happened to the Old Europeans? Pre-Indo-European History of Europe


Published on 20 May 2018

What happened to the Old European? Meaning the original people groups of Europe that inhabited the landmass before the arrival of the Indo-Europeans, a group which would later evolve into the vast majority of European nations we see today, from the Russians, Italians, Irish, Norwegians and Greeks. Although precious little is known, there are clues left behind in the archaeology, genetics, linguistics and historical texts that have been passed down through the generations,...


Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent 09/17/18 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This week we have four newcomers in our chart.

Skyscraper is the most downloaded movie.

The data for our weekly download chart is estimated by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. All the movies in the list are Web-DL/Webrip/HDRip/BDrip/DVDrip unless stated otherwise.

RSS feed for the articles of the recent weekly movie download charts.

This weeks most downloaded movies are:
Movie Rank Rank last week Movie name IMDb Rating / Trailer
Most downloaded movies via torrents
1 (1) Skyscraper 6.1 / trailer
2 () Solo: A Star Wars Story 7.1 / trailer
3 () Sicario: Day of the Soldado 7.3 / trailer
4 (2) Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 6.5 /...


EOSBet Gambling application hacked, crooks stole $200,000 worth of EOS "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The gambling application EOSBet was affected by a vulnerability in its smart contract system that has been exploited by attackers to steal $200,000 worth of EOS.

The security breach was first reported by the member thbourlove of the EOSBet Reddit community that shared the code used to exploit the flaw.

After seeing the exploit code, the EOSBets official Reddit account admitted the hack.

Yep, we were hacked. But we also have this exact assertion that you do. I would be careful, its a bit deeper than you think. stated the EOSBets official Reddit account

EOSbet app

A million-dollar EOS gambling dApp suffered a major blow, just days after declaring itself to be the safest of its kind. reported The Next Web website.

Hackers have taken 40,000 EOS ($200,000) from the operating wallet of EOSBet by exploiting vulnerabilities in its smart contracts

The gambling application is based on the EOS blockchain, it was taken offline in response to the security breach.

[] A few hours ago, we were attacked, and about 40,000 EOS was taken from our bankroll, said an EOSBet spokesperson.

This bug was not minor as was stated previously, and we are still doing forensics and piecing together what happened.

According to the company the attackers exploited a bug in one of their games, but it seems that the same issue could affect other games of the gambling platform.

The hackers were able to forge fake hash to hijack the EOSBets transfer funds.

The attackers have attempted to transfer funds to a wallet under their control that looks very similar to the one used by EOSBet.

The hackers only make a limited number of transactions from a number of accounts, they used the following message or similar as a description:

Memo: Please refund the illegal income eos...


Long-term colonization of the solar system with 290,000 square feet per person "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A 5 km settlement radius corresponds roughly to the sweet design spot where earthlike radiation shielding is produced for free by the required structural mass.

Overall, the settlement concept satisfies the following generic requirements for long-term large-scale settling of the solar system:

1g artificial gravity, earthlike atmosphere, earthlike radiation protection. 2. Large enough size so that internals of the settlement exceed a persons lifetime-integrated capacity to explore. 3. Standard of living reminiscent to contemporary royal families on Earth, quantified by up to 25,000 m2 of urban living area and 2000 m2 of rural area per inhabitant (290,000 square feet per person). 4. Access to other settlements and Earth by spacecraft docking ports, using safe arrival and departure procedures that do not require impulsive chemical propulsion.


SpaceX to give BFR update and announce a private Moon mission on Monday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

SpaceX is set for a surprise event that is expected to revolve the announcement of a newly-contracted launch planned to send a private individual around the Moon with BFR, potentially queuing up a true race (back) to the Moon between SpaceX and NASA sometime in the early to mid-2020s.

Alongside the official announcement and a fascinating render revealing a dramatically-updated iteration of BFRs spaceship upper stage, CEO Elon Musk cryptically hinted on Twitter that the private customer could be Japanese, as well as confirming that the spaceship as shown was indicative of a new BFR design.


Blockchain Hype and FinTech-Like Buzzwords Usher in Software Patents Everywhere, Even Where Such Patents Are Obviously Bunk "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

On a computer patents (lacking physical, concrete components and usually lacking novelty)

Singapore marina

Summary: Not only the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) embraces the blockchain hype; business methods and algorithms are being granted patent protection (exclusivity) which would likely be disputed by the courts (if that ever reaches the courts)

THE EPO grants software patents even though its not supposed to. So does the USPTO in spite of 35 U.S.C. 101/Alice. Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) inter partes reviews (IPRs) would certainly invalidate these with the Federal Circuit affirming these decisions.

All of these patents are bogus, bunk software patentsWeve already expressed many criticisms of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), where patent maximalists and even software patents are being tolerated. The same goes for SIPO in China, but not quite the JPO and KIPO in Japan and South Korea, respectively.

Singapore is basically racing to the bottom with software patents, as confirmed only hours ago (How Singapore Is Fast-Tracking FinTech Patent Applications). A FinTech patent is just a software patent with a buzzword, yet apparently IPOS is happy to glorify such patents:

The box-office smash hit, Crazy Rich Asians, is on everyones lips (and social media feeds) nowadays. The Singapore-set Hollywood movie, featuring an all-Asian cast, comically peers into the lives of the one-percenters strutting their stuff in famously up-market Singapore. Love it or hate it, the movie nails one thing for sure: Singapore is a playground for the financially savvy; a haven for financial technology (commonly known as FinTech).

In this spirit, the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) has launched a fast-track patent scheme determined to accelerate...


Final Delta 2 Launch "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Early morning launch closes book on Delta 2 legacy spanning nearly 30 years

A United Launch Alliance Delta 2 rocket fired away from a California military base and disappeared into an overcast cloud deck Saturday on its final flight, carrying a NASA research satellite into orbit and closing the book on a nearly 30-year legacy of launches.

[...] NASA's ICESat 2 satellite, kicking off a $1 billion mission using lasers to measure global ice sheet changes from space, deployed from the rocket's upper stage around 53 minutes after liftoff. A live video view beamed down from the Delta 2 showed the 3,340-pound (1,515-kilogram) NASA research craft flying away from the rocket against the inky black backdrop of space.

[...] While ULA's Delta 4 rocket will remain in service for several more years, the Delta 2 rocket was the last U.S. launcher flying that could trace its basic design to the dawn of the Space Age. When the first Delta 2 rocket took off on Valentine's Day 1989, ideas like navigating by smartphone and driving robots on Mars were science fiction. More than 150 launches over the last 30 years helped change all that.

The first launch of a Delta rocket occurred in May 1960, debuting a derivative of the Thor intermediate range ballistic missile capable of putting a satellite into orbit. Engineers have lengthened the Thor's original 8-foot-diameter (2.4-meter) first stage several times, expanding the Delta's propellant capacity, while adding a new upper stage engine and strap-on solid rocket boosters to haul heavier payloads into space. The Delta rocket line has been on the brink of retirement several times, perhaps most notably in the 1980s, when the U.S. government sought to transition all of its satellite launches to the space shuttle. That policy changed in the aftermath of the Challenger accident in 1986, resulting in the creation of the Delta 2 and the restart of the Delta production line.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Break out of malware myopia by focusing on the fundamentals "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Organizations today suffer from malware myopia, a condition characterized by threat-centric security programs caused by the ease of imagining a takedown by malicious code. Malware myopia is a mental bug; a defect in reasoning that scrambles peoples judgment. If asked point-blank, few would say that malware is an existential threat. To be sure, it is vital to acknowledge that an attacker only has to be right once, and given eye-catching headlines surrounding new forms of More

The post Break out of malware myopia by focusing on the fundamentals appeared first on Help Net Security.


How to gain visibility with global IT asset inventory "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In this podcast recorded at Black Hat USA 2018, Pablo Quiroga, Director of Product Management at Qualys, talks about how to gain unprecedented visibility with global IT asset inventory. Heres a transcript of the podcast for your convenience. My name is Pablo Quiroga. Im the Director of Product Management at Qualys, and today Im going to be speaking about how to gain unprecedented visibility with global IT asset inventory. A complete visibility of your IT More

The post How to gain visibility with global IT asset inventory appeared first on Help Net Security.


Data privacy automation: Unlock your most valuable asset "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In years past, data privacy was the purview of the chief privacy officer. However, increasingly, CTOs are being tasked with operationalizing a data privacy solution for the company. Thats because data privacy is fundamentally a data issue, with privacy being an outcome of a comprehensive data protection strategy. In a world of exploding data, its impossible for privacy professionals using manual, survey-based approaches to stay on top of this ever-changing sea of information. Companies constantly More

The post Data privacy automation: Unlock your most valuable asset appeared first on Help Net Security.


Qualcomms Patent Aggression Threatens Rationality of Patent Scope in Europe and Elsewhere "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Qualcomms European Patent (EP) 2954737


Summary: Qualcomms dependence on patent taxes (so-called royalties associated with physical devices which it doesnt even make) highlights the dangers now known; the patent thicket has grown too thick

THE EPO and USPTO have both granted software patents to hardware giants which disguised these as physical. We covered some examples earlier this year (including Qualcomm's, as above).

Here is the latest article (among many recently, specifically about Qualcomm) by Florian Mller, who told me he talks about a dangerous precedent Qualcomm is trying to set in a German software patent case against Apple. On that basis, thin air would infringe a patent on a coffee filter if filtered coffee was poured in.

This deals with software patent claim limitations, Mller explains, with a dangerous precedent possible for the following reasons:

The name of the game is the claim. Theres no German equivalent, at least none that rhymes, but I vividly remember Quinn Emanuels Dr. Marcus Grosch stressing this point when he was defending Motorola Mobility against Microsoft, particularly in the Munich appeals court. Now, as counsel for Qualcomm in a German lawsuit against Apple that will be tried on Thursday and involves the iPhones built-in Spotlight search technology, hes espousing the very opposite position. The former anti-software-patent campaigner in me dreads and hates the notion of software patents being given overbroad scope in litigationway beyond any reaonable claim construction.

Whatever may come out of that Munich case (technically, a host of cases asserting different members of the same patent family and targeting different Apple entities...


Raspberry Pi Projection Mapping Crash Course "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Projection mapping might not be a term youre familiar with, but youve certainly seen the effect before. Its when images are projected onto an object, usually one that has an interesting or unusual shape, to create an augmented reality display. Software is used to map the image or video to the physical shape its being projected on, often to surreal effect. Imagine an office building suddenly being painted another color for the Holidays, and youll get the idea.

This might seem like one of those things thats difficult to pull off at the hobbyist level, but as it turns out, theres a number of options to do your own projection mapping with the lowly Raspberry Pi. [Cornelius], an avid VJ with a penchant for projection mapping, has done the legwork and put together a thorough list of different packages available for the Pi in case you want to try your hand at the futuristic art form. Many of them are even open source software, which of course we love around these parts.

[Cornelius] starts by saying hes had Pis running projection installations for as long as three years, and while he doesnt promise the reader its always the best solution, he says its worth getting started on at least. Why not? If the softwares free and youve already got a Raspberry Pi laying around (we know you do), you just need a projector to get into the game.


Tropical Depression Florence Continues to Dump Rain on the Carolinas "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Florence bringing 'catastrophic' flooding, mudslides deep into North Carolina

Rivers approached record flood stage and more than 680,000 utility customers were without power Sunday as North Carolina struggled under the crushing fury of Florence, the mighty hurricane diminished to a tropical depression but still pounding the region with unrelenting rain.

The Florence death toll rose to 14 Sunday after a truck lost control on a flooded South Carolina.

Florence has stalled over the Carolinas and was forecast to dump up to 10 more inches of rain in some areas, the National Hurricane Center said. Parts of southeastern North Carolina could see up to 40 inches before the rain ends Monday. And the damage isn't confined to the coast.

"These rainfall amounts will produce catastrophic flash flooding, prolonged significant river flooding and an elevated risk for landslides in western North Carolina and far southwest Virginia," the hurricane center warned.

Sections of two interstates, I-40 and I-95, were shut down due to flooding and debris. Several rivers were approaching record levels, and officials warned that cresting in some areas won't come until later in the week.

National Hurricane Center.

Previously: Hurricane Florence Threatens Carolinas and Georgia on U.S. East Coast

Original Submission

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Months After Oil States the Patent Maximalists Are Still Desperate to Crush PTAB in the Courts, Not Just in Congress and the Office "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Patent Lawyers' Tears

Summary: Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) inter partes reviews (IPRs) improve patent quality and are therefore a threat to those who profit from spurious feuding and litigation; they try anything they can to turn things around

THE new U.S. Patent and Trademark Offices (USPTO) Director is no friend of PTAB, unlike his predecessor. The Congress, as we noted some hours ago, is being approached by those looking to undermine PTAB. 35 U.S.C. 101 has a lot to do with it, sometimes because of drug companies.

Theres an attempt there to make life harder for filers, reducing the overall number of IPRs.If the patent industry cannot get PTAB and the Federal Circuit on its side, then it typically resorts to attacking both. Not a clever strategy

Days ago we saw RPXs press release titled RPX Corporation Completes Transaction with Realtime Data [1, 2]. The patent maximalist Matthew Bultman (Law360) then recalled a case which patent maximalists hoped would help friction, eroding access to PTAB and d...


IAM, Watchtroll and the EPO Still Spread the Mentality of Patent Maximalism "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Joff Wild and BattistelliSummary: The misguided idea that the objective (overall) should be to grant as many monopolies as possible (to spur a lot of litigation) isnt being challenged in echo chamber events, set up and sponsored by think tanks and pressure groups of the litigation industry

TODAY we shall write a lot about patent scope, software patents in Europe and in the US in particular. It is generally a symptom of the patent system getting hijacked by those who were originally meant to service scientists. Roles have been reversed and scientists are now expected to provide demand (or cash flow) for lawyers, who sometimes just sue scientists without prior provocation (many patent trolls are just lawyers).

According to this hours-old blog post from Satoshi Watanabe, the patent trolls think tank (IAM), which is also a Battistelli mouthpiece (hes an author and keynote speaker to them), is nowadays in Japan spreading the religion (litigation industry psyche). The think tank entertains accompanying studies etc. The chart compares the number and ratio of patent applications filed to Japan by US, Korean, and German companies, Watanabe says, respectively compared between a period of 2002-2006 and 2012-2016. The JPO studies all the patent applications which are filed both to US and Europe. The yellow bar in the chart indicates the number and ratio of patent applications whose counterparts were not filed to Japan, while the blue bar indicates those whose counterparts were filed to Japan. They obviously reduced patent application filings to Japan.

So what? So there may be fewer monopolies. Is that a bad thing? Its only necessarily a bad thing for the litigation industry. The USPTO is currently paying the price for over-granting for a number of decades.

Hours ago also came...


Why Joel Osteen, The Smiling Preacher, Is So Darn Appealing - Facts So Romantic "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Right out of the gate, Osteen is using three of Antonakis identified tactics: an animated voice, facial expressions, and gestures.Photograph by Cooper Neill / Getty

Its hard to quantify charisma, but by any measure Joel Osteen has some pretty impressive stats. Every week, the man some call The Smiling Preacher, draws an estimated 43,500 individuals to his Lakewood Church, which he moved into a former professional basketball stadium just off Houstons Highway 59 in 2005. Osteens weekly sermons are beamed across seven networks in the United States and, by some estimates, reach 95 percent of the nations households and more than 150 countries.

The 55-year-old pastor, with his boyish good looks, ubiquitous incisors, and his impeccably coiffed mane of wavy, brown locks, oversees a budget estimated at upward of $70 million. He has penned no less than seven best sellers (most derived from his sermons), has amassed a net worth estimated at $40 million, with book sales and related revenue reportedly exceeding $55 million, and lives in a 17,000-square foot, $10.5 million mansion. All of it is built upon the personalitythe words, the wisdom, and in no small part the charismaof the man the congregants of the nations largest charismatic
Read More


What Cardiologists Think About the Apple Watch's Heart-Tracking Feature "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

The newest Apple Watch can now flag potential problems with your heartbeat - a feature that's been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration and that Apple is marking as a major achievement. But some doctors said that including heart-monitoring tools in such a popular consumer product could prompt unnecessary anxiety and medical visits.

The company touted its heart-tracking feature as proof that the watch can help people proactively manage their health "The Apple Watch has become the intelligent guardian for your health," Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams, who oversees the development of the Apple Watch, said in the company's presentation of new Apple products this week.

[...] The FDA has cleared Apple's device as a Class II medical device, meaning that it is intended to diagnose or treat a medical condition and poses a minimal risk to use. (Other Class II devices include some powered wheelchairs and pregnancy kits, according to the FDA website.) In its letter to Apple clearing the feature, the FDA listed as a risk factor the potential for mistakenly flagging a problem, prompting unneeded treatment.


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iCub is the Robot that is Equally Cute and Creepy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

We shouldnt say iCub the humanoid robot from Italy is creepy. After all, human-like robots are in their infancy and an early computer or automobile would hardly be indicative of where those industries would take us. You can see the little guy in the video below.

The effort is open source and was part of an EU project that has been adopted by 20 labs around the world. The video just shows a guy in VR gear operating the robot, but the website has a lot of technical information if you want to know more.

The robot has 53 motors and has vision and audio sensors along with other sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes. The robot is meant to be the size of a three and half year old child. We dont know why. There are many projects based on the hardware including Darwin which is trying to develop a robot that can assemble and disassemble complex objects and another project aimed at giving the robot linguistic skills.

We couldnt help but notice that the operators motions were not replicated by the robot. Instead, walking forward was more of a cue that the robot should also walk forward. We get why this is, but it is also fairly inefficient. We get the cool factor of you walk and your avatar walks, but if you have to take 20 steps to the avatars one childlike gait, you are going to wear out pretty quickly.

iCub shouldnt be too lonesome. Theres Poppy, of course. Although, he might be a little lonesome since Asimo retired.


Amazon staff said to be taking bribes to leak data "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Amazon staff said to be taking bribes to leak data

Often the biggest problem is not the threat of external hackers, but rather internal staff to whom you have granted access to sensitive data and who might be tempted to exploit it for financial gain.


Why Is M-Theory the Leading Candidate for Theory of Everything? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its not easy being a theory of everything. A TOE has the very tough job of fitting gravity into the quantum laws of nature in such a way that, on large scales, gravity looks like curves in the fabric of space-time, as Albert Einstein described in his general theory of relativity. Somehow, space-time curvature emerges as the collective effect of quantized units of gravitational energy particles known as gravitons. But naive attempts to calculate how gravitons interact result in nonsensical infinities, indicating the need for a deeper understanding of gravity.

String theory (or, more technically, M-theory) is often described as the leading candidate for the theory of everything in our universe. But theres no empirical evidence for it, or for any alternative ideas about how gravity might unify with the rest of the fundamental forces. Why, then, is string/M-theory given the edge over the others?

The theory famously posits that gravitons, as well as electrons, photons and everything else, are not point-particles but rather imperceptibly tiny ribbons of energy, or strings, that vibrate in different ways. Interest in string theory soared in the mid-1980s, when physicists realized that it gave mathematically consistent descriptions of quantized gravity. But the five known versions of string theory were all perturbative, meaning they broke down in some regimes. Theorists could calculate what happens when two graviton strings collide at high energies, but not when theres a confluence of gravitons extreme enough to form a black hole.


50,000-Year-Old Mummified Remains of Wolf Pup and Caribou Found in Northern Canada "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Mummified ice age wolf pup and caribou found in northern Canada

The rare remains of an ice-age wolf pup and a caribou will offer insights about life in Canada's far north more than 50,000 years ago, scientists say. The creatures were discovered with intact hair, skin, and muscle tissue.

They were found in 2016 by miners near Dawson City in Yukon, and handed over to palaeontologists for research and analysis. They are among the oldest mummified mammal soft tissue in the world, palaeontologist Grant Zazula said.

The wolf pup is estimated to have been about eight weeks old when it died. "It's beautiful, the fur, it's got the cute little paws and tail and the curled upper lip showing its teeth. It's spectacular," Mr Zazula told the Canadian Press news agency on Thursday.

Also at CBC and The Guardian.

Original Submission

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DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 781 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Linux Mint 3 Debian Edition (LMDE 3)News: Arch developers answer questions, a tutorial for getting around keyring password prompts, MX makes installing Flatpaks easier, next Mageia release to have fewer download optionsQuestions and answers: File systems for solid state drives (SSDs)Released last....


HPR2641: Liverpool Makefest 2018 - interview with Rachel from the MicroBit Foundation "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In this episode I talk to Rachel Lancaster from the Micro:Bit foundation.


Hackaday Links: September 16, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Apple released a phone, the most phone in the history of phones. Its incredible.

There are four machines that are the cornerstone of electronic music. The TR-808, the TR-909, the TB-303, and the SH-101 are the machines that created techno, house, and every other genre of electronic music. This week at KnobCon Behringer, the brand famous for cheap mixers, other audio paraphernalia of questionable quality, and a clone of the Minimoog, teased their clone of the 909. Unlike the Roland reissue, this is a full-sized 909, much like Behringers clone of the 808. Price is said to be under $400, and the best guess on the release is, sometime in the next year

Speaking of synths, [jan] has created a ton of electronic musical instruments based around single chips. Theres one that fits inside a MIDI plug, and another that also adds a keyboard. Now he has an educational kit on IndieGoGo. Its surprisingly cheap at $19.



Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Board Approves Surveillance Oversight Policy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Bay Area transit system approves new surveillance-oversight policy

On Thursday, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Board of Directors voted to approve a new policy that requires that it be notified if the local police department wishes to acquire new surveillance equipment.

BART is one of the largest mass transit agencies in northern California, with a system that stretches from the San Francisco International Airport, through San Francisco itself, across to Oakland, north to Antioch and south to Fremontadjacent to Silicon Valley. This new policy puts it in line with a number of other regional cities that impose community oversight on the acquisition and use of surveillance technology. It is believed to be one of the first, if not the first, such policies for a transportation agency in the nation.

[...] The new BART policy was approved just one day after the Bay Area News Group reported that BART police had been using license plate readers at the parking garage at MacArthur station in Oakland for several months beginning in January 2017. The data collected was, in turn, shared with a "fusion center" of federal law enforcement data known as the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center.

Somehow, the MacArthur license plate reader (LPR) system was installed months after the Board had voted in 2016 to delay installation of the high-speed scanners until a policy for their use could be drafted.

Related: California Senate Bill Could Thwart Automated License Plate Readers
California Senate Rejects License Plate Privacy Shield Bill
Forget Scanning License Plates; Cops Will Soon ID You Via Your Roof Rack
Los Angeles to Become the First City to Use Body Scanners in Rail Transit Systems
California Officials Admit to Using License Plate Reader...


Kernel prepatch 4.19-rc4; Linus taking a break "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Linus has released 4.19-rc4 and made a set of announcements that should really be read in their entirety. "I actually think that 4.19 is looking fairly good, things have gotten to the 'calm' period of the release cycle, and I've talked to Greg to ask him if he'd mind finishing up 4.19 for me, so that I can take a break, and try to at least fix my own behavior."


NFPHosting 5 VPS Reseller Offers Deploy in Los Angeles, NY, and Chicago from $18/yr! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Hello readers, we havent heard from Nathan over @ NFP Hosting in a few months however he just sent in a hot new offer! They are proud to announce their new VPS Reseller packages based out of Chicago, Los Angeles and New York where you can deploy on-demand resources in any of those locations. You can find their ToS/Legal Docs here. They accept PayPal, Credit Cards, Alipay, Ethereum and Bitcoin.

More about the company: was founded in 2006 as an e-commerce hosting provider after seeing the lack of hosts who can deliver quality. Throughout the years of learning the ins and outs of running a hosting company, and seeing the opportunities to expand in the marketplace, NFP Hosting throughout the years added additional services to serve a wider variety of markets. NFP Hosting today offers everything the basic consumer looking to start a website may need, all the way up to the advanced (technical) user looking to set up a cluster of servers. At NFP Hosting, there is no waiting around. Services are instantly provisioned, and 24/7 customer support comes standard with our plans. No compromises. No excuses. Its really as simple as that.
We are the provider for the people. Our motto is: Premium Solutions. Friendly People. Service Delivered. This means always going above and beyond, and going the extra mile. Hence why customers love NFP Hosting. Real results, real performance!
These offers are extra special because this is the first time were offering specials on VPS resellers aka VPS resource pools to the LEB community. With a VPS reseller account, youll have instant access to deploy instances across 3 different locations instantly (Los Angeles, New York and Chicago!)


Divide up your resources across multiple VMs, or use it all, its your choice. Deploy in 3 locations on-demand. Screenshots of our Virtualizor reseller panel: here

VPS Reseller #1

  • Create Up To 2 VPS!
  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 50GB Disk Space
  • 2048MB (2GB) RAM
  • 4096MB (4GB) vSwap
  • 2,000GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • ...


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