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Saturday, 13 October


Turkey Says that a Missing Critic of the Saudi Government was Killed in Saudi Consulate in Istanbul "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Turkey 'has recording proving Saudi murder'

Turkish officials have audio and video evidence that shows missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was tortured and killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, the BBC has learned.

Mr Khashoggi, a critic of the Saudi government, has not been seen since he entered the building on 2 October.

Turkish intelligence had "documented evidence" of the murder, a source close to the investigation said.

Saudi Arabia denies the allegations. It says the journalist left the building.

Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance and reported death have prompted international outrage and dented business confidence in Saudi Arabia. Tycoon Sir Richard Branson has halted talks over $1bn Saudi investment in Virgin space firms and several top business leaders have pulled out of a Saudi investment conference later this month.

Also at CNN.

See also: CNBC withdraws from Saudi conference over concerns about journalist Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance

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Invitation to Join Data Science Central "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Join the largest community of machine learning (ML), deep learning, AI, data science, business analytics, BI, operations research, mathematical and statistical professionals: Sign up here. If instead, you are only interested in receiving our newsletter, you can subscribe here. There is no cost.

The full membership includes, in addition to the newsletter subscription:


Facebook Data Breach Update: attackers accessed data of 29 Million users "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Facebook data breach  The company provided an updated for the data breach it disclosed at the end of September, hackers accessed personal data of 29 million users.

Facebook announced that hackers accessed data of 29 Million users, a number that is less than initially thought of 50 million.

The hackers did not access  did not affect Facebook-owned Messenger, Messenger Kids, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, Workplace, Pages, payments, third-party apps or advertising or developer accounts, the company said.

Attackers exploited a vulnerability in the View As feature that allowed them to steal Facebook access tokens of the users, it allows users to see how others see their profile.

Earlier this month Facebook revealed attackers chained three bugs to breach into the Facebook platform.

We now know that fewer people were impacted than we originally thought, said Facebook vice president of product management Guy Rosen in a conference call.

Attackers accessed the names, phone numbers and email addresses of 15 million users, while for another 14 million users hackers also accessed usernames, profile details (i.e. gender, relationship status, hometown, birthdate, city, and devices), and their 15 most recent searches.

For the remaining one million users affected by the Facebook Data Breach whose access tokens were stolen, no data was accessed.

The hackers started on September 14 with 400,000 seed accounts they were controlling directly then they expanded their activity to their networks.

First, the attackers already controlled a set of accounts, which were connected to Facebook friends. They used an automated technique to move from account to account so they could steal the access tokens of those friends, and for friends of those friends, and so on, totaling about 400,000 people. Rosen added.

In the process, however, this technique automatically loaded those accounts Facebook profiles, mirroring what these 400,000 people would have seen when looking at their own profiles. That includes posts on their timelines, their lists of friends, Groups they are members of, and the...


New Controller For Retro Console "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In the world of retro gaming, when using emulators and non-native hardware its pretty common to use whatever USB controller happens to be available. This allows us to get a nostalgic look while using a  configurable controller. One thing that isnt as common is using the original hardware while still finding a way to adapt a modern controller to an old console. This is exactly what you need though, when youre retro gaming on a platform with notoriously terrible controllers.

[Scott] enjoys his Atari 5200 but the non-centering and generically terrible joystick wasnt well received even in the early 80s when the console was in its prime. He decided that using a Dual Shock controller from a Playstation 2 would provide a much better gaming experience, and set about building an adapter. He found that in a way the Dual Shock controller was an almost perfect pairing for the Atari because it has two analog control sticks built-in already. Theres also an array of information on pairing the Dual Shock controller with AVR microcontrollers, so he wouldnt have to reinvent the wheel. From there, it was just a matter of pairing communications protocols between the two pieces of hardware.

The project page goes into quite a bit of detail on SPI communication protocols and the needs of both the Atari and the Playstation controller. If youre a retro gaming fan, really into communication protocols, or have always had a love-hate relationship with your Atari because the controllers were just that bad, its worth checking out. If this is too much, though, there are other ways to get that Atari nostalgia.

Thanks to [Baldpower] for the tip!


Video Friday: Boston Dynamics' Spot Goes to Work, and More "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

Video Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your Automaton bloggers. Well also be posting a weekly calendar of upcoming robotics events for the next few months; heres what we have so far (send us your events!):

Japan Robot Week  October 17-19, 2018  Tokyo, Japan
The Promise and the Peril of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics  October 23, 2018  Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Collaborative Robots, Advanced Vision & AI Conference  October 24-25, 2018  Santa Clara, Calif., USA
ICSR 2018  November 28-30, 2018  Qingdao, China

Let us know if you have suggestions for next week, and enjoy todays videos.

We already posted about the Atlas doing parkour video, which Marc Raibert first showed at IROS earlier this month; he also showed this video, which is just as interesting (if not quite as dramatic), since it shows SpotMini in what could be its first realistic commercial application.

We have begun field testing the Spot robot for commercial usage around the world. After an initial mapping run, Spot autonomously navigated two dynamic construction sites in Tokyo and used a specialized payload for surveying work progress. An additional camera in its hand lets Spot do even more detailed inspection work on site. The Spot robot will be available in the second half of 2019 for a variety of applications.

[ Boston Dynamics ]

Were are training Aquanaut to be an Remotely Operated Vehicle! Normal ROVs require operators with specialist training and a joystick. Not Aquanaut. We gave one of our staff engineers an iPad and let him run the vehicle through our ROV task panel replica in the test tank....

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Friday, 12 October


Weaponised AI is coming. Are algorithmic forever wars our future? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Pentagon is pushing algorithmic warfare, but big techs involvement assumes the US military is a benevolent force.


Hillicon Valley: Facebook reveals 30 million users affected by hack | Grassley presses Google to explain data practices | Senators warn Canada against using Chinese telecom firm | FCC responds to net neutrality lawsuits "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Welcome to Hillicon Valley, The Hill's newsletter detailing all you need to know about the tech and cyber news from Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley.Welcome! Follow the cyber team, Olivia Beavers (@olivia_beavers) and Jacqueline Thomsen (@jacq_thomsen...


Moons Could Have Stable Subsatellites (aka "Moonmoons") "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If a Moon Has a Moon, Is Its Moon Called a Moonmoon?

A few years ago, an astronomer's son asked the type of question only kids and genius astrophysicists come up with: Can a moon have a moon? Juna Kollmeier of the Carnegie Institution Observatories couldn't answer her child's query, but she realized that investigating the idea could help answer questions about how moons form and even reveal some of the hidden history of the Solar System, reports Ryan F. Mandelbaum at Gizmodo.

The results, which she co-authored with astronomer Sean Raymond of the University of Bordeaux, were recently published in a short paper titled "Can Moons Have Moons?" on the preprint server, which hosts yet-to-be peer reviewed research. The study, however, has raised an even bigger question that now has the scientific Twitterverse riled up. Just what do you call the moon of a moon?

In their study, Kollmeier and Raymond looked at what would happen to a small submoon orbiting another moon. According to the paper, what they found is that in most cases there's just not enough space for a submoon to orbit another moon. Tidal forces would pull the little moon toward the host planet, ripping the mini moon to pieces.

For a submoon to survive, it needs to be smallabout six miles in diameter or less. It also needs to orbit a large moon with enough gravity to hold it in place and must be far enough away from the host planet to complete its own orbit. It turns out that several moons in our own solar system fit the bill and could host submoons, including Titan and Iapetus, which orbit Saturn, and Callisto, which orbits Jupiter. Even our own moon is the right size and distance from Earth to potentially host its very own moon.


Also at ScienceAlert, Quartz, and Know Your Meme.

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Worlds fastest camera freezes time at 10 trillion frames per second "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

What happens when a new technology is so precise that it operates on a scale beyond our characterization capabilities? For example, the lasers used at INRS produce ultrashort pulses in the femtosecond range (10-15 s), which is far too short to visualize. Although some measurements are possible, nothing beats a clear image, says INRS professor and ultrafast imaging specialist Jinyang Liang. He and his colleagues, led by Caltechs Lihong Wang, have developed what they call T-CUP: the worlds fastest camera, capable of capturing 10 trillion (1013) frames per second (Fig. 1). This new camera literally makes it possible to freeze time to see phenomenaand even lightin extremely slow motion.

In recent years, the junction between innovations in non-linear optics and imaging has opened the door for new and highly efficient methods for microscopic analysis of dynamic phenomena in biology and physics. But harnessing the potential of these methods requires a way to record in at a very short temporal resolutionin a single exposure.

Using current imaging techniques, measurements taken with must be repeated many times, which is appropriate for some types of inert samples, but impossible for other more fragile ones. For example, laser-engraved glass can tolerate only a single laser pulse, leaving less than a picosecond to capture the results. In such a case, the imaging technique must be able to capture the entire process in real time.


Artist explains quantum physics through poetry "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A qubit by any other name would still confound as succinctly. Poet and Professor Amy Catanzano seeks to unveil the mysteries of quantum physics with poetry.


Surprise Life Found Thriving 2,000 Feet Underground "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Cyanobacteria were long thought to need the sun to survive. But a new study suggests otherwise and hints at fresh possibilities for life on Mars.


Im cheating. Photo "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I m cheating.

Found this book. It was written in 1968.

Oh how things change.

4/5 down.


Scientists Turn Nuclear Waste into Diamond Batteries Thatll Last for Thousands of Years "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This technology may someday power spacecraft, satellites, high-flying drones, and pacemakers.


Senators urge Canada against using Huawei in 5G development due to national security concerns "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A bipartisan pair of senators are urging Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau not to incorporate Chinese telecommunications company Huawei in its ongoing 5G network development, warning that doing so could have national...


Researchers quickly harvest 2-D materials, bringing them closer to commercialization "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Since the 2003 discovery of the single-atom-thick carbon material known as graphene, there has been significant interest in other types of 2-D materials as well.


Google Avoids Talking About Android at Pixel 3 Event "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The dirty word: 'Android' wasn't said a single time during the Google Pixel 3 event

Android is the world's most ubiquitous OS and one of the most important parts of Google's business. But it's becoming clearer that the company no longer wants the word associated with its phones. The latest evidence is in the transcript for its event this week in New York City.

"Android" wasn't said a single time during the Made by Google 2018 keynote. It marks the first time ever that Google has held a public-facing hardware event like this since the introduction of the operating system in 2008 without at least mentioning it by name.

[...] While Android went unsaid, Google had no shame talking Chrome OS, which powers the new Pixel Slate tablet. Google told an entire story around Chrome OS, where it's come from, why it makes sense on the tablet, and touted it as a great desktop alternative to Windows and macOS. To me it seemed Chrome OS was clearly marketed as a standout feature of the Pixel Slate. To add insult to injury for Android, the "universe" of Android apps that can now run on Chrome were referred to as simply "apps" or "apps from the Google Play Store" during the keynote.

[...] It's understandable that, given the Android brand's association with "lower quality" non-premium phones that Google doesn't want to associate the name of that OS with its phones at least not in terms of the public-facing marketing message. Android phones are made by dozens of scattered manufacturers, all with varying approaches to their products, their design, their features, etc. which has lead to an arguably good thing: immense diversity of phones running Android today. But that means "Android" doesn't really have much meaning other than just being not-iPhone. [...] And it doesn't want the baggage of the Android connotation mucking up the image of a phone that competes with the iPhone and costs upwards of $1,000.

About that Pixel Slate...

Also at BGR.

Related: Now Is the Time to Start Planning for the Post-Android World

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Measuring The Stiffness Of 3D-Printed Parts "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

How do you choose filament when you want strong 3D-printed parts? Like most of us, you probably take a guess, or just use what you have on hand and hope for the best. But armed with a little knowledge on strength of materials, you might be able to make a more educated assessment.

To help you further your armchair mechanical engineer ambitions, [Stefan] has thoughtfully put together this video of tests he conducted to determine the stiffness of common 3D-printing plastics. Hes quick to point out that strength and stiffness are not the same thing, and that stiffness might be more important than strength in some applications. Strength measures how much stress can be applied to an element before it deforms, while stiffness describes how well an element returns to its original state after being stressed. The test rig [Stefan] built for the video analyzes stiffness by measuring the deflection of printed parts under increasing loads. Graphing the applied force versus the deflection gives an indication of the rigidity of the part, while taking the thickness of the material into account yields the bending modulus. The results are not terribly surprising, with polypropylene being the floppiest material and exotic composite filaments, like glass fiber or even nanodiamond reinforced PLA coming out as the stiffest. PLA, the workhorse filament, comes in around the middle of the pack.

[Stefan] did some great work here, but as he points out, in the final analysis it almost doesnt matter what the stiffness and strength of the filament are since you can easily change your design and add more material where its needed. That only works up to a point, of course, but its one of the many advantages of additive manufacturing.


Distribution Release: UBports 16.04 OTA-5 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The UBports project maintains a community-developed continuation of Canonical's Ubuntu Touch operating system for mobile devices. The UBports team has published a new update, based on Ubuntu 16.04. The new release, UBports 16.04 OTA-5, includes several bug and stability improvements. The update also features a new web browser.....


Ubuntu Touch OTA-5 Is Being Prepped With New Browser, Qt Auto Scaling "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The UBports community that continues to maintain Ubuntu Touch for a range of mobile devices will soon be rolling out Ubuntu Touch OTA-5...


The mind-blowing world of tomorrows smart materials "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For businesses that want to maintain or increase their bottom line, this means re-engineering the fundamentals of their supply chain by developing or adopting new material solutions that achieve a lot more with a lot less.

The smart companies, manufacturers and brands are the ones who are starting to invest in sustainable material innovation, says Caroline Till, co-author of Radical Matter: Rethinking Materials for a Sustainable Future, adding, Theres a thirst from consumers for this. Its clear that tomorrows leaders will be those who are brave enough to invest in this research today.

For The Future Laboratorys new Material Far Futures report, weve compiled the most transformative case studies in material innovation into the 10 paradigms that we believe will disrupt industry in the coming decades, each with original visualisations from Studio Brasch. From fabrics that generate power through motion and new forms of kinetic architecture to bio-engineerings impact on luxury fashion, the materials of tomorrow will be smarter, stronger, more dynamic and, crucially, less ecologically damaging.


An Open Source Toy Synth "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If you thought the future of electronic musical instruments was massive Emerson-class modular synths, giant MPCs with pads the size of Dance Dance Revolution machines, or hilariously expensive polysynths, you couldnt be more wrong. The future is, effectively, toys. Those tiny little Korgs you can stuff in your pocket are selling like hot cakes, and Pocket Operators are king of the hill. One of the more interesting musical toys is the Organelle, an aluminum enclosure with maple buttons laid out in a keyboard configuration. Its a synth, its a sound engine, and it does produce some interesting noises. All the software is Open Source, but the hardware isnt. That leaves it up to someone else to make the hardware for the rest of us. Thats exactly what [mitchell] is doing for his Hackaday Prize entry.

The core of this build is a Nanopi Neo Core, or basically an Allwinner H3 breakout board with 256 MB of RAM running at 1.2 GHz. This runs the basic Organelle scripts, and has all the drivers to become a MIDI device. Added to that, theres a DAC, a small TFT screen, an STM32F103 for reading the buttons, encoders, and pots, a sound card, a USB hub IC, and a battery torn from a Kindle.

The idea for this project is to have something along the lines of the Teenage Engineering OP-1, another of the very fancy toy synths, but also to build something that anyone else can build. [mitchell] is just about there, and the prototype PCB he made actually works. Theres still a lot more work to do, but this is an exceptionally interesting project we cant wait to see hit prime time.

The HackadayPrize2018 is Sponsored by:



C-Section Birth Rates Increase by 75% in 15 Years "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

C-section births rise rapidly to more than 20 percent worldwide

Rates of caesarean section births almost doubled between 2000 and 2015 from 12 to 21 percent worldwide - new research has found, with the life-saving surgery unavailable to many women in poor countries while often over-used in richer ones.

The research, published in The Lancet medical journal on Thursday, found that 60 percent of countries overuse C-sections and 25 percent under-use them, suggesting that recommendations for their use in cases of medical need are widely ignored.

In at least 15 countries, more than 40 percent of all babies born are delivered by C-section. The highest rate, of 58.1 percent, was in the Dominican Republic.

Experts estimate that between 10 and 15 percent of births medically require a C-section due to complications such as bleeding, foetal distress, hypertension or a baby being in an abnormal position.

While the procedure can save lives - of both mothers and newborns - it can also create complications and side effects, including higher risks for future births.

"The large increases in C-section use mostly in richer settings for non-medical purposes are concerning because of the associated risks for women and children," said Marleen Temmerman, an expert from Aga Khan University in Kenya and Ghent University in Belgium who co-led the research.

Also at BBC, EurekAlert!, The Guardian, and Voice of America.

See also: New WHO guidance on non-clinical interventions specifically designed to reduce unnecessary caesarean sections

Global epidemiology of use of and disparities in caesarean sections (DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(18)31928-7) (DX)

Original Submission #1...


Air Force awards contracts for new rocket prototypes to United Launch Alliance, Northrup Grumman and Blue Origin "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

United Launch Alliance, Northrup Grumman and Blue Origin, a company owned by Amazon-founder Jeff Bezos, were awarded major Air Force contracts Wednesday totaling more than $2 billion to develop next-generation rockets capable of boosting high-value national security payloads into orbit.

Two of the new rockets will be selected in a second competition, providing assured access to space through the next decade and beyond. In a surprise to some observers, SpaceX, the ambitious rocket company founded by Elon Musk, was not among the latest winners in the Pentagons Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle program.

The Launch Service Agreements will facilitate the development of three domestic launch system prototypes and enable the future competitive selection of two National Security Space launch service providers for future procurements, planned for no earlier than fiscal year 2020, the Air Force said in a statement.


A novel topological insulator "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For the first time, physicists have built a unique topological insulator in which optical and electronic excitations hybridize and flow together. They report their discovery in Nature.

Topological insulators are materials with very special properties. They conduct electricity or light only on their surface or edges, not the interior. This unusual characteristic could provide technical innovations, and topological insulators have been the subject of intense global research for several years.

Physicists of Julius-Maximilians-Universitt Wrzburg (JMU) in Bavaria, Germany, with colleagues from the Technion in Haifa, Israel, and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have reported their discovery in the journal Nature. The team has built the first exciton-polariton topological insulator, a topological insulator operating with both light and simultaneously.


[$] I/O scheduling for single-queue devices "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Block I/O performance can be one of the determining factors for the performance of a system as a whole, especially on systems with slower drives. The need to optimize I/O patterns has led to the development of a long series of I/O schedulers over the years; one of the most recent of those is BFQ, which was merged during the 4.12 development cycle. BFQ incorporates an impressive set of heuristics designed to improve interactive performance, but it has, thus far, seen relatively little uptake in deployed systems. An attempt to make BFQ the default I/O scheduler for some types of storage devices has raised some interesting questions, though, on how such decisions should be made.


Logic Analyzers for FPGAs: A Verilog Odyssey "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Sometimes you start something simple and then it just leads to a chain reaction of things. I wanted to write a post about doing state machines in Verilog and target the Lattice iCEstick board that we often use for quick FPGA projects. That led to a small problem: how do you show whats going on inside? In this series of posts, well look at building a logic analyzer into an FPGA to help debug itself, instantiating memory, and finally state machines.

Logic analysis is a common tool in FPGA development. If you use Altera, they have Signal Tap available that lets you build a simple logic analyzer into the FPGA that talks back to your PC. Xilinx has ChipScope which is about the same. Sometimes those tools either cost money or are limited in some way in the free versions. I have my sights set on a tool that can be used with the Lattice architecture.

Sure, you can ship data out on I/O pins and then use a regular logic analyzer to pick up the data. But that isnt very handy. So I thought about writing a generic logic analyzer component. But before I did I decided to check to see if someone else had already done it.

Spoiler alert: they did, but I wanted something a little different so I wound up extending the program significantly. What I wound up with is a reasonably portable Verilog logic analyzer that can produce traces like this one:

Keep in mind, this isnt a simula...


Facebook says hackers took extensive info from 14 million users "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Facebook on Friday revealed that hackers had stolen extensive information from 14 million users in the hack it announced last month.The company said an estimated 30 million people were affected by the hack, downgrading its initial estimate that...


The completion of Sonali's Outreachy internship work on the Free Software Directory "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For context, see the previous blog post, Sonali's Internship work on the Free Software Directory, part 2

  • I downloaded the Semantic MediaWiki extensions using composer;
  • I removed deprecated code in LocalSettings.php;
  • I ported the customizations to Vector skin to the new version;
  • I improved the search bar by placing it in the right navigation panel instead of the sidebar;
  • I added the FSF favicon; and
  • I spent about a week fixing bugs in the CASAuth and HeaderTabs extensions.

Upgrading the mobile site took more work, and after some testing I decided to switch from the MobileFrontend extension to the mobile friendly Timeless skin along with MobileDetect.

I recorded the shell commands required to set up the server and translated them to ansible commands. Since I was unfamiliar with ansible and yaml, I took some time to learn about it.

Then we performed the final migration. Andrew (my mentor) gave me the latest MySQL dump from the directory and made the old site read-only. I imported it to the new server and ran the upgrade script. Then he migrated the DNS. There were a few small hiccups, but after a few hours, the upgrade was complete.

It was my first internship and my first experience of working in a free software community, and I grew very attached to it. My mentors were very experienced and responsive. I was able to learn a lot from them. I am grateful that I got the opportunity to associate with such an amazing organization. Thanks to Outreachy organizers for giving me a great way to work for a distinguished organization and to develop my skills. Lastly, a big thanks to my mentors, Andrew and Ian, who helped me all along and made my internship a truly incredible experience!


Mice With "Two Mothers" Can Survive to Adulthood and Produce Their Own Offspring "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Rewriting reproduction: With stem cells and CRISPR, scientists breed mice with same-sex parents

For the first time, scientists said Thursday that they had bred mice with two genetic fathers, steering around biological hurdles that would otherwise prevent same-sex parents from having offspring. The researchers also bred mouse pups with two genetic mothers. Those pups matured into adults and had pups of their own, outpacing previous efforts to create so-called bimaternal mice. [...] The cells used to make the mouse embryos were profoundly manipulated. The vast majority of the embryos made did not result in births. And none of the bipaternal mouse pups those with two genetic fathers survived to adulthood.

[...] At issue is "genomic imprinting," an evolutionary feature found in mammals (and also flowering plants) that researchers believe blocks these species from producing progeny without both maternal and paternal DNA. In our genomes, there are two copies of each gene one from mom, one from dad and both get expressed to make us us. But there are some 100 genes where "imprints" stationed along the genome signal one copy to be active and one to be silent. "The other copy is there and it's presented and there's nothing wrong with the DNA sequence," said Manus Patten, an evolutionary biologist at Georgetown University, who was not part of the new research. "It's just turned off." Mammals still need both sets, though, to have their full suite of genetic instructions. IGF2, for example, is a gene crucial for growth and development, but only the paternal copy is normally active. If we just inherited DNA maternally then, we wouldn't grow or develop properly; that gene would simply remain off. On the flip side, there are a number of these genes for which we rely on our mothers.

But scientists started challenging nature's way a decade and a half ago. The trick was to cajole certain maternal genes to act like paternal genes in terms of their activity, or vice versa. In 2004, a team of Japanese researchers for the first time created mice [DOI: 10.1038/nature02402] [DX] with two mothers by toying with imprint signals, though only one of the 10 mice born in that study out of more than 400 embryos grew to adulthood. To try to improve on past results, the researchers in the new study manipulated imprint instructions eve...


Inhibition of VDAC1 Prevents Type 2 Diabetes in Mice "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Scientists at Lund University, Sweden showed that it is possible to prevent type 2 diabetes in mice by inhibiting a protein known as VDAC1. This inhibitor might be employed in treating this disease in humans [1].


Type 2 diabetes (T2D) develops after years of prediabetes during which high glucose (glucotoxicity) impairs insulin secretion. We report that the ATP conducting mitochondrial outer membrane voltage dependent anion channel-1 (VDAC1) is upregulated in islets from T2D and non-diabetic organ donors under glucotoxic conditions. This is caused by a glucotoxicity-induced transcriptional program, triggered during years of prediabetes with suboptimal blood glucose control. Metformin counteracts VDAC1 induction. VDAC1 overexpression causes its mistargeting to the plasma membrane of the insulin secreting cells with loss of the crucial metabolic coupling factor ATP. VDAC1 antibodies and inhibitors prevent ATP loss. Through direct inhibition of VDAC1 conductance, metformin, like specific VDAC1 inhibitors and antibodies, restores the impaired generation of ATP and glucose-stimulated insulin secretion in T2D islets.


Epic Games Sues YouTuber Golden Modz Over Magical Fortnite Powers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Last year Epic Games started to sue several Fortnite cheaters, accusing them of copyright infringement.

With these lawsuits the company hopes to stop the cheaters and send a clear message to others who do the same. However, Fortnite cheating remains rampant.

This week Epic Games continued its efforts by suing a rather prominent target, Golden Modz, who theyve identified as Brandon Lucas. With more than 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube, he is the most high profile target weve seen thus far.

The complaint, filed at a North Carolina Federal Court, accuses Golden Modz of copyright infringement and also names Colton Conter, a.k.a. Exentric, as a second defendant.

This is a copyright infringement, breach of contract, and tortious interference case in which the Defendants are infringing Epics copyrights by injecting unauthorized cheat software (cheats or hacks) into the copyright protected code of Epics popular video game Fortnite, Epic Games writes.

Both defendants have displayed their use of cheats in various YouTube videos. By using these cheats, they inject code into the game which modifies the original, which is a clear violation of copyright law, according to Epic Games.

Even worse, Golden Modz also stands accused of selling cheats online through the websites and, which are often advertised in his gameplay videos.

Lucas is operating these websites and selling these cheats and accounts for his own personal enrichment. He posts videos of people using the cheats for the same reason. His ill-gotten gains come at the expense of Epic and members of the Fortnite community.

Cheats for sale

Golden Modz and Exentric team up on occasion, which appears to be the case in this video. They refer to their cheats as magical powers, informing viewers where to buy these, while hosting giveaways as well.

At the end of the stream, Im gonna do a three month of Fortnite magical powers giveaway. Definitely not cheats wink wink its magical powers okay, Golden Modz notes.

According to Epic Games and the videos title, there is little magical about these powers.

In some of their YouTube videos, Defendants play (sometimes together) in duos and squads, and joke that the cheat software gives its users magical powers, allowing them to troll Fortnite by killing d...


Contest Results: Raspberry Pis Put on a Show "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Some of the most satisfying projects of all are the ones that do something visual. All the network routers, data loggers, and thermostats are great. But we are visual creatures and even a humble blinking LED is enough to give you a little rush even compared to finding a large prime number. We wanted to see what our community could do visually with a Raspberry Pi so we challenged you with the Visualize it with Pi contest.

As always, the competition was brisk, with a lot of great projects. This contest showed off the trend towards using LED modules and assemblies to add visuals to projects. Why not? They are cheap enough and a well-integrated module can make a project simple to wire and integrate.

We didnt see as many media-related projects as you might expect, although there was one tied into Stranger Things, one to Tron, and the virtual reality lighting project did have some Star Wars images. Projects ranged from the practical storage box labels to the whimsical lemonade bottle that strobes to the beat of the music. If none of that is hardcore enough for you, there was even a Raspberry Pi-controlled radio telescope. You can find all the entries over on Now lets see which entries managed to turn the head of the judging panel.

Grand Prize: Retro Gaming LED Display

We have to say that [makeTVees] title doesnt do this project justice. Playing Tetris on some LEDs is fun, but theres more to it than that. We guess giant wall-mounted Wi-Fi-controlled retro game console seemed like too much of a mouthful. Have a look at the video below to get an idea of what this ones all about.

We liked the attention to detail and, of course, the size. This isnt just a one-trick pony, either. You can play snake or pong and of course roll your own. The construction alone is wall-worthy and the project documentation is great, too.

Best Esoteric Data Source

The International Space Station has been in the news a lot the last few weeks. Tracking the station is no big deal these days, but how do you show the data about where exactly to look? [Bornach] wanted to use an LED ring but found they didnt make them as large as he needed to get good resolution. Spinning LEDs would take slip rings or...


Grassley pressures Google for details of user data breach "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is pressing Google to explain its data privacy practices in the wake of revelations that user data was hacked from its now defunct social media platform, Google Plus. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) sent...


Baby Got Bots "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Ian Trump

This is the first in a series of blog posts on all things Bot. From bad to good and looking towards the future, Bots remain an information security issue which has the potential to impact all commercial and recreational online activity. This series will explore the security and business ramifications of the modern internet where []

This is a post from Read the original post: Baby Got Bots


Easter Island Inhabitants Collected Freshwater from the Ocean's Edge in Order to Survive "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Easter Island Inhabitants Collected Freshwater from the Ocean's Edge in Order to Survive:

Ancient inhabitants of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) maintained a society of thousands by utilizing coastal groundwater discharge as their main source of "freshwater," according to new research from a team of archaeologists including faculty at Binghamton University, State University at New York.

The team, which included Binghamton University Professor of Anthropology Carl Lipo, measured the salinity of coastal water around the island of Rapa Nui, in order to determine whether or not the water close to the shores had a salt concentration low enough for humans to safely drink.

The process of coastal groundwater discharge makes it possible for humans to collect drinkable freshwater directly where it emerges at the coast of the island.

By measuring the percentage of salt in the coastal waters, and finding it safe for human consumption, and by eliminating other options as primary sources of drinking water, the researchers concluded that groundwater discharge was a critical factor in the sustenance of the large population the island is thought to have harbored.

"The porous volcanic soils quickly absorb rain, resulting in a lack of streams and rivers," Lipo said. "Fortunately, water beneath the ground flows downhill and ultimately exits the ground directly at the point at which the porous subterranean rock meets the ocean. When tides are low, this results in the flow of freshwater directly into the sea. Humans can thus take advantage of these sources of freshwater by capturing the water at these points."

Lipo said the freshwater mixes with the saltwater slightly, creating what's called brackish water, but not enough for the water to contain harmful levels of salt to human consumers. It does, however, mean that the islanders rarely used salt on their foods, because the water they drank contributed so drastically to their daily salt intake.

I wonder how the inhabitants found out where and when it was safe to drink the water?

Original Submission

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Fitmetrix fitness software company may have exposed millions of customer records "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Fitmetrix fitness software company exposed customer data online, a 119GB archive containing name, gender, email address, birth date, height, weight and more

A fitness software company Fitmetrix may have exposed a database hosted on AWS  containing millions of customer records. The exposed records included name, gender, email address, birth date, home and work phone, height, weight and much more.

The huge trove of data was discovered by the expert Bob Diachenko using a simple Shodan query for unsecured Elasticsearch installs.


The expert discovered an archive of 119GB exposed by Fitmetrix on a cloud storage, the noticed two sets of data one of with was labeled as compromised that contained a ransom note.

On October 5th, a member of Hacken security team has been browsing through Shodan looking for exposed Elasticsearch instances which recently could become targets in another spread of ransomware campaigns. reads a blog post published by Diachenko.

It appears that the attackers are using a script that automates the process of accessing a database, possibly exporting it, deleting the database, and then creating the ransom note. This script sometimes fails and the data is still available to the user even though a ransom note is created.

The database includes daily FitMetrix platform audit data in the period between July 15th and Sept 19th 2018. The total number of records in platformaudit indexes was 122,869,970, not all containing customer data.

Diachenko estimated that millions other accounts were still likely to have been affected.

Mindbody, who owns FitMetrix, secured the database five days after he was informed of the data leak, on October 10.


Down the DIY Rabbit Hole with a Shop AC Installation "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Theres a fine line between a successful DIY project and one that ends in heartbreak. Its subjective too; aside from projects that end up with fire trucks or ambulances in the driveway, what one DIYer would consider a disaster might be considered a great learning opportunity to someone else.

Were pretty sure [Cressel] looks at his recent DIY mini-split AC installation for his shop as a series of teachable moments. Most folks leave HVAC work to the pros, but when you run a popular YouTube channel where you make your own lathe from scratch, you might be persuaded to give anything a go. [Cressel] did everything possible to do this job like a pro, going so far as to get training in the safe handling of refrigerants and an EPA certification so he knew how to charge the system correctly. He also sunk quite a bit of money into tools; between the manifold gauge set, vacuum pump, and various plumbing bits, that was a hefty $300 bite alone.

It all worked out in the end, but at a cost that probably meets or exceeds what an HVAC contractor would have charged. [Cressel] seems like a glass-half-full kind of guy, though, so we expect hes happy to have learned something new, and to have a bunch of neat new tools to boot.


A Look At The Windows 10 October 2018 Update Performance With WSL "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As the first of our Linux vs. Windows benchmarks coming around Microsoft's Windows 10 October 2018 Update, today we are exploring the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) performance to see if they have finally managed to improve the I/O performance for this Linux binary compatibility layer and how the WSL performs compared to Ubuntu and Clear Linux.


Security updates for Friday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security updates have been issued by Debian (net-snmp), Fedora (php-horde-nag), openSUSE (git, java-1_8_0-openjdk, libxml2, mgetty, moinmoin-wiki, postgresql10, and soundtouch), Oracle (spamassassin), Red Hat (spamassassin), SUSE (apache2, axis, kernel, libX11 and libxcb, and texlive), and Ubuntu (clamav, git, and texlive-bin).


New ALPHA-g Detector Poised to Search for Signs of Anti-Gravity "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Scientists at CERN are racing to fire up a detector that will explore the effects of gravity on antimatterbefore the whole facility shuts down for two years

Deep underground, within the concrete walls of CERN, Switzerlands world-famous particle accelerator, lies a 200-kilogram machine encased in a shield of oxygen gas. After years of careful design and assembly, the device is nearly ready to make its debut. While the detector looks futuristic, its actually quite similar in function to previous generations of detectorswith one exception: this one was crafted to measure the effects of gravity on antimatter.

Blueprints for this detector, dubbed ALPHA-g, were first drawn in 2013. In recent months, its creators have worked around the clock in Vancouver, Canada, to finish building it. Finally, in July, ALPHA-g was shipped via cargo plane to CERN, the only location in the world that can provide the amount of antimatter needed for these experiments.

Now, time is running short. Scientists are currently testing the device and must solve any technical issues before CERN shuts down for two years of maintenance. The ALPHA-g team is rushing to conduct its gravity experiments before the 12 November cutoffbut just a single misplaced wire could cause them to miss the deadline.

Understanding whether antimatter obeys the same laws of gravity as matter is an important step toward confirming whether decades of theory surrounding antimatter stand true. Antimatter is just like the regular matter that makes up the stars, planets, and every observable object in the universe, but it exhibits some opposing quantum properties (for example, whereas regular matter has negatively charged electrons, antimatter has positively charged ones called positrons).

Something else is different about antimatter, thoughsomething that has caused it to almost completely vanish from our universe. Scientists suspect that immediately following the Big Bang, an equal amount of matter and antimatter existed. Yet, in the universe today, there is almost none of the latter left. The mystery of where it all went is one of the biggest outstanding questions in physics.

Major experimental breakthroughs to create, trap, and analyze antimatter have only occurred in recent decades, beginning with the first experimental creation of nine antihydrogen atoms in 1995. However, when antimatter and regular matter collide, both particles are annihilatedso these first antihydrogen atoms existed for about forty billionths of a second before, traveling...


Lockpath introduces two new editions of the Keylight Platform "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Lockpath introduces two new product offerings to help companies of any size address risk. The offerings, Keylight Team Edition and Keylight Standard, enable small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and small enterprises the ability to create an integrated risk management program without the need for extensive configurations or customization. The editions are streamlined and pre-configured versions of Lockpaths enterprise governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) platform, Keylight. The new Team and Standard offerings replace the need More

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FCC asks appeals court to uphold 'Net Neutrality' repeal "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is asking a federal appeals court to uphold the controversial decision to repeal the popular 2015 net neutrality rules.In a filing with the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday night, the commission...


4 Must-Have Tools for Monitoring Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

4 Must-Have Tools for Monitoring Linux


Retrotechtacular: Robots and Bowling Pins "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

On a recent bowling excursion it occurred to us that this is one of the most advanced robotics systems most Americans will directly interact with. Thats a bold claim today, but certainly one that was correct decades ago. Lets take a stroll back to 1963 for a look at the state of the art in bowling at the time, the AMF automatic pinspotter.

With their basis in industrial automation, bowling was a perfect problem for the American Machine and Foundry company (AMF) to take on. Their business began at the turn of the 20th century with automated cigarette manufacturing before turning their sights on bowling pins after the second world war. The challenge involves more than you might think as pinspotters are confined to a narrow area and need to work with oddly-shaped pins, the bowling ball itself, and deal with setting up fresh frames but also clearing out the field after the first roll.

Separating the ball from the pins is handled by gravity and an oscillating plunger that pushes errant pins back onto a conveyor. That conveyor stretches the width of the lane and moves pins back to a pin elevator a wheel moving perpendicular to the ground with orients and raises them to a swiveling conveyor belt that can drop them into the setting jig waiting for the next full frame setup.

Everything in this promo video has jargon which is just delightful. We especially enjoyed the non-mechanical mention of how the machine clears dead wood from the pin deck. We could watch this kind of automation all day, and in fact found some other gems while searching about. Heres a more recent look a the AMF 82-70 (the same model as in the promo video). We also wondered about manual pinspotting and found this manual-with-mechanical-assist setup to be interesting despite the audio.

Much to our surprise weve featured AMF in a Retrotectacular article before. Once their bowling automation started to take off, they set their sights on restaurant automation. Looks like Brian Benchoffs visit to the robo-hamburger joint was actually a retro experience!



Fortnite for Android is now open for all users with compatible devices "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Fortnite for Android is available for everyone no invite needed

For those unaware, Fortnite Mobile for Android (beta version) was released in August this year alongside Samsungs Galaxy Note 9 in August. However, Android users who wanted to play Fortnite had to sign-up through Epic Games and receive a beta invite to play.

The minimum Fortnite Android requirements are 4GB RAM or higher, Android 8.0 or higher, 64 bit, and Adreno 530 or higher, Mali-G71 MP20, Mali-G72 MP12 or higher.

Please note that Fortnite is not available for download on Android from the Google Play Store. Instead, you need to download the game manually by visiting and sideload its installer application and scan a QR code provided by Epic. The main reason behind this is to avoid Googles 30 percent revenue cut.

First, Epic wants to have a direct relationship with our customers on all platforms where thats possible. The great thing about the Internet and the digital revolution is that this is possible, now that physical storefronts and middlemen distributors are no longer required, Sweeney said in conversation with Touch Arcade. Second, were motivated by economic efficiency. The 30 percent store tax is a high cost in a world where game developers 70 percent must cover all the cost of developing, operating, and supporting their games.

You can find a complete list of all the compatible devices on the Fortnite website. Besides Android, Fortnite is also available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac, and iOS.

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MidnightBSD 1.0 Is Ready To Shine With ZFS Support, Ryzen Compatibility "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Especially with TrueOS once again taking a new direction, one of the few current BSDs focused on a great desktop experience is MidnightBSD that is about to mark its 1.0 release...


James Murdoch Tipped to Lead Tesla Board "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:

James Murdoch could become the next head of Tesla's board of directors. He is "the favourite" to replace Elon Musk, who currently serves as both board chairman and chief executive, the Financial Times has reported. However, Mr Musk said on Twitter that the FT report was "incorrect" without providing any further detail.

Mr Musk agreed to give up the chairmanship last month to resolve claims of fraud brought by US financial regulators. The settlement requires Tesla to install an independent chairman, among other penalties. It is intended to create more oversight of Mr Musk, who provoked the charges when he claimed on Twitter that he had secured funding and might take the firm private.

The terms of the settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission are awaiting court approval. A federal judge is due to review the settlement on Thursday. The FT report cited two anonymous sources, but added that other names remain under consideration.

[...] Mr Murdoch is currently chief executive of the US media giant 21st Century Fox, but he will step down after the firm completes the sale of much of its business to Walt Disney. He resigned from the board of Sky this week, following Comcast's successful bid for the European satellite broadcaster.

-- submitted from IRC

Original Submission

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Five Eyes Intelligence agencies warn of popular hacking tools "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security agencies belonging to Five Eyes (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) have released a joint report that details some popular hacking tools.

Experts from cybersecurity agencies from Five Eyes intelligence alliance have issued a report that provides technical details on most popular hacking tool families and the way to detect and neutralizes attacks involving them.

The report was realized with the contribute of the researchers from the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (CCCS), the New Zealand National Cyber Security Centre (NZ NCSC), CERT New Zealand, the UK National Cyber Security Centre (UK NCSC), and the US National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC).

This report is a collaborative research effort by the cyber security authorities of five nations: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.[1][2][3][4][5] reads the report published by the experts.

In it we highlight the use of five publicly available tools, which have been used for malicious purposes in recent cyber incidents around the world. The five tools are:

  1. Remote Access Trojan: JBiFrost
  2. Webshell: China Chopper
  3. Credential Stealer: Mimikatz
  4. Lateral Movement Framework: PowerShell Empire
  5. C2 Obfuscation and Exfiltration: HUC Packet Transmitter

To aid the work of network defenders and systems administrators, we also provide advice on limiting the effectiveness of these tools and detecting their use on a network.

The report provides technical details on remote access trojans (RATs), web shells, credential stealers, lateral movement frameworks, and command and control (C&C) obfuscators.

The experts analyzed the JBiFrost RAT, that is a var...


Feds to Judge: We Still Think We Can Put GPS Trackers on Cars Entering US "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:

A top Homeland Security Investigations official has told a federal court that it remains the agency's policy that officers can install a GPS tracking device on cars entering the United States "without a warrant or individualized suspicion" for up to 48 hours.

There is no such time limit, HSI Assistant Director Matthew C. Allen also told the court, for putting such trackers on "airplane, commercial vehicles, and semi-tractor trailers, which has a significantly reduced expectation of privacy in the location of their vehicles."

Such an assertion comes over a month after a federal judge recently told the Department of Justice that such a practiceat least in one drug-trafficking caseis unconstitutional. His decision is based on a landmark 2012 Supreme Court ruling involving GPS tracking, known as Jones.

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Intel Whiskey Lake Support Formally Added To Mesa 18.3 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The recently posted patch for Intel Whiskey Lake support in Mesa has now been merged for Mesa 18.3...


Report of the DSLWP-B Amateur observations of the Moon and Earth "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Chinese microsatellite DSLWP-B has been in lunar orbit since 25 May 2018. This satellite carries an Amateur radio payload which includes a small 640480 CCD camera. The JPEG images taken by the camera can be transmitted using the SSDV protocol at 125 bits per second in the 70cm Amateur satellite band.

Update 17:00 UTC: Wei comments that the camera sensor is CMOS, not CCD, and it has 25921944 pixels. The image is resampled to 640480 to save memory and bandwidth.

The orientation of the camera is fixed: the camera is mounted looking in the opposite direction of the solar panel, which is usually kept pointing directly to the Sun. Therefore, the camera is usually looking  directly away from the Sun. The possibility of imaging celestial bodies such as the Moon and the Earth depends on the relative positions of these and the Sun.

During the first week of October there was a new Moon, which implied that it was possible to take images of the Moon and the Earth, as I have described in this post and this other post. This is a report of all the images taken and downloaded during the observation window.

On 2018-10-06 13:55 UTC, when a part of the Moon was expected to be in the field of view of the camera, an image was taken to be downloaded later. The image was downloaded the next day at 10:20 UTC (note that it takes roughly 10 minutes to download an image, so this time refers to the beginning of the transmission). Reinhard Kuehn DKL5A commanded the download using the 2m Amateur satellite band and the transmission was received by the 25m radiotelescope at Dwingeloo.

Moon image taken on 2018-10-06 13:55 UTC

The image is very over-exposed. An analysis of the image showed a camera pointing error of 3 degrees in comparison with the predictions. This error is small and tolerable.

The small gap in the middle of the image was caused by a frequency jump in the transmitter. This can be seen clearly in the waterfall of the signal. The beginning of the image is missing because the first chunk of the SSDV data was not transmitted due to an unknown software problem. The end of the image is also missing, as the transmission was cut short...


Hackers targeting Drupal vulnerabilities to install the Shellbot Backdoor "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A group of hackers is targeting Drupal vulnerabilities, including Drupalgeddon2, patched earlier this year to install a backdoor on compromised servers.

Security experts from IBM are targeting Drupal vulnerabilities, including the CVE-2018-7600 and CVE-2018-7602 flaws, aka Drupalgeddon2 and Drupalgeddon3, to install a backdoor on the infected systems and tack full control of the hosted platforms.

According to the IBM experts, this last wave of attacks is conducted by hackers financially motivated and attempt to exploit the lack of patch management in many Drupal websites.

In a recent investigation, our MSS intelligence analysts discovered that malicious actors are using recent Drupal vulnerabilities to target various websites and possibly the underlying infrastructure that hosts them, leveraging Shellbot to open backdoors. states the post published by IBM.

This appears to be a financially motivated effort to mass-compromise websites.

The expert observed a large number of HTTP POST requests being sent by the same IP address as part of a widespread cyber-attack. The requests were used by the attackers to download a Perl script to launch the Shellbot backdoor that leverages an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel as C&C.

Drupal attacks

The bot included multiple tools to carry out distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and scan for SQL injection weaknesses and other vulnerabilities, including privilege escalation issues.

The bot was designed to automate scanning a large number of websites and fully compromise the vulnerable ones.

Experts pointe...


GCC 6.5 Is Being Prepared As The Last GCC6 Compiler Release "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Version 6.5 of the GNU Compiler Collection will soon be released to end out the GCC6 series...


You Should Not Try These Taser NERF Darts "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For most of us, a good part of our childhood involved running around someones backyard (or inside the house) trying to score hits with a toy NERF gun. The fun level was high and the risk of personal injury was low. Now that were all mostly adults, its probably time to take our NERF game to the next level with some risk of serious personal harm.

In an effort to help his brother get back at him for being somewhat of a bully in their youth, [Allen Pan] gifted him with an upgraded NERF gun. Specifically, one with darts that pack a punch. Each of the Elite darts was equipped with a 300 V capacitor packed into the interior of the dart. New tips were 3D printed with special metal tips that allow the capacitor to discharge upon impact.

Besides the danger, theres a good bit of science involved. Parts were scavenged from a new (and surprisingly expensive) disposable camera, and a customized circuit was constructed around the barrel of the dart gun that allows the darts to charge up when theyre loaded. Its an impressive build that would be relatively simple to reconstruct for yourself, but its probably not the worst thing weve seen done with high voltage and a few small capacitors.

Thanks to [Itay] for the tip!



Take Off on the Longest Non-Stop Flight "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Take off for the longest non-stop flight

The world's longest commercial flight has left Singapore for New York, beginning a journey expected to cover more than 15,000km in almost 19 hours.

Singapore Airlines is relaunching the service five years after it was cut because it had become too expensive.

A spokeswoman for Singapore Airlines said Flight SQ22 departed at approximately 15:35GMT with 150 passengers and 17 crew.

The flight from Changi Airport to Newark took off amid much fanfare.

The flight time is about 90 minutes longer than the previous longest non-stop service.

Qantas launched a 17-hour non-stop service from Perth to London earlier this year, while Qatar runs a 17.5-hour service between Auckland and Doha.

Singapore Airlines (SIA) said there was demand for customers for non-stop services which help cut travelling times compared with flights which have a stopover.

Ahead of the take-off, the airline told the BBC that business class seats for the flight were fully booked, and there were "a very limited number" of premium economy seats left.

The airline is not planning to offer any economy bookings on the route.

A business class ticket will entitle passengers to two meals, and the choice of when they are served, plus refreshments in between. They will also have a bed to sleep in.

Premium economy fares will get three meals at fixed times, with refreshments in between.

Do people want to fly for 19 hours?

Original Submission

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La Frite: A Libre ARM SBC For $5, 10x Faster Than The Raspberry Pi Zero "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The folks at the Libre Computer Project who have successfully released the Tritium, Le Potato, and other ARM SBCs while being as open-source friendly as possible have now announced La Frite...


PoC exploit for Windows Shell RCE released "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Heres one more reason to hurry with the implementation of the latest Microsoft patches: a PoC exploit for a remote code execution vulnerability that can be exploited via Microsoft Edge has been published and can be easily adapted by attackers. About the vulnerability (CVE-2018-8495) CVE-2018-8495 exists because Windows Shell improperly handles special characters in URIs (it does not sanitize them). There are multiple issues with the way the product handles URIs within certain schemes. The More

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Dying to Survive gets real: China cuts price of life-saving cancer drugs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

China has included 17 life-saving cancer drugs in its national public insurance after negotiations drastically cut their prices, in response to their cost fuelling the smuggling of cheap drugs from abroad in an echo of the popular Chinese film Dying to Survive.

Costs slashed by over half on average, in wake of hit movie featuring the plight of those unable to afford prohibitively priced medicines and forced to look abroad.


Ubuntu's Bring-Up Of NVIDIA's Driver With Mir Continues "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Ubuntu developers continuing to work on the Mir display server stack have made headway in their NVIDIA driver enablement effort...


Best Design Practices to Get the Most out of Your API "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Practical techniques to ensure developers can actually do the things you want them to do using your API.

In the previous chapters, we gave an overview of various approaches for transmitting data via your web API. Now that you're familiar with the landscape of transport and have an understanding of how to choose between various patterns and frameworks, we want to provide some tactical best practices to help your developers get the most out of your API.


Review: "First Man" -- In US Theaters Starting October 12 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The movie First Man opens in theaters in the US on Friday, October 12. A local theater had two showings Thursday so I was able to get an advance look. Wikipedia summarizes the movie quite succinctly:

First Man is a 2018 American biographical drama film directed by Damien Chazelle and written by Josh Singer, based on the book First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong by James R. Hansen. The film stars Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong, alongside Claire Foy, Jason Clarke, Kyle Chandler, Corey Stoll, Ciarn Hinds, Christopher Abbott, Patrick Fugit, and Lukas Haas, and follows the years leading up to the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon in 1969. Steven Spielberg serves as an executive producer.

I've always seemed to have had a fascination with space. Maybe it was due to my good fortune in having grown up in the suburbs and having gone on many camping trips where the moon and stars were visible in all their glory. I'm old enough to have followed the "space race" from the late days of the Gemini program through Apollo and onward. With that as a backdrop, I found myself quite surprised at what unfolded in the movie. Various mishaps and catastrophes were tastefully addressed, most notably the fire on the launch pad which consumed Apollo 1. Nothing about the details of the missions trouble me. It was how the film thoughtfully portrayed the human side of things that got to me. The toll it took on the astronauts themselves and on their families. Ongoing battles for funding with Congress and the general public. The come-from-behind challenge as the USSR kept besting the US with one after another 'firsts' in space. Yet, through it all, Gosling's portrayal of Neil Armstrong was riveting in how driven and focused the first man to walk on the moon truly was. That said, he was human after all, and the movie graphically portrays moments of intense feeling which are made all the more dramatic for their infrequency of occurrence. It brought tears to my eyes more than once.

I had a few nits with some of the filming and sound work, but those were minor blemishes on this strong production. I know it has already forced me to revisit long-cherished memories from that era with a new insight and perspective. It changed me. Strongly recommended... I give it 8 out of 10.

NOTE: I have tried to avoid spoilers in this review. Please feel free to discuss the movie in the comments, but I suggest using to hide things you don't want immediately visible like this:

to hide things you don't want immediately visible

for those who may not have yet seen the movie.



Google Adds Control-Flow Integrity to Beef up Android Kernel Security "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Google has added a new security feature to the latest Linux kernels for Android devices to prevent it against code reuse attacks that allow attackers to achieve arbitrary code execution by exploiting control-flow hijacking vulnerabilities. In code reuse attacks, attackers exploit memory corruption bugs (buffer overflows, type confusion, or integer overflows) to take over code pointers stored


Add It Up: Test Automation Is Not a Tooling Story "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Test automation tools are not used very often.


GNOME 3.31.1 Released As The First Step Towards GNOME 3.32 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

GNOME 3.31.1 was released on Thursday as the first step towards the GNOME 3.32 desktop update due out in March...


DOM-XSS Bug Affecting Tinder, Shopify, Yelp, and More "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Our team of security researchers was researching dating apps client-side security, and one of the main focus targets was the social search mobile app Tinder.

After initial reconnaissance steps were done, a Tinder domain with multiple client-side security issues was found meaning hackers could have access to users profiles and details.

Immediately after finding these vulnerabilities, we contacted Tinder via their responsible disclosure program and started working with them.

We learned that the vulnerable endpoint isnt owned by Tinder, but by, an attribution platform used by many big corporations around the globe. The Tinder security team helped us get in touch with them, and accordingly, theyve put out a timely patch.

Digging deeper, we found out many big websites were sharing the vulnerable endpoint in their code and domains, including Shopify, Yelp, Western Union, and Imgur. This means that as many as 685 million users could be at risk.

While the flaw has already been fixed, if you have recently used Tinder or any of the other affected sites, we recommend checking to make sure your account hasnt been compromised. Its a good idea to change your password ASAP.


DOM-based XSS vulnerability, also known as type-0 XSS is a class of cross-site scripting vulnerability that appears within the DOM. It is a type of attack wherein the attack payload is executed as a result of modifying the DOM environment in the victims browser, more so in a dynamic environment. In DOM-based XSS, the HTML source code and response of the attack will be exactly the same. This means the malicious payload cannot be found in the response, making it extremely difficult for browser-built in XSS mitigation features like Chromes XSS Auditor to perform.

Can you spot the vulnerabilities?


The fact that wasnt using CSP made these vulnerabilities easy to exploit in any browser we like.


For example, our initial finding was the endpoint was prone to multiple vulnerabilities (scheme_redirect & redi...


Blue Screen Windows 10 WDF_VIOLATION Error After Update- Fix October 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

When it comes to updates, then we are sure that some of you will agree with us on a point that windows have a very bad reputation of ruining the users experience. Its a reality. First, we faced the file deletion bug in October 2018 windows 10 update, and now fresh reports are saying that HP workstations and laptops are receiving the blue screen of death (BSOD). This crashes the display with a WDF_VIOLATION error message after installing all the latest Windows 10 updates.

While Blue screen windows 10 WDF_VIOLATION stop code error is mostly seen in HP PCs. Some other brand PC users are also reporting the same error after the Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1803 (KB4462919).

The actual reason for this error is still not confirmed by any official source and it looks like the windows 10 blue screen crash is caused by the file located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\HpqKbFiltr.sys which most probably is HP keyboard driver.

Microsoft has temporarily paused the rollout of the Windows 10 October update. But the users who received it might have noticed a blue screen on windows 10 with an error message STOP CODE- WDF_VIOLATION.

So, how to fix it?. is there any way to fix it?. The answer is yes.

How to Fix Blue screen windows 10 WDF_VIOLATION error after October 2018 update

Firstly, we all should know when a user attempts to install KB4462919 update, then HP laptop or computer gets crashed by stating Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart error and with the stop code of WDF_VIOLATION which is shown in the figure below.

luckily for HP PC users, there is an easy fix that is working for most of the users.

In order to fix the Blue screen windows 10 WDF_VIOLATION stop code error, you need to rename the HpqKbFiltr.sys driver which of course you cant do as your PC keeps crashing before you can enter the system and delete or rename any file.

Step 1-

So, In order to fix it, you need to wait for the recovery screen to appear on your Windows 10 PC. Which will surely appear after the crash.

How to Fix Blue screen windows 10 WDF_VIOLATION error after October 2018 update- step 1
Then Choose the troubleshoot option

Step 2-

In the following Troubleshoot screen choose the advanced options



Seeing a Webcams PCBs in a Whole Different Light "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

When it comes to inspection of printed circuits, most of us rely on the Mark I eyeball to see how we did with the soldering iron or reflow oven. And even when we need the help of some kind of microscope, our inspections are still firmly in the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Pushing the frequency up a few orders of magnitude and inspecting PCBs with X-rays is a thing, though, and can reveal so much more than what the eye can see.

Unlike most of us, [Tom Anderson] has access to X-ray inspection equipment in the course of his business, so it seemed natural to do an X-ray enhanced teardown and PCB inspection. The victim for this exercise was nothing special just a cheap WiFi camera of the kind that seems intent on reporting back to China on a regular basis. The guts are pretty much what youd expect: a processor board, a board for the camera, and an accessory board for a microphone and IR LEDs. In the optical part of the spectrum they look pretty decent, with just some extra flux and a few solder blobs left behind. But under X-ray, the same board showed more serious problems, like vias and through-holes with insufficient solder. Such defects would be difficult to pick up in optical inspection, and its fascinating to see the internal structure of both the board and the components, especially the BGA chips.

If youre stuck doing your inspections the old-fashioned way, fear not we have tips aplenty for optical inspection. But dont let that stop you from trying X-ray inspection; start with this tiny DIY X-ray tube and work your way up from there.

Thanks for the tip, [Jarrett].


NIST Answers Whether or Not You Really Need A Blockchain "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This is a review by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) of the hype around blockchain. They conclude that most people, surprise surprise, don't need a blockchain. There is a very simple graphic of the flowchart and a summary of their report here:

Enjoy the actual review here:

As usual, KISS wins the day.

Original Submission

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Private Torrent Site Operators Ordered to Pay $440k Damages "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

While sites like The Pirate Bay have become household names due to their resilience and high-profile among users, copyright holders, and law enforcement bodies, theres a vibrant underbelly of lesser-known torrent platforms.

Often working on an invitation-only basis, these private trackers, as theyre known, fly comparatively under the mainstream radar. Nevertheless, few escape the negative attention of copyright holders who are keen to bring them to their knees.

One such platform was, which achieved local fame in Sweden after it grew to become one of the countrys top private torrent sites. During November 2016, however, it became clear that the show was over.

In a message posted to the sites homepage, it was revealed that the platforms operators were in trouble and the site had been shut down.

This week Rarat was subject to a search, seizure, and arrest. This follows a 2013 complaint from a film company that tracked down our PayPal payments. Damages in the millions of krona are feared. The site will now be closed, the notice read.

Around a month later, Rights Alliance lawyer Henrik Pontn, who represents several copyright holders, said that Nordisk Film, SF, and Disney had filed a criminal complaint against Rarat back in 2013.

As mentioned in the Rarat announcement, PayPal following requests from Rights Alliance assisted in the case. This allowed the authorities to identify the person who had been receiving Rarats donations. A special unit of Swedens Department of National Police Operations then managed to track down one of the sites operators.

He was arrested and taken in for questioning on suspicion of copyright infringement. Several computers were also seized as evidence during a house search. Stockholms Public Prosecution Office later confirmed that the investigation was at an early stage and may turn up more suspects.

During the almost two years that followed, little was heard about the case. This week, however, it was revealed that two men in their thirties have been handed conditional sentences for their roles in running the site.

The pair, from the city of Jnkping in southern Sweden, were sentenced by Swedens Patent and Market Court for distributing at least 113 pirated films via Rarat. They were ordered to pay a total of SEK 4 million (US$440k) in damages to rightsholders.

Anti-piracy outfit Rights Alliance, which was involved in the case from the beginning, said in a state...


Two Pterodactyls Observed in Northern Wisconsin "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


He did observe the head crest and a forty foot wingspan.  He is not the only one and in Wisconsen as well. I would have liked to have more from him but focusing on the 'snorkle' is good enough.  It was a clear identification.

As i have posted in the past, i do suspect that these creatures are successful fishers feeding in the thousands of lakes in Wisconsin.  They are also decidedly nocturnal as well and may avoid sunlight on their skins.  That so called crest could even be a snorkle allowing them to hole up in a mass of reeds and to stay underwater during the daytime.

They do exist in New Guinea as well in a smaller form called the Ropan and that has attracted plenty of search effort..

Spawning an intervention "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Slowly and surely we are mastering the art and science of coral propagation. Throw in our knowledge of making reefs and we are set up to build great barrier reefs off all the coasts around the world.  Recall that the sea level is several hundred feet higher than it has been for the past several millions of years. 

Thus we need a barrier reef off the East coast to consolidate sand banks there and along the Gulf coast to do the same thing.  My key point is that this is becoming practical engineering as long as you are in no hurry. A little like dredging.

Once begun, a few miles every year slowly converts into a great barrier reef.  Once established and well anchored, they grow out naturally while creating a fish refuge to support ongoing local fishing.

Spawning an intervention


Funding Conservation by Killing Animals: An Ironic Partnership "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

 At least Teddy Roosevelt cooked up a solution that has survived for a century.  Now we have the present problem of a much lower population of rural Americans who do hunt as part of their farm maintenance.  Sorry folks, it really is necessary and it is now becoming more necessary as lack of human predation is allowing unwanted species to either rebound or repopulate.

Personally, growing up on a farm i was soon tasked with varmint control, mostly in the form of way too many ground hogs.  It ultimately took a skilled collie to bring it back under control.  I found no pleasure in this task and generally do not understand that except perhaps as an adrenaline junkie who responds to rifle fire.  We are tasked with harvesting animals and the natives have it right when they thank the creator for his gift.  I would consider even going so far as to thank the spirit of the ground hog for sharing an aspect with my family.

The much bigger problem is that we need to discover how to manage all wildlife in conjunction with our rising understanding of successful and optimizing land management.

We need to harvest huge amounts of wild game in the fall and to provide wintering feed for he remainder preferably in conditions that blocks predators and sharply lowers their population by natural means.  The problem is that we will produce huge amounts of nicely conditioned 'bush meat' that needs to be consumed.
That ladies is what good husbandry demands.    . .
Funding Conservation by Killing Animals: An Ironic Partnership


JP Sottile Published

August 26, 2018



Laser beams have gravity and can warp the fabric of the universe "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It is good to know that this is confirmed.  Gravity itself is derived from the specific fact that the content of the universe itself is not mathematical infinity but is empirical infinity which happens to be a really large number.  What that means is that all generated metrics have a natural positive attraction.  Thus a laser beam will have a positive attractive force orthogonal to its direction..
This is why laser light is even possible.  It is sticky along parallel generation.
Warping local curvature is no surprise either as the actual local 'power' of attraction must be comparatively immense. 
Laser beams have gravity and can warp the fabric of the universe
Lasers emit a very small amount of gravity


By Leah Crane

27 September 2018

Light is heavy. Powerful laser beams have a gravitational field, which warps the fabric of the universe around them and may help us understand how gravity behaves in the quantum realm.

Most models of lights gravity are simple. They only take into account lights behaviour as a particle but not as a wave when, in fact, it is both. Fabienne Schneiter at the Eberhard Karls University of Tbingen, Germany and her colleagues made a mathematical model that takes into account lights wave nature, illuminating its tiny but weird gravitational effects.

Light has gravity because it carries energy. According to Albert Einsteins theory of general relativity, anything with energy also has gravity, even if, like light, it is massless. The teams calculations confirm that a laser beams gravitational force should exist, even if it is far too tiny for us to detect any time soon.

I can imagine that someone could, in principle, put an o...


New infosec products of the week: October 12, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud safeguards complex IT infrastructures Arcserve unveiled Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud, the fully-integrated, cloud-born solution to prevent the impacts of downtime by restoring access to critical data, systems and applications across IT infrastructures ranging from non-x86 and x86, to SaaS and IaaS. Alert Logic extends security to cover any container across multiple platforms Alert Logics update to the NIDS for containers adds container log management and extends capabilities beyond AWS to Microsoft More

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Chemical Spills Put Italy's Underground Physics Lab in Jeopardy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Bytram

Chemical spills put Italy's underground physics lab in jeopardy

Scientists fear for the future of Gran Sasso National Laboratory, a world-leading underground physics lab in central Italy, after prosecutors charged four lab leaders with endangering drinking water supplies. Sparked by a number of accidental spills that released small amounts of toxic chemicals into groundwater feeding a local aqueduct, the 28 September legal action could lead to at least two major Gran Sasso experiments being shut down.

Gianpaolo Bellini, a particle physicist at the University of Milan in Italy and a former spokesperson for Borexino, one of the lab experiments in jeopardy, says fears of contamination are groundless. But he says the lab itself is in a very delicate situation. He worries that research groups, particularly from abroad, might be put off by the possibility of legal action and delays to their work. This [investigation] damages the reputation of the lab, he says. People will be more cautious about coming and therefore more cautious about investing their money.

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Every month should be Cyber Security Awareness Month "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In 2004, October was deemed National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). This was an initiative promoted by the National Cyber Security Division (NCSD) within the Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA, a non-profit organization). Its been 14 years since its inception, has it worked? Are we more aware of the perils in the world of cyber security? The reality is that there are various studies that have been conducted over More

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Securing campus networks became more challenging "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The results of a global Infoblox survey on the state of network security at higher education institutions reveals that 81 percent of IT professionals believe securing campus networks has become more challenging in the last two years. The report titled Defending Networks at Higher Learning Institutions Heroes Needed surveyed over 600 students, IT professionals and staff from higher education institutions in the U.S., U.K. and Germany, and found that networks at higher education institutions More

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Identity spoofing is the most prevalent attack vector for the gaming and gambling industry "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A new ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Report revealed that identity spoofing, fuelled by stolen identity data, is the most prevalent attack vector for the gaming and gambling industry. It also pinpointed a marked growth in location (IP) spoofing attacks. In the second quarter, location spoofing became the fastest growing attack vector in the space, increasing 257% year-on-year. This is due to the availability of more sophisticated location spoofing tools, which fraudsters use to attempt to disguise their More

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Video Shows Power Isnt Everything In Laser Engraving "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

When it comes to power tools, generally speaking more watts is better. But as laser maestro [Martin Raynsford] shows, watts arent everything. He shares a brief video showing his older 100 W laser being handily outperformed by a newer 30 W machine. Shouldnt the higher power laser be able to do the same job in less time? One might think so, but wattage isnt everything. The 30 W laser engraves and cuts a wooden tile in just under half the time it takes the 100 W machine to do the same job, and with a nicer end result, to boot.

Why such a difference? Part of the answer to that question lies in that the newer machine has better motion control and can handle higher speeds, but the rest is due to the tubes themselves. The older 100 W machine uses a DC-excited (big glass water-cooled tube) CO2 laser, and the newer 30 W machine uses an RF-excited laser that looks a bit like a big metal heat sink instead of oversized lab glassware. Both tubes output what is essentially the same beam, but the RF tube is overall capable of a more refined, more stable, and more finely focused point than that of the glass tube. Since engraving uses only a small fraction of even the 30 W lasers power, the finer control that the RF laser has over the low end of the power scale results in a much higher quality engraving.

Embedded below is a short video showing both machines engraving and cutting the same tile, side by side. You may wish to consider watching this one full screen, to better see the fine details.

Glass tube CO2 lasers have a big advantage: they are much cheaper than RF tubes. The hacker-friendly K40 laser design uses a glass tube, which is one reason is can be so economically priced. Laser cutting and engraving are wonderful tools, so if youre interested, first spare some time to read up on all the ways it can go wrong and youll be ahead of the game.


The universes continued existence implies extra dimensions are tiny "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The strictest limits yet on the size of extra dimensions come from the fact that black holes havent destroyed the universe.


Percentage of Young U.S. Children Who Don't Receive Any Vaccines Has Quadrupled Since 2001 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A small but increasing number of children in the United States are not getting some or all of their recommended vaccinations. The percentage of children under 2 years old who haven't received any vaccinations has quadrupled in the last 17 years, according to federal health data released Thursday.

Overall, immunization rates remain high and haven't changed much at the national level. But a pair of reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about immunizations for preschoolers and kindergartners highlights a growing concern among health officials and clinicians about children who aren't getting the necessary protection against vaccine-preventable diseases, such as measles, whooping cough and other pediatric infectious diseases.

The vast majority of parents across the country vaccinate their children and follow recommended schedules for this basic preventive practice. But the recent upswing in vaccine skepticism and outright refusal to vaccinate has spawned communities of undervaccinated children who are more susceptible to disease and pose health risks to the broader public.

[...] The data underlying the latest reports do not explain the reason for the increase in unvaccinated children. In some cases, parents hesitate or refuse to immunize, officials and experts said. Insurance coverage and an urban-rural disparity are likely other reasons for the troubling rise.

Among children aged 19 months to 35 months in rural areas, about 2 percent received no vaccinations in 2017. That is double the number of unvaccinated children living in urban areas.

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Uber CEO pulls out of Saudi Arabia conference over Khashoggi disappearance "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Uber's CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says he will not attend an upcoming conference in Saudi Arabia amid reports of the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post contributor and critic of the Saudi government.Khosrowshahi said in a statement...


Boston Dynamics robot can now do parkour "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Dont look now, but Boston Dynamics robot Atlas is back. And now it can do parkour:


US Military Grounds All F-35 Jets "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Bytram

US military grounds all F-35 jets

The US military has temporarily grounded its entire fleet of F-35 fighter jets in the wake of a crash in South Carolina last month.

Inspections are to be carried out on faulty fuel tubes.

An official report questioned earlier this year whether the F-35 was ready for combat after dozens of faults were found.

[...] In a statement, the F-35 Joint Program Office said the US and its international partners had suspended flight operations while a fleet-wide inspection of fuel tubes was conducted.

"If suspect fuel tubes are installed, the part will be removed and replaced. If known good fuel tubes are already installed, then those aircraft will be returned to flight status.

"Inspections are expected to be completed within the next 24 to 48 hours."

The aircraft, which uses stealth technology to reduce its visibility to radar, comes in three variants.

The crash in South Carolina involved an F-35B, which is able to land vertically and costs around $100m (75m).

The pilot in that incident ejected safely but the aircraft was destroyed.

The plane, manufactured by Lockheed Martin but including parts made in several other countries, has been sold to a number of nations, including the UK, Japan, Italy, Turkey and South Korea.

[...] The Ministry of Defence in London said the UK had decided to "pause some F-35 flying as a precautionary measure while we consider the findings of an ongoing enquiry".

But the MOD said F-35 flight trials from the aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, were continuing and the programme remained on schedule to provide UK armed forces with "a game-changing capability".

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Bird Beats Cancer With The Help Of A 3D-Printed Prosthetic "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its a reasonable certainty that 3D-printing is one day going to be a huge part of medicine. From hip implants to stents that prop open blood vessels to whole organs laid down layer by layer, humans will probably benefit immensely from medical printing. But if they do, the animals will get there first; somebody has to try this stuff out, after all.

An early if an unwilling adopter of 3D-printed medical appliances is [Jary], a 22-year-old Great Pied Hornbill, who recently received a 3D-printed replacement for his casque, the large, mostly hollow protuberance on the front the birds skull leading out over the upper beak. Theres no known function for the casque, but it had to be removed since cancer was destroying it and [Jary] wouldnt have fared well post-surgically without one. Working from CT scans, the veterinary team created a model of the casque as well as a jig to guide the saw during surgery. Theres no word on what filament was used, but wed guess PLA since its biocompatible and available in medical grades. The video below shows some of the surgery; its interesting to note that the prosthetic started out natural colored but quickly turned yellow as [Jary] preened with oils from glands near his tail feathers, just like a natural casque would.

Hornbills live to about 40 years old, so [Jary] is just middle-aged. Heres hoping that he lives a long, happy life in return for being a pioneer in 3D-printing for medical and surgical appliances.

Thanks for another great tip, [baldpower].


ISACAs Cybersecurity Nexus introduces certificates for security beginners "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Global technology and cybersecurity association ISACA has launched four certificates as part of its new CSX Foundations Series. Intended for entry-level security professionals and those seeking a career change to cybersecurity, the self-paced courses will help students build technical skills through hands-on learning in a live environment. The CSX Foundation Series consists of three new courses and four certificates: CSX Packet Analysis Students work with real network traffic captures in real environments and analyze More

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Boston Dynamics: Parkour Atlas "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Boston Dynamics: Atlas does parkour. The control software uses the whole body including legs, arms and torso, to marshal the energy and strength for jumping over the log and leaping up the steps without breaking its pace. (Step height 40 cm.) Atlas uses computer vision to locate itself with respect to visible markers on []


Cypress delivers fail-safe storage platform leveraging Arm processor for safety and reliability "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Cypress Semiconductor has embedded compute capabilities into its next-generation memory platform to address the growing demand for trusted intelligence and fail-safe storage in applications such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and smart factories. The platform includes standardized intellectual property (IP) that can be reconfigured to address emerging applications. Cypress Semper NOR Flash family is based on the platform and is architected with an Arm Cortex-M0 processor to meet industry standards for building fail-safe embedded More

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No Audio Output Device Is Installed In Windows 10- FIX October 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Windows updates have been a crucial feature to improve, update or fix bugs in Windows PC. however, this does not remain the case always. The recent Windows 10 October updates have been causing havoc for users. With many reporting No Audio Output Device Is Installed error showing in their PC while trying to turn on or increase the volume.

You can not even wait for a new update hoping for an automatic fix as it is very crucial if AUDIO is not working on your PC.

While there is no official solution to the problem. I kept looking for the solution online and after trying several solutions. I found one perfectly working. A Reddit user DaveArnold78 has found a solution to No Audio Output Device Is Installed that might work for many.

How to fix No Audio Output Device Is Installed error In Windows 10

Go through the video or simply follow the easy steps provided below-

Do subscribe to our channel if it works

Step 1-

How to fix No Audio Output Device Is Installed error In Windows 10- step 1

In order to fix No Audio Output Drivers Installed error in your Windows 10 PC search for device manager in your windows PC.

Step 2-

How to fix No Audio Output Device Is Installed error In Windows 10- step 2

Click on system devices

Step 3-

How to fix No Audio Output Device Is Installed error In Windows 10- STEP 3

Look for an audio driver that has SST in it. Right click on it and click update driver.

Step 4-

How to fix No Audio Output Device Is Installed error In Windows 10- step 4
In the next screen, you will be asked for how do you want to search for drivers?
Select the second option stating Browse my computer for driver software and click next.

Step 5-



XDC2019 X.Org / Mesa / Wayland Conference To Be Hosted In Montreal "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The X.Org Foundation Board of Directors decided today that their next annual X.Org/Mesa/Wayland conference will be held in Montreal, Canada...


SecureAuth IdP adds adaptive access control enhancements "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

SecureAuth enhanced the SecureAuth IdP adaptive access control solution with the introduction of machine learning, and identity governance as part of its adaptive risk analysis. Machine learning capabilities find anomalies and inconsistencies over time to eliminate identity-based threats, while the intersection of access control and identity governance technology identifies and monitors privileged account access, taking action to protect targeted systems. Together, the new capabilities add protection from privilege misuse and cyberattacks. By adding machine learning, More

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Proof of Concept Attack Escalates MikroTik Router Bug to As Bad As It Gets "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:

Researchers say a medium severity bug should now be rated critical because of a new hack technique that allows for remote code execution on MikroTik edge and consumer routers.

A new hacking technique used against vulnerable MikroTik routers gives attackers the ability to execute remote code on affected devices. The technique is yet another security blow against the MikroTik router family. Previous hacks have left the routers open to device failures, cyptojacking and network eavesdropping.

The hacking technique, found by Tenable Research and outlined on Sunday at DerbyCon 8.0 in Louisville, Kentucky, is tied to the existing directory traversal bug (CVE-2018-14847) found and patched in April. That vulnerability was rated medium in severity and impacted Winbox, which is a management component and a Windows GUI application for MikroTik's RouterOS software.

Tenable Research says it has found a new attack technique that exploits the same bug (CVE-2018-14847) that allows for unauthenticated remote code execution. "By exploiting the flaw, the remote attacker can get a root shell on the device as well as bypass the router's firewall, gain access to the internal network, and even load malware onto victims' systems undetected," Tenable Research said in a blog post accompanying the presentation.

The underlying flaw is tied to a Winbox Any Directory File that allows threat actors to read files that flow through the router without authentication. The new technique, found by Jacob Baines, researcher at Tenable Research, goes one step further allowing an adversary to write files to the router. Baines also created a proof of concept of the attack outlined Sunday.

"The licupgr binary has an sprintf that an authenticated user can use to trigger a stack buffer overflow. The sprintf is used on the following string:

GET /ssl_conn.php?usrname=%s&passwd=%s&softid=%s&level=%d&pay_typ'e=%d&board=%d HTTP/1.0

"Where the user has control of the username and password strings, an authenticated user can exploit this to gain root access to the underlying system," he wrote.

This is as bad as it gets, Baines told Threatpost. "This bug was reported in April, but we are now able to show how an attacker can use it to get root shell on a system. It uses CVE-2...


Securonix selects Cylance for end-to-end AI-enabled security intelligence and threat prevention "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Cylance and Securonix partner to support the interoperability of CylancePROTECT with the new release of the Securonix Security Analytics Platform. Customers of Cylance and Securonix will now have the tools to implement a prevention-first security strategy with CylancePROTECT and Securonixs Security Analytics Platform to view, enrich, and contextualize real-time intelligence collected at the endpoint. In tandem, the two products will provide security operations center (SOC) teams with a single-pane view of both cloud and endpoint More

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Mind-boggling brain development "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


Coronal section of the neocortex in a juvenile mouse. Double immunostaining shows microglia (green) and inhibitory interneurons (red), whereas nuclear counterstaining is in blue.


The human brain contains billions of well-connected neurons. Neural neighborhoods perform different tasks: Some coordinate movement, whereas others hum along planning dinner. The mature brain is a complex assembly of networks, structures, and tracts. Like cities and their neighborhoods, however, the brain does not arise fully formed. Rather, operational patterns and developmental constraints guide the proliferating neurons that build the typical adult human brain. Just as cities are governed by both hard and soft infrastructuree.g.


iboss cloud integrates Microsoft Azure to extend protection for corporate data "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

iboss has extended its cloud security offerings to be available as a Microsoft Azure private app. This allows organizations running data within Azure to extend to iboss gateway security in order to protect this data as it is accessed by any user from any device, anywhere. Extending across Azure, iboss cloud gateway security reduces network blind spots and increases overall security posture with visibility (or a single unified view) into who is accessing data and More

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HPR2660: Installing a bootloader on an Arduino "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In this show you will learn how to install a bootloader on an Arduino using another Arduino via In-Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) All credit goes to M-SHORT over at SparkFun for the excellent tutorial. Arduino IDE > File > Examples > 11.ArduinoISP > ArduinoISP Tools > Board > {your board} Tools > Programmer > Arduino as ISP Tools > Burn Bootloader


000000 is Kanye Wests iPhone passcode "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Kanye thumb

You can bet mischievous hackers are right now trying to crack into Kanye Wests online accounts with equally diabolical passwords.


Swedish Front Plus Japanese Back Makes For Useful Hybrid Camera "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Professional or amateur, doing things the hard way doesnt always make for better results. Take photography as an example. Once upon a time, the success or failure of what happened during the instant that the cameras shutter was open was only known hours or days later after processing the film. Ruin the shot with bad exposure or suboptimal composition? Too bad. Miss a once-in-a-lifetime moment as a result? Ouch.

Once instant photography came along, pros were quick to adopt it as a quick and dirty way to check everything before committing the shot to higher-quality film. Camera manufacturers made special instant film cartridges that could be swapped for roll film, and charged through the teeth for them. Unwilling to shell out big bucks, [Isaac Blankensmith] hacked his own instant film back for his Hasselblad medium-format camera. The unlucky donor camera was a Fujifilm Instax, a camera that uses film packs similar to those used by Polaroid and Kodak instant cameras from the 70s and 80s. Several of these cameras were dissected carefully; those flash capacitors pack a wallop and stripped down to the essential film-handling bits. An adapter was fabricated from laser-cut acrylic to mount the film back to the Hasselblad, with care taken to match the original focal plane. The shots are surprisingly good; despite a minor light leak from the adapter, theyre fine for the purpose. The best part: the whole build took just 48 hours from conception to first shots.

Speaking of Polaroid, weve featured quite a few hacks of Edwin Lands venerable cameras over the year. From replacing the film with a printer to an upgrade to 35-mm film, instant cameras in general and Polaroids in particular seem to have quite a following among hackers.

Thanks for tipping us off, [macsimski].


Using Firefox Lightbeam for Visualizing On-the-Fly the Benefits of Privacy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Derek Zimmer has a blog post over at Private Internet Access about the Firefox extension Lightbeam and how it shows graphically in realtime the benefits of privacy. Lightbeam is a continuation of the visualization project, Collusion, which was introduced in 2012. The extension shows which sites your browser is interacting with including third party connections and shows the relation between them. It has several visualization modes and the ability to save the connection history to a file. He notes that it is very useful in seeing the relation of a page to the plethora of trackers, web libraries, cookies, and all kinds of outside parties trying to gather and sell your data which it pulls in.

Original Submission

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DSLWP-B Moonbounce "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If you have been following my latest posts, you will know that a series of observations with the DSLWP-B Inory eye camera have been scheduled over the last few days to try to take and download images of the Moon and Earth (see my last post). In a future post I will do a chronicle of these observations.

On October 6 an image of the Moon was taken to calibrate the exposure of the camera. This image was downlinked on the UTC morning of October 7. The download was commanded by Reinhard Kuehn DK5LA and received by the Dwingeloo radiotelescope.

Cees Bassa observed that in the waterfalls of the recordings made in Dwingeloo a weak Doppler-shifted signal of the DSLWP-B GMSK signal could be seen. This signal was a reflection off the Moon.

As far as I know, this is the first reported case of satellite-Moon-Earth (or SME) propagation, at least in Amateur radio. Here I do a Doppler analysis confirming that the signal is indeed reflected on the Moon surface and do some general remarks about the possibility of receiving the SME signal from DSLWP-B. Further analysis will be done in future posts.

Below you can see the tweet where Cees Bassa reported the Moonbounce signal. As you can see, it is an awesome result indeed, only achievable with large dishes such as Dwingeloos. He even challenged me to decode the Moonbounce signal. I think that the signal is too weak for the Turbo decoder to wipe all bit errors, but perhaps I will try something in a future post.

The figure below shows the direct path and Moonbounce Doppler for the 436.4MHz downlink signal of DSLWP-B, as seen in the groundstation at Dwingeloo, for the timespan of the recordings done on the morning of October 7.



Boston Dynamics' Atlas Robot Shows Off Parkour Skills "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The agile humanoid is learning to use its whole body to leap higher than ever

The remarkable evolution of Atlas, Boston Dynamics most agile robot, continues. In a video posted today, Atlas is seen jumping over a log and leaping up steps like a parkour runner.

The robot has come a long way. Two years ago, Boston Dynamics, led by Marc Raibert, unveiled a massive upgrade of the original Atlas, which had been used by multiple teams at the DARPA Robotics Challenge in 2015.

The next-gen Atlas could walk on snow, pick up boxes, and even get up by itself after a fall:

Late last year, after a quiet period, Boston Dynamics surprised everyone with a video that I initially thought was CGI: Atlas jumping up and down boxes and even doing a backflip:

Then earlier this year, a new video showed Atlas running and jumping over obstacles at a park:

And now, parkour.

In a brief description of todays video, Boston Dynamics explains that the robot is using its full body not only to balance but also to propel itself up the steps:

The control software uses the whole body including legs, arms and torso, to marshal the energy and strength for jumping over the log and leaping up the steps without breaking its pace.  (Step height 40 cm.)  Atlas uses computer vision to locate itself with respect to visible markers on the approach to hit the terrain accurately.

Compare parkour Atlas to the Atlas from five years ago:

What will Atlas be doing five years fr...


Links 11/10/2018: PostgreSQL 11 RC1 Released, Librem 5 Loves GNOME 3.32 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

GNOME bluefish



  • Plex Media Server Is Now Available as a Snap App for Ubuntu, Other Linux Distros

    Already available as binary packages for Debian- and Red Hat-based operating systems using the DEB and RPM package format, the Plex Media Server over-the-top (OTT) media service used by millions worldwide is now easier to install across a multitude of GNU/Linux distributions as a Snap app from Canonicals Snap Store.

    The biggest appeal of Snaps is the simple installation mechanism, said Tamas Szelei, Software Engineer at Plex. Canonicals Snap Store provides an easy and secure way to distribute our software to an increasing number of consumers. Whats more, Snaps help cater to the more technical Plex user, who benefits from confined applications and the added sense of software security.

  • The Easy Way to Install Plex Media Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

    Binge watchers, TV addicts, and music lovers rejoice it just got mighty easy to install Plex Media Server on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and other Linux distributions, all thanks to Snaps!

    From today Plex is available to install from the Snap store, for free, on any and all Linux distros that support the Snap framework, such as Linux Mint, Solus and Manjaro.

  • ...

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Thursday, 11 October


Exaramel Malware Links Industroyer ICS malware and NotPetya wiper "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

ESET researchers have spotted a new strain of malware tracked as Exaramel that links the dreaded not Petya wiper to the Industroyer ICS malware.

A few months ago, researchers from ESET discovered a new piece of malware that further demonstrates the existence of a link between Industroyer and the NotPetya wiper.

In June 2017, researchers at antivirus firm ESET discovered a new strain of malware, dubbed Industroyer, that was designed to target power grids.

Industroyer was involved in the December 2016 attack aimed at an electrical substation in Ukraine that caused significant power outages.

Industroyer is the fourth malware specifically designed to target ICS systems, threats previously discovered by security experts are StuxnetBlackEnergy, and Havex.

Now experts found a link between the 2016 Industroyer attack and Russia-linked APT groups tracked as BlackEnergy, TeleBots, Sandworm, and Electrum.

That said, we have observed and documented ties between the BlackEnergy attacks not only those against the Ukrainian power grid but against various sectors and high-value targets and a series of campaigns (mostly) against the Ukrainian financial sector by the TeleBots group. reads the analysis published by ESET.

In June 2017, when many large corporations worldwide were hit by the Diskcoder.C ransomware (aka Petya and NotPetya)   most probably as unintended collateral damage we discovered that the outbreak started spreading from companies afflicted with a TeleBots backdoor, resulting from the......


Hillicon Valley: Facebook deletes accounts for political 'spam' | Leaked research shows Google's struggles with online free speech | Trump's praise for North Korea complicates cyber deterrence | Senators want Google memo on privacy bug "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Welcome to Hillicon Valley, The Hill's newsletter detailing all you need to know about the tech and cyber news from Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley.Welcome! Follow the cyber team, Olivia Beavers (@olivia_beavers) and Jacqueline Thomsen (@jacq_thomsen...


HBO, CNN, DC Comics, and More Could Join a Streaming Video Service Under AT&T "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

HBO, CNN, DC Comics, and more could join a streaming video service under AT&T

According to a report from CNN, WarnerMedia plans to launch its own streaming service in the fourth quarter of 2019, adding to growing list of OTT (over-the-top) services that bypass cable providers and bring television series and movies directly to viewersmost of them for a monthly fee.

The organization (formerly Time Warner) has several TV-content networks under its umbrella, including HBO, Turner, and Warner Bros. Turner's assets include CNN, TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network, Turner Classic Movies, and others. Warner Bros. produces series such as The Big Bang TheoryThe Voice, and The Bachelor for distribution on other networks, as well as feature films like Crazy Rich AsiansWonder WomanBlade Runner 2049Ready Player One, and Dunkirk. Warner Bros. also owns DC Comics.

And of course HBO produces original series like Game of ThronesSex and the CityWestworld, and Silicon Valley, and others, plus documentaries and other films and specials.

WarnerMedia was acquired by communications and media behemoth AT&T in June. As viewers change habits and shift to skipping cable providers, networks like HBO and Turner that have traditionally depended on fees cable television providers pay for their content have begun shifting their focus to "direct-to-consumer" distribution via streaming video in an effort to survive the transition.

And if you're thinking, "Wait, HBO already has a streaming serviceactually, two," you're right. HBO Now serves viewers who don't want to get the channel through a traditional cable TV package, and HBO Go streams episodes and films to viewers who subscribe to the cable channel.

According to a report in July shortly after the AT&T acquisition, it didn't take long for the company to start talking about plans to shake things up at the boutique channel. AT&T executives said then...


Quadrotor Maintains High Speed Flight With Just Three Rotors "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If you don't mind a little spinning, quadrotors can operate just fine as trirotors

In 2014, we wrote about some failsafe software from ETH Zurich that allowed a quadrotor to remain fully controllable even with one busted motor. The unbalanced torque generated by three motors means that a quadrotor cant help but spin, but with a bit of cleverness, software can compensate for the spin and keep the quadrotor stable and even allow it to obey control inputs, allowing it to land more or less safely.

This is a valuable capability, but there are a few things that it doesnt address. For example, what if your quadrotor loses a rotor over an unsafe area? What if something happens to it when its already traveling at a high speed? Or what if its trying to deliver something and really needs to make it to its destination, no matter what? At IROS 2018 in Madrid last week, researchers from Delft University of Technology presented a controller thats able to keep a partially disabled drone flying at a high speed indefinitely, meaning that you have a better chance than ever of getting that taco that you ordered back in 2012.

Its a little hard to tell because of all the spinning, but the drone in the video is a Parrot Bebop 2. Its also a little hard to tell that its flying in a wind tunnel, but it is, to simulate high speed forward flight without having to go anywhere. The quadrotor reaches a maximum speed of 9 m/s, which is about half the maximum speed of the Bebop, but its fast enough for the robot to experience the kind of aerodynamic complexity that comes with flying fast while spinning (at nearly 1200 degrees per second), which has never been tested before.

Keeping the quadrotor stable while flying with three rotors instead of the four that its used to requires a specialized controller with three separate loops: a PID loop for position control, and then two nonlinear loops for attitude control and control allocation. 

Keeping the quadrotor stable while flying with three rotors instead of the four that its used to requires a specialized controller. Here, there are three separate loops: a PID loop for position control, and then two nonlinear loops for attitude control and control allocation (which sends speed commands to the rotors). The aerodynamic effects that you get from the combination of high rate spinning and high speed forward flight are nontrivial to manage,...


Re: Linux kernel: "Meltdown leaks with Global kernel mapping" "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Dave Hansen on Oct 11

The description says:

I said two issues because I saw two distinct problems:

1. 'read-write kernel data'
2. '"unused" holes'

Does that clear it up?


New Witness Panel Tells Congress How to Protect Consumer Data Privacy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Yesterdays Senate Commerce Committee hearing on consumer data privacy was a welcome improvement. The last time the Committee convened around this topic, all of the witnesses were industry and corporate representatives. This time, we were happy to see witnesses from consumer advocacy groups and the European Union, who argued for robust consumer privacy laws on this side of the Atlantic.

The Dangers of Rolling Back State Privacy Protections

Last time, the panel of industry witnesses (Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Charter, Google, and Twitter) all testified in favor of a federal law to preempt state data privacy laws, such as Californias new Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Today was different. Chairman Thune kicked off the hearing by reminding the Committee of the importance of hearing from independent stakeholders and experts. We were also glad to hear Chairman Thune say that industry self-regulation is not enough to protect consumer privacy, and that new standards are needed.

A single weak federal privacy law will be worse for consumers than a patchwork of robust state laws.

The first witness forcefully argued that strong consumer privacy laws do not hurt business. Alastair Mactaggart, who helped pass the CCPA, reminded the Committee that he is a businessman with several successful companies operating in the Bay Area alongside the tech giants. He argued that the CCPA is not anti-business. Indeed, the fact that no major tech companies have made plans to pull out of Europe after the watershed GDPR went into effect earlier this year is proof that business can co-exist with robust privacy protections. The CCPA empowers the California Attorney General to enactand changeregulations to address evolving tech and other issues. Mactaggart argued that this flexibility is designed to ensure that future innovators can enter the market and compete with the existing giants, while also ensuring that the giants cannot exploit an overlooked loophole in the law. While we have...


AMD Posts Latest Open-Source Linux Patches For FreeSync / Adaptive-Sync / VRR "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

One of the few features not yet provided by the mainline open-source Radeon Linux graphics driver will soon be crossed off the list... FreeSync / Adaptive-Sync / HDMI Variable Refresh Rate support...


New Music "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Music Ive bought this month.

jukebox.php?image=micro.png&group=Depeche+Mode&album=A+Broken+Frame%3A+The+12%22+Singles+(1)%3A+See+You jukebox.php?image=micro.png&group=Depeche+Mode&album=A+Broken+Frame%3A+The+12%22+Singles+(2)%3A+The+Meaning+of+Love jukebox.php?image=micro.png&group=Depeche+Mode&album=A+Broken+Frame%3A+The+12%22+Singles+(3)%3A+Leave+in+Silence ...


Heres the moment when the anomaly occurred, it occurred right after the four strap on boosters separated from the core (2nd) stage "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Click on photo to start video.

Note in the in-capsule video, that Col. Nick Hagues Falcon stuffed toy is thrown violently upwards as G-forces grip the capsule, followed by both astronauts being shaken violently as well, their hands and arms waving wildly. I wont share my hypotheses as to what happened as of this point, but I have some ideas.


Trashed TV Gets RGB LED Backlight "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It might not be obvious unless youve taken one apart, but most of the TVs and monitors listed as LED are simply LCD panels that use a bank of LEDs to illuminate them from behind. Similarly, what are generally referred to as LCDs are LCD panels that use fluorescent tubes for illumination. To get a true LED display with no separate backlight, you need OLED. Confused? Welcome to the world of consumer technology.

With those distinctions in mind, the hack that [Zenodilodon] recently performed on a broken LED TV is really rather brilliant. By removing the dead white LED backlights and replacing them with RGB LED strips, he not only got the TV working again, but also imbued it with color changing abilities. Perfect for displaying music visualizations, or kicking your next film night into high gear with a really trippy showing of Seven Samurai.

In the video after the break, [Zenodilodon] starts his RGB transplant by stripping the TV down to its principal parts. The original LEDs were toasted, so they might as well go straight in the bin alongside their driver electronics. But the LCD panel itself was working fine (tested by shining a laser pointer through it to see if there was an image), and the plastic sheets which diffuse the LED backlight were easily salvaged.

With the old LEDs removed, [Zenodilodon] laid out his new strips and soldered them up to th...


Getting Back to the Space Station "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

After an aborted Soyuz mission to the International Space Station, how long it will take to resume flights there? Will NASA's Commercial Crew program have to come to the rescue?

This morning's failure of a booster rocket carrying an astronaut and a cosmonaut to the International Space Station was followed by sighs of relief. American Nick Hague and Russian Alexey Ovchinin executed a ballistic abort procedure that subjected them to unusually high acceleration forces, but they landed safely.

The big question is what's going to happen next. Since the grounding of the Space Shuttle, Soyuz capsules have been the only spacecraft able to carry people to the space station. Hague and Ovchinin were to join the three-person crew remaining on board as Expedition 57 after three others returned to Earth on 4 October. The three now on the station can operate it safely for the time being, but they were supposed to end their time aboard the vessel on 13 December. Before the mishap, the schedule called for a 20 December Soyuz launch that would have brought three new crew members to the station.

Standard procedure after a launch problem is to delay further flights until the problem can be identified and fixed. The emergency occurred 119 seconds into the flight, during the separation of the side boosters of the first stage from the central booster of the second stage, says a Russian space official. The second stage then shut down, forcing the abort. Roscosmos, which operates the Russian space program, announced the formation of a state commission to investigate the failure less than two hours after it occurred.

The ultimate fallback is that you abandon the station if the current crew has to return to the ground before replacements can be dispatched.

The Russian cycle for recovering from launch failures tends to be a lot faster than the U.S. one, says Jonathan McDowell, a Harvard-Smithsonian astronomer and space-program analyst. But an investigation, no matter how brief, is still likely to delay the planned December launch and the return to Earth of the three astronauts now on board. Because a three-person crew can run the station, they can safely remain there for a few extra months. But being short staffed means they will have limited time for research.

Although other spacecraft, not rated for human flight, can deliver supplies, that doesnt diminish the urgency of getting a new rocket up there. McDowell says the most important time consideration is the gradual degradation of key components of the Soyuz currently docked on the station, needed to return the present crew to the ground. Its rated lifetime in space is onl...


Hurricane Michael hits Florida "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Aerial footage shows rows of damaged and destroyed homes lining the beach in Mexico Beach, Florida, after Hurricane Michael slammed into the town on October 10, 2018. It was the strongest hurricane on record to hit the Florida Panhandle.

Credit: WJAX


Soyuz Crew Vehicle Fails Mid-Flight, Astronauts OK "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Soyuz FG fails during ascent Soyuz MS-10 crew safe after ballistic entry abort

The Russian federal space agency, Roscosmos, launched their Soyuz MS-10 crew vehicle with two new crewmembers that were set for the International Space Station. However, the launch which took place on Thursday at 0840 UTC from Baikonur failed a few minutes into flight. Soyuz MS-10 was then aborted on a ballistic entry, before safely landing downrange of the launch site.

The crewed Soyuz, which would normally ferry three people to the Station, was carrying a reduced crew complement as part of Russia's initiative to keep their total crew presence on Station to just two until the launch, late next year, of their primary science lab, Nauka.

However, those plans are unlikely to apply now Soyuz MS-10 has failed to arrive at the ISS, with the Soyuz FG likely to be grounded for some time as a State Commision invesigation[sic] takes place.

Also at The Verge, Reuters, and CNN, and CBS.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Linux 4.14 LTSI Kernel Released For Longer-Term Support "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Linux Foundation LTSI initiative has finished baking its first Linux 4.14-based kernel for longer-term support...


Babies Born From Two Mothers Survive for First Time in Mouse Study "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Everyone knows it takes a male and a female to make a baby. But what a new study from the Chinese Academy of Sciences suggests is that maybe it doesnt. In a new study, the team of scientists reports they did the seemingly impossible: Produce healthy baby mice from two mothers. The researchers describe their achievement in a breakthrough new paper in Cell Stem Cell.

The single-sex parent phenomenon has been observed naturally in reptiles, fish, amphibians, and invertebrates, but it was never thought to be possible in mammals, who reproduce differently. But as the team describe in their paper, all it took was overcoming the genetic limitations that usually make same-sex parenting impossible. The team, which also included researchers from Northeast Agricultural University in Harbin, China, used a combination of stem cells and CRISPR precision gene editing to produce healthy mice from two mothers. Interestingly, they tried the same with embryos from two fathers, but those offspring only lived a few days.

In the paper, they describe the bizarre, ingenious way the mouse embryos were formed using an egg from one mother a stem cell from another mother. The teams breakthrough was figuring out how to manipulate the DNA of the stem cell so that the babies wouldnt have birth defects.


Some Physicists Think Time May Be Slowing Down "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The universe is expanding at an ever-accelerating rate. At least, thats what the vast majority of scientists would have you believe. But according to a team of Spanish physicists, it may not be the expansion of the universe thats changing rate, but time itself. Time might be slowing down, and that means that it could eventually stop altogether.


Scientists Grew Bits of Human Eyeballs in a Dish to Save Our Sight "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In a lab at Johns Hopkins University, little bits of human eyes are growin in a dish. When one thinks of an eye, they likely think of the full bulbous form the lens, an iris; the vitreous body. These retinal organoids are not that. Technically, theyre retinas grown from human stem cells globs of the white tissue that lines the very back of the eye. While growing eye globs is a technical marvel in itself, their creation has a compounded purpose. Scientists generated them to understand why we can even see color and to learn how we can help people who cant.

As a scientist, I think that you have to have a passion for what youre doing and a connection to your organism, organoid-creator and Johns Hopkins University graduate student Kiara Eldred tells Inverse. I cared for the organoids every day in the beginning and then every other day as they got older. In the lab, my co-authors and I all kind of refer to them as our babies because we have to care for them all the time.

In a study published Thursday in Science, Eldred and her team reveal why these retinas are so important. Humans have three types of color-detecting cells that sense red, green, or blue light. But the mechanisms behind why this is hasnt been fully understood. Here, the team discovered that blue cells are made first, and then red and green cells later. Learning the timing of these cell formations was a novel finding and made sense, considering we and other primates have something called trichromatic color vision.


Could a Neutron Stars Magnetism Fuel Life? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Navigating the controversial science on transgender identity | realclearscience.


Facebook removes over 800 accounts, pages for political spam "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Facebook says it is removing 559 pages and 251 accounts that have consistently broken ... rules against spam and coordinated inauthentic behavior.The company explained Thursday that this batch of accounts and pages was focused on manipulating the...


Major weapon systems developed by US DoD highly vulnerable to cyber attacks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Uzair Amir

Several Critical Vulnerabilities Identified in Major Weapon Systems Being Developed by US DoD. The advanced weapon systems developed by the US Department of Defense with a whopping estimated expenditure of $1.66 trillion are plagued with grave flaws, which make them a potential target for rivals looking to disrupt or control their functions. According to the []

This is a post from Read the original post: Major weapon systems developed by US DoD highly vulnerable to cyber attacks


PayPal Bans Cheat Site After PUBG Copyright Complaint "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG) is without a doubt one of hottest games at the moment.

It has been a goldmine for PUBG Corporation, one that it protects with tooth and nail, in the courtroom and beyond.

Earlier this year several Chinese people were arrested for their alleged involvement with cheats, for example. But the problem is so widespread that traditional law enforcement efforts are not enough for the company.

This week, someone involved with a prominent game cheating service informed TorrentFreak that PUBG is directly going after its financial resources. The site, which prefers to remain unnamed in public, lost its PayPal account following a copyright complaint.

We have been with PayPal for 12 years selling undetected cheats for multiplayer games but they have decided to lock our accounts and freeze our assets for 180 days, the source tells us.

The accompanying email from PayPal specifically mentioned PUBG as the source of this ban. According to the payment provider, the alleged copyright infringement violates its terms of service.

We are contacting you as we have received a report that your website [redacted] is currently infringing upon the intellectual property of PUBG Corporation. Such infringement also violates PayPals Acceptable Use Policy, PayPals email read.

The cheat provider, who says that several of its resellers were arrested in the Chinese law enforcement actions earlier, clearly sees the tide changing. Selling cheats is more and more being framed as a criminal activity.

PUBGs actions are part of a large attack on cheaters, which also involves the companies behind other popular titles such as Fortnite and GTA V. While the approaches differ, they all use copyright infringement claims as part of their strategy.

Our source says that after the PayPal ban, its customers are now required to pay with cryptocurrency. While most are not too happy about this, sales are reported to have increased.

Interestingly, while many of our customers complain that we dont support PayPal they all sign up at Coinbase, Kraken and BitPay to be able to buy our products, the source mentioned.

At this rate, we are converting about 7,000 to 9,000 gamers every month to Crypto...


Leaked presentation shows Google's struggle to balance free speech, censorship "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The leak of internal research at Google is giving a rare glimpse into how the company is grappling with balancing free speech with the pressure to crack down on harmful or troublesome contentA research presentation, titled The Good Censor...


Purism Is Hoping GNOME 3.32 Will Be In Great Shape For Their Librem 5 Smartphone "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With the Librem 5 GNU/Linux smartphone not shipping now until at least April 2019, this will give them time to adopt GNOME 3.32 and they are hoping more GNOME applications will prepare for convergence...


MIDI Controlled Neon "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The people who make neon signs are a vibrant community with glass bending and high voltage electronics. There is a need, though, to sequence these neon signs, and it seems like MIDI is the way to do it. Thats what [david] is doing for his entry to the Hackaday Prize, and the results already look great.

The idea for this project is to transmit MIDI data to a controller that activates neon tubes accordingly. As for why [david] chose MIDI over DMX512 or some other protocol, the object here is to sync with music, and if you already have a drum machine sending MIDI out, you might as well just patch into that.

The build uses an Arduino Leonardo with a MIDI shield produced by Olimex. This shield is connected to a neon power supply that has control circuitry to quickly and easily turn neon signs on and off. The end result is a laptop (with the rest of the DJ software) sending a MIDI clock signal to an Akai drum machine. This drum machine outputs MIDI notes to the shield, which is currently set up to control three neon transformers.

The results look great, with flashing skulls synchronized with bleeps and bloops. This, of course, can be expanded to even more MIDI synced neon signs. You can check out a few videos of the build after the break.

The HackadayPrize2018 is Sponsored by:


Police facial recognition body cams can be edited by law enforcement "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Soon nowhere will be safe from Big Brother's prying eyes. Imagine walking down Main St., and seeing officer friendly approaching you. As the officer approaches you, he or she has already scanned your face against a 15 million person database and knows if you have any outstanding tickets, warrants etc.

That is the future of American policing.

Police across America will soon be using Vigilant Solutions (VS), "VideoBadge" body cams to identify everyone they come in contact with. (Click here to find out more.)

A VS "wearable security" video tries to convince people that it is fun to use facial recognition body cams to spy on everyone.

A question everyone should be asking is, why does a private corporation have a 15 million person "gallery" of Americans and how could it be abused?

Putting a corporation in charge of a facial recognition database is only asking for trouble.

How long will it be before corporations adds images of suspected shoplifters, bad actors, activists, protesters or Americans on the do-not-fly list to their database? Will corporations also add people from their private watchlists?

The reasons why a corporate run facial recognition database is a terrible idea are too numerous to mention here but hopefully you get the picture.

Unfortunately, I have only scratched the surface of what is wrong with VS''s police facial recognition body cams.

Police can edit body camera footage

What is truly disturbing about "VideoBadge" is how police can edit the footage with one-click us...


New half-light half-matter particles may hold the key to a computing revolution "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Scientists have discovered new particles that could lie at the heart of a future technological revolution based on photonic circuitry, leading to superfast, light-based computing.


Research Suggests People Know an Average of 5,000 Faces "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Bytram

Never forget a face? Research suggests people know an average of 5,000 faces

For the first time scientists have been able to put a figure on how many faces people actually know- a staggering 5,000 on average.

The research team, from the University of York, tested study participants on how many faces they could recall from their personal lives and the media, as well as the number of famous faces they recognised.

[...] Dr Rob Jenkins, from the Department of Psychology at the University of York, said: "Our study focused on the number of faces people actually know- we haven't yet found a limit on how many faces the brain can handle.

[...] For the study, participants spent an hour writing down as many faces from their personal lives as possible -- including people they went to school with, colleagues and family. They then did the same for famous faces, such as actors, politicians, and other public figures.

The participants found it easy to come up with lots of faces at first, but harder to think of new ones by the end of the hour. That change of pace allowed the researchers to estimate when they would run out of faces completely.

The participants were also shown thousands of photographs of famous people and asked which ones they recognised. The researchers required participants to recognise two different photos of each person to ensure consistency.

The results showed that the participants knew between 1,000 and 10,000 faces.

R. Jenkins, A. J. Dowsett, A. M. Burton. How many faces do people know? Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 2018; 285 (1888): 20181319 DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2018.1319

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


How Genealogy Websites Make It Easier to Catch Killers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As more people upload their DNA data to ancestry websites, finding criminals gets easier

Since April, investigators have used GEDmatch to identify victims, killers, and missing persons all over the U.S. in at least 19 cases, many of them decades old, according to authors of a report published today in Science. The authors predict that in the near future, as genetic genealogy reports gain in popularity, such tools could be used to find nearly any individual in the U.S. of European descent. 

GEDmatch holds the genetic data of only about a million people. But cold case investigators have been exploiting the database using a genomic analysis technique called long-range familial search. The technique allows researchers to match an individuals DNA to distant relatives, such as third cousins.  

Previous familial search techniques could only match close relatives. The ability to match third cousins greatly expands the population of people linked to any one individual. On average, a person in the U.S. has about 850 third cousins (or relatives whose genetic distances match that of a third cousin).

Chances are, one of those relatives will have used a genetic genealogy service. More than 17 million people have participated in these servicesa number that has grown rapidly over the last two years. AncestryDNA and 23andMe hold most of those customers. 

A genetic match to a distant relative can fairly quickly lead investigators to the person of interest. In a highly publicized case, GEDmatch was used earlier this year to identify the Golden State Killer, a serial rapist and murderer who terrorized California in the 1970s and 1980s, but was never caught.

DNA data from the serial killers crime scenes, saved all these years, was supplied to the GEDmatch database. Some segments of the killers genome linked to that of another person who had used GEDmatcha third cousin, it turned out. Investigators were able to narrow it down from there using...


Friend Brings a Friend, Boss Becomes Subordinate: the EPO Under Antnio Campinos is Starting to Look a Lot Like Team Battistelli 2.0 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Original: English [PDF]

Jesper Kongstad and Battistelli working together

Summary: The new President of the EPO contributes to the perception that the Office is a rogue institution. Governance is all in reverse at the Office because it still seems like the Office President bosses the Council rather than be bossed by it (as intended, as per the EPC)

THE DAWN of the destructive Battistelli era at the EPO is well documented. Kongstad and Battistelli were arranging the roles among themselves. They undermined the structural basis of the EPO, thwarting any sense of reasonable governance in the institution which grants millions of monopolies in Europe. This later contributed to Battistellis ability to pretty much select his successor, his compatriot Antnio Campinos.

The EPO nowadays looks like some African dictatorship or a Mafia family, where bodyguards are picked whose behaviour resembles that of terror groups.

Some are renowned if not notorious for publicly denying that the EPO suffers a patent quality crisis (even though EPO examiners do say so).With the EPC gone down the shredders, the same old patterns carry on. The EPOs Administrative Council is nowadays a joke. Its so incredibly toothless. Ernst, the boss of the President (head or Chairman of the EPOs Administrative Council), is becoming his deputy. Overnight!

Lets start with yesterdays EPO tweet which said: A decision by the EPOs Administrative Council in 1988 remains the cornerstone of European patent information today. >From that day on, the EPO has worked hard to increase & to harmonise patent information dissemination in Europe. [] 1988 was the year the European patent infor...


Re: ghostscript: bypassing executeonly to escape -dSAFER sandbox (CVE-2018-17961) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Tavis Ormandy on Oct 11

A small update, one of these commits was to mark all procedures that use
dangerous operators as operators themselves. The idea is that error
handlers will only see the top-level operator and not any sub-operators (I
know, this is getting complicated).

I noticed a procedure upstream missed, .loadfontloop. Upstream have double
checked if there were any others, and I did too - we think that is all of

So this commit is necessary as well:...


The First Therapy that Targets Aging is in Human Trials Now "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Senolytics are the first therapies that directly target the aging process to delay or prevent age-related diseases and are now in human trials. Today we thought it was the ideal time to have a look at how they work and the companies involved.

Senescent cells and aging

As we get older, more and more of our the cells in our bodies become dysfunctional and enter into a state known as senescence. These senescent cells no longer divide or support the tissues and organs of which they are part; instead, they secrete a range of harmful inflammatory chemical signals, which are known as the senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP).


Vacuum Tube to Transistor to Integrated Circuit [Documentary] "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This video is the culmination of documentaries from the vacuum tube, transistor and integrated circuit eras of computing.

[0:4020:55] Vacuum Tube Documentary

[20:5530:00] Transistor Documentary

[30:0059:18] Integrated Circuit Documentary.


International Space Station is Racing the Clock After Soyuz Failure "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Todays failed Soyuz launch thankfully resulted in no casualties, but the fate of the International Space Station (ISS) is now in question.

Just two minutes after liftoff, the crew of the Soyuz MS-10 found themselves in a situation that every astronaut since the beginning of the manned space program has trained for, but very few have ever had to face: a failure during launch. Today the crew of two, Russian Aleksey Ovchinin and American Nick Hague, were forced to make a ballistic re-entry into the Earths atmosphere; a wild ride that put them through higher G forces than expected and dropped the vehicle approximately 430 km from the launch site in Baikonur. Both men walked away from the event unharmed, but while the ordeal is over for them, its just beginning for the crew of the ISS.

Until a full investigation can be completed by Roscosmos, Russias space agency, the Soyuz rocket is grounded. This is standard procedure, as they obviously dont want to launch another rocket and risk encountering the same issue. But as the Soyuz is currently the only way we have to get humans into space, this means new crew cant be sent to the ISS until Roscosmos is confident the issue has been identified and resolved.

Soyuz MS-11, which would have brought up three new crew members to relieve those already on the Station, was scheduled for liftoff on December 20th. While not yet officially confirmed, that mission is almost certainly not going to be launching as scheduled. Two months is simply not long enough to conduct an investigation into such a major event when human lives are on the line.

The failure of Soyuz MS-10 has started a domino effect which will deprive the ISS of the five crew members which were scheduled to be aboard by the end of 2018. To make matters worse, the three current crew members must return to Earth before the end of the year as well. NASA and Roscosmos will now need to make an unprecedented decision which could lead to abandoning the International Space Station; the first time it would be left unmanned since the Expedition 1 mission arrived in November 2000.

An Expiring Ticket



[$] OpenPGP signature spoofing using HTML "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Beyond just encrypting messages, and thus providing secrecy, the OpenPGP standard also enables digitally signing messages to authenticate the sender. Email applications and plugins usually verify these signatures automatically and will show whether an email contains a valid signature. However, with a surprisingly simple attack, it's often possible to fool users by faking or spoofing the indication of a valid signature using HTML email.


Hackers loot digital wallets using stolen Apple IDs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Two Chinese companies are warning customers that hackers used stolen Apple IDs to get into their digital payment accounts and steal money.Ant Financials Alipay and Tencent, according to Bloomberg, both said that they had contacted Apple...


Facebook launches 'Came Out' life event feature to celebrate National Coming Out Day "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Facebook launched a new feature on Thursday to help its LGBTQ users celebrate National Coming Out Day.For the first time, the platform added Came Out as a life event on users profiles. People can now list Came Out on their profiles along with...


PINs and Needled: Experian Site Blabbed Codes to Unlock Credit Accounts for Fraudsters "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for Bytram

PINs and needled: Experian site blabbed codes to unlock credit accounts for fraudsters

Experian's website exposed to world-plus-dog the PINs needed to unlock frozen accounts, allowing crooks to potentially apply for loans and credit cards as their victims.

The credit-monitor agency lets people freeze their account using a PIN that has to be submitted in when applying for stuff like loans: it's a mechanism that's supposed to stop fraudsters from exploiting stolen personal information, such as names and social security numbers, to obtain credit using someone else's identity.

However, according to financial advice site Nerdwallet this month, the credit monitoring agency had a glitch in its online account recovery process that, when exploited, could leak a stranger's recovery PIN. A miscreant could then use that number to reverse an account freeze and free up funds for plundering.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


UPC Cowardice: Team UPC Uses Cloaks of Anonymity to Discredit Authors of Scholarly UPC Paper They Dont Like "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Picking on people whose names are known (Matthias Lamping and Hans Ullrich), but hiding themselves behind pseudonyms because they know they lie so understandably prefer to remain unknown


Summary: Team UPC has sunk to the bottom of the barrel; now it uses anonymous letters in an effort to discredit work of Max Planck Institute staff, in the same way (more or less) that ad hominem attacks were attempted against the filer of the constitutional complaint in Germany

IT is no secret that UPCs leading proponents have been acting like a bunch of bullies intolerant of democracy, constitutions, reality, facts, technology and science. Theyre very much compatible with Battistelli.

The very core of Team UPC is a truly villainous greedy bunch, a cabal of lawyers scheming or conspiring to spur litigation all over Europe while broadening patent scope or introducing more lenient patent courts (to accept software patents in Europe among other things), governed partly by corrupt EPO officials like Battistelli (still rumoured to be aiming at the role of UPC chief) and his successor of choice, Antnio Campinos.

So apparently these people are getting rather desperate and they have given up trying to seem respectable. Theyre becoming more like Internet trolls or an anonymous mob. Theres a new analysis out there by an incognito. The author likes to remain anonymous because liars do not wish to be held accountable for lying. The pro-UPC (litigation firm in Munich) UPCtracker wrote:

A reply to Max Planck impact study of Brexit on Unitary Patent & UPC EPLAW. Interesting, though possibly not a model of unbiased and self-critical academic analysis (cf 2nd response) by an author whod rather stay anonymous. Food for thought nonetheless.

EPLAW is generally a front group of many Team UPC firms. We wrote about it quite a lot. Its hardly an impartial observer in all this. Notice how Alan Johnson (Bristows) then shows up in the comments for support of the anonymous coward: Congratualtions Atticus Finch: an excellent rebu...


Senate Republicans demand Google hand over memo advising it to hide data vulnerability "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A trio of top Senate Republicans is demanding that Google hand over an internal memo that reportedly advised the company not to disclose a vulnerability that exposed hundreds of thousands of Google Plus users because it would draw attention from...


jQuery-File-Upload <= v9.22.0 unauthenticated arbitrary file upload vulnerability "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Larry W. Cashdollar on Oct 11

Title: jQuery-File-Upload <= v9.22.0 unauthenticated arbitrary file upload vulnerability
Author: Larry W. Cashdollar, @_larry0
Date: 2018-10-09
Download Site:
Vendor Notified: 2018-10-09
Vendor Contact:
Description: File Upload widget with multiple file selection, drag&drop support,...


Dark web kingpin visiting US for beard competition gets 20 years in prison "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

Dream Market Drug Vendor arrived in the US to participate in a beard competition in Texas. A Dark Web drug dealer has received 240 months or 20 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to the crimes of laundering money and possessing controlled substances with the intention of distributing them. The convict, Gal Vallerius, is []

This is a post from Read the original post: Dark web kingpin visiting US for beard competition gets 20 years in prison


Ken Shirriff Chats About a Whole World of Chip Decapping "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Reverse engineering silicon is a dark art, and when youre just starting off its best to stick to the lesser incantations, curses, and hexes. Hackaday caught up with Ken Shirriff at last years Supercon for a chat about the chip decapping and reverse engineering scene. His suggestion is to start with an old friend: the 555 timer.

Ken is well-known for his work photographing the silicon die at the heart of an Integrated Circuit (IC) and mapping out the structures to create a schematic of the circuit. Were looking forward to Kens talk in just a few weeks at the Hackaday Superconference. Get a taste of it in the interview video below.

Youll be surprised by how easy it is to get into this hobby. Kens advice about taking on the 555 timer is brilliant because you can do so with a hacksaw rather than using chemicals like fuming nitric acid. Apparently if you hit eBay you can still get these chips packaged in a metal can, rather than the black epoxy that usually comes to mind. Grab a hacksaw to open the can, take a great picture of the now-exposed die, and you can start working through the structures. These chips are not built using the incredibly small scale of digital chips, and the circuits themselves are not overly complicated. Ken even has a primer that walks you through this exact process, including die photos if you want to skip the hacksaw step.

You might not make your living designing silicon, but think of this as a jigsaw puzzle for electronics engineers. You have the schematic and you just need to find where all the pieces fit.

There are many notable people working in the same field as Ken and he mentions a few of them: John McMasters at Siliconpr0n, Rob Baruch at Project 5474, and the fine folks at Zeptobars. All are great resources for learning, and getting your hands on die photos for further study.

Ken uses a method of stitching together multiple photos from his microscope using the Hugin software package. Its the secret to die shots where every part is crystal clear, and we think its as remarkable as the reverse engineering work. To go deeper, check out the talk he gav...


Wikileaks: Amazon Atlas "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: WikiLeaks: Today, 11 October 2018, WikiLeaks publishes a Highly Confidential internal document from the cloud computing provider Amazon. The document from late 2015 lists the addresses and some operational details of over one hundred data centers spread across fifteen cities in nine countries. To accompany this document, WikiLeaks also created a map showing where []


Verizons 5G Rollout Experiences Are a Mixed Bag So Far "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

While performance for those using the prototype 5G network was great, coverage was very limited

5G report logo, link to report landing page

Verizons rollout last week of its proprietary 5G home service was met with a fair amount of vociferous skepticism. While the criticisms had their fair share of cattiness, they seemed to center primarily around just how limited the service coverage was rather than the quality of the service, or whether it truly constituted a 5G network. 

On the question of coverage, it was certainly a limited rollout including just four cities: Sacramento, Los Angeles, Houston and Indianapolis. However, even within that limited number of cities, Verizon never made it known exactly how much coverage they would be offering. It became clear after the rollout that the coverage would be limited to a few restricted neighborhoods in these cities.

While coverage limitations garnered most of the complaints, the design of the network was not beyond reproach. The limited rollout had all the earmarks of 5G: millimeter wave (mmWave) transmission and small cells. However, Verizons 5G home service was more or less a prototype and did not meet the industry standards for 5G set out in Release 15 of the 5G New Radio specifications, scheduled for rollout in 2019. Nonetheless, to get to that standard seemed to be merely a matter of  updating the software. But even Verizon acknowledged that the limited network they were rolling out would not scale up and would not resemble the 5G it intended to have in the years to come.

As far as the performance characteristics are concerned, it seemed as though people were satisfied. At least one user in Houston posted on a Reddit forum that the service was top notch. I had it installed today, said a Reddit user in Houston who goes by the name fileunderjeff. Im getting...


Global Internet May Crash In The Next 48 Hours "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Internet and thousands of services associated with it are as necessary as oxygen for survival in the 21st century. Everyone relies on the Internet for communication. Well, Internet users across the globe may experience connection failures for the next 48 hours.

This major Internet crash will even affect major services like Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Global Intenet May Crash Due To Some Maintenance

The main domain servers and related infrastructure controlling the worldwide internet will be powered down by the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Well, the reason behind this crash is some important maintenance work.

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ICANN will be changing the cryptographic key that helps protect the Domain Name System (DNS). It is worth noting that, DNS helps users to access the Internet by translating a domain name into an IP address so that a computer can read it.

According to the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA), Its an important measure to ensure a secure, stable, and resilient DNS. Furthermore, ICANN has also carried out preliminary tests so as to confirm that the problems faced by users across the globe will be minimal.

Global Intenet Crash: Major Issues

As mentioned earlier, billions of users will be affected by the important maintenance work carried out by ICANN. Well, users may face some difficulties while accessing web pages and online services within the next 48 hours. Moreover, the Internet pages will load slowly as compared to normal speeds.

That said, theres nothing to fear as a functional server will offer reliable internet connection even if one of the servers is temporarily turned off. The process of changing cryptographic keys is necessary so as to maintain security and safeguard worldwide web against growing threats for the internet infrastructure.

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Well, if you have made it so far do share your opinions on Global Internet crash that will be experienced by millions of users.



New EPO Guidelines: Granting European Patents on Business Methods, Algorithms, Mental Acts and Other Abstract Stuff "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Campinos in the penthouse

Summary: Keeping so-called production high and meeting so-called targets (allegedly set by Battistelli), Campinos relaxes the rules for computer-implemented inventions (one among many misleading terms that mean software patents in Europe)

Madame Brimelow formally introduced software patents (as such) in Europe, Battistelli took it one step further, and the EPO under Antnio Campinos advocates software patents like never before. In his first 100 days in Office the EPO was dispersing so many pro-software patents tweets (hundreds of them) that we lost count. We used to track and highlight such tweets individually (back in the Battistelli era); thats no longer feasible.

As we pointed out earlier this week, Campinos further exacerbates this problem associated with patent quality; the only thing he has done about ts so far is, well he wrote a blog post some days ago. The usual shallow rhetoric, sure, but at the same time look at the new EPO guidelines. Its horrific in a sense.

Caroline Day from Haseltine Lake LLP (theyve put a lot of articles in Mondaq this past week) has just mentioned Mathematical Methods, AI and some other hype that pertains to algorithms. Her article speaks for itself (although not to the effect she intended) as the EPO clearly broadens patent scope:

As with other computer implemented inventions, the exclusion in relation to mathematical methods is relatively easy to overcome: simply including a technical means such as a computer within the claims will mean that the invention is not excluded from patentability at the EPO per se.


The updated Guidelines helpfully provide examples of situation in which the use of a neural network may be found to be technical. For example, the use of the neural network in heart monitoring apparatus for the purpose of identifying irregular heartbeats, and the use of a neural network in classification of digital images based on low-level features are considered technical applications. By way of contrast, classifying text documents using a neural network...


The Google+ Bug Is More About The Cover-Up Than The Crime "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Earlier this week, Google dropped a bombshell: in March, the company discovered a bug in its Google+ API that allowed third-party apps to access private data from its millions of users. The company confirmed that at least 500,000 people were potentially affected.

Googles mishandling of data was bad. But its mishandling of the aftermath was worse. Google should have told the public as soon as it knew something was wrong, giving users a chance to protect themselves and policymakers a chance to react. Instead, amidst a torrent of outrage over the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, Google decided to hide its mistakes from the public for over half a year.

What Happened?

The story behind Googles latest snafu bears a strong resemblance to the design flaw that allowed Cambridge Analytica to harvest millions of users private Facebook data. According to a Google blog post, an internal review discovered a bug in one of the ways that third-party apps could access data about a user and their friends. Quoting from the post:

  • Users can grant access to their Profile data, and the public Profile information of their friends, to Google+ apps, via the API.
  • The bug meant that apps also had access to Profile fields that were shared with the user, but not marked as public.

Its important to note that Google found no evidence that any developer was aware of this bug, or abusing the API, and we found no evidence that any Profile data was misused. Nevertheless, potential exposure of user data on such a large scale is more than enough to cause concern. A full list of the vulnerable data points is available here, and you can update the privacy settings on your own account here.

Potential exposure of user data on such a large scale is more than enough t...


Tutanota, the First Encrypted Email Service with an App on F-Droid (Linux Journal) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Here's a Linux Journal article from one of the creators of the Tutanota encrypted email client. "That's why we decided to build Tutanota: a secure email service that is so easy to use, everyone can send confidential email, not only the tech-savvy. The entire encryption process runs locally on users' devices, and it's fully automated. The automatic encryption also enabled us to build fully encrypted email apps for Android and iOS. Finally, end-to-end encrypted email is starting to become the standard: 58% of all email sent from Tutanota already are end-to-end encrypted, and the percentage is constantly rising."


PostgreSQL 11 RC1 Released Ahead Of Stable Release Next Week "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

One week from today will hopefully mark the release of the PostgreSQL 11 stable database server release...


Juniper Networks provides dozens of fix for vulnerabilities in Junos OS "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Juniper Networks has released security updates to address serious vulnerabilities affecting the Junos operating system.

This week, Juniper Networks has patched dozens of serious security provided security patches for each of them, the security advisories are available on the company website.

The most severe flaw is probably the  CVE-2018-0049, which could be exploited by an attacker to crash the Junos kernel by sending specially crafted MPLS packets.

Juniper reported that a single specially crafted MPLS packet could trigger a DoS condition while sending more packets it is possible to crash the device.

A NULL Pointer Dereference vulnerability in Juniper Networks Junos OS allows an attacker to cause the Junos OS kernel to crash. A single packet received by the target victim will cause a Denial of Service condition.  Continued receipt of this specifically crafted malicious MPLS packet will cause a sustained Denial of Service condition. reads the security advisory.

As a possible workaround, the company suggests to Remove MPLS configuration stanza from interfaces at risk.

At the time of the provisioning of the patch, there is no news about exploitation of the flaw in the wild, anyway, Juniper is aware of possible malicious network probing which may have triggered this issue.

Another severe flaw fixed by Juniper affecting the Juniper NFX series devices could be exploited by a remote attacker to gain access to the system by using accounts with blank passwords.

The patched provided by the company no more allow empty passwords.

Juniper also provided fixes for several vulnerabilities affecting the NTP daemon. The company addressed several flaws in RDP most of them could be exploited to cause a DoS condition.

Two issues can be exploited to crash the routing protocol daemon (RPD) and potentially allow remote code execution.

Giving a look at the list of advisories we can find a fix a high-risk vulnerability in Junos Space Network Management Platform and a DoS flaw in the SIP application layer gateway (ALG) in Junos. This latter issue could be exploited by an attac...


Australia Doesn't Care to Break its Coal Habit in the Face of Climate Change "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Australia Doesn't Care to Break its Coal Habit in the Face of Climate Change:

Earlier this week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a dire warning about climate change: unless governments of the world coordinate to implement multiple long-term changes, we risk overshooting the 2C warming scenario that countries strived to target in the Paris Agreement. This would lead to ecosystem damage, increasingly dramatic heat waves and previously-irregular weather patterns in different regions, and subsequent health impacts for humans.

Retiring coal-fired power plants is a significant action that could limit our race toward an unstable future. But Australia's officials don't quite care. According to The Guardian, the country's deputy prime minister, Michael McCormack, said that Australia would "'absolutely' continue to use and exploit its coal reserves, despite the IPCC's dire warnings the world has just 12 years to avoid climate-change catastrophe."

McCormack also reportedly said that Australia would not change its coal policies "just because somebody might suggest that some sort of report is the way we need to follow and everything that we should do."

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


The Crustacean Battle Bot of your Nightmares "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Weve all seen a movie or TV show that got our imagination going, and the more studious of us might get fired up over a good book (one without pictures, even). You never know were inspiration might come from, which is why its so hard to track down in the first place. But one place we dont often hear about providing many hackers with project ideas is the grocery store. But of course the more we learn about [Michael Kohn], the more we realize hes got a very unique vision.

On a recent trip to the grocery store, [Michael] saw a two pack of frozen lobsters and thought they would make fine battling robots. You know, as one does. Unfortunately the process of taking a frozen lobster and turning it into a combat droid (which incidentally does include eating the thing at some point in the timeline) ended up being so disgusting that he only finished one of them. Whether that makes this poor fellow the winner or loser thoughthats a question that will require some contemplation.

The first step was cooking and eating the beast, and after that came cleaning the shell of as much remaining meat and innards as possible. He then baked it in a toaster oven for 40 minutes and let it sit for a couple of days to make sure it didnt have any residual smell. On...


Blockchain startup creates a decentralized Pirate Bay alternative "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Cryptocurrency startup wants to build a decentralized and searchable torrent database thats impossible to block

While anti-piracy agencies and mounting legal pressure have made many several pirated torrent websites close down its shutters, a new cryptocurrency startup has now come up with a novel idea to use blockchain technology to save and actively promote copyright content.

The project called Quality Magnet Coin (QMC) aims to build a large torrent magnet index that cannot be taken offline, censored, or blocked. The only thing QMC programmers want, they claim, is to make information free and available to everyone.

The startup will use QMC, a cryptocurrency, to create a decentralized database of torrent magnet links. Since the blockchain does not depend on a hosting service or domain name, it will be almost impossible to take down the torrent magnet links.

While other existing services and plans are focusing on Pay-to-Seed, that is, paying for uploading the actual data of the files to people who are downloading, we are focused on the creation of a decentralized and searchable database of files to download. Think of it as a decentralized Pirate Bay, the QMC team told TorrentFreak.

QMC would automatically update all existing torrent links, as well as add new ones. Further, besides keeping a record of all transactions on the blockchain, every user would also have a database of all available torrent magnets through the cryptocurrency. This is regularly synced with the decentralized network to actively update every working magnet file made available and also remove those that are often voted as bad.

QMC depends on its users to build the magnet database. To promote file sharing, the platform rewards users for sharing good i.e., working magnet links. While submitting a link would cost the users 1 QMC, they can, however, get up to 5 QMC back after the end of month, for each magnet that is voted as good.

The cost of submitting a link concept will encourage people to share only working content and in turn, keep spammers at bay.

Although the project has just begun, it already has 25 working masternodes, reports TorrentFreak. Currently, only 10% of the masternode holders have to vote a working torrent as good before making a payment.

The startup has made a software application called QMT that allows you to search for content at any given time. This includes working download torrent links to load magnets into any regular torrent client, along with a link to that allows users to download or stream through WebTorrent.

Presently, there are over 5,000 magnet links...


Security updates for Thursday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Security updates have been issued by Debian (dnsruby, gnulib, and jekyll), Fedora (calamares, fawkes, git, kernel-headers, librime, and pdns), openSUSE (ImageMagick), Oracle (kernel), Scientific Linux (glusterfs, kernel, and nss), Slackware (git), SUSE (ImageMagick), and Ubuntu (tomcat7, tomcat8).


Windows 10 October 2018 Updates Disk Cleanup Can Empty Your Downloads Folder "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Beware while using Disk Cleanup, as it cleans your Downloads Folder in the Windows 10 October 2018 Update

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Apparently, Windows 10 October 2018 Update could wipe your entire downloads folder if you are not careful.

We all know that one of the basic features in Windows is the Disk Cleanup utility tool that allows you to free up some disk space by deleting temporary files, thumbnails, files in the Recycle Bin, and other unnecessary files that may clutter up your disk.

Now, Microsoft has quietly added the Downloads folder in the Disk Cleanup process as an additional location from where files can be removed to free up more space. The new option Download folder is unchecked by default. For those unaware, the Download folder is the default download location for files from the Internet.

While the new addition may be helpful for those who want to empty out the contents from the Downloads folder, but this could be a concern for those who are using the Disk Cleanup as they have done for years. In other words, if you are used to selecting everything on the Disk Cleanup list and end up overlooking the new Downloads option, it could delete all the files that you would have stored over the years from the Downloads folder during the cleaning process.

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Disk Cleanup being deprecated in Windows 10

Microsoft recently confirmed that it plans to deprecate the Disk Cleanup tool in Windows 10. While the Disk Cleanup is still available in Windows 10 October 2018 Update, Microsoft will be removing it from a future release of Windows 10.

The company plans to move the Disk Cleanup tool over to the new Settings app within System > Storage in a setting called Storage Sense.

The Disk Cleanup experience (cleanmgr.exe) is being deprecated. Were retaining the Disk Cleanup tool for compatibility reasons, stated a Microsoft blog post. Theres no need to worry since Storage Senses functionality is a superset of wh...


Researchers link Industroyer to NotPetya "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

ESET researchers believe they have found evidence that the TeleBots APT was behind the December 2016 attacks against the Ukraine energy sector that resulted in blackouts throughout the country: a backdoor dubbed Exaramel. The missing evidence With APT groups and the malware they deploy getting named differently by the various AV vendors, its sometimes difficult to follow the connections. This diagram shared by the researchers can help:

The post Researchers link Industroyer to NotPetya appeared first on Help Net Security.


I Ate a Robot Hamburger Before the Restaurant Went Out of Business "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The future is upon us and the robots will soon take over. Automated cars will put Uber drivers and cabbies alike out of work. Low-wage workers, like the people working behind the counter at McDonalds, will be replaced by burger-flipping robots. The entire operation of Spacely Space Sprockets, Inc. is run by a single man, pressing a single button, for four hours a day. This cartoon future is so fully automated that most people are unemployed, and all productive work is done by robots.

The first jobs to be replaced will be the first jobs teenagers get. These are low skill jobs, and when you think about low skill jobs (certainly not low-effort jobs, by the way), you think of flipping burgers. Thats where Creator comes in. Theyre a culinary robotics company with a restaurant in San Francisco. Theyve been profiled by NPR, by Business Insider, and by CNBC. TechCrunch got a sneak preview proclaiming this as the future of the six dollar burger. It is a marvel of engineering prowess with a business model that I dont think checks out. This is not the robot that will take your job, and Im proud to say I ate a robot hamburger before the restaurant went out of business.

The Strangest Dining Experience Youll Ever Have



source{d} Engine: A Simple, Elegant Way to Analyze your Code "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

source{d} Engine: A Simple, Elegant Way to Analyze your Code


C/C++ and Python Top List of Hot Skills for Autonomous Vehicle Engineers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Aptiv and NVidia are doing the most hiring in the U.S., Silicon Valley and Detroit most active regions, according to Indeed study

Its a good time to be an engineer with a background in self-driving carsor even an interest in working with autonomous vehicles. According to job site, the numbers of people in the United States looking to get into the field or change jobs within it is skyrocketing, up more than 600 percent in the past three years, and job listings are just as hot.

Indeed broke its data down by skills, metro area, and company. It considered job postings from 1 August 2017 to 1 August 2018. 

On the skills front, autonomous vehicle companies are most looking to hire software engineers with experience in C/C++, Python, and image processing the Indeed data showed; artificial intelligence and machine learning, no surprise, also come out high on that list. The top ten over the past year (1 August 2017 to 1 August 2018), below:





Programming: C or C++


Programming: Python


Image processing


Artificial intelligence


Machine learning

Hands On & Initial Benchmarks With An Ampere eMAG 32-Core ARM Server "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Especially with Qualcomm's Centriq efforts going quiet in recent months, one of the most interesting ARM server efforts at the moment is Ampere Computing -- the company founded by former Intel president Renee James and with several other ex-Intel employees on staff. They started off with the acquired assets from what was AppliedMicro and their X-Gene ARMv8 IP and for the past year have been improving it into their recently announced eMAG processors.


Raspberry Pi's Raspbian OS Updated With New Kernel, Startup Wizard Improvements "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Raspberry Pi's Debian-based Raspbian OS has been updated today with four months worth of improvements for this popular ARM SBC...


Almost like Columbia: Two crew members dodge death by an inch in botched Russian space launch "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Todays launch abort was the first ever failure of the Soyuz FG launch vehicle, since it started in service in 2001.

A botched launch of the Russian spaceship Soyuz narrowly avoided becoming the latest fatal space incident on Thursday. Rescue systems managed to save the lives of two crew members and conduct an emergency landing.

The Soyuz-MS-10 spacecraft was meant to deliver Roscosmos Aleksey Ovchinin and NASA astronaut Nick Hague, members of Expedition 57/58, to the International Space Station (ISS). But 119 seconds after take-off from the Baikonur launch site in Kazakhstan the Soyuz-FG launch vehicle experienced a malfunction and crew rescue protocols were engaged.


There's a New Report on SLS Rocket Management, and It's Pretty Brutal "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

There's a New Report on Space Launch System (SLS) Rocket Management, and It's Pretty Brutal:

Boeing has been building the core stage of NASA's Space Launch System rocket for the better part of this decade, and the process has not always gone smoothly, with significant overruns and multiyear delays. A new report from NASA's inspector general makes clear just how badly the development process has gone, laying the blame mostly at the feet of Boeing.

"We found Boeing's poor performance is the main reason for the significant cost increases and schedule delays to developing the SLS core stage," the report, signed by NASA Inspector General Paul Martin, states. "Specifically, the project's cost and schedule issues stem primarily from management, technical, and infrastructure issues directly related to Boeing's performance."

As of August 2018, the report says, NASA has spent a total of $11.9 billion on the SLS. Even so, the rocket's critical core stage will be delivered more than three years later than initially plannedat double the anticipated cost. Overall, there are a number of top-line findings in this report, which cast a mostly if not completely negative light on Boeing and, to a lesser extent, NASA and its most expensive spaceflight project.

Schedule slips

The report found that NASA will need to spend an additional $1.2 billion, on top of its existing $6.2 billion contract for the core stages of the first two SLS rockets, to reach a maiden launch date of June 2020. NASA originally planned to launch the SLS rocket on its maiden flight in November 2017.

However, given all of the development problems that the SLS rocket has seen, the report does not believe a mid-2020 date is likely either. "In light of the project's development delays, we have concluded NASA will be unable to meet its EM-1 launch window currently scheduled between December 2019 and June 2020," the report states.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Soyuz Rocket Launch Failure Forces Emergency Landing for US-Russian Space Station Crew "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Aleksey Ovchinin and Nick Hague were scheduled to launch to the International Space Station on Oct. 11, 2018.


UnicornBot Will Enchant Kids Into Learning STEM and Coding "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This Blockly-based robot unicorn can move around, nod its head, and light up its horn

There are a number of robots designed to help kids learn the basics of coding, but this is the first weve seen that comes equipped with a purple mane and a light-up horn.

Meet UnicornBot, a programmable robot kit that UBTECH Robotics is launching today. Recommended for children age 8 and up, it is on sale for US $120 on UBTECHs site and retailers like Target and Amazon.

UBTECH, headquartered in Shenzen, China, with offices in Los Angeles, says UnicornBot is for all children, but is especially designed to spark an interest in STEM among young girls.

UnicornBot has an accompanying app for Android or iOS that helps you put the robot together by following step-by-step 3D instructions. The robot consists of some 400 parts and connectors, plus a main controllerunicorn brainthat receives data from a color sensor and sends instructions to the LED horn, a DC motor, and two servos.

With the app you can use the visual programming language Blockly to make UnicornBot move, nod its head, react to colored cards, and light up its horn. The programming is done by combining drag-and-drop coding blocks on the screen.

As with other robots that you can program with an app, we like the fact that kids can learn concepts like input, output, loops, and how changing parameters like the angle of the servos or the speed of the DC motor affect the robots behavior. The tricky part, however, is keeping kids interested after the initial excitement. Will unicorn magic help solve that challenge?

UBTECH UnicornBot Image: UBTECH

To learn more about UnicornBot and how UBTECH brought it to life, we spoke via email with Lindsay Aust, global director of product marketing at UBTECH Robotics and one of the designers of the robot.

IEEE Spectrum: How did the idea for UnicornBot come about? And what makes UnicornBot stand out compared to other STEM robots?

Lindsay Aust: When I first joined UBTECH, I was excited to show my daughter the lineup of existing JIMU Robots. She fit the target age range and was interested in coding, so I thought I was going to be parent of the year. Upon...


AMDGPU DC Gets "PERF_TRACE" To Help With Performance Profiling "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Published on Wednesday was the latest batch of AMDGPU DC display code changes for its eventual inclusion into the AMDGPU DRM driver for mainline past the 4.20~5.0 cycle with that feature merge window being over. The most notable change with this latest AMDGPU DC haul is a new "PERF_TRACE" addition...


Soyuz Rocket Emergency Landing, Everyone OK "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

NASA spokesperson [Brandi Dean] summarized it succinctly: Confirming again that todays Soyuz MS10 launch did go into ballistic re-entry mode That means the crew will not be going to the ISS today. Instead they will be taking a sharp landing, coming back to earth. While nobody likes last-minute changes in plans, we imagine that goes double for astronauts. On the other hand, its always good news when we are able to joke about a flight that starts off with a booster separation problem.

Astronauts [Nick Hague] and [Aleksey Ovchinin] were on their way this morning to the International Space Station, but only made it as far as the middle of Kazakhstan. Almost as soon as the problem occurred, the rocket was re-pathed and a rescue team was sent out to meet them. Just an hour and a half after launch, they were on-site and pulled the pair out of the capsule unharmed. Roscosmos has already commissioned a report to look into the event. In short, all of the contingency plans look like they went to plan. Well have to wait and see what went wrong.

Watching the video (embedded below) the only obvious sign that anyone got excited is the simultaneous interpreter stumbling a bit when she has to translate [Aleksey] saying emergency failure of the booster separation. Indeed, he reported everything so calmly that the NASA commentator didnt even catch on for a few seconds. If you want to know what its like to remain cool under pressure, have a listen.

Going to space today is still a risky business, but thankfully lacks the danger factor that it once had. For instance, a Soyuz rocket hasnt had an issue like this since 1975. Apollo 12 was hit by lightning and temporarily lost its navigation computer, but only the truly close call on Apollo 13 was made into a Hollywood Blockbuster. Still, its worth pausing a minute or two to think of the people up there floating around. Or maybe even sneak out and catch a glimpse when the ISS flies overhead.


Moons can have moons and they are called moonmoons "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If a moon is big enough and far enough from its planet, it can host its own smaller moon, called a moonmoon and four worlds in our solar system fit the bill.


Astronauts escape malfunctioning rocket "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A Russian Soyuz rocket malfunctioned during lift-off to the International Space Station.

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Cellular Senescence Why we Age "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As we get older, more and more of our the cells in our bodies become dysfunctional and enter into a state known as senescence. These senescent cells no longer divide or support the tissues and organs of which they are part; instead, they secrete a range of harmful inflammatory chemical signals, which are known as the senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP).

For more aging research news visit:


Are Super-Cheap Solar Fields in the Middle East Just Loss-Leaders? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:

In recent years, massive solar projects proposed for the Middle East have grabbed headlines with extremely low prices. Developers have announced agreements to sell their solar energy for as low as 2.34 per kilowatt-hour (kWh)lower than the US' lowest prices and much lower than the average 6 per kilowatt-hour that the US lauded last September.

What they learned was that the numbers posted in four of the most recent Middle East solar projects were likely real, with some reasonable help from favorable government policies. Still, the numbers seem real for the region; not all cost reductions are likely to transfer to other parts of the world.

[...] The researchers primarily looked at four solar installations and their accompanying Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). While most solar developers might not disclose what it actually costs to buy, install, and connect a solar energy plant, the PPA can be used to reverse-engineer what the costs to install a project arein some cases. If there are significant hidden subsidies or the developer doesn't care that a PPA price is below cost, then the PPA doesn't tell us a lot.

Two of the four solar installations that the researchers looked at are located at Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum Solar Park (MBR Solar Park). Phase II of the MBR Solar Park is a 200MW installation that was announced in 2015 and secured a PPA for 5.84 per kWh. Phase III, announced in June 2017, will add another 800MW to the park and will sell its electricity for 2.99 per kWh. Additionally, a May 2017 project in Abu Dhabi called Sweihan will build out 1,177MW and sell that electricity for 2.94 per kWh. Finally, Sakaka solar park in Northern Saudi Arabia was announced in March 2018 with a PPA price of 2.34 per kWh.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Message Marketing Will Be the Next Great Performance Marketing Tool "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Texting.  Its literally the most used form of communication on earth.  Over 20 billion texts are sent per day.  Its the most used app on any smartphone and a staple service of any digital phone or device. Whether it be SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp or any other direct communication tool, texting is part of the human fabric.

Despite this, it is an incredibly underutilized marketing medium.  Marketers sense the almost limitless potential of messaging but, to date, few capitalize on it.  That will soon change. Why? Three factors will drive the change Facebook, Rich Communication Services (RCS), and the rediscovering of SMS as a marketing platform.  Lets start with Facebook.


Zuck and company are coming under increased pressure to mine revenue from their $19 billion WhatsApp acquisition as well as from their native messaging app, Messenger. WhatsApp boasts a 1.5 billion user audience while Messenger is a close second at 1.3 billion, yet neither are producing any serious revenue.  During their Q2 earnings call, Facebook was again challenged with how they will monetize their Messenger and WhatsApp audiences. Facebook COO, Sherly Sandberg, responded that we are furthest ahead in Messenger, but its still very early days. Further, she added that Facebook is building out a business ecosystem for WhatsApp that would enable businesses to communicate privately with customers.  Facebook is also developing Facebook ads that click to WhatsApp. A user who clicks on the ad will be driven to a pre-filled WhatsApp chat within the app. And this is just the beginning. When the dam finally breaks on these two services, the messaging marketing landscape will be greatly redefined.

Rich Communication Services (RCS)

RCS is a protocol started in 2007 designed to supplant SMS.  SMS is currently only text-based and limited to 160 characters.  RCS seeks to add group chats, audio and video sending capabilities, high-resolution image sending, and the ability to receive read receipts as well as additional interactive features.  To get a flavor, see this video.  As the video suggests, RCS could be a true one-to-one marketing tool that leverages the high interaction metrics of SMS with the power of richer applications like WhatsApp and Messenger without the need to download those said apps or even own a smartphone.  The applications are nearly limitless better customer interactions, higher retention, and increased ability to up-sell/cross-sell current customers as well as effectively retain new ones.

Apples iMessage already has many of the RCS features but Google is looking to leapfrog the smartphone pioneer, working with nearly every mobile provider and Android device manufacturer to roll out their RCS offering, Chat (see chart below).  Cha...


A New Kid On The Mini ARM Block "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The breadboard microcontroller experimenter has a host of platforms to work with that can be had in the familiar DIP format. Old-school people can still find classic 8-bit platforms, the Ardunisti have their ATMegas, and PIC lovers have a pile of chips to choose from. But ARM experimenters? Out of luck, because as we have previously reported, popular past devices such as the LPC810 in a DIP8 package are now out of production.

News comes from China though of a tiny ARM Cortex M0 for pennies that may not be in a DIP8, but is in almost the next best thing. The Synwit SWM050 can be had in a TSOP8, which though its not quite as friendly as its larger SOIC8 cousin, is still easily solderable onto a DIP8 adaptor for breadboard use. Spec-wise its 5 V tolerant, has an 8 kB FLASH and 1 kB of RAM, 6 GPIOs, and can clock away at a not incosequential 36 MHz.

We have [Sjaak] to thank for the discovery of this device, and for doing a lot of work including getting some die shots taken to dig up and make sense of the Chinese documentation, and to provide some dev tools should anyone want to play with it.  Theres even a small breakout board for the experimenter unwilling to design their own.

Thanks [Ziew] for the tip.


Lab-Grown Collagen Is Vegan and Eco-Friendly and Identical to the Real Stuff "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Researchers have found a way to create lab-grown collagen without harming a single animal or placing an added strain on the environment.


Proton 3.7 Updated, More RADV Fixes To Help Steam Play Gaming "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Overnight Valve promoted their Proton 3.7-7 build with better alt-tab handling and full-screen behavior for many games. There is also fixed mouse behavior and DXVK 0.80 is now used for the Direct3D-11-over-Vulkan translation to yield better Steam Play gaming performance...


Robocallers "Evolved" to Sidestep New Call Blocking Rules, 35 State AGs Tell FCC "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Robocallers "evolved" to sidestep new call blocking rules, AGs tell FCC:

The Federal Communications Commission should let phone companies get more aggressive in blocking robocalls, 35 state attorneys general told the commission yesterday.

The FCC last year authorized voice service providers to block more types of calls in which the Caller ID has been spoofed or in which the number on the Caller ID is invalid. But the FCC did not go far enough, and robocallers have "evolved" to evade the new rules, the 35 attorneys general wrote in an FCC filing:

One specific method which has evolved recently is a form of illegal spoofing called "neighbor spoofing." A neighbor-spoofed call will commonly appear on a consumer's caller ID with the same area code and local exchange as the consumer to increase the likelihood he/she will answer the call. In addition, consumers have recently reported receiving calls where their own phone numbers appeared on their caller ID. A consumer who answered one such call reported the caller attempted to trick her by saying he was with the phone company and required personal information to verify the account, claiming it had been hacked.

The attorneys general said they "encourage the FCC to adopt rules authorizing providers to block these and other kinds of illegally spoofed calls."

The industry can also make progress simply by using existing frameworks to authenticate legitimate calls and identify illegally spoofed calls, the attorneys general wrote. The FCC should encourage all service providers "to aggressively implement" the STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Secure Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) protocols, they wrote.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Re: ghostscript: bypassing executeonly to escape -dSAFER sandbox (CVE-2018-17961) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Emilio Pozuelo Monfort on Oct 11

tracker-extract / miners run in a sandbox these days. No idea about baloo.



Why Futurism Has a Cultural Blindspot "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In early 1999, during the halftime of a University of Washington basketball game, a time capsule from 1927 was opened. Among the contents of this portal to the past were some yellowing newspapers, a Mercury dime, a student handbook, and a building permit. The crowd promptly erupted into boos. One student declared the items dumb.

Such disappointment in time capsules seems to run endemic, suggests William E. Jarvis in his book Time Capsules: A Cultural History. A headline from The Onion, he notes, sums it up: Newly unearthed time capsule just full of useless old crap. Time capsules, after all, exude a kind of pathos: They show us that the future was not quite as advanced as we thought it would be, nor did it come as quickly. The past, meanwhile, turns out to not be as radically distinct as we thought.

In his book Predicting the Future, Nicholas Rescher writes that we incline to view the future through a telescope, as it were, thereby magnifying and bringing nearer what we can manage to see. So too do we view the past through the other end of the telescope, making things look farther away than they actually were, or losing sight of some things altogether.


Exploring the Linux Kernel: The Secrets of Kconfig/kbuild "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Exploring the Linux Kernel: The Secrets of Kconfig/kbuild


Microsoft Open-Sources Its Patent Portfolio "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By joining the Open Invention Network, Microsoft is offering its entire patent portfolio to all of the open-source patent consortium's members.


Chinese tech giant Huawei unveils A.I. chips, taking aim at giants like Qualcomm and Nvidia "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Huawei unveiled two new artificial intelligence chips aimed at data centers and smart devices, pitting it against major silicon players including Qualcomm and Nvidia, as the Chinese giant laid out a strategy it hopes will drive growth in the next few years.

Huaweis new chipsets are called the Ascend 910 and Ascend 310 and are designed to be used in data centers and internet-connected consumer devices.


French Dark-Web Drug Dealer Sentenced to 20 Years in US Prison "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A dark web drugs kingpin who was arrested last year when he arrived in the United States to compete in the World Beard and Mustache Championships has now been sentenced to 20 years in prison. On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Robert N. Scola sentenced 36-year-old French national Gal Vallerius, aka "OxyMonster," after pleading guilty to conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute


The FSF Wants Microsoft To Do More To Help Fight Software Patents "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Following yesterday's rather landmark move of Microsoft joining the Open Invention Network and thus allowing much of its vast patent collection now being allowed to help off patent attacks within the Linux/open-source ecosystem, the Free Software Foundation applauded the move but wants Microsoft to do more...


AUTUMN ISSUE OF 2600 RELEASED "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Autumn issue of 2600 has hit the stands! Not only that, but it's already in the hands of most of our subscribers, something you would know already if you were a subscriber. To become one, it really couldn't be much easier. Just click here. It's also incredibly easy to become a subscriber using a Kindle. We have U.S. and U.K. subscription options that will ensure your digital issues arrive on your devices without you having to lift a finger! You can also easily subscribe through Google Play or the Nook from anywhere. If you want to see all of the digital options we currently have, visit our digital edition guide.


Qt Creator 4.8 Rolls Into Beta With C++ Improvements, Language Server Protocol Support "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With a few months having passed since Qt Creator 4.7, the beta is out today for the next installment as Qt Creator 4.8 for this Qt/C++ focused integrated development environment...


House Passes Bill to Require Minimum Standards for Airplane Seat Size, Legroom "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

House passes bill to require minimum standards for airplane seat size, legroom

U.S. House lawmakers passed legislation late Wednesday [October 3] that would give federal regulators the authority to set minimum standards for seat size and leg room on flights.

Tucked inside a 2,000-page funding bill is a provision that gives the Federal Aviation Administration a year to establish minimum pitch, width and length on airplane seats to ensure they are safe for passengers. The legislation, which funds the FAA for the next five years, passed 398-23 in the House and now goes to the Senate.

The proposed law is designed to ensure that what have become increasingly cramped planes can be evacuated quickly in an emergency. Current FAA rules require airlines to evacuate in 90 seconds or less.

That policy hasn't been updated significantly in almost two decades. Investigators at the Department of Transportation, which oversees the FAA, said in June that they plan to study whether the FAA is ensuring that today's more crowded aircraft meet federal evacuation standards.

Commercial airplane cabins have become more cramped as airlines fit more seats on board to increase profits and spread out costs among more travelers. Several carriers have reconfigured their planes to not only include more seats but also smaller lavatories in some cases.

Seat pitch, a proxy for legroom, on commercial airplanes measured about 35 inches in the middle of the 20th century, but that's now around 31 inches, according to SeatGuru. Some budget airlines, like Spirit, offer 28 inches of seat pitch.

[...] The bill also requires a government study of whether airlines' shrinking or reducing bathrooms in favor of more seats on board creates problems for passengers accessing lavatories.

Before going to vote, lawmakers scrapped a provision that would determine whether airline fees, such as those to change a travel date, are reasonable.

WATCH: It's not just your eyes. Airline seats really are getting smaller.



Studying Airplane Radio Reflections With SDR "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A property of radio waves is that they tend to reflect off things. Metal surfaces in particular act as good reflectors, and by studying how these reflections work, its possible to achieve all manner of interesting feats. [destevez] decided to have some fun with reflections from local air traffic, and was kind enough to share the results.

The project centers around receiving 2.3 GHz signals from a local ham beacon that have been reflected by planes taking off from the Madrid-Barajas airport. The beacon was installed by a local ham, and transmits a CW idenfication and tone at 2 W of power.

In order to try and receive reflections from nearby aircraft, [destevez] put together a simple but ingenious setup.

ADS-B data was plotted on a map and correlated with the received reflections.

A LimeSDR radio was used, connected to a 9 dB planar 2.4 GHz WiFi antenna. This was an intentional choice, as it has a wide radiation pattern which is useful for receiving reflections from odd angles. A car was positioned between the antenna and the beacon to avoid the direct signal overpowering reflected signals from aircraft.

Data was recorded, and then compared with ADS-B data on aircraft position and velocity, allowing recorded reflections to be matched to the flight paths of individual flights after the fact. Its a great example of smart radio sleuthing using SDR and how to process such data....


Eleven Sports Ignores UK Football Blackout to Beat Streaming Piracy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Fans in the UK looking for a top-tier football fix on a Saturday afternoon have a simple choice. Go to a football ground and buy a ticket, stream the game online illegally, or dont watch matches at all.

This unusual situation is the product of an agreement back in the 1960s, which saw football bosses take protective action to preserve attendances at live matches. Agreeing that airing matches on TV would negatively affect the size of crowds at games, a blanket broadcasting ban was put in place.

Even today, the various leagues in the UK do not permit matches to be aired live between 2:45pm and 5:15pm on Saturdays, with a few exceptions over the years to accommodate the FA Cup Final. The ban prevents foreign matches from being aired in the UK too, despite most leagues in other EU countries not observing the same restrictions as the UK.

Now, however, a new situation has upset the status quo, with UK-based streaming sports provider Eleven Sports ignoring the decades-old ban by broadcasting games from Spains La Liga into the UK during the blackout period.

On September 29, Eleven Sports ignored the blackout and streamed the game between Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao, which kicked off at 3:15pm. Last Saturday, the broadcaster breached the rules once more and according to the company, it will do so again. The aim, it says, is to generate revenue from football fans who would otherwise turn to illegal streams.

We disagree with the ban and will continue to challenge it with the best interest of our customers at heart, the company wrote on Facebook.

The move is supported by Spains top-tier league, La Liga, which says that Elevens actions are pushing the boundaries to challenge illegal services which currently have a monopoly on broadcasts in the UK.

We support Eleven Sports in pushing the envelope in making matches available on Saturday afternoons, said Joris Evers, La Ligas chief communications officer, as cited by Bloomberg.

People are watching football either through piracy or on betting websites anyway, Evers added. Upholding the ban does not make much sense.

The broadcasting ban in the UK is seen by many as both old-fashioned and protectionist. Many fans have zero intention of attending grounds so the convenience of watching games from home is certainly attractive. Its a market opportunity thats exclusively exploited by i...


Patch Tuesday, October 2018 Edition "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Microsoft this week released software updates to fix roughly 50 security problems with various versions of its Windows operating system and related software, including one flaw that is already being exploited and another for which exploit code is publicly available.

The zero-day bug CVE-2018-8453 affects Windows versions 7, 8.1, 10 and Server 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019. According to security firm Ivanti, an attacker first needs to log into the operating system, but then can exploit this vulnerability to gain administrator privileges.

Another vulnerability patched on Tuesday CVE-2018-8423 was publicly disclosed last month along with sample exploit code. This flaw involves a component shipped on all Windows machines and used by a number of programs, and could be exploited by getting a user to open a specially-crafted file such as a booby-trapped Microsoft Office document.

KrebsOnSecurity has frequently suggested that Windows users wait a day or two after Microsoft releases monthly security updates before installing the fixes, with the rationale that occasionally buggy patches can cause serious headaches for users who install them before all the kinks are worked out.

This month, Microsoft briefly paused updates for Windows 10 users after many users reported losing all of the files in their My Documents folder. The worst part? Rolling back to previous saved versions of Windows prior to the update did not restore the files.

Microsoft appears to have since fixed the issue, but these kinds of incidents illustrate the value of not only waiting a day or two to install updates but also manually backing up your data prior to installing patches (i.e., not just simply counting on Microsofts System Restore feature to save the day should things go haywire).

Mercifully, Adobe has spared us an update this month for its Flash Player software, although it has shipped a non-security update for Flash.

For more on this months Patch Tuesday batch, check out posts from Ivanti and Q...


55677 Sealed Indictments - Tactical Situation "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


This just landed and it provides a careful outline of the ongoing purge of the DOJ and the FBI which must happen before we actually unseal those indictments.

The precise role of Mueller is also better understood.

Sessions task has been to step by step clean house with the direct assistance of the IG.  The big step was the Supreme Court.

I want to share something here.  Obvious Military targets are likely already dealt with and that took place last November.  That certainly included McCain, Soros and the Clintons as enemy combatants.  Many others may well need an executive order now that control of the Supreme Court is in place.  Does Treason make you an enemy combatant?

Oct 9 2018

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.373 
Oct 9 2018 20:42:13 (EST)
Statement release 10.9.18 [p_AUTHORITY1]

General Statement:

We understand that there is extreme fatigue and frustration re: the wheels of justice [slow]
 Exclude emotion and personal desire, instead use logic and critical thinking based on situational awareness [undo a lifetime of evil & corruption [infestation]...


Publisher Drops Tronc Name, Reverts to Tribune Publishing "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Publisher drops Tronc name, reverts to Tribune Publishing

The US newspaper group known as Tronc announced Thursday it was reverting back to its old name Tribune Publishing, two years after a rebranding effort that drew widespread derision.

The publisher of the Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, Baltimore Sun and other newspapers gave no reason for the change, but the name Tronca moniker which stood for Tribune Online Contentwas ridiculed both within and outside the news industry.

[...] In July, the company announced it would be cutting half the newsroom staff at the Daily News, the iconic New York tabloid.

Tronc sold its best-known newspaper, the Los Angeles Times, to biotech billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong in June. Some reports said it has been in talks with another newspaper chain, McClatchy, owner of the Miami Herald, Kansas City Star and others.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Why cant an exorcism be stopped after its been started? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This came in from Quora and provides advanced insight.  I had come to understand that so called possession to be somewhat less than a so called demon.  Bad spirits will do nicely.  This item goes well beyond that elementary observation.
The take home is that the presence of spirit oddities can be addressed successfully by applying intent and also mobilizing the host's intent as well.  This can and has been beneficial. The problem is when you are dealing with a truly powerful entity and this approach is insufficient.  We lack methodology.
Fortunately most are amateurs and can safely tackle low level phenomena.  This will sort out the larger threats for referral
We have learned that the spirit community has an evolved hierarchy toward the two poles of  possible behavior.  This is what the spirit is judged on and this is natural because like attracts like to form communities. The two extremes are Demon and Archangel

Why cant an exorcism be stopped after its been started?
 That is an untrue statement. You can stop an exorcism at any time for any reason. This is especially important if the exorcised individual is being injured or appears to be go...


The Pentagon is building technology that would allow troops to control machines with their minds "IndyWatch Feed Tech"



 Of course they are.  This is leading edge as possible, however remote in reality. Still early days however they likely think otherwise.

Hitting an on off switch is better done the old fashioned way.  What this really needs is a killer app.

Imagining one is the real challenge.  How about passive muscle stimulation?  That is useful and needs close monitoring in order to optimize.  Extending senses would also be welcome.  How about seeing around corners?  That has real military application.


The Pentagon is building technology that would allow troops to control machines with their minds



Have Balloons and Ice Broken the Standard Model? - Issue 65: In Plain Sight "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For something called the Standard Model, the foundational theory of particle physics is confronting a lengthy list of non-standard data. Neutrino oscillations, dark matter and energy, the imbalance between matter and anti-matter, quantum gravitytheres a growing list of natural phenomena that dont seem to fit.

Now there might be a new entry. Two years ago, a balloon-born experiment floating high above the Antarctic ice looking for neutrinos saw something unusual: particle signatures traveling up out of the Earth at angles suggesting that theyd passed through 5000 kilometers of rock. The particles had energies that were high enough for the Standard Model to prohibit that kind of careless disregard for matter.

The data gave rise to a series of speculations. Some, like decaying dark matter inside the Earth, or a new form of neutrino, represented new physics beyond the Standard Model. Others were more mundane: The signals could have resulted, for example, from some unconsidered physics that made a regular, downward-going neutrino look as if it were traveling up.

Then, two weeks ago, a team of physicists from Penn State University pointed out that the two ANITA detections, plus three unusual neutrino detections at a completely different experimentcalled IceCube, also in
Read More

So Can We Terraform Mars or Not? - Issue 65: In Plain Sight "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

It seemed inevitable that Elon Musk would eventually get into a Twitter war over whether Mars can be terraformed. When youre on Twitter, he told Businessweek in July, youre in meme war land. And so essentially if you attack me, he said, it is therefore okay for me to attack back.

Musk, the CEO and lead designer of SpaceX, wants to make life multiplanetary, starting with Mars. The red planet is relatively close to the Earth and once harbored surface seas and rivers, and it still has ice and a subsurface lake. Its weather is surprisingly workable, too. Mars surface temperature range (285 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit) isnt too far off from Earths (126 to 138 degrees Fahrenheit). The problem is Mars atmosphere now has 0.006 bar of pressure, where one bar is the standard atmospheric pressure at sea level on Earth. Not only does this mean that dangerous levels of radiation reach the surfaced unchecked, but humans need at least 0.063 bar to keep our bodily liquids from boiling (this is called the Armstrong limit).

Enter terraformingchanging a planets climate, topography, or ecology to be more suitable for life. If we could boost the pressure of Mars atmosphere just
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Why Futurism Has a Cultural Blindspot - Issue 65: In Plain Sight "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In early 1999, during the halftime of a University of Washington basketball game, a time capsule from 1927 was opened. Among the contents of this portal to the past were some yellowing newspapers, a Mercury dime, a student handbook, and a building permit. The crowd promptly erupted into boos. One student declared the items dumb.

Such disappointment in time capsules seems to run endemic, suggests William E. Jarvis in his book Time Capsules: A Cultural History. A headline from The Onion, he notes, sums it up: Newly unearthed time capsule just full of useless old crap. Time capsules, after all, exude a kind of pathos: They show us that the future was not quite as advanced as we thought it would be, nor did it come as quickly. The past, meanwhile, turns out to not be as radically distinct as we thought.

In his book Predicting the Future, Nicholas Rescher writes that we incline to view the future through a telescope, as it were, thereby magnifying and bringing nearer what we can manage to see. So too do we view the past through the other end of the telescope, making things look farther away than they actually were, or losing
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Why the Kavanaugh Smears Validate Trumpian Politics "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The bottom line is simple.  If character assassination is the new standard then you hire a character.

In fact the strategy has been stunningly successful.  The political scene has become robustly noisy and no slur will ever go unchallenged.  

Good men and women will still come out but gratuitous retreats in the face of slander has ended..

Why the Kavanaugh Smears Validate Trumpian Politics


New Gallmaker APT group eschews malware in cyber espionage campaigns "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A previously unknown cyber espionage group, tracked as Gallmaker, has been targeting entities in the government, military and defense sectors since at least 2017.

A new cyber espionage group tracked as Gallmaker appeared in the threat landscape. According to researchers from Symantec, who first spotted the threat actor, the group has launched attacks on several overseas embassies of an unnamed Eastern European country, and military and defense organizations in the Middle East.

Gallmaker is a politically motivated APT group that focused its surgical operations on the government, military or defense sectors.

Gallmaker been active since at least December 2017, researchers observed a spike in its operations in April and most recent attacks were uncovered in June.

Gallmaker activity

The experts speculate the threat a nation-state actor, it is interesting to note that the APT is relying entirely on code scraped from the public internet.

This group eschews custom malware and uses living off the land (LotL) tactics and publicly available hack tools to carry out activities that bear all the hallmarks of a cyber espionage campaign, reads the analysis published by Symantec.

The most interesting aspect of Gallmakers approach is that the group doesnt use malware in its operations. Rather, the attack activity we observed is carried out exclusively using LotL tactics and publicly available hack tools.

Gallmaker uses spear phishing messages using a weaponized Office document that uses the Dynamic Update Exchange (DDE) protocol to execute commands in the memory of the targeted device.

These lure documents use titles with government, military, and diplomatic themes, and the file names are written in English or Cyrillic languages. These documents are not very sophisticated, but evidence of infections shows that theyre effective. continues Symantec.

By running solely in memory, the attackers avoid leaving artifacts on disk, which makes...


Your backup data sets can become a treasure trove for advanced threat detection "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Despite ever increasing investments in security technologies, data breaches and cyber incidents are increasing at a relentless rate, and the problem is projected to keep getting worse. Industry research shows that attacks from ransomware, data compromise, malicious email and credential theft more than doubled to 160,000 incidents per year, with unreported incidents likely bringing the true number to more than 350,000. While much of the press focused on breaches to high profile targets, every size More

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Most Fortune 50 companies unprepared for major DNS attack "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

ThousandEyes has found that 68 percent of the top 50 companies on the Global Fortune 500 rankings are not adequately prepared for the next major attack on the DNS. Additionally, researchers found similar vulnerability among 44 percent of the top 25 SaaS providers, as well as 72% of the FTSE 100 companies. Because Digital Experience is so central to a brands success these days, its critical that businesses understand that not all DNS infrastructures are More

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SAP October 2018 set of patches fixes first Hot News security note for SAP BusinessObjects in 5 years "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

SAP released its October 2018 set of patches, it includes the first Hot News security note for SAP BusinessObjects in over five years.

SAP released its October 2018 set of patches that included 11 security notes, the company also released 4 updates to previously released notes.

The patches include 15 notes, 2 rated Hot News and one of which is the first note for SAP BusinessObjects in over five years.

SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite has an Information Disclosure vulnerability (CVSS Base Score: 9.8 CVE-2018-2471). An attacker can use it to reveal additional information (system data, debugging information, etc.) that will help to learn about a system and plan other attacks. reads a blog post published by ERPScan.

The remaining notes include 4 High priority and 9 Medium priority, in October Information Disclosure is the largest group in terms of the number of vulnerabilities.

businessObjects sap-notes-october-2018-types-1

The most important note (CVSS score of 9.8) addresses an information disclosure issue in the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite client tracked as CVE-2018-2471.

Under certain conditions SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.10 and 4.20 allows an attacker to access information which would otherwise be restricted. reads the security advisory.

The second Hot News in the October 2018 set of patches is an update to Security Note released on April 2018, it provides security updates for the Chromium browser delivered with SAP Business Client.

The High priority flaws addressed by SAP in October are:



The Military Chooses Which Rockets It Wants Built for the Next Decade "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The military chooses which rockets it wants built for the next decade

On Wednesday, the US Air Force awarded its much-anticipated new round of "Launch Service Agreements," which provide funds to rocket companies to complete development of their boosters. There were three winners:

  • United Launch Services: $967,000,000 for the development of the Vulcan Centaur launch system.
  • Northrop Grumman: $791,601,015 for development of the Omega launch system
  • Blue Origin: $500,000,000 for the development of the New Glenn launch system

At least two other companies were believed to be in the running for these awards, as they won grants during an earlier round of funding in 2016. It was not a surprise to see Aerojet Rocketdyne fail to win an award, as that company does not appear to have a customer for its AR1 rocket engine, which the military initially supported. It was something of a surprise not to see SpaceX win an award.

[...] These are hugely consequential awards for the rocket companies. Essentially the US Air Force, which launches more complex, heavy payloads than any other entity in the world, believes these boosters will have a significant role to play in those missions during the next decade. And when the military has confidence in your vehicle, commercial satellite contracts are more likely to follow as well.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Serious lack of infosec professionals a key risk to national security "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The unprecedented demand for well-trained cybersecurity workers continues to grow. Some experts predict that there will be a global shortage of two million cybersecurity professionals by next year. Enlisting the next generation of skilled cybersecurity workers and training existing employees will help build stronger defenses and restore confidence among digital citizens. According to Harvard Business Review, important attributes of accomplished cybersecurity professionals include curiosity and a passion for learning, problem solving skills, strong ethics and More

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U.S. Army 1983: Be Intellectually Prepared to React to Possible Encounters with Intelligent, Non-Corporal Energy Forms When Time-Space Boundaries Are Exceeded "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This is a U.S. Army Intelligence document on Hemi-Sync and Itzhak Bentovs Stalking the Wild Pendulum. The source document is Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process, CIA-RDP96-00788R001700210016-5.pdf, which you can find on CIAs Electronic Reading room.


Current state of IoT deployments and future expansion across enterprises "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

One in four Global Fortune 2000 enterprises rank Internet of Things deployment as the most important initiative in their organization yet 90% experience barriers to effective implementation and expansion due to lack of IoT expertise and skills in-house. A new Vanson Bourne survey queried 800 senior IT and business decision makers at organizations with a global annual revenue of $500M and higher across 13 different countries in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The respondents More

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Atari Lynx Becomes Modern 2600 Console Homage "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With its introduction in 1989, the Atari Lynx was the first handheld videogame system to include a color LCD. The gigantic size and equally gigantic price tag did not win-over a massive audience, but that doesnt mean the Lynx was without its fans. Over the past few months a modder named [Jared] has been toiling away with his project to transform an Atari Lynx into a home console.

Atari Lynx 2600 Console Mod Motherboard

The inspiration behind the mod was the original Atari console, the Atari 2600. [Jareds] console mod, called the Atari Lynx 2600, utilizes a four-switch 2600 case as an enclosure. However, since the Atari 2600 joystick did not offer enough button real estate an NES controller was used instead. A male-male serial cable serves as the new controller cord, while all the buttons on the face of the Lynx are hardwired to a female DB9 port. As an added touch a custom 3D printed cartridge adapter was incorporated into the original 2600 cartridge slot.

Since the Lynx did not natively support video out, and intermediary device known as the McWill LCD mod kit was used. The McWill LCD mod is typically done in order to modernize the Atari Lynxs scr...


When Police Misuse Their Power to Control News Coverage, They Shouldnt Be Allowed To Use Probable Cause As a Shield Against Claims of First Amendment Violations "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Journalists face increasingly hostile conditions covering public protests, presidential rallies, corruption, and police brutality in the course of work as watchdogs over government power. A case before the U.S. Supreme Court threatens press freedoms even further by potentially giving the government freer rein to arrest media people in retaliation for publishing stories or gathering news the government doesnt like.

EFF joined the National Press Photographers Association and 30 other media and nonprofit free speech organizations in urging the court to allow lawsuits by individuals who show they were arrested in retaliation for exercising their rights under the First Amendmentfor example, in the case of the news media by newsgathering, interviewing protestors, recording eventseven if the police had probable cause for the arrests. Instead of foreclosing such lawsuits, we urged the court to adopt a procedure whereby when theres an allegation of First Amendment retaliation, the burden shifts to police to show not only the presence of probable cause, but that they would have made the arrests anyway, regardless of the targets First Amendment activities. EFF and its partners filed a brief with the Supreme Court October 9, 2018.

The courts decision in this case may well have far-reaching implications for all First Amendment rights, including freedom of the press. Examples abound of journalists and news photographers being arrested while doing their jobs, swept up by police as they try to cover violent demonstrations and confrontations with law enforcementwhere press scrutiny is most needed. Last year 34 journalists were arrested while seeking to document or report news. Nine journalists covering violent protests around President Trumps inauguration were arrested. Police arrested reporters covering the Black Lives Matter protests in Ferguson, Missouri. Ninety journalists were arrested covering Occupy Wall Street protests between 2011 and 2012.

Arrests designed to simply halt or to punish ones speech are...


Amazon Scraps Secret AI Recruiting Tool That Showed Bias Against Women "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for chromas

Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool that showed bias against women

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Incs (AMZN.O) machine-learning specialists uncovered a big problem: their new recruiting engine did not like women.

The team had been building computer programs since 2014 to review job applicants resumes with the aim of mechanizing the search for top talent, five people familiar with the effort told Reuters.

Automation has been key to Amazons e-commerce dominance, be it inside warehouses or driving pricing decisions. The companys experimental hiring tool used artificial intelligence to give job candidates scores ranging from one to five stars - much like shoppers rate products on Amazon, some of the people said.

[...] But by 2015, the company realized its new system was not rating candidates for software developer jobs and other technical posts in a gender-neutral way.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


19 More Fast Radio Bursts Found "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Space: A huge haul of newfound fast radio bursts (FRBs) may help astronomers finally start to get a handle on these mysterious and powerful blasts from deep space. A new study reports the detection of 19 previously undiscovered FRBs, including the closest one to Earth and the brightest one ever seen. The results boost []


Air Force Awards Launch Vehicle Development Contracts to Blue Origin, Northrop Grumman, ULA "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: SpaceNews: The U.S. Air Force announced on Wednesday it is awarding three contracts collectively worth about $2 billion to Blue Origin, Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems and United Launch Alliance to develop launch system prototypes. The funding is for the development of competing launch system prototypes geared toward launching national security payloads. Each company will []


Too Fat to Fight "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Army Times: Its well known at this point that just under 30 percent of Americans ages 17 to 24 ? the prime age to join the Army ? arent eligible to join. But beyond that, almost a third of those who sit down with a recruiter to take the first steps are immediately disqualified. []


Akamai platform enhancements bolster security and agility for digital businesses "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Akamais platform updates can drive insight, agility, and quality for businesses delivering digital experiences using the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform to secure and enable cloud-based applications and web-based experiences. These new capabilities are designed to: Improve resiliency for apps with automated protections, streamlined workflows, and support for additional apps and use cases; Enable visibility and insight to facilitate prioritization, streamline decision making, and ensure better business outcomes; Drive cost reduction associated with egress from public More

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Avast 2019 extends AI technology to block phishing attacks for enhanced security "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Avast 2019 features enhanced artificial intelligence-based phishing protection, privacy protection, and ensures zero interruptions when using full screen mode. Improved threat detections Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Avast 2019 ensures detection of phishing websites by checking a sites URL for suspicious tokens, domain meta information, and inspecting the visual aspects of sites. This technology allows Avast to recognize phishing sites, protecting Avast users across all platforms from falling victim of phishing scams and other fraudulent More

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Book Review: Rainbows End by Rudy Rucker "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I previously reviewed Rudy Rucker's Ware Tetralogy and Postsingular and found that Rudy Rucker's best work comes after ideas had the most time to percolate. Postsingular was a relative dud, although still far superior to Neal Stephenson's REAMDE. In contrast, Rainbows End is highly recommended. Indeed, it is essential reading for anyone concerned about the progression of software from desktop, web and mobile to augmented reality. The book has a shockingly similar game to Pokmon Go in addition to a plausible mix of tech mergers and new entrants in a near-future universe where smartphones have given way to wearable augmented reality.

Many books, comics and films have covered the purgatory of high school and some have covered the special purgatory of going back to high school (for a re-union or as a student). The film: 21 Jump Street is a particularly silly example of the sub-genre. Rainbows End covers a world leading humanities academic who spends years in the fugue of dementia, responds almost perfectly to medical advances and is enrolled in high school to complete his therapy. While he looks almost perfectly like a 17 year old, his contemporaries remain in decline or have bounced back with far more random results.

Although he has physically recovered, he has lost his razor-sharp insight and biting wit[1]. Like other patients, he finds talents in unrelated areas. His computer fluency, which was sufficient to publish in academic journals, is now 20 years out of date. During this period, laptops have become as thin as paper and also horrendously obsolete. Although the paper-thin laptops can be configured as a variety of legacy desktop environments and legacy web browsers, rendering data from the (almost) ubiquitous wireless network is less successful than accessing the current World Wide Web without images or JavaScript. However, this is only one slice of purgatory.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews....


The Little Cat That Could "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Most humans take a year to learn their first steps, and they are notoriously clumsy. [Hartvik Line] taught a robotic cat to walk [YouTube link] in less time, but this cat had a couple advantages over a pre-toddler. The first advantage was that it had four legs, while the second came from a machine learning technique called genetic algorithms that surpassed human fine-tuning in two hours. Thats a pretty good benchmark.

The robot itself is an impressive piece inspired by robots at EPFL, a research institute in Switzerland. All that Swiss engineering is not easy for one person to program, much less a student, but that is exactly what happened. Nixie, as she is called, is a part of a master thesis for [Hartvik] at the University of Stavanger in Norway. Machine learning efficiency outstripped human meddling very quickly, and it can even relearn to walk if the chassis is damaged.

We have been watching genetic algorithm programming for more than half of a decade, and Skynet hasnt popped forth, however we have a robot kitty taking its first steps.


Juniper Networks fosters adoption of network automation "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Juniper Networks released new offerings to accelerate the industrys adoption of automation practices. With this latest announcement, Juniper is unveiling a collaborative community that includes tools, labs, libraries and an exchange of applications to accelerate automation adoption for companies and individuals. Juniper EngNet features access to virtual devices that run in the cloud, complete with documentation, along with a suite of tools to move from manual to automated operations. To complement Juniper EngNet, Juniper designed More

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Apple CEO Tim Cook says company will donate to Hurricane Michael relief "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced Wednesday that his company plans to donate to hurricane relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Michael.In a pair of tweets, Cook wrote that the affected region holds a special place in [his] heart.I grew up on the...


NEW 'Off The Hook' ONLINE "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

NEW 'Off The Hook' ONLINE

Posted 11 Oct, 2018 1:50:40 UTC

The new edition of Off The Hook from 10/10/2018 has been archived and is now available online.


GM Appoints Ex-CIA Deputy Director, Co-Vice Chair of the Council on Foreign Relations to Its Board "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

More connections than a switchboard, including an NSC role where, She had oversight responsibility for covert action programs and special reconnaissance missions, and In-Q-Tel. Via: CNBC: General Motors appointed a former deputy director of intelligence at the Central Intelligence Agency to its board on Wednesday. Jami Miscik is the chief executive and vice chair of []


AVG 2019 now includes enhanced phishing threat detection "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With AVG 2019 customers can now tailor new features for themselves and family members that include additional privacy protection, automatic threat detection using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, and reduced notifications from other apps and programs when using full screen mode. Privacy protection One of the new privacy features in AVG 2019 is Sensitive Data Shield, which allows premium users to safeguard personal data they may have stored on devices in the home with an More

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Longevity World Forum "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

1st conference upcoming in Nov. 2018, in Spain.

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Initial HDMI 2.0 Support With Nouveau Slated For The Next Linux Kernel "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Days after Nouveau DRM maintainer Ben Skeggs began staging changes for this open-source NVIDIA driver ahead of the next kernel cycle, this evening Ben Skeggs submitted the DRM-Next pull request to queue this work for the Linux 4.20/5.0 kernel cycle...


Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud safeguards complex IT infrastructures "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Arcserve unveiled Arcserve Business Continuity Cloud, the fully-integrated, cloud-born solution to prevent the impacts of downtime by restoring access to critical data, systems and applications across IT infrastructures ranging from non-x86 and x86, to software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). With this solution, Arcserve solves the challenges of protecting modern IT caused by the time, skill, expense and multiple tools needed to protect new workloads. According to new data being More

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InfluxData integrates with Google Cloud IoT Core to improve users IoT environments "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

InfluxData released a Telegraf agent for Google Cloud IoT Core. Now Google Cloud IoT Core users can get insight and analytics from their IoT environments by using the time series database solution to provide insight, improve operational efficiency, and optimize their businesses with real-time decision making and control. Google Cloud IoT Core is a set of tools to connect, process, store, and analyze data both at the edge and in the cloud. InfluxDatas Telegraf is More

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SETI: Not Successful Because We Are Barely Even Looking? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Smart aliens might live within 33,000 light-years of Earth. A new study explains why we haven't found them yet.

[An] upcoming study in The Astronomical Journal, which we learned about from MIT Technology Review, suggests humanity has barely sampled the skies, and thus has no grounds to be cynical. According to the paper, all searches for extraterrestrial intelligence, or SETI, have examined barely a swimming pool's worth of water from a figurative ocean of signal space. "We haven't really looked much," Shubham Kanodia, a graduate student in astronomy who co-wrote the study, said during a NASA "technosignatures" workshop in Houston, Texas on September 26.

[...] In their study, Kanodia and his colleagues built a mathematical model of what they consider a reasonably sized cosmic haystack.
Their haystack is a sphere of space nearly 33,000 light-years in diameter, centered around Earth. This region captures the Milky Way's bustling core, as well as many giant globular clusters of stars above and below our home galaxy.

They also picked eight dimensions of a search for aliens factors like signal transmission frequency, bandwidth, power, location, repetition, polarization, and modulation (i.e. complexity) and defined reasonable limits for each one. "This leads to a total 8D haystack volume of 6.4 10116m5Hz2s/W," the authors wrote. That is 6.4 followed by 115 zeros as MIT Technology review described it, "a space of truly gargantuan proportions."

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


[$] Weekly Edition for October 11, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Weekly Edition for October 11, 2018 is available.


Scary Dynamoterror dinosaur discovered "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Tyrannosaurus rex may be among the most well-known and terrifying dinosaurs to walk the Earth, but a newly discovered relative may have been even scarier.

Dynamoterror dynastes, a variant of T. rex, was discovered in New Mexico in 2012 by a team of researchers, led by Western Science Center paleontologist Andrew McDonald. It has a slightly different bone structure compared to its successor cousin.

Despite fragmentation of much of the axial and appendicular skeleton prior to discovery, the frontals, a metacarpal, and two pedal phalanges are well-preserved, the studys abstract reads. The frontals exhibit an unambiguous autapomorphy and a second potential autapomorphy that distinguish this specimen from all other tyrannosaurids.


The Pentagons Push to Program Soldiers Brains "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The military wants future super-soldiers to control robots with their thoughts.

I. Who Could Object?

Tonight I would like to share with you an idea that I am extremely passionate about, the young man said. His long black hair was swept back like a rock stars, or a gangsters. Think about this, he continued. Throughout all human history, the way that we have expressed our intent, the way we have expressed our goals, the way we have expressed our desires, has been limited by our bodies. When he inhaled, his rib cage expanded and filled out the fabric of his shirt. Gesturing toward his body, he said, We are born into this world with this. Whatever nature or luck has given us.



Michigan wildlife officials warn hunters of serious contagious disease in deer "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Heads up, hunting enthusiasts: The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is warning hunters in the state to be wary of bovine tuberculosis in deer, a disease thats transmissible to humans, WSMH-News reported.

The serious contagious disease is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium bovis, according to Purdue University. Its spread primarily through the exchange of respiratory secretions between infected and uninfected animals, such as coughing or sneezing, according to the Michigan DNR.

Oklahoma Man Faces Charges For Shooting Deer Hours Before Hunting Season Starts


Scientists discover massive volcano graveyard hidden off the coast of Australia "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its often said that we know less about what is hiding in Earths oceans than we do about what lurks in the depths of space. While that might be hyperbole, a new discovery off the coast of Australia certainly lends weight to the argument.

Hidden some 2,000 meters beneath the waves off the east coast of Australia, researchers stumbled upon something they didnt even know was there: a massive volcano graveyard that they are calling the Lost World of extinct underwater volcanos.


New FAA Rules for Drones Go Into Effect "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The 2018 FAA Reauthorization Act maintains a distinction between recreational and commercial activities, but the FAA is no longer constrained by law not to impose rules on the former: Section 336, which had previously carved out an exception for model aircraft, has been entirely repealed. In its place is a new Section 349, which covers what the FAA expects of recreational flyers.

The title of Section 349 betrays a very different attitude compared with the earlier Section 336. It reads: Exception for Limited Recreational Operations of Unmanned Aircraft. No more calling them model aircraft: Small modelsincluding things sold as toys, even paper airplanesare referred to as Unmanned Aircraft.

That seems a little ridiculous to me. In my view, the FAA is committing what philosophers sometimes call the fallacy of the beard: A paper airplane is clearly not something the FAA should worry about, whereas a large octocopter with whirring blades carrying a heavy camera is. But where do you draw the line? The FAA refuses to set a threshold under which it bows out, insisting that everything not carrying people and capable of flight is an unmanned aircraft requiring the agencys oversight and regulation.


The cosmological lithium problem "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The international collaborative n_TOF, in which a group of University of Seville researchers participated, has made use of the unique capacities of three of the worlds nuclear facilities to carry out a new experiment aimed at finding an explanation of the cosmological lithium problem. This problem is among the still unresolved questions of the current standard description of the Big Bang. The new experimental results, their theoretical interpretations and their implications have been published in Physical Review Letters.


Fidelis Cybersecurity announces support for Microsoft Azures virtual network TAP "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Fidelis Cybersecurity now supports Microsoft Azures virtual network terminal access point (TAP) to enable mirroring of virtual machine (VM) network traffic, without the use of agents, directly to Fidelis Network sensors. Applications and workloads are continuing to migrate to the cloud but security visibility for cloud-based applications has lagged behind. With cyber attackers exploiting weaknesses and access credentials, cloud network traffic analysis is critical for threat detection, threat hunting, and data loss and theft detection. More

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HPR2659: Further ancillary Bash tips - 11 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Further ancillary Bash tips - 11 This is the eleventh episode in the Bash Tips sub-series. It is the third of a group of shows about making decisions in Bash. In the last two episodes we saw the types of test Bash provides, and we looked briefly at some of the commands that use these tests. Now we want to start examining the expressions that can be used in these tests, and how to combine them. We will also start looking at string comparisons in extended tests. Long notes I have provided detailed notes as usual for this episode, and these can be viewed here. Links GNU BASH Reference Manual Bash Conditional Constructs Bash Conditional Expressions Bourne Shell Builtins The set Builtin Bash Pattern Matching POSIX Shell Command Language - documentation of all of the POSIX features mentioned in this series. HPR series: Bash Scripting Previous episodes under the heading Bash Tips: HPR episode 1648 Bash parameter manipulation HPR episode 1843 Some Bash tips HPR episode 1884 Some more Bash tips HPR episode 1903 Some further Bash tips HPR episode 1951 Some additional Bash tips HPR episode 2045 Some other Bash tips HPR episode 2278 Some supplementary Bash tips HPR episode 2293 More supplementary Bash tips HPR episode 2639 Some ancillary Bash tips - 9 HPR episode 2649 More ancillary Bash tips - 10 Resources: Examples:,,,,


Open Invention Network is a Proponent of Software Patents Just Like Microsoft and Microsoft Keeps Patents It Uses to Blackmail Linux Vendors "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Rerun of last week: Microsoft Uses LOT Network to Spread Lies and Promote Its Protection Racket

OIN loves Microsoft

Summary: OIN loves Microsoft; OIN loves software patents as well. So Microsofts membership in OIN is hardly a surprise and its not solving the main issue either, as Microsoft can indirectly sue and Microsoft has not included any patents they might hold on exfat into the patent non-aggression pact, according to Bradley M. Kuhn

A LOT of patents granted by the USPTO are bogus, bunk, fake. They should not have been granted (e.g. based on 35 U.S.C. 101), but prolific applicants that are large corporations enjoy favourable treatment and can gather as many as a hundred thousand low-quality patents; a very tiny proportion of these will have been tested in court before expiry. This is a problem. IBM and Microsoft have many such patents, which they cross-license so as to avoid actually testing these in courts or by means of Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) inter partes reviews (IPRs).

IBM and Microsoft have many such patents, which they cross-license so as to avoid actually testing these in courts or by means of Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) inter partes reviews (IPRs).Last week when Microsoft announced some news about LOT Network (complete with familiar lies and incredible revisionism) we predicted that it was likely some test run ahead of OIN membership. Observers must bear in mind that such a membership imposes no actual new constraints on them. People dont need to panic or get excited about the OIN thing (well come to it in a moment), partly because it was predictable. As if joining an IBM-led front group for software patents changes much

It doesnt. Nothing really changed. What happened?

  1. Microsoft is now an OIN member, but its an IBM-centric group that favours software patents (I spoke to their CEO for hours on the phone over the years). We disagree on quite a few things and he told me Microsoft uses FAT patents. As we shall explain later, those were excluded from OIN, which says quite a lot.
  2. IBM and Microsoft both still promote and lobby for software patents. We write about it a lot. So what kind of goodwill gesture does Microsoft offer? Its part of the problem.
  3. Microsoft nowadays leverages patent attacks via patent trolls. OIN has no way of th...


Air Force awards launch vehicle development contracts to Blue Origin, Northrop Grumman, ULA "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

WASHINGTON The U.S. Air Force announced on Wednesday it is awarding three contracts collectively worth about $2 billion to Blue Origin, Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems and United Launch Alliance to develop launch system prototypes.

The funding is for the development of competing launch system prototypes geared toward launching national security payloads. Each company will receive an initial award of $181 million.

The Launch Service Agreements are for the development of Blue Origins New Glenn, Northrop Grummans Omega and ULAs Vulcan Centaur rockets. The awards are part of cost-sharing arrangements known as Other Transaction Agreements that the Air Force is signing with the three companies to ensure it has multiple competitors. The Air Force has committed through 2024 a total of $500 million in OTA funds for Blue Origin, $792 million for Northrop Grumman and $967 million for ULA. SpaceX previously received an LSA award but did not make the cut this time.


Smashing Security #099: Passwords - A Smashing Security splinter (replay) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Passwords - everything you need to know about how to make them safer, and better secure your online accounts. In this replay of our podcast from February 2017, Graham Cluley, Carole Theriault and Vanja vajcer discuss the perennial problem of passwords and offer some advice and tips for computer users.


Portnox provides risk assessment and management to all levels of access "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Portnox released a solution offering network protection and control to organizations using Microsoft DirectAccess. According to IDC, mobile workers will account for nearly 73 percent of the US workforce by 2020. Organizations with decentralized structure and multiple locations deal with different security issues and risks on the network. To monitor for and combat these risks, Portnoxs NAC as-a-Service solution, Portnox CLEAR, offers the benefits of on-premise NAC solutions, delivering visibility and risk monitoring capabilities from More

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Build Your Own LAN Cable Tester "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Sure, you can buy a cable tester, but what fun is that? [Ashish] posted a nice looking cable tester that you can build with or without an onboard Arduino. If you dont use an Arduino, the project uses a 555 chip to test the eight wires in an Ethernet cable. The readout is simple. When testing a conductor, one of 8 LEDs will light. If one doesnt light, the cable is open. If more than one light up, there is a short. Mixed up pins will cause the LEDs to light out of sequence. You can see the device in the video below.

The 555 device is fine for the design and we were surprised that the project had provisions for using an Arduino as nothing more than a pulse generator. It could replace most of the circuit which is pretty simple. A decade counter converts the pulses into 8 pulses (a wiring change makes it reset on the 9th count). The rest of the circuit is nothing more than LEDs, resistors, and diodes.

This is a great example of how a few simple components can come together to do something significant. It would be tempting to use the Arduino to create the 8 or 9 output pulses and then measure them, but that would be a lot of I/O for a small Arduino. You could watch the return with analog inputs though, so that might form a further refinement of the circuit. There could even be an advantage of allowing a more detailed analysis on each pin.

Still, such flights of fancy arent nearly as simple, and this is above all a straightforward and pleasant project. Sure, it wont replace a $12,000 cable tester, but it doesnt have to. Another simple circuit (if you dont count the scope) that is useful for cable testing is a time domain reflectometer.


On-demand connectivity to cloud and data center "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Enterprises need a secure, fast and easy way to connect their locations and data centers to cloud service providers to support their changing IT application and infrastructure demands. CenturyLink launched Cloud Connect Dynamic Connections, which provides enterprises with control over their networks and gives them the ability to self-provision connections on-demand through a secure portal or via API integration. CenturyLink Cloud Connect Dynamic Connections enables real-time creation and deletion of private Ethernet connections to cloud More

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Microsoft Joins OIN; Open-Sources its Patent Portfolio "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Microsoft open-sources its patent portfolio

By joining the Open Invention Network, Microsoft is offering its entire patent portfolio -- with the legacy exception of its Windows and desktop application code -- to all of the open-source patent consortium's members.

Before Microsoft joined, OIN had more than 2,650 community members and owns more than 1,300 global patents and applications. OIN is the largest patent non-aggression community in history and represents a core set of open-source intellectual-property values. Its members include Google, IBM, Red Hat, and SUSE. The OIN patent license and member cross-licenses are available royalty-free to anyone who joins the OIN community.

This is maybe the biggest Microsoft news since Microsoft "acquired" The Linux Foundation nearly two years ago in Nov 2016.

Also at Ars Technica.

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Bernie Sanders targets Facebook and Google on Kavanaugh "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is taking a shot at Facebook and Google as well as the GOP in a new video about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.In the video posted on Sanders Twitter account, his senior advisor, Ari Rabin-Havt, criticized...


Hillicon Valley: Officials warn of Chinese influence efforts | Dow drops over 800 points | Tech stocks hit hard | Google appeals $5B EU fine | James Murdoch may be heading for Tesla | Most Americans worried about election security "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Welcome to Hillicon Valley, The Hill's newsletter detailing all you need to know about the tech and cyber news from Capitol Hill to Silicon Valley.Welcome! Follow the cyber team, Olivia Beavers (@olivia_beavers) and Jacqueline Thomsen (@jacq_thomsen...

Wednesday, 10 October


Variable Pitch Tables "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

While using the Emacs WordPress interface on various screens here, it became clear that the sloppy way I was laying out various tables just didnt really work. I was using the `variable-pitch font and sort of eyeballing how much space each column would take and then using `display (space :align-to 100)) to line stuff up.

But the size of fonts varies wildly from computer to computer, and what looked nice on my HiDPI laptop didnt line up at all on my LoDPI screen.

So I switched to using fixed-width fonts:

And I just thought, *sigh*.

It just looks so oldz. I spend a lot of time in Emacs in eww which does nice fonts, so Ive grown less used to the er starkness of tables like this.

Surely there has to be a way to do tables with proportional fonts, and of course there is: eww/shr lays stuff out without a problem, so I just had to take a similar approach here.

And behold:



Google appeals against 4.3bn Android fine "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

"Google is fighting a record 4.3bn ($4.9bn; 3.8bn) fine for allegedly using the Android operating system to "cement its dominance" as a search engine."


Shocking: Hackers using Googlebots in cryptomining malware attacks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

Hackers are abusing Googlebot servers to deliver malicious payloads. Last year, HackRead exclusively reported on how hackers were using Google Adwords and Google Sites to spread malware. Then came another shocking research from Cisco Talos exposing how hackers exploited Google Search Results to distribute Zeus Panda banking trojan. Now, researchers at F5 identified a strange and infrequent behavior []

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