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Monday, 29 January


Week in review: Intel testing new Spectre fixes, ICO protection, cybercrooks abusing travel industry "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Heres an overview of some of last weeks most interesting news, articles, and whitepapers: British teenager hacked top ranking US officials using social engineering How did British teenager Kane Gamble, who at the time was only 15 years old, manage to break into email accounts of the CIA and DNI chiefs, as well as gain access to a number of sensitive databases and plans for intelligence operations in Afghanistan and Iran? The answer is social More


Ryzen Threadripper 1900X Should Report The Correct Temperature With Linux 4.16 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

While the just-released Linux 4.15 kernel brings AMD Zen CPU temperature reporting support for Ryzen/Threadripper/EPYC processors, an oversight in the k10temp driver code is yielding an incorrect temperature for the Threadripper 1900X...


The Future Is Automated And Every Job Is At Risk [Automation, Pt. 1] "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Robots are already changing jobs as an endless array of robots enter our everyday lives. From trucking to service work to high-end jobs like doctors and lawyers, this documentary explores how robotics and artificial intelligence are changing the workplace.

AJ+s documentary series on automation explores how advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and automated vehicles will affect jobs, cities and inequality. From trucking to radiology, new technology is already changing white collar and blue collar occupations, reshaping cities and concentrating wealth in the hands of the few. Robots are taking over the world as companies like Tesla, Amazon, Uber and Google are using robots to automate.

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Hackaday Links: January 28, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

In case you havent heard, we have a 3D printing contest going on right now. Its the Repairs You Can Print Contest. The idea is simple: show off how you repaired something with a 3D printer. Prizes include $100 in Tindie credit, and as a special prize for students and organizations (think hackerspaces), were giving away a few Prusa i3 MK3 printers.

[Drygol] has made a name for himself repairing various home computers over the years, and this time hes back showing off the mods and refurbishments hes made to a pile of Amiga 500s. This time, hes installing some new RAM chips, fixing some Guru Meditations by fiddling with the pins on a PLCC, adding a built-in modulator, installing a dual Kickstart ROM, and installing a Gotek floppy adapter. Its awesome work that puts all the modern conveniences into this classic computer.

Heres an FPGA IoT Controller. Its a Cyclone IV and a WiFi module stuffed into something resembling an Arduino Mega. Heres the question: what is this for? There are two reasons you would use an FPGA, either doing something really fast, or doing something so weird normal microcontrollers just wont cut it. I dont know if there is any application of IoT that overlaps with FPGAs. Can you think of something? I cant.

Tide pods are flammable.

You know whats cool? Sparklecon. Its a party filled with a hundred pounds of LEGO, a computer recycling company, a plasmatorium, and a hackerspace, tucked away in an industrial park in Fullerton, California. Its completely chill, and a party for our type of people those who like bonfires, hammer Jenga, beer, and disassembling fluorescent lamps for high voltage transformers.



HPR2476: Gnu Awk - Part 9 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Awk Series Part 9 - printf The printf function allows for greater control over the output, in comparison to print. To follow along, you can either use these show notes or refer to the gawk manual. There are 3 main areas to cover: Basic printf syntax Format Control letters Format modifiers Syntax printf format, item1, item2, The big difference in the syntax of printf statements is the format argument. It allows you to use complex formatting and layouts for outputs. Unlike print, printf does not automatically start a new line after the function. This can be useful when you want to print all of the items in a column on a single line. For example, remember the example file, file1.csv: name,color,amount apple,red,4 banana,yellow,6 strawberry,red,3 grape,purple,10 apple,green,8 plum,purple,2 kiwi,brown,4 potato,brown,9 pineapple,yellow,5 Look at the difference between the following outputs: awk -F, 'NR!=1{print "Color", $2, "has", $3}' file1.csv and awk -F, 'NR!=1{printf "Color %s has %s. ", $2, $3}' file1.csv Control Letters Control letters control or cast the output to specific types. Use it as a way to convert ints to floats, ints to chars, etc. %c = to char. printf "%c", 65 prints a %i, %d = to int. printf "%i", 3.4 prints 3 %f = to float. printf "%c", 65 prints 65.000000 %e, %E = to scientific notation. printf "%e", 65 prints 6.500000e+01. If you use %E will use a capital E instead of e. %g = to either scientific notation or int. printf "%.2g", 65 prints 65, while printf "%.1g", 65 prints 6e+01 %s = to string. printf "%s", 65 prints 65 %u = to unsigned int. printf "%u", -6 prints 18446744073709551610 There are others. See documentation. Formatting N$ = positional specifier. printf "%2$s %1$s", "second", "first" n = spaces to the left of the string. -n = spaces to the right of string. space = prefix positive numbers with a space, negative numbers with a - + = prefix all numbers with a sign (either + or -) 0n = leading 0's before input. printf "%03i", 65 prints 065. ' = comma place holder for thousands. printf "%'i", 6500 prints 6,500 Below is an (crude) illustration of how I like to think when formatting output: 7 2 Color: RedXXXX Sum: X6 18 3 Total Sum:XXXXXXXX X34 See the following awk file BEGIN { FS=","; } NR != 1 { a[$2]+=$3; c+=$3; d+=1; } END { for (b in a) { printf "Color: %-7s Sum: %2in", b, a[b]; } print "----------------------" printf "%-18s %3in", "Total Sum:", c; printf "%-18s %3in&quot...


With Teen Mental Health Deteriorating Over Five Years, Theres a Likely Culprit "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

All signs point to the screen. Via: The Conversation: Around 2012, something started going wrong in the lives of teens. In just the five years between 2010 and 2015, the number of U.S. teens who felt useless and joyless classic symptoms of depression surged 33 percent in large national surveys. Teen suicide attempts []


Amazons New Supermarket Could Be Grim News for Human Workers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Sheelah Kolhatkar on whether the technology in Amazons new automated grocery store, Amazon Go, in Seattle, could eventually eliminate millions of retail jobs.



Distribution Release: Parrot Security OS 3.11 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Parrot Security OS is a Debian-based, security-oriented distribution featuring a collection of utilities designed for penetration testing and computer forensics. The project's latest release, Parrot Security OS 3.11, includes fixes for Metasploit and PostgreSQL as well as a new automobile hacking menu which includes tools for testing real....


Nissan Made Self-Parking Slippers Based on ProPilot Tech "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for AndyTheAbsurd

It's even wackier than that autonomous chair Nissan made last year.

[...] Nissan this week unveiled its ProPilot Park Ryokan. Based on a traditional Japanese inn, or ryokan, the automaker added its tech to a number of items, including slippers, tables and floor cushions.

Each item is capable of moving back to a specified location after being moved, similar to how Nissan's ProPilot Park system is capable of using the steering, brakes and throttle to maneuver a vehicle into a parking space without human input. That means everything at the ryokan is always in the correct spot, and I imagine anyone staying there would get a kick out of watching slippers and tables move about without help.

But can they escape getting chewed on by the dog?


Original Submission

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CrossRAT keylogging malware targets Linux, macOS & Windows PCs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

Another day, another malware This time, it is CrossRAT malware

This is a post from Read the original post: CrossRAT keylogging malware targets Linux, macOS & Windows PCs

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Sunday, 28 January


The 4.15 kernel is out "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Linus has released the 4.15 kernel. "After a release cycle that was unusual in so many (bad) ways, this last week was really pleasant. Quiet and small, and no last-minute panics, just small fixes for various issues. I never got a feeling that I'd need to extend things by yet another week, and 4.15 looks fine to me." Some of the more significant features in this release include: the long-awaited CPU controller for the version-2 control-group interface, significant live-patching improvements, initial support for the RISC-V architecture, support for AMD's secure encrypted virtualization feature, and the MAP_SYNC mechanism for working with nonvolatile memory. This release also, of course, includes mitigations for the Meltdown and Spectre variant-2 vulnerabilities though, as Linus points out in the announcement, the work of dealing with these issues is not yet done.


Supersonic air travel just took another big step toward rebirth "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


We are one step closer to an affordable reboot of supersonic flight. Japan Airlines (JAL) has invested $10 million in the Denver-based aerospace company, Boom Supersonic, thats planning to resurrect the method of travel. In exchange for their funding, JAL will be able to pre-order 20 of the new aircraft. The airlines president, Yoshiharu Ueki, said in a press release from December 5: Through this partnership, we hope to contribute to the future of supersonic flight with the intent of providing more time to our valued passengers while emphasizing flight safety.

Its been 14 years since British Airways and Air France grounded their Concorde fleets, and commercial air travel hasnt hit supersonic speeds since. Fourteen of these planes ferried first-class passengers from New York to London at speeds of 1,353 mph (2177.44 kph) twice as fast as the speed of sound making the jaunt across the pond in only 3.5 hours. Thats about half the time it takes a normal passenger plane to cross the Atlantic Ocean.


Linux 4.15 Kernel Released, Time For The Linux 4.16 Merge Window "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Linus Torvalds has released the Linux 4.15.0 kernel after nine release candidates...


ESP32 Makes for Worlds Worst Radio Station "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

We can say one thing for [bitluni]: the BOMs for his projects, like this ESP32 AM radio transmitter, are always on the low side. Thats because he leverages software to do jobs traditionally accomplished with hardware, always with instructive results.

In this case, the job at hand is creating an RF oscillator in the broadcast AM band and modulating some audio onto it. From his previous experience using an ESP32 to watch video on an oscilloscope, [bitluni] knew that the microcontrollers DACs were up to the task of producing an 800-kHz signal, and he managed to produce a more-or-less sine wave carrier with some clever code. His sketch takes data from a header file, modulates it onto the carrier, and sends it out over the ether using a short stub of wire for an antenna. The range is severely limited, but for what it is, it gets the job done and shows the basics. And as a bonus, [bitluni] included a bit of JavaScript that turns an audio file into a header file thats ready to go out over the airwaves for all your trolling needs.

If youre looking for a little more range for your low power transmitter and youre a licensed amateur operator, you might want to explore the world of QRP radio.


Distribution Release: Redcore Linux 1801 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Redcore Linux is a Gentoo-based distribution designed to be run on desktop and laptop computers. The Redcore project has announced the release of Redcore Linux 1801 which reduces memory requirements for installation and includes fixes for the Meltdown and Spectre CPU bugs. "It is my pleasure to announce....


Justify Your Alpha: A Response to "Redefine Statistical Significance" "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Psychologist Danil Lakens disagrees with a proposal to redefine statistical significance to require a 0.005 p-value, and has crowdsourced an alternative set of recommendations with 87 co-authors:

Psychologist Danil Lakens of Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands is known for speaking his mind, and after he read an article titled "Redefine Statistical Significance" on 22 July 2017, Lakens didn't pull any punches: "Very disappointed such a large group of smart people would give such horribly bad advice," he tweeted.

In the paper, posted on the preprint server PsyArXiv, 70 prominent scientists argued in favor of lowering a widely used threshold for statistical significance in experimental studies: The so-called p-value should be below 0.005 instead of the accepted 0.05, as a way to reduce the rate of false positive findings and improve the reproducibility of science. Lakens, 37, thought it was a disastrous idea. A lower , or significance level, would require much bigger sample sizes, making many studies impossible. Besides. he says, "Why prescribe a single p-value, when science is so diverse?"

Lakens and others will soon publish their own paper to propose an alternative; it was accepted on Monday by Nature Human Behaviour, which published the original paper proposing a lower threshold in September 2017. The content won't come as a big surprisea preprint has been up on PsyArXiv for 4 monthsbut the paper is unique for the way it came about: from 100 scientists around the world, from big names to Ph.D. students, and even a few nonacademics writing and editing in a Google document for 2 months.

Lakens says he wanted to make the initiative as democratic as possible: "I just allowed anyone who wanted to join and did not approach any famous scientists."

Original Submission

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28jan2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


GTK+ 4.0 Might Be Ready To Ship This Year With Its Many Toolkit Improvements "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Famed GNOME developer Matthias Clasen of Red Hat provided an update on the state of the GTK4 tool-kit during this week's event in Brno...


Piracy Can Help Music Sales of Many Artists, Research Shows "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The debate over whether online piracy helps or hurts music sales has been dragging on for several decades now.

The issue has been researched extensively with both positive and negative effects being reported, often varying based on the type of artist, music genre and media, among other variables.

One of the more extensive studies was published this month in the peer-reviewed Information Economics and Policy journal, by Queens University economics researcher Jonathan Lee.

In a paper titled Purchase, pirate, publicize: Private-network music sharing and market album sales he examined the effect of BitTorrent-based piracy on both digital and physical music sales.

The file-sharing data was obtained from an unnamed private BitTorrent tracker and covers a data set of 250,000 albums and more than five million downloads. These were matched to US sales data for thousands of albums provided by Nielsen SoundScan.

Based on the torrent tracker data, Lee finds that piracy can boost sales of mid-tier artists, both for physical CDs and digital downloads. For the most popular artists, this effect is reversed. In both cases, the impact is the largest for digital sales.

I now find that top artists are harmed and mid-tier artists may be helped in both markets, but that these effects are larger for digital sales, Lee tells TorrentFreak. This is consistent with the idea that people are more willing to switch between digital piracy and digital sales than between digital piracy and physical CDs.

The findings lead to the conclusion that there is no ideal one-size-fits-all response to piracy. In fact, some unauthorized sharing may be a good thing.

This is in line with observations from musicians themselves over the past years. Several top artists have admitted the positive effects of piracy, including Ed Sheeran, who recently said that he owes his career to it.

I know thats a bad thing to say, because Im part of a music industry that doesnt like illegal file sharing, Sheeran said in an...


Dave Davies, Ambassador and Advisor at Iron & Earth, joins our Sustainability Board. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Dave Davies, Ambassador and Advisor at Iron and Earth, joins our Sustainability Board.


How to add network bridge with nmcli (NetworkManager) on Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I am using Debian Linux 9 stretch on the desktop. I would like to create network bridge with NetworkManager. But, I am unable to find the option to add br0. How can I create or add network bridge with nmcli for NetworkManager on Linux? A bridge is nothing but a device which joins two local Continue reading "How to add network bridge with nmcli (NetworkManager) on Linux"

The post How to add network bridge with nmcli (NetworkManager) on Linux appeared first on nixCraft.


GM Takes An Unexpected Lead In The Race To Develop Autonomous Vehicles "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

[...] The most important reason for GM's comeback, though, is its success in convincing investors that it is a leader not just among established carmakers, but among tech firms, too. It has rapidly accelerated from the position of an also-ran in the field of autonomous vehicles to apparent leader. A scorecard issued annually by Navigant, a consultancy, puts GM ahead of the AV pack of carmakers and tech firms, with Alphabet's Waymo in second place.

That GM is ahead of Silicon Valley's risk-takers may seem surprising. But earlier investments, which were once looked on with scepticism, seem to be paying off. Alan Batey, GM's president for North America, points to the manufacturing of mass-market long-range EVs, where the firm has a lead. The Chevy Bolt, the world's first such vehicle, has been on sale for over a year, beating Tesla's Model 3 and the new Nissan LEAF to market.

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Distribution Release: DietPi 6.0 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

DietPi is a Debian-based Linux distribution, primarily developed for single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi. DietPi also runs on other architectures, including x86 computers and Odroid machines. The project's latest release, DietPi 6.0, is based on Debian 9 "Stretch". "All DietPi images have been re-created. Existing....


Arcade Style Computer Hotkeys "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Prolific maker [Sean Hodgins] has taken the wraps off of his latest one-day build, and as usual, it takes the kind of spare parts most people reading Hackaday will have in their parts bins and turns it into something fun and useful. This time around, he takes a bunch of spare arcade-style buttons he had from a previous project and combines them with an Adafruit Trinket (SAMD21 flavor) to make a USB input device for his computer.

[Sean] uses 1/4 inch acrylic to make the case, though he does mention that it could just as easily be 3D printed. But using the acrylic is easy and gives a nice glossy look to the final hardware. With a saw and a drill press you can make some very professional cases out of acrylic, which goes to show that you dont necessarily need to have a high end 3D printer to create great looking enclosures.

As explained in the video, the Adafruit Trinket is not strictly necessary for this build, its just what [Sean] had lying around. Any microcontroller that can present itself to the operating system as a USB Human Interface Device (HID) will work fine for a project like this.

Software wise, a modified Arduino demo program is used to equate the states of the digital pins to pre-defined key combinations to be sent to the computer....


Melissa Mahler, General Counsel at The Mahler Group, joins our Futurists Board. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Melissa Mahler, General Counsel at The Mahler Group, joins our Futurists Board.


Systemd 237 Released With WireGuard Support, Keyboard See-Saw/Rocker Changes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Not only is Linux 4.15 coming today but the first systemd stable release of 2018 is also now available...


In the United States, Software Patents Are Still Consistently Invalidated Under 35 U.S.C. 101 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

No entry sign

Summary: A look at some of the latest decisions, rants, and frustration expressed by the patent microcosm over the elimination of many software patents in the United States (US)

PATENT certainty matters. Consistency across judgments matters. Predictability matters. If all those software patents perish in courts, will their holders bother asserting anymore (i.e. suing)? The patent litigation numbers are already down and they go down every year. Ever since Alice we are seeing an encouraging pattern; the US Supreme Court objects to revisiting the matter and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) gets more hostile towards software patents each year. This shapes so-called caselaw in a favourable fashion because software patents are ebbing away.

Most of the articles and tweets we find are rants about Alice and/or promotion of software patents, courtesy of people who never developed any software in their entire lifetime. Its almost amusing to watch their agony; they try to attribute this loss to software, but in reality people who actually develop software are pleased to see the demise of software patents.

Challenges to patent eligibility under 35 U.S.C. 101 have become so routine in patent litigation, says the patent microcosm, expressing the usual concern over Alice Corp. Pty. Ltd. v CLS Bank Intl. To quote this new example:

Challenges to patent eligibility under 35 U.S.C. 101 have become so routine in patent litigation that it is easy to overlook the opinions that seem to issue almost daily from the district courts and, less frequently, from the Federal Circuit. If one were to judge solely by the tenor of recent cert petitions filed with the Supreme Court, however, one would likely conclude that the lower courts are still fundamentally confused as to how to properly apply the Supreme Courts two-step analysis for ineligible abstract ideas set forth in Alice Corp. Pty. Ltd. v. CLS Bank Intl, 134 S. Ct. 2347 (2014). For example, an amicus brief in support of a cert petition in Recognicorp, LLC v. Nintendo, No. 17-645 (denied, Jan. 8, 2018) argues that, at least in the context of data processing patents, [t]he lower courts and the PTO hav...


GIMP Picks Up Better Debugging Support, Backtrace GUI "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Adding to the list of features for the long overdue GIMP 2.10 release is better debugging support...


Senate Investigators Google Their Way to $766 Million of Fentanyl "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With Google, Bitcoins, and USPS, Feds realize it's stupid easy to buy fentanyl

A congressional report released Wednesday lays out just how easy it is for Americans to buy the deadly opioid fentanyl from Chinese suppliers online and have it shipped to them via the government's own postal service. The report also lays out just how difficult the practice will be to stop.

After Googling phrases such as "fentanyl for sale," Senate investigators followed up with just six of the online sellers they found. This eventually led them to 500 financial transaction records, accounting for about $766 million worth of fentanyl entering the country and at least seven traceable overdose deaths.

[...] "Thanks to our bipartisan investigation, we now know the depth to which drug traffickers exploit our mail system to ship fentanyl and other synthetic drugs into the United States," Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio said in a statement. "The federal government can, and must, act to shore up our defenses against this deadly drug and help save lives."

Related: Opioid Addiction is Big Business
Heroin, Fentanyl? Meh: Carfentanil is the Latest Killer Opioid
Tip for Darknet Drug Lords: Don't Wear Latex Gloves to the Post Office
Cop Brushes Fentanyl Off Uniform, Overdoses
Congress Reacts to Reports that a 2016 Law Hindered DEA's Ability to go after Opioid Distributors
Opioid Crisis Official; Insys Therapeutics Billionaire Founder Charged; Walgreens Stocks Narcan

Original Submission

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Googles AI-powered Clips camera is now on sale "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Clips camera now available for pre-order in the Google Play Store

Back in October 2017 at the Made by Google hardware event, Google had announced an AI (artificial intelligence) powered camera called Clips that captures images and video on your behalf. The tech giant has now quietly put the Clips camera on sale.

This year, people will take about a trillion photos, and for many of us, that means a digital photo gallery filled with images that we wont actually look at, Google writes. This is especially true with new parents, whose day-to-day experience is full of firsts.

During moments that can feel precious and fleeting, users are drawn to their smartphone cameras in hopes of capturing and preserving memories for their future selves. As a result, they often end up viewing the world through a tiny screen instead of interacting using all their senses.

It measures just 2.0 x 2.0 x 0.8 and weighs a mere 1.5 ounces. The lightweight, autonomous, hands-free camera that is tiny in size comes with Moment IQ, a machine learning algorithm that lets it figure out whos important and the right time to capture images based on expressions, lighting and framing.

Google Clips is smart enough to recognize great expressions, lighting and framing. So the camera captures beautiful, spontaneous images. And it gets smarter over time, Googles website reads.

Google Clips camera has a low-light mode and automatically adjusts its resolution according to the situation. Further, the camera comes with a 130-degree lens to fit more of the scene in the frame and is protected with Gorilla Glass. It can capture up to 15 frames per second and later use machine intelligence to automatically select the best shots from that burst mode.

The square-shaped camera, which measures about 2-inch, comes with a 12-megapixel sensor and automatically shoots images and small video loops. There is also a manual shutter button and power can be controlled via twisting the lens. The most interesting part is that the camera comes with a clip stand, so that it can stand on its own. On the other hand, the camera can stand upright on its flat base even without the clip.

The camera comes with 16GB of internal storage, and a battery which can function for up to three hours of capture with a Wi-Fi Direct for transferring photos to the smartphone. Currently, the apps smartphone compatibility is limited and is compatible with the Google Pixel, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S8 running on Android 7.0 or greater, as well as iPhones 6 and up running on iOS 10 and greater. The device includes Bluetooth LE and a USB-C port, wherein the latter is used to recharge the camera.

What is intere...


Linux 4.15 Is Set To Sail Today With AMDGPU DC, Zen Temperature Monitoring, RISC-V "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

After going through nine weekly release candidates, the Linux 4.15 kernel is set to be released today as the first major stable update of 2018...


Japan-based digital exchange Coincheck to refund to customers after cyberheist "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Coincheck announced it will refund about $400 million to 260,000 customers after the hack, the company will use its own funds.

On Friday the news of the hack of the Japan-based digital exchange Coincheck caused the drop in the value of the major cryptocurrencies, the incident had a significant impact on the NEM value that dropped more than 16 percent in 24 hours.

The company suspended the operations of deposits and withdrawals for all the virtual currencies except Bitcoin, the exchange announced it was investigating an unauthorised access to the exchange.

According to the company, the hackers stole worth half a billion US dollars of NEM, the 10th biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

The hackers stole 58 billion yen ($530 million), an amount of money that is greater than the value of bitcoins which disappeared from MtGox in 2014.

Coincheck was founded in 2012, it is one of the most important cryptocurrency exchange in Asia.

The company announced it will refund about $400 million to customers after the hack. 

Coincheck will use its own funds to reimburse about 46.3 billion yen to its 260,000 customers who were impacted by the cyberheist.

At 3 am (1800 GMT) today, 523 million NEMs were sent from the NEM address of Coincheck. Its worth 58 billion yen based on the calculation at the rate when detected, said Coincheck COO Yusuke Otsuka.

Were still examining how many of our customers are affected,

Experts believe that the Financial Services Agency will to take disciplinary measures against Coincheck.

It has been estimated that as many as 10,000 businesses in Japan accept bitcoin and bitFlyer, nearly one-third of global Bitcoin transactions in December were denominated in yen.The Cryptocurrencies, and in particular Bitcoin, are very popular in Japan, in April, the Bitcoin was proclaimed by the local authorities as legal tender.

According to Japanese bitcoin monitoring site, in November, yen-denominated bitcoin trades reached a record 4....


Is Torrenting Legal? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Imagine this: You have a file that you wish to download to your computer. But it is so heavy it requires a high bandwidth. If you proceed to do it, it may take you hours or even days to complete the process.

How do you speed it up? This is where the idea of torrent comes in.

Torrenting (or using torrent) has been around for a couple of years, but because not many understand how it truly works, it has also been a favorite subject of controversy. Is it illegal to download files from the system? Before we answer the question, lets discuss its process.

How Torrents Work?

Torrents have been compared with the peer-to-peer system because they both involve sharing files. But they are two different methods.

In the peer-to-peer system, all the users make use of a program or a software to download the files. If you wish to download a file, you, therefore, reach out to other users who are hosting them.

The big problem with this setup is you can be on the losing end. If a person suddenly turns off his computer, for example, after he downloaded the file, you cannot complete the process. For this reason, the peer-to-peer software or program often penalizes the behavior usually by booting you out.

Torrenting came later. The objective is to hasten the downloading of what could have been a much heavier file by breaking it down, putting it in different places, and then piecing it all together simultaneously once you want to download it.

As an illustration, lets say you have file A, which is about 3 GB. In the torrent system, it becomes file A-1, A-2, A-3, etc. Different users host this file. Now you want to download it, the system then picks A-1, A-2, A-3, and all the others, putting them all together to complete the file. Because the process is simultaneous, it doesnt hurt the bandwidth, and it doesnt corrupt the file.

Torrent also has other advantages against the peer-to-peer system. It doesnt rely on a program, so it doesnt take eat a space in your memory. Rather, it is web-based. Second, it doesnt allow people to drop out once they already have the files through a rewards system: the more files you host and share, the faster the download process is.

Is Torrenting Legal?

Is Torrenting Illegal?

There are many ways to use torrent, but many of the users tend to depend on torrent for one reason: downloading of heavy content such as TV shows and movies....


Cool Cousin to Implement Blockchain in Order to Become World First P2P Travel Agency "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Tourism is an industry whose size and value creation can compete with any other industry in the world. People move around the world for different reasons and at different times, however, the unique cultures of travel locations remain peculiar and best understood by the locals.

The tourism industry is a combination of various other fields in smaller bits that determine the outcome of travel experiences, especially for people traveling to unfamiliar destinations.

People travel for different reasons such as work, vacation, exploration, e.t.c. Hence, depending on their specific reasons, individuals arriving to new destinations normally need some level of guidance either for their entire trip or at least the initial stages before they settle.

The impact of online agencies

Mainstream travel agencies have played significant roles in enabling tourists achieve convenience in their trips. However, the innovation introduced by online based platforms has taken the industry to new heights, placing it among the worlds largest industries with a market turnover of over $2.3 trillion in 2016 alone. A growth which saw the industrys user base experience an unprecedented growth of 220% in six months.

Cool Cousin to Implement Blockchain in Order to Become World First P2P Travel Agency

Online booking platforms have registered staggering figures that make the mainstream outlets look like childs play. Examples include, Priceline ($85B), Airbnb ($30B), Yelp ($3.5), TripAdvisor ($5B) among others. These platforms thrive on the globalized nature of the internet which affords the option of public reviews and opinions, thereby presenting the semblance of fairness in terms of ratings. However, the possibility of foul play puts the reliability of these platforms in question. The actions of centralized platforms that influence reviews to make their services attractive in a competitive market is a weakness that is currently hurting the industry.

Information overload and biased content in the centralized travel market, makes it impossible for travelers to find relevant info. No matter how hard they try to avoid dubious recommendations, much of their vacation time (and dime) is wasted on mediocre places that dont fit their vibe, says Itai Nagler, CEO and founder of Cool Cousin

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The Tiniest Working 68K System "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

68000 microprocessors appeared in the earliest Apple Macintoshes, the Commodore Amiga and Atari ST, and the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive among other familiar systems. If you were alive during the 16-bit era, there is a good chance that you will have owned a Motorola 68000 or one of its derivatives in a computer or game console. By the end of the 1990s it was clear that the 68K line had had its day on the desktop, but a new life for it at the consumer level was found in the PDA market. The first Motorola Dragonball was a 68000 series system-on-chip, and it was a few of these in a BGA package that [Plasmode] had in stock after ordering them in error believing them to be in a different package.

The Dragonball 68328 has an interesting bootstrap mode allowing it to run with no external ROM or RAM, and with only a serial connection to the outside world. Recognising this as having the potential for the smallest possible 68K system, he proceeded to make it happen with some impressive soldering direct to the solder balls of an upturned BGA package.

On a piece of PCB material are simply the 68328, a 32.768kHz crystal and capacitors, a MAX232 circuit for an RS232 serial connection, a reset button, and a power regulator. Using the Motorola DOS debug software which is still available for download after all these years, he was able to connect to his tiny 68K computer and run code. Its not entirely useful, but of all the possible 68K configurations it has to be the smallest.

This isnt the first minimal computer using only a processor chip and serial link, in the past weve shown you a PDP-11 in the same vein.


Counting Patents is Not Measuring Innovation and Checking Patents is Often Assessing Vapourware "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

More patents mean patent maximalism, not necessarily innovation (an old myth like griffins)

Mythological creature

Summary: The tough reality about patents, which are basically pieces of paper with some text and drawings, not what corporate media wants us to think of them (innovation)

FIVE DAYS AGO we saw the headline South Dakotans got more patents in 2017 than any previous year (sounds great, doesnt it?).

As patent numbers generally increase at a growing pace (now at an all-time high at the USPTO), this is a pretty meaningless thing to note; its probably true in most US states, not just South Dakota. The subtle implication is a corny assertion that more patents directly lead to more innovation however one actually defines the term (some have made it synonymous with patents).

The subtle implication is a corny assertion that more patents directly lead to more innovation however one actually defines the term (some have made it synonymous with patents).Theres still this tendency in local media to glorify newly-granted patents in the area (here are a couple of new examples [1, 2]). Theres also the assumption that patents imply ongoing/imminent implementation of some product (here is a new example of Samsung [1, 2] and of Sony). In practice, as latest news from China serves to show [...


Mesa 18.0 Features Include Many OpenGL/Vulkan Improvements, Intel Shader Cache & Extras "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Mesa 18.0 is currently being prepared for release by mid-February and is yet another feature-packaged, quarterly update to this open-source 3D graphics driver stack with significant improvements for OpenGL and Vulkan support and performance.


AI Potentially Deciphers Voynich Manuscript "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Arthur T Knackerbracket has found the following story:

Greg Kondrak, a computer scientist from University of Alberta's AI lab, claims to have begun decoding the mystery behind the unknown text with his novel algorithm, CTVNews reported.

[...] It is believed that the manuscript is somehow related to women's health but there is no solid clue, according to the report. People have made wild guesses regarding the code, with at least eight making firm claims only to be debunked later on.

Kondark, however, took a different approach towards solving the problem artificial intelligence. "Once you see it, once you find out the mystery, this is a natural human tendency to solve the puzzle," the computer scientist told CTVNews. "I was intrigued and thought I could contribute something new."

He and his co-author Bradley Hauer combined novel AI algorithms with statistical procedures to identify and translate the language. The approach, which had been used to translate United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 380 languages, came in handy and suggested the language was Hebrew, albeit with critical tweaks.

They found that the letters in every word had been reordered and the vowels were dropped in the code. The first complete sentence which the AI decrypted read, "She made recommendations to the priest, man of the house and me and people." One section of the text carries words that translate into "farmer", "light", "air", and "fire".

The translated line could be the starting of something big but it is a long way to go for Kondark, who stresses on the need of complementary human assistance. However, it is not clear how accurate the translation really is.

"Somebody with very good knowledge of Hebrew and who's a historian at the same time could take this evidence and follow this kind of clue," he said while highlighting the need of someone who could make sense of the translated text.

For those who may not be familiar with the manuscript, see Voynich Manuscript at Wikipedia, or read it yourself at (Javascript required).

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Open-Source Project Trying To Map Vulkan Onto Direct3D 12 & Metal "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

While we are seeing exciting projects at the moment about mapping Direct3D 11 over Vulkan (as well as D3D9 and D3D12 over Vulkan projects too), there are new open-source projects for mapping Vulkan over Direct3D 12 and Metal...


Links 28/1/2018: New Fedora 27 ISO, New Release of Netrunner Rolling "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

GNOME bluefish



  • Desktop

    • Maxim Burgerhout: User-friendly Windows

      So for some app my kids want to use, I needed to setup Windows. And a printer. I have a Samsung M2070W, and I have had it for years. It has not always been easy to use (hell no!), but it generally works after a few kicks in the groin.

      Ive used it with my iPad, with various Android devices, and various Linux distributions. And now, I needed to set it up in Windows.


      I guess. Unless you count the fact that many devices need vendor drivers to begin with, because Windows doesnt ship with them.

      Well anyway, luckily, Linux seems to identify and use my printer just fine.

    • The Best Apps and Tools for Chromebooks

      Were going to break this down into different categories to help make it easier to find what youre looking for. The one thing to note here is that Android apps are placed throughout the various categories where they make the most sense, but we also include a section at the end for Android apps that dont fall into any one specific category. Pretty simple, really....


Allwinner SUNIV Old ARM9-Based SoCs Worked On For Upstream Linux Kernel Support "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

From the mid-2000's to 2011 Allwinner was marketing their F-Series processors with ARM9 32-bit RISC processors while finally in 2018 these SoCs might have upstream Linux kernel support...


Solus Releases Linux Driver Management 1.0 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Solus Project this week released Linux Driver Management 1.0, a library created by this innovative Linux distribution for enumerating system components and detecting matches between said components and packages/drivers providing additional functionality...


OpenSUSE Rolling Out Retpoline Support, Xen Spectre/Meltdown Mitigation "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

SUSE's Richard Brown has issued a status update around openSUSE's ongoing mitigation of the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities...


Biologic Additive May Lead to Self-Healing Concrete "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If you get a cut or break a bone, your body heals itself. This everyday miracle is what inspired [Congrui Jin] to try to find a way to make concrete self-healing. The answer she and her colleagues are working on might surprise you. They are adding fungus to concrete to enable self-repair.

It isnt just any fungus. The conditions in concrete are very harsh, and after testing twenty different kinds, they found that one kind  trichoderma reesei could survive inside concrete as spores. This fungus is widespread in tropical soil and doesnt pose any threat to humans or the ecology. Mixing nutrients and spores into concrete is easy enough. When cracks form in the concrete, water and oxygen get in and the spores grow. The spores act as a catalyst for calcium carbonate crystals which fill the cracks. When the water is gone, the fungi go back to spores, ready to repair future cracking.

It isnt clear to us why the fungi dont grow on the outside, but we can imagine several solutions. The research is in early stages, so perhaps they dont fully know yet, either. Earlier work proposed using bacteria in some sort of encapsulation to do this same trick (see the second video, below). However, the fungus creating its own hardy spore that can survive inside the concrete would simplify that greatly.

You might wonder why small cracks in concrete are a big deal. Concrete isnt that strong, so we build steel inside it to produce stronger structures. However, water and oxygen dont agree with steel, so cracks in the concrete eventually damage the interior steel and cause failures. If the cracks self-seal, it would limit the exposure of the steel to the elements.

Adding biological material to building material is an interesting idea and something that probably isnt outside the realm of the common garage or basement lab. Weve seen 3D printing filament made from algae, for example. Fungus might even help make better batteries. Not to mention, weve seen people experimenting with bioprinting. This could be an area where hackers get in on the action early and make real contributions. This might even help you get comfortable with the idea of starships running on mushrooms.



Arrr: Top Tips to Spot The Differences Between Pirate and Legal Sites "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Theres a persistent theory that people exist who are using pirate sites but dont realize that theyre unauthorized and/or illegal. While that seems likely, its hard to believe the volumes are particularly significant.

Nevertheless, numerous campaigns have attempted to enlighten consumers as to what is and isnt legal and this week the Federation Against Copyright Theft raised the issue once again.

Tagging onto UK anti-fraud awareness campaign Take Five, the anti-piracy outfit asked people to take five minutes to consider the legality of the site or service theyre currently consuming.

FACTs advice above is basically sound. They ask people to do their research on the sites FindAnyFilm and GetItRight, both of which should give consumers an idea of where content can be obtained legally. Trouble is, neither resource is comprehensive, so five minutes of research could turn into ten or fifteen, by which time people could get bored of trying to do the right thing.

So, with this in mind, here are a few light-hearted tips to help people spot whether the site theyre using is authorized by the movie industry or a product of a swashbuckling mind.

Does the site want your name, address and life history?

If the site youre accessing looks really polished, has a positive Wikipedia page, but wont give you anything more than a trailer without handing over your full identity and credit card details, this is probably a legal platform.

Since they have to license movies from Hollywood and other filmmakers, sites like these cost a lot of money to run. As a result, they want your money to pay the bills and they like to make sure you can pay up front.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. No money, no access capiche?

Does the site look polished but doesnt ask for a dime?

If the site youre looking at seems like the one mentioned above but doesnt seem to care who you are, this is starting to look...


Death Notice: Moore's Law. 19 April 1965 2 January 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Submitted via IRC for AndyTheAbsurd

Hammered by the finance of physics and the weaponisation of optimisation, Moore's Law has hit the wall, bounced off - and reversed direction. We're driving backwards now: all things IT will become slower, harder and more expensive.

That doesn't mean there won't some rare wins - GPUs and other dedicated hardware have a bit more life left in them. But for the mainstay of IT, general purpose computing, last month may be as good as it ever gets.

Going forward, the game changes from "cheaper and faster" to "sleeker and wiser". Software optimisations - despite their Spectre-like risks - will take the lead over the next decades, as Moore's Law fades into a dimly remembered age when the cornucopia of process engineering gave us everything we ever wanted.

From here on in, we're going to have to work for it.

It's well past the time that we move from improving performance by increasing clock speeds and transistor counts; it's been time to move on to increasing performance wherever possible by writing better parallel processing code.


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Iran-linked APT OilRig target IIS Web Servers with new RGDoor Backdoor "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Iran-linked cyber-espionage group tracked as OilRig started using a backdoor subbed RGDoor to target Internet Information Services (IIS) Web servers.

The Iran-linked cyber-espionage group tracked as OilRig started using a backdoor subbed RGDoor to target Internet Information Services (IIS) Web servers.

The OilRig hacker group is an Iran-linked APT that has been around since at least 2015, when targeted mainly organizations in the financial and government sectors, in the United States and Middle Eastern countries.

The hackers used the RGDoor backdoor to target Middle Eastern government organizations and financial and educational institutions.

According to the researchers, RGDoor is a secondary backdoor that allows the hackers to regain access to a compromised Web server when primary TwoFace webshell is discovered and removed.

OilRig hackers are using the TwoFace webshell since at least June 2016, the backdoor

Unlike TwoFace, the actors did not develop RGDoor in C# to be interacted with at specific URLs hosted by the targeted IIS web server. Instead, the developer created RGDoor using C++, which results in a compiled dynamic link library (DLL). states the analysis from PaloAlto Networks.

The DLL has an exported function named RegisterModule, which is important as it led us to believe that this DLL was used as a custom native-code HTTP module that the threat actor would load into IIS. 

The attackers exploited the IIS 7 functionality that allows developers to create modules in C++ to extend IIS capabilities, in this way they could carry out custom actions on requests

The native-code modules can be installed either in the IIS Manager GUI or via the command-line using the appcmd application, Palo Alto has explains.



Naked mole rats defy the biological law of aging "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The first study to analyze the life histories of thousands of naked mole rats has found that their risk of death doesnt go up as they grow older, as it does for every other known mammalian species. Although some scientists caution against any sweeping conclusions, many say the new data are important and striking.

New study suggests that death rates dont rise with age, as they do for most animals.


$400+ Million Stolen From Coincheck Cryptocurrency Exchange "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

There's a new contender for the largest theft of cryptocurrency ever:

A Japanese cryptocurrency exchange announced the theft Friday of $400 million in digital currency. Some estimates put the loss at the Coincheck exchange at over $520 million.

The stolen assets were stored in the cryptocurrency NEM, one of hundreds of digital currencies created in recent years. Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency, dropped precipitously on news of the hack but has since regained much of its value.

The incident could be one of the largest single losses of cryptocurrency ever, rivaling only the 2014 hack of online exchange Mt. Gox. Reports at the time put Mt. Gox's losses at over $400 million.

Coincheck says 500 million digital coins were lost. According to Cointelgraph, hackers stole the private key protecting access to Coincheck's accounts.

Does it matter that it was a $400 million theft if the value is going to collapse anyway?

Meanwhile, a stock trading app called Robinhood plans to allow users to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum without any transaction fees.

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Optical Tach Addresses the Need for Spindle Speed Control "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

With CNC machines, getting the best results depends on knowing how fast your tool is moving relative to the workpiece. But entry-level CNC routers dont often include a spindle tachometer, forcing the operator to basically guess at the speed. This DIY optical spindle tach aims to fix that, and has a few nice construction tips to boot.

The CNC router in question is the popular Sienci, and the 3D-printed brackets for the photodiode and LED are somewhat specific for that machine. But [tmbarbour] has included STL files in his exhaustively detailed write-up, so modifying them to fit another machine should be easy. The sensor hangs down just far enough to watch a reflector on one of the flats of the collet nut; wed worry about the reflector surviving tool changes, but its just a piece of shiny tape thats easily replaced.  The sensor feeds into a DIO pin on a Nano, and a small OLED display shows a digital readout along with an analog gauge. The display update speed is decent not too laggy. Impressive build overall, and we like the idea of using a piece of PLA filament as a rivet to hold the diodes into the sensor arm.

Want to measure machine speed but dont have a 3D printer? No worries ...


The Patent Microcosm Maintains the Illusion That Relative US Demise (e.g. in Innovation) is Due to Patent Reform "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

China had been rising for quite some time, long before it embraced patent maximalism

A Chinese man in Singapore

Summary: With the emergence of high-tech in Korea, China and Singapore (among other Asian states) its simply unreasonable to blame US demise on patent reform; yet this is exactly what the patent maximalists are dishonestly doing this month

THERE is a strand of articles about number of patents, number of scientific papers and general indices that claim to have accurately ranked countries based on innovation, science and technology etc. In pretty much all of them the major takeaway is that the US is down and China is up. That in itself makes a good (selling lots of ads through hits) headline.

We mentioned this last week because the patent microcosm is exploiting such reports to its own advantage; the patent extremists want policymakers to think that all this is attributable to changes in patent policy. That is of course nonsense, but it carries on unabated. Ive already challenged or personally confronted such claims, but patent extremists still see this is a lobbying opportunity. They want politicians to believe that making trolls great again will magically restore US leadership.

But they have an agenda to sell. Theyre therefore interjecting their own cause-and-effect or false correlations into figures.Perhaps a little belatedly, Watchtroll continues its ritualistic attacks on patent reform. It now piggybacks the above delusion, claiming that all US problems are due to or reducible to patent policy. Its amplified by other patent extremists, who love using China! as their excuse for anything bad and somehow believe that all the US has to offer is a pile of patents.

Thankfully, the CCIAs Josh Landau already wrote a quick rebuttal to that. To quote:

During 2017 we saw the 5 year anniversary of the America Invents Act and 7 years of post-Bilski jurisprudence (including Mayo, Myriad, and Alice). And there are also reports that innovation in the U.S. is falling. That makes it a good time to look at the real world impacts of these cha...


On Patent Trolls or Bullies Such as the CAO Group and WiLAN "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

CAO Group

Summary: CAO Group starts nuisance litigation against BIOLASE and WiLAN, which is the most famous Canadian patent troll, is looking for more victims to extract protection money from

The USPTO grants many patents, probably far too many in fact (well write more about that later). It leaves a lot more companies vulnerable to nuisance litigation, often without any merit.

In a defensive press release a few days ago, BIOLASE complained about patent bullying, alleging that the latest attempt by CAO Group, Inc. to use patent litigation is Frivolous and Abusive (those two words were used in the headline). From the opening paragraph:

BIOLASE, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOL), the worlds leading dental laser company, today released the following statement in response to the latest attempt by CAO Group, Inc. to use patent litigation to try to improve its competitive position in the marketplace.

Without knowing the pertinent details of the underlying patents it is hard to judge the merit of the lawsuit, but what CAO Group hopes to accomplish is removal of products/services from the market (or passage of bucket-loads of money). Who would be served by that other than lawyers?

Speaking of lawyers, WiLAN (sometimes known as Wi-LAN) is effectively a patent troll. Its just a litigation firm. Patent Troll Tracker wrote about these people moving to Texas more than a decade ago and they sued a lot in the following few years under Chief Executive Jim Skippen (he is just a lawyer who had worked for other patent trolls and he still there, based on Wikipedia, in the same position)....


Attackers behind Cloudflare_solutions Keylogger are back, 2000 WordPress sites already infected "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

More than 2,000 WordPress sites have been infected with a malicious script that can deliver both a keylogger and the cryptocurrency miner CoinHive.

More than 2,000 sites running the WordPress CMS have been infected with a malicious script that can deliver both a keylogger and the in-browser cryptocurrency miner CoinHive.

This new hacking campaign was spotted by experts from the security firm Sucuri, the experts believe the attackers are the same that launched a campaign that infected 5,500 WordPress sites in December.

In both campaigns, the threat actors used a keylogger dubbed cloudflare[.]solutions, but be careful, there is no link to security firm Cloudflare.

After the discovery in December of campaign, the cloudflare[.]solutions domain was taken down, but this new discovery confirms that threat actors are still active and are using a new set of recently registers domains to host the malicious scripts that are injected into WordPress sites.

By querying the search engine PublicWWW,  researchers discovered that the number of infected sites includes 129 from the domain cdns[.]ws and 103 websites for cdjs[.]online.

A few days after our keylogger post was released on Dec 8th, 2017, the Cloudflare[.]solutions domain was taken down. This was not the end of the malware campaign, however; attackers immediately registered a number of new domains including cdjs[.]online on Dec 8th, cdns[.]ws on Dec 9th, and msdns[.]online on Dec 16th. reads the analysis published by Sucuri.

PublicWWW has already identified relatively few infected sites: 129 websites for cdns[.]ws and 103 websites for cdjs[.]online, but its likely that the majority of the websites have not been indexed yet. Since mid-December, msdns[.]online has infected over a thousand websites, though the majority are reinfections from sites that have already been compromised.

Most of the infected domains are tied to msdns[.]online, with over a thousand reported infections. In many cases, threat actors re-infected WordPress sites compromised in the previous campaign.



An Uphill Battle for Software Patents in the United States, Except When Catchphrases and Buzzwords Are Used "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

20 Buzzwords you have to know in Artificial Intelligence
Reference: 20 Buzzwords you have to know in Artificial Intelligence

Summary: Barring or excepting misuse of buzzwords such as Artificial Intelligence, software patents have become incredibly hard to assert in the United States, albeit theyre possible to sneak past examiners and then license without any legal challenge

THIS summer, i.e. several months from now, Alice will turn four. The USPTO is still granting some software patents (that ought to have stopped), but the courts as well as PTAB barely tolerate any of that.

The USPTO is still granting some software patents (that ought to have stopped), but the courts as well as PTAB barely tolerate any of that.Watchtroll is still overtly promoting software patents, even in a so-called webiner. Its like a front group. But worry not, theyre not getting their way.

One way remains to get software patents past examiners and sometimes judges too. It boils down to semantics; they just try to make software patents sound like something theyre not. They use all sorts of catchphrases and buzzwords many of which we have named here before. That includes, more recently, artificial intelligence (AI).

They use all sorts of catchphrases and buzzwords many of which we have named here before. That includes, more recently, artificial intelligence (AI).It has been particularly hard to overlook or ignore the AI buzzword (and media hype) this month. Everywhere one looks in the news not just science news its AI, AI, AI its not even a new concept.

Wayne Ramsay, Chief Strategy Officer at Exigent, wrote about AI some days ago in relation to law firms. Its time for law firms which neither understand AI nor care about AI to just say AI all the time:



Discovery Offers New Genetic Pathway For Injured Nerve Regeneration "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

On the hunt for genes involved in regenerating critical nerve fibers called axons, biologists at the University of California San Diego came away with a surprise: The discovery of a new genetic pathway that carries hope for victims of traumatic injuries -- from stroke to spinal cord damage.

UC San Diego Biological Sciences Assistant Project Scientist Kyung Won Kim, Professor Yishi Jin and their colleagues conducted a large-scale genetic screening in the roundworm C. elegans seeking ultimately to understand genetic influences that might limit nerve regrowth in humans. Unexpectedly, the researchers found the PIWI-interacting small RNA (piRNA) pathway -- long believed to be restricted to function in the germline -- plays an active role in neuron damage regeneration.

The discovery is published online Jan. 25, 2018 in the journal Neuron.

"This came as a total surprise," said Jin, Chair of the Section of Neurobiology, Division of Biological Sciences, and a member of the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine in UC San Diego's School of Medicine. "piRNA wasn't anywhere on our radar, but now we are convinced that it is a new pathway that functions in neurons and, with some work, could offer therapeutic targets for helping neurons do better against injury."

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Tesla built its largest Supercharger station in Chinafor the third time "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Chinas charging stations will likely be the template for the world.


Hackers are making U.S. ATMs spit out cash like slot machines, report warns "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Hackers in other countries have hit dozens of ATMs in one case making off with $13 million in cash in three hours.


Tesla Powerwalls will power 50 homes in a community, its like putting around $50,000 in your pocket, says contractor "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Home builders are starting to see the advantage of incorporating solar and energy storage products directly as part of their offerings. One home builder in Australia decided to make solar arrays and Tesla Powerwalls standard in 50 knockdown rebuild homes and claims that its like putting around $50,000 in your pocket. Earlier this week, we reported on how Teslas giant Powerpack system in Australia made around $1 million in just a few days through the countrys wholesale electricity market. Homeowners can do the same on a smaller scale if they have a home solar array and a Powerwall, Te


Alexa Controls This Projector Thanks to ESP8266 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

[jfessard] doesnt have extra-sensory perception, but does have an ESP8266. The little board seems to pop up in every hack these days. Inspired by not wanting to get up from the bean-bag chair or leave the electronics-housing cabinet wide open to use an HDMI switcher, [jfessard] hacked together an Alexa-compatible projector control via the ESP8266!

The core functionality here is the ability to turn the projector on and off, and to switch the HDMI source. [jfessard] connected the Panasonic PT-AE3000U projector to a Monoprice HDX-401TA 41 HDMI switcher. Tucked away in the cabinet below the projector, it is controlled using a IR LED transmitter breakout board sitting at the end of a fairly long set of jumper wire. The projector control itself is through a RS232 interface.

To make this easy to use with Amazons Alexa, [jfessard] turned to some libraries for the ESP8266 D1 Mini. The fauxmoesp library makes it look like a WeMo device, and the IRemoteESP8266 library made remote control code cloning a sna...


The European Commission and the Failure to Stop the FRAND/SEP Lobby "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Bristows and IAM: working together to help patent trolls in Europe

Bristows and IAM

Summary: The European Commission rather than show strength in the face of patent parasites shows considerable weakness by allowing controversial mergers/takeovers and issuing token fines

THE European Commission has succumbed and surrendered to pressure fom Microsoft front groups again. As this article put it the other day, obligatory patents one cant work around are becoming more institutionalised:

In November The European Commission issued a communication setting out its vision on standard essential patents (SEPs) and outlining its expectations from stakeholders involved in the declaration, exploitation and enforcement of SEPs. Stakeholders include SEP holders, SEP implementers, standard developing organisations (SDOs) and national courts of the member states.

The communication draws on a number of points arising from various judicial decisions, such as the U.K. courts decision in Unwired Planet v. Huawei on what constitutes fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) licensing terms and the Court of Justice of the European Unions (CJEU) decision in Huawei v. ZTE. The communication also provides principles of general applicability and sets out specific recommendations and guidance.

This also indirectly relates to companies such as Qualcomm, which was brought up the other day in the context of its battles with Apple:

The high-stakes FRAND licensing dispute between Apple and Qualcomm took another turn last week when the chipmaker filed a subpoena against Philips Electronics North America demanding that the Dutch company produce information on its licensing practices deemed relevant to the litigation that is currently gripping the patent world.

According to the subpoena, w...


Download URLs for two packages of the phpBB forum software were compromised "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Hacker compromised the download URLs of the popular phpBB forum software, for around three hours they were delivering infected versions of legitimate files.

The popular phpBB free and open source forum software has been compromised by an unknown hacker. According to a security advisory released by the phpBB maintainers, the attacker has compromised download URLs for two phpBB packages.

The downloads URLs compromised were related to the phpBB 3.2.2 full package and the phpBB 3.2.1 -> 3.2.2 automatic updater.

Earlier today, we identified that the download URLs for two phpBB packages available on were redirecting to a server that did not belong to us. We immediately took down the links and launched an investigation. reads the announcement published by the development team.

The point of entry was a third-party site. Neither nor the phpBB software were exploited in this attack.
If you downloaded either the 3.2.2 full package or the 3.2.1 -> 3.2.2 automatic updater package between the hours of 12:02 PM UTC and 15:03 PM UTC on January 26th, you received an archive modified with a malicious payload. 

The compromised download links were online for around three hours, between 12:02 PM UTC and 15:03 PM UTC on January 26, those who used them received a malware.

Users who downloaded phpBB 3.2.2 packages on January 26 must verify the SHA256 file hash of the file they downloaded with the one reported on the phpBB official downloads page.

phpBB forum software



With the Heritage Foundation Getting Involved and Andrei Iancu Potentially Appointed on Monday, the Road Ahead Looks Troubling for Patents "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


Summary: Signs that the patent microcosm and right-wing oligarchs can made headway with withdrawal of patent reforms in the United States

Trump antitrust team sets sights on standard setting organisations as #IP policy continues marked shift from Obama White House, IAM wrote the other day, adding that guiding Trump policy principle of doing the exact opposite of the Obama admin is having its effect on #IP (they mean patents).

Given the notorious GOP tax scam (passed at 2 AM on a weekend), anything is possible with Trump.So IAM sees this President as an opportunity for withdrawal of progress a regression that can help patent aggressors and trolls? In an event of Conservative lobby groups (like those who have produced papers advocating software patents and trolls), IAM has claimed, they try to call the shots on patent policy in the US:

In a series of comments at an antitrust event held by the Heritage Foundation earlier this week in Washington DC, Andrew Finch, principal deputy assistant attorney general for antitrust at the DOJ, revealed that the division is investigating whether SSOs balance the interests of both patent owners and the users of IP.

Later on IAM wrote about Iancu, the patent maximalist who might become USPTO Director quite soon (there is still time to stop this). Looks like Senate vote on Andrei Iancu for @uspto director may happen Monday (see p.9 of link), IAM wrote, later adding: Theres no guarantee a vote will happen Monday one Hill observer says it means it could happen but does mean confirmation is inching close

They call these reform or boxes, but its just an excuse to cut tax for the super...


Boris Johnson "is Descendant" of Mummified Basel Woman "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

BBC News writes:

Scientists in the Swiss city of Basel have solved a decades-old mystery over the identity of a mummified woman.

Their research revealed a surprise: the woman is the great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother of UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

The body was uncovered in 1975 while renovations were being done on Basel's Barfsser Church.

[...] There was no gravestone to indicate her identity, but initial testing of her wooden coffin suggested it dated from the 16th Century.

Another clue: her body was riddled with mercury - a standard treatment for syphilis from the late 15th to the 19th Century. Highly toxic mercury treatment was more often a kill than a cure and it was this that preserved her body.

The story continues to explain how scientists using historical records and DNA testing have managed to ascertain (with 99.8% probability) that the mummy was "none other than Anna Catharina Bischoff. Born in Basel in 1719, she died there in 1787." The Bischoffs are a well-established and prominent family in the Basel region.

Original Submission

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A Talking Clock For The 21st Century "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Talking Clock service is disappearing, and its quite possible that few of you will be aware of its passing. One of the staples of twentieth-century technology, the Talking Clock service was the only universally consumer-available source of accurate time information away from hourly radio time signals in the days before cheap radio-controlled clocks, or GPS. Youd dial (on a real dial, naturally!) a telephone number, to be greeted with a recorded voice telling you what the time would be at the following beep. Clocks were set, phone companies made a packet, and everybody was happy with their high-tech audio horology.

[Nick Sayer] used the USNO Master Clock telephone feed to see in the New Year, but had to make do with a voice from another time zone. It seems that there are no services remaining that provide one in Pacific time. His solution to the problem for a future year? Make his own Talking Clock, one that derives its time reference from GPS.

At its heart is a SkyTraq Venus838LPx miniature GPS module coupled to an ATMega32E5 microcontroller. The speech comes in the form of pre-recorded samples stored on an SD card. There is a small on-board amplifier to drive a single speaker. For extreme authenticity perhaps it could be attached to a GSM mobile phone module to provide a dial-up service, but hes got everything he needs for a New Years Eve.

Want to hear what that that bit of nostalgia sounded like? Check out the quick clip below. As for modern replacements, weve had at least one talking clock here in the past, but not one using GPS.

GPS satellite image: NASA [Public domain].


How to Get Evangelicals to Care About Climate Change - Facts So Romantic "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its not that evangelicals dont care about the environment. Its that they care about people more.Wikicommons

Last year was among the three warmest years ever recorded, 1.51 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th century average, scientists from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently reported. The two years prior were warmer (2016 the warmest), but they had a boost from El Nino2017 didnt. The six warmest years on record for the planet have all occurred since 2010, the NOAA states on its website.

Among those who accept that the cause of this is climate change, and that human actions play a major role, such reports tend to lead to finger pointing at climate change deniers and skeptics, who are seen as obstacles to progress on important policy decisions for improving the climate. Such finger pointing is sometimes directed at religious people, especially evangelical Christians who, either because of their theology or political conservatism, are taken to make up much of these deniers and skeptics.

But after five years of surveying, interviewing, and analyzing data on what religious people think about science, we have come to understand that evangelicals views about climate change, and the environment more broadly, are
Read More


Rupert Murdoch Begs Facebook to Just Give Him Money "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

There's no denying that Rupert Murdoch built up quite a media empire over the decades -- but that was almost all entirely focused on newspaper and pay TV. While he's spent the past few decades trying to do stuff on the internet, he has an impressively long list of failures over the years. There are many stories of him buying internet properties (Delphi, MySpace, Photobucket) or starting them himself (iGuide, Fox Interactive, The Daily) and driving them into the ground (or just flopping right out of the gate). While his willingness to embrace the internet early and to try things is to be commended, his regular failures to make his internet ventures successful has pretty clearly soured him on the internet entirely over the years.

Indeed, over the past few years, Murdoch or Murdoch surrogates (frequently News Corp's CEO Robert Thomson) have bashed the internet at every opportunity, no matter how ridiculous. Almost all of these complaints can be summed up simply: big internet companies are making money and News Corp. isn't -- and therefore the problem is with those other companies which should be forced to give News Corp. money.

[...] Rupert is thinking along similar lines, and earlier this week released a bizarre and silly statement saying Facebook should start paying news sites "carriage fees" a la cable companies:

The time has come to consider a different route. If Facebook wants to recognize 'trusted' publishers then it should pay those publishers a carriage fee similar to the model adopted by cable companies. The publishers are obviously enhancing the value and integrity of Facebook through their news and content but are not being adequately rewarded for those services. Carriage payments would have a minor impact on Facebook's profits but a major impact on the prospects for publishers and journalists.



Plug Wars: The Battle for Electric Car Supremacy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Reuters: German carmakers hope a network of high-power charging stations they are rolling out with Ford will set an industry standard for plugs and protocols that will give them an edge over electric car rivals. At the moment, Tesla and carmakers in Japan and Germany use different plugs and communication protocols to link batteries []


Phishing Scam: Hackers Steal $900,000 from County Office "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

Another day, another phishing scam This time Harris County, Texas

This is a post from Read the original post: Phishing Scam: Hackers Steal $900,000 from County Office


Apple Expands Self-Driving Fleet From 3 to 27 Cars "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Apple has an order of magnitude more cars in its self-driving fleet:

Apple has expanded its fleet of self-driving cars in California, registering an additional two dozen vehicles with the state's Department of Motor Vehicles. It's a significant expansion for a company that has been seen as lagging in the race to build self-driving cars.

Apple originally registered three Lexus Rx450h SUVs under its permit to test autonomous vehicles in April 2017. Since then, it has acquired an additional 24 Lexus SUVs, according to the DMV: two in July, seven in October, two in November, six in December, and seven in January. The news was first reported by Bloomberg.

Apple has scaled back its self-driving car plans from creating a vehicle to creating software for them.

Original Submission

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Make Your Own Current Clamp Probe "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If you want to measure AC or DC current with an oscilloscope, a current clamp is a great way to do it. The clamp surrounds the wire, so you dont need to break the connection to take your measurements. These used to be expensive, although weve seen some under $100, if you shop. We dont know if it was cost or principle that motivated [Electronoobs] to build his own current clamp, but he did.

This probe design is little more than a 3D printed case, an old power supply toroid, and a conventional alligator clamp to make the business end. The sensor uses a ferrite core and a hall effect sensor. The ferrite toroid is split in half, one half in each side of the clamp. An opamp circuit provides a gain of 100 to boost the hall effect sensors output.

In addition to building a homebrew probe, the video also shows a teardown of a Hantek current probe and explains the theory behind the different kinds of current probes, including some tricks like using a compensation winding to prevent core magnetization.

Does it work? You bet. After calibration, it did just fine. Its not as pretty as a $100 unit, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we are suckers for homebrew gear so we will say it is certainly more interesting. If you have a fair junk box (and a 3D printer), this probe could be made very inexpensively. The hall effect and a BNC connector are likely to be the most expensive parts. Even if you bought everything and used a non-printed case, we would be hard-pressed to think youd spend more than $25.

If you want to see how the big boys do it, Keysight had a good break down last year. Weve seen other homebrew builds for current probes and some of them are very accurate.


Why does Browserling's comic have 10 different formats? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Browserling's comic is getting millions of views. How did I make it so popular?

Quick answer: Smart image search SEO.

Long answer: Some people search for JPEGs only, some people search for GIFs only, some people search for ICOs only, some people search for Webps only, some people search for PDFs, some search for Word Documents, etc. I'm in all the search results. I made 10+ different formats for every comic.

Every comic is available as: PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, ICO, WebP, TIFF, PDF, PS, RTF, CHM, and XLS.

Here's how it looks in Google search results:

Browserling's comic is available in all formats that can be searched.

Get your SEO right, get all that traffic, outsmart your competitors, and succeed. See you next time!

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Saturday, 27 January


US Immigration Agency Granted Access to a Nationwide License Plate Recognition Database "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has officially gained agency-wide access to a nationwide license plate recognition database, according to a contract finalized earlier this month. The system gives the agency access to billions of license plate records and new powers of real-time location tracking, raising significant concerns from civil libertarians.

For civil liberties groups, the implications go far beyond immigration. "There are people circulating in our society who are undocumented," says senior policy analyst Jay Stanley, who studies license plate readers with the ACLU. "Are we as a society, out of our desire to find those people, willing to let our government create an infrastructure that will track all of us?"

Meanwhile, countermeasures are already deployed, and obfuscated:

Known as "Bienvenidos," the Spanish word for "Welcome," the app purports to help navigate the treacherous U.S.-Mexico border by alerting users to a range of obstacles and threats.

The anonymous creators of Bienvenidos attempted to pitch their app this month to numerous media outlets before suddenly reversing their announcement. A YouTube video explaining the technology was inexplicably deleted while the Bienvenidos website became password-protected.

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Twitter: Russian bots retweeted Trump nearly 500,000 times in last months of election "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Russian bots on Twitter retweeted President Trump hundreds of thousands of times during the last months of his presidential campaign, Twitter told Congress.The company revealed to lawmakers on Thursday that the Russian-linked accounts had retweeted...


Tor Exit Node Operator Denies Piracy Allegations and Hits Back "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The copyright holders of Dallas Buyers Club have sued thousands of BitTorrent users over the past few years.

The film company first obtains the identity of the Internet account holder believed to have pirated the movie, after which most cases are settled behind closed doors.

It doesnt always go this easily though. A lawsuit in an Oregon federal court has been ongoing for nearly three years but in this case the defendant was running a Tor exit node, which complicates matters.

Tor is an anonymity tool and operating a relay or exit point basically means that the traffic of hundreds or thousands of users hit the Internet from your IP-address. When pirates use Tor, it will then appear as if the traffic comes from this connection.

The defendant in this lawsuit, John Huszar, has repeatedly denied that he personally downloaded a pirated copy of the film. However, he is now facing substantial damages because he failed to respond to a request for admissions, which stated that he distributed the film.

Not responding to such an admission means that the court can assume the statement is true.

An admission, even an admission deemed admitted because of a failure to respond, is binding on the party at trial, Dallas Buyers Club noted in a recent filing, demanding a summary judgment.

The unanswered admissions

Huszar was represented by various attorneys over the course of the lawsuit, but when the admissions were deemed admitted he was unrepresented and in poor health.

According to his lawyer, Ballas Buyers Club is using this to obtain a ruling in its favor. The film company argues that the Tor exit node operator admitted willful infringement, which could cost him up to $150,000 in damages.

The admissions present a serious problem. However, even if theyre taken as truth, they are not solid proof, according to the defense. For example, the portion of the film could have just been a trailer.

In addition, the defense responds with several damaging accusations of its own.

According to Huszars lawyer, it is unclear whether Dallas Buyers Club LLC has the proper copyrights to sue his client. In previous court cases in Australia and Texas, this ownership was put in doubt.

In the case at bar, because of facts established in other courts, there is a genuine issue as to whether or not DBC owns the right to sue for copyright infringement, the...


IoT Doorman: Eye-Controlled Door for a Girl with Cerebral Palsy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Kyleigh has an eye-controlled computer on her wheelchair but something as simple as her bedroom door was still beyond her reach until now! [Bill Binko], recently filmed a demo of an automatic, IoT door opener built for the young girl with cerebral palsy. [Bill] is a co-founder of ATMakers, an organization that enables makers interested in assistive technologies to collaborate with users to improve quality of life.

Using her eye tracking tablet (PRC Device), Kyleigh has two new icons that make the relevant call to a website, pushing a simple command to either open or close her bedroom door. The device attached to the door uses an Adafruit M0 WiFi Feather board, a DC stepper motor and wheel, a UBEC buck converter, and a potentiometer.

Since other family members are also going to be opening and closing the door, theres potentiometer which measures the door position for proper operation next time Kyleigh wishes to use the door. The installation also maintains a fairly inconspicuous profile for the assistance it gives the brain is enclosed in a small box on the door, with the motor only slightly larger on the doors base.

[Bill] believes the project has a few quibbles and wants to work out a smaller wait before the open/close process is executed and optimizing the open/close speed. You have to check out the video below to see that it works really really. Were also excited to see Kyleigh using her gaze control to talk to an Amazon Echo. [Bill] foresee a door control improvement that links it to Alexa. And how much did it cost to improve the quality of life for this young girl? $70.

We love seeing makers help people, and cannot wait to see what 2018 will bring! If youre looking for more inspiration, dont miss the eye-controlled wheelchair project called Eyedrivomatic which won the 2015 Hackaday Prize. Theres also the top Assistive Technology projects from the Hackaday Prize.

[Thanks for the tip, jme!]


Quick Links "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Various things that may be of interest, ordered from abstract math to concrete physics:

  • Jacob Lurie is teaching a course this semester on Categorical Logic. Way back when I was a student at Harvard this is the kind of thing I would have found very exciting, much less convinced of that now.
  • Talks from a workshop earlier this month on representation theory are available here.
  • The Harvard Gazette has an article about a project to develop a pictorial mathematical language first proposed by Arthur Jaffe. The project has a website here. It is being funded by an offshoot of the Templeton Foundation I didnt know about, the Templeton Religion Trust, with one of their grants, TRT0080: Concerning the Mathematical Nature of the Universe, described as exploring whether or not the universe admits of a consistent description, or more generally, whether our universe [can] be described by mathematics?. Theyre advertising a postdoc position here.
  • Adam Marsh has a wonderful book on Mathematics for Physics, especially from the geometrical point of view, with lots of detailed illustrations. Its available from World Scientific here, or as a website here (there are also articles on the arXiv, here and here).
  • Theres a new Leinweber Center for Theoretical Physics at the University of Michigan, funded by an $8 million grant from the Leinweber Foundation. Inaugural talk was Arkani-Hamed on The Future of Fundamental Physics.
  • Each year recently there has been a Physics of the Universe Summit, described by some as involving one of those glitterati Hollywood banquets. Some years ago, the glitterati evidently were interested in particle physics, recently instead it is quantum computing and AI (see...


GNU Binutils 2.30 Released "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Released this weekend is Binutils 2.30 as the latest collection of these GNU utilities important to the open-source ecosystem...


California Bill Proposes up to 6 Months Imprisonment for Unsolicited Plastic Straws "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Existing law requires, except as otherwise provided, a person who violates any provision of the code to be guilty of a misdemeanor with each offense punishable by a fine of not less than $25 or more than $1,000, or by imprisonment in the county jail for a term not exceeding 6 months, or by both.

This bill would prohibit a food facility, as specified, where food may be consumed on the premises from providing single-use plastic straws to consumers unless requested by the consumer. By creating a new crime and imposing additional enforcement duties on local health agencies, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program.

Original Submission

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Hackers are using YouTube Ads to Mine Monero Cryptocurrency "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

By Waqas

Did you visit YouTube from January 18th to January 26th? There is

This is a post from Read the original post: Hackers are using YouTube Ads to Mine Monero Cryptocurrency


First Jackpotting Attacks Hit U.S. ATMs "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

ATM jackpotting a sophisticated crime in which thieves install malicious software and/or hardware at ATMs that forces the machines to spit out huge volumes of cash on demand has long been a threat for banks in Europe and Asia, yet these attacks somehow have eluded U.S. ATM operators. But all that changed this week after the U.S. Secret Service quietly began warning financial institutions that jackpotting attacks have now been spotted targeting cash machines here in the United States.

To carry out a jackpotting attack, thieves first must gain physical access to the cash machine. From there they can use malware or specialized electronics often a combination of both to control the operations of the ATM.

A keyboard attached to the ATM port. Image: FireEye

On Jan. 21, 2018, KrebsOnSecurity began hearing rumblings about jackpotting attacks, also known as logical attacks, hitting U.S. ATM operators. I quickly reached out to ATM giant NCR Corp. to see if theyd heard anything. NCR said at the time it had received unconfirmed reports, but nothing solid yet.

On Jan. 26, NCR sent an advisory to its customers saying it had received reports from the Secret Service and other sources about jackpotting attacks against ATMs in the United States.

While at present these appear focused on non-NCR ATMs, logical attacks are an industry-wide issue, the NCR alert reads. This represents the first confirmed cases of losses due to logical attacks in the US. This should be treated as a call to action to take appropriate steps to protect their ATMs against these forms of attack and mitigate any consequences.

The NCR memo does not mention the type of jackpotting malware used against U.S. ATMs. But a source close to the matter said the Secret Service is warning that organized criminal gangs have been attacking stand-alone ATMs in the United States using Ploutus.D, an advanced strain of jackpotting malware first spotted in 2013.

According to that source who asked to remain anonymous because he was not authorized to speak on the record the Secret Service has received credible information that crooks are activating so-called cash out crews to attack front-loading ATMs manufactured by ATM vendor Diebold Nixdorf.

The source said the Secret Service is warning that thieves appear to be targeting...


How to install KVM on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7 Headless Server "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

How do I install and configure KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) on a CentOS 7 or RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) 7 server? How can I setup KMV on a CentOS 7 and use cloud images/cloud-init for installing guest VM?

The post How to install KVM on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7 Headless Server appeared first on nixCraft.


3D Print the Blasphemous Helicopter Part Known as a Jesus Nut "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Today, when we say Jesus nut, were not referring to the people who spend their days proselytizing down at the mall. The term, likely spawned in the Vietnam war, refers to the main nut holding the rotors on to the mast of a helicopter which is in the shape of the Christian cross. If the Jesus nut was to fail, the rotors would detach from the craft, and there would be little for crews to do except to pray.

[Marius] was presented with a failed Jesus nut, though thankfully from an R/C helicopter, meaning there was no loss of life. A friend needed the part replaced for their FQ777 copter, so it was time to bust out the 3D printer and get to work.

The first step was to reconstruct the broken piece so it could be measured and then modeled in CAD software with the help of calipers to determine the original dimensions. What followed will be familiar to many 3D printing enthusiasts a case of educated trial and error, experimenting with different filaments and print settings until a usable part was produced. [Marius] notes on the parts Thingiverse page  that they achieved the best print with an 0.2mm layer height, and printing two parts at once to allow the layers more time to cool during each pass. It was then a simple matter of tidying up the part with sandpaper and a drill bit before installing it on the vehicle.

[Marius] reports that the part was successful, being both strong enough to withstand the forces involved as well as having a fit that was just right to suit the rotor pin which needs to be able to turn freely within the Jesus nut. While theyre not always the right tool for the job, 3D printed replacement parts can sometimes surprise you. These prints that are used in repair work often dont attract the same interest as printing cosplay armor, kinetic art, and low-poly Pokemon. But they quickly prove how transformative having a 3D printer, and the skills to use it, are. Thats why were running the Repairs You Can Print contest take a few minutes to show off the really useful repairs youve pulled off with your 3D printer!


Intel SSD 760p 256GB NVMe SSD For $99 USD On Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

If the extremely fast Intel Optane SSD 900p is out of your budget with its 3D XPoint memory, this week Intel rolled out the SSD 760p series with 64-layer TLC 3D NAND memory. For less than $100 USD you can get the 256GB capacity Intel 760p SSD, which is what we are benchmarking today under Ubuntu Linux.


Implantable Bionic Lens could give you lasting, perfect eyesight "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Imagine being able to see three times better than 20/20 vision without wearing glasses or contacts even at age 100 or more with the help of bionic lenses implanted in your eyes.

Dr. Garth Webb, an optometrist in British Columbia who invented the Ocumetics Bionic Lens, says patients would have perfect vision and that driving glasses, progressive lenses and contact lenses would become a dim memory as the eye-care industry is transformed.


Anna Gutkina, author of "Defusing the Cancer Bomb: How Cancer Saved My Life", joins our Biotech/Medical Board. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Anna Gutkina, author of "Defusing the Cancer Bomb: How Cancer Saved My Life", joins our Biotech/Medical Board.


Cybercriminals are offering for sale infant fullz on the dark web "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Cybercriminals are offering for sale infant fullz on the dark web, this is the first time that unscrupulous sellers offer this kind of merchandise on a black marketplace.

Crooks are offering for sale Social Security numbers of babies on the dark web, the news was reported by the CNN.

The news is disconcerting, this is the first time that unscrupulous sellers offer this kind of merchandise on a black marketplace.

The offer appeared on the Dream Market marketplace, one of the biggest Tor marketplace that has been around since around Nov/Dec 2013.

The seller is offering Social Security numbers of babies along with their dates of birth and mothers maiden names, the Infant fullz goes for $300 worth of bitcoin.

The slang term Fullz refers full packages of individuals identifying information. A Fullz package contains an individuals name, Social Security number, birth date, account numbers and other data.

Infant fullz get em befor tax seson [sic], reads the ad.

Infant Fullz are a precious commodity in the criminal underground they allow crooks to access a clean credit history, they also allow crooks to apply for government benefits or take out mortgages.

The use of children PII is considered secure by cyber criminals because this specific type of identity theft could remain undiscovered for years.

The listing for infant data was discovered by researchers at Terbium Labs, a dark web intelligence firm. The cost and age of the alleged victims came as a surprise to Emily Wilson, the companys director of analysis. states the CNN.

Although the firm has seen child data for sale before, this was the first time it has seen infants data for sale.

Its unusual to have information specifically marked as belonging to children or to infants on these markets, Wilson said.



As National Football League Ratings Fall, Could the "XFL" Make a Return? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The XFL American football league, which played a single season in 2001, could return in 2020:

Television ratings for the N.F.L. have fallen 17 percent over the past two seasons. The league is embroiled in a continuing crisis over concussions, and youth participation rates are falling.

All of this suggests a difficult future for the sport, yet the N.F.L.'s most notorious competitor, Vince McMahon's X.F.L., has a comeback in the works. McMahon, the chairman and chief executive of World Wrestling Entertainment, announced on Thursday that he would take a second crack at professional football, with play scheduled to start in early 2020.

McMahon first tried to reimagine pro football 17 years ago. The old X.F.L. was a joint venture between the World Wrestling Federation (W.W.E.'s former name) and NBC, which had lost rights to broadcast N.F.L. games. Violence was amped up: An opening scramble replaced the coin toss and fair catches were banned. So was the sex appeal, with cheerleaders who were even more scantily clad than the ones in the N.F.L., and advertising that included innuendo about them.

Also at ESPN and USA Today.

Original Submission

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Litigation and Patent Trolls Are Moving to China, Which is Bad for American Litigators But Great for American Technology Firms "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Sun rises from the east

American flag

Summary: The migration of patent trolls and so-called assertion activity (lawsuits/shakedown) to the Far East is a trade-off between a parasitic sector and a producing sector

According to RPX Corp., said United for Patent Reform some days ago, of the 19 patent suits filed yesterday, 15 were filed by patent trolls. Thats 79%.

This isnt so unusual. Sometimes its around 90%. RPX is collapsing and might soon be owned by patent trolls.

Thankfully, however, litigation is down overall. The numbers compiled by Docket Navigator were mentioned the other day in this post which is behind paywall:

Last year, 4,522 patent cases were filed in US district courts, according to a search of the Docket Navigator database conducted by Managing IP on January 7.

This was down 2.7% from 4,650 in 2016, which itself was down

Litigation in the Eastern District of Texas (EDTX) is down very sharply. This in its own right is very good news. The courts there were notoriously trolls- and software patents-friendly.

If that sort of litigation goes to China, should the US worry? Good riddance. It was a yoke on companies that operate in (or are based in) the US.

To better serve its litigation industry and pretend to be richer, China is placing more focus on patents. In fact, quite a few patent bullies go to China (RPX considers that), which has become like a new EDTX (its patent trolls included). IAM, being a proponent of patent trolls, seems to have China envy. Days ago it wrote that China litigation may have helped IP Bridge secure wireless SEP lic...


Back in the kitchen with a Pasta Maker "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

I'm always on the lookout for kitchen gadgets to feature in a video.  This is touted as the number one fresh pasta maker in Italy, although most people there, just like elsewhere, prefer to buy dried pasta.  You can buy a heck of a lot of bags of dried pasta for the price of this machine, so its definitely not a way to save money, it probably makes a better gift than it does an investment. 
Unlike most kitchen gadgets Ive tested, this is one I will be using again. Its surprisingly fun, it works well, there's something special about eating pasta you've just made and the cost of using it is negligible. 
Unfortunately the place I bought mine from (Coolshop) no longer stock  them - but according to the Philips website it is now being sold officially in the U.K. for 170, but I've yet to find anywhere with stock. 
Amazon UK: (Out of stock)
You can download the recipe book here
It's pretty simple to make flavoured pasta - e.g. To make carrot flavoured pasta you replace the water in the mixture with carrot juice...and the same goes for Tomato etc.
i) - The toy I mentioned was not from Playmobil - it was the Playdoh mop top hair shop
ii) I pronounced penne incorrectly a couple of times in this video. Thats how my family always pronounced it - although to be honest I don't think it's a word we said very much. You'll also notice that I also pronounce it correctly once in the video. However this slight difference in pronunciation seems to have upset everyone on the planet with a keyboard - people are rioting in the streets, economies have crashed and countries have declared martial law. I know its difficult, but please try to get past this horrendous and awfully upsetting ev...


Some Google employees say tech giant doing little to address harassment: report "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Some Google employees say that top executives at the company have failed to respond aggressively to complaints about harassment from co-workers and outsiders amid an internal fight over diversity at the tech giant.According to a Wired report,...


How Taking Care of Your Fibroblasts Might Help You Look Younger: an Interview with Dr. Vadim Zorin "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As we age, our bodily functions begin to deteriorate. To some extent, our bodies can cope with these unwelcome changes, but after age 35, some of them become visible. For us living in a world where youth and physical attractiveness are considered an advantage, this gradual loss of young looks can be painful or maybe even scary, if we dont know a way to slow down or reverse it.

It is not that physical attractiveness is a value per se for me, but I often hear people say that someone promoting longevity technologies should set a good example; wrinkles, dull skin and hair, and a bloated figure discredit not only the activist but the movement as a whole.

So, I keep an eye on what is going on in the field of aesthetic medicine especially when it comes close to and crosses with rejuvenation biotechnologies. Last week, I went to one of the flagship research organizations in Moscow the Human Stem Cells Institute to interview Dr. Vadim Zorin, the head of the SPRS-therapy project and the developer of a unique approach to skin rejuvenation.


Re: How to deal with reporters who don't want their bugs fixed? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by Stiepan on Jan 27

I will try responding to both here: well, however flawed it might be and oftentimes is in practice, there is the
universal Hyppocrate's oath in the case of medicine and it sort of works. That is what I meant, using possibly
inadequate words.

If boilerplate agreement sounds better than an universal code of ethics for our profession (and I think this is
attainable, not "universal ethics" taken out of context, making it an...


New renders of Samsungs Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ leaked "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Leaked Images Reportedly Show Samsung Galaxys S9 and S9+

Samsung had recently confirmed that it would be unveiling its most awaited smartphones of 2018, Galaxy S9 and S9+ during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) press event on February 25 in Barcelona, Spain.

While the debut of Samsungs Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ flagships is just less than a month away, new images of these two smartphones have appeared on the Twitter account of Evan Blass at Venturebeat, who is known to be an extremely reliable source when it comes to smartphone leaks and rumors.

The newly leaked images of Galaxy S9 and S9+ show the devices will look similar to Galaxy S8 and S8+. The display size of the Galaxy S9 will be 5.8 inches, and that of Galaxy S9+ will have a 6.2-inch screen. The smartphones are controlled by Super AMOLED Infinity Displays and have a multitude of sensors located in the top bezel.

In the United States and China, the two smartphones will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 system-on-chip, while the rest of the world will get Samsungs own Exynos 9810 processor. The Galaxy S9 is said to come with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, whereas the S9+ will ship with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of inbuilt storage.

As indicated by the teaser image revealed this week that read The Camera. Reimagined, Samsung is placing big emphasis on the cameras. The primary [rear] 12MP camera is said to have a variable aperture that can mechanically adjust and switch between f/2.4 and smallest-in-class f/1.5. Also, the smartphones are rumored to feature motion-detect and support super slow-mo videos in 480fps at 720p. The larger Galaxy S9+ will feature a secondary rear 12MP camera with a standard fixed aperture and using optical image stabilization (OIS) to steady shots, and both phones will have 8MP front-facing cameras.

Additionally, an image of a supposed S9 retail box leaked a little earlier this month says the device will be equipped with Stereo Speakers tuned by AKG. It also appears like the fingerprint sensor will remain along with iris unlocking.

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones are speculated to start shipping and selling through retail channels on March 16. Also, there is no word on pre-order availability yet.

Source: Venturebeat

The post New rend...


GPUVM Discrete GPU Code For AMDKFD, Radeon Compute Could Be Ready For Linux 4.17 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Sent out Friday night were the latest patches for getting the discrete GPU support within the AMDKFD HSA kernel driver up to scratch for allowing the ROCm compute stack working off a mainline kernel...


ICE Is About to Start Tracking License Plates Across the U.S. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: The Verge: The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has officially gained agency-wide access to a nationwide license plate recognition database, according to a contract finalized earlier this month. The system gives the agency access to billions of license plate records and new powers of real-time location tracking, raising significant concerns from civil libertarians. []


Fast food restaurants to use facial recognition to spy on customers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

image credit: BiteKiosk

Imagine in the not too distant future you and your family stop at a Jack In The Box for lunch. Much to your surprise you notice there is no one behind the counter to take your order.

How will they take your order you ask?

Don't worry, Big Brother has you covered.

In the not too distant future, customers will have the pleasure of experiencing corporate spying in a disturbing new way.

Fast food restaurants want customers to use facial recognition kiosks to place their orders.

A company called BiteKiosk (Bite) wants fast food restaurants to use their self-service facial recognition kiosks.

"Bite recognizes each guest, and identifies whether its their 1st or 10th time visiting. Theres no barcode to scan or app to download."

Fast food restaurants claim that they will make more money by replacing staff with self-service facial recognition kiosks.

"As we see the rising costs of labor, it just makes sense" to consider adding new automated technology, CEO Leonard Comma said Tuesday at the ICR Conference.

Are other fast food chains following Jack In The Box's lead?

According to an article in the Business Insider, McDonald's and Wendy's are also considering using self-service kiosks.

Why would customers allow private corporations to use facial recognition?



January 2018 Vahana Project Update "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its a new year and we have exciting updates to share on our progress at Vahana over the past few months. We all knew that designing and building this revolutionary vehicle would take time, ingenuity, and the perfect combination of patience and hustle from all parties involved. In addition to our brilliant team, were lucky to have incredibly reliable partners and the extended Airbus family, which has played a great role in getting Vahana to a crucial project milestone: flight tests.

In less than two years, Vahana has gone from a sketch on a napkin to a full size vehicle about to undertake its first round of flight testing. In the pursuit of vehicle and personal safety, we decided to slightly delay our original goal of having Vahana accomplish its first flight in 2017. By the last quarter of 2017, the team initiated ground testing, which included powering up all motors, and were excited to announce that all ground test points have been completed. Were targeting this quarter (Q1 2018) for Vahana to take to the sky at the UAS flight range in Pendleton, OR.

Were grateful to all our partners for their understanding that the success of our project is tethered to working within unrealistic timescales. Yet amongst all of our goals we are fiercely realistic when it comes to pursuing the developing air vehicles that will be safe, reliable, and certified for human flight. Wed rather experience a minor delay now than unduly compromise our long-term development plan.


Malaysian man gets electrocuted to death while charging mobile phone "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Man electrocuted to death while charging mobile phone

Another disastrous incident involving phone charger has been reported where a Malaysian man is believed to have died of electrocution while charging his mobile phone on Tuesday (Jan 23).

The deceased identified as Rosli Othman, 35, was found dead next to his mobile phone, charger and an extension wire at his friends house in the town of Jasin. His friend alerted police after he discovered what had happened.

The deceased, who was a labourer, was found by his friend at around 11.30pm in an unconscious state alongside his mobile phone, charger and an extension cord, Jasin Police Chief DSP Arshad told Bernama, the countrys local news agency.

Police investigations revealed that the victim did not suffer any other injuries. The case has been classified as sudden death, as the victim did not die out of natural causes.

The deceaseds body has been sent to Jasin Hospital, Melaka for a post mortem. There is no information on which model of phone he was using or what kind of charger he was using.

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Fiat Chrysler Exec Pays off Union top Brass "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Detroit News reports,

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV officials paid more than $1.5 million to United Auto Workers officers and employees to sway union contract negotiations, federal prosecutors said, part of a $4.5 million corruption scandal involving Detroit's No. 3 automaker.

The accusations made Monday in a plea agreement with former FCA labor negotiator Alphons Iacobelli say for the first time in the investigation that executives' actions were intended to corrupt UAW contract negotiations to favor Fiat Chrysler.

The plea deal suggests the corruption was more widespread than previously disclosed. It lasted for years as Fiat Chrysler officials lavished UAW labor leaders with cash payments and luxury items, including airfare, jewelry and secret $50,000 payments.

After a laundry list of other bribes and (of course) a denial by the CEO of FCA, the story continues

Iacobelli sanctioned the use of training center credit cards by UAW leaders for personal expenses in a bid to keep senior labor leaders "fat, dumb and happy," according to a court filing.

Iacobelli is also accused of spending more than $1 million of union funds on luxury items, including his house, pool, outdoor spa and kitchen, a Ferrari and the two limited-edition, gold Montblanc fountain pens.

Has anyone else (besides the Feds) noticed how easy the UAW contract negotiations have been going since the great recession?

Original Submission

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Can We Make A Nuclear Reactor That Wont Melt Down? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Yes we can. NuScale Power is on track to build the first small modular nuclear reactor in America, having their first-ever SMR Design Certification Application accepted for full review by the NRC and now getting approval for their walk-away-safe concept. Their reactor just wont melt down.


Play A Few Games of Smash Brothers On The Go With A Portable Wii "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

While this bears the general appearance of a portable GameCube, its what inside that counts. A heavily modified   Wii motherboard to reduce size forms this portables backbone, and it includes two infrared LEDs on its faceplate for Wii Remotes.  A single player can use the built-in controller, but [jefflongo] has included four GameCube controller ports for maximum multiplayer mayhem. Although hell likely plan on taking advantage of the built-in AV Out port to play on a TV and charge port for those extended gaming sessions, four 3400mAh batteries with an estimated four hour battery life should keep him satisfied on the go until he can recharge.

While th...


Mexican Marines Executed Three U.S. Citizens "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: Newsweek: Three U.S. siblings found dead in Mexico in 2014 were executed by Mexican marines and a border mayors paramilitary security team, the countrys National Human Rights Commission said Thursday. Erica Alvarado Salinas, 26, Alex Alvarado, 22, and Jose Angel Alvarado, 21, all American citizens, disappeared on October 13, 2014, while visiting their father []


System76 Eyeing Disk Encryption By Default "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Ubuntu-focused Linux PC vendor System76 who has also been working on their own Pop!_OS distribution is looking at enabling disk encryption by default...


Wearing a Pretend God Helmet Fooled Spiritual People Into Proclaiming Mystical Experiences "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

They ought to try to convince the test subjects that jet fuel can melt steel. Via: Newsweek: The God helmet is an odd-looking psychology tool that can evoke mystical experiences in wearers akin to religious visionsdespite being nothing more than an elaborate hat. The helmet is purely a placebo and new research shows that self-proclaimed []


Johan Nygren joins our blog team with the post "On the Origin of the Asteroid Belts and the Dwarf Planets: Towards a New Horizon in Astronomy". "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Johan Nygren joins our blog team with "On the Origin of the Asteroid Belts and the Dwarf Planets: Towards a New Horizon in Astronomy".


KWin Developer's Response To The GNOME CSD Initiative "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

KDE KWin window manager / compositor maintainer Martin Flser has penned a brief response to the recent GNOME developer's CSD Initiative in trying to get all applications to pursue client-side decorations and abandon title bars in favor of header bars...


On the Origin of the Asteroid Belts and the Dwarf Planets: Towards a New Horizon in Astronomy "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A few ideas I had, feel free to review and shoot down on them if you think they suck.

Ceres as Jupiters old moon.


A new model for planet formation: Solar ejections "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

A model that ties together disparate ideas in astronomy from the past centuries.

Expansion tectonics and a new model for planet-formation.


KDE-Focused Netrunner Rolling 2018.01 Released "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

For those still in search of a KDE-focused Linux distribution that's rolling-release and desktop-friendly, Netrunner Rolling 2018.01 has been released...


Only 1% of World's Population Grabbed 82% of all 2017 Wealth "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The 1% grabbed 82% of all wealth created in 2017

More than $8 of every $10 of wealth created last year went to the richest 1%.

That's according to a new report from Oxfam International, which estimates that the bottom 50% of the world's population saw no increase in wealth.

Oxfam says the trend shows that the global economy is skewed in favor of the rich, rewarding wealth instead of work.

"The billionaire boom is not a sign of a thriving economy but a symptom of a failing economic system," said Winnie Byanyima, executive director of Oxfam International.

Original Submission

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Another Blow for the Unitary Patent (UPC) as More Delays Are Confirmed, Court Wont Rule on Constitutional Issues Any Time Soon "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Bonus: CIPA is now fully embracing Battistelli, whose abuses are beneficial to Team UPC

UPC boat

Summary: The terrible state of the Unified Patent Court has just gotten even more terrible; The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA), however, continues to tell a lot of lies and even joins hands with Battistelli to tell those lies to politicians

THE EPOs management is desperately looking for allies. Including IP Kat, which it already threatened for daring to publish true information. CIPAs leadership, which took leadership positions at IP Kat last year (relinquished earlier this year), is already posing for photos with Battistelli. CIPA is basically trying to ruin the British industry for the sake of litigation business (to be further boosted by a UPC-like framework). Battistellis EPO has already begun corrupting British academia [1, 2], paying some universities to produce lobbying material with which to lobby the German court. How much more corrupt can the EPO get? Or low will it stoop?

The EPO has already submitted its lies, no doubt bolstered by paid-for academics (willing to sell out for some EPO budget).According to JUVEs editor, the German Constitutional Court expects one more amicus brief. Date to submit it has been extended for German Bundestag to 31st of January, a spokesman confirmed to JUVE

So here we go. Delays again. The EPO has already submitted its lies, no doubt bolstered by paid-for academics (willing to sell out for some EPO budget).

Thomas Adam responded to JUVE. He is a Simmons & Simmons patent litigator from Munich (much to gain financially from UPC litigation). He wrote: No wonder since I am told that Bundestag took the decision to instruct counsel only around 12 December, 2017. Of course, they can now piggy-back on the briefs that...


Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS Delayed Due To Spectre & Meltdown "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS had been scheduled to ship mid-February as the latest point release for this Long Term Support release, but unfortunately that is not going to happen as planned due to the Canonical kernel developers being overloaded by Spectre and Meltdown mitigation work...


Re: How to deal with reporters who don't want their bugs fixed? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Posted by halfdog on Jan 27

Mikhail Utin wrote:

We should not limit our "effective freedom", that is limit the
number of options we could direct our results or activities. As
reality is a strange thing, our "effective freedom" in the long
run can be reduced greatly by using "real freedom" at the beginning.

OS example: take your "real freedom" to strace SUID-binaries and
you lose the "effective freedom", what you could do...


Microbes may help feed astronauts on future deep-space missions "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Food for astronauts during future deep-space missions may be produced from their own waste, a new study suggests.


Disco Bulb Keeps the Party Spinning "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Even if you dont like disco, you might like the slick moves that went into this project. [W&M] built a miniature motorized mirror ball inside of a standard incandescent light bulb, and the results are something to dance about.

Short of blowing a glass bulb, building a motor, and growing the wood, this is about as scratch-built as it gets. Much of the woodworking is done on a metal lathe, and this includes the base of the mirror ball itself. As with all good thing-in-a-bottle builds, the ball is too big to go in the bulb, so [W&M] quartered it, drilled a few holes, and ran a string through the pieces so they can be carefully glued and drawn back together into a sphere. He even cut up mirror tiles and painstakingly applied them with tweezers.

This disco bulb is meant to be hung from the ceiling and wired into mains like a regular mirror ball. [M&W] stuffed the guts from a small USB wall charger into the handmade beech base to provide clean power for both the geared motor that spins the ball and the tiny LED that illuminates it. Slip into your best leisure suit (or sweat suit, we wont judge) and hustle past the break to watch the build video.

We dont see a lot of disco balls around here, but we did see a disco icosahedron once.

Thanks for the tip, [Itay]!


USAF Is Jamming GPS In The Western U.S. For Largest Ever Red Flag Air War Exercise "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: The Drive: The years first iteration of the USAFs premier set of aerial war games, known commonly as Red Flag, is kicking off today at Nellis Air Force Base just outside of Las Vegas, but this exercise will be different than any in the past. Not only is it the largest of its kind []


Patents on Life at the European Patent Office (EPO) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

From archetypal bulbs to genetics?

A bulb

Summary: Under the guise of advancement or digitisation a patent system originally designed to cover physical inventions is now being misused to cover mere thoughts/ideas and naturally-occurring phenomena of nature, but can the EPO resist this trend?

THE EPO (Office) shot down a CRISPR patent exactly 10 days ago. This, by extension, may mean that all CRISPR patents are pass and no such patents will be granted anymore (except if the decision gets overturned by the Boards).

This situation at the EPO is noteworthy; the above patents (collectively, by extrapolation) were rejected by oppositions after an intention to grant. This is the kind of thing we warned about in the previous post. Jade Powell from Marks & Clerk has just alluded to the European Patent Convention (EPC) as follows:

Article 123(2) of the European Patent Convention states that The European patent application or patent may not be amended in such a way that it contains subject-matter which extends beyond the content of the application as filed. Whilst the patent law of most countries contains a similar provision, few patent offices are as strict in their application of it as the European Patent Office.

This is an issue we see crop up time and again for our clients, especially those filing from the US.

Perhaps Powell does not quite know that even the EPO pretty much abandoned the European Patent Convention; Battistelli violates it routinely. There are absolutely no consequences whenever he does so. The very fact that patents are being granted on algorithms, genetics and so on is a reminder of that. EPC? Forget about it. Buried by Battistelli. As we said earlier this month, Dr. Derk Vissers Book About the European Patent Convention (EPC) Explains What Battistelli Has Done. He bypassed the whole thing.



Quality of Service and Quality of Patents at the EPO Are Both at Peril "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Related: Team Battistelli Parties Like Its Still 2010 (Pre-Battistelli Governance), Fails to Acknowledge Demise of EPO as Popular Employer and Instead Lies to Staff

Third hand

Summary: The EPOs brain drain is showing; the ability to properly scrutinise patent applications (using time and skills/experience) is further diminished by the obsession with production and timeliness (deadlines, Early Certainty etc. rather than its ready when its ready)

Were experiencing technical issues with submissions via Online filing & New online filing (CMS), the EPO wrote yesterday. The acknowledgement of receipt contains a FALSE virus warning. Filings will be processed as usual. Technicians are working to resolve the issue ASAP. It later added: The technical issues with submissions via Online filing & New online filing (CMS) have been resolved. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Why did this even happen? Technicians with experience must have left (or are leaving) the EPO as part of the exodus, I told them. It certainly looks like technical issues are becoming more frequent (we covered some previous ones) and therein lies the risk of brain drain.

We keep hearing stories about exceptionally low bar at EPO recruitment, rushed examination, lack of expertise, new staff that overburdens/encumbers senior staff and so on. People near and inside the EPO speak about these issues. Granting patents for the sake of granting patents isnt a good thing; it reduces the certainty associated with European Patents; courts would reject these.

AA Thornton & Cos Stuart Greenwood wrote and published this article yesterday. It relates to what we recently wrote about PPH (legal firms linked to it, suggesting that they too agree with our assertions). We said that patent examination at the EPO is already far too hurried (...


123movies proxy mirror unblocked "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

How to unblock 123movies. The website could be blocked by your isp or by any other reason. There are couple of ways you can get 123movies unblocked. One of the best method is to use a separate 123movies proxy mirror sites. It will be fast and efficient then just unblocking 123movies domain using an VPN. Cause []

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Youtube Proxy: Unblock Youtube Using Proxy Sites "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

How to unblock website that is blocked by your isp or for any other reason. There are many ways to do that. You can easily unblock the site using your own pc and get access to the resource of the site with this easy to learn tutorial. Use Vpn Use Proxy Websites Use IP Rather []

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Facebook Proxy: How to unblock facebook "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

How to unblock website that is blocked by your isp or for any other reason. There are many ways to do that. You can easily unblock the site using your own pc and get access to the resource of the site with this easy to learn tutorial. Use Vpn Use Proxy Websites Use IP Rather []

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Somebody Should Explain to the Federal Circuit That GUIs are Not Inventions Because PTAB Already Knows It "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The innovative nature typically just boils down to hardware acceleration and CPU/GPU capacity (physical)

History of the graphical user interface
Reference: History of the graphical user interface

Summary: While the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) rejects a GUI patent, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) tolerates one, necessitating a deeper technical understanding of why user interfaces arent inventions at all

YESTERDAY we wrote about the disaster which is patents on GUIs. The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC) was responsible for this travesty after the USPTO had granted the patent. Developers generally rely on copyright for code and GUIs are often designed to accommodate users familiarity; theres no need for patents there as patents in this domain would harm both users and developers. GUIs are a design thing; several months ago [1, 2] we wrote about why designs too should be covered by something like registered design, not patents. There are trademarks too, among other things.

Yesterday, Barker Brettell LLP said: All of these methods of engaging customers will have various electronic user interfaces.

But dont grant patents on user interfaces; that would have devastating effects on the whole profession. Not just on physical interfaces but also computer interfaces (rendered on a screen).

Its worrying to see the patent bar lowered to the point where the layout of buttons is considered an invention.

Not everyone is easily fooled by this; the techni...


Thor:Ragnarok Director Says He Illegally Torrented Clips for the Showreel "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Its not often that movies escape being pirated online but last weekend was a pretty miserable one for the people behind Thor:Ragnarok.

Just four months after the superhero movies theatrical debut, the Marvel hit was due to be released on disc February 26th, with digital distribution on iTunes planned for February 19th.

However, due to what appeared to be some kind of pre-order blunder, the $180 million movie was leaked online, resulting in a pirate frenzy thats still ongoing.

But with the accidental early release of Thor:Ragnarok making waves within the torrent system and beyond, it seems ironic that its talented director actually has another relationship with piracy that most people arent aware of.

In an interview for Q, a show broadcast on Canadas CBC radio, Taika Waititi noted that Thor: Ragnarok might be a career ender for him, something that was previously highlighted in the media.

However, the softly-spoken New Zealander also said some other things that flew completely under the radar but given recent developments, now have new significance.

Speaking with broadcaster Tom Power, Waititi revealed that when putting together his promotional showreel for Thor: Ragnarok, he obtained its source material from illegal sources.

Explaining the process used to acquire clips to create his sizzle reel (a short video highlighting a directors vision and tone for a proposed movie), Waititi revealed his less-than-official approach.

I cut together little clips and shots I basically illegally torrented and, erm, you know, ripped clips from the Internet, Waititi said.

Of a bunch of different things? Power asked.

I dont mind saying thatermon the radio, Waititi added, unconvincingly.

With Power quickly assuring the director that admitting doing something illegal was OK on air, Waititi perhaps realized it probably wasnt.

You can cut that out, he suggested.

That Waititi took the pirate approach to obtaining source material for his sizzle reel isnt really a surprise. Content is freely accessible online, crucially in easier to consume and edit formats than even Waititi has access to on short notice. And, since every film in memory is ju...


President Trump Backed Off from Ordering Special Counsel Mueller Fired "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

The New York Times reports "Trump Ordered Mueller Fired, but Backed Off When White House Counsel Threatened to Quit":

President Trump ordered the firing last June of Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel overseeing the Russia investigation, according to four people told of the matter, but ultimately backed down after the White House counsel threatened to resign rather than carry out the directive.

Mueller Investigation: Three Former Trump Aides Charged
Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying to the F.B.I.
UK Election Results; Fired FBI Director's Testimony on Trump; Trump Nominates New FBI Director

Original Submission

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kickasstorrents (kat) proxy mirror unblocked "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Here is the biggest list of kickasstorrents proxy and mirror sites. You can find kickasstorrents alternatives here on the go. Kickass proxy and mirror sites. Here is the complete list of mirror and proxy sites with daily downtime checkups. Cant access Kickass Torrents? Kickass Torrents is blocked in many countries. Try one of the []

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Demonoid proxy mirror unblocked "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Demonoid torrents is one of the largest torrents on the web. Here are demonoid unblock proxy and mirrors. Unblocked demonoid with these proxies. Proxy and mirrors of sites are the sites or servers that are not blocked by the ISPs or anything and they give us free access to the sites that are blocked by []

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Trend Micro spotted a malvertising campaign abusing Googles DoubleClick to deliver Coinhive Miner "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Trend Micro uncovered a spike in the number of Coinhie miners over the past few days, including Coinhive, apparently linked to Googles DoubleClick ads that are proposed on YouTube and other sites.

The number of cyber-attacks against cryptocurrencies is increased due to a rapid increase in the value of currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Hackers targeted almost any actor involved in the business of cryptocurrencies, single users, miners and of course exchanges.

Security firms have detected several malware applications specifically designed to steal cryptocurrencies, and many websites were compromised to install script used to mine virtual coins abusing computational resources of unaware visitors.

Researchers at Trend Micro uncovered a spike in the number of Coinhie miners over the past few days apparently linked to Googles DoubleClick ads that are proposed on YouTube and other sites.

On January 24, 2018, we observed that the number of Coinhive web miner detections tripled due to a malvertising campaign. We discovered that advertisements found on high-traffic sites not only used Coinhive (detected by Trend Micro as JS_COINHIVE.GN), but also a separate web miner that connects to a private pool.  states the analysis published by Trend Micro.

We detected an almost 285% increase in the number of Coinhive miners on January 24. We started seeing an increase in traffic to five malicious domains on January 18. After closely examining the network traffic, we discovered that the traffic came from DoubleClick advertisements.



Limetorrents proxy mirror unblocked "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Limetorrent torrents is one of the largest torrents on the web. Here are Limetorrents unblock proxy and mirrors. Unblocked Limetorrents with these proxies. Proxy and mirrors of sites are the sites or servers that are not blocked by the ISPs or anything and they give us free access to the sites that are blocked by our isp. Limetorrent Torrents proxy List []

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Torrentz proxy mirror unblocked "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Here is the list of Torrentz proxy with torrentz2 proxy & mirror. Unblocked Torrentz with these one click easy to use proxy sites. Is The Website Down? You may not be able to access a particular website due to some outage. Check with these website monitors. The check   Is a website up or down.  It will tell you if []

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Rarbg proxy mirror unblocked "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Rarbg torrents is one of the largest torrents on the web. Here are Rarbg unblock proxy and mirrors. Unblocked Rarbg with these proxies. Proxy and mirrors of sites are the sites or servers that are not blocked by the ISPs or anything and they give us free access to the sites that are blocked by our isp. Rarbg []

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Thepiratebay proxy mirror unblocked "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

This is one of the sites which needs no introduction. It has been one of the most popular websites for getting your movies, tv series and what not.  There have  been long running blockades on the piratebay in many countries and schools. Many glype proxies allow you access the piratebay but, they donot allow you []

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Isohunt proxy mirrors unblocked "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Isohunt torrents is one of the largest torrents on the web. Here are Isohunt unblock proxy and mirrors. Unblocked Isohunt with these proxies. Proxy and mirrors of sites are the sites or servers that are not blocked by the ISPs or anything and they give us free access to the sites that are blocked by []

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Eztv proxy mirror unblocked "IndyWatch Feed Tech" is on the best torrent network i like. Here are the eztv proxy mirrors for eztv Torrentors. unblocked proxy and mirrors.Proxy and mirrors of sites are the sites or servers that are not blocked by the ISPs or anything and they give us free access to the sites that are blocked by our []

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Extratorrents proxy mirror unblocked "IndyWatch Feed Tech" was once a biggest bittorrent system. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use directory and search engine for all kind of torrent files. Visitors of can upload torrents to this site, tracked by any BitTorrent tracker. One of the main reasons you should visit extratorrent is that they have high quality torrents and very friendly website []

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The Men Who Want to Live Forever "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Would you like to live forever? Some billionaires, already invincible in every other way, have decided that they also deserve not to die. Today several biotech companies, fueled by Silicon Valley fortunes, are devoted to life extension or as some put it, to solving the problem of death.

Some very wealthy people are serious about outsmarting mortality.


1337x proxy mirror unblocked "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

1337x torrents is one of the largest torrents on the web. Here are 1337x unblock proxy and mirrors. Unblocked with these proxies. Proxy and mirrors of sites are the sites or servers that are not blocked by the ISPs or anything and they give us free access to the sites that are blocked by []

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Arrows $30 FPGA Board Reviewed "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

We like cheap FPGA boards. It isnt just that were cheap although thats probably true, too but cheap boards are a good way to get people started on FPGAs and we think more people should be using FPGAs more often. One inexpensive board is the Max-1000 from Trenz and Arrow. At $29, it is practically an impulse buy. [ZipCPU] did a great write up on his experience using the board. He found that some of it was good, some was bad, and some was just plain ugly. Still, for $30, it seems like this might be a nice board for some applications or for getting started.

The biggest problem, though, was the lack of Linux drivers. This was later fixed, but he found the Linux drivers didnt work, and required him to remove other FTDI drivers which was not convenient. The good news is that the open source libsvf driver worked fine. If you are planning on using this board with Linux, you really need to read these instructions. We tried the same drivers and noticed, however, that they will work, but they are flaky. As mentioned in the review, you have to unload the FTDI drivers, but you also have to kill the jtagd server so it will find the adapter if it ever starts with the wrong drivers. Weve also had jtagd just lose the adapter and require a reboot to find it again. So the libsvf drivers are better, although it is certainly less convenient.

By the way, Trenz has other versions of this board that cost a little more but have more memory and logic elements. You can find them on their site along with the one Arrow is selling, although last time we checked they were out of stock.

Were always looking for small cheap FPGA boards. If you want r...


Hurry up, update your Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro if you use Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Lenovo has fixed a hardcoded password vulnerability in Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro affecting a dozen laptop models running Windows 7, 8 and the 8.1 OS.

The PC vendor Lenovo has fixed a hardcoded password vulnerability, tracked as (CVE-2017-3762), affecting a dozen Lenovo laptop models that run versions of Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and the 8.1 operating system.

Lenovo laptops running Windows 10 are not impacted by the vulnerability because that OS version natively supports fingerprint reader technology.

The list of impacted family models includes ThinkPad, ThinkCentre, and ThinkStation laptops.

A vulnerability has been identified in Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro. Sensitive data stored by Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro, including users Windows logon credentials and fingerprint data, is encrypted using a weak algorithm, contains a hard-coded password, and is accessible to all users with local non-administrative access to the system it is installed in. states the security advisory published by Lenovo.

Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro

The Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro is a utility that allows users to log into their laptop and configured websites by using the fingerprint.

The flaw resides in the Lenovo Fingerprint Manager Pro that encrypts sensitive data such as fingerprint data and login credentials using a weak algorithm.

  • ThinkPad L560
  • ThinkPad P40 Yoga, P50s
  • ThinkPad T440, T440p, T440s, T450, T450s, T460, T540p, T550, T560
  • ThinkPad W540, W541, W550s
  • ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Type 20A7, 20A8), X1 Carbon (Type 20BS, 20BT)
  • ThinkPad X240, X240s, X250, X260
  • ThinkPad Yoga 14 (20FY), Yoga 460
  • ThinkCentre M73, M73z, M78, M79, M83, M93, M93p, M93z
  • ThinkStation E32, P300, P500, P700, P900

The flaw was disclosed by Lenovo this week, the company credited Jackson Thuraisamy, a senior security consultant with Sec......


Canadian Billionaires Murdered "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

Via: National Post: Toronto police say a six-week examination of an enormous amount of evidence leads them to believe billionaire pharmaceutical giant Barry Sherman and his philanthropist wife Honey Sherman were the targeted victims of a double murder. Barry Sherman, 75, who founded the generic drug manufacturing giant Apotex, and Honey Sherman, 70, were found []


Human Brains Became More Rounded over 200,000+ Years "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

[...] An analysis of endocranial casts suggests that while Homo sapiens brain size was comparable to that of humans around 300,000 years ago, brain shape evolved gradually until reaching present-day human variation between about 100,000 and 35,000 years ago:

Human brains gradually evolved from a relatively flatter and elongated shape more like that of Neandertals to a globe shape thanks to a series of genetic tweaks to brain development early in life, the researchers propose January 24 in Science Advances.

A gradual transition to round brains may have stimulated considerable neural reorganization by around 50,000 years ago. That cognitive reworking could have enabled a blossoming of artwork and other forms of symbolic behavior among Stone Age humans, the team suspects. Other researchers have argued, however, that abstract and symbolic thinking flourished even before H. sapiens emerged (SN: 12/27/14, p. 6).

The evolution of modern human brain shape (open, DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aao5961) (DX)

Original Submission

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Bahomet Pt II "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

As posted earlier, the Bahomet meme is mostly put together during the nineteenth century part inspired by scraps of the Templar in particular and the secret societies in vogue.

Thus much antiquarian research has been folded in.  This well worth revisiting.  What we are seeing are pieces of the old pagan theology supplanted by Christianity.

Add in the plausible insight that the material can also hold channeled information as well and this remains worthwhile.


Temple of Castor and Pollux, identified by Louis, Duc de Blacas

As for Purgstall-Hammer himself, his text is not very political at all, and it is almost hard to believe that Peter Partner and I are writing about the same book, considering the way he describes it. Besides the passage quoted before about the Templars alleged Machiavellian principle of blackmail, Hammer-Purgstall made very few comments in this text, tying the Templars, even implicitly, to the conspiracies brewing in his own day.

What he does do, however, is describe in detail the items he found, the entity of...


The FBI's Attacks on MLK, Jr. Are Helpful Reminders for Today "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


 MLK was no threat to anyone and his reliance on non violence served civil authority well.  The wrongs were so deep and so resented that we could easily have had ten Detroits instead of the two or three rampages we ultimately endured.

In the end the pressure was applied to appease individual power brokers in support of their own narrow interest.  That it was so banal speaks poorly of FBI oversight itself.  It really calls for Judicial oversight devolving into a judicial council empowered to review the bulk of activity.  Particularly as the problem has not gone away.

People do have to protest visible injustice and it is far better to have a MLK to be a lightening rod when that happens..

The FBI's Attacks on MLK, Jr. Are Helpful Reminders for Today




    White House offers citizenship for 1.8 million illegal immigrants "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Yes,coming here illegally is wrong. However the failure of the Fed to actually stop employers from employing them represents a tacit contract of  acceptance.

    At the same time these folks are plainly filling jobs almost reserved for them and we actually need more every year.  What that means is that they are not truly competing  for the jobs of citizens.  In facttheir enterprise is supporting the jobs of citizens.

    The best obvious solution is to grant a half year credit for every year here.  Allow all to who have spent one year here to register as a guest foreign worker.  This stops direct exploitation and tax evasion.

    Never perfect but accepts the reality that a long time resident is no longer foreign at all and has essentially assimulated and  really can no longer go home.  No voting rights until citizenship subject to immediate deportation

    White House offers citizenship for 1.8 million illegal immigrants

    JAN 25, 2018 | 


    According to White House officials, President Donald Trump will endorse a pathway to American citizenship for some 1.8 million young illegal immigrants in a plan set for release on Monday. On Thursday, the officials describ...


    How To Detect Negative Energies At Home Using Only A Glass Of Water "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Curious item.  The salt would strongly impose an expanding crystalline matrix in the surround.  This could well have an effect over residual negative signatures in the Dark Matter and perhaps even erase them.   So there might well be something to this.

    We have no way of proving any of this at all.  Even in a dark room we still have to accommodate a dominant background flow of dark matter from the Sun along with a plausible mino flow from the Earth's core.

    These signatures are not necessarily affected by that natural flux and likely resonate within the space itself..

    Recall that I reside in a different mental universe orthogonal to modern physics. . 

    How To Detect Negative Energies At Home Using Only A Glass Of Water

    By LJanuary 14, 2018

    There are many techniques that can help you detect negative energies in your home. Today were going to show you the simplest one which will clean negative energies from your home and maintain the harmony in your family.

    We inhabit certain energies wherever we live. Our homes are a space of unity where many energies meet our feelings, thoughts and emotions emit a certain type of energy, but also attract other energies. Family members, neighbors or visitors in our homes can bring in negative energies which may affect our well-being.

    Once they enter our home, negative energies impact our whole life. They can cause our budget to fluctuate, break the relationships between family members and disrupt the harmony in our home. As a result, you will feel anxious, restless and broken, with no will to live. However, the symptoms may not be noticeable early, which is why its important to know how to detect the negative energy in your home.

    Before starting, its important to know the reason for the disharmony...


    East China Sea: Worst Tanker Oil Spill in Decades "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Via: Reuters: The worst tanker oil spill in decades is unfolding across hundreds of miles of the East China Sea after an Iranian oil tanker carrying more than 100,000 tonnes of toxic oil collided with a freighter and exploded, killing all 32 crew onboard. The ship burned, spewing its cargo, for more than a week []


    Palak Madan, Research Analyst at Blackbox AI, joins our Robotics/AI Board. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Palak Madan, Research Analyst at Blackbox AI, joins our Robotics/AI Board.


    Elon Musks Boring Company Flamethrower For $600 Is Real "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Guess the password to pre-order Elon Musks flamethrower for $600

    Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company, is living up to his promise that he had made last December. Back then, he had tweeted that if The Boring Company (his tunnel and infrastructure digging effort) sells 50,000 hats bearing the companys name, his company would start manufacturing state-of-the-art flamethrowers.

    Soon after selling the required number of hats, Musk tweeted Hats sold out, flamethrowers soon! on the eve of Christmas.

    While Musks message was considered as a joke by many, reddit users on several Musk-related subreddits noticed earlier this month that the URL began redirecting to a white page with a single password box in the center.

    Earlier this week, a subredditor managed to guess the original password flame and got access to the page that mimics the Boring Company logo. The user found a pre-order prompt for a $600 flamethrower instead of a $20 hat. He took a screenshot that shows a Boring Company-branded flamethrower with a pre-order button under it.

    Prototype pictured above, the listing reads. Final production flamethrower will be better. However, the password to the shop page has been changed since then.

    Its unclear if the screenshot in the tweet is legitimate and when will the flamethrower actually go on sale. But for now, from the looks of the image all we can assume is that the flamethrower is for real.

    The post Elon Musks Boring Company Flamethrower For $600 Is Real appeared first on...


    Amazing Mechanical Linkages and The Software to Design Them "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Most of us are more bits-and-bytes than nuts-and-bolts, but we have the deepest appreciation for the combination of the two. So, apparently, does [rectorsquid]. Check out the design and flow of his rolling ball sculpture (YouTube, embedded below) to see what we mean. See how the arms hesitate just a bit as the ball is transferred? See how the upper arm gently places it on the ramp with a slight downward gesture? See how its done with one motor? Theres no way [rectorsquid] designed this on paper, right?

    Of course he didnt (YouTube). Instead, he wrote a simulator that lets him try out various custom linkages in real time. Its a Windows-only application (sigh), but its free to use, while the video guides (more YouTube) look very comprehensive and give you a quick tour of the tool. Of special note is that [rectorsquid]s software allows for sliding linkages, which he makes very good use of in the rolling ball sculpture shown here.

    Weve actually secretly featured [rectorsquid]s Linkage software before, in this writeup of some amazing cosplay animatronic wings that used the program for their design. But we really dont want you to miss out if youre doing mechanical design and need something like this, or just want to play around.

    If youd like to study up on your nuts and bolts, check out our primer on the ubiquitous four-bar linkage, or pore through Hackaday looking for other great linkage-powered examples, like this automatic hacksaw or a pantograph PCB probe for shaky hands.

    Anyone know of an open-source linkage simulator that can also output STL files for 3D printing? Or in any format that could be easily transformed into OpenSCAD? Asking for a friend.


    Spanish Use is Steady Or Dropping in U.S. Despite High Latino Immigration "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    English remains dominant language preference for immigrants to United States:

    How can the Latino population be growing rapidly while Spanish-speaking remains stable? The answer lies in oft-overlooked peculiarities of census data and in the particular linguistic history of the United States.

    If one looks only at immigration patterns over the past half-century, it is true that the U.S. has been gaining Spanish-speakers. From 1965 to 2015, roughly half of all immigration has come from Latin American countries. This trend added some 30 million people, most of whom came speaking Spanish, to the American populace.

    But this is only half the story. While new immigrants bring Spanish with them, research shows that their children tend to become bilinguals who overwhelmingly prefer English. As a result, the same immigrants' grandchildren likely speak English only.

    Linguists call this phenomenon "the three-generation pattern." In essence, it means that non-English languages in the U.S. are lost by or during the third generation.

    We can see this pattern playing out in data from the Pew Hispanic Center. Surveys show that in 2000, 48 percent of Latino adults aged 50 to 68 spoke "only English" or "English very well," and that 73 percent of Latino children aged 5 to 17 did.

    By 2014, those numbers had jumped to 52 percent and 88 percent, respectively. In other words, the shift from Spanish to English is happening nationwide, both over time and between generations.

    If the preferred language is English, why do the immigrants refuse to understand common English terms like "taco," "burrito," "loco," and "amigo?"

    Original Submission



    Ways AI Will Fight the Cybersecurity Battles of the Future "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Cybersecurity risks are on the rise. While the high-profile breaches at Target and Yahoo! captured our attention, they have also distracted us from the prevalence of cybersecurity risks in everyday life. The number of cyber-security breaches has more than doubled over the past few years. In the third quarter of 2016, over 18 million new forms of malware were discovered. That is nearly a quarter of a million new types of malware every single day.

    Unfortunately, some of the most vulnerable companies are those that are least equipped to address these concerns. Industry experts estimate that 45% of all cyber-attacks are launched against small businesses. Almost half of all small businesses have been attacked, although most of them dont know it.  Nearly 70% of small businesses are forced into bankruptcy within six months of a particularly severe cyber-attack.

    Despite the risks, small businesses are under greater pressure to cut costs. They cant always afford top-tier protection.

    The good news is that advances in artificial intelligence are making it easier for SMEs to protect against sophisticated cyberattacks. New AI algorithms will be more efficient at detecting and automating responses to threats.

    Why is AI the key to fighting cybercrime?

    In September, Scott Rosenburg discussed how AI could be used to thwart hackers targeting voting machines.

    Whats great about our approach is, they dont have to put anything in their device. We actually will model its behavior, the normal pattern of life and the not normal, and know whether its under attack. That is as true for voting machines, if they are connecting over either internet or wifi, as it would be for a corporate server, Rosenburg writes.

    To best understand the importance of AI-based cybersecurity solutions, we need to be frank about the failures of traditional tools. Most of the major organizations that fell victim to cybersecurity breaches used traditional firewalls. These firewalls have proven to be notoriously ineffective against seasoned hackers with sufficient resources. Hackers have either found holes to penetrate them or managed to spoof their user configurations to look like internal users with sufficient privileges.

    Even the most advanced firewall cannot guarantee that hackers will not access your system. When firewalls fail, containing the damage hackers cause inside is crucial.

    This is where AI proves to be most helpful. AI security tools can identify suspicious user behavior. Power testing tools, like...


    Alt-Right Neo-Nazis Are Targeting the Women's March "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    A couple days back, Newsweek reports:

    Feminist activists on Sunday are planning to commemorate last year's Women's March, the response to the election of President Donald Trump that was widely regarded as the biggest demonstration in U.S. history.

    As they do so, the so-called alt-rightan anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic movement that has struggled to recruit womenis aiming to co-opt this political moment with a series of stunts, including spreading propaganda and a counterdemonstration in Knoxville, Tennessee. This targeting of a feminist event is part of an ongoing pattern of misogynistic behavior in the movement, according to activists and a rights group that spoke to Newsweek.

    [...] Lecia Brooks of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a rights group, told Newsweek that Heimbach [Leader of the Traditionalist Workers' Party] is "no defender of women," referring to altercations involving the opposite sex he has had at demonstrations.

    Heimbach replied to that notion by saying legal abortion and illegal immigration were victimizing the unborn and women, and that "women have had their femininity put under attack by a culture that treats them as either sex objects or as mere economic cogs in the capitalist system." Heimbach is a critic of the capitalist system while also being a critic of socialism, and views a "national socialism" system that includes only white non-Jews as an alternative to both. He said the policies of his group were structured to "empower women to their God given honorable place as true equals to men in society through their unique role as mothers and wives." To be clear, he is an ardent critic of contemporary feminism.

    Message received, very clear.

    Original Submission

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    LinuxBoot: a new Linux Foundation project for boot firmware "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The Linux Foundation has announced a new project, called LinuxBoot, that is working on replacements for much of the firmware used to boot our systems. The project is based on work by Google and others to use Linux (and Go programs) to replace most of the UEFI boot firmware. "Firmware has always had a simple purpose: to boot the OS. Achieving that has become much more difficult due to increasing complexity of both hardware and deployment. Firmware often must set up many components in the system, interface with more varieties of boot media, including high-speed storage and networking interfaces, and support advanced protocols and security features. LinuxBoot addresses the often slow, often error-prone, obscured code that executes these steps with a Linux kernel. The result is a system that boots in a fraction of the time of a typical system, and with greater reliability."


    Repairing A Sunburned Game Boy Screen "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The original Game Boy is a classic. Sure, it had no backlight, but there is something special about playing on that classic green screen. Unfortunately, some of these older systems are suffering a terrible fate screen burn. Game Boys played best with lots of light especially in out in the sun. But that same sun did terrible things to the screen. A black splotch in the center of the LCD is the telltale sign of a burned Game Boy. You might think that screen replacement is the only option, but [The Retro Future] shows us how to repair this issue.

    A reflective LCD is a layer cake made up of polarizers, two panes of glass, and a reflector. The burns often seen on Game Boy screens usually are in the polarizer and the optically clear glue which attaches the plastic polarizer to the glass. Were guessing these burns happen when someone leaves their Game Boy out in the sun. Between the sun rays directly striking the top polarizer and the rays bounced back from the reflector at the rear of the screen, that poor polarizer doesnt stand a chance.

    Repairing the burn is a delicate operation, as one false move could crack the thin LCD glass. The first step is to carefully peel off the burned polarizer. This leaves a mess of dried glue, which can be scraped off or dissolved with alcohol. A new linear polarizer can then be placed on the front of the screen. [The Retro Future] chose not to glue the polarizer, but were betting some UV cure LOCA (Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive) from a cell phone screen protector would do the trick.

    If you love the look of the classic Game Boy, but want to play just about any classic game, grab a Raspberry Pi zero, and build a retro Pi Boy.


    The State Of VR HMDs On Linux With DRM Leasing, Etc "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Keith Packard who has been doing contract work for Valve the past year on improving the support for virtual reality head-mounted displays (VR HMDs) shares a status update on his work at this week's Linux.Conf.Au in Sydney...


    Round Up of EFF's Advocacy Against Warrantless Border Device Searches "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    EFF has been working on multiple fronts to end a widespread violation of digital libertywarrantless searches of travelers electronic devices at the border. Government policies allow border agents to search and confiscate our cell phones, tablets, and laptops at airports and border crossings for no reason, without explanation or any suspicion of wrongdoing. Its as if our First and Fourth Amendment rights dont exist at the border. This is wrong, which is why were working to challenge and hopefully end these unconstitutional practices.

    EFF and the ACLU filed a brief today in our Alasaad v. Nielsen lawsuit to oppose the governments attempt to dismiss our case. Our lawsuit, filed in September 2017 on behalf of 11 Americans whose devices were searched, takes direct aim at the illegal policies enforced by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and its component agencies, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In our brief we explain that warrantless searches of electronic devices at the border violate the First and Fourth Amendments, and that our 11 clients have every right to bring this case.

    This is just the latest action weve taken in the fight for digital rights at the border. EFF is pushing back against the governments invasive practices on three distinct fronts: litigation, legislation, and public education.

    A Rampant Problem

    Over the past few years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of searches of cell phones and other electronic devices conducted by border agents. CBP reported that in fiscal year 2012 the number of border device searches was 5,085. In fiscal year 2017, the number had increased to 30,200a six-fold increase in just five years.

    DHS claims the authority to ransack travelers cell phones and other devices and the massive troves of highly personal information they contain. ICE agents can do so for any reason or no reason. Under a new policy issued earlier this month, CBP agents can do so without a warrant or probable cause...


    NASA's GOLD Makes It Into Orbit After Fears It Was Lost "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    NASA's Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk (GOLD) instrument, which will study how solar activity affects Earth's upper atmosphere, was launched aboard an Ariane 5 rocket and is attached to a commercial satellite. However, GOLD was briefly feared lost along with the two satellites that were launched, until communications were established and it was found that the satellites had been deployed in lower-than-expected orbits:

    A brief tracking failure led to fears that the satellite meant to host NASA's new mission to better understand space weather had been lost, according to SpaceFlightNow. Though the European Ariane 5 rocket carrying the satellite lifted off uneventfully, none of the customers with spacecraft on the rocket could reach their probes for some time.

    The satellites are in orbit now and have communicated with their control centers, Arianespace announced, but it looks like the rocket deployed the satellites into less than ideal orbits. "The mission experienced some challenges during the launch stages which resulted in the Al Yah 3 satellite being inserted into an orbit that differed from the flight plan," Yahsat, a satellite communications company whose Al Yah 3 vehicle was on the rocket, said in a statement. "However, the satellite is healthy and operating nominally."

    The other customer, Luxembourg-based operator SES, also confirmed that its satellite, SES-14, went into a lower orbit than planned but is operating just fine. SES-14 is hosting an instrument called GOLD, which is the first NASA mission to consist of an instrument living on a commercial company's satellite. Both SES and Yahsat say they will figure out a way for the satellites to course-correct in order to get to their originally planned orbits and do their jobs.

    An Ariane 5 rocket is scheduled to launch the James Webb Space Telescope in 2019.

    Also at the...


    Tesla Gigafactory Production Problems Worse than Previously Disclosed "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The Hacker News comments on this are interesting. Via: CNBC: Teslas problems with battery production at the companys Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada, are worse than the company has acknowledged and could cause further delays and quality issues for the new Model 3, according to a number of current and former Tesla employees. These problems include []


    Counting is for Sheep: Use a Light to Fall Asleep "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    How do you get to sleep at night? For some of us, it can be the most difficult thing we do all day. Worrying about falling asleep and letting other intrusive thoughts in night after night only compounds the problem, as less sleep leads to depression which (for us) leads to even less sleep. We lay there, trapped inside a vortex of churning thoughts, imprisoned in a mind that feels like its malfunctioning and half-wishing for a future where instructor-led meditation videos can be beamed to the insides of our eyelids. In the meantime, there is FADing, the Fall Asleep Device.

    FADing takes its cues from a relaxation technique that uses light to focus your attention and control your breathing. The lights intensity waxes and wanes on a schedule designed to get you down from the average eleven breaths per minute to a zen-like six breaths per minute. You surrender to the light, breathing in as it intensifies and breathing out as it fades. There are commercial products that bring this technique to the bedroom, but they arent cheap and dont offer much control. Fail to fall asleep in the prescribed window and youre back to square one with one more thing to think about: buyers remorse.

    Once you can focus on your breathing without a light, reuse that Nano to measure the quality of all that sleep youre getting.


    Links 26/1/2018: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Plans, Mycroft Mark II "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    GNOME bluefish



    • Kernel Space

      • PDP Xbox One Controllers Should Now Work With The Linux 4.15 Kernel

        One of the last minute changes sneaking into the Linux 4.15 kernel is support for PDP Xbox One controllers.

        Linux supports a variety of Xbox controllers and various offshoots while now the controllers from Performance Designed Products is the latest. PDP Xbox One Controllers can be found at a variety of Internet retailers but up to now hasnt played nicely with the Linux kernel: the devices are rather peculiar about their initialization sequence and needed some extra packets before sending any input reports.

      • Linux Foundation

        • System Startup Gets a Boost with New LinuxBoot Project

          The Linux Foundation is pleased to welcome LinuxBoot to our family of open source projects and to support the growth of the project community. LinuxBoot looks to improve system boot performance and reliability by replacing some firmware functionality with a Linux kernel and runtime.

          Firmware has always had a simple purpose: to boot the...


    Security updates for Friday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Security updates have been issued by CentOS (389-ds-base, dhcp, kernel, and nautilus), Debian (curl, openssh, and wireshark), Fedora (clamav, firefox, java-9-openjdk, and poco), Gentoo (clamav), openSUSE (curl, libevent, mupdf, mysql-community-server, newsbeuter, php5, redis, and tre), Oracle (389-ds-base, dhcp, kernel, and nautilus), Slackware (mozilla), and Ubuntu (kernel and linux-hwe, linux-azure, linux-gcp, linux-oem).

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    Friday, 26 January


    Hello world! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

    The post Hello world! appeared first on


    AI-Generated Fake Celebrity Porn Craze "Blowing Up" on Reddit "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Fake celebrity porn is blowing up on Reddit, thanks to artificial intelligence.

    Back in December, the unsavory hobby of a Reddit user by the name of deepfakes became a new centerpiece of artificial intelligence debate, specifically around the newfound ability to face-swap celebrities and porn stars. Using software, deepfakes was able to take the face of famous actresses and swap them with those of porn actresses, letting him live out a fantasy of watching famous people have sex. Now, just two months later, easy-to-use applications have sprouted up with the ability to perform this real-time editing with even more ease, according to Motherboard, which also first reported about deepfakes late last year.

    Thanks to AI training techniques like machine learning, scores of photographs can be fed into an algorithm that creates convincing human masks to replace the faces of anyone on video, all by using lookalike data and letting the software train itself to improve over time. In this case, users are putting famous actresses into existing adult films. According to deepfakes, this required some extensive computer science know-how. But Motherboard reports that one user in the burgeoning community of pornographic celebrity face swapping has created a user-friendly app that basically anyone can use.

    The same technique can be used for non-pornographic purposes, such as inserting Nicolas Cage's face into classic movies. One user also "outperformed" the Princess Leia scene at the end of Disney's Rogue One (you be the judge, original footage is at the top of the GIF).

    The machines are learning.

    Original Submission

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    EFF and ACLU Ask Court to Allow Legal Challenge To Proceed Against Warrantless Searches of Travelers Smartphones, Laptops "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Eleven Travelers in Groundbreaking Case Face Substantial Risk of Future Unconstitutional Searches

    Boston, MassachusettsThe Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) urged a federal judge today to reject the Department of Homeland Securitys attempt to dismiss an important lawsuit challenging DHSs policy of searching and confiscating, without suspicion or warrant, travelers electronic devices at U.S. borders.

    EFF and ACLU represent 11 travelers10 U.S. citizens and one lawful permanent residentwhose smartphones and laptops were searched without warrants at the U.S. border in a groundbreaking lawsuit filed in September. The case, Alasaad v. Nielsen, asks the court to rule that the government must have a warrant based on probable cause before conducting searches of electronic devices, which contain highly detailed personal information about peoples lives. The case also argues that the government must have probable cause to confiscate a travelers device.

    The plaintiffs in the case include a military veteran, journalists, students, an artist, a NASA engineer, and a business owner. The government seeks dismissal, saying the plaintiffs dont have the right to bring the lawsuit and the Fourth Amendment doesnt apply to border searches. Both claims are wrong, the EFF and ACLU explain in a brief filed today in federal court in Boston.

    First, the plaintiffs have standing to seek a court order to end unconstitutional border device searches because they face a substantial risk of having their devices searched again. This means they are the right parties to bring this case and should be able to proceed to the merits. Four plaintiffs already have had their devices searched multiple times.

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) policy allows border agents to search and confiscate anyones smartphone for any reason or for no reason at all. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) policy allows border device searches without a warrant or...


    Video Friday: ANYmal in Davos, ISS Robot Upgrade, and WALK-MAN's Soft Hands "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos Photo: IIT/WALK-MAN Project

    Video Friday is your weekly selection of awesome robotics videos, collected by your Automaton bloggers. Well also be posting a weekly calendar of upcoming robotics events for the next few months; heres what we have so far (send us your events!):

    IEEE IRC 2018  January 31-February 2, 2018  Laguna Hills, Calif., USA
    International Symposium on Medical Robotics  March 1-3, 2018  Atlanta, Ga., USA
    HRI 2018  March 5-8, 2018  Chicago, Ill., USA
    RoboSoft 2018  April 24-28, 2018  Livorno, Italy
    ICARSC 2018  April 25-27, 2018  Torres Vedras, Portugal
    ICRA 2018  May 21-25, 2018  Brisbane, Australia

    Let us know if you have suggestions for next week, and enjoy todays videos.

    ANYmal was at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where it got cold feet.

    ANYmal ]

    Robot arm maintenance in space is much more difficult than robot arm maintenance on Earth, but you get quite the view.

    Outside the International Space Station, Expedition 54 Flight Engineers Mark Vande Hei and Scott Tingle of NASA conducted the first spacewalk this year Jan. 23 to replace a degraded latching end effector (LEE) on one end of the Canadarm2 robotic arm. There are two redundant end effectors on each end of the arm used to grapple visiting vehicles and components during a variety of operational activities.

    NASA ]

    This recently released video, part of a Humanoids 2016 paper, describes  inflatable impact-protection palms on...


    Facebook announces $1 million in journalism scholarships "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Facebook announced Friday that it would contribute more than $1 million to support students pursuing careers in journalism.In a Friday release, Facebooks head of news partnerships, former CNN anchor Campbell Brown, wrote that the Facebook...


    Walmart and Kobo Team Up to Take on Amazon Kindle "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Rakuten (the owner of Kobo) and Walmart have teamed up to take on the Amazon Kindle.

    On Thursday Walmart and Rakuten announced a strategic partnership that makes Walmart Kobo's official partner here in the US:

    As part of this alliance, Walmart will become Rakuten Kobo's exclusive mass retail partner for the Kobo brand in the U.S., offering Kobo's nearly six million titles from thousands of publishers and hundreds of thousands of authors to customers. will offer eBooks and audiobooks for sale later this year. Walmart will also sell digital book cards in stores, enabling more than 4,000 stores to carry a broader selection of books for customers.

    All eBook content will be accessible through a Walmart/Kobo co-branded app available on all iOS and Android devices, a desktop app and Kobo e-Readers, which will also be sold at Walmart later this year.

    Walmart is stepping into a role empty since Border went bankrupt in 2011. While Kobo has previously had US retail partners, including Indiebound and Family Christian Stores, they did not get the privilege of co-branded Kobo apps (just the financial benefit of a cut of ebook sales in exchange for selling Kobo hardware).

    For what it is worth, Walmart gets the ebook app under its own brand. Given Kobo's negligible share of the US market, that won't be worth a lot of money, but it is at least an egoboost.

    Original Submission

    Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


    Students Hack an Unusual Violin "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    [Sean Riley] is a violinist who had a problem. He wanted to play one particular piece, but he couldnt. It wasnt that he lacked the skill he a doctoral student at the University of Texas and has two degrees in violin performance from The Julliard School. The problem was that The Dharma at Big Sur by [John Adams] is made for an instrument with six strings, while most violins only have four. So he did what any of us would do. He stopped by the local hackerspace and fabricated one. You can hear (and see) [Sean] performing with the instrument in the video, below.

    The University of Texas operates The Foundry which is a hackerspace with all the usual items: laser cutters, 3D printers, and the like. It is open to all their students and staff. [Sean] needed some help with the engineering, and was lucky to find a mechanical engineering senior, [Daniel Goodwin], working at The Foundry.

    It took them a year and help from a sculptor, [Rebecca Milton], but the result was an unusual-looking six-string violin. The electric violin is a combination of 3D printing, cast porcelain, and a handmade pickup. It is great to see a multi-disciplined group come together to create something new and unique and really shows the power of these hackerspaces.

    This reminded us a little of the F-F-Fiddle and the more traditional-looking Hovalin. If you are feeling sorry for yourself because you dont have access to a great space like The Foundry, may we introduce you to the worlds tiniest violin?

    Photo: University of Texas at Austin Libraries.


    Coincheck cryptocurrency exchange hacked; $534 Million stolen "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    By Waqas

    Another day, another cryptocurrency exchange under cyber attack This time Coincheck, Japanese

    This is a post from Read the original post: Coincheck cryptocurrency exchange hacked; $534 Million stolen


    Googles Calico Labs announces a new discovery: a non-aging mammal. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Summary: Googles ultra-secretive Calico Labs announces a significant discovery the naked mole rat is the first and only non-aging mammal and shows little signs of aging as it gets older. [This article first appeared on the website Author: Brady Hartman. ]

    With wrinkly skin and completely bald, the naked mole rat is one of the ugliest creatures around but lives an exceptionally long life for a small mammal. It rarely develops the chronic diseases of aging such as cancer and lives 10 times longer than regular rats.

    The First Non-Aging Mammal


    Linux 3.17 To 4.15 Kernel Benchmarks On Intel Gulftown & Haswell "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Here is a look at how the Linux kernel performance has evolved since the release of Linux 3.17 in October 2014. With all the major kernel releases over the past 3+ years, here is how the performance compares using two very different Intel Gulftown and Haswell systems.


    Old Bitcoin transactions can come back to haunt you "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    A group of researchers from Qatar University and Hamad Bin Khalifa University have demonstrated how years-old Bitcoin transactions can be used to retroactively deanonymize users of Tor hidden services. It seems that Bitcoin users past transactions and especially if they used the cryptocurrency for illegal deals on the dark web and didnt think to launder their payments may come back to haunt them. Researchers findings We crawled 1.5K hidden service pages and created More


    Mueller interviewed at least one Facebook employee for Russia probe: report "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Special counsel Robert Mueller's team has interviewed at least one Facebook employee tasked with helping the Trump campaigns digital operations during the 2016 campaign, Wired reported on Friday.The report, which cited a source familiar with...


    Build a Clock With Lixies, the Nixie-Tube Lookalike "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Simulate a retro-tech look without the fuss Photo: Randi Klett

    img Photo: Randi Klett

    Stanley Kubricks 1968 science fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey still stands up pretty well. But theres a telling anachronism in the scene where scientists visit a monolith thats been uncovered on the moon. On their lunar shuttles control panel, there are numerical indicator lights clearly made with cold-cathode displays, also known as Nixie tubes. This technology was in vogue during the mid-1950s but fell out of favor in the 1970s.

    Nixie tubes still enjoy a following among enthusiasts of retro technology. Ive sometimes been tempted to build a Nixie-tube clock, but the difficulties and expense always put me off. Its hard even to purchase Nixie tubes at this pointespecially larger onesand they require high-voltage driver circuits, which are inherently dangerous. So I was delighted when I stumbled on something designed to mimic the appearance of Nixie tubes without the complicationssomething its designer calls a Lixie display.

    Lixies contain WS2812B smart LEDs at one end, which can change colors on demand. The light from the LEDs is funneled into a stack of acrylic sheets. Such edge-lit displays use a phenomenon called total internal reflection, which keeps the light inside the acrylic except where it has been etched. (This form of display has become popular for exit signs, for example.) Each sheet is laser etched with one numeral, and typically only one sheet is illuminated at a time.

    img img img Photos: Randi Klett

    Not a Nixie: Construction of a clock requires a base for mounting four or six Lixie displays [top]. A different digit is etched in each of the 10 acrylic planes contained in one display [middle]. LEDs at the bottom of the display project light into one acrylic plane at a time, which then glows where it has been etched. Reflections in the other planes...


    Registered at SSA.GOV? Good for You, But Keep Your Guard Up "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    KrebsOnSecurity has long warned readers to plant your own flag at the my Social Security online portal of the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA) even if you are not yet drawing benefits from the agency because identity thieves have been registering accounts in peoples names and siphoning retirement and/or disability funds. This is the story of a Midwest couple that took all the right precautions and still got hit by ID thieves who impersonated them to the SSA directly over the phone.

    In mid-December 2017 this author heard from Ed Eckenstein, a longtime reader in Oklahoma whose wife Ruth had just received a snail mail letter from the SSA about successfully applying to withdraw benefits. The letter confirmed shed requested a one-time transfer of more than $11,000 from her SSA account. The couple said they were perplexed because both previously had taken my advice and registered accounts with MySocialSecurity, even though Ruth had not yet chosen to start receiving SSA benefits.

    The fraudulent one-time payment that scammers tried to siphon from Ruth Eckensteins Social Security account.

    Sure enough, when Ruth logged into her MySocialSecurity account online, there was a pending $11,665 withdrawal destined to be deposited into a Green Dot prepaid debit card account (funds deposited onto a Green Dot card can be spent like cash at any store that accepts credit or debit cards). The $11,655 amount was available for a one-time transfer because it was intended to retroactively cover monthly retirement payments back to her 65th birthday.

    The letter the Eckensteins received from the SSA indicated that the benefits had been requested over the phone, meaning the crook(s) had called the SSA pretending to be Ruth and supplied them with enough information about her to enroll her to begin receiving benefits. Ed said he and his wife immediately called the SSA to notify them of fraudulent enrollment and pending withdrawal, and they were instructed to appear in person at an SSA office in Oklahoma City.

    The SSA ultimately put a hold on the fraudulent $11,665 transfer, but Ed said it took more than four hours at the SSA office to sort it all out. Mr. Eckenstein said the agency also informed them that the thieves had signed his wife up for disab...


    Re: How to deal with reporters who don't want their bugs fixed? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Posted by Solar Designer on Jan 26

    As an option, you may state that your project will agree to embargoes of
    up to e.g. 14 days (as long as there's no leak, etc.), but at your sole
    discretion might agree to longer embargoes (ditto).

    As another option, you can state a longer maximum embargo for your
    project - e.g., 30 days - although that seems excessive to me.

    I understand that for complex or/and complicated issues it might take a
    lot of time to come up with what looks like...


    Cryptocurrencies Black Friday Japan-based digital exchange Coincheck hacked "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    It is a black Friday for cryptocurrencies, after the news of the hack of the Japan-based digital exchange Coincheck the value of major cryptocurrencies dropped.

    It is a black Friday for cryptocurrencies, the news of the hack of the Japan-based digital exchange Coincheck had a significant impact on their value.

    Coincheck was founded in 2012, it is one of the most important cryptocurrency exchange in Asia.

    The Coincheck suspended the operations of deposits and withdrawals for all the virtual currencies except bitcoin, the exchange announced it was investigating an unauthorised access to the exchange.

    According to the company, the hackers stole worth half a billion US dollars of NEM, the 10th biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

    The news of the incident has a significant impact on the NEM value that dropped more than 16 percent in 24 hours.

    At 3 am (1800 GMT) today, 523 million NEMs were sent from the NEM address of Coincheck. Its worth 58 billion yen based on the calculation at the rate when detected, said Coincheck COO Yusuke Otsuka.

    Were still examining how many of our customers are affected,

    Coincheck hack NEM Value

    NEM Charts

    The experts at the exchange are investigating the security breach to find out whether it was from Japan or another country.

    Coincheck discovered the incident at 11.25 am and notified the suspension of trading for all cryptocurrencies apart from bitcoin via Twitter.



    CVE-2017-12626 Denial of Service Vulnerabilities in Apache POI < 3.17 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Posted by Tim Allison on Jan 26

    Title: CVE-2017-12626 Denial of Service Vulnerabilities in Apache POI < 3.17

    Severity: Important

    Vendor: The Apache Software Foundation

        Apache POI versions prior to release 3.17 are vulnerable to Denial of Service Attacks:
        * Infinite Loops while parsing specially crafted WMF, EMF, MSG and macros
              (POI bugs 61338 [0] and 61294 [1])
        * Out...


    Drink Lots Of Beer To Raise Your Monopole "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    When we published a piece about an ADS-B antenna using a Coke can as a groundplane, Hackaday reader [2ftg] got in contact with us about something with a bit more stature.

    The reporting in the 1950s piece is rather cheesy, but does give a reasonable description of it requiring welding rods as reinforcement. It also gives evidence of the antennas effectiveness, showing that it could work the world. Hardly surprising, given that a decent monopole is a decent monopole no matter how many pints of ale you have dispatched in its making.

    The Coke can ADSB can be seen in all its glory here, and if all this amateur radio business sounds interesting, heres an introduction.

    Beer cans picture: Visitor7 [CC BY-SA 3.0].

    Facebook Acquires Biometric ID Startup "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Facebook buys Boston software company that authenticates IDs

    Facebook Inc is buying a software firm that specializes in authenticating government-issued identification cards, the two companies said on Tuesday, a step that may help the social media company learn more about the people who buy ads on its network.

    [...] Boston-based Confirm Inc, which is privately held, said on its website that the acquisition was the culmination of three years of work to build technology to keep people safe online. [...] Confirm says that its software allows for proof of identity for online transactions, allowing users to detect potentially fraudulent activity.

    Also at TechCrunch.

    Original Submission

    Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


    Re: How to deal with reporters who don't want their bugs fixed? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Posted by Solar Designer on Jan 26

    Oh, so-called "intellectual property". I'm not thinking in such terms.

    What I meant is that projects expecting to receive vulnerability reports
    are not to be obliged by some industry standard to impose any specific
    rules on the reporters. This does mean that, among other things, those
    projects do not have to insist on a maximum embargo time (even though I
    advocate that they do), and as a side-effect this might assist someone...


    CVE-2018-1294: Apache Commons Email vulnerability information disclosure "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Posted by Jochen Wiedmann on Jan 26

    CVE-2018-1294: Apache Commons Email vulnerability information

    Severity: Moderate

    The Apache Software Foundation

    Versions Affected:
    All Versions of Commons-Email, from 1.0, to 1.4, inclusive. The

    Description: If a user of Commons-Email (typically an application
    programmer) passes unvalidated input as the so-called "Bounce
    Address", and that input contains line-breaks, then the...


    Someone Stole Almost Half a BILLION Dollars from Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchange "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Coincheck, a Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange, has suffered what appears to be the biggest hack in the history of cryptocurrencies, losing $532 million in digital assets (nearly $420 million in NEM tokens and $112 in Ripples). In 2014, Mt Gox, one of the largest bitcoin exchange at that time, filed for bankruptcy after admitting it had lost $450 million worth of Bitcoins. Apparently, the


    Superconducting Synapse Could Let Neuromorphic Chips Beat Brains Energy Efficiency "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    NIST physicists have made a nanostructured device that could bring learning to superefficient superconducting circuits Illustrations: NIST

    Neural synapses are the connections between neurons, and changes in the strength of those connections are how neural networks learn. The NIST team has come up with a superconducting synapse made with nanometer-scale magnetic components that is so energy efficient, it appears to beat human synapses by a factor of 100 or more.

    The NIST synapse has lower energy needs that the human synapse, and we dont know of any other artificial synapse that uses less energy, NIST physicist Mike Schneider said in a press release.

    The heart of this new synapse is a device called a magnetic Josephson junction. An ordinary Josphson junction is basically a weak link between superconductors, explains Schneider. Up to a certain amperage, current will flow with no voltage needed through such a junction by tunneling across the weak spot, say a thin sliver of non-superconducting material. However, if you push more electrons through until you pass a critical current, the voltage will spike at an extremely high rate100 gigahertz or more.

    In a magnetic Josephson junction, that weak link is magnetic. The higher the magnetic field, the lower the critical current needed to produce voltage spikes. In the device Schneider and his colleagues designed, the magnetic field is caused by 20,000 or so nanometer-scale clusters of manganese embedded in silicon. Each nanocluster has its own field, but those fields start out all pointing in random directionssumming to zero. The NIST team found that they could use a small external magnetic field combined with tiny picosecond pulses of current to cause more and more manganese clusters to line up their magnetic fields. The result is a gradually increasing magnetic field in the junction, lowering the devices critical current, and making it easier to induce voltage spikes.

    The process is analogous to learning in a brain where neurons send spikes of voltage to synapses. Whether that spike is enough to cause the next neuron to fire a spike of voltage itself depends on how strong the connection at the synapse is. Learning happens when more voltage spikes strengthen the synaptic connection. In the NIST device, the critical current is like the synapse strength. Whether or not a magnetic Josephson junction reaches the critical current depends on...


    Facebook, Microsoft announce new privacy tools to comply with GDPR "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    In four months the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force, and companies are racing against time to comply with the new rules (and avoid being brutally fined if they fail). One of the things that the regulation mandates is that EU citizens must be able to get access to their personal data held by companies and information about how these personal data are being processed. Facebook users to get new privacy center More


    Margaretta Colangelo, President of U1 Technologies, joins our Information Sciences Board. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Margaretta Colangelo, President of U1 Technologies, joins our Information Sciences Board.


    Re: How to deal with reporters who don't want their bugs fixed? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Posted by Mikhail Utin on Jan 26

    I 100% agree with Solar's response. We should not limit our freedom to choose how we will handle our intellectual
    property. That is how I read the original statements below.

    Not to cause more discussion, but here is the example of how "universal ethics" work:

    Mikhail Utin, CISSP

    From: Solar Designer


    Deserialization Vulnerability in VMware Xenon (CVE-2017-4947) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Posted by VMware Security Response Center on Jan 26

    VMware Xenon contains a deserialization vulnerability (CVE-2017-4947) due to insufficient content-type filtering of
    inbound requests. Successful exploitation of this issue may result in remote code execution.


    We would like to thank Chris Todd of VMware for reporting this issue.

    Edward Hawkins
    Senior Program Manager,...


    Here's How Graphene Makes Photodetectors 100,000 Times More Responsive Than Silicon "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Scientists discover that protons can transport through graphene and light can help the movement Illustration: iStockphoto

    Two years ago, we covered research out of the University of Manchester that demonstrated that graphene-based membranes could serve as a filter for cleaning up nuclear waste at nuclear power plants.

    While its not clear that this particular application for the graphene membranes ever made much headway in nuclear waste cleanup, they did discover an interesting phenomenon about these graphene membranes in the ensuing two years: protons can transport through graphene.

    Based on that knowledge, Andre Geims team at the University of Manchester began to investigate whether light could be used to enhance proton transport through graphene by the addition of other light sensitive materials, such as titanium dioxide (TiO2). Turns out that graphene did the job quite effectively on their own.

    We were not expecting that graphene on its own without the addition these light sensitive ingredients would show any response, said Marcelo Lozada-Hidalgo of the University of Manchester and co-author of this research and the work from two years ago. We were very surprised by our results.

    In research published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology , Lozada-Hidalgo and his colleagues fabricated devices made from monolayer graphene decorated with platinum (Pt) nanoparticles. Essentially, photons excite the electrons in graphene around the nanoparticles. As a result, the electrons become highly reactive to protons. This, in turn, induces the electrons to recombine with protons to form hydrogen molecules at the Pt nanoparticles.

    In a way, this mechanism is not too dissimilar to electron-hole recombination in semiconductor photodetectors, exaplained Lozada-Hidalgo.

    While the mechanism may not be too different than semiconductor photodetectors, these devices are based on proton transport as opposed with all current photodetectors today, which are based on electron transport.

    Because our devices work with protons instead of electrons, they may lead to novel photodetector architectures; perhaps even with additional functionalities, said Lozada-Hidalgo.

    One of t...


    Playboy Brands Boing Boing a Clickbait Site With No Fair Use Defense "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Late 2017, Boing Boing co-editor Xena Jardin posted an article in which he linked to an archive containing every Playboy centerfold image to date.

    Kind of amazing to see how our standards of hotness, and the art of commercial erotic photography, have changed over time, Jardin noted.

    While Boing Boing had nothing to do with the compilation, uploading, or storing of the Imgur-based archive, Playboy took exception to the popular blog linking to the album.

    Noting that Jardin had referred to the archive uploader as a wonderful person, the adult publication responded with a lawsuit (pdf), claiming that Boing Boing had commercially exploited its copyrighted images.

    Last week, with assistance from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Boing Boing parent company Happy Mutants filed a motion to dismiss in which it defended its right to comment on and link to copyrighted content without that constituting infringement.

    This lawsuit is frankly mystifying. Playboys theory of liability seems to be that it is illegal to link to material posted by others on the web an act performed daily by hundreds of millions of users of Facebook and Twitter, and by journalists like the ones in Playboys crosshairs here, the company wrote.

    EFF Senior Staff Attorney Daniel Nazer weighed in too, arguing that since Boing Boings reporting and commenting is protected by copyrights fair use doctrine, the deeply flawed lawsuit should be dismissed.

    Now, just a week later, Playboy has fired back. Opposing Happy Mutants request for the Court to dismiss the case, the company cites the now-famous Perfect 10 v. Amazon/Google case from 2007, which tried to prevent Google from facilitating access to infringing images.

    Playboy highlights the courts finding that Google could have been held contributorily liable if it had knowledge that Perfect 10 images were available using its search engine, could have taken simple measures to prevent further damage, but failed to do so.

    Turning to Boing Boings conduct, Playboy says that the company knew it was linking to infringing content, could have taken steps to prevent that, but failed to do so. It then launches an attack on the site itself, offering disparaging comments concerning its activities and business model.

    This is an important...


    The Coolest Electronic Toys Youll See At NAMM "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Winter NAMM is the worlds largest trade show for musical instrument makers. It is a gear heads paradise, filled to the brim with guitars, synths, amps, MIDI controllers, an impossibly loud section filled with drums, ukuleles, and all sorts of electronic noisemakers that generate bleeps and bloops. Think of it as CES, only with products people want to buy. Were reporting no one has yet stuffed Alexa into a guitar pedal, by the way.

    As with all trade shows, the newest gear is out, and its full of tech that will make your head spin. NAMM is the expression of an entire industry, and with that comes technical innovation. What was the coolest, newest stuff at NAMM? And what can hackers learn from big industry? Theres some cool stuff here, and a surprising amount we can use.

    Low Power Tubes

    A few years back, Korg announced the NuTube, most likely the first new design of a vacuum tube in several decades. The NuTube 6P1 is a dual triode meant for preamp applications and can be seen as a very, very low power 12AX7. The technology behind the NuTube is the same as vacuum fluorescent displays, and even though you can use VFDs as tube amplifiers, this is a purpose-built tube designed for modern, low-power applications.

    In the years since the NuTube...


    Analog Equivalent Rights (12/21): Our parents bought things untracked, their footsteps in store werent recorded "IndyWatch Feed Tech"


    Privacy:In the last article, we focused on how people are tracked today when using credit cards instead of cash. But few pay attention to the fact that were tracked when using cash today, too.

    Few people pay attention to the little sign on the revolving door on Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It says that wi-fi and bluetooth tracking of every single individual is taking place in the airport.

    What sets Schiphol Airport apart isnt that they track individual peoples movements to the sub-footstep level in a commercial area. (Its for commercial purposes, not security purposes.) No, what sets Schiphol apart is that they bother to tell people about it. (The Netherlands tend to take privacy seriously, as does Germany, and for the same reason.)

    Locator beacons are practically a standard in bigger commercial areas now. They ping your phone using wi-fi and bluetooth, and using signal strength triangulation, a grid of locator beacons is able to show how every single individual is moving in realtime at the sub-footstep level. This is used to optimize marketing in other words, find ways to trick peoples brains to spend resources they otherwise wouldnt have. Our own loss of privacy is being turned against us, as it always is.

    Where do people stop for a while, what catches their attention, what doesnt catch their attention, whats a roadblock for more sales?

    These are legitimate questions. However, taking away peoples privacy in order to answer those questions is not a legitimate method to answer them.

    This kind of mass individual tracking has even been deployed at city levels, which happened in complete silence until the Privacy Oversight Board of a remote government sounded the alarms. The city of Vsters got the green light to continue tracking o...


    Samsung Disputes Reports That Claim Xiaomi is India's Top-Selling Smartphone Company "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Xiaomi beats Samsung to top spot in India's smartphone market

    Xiaomi couldn't have wished for better timing of two reports that claim it has toppled Samsung to become India's top-selling smartphone company.

    The Chinese firm, which is reportedly on a roadshow ahead of an IPO that could value it as high as $100 billion, is said to have beaten Samsung's sales efforts in India, the world's second-largest smartphone market behind China, according to new data from Canalys and Counterpoint.

    Data from both analyst houses gave Xiaomi a narrow lead over Samsung in the final quarter of 2017, with 27 percent and 25 percent, respectively, according to Canalys and 25 percent versus 23 percent, according to Counterpoint.

    Counterpoint included year-long figures, which conclude that Samsung (24 percent) is ahead of Xiaomi (19 percent) over the longer timeframe. A glance at the previous year's figures shows that Xiaomi has closed what was once a significant gap with its rival.

    Samsung Says Xiaomi Didn't Surpass Its Phone Sales In India

    Samsung claims Xiaomi didn't take the title of the largest smartphone vendor in India, thus directly refuting the findings published by research firm Canalys on Wednesday. The Seoul-based original equipment manufacturer remains adamant that it's still the top handset company in the South Asian country "by a distance." Samsung backed its claims by citing an older report from GfK covering a three-month period ending November 30th which states the firm had a 40 percent volume share and 45 percent value share of the Indian smartphone market in terms of sales to consumers. The tech giant also explicitly proclaimed itself a leader in every handset segment in India, from entry-level devices to ultra-premium offerings like the Galaxy Note 8.

    Original Submission...


    NotPetya attack: Maersk reinstalled 45,000 PCs, 2,500 apps & 4,000 servers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    By Waqas

    On June 27th, 2017, a dangerous ransomware attack called Petya

    This is a post from Read the original post: NotPetya attack: Maersk reinstalled 45,000 PCs, 2,500 apps & 4,000 servers


    Re: How to deal with reporters who don't want their bugs fixed? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Posted by Solar Designer on Jan 26

    I agree (specifically, I had suggested explicit maximum embargo times),
    but such rules must not be one and only industry standard. Anyone or
    any project may propose rules, and other projects are welcome to reuse
    those rules, but they must not have to - they could as well use
    different rules, or none. At best, a relatively non-controversial
    and brief boilerplate could end up being reused by many projects.

    No. Let's not use the word...


    Europe's GDPR Meets WHOIS Privacy: Which Way Forward? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect in May 2018, and with it, a new set of tough penalties for companies that fail to adequately protect the personal data of European users. Amongst those affected are domain name registries and registrars, who are required by ICANN, the global domain name authority, to list the personal information of domain name registrants in publicly-accessible WHOIS directories. ICANN and European registrars have clashed over this long-standing contractual requirement, which does not comply [PDF] with European data protection law.

    This was one of the highest profile topics at ICANN's 60th meeting in Abu Dhabi which EFF attended last year, with registries and registrars laying the blame on ICANN, either for their liability under the GDPR if they complied with their WHOIS obligations, or for their contractual liability to ICANN if they didn't. ICANN has recognized this and has progressively, if belatedly, being taking steps to remediate the clash between its own rules, and the data protection principles that European law upholds.

    A Brief History of Domain Privacy at ICANN

    ICANN's first step in improving domain privacy, which dates from 2008 and underwent minor revisions in 2015, was to create a very narrow and cumbersome process for a party bound by privacy laws that conflicted with its contractual requirements to seek an exemption from those requirements from ICANN. Next in 2015, ICANN commenced a Policy Development Process (PDP) for the development of a Next-Generation gTLD Registration Directory Services (RDS) to Replace WHOIS, whose work remains ongoing, with the intention that this new RDS would be more compatible with the privacy laws, probably by providing layered access to registrant data to various classes of authorized users.

    Meanwhile, ICANN considered whether to limit registrants' access to a privacy workaround that allowed registrants to register their domain via a proxy, thereby keeping their real personal details private. Although it eventually concluded that acce...


    This Week in Open Source News: The Linux Foundation Launches Networking Fund "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    This Week in Open Source News: The Linux Foundation Launches Networking Fund


    Re: How to deal with reporters who don't want their bugs fixed? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Posted by Stiepan on Jan 26

    With the risk of displeasing the supporters of a "common sense" approach to this topic, I think that clear rules might
    be welcome: We as a profession should have a clear code of ethics just like physicians do, instead of relying on the
    parties' social engineering skills to set the outcome of this kind of issue. End users would thank us and the
    profession's image could evolve from pirate in a garage to a respectable one (by...


    Home Brew Solar Cells for the Chemically Curious "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The idea of making your own semiconductors from scratch would be more attractive if it werent for the expensive equipment and noxious chemicals required for silicon fabrication. But simple semiconductors can be cooked up at home without anything fancy, and they can actually yield pretty good results.

    Granted, [Simplifier] has been working on the method detailed in the video below for about a year, and a look at his post on copper oxide thin-film solar cells reveals a meticulous approach to optimize everything. He started with regular window glass, heated over a propane burner and sprayed with a tin oxide solution to make it conductive while remaining transparent. The N-type layer was sprayed on next in the form of zinc oxide doped with magnesium. Copper oxide, the P-type layer, was electroplated on next, followed by a quick dip in copper sulfide to act as another transparent conductor. A conductive compound of sodium silicate and graphite was layered on the back to form the electrical contacts. The cell worked pretty well 525 mV open circuit voltage and 6.5 mA short-circuit current. Not bad for home brewed.

    If you want to replicate [Simplifier]s methods, youll find his ample documentation of his site. Of course, if you yearn for DIY silicon semiconductors, theres a fab for that, too.


    California: Recruiters Must Share Pay Range Info Upon Request "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Here in California, our government has passed a strange new law.

    Although intended to force employers to stop offering different pay rates to men and women, the new law has the strange side effect of forcing recruiters to play fair - and recruiters aren't liking it. The law also forbids asking candidates for their prior compensation history. Again, recruiters and hiring managers aren't liking the new shift in the balance of power:

    Assembly Bill No. 168
    SECTION 1. Section 432.3 is added to the Labor Code, to read:

    432.3. (a) An employer shall not rely on the salary history information of an applicant for employment as a factor in determining whether to offer employment to an applicant or what salary to offer an applicant.

    (b) An employer shall not, orally or in writing, personally or through an agent, seek salary history information, including compensation and benefits, about an applicant for employment.

    (c) An employer, upon reasonable request, shall provide the pay scale for a position to an applicant applying for employment.

    (d) Section 433 does not apply to this section.

    (e) This section shall not apply to salary history information disclosable to the public pursuant to federal or state law, including the California Public Records Act (Chapter 3.5 (commencing with Section 6250) of Division 7 of Title 1 of the Government Code) or the federal Freedom of Information Act (Section 552 of Title 5 of the United States Code).

    (f) This section applies to all employers, including state and local government employers and the Legislature.

    (g) Nothing in this section shall prohibit an applicant from voluntarily and without prompting disclosing salary history information to a prospective employer.

    (h) If an applicant voluntarily and without prompting discloses salary history information to a prospective employer, nothing in this section shall prohibit that employer from considering or relying on that voluntarily disclosed salary history information in determining the salary for that applicant.

    (i) Consistent with Section 1197.5, nothing in this section shall be construed to allow prior salary, by itself, to justify any disparity in compensation.

    (emphasis added)



    European Electricity Industry Pledges to Deliver on Paris Agreement | UNFCCC "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    EURELETRIC, the association representing the interests of the electricity industry in Europe, has said the regions power companies intend to be both part of a competitive European economy and reliably powered by clean, carbon-neutral energy.

    Read more


    Digital Transformation: Interview with David Edgerton, Kings College London | Manuel Stagars "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    In conversations with visionaries, decision makers, technologists, leading scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, and others around the world, the film gives insight into the global digital future, its most pressing challenges, and biggest opportunities. Interviews from the project are available in long form. This conversation took place in June 2017 with David Edgerton, Hans Rausing Professor of the History of Science and Technology and Professor of Modern British History at Kings College London.

    Read more


    500 Companies to Commit to Science-Based Climate Targets | UNFCCC "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    In an effort to spur further climate action at this years Global Climate Action Summit in September and at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24) in December, Summit co-chair and Mahindra Group Chairman, Anand Mahindra today challenged businesses around the world to join the growing number of companies committed to setting greenhouse gas reduction targets in line with climate science.

    Read more




    World Leading Multinationals Accelerating a Clean Economy RE100 Report | The Climate Group | CDP "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    A rapidly growing group of ambitious multinational businesses are actively reshaping the energy market through their global investment decisions and accelerating a zero emissions economy, a new report released today (Tuesday January 23) shows.

    Read more


    Uber drivers, freelancers and other independent contractors are getting a tax cut By Andrew Khouri | Los Angeles Times "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Every Uber driver, as far as I can see, gets a benefit, said Edward Kleinbard, a USC professor and former chief of staff to Congress Joint Committee on Taxation.

    Read more


    Torrent Links Disappear From Torrentz2, For Adblock Users "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    With millions of visits per day, Torrentz2 is without a doubt the most popular torrent meta-search engine on the Internet.

    The site took this spot from the original Torrentz site, which surprisingly closed its doors during the summer of 2016.

    Up until a month ago everything was running smoothly, but that changed when links to other torrent sites disappeared late December. Instead of a metasearch engine, Torrentz2 turned into a database of torrent metadata, and traffic started to drop off.

    Torrentz2 remained without links for roughly three weeks, after which the site, just as surprisingly, returned to its former glory. However, that didnt last very long.

    Starting yesterday, all links have mysteriously disappeared again, without any official explanation. However, this time it only affects users who run an ad-blocker.

    Initially we assumed that the issues were affecting all users, but upon closer inspection this is not the case. This means that the current issue is in no way related to the earlier disappearance.

    The issues are the result of the EasyList Adblock filter which appears to block all nofollow links on Torrentz2. Since most adblockers use this list, many people are affected.

    The good news for affected users is that they can solve the issue by simply disable the adblocker on the site. Alternatively, they can also disable the EasyList filter in their ad-blocker settings.

    Update: Shortly after publication we learned that the disappearing links are the result of EasyList and adblockers. We updated the article accordingly.

    Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and more. We also have VPN discounts, offers and coupons


    The CSD Initiative Is Pushing For Apps To Abandon Title Bars In Favor Of Header Bars "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    GNOME developer Tobias Bernard has announced "The CSD Initiative" in a push for more applications to support client-side decorations and as part of that to abandon boring title bars in favor of modern header bars...


    Utilities Bury More Transmission Lines to Prevent Storm Damage "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Facing hurricanes and public opposition to overhead lines, utilities are paying extra to go underground Photo: New River Electrical

    Photo: New River Electrical Buried Power: A crew from New River Electrical buries 800 meters of transmission cables at a substation in Connecticut.      

    In the past six months, transmission lines have beendestroyed by hurricanes in Puerto Rico, singed by wildfires in California, and bitterly opposed by residents in Utah and Pennsylvania who want to stop utilities from building more.

    Such problems have grid operators literally thinking deeper. Increasingly, utilities in the United States and elsewhere are routing power underground. Puerto Ricos grid rebuild is a prime example: A proposal, crafted by an industry-government consortium late last year, calls for undergrounding transmission to harden a power system still recovering from Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

    Much of the plans outlay for transmissionUS $4.3 billionwould create hardy overhead circuits interspersed with underground cables in areas where gusts could snap even the strongest lines and towers. A $601 million line item also provides for a buried high-voltage direct current (HVDC) cable around the territorys southeast corner, where most big storms strike first. This underground bypass would create a secure path from the islands most efficient power plants to the heavily populated area around San Juan.

    By heading below ground, transmission grids are following a path laid by their lower-voltage cousinsdistribution grids. In some cities, power distribution occurs entirely out of sight. This is possible thanks to specialized cables, whose metal conductors are wrapped in cross-linked polyethylene, a heatstable insulator, as well as metal and polymer layers providing electrical shielding, impermeability to water, and puncture resistance.

    Utilities have been slower to bury transmission because of the expense, according to power consultant Ken Hall, a former transmission and distribution director at the Edison Electric Institute, a Washington, D.C.based utility trade group. Transmission lines operate at higher power levels than distribution lines and generate more heat, which is harder to dissipate un...



    Chinese volunteers spend 200 days on virtual moon base "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Chinese students spent 200 continuous days in a lunar lab in Beijing, state media said Friday, as the country prepares for its long-term goal of putting people on the moon.

    Four students crammed into a 160-square-metre (1,720-square-foot) cabin called Yuegong-1Lunar Palaceon the campus of Beihang University, testing the limits of humans ability to live in a self-contained space, the official Xinhua news agency said.

    The volunteers lived in the sealed lab to simulate a long-term space mission with no input from the outside world.


    Gen-next smart solar windows could produce electricity "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Washington: Scientists have discovered a new material for next-generation smart windows that not only darken automatically when the Sun is too bright but also convert solar energy into electricity.

    Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) in the US found a form of perovskite that works well as a stable and photoactive semiconductor material that can reversibly switch between transparent and non-transparent state, without degrading its electronic properties.

    The scientists made the discovery while investigating the phase transition of the material, an inorganic perovskite.


    Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to use Xorg by default "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    After some speculation and a default to Wayland in 17.10, Ubuntu has announced Xorg will be the default for the next LTS.


    Bionic Beaver, the codename for the next Ubuntu LTS release, is due in April 2018 and will ship with both the traditional Xorg graphics stack as well as the newer Wayland based stack, but Xorg will be the default.

    17.10, released in October 2017, ships with the Wayland based graphics server as the default and the Xorg based equivalent is available as an option from the login screen. When we started out on the GNOME Shell route for 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) we knew that we needed to have Wayland as the default option otherwise we wouldnt know if it would work well for our users in the LTS only 6 months later. The LTS is supported for five years meaning that we need to be certain that what goes out the door on release day will be maintainable and sustainable for the duration and will serve all our users and customers needs, which is no mean feat.

    As we are roughly half way through the Bionic development cycle, the time was right for us to review that decision and make a call on whether or not Wayland is the right default display server for Bionic. We have decided that we will ship Xorg by default, and that Wayland will be an optional session available from the login screen.

    Why opt for Xorg by default? There are three main reasons:

    Screen sharing in software like WebRTC services, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc works well under Xorg.
    Remote Desktop control for example RDP & VNC works well under Xorg.
    Recoverability from Shell crashes is less dramatic under Xorg.
    For LQ members using Wayland in 17.10, what was your general experience?



    PipeWire Is Making Progress But Still Needs More Time To Mature "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    PipeWire was announced last year as a new Red Hat projects with aspirations to be to video as PulseAudio is to audio on the Linux desktop. Other PipeWire goals include professional audio support equal to or better than JACK, full Wayland/Flatpak support, and more. Red Hat is making a lot of progress on PipeWire, but it's not yet ready to be the default on the Linux desktop...


    ICE to gain access to database that tracks license plates "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency will soon have the ability to track license plates across the U.S., The Verge reported Friday.ICE has reached a deal with Vigilant Solutions, a top source for license plate data, to gain access to...


    Mechanisms: Ode to the Zipper "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Look around yourself right now and chances are pretty good that youll quickly lay eyes on a zipper. Zippers are incredibly commonplace artifacts, a commodity item produced by the mile that we rarely give a second thought to until they break or get stuck. But zippers are a fairly modern convenience, and the story of their invention is one that shows even the best ideas can be delayed by overly complicated designs and lack of a practical method for manufacturing.

    Try and Try Again

    US Patent #504,307. One of the many iterations of Judsons design. Like the others, it didnt work.

    Ideas for fasteners to replace buttons and laces have been kicking around since the mid-19th century. The first patent for a zipper-like fastener was issued to Elias Howe, inventor of the sewing machine. Though he was no slouch at engineering intricate mechanisms, Howe was never able to make his Automatic, Continuous Clothing Closure a workable product, and Howe shifted his inventive energies to other projects.

    The world would wait another forty years for further development of a hookless fastener, when a Chicago-bor...


    HiFormance 512MB OpenVZ for $7.50/yr and other specials for 2018! "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Kyle is back from HiFormance is back with some amazing deals for the start of 2018, and were pleased to be able to pass them along to you guys!

    Heres a note from the company

    My name is Kyle from and we are fast growing SSD VPS company. We would like to offer the LEB community with exciting deals. We currently offer 6 mainstream locations with both KVM and OpenVZ virtualization (NEW).

    Our focus is to offer the highest performance at the most affordable pricing. We have highly experienced and dedicated staff members that will go above and beyond support. We are about customer experience and satisfaction guarantee!
    Their WHOIS is public, theyre currently working on registering as an LLC, the accept PayPal and Credit Card, and you can find their legal docs at the following links:
    **Pre-pay 3-years to get double CPU, memory, SSD or IP address!**

    Heres the offers: 

    OpenVZ Offer #1:
    1 x vCore
    512MB Memory
    5GB Pure SSD
    2TB Bandwidth
    1Gbps Port
    1 x IPv4
    [ORDER] $7.50/yr (Pre-pay 3-years to get either Double Memory, IPs, CPU or SSD space)

    OpenVZ Offer #2:

    1 x vCore
    1GB Memory
    10GB Pure SSD
    2TB Bandwidth
    1Gbps Port
    1 x IPv4
    [ORDER] $15.00/yr (Pre-pay 3-years to get either Double Memory, IPs, CPU or SSD space)

    Additional Offers/Network Info:  



    Keylogger found on thousands of WordPress-based sites, stealing every keypress as you type "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    While the website's front-end is digging for cryptocurrencies, the back-end is secretly hosting a keylogger designed to steal unsuspecting users' login credentials.

    Read more in my article on the Hot for Security blog.


    Monero Crypto-Currency Mining Operation impacted 30 Million users "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Security experts from PaloAlto Networks uncovered a large-scale crypto-currency mining operation that involved around 30 million systems worldwide.

    Hackers also used the URL shortening service that remunerates users when someone clicks on the link.  When users clicked on these URLs, they were redirected and found themselves downloading the crypto-currency mining malware instead.

    The miner used in this Monero cryptocurrency mining operation execute XMRig mining software via VBS files, and leverages XMRig proxy services to hide the ultimate mining pool destination.

    Researchers also noticed that threat actors use the Nicehash...


    Intel Posts its Last Good Numbers Before Meltdown "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Intel results beat estimates, warns of potential security flaw fallout

    Intel Corp on Thursday gave a bullish forecast and blew past Wall Street profit and revenue expectations for the fourth quarter on the strength of data center sales, the business it sees as key to its transformation from a PC supplier.

    [...] Intel Chief Executive Brian Krzanich said the company would start shipping chips later this year with silicon-based changes to protect against the so-called Spectre and Meltdown security threats.

    Revenue from the companys higher-margin data center business rose about 20 percent to $5.58 billion, beating the average analyst estimate of $5.13 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. Revenue from Intels PC group hit $9 billion for the quarter, a 2 percent decline from the year before, but ticked up 3 percent for the year to $34 billion.

    Intel predicted $65 billion in revenue for 2018, well above expectations of a $63.7 billion forecast.

    In an interview ahead of Intels earnings call with investors, Chief Financial Officer Bob Swan said the company sees no meaningful impact on corporate earnings as a result of the security vulnerabilities, reiterating an assessment the company made on Jan. 3.

    Original Submission

    Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


    How Dutch intelligence spied on the Russian hackers attacking the DNC "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Media reports from The Netherlands claim that hackers embedded within the Dutch intelligence agency AIVD watched Russian hackers attack the United States... for years.


    Subgraph: This Security-Focused Distro Is Malwares Worst Nightmare "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Subgraph: This Security-Focused Distro Is Malwares Worst Nightmare


    Vulkan Continues To Show Its Gaming Strength On Low-End Hardware "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    As we have shown in past benchmarks, while current generation Linux games with current Linux GPU drivers using the Vulkan API rather than OpenGL may not be significantly faster with higher-end hardware right now, the impact of this newer Khronos graphics API tends to be more profound on lower-end hardware, especially when it comes to lightening the load on the CPU. Following the recent Pentium vs. Ryzen 3 Linux gaming tests, I carried out some fresh benchmarks looking at OpenGL vs. Vulkan on the Ryzen 3 1200 quad-core CPU with NVIDIA and Radeon graphics.


    New Silicon Probes Record Activity of Hundreds of Neurons Simultaneously "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    We helped develop Neuropixels probes to accelerate neuroscience research.

    1cm long and 70 microns across, this technology is capable of recording signals from 384 brain cells at the same time. #InnovationWeek


    2 Minutes to Midnight "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) has set the Doomsday Clock to "two minutes to midnight" to reflect fears of a nuclear confrontation with North Korea, as well as the failure of world leaders to address climate change and other factors. The clock is now set as close to doomsday as it was in 1953:

    The team of scientists singled out a series of nuclear tests by North Korea. They dramatically escalated tensions on the Korean peninsula and led to a war of words between North Korea and the US.

    The BAS also referred to a new US nuclear strategy that was expected to call for more funding to expand the role of the country's nuclear arsenal. Rising tension between Russia and the West was also a contributing factor.

    The "weakening of institutions" around the world in dealing with major global threats - including climate change - was another major concern, the scientists said. They also mentioned US President Donald Trump's "unpredictability", pointing to his often controversial tweets and statements.

    We're back, baby!

    Original Submission

    Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


    New infosec products of the week: January 26, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Empowering security teams with unlimited security data collection, indexing and search Exabeam Data Lake centralizes all relevant logs to reduce the work of collecting logs from multiple systems. It is built on open source, big data technology, providing unlimited security data collection, indexing, and search. It supports better analytics and enables compliance reporting. Data Lake now has a database collector which enables logs to be collected from remote Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases. Proxmox More


    Jail for man who hacked 1000 student email accounts in search for sexually explicit images "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    A poorly-secured password reset utility allowed a man to access more than 1,000 email accounts at a New York City-area university in a hunt for sexually explicit photographs and videos.

    Read more in my article on the We Live Security blog.


    System Startup Gets a Boost with New LinuxBoot Project "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The Linux Foundation is pleased to welcome LinuxBoot to our family of open source projects and to support the growth of the project community. LinuxBoot looks to improve system boot performance and reliability by replacing some firmware functionality with a Linux kernel and runtime...

    LinuxBoot addresses the often slow, often error-prone, obscured code that executes these steps with a Linux kernel. The result is a system that boots in a fraction of the time of a typical system, and with greater reliability.


    Good privacy is good for business, so pay attention "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Data privacy concerns are causing significant sales cycle delays for up to 65 percent of businesses worldwide, according to findings in the new Cisco 2018 Privacy Maturity Benchmark Study. The study shows that privacy maturity is connected to lower losses from cyberevents: 74 percent of privacy-immature organizations experienced losses of more than $500,000 last year caused by data breaches, compared with only 39 percent of privacy-mature organizations. Privacy maturity is a framework defined by the More


    Duterte Administration Moves to Kill Free Speech in the Philippines "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    In a country where press freedom is already under grave threat, the revocation of an independent publications license to operate and a proposed amendment to the Bill of Rights are pushing journalists further into the margins. While the Constitution of the Philippines guarantees press freedom and the countrys media landscape is quite diverse, journalists nevertheless face an array of threats. Libel threats and advertising boycotts are common, and the country ranks fifth in the world in terms of impunity for killing journalists.

    And since the election of President Rodrigo Duterte in 2016, press freedom in the Philippines has taken a further blow. Like President Trump, Duterte enjoys going after individual media outlets that criticize his policies, creating an increasingly chilled atmosphere for the countrys independent journalists and free speech.

    In an unprecedented move, the Duterte administrations Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) revoked the registration of independent news organization, Rappler, and ordered them to close up shop. Rappler has been a vocal critic of the Duterte regime and appears to be targeted for its criticism of the current administration, especially when contrasted with how other pro-Duterte bloggers and outlets have been rewarded with government positions or hired as consultants using public funds.

    The Duterte administrations SEC claims its decision to revoke Rapplers registration was based on an alleged violation of the Foreign Equity Restriction in Mass Media by accepting funds from the Omidyar Network, a fund created by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar that has...



    Cyber attacks surge, ransomware leading the way "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The Online Trust Alliance (OTA) found that cyber incidents targeting businesses nearly doubled from 82,000 in 2016 to 159,700 in 2017. Since the majority of cyber incidents are never reported, OTA believes the actual number in 2017 could easily exceed 350,000. Surprising no one, 2017 marked another worst year ever in data breaches and cyber incidents around the world, said Jeff Wilbur, director of the OTA initiative at the Internet Society. This years big increase More


    Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Will Default To The X.Org Stack, Not Wayland "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    While Ubuntu 17.10 defaults to using the Wayland session on supported GPUs/drivers when using the default GNOME Shell based session, Canonical has decided for Ubuntu 18.04 "Bionic Beaver" LTS that it will use the X.Org Server by default...


    Rise in cryptomining malware impacts organizations worldwide "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Cybercriminals are increasingly turning to cryptominers to develop illegal revenue streams, while ransomware and malvertising adware continue to impact organizations worldwide, according to Check Point. During the period July to December 2017, one in five organizations were impacted by cryptomining malware, tools that enable cybercriminals to hijack the victims CPU or GPU power and existing resources to mine cryptocurrency, using as much as 65% of the end-users CPU power. Key malware trends in H2 2017 More


    Slimline Proximity Fob Makes Life Easier "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Modern cars these days tend to come with proximity keys, which allow the driver to unlock and start the vehicle without having to remove the key from ones pocket. While this is a great usability upgrade, for some reason key fobs continue to be bulky plastic monstrosities that when stuffed into a pocket can easily ruin the lines of a well-chosen outfit. This wasnt good enough so [Patrick] decided to sort it out.

    Starting with a Prius key, the first step was to disassemble the already broken key fob and separate out the PCB from the case and battery holder. With those removed, a coin cell was soldered to some wires connected to the PCB. As a substitute for the original case, a plastic card was cut up and the PCB inserted within, allowing the setup to fit neatly in a wallets card pocket. Lashings of tape bring the project home.

    Unsurprisingly, it works, and works well. It raises the question why key fobs are so large and ungainly, taking up so much precious pocket space. Wed love to see even slimmer takes on this with 3D printed enclosures or even completely redesigned PCBs. Give it a go, and hit up the tip line. Else, check out how key fobs are routinely hacked to steal cars.

    Auto-Tracking Sentry Gun Gives Deer a Super Soaking "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Things rarely go well when humans mix with wildlife. The problems are exacerbated in the suburbs, where bears dine on bird feeders and garbage cans, raccoons take up residence in attics, and coyotes make off with the family cat. And in the suburbs, nuisance wildlife can be an intractable problem because the options for dealing with it are so limited.


    GitHub Rejects Drone-Maker DJI's DMCA Takedown After Encryption Keys Get Forked "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Drone hackers/researchers can modify the firmware for DJI drones, thanks to rogue DJI developers and a fork of a public Github repo:

    Github rejected a DMCA takedown request from Chinese drone-maker DJI after someone forked source code left in the open by a naughty DJI developer, The Register can reveal.

    This included AES keys permitting decryption of flight control firmware, which could allow drone fliers with technical skills to remove geofencing from the flight control software: this software prevents DJI drones from flying in certain areas such as the approach paths for airports, or near government buildings deemed to be sensitive.

    Though the released key is not for the latest firmware version, The Register has seen evidence (detailed below) that drone hackers are already incorporating it in modified firmware available for anyone to download and flash to their drones.

    [...] In fact the people who posted the keys to DJI's kingdom, as well as source code for various projects, were DJI devs. The company said in a later statement that they were sacked.

    The code was forked by drone researcher Kevin Finisterre, who submitted a successful rebuttal to the takedown request on the grounds that Github's terms and conditions explicitly permit forking of public repos.

    [...] Drone hackers have already begun distributing modded firmware for DJI's popular Phantom drones, as we can see on where else? Github

    Previously: Man Gets Threats-Not Bug Bounty-After Finding DJI Customer Data in Public View

    Related: DJI introduced new software to stop its drones from flying in restricted airspace.
    Skip the Complex Tracking Software, DJI Says, and Give Drones an "Invisible" License Plate
    $500 DJI Spark Drone can Take Off and Land from Your Palm
    DJI Will Ground Drones If They Don't Apply a Software Update...


    Top 7 Apps for Students "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    College and high school students often find it difficult to deal with the ever-expanding responsibilities and time. Students have to do lots of things, such as homework, assignments and essay writing. In this situation, custom writing can be a good solution for students to finish their assignments on time. To keep the track of their homework and assignments, you can get the advantage of different iOS and Android apps. These apps are specially designed for the assistance of students.

    1) Office Lens (Free for Windows, Android and iOS)

    It is an excellent app to take picture of your receipts, magazines, blackboards, whiteboards and documents. With the help of this app, you can take pictures from different angles and the app will clear shadows and glare too. You will get an opportunity to save your photographs as PowerPoint, word or PDFs files.

    2) Alarm Clock Sleep Cycle (Free for Android and iOS)

    Sufficient sleep is essential for every student, but a rested wakeup is not about the quantity of your sleep. It is all about your sleep cycle and you can set it with the help of this app. This app uses accelerometer and microphone of your phone to analyze sleeping patterns of its user and choose the best time to wake him/her up. The app will choose your lightest state of sleep before waking you up. If you need extra features, you can pay for its premium version.

    3) Dragon Dictation App (free for iOS)

    Typing can make your wrists tired and cause permanent damage in numerous cases. If you want to avoid this situation, you can get the advantage of this dictation app. By dictating your emails and homework to dragon app, you can save your time and wrists.

    4) Student Homework Planner (Free for Windows, Android and iOS)

    This planner allows you to stay organized without any trouble. With the help of this planner, you can track your homework and class schedule and get reminders for tests. With its premium version, you can some excessive features of this app.

    5) Wonderlist (Free for Windows, Android and iOS)

    It is just like a task and to-do list. You can track school projects, college projects or make your grocery list. Wunderlist can sync instantly between your devices, such as computers and tablets to keep you updated. Feel free to set reminders and due dates to avoid any trouble.

    6)  Tasker (Android $2.99)...


    How We Built an Intrusion Detection System on AWS using Open Source Tools "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Its roughly a year now that we built an intrusion detection system on AWS cloud infrastructure that provides security intelligence across some selected instances using open source technologies.


    Katsiaryna Archangorodskaja joins our Futurists Board. Katerina is President of HawkMatrix and Executive Advisor at Apphera. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Katsiaryna Archangorodskaja joins our Futurists Board. Katerina is President of HawkMatrix and Executive Advisor at Apphera.


    Glibc 2.27 Is Being Released Soon With Numerous Performance Optimizations "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Glibc 2.27 will be released as soon as next week as the latest half-year update to the GNU C Library...


    "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Microsoft has long been working on creating a modular operating system for Windows that can run across different platforms and form-factors.

    Last year, Microsoft announced that they are working on turning Windows into a more modular operating system, a vision that has been codenamed Windows Core OS. Windows Core OS which will eventually be the future basis for all forms of Windows 10 is designed to provide flexibility that creates a versatile and an excellent new Windows experience for multiple device-form factors.

    Codenamed as Polaris, this OS will eliminate old legacy components that have been part of the operating system for decades and are slowing it down. Polaris aims to create a much lighter software platform with less equipment loading, and thus lower power consumption. This system would also have a noticeably faster effect.

    Microsoft is already developing an extensible and adaptable shell, known as CShell, to serve as the basis for the user interface of Polaris, Andromeda and Windows Core OS. This interface found in Polaris is supposed to build the wall of Andromeda OS and Windows Core OS.

    It is worth emphasizing that Polaris will not get the native support of the Win32 application, as it will be replaced with UWP applications. However, Microsoft is considering the possibility of providing Win32 software support, but only through remote virtualization, suggest Windows Centrals sources.

    Existing Windows users will not be able to switch to Polaris, either through an update or through a clean installation. This means that you cannot switch from Polaris to Windows 10 Pro or vice versa. Polaris will only be available on the devices that come with it.

    Also, it is important to note that the currently available Windows 10 OS is not meant to be succeeded or substituted by Polaris. It is just a separate offer for those users looking for portability and a lightweight operating system.

    It is assumed that Polaris will be ready for release in 2019.

    The post Microsoft is working on...


    Communication is key when responding to a cybersecurity incident "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Communication is key when responding to a cybersecurity incident

    Ensure that a thought-through communication strategy is a key part of your response plan to a cybersecurity incident.

    Read more in my article on the Bitdefender Business Insights blog.


    DevOps and Security: How to Overcome Cultural Challenges and Transform to True DevSecOps "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Similar to the proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise several years ago where organizations were feeling the pressure to have a mobile strategy but didnt know where to start, were seeing the same situation with development methodologies. To accelerate development velocity, teams are feeling the pressure to do DevOps, and when integrating security, to do DevSecOps. But much like during the initial mobile wave, many companies say theyre implementing these methodologies, and might even think they are, but in reality, theyre not. Yet.


    GLAMOR Acceleration Should Now Work With 30-Bit Deep Color Support "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    GLAMOR as a means of providing 2D acceleration over OpenGL in X.Org Server 1.20 will support for 30-bit RGB colors...


    The Dutch intelligence service AIVD hacked Russian Cozy Bear systems for years "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Spying on spies The hackers from the Dutch intelligence service AIVD compromised for years the network of the Russian APT Cozy Bear.

    Its not a mystery, technology firms that intend to work with Russia need to allow the Government experts to scan their code for backdoors and vulnerabilities.

    The problem is that this software is often used by the US Government, this means that Russian experts could found bugs or backdoors to exploit in cyber attacks against US Agencies.

    Many tech giants already allowed their software review, including McAfee, SAP, Symantec, and HPE, the risk is that foreign Governments could exploit a bug or a backdoor to control them.

    Anyway, other firms like Trend Micro has refused to allow the Russians to conduct a source code review of their products.

    Of course, the companies defend their position clarifying that the code review s were done under controlled conditions and that not code was allowed to be copied.

    News of the day is that the Dutch intelligence service AIVD hacked Russian state-sponsored hackers.

    The news was reported by the newspaper de Volkskrant, AIVD in 2014 monitored the activity of the Russian APT Cozy Bear (aka APT29) and its efforts to hack into systems at the US Democratic Partys and US government servers.

    Dutch intelligence service AIVD provided the FBI with crucial information about Russian interference with the American elections.

    The AIVD cyber spies compromised security cameras surrounding the building used by the Cozy Bear crew, the Dutch agents were looking for known Russian spies accessing the structure.

    Hackers from the Dutch intelligence service AIVD have provided the FBI with crucial information about Russian interference with the American elections, reports the Dutch daily newspaper

    Thats how the AIVD becomes witness to the Russian hackers harassing and penetrating the leaders of the Democratic Party, transferring thousands of emails and documents. It wont be the last time they alert their American counterparts.



    Satellite Broadcaster Sky to Ditch Satellite Dishes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The British-based broadcaster Sky (with operations in the EU and elsewhere) has decided it doesn't need to keep attaching satellite dishes to the walls of its customers' homes.

    The BBC reports:

    The pay TV company already offers some programming online on its Sky Go and Now TV* services and through Sky boxes.

    Sky said offering the option was a "major development" that would let it enter new markets.

    It hopes that making its hundreds of channels more widely available will increase both revenue and profits.

    Italy will be its first market to get all Sky channels online, followed by Austria, with the UK expected to follow later this year or in 2019.

    Sky is not proposing to stop broadcasting by satellite. The move will allow customers who cannot have a dish or do not want one to get Sky, a spokesperson said. A Sky box will still be required.

    The company's move is a response to greater competition from the likes of streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon.

    *Now TV is an internet-based, subscriptionless pay-TV service. Established 5 years ago, it's wholly owned by Sky.

    Original Submission

    Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


    PDP Xbox One Controllers Should Now Work With The Linux 4.15 Kernel "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    One of the last minute changes sneaking into the Linux 4.15 kernel is support for PDP Xbox One controllers...


    Finding Vulnerable Open Source Packages "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Finding Vulnerable Packages

    Now that you understand what a known vulnerability is, lets start going through the four steps needed to address them: find, fix, prevent, and respond.

    The first step in solving any problem is acknowledging you have one! And so, with vulnerable packages, your first act should be to look for vulnerable packages your application is consuming. This chapter discusses how to test your application, when and how you should run such a test, and the nuances in running the test and interpreting the results.


    Artificial Intelligence Nears the Summit of Hype in Davos "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Artificial intelligence approached the summit of hype at this years World Economic Forum.

    AI was on the lips of seemingly every corporate chief and policy maker attending this years conference in Davos, Switzerland. On Wednesday, the term artificial intelligence appeared in more than 20 headlines and stories Bloomberg ran about the gathering.

    British Prime Minister Theresa May announced a new government-funded center to advise on ethical use of AI and French President Emmanuel Macron launched a 10 billion euro innovation fund aimed at new technologies like AI.


    Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) Are Not Inventions, But Sites of the Patent Microcosm (e.g. IAM) Want Us to Believe Otherwise "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    China and South Korea among the latest under the microscope

    How on Earth are such simple GUIs being patented as though they are inventions?

    Summary: In China and elsewhere the patent maximalists now get patents on GUIs (cascading or otherwise); Section 101 is not exactly designed to deal with such an absurdity

    THINGS have gotten ridiculous. Some patents which are being granted nowadays (especially in countries like China) are borderline parodies. At Sun, engineers used to joke about the sorts of patents they could get examiners at the USPTO to approve/grant; they even mocked examiners for granting what they had drafted as (almost) practical jokes. WIPO is happy though because the number of annual patent grants continues to climb. More money for WIPO!

    Im not writing this site as a lobbyist or as a self-serving exercise. In fact, it doesnt affect my job in any way. Its almost orthogonal to it. I have been developing software since I was 14 and I created many GUIs in my lifetime (dozens of programs with GUIs, using half a dozen different toolkits); people dont invent GUIs but simply design or piece them together, changing placement of buttons or menu items over time at risk of confusing users who have habits (muscle memory). The developers dont actually claim this to be an invention and its barely even like a painting. The element of consistency for predictability is essential for users. Thats where so-called UX experts creep in.

    Anyway, Chinas patents (in Mandarin) are of low quality, but these are difficult for Westerners to assess because very few of them comprehend Mandarin. IAM, being IAM, is making excuses for China. Yesterday it wrote this piece about SIPO and added: Patent application rates in China are slowing and examiners are getting tougher.

    Or maybe theyve just run out of nonsense to file. Its far too late for examiners to get tough (after many rubbish patents were granted). We occasionally read about some of these patents, including for instance patents on GUIs (not a joke!) and earlier this week Managing IP posted another example of this. GUI design...


    Steam UI Finally Has A Scaling Mode For HiDPI Monitors "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    At the same time as adding HiDPI monitor support for Windows 10, Valve has added a "2X-scaling mode" for the Steam client to satisfy modern high resolution monitors...


    A New Life for a Dead VIC-20 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    What was the first computer you bent to your programmatic will? If youre old enough, it was probably a Commodore. For [Jagged-path], it was a VIC-20. After finding a broken one on Kijiji, he recaptured that 80s feeling with VicPi, a revitalization project that marries modern computing power with vintage form factor.

    The VicPi can be used as a standalone computer or a USB keyboard for an external computer. As youve probably guessed, theres a Raspberry Pi involved. There is also a Keyrah board, which is arguably the easiest way to convert Commodore (and Amiga) keystrokes to USB without breaking a sweat.

    There are a lot of nice touches that really make this project. A toggle switch on the back selects between VicPi mode and keyboard mode, and the distinction is made with a two-color LED in place of the VIC-20s power LED. [Jagged-path] used panel mount cables to extend the HDMI, 3.5mm, and USB ports and ran them out to a custom metal panel thats treated with rubberized black paint. Another nice touch: the dedicated keyboard port is USB-B, so its easy to differentiate from the Pi inputs.

    If you have a working VIC-20 but not the rare Votrax Type n Talk synthesizer peripheral, you can use an old Android phone to hear those Voodoo Castle responses.


    How to Install Tripwire IDS (Intrusion Detection System) on Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    How to Install Tripwire IDS (Intrusion Detection System) on Linux


    Earliest Human Remains Outside of Africa Discovered "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Earliest Human Remains Outside Africa Were Just Discovered in Israel

    For decades, scientists have speculated about when exactly the bipedal apes known as Homo sapiens left Africa and moved out to conquer the world. That moment, after all, was a crucial step on the way to todays human-dominated world. For many years, the consensus view among archaeologists placed the exodus at 60,000 years agosome 150,000 years after the hominins first appeared.

    But now, researchers in Israel have found a remarkably preserved jawbone they believe belongs to a Homo sapiens that was much, much older. The find, which theyve dated to somewhere between 177,000 and 194,000 years, provides the most convincing proof yet that the old view of human migration needs some serious re-examination.

    The new research, published today in Science [DOI: 10.1126/science.aap8369] [DX], builds on earlier evidence from other caves in the region that housed the bones of humans from 90,000 to 120,000 years ago. But this new discovery goes one step further: if verified, it would require reevaluating the whole history of human evolutionand possibly pushing it back by several hundred thousand years.

    Also at Binghamton University, BBC, and The Guardian.

    Original Submission

    Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


    How a Microsoft-Sponsored and IBM-Armed Patent Troll Is Used by Lobbyists of Software Patents "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Finjan started suing a lot of companies after Microsoft had paid it in 2005

    Microsoft and Finjan

    Summary: In an effort to make 101 seem as though its tolerant towards software patents, patent law firms and front groups of trolls cherry-pick what they like in the largely-failed lawsuit against Blue Coat Systems

    The relatively new euphemism, "public IP companies", is being promoted by patent trolls and their fronts (such as IAM). They keep looking for new identities. Finjan is one such troll a troll which has been financially backed by Microsoft for a very long time and last year received more ammunition (from IBM [1, 2]).

    Unfortunately, as we noted last week, the patent microcosm uses this troll in order to badmouth 101 and promote software patents (we shall say more about that in the weekend). For example, a few days ago Dilworth IPs Shin Hee Lee and Anthony D. Sabatelli published this article in which they wholeheartedly embraced a truly disgusting troll. The patent microcosm, i.e. people who profit from agony and litigation, wants to thwart the (near) ban on software patents and it found itself a champion:

    On January 4th, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office updated their webpage on subject matter eligibility with two new supplementary documents providing further guidance under 35 U.S.C. 101. The two new documents are useful summaries and references for practitioners and others having an interest in the area.


    On January 10, 2018, the court decided Finjan, Inc. Blue Coat Systems, Inc., where upon de novo review it affirmed a district court finding that the underlying software-based subject matter was indeed patent eligible.

    What they choos...


    Court Orders Hosting Provider to Stop Pirate Premier League Streams "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    In many parts of the world football, or soccer as some would call it, is the number one spectator sport.

    The English Premier League, widely regarded as one the top competitions, draws hundreds of millions of viewers per year. Many of these pay for access to the matches, but theres also a massive circuit of unauthorized streams.

    The Football Association Premier League (FAPL) has been clamping down on these pirate sources for years. In the UK, for example, it obtained a unique High Court injunction last year, which requires local Internet providers to block streams as they go live.

    In addition, the organization has also filed legal action against a hosting provider through which several live sports streaming sites are operating. The case in question was filed in the Netherlands where Ecatel LTD, a UK company, operated several servers.

    According to the complaint, Ecatel hosted sites such as, and, which allowed visitors to watch live Premier League streams without paying.

    As the streaming platforms themselves were not responsive to takedown requests, the Premier League demanded action from their hosting provider. Specifically, they wanted the company to disconnect live streams on their end, by null-routing the servers of the offending customer.

    This week the Court of The Hague issued its judgment, which is a clear win for the football association.

    The Court ruled that, after the hosting company receives a takedown notice from FAPL or one of its agents, Ecatel must disconnect pirate Premier League streams within 30 minutes.

    [The Court] recommends that, after 24 hours of service of this judgment, Ecatel cease and discontinue any service used by third parties to infringe the copyright to FAPL by promptly but no later than 30 minutes after receipt of a request to that end, the verdict reads.

    The ban can be lifted after the game has ended, making it a temporary measure similar to the UK Internet provider blockades. If Ecatel fails to comply, it faces a penalty of 5,000 for each illegal stream, to a maximum of 1,500,000.

    While the order is good news for the Premier League, it will be hard to enforce, since Ecatel LTD was dissolved last year. Another hosting company called Novogara was previously linked with Ecatel and is still active, but that is not mentioned in the court order.

    This means that the order will mostly be valuabl...


    Stealth CrossRAT malware targets Windows, MacOS, and Linux systems "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The popular former NSA hacker Patrick Wardle published a detailed analysis of the CrossRAT malware used by Dark Caracal for surveillance.

    Last week a joint report published by security firm Lookout and digital civil rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation detailed the activity of a long-running hacking group linked to the Beirut Government and tracked as Dark Caracal. The hacking campaigns conducted by Dark Caracal leverage a custom Android malware included in fake versions of secure messaging apps like Signal and WhatsApp.

    The malware implements classic RAT features, such as taking screenshots and running arbitrary commands on the infected systems.

    At the time of its discovery, the malware was not detected by almost all the anti-virus software (only two out of 58).

    crossrat malware

    The Dark Caracal attack chain implemented relies primarily on social engineering, the hackers used messages sent to the victims via Facebook group and WhatsApp messages. At a high-level, the hackers have designed three different kinds of phishing messages to trick victims into visiting a compromised website, a typical watering hole attack.

    CrossRAT is written in Java programming language, for this reason, researchers can easily decompile it.

    The popular former NSA hacker Patrick Wardle published a detailed analysis of the CrossRAT malware.

    Once executed on the victims system, CrossRAT will determine the operating system its running on to trigger the proper installation procedure.

    On Linux systems, the RAT also a...


    AWKWARD: New DNA Analysis Reveals Original Native Americans Were White "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    It makes sense that any who actually came through by the northern route would share genetics across the whole sub arctic. That same mix surely filled the Northern woodlands  As can easily be demonstrated by comparing photos of a typical Tibetan crowd shot and similar shots of many native groups.

    Then you add in a continuing influx across the Atlantic since at least 2500 BC that was never interrupted at all and all present claims are complete nonsense. only massive DNA meta statisitics will be able to sort it all out and the skills are still in infancy.

    Additional movement also took place along the Pacific Rim from Japan at the least back though thousands of years which also support much earlier dates for movement across the Atlantic.. 

    AWKWARD: New DNA Analysis Reveals Original Native Americans Were White 

    Posted on January 15, 2018



    President Trump Drops NUCLEAR BOMB on Vaccine Mandates "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

     All very subtle but he has just empowered the whole Vaccine counter revolution which has been vigorously suppressed to this point.  And has also been noted we are looking at Big Pharma becoming little Pharma.

    Again legislation will follow in time, after much more difficult battles are resolved.  However in the meantime this allows the debate itself to shift strongly in favor of a complete reconsideration of the whole body of science and law as well.

    Fascist enforcement has ended and this is also a general direction in regards to many other sick government mandates.  In the meantime we still have large numbers of rebel medicals been killed in suspicious circumstances and no explanation.

    President Trump Drops NUCLEAR BOMB on Vaccine Mandates

    Wars are won by making political alliances. If our side EVER wants to win we need to understand that simple fact.

    By Kent Heckenlively, JD 

    Its not the differences with your allies which should worry you, but the DESTR...


    Don't Eat Before Reading This "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    An old item but also timeless as well. After all, not much can change in a commercial kitchen.

    It really helps if you are not too anal about what is done to your food though.  Many cooking processes serve to make the food safe and that especially applies to well done.
    At the same time a one week cycle works well with modern refrigeration and a bit of care.  But the constant operation does suggests that vulnerabilities can develop and easily explains the odd disaster..
    Don't Eat Before Reading This

    A New York chef spills some trade secrets.

    April 19, 1999 Issue

    Mondays fish has been around since Friday, under God knows what conditions. Illustration by Adrian Gill

    Good food, good eating, is all about blood and organs, cruelty and decay. Its about sodium-loaded pork fat, stinky triple-cream cheeses, the tender thymus glands and distended livers of young animals. Its about dangerrisking the dark, bacterial forces of beef, chicken, cheese, and shellfish. Your first two hundred and seven Wellfleet oysters may transport you to a state of rapture, but your two hundred...


    Bahomet Pt I "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    This is a very long article and i have roughly broken it into several parts. It appears to provide serious insight into pagan theology in particular as respects the Greek Mythos. That such has plausibly survived in several modern guises is no surprise and needs to be better understood as those modern Memes are apparently coming to bite us.

    Most of this material i am obliquely aware of as occasional references in other works.  We now discover what we have here, perhaps a whole meme.

    My first caution is to understand that these writings represent a deep understanding of the sources employed and cannot be dismissed out of hand, even when you are sure they are all on the wrong track altogether.  They are also a window into a world not otherwise encountered.

     What is impressive is the solid sources behind all the original material itself.


    Meet Mete: Twymans Introduction to Joseph von Hammer-Purgstalls Mysterium Baphometis Revelatum


    The Corcoran Incident Demonstrates That the EPOs Boards of Appeal Are Threatened and Battistelli Violates Laws "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    As the Boards themselves are sometimes courageous enough to note

    A shocked Battistelli

    Summary: The ongoing refusal to obey the rulings of judges (regarding an illegal attack on other judges) shows the Battistelli regime for what it truly is (necessitating immediate removal of immunity)

    LAWLESSNESS at the EPO has become so routine that its almost banal now. Its the new norm.

    We have just uploaded a local copy of the document regarding immunity and issues associated with it (published earlier this week and mentioning the EPO extensively). It was covered yesterday in relation to Battistellis war against justice and against the EPC. This war carries on. It even intensifies further, albeit somewhat covertly (they just keep uttering sound bites like perception of independence while sending judges to exile).

    We now have two separable but related issues: 1. the EPO breaks laws and; 2. it does not obey the courts, either (when found to have broken laws). Its not even obeying ILOAT and its sending Corcoran to exile. We wrote three articles about it so far [1, 2, 3] and some media belatedly takes note. The only new bit of information there is that Corcoran is being given only weeks notice. This cites a letter:

    In a letter addressed to the heads of delegations of the administrative council, the EPOs Central Staff Committee said that the office had informed Corcoran he would be permanently tra...


    Trump Attends World Economic Forum "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Via: Reuters: Donald Trump flew into the sanctum of the global elite on Thursday to promote his tax cuts and deregulation policies to CEOs and bankers, many of whom are eager to invest in the United States despite reservations about his turbulent presidency. The first sitting U.S. president to visit the World Economic Forum in []


    UK Prime Minister Theresa May Attacks Encrypted Messaging, Seeks Safe and Ethical AI "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Prime Minister Theresa May has not abandoned her usual crusades:

    On a break from Brexit, British Prime Minister Theresa May takes her crusade against technology giants to Davos.

    "No-one wants to be known as 'the terrorists' platform' or the first choice app for pedophiles," May is expected to say according to excerpts released by her office ahead of her speech Thursday at the World Economic Forum in Davos. "Technology companies still need to go further in stepping up their responsibilities for dealing with harmful and illegal online activity."

    Don't forget the slave traders.

    Luckily, May has a solution... Big AI:

    After two years of repeatedly bashing social media companies, May will say that successfully harnessing the capabilities of AI -- and responding to public concerns about AI's impact on future generations -- is "one of the greatest tests of leadership for our time."

    May will unveil a new government-funded Center for Data Ethics and Innovation that will provide companies and policymakers guidance on the ethical use of artificial intelligence.

    Also at BBC, TechCrunch, and The Inquirer.

    Related: UK Prime Minister Repeats Calls to Limit Encryption, End Internet "Safe Spaces"
    WhatsApp Refused to add a Backdoor for the UK Government

    Original Submission

    Read more of this story a...


    The Collusion: IP Kats (Until Recently) Stephen Jones Meets Battistelli to Lobby for the Unitary Patent (UPC) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    This Kat is no watchdog but a lapdog

    CIPA meeting with Stephen Jones
    Last nights photo op shows Stephen Jones almost holding hands with Battistelli

    Summary: The sad state of affairs in the patent microcosm (or litigation lobby), as Team UPC not only tolerates human rights abuses but also contributes to them by showing support for Battistelli (an alliance of convenience)

    WHEN Stephen Jones entered IP Kat (last summer) we immediately complained that it would further embolden censorship of EPO scandals and contribute to UPC lobbying (already rampant there, mostly due to Bristows and more recently also Eibhlin Vardy).

    IP Kats pushing/advocacy/promotion of the UPC (usually by Bristows) was further bolstered when it began censoring comments critical of the UPC and refused to cover EPO scandals, even deleting entire threads of comments because they criticised abuses at the EPO. Bristows staff was limiting comments while pushing their lobbying agenda (and actually deleting unwanted comments). In their own blog, Bristows does not permit comments at all, so yesterdays post, for example, will remain unchallenged in spite of spin and inaccuracies.

    The sad thing is that in a sense, the Kat has been participating in the EPOs attacks on the Boards of Appeal every time it promoted the unconstitutional and abusive UPC.

    Where does the above photo come from? The EPOs Web site (time-stamped 8 hours ago). Its specifically aimed at promoting the UPC (warning: link) and even mentions it explicitly:

    High-level representatives and experts of the EPO, led by President Benot Battistelli, met yesterday in Munich with a delegation of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) headed by its President, Stephen Jones.

    The meeting allowed the EPO and CIPA to confirm that Brexit will have no consequence on UK membership of the E...


    President Trump's Alleged Hatred of Sharks is a Boon for Shark Conservation Charities "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Donald Trump's 'hatred of sharks' benefits conservation charities

    Donald Trump's alleged hatred of sharks has inspired people to financially support international shark charities.

    The US president's dislike for the marine animal was revealed last week in an In Touch Weekly interview with adult film actress Stormy Daniels. He reportedly said that he would never give money to shark charities, adding: "I hope all sharks die."

    Shark conservation groups have since noted an uptick in donations, one with the message: "Because Trump." Charities such as Atlantic White Shark Conservancy and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society told MarketWatch they had an outpouring of donations.

    Original Submission

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    Six revelations from tech's answers on Russia's election meddling "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Facebook, Twitter and Google on Thursday outlined their efforts to keep state-sponsored groups from manipulating their platforms and interfering in the U.S. political process.The companies detailed their efforts in 100 pages of responses to...


    Please, Keep your Blog Light "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Now that web pages weigh in at tens of megabytes and make scores of external calls, those with bandwidth caps are in for a raw deal unless the trend turns. A pseudo-anonymous blogger makes the appeal to please keep your blog light, as in kilobytes per page rather than megabytes.

    The light went on for him when moving to a mobile service plan with a 25MB per month limit. It turns out that 25MB is barely enough to load seven blog posts from the site Medium. There the pages can be 3.26MB each and 25 divded by 3.26 is only about 7.6. Pages of that size would have taken close to 10 minutes to load over an old dialup connection. Most other sites are just as bad or worse. He walks through some easy steps to guarantee a lean web site with low bandwidth requirements and fast load times.

    Original Submission

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    The Irony of the Pope Decrying Fake News - Facts So Romantic "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Its hard to ignore the irony of the leader of the Catholic religion decrying intolerant and hypersensitive attitudes, to which Catholic dogma has contributed for centuries.Illustration by DonkeyHotey / Flickr

    Pope Francis may be the first pontiff in Roman Catholic history to embrace the voice of the modern pundit. In 2015, he wrote an encyclical on climate change, Laudato Si, which the New Yorker described as a blistering indictment of the human failure to care for Earth and a poignant description of the momentous choice now confronting every government, corporation, and person on the planet. So perhaps it was just a matter of time before the head of the Roman Catholic Church pivoted from God to another global problemfake news.

    The scale and danger of global disinformation may not be as grand and existential as the prospect of a warming planet, but that didnt stop the pope from recently penning what the New York Times called a major document about the phenomenon of fake news. In it, he wrote, Untrue stories can spread so quickly that even authoritative denials fail to contain the damage.

    The Catholic Church amassed much of its vast following and fortune, still held to
    Read More


    To Detect Life on Other Planets, Look for Methane, Carbon Dioxide, and an Absence of Carbon Monoxide "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    A new study suggests a biosignature that the James Webb Space Telescope could search for:

    The new study looks at the history of life on Earth, the one inhabited planet we know, to find times where the planet's atmosphere contained a mixture of gases that are out of equilibrium and could exist only in the presence of living organisms anything from pond scum to giant redwoods. In fact, life's ability to make large amounts of oxygen has only occurred in the past one-eighth of Earth's history.

    By taking a longer view, the researchers identified a new combination of gases that would provide evidence of life: methane plus carbon dioxide, minus carbon monoxide.

    "We need to look for fairly abundant methane and carbon dioxide on a world that has liquid water at its surface, and find an absence of carbon monoxide," said co-author David Catling, a UW professor of Earth and space sciences. "Our study shows that this combination would be a compelling sign of life. What's exciting is that our suggestion is doable, and may lead to the historic discovery of an extraterrestrial biosphere in the not-too-distant future."

    Also at Popular Mechanics.

    Disequilibrium biosignatures over Earth history and implications for detecting exoplanet life (open, DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aao5747) (DX)

    Original Submission

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    Microsoft Will Soon Let You See the Telemetry Data that Windows 10 Collects "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    In a forthcoming Windows 10 release, Microsoft will let you view the telemetry data that the OS collects via a new Windows 10 app called Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer.

    Microsoft announced its commitment to "be fully transparent on the diagnostic data collected" from Windows devices today and the release of the application adds options to Windows 10 to view collected Telemetry data.

    Microsoft says that it wants to increase trust and confidence, and give users increased control over the data.

    [...] You need Windows 10 build 17083 or newer to access the new data viewer. You can access the tool with a tap on Windows-I to open the Settings application, and the selection of Privacy > Diagnostics & feedback in the window that opens.

    [...] Diagnostic Data Viewer is a Windows application to review Telemetry (diagnostic) data that Microsoft collects on the device to send it to company servers for analysis.

    Note: Microsoft notes that enabling the feature may require up to 1 Gigabyte of additional hard drive space for storage.

    A click on the button launches the application's Microsoft Store page on first run. You need to install the application from there before it becomes available.

    [...] You find options to export the data to CSV files and to open the Privacy Dashboard on the Internet and the Privacy Settings on the local device as well there.

    Search functionality is available which you use to find specific event data. The app returns event data that matches the entered text. Type your name, email addresses, PC name, IP address or any other data that you can think of to run searches across all Telemetry data that Microsoft collected on the device.

    While you may use the search for that, you may click on any event listed in the sidebar to access it directly. The data is quite extensive, especially if Telemetry data collecting is set to full and not to basic. I had hundreds of events listed on the Windows 10 Insider build PC after the update to the most recent version. It will take some time to go through the information.

    Original Submission



    Radeon VCN Gets Mesa Patches For HEVC Main Video Encode "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    For those planning to pick up a Raven Ridge laptop or the forthcoming desktop APUs, the Mesa driver now has patches for enabling H.265/HEVC video encode support for VCN 1.0 on Raven hardware...


    Pentium G4600 vs. Ryzen 3 1200 On Ubuntu 17.10 Linux Benchmarks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Earlier this week I posted some benchmarks looking at Intel Pentium vs. AMD Ryzen 3 performance for Linux gaming. Those tests on the Pentium and Ryzen systems were done with both NVIDIA and AMD Radeon graphics for seeing how the gaming performance compares in the spectrum of sub-$100 CPUs and cheap graphics cards. But for those that were just curious about the CPU performance, here are some benchmarks I also carried out with the Pentium G4600 Kabylake and AMD Ryzen 3 1200.


    EFF to Court: Don't Let Celebrities Censor Realistic Art "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    A huge range of expressive worksincluding books, documentaries, televisions shows, and songsdepict real people. Should celebrities have a veto right over speech that happens to be about them? A case currently before the California Court of Appeal raises this question. In this case, actor Olivia de Havilland has sued FX asserting that FXs television series Feud infringed de Havillands right of publicity. The trial court found that de Havilland had a viable claim because FX had attempted to portray her realistically and had benefited financially from that portrayal.

    Together with the Wikimedia Foundation and the Organization for Transformative Works, EFF has filed an amicus brief [PDF] in the de Havilland case arguing that the trial court should be overruled. Our brief argues that the First Amendment should shield creative expression like Feud from right of publicity claims. The right of publicity is a cause of action for commercial use of a persons identity. It makes good sense when applied to prevent companies from, say, falsely claiming that a celebrity endorsed their product. But when it is asserted against creative expression, it can burden First Amendment rights.

    Courts have struggled to come up with a consistent and coherent standard for how the First Amendment should limit the right of publicity. California courts have applied a rule called the transformative use test that considers whether the work somehow transforms the identity or likeness of the celebrity. In Comedy III Productions v. Gary Saderup, the California Supreme Court found that the defendants etchings were not protected because they were merely literal, conventional depictions of the Three Stooges. In contrast, in Winter v. DC Comics, the same court found comic book depictions of Johnny and Edgar Winter to be protected because they transformatively portrayed the brothers as half-human/half-worm creatures....


    What is the next stage in human evolution? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Will the transhumanist path forward lead us to singularity of posthuman superintelligence a-la Ray Kurzweil?

    I think that the definition of being human is about to change a lot in the next century, says Michelle Thaller, astronomer and Assistant Director for Science Communication at NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

    Human beings next evolutionary leap is going to take us beyond our biological existence. How do you feel about merging with an artificial intelligence?


    HPR2475: Information Underground -- Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Deepgeek, Klaatu, and Lostnbronx look back at the flappers and speakeasies of the 1920's and 30's, and attempt to draw a line from the newly independent women of that era, up through the Playboy Bunnies of the 1950's, all the way to today. Are things better or worse? Is what we "know" about history really important? And do the Info-Underground boys have any clue what they're even talking about?


    Facebook tells Congress it can't prove or disprove Trump-Russia collusion "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Facebook informed Congress in newly released documents that it could not prove or disprove collusion between President Trump's campaign and Russians who may have used the online platform to try to sway opinions during the 2016 presidential...


    Overnight Tech: Employee who sent false missile alert not cooperating with FCC | Trump nominates four to the FTC | Hatch unveils bill on high-skilled visas | New push for broadband infrastructure "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    EMPLOYEE RESPONSIBLE FOR FALSE ALERT NOT COOPERATING WITH FCC: The employee responsible for sending a false mobile alert across Hawaii warning of an incoming ballistic missile is not cooperating with Federal Communications Commission (FCC)...


    Trump Administration Plans to End Support for the ISS by 2025 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    A draft budget proposal would end support for the International Space Station (ISS) by 2025. The U.S. was previously committed to operating at the ISS until 2024:

    The Trump administration is preparing to end support for the International Space Station program by 2025, according to a draft budget proposal reviewed by The Verge. Without the ISS, American astronauts could be grounded on Earth for years with no destination in space until NASA develops new vehicles for its deep space travel plans.

    The draft may change before an official budget request is released on February 12th. However, two people familiar with the matter have confirmed to The Verge that the directive will be in the final proposal. We reached out to NASA for comment, but did not receive a response by the time of publication.

    Also at the Wall Street Journal.

    Related: Five Key Findings From 15 Years of the International Space Station
    Congress Ponders the Fate of the ISS after 2024
    NASA Eyeing Mini Space Station in Lunar Orbit as Stepping Stone to Mars
    NASA and Roscosmos Sign Joint Statement on the Development of a Lunar Space Station
    Russia Assembles Engineering Group for Lunar Activities and the Deep Space Gateway
    Can the International Space Station be Saved? Should It be Saved?

    Original Submission

    Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


    GCC 7.3 released "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    GCC 7.3 is out. This is mainly a bug-fix release, but it does also contain the "retpoline" support needed to build the kernel (and perhaps other code) with resistance to the Spectre variant-2 vulnerability.


    Tricks for Installing a Laser Printer on Linux in CUPS "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    (Wherein I rant about how bad CUPS has become.)

    I had to set up two new printers recently. CUPS hasn't gotten any better since the last time I bought a printer, maybe five years ago; in fact, it's gotten quite a bit worse. I'm amazed at how difficult it was to add these fairly standard laser printers, both of which I'd researched beforehand to make sure they worked with Linux.

    It took me about three hours for the first printer. The second one, a few weeks later, "only" took about 45 minutes ... at which point I realized I'd better write everything down so it'll be faster if I need to do it again, or if I get the silly notion that I might want to print from another computer, like my laptop.

    I used the CUPS web interface; I didn't try any of the command-line tools.

    Figure out the connection type

    In the CUPS web interface, after you log in and click on Administration, whether you click on Find New Printers or Add Printer, you're faced with a bunch of identical options with no clue how to choose between them. For example, Find New Printers with a Dell E310dw connected shows:

    Available Printers
    • [Add This Printer] Virtual Braille BRF Printer (CUPS-BRF)
    • [Add This Printer] Dell Printer E310dw (Dell Printer E310dw)
    • [Add This Printer] Dell Printer E310dw (Dell Printer E310dw)
    • [Add This Printer] Dell Printer E310dw (Dell Printer E310dw (driverless))

    What is a normal human supposed to do with this? What's the difference between the three E210dw entries and which one am I supposed to choose? (Skipping ahead: None of them.) And why is it finding a virtual Braille BRF Printer?

    The only way to find out the difference is to choose one, click on Next and look carefully at the URL. For the three E310dw options above, that gives:

    • dnssd://Dell%20Printer%20E310dw._ipp._tcp.local/?uuid=[long uuid here]
    • lpd://DELL316BAA/BINARY_P1
    • ipp://DELL316BAA.local:631/ipp/print

    Again skipping ahead: none of those are actually right. Go ahead, try all three of them and see. You'll get error messages about empty PPD files. But while you're trying them, write down, for each one, the URL listed as Connection (something like the dnssd:, lpd: or ipp: URLs listed above); and note, in the driver list after you click on your manufacturer, how many entries there are for your printer model, and where they show up in the list. You'll need that information later.

    Download some drivers

    Muttering about the idiocy of all this -- why ship empty drivers that won't...

    Thursday, 25 January


    Graphene based glucose-monitoring contact lens comfortable enough to wear "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    A team of researchers with the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology in the Republic of Korea has developed a glucose monitoring contact lens that its makers claim is comfortable enough to wear. In their paper published on the open access site Science Advances, the group describes their contact lens and suggests it could be ready for commercial use within five years.

    Diabetes results in unmanageable , requiring those who have the disease to monitor and adjust them with insulin or medicine. Monitoring, unfortunately, requires pricking a finger to retrieve a blood sample for testing, which most people do not like. For that reason, scientists seek another way. A new method employs a . Prior research has shown glucose levels in tears follows that of glucose levels in the blood in many respects. To date, there are no commercially available contact products because, as the researchers note, they are made of hard materials that are uncomfortable in the eye. They claim to have overcome that problem by breaking apart the pieces of their sensing device and encapsulating each in a soft polymer and then connecting them together in a flexible mesh.

    The polymer is the same type used in conventional contact lenses. The components of the device consist of a graphene-based sensor, a rectifier, LED display and a stretchable antenna. Power for the sensor is still externalit is held in the air a minimum of nine millimeters from the lens. The LED glows during normal conditions and turns off when high levels of are detected. The flexibility of the lens and sensor components also allows for removal of the device in the same way as normal contact lensesby grabbing and bending.


    Linux Foundation Announces "LinuxBoot" To Replace Some Firmware With Linux Code "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Not to be confused with Coreboot or its former name of LinuxBIOS, the Linux Foundation today announced LinuxBoot as a new initiative for replacing system firmware with the Linux kernel/drivers...


    Are the BSDs dying? Some security researchers think so (CSO) "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Here's a 34c3 conference report in CSO suggesting that the BSDs are losing developers. "von Sprundel says he easily found around 115 kernel bugs across the three BSDs, including 30 for FreeBSD, 25 for OpenBSD, and 60 for NetBSD. Many of these bugs he called 'low-hanging fruit.' He promptly reported all the bugs, but six months later, at the time of his talk, many remained unpatched. 'By and large, most security flaws in the Linux kernel don't have a long lifetime. They get found pretty fast,' von Sprundel says. 'On the BSD side, that isn't always true. I found a bunch of bugs that have been around a very long time.' Many of them have been present in code for a decade or more."


    Links 25/1/2018: Qt 5.11 Feature Freeze Soon, GCC 7.3 Ready "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    GNOME bluefish



    • Server

      • Mirantis CEO Adrian Ionel Comes Back, Champions Open Source for Multi-Cloud

        Mirantis brought back its original CEO and Co-founder Adrian Ionel (pictured), to move the company beyond private cloud and help its customers adopt multi-cloud strategies. Alex Freeland, who is also a co-founder, will step down as CEO but remain a board member.

        Ionel served as CEO from the companys launch in 2011 until 2015, when he left to start up Dorsal, an open source software support firm. During his initial tenure at Mirantis he led the companys investment in OpenStack, growing its customer base to more than 200 enterprises.

    • Kernel Space

      • New Coreboot Frame-Buffer Driver For The Linux Kernel

        A new Coreboot frame-buffer driver has been published for the Linux kernel that allows reusing of the frame-buffer setup by Coreboot during the hardware initialization process.

        Re-using the frame-buffer setup by Coreboot when initializing the graphics hardware can make for a faster booting system due to useless...


    Security updates for Thursday "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Security updates have been issued by CentOS (firefox), Debian (firefox-esr, gcab, and poppler), Fedora (clamav and firefox), Mageia (bind, firefox, glibc, graphicsmagick, squid, systemd, and virtualbox), openSUSE (firefox, GraphicsMagick, libexif, and libvpx), Red Hat (389-ds-base, dhcp, kernel, kernel-alt, kernel-rt, and nautilus), Scientific Linux (389-ds-base, dhcp, kernel, and nautilus), Slackware (curl), SUSE (kernel and webkit2gtk3), and Ubuntu (firefox, libtasn1-6, and mysql-5.5).


    Maersk chair revealed its company reinstalled 45,000 PCs and 4,000 Servers after NotPetya Attack "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The shipping giant Maersk chair Jim Hagemann Snabe revealed its company reinstalled 45,000 PCs and 4,000 Servers after NotPetya the attack.

    The shipping giant Maersk was one of the companies that suffered the NotPetya massive attack, in August 2017 the company announced that it would incur hundreds of millions in U.S. dollar losses due to the ransomware massive attack.

    According to the second quarter earnings report, there were expecting losses between $200 million and $300 million due to significant business interruption because the company was forced to temporarily halt critical systems infected with the ransomware.


    Now the Mller-Maersk chair Jim Hagemann Snabe has shared further details on the attack suffered by the company during a speech at the World Economic Forum this week.

    Snabe explained that the attack forced the IT staff to reinstall 4,000 new servers, 45,000 new PCs, and 2,500 applications, practically a complete infrastructure.

    The IT staff worked hard for ten days to restore normal operations.

    And that was done in a heroic effort over ten days, Snabe said.

    Normally I come from the IT industry you would say that would take six months. I can only thank the employees and partners we had doing that.

    Snabe defined the incident as a very significant wake-up call, a strong security posture for a company is essential for the development of its business.

    Snabe pointed out that Maersk was the victim of the militarization of a cyberspace, the damages were caused by a cyber weapon used by a foreign government to hit Ukraine.

    Maersk ship docks worldwide every...


    Trump nominates four potential FTC commissioners "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    President Trump has put forth four nominees to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which has been operating with only two of its five seats filled throughout his administration.The names are not entirely new. Last year, Trump announced his...


    Congress pushes broadband access ahead of Trump infrastructure proposal "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Congress is making a push to get rural internet access projects funded through President Trumps promised $1.7 trillion infrastructure plan.Lawmakers representing rural areas have argued that many of their constituents are losing out on economic and...


    The Race to 5G "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The Latest 5G News and Analysis IEEE Spectrum


    Top Journal Reveals Keys to Telomere Length and Human Disease "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    New extensive study shares recent discoveries and sheds light on the role of telomere length in human diseases and aging. Part 3 of 3.


    Patricia Florissi, Antony Passemard, Jon Corbet to Keynote at ELC + OpenIoT Summit North America "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Patricia Florissi, Antony Passemard, Jon Corbet to Keynote at ELC + OpenIoT Summit North America


    Scientists Reveal Keys to Our Telomere Length "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Newly published research reports on the accuracy of telomere length as a biomarker of aging, and its role in maximum human lifespan.

    New research reports on the accuracy of telomere length as a biomarker of aging, and its role in maximum human lifespan. Part 1 of 3.


    You are not alone Netflix is down for many and slow for some "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    By Carolina

    You are not alone, Netflix is down for many while for some

    This is a post from Read the original post: You are not alone Netflix is down for many and slow for some


    Pirate Bay Founders Domain Service Mocks NY Times Legal Threats "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Back in the day, The Pirate Bay was famous for its amusing responses to legal threats. Instead of complying with takedown notices, it sent witty responses to embarrass the senders.

    Today the notorious torrent site gives copyright holders the silent treatment, but the good-old Pirate Bay spirit still lives on elsewhere.

    Earlier today the anonymous domain registration service Njalla, which happens to be a venture of TPB co-founder Peter Sunde, posted a series of noteworthy responses it sent to The New York Times (NYT) legal department.

    The newspaper warned the registration service about one of its customers,, which offers the news services content without permission. Since this is a violation of The Times copyrights, according to the paper, Njalla should take action or face legal consequences.

    NYT: Accordingly, we hereby demand that you immediately provide us with contact information including email addresses for both the actual owner of the website, and for the hosting provider on which the website is located.

    If we have not heard from you within three (3) business days of receipt of this letter, we will have no choice but to pursue all available legal remedies.

    Njalla is no stranger to threats of this kind but were somewhat offended by the harsh language, it seems. The company, therefore, decided to inform the NYT that there are more friendly ways to reach out.

    Njalla: Thanks for that lovely e-mail. Its always good to communicate with people that in their first e-mail use words as we demand, pursue all available legal remedies and so forth. Id like to start out with some free (as in no cost) advice: please update your boiler threat letters to actually try what most people try first: being nice. Its not expensive (actually the opposite) and actually it works much better than your method (source: a few tens of thousands years of human development that would not have been as efficient with threats as it would have been with cooperation).

    In addition, Njalla also included a request of its own. They kindly asked (no demand) the newspapers legal department for proof that they are who they say they are. You can never be too cautious, after all.



    FBI Whistleblower on Pierre Omidyar and His Campaign to Neuter Wikileaks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    FBI Whistleblower on Pierre Omidyar and His Campaign to Neuter Wikileaks

    FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds asserts Pierre Omidyar decided to create The Intercept to not only take ownership of the Snowden leaks but also to continue his blockade against WikiLeaks and create a "honey trap" for whistleblowers.

    WikiLeaks, the transparency organization known for publishing leaked documents that threaten the powerful, finds itself under pressure like never before, as does its editor-in-chief, Julian Assange. Now, the fight to silence Wikileaks is not only being waged by powerful government figures but also by the media, including outlets and organizations that have styled themselves as working to protect whistleblowers.

    As this three-part series seeks to show, these outlets and organizations are being stealthily guided by the hands of special interests, not the public interest they claim to serve. Part I focuses on the Freedom of the Press Foundation, The Intercept, and the oligarch who has strongly influenced both organizations in his long-standing fight to silence WikiLeaks.

    Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


    George Soros at Davos: Trump 'a danger to the world' "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Billionaire Democratic donor George Soros on Thursday took aim at President Trump and tech giants during an appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.I consider the Trump administration a danger to the world...


    AI-Powered Drone Mimics Cars and Bikes to Navigate Through City Streets "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Deep-learning algorithm uses car and bicycle dataset to fly a drone autonomously Photo: Robotics and Perception Group/University of Zurich

    Two years ago, roboticists from Davide Scaramuzza's lab at the University of Zurich used a set of pictures taken by cameras mounted on a hikers head to train a deep neural network, which was then able to fly an inexpensive drone along forest paths without running into anything. This is cool, for two reasons: The first is that you can use this technique to make drones with minimal on-board sensing and computing fully autonomous, and the second is that you can do so without collecting dedicated drone-centric training datasets first. 

    In a new paper appearing in IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters , Scaramuzza and one of his Ph.D. students, Antonio Loquercio, along with collaborators Ana I. Maqueda and Carlos R. del-Blanco from Universidad Politcnica de Madrid, in Spain, present some new work in which theyve trained a drone to autonomously fly through the streets of a city, and theyve done it with data collected by cars and bicycles.

    A car and bicycle image datasets were used to train DroNet, a convolutional neural network that can fly a drone through the streets of a city

    Most autonomous drones (and most autonomous robots in general) that don't navigate using a pre-existing map rely on some flavor of simultaneous localization and mapping, or (as the researchers put it), "map-localize-plan." Building a map, localizing yourself on that map, and then planning safe motion is certainly a reliable way to move around, but it requires big, complex, and of course very expensive, power-hungry sensors and computers. And if were going to make commercial drones work, thats just not feasible. 

    Fortunately, its possible to replace all that hardware with a more data-driven approach. Given a large enough dataset showing the right way of doing things, you can train a neural network to respond to simple inputs (like images from a monocular camera) with behaviors that are, if not necessarily complex, at least what a human would probably do. Unfortunately, you can't easily collect training data in a real, busy environment like a city. Fortunately, there are already plenty of datasets available for these kinds of environments, thanks to the whole self-driving car thing thats been going on for a while. Unfortunately, these datasets arent ideal for training a drone not...


    Reddit rolls out 2-factor authentication for users "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The 234 million or so unique Reddit users are finally getting the option of setting up 2-factor authentication for their account(s). Why is that important? With over 540 million monthly visitors, social news aggregator Reddit is one of the top ten most popular websites in the world. You dont need to open an account to peruse its content, but if you want to participate in discussions on one of its countless subreddits, youll have to More


    DXVK Begins Working For Even More D3D11-Over-Vulkan Games On Wine "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The progress is stunning made by a lone developer on the DXVK project for mapping the Direct3D 11 graphics API on top of Vulkan for allowing better performance/support for D3D11 games on Wine...


    [ANNOUNCE] CVE advisory for Apache NiFi 1.0.0 - 1.3.0 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Posted by Andy LoPresto on Jan 25

    The Apache NiFi PMC would like to announce the following CVE discovery in Apache NiFi 1.1.0 - 1.3.0. This issue was
    resolved with the release of NiFi 1.4.0 on October 2, 2017. NiFi is an easy to use, powerful, and reliable system to
    process and distribute data. It supports powerful and scalable directed graphs of data routing, transformation, and
    system mediation logic. For more information, see


    3 More Documentaries for Engineers "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    California Typewriter, AlphaGo, and The Farthest Photo: Gravitas Ventures

    Last August, IEEE Spectrum plucked three films from the video deluge that we felt were particularly suited for engineers. Now, weve waded back in to bring you three more apropos documentaries that have recently become available to stream or download.

    • California Typewriter

      Photo: Gravitas Ventures Tom Hanks explains his love of clacking keys in California Typewriter.

      We murdered it. There is no one more directly to blame for the demise of the typewriter than EEs. We built the computers and the displays that birthed word processing, and swept a century-old technology from homes and offices. (In one sense, though, we immortalized the typewriter even as we killed it, with QWERTY keyboards still flashing up on our smartphones when it comes time to actually write anything.) So its only fitting to honor the typewriter by watching this documentary. California Typewriter follows three threads: a collector on the hunt for a surviving example of the first commercially successful typewriter; an artist who dismantles typewriters and turns the pieces into sculpture; and a struggling typewriter repair shop in Berkeley, Calif. (Of particular interest to me was the enormous variety of designs found in 19th-century typewriters, reminiscent of the variety found during the mini- and microcomputer boom that lasted from 1965 to 1985.) You might come away thinking theres some life in these mechanical contraptions yet.

    • AlphaGo

      Photo: Reel as Dirt/Moxie Pictures

      AlphaGo tells the story of the Go contest where humanity went down.

      As extensively covered i...

    What the Count of Monte Cristo Can Teach Us About Cybersecurity "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    In 1844, Alexandre Dumas described a telecom hack based on insider threats and social engineering Photo: Nadar/The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Book: Bantam Classic The French writer Alexandre Dumas described a technological hack that exploited personal foibles.

    What can a 174-year-old French novel possibly have to say about cybersecurity? Quite a lot, it turns out. Alexandre Dumass The Count of Monte Cristo was published in 1844, and so he of course knew nothing about the Internet and probably little about electricity. But the writer had a keen understanding of human nature and how people interact with technology, and he saw how technological attacks could by engineered by exploiting personal foibles.

    The communications technology at the heart of The Count of Monte Cristo is the telegraph, although not the familiar electric telegraph. That telegraph was still being developed when Dumas was writing his novel. In 1837, Charles Cooke and William Wheatstone demonstrated their electric telegraph system in London, and Samuel Morse patented the idea for his telegraph in the United States.

    Etching of a Chappe optical telegraph circa 1793. Image: Photo12/UIG/Getty Images A 1793 etching of an optical telegraph tower, part of a national network used by the French revolutionary government.

    The telegraph of The Count of Monte Cristo is the optical telegraph. Starting in the 1790s, the French built and operated this long-distance communications system, which eventually included two main lines, one running from the English Channel to the Mediterranean and the other from Spain to Belgium. Each line consisted of a string of towers, spaced roughly 10 kilometers apart. At the top of each tower was a semaphorea large rotatable crossbeam with a short movable arm at each end. When a message was being transmitted, each towers operator would adjust the semaphore to match the semaphore at the previous tower; the next towers operator would do the same, and so the message would travel down the line. [For a fuller account of how the optical telegraph operated, see Gerald J. Holzmann and Bjrn Pehrsons...


    The Strong Case That Twitter Censorship Violates California's Civil Rights Laws "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Submitted via IRC for TheMightyBuzzard

    The social media giant may be guilty of violating of California law regarding discriminating against a political class, and being deceptive to their customer base. Twitter, by discriminating against people on the right, has exposed itself to a potential cascade of legal liabilityincluding a potential class action suit.

    Despite being from, this is not an attempted troll. The author gives a quite interesting analysis of Twitter's potential legal issues in censoring political speech in California.


    Original Submission

    Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


    A look into the cyber arsenal used by Lazarus APT hackers in recent attacks against financial institutions "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Security experts at Trend Micro have analyzed malware and a tool used by the Lazarus APT group in the recent attacks against financial institutions.

    Security experts at Trend Micro have analyzed the attacks conducted by the notorious Lazarus APT group against financial institutions.

    The activity of the Lazarus Group surged in 2014 and 2015, its members used mostly custom-tailored malware in their attacks and experts that investigated on the crew consider it highly sophisticated.

    This threat actor has been active since at least 2009, possibly as early as 2007, and it was involved in both cyber espionage campaigns and sabotage activities aimed to destroy data and disrupt systems.  Security researchers discovered that North Korean Lazarus APT group was behind attacks on banks, including the Bangladesh cyber heist.

    In the last campaigns against financial firms, the cyber spies launched watering hole attacks and leveraged a variant of the Lazarus-linked RATANKBA Trojan.

    The malware known as RATANKBA is just one of the weapons in Lazarus arsenal. This malicious software, which could have been active since late 2016, was used in a recent campaign targeting financial institutions using watering hole attacks. The variant used during these attacks (TROJ_RATANKBA.A) delivered multiple payloads that include hacking tools and software targeting banking systems. reads the analysis published by Trend Micro.

    The researchers identified and hacked in some servers u...


    Local Communities Can Inject Desperately Needed Competition in the ISP Market "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Last year we witnessed the elimination of critical privacy and network neutrality protections in the broadband market. But these moves would be less dangerous if we were able to vote with our wallets, and choose a provider that respected our privacy and didnt engage in unfair data discrimination. Unfortunately, most of us have only one choice for high-speed Internet; if Comcast behaves badly we can complain but we cant hit them where it really hurts by switching to someone else.

    The good news: communities across the country are trying to fix that by developing their own community broadband networks. And some members of Congress trying to help. Led by Congresswoman Eshoo, Congress recently introduced HR 4814, the Community Broadband Act of 2018, to empower local citizens to explore community broadband as a means to induce competition and lower prices. In particular, the bill tackles barriers raised by laws in more than 20 states that prevent local communities from building their own networks.

    If the bill passes, it could clear the way for an explosion of new experimentation. While not all community broadband effort have flourished several markets that have embraced community broadband options have succeeded in offering faster and cheaper broadband access. For example, Chattanooga, Tennessee long ago deployed a community broadband network from their local utility after the found they were being left behind in the digital age. Today, the people of that city pay $70 a month for symmetrical gigabit service, which is comparable to many Google Fiber markets. And while it may not make sense in every community, denying people the opportunity to explore the option in its entirety effectively green lights the local monopoly to engage in anti-consumer conduct.

    In EFFs own backyard of San Francisco, the local government is actively exploring building out its own fiber optic platform for all comers to sell broadband access to its citizens, and has proactively committed to supporting network neutrality and user privacy. The citys...


    Alphabet enters enterprise cybersecurity market, launches Chronicle "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Googles parent company Alphabet has announced its entry into the lucrative enterprise cybersecurity market through Chronicle, a company started in early 2016 as a project at X, Alphabets moonshot factory. Chronicle has now graduated to the status of an independent company within Alphabet, and is lead by Stephen Gillett, formerly an executive-in-residence at Google Ventures and Chief Operating Officer of Symantec. VirusTotal, a malware intelligence service acquired by Google in 2012, will be become a More


    DNC beefs up cyber team with former Yahoo executive "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is bringing on new talent from the private sector to bolster its cyber defenses ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. DNC Chairman Tom Perez announced Thursday that the committee has hired Bob Lord, who...


    Employee who sent false alert in Hawaii not cooperating with FCC probe, official says "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The employee responsible for sending a false mobile alert across Hawaii warning of an incoming ballistic missile is not cooperating with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) investigations looking into the matter, an FCC official said Thursday....


    You are not alone Facebook and Instagram are down for many "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    By Carolina

    You are not alone, Facebook and Instagram are down for

    This is a post from Read the original post: You are not alone Facebook and Instagram are down for many


    Understanding Crosstalk for Signal Integrity Applications "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    This white paper provides an introduction to crosstalk with a specific focus on signal integrity applications offering guidelines of what to watch out for when measuring crosstalk.

    Although crosstalk has been around for a long time, theres a growing interest in crosstalk as data-rates continue to increase and ICs/PCBs continue to shrink. This white paper provides an introduction to crosstalk with a specific focus on signal integrity applications offering guidelines of what to watch out for when measuring crosstalk.

    Using a simple simulation we will show why crosstalk is becoming so important in high-speed digital communication and why system level tools such as bit error rate testers and oscilloscopes are not ideal for pinpointing crosstalk issues and certainly not for troubleshooting.

    We will also cover the two measurement methods; time domain and frequency domain, and look at why the dynamic range of an instrument is less of a worry for signal integrity applications, while understanding measurement uncertainty is critical for obtaining repeatable measurements.

    Finally, we will look more closely at Vector Network Analyzers as tool for signal integrity measurements and calibration techniques for minimizing measurement uncertainties.


    Photophoretic-Trap Volumetric Display (Star Wars-like "Hologram") Created "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The technique, described in Nature on 24 January, works more like a high-speed Etch a Sketch: it uses forces conveyed by a set of near-invisible laser beams to trap a single particle of a plant fibre called cellulose and heat it unevenly. That allows researchers to push and pull the cellulose around. A second set of lasers projects visible light red, green and blue onto the particle, illuminating it as it moves through space. Humans cannot discern images at rates faster than around 10 per second, so if the particle is moved fast enough, its trajectory appears as a solid line like a sparkler moving in the dark. And if the image changes quickly enough, it seems to move. The display can be overlaid on real objects and viewers can walk around it in real space.

    The images created so far are tiny just millimetres across. And only simple line drawings can be created at the speeds needed to fashion moving images. The team managed to depict a moving spiral line drawing and the static outline of a butterfly. The technique needs substantial development but is a simple design with huge potential for improvement, says William Wilson, a researcher in nanotechnology at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    Also at Science Magazine and (Associated Press).

    A photophoretic-trap volumetric display (DOI: 10.1038/nature25176) (DX)

    Free-space volumetric displays, or displays that create luminous image points in space, are the technology that most closely resembles the three-dimensional displays of popular fiction. Such displays are capable of producing images in 'thin air' that are visible from almost any direction and are not subject to clipping. Clipping restricts the utility of all three-dimensional displays that modulate light at a two-dimensional surface with an edge boundary; these include holographic displays, nanophotonic arrays, plasmonic displays, lenticular or lenslet displays and all technologies in which the light scattering surface and the image point are physically separate. Here we present a free-space volumetric display based on photophoretic optical trapping that produces full-colour graphics in free space with ten-micrometre image points using persistence of vision. This display works by first isolating a cellulose particle in a photophoretic trap created by spherical and as...


    PCI Council sets security requirements for mobile point of sale solutions "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The PCI Security Standards Council has announced a new PCI Security Standard for software-based PIN entry on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) devices such as smartphones and tablets. What are we talking about here? Stores that offer customers the possibility to purchase things with their payment card usually have a hardware terminal and PIN entry device. But this can be too pricey an option for small merchants in markets that require EMV chip-and-PIN acceptance. A cheaper option More


    Chinese Scientists Just Cloned a MonkeyHere Are the Details "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    In 1996, Dolly the sheep became the first mammal to be cloned from a somatic cell. Twenty years later, scientists have succeeded in using the same technique on primatesas detailed in a study published today in the journal Cell, two long-tailed macaque monkeys were born at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Neuroscience in Shanghai.


    Wyden blasts FBI chief over encryption remarks "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    A Democratic senator is blasting the leader of the FBI over recent comments he made about encryption, calling them ill-informed.Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) wrote a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday criticizing him for advocating for...


    We are happy to announce Dr. Michael West as a speaker for the 2018 Undoing Aging Conference "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Dr. West keynoted at the very first SENS conference, back in 2003 in Cambridge, and its a true delight


    Linux.Conf.Au 2018 Videos Now Available "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Taking place this week in Sydney, Australia is the 2018 Linux.Conf.Au conference. For those that can't make the event, there's a livestream, but if the time difference impacts you, the recordings are now beginning to trickle in via YouTube...


    How To Launch A Space Startup "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    New technology, investment, and policy are helping to boost smaller companies like Rocket Lab into the stratosphere. Their founders share some advice.


    New Purism Developer To Begin Work On Tackling Responsive GTK+ Apps "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    GNOME developer Adrien Plazas has joined Purism as part of their effort of getting GTK+ applications on the Librem 5 smart-phone...


    The Fastest Linux Distribution For Ryzen: A 10-Way Linux OS Comparison On Ryzen 7 & Threadripper "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    While we frequently do Linux OS/distribution performance comparisons on the latest Intel desktop and server hardware, some requests came in recently about looking closer at the fastest Linux distribution(s) when running on AMD's Ryzen desktop processors. Here are benchmarks of ten popular Linux distributions tested out-of-the-box on Ryzen 7 1800X and Threadripper 1950X systems.


    DIY Graphene Putty Makes Super-Sensitive Sensor "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Submitted via IRC for TheMightyBuzzard

    It is sort of an electronics rule 34 that if something occurs, someone needs to sense it. [Bblorgggg], for reasons that aren't immediately obvious, needs to sense ants moving over trees. No kidding. How are you going to do that? His answer was to use graphene.

    Silly Putty, which is just silicone putty, gives the graphene an unusually large dynamic range. That is, it can detect large pressures (say, a finger pressing) and still detect a very faint pressure (like your heart beating through the finger). Apparently, the graphene lines up to become pretty conductive in the putty and then any deformation causes the resistance to go up. However, when the pressure subsides, the graphene lines back up.


    Original Submission

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    Indexing Chuck Not Required "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Becoming accomplished with a lathe is a powerful skillset, but its only half of the journey. Being clever comes later, and its the second part of the course. Patience is in there somewhere too, but lets focus on being clever. [TimNummy] wants a knobbed bolt with critical parameters, so he makes his own. After the break, there is a sixty-second summary of the linked video.

    Making stock hardware is a beginners tasks, so custom hardware requires ingenuity or expensive machinery. Adding finger notches to a bolthead is arbitrary with an indexing chuck, but one isnt available. Instead, hex stock becomes a jig, and the flat sides are utilized to hold the workpiece at six intermittent angles. We cant argue with the results which look like a part that would cost a pretty penny.

    Using material found in the workshop is what being clever is all about. Hex brass stock comes with tight tolerances on the sides and angles so why not take advantage of that?

    [TimNummy] can be seen on HaD for his Jeep dome light hack and an over-engineered mailbox flag. Did you miss [Quinn Dunki]s piece on bootstrapping precision machine tools? Go check that out!

    Electrical-to-Optical and Optical-to-Electrical Converter Measurements "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    This application note covers some of the measurements of interest, setup considerations, possible measurement performance, and examples of measurement procedures.

    As fiber and free-space optical communication bandwidths increase, the need for very high speed optical modulators and detectors has also increased. The frequency response characterization of these electrical-to-optical (E/O, modulators sometimes integrated with lasers) and optical-to-electrical (O/E, photo detectors and receivers) converters can be important in terms of such parameters as bandwidth, flatness, phase linearity and group delay. This application note covers some of the measurements of interest, setup considerations, possible measurement performance, and examples of measurement procedures.


    TIGIT as a Biomarker for T Cell Senescence and Exhaustion "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    In a new study, researchers propose that TIGIT is a marker of T cell senescence and exhaustion in the immune system. However, not only is TIGIT just a biomarker, it is also a potential therapeutic target; as the researcher team discovered, lowering levels of TIGIT resulted in the restoration of some lost function in T cell populations that were experiencing high levels of senescence and exhaustion.

    In a new study, researchers propose that TIGIT is a marker of T cell senescence and exhaustion in the immune system[1]. However, not only is TIGIT just a biomarker, it is also a potential therapeutic target; as the researcher team discovered, lowering levels of TIGIT resulted in the restoration of some lost function in T cell populations that were experiencing high levels of senescence and exhaustion.

    Aging is associated with immune dysfunction, especially T-cell defects, which result in increased susceptibility to various diseases. Previous studies showed that T cells from aged mice express multiple inhibitory receptors, providing evidence of the relationship between T-cell exhaustion and T-cell senescence. In this study, we showed that T-cell immunoglobulin and immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibitory motif (ITIM) domain (TIGIT), a novel co-inhibitory receptor, was upregulated in CD8 + T cells of elderly adults. Aged TIGIT + CD8 + T cells expressed high levels of other inhibitory receptors including PD-1 and exhibited features of exhaustion such as downregulation of the key costimulatory receptor CD28, representative intrinsic transcriptional regulation, low production of cytokines, and high susceptibility to apoptosis. Importantly, their functional defects associated with aging were reversed by TIGIT knockdown.


    How To Deploy Django App on Heroku "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Hey geeks and really interesting people out there, today we are doing a little resume on how you can deploy django app on heroku.

    Yeah, even if you dont know anything about it, here you can learn how to do it, so keep reading to become a deployer master.

    Is kinda obvious, but first, you need to have a Heroku account, is you already have it skip this step, however if you dont, you can create a Heroku account in like one minute or even less, you can choose the plan that is more suitable for the functionalities you need to have, this platform counts with 4 plans: Free that will cost you $0, and then the ones you need to pay to have, that are hobby, standard, and performance. This time we are working on the free plan.

    I need to highlight something really important here, at the moment you create your account,  you choose the primary development language, please be sure you select Python. After you finish all the steps you will receive a confirmation email.

    Having your account next is installing the CLI for Heroku, this is the main tool you need to interact properly with Heroku, to do this you need first open the console, enter your user-name and password, of the account you already have or just create.

    Then start creating a Heroku app, and next you need to connect to PostgreSQL, is kind of easy for those who already have experience on the field.

    After you start creating your app, you can start configuring the Django apps for your Heroku system, you can try at first writing a really easy Django application, however, if you are a lot more experienced you can try to do one a little bit more complicated.

    You need to have the requirements.txt file, this file contains a list of all you need for app packages, you need to create this file in the root folder. After you have this configured, you need to have the profile, this describes all the commands you will need to execute the app. And last in this step but not least; you need to have the runtime.txt, which is the file that specifies the Python version.

    Then we need to separate the Django settings, this is necessary for the app you are creating is this start to grow. After you have it, you need to set up static files. First, you need to modify ?; that will assure you a correct display of files. After this step, it came the data configuration and the local launch.

    If you complete all these steps correctly, you will just need to go and...


    Cybercriminals Selling Social Security Numbers of Infants on Dark Web "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    By Waqas

    Dark Web has become a creepy place since it is

    This is a post from Read the original post: Cybercriminals Selling Social Security Numbers of Infants on Dark Web


    Systemd 237 Is Being Prepared For Release "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The first systemd update of 2018 should soon be here...


    Regulators ask Congress for more power to police cryptocurrencies "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The United States two top trading regulators on Wednesday asked Congress for more direct jurisdiction over cryptocurrency trading.Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Jay Clayton and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)...


    New Antennas Will Take CubeSats to Mars and Beyond "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    By packing big antennas into tiny satellites, JPL engineers are making space science cheap Illustration: John MacNeill

    Illustration: John MacNeill

    One morning in November 2014, Kamal Oudrhiri, a colleague of mine at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), in Pasadena, Calif., burst into my office with an intriguing proposition. A first-of-its-kind satellite was headed for Mars. The satellite would fly alongside NASAs InSight Mars Lander, relaying data in real time back to Earth during the landers critical entry, descent, and landing. We have to achieve 8 kilobits per second, and were limited in terms of power. Our only hope is a large antenna, Oudrhiri explained. Oh, and the satellite itself will be only about the size of a briefcase.

    Nothing as diminutive as the Mars satellitewhich belongs to a class called CubeSatshad ever gone farther than low Earth orbit. The antenna would be stowed during launch, occupying only about 830 cubic centimeters. Shortly thereafter, it would unfurl to a size three times as large as the satellite itself. It would have to survive the 160-million-kilometer flight to the Red Planet, including the intense vibration of launch and the radiation and extreme temperatures of deep space. How hard could that be?

    Fortunately, my colleagues and I love a challenge, and we welcomed the chance to push CubeSat technology to its limits. These tiny spacecraft have become the go-to vessel for researchers and startups doing Earth imaging and monitoring. Compared with traditional satellites, they are relatively inexpensive and small, weighing just a few kilograms, and they can be ready to launch in a matter of months, rather than the years it typically takes to prepare a standard spacecraft. Over time, the onboard sensors and processing that CubeSats can carry have been the beneficiaries of Moores Law advancements in electronics, growing more powerful and sophisticated, lighter in weight, and energy efficient.

    Photo: JPL/NASA RainCube's Umbre...

    Test Tube Hard Drives Compute with Chemicals "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Storing data as small molecules and getting them to compute by reacting could speed some computations Photo: Barry Rosenthal/Getty Images

    A group of scientists and engineers at Brown University is planning to use chemicals in a droplet of fluid to store huge amounts of data and, eventually, get them to do complex calculations instantly. Theyve just received US $4.1 million from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to get started, and plan to borrow robots and automation from the pharmaceutical industry to speed their progress.

    Were hoping that at the end of this well have a hard drive in a test tube, says Jacob Rosenstein, assistant professor of electrical engineering, who is co-leading the project with theoretical chemist Brenda Rubenstein.

    Theres been a big push recently to store data as molecules of DNA, but the Brown chemical computing project will do things differently, potentially ending up with greater data density and quicker readouts.

    If it seems like theyll need a lot of different chemicals to make this scheme do anything important, youre right. But that may not be a big problem at all. The Brown team will rely on a class of chemistry called Ugi reactions. These are combinations of four chemicals reacted together all at once to produce a small organic molecule. The pharmaceutical industry uses automated systems that react different combinations to produce millions of chemicals for testing as drugs.

    So how do they tell which of those millions is actually in a drop of liquid? Rubenstein, Rosenstein, and their colleagues will use a technology called mass spectrometry. Its essentially the same technology used to find evidence of doping drugs in athlet...


    What happens when AI tries too hard to improve reality, in one photo "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Technically speaking, Google Photos Assistant did a pretty good job.


    Scientists building worlds most-powerful SUPER LASERS that can RIP holes in space "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    A NEW laser is being built that is powerful enough to rip apart empty space.


    Will Americans ever know the truth about FBI and DOJ abuses? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    FISA memo worse than Watergate

    Multiple Felonies by Top Government Officials Exposed

    DEEP STATE, In PANIC, Tries To Drop Fusion GPS Dossier


    Kristen Fortney, CEO at BioAge Labs, joins our Life Extension Board. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Kristen Fortney, CEO at BioAge Labs, joins our Life Extension Board.


    Hundreds of new accounts tweeted support of releasing controversial memo: report "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The Twitter hashtag campaign #ReleaseTheMemo was partially driven by hundreds of Twitter accounts created just last week, according to CNN analysis.The media outlet found that more than 1,000 accounts that were created between the Thursday...


    Simon Shelton, Teletubbies' Tinky Winky, Has Passed Away at Age 52 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Tributes have been paid to actor Simon Shelton, best known for playing purple Teletubby Tinky Winky, following his death at the age of 52.

    [...] The original Teletubbies ran on the BBC from 1997 to 2001 and spawned a number one single, called Teletubbies say 'Eh-oh!', in December 1997.

    Speaking in 2008, Shelton said he had little inkling Teletubbies would be the success it was when he was cast as Tinky Winky.

    "I didn't know it would be as big as it was, but I did know as soon as I started working on it that it had something special," he said.

    The original Teletubbies series was watched by around one billion children in more than 120 countries in 45 languages.

    Shelton, a father of three, lived in Ampthill in Bedfordshire.

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    Keep Accurate Time on Linux with NTP "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Keep Accurate Time on Linux with NTP


    The Current State of the Black Market: You Cant Buy Vantablack "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Sometimes you need something to be utterly, totally, irredeemably black. Not just a little bit black, not just really really really dark blue, but as black as it is possible to get. It might be to trap light in a camera or a telescope, for artistic purposes, or even to make your warplane a more difficult target for enemy missiles. Either way, were here to help, not to judge. So what are your options?

    Well, first of all, theres the much-lauded Vantablack. The name itself is a clue as to its origin  Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Arrays. It works by coating an object with a forest of carbon nanotubes in a complicated vacuum deposition process. When light hits the surface, some of it is absorbed by the nanotubes, and any that is reflected tends to be absorbed by neighbouring nanotubes rather than escaping the surface coating of the object.

    Like a Void in the Universe

    Two masks, one in bronze, the other coated in Vantablack. So much incoming light is absorbed that it becomes impossible to see the surface contours of the coated object.

    Vantablack has the current crown for being the blackest black currently available, absorbing 99.965% of visible light. However, before you get too excited, it does have some drawbacks. In its original form, it has to...


    Spritecoin ransomware masquerades as cryptocurrency wallet and also harvests victims data "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Fortinet discovered a strain of ransomware dubbed Spritecoin ransomware that only allows victims Monero payments and pretends to be a cryptocurrency-related password store.

    Researchers from Fortinet FortiGuard Labs has discovered a strain of ransomware that only allows victims Monero payments and pretends to be a cryptocurrency-related password store.

    The ransomware poses itself as a spritecoin wallet, it asks users to create their desired password, but instead of downloading the block-chain it encrypts the victims data files.

    The malware asks for a 0.3 Monero ransom ($105 USD at the time of writing) and drops on the target system a ransom note of Your files are encrypted.

    SpriteCoin ransomware

    The malware includes an embedded SQLite engine, a circumstance that leads experts to believe it also implements a credentials harvesting feature for Chrome and Firefox credential store. The malicious code appends the .encrypted file extension to encrypted files (i.e. resume.doc.encrypted).

    While decrypting the files, the Spritecoin ransomware also deploys another piece of malware that is able to harvest certificates, parse images, and control the web camera.

    In a cruel twist, if the victim decides to pay and obtain a decryption key they are then delivered a new malicious executable [80685e4eb850f8c5387d1682b618927105673fe3a2692b5c1ca9c66fb62b386b], detected as W32/Generic!tr. reads the report.

    While have not yet fully analyzed this malicious payload, we can verify that it does have the capability to activate web cameras and parse certificates and keys that will likely leave the victim more compromised than before.

    The experts speculate the ransomware is being spread via forum spam that targets users interested in cryptocurrency.

    Ransomware is usually delivered via social engineering techniques, but can also be delivered without user interaction via exploits. These often arrive (but are not limited to) via email, exploit kits, malicious crafted Excel/Word/PDF macros, or JavaScript downloaders. states the...


    Security flaw in Moto G5 Plus allows anyone to bypass lockscreen "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    By Waqas

    A critical security flaw or bug in Motorola Moto G5 Plus

    This is a post from Read the original post: Security flaw in Moto G5 Plus allows anyone to bypass lockscreen


    San Jose mayor resigns from FCC advisory panel "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo has reportedly quit a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) advisory committee that focuses on broadband deployment.Liccardo accused the Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee of providing policy...


    How cybercriminals abuse the travel and hospitality industry "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The travel and hospitality industry suffers billions of losses each year due to fraud. With the right combination of other underground services (compromised accounts, credit cards, etc.) it is possible to cover almost every aspect of the holidays, including food and restaurants, shopping, entertainment, guided tours and more way beyond flights and hotels, Vladimir Kropotov, Researcher at Trend Micro, told Help Net Security. Whats on offer? Kropotov and his colleagues have been rifling through More


    Verdict in Copyright/Trademark Infringement Case: $710,001 Awarded to Grumpy Cat Limited "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Grumpy Cat wins $710,000 payout in copyright lawsuit

    A cat made famous online because of its permanent scowl has been awarded $710,000 (500,000) in a copyright case by a California federal court.

    Grumpy Cat Limited sued the owners of US coffee company Grenade for exceeding an agreement over the cat's image. The company only had rights to use the cat to sell its "Grumppuccino" iced drink, but sold other Grumpy products.

    The cat, real name Tardar Sauce, went viral in 2012 after photographs of her sour expression emerged online. Originally posted on the social website Reddit by the brother of the cat's owner, Tabatha Bundesen, the image of the cat quickly spread as a meme with funny text captions.

    In 2013 Grenade Beverage, owned by father and son Nick and Paul Sandford, struck a $150,000 deal to market iced coffee beverages with the cat's scowl on its packaging.

    [...] Grumpy Cat is thought to have earned millions in endorsement and advertising deals.

    Also at Courthouse News.

    Original Submission

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    Great Gesture by Mohammed Siraj after 14 year kid hacked his account and got arrested "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    With the increase in cybercrimes nowadays, social media accounts are the ones which are the most vulnerable. The rate of them getting hacked is increasing day by day. One of the things we see now is not only professional hackers are into hacking social media accounts, but young students and teenagers are also now doing

    The post Great Gesture by Mohammed Siraj after 14 year kid hacked his account and got arrested appeared first on Hacker News Bulletin | Find the Latest Hackers News.


    Hatch bill would dramatically increase H-1B visas "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) plans to release legislation on Thursday that would expand high skilled immigration visas and allow the spouses and children of such visa holders to legally work in the U.S.According to the text of the bill obtained by...


    Meeting du 3 fvrier 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Comme tous les premiers samedis du mois, c'est meeting HZV !

    RDV  samedi 3 fvrier 2018 l'Electrolab 52, Rue Paul Lescop Nanterre  16H !

    Nous vous rappelons que les meets sont ouverts tous !

    Pas de talk programm pour le moment, si vous voulez en proposer un, crivez-nous sur meet [at] hackerzvoice [dot] net !


    Piqre de rappel : le CFP de la #ndh16 est ouvert, vous avez jusqu'au 5 avril prochain pour faire vos propositions :


    Sam Gyimah Replaced Jo Johnson More Than a Fortnight Ago, But Team UPC Has Ignored It Until Now "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Sam Gyimah

    Summary: Another great example of Team UPC intentionally ignoring facts that dont suit the UPC agenda and more misinformation from Team UPC (which now suppresses comments expressing the wrong views)

    IT IS not news. It was reported on early in the month. Team UPC could report it more than two weeks ago, but it did not. How convenient, as usual. It also reported absolutely nothing about the British government/Parliament totally removing the UPC from the agenda (after it had been put there).

    Team UPC could report it more than two weeks ago, but it did not.Sam Gyimah, who is relatively young for a politician, replaces another young politician, whom we criticised for being inexperienced in his domain (still, Donald Trump even appoints officials who have only just graduated from college). This morning we wrote about Bristows mentioning it weeks late (while also distorting the facts or making stuff up) and this afternoon it was Michael Loney who belatedly covered it:

    Sam Gyimah, member of UK parliament for East Surrey, has been confirmed as the UK IP minister

    The above publisher is close to EPO management and has helped promote the UPC for years. Perhaps they realise that they cant go on ignoring the fact that Jo Johnson is history. His words, his infamous photo op with crooked Battistelli, all that lobbying et cetera? Perhaps all in vain. Is Gyimah already being showered with brown-nosing advice from Team UPC? Its not unthinkable. Bristows...


    Beware! Undetectable CrossRAT malware targets Windows, MacOS, and Linux systems "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Are you using Linux or Mac OS? If you think your system is not prone to viruses, then you should read this. Wide-range of cybercriminals are now using a new piece of 'undetectable' spying malware that targets Windows, macOS, Solaris and Linux systems. Just last week we published a detailed article on the report from EFF/Lookout that revealed a new advanced persistent threat (APT) group,


    The EPO is Already in Violation of ILO Rulings on Judge Corcoran "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Under normal circumstances, executives or presidents can be arrested for refusing to obey court orders

    Benot Battistelli

    Summary: The incredible situation at the EPO, where court orders from several countries (and international tribunals) are simply being disregarded, staff is being bullied, and corrupt officials get away with punishing people who speak about the corruption (while they themselves enjoy immunity)

    THIS MORNING we mentioned ILOATs latest decisions (dozens of EPO ones). We dont wish to comment on any of them without prior consultation, primarily because without context theres room for misinterpretation. We did look at a few decisions.

    The ILO actually arranged an exceptional delivery of several Corcoran decisions, perhaps realising it would be essential to guard Corcorans job (his contract/term would have expired before the normal delivery). Last month we read that Patrick Corcoran would likely be mentioned (again) in some of this latest batch, possibly along with staff representatives. The ILO actually arranged an exceptional delivery of several Corcoran decisions, perhaps realising it would be essential to guard Corcorans job (his contract/term would have expired before the normal delivery).

    Over the past month Corcorans life (and career) was chaotic in spite of ILOs intervention. He may have worked in 3 places and offices (Haar, Munich, and The Hague) in just about a month. We dont know if he is already at The Hague or not. Harassing him (even outside the courtroom) and making it impossible for him to adapt makes dismissal for incompetence easier, or simply gives him the incentive to walk away and give up. It is absolutely despicable and we keep trying to bring this to the attention of ILO (and Guy Ryder personally).

    Its Mr. Battistelli who ought to be sent to The Hague, preferably in handcuffs (they have the ICC there).We have already heard from multiple sources [1,...


    Data breaches at an all time high: How are businesses protecting themselves? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Digitally transformative technologies are shaping the way organisations do business and moving them to a data-driven world, with 94% of organisations using sensitive data in cloud, big data, IoT, container, blockchain and/or mobile environments, according to the 2018 Thales Data Threat Report. Digital transformation is driving efficiency and scale as well as making possible new business models that drive growth and profitability. Enterprises are embracing this opportunity by leveraging all that digital technology offers, with More


    libcurl has had authentication leak bug dated back to before September 1999 "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    According to a security advisory, libcurl is affected by a couple of issues, one of them might cause the leakage of authentication data to third parties.

    libcurl is a free and easy-to-use client-side URL transfer library, it builds and works identically on numerous platforms.

    According to a security advisory, libcurl is affected by a couple of issues, one of them might cause the leakage of authentication data to third parties.

    The problem is related to the way it handles custom headers in HTTP requests.

    When asked to send custom headers in its HTTP requests, libcurl will send that set of headers first to the host in the initial URL but also, if asked to follow redirects and a 30X HTTP response code is returned, to the host mentioned in URL in the `Location:` response header value. states the advisory.

    Sending the same set of headers to subsequest hosts is in particular a problem for applications that pass on custom `Authorization:` headers, as this header often contains privacy sensitive information or data that could allow others to impersonate the libcurl-using clients request. We are not aware of any exploit of this flaw.

    Applications that pass on custom authorization headers could leak credentials or information that could be abused by attackers to impersonate the libcurl-using clients request.

    This vulnerability tracked as CVE-2018-1000007 has been present since before curl 6.0, back to before September 1999. Affected versions are libcurl 7.1 to and including 7.57.0, later versions (7.58.0) are not affected, the patch was published on GitHub.

    this solution creates a slight change in behavior. Users who actually want to pass on the header to other hosts now need to give curl that specific permission. You do this with [location-trusted]( with the curl command line tool.

    libcurl is also affected by an HTTP/2 trailer out-of-bounds read vulnerability tracked as CVE-2018-1000005.

    The issue is related to the code that creates HTTP/1-like headers from the HTTP/2 tra...


    Camels Disqualified from Saudi Beauty Pageant Due to Botox Injections "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    A Dozen Camels Disqualified From Saudi Beauty Pageant Over Botox Injections

    Some pageant contestants hit a hump in the road this week. That is, a camel beauty contest in Saudi Arabia disqualified a dozen camels for receiving Botox injections to make them more attractive.

    Saudi media reported that a veterinarian was caught performing plastic surgery on the camels a few days before the pageant, according to UAE's The National. In addition to the injections, the clinic was surgically reducing the size of the animals' ears to make them appear more delicate.

    "They use Botox for the lips, the nose, the upper lips, the lower lips and even the jaw," Ali Al Mazrouei, a regular at such festivals and the son of a prominent Emirati breeder, told the newspaper. "It makes the head more inflated so when the camel comes it's like, 'Oh look at how big that head is. It has big lips, a big nose.' "

    Real money is at stake: About $57 million is awarded to winners of the contests and camel races, The National reports, with more than $31.8 million in prizes for just the pageants.

    Also at The New York Times, Reuters, and Newsweek.

    Check out the world's tallest camel

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    Firefox 59 Might Ship With Working Wayland Support "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Besides Firefox 59 being the release doing away with GTK2 support, this next Mozilla web-browser release might be the one to achieve working native Wayland support...


    Grumpy Cat Wins $710,000 From Copyright Infringing Coffee Maker "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    grumpcatThere are dozens of celebrity cats on the Internet, but Grumpy Cat probably tops them all.

    The cats owners have made millions thanks to their pets unique facial expression, which turned her into an overnight Internet star.

    Part of this revenue comes from successful merchandise lines, including the Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino iced coffee beverage, sold by the California company Grenade Beverage.

    The company licensed the copyright and trademarks to sell the iced coffee but is otherwise not affiliated with the cat and its owners. Initially, this partnership went well, but after the coffee maker started to sell other Grumpy Cat products, things turned bad.

    The cats owners, incorporated as Grumpy Cat LLC, took the matter to court with demands for the coffee maker to stop infringing associated copyrights and trademarks.

    Without authorization, Defendants [] have extensively and repeatedly exploited the Grumpy Cat Copyrights and the Grumpy Cat Trademarks, the complaint read.

    Pirate coffee..

    After two years the case went before a jury this week where, Courthouse News reports, the cat itself also made an appearance.

    The eight-person jury in Santa Ana, California sided with the cats owner and awarded the company $710,000 in copyright and trademark infringement damages, as well as a symbolic $1 for contract breach.

    According to court documents, the majority of the damages have to be paid by Grumpy Beverage, but the companys owner Paul Sandford is also held personally liable for $60,000.

    The verdict is good news for Grumpy Cat and its owner, and according to their attorney, they are happy with the outcome.

    Grumpy Cat feels vindicated and feels the jury reached a just verdict, Grumpy Cats lawyer David Jonelis said, describing it as a complete victory.

    A copy of the verdict form is available here (pdf).

    Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing,...


    ICO protection: Key threats, attack tools and safeguards "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Group-IB has analyzed the basic information security risks for the cryptoindustry and compiled a rating of key threats to an ICO (initial coin offering). On average, over 100 attacks are conducted on one ICO, and criminals are increasingly using modified Trojans that were previously used for thefts from banks, as well as targeted attacks with a view to compromise secret keys and secure control over accounts. Ranking threats While summing up a year of protecting More


    Download: 2018 Cybersecurity Checklist "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Todays attacks are spreading faster, evolving quicker, and evading even the most widely used security solutions. But that doesnt mean you cant fight back. Get practical recommendations for preventing and mitigating the latest attacks with this free checklist. Get actionable suggestions on how to: Prevent compromise in the first place by defending against the most popular attack vectors Mitigate post-exploitation activities like privilege escalation and lateral movement attempts Know when attackers attempt to launch malicious More


    Triumph for Twitch over the viewbots "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Triumph for Twitch over the viewbots

    A US court has ruled in the favour of videogame-streaming service Twitch against two bot-makers who sold a service to artificially inflate Twitch channels' number of viewers and fans.


    8 Unusual IT Interview Questions and Approaches: CIOs Share "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    We asked IT and business leaders to share their tips for bringing out these and other key  qualities during interviews. Read on for their unique and interesting interview questions and strategies and what the responses help them discern about candidates. And if youre a job seeker: Learn and get ready for these strategies.

    Jonathan Feldman, CIO, City of Asheville, N.C. 

    "I am a hater of the weird question. I regret using weird questions in the past, because I want people to be comfortable. 


    Twitter RNG is Powered By Memes "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Twitter is kind of a crazy place. World leaders doing verbal battle, hashtags that rise and fall along with the social climate, and a never ending barrage of cat pictures all make for a tumultuous stream of consciousness that runs 24/7. What exactly were supposed to do with this information is still up to debate, as Twitter has yet to turn it into a profitable service after over a decade of operation. Still, its a grand experiment that offers a rare glimpse into the human hive-mind for anyone brave enough to dive in.

    One such explorer is a security researcher who goes by the handle [x0rz]. Hes recently unveiled an experimental new piece of software that grabs Tweets and uses them as a noise to mix in with the Linux urandom entropy pool. The end result is a relatively unpredictable and difficult to influence source of random data. While he cautions his software is merely a proof of concept and not meant for high security applications, its certainly an interesting approach to introducing humanity-derived chaos into the normally orderly world of your computers operating system.

    Noise sampling before and after being merged with urandom

    This hack is made possible by the fact that Twitter offers a sample f...


    Storage-NG Now Active In openSUSE Tumbleweed "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    SUSE's libstorage-ng back-end for YaST's new low-level storage library is now active within the rolling-release openSUSE Tumbleweed distribution...


    Reddit rolls out 2FA to all its users "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Reddit rolls out 2FA to all its users

    Reddit users can now secure their accounts with two-factor authentication (2FA).

    Read more in my article on the Tripwire State of Security blog.


    MoneroPay Malware Pretends to Be a Cryptocurrency Wallet "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    By David Balaban

    A brand new ransomware malware that is called MoneroPay has been

    This is a post from Read the original post: MoneroPay Malware Pretends to Be a Cryptocurrency Wallet


    Proposal for an Upper Bound on Planetary Mass "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    A new definition of a planet could help to distinguish gas giants from brown dwarfs:

    [Kevin] Schlaufman's definition is based on mass. In a paper published [DOI: 10.3847/1538-4357/aa961c] [DX] January 22, 2018, in the peer-reviewed Astrophysical Journal, Schlaufman has set the upper boundary of planet mass between four and 10 times the mass of the planet Jupiter.

    Schlaufman found that objects of at least 10 Jupiter masses tend not to form around metal-rich solar-type dwarf stars:

    Planets like Jupiter are formed from the bottom-up by first building-up a rocky core that is subsequently enshrouded in a massive gaseous envelope. It stands to reason that they would be found near stars heavy with elements that make rocks, as those elements provide the seed material for planet formation. Not so with brown dwarfs. Brown dwarfs and stars form from the top-down as clouds of gas collapse under their own weight.

    Schlaufman's idea was to find the mass at which point objects stop caring about the composition of the star they orbit. He found that objects more massive than about 10 times the mass of Jupiter do not prefer stars with lots of elements that make rocks and therefore are unlikely to form like planets. For that reason, and while it's possible that new data could change things, he has proposed that objects in excess of 10 Jupiter mass should be considered brown dwarfs, not planets.


    Celestial bodies with a mass of M 10 MJup have been found orbiting nearby stars. It is unknown whether these objects formed like gas-giant planets through core accretion or like stars through gravitational instability. I show that objects with M 4 MJup orbit metal-rich solar-type dwarf stars, a property associated with core accretion. Objects with M 10 MJup do not share this property. This transition is coincident with a minimum in the occurrence rate of such objects, suggesting that the maximum mass of a celestial body formed through core accretion like a planet is less than 10 MJup. Consequently, objects with M 10 MJup orbiting solar-type dwarf stars likely formed through gravitational instability and should not be thought of as planets. Theoretical m...

    Decoding 5G New Radio "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    The Latest on 3GPP and ITU Standards

    5G report logo, link to report landing page

    By: Sarah Yost, mmWave Product Manager, National Instruments

    Everywhere you look today, 5G is at the center of conversations about exciting new technology. Recent announcements from Mobile World Congress 2017 in late February indicate that 5G is already here. The truth is that 5G isnt here yet, but we are getting closer. The past year has been busy in all aspects of the communications community, from the work on the standardization process to updates from regulatory bodies to our understanding of the channel for new proposed millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies to the new technology under development that will turn 5G into a commercial reality. Last year, I wrote a paper called mmWave: The Battle of the Bands to provide an overview of the technologies being proposed for mmWave frequencies. This year, Im building on that information by examining mmWave for communications and presenting an update to the question on everyones mind: What is 5G and when will it be here?

    5G Frequencies: A Combination of mmWave and Sub-6 GHz

    Though some things at this point on the 5G journey may not be clearly defined, one thing is certain: sub-6 GHz spectrum is still very important, and mmWave frequencies will be used to supplement sub-6 GHz technology. Figure 1 shows the wide range of requirements expected of 5G, from ultra-reliable, high-bandwidth communication for enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) applications to the low-bandwidth, machine-to-machine (M2M) type communications we expect to see in Internet of Things applications. It is difficult, if not impossible, for one band of spectrum to meet all these needs, but combining two bands provides complementary coverage. Sub-6 GHz spectrum offers better propagation and backward compatibility for narrowband applications, while the contiguous bandwidth at mmWave frequencies enables the key eMBB applications that 5G promises.

    Figure 1. Targeted 5G applications include enhanced mobile broadband and machine-to-machine communication.

    Figure 1: Targeted 5G applications include enhanced mobile broadband and machine-to-machine communication.



    What Does Every Engineer Need to Know about 5G? "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Over the last several years, researchers have been hard at work exploring new concepts and technologies to answer the question What is 5G?.

    5G report logo, link to report landing page

    By Sarah Yost, SDR Solution Marketing, National Instruments

    The 3GPP, 3rd Generation Partnership Project, is the standards body that publishes agreed upon specifications that define our wireless communications standards.  They have outlined a timeline for 5G, and the first phase of definition for 5G, called New Radio or NR, just passed in early December 2017 (timeline shown below).

    Figure 1 The first specification of the New Radio technology for 5G was ratified in late 2017, with further updates through 2018.

    Figure 1 The first specification of the New Radio technology for 5G was ratified in late 2017, with further updates through 2018.

    Although NR Phase 1 will be different from the LTE protocol commonly used in todays mobile communications, there will be similarities as well.  The most stark differences between LTE and NR is the carrier bandwidth and operating frequency.  In addtition, NR adds new beamforming capabilities both in the analog and digital domains.  The table below illustrates a side by side comparison of key specifications for LTE and NR.

    Table 1 Proposed millimeter-wave frequency bands for 5G. *For future study, not part of LTE Release 15

    Table 1 Proposed millimeter-wave frequency bands for 5G. *For future study, not part of LTE Release 15

    National Instruments Figure 2: ...


    The Qt 5.11 Feature Freeze Is Imminent "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    While it feels like Qt 5.10 was just released a short time ago, the scheduled feature freeze and branching for Qt 5.11 is imminent...


    Hands-on Test of Windows Subsystem for Linux "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    If you don't want to do without the main advantages of Linux on the Windows platform, the Windows Subsystem for Linux offers another option. We delve the depths of the Linux underworld and explain how you can optimize the subsystem.


    Ex-Montana House Majority Leader Gets 18 Years for Drug Trafficking "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Via: Great Falls Tribune: A former leader of the Montana House of Representatives who once supported funding for an anti-drug campaign was sentenced to 18 years in prison Thursday for his central role in a methamphetamine trafficking ring. Michael Lange, the Republican House majority leader during the 2007 Legislature, arranged deliveries of at least 20 []


    New Coreboot Frame-Buffer Driver For The Linux Kernel "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    A new Coreboot frame-buffer driver has been published for the Linux kernel that allows reusing of the frame-buffer setup by Coreboot during the hardware initialization process...


    Biggest Washington DC Lobbyist Is Now Google "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Via: Register: For the first time, an internet company has become the largest lobbyist in Washington DC. With the release of fourth quarter lobbying figures a legal requirement it has been revealed that Google (well, Alphabet) spent no less than $18m in 2017 to lobby lawmakers in the US capital: a 17 per []


    CVE-2017-15132: dovecot: auth client leaks memory if SASL authentication is aborted. "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Posted by Aki Tuomi on Jan 25

    Score: 5.3, AV:N/AC:L/PR:N/UI:N/S:U/C:N/I:N/A:L
    Affected versions: 2.0 up to 2.2.33 and 2.3.0
    Fixed versions: 2.2.34 (not released yet), 2.3.1 (not released yet)

    We have identified a memory leak in Dovecot auth client used by login
    processes. The leak has impact in high performance configuration where
    same login processes are reused and can cause the process to crash due to memory exhaustion.

    Patch to apply this issue can be found from...


    Monkeys Cloned in World First "IndyWatch Feed Tech"

    Via: Independent: Two monkeys are the first ever primates to be cloned using the technique that created Dolly the sheep. The technique brings the prospect of cloned human beings even more closer. But scientists caution that there may be no good reason to create such clones, and that ethical and legal questions need to be []

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