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Monday, 29 January


Will China BRI Cause East West Rupture in EU? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


On 27 November Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, already at odds with the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union over his insistence on the right to decide whether Brussels or national elected governments shall be allowed to become citizens in Europes ongoing refugee crisis, waved another red flag, this potentially a future game-changer for the EU as it exists today. Orbanhosted the 6th annual meeting of the China- Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) 16+1 summit in Budapest with Chinas Prime Minister Li Keqiang. The event got barely a mention in western mainstream media despite the fact that it may have set the seeds for a divide within the EU within the coming months between a French-German-dominated federal EU run by Brussels and a more free, nation-based EU on the model of Hungary, Austria, Poland, the Czech republic and other east members of the EU.

In his opening keynote speech, Hungarys Viktor Orban noted that Europes most competitive investment environment has come into being in Central and Eastern Europe. Noting that not too long ago Asia depended on the west for investment in modernization, that today, the star of the East is now in the ascendant, and we live in an era marked by the rise of Asia and within it China. We are at the beginning of a period in which the further development of Europe will be dependent on the technological and financial involvement of the East.

Orban stressed the summit was not against the EU. He stressed that the 16+1 format not only serves the best interests of China and the sixteen Central and Eastern European countries, but also the whole of Europe and the European Union. He then announced Hungary would begin public procurement tender for upgrading the BudapestBelgrade railway line including funding from China.The cost of the project is 2.4billion Euros, with 85% to be provided by Export-Import Bank of China. The project is the first European project involving an EU member, Hungary, a non-EU member Serbia and China. It will create a major modern freight route to Western Europe through Central Europe. Strangely enough this is not being greeted with joy in Brussels, rather the opposite.

The China-CEEC o...


How Come Washingtons in a Rush to Rig Russias Election? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


The string of unfounded accusations against Russia for its alleged interference in various elections across the world has been voiced by Western political and media figures for over a year now. In fact, were witnessing an unprecedented propaganda campaign aimed at discrediting a single country. Yet, with the next presidential election nearing in Russia, the West doesnt seem to be ashamed to make an attempt to rig the election process in Russia. First of all, it has started publishing a series of publications aimed at discrediting the candidates that are not pedaling Western agenda. Then, there a string of Russian-language sites that are living off the money of American taxpayers provided by Washington speading anti-Putin propaganda, so its no wonder that those sites are officially recognized as foreign agents in Russia. Its been reported that every second article on those websites is aimed at discrediting  Russias President Vladimir Putin or urges Russian citizens to boycott the election. What is especially striking to any objective pro-democracy observer is that no other opinion is being allowed to be featured in those peaces, even though those sites are owned by the self-proclaimed champion of democracy Washington. The days when Western media sources even tried to pretend that they were aware that journalism as a profession is an art of various opinions are long gone now, alas.

As for English-speaking media platforms, those couldnt care less about covering the upcoming election objectively, as they are just ignoring the statements made by Russian authorities, while claiming to be innocent in spites of their repeated violations of the fundamental principle of impartiality.

The all-out propaganda assault against Russia is led by the well-known CIA mouthpieces the Voice of America and Radio Free Europe. Those are trying to show the White House that they can still be viable in its face-off with Russia by accusing various officials in of various abuses aimed at  illegally obtaining signatures in Putins support. At the same time, even the most die-hard Putin bashers recognize that he leads the presidential race in Russia, with more than 70% of Russias population being willing to vote for him, as polls show. This fact by itself excludes any need for any of Putins supporters to try to cut corners in assisting Putin in obtaining enough signatures to become a nominated candidate. However, those Western journalists prefer to ignore such facts all together, as theyve been paid in advance to jump o......


US Furious over Russia"s Arms Supplies to Myanmar: The Pot Calling the Kettle Black "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Now that Washington sees Russia as a competitor that can withstand pressure and pursue its own independent foreign policy, it is blamed for anything that goes wrong in the world. And so, once again the pot is calling the kettle black.


In Memoriam: Robert Parry "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

It is with a heavy heart that we inform Consortiumnews readers that Editor Robert Parry has passed away. As regular readers know, Robert (or Bob, as he was known to friends and family) suffered a stroke in December, which despite his own speculation that it may have been brought on by the stress of covering Washington politics was the result of undiagnosed pancreatic cancer that he had been unknowingly living with for the past 4-5 years.


Lament for Canada "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

One can only imagine with pleasure how Trudeau pre, if he were still with us, might berate his son for craven, fatuous behaviour.


Foreign Policy Populism: The Final Frontier "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Defense Secretary Mattis recent official ushering in of the new era of great-power competition comes as yet more polls find that Western publics are resolutely rejecting the status quo in foreign policy. They confirm what many had highlighted for years, though with little recognition from mainstream political parties. Now, however, the tectonic shifts occurring simultaneously in both geopolitics and domestic politics open the possibilities for a powerful, crosscutting new platform for rising political leaders one of democratizing foreign policy.


Toxic Agenda Redux US Blames Russia Over Chemical Weapons "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Washington and its allies may think their political agenda over chemical weapons is smart subterfuge to smear Russia. Its not. Its just downright stupid, transparent and toxically self-incriminating of Washington.


Cambodia is Turning Towards Russia "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


During the Soviet period the USSR cooperated actively with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), supporting them in their struggles for independence and in their opposition to the policies of Western countries. Following the fall of the USSR and the end of the Cold War, the level of cooperation between the USSR (and its successors) and the ASEAN group declined significantly. However, in the last few years the Russian leadership has taken a number of important measures to restore the countrys former relationship with the ASEAN group. As in the past, these measures relate to economic cooperation, and to a joining of forces to resist Western countries attempts to dictate terms to the ASEAN countries. One example of an ASEAN country that Russia is developing successful relationships with, is Cambodia.

The kingdom of Cambodia is on the southern side of the Indo-China peninsula and is one of the least economically-developed countries in the region. Nevertheless Cambodia has voting rights in ASEAN, which makes it an attractive partner for countries wishing to obtain influence in the ASEAN group. The West is trying to develop cooperation with Phnom Penh, but since the USAs influence in the Asia-Pacific region as a whole is declining, while Chinas power is increasing, Cambodia is, increasingly, choosing to work with the latter. China is clearly taking active steps to strengthen its positions in Cambodia, and is developing trade links with it and investing large sums in its economy.

However, Russia is also paying considerable attention to Cambodia and is widening its economic, as well as its political relations with this country. It should be pointed out that the USSR also actively cooperated with Cambodia and provided it with a significant amount of aid. One important issue in the current relations between Cambodia and Russia is the talks between the two countries on writing off, or at least reducing, Cambodias $1.5 billion debt. Considering the friendly relations between the two countries, there are grounds for hoping that this debt will be written off.

One sign of the high level that the political relationship between Moscow and Phnom Penh has reached is Russias appointment as the main foreign observer of the upcoming Cambodian national elections, which will take place in July 2018. By taking on this role Russia has provided an important service to the Cambodian government, headed by Prime Minister Hun Sen. The fact is, that in September 20...


The US National Defense Strategy Is The Epitome Of Neo-Realism "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The unclassified summary of the recently released document focuses on Great Power competition and sees its core objective as maintaining a balance of power that can indefinitely sustain its post-Cold War global model.

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I Held A Twitter Election And It Was A Glorious Dumpster Fire! "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

I held a Twitter sElection and you absolutely WILL believe what happened next...unless you're a statist, that is. Happy voting!

Sunday, 28 January


Between Polands Holocaust revisionism and Israels Nakba denial "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Polands attempt to scrub clean its role in the murder of European Jewry is, at its core, no different from Israels attempt to erase the catastrophe that befell the Palestinians in 1948.

By Haneen Zoabi

The Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp in Poland. Auschwitz was a network of concentration and extermination camps built and operated in occupied Poland by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. (Isaac Harari/Flash90)

The Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp in Poland. Auschwitz was a network of concentration and extermination camps built and operated in occupied Poland by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. (Isaac Harari/Flash90)

The responses coming from Israel to the new Polish law, which forbids discussing war crimes committed by the Polish people during the holocaust, are nothing if not paradoxical. While the Israeli establishment, from the Right to the Left, denies the identity, history, and catastrophe of the Palestinian people, it reprimands those who deny responsibility for the fate of the Jews during the Holocaust.


The Holocaust, a monstrous, well-planned genocide, was possible not only because of the Nazis nightmarishly meticulous implementation, but also because those who stood aside as it was happening. The Germans had willing accomplices, including many Poles, who took an active part in the persecution and murder. The history books talk about the hunt for the Jews, which led to the murder of hundreds of thousands of Jews, both directly and indirectly,...


Proof of Past Promises Exhumed But Not Reported "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


Currently, a movie featuring Meryl Streep recreates the dramatic events surrounding the publication, in 1971, of the Pentagon Papers, in a crowing salute to so-called freedom of the American press. Alas, the takeaway is that since the publication of these damning documents about the Vietnam War, freedom of the press has become a fiction.

As Russiagate grows in complexity, nothing better illustrates this state of affairs than the disconnect between the Wests promises to Mikhail Gorbachev in the late eighties and early nineties, and the military situation that followed the demise of the Soviet Union. Gorbachev believed verbal and written assurances that NATO would not move one inch beyond the eastern border of a reunited Germany. But once the Soviet Union dissolved, NATO lost no time in moving steadily from a reunited Germany across all of Eastern Europe, positioning itself along the entire eastern border of Russia, from the Baltic to the Black Sea, while adding insult to injury by accusing Russia of not respecting the postwar European borders!

Last December, all the documents related to the negotiations that took place before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall, were made public, thanks to the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), however, the revelations they contained were reported neither by the New York Times nor by the Washington Post, the two American so-called papers of record. If ever anyone needed a stark example of the non-existence of a free press in the United States, this is it. Only the readers of The Nation and listeners to the podcasts of John Batchelor, learned about this momentous event. Americas foremost Russia expert, Stephen F Cohen, professor emeritus at :Princeton University, fluent in Russian and the author of numerous books and articles about the Soviet Union and Russia, revealed their existence but not without at least one glitch.

Since 2005, Cohens wife, Katrina vanden Heuvel has been the editor and publisher of The Nation, a weekly progressive news magazine that has been in existence since 1865. However, when I clicked on Cohens Nation art...


Following protest, Interior Ministry refuses to accept asylum requests "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Activists splashed red paint and left mannequin heads at the entrance to the Population and Immigration Authoritys office in Tel Aviv. The Interior Ministry decided to collectively punish the asylum seekers in response.

A policeman surveys the results of a protest action outside of the Population and Immigration Authority's office in Tel Aviv on Saturday, January 27, 2018. (Oren Ziv/

A policeman surveys the results of a protest action outside of the Population and Immigration Authoritys office in Tel Aviv on Saturday, January 27, 2018. (Oren Ziv/

The Israeli Interior Ministry said it was refusing to process any asylum claims Sunday morning as a collective punishment of sorts in response to a protest action against the planned deportation of tens of thousands of Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers.


Unknown activists spilled red paint and left mannequin heads Saturday night at the entrance to the Tel Aviv office of the Population and Immigration Authoritys (PIBA), where Israeli authorities normally process asylum claims. The activists left notes that said, Their blood is on your hands, and This wont pass quietly for you, this is just the beginning.

After the government and the courts approved the policy, all that remained was to attack the clerk, to attack the messenger. Its disgusting, Daniel Solomon, legal advisor to Israels Population and Immigration Authority, said during...


US War Dog Wants to Bite, But What and How? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


It could be truly comical, if it were not to be so dangerous for millions of people living all over the world. The Empire, once mighty, ruthless and frightening is now jumping around like a dog infected with rabies; it is salivating, barking loudly, its tale is stiff between its legs.

It snaps left and right, and periodically it is even trying to bite a piece of Moon off. But the Moon is far, too far, even for the best armed and the most aggressive country on Earth.

Iran is much closer, and so are North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Russia, China, Pakistan and other nations that have managed to land themselves on that proverbial shit list of the neo-colonialist World Order, manufactured by the West.

The General Manager of what the West likes to define as the Free World, is increasingly behaving like a hooligan and racist, insulting African countries which have survived both genocide and the slave trade, and which have been, for centuries, colonized, plundered and enslaved first by various European enlightened states, and later by the coordinated efforts of the Western governments and multi-national corporations.

He is also offending and intimidating millions of Latin Americans; people of the Western Hemisphere who have been, for ages, falling under the infamous Monroe Doctrine of U.S. foreign policy. The summary of that Doctrine has been basically this: do as we say and what is in the interests of the West, or well overthrow your governments, murder your leaders or even directly invade your shores. Now illegal immigrants from these countries are most likely going to have to leave the United States. Because they are poor (logically they are, after centuries of oppression and terror from the North), because they are not white, and because they are uneducated, or in summary, because they are not Norwegians (the Manager would prefer Norwegian migrants).

Insulting people and nations is one thing, but bringing the world near a nuclear war is something quite different.

Increasingly it appears that the possibility of a new and horrid conflict (or conflicts) is nothing hypothetical. It is an absolutely realistic scenario, a great possibility, considering both the state of mind of the Manager, and even, progressively, the state of mind of the Western public, who seem to be totally out of touch with their position in th...


The War in America's "Democratic" Party over Whether to Go to War Against Russia "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The US invasion of Iraq in 2003 was clearly based upon lies, but this war wont be like getting rid of Saddam Hussein was in 2003. It will be unimaginably worse than that horror.


The Doomsday Weapon "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

While we agonize over such life and death questions as clumsy men groping women and the crucial need for gender and racial inclusion, let me spare a few seconds thought to something really important and scary:  Russias doomsday nuclear torpedo.


Davos 2018: a Brave Face on a Sorry Business "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Donald Trump was not at the Davos summit last year, but even from a distance of a few thousand kilometres, the US president still managed to overawe many of the forums participants. What will happen this time?


Why Wait? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Our society has largely forgot what a wedding is. That is why it cannot understand why the gift of sex should not be given before the wedding day. Instead it asks, Why wait?

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Trump"s General Just Announced a New Cold War. Who Will Stop It? "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Defense Secretary James Mattis announced a dramatic shift in military policy last week, and it threatens to plunge the world into new forms of conflict.


The Diplomatic Crisis Around Comfort Women: The 2015 Agreement Problem "IndyWatch Feed Asia"


Many of the authors materials have been devoted to the surge of tension associated with the so-called Comfort Women problem (Kor.: Wianbu) and the unsuccessful attempt to resolve the problem under Park Geun-hye. However, before we analyse the crisis in more detail about this agreement, it is worth reminding the audience of its content, because there are no fewer myths around who promised what to whom than around the Framework Agreement, which also preferred to remember only that the DPRK promised to freeze its nuclear gramme.

We have already written about the essence of the problem of Wianbu and its ambiguity, but when in 1965 the ROK and Japan signed an agreement on the normalisation of bilateral relations and an agreement was reached on the size and nature of compensation for the damage that Korea suffered during Japanese rule, the Wianbu received neither an apology nor compensation. For according to the documents from those years, all matters related to the crimes of Japan during the colonial period are considered to be permissible and there are no grounds for additional compensation by Tokyo.

Yes, some Japanese prime ministers have apologised, but the statement of Yohei Kono in 1993, and the statement of Tomiichi Murayama in 1995 were not official and reflected only a personal point of view.

In January 1997, the Murayama government tried to pay compensation through a specially created Asia Womens Fund, seven Wianbu were given a refund of 2 million yen along with a letter from the Japanese prime minister. However, the fund was not public and its money could not be considered official compensation. So it just added fuel to the fire of the protest movement, and the women who took the money were brutally attacked and ostracised.

It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of Japanophobia as an important feature of public discourse, which has brought up a generation of professional patriots, according to which whatever the Japanese would do, their repentance would not be sincere enough.

This trend is strongly related to the conditional left wing of politicians, and not by chance. Although the joint...


Special Sarawak sitting on Jan 30 to mark 150th anniversary "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

The Sarawak State Legislative Assembly will hold a special sitting on Tuesday next week in conjunction with the 150th anniversary of the legislative body, Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas said today. He said the Sarawak Cabinet, which made the decision to hold the special sitting, had also decided that there will be []


Sarawak deputy CM confirms Kuching man is seventh rabies victim "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

A 59-year old man from Kuching division is the latest person to contract rabies after being bitten by a rabid dog two months ago, Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah said today. He said the victim is currently warded at the Sarawak General Hospitals intensive care unit. A laboratory test on January 26 []


Wrong facts can cause Dayak-Malay tension, Sarawak DCM says after historians blunder "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Sarawak Deputy Minister II Tan Sri James Masing chided a historian for allegedly presenting misleading information on Native Customary Rights (NCR), saying it could cause tension between the Dayak and Malay communities. Masing who is also Parti Rakyat Sarawak president said the historian had failed to understand the history of the NCR land controversy, asserting []


When children born in Malaysia are denied education because they arent citizens "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Unlike his peers, 17-year-old Muhamad Fitri Hassan Basri is not preparing for his final year SPM school-leaving examinations. In fact, he has never attended school at all despite having been born and bred in Malaysia and neither has his brother Muhamad Rizal, 18, because of issues with their citizenship. Weve been trying to apply for []


#CabarCalon campaign seeks to find out GE14 candidates stand on three issues "IndyWatch Feed Asia"

Civil rights movement Bebas launched today a campaign to encourage voters to use the social media to pressure candidates to be more transparent on their stand in the coming 14th general elections.Called #CabarCalon, the campaign urges voters to ask those intending to contest in either federal or state seats to answer yes or no to []

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