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Thursday, 26 October


Map Update: Syrian Army Captured 4 Villages From ISIS, Al-Qaeda In Northern Hama "IndyWatch Feed War"

Map Update: Syrian Army Captured 4 Villages From ISIS, Al-Qaeda In Northern Hama

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The Syrain Arab Army (SAA), the National Defense Forces (NDF) and the Qalamoun Shield Forces (QSF) have liberated 4 villages from ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in the northern Hama countryside.

The SAA, the NDF and the QSF established control over the villages of Jub Abyad, Shuhatiyah, Rasm Ahmar and Rasm Sawan west of the key government-held town of Ithriyah.

Some pro-government sources speculated that government forces may try to reach Abu Duhur area using the momentum gained during the ongoing advance.

Map Update: Syrian Army Captured 4 Villages From ISIS, Al-Qaeda In Northern Hama

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Syrian government responsible for Khan Sheikhoun sarin gas attack: UN "IndyWatch Feed War"


US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Assad and his family have no role in Syria's future


Ex-CIA chief proposed plan to discredit Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen "IndyWatch Feed War"


As a Trump campaign adviser, former CIA director James Woolsey pitched contract to two Turkish businessmen to help discredit US-based cleric


Iraqi Forces Reach Al-Qaim In Lightning-Like Advance (Maps) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Iraqi Forces Reach Al-Qaim In Lightning-Like Advance (Maps)

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On October 26, the Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) reached the last ISIS stronghold in Iraq, al-Qaim city, after successfully capturing dozens of areas south and southeast of it, according to the PMU media wing.

The PMU media wing reported that government forces captured the following areas:

  • H1 and H2 airbases southwest of al-Qaim city;
  • The Al-QaimAkashat highway along the Syrian-Iraqi border;
  • The State Company for Phosphate and the Agricultural Research Service 10km southwest of al-Qaim city;
  • Maslus Mount south of al-Qaim city;
  • Jubab, al-Maaml, al-Masharaa, al-Nadrah, al-Hussiniyat, al-Akra and al-Hasa areas in western Anbar;
  • Al-Naser, Abed, al-Aghr, al-Halqum and Jihash valleys south of al-Qaim city.
Iraqi Forces Reach Al-Qaim In Lightning-Like Advance (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

Government forces also captured the former al-Badiyah and al-Jazeera Operation Center of the Iraqi Army, according to the PMU media wing.

Government forces are now advancing towards K1 military base west of al-Qaim city.

The PMU media wing said that the Iraqi soldiers killed dozens of ISIS fighters during their advance. Government forces also captured several vehicles and VBIEDs of ISIS.

The rapid advance of government forces proved that the number of ISIS fighters in the Euphrates River Valley between Syria and Iraq is way less than what it was announced by the US-led coalition. ISIS will likely redeploy most of its units towards its front lines with the Syrian Arab Army (S...


CVS Health is in Talks to Buy Aetna Sources "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sources say CVS health has proposed to buy Aetna for more than $200 a share

The Wall Street Journal
Updated Oct. 26, 2017 4:00 p.m. ET

CVS Health is in Talks to Buy Aetna Sources

Aetna Had $53B Market Value Thursday Afternoon

CVS Health Has Proposed to Buy Aetna for More Than $200 a Share Source



Aetna shares jump 12% on DJ report that CVS Health is in talks to buy company for $200 or more per share

  • Aetna shares rose by as much as 12 percent on news the big insurer was in talks to be sold to CVS Health.



Libyan National Army Claims Qatar Transferring ISIS Militants into Libya "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sources from the Libyan National Army (LNA) told UAE based news outlet, Alittihad, that Qatar is transferring Islamic State (ISIS) militants from Iraq and Syria to Libya. It is alleged that Doha intends for the fighters to regroup in the South of Libya after major losses in Syria and Iraq.

The campaign against Islamist hardliners and suspected ISIS collaborators in Misrata intensified last week; 13 people were taken into custody, including several notable commanders and members of the Benghazi Defence Brigades (BDB) and Ajdabiya Shura Council. The arrests were conducted in accordance with the Libyan General Prosecutors issuance of over 800 warrants for arrest in connection with terrorism.

On 19 October, the LNA allegedly arrested a former ISIS member who was hiding in Derna. Anis Bujeela al-Awami (aka al-Asla) purportedly joined ISIS in 2014, before defecting to the DMSC with other fighters in 2015, prior to the ISIS withdrawal from the city that year.

On 22 October, the second round of meetings in the UN-facilitated Libyan political talks concluded without setting a plan or agenda for the next gathering of the Joint Drafting Committee. UN Envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame remains enthusiastic and has emphasized that despite contention on bottleneck issues such as Article 8, progress was made on many points in the second round. Salame hopes to have some sort of agreement or amendment in order before the LPA is set to expire on 17 December.

On 23 October, the Egyptian military reported that its air force hit a convoy of eight vehicles carrying munitions near Egypts western border with Libya. It is reported that the strike killed the militants on board, but the official statement did not include details about the number of fatalities or which militant group was involved. The strike follows the deadly attack on Egyptian security forces southwest of Cairo on 20 October.

Libya-Analysis is the most read independent English-language blog on Libyan affairs. It is run by Jason Pack, founder of and researcher of World History at Cambridge University

This article was republished with explicit permission from the author.

The post Libyan Natio...


Joint Statement by CGT, Solidaridad Obrera & CNT About the Situation in #Catalonia "IndyWatch Feed War"

Joint statement from October 26, 2017 by CGT, Solidaridad Obrera and CNT about the situation in Catalonia.


Originally published by CNT. Translated by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Read all our reports about Catalonia; here.

Joint Statement by CGT, Solidaridad Obrera and CNT About the Situation in Catalonia

As signatory organizations, unions at state level, we share our concern about the situation in Catalonia, the r...


Canadian columnist is latest to say, Israel is an apartheid state "IndyWatch Feed War"

Yesterday Neil Macdonald, a columnist and longtime DC and Middle East correspondent for Canadian Broadcasting, wrote that its time to call a duck a duck: Israel already is an apartheid state.

Macdonalds evidence is hardly obscure. It includes Netanyahus declaration that Israel is never leaving the West Bank, the boom in settlement construction, Israeli officials bullying the Palestinians that they will never have a state, and the cruel joke of the peace process. Most importantly, he cites the two sets of laws based on ethnicity:

The roughly three quarters of a million Jewish settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem have complete freedom of movement and their own set of roads, effectively forbidden to the disenfranchised Palestinian underclass. Settlers suspected of crimes are entitled to full rights in Israeli courts; Palestinians endure military tribunals, indefinite imprisonment without charge (administrative detention) and collective punishment.

When are liberal Zionists going to be half this honest about a stark reality?

They wont do it because theyre the firewall on American establishment support for Israel, and they know it. Macdonald notes that you get punished for pointing out this fact in the U.S. Its radioactive to say apartheid:

Its interesting that within the Israeli discourse, the assertion seems to have become routine, while it remains radioactive in the West, where energetic pro-Israel activists scrutinize the media, the academy and the polity, ready to declare anti-Semitism or incitement at any use of the word.

He points out that Jimmy Carter was pilloried and caricatured as a dotty old man for daring to say apartheid ten years ago when Wolf Blitzer and Terry Gross went after him hammer and tongs for putting the word in the title of his book on Palestine.

Palestinians have of course told us its apartheid for a long time now. There is a special place in hell for Americans who deny apartheid when theyve seen the West Bank and East Jerusalem. That goes for a lot of liberal Zionists who vacillate about what theyve seen when they deplore the occupation. But that firewall is slowly cracking.

Heres my list...


Trump Forces Reversal of Saudi-Qatari Spat In Yemen, Al-QAP Is Screwed "IndyWatch Feed War"

[This is unbelieveable, an actual point of agreement between Saudi, Qatari, even U.S. governments on a common anti-al-Qaeda agreement for Yemen (SEE: Guantanamo and The Saudi Rehabilitation Program Behind AQAP Intentional, or Major Fowl-UP?).  Does this mean the CIA will stop using Al-Qaeda Arabian Peninsula to fight against the Shiite al-Huthi forces?  Doesnt this directly contradict todays previous announcement by Saudi Prince/SecDef that Yemen War Continues to Prevent Rise of Another Hezbollah?  Has Trump derailed the little Saudi prince who would be king?]

Anti-terror partners issue joint sanctions against key terrorists and supporters

WASHINGTON: The US Department of the Treasurys Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) today imposed sanctions on eight individuals and one entity, targeting leaders, financiers, and facilitators...


Newsbud Exclusive- GMOs Kill Not Save The Hungry of the World "IndyWatch Feed War"

KCrJowZIuB GMOs. Scientists can, and should, keep debating the dangerousness and unpredictability of genetical interference in food production, the effects of GMOs on pesticide usage and its possible relation to cancer and other diseases. On a more fundamental level, however, the most important question is the following: why would we even want genetically modified instead of organic food on our plate? The main answer, proponents claim, is that GMOs are necessary to enhance the amount of global food production as they are one of the if not the only viable solution at increasing yield and thus at fighting global hunger. Much of the GMO discourse rests on this assertion, which means that when it is debunked as a myth, the whole argument for the need of genetically engineering our food almost totally succumbs in the blink of an eye.

Following the Second World War, modern yield-increasing agriculture methods were gradually introduced throughout the world, which, so argued agribusiness giants and the Rockefeller and Ford foundations who supported them, would reduce world hunger. In reality, this so-called Green Revolution gave rise to an unseen amount of control over the global food production by a handful of Anglo-American companies, in the process of which wealthy landowners became richer and poor peasant farmers remained poor. The same companies and organisations who were at the forefront of the Green Revolution, using basically the same arguments, then went on to foment the Gene Revolution. While they further consolidated their grip on the global food supply from the mid-1980s onwards, they argued that at the same time, GMOs would increase yield, reduce pesticide usage and be the ultimate solution to global hunger and poverty. This argumentation implied that, by opposing or even criticising the GMO project, one de facto supported genocide against the worlds poor.[1]

Over the last couple of years, two decades into the Gene Revolution, however, it has become crystal clear that GMOs have failed on their promise. In July 2009, the Union of Concerned Scientists, a US-based non-profit science advocacy organisation with a membership numbering hundreds of thousands of professional scientists and private citizens, published a report on biotechnologys broken promises called Failure to yield. The organisation carefully examined the record of genetically modified (GM) crops in the US, where they have been commercially grown since the mid-1990s and where the best and most extensive data on GMOs is available. Specifically, they reviewed the data of soybeans and corn...


Nigeria: Muslims murder 48 Christians, destroy 249 homes in 13 Christian villages "IndyWatch Feed War"

Will the Islamophobia never end? Will Pope Francis (pbuh) be traveling soon to Plateau state in order to explain to these Muslims that theyre misunderstanding their Religion of Peace? Christians Recount Terror of Herdsmens Nine-Day Massacre in Plateau State, Nigeria, Morning Star News, October 25, 2017: JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) The church elder in []


Vocabulary of Veterans Day "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Robert Fantina, October 25, 2017


As the United States gears up for its annual mourning orgy for dead U.S. soldiers, there are some words and terms that are bandied about, that are meant to either comfort the survivors, lighten the impact of U.S. war-making, or possibly both. We will take a few moments to look at three of them.

  • Fallen Soldier: how benign! A fallen soldier! So much more pleasant than the truth: a dead man or woman; a son or daughter, mother or father, brother, sister, friend, etc. is dead. He or she has been blown to bits in some foreign country where the poor victim had no business being, but joined the service (see below), to uphold the U.S. Constitution, protect the border, maintain national security, or so they were told. They were never advised of the real reason: protecting corporate interests by strengthening U.S. power around the world. And now they are dead, rotting in a grave, sacrificed on the altar of the almighty dollar.
  • Gold Star Family, and its variations: Gold Star Mother or Father. This is another gentle term to describe the family of the dead soldier. A gap now exists in the family; this could be a beloved brother or sister that is now forever missing, and/or a mother or father, which can never be replaced, or husband or wife, who will never be forgotten. But lets not discuss such unpleasantness; wave the flag at the Gold Star family a few times a year, put hand on heart as a tear comes to the eye, and then forget them and the unending grief they feel for a lost loved one. And, of course, continue to support the troops by sending more of them to early graves.
  • Service: We have saved the best for last. The U.S. government has skillfully convinced the U.S. citizen-lemmings of a new definition of service. First, lets look at a definition found quickly by doing an online search: Service: the action of helping or doing work for someone. That, to this writers mind, is a good, concise definition of service. The U.S. government, however, has been able to convince the populace that when they enter into a...


The US, Africa and a New Century of War "IndyWatch Feed War"

The US, Africa and a New Century of War

Thursday, October 26, 2017 By William Rivers PittTruthout | News Analysis 


A New Poor Peoples Campaign for Moral Revival "IndyWatch Feed War"

The  has emerged from more than a decade of work by grassroots community and religious leaders, organizations and movements fighting to end systemic racism, poverty, militarism, environmental destruction & related injustices and to build a just, sustainable and participatory society. The Campaign aims to build a broad and deep national moral movement rooted in the leadership of poor people and reflecting the great moral teachings to unite our country from the bottom up.

For years we have seen a kind of attention violence towards issues of systemic racism, poverty, and militarism. There was a time when our nation was fighting a war against poverty; now it seems we are waging a war on the poor. Our social fabric is stretched thin by widening income inequality while politicians criminalize the poor, fan the flames of racism and xenophobia to divide the poor, and steal from the poor to give tax breaks to our richest neighbors and budget increases to a bloated military.

The twin forces of white supremacy and unchecked corporate greed continue to gain more power and influence, both in statehouses across this nation and at the highest levels of our federal government. Today, one in every two Americans are poor or low-income while millions of children and adults continue to live without access to healthcare, housing, clean water, or good jobs.

At the same time, the issues of poverty and racism have been forced to the margins of our moral narrative and claims that a limited focus on personal morality should overshadow and supplant a commitment to public morality rooted in a critique of greed, racism, and injustice.

The Poor Peoples Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revivalwill strategically connect and grow different struggles and lift up and deepen the leadership of those most affected to transform the political, economic and moral structures of our society. The Campaign will push forward concrete demands, build unity across lines of division, and draw on art, music, and r...


U.S. Troops Think White Nationalism Is A Larger National Security Threat Than Syria, Iraq, & Afghanistan "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Sarah Friedmann, October 24, 2017

from Bustle

A new poll conducted by the Military Times revealed that U.S. military troops rate white nationalism a bigger national security threat than Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan and that one in four troops say that they have witnessed examples of white nationalism among their fellow service members.

The Military Times poll was conducted a week after a white supremacist rally and attack on counter protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Aug. 12. The voluntary survey included 1,131 responses from active-duty troops.  Those polled were predominantly white and male, at 86 percent and 76 percent of respondents, respectively.

According to the poll, 30 percent of respondents noted that they viewed white nationalism as a threat to national security. This number indicates that, according to the survey, troops are seemingly more concerned about the threat posed to the U.S. by white nationalism than by a variety of other foreign threats, including Syria (which 27 percent viewed as a threat), Pakistan (25 percent), Afghanistan (22 percent), and Iraq (17 percent).


Islamic State releases poster of soccer star weeping blood in threat to Russia World Cup 2018 "IndyWatch Feed War"

And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may strike terror in the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you do not know, whom Allah knows. Quran 8:60 Isis releases poster of Lionel Messi crying blood in latest Russia []


No One Wants Having to Do with the US Anymore "IndyWatch Feed War"

Except for Kievs madman, no one wants to play with the United States anymore. Japan and South Korea, of course, have no other recourse but to accommodate the outgoing superpower for their own sake as well, or that of the corporate gangsters which have been put in charge of the industry by Western puppetmasters. But Continue reading No One Wants Having to Do with the US Anymore


U.S. Troop Deaths in Niger: AFRICOMs Chickens Come Home to Roost "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Mark B. Fancher

from Black Agenda Report, October 18, 2017

The Trump administration is talking about a potential imminent U.S. military action to hit back.

From the outset, the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) has incorrectly presumed the stupidity of Africans and others who are concerned about the continent. To answer accusations that the U.S. uses its military to ensure continuing imperialist domination of Africa, AFRICOM has stubbornly insisted that its sole objectives are to advise and support the armies of African government partners and to provide humanitarian assistance. But we know the truth to be otherwise.

U.S. Army General Donald Bolduc shamelessly told NBC News: America is not at war in Africa. But its partner forces are. But even a soldier can recognize the farce. Former Green Beret Derek Gannon said: [U.S. military involvement in Africa] is called Low Intensity Irregular Warfare, yet technically its not considered war by the Pentagon. But warfare is warfare to me.

The U.S. maintains two facilities in Africa that qualify as military bases. However, according to NBC the U.S. increased the number of embassy-based military missions called Offices of Security Cooperation from nine in 2008 to 36 in 2016. Researchers say the U.S. military now has a presence in at least 49 African countries, presumably to fight terrorism. Even if anti-terrorism were the actual ultimate objective, has pointed out: The U.S. has found some of its efforts to fight extremists hobbled by some African governments, whose own security forces are ill-equipped to launch an American-style hunt for the militants yet are reluctant to accept U.S. help because of fears the Americans will overstay their welcome and trample their sovereignty.

Researchers say the U.S. military now has a presence in at least 49 African countries, presumably to fight terrorism.

In the face of Africas s...


China Borrows $2 Billion at Rates Just Slightly Above U.S. Treasury Yields "IndyWatch Feed War"

The countrys first international debt sale in 13 years saw strong investor demand

No automatic alt text available.

Updated Oct. 26, 2017 1:38 p.m. ET

China on Thursday sold $2 billion in bonds at record-low interest rates that were slightly above what the U.S. pays to borrow in the debt markets, a sign of investor confidence in the financial health of the worlds second-largest economy.

A surge of investor demand for the countrys first U.S. dollar-denominated debt sale in 13 years enabled China to price its five-year bonds to yield 2.196%, or just 0.15 percentage point over comparable U.S. Treasury notes.


China is returning to international bond markets for the first time in 13 years, with a $2 billion offering of U.S. dollar bonds that will allow the worlds second-largest economy to flex its financial muscle in the wake of its just completed Communist Party Congress.

Bankers have begun marketing Chinas five- and 10-year bonds to investors, primarily in Asia and Europe, and the securities are expected to price on Thursday. Chinas Ministry of Finance is scheduled to hold a conference call on Wednesday with potential investors to take questions about the deal.

Investors from China and elsewhere are eager to buy the countrys sovereign bonds, r...


Pakistans Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif Tells U.S. To Stop Listening To Failed Generals on Afghanistan "IndyWatch Feed War"

Published: October 26, 2017


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan said on Wednesday it was ready to help the US in Afghanistan but would not act as the proxy for any country and urged Washington to get input from politicians and experts rather than the generals, who had already failed in the war-torn country.

In a policy statement in the Senate, Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif said the US has provided Islamabad a list of 75 wanted persons, which did not include a single Pakistani citizen, while Pakistan has given a list of 100 criminals to the US and Afghanistan.

On Tuesday Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani summoned the foreign minister to take upper house of Parliament into confidence over US Secretary of State Rex Tillersons visit to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Rabbani was irked by Tillersons remarks in Kabul on Monday in which he asked Pakistan to act on US demands.

 No automatic alt text available.

There is huge trust deficit between Pakistan, US over Afghan conflict: Khawaja Asif

Asif told the house there was no Pakistani national in the list of 75 wanted persons provided by the US. No Pakistani national, including Hafiz Saeed, is in this list, he said, adding that the Haqani network is on the top and some were shadow governors of Taliban. Many on the list are not alive, he said.

He added Pakistan had also handed a list of 100 people wanted by Islamabad to the US and Afghanistan and it had been conveyed to the President Donald Trumps administration that any Indian role in Afghanistan would not be acceptable to Pakistan.

Speaking about the talks with Tillerson on Tuesday, the foreign minister said that the US had been n...


Divest From the War Machine: CODEPINK #DivestFromWar Summit in DC "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Annie Windholz, October 26 2017

from Popular Resistance

On October 21st CODEPINK launched a #DivestFromWar campaign in Washington D.C. at the Divest from the War Machine Summit. CODEPINK, a women-led grassroots organization started 15 years ago, works to end U.S. wars and militarism as well as support peace and human rights initiatives. CODEPINK aims to redirect U.S. tax dollars from the war economy and into the peace economy- healthcare, education, green jobs and focusing on quality of human life.

The summit began with CODEPINK founders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans taking the floor. Benjamin spoke about the hidden war taking place in Yemen which is currently the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, and how U.S. weapons industry along with the other great democracies of the world a direct link to the deaths taking place. She also spoke about how the same weapons that are being shipped abroad are also being used in our own American streets: the same teargas canisters that police throw at protesters are also used by Israeli forces to throw at Palestinians on the Westbank trying to reclaim their rights.

Im sick and tired of having our companies inflicting so much suffering on people of the world and making a profit off of it, Benjamin stated simply.

Military Contractors

Jodie Evans spoke about how war has become normalized to millennials- an entire generation that has only known war. She commented that...


UK: 12 Muslims charged with raping eight underage girls over five years "IndyWatch Feed War"

These perpetrators are identified only as men, as the British press continues to ignore the fact that this is a problem that stems from Islam. The Quran teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take captives of the right hand, 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, []


US attempt to fuel Iraq-Iran rift backfires "IndyWatch Feed War"

By M K Bhadrakumar | Indian Punchline | October 26, 2017 The US project to create a rift between Iraq and Iran backfired just a couple of days of its launch from Riyadh on October 22 by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Washington effectively sought out Saudi Arabia to project itself as counterweight to []


We Know FB Posts Are Delayed "IndyWatch Feed War"

We're not sure yet why posts are not auto-posting to Facebook right now. We do Facebook is experimenting with some news feed changes that

The post We Know FB Posts Are Delayed appeared first on Giza Death Star.


PIGMAN IN PRINT: Pre-Order Your Copy of The Infidel #1 Comic Book Now "IndyWatch Feed War"

Bosch Fawstin, the winner of the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas, has a new edition of his acclaimed Pigman comic book. Your can get your copy now. The Sharia creeps at Google have placed a warning on Boschs page. The only people who would be offended by the content there are []


Sanctions don't stop Assad, but hurt us all, say Syrian medics and businesspeople "IndyWatch Feed War"


With the Syrian president and Western sanctions firmly in place, ordinary Syrians say the restrictions put them in 'a giant prison'


Israelis Arming the World With Sophisticated Cyber-Weapons "IndyWatch Feed War"


The NSO Group, founded by graduates of Israels prestigious military intelligence unit, sells surveillance tools to governments around the world which occasionally use them for political persecution

By Nathan Lipson
Oct 26, 2017 3:53 PM

No automatic alt text available.

Israeli spyware firm embroiled in Mexico mobile hacking scandal. Flynn was its adviser
Spyware Sold to Mexican Government Targeted International Investigators Seeking Missing Students
Blackstone ends talks to buy a 40% stake in Israeli cybersecurity firm NSO

The use of electronic surveillance by intelligence and law enforcement agencies has flourished, and the Herzliya-based NSO Group from has become a leading player in this industry. Its product, Pegasus, entices users to click on links that allow almost unlimited access to their cell phones. The intrusion is also very hard to detect.

Image may contain: text

Its easy to see why government agencies would want such a tool. It lets them monitor criminals or people who might pose a threat to national security. It can help prevent terror attacks, drug deals, murders and other undesirable activity.

NSO has good contacts within the industry, as revealed by a wealth of email correspondence that was leaked in 2015. That year, in a display of poetic justice, an Italian company called Hacking Team, whose tools are similar to NSOs, had its own database hacked. An enormous trove of its internal documents was made public.

Image result for NSO, Israel, spyware, photos

One was an email sent in June 2015 by Hacking Teams vice president for business development, Philippe Vinci. It contained a comparative analysis of each companys products, apparently for use in sales pitches, thereby revealing the fierce competition between Hacking team and NSO. But in another email, sent in August 2014, Hacking Team CEO David Vincenzetti referred to NSO as our friends while discussing a Wall Street Journal article about the Israeli firm.

NSO is aware of the danger that Pegasus might fall into the wrong hands. To avoid this, it decided to sell the product only to government agencies. So as long as those agencies act legally, which NSO...


Access to Alternative Sources Made Mainstream Media Lose Their Credibility "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sputnik October 26, 2017 The results of a poll commissioned by Sputnik and conducted by Ifop in the US have revealed that the majority of Americans believe that their mainstream media unfairly cover international and domestic events. Foreign journalists have explained why the MSM have lost the trust of their audience. The results of []


Robert Spencer video: Pope Francis, the Pope of Islam "IndyWatch Feed War"

In this new video, I discuss the praise Pope Francis has received from Muslim leaders for his false claims that Islam is a religion of peace that has nothing to do with terrorism, and his ignoring of the plight of persecuted Middle Eastern Christians.


France: More arson attacks against police and police vehicles Far left groups show off their Manifesto "IndyWatch Feed War"


LYON, France (Reuters) Attackers set fire to vehicles beneath a housing complex for police and their families in a suburb of Grenoble, eastern France, on Thursday.

 Image may contain: outdoor

Police said a fence around the building was closed off in an apparent attempt to prevent residents escaping and rescuers getting in, but all 24 people inside escaped unharmed.

Nobody claimed responsibility for the assault, which was the latest in a series of arson attacks against police and police vehicles.

Attacks like this can be tantamount to terrorism, Grenoble prosecutor Jean-Yves Coquillat told reporters, adding that the method used was similar to other recent attacks by far-left groups.

Last month, such a group claimed responsibility for an arson attack on a police building in Grenoble that destroyed a warehouse and several cars.

The group said the fire was a protest against the trial of nine far-left activists accused of firebombing police in an assault on two officers in Paris in May 2016 that was caught on camera.

Last month, five police cars were set on fire in Limoges, central France.

French police are on high alert after a series of Islamic State-inspired attacks that have killed more than 240 people in the past three years.

Aside from the Islamist threat, far-left and far-right militancy has also not let up. Police this month arrested 10 far-right militants suspected of planning attacks on mosques and politicians.

Reporting by Catherine Lagrange and Emmanuel Jarry; Writing by Geert De Clercq; editing by John Stonestreet


French police tell Peace and Freedom that the article below is an example of what they are up against.

The Poetry of Flames: The Arson Trials in France

From the Courtroom to the Streets


#Catalonia Miguel Prez (CNT) It is Not Just a Question of Redrawing a Border "IndyWatch Feed War"

In the middle of a hectic week of the crisis between the central government in Madrid and the Catalan government, Anarkismo spoke with the Foreign Secretary of the Confederacin Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), Miguel Prez.  In this interview, he discusses the position that has been maintained by the anarcho-syndicalist organization in Catalonia and the scenarios that the current situation opens for the class, libertarian and revolutionary sectors, throughout the Spanish state. It is not just a question of redrawing a border, but of reformulating the structures and state system.

Originally published by Anarkismo. Translated by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across t...


British YPG volunteer cleared of terror charges for owning Anarchist Cookbook "IndyWatch Feed War"


Josh Walker was detained on his return from Syria, where he had been fighting against the Islamic State group


Iran preparing to abandon nuke deal, claims U.S. has violated it 18 times "IndyWatch Feed War"

The recent report is specifically about the Americans efforts to derail the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action], so much so that the foreign ministry has delineated 18 blatant cases of breach of the agreement made by U.S., Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh, an Iranian member of parliament, told the countrys state-controlled media organs on Tuesday. Seeing that []


Israel Ready For Military Action To Keep Iran From Acquiring Nuclear Weapons "IndyWatch Feed War"

 OCTOBER 26, 2017 11:56

Intelligence Minister Israel Katz says the Jewish state ready to act alone if international efforts dont produce results.


Israel Katz

Intelligence Services Minister Israel Katz. (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)

TOKYO Israel is willing to resort to military action to ensure Iran never acquires nuclear weapons, the intelligence minister said on Thursday in Japan where he is seeking backing for US President Donald Trumps tougher line on Tehran.

Trump said on Oct. 13 he would not certify Iran is complying with an agreement on curtailing its nuclear program, signed by his predecessor, Barack Obama, opening a 60-day window for Congress to act to reimpose sanctions.

If international efforts led these days by US President Trump dont help stop Iran attaining nuclear capabilities, Israel will act militarily by itself, Intelligence Minister Israel Katz said in an interview in Tokyo. There are changes that can be made (to the agreement) to ensure that they will never have the ability to have a nuclear weapon.

Israel has taken unilateral action in the past without the consent of its major ally, the United States, including air strikes on a suspected nuclear reactor in Syria in 2007 and in Iraq in 1981. A strike against Iran, however, would be a risky venture with the potential to provoke a counter strike and roil financial markets.

An Israeli threat of military strikes could, nonetheless, galvanize support in the United States for toughening up the nuclear agreement but it could also backfire by encouraging har...


British Reverend and Quaker activist found not guilty after trying to disarm BAE fighter jets headed for Yemen "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sam Walton and Rev. Daniel Woodhouse have been acquitted after breaking-in to BAE Systems factory to disarm Typhoon fighter jets. BAEs Typhoon fighter jets are being used by Saudi-led forces in the ongoing bombardment of Yemen The UK has licensed 3.8 billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia since the bombing began in March 2015 []



A delegation of German corporate executives just went to Russia... and Joseph thinks it may signal a new development...(Folks I had trouble this week

The post NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM OCT 26 2017 appeared first on Giza Death Star.


Norway Reviews Ethics Of Energy Investments "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Staff of Stop ETP - The Council on Ethics for Norways sovereign wealth fund is assessing whether Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) violated the funds guidelines for responsible investment, reported Reuters today. Similar reviews in the past has led to divestments, such as the funds 2015 decision to sell off more than $8 billion of investments in coal and related industries. As of the end of 2016, the $1 trillion fund has held $248 million of ETP bonds. This is good news, it shows that our voices are being heard, said Dallas Goldtooth, Keep It In the Ground Campaigner with Indigenous Environmental Network. We encourage all investors to question the Human and Indigenous rights impacts of their fossil fuel investments.


No role for Assad in Syrias future: Tillerson "IndyWatch Feed War"


GENEVA (Reuters) President Bashar al-Assad and his family have no role in the future Syria, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Thursday.


CIA In Afghanistan: Operation Phoenix Redux? "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Matthew Hoh for Counter Punch - These CIA teams in Afghanistan are not just reminiscent of the Operation Phoenix program in Vietnam, the death squads of Central America and the Shia torture and murder militias of Baghdad, they are the direct descendants of them. The CIA is continuing a long tradition of utilizing savage violence by indigenous government forces, in this case along sectarian/ethnic lines, in an attempt to demoralize and ultimately defeat local populations. The results will assuredly be the same: war crimes, mass murder, torture and the terrorization of entire communities of men, women and children in their own homes. This will lead to more support for the Taliban and a deepening of the war in Afghanistan. The CIA should ask itself, where has this worked before? This escalation by the CIA in Afghanistan fits into the broader war campaign of the United States in the Muslim world as the United States, despite its protestations of wanting negotiations and ultimately peace, turns areas not under the control of its proxy government into large swathes of free fire zones as it punishes and attempts to subjugate populations not under its control.


Teachers Condemn DeVos Rescinding Special Education Guidance Docs "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Staff of Badass Teacher's Association - The Badass Teachers Association, a grassroots national education activist organization with over 200,000 teachers and education activists in their network, strongly condemn Sec. DeVos for rescinding special education guidance documents. Guidance documents are the federal interpretation of regulations that make it easier for states and districts to understand, and to help them draft policy. BATs has stated before and will reiterate, that federal guidance is needed to ensure that all children receive a free and appropriate education. Federal guidance is needed so that education is rooted in equity, equality, and fairness for all children regardless of zip code or capability. Knowledge is power- DeVos has chosen to keep parents in the dark about the educational and legal rights of their children with disabilities. In rescinding USDOE guidelines, she is allowing states and local districts to interpret the law in their interest without consistency, thus abandoning a commitment to equity of protection for all children. This decision sets us back to the days when parents were on their own in securing a free, appropriate public education for their disabled children. ~ Terry Kalb, Co-Director BATs Special Education Committee, and Special Education Advocate


UN blacklists 130 Israeli firms & 60 multinationals for working in occupied Palestinian territories "IndyWatch Feed War"

RT | October 26, 2017 The United Nations (UN) has included some of the biggest Israeli and international firms operating in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights in a blacklist for those violating international law and UN resolutions. According to Israeli Ynet News which has gained access to part of the list, []


Indigenous-Led Protest Shuts Down Banks In Seattle "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Sydney Brownstone for The Stranger - At 11 o'clock this morning, four people chained themselves to a structure blocking an entrance of the Bank of America on 5th and Olive Street. Two of them locked themselves to the apex of a tripod, suspended at least a dozen feet in the air. The protesters were still there as of 2 p.m, blocking people from entering the bank. Around the corner of the building was Feanette Black Bear, 65, holding the end of a sign blocking the building's other entrance and a bundle of sage. "We shut down business today!" she said. For Black Bear, who is Lakota, today's action grows out of what she calls "an awakening for future generations." "I'm here in support of our future generations, the unborn, and for the people here today, for Mni Wiconi, for treaty rights," Black Bear said, using the Lakota rallying cry heard at Standing Rock last year, and since then, the world over. In Lakota, Mni Wiconi translates to "water is life." The Bank of America protest is just one of 100 demonstrations taking place across Seattle as part of Divest the Globe, a three-day activism campaign organized by Mazaska Talks, an indigenous-led coalition including Lakota educator Matt Remle and Muckleshoot activist Rachel Heaton, with support from 350 Seattle's Alec Connon. Remle reported on Twitter that at least one other bank was shut down in Seattle.


Digital Denied: Systemic Discrimination Keeps Communities Offline "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Dana Floberg for Freepress - Internet access is a necessity for engaging in our communities, searching for employment and seeking out educational opportunities but too many people are still stuck on the wrong side of the digital divide. And that divide disproportionately impacts people of color. Indeed, the racial divide in home-internet adoption including both wired and wireless service leaves people of color behind the digital curve. People of color comprise 32 million of the 69 million people in the United States who lack any form of home-internet access. On Tuesday, Free Press released a new report, Digital Denied, which exposes this undeniable gap and explains how structural racial discrimination contributes to it. Free Press Research Director S. Derek Turner authored the study. Systemic discrimination creates serious income inequality in this country. Whites have far higher average incomes than Blacks or Latinos. Low-income families are less able and willing to buy internet subscriptions. And many families who are willing to pay for service find they cant due to racially biased barriers like credit scoring. Given how stark racial and ethnic income discrepancies are, its no surprise that people of color lag behind in internet adoption.


Alan Dershowitz and his peculiar definition of anti-Semitism "IndyWatch Feed War"

So basically any criticism of Dershowitz (who supports every Israeli war and massacre) is anti-Semitic, and some universities (like UC Berkeley chancellor) agree with that.


Potential Split With International Banking System "IndyWatch Feed War"

Authored by Mac Slavo via, The grand order of things could be undergoing some major overhauls. To put it more bluntly, a war to reset the global financial order is about to be unleashed. Preparations inside Russia are being made in case the ultimate banking sanctions are placed on them, cutting off commerce inside []


Turkey court orders local Amnesty chief to stay behind bars "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File / by Raziye AKKOC | Protesters hold a banner reading Free rights defenders outside the courthouse in Istanbul where rights activists went on trial on Wednesday, including the two top figures with Amnesty International in Turkey.

ANKARA (AFP)  A Turkish court in Izmir ordered the head of Amnesty International in Turkey to remain in pre-trial detention on Thursday, the rights group said, after he denied allegations of links to the Muslim cleric Ankara blames for last years failed coup.

Taner Kilic was detained in June over claims he was a member of the group led by US-based preacher Fethullah Gulen, who is accused of ordering the attempted overthrow of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The latest hearing in Izmir in western Turkey comes a day after Kilic also went on trial in another case along with 10 rights activists, including Amnestys Turkey director Idil Eser, who were detained in July on contested terror charges after holding a workshop on an island off Istanbul.

While Kilic is voluntary chairman of Amnestys board of directors handling administrative affairs, Eser is in charge of day-to-day business including Amnesty Turkeys campaigns for human rights.

Eser and seven others were freed for the duration of their trial after the first hearing in Istanbul on Wednesday on charges of aiding an armed terror group. Two others had been released earlier.

They are accused of links to Gulen and other outlawed groups including the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which has waged an insurgency inside Turkey since 1984, and the far-left Revolutionary Peoples Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C).

Amnesty said Kilics case in Izmir will be merged with the 10 activists case in Istanbul.

The release of the Istanbul 10 late last night restored some faith in Turkeys justice system. Today, that faith has been washed away, Amnesty secretary-general Salil Shetty said.

Prosecutors claim Kilic was aware of preparations for the Istanbul workshop.

Erdogan said in July that the activists were detained after a tip-off they were working against the government, comparing them to those involved in the failed putsch.

No concrete evidence

There are inconcrete and unclear accusations in the indictment, and there is no concrete evidence to prove links to Gulen, Kilic was qu...


Students Will Sail For Cuba, Despite U.S. Travel Warnings "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Staff of Progresso Weekly - Despite U.S. warnings against travel to Cuba, a 130-foot American school schooner operated by Ocean Passages of Portland, ME, will sail this week from Washington, D.C. for an educational voyage in southern Cuba. On board the ship are U.S. crew and Gap Year students ages 18 24. The ship will spend a total of four months in Cuba engaged in ecological site visits assessing long-term sustainability. The owners, crew, and students of the Harvey Gamage have carefully reviewed the U.S. administrations recent travel warnings and are committed to continuing their mission in Cuba. The ship, currently moored at the Capital Yacht Club on the D.C. waterfront, will set sail for Cuba this Wednesday, October 25. At an 11 a.m. press conference Wednesday morning aboard the schooner, representatives of Ocean Passages and the students will discuss the value of legally authorized people-to-people travel in Cuba begun under the Obama administration. They will describe their determination to stay the course despite the Trump administrations changes in U.S. policies towards Cuba. This marks Ocean Passages third consecutive year of student voyages to Cuba. In addition, U.S. tour operators and Cuban experts will discuss the negative impacts of the recent State Department travel warning and other measures on educational and cultural exchanges with the island and on Cubas burgeoning small-scale, household-based tourism businesses.


Russias opposition newspaper plans to arm journalists Unfortunately, every one of us can become the target of a madman "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File / by Victoria LOGUINOVA-YAKOVLEVA | A display by Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov, which said it would give journalists a 10 percent discount

MOSCOW (AFP)  Editors of Russias opposition newspaper Novaya Gazeta said Thursday they were planning to give their employees weapons training and arm them with non-lethal weapons to protect themselves against possible attacks.

The decision comes amid a spike in violence against dissenters in Russia, including this weeks attack on a radio journalist who was stabbed in the neck at the offices of the liberal Echo of Moscow radio.

If the state is not ready to protect us, we will protect ourselves, Sergei Sokolov, a deputy editor at Russias top opposition newspaper, told AFP on Thursday.

When journalists find themselves helpless in the face of lawlessness on the streets and indiscipline of law enforcement agencies, there is no other way.

Novaya Gazeta editor Dmitry Muratov said on Wednesday that a number of employees would undergo arms training and the newspaper would purchase the weapons.

The use of firearms is tightly regulated in Russia. The so-called traumatic weapons such as arms that fire rubber bullets can be used for self-defence but can also inflict lethal damage.

I will arm the newsroom, Muratov said on Echo of Moscow radio.

We will also supply journalists with other security means that I dont want to talk about.

We will conclude an official agreement with the Russian interior ministry, he added. I have no other choice.

Contacted by AFP, Muratov said he could not provide details of the plan over security concerns.

Our security experts have asked me to refrain from commenting before we take concrete steps, he said.

Pavel Kanygin, a Novaya Gazeta correspondent, said he was ready to use non-lethal weapons to defend himself.

I dont see anything bad in our situation, he told AFP in written comments, adding that potential criminals may be deterred by the knowledge that Novaya Gazeta reporters carry weapons.

This too is defence.

President Vladimir Putins spokesman said Thursday he saw no reason to provide extra security for journalists.

Unfortunately, every one of us can...


End U.S. Responsibility for the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen (2015-now) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Crisis in Yemen continues with tens of thousands of people killed, 19 million people on the verge of starvation, and a raging cholera epidemic that has made more than half a million people ill. 

Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen and blocking key harbors so that food cannot get to the people. And the United States has sold hundreds of billions of dollars of weapons, including precision-guided munitions, to Saudi Arabia for its war on Yemen.  

An effort to get Congress to cut off a major weapons sale last spring failed, but work continues in the House, with resolution H.Con.Res.81, introduced by Congressmen Ro Khanna (D-CA), Thomas Massie (R-KY), Mark Pocan (D-WI) and Walter B. Jones (R-NC).  

A vote in the full House of Representatives is expected November 2. Please call your Representative and ask them to vote YES on this resolution to end U.S. participation in this war and humanitarian crisis:  202-224-3121

United for Peace and Justice, with many allied groups, signed on to an NGO-sponsored letter in support of this resolution.


Americas Predictable Betrayal of the Iran Deal "IndyWatch Feed War"

Americas withdrawal from the Iran deal doesnt prove that Iran is a threat to world peace and stability instead it proves that America cannot be trusted.


In a 2009 report titled, Which Path to Persia?: Options for a New American Strategy Toward Iran (PDF), corporate-financier funded US policy think tank the Brookings Institution would explicitly call for a deal to be offered by the US to Iran only to be intentionally broken and used as a pretext for direct military confrontation.

The report would propose (emphasis added):

...any military operation against Iran will likely be very unpopular around the world and require the proper international contextboth to ensure the logistical support the operation would require and to minimize the blowback from it. The best way to minimize international opprobrium and maximize support (however, grudging or covert) is to strike only when there is a widespread conviction that the Iranians were given but then rejected a superb offerone so good that only a regime determined to acquire nuclear weapons and acquire them for the wrong reasons would turn it down. Under those circumstances, the United States (or Israel) could portray its operations as taken in sorrow, not anger, and at least some in the international community would conclude that the Iranians brought it on themselves by refusing a very good deal.

The exactitude by which this 2009 policy has been executed transcending two US presidencies and leading precisely to the edge of an impending US-Iranian confrontation in the Middle East already being fought out in proxy across Syria, Iraq, and some may argue, Yemen should leave no doubts as to what happens next.

US Troops Al...


US Mercenaries, Iraqi Highways and the Mystery of the Never-Ending ISIS Hordes "IndyWatch Feed War"

(FILES) A picture taken on July 5, 2005 shows contractors of the US private security firm Blackwater securing the site of a roadside bomb attack near the Iranian embassy in central Baghdad. Iraq deeply mistrusts private security companies and wants to limit their operations here, officials say, while the contractors themselves have faced bureaucratic delays and detentions. AFP PHOTO/AHMAD AL-RUBAYE

October 23, 2017 (Ulson Gunnar NEO) While the US and European media provided little explanation as to how militants from the self-titled Islamic State (IS) managed to appear, expand and then fight for years against the combined military power of Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia, it was abundantly clear to many analysts that the IS organization was not only receiving state sponsorship, but it was receiving reinforcements, weapons and supplies from far beyond Syrias and Iraqs borders.

Maps of the conflict stretching over the last several years show clear corridors used to reinforce IS positions, leading primarily from Turkeys southern border and to a lesser extent, from Jordans borders.

However, another possible vector may be desert highways in Iraqs western Anbar province where US military contractors are allegedly to provide security as well as build gas stations and rest areas. These highways contributed to the current conflict and still serve as a hotbed for state sponsored terrorism. Whether these US-controlled and improved highways pose a significant threat for a reorganized effort by the US and its regional allies to divide and destroy Iraq and Syria seems all but inevitable.

US Mercenaries Guarding Iraqi Highways 

Al Monitor in an April 2017 article titled, How Iraq is planning to secure key border road, would claim:



Current Taxes And Tax Reform Undermine Social Security & Medicare "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Sam Pizzigati for Other Words - You probably pay about four times more of your income to Social Security than millionaires, who want to cut their taxes and your benefits. How much did your paychecks total last year? You know the answer, of course. So does the Social Security Administration. The totals for every Americans paycheck income are sitting in Social Securitys computers. Once every year, Social Security does a serious data dump out of those computers to let us know just how much working Americans are actually making. The latest totals covering 2016 have just appeared. Most of us, the new numbers show, are simply not making all that much. In fact, nearly half of our nations employed 49.3 percent earned less than $30,000 in 2016. A good many of these Americans lived in poverty. In 2016, families of four that earned less than $24,339 ranked as officially poor. We dont have an official figure for middle class status. But the Economic Policy Institute has calculated the costs of maintaining a no-frills middle class existence in various parts of the United States. In Houston, one of our nations cheaper major cities, a family of four needed $62,544 in 2016 to live a bare-bones middle class lifestyle.


Ben Hubbard and his stereotype of covering the Middle East "IndyWatch Feed War"

Look at this statement by Ben Hubbard:  "I am a New York Times correspondent in the Middle East, where I write more about coups and car bombs than about corporate mergers." He is trying to be both funny and interesting and fails at both.  He thinks that he is covering the Middle East of the 1960s.  But when did you cover a coup? When was the last coup you covered? Did you cover any coup in your life, ever (did he even cover that one coup in many years by Sisi in Egypt)?  Secondly: is it nice how he think all the Middle East is basically car bombs and corporate mergers? People are ignorant of the Middle East in the West because you have those kind of correspondents--and this one prides himself that he studied Arabic (although I would like to examine him on his Arabic).


EXCLUSIVE: Britain drops 3,400 bombs in Syria and Iraq - and says no civilians killed "IndyWatch Feed War"


MEE analysis reveals extent of RAF attacks on IS, while British government maintains there is 'no evidence' a single civilian has died


A New Poor Peoples Campaign For Moral Revival "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Staff of Poor People's Campaign - The Poor Peoples Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival has emerged from more than a decade of work by grassroots community and religious leaders, organizations and movements fighting to end systemic racism, poverty, militarism, environmental destruction & related injustices and to build a just, sustainable and participatory society. The Campaign aims to build a broad and deep national moral movement rooted in the leadership of poor people and reflecting the great moral teachings to unite our country from the bottom up. For years we have seen a kind of attention violence towards issues of systemic racism, poverty, and militarism. There was a time when our nation was fighting a war against poverty; now it seems we are waging a war on the poor. Our social fabric is stretched thin by widening income inequality while politicians criminalize the poor, fan the flames of racism and xenophobia to divide the poor, and steal from the poor to give tax breaks to our richest neighbors and budget increases to a bloated military. The twin forces of white supremacy and unchecked corporate greed continue to gain more power and influence, both in statehouses across this nation and at the highest levels of our federal government. Today, one in every two Americans are poor or low-income while millions of children and adults continue to live without access to healthcare, housing, clean water, or good jobs.


#BDS From HP to Ahava: The UN Blacklist of Companies Doing Business in israeli Settlements "IndyWatch Feed War"

From HP to Ahava: The UN Blacklist of Companies Doing Business in Israeli Settlements Settlement blacklist of 25 firms published by Israeli paper includes Israel Aerospace Industries, telecom giants, international tech firms, banks, and even cafes UN sent warning letter to 150 companies for doing business in Israeli settlements An Israeli newspaper has revealed []


How dare they? New York Times blames Fox News for agitation for the war on Iraq in 2003 "IndyWatch Feed War"

The New York Times played a far bigger role in agitation for US invasion of Iraq in 2003 than Fox News. By far.  "Fox News machine, churning out the same brand of soft propaganda that helped lead to the Iraq war".


Betsy DeVos Gave $12.6 Million To Rocketship Charter Schools "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Karen Wolfe for The Progressive - Silicon Valley-based Rocketship is a charter school chain with a bevy of star backers thats reported sky-high student achievement and recently landed a $12.6 million grant from Betsy DeVos Department of Education. But beyond the hype is a galaxy of problems, including plummeting test scores, litigation and allegations of student mistreatment. Co-founded by the brain behind Yahoos first advertising platform, John Danner and Teach For America alum, Preston Smith, Rocketship has attracted the support of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists whose fortunes were made disrupting industries with tech: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, Facebooks Sheryl Sandberg and early Apple investor Arthur Rock, among others. Rocketship has grown over the last decade into a network of thirteen schools around the country, serving nearly 8,000 kindergarten through fifth-grade students who are overwhelmingly poor and Latino. The venture proclaims it is dedicated to eliminating the achievement gap with a business model which, Education Week explains, replace[s] one credentialed teacher per grade with software and an hourly-wage aide, freeing up $500,000 yearly per school.


Gen. McMaster on the history of the Middle East "IndyWatch Feed War"

What is interesting about this interview is that he speaks of "the interests of the Iraqi people" or the "interests of the Lebanese people" or "the interests of the Syrian people".  It is up to an American general to tell those natives what is in their interest.  2) he needs to read about the history of the Lebanese civil war. He says: "So, we're commemorating yesterday the 34th anniversary of the mass murder attacks that killed U.S. marines and also killed French paratroopers and it killed soldiers who were there to bring peace, to end a very destructive civil war. But Hezbollah wanted to, as they always try to do, is to perpetuate conflict to allow them to portray themselves as patrons and protectors of an aggrieved community, the Shia community in Lebanon. So that consigned that bombing, that mass murder, consigned the Lebanese people to seven more years of deadly civil war."  Well, 1) the US and French troops were not on a peace mission: they were on a war mission, they war propping up the war criminal regime of Amin Gemayel in a bloody civil war situation.  2) Hizbullah was very marginal (in fact, not involved) in the civil war which went on in the 1980s.  


Ben Hubbard writes yet another tribute to Muhammad bin Salman "IndyWatch Feed War"

He writes about "remarkable social change" undertaken by Muhammad bin Salman.  Notice he never interviews Saudi or non-Saudi critics of the regime.  He is impressed that there was a conference which attracted Western corporate types.  This is reform for them.


Oklahoma City Changes Street Name Removes KKK Leader "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Nick Hazelrigg for Oudaily - In a meeting filled with emotional appeals from members of the Norman community, the Norman City Council voted unanimously to rename DeBarr Avenue by June 1, 2018. Spurred by local activists at its Oct. 24 meeting, the council agreed to amend its original resolution regarding DeBarr Avenue, named for former OU professor and Ku Klux Klan chaplain Edwin DeBarr, to better meet the requests of the community. Norman Citizens for Racial Justice, a new activist group, led the nights push on city council as part of its DeBarr Avenue Action Week. The councils original resolution proposed sending the issue of renaming city streets to the City Council Oversight Committee, a solution that caused many demonstrators to accuse the council of dragging its feet and being complicit in racism. After hearing hours of public commentary, the city council unanimously passed an amendment added by council member Breea Clark promising to change the street name by June 1 of 2018, if not earlier. The council also voted to remove two sections from its original resolution which said the city council did not originally name DeBarr Avenue, since many demonstrators said they saw this section as the citys attempt to avoid blame.


Balfour Merrymaking a Potential PR Disaster for the British Government "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Stuart Littlewood | Dissident Voice | October 25, 2017 The extraordinary programme of centenary celebrations in the UK to honour Lord Balfour and his lunatic Declaration and the British Governments continuing part in it is an affront to citizens here and to countless millions abroad. And many a sharp pin is waiting []


President Trump to Announce Opioid Crisis a Public Health Emergency "IndyWatch Feed War"

Administration says presidents emergency declaration on opioid abuse will reorient agencies to tackle issue, allow shifting of funds

No automatic alt text available.

Updated Oct. 26, 2017 10:15 a.m. ET

WASHINGTONPresident Donald Trump on Thursday will declare opioid addiction a public health emergency, seeking to elevate the crisis within his administration without an immediate provision of additional funds.

The description stops short of the national emergency designation that Mr. Trump had said over the summer he would apply to the epidemic of abuse and overdose of the powerful drugs.

Opioids such as fentanyl, synthetic fentanyl, heroin, oxycodone and hydrocodone killed more than 34,500 people last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have estimated, and senior administration officials on Thursday morning likened the death toll to that in the Vietnam War.

Senior administration officials said Thursday ahead of an address by Mr. Trump that a public health emergency declaration would allow existing funds for unemployed workers and people with HIV and AIDS to be shifted within those programs to specifically include participants with addictions.

The officials said the declaration, likely to be made formally by the acting head of the Department of Health and Human Services, would encourage Mr. Trumps cabinet to reorient themselves to prioritize the issue and take steps of their own in the coming weeks. And it would accelerate plans to allow health-care providers to treat addicted patients remotely.

But the declaration, which must be renewed eve...


Syrian Army Liberates Saqr Island From ISIS In Eastern Deir Ezzor (Maps) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Syrian Army Liberates Saqr Island From ISIS In Eastern Deir Ezzor (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

On Thursday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Tiger Forces captured Saqr Island and fully secured al-Sinaa area in the eastern part of Deir Ezzor city, according to the Syrian Defense Ministry.

The ministry added that the SAA destroyed many vehicles of ISIS, including several VBIEDs, during the advance in Saqr island.

Meanwhile, the ISIS linked news agency Amaq claimed that ISIS fighters repelled yesterday and attack of the SAA on their position around al-Sinaa area. Amaq reported that several SAA soldiers were killed or injured, and a BMP-1 vehicle of the SAA was destroyed in the clashes.

Syrian Army Liberates Saqr Island From ISIS In Eastern Deir Ezzor (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

Although ISIS fighters inside Deir Ezzor city are well armed and experienced, the battle  isnt expected to last for a long time thanks to the Tiger Forces experince in urban warfare.

Furthermore, Syrian Republican Guard soldiers and local National Defense Forces (NDF) fighters are very familiar with Deir Ezzor city.

In a related development, Syrian pro-government sources reported that 500 men from al-Bu Sarya tribe joined the pro-government Liwa al-Quds forc...


American Jewry and Israel, unbound "IndyWatch Feed War"

As we read recently, David Myers, appointed to head the prestigious center for Jewish history, barely managed to dodge a bullet, after suspicions were raised that he may be insufficiently versed in the dominant Zionist discourse. His crime? Mentioning the forbidden word Nakba (without sneering!) and failing to demonize supporters of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS).

This fortunate turn of events came right on the heels of the news that Daniel Biss, a progressive candidate for Illinois governor, had to let go of his selected running mate, Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, after one Brad Schneider, a congressman, withdrew his support. Ramirez-Rosas crime? Too progressive when it comes to BDS. Just like that, a congressman throws a little fit and a few days later Biss caves in, so he could remain viable as candidate. And that in a mere primary, in one state, Biss being one of several candidates, all of whom must apparently be certified kosher when it comes to Israel. In the space of a few days, even fairly mild support for BDS was red-lined, and hardly a soul in the so-called progressive left stirred.

So, win one, lose one no big deal, right? Except that it is a big deal as the rebukes, denunciations and all too often, outright character assassination campaigns inside the Jewish community tend to score more wins than losses, with many cases failing to receive even the minimal public exposure these two events did.

Inspired by the recurrence of such events and the comments casting doubt on just how many American Jews Organized Jewry represents, I couldnt stop thinking of the perils of organizing a little too well for ones own good. Especially if the much too capable  organizers, the ones who likely manage the strings that hold organizations together (be they empowered by elections, traction or acclamation), also deign to send forth representatives purporting to speak on behalf of the great multitude of Jewish Americans, most of whom are neither cognizant of, nor particularly enamored with said representation. The most mutinous among said multitudes may, for example, prefer to be alternatively organized (cf. Jewish Voice for Peace, IfnotNow, etc.) or have no desire to be organized into anything with Jewish in its title.



With collapse of the Islamic State, Europe and U.S. flooded with thousands of jihadis "IndyWatch Feed War"

M15 in the UK recently reported the worst threat level to British citizens ever, as up to 23,000 potential jihadis are reportedly living in Britain as police investigate the sprawling terror network linked to Manchester bomber Salman Abedi. News has emerged that the same threat is increasing in the US as well, according to an []


The Dow at 23,000?!? Delirious Equity Markets vs. The Actual U.S. Economy "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed above 23,000 last week, yet how and why?!?  The nonfictional US economy is much worse off than the stock indices lead on about.  Increasingly opaque digital means for trading massive volumes through dark pools and high frequency trading algorithms beg deep questions over how & why the equities markets seem so untethered from economic reality.  What are the roles of our largest banks, government agencies and their revolving door staffing policies in potentially propping up the stock market, and for what ultimate political purposes?  In this latest episode of Money and Fear, well review near flick-of-the-switch mechanisms for goosing not just individual company stocks, but whole indices, higher in order to assign the nurtured impression that our economy is humming along just fine while true rates of unemployment, wage growth, household savings and other indicators state otherwise.  Tune in to get ahead of the curve

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The NYSE Gets Its Very Own Dark Pool

SEC Names J.P. Morgan Executive As Top Regulator of Exchanges

Stock market rigging is no longer a conspiracy theory

JPMorgan launches new algo-driven 'dark pool' for stocks



Zionists are the biggest threat to free speech in Western countries "IndyWatch Feed War"

"The secrecy surrounding the contracts raises the suspicion that the work involves not only writing legal opinions but also preparing lawsuits against BDS supporters, as Israel does not want to be revealed as supporting such actions, to avoid the perception that it is interfering in the internal affairs of other countries." "Just like it's difficult for Israel's to sell the occupation, the regime in South Africa had trouble selling Apartheid, '' he says." (thanks Amir)


Anthony Bourdain listed as persona non grata by Azerbaijan for insults to one million Azerbaijani refugees "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain reportedly travelled to Karabakh this month to produce an episode of his award-winning culinary show, Antony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, which explores culture and cuisines of lesser-known places around the globe

BAKU (AFP)  Azerbaijan has declared US celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain persona non grata over a visit to the Armenian-controlled breakaway territory of Nagorny Karabakh, officials said Thursday.

The television star reportedly travelled to Karabakh earlier this month to produce an episode of his award-winning culinary show Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, which explores culture and cuisines of lesser-known places around the globe.

Bourdain has been put onto the persona non grata list for his disrespect of Azerbaijans territorial integrity and sovereignty, foreign ministry spokesman Hikmet Hajiyev told AFP.

Nagorny Karabakh has been under Armenian control since it was seized during a bloody conflict in the early 1990s after the break-up of the Soviet Union.

The territory is still internationally recognised as part of Azerbaijan and visiting it without Bakus permission is a criminal offence in the country.

Filming a food show on Azerbaijans occupied territory is an insult to one million Azerbaijani refugees who were forcefully expelled from their homes, Hajiyev said.

The ex-Soviet republics of Azerbaijan and Armenia remain locked in a bitter dispute over Nagorny Karabakh, with frequent exchanges of fire along the volatile frontline nearly restarting an all-out conflict last year.

The two sides never signed a definitive peace deal and attempts to negotiate a final settlement have long been stalled.

Baku has blacklisted some 700 foreign nationals over visiting Karabakh, banning them from entering the country.

Bourdains travel and food show on CNN television has won five Emmy awards.


UK activists cleared of criminal damage in bid to 'disarm' Saudi-bound jets "IndyWatch Feed War"


Judge praises men for 'eloquence' on the 'strong views' that led them to break into BAE factory to damage Typhoon jets bought by Riyadh


Butcher of Pakistan killed 70 people, then started trafficking Muslim migrants into Europe "IndyWatch Feed War"

Vienna police have captured a 35-year-old man accused of killing 70 people in Pakistan. Atif Z. was arrested among a group of 42 illegal migrants in Hungary, local media have reported. All the more proof that Hungarian leader Viktor Orban and the rest of the Visegrad group (Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic) are correct in []


Open Brief Max van der Werff over MH17 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Open brief met vragen aan Thomas Aling, woordvoerder Landelijke Eenheid Politie

MH17 - meenemen resten rampplek door Rudy Bouma van NOS Nieuwsuur

26 oktober 2017
Afzender: Max van der Werff

Geachte heer Aling,

In een artikel in het journalistenvakblad Villamedia staat:

Menselijke resten

Onwetendheid speelt ook een rol wanneer journalisten stuitten op bewijsmateriaal of menselijke resten. Paulissen kan zich nog altijd verbazen over de manier waarop journalisten daarmee omgaan. Op een gegeven moment tweette een journalist dat hij menselijke resten had gevonden. Vervolgens vroegen wij om de cordinaten, zodat wij het materiaal veilig konden stellen, maar die wilde hij ons niet geven. Waarom hij dat niet wilde, is mij nog altijd een raadsel....


Zionist Fascism "IndyWatch Feed War"

As olive harvest begins, settlers flood Palestinian trees with sewage

 on October 25, 2017 2 Comments



Americas Self-Defeating Sahel Strategy "IndyWatch Feed War"


The militant ambush that killed four US servicemen and five Nigerien troops in Niger on October 4 has thrust US actions and policy in Africas Sahel into the spotlight for perhaps the first time. This was inevitable: Americas regional operations have been ongoing from the earliest days of the War on Terror and now go back 15 years. Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN, has made clear in her ongoing visit to the continent that Washington sees Africas political and humanitarian struggles as a future threat to American security interests.

Those concerns predate Donald Trump by at least two administrations. Since 2002, thousands of American military personnel have been deployed to the Sahel to counter militant activity in one of the worlds most ungoverned areas. Governments and security forces in Burkina Faso, Mali, Chad, Mauritania and Niger have received training, equipment, funding, and advice from their American counterparts. These partnerships began under the Pan Sahel Initiative (PSI) and then the Trans-Saharan Counter Terrorism Initiative (TSCTI) before the Pentagon finally launched AFRICOM in 2007 as a separate command structure. There are an estimated 800 US military personnel in Niger and at least 1,500 in the wider region.

This US support is meant to help the regions governments counteract well-established criminal networks, including trafficking routes that carry guns, drugs and people across the Sahara, but most especially to fight the militants of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and now Islamic State (IS). Those challenges have intensified since the civil war in Libya: since the collapse of Muammar Gadhafis regime, the region has been awash with weapons.

And yet, the American publics reaction to hearing four US soldiers had been killed has been above all confusion. What, they asked, were the troops doing in Niger? This blissful unawareness of an entire theater of operations extended to the highest levels of government. Even Senator Lindsey Graham, one of Congress most outspoken and aggressive foreign policy voices, seemingly did not know that US military personnel are deployed to the country. It took President Donald Trump...


How Weatherman confused violence with militancy and triggered the downfall of SDS "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Jonathan Lerner

To those of us deeply immersed in the New Left in the summer of 1969, apocalypse felt imminent. Despite growing opposition, the war in Vietnam was still escalating, with no end in sight. There had been strikes and building seizures at scores of campuses. Demonstrations were increasingly confrontational and bloody. The civil rights movement was reeling from the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. the year before, and the massive riots that followed, and from the emergence of separatist groups that rejected the goal of integration. Some of those were armed, including the Black Panthers, whose offices were routinely and lethally attacked by police.

Within Students for a Democratic Society, or SDS, the New Lefts principal organization, there was desperation to articulate a strategy in response and to create the conditions for revolution, which many of us had convinced ourselves was necessary. Factions formed and competed bitterly. At the SDS convention in June 1969, the organization burst apart. Control was seized by a group called Weatherman, which eventually went underground and carried out a campaign of bombings. But in the months before doing so, we trashed SDS, abandoned the mass movement it represented, and dedicated ourselves to ultra-militance and fighting in the streets.

To many people today, apocalypse feels imminent once again. And activism feels mandatory. How to build organization, devise strategy and be effective are pressing questions. So is the distinction between militancy and violence. What follows is an excerpt from Swords in the Hands of Children: Reflections of an American Revolutionary, the story of my path through SDS and the Weather Underground. For activists grappling with those questions, it should be a cautionary tale.

Through the summer and into the fall of 1969, we forged ourselves into an infantry of swaggering kamikazes dedicated to the ideas in the Weatherman position paper. Every effort was aimed toward a series of demonstrations we called for Chicago in October. They became known after the fact as the Days of Rage, although in building for it we just called them the National Action. Our goal was to get tens of thousands of angry young people fighting the cops in the streets. In the event, onl...


France: Mother of jihadist child-murderer says, The prophet permits the killing of Jewish children "IndyWatch Feed War"

In Paris, France, the trial against Abelkader Merah (35), the brother of Mohammed Merah, is entering its fourth week. Mohammed Merah, the 23-year-old gunman who killed seven people, including three Jewish children, a teacher and three paratroopers whom he shot in the back, was shot and killed by French police after a 32-hour stand-off in []


Tom Engelhardt 261 "IndyWatch Feed War"

October 26, 2017

Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, Take Your (Tiny) Fingers Off the Button

Once upon a time, long ago in another universe, the end of the world was left in the hands of the gods, not human beings.  Today, however, humanity, in its curious ingenuity, has managed to come up with two ways of destroying itself, as well as the very habitat that welcomed and nourished it all these eons.  For the first of these, two dates suffice: August 6th and 9th, 1945.  Those were, of course, the moments when the primordial power of the split atom was first released directly on the human populations (and cityscapes) of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Not long after, the two Cold War superpowers began to create ...


Prayer and Meditation for Friday, October 27, 2017 You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky; why do you not know how to interpret the present time? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Friday of the Twenty-ninth Week in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 477

Related image

Reading 1 ROM 7:18-25A

Brothers and sisters:
I know that good does not dwell in me, that is, in my flesh.
The willing is ready at hand, but doing the good is not.
For I do not do the good I want,
but I do the evil I do not want.
Now if I do what I do not want, it is no longer I who do it,
but sin that dwells in me.
So, then, I discover the principle
that when I want to do right, evil is at hand.
For I take delight in the law of God, in my inner self,
but I see in my members another principle
at war with the law of my mind,
taking me captive to the law of sin that dwells in my members.
Miserable one that I am!
Who will deliver me from this mortal body?
Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Responsorial Psalm PS 119:66, 68, 76, 77, 93, 94

R. (68b) Lord, teach me your statutes.
Teach me wisdom and knowledge,
for in your commands I trust.
R. Lord, teach me your statutes.
You are good and bountiful;
teach me your statutes.
R. Lord, teach me your statutes.
Let your kindness comfort me
according to your promise to your servants.
R. Lord, teach me your statutes.
Let your compassion come to me that I may live,
for your law is my delight.
R. Lord, teach me your statutes.
Never will I forget your precepts,
for through them you give me life.
R. Lord, teach me your statutes.
I am yours; save me,
for I have sought your precepts.
R. Lord, teach me your statutes.



Jewish Voice of Peace "IndyWatch Feed War"

Dear Stan,
I wanted to make sure you saw this email we sent last week from JVPer Lesley Williams. It's a powerful message that deserves to be heard. Please read and then ...


Imagining Our Way Beyond Neoliberalism "IndyWatch Feed War"

Imagining Our Way Beyond Neoliberalism: A Dialogue With Noam Chomsky and Robert Pollin

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 By C.J. PolychroniouTruthout | Interview 
  • font size decrease font size ...


Why no-one talks about how nice Hillary Clinton is "IndyWatch Feed War"

Over 11 months after her (catastrophically bad) loss in the Presidential election, the Guardian is still gamely waving Hillary Clintons battle standard. Apparently Clinton is currently doing the press circuit in the UK to promote her book What Happened, culminating in a hard-hitting political interview.on the Graham Norton Show. Zoe Williams, Guardian-columnist and leading candidate for shallowest person in the world, watched this interview and decided to ask the hard question: Why does nobody mention that Hillary Clinton is perfectly nice? The comments on said article went into great detail about how nice Clinton is. Thats why they were moderated to oblivion and closed after just a few hours. So, since The Guardian doesnt want answers to Ms Williams question BTL, well post them here, above the line. Thats what were for, after all. In brief, no one talks about how nice Hillary Clinton isbecause she isnt. Shes a liar and a war criminal. Thats not a debate or an opinion, those are proven facts. But, while this answer is complete, its hardly a fair


Determining Alleged Las Vegas Gunmans Motivation Difficult "IndyWatch Feed War"

All these weeks later... There is no motive for this crime. Investigators can find NO reason or rhyme, nothing that would have or could have motivated Stephen Paddock to commit this crime.
That is very, very strange. What is crime without motivation? If one has no motivation (motive) to undertake a criminal act then why would they? Oh sure there is trial by media, which has become pretty much the way everything is played out these days. But trial by media is just a manipulation. Having no basis in fact, reality or evidence for that matter! Just wild speculation..........

The latest via Irish Times

Typically mass shooters leave trails to justify actions but Stephen Paddock appears to have left none."
"Determining a motive for the man who committed one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern history continues to be an exasperating task for investigators

No motive can surely suggest Stephen Paddock did not commit this crime?
They have interviewed many of Stephen Paddocks family members and friends and examined his travel, financial and health history but have yet to find anything that points to what drove him to kill 58 people at a concert in Las Vegas on October 1st
Again, 25 days later,  after interviewing Paddocks family, friends and examining his travel, financial and health history and finding nothing that would indicate his motive for this crime. A true investigation being conducted by real investigators may have to consider that Stephen Paddock did not perpetrate this crime.

On Wednesday, new information emerged that adds to the complexity of the case. Paddock apparently removed the hard drive from at least one computer found in his room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, according to a law enforcement official
Law enforcement claims Paddock removed a hard drive, but, did he?  I dont know. Appeals to authority generally dont work for me. Is this "evidence" law enforcement will fall back on to pin this crime on Paddock? Which doesn't work for me, personally speaking. The idea that a claimed missing hard drive would prove he committed the act would be a stretch. Since it would not be known what is in the missing hard drive.


Anni Cyrus Video: The Solution to Stop Islam "IndyWatch Feed War"

On this new special edition of The Glazov Gang, we are running a stirring speech that our very own Anni Cyrus recently delivered in Chicago at the Illinois Family Institutes The Danger of Islam seminar. Anni reveals The Solution to Stop Islam, unveiling a powerful and humanistic plan. Dont miss it! Subscribe to the Glazov []


Turkeys Domestic Crackdown: No End in Sight "IndyWatch Feed War"



Turkey has seen far-reaching purges in its judiciary, security services, and civil servants since the failed coup last year. Over 50,000 people have been arrested over that span, and the countrys judicial system has been churning through thousands of trials against individuals accused of sympathizing with the Glen movement. Recently the media spotlight has fallen on 11 human rights activists who are facing trial for terrorism charges.

The activists, who include senior members of Turkeys Amnesty International chapter, have been in prison since July, when they were arrested at a human rights workshop and held on terrorism charges. Taner Kilic, Amnesty Turkeys chairman, was arrested in a previous raid and is facing charges in the same case. The outcome of the case is being seen as a test of President Erdoans authority under the new political system, a system created after his reform package was narrowly approved in Aprils referendum.

The post Turkeys Domestic Crackdown: No End in Sight appeared first on Geopolitical Monitor.


Balfour and Britains broken promise "IndyWatch Feed War"

If the British Conservative Government of Teresa May represented the views of the people of Britain rather than the preferences of the state of Israel on the disastrous outcome for the Palestinian Arabs of the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917, she would not be planning to celebrate this 100th anniversary with Binyamin Netanyahu, Israels Prime Minister. This will happen at a cosy London dinner party at the home of Lord Rothschild, heir to the recipient of that infamous letter from Arthur J. Balfour, Britains then Foreign Secretary.

As it is, her November 2 tete a tete with Mr. Netanyahu, Lord Rothschild and Lord Balfour, a descendant of Arthur J. Balfour who had no direct descendants, and a subsequent November 9, rally organized by Christian Zionists at the cavernous Albert Hall, in Londons Hyde Park, which Britains leader and Zionist and Israeli notables will also attend, are being pre-empted and countered by a host of events throughout the British Isles. These are not only highly critical of Britains disastrous legacy in its former Mandated Territory, but urge it to recognize Palestine as a state and work practically to grant the Palestinian Arabs their freedom and self-determination.

This was the duty, a sacred trust, the League of Nations imposed on Britain when it obtained the mandate to rule Palestine after the First World Warto prepare the people of Palestine for self-government. Where the Arabs were concerned, then 90 per cent of the population, it signally failed to do so, instead encouraging the Zionist movement to create a parallel government alongside the colonial one.

Many British and Irish organizations large, small and tiny have been rallying against this injustice during the past year, reaching a climax of protest as November 2 nears. Although Israel and its many powerful friends and agents in the United Kingdom have worked hard to have these events cancelled or disrupted, and have largely failed, the main point about these cross-Britain and Ireland protests and reconsiderations is that their target is Britain, not Israel. (Not directly.)

The Balfour Projects Britains Broken Promise: Time for a New Approach is one resonant event, on October 31 at Westminster Central Hall, across from the Houses of Parliament. The aim is to seat 1,000 people to hear an array of what might loosely be described as the Great and the Good, Lords and Lad....


Mexico: Cartels are using explosive drones "IndyWatch Feed War"

The case has stoked fears drug cartels could soon target the U.S. Mexican Federal Police arrested four men Oct. 20 in Guanajuanto who were driving a stolen vehicle equipped with a 3DR Solo Quadcopter drone attached to an IED, Small Wars Journal reported. The drone had a range of about half a mile, but modifications would have []



South Front A Hezbollah fighter stands at a watch tower at Juroud Arsal, the Syria-Lebanon border. Photo: REUTERS High Level Military Group, a project of the Friends of Israel Initiative comprising former generals and high-ranking officials from NATO and allied countries, released a report on October 25 assessing Hezbollahs current state. They claim Hezbollah has stockpiled roughly []


Robert Steele: Concept for Trump Triumph in 3 Moves "IndyWatch Feed War"

Robert David STEELE Vivas

The number of Republican resignations from the Senate and House is both threatening and an opportunity. Despite growing Democratic scandals  (including Mossad control of Debbie Wasserman Schultz to spy on Members with Pakistani patsies and Democratic funding of the false dossier by Christopher Steele (no relation) and Clinton Foundation charity fraud connected to the sale of US uranium to Russia and of Syria and Yemen to Saudi Arabia) this subjects the President to being both impeached and convicted ejected from office on the basis of false charges and bought votes. Tom Steyers new $10M campaign to impeach the President is a taste of what is to come.

The President can triumph in three moves:

MOVE 1: Eject the press corps from the White House. Repurpose that space to house the three elements shown in the graphic below this will give the President overnight what his existing team and Breitba...


Sanaa Review: Ray of Light from the War on Yemen "IndyWatch Feed War"

While Trump escalates long-standing US complicity in the catastrophic war on Yemen through its arming of Saudi Arabia and more, we are deeply inspired by  "Sanaa Review": an e-zine by Yemenis that cuts through silence and distortion, bringing us the brilliance of independent Yemeni journalism, art and thought now. This media work is all the more timely since according to Reporters Without BordersYemen has become the second most dangerous place for journalists on earth, due mostly to repression by "rebels" . Below Sanaa Review's editor-in-chief Afrah Nasser describes why this independent project is so needed, and gives us a glimpse of the content they have put out this last month. (Translation from the Arabic by Ali Issa.) 


/September 22nd, 2017/

Why Sanaa Review? 

Sanaa Review's founding comes at an exceptional moment in the modern history of Yemen. At a time when Yemen is experiencing a brutal war and a glaring lack in coverage of political and cultur...


US opioid crisis leaves heroin users out in the cold "IndyWatch Feed War"

Tens of thousands of people are dying from drug overdoses across the US. President Donald Trump is due to acknowledge the problem. Should people struggling with addiction be allowed to shoot up under medical supervision?

Americas opioid epidemic

Quiet Family Room, the sign in the hospital in Maryland reads. I didnt want to go in there because I knew what that room was for, Toni Torsch remembered. But eventually she had to, and face what the doctors had to say. It was December 3, 2010, the day her son Daniel died from an accidental heroin overdose.

He was 24 then and suffered from opioid [all substances that produce morphine-like effects the ed.] addiction, which he had developed seven years prior. A doctor had prescribed him a months worth of the painkiller oxycodone to help with a soccer injury. Thats when what he called his pill problem started. After his treatment, he kept buying medication on the street and at school. Later he turned to heroin, which was cheaper and readily available.

He was really ashamed and embarrassed, Torsch told DW. He didnt want anyone to know. Over the years, she recounts, he tried often and hard to get clean but he couldnt shake the beast, as she called his opioid addiction.

Curbing or enabling drug use?

Daniel Torsch who died of heroin overdoseDaniel Torsch got hooked on painkillers to treat a soccer injury and then gradually drifted into taking harder drugs

Stories like Daniels have become all too common across the USA, where an opioid epidemic is ravaging families and communities. Last year around 50,000 people died from overdosing on opioid substances including heroin and the even stronger fentanyl, according to preliminary official figures. Thats 10 times more...


BBC practice of repeat reporting of Israeli planning permits continues "IndyWatch Feed War"

Earlier this month the BBCs most quoted Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, published an article by Barak Ravid and Chaim Levinson titled Netanyahu Pledged 3,800 New Settlement Homes, but Only 600 Will Be Actually Built and sub-headed [c]lose examination of the list of construction plans expected to be approved next week reveals that the number of units presented to the public inflated and recycled.

The 3,800 units presented to the public is an inflated, recycled number, with the government expected to give immediate building permits to only 600 units.

Of these, 300 homes will be in Beit El, promised to the settlement after the demolition of the homes in Ulpana Hill over five years ago.[]

Final approval will also be given for 102 homes in the new settlement of Amichai, which is being built for those evacuated from the illegal outpost of Amona. But since there has been no decision made yet on the objections that were submitted to the plan, construction isnt expected to begin in the near future. []

The total of 3,800 units includes plans that were approved in the past but which have had some units added. For example, Kfar Etzion already had 120 units approved, and the 38 have now been added. The government is thus presenting all 158 as new homes to be approved. A similar trick was pulled in Har Adar, where 10 additional homes were added to a previously approved plan of 60 homes and together became a new plan for 70 homes.

Thats not the only strange matter on the list published Tuesday. In Elkana, there had been a previously approved plan for 45 homes. Now the planning council is meant to turn that plan into a sheltered housing facility for 250 elderly people. The government is counting it as 250 new homes.

On October 25th (two weeks after the appearance of that Haaretz article) readers of a report published on the BBC News websites Middle East page under the headline Israel approves 176 new settler homes in East Jerusalem were told that:...


Georgia election server wiped after suit filed Deletion of the server data was insidious and highly suspicious Were recent elections compromised by malicious hackers? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image result for Georgia, election day, polling stations, photos

By Frank Bajak
The Associated Press


A computer server crucial to a lawsuit against Georgia election officials was quietly wiped clean by its custodians just after the suit was filed, The Associated Press has learned.

The servers data was destroyed July 7 by technicians at the Center for Elections Systems at Kennesaw State University, which runs the states election system. The data wipe was revealed in an email sent last week from an assistant state attorney general to plaintiffs in the case that was obtained by the AP. More emails obtained in a public records request confirmed the wipe.

The lawsuit, filed by a diverse group of election reform advocates, aims to force Georgia to retire its antiquated and heavily criticized election technology. The server in question, which served as a statewide staging location for key election-related data, made national headlines in June after a security expert disclosed a gaping security hole that wasnt fixed six months after he reported it to election authorities.


Its not clear who ordered the servers data irretrievably erased.

The Kennesaw election center answers to Georgias secretary of state, Brian Kemp, a Republican who is running for governor in 2018 and is the main defendant in the suit. A spokeswoman for the secretary of states office said Wednesday that we did not have anything to do with this decision, adding that the office also had no advance warning of the move.

The centers director, Michael Barnes, referred questions to the universitys press office, which declined comment.

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit, who are mostly Georgia voters, want to scrap...


America and Hezbollah during decades of war "IndyWatch Feed War"

America and Hezbollah during decades of war 26, 2017 Written by Nasser Kandil, When Washington presented its project for an Israeli war that would reform Lebanon and the position of Syria in 1982, Hezbollah was not born yet, but Washington had launched the war of Iraq against Iran two years ago and the war []


Xis Next Step: Demand More Fervor From Chinas Communist Party "IndyWatch Feed War"

Now that Chinas president has emerged as the countrys most powerful leader in decades, he needs an energized party to fulfill his goals. So far, members have seen a crackdown on unpaid dues, mandatory study sessions and purge of those seen as corrupt or inept.

By Chun Han Wong
The Wall Street Journal
Oct. 26, 2017 7:38 a.m. ET

Image may contain: 66 people

The opening of Chinas Communist Party congress in Beijing last week.Photo: Liu Weibing/Xinhua/Zuma Press

BEIJINGChinas Communist Party has enforced its political monopoly so completely for decades that members overwhelmingly staff government agencies from Beijing to village offices, manage state-owned companies and supervise civic and religious groups, chambers of commerce and unions.

Yet as Chinas economy flourished, party membership came to be seen less as a political commitment and more as a way to secure jobs and profit from power. Party loyalty gradually slipped so much among rank-and-file members that many stopped bothering to pay their required membership dues.

That suddenly changed when Beijing launched a nationwide campaign last year. In the northeastern city of Tianjin, officials collected 277 million yuan ($41.7 million) in fees owed by more than 120,000 Communist Party members at state-owned companies, state media said. Among those deemed in arrears were officials in the partys powerful personnel department, which oversaw the campaign, according to people familiar with the matter.

Doing so, Mr. Xi says, will secure his nations transformation into a rich superpower in the coming decades, and deliver his China Dream of national rejuvenation.

Now that the party has given Xi Jinping five more years as leader and power on par with that of Chairman Mao Zedong, he will return to one of his top priorities in the past five years: restoring the party as a force in peoples lives and recapturing its revolutionary sense of mission. Doing so will secure his China Dream of national rejuvenation, he believes.

Under Mr. Xis orders, mandatory political-study sessions emphasizing his speeches and policies were revived for all party members. So was the Mao-era practice of members criticizing others and themselves. A Communist Party directive on adjusting membership dues, barely enforced for most of a decade, was abrupt...


Mohammed Bin Salman's vision for Saudi Arabia may lead to popular resistance "IndyWatch Feed War"

For decades, Saudi rulers have utilised religion to remain in power and gain regional dominance. Mohammed Bin Salman's attempt to shake that status quo could yield severe consequences


The Saker Reviews: Putins Praetorians: Confessions of the Top Kremlin Trolls by Phil Butler "IndyWatch Feed War"

Last April I got an email from an American expat in Russia, Phil Butler, asking me whether I would be interested in contributing a short biography for an upcoming book


Kyle Bass Says History Will Remember Xi for Reckless Policies "IndyWatch Feed War"


Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass, who has been warning of a collapse in Chinas banking system, said the nation will one day come to regret handing Xi Jinping more power than any leader in decades.

Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass, who has been betting against the yuan and warning of a collapse in Chinas banking system, said the nation will one day come to regret handing Xi Jinping more power than any leader in decades.

Today Xi is celebrated in media reports, but when future historians look back, he will be blamed for recklessly building the Chinese economy on a foundation of sand, Bass, founder of Hayman Capital Management, said in an email Wednesday. Xi desperately seeks credibility, but true developed economies do not impose severe capital controls or move short-term rates hundreds of basis points overnight in attempts to manipulate their own currency.

At a twice-a-decade congress in Beijing, Chinas ruling Communist Party enshrinedPresident Xis policies alongside those of former leaders Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. Xi, who has sought to turn China into a global economic power and was the architect of the Belt-and-Road infrastructure drive, had his theories on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era included in Chinas guiding charter.

Yet, some foreign investors have been less than impressed as Chinas currency has remained sheltered behind exchange restrictions and curbs on foreign investment. Theyve also pointed to Chinas ever-growing pile of debt, with borrowing swelling to 260 percent of gross domestic product at the end of 2016, Bloomberg Intelligence data show. Moodys Investors Service and S&P Global Ratings both downgraded the nation this year on risks from soaring debt.



Who Are the Terrorists in Americas Jails? Part 2 "IndyWatch Feed War"

The USS Boxer, where Warsame was originally interrogatedThe USS Boxer, where Warsame was originally interrogated (Photo: U.S. Navy)

There were 443 convicted terrorists imprisoned in the United States (as of April 2016), according to The New York Times. They are serving sentences for crimes ranging from sharing ISIS propaganda online to carrying out terror attacks on U.S soil.

We are taking a snapshot of some of those people and telling you their stories.

Part Two: Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame

Warsame was a leading al-Qaeda operative who plead guilty to nine terrorism charges in 2011 but cooperated with the government and provided information about other terrorists. His official indictment lists the charges against him as providing material support to al-Shabaab and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)two designated foreign terrorist organizationsas well as conspiring to teach and demonstrate the making of explosives, possessing firearms and explosives in furtherance of crimes of violence.

Warsame  was captured in 2011 from a fishing boat off the coast of Aden in Yemen by a U.S. Navy ship.

Pleading with the Navy Seals who captured him not to send him to Guantanamo Bay, he decided to cooperate. He went on to provide testimony that led to the capture and convictions of dozens of other terrorists.

He told the Americans he joined the Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab to fight against the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia. He fought there as a commander in 2009, leading hundreds of fighters. Warsame also traveled to Yemen in 2010 for explosives training.



Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, Take Your (Tiny) Fingers Off the Button "IndyWatch Feed War"

Preventing a nuclear war between the United States and North Korea may be the most pressing challenge facing the world right now...


U.S. military strike wont destroy all N. Korean nuclear capabilities: U.S. expert "IndyWatch Feed War"

WASHINGTON, Oct. 25 (Yonhap) A preventive military strike by the United States would not remove all of North Koreas nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities, a renowned American expert on the North Korean issue has said, while proposing economic sanctions as the most viable tool to end North Koreas nuclear weapons program.

A preventive military strike would not destroy all of North Koreas capabilities. It would risk a wider war that would inflame South Korea and Japan and potentially cause millions of casualties, Michael Green, vice president for Asia at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), said last week in Washington, D.C. in his meeting with South Korean journalists.

Previously, he served as a senior director for Asian affairs at the National Security Council under former U.S. President George W. Bush.

It would also threaten the U.S. because North Korea has an ability even without ballistic missiles to transfer nuclear weapons to terrorist groups, so a preventive military strike would not get all of North Koreas nuclear capabilities and would risk an unacceptable war, Green noted.

Diplomatic negotiations with Pyongyang would also not warrant resolution of North Koreas nuclear problem, given the countrys track record of breaking previous agreements, he said.

We shouldnt end sanctions or military exercises in order to have dialogue with Pyongyang because then we will prove theres no cost to North Korea for the path its on, Green said, suggesting that the U.S. build infrastructure of sustained consequence for North Korea to facilitate diplomacy work with the regime. We now have to restore deterrence and restore credibility if we have any chance in medium to long run diplomacy.

Getting China to exert its influence in North Korea is crucial in the long run, he also highlighted.

Chinese could be quite effective in significantly limiting North Koreas ability to obtain dual-use materials or technology for nuclear weapons program ability to transfer or proliferate those technologies outside of North Korea, according to Green. Chinese could be effective, if they sustain sanctions, at gradually changing the calculation of Pyongyang (though) it will take long time.

Our strategy should be getting China to put pressure on North Korea. The best way to do that is to show a very tight U.S.-Republic of Korea alliance, he said, adding that China does not want to see a stronger military alliance between Seoul and Washington or a war on the Korean Peninsula.

Such a calculation might have been behind President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson implying possible military action against North Korea, he said. China is the main target of this threat because the ad...


The Lebanese Forces and the governmental failure "IndyWatch Feed War"

  The Lebanese Forces and the governmental failure 26, 2017 Written by Nasser Kandil, The Lebanese Forces Party can talk whatever it wants about the idea of resigning from the government to conclude that there is no reason to resign, because it knows in advance that it got engaged in a game of authority, []


US defense chiefs Philippines visit overshadowed as Duterte trumpets China, Russia ties Time to End The Mutual Defense Treaty? "IndyWatch Feed War"

US Defense Secretary James Mattis attends the 11th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Defense Ministers (ADMM) and 4th ADMM-Plus in Clark, east of Manila on October 24, 2017. Noel Celis/AFP

MANILA, Philippines US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis departed the Philippines on Wednesday, after having praised its military for defeatingwith Washingtons helpIslamic State-inspired extremists in Marawi City.

Mattis arrival earlier this week for the ASEAN meetings was on time for the conclusion of the months-long insurgency, but his visit to the US oldest ally in Asia shared the spotlight with grand gestures by geopolitical rivals.

China turned over heavy construction equipment for the rehabilitation of the decimated city. Russia also turned over trucks and firearms after its warships docked at Subic Bay, a former American facility.

Even as the coinciding of events involves China and Russia, both of whom President Rodrigo Duterte has warmed up to, Mattis insisted that he does not put a lot of significance to it.

I know some trucks [from Russia] are done being dropped off to help the country thats fighting terrorists right now Its a sovereign decision by the Philippines,...


Philippine peso plunges to its lowest in years [The Philippine currency] looks fundamentally weak and we expect it to depreciate further, "IndyWatch Feed War"

Asian currency hovers between 14.11 and 14.12, expected to depreciate further

Continued growth
Image Credit: Pankaj Sharma, Gulf News
The UAE is one of the Philippines biggest sources of remittances.
Published: 15:21 October 26, 2017

Dubai: The Philippine peso has plunged to its lowest level in ten years and its likely to weaken further, according to the latest analysis.

The Asian currencys value hovered between 14.11 to 14.12 against the UAE dirham on Thursday afternoon, registering an approximately 17 per cent decline in a decade, based on figures provided by various currency trackers.

Its the pesos lowest level against the UAE currency since October 29, 2007, when it traded at a little over 12 per dirham, data from OFX showed.

This is certainly the lowest the peso has fallen so far this year, said one money exchanger in Dubai.

The peso has been weak and the response weve had so far this week is positive. Weve seen an uptick in remittances among Filipino expats over the last few days, she said.

The fall of the currency has been attributed to the current political tensions in the Philippines, although the recent rally posted by the US dollar may have played a part as well.

The US dollar, to which the UAE currency is pegged, had earlier showed some strength against its arrivals before easing slightly on Thursday as the markets awaited the results of the European Central Bank meeting,

A strong greenback or UAE dirham is beneficial for the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos working in the country as it means higher remittance power. The more the dirham gains in value against the peso, the more money expatriates can send to their home country.

Promoth Manghat, CEO of UAE Exchange Group, said there are indications that the peso will fall further. [The Philippine currency] looks fundamentally weak and we expect...


Kurds must cancel not suspend referendum result, says Iraqi PM "IndyWatch Feed War"


Haider al-Abadi has said Iraq will not 'accept anything' but a complete repeal of the 25 September results


The Rasputin of Brussels Martin Selmayr Accused of Sabotage Over Britains Brexit Efforts "IndyWatch Feed War"

Pulling the strings? Martin Selmayr, the EU Commissions head of cabinet, was accused of leaking details of Jean-Claude Junckers dinner with Theresa May CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES/PA WIRE

Brits are now saying Martin Selmayr, the EU Commissions head of cabinet, leaked details of Jean-Claude Junckers dinner with Theresa May

From The Telegraph

What does Britain want from the Brexit negotiations? That is the question we regularly hear from EU negotiators and those in this country whose pro-European views often put them on the side of Brussels, rather than Britain.

In fact, what Britain seeks is clear. What the EU is looking for from our future relationship, however, is less clear, just as important, and rarely discussed. Since European leaders have suggested they are almost ready to start the second stage of talks, we should ask what they actually want.

The British want to respect the referendum result, and leave the EU entirely. The Government does not seek halfway-house options that would mean accepting the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in Britain, the supremacy of European law, the continuation of free movement and vast annual payments to Brussels. Nor does it propose anything that would prevent Britain from negotiating

 Read more (Paywall):



Brexit: Government branded a shambles after David Davis U-turn on EU vote

Officials also highlighted major flaws in Brexit planning during tough day for Theresa May



Crisis-hit Qatar signs military agreement with Russia "IndyWatch Feed War"


Qatar News Agency/AFP | Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani (right) receives Russian Minister of Defence Sergei Shoigu in Doha on October 25, 2017

DOHA (AFP)  Qatar said Thursday it had signed a defence agreement with Russia, the latest in a series of such steps by the emirate since the Gulf diplomatic crisis erupted in June.

The announcement followed what Moscow said was the first trip ever undertaken by a Russian defence minister to the Gulf state.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt are boycotting Qatar, accusing it of backing extremism and fostering ties with their Shiite rival Iran charges that Doha denies.

The defence agreement was announced after Moscows Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu met Qatars emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani and Defence Minister Khalid bin Mohammed al-Attiyah in Doha on Wednesday.

The two ministers signed (a) military technical cooperation agreement during the meeting, a statement from Qatars defence ministry said.

It added that a memorandum of understanding was also signed relating to air defence and military supplies.

No further details were given.

In the almost 150-days of the Gulf crisis, Qatar has announced a $12 billion (10 billion euros) deal to buy F-15 jets from the US, a five billion euro deal with Italy for seven navy vessels and an agreement to buy 24 Typhoon fighter jets from Britain.


US Backs Killing ISIS Foreign Fighters "IndyWatch Feed War"

A fighter of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) stands guard on a rooftop in Raqa on October 20, 2017, after retaking the city from Islamic State (IS) group fighters. SDF fighters flushed jihadist holdouts from Raqqa's main hospital and municipal stadium, wrapping up a more than four-month offensive against what used to be the inner sanctum of ISIS's self-proclaimed 'caliphate,' which for three years saw some of the group's worst abuses and grew into a center for both its potent propaganda machine and its unprecedented experiment in jihadist statehood.A fighter of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) stands guard on a rooftop in Raqa on October 20, 2017, after retaking the city from Islamic State (IS) group fighters. (Photo: BULENT KILIC/AFP/Getty Images)

Foreign fighters who have travelled to Syria to join and fight for the Islamic State must die in Syria, a leading envoy to the global coalition against ISIS has said.

Our mission is to make sure any foreign fighter who is here, who joined ISIS from a foreign country and came into Syria, they will die here in Syria, Brett McGurk, the Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS, told media, as reported by The Daily Mail.

His remarks came after Kurdish-led forces captured the ISIS capital of Raqqa last week.



Dozens dead after blaze sweeps through Indonesia fireworks factory "IndyWatch Feed War"



Latest update : 2017-10-26

Dozens of people have been killed and dozens more injured in a blaze that tore through a fireworks factory outside the Indonesian capital, police said Thursday, triggering explosions and sending plumes of black smoke into the air.

The fire broke out at an industrial complex in Tangerang, a satellite city of Jakarta.

There are 103 workers in total at this factory, 43 are injured and being treated in three hospitals, the remains of 23 victims have been found, Nico Afinta from the Jakarta police told Kompas TV.

Many of the bodies of the victims were found clustered at the back of the factory, police said, indicating there may have been a panicked rush to flee the flames.

A firefighter at the scene said the victims had been burned beyond recognition.

Those who died are completely unrecognisable, totally burnt, Oni Sahroni told Metro TV.

Parts of the building collapsed after being gutted by the blaze, which scorched nearby cars. Witnesses reported hearing blasts erupt from the site.

Local resident Beni Benteng told AFP said he heard an explosion and people inside screaming for help.

My friends and I and some police officers knocked down a wall so people could escape, then the workers came out, he said.

I saw people including women were jumping from above, oh my God, he added.

The blaze, which broke out in the morning, was brought under control by late afternoon and authorities were working to recover the victims bodies from the building.


Authorities have not yet said how the fire started, but have confirmed it began near the front door and quickly spread.

Victims were found piling at the back, it seems like they were avoiding the blaze at the front door, Afinta told Metro TV.

Desperate friends and family thronged a nearby police hospital in Keramat Kati looking for loved ones.

Video footage shot by an AFP stringer showed victims, covered in bandages, laid out on stretches and others with minor injuries sitting in the...


Syrian Army Advances in Deir Ezzor, Strikes Terrorists in Hama "IndyWatch Feed War"

October 25, 2017 Syrian Army units re-established control over al-Sinaa neighborhood in Deir Ezzor city after eliminating the last gatherings of ISIL terrorists there. SANA reporter in Deir Ezzor said that army units combed the neighborhood fully and set up new military points inside it in preparation for launching new operations to root out ISIL []


Arabic press review: Want Saudi citizenship? Get in line behind the robot "IndyWatch Feed War"


'Sofia' becomes the first robot in the world to get citizenship while Egypt now sees a new citizen born every 15 seconds


The Importance of the Vagus Nerve in Health and Well-Being "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Anna Hunt

At the center of our bodies resides a long, wiry nerve called the vagus nerve. It extends all the way from the brain down through the chest and beyond the stomach. In addition, it connects to all major organs, including ears, eyes, tongue, kidneys, bladder, reproductive organs, and the colon. Scientists believe that vagus nerve stimulation can affect anxiety and depression, blood pressure and heart rate, as well as the function of digestive organs including the stomach, pancreas and the gall bladder.

Role of the Vagus Nerve in the Body

Being the largest nerve in the body, the vagus nerve affects more than just the bodys physical functions. Some research indicates that a healthy vagus nerve is important to social bonding and empathy, as well as our ability to make complex decisions. Mystics believe that it is also the intersection between our conscious and unconscious minds, the physical and the subtle bodies. Therefore, the vagus nerve may be the most relevant part of our physical body that relates to our peace of mind and happiness.

Clearly, the vagus nerve plays a critical role in our bodies, hence it is also vital to our well-being. People with impaired vagal activity can suffer from depression, panic disorders, anxiety, mood swings and chronic fatigue. Physically, vagal imbalance can result in irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, heartburn, unhealthy heart rate, and chronic inflammation.

Scientists have been conducting research on the vagus nerve to understand how it impacts our overall well-being. In their research, they found that stimulating the vagus nerve with electrical signals has the potential for reducing depression and anxiety. Scientists also found that vagus nerve stimulation can improve conditions such as epilepsy and obesity.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Exercises

People with optimal vagal tone are resilient under stress because they can easily shift from an excited state to a relaxed state. This switches on the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for rest, digestion and fertility. As a result, these individuals often enjoy excellent digestion, optimal heart rate and good overall health.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy for someone to switch on the parasympathetic nervous system and relax. That is because we spend so much of our time...


Japan: Shinzo Abe Scores Major Electoral Victory "IndyWatch Feed War"

Since WWII, Japan has been known as a country oriented towards pacifism, which disavowed war as an instrument of national policy. This may change soon. On October 22, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe scored a major victory in national elections.


Saudi crown prince says Aramco still on track to go public "IndyWatch Feed War"


Bin Salman's confirmation that state-run oil company will be listed in 2018 follows reports that key economic reform plan had been shelved


Saudi Arabia could abandon Wahhabism "IndyWatch Feed War"

Opening the Economic Forum, Future Investment Initiative, Mohamed Ben Salmane, the Prince heir to the throne of Saudi Arabia, declared his intention to transform Saudi Society, making it normal, tolerant and good. Over the past few months, the Prince has fluctuated between autocratic political measures (incarcerating oppositional leaders) and measures to liberalize society (such as authorizing women to drive their own cars). The undertaking that the Prince gave is a logical consequence in (...)


Bannon sows trouble in Washington "IndyWatch Feed War"

On 23 October 2017, the Hudson Institute organized a debate called: Contrasting violent extremism: Qatar, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Hudson Institute was established by the futurologist, Herman Kahn. It is an organization that makes predictions forecasts. It brings together many people who follow the philosopher Leo Strauss. The public audience was composed of distinguished personalities, members of Congress and the Administration, ambassadors and journalists. Leon Panetta, (...)


Can Austria's New Wunderkind Solve the Migrant Crisis? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Fears about a hard-right turn in Austria following its parliamentary election this past weekend need to be put in perspective. The populist, anti-immigration, Russia-friendly Freedom Party of Austria (FP)founded in the 1950s by ex-SS officerscame third, with fewer seats than in the 1999 election.


False Flagging Sonic Attacks in Havana: a CIA Specialty "IndyWatch Feed War"

Washington D.C. (SCF) The Central Intelligence Agency, now under the direction of an extreme right-wing Republican, former Kansas Republication congressman Mike Pompeo, is insisting behind-the-scenes that the Cuban government is responsible for alleged sonic weaponry attacks on American diplomats in Havana.

The CIA, which wrote the book on false flag attacks in Europe and around the world during the Cold War and the age of terrorism, had no trouble convincing the Trump administration to downgrade diplomatic relations with Cuba. The United States withdrew over half of its diplomatic staff in Cuba and expelled 15 Cuban diplomats in Washington. The break in relations with Cuba is in line with other Trump actions intended to reverse every action implemented during the 8-year term of Barack Obama, including the normalization of relations with Cuba. Trump called the normalization of ties with Havana a completely one-sided deal. Ironically, it is known that Trumps businesses had previously violated US sanctions on Cuba to advance potential Trump-owned hotels and resorts on the island.

The Trump administration has stated that it does not know what is causing the high-pitched cricket-chirping sound claimed to have damaged the health and caused deafness of not only American but also some Canadian diplomats in Havana. The Cuban government even invited the FBI to come to Cuba to join in its investigation of the sonic attacks. The Trump administration refused the Cubans invitation. Nevertheless, without a shred of evidence, Trumps spokespeople blame the Cuban government for the sonic interference. Trump directly blamed the Cuban government for the sonic attacks in an October 16 White House press conference. The State Department was forced to immediately contradict Trumps flippant remarks in a cable to all US diplomatic posts that stated the department does not assign blame to the Government of Cuba for the attacks. The variance between the White House and State Department on who is behind the sonic attacks is both stark and troubling.

RELATED: US Has Budgeted $49M for Venezuelan Right-Wing Since 2009

The corporate media is ignoring the one possible source for the sonic attacks that stands responsible for the only known sonic attack on a diplomatic mission in recent history the CIA. Not only is the CIA led by a Trump sycophant with no previous intelligence background, but the CIA is being directed to blame other countries for operations carried out by its own agents and assets. In the case of Cuba, the CIA can rely upon a network of Florida-based Cuban-American and other Latin American agents who have been integrated into Cuban government and business institutions after traveling to the island from third...


Revealed: Thatchers Government Covered Up UK Blood Scandal "IndyWatch Feed War"

London (TeleSUR Margaret Thatchers ministers denied responsibility for the scandal, slashing victim compensation.

The British government of Margaret Thatcher tried to cover up a massive contaminated blood scandal that caused the deaths of 2,400 people from AIDS and Hepatitis C in the 1980s, newly released documents reveal.

The findings, uncovered by Jason Evans whose own father died in 1993 from HIV and Hepatitis C as a result of being given the contaminated blood were first published by Sky News.

Margaret Thatcher
Image: Wikimedia Commons

For 20 years people have been told that we had no case, that the government had no responsibility, and that the deaths were not the result of the failure to ensure self-sufficiency in blood products, he told Sky News.

But what this shows is that from the very start the government knew their argument was weak. It was hard to refute because it was true.

The 1987 cabinet memo, written by then Conservative Secretary of State for Social Security John Moore, reveals how ministers attempted to deflect responsibility for the scandal, as well as reduce financial aid to victims.

Related: The Tories Unleash A Day Of Rage Every Day. Its Called Austerity

In the 1970s and 1980s, more than 4,000 British hemophiliacs were given blood contaminated with Hepatitis C and HIV by the National Health Service: blood labeled Factor VIII. Factor VIII came from the United States due to a shortage of blood in the United Kingdom at the time, and its donors included sex workers, prisoners and drug users many of whom were paid to donate.

By 1987, it was evident that thousands had been infected and were dying as a result something the cabinet memo acknowledged.

About 1,200 hemophiliacs were infected before 1986 with the HIV virus by Factor VIII and about 40 have already died of AIDS. The prognosis for the remainder is bleak, wrote Moore.

The (Haemophilia) Society have successfully got across their view that the hemophiliacs problems with...


Syrian And Iraqi Forces Push Towards ISIS Border Strongholds At Deir Ezzor-Baghdad Highway, Make Important Gains (Map) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Syrian And Iraqi Forces Push Towards ISIS Border Strongholds At Deir Ezzor-Baghdad Highway, Make Important Gains (Map)

Click to see the full-size map

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Iraqi Army with their allies are simultaneously advancing on the ISIS border strongholds of al-Bukamal and al-Qaim.

On October 26, the Iraqi military announced a start of the large-scale advance on al-Qaim. Iraqi troops already engaged ISIS terrorists in the outskirts of Rawah and captured the H2 Air Base south of al-Qaim. On the same day, the SAA retook the T2 Pumping Station area from ISIS south of al-Bukamal in a final push after a few days of clashes.

In the coming days, Iraqi and Syrian forces will likely further isolate ISIS units and reach the ISIS-held cities in the border area. Pro-government sources expect that the joint effort may lead to a relatively fast progress against the terrorist group in the area.

The control over Baghdad-Deir Ezzor highway will also allow to establish a stable supply line between Syrian and Iraq.


Ron Paul Reminds Americans The US Military Is Occupying 53 Of 54 African Nations "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ron Paul Reminds Americans The US Military Is Occupying 53 Of 54 African Nations    While many Americans are aware that the United States is at war in countries such as Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan because of the media attention given to those conflicts, the news that four U.S. soldiers were killed in Niger came []


Turkish Father Honor Kills Himself Live on Facebook "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ayhun Uzun, who reportedly killed honor himself on Facebook LiveAyhun Uzun, who reportedly killed honor himself on Facebook Live (Photos: Facebook screenshot)

In a twist to the concept of honor killing, a father in Turkey killed himself live on Facebook after claiming his family had dishonored him in connection with his daughters upcoming marriage, the Daily Mail reported.

Ayhun Uzun, 54, from the city of Kayseri in located in central Turkey, was furious that his daughter  had not sought his approval before getting engaged.

In a rant on Facebook Live, he further complained, Nobody asked about me. Nobody treated me like a man. My father-in-law took my place and without having a right he approved my daughters wedding.

Nobody said this girls father is alive. Though I would have waited for my daughter and family to say to me: Come father, be with us.

Instead, he said the family called him and said, Father come have a treat.



While family members sent messages on Facebook imploring him not to go through with it, Uzun continued, Maybe some of you will call this a show. I do not want anybody to go through this thing that I am going through.

I am livestreaming tonight, and it is my will, I do not want the ones who put me in this position to attend my funeral.

Uzun then took out a pistol and said his last words: Goodbye, I am leaving, take good care of yourselves. He then counted to three and reportedly shot himself.

He could be seen collapsing. Uzuns family later confirmed that they found him dead after rushing to his h...


La David Johnson knew what he signed up for "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Pat Elder, October 25, 2017.

Sgt. La David T Johnson

By all accounts, La David was a good man. His friends remember him as a reliable dad and husband. My brother stood for something, Angela Ghent, his half-sister, wrote on Facebook. He fought for this country and thats how he will be remembered.

But theres more to it.

Johnson graduated from Miami Carol City Senior High School in 2010. The school is 99% minority with 86% identified as economically disadvantaged. Just 14% of the students are proficient in Math and 23% are proficient in English. The schools college readiness index is a 7.5 on a scale of 0 to 100. Trayvon Martin also attended Miami Carol.

Miami Gardens, where La David lived, is a city of 110,000 that is 98% African-American and Hispanic. Over half of the citys population were stopped by police between 2008 and 2013. Miami Gardens is one of the most crime-ridden cities in America. The murder rate is three times the national average.

La Davids daughter was born in 2011, the year after he graduated from high school. He worked in the produce department at the local WalMart. In 2014, he married Myeshia Manual and enlisted in the Army as a Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic. He wanted to take care of his wife and child.

Like others, La Davids enlistment was a gamble that he hoped would provide a way out of poverty without getting killed or seriously injured.


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Sweden, Submarines, and Propaganda "IndyWatch Feed War"

One of NATOs concerns in its obsession with Russia is to persuade Sweden to not only increase its already substantial collaboration with the alliance, but to actually become a member although defence minister Peter Hultqvist is not in favour of such a commitment, in spite of having increased military spending and reintroduced conscription.


Associated Press Associates Itself With War "IndyWatch Feed War"

By David Swanson, October 25, 2017, Lets Try Democracy.

Robert Burns and Matthew Pennington of the Associated Press tell us:

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is visiting the Korean Peninsula at a momentous juncture in the faltering effort to persuade Pyongyang to halt and dismantle its nuclear weapons program. Ominous questions hang in the air.

Why momentous? North Korea has in the past been successfully so persuaded. And its subsequently been antagonized and threatened until it recommenced. This has gone on for decades, while its been 64 years since a peace treaty should have been signed that never has been. Its been 14 years since North Korea resumed building nukes. Its been ten grueling months of Trumps regime during which nasty comments and threats have been passed back and forth across the Pacific schoolyard. What makes this moment momentous? Stay tuned. AP will explain.

Is diplomacy failing? Is war approaching?

Is the wind blowing? Are you kidding? Are diplomacy and war external forces that impose themselves on humanity? North Korea has been very clear and reasonable in its demands, even while screaming its threats and defiance. If the United States will stop moving missiles and planes and ships close to a country it once destroyed, and stop threatening to destroy it again, North Korea will discuss doing what Iraq and Libya did before they were attacked: disarming. The question is not Is war approaching? Ominously! The question is: will Trump and his subordinates continue to refuse to negotiate? Will they insist on war?

Mattis second trip as Pentagon boss to Seoul will take place Friday, following his consultations with Asian partners on a unified approach to resolve the North Korea crisis. In the Philippines, his Japanese counterpart spoke darkly of an unprecedented, critical and imminent threat posed by the Norths repeated demonstrations of its ability to launch an intercontinental-range missile, potentially armed with a nuclear warhead.

Did this person really speak darkly? What did it sound like? Were they using the dictionary definition of imminent, and if so on what basis? Or were they using the White House Office of Legal Counsel definition of imminent, meaning theoretically could occur within the millennium? Cant the United...


George W. Bush speech on Spirit of Liberty: At Home, In The World, by George W. Bush "IndyWatch Feed War"

Thank you all. Thank you. Ok, Padilla gracias. So, I painted Ramon. I wish you were still standing here. It's a face only a mother could love no, it's a fabulous face. (Laughter.) I love you Ramon, thank you very much for being here. And, Grace Jo thank you for your testimony. And, big Tim. I got to know Tim as a result of Presidential Leadership Scholars at the Bush Center along with the Clinton Foundation, with help from 41 and LBJ's libraries. I am thrilled that friends of ours from (...)


US-backed Forces Seized Major Part Of Oil And Gas Infrastructure On Eastern Bank Of Euphrates (Map) "IndyWatch Feed War"

US-backed Forces Seized Major Part Of Oil And Gas Infrastructure On Eastern Bank Of Euphrates (Map)

Click to see the full-size map

On October 26, US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continued their successful operation on the eastern bank of the Euphrates and entered the oil fields of al-Tanak and Galban, according to pro-Kurdish sources.

Earlier, the US-backed force established control over the oil fields of Azraq and Jarnof, Saban, Northern Omar, Maleh and Mqaat.

Thus, the SDF de-facto won the race for the oil and gas infrastructure located in the area with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Pro-opposition sources reported that ISIS just handed over the al-Tanak oil field to the SDF within the framework of the previously reached agreement. No more details were provided.

Most likely these reports are linked to the alleged SDF-ISIS deal reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) on October 22. According to this report, ISIS was set to surrender the entire area including Hajin village to the US-backed force.

Pro-SDF sources explain the situation with the top-class US air support and combat characteristics of SDF troops.

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Investigating the March 30, 2017 Sarin Attack in Al-Lataminah "IndyWatch Feed War"

As confirmed by open source evidence, OPCW and OHCHR findings, and witness statements, a  Sarin attack took place on March 30, 2017 in Al-Lataminah, in addition to the widely-known April 4, 2017 Sarin attack in Khan Sheikhoun. Both of these attacks were executed by the Syrian Air Force. Furthermore, physical evidence filmed and photographed at the scene of the attack indicates the same type of bomb was used in both the Khan Sheikhoun Sarin attack and Al-Lataminah Sarin attack.

On October 4th, Ahmet Uzumcu, the head of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), told the AFP that Analysis of samples collected (by the OPCW) relates to an incident that took place again in the northern part of Syria on the 30th of March this year, with the results proving the existence of sarin. This analysis would confirm the presence of Sarin at the site of an alleged chemical attack five days before the April 4th Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack, where the OPCW also confirmed the presence of Sarin in their July 4, 2017 report.

The Sarin attack in question was in Al-Lataminah, and was featured in the UNs Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republics most recent report on the conflict:

At around 6.30 a.m. on 30 March five days after the chlorine attack on Al-Latamneh hospital by Syrian forces [Bellngcats report] an unidentified warplane dropped two bombs in an agricultural field south of Al-Latamneh village. Interviewees recalled how the first bomb made almost no sound but released a toxic material absent any particular smell, while the second bomb caused a loud explosion. As a result of the former, at least 85 people suffered from respiratory difficulties, loss of consciousness, red eyes and impaired vision. Among the injured were 12 male farmers located 300 metres away from the impact point, 2 of them minors. Nine medical personnel who treated patients without protection also fell ill.

While the Commission is unable to identify the exact agent to which the victims of the 30 March incident were exposed, interviewees described certain symptoms, including a very low pulse in one case, and...


How Saddam Hussein Predicted America"s Failure in Iraq "IndyWatch Feed War"

In the late summer of 2002, as American Gen. Tommy Frankss staff was in the midst of drafting its plan for the invasion of Iraq (what would become known as Operation Iraqi Freedom), Major General Raad al-Hamdani was summoned from his headquarters by Saddam Hussein. 


Why doesnt Hillarys dossier trick count as treason? "IndyWatch Feed War"

By David Harsanyi

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Getty Images

Whats the difference between the infamous Russian dossier on Donald Trump and that random fake-news story you saw on Facebook last year? The latter was never used by Americas intelligence community to bolster its case for spying on American citizens nor was it the foundation for a years worth of media coverage.

Then again, you get what you pay for. We now know Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid as much as $9 million for the discredited dossier on Trump.

According to The Washington Post, a lawyer named Marc Elias, who represented both the 2016 Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, had hired Fusion GPS, a DC firm working on behalf of the Russian government to soften sanctions at the time, to provide opposition research for them. The firm then hired a former British spy named Christopher Steele who reportedly purchased salacious rumors about Trump from the Russians.

Now, you might expect that the scandalous revelation of a political campaign using opposition research that was partially obtained from a hostile foreign power during a national election would ignite shrieks of collusion from all patriotic citizens. After all, only last summer, when it was reported that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Kremlin-linked Russian lawyer who claimed to be in possession of damaging information about Clinton...


Germany Supports Zionist Fascism "IndyWatch Feed War"

Anoniem heeft een nieuwe reactie op je bericht "Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Pakistan has ..." achtergelaten: 

A few days ago this: 'Israeli PM's Likud party to propose a bill that gives immunity to Knesset members from any corruption investigations.' - ICC Fraud Net

And now this for the perspective: Germany delivers and helps finance submarines for Israel. Officials had delayed the deal as concerns arose about a corruption investigation in Israel. Not anymore. 

'The German government plans to sign a deal on Monday on three submarines for Israel, agreeing not only to the sale of the vessels but also to provide financial support for the purchase as in previous deals, government spokesman Steffen Seibert said on Monday. The deal, estimated at 1.5 billion ($1.7 billion), will see Israel receive three Dolphin submarines manufactured by the German industrial giant ThyssenKrupp.' - M...



This blog began when Ms. M.W. sent the following article to me, about NASA's recent test of the ion-Hall thruster, which has now demonstrated

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Mr. T.M. passed along this one, and it's worth pondering in the light of today's main blog:
Designing Martian Cities

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Statement by Federao Anarquista Gacha: URGENT! Against Criminalization, Surround Those Who Struggle With Solidarity "IndyWatch Feed War"

Statement by the Federao Anarquista Gacha (FAG)  about a police operation in Porte Alegre (Brazil).


Originally published by Anarkismo.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Statement by Federao Anarquista Gacha: URGENT! Against Criminalization, Surround Those Who Struggle With Solidarity

We learned a few hours ago of a civil police operation against an alleged group  responsible for several attacks on police vehicles, a bank, car dealers, police stations and political party headquarters.

According to news published on G1 crimes of gang formation, use of explosives and attempted murder will be attributed to this alleged group. The premises of our former public headquarters, located on Travessa dos Venezianos, was invaded by police who seized computers, telephones, books and other items belonging to the cultural group that maintained the space. We have learned that the warrant was addressed to our Organization. Other political-cultural spaces were...


YNET Israeli News: Stalins Jews We Mustnt Forget that Some of Greatest Murderers of modern times were jewish "IndyWatch Feed War"

YNET Israeli News: Stalins Jews We Mustnt Forget that Some of Greatest Murderers of modern times were jewish YNET Israeli News: Stalins Jews We Mustnt Forget that Some of Greatest Murderers of Modern Times Were Jewish! Click on image for article. Revelation 2:9 . and I know the blasphemy of those who say []


Why GDP Is Fake "IndyWatch Feed War"

Deceit regarding GDP is routine, just as such a fake misuse of GDP is routine. (Its really no misuse of the term, at all.) GDP is designed to be a misleading basis for ranking the economic performance of countries; its used for the purpose its intended for, because the purpose its intended for is to deceive the public in this very way to ignore debt and, so, thats the way its used.


The Kurds Stood Up to ISIS, Now We Must Protect Them "IndyWatch Feed War"

Iranian Kurds in Iraq protest Irans treatment of their people (Photo: SAFIN HAMED/AFP/Getty Images)

The Kurds are over there and we are over here so who cares what happens? All these Middle Easterners are the same. A pox on all their houses.

Those are standard views among many Americans and Westerners. Quite possibly including your good self as you read these words.

If you click on the podcast audio below you might draw a very different conclusion and realize that the fate of the Kurds really does affect all of us.

Please listen and comment below as Iraq and Iranian-backed forces prepare to attack our close allies.



Let us know your thoughts. Comment here.



Why Isnt Trump Helping the Kurds?

Arab League Opposition to Kurds Only Fuels Iran

Why You Should Care If Iran Attacks the Kurds


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Why Clinton Camps Funding of the Trump Dossier Matters "IndyWatch Feed War"

Yet more evidence that Russias original mission was to hobble the winner of the presidential race.


By Leonid Bershidsky

October 26, 2017, 2:00 AM EDT

 Photographer: Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

The news that Hillary Clintons campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid for former U.K. spy Christopher Steeles investigation into Donald Trump showed one thing: Rarely have two political candidates been so worthy of each other in terms of cynicism as Clinton and Donald Trump. No wonder Russian President Vladimir Putin, another world-class cynic, dealt himself in.

Democrats were indignant when it turned out that Donald Trump Jr., the candidates son, was willing to accept damaging information about Clinton from a Russian source. No dirt was forthcoming in that case, though: Instead, a suburban Russian lawyer fighting for the interests of her client, sanctioned under the Magnitsky Act in the U.S., came to see Trump campaign officials to lobby against the law, not to share intelligence.

In the Clinton case, Fusion GPS, the firm working on the Trump opposition research, paid Steele, a foreigner, with the campaigns money. The U.K., of course, is a U.S. ally; Russia is an adversary. But the information Steele produced came mainly from Russian sources. Unlike lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya, who once...


Report: Israel Secretly Using US Law Firm to Fight BDS Activists "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Richard Edmondson | Fig Trees and Vineyards | October 25, 2017 The Israeli news site Haaretz is reporting that the Zionist states government has contracted with a U.S. law firm to help it in its fight against the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement. The firm named in the report is Sibley Austin, reportedly the []


Putin and his inner circle valued at nearly 18bn but report finds no obvious explanation for their hidden wealth And in China? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Close friends of Russian President may hold wealth on his behalf, report claims

By Niamh McIntyre

The Independent
October 26, 2017


The Russian Presidents official claimed he earned just $133,000 last year

The combined wealth of Russian President Vladimir Putins inner circle stands at nearly $24bn (18bn) a new investigation has claimed.

In 2016, Mr Putins official income was was reported at just $133,000 and he has repeatedly denied he is one of the worlds wealthiest men.

But a joint investigation by Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta and Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), has valued him at considerably more, although it suggested that his wealth may be tied up in a series of proxies.

Some of the Presidents inner ring have no obvious explanation for their hidden w...


Iraq launches final offensive against Islamic State, near Syrian border "IndyWatch Feed War"


Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that IS must choose between 'death and surrender' as offensive begins to oust them from Iraq


Stalins Secret Genocide: The Holodomor Mass Murder "IndyWatch Feed War"

Stalins Secret Genocide: The Holodomor Mass Murder Dominic Sandbrook Daily Mail via Darkmoon Oct 25, 2017 The forgotten Holocaust: How Stalin starved millions to death in a grotesque Marxist experiment which many in Russia STILL deny. A new book by Anne Applebaum, Red Famine: Stalins War on the Ukraine, leaves no doubt about Stalins responsibility.  []


Britains Royal Navy Hollowed Out in Cost Cuts Navy will will lose its ability to carry out major amphibious operations "IndyWatch Feed War"

Naval officials in Chile and Brazil are reported to be lining up to buy two Royal Navy amphibious landing platform ships

By Ben farmer
The Telegraph

Britain will lose its ability to carry out major amphibious operations under cost-cutting plans being considered to sell off warships, MPs and military leaders have warned.

Naval officials in Chile and Brazil are reported to be lining up to buy two Royal Navy amphibious landing platform ships and Type-23 frigates after UK officials told them they may be put up for sale from next year.

The two nations have been told warships including HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark could be available second hand as a result of cost-cutting plans being considered by the Forces, defence journal Janes reported.

Image result for HMS Albion, photos

HMS Albion

The Ministry of Defence strongly denied it would cut the Navys overstretched fleet of frigates, and said there had been no engagement with Chile or Brazil.

But Naval sources confirmed retiring the two amphibious vessels is  a key plank of cost-cutting proposals drawn up by the First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir

Read the rest:





Setting the Stage to Commit a Massacre in Gaza "IndyWatch Feed War"

Setting the Stage to Commit a Massacre in Gaza By Ilan Pappe, Excerpt from Ilan Pappes book, The Biggest Prison on Earth: A History of the Occupied Territories Fifty years after the Six-Day War, the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip shows no end in sight. Acclaimed historian Ilan Papp provides a []


James Comey and Robert Mueller Imperil the Rule of Law "IndyWatch Feed War"

The former FBI directors tend to investigate Republicans far more zealously than Democrats.

James Comey and Robert Mueller at the White House, June 21, 2013.
James Comey and Robert Mueller at the White House, June 21, 2013. PHOTO: WIN MCNAMEE/GETTY IMAGES

News broke last week about possible Russian wrongdoing in the U.S., and it didnt involve the Trump campaign. The Hill reported that in 2009 the FBI gathered substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putins atomic energy business inside the United States.

The FBI kept that information from Congress and the public, the Hill reported, even as Hillary Clintons State Department in 2010 approved a deal that transferred control of more than 20% of Americas uranium supply to a Russian company. The Hill also reported the FBI had documents showing that during this period Russia engineered the transmission of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

The FBI director at the time: Robert Mueller, now special...


British Involvement In "Trump Dossier" Needs Further Investigation "IndyWatch Feed War"

We noted back in July that the only relevant "collusion with the Russians" during the 2016 election cycle was the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton smear campaign against Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton campaign cut-out hires the (former?) British intelligence agent...


Iraq forces assault last IS bastion, advance on Kurds "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | Iraqi troops storm a building in the town of Anna during the first phase of their drive up the Euphrates valley against the Islamic State group on September 22, 2017

BAGHDAD (AFP)  Iraqi troops launched an assault on the last Islamic State group bastion in the country on Thursday even as the Kurds said Baghdads forces had attacked their fighters near the border with Turkey.

There had been fears that the bitter dispute that has raged between the Baghdad government and Iraqi Kurdish leaders since they held a referendum for independence last month would hamper the campaign against the jihadists.

But federal troops and allied paramilitaries pressed ahead with a threatened drive up the Euphrates valley towards the Syrian border in a bid to retake two Sunni Arab towns that have been bastions of insurgency since soon after the US-led invasion of 2003.

The US-led coalition battling IS said it was the last big fight against the jihadists.

Iraqi forces have retaken more than 90 percent of the territory IS seized in the country in 2014, with the jihadists now confined to a small stretch of the valley adjoining some of the last areas they still hold in Syria.

The heroic legions are advancing into the last den of terrorism in Iraq to liberate Al-Qaim, Rawa and the surrounding villages and hamlets, Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi said in a statement from neighbouring Iran where he is on a state visit.

They will all return to the arms of the motherland thanks to the determination and endurance of our fighting heroes, he added.

The people of IS have no choice but to die or surrender.

Al-Qaim has been renowned as a bastion of Sunni Arab insurgency for years.

Coalition troops carried out repeated operations with names like Matador and Steel Curtain in 2005 to fl...


Pollution or How the Take-Make-Dispose Economic Model Does Kill "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

ROME, Oct 26 2017 (IPS) The prevailing Take-Make-Dispose linear economic model consisting of voracious depletion of natural resources in both production and consumption patterns has proved to be one of the worlds main killers due to the huge pollution it causes for air, land and soil, marine and freshwater.

Oil fields ablaze in Mosul, Iraq. Credit: UNEP

Just to have an idea, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nearly a quarter of all deaths worldwide, amounting to 12.6 million people in 2012, are due to pollution, with at least 8.2 million attributable to non-communicable environmental causes, and more than three quarters occurring in just three regions.

As in most other pollution-related impacts, low- and middle-income countries those who are among the least industrialised nations on Earth bear the brunt of pollution-related illnesses, with a disproportionate impact on children.

The latest global and regional environmental assessments give an indication of the magnitude of current threats: air pollution; land and soil pollution; freshwater pollution, and marine and coastal pollution. All this in addition to crosscutting causes such as chemicals and waste, reports the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

As if the death of millions of humans every year due to human-made pollution were not enough,...


Ex-CIA Chief says U.S. Should Sell Bunker Buster Bombs to Israel to Deter Iran We are defeating ISIS, but leaving Iran, Russia and their friends in stronger position "IndyWatch Feed War"

 The Jerusalem Post
OCTOBER 26, 2017 00:18


We are defeating ISIS, but leaving Iran, Russia and their friends in stronger position.

Ex-CIA chief: Let Israel buy bunker busters to deter Tehran


WASHINGTON Israel should be allowed to buy bunker-buster bombs with certain restrictions to deter Iran, former CIA and NSA director Michael Hayden told The Jerusalem Post.

Ive talked about that thoughtI can imagine circumstances where the US might want to take steps to convince Iran of its seriousness, he said in a recent interview in his Washington office, in which he did not reject the idea out of hand when questioned. Allowing Israel to purchase them [bunker-busters] in gradations, training on them, but keeping them here in the US.

In a worst-case scenario to prevent Iran bringing out a nuclear weapon giving Israel bunker-buster bombs could allow it to take out underground aspects of the program and perhaps deter Iran from trying to break out with such a weapon.

Haydens statement on the issue displayed significant nuance.



Migrants in the Med Beneficial and Sparse Pastures of Greece "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

By Jeffrey Levett*

16 October 2017 (Wall Street International)  Greece has never been a stranger to disruptive population movements or to manmade and natural disasters. At the end of the Bronze Age, Great Migrations of immense proportion took place.

Migrants in Greece
Migrants in GreecePhoto Re-posted from Wall Street International

After population dispersal (circa 1200 BC), renewal came several centuries later (900-600 BC); written works of Homer, Hesiod (Works and Days with instructions for farmers on agricultural arts at a time of crisis), and Thales of Miletus (philosopher, scientist and entrepreneur). Descriptions of chaos passed down by folk singers and storytellers helped piece together the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Modern Greece unfolded to a background of horrendous infectious disease that took more lives than the Greek Revolutionary War occurring during this period (1821-1830). The Ottoman Empire was in collapse and refugee trails were long, suffering incredible; millions of people were homeless, undernourished, diseased, wounded and cold.

The next Nobel Pea...


What Did Hillary Clinton Know? "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Robert Parry | Consortium News | October 25, 2017 The revelation that Hillary Clintons campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped pay for the notorious Steele Dossier of hearsay claims about Donald Trumps relations with Russia is not surprising but is noteworthy given how long the mystery about the funding was allowed to linger. []


Israel Unmasks New Hezbollah Commander on Syrian Golan Front "IndyWatch Feed War"

 OCTOBER 25, 2017 14:18


Munir Ali Naim Shaiti said to have taken command in 2016 following assassination of Samir Kuntar.


Kenyan police fire tear gas at pro-opposition youths in Kisumu on election day "IndyWatch Feed War"


KISUMU, Kenya (Reuters) Kenyan police fired tear gas on Thursday to disperse groups of stone-throwing young men in Kisumu, an opposition stronghold where polling stations have failed to open for the re-run of a presidential election, a Reuters witness said.


Trump says Clinton team funding for Russia info a disgrace "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Eric Tucker
The Associated Press

Donald Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) President Donald Trump and fellow Republicans latched onto revelations tying Hillary Clintons presidential campaign to a dossier of allegations about his ties to Russia. The president said Wednesday it was a disgrace that Democrats had helped pay for research that produced the document.

Its just really its a very sad commentary on politics in this country, Trump said in addressing reporters one day after news reports revealed that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, for several months last year, helped fund research that ultimately ended up in the dossier.

The document, compiled by a former British spy and alleging a compromised relationship between Trump and the Kremlin, has emerged this year as a political flashpoint. Law enforcement officials have worked to corroborate its claims. James Comey, FBI director at the time, advised Trump about the existence of the allegations, and the ex-spy who helped assemble the document, Christopher Steele, has been questioned as part of an ongoing probe into possible coordination between Russia and the Trump camp.

President Donald Trump has described as sad, reporting that says Hillary Clintons presidential campaign and the DNC helped pay for political research over his ties to Russia. Trump also insists there is great unity, within the GOP. (Oct. 25)

Trump has derided the document as phony stuff and fake news and portrayed himself Wednesday as an aggrieved party, posting on Twitter a quote he said was from Fox News that referred to him as the victim. The new disclosure about the dossiers origins is likely to fuel complaints by Trump and his supporters that the document is merely a collection of salacious and uncorroborated claims.

Well, I think its very sad what theyve done with this fake dossier, Trump said Wednesday, adding without elaboration that they paid a tremendous amount of money. He contended that Democrats had initially denied any connection to the...


Polling stations open in Kenya despite calls to boycott vote only a trickle of voters in many areas "IndyWatch Feed War"



Yasuyoshi Chiba, AFP | A staff calls on her mobile phone as she arranges official election ballots at Lions High School polling station in Kisumu, an opposition stronghold in western Kenya, on October 25, 2017

Text by FRANCE 24 

Latest update : 2017-10-26

Kenyans began voting Thursday in a repeat election that has polarised the nation and is likely to be fiercely disputed in the absence of opposition leader Raila Odinga, who is boycotting the vote.

In stark contrast to the first edition of the election, which was annulled last month by the Supreme Court, many polling stations in the capital and Odingas strongholds saw only a trickle of voters.

It is my duty to vote. Last time the queue was all around the block and I waited six hours to vote, this time the people are few, said taxi driver David Njeru, 26, as he waited to cast his ballot in Nairobis Mathare slum.

Under a steady drizzle, only 50 people stood on the boggy grass outside the Redeemed Gospel Church polling station, where more than 8,000 are registered to vote.

In the Kibera slum, police fired teargas at opposition supporters who tried to set up barricades in front of a polling station, prompting them to lob rocks at the officers. Similar scenes were seen in the western towns of Migori, Siaya and Homa Bay.

The election is the chaotic climax of a political drama that began when the Supreme Court overturned the victory of President Uhuru Kenyatta in the August 8 elections.

>> Read more: Kenya election chief casts doubt on free, fair poll

It cited irregularities and mismanagement by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

Kenyatta, who turns 56 on Thursday, is almost assured victory after veter...


BBC News continues to mislead on Gaza medical services "IndyWatch Feed War"

For years the BBC has been steering its audiences towards an inaccurate understanding of the reasons for the chronic shortage of medical supplies in the Gaza Strip by promoting the false notion that Israeli counter-terrorism measures pertaining to the movement of goods and people adversely affect medical services in the territory.

For years too, the BBC has unquestioningly promoted maps, information and allegations often inaccurate put out by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs UN OCHA despite the less than neutral and impartial stance taken by that organisation.

It therefore did not come as much of a surprise to find quotes from and links to UN OCHA material promoted in an article published on the BBC News website on October 23rd under the headline Gaza conjoined twins need life-saving treatment abroad....


Iraqi Leader Aims to Keep U.S.-Iran Rivalry From Destabilizing Country "IndyWatch Feed War"

Please dont bring your trouble inside Iraq, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi says in interview

Iraqs Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Monday in Baghdad. (Alex Brandon/AFP/Getty Images)

Updated Oct. 25, 2017 6:52 p.m. ET

BAGHDADIraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi insisted he would keep close ties with both the U.S. and Iran even as tensions rise between the two, and warned them both away from competing on Iraqs turf as he reclaims it from the retreating forces of Islamic State and the Kurds.

Mr. Abadi also said he wants U.S. forces to remain in Iraq after the last remaining Islamic State redoubts are liberated, and he pledged to disarm Iranian-backed Shiite Muslim militias that refuse to come under his control.

Abadi: Iraq is not the place for U.S. and Iran to fight out their rivalry
By  October 25 at 11:13 AM
The Washington Post
In a wide-ranging interview, Iraqs prime minister says he wants the nation to become a strong security and economic partner.



Desperate and forgotten: The bombs keep on coming, and Yemenis keep on dying "IndyWatch Feed War"

A severe humanitarian crisis continues to wreak havoc on the Yemeni people while the arms deals get bigger


Iransand RussiasInfluence Is Growing in Iraqi Kurdistan "IndyWatch Feed War"

Baghdads seizure of oil-rich Kirkuk, aided by Shiite militias close to Tehran, has forced the Kurdish government to freeze its independence-referendum results.

By Jeremy Hodge
The Nation
October 25, 2017

Iraqi Kurds demonstrate at the US consulate in Irbil, the capital of autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan, 20 October 2017Iraqi Kurds demonstrated in Irbil last week amid rising tensions with Baghdad. Getty Images

Events in Iraq over the last week or so have cast yet another shadow over US foreign policy in the Middle East, raising doubts about whether President Trump can follow through effectively on his promises to curb Iranian influence in the region. The Iraqi Armys October 16 takeover of the disputed, oil-rich city of Kirkuksupplemented by Iran-backed Shiite militias known collectively as the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF)has prompted a significant shakeup within the semi-autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) of northern Iraq. Now Irans Kurdish proxies are poised to exert more influence over local politics than at any point in the past 20 years.

Those proxies, in particular the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), have been marginalized within the KRG since 1997, following the conclusion of the Iraqi-Kurdish civil war between the PUK and its rival, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), which ended in victory for the latter. Since the end of that war, the KDP has dominated KRGs parliament, maintained control over the office of the presidency, and cultivated close working relationships with the United States, Turkey, and, some say, Israel.

The events surrounding the fall of Kirkuk have shaken up this balance in a way that will likely strengthen both the PUK and Iran, which as a result will enjoy increased leverage over KRG politics, likely at the expense of both the KDP and the United States. Military and political pressure that Irans proxies have exerted on the KDP since October 16 has already produced tangible results: Late on October 24, the KDP-led KRG government announced that it had decided to freeze the results of the controversial September 25 KRG independence referendum and engage in open dialogue with the Iraqi government in Baghdad. This comes just days after the top figures within the PUK leadership publicly denounced the referendum, warming up to the international and regional position regarding its legality.

A recent multibillion-dollar oil deal between Russia and Kurdish officials could allow Moscow to draw traditional US allies farther out of Washingtons sphere of influence.



Iraqi and Iran-backed troops fire artillery on Kurdish fighters, officials say Iran-backed militias supporting Iraq Kurds ask the United States government to stop Iraqs reckless behavior. "IndyWatch Feed War"

  • Peshmerga fighters came under fire Thursday, according to Kurdish authorities
  • Iraqi tensions have held the attention of energy investors this month
  • Kurdish officials said that Iran-backed militias were also involved in the fighting
Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor
Kurdish Peshmerga military vehicles are seen during a battle with Islamic State militants at Jarbuah village near Bashiqa near Mosul, Iraq October 28, 2016. Credit Ahmed Jadallah | Reuters

The Iraqi army is shelling Kurd forces with artillery, Kurdish authorities said Thursday.

The Kurdistan Region Security Council said Iraqi troops and Iran-backed militias were hitting the peshmerga positions from an area northwest of Mosul. Peshmerga is Kurdish militia.

The council urged Iraqi forces to withdraw from nearby areas and accept the Kurdistan Regional Governments offer for unconditional talks to settle political differences in a statement issued hours before the shellling began.

It also called on the United States government to stop Iraqs reckless behavior.

Energy investors have watched the unfolding situation in Kurdish-controlled territory closely this month, as the Iraqi government has moved troops into oil-rich territory that the Kurdish peshmerga liberated from the so-called Islamic State, or ISIS.

The Kurds have sought their own state for a century, but they are currently spread across four countries in the Middle East: Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria.

Reuters contributed to this report.



Burning barricades mark start of Kenya election re-run No security to deliver ballot boxes People fail to show up for work "IndyWatch Feed War"

 An opposition supporter gestures in front of a burned barricade in Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya October 25, 2017. REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

KISUMU, Kenya (Reuters) Polling stations in Kenyan opposition strongholds were shuttered on Thursday and youths burnt street barricades, heeding an election boycott set to hand victory to President Uhuru Kenyatta, but with a mandate compromised by low turnout and procedural flaws.

 Image result for kenya election, October 25, 2017, photos
 Kenyan women stage a multi-faith demonstration calling for peace marches outside Supreme Court in Kenya


Iraqi forces launch offensive against Kurds "IndyWatch Feed War"


Latest update : 2017-10-26

Kurdish authorities Thursday accused Iraqi forces of launching an offensive against their fighters near the border with Turkey.

As of 0600hrs Iraqi forces and Iranian-backed PMF are shelling Peshmerga positions from Zummar front, northwest Mosul, using heavy artillery. They are advancing towards Peshmerga positions, the top defence body of the autonomous regions government said in a statement.


More to follow


Rural Petaluma Neighbors Challenge Cannabis Industrialization "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sonoma County, California No Pot on Purvine read a catchy flyer appearing in a rural Petaluma neighborhood in Northern California, announcing an October 8 meeting. It almost got cancelled, because of the rampant wildfires, so some people did not make it. However, 30 concerned citizens attended.

We live in rural West Petaluma, and are spearheading a campaign to keep our ag. and open space just that, arrived an email to a group called Preserve Rural Sonoma County, which maintains a website and Facebook page. We are up against a big money cannabis operation with sights on land purchased on our rural Purvine Road. It calls for acres of indoor and outdoor Cannabis cultivation and processing, which will impact our water, safety, security, traffic, etc., wrote Ayn Garvisch.

Garvisch hosted the meeting at her home across the street from the large grow. Three other articulate women joined her at the front of the crowd Britt Jensen, Phoebe Lang, and Autuym Condit. Participants were asked to sign in and a large table displayed the site plan and communications with the county. The owner of this contested cannabis grow at 334 Purvine, who lives in San Francisco, showed up at the meeting with a few people. He was not invited and was not allowed to enter, since this was the first meeting of the group.

It was a family affair, with one person being 14-years old, and another mentioning that he began living in the neighborhood in the 1940s, as well as sweet dogs welcoming visitors with their playful energy. The issues at hand were serious, yet the laughter among friends and people meeting for the first time was contagious. One couple has already paid a substantial retainer to an attorney. So the group has both an activist and a legal approach.

Following are notes this reporter took:

Water is a big issue, since we do not have much water in certain parts of this neighborhood. Some of us have shallow wells, which would be compromised.

The Water Quality permit will be key and could be hard to get. They will have to keep their run-off on site.

I dont want the traffic, drugs, thieving, guard house tower, triple barbed wire, and 24-hour surveillance. This scene will look like a prison.

We should demand an EIR (Environmental Impact Report). The cultural resources of this area and the historical nature of a 150-years-old barn and chicken houses are also important, said Autymn Condit.

The advice we received from another local group, Petalumans for Responsible Planning, was that an EIR report would stall the project and catalog all environmental and cultural resources in the area. There are many cultural resources and history connected to Purvine Road that the County is unaware of.

We are guinea pigs for the Co...


Brazil: Police Raid Anarchist Residences & Spaces on the Eve of the Anarchist Book Fair in Porto Alegre (RS) "IndyWatch Feed War"


This morning (October 25th) the civil police in Rio Grande de Sul executed several search warrants on residences and collective spaces in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre (RS) to collect materials for investigation. Police allege that the addresses are linked to a group that would have carried out attacks on vehicles, political party headquarters, police stations, banks and car dealerships. The action was violent and the police assaulted the people who live in these spaces and took some of them to the police station.

There were a total of 10 search and seizure orders, where anarchist material (posters, books, banners, etc), fantasy masks, spray cans and other common objects, including plastic bottles filled with plastic bags were seized and reported as being molotov cocktails. Not even police officers are so ignorant as to think that once can make molotov cocktails with plastic bottles and without a flammable liquid. In fact these bottles were going to be used as ecological bricks for bio-construction.

Police are trying to file charges of attempted murder, criminal organization and gang formation without any evidence linking the targets of the investigation with the alleged crimes. As on previous occasions, they plant evidence and distort the facts so that the public opinion is in charge of judging and condemning without any proof. They seek to base serious accusations on circumstantial evidence such as having an...


Pirating into the Czech Elections "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Pirate Party are buccaneering their way into European politics, having found a foothold in the testy soil of Central Europe after colonising, in small measure, various hamlets in Sweden, Germany and Iceland.  The Czech Pirates (PPCZ), a term certainly exotic by current political pedigrees, managed to obtain over 10 percent of the vote, a result that gave them a rich harvest of 22 members in the parliamentary elections.

It took nine efforts, but the Czech Pirates had been edging their way onto conspicuous terrain in various local elections, including netting 5.3 percent of the total vote in Prague in 2015.  The city of Marinsk Lzn also found itself having a Pirate Mayor after garnering 21 percent of the vote.

Retaining their oppositional colours, the Czech Pirates are insisting on avoiding the muddying nature of coalition talks with the overall winners.  (The dangers of compromising collaboration!)  Their agenda is one that has become fairly known across its other incarnations: the abolition of internet censorship, the favouring of institutional transparency, and the revision of, amongst other things, punitive copyright laws. But other agenda items form their twenty point program, including improving the lot of teacher salaries and tax reform.

The latter point is particularly appropriate, given the partys experimentation with testing EU laws on the subject of pirate sites through its Linking is not a Crime stance. This was sparked, in large part, by attempts by the Czech Anti-Piracy Union to target a 16-year-old for that great terror of the regulator: linking to content designated as infringing of copyright law.

Launching several of their own contrarian sites, including and, the latter carrying some 20,000 links to 5,800 movies, the Czech Pirate Party was overjoyed by the prospect of prosecution. Our goal is to change the copyright monopoly law so that people are not fined millions for sharing culture with their friends.

As Czech Pirate Party chairman Luk ernohorsk said at the time, belligerent and defiant, Instead of teenagers, copyright industry lobbyists are now dealing with a political party which didnt run the website for money but because of our conviction that linking is not and should not be a crime.

The gains of the party showed a certain mood at work and, as has been the case in much of Europe, proved boisterously, and at stages angrily, anti-establishment.  Across the political spectrum, the Czechs were again showing that they can add fuel to any political fire, setting matters to rights on the continent while tearing down assumptions.  As with any fire, howev...


Attack on Peshmerga Launched, Shelling on Christian Town Drags on; 41 Killed in Iraq "IndyWatch Feed War"

The KRSC reported the launching of an attack on Peshmerga forces from Zummar. Meanwhile, shelling continued on the Christian town of Tel Asqaf.

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Brasil: Polica Invade Residencias y Espacios Anarquistas en la Vspera de la Feria del Libro Anarquista de Porto Alegre (RS) "IndyWatch Feed War"


La polica civil gacha cumpli en la maana del mircoles (25 de octubre) diversos mandatos de bsqueda en residencias y espacios colectivos en la regin metropolitana de Porto Alegre (RS) para recoger materiales para investigacin. La polica afirma que las direcciones estn vinculados a un grupo que habra realizado ataques a vehculos, sedes de partidos polticos, comisaras, bancos y concesionarias de vehculos. La accin fue truculenta y los policiales agredieron a las personas que residan en esos espacios y llevaron algunas a la comisara.

En total fueron 10 ordenados de bsqueda y aprehensin, donde fue aprehendido material anarquista (carteles, libros, lienzos, etc.), mscaras de fantasa, latas de spray y otros objetos comunes, incluso botellas de plstico llenas de bolsillas de plstico, que la polica relat ser ccteles molotov. Ni siquiera policas son tan ignorantes a punto de creer que se pueden hacer ccteles molotov con botellas plsticas y sin un lquido inflamable. De hecho, esas botellas seran utilizadas como ladrillos ecolgicos para bioconstrucciones.

La polica intenta hacer cargos acusaciones de intento de homicidio, organizacin criminal y formacin de pandilla sin ningguna evidencia que conecte los blancos de las investigaciones con los supuestos crmenes. Como en otras ocasiones, plantan evidencias y distorsionan los hechos para que la opinin pblica se encargue de juzgar y condenar sin ni...


Officials puzzled by attacks that killed 16 in relatively stable Mozambique "IndyWatch Feed War"

In a surprise move, the president of Mozambique has fired the head of the military and the director of the countrys intelligence service, two weeks after attacks by an unidentified group left 16 people dead in a northern town.


Brasil: Polcia Invade Residncias e Espaos de Anarquistas na Vspera da Feira do Livro Anarquista de Porto Alegre (RS) "IndyWatch Feed War"


A polcia civil gacha cumpriu na manh desta quarta-feira (25 de outubro) diversos mandados de busca em residncias e espaos coletivos na regio metropolitana de Porto Alegre (RS) para coletar materiais para investigao. A polcia afirma que os endereos esto vinculados a um grupo que teria realizado ataques a viaturas, sedes de partidos polticos, delegacias, bancos e concessionrias de veculos. A ao foi truculenta e os policiais agrediram as pessoas que residem nesses espaos e levaram algumas delas para a delegacia.

Foram ao todo 10 mandados de busca e apreenso, onde foi apreendido material anarquista (cartazes, livros, faixas, etc.), mscaras de fantasia, latas de spray e outros objetos comuns, inclusive garrafas de plstico cheias de saco plstico, que a polcia relatou serem coquetis molotov. Nem mesmo policiais so to ignorantes a ponto de achar que pode-se fazer coquetis molotov com garrafas plsticas e sem um lquido inflamvel. De fato essas garrafas seriam utilizadas como tijolos ecolgicos para bioconstrues.

A polcia tenta fazer colar acusaes de tentativa de homicdio, organizao criminosa e formao de quadrilha sem qualquer evidncia que conecte os alvos das investigaes com os supostos crimes. Como em outras ocasies, plantam evidncias e distorcem os fatos para que a opinio pblica se encarregue de julgar e condenar sem qualquer prova. Buscam embasar graves acusaes com provas circuns...


On Hiding Truth in Canada "IndyWatch Feed War"

Freedom of expression includes not saying what you dont want to. So these updates which may give some insight to truth management in Canada start out with the journalists right to protect his/her sources. Refusing to reveal a source to the court in both the U.S. and Canada can place a journalist in jail. The extremes of countering an individuals wishes not to reveal information have become the states domain due to current policies on torture. U.S. officials who have approved torture are allowed to enter Canada although torture is clearly against Canadian law. And the law is further compromised by government agencies accepting from other countries information which is obtained by torture.

1. The House of Commons has unanimously passed Bill S-231, allowing journalists to not reveal confidential sources unless required by a Superior Court judge.1 Superior Court judge approval will also be required for the police investigation of a journalist or search of his/her premises. While this seems to protect the journalists rights by taking such decisions out of the hands of lesser court judges, it still officially grants the state the right to criminalize a journalist for protecting his/her sources. Decency and professional standards stand in contradiction.

2. The Supreme Court has decided unanimously, that the records concerned with the abuse of native Americans at Canadas residential schools, 38,000 accounts, will be destroyed.2 Individuals will have fifteen years to retrieve the records of their abuse. The destruction of records deprives the future of the truth. Without history the lessons may have to be learned all over again. Canadas government wanted to archive the documents for historical record: analysis of church and governments roles in the abuse of First Peoples remains incomplete.

3. In Ottawa a plaque at Canadas new Holocaust Memorial Monument has been removed in response to protests that the text didnt specifically deal with Jews. The text read: The National Holocaust Monument commemorates the millions of men, women and children murdered during the Holocaust and honours the survivors who persevered and were able to make their way to Canada after one of the darkest chapters in histor......


The Crooks, the Clowns and the Nazis a dynamic analysis "IndyWatch Feed War"

This article was written for the Unz Review The latest big news out of the Ukraine Have you heard what the latest big news out of the Ukraine is? No?


Game over: How the Kurds lost the high risk gamble "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Aram Mirzaei As predicted, the Kurdish referendum ended in a conflict over the disputed areas in northern Iraq, areas that have been occupied by Kurdish Peshmerga forces since the


A US Soldier Died in Niger. What on Earth Are We Doing There? "IndyWatch Feed War"

In our military-revering culture, its a strange thing for a president to start a war of words with the grieving families of slain soldiers. Strange, yes. But from Donald Trumps campaign season feud with the parents of Humayun Khan, who died protecting fellow soldiers in Iraq, to his recent feud with the mourning widow of Continue reading "A US Soldier Died in Niger. What on Earth Are We Doing There?"

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WikiLeaks, Bitcoin, and the Revolutionary Movement of Peacemakers "IndyWatch Feed War"

As Trumps dangerous move on Irans nuclear deal and his provocative reaction to North Korea undercut diplomacy, tension is rising for World War III. Discord in the international community has been amplified in conflicts of identity politics across America. Greed and power-seeking leaders ambition for profits never end. With ever-increased military budgets, the legacy of imperialism Continue reading "WikiLeaks, Bitcoin, and the Revolutionary Movement of Peacemakers"

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U.S. Widens Surveillance to Include Homegrown Violent Extremists "IndyWatch Feed War"

Mmm hmm. Via: Reuters: The U.S. government has broadened an interpretation of which citizens can be subject to physical or digital surveillance to include homegrown violent extremists, according to official documents seen by Reuters. The change last year to a Department of Defense manual on procedures governing its intelligence activities was made possible by a []


Former FDA Commissioner Charged in RICO Lawsuit "IndyWatch Feed War"

Via: AHRP: A Federal Lawsuit charges Dr. Margaret Hamburg, former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with conspiracy, racketeering & colluding to conceal deadly drug dangers under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations law (RICO) law. The amended RICO lawsuit was filed on April 11, 2016 in the U.S. District Court []


Syria War Report October 25, 2017: US-backed Forces Seize More Oil Fields In Deir Ezzor Province "IndyWatch Feed War" If youre able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldnt be possible without your help: PayPal: or via: or via: Late on October 24,


Balfour Merrymaking a Potential PR Disaster for the British Government "IndyWatch Feed War"

The extraordinary programme of centenary celebrations in the UK to honour Lord Balfour and his lunatic Declaration and the British Governments continuing part in it is an affront to citizens here and to countless millions abroad. And many a sharp pin is waiting to burst the pretty Balfour balloon being desperately inflated by Israel-firsters at Westminster.

Balfours 1917 pledge and its consequences, played out over the last 70 years, ride roughshod over Christian values and humanitarian law. Rothschild replied to Balfours letter saying that the British Government has opened up, by their message, a prospect of safety and comfort to large masses of people who are in need of it. Well, it also opened up the prospect and the reality of a lifetime of abject misery for millions of Palestinians who had no need of it and certainly didnt deserve it. It also helped to plant in the most sacred part of the Middle East an evil regime that shows contempt for human rights and international law and is bent on creating instability all around and confiscating every acre of land and every natural resource to aid its expansion.

The daft thing is, Balfour didnt even write the Declaration. He was simply the upper-class twit who signed it and did so without even bothering to consult the people whose homeland he intended giving away. The carefully worded letter to Rothschild (the so-called Declaration) was the work of Leopold Amery, political secretary to the War Cabinet at the time, who cleverly kept hidden his Jewish ancestry throughout his quite impressive career. He was also largely responsible for forming the Jewish Legion battalions which were the forerunners of the hated Israeli Defence Force, which Israeli Miko Peled describes as one of the best trained and best equipped and best fed terrorist organisations in the world.

Amery was an eager Zionist and had a supervisory role in the British mandate government in Palestine during the 1920s, actively preparing it for eventual Jewish takeover. He operated within a government the upper echelons of which were stuffed with Zionist sympathisers such as Churchill and Lloyd George.

In response to the avalanche of pro-Balfour celebratory tosh the Palestine Mission to the UK commissioned a Make It Right campaign featuring contrasting images of Palestinian life before and after 1948, when Israel declared statehood on land it had overrun and ethnically cleansed. The campaign message, of course, objects to the Balfour declaration which promised a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Posters were supposed to appear on buses and in Underground rail stations but Londons transport authority, Transport for London (TfL), has banned the advertisements on the grounds that they did not comply fully with our guidelines. It seems TfL dont like  images or messages which relate to matters...


Nobel Peace Prize Goes to Abolitionists While US Conducts Nuclear War Games "IndyWatch Feed War"

By John LaForge, October 25, 2017.

This years Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) for its successful effort to establish a global treaty that bans nuclear weapons. Peace, disarmament, and civil society groups around the world celebrated the announcement and congratulated ICAN for its landmark treaty accomplishment.

In a statement, ICAN called the prize a tribute to the tireless efforts of many millions of campaigners and concerned citizens worldwide who, ever since the dawn of the atomic age, have loudly protested nuclear weapons, insisting that they can serve no legitimate purpose and must be forever banished from the face of our earth. By employing grassroots organizing and ordinary citizen diplomacy, ICAN, with 468 partner organizations from 100 countries, has permanently stigmatized nuclear weapons and their possessor governments, and helped to achieve their eventual elimination.

The new treaty was concluded on July 7 when 122 United Nations states voted in favor of its adoption. Since Sept. 20, 53 individual heads-of-state have signed the treaty, the first step in a governments process of ratification which is decided by individual national parliaments. It will enter in force 90 days after at least 50 countries have ratified it.

The United States, the most powerful opponent of the Ban, called the treaty negotiations unrealistic and led a boycott, even though the talks are among the explicit mandates or binding Articles of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, signed and ratified by the United States in 1970.

The Ban Treaty prohibits developing, testing, producing, manufacturing, possessing, stockpiling and deploying nuclear weapons, transferring or receiving them from others, using or threatening to use nuclear weapons, allowing any stationing or deployment of nuclear weapons on national territories of signatories, and assisting, encouraging, or inducing any of these prohibited acts. The Treaty requires each signatory state to develop legal, administrative and other measures, including the im...


US Navy aids Iran fishing boat after pirate attack "IndyWatch Feed War"


Iran's coast guard calls US naval command in Bahrain to report attack and ask for help


Resolution 50: War Is Not the Answer "IndyWatch Feed War"

October 25, 2017

WHEREAS, in 2005, the AFL-CIO Convention passed a historic resolution calling for the rapid withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, and an end to the countrys occupation; and

WHEREAS, in 2011, the AFL-CIO Executive Council declared that American troops must be brought home from Iraq and Afghanistan, and that the militarization of our foreign policy has proven to be a costly mistake; it is time to invest at home; and

WHEREAS, now 75% of Americans believe the result of the war in Iraq was not worth the loss of American lives and other costs; and

WHEREAS, the eventual cost to taxpayers for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars will top $4 trillion; and

WHEREAS, since 2001 the United States has used military force in numerous countries, leading to the death of an untold number of civilians, the destruction of infrastructure, a massive number of refugees and the destabilizing of sovereign nationsthere are now military threats directed against Iran and North Korea, with a potential death toll in either country in the millions and which, in the case of North Korea in particular, involve the threat of nuclear war; and

WHEREAS, while the United States ranks first by far in military spending, it ranks 7th in literacy, 20th in education, 25th in infrastructure quality, 37th in quality of health care, 31st in life expectancy, and 56th in infant mortality; and

WHEREAS, 6,831 United States military personnel have died in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and about one million have been injured. There are over 39,000 homeless military veterans; on any night, more than 1.4 million are at high risk of homelessness, of which 9% are women, and 20 military veterans/active duty military take their own lives each day; and

WHEREAS, it is vital that the workers and our unions promote a foreign policy independent of the political interests and foreign policy of Wall Street and corporate America;



US Military Breeds Violence in Africa "IndyWatch Feed War"


Published on Oct 24, 2017
After the killings of U.S. soldiers in Niger and a potential U.S. link to the Mogadishu attack, author Bill Fletcher says that an increased American military role in Africa threatens even more violence Visit for more stories and help support our work by donating at

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Lakota Treaty Council files cease and desist order over Black Hills settlement negotiation "IndyWatch Feed War"

Independent Lakota Nation Strong Heart Warrior society Office of the Provisional Government P.O. Box 512 Hill City, SD 57745, Unceeded lakota Territory Press Release October 25, 2017    |    Original: English Immediate Release: October 17, 2017 Contact: Canupa Gluha Mani 605-517-1547 and for forwarded interviews to Floyd Looks for Buffalo Hand.    Email:


Shoigu: Daesh Controls Under 5% of Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Manilla (GPA Speaking at a meeting of ASEAN Defense Ministers, Sergey Shoigu delivered some good news about the Syrian war.

In the days leading up to this years Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) conference, a major meeting took place between all the Defense Ministers of the member nations. One important statement that has been released from this meeting is that of the Russian representative Sergey Shoigu.

Sergey Shoigu
Image: President of Russia

This statement began with Shoigu giving exciting news about the 2-year Russian intervention in the Syrian war and the advances made since the dark days of 2015 when Daesh controlled  more than 70% of the territory of Syria. He compared this state of affairs to the current situation on the ground, which has seen Russian jets and soldiers help the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) reclaim all but less than 5% of the country.

Shoigu went on to elaborate that the territory reclaimed by the SAA 998 cities and settlements, and that the area liberated by the military totals 503 thousand 223 square kilometers. Included in that territory are the oil-rich areas of Syria, which have now been liberated, playing a major role in cutting Daesh revenue from almost $3 billion a year to next to nothing. This includes More than 200 oil and gas facilities were also wiped out, as well as 184 oil refineries, 126 fuel pumping stations and around 4,000 petrol tank vehicles.

This news comes as the SAA continues to seize territory in Deir Ezzor, and Daesh comes closer to an end.

Related: Netanyahu To Shoigu: Israel Wont Tolerate Ira...


Dont Call the Cops If Youre Autistic, Deaf, Mentally Ill, Disabled or Old "IndyWatch Feed War"

By John W. Whitehead | Rutherford Institute | October 24, 2017 Anyone who cares for someone with a developmental disability, as well as for disabled people themselves [lives] every day in fear that their behavior will be misconstrued as suspicious, intoxicated or hostile by law enforcement.Steve Silberman, The New York Times Life in the American []


Report: Israel Secretly Using US Law Firm to Fight BDS Activists "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Israeli news site Haaretz is reporting that the Zionist states government has contracted with a U.S. law firm to help it in its fight against the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement. The firm named in the report is Sibley Austin, reportedly the sixth largest corporate law firm in the US. Though based in Chicago, []


This Is Not National Unity: Hamas and Fatah Must Transform to Speak on behalf of Palestinians "IndyWatch Feed War"

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (US State Department)


Dineh Michelle Cook 'We told Pope to divest in Dakota Access pipeline' "IndyWatch Feed War"

Women's Indigenous Media added a new video. 5 hrs   Our incredible sister Michelle Cook moved onto Italy to speak with the Pope after meeting with banks and insurance companies in Norway, Switzerland an Germany to hold them accountable for divesting in Fossil Fuels. This amazing sister has spread major awareness of Energy Transfer Partners human rights violations, desecrations of sacred


BILD Newspapers Image Shows How German Propaganda Works "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sputnik October 25, 2017 Das BILDs decision to release a controversial image of a suffering Syrian child is a mean attempt to manipulate the public opinion, German journalist Karin Leukefeld wrote for Sputnik, commenting on the newspapers recent publication that deeply shocked her. The editor-in-chief of the German newspaper Das Bild, Julian Reichelt, published in his []


Canada must stop subsidizing this racist, colonial, institution "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Yves Engler October 24, 2017 Imagine if there were an organization called the White National Fund that raised tens of millions of dollars each year from Canadians to buy land in the US to be held exclusively for people of European descent. WNF land couldnt be leased or sold to anyone who they []


NYT Laments Forever Wars Its Editorials Helped Create "IndyWatch Feed War"

Marine Corps jets flew over the pyramids of Egypt during a military exercise in 1999. Credit Staff Sgt. Jim Varhegyi/United States Air Force Adam Johnson in FAIR: Corporate media have a long history of lamenting wars they themselves helped sell the American public, but its rare so many wars and so much hypocrisy are distilled into one editorial. On Monday, the New York Times (10/22/17) lamented the expansion of Americas forever wars overseas, without once noting that every war mentioned is one the editorial board has itself endorsed, while failing to oppose any of the engagements touched on in the editorial. The Times began by noting the sheer scope of US military reach: The United States has been at war continuously since the attacks of 9/11 and now has just over 240,000 active-duty and reserve troops in at least 172 countries and territories. American forces are actively engaged not only in the conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen that have dominated the news, but also in Niger and Somalia, both recently the scene of

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UKs terror czar urges that jihad preachers NOT be jailed "IndyWatch Feed War"

Britain is galloping toward ruin, and Max Hill is urging it onward, onward, ever onward. This is the same clown who said that returning Islamic State jihadis should not be prosecuted. UKs terror czar says: DONT jail hate preachers, by Martin Bentham, Evening Standard, October 24, 2017: The Governments terror watchdog today said introducing tough []


Militant of IAG Somali training Russian soldiers at 7th Military Base "IndyWatch Feed War"

In the process of an OSINT investigation, in the social profile of Yevgeniy Sobolev, who is a...

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The Harmful Effects of Antifa. Crisis of Americas Left "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Diana Johnstone | Global Research | October 24, 2017 An historic opportunity is being missed. The disastrous 2016 presidential election could and should have been a wakeup call. A corrupt political system that gave voters a choice between two terrible candidates is not democracy. This should have been the signal to face reality. The []


Turkish court orders release of eight rights activists on bail "IndyWatch Feed War"


Amnesty International's director of Turkey, Idil Eser, and others will be released on bail as they face terrorism charges


Anything Hamas requests will be given, says Iranian FM "IndyWatch Feed War"

Senior Hamas members prepare for PA delegations to arrive in Gaza on 2 October 2017 [Mohammed Asad/Middle East Monitor] MEMO | October 25, 2017 The advisor to the Iranian foreign minister, Sheikh Hussein Al-Islam, has said the relationship between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hamas is excellent and has become stronger and more solid. []


UK: Muslim who attended prestigious Church of England school travels to Syria, joins the Islamic State "IndyWatch Feed War"

Instead, Hussein travelled with university student Zubair Nur, who was then 19, a former deputy head boy at a prestigious Church of England school. You can be sure that no one at that prestigious Church of England school ever tried to change Zubair Nurs way of thinking. To have done so would have been Islamophobic. []


Israel sets up iron gate at entrance of private Palestinian graveyard "IndyWatch Feed War"

Maan October 25, 2017 BETHLEHEM Israeli forces on Wednesday set up an iron gate at the entrance of private Palestinian graveyard in the southern occupied West Bank Bethlehem-area village of al-Walaja. Locals told Maan that the plot of land where the gate was set up around belongs to Ahmad Barghouthi, and holds the []


'Criticism of Saudi Arabia in Parliament not helpful' "IndyWatch Feed War"

Tory Defence Secretary Michael Fallon says 'criticism of Saudi Arabia in Parliament not helpful'

Campaign Against the Arms Trade said the comments from Mr Fallon were 'disgraceful'
  • ...


Michael Parenti The 1% Pathology and the Myth of Capitalism "IndyWatch Feed War"

In my efforts  to try to educate people about Communism and to explain why it is not dead as the official propaganda would have you believe, but alive and doing


Merkel: Give Turkey billions more euros to keep Erdogan from flooding Europe with more Muslim migrants "IndyWatch Feed War"

Angela Merkel thinks a bribe will keep the problem that she has brought upon Germany from getting even worse than it is now. And Erdogan no doubt thinks that such payments are his due, in lieu of the jizya that the Quran says that Muslims should collect from subjugated non-Muslim People of the Book. In []


It is not Illegal for NYPD Cops to have Sex with Handcuffed Women they Arrest. One Politician is Trying to Change that "IndyWatch Feed War"

A New York City politician is trying to make it illegal for cops to have sex with citizens they arrest, insisting that a citizen in custody is incapable of consenting.

Currently, it is only a violation of departmental policy, which means if a cop rapes a woman in handcuffs, then claims it was consensual, he may end up suspended with pay.

Or at worst, charged with a misdemeanor of official misconduct, which can mean anything and everything.

Councilman Mark Treyger (D-Brooklyn) is drafting the legislation after two NYPD cops were accused of raping a handcuffed 18-year-old woman last month, then claiming it was consensual.

New York City police officers Edward Martins and Richard Hall have been stripped of their badges and guns, but they are still getting paid for working desk duty.

While that might seem like a slap on the wrist, cops tend to view it as prison, according to a 2008 New York Times article.

Some monitor surveillance cameras in housing projects. Others escort prisoners to court or check in patrol cars. And some, true to the police lingo, really do sit behind a desk, shuffling papers and answering phones.


These jobs are known as desk duty, a generic phrase in the Police Department for a range of jobs to which hundreds of officers have been reassigned over the years.


Pulled off the streets, stripped of guns and badges, kept inside four walls and away as much as possible from the public, officers who are put on desk duty because their conduct is under investigation find themselves far from the enforcement activities they signed up to do.


We like to call it the cellblock because it is like you are in prison, said an officer who spent more than 18 months watching surveillance video while authorities investigated an accusation that he had struck a suspect.

Treyger, who represents the district where the woman said she was raped, was outraged to learn there is no law stating there is no consent between a police officer and a person they arrested considering the power dynamics of the interaction, writing the following on...


What Happened to Cop Block? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Cop Block Badge #5 and Flyer

Cop Block Badge #5

Hi, Im Ian Freeman. Im one of the original Cop Blockers, which is why I possess badge number five. Ive been a longtime Cop Blocker, financial supporter and occasional blogger here. Both of Cop Blocks founders, Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman have lived with me in my home and they are great friends with whom Ive had some amazing times.

I was alarmed this Summer when Ademo announced that he was putting up for sale. I wasnt surprised that he wanted out. Ademo has seen his share of burnout and has suffered greatly in his quest to hold police accountable. Ademo was a trailblazer in police accountability activism and deserves as much of a break as he wants. Hes currently describing himself as a happily retired activist and he should be. Our world is better off because Cop Block is in it.

What surprised me about his request to sell the site was the fact that Ademo felt he had to resort to a sale at all. Where were all the Cop Blockers who should have stepped up to take the reins? Ademo had asked the primary contributors to the site about taking over lead roles. Apparently no one stepped up, so Ademo decided to auction the site. When I found this out, I asked around and sure enough, while some people were willing to help, no one wanted to lead.

Ultimately someone made an offer on the site and Ademo accepted. He said the buyer did not want to be known and that the buyer was going to continue the site.


US Jews need to stop criticizing Israel if they want two-state solution Israeli liberal "IndyWatch Feed War"

On Sunday, the Israel Policy Forum, which is liberal Zionist, held a Middle East conference at Temple Emanu-El in New York (along with the Clintonite foreign-policy thinktank CNAS), and it is amazing what rightwing ideas were expressed there by two Israeli advocates for the two-state solution.

These Israelis are desperate. Desperate about Israels lurch toward a totalitarian Jewish society over there. And desperate about the loss of American Jewish support. And they express themselves in dire ways.

Amnon Reshef, a retired general who leads a group of former security officials trying to preserve the two-state solution, said there is no such thing as the status quo in Palestine; things are getting worse and worse. But the only way a Palestinian state can be marketed to Israelis is as separation.

Most of the Israelis, they support separation. They dont want to be a part of one state. They want to be separated. Its a Zionist dream. They dont care about the Palestinians.

While Polly Bronstein, the leader of a liberal Israeli organization dedicated to the two state solution, expressed despair that American Jews are criticizing Israel too much and Israelis will hunker down and turn against them. She advised American Jews to tone down the criticism and more of a hug, and then I think Israelis will be much more willing to hear your advocation for a two state solution as an advice that comes from family you know, from our side, not as an attack that comes from someone that doesnt understand how Israelis feel in the midst of this conflict.

Together the two statements demonstrate just how far-right Israel has become, how the two-state solution is a delusion at this point, and also how fearful Israelis are about the split with U.S. Jewry. And this at a liberal panel!

The only liberal statement I heard on the panel was when Khaled Elgindy of Brookings said that the political sign of the times in Palestine is that Mahmoud Abbass son wants one state with equal rights for everyone. How horrifying is that? American Jews ought to embrace such an idea, rather than continue to hold the bag for apartheid.

Here are the two Israelis statements.



New report details Israels broad systemic abuse of East Jerusalem minors "IndyWatch Feed War"

A new report released  by Israeli human rights groups, HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual and BTselem, with support from the European Union, revealed broad, systemic abuse by Israeli authorities, against hundreds of Palestinian teens detained in occupied East Jerusalem.

The report, titled Unprotected: The detention of Palestinian Teenagers in East Jerusalem was released on Wednesday, and detailed an investigation of 60 affidavits gathered between May 2015 and October 2016.

The groups found various instances of child abuse in Israeli police custody.

Palestinian teenagers from East Jerusalem are pulled out of bed in the middle of the night, unnecessarily handcuffed and interrogated without being given the opportunity to speak to a lawyer or their parents before the questioning begins and without being informed of their right to remain silent, the groups found. They are then held under harsh conditions, repeatedly remanded to custodial detention for additional period of days and even weeks, even once their interrogation has ended. In some cases, all this is attended by verbal abuse or threats and physical abuse.

While the report summarizes cases from a year ago, these arrests of teens are ongoing. For example, on Oct. 23, Israeli forces stormed the East Jerusalem village of Issawiya during overnight raids, sparking clashes between local youth and fully armed Israeli forces.

The clashes were nothing new for the contentious village, located near Israels Hebrew University and Hadassah Hospital, but what usually ends in maybe a handful of arrests and injuries, instead accumulated to 51 Palestinians being detained and taken in by Israeli forces 27 of whom were between the ages of 15 and 18, according to the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners Affairs.

The report released on Wednesday gave insight into what those teens may now be facing.

The boys find themselves alone in a threatening and bewildering situation, with no one explaining what they are suspected of, what their rights are, whom they may confer with, how long the process will take and when they will return to their homes and families, the report stated. Until they are released, they have no adult they can trust by their side and their parents are kept away. These arrest and interrogation practices leave authorities free to pressure the detained minors into confessing to allegations.



Germany Tightens the Screws on International Funds to Turkey "IndyWatch Feed War"


By Birgit Jennen, Nikos Chrysoloras, and  Steven Arons

October 25, 2017, 1:22 PM EDT October 25, 2017, 1:40 PM EDT
  • Squeeze comes as Turkey faces unprecedented break with West
  • EIB says current political developments in Turkey a concern

The German government is wielding its influence with international development institutions to restrict financing to Turkey over an escalating political dispute, people familiar with the matter said.

Germany is actively working to cut funding to Turkey from the countrys state-owned KfW bank, the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, according to more than a dozen government and banking officials, who asked not to be identified discussing the behind-the-scenes efforts. Some German commercial banks are also reviewing their exposure to Turkey, the officials said.

While none of the institutions or banks have put in place a formal freeze on funding, theyve all imposed tighter restrictions, the people said. The increased scrutiny affects especially financing for companies seen as being tied to or influenced by the Turkish government, they said.

The reduction in exposure to Turkey comes amid deteriorating relations between the two governments, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel announcing last week that she will seek to curtail the European Unions pre-accession funding for Turkey. Thats part of a broader break between Turkey and its traditional Western allies, including the U.S., which on Oct. 8 suspended visa services in the country. Germany is Turkeys largest economic partner by far, accounting for more than $36 billion in bilateral trade last year.

Germanys government is closely following t...


Update: Amulsar Gold Mining Project Sees Additional Construction and Protests "IndyWatch Feed War"

This post was originally by Bellingcat for Planet Stories.

In August, Bellingcat published an article about Lydian Internationals plans to start a large-scale gold mining operation at the Amulsar mountain in Armenia. For the first piece, we chose to focus mainly on satellite imagery and show how Lydians construction of its heap leaching facility (HLF) has progressed just south of the village of Gndevaz. Heap leaching is the process by which precious metals are extracted from rock by leaching solvents, in this case cyanide. As we described in our previous article on the Amulsar project:

Cyanide heap-leaching, or gold cyanidation, is not a rare process, as it is used in the vast majority of gold mining and production operations. However, there have been disastrous consequences on the ecosystems of several countries after accidents....


Australia: Millionaire Muslima ripped off taxpayers for 18 years, finally kicked out of government-funded home "IndyWatch Feed War"

Rebecca Khodragha no doubt considered these welfare benefits to be her due, in lieu of the jizya that the Quran says that Muslims should collect from subjugated non-Muslim People of the Book. In Islamic law, it is the place of non-Muslims to turn over their funds to the Muslims. Fight those who believe not in []


Old Perv Pres Losing His Cloak of Invisibility "IndyWatch Feed War"


George H.W. Bush Apologizes After Actress Heather Lind Accuses Him of Sexual Assault

Former President George H.W. Bush has apologized for an attempt at humor after being accused of sexual assault by actress Heather Lind.

Lind, in a now-deleted Instagram post Tuesday, accused Bush, 93, of touching her from behind during a photo-op while in his wheelchair.

The historical series tells the story of America's first spy ring.She said Bushs wife, Barbara, was standing beside him during the 2014 photo-op for American Revolutionary War drama Turn: Washingtons Spies.

GettyImages-483235703 Actress Heather Lind poses during a photocall for the series Turn during...


China Edges Closer to One-Man Rule "IndyWatch Feed War"

Party congress empowers President Xi Jinping without elevating a likely successor

Updated Oct. 25, 2017 12:23 p.m. ET

BEIJINGThe future of 1.4 billion people, the worlds second-largest economy and an emerging military juggernaut now lies largely in the hands of just one man: Chinas President  Xi Jinping.

In unveiling a new top leadership lineup without a potential successor to Mr. Xi on Wednesday, the Communist Party edged closer to resurrecting one-man rule, four decades after the death of Chairman Mao.


US and Gulf nations target Yemen 'terrorism' financing "IndyWatch Feed War"


US Treasury described sanctions as 'largest ever multilateral designation in the Middle East'


Iraq Strongly Lashes-out at Rex Tillersons Remarks on Iraqs PMF Forces "IndyWatch Feed War"

Bagdhad (YE) The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a formal communiqu on Monday, berating the egregious comments made by US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who said that it is time for the Iranian-backed Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) who are fighting ISIS terrorists to go home.

Saad al-Hadithi, a spokesperson for the Iraqi government on Monday disparaged the remarks made by Mr. Tillerson, saying that PMF is an integral part of the Iraqi military apparatus, adding that Tillersons insulting comments are considered as a flagrant intervention in the Iraqi internal affairs.

Al-Hadithi pointed out that PMF is made up of Iraqs bravest youth who took up arms and have made the supreme sacrifices in the fight against Saudi-backed ISIS terrorists.

The Iraqi spokesman noticed that the number of the Iranian military advisors in Iraq are very limited and they have been staying in Iraq solely to train the Iraqi elite forces.

Credit: Mahmoud Hosseini

RELATED: Corporate Media Largely Silent on Trumps Civilian Death Toll in Iraq

The Iraqi governments indignant response comes a day after Rex Tillerson in a joint meeting with his Saudi counterpart Adel al-Jubeir attacked the Iranian-backed PMF fighters, accusing them of allegedly destabilizing Iraq.

In the meantime, the Deputy Saudi Foreign Minister said that Riyadhs aid to Iraq for reconstructing the Iraqi war-torn cities is contingent upon the withdrawal of all Iranian military forces from Iraq.

But many politicians in Iraq believe that US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar and Kurdish separatists in northern Iraq helped ISIS terrorists in their initial rampage across Iraqi provinces in 2014.

Iraqi government repeatedly expressed its gratitude to the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) for being the light in Iraqs darkest times when the Iraqi Army collapsed in the face of ISIS terrorists in Mosul.

This post originally ran on...


VIDEO: FBI Whistleblower Exposes Special Council Muellers Conflict of Interest "IndyWatch Feed War"

Video via Newsbud FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds exposes Special Counsel Robert Muellers conflict of interest in pursuing General Michael Flynns case due to his direct involvement as former FBI Director and his role in covering up and protecting Gulen Networks criminal operations within the United States, and demands that he steps down. Filed under: empire watch, latest, Russia, USA


The Hotwire #10: October 25, 2017 : Anti-fascism in Gainesville, J20 trials, anarchist Kurds against capitalist wars "IndyWatch Feed War"

Listen here. In this Hotwire we have three different interviews about the alt-rights defeat in Gainesville. As democratic confederalist Kurdish forces in Rojava are beating back ISIS, the nationalist, capitalist Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq is threatening civil war with the Iraqi military. In response, Kurdish anarchists speak out against war and the state. The discovery of Santiago Maldonados body in Argentina has sparked the fiercest clashes with police that the South American country has seen in years. Some good news: the first J20 political prisoner is about to be released; but hundreds more are awaiting trial and facing years in prison. Listen until the end for announcements of anarchist bookfairs, anti-fascist action, and east coast CrimethInc. speaking events this week.


Why the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) Won the Election "IndyWatch Feed War"

The US government, under Presidents Obama and Trump, backed gangs of violent demonstrators, who rampaged through the streets, as the true democratic representatives of the will of the voters. Secretary General of the Organization of [...]


Reflections on the Counsel of Italian Clowns, Anarchists and Social Movements "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ex Caserma Liberata, Bari, Italy Some four years ago, a group of (mostly) anarchists occupied the premises of what was once a military barracks (caserma in Italian) in Bari, a port city at the top of the heel of Italys boot. They collectively took over 8 hectares (20 acres) in the heart of the city and began carving out a rather significant social center in the shadow of multi-story brick and glass apartment buildings. Soon realizing that 8 hectares in a large metropolitan area was a little too much territory for a few anarchists (and their fellow travelers) to occupy and defend or cultivate, they reduced their size to 2.5 hectares, which is still a hell of a lot. I suspect, from what Ive seen here, that there are many political tendencies included among the residents and supporters of the Ex-Caserma besides the predominant anarchism, but as Pippo, says, we are united by antifascism.

Photo by Clifton Ross

Pippo, the poet, set up my visit to the Ex-Caserma Liberata and arranged for me to show Arturo Albarrns and my movie, In the Shadow of the Revolution, one week before I head off to show it at the London Anarchist Book Fair. Pippo is the founder of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade of Bari and as he takes me through the city he laughs as he points out the poems along the way that hes wheat-pasted on walls, electrical boxes, light poles and anywhere else theyll fit. Pippo laughs a lot. But his English and Spanish are as minimal as my Italian, so our communication is done more by hand signals than anything. Im relieved, then, when we return and Pippo hands me over to Aurora for a tour of the squat. Now I can give my hands a rest and talk in English with my new, fluent guide.

Id guess the young pink-haired woman is still a teen-ager, but Aurora speaks with great authority as she walks me through the Ex-Caserma.  Over these four years theyve painted murals on the low, ramshackle buildings, planted a small garden and taken in a herd of seven cats. They created various sleeping rooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, a break dance/yoga studio, a library, a bicycle repair and construction garage, a screen print shop and an indoor skate park that Aurora tells me is now closed due to lack of use.

Needless to say, its all collectively organized and managed by consensus, and that night Ill see one of the biggest crowds to turn out for a showing of our movie, brought together pretty much...


Balfour 100: Celebrating 100 Years of Injustice and Oppression "IndyWatch Feed War"

London (AHT) On 7 November, in Londons famous Royal Albert Hall, theres to be a unique event drawing Christians and Jews together in celebration of the centenary of the Balfour Declaration and all that it led to.

Christians will be reaching out to support the Jewish community and the state of Israel, or so the organizers claim.

Our vision to stage such a big event at the Royal Albert Hall is ambitious and we recognize our reliance on God to enable every aspect of it.The evenings programme will follow the history of Gods work through the Balfour Declaration that culminated in the independence of the modern state of Israel. We will use dance, film, song and drama sketches to illustrate how God used both Christians and Jews to fulfill the prophesied return of the Jewish people from exile to their ancient biblical homeland Israel, says the blurb.

And it adds: Christian leaders will read statements that will reflect Christians desire to

  • Reconnect with the spiritual heritage of godly men who espoused the restoration of Israel to her Land;

  • Remember the Balfour Declaration and the Jewish-Christian partnerships that made it a reality;

  • Recognise the failure of Britain to fulfill the intent of the Balfour Declaration through the mandate for Palestine;
  • Rededicate ourselves as Christians to support Israel and the Jewish community.

RELATED: Trump Israel Envoy: Palestinian Reconciliation Depends on Disarming Hamas

And the Royal Albert Hall, we are reminded, is where Lord Balfour celebrated with the Jewish community the granting to Britain of the Mandate for Palestine.

The rest of us, of course, remember Arthur Balfour as the Tory twit whose lamebrain Declaration made it possible for Zionists who have no ancestral l...


Iraq Resists Outside Pressure: Hubris Inspires US Foreign Policy "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Peter KORZUN | Strategic Culture Foundation | 25.10.2017 Speaking at a press conference with Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Jubeir in Riyadh on October 22, US State Secretary Rex Tillerson said, Iranian militias that are in Iraq, now that the fight against Daesh and ISIS is coming to a close, those militias need to go home. []


Syrian Army, Hezbollah Advance Further On ISIS-held T2 Pumping Station (Map, Video) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Syrian Army, Hezbollah Advance Further On ISIS-held T2 Pumping Station (Map, Video)

Click to see the full-size map. Source:

Pro-government forces, led by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah, are clashing with ISIS terrorists near the T2 Pumping Station in the  province of Deir Ezzor.

The station is located  near the border with Iraq and considered one of the last ISIS strong points south of the terrorist groups border stronghold of al-Bukamal.

According to pro-government sources, the SAA and Hezbollah captured the area of artwazi directly south of T2 and are now attempting to enter the area.

When this is done, government troops will obtain an important strogpoint in the area that may be used in the expected SAA push towards al-Bukamal.

The SAA advance in the T2 area:

The post Syrian Army, Hezbollah Advance Further On ISIS-held T2 Pumping Station (Map, Video) appeared first on .


The Bonnie and Clyde of US politics - by Publius Tacitus "IndyWatch Feed War"

Appears that Clinton Campaign Colluded with Ukraine and McCain in Bid to Destroy Donald Trump. When the story of foreign interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election is finally told it will have little to do with Russia and a...


Washington Forbids Serbia from De-Mining Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Daniel McAdams | Ron Paul Institute | October 21, 2017 This may be one of the cruelest and most cynical moves of Washington in its entire dark regime change Syria chapter. Serbian media sources are reporting, based on quotes from US Embassy Belgrade personnel, that the United States has sought and been given assurances []


Two-person energy firms $300 million contract to rebuild Puerto Ricos electrical grid "IndyWatch Feed War"

This is Googles cache of,-LLC-406-471-4668. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on Oct 22, 2017

Whitefish Energy Holdings, LLC

Business Description
Whitefish Energy Holdings is located in Whitefish, Montana. This organization primarily operates in the Electric Power Line Construction business / industry within the Heavy Construction, Except Building Construction, Contractor sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 2 years. Whitefish Energy Holdings is estimated to generate $165,761 in annual revenues, and employs approximately 2 people at this single location.

Two-person energy firms $300 million Puerto Rico contract raises eyebrows





(When) Will Venezuela Default? "IndyWatch Feed War"



PDVSA, Venezuelas state-owned petroleum company, faces two major debt repayments in the next week. The first one is for $984 million on Friday October 27, and then another for $1.2 billion on Thursday November 2.

Paying will be no easy feat for a Venezuelan government ravaged by economic crisis and political instability. The countrys foreign exchange reserves have already been heavily tapped for debt servicing, and at last count they were languishing in the sub-$10 billion range. Yet the price of not paying is significant enough that the Venezuelan government is doing everything within its power to scrape together the money and remain solvent.

This of course begs the question: Even if Caracas makes both of these payments, how long can it continue to delay the inevitable default?


The post (When) Will Venezuela Default? appeared first on Geopolitical Monitor.


What Israel is Fighting for in the Middle-Eastern Mess? "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Valery Kulikov New Eastern Outlook 24.10.2017 As forces of the so-called Islamic State terrorist group are pushed across Syria and Iraq, one can clearly see Israels shifting position regarding the situation in Syria, which can be explained by Tel-Avivs desire to reorder the Middle East. Its clear that Israel has finally realized []


Hugh Fitzgerald: The Heroic Tamer El-Noury, and the Limits of Filiopietism "IndyWatch Feed War"

On October 22, CBSs Sixty Minutes devoted one of its segments to the stirring tale of Tamer El-Noury. That is the alias of an Egyptian-American undercover agent, working for the FBI, who has for years been befriending terrorists linked to Al Qaeda, both in the United States and abroad. Heavily made up, with his voice []


CONFIRMED: US and Saudi coordinated barbaric terrorist attacks on Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Adam Garrie | The Duran | October 25, 2017 The intricate role played by Saudi Arabia and the United States in ushering in a proxy terrorist war on Syria, have been both explicitly and implicitly known, since virtually the beginning of the US instigated proxy conflict in Syria, which was inaugurated in 2011. In []


Its official: the Dems paid for the Trump-Russia dossier "IndyWatch Feed War"

According to the post, there were three sources of funding: The unknown first client, The second: Hillary/DNC, The third: The FBI, who apparently offered, but didnt, pay. I have questions. Read my post, Its official: the Dems paid for the Trump-Russia dossier


Kanahus Manuel in Paris and Zurich urging divestment in Kinder Morgan pipeline and tar sands "IndyWatch Feed War"

Kanahus Manuel said, "In Zurich, Switzerland sharing about the impacts of Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain on Indigenous Peoples and Communities. We are here to meet with Swiss banks to divest and defund the KM pipeline. Global actions against these banks are happening around the world this week, divest the globe." During October Kanahus Manuel was in Paris, speaking out. Kanahus, Secwepemc,


Brainwashing fears stoked as Hong Kong schools encouraged to broadcast Beijing officials Basic Law speech live "IndyWatch Feed War"

Government circular raises concerns among teachers, pupils and others

By Peace Chiu, Kimmy Chung, and Jeffie Lam
South China Morning Post

Wednesday, 25 October, 2017, 10:54pm


Paul Craig Roberts 316 "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Absurdities Mount

The Absurdities Mount


Government Forces Liberated 57,500km2 Of Syrian Desert (Maps) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Government Forces Liberated 57,500km2 Of Syrian Desert (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies liberated 57,200km2 of the total size of the Syrian desert that equals 90,000km2, the Hezbollah media wing in Syria reported on October 25.

The report said that only 10% of the desert is still under the ISIS control. Meanwhile, the US-led coalition and the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) are in control of 5,000km2 of desert including al-Tanaf area near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Government Forces Liberated 57,500km2 Of Syrian Desert (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

During their operations, the SAA and its allies recaptured the eastern Aleppo countryside, the southern Raqqa countryside, the eastern Hama countryside, the northern al-Suwayda countryside and most of the eastern Homs countryside.

Thanks to this advance the SAA and its allies were able to undermine the US strategy in Syria. According to the report, the US had plans to divide Syria into three countries using ISIS.


Prayer and Meditation for Thursday, October 26, 2017 The weakness of our human nature and our path toward sanctification The gift of God is eternal life "IndyWatch Feed War"

Thursday of the Twenty-ninth Week in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 476

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Reading 1 ROM 6:19-23

Brothers and sisters:
I am speaking in human terms because of the weakness of your nature.
For just as you presented the parts of your bodies as slaves to impurity
and to lawlessness for lawlessness,
so now present them as slaves to righteousness for sanctification.
For when you were slaves of sin, you were free from righteousness.
But what profit did you get then
from the things of which you are now ashamed?
For the end of those things is death.
But now that you have been freed from sin and have become slaves of God,
the benefit that you have leads to sanctification,
and its end is eternal life.
For the wages of sin is death,
but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Responsorial Psalm PS 1:1-2, 3, 4 AND 6

R. (Ps 40:5) Blessed are they who hope in the Lord.
Blessed the man who follows not
the counsel of the wicked
Nor walks in the way of sinners,
nor sits in the company of the insolent,
But delights in the law of the LORD
and meditates on his law day and night.
R. Blessed are they who hope in the Lord.
He is like a tree
planted near running water,
That yields its fruit in due season,
and whose leaves never fade.
Whatever he does, prospers.
R. Blessed are they who hope in the Lord.
Not so the wicked, not so;
they are like chaff which the wind drives away.
For the LORD watches over the way of the just,
but the way of the wicked vanishes.
R. Blessed are they who hope in the Lord....


Venezuela: Capriles quits opposition coalition "IndyWatch Feed War"

BBC: Venezuela opposition leader quits as coalition rift widens Venezuelas opposition has taken a hit after one of its leading members announced he was leaving the coalition. Henrique Capriles, an ex-presidential candidate, said the move was in protest at the decision by four newly elected opposition governors to pledge allegiance to the constituent assembly. The []


Getting the Left to Embrace US Exceptionalism "IndyWatch Feed War"

By James W. Carden | Consortium News | October 24, 2017 Last year, Donald J. Trump triumphed over 15 Republican primary opponents and a Democratic candidate with an impressive rsum largely on the strength of a simple four-word message: Make America Great Again. Trumps slogan worked even though President Obama offered the rejoinder, America is []


What you need to know: The Kurds in Iraq "IndyWatch Feed War"


Iraqi Kurdish ambitions for their own state have brought them into conflict with powerful neighbours


Israel backs big expansion of east Jerusalem illegal settlement "IndyWatch Feed War"


Jabal Mukaber development to triple size of Nof Zion, making it the largest settlement inside a Palestinian part of the city


Maryland Governor Reveals I Havent Been Listening "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Staff of We Are Cove Point - For 18 weeks in a row now, We Are Cove Point has been holding rallies at the governors mansion in Annapolis to demand Maryland Governor Larry Hogan order a safety study for the fracked gas export terminal Dominion is building in the Cove Point neighborhood of Lusby in Southern Maryland. Each Monday at noon, we hold signs, pass out flyers and talk to passersby about the need for the governor to order this study, called a quantitative risk assessment. The governor is the only person who can order this study. This has been a continuation of a bigger campaign thats stretched back into the administration of former Governor Martin OMalley. Every once in a while, we catch Governor Hogan walking outside of his mansion. Yesterday was one of those days, and one member of We Are Cove Point had a very illuminating dialogue with him. We were walking around the state house during an event, handing out flyers and talking with people, when someone from We Are Cove Point spotted Governor Hogan and a few of his guards moving between the state house and the governors mansion.


My Guantnamo Diary, Uncensored "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Mohamedou Ould Slahi for ACLU - If I wanted to, I could put my pen down right now, close my office door behind me, and go for a long walk outside. Today in Nouakchott, Mauritania, it is terribly hot and dry, so that would not be the wisest choice, but freedom is having that option. And freedom is choosing to write instead, not because my life depends on it, but because these days, thank God, it finally doesnt. A year ago this week, a U.S. military cargo plane touched down on this citys arid runway and I was escorted, unshackled, down the airplanes ramp and toward a group of government officials. With each step I pulled farther ahead of my American guards, farther away from the territory of bondage, and toward the territory of freedom. Hours later, a car turned onto the street of the house where I grew up and I was swarmed by family members and supporters. And then I was standing inside the house, just a few feet away from where I sat one day when I was 11, listening to the radio as they announced names of children from around the country who had made it into high school. Getting into high school was a big deal back then: There were few slots, and many who passed all their classes still did not make the cut. Those who managed had their names printed in the military dictatorships official newspaper and read over the air for the whole country to hear.


Theresa May contradicting David Davis on Brexit Says MPs will vote on Brexit deal before UK leaves EU This government doesnt know whether it is coming or going "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Guardian

Rolling coverage of the days political developments as they happen, including Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs and David Davis giving evidence to the Commons Brexit committee

LIVE Updated 3m ago
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Maryland governors order against BDS is sure to backfire, boycott advocates say "IndyWatch Feed War"

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed an executive order Monday barring the state from contracting with any companies that support the nonviolent, Palestinian-led boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement to pressure Israel to comply with international law.

Flanked by pro-Israel lawmakers and lobbyists including members of the highly influential Baltimore Jewish Council that made anti-BDS legislation its main priority in 2016 Hogan became the second state governor to issue a directive against the boycott of Israel.

New York Governor Cuomo signed a similar, first-of-its-kind order against the use of boycotts to advocate for an end to Israels human rights abuses in June of last year, kowtowing to the pro-Israel lobby and drawing the ire of civil liberties groups, Palestine solidarity activists and free speech advocates.

Hogan characterized the goals of BDS as contrary to the maintenance of economic ties between his state and the foreign government of Israel.

As long as I am governor of Maryland he declared, there is no place in our state for boycotts and threats which seek to undermine sincere dialogue.

But the language of the executive order is far from sincere, in that it transforms the internationally recognized occupied Palestinian territories into Israel and its territories, revealing an apparent commitment to Israels indefinite occupation of the West Bank.

Even the U.S. State Department refers to the area in question as the Occupied Territories.

Nevertheless, Howard Libit, Executive Director of the Baltimore Jewish Council, put the usual spin on BDS, casting it as a discriminatory movement that seeks the destruction of Israel.

This executive order stands up against companies that seek to delegitimize the democratic State of Israel and negate the right of Israel to exist as a homeland for the Jewish people, Libit said in a statement.

The move comes just a few months after Maryland State Senator Robert Zirkin and State Delegate Ben Kramer introduced commensurate legislation that would have in addition, prohibited the state from investing pension funds in firms supporting the boycott.

Thanks in large part to oppos...


European Parliament Resoundingly Votes To End Glyphosate Use "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Staff of Greenpeace - From 16 December 2022, all remaining uses should be ruled out. This is an important shift in the Parliament's position. While today's vote is for a ban, in 2016 the Parliament had voted for a seven year licence coupled with restrictions on the uses of glyphosate. Franziska Achterberg, Greenpeace EU food policy director said: The Parliament clearly says that glyphosate has got to go. Although the phase out periods are longer than technically needed, the Parliaments proposal is a breath of fresh air. More than one million Europeans and now the Parliament are calling for ban on this dangerous chemical. Its time for the Commission and national governments to hear this message.


Robert Spencer video: Why Pakistan is Not an Ally of the U.S. "IndyWatch Feed War"

In this new video, I expose Pakistans anti-American, pro-jihad activity, and urges President Trump to follow through on hints that he will end this sham alliance.


NYT Laments Forever Wars Its Editorials Helped Create "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Adam Johnson | FAIR | October 23, 2017 In considering why the public is quiet about the United States unending wars, the New York Times (10/23/17) fails to examine the failure of leading media outlets to actually oppose these wars. Corporate media have a long history of lamenting wars they themselves helped sell the []


U.S. Lawmakers Ask DOJ If Terrorism Law Covers Pipeline Activists "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Timothy Gardner for Reuters - WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. representatives from both parties asked the Department of Justice on Monday whether the domestic terrorism law would cover actions by protesters that shut oil pipelines last year, a move that could potentially increase political rhetoric against climate change activists. Ken Buck, a Republican representative from Colorado, said in a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, that damaging pipeline infrastructure poses risks to humans and the environment. The letter, a copy of which was seen by Reuters, said operation of pipeline facilities by unqualified personnel could result in a rupture - the consequences of which would be devastating. It was signed by 84 representatives, including at least two Democrats, Gene Green and Henry Cuellar, both of Texas. The move by the lawmakers is a sign of increasing tensions between activists protesting projects including Energy Transfer Partners LPs Dakota Access Pipeline and the administration of President Donald Trump, which is seeking to make the country energy dominant by boosting domestic oil, gas, and coal output. Last year activists in several states used bolt cutters to break fences and twisted shut valves on several cross border pipelines that sent about 2.8 million barrels per day of crude to the United States from Canada, equal to roughly 15 percent of daily U.S. consumption.


Women Leaders for Climate Change to Speak Out at United Nations COP23 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Women Leaders for Climate Change Justice and Solutions to Speak Out During WECAN United Nations COP23 EventsBy WECAN International Media Contact: Emily SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, Calif. (October 23, 2017) - As governments from around the world convene in Bonn, Germany this November for continued work towards implementation of the Paris Climate


Deadly Lac-Mgantic Oil Train Disaster Was Avoidable Corporate Crime "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Justin Mikulka for Desmog - Damning new testimony from an engineer of the locomotive involved in the deadly 2013 oil train disaster in Lac-Mgantic, Canada, reveals several ways corporate cost-cutting directly led to the accident, which claimed 47 lives. We already knew for certain that a fire on the locomotive, which had been left parked and running for the night, per standard practice, was the direct cause of the disaster. That blaze resulted in the local fire department, directed by a rail company employee, to turn off the power to the locomotive. However, that action also shut off power to the air brakes, which eventually failed and caused the train to roll down the tracks into downtown Lac-Mgantic, where it exploded and leveled the area. However, in newly released testimony reported by CBCNews, we learn about a troubling exchange between train engineer Franois Daigle, who had driven the oil train two days before its fiery derailment, and his supervisor: Daigle said on that trip he noticed the locomotive kept losing speed and produced black smoke. Daigle told the court he reported the problems to his supervisor, Jean Dematre, and sent a fax to the repair shop in Maine at the end of his shift. Daigle said he asked Dematre to change the lead locomotive because of the repair issues.


If the occupation is permanent, is an ethical Jewish future possible? "IndyWatch Feed War"

The following lecture was given on October 24, 2017 at the Tantur Ecumenical Institute on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Marc Elliss book Toward a Jewish Theology of Liberation. To read Elliss Exile and the Prophetic feature for Mondoweiss visit the archive page.

For the last week, I have been teaching and touring in the Old City of Jerusalem. Much has changed in the forty plus years since I first arrived in Jerusalem. It was 1973, six years after the 1967 Arab-Israeli war in October; the 1973 war began while I was here. In the ensuing years, I traveled here many times and written many words that emerged from experiences in Israel-Palestine. During this time I have pursued a vision that came to me early on that the future of the Jewish people is bound up with the fate of Palestine and Palestinians.  On this, the 30th anniversary of my book, Toward a Jewish Theology of Liberation, I offer the following fifteen short meditations on where we have arrived and where we are heading, Jews and Palestinians together.

1. Thirty years ago, in Jerusalem, at the Shalom Hartman Institute and the Tantur Ecumenical Institute, and in my book Toward a Jewish Theology of Liberation, I raised an unprecedented challenge to Jewish theologians, Jews interested in spirituality broadly speaking and Jewish seekers of justice from any perspective, whether articulated or not: What does it mean, after the Holocaust, for empowered Jews in America, for empowered Jews in the state of Israel, for empowered Jews in the United Kingdom, in Argentina and wherever Jews live, to come into solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle to be free in their own homeland? It has been many years, truly a lifetime it seems, and the answer did not arrive.Now I ask a second, related challenge, thirty years later, again in Jerusalem, at Tantur and now at the Jerusalem School of Theology where I am teaching these weeks, to Jewish theologians, Jews interested in spirituality broadly speaking and to Jewish seekers of justice from any perspective, articulated or not: What does it mean after the Holocaust and after Israel, meaning by that after what Israel has done and is doing to the Palestinian people, for empowered Jews in America, for empowered Jews in the state of Israel and wherever empowered Jews live around the world, to understand that the occupation of Palestinians and Palestine is permanent and that, therefore the possibility of an ethical Jewish future is foreclosed?

2. I will return to the challenge of solidarity and a permanent occupation in a moment.  First, though, a rehearsal of what has occurred between the time I spoke in Jerusalem thirty years ago and this evening, again in Jerusalem, as I speak. There are many, many details and more than a few seminal events to...


Wake Up #Seattle: Become Ungovernable! November 4th Call to Action! "IndyWatch Feed War"

Seattle: Call to action by the Insurrectionary Youth Action.



Originally published by Insurrectionary Youth Action.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Wake Up Seattle: Become Ungovernable! November 4th Call to Action!

The ascendancy of Trump and white supremacy to positions of power and influence in US society has provoked a renewed interest in anti-authoritarian politics and more particularly, anarchism. This can be seen in the rise of a relatively large and yet autonomous US anti-fascist/ anti-racist movement, but also in the insurrectionary acts that accompany events fighting back against pig violence in cities like St. Louis. This is all cause for celebration, yet despite so much of our insurrectionary potential becoming actualized, the Trump regime and its mobilized base of supporters rages on; threatening the lives of those i...


Iraq: Christians who just returned home forced to flee again amid skirmishes between Kurds and government "IndyWatch Feed War"

According to Premier, the Kurdish Pershmerga has been heeding Muhammads dictum, War is deceit: The Iraqi Christian Relief Council reported on Twitter that: Kurdish Peshmerga have been shooting indiscriminatelyto make it appear as though the Iraqi Army is injuring civilians. They added: Three Christian children were caught in the crossfire and injured while playing soccer. []


America Dashes for Its China Dead EndWill the World Follow? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Hot takes on the 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party.  Takes so hot theyre probably melting throughto Chinaas we speak.  Also the maybe most important and consequential story of not just of the week but of the year: the United States officially climbs into bed with India as a key strategic partner.  And China is listening anxiously for the creaking bedsprings, not just in Beijing but also down in Pakistan on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.  And China is now officially an enemy of the liberal international order.  Is that good?  Is that smart?  Well

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Show notes

Xis authoritarian vision for world domination

Chinas 30-year deadline to rule the world

Xi Jinpings Leninist quest for a dynasty inspires congressional love-in

The Resistible Rise of Xi Jinping.

The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

Remarks on Defining Our Relations...


State Of The Co-op Economy Report Counts 40,000 Co-Ops "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Elizabeth Lechleitner for NCBA CLUSA - In recent years, NCBA CLUSA has estimated that there are about 40,000 cooperative businesses within the U.S. Now, new research from the University of WisconsinMadisons Center for Cooperatives (UWCC) has validated that number. In a presentation at this months Co-op IMPACT Conference and a companion pieceheadlining the Fall 2017 issue of the Cooperative Business Journal, Brent Hueth unpacks the centers foundational work to develop the data infrastructure necessary to measure the cooperative economy in a way that enables ongoing reporting and analysis. While an economists perspective on cooperative impact doesnt necessarily tell the complete co-op story, a national cooperative census is integral to communicating effectively about co-ops in the public policy space, said Hueth, who directs the Center for Cooperatives and is spearheading its work to measure the cooperative economy in partnership with NCBA CLUSA and its Council of Cooperative Economists. Measuring the impact of cooperatives is much more than measuring their total employment, total revenue, or the total number of establishments and businesses, but its a first step, Hueth said. These baseline numbers are critical to communicating the general economic footprint of cooperatives.


Introducing Chinas New Politburo Standing Committee "IndyWatch Feed War"



After a week of pomp and ceremony, China President Xi Jinping closed the 19th National Congress by unveiling the next Standing Committee of the Politburo, the highest decision-making body in the Chinese government. There are two overriding takeaways here: the Xi Jinping bloc is in complete control, with other competing power centers like the Communist Youth marginalized, and there is no obvious heir apparent among the members of the standing committee, a fact that will doubtlessly fuel speculation over whether or not Xi plans to eventually step down after his second term in office is completed.

Heres a breakdown of who made it in:

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Israel Unmasks New Hezbollah Commander Suggest he is a marked man Permanent Iranian presence close to Israels northern border "IndyWatch Feed War"

The front page of Yedioth Aharonot on October 25 2017, with a report about Hezbollah commander Haj Hashem
The reports come hot on the heels of Israels defense minister blaming Hezbollah for rockets fired from Syria

Israeli media on Wednesday unmasked the commander of Lebanese militia Hezbollah in southern Syria, in what is being interpreted as a signal by Israel that he is a marked man.

Newspapers Yedioth Aharonot and Yisrael Hayom identified Munir Ali Naim Shaiti commonly referred to as Haj Hashem as a crucial figure in Hezbollahs operations in Syria, where the Shiite group is fighting on behalf of President Bashar Al-Assad in the countrys almost six-year-long civil war.

The reports came on the heels of Israeli defense minister Avigdor Liberman earlier this week blaming the group for deliberately firing projectiles into the Israeli side of the Golan Heights on Saturday  although the defense establishment is reportedly less sure that they were not just stray spillover from the internal strife.

Neither of Wednesdays reports cited any sources, however Israeli security agencies and the army often brief journalists on the condition that they do not indicate the origins of the information.

The Yedioth report noted that exposing the details about Hashem was meant to signal to him clearly that he was marked by Israel his end is likely...


NAFTAs Neoliberal Foundations Need To Be Dismantled From The Left "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Jeff Schuhrke for In These Times - Rejecting both economic nationalism and free-market fundamentalism, workers across North America are building transnational solidarity and demanding labor rights for all. Last week, nearly 60 representatives of unions and civil society organizations from Mexico, Canada and the United States gathered in Chicago for a two-day meeting to discuss strategies for collaboration as their governments renegotiate the 23-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The meeting was coordinated by the United Electrical Workers (UE), UCLA Labor Center and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, an international civic education institution affiliated with Germanys Left Party. While many Mexican unions are dominated by the government, only the countrys more independent and democratically run labor organizations attended. Were discussing what kinds of relationships can be built, either bi-nationally or tri-nationally, Benedicto Martnez, a national co-coordinator of Mexicos Frente Autntico del Trabajo, or Authentic Labor Front (FAT), told In These Times. At the forefront of our vision would be the rights of people, including better wages, better education, better healthcare and immigration rights. Critics argue that NAFTA has accelerated the global race to the bottom, where governments dismantle workplace and environmental protections in order to attract capital investment.


Qatar crisis is a non-issue, says Saudi foreign minister "IndyWatch Feed War"

If we can change Qatari behaviour we will be stronger in the GCC and we can confront Iran and terrorism

Image Credit: AFP
Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir attends a press conference with US Secretary of State in Riyadh on October 22, 2017.
Published: 12:20 October 25, 2017Gulf News

Dubai: Saudi Arabias Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir said that the Qatar crisis was a non-issue, a small issue and that there were other matters to focus on.

In remarks at Chatham House, Al Jubeir said that Qatar needed to change its attitudes for the sake of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the regional alliance that comprises Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates established in 1981.

If we can change Qatari behaviour we will be stronger in the GCC and we can confront Iran and terrorism, he said at the meeting on Tuesday.

Asked if there were red lines, the Saudi minister said that it all lies with Qatar.

We are saying no to funding terrorism, he said, stressing that it was unacceptable that media platforms condone bombings.

He added that Qatar must first acknowledge it has a problem in order for them to solve it.

On Ju...


Saudis Eshki: Our Communication with Israel Is Intellectual and Humanitarian "IndyWatch Feed War"

Local Editor 25-10-2017 | 14:34 No longer are Saudi Arabias normalization statements with the Israeli entity surprising. Not a week that passes by without news or expressive stances regarding the warming relation between Riyadh and Tel Aviv circulate, despite official denial of any personal visits to the apartheid entity. Anwar Eshki, the retired Saudi general []


Divest From The War Machine "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Annie Windholz for Medium - Jodie Evans spoke about how war has become normalized to millennials- an entire generation that has only known war. She commented that under Obama the anti-war movement was a silenced movement, but is becoming alive again during trump, with 65% of tax dollars going to war and the military. Evans was excited about the divest campaign because the anti-war movement had not yet had such a long term plan for ending war. Her question for the audience was, how do we make the movement relational? The Divest from War campaign organizer, Haley Pedersen, took the floor explaining that 23 cents of every tax dollar goes into military contractors pockets, with top producer Lockheed Martins CEO making $19 million in 2016. During this same year 150,000 people died in violent conflicts around the world as a direct result of these weapons with 90% of those killed in wars being mostly women and children civilians, and an additional 65 million people displaced because of war. Military contractors make endless profits at the expense of endless suffering with their CEOs routinely making the top paid CEOs list. Pederson said CODEPINK is currently working with different partners in divestment.


As olive harvest begins, settlers flood Palestinian trees with sewage "IndyWatch Feed War"

Violence / Detentions West Bank / Jerusalem

Israeli colonists flood dozens of Palestinian olive trees with sewage
IMEMC 24 Oct   Israeli colonists flooded, Tuesday, dozens of Palestinian olive trees with sewage water, in Deir al-Hatab town, east of the northern West Bank city of Nablus. Coordinator of the Israeli Rabbis for Human Rights organization in the occupied West Bank, Zakaria al-Sidda, said the colonists flooded the olive orchards near Elon Moreh illegal colony. He added that the Palestinian owners of the olive orchards have been isolated from them, and are only allowed to reach them twice a year through special permits and coordination. The coordinator also stated that the colonists already picked many olive trees in the area, and stolen the produce, especially since they have unrestricted access to the orchards.

Settler violence on the rise as olive harvest begins in West Bank
+972 mag 20 Oct by Orly Noy Since the beginning of the olive harvest two weeks ago, Israeli human rights organizations have documented 10 cases of settler violence and theft against Palestinians and their property. For now, it seems like the police are doing their job The olive harvest season, which began two weeks ago across Israel-Palestine, is one of the most heated seasons in the year for Palestinians in the occupied territories, especially for those living in Area C, under complete Israeli military control. Nearly every plot of Palestinian land designated for farming in the West Bank is located in this area, yet 60 percent of that very land now belongs to settlement local and regional councils. Israels multifarious practices of dispossession, from land expropriations to declaring whole swaths of private property closed military zones, have restricted Palestinian access to their agricultural land. In many places, they are allowed access only during seasons when they plow the land, or during the olive harvest. The success of the harvest has a direct effect on their livelihood. Often times, land that has been abandoned by Palestinians due to settler violence is later taken over by those very same settlers.
Every year at this time, like clockwork, Israeli settlers head out to Palestinian olive groves to sow destruction and violence. Since 2005, Israeli anti-occu...


Husain Haqqani: US will no longer ignore Pakistans militant support Pakistan has a credibility problem in Washington "IndyWatch Feed War"

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has urged Pakistan to up the fight against militant groups. Husain Haqqani, former Pakistani ambassador to the US, told DW that Pakistan could face dire consequence for non-compliance.

Rex Tillerson with Pakistani PM Abbasi and army chief Bajwa in Islamabad (picture-alliance/AP Photo/A. Brandon)

DW: What was the aim of Rex Tillersons Pakistan visit on Tuesday? Will the Trump administration be able to achieve its objectives for Afghanistan and Pakistan?

Husain Haqqani: US Secretary of State Tillerson was in Islamabad to convey what President Donald Trump had already announced. The US now recognizes that its interests no longer converge with those of Pakistan in Afghanistan. Pakistan wants the US to accept its primacy in Afghanistan and continue to receive economic and military aid from Washington while the US wants Pakistan to change its policies in relation to terrorism. I doubt one visit by the secretary of state will end a problem that has evolved over several years.

Read more: Rex Tillerson visits Afghanistan to discuss peace and the Taliban

Pakistan insists it has sacrificed a lot in the war against terror and yet the international community doesnt appreciate its role. Is it not true?

Husain Haqqani is the former ambassador of Pakistan to the United States (dapd)Husain Haqqani: Pakistan has a credibility problem in Washington

It is unfortunate that Pakistan has lost many soldiers and civilians since 9/11, but that does not change the fact that it is a result of Pakistans wrong policy of supporting some terrorists while fighting others.

What impact will President Trumps Afghanistan policy have on Pakistan?

As Secretary of Defense General James Mattis has said, the T...


Single Payer Myths: Removing People From Employer Plans "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Matt Bruenig for People's Policy Project - After you have demonstrated that the switching pain argument is wrong on the merits, critics will typically retreat to some kind of political argument about how the objective incorrectness of the point will not solve the political difficulty of it. You see this move in a lot of single payer stuff. For instance, critics will say it involves a big tax hike and then youll respond that the taxes will just replace private premiums and then they go but thats not how it will be interpreted. In reality, nobody knows how it will be interpreted and the conventional wisdom of the political class (which is itself often constructed in self-delusional ways) has not had a great track record recently. These political arguments proceed as if the Democratic establishment is completely incapable of persuasion and framing and as if the Republican establishment is going to say things about single payer that it hasnt already said about every health care proposal favored by liberals. If liberals can pass a plan that Republicans say is socialized medicine run by bureaucrats who can decide to kill you when they want, why cant they do it again? Finally, in recent surveys, most people say they want a single payer system and, however ignorant you think poll respondents are, it seems clear from the questions asked that they at least know they would not be on their employers insurance anymore.


Iraqi Kurds forced from Tuz Khurmata in tens of thousands: Aid groups "IndyWatch Feed War"


Aids groups blame Shia forces for burning and looting hundreds of homes and forcing nearly 30,000 Kurds to flee


Britain can strike EU final trade deal by 2019: Davis "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | British Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union David Davis said it was crucial for Britain to negotiate its future relationship with the EU ahead of entering into a transition phase

LONDON (AFP)  Brexit negotiator David Davis said on Wednesday he hopes to agree with the EU on a transition period for Britains withdrawal by the end of the year, and conclude a trade deal by 2019.

He said negotiations on future trade ties may only conclude in March 2019 and the British and European parliaments would therefore be asked to ratify the deal after Britain has already left the bloc.

Appearing before a committee of British lawmakers, Davis insisted the timeline, which envisages agreeing key details of the transition period in the first quarter of 2018, was plausible.

There is no reason why we cannot do this in the time available but we have to have a degree of determination to achieve that, he told members of the Exiting the European Union Committee.

What we are intending to do is to get the form of the implementation period agreed quickly December or thereafter but we want to conclude the overall negotiation by the end of March 2019.

Michel Barnier, the EUs chief negotiator, has previously stated it would take several years of negotiations following Britains exit from the bloc to reach a free trade agreement.

Davis said on Wednesday it was crucial for Britain to negotiate its future relationship with the EU ahead of entering into a transition phase.

Sketching out his view of a transitional period, Davis said Britain would look to maintain financial passporting rules, and a customs agreement.

He added it would also comply with the free movement of EU citizens, with a new registration scheme, and that the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice would certainly initially remain.

Davis said Britain would initially look to grandfather into law existing free trade agreements between the EU and other countries, while it struck new or expanded deals.



Syrian Army Captures Industrial Area, Advances In Khassarat District In Deir Ezzor City (Maps) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Syrian Army Captures Industrial Area, Advances In Khassarat District In Deir Ezzor City (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

On October 25 morning, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) restored control over the Idustrial Area and a large part of Khassarat district in the city of Deir Ezzor, according to pro-government sources.

These areas had been controlled by ISIS terrorists.

Now, government forces are developing momentum against ISIS in Khassarat aiming to separate the ISIS-held part of Saqr Island from the rest of the ISIS-held area in Deir Ezzor. When this is done, the SAA and the NDF will be able to isolate the remaining ISIS units in Saqr Island and to clear it from the terrorists.

Syrian Army Captures Industrial Area, Advances In Khassarat District In Deir Ezzor City (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

The post Syrian Army Captures Industrial Area, Advances In Khassarat District In Deir Ezzor City (Maps) appeared first on .


100% Renewables: Wishful Thinking Or An Imperative Goal? "IndyWatch Feed War"

By David Schwartzman for Insurge Intelligence - The Military Industrial (Fossil Fuel Nuclear State Terror and Surveillance) Complex (MIC for short) is the main obstacle to making this rapid shift to 100% renewable energy possible. As I have long argued in my papers, and most recently in Schwartzman (2016), the MICs perpetual wars driven by a neo-imperial agenda, fuelling the vicious cycle of conflict between state terror and its non-state terrorist antagonists, is perhaps the most fundamental obstacle to constructive action on climate change. Hence, a path towards the dissolution of the MIC is essential for the world to have any remaining chance to keep warming below the 1.5 degrees Celsius goal by 2100, coupled with bringing down the atmospheric carbon dioxide level below 350 ppm. A Global Green New Deal is such a path (Schwartzman, 2011), as argued by Felix FitzRoy in his outstanding contribution to this symposium How the renewable energy transition could usher in an economic revolution. In this vein, the underlying structural obstacle to transition is the presently existing political economy of neoliberal capitalism, and not the alleged technical problems cited by Cox which are misleadingly used as ammunition against the feasibility of the imperative need to facilitate a rapid 100% global renewable wind/solar energy transition.


Philippines, Russia sign two military deals "IndyWatch Feed War"

MANILA (Reuters) Thousands of assault rifles and helmets were among the military gear Russia donated to the Philippines in a bid to widen its arms market in Southeast Asia at a time when Manila is seeking to diversify weapons systems, officials said on Wednesday.

 Image result for Russian destroyer Admiral Panteleyev, in manila, photos

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte holds a AK-47 assault rifle during a inspection of donated firearms and trucks onboard the Russian destroyer Admiral Panteleyev docked at the port in Metro Manila, Philippines October 25, 2017. Malacanang Presidential Photo/Handout via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVE.



Amber Rudd and top Tories share platform with anti-Muslim Hindu leader "IndyWatch Feed War"


Conservative MP Bob Blackman invited Tapan Ghosh, a Hindu nationalist who has praised the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya in Burma


Nasser Kandil: Hypocrisy and deceit sign weakness "IndyWatch Feed War"

Related Videos  Filed under: AngloZionist Empire, Arab Zionists, Axis of Resistance, Creative Chaos, GCC, Hezbollah, hypocrisy, Iran, IRAQ, ISIL, Kurdistan, kurds, Nasser Kandil, PKK, Russia, Saudia, Syria, USA Tagged: SDF


Australia: Muslim accused of using disability pension to fund the Islamic State "IndyWatch Feed War"

Mr Beveredige revealed the suspect receives a disability pension, which could possibly have been used to fund his donations. Non-Muslims paying for the upkeep of Muslims is a Quranic dictate: Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor []


Kenyan opposition cries foul ahead of new presidential vote "IndyWatch Feed War"



Patrick Meinhardt, AFP | Jubilee ruling party supporters in Nairobi celebrate the Supreme Courts decision to proceed with the re-run of the presidential elections on October 25.

Text by FRANCE 24 

Latest update : 2017-10-25

In a shock decision last month, Kenyas supreme court nullified President Uhuru Kenyattas re-election, citing irregularities. But ahead of a new presidential vote on Thursday, supporters of opposition leader Raila Odinga are already crying foul.

Opposition leader Odinga challenged Kenyattas August 8 victory, claiming hackers had infiltrated election servers and manipulated the vote.

After reviewing the evidence, the countrys highest court agreed. Citing irregularities and possible illegalities as well as the electoral commissions unwillingness to let court-appointed technicians scrutinise its servers it took the unusual step of nullifying the vote and ordering a new presidential election to be held within 60 days.

The Kenyan opposition maintains that not enough reforms have been implemented to ensure that a new election would be more free or fair than the last. Odinga has said he will not participate in another round of voting until the necessary changes have been made and a petition was filed with the Supreme Court to delay the October 26 vote until its credibility could be guaranteed.

The court was to hear a petition filed by three Kenyans, including a human rights activist, on the eve of Thursdays vote. But as the Supreme Court convened to review the complaint a series of dramatic events p...


ANALYSIS: Sun rises on Good Party, as it heads into Turkish political storm "IndyWatch Feed War"


Meral Aksener launches 'Good Party' to rival ruling AKP - but anaylsts say it faces a difficult journey in Turkey's turbulent politics


Yes, there was a moderate Islam in Saudi Arabia: but Muhammad bin Salman got the dates wrong "IndyWatch Feed War"

Moderate Islam existed in Saudi Arabia but not before 1979, but before the rise of Wahhabism in the 18th century.  This is his dilemma: how can he promise to take Islam back to moderation when that requires the return to pre-Wahhabiyyah days.  All these initiatives are t he work of heftily paid PR consulting firms in Europe and US and will amount to nothing.


BBC Radio Wales on the Balfour Declaration part two "IndyWatch Feed War"

In part one of this post we saw how listeners to the October 8th edition of the BBC Radio Wales religious affairs programme All Things Considered heard a politicised account of the Balfour Declaration that included numerous inaccuracies and omissions.

The second half of that programme (from 13:00 here) was devoted in part to personal stories which actually have no direct link to the stated subject matter told by two of the three studio guests. Presenter Sarah Rowland-Jones gave the cue for Jasmine Donahayes story while once again portraying the Balfour Declaration as controversial.

Rowland-Jones: were discussing the Balfour Declaration in which, 100 years ago next month, the British government controversially expressed support for a Jewish homeland in P...


How US Policies Are Worsening the Global Refugee Crisis "IndyWatch Feed War"

All of it as intended. By design. The plan.  

Remaking entire parts of the planet- Destroying communities and cultures- It takes a whole lot of ethnic cleansing and refugees on the move... to reshape the globe to better suit the psychos we foolishly call leaders.

Carnegie Endowment:
U.S. military actions and partnerships are directly contributing to the very crises humanitarians are trying to resolve. U.S. policy choices bear responsibility in three ways: 1) U.S. military operations have caused immense disruption and are intensifying; 2) partner militaries are systematically violating international humanitarian law and exacerbating migration outflows; and 3) consequently, international norms to protect civilians during armed conflict are diminishing worldwide.
In the campaign to defeat ISIS, U.S. military operations have caused significant damage to communities and led to a steady rise in civilian deaths. Some of the outcomes have been positive.(Its Carnegie so there has to be appeasement to the global tyrant)

On the other hand, the incredible use of firepower and munitions has brought vast destruction. Millions of Iraqis are displaced and unable to return to their destroyed communities. Whole families have been wiped out from coalition airstrikes. Meanwhile in Syria, the war continues with devastating consequences: more than half the population has been displaced and 13.5 million people exhibit serious humanitarian needs (out of an estimated wartime population of 16.6 million).
Oh and this article features a bigblame Trump push.  But then contradicts itself in the next breath by citing worsening conditions under Obama
Under President Donald J. Trump, this destruction has only increased..

Even before Trump took office, human rights observers were concerned about the civilian impact from airstrikes. Under Obamas watch, the fight against ISIS led to approximately 2,300 to 3,400 civilian deaths. The sheer amount of ordnance used was breathtaking. In 2016, for example, the United States dropped an estimated 26,172 bombs in seven countries: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan.
The non-profit monitoring group Airwars estimates that of the 102,000 bombs and missiles that the U.S. military has dropped in Iraq and Syria an...


Warning issued: The Islamic State is training jihadis in Caribbean tourist hotspots "IndyWatch Feed War"

The barbaric Islamic State (ISIS) will train jihadis in a Caribbean tourist hotspots when fighters are forced to return home from Syria and Iraq where the terror cult has been smashed. Fears are growing Western holidaymakers will be targeted in terror attacks by depraved terrorists who have travelled back to Trinidad and Tobago from the []


Chinas Stock Markets Are Calm, but Its Traders Are Restless High quality of data and predictable government behavior is not easily available yet. "IndyWatch Feed War"

Many market participants see Beijings hand behind a long period of placid trading that has made the market more predictable, but often less profitable

Chinas stock markets are calm, but its traders are restless

The Wall Street Journal
Oct. 25, 2017 5:30 a.m. ET

The placid trading that has swept global markets this year has reached an unlikely destination: China.

Once synonymous with large daily swings, Chinese stock markets are having one of their calmest stretches ever. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index, which tracks the fourth-biggest global stock market by market value, has moved more than 1% on 10 trading days this year. Thats down from 65 times for all of 2016 and 141 times in all of 2015.

The past 30 trading days, coinciding in part with the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party, have been the least volatile of any 30-day period since the Shanghai exchange reopened in the early 1990s, according to an analysis of FactSet data.

A number of factors help to explain the muted trading, ranging from record low stock volatility in the U.S. to a stable economic backdrop in China. Institutional investors, known for a longer-term focus, are taking on a greater share of trading in Chinese markets.

Perhaps most important, many investors and traders say Beijing has taken on a more muscular role in markets, following a spectacular market boom and bust in 2015. Securities regulators have called many brokerages and funds over the past year, urging them to say publicly they were bullish about stocks and to refrain from selling shares, market participants say. Some traders cite the price-supporting effect of the national team of state investment funds, which they say steps in to buy shares when prices fall.

The developments have left Chinas armies...


Rift appears in Catalan govt as Madrid power takeover begins "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP | Protesters wave Catalan flags during a pro-independence rally in Barcelona, on October 21, 2017

BARCELONA (AFP)  Several members of Catalonias separatist government told the regions leader they want elections to avoid a power takeover by Madrid, a source close to him said Wednesday, as a rift appeared in the regional executive.

Many believe calling early elections would be an alternative to the region declaring independence, and thus a solution out of Spains worst political crisis in decades.

The crisis was sparked by a divisive independence referendum that went ahead on October 1 despite a court ban.

Several regional government members expressed their support for elections in a meeting on Tuesday with regional president Carles Puigdemont, said the source, who refused to be named.

Spain has vowed to start taking over Catalonias political power and finances in the coming days if it does not stop its independence drive.

Puigdemonts ruling coalition is hugely disparate, with the far-left CUP and left-wing ERC parties that prop up his conservative PDeCAT grouping gunning for him to declare independence.

According to Catalan daily La Vanguardia, the meeting yielded intense debate and went on well into the night, with no decision reached.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy stressed that constitutional measures to take over Catalonias powers were the only possible response to Puigdemonts independence push.

I am fulfilling my obligation by implementing (constitutional article) 155, faced with contempt for our laws, the constitution, Catalonias status and contempt for millions of Catalan citizens who see that their government has liquidated the law, he told parliament.

But implementing article 155 could spark unrest in the northeastern region which, though divided on independence, is fiercely protective of its language and autonomy.

On Wednesday, independence supporters were preparing to take to the streets again. Teachers were planning a rally in Barcelona, the Catalan capital, and grassroots organisations dubbed committees to defend the referendum were also due to protest.




Berto Jongman: GAO on Economic Effects of Climate Change "IndyWatch Feed War"

Climate Change:
Information on Potential Economic Effects Could Help Guide Federal Efforts to Reduce Fiscal Exposure

GAO-17-720: Published: Sep 28, 2017. Publicly Released: Oct 24, 2017.

Phi Beta Iota: What they do not talk about is the weaponization of weather, the export of virtual water (alfalfa export to Saudi Arabia) and more.  No one in the US Government does holistic analytics or true cost ecomics, but this is a fine report for a conventional system that thinks in the old stove-piped manner.


Iran Sentences Mossad Agent to Death "IndyWatch Feed War"

An execution in IranAn execution in Iran (Photo: Reuters)


A scientist Iran branded as an agent for the Israeli secret service Mossad was most likely arrested because he refused to become a spy for the Iranian intelligence organization.

While Iran has been secretive about the identity of the man that it recently sentenced to death, international organizations have revealed his identity as Ahmadreza Djalali.

According to the highly respected Nature magazine, Djalali is an Iranian scientist that works on improving hospitals emergency responses to armed terrorism and radiological, chemical and biological threats. He worked in prestigious institutions in Italy, Belgium and Sweden and is a resident of Sweden.

Djalali was arrested in April 2016 while on an academic visit in Tehran. He was given 20 days to appeal the sentence.

Nature reports, A close contact of Djalalis (who would prefer to remain anonymous) circulated a document that claims to be a literal transcription of a handwritten text produced by Djalali inside Evin prison, where he is being held. The document states that Djalali believes he was arrested for refusing to spy for the Iranian intelligence service.

Arrest and prosecution for trumped up spy charges are common in the Islamic Republic, as in the case of Jason Rezaian, a Washington Post reporter and Tehran bureau chief for the paper, whom Iran arr...


A Nonviolent Strategy to End Violence and Avert Human Extinction "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

By Robert J. Burrowes*

Around the world activists who are strategic thinkers face a daunting challenge to effectively tackle the multitude of violent conflicts, including the threat of human extinction, confronting human society in the early 21st century.


Robert J. Burrowes

I wrote that activists who are strategic thinkers face a daunting challenge because there is no point deluding ourselves that the insane global elite see The Global Elite is Insane with its compliant international organizations (such as the UN) and national governments following orders as directed, is going to respond appropriately and powerfully to the multifaceted crisis that it has been progressively generating since long before the industrial revolution.

For reasons that are readily explained psychologically see Love Denied: The Psychology of Materialism, Violence and War and, for more detail, see Why Viole...


US worried about Pakistan government stability: Tillerson Trumps strategy for the region hinges on Pakistan eradicating militant havens "IndyWatch Feed War"


POOL/AFP | US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks during a press briefing with Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj after their meeting at the Indian Foreign Ministry in New Delhi on October 25, 2017

NEW DELHI (AFP)  Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday the United States is concerned that extremist groups are threatening the stability and security of the Pakistan government.

Tillerson, who arrived in New Delhi late Tuesday after a brief and tense stop in Islamabad, said too many extremists were finding sanctuary inside Pakistan to launch attacks on other nations.

He said Pakistan had an interest in not just containing these organizations but ultimately eliminating the groups.

Quite frankly my view and I expressed this to the leadership of Pakistan is we also are concerned about the stability and security of Pakistans government as well, he told reporters in New Delhi.

This could lead to a threat to Pakistans own stability. It is not in anyones interests that the government of Pakistan be destabilised.

Tillersons visit the first to the nuclear-armed nation by a senior official from President Donald Trumps administration follows months of pressure from Washington on Pakistan over its alleged support for Taliban militants.

It follows an unannounced stop in Kabul Monday, where Tillerson reiterated Americas commitment to Afghanistan and warned that Washington has made very specific requests of Pakistan over militancy.

Trump has angrily accused Islamabad of harbouring agents of chaos who could attack US-led NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Washington and Kabul have long accused Islamabad of supporting Afghan militants including the Taliban. They are believed to have links to Pakistans military establishment, which aims to use them as a regional bulwark against arch-nemesis India.

Pakistan has repeatedly denied the charge, insisting it maintains contacts only to try to bring the militants to peace talks.

Tillerson did express his appreciation to Pakistan officials for the sacrifices it has made in fighting militancy, and for its help in securing the release of a US-Canadian family held captive by the Taliban for five years.

Closer ties

But Americas top diplomat whose frosty...


UK minister: Only way of dealing with ISIS jihadis will be, in almost every case, to kill them "IndyWatch Feed War"

At last, some common sense in the UK, where the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, Max Hill, wants to reintegrate the poor, naive Islamic State jihadis. Stewart, by contrast, is correct: These are people who have essentially moved away from any kind of allegiance towards the British Government. They are absolutely dedicated, as members of []


With visit to Iran, Hamas thumbs nose at Palestinian reconciliation Unite against the Zionist entity. "IndyWatch Feed War"

Terror group signals it will never give up its weaponry, parades independence from Egypt with surprise Tehran trip

Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh delivers a speech in front of portraits of late Iranian revolutionary founder Ayatollah Khomeini (left), and supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (right), at a rally in Tehran, February 11, 2012. (AP/Vahid Salemi)
Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh delivers a speech in front of portraits of late Iranian revolutionary founder Ayatollah Khomeini (left), and supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (right), at a rally in Tehran, February 11, 2012. (AP/Vahid Salemi)

At the outset of the current round of Palestinian reconciliation talks, Hamas appeared committed to working with Egypt to reach a deal to end 10 years of a bitter rivalry with Fatah, which controls the Palestinian Authority.

But then a senior delegation of officials from the terror organization took an unexpected visit to Iran, casting a shadow over the unity efforts.

When talks began, it seemed Hamas had taken a good look in the mirror seen its international stance waning, and the territory it controls, the Gaza Strip, suffering from vast unemployment as well as crippling electric and water crises and understood it had to make drastic changes to stay in power.

And there was the matter of Egypt. Cairo holds strong sway over Hamas, as it can partially remove the 11-year crippling blockade of the enclave, which would end years of limited travel and boost the Gazan economy. Hamass seni...


Why 1997 Asian Crisis Lessons Lost "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 24 2017 (IPS) Various different, and sometimes contradictory lessons have been drawn from the 1997-1998 East Asian crises. Rapid or V-shaped recoveries and renewed growth in most developing countries in the new century also served to postpone the urgency of far-reaching reforms. The crises complex ideological, political and policy implications have also made it difficult to draw lessons from the crises.

The initial response to the East-Asian crises was to blame poor macroeconomic and fiscal policies. Credit: IPS

Conventional wisdom
The conventional wisdom was to blame the crisis on bad economic policies pursued by the governments concerned. Of course, the vested interests favouring the international financial status quo or further liberalization also impede implementing needed reforms. Such interests continue to be supported by the media.

Citing currency crisis theory, the initial response to the crises was to blame poor macroeconomic, especially fiscal policies, although most East Asian economies had been maintaining budgetary surpluses for some years. Nevertheless, the IMF and others, including the international business media, urged spending cuts and other pro-cyclical policies (e.g., raising interest rates) which worsened the downturns.

Such policies were adopted in much of the region from late 1997, precipitating sharper economic collapses. By the second quarter of 1998, however, it was increasingly recognized that these policies had worsened, rather than reversed the economic deterioration, transforming currency and financial crises into crises of the real economy.

By early 1998, however, as macroeconomic...


Expansion of Imperialist U.S. "IndyWatch Feed War"

Na Libi,......Frankrijk en de US gaan door in Afrika........
Expansion of Imperialist U.S. War on Terror in Africa Preceded Deadly Attacks in Niger & Somalia

Expansion of Imperialist U.S. War on Terror in Africa Preceded Deadly Attacks in Niger & Somalia



Saudi sovereign wealth fund to double assets by 2020 "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP | Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman attends the Future Investment Initiative conference in Riyadh on October 24, 2017

RIYADH (AFP)  Saudi Arabia, smarting from a three-year oil slump, said Wednesday that it aims to nearly double the assets of its sovereign wealth fund by 2020 through a series of investment initiatives.

The Public Investment Fund (PIF), chaired by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, said the programme comprising 30 business initiatives would boost its assets to $400 billion in the coming three years, up from $230 billion now.

The newly unveiled NEOM mega economic zone, with investments topping $500 billion, is envisaged as the crown jewel of the planned investments, a statement said.

Saudi Arabia, the worlds top oil exporter, has lost hundreds of billion of dollars since crude prices plummeted in mid-2014, posting huge budget deficits.

Prince Mohammed last year launched Vision 2030, consisting of economic austerity and development programmes, to diversify the economy away from oil.

The kingdom, which pumps 10 million barrels of oil per day, has nearly $500 billion of fiscal reserves managed by the countrys central bank.

The PIF did not reveal the nature of the business initiatives it will undertake but highlighted the NEOM project launched on Tuesday by the crown prince.

Saudi Arabia has pledged to inject $500 billion in the NEOM project, envisioned as a special economic zone over an area of 26,500 square kilometres (10,230 square miles) on the northern Red Sea coast extending into Jordan and Egypt.

PIF said its initiatives, including NEOM, will create 20,000 direct domestic jobs in addition to nearly 300,000 construction jobs, boosting its contribution to Saudi gross domestic product (GDP) from 4.4 percent currently to 6.3 percent.

The announcement came as Saudi Arabia hosted a three-day Future Investment Initiatives conference, which has attracted more than 2,500 dignitaries and top investors.




Iraq Resists Outside Pressure: Hubris Inspires US Foreign Policy "IndyWatch Feed War"

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi rejected a call by Washington for Iranian-backed fighters to leave Iraq at a meeting with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Baghdad on October 23.


US Hopes to Cut the Gordian Knot of India-Pakistan Rivalry "IndyWatch Feed War"

Most certainly, it stretches credulity that Pakistans military and intelligence establishment were in the dark about the US-Canadian couple held hostage (apparently by Islamist militants) for five long years before being freed on October 11 by the Pakistani military, ostensibly on a tip-off by the US intelligence.


Vietnam student activist jailed for six years "IndyWatch Feed War"


POOL/AFP/File | Vietnams Trade and Industry Minister Tran Tuan Anh at a preliminary meeting in May before next months APEC summit: authorities are cracking down before the meeting

HANOI (AFP)  A Vietnamese student was sentenced Wednesday to six years in prison for anti-state propaganda, as the government tightens its grip on critics before an Asia-Pacific summit in the country next month.Scores of dissidents are already behind bars in the communist state, and rights groups say 2017 has been a particularly harsh year for activists with a spate of arrests and heavy jail sentences.

Phan Kim Khanh, 24, was sentenced for anti-state activities, his lawyer told AFP, blasting the trial as biased.

The court decided to put him in jail for six years and another four years on probation afterwards, Ha Huy Son said.

Khanh was arrested in March during his final year of an international studies degree at Thai Nguyen University in northern Vietnam.

Image result for Phan Kim Khanh, vietnam, photos
Phan Kim Khanh

He reportedly ran several blogs and YouTube channels where he voiced opinions on corruption and politics.

Son said his client was calm in court Wednesday as he apologised for what he had done.

His sister told AFP Khanh had not broken the law.

We did not know what he did. But I think hes innocent, Phan Thi Trang said.

Khanh joins scores of dissidents already behind bars.

There is no independent media in the country, though bloggers and activists have become increasingly vocal on social media in recent years.

Analysts say authorities have ramped up a clampdown on activists before an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in November.

Others say the current conservative leadership in power since last year has become bolder in pursuing its critics since the election of US President Donald Trump.

Trumps administration has been accused of turning its back on human rights while seeking overseas trade deals.

Human Rights Watch said foreign governments should put pressure on Vietnam at the APEC meeting.



US-backed Forces Capture More Oil FIelds On Eastern Bank Of Euphrates (Map) "IndyWatch Feed War"

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have been rapidly capturing the remaining gas and oil infrastructure on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

Last weekend, the SDF entered the Omar oil fields and established its control over this key facility. This week, the US-backed force captured the Azraq and Jarnof oil fields, according to pro-Kurdish sources.

The only issue is that the SDF has been still unable to provide any photos or videos from the recently captured areas. Syrian experts link this  with the fact that the SDF achieved control over theis area as a result of the alleged deal with local ISIS members. Pro-SDF sources obviously deny these allegations.

US-backed Forces Capture More Oil FIelds On Eastern Bank Of Euphrates (Map)

Click to see the full-size map

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Maryland development under fire for selling homes only to Muslims "IndyWatch Feed War"

The meeting occasionally grew heated. One man wearing a Rolling Stones T-shirt challenged Younus about the definition of jihad. Jihad is a war on the infidel, and I am the infidel, he said. (The man declined to give his name to The Washington Post, calling it the lying press.) Yes, the Washington Post is indeed []


Saudi Arabia announces $500 billion city of robots and renewables "IndyWatch Feed War"

Klaus Kleinfeld will be the president of the new project.
The wind and sun will allow NEOM to be powered solely by regenerative energy
NEOM commands a unique location to bring together the best of Arabia, Asia, Africa, Europe and America
NEOM is developed to be independent of the Kingdoms existing governmental framework
Overlooking the waterfront of the Red Sea to the South and the West, and the Gulf of Aqaba, NEOM enjoys an uninterrupted coastline stretching over 468 km


Trump"s Task Is to Reverse the "Roll Out" of Iran by Challenging the JCPOA "IndyWatch Feed War"

The false concerns of the US government about the peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear energy program have always been a pretext to justify the US antagonism and drive to get Tehran to act in the interests of the US.


U.K. Economic Growth Accelerates as Crunch BOE Meeting Nears "IndyWatch Feed War"


By David Goodman

October 25, 2017, 4:30 AM EDT October 25, 2017, 4:48 AM EDT
  • Services drive expansion as construction sector shrinks
  • BOE may increase interest rates as early as next week

The U.K. economy grew more than forecast in the third quarter, which may add fuel to speculation that the Bank of England is about to raise interest rates for the first time in a decade.

Gross domestic product rose 0.4 percent in the three months, beating the 0.3 percent forecast in a Bloomberg survey. Services rose 0.4 percent, industrial production jumped 1 percent while construction shrank the most in five years.

The pound climbed after the report, which is the last major hard data BOE officials will get on the health of the economy before their crucial meeting next week. With inflation at the fastest in more than five years, Governor Mark Carney has said tightening may be needed within months, and economists and traders expect the bank to increase borrowing costs on Nov. 2.

The pound was 0.2 percent higher at $1.3165 as of 9:45 a.m. London time.

Even though the latest quarter was better than expected, growth is still running at a weaker pace than it was in 2016. The pace is also slower than when the BOE has raised interest rates in the past, though Carneys arguments for a hike are mainly centered on the erosion of slack.

There is a better chance than not that they go in November, but they still have to make the decision, Mike Amey, managing director at Pimco in London, said in a Bloomberg Television interview. The first one is always going to be difficult.

Policy Mistake

Some have warned that a hike could be a policy mistake given the U.Ks relatively sluggish growth and Brexit-related uncertainty thats clouding the outlook. They also argue that inflation is being driven by the weaker pound, rather than being domestically generated....


Iran-China Trade Up 24% "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: outdoor

Iran-China trade during the eight months to Aug. 31, 2017 stood at $24.17 billion, registering a 24% increase compared with the corresponding period of last year.

Iran exported about $12.13 billion worth of goods to China during the period, indicating a 30% increase compared with the similar period of last year, Mehr News Agency reported, citing the General Administration of Customs of the Peoples Republic of China. Irans imports from China amounted to $12.04 billion, showing more than an 18% rise year-on-year.

China has long been Irans biggest trading partner in the world.


The FBI"s Forgotten Criminal History "IndyWatch Feed War"

Is the FBIs halo irrevocable? The FBI has always used its good guy image to keep a lid on its crimes. It is long past time for the American people, media, and Congress to take the FBI off its pedestal and place it where it belongs under the law. It is time to cease venerating a federal agency whose abuses have perennially menaced Americans constitutional rights. Otherwise, the FBIs vast power and pervasive secrecy guarantee that more FBI scandals are just around the bend.


An independent Catalonia would be out of the EU: economy minister "IndyWatch Feed War"


MADRID (Reuters) An independent Catalonia would be forced out of the European Union and euro area which would directly hurt the regional economy, the Spanish economy minister said on Wednesday.

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

Spains Economy Minister Luis de Guindos speaks during an interview with Reuters at Economy Ministry in Madrid, Spain October 5, 2017. REUTERS/Sergio Perez

Itd be out of all the treaties, 70 percent of its gross domestic product would be subject to tariffs and physical borders. It would be out of the euro zone and the banks wouldnt have ECB coverage it would have to create its own currency which would be very depreciated, Luis de Guindos told parliament on Wednesday.

Such a depreciation would lead to an estimated 25-30 percent drop in regional economic growth, elevated inflation and a doubling of unemployment rates, he said.

Reporting by Paul Day; Editing by Jesus Aguado


Russia Vetoes Deplorable SC Resolution on Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Russia Vetoes Deplorable SC Resolution on Syria by Stephen Lendman ( Home Stephen Lendman) Washington, Britain and France supported a Security Council resolution to renew Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM) authorization to examine CW use in Syria for another year knowing the entire Damascus stockpile was eliminated in 2014, confirmed by OPCW inspectors. []


ANALYSIS: After Sabratha battle, scramble for western Libya is on "IndyWatch Feed War"


With victory of militia aligned with Khalifa Haftar and Salafi fighters, Sabratha residents anxious over who might take control of their city next


After independence vote, Kurdish leaders feel under siege "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Associated Press


IRBIL, Iraq (AP) Just a month ago, Iraqs Kurds were celebrating their symbolic vote for independence as a historic step toward their decades-old dream of statehood, with enough energy reserves to guarantee generations of prosperity.

But instead of moving forward with negotiations toward a smooth divorce from Baghdad, Kurdish politicians have been humiliated with the loss of their most important oil-producing city, Kirkuk, which was taken over by Iraqi troops last week. That has squeezed an already hurting economy and dashed hopes of an independent state.

Worse still, their traditional ally the U.S. and Turkey, which has traditionally maintained good relations with the Iraqi Kurds, have hardly acted to moderate against Iraqs central government, and Kurdish leaders feel they are under siege in a world stacked decidedly against separatism.

They want to push us into an internal war, said Ali Awni, an adviser to Kurdish President Masoud Barzani.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited Baghdad on Monday amid hopes the former Exxon executive would mediate between the Kurds and Iraq, but there were no immediate changes in the dispute.

The Kurdish peshmerga forces so vital in recent Iraqi victories over Islamic State extremists said Tuesday they have pushed back two advances by Iraqi federal troops and allied Iranian-backed militias toward pockets vital to the Kurdish regions oil economy.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi demands that Kurdish officials hand over a disputed pipeline between the Kurdish region and Turkey, a move that would effectively doom Kurdish oil exports and devastate the regional budget. The border with Turkey, Baghdad says, constitutionally belongs to federal authorities.

Citing the turmoil and the continued buildup of federal troops at their borders, the Kurdish parliament on Tuesday postponed elections for eight months. The government also offered to freeze the results of the controversial referendum as part of a proposed dialogue with Baghdad.

I dont imagi...


Top-Secret NSA Memo Proves Syrian Rebels (Terrorists) Were Directed by Saudis and the US Knew "IndyWatch Feed War" Top-Secret NSA Memo Proves Syrian Rebels Were Directed by Saudis and the US Knew Written by Tyler Durden ZHE)  The Intercept has just released a new top-secret NSA document unearthed from leaked intelligence files provided by Edward Snowden which reveals in stunning clarity that the armed opposition in Syria was under the direct command of foreign governments []


Grambling State: 2 students fatally shot on campus "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Associated Press

October 25, 2017

GRAMBLING, La. (AP) A sheriffs spokesman says two people have been fatally shot on the campus at Grambling State University, and the shooter fled the scene.

Lincoln Parish Sheriffs spokesman Stephen Williams says detectives are at the scene of the double homicide, assisting campus police.

Grambling State University Media Relations Director Will Sutton told local media that it happened during an altercation in a courtyard. The local ABC News affiliate KNOE reported that Sutton identified the victims as Grambling students, Earl Andrews and Monquiarius Caldwell, both 23 and from Farmerville, Louisiana.

The campus police and media relations offices had no more details they could share immediately.



There's been a development in those California wild fires stories, as officials there now suspect that the marijuana growers industry was a deliberate target,




The phenomenon of chemtrails has been around for a while in the alternative research community and, predictably, it's one of those topics that the

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Who Are the Terrorists In American Jails? Part 1 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Al-Qaeda terrorist Zacarias MousaouiAl-Qaeda terrorist Zacarias Mousaoui (Foreground photo: video screenshot; background photo: Reuters)


There were 443 convicted terrorists imprisoned in the United States (as of April 2016), according to The New York Times. They are serving sentences for crimes ranging from sharing ISIS propaganda online to carrying out terror attacks on U.S soil.

We are taking a snapshot of some of those people and telling you their stories.


Part One: Zacarias Moussaoui

Zacarias Moussaoui, 49, is currently serving six life sentences without parole for his part in the 9/11 attacks.

He is a French citizen of Moroccan descent. He moved around and spent significant time in the UK associating with London-based extremists. Moussaoui is known to have affiliated with Al-Muhajiroun, Anjem Choudarys organization (Choudary was convicted and sent to prison last year for supporting ISIS). He also traveled to an al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan and to visit a top al-Qaeda lieutenant in Pakistan.

Moussaoui learned to fly planes at a flight school in Oklahoma but aroused the suspicions of the instructors after asking odd questions. They reported him to the FBI.

In August 2001, unable to obtain a search warrant to go through his...


'He was my friend': Iraqi pilots hunt for fallen comrades in IS killing fields "IndyWatch Feed War"


Iraqi air force men seek closure for colleagues, whose bodies were hidden by Hawija residents to prevent their desecration by IS


Goodbye Royal Marines "IndyWatch Feed War"

Over the course of the summer there was great fanfare and much to do from the British Secretary of State, Sir Michael Fallon MP, regarding the 'completion' of two new British aircraft carriers called HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales...


Wave of addiction linked to fentanyl worsens as drugs, distribution, evolve "IndyWatch Feed War"

As President Trump prepares to declare the opioid epidemic a national crisis, law enforcement is fighting a complex black market for fentanyl, a synthetic narcotic that has overtaken heroin in some regions and is increasingly the cause of fatal overdoses nationwide.

The Washington Post
October 25, 2017

Michelle MacLeod died in a tough part of town known as the Tree Streets, where many of the streets have names like Ash, Palm, Chestnut and Walnut. Kevin Manchester, who provided the fentanyl that killed her, lived on Pine.

After MacLeods death, Nashua police wired her fiance and recorded him telling Manchester that MacLeod had overdosed and died. Manchester kept selling the powerful synthetic narcotic anyway.

Manchester, 27, went to prison for selling drugs that proved lethal a death-resulting charge that prosecutors are using more frequently as they battle the opioid epidemic.

He had no pause from what he had done, knowing full well he had killed that girl, said Jon DeLena, the assistant special agent in charge in New Hampshire for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. It didnt slow him down at all.

The DEA points to the Manchester case as a victory, but it also highlights the challenges for law enforcement agencies as they seek to curb the spread of fentanyl. Manchester, a small-time dealer who was using his own product, was part of a wave of addiction that has worsened as the drugs have evolved, with fentanyl posing special problems because it is extremely potent, easily transported and highly desired.

As President Trump prepares to declare the opioid epidemic a national crisis, the law enforcement community is racing to contain the spread of fentanyl, which has largely replaced heroin on the streets here in opioid-ravaged New England and is increasingly the cause of fatal overdoses nationwide.

For dealers, a ripe market

The drug crisis is both a law enforcement issue and a public health emergency, a decentralized disaster that authorities understand they cannot solve with handcuffs and prison bars alone. Because the drug abusers often are themselves the dealers, the localized drug networks turn police work into a game of whack-a-mole.

Much of the fentanyl that winds up in New England is manufactured in Mexico using precursor materials obtained from China, the DEA says. It is then smuggled into the United States.

Some of the illicit fentanyl arrives via the mail. Last we...


Who wrote the Balfour Declaration and why: The World War I Connection "IndyWatch Feed War"

(L-R) Chaim Weizmann, future president of Israel, with Louis Brandeis, US Supreme Court Justice, in Palestine, 1919. The two were instrumental in obtaining the Balfour Declaration, a British document that many feel was a critical step in the establishment of Israel. Zionists promise that they would get the U.S. to join Britain in the Great []


Will Saudi Arabia Really End Extremism? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Bin Salman. (Photo: FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images)Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Bin Salman (Photo: FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP/Getty Images)

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, made a shocking announcement today, which could signal a huge shift in Saudi thinking.

We want to go back to what we were, to a moderate Islam that is open to the world, open to all the religions, the heir to the throne told a meeting of the Future Investment Initiative in the Saudi capital of Riyadh on Tuesday.

We will not spend the next 30 years of our lives dealing with destructive ideas. We will destroy them today, he added. We will end extremism very soon.

Bin Salman made the announcement while unveiling the creation of a new economic zone called NEOM, an investment area stretching across Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan on the Red Sea coast. The project will cost $500 billion and is intended to be a technological hub for innovation.

This place is not for conventional people or conventional companies, Bin told the conference. This will be a place for the dreamers of the world.

The ...


Xi Jinping Is Alone at the Top and Collective Leadership Is Dead "IndyWatch Feed War"

The presidents ideologyand sway over policyhas been enshrined in the Communist Party charter

The Communist Party of China's new Politburo Standing Committee on Wednesday in Beijing. From left to right: Han Zheng, Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang, Wang Yang and Zhao Leji.
The Communist Party of Chinas new Politburo Standing Committee on Wednesday in Beijing. From left to right: Han Zheng, Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang, Wang Yang and Zhao Leji. PHOTO: WANG ZHAO/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

BEIJINGFive years after becoming Chinas leader, Xi Jinping has been granted power unmatched in recent decades and a stature on par with that of Chairman Mao Zedong.

Chinas Communist Party unveiled a new top leadership lineup on Wednesday, including close allies of Mr. Xi and without a likely successor, ensuring that he can dominate decision-making for the next five years, and possibly longer.

The makeup of the new Politburo Standing Committee, the partys top body, positions Mr. Xi to remain in power after his second term ends in 2022, breaking retirement norms developed...


Wettlauf um die lfelder "IndyWatch Feed War"

Der Wettlauf um die lfelder von Kirkuk hat begonnen 



China and Xi Challenge the Worlds Constitutions "IndyWatch Feed War"


An authoritarian government that runs smoothly looks like a viable option. Unless it falters.
By Noah Feldman
October 24, 2017, 7:23 PM EDT
Get used to that face.

 Photographer: Greg Baker/AFP/Getty Images

The most important constitutional amendment of 2017 isnt to the constitution of a country: Its the amendment approved Tuesday to the Constitution of the Chinese Communist Party, which enshrines President Xi Jinpings philosophy alongside the thought of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping.

Talk about a sign of the times. Around the world, from Poland to Spain to Turkey, Israel, India and the U.S., constitutional democracy is undergoing a stress test. Buffeted by the forces of nationalism and populism, democratic institutions are struggling. Meanwhile, China, which doesnt practice constitutional democracy or aspire to it, is trying to demonstrate that it can structure a legitimate government by evolving its own authoritarian structures of control. Its a risky process, to be sure. But, from the outside, it seems to be proceeding successfully and deepening the challenge to constitutional democracy.

China has its own constitution, but it matters less for governance than the partys...


Three Days of Russophobia "IndyWatch Feed War"

UVAs Miller Center Plans Three Days of Russophobia

Even as some Democrats are at long last growing frustrated with the lack of actual evidence for the past several months of stories about Russia stealing a U.S. election, Russiagate has penetrated so deeply that Trumps ambassador to the United Nations has declared Russias alleged crimes to be acts of war. That Russias fictional actions being warfare would make Donald Trump guilty of treason is really a minor glitch not to be fretted over if we step back and view the situation calmly and wisely from the point of view of the weapons dealers.


Map Update: Military Situation South Of Damascus After Recent Advances Of ISIS Against Local Rebels "IndyWatch Feed War"

This map provides a general look at the military situation in the southern countryside of Damascus after the recent ISIS advances in the area.

In October, ISIS conducted a series of attacks against local rebels in the Yamouk refugee camp area and seized a chunk of territory in the  center of the pocket.

Map Update: Military Situation South Of Damascus After Recent Advances Of ISIS Against Local Rebels

Click to see the full-size map

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Libya: A stalled UN roadmap and the coming battle for Tripoli "IndyWatch Feed War"

The recent seizure of Sabratha by Haftar forces indicates growing social support in the area. If the UN process fails or stalls, it may make it easier for Haftar to try and take Tripoli by force


U.S. Intervention in Niger "IndyWatch Feed War"

Senators Are Stunned To Discover We Have 1,000 Troops In Niger



EU and Glyfosaat "IndyWatch Feed War"

EU politici willen nog 10 jaar spuiten met glyfosaat. 
En daarna is het niet meer nodig

The fact that the number of flying insects is decreasing at such a high rate in such a large area is an alarming discovery, said Hans de Kroon, at Radboud University in the Netherlands and who led the new research.

Insects make up about two-thirds of all life on Earth [but] there has been some kind of horrific decline, said Prof Dave Goulson of Sussex University, UK, and part of the team behind the new study. We appear to be making vast tracts of land inhospitable to most forms of life, and are currently on course for ecological Armageddon. If we lose the insects then everything is going to collapse.

In September, a chief scientific adviser to the UK government warned that regulators around the world have falsely assumed that it is safe to use pesticides at industrial scales across landscapes and that the effects of dosing whole landscapes with chemicals have been largely ignored.


The FBIs Political Meddling "IndyWatch Feed War"

Mueller is the wrong sleuth when his ex-agency is so tangled up with Russia.

Oct. 24, 2017 6:17 p.m. ET

 Image result for Robert Mueller, photos
A Sept. 4, 2013 file photo showing incoming FBI Director James Comey, right, talking with retiring FBI Director Robert Mueller at the Justice Department in Washington,D.C.

Lets give plausible accounts of the known facts, then explain why demands that Robert Mueller recuse himself from the Russia investigation may not be the fanciful partisan grandstanding you imagine.

Heres a story consistent with what has been reported in the presshow reliably reported is uncertain. Democratic political opponents of Donald Trump financed a British former spook who spread money among contacts in Russia, who in turn over drinks solicited stories from their supposedly connected sources in Moscow. If these people were really connected in any meaningful sense, then they made sure the stories they spun were consistent with the interests of the regime, if not actually scripted by the regime.

The resulting Trump dossier then became a factor in Obama administration decisions to launch an FBI counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign, and after the election to trumpet suspicions of Trump collusion with Russia.

We know of a second, possibly even more consequential way the FBI was effectively a vehicle for Russian meddling in U.S. politics. Authoritative news reports say FBI chief James Comeys intervention in the Hillary Clinton email matter was prompted by a Russian intelligence document that his colleagues suspected was a Russian plant.

OK, Mr. Mueller was a former close colleague and leader but no longer part of the FBI when these events occurred. This may or may not make him a questionable person to lead a Russia-meddling investigation in which the FBIs own actions are necessarily a concern.

But now we come to the Rosatom disclosures last week in The Hill, a newspaper...


War Criminal George W. Bush Receives a Character Award at West Point: Duty, Honour, Atrocity "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Erik Edstrom In George W. Bushs home state of Texas, if you are an ordinary citizen found guilty of capital murder, the mandatory sentence is either life in prison or the death penalty. If, however, you are a former president of the United States responsible for initiating two illegal wars of aggression, which killed 7,000 []


New cyberattack BadRabbit hits Russia, Ukraine "IndyWatch Feed War"

A ransomware campaign called BadRabbit has hit Russias Interfax news agency and caused flight delays at Odessa airport in Ukraine. It follows similar attacks in May and June that caused billions in damages.

Virus on a computer screen

Over half of the targets of the BadRabbit malware on Tuesday were in Russia, while others were in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Turkey and Japan, according to US-based cybersecurity firm ESET. There were some reports that computers in Germany had also been targeted.

ESETs Robert Lipovsky said the attacks were disturbing because they quickly infected critical infrastructure, which indicated they were part of a well-coordinated campaign.


UK officials want to know if Russia meddled in the Brexit vote "IndyWatch Feed War"

Theyve asked Facebook to provide information on Russian-purchased ads.


Saudi Crown Prince: Saudi Arabia will return to moderate Islam "IndyWatch Feed War"

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman has vowed to restore moderate Islam that is open to all religions in the world. In his own words: We are returning to what we were before a country of moderate Islam that is open to all religions and to the world.We will end extremism very []


Widespread Militia Activity, Political Unrest Drive Millions from Their Homes in DR Congo "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

Some 3.9 million people across several regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have been displaced from their homes, and amid growing violence and unrest, the United Nations refugee agency on 24 October warned that the number could rise even further.

A family flee violence in Kamonia, Kasai province, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Photo: UNHCR/John Wessels

According to a spokesperson for the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), over the last three months alone, more than 428,000 people have been displaced.

With widespread militia activities, and unrest and violence fuelled by ethnic and political conflict affecting many areas, the risk of further displacement is high, UNHCR spokesperson Adrian Edwards told journalists.

The challenges of getting aid to people in need are growing fast, he added.

In particular, the regions of Tanganyika, North and South Kivu, and Kasai are the worst affected due to intercommunal clashes, fighting between armed groups and increasing number of armed militia.

Complicating the matters is the onset of the rainy season, that has necessitated the need to beef up public health, sanitation and water supplies to prevent the outbreak of disease. Psychosocial support as well as care for people with specific needs is also urgently required.

In light of the worsening conditions, the UN agency and humanitarian partners have declared the situation in DRC to level 3 the highest level of emergency.



Illegal US Airstrike Kills 14 Civilians in Eastern Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Source Attack targeted govt-held district in Deir Ezzor US warplanes attacked the Qusur District of Syrias city of Deir Ezzor, a government-held area in the nations far east, killing at least 14 civilians and wounding 32 others, according to reports. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that 22 civilians had been killed in the []


In 9 Months, Trump has Bombed to Death more Civilians than Obama Did in 8 Years "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Steven Feldstein, Boise State University, The Conversation When President Donald Trump took office in January, it was unclear whether the bombast from his campaign would translate into an aggressive new strategy against terrorism. At campaign rallies he pledged to bomb the hell out of the Islamic State. He openly mused about killing the families []


Ending Child Marriage in West and Central Africa Could Take 100 Years UNICEF "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

24 October 2017 Unless progress is accelerated, ending child marriage in West and Central Africa will take more than 100 years, with far-reaching, life-altering consequences for millions of child brides and crippling impact on the regions prosperity, the UN childrens agency has said.

Dada, 15, holds her 18-month-old daughter Husseina where shes live in a host community in Maiduguri, Borno State, northeast Nigeria. Photo: UNICEF/UN0118457/

A new report released Monday {23 October} from the UN Childrens Fund (UNICEF), Achieving a future without child marriage: Focus on West and Central Africa, reveals that, due to rapid population growth and high prevalence of child marriage, even if the current decline rate was doubled, it would not suffice to reduce the annual number of girls married.

We cannot continue to let so many of our girls miss out on their health, education, and childhood, said Fatoumata Ndiaye, UNICEFs Deputy Executive Director, in a press release, adding that at current rates, our report shows, it will take over 100 years to eliminate child marriage in the region how is this acceptable?

The new projections, released during a UN-backed high-level meeting on ending child marriage in Dakar this week, aim to bring the spotlight on the region of the world where girls face the highest risk of marrying in childhood.

While the prevalence of child marriage in West and Central Africa has declined over the past two decades, progress has been uneven, and still four in 10 women are married before the age of 18 and, of these...


John McCain: I Choose The Kurds "IndyWatch Feed War"

By John McCain
The New York Times
October 25, 2017

WASHINGTON Clashes this month between elements of the Iraqi security forces and Kurdish fighters around Kirkuk are deeply troubling, in particular because of the United States longstanding friendship with the Kurdish people. These clashes are also emblematic of a broader, more troubling reality: Beyond our tactical successes in the fight against the Islamic State, the United States is still dangerously lacking a comprehensive strategy toward the rest of the Middle East in all of its complexity.

This is the unfortunate legacy that the Obama administration left for its successor. President Trumps call this month for a broader strategy to confront Irans malign influence across the Middle East was an encouraging indication that the administration recognizes the problem.

But just days after that speech, reports surfaced that Qassim Suleimani, the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards elite Quds Force, was near Kirkuk, preparing military advances on Kurdish positions by Iranian-backed Iraqi militias to augment the broader efforts of Iraqi security forces. When those advances came, some Iraqi forces, according to reports, fought with equipment that had been provided by the United States.

This is totally unacceptable. The United States offered arms and training to the government of Iraq to fight the Islamic State and secure Iraq from external threats not to attack Iraqi Kurds, who are some of Americas most trusted and capable partners in the region.

For decades, the United States alliance with the Kurds has protected them from attacks, both from within and outside Iraq, while furthering American national security interests. In the past few years, the Kurds have become even closer allies, fighting alongside the United States against the Islamic State.




Poland: Invitation from Warsaw ABC to the 4th Annual Anti-Prison Days, November 27-29, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed War"


Warsaws Anarchist Black Cross invites you to 4th Anti-prison Days!

The topic of prison system in Poland is still considered a social taboo and it is still common to paint a black picture of those behind bars. At the same time, the authorities are enforcing the policy of fear to justify the implementation of gradually more strict laws aiming at all those opposing their authoritarian intentions.

In west Europe and the us the anti-prison campaigns are naturally connected with social fights in others fields: fighting for workers laws, fighting against land usurpation and elimination of small farmers, supporting immigrants, protecting environment, fighting for the tenants rights and many more. In Poland if this topic exists at all, it is still a newborn rather than taking its toll.

Meanwhile, only in 2016 in Poland more then 70 thousand people were imprisoned in 64 remand centres and 84 prisons.. What that system actually generates is more pathology, deprivation of dignity, violence and modern slavery. This is not a joke as many as 22,5% of those imprisoned are forced to work for free, and the new amendment to the prison system law, that have been forced through not long ago, will increase those numbers fast. Those imprisoned will have to work even more for the g...


Final Straw: Anarchist Perspectives on #DACA #StopDeportations "IndyWatch Feed War"

Final Straw radio podcast. This week we are presenting two anarchist voices regarding DACA, among many other things. DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, and has been in the news recently because of a stay on this program by the current administration.



Originally published by the Final Straw.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Final Straw: Anarchist Perspectives on DACA



Donald Trump to skip key Asia summit in Philippines to go home earlier Its a bad signal to send to the region. "IndyWatch Feed War"


Image may contain: 1 person, suit

President Donald Trump waits to speak at the White House, Oct 24, 2017. PHOTO: EPA-EFE

WASHINGTON (WASHINGTON POST) Leaders of more than a dozen countries will meet for a major summit in the Philippines in mid-November, but President Donald Trump wont be there. He is planning to skip it and leave the Philippines the day before.

Its a bad signal to send to the region, and it could undermine the overall goal of his Asia tour by calling American regional leadership into question.

At the White House on Monday, Trump said he would probably be visiting the Philippines as part of his 12-day trip to Asia early next month.

A National Security Council spokesman told the Washington Post that Trump will be in Manila Nov 12 and 13 and will meet with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and others. But he will not travel the additional 80km to the Filipino city of Angeles on Nov 14 for the East Asia Summit, an annual conference of Asian and world leaders that focuses on the strategic future of the region.

The Presidents trip to Asia is extremely lengthy and will be his longest to date his return to the US on the evening of Nov 13 is entirely schedule-driven, the spokesman said. You should not read anything into his being absent on the 14th.

The East Asia Summit opens in Angeles on Nov 13, but the major events with world leaders occur on Nov 14.

But the region is sure to read a lot into Trumps absence, acc...


Syria Mufti: Martyre Isam Zahrideen "IndyWatch Feed War"

Related videos Related Articles Filed under: AngloZionist Empire, Martyrs, Syrian Army, War on Syria Tagged: Deir Ezzor


Why Liberal Muslims Support Conservative Parties "IndyWatch Feed War"

Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau prays at the Jamea Masjid mosque in Surrey, British Columbia two years before he was elected. Trudeau has pandered to Islamists since he was elected.Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau prays at the Jamea Masjid mosque in Surrey, British Columbia two years before he was elected. Trudeau has pandered to Islamists since he was elected. (Photo: video screenshot)

There was a time when liberal Muslims in the West were mainly aligned with liberal parties.

But while seeing mass Islamic ghettos in the West during the past two decades, liberal parties started aligning themselves with traditional mosque establishments and Islamic centers of the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat-e-Islami for the sake of their vote banks.

That was the turning point for left-leaning liberal Muslims, and when they started looking for their options.

Liberal Muslims cant get along with left or liberal parties that support sharia laws, motions or laws about so-called Islamophobia, niqab or veil advocacy, Islamic banking, prayer rooms in public schools and Islamic ghettoization.

Now, liberal parties all across Western countries support the veil, niqabs and burkas of few Muslim women in the name of the Charter of Freedom. Liberal Muslims argue that these items do not represent a dress code; rather, they are masks over the dress.

How could one accept concealing identity tactics in the name of the Charter of Freedoms?

But from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Labour Party leadership in Britian, liberal parties are endorsing womens face covering inequality in the name of equality.

The Western world separated religion and politics long ago, but when it comes to Islamic communities, the two get mixed in the name of religious rights.

However, liberals dont know that burkas and veils are not subscribed in...


Bloody Monday: Grandnephew of GULAG organizer stabbed the Echo of Moscow editor (MUST READ!) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Note by the Saker: a huge THANK YOU to Scott for an outstanding piece of research which he did literally overnight!  This is fascinating and most important, so I added


At a forgotten Pakistan port, China paves a new Silk Road Welcome to Gwadar (Gate of the Wind) "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP / by Amlie HERENSTEIN | Situated on a barren peninsula in the Arabian Sea, Gwadar, or the gate of the wind, owes its fortuitous selection as Pakistans next economic hub to its strategic location near the Strait of Hormuz

GWADAR (PAKISTAN) (AFP)  Remote and impoverished, Pakistans Gwadar port at first glance seems an unlikely crown jewel in a multi-billion-dollar development project with China aimed at constructing a 21st century Silk Road.

Situated on a barren peninsula in the Arabian Sea, Gwadar, or the gate of the wind, owes its fortuitous selection as Pakistans next economic hub to its strategic location near the Strait of Hormuz.

The city is set to become the bridgehead for the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a $54 billion project launched in 2013 linking western China to the Indian Ocean via Pakistan.

The corridor is one of the largest projects in Beijings One Belt One Road initiative, comprising a network of roads and sea routes involving 65 countries.

The Chinese-financed initiative aims to connect the country with Africa, Asia and Europe through a vast network of ports, railways, roads and industrial parks.

But for Pakistan, participating in the project presents an enormous challenge in a country plagued by weak institutions, endemic corruption and a range of insurgencies in areas slated to host the corridor.

This port is going to help Pakistan mak linkages with neighbouring countries. The entire nation will be getting benefits out of Gwadar, Dostain Khan Jamaldini, chairman of the Gwadar Port Authority, told reporters.

But the first beneficiaries of this port will be the people of Gwadar.

The subject of economic dividends is extremely sensitive in resource-rich Balochistan one of Pakistans poorest and most violent provinces, where separatist insurgencies have been waged for decades.

Since the beginning of the project militants have repeatedly attacked construction site...


Militias Shell Christian Town, Large Mass Grave Found; 219 Killed in Iraq "IndyWatch Feed War"

Kurds and Iraqi forces battled in three locations, including an Assyrian Christian town. Meanwhile, a mass grave was found near Mosul.

The post Militias Shell Christian Town, Large Mass Grave Found; 219 Killed in Iraq appeared first on Original.


Iraqi Kurdistan offers to freeze results of independence referendum "IndyWatch Feed War"


Safin Hamed, AFP | Iraqi Kurds take part in a demonstration outside the US consulate in Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, on October 21, 2017, to protest the escalating crisis with Baghdad


Latest update : 2017-10-25

Iraqi Kurdistan proposed Wednesday to freeze the results of its independence referendum, which triggered a major crisis with Baghdad.

Iraq has called for the cancellation of the results of the vote as a precondition for all negotiations and in retaliation has seized large areas of territory held by Kurdish forces.


Time for the US to Stop Losing Ground to China in the South China Sea "IndyWatch Feed War"

In September, I wrote two articles titled How America Has Not Lost in the South China Sea (SCS) and How America Can Keep From Losing in the SCS respectively. The former provided strategic perspectives and context to the uptick in tensions in the SCS following a year of relative calm since the International Tribunal of the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague handed down its historic and sweeping award on maritime entitlements in the SCS. The latter examined ways and means the United States can regain the strategic initiative, recover the high ground of regional influence, and stave off losing in the SCS by imposing real strategic costs to China.

Since then, two developments have emerged in the SCS that compel Washington to push back against Beijing. If America does not, Chinese leaders will read continued U.S. passivity and acquiescence as tacit acknowledgement and implied consent to execute their strategic ambitions and strategies in the SCS unhindered and unchallenged.

Latest Chinese Legal Warfare

Nevertheless, Beijing hopes to reap some diplomatic and legal gains by replacing the NDL with the 4S. Hopeful benefits include circumventing the increasing censure over its widely disputed NDL claim; moderating extant reproach by adopting United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) language; shaping the law of the sea by adopting a pseudo-UNCLOS approach; undermining last years Tribunal ruling by making a different sovereignty claim from the one found to be illegal and illegitimate; and seeking to allay growing regional concerns, gain potential regional partners, and garner regional good will by excluding (for now) many of...


Saudis Face Daunting Challenge Drawing Iraq From Iran (Follow the Money) "IndyWatch Feed War"

 OCTOBER 25, 2017 00:04


Saudi Arabia has made concerted efforts lately to elevate its relations with its northern neighbor.


A member of the Saudi border guards force stands guard next to a fence on Saudi Arabias northern borderline with Iraq last month.. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Iraq has become the newest front in the struggle for primacy between Saudi Arabia and Iran, with Riyadh mounting a determined bid to lure Baghdad out of Tehrans orbit.

But given the sheer magnitude of Irans influence in Iraq, this promises to be an arduous, if not impossible task.



Turkey and Qatar: Behind the strategic alliance "IndyWatch Feed War"

Al Jazeera

Image result for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, right, shakes hands with Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in Ankara in September [AP], photo

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, right, shakes hands with Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in Ankara in September [AP]

The third meeting of Turkey-Qatar Supreme Strategic Committee kicked off in Istanbul on Tuesday. Al Jazeera examines the strategic relationship binding the two countries.

Military ties

  • In an extraordinary session on June 7, Turkeys parliament ratified two 2014 deals allowing Turkish troops to be deployed in Qatar and another approving an accord between the two countries on military training cooperation.
  • The agreements aimed to raise Qatars defence capabilities, support counter-terror efforts and maintain security and stability in the region.
  • Five armoured vehicles and 23 military Turkish military personnel arrived in Doha on June 18 with plans to increase the number of troops to 3,000 and keep a brigade in the Gulf country.
  • Some 88 Turkish soldiers were reportedly already in Qatar, stationed at an army base the first Turkish military installation in the Arab world.
  • The blockading countries have set the closure of the Turkish base in Qatar as one of 13 conditions to restore relations with Doha.
  • Contrary to the blockading countries, Qatar and Turkey condemned the 2013 military coup that brought Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to power in Egypt.
  • During the attempted Turkish coup in 2016, Qatar quickly offered support to its government, and, as noted by the Turkish ambassador to Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani was the first leader to call President Erdogan and express support to our government and Turkish people.

Turkey is protecting its own interests through the base in Qatar, rather than taking sides between the parties at odds. And Ankara\s interests require stability in the region. Therefore, Turkey would be agains...


My Daughter Will Be Born Stateless In the UK "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sayed Alwadaei 24-10-2017 | 15:38 My wife is due to have a baby at the end of this week. Like many expectant parents, my wife and I have chosen a name, honoring her grandmother. We have bought her clothes, toys, and prepared our home to welcome her, but one thing is still unknown: what nationality []


Kirkuk: Kurds Against a Kurdish State "IndyWatch Feed War"

War produces death and slavery. The outcome of any war will not support starting a social revolution, in fact it damages and weakens the revolutionary climate.


So-called Australia: First Edition of Anti-Prison Zine Paper Chained Now Available Online "IndyWatch Feed War"


Note from Insurrection News: The first edition of Paper Chained is now available online to read or download, paper copies are also available upon request. Paper Chained is a journal of writings and artistic expressions from individuals who are facing or have faced incarceration.Paper Chained is compiled by the Running Wild anarchist collective from So-called Australia. Check it out!

25.10.17:  Its finally here! Click HERE to read the first Issue of Paper Chained online, or read below for other access options.


Read online

View online...


Iran upholds death sentence for man accused of helping Mossad kill scientists "IndyWatch Feed War"

A court in Iran has sentenced a prominent Iranian academic to death for allegedly helping Israel assassinate nuclear scientists and sabotage Tehrans nuclear program. Four Iranian physicists, who were employed in Irans nuclear program, are known to have been assassinated between 2010 and 2012.


The English-speaking worlds fear of calling communism, communism "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Ramin Mazaheri In many ways this fear is justified: communism is a dirty word in the English culture. I recall getting my copy of International Socialist Review mailed to


Land and Racism "IndyWatch Feed War"

Imagine if there were an organization called the White National Fund that raised tens of millions of dollars each year from Canadians to buy land in the US to be held exclusively for people of European descent. WNF land couldnt be leased or sold to anyone who they didnt consider white. Would it be acceptable to give such an organization charitable status so donors received tax breaks?

While similar exclusionary land policies are its raison dtre, Jewish National Fund apologists in Canada claim it is racist to highlight the organizations discrimination.

In a recent commentary on Jagmeet Singhs embrace of imperialist NDP foreign critic Hlne Laverdire I pointed out that she participated in a ceremony put on by the head of the explicitly racist Jewish National Fund during a visit to Israel in November.

An individual on my Facebook had the temerity to respond: Yves Engler would do well to more thoroughly research the long and positive history, aims and accomplishments of the Jewish National Fund, before branding it with his own thinly veiled anti-Semitism, by describing (and underlining) it as explicitly racist. (My underlining was a link to supporting evidence.)

The Green Party was smeared in a similar fashion when members proposed a resolution calling on the Canada Revenue Agency to revoke the JNFs charitable status because of its discrimination against non-Jews in Israel through its bylaws which prohibit the lease or sale of its lands to non-Jews. In a National Post op-ed last summer then JNF head Josh Cooper accused the Greens of discrimination and a commentary published by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs directly labeled the party anti-Semitic.

JNF officials responded in a similar way after a 2013 protest against the organization in Colorado. KKL-JNF World Chairman Efi Stenzler said, attacks and demonstrations against us [Jews] have picked up momentum of late, we [JNF] are targeted first and foremost because we are helping to realize the Zionist vision.

The chutzpah of JNF apologists beggars bel...


Palestinian Unity: Beyond Hamas and Fatah "IndyWatch Feed War"

The reconciliation agreement signed between rival Palestinian parties, Hamas and Fatah, in Cairo on October 12 was not a national unity accord at least, not yet. For the latter to be achieved, the agreement would have to make the interests of the Palestinian people a priority, above factional agendas. The leadership crisis in Palestine Continue reading "Palestinian Unity: Beyond Hamas and Fatah"

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Standing Rock Water Protector Set on Fire in Duluth "IndyWatch Feed War"

Jaclyn Arnold, 24, was set on fire and now is hospitalized in a coma, with burns over 85 percent of her body. Read about this horrible attack at Minnesota CBS Jaclyn was working with Native American women and others who are victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence when she was attacked Thursday. http://


My Fate as a Social Worker Sealed by a Vaccine named Gardasil "IndyWatch Feed War"

Largest U.S. Charities for 2016, with private donations received #37. Planned Parenthood Federation of America, $354 million.

Im writing about this paid forced paid leave (suspension, administrative leave) leading up to my termination within the last hours of Monday because speaking up about injustice is a core belief. Plus, the loss of a job, one of the big TEN life altering and trauma inducing events, ties into who I am in my life, and for gods sake, this is my livelihood, and my reputation is on the line, and my word is being maligned, and my caseload of youth in crisis is now being given the short shrift from a very big Portland non-profit. This is also a case of the non-profits in social services here or anywhere that have a super high turnover rate, pay rates that are obscene, worker respect thats non-existent, and a general feeling that clients are the money trough, and the more on our caseloads, the merrier.

Maybe places that are unionized have a better chance of negating these negatives, or negotiating with the bosses to create sane wages. For the non-profit I currently work for and the previous one, both are in the midst of discontent brewing from within, which always leads to organizing twitches (as in a union).

I also write this piece because mine is a tale of many perspectives, or as the psychologist I am seeing because of the anxiety this administrative leave, says, we all use filters and have confirmation biases. Its a tale of three cities, many cities, really, tied to a huge national birth control and abortion services company, Planned Parenthood, and even a larger player in Big Pharma and its attendant actors. The creators and distributors of Gardasil are directly tied to my sacking from, get this, pennyante wage slaving job as a social worker. Imagine, Merck and Planned Parenthood, both having their hands on my future.

The charge? I dared to voice some concerns (anonymous) that already have been voiced about this vaccine for 10 years on so many platforms, including by medical authorities, international science panels, and the individuals who are suffering disabilities directly associated with the vaccine.

Questioning a Vaccine in an Anonymous Forum Comes Back to Bite Me

I learn...


This Is Not National Unity "IndyWatch Feed War"

The reconciliation agreement signed between rival Palestinian parties, Hamas and Fatah, in Cairo on October 12 was not a national unity accord at least, not yet. For the latter to be achieved, the agreement would have to make the interests of the Palestinian people a priority, above factional agendas.

The leadership crisis in Palestine is not new. It precedes Fatah and Hamas by decades.

Since the destruction of Palestine and the creation of Israel in 1948 and even further back Palestinians found themselves beholden to international and regional power play, beyond their ability to control or even influence.

The greatest achievement of Yasser Arafat, the late and iconic leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was his ability to foster an independent Palestinian political identity and a national movement that, although receiving Arab support, was not entirely appropriated by any particular Arab country.

The Oslo Accords, however, was the demise of that movement. Historians may quarrel on whether Arafat, the PLO and its largest political party, Fatah, had any other option but to engage in the so-called peace process. However, in retrospect, we can surely argue that Oslo was the abrupt cancellation of every Palestinian political achievement, at least since the war of 1967.

Despite the resounding defeat of Arab countries by Israel and its powerful western allies in that war, hope for a new beginning was born. Israel reclaimed East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, but, unwittingly unified Palestinians as one nation, although one that is oppressed and occupied.

Moreover, the deep wounds suffered by Arab countries as a result of the disastrous war, gave Arafat and Fatah the opportunity to utilize the new margins that opened up as a result of the Arab retreat.

The PLO, which was originally managed by the late Egyptian President, Jamal Abdul Nasser, became an exclusively Palestinian platform. Fatah, which was established a few years prior to the war, was the party in charge.

When Israel occupied Lebanon in 1982, its aim was the annihilation of the Palestinian national movement, especially since Arafat was opening up new channels of dialogue, not only with Arab and Muslim countries, but internationally as well. The United Nations, among other global institutions, began recognizing Palestinians, not as hapless refugees needing handouts, but as a serious national movement deserving to be heard and respected.

At the time, Israel was obsessed with preventing Arafat from rebranding the PLO into a budding government. In the short term, Israel achieved its main objective: Arafat was driven to Tunisia with his partys leadership, and the rest of the PLOs fighters were scattered across the Middle East, once more falling hostage t...


Woman Says Harvey Weinstein Forcibly Performed Oral Sex on Her During Her Period "IndyWatch Feed War"

Another woman said Tuesday that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted her. Mimi Haleyi, represented by attorney Gloria Allred, said he lured her to a SoHo loft in 2006, where he backed her into what seemed to be a childrens bedroom, and forcibly performed oral sex on her. She was on her period at the time, and he pulled []


US Soldiers in Niger: A Hidden Global Mission "IndyWatch Feed War"

Empires of scale are often spread thinly across fields of operations. Vast, often opaque functions on the ground are not necessarily conveyed with accuracy to the metropolitan centre. Command structures, for all the sophistication of instant modern communication, do not eliminate human error, let alone enlighten.

The four US army deaths in Niger have been shrouded by the bickering unfolding between President Donald Trump and the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson.  John F. Kelly, the White House chief of staff, has also been catapulted into the sordid business.

What the Johnson episode has obscured, being rich as social media material, are the deaths of three others who perished with Johnson on October 4 in Niger:  Staff Sgt. Dustin M. Wright, Staff Sgt. Bryan C. Black, and Staff Sgt. Jeremiah W. Johnson.

The Washington Post write-up on the fallen is a feeling effort to add substance to those otherwise obscured by the travails of the US empire.  Black was multilingual but also fluent in the Hausa language, as he wanted to communicate directly with the people. This soldier of empire was similarly adept at chess.

Johnson loved his country and proved loyal. For some, he was the beloved crazy uncle who never let a dull moment seep into his day.  Niece Carrie Gomezs words are noted:  He was wild and outgoing. Just always on 100; always making you want to pull your hair out.

These charming if potted accounts serve a few purposes. They add an understandable note of veneration for the fallen, but they also betray the sheer expanse of US deployments in foreign theatres, not all of which are understood in the padded cell of thought that is Washington.  Are these parts of a broader imperial mission, or merely the strutting efforts of a global police effort to keep terrorist elements in check?

Some 800 US military personnel operate in Niger, ostensibly to boost local counter-terrorism efforts. In total, some 1,000 operate in the Chad River Basin, spanning Niger, Chad, the top of Nigeria and the Central African Republic.

The four special forces soldiers were killed in an attack while patrolling with Niger troops near Tongo Tongo in the south-western part of the country, circumstances that will prompt some internal, not very pleasant probing. The skirmishing groups along the border with Mali are a motley assortment, varying between the plumage of Islamic State, led by Abu Walid al-Sahrawi, and opportunistic fringes of al-Qaeda.

Sketchy details of the sanguinary encounter have been sporadically supplied since October 4.  The Chairman of the Joints Chief of St...


Ex-Israel Commander: Settlement project has failed "IndyWatch Feed War"

MEMO | October 24, 2017 The Israeli settlement project in the occupied West Bank and Jordan Valley has failed, a former commander of Israeli forces in the northern Gaza Strip has said. The annual increase in the number of settlers has fallen dramatically, reaching 10.3 per cent in 1996, while in 2016 it fell to []


Is the Future Female? "IndyWatch Feed War"

My friend, Hwee Yee, shared an article I wrote recently on the paradigm of sexism from Harvey Weinstein and beyond.  She commented on the irony of her mentor constantly referring to the future being female despite his own contribution to structural misogyny which she has had to endure while working with him.

Hwee Yees commentary made me think about how clichs like the future is female replicate the religious doxa that describes the condition of old such as that of peasants in England from the the High Middle Ages (c.10011300) through much of the 19th century.  In this arrangement, serfs, although not formally enslaved to local landowner, were nonetheless required to work for the lord of the manor for as long as it took to relieve his bondage.  While serfs occupied a plot of land, their time was not theirs as they had to work the land of the lord, mind his fields, labour in his mines, or comply with whatever task that was set before him. While women and men toiled in the fields, women were given the additional labour of all domestic chores.  Add to this painful existence of what is essentially forced servitude the plague and life for the serf was no easy or joyful existence.

Religion played a central role in the life of the serf who was convinced that this world was made for their suffering, a narrative that Catholic Church freely dispersed maintaining the social hierarchies of all.  And if the peasant suffers enough, but maintains an earthly obedience to the master, pays her dues to the lord of the manner, obeys the laws set before him, then she too might have a future of freedom from lifes suffering. The future, of course, was set up in the life after death proscribed within Christianity. So freedom became nothing other than an idea, never a pragmatic or realizable project.

In Economy and Society: An Outline of Interpretive Sociology (1922), German sociologist, Max Weber wrote: The most elementary forms of behavior motivated by religiousfactors are oriented to this world.  He goes on to identify some of the more important roles of religion which he viewed as the offering the hope of protection and the conterminous relief from suffering.  This theory is confirmed by Bronisaw Malinowski in  Culture, Encyclopedia of Social Sciences (1...


Is killing British ISIS fighters the only option? "IndyWatch Feed War"

RT | October 24, 2017 As the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorist group nears collapse, questions remain over the fate of the groups UK-born fighters. Some 130 Britons who have travelled to Iraq and Syria and fought for IS have already been killed, according to MI5. In line with the UK governments policy, conservative []


Dont Call the Cops If Youre Autistic, Deaf, Mentally Ill, Disabled or Old "IndyWatch Feed War"

Anyone who cares for someone with a developmental disability, as well as for disabled people themselves [lives] every day in fear that their behavior will be misconstrued as suspicious, intoxicated or hostile by law enforcement.

Steve Silberman, The New York Times

Life in the American police state is an endless series of donts delivered at the end of a loaded gun: dont talk back to police officers, dont even think about defending yourself against a SWAT team raid (of which there are 80,000 every year), dont run when a cop is nearby lest you be mistaken for a fleeing criminal, dont carry a cane lest it be mistaken for a gun, dont expect privacy in public, dont let your kids walk to the playground alone, dont engage in nonviolent protest near where a government official might pass, dont try to grow vegetables in your front yard, dont play music for tips in a metro station, dont feed whales, and on and on.

Heres another dont to the add the growing list of things that could get you or a loved one tasered, shot or killed, especially if you are autistic, hearing impaired, mentally ill, elderly, suffer from dementia, disabled or have any other condition that might hinder your ability to understand, communicate or immediately comply with an order: dont call the cops.

Sometimes its dangerous enough calling the cops when youre not contending with a disability.

For instance, Justine Damond called 911 to report a disturbance and ended up dead after police dispatched to investigate instead shot the 40-year-old yoga instructor. Likewise, Carl Williams called 911 to report a robbery and ended up being shot by police, who mistook him for a robber in his own home.

Unfortunately, the risks just skyrocket when a disability is involved.

Nancy Schrock called 911 for help after her husband, Tom, who suffered with mental health issues, started stalking around the backyard, upending chairs and screaming about demons. Several times before, police had transported Tom to the hospital, where he was medicated and sent home after 72 hours. This time, Tom was tasered twice. He collapsed, lost consciousness and died.

The Schrocks are not alone in this experience.

Indeed, disab...


Kim Jong-un gets regal welcome on the streets of New York "IndyWatch Feed War"

This video actually reveals a great deal about attitudes held by Americans towards their own government. In it, we see an actor dressed up like North Korean leader Kim Jong-un go strolling through the streets of New York. Kim, who not so long ago called Trump a dotard, is the one world leader who, more []


Argentina: Elections Are Not the Revolution! "IndyWatch Feed War"

Marcelo Colussi Translation by Internationalist 360 In Argentinas parliamentary elections, the right wins, giving a blow to the left. The electoral option for right-wing positions happens everywhere: in the United States the population votes for the most troglodyte representative, in Europe the proposals with xenophobic and conservative flavor advance, it is generally perceived that the...


Supreme Court dismisses second challenge to Trumps travel ban "IndyWatch Feed War"

Every last one of the blocks of Trumps travel bans ignores the statute that gives the President sweeping power to limit immigration: (f) Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental []


What? That can't be!! "IndyWatch Feed War"

(Steele) "The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund research that resulted in a now-famous dossier containing allegations about President Trumps connections to Russia and possible coordination between his campaign and the Kremlin, people familiar with the...


More American Troops in Latin America. Signs of an Announced Invasion "IndyWatch Feed War"

A new military exercise in the Amazon sheds light on the resurgence of the American presence in Latin America. Translation by Internationalist 360 The US will accentuate its military presence in the Amazon. Under the Amazon Log 2017 initiative of Michel Temers coup government in Brazil, Operation America Unida will bring together the armies of...


Private Prisons in US Turn a Profit, Ruin Black Lives "IndyWatch Feed War"

Val Reynoso Mass Incarceration is a billion-dollar industry which exploits prisoners who are predominately Black and non-white Latinx people for profit. The U.S. is currently home to the largest prison population in the world at a staggering 2.3 million incarcerated people. Many believe that mass incarceration will ensure our safety through harsher methods; however, mass...


ISIS of Central Africa: A New Cover for Plundering Congo "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ann Garrison, Boniface Musavuli A jihad in the Congo makes no sense whatsoever. A video calling for an Islamic State jihad in the Democratic Republic of the Congo appeared online and in a few news reports last week. It was purportedly made in Beni Territory, within Congos North Kivu Province, where a phantom so-called Islamist...


Freedom Rider: AFRICOM is the Question "IndyWatch Feed War"

Margaret Kimberley They use ludicrous terms like gold star family and make the case for continued American aggression around the world. The desire to be affirmed by American society has dangerous consequences for black people. This pernicious dynamic creates the inclination to worship any black face in a high place or to defend questionable activity....


Iraq's Kurdistan offers to freeze independence vote result "IndyWatch Feed War"


Kurdistan Regional Government calls for dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad based on Iraq's constitution


Moveable Feast Cafe 2017/10/24 Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed War"

2017/10/24 23:30:01Welcome to the Moveable Feast Cafe. The Moveable Feast is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of


Whats in a name? "IndyWatch Feed War"

This comment was chosen by moderator HS from the post Vladimir Putins speech at the Meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club. The moderator felt the comment is very much


Russia Vetoes Extension of UN Chemical Weapon Mission in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"


Russia cast a veto at the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday preventing the renewal of the mandate for a mission that investigates the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

The investigation by the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) - known as the Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM) - was unanimously created by the 15-member U.N. Security Council in 2015 and renewed in 2016 for another year. Its mandate is due to expire in mid-November.

China abstained from Tuesdays vote, while Bolivia joined Russia in voting no. Eleven countries voted in favor of the text.

Nickey Haleys head spun AND she spewed pea soup- What else could one expect?


Morocco's king fires ministers over economy in region shaken by protests "IndyWatch Feed War"


Large protests erupted in Rif last year, triggered by the death of a fishmonger whose produce was confiscated by police


UVAs Miller Center Plans Three Days of Russophobia "IndyWatch Feed War"

John Yoo, who served in the George W. Bush administration's Justice Department by formulating legal arguments to justify torturing prisoners of the US's "war on terrorism", speaking at the Miller Center on March 19, 2010 -- the seven year anniversary of Bush's illegal war on Iraq. (Miller Center/CC BY 2.0)


Iran sentences 'Mossad agent' to death over scientist assassinations "IndyWatch Feed War"


Rights group identifies the suspect as Iranian doctor Ahmadreza Djalali, saying his trial was 'grossly unfair'

Tuesday, 24 October


'Second-class citizens?': Muslim women fear Quebec law banning veil "IndyWatch Feed War"


Some think the new Quebec law that forces women to unveil themselves for public services violates human rights


The strange world of Russian trolls "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Kremlin in Moscow, Russia (Pavel Kazachkov)


'De facto ban': US to delay processing of refugees from 11 countries "IndyWatch Feed War"


Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and others will be affected by Trump's new plan

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