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Thursday, 22 March



South Front Three attempts by militants to use chemical weapons in Syria were prevented last week, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said on March 20. Despite attempts by militants to disrupt peace initiatives in East Ghouta, we are negotiating with the leaders of the armed groups in order to stop fighting and prevent a humanitarian []


Official Statement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Skripal Case "IndyWatch Feed War"

AIDE-MEMOIRE to clarify the state of affairs as regards the so-called Skripal case 1. On 12 March 2018, Prime Minister of Great Britain Theresa May, addressing the House of Commons,



Ahed Tamim Agrees To Six Month Plea Bargain In Military Court "IndyWatch Feed War"

The conviction rate in Israels military courts in the West Bank is almost 100% - not because the military prosecution is so efficient, but because Palestinian defendants reluctantly sign plea bargains in which they plead guilty. A new report published yesterday by BTselem shows how the measures that Israel has showcased over the last decade as examples of its improved treatment of Palestinian minors in military courts have little to do with the protection of minors and everything to do with public relations. In fact, the function of the military juvenile court boils down to signing off on plea bargains such as the one signed today. This afternoon, the military court at Ofer signed off on plea bargains for Ahed and Nariman Tamimi. The plea bargains include eight months in prison and a fine.


PVDA Amsterdam Gehalveerd. "IndyWatch Feed War"

De PVDA in Amsterdam gehalveerd, maar 'Asscher (PvdA) denkt dat zijn partij weer op de goede koers zit.'

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Wednesday, 21 March


Army National Guard General Investigated After Ties to Defense Contractor Exposed "IndyWatch Feed War"

Army National Guard General(ANTIMEDIA)   A former general of the Army National Guard who rose to the role of advisor to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon is under criminal investigation over his close ties to a defense contractor. Brigadier General Michael Bobeck, whose military service spanned nearly four decades, retired in December of 2016. But that was only after []


Tatars and Erzians called on their countrymen to fight for their rights "IndyWatch Feed War"

On March 21, 2018, a press conference of representatives of indigenous peoples of the Volga region was...

The post Tatars and Erzians called on their countrymen to fight for their rights appeared first on (English).


10 Big Changes to Expect With Pompeo at State "IndyWatch Feed War"

Clarion Project, by Ryan Mauro, March 21, 2018: By replacing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with CIA Director Mike Pompeo, President Trump has hit the restart button on his foreign policy a little over a year into his term. Trump Continue reading


Why the UK, the EU and the US Gang-Up on Russia "IndyWatch Feed War"

For the greater part of a decade the US, the UK and the EU have been carrying out a campaign to undermine and overthrow the Russia government and in particular to oust President Putin. Fundamental issues are at stake including the real possibility of a nuclear war.

The most recent western propaganda campaign and one of the most virulent is the charge launched by the UK regime of Prime Minister Theresa May. The Brits have claimed that Russian secret agents conspired to poison a former Russian double-agent and his daughter in England , threatening the sovereignty and safety of the British people. No evidence has ever been presented. Instead the UK expelled Russian diplomats and demands harsher sanctions, to increase tensions. The UK and its US and EU patrons are moving toward a break in relations and a military build-up.

A number of fundamental questions arise regarding the origins and growing intensity of this anti-Russian animus.

Why do the Western regimes now feel Russia is a greater threat then in the past? Do they believe Russia is more vulnerable to Western threats or attacks? Why do the Western military leaders seek to undermine Russias defenses? Do the US economic elites believe it is possible to provoke an economic crisis and the demise of President Putins government? What is the strategic goal of Western policymakers? Why has the UK regime taken the lead in the anti-Russian crusade via the fake toxin accusations at this time?

This paper is directed at providing key elements to address these questions.

The Historical Context for Western Aggression

Several fundamental historical factors dating back to the 1990s account for the current surge in Western hostility to Russia.

First and foremost, during the 1990s the US degraded Russia, reducing it to a vassal state, and imposing itself as a unipolar state.

Secondly, Western elites pillaged the Russian economy, seizing and laundering hundreds of billions of dollars. Wall Street and City of London banks and overseas tax havens were the main beneficiaries

Thirdly, the US seized and took control of the Russian electoral process, and secured the fraudulent election of Yeltsin.

Fourthly, the West degraded Russias military and scientific institutions and advanced their armed forces to Russias borders.

Fifthly, the West insured that Russia was unable to support its allies and independent governments throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Russia was unable to aid its allies in the Ukraine, Cuba, North Korea, Libya etc.

With the collapse of the Yeltsin regime and the election of President Putin, Russia regained its sovereignty, its economy recovered, its armed forces and scientific institu...


Western Media Finally Gives Credit to Syrian Government for Defeating ISIS "IndyWatch Feed War"

Syrian Government(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed)  The Syrian government and its allies are fast defeating ISIS and al-Qaeda out of Syria, Deutsche Welle (DW) reports. However, one wouldnt know this was the case if they consumed only mainstream medias one-sided coverage of the Syrian conflict. According to U.S. media, only Donald Trump receives credit for the disintegration of ISIS caliphate, and very few outlets actually []


Russia is fighting a lethal enemy "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Petr Akopov* | Vzgliad | March 20, 2018 Londons boorish behaviour has resulted in a fiery reaction within Russia from indignation to jokes about Little Britain. Sadly, such derision is not the best possible answer. For we are dealing with a threat that is far from comical, and the entire history of relations []


Attack Against Nord Stream 2 Renewed with Vigour: Whose Interests Does It Meet? "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Alex Gorka, March 20, 2018, via Strategic Culture Foundation Economics dictate national interests. Foreign policy is the tool used to advance it. Moscow has to fight back on all fronts, but the truth is that Washington does not care much about chemical attacks in Eastern Ghouta, the Salisbury poisoning, election meddling, or so many other fairy tales used to justify its anti-Russia policy. These are just pretexts to promote US economic interests abroad. Gas exports to Europe present exciting opportunities but supplies from Russia are cheaper and more reliable. So the US needs to get rid of the obstacle in its way the Nord Stream 2 (NS2) pipeline, which will carry natural gas from Russia to Germany. Washington will do anything to achieve this cherished goal. On March 15, a bipartisan group of 39 senators led by John Barrasso (R-WY) sent a letter to the Treasury Department. They oppose NS2 and are calling on the administration to bury it. Why? They dont want Russia to be in a position to influence Europe, which would be detrimental, as


US Planning a Terrorist False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

US Planning a Terrorist False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria: Russia Says It Will Respond

By Federico Pieraccini 

March 20, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  Events in Syria increasingly resemble a direct confrontation between major powers rather than a proxy war. Lavrovs words, delivered a few days ago, reveal the critical phase of international relations the world is going through, with a potentially devastating conflict ready to ignite in the Middle East region.
An alarming warning by Sergei Lavrov and Chief of the Russian General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, was announced via the RT broadcaster and several Russian media. The content is explosive and deserving of the widest possible dissemination. Gerasimov claimed that Moscow had "reliable information that fighters are preparing to stage the use by government troops of chemical weapons against the civilian population." He alleged that the US intends to accuse Assad's troops of using chemical weapons against civilians, and then "carry out a bombing attack" on Damascus. Gerasimov warned that Russia would "take retaliatory measures" if the US targeted areas...


Paul Craig Roberts 256 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Is the US Government Criminally Insane?

Is the US Government Criminally Insane?


Syria Report 21 March 2018 - TTG "IndyWatch Feed War"

"DAMASCUS, SYRIA (06:05 PM) Turkey is not planning to remain in Syrias Afrin district indefinitely, according to Bekir Bozda, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey. Bozda made the remarks during a press conference on Monday, as reported by Turkish newspaper...


The war against fake news is a war on us "IndyWatch Feed War"

The war against fake news is a war on us

Barely a day passes without a new development in the war on social media that is, the war on us. Today, it is a report that Twitter has emailed hundreds of thousands of its users, warning them that they shared Russian propaganda.
As WSWS notes:
Twitter is warning its users that it knows exactly what they are viewing and sharing on social media, implying that if they post something that falls afoul of the US government, they may be subject to investigation or prosecution.
And, we should add, they will almost certainly be subject to online disappearance the virtual form of what authoritarian regimes have always done to dissidents.
WSWS continues:
Last week, representatives from Facebook, Twitter and Googles YouTube testified before the Senate Commerce committee on their efforts to combat extremist content.
Monika Bickert, head of Global Policy Management at Facebook, told lawmakers that the social media company ha...


The Reality Oprah Helped Us Create "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Reality Oprah Helped Us Create: Disempowering People From Changing an Unjust Society

Thursday, February 01, 2018 By Alison Rose LevyTruthout | Op-Ed 
  • font size decrease font size ...


US Raises White Flag, Wants Talks With Russia Over Arms Race "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Gilbert Doctorow | Russia Insider | March 21, 2018 One can say with certainty that Vladimir Putins presentation of Russias new weapons systems during his Address to the Federal Assembly on 1 March has finally elicited the desired response from its target audience in Washington, D.C. In that presentation, Putin spoke about strategic []


The Zionist Lobby "IndyWatch Feed War"

Nikki Haley Sells Her Soul To Zionism


U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley addresses AIPAC

Monday's General Session features a host of US politicians. Vice President Mike Pence, Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) are all also scheduled to speak.
Posted March 06, 2018

Vice President Pence

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - delivers remarks at AIPAC

Senator Chuck Schumer makes remarks at the AIPAC Policy Conference


Yemeni Americans seek peace as Saudi crown prince tours US "IndyWatch Feed War"


Activists condemn 'Saudi and Emirati aggression' in their homeland


American Oil Memes Is the Best Thing on the Internet Right Now "IndyWatch Feed War"

American Oil Memes(ANTIMEDIA)  Memes have become the fabric of everyday internet life, and while many are often silly or flat out stupid, every once in a while, a new meme craze provides potent social commentary. Last year, If it pleases the crown memes questioned the fundamental authority of government and mocked the widespread belief that we must []


Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook made mistakes in handling the Cambridge Analytica scandal "IndyWatch Feed War"

But he stops short of apologizing

Mark Zuckerberg has finally responded to the furor over Facebooks handling of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In a post today, he said he is working to prevent similar abuses of user privacy. We have a responsibility to protect your data, and if we cant then we dont deserve to serve you, Zuckerberg wrote in a post. Ive been working to understand exactly what happened and how to make sure this doesnt happen again. The good news is that the most important actions to prevent this from happening again today we have already taken years ago. But we also made mistakes, theres more to do, and we need to step up and do it.

Though he took responsibility for Cambridge Analyticas abuse of the platform, he stopped short of making an apology. His remarks were Zuckerbergs first since reports in The New York Times and The Guardian revealed the extent to which data mining firm Cambridge Analytica misused user data from as many as 50 million Facebook users.

The data was provided by a University of Cambridge psychology professor named Aleksandr Kogan, who passed it along to Cambridge Analytica in violation of Facebooks terms of service. The move raised fresh concerns about how Facebook data can be used without consent, triggering investigations in the United States and the United Kindgom and causing the companys stock price to plunge.

Zuckerberg also laid out a three-step plan to rebuilding user...


Newsbud Exclusive Report- Syria Under Siege: Guarding Against Wolves in Sheeps Clothing "IndyWatch Feed War"

Vanessa Beeley & Eva Bartlett vs. Ethical Journalism & Human Decency in the Age of Social Media Reporting Syria is a cultural, ethnic and religious mosaic of a country, with Sunnis, Shias, Druze, Christians. Additional ethnicities include Syrian Kurds, Turkmens, Armenians, Circassians, Turkmens, Greeks, Yezidis, and Shabaks. Syria is a nation under siege with multiple []


No Spirit of Liberty: The Salisbury Case, Corbyn and the Need for Dissent "IndyWatch Feed War"

Fifteen years ago this month, the US-led Shock and Awe offensive began against Iraq, supposedly to disarm the country of its weapons of mass destruction. The illegal invasion and subsequent brutal occupation led to the loss of around one million lives, created millions of refugees, destroyed the infrastructure of a country already ravaged by over a decade of cruel UN sanctions, and contributed significantly to the rise of Islamic State. All of this might never have happened were it not for an intense campaign of propaganda and deception in which the so-called mainstream media, including impartial BBC News, were enthusiastic participants.

In the Guardian, Martin Woollacott had declared of Saddams supposed WMD:

Among those knowledgeable about Iraq there are few, if any, who believe he is not hiding such weapons. It is a given.

This conformity throughout the corporate media was remarkable. Ardent armchair war supporter David Aaronovitch, also writing in the Guardian, confidently...


Facebook knew of loopholes in 2011: privacy campaigner "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | Max Schrems, an activist who has brought several cases before European courts to strengthen data protection online, said that the controversial data harvesting methods at the centre of the current Facebook scandal were those he had raised in 2011

VIENNA (AFP)  Facebook was warned in 2011 of the loopholes exploited by UK data firm Cambridge Analytica (CA) but said it saw no need to change its policies, an Austrian privacy campaigner said on Wednesday.Max Schrems, an activist who has brought several cases before European courts to strengthen data protection online, said that the controversial data harvesting methods at the centre of the current scandal were exactly those he had raised in a complaint before the Irish Data Protection Authority in 2011.

The current scandal centres on an app which its developer says was used by 200,000 people, but which saw around 30 million US Facebook users details harvested.

The apps vast reach beyond its users was due to it scooping up data from users friends on Facebook.

CA is accused of then improperly using the data for US President Donald Trumps 2016 election campaign.

Schrems told AFP that as well as the 2011 case, he had a seven-hour meeting with Facebook representatives in 2012 to discuss concerns around apps operating in this fashion, but that they said they saw no problems with their policies.

They explicitly said that in their view, by using the platform you consent to a situation where other people can install an app and gather your data, Schrems said.

In addition, he said Facebook had no way of knowing whether the companies in receipt of the information would adhere to data protection regulations.

There are thousands of other apps that have probably done exactly the same thing, the only reason were talking about this is because its to do with Trump. But it might not be the biggest case.

Im surprised that Facebook are now claiming to have been betrayed because of this behaviour, Schrems said, adding: Actually its not surprising its more like laughable.

Schrems is now launching a new NGO, NOYB (None Of Your Business) to help individuals enforce their rights under new EU data regulations due to come into effect in May.

The current scandal has wiped billions off Facebooks market value and had also led to the suspension of CA...


Face it: Cambridge Analytica story proves Facebook doesnt give a toss about privacy or democracy "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Danielle Ryan | RT | March 20, 2018 Mainstream media have obsessed over Russias alleged use of Facebook to swing the 2016 US election. In reality, it was actually a shady British data-mining firm that was running pro-Trump Facebook propaganda campaigns Irony doesnt feel like strong enough a word. Which is worse: Russia allegedly []


LIVE Protect Inlet of Coast Salish at Burnaby Mountain "IndyWatch Feed War"

. Click arrow below to watch live: Now, March 21, 2018 . On Tuesday, Youths on the Frontline were Arrested (below) .


Yemeni Family Tells Story of the Night Their Home Was Bombed "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sanaa (GPA) Ahmad Abdullah al-Ussari tells us of the traumatizing and life-changing experience with his children under the air raids on his home in the area of Faj Attan, Sanaa, on August 25 of last year. On that day, three of his children died. Ahmad Abdullah was wounded along with his wife and his eight-year-old daughter Sarah.

That Friday, at 2:00 am, I woke up with the sound of explosion because of the air raids in the neighborhood where we lived.

I could hear the screams of the children, women, and men in the neighborhood: scared, traumatized, and everyone was running on the streets to find shelter.

I brought my children and wife to the lower floor and hid us in a small room, but there was no place which could actually protect our lives from such destructive bombs.

Suddenly, the second missile came it targeted our house.

I saw the light of the missile but somehow I felt my life changed. I did not lose consciousness completely. I could still hear screams from my daughter, Nora, calling me: Please father save our lives, we are dying.
My wounds were severe and shrapnel-filled my body so I could not get up.

RELATED: Where Is Yemen and Why Is the US Helping Saudi Arabia Bomb It?

Ahmad Abdullah and his family.

My heart hurt more and more especially when my daughter was calling me at that moment, no one could come to help us or take us to the hospital.

Once again, after a period of more than 15 minutes, as soon as people came to take my body lying on the ground, I saw my daughter Sarahs hand visible from the rubble. The hand was shaking.
I told myself that as long as Sarah is still alive, she and her and sibling are alive. They are in the lap of their mother and, yes, they are all still alive.

People took us to the hospital but they did not tell me about the death of my children, Nayef and Shorouq. They told me after four days while I was recovering. Not my heart, though: that has not stopped aching. I still hear my childrens voices whispering in my ears every moment of every day.
My two children Sarah and Hadhiah continuously have nightmares and bear the brunt of trauma every time...


Comment by the Russian Information and Press Department regarding the latest terrorist attacks on Damascus "IndyWatch Feed War"

On March 20, militants in the village of Ein Tarma in Eastern Ghouta, which is controlled by Faylaq al-Rahman (the al-Rahman Corps), launched rockets at the Kashkoul market in Jaramana, a suburb of Damascus with a mostly Christian and Druze population. According to the latest information, 37 people have been killed and another 35 wounded. The Russian Centre for the Reconciliation of Opposing Sides has reported that four attacks on Damascus originated from Eastern Ghouta that day. Four (...)


Getting Away With Murder Arnold Schwarzenegger Sues Big Oil "IndyWatch Feed War"

Getting Away With Murder Arnold Schwarzenegger Sues Big Oil for Killing People

Earlier this week, in his typically bombastic and bold style, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that hell be suing the oil giants. The reason? According to Arnold:
They are knowingly killing people all over the world. The oil companies knew from 1959 on, they did their own study that there would be global warming happening because of fossil fuels, and on top of it that it would be risky for peoples lives, that it would kill (emphasis added).
Like tobacco, fossil fuel burning is certainly harmful to peoples health. According to the Lancet, 9 million premature deaths each year are attributed to air pollution. Oil, coal, and gas burning are the primary causes of this pollution and, in turn, of these mass deaths. A far, far greater impact on the rate of human loss of life than warfare. And a primary contributor to heart disease, lung disease, cancer, and strokes.


#Athens: March 24, demonstration to defend the squats community of #Koukaki & in solidarity with squats & places of struggle "IndyWatch Feed War"

Athens: On the 24th of March, Saturday, 12:00 in Paidiki Hara, Koukaki we are calling comrades, friends, from Athens and all over Greece, all of ages, genders, persons who work, studying, or are unemployed, with animals, with their music instruments and their expression means, to walk together.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Athens: March 24, demonstration to defend the squats community of Koukaki & in solidarity with squats & places of struggle

Almost a year ago, a new project bloomed in the neighborhood of Koukaki. We created a community of housing and struggling squats. We occupied three empty buildings which were getting rotten at Matrozou 45, Panaitoliou 21 and Arvali 3. We rebuilt them through a lot of work to become sustainable, to become places of gathering and communal organization. Some us them are living here permanently.

We are coming from different places of the planet, co-exist with dogs and cats, creating relations of solidarity and freedom. This community, as its buildings is opened to the people through discussions in public spaces, projections, music events, caf-bar, presentations of theories, and games with children. We have create structures for common use like library-reading space, compost on the Filopappou hill, public bathroom-laundry and free shop to exchange clothes, laboratory of conserves production and urban gardening. From the very start, we knew that freedom can be claimed only through struggle. Our community is part of the anti-authoritarian/anarchist/libertarian movement and participates to the defending of the squats, in struggle against state repression, prisons and detention centers, against patriarchy, fascism, destruction of nature and stand in solidarity with migrants.

Out of institutions, legality and capitalism extortions, our multiethnic community gain grounds and became visible. As a result, the state and the fascists attacked us. On February 21, fascists tried to burn the squat at Panaitoliou 21, attack unsuccessfully repeated on 14 of March. On 12 of March, at 6 oclock in the morning, the full-equipped mercenaries invade the neighborhood, surround and evacuate the squat Matr...


The Hotwire #23: March 21, 2018 : Historic school walkoutsAlt-right unravelsSolidarity with anarchists in Russia "IndyWatch Feed War"

Listen here. Hundreds of thousands of high school students defy adult authority and walkout against mass shootings; anti-pipeline camps hold strong from Virginia to West Virginia to so-called British Columbia; we interview an anarchist in Brazil as protests erupt there after an anti-police brutality politician was assassinated; the annual march against police brutality in Montreal beats cops back; Russian anarchists explain in an interview why its not just Putin thats the problem, or Trump for that matter, but the systems of power they inhabit; plus a repression round up, announcements for Saturdays international day of action to #DefendAfrin, and calls for exciting upcoming anarchist bookfairs and speaking tours.


Philippines May Have Pulled Out of the International Criminal Court By Mistake The President Did Not Read the Law. Presidents lawyers do not understand international law Is there a doctor (or a lawyer) in the house? "IndyWatch Feed War"


 / 05:09 AM March 21, 2018

Whoever gave President Duterte legal advice that led to his decision withdrawing [the Philippine] ratification of the Rome Statute effective immediately did both the country and the President a serious disservice.

In the first place, the escalating series of announcements first a three-page Statement of the President of the Republic of the Philippines (from which the passage above is quoted), followed by varying explanations by Palace officials, then a 15-page Statement of the President of the Republic of the Philippines on the Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, then the formal notice to the secretary general of the United Nations painted a revealing picture of rolling rationalizations, obvious to the nonpartisan eye.

The least the Presidents lawyers could have done was to insist on strict message discipline. Instead, the cacophony that began blaring on Wednesday, March 14, showed to an unbelieving world that the Duterte administration was trying out different reasons.

The one justification that actually counts was the reason (the only one) advanced by Ambassador Teodoro Locsin Jr. in his notice to the office of Secretary General Antnio Guterres, namely, the supposed politicization and weaponization of human rights.

Second, the phrasing itself (withdrawing its ratification) is thick with implication unfavorable to the President. By referencing the process of ratification, it creates an opening for those who were party to the process namely, the Senate to insist that they should have been included in any attempt to undo the ratification.

Image may contain: 2 people
Left: Rodrigo Duterte; Right: ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda

The Presidents lawyers should have spent a little more time thinking about the legal language the President would use, to preve...


Ahed Tamimi, 17, to serve 8 months in prison for slapping soldier in occupied village "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ahed Tamimi, the 17-year-old Palestinian who was imprisoned in December for slapping and kicking an Israeli soldier, has reportedly reached a plea bargain to serve eight months in prison including time served, according to U.S.-based civic organization Avaaz, which is organizing the Free The Tamimis campaign.

Following a closed hearing on Wednesday at Israels Ofer Military Court, Avaaz released a statement saying that Tamimi pleaded guilty to four of the 12 charges against her, which initially carried a sentence of up to 10 years.

The decision came just days after the court rejected Tamimis appeal to hold her trial in open court, as  activists voiced concerns of the court being able to act with increased impunity behind closed doors.

The Israeli military was forced to give in and drop eight of the charges against Ahed as part of a plea bargain, in which Ahed recognized in court the fact that she slapped the soldier and called for protests, Avaaz said on Monday.

As part of the plea deal, Tamimi will get the minimum sentence of eight months, though according to the statement from Avaaz, the Israeli prosecutor initially pursued a sentence of three years for Tamimis guilty plea.

Avaaz characterized the sentence as a victory. In a statement to the media, Palestine-based head campaigner for Avaaz, Fadi Quran, said despite Israels best efforts to terrorize and break Ahed, she will soon walk free with her head raised high.

Her call for freedom has inspired a generation of Palestinian children who are daring to demand a different kind of future. Now lets think about the hundreds of other Aheds out there. Over 300 kids are currently held by Israels military together we can make sure they walk free too.

Tamimis December indictment included five counts of assault against security forces, including stone throwing. She was charged with assaulting a soldier, threatening a soldier, disrupting a soldier and inciting and throwing objects at a person or property.

Tamimis mother, Nariman, who was arrested one day after her daughter and charged with incitement for publishing the now famous video of Aheds altercation with the soldier, will also be released in July along with her daughter.

The fact that a child will be jailed for 8 months for slapping a soldier whose troops just shot her 15-year-old cousin in the face is extreme, the statement said, but in the context of the 99% conviction rate in the Israeli military court system and right-wing incitement against Ahed, this compromise by the Israeli military shows they have decided to back down in the face of growing pressure to release Ahed.

The state...


Blood of Thousands on Their Hands: Congress Votes to Continue US-Backed Yemen War "IndyWatch Feed War"

US-Backed Yemen War(CD)  While 44 U.S. Senators on Tuesday were applauded by peace groups for voting in favor of a resolution that would have allowed Congress to begin reclaiming its war-making authority and ended the U.S. militarys backing of Saudi Arabias assault on Yemen, it was ultimately not enough to overcome entrenched opposition from the 45 Republicans and []


#Rojava: Proz be #Newroz! Happy #Newroz! Greeting message from the Internationalist Commune "IndyWatch Feed War"

This Newroz we want to thank all the international solidarity with the revolution in Northern Syria and the Afrin resistance, especially all the people working for organize actions and movilizations in solidarity with the #WorldAfrinDay. All the demonstrations and initiatives to defend Afrin are very important, not only for raising awareness all around the world, but also for giving moral and hope to the all the people resisting under the bombs and the oppression of turkish fascism.

Originally published by the Internationalist Commune of Rojava.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Rojava: Proz be Newroz! Happy Newroz! Greeting message from the Internationalist Commune

This Newroz we want to thank all the international solidarity with the revolution in Northern Syria and the Afrin resistance, especially all the people working for organize actions and movilizations in solidarity with the #WorldAfrinDay. All the demonstrations and initiatives to defend Afrin are very important, not only for raising awareness all around the world, but also for giving moral and hope to the all the people resisting under the bombs and the oppression of turkish fascism.

The brutal attacks under which the land and the people of Afrin are suffering, are a terrorist alliance between the chauvinist racism of the turkish army and the religious fanatism of the islamist militias. The self-defense forces of Northern Syria already defeated them in Kobane, in Raqqa and in many other places, and now they will fight to expell them from Afrin. Resistance is life, and the spirit of kawa will light the fire in this 2631 year of Newroz.

The Revolution that is taking place in Northern Syria is a revolution for democracy, for social ecology and for the liberation of women. It is a revolution against the male dominated capitalist system and against the brutal damage that it causes to our planet. It is a revolution where the women are taking a leading role in all parts of society, challenging patriarchal oppresion not only for the freedom of the women in midle east, but for all women.

The local resistance of the people in Rojava is also a...


US, EU pledge to find acceptable outcomes on metal tariffs "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross held talks with EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem

WASHINGTON (AFP)  The United States and the European Union are launching a fresh round of talks in order to reach a mutually acceptable solution on trade disputes including steel and aluminum tariffs, officials from Washington and Brussels said Wednesday.The announcement comes after talks between US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and visiting EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem, and with steep new US import duties on steel and aluminum due to take effect later this week.

Ross and Malmstroem said they had agreed to launch immediately a process of discussion on trade issues of common concern, including steel and aluminum, with a view to identifying mutually acceptable outcomes as rapidly as possible.

Washington has already said Canada and Mexico, which are major producers of the metals, will temporarily be exempt from the tariffs during talks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.

But other trading partners have peppered Washington with requests that they too be excluded from the punishing new tariffs of 10 percent on aluminum and 25 percent on steel.

Malmstroem had already said Europe should be exempted as a whole.

In congressional testimony earlier Wednesday, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said Washington was currently discussing tariff exemptions with Australia, Argentina and Brazil.

The talks should be finished by the end of April, Lighthizer said.

Meanwhile, Trump is expected to raise the temperature on trade this week yet again by unveiling a new package of retaliatory trade measures on Chinese imports to punish Beijing for the alleged theft of American companies intellectual property.

The Trump administrations aggressive moves on trade have stoked alarm among lawmakers in the presidents own party, as well as industry groups, who say the measure exposes the United States to higher prices and retaliation.


Israels chief rabbi calls black Americans monkeys "IndyWatch Feed War"

MEMO | March 21, 2018 Israels chief Rabbi, Yitzhak Yosef, has stoked controversy by describing black Americans as monkeys during one of his weekly religious lessons. The remark, which will prompt further discussion about entrenched racism within the country, was reported by Israeli newspaper Ynet News. Yosef, whose status as chief rabbi is constitutionally recognised, is []


Four Days to Declare a Cold War "IndyWatch Feed War"

The week that has just ended was exceptionally rich in events. But no media were able to report it, because they had all deliberately masked certain of their number in order to protect the story that was being woven by their government.

The British government and certain of its allies, including US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, have attempted to launch a Cold War against Russia. Their plan was to fabricate an attack against an ex-double agent in Salisbury and at the same time a chemical attack against the moderate rebels in the Ghouta. The conspirators intention was to profit from the efforts of Syria to liberate the suburbs of its capital city and the disorganisation of Russia on the occasion of its Presidential election. Had these manipulations worked, the United Kingdom would have pushed the USA to bomb Damascus, including the Presidential palace, and demand that the United Nations General Assembly exclude Russia from the Security Council.

However, the Syrian and Russian intelligence got wind of what was being plotted. They realised that the US agents in the Ghouta who were preparing an attack against the Ghouta were not working for the Pentagon, but for another US agency.

In Damascus, the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Fayal Miqdad, set up an emergency Press conference for 10 March, in order to alert his fellow citizens. From its own side, Moscow had first of all tried to contact Washington via the diplomatic channels. But aware that the US ambassador, Jon Huntsman Jr, is the director of Caterpillar, the company which had supplied tunneling materials to the jihadists so that they could build their fortifications, Moscow decided to bypass the usual diplomatic channels.

Heres how things played out:

12 March 2018

The Syrian army seized two chemical weapons laboratories, the first on 12 March in Aftris, and the second on the following day in Chifonya. Meanwhile, Russian diplomats pushed the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to get involved in the criminal investigation in Salisbury.

In the House of Commons, British Prime Minister Theresa May violently accused Russia of having ordered the attack in Salisbury. According to her, the ex-double agent Sergue Skripal and his daughter were poisoned by a military nerve gas of a type developed by Russia under the name of Novitchok. Since the Kremlin considers Russian citizens who have defected as legitimate targets, it is therefore highly likely that they ordered the crime.

Novitchok is k...


Put The Brakes On US Empire: Interview With Ajamu Baraka "IndyWatch Feed War"

We discuss the current situation in Venezuela and why that solidarity by people in the United States is critical, even if we believe the process in Venezuela is not perfect. We also discuss Syria, North Korea and the Ukraine, and the serious threat of conflict with Russia and China. Baraka places the current discussion of gun control in the United States in the context of the need to make deeper connections between violence and weapons in the U.S. and U.S. imperialism around the world. We also talk about the upcoming military parade in November called for by President Trump.


Nariman and Ahed Tamimi: Icons of Palestinian Resilience "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Bassem Tamimi | MEMO | March 20, 2018 The incarceration of the two most important women in my life, my wife Nariman and daughter Ahed, is not an extraordinary or exceptional case. On the contrary, Palestinians have continued to endure such atrocious behaviour from Israel as an occupying power since the Nakba of 1948. []


Canadas NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and Political Violence "IndyWatch Feed War"

We should be concerned about Jagmeet Singhs support for political violence. But not the stuff thats making news. While the media makes much of the new NDP heads ties/indifference to Sikh violence, theyve ignored Singhs leadership of a party/community that has repeatedly backed Canadian aggression.

In a Rabble story on the controversy, Karl Nerenberg described Singh as the leader of a party that has throughout its history favoured peaceful and non-violent solutions. As such, Nerenberg called on the NDP leader to make a stronger statement against any use of violence in furtherance of Sikh goals.

While not downplaying the terrible human loss in the 1985 Air India bombing or disagreeable aspects of the Khalistan movement, its more salient to know Singhs position on Canadian violence. Contrary to Nerenbergs claim, the NDP has repeatedly supported Canadian aggression.

Seven years ago the NDP wholeheartedly endorsed bombing Libya, a quarter century ago it applauded the bombing of Serbia and in 1950 it cheerlead Canadian participation in the Korean War. At the beginning of the century important elements of the party backed Canadas deployment to Afghanistan and the NDP was ambivalent towards Canadian-assisted violence in Haiti.

After the Communists took control of China in 1949 the US tried to encircle the country. They supported Chiang Kai-shek in Taiwan, built military bases in Japan, backed a right-wing dictator in Thailand and tried to establish a pro-Western state in Vietnam. The success of Chinas nationalist revolution also spurred the 1950-1953 Korean War in which eight Canadian warships and 27,000 Canadian troops participated. The war left as many as four million dead.

The NDPs predecessor, the CCF, endorsed the US-led (though UN sanctioned) war in Korea. Deputy leader and party spokesperson Stanley Knowles immediately endorsed the deployment of Canadian naval units to the Western Pacific, which the government sent in case they might be of assistance to the United Nations and Korea. Before Ottawa committed ground troops the CCF Executive Council called for them. The CCF started to shift its position on the...


Neither Carrot Nor Stick: Still refusing to vote in the #Ontario election "IndyWatch Feed War"

Against all expectations, the Ontario provincial election is shaping up to be politically interesting. I dont ever vote and I encourage others to also abandon any remaining faith in electoral democracy. If you dont care much about which party leads the province, since you intend to oppose them no matter what, you dont need to pay attention to the details of party politics. However, in Ontario, the argument in favour of voting has seldom been stronger. Doug Ford is an ideal right-wing bogeyman, giving centrists and leftists a source of fear and guilt to coerce those who have abandoned electoralism into casting a ballot for a lesser evil. And at the same time, the Ontario NDP finally tries to distinguish themselves from the Liberals on the left by including free dental care in their platform, which, if implemented, would undeniably make lots of peoples lives better (including the cavity-plagued anarchist writing this text).

Originally published by Northshore Info.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Neither Carrot Nor Stick: Still refusing to vote in the Ontario election

Against all expectations, the Ontario provincial election is shaping up to be politically interesting. I dont ever vote and I encourage others to also abandon any remaining faith in electoral democracy. If you dont care much about which party leads the province, since you intend to oppose them no matter what, you dont need to pay attention to the details of party politics. However, in Ontario, the argument in favour of voting has seldom been stronger. Doug Ford is an ideal right-wing bogeyman, giving centrists and leftists a source of fear and guilt to coerce those who have abandoned electoralism into casting a ballot for a lesser evil. And at the same time, the Ontario NDP finally tries to distinguish themselves from the Liberals on the left by including free dental care in their platform, which, if implemented, would undeniably make lots of peoples lives better (including the cavity-plagued anarchist writing this text).

And yet, I still dont intend to vote and I still want to encourage you to reject the ballot and representative politics too. But I feel like the generic anti-electoral...


Facebook Caught in Spy-for-Dollars Scheme "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Brenda Norrell Censored News Some would call it karma. We were writing about how Facebook had provided a platform for the theft of the content and revenues of honest people, tee-shirt designers, hard working news reporters, and many others. Then, at the same time, bam, Facebook gets caught with far more than screwing over the little people. It got caught with its major


South China Sea: China challenges aircraft You are entering Chinese airspace Not true under international law "IndyWatch Feed War"


FILE In this undated file photo released by Xinhua News Agency, a Chinese H-6K bomber patrols the islands and reefs in the South China Sea. Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said the Chinese have been challenging Philippine airplanes flying over its outposts in the Spratly Islands. Xinhua via AP/Liu Rui, File

Patricia Lourdes Viray ( March 21, 2018 5:31pm


MANILA, Philippines   China has been warning off Philippine planes doing patrols in the countrys airspace, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said Tuesday.
Lorenzana, in a television interview, said that the military has been sending naval patrols of the countrys territory from time to time.
These planes, every time they fly over the features occupied by the Chinese, they challenge Well, they will say You are entering Chinese airspace,' the Defense chief said, referring to Beijings artificial islands in the Spratlys.
The Defense chief clarified that the Chinese and the Filipinos only exchange words when the latter conducts patrols in the West Philippine Sea.
They just exchange words, No, we are passing by Philippine airspace. This is just a play of words but it happens every time our patrols go around, Lorenzana said.
Aside from the Air Force, the Coast Guard and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources also conduct patrols in the West Philippine Sea.
The Philippines is now using the Cessna aircraft that the US donated last year to conduct patrols over the waters surrounding the country.
Lorenzana said that the Philippines did not have equipment for the aircraft upon receiving them last year. The aircraft from the US have been installed with equipment and are now capable of patrolling the countrys domains.


ScanEagle can be used for patrols


The ScanEagle unmanned aerial vehicle system that the US recently donated to the Philippines may also be used for patrolling the West Philippine Sea and Philippine Ris...


Snowden Documents Expose How the NSA Worked to Track Bitcoin Users "IndyWatch Feed War"

Snowden Bitcoin NSA(TIM)  A new report from The Intercept reveals that the National Security Agency has been able to track users of the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin since at least 2013. The revelation is detailed in newly released classified documented obtained by whistleblower Edward Snowden and provided to the The Intercept. The documents show the agency accessing the fiber-optic cables which []


Irans ambition is to destroy the Saudi state. "IndyWatch Feed War"

Prince Turki Al-Faisal, former Saudi ambassador and chief of the General Intelligence Directorate. (AFP)



What did the Salisbury physician mean by no patients have experienced symptoms of nerve agent poisoning? "IndyWatch Feed War"

We cant draw conclusions from any of this of course. It could very well be - as many have suggested - that Mr Daviess letter was hasty and his meaning unclear. It could be he meant to say no one other than the the unnamed three he specifies have "experienced symptoms of nerve agent poisoning. Or, of course, it could mean exactly what it literally says...


Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi to be sentenced to 8 months in Israeli prison "IndyWatch Feed War"

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network March 21, 2018 Ahed Tamimi, 17-year-old activist from Nabi Saleh whose case has received widespread global attention, will be sentenced to eight months in Israeli prison following a plea bargain on 21 March at Ofer military court, Palestinian media have reported. The plea bargain will involve a modified indictment []


Kidnapped schoolgirls freed in Nigeria You can expect more kidnappings and extortion from Boko Haram. "IndyWatch Feed War"

BBC News

A man wipes away a tear after the girls were released in DapchiA relieved man wipes away a tear after the girls, who went missing on 19 February, arrived back in Dapchi. Credit ISAAC LINUS ABRAK

The majority of the 110 Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by militants in the town of Dapchi last month have been returned, the government says.

A presidential aide said 101 schoolgirls were dropped back in the town in the early hours of Wednesday.

The government said the army allowed the militants through, so lives were not lost, but denied paying a ransom.

However, reports suggest at least five girls died during their kidnapping, and that a Christian girl remains captive.

One of the freed girls, in a phone conversation with a relative, said the five had been crushed to death as they were herded into vehicles and driven away.

The girl said they were taken into the bush, to an enclosed place. When asked whether they were well fed, she said they had to cook their own food.

The government did not make any mention of deaths.

No ransom paid

The father of one girl said she was being kept by the militants thought to be from the Boko Haram group because she refused to convert from Christianity to Islam. In a radio interview he said he was happy that she had not renounced her faith.

The BBCs Tomi Oladipo says the government is likely to have given something in return for the girls release.

But Nigerias Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, told Reuters that no ransom was paid.

People waving their arms in joy in DapchiImage copyright...


Abahlali baseMjondolo: Brutal and Illegal Evictions Continue to Undermine our Human Rights in New City, Marianridge "IndyWatch Feed War"

Abahlali in New City in Marianridge are under attack following the Citys continuous violation of a Durban High Court interdict. On Monday, 19 March, at about 17pm, the Isambulo security guards illegally and brutally evicted four families who are protected by the court order. This act angered residents who were then forced to resist. Three activists were seriously injured when the protest intensified during the whole day yesterday.

Submitted to Enough is Enough. Press release by Abahlali baseMjondolo.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Abahlali baseMjondolo: Brutal and Illegal Evictions Continue to Undermine our Human Rights in New City, Marianridge

Abahlali in New City in Marianridge are under attack following the Citys continuous violation of a Durban High Court interdict. On Monday, 19 March, at about 17pm, the Isambulo security guards illegally and brutally evicted four families who are protected by the court order. This act angered residents who were then forced to resist. Three activists were seriously injured when the protest intensified during the whole day yesterday.

Sisi Nonhlanhla Zungu broke her leg while fleeing the police. Sibusiso Mngonyolo was shot with rubber bullets and sustained serious injuries. A one month old baby Dimpo Mohale inhaled tear gas as the police attacked activists in their homes (and not in the road where protest took place). The baby was admitted to hospital too. We remember last year that we lost baby Jayden Khoza as a result of police attack on activists in their homes in the Foreman Road settlement in Clare Estate. Comrade Noloyiso Ziyunguma was arrested and still in custody.

The protest continues today. Now as we speak as comrades are demanding the release of comrade Noloyiso. Her only crime has been to demand umhlaba wokuhlala land for living.

Today, is supposed to be Human Right day on which we celebrate the achievement of Human Rights for all. The Human Rights written into the laws only exist on paper for peopl...


Who Was the Austin Bomber Mark Anthony Conditt and What Was His Motive? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Austin Bomber Mark Anthony Conditt(ZHE)  Police have identified the Austin bombing suspect as 24-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt. Metro also pointed out that a Reddit user with the screenname Austinbomber was suspended from the site last night after publishing a post purporting to explain the bombers motive. According to the post, the bomber didnt plan the bombings because he wanted to []


Youths Arrested: Defending Water and Land at Burnaby Mountain from Tar Sands Pipeline "IndyWatch Feed War"

On Tuesday, youths were on the frontline, and arrested defending Coast Salish land and water from Kinder Morgan's TransMountain tar sands pipeline at Burnaby Mountain. (Twitter photos)


Im afraid there is a systemic problem with the algorithms and the business model of Facebook that allow bad actors to cause harm to innocent users of Facebook. "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | Quitting Facebook is not always easy because of the way the social network is intertwined into the fabric of the internet

WASHINGTON (AFP)  As Facebook reels from the scandal over hijacked personal data, a movement to quit the social network has gathered momentum, getting a boost from a high-profile co-founder of the WhatsApp messaging service acquired by the huge social network in 2014.It is time. #deletefacebook, Brian Acton said in a tweet, using the hashtag protesting the handling of the crisis by the worlds biggest social network.

The WhatsApp co-founder, who now works at the rival messaging application Signal, posted the comment amid a growing uproar over revelations that Facebook data was harvested by a British political consulting firm linked to Donald Trumps presidential campaign.

Delete and forget. Its time to care about privacy, he said.

Several websites offered tips on how to quit Facebook, while noting that the process is more complicated than it appears.

Facebook offers users the option to deactivate an account for users who want to take a break and return later, or to delete the account and its data entirely.

But Facebook noted that some data such as posts on friends timelines might remain in the system even after an account is deleted.

And longtime Facebook users could face complications on dealing with log-ins and authorizations to other websites and apps through the social network.

The website The Verge published a guide to deletion, advising users to download a copy of all personal data including photos and posts before quitting.

The website noted that it could take up to 90 days to fully delete an account, and that data may be inaccessible during that period.

Users may also face choices on what to do about other Facebook-owned properties such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

It was unclear how many users were following through on plans to quit Facebook, which has more than two billion users worldwide.

But Roger McNamee, an early investor in Facebook, said the social network was losing the trust of its users.

The issue is a callous disregard for the privacy rights of users and a lack of care with respect to data that had been entrusted to Facebook, McNamee told National Public Radio....


International Solidarity Movement tour conveys Palestinian trauma to a stunned US audience "IndyWatch Feed War"

The other night in Brooklyn, I caught two activists from the International Solidarity Movement, Rana Nazzal and Joe Catron, describing their work in Palestine to 70 people crowded into the Commons Cafe. The tour continues tonight in Syracuse and on to many other venues in Canada and the States (and at times includes our own artist Katie Miranda). I would urge anyone who wishes to understand the depth of the conflict to catch one of these appearances.

The tour is noteworthy because it conveys to Americans, in the most unrhetorical manner, some small portion of the immense trauma that Palestinians are experiencing. Two activists come to the stage and speak plainly about their experience. Both began these talks with videos, and both videos as the activists warned us contained film of a Palestinian being shot and killed by Israeli soldiers.

Joe Catron

Joe Catron showed us the famous killing of Salim Shamaly in Gaza in 2014. In Nazzals case it was Rushdi Tamimi in Nabi Saleh in 2012.



Belgrade, #Serbia: #Fight4Afrin From #Belgrade to #Afrin NO PASARAN! (Video) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Antifascist solidarity with Afrin and Rojava, 19. march Belgrade, Serbia. Video and statement.

Submitted to Enough is Enough. Originally published by Insurrection News.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Belgrade, Serbia: #Fight4Afrin From Belgrade to Afrin NO PASARAN! (Video)

Svugde je Afrin, svuda je otpor.

In the recent days there have been several solidarity actions in Belgrade supporting the struggle for freedom and autonomy in Afrin, part of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (Rojava).

Posters and writings on the walls appeared in several focal points of the city, such as the turkish cultural center, the area of the Turkish embassy, universities etc. to denounce the unspoken profit that the Balkan weapon industry is making out of the recent conflict in Rojava and the political subjugation of the Vui-government to the AKP.

In addition, this monday a banner was hanged from a building in Trg Republike (the main square of Belgrade) saying Stop the invasion in Afrin! Lets defend self-organization against states and capital!!

These actions are meant to support the resistance of people of Rojava, to stand for their social revolution that represents a threat to the expansionist fascism of AKP.

The silent complicity of EU and UN in the invasion is also mentioned as it is well known how several powers are benefiting not only financially but also politically from the attack on Afrin. In Belgrade as all over the world solidarity is shown to unveil the dirty side of an imperialist war against the people in Rojava perpetrated by this coalition of forces.

These acts of dissent anticipate the official...


The Russian Military Warns: a Major War in Syria Is Imminent "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Arkady SAVITSKY | Strategic Culture Foundation | 21.03.2018 On March 17, the Russian General Staff warned about an imminent attack on Syria. The statement did not elaborate. Of course, some information is classified but an independent and impartial analysis of publicly available information leads one to the same conclusion. Lets look at the facts. There are []


Indigenous communities carry on Berta Cacres work by defending nature and health care in Honduras "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Jeff Abbott

A child lights his brothers torch during the march in memory of Berta Cceres on March 2. (WNV/Jeff Abbott)

On March 2, hundreds gathered in Honduras to commemorate the life and work of the renowned Honduran activist Berta Cceres on the second anniversary of her assassination.

Carrying torches, Cceres supporters marched to the city center of La Esperanza to demand justice for her 2016 assassination. The march was made up of students from the Honduran National Autonomous University, families from the communities organized by the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras, or COPINH, which Cceres founded in the early 1990s, as well as international supporters of the late environmental activist.

During the march, chants of Fuera JOH, or Out with Juan Orlando Hernndez which are a major part of the protests against the fraudulent November presidential election were mixed with chants of Berta did not die, she multiplied.

As the indigenous Lenca communities of western Honduras commemorated Cceres, Honduran investigators announced the arrest of David Castillo Mejia, who Honduran authorities accuse of being the intellectual author of the assassination. Castillo Mejia, a former U.S. trained soldier, was working as the CEO of the energy firm Desarrollos Energeticos, which was building a hydroelectric project in the community of Ro Blanco.

The arrest is a step forward in obtaining justice for the high-profile assassination, but it falls short of identifying the true intellectual authors, who many believe are connected to the administration of Juan Orlando Hernndez. Months before the assassination, Cceres name appeared on a hit list distributed to Honduran security forces.

A Catholic mass was held the day after the march to remember Cceres and her dedication to challenging capitalism and patriarchy in Honduras, as well as across the region.

The assassination of Cceres by Honduran state forces dealt a great blow to the movement of the Lenca people. But the communities have remained organized...


Mark Zuckerberg Is No James Madison "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Constitution was designed to constrain our worst impulses. Facebook encourages them.

Portrait of James Madison
Portrait of James Madison PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES

One of the many conceits of the digital age is that so-called platforms are a new invention. In some respects they are. Built with computer code, powered by microchips and operated in the cloud, these digital building blocks did not exist until relatively recently. But in other respects, platforms are simply large aggregations of people coming together to search information online, shop or connect with friends.

Compare todays platforms to the American Constitution: a large aggregation of citizens organized on the principle of self-government. As a work of design, the Constitution is a brilliant piece of architecture, an intellectual foundation that has stood the test of time. If James Madison were a software developer in a Harvard dorm room and not a Virginia planter, we might say he was a better coder than Mark Zuckerberg. The Constitution understands human nature. Facebook , dangerously at times, does not.



Moscow: UK is Either Unable to Protect From Attack or Staged Skripal Attack "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sputnik 21.03.2018 The Russian Foreign Ministry and Russian Defense Ministry jointly delivered a statement after a meeting with foreign envoys amid the scandal surrounding the poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal. According to the official, either the British authorities are unable to protect from a terrorist attack on its territory or staged the attack themselves. []


Strike in northwest Syria kills 20, including 16 children "IndyWatch Feed War"


Children were killed after they fled an earlier air strike on a school in the opposition-held province


Oppression Radiates: Gaza and the Arab Spring "IndyWatch Feed War"

We need to connect and learn from each other about the histories of struggles in different places; get together and build together, so that when there is another revolutionary wave, we can be more prepared to make it everybody's.


Israel delivers eviction orders to villagers in Negev desert "IndyWatch Feed War"


Eviction and demolition orders posted on buildings in Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran that has been the subject of a years-long legal battle


The stoic Ahed Tamimi and her remarkable family were portrayed in Ben Ehrenreichs 2016 book "IndyWatch Feed War"

Back in 2011 an 11-year-old Ahed Tamimi and her young cousin, Marah, scampered to the front of another peaceful march in their home village of Nabi Saleh, Occupied Palestine, the American writer Ben Ehrenreich relates. The two were joining weekly protests against the Israeli settler/colonists who had stolen much of their land, seized their spring, and built a fish pool next to it. Israeli soldiers, there only to protect the settler/colonists, tossed stun grenades at the girls feet, and then violently drove the demonstrators away.

Ahed was her usual stoic self all through the tense day, Ehrenreich writes. But then, that night, she had nightmares she talked in her sleep until morning, waking again and again in panic and fear. Her mother, Nariman, told Ehrenreich, I dont know what to do, but raise my children to be strong.

16-year-old Ahed Tamimi in Israeli military court (Photo: Tali Shapiro/Twitter)

Ahed Tamimi, now 17, has become one of the most well-known Palestinians in the world. She is still in an Israeli military jail, more than 3 months after she slapped an Israeli soldier who had invaded her family home. Israelis and their apologists sneer at her as Shirley Temper, and some even suggest she and her family are actors.

Fortunately, the truth about Ahed is in Ben Ehrenreichs impressive book, The Way to the Spring: Life and Death in Palestine, which appeared in 2016. He spent months in Nabi Saleh, including stays in the Tamimi home, and his first-hand account is a fascinating, lengthy description of this remarkable young woman and her remarkable family. Ehrenreichs account of the injustice of occupation is even more compelling because it is understated; the facts speak for themselves.



Why the UK, the EU and the US Gang-Up on Russia "IndyWatch Feed War"

By James Petras :: 03.20.2018 Introduction: For the greater part of a decade the US, the UK and the EU have been carrying out a campaign to undermine and overthrow the Russia government and in particular to oust President Putin. Fundamental issues are at stake including the real possibility of a nuclear war. The most []


Time To Eliminate Your Wall Street Tax? "IndyWatch Feed War"

As we get older, and hopefully wiser, we generally start to become more discerning on how we view the world and the problems we face. Many of us who seek to make the world a better place try to look at the problems, analyze them, and do what we can to correct them. However, because there are so many different problems facing us, this approach often overwhelms us and can instill a sense of hopelessness in our ability to create positive change. Looking more deeply into this situation, we discover that many of these difficulties are SYMPTOMS of much deeper problems, and that attempts to address these SYMPTOMS are not an effective or efficient way to bring about the changes we desire.


Ahed Tamimi agrees to plea deal, to serve eight months "IndyWatch Feed War"


Palestinian teenager was filmed kicking and slapping an Israeli soldier in the occupied West Bank


Whats To Celebrate? Iraq, 15 Years Later "IndyWatch Feed War"

H.W.  he was left in power in Iraq and during the regime of the Commander in Grief  Bill Clinton, the people of Iraq were devastated with crippling sanctions and active bombing. Moreover, Clintons Sec of State Madeleine The Ghoul Albright (in)famously told journalist Leslie Stahl that the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was worth it. First of all, that is a deeply perverse and vicious statement; and secondly, worth what? Not too long after Clinton was just a stain on the blue dress of history, the US was once again, in an even more intense way, bombing the crap out of Iraq which eventually led to the murder of Saddam Hussein and another million, or so, Iraqi.


U.S. Builds Military Garrison At Largest Syrian Oil Field "IndyWatch Feed War"

U.S. Builds Military Garrison At Largest Syrian Oil FieldSouthfront


A Princeton Middle East Expert explains why Muhammad bin Salman is a great man "IndyWatch Feed War"

""Haykel described Mohammed as an optimist by temperament,a pious man who drinks Coke Zero and has the retail political skills of Bill Clinton.He shakes hands, he remembers names, he doesnt talk down to people."


Gun Control? No, Youth Liberation! : Mass ShootingsSchool WalkoutsGetting Free "IndyWatch Feed War"

Students at Concords Mt. Diablo High break through gate in gun protest.

Following the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School last month and ahead of the March for Our Lives in Washington, DC this coming weekend, people all around the United States are talking about gun violence. As politicians seek to exploit horrific tragedies to consolidate even more power for the state and channel youth outrage into support for the Democratic Party, we have to direct attention back to the structural factors that cause these mass killings in the first place. Weve prepared the following poster, zine, and handbill addressing the root causes of school violence and the solutions that genuine grassroots organizing can offer. Please print these out to distribute at your local high school, walkout, or protest!

Poster version: click the image above for downloadable PDF.

Zine version: click the image above for downloadable PDF.

Handbill version: click the image above for downloadable PDF.

The New Normal

Another mass shooting. Were horrified, but we cant say were surprised. These shootings have been going on for as long as we can remember. The victims at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School werent even born when Columbine happenedand mass shootings have only gotten worse since then. Four of the ten deadliest mass shootings in American history have taken place in the last two years.

Why the last two years? The answer tells us a lot about this society. 2016 and 2017 saw...


Nigerian Government Paid Boko Haram To Return Kidnapped Girls; Terror Group Promised to Avoid Confrontations "IndyWatch Feed War"

A member of an NGO in Nigeria told Peace and Freedom that the Nigerian government paid Boko Haram to return the Kidnapped schoolgirls today. He said he had first hand knowledge of the deal worked out between the terror group and the government.

The government also promised to not incite confrontations with Boko Haram and to keep the girls out of school as part of the transfer.



DAKAR, Senegal Dozens of schoolgirls from the northern Nigerian community of Dapchi were returned early Wednesday morning, dropped off by the same Boko Haram militants who kidnapped them more than a month ago.

The surprising turn of events was greeted with joy from parents whose daughters were safely returned, but the relief was tempered by suspicions that several girls had died, possibly of thirst, while in the hands of the militants. Some are apparently still being held.

Jauro Usman, a resident o...


In the occupation, slapping a soldier is worse than killing a Palestinian "IndyWatch Feed War"

On Monday in Israel there were two parallel events:

1)     The Israeli military appeals court denied Ahed Tamimi, 17, the request of an open trial on charges stemming from her slapping an Israeli soldier occupying her home last December 15, claiming a closed trial was in her best interest.

2)     The Israeli military parole board further shortened Elor Azaryas prison sentence for shooting an incapacitated Palestinian suspect in the head at point blank-range, killing him in 2016, to 9 months, after the army chief of staff had reduced the original 18 month sentence to 14 months.

These two stories are a mirror of each other.

In Tamimis case, many Israelis want a price to be exacted from her for slapping an Israeli occupation soldier. Some suggested that she should be punished in the dark, without witnesses or cameras (centrist Israeli journalist Ben Caspit), or that she should end her days in prison (Education Minister Naftali Bennett). The decision to close the doors on her trial initially came last month at the first hearing. The military judge opined that it is in Aheds best interest as a juvenile to have a closed case, and the appeals judge doubled down on that view despite the fact the military prosecution itself did not object to its being open.

The court decided what is best for the court, and not what is good for Ahed, Aheds defense attorney Gaby Lasky told reporters last month, and it is still doing so.

The military appeals court tried to explain its rejection by portraying itself as if it were a normal civilian court:

The accumulated experience over the eight years that the juvenile military court has existed has taught us that giving the minor and his family a real chance to make their arguments in an intimate framework of proceedings that arent open to the general public is a basic component of conducting fair and just proceedings. In this, the judicial process in the military courts isnt any different than the process before a civilian court. Therefore, even if the process before a military juvenile court is slightly different than before a civilian court I also agree that closing the proceedings in the case of minor defendants must be the...


Video from Germany: Muslim spokesperson says we dont have to integrate "IndyWatch Feed War"

This woman is a member of JUMA (Young, Muslim, Active), a Muslim activist group in Germany. She is saying that Muslims need not integrate into German society and adopt German values and mores. This is not surprising, since the Quran tells Muslims that they are the best of people (3:110), and that non-Muslims are the []


Finally, Some Good News "IndyWatch Feed War"

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland, March 7, 2014 (Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0)


How Trump could be king - Saudi style "IndyWatch Feed War"

When Donald Trump meets Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman


China to reorganise propaganda efforts at home and abroad "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | The CCTV tower in Beijing: the broadcaster is facing consolidation with other state media

BEIJING (AFP)  China Wednesday announced a series of changes aimed at strengthening its global influence, including the creation of a centralised news service to better communicate the ruling Communist Partys message at home and abroad.The changes are part of a larger overhaul of government functions that will also see an increased role for the United Front Work Department, a shadowy organisation that has been accused of trying to manipulate politics abroad.

Under the new arrangement, the partys Central Propaganda Department will take direct responsibility for print, news and movies away from the central government, according to an announcement published by the official Xinhua news agency.

The move to put these branches of the media directly under the partys control comes as China has been tightening censorship and efforts to dictate the outlook and positivity of content.

Control of radio and television will be placed under a separate government-run organisation tasked with carrying out the Partys propaganda guidelines and policies.

The change is aimed at ensuring that broadcast media acts as the Partys mouthpiece, the announcement said.

As part of the change Chinese state media outlets CCTV, China Radio International and China National Radio will be consolidated into one super-broadcaster answering to the Central Propaganda Department.

Programmes targeted at foreign audiences will be rebranded as the Voice of China, the announcement said.

The reorganisation will also increase the prominence of the United Front Work , an agency which works to promote ties between the Communist Party and non-Communist elite including other political parties, former government officials, religious groups and overseas Chinese.

Under the new arrangement it will have complete responsibility for work related to Chinas ethnic minority groups, religious management and contact with overseas Chinese, which Beijing sees as an important constituency for its propaganda efforts.

President Xi Jinping has described the United Front Work Department as a magic weapon in the countrys soft power arsenal.

But it has come under increased criticism for what some say are covert efforts to...


Video from Paris: Muslim migrants storm church, force cancellation of evening Mass "IndyWatch Feed War"

Muslim migrants invade the Basilica of Saint-Denis, which is in a heavily Muslim area of France. By the end of the video, police line the doorway to the church, preventing the Muslim migrants from entering. This is a glimpse into the future of France. Before too long, anytime a church service is going on, there []


Talks Between Putin and Trump Going Great; Two Will Meet Soon "IndyWatch Feed War"

(ANTIWAR.COM)  US relations with Russia have been suffering in recent months, but may be making a turn for the better. President Trump called Russian President Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on a decisive election victory over the weekend, and the two seemed to get on quite well. All indications are that the talks were quite positive, and indeed []


Israel admits to launching military attack on Syria in 2007, warns region of more "IndyWatch Feed War"

Press TV March 21, 2018 Israel has formally admitted that it had attacked and destroyed a site in eastern Syria back in 2007, warning the region of more such assaults. The announcement by the Israeli military through declassified documents came on Wednesday about Operation Out of the Box against what Israel claims to be []


London Police threaten arrest for doing something legal for the wrong reasons "IndyWatch Feed War"

They withdrew the threat after being ridiculed, but it remains to be seen whether or not they will act upon it. Thoughtcrime such as believing that Islam is not a religion of peace is already getting people persecuted by British authorities. Britons have no reason not to expect much, much more of this. Criticism of []


Boom! Trump China Trade War Train Wreck Hits Telecom "IndyWatch Feed War"

There is a superpower that is groaning under erratic one-man rule that tramples on state institutions and flouts the constitution and the rule of law.  Unfortunately for China hawks, that country is not China. Donald J. Trump tried his hand at stopping Chinas global telecom surge by quashing a big-ticket acquisition in the US telecoms []


Can Nuclear War Be Avoided? "IndyWatch Feed War"

A 23 kiloton tower shot called BADGER, fired on April 18, 1953 at the Nevada Test Site, as part of the Operation Upshot-Knothole nuclear test series.


'Only death': How Mohammed bin Salman has torn up the rules of kingship "IndyWatch Feed War"

By insisting that only death would stand in the way of him becoming king, Mohammed bin Salman dropped all pretence about Saudi Arabia's consensual royal family politics


Protests over Morocco's 'death mines' rage on despite intimidation "IndyWatch Feed War"


Residents died attempting to extract coal from long abandoned mines to make money. Now protesters are demanding an economic alternative


What you did is against Islam!: Muslims dump sewage on heads of couple for violating Sharia "IndyWatch Feed War"

Imagine if a group of Christians, or any group other than Muslims, did this. The outcry would be immediate, immense, and international. There would be commissions and studies about how Christianity inspires people to be brutally and intransigently self-righteous, and warnings to people to leave Christianity for their own sake. But no one will take []


Pro-government group buys Turkish media giant in potential blow to free press "IndyWatch Feed War"


Media group had of late muted its criticism of government policies as it came under increasing attack


Saudi saviour or king of spin? Fact-checking Mohammed bin Salman "IndyWatch Feed War"


Crown prince MBS has been hailed as a great reformer by US media - but not everything he says can be taken at face value


Zuck Made Him a Billionaire, Now WhatsApp Founder Urges Users to Delete Facebook "IndyWatch Feed War"

(ZHE)  Three years after Mark Zuckerberg made Brian Action a billionaire by paying $22 billion for WhatsApp, the messaging apps co-founder has a clear message for the billions of social media drones worldwide  #deletefacebook. MarketWatch notes that Acton and fellow co-founder Jan Koum sold the messaging service WhatsApp to Facebook in 2014 for $22 billion. Acton received about $3 []


Belgrade, Serbia: #Fight4Afrin From Belgrade to Afrin NO PASARAN! (Video) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Antifascist solidarity with Afrin and Rojava
19. march Belgrade

Svugde je Afrin, svuda je otpor.

In the recent days there have been several solidarity actions in Belgrade supporting the struggle for freedom and autonomy in Afrin, part of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (Rojava).

Posters and writings on the walls appeared in several focal points of the city, such as the turkish cultural center, the area of the Turkish embassy, universities etc. to denounce the unspoken profit that the Balkan weapon industry is making out of the recent conflict in Rojava and the political subjugation of the Vui-government to the AKP.

In addition, this monday a banner was hanged from a building in Trg Republike (the main square of Belgrade) saying Stop the invasion in Afrin! Lets defend self-organization against states and capital!!

These actions are meant to support the resistance of people of Rojava, to stand for their social revolution that represents a threat to the expansionist fascism of AKP.

The silent complicity of EU and UN in the invasion is also mentioned as it is well known how several powers are benefiting not only financially but also politically from the attack on Afrin. In Belgrade as all over the world solidarity is shown to unveil the dirty side of an imperialist war against the people in Rojava perpetrated by this coalition of forces.

These acts of dissent anticipate the official international day of action for Afrin, called by the comrades of Rojava for the 24th of March.



Tech Giants Face Hundreds of Millions in New Taxes Under EU Proposals "IndyWatch Feed War"

EU measures come amid strained relations with Washington over an escalating trade dispute

Facebook and Google are among a clutch of U.S. tech giants that could face higher taxes in Europe.
Facebook and Google are among a clutch of U.S. tech giants that could face higher taxes in Europe. PHOTO: DAMIEN MEYER/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

The European Union on Wednesday unveiled sweeping new legislative proposals to raise taxes on big technology companies, a move that risks angering U.S. officials when trans-Atlantic relations are already strained by an escalating trade spat.

The proposed taxes are among Europes most-aggressive measures to target the alleged excesses of a small cadre of tech superpowers, including Facebook Inc. and Alphabet Inc.sGoogle, potentially adding hundreds of millions of euros to some tech firms tax bills. The U.S. warned last week against i...


South Sudan: A Fragile Country Ravaged by Famine and War "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sudanese refugees flee into South Sudan in 2012. Today, over two million refugees have fled South Sudan to neighboring countries. (EU European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations/CC BY-SA 2.0)


The Curious Case of Mubin Shaikh, the Undercover Jihadi (Part 1) "IndyWatch Feed War"

I am a Canadian ex-Muslim male; I converted to Islam and stayed in the religion for approximately four years, before leaving it due to disbelief and moral disgust. Now I live every day with Islams formal and informal death penalty for apostasy, hoping that my former Muslim friends dont recognize me on the street. In []


Ghouta: Issues Behind the Apocalypse: Armed and civil rebellion, Class and Islam "IndyWatch Feed War"

Before and after a school used as an underground basementSchool basement used as underground bomb shelter, before and after bombed by Russian airforce on March 20 (Mohammed Abdullah)

By Michael Karadjis

In early April 2011, shortly after the start of the Syrian uprising on March 15, people poured into the streets in Ghouta, peacefully chanting The people want the fall of the regime. Watch this video, and see what happened next: this slaughter of peaceful protest throughout Syria continued for the next six months before some citizens began defending their protests with weapons, and some regime troops began to protect their brothers and sisters rather than kill them; thus was formed, organically from the struggle, the Free...


US has 25 Military Facilities in NW Syria "Russia/Iran/Assad Don't Stand a Chance.." "IndyWatch Feed War"

Saved this article the other day. It featured quotations from Tony Badran a claimed Syria expert at the Foundation for Defence of Democracies  Headlined: "Why Russia, Assad, and Iran combined don't stand a chance against just 2,000 US troops in Syria"

  • Two thousand or so US forces remain in control of Syrias rich eastern oil fields.
  • Iran, Syrias government, and Russia openly oppose the US presence, but theres not much they can do about it.
  • An expert explains why it would be a losing battle to take on the US.
I think the cruise-missile attack in April showed, and the ongoing Israeli incursions show, the Russian position and their systems are quite vulnerable, said Badran, referring to the USs April 2017 strike on a Syrian airfield.
Let's refer back to today's earlier post where the April 2017 strikes on the Syrian airfield were discussed : Russian Diplomat Calls on the US to Unconditionally Abandon Plans to Attack Damascus And it was reported that Russia had brought in some new equipment. 
Noticing that Tony Badran is glossing over the fact that many, many missiles missed their target last year.
Russia has just a few dozen jets in Syria, mostly suited for ground-attack roles with some air-supremacy fighters. The US has several large bases in the area from which it can launch a variety of strike and fighter aircraft, including the worlds greatest fighter jet, the F-22.

Iran has a large inventory of rockets in and around Syria, according to Badran, but an Iranian rocket attack on US forces would be met by a much larger US retaliation.

Its vulnerable, Badran said of Irans military presence in Syria. Its exposed to direct US fire, just like its exposed to direct Israeli fire.

If Iran fired a single missile at US forces, then the bases and depot and crew will be destroyed after that, said Badran, who added that Iranian forces in Syria had poor supply lines that would make them ill-suited to fight the US, which has airpower and regional assets to move in virtually limitless supplies.
Everybody poses this question as though the US is Luxembourg, Badran said, comparing the US, which has the most powerful mil...


Deena Strykers Russias Americans "IndyWatch Feed War"

We have a vibrant book here that makes current history come alive in the eyes of those that study it in depth, as well as the eyes of those that


Focus Shifts to Manbij as Turkey Moves into Afrin Unopposed "IndyWatch Feed War"


Turkish armed forces, in cooperation with their Free Syrian Army allies, moved into Afrin city on March 18, marking the ostensible completion of a 56-day-long military campaign.

In the end, resistance from the Kurdish Peoples Protection Units (YPG) and pro-Assad volunteers who made it to Afrin was surprisingly tepid in the city center. There had been indications in both word and deed that the Kurds were going to shift toward a long, destructive, and bloody strategy of urban warfare against the invading Turkish forces. The city itself is a testament to the plan: its peppered with defensive tunnels, ditches, and bunkers that were erected long in advance of the attack. These structures were never even used.

The post Focus Shifts to Manbij as Turkey Moves into Afrin Unopposed appeared first on Geopolitical Monitor.


WATCH: Through Sherlocks eyes: the Litvinenko poisoning "IndyWatch Feed War"

This short documentary film on the Litvinenko case, featuring Vasily Livanov, the Russian actor internationally celebrated for his portrayal of Sherlock Homes, makes some valid points that deserve a lot more attention than they have so far received. Made by a collective of filmmakers & investigators known as Russian Hour TV, in 2012, but unseen in the West apart from one screening at the Russian Embassy in London, this documentary examines three key questions in the official case against Lugovoi and Kovtun, the two Russians convicted of the murder in the bizarre and barely legal Public Inquiry of 2015. The issues raised in this film 1. Lugovois polygraph During the filming of this documentary in 2012, the team employed a British polygraph practitioner, Bruce Burgess, to question Andrey Lugovoi, one of Litvinenkos alleged assassins, about his alleged involvement in the murder. The interview itself doesnt appear in the film, but we see Burgess announce the results on camera. He says he asked Lugovoi three questions. Did you do anything to cause the death of Alexander


Nordea bank halts investing in Facebook "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | Nordea bank unliked (at least temporarily) shares in Facebook, telling its investment funds to stop buying stock in the social media giant over concerns of misuse of user data

STOCKHOLM (AFP)  The Nordic regions largest bank Nordea said Wednesday it would not allow its investment funds to buy stocks in Facebook after the social media giant was ensnarled in a major data scandal.Facebook has in recent days been pounded by criticism at home and abroad over revelations that UK-based firm Cambridge Analytics working for Donald Trumps presidential campaign harvested and misused data on 50 million members.

Image result for Nordea, photos, signage

Were now pulling the brake because we see that the risks related to governance around data protection may have been severely compromised, Katarina Hammar, head of Nordeas Responsible Investment unit, said in a statement.

Fund managers are not allowed to buy Facebook shares for three months, but they can sell the ones they already hold, the bank said.

Until weve had time to fully assess the breath and width of this problem, we choose to quarantine the company, Hammar said.

Currently only the Nordea Global Stars fund, which invests in companies it considers are fulfilling human rights, environmental and labour standards, holds shares in Facebook. They account for just under two percent of the total holding,

Facebook said it has hired a digital forensics firm to examine how the data leak occurred and to ensure that any data collected had been destroyed.

A Cambridge Analytica statement denied misusing Facebook data for the Trump campaign.


Genoa, Italy: Righi Telecommunications Repeater Up In Flames / Genova, Italia: Repetidor de Telecomunicaciones en Llamas "IndyWatch Feed War"


We live in a world where being connected is essential if we want to keep up with the times and keep pace with the neurotic rhythm that modern society is offering us.
Human relationships have broken up behind displays, Apps.
Without WhatsApp you risk being excluded from your group of friends seriously.
At work, in the family, as a couple, we all need to be constantly available: send your precise position, send a selfie , listen to this voice message.

Although we realize that perhaps were spending a lot of time at home, links are becoming more and more virtual and our first thought as soon as we get in after a days work is to turn on the pc, we dont want to figure out for ourselves that somethings wrong, were lying to ourselves.
Its a well-known fact that technology and its damsels have full control over our lives today, what needs to be analysed is why weve accepted it.

Perhaps because we consign ourselves to something we see as bigger than ourselves, perhaps because we are fed up with the unpleasant daily life imposed on us, t...


Kabul suicide bombing: Heavy casualties in Persian New Years blast "IndyWatch Feed War"

At least 29 people have been killed and another 52 injured after a suicide bomber blew himself up during Persian New Years celebrations in Kabul. The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

AFGHANISTAN-UNREST (AFP/Getty Images)Afghan police block off the road in front of Kabul University after a suicide bomber targeted Shiite worshippers marking the Persian New Year

New Years festivities in the Afghan capital of Kabul turned deadly on Wednesday, after a suicide bomber detonated himself near the citys main university, killing at least 29 people.

Another 52 people were injured in the blast, according to Health Ministry officials. Several women and children were among the casualties.

Interior Ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi warned the death toll was likely to rise.

Read more: Kabul residents in shock after wave of violence

The Islamic State (IS) jihadi group claimed responsibility for the blast.

Shiite worshippers targeted

The explosion went off on a road leading towards the Shiite Kart-e Sakhi shrine, where locals had gathered to mark the Persian New Year, known in Afghanistan as Nauruz. The countrys Shiite minority typically marks the holiday by visiting such shrines.

Rahimi said that the bomber had sought to detonate himself by the shrine, but couldnt get closer due to tight security. Instead, he detonated his explosive on Kabul University Road, right in front of Ali Abad hospital, among the civilians who were on the way to shrine, he added.



Trump Hits Again at Mueller, Invoking Alan Dershowitzs Support "IndyWatch Feed War"


By Terrence Dopp

March 21, 2018, 7:50 AM EDT
  • President keeps up attacks on prosecutor leading Russia probe
  • Mueller wrong way to address Russian 2016 meddling: academic

President Donald Trump returned to criticisms of the special counsel investigating Russian election meddling Wednesday, this time quoting Alan Dershowitz on Fox News mounting a vigorous attack on Robert Mueller, saying he never should have been appointed and that there was no evidence of a crime.

Special Council is told to find crimes, whether crimes exist or not. I was opposed the the selection of Mueller to be Special Council, I still am opposed to it. I think President Trump was right when he said there never should have been a Special Council appointed, Trump said on Twitter, quoting the former Harvard law professor.

Alan Dershowitz

Photographer: Lior Mizrahi/Hulton Archive

In a subsequent message, Trump wrote, there was no probable cause for believing that there was any crime, collusion or otherwise, or obstruction of justice!

The tweets come as even Republicans in Washington have become concerned that Trump will fire Mueller, the former FBI director brought in as special counsel after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from investigating allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday...


Russian Scientists Explain 'Novichok' - High Time For Britain To Come Clean (Updated) "IndyWatch Feed War"

A week ago we asked if 'Novichok' poisons are real. The answer is now in: It is 'yes' and 'no'. Several Russian scientist now say that they once researched and developed lethal poisons but they assert that other countries can...


'This is Halabja all over again: How Syria chemical attacks revive painful memories "IndyWatch Feed War"


Thirty years after sarin and chlorine fell from the skies, residents of the Iraqi city still bear physical and emotional scars


Bin Salman flies into New York as 9/11 families push case against Saudi Arabia "IndyWatch Feed War"


Families of 9/11 victims have called for Mohammed bin Salman to use the visit to 'take responsibility' for alleged Saudi role in attacks


Facing U.S. Tariffs, China Plans Countermeasures But Beijing is also weighing concessions "IndyWatch Feed War"

Beijing prepares to deliver pain to President Trumps support base, including with tariffs targeting agricultural exports

Image may contain: outdoor

U.S. soybeans being loaded for export

March 21, 2018 7:38 a.m. ET

Faced with mounting trade offensives from Washington, China is preparing to hit back with tit-for-tat tariffs aimed at President Donald Trumps support base, including levies targeting U.S. agricultural exports from farmbelt states, according to people familiar with the matter.

But Beijing is also weighing concessions, including easing restrictions on foreign investments in securities firms and insurance companies, these people said.

In taking a stick-and-carrot approach, President Xi Jinping is seeking to avoid escalating trade tensions with the Trump administration.

Any Chinese response to new U.S. tariffs would be measured and proportional, said a Chinese official involved in policy-making.

For the stick side of the equation, China is likely to target U.S. exports of soybeans, sorghum and live hogs, according to the people with knowledge of the matter. They cautioned, however, that plans could change based on what the Trump administration proposes.

Plans for the retaliatory measures were laid out at a meeting last month convened by Chinas Commerce Ministry with Chinese importers of U.S. farm products, including China National Cereals, Oils and Foodstuffs Corp., a state-owned food-processing giant.

At the meeting, Commerce Ministry officials sought the companies views on the effects of scaling back U.S. agricultural imports, the people said. Since then the companies have been lining up alternatives sourcesfor soybe...


Mongoose: Australian Pedophile Judges The Noose Tightens "IndyWatch Feed War"


NSW Chief Magistrate Judge Graeme Henson protects his paedophile mate Chief Justice Tom Bathurst and 17 others

On Wednesday, the 21st June I was charged by the NSW police for breaching telecommunications laws for an email that I sent in September 2016 to all the judges of the NSW Supreme Court asking questions and giving them an opportunity to respond to allegations which is nothing more than journalists do around the world every day of the week.

The email in question shows up in an article I published last year titled Paedophile priest gets 3 months jail for raping 3 boys by NSW Supreme Courts Justice Hoeben and the article was also filed in court on the 4th of May as part of my defence. 

Read full post.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: President Donald Trump has, in the NSA database of all emails and telephone calls captured at a 99% level for the past ten years, all that is needed to indict, convict, and incarcerate all dirty cops, dirty prosecutors, and dirty judges and all elite pedophiles from Prime Ministers and Presidents through judges down to media mavens, world-wide. This is going to be the front line of the battle between God and Satan in the next decade not world war or other false conflicts promoted by...


War Is On The Horizon "IndyWatch Feed War"

Washington, D.C. (Library of Congress)


Herausforderungen und Chancen der Klimaerwrmung in der Arktis "IndyWatch Feed War"

von Patrick Truffer. Er arbeitet seit ber 15 Jahren in der Schweizer Armee, verfgt ber einen Bachelor in Staatswissenschaften der ETH Zrich und ber einen Master in Internationale Beziehungen der Freien Universitt Berlin.

Zu Unrecht ist in den mitteleuropischen Breitengraden von den Vernderungen in der Arktis wenig zu hren. Der an der Zusammenkunft des Arctic Circle in 2014 eingefhrte Begriff Global Arctic unterstreicht die Tragweite der Vernderungen in der Arktis. Gemss Konrad Steffen, Direktor der Eidgenssischen Forschungsanstalt fr Wald, Schnee und Landschaft, hat das schmelzende Eisschild in Grnland in den letzten 40 Jahren den Meeresspiegel durchschnittlich um 1 mm pro Jahr ansteigen lassen; bis 2100 sollen es zusammengefasst noch einmal rund 1 m sein. Dies wird global zu einer nachhaltigen Vernderung der Kstenregionen fhren. Nicht nur haben die Vernderungen in der Arktis globale Auswirkungen, sondern entfernte Ereignisse, wie beispielsweise zunehmende Kohlendioxidemissionen, bewirken weitreichende Vernderungen in der Arktis. Diese wechselwirkende Beeinflussung ist nicht nur im kologischen, sondern auch im konomischen, geopolitischen, gesellschaftlichen und kulturellen Bereich erken...


ITNJ: Lithuanian Government Elite Pedophile Scandal "IndyWatch Feed War"

Phi Beta Iota: The International Tribunal of Natural Justice (ITNJ) Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse has taken an interest in this case.

See Especially:




See Also:

Pedophilia @ Phi Beta Iota


Prayer and Meditation for Thursday, March 22, 2018 I will maintain my covenant with you And with your descendants after you Whoever keeps my word will never see death. "IndyWatch Feed War"

Thursday of the Fifth Week of Lent
Lectionary: 254

Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

The Stoning of Stephen

Reading 1 GN 17:3-9

When Abram prostrated himself, God spoke to him:
My covenant with you is this:
you are to become the father of a host of nations.
No longer shall you be called Abram;
your name shall be Abraham,
for I am making you the father of a host of nations.
I will render you exceedingly fertile;
I will make nations of you;
kings shall stem from you.
I will maintain my covenant with you
and your descendants after you
throughout the ages as an everlasting pact,
to be your God and the God of your descendants after you.
I will give to you
and to your descendants after you
the land in which you are now staying,
the whole land of Canaan, as a permanent possession;
and I will be their God.God also said to Abraham:
On your part, you and your descendants after you
must keep my covenant throughout the ages.

Responsorial Psalm  PS 105:4-5, 6-7, 8-9

R. (8a) The Lord remembers his covenant for ever.
Look to the LORD in his strength;
seek to serve him constantly.
Recall the wondrous deeds that he has wrought,
his portents, and the judgments he has uttered.
R. The Lord remembers his covenant for ever.
You descendants of Abraham, his servants,
sons of Jacob, his chosen ones!
He, the LORD, is our God;
throughout the earth his judgments prevail.
R. The Lord remembers his covenant for ever.
He remembers forever his covenant
which he made binding for a thousand generations ...


Festival of Newroz celebrated across Turkey even as arrests are made "IndyWatch Feed War"


Kurdish and pro-Kurdish politicians in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir slam Turkey's Syria operation during Persian New Years celebrations


James Fetzer: Parkland School False Flag 10 Reasons This Was Staged Plus Operaton Hoggwash The Criminal Parents Media Is Covering Up "IndyWatch Feed War"

Jim Fetzer

Parkland: Top Ten Reasons we Know it was a Staged Political Event

(1) It was staged in the immediate vicinity of Mar-a-Lago to as a challenge to President Trump:

(2) The timing was exquisite on multiple grounds, which were to benefit the Democratic Party:

(3) The school was named after an environmentalist who opposed draining the Everglades:

(4) The Florida State Legislature was considering broadening concealed-carry laws that day:

(5) The Secret Service came to the campus and changed security protocols two weeks earlier:

(6) A key surveillance camera was removed from the entrance to the freshman building:

(7) Army personnel were directing students not to look at bodies they were concealing under mats:

(8) EMTs were anxious to go in to aid the wounded, but were held back by law enforcement:

(9) There were students faking wounds, teachers and doctors lying, and phony student activists:

(10) The father of student activist David Hogg turns out to be an FBI Crisis Management Specialist:

Read full post with graphics, links, expansions for each of above.

Phi Beta Iota: The Parkland School was without question a false flag. Anyone who says it is not is either stupid or complicit. This is the real problem facing the National Rifle Association: they have neither the brains nor the balls to come out publicly and call Parkland and all other such events for what they are: false flag attacks intended to advance the gun confiscation agenda while distracting the public form the persistent atrocity known as the Deep State.


OPERATION HOGGWASH: The Strange Case of Emmas Enigmatic Parents

See Especially:

James Fetzer with Kerry Cassidy: Parkland Shooti...


Could Saudi Arabias nuclear ambitions shake up the Middle East? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has stated that the Kingdom could develop nuclear weapons if Iran also does so. What would this mean for the Middle East and how would Israel and Egypt view such an arms race?

Saudi King Mohammaed bin Salman during a cabinet meeting (picture-alliance/dpa/Saudi Press Agency)

In an interview with US broadcaster CBS last week, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman said that Saudi Arabia does not want to acquire any nuclear bombs, but without a doubt if Iran developed a nuclear bomb, we will follow suit as soon as possible.

Saudi Arabia and Iran cut off relations in 2016 after an attack on the Saudi Embassy in Tehran. Since then, the Saudis have been even more wary of Iran expanding its influence in the Middle East. 

Riyadh expressed its nuclear ambitions in 2009 when a royal degree said that the development of atomic energy is essential to meet the Kingdoms growing requirement for energy to generate electricity.

Israeli view very negative

When asked how Israel would respond to Saudi Arabia ultimately developing nuclear weapons, Shlomo Brom, an Israeli senior research associate at the Institute for National Security Studies said: The Israeli view would be very negative and they would do whatever is needed to prevent it. While the relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia is reasonably stable right now, that could change in the future, he explained, making it risky for Israel should the Saudis pursue nuclear weapons.

If you are talking about mutual deterrence between two parties, that is a relatively simple situation, Brom said. If you are talking about three parties, that is less stable and much more complicated.

Egypt growing closer to Saudi Arabia


Stephen E. Arnold: Dark Cyber 08:08 Be Very Concerned "IndyWatch Feed War"

DarkCyber reveals the alleged connections between Tor and the US government, why baby data are for sale on the Dark Web, the DarkMatter cyber intelligence firms capabilities and its Katim secure mobile phone, and how inmates at a Federal penitentiary ran a pornography business via mobile phones from their cells.


Low Energy, High Profits: How Privatizing Public Utilities Left Us All In The Dark "IndyWatch Feed War"

More than a generation after President Ronald Reagan barked at his subordinates, Dont just stand there; undo something! government officials from South Africa to southern California have embarked upon an unprecedented dismantling of the public sector, hiring for-profit enterprises to manage everything from homeless shelters, to toll roads, parking meters, and utilities. While there are no known comprehensive studies, the best available evidence strongly suggests that consumers worldwide have never spent so much of their paycheck to park downtown, or for a liter of water, or a kilowatt of electricity. No demographic has been squeezed more than communities of color, which have borne the brunt of Wall Streets restructuring of the economy, and its 40-year effort to hollow out the manufacturing industries that Blacks and Latinos have heavily relied on for jobs that pay a decent wage.


10 Big Changes to Expect With Pompeo at State "IndyWatch Feed War"

Secretary of State Mike PompeoSecretary of State Mike Pompeo (Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

By replacing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with CIA Director Mike Pompeo, President Trump has hit the restart button on his foreign policy a little over a year into his term.

Trump referenced the Iran deal as the point of contention sparking Tillersons departure, as Tillerson and his State Department colleagues favored a policy of making additional demands with additional pressures instead of withdrawing from the deal.

Expect 10 big changes in foreign policy once Pompeo is officially the Secretary of State.


1.Unleashing the sleeping hounds upon on our enemies

Expect a shadow war against our enemies that will likely out-do the Obama Administrations strong covert attacks on the Iranian-North Korean nuclear and missile programs.

As CIA Director, Pompeo reportedly ordered a dramatic increase in human intelligence-gathering, covert operations, cyber security and counterintelligence. He loosened restrictions on drone strikes and other measures to kill terrorists.

Pompeos top terrorist hunter was Michael DAndrea, who married a Muslim woman overseas he met while serving undercover and subsequently converted to Sunni Islam. As the New York Times explained, perhaps no single CIA official is more responsible for weakening Al-Qaeda.

DAndrea, also known as The Dark Prince and Ayatollah Mike, oversaw the successful search for Osama Bin Laden, as well as the impressive killing of the elusive Hezbollah terrorist Imad Mughniyah.

When Pompeo took over the CIA, he informed the Dark Prince he has a new focus: Iran.

In North Korea, Pompeo argued that the ultimate solution should be to...


De Zionistische Lobby van D'66 en GroenLinks "IndyWatch Feed War"

Propagandareis naar Isral jongerenbeweging GroenLinks was geen probleem




Badass Breakfast Club Turns Detention Into Yet Another Gun Reform Protest "IndyWatch Feed War"

Lookit These Kids Redux: Over 200 students at Pennsylvania's Pennridge High who defied their school's ban on joining last week's nationwide walkout have transformed their ostensible punishment into Civil Disobedience 101 by turning their detention into a silent, moving sit-in. Days before the planned walkout, school officials had announced a Remembrance Assembly featuring a 17-minute silence and slide show to honor the Parkland victims; citing "safety concerns," the school board also said any students who joined the walkout would "face consequences. Somewhat defensively, the Superintendent clarified that students would be disciplined, not because "they expressed any particular viewpoint or opinion," but for "willfully breaking a school rule about leaving the building without permission."


The covert department behind Chinas growing influence "IndyWatch Feed War"

Magic wand used to extend Chinas reach abroad gets enhanced role at time of growing international concern over states covert influence

South China Morning Post

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 21 March, 2018, 3:02pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 21 March, 2018, 4:37pm


Former CIA Chief Brennan Running Scared "IndyWatch Feed War"

It is easy to see why Brennan lost it. The Attorney General fired McCabe, denying him full retirement benefits, because McCabe had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor including under oath on multiple occasions. There but for the grace of God go I, Brennan must have thought, whose stock in trade has been unauthorized disclosures. In fact, Brennan can take but small, short-lived consolation in the fact that he succeeded in leaving with a full government pension. His own unauthorized disclosures and leaks probably dwarf in number, importance, and sensitivity those of McCabe.  And many of those leaks appear to have been based on sensitive intercepted conversations from which the names of American citizens were unmasked for political purposes.


Getting From Profits For A Few To Health Care For All "IndyWatch Feed War"

Democracy is a more radical idea than socialism. That has been noted by a fair number of democratic socialists, including one of the steady campaigners on the left wing of the British Labor Party, Tony Benn, who died in 2014. By stressing democracy first and foremost, he plainly did not abandon the full range of his socialist commitments. On the contrary, the extension of democracy into the workplace and the advance of workers into public life has been the real ground of social democracy. Without democracy in basic goods and services such as health care, housing and education, the ability of people to participate in public life and politics is deeply undermined. We, the people, did not gain ground in civil and human rights simply through the Constitution.


Walk To Palestine: Activist Walking 5,000km "IndyWatch Feed War"

Twenty-five-year-old Swedish activist Benjamin Ladraa is on a treacherous walk from Sweden to Palestine to raise awareness about human rights violations in the occupied territories. As of Wednesday, he is in Bulgaria and should reach Istanbul on March 20, walking 30-50km a day. Ladraa began his 5,000km journey from Gothenburg, Sweden, on August 8 last year. "The plan is to continue through Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and again through Syria to Jordan, and if I cannot get into Palestine, I will try to inform the media about it," he said.


Israel admits bombing suspected Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007, warns Iran "IndyWatch Feed War"


The 2007 incident had long been an open secret, but has now been publicly disclosed


The Russian Military Warns: a Major War in Syria Is Imminent "IndyWatch Feed War"

Washingtons plan includes the goal of partitioning Syria in such a way that a large chunk of it would remain under the control of the US-led coalition. The Americans are already assembling municipal councils on the lands east of the Euphrates River.


Stem op Marjan Sax. Lijst Bij1 "IndyWatch Feed War"



SPLC just released a report detailing the rise in hate. "IndyWatch Feed War"

Luckily, Southern Poverty Law Center is also working to reduce that hate in the US through its Teaching Tolerance program.


US Envoy In Venezuela Tried To Dissuade Falcon From Presidential Bid "IndyWatch Feed War"

Venezuelan opposition leader Henri Falcon received a visit from United StatesCharge d'Affaires in Venezuela Todd Robinson in which he tried to convince him not to run in the May 20 presidential elections, according to sources close to the candidate. The United States has been threatening President Nicolas Maduro's government with increasing sanctions if they go on with the elections, which they have called fraudulent, and are carrying out an international diplomatic campaign to isolate Maduro and discredit the democratic process. With Falcon, an important opposition figure in Venezuela running for the presidency, the Venezuelan elections gain credibility in the international community which goes against Washingtons attempts to discredit the socialist government in Caracas and lay the groundwork for a military coup which has been publicly suggested by multiple senior U.S. officials in the past few months.


100 French Intellectuals Denounce Islamist Separatism "IndyWatch Feed War"

Supporters of French President Macron celebrate his victory (Illustrative photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)Supporters of French President Macron celebrate his victory (Illustrative photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

A group of 100 diverse French intellectuals denounced Islamist totalitarianism in the newspaper Le Figaro on March 19, 2018. The following is a translation of their statement made by Clarion contributor Leslie Shaw:

We are citizens of differing and often diametrically opposed views, who have found agreement in expressing our concern in the face of the rise of Islamism. We are united not by our affinities, but by the feeling of danger that threatens freedom in general and not just freedom of thought.

That which unites us today is more fundamental than that which will undoubtedly separate us tomorrow.

Islamist totalitarianism seeks to gain ground by every means possible and to represent itself as a victim of intolerance. This strategy was demonstrated some weeks ago when the SUD Education 93 teachers union proposed a training course that included workshops on state racism from which white people were barred.

Several of the facilitators were members or sympathizers of the CCIF (French Collective Against Islamophobia) or the Natives of the Republic party. Such examples have proliferated recently. We have thus learned that the best way to combat racism is to separate races. If this idea shocks us, it is because we are Republicans.

We also hear it said that because religions in France are trampled on by an institutionalized secularism, everything that is in a minority in other words Islam must be accorded a special place so that it can cease to be humiliated.

This same argument continues by asserting that in covering themselves with a hijab, women are protecting themselves from men and that keeping themselves apart is a means to emancipation.

What these proclamations have in common is the idea that the only way to defend the dominated (the term is that of SUD Education 93) i...


Woman Who Alleged Assault By Guard Finally Released From Detention "IndyWatch Feed War"

A Salvadoran woman who came forward four months ago with allegations of sexual assault by a guard has been released from the T. Don Hutto detention center in Taylor, Texas, where her abuser remained employed for the bulk of her detainment. Laura Monterrosa was released from detention Friday evening after a months-long campaign by the advocacy organization Grassroots Leadership, culminating with a letter to the Department of Homeland Security signed by more than 45 Congressional representatives calling for an investigation into sexual abuse allegations at Texas detention centers. The members of Congress demanded an expedited audit to assess Huttos compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act. Getting released from detention has been a long road for Monterrosa, who Grassroots Leadership says is adjusting to her new environment and recovering from the trauma she has experienced.


Overview Of Battle For Eastern Ghouta On March 21, 2018 (Maps, Videos, Photos) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Overview Of Battle For Eastern Ghouta On March 21, 2018 (Maps, Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size map

The Tiger Forces, the Republican Guard, the Syrian Arab Army and other pro-government factions have entered the town of Hazeh and captured a number of points south of the Ein Tarma area.

According to pro-government sources, army troops are now in control of about a half of Hazeh and are still developing momentum inside the town.

In coming days, the Tiger Forces and their allies will further develop their advance in Ein Tarma aiming to tighten the siege on the remaining positions of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) and Faylaq al-Rahman.

Clashes in the area of Kafr Batna:

Meanwhile, reports are circulating that a preliminary evacuation agreement has been reached between the government and local militants in the area of Harasta. If the agreement is implemented, the army will free additional forces for offensive operations across the area.

Overview Of Battle For Eastern Ghouta On March 21, 2018 (Maps, Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Government troops in Eastern Ghouta:



Columbus Activists Turn Out To Support Black Pride 4 Protesters During Sentencing "IndyWatch Feed War"

On March 13, roughly two dozen community activists and supporters gathered outside a courtroom in Franklin County Municipal Court to support four young activists accused of disrupting last Junes pride parade in Columbus, Ohio. The Black Pride 4 Wriply Bennet, Ashton Braxton, Deandre Miles-Hercules, and Kendall Denton and six other activists blocked the path of the parade for seven minutes last June to protest the acquittal of Jeronimo Yanez, the Minnesota police officer who killed Philando Castile in 2016, as well as to shed light on the lack of safe spaces for black and brown people in the LGBTQIA+ community, according to their press release. Three out of four of those arrested were sentenced Wednesday to two years of probation and dozens of hours of community service; two of them were fined.


Saudi Nuclear Blackmail Should Be Nipped in the Bud "IndyWatch Feed War"

An innocuous news leak in the Pakistani newspaper The News on Monday has great bearing on the visit by Saudi Arabias Crown Prince and Defence Minister Mohammad bin Salman to the United States. The report stopped just short of disclosing that Saudi Arabia is extending an extraordinary Balance of Payments loan to Pakistan to the tune of US$2 billion.


At Riyadh gold souk, 'Saudisation' spells salesmen scarcity "IndyWatch Feed War"


The Saudi government's strategy to tackle high unemployment has upended businesses struggling to find skilled locals willing to work


After victory in Afrin, a Turkey-US confrontation looms in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Turkeys capture of Afrin is a signal that with Russian acquiescence, it can now crush other Syrian Kurdish enclaves - but first it must eliminate the US presence in Manbij


Gina Haspels Nomination Should Be Withdrawn, She Should Be Investigated "IndyWatch Feed War"

Amnesty International calls upon President Donald Trump to withdraw his nomination of Gina Haspel to the post of Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), for the reasons outlined below. At the same time, the organization calls upon the US Department of Justice to initiate investigations into Gina Haspels alleged activities in the context of the program of secret detention operated by the CIA, a program in which the crimes under internationallaw of torture and enforced disappearance were committed. The investigation should include any role she may have had in the destruction of evidence of such crimes. Finally, Amnesty International calls upon members of the US Senate, if the nomination of Gina Haspel remains in place and the above investigation is not initiated, not to holda confirmation hearing.


Cambridge Analytica: Facebook outraged over misuse of user data Era of preposterous lies "IndyWatch Feed War"

As anger spreads over the improper use of user information, Facebook says it is the victim of a deception by Cambridge Analytica. The social media giant now faces shareholder lawsuits after its stock value plummented.

Facebook icons reflected in a pair of glasses (picture-alliance/empics/D. Lipinski)

Facebook says it was hoodwinked by Cambridge Analytica, the company that harvested data from millions of social media users on behalf of US President Donald Trumps 2016 election campaign.

In a statement cited by US media late on Tuesday, the social media network said: the entire company is outraged that we were deceived, in a reference to the UK-based political research firm at the center of the scandal.

We are committed to vigorously enforcing our policies to protect peoples information and will take whatever steps are required to see that this happens, it continued.

Facebook said its top executives were working around the clock to get all the facts, after a whistleblower revealed how Cambridge Analytica had improperly accessed the data of 50 million Facebook users to attempt to influence US voters.

Read more: Facebook bans Trump campaign data firm Cambridge Analytica

Embattled CEO steps aside

Hours earlier, Cambridge Analytica said it had suspended its CEO Alexander Nix, who was caught on camera boasting about how the data firm influenced Trumps election win.

The data misuse scandal has heaped additional pressure on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has been called by the British and European parliaments to explain the misuse of its user data. A US consumer watchdog has also begun an investigation into the scandal.

The social media firm is already under fire for allowing fake news to proliferate on its platform during the US election campaign, and has repeatedly faced criticism over the privacy of its 2.1 billion regular users.



Charlotte Man Planned to Carry Out Attacks for ISIS "IndyWatch Feed War"

Erick Jamal Hendricks [Photo: (inset) Mecklemburg, NC Sheriff's Office; (background): Joe Raedle/Getty Images]Erick Jamal Hendricks [Photo: (inset) Mecklemburg, NC Sheriffs Office; (background): Joe Raedle/Getty Images]Erick Jamal Hendricks of Charlotte, North Carolina was convicted of conspiring to provide material support to ISIS.

Hendricks used social media to recruit others to plan and carry out attacks on our homeland in the name of ISIS, with the goal of creating a sleeper cell on our soil, said Assistant Attorney General Demers.

Hendricks, 37, was the youth coordinator for a mosque that belongs to the Islamic Circle of North America.

Hendricks represents the significant online ISIS threat that we face daily a U.S. citizen that becomes radicalized online and attempts to recruit and train individuals to commit jihad, all while on American soil, said Special Agent in Charge Anthony.  The FBI urges the public to report information regarding individuals pledging their allegiance to ISIS or other identified terrorist groups.

Hendricks said his goal was to create a sleeper cell to be trained and housed at a secure compound that would conduct attacks in the U.S.  He mentioned potential targets including military members whose information was released by ISIS, and Pamela Geller, who organized the Draw Prophet Mohammad contest in Garland, Texas, on May 3, 2015.

Hendricks claimed to have 10 members signed up for his group, according court documents and trial testimony.

Among those contacted by Hendricks was a man named Amir Al-Ghazi, who had pledged allegiance to ISIS in social media and made statements expressing interest in conductin...


Austin, Texas Bomber is Dead Photo of Bomber With Box at FedEx Assisted Law Enforcement "IndyWatch Feed War"

CBS and CNN are reporting that the Austin, Texas bomber is dead

He apparently killed himself with a bomb as police closed in on him.


Austin bombing suspect is dead, sources say

(CNN)  [Breaking news alert, posted at 5:43 a.m. ET Wednesday]


The suspect in the Austin explosions has died, multiple CNN affiliates in Austin reported, citing law enforcement sources. CNN is working to confirm this latest information.
[Previous story, posted at 4:32 a.m. ET Wednesday]
While police dont know the identity or motive of the Austin bomber, one thing is clear: the goal is to cause mayhem and death, a federal law enforcement official said late Tuesday.
Since March 2, a serial bomber has terrorized the Texas capital, leaving several explosive packages around the city.
In the latest incident, a package exploded at a FedEx sorting center near San Antonio on Tuesday, and a second unexploded bomb was discovered on the same day at another FedEx facility near Austin. Those two packages are connected to four previous bombings that left two people dead.


Putin"s Landslide Election Poisoned by British Cold War Antics "IndyWatch Feed War"

Incredibly, Britain is currently in the process of exiting the EU, and yet it is actively bequeathing a legacy of even worse relations between Europe and Russia as it departs the bloc.


Fifteen Years Ago, America Destroyed My Country "IndyWatch Feed War"


Finanzminister Scholz holt Goldman-Banker als Staatssekretr "IndyWatch Feed War"

 Finanzminister Scholz holt Goldman-Banker als Staatssekretr

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten  |  Verffentlicht: 19.03.18 14:08 Uhr 
Finanzminister Scholz holt Goldman-Banker Kukies als Staatssekretr.
Ihren XING-Kontakten zeigen


Attacke gegen Russland: Um Grobritannien tobt ein Energie-Krieg "IndyWatch Feed War"

Attacke gegen Russland: Um Grobritannien tobt ein Energie-Krieg

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten  |  Verffentlicht: 14.03.18 15:54 Uhr 
Die aktuellen Spannungen zwischen Grobritannien und Russland kommen nicht berraschend: Um die Insel tobt ein Energiekrieg, bei dem die Amerikaner den Russen Marktanteile abjagen wollen.


Polar Warming Spawns More Severe Winter Storms "IndyWatch Feed War"

Polar Warming Spawns More Severe Winter Storms

So theres a lot of groundbreaking work going on in the climate sciences right now. And a major focus is evidence that winter polar warming events are increasingly connected to blizzards and storms in places like Europe and North America. Storms that are both historically powerful and that occur with greater frequency.


China activists fear high-tech crackdown in Xis new era Beijing Analytica Monitoring of the behaviour and thoughts of the people. The new emperor is a tyrant. "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP / by Joanna CHIU | Some Chinese police have been using high-tech sunglasses that use facial recognition technology to spot suspects in crowded areas

BEIJING (AFP)  As Xi Jinping embarks on a potentially lifelong presidency, activists fear that the Chinese leaders promise of a new era sounds the death knell for human rights under an increasingly digital-savvy police state.The Chinese government has severely reduced space for civil liberties since Xi took power in 2012, and authorities are developing new technologies to keep the vast population in check.

They include include facial recognition software as well as a social credit system for good behaviour eerily similar to an episode of Netflixs sci-fi hit Black Mirror that depicted a dystopian society governed by such scores.

Ye Du, a poet and activist who lives in southern Guangdong province, warned that China is entering a stage of high-tech totalitarianism in which most citizens will feel the psychological impact.

The Chinese Communist Party has begun to pay more and more attention to cloud technology, monitoring technology and other tools, trying to integrate the most cutting-edge technology for the monitoring of the behaviour and thoughts of the people, Ye told AFP.

Xis move to stay in office beyond the end of his second term in 2023, rubber-stamped this week when parliament abolished term limits, triggered a rare bout of criticism on social media.

Censors blocked dozens of phrases such as I disagree or emperor, in an illustration of their resolve to maintain stability, backed by a massive increase in domestic security spending in recent years.

High-tech specs

Last month, some police began to don high-tech sunglasses that can spot suspects in crowded areas, the newest use of facial recognition technology that has drawn concerns among human rights groups.

The glasses send peoples images to a database that checks their personal information.

It is part of Chinas efforts to build a digital surveillance system able to use a variety of biometric data from photos and iris scans to fingerprints to keep close tabs on the movements of the entire population.

A group of legislators suggested during the parliament session that iris recognition be added to the countrys n...


Finally, Some Good News "IndyWatch Feed War"

Washingtons gratuitous raising of tensions with Russia that we have been witnessing for many years is so reckless and irresponsible that we need some relief from the depression of it all. Perhaps I am grasping at straws, but here are some hopeful developments.


Israeli Court Rules Against Open Trial for Ahed Tamimi "IndyWatch Feed War"

Al Quds (TeleSUR Israels Ofer military court ruled Monday to deny 17-year-old Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimis request for a public trial.

Tamimi was taken from her home in Nabi Saleh in December 2017 and charged with assault and incitement for slapping two occupation soldiers in full gear.

Ahed TamimiAhed Tamimi
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Tamimis trial has been held behind closed doors despite reiterated requests by Tamimis defense team for a public trial. According to Judge Lt. General Menahem Liberman, the decision seeks to protect Tamimis right to privacy as a minor, but her family, her lawyers, and supporters argue the courts decision seeks to curtail international attention.

Ahed faces up to 10 years in prison if found guilty on 12 different charges, including assault and incitement. Her defense team fears a closed-doors trial will allow the court to act with impunity.

Fadi Quran, a coordinator of the Free Ahed Tamimi campaign, told Mondoweiss Israel has made an immense effort to endanger her by putting her in the public spotlight for the past four months and by targeting her family for the last 10 years. It is hypocritical now to claim they want to protect her privacy.

Meanwhile, Aheds father Bassem Tamimi visited his daughter and wife in prison Monday for the first time since they were both arrested in December. The mother Nariman was arrested a day after Ahed for videotaping her daughters encounter with the Israeli soldiers.

Related: Young US Jews Write 700 Letters of Solidarity to Ahed Tamimi

Bassem said he spoke to Ahed and his wife Nariman for 45 minutes, using a telephone as they sat on the other side of a window, according to local Israeli media. He said they were both in good spirits and that Ahed was focusing on her English studies.

The Tamimi family has been in the forefront of the struggle against the expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The Israeli occupation has...


Remembering the War on Iraq: March 20, 2003 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Today marks the 15th Anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq.

Neither solid analyses, moral reasoning and decent argument nor historys probably largest pre-war, anti-war demonstrations worldwide had any discernible impact on the Bush and Blair Administrations decision to go to war and do so on a false pretext. Neither could major allies like France and Germany by their opposition to the war on Iraq persuade Washington and London to first try a peaceful resolution in accordance with the UN Charter provisions.

TFF was deeply engaged in preventing this war also by being on the ground in Iraq and wants to a) document the research we did and how we argued back then and b) contribute to this tragedy never being forgotten.

We also want to place our analyses and debate articles at the disposal in one place of the students, researchers, concerned citizens and others who are willing to spend the time and energy in understanding it more in depth and from a peace and conflict-resolution perspective which is still far from known in the public debate, politics and media.

We are not out of what would be false, misplaced modesty seeking to hide the fact that we made a much more comprehensive conflict analysis and produced much better predictions than the intelligence services, foreign ministries and foreign policy institutes of Western interventionist governments and, grosso modo, the Western mainstream media and their commentator experts (few of whom had, of course, ever set foot on Iraqs dry soil).

In short, there were alternative modes of understanding back then and there are in todays wars too. It would have been possible to solve the conflicts without causing the unspeakable human suffering we see still today as would the later conflicts.

Wars take place because somebody wants them to be fought for this or that reason and never the reasons offered to the public. And while wars may also sometimes be seen as mistakes, as wrong means-end calculations repeated wars are not mistakes.

They are produced by elites who benefit from them being fought and who turn warfare into their nations lifestyle, or addiction.

Photo Jan Oberg: The little boy was photographed in 2002 in the book market of old Baghdad. He must be about 20 years old today. If he is still alive. From the Iraq Photo Series



The west was built on racism "IndyWatch Feed War"

The west was built on racism. It's time we faced that Kehinde Andrews | In my opinion


How Israel Saved Us From a Nuclear ISIS "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israel just produced evidence to show in 2007 it took out a suspected nuclear reactor in Syria, something Israel says is further evidence of Irans control over the country.

Later that area was largely controlled by ISIS.

Its time to say thank you to our Israeli allies.


In this video, Israel Defense Forces Chief of the General Staff, Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot talks about the attack on the Syrian nuclear facility in 2007, when he headed the Northern Command.



Israel: We Foiled Major Terror Strikes on European Cities

Reports: Israel Bombs Iranian Base in Syria

Iranian Child Soldier in Syria Shocks Public

Assad Gives Command of Syrian Militias to Iran


The post How Israel Saved Us From a Nuclear ISIS appeared first on Clarion Project.


Kidnapped Dapchi schoolgirls freed in Nigeria Boko Haram running low on food? "IndyWatch Feed War"

BBC News

A signpost of the Government Girls Science and Technical College is pictured in Dapchi in the northeastern state of Yobe, Nigeria March 3, 2018.The girls were taken from a boarding school in Dapchi, Yobe state, in February. Reuters photo

Many of the Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by militants from the town of Dapchi have returned, according to residents who spoke to the BBC.

People said that many of the 110 schoolgirls were brought back in a vehicle convoy this morning.

The circumstances of their return is still not quite clear, but there are indications five of the girls may have died.

They were taken from the school more than a month ago.

Parent Kundili Bukar told the BBC the militants believed to be Boko Haram drove into the town in a motorcade and surrendered the girls to the community.

The militants are said to have left immediately. He said the girls were looking haggard and tired although some reportedly found the strength to run home to their families after being released.

Another parent, Manuga Lawal, said he had managed to speak to his daughter Aisha, who was among the kidnapped girls, on the phone.

The police chief in Yobe state, Abdulmaliki Sunmonu, would not confirm whether or not the girls had returned, but said he had heard the same reports.

However, a military officer working at a checkpoint near the town told Reuters news agency : Boko Haram have brought the girls.

The girls were taken from their school on the evening of Monday, 19 February, by a group of militants who had attacked the...


Silvio Berlusconi Didnt Win Italys Election But Hes Making All The Demands Bunga Bunga "IndyWatch Feed War"


ROME (Reuters) Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi wants the center-right to team up with the 5-Star Movement to form a government with a pre-determined agenda, La Repubblica newspaper reported on Wednesday.

 Image may contain: 1 person, suit and text

Forza Italia leader Silvio Berlusconi gestures during a meeting in Rome, Italy, March 1, 2018. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

The newspaper said Berlusconi, leader of the Forza Italia party, told the head of his main center-right ally, the Leagues Matteo Salvini, of his position during a meeting on Tuesday.

It quoted Berlusconi as saying during a meeting that he did not have any preclusion towards 5-Star.

Berlusconi told Salvini that the center-right could form a government with a specific, pre-determined agenda to tackle issues such as the economy, labor, security, and immigration, the newspaper said, without citing specific sources.

The March 4 election ended in a hung parliament, with a rightist coalition winning a combined 37 percent of the vote and the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement emerging as by far the largest single party in parliament on 32 percent.

La Repubblica said Berlusconis strategy was to put the ball into 5-Stars court so that they would have to assume responsibility if no government were formed.

Berlusconi and his center-right allies, which also include the smaller Brothers of Italy party, were due to meet in Rome later on Wednesday.

The League took some 17 percent of the overall vote, compared to 14 percent for Berlusconis Forza Italia, putting the League in the drivers seat of the center right.

The solution feared most by markets is a marriage between 5-Star and the League, excluding Forza Italia, which is seen a moderating, pro-European force.

The League and 5-Star on their own would have a parliamentary majority and there are some overlaps in their manifestos, with both calling for tax cuts, greater spending on welfare and a rejection of EU budget rules.

Both used to call for Italy to quit the euro, but while 5-Star says the moment has passed, the League says it stil...


Why America's Major News-Media Must Change Their Thinking "IndyWatch Feed War"

When the government is trusted but the head-of-state is not, or vice-versa, there cannot be a functioning democracy. In other words, theres a dictatorship at that time, and the only real question regarding it, is: What type of dictatorship is this?


Israeli Intelligence Minister: Strike on Syrian Reactor Shows Israel Wont Accept Nuclear Iran "IndyWatch Feed War"


Israel publicly acknowledgement for the first time that its F-16 and F-15 warplanes bombed a partially constructed nuclear facility near Deir al-Zor in 2007

.: A still frame taken from video material released on March 21, 2018 shows a combination image of what the Israeli military describes is before and after an Israeli air strike on a suspected Syrian nuclear reactor site near Deir al-Zor
A still frame taken from video material released on March 21, 2018 shows a combination image of what the Israeli military describes is before and after an Israeli air strike on a suspected Syrian nuclear facility HANDOUT/ REUTERS

Israels intelligence minister said that the operation to destroy Syrias nuclear reactor in 2007, which was cleared for publication on Wednesday, shows Israel will not allow those threatening our existence to have nuclear weapons. Syria then and Iran today.

In a tweet, Yisrael Katz said he saluted then-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for destroying t...



Attack Against Nord Stream 2 Renewed with Vigor: Whose Interests Does It Meet? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Attack Against Nord Stream 2 Renewed with Vigor: Whose Interests Does It Meet?  Alex GORKA Economics dictate national interests. Foreign policy is the tool used to advance it. Moscow has to fight back on all fronts, but the truth is that Washington does not care much about chemical attacks in Eastern Ghouta, the Salisbury poisoning, []


Our American friends want us to buy their gas instead of Russian, even though its 50% more expensive "IndyWatch Feed War"

US Threatens With Sanctions on Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Nord Stream 2 is a joint venture between Russias state gas giant Gazprom and five European companies, including Frances Engie, Austrias OMV AG, Germanys Uniper and Wintershall, as well as Royal Dutch Shell. Berlin and the EU have repeatedly expressed an interest in implementing the []


The memo said DO NOT CONGRATULATE PUTIN Trump did it anyway "IndyWatch Feed War"

Washington: US President Donald Trump did not follow specific warnings from his national security advisers when he congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin on his reelection, including a section in his briefing materials in all-capital letters stating DO NOT CONGRATULATE, according to officials familiar with the call.

US President Donald Trump said he called Russia President Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on his election victory.

Trump also chose not to heed talking points from aides instructing him to condemn Putin about the recent poisoning of a former Russian spy in the United Kingdom with a powerful nerve agent, a case that both the British and US governments have blamed on Moscow.

The Presidents conversation with Putin, which Trump called a very good call, prompted fresh criticism of his muted tone toward one of the United Statess biggest geopolitical rivals amid the ongoing special counsel investigation into Russias election interference and the Trump campaigns contacts with Russian officials.

Image result for Donald Trump with Putin, G20, photosDonald Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G-20 Summit in Germany last year.Photo: AP

See also:

Trump Congratulates Putin on Re-Election, but Fails to Mention Meddling in U.S.



Liars, damned liars, and Boris Johnson "IndyWatch Feed War"

Liars, damned liars, and Boris Johnson This post is also available in: Spanish, Italian There are three categories of liars: Liars, Damned liars, and  Boris Johnson, the Secretary of State for the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The FCO minister, backed by Prime Minister Theresa May and the roar of the mainstream media, has provoked []


Fighting leaves six al-Shabab fighters dead in southern Somalia "IndyWatch Feed War"

At least six al-Shabab fighters were killed and several others injured in heavy fighting with the Somali National Army in southern Somalia, officials said Tuesday. Somali Army official Abdirahman Ibrahim Muhamed said the militants ambushed an army base in Budhubo town, in Gedo region, on Monday evening, sparking fighting that lasted several hours. Somalia National []



Irishmen subjected to CIA-style 5 techniques by British not tortured European court "IndyWatch Feed War"

RT | March 20, 2018 A European court has rejected a request to find that a group of 14 men detained during internment in Northern Ireland suffered torture. The prisoners were subjected to white noise, sleep and food deprivation as well as beatings. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) rejected the Irish government petition []


If anyone still thinks that the EU referendum resulting in #Brexit was democracy in action then its time to wake up to reality. "IndyWatch Feed War"

Revealed: The Highjacking of Britains EU Referendum By True Publica, We have witnessed in full view how a shadowy global operation involving dark money, big data and American billionaires influenced the result of the EU referendum. If anyone still thinks that the EU referendum resulting in Brexit was democracy in action then its time []


Psychometrics: How Facebook data helped Trump find his voters Hillary Clinton had the FBI and Justice Department Going for Her But Forgot Facebook? "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP / by Paul HANDLEY | Powered by Facebook: President Donald Trump on the night of his 2016 election victory, which was helped by a massive social media database

WASHINGTON (AFP)  It was one of hundreds of cute questionnaires that were shared widely on Facebook and other social media, like Which Pokeman Are You? and What Are Your Most Used Words?This one, an app called thisismydigitallife, was a personality quiz, asking questions about how outgoing a person is, how vengeful one can be, whether one finishes projects, worries a lot, likes art, or is talkative.

About 320,000 people took the quiz, designed by a man named Alexsandr Kogan.

Kogan was contracted to do it by a company called Cambridge Analytica, founded by US Republican supporters including Steve Bannon, who would become the strategist for Donald Trump.

Because Kogans app was circulated via Facebook, it reaped far more than just the information on those who took the test. At the time, in 2015, such apps could scrape up all the personal details of not only the quiz-taker, but all their Facebook friends.

That ultimately became a horde of data on some 50 million Facebook users their personal information, their likes, their places, their pictures, and their networks.

Marketers use such information to pitch cars, clothes, and vacations with targeted ads. It was used in earlier elections by candidates to identify potential supporters.

But for Kogan and Cambridge it was a much bigger goldmine. They used it for psychological profiling of US voters, creating a powerful database that helped carry Trump to victory in the 2016 presidential election.

The data let the Trump campaign know more than perhaps anyone has ever known about Facebook users, creating targeted ads and messaging that could play on their individual biases, fears and loves effectively creating a bond between them and the candidate.

Psychometric profiling

The project was based on the work of a former Cambridge scientist, Michal Kosinski, who studies people based on what information they generate on line.

Kosinski and fellow researcher David Stillwell had for several years tapped into Facebook for psychometric profiling using their own personality test app, myPersonality.

The app accum...


Berlusconi balks at unfamiliar junior role as League calls tune Berlusconi is causing trouble. "IndyWatch Feed War"

Centre-rights divisions add to complexity of forming stable government in Italy

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standing, beard and suit

Head of the centre-right Forza Italia group Silvio Berlusconi (right) and League head Matteo Salvini AFP

James Politi in Rome
Financial Times (FT)

Before Italys general election this month one big question had been whether Silvio Berlusconi, the 81-year old media mogul and former prime minister, could tame Matteo Salvini, his populist junior coalition partner, in talks to form a rightwing government.

But after Italian voters delivered huge electoral gains for Mr Salvini, making him the dominant force on the Italian right, the tables have turned. It is Mr Salvini who is trying to break Italys post-election logjam and construct a government and Mr Berlusconi who is causing trouble.

Tension between Mr Berlusconis camp and Mr Salvinis party, the League, has become public over an emerging deal with the anti-establishment Five Star Movement to choose the speakers for Italys bicameral parliament. The basic outline discussed by Mr Salvini with Luigi Di Maio, the Five Star leader and the other big winner from the Italian election would be for the League to clinch one chambers presidency and Five Star the other.

Mr Berlusconi who underperformed in the election has balked at such an arrangement, insisting that his party, Forza Italia, claim one of the roles.

The demand has frustrated the League. [Berlusconi] is still recovering from the hit he took in the election so I dont know what kind of role he can claim, says Guglielmo Picchi, a League lawmaker from Tuscany. He was chief of everything but now he has to adapt to being number two.

The tension within the rightwing alliance is only one strand to the political weaving taking place before Sergio Mattarella, Italys president, starts formal consultations over how to form a government after the inconclusive election. A divided right will further complicate Mr Mattarellas task.

Mr Berlusconis resistance to a pact between Mr Di Maio and Mr Salvini on the speakerships in parliament signals that he fears a broader pact between Five Star and the League to govern the country could be in the works.

Many investors and European policymakers would see that as the worst possible outcome, bringing together two parties that are openly critical of EU and eurozone policies.

Mr Berlusconi described Five Star as a bigger threat to Italy than communism during the campaign, warning t...


Apartheid israel "IndyWatch Feed War"

Apartheid Israel By Jonathon Cook | AMEU | 2018 Volume 51 North from Nazareths city limits, a mile or so as the crow flies, is an agricultural community by the name of Tzipori Hebrew for bird. It is a place I visit regularly, often alongside groups of    activists wanting to learn more about []


Era of preposterous lies: Russian FM threatens to hit back at Britain over spy poisoning Russia has chosen to be a strategic competitor. Use of chemical weapons shows disdain for international law and norms. "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image result for photos, lavrov and zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov. REUTERS Sergei Karpukhin FILE PHOTO

TOKYO (AFP)  Russias foreign minister threatened Wednesday to retaliate against Britain for anti-Russian measures, with the two countries at loggerheads over the poisoning of a spy in southern England.

Speaking after a meeting with Japanese counterpart Taro Kono, Lavrov said: If the British government continues taking some anti-Russian measures, we will hit back under the principle of reciprocity.

Lavrov urged the British government to respond calmly over the March 4 attack on former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, who remain in critical condition.

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has long been part of Putins inner circle.  AFP File PHOTO

Britain says only Russia had the capability, motive and intent to be behind the attack, which used the nerve agent Novichok reportedly developed by the former Soviet Union.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has dismissed this as nonsense.

Britain reacted by expelling 23 Russian diplomats and their families around 80 people in total and has also cut off high-level contacts.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Theresa May said London was actively considering other measures.

On Tuesday, the head of the OPCW chemical watchdog said it would take two to three weeks to complete laboratory analysis of samples taken from the poisoning.

The affair has poisoned Russias already shaky relations with many Western countries.

The EU has expressed its solidarity with Britain and leaders at a summit later this week will agree to coordinate on the consequences for Russia, according to a draft statement seen by AFP.

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis suggested on Tuesday that Moscows suspected involvement shows Russia has chosen to be a strategic competitor.

However, President Donald Trump skipped the issue when congratulating Putin on his re-election and proposed a summit in the not-too-distant future.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe voiced outrage over the attack in a...


Taiwan shadows China carrier group after Xi warning "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: ocean, outdoor and water

FILE PHOTO: Chinas aircraft carrier Liaoning departs Hong Kong, China, July 11, 2017. REUTERS/Bobby YipREUTERS


TAIPEI (Reuters) Taiwan has sent ships and aircraft to shadow a Chinese aircraft carrier group through the narrow Taiwan Strait, its defense ministry said on Wednesday, after Chinese President Xi Jinping offered his strongest warning against Taiwan separatism to date.

China claims Taiwan as its sacred territory and considers the self-ruled island a wayward province, which Xi said on Tuesday would face the punishment of history for any attempt at separatism.

Taiwans defense ministry said the carrier group, led by Chinas sole operational aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, entered the waterway late on Tuesday, but kept on its western side.

By midday on Wednesday it has left Taiwans air defense identification zone heading southwest, the ministry said, adding it looked like China was conducting drills.

Taiwans military sent ships and aircraft to shadow the carrier group the entire way, but spotted nothing out of the ordinary and people in Taiwan should not be concerned, it added.

Chinas Defence Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In January, the Liaoning sailed twice through the Taiwan Strait, in what China said was part of routine drills.

Taiwan says China has ramped up military exercises around the island in the past year or so. The island is one of Chinas most sensitive issues and a potential military flashpoint.

Chinas hostility towards Taiwan has risen since the 2016 election of President Tsai Ing-wen, a member of the islands pro-independence Democratic Pr...


International Revolutionary Peoples Guerrilla Forces, North America Foundational Statement "IndyWatch Feed War"

Statement by the International Revolutionary Peoples Guerrilla Forces (IRPGF).

Submitted to Enough is Enough

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

International Revolutionary Peoples Guerrilla Forces, North America Foundational Statement

Today we announce the North American incarnation of the International Revolutionary Peoples Guerrilla Forces, previously active only in Rojava. We do this as Americans in  the imperial center who have the mind and conscience to see that the interlocking systems of oppression (capitalism, statism, patriarchy, racism, colonialism etc) exist to extract wealth from those who need it most, for the benefit of a ruling class whose desires are met in luxury. We see that capitalism relies on both systemic racism and patriarchy to keep the exploited classes fighting amongst themselves rather than rising together. We see nationalist and imperialist wars being perpetrated for profit at the expense of the poor and working class. We see climate change ushering in late/end-stage capitalism, wherein the inherent contradictions are finally causing the machine to break down. Perhaps a monkey wrench thrown into the gears to accelerate the breakdown of that machine would be an ethical response, provided that we also work to create a more just and sustainable present to build a bridge into the future, through community self-determination, democratic confederalization, intersectional anarchism, and mutual aid.

We are autonomists. This means we believe that both sovereign individuals and their communities of voluntary association should be self-determining to the fullest degree possible. If their autonomy is threatened they have the right to engage in revolutionary self-defense.

The people of Chiapas, Mexico inaugurated the first postmodern autonomist revolution in 1994, and we love and honor them for it. We believe that in Rojava this autonomism has evolved into a form that can spread virally around the world and adapt to local conditions- experimental democratic confederalism. Let us begin with perhaps the most important thing Ocalan ever said: Human liberation begins with womens liberation. Jineology offers a starting point for the social revolution: the emancipation and empowerment of...


Attack Against Nord Stream 2 Renewed with Vigor: Whose Interests Does It Meet? "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Alex GORKA | Strategic Culture Foundation | 20.03.2018 Economics dictate national interests. Foreign policy is the tool used to advance it. Moscow has to fight back on all fronts, but the truth is that Washington does not care much about chemical attacks in Eastern Ghouta, the Salisbury poisoning, election meddling, or so many other []


More context free portrayal of Jenin on BBC Radio 4 "IndyWatch Feed War"

On March 15th BBC Radio 4 aired an edition of a contemporary art programme called The Art of Now titled Dangerous Places.

As can be seen in the synopsis, all but one of the stories showcased in that programme relate in one way or another to Israel.

Composer Errollyn Wallen meets some of the artists working in places of conflict, violence and oppression around the world. She hears their personal testimonies and explores why art and music, poetry and drama can sometimes flourish in times and locations of danger and violence.

What use is art in a warzone, and what can these individuals and their work tell artists in more peaceful places about making art that helps us question and communicate?

Cartoonist and free improvisational trumpeter Mazen Kerbaj talks about his work during the 2006 Lebanon war and the problem of exoticising art from warzones. Journalist and poet Bejan Matur describes how living as a Kurd in southeastern Turkey has shape...


Facebooks Lax Data Policies Led to Cambridge Analytica Crisis "IndyWatch Feed War"

Social-media giants loose policing of app developers went on for years

The Cambridge Analytica crisis has its roots in a 2007 decision by Facebook to open access to its so-called social graph. Above, Cambridge Analyticas London offices.
The Cambridge Analytica crisis has its roots in a 2007 decision by Facebook to open access to its so-called social graph. Above, Cambridge Analyticas London offices. PHOTO: DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

Updated March 20, 2018 9:26 p.m. ET

Facebook Inc.s loose approach to policing how app creators and others deployed its user data persisted for years, including after a 2015 effort by the social network to restrict access, according to court documents and people familiar with Facebook. The social-media giant is now dealing with the fallout.

The Federal Trade Commission is investigating whether Facebook violated terms of a 2011 settl...


Google launches news initiative to combat fake news "IndyWatch Feed War"


 | Wed, March 21, 2018 | 12:01 pm
Google launches news initiative to combat fake news

Google said it plans to spend $300 million over the next three years to improve the accuracy and quality of news appearing on its platforms.  (Shutterstock/File)

Alphabet Incs Google is launching the Google News Initiative, to weed out fake news online and during breaking news situations, it said in a blog post on Tuesday.

Google said it plans to spend $300 million over the next three years to improve the accuracy and quality of news appearing on its platforms.

The changes come as Google, Facebook Inc and Twitter Inc face a backlash over their role during the U.S. presidential election by allowing the spread of false and often malicious information that might have swayed voters toward Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Read also: Nine social media, messaging apps agree to combat fake news

In a separate blog post, Google said it was launching a tool to help subscribe to news publications.

Subscribe with Google will let users buy a subscription on participating news sites using their Google account and manage all their subscriptions in one place.



In Europe, Mark Zuckerberg To Face Wave of Anger Over Facebook, User Data Privacy, Cambridge Analytica Calls to regulate social media companies "IndyWatch Feed War"

The UK and European parliaments have called on Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg to explain the use of its data by Cambridge Analytica. The social network said it also faced questions from the US consumer watchdog.

Mark Zuckerberg meeting with a group of entrepreneurs

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was on Tuesday summoned by a British parliamentary committee to explain how UK-based Cambridge Analytica managed to harvest the personal data of Facebook users.

Facebook is under fire after reports that Cambridge Analytica misused information from more than 50 million Facebook accounts to help Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election. The social network has lost billions of dollars in market value since Monday.

In a letter addressed to Zuckerberg, Damian Collins, the chairman of the UK parliamentary media committee, said he has repeatedly asked Facebook how it uses data. He accused the social media giant of misleading the committee by consistently understating the risks surrounding data protection.

Read moreInventor of internet: Regulate social media companies!

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

It is now time to hear from a senior Facebook executive with the sufficient authority to give an accurate account of this catastrophic failure of process, Collins said in the note. Given your commitment at the start of the New Year to fixing Facebook, I hope that this representative will be you.

The request to appear comes as British data protection authorities seek a warrant to search the London offices of Cambridge Analytica.

EU parliament invite for Zuckerberg

The Facebook chief has also...


Authorities In Austin Say Latest Package Bombs Sent By Same Person "IndyWatch Feed War"

People evacuate as emergency vehicles stage near the site of another explosion on Tuesday in Austin, Texas.

Eric Gay/AP

Updated at 1:30 a.m. ET

Police in Texas are investigating two more package bombs found on Tuesday at separate FedEx facilities in Austin and near San Antonio the latest of six such devices this month that are thought to be the work of the same individual. Authorities say another incident at a Goodwill store in south Austin is unrelated.

Police said the latest incident involved an artillery simulator dropped off at the Goodwill that initiated at about 7 p.m. after being handled by an employee.

After our investigation on scene, we determined that this was not an explosive device and was not related to the other bombings, Austin Assistant Police Chief Ely Reyes told reporters. He said police did not believe it was a copycat.

A lot of times these military-type momentos will be found by a family and they will not know how to dispose them, he added.

Authorities say the employee, a man in his 30s, suffered potentially serious, not expected to be life threatening, injuries.

Although apparently not connected to a series of package bombs that have killed two people and injured several this month...


New Investigations Into Facebook Add New Pressures What if advertising revenue crashes? The scale of errors can only lead one to conclude these are systemic problems. "IndyWatch Feed War"

The headquarters of Cambridge Analytica in central London on Tuesday. The company, which worked on President Trumps campaign, has faced a backlash after reports that it had obtained information on 50 million Facebook users. CreditJack Taylor/Getty Images

WASHINGTON Federal regulators and state prosecutors are opening investigations into Facebook. Politicians in the United States and Europe are calling for its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, to testify before them. Investors have cut the value of the social networking giant by about $50 billion in the past two days.

They are all focused on the same thing: whether Facebook mishandled users data.

Facebook has built its highly profitable social network off its users, selling advertisements based on their ages, interests and other details. But the scrutiny over the companys vast trove of personal data following a report that a political consulting firm had improperly obtained information of 50 million users is taking direct aim at that lucrative formula.

Investors are reacting to fears of regulation and the consequences of regulation, said Brian Wieser, a senior research analyst at Pivotal Research Group. The scale of errors can only lead one to conclude these are systemic problems.

So far, most of the social networks top executives have been silent. Mr. Zuckerberg, its founder, and Sheryl Sandberg, his top deputy, have not made any public statements in recent days. The pair did not appear at an emp...


Cambridge Analytica suspends CEO over Facebook data scandal "IndyWatch Feed War"

Alexander Nix, the chief executive of the London-based political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, left his offices through the back door on Tuesday. Credit Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA, via Shutterstock

WASHINGTON (NYTIMES, REUTERS) Cambridge Analytica, the political data firm with ties to President Donald Trumps 2016 campaign, suspended its chief executive, Alexander Nix, on Tuesday (March 20), amid a furore over the access it gained to private information on more than 50 million Facebook users.

The decision came after a television broadcast in which Nix was recorded suggesting unseemly practices to influence foreign elections.

The company, founded by Stephen Bannon and Robert Mercer, a wealthy Republican donor who has put at least US$15 million (S$20 million) into it, offered tools that could identify the personalities of American voters and influence their behaviour.

So-called psychographic modelling techniques, which were built in part with the data harvested from Facebook, underpinned the companys work for the Trump campaign in 2016. Nix once called the practice our secret sauce, though some have questioned its effectiveness.

In a joint investigation published online on Saturday, The New York Times and The Observer of London detailed the companys acquisition and use of the Facebook data.

In the latest segment of an investigation aired on Tuesday by Britains Channel 4 News, Nix describes questionable practices used to influence foreign elections and said his firm did all the research, analytics and targeting of voters for Trumps digital and TV campaigns. He also boasts he met Trump when he was the Republican presidential candidate many times.

Nixs comments do not represent the values or operations of the firm and his suspension reflects the seriousness with which we view this violation, Cambridge Analytica said in a statement on Tuesday.

Brad Parscale, the 2016 Trump campaigns main digital adviser who dealt regularly with Cambridge Analytica, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Nixs claims.

Nix also acknowledged his company used a self-destructing email server to communicate with clients in order to eliminate evidence of their contact.  You send them and after theyve been read, two hours later, they disappear,



Republicans angered as Trump congratulates Putin "IndyWatch Feed War"

AFP and The Associated Press

Yuri Kadobnov / Pool / AFP | Russian President Vladimir Putin meets at the Kremlin in Moscow on March 19, 2018.


Latest update : 2018-03-21

President Donald Trump called Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday to congratulate him on his re-election, drawing bruising criticism from members of his own party, including a leading senator who scorned the election as a sham.

Trump also said he and Putin might meet in the not too distant future to discuss the arms race and other matters.

What they didnt discuss on Tuesday was noteworthy as well: Trump did not raise Russias meddling in the U.S. elections or its suspected involvement in the recent poisoning of a former spy in England.

An American president does not lead the free world by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections, said Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee and has pressed the Trump administration to respond aggressively to Russias interference in the U.S. presidential election.

Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, a frequent Trump critic, called the presidents call odd. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Trump can call whomever he chooses but noted that calling Putin wouldnt have been high on my list.

At the State Department, spokeswoman Heather Nauert said it was no surprise that Putin was re-elected, commenting that some people were paid to turn out to vote and opposition leaders were intimidated or jailed. She also cited a preliminary report by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe that said Russias election took place in an overly controlled environment that lacked an even playing field for all contenders.

Her comments were notably tougher on Russia than those coming from the White House....


Whats genius for Obama is scandal when it comes to Trump They both used Facebook and Cambridge Analytica methods "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup

03/20/18 09:15 AM EDT

On Sunday, The Guardian reported on the supposedly nefarious workings of President Trumps data-gathering team at Cambridge Analytica. The report suggested that Cambridge Analytica had essentially issued questionnaires through a third party; those questionnaires, which were personality quizzes, requested that you use your Facebook login. Cambridge Analytica then compiled data regarding those who completed the quiz and cross-referenced that data with political preferences in order to target potential voters.

This isnt particularly shocking. In 2012, The Guardian reported that President Obamas reelection team was building a vast digital data operation that for the first time combines a unified database on millions of Americans with the power of Facebook to target individual voters to a degree never achieved before.

What, exactly, would Obama be doing? According to The Guardian, Obamas new database would be gathered by asking individual volunteers to log into Obamas reelection site using their Facebook credentials. Consciously or otherwise, The Guardian states, the individual volunteer will be injecting all the information they store publicly on their Facebook page home location, date of birth, interests and, crucially, network of friends directly into the central Obama database. 

Facebook had no problem with such activity then. They do now. Theres a reason for that. The former Obama director of integration and media analytics stated that, during the 2012 campaign, Facebook allowed the Obama team to suck out the whole social graph; Facebook was surprised we were able to suck out the whole social graph, but they didnt stop us once they realized that was what we were doing. She added, They came to [the] office in the days following election recruiting & were very candid that they allowed us to do things they wouldnt have allowed someone else to do because they were on our side.

Not so with Trump. As soon as Facebook realized that Cambridge...


The Ease of Accusation: The Skripal Affair "IndyWatch Feed War"

The policy of responding to assassinations on British soil is a near non-existent one.  Her Majestys Government is certainly in the habit of huffing, and steam can issue from deliberations in the House of Commons. But substance is often absent.

When Buzzfeed conducted an investigation into the mortuary of incidents in 2017, it found a degree of indifference on the part of British authorities.  Trumpeting findings that fourteen individuals had been assassinated on British soil by Russias security services or mafia groups, two forces that sometimes work in tandem, the reporters honed in on British sluggishness.  While the Russian bear was busy, Britannia was asleep.

The attempted poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia by a nerve agent is coloured by such a backdrop.  With each day, Downing Street has had to seem to be doing something in linking the attempted killings with identifiable culprits.  Britain is at a low ebb, barely finding its place at the Brexit negotiation table with the European Union.  Weakness and questionable competence is all around.

While this has happened, President Vladimir Putin has been re-elected.  Russia is revitalised.  The Kremlin comes with conveniently heavy baggage of blame.  A perfect situation, then, to point a distracting finger of accusation, making Britain the first state to accuse another of attacking it with a chemical weapon since the Chemical Weapons Convention came into force in 1997.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has obviously been landed the job of running the accusations which have been beaded together with faux consistency. The case for the prosecution, he argues, is that the nerve agent used in the Salisbury attack was of the Novichok group according to our scientists at Porton Down.

The second point is track record and experience. You also have to consider, he explained to Deutsche Welle, that Sergei Skripal is somebody who is being identified as a target for liquidation and that Vladimir Putin has himself said that traitors, i.e. defectors such as Mr. Skripal, should be poisoned.

Let us take the Novichok suggestion.  The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons which oversees the implementation of the CWC, claimed on March 16 that there was no record of the Novichok group of nerve agents having been declared by a state party to the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Where intelligence matters are politicised, links will be forged and tenuous ties made.  The Russian...


Chinese citizens with poor social credit rating to be barred from public transport "IndyWatch Feed War"

If the government doesnt like you, youll have to walk to work

Chinese citizens with poor 'social credit rating' to be barred from public transport
Chinese citizens with poor social credit rating to be barred from public transport

THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT will implement the latest phase of its Black Mirror-esque Social Credit System on 1 May, which will see citizens who have a poor social-credit rating barred from planes and trains.

Chinas Social Credit System is coordinated by the Central Leading Group for Comprehensively Deepening Reforms. It mashes together information gleaned from a wide variety of sources in order to give every citizen a social-credit rating.

This includes data from the countrys social insurance database and the criminal records system, as well as information gleaned online. It is intended to penalise not just citizens who have failed to pay fines or taxes, for example, but also pe...


Chinese rights activists fearful as policeman takes charge of legal affairs "IndyWatch Feed War"

BEIJING (Reuters) Chinese rights lawyers and activists say the promotion on Monday of former police official Fu Zhenghua to head Chinas justice ministry signals an even deeper freeze on attempts to use the countrys legal system to defend against rights abuses.

 Image result for Fu Zhenghua, photos

Fu Zhenghua, head of Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau

Lawmakers at Chinas annual meeting of parliament rubber-stamped the appointment of Fu, previously a deputy head of Chinas ministry of public security, to take charge of the department in charge of maintaining and improving Chinas legal system. Fu was preceded by Zhang Jun, who is now head of the state prosecutor and courts.

Long seen as a rising star in law enforcement, Fu led a number of high-profile investigations and crackdowns, including the probe into former security czar Zhou Yongkang, who was found guilty of corruption.

Since 2015, he headed an office dedicated to the suppression of what the ruling Communist Party calls evil cults, including the banned spiritual movement Falun Gong.

Fus self-described heavy fist approach to law enforcement has won him plaudits from Chinese state media, which has previously said his campaigns helped clean up Chinese society and tackle graft.

Rights groups have called for the United States to target Fu with sanctions under the Magnitsky Act, which authorizes the U.S. government to freeze assets of those responsible for gross human rights violations.

A coalition of 23 groups coordinated by Washington-based Human Rights First asked the United States to impose sanctions against Fu and two other police officers for their role in overseeing the detention of activist Cao Shunli, who died in custody in 2013.

Image result for Cao Shunli,, photos

Cao Shunli

Fu Zhenghua has presided over a number of serious human rights violations throughout his career, said Frances Eve, a Hong Kong-based researcher for Chinese Human Rights Defenders.

Fus appointment is a sign that the Xi Jinping regime is not goi...


Salisbury, Skripal and Novichok: A Local View "IndyWatch Feed War"

From the moment the news came out that on Sunday March 4th in Salisbury, one of Englands revered cathedral cities, a Russian spy and his daughter had been poisoned by some form of nerve agent my reaction was Oh dear.

Jeremy Corbyn correctly reminded Parliament of Tony Blairs attempt to frighten people into going to war with Iraq with his dodgy dossier and 45 minutes claim.  But most have forgotten that, four days before the huge demonstration in London the Army very visibly arrived at Heathrow airport, because there was a possible threat of planes being hit by al Qaida missiles.  They disappeared after a day or so as it was obvious the protest by millions would go ahead anyway.

The ever-increasing hysteria of the government and mainstream media in the days that followed the Salisbury incident was giving off the same nasty smell.  All the news was evidence-light and full of anomalies that no one addressed.  It seems that once again, a government is trying to scare everyone, this time to make us point the accusing finger at Russia.

Then I read a comment by a Salisbury resident: Its like a ghost town.  The governments reaction had so frightened everyone that people werent coming to the city.  Shops and businesses were suffering.  I dont exactly live a million miles from Salisbury, so I hopped on the train to see for myself how it was coping.

Visit Salisbury at any time of the year and it will be heaving with people coming to shop, to eat at one of the many cafes, restaurants and pubs, to visit the Cathedral and to walk through the ancient narrow streets.  N...


Israeli Court Claims Ahed Tamimis Closed Trial Is for Her Own Good "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ahed Tamimi(MEMO)  An Israeli court has refused to hold a public trial for Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi claiming it is for her own benefit, reports Haaretz. Last week the military prosecution told the court that they had no objection to a public court proceedings but were later informed that the case would be held behind closed doors as []


What the Media Isnt Telling You About Social Media "IndyWatch Feed War"

Weaponization of Social Media(CORBETT)  Now openly admitted, governments and militaries around the world employ armies of keyboard warriors to spread propaganda and disrupt their online opposition. Their goal? To shape public discourse around global events in a way favourable to their standing military and geopolitical objectives. Their method? The weaponization of social media.  TRANSCRIPT: It didnt take long from []


India Abductees Found Dead Near Mosul; 72 Killed in Iraq "IndyWatch Feed War"

The bodies of 39 Sikhs were discovered in a mass grave near Mosul. Their identities were confirmed through DNA testing.

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Pompeo and Haspel are Symptoms of a Deeper Problem "IndyWatch Feed War"

President Trumps recent cabinet shakeup looks to be a real boost to hard-line militarism and neo-conservatism. If his nominees to head the State Department and CIA are confirmed, we may well have moved closer to war. Before being chosen by Trump to head up the CIA, Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo was one of Continue reading "Pompeo and Haspel are Symptoms of a Deeper Problem"

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The Untold Story of My Lai: How and Why the Official Investigation Covered Up General Westmorelands Responsibility "IndyWatch Feed War"

Fifty years ago this month, on March 16, 1968, two companies of US Army troops belonging to the Americal Division entered the My Lai and My Khe hamlets of Son My village, in Quang Ngai province, and killed 504 Vietnamese civilians overwhelmingly women, children, and old men in cold blood. The national press Continue reading "The Untold Story of My Lai: How and Why the Official Investigation Covered Up General Westmorelands Responsibility"

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Who Wants To Kill Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah? "IndyWatch Feed War"

On March 13, while on his way to the besieged Gaza Strip, two 33-pounds bombs targeted the convoy of Palestinian Authority Prime Minister, Rami Hamdallah. Hamdallah was visiting Gaza, through the Israeli border checkpoint, Erez, to open a large sewage treatment plant that, if allowed to operate regularly, will make life easier for hundreds of Continue reading "Who Wants To Kill Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah?"

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French consular employee caught smuggling guns to Gaza using diplomatic car "IndyWatch Feed War"

An employee of Frances consulate in Jerusalem is under arrest for allegedly smuggling weapons from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank, according to French media reports, which have been confirmed by Israel.


US Pastor Held by Turkey Charged with Supporting Terror, Faces 35 Years "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ankara (GPA Pastor Andrew Brunson, a US national in Turkish custody since October 2016, has officially been charged with supporting terrorism and faces 35 years.

In September of last year, we first published a story about Andrew Brunson, a US national who has dedicated 23 years to Christian missionary work in Turkey.

Recep Erdogan Turkey AKP Turkish emergency decreesTurkish President Recep Erdogan
Image: Flickr Democracy Chronicles

Brunson, who was initially arrested in October of 2016 as a part of sweeping purges that followed a failed coup against Turkish President Recep Erdogan, made the news last year when Erdogan decided to use him as a bargaining chip with the US. This offer was first made public in September when Erdogan was speaking to a group of police officers who he told about a vague offer he made to Washington to trade one pastor for another.

Erdogans comment about the pastor he wants to be returned, of course, was in reference to exiled cleric/former Erdogan ally Fethullah Gulen. As reported at the time, Erdogan framed this possible trade as a no-brainer since it would be easier for [the US] to give up Gulen because the one that we have [in our hands Brunson] is being tried, the one you have [in your hands Gulen] is not being tried. During this pep rally with police Erdogan also claimed that Turkey had given [Washington] all the documents necessary [for the extradition], of Gulen.

According to Turkey, they also have strong evidence against Brunson which hypothetically should make Washington eager for his extradition. Yet upon further examination, the case for detaining Brunson looks incredibly weak and is likely based on accusations stemming from the testimony of a single...


Syrian Refugees are Going Home, the West Ready to Attack "IndyWatch Feed War"

How many years have you been living in Beirut? I asked my barber, Eyad, after he told me, beaming, that in three months from now, he will be returning home, to Damascus.

Even one year ago, such conversations would not be easy to commence. But now, everything has been changing, rapidly and, one wants to believe, irreversibly.

Although nothing is truly irreversible, the better things are on the ground in Syria, the more threatening the West is becoming, particularly the United States. Now it is, once again, intimidating Damascus, ready to attack the Syrian army, something that could easily drag Russia and others into a lethal confrontation. The war! The West is clearly obsessed with perpetual war in Syria, while most of the Syrian people are passionate about bringing back an everlasting peace.

6 years, replied my barber, preparing his razor. I detected sadness and indignation in his voice, 6 years too many!

After you go back, then what? Are you going to open your own salon in Damascus? I was curious. He is the best barber I have ever had, a real master of his trade, quick and confident, precise.

No, he smiled. I never told you, but Im a mechanical engineer About being a barber; I learned the trade from my grandfather. In the Arab world now, millions are doing something that is not their main profession But I want to return home and help to rebuild my country.

I knew nothing about Eyads political affiliations. I used to consider it impolite to ask. Now I sensed that I could, but I didnt. He was going back, returning home, eager to help his country, and that was all that mattered.

Come visit me in Damascus, he smiled, as we were parting. Syria is a small country, but it is enormous!

Syrian refugees in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon


On February 24 2017, The New York Times, unleashed its usual vitriolic sarcasm towards the country which hosts enormous number of Syrian refugees Lebanon:

About 1.5 million Syrians have sought refuge in Lebanon, making up about a quarter of the population, according to officials andrelief groups, and there is a widely held belief in Lebanon that refugees are a burden on the countrys economy and social structure.

Mr. Tahan, a gregarious man who soug...


UN Calls on Turkey to End State of Emergency, Torture, Purging Civil Servants "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ankara (TP The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on Tuesday called on the Turkish government to promptly end an ongoing state of emergency, torture and passport cancellation as well as a ban imposed on dismissed public servants from rejoining the civil service.

In a 28-page report issued on Tuesday the OHCHR called on Turkey to take all necessary measures to ensure an enabling environment for independent media and civil society organizations to operate safely and freely; immediately release journalists, writers, judges and academics who have been detained pursuant to counterterrorism legislation and emergency decrees; and ensure an independent, individualized review of their cases.

Prince Zeid bin Ra'ad UN Turkey OHCHRHigh Commissioner of the OHCHR Prince Zeid bin Raad
Image: Flickr World Economic Forum

In the report, the OHCHR provided an overview of key human rights concerns in Turkey in the period between January and December 2017, with a focus on the consequences of the state of emergency on the enjoyment of human rights.

In its report the OHCHR concluded:

The prolonged state of emergency has led to a continued erosion of the rule of law and deterioration of the human rights situation in Turkey.

Related: Whats Driving Turkeys Recent Emergence as a Middle East Power?

In September 2017, the High Commissioner urged the Government not to renew the state of emergency and to allow adequate administrative and judicial oversight over all related procedures, including by ensuring...


Why Israel struck a Syrian nuclear reactor a decade ago "IndyWatch Feed War"

For the first time, former Israeli politicians and intelligence chiefs are speaking out about what happened in the 2007 bombing outside Deir Ezzor


American Public Troubled by Deep State "IndyWatch Feed War"

By John V. Walsh | Dissident Voice | March 20, 2018 Public Troubled by Deep State is the headline that the Monmouth University Polling Institute tags to its recent poll. Polling about the term Deep State is problematical, because as the polling report says: Few Americans (13%) are very familiar with the term Deep State; []


Yemeni so-called President "IndyWatch Feed War"

Western media have not reported that Mansour Hadi has been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia.


DC Lawmaker Warns Public About Rothschild Climate Manipulation "IndyWatch Feed War"

A Councilman for the District of Columbia posted a video warning the public about climate manipulation under Rothschild control. More


Anthrax: The Forgotten Lie "IndyWatch Feed War"

OffGuardian | March 20, 2018 Fifteen years ago today, March 20, the Coalition of the Willing declared war on Iraq. We now know that war was based on a monumental and inexcusable lie about Iraq possessing weapons of mass destruction, and that the war itself was a crime under international law. But we tend to []


Hugh Fitzgerald: At Speakers Corner, Its Time to Show Muslims Some Respect "IndyWatch Feed War"

When I first went to London, decades ago, I was shown around by an English friend who wanted me to observe the Parliament in session, to see justice being administered at a criminal trial at the Old Bailey, to visit the Tower of London, and most of all, he wanted to show me that living []


Tolerance Cuts Both Ways: Freedom for the Speech We Hate "IndyWatch Feed War"

By John W. Whitehead | Rutherford Institute | March 20, 2018 Tolerance cuts both ways. This isnt an easy pill to swallow, I know, but thats the way free speech works, especially when it comes to tolerating speech that we hate. The most controversial issues of our daygay rights, abortion, race, religion, sexuality, political correctness, []


Why the UK, the EU and the US Gang-Up on Russia "IndyWatch Feed War"

The most recent western propaganda campaign and one of the most virulent is the charge launched by the UK regime of Prime Minister Theresa May. The Brits have claimed that Russian secret agents conspired to [...]


US Empire: Global Imperialism and Internal Colonialism "IndyWatch Feed War"

In this paper we will challenge the notion that overseas economic exploitation has transferred income to buy-off the domestic working and middle classes, in the course of consolidating imperial hegemony. We will argue that the empire [...]


The UFO/Aliens Dialogue Is Out! "IndyWatch Feed War"

Dialogue 275: Ufology, Abduction, Eight Theories of Alien Life is available to members in the members area under Video Dialogues. You gotta be a

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Tuesday, 20 March


Facebook Just Lost $50 Billion in Market Value Over the Last Two Days "IndyWatch Feed War"

Facebook Market Value(ANTIMEDIA)   The Cambridge Analytica scandal has Facebook feeling it where it counts most for a publicly traded company investor confidence. On Friday, the social media giants closing stock price was $185.09, making it worth about $538 billion. The next day, the news broke that data consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, which worked with Donald Trump on the 2016 election, had allegedly obtained []


Liberal MSNBC Remains Totally Silent About US-Backed Decimation of Yemen "IndyWatch Feed War"

MSNBC Russia Yemen(FAIR)  What use is having a liberal cable network if it remains silent on the major issues facing the left? As FAIR noted in January (, 1/8/17), MSNBCs coverage of the US-assisted bombing and siege of Yemen is virtually nonexistent. In the year 2017, MSNBC ran only one segment that focused on the USs role in Yemen; zero in the []


Crown Prince in the Oval Office "IndyWatch Feed War"

Never has a visitor to the Oval Office been insulted in this manner. Trump covered the Saudi Crown Prince with boards to show arms sales and to underline the true nature of the relationship between the two countries. And the Crown Prince laughs.


Paul Craig Roberts 255 "IndyWatch Feed War"

America Is Losing Its Economy

America Is Losing Its Economy


'It Was a Crime': 15 Years After U.S. Invasion "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ian Buruma, lauded by the Dutch establishment for his so called 'cosmopolitan' outlook.

In his column of June 6, 2017,  liberal opinion maker Ian Buruma, current editor 

of the New York Review of Books wrote for 

Project Syndicate -- financed by, among others, the speculator 



The crook and the despot "IndyWatch Feed War"

The man to the left bribed the man to the right, while the man to the right helped overthrow the man to the left. Both deserve what befell them.


26 Reasons Why You Need to Start Paying Attention to Edward Snowden "IndyWatch Feed War"

Edward Snowden(ANTIMEDIA)  In June of 2013, Edward Snowden was the most wanted man in the world as the U.S. government and others frantically attempted to arrest him for leaking documents that exposed the breadth of surveillance imposed upon the public. The Portuguese government even forced a plane carrying Bolivias president to be grounded because of rumors that Snowden might be on board. []


Trump tells Saudi crown prince US has zero tolerance for terrorist funding "IndyWatch Feed War"

The test of whether or not this vaunted Saudi reform is real will be if they really cut off funding not only for terror groups, but for Muslim Brotherhood mosques and organizations in the United States. Trump tells Saudi crown prince US has zero tolerance for terrorist funding, by Steven Nelson, Washington Examiner, March 20, []


Dr Kevin Barrett interviews the Saker "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Saker on Anglo-Zionist Empires escalating lies & hysteria source: (you can listen to the interview here) download file: tjradio-3-19-18-saker_-_31918_9.10_PM.mp3 (for direct download) Kevin Barretts show notes: The Saker


Cancer, George Monbiot and Nuclear Weapons Test Fallout "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Chris Busby | CounterPunch | March 20, 2018 George Monbiot, who has now been diagnosed with prostate cancer at the young age of 55, was therefore born in 1963, at the peak of the atmospheric test fallout. He is thus a peak exposed (at risk) member of a cohort of those exposed in the []


#Thessaloniki March 10: No nation! No homeland! Fire to the states! "IndyWatch Feed War"

Thessaloniki: About our participation in the mass anti-nationalist demonstration in Salonika on the 10th of March 2018, in the clashes against the repressive forces of the state that followed, and in the attack against the turkish consulate and the cops that guard it.

Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Thessaloniki March 10: No nation! No homeland! Fire to the states!

Thessaloniki: About our participation in the mass anti-nationalist demonstration in Salonika on the 10th of March 2018, in the clashes against the repressive forces of the state that followed, and in the attack against the turkish consulate and the cops that guard it.

On the 10th of March 2018, we participated in a mass demonstration in the city of Salonika (Thessaloniki, EiE), responding to a call across Greece and the Balkans. On this day thousands of people came together on the streets with a common stance against fascism and nationalism. Every block in the demonstration lent a different focus to the manifestation. Some blocks expressed primarily their solidarity to Libertatia, the squat that was burned down by fascists during the recent nationalistic manifestations over the naming of a neighboring country. Others stressed nationalism and patriotism as foundations of the greek society. Others stressed patriarchy as a structural element of the nation-state. There was also internationalist presence from the Balkans. This mass demo was well and strongly guarded against possible police or fascist attacks.A big part of this gathering understood that the struggle against fascism is one and the same with the struggle against the state. 


Syrian Army seizes most of Ayn Tarma Valley in East Ghouta, pushes to outskirts of suburb "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Leith Aboufadel 20/03/2018 BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:50 P.M.) In response to the militant counter-offensive in the Harasta suburb, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched a big assault at the nearby Ayn Tarma Valley. According to an Al-Masdar field correspondent in Damascus, the Syrian Army seized most of the Ayn Tarma Valley, following a short battle []


Landmine kills Syrian photographer in northwestern Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army members ride on a motorbike near a Turkish military vehicle in Afrin, Syria on March 19, 2018. Turkish forces and FSA factions seized Afrin from the Kurdish People's Protection Union (YPG) on March 18 after a two-month offensive, news reports stated. (Reuters/Khalil Ashawi)

Beirut, March 20, 2018--Kamel abu al-Walid, a photographer for the Turkish-backed pro-opposition Jarabulus Media Office, died from injuries sustained in a March 19 landmine explosion in the northern Syrian city of Afrin, according to his employer, the Syrian Journalist Association, and the Syrian Network for Human Rights.


The struggle against colonialism: a review of Why Palestine Matters "IndyWatch Feed War"

Why Palestine Matters: The Struggle to End Colonialism
Edited by Noushin Framke and Susan Landau
104 pp. The Israel/Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), $15.00

There is an adage that some of the most productive conversations at conferences often happen in hallways outside the meeting rooms.  The idea for Why Palestine Matters: The Struggle to End Colonialism was conceived during such a conversation, in a hotel lobby, at the 2016 meeting of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights.  Standing outside the church-based discussions meeting room on the eve of that annual convening, Susan Landau of Christian-Jewish Allies Working for a Just Peace in Israel -Palestine, and Noushin Framke of the Presbyterian Church Israel Palestine Mission Network (IPMN), which had earlier published two other books, Zionism Unsettled: A Congressional Study Guide (2014),  Steadfast Hope: The Palestinian Quest for Just Peace (2009) considered putting together another IPMN volume, this time written for a wider readership, both secular and faith-based.

The fruit of that first conversation, Why Palestine Matters, which comes out in April 2018, is indeed an extremely valuable contribution to the recent body of literature on Palestine.  Designed as a study guide, it is accompanied by a dedicated website, featuring numerous videos accompanying each chapter, as well as discussion guidelines, and further resources.


Who Wants to Kill Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah? "IndyWatch Feed War"

On March 13, while on his way to the besieged Gaza Strip, two 33-pounds bombs targeted the convoy of Palestinian Authority Prime Minister, Rami Hamdallah.

Hamdallah was visiting Gaza, through the Israeli border checkpoint, Erez, to open a large sewage treatment plant that, if allowed to operate regularly, will make life easier for hundreds of thousands of Gazans, who have endured a perpetual Israeli siege since 2006.

The Prime Ministers visit was also seen as another important step in the reconciliation efforts between the two main Palestinian factions, Fatah led by PA President, Mahmoud Abbas, in the Occupied West Bank and Hamas, led by former Prime Minister, Ismael Haniyeh, in Gaza.

Although reconciliation efforts have, for years, been half-hearted at best, the latest round of talks between both groups led to a breakthrough in Cairo last October. This time, Palestinians were told that the two factions are keen on establishing unity, ending the siege on Gaza and revamping the largely dormant Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) institutions.

Hamas and the Islamic Jihad were to join the PLO at some point in the future, leading to the formulation of a unified Palestinian political program.

And, perhaps, this keenness at ending the rift has led to the attempt on Hamdallahs life.

But who is Rami Hamdallah?

Hamdallah, 60, was chosen by Abbas to serve in the current post in June 2013, despite the fact that he was not a member of Fatah. He took over from Salaam Fayyad who served for six years, focusing mostly on state-building in a region that is still militarily occupied by a foreign power.

Hamdallah, though not a particularity controversial figure, has been a follower of Abbas and committed to his agenda. He is a political moderate by Palestinian standards, and it was through his strong ties with powerful Fatah figures like Tayeb Abdul Rahim and Tawfik Tirawi who served under late PA leader, Yasser Arafat, and Abbas respectively that allowed him to claim the post and keep it for nearly five years.

Last October, Hamdallah led a delegation of Fatah PA officials to Gaza to end the painful impacts of divisions and to rebuild Gaza brick by brick.

Since Israel destroyed much of Gazas infrastructure and thousands of homes in the summer of 2014, Gaza already reeling under a hermetic siege and the impact of previous wars has been in ruins. Hamdallahs visit rekindled hope among Gazans, and all Palestinians, that respite is on the way....


ANALYSIS: Money flees Saudi Arabia at rapid pace "IndyWatch Feed War"


Cash is leaving Saudi Arabia at an exponential rate because of the country's struggling economy, report shows


We Must Be Strategic To Win Social Change "IndyWatch Feed War"

We have more power than we think. But weve got to go beyond the protest-petition-call officials-vote routine. Think outside that box, and youll find a world of creative solutions and strategies to tap into. Id like to issue a challenge to all of our nonprofits and organizing groups to at least employ a one-for-one strategy. If youre going to ask people to call public officials or join a large protest, add a second strategy that uses an organized, sustained, and strategic act of noncooperation and/or intervention targeted at a second group of power holders. The time has come to double down on strategy and make great strides toward change.


Map Update: Military Situation In Eastern Ghouta On March 20, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed War"

This map provides a general look at the military siituation in Eastern Ghouta on March 20, 2018. The Syrian Arab Army and its allies have advanced in the areas of Ein Tarma and Hazeh and captured a number of points there. MORE DETAILS

Map Update: Military Situation In Eastern Ghouta On March 20, 2018

Click to see the full-size map

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Sweden: Mosque that applied to broadcast call to prayer has asked Allah to destroy the Jews "IndyWatch Feed War"

What did Swedish authorities expect? The Quran depicts the Jews as inveterately evil and bent on destroying the well-being of the Muslims. They are the strongest of all people in enmity toward the Muslims (5:82); they fabricate things and falsely ascribe them to Allah (2:79; 3:75, 3:181); they claim that Allahs power is limited (5:64); []


Abahlali baseMjondolo: ANC Continues to Encourage Tribalism "IndyWatch Feed War"

South Africa: Our movement (Abahlali baseMjondolo) is built from the unity of families, neighbours and communities in struggle. If you live in a land occupation you are from that land occupation irrespective of what language you speak, or the province or country in which you were born.

Submitted to Enough is Enough. Press release by Abahlali baseMjondolo.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Abahlali baseMjondolo: ANC Continues to Encourage Tribalism

South Africa: Our movement (Abahlali baseMjondolo) is built from the unity of families, neighbours and communities in struggle. If you live in a land occupation you are from that land occupation irrespective of what language you speak, or the province or country in which you were born.

However the ANC continues to try and weaken the power of impoverished people by attempting to divide us according to the provinces and countries where we were born. The ANC constantly encourages tribalism and xenophobia, especially at the local level. In Durban it is normal for Ward Councillors in the eThekwini Municipality to openly discriminate against people from the Eastern Cape. There are many examples of this.
For instance people have been living in inhuman conditions in the Barcelona 2 transit camp since 2007. When they were moved into the transit camp they were promised houses in a nearby housing project. The promises made to them turned out to be lies and more than ten years later they remain stuck in terrible indignity. The ward councillor in the area does not recognise them. She has called them AmaMpondo and said that they are not entitled to benefit from housing projects that are meant for the Zulu community. She continues to say that they deserve to live like pigs in a pig sty because t...


Florida Court to Determine If Police Use of Facial Recognition Software Is Even Legal "IndyWatch Feed War"

Facebook Facial Recognition(AP)  Floridas First District Court of Appeals will take on a case involving law enforcement use of facial recognition technology to catch a drug dealer. Specifically, the court will determine whether police are allowed to use the facial recognition software to catch suspects without notifying them of the technology. Police One reports: The court battle, regarded by researchers []


US War Plans: Kurdish land bridge to Israel? "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Petri Krohn | The Duran | March 19, 2018 Russia, Turkey and the United States have come to a tacit agreement that the final settlement of the Syrian civil war will include population transfers, where isolated problem populations are ethnically cleansed and moved to larger, economically and logistically more viable larger enclaves. The relationship []


Who Are These Mysterious Activists Calling for Boycott of World Cup in Russia? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sputnik March 20, 2018 A campaign encouraging the boycott of the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia is gaining steam. Avaaz, a US-based cyber-activist civic organization is behind it. However, as Sputnik has discovered, the group has not-so-open links to financial speculator George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. Last week, using the []


Philippines: Rule of Law is Variable, Flexible Drug Kingpins Had Charges Dismissed; Now Justice Secretary orders vacating the dismissal of the case so that there is no such dismissal anymore "IndyWatch Feed War"

DOJ scraps dismissal of Kerwin, Lim drug cases

Aguirre said the motion of the police Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) seeking the reversal of the decision to clear Lim and Espinosa is now moot because of his directive.  File

Alexis Romero (The Philippine Star) March 21, 2018 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II has ordered the scrapping of the dismissal of charges against suspected drug lords Peter Lim and Kerwin Espinosa as he faces stinging criticism for allegedly allowing them to escape accountability.

Aguirre said the motion of the police Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) seeking the reversal of the decision to clear Lim and Espinosa is now moot because of his directive.

I issued an order yesterday (Monday) vacating the dismissal of the case so much so that there is no such dismissal anymore. And I ordered that the case be ordered wide open for both parties the complainants and the respondents to file whatever evidence they have in support of their respective position, Aguirre said in a press briefing in Malacaang yesterday.

Aguirre, who is rumored to be on his way out of the Cabinet because of the issue, said his order would allow both the prosecution and the defense to strengthen their cases.

The dismissal of the panel is now vacated and the case is remanded back to the new prosecutors that I have appointed. And the parties are free and required to submit all their evidence in support of their position, he said.

The justice department had cleared Espinosa and Lim of drug charges allegedly because of weak evidence, drawing outrage from groups who claimed that the decision casts doubt on the seriousness of President Dutertes anti-drug war.

Espinosa, the son of slain Albuera, Leyte mayor Rolando Espinosa, Lim and several o...


US & South Korea to start massive joint military drills on April 1 "IndyWatch Feed War"

RT | March 20, 2018 Following a months-long pause in military drills and despite a thaw in relations between Seoul and Pyongyang, South Korea and the US will resume joint military exercises on April 1, the Ministry of National Defense announced. The practice is slated to begin April 1, and it will be conducted on []


Comment by the Russian Information and Press Department on the situation in Damascus' suburb Eastern Ghouta "IndyWatch Feed War"

We note with satisfaction that the situation in Eastern Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus where terrorists and extremists had ruled supreme and had sporadically shelled the capital of Syria and committed other crimes for a long time, is now becoming more stable. The government forces have reestablished control over most of this district's territory. Talks, now underway with credible members of military units, aim to end the confrontation as soon as possible. At the same time, representatives of (...)


China warns Philippine aircraft every time they fly over the South China Sea "IndyWatch Feed War"

 / 07:41 PM March 20, 2018

No automatic alt text available.

Map showing potential Chinese radar cover in the South China Sea, according to analysis by US-based Center for Strategic and International Studies. (Photo by ADRIAN LEUNG / AFP)

The Philippines continues to get warnings from China whenever it aerial patrols over the features of China, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said Tuesday, but without referring to the Spratlys in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

These [Philippine] planes, every time that they fly over these features of Chinese, they will challenge, Lorenzana told The Source, a CNN Philippines program.

They will say that you are entering Chinese airspace. Just exchange of words. Then we will say: No, we are passing over Philippine airspace. Its just a play of words every time we have patrols, he said.

China has transformed some of the reefs claimed by the Philippines in the Spratlys into artificial islands capable of supporting military facilities, which has become a concern for several nations.

Three of these seven artificial islands have 3-kilometer airstrips that may be used by China to land military planes in the future.

For its part, the Philippines conducts regular patrols in its maritime domains in the West Philippine Sea and Philippine (formerly Benham) Rise as part of its mandate, Lorenzana said.

Aside from the aerial patrols, the Philippines holds naval patrols and sends vessels from the Philippine...


Sex and the City Star Under Attack for Supporting BDS "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sex and the City Cynthia Nixon(MEMO)  A leading pro-Israel activist is attempting to derail an American actors bid to become the governor of New York over her support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign against Israel. Cynthia Nixon, one of the stars of the Sex and the City television series and movies, announced on Monday that she is planning to []


Minneapolis: Muslim cop who shot unarmed woman charged with murder, turns himself in "IndyWatch Feed War"

Islamophobia kills. We saw this again in Minneapolis, when a 40-year-old Australian woman, Justine Ruszczyk Damond, was killed by a rogue cop, Mohamed Noor. It is a cherished fiction on the Left that there exists an Islamophobia Industry, a well-funded group of propagandists who spread hatred of Muslims solely to line their pockets. This is []


Rebel rocket fire kills 35 in Damascus suburb: State TV "IndyWatch Feed War"


Damascus blamed 'terrorist' groups for the attack which reportedly derived from rebel-controlled Eastern Ghouta


#Anarchism: Another Carolina Anarchist Bookfair & Call for Submissions "IndyWatch Feed War"

During the weekend of June 22-24, Asheville, North Carolina will host the second annual Another Carolina Anarchist Bookfair (ACAB). Last year, hundreds of people from the southeast and beyond participated in workshops, talks, panels, community building, skill sharing, and celebrating resistance. Dozens of presses, publishers, radical and anarchist groups displayed their books, zines, artwork, and promoted their projects. This year will be even better, as we continue to build sites of resistance, structures of counterpower, and networks of solidarity across the region and the world.

Originally published by Another Carolina Anarchist Bookfair.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Another Carolina Anarchist Bookfair & Call for Submissions

During the weekend of June 22-24, Asheville, North Carolina will host the second annual Another Carolina Anarchist Bookfair (ACAB). Last year, hundreds of people from the southeast and beyond participated in workshops, talks, panels, community building, skill sharing, and celebrating resistance. Dozens of presses, publishers, radical and anarchist groups displayed their books, zines, artwork, and promoted their projects. This year will be even better, as we continue to build sites of resistance, structures of counterpower, and networks of solidarity across the region and the world.



We are bigger than your Jesus: Pakistani Muslims beat Christians with bricks, open fire on them, injuring seven "IndyWatch Feed War"

Will the Islamophobia never end? Christians Wounded in Muslim Attack on Church Service in Pakistan, Morning Star News, March 20, 2018: LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) At least seven Christian worshippers were injured in an armed attack by local Muslims on a church service on Sunday (March 18) in southern Punjab Province, Pakistan, the church []


EUs Juncker under fire for nauseating Putin letter "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File / by Damon WAKE | EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker is under fire over a nauseating letter congratulating Russian President Vladimir Putin on his re-election even as Britain blames Moscow for a deadly toxin attack

BRUSSELS (AFP)  EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker came under fire Tuesday over a nauseating letter congratulating Russian President Vladimir Putin on his re-election even as Britain blames Moscow for a deadly toxin attack.Juncker wrote to Putin, returned for another six years in power on Sunday with a record vote share, pledging to always be a partner in improving security cooperation with the Kremlin.

Russia is currently under a punishing regime of sanctions for its annexation of Crimea from Ukraine and is accused of running a sustained campaign of disinformation and cyber attacks against several EU members.

I have always argued that positive relations between the European Union and Russian Federation are crucial to security of our continent, Juncker said in the letter, which he shared on Twitter.

Our common objective should be to re-establish a cooperative pan-European security order.

Juncker added: I hope that you will use your fourth term in office to pursue this goal. I will always be a partner in this endeavour.

Junckers letter came just a day after EU foreign ministers offered Britain unqualified solidarity in a dispute with Russia and despite the EUs own diplomatic service voicing concern about violations and shortcomings in the election.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said her government believes that Moscow was behind the March 4 poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal in the English city of Salisbury using a Soviet-designed nerve agent.


The head of Mays Conservative Party group in the European Parliament said that with his letter Juncker was effectively appeasing a man who poses a clear threat to western security.

This is a disgraceful letter from Jean-Claude Juncker, MEP Ashley Fox said in a statement.

His failure to mention Russias responsibility for a military nerve agent attack on innocent people in my constituency is nauseating.

The European Parliaments Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt joined the criticism, saying on Twitter this is no time for congratulations.



Under a false flag, UK attempts three chemical attacks in the Ghouta "IndyWatch Feed War"

On 17 March 2018, the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov denounced the presence of the US, British and French Special Forces in Syria; this is something that both London and Paris deny. He drove home the point, insisting: What this presence means is that the issue is no longer a war by proxy but direct intervention in a war. Mr. Lavrov then went on to give a stern warning to Washington, London and Paris, should they take the decision to bomb Damascus. The documents seized (...)


The United States is evacuating Daesh leaders from the North of Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

A number of eyewitnesses have testified to Sana Agency that on 26 February 2018, two anti-Daesh Coalition's helicopters landed at Twaimin, in the South-East of al-Shadadi. They took on board some of the Daesh officials that they were supposed to fight and transported them to the illegal US base of Sabah al-Kheir, 20 kilometres from Hassake. Monday morning 19 March: three helicopters belonging to the US-led Coalition landed, in a location situated between the villages of Jissi and Calo, in (...)


UTAH -- Sacred Land to be auctioned for oil and gas Tuesday "IndyWatch Feed War"

Tin Cup Mesa photo Neal Clark, SUWA Hatch Point photo Neal Clark, SUWA Conservation Groups Oppose Trump Administration's Oil and Gas Auction Near Utah National Monuments Center for Biological Diversity Censored News SALT LAKE CITY The Bureau of Land Management on Tuesday will auction off public lands in southeastern Utah's spectacular red rock country for oil and gas


Video: Cops Laugh at Man Being Held Naked in Chair for 46 Hours Before Dying "IndyWatch Feed War"

Andrew Holland(TIM)  Chilling jailhouse footage captured an inmate as he writhed on the floor, lost consciousness and subsequently died after being bound naked in a restraint chair for 46 consecutive hours, as California sheriffs deputies at the San Luis Obispo County Jail looked on, with some occasionally laughing. The newly released video stands in contrast to the []


UK cops ask public to become counter-terrorism citizens to help stop attacks (but theyll arrest you if you do) "IndyWatch Feed War"

This piece from the UKs Independent demonstrates that the British government is going all in with its contention that far-right extremists are an equivalent threat to that of Islamic jihadis. However, the most prominent people that they smear as far-right extremists, including Tommy Robinson, the recently banned Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern, as []


Russian Diplomat Calls on the US to Unconditionally Abandon Plans to Attack Damascus "IndyWatch Feed War"

Diplomat calls on US to unconditionally abandon plans of attacking Damascus

MOSCOW, March 20. /TASS/.Moscow calls on Washington to unconditionally abandon plans to attack Damascus, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told reporters on Tuesday.

"We have been warning the United States about the need to abandon these plans unconditionally," he said.

"Any illegal use of force, like the air attack on the Shayrat air base about a year ago, would be an act of aggression against a sovereign state, in accordance with the United Nations Charter," the senior Russian diplomat pointed out.

The Russian diplomat has also told TASS he doesnt rule out further fake reports about Damascus using chemical weapons.

"Fake reports continued and may continue further on, especially taking into account Syrian government forces successes in exterminating terrorist groups in Eastern Ghouta (Damascus neighborhood)," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabov said.
Attack on Shayrat airbase

On April 7, 2017, US President Donald Trump ordered a strike on Syrias Shayrat military air base located in the Homs Governorate. The attack, involving 59 Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles, came as a response to the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Idlib Governorate on April 4. The Pentagon said that the airstrike on Idlib had been launched from the Shayrat air base.
I covered the strike at the time it occurred in Syria- albeit on April 6 due to time zone differences ( No special psychic capabilities on my part) US Launches Airstrikes Against Syria- Military Intervention Begins

At the time of the airstrikes in 2017 many of the Tomahawks didn't strike their targets;

The reasoning for stray missiles was mentioned in this post: 
 A myriad of jamming devices that Russia had at their ready were mentioned:
"Airborne forces are being re-equipped with Infauna complexes. These are installed on armoured vehicles or other military vehicles and can locate and jam enemys radio connection in short wave and ultra-short wave frequencies, and put out remotely-controlled land-bombs. They will explode but only after the Russian troops have passed by and are far enough to be safe.


Putin's sinister threats and lies extend far beyond his own country, by Boris Johnson "IndyWatch Feed War"

To understand why 3 people lie stricken in Salisbury, look at Vladimir Putin's actions inside Russia. Yesterday he was proclaimed the winner of an election that resembled a coronation, complete with a triumphant ceremony outside the walls of the Kremlin. Mr Putin's leading opponent had obviously been banned from standing and an abundance of CCTV footage appeared to show election officials nonchalantly stuffing ballot boxes. One loyal functionary in Siberia used balloons in Russia's national (...)


Bears Ears Prayer Run -- 'Running to Heal our Lands and for Identity' "IndyWatch Feed War"

Photo copyright Nicole Nells Photo copyright Nicole Nells Yavapai Apache youths exploring, always running for the water. Photo copyright Nicole Nells Ending a beautiful day of running with this sunset. Photo copyright Nicole Nells. Bears Ears Prayer Run -- 'Running to Heal Our Lands and for Identity' Sacred Strides for Healing Relay Run, Photos by Nicole Nells and Jackie

Turkey Vows to Destroy US-Backed Terrorists in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Turkey Kurds US Troops Syria(ANTIWAR.COM)  With Turkey having captured the Afrin District over the weekend, President Erdogan is even more bellicose about the ongoing invasion of Syrian Kurdistan on Monday. He is even suggesting the offensive could grow more than ever expected. Erdogan is now saying that the offensive is going to span the entire Turkish border with Kurdish territory. This []


French consular employee uses diplomatic vehicle to smuggle guns to Palestinian jihadis "IndyWatch Feed War"

All over Europe, Israel is routinely vilified using false Palestinian victimhood narratives, while the Palestinian jihadis bloodlust and atrocities are ignored. This is the result. French consular employee charged in Gaza gun-running scheme, Times of Israel, March 19, 2018: An employee at the French consulate in Jerusalem was indicted on Monday for using a diplomatic []


Sinan Antoon on the anniversary of the Iraq invasion "IndyWatch Feed War"

"I was one of about 500 Iraqis in the diaspora of various ethnic and political backgrounds, many of whom were dissidents and victims of Saddams regime who signed a petition: No to war on Iraq. No to dictatorship. While condemning Saddams reign of terror, we were against a war that would cause more death and suffering for innocent Iraqis and one that threatened to push the entire region into violent chaos. Our voices were not welcomed in mainstream media in the United States, which preferred the pro-war Iraqi-American who promised cheering crowds that would welcome invaders with sweets and flowers. There were none."


FTC Probing Facebook Over Data Use by Cambridge Analytica "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

By John D. McKinnon

The Wall Street Journal
Updated March 20, 2018 12:36 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON The Federal Trade Commission is probing Facebook Inc. over the use of personal data by an analytics firm tied to President Donald Trumps campaign, a person familiar with the matter said.

The FTC is looking into whether Facebook violated terms of an earlier consent decree when data of up to 50 million of its users was transferred to Cambridge Analytica, this person said.

However, a person close to Facebook said that the agencys probe at this point doesnt appear to be a formal investigation, and the company is expecting to receive a letter from the FTC with questions.

We remain strongly committed to protecting peoples information, said Rob Sherman, Facebooks deputy chief privacy officer, in a statement. We appreciate the opportunity to answer questions the FTC may have.

The social-media firms shares fell 6.1% in morning trading to $162.05

The probe was first reported by Bloomberg.

The FTC said in a statement: We are aware of the issues that have been raised, but cannot comment on whether we are investigating. We take any allegations of violations of our consent decrees very seriously.

The FTC statement went on to cite a 2012 privacy case against Alphabet Inc. unit Google, in which the company was fined $22.5 million for violating terms of its consent decree.

Facebooks consent decree was announced in 2011 and approved in 2012. The social-media giant agreed in its decree to get user consent for collecting personal data and sharing it with others.

Facebook was charged with deceiving consumers by telling them they could keep their information on Facebook private, but then repeatedly allowing it to be shared and made public. The settlement required Facebook to give consumers clear and prominent notice and obtaining their express consent before sharing their information beyond their privacy settings. It also agreed to maintain a comprehensive privacy program to protect consumers information.

If the FTC eventually finds that Facebook violated its consent decree, the firm could face millions of dollars in fines as well as harm to its reputation with users.

Lawmakers in Washington and in the U.K. also are demanding more information from the company, in the latest in a string of regulatory headaches for Facebook as well as other big tech firms.

Last week, Facebook said it suspended the firm Cambri...


Facebook is reportedly under FTC investigation over its handling of user data "IndyWatch Feed War"

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

The Federal Trade Commission is investigating whether Facebook violated a government privacy agreement by allowing Cambridge Analytica to obtain users personal data, according to a report from Bloomberg.


We remain strongly committed to protecting peoples information, Facebooks Deputy Chief Privacy Officer Rob Sherman said in a statement. We appreciate the opportunity to answer questions the FTC may have.

Facebook agreed to the settlement, known as a consent decree, in 2011, after allegedly deceiving users over how much personal information they were sharing. The FTC argued that Facebook had misled users by not explaining, among other problems, how much data third-party apps received. As part of the settlement, Facebook agreed to rules governing its users privacy, including receiving express consent before using data beyond privacy settings.

We are aware of the issues that have been raised but cannot comment on whether we are investigating, an FTC spokesperson said in a statem. We take any allegations of violations of our consent decrees very seriously as we did in 2012 in a privacy case involving Google.

After news broke last week that Cambridge Analytica...


Scramble for Syria opens up disturbing scenarios "IndyWatch Feed War"

By M K Bhadrakumar | Indian Punchline | March 20, 2018 The US State Department issued a strong statement on March 19 following the fall of Afrin, the Kurdish city in northwestern Syria to the Turkish forces. The statement is highly critical of Turkeys military operation in Afrin. It expresses concern over the humanitarian situation []



South Front On March 18, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) established full control over the city of Afrin. The city had been the main stronghold of the YPG in northeastern Syria. However, the YPG had withdrawn from it almost without fighting. A notable part of civilians had also fled []


Trump pushes arms sales to Saudi Arabia as he lauds bin Salman "IndyWatch Feed War"


Senate votes to dismiss resolution that sought to end US support for Saudi's campaign in Yemen


Dun Type Dvelopp par des Menteurs "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Craig Murray | March 20, 2018 Those who have so kindly followed my analysis of the Skripal case so far will not have been surprised by this formulation appearing yet again in todays European Union statement: The European Union strongly condemns the attack that took place against Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, UK []


Russiagate Comes to England "IndyWatch Feed War"

Who poisoned the Russian spy? By Philip Giraldi Unz Review March 20, 2018 I dont know what happened in Salisbury England on March 4th, but it appears that the British government doesnt know either. Prime Minister Theresa Mays speech before Parliament last Monday was essentially political, reflecting demands that she should do something []


Putin as the new Gandalf "IndyWatch Feed War"

animated GIF by GreedyFerengi and Opoi


US, British, French Special Forces Directly Involved in Syria War "IndyWatch Feed War"

Russian FM: US, British, French Special Forces Directly Involved in Syria War
Russian FM: US, British, French Special Forces Directly Involved in Syria War


Jewish Fascist Supported By The West "IndyWatch Feed War"

Video: Jewish settler looses attack dog on Palestinian 

shepherd and flock, maiming sheep

 and  on March 19, 2018 39 Comments
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UK parliament asks Zuckerberg to testify in data misuse case "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

LONDON (AP) A British parliamentary committee on Tuesday summoned Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to answer questions on fake news as authorities step up efforts to determine whether data has been improperly used to influence elections.

The request comes amid reports that a U.K.-based company allegedly used Facebook data to help Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election. The company, Cambridge Analytica, has been accused of improperly using information from more than 50 million Facebook accounts. It denies wrongdoing.

The chairman of the U.K. parliamentary media committee, Damian Collins, said Tuesday that his group has repeatedly asked Facebook how it uses data and that Facebook officials have been misleading to the committee.

It is now time to hear from a senior Facebook executive with the sufficient authority to give an accurate account of this catastrophic failure of process, Collins wrote in a note addressed directly to Zuckerberg. Given your commitment at the start of the New Year to fixing Facebook, I hope that this representative will be you.

The request to appear comes as Britains information commissioner said she was using all her legal powers to investigate the social media giant and Cambridge Analytica over the alleged misuse of data.

Commissioner Elizabeth Denham is pursuing a warrant to search Cambridge Analyticas servers. She has also asked Facebook to cease in its efforts to pursue its own audit of Cambridge Analyticas data use.

Our advice to Facebook is to back away and let us go in and do our work, she said.

Cambridge Analytica said it is committed to helping the U.K. investigation. However, Denham gave the firm a deadline to produce the information she requested and it failed to meet it, her office said.

Denham said the prime allegation against Cambridge Analytica is that it acquired personal data in an unauthorized way, adding that the data provisions act requires platforms like Facebook to have strong safeguards against misuse of data.

Chris Wylie, who once worked for Cambridge Analytica, was quoted as saying the company used the data to build psychological profiles so voters could be targeted with ads and stories.

The firm found itself in further allegations of wrongdoing. Britains Channel 4 used an undercover investigation to record Cambridge Analyticas chief executive, Alexander Nix, saying that the company could use unorthodox methods to wage successf...


US Planning a Terrorist False Flag Chemical Attack to Justify Bombing Syria: Russia Says It Will Respond "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Federico PIERACCINI | Strategic Culture Foundation | 20.03.2018 Events in Syria increasingly resemble a direct confrontation between major powers rather than a proxy war. Lavrovs words, delivered a few days ago, reveal the critical phase of international relations the world is going through, with a potentially devastating conflict ready to ignite in the Middle []


Zionist Power in the USA "IndyWatch Feed War"

Schumer says he opposed the Iran 

deal because of threat to Israel

US Politics 
 on March 19, 2018 24 Comments
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US smooths Israels path to annexing West Bank "IndyWatch Feed War"

US smooths Israels path to annexing West Bank

 on March 19, 2018 9 Comments


US Senator Demands Zuckerberg Be Subpoenaed to Testify Under Oath "IndyWatch Feed War"

Zuckerberg Facebook(CD)  As the damning details of Facebooks largest-ever data breach at the hands of pro-Trump data firm Cambridge Analytica continue to pour inand as the social media giants share price continues to plummet as a resultSen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) on Monday called on CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify under oath before Congress to explain why his company took so long to []


A curious incident PART II "IndyWatch Feed War"

A Curious Incident Part II In the immortal words of USN Rear Admiral Joshua Painter: Russians dont take a dump, son, without making a plan A Curious Incident Part I


Athens, Greece: Demonstration to Defend the Squats Community of Koukaki & in Solidarity with Squats & Places of Struggle "IndyWatch Feed War"


Almost a year ago, a new project bloomed in the neighborhood of Koukaki. We created a community of housing and struggling squats. We occupied three empty buildings which were getting rotten at Matrozou 45, Panaitoliou 21 and Arvali 3. We rebuilt them through a lot of work to become sustainable, to become places of gathering and communal organization. Some us them are living here permanently.

We are coming from different places of the planet, co-exist with dogs and cats, creating relations of solidarity and freedom. This community, as its buildings is opened to the people through discussions in public spaces, projections, music events, caf-bar, presentations of theories, and games with children. We have create structures for common use like library-reading space, compost on the Filopappou hill, public bathroom-laundry and free shop to exchange clothes, laboratory of conserves production and urban gardening. From the very start, we knew that freedom can be claimed only through struggle. Our community is part of the anti-authoritarian/anarchist/libertarian movement and participates to the defending of the squats, in struggle against state repression, prisons and detention centers, against patriarchy, fascism, destruction of nature and stand in solidarity wi...


Florida: Muslim screaming Allahu akbar murders his girlfriend and daughter, injures son, sets house on fire "IndyWatch Feed War"

Muslims who kill in the name of Islam and in accord with its teachings are routinely characterized as mentally ill, but Ronnie Oneal may really be: Ive just been attacked by some white demons. Her name is Ke-Ke and she tried to kill me and I just killed her. Ke-Ke, however, may be referring to []


Venezuela: US bans the petro "IndyWatch Feed War"

The new cryptocurrency cannot be legally traded in the USA: U.S. Bans Use of Venezuelas Cryptocurrency. Official blasts so-called petro as a desperate attempt by a corrupt regime to defraud international investors. With the economy in shambles and the country cut off from debt markets, Venezuela President Nicols Maduro launched the so-called petro cryptocurrency last month in []


Holy Ground Desecrated At Site Of Apache Resistance To Mine "IndyWatch Feed War"

On March 17th, a representative of the Apache Stronghold arrived to Oak Flat, Arizona and found that the four crosses of an Apache holy ground had been intentionally destroyed. Two of the crosses were missing, ripped from the ground and two of the crosses have been left standing, but destroyed with what appears to be an axe. Evidence of large tires driving through the space covered the dirt surrounding and through the site of prayer. Ceremonial eagle feathers were left laying on the ground.


CPJ expresses concerns with the U.S. CLOUD Act "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Capitol Building is seen from Russell Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C. in December 2017. A group of senators is trying to attach the CLOUD Act to an upcoming spending bill that needs to be passed before midnight on March 23 to avoid government shutdown, according to news reports. (Reuters/Aaron P. Bernstein)

New York, March 20, 2018--The Committee to Protect Journalists today expressed its concerns with the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data (CLOUD) Act and its potential to expose journalists to targeting by foreign governments. The CLOUD Act would make it easier for some foreign governments to obtain data from U.S. technology companies and allow U.S. law enforcement to access data stored around the world, according to civil liberty organizations. A group of senators is trying to attach the legislation to an upcoming spending bill that needs to be passed before midnight on March 23 to avoid government shutdown, according to a report on the news website Gizmodo.


Russia Warns Washington Against Conducting Strike Against Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sputnik Russia has called on the United States to abandon its unconditional plans for a strike against the Syrian government forces and Damascus, Sergei Ryabkov stated, answering the journalists question. Weve warned and warned the US that these plans must be unconditionally refused. Any such unlawful use of force, similar to what happened almost a year ago at the Shairat air base, would be []


Government Forces Advance In Ein Tarma, Repel Militant Attack South Of Douma (Maps) "IndyWatch Feed War"

On March 20, Syrian government forces advanced on positions of Faylaq al-Rahman and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra) in the area of Ein Tarma in the Damascus subrub of Eastern Ghouta.

According to pro-government sources, units of the Republican Guard, the Tiger Forces and other pro-government factions captured a number of positions in Aswaq al-Kheir following a series of clashes with militants. Some pro-government activists speculated that this advance was a sign that government troops see Ein Tarma as a next target of their advance.

Government Forces Advance In Ein Tarma, Repel Militant Attack South Of Douma (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

Meanwhile, units of the Republican Guard, the Tiger Forces and the Syrian Arab Army repelled attacks by militants south of the area of Douma. The militants had attempted to lift the siege from Harasta but had failed to do this.

Government Forces Advance In Ein Tarma, Repel Militant Attack South Of Douma (Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

The post Government Forces Advance In Ein Tarma, Repel Militant Attack South Of Douma (Maps) appeared first on .


Britain First leader Paul Golding beaten up by inmates in prison days after being jailed "IndyWatch Feed War"

British authorities set this up to happen, and whatever you may think of Britain First, its an ominous development. Jihadis are never beaten up in British prisons, but prison officials obviously exposed Golding to danger from people who hated him. Totalitarian states jail people for saying things they dont like and then expose them to []


Activists protest Saudi Crown Princes visits to US cities, call on elected officials to oppose US role in Saudi war on Yemen "IndyWatch Feed War"

Protestors told de Blasio to denounce prince visit; told Schumer & Menendez to immediately commit to vote to end US support for Saudi war on Yemen

New York, NY:   Isaac Evans-Frantz, 347-756-1896, [at] 

Washington, DC:   Ariel Gold, 510-599-5330, ariel [at]

Tuesday the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, is meeting with President Trump. Meanwhile, the Senate likely will vote today on ending US support for the Saudi war on Yemen. The prince plans to travel to NYC next week, where protestors this morning called for cancellation of his visit. The Saudi Crown Prince is the chief architect of the 3-year-long bombing and blockade in Yemen.

The NYC protest began at 9:00 on NY City Hall Steps, while another protest is scheduled to begin at 11:00 in front of the White House, where Trump is expected to receive bin Salman. Additional protests of the prince are planned for the rest of this week in Washington, DC:

Wednesday March 21st 6:00 pm in front of the Kennedy Center
Thursday March 22nd 11:30 am in front of the Newseum, 555 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Thursday March 22nd 6:30 pm in front of the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium, 1301 Constitution Ave NW

Protests are being planned in additional US cities where the Saudi Crown Prince is expected. 


For three years now, I have witnessed the total destruction of my ancestors homeland and the pain and suffering of family, friends, and millions of innocent Yemenis as my beloved America continues to fuel and support Saudi Arabias war on Yemen. Rabyaah Althaibani, NYC Protest Co-Organizer

"For more than three years I have seen the world forgetting the war on Yemen. I have seen the people who didn't get killed by rockets and Saudi bombs killed by slow death. Sixty-five percent of the Yemeni people have been w...


Apartheid Israel "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Jonathon Cook | AMEU | 2018 Volume 51 North from Nazareths city limits, a mile or so as the crow flies, is an agricultural community by the name of Tzipori Hebrew for bird. It is a place I visit regularly, often alongside groups of    activists wanting to learn more about the political []


Bomb Meant for Austin Explodes at FedEx Facility Near San Antonio "IndyWatch Feed War"

FedEx Bomber Austin(ZHE) FedEx has discovered a suspicious package at a different facility in Austin, according to media reports. The package is being investigated. Meanwhile, a former FBI official responsible for catching the Unabomber appeared on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning and said the FedEx bomb was a game changer in the bombing case. For all of these bombs to []


Malaysian government denies hiring Cambridge Analytica "IndyWatch Feed War"

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian government has never contracted, employed or paid Cambridge Analytica nor its parent company SCL Group, said the Prime Ministers Office on Tuesday (Mar 20) in response to reports that the political consultancy firm had helped the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition win the 2013 general elections.

Contrary to media reports, neither Cambridge Analytica nor its parent company SCL Group have ever now or in the past been contracted, employed or paid in any way by Barisan Nasional, the Prime Ministers Office or any part of the Government of Malaysia, it said in a statement.

Executives from UK firm Cambridge Analytica  which is accused of using private Facebook data to manipulate the US elections  were reportedly recorded saying that they had used a web of shell companies to disguise their activities in elections in Mexico, Malaysia and Brazil, among various countries where they have worked to sway election outcomes. This was according to a Reuters report.

The website of the firms division, CA Political, also stated that it supported Barisan Nasional in Kedah state with a targeted messaging campaign highlighting their school improvements since 2008.

This has implicated Mukriz Mahathir, the son of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, given that he was with BN Kedah and became the states chief minister in 2013 until he was sacked from the party. He later helped to form opposition party, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM).

In its statement, the Prime Ministers Office said: The SCL Group country representative today confirmed to the government that Cambridge Analyticas advice on the 2013 general election was provided personally to Mukhriz Mahathir, PPBM Deputy President.

The SCL representative also confirmed that he reported directly to Mukhriz Mahathir, not BN or the government.

The representative it referred to was Azrin Zizal, the director of SCLs Southeast Asian division who was Mr Mukrizs former media officer.

Mr Mukriz has denied having any knowledge of Cambridge Analytica, calling the PMO statement misleading.

I categorically deny any contact with Cambridge Analytica at any time, he told Channel NewsAsia.

Azrin Zizal was employed by me as my media officer from 2009 to 2013 when I was the Deputy Minister of International Trade & Industry. He was not employed by me...


Philippine Foreign Minister on Trip To China To Strengethen Relationship Talk Prisons (and Ignore South China Sea) "IndyWatch Feed War"

In this Sept. 21, 2017 photo, Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano speaks at an event by the Asia Society.

PPD/King Rodriguez
Cayetano to fly to China, setting aside sea row anew

Patricia Lourdes Viray ( March 20, 2018 6:49pm

MANILA, Philippines Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano on Tuesday has announced that he will be heading to China for the main reason of strengthening relations between the two countries.

The Philippines top diplomat said that the South China Sea dispute will be set aside during his trip to China while discussing broad areas of collaboration and cooperation.

We agreed with them, we will put our dispute in one side and grow the relationship in all other aspects so whether we talk about our agricultural exports, whether we talk about the infrastructure, talk about counterterrorism, Marawi, we usually also discuss systems, Cayetano said at a press conference.

Cayetanos flight to China is scheduled on Tuesday evening as his first meeting is set on Wednesday.

The Foreign Affairs chief said that he will meet with a visiting group that develops smart cities or cities that incorporate information and communication technologies, which to help the Philippines.

Cayetano said they will be discussing a possible jail management system for the Philippines to counter the illegal drug trade in the countrys prisons.

Last month, officials Philippines and China met in Manila for the second bilateral consultation meeting on the South China Sea.

The two countries had agreed to continue discussions on confidence-building measures to increase mutual trust and confidence and to exercise self-restraint in the conduct of activities in the South China Sea that would complicate or escalate disputes and affect peace...


The MBS tour will raise the cost of securing US interests in the Middle East "IndyWatch Feed War"

There has never been as alarming a moment in the history of US support for Saudi Arabia as this one


Why Trump added a streetfighter to his legal team FBI and DOJ people were trying to frame Donald Trump [for] a falsely created crime "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Mike Allen and  Jonathan Swan
March 20, 2018

Screenshot via Fox News

A new addition to President Trumps legal team  Joe diGenova, a former U.S. attorney who is well-known in Washington and has argued for the president on Fox News reflects three White House realities.

The state of play: (1) The White House is digging in for a fight that looks to be longer and messier than officials had expected. (2) This is another example of the president responding to televised cues. Trump has spent most of his adult life in litigation, and obsesses about legal positioning in the same way that he is consumed by his press coverage. (3) Its another pugilistic voice at the table, and suggests that this weekends attacks on Mueller wont be the last.

David Ignatius, on Morning Joe, said this shows Trump is moving toward more of a scrappy cable news style defense.

The intrigue: In private conversations, the president has recently exhibited less confidence in his team.

  • The WashPost says diGenovas hiring caught many of [the presidents] advisers by surprise, prompting fears that Trump is preparing for bigg...
  • ...


NATO's right to reply, response by Manlio Dinucci and comment by the Voltaire Network "IndyWatch Feed War"

The public relations service of the NATO Joint Force Command in Naples wrote to the daily Il Manifesto about Manlio Dinucci's article In the USA/NATO grip . They did not send us a copy of this letter, even though it also pointed out a mistake made by our English translator. In the past, the US State Department directly contacted the news outlets whose articles we publish in several languages, pressuring them to cease all collaboration with us. However, this approach seemed impossible with a Communist publication. Here we print the letter, the response given by the Italian geographer, and our comment.


Dear Senator Harris, You have been drinking the pro-Israel Kool-Aid "IndyWatch Feed War"

Bay Area activist Alice Diane Kisch pans Senator Kamala Harris over her AIPAC speech: "Your support for Israel is the diametric opposite of a path to peace in the Middle East.  I am so sorry that you are not the politician that I was hoping youd be."


Dear Amir, you dont need to describe what death means to me "IndyWatch Feed War"

I am the Gaza correspondent for a blog called Canada Talks Israel Palestine. In response to my introduction, an Israeli man named Amir wrote the message below, which sparked an intense exchange. My reply to Amir might be helpful if you encounter similar arguments in defense of Israeli policies and behavior.


You are 23. I am more than double your age. You never faced wars and killing. I did. Too much. It is indescribable what death means. I write to you as I think that your motto, your starting point, is very bad. You say that your dream is to advance the cause of Palestinian human rights and to expose the human face of the Israeli occupation. But the Israeli occupation is humane. It is much more humane than your own regime and your people, the Arabs.

Lets take your place, Gaza. The occupation supplies you with everything you need. Your problem is that your (elected?) regime takes all of it from you, the people, and uses it for military/destructive purposes or uses it for their private uses, selling it on the market and taking the money. If Israel was not supporting you with food, water, energy and power, you would have never survived. Please do your job properly. Before you start writing, learn the matter. You dont know the facts. what you read/hear in Gaza is not the truth. It is Arab propaganda. Just look at the support/help that Israel gives to Jordan, Egypt and even your people who get medical treatment free of charge in Israeli hospitals. Israel is a humane state. Yours is not. So, instead of pulling us, Israel, down to your low level, you should write, bravely, the truth and pull your people up. You must help them rebuild the ruins your leadership caused. If you do the opposite, blaming Israel for everything, you ruin your chance to get out.


* * *


Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am sorry I am replying late; my mother was diagnosed with cancer this week, and I have not been in the best of spirits. (Your humane government limits the treatments available to her.)

Its true I am half your age. However, you are wrong when you say I have not faced wars and killing. I assume you held a gun and defended yourself while serving in the Israeli militaryprobably when invading Palestinian lands and homes, as it so often does. (If you are really unaware of, or unwilling to admit, the terror inflicted by the Israeli military during its operations, simply read the testi...


Facebook to hold crisis meeting without Zuckerberg "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sky News

The meeting will be led by Facebooks deputy general counsel as CEO Mark Zuckerberg remains silent on the data scandal.

13:27, UK,Tuesday 20 March 2018

Facebook says it may take legal action
Image:Facebook says it may take legal action

Facebook is holding an open meeting for all employees following allegations that data belonging to its users was harvested by Cambridge Analytica.

The companys chief executive and founder Mark Zuckerberg has not commented on the scandal nor made a public appearance since the story broke.

Mr Zuckerberg will not be present to lead Tuesdays meeting, which instead will be chaired by Facebooks deputy general counsel, Paul Grewal.

Cambridge Analytica is accused of illegally harvesting the personal data of 50 million Facebook users.

The crisis meeting follows a stock fall which wiped $37bn (26bn) off its value as investigations are launched by the UKs Information Commissioner as well as European authorities.

According to an internal calendar invitation seen by technology publication The Verge, the meeting is scheduled for 10am Pacific Time (5pm UK time) today.



Rising Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean: Another South China Sea? "IndyWatch Feed War"


The Eastern Mediterranean has seen the birth of some of historys greatest civilizations, and the most disparate cultures have met along its shores through trade and war. Today, this tradition continues in the form of a continuously shifting mix of cooperation and competition among the states located in the area. As a matter of fact, this maritime region witnesses a complex and dynamic interplay of interests among its main players, each one of which has a distinctive socio-political nature and specific objectives. The recent discovery of lucrative gas and oil deposits below its waters has the potential to reshape the regional geostrategic framework and open a new phase in the relations between the states along its shores, notably one marked by increased competition and maritime skirmishes. Its a dynamic that shares a lot of similarities with the South China Sea dispute in Asia.



A prominent feature that has marked the geopolitical asset of the Eastern Mediterranean since the rise of civilization has been its position as a crossroad between three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa. Todays regional power distribution reflects this centuries-long status. States like Greece, Turkey, Israel, and Egypt all play a major role in this area; but Iran and the EU (through Greece and Cyprus but also Italy and France, whose energy firms are present in the region) have also considerable stakes there. Moreover, great powers like the U.S., Russia and now even China (with the OBOR initiative) are involved as well.

This intricate network of diverging interests and opposed identities, combined with the areas intrinsic geostrategic importance, explains why the Eastern Mediterranean is characterized by so many conflicts and territorial disputes. In this context, the recent discovery of important hydrocarbon deposits has the potential to make the situation even more tense. Drilling exploration activities have increased in recent years, and a number of promising offshore gas fields have been discovered, thus attracting the attention of major energy firms like Exxon Mobil, Total, and ENI. A 2010 study...


Building The Iron Wall "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, along with 18 members of the House of Representatives15 Republicans and three Democratshas sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions demanding that the Qatari-run Al-Jazeera television network register as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). The letter was issued after Al-Jazeera said it planned to air a documentary by a reporter who went undercover to look into the Israel lobby in the United States. The action by the senator and the House members follows the decision by the Justice Department to force RT America to register as a foreign agent and the imposition of algorithms by Facebook, Google and Twitter that steer traffic away from left-wing, anti-war and progressive websites, including Truthdig. It also follows Decembers abolition of net neutrality.


Greenpeace Founder Arrested At Kinder Morgan Pipeline Protest In Burnaby "IndyWatch Feed War"

Greenpeace International co-founder Rex Weyler joined the ongoing protests against Kinder Morgans pipeline expansion Monday. Weyler, formerly a director of the original Greenpeace Foundation, was arrested along with Bob and Barbara Stowe, the son and daughter of Greenpeace founders Irving and Dorothy Stowe, with others who attached themselves with zip ties to the gate at the entrance to the Trans Mountain terminal in Burnaby. According to Burnaby RCMP, 14 people were arrested Monday related to the protests, following Saturdays action where 28 were arrested after blocking the entrance to the tank farm. Protesters blocked the entrance to the facility in waves. A group of four attached themselves to the gate with zip ties Monday morning, and after they were arrested, three more took their place.


Jennifer Rubin likens Trump to Hitler in blood and soil ethno-nationalism that threatens Jews "IndyWatch Feed War"

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin went back to her stomping grounds, Temple Israel of Hollywood, on February 21 (video here), and likened Donald Trump to Hitler in having an ethno-nationalist blood and soil definition of America that is especially threatening to Jews, and Muslims and Hispanics too. Throughout her speech, Rubin cut a break for Israel, which is surely an ethno-nationalist society. She said Israel is doing better than the U.S. as a democracy.

Here are some excerpts. Jump to the end for the Hitler.

Trump is an ethno-nationalist, Rubin said, and he attacks the American creed that all are created equal and all can succeed, no matter where you are from or what your skin color or religion is.

This president has adopted a philosophy that can only be compared to the ethno-nationalists of Europe, something we thought we would never see in this country, sometimes referred to as blood and soil. It matters who you are not as a person but as a matter of identity. That I think is the first big, big problem with Donald Trump. In defining America and governing and campaigning to one segment of the country, to white, primarily Christian, America, he is defining the rest of us out of the country. We are all becoming the other whether youre Hispanic, whether youre immigrant, whether youre Jewish.

She said that Jews in particular are vulnerable when Trump undermines democratic norms such as the rule of law, respect for the First Amendment, and respect for human equality:

Those should be and always have been especially important to Jews in the Diaspora. Its what we depend upon. We had a very bad experience with authoritarians and we had a very bad experience with countries that did not hold to a rule of law. It is Jews, just like its any other minority group any other unfavored, non majoritarian group that requires the rule of law, that requires norms and a pact that puts all Americans regardless of birth on the same playing field. Without that we are subject to the whims of the president just like we are subject to the whims in historical terms of authoritarian leaders and dictators

Jews should be at the forefront of perceiving the presidents attempt to define everyone outside of his cultlike following, as the other. That whether its a Muslim, a Hispanic or a Jew, once he defines someone as outside the body politic, do we think well be far behind? Do we think these will be isolated instances? Of course not.

She said Jews have never had it so good as we do in the U.S. till Trump.

When Im asked Is Trump so bad? I say, Of course hes so bad. Hes undermined the basis f...


Indigenous Women Unite To Defend The Amazon, Mother Earth And Climate Justice "IndyWatch Feed War"

It was the first time ever that indigenous Amazonian women from seven nationalities, including the Kichwa, Spara, Shiwiar, Shuar, Achuar, Andoa, and Waorani, joined forces and marched together in defense of their rights, rainforests and future generations. They came from remote rainforest communities, local towns and provinces by foot, canoe, bus and plane to denounce a newly signed oil contract between the Ecuadorian government and Chinese oil corporation Andes Petroleum for blocks 79 and 83, which includes parts of the indigenous territories of the Spara, Shiwiar and the Kichwa of Sarayaku, Pacayaku, Teresamama along the Bobonaza and Curaray River Basins. Contrary to Ecuadorian and international laws, they were not consulted and did not give their consent for any oil operations on their territories and have vowed to defend their rainforest homes and cultures.


We must end the manipulation of history "IndyWatch Feed War"


I support a free Palestine and I believe in the Palestinian right to live a peaceful, safe and productive life. It must happen and soon! I reject all forms of racism and hate and I condemn without reservation the brutality and cruelty of Zionist colonization and a 70-year-old agenda to refuse the rights of Palestinians to live in peace on their own land.

Systematic lies and propaganda have colored the Zionist agenda to keep alive the myth of Zionist Israel as a Democracy.  Jews-as-victims is hammered in, to include many references to the Nazi Holocaust and quite horrifyingly has twisted, lied and distorted the reality of Zionism, which includes jailors, occupiers, murderers, persecutors, torturers and profoundly  fiendish victimizers. The obsessive propaganda reference to Jews as victims has colored many in the older generation of Jews who maintain a strong allegiance to Zionism.  In this way, references to the Nazi Holocaust are used to imprint and inflame the fear of a second Holocaust. The identification is as eternal victims destined to be wiped out. This time the perpetrators are  Arabs, hated would-be destroyers of Israel, sub-human monsters who must be countered or destroyed in order for a Jewish state to be born.  Yes, Zionism an ideology of Nationalism and racism has managed to keep the lies alive through domestic intimidation that obscures the violent agenda of genocide that continues to reign.

I struggle  to understand how the rape of Palestine continues for these endless decades and realize a mastery of manipulation has so brilliantly hidden the nightmare of the Nakba, the Palestinian catastrophe brought on by Zionist Nationalism.

One does not hear it mentioned in the mainstream news.  This brilliant yet so deeply disturbing  introjection of victim sustains fears still smoldering  in Jewish consciousness and fed by clever, ugly propaganda. In truth, Israel is an occupying power with powerful military capacities aided by the US and Germany. They are all complicit in what can be called another crime of the century. The most moral army has  suffocated and brutally controlled Palestinian life.  Gaza is dying, as is the Zionist fantasy of a Jewish state for Jews only. A Jewish State can never be founded on terrorism and genocide. Lies are woven into the fabric of Zionist society and cover up a most virulent form of mans inhumanity to man.

We cannot leave out another preposterous lie so destructive to the question of what and who is a Jew.  I embrace this question by recognizing Zionism as a nationalist and racist ideology and NOT a religion. Zionists attempt to blur the distinction and one must be vigilant and clear about this targeted propaganda so deeply flawed and destructive. The Zionist self-serving myth has spread far and wide to condemn  all opponents  as anti-Semitic.



Russia is fighting a lethal enemy "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Petr Akopov for Vzgliad translated by Edvin Buday Londons boorish behaviour has resulted in a fiery reaction within Russia from indignation to jokes about Little Britain. Sadly, such


Whistleblowers Sue Citys Top Health Insurance Providers "IndyWatch Feed War"

Three whistleblowers representing New York City employees and retirees are suing the citys top health insurance providers for defrauding taxpayers of more than a billion dollars. The lawsuit unsealed in New York Supreme Court last month alleges that GHI, along with parent company EmblemHealth and their partner, Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, engaged in a long-running scheme that provided inadequate healthcare to city employees and retirees  while collecting $3 billion in premiums from the city each year. The GHI-Empire plan covers 600,000 people  about 75 percent of city workers, retirees and families. In a 63-page complaint, the plaintiffs say the companies filed false claims to overstate their expenses by an average of $55 million dollars a year between 2008 and 2014.


Tennessee: Man converts to Islam, watches ISIS videos, tries to buy weapons, is committed to mental institution "IndyWatch Feed War"

Because a desire to wage jihad against unbelievers couldnt be anything but mental illness, right? There couldnt be anything in the Quran about such warfare, could there? After all, its a religion of peace! This is just another manifestation of the global outbreak of mental illness. Antioch man flagged by local police arrested for lying []


You cannot occupy another people and consider yourself a just society Haneen Zoabi, suspended Palestinian legislator "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israeli-Palestinian lawmaker Haneen Zoabi was suspended from the Knesset for a week by the ethics committee last week, after the committee reviewed a case where Zoabi suggested that Israeli Defense Forces soldiers murder Palestinians.

Zoabi had made her comments at a Knesset committee discussion last month, and it was actually lawmaker Oren Hazan who had complained about her the same one who recently said he would put Ahed Tamimi in hospital, the same one who recently called Gazan families visiting relatives in Israeli prison dogs, human scum and beasts.

The discussion in which Zoabi made her statement was concerning the bill prohibiting representatives of organizations that act against the army from lecturing in schools. She said:

The army also murders from time to time, not every day. Havent you heard of Palestinian youths being murdered? Who [is it that] murders the Palestinians in the occupied territories?

The ethics committee opined:

Using the expression murderers in relation to soldiers acting in the states name, is unworthy of the broad protection the committee extends to MKs political freedom of expression and is a violation of the rule that an MK will act in a way appropriate to his status as an MK and act to foster the publics confidence in the Knesset.

Zoabi said in response to the suspension:

The committee redefines its role from Ethics Committee to Censorship Committee. I didnt know I needed a permit from the MKs for what terminology to use, what to say and what not to say and what values I may or may not defend. Is my duty to tone down the Israeli armys war crimes, or to cry out against these crimes and say murder is murder? The Ethics Committee forces us to lie and cover up crimes. It would be better without such ethics.

I would like to provide a translation and transcript of an interview with Zoabi from Thursday, which she had on the Israeli Maariv radio channel 1045 FM with host Yossi Mizrahi. It provides Zoabi with more space for clarification of her stance and the host is just tolerating her enough to let her speak without too much disruption for a few minutes. I start about 00:35 with the essentials. Note that the podcast is titled Justified suspension, exhibiting the bias against Zoabi from the start:

Mizrahi: From your tone, I understand that you ac...


More than 130 Palestinian sports clubs urge Adidas to end sponsorship of Israel Football Association over settlement teams "IndyWatch Feed War"

Today, over 130 Palestinian football clubs and sports associations called on German sportswear giant Adidas to end its sponsorship of the Israel Football Association (IFA) over its inclusion of football clubs based in illegal Israeli settlements built on stolen Palestinian land.

In a letter addressed to Adidas CEO Kasper Rrsted, the Palestinian clubs cautioned that as the main international sponsor of the IFA, Adidas is lending its brand to cover up and whitewash Israels human rights abuses and give international cover to Israels illegal settlements.

The letter notes that UN Security Council Resolution 2334 denounces Israeli settlements as flagrant violations of international law and cautions the worlds second largest sportswear manufacturer that its sponsorship of the IFA makes it eligible for inclusion in the UNs database of complicit companies doing business in or with Israels illegal settlements. The Palestinian clubs further warn that the companys continued complicity with Israels settlement enterprise may expose it to consumer-led boycott campaigns in the Arab world and globally.

Former Palestinian national team player Mahmoud Sarsak said:

Palestinian footballers are routinely forced to endure Israeli military raids and tear gas on our fields, denied by Israel our right to travel to matches, and have seen our teammates killed and our stadiums bombed.

I was ...


Possessed! Europes American Demon Must Be Exorcised "IndyWatch Feed War"

Europe is suffering the tortures of the damned as it struggles with split-personality psychosis.

Here in the center of Western Europe one can tune in Germanys national public broadcasting networks any day of the week and hear scornful diatribes against Trump, outrage over his withdrawal from the Paris climate accords, shock and anger regarding his threats against our German automobile industry in his incipient trade war, calls for more EU independence and self-sufficiency.

Every Washington Post CIA-funded-Big-Breaking-News-Report about Muellers latest move to impeach and bring down the Orange Menace is always the top headline here: The Washington Post reports that   No mention of Jeff Bezos and his relationship to the CIA. If the Post says Trump is on shaky ground and cruisin for a bruisin, Europe gets excited. They wanted Hillary here, badly.

Europeans knew Hillary. They trusted Hillary. They associated her with that good-looking, smooth-talking young President Barack Obama. Sure, he blew it with the NSA stuff, but nobody cares about that anymore, either here or in the USA. All forgotten. Obama talked a good game on Europe. Polite young man. Went to Harvard.

I want to tell you that there was some serious panicking and freaking out going on here in Europe the morning after election day 2016. Europeans dont often run around shrieking their fears in public, a cool faade is the preferred mode here, but they did that day, and for many weeks afterward.

They had just spent more than a year sneering and raising their eyebrows and scoffing at the ludicrous orange-cartoon-figure-come-to life, both physically and in print. They had reassured each other and the public in endless columns and debates and editorials that he didnt have a chance to (first) win the nomination and (then later) to become President. They were already doing a major freak over Brexit. Trump winning was just too much. The sky was falling.

And he has not disappointed them in putting into effect the catalogue of horrors they had anticipated. Pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords. Refused to pay even lip service to gun control (lip service goes a long way here in the EU, actual progress is less important). Continued to flaunt that ridiculous comb-over that looks as though its deliberately designed to show his contempt for fashion and good taste. Threatened to pull out of the nuclear treaty with Iran, which is very popular here and practically the only way in which the EU has ever been willing to go against Israel, otherwise we are World Champion Israel-Ass-Kissers here. Trump ranted against Muslims and foreigners, defended white racists (here we mostly just pretend they dont exist, although they carried out 1,000 attacks on Muslims last year in Germany alone), created new legal hurdles to immigration. Of cours...


Abbas calls US Ambassador to Israel a son of a bitch, ambassador accuses Abbas of antisemitism "IndyWatch Feed War"

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas yesterday called the U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman a son of a bitch, and referred to him and his family as settlers during a meeting with Palestinian leaders in Ramallah, further straining the rift between the Palestinian officials and the White House.

Abbas insults came hours after Friedman chided the Palestinian president over social media for his silence following an attack on two Israeli soldiers in the northern West Bank on Friday. Cpt. Ziv Daos, 20, and Sgt. Netanel Kahalani, 21, were killed when Palestinian Ala Qabha, 20, rammed his car into a military site. In response to the deadly encounter, Friedman, who has made previous comments condemning the killings of Israelis, posted Monday morning:

The ambassador seemingly struck a nerve as Abbas told senior Palestinian officials, David Friedman, a son of a bitch, is a settler and his family are settlers and he serves as the American ambassador in Tel Aviv, reported the Palestinian outlet Arab48.

The controversy continued into the late afternoon when Friedman made a statement at a conference in Israel, suggesting Abbas comment was antisemitic.

I saw his response on my iPhone. His response was to refer to me as son of a dog. Is that anti-Semitism or political discourse? I leave that up to you, Friedman said. 

Before Friedman took over the post as ambassador to Israel he was a bankruptcy lawyer for President Donald Trump and was the president of the American Friends of Beit El Institutions, a fundraising group for an Israeli settlement of the same name.

Abbas also mocked the White House for hosting a forum on the humanitarian crisis in Gaza last Tuesday with 29 nation...


No CEO Should Earn 1,000 Times More Than A Regular Employee "IndyWatch Feed War"

The CEO of Marathon Petroleum, Gary Heminger, took home an astonishing 935 times more pay than his typical employee in 2017. In other words, one of Marathons gas station workers would have to toil more than nine centuries to make as much as Heminger grabbed in just one year. Employees of at least five other US firms would have to work even longer more than a millennium to catch up with their top bosses. These companies include the auto parts maker Aptiv (CEO-worker pay ratio: 2,526 to 1), the temp agency Manpower (2,483 to 1), amusement park owner Six Flags (1,920 to 1), Del Monte Produce (1,465 to 1), and apparel maker VF (1,353 to 1). These revelations come thanks to a new federal regulation that requires publicly traded US corporations to disclose, for the first time ever, how much their chief executives are making compared with their median workers.


Its Time To Transform The War Economy "IndyWatch Feed War"

Im here to speak to you today about one of Dr. Kings triple evils: militarism. As an Afghanistan War veteran, Id like to highlight an aspect of his warning about militarism, when he said, This way of injecting poisonous drugs of hate into the veins of peoples normally humane cannot be reconciled with wisdom, justice and love. Id like to tell you all about the precise moment I realized there was poison in me. Im the child of a nurse and a factory worker in the heartland of Illinois, the family of blue-collar and service workers. At the height of the Iraq War, military recruiters at my high school attracted me with sign up bonuses and college assistance that some saw as their ticket outfor me, I hoped it was my ticket up, providing opportunities that once felt out of reach.


UK: Police dropped cases against 20 Muslim rape gang members in Telford, they were too much trouble "IndyWatch Feed War"

West Mercias Assistant Chief Constable Martin Evans claimed that the cases were dropped for many reasons: These included the fact that there would have been a requirement for victims to give evidence in court, furthering their ordeal. But one of the victims said: I was never told about these orders or asked if I would []


Trump to Greet Visiting Saudi Prince with a Crowded Agenda "IndyWatch Feed War"

Both countries touting this weeks meetings as reflection of growing ties between Washington and Riyadh.

President Donald Trump and Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman shaking hands last year in the State Dining Room at the White House in Washington, DC.
President Donald Trump and Saudi Deputy Crown Prince and Defense Minister Mohammed bin Salman shaking hands last year in the State Dining Room at the White House in Washington, DC. PHOTO: NICHOLAS KAMM/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

WASHINGTONPresident Donald Trump is expected to meet Tuesday with Saudi Arabias Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the Oval Office, where the two leaders are likely to focus on combating Irans influence in the Middle East and strengthening ties between their two countries.

Mr. Trump has made relations with the ambitious 32-year-old heir to the Saudi throne a cornerstone of his Middle East strategy and visited the kingdom last spring on...


These Maps Show All The Cities And States Now Defending Net Neutrality "IndyWatch Feed War"

As seen in the map above, 28 different states have proposed legislation to adopt net neutrality regulations. Only one state Washington has already passed a law in the state legislature protecting net neutrality statewide. Its legislation basically reinstates the Obama-era regulations repealed by the FCC, meaning that ISPs wont be able to block content or establish fast and slow internet lanes once it goes into effect in June. Some believe that Washingtons legislation might provoke a lawsuit from the FCC, because the December repeal of net neutrality stipulated that city and state governments were prohibited from drafting their own rules. Because the FCCs new plan isnt set to go into effect until April 23, we might have to wait to see if the FCC pursues action against Washington.


Dodgy Dossier Two "IndyWatch Feed War"

Never forget the Dodgy Dossier. That was the supposed evidence claiming in 2003 that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction that could be used against Britain within forty minutes. The Dodgy Dossier was presented in Britains House of Parliament as the truth and was unchallenged by the mainstream media. It was included in the case for war presented to the UN by the United States, and became the given reason for Britain then joining forces with the US in the illegal war that followed, a war which, in addition to costing almost two hundred British lives, killed tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis and ruined the lives of millions more. The Dodgy Dossier turned out to be pure bunkum.

Fifteen years later a brand new dodgy dossier appears to be in the making, which once again is being unchallenged by the mainstream media. We are now supposed to believe that the Russian government is behind an alleged chemical attack on an ex-spy. Once again, the hard evidence for the allegation is nowhere to be seen. All that passes for evidence are stories about a chemical that was supposedly invented in Russia forty years ago (but almost certainly could easily be reproduced a few miles away from Salisbury at Porton Down or by the CIA), and Oscar-winning performances of righteous rage in parliament by British politicians not unlike the pantomime we saw in the same theatre a mere fifteen years ago.

Another possibility for the sourcing of Russian chemical weapons might be Syria. When Isis (who were actively assisted by western special forces) were enjoying their early successes in that tortured country, they overran some Syrian military bases which could have been storing chemical weapons. Russia has supplied Syria with military equipment in the past, and could have perhaps supplied chemical weapons too. All this happened before Assad destroyed his remaining stockpiles, and may have accounted for why he did so. So Isis could have obtained these chemicals at that time, and they could then have found their way into the hands of the west to be used in exactly the kind of scenario were seeing played out now in Salisbury.

Shortly after the Salisbury incident, Britain announced it was going to impose trade sanctions on Russia. I bet that had the Kremlin shaking in their boots. Imagine, a country that has almost no natural resources and is incapable of manufacturing anything that Russia cant make for itself is going to stop trading with the country who supplies it with much of its natural gas. Thats sensible, isnt it? About the only service that Britain provides in exchange for essential energy supplies is offshore banking and even that is a service thats probably used more by Russian gangsters than by the state. Russia is a country that grew up with trade sanctions and for most of the last hundred yea...


The Rise and Fall of the American Farmer "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sparse hints of spring are just beginning to tease the eastern seaboard as the slow recession of winter finally begins. Still, going west of the Mississippi River will bring you perilously close to where Jack Frosts reign of terror isnt over yet. Record setting temperatures continue to slow lifes pace not just for the people, but for the local economies; which means farmers.

Harsh conditions are an occupational hazard in this industry, yet that doesnt make them any less of a threat. But the chilly weather isnt the only thing nipping at their patience these days.

Being an American farmer isnt what it used to be. An honest days work doesnt only include an alarm set for 6:00 a.m. and a healthy appreciation for a combine anymore. Even for the small farm, it requires an understanding of technology, international markets, and a firm grip on a future that has never been so severely in question.

Farming was never easy, but the economic realities of the 21st century have erased the picture-perfect image of American agricultural supremacy. In 2012-2013, Brazil surpassed the United States to become the worlds chief exporter of soybeans, and is poised to beat American farms in the beef industry. The United States is now 4th in wheat production, 4th in potatoes, and is fast losing its 1st position in maize.  China is now the worlds main exporter of wheat, utilizing the fertile Yellow River and Huai River Valleys in ways the U.S. cant match. The depressing truth is that the United States is no longer the worlds breadbasket.

The slow demise of the American farmer has been at the center of US domestic politics for decades, and it seems every politician within 100 miles of a silo has an answer that will somehow help them with rural constituents.

The array of symptoms that afflict this dying symbol of American cultural and economic preeminence is mostly modern, but it is not necessarily new. Agricultural studies from the US government have shown that US farms have been on the decline since the 1970s, with the peak number being 6.8 million in 1935. By 2002, it...


US Political Meddling is Very Real, Spans the Globe "IndyWatch Feed War"

March 14, 2018 (Ulson Gunnar NEO) The United States has spent over a year now leveling accusations against the Russian Federation regarding alleged political meddling during the 2016 US elections. While accusations range from everything including fake news spread across the Internet to direct ties to the administration of US President Donald Trump used to assist him into power, no evidence has yet to surface to prove Russia has meddled at all in Americas internal political affairs.


And while Russia certainly possesses a large and growing presence across the international media, concerted attacks against this presence stems more from the fact that decades of uncontested control over global public opinion by the US and Europe is now shifting toward a multipolar balance of power in information space.

In stark contrast to the whispers of shadows cited by the US and Europe regarding Russia, to begin understanding the scope of US political meddling abroad, one needs only to visit the US State Department and corporate-funded National Endowment for Democracys (NED) own website.

Industrial-Scale Meddling 

US meddling is so extensive that NED is broken into multiple subsidiaries (National Democratic Institute (NDI), International Republican Institute (IRI) and Freedom House) which in turn, are joined by parallel organizations such as George Soros Open Society Foundation, USAID, the UKs DFID and many more.

The NED website is broken into several regions including:

Central and Eastern Europe;
Latin America and Caribbean and;
Middle East and Northern Africa.

Within each region, NED lists its extensive funding for organizations and fronts in over 100 different nations around the globe....


Prayer and Meditation for Wednesday, March 21, 2018 If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. "IndyWatch Feed War"

Wednesday of the Fifth Week of Lent
Lectionary: 253

Image result for Nebuchadnezzar and golden statue, art, photos

Reading 1 DN 3:14-20, 91-92, 95

King Nebuchadnezzar said:
Is it true, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego,
that you will not serve my god,
or worship the golden statue that I set up?
Be ready now to fall down and worship the statue I had made,
whenever you hear the sound of the trumpet,
flute, lyre, harp, psaltery, bagpipe,
and all the other musical instruments;
otherwise, you shall be instantly cast into the white-hot furnace;
and who is the God who can deliver you out of my hands?
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego answered King Nebuchadnezzar,
There is no need for us to defend ourselves before you
in this matter.
If our God, whom we serve,
can save us from the white-hot furnace
and from your hands, O king, may he save us!
But even if he will not, know, O king,
that we will not serve your god
or worship the golden statue that you set up.King Nebuchadnezzars face became livid with utter rage
against Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.
He ordered the furnace to be heated seven times more than usual
and had some of the strongest men in his army
bind Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
and cast them into the white-hot furnace.

Nebuchadnezzar rose in haste and asked his nobles,
Did we not cast three men bound into the fire?
Assuredly, O king, they answered.
But, he replied, I see four men unfettered and unhurt,
walking in the fire, and the fourth looks like a son of God.
Nebuchadnezzar exclaimed,
Blessed be the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego,
who sent his angel to deliver the servants who trusted in him;
they disobeyed the royal command and yielded their bodies
rather than serve or worship any god
except their own God.



ANALYSIS: Hubris over Afrin victory could lead to mistakes "IndyWatch Feed War"


'At this moment we have some worrying statements and some sober ones. It is hard to tell who will prevail'


Iranian Baha'i leader released from jail "IndyWatch Feed War"


Vahid Tizfahm spent 10 years in jail under charges of 'espionage' and making 'propaganda'

Donald Trump's new CIA chief can't hide her role in torture cover-up "IndyWatch Feed War"

Trump's nominee for CIA director was a great supporter of getting rid of the evidence of torture, although it seems she has nothing to worry about now


Inspired By West Virginia, Teachers Spread Red For Ed Movement Across Arizona "IndyWatch Feed War"

This all got started two Fridays ago, March 2. I had become friends with Jay ONeal from West Virginia, who helped start the teachers and public employees Facebook group there, and he let me into their group. Id been hanging out, just watching things, thinking, Why is nobody in Arizona doing this? So my Chicago blood got boiling, and I said, Im just going to spark the fire, Ill be the catalyst. I had been communicating with some folks on the Arizona BATS pageBad Ass Teachers. I had been posting some things coming out of West Virginia, and others would get fired up too, so we started a dialogue. And then one of the admins of that page said, Anybody else think Arizona should do something like that? I said, Yess!!! I and another teacher started a Facebook group that day: Arizona Teachers United. There was no mention of striking, no mention of action.


Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Locals Take Over Pipeline Office, Then Occupy Drill Rig "IndyWatch Feed War"

A busload of fifty local residents took over the field offices of Williams/Transco at 805 Estelle Drive, Suite 101, in Lancaster. We dropped a 12 foot stretch of pipeline in Williamss meeting room, sang songs through the hallways, and slapped a Condemnation Notice on the door before leaving. When a Williams employee complained about our visit, one of our residents deadpanned: Sucks to be invaded, doesnt it? Our message was simple and direct: we the people, whose lives and land are under assault by this toxic pipeline, openly defy the right of dirty energy giants to profit at the expense of our health, safety, water, and land. From there, the bus headed down to southern Lancaster County where Williams is drilling under the Conestoga River and desecrating federally recognized indigenous graves.


3 Attempts to Use Chemical Weapons in Syria Prevented Last Week: Russian Defense Minister "IndyWatch Feed War"

March 20, 2018 The terrorist groups in the eastern suburbs of Damascus may stage new chemical attacks in the war-plagued country amid the ongoing ceasefire and the general stabilization of the situation. There is a possibility that terrorists will use poisonous substances in order to accuse the Syrian troops of using chemical weapons in the []


Flawed Assessments Caused $2 Billion Shift In Property Taxes "IndyWatch Feed War"

In the first effort to measure the cost of Cook Countys error-ridden assessment system under Assessor Joseph Berrios, a new study estimates that at least $2.2 billion in property taxes was shifted from undervalued Chicago homes onto overvalued ones between 2011 and 2015. Because the countys assessment system is skewed in favor of high-priced homes, the errors amount to a staggering transfer of wealth that benefited Chicagos most affluent homeowners at the expense of people who own lower-priced homes. The study, released Thursday by the Municipal Finance Center at the University of Chicagos Harris School of Public Policy, was conducted by Professor Christopher Berry, a critic of the assessors office who testified at a County Board hearing in July about flaws in the countys assessment system.


Rome, Italy: Some Words from Prison by Anarchist Comrade Anna Beniamino "IndyWatch Feed War"


Right you areif you think you are

Reflections and updates on a trial

Theres not much to be said about an episode of repression, after all its the simple cyclical occurrence of action and reaction or even on how repression plays dirty another well-known fact. At most these are just a few notes on the development of techniques and strategies.

This Ill try to do. More than a year after the arrests, with the trial already underway, a crack has opened in the censuring bell jar and the court papers been disclosed in all their misery after the short report on the last issue of Croce Nera and the latest developments on the closure of investigations and the preliminary hearing.

Before any assessment, however, I simply want to reiterate my pride in anarchy and the anarchists who have allowed me to nourish myself on the solidarity of actions, written words, anger ricocheted behind the gates and from prison to prison, showing yet again how the anarchist tension is alive, topical and capable of ridiculing categories and jumping over the obstacles that repression wants to impose, shaking off the burden of fear and the myth of consensus.

Ive always thought that anarchy is something serious if practised by women and men doted with reason and instinct, something that when locked up in the cages and traps of dominion turns against it and gains strength from the weakness dominion wants to instil. Were here for...



Mongoose: US Training Syrian Islamists in False Flag Chemical Attacks According to Official Russian Sources "IndyWatch Feed War"


US Instructors Training Syria Militants for False Flag Chemical Attack, to Justify Airstrikes

According to Russia Ministry of Defense



Phi Beta Iota: This could be Zionists pretending to be Americans; American contractors funded by Zionists, rogue elements of the CIA or Pentagon, or least likely bona fide official US contingents. False flags in Syria, the USA, and elsewhere will multiply; CIA is both incompetent and also lying to our President on a daily basis he needs an Open Source Agency he can count on.

See Especially:

D3C Presidential Innovation Memorandum 3.3

Robert Steele: Gina Haspels Confirmation Challenge

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MH17-Linked Ukrainian Pilot Shoots Himself In UkraineKyiv Post "IndyWatch Feed War"

Vladyslav Voloshyn, Ukrainian pilot who fought in the Donbas war and was an acting director of Mykolaiv airport, shot himself in his apartment in Mykolaiv on March 18.

Renowned Ukrainian pilot Vladyslav Voloshyn died after shooting himself in his apartment in the southern Ukrainian port city of Mykolaiv on March 18. His family was at home at the time of the incident.

Voloshyns wife who heard the shot called the ambulance. Volos...


Berto Jongman: Trump & The Truth Comment by Robert Steele "IndyWatch Feed War"

Berto Jongman

Trump and the Truth: A President Tests His Own Credibility

Since Mr. Trump became a presidential candidate, PolitiFact has evaluated more than 500 assertions and found 69 percent of them mostly false, false or pants on fire false. By comparison, it judged 26 percent of the statements by Mr. Obama that it evaluated as false and the same percentage for those by Hillary Clinton.

Read full article.



Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, A Memo to the Publisher of the New York Times "IndyWatch Feed War"

Dear Mr. Sulzberger: Congratulations on assuming the reins of this nations -- and arguably, the worlds -- most influential publication...


Trump Blasts IRGC in Iranian New Years Greeting "IndyWatch Feed War"

U.S. President Donald TrumpU.S. President Donald Trump (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

In a message to the Iranian people on the occasion of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, U.S. President Donald Trump said, I wish a beautiful and blessed Nowruz to the millions of people around the world who are celebrating the arrival of spring.

However, he used the message to call out the regimes rulers who serve themselves instead of serving the people and expose the countrys powerful Revolutionary Guard Corps as a hostile army that brutalizes and steals from the Iranian people to fund terrorism abroad.

Trump said the Guards spent more than $16 billion financing Syrias government and supporting terrorists in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Twenty-five centuries ago, Darius the Great asked God to protect Iran from three dangers: hostile armies, drought, and falsehood, Trump said in a statement. Today, the Iranian regimes Revolutionary Guard Corps represents all three.

In January, the president informed his European counterparts that unless the flaws in the 2015 nuclear agreement between Iran and the world powers are fixed, he will not extend the existing waivers for sanctions relief that expire May 12.

In a bid to persuade the U.S. not to pull out of the agreement, France asked the European Union on March 19 to consider new sanctions on Iran due to its involvement in the Syrian civil war and its ballistic missile program.

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center reported that Iran rejected any negotiations on the nuclear deal or its ballistic m...


Stephen E. Arnold: Big Data + Smart Software = Disruption "IndyWatch Feed War"

Stephen E. Arnold

Big Data and Smart Software: A Volatile Mixture?

For several years big data and artificial intelligence have been running on parallel tracks. Once in a while they cross over, but mostly they kept independent of one another. But that is poised to change, as we saw from a recent press release from Lucidworks, Lucidworks Launches Fusion 4 With Operationalized AI and Portable Applications.

According to the piece, their AI and big data are coming together because:

Read full post.

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Israel's 'humiliation queue' for East Jerusalem Palestinians "IndyWatch Feed War"

In recent months, the task of obtaining an appointment with the Population and Immigration Authority has become an ordeal, in Israels latest attempt at the 'soft expulsion' of Palestinians


Turkish President threatens to launch wider offensive against Kurds after capturing Afrin "IndyWatch Feed War"

Turkeys vow to hand [Afrin] back to its real owners suggests fears of the ethnic cleansing of the Syrian enclave may be realised

By Patrick Cockburn

 The Independent
Turkish President threatens to launch wider offensive against Kurds in northern Syria after capturing Afrin

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is threatening to follow up the capture of the Kurdish enclave of Afrin by launching an across-the-board military offensive against the remaining Kurdish-held areas in northern Syria and the main Yazidi population centre in the Sinjar region of Iraqi Kurdistan.

He claimed that the next target of Turkish troops would be the cities of Manbij, which the Kurdish Peoples Protection Units (YPG) captured from Isis in 2016, and Kobani, which withstood a famous siege by Isis that ended in 2015. Unlike Afrin, both places are protected by the US Air Force, backed by 2,000 US specialised ground troops.

Mr Erdogan undoubtedly intends in the long term to eliminate the de facto Kurdish state that developed in northern and eastern Syria as the result of the advance of the YPG, backed by US air power, in the war against Isis. But it is unlikely that he wi...


Explosion at FedEx facility near San Antonio likely linked to serial bomber, feds say "IndyWatch Feed War"

USA Today


Survivor: Sex Gangs Motivated by Religious Extremism "IndyWatch Feed War"

(Illustrative photo: Pixabay)(Illustrative photo: Pixabay)

A survivor of the Rotherham grooming gang in the UK speaks out about the religious extremism that motivated her abusers. One of her main points was that grooming gangs are not the same as pedophile rings. Rather they are more similar to terrorist networks.

The following is part of her first-hand account (you can read the entire text by clicking here):

They made it clear that because I was a non-Muslim, and not a virgin, and because I didnt dress modestly, that they believed I deserved to be punished  

Like terrorists, they firmly believe that the crimes they carry out are justified by their religious beliefs

Experts say that grooming gangs are not the same as pedophile rings. Its something that central Government really needs to understand in order to prevent more grooming gang crime in the future.

In November 2017, the Swedish government held a meeting where they stated that: Sexual violence is being used as a tactic of terrorism, and as such, it was recognized as a threat to Swedens national security. 

Religious indoctrination is a big part of the process of getting young men involved in grooming gang crime. Religious ideas about purity, virginity, modesty and obedience are taken to the extreme until horrific abuse becomes the norm. It was taught to me as a concept of othering  

I experienced horrific, religiously sanctioned sexual violence and torture so I definitely believe that we need to be aware of religious extremism as something potentially harmful, so that we can protect people from it. 

The link between terrorism and rape undertaken by Islamist gangs was not...


FBI Arrests 2 Terror Suspects Every Week "IndyWatch Feed War"

FBI agents investigate a crime sceneFBI agents investigate a crime scene (Illustrative photo: SHAWN THEW/AFP/Getty Images)

A top official with the FBI revealed an average of two terror suspects are arrested every week in the U.S.

Speaking at the Security & Counter Terror Expo in London, Michael Mcgarrity, the assistant director of the bureaus counter-terrorism division, said, Its a high-op tempo some call it whack-a-mole.

McGarrity said that once radicalized, a jihadi can be mobilized to attack in just 30 days.

He warned that there was a lack of resources to the growing terror threat to the U.S., noting that lone wolves attacks are often planned by people living in the basements of their parents house.

The ocean doesnt matter anymore, said Mc Garrity, noting that homegrown violent extremists are usually born in the U.S.

Using the internet and social media, terror recruiters are targeting kids in their teens. At present, the average age of terror suspects is between 19 and 25.



Which Anti-US Terror Group Has 500,000 Rockets?

US Terror Attacks & Convictions Just in December 2017

US Terror Suspect on No-Fly List Wants to Drive School Buses


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"IndyWatch Feed War"

  20, 2018 . []


Watchdog: Turkish-backed forces looting Afrin, Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Danielle Haynes  |  March 19, 2018 at 5:14 PM
Civilians carry their belongings at the recently captured city of Afrin, Syria, on Monday. Photo by Aref Tamwawi/EPA-EFE

March 19 (UPI)  Turkish-backed Syrian rebels looted properties in Afrin after taking control of the northern city, a Britain-based watchdog said Monday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said rebel fighters stole items from political and military headquarters, machineries, vehicles, and shops that were previously under the control of Kurdish fighters.

Turkish-backed rebels took control of Afrin on Sunday after a two-month operation. A commander of the rebel forces blamed the looting on thieves.

The U.S. State Department said Turkish military forces and Turkish-backed rebels were prompting the evacuation of the majority of the city.

This adds to the already concerning humanitarian situation in the area, with United Nations agencies reporting a displaced population in or from Afrin district in the hundreds of thousands, who now require immediate shelter and other assistance to meet basic needs, a statement from State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said. We are also concerned over reports of looting inside the city of Afrin. We have repeatedly expressed our serious concern to Turkish officials regarding the situation in Afrin.



Athens, Greece: Kurdish Political Refugees Begin Hunger Strike in Syntagma Square for Afrin "IndyWatch Feed War"


On Sunday, March 18th, the army of the fascist Turkish State along with their jihadist FSA proxies entered the resisting town of Afrin. This was followed by looting, torture, beheadings of Kurdish fighters and the expulsion of 200,000 civilians, the majority of whom are now in the mountains, cut off from food and water, wounded physically and mentally from the orgy of violence and brutality.

As Kurdish political refugees who live in Greece, we declare that right now, our souls and our minds are with our brothers and sisters in Afrin.

We ask for solidarity from the Greek people as we start our hunger strike today on March 19th at Syntagma Square, opposite the Greek Parliament, demanding that the Greek government finally take a stand, unfortunately as allies of the EU and NATO, they have remained unmoved and uninvolved in recent developments.

The people of Afrin, our people, will be forever free.

Kurdish Hunger Strikers

(via Athens Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News...


U.S. Senate set to vote on ending U.S. war operations in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed War"

Militants loyal to Yemens President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi take their positions in Taiz, Yemen, March, 30, 2015. The United States military has been engaged in Yemen since 2015 but a vote on Tuesday could end its operations there. File Photo by Anees Mahyoub/UPI
License Photo

March 20 (UPI)  The Senate is scheduled to hold a vote Tuesday on whether to end the U.S. militarys involvement in Yemens civil war.

The GOP Senate Cloakroom on Twitter said the Senate will vote on S.J. 54 at approximately 4:15 if all debate time on the measure is used.

The measure, brought forth by Senators Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Chris Murphy, D-Conn., seeks to end U.S. militarys now three-year involvement in Yemen by invoking the War Powers Resolution of 1973, which says that the U.S. president can approve engagement in combat abroad only pursuant to (1) a declaration of war, (2) specific statutory authorization, or (3) a national emergency created by attack upon the United States, its territories or possessions, or its armed forces.

Neither of those conditions have been met, the senators argue, making the U.S. operation in Yemen illegal.

The United States began supporting Saudi Arabias military involvement in Yemen under President Barack Obama in 2015. That operation has continued under President Donald Trump and today, U.S. troops are on the ground conducting various ground operations, the Pentagon confirmed.

But if the Sanders-Lee-Murphy resolution passes the Senate, it will likely have little affect on troop levels in Yemen because it gives an exception to U.S. military attacks on Al Queda and Islamic State.



Attack Against Nord Stream 2 Renewed with Vigor: Whose Interests Does It Meet? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Gas exports to Europe present exciting opportunities but supplies from Russia are cheaper and more reliable. So the US needs to get rid of the obstacle in its way the Nord Stream 2 (NS2) pipeline, which will carry natural gas from Russia to Germany. Washington will do anything to achieve this cherished goal.


UN slams rights abuses against 'hundreds of thousands' in Turkey "IndyWatch Feed War"


UN rights chief slams 'staggering' number of people arrested since July 2016 coup attempt


Gina Haspel: As If Nuremberg Never Happened "IndyWatch Feed War"

Nothing will say more about who we are, across three American administrationsone that demanded torture, one that covered it up, and one that seeks to promote its bloody participantsthan whether Gina Haspel becomes director of the CIA.


Four days to declare a Cold War, by Thierry Meyssan "IndyWatch Feed War"

The week that has just ended was exceptionally rich in events. But no media were able to report it, because they had all deliberately masked certain of their number in order to protect the story that was being woven by their government. London had attempted to provoke a major conflict, but lost to Russia, President Trump and Syria.


The Obama legacy: A raging problem with heroin and opioids "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Washington Examiner

University of Massachusetts Medical School nursing student Morgan Brescia, right, and others attend a simulation of treatment for a patient coping with addiction during class at the medical school in Worcester, Mass. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)
Elise Amendola


Rojava: Announcement from Revolutionary Union for Internationalist Solidarity (RUIS) about Haukur Hilmarsson "IndyWatch Feed War"

Our comrade Sahin H. (Haukur Hilmarsson) became immortal during Efrins resistance from the Turkish armys invasion. Sehid Sahin was fighting with revolutionary morale, defending the village of Badina (in Efrin), having no fear for Turkeys modern and advanced weapons (drones, airstrikes), that are systematically being used against Efrins people. He and other comrades were fighting for hours, keeping the village free from occupation by a huge number of Turkish state-backed gangs (FSA). After their successful defense, the Turkish jets hit the village and Heval Sahin fell sehid.

Haukur Hilmarsson was an anarchist revolutionary. He was involved in activist actions for solidarity for refugees, in movements involving squatting houses and in international solidarity. Seeing for himself how the system of authority and power is advancing, especially in the western world, made him realize that the uprising of fascism worldwide can be stopped by revolutionary movements through armed self-defence. He was involved in radical movement from an early age and he travelled to Rojava for revolutionary internationalist solidarity. For comrade Haukur, Rojavas paradigm was the way how movements can succeed, building and protecting a society of freedom. It was enough reason for him to travel here and show international solidarity against the fascists of Daesh and more recently the Turkish fascist state that wills to finish what its child couldnt fulfill.

Haukur was a volunteer fighter of Revolutionary Union for Internationalist Solidarity (RUIS) and traveled with other comrades in Rojava to assist its defense units. He saw that, in Rojava, the heart of revolution beats strongly, as well as the perspective to expand and to enforce it. He saw that beyond the fighting, the communal confederation movement is building a society of freedom, equality and solidarity for all people in the region. He realized that armed self-defense plays a vital role for the survival of the revolution against Daesh fascists. He decided to come and join the peoples protection units (YPG) a long time before his arrival. He voluntarily joined the International Freedom Battalion (IFB) to become a freedom fighter and to fight Daesh fascists, with the goal to liberate the land from the tyranny which they enforced. Its a shame of the western world that keeps its eyes closed to what is happening here. In the west we havent even thought of the possibility to come to Rojava!- Haukur was saying.

Haukur immediately joined the operation to liberate Raqqa city center. He, among...


Van Jones: Trumps Death Penalty for Drug Dealers Is Divisive, Stupid "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image result for van jones, photos

Monday on CNNs Newsroom, former Obama administration green jobs czar and network host Van Jones said President Donald Trumps proposal to use the death penalty for drug dealers was a complete non-starter and its divisive and its stupid.

Jones said, I met with sheriffs, I met with pastors, nobody is saying what we really need is the death penalty for drug dealers, what we really need is tougher sentences. I dont know where hes getting that stuff. That is that is 180 degrees from what the people on the ground are saying. Theyre saying people need more help, more compassion, more education. Sometimes they say they need more better Bible studies. That would be higher on the list than the death penalty for drug dealers. And thats the kind of stuff that becomes a poison pill for people who are on the ground and know whats going on and people who understand the drug war is a failure and its going to stop us from working together. If he would take that crap out and focus on what the people on the front lines, they need more beds, they need more help, they need more hope, they need more jobs. Like I said, they need more Bible study. All thats on the list. This death penalty thing is a complete non-starter and its divisive and its stupid. I think its an offense to the people who are really trying to solve this problem.

He continued, When you have ideas and hes bragging on these countries that are killing people, like the people in the Philippines who are just shooting people in the streets, he thinks thats a good way for America. Nobody is expecting for that to work. The other thing too is when you look at how the death penalty gets applied, the super enhanced penalties get applied, they dont get applied to the big drug kingpins that got a gazillion lawyers, they get applied to little people who got caught up and its just not the way to go. I applaud the positive parts but take the nonsense out.


US Planning a Terrorist False Flag Chemical Attack to Justify Bombing Syria: Russia Says It Will Respond "IndyWatch Feed War"

Events in Syria increasingly resemble a direct confrontation between major powers rather than a proxy war. Lavrovs words, delivered a few days ago, reveal the critical phase of international relations the world is going through, with a potentially devastating conflict ready to ignite in the Middle East region.


De Val van het Amerikaanse Imperium "IndyWatch Feed War"

Zes jaar geleden schreef ik dit:


De Val van het Amerikaanse Imperium

Morgen, dinsdag 20 maart 2012, verschijnt het eerste van een serie boeken over de val van het Amerikaanse imperium en de daaraan verbonden consequenties voor onder andere Europa. Een serie die voor het grootste deel zal bestaan uit interviews met Amerikanen die allen op hun eigen wijze kritisch tegenover het expansionisme van hun land staan. In het eerste deel een interview met de Amerikaanse historicus James Peck over zijn boek...


Mahmoud Abbas blames Hamas for Gaza attack on PMs convoy "IndyWatch Feed War"

Al Jazeera

President Abbas says Hamas orchestrated attack on prime ministers convoy, prompting Hamas to call for elections.

Mahmoud Abbas said that if the
Mahmoud Abbas said that if the assassination attempt had succeeded, the attack would have opened the door for a bloody civil war [File: Mohamad Torokman/Reuters]


Princess Vanishes See Her Final Video "IndyWatch Feed War"

Princess Sheikha Latifa Bint Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is one of the 30 children of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, prime minister and vice president of the United Arab Emirates and the ruler of the Emirate of Dubai. She has been missing since March 4.

According to Latifa, she fled Dubai via boat to escape years of torture and imprisonment by her father.

The following video made by Latifa was uploaded to YouTube by Latifas attorney who was instructed to do so in the case of her death or disappearance. The video expresses her desire to escape the UAE and her concerns that, if it is being shown, she and her friends are in danger or dead.

In the video, Latifa also describes the failed escape attempt by her older sister Shamsa and a previous escape attempt she made in 2002. After being captured, she relates how she was tortured and imprisoned for more than three years. She states that her father and his men are responsible for the murders of family members and as well as countless others.

Clarion Project cannot confirm the veracity of this video.




Young American Sent to Prison in UAE for Posting Parody Video

Norwegian Woman Sent to Prison in UAE for Being Raped

State Dept.: Human Rights Abuses in UAE


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Ex-French president Sarkozy held on Gaddafi corruption claims: Reports "IndyWatch Feed War"


The former French leader has denied allegations of corruption over $60m in election funding


Stocks Overcome Tech Weakness to Post Gains "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Stoxx Europe 600 rose in early European trade, and futures pointed to a flat opening for the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Global stock markets edged up Tuesday, even as technology shares continued to suffer on the back of concerns that the sector will face greater government scrutinygoing forward.

The Stoxx Europe 600 rose 0.2% in early European trade, and futures pointed to a flat opening for the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Japans Nikkei Stock Average shed 0.5%, but still recovered from much deeper losses earlier in the day, and Chinese bourses notched some modest gains.

Still, turmoil in the tech sector continued, with futures pointing to a 0.2% opening loss for the Nasdaq Co mposite, after a 1.8% decline the previous day. Tech shares in the Stoxx Europe 600 lost 0.1% even as all other sectors were up.

Facebook shares, which closed down 6.7% the day before, slid another 1.5% in after-hours trading. U.S. lawmakers called for a probe after reports that Cambridge Analytica , a firm that helped President Donald Trumps 2016 election campaign, had collected and used without permission data from the accounts of millions of Facebook users. Cambridge Analytica has said it complied with Facebooks rules.

This has sparked wider concerns that a rally in tech shares, which have vastly outperformed other S&P 500 sectors over the past year, will eventually be derailed by regulators taking a closer look at these firms handling of data and market power.

I think a lot of investing in tech nowadays is about gathering data, so when you get question marks like these, it gives people pause, said David Older, head of equities at Carmignac.

Among Chinese tech shares with U.S. listings, Baidu Inc. shares fell 3.6% Monday, leading declines.

I definitely think the market is overreacting, he added. When you think about growth rates this is the only place globally where you are seeing strong growth.



Cambridge Analytica: Warrant sought to inspect company "IndyWatch Feed War"

BBC News

Alexander Nix, CEO of Cambridge Analytica was filmed by undercover reporters for Channel 4 News

The UKs Information Commissioner says she will seek a warrant to look at the databases and servers used by British firm Cambridge Analytica.

The London-based company is accused of using the personal data of 50 million Facebook members to influence the US presidential election in 2016.

Its executives have also been filmed by Channel 4 News suggesting it could use honey traps and potentially bribery to discredit politicians.

The company denies any wrongdoing.

Fresh allegations

On Monday, Channel 4 News broadcast hidden camera footage in which Cambridge Analytica chief executive Alexander Nix appears to suggest tactics his company could use to discredit politicians online.

In the footage, asked what deep digging could be done, Mr Nix told an undercover reporter: Oh, we do a lot more than that.

He suggested one way to target an individual was to offer them a deal thats too good to be true and make sure thats video recorded.

He also said he could send some girls around to the candidates house adding that Ukrainian girls are very beautiful, I find that works very well.

Mr Nix continued: Im just giving you examples of what can be done and what has been done.

  • ...


Russian Double Agent #Skripal Poisoned: Who Did ItAnd Why? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Russian Double Agent Poisoned: Who Did ItAnd Why? Former Russian spy-turned-UK-spy Sergei Skripal was apparently poisoned earlier this month in the UK. British Prime Minister Theresa May wasted no time in blaming the Russian government and its president, Vladimir Putin personally. Although signatories of the Chemical Weapons Convention must provide samples and evidence when requesting clarification on []


China trying to outflank Indias positions with road in Doklam? "IndyWatch Feed War"

NEW DELHI: Chinas road and other military infrastructure construction in the Doklam area near the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet tri-junction continues to cause concern in the Indian security establishment, with Peoples Liberation Army now trying to circumvent Indian troop positions with an road axis in the region.

Sources say PLA troops are trying to work around or outflank the Indian Doka La military outpost, which is located on the ridge that dominates Doklam, by constructing a new 1.3-km long road and communication trenches around 4-km away from the spot.

This alternative axis could allow them access towards the Jampheri Ridge in south Doklam, as the PLA had earlier wanted before the 73-day troop stand-off last year .

Image result for Doklam, china, india, map
But Indian security establishment officials on being contacted on Monday, refused to say anything on the matter. India is highly sensitive about the Jampheri Ridge because it overlooks its militarily-vulnerable Siliguri Corridor or the so called Chickens Neck area.

Officials say China remains keen to usurp Doklam or the Dolam Plateau, disputed between Beijing and Thimpu, to add strategic depth to its narrow Chumbi Valley, which juts in like a dagger between Sikkim and Bhutan.

India in the past had never objected to PLA patrols in Doklam but was forced to intervene in mid-June last year when the PLA troops attempted to disrupt the status quo by constructing the road towards the Jampheri Ridge.

Indian soldiers from their Doka La post had then stepped down just around 100 metres ahead to physically block PLA troops from extending the road. It had led to the 73-day face-off between the two armies before troop disengagement from the actual faceoff site on August 28 after extensive diplomatic parleys.



Britain Planning Secret Cyberattack on Russia? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Is cyberattacking Russia the next shoe to drop? According to an unnamed high-level UK official, Theresa May-led Tories may launch a secret cyberattack against Moscow in response to the alleged poisoning of Sergey Skripal and his daughter the Kremlin had nothing to do with a joint operation with Washington if initiated.


The Blood of Gaza Will Be on the Hands of Mahmoud Abbas in israels Next Attack "IndyWatch Feed War"

BY Robert Inlakesh The Blood of Gaza Will Be on the Hands of Mahmoud Abbas in Israels Next Attack Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, has announced his plans to collectively punish the civilian population of the Gaza Strip, justifying his decision by accusing Hamas of something he has no evidence for. Yesterday at a press meeting, []


Islamic State group takes Damascus area after rebels pull out "IndyWatch Feed War"


A mass grave containing 39 Indian construction workers abducted by the group in Iraq in 2014 was also discovered


Cambridge Analytica And The Manipulation Of People "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Debs is Dead lifted from a comment MoA-ites correctly distrust every word emanating from the mealy mouthed Guardian because it has been used in a vicious campaign to advance the interests of Zionists to the point where the well...



As regular readers here know, I have a high regard for the research and reporting of Mr. F. William Engdahl, whose book, Seeds of



PRESS RELEASE: Womens March on the Pentagon "IndyWatch Feed War"

Washington D.C. (WM) A Womens March on the Pentagon Is Planned for October 20th and 21st 2018 to Confront the Bipartisan War Machine with Calls for Grassroots Solidarity Marches Across the United States and the World.

March 19, 2018  In direct response to ongoing military aggression and mind-boggling increases in military funding that pass with bipartisan support in the United States, as well as the absence of the issue of war in the popular Womens Marches held in 2017 and 2018, anti-war activists are calling for a Womens March on the Pentagon, akin to the 1967 anti-war event in Washington D.C. and subsequent march on the Pentagon. The march is slated to take place on October 20th and 21st 2018, the 51st anniversary of the anti-war march that drew upwards of 50,000 people.

Anti-war voices have been marginalized by popular protest movements since Trump took office. While anti-war champions are in solidarity with most social and environmental movements, discussion of the effects of preparations for war, the consequences of war and war itself, have largely been absent from these popular movements.

Detailed Coverage from Yemen

The goals of the Womens March on the Pentagon are simple. Our goals include the complete end to wars abroad, closure of foreign bases and dramatic slashing of the Pentagon budget.

On October 7th, 2001, the U.S. invaded Afghanistan under the pretext of apprehending those behind the September 11th attacks. U.S. forces have remained in active occupation since, making the illegal and immoral war on terror the longest and most misdirected war in U.S. history, overseen by presidents belonging to both major political parties.

The bloated military budget is draining communities and families in the U.S. of precious blood and treasure while decimating foreign nations and peoples in the process. The U.S. government is constitutionally mandated to provide for national defense, not offense.

Our Syria Archives

No woman is truly free until the United States stops spending trillions of dollars bombing millions of people while militarily occupying over 150 countries around across the globe. War affects each of us and is detrimental to our natural environment.

This movement is not a rally for any part of the bipartisan war party. Instead, this movement is a call to action against the entire bloodthirsty U.S. empire....


Who wants to kill Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah? "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Ramzy Baroud | MEMO | March 19, 2018 On March 13, while on his way to the besieged Gaza Strip, two 33-pounds bombs targeted the convoy of Palestinian Authority Prime Minister, Rami Hamdallah. Hamdallah was visiting Gaza, through the Israeli border checkpoint, Erez, to open a large sewage treatment plant that, if allowed to []


Aramco Scales Back IPO Plan, Eyes Saudi-Only Listing "IndyWatch Feed War"

Higher price of oil has diminished push for large international public offering

A view of Saudi Aramco's Manifa facility, Saudi Arabia. The state-oil company is looking at going public on a domestic exchange.
A view of Saudi Aramcos Manifa facility, Saudi Arabia. The state-oil company is looking at going public on a domestic exchange. PHOTO:SAUDI ARAMCO HANDOUT/REUTERS

Saudi Arabia is scaling back its ambitions for a public offering for oil giant Aramco, moving ahead with a listing next year solely on the Saudi stock exchange while taking more time to decide if an international venue is worth it, government officials and others close to the process say.

The decision has come in part because of concerns about legal risks and also because the need for a bigger listing has been negated by rising oil prices.



US-UK 'Crime of Aggression' against Iraq (2003) "IndyWatch Feed War"

US-UK Crime of Aggression against Iraq (2003). War Was Not Conducted in Self Defense

The following is a statement given by Inder Comar at a side event of the 37th Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva, Switzerland, on March 15, 2018.

Region: ...


My Lai 3 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Coverup of Extensive War Crimes: 50th Anniversary of the My Lai Massacre



My Lai "IndyWatch Feed War"

Behind Colin Powells Legend My Lai



The #Skripal poisoning: Lies Can Lead To War "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Skripal poisoning: Lies Can Lead To War Theresa May, Prime Minister, United Kingdom, September 29, 2017 (Arno Mikkor/CC BY 2.0) Both US and UK experts do not think that the alleged Russian nerve agent used in the alleged Skripal poisoning even exists. Perhaps this is why the British government will not agree to any []


Dj Vu with British Poison Allegations Against Russia "IndyWatch Feed War"

Just as with the unfounded allegations about Russia made by British government officials in the wake of the Litvinenko death, current British officials found it difficult to keep their stories straight or factual. One such official was Foreign Secretary Boris London, the dim-witted former mayor of London who has been dubbed the British Trump.


Saudi Prince Alwaleed says he reached secret deal with government "IndyWatch Feed War"


The billionaire prince says he plans to invest in domestic projects and has no ill will towards Mohammed bin Salman who led corruption probe


In one Palestinian village, the whole story of the occupation "IndyWatch Feed War"

In one Palestinian village, the whole story of the occupation ByJoshua Leifer Encircled by the separation barrier, threatened with demolition orders, and deemed illegal aliens in their own homes, the residents of the Palestinian village of Walajeh are fighting for their lives. A new portion of the Separation Wall, made by a high barbed wire fence []


#Toronto: Posters Naming Brutal Cops Up for March 15th "IndyWatch Feed War"

Toronto: As part of the International Day Against Police Brutality (March 15th), members of the community put up posters around major intersections university campuses in the downtown area last night.

Originally published by North Shore Info.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Toronto: Posters Naming Brutal Cops Up for March 15th

toronto-police2-287x300Toronto: As part of the International Day Against Police Brutality (March 15th), members of the community put up posters around major intersections university campuses in the downtown area last night.

 The posters highlight recent incidents of Canadian police officers charged with violent crimes, especially crimes committed against women, children, and people of color.




US whines about Iran`s missiles, pours arms into Mideast: Zarif "IndyWatch Feed War"

US whines about Iran`s missiles, pours arms into Mideast: Zarif Irans Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif Irans Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has slammed the United States sheer hypocrisy for seeking to stop Irans defensive missile program while flooding the Middle East region with all kinds of weapons. Taking to his official Twitter account on Monday, []


American Public Troubled by Deep State "IndyWatch Feed War"

Public Troubled by Deep State is the headline that the Monmouth University Polling Institute tags to its recent poll.

Polling about the term Deep State is problematical, because as the polling report says:

Few Americans (13%) are very familiar with the term Deep State; another 24% are somewhat familiar, while 63% say they are not familiar with this term.

So the careful pollsters at Monmouth defined the term as follows for their interviewees:

The term Deep State refers to the possible existence of a group of unelected government and military officials who secretly manipulate or direct national policy.

Then they asked whether such a group exists.

Monmouth reports the results as follows:

Nearly 3-in-4 (74%) say they believe this type of apparatus exists in Washington. This includes 27% who say it definitely exists and 47% who say it probably exists. Only 1-in-5 say it does not exist (16% probably not and 5% definitely not).

Furthermore, these opinions do not follow a partisan divide.  The report continues:

Belief in the probable existence of a Deep State comes from more than 7-in-10 Americans in each partisan group, although Republicans (31%) and independents (33%) are somewhat more likely than Democrats (19%) to say that the Deep State definitely exists.

This leads the director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, Patrick Murray, to volunteer:

We usually expect opinions on the operation of government to shift depending on which party is in charge. But theres an ominous feeling by Democrats and Republicans alike that a Deep State of unelected operatives are pulling the levers of power.

In addition, there are some significant but not drastic racial and ethnic differences on this question.  Says the Report:

Americans of black, Latino and Asian backgrounds (35%) are more likely than non-Hispanic whites (23%) to say that the Deep State definitely exists.

The report also asked about government surveillance of the citizenry and here again there is widespread concern: Fully 8-in-10 believe that the U.S. government currently monitors or spies on the activities of American citizens, including a majority (53%) who say this activity is widespread and another 29% who say such monitoring happens but is not widespread. Just 14% say this monitoring does not happen at all....


V n Mobifone mua AVG cuc Khu chin gia B thng tin v Thanh tra Chnh ph "IndyWatch Feed War"

Thanh tra Chnh ph khng nh 5 b, ngnh phi cng chu trch nhim trong v chuyn nhng c phn


#Porto, #Portugal: Invitation to Anarchist Bookfair 4 to 6 May "IndyWatch Feed War"

Invitation to the anarchist bookfair in Porto, Portugal.

Originally published by Contra Info. Edited by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Porto, Portugal: Invitation to Anarchist Bookfair 4 to 6 May


On the 4th, 5th and 6th of May in Porto (Portugal) there will be an Anarchist bookfair. This aims to be a moment to share and exchange materials, experiencies and communication.

Not only is it important to stengthen ties and create new forms of colaboration with each other, this meeting intends to be a place for the diffusion of our presence and our ideas.

We would like to invite you to participate not only with your indipendent Publisher groups and distributors, but also to submit any other ideas you think may be of interest to this event.

Booking a stall, proposals for activities and staying arrangements must be made by March 25th to

Sade e Anarquia! (Cheers and Anarchy!)



De Mistura: Dividing Syria is catastrophic to the entire region He agrees with Putin "IndyWatch Feed War"


Syrian pro-government forces enter the main square of Kfar Batna, southeastern Ghouta, on the outskirts of the capital Damascus, on March 19, 2018. (AFP)
DUBAI: United Nations special envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, said Syria was heading toward a catastrophic division and could see the return of Daesh if a peaceful settlement was not found, Saudi state-news channel Al-Ekhbariya reported.


#BreakSilenceOnAfrin Statement of Kurdish refugees starting a hunger strike. "IndyWatch Feed War"

Statement by Kurdish refugees that started a hunger strike in Athens, Greece in solidarity with Afrin.

Originally published by Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space City Plaza Facebook page,

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Statement of Kurdish refugees starting a hunger strike in solidarity with Afrin

On Sunday 18/3, the army of the fascist Turkish state, along with FSA soldiers and the jihadists, entered the resisting city of Afrin. What followed was looting, tortures and decapitations of Kurdish fighters, and the expulsion of 200,000 civilians, the majority of whom are in the surrounding mountains deprived of food and water, physically and mentally injured by the orgy of violence and brutality.

We, as Kurdish political refugees living in Greece, declare that our soul and our mind are with our brothers and sisters in Afrin.

We ask for the solidarity of the Greek people and we start today 19/3 a hunger strike in front of the Greek Parliament, demanding from the Greek government to finally take a position; the Greek government, which unfortunately, like its allies in the EU and NATO, has remained neutral and unmoved in front of these developments.

The people of Afrin, our people, will always be free

Kurdish hunger strikers, March 19, 2018.



BBC News website does stealth makeover on fact check fail "IndyWatch Feed War"

On the morning of March 19th the BBC News websites Middle East page published an apparently hastily written short report titled French consulate worker smuggled arms to Gaza' which read as follows: [emphasis added]

A French national employed at the countrys consulate in Jerusalem will appear in court on Monday charged with smuggling weapons to the Gaza Strip.

Israels Shin Bet security agency said the unnamed man, in his 20s, was arrested in February while crossing into Gaza from Israel.

One of the suspects jobs at the consulate was as a driver, involving regular trips to Gaza, reports say.

Israel has long tried to prevent arms reaching Gazas militant Hamas group.

A spokesman for the French embassy in Tel Aviv told AFP news agency: We take this case very seriously and are in close...


Security Forces Operate Against Al Shabab in Somali Capital "IndyWatch Feed War"

Somali security forces executed today a raid against the Al Shabab organization in this capital, following the most recent attacks by the armed group, press reports stressed. According to Radio Shabelle, the actions were carried out again in the Kahda neighborhood, in the south of the city and caused an unknown number of wounded. Last []



Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea "IndyWatch Feed War"

 March 19 at 2:34 AM

Singapores Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, left, and Australias Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull hold a joint press conference at the end of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) special summit, in Sydney, Sunday, March 18, 2018.


BEIJING A look at recent developments in the South China Sea, where China is pitted against smaller neighbors in multiple disputes over islands, coral reefs and lagoons in waters crucial for global commerce and rich in fish and potential oil and gas reserves:___EDITORS NOTE: This is a weekly look at the latest developments in the South China Sea, the location of several territorial conflicts that have raised tensions in the region.___AUSTRALIA, SOUTHEAST ASIA CALL FOR SEA RESTRAINT

Southeast Asian leaders and Australias prime minister called for non-militarization and a code of conduct in the contested waters of the South China Sea, where China has become increasingly assertive.

A joint statement was issued Sunday by leaders at the first summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to be held in Australia, underscoring Canberras growing involvement in regional security issues, despite Chinas opposition.

We emphasize the importance of non-militarization and the need to enhance mutual trust and confidence, exercise self-restraint in the conduct of activities and avoid actions that may complicate the situation, the statement said.

China and the five countries that have conflicting territorial claims over the South China Sea, including four ASEAN members, have been moving ahead in negotiations for a code of conduct for the busy waterway aimed at reducing the risks of armed confrontations in the contested areas.

The ASEAN nations are Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos...


Cambridge Analytica, Trump and 50 Million Facebook Accounts: What You Need to Know "IndyWatch Feed War"

Cambridge Analytica obtained data on million Facebook users via means that deceived both the users and Facebook to create Trump campaigns secret sauce

(FILES) In this file photo taken on February 27, 2018 A video grab from footage broadcast by the UK Parliament's Parliamentary Recording Unit (PRU) on February 27, 2018 shows Chief Executive, Cambridge Analytica, Alexander Nix, giving evidence to the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee of members of parliament on the subject of fake news at the Houses of Parliament in London on February 27, 2018. Cambridge Analytica is a private company for strategic communication and data analysis at the heart of a scandal over the use of personal data collected on Facebook. A subsidiary of Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL), Cambridge Analytica (CA) has offices in New York, Washington and London and is directed by Alexander Nix. / AFP PHOTO / PRU / HO / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT
(FILES) In this file photo taken on February 27, 2018 A video grab from footage broadcast by the UK Parliaments Parliamentary Recording Unit (PRU) on February 27, 2018 shows Chief Executive Alexander Nix, CambridgHO/AFP...


Russia: The FSB is the Real Terrorist! Freedom for Anarchist Prisoners! (Video) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Received on 20.03.18:

Recent anarchist activity in Russia against the March 18 electoral spectacle, and in solidarity with anarchist and antifascist prisoners.



Chinas premier pledges further market opening as talk of trade war mounts foreign and domestic firms allowed to compete on an equal footing "IndyWatch Feed War"

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang speaks at the news conference following the closing session of the National Peoples Congress (NPC), at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China March 20, 2018. REUTERS/Jason Lee


BEIJING (Reuters) China will open up its economy further, and its door to the outside will only get wider, with foreign and domestic firms allowed to compete on an equal footing, Premier Li Keqiang said at the close the countrys annual parliament session on Tuesday.

The familiar-sounding pledges from Beijing came as the prospect of a global trade war loomed in the wake of U.S. President Donald Trump imposition of hefty import tariffs on steel and aluminum earlier this month.

By the end of this week, according to sources in Washington, the United States is expected to unveil new tariffs on up to $60 billion worth of Chinese technology and consumer goods annually, fulfilling Trumps campaign promises to get tough on China and its trade practices.

I hope both China and the U.S. will act rationally, and not be led by emotions, and avoid a trade war, Li told reporters in a televised news conference at the Great Hall of the People in central Beijing.

China will improve access to its services and manufacturing sectors while further lowering import tariffs, including those on cancer-related drugs, Li also said at his once-a-year press conference. He did not give more specifics.

Chinas economy has been so integrated with the worlds, that closing Chinas door would mean blocking our way for development, Li said.

Chinas aim is to ensure that both domestic and foreign firms, and companies under all kinds of ownership structure, will be able to compete on fair terms in Chinas large market.

When President Xi Jinpings top economic adviser Liu visited Washington recently, th...


Cambridge Analytica CEO in secret video talks about using bribes and dirty tricks to swing elections "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses and closeup

The report relied on surreptitious video recordings of Alexander Nix, the chief executive of Cambridge Analytica, claiming to have used a web of shadowy front companies in pursuit of winning elections. PHOTO: REUTERS

LONDON (WASHINGTON POST) A British television station broadcast video on Monday (March 19) apparently showing the head of the data analysis firm Cambridge Analytica, which worked for US President Donald Trumps 2016 campaign, talking about using bribes, traps involving sex workers and other unethical tactics to swing elections around the world.

The broadcast by Channel 4 News offered no evidence that such methods were used during Cambridge Analyticas work for the Trump campaign, which paid the firm at least US$6 million (S$7.9 million).

But the broadcast sparked a fresh round of questions about a company already embroiled in controversy about its use of personal information from tens of millions of Facebooks users the vast majority of whom had no idea their names, likes and work histories had been collected for political purposes.

The report, which The Washington Post has not independently confirmed, relied on surreptitious video recordings of Alexander Nix, 42, the chief executive of Cambridge Analytica, claiming to have used a web of shadowy front companies in pursuit of winning elections.

The company on Monday disputed the report and others published over the weekend about the companys use of massive troves of Facebook data.

Cambridge Analytica strongly denies the claims recently made by The New York Times, the Guardian and Channel 4 News, the company said on Twitter.

Cambridge Analytica elaborated in a statement quoted by Channel 4 News, saying, We entirely refute any allegation that Cambridge Analytica or any of its affiliates use entrapment, bribes, or so-called honey-traps for any purpose whatsoever. . . We routinely undertake conversations with prospective clients to try to tease out any unethical or illegal intentions....


Asian market down Worries over Facebook, Tech Sector Plus Possible Increase in US Interest Rate "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: skyscraper, sky and outdoor


HONG KONG (AFP)  Asian markets sank on Tuesday following sharp losses in New York as a massive data breach at Facebook fuelled fears of a regulatory crackdown on the technology sector.

The scandal at the social media giant come as investors fret over a possible increase in the rate of US interest rate hikes and Donald Trump steps up his protectionist rhetoric that has sparked talk of a global trade war.

Reports said Cambridge Analytica, the analysis firm hired by Donald Trumps 2016 presidential campaign, stole data from 50 million Facebook user profiles to help design software to predict and influence voters choices.

Stephen Innes, head of Asia-Pacific trading at OANDA, warned: This security breach could end up being a significant turning point for the social media and network portal.

The news hammered tech giants with Facebook plunging 6.8 percent, while other household names were also hit including Apple, Google-parent Alphabet and Netflix by regulatory concerns.

The adults are starting to realise that the altruistic kids who started some of these tech behemoths are either unwilling or unable to deal with the fact that the companies they wrought and thought were a force for good can be manipulated by those who seek to do ill, said Greg McKenna, chief market strategist at AxiTrader.

The US losses filtered through to Asia, with Hong Kong-listed internet giant Tencent and AAC Technologies sharply lower. Samsung retreated in Seoul, while Sony was one percent lower in Tokyo.

On broader markets Japans Nikkei went into the break more than one percent lower, while Hong Kong shed 0.6 percent and Sydney was off 0.5 percent.

Shanghai dropped 0.3 percent, Singapore gave up 0.2 percent and Seoul retreated 0.4 percent, with Wellington, Manila, Taipei and Jakarta all sharply down.

Investors are keeping a close watch on the Federal Reserves policy meeting this week looking for clues about its timetable for tightening monetary policy. Opinion is split on the number of rate hikes it will likely announce this year, with some forecasting three and others saying four.

Market-watchers warn a G20 meeting of finance ministers in Argentina could also revive tensions on international trade after Trump unveiled his controversial tariffs this month.

On currency markets the pound extended gains against the d...


Nigeria repeatedly warned before Boko Haram abducted 110 schoolgirls: Amnesty A War They Dont Want To Win "IndyWatch Feed War"

Nigeria forces repeatedly warned before Boko Haram abducted 110 schoolgirls: AmnestyA picture taken on Feb. 28 at the Government Girls Technical College at Dapchi town in northern Nigeria shows a classroom deserted by fleeing students after Boko Haram Islamists kidnapped 110 schoolgirls. Nigerias government on March 1 said it had set up a committee to establish how Boko Haram jihadists managed to kidnap the 110 girls from their school in the countrys remote northeast. | AFP



Nigerias military was on Tuesday accused of ignoring repeated warnings about the movements of Boko Haram fighters before they kidnapped 110 schoolgirls in the countrys restive northeast.

The students the youngest of whom is aged just 10 were seized from the town of Dapchi, Yobe state, on Feb. 19 in virtually identical circumstances to those in Chibok in 2014.

Then, more than 200 schoolgirls were taken in an attack that brought sustained world attention on the Islamist insurgency and sparked a global campaign for their release.

President Muhammadu Buhari has called the Dapchi abduction a national disaster and vowed to use negotiation rather than force to secure their release.

But as in Chibok nearly four years ago, human rights group Amnesty International claimed the military was warned about the arrival of the heavily armed jihadists yet failed to act.

In the hours that followed both attacks, the authorities also tried to claim the girls had not been abducted.

Amnestys Nigeria director Osa Ojigho said no lessons appear to have been learned from Chibok and called for an immediate probe into what she called inexcusable security lapses.

The governments failure in this incident must be investigated and the findings made public and it is absolutely crucial that any investigation focuses on the root causes, she added.

Why were insufficient troops available? Why was it decided to withdraw troops? What measures have the government taken to protect schools in northeast Nigeria?

And what procedures are supposed to be followed in response to an attempted abduction?

There was no immediate response from the Nigerian military w...


Chinas Xi Jinping Says China Ready to Fight The Bloody Battle "IndyWatch Feed War"

AFP / by Ryan MCMORROW, Laurent THOMET | President Xi Jinping is now Chinas most powerful leader since Mao Zedong

BEIJING (AFP)  President Xi Jinping delivered a blistering nationalist speech on Tuesday, warning against any attempts to split China and touting the countrys readiness to fight the bloody battle to regain its rightful place in the world.Xis address capped an annual session of the National Peoples Congress that paved the way for him to rule for life, as Chinas most powerful leader since Mao Zedong pushes through his vision of guiding the country through a new era of unrivalled global military and economic supremacy.

Days after President Donald Trump signed new rules allowing top-level US officials to travel to Taiwan, Xi warned that Beijing would defend its one China principle, which sees the self-ruling island as its territory awaiting reunification.

All acts and tricks to separate the country are doomed to fail and will be condemned by the people and punished by history, Xi said.

But he also sought to address concerns about ambitious Chinese development projects abroad, saying they will not pose a threat to any country.

Only those who are accustomed to threatening others will see everyone as a threat, he added.

Xi used the speech to espouse his vision of realising the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation the greatest dream of the worlds second-largest economy.

The Chinese people have been indomitable and persistent, we have the spirit of fighting the bloody battle against our enemies to the bitter end, he said.

But his speech was also a reminder that the Communist Party, more than ever, reigns over the countrys affairs.

History has already proven and will continue to prove that only socialism can save China, he said.

The Communist Party is the supreme political leadership of the country and the fundamental guarantee to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Indefinite rule

The two-week session of the National Peoples Congress handed Xi, 64, a second term and endorsed the Communist Partys decision to lift presidential term limits, clearing the way for him to remain in power indefinitely after his second term ends in 2023.

His eponymous political philosophy, which was enshrined in the party charter...


The Saudis Take On Radical Islam "IndyWatch Feed War"

The crown prince charts a course toward moderation, which prevailed before the 1979 attack on Mecca.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the Future Investment Initiative Conference, Oct. 24.
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the Future Investment Initiative Conference, Oct. 24. PHOTO: ASSOCIATED PRESS

March 19, 2018 6:09 p.m. ET

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The year 1979 was a watershed for the Middle East. Iranian revolutionaries overthrew the shah, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, and Sunni Islamic extremists tried to take over the Grand Mosque of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, Islams holiest shrine. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman hadnt been born, but he is fighting the ghosts of 1979 as he dramatically reforms the kingdom.

The attempted takeover of Mecca was a defining event in my country, mainly b...


Egyptians who took part in Arab Spring say voting useless I wont put the effort and vote in an election that is already predetermined. "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP | A picture taken on March 7, 2018 shows posters supporting Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi hanging in a street in the downtown Cairo district of El-Gamaleya, where he was born

CAIRO (AFP)  As banners supporting Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisis bid for a second term fill Cairos streets, some who participated in the 2011 democratic uprising say they will boycott this months predetermined elections.Its been a downwards slippery slope since the last presidential elections (in 2014): nothing is improving, said Sami, who took part in the January 2011 uprising which toppled longtime president Hosni Mubarak.

Sisi, as defence minister, led the July 2013 ouster of former Islamist president Mohamed Morsi following mass protests against his divisive one-year rule.

Now, Sisi is seeking another term in the March 26-28 elections, running against Moussa Mostafa Moussa, a candidate who had previously expressed support for the incumbent.

Other presidential hopefuls were arrested or withdrew.

Its a nominal participation. They couldnt have just one person running unopposed, so they brought someone just as a show so they can say there is competition, said Sarah.

Like Sami and everyone else interviewed in this story, she asked to be identified by a pseudonym.

I wont put the effort and vote in an election that is already predetermined, she said.

2011 hopes dashed

The situation is a far cry from Sarahs high hopes in 2011, when she joined protests excited to have free and fair elections, and to vote in competitive elections where my voice would make a difference.

Over 18 days, mostly young Egyptians overcame thousands of security forces, capturing Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo.

There, they camped day and night until Mubarak, who had been in power for nearly 30 years, left office. The military then took charge of the country.

Soon after, major Mubarak-era officials were arrested and courts began examining cases of police brutality.

It was an incredible moment of hope; the sky was the limit, said Sami.

After the militarys year in power, Morsi, who hailed from the Muslim Brotherhood group, became Egypts first democratically elected civilian president in 2012.



Facebook Security Chief Plans to Step Down "IndyWatch Feed War"

Alex Stamos, in Twitter post, says hes still fully engaged with my work at Facebook, but didnt address if he planned to depart

Alex Stamos

FB -6.77% Facebook FB -6.77% Inc.s security chief, Alex Stamos, plans to step down from the embattled social-media company this year, people familiar with the matter said, following clashes with policy executives and an internal reorganization that whittled down his responsibilities.

Since the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Mr. Stamos has been at the center of Facebooks response to Russian efforts to manipulate public discourse using its platform. He and other security officials often argued that Facebook should publicly disclose more details about the Russian efforts, a stance often at odds with the more cautious approach advocated by Facebooks policy team, overseen by Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, people familiar with the internal deliberat...


Palestinian president calls US ambassador to Israel son of a dog "IndyWatch Feed War"

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas was less than flattering in his comments about US ambassador to Israel David Friedman. (AFP)
RAMALLAH: Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas labelled the US ambassador to Israel David Friedman a son of a dog on Monday during a scathing attack on Donald Trumps policies.
The US ambassador in Tel Aviv is a settler and a son of a dog, Abbas said in comments t...

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