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Friday, 10 August


Sadr's alliance wins Iraqi election recount "IndyWatch Feed War"


Sadr's alliance retains all 54 of 329 seats it won in 12 May voting


Easter Island people want return of their sacred statue, stolen by imperial Brits "IndyWatch Feed War"

Moai sculpture from Easter Island in the British Museum Veronika Lukasova / Global Look Press RT | August 9, 2018 The Rapa Nui people of Easter Island are asking the British Museum to return one of the islands sacred Moai statues, stolen 150 years ago by British sailors. Its one of the many artifacts []


Banning Alex Jones and Infowars "IndyWatch Feed War"

He is treated as the bogeyman of conspiracy entertainment, and Alex Jones has become a prominent figure for advancing a host of unsavoury views. High on his list of incendiaries is the claim that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary shooting never took place and was the work of paid fantasists, with the victims parents being crisis actors. Sandy Hook, went Jones in a January 2015 broadcast, is a synthetic, completely fake, with actors, in my view, manufactured.  The parents of two children killed at the school massacre are suing.

There are seemingly few limits to the Jones armoury of hyper-scepticism.  But Jones has been in the business of such production for years.  Now, a campaign for banishing him from various platforms, including Infowars, has been enacted with a degree of censorious ferocity.  Summary bans have been made, ranging from the giants such as Apple, Twitter and Spotify, to Pinterest and MailChimp.

Apple took the lead in this competitive banning binge, removing five of the six Infowars podcasts available via iTunes this week, including The Alex Jones Show and War Room, while Facebook removed four Infowars pages for violating the companys guidelines.

An Apple spokesperson explained the companys position in a statement: Apple does not tolerate hate speech, and we have clear guidelines that creators and developers must follow to ensure we provide a safe environment for all our users.  Accordingly, Podcasts that violate these guidelines are removed from our directory making them no longer searchable or available for download or streaming.  We believe in representing a wide range of views, so long as people are respectful to those with differing opinions.

Spotify has also added its name to the list.  We take reports of hate content seriously, went a statement, and review any podcast episode or song that is flagged by our community.  Due to repeated violations of Spotifys prohibited content policies, The Alex Jones Show has lost access to the Spotify platform.

Who is guarding whom, and who should decide which ideas are significantly safe, less discomforting or otherwise?  Contraries are, by definition, discomforting; the contrarian, by definition, dangerously disruptive.  The idea of social media platforms becoming a constabulary for the controlling of opinion located in the vague economy of hate is ominous.  Nor have these techn...

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Thursday, 09 August


Martyrdom and Martyrdom & martyrdom: understanding Iran "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Ramin Mazaheri for the Saker Blog We are the nation of martyrdom, we are the nation of Imam Hossain, you better ask. Iranian Major General and Quds Force


How Russia, Turkey, and Iran are Going to Avoid a Battle for Idlib "IndyWatch Feed War"

 I've added an update at the bottom- a map, which should be very helpful to understanding the situation on the ground in and around Idlib- scroll down

Following up on: Sochi: Iran, Russia & Turkey Talk Syria. Refugee Returns & Idlib

Where I'd commented:

Finally, Idlib

Where there is this idea, being presented, that Syria will take Idlib back by force!
I do not think this is realistic. Or necessary.  Not at this time, anyway.
Considering their are three Astana partners involved in the process.
Here's hoping Idlib can be resolved diplomatically.
Going by some of the reports I've read today it looks as if Iran, Russia and Turkey are trying to AVOID a battle for Idlib.

If Syria were to simply rush in and battle for Idlib as some persons suggest, the US and their PKK allies would take advantage of the chaos that would surely result. And Rojova will extend ever closer to the Mediterranean. Which is what the US and Israel both want!

It's really much more beneficial for regional stability that the Astana partners work together to deal with the Idlib situation in a more measured, careful manner.  That's my opinion. And to my mind it makes much more sense for the actual preservation of Syrian sovereignty.


The UN Senior Advisor for Syria Jan Egeland says Russia, Turkey, and Iran told UN humanitarian meeting that they would do their utmost to avoid a battle for Idlib.
Probably small de-escalation areas will be established, and full controlled humanitarian corridors will be......


Israel ramps up arrests of Palestinian journalists "IndyWatch Feed War"


Rights groups say Israel's arrests of seven Palestinian journalists since 30 July are 'politically motivated'


QAnon: Why We Have the CIA to Thank for the Craziest Conspiracy Theory Yet "IndyWatch Feed War"

Qanon Conspiracy(CD Op-ed)  As the editor of the JFK Facts blog, I try not to spend a lot of time on stupid conspiracy theories, but given widespread ignorance and confusion on the subject, unpleasant journalist duty often calls. Who killed JFK? The Federal Reserve? Nah. The Secret Service man? A hoax. Ted Cruzs father? Pure B.S. George H.W. Bush? Heavy breathing is not []


About the Alex Jones & Infowars ban by US corporate giants "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Saker August 08, 2018 Let me immediately begin that I have really no use for Alex Jones or for Inforwars.  I do recognize the very important and positive role they played in the 9/11 Truth movement, but the rest of their agenda and ideology is really not my cup of tea, to put it []


The Lessons of Charlottesville, a Year Later : How the Terrain Has Changed "IndyWatch Feed War"

A year after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville that left one dead and countless injured, we can see how fascists, police, centrists, and others have learned from experience and adjusted their strategies. Have those of us who oppose the rise of fascism done the same? Read on for our analysis.

For more background on the events of August 2017 in Charlottesville, consult the reading list at the end.

Fascists and the Far Right

Some fascist organizations disintegrated after the debacle in Charlottesville, and many still havent recovered. Patriot Prayer was in disarray; Richard Spencer scaled back his efforts to speak on university campuses; the Traditionalist Workers Party collapsed. A few months after Unite the Right, some anti-fascists felt confident enough to declare a provisional victory. However, a year later, fascists are reorganizing and trying new things.

Discouraged from pre-announced mass actions like Unite the Right, the explicitly Nazi organization Patriot Front has demonstrated a new pattern of surprise attacks via their appearances at the Houston Anarchist Book Fair and the San Antonio Occupy ICE camp. Thus far, these appear to be chiefly aimed at producing video footage with which to make advertisements for fascism, but the model could be used for much more destructive means.

Meanwhile, Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer has figured out that if fascists can just hold off on publicly murdering people and deny having ties to overt white supremacistshowever dishonestlythey can resume slowly building momentum while letting the police do most of their dirty work. Hes working with a volatile sector of the populationProud Boys in Pinochet shirtsbut he seems to be making his approach succeed where other fascist organizers have failed. We will surely see more groups like his attempting to rebrand fascist politics under the umbrella of patriotism, Christianity (or...


Colombia recognizes Palestinian state, then abruptly vows to review the move amid Israeli outrage "IndyWatch Feed War"

RT | August 9, 2018 After it emerged that the former president Juan Manuel Santos recognized Palestine as an independent state just before leaving office, Colombias new government has pledged to cautiously review the decision and its implications. Palestine was described as a free, independent and sovereign state in Santos August 3 letter to the []


11 Surreal Scenes Showing Fires Are Unleashing Hell on Earth in California "IndyWatch Feed War"

california fires(ANTIMEDIA)  Wildfires in California are burning hundreds of thousands of acres as tens of thousands of firefighters, some who have traveled from as far as Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand work to contain the blazes. Even prisoners have been enlisted to fight the fires (at a rate of $1 per hour plus $2 per day). Though much of the []


Trumps Talk of Isolating Iran Speaks More to US Global Isolation "IndyWatch Feed War"

FINIAN CUNNINGHAM | 08.08.2018 | SECURITY / WAR AND CONFLICT | WORLD / MIDDLE EAST Trumps Talk of Isolating Iran Speaks More to US Global Isolation The Trump administration re-imposed tough sanctions on Iran this week, but the move risks further isolating Washington, not Tehran, in the eyes of the world. President Donald Trump issued a statement to accompany the sweeping sanctions []


Saudi Humanity: More than 50 Martyred in Childrens Bus Massacre "IndyWatch Feed War"

Local Editor Slaughtering children is what the Saudi leaders has mastered since their inhumane aggression on the poor Yemen. And the latest of their murders is a horrible massacre committed against a bus carrying children in northern Yemen. The attack martyred dozens, many of whom were children under the age of 10, the Red Cross []


Israel strikes Gaza Strip 140 times as fresh war looms "IndyWatch Feed War"

Press TV August 9, 2018 The Israeli military has carried out over 140 strikes against the Gaza Strip, threatening another full-scale military offensive against the blockaded coastal enclave amid escalating tensions there. The Israeli army said on Thursday morning that it had pounded more than 140 targets in Gaza belonging to the Palestinian Hamas []


"Russian diplomat warns US sanctions against Iran to destabilize Middle East" AMN "IndyWatch Feed War"

"Resumption of anti-Iranian sanctions by the US is a destructive step that might bring about destabilization in the Middle East, the Russian Foreign Ministrys official spokesperson Maria Zakharova told a news briefing on Thursday." Washingtons course at bringing down the...


When They Try To Delete Palestine! "IndyWatch Feed War"

Hussein Samawarchi If England were to occupy Mexico and agree with a certain religious or ethnic groups claim to it, the phone at ten Downing Street would probably ring off the hook; most world leaders would be calling the British Prime Minister to condemn this blatant act. England manages to secure the success of its []


Death Toll Rises to 50 in US-Backed Bombing of a School Bus in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed War"

School Bus Yemen Children(MPN)  The late morning sun conspired with a cloudless blue sky to picturesquely frame the city of Dhahian in southern Saada province. Suddenly the serenity was broken by the loud piercing shriek of fighter jets over the quiet village, followed by a deafening explosion. When the thick black smoke finally began to dissipate, more than 20 []


Kurds, Pushing for Autonomy, Stand to Lose in Syria Negotiations "IndyWatch Feed War"

Damascus (GPA The Kurds refusing to give up demands for autonomy could end up costing them big in the Syria negotiations.
syria negotiations kurds sdf ypg syria SAASDF Fighters
Image: Middle East Eye

Many supporters of the Kurdish forces in northern Syria have been celebrating recently upon hearing of the leadership of the Peoples Protection Units (YPG) entering into negotiations with Damascus. However, what they have failed to realize about the Syria negotiations is the fact that the Kurds are not negotiating from a position of strength.

Despite what some in the west may think about Kurdish territorial gains over the last 6+ years, most of these gains were made after the addition of US air support to their arsenal. Now, the US, due to their own conflicts with NATO ally Turkey, is planning to possibly pull out of Syria and leave the Kurds on their own.

This potential doomsday scenario of the US leaving northern Syria would immediately place the Kurdish forces between a rock and a hard place with their long-time enemy Turkey on one side, and the country they betrayed, Syria, on the other.

Syria negotiations hit roadblock over autonomy

The negotiations for the future of northern Syria began in early July following a declaration by Syrian President Bashar Assad that the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) would need to negotiate or fight. The SDFs political wing, Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), sent negotiators to Damascus shortly after this and expressed a willingness to work with Assad on a settlement for Kurdistan.

The SDC has now run into problems though, in that there is a lot of disagreement between the Syrian government and the Kurdish authorities on what will happen of the institutions built by the Kurds after they had opportunistically thrown out the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Related: Kurds, Out of Options, Look to Syrias Assad for Help

As of now, it seems the Kurdish leadership is most inter...


U.S. 'Fine Tuning' Of Saudi Airstrike Target List Creates Results "IndyWatch Feed War"

U.S. Deepens Role in Yemen Fight, Offers Gulf Allies Airstrike-Target Assistance - Wall Street Journal - June 12, 2018 The U.S. military is providing its Gulf allies with intelligence to fine-tune their list of airstrike targets ... --- Saudi-led coalition...


Improved Medicare For All Means Something. Dont Dilute It. "IndyWatch Feed War"

On July 13, 2018, in an article1 on Vox, Tim Higginbotham and Chris Middleman of the Democratic Socialists of Americas (DSA) Medicare for All campaign condemned Paul Krugman, Adam Green, the Center for American Progress, and Andy Slavitt for their efforts to co-opt and water down the Medicare for All slogan into meaningless vague principles and inadequate programs.  They are absolutely right! Higginbotham and Middlemans analysis of those who seek to use and abuse the growing popularity of Medicare for All while abandoning the struggle for a real national single payer program is excellent.  The door-to-door grass roots proposal of the DSA is compelling with its plan to reach into the heart of every community. But there is a problem embedded in Higginbotham and Middlemans core principles that threatens to destroy all of their good work and do damage to the robust and growing single payer movement.


Tech Workers and Flight Attendants Resist Immigrant Family Separation "IndyWatch Feed War"

ICE depends on a lot of people's work, not just its agents'. Software engineers and flight attendants who took a stand added their efforts to a national push that got the Trump administration to suspend its family separation policy, Credit: Seattle Democratic Socialists of America. The brutal and wildly unpopular Trump administration policy that separated thousands of children from their immigrant parents triggered widespread protests. It also provoked resistance from workers whose jobs are crucial to carrying it out. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) dont operate in a vacuum. They depend on a host of products and servicesincluding technology produced by software engineers and travel assisted by flight attendants.


Military Situation In Northern Latakia On August 9, 2018 (Syria Map Update) "IndyWatch Feed War"

This map provides a general look at the military situation in northern Latakia on August 9, 2018. According to pro-government sources, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other radical armed groups have concentrated a large number of their members and equipment in the area. At the same time, the Syrian military has also deployed reinforcements strengthening its positions there. The sides are preparing for military actions, which are expected to be started in this part of the war-torn country soon.

Military Situation In Northern Latakia On August 9, 2018 (Syria Map Update)

Click to see the full-size image

The post Military Situation In Northern Latakia On August 9, 2018 (Syria Map Update) appeared first on .


Scars Of Hiroshima "IndyWatch Feed War"

At the outskirts of Tokyo, beyond light manufacturing plants and small farms, sits an incongruous set of buildings. There is a traditional Japanese veranda near an attractive house, besides which sits a large blue building. In that building, on two floors, hang the soul of Japan the paintings by Iri Maruki and Toshi Maruki that are collectively called the Hiroshima Panels. Not long after the United States government dropped atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Iri and Toshi Maruki left Tokyo for Hiroshima. Their uncle and two nieces died in the attack; Iris father died six months later. The Marukis husband and wife looked back at the impact those months had upon them as they opened their family house to the bomb victims. We carried the injured, cremated the dead, searched for food and water, made roofs of scorched tin sheets, they wrote.


L.A. Program Targets Muslims Under Guise Of National Security "IndyWatch Feed War"

The citys Countering Violent Extremism program is drawing fire from many quarters. Exactly one week after the Supreme Court upheld the Trump administrations Muslim Ban, dozens of Los Angeles residents descended upon City Hall to urge lawmakers to reject nearly $500,000 for a Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program that would target Muslims under the guise of national security. Just days before, a coalition of civil rights and community groups filed a lawsuit against the city for failing to release documents about its CVE programs in response to a California Public Records Act request (similar to the federal Freedom of Information Act).


Sanctioning Russia for false link to UK poisonings unacceptable & unlawful Kremlin "IndyWatch Feed War"

RT | August 9, 2018 Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of Russian President Vladimir Putin, says the use of a Russian link to recent UK poisoning incidents to justify fresh US sanctions against the Kremlin is a violation of international law. In general, of course its necessary to say that we consider it categorically unacceptable []


Why The Latest Attack On Single-Payer Backfired "IndyWatch Feed War"

If you find that you have to keep explaining what your proposal is, you havent done enough, and your opponents can and will destroy your efforts with a few soundbites. Dr. Don McCanne of Physicians for a National Health Program, 2016. Medicare for All costs $32.6 trillion. This jarring statistic, plastered all over the dominant media last week, was designed to turn heads. Thats trillion with a T, the Associated Press (AP) quipped. This kind of coverage was frequent following the release of a July 30 study by the Koch-supported libertarian think tank, the Mercatus Center, which analyzed Bernie Sanderss Medicare for All bill (S.1804). The head of the study was a former George W. Bush official, Charles Blahous.


Israel Is The Real Problem "IndyWatch Feed War"

Elite power cannot abide a serious challenge to its established position. And that is what Labour under Jeremy Corbyn represents to the Tory government, the corporate, financial and banking sectors, and the mainstream media. The manufactured antisemitism crisis is the last throw of the dice for those desperate to prevent a progressive politician taking power in the UK: someone who supports Palestinians and genuine peace in the Middle East, a strong National Health Service and a secure Welfare State, a properly-funded education system, and an economy in which people matter; someone who rejects endless war and complicity with oppressive, war criminal allies, such as the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

In a thoroughly-researched article, writer and academic Gavin Lewis has mapped a deliberate pro-Israel campaign to create a moral panic around the issue of antisemitism. The strategy can be traced all the way back to the horrendous Israeli bombardment of Gaza in the summer of 2014. A UN report estimated that 2,252 Palestinians were killed, around 65 per cent of them civilians. The death toll included 551 children. There was global public revulsion at Israels war crimes and empathy with their Palestinian victims. Support rose for the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement (BDS) which campaigns to end international support for Israels oppression of Palestinians and pressure Israel to comply with international law.

As Lewis observes, BDS came to be regarded more and more as a strategic threat by Israel, and a campaign was initiated in which Israel and its supporters would be presented as the worlds real victims. In the UK, the Campaign Against Antisemitism was established during the final month of Israels 2014 bombardment of Gaza. Pro-Israel pressure groups began to bombard media organisations with supposed statistics about an antisemitism crisis, with few news organisations scrutinising the claims.

In particular, as we noted in a...


The Misleading Role Of Human Rights NGOs In International Politics "IndyWatch Feed War"

When the media reports on events happening in countries other than their own, the nature of the information they rely on tends to be very different than they otherwise would use when reporting on domestic matters. Although most major news institutions have correspondents on site in different nations, most of them rely on the same information from the same sources in their repots, which can be very dangerous given its one-sidedness. Any journalist with integrity and respect for his profession should know better and check his sources properly before returning the information back home. Questions like who do I get this information from? are they truly impartial or do they have a clear political bias? who funds them and what are their agendas? are all very important ones to ask.


Seize The Time "IndyWatch Feed War"

by George Paz Martin  

Every time we view the news in the paper or on television or the internet, we are struck by the tragic politics of our countrys leaders. This, along with the epidemic of violence, poverty, racism and injustice, environmental destruction and war, is evil and oppressive.

Dr. King stated, First, non-violence is resistance to evil and oppression. It is a human way to fight back.

At sixteen, I was ten feet from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. when he gave his I Have a Dream speech. The problem today is that too much of America is still dreaming.

Today, far too many of us are frustrated with or suffer from the tragic state of our country. Now is the time to fight back politically through nonviolent direct action.

Nonviolence over the years has gained political progress through strong social movements: Labor, Civil Rights, Student, Women, Farm Workers, Anti-Nuclear, LGBT and the Anti-Vietnam and Iraq Wars with uncountable millions of people in the streets.

More recently Immigrant Rights, Occupy, Climate, Black Lives Matter, the Womens March, the #Me Too and the Student March for Our Lives movements have educated the public, energized their base and pulled many more millions of people into the streets.

Big numbers of demonstrators count and can Out Trump Trump in the midterms. This may seem improbable to many of us.

However, during the last 50 years, 50 non-representative governments, i.e. dictatorships and autocrats, crumbled due to nonviolent direct action including nonviolent civil disobedience. During that same period, there were 30 military wars resulting in uncountable deaths, destruction and enormous financial cost with mixed results. (Per researchers Erica Chenoweth & Maria J. Stephan in their book, Why Civil Resistance Works, an empirical, analytic, academic research study.)

As a former Fellow at Marquette U. Center for Peac...


Who Attacked the Hodeidah Hospital? Examining Allegations the Saudi Coalition Bombed a Hospital in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed War"

With thanks to the Bellingcat Investigation Team.


  • The 2nd August attack on Hodeidah was likely a mortar strike
  • The direction of origin of the attack was from the south
  • Munition fragments appear to share characteristics with munitions manufactured by Rheinmetall Denel Munition


On Thursday, 2nd August several explosions rocked the Houthi-held city of Hodeidah. The locations of these explosions were reported to be the harbour used for fishing boats and within the vicinity of the al-Thawra Hospital. Since the incident near the hospital happened immediately after the incident at the harbour, it appeared that casualties and first responders were being deliberately targeted. Scores of people were killed and wounded in the attack.

Initial blame was placed on an airstrike by the Saudi-led Coalition, which has been advancing on the strategically important Hodeidah from the south, in partnership with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Despite Coalition denials, these claims were certainly credible, as the Coalition has previously carried out strikes described by Amnesty International as indiscriminate, disproportionate or directed against civilians and civilian objects. In June it became evident that an MSF medical centre set up to treat Cholera patients had been bombed, despite its co-ordinates being shared 12 times with the Coalition and the markings of the Red Crescent being clearly visible on its roof.

However, images and video purporting to be from the scene of the attack on the hospital appear to indicate that this was not an airstrike, but rather a mortar attack. This article will verify and analyse the open source information associated with this attack and identify lines of enquiry which may aid attribution.

Videos from the harbour

There are several video clips which have been aired by...


FBI Pressed Detained Anti-ICE Activist For Information On Protests, Offering Immigration Help "IndyWatch Feed War"

ON FRIDAY, after Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested a longtime U.S. resident protesting against ICE in San Antonio, Texas, the FBI stepped in for an interrogation, telling the resident, 18-year-old Sergio Salazar, that his immigration status had been revoked because he was a bad person. The FBI agents asked him to inform on fellow protesters and said if he did so it could help his immigration case. It seems evident that he was targeted here because of his involvement in the anti-ICE protests, said Jonathan Ryan, Salazars lawyer from RAICES Texas, an immigrant advocacy group. Were very concerned about how directed and targeted and aggressive and quick this was. ICE has been criticized for recent detentions and deportations of other activists, but little else has emerged that indicates an FBI interest in anti-ICE protests.


Wikileaks: Rwandan Reconciliation Is A Lie "IndyWatch Feed War"

On Sunday I joined the three-day YouTube vigil for imperiled Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. The next day I realized that I must have sounded obsessive because Id kept returning to a single classified diplomatic cable from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, sent to the US State Department. This is one of the many thousands of diplomatic cables that Wikileaks released between February 18, 2010, and September 1, 2011. I know I didnt fully explain it although I kept returning to it because I kept turning it over in the back of my mind. Apologies to the YouTube vigil producers and listeners for any inexplicable redundancy. Im going to do my best to clear that up now that Ive had more time to think about. The cables title is ETHNICITY IN RWANDA - - -WHO GOVERNS THE COUNTRY? Its dated August 5, 2008.


Moveable Feast Cafe 2018/08/09 Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed War"

2018/08/09 18:00:01Welcome to the Moveable Feast Cafe. The Moveable Feast is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of


Should Al Qaeda Be Made The 51st State? "IndyWatch Feed War"

While Saudis have threatened Canada with a 9/11 attack, the U.S. has moved on to blaming 9/11 on Iran. Al Qaeda, despite being Saudi in origins and ideology, was easily tied to Afghanistan, then Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, the Philippines, and Yemen, and now Iran. The potential is almost as endless as with Communism in the good old days. Without Al Qaeda the United States would not be whole. With it, all is in perfect balance. If there were no Al Qaeda wed have to invent one. In fact, where there is no Al Qaeda, the effective policy has been to invent one. Pretending theres been a major Al Qaeda presence in Afghanistan has worked wonders. Pretending Al Qaeda members all wanted to move to Afghanistan from which to destroy the United States, the moment the United States stopped bombing people and kicking in doors and paying off members of Al Qaeda or related groups in Afghanistan has been a gold mine.


Trumps Treasury Department Hands Banks A Windfall "IndyWatch Feed War"

Do financial services include banking? Not according to the Trump administration, whose new rule, issued Wednesday by the Treasury Department, argues there is a difference and then cites the alleged difference as a means of extending lucrative tax breaks to the banking industry. The new rule represents more than semantic hairsplitting and hands a huge windfall to the banking industry. At issue is the Trump tax bills treatment of so-called pass-through income or income that is gleaned from partnerships, LLCs and S corporations. The 2017 Republican tax legislation dramatically slashed tax rates on income from such entities, generating a firestorm of criticism that it was a giveaway to real estate moguls like Trump, U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) and other Republican backers of the legislation who have such entities in their personal portfolios.


UK: Muslim migrant charged with sexually assaulting boy in McDonalds mens room "IndyWatch Feed War"

In Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Islamic world, this kind of behavior is broadly tolerated. Women are so devalued, men look to other men and boys for sexual pleasure. Also, the Quran promises not just virgins to the blessed, but boys like scattered pearls: Those are the ones brought near in the Gardens of Pleasure, []


March For History "IndyWatch Feed War"

An event to call attention to the need for accurate historical education in Texas public schools! August 10, 1862, is the date of the Nueces Massacre, in which Confederate soldiers killed dozens of central Texas German settlers fleeing Confederate conscription; survivors eventually joined the United States army to fight for liberty and union. Comfort, TX is the site of a monument to their bravery, the Treue Der Union monument. There is an annual ceremony at the monument on August 10. On August 11, we will begin at the monument at 8AM by hearing a brief historical talk by a member of the Comfort Heritage Society. We will then march to a roadside picnic area 12 miles north along state highway 87, where we will rest through the heat of the day and hear presentations on Civil War and Texas history from organizers, activists, and historians.


Islamic Operatives Use Soviet Tactics to Target Conservatives "IndyWatch Feed War"

Understanding the Threat, by John Guandolo, August 9, 2018: The Islamic Movement in the United States manifests primarily as an espionage and counterintelligence threat, not merely as a terrorist threat. When operatives in the Islamic Movement meet with police chiefs, Continue reading


Make It Right Project Billboards Boost Activist Campaigns To Remove Silent Sam Confederate Monument "IndyWatch Feed War"

Raleigh, N.C.   The Make It Right Project has put up two Raleigh-area billboards that support the removal of UNC-Chapel Hill Confederate monument known as Silent Sam. The signs, which include a photo of the statue covered by a red X, display the message North Carolina needs a monumental change. UNC students and Chapel Hill activists have been demonstrating against Silent Sam since 1968. The billboards are part of a larger campaign by the Make It Right Project to elevate and bolster protests by those who have put their lives and livelihoods on the line to remove Confederate monuments. For five decades, UNC administrators have ignored students requests to remove an homage to an army that fought to defend black chattel slavery, said Kali Holloway, Director of the Make It Right Project.


Pro- Palestinian group disputes Bookers claim that he didnt know sign he was holding was anti-Israel "IndyWatch Feed War"

Of course he knew what the sign said. Its eleven words long. If he didnt know what it said, he is functionally illiterate and should not be a United States Senator, much less a possible Presidential candidate. Pro-Palestinian Group Disputes Bookers Claim He Didnt Know About Anti-Israel Sign, by Aaron Bandler, Jewish Journal, August 8, []


Primary Results Show Rightward Shift Of Both Republican And Democratic Parties "IndyWatch Feed War"

The primary elections held in Michigan, Missouri, Kansas and Washington, along with a special congressional election in Ohio, showed the continued shift to the right by both of the major capitalist parties. Popular revulsion toward the Trump administration is mounting, but the Democratic Party offers no real alternative. Most attention in official political and media circles was paid to the special election in the 12th Congressional District of Ohio. The seat has been held for the past 38 years by Republicans, but was vacated last year by the resignation of Representative Pat Tiberi, who quit to take a lucrative post heading an Ohio business lobby. State Senator Troy Balderson, who is 56, won the Republican nomination in a May 8 primary, narrowly defeating an even more right-wing opponent.


Chrystia Freeland Channels Trumps Twitter Diplomacy- Revisiting Canadas 15 Billion Dollar Saudi Arms Deal "IndyWatch Feed War"

Wonder how many people thought about the fact that Chrystia Freeland employed the Trump playbook method allegedly engaging in diplomacy for twits on twitter?

 As opposed to the reality of a twit's (a silly or foolish person) twittiness on twitter being a distraction from something else. 
Isn't it interesting that a twit is a silly or foolish person?
-Should that definition inform us all about the twitter reality?
-The concept behind twitter? 
-The reason for the creation of twitter?

Personally speaking. This row between Saudi Arabia and Canada is a smoke screen. Im just not certain at this time what Canadas virtue signalling government is hiding. Or if it's some attempt at PR?  I dont think its to mask the 15 billion dollar arms deal. But, Ill happily point out the hypocrisy of the Trudeau government's claim to support human rights


In an age when foreign policy is conducted increasingly by social media, Saudi Arabias reaction to a pair of Canadian tweets is a reminder that diplomacy by Twitter comes with a few risks.

Real foreign policy is not conducted via social media. But fodder for the dupe consumption is
The tweets, from Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland and via her ministrys main Twitter account, expressed concern over the latest arrests of social activists in Riyadh. In response, Saudi Arabia suspended diplomatic ties and new trade dealings with Canada, ordered the expulsion of Canadas ambassador to Riyadh, and recalled its own envoy from Ottawa. The Saudi foreign ministrys explanation for these measures is that the Canadian criticism was an affront to the kingdom that requires a sharp response to prevent any party from attempting to meddle with Saudi sovereignty.

    Very alarmed to learn that Samar Badawi, Raif Badawis sister, has been imprisoned in Saudi Arabia. Canada stands together with...


Investigate Islamophobia in the Conservative Party: British Muslims "IndyWatch Feed War"


British Muslims accuse Conservative Party of ignoring Islamophobia throughout the party


Indias Tibet card is a bitter legacy "IndyWatch Feed War"

By M K Bhadrakumar | Indian Punchline | August 9, 2018 A sensational report on Tuesday by the Japanese publication Nikkei that Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed a Faustian deal on Tibet with Chinese President Xi Jinping stretches credulity. The report citing Indian sources claimed that Modi government is dumping the Tibetan issue in anticipation []


Mollie Tibbetts: Man says he may have been last to see missing college student "IndyWatch Feed War"

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An Iowa man says he may have been the last person to see missing University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts before her mysterious disappearance weeks ago from a rural state town.

I wish I did know more, but I dread that maybe I was the last person to see her, Devin Riley told ABCs Good Morning America in an interview published Thursday.

Riley said he contacted the Powoshiek County Sheriffs Office in central Iowa after the 20-year-old college student was reported missing, telling authorities he believed he saw her the night she vanished.

The man said Tibbetts jogged past his house at about 8 p.m. July 18 with her hair in a ponytail.I remember her, Riley said. She was wearing like a neon pink sports bra with black khaki yoga pants and an armband with her music device, or phone hair in a ponytail, just jogging like normal, any other day.

He added that it would probably be three, four times a week she jogs down the street.

That night, Riley said, she jogged down the street, up the hill and theres just nothing of it until I heard somebody was missing and it really hit me and I havent seen that runner since then.

When Riley made the realization, he called the police with the tip and noted that he was questioned and investigators even searched his home.

It was pretty terrifying at the beginning because I didnt know what was going on, he said. I panicked and I put my girls in the bathroom, but they were really polite just did the walk-through and were out in like 10 to 15 minutes.

The disappearance of Tibbetts struck a chord with Riley.

Its gut-wrenching to know I could have my daughter out here and I go inside for a minute and shes gone. You just do not expect it from a town like this.

The rising sophomore was last seen jogging through Brooklyn, Iowa about 70 miles east of Des Moines on July 18.

She was reported missing the next day when she didnt show up to her job at a day-care center.

Blake Jack, the brother...


Palestinian journalist takes random baby photo from Instagram, claims baby was killed by Israel "IndyWatch Feed War"

Look at this girl! How could we do such a wait its a random picture of a girl they took from Instagram. The Mossad (@TheMossadIL) August 9, 2018 Abdullah Alsaafin, who describes himself on Twitter as a journalist and media trainer, tweeted this this morning: This baby, Bayan abu khamash, 2 years old, []


Butina Case: Neo-McCarthyism Engulfs America "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Philip M. GIRALDI | Strategic Culture Foundation | 09.08.2018 The United States Department of Justice would apparently have you believe that the Kremlin sought to subvert the five-million-member strong National Rifle Association (NRA) by having two Russian citizens take out life memberships in the organization with the intention of corrupting it and turning it []


After Hamas rocket hits Beersheba, Israel levels an alleged Hamas HQ in Gaza "IndyWatch Feed War"

As high-level security cabinet convenes to discuss violence in south, Palestinian media reports Israeli jets destroy building near Gaza City; sirens sound in south after airstrike

August 9, 2018

A plume of smoke rises from the remains of a building west of Gaza City that was targeted by the Israeli Air Force in response to a rocket attack that hit southern Israel earlier in the day on August 9, 2018. (Mahmud Hams/AFP)

A plume of smoke rises from the remains of a building west of Gaza City that was targeted by the Israeli Air Force in response to a rocket attack that hit southern Israel earlier in the day on August 9, 2018. (Mahmud Hams/AFP)

The Israeli Air Force on Thursday evening destroyed a building in the northern Gaza Strip, which reportedly served as a headquarters for the Hamas terrorist group, hours after a rocket fired from the Palestinian enclave struck just outside the southern city of Beersheba.

Minutes after the Israeli strike began, incoming rocket sirens blared in the Eshkol region of southern Israel, again sending thousands of residents into bomb shelters.

Image may contain: airplane and sky

Israeli fighter jet. FILE photo

There were no immediate reports of Israeli injuries or damage.

The Israel Defense Forces would not immediately confirm the renewed bombing raid in Gaza.



Trumps Space Force Needs $8 Billion Over Five Years, Pence Says "IndyWatch Feed War"

  • Pentagon releases plan outlining sixth branch of military
  •  Defense secretary says space is no longer a new domain
Mike Pence

Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

President Donald Trump will call on Congress to allocate $8 billion over the next five years to establish the U.S. Space Force as the sixth branch of the military, Vice President Mike Pence said.

Its not enough to have an American presence in space, Pence said Thursday in a speech at the Pentagon. We must have American dominance in space. And so we will.

As Pence spoke, the Defense Department released a report to Congress outlining a plan to build a new force with aggressive offensive capabilities, including systems that could degrade, deny, disrupt, destroy, and manipulate adversary capabilities. A four-star general will be in charge of the new command.

Space Force all the way! Trump tweeted minutes after Pence spoke.

Trump first broached the idea in March, reviving a debate that began almost 20 years ago about whether the Pentagons space activities should be moved to a separate command. In June, Trump called for the new branch to be created, despite resistance from the Air Force, which currently oversees military space programs. It wasnt immediately clear whether the new force would be a component of the Air Force, as the Marine Corps is to the Navy.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis had also disapproved of the idea in the past, saying last year he opposed creating additional bureaucracy at the Pentagon.

On Thursday, Mattis said space is one of our vital national interests and is no longer a new domain.

Congress would have to approve the new military service, and lawmakers have been divided over the idea. The new branch would need to compete for money with other big, politically protected Defense Department prioritie...


Denmark: Imam defends himself against hate speech charges by calling for jihad against Israel "IndyWatch Feed War"

He had quoted the genocidal hadith: Judgement Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them. The Jews will hide behind the rocks and the trees, but the rocks and the trees will say: Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. Abu []


Hashima: Brutal History and the Most Haunted Island on Earth "IndyWatch Feed War"

Do you want to see perhaps the spookiest island on earth Hashima (also known as Gunkanjima the Battleship Island) which is located just 30 minutes by speedboat from the historic Japanese port city of Nagasaki? Now you can. Just book online, pay the equivalent of US$40, and then hop on one of those shiny sleek vessels belonging to Gunkanjima Concierge or to some other company.

Gunkunjima Battleship Island

Do it, and you will see the island which looks like an abandoned monstrous wreck; like a sunken and haunted ship.

You will sail around it. You will even be able to disembark and walk a few hundred meters on a fenced path. Guides/minders will let you take a few snapshots.

But that is all. No stepping left or right off the path. No going ahead of the group. No lagging behind. And please, no provocative questions!

The guides are well trained to entertain you, to tell you just how haunted the island is and how vibrant it used to be in the past.

Sugary smiles never leave their faces.

But were you to defy their written and unwritten rules, theyd immediately jump and appear next to you. They would even loudly scold you. Suddenly theyd become very rude.

What are they afraid of? What are they hiding? What really took place on this island?

The true horrors of the past will never be conveyed to you. It is all about WWII, and Japan is still in denial.

A Japanese tour guide (designated for the Japanese-speaking visitors) as well as a carefully prepared electronic recording for the English speakers, will recount countless details about the islands geography and uncontroversial chapters of history, but close to nothing about the terror of the slave labor which the Korean and Chinese people were forced into during World War II.


On 6 July 2015, The Guardian reported:

Unesco has decided to grant world heritage status to more than 20 old industrial sites in Japan after officials from the country agreed to acknowledge that some of them used Korean forced labourers before and during the second world war.

The 23 Meiji period (1868-1912) sites include coalmines and shipyards that Japan says contributed to its transformation from feudalism into a successful modern econ...


NM Tragedy: Could the FBI Have Saved the Boy? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Clarion Project, by Ryan Mauro, August 8, 2018: The New Mexico authorities have announced heart-breaking news: The remains of a boy have been found at the Islamist compound that was raided on Friday. It is almost certainly the body of disabled Continue reading


Bolton Gets Real on North Korea "IndyWatch Feed War"


During an interview with Fox News, US National Security Adviser John Bolton echoed what many of us already know: North Korea is not taking any real steps toward denuclearization. In the same interview, in response to the possibility of another visit by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to North Korea, Bolton declared, what we really need is not more rhetoric. What we need is performance from North Korea on denuclearization.

Boltons comments are surprisingly only insofar that they strike a very different tone from the optimistic line that has prevailed in the White House since the Singapore summit earlier this year. Theyre in keeping with Boltons reputation as a hawk; he is known to be strongly opposed to any sanction relief before comprehensive and verified denuclearization, and he is believed to have been deeply skeptical of the Singapore summits prospects from the very beginning.

The post Bolton Gets Real on North Korea appeared first on Geopolitical Monitor.


US-Backed Airstrikes Just Targeted a Bus Full of Children in Yemen, Killing 43 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Bus Children Yemen(MEMO)  Saudi-led coalition airstrikes today killed dozens of people, including children travelling on a bus, in Yemens Saada province, Yemeni medical sources and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said. The Western-backed alliance fighting the Houthi group in Yemen said the airstrikes targeted missile launchers used to attack the southern Saudi industrial city of Jizan, killing []


The knife in Irans back: Trump opens door to chaos "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Vijay Prashad | Asia Times | August 9, 2018 On Tuesday night, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani went on television to talk about the reinstatement of sanctions by the United States against his country. He prepared the country for more privations as a result of the sanctions. Responding to US President Donald Trumps offer of []


US sanctions may undermine Iran regime in the long run "IndyWatch Feed War"

The United States sanctions on Tehran came into effect on August 7 amid Iranian fury over the deteriorating economy of their country. But will pressure from the street be enough to destabilize the Ayatollahs regime?

Inflation, economic instability, currency in freefall and jobs at risk a sense of despair and outrage is growing in the streets of Iran after the first round of US sanctions came into effect on August 7, as a result of US President Donald Trumps withdrawal from the July 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

But can the US sanctions lead to regime change in Tehran?

Such is the intention often attributed to Trumps administration, about which hawks in his entourage, such as national security adviser John Bolton, have spoken openly.

Website of Irans Supreme Leader / AFP | Irans Supreme leader Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rohani on June 15, 2018 in Tehran. 

However, opinions differ on the chances of destabilizing the regime by accentuating economic pressure on a country already in crisis.

I cannot see Iranians agreeing to continue to suffer

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and eyeglasses

John Bolton

Consequences of the sanctions will cause Iranians to eventually question the legitimacy of the regime. Sanctions will heavily weigh in the balance perhaps to the point of undermining the regime in the long run, Jean-Franois Seznec, professor of international relations at Johns Hopkins University, told FRANCE 24.



Canada: $60,000 fine for blogger who reported on Islamic veil activist "IndyWatch Feed War"

Qubec Superior Court judge Honourable Carole Julien has rendered a decision that will potentially discourage independent journalists from investigating and reporting on stories and personalities of public interest while giving mainstream media a better level of comfort when producing their own work as the judge believes such professional media possess quality control mechanisms. Quality []


Prayer and Meditation for Friday, August 10, 2018 Whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully We have everything we need "IndyWatch Feed War"

St. Lawrence in stained glass window by Franz Mayer & Co.. He is holding a palm branch, a symbol for martyrdom, and a griddle, the instrument of his death.

Saint Lawrence or Laurence (LatinLaurentiuslit. laurelled; 31 December AD 225[1]  10 August 258) was one of the seven deacons of the city of RomeItaly, under Pope Sixtus II who were martyred in the persecution of the Christians that the Roman Emperor Valerian ordered in 258.

The year was 258 A.D. It was a difficult beginning for what would become the First Christian Millennium. Hostility against the early followers of Jesus Christ was growing. The barbarism and severity of pagan Rome had begun to reach a fever pitch. It would soon lead to a blood lust. The newborn Christian Church, faithful to the One who had given Himself for the life of the world, continued the work of His redemption.


Roman authorities charged Christians of that era with odium humani generis [hatred of the human race]. The Romans claimed to be citizens of a great empire, yet they practiced primitive forms of abortion as well as exposure, the killing of unwanted newborns.

First and Second century Rome was a challenging mission field for these early Christians. Rome proclaimed itself the shining example to the world of its age while it violated the Natural Moral Law and embraced debauchery. Sound familiar?

The day that Deacon Lawrence experienced his birth from death to life was an ominous and frightful day in ancient Rome....


South Carolina: Muslim pleads guilty to trying to join the Islamic State "IndyWatch Feed War"

He will likely spend some time in prison. When he gets out, will he become a loyal, productive citizen? What do you think? Nothing whatsoever will be done while he is prison to disabuse him of his jihadist sentiments. In fact, he will be given a Quran, the book that led him to try to []


Fewer Than 1 in 5 Residents Can Afford a Home in Bay Area "IndyWatch Feed War"

Via: Mercury News: The Bay Area continues to lead the state in shattered home-ownership dreams. Record home prices and rising interest rates have pushed statewide home affordability rates to a 10-year-low. In the Bay Area, fewer than 1 in 5 residents can afford to buy into one of the nations most expensive real estate markets, []


Israeli Mayors Say Military Operation In Gaza Needed Its time to hit the terrorists hard "IndyWatch Feed War"

Alon Davidi, head of the rocket-battered southern city of Sderot, says residents resilient enough to give authorities the time and space they need

The head of the IDF's Southern Command Maj. Gen. Herzl Halevi, center-left, speaks with Sderot mayor Alon Davidi, center-right, during a visit to the southern town, which was hit repeatedly with rocket fire from the Gaza Strip on August 9, 2018. (Israel Defense Forces)
The head of the IDFs Southern Command Maj. Gen. Herzl Halevi, center-left, speaks with Sderot mayor Alon Davidi, center-right, during a visit to the southern town, which was hit repeatedly with rocket fire from the Gaza Strip on August 9, 2018. (Israel Defense Forces)

France condemns Hamas rocket fire, urges restraint and lifting of blockade

France issues a statement condemning the firing of rockets toward Israel and urging restraintby all parties.

France deplores the escalation of violence between Israel and the Gaza Strip. It condemns the firing of rockets toward Israel and would like restraint to prevail and the ceasefire to be upheld by all parties in order to prevent further civilian casualties, the statement says.

These incidents underscore the urgent need to work toward finding a lasting political solution for Gaza and to respond effectively to the humanitarian crisis affecting the Palestinian population.

It also calls for a lifting of the Israeli-Egyptian blockade on Gaza.

This notably requires the lifting of the blockade, on the one hand while respecting Israels security concerns and the achievement of inter-Palestinian reconciliation and the full return of the Palestinian Authority to Gaza, on the other.

France, in collaboration with its European partners, will remain fully mobilized to support efforts to that end.



Video: Robert Spencer discusses The History of Jihad and the current political landscape on the Joe Piscopo Show "IndyWatch Feed War"

On Tuesday I went to the studios of the Joe Piscopo Show for a wide-ranging interview on my book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, which you can order here, and the current political landscape. Joe was off; I had a terrific discussion with Frank Morano, Anthony Pope, John Tabacco, and Al Gattullo. []


Talk Nation Radio: David Gallup on World Citizenship "IndyWatch Feed War"

by David Swanson, August 9, 2018.

David Gallup is President of the World Service Authority, a global public service human rights organization founded in 1954. Previously he was a Deans Fellow at the Washington College of Laws International Human Rights Law Clinic, where he researched asylum and international human rights issues, developed and maintained a human rights document library, coordinated a human rights education workshop and represented asylum applicants. For fifteen years, he was the Secretary of the United Nations Association Task Forces on UN Restructuring and on Cultures of Peace. Gallup wrote several chapters in a United Nations Association Report entitled, Restructuring the UN to Meet 21st Century Global Needs. He is the legal columnist for World Citizen News.

Total r...


The story of Dareen Tatour is the story of Falasteen "IndyWatch Feed War"

Everything about the trial of Dareen Tatour was like fiction. Everything required the willing suspension of disbelief.

From the opening pages, it was impossible to digest the premise that an unknown young poet from a small town in the Galilee would be hauled off by Israeli police and border guards for a smattering of posts on the internet.

By page two, the story became more and more farfetched. What seasoned, judicious reader could buy into the idea that the protagonist would be interrogated, imprisoned, and criminally charged for saying the same things that millions of people around the world say every single day, only with more urgency and flair?

Page three, page four, fivethe narrative became so heavy-handed and inept that all but a handful of true believers had to slam the book shut with exasperation. Khalas. Bikaffeh. Enough.

To get the truth, sometimes you have to quit and start from scratch.

Everything about the story of Dareen Tatour is the story of Falasteen.

Olive Groves of Ibileen (Photo: Kim Jensen)

And it is important to say the Arabic word here because it was in Arabicnot English, not Hebrewthat Dareen penned the words that would be mishandled and mangled in court, just as they have been since the dawn of the Nakba in Falasteen, when, as Darwish wrote, swords tore through her body and turned her into a table.

By the power of the gun and by the power of the same racist legal system that convicted Dareen Tatour, the town of Besan was renamed Beit Shean; Saffuriya became Zippori. Qira wa Qamun became Yokneam; Tantura was replaced by Dor and Nachsholim.

Seventy years later,...


Count Richard Nicolaus Coudenhove Kalergi Practical Idealism, (Praktischer Idealismus) "IndyWatch Feed War"

New March 2017  Download pdf file Complete English translation of the entire book Practical Idealism Website note: We have had no time to check this translation The Racist and Supremacist Roots of the Ideology behind the European Union  Short link to this article: NEW! Video by Matthew North uploaded September 2017 Set in Limited State by YouTube Censors ADL Download []


Video: Regular at UKs Speakers Corner says Muslims often sexually assault women there "IndyWatch Feed War"

I interview Bob, a regular at Speakers Corner. He discusses the methods that Muslims use in order to gain members into their fold, picking on lone, weak-seeming individuals in order to indoctrinate them. He also says that Muslims commit violence against non-Muslims, while police have generally turned a blind eye, and that the Muslims tend []


Clarion Assists Police in New Mexico Islamist Compound Tragedy "IndyWatch Feed War"

Clarions Shillman Fellow and Clarion Intelligence Network Director Ryan Mauro explains how we worked hand in hand with authorities investigating a New Mexico Islamist compound.

Reports suggest children kept in the compound were being trained to stage school shootings.

Heres more from Ryan:



11 Kids Found Starving in Radical Compound in NM

NM Tragedy: Could the FBI Have Saved the Boy?

New Mexico Extremists Were Grooming School Shooters


The post Clarion Assists Police in New Mexico Islamist Compound Tragedy appeared first on Clarion Project.


Hugh Fitzgerald: A Few (Jihad Terrorist) Individuals Of High Net Worth "IndyWatch Feed War"

We hear endlessly about the economic misery of the Palestinians in Gaza, and the West Bank, or about the wretched condition of those who continue to live in the refugee camps of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria. We learn of their high unemployment rates, but not about why, most reluctantly, Israel has felt compelled to no longer []


Dianne Feinstein was an easy mark for Chinas spy "IndyWatch Feed War"

Its clear Feinstein has an alarming blind spot when it comes to China and national security.

As vice chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and a ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) has been investigating allegations of President Trumps collusion with Russia.

But now we learn Feinstein may be the one compromised by a foreign power.

Turns out that Communist China had a spy in her office. A 20-year employee of Feinsteins, the agent had been reporting back to Chinas Ministry of State Security for well over a decade before he was caught in 2013, according to the FBI.

By Paul Sperry

A Chinese-American who doubled as both an office staffer and Feinsteins personal driver, the agent reportedly was handled by officials based out of the Peoples Republic of Chinas consulate in San Francisco, which Feinstein helped set up when she was mayor of that city. He even attended consulate functions for the senator.

Feinstein says she took the staffer off her payroll immediately after the FBI informed her five years ago that her office had been infiltrated by Chinese intelligence, and agents had identified the mole in a briefing. In a statement, the Democratic senator insisted he had no access to sensitive information and that he was never charged with espionage.

In June 1996 after the staffer had begun working for Feinstein the FBI detected that the Chinese government was attempting to seek favor with the senator, who at the time sat on the East Asian and Pacific affairs subcommittee of the Foreign Relations Committee, which oversees US-China relations. Investigators warned her in a classified briefing that Beijing might try to influence her through illegal campaign contributions laundered through front corporations and other cutouts.

The warning proved prescient.

One Chinese bagman, Nanping-born John Huang, showed up at Feinsteins San Francisco home for a fundraising dinner with a Beijing official tied to the Peoples Bank of China and the Communist Party Committee. As a foreign national, the official wasnt legally qualified to make the $50,000-a-plate donation to dine at the banquet.



Israel tells cancer patients trapped in Gaza to get treated in West Bank, where there is no cancer treatment "IndyWatch Feed War"


Israel proposes Gaza cancer patients be treated in West Bank, where treatment is unavailable
Haaretz 8 Aug by Amira Hass The procedures needed by six women in Gaza are not done in the West Bank, but only in East Jerusalem, where Israel wont let them go The state is willing to allow six women cancer patients to leave the Gaza Strip for the West Bank for treatment that is not available in the West Bank, or to go abroad for treatment they cannot afford. However, it will not allow the women, who are severely ill, to go to either of two Palestinian hospitals in East Jerusalem which can treat them. The state prosecutors office informed the NGO Gisha of its decision in a letter, referring to a High Court of Justice petition seeking to overturn the ban on seven women patients leaving the Gaza Strip because they are first degree relatives of Hamas members   The criterion of family relationship to a Hamas member as an official reason to prevent patients leaving the Gaza Strip for treatment is relatively new. It was added in response to a demand by the family of Hadar Goldin, who was killed in the 2014 Gaza war and whose remains are still being held by Hamas. In January 2017 the security cabinet voted to cut the number of humanitarian exit permits to Hamas members and their relatives as one way of pressuring the organization to release two Israeli civilians who entered the Gaza Strip years ago and to return the bodies of the soldiers killed, Goldin and Shaul Oron.
[According to Business Insider, radiation therapy for cancer and PET scanners are not allowed in the West Bank because Israeli security forces fear the radiation could be used to make a dirty bomb.]

11 wounded as 180 Gaza rockets launched at Israel; IDF pounds the Strip
[with videos] Haaretz 9 Aug by Yaniv Kubovich & Jack Khoury IDF officer: We are closing in on operation in Gaza.  Isra......


The real occupation is Zionism, Ahed Tamimi explains "IndyWatch Feed War"

On Monday, the now legendary Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi was interviewed on Democracy Now! by Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh.

And what an interview. 34 minutes, and the 17-year-old Ahed, who just got out of jail after 8 months for slapping an Israeli soldier, is as sharp as a knife, mild, succinct, exact, focused, warm but never overly emotional. She has a seriousness and a maturity that can be hard to find in many adults. It is just so inspiring. Israel has good reason to fear her. Not for her slapping soldiers really but for her clear mind, that cuts through so much of the nonsense that Israel, and indeed Zionism, have managed to inculcate in the world as Hasbara, to complicate things so that they would not be resolved.

Ahed had some things to say about Zionism, very clear things.

AMY GOODMAN: You have made a distinction, Ahed, between Jews and Zionism. Can you explain the difference?

AHED TAMIMI: [translated] There is a huge difference between Judaism and Zionism. Judaism is a religion. You know, its just like Islam. Its just like Christianity. But Zionism, thats the occupation. Thats the killing. Thats what closes checkpoints. Thats what detains innocent people. Thats all Zionism thats causing this conflict with Palestinians.

Lets just pause there and look at this. I think its huge. Notice, Amy Goodman is asking about Jews, Ahed is answering about Judaism so for Ahed this is clearly a non-personal issue, an ideological one. And shes clear about what Judaism is a religion. Its separate to Zionism, which is indirectly understood as political ideology the political ideology and policy that drives Israel. And what does that ideology do? It occupies. That phrase, But Zionism, thats the occupation is worth further zooming in on. Because here, Ahed is saying, that this is not just what Israel and its Zionism do, its what they ARE. I have been trying to make this point many times in the past, for example in this piece titled The issue isnt the occupation, its Zionism . Ahed is making it more concisely. Shes saying, its Zionism that is doing all this, causing all this conflict, and notably, shes saying that its not Jews or Judaism as such that are doing it. It takes some moral fortitude to make that distinction, when you are confronted day in and day out by soldiers of the Nation State of the Jewish People.

Liberal-Zionists are going to have a hard time with this one. They have been insisting that the 1967 occupation is a thing in and of itself, which just happened at some point, and can ostensibly be reversed without addressing Zionism as such. In fact, they believe tha...


Glazov Gang: They Tried to Kill Tommy Robinson "IndyWatch Feed War"

This new Glazov Gang edition features Robert Spencer, the director of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He is author of the New York Times bestsellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad. His new book is The History of Jihad From []


Turkey to set out new economic model as lira tumbles "IndyWatch Feed War"

Currency drops to record low after Washington meeting fails to show progress on US rift

Image may contain: 4 people, outdoor

Turkey expects growth next year to be between 3% and 4%; its previous forecast was 5.5% growth Getty

By Ayla Jean Yackley in Istanbul and Roger Blitz and Adam Samson in London

Turkey said it would set out a new economic plan as its currency dropped to a record low and pressure mounted on Ankara to reassure investors and resolve an escalating dispute with the US.

After a Turkish delegation to Washington failed to show progress towards the lifting of US sanctions, the lira fell to a new low of TL5.4477 against the dollar, representing a 3.1 per cent decline from its overnight position.

The currency has now lost 30 per cent since the start of the year, including a decline of 7.6 per cent in the past six trading days

Ankara said Berat Albayrak, finance minister, would announce a new economic model on Friday and suggested that the government would seek to cool the economy to address investors concerns about unbalanced growth and excessive dependency on short-term funds from abroad.

The statement fell short of reassuring the markets. The lira had recovered half its on-the-day losses before the finance ministry made its announcement, but the sell-off resumed afterwards. By early afternoon in European trading, the lira had fallen back to TL5.4040, still more than 2 per cent down on its level at the start of the day.

Markets have signalled deep concern about the consequences of the rift with the Trump administration and Washingtons imposition of sanctions on its Nato ally, and about the stewardship of the economy under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Mr Albayrak, his son-in-law.

But there was no indication on Thursday morning that talks at the US state department had made progress on settling Turkeys dispute with Washington, which centres on Ankaras detention of a US pastor.

In an emailed statement, the finance ministry said it planned to hold the budget deficit this year to less than 2 per cent of gross domestic product and that it expected growth next year to be between 3 per cent and 4 per cent, less than its previous forecast of 5.5 per cent growth for both this year and the next.

The ministry said it expected the current account deficit, which was 5.6 per cent of GDP last year, to be less than 4 per cent next year and that inflation, currently about 15 per cent, would return to single digits in a short period of time.

It also said it did not...


The 2018 Bucharest Conference on Terrorism and the Middle East "IndyWatch Feed War"

Organized by MEPEI (Middle East Political and Economic Institute), a Bucharest-based think-tank, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Romania, and EURISC Foundation, the 4th edition of the Bucharest annual conference on terrorism and the Middle East brought together 200 academics, researchers, officials, and embassy representatives from 14 countries. This years conference was called The New Geopolitical Environment and the Middle East: Between Fighting Terrorism and the Future of the Region, and it took place at the beginning of July in Bucharests Intercontinental Hotel.

Here are some highlights of the most pertinent policy debates explored at the conference:

Westerners think of security in the Middle East in terms of oil and Israel. However, we are in a post-globalization world, and the concepts of power, state, and state sovereignty have changed. The security of oil must be replaced with the security of the people, declared Mostafa Zahrani, adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, at the beginning of this years conference.

Zahrani went on to stress that some threats in the Middle East are more serious than terrorism, such as corruption and the inability of leaders to properly run and organize their states. No one can predict what the future of the region holds for several reasons. For one, only Iran and Turkey are experiencing real development, while the existence of certain disrupting groups, such as the Houthis in Yemen, the Kurds in Iraq, Islamic groups, and finally the more radical groups such as al Nusra and Daesh prevent stability from taking hold across the Middle East. In terms of new elements, Zahrani emphasized that Turkey is a strong new actor in the Middle East and it has become obvious that Saudi Arabia is intervening on many fronts. In terms of old elements, he stated that the US and Israel propagate the notion of Iran as an enemy in order to get support from Arab states. They present conflicts in a sectarian manner, where the Shia-Sunni split is the cause of all problems in the Middle East, but this is not true. In addition, Zahrani believes that Trump has no clear Middle East strategy and his short-sighted focus and whimsical foreign policy prevent him from having a clear picture of what is actually going on in the region.

China is viewed as a new player in the region. Future wars in the Middle East will be a great game between superpowers, assuming that China will be the enemy of the US, and the regions energy wealth will loom large in their calculations. Russia does not have the military and budgetary potential of China, but Russia is still able to fill the vacuum in the Middle East and wants to be considered on equal footing even though the US often views Russia as a declining power.

Nesriu Kenar, head of the International Relations Department in Turkeys Sakarya Univ...


Chinas lead trade negotiator Liu He joins technology panel "IndyWatch Feed War"

Vice-premier named deputy head of revamped policy committee in latest evidence of the growing importance of technology to the Chinese government

South China Morning Post

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 09 August, 2018, 8:02pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 09 August, 2018, 9:21pm
 Vice-Premier Liu He is now deputy head of Chinas policy group on science and technology. Photo: AFP

Chinas top trade negotiator Liu He has been given another potentially...


Israeli air forces pummel Gaza, killing pregnant Palestinian woman and her 18-month-old daughter "IndyWatch Feed War"

Three Palestinians were killed during pre dawn Israeli airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip Thursday. Among the dead were a woman, who was nine months pregnant, and her 18-month-old daughter.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza identified the pregnant woman as 23-year-old Inas Khamash, and her 18-month-old daughter as Bayan Khamash.

The two were killed when an Israeli airstrike hit their home in the Jaafari area of central Gaza. Khamashs husband, Muhammad, was severely injured during the strike.

While some local media outlets were reporting that Muhammad succumbed to his wounds early Thursday afternoon, the Gaza Ministry of Health has maintained that he is still in critical condition and being treated in the ICU.

Mourners carry the bodies of Palestinian Enas Khammash 23, and her 18-month-daughter Bayan, during their funeral in Deir Al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip on August 9, 2018. (Photo: Ashram Amra/ APA Images)

The third slain Palestinian, reportedly a Hamas fighter, was killed in an airstrike in northern Gaza. He was identified as 30-year-old Ali al-Ghandour.

The health ministry added that around 12 Palestinians were injured, two critically, and were transferred to the hospital for treatment.

Israeli air forces pounded the Gaza Strip overnight, targeting over 100 sites in the besieged coastal enclave. The Israeli army said in a statement that forces struck 150 terror targets.

A picture taken on August 8, 2018 shows a fireball exploding during Israeli air strikes in Gaza City. (Photo: Dawoud Abo Alkas/ APA Images)

In a statement on T...


Social Media Users in Scotland Planning on Boycotting BBC "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sputnik August 9, 2018 Following the removal of the prominent Scottish independence blogger, Wings Over Scotland, social media users in Scotland are preparing for an outright boycott of the BBC. Earlier Sputnik spoke to the political analyst, Joe McGregor about this story. Sputnik: So Joe can you explain a little bit about why people are []


Button up yer bungholes boys n girls, cuz Baba Beijing is bringing on the badass "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Jeff Brown Crosslinked with: Pictured above: Badass Baba Beijing making Americas bald eagle feel the pain. The United States does not have bamboo forests. China has


The War of 08.08.08 and Ten Years of Struggle for Russian Sovereignty "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Aleksandr Rodgers Translated by Ollie Richardson and Angelina Siard cross posted with source: In reality, those processes that we now observe didnt arrive suddenly, but developed (and were


Arabic press review: UAE hedges bets in Saudi-Canada brouhaha "IndyWatch Feed War"


Abu Dhabi pussy foots around Riyadh's row with Ottawa, while thousands of Iraqi officials suspected of corruption feel the heat



Italy's crackdown on migration continues with ship donation to Libya "IndyWatch Feed War"


Twelve patrol vessels will join four Italian boats already gifted to Libya's coastguard and will be crewed by EU-trained sailors



Chilean police have raided a Vatican seminar on clerical abuse and removed a lap top, and this has Joseph speculating on what has been []

The post NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM AUG 9 2018 appeared first on Giza Death Star.


Handling of U.S. trade dispute causes rift in Chinese leadership: sources "IndyWatch Feed War"

A growing trade war with the United States is causing rifts within Chinas Communist Party, with some critics saying that an overly nationalistic Chinese stance may have hardened the U.S. position, according to four sources close to the government.

President Xi Jinping still has a firm grip on power, but an unusual surge of criticism about economic policy and how the government has handled the trade war has revealed rare cracks in the ruling Communist Party.

A backlash is being felt at the highest levels of the government, possibly hitting a close aide to Xi, his ideology chief and strategist Wang Huning, according to two sources familiar with discussions in leadership circles.

Related image

Wang Huning with Xi Jinping

A prominent and influential academic whose views have found favor in some party quarters has also come under attack for his strident views on Chinese power.

Wang, who was the architect of the China Dream, Xis vision for China to become a strong and prosperous nation, has been taken to task by the Chinese leader for crafting an excessively nationalistic image for the country, which has only provoked the United States, the sources said.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Hes in trouble for mishandling the propaganda and hyping up China too much, said one of the sources, who has ties to Chinas leadership and propaganda system.

The office of the partys spokesman did not respond to a request for comment on Wang and his relationship with Xi, or on whether China had erred in its messaging in the trade war.

There is a growing feeling within the Chinese government that the outlook for China has become grim, according to a government policy advisor, following the deterioration in relations between China and the United States over trade. The advisor requested anonymity.

No automatic alt text available.

Those feelings are also shared by other influential voices.

Many economists and intellectuals are upset about Chinas trade war policies, an academic at a Chinese policy think tank told Reuters...


Robert Steele: GOP RNC Commit Suicide, Disavow Bill Fawell for Telling the Truth About 9/11 and Sandy Hook "IndyWatch Feed War"

Robert David STEELE Vivas

If ever there was a moment in American history when the GOP/RNC could have stood  tall, this is that moment: they are disavowing a very fine candidate for Congress because he is telling the truth about 9/11 and Sandy Hook.

GOP leaders pull support for 17th District candidate

As a former spy who has run a false flag operation, as a top reviewer who has engaged with the top authors on false flag and Deep State operations (including Peter Dale Scott, the original, who has outed Dick Cheneys use of Continuity of Government (COG) to command and control the Shadow Government), I will state with absolute conviction that Bill Fawell, running in the 17th Congressional District in Illinois, is absolutely right and the President knows he is absolutely right. Bill Fawell is telling the truth about 9/11 and Sandy Hook.

Memoranda for the President on 9/11: Time for the Truth False Flag Deep State Truth!

Memoranda for the President on Sandy Hook: Is FEMA A False Flag Fake News Terrorist Node? Should #GoogleGestapo Be Closed Down?

The question voters in the 17th District need to ask themselves about the sudden withdrawal of support from state GOP leaders is this: are they stupid, or are they being bribed, blackmailed, or both?

Ill give you a hint.  They are not stupid. What has clearly happened here is that the Zionists (who are in absolute  fear of the movement I and others are leading to get 9/11 Truth on the table, and trying desperately to keep the lid on the truth) have been able to influence whether with bribery or blackmail I do not know   those who are now stabbing Bill Fawell in the back.

This is a digital assassination, just as Alex Jones wa...


The photographs of the Lodz ghetto, and the politics of memory "IndyWatch Feed War"

Two months ago I went to Poland for the first time and was staggered by the erasure of Jewish life, so when a friend told me I must see the exhibit of photographs from the Lodz Ghetto at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, I made it a point to get into the city. The exhibit is overpowering, and I urge New Yorkers to try and check it out in the 10 days it is still up.

Henryk Ross was an official photographer for the Jewish Council of Lodz the Judenrat during the Holocaust, doing such things as producing identity photos of Jews, but he made a heroic effort to document Nazi atrocities surreptitiously and to bury his negatives in 1944 as the German occupation began to fall apart. Ross and his wife Stefania survived the ghetto and moved to Israel, where he testified against Eichmann in 1961 by producing several damning images. Though his photographs have had a long life since, Ross, who died in Canada in 1991 in his early 80s, said that he did not take another picture after the Holocaust.

Thats understandable. The most disturbing photographs he made were of Jews being transported out of the ghetto, bound for the extermination camp in Chelmno. Jews move in a great orderly crowd in one photograph, they are horse-carted in another, herded by policemen in another, forced at gunpoint on to train carriages in another. Surely the most upsetting photograph in the entire exhibit is of a mother speaking to her two sons from the central prison in the ghetto, prior to her deportation. What a nightmare world is conveyed in this half-seen face.



More hostages for Erdogan? "IndyWatch Feed War"

"A group of attorneys loyal to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have initiated legal action against US officers attached to the strategic Incirlik Air Base in Turkey for alleged ties with terrorists, according to a new report. The Turkish attorneys...


The burka looks ridiculous, and those who defend it do Muslim women like me no favours "IndyWatch Feed War"

LOL was the reply I got from my niqab-wearing best mate when I sent her the article that Boris Johnson wrote for this newspaper on Monday. I dont like the veil, and like Boris I would never seek to ban it. But the growth of young women wearing it in the UK is concerning, and its something we all need to talk about.

Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

Some Muslims say the niqab is un-Islamic CREDIT STEFAN WERMUTH

My friend and I have had long debates about her choice to wear the veil. As much as she believes it is part of her faith, I feel that it is and was actually a reaction to an identity crisis at a difficult time in her life. After the death of her father she looked to her faith for comfort, and in a post-9/11 world that faith which is also mine had become a political one.


The Telegraph

Read the rest (Paywall):

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DEFENDING THE BURQA PROMOTES OPPRESSION (The burqa is designed to separate, subjugate and control)


Wearing the Hijab in Solidarity Perpetuates Oppression






Madness in Ukraine: Kiev wants to cut off railway traffic with Russia, by Ruslan Ostashko "IndyWatch Feed War"

Translated by Scott Humor and captioned by Leo. The issue of termination of railway traffic with Russia once again raised by Ukrainian authorities. This time Ukro madness was voiced by


"IndyWatch Feed War"

9, 2018 . []


Nicholas Kollerstrom: In Solidarity with Alex Jones Sandy Hook a transitional occurrence in state-sponsored terror nobody died in an exercise with crisis actors "IndyWatch Feed War"

Nicholas Kollerstrom: In Solidarity with Alex JonesA transitional occurrence in state-sponsored terror nobody died in an exercise with crisis actors

Mr. President,

The Sandy Hook event was a great transitional moment in modern state-fabricated terror. Before it, we had events such as 9/11 and the London bombings of 2005, in which a lot of people died. After it, there are mockup events with actors and fake blood, which are a lot cheaper and easier to arrange. Since 2012 state-terror events have used crisis actors. This is alas the main art-form of the 21st century, whereby the Deep State gets its wars going.

Before Sandy Hook, there would be drills or wargames which were arranged to synchronize with the event: the perpetrators would cause them to go live so that real terror then took place. Thereby the State was able to blame some external Enemy, for what it had done. But things changed in 2012 with mere actors and dummies being used to scare everyone. The Sandy Hook nightmare killer Adam Lanza never existed, he was just a mockup. The state of Newton had received a grant from Homeland Security to run the drill. But, the drama of the event acquired a bit too much realism and spilled over into newspaper headlines.

There were for example no bullet marks in any school classroom, no bodies of little kids taken by ambulance into hospitals none of that happened: there were just a load of crisis actors, and A LOT of state money going into Newtown to keep everyone quiet.

Those families in Newtown were not real. The kids existed, but they were several years older than the pictures we all saw: many of those dead kids were rewarded by appearing at the Super Bowl concert with Beyonc months later. It was pointed out that they were evidently the same but about twelve years of age.

Of the twenty families involved with the children, all were home-owners in Newtown. Many had just moved in before the event and all had their mortgages paid off shortly before. That was a key part of the process whereby they were manipulated to go along with the story.

Mr. President, it is your business to appoint someone who can detail all those fake families who came together in Newton, and examine birth and death certificates, school records, etc. Get a full statement from the FBI, whose records c...


U.S. Seafood Industry Vulnerable to Tariffs Aimed at China "IndyWatch Feed War"

Fish caught in America and processed in China could get trapped in trade dispute

Image result for Slade Gorton, fish processing, photos

Proposed tariffs on imports from China included dozens of varieties of fish, from tilapia to tuna. Above, employees work at Boston-based fish company Slade Gorton.



The next round of U.S. tariffs aimed at Chinese imports could wind up hurting a major product that initially comes from America: fish.

Proposed 10% duties by the Trump administration last month on $200 billion worth of imports from China included dozens of varieties of fish, from tilapia to tuna. The proposed tariffs, which could increase to 25%, are set to be decided in September by trade representatives.



Berto Jongman: Laurence Kotlikoff Is Our Government Intentionally Hiding $21 Trillion in Spending [On Deep State Projects Including Secret Space and Underground Mind Control Facilities]? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Berto Jongman

Is Our Government Intentionally Hiding $21 Trillion In Spending?

This column is co-authored with Mark Skidmore, a Professor of Economics at Michigan State University.

In our prior column, Mark and I wrote about $21 trillion in unaccounted government transactions, primarily on defense. The DODs (Department of Defense) as well as HUDs (Department of Housing and Urban Development) Offices of Inspector General (OIG) reference these transactions as unsupported journal voucher adjustments. This is polite accounting language for lost, hidden or stolen money. If such adjustments were small, it would be one thing. But they totaled some $21 trillion between 1998 and 2015!

. . .

Trillions in unaccounted outlays, if thats whats involved here, is trillions of our tax dollars being spent without our knowledge. If thats the case, were talking about the biggest government financial deception in the history of the country.

Read full article.

Phi Beta Iota: Apart from US Government spending being documented as 50% waste on average across all policy domains, with defense and housing being the largest, there has clearly been grand theft and secret spending on scales most cannot imagine.  There is also the off  the books funding associated with the covert captured and theft of gold, and the drug trade that was facilitated by NAFTA. In brief, we are not living in heaven on earth because the US Government went rogue on us, and allowed itself to be turned into a Shadow Government serving the Deep State instead of the public interest.

See Especially:



India: The State of Independence "IndyWatch Feed War"

Colin Todhunter India celebrates its independence from Britain on 15 August. However, the system of British colonial dominance has been replaced by a new hegemony based on the systemic rule of transnational capital, enforced by global institutions like the World Bank and WTO. At the same time, global agribusiness corporations are stepping into the boots of the former East India Company. The long-term goal of US capitalism has been to restructure indigenous agriculture across the world and tie it to an international system of trade underpinned by export-oriented mono-cropping, commodity production for the global market and debt. The result has been food surplus and food deficit areas, of which the latter have become dependent on agricultural imports and strings-attached aid. Whether through IMF-World Bank structural adjustment programmes, as occurred in Africa, trade agreements like NAFTA and its impact on Mexico or, more generally, deregulated global trade rules, the outcome has been similar: the displacement of traditional, indigenous agriculture by a corporatized model centred on transnational agribusiness and the undermining of both regional and world food


How Does Canada Escape Prosecution for Genocide? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Can Canada continue to commit what is an enumerated act of genocide by the UNGC [United Nations Genocide Convention] and excuse itself by continuing to say that it is not intending what the Genocide Treaty recognizes as the result of such an act ?

Tamara Starblanket1

Genocide is a heinous crime that fractures and dehumanizes humanity. Science tells us that we are all taxonomically Homo sapiens. Yet most of us tend to divide into Us and Them groupings, sometimes leading to in-group and out-group competition that can turn violent. In the worst cases, the monstrous result is the decimation of the different group.

The carrying out of a genocide doesnt require annihilatory bombing or the mowing down of a particular targetted group. Neither does genocide require a lightning temporality in execution. Genocide merely requires the intent to bring about the destruction of a targetted group by whatever manner, unbounded by a specific timeframe. Humans steer genocide: a malicious force capable of an evil genius in linguistically guising its execution, as well as being capable of extreme patience in achieving its pernicious aims.

A particular example of an under-the-radar genocide is that carried out by European settler-colonialists who denationalized all the Original Nations of the western hemisphere. There are non-indigenous people who are aware and acknowledge that genocide occurred, but few would realize or acknowledge that the genocide continues. That is much of the importance of Tamara Starblankets Suffer the Little Children: Genocide, Indigenous Nations and the Canadian State (Clarity Press, 2018).

Starblanket is a Nehiyaw iskwew (Cree woman) from Ahtahkakoop First Nation in Treaty Six Territory in the region colonially designated as Shell Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. Her Suffer the Little Children is based on her Master of Laws thesis which, she relates, met with obstruction from C...


Preston James: Mind Control & Other New Technologies "IndyWatch Feed War"

Preston James

Developing, Mastering and Weaponizing new technology to control you

Not only has the Ruling Cabal deployed its newly developed high technology to spy on us all, but has weaponized it to entrain the minds of the masses to conform to their Globalist NWO Agenda and policies.

Phi Beta Iota: Worth a full read. It is clear now that elements of the secret shadow government that serves the Deep State have a multi-trillion dollar budget that is completely off  the books, unknown to Congress, and to some extent financed by drug trafficking against our own citizens. Note in the article above the topic of weaponized bacteria one can only wonder if the flesh eating bacteria are the result of an experiment gone wrong at a deep underground facility financed outside the rule of law and public interest.

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Russian shares and rouble hit by US sanctions "IndyWatch Feed War"

Washington steps up action against Kremlin over Skripal poisoning in UK

Image may contain: 1 person

The slide in Russian assets came after the US government said it would block Russian state imports worth hundreds of millions of dollars

By Henry Foy and Kathrin Hille in Moscow

The Russian stock market fell on Thursday and the rouble hit a two-year low after the Trump administration prepared sweeping new sanctions against Russia in response to the poisoning of a former Russian agent on British soil.

Moscow Exchanges benchmark dollar-denominated RTS index shed 3.5 per cent in early trading on Thursday to its lowest level since April, while the rouble-denominated MOEX index fell as much as 1.5 per cent. The rouble weakened to 66.7 to the dollar, the lowest since August 2016, before easing slightly to trade at 66.2 at 11.15 Moscow time.

The slide in Russian assets came after the US government said late on Wednesday that new sanctions would be applied against Russia from August 22. The measures, which would block Russian state imports worth hundreds of millions of dollars, were a response to the poisoning of the British citizen and former Russian agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia with a military-grade nerve agent in the UK in April.

The UK has called the attack on the Skripals the first offensive use of chemical weapons in Europe since the end of the second world war and blamed the Russian government. The incident has already severely strained Russias ties with western countries, triggering tit-for-tat expulsions of large numbers of diplomats.

Following Britains argument that the attack was a state-sponsored chemical weapons attack, the Trump administration said the sanctions would be enacted under the Chemical and Biological Weapons Control and Warfare Elimination Act (CBW Act). Washington demands that Russia provide reliable evidence that it is no longer using chemical or biological weapons and allow inspections by the UN-backed chemical weapons watchdog.

The US said that if Moscow failed to comply with those demands, another set of more draconian sanctions would follow.

Among the Russian entities that could then be targeted is Aeroflot, the airline, which US officials said could find itself with a ban on flights to the US if the new sanctions failed to elicit a response from Moscow. Shares in the airline fell as much as 12.3 per cent to touch the lowest price since August 2016, before recovering some of those losses to trade 6.4 per cent lower at 11.15.

Aeroflot is exposed under a second round [of US s...


Betty Boop: France Legalizes Pedophila Any Child, Any Age "IndyWatch Feed War"

France Passes Law Saying Children Can Consent To Sex With Adults

President Macrons government has voted against having an age of consent in France, becoming the latest nation to give in to pressure from an international network of liberal activists determined to normalize pedophilia and decriminalize sex with children across the world.

Federal law in France now has no legal age of consent, meaning adults who have sex with children of any age will not be prosecuted for rape if the child victim is unable to prove violence, threat, duress, or surprise.

Phi Beta Iota: President Macron, who has no children of his own, is suspected by many in France to be a Satanist and a murderous pedophile. We have no direct knowledge.

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Pedophilia @ Phi Beta Iota


Boris Johnson to be investigated over burqa comments "IndyWatch Feed War"


The former UK foreign minister, who described women in full veil as looking like 'letter boxes', may have breached his party's code of conduct


UKs ex-foreign minister will be probed for burqa comments: Evening Standard "IndyWatch Feed War"

British former foreign minister Boris Johnson will be investigated for a possible breach of the Conservative Partys code of conduct after making comments about Muslim women who wear burqas, the Evening Standard newspaper said on Thursday.

Image result for Boris Johnson, photos

FILE PHOTO: Boris Johnson

The newspaper, citing unnamed party sources, reported that a formal decision to refer Johnson to an investigatory panel headed by a lawyer was expected later on Thursday.

Conservative campaign headquarters declined immediate comment on the report.


Reporting by Elizabeth Piper; editing by Stepghen Addison



New Mexico Extremists Were Grooming School Shooters "IndyWatch Feed War"

NOBLESVILLE, IN Evacuated middle school students wait on a bus after a shooting at Noblesville West Middle School on May 25, 2018 in Noblesville, Indiana. (Photo: Kevin Moloney / Getty Images)

The raid on the New Mexico extremists is a heartbreaking crash course that speaks to the depths of the child abuse in this cult-like ideology and its rigid hate for America.

This week, Clarion Projects Ryan Mauros in-depth investigation on the missing three-year-old, Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, skimmed across major news networks, quickly becoming a national story and adding the twisted new layer of child abuse to reports of Islamist extremism in the United States.

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj son of radical imam Siraj Wahhaj, one of Americas most prominent Islamic clerics and Linda Sarsours mentor  kidnapped his own child in order to exorcise him of his physical disabilities that his father attributed to demonic possession.

A search for the boy led authorities to a remote compound in New Mexico, where local police found Siraj Ibn Wahhaj heavily armed. Court documents filed stated the compound served as a ...


Migrant rescue ship docks in Spain again after Italy refusal "IndyWatch Feed War"

An NGO ship which saved 87 migrants in distress off Libya docked in Spain on Thursday after roaming the Mediterranean for days, the third such vessel to be allowed in the country in two months after Italy refused to take them in.

The white ship belonging to Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms arrived in the southern port of San Roque, just over the bay from Gibraltar, at 9:20am (0720 GMT).

The migrants, nearly all from Sudan including Darfur, had spent 50 hours at sea on board an inflatable boat, without drinking water, and many suffered burns from a mixture of fuel and salt water before they were rescued on August 2.

Migrant rescue ship docks in Spain again after Italy refusal
The Proactiva Open Arms pulls into port. Photo: AFP

There were 75 men and 12 boys.

The NGO says many of them were repeatedly abused in Libya.

San Roque is where Spain hastily opened a new migrant reception centre as hundreds of migrants make the perilous sea crossing to the southern coast of Andalusia every week.

Faced with a crackdown by Libyan authorities and Italys hardline approach to the arrival of migrants, Spain has now become the main destination for those trying to get to Europe from Africa.

More than 23,700 people have arrived in Spain by sea so far this year with 307 dying in the attempt, according to the International Organization for Migration more than during all of last year.

The countrys new Socialist government has also allowed the docking of three NGO rescue ships since June after Italy and Malta refused access.

In June, the French NGO Aquarius ship, which had picked up 630 stranded migrants off Libya, was allowed to dock in Spains eastern port of Valencia.

Then on July 4, Proactiva Open Arms ship docked in Barcelona with 60 migrants.

This time round though, the Spanish government has said the 87 migrants who have arrived in San Roque will be treated in the same way as the hundreds who arrive every week on Spanish shores.

When the Aquarius docked, Madrid had given each migrant a 45-day residency permit for humanitarian reasons.

Those brought back to Barcelona had also been given special treatment.




Alex Jones and the Rise of Corporate Censorship "IndyWatch Feed War"

How can we convince the owners of social media to permit the freest speech possible and to trust their users to negotiate the world of ideas for themselves? This is the question we should be asking ourselves, rather than concocting more ways to encourage these corporate overlords to censor and blacklist.


Alex Jones Purge: US Tech Giants Meddle into 2018 Midterm Elections "IndyWatch Feed War"

Voices expressing the opinion opposite to mainstream media are deprived of the opportunity to be heard by voters before the 2018 midterms.


Damages resulting from war against Syria total 388 billion dollars. Who must pay? "IndyWatch Feed War"

The UN Economic and Social Commission for West Asia (ESCWA) considers that the damages, the aftermath of the war against Syria, reach at least 388 000 million dollars. This figure was the figure announced during a conference that took place in Beirut on 7 and 8 August 2018. The ESCWA will shortly present its report entitled Syria, 7 years at war. The US President, Donald Trump, considers that the conflict that took place in Syria is a war of aggression organized by transnational financial (...)


Mahathir Mohamad frees Malaysia from Saudi Influence "IndyWatch Feed War"

Malaysia has withdrawn its troops from the military coalition that is participating in the war against Yemen that was begun by Saudi Arabia. The decision was taken by Malaysia's new Prime Minister, Mahatir Mohamad, who has just shut down the King Salaman Centre for International Peace, KSCIP, established in Putraya, (Malaysia's administrative capital). The new head of government has decided to transfer the powers of the KSCIP to the Malaysian Institute of Defence and Security. The Western (...)


Hamas and Israel agree to truce following air strikes on Gaza "IndyWatch Feed War"


Earlier exchange of fire had killed three Palestinians, including a pregnant mother and her 18-month-old daughter


Three Convictions for US ISIS Supporters "IndyWatch Feed War"

ISIS Halloween propaganda; inset: Zakaryia Abdin (Photo: mug shot)ISIS Halloween propaganda; inset: Zakaryia Abdin (Photo: mug shot)

The U.S. continues to pursue terrorists and potential terrorists in the homeland. Here are three recent convictions for US ISIS supporters:

A 19-year-old man accused of trying to join ISIS changed his plea from not guilty to guilty in a South Carolina court.

Zakariya Abdin faces up to 20 years in a federal prison and will be sentenced at a later date. Earlier this year, Abdins trial was delayed because of the Classified Information Procedures Act. Since information on him was too sensitive to be revealed, both the prosecutor and Abdins lawyer asked that the trial be postponed.

Abdin, whose family is from Syria, was first arrested and convicted on a gun charge when he was 16. During the investigation of that crime, law enforcement officials learned he was planning to join ISIS in Syria and had linked up with militant Muslims in Raleigh, North Carolina. The group he was involved with was planning to rob a gun store and use the weapons to kill American soldiers.

Abdin was subsequently sentenced to juvenile prison, where legally he could have been kept until he was 21. Yet despite vigorous protests by the York police chief, who testified twice before the juvenile parole board that Abdin would be a serious threat if released, the board decided the teenager had changed and released him after only one year of detention.

He was one of the scariest people I have ever come in contact with, said York Police Chief Andy Robinson.

Upon his release, Abdin moved to Charleston and almost immediately began making...


The cynical political calculation behind Boris Johnson's burqa comments "IndyWatch Feed War"

Johnson is prepared to lurch further to the right in order to improve his popularity among a certain band of Tory voters


On the Wrong Side of History: the Dangers Facing Brexitland "IndyWatch Feed War"

Populism, nationalism and a form of fascism and the deeply flawed inward-looking myths about the greatness of the nation have engulfed many western European nations, with Britain sadly leading the way in a regressive, narrow-minded and divisive politics led by the uber-elite and ultra-nationalists.


Khan Wants Peace With India, But Modi And Pakistani Generals Are The Problem "IndyWatch Feed War"

Imran Khan will soon be Pakistans new leader. And he has big plans for Pakistan. One of them is to make peace with India.

If India takes one step, Pakistan will take two, he was quoted as saying recently.

Peace among neighbors is always a good thing. In the case of India and Pakistan, it will ease nationalist-driven violence on both ends. And it will foster economic cooperation that will help attract foreign capital.

By Panos Mourdoukoutas  

(Photo by AAMIR QURESHI / AFP) (Photo credit should read AAMIR QURESHI/AFP/Getty Images)

Thats something both countries need as they try to sustain economic growth, especially Pakistan, which is mired in foreign debt, and large government and current account deficits.

Indias Equity Markets Have Outperformed Emerging Markets, As Pakistans Are Lagging

ETF 1-month (%) 3-years (%)
iShares India 50 (INDY) 7 25.65
Global X MSCI Pakistan (PAK) 2 18.14
iShares MSCI Markets (EEM) 3.1 ...


At least 29 children killed by Saudi-led air strike on Yemeni school bus "IndyWatch Feed War"


Coalition says attack in northern Saada 'was a legitimate military operation' and accuses Houthis of using children as human shields


Nine migrants dead as boat capsizes in western Turkey "IndyWatch Feed War"

At least nine people, including children, died Thursday after a boat carrying 13 illegal migrants capsized off western Turkeys Kuadas coast.

Coast guard units and numerous ambulances were immediately referred to Kuadas district in Aydn province, Turkish media reported.

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, water and nature

Four migrants traveling on the same boat were found alive during the search and rescue operations.

Over the past years, thousands of people have made the short but dangerous attempt to cross the Aegean in a bid to reach Greece, before continuing on to northern and western Europe.

Turkeys five Aegean provinces including anakkale, Balkesir, Mula, Izmir and Aydn are the regions most frequently used by refugees leaving Turkey for the EU.

An EU-Turkey agreement reached on March 20, 2016 allows for the return of irregular migrants to Turkey from Greece in exchange for Syrian refugees relocation from Turkey to within the EU bloc.


Boris Johnson's burqa comments put British Muslim women in danger "IndyWatch Feed War"

The former foreign minister's remarks actively and openly contribute to creating an environment in which the far right can thrive


Hamas fires rockets, Israel bombs Gaza in the middle of Cease Fire talks "IndyWatch Feed War"

Palestinians fired dozens of rockets into southern Israel and Israel launched scores of air strikes in Gaza as fighting entered a second day on Thursday despite efforts to broker a truce to end months of simmering violence.

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

A Palestinian man inspects a Hamas site that was hit in an Israeli air strike, in Al-Mughraqa on the outskirts of Gaza City August 9, 2018. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

Palestinian officials said three people were killed in the Israeli attacks: a member of the Islamist Hamas group that rules Gaza, a pregnant woman, and her 18-month-old child. At least five civilians were wounded, local medical officials said.

The Israeli military said seven people were wounded in southern Israel; one was identified by her employer as a Thai agricultural worker.

The exchanges, which began on Wednesday, have stayed within familiar parameters. The rocket fire from Gaza has not targeted Israels heartland and the Israeli military said its air strikes were limited to Hamas installations.

Yuval Steinitz, a member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus inner cabinet, told Israel Radio: We are not eager for war and are not interested in a broader confrontation but at the same time it could certainly happen because we will not make any concessions to Hamas.

An explosion caused by Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City, early Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018. (AP Photo)

An explosion caused by Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City, early Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018. (AP Photo)

Netanyahu was due to convene the security cabinet later to assess the situation.

The flare-up came after officials on both sides had talked about potential progress in an effort by the United Nations and Egypt to broker a truce to end months of violence and alleviate deepening humanitarian and economic hardship in the Gaza Strip.

Rocket warning sirens sounded almost non-stop in the southern Israeli town of Sderot and other border communiti...


Butina Case: Neo-McCarthyism Engulfs America "IndyWatch Feed War"

If you are a Russian and you are caught talking to anyone in any way influential, there is potentially hell to pay because the FBI will be watching you. You are automatically assumed to be part of a conspiracy. Once evidence is collected, you will be indicted and sent to prison, mostly to send a message to Moscow.


Inaccuracy, reverse chronology and lack of context in BBC reporting on Gaza missile attacks "IndyWatch Feed War"

On the afternoon of August 8th terrorists in the Gaza Strip shot at civilian construction vehicles working on the Israeli side of the border.

Shots were fired from the Gaza Strip at a number of civilian construction vehicles just outside the Palestinian enclave on Wednesday afternoon []

In response, an Israeli tank shelled a Hamas observation post in the northern Gaza Strip, the army said. []

The engineering vehicles that were fired upon are being used to build an underground barrier around the Gaza Strip, which is meant to counter Hamass network of border-crossing attack tunnels.

Terrorists shot at civilian vehicles that were being used in the effort to construct the barrier around the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip. One vehicle was hit, the Israel Defense Forces said.

Just after 7:30 p.m. terror factions in the Gaza Strip began firing rockets and mortars at Israeli civilian communities near the border, two of which hit Sderot, causing shrapnel injuries to two residents. By 10:30 p.m. 36 projectiles had been launched, four of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defence system. More residential buildings were hit overnight, as well as factories, in attacks claimed by Hamas and supported by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The attacks continued throughout the night and by 6 a.m. the next day, over...


Syrian troops 'shell Idlib to pave way for assault' "IndyWatch Feed War"


Artillery and rocket fire reported around Jisr al-Shughur as reinforcements arrive ahead of expected offensive, activist group says


Discrepancy Over Saudi Oil Data Could Rattle Markets Price Manipulation? "IndyWatch Feed War"

The worlds largest oil producer is pushing back against analysts that estimate it increased production in July

Image result for saudi arabia, oil, photos



Saudi Arabia has pressed independent energy analysts to alter their estimates of its oil production, people familiar with the matter said, a move that could put it in conflict with other members of the fractious Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.

The worlds largest oil exporter has told OPEC it cut output in July, according to delegates, but estimates from the U.S. government and independent agencies say it boosted productionamounting to a huge difference of as much as half a million barrels a day.

The data showing differing trends between official and independent estimates of Saudi output is set to be published Monday in the cartels monthly report, potentially causing confusion in trading markets about how much oil is reaching consumers.

The Saudis have been giving the impression they know what they are doingThey could lose credibility, said John Hall, chairman of U.K. consultancy Alfa Energy.  It could increase volatility in prices.

The kingdom has called some agencies over the last week, asking that analysts change their estimates, according to people familiar with the discussions. Some agencies rebuffed the request but others bowed to the pressure, they said.

There is no specific requirement that Saudi Arabia accurately report its production but the discrepancy is highly unusual and adds to tensions within OPEC over whether to boost output....


Kidnapping in Berlin in 2017: Slovakia implicated "IndyWatch Feed War"

According to the German daily newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, an executive of the Vietnamese administration, who had sought refuge in Germany, was kidnapped in Germany by the Slovakian Secret Services. They then handed him over to the authorities in Vietnam. According to the German newspaper, Trinh Xuan Thanh was a former executive of the state company PetroVietnam charged by the authorities of his country of causing this entity losses escalating to 150 million dollars. He was (...)


Argentina: Senators vote against legalizing abortion in all cases "IndyWatch Feed War"

Argentine senators voted against legalizing abortion in all cases on Thursday, just weeks after the bill was passed by the lower house of Congress in June by the narrowest of margins.

The Senate voted 38 to 31 against the proposed measure.

Pro-abortion demonstrators after the Argentine senate voted against legalizing abortion (AFP/Getty Images/E. Abramovich)

The vote came as a major setback to the hundreds of thousands of pro-choice advocates who ran an aggressive campaign against strong opposition from the highly influential Catholic Church in the homeland of Pope Francis.

The Health Ministry estimated in 2016 that as many as half a million clandestine abortions are performed in the country each year, causing the deaths of dozens of women.

Read more: Opinion: Argentinas women will fight on

The result was welcomed by fireworks and shouts of joy among anti-abortion activists gathered outside of Congress.

But at the other end of the square, tears streamed down the faces of pro-abortion advocates, with many wearing the green scarves that symbolize their cause. A handful of demonstrators started fires and threw stones as they clashed with riot police.

Anti-abortion demonstrators celebrate after the Argentine senate voted against legalizing abortion (Reuters/A. Marcarian)Anti-abortion demonstrators celebrate after the Argentine Senate voted against legalizing abortion

The Catholic Church held masses during the Senates vote and had called on Catholics to protest against abortion.

Earlier, Pope Francis said the delibe...


Turkey: Lira tumbles nearly 3% to fresh record low in turbulent trade "IndyWatch Feed War"

The US is under little pressure to move quickly to compromise, but the fragile state of Turkish markets suggests they have to get real and cut a deal.

Investors focused on meetings of Turkish delegation in Washington

No automatic alt text available.

By Adam Samson in London and Ayla Jean Yaxley in Istanbul

The Turkish lira dropped sharply in early London trade amid a fresh jolt of volatility on Thursday, leaving the embattled currency at a new historic low.

The lira was down as much as 2.9 per cent for the day, with one dollar buying 5.4364 units of the currency. At its low on Monday, it had slumped to TL5.4253.

Turkish officials held meetings on Wednesday with US state department officials, following a move by the US to hit two senior Turkish government ministers with sanctions over the detention of an American pastor. However, there was no indication of a resolution by Thursday morning.

We held additional talks with Turkish officials. The conversations continue, state department spokesperson Heather Nauert said after the meeting, according to a report by Reuters.

Among the disputes weighing on relations is the Trump administrations decision this week to re-impose sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme. Turkey relies on its neighbour for about half of its oil supply and 17 per cent of its natural gas, and Energy Minister Fatih Donmez said on Wednesday it would continue to import Iranian gas.

We dont have the option of leaving Turkish citizens without electricity or in the cold, he said, according to the Anadolu Agency, adding he expected a good outcome on the issue from the talks in Washington.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and key policymakers have largely been silent on the currency since the start of the week, when the liras descent began to accelerate.

The president was quoted as telling a group of businessmen on Wednesday that the meeting in Washington showed the process was working.

Everything will get better in a reasonable time. The markets will settle down. Dont be afraid at all, it will all pass, he said, according to Milliyet newspaper.

Thursdays decline in the lira came amid a gloomy backdrop for emerging market currencies.

The Russian rouble declined further after experiencing a sharp drop on Wednesday after the Trump administration agreed new sanctions against the country following an alleged nerve agent attack against British citizen and former Russian spy Sergei Skripal.



Islamists Target Israeli Civilians With 150 Rockets "IndyWatch Feed War"

Members of the al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, display rockets during an anti-Israel military parade. (Photo: SAID KHATIB / AFP / Getty Images)Members of the al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, display rockets during an anti-Israel military parade. (Photo: SAID KHATIB / AFP / Getty Images)

Terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired more than 150 rockets and mortars towards civilian targets in Israel overnight August 8-9.

Israel blamed the Muslim-Brotherhood-linked Hamas, which controls the Palestinian coastal enclave. Clarion Project analysts say other organizations such as Islamic Jihad could well have joined in the rocket fire, which was ongoing at publication time.

What you need to know about Hamas. Read now.

This video shows the panic on Israeli streets, particularly among children, as rockets rain in:



Hamas does not hide its desire to rise up against Israel and clear the Middle East of its Jewish population.

Speaking as the concentrated rocket attack began, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said the time has arrived to be loyal to the blood of the martyrs (Arabic-language link) and to change the military balance.

Hamas in its entirety or its armed faction is designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organizatio...


Netanyahu Holds Midnight Security Meeting Over Gaza Escalation "IndyWatch Feed War"

With rockets falling on Sderot and snipers firing from Gaza on civilians, the security cabinet was scheduled to meet Thursday to discuss a possible five-year truce with Hamas.

Now, in light of the escalating situation in Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu scheduled an urgent security consultation after midnight Wednesday in Tel Aviv with Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, Chief of Staff Lt.-General Gadi Eizenkot, Shin Bet head Nadav Argaman, and National Security Council head Meir Ben-Shabbat.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Palestinian rockets being fired from Gaza City towards Israel

This was the second security cabinet meeting on the matter in five days. Wednesdays escalation came following the IDFs killing of two Hamas snipers on Tuesday. The IDF said that the strike on the snipers was an error, since the snipers were conducting a training drill and not firing at Israelis. Hamas pledged retaliation for that action, and the communities in the South were on alert throughout the day Wednesday, waiting for Hamas to deliver on its threat.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Defense Avigdor Liberman, Chief of Staff Eizenkot and

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Defense Avigdor Liberman, Chief of Staff Eizenkot and others at urgent security cabinet meeting, Aug 9 2018. (photo credit: ARIEL HERMONI / DEFENSE MINISTRY)

Wednesday nights intense rocket fire on Sderot led to an Israeli military response before and throughout the security cabinet meeting.

Raw footage of Hamas terrorists shooting at IDF troops from an outpost in the Gaza Strip and IDF retaliation, August 7, 2018 (IDF Spokespersons Unit)

According to reports by the Israeli national new, the IDF carried out strikes against over 100 Hamas terror targets, including rocket launch pads and terror tunnels.

The incidents came even as...



A couple of days ago I blogged about DARPA's quest for a "new electronics", and the day before that, about steam locomotives and typewriters. []

The post DARPAS CYBER-HUNTING TECHNOLOGY appeared first on Giza Death Star.



On Monday I entertained some really high octane speculation about why the Union Pacific Railroad is going to all the expense to refurbish old []

The post TIDBIT: MORE STEAM LOCOMOTIVISM TO PONDER appeared first on Giza Death Star.


The Utility of the RussiaGate Conspiracy "IndyWatch Feed War"

New York (FAIR To the shock of many, Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential elections, becoming the 45th president of the United States. Not least shocked were corporate media, and the political establishment more generally; the Princeton Election Consortium confidently predicted an over 99 percent chance of a Clinton victory, while MSNBCs Rachel Maddow (10/17/16) said it could be a Goldwater-style landslide.
russiagate russia TrumpImage: FAIR

Indeed, Hillary Clinton and her team actively attempted to secure a Trump primary victory, assured that he would be the easiest candidate to beat. The Podesta emails show that her team considered even before the primaries that associating Trump with Vladimir Putin and Russia would be a winning strategy and employed the tactic throughout 2016 and beyond.

With Clinton claiming, Putin would rather have a puppet as president, Russia was by far the most discussed topic during the presidential debates (FAIR.org10/13/16), easily eclipsing healthcare, terrorism, poverty, and inequality. Media seized upon the theme, with Paul Krugman (New York Times7/22/16) asserting Trump would be a Siberian candidate, while ex-CIA Director Mic...


French President Macron Cancels Israel Visit Again "IndyWatch Feed War"

Paris (MEMO)  President of France Emmanuel Macron has taken the highly unusual decision of canceling a trip to Israel for the second time.
Macron cancels israel visitFrench President Emmanuel Macron and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Last year Macron said he had planned to visit Israel and the Palestinian Authority in spring 2018 to voice French support for the continuation of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. The trip was postponed to November but sources in Israel are reporting that the rescheduled trip has been postponed indefinitely without any explanation.

The failure of Paris to provide an explanation for the cancellation has led many to speculate on the reasons. Some say that the ongoing controversy surrounding an incident where Macrons bodyguard was filmed assaulting May Day protesters is the reason for the cancellation.

It is also possible that Macrons decision was forced due to clashes in Gaza and a controversial Jewish Nation-State Bill.

Related: Macron Concedes: Assad has Won the War

Some 155 Palestinians have been shot and killed by Israeli occupation forces after they took part in the Great March of Return protests in the besieged Gaza Strip. The killings have been widely condemned across the world. Macron voiced his opposition to the Israeli aggression saying that the US transfer of its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem sparked the deadly violence in Gaza and that it did not promote peace.

Its also...


Israel Stamps Approval on Europe"s Largest Post-WWII Ethnic Cleansing "IndyWatch Feed War"

Instead of continuing to hold Croatia to account, the Israeli government and armed forces have chosen to legitimize that countrys glorification of slaughter and ethnic cleansing, built on a foundation of Holocaust relativization and WWII revisionism.


Advice for the 90 Muslims Running for Office "IndyWatch Feed War"

Muslim worshippers listen to an imam as they gather in front of the White House for Friday prayers on December 08, 2017, in Washington D.C. to protest President Trumps declaration of Jerusalem as Israels capital. (Photo: ERIC BARADAT / Getty Images)

The so-called Muslim ban inspired 90 Muslims to run for office in 2018. For many, their candidacy is a retaliation to a presidency they see as hostile to their religious identity. However, running for political office doesnt make someone a better Muslim, nor a better American. Shaping what it means to be a conscientious Muslim in America, let along a strong political candidate, comes down to three things:

  1. Dont lead with religion.
    Look for candidates who engage in honest, value-driven participation in civic duty above self-tokenizing identity drivers. In other words, religion is a private matter and not a political tool to win elections.
  2. Islam is a hot topic. Its time for an honest conversation.
    Elected officials will have to face tough issues, including issues that touch on their faith and religious identity. Muslim candidates have to be willing to reach across the aisle to cultivate conversations and nurture relationships that can be used to help address some concerns around policy. This cant happen when Muslim c...


Talks Fail to Break Impasse on U.S. Pastor Held in Turkey "IndyWatch Feed War"

Trump administration is now positioned to impose new penalties on Ankara for refusing to free Andrew Brunson

Pastor Andrew Craig Brunson, escorted by Turkish plain clothes police officers, arrives at his house on July 25 in Izmir, Turkey.
Pastor Andrew Craig Brunson, escorted by Turkish plain clothes police officers, arrives at his house on July 25 in Izmir, Turkey. PHOTO:-/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

WASHINGTONThe U.S. failed to secure assurances on Wednesday from Turkey to immediately free an American pastor held for nearly two years on disputed terrorism charges, U.S. officials said, deepening a crisis between the two countries and setting stage for the Trump administration to take new punitive steps.

During high-level talks in Washington, U.S. and Turkish officials were unable to produce a breakthrough in an impasse that has pushed Turkeys economy into turmoil, the officials said. Turkeys currency has plunged amid...


Russia calls new U.S. sanctions draconian, rejects nerve agent poisoning allegations "IndyWatch Feed War"

Russias embassy in the United States on Thursday called new U.S. sanctions draconian and said the reason for the new restrictions allegations it poisoned a former spy and his daughter in Britain were far-fetched.

Image may contain: one or more people and people sitting

Syrian children being treated for chemical weapons exposure. FILE photo

The United States on Wednesday announced it would impose fresh sanctions on Russia after Washington determined Moscow had used a nerve agent against a former Russian double agent, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia, in Britain.

Russia has repeatedly denied responsibility for the attack, and Russias embassy in Washington said in a statement that Washingtons findings against it in the case were not backed by evidence.

On August 8, 2018 our Deputy Chief of Mission was informed in the State Department of new draconian sanctions against Russia for far-fetched accusations of using the Novichok nerve agent against a UK citizen, the embassy said in a statement.

We grew accustomed to not hearing any facts or evidence.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

The U.S. announcement fueled already worsening investor sentiment about the possible effect of more U.S. sanctions on Russian assets and the rouble slid by over 1 percent on Thursday against the dollar, a day after falling toward its lowest level in nearly two years.

The Russian embassy said Moscow continued to advocate for an open and transparent investigation into the poisoning.

Sergei Skripal, a former colonel in Russias GRU military inte...


Morning Prayer for Thursday, August 9, 2018 Please God Change Me Peter Didnt Think He Was The Rock To Build Upon "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: text

Ask God in daily prayer to give you the strength to change. When you ask God to change you, you must at the same time fully trust Him. If you do not fully trust Him, God may answer your prayer as a rescuer does that of a drowning person who is putting up too much of a struggle. The rescuer must first render the person still more helpless, until he or she is wholly at the rescuers mercy. Just so must we be wholly at Gods mercy before we can be rescued.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may be daily willing to be changed. I pray that I may put myself wholly at the mercy of God.


  (Upon this rock I will build my Church.)

God has faith in us!



Reflection by  The Most Rev Msgr William Goh Archbishop of Singapore

9 AUGUST, 2018, Thursday, 18th Week, Ordinary Time


SCRIPTURE READINGS: [ JER 31:31-34MT 16:13-23 ]



Settlers (jewish terrorists) Destroy 2,000+ Palestinian-owned Trees and Vines, Backed by israeli (apartheid state) Authorities "IndyWatch Feed War"

Settlers Destroy 2,000+ Palestinian-owned Trees and Vines, Backed by Israeli Authorities By BTselem,   In just over two months, from the beginning of May to 7 July 2018, BTselem documented 10 instances in which settlers destroyed a total of more than 2,000 trees and grapevines and burned down a barley field and bales of hay. []


Washington Allies with ISIS as Great Power Conflict Trumps War on Terror "IndyWatch Feed War"

Washington Allies with ISIS as Great Power Conflict Trumps War on Terror By Bill Van Auken,   The National Defense Strategy document released at the beginning of this year declared bluntly that the nearly two-decade focus by the US military on the so-called global war on terrorism had come to an end. In its place, []


Chinese President Xi Jinping to Visit Philippines, Perhaps To Sign Oil and Gas Deal Critics Claim China Stealing Philippine Resources "IndyWatch Feed War"

Chinese leader likely to visit by end of year as Rodrigo Dutertes administration looks at ways of easing tensions over disputed South China Sea

South China Morning Post


US History of Slaughter "IndyWatch Feed War"

Source Mary Lynn Cramer Reflections on the 73rd commemoration of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki while reading Murder Inc, by Mumia Abu Jamal What kind of people plan and carry out massive genocidal slaughter of other human beings? What motivates them to believe they have a mission to repeatedly rid the world of []


israel (apartheid state) bombs Gaza as hospitals run out of fuel "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israel Bombs Gaza as Hospitals Run Out of Fuel Maureen Clare Murphy A fireball explodes over Gaza City during Israeli bombing on 8 August. Mahmoud Ajour APA images Israel pummeled the occupied Gaza Strip in more than a dozen strikes Wednesday night amid warnings from a United Nations official that hospitals in Gaza were about []


Pentagon predicts military buildup to counter China in South China Sea "IndyWatch Feed War"

U.S. allies may expand their naval presence in the South China Sea in order to counteract Chinas assertion of sovereignty over one of the most vital shipping lanes in the world, a senior Pentagon official predicted Tuesday.

No automatic alt text available.

China has laid claim to South China Sea waterways as far as 1,000 miles away from the Chinese coast, far more than the 200 miles reserved for a given country under international law. That has set the stage for diplomatic contests and perhaps military confrontation between China and five other claimants in the region, including the U.S.-allied Philippines.

I think what youll see is certainly a continuation of freedom of navigation [operations], Randall Schriver, assistant secretary of defense for Asian and Pacific security affairs, said at the American Enterprise Institute. I think youll see perhaps more countries joining in presence activities Presence in the South China Sea is very important because China claims the whole thing up to the Nine-Dash Line.

The Communist regime uses a Nine-Dash Line to argue that, historically, China has enjoyed sovereignty over the vast majority of the South China Sea. But under international law, a countrys territorial sovereignty extends just 12 nautical miles from the coastline, although each country has exclusive economic rights to resources within 200 miles of the coast.

And so if youre the Vietnamese and that Chinese claim is accepted, youre essentially a landlocked state, Gregory Poling, a regional expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, explained during a Nixon Foundation event in February. You have no fishing rights, at least no exclusive fishing rights, you have no rights to undersea oil and gas, you have no rights whatsoever except those that China gives you. The Philippines its almost as bad. You have one coastline, not two.

Image may contain: 1 person

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

Thats a problem for the United States, in two ways. First, if China ever sinks a Philippine ship, an American president will have to decide how to defend a key ally. And if we dont, then every ally that the U.S. has globally is gonna start wondering what the price is on their head because the Philippines arent worth standing up for, Poling said.



"IndyWatch Feed War"

8, 2018 . []


Chinas state firms cementing lucrative role in South China Sea "IndyWatch Feed War"

Beijings giant state-owned enterprises are playing an increasing role in Chinas build-up in the South China Sea and could seek to cement their dominant position in coming years, according to new research.

Image result for china, ocean, oil drilling, photos

A deep-water drilling rig in the South China Sea operated by the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, or Cnooc. CreditJin Liangkuai/Xinhua, via Associated Press

The work by academic Xue Gong and published by Singapores ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute this week sheds light on a little-examined element of rising tensions across the vital trade route, showing extensive work by Chinese SOEs in developing infrastructure and tourism, as well as oil and gas, some in hotly disputed areas.

Some experts and regional diplomats believe the strong commercial presence could further complicate any future regional solution should Beijing, which research shows has encouraged firms to operate, protect them politically and militarily.

Chinas state-owned enterprises operated in a complex and often opaque environment, serving national strategic interests as they sought new opportunities, Gong told Reuters.

They cannot operate independently but they are ultimately opportunists and when the policy environment is favorable, then they will go for it. And we have seen signs of that behavior in the South China Sea, said Gong, who is based at Singapores S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies.

Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor and water

If the Chinese government can maintain an upper hand and leverage while achieving stability, there might well be greater opportunities.

China Foreign Ministry did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

While the research notes the difficulty in obtaining financial information, it suggests turning Chinas seven reefs and cays in the Spratlys archipelago into man-made islands was a multi-billion dollar effort.

It cites state media estimates that building up Fiery Cross island alone, now home to a 3km runway and military facilities including missile and radar installations, cost around $11 billion.



Three Palestinians, including pregnant mother and toddler, killed in israeli (apartheid state) strikes "IndyWatch Feed War"

Three Palestinians, including pregnant mother and toddler, killed in Israeli strikes At least three Palestinian people have been killed and several others injured in Israeli airstrikes across the besieged Gaza Strip. Smoke plumes could be seen rising from Gaza City following the Israeli raids that began on Wednesday night and continued into Thursday morning. Gazas Health Ministry []


Aftermath of the (unnecessary) US Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki "IndyWatch Feed War"

Aftermath of the US Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Voice Over Russian Ambassador 1945


So as the saber rattling toward Iran increases, with the most extreme racists in the USA and israel (apartheid state) licking their chops over the thought of wiping out more Middle Eastern people, "IndyWatch Feed War"

Foreign Power Meddling In American Democracy? Guess Which One? By Frank Scott Americans schooled by films, comics, sitcoms and other forms of capital media might well believe Russia invaded the USA during our 18thcentury revolution and thats why weve been enemies ever since. Actually, the USA and its future European lap dogs, along with Japan, []


Boris Johnson Starts Row With Burka Bombshell "IndyWatch Feed War"

Muslim women wearing the burka look like letter boxes Boris Johnson said

Boris Johnson faces growing criticism over burka jibe

Image may contain: 1 person

Boris Johnson said he did not want to see full-face coverings banned, but said it was ridiculous women chose to wear them. Credit Getty Images

Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson is facing growing criticism over his remark that Muslim women wearing the burka look like letter boxes.

Dominic Grieve, the ex-attorney general, said he would quit the party if Mr Johnson became leader.

Ex-Tory chairwoman Baroness Warsi said Mr Johnsons remarks could trigger a rise in hate crime.

Senior Tories have urged him to apologise but he has not done so, and has stood by his comments.

In a Daily Telegraph article, he said full-face veils should not be banned, but it was absolutely ridiculous women chose to go around looking like letter boxes. He also compared them to looking like bank robbers.

A source close to the former London mayor has said: We must not fall into the trap of shutting down the debate on difficult issues.

We have to call it out. If we fail to speak up for liberal values then we are simply yielding ground to reactionaries and extremists.

But, speaking on BBC Radio 4s The World at One, Mr Grieve a former Remain campaigner who has previously clashed with Mr Johnson over Brexit said his behaviour was very embarrassing.

Mr Grieve said he would without the slightest doubt, quit the Tories if Mr Johnson became leader, because I dont regard him as a f...


Brexit Impact? Britains wealthiest businessman Jim Ratcliffe is leaving the country and taking his 21bn fortune to Monaco "IndyWatch Feed War"

Britains wealthiest man is leaving the country and taking his 21 billion fortune to Monaco, it was reported last night.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the petrochemical engineer who was labelled the UKs richest individual, has decided to move to the tiny Principality on Frances Mediterranean coastline.

The reasons for the relocation are unknown, but recently knighted Sir Ratcliffe has previously complained about Britains business and tax environment, the Telegraph reported.

Monaco famous for its yacht-lined harbour, upscale casinos and the prestigious Grand Prix motor race is a well-known tax haven and he owns a large property on the French Riviera.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe (pictured) is said to be relocating to the tiny Principality of Monaco on France's Mediterranean coastline. The reasons behind his move are still unknown


Sir Jim Ratcliffe (pictured) is said to be relocating to the tiny Principality of Monaco on Frances Mediterranean coastline. The reasons behind his move are still unknown

The British-born industrialist has also failed in a legal bid to overturn Scotlands ban on shale gas fracking.

It is understood that the two other billionaire senior executives at chemicals company Ineos, Andy Currie and John Reece, have also decided to relocate to the area.

Ineos headquarters will reportedly remain in London, the Daily Telegraph claimed.

Sir Ratcliffes decision to relocate to Monaco could be seen as a blow for Theresa May.

The businessman is a high-profile supporter of Brexit and has recently begun to buy well-known British brands, such as designer clothing firm Belstaff.



Twitter Plans Hate Speech Crackdown After Backlash From its Own Employees Algorithm change meant to punish bad-faith actors. "IndyWatch Feed War"

  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Wednesday signaled a coming change to his companys speech policies, following pressure from his own employees
  • Some Twitter employees are unhappy that Twitter has yet to join Facebook, Spotify, Apple and YouTube in banning right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones
  • Twitter is planning to accelerate a crackdown on hate speech and is looking to evaluate whether to punish users for off-platform behavior, according to a company-wide email sent on Wednesday

Twitter is planning to accelerate changes to the companys speech policies after a backlash from its own employees who want the company to ban right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, responding to a critical tweet from a Twitter engineer, said Wednesday he is not happy with Twitters current policies, which he said need to evolve.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, pictured in 2016, raised eyebrows Wednesday by going on Sean Hannity's radio show.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, pictured in 2016.  FAIRFAX MEDIA VIA GETTY IMAGES

Twitter vice president Del Harvey also sent a company-wide email Wednesday pledging to accelerate Twitters efforts to crack down on dehumanizing hate speech, in the wake of internal conversations about Jones.

Harvey noted that Twitter also plans to evaluate whether the company needs to better police off-platform behavior.

Dorsey explained Tuesday why Twitter has yet to follow Facebook, Google and Apples lead by banning Jones: he hasnt violated our rules.

If we succumb and simply react to outside pressure, rather than straightforward principles we enforce (and evolve) impartially regardless of political viewpoints, we become a service thats constructed by our personal views that can swing in any direction, Dorsey tweeted. Thats not us.

Dorseys explanation angered some of his employees, who demanded the CEO do more to regulate speech on the platform.

(RELATED: Twitters Censorship Problem Looks Like Its Here To Stay)

There is no honor in resisting outside pressure, just to pat ourselves on the back for being impartial, Twitter engineer M...


BBC News ignores brewing Red Sea tensions "IndyWatch Feed War"

Back in late June we highlighted a report by the INSS on the topic of the Red Sea.

Although the threat posed by pirates in the Bab el-Mandeb Strait has declined in recent years as a result of international action, a new threat to freedom of navigation has emerged there due to the war in Yemen, which assumed a distinctively regional character with the onset of the Saudi campaign against the Houthis in 2015. The Iranian-supported Houthi rebels have mined areas along the coast of Yemen, used explosive boats and anti-ship missiles to attack primarily American and Saudi military maritime vessels, and on at least one occasion (in April 2018) struck a Saudi oil tanker. []

The Red Sea arena possesses considerable economic importance. The Bab el-Mandeb Strait is 29 kilometers wide and constitutes a maritime chokepoint and strategic link between the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean.  A significant volume of the worlds maritime traffic passes through the Strait, including a daily average of some five million barrels of oil. The Suez Canal constitutes an important source of income for Egypt, as does the port of Aqaba for Jordan and the port of Jeddah for Saudi Arabia (its most important port). It is also the route of passage to the port of Eilat.

On July 25th another attack on Saudi Arabian ships in the Bab el-Mandeb strait took place and Saudi Arabia subsequently temporarily halted oil exports via that route....


Chinas factory price inflation slowed slightly in July "IndyWatch Feed War"

Chinas factory price inflation slowed slightly in July but beat expectations as US tariffs came into force, while consumer prices were boosted by a pick-up in spending on travel.

The figures are the first to be released since the United States imposed the first of its threatened levies on billions of dollars in Chinese goods as part of an escalating trade war.

The producer price index rose 4.6 percent on-year in July, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, compared with 4.7 percent in June and beating the 4.5 percent forecast in a Bloomberg News survey.

Factory price inflation decelerated in key sectors including extraction of petroleum and natural gas, processing of petroleum, coal and other fuel, and manufacture and processing of ferrous metals, NBS analyst Sheng Guoqing said in a statement.

AFP | Factory-gate inflation beat forecasts last month, while consumer prices also rose qucker than expected

The consumer price index (CPI), an important barometer of retail inflation, rose 2.1 percent on-year, from 1.9 percent in June and slightly higher than the 2.0 percent forecast.

A rise in demand for travel during the summer season boosted plane ticket and hotel prices, which is the main reason for CPI increase, Sheng said.

Broader price pressures appear to be easing, a trend that is likely to continue in the coming quarters despite the impact of tariffs and a weaker currency, Julian Evans-Pritchard of Capital Economics wrote in a research note.

The tariffs and the recent decline of the yuan would slightly nudge up import costs, but it will not cause a big jump in consumer price inflation, according to Evans-Pritchard.

The US imposed tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods, prompting Beijing to immediately retaliate in kind. The two sides this week threatened to slap levies on a further $16 billion of goods from August 23.

The still-muted inflation print provides Beijing with more room to roll out further easing/stimulus measures in an effort to arrest the growth slowdown, Ting Lu of Nomura wrote in a note.

But David Qu, markets economist at ANZ Research, said trade tensions may exert upward pressure on consumer prices in the remainder of the year, notably due to Chinas tariffs on US soybeans.


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Freedom Flotilla Passengers Finally Released by Israeli Military "IndyWatch Feed War"

Freedom FlotillaDefending their illegal blockade of Gaza against what they see as infiltrators rather than activists bringing aid and making a point, Israeli soldiers physically assaulted a number of delegates and arrested them, including a USS Liberty survivor. (CN)  U.S. Navy Signalman Joe Meadors was standing watch on deck of the USS Liberty off the coast of Gaza on []


An U.S.-American point of view: Europe must regrow its teeth! "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Lt. Col. Chad M. Pillai. He is is a military strategist who has served in assignments in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Lt. Col. Pillai was assigned to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) from 2012-2013 where he worked on U.S. and NATO policy. He is a published author in a variety of journals and received his Master of International Public Policy (MIPP) degree from the Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). The opinion in this article reflect the authors personal views and do not reflect the official position of the U.S. Government.

Europe is confronted with a United States that is tired and frustrated as seen by the recent NATO Summit that exposed this frustration when the president of the United States confronted NATO allies, especially Germany to spend more on their defense. The worlds sole Superpower is t...


10 Bombshell Revelations From Seymour Hershs New Autobiography "IndyWatch Feed War"

Seymour Hersh Autobiography(ZHE)  Among the more interesting revelations to surface as legendary investigative journalist Seymour Hersh continues a book tour and gives interviews discussing his newly published autobiography, Reporter: A Memoir, is that he never set out to write it at all, but was actually deeply engaged in writing a massive expos of Dick Cheney  a project he decided couldnt ultimately be published []


Peace Leader Speaks Against US-backed Regime Change in Nicaragua "IndyWatch Feed War"

August 3, 2018. San Francisco, CA.  Camilo Meja prefaced his explanation of the seemingly inexplicable eruption of violence in his native Nicaragua with the admonition that no one should take his word, but should research the facts as he has.

Meja spoke at an event co-sponsored by the Task Force on the Americas, a 32-year-old anti-imperialist human rights group with a long history of supporting the Nicaraguan Sandinistas against the US-backed Contra War. Gerry Condon, president of the other co-sponsor, Veterans for Peace, explained how the national organization was founded in 1985 by US veterans in response to the global nuclear arms race and US military interventions in Nicaragua and elsewhere.

Condon introduced fellow Veterans for Peace member Meja, who is a celebrated Amnesty International prisoner of conscience. In 2003, after serving in the US military in Iraq and seeing the hypocrisy of the regime change effort, Meja refused redeployment and has since been a prominent leader in the peace movement.

Meja presented a history of US regime change operations engineered by the CIA and more recently by US government surrogates for the CIA such at the USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) funded by the USAID, NED, and kindred groups are among the leadership of those trying to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nicaragua.

Meja drew attention to similar regime-change programs by the US in Venezuela, and the similarity of the media disinformation and violent guarimbas there to what is happening now in his home country.

Meja showed well-authenticated video clips of Sandinistas in Nicaragua being tortured by opposition elements, demonstrating how sections of the opposition to the Ortega government have not only been violent but cruel. Particularly disturbing was footage of a Sandinista who had been assassinated and whose body was publicly burned in the street.

The Sandinista Renovation Movement (MRS), Meja explained, split from the main party and took with it most of the English-speaking intellectuals who had close relations with North American solidarity activists. The MRS has never been a popular electoral force in Nicaragua, garnering only 1.3% of the vote at its peak, but has turned to the right and aligned with US-backed extra-parliamentary means of changing what both consider the authoritarian regime of President Ortega.

To p...


ACLU Sues Trump Administration Over Denying Asylum to Victims of Violence "IndyWatch Feed War"

ACLU TrumpIts clear the administrations goal is to deny and deport as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, said Jennifer Chang Newell, an attorney with the ACLUs Immigrants Rights Project. (TT)  The American Civil Liberties Union has launched another sweeping challenge to President Donald Trumps administration, this time in a federal lawsuit over the administrations []


Its Time for the World to Impose Sanctions on Donald Trump "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sanctions Donald TrumpIts time for Americans to get a taste of their own medicine. The world should blacklist Trump, his associates, and his businesses. (FPIF Opinion)  Its embarrassing enough to have Donald Trump as president. But now American citizens have to endure the additional pain of the sanctions that other countries are imposing on the United States. Doesnt []


US Sanctions Russia Over Alleged Chemical Attack in UK "IndyWatch Feed War"

Trump Russia Sanctions(ANTIWAR.COM)  Months after Britain alleged that the Russian government carried out nerve-agent attacks in Salisbury, the Trump Administration has announced a new round of sanctions against Russia, aimed to punish them for the incident. The Novichuk poisoning incident was claimed by Britains government, but contested by Russia. There was never conclusive evidence to support the claims Russia was []


Germany arrests Jordanian intelligence operative who spied on mosque "IndyWatch Feed War"

Authorities in Germany announced yesterday the arrest of a German national who is accused of spying on a central German mosque on behalf of Jordan, according to media reports.


ISIS Attacks North of Baghdad; 32 Killed in Iraq "IndyWatch Feed War"

Militants attacked security personnel and possibly a civilian family north of the capital.

The post ISIS Attacks North of Baghdad; 32 Killed in Iraq appeared first on Original.


Nuremberg Prosecutor: US Detention of Children a Crime Against Humanity "IndyWatch Feed War"

Nuremberg Prosecutor(CD)  The last surviving prosecutor at the Nazi Nuremberg trials just offered harsh criticism for the Trump administrations family separation crisis resulting from its cruel immigration policies, calling it a crime against humanity. Ninety-nine year old Ben Ferencz made the comments in a recent lengthy interview with United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Raad []


Challenging the Lords of the Internet "IndyWatch Feed War"

The theme of todays column is suppression of antiwar voices, of news that doesnt fit into preconceived narratives, and of our very ability to raise our voices in protest. If youre paying attention, youve probably already heard about the banning from Twitter of anti-interventionist author and former US diplomat Peter van Buren, a whistleblower Continue reading "Challenging the Lords of the Internet"

The post Challenging the Lords of the Internet appeared first on Original.


Visions of War and Wealth in the Middle East "IndyWatch Feed War"

At a recent security conference, a panel of current and former U.S. officials discussed the possibility of extending the U.S. military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan for years into the future and considered the potential to more effectively tap into the natural resources in both countries. The panelists said that the war in Afghanistan would Continue reading "Visions of War and Wealth in the Middle East"

The post Visions of War and Wealth in the Middle East appeared first on Original.


US to impose sanctions on Russia over Skripal poisoning "IndyWatch Feed War"

The US sanctions come in response to Russia using a chemical agent against an ex-Russian spy. A second round of more draconian sanctions could come if Russia doesnt come clean, the State Department said.

People in protective suits investigating use of Novichok in the UK (Reuters/H. Nicholls)

The United States will impose sanctions on Russia for using a lethal nerve agent against a former Russian double agent and his daughter in Britain, the State Department said Wednesday.

State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said Russia used a Novichok nerve agent in an attempt to assassinate UK citizen Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal in southern English city of Salisbury in March.

Read more: Sergei Skripal: The former spy poisoned with a nerve agent

The sanctions will target the Russian government for using chemical or biological weapons in violation of international law or against its own nationals, Nauert said in a statement.

The new sanctions target sensitive national security and defense goods, a senior State Department official said in a conference call with reporters. However, there would be case-by-case exceptions for space flight activities and commercial aviation, the official said.

The sanctions go into effect on or around August 22.

If Russia is unable to prove within 90 days that it will not use chemical or biological weapons and will allow United Nations inspections, then a second round of more draconian sanctions would be imposed, the official said.

The Kremlin has vehemently denied using a Novichok-type nerve agent against the Skripals, who were later released from a British hospital.

Months later after the attack in Salisbury, two residents in another southern English town with no ties to Russia were poisoned by a Novichok-type poison. One of them died. British investigators believe they...


Hamas fires multiple rockets into Israel, Israels response kills Palestinians including a baby "IndyWatch Feed War"

Baby among three killed as Israel strikes Gaza after rockets fired from enclave

A baby and her pregnant mother were among three Palestinians killed by Israeli strikes in Gaza overnight Wednesday, officials said, as the Jewish state struck a series of targets in response to dozens of rockets fired at its territory.

An explosion from an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City on July 19, 2018. CreditBashar Taleb/Agence France-Presse Getty Images

Enas Khammash, 23, and her 18-month daughter Bayan were killed in an airstrike in Jafarawi in central Gaza, the health ministry in the Hamas-controlled strip said, while her husband was injured.

The ministry said Enas was also pregnant.″ style=position:absolute;width:100%;height:100%;left:0 width=640 height=360 frameborder=0 allow=autoplay; encrypted-media allowfullscreen>

The Israeli army did not immediately comment on the incident, but said it had struck around 100 military targets belonging to Hamas in the strip.

The Israeli strike was conducted in response to the rockets launched from the Gaza Strip at Israeli territory over the course of the evening and night, it said in a statement.

It said the targets included manufacturing facilities, training complexes and advanced weapons and capability sites belonging to Hamas.

A photo taken on August 8, 2018 shows a fireball exploding during Israeli air strikes in Gaza City. (AFP)

Smoke plumes could be seen rising from Gaza City Wednesday evening.

A Hamas militant was killed in one strike, with at least 12 others injured, the health ministry in Gaza said.

The strikes came after dozens of rockets were launched from the coastal enclave towards Israel late Wednesday.

The countrys Iron Dome missile defense system interc...


US Warmachine Seeks New Pretext in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

August 7, 2018 (Tony Cartalucci NEO) US designs in Syria were made crystal clear by US Army General Joseph Votel head of US Central Command (CENTCOM) during a July 19th press briefing.

General Votel would state unequivocally when asked what the arrangement was regarding Syria, that:

Our mission is very, very clear: It is focusing on the defeat of ISIS and then helping our partners in both Iraq and Syria stabilize the situation and specifically in Iraq to help create a platform that can lead to a long-term political solution through the U.N. process.

Several aspects of this statement make it clear what the US was doing in Syria to begin with, and what it seeks to do now.

The US Created and Protects ISIS Not Fights It 

General Votel echoes repeated claims by US policymakers and leadership that the US is dedicated to fighting and defeating the so-called Islamic State (ISIS). Yet ISIS was admittedly created by the US and its partners in the region in the first place. It was a  2012  leaked Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) memo that revealed:

If the situation unravels there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran). 

The DIA memo would also explicitly explain who these supporting powers are:

The West, Gulf countries, and Turkey support the opposition; while Russia, China, an...


Liberals Leap to Defend Neo-Con Henchman McFaul "IndyWatch Feed War"

July 29, 2018 (Tony Cartalucci NEO) Were one to read the Washington Posts article on a Russian proposal regarding the questioning of suspects in various, ongoing US and Russia investigations, they would have imagined former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul was about to be shipped to a dungeon beneath the Kremlin for interrogation.

The Washington Posts article, Outrage erupts over Trump-Putin conversation about letting Russia interrogate ex-U.S. diplomat Michael McFaul fueled anti-Russian hysteria, claiming:

At this weeks summit in Helsinki, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed what President Trump described as an incredible offer the Kremlin would give special counsel Robert S. Mueller III access to interviews with Russians who were indicted after they allegedly hacked Democrats in 2016. In return, Russia would be allowed to question certain U.S. officials it suspects of interfering in Russian affairs.

One of those U.S. officials is a former U.S. ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul, a nemesis of the Kremlin because of his criticisms of Russias human rights record.

The Washington Post would compound confusion and hysteria by also claiming (emphasis added):

The willingness of the White House to contemplate handing over a former U.S. ambassador for interrogation by the Kremlin drew ire and astonishment from current and former U.S. officials. Such a proposition is unheard of. So is the notion that the president may think he has the legal authority to turn anyone over to a foreign power on his own.

In reality, the proposal never entailed the US or Russia handing anyone over for interrogation. Bloomberg in an article titled, Trump Looks Weak b...


Over 150 rockets launched into Israel, Israel responds with over 100 air strike on Hamas "IndyWatch Feed War"

Army strikes over 100 Hamas targets in response to barrages; Israelis near Gaza sleep in shelters as sirens blare through the night; Hamas says pregnant woman, daughter killed

  • A picture taken on August 8, 2018 in Gaza City shows smoke plumes rising following an Israeli air strike (AFP PHOTO / MAHMUD HAMS)
    A picture taken on August 8, 2018 in Gaza City shows smoke plumes rising following an Israeli air strike (AFP PHOTO / MAHMUD HAMS)
  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (center) and Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman (2nd left) meet with top seucirty officials at IDF military's headquarters in Tel Aviv, early Thursday, August 9, 2018 (Defense Ministry)
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (center) and Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman (2nd left) meet with top seucirty officials at IDF militarys headquarters in Tel Aviv, early Thursday, August 9, 2018 (Defense Ministry)
  • Damage to a home in an Israeli community in the Gaza periphery following a rocket hit, August 8, 2018 (Israel Police)
    Damage to a home in an Israeli community in the Gaza periphery following a rocket hit, August 8, 2018 (Israel Police)
  • ...


Bjorn Lomborg: Stop these silly, undocumented claims of ever-increasing fire Claims based on anecdotes, not data Reality is Global & U.S. fires declining "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Bjrn Lomborg August 6 2018 Could we please stop with the misleading fire stories? The Economist cover story, like so many other stories these last weeks, claim that forest fires are exceptional and record-breaking: EARTH is smoldering. From Seattle to Siberia this summer, flames have consumed swathes of the northern hemisphere This is []


Critical voices needed at development studies conference "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Yves Engler August 8, 2018 Are they critical thinkers or cheerleaders pretending to be independent of the government that funds them? Given the title conference organizers chose Is Canada Back: delivering on good intentions? one would guess the latter. But, an independent researcher keeps an open mind. Publicity for the mid-September []


Socialism or Barbarism? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Being run by business, American culture suffers from an overwhelming preponderance of stupidity. When a set of institutions as reactionary as big business has a virtual monopoly over government and the media, the kinds of information, entertainment, commentary, ideologies, and educational policies on offer will not conduce to rationality or social understanding. What youll end up with is, for instance, an electorate 25 percent of whose members are inclined to libertarianism. And the number is even higher among young people. That is to say, huge numbers of people will be exposed to and persuaded by the propaganda of the Cato Institute, the magazine Reason, Ayn Rands novels, and Milton Friedmans ideological hackery to express their rebellious and anti-authoritarian impulses by becoming extreme advocates of total tyranny, to quote Chomsky. Theyll believe, as he translates, that power ought to be given into the hands of private, unaccountable tyrannies, namely corporations. Theyll think that if you just get government out of the picture and let capitalism operate freely, unencumbered by regulations or oversight or labor unionism, all will be for the best in this best of all possible worlds. And theyll genuinely believe theyre being subversive and anarchistic by proposing such a program.

The spectacle of millions adhering to such a breathtakingly stupid ideology would be comical if it werent so tragic. Im an atheist, but Christianity strikes me as a more rationaland moralreligion than this libertarian (really totalitarian) one of absolute faith in universal privatization, marketization, corporatization, and commoditization. To be a so-called libertarian is to be deplorably ignorant of modern history, economics, commonsense sociology, human psychology, and morality itself. (Regarding morality: if the Golden Rule is an essential maxim, then the communist slogan From each according to his ability, to each according to his need, which is basically a derivative of the Golden Rule, is...


Venezuela: CRBZ National Assembly Aims for Alliance of Productive Forces Towards Food Sovereignty "IndyWatch Feed War"

CLOC  Via Campesina Translated by Internationalist 360 On Saturday, August 11, in Urachice, Yaracuy state, there will be a large national peasant assembly with the strategic perspective of moving towards the articulation of a broad platform of struggle in which peasants, small (as) and medium ( as) producers (as), associations and productive guilds, communal councils...


Fighting US Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) in Cyber Warfare and Winning "IndyWatch Feed War"

The CIA, NSA, FBI and DOD are your friends on Facebook Lauren Smith Social media and Google serve three strategic purposes for the United States government. First, they allow Washington to conduct espionage; second, they facilitate the spread of disinformation campaigns, and third, they serve as conduits for the transmission of social contagions. In deploying...


Nicaraguas Failed Coup "IndyWatch Feed War"

Charles Redvers While the international pressure continues, by mid-July it became clear that, for the time being at least, the opposition in Nicaragua no longer has sufficient local support to achieve its goal. Espaol For three months Daniel Ortega and his government in Nicaragua were under intense pressure to resign from protesters and opposition...


Nicols Maduro: Here is the Evidence on the Failed Assassination Attempt "IndyWatch Feed War"

See: Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Addresses the Nation Granma | During a national radio and TV broadcast, Venezuelan President Nicols Maduro presented evidence regarding the failed attempt on his life that occurred this past August 4. There are still suspects at large, including Rayder Alexander Russo Mrquez, residing in Colombia, and Osmn Alexis Delgado...


Lawsuit Confronts Extortion Of Prisoners By Electronic Monitoring Firm "IndyWatch Feed War"

Robert Jackson was four days into a 120-day sentence in an Alameda County, California, jail when his wife passed away unexpectedly, leaving their three young children without a parent in the home. He was compassionately released with the caveat that he submit to electronic monitoring by the for-profit Leaders in Community Alternatives (LCA) company. Though his weekly paycheck was $400-$500, his weekly monitoring fees to LCA came to $250 per week 50-65 percent of his total income. He ultimately paid around $4,500 for 113 days of monitoring, while being repeatedly threatened with violation and jail if he didnt pay something that would have left his children without a parent and at the mercy of the state. Jackson was forced to sell his car and eventually had to give up his apartment leaving him homeless just so he could pay off LCA.


Walid Jumblat and French colonialism "IndyWatch Feed War"

My article for Al-Akhbar: "Walid Jumblat honors French colonialism and reminds it of Mukhtarah's alliance with it."

PS This is the official response of the party's mouthpiece to my article.


VIPS Plead For Humanitarian Asylum For Julian Assange "IndyWatch Feed War"

For six years, WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange has been effectively imprisoned without charges at Ecuadors London embassy. In that time, two international courts and dozens of respected legal and human rights organizations have decried actions of the UK, US and Swedish governments that confine the journalist in what now amounts to torturous isolation, deprived of space, sunlight, visitors, communication with the outside and necessary medical care. The catalyst was an arcane effort by the Swedish government to extradite Assange for questioning about claims of sexual improprieties.1 The UK government subsequently arrested Assange and released him on bail.


#OccupyICE Movement Grows Momentum In Colorado "IndyWatch Feed War"

There was a rally of more than 100 people coinciding with the blockade, and providing water, food, songs and chants, and support to the blockade participants. The large crowd was met with militarized Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officers and a team fitted for riot control. Around 6:00pm, a DHS officer began sawing off one PVC pipe at a time with a hand saw (none of the eight participants were injured during the sawing). After each individual was removed from the PVC pipes, they were cuffed with zip ties and placed into a transport vehicle. Supporters of the blockade participants expected the transport vehicle was heading to the Arapahoe County Detention Center. Instead, the transport vehicle drove a mile down the road and told the eight individuals they could leave after officers wrote up their citations and court summons. However, one of the eight refused to give the police any personal information.


The U.S. Deploys Its Third Major Attempt To Destabilize The Government Of Evo Morales "IndyWatch Feed War"

Using the 2019 elections as the pretext, The United States, through different means and actors, is activating its third major plan to destabilize Evo Morales government, block the indigenous leaders project of political-electoral continuity and interrupt the process of change. However, far from coming from a position of strength, these external actions against the process of change in Bolivia reveal the deep weakness of the internal opposition, which seeks to gain from outside the country what it has not yet been able to gain from within. The interventionist plan of the United States is obvious. There is no reason why U.S. imperialism would not activate plans and measures to meddle in Bolivias internal affairs, just as it has done against all the progressive and leftist governments of Latin America. It started with the weakest, such as Honduras and Paraguay, then it carried out a new type of coups, that they applied against the strongest.


Monsanto Pays Harvard Wizard $100k To Perform Statistical Magic Show For Jury "IndyWatch Feed War"

Despite its impressive name, the HSPH has earned an unsavory reputation for taking rich contributions from polluters in exchange for producing scientific research that fortifies corporate profit-taking. Big Tobacco, the chemical industry, Detroit automakers, corporate food processors, and industrial meat and grain barons have all turned to HSPH for corporate-friendly science anointed with the imprimatur of the Harvard name. HSPHs iconic founder, Fredrick Stare, proudly bore the sobriquet Mr. Sugar for his adamant defense of a sugar-only diet. Stares sweet tooth garnered HSPH millions of dollars in research grants from Kelloggs, General Mills and Coca-Cola. In exchange for soda industry lucre, Stare obligingly provided the scientific conclusion that a cold Coke was a healthy between-meals snack.


Colombia recognises Palestine sovereignty "IndyWatch Feed War"


Colombia is final country in South America to recognise Palestine as independent state


President Trumps Tariffs Are Not Really The Point "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ronald Reagan told us that markets are good, government is bad, and we should let free markets solve all our problems. Winners will prosper, and gains will trickle down to workers and communities. At the global level, this meant free trade policy that blurs national boundaries, and merges or integrates our economy into the global economy. This approach shifts power in favor of global corporations, while reducing policy space for governments, workers, communities, and the environment. China has never accepted our free-trade free-market model. Zhang Xiangchen, Chinas ambassador to the WTO, made this clear a few days ago. China has been vigorously exploring a road of market economy, which suits Chinas own national situation and circumstances, and we have made remarkable progress in this endeavor.

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How BRICS Plus Clashes With The US Economic War On Iran "IndyWatch Feed War"

August 04, 2018 "Information Clearing House" -  The key take away from the BRICS summit in Johannesburg is that Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa important Global South players strongly condemn unilateralism and protectionism. The Johannesburg Declaration is unmistakable: We recognize that the multilateral trading system is facing unprecedented challenges. We underscore the importance of an open world economy. Closer examination of Chinese President Xi Jinpings speech unlocks some poignant details. Xi, crucially, emphasizes delving further into our strategic partnership. That implies increased BRICS and Beyond BRICS multilateral trade, investment and economic and financial connectivity.


Russia Is Our Friend "IndyWatch Feed War"

Last May I was in Russia when fascists held a rally in my hometown of Charlottesville, not to be confused with their larger rally which followed in August. At the May rally, people shouted Russia is our friend. I was on a Russian TV show called Crosstalk the next day and discussed this. I also discussed it with other Russians, actual friends in the human sense. Some of them were completely bewildered, arguing that Russia never had slavery and couldnt be the friend of Confederate-flag-waving people whom they saw as advocates for slavery. (Anti-Russian Ukrainians have also waved Confederate flags.) I dont think slavery or serfdom was on the minds of the people shouting Russia is our friend. Rather they believed the Democratic/Liberal accusation that the Russian government had tried to help make Donald Trump President, and they approved. They may also have thought of Russia as a white ally in their cause of white supremacy.


Nine injured as CAIR-linked Hamas fires 70 rockets at Israeli civilians "IndyWatch Feed War"

Haaretz reports that nine people were injured, and that Hamas fired seventy rockets. CAIR-linked Hamas routinely targets Israeli civilians, after which the UN condemnsIsrael. Dozens of rockets fired at south; IDF strikes 12 Hamas targets in Gaza, by Judah Ari Gross, Times of Israel, August 8, 2018: Dozens of rockets and mortar shells were fired []


Israel Is Arming Neo-Nazis In Ukraine "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israeli arms are being sent to a heavily armed neo-Nazi militia in Ukraine, The Electronic Intifada has learned. Azov Battalion online propaganda shows Israeli-licensed Tavor rifles in the fascist groups hands, while Israeli human rights activists have protested arms sales to Ukraine on the basis that weapons might end up with anti-Semitic militias. In a letter about licenses for Ukraine obtained by The Electronic Intifada, the Israeli defense ministrys arms export agency says they are careful to grant licenses to arms exporters in full coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government entities. The 26 June letter was sent in reply to Israeli lawyer Eitay Mack who had written a detailed request demanding Israel end all military aid to the country. Azovs official status in the Ukrainian armed forces means it cannot be verified that Israeli weapons and training are not being used by anti-Semitic or neo-Nazi soldiers, Mack and 35 other human rights activists wrote.


Trudeau's Gun Control Ideology Doesn't Apply to Ukraine: Sniper Rifles Ready to Go "IndyWatch Feed War"

 The Trudeau government -
 As they force through new gun laws that go so far as to require changes to the criminal code in Canada. Perhaps even employing a prorogue?  Making it more difficult to be a lawful gun owner.  While ensuring the existence or even increase of criminal gun ownership.  This same gun grabbing government has no problems sending sniper rifles over to the Ukraine.

Trudeau Government Prorogue in August in order to "remodel Criminal Code" and....

Yup gun 'control' here and a whole pile of Canadian sniper rifles for there.
Double standards abound.

Ukrainian servicemen: Mariinka 2015.
Canadian Sniper Rifles Expected to Be in the Hands of Ukraine Military by this fall

I personally can't wait to see Trudeau spin the new legislation and changes to the criminal code while arming the world.....
A deal that will put Canadian-made sniper rifles in the hands of Ukraines military will likely see the weapons delivered in time for any new outbreak of fighting with Russian-backed forces this fall, according to the Conservative Partys defence critic.

Few details are available about the proposed sale of weapons, as the Canadian government says such information is commercially sensitive. (and politically sensitive as well- bad for the self righteous/gun control/ sunshine  and bubbles Trudeau government) It has declined to...


Germany: Shots fired at church during Mass "IndyWatch Feed War"

These shots could have fired by militant atheists, angry ex-Catholics, any number of people. But such people have been in Germany for years, and there has not been significant vandalism of churches. However, Germany has seen a large influx of Muslim migrants in recent years, many of whom believe that it is an insult to []


Venezuela Releases Evidence Tying Maduro Assassins to Colombia, US "IndyWatch Feed War"

Caracas (GPA)  Venezuela releases evidence connecting President Nicolas Maduros would-be assassins to outside actors in Bogota and Washington.
maduro venezuela releases evidence assassinationVenezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
Image: Twitter Prensa Presidencial

Following the attempt on Venezuelan Nicolas Maduros life with two explosive-laden drones on Saturday, the President promised to get to the bottom of the failed plot. Last night he showed that his government has learned some things at least, and Maduro says there is still more evidence to come.

Prior to releasing the evidence, Maduro announced that he would be showing off what Venezuelan security had found late Monday night. According to Maduro at the time the evidence backed up the initial claims he had made right after the assassination attempt that there is sufficient evidence of the participation of the outgoing Colombian government of President Juan Manuel Santos.

On Tuesday night Maduro presented the evidence to the people of Venezuela in a televised address. Much of what Maduro presented seems to confirm his conclusions and exposes a wider network of the forces plotting to end his life, and the Bolivarian revolution.

Venezuela Releases Evidence Implicating Bogota

Late Tuesday night Maduro took to Twitter to announce that he would be presenting strong evidence of the links that the Colombian oligarchy has with the events on Avenida Bolivar in a few hours. In this post, Maduro promised that during his presentation that he would show that Venezuelas security services have the location, the names of the place in Chinacota Norte de Santander where they trained, the assassins, the terrorists, and have also captured all those directly involved with the terrorist attack.



US Imposing Sanctions on Russia Over Skripal Poisoning State Department "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sputnik August 8, 2018 The US State Department announced Wednesday that it would be imposing sanctions against Russia regarding the poisoning of Yulia and Sergei Skripal in the UK earlier this year. The department said that it determined Russia had used the nerve agent Novichok against the Skripals deliberately. Sanctions are expected to take effect on or []


Americans Are Begging the Government and Corporations to End Free Speech "IndyWatch Feed War"

(ANTIMEDIA Op-ed)  This week, internet giants like Facebook, Youtube, Spotify and others banned the notorious Alex Jones and InfoWars from their platforms, and the purge is enjoying widespread support among the left, which has made a reputation for itself as intolerant of differing opinions (last year, for example, a group of Antifa protesters beat one of our []


The History of Jihad Reviewed: Robert Spencer Exposes Islams Phony Peace "IndyWatch Feed War"

Over at The Stream is this informative review of my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, which you can order by clicking here. Robert Spencer Exposes Islams Phony Peace, by Andrew E. Harrod, The Stream, August 7, 2018: I have been made victorious with terror. Muhammad, Islams prophet, reportedly said this []


Why They Fail - The Quintessence Of The Korengal Valley Campaign "IndyWatch Feed War"

A new excerpt from a book by C.J. Chivers, a former U.S. infantry captain and New York Times war correspondent, tells the story of a young man from New York City who joined the U.S. army and was send to...


Israeli air strikes kill Palestinian in Gaza as tensions rise "IndyWatch Feed War"


Israelis and Palestinians in 'advanced stages' of indirect negotiations to defuse tensions


Zapatistas Art in Resistance and Rebellion Gathering Now Underway -- Photos "IndyWatch Feed War"

Zapatistas CompArte in Resistance and Rebellion now underway in the Caracol of Morelia, Chiapas. Photos by Enlace Zapatista . Theater, dance, guitar, movies and more now underway at the CompArte2018 in the Caracol of Morelia in Chiapas.


Venezuelan Opposition Calls for New Presidential Vote After Maduro Drone Attack "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sputnik August 8, 2018 Venezuelas opposition leader Julio Borges has called on Caracas to hold a new presidential vote to elect a new leader who will, in turn, form a new government that will bring order to the country after the recent assassination attempt on President Nicolas Maduro. There is a clear confusion with what []


Son of prominent imam arrested at New Mexico compound was training children for school shootings "IndyWatch Feed War"

Siraj Wahhaj is one of the most prominent and respected imams in the United States. His son, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, was training children for jihad massacres. Is anyone in authority or in the establishment media going to ponder the implications of that? Almost certainly not. But you can be sure that if this were the []


Muslim Congressional candidate Ilhan Omar swore to apparent falsehoods in court, while divorcing her brother "IndyWatch Feed War"

Despite this compelling evidence of dishonesty, Ilhan Omar will almost certainly be elected to Congress: voting against her would be Islamophobic. State Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Swore to Apparent Falsehoods in Court While Divorcing Her Alleged Brother, by David Steinberg, PJ Media, August 8, 2018: Minnesota state Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-60B) is the presumed []


Palestinian-American Rashida Tlaib set to become first Muslim woman elected to Congress "IndyWatch Feed War"

Palestinian-American Rashida Tlaib, 42, won yesterdays Democratic primary in Michigans 13th Congressional District, defeating five other candidates and is now poised to become the first Muslim woman in Congress. She will run in November unopposed as there is no Republican or third party candidate vying in the race.

In the early morning hours well after polls closed a tearful Tlaib told supporters her family living in a small town in the West Bank had watched her election victory, they are literally glued to the TV, my grandmother, my aunts, my uncles in Palestine.

I want them to know, as I uplift the families of the 13th Congressional District, I uplift them every single day being who I am as a proud Palestinian-American who is Muslim, she said standing next to her mother.

Her grandmother was interviewed by the Arabic network Al-Arabiya today on the win.

Like Democrat insurgent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who won a primary in the Bronx weeks ago, Tlaibs campaign was funded by contributions from small donors. She raised $1.2 million from a base of 50,000 contributors and did not accept money from political action committees. She is also endorsed by Bernie Sanders and J Street. 

Although Tlaib speaks often about her Palestinian heritage she has limited statements on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In a J Streets candidate profile, Tlaib is described as supporting a U.S. negotiated peace process between the Israelis and Palestinians. The run down also states she supports all current aid to Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Over social media she criticized fellow Democrat Kamala Harris for a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last November, citing a photo as counter to resistance to racism. She once posted support to Rasmea Odeh, a high-profile Palestinian who was a naturalized citizens to the U.S. and was deported to Jordan last fall after a lengthy case investigating her immigration where she failed to disclose a 1970s arrest. Odeh maintained the lack of disclosure was and error and challenge the deportation proceedings citing physical and sexual abuse during her detention coerced her to make a false confession to murder charges.


EU defies Trump, embraces bloodthirsty mullahs: urges increased business with Iran "IndyWatch Feed War"

The European Union had a choice between supporting Donald Trump or supporting the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who scream Death to America and Death to Israel, aid international jihad terror groups, and brutally oppress their own people. For the EU, it was a no-brainer. EU slaps Trump in the face, urges increased []


ABC, CBS, NBC omit all mention of Islamic ties in New Mexico compound starved children case "IndyWatch Feed War"

Always, job one for the establishment media is to protect the image of Islam. Nets Omit Islamic Ties in New Mexico Kidnapping, Starved Children Case, by Nicholas Fondacaro, Newsbusters, August 7, 2018: As we continue to get updates on more gruesome discoveries and the squalor living conditions present at a New Mexico compound that included []


Saudi Arabia and Their Toy Prince Really Pissing-Off the World "IndyWatch Feed War"

[SEE: Saudis Want Global Gag On Criticism of Wahhabism (Counterfeit Islam)]

The Guardian view on Saudi Arabia: time to back Canada

Riyadhs thin-skinned response to Ottawas justified criticism is intended as a warning to others. Europe should take heed

Saudi Arabias crown prince Mohammed bin Salman
Saudi Arabias crown prince Mohammed bin Salman. Photograph: Abd Rabbo Ammar/Sipa/Rex/Shutterstock 



Sharia in Saudi Arabia: Man is crucified for stabbing a woman to death "IndyWatch Feed War"

No one should be surprised. This is the Quran, this is Sharia. Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be []


Ethnic Cleansing: Israeli Lawmaker Quits in Protest of Jewish Nation-State Law "IndyWatch Feed War"

Zouheir Bahloul(MEE)  A Knesset member who resigned in protest over the Jewish nation-state law says the legislation normalises and enshrines in law the superiority of Israeli Jews over their Arab peers, and warned of a limit to what the Arab community in Israel will tolerate. Zouheir Bahloul, 67, a popular sports commentator turned politician who represented the Zionist Union, quit the []


Addressing the Aeroflot MH17 Conspiracy Theory "IndyWatch Feed War"

On 8 August 2014, the Security Services of Ukraine (SBU) held a press conference at the Ukraine Crisis Media Centre in central Kyiv describing how they believed that Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) was not the true target of the missile launch that killed 298 people on 17 July 2014, but instead Aeroflot Flight 2074 (AFL2074/SU2074). The intent of the downing of the airliner was for a Russian casus belli to invade Ukraine openly, rather through covert support. The SBU and other Ukrainian government institutions quickly abandoned this theory and no longer refer to it when addressing the downing of MH17; however, a number of analysts and the former head of the SBU have continued to raise the Aeroflot conspiracy theory over the past few years.

As will be detailed in this article, the SBUs August 2014 assertion that an Aeroflot plane was the intended target for the missile that instead downed MH17 has little basis in reality and has been supported most ardently by then-head of the SBU Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, who was relieved of his duty as the head of the SBU in 2015 and is now the leader of a Ukrainian opposition political party. This conspiracy theory would not be worthy of serious discussion if it were not for Nalyvaichenko and a number of Western, Russian, and Ukrainian analysts who have supported it over the past four years.

Details of the Aeroflot Conspiracy Theory

The August 8th SBU presentation provided the bulk of the material for the Aeroflot Scenario that has resurfaced in recent discourse.

The SBUs presentation provided the following details to support the tremendously bold claim that Russia tried to shoot down its own passenger plane as a false flag attack to invade Ukraine:

  1. The Buk missile launcher that downed MH17 was meant to go to the village of Pervomayske west of Donetsk; however, by mistake due to the fact that the Buk crew was Russian and not familiar with the area, it went to a different village with the same name far east of Donetsk on the day of the downing.
  2. The route that the Buk took from the Russian border to the launch site south of Snizhne, by way of Donetsk, was not logical if the final destination was the eventual launch site. The route would have been logical if the intended destination was the Pervomayske west of Donetsk, near the Donetsk Airport.
  3. After downing Aeroflot Flight 2074, the wreckage of the plane would fall in territory under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, thus providing a proof for a casus belli for Russias formal invasion of Ukraine....


WikiLeaks: US Senate Asks Julian Assange to Testify About Russia "IndyWatch Feed War"

Julian Assange(ZHE)  Julian Assange has been asked to testify before the US Senate Intelligence Committee as part of their Russia investigation, according to a letter signed by Senators Richard Burr (R-NC) and Mark Warner (D-VA) posted by the official WikiLeaks Twitter account. The letter, delivered to Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, reads in part As []


Open Thread 8 August 2018 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Father Guido has signed on to SST as our volunteer spiritual adviser and confessor. pl


US Intelligence Veterans Ask Twitter to Restore Peter Van Burens Account "IndyWatch Feed War"

Twitter Peter Van BurenThe Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity in a memo to the Twitter board of directors questions its decision to suspend the account of one of its members without due process. TO: Twitter Board of Directors FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) SUBJECT: Suspension of VIPS Associate Peter Van Burens Twitter Account We at Veteran Intelligence Professionals for []


A Four Person NATO-Funded Team Advises Facebook On Flagging Propaganda "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge | August 7, 2018 This is not at all comforting: during a week thats witnessed Alex Jones social media accounts taken down by Facebook, Apple, Spotify and Google, and what appears to be a growing crackdown against alternative media figures including several prominent Libertarians, notably the Ron Paul Institute director, and the []


About the Alex Jones & Infowars ban by US corporate giants "IndyWatch Feed War"

Let me immediately begin that I have really no use for Alex Jones or for Inforwars.  I do recognize the very important and positive role they played in the 9/11


Remains of boy found in New Mexico compound; arrested man is 1993 WTC bombing co-conspirators son "IndyWatch Feed War"

The boys father, Siraj Wahhaj, was arrested Friday Siraj Wahhhajs father, also named Siraj Wahhaj, is one of the most prominent imams in the United States, and is much in demand on the Islamic lecture circuit. The elder Wahhaj was designated a potential unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. he earned the designation by []


'My Israel has died': British philanthropist lambasts Jewish nation-state law "IndyWatch Feed War"


Vivien Duffield said that she strongly opposes Israel's policies, but would not dream of expressing her opinion to fellow British citizens


Psychological Techniques Used to Keep Kids Online "IndyWatch Feed War"

Parental controls. Use them. Via: AP: Childrens advocates want the American Psychological Association to condemn the tech industrys practice of using persuasive psychological techniques to keep kids glued to their screens. The advocates, citing research that links excessive use of social media and video games with depression and academic troubles, say its unethical for psychologists []


Labours Crisis is Over Israel, Not Anti-semitism "IndyWatch Feed War"

If there is indeed an anti-semitism problem in the UKs Labour party, it is not in the places where the British corporate media have been directing our attention. What can be said with even more certainty is that there is rampant hatred expressed towards Jews in the same British media that is currently decrying the supposed anti-semitism of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Here is a piece of what I hope is wisdom, earned the hard way as a reporter in Israel over nearly two decades. I offer it in case it helps to resolve the confusion felt by some still pondering the endless reports of Labours supposed anti-semitism crisis.

Racism towards Palestinians

In the first year after my arrival in Israel in late 2001, during the most violent phase of Israels suppression of the Palestinians second intifada, I desperately tried to make sense of the events raging around me. Like most new reporters, I searched for experts at that time, mostly left wing Israeli analysts and academics. But the more I listened, the less I understood. I felt like a ball in a pinball machine, bounced from one hair-trigger to the next.

My problem was exacerbated by the fact that, unlike my colleagues, I had chosen to locate myself in Nazareth, the largest Palestinian city in Israel, rather than in a Jewish area or in the occupied territories. The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians seemed much more complex when viewed through the prism of Palestinian citizens living inside a self-declared Jewish state.

The Israeli experts I contacted deplored the brutality of the occupation unequivocally and in ways it was difficult not to admire, given the morass of anti-Palestinian sentiment and self-righteousness into which the rest of Israeli society was rapidly sinking. But each time I latched on to such an Israeli in the hope of deepening my own understanding, something they said would knock me sideways.

As readily as they condemned the occupation, they would laud the self-evidently bogus liberal democratic credentials of a Jewish state, one that I could see from my location in Nazareth was structurally organised to deny equal rights to its Palestinian citizens. Or the experts would echo the Israeli governments inciteful claims that this largely quiescent Palestinian minority in Israel a fifth of the population was at best a demographic threat to the Jewish majority, and at worst a Trojan horse secretly working to destroy the Jewish state from within.

The very racism towards Palestinians in the occupied territories these experts eschewed, they readily flaunted when discussing Palestinians inside Israel. Were they really leftists or covert ethnic chauvinists?

Appearances can be dec...


Color Revolution in the Caucasus rattles Russian leaders "IndyWatch Feed War"

Armenias new Prime Minister has targeted Moscows confidantes in a corruption crackdown and angered the Kremlin by making overtures to NATO By M.K. Bhadrakumar | Asia Times | August 8, 2018 No two color revolutions have been the same, although the anatomy may bear similarity. This explains why Russia continues to face a problem in []


Without your help, we lose some of our punch "IndyWatch Feed War"

I hear regularly from people like you, who value the reporting and analysis provided by Mondoweiss. But this summer, as we push to raise the funds for more news, there are hundreds of past supporters we havent heard from yet.

Donate to MondoweissWe are going to end our current campaign in the next few days. Of course, any support you care to give will be welcome at any timebut right now, it will make even more of a difference. Were about to start our new budget year, so the funds we have now shape our plan for how well serve you all year long.

With your help, Mondoweiss can grow our coverage of

Our donors in North America received a Mondoweiss poster this summera powerful visual document of the Great March of Return, showcasing the work of talented Palestinian photojournalists. Check out the poster (full size is 8 wide x 23 high) in the Mondoweiss store, where its priced to cover our costs. But if you give $25 or more by August 10, well send you a poster at no charge with our thank you letter!

If everyone who reads Mondoweiss regularly could give today, the investment would total tens of thousands of dollars. And all the gifts we receive in response to this message will go...


The Israel lobby is leading a witch hunt against Corbyn. It has to stop "IndyWatch Feed War"

Britain's Labour party is tearing itself apart over anti-Semitism charges disingenuously cooked up by political opponents


Rashida Tlaib Set to Become First Muslim Woman in US Congress "IndyWatch Feed War"

Rashida Tlaib(MEMO)  Rashida Tlaib is set to become the first Palestinian-American Congresswoman following her victory in the primary election for Michigans 13th Congressional District. The 42-year-old daughter of Palestinian father born in Jerusalem and mother born in Ramallah, Tlaib is virtually guaranteed to become the first Muslim woman in Congress. She will run unopposed in Novembers []


The Non-University and the Manager "IndyWatch Feed War"

We have been seeing over the last few decades the birth of the non-university, an institution hollowed out of its seminal functions: teaching and scholarship.  Such an institution emphasises the functions of commerce and branding not dissimilar to the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (Dutch East India Company), dedicated to goods and services and the establishment of trading hubs.  In 2007, the Vice Chancellor of Griffith University would note how 11 Australian universities including my own have 5 or more campuses.

Pedagogical instruction has become a matter of popularity contests, fuelled by giddy grade inflations on the part of academics who are, lets face it, often not doing the actual grading.  That part of the process is reserved for toiling sessional or casual workers who scrape, labour and hope, often in vain, that they will find a spot of middle-class security.  Their life is one of temporary contracts and elusive tenure, a true academic underclass seduced by the elusion of patronage.

The issue of research has also been hijacked by the circuitous nature of research grants.  The non-university specialises in workshops run by robotic consultants and endless sessions peppered by power points, preparing the unwise academic for an uncertain future where time is spent in a ceaseless drive for irrelevance.  When a grant is received, it is specifically tailor made for insipid trendiness, the latest pop sensation that creates pop-up industries and employment for minions.  Universities will, naturally, take a cut.  Importantly, getting one grant will mean getting another.  A family of sort crops up, and you are guaranteed a line of funding that does not necessarily need proof of use or evidence of worth.  Grants, in other words, displace scholarship.

Heading, controlling and asphyxiating the non-university is the layer of not infrequently venal officialdom known as managers.  Their impending influence across society was already given a good reading by James Burnham, whose The Managerial Revolution (1941) remains all too relevant.  Central to his thesis was the claim that capitalist society would ultimately transform into a managerial one, one where the masses would be told in no uncertain terms that the classless society was an illusion, with state institutions essentially becoming the property of management.

Central to the incidence of university management is the divorce between owning the means of production and the control of their distribution.  Adolf A. Berle and Gardiner C. Means supplied the relevant observations in ...


Truth is treason in empire of lies: Ron Paul on Big Tech censorship "IndyWatch Feed War"

RT | August 7, 2018 After the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute got suspended on Twitter, the former congressman from Texas told RT that social media crackdowns are part of a broader effort to silence dissent in the US. While social media could be a real delight and very informative, the biggest role []


'Ridiculous': Syrians reject call to return and fight "IndyWatch Feed War"


Embassy in Berlin mocked after it called on Syrians to come home and take up military service


Peter Van Buren: Twitter Suspends Me Forever "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Peter Van Buren | We Meant Well | August 7, 2018 Some readers are aware I have been permanently suspended from Twitter as @wemeantwell. This followed exchanges with several mainstream journalists over their support for Americas wars and unwillingness to challenge the lies of government. After two days of silence, Twitter sent me an []


Venezuelas soft coup advisor confesses where the opposition failed "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Misson Verdad original article: translation by Miguel for The Saker Blog In recent days, Srdja Popovic was interviewed by a digital medium of antichavism. His declaration gives a


Is Kenya Falling into the China Debt Trap? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Kenya is an important component of Chinas overall Africa strategy. The country is home to major Chinese-funded and built infrastructure projects and has thus become a showcase for Beijings development and investment initiatives on the continent. It is also home to the port of Mombasa on the Indian Ocean, a key link in the Belt and Road Initiatives Maritime Silk Road between Asia and Europe via the Suez Canal.

A large chunk of Chinese financing has gone into Kenyas 485 km standard gauge railway linking the capital of Nairobi with the port city of Mombasa. Now known as the SGR or Madaraka Express, the rail line is the result of a US$ 3.2 billion contract signed with the state-owned China Roads and Bridges Corporation in 2014. Over 85% of financing for the project came from China, and as of 2018 both passenger and freight service have commenced. The passenger line cuts travel time from its previous twelve hours to five. It moved some 1.3 million passengers in its first year and raked in nearly US$ 10 million in passenger sales. Freight service has not been so successful out of the gates. Importers have been reluctant to use the line, and it was used to transport just 1,600 of the roughly 80,000 containers that went through Mombasa in the first month it was operational. The lack of customers has prompted several tariff cuts by the authorities, who are trying to encourage shippers to switch from road-based options. As it stands there are fears that the railway will never transport the kind of volumes that would allow it to pay off the loans required to build it.

The post Is Kenya Falling into the China Debt Trap? appeared first on Geopolitical Monitor.


Prayer and Meditation for Thursday, August 9, 2018 I will place my law within them, and write it upon their hearts "IndyWatch Feed War"

You are thinking not as God does, but as human beings do

Related image

Art: Get Thee Behind MeSatan, by James Tissot



Thursday of the Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 410

Reading 1 JER 31:31-34

The days are coming, says the LORD,
when I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel
and the house of Judah.
It will not be like the covenant I made with their fathers:
the day I took them by the hand
to lead them forth from the land of Egypt;
for they broke my covenant,
and I had to show myself their master, says the LORD.
But this is the covenant that I will make
with the house of Israel after those days, says the LORD.
I will place my law within them, and write it upon their hearts;
I will be their God, and they shall be my people.
No longer will they have need to teach their friends and relatives
how to know the LORD.
All, from least to greatest, shall know me, says the LORD,
for I will forgive their evildoing and remember their sin no more.

Responsorial Psalm  PS 51:12-13, 14-15, 18-19

R. (12a) Create a clean heart in me, O God.
A clean heart create for me, O God,
and a steadfast spirit renew within me.
Cast me not out from your presence,
and your Holy Spirit take not from me.
R. Create a clean heart in me, O God.
Give me back the joy of your salvation,
and a willing spirit sustain in me.
I will teach transgressors your ways,


Nicaragua: Dynamics of an Interrupted Revolution "IndyWatch Feed War"

The unfolding events in Nicaragua over the past three months pose two critical questions for socialists and antiwar activists. Where do we stand on the critical issue of U.S. imperialist intervention and where do we stand with regard to the dynamics of the still-unfolding confrontations? That U.S. imperialism is intervening in Nicaragua today against the capitalist FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front) government of Daniel Ortega cannot be denied. President Trump has openly threatened to send U.S. troops. In this anti-imperialist context, however, each component of any successful U.S.-based united front, democratic, mass-action movement must be free to express its own views on the internal dynamics operating in each nation where any form of U.S. intervention is underway. While we considered Daniel Ortega and the FSLNs central leaders revolutionists of action, that is, honest revolutionaries who desired important changes in Nicaraguan society, we recognized that they were fundamentally adverse to breaking with Nicaraguas capitalist class...


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Soccer moms and mini-vans NOT AMERICA anymore "IndyWatch Feed War"

Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Tuesday that an upper-middle class with soccer moms with two vans and stuff no longer exists in America, The Daily Caller reported.

Ms. Ocasio-Cortez discussed Democratic strategies and her idea of socialism in America during an interview for Pod Save America.

Their heyday was in the 90s when kids had like Furbies and you had like soccer moms with two vans and stuff, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez said. Thats not America anymore!

Image may contain: 1 person, phone

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a winner of a Democratic Congressional primary in New York, addresses supporters at a fundraiser Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

The New York Democrat, who unseated long-time incumbent, Rep. Joe Crowley, suggested the older members of her party are out of touch. She said they dont understand how rising income inequality has shaped the political landscape.

During the conversation, the rising Democratic star said her party is not investing in younger candidates.

She said that established Democrats are feverishly working on their own re-elections, but neglecting to support rising younger campaigns is why Republicans are winning. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez explained that these older representatives relied on a demographic that no longer exists.

A lot of these folk were in their political heyday in third-way 90s politics, she said, I think that like politically this upper-middle class is probably more moderate, but that upper-middle class does not exist anymore in America.

When asked what the difference was between capitalists who want a regulated free market and her brand of socialism,...


'The poor will suffer most': Anxiety spreads in Iran over renewed US sanctions "IndyWatch Feed War"


With fears of layoffs and hyperinflation, Iranians reel as the US promises further measures in November


Bahraini activist goes on hunger strike in London to stop father dying in prison "IndyWatch Feed War"


70-year-old Hassan Mushaima was denied medical care in Gulf Arab country after he 'refused to wear shackles' to collect his medicine


Book Review Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism "IndyWatch Feed War"

David William Pear How can I write a review of Andre Vltcheks new book Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism? I am damned if I do, and damned if I dont. Andre himself says that: There is nothing to add to the writing of maverick revolutionary philosophers. Hands off their work! Let them speak! Editions without prefaces and introductions, please; no footnotes! The greatest works of philosophy were written with heart, blood and passion! No interpretation is needed. If allowed to read them, even a child can understand. He is speaking about the works of other great revolutionary writers, not himself. I think Andre is a great revolutionary writer, too. But, who am I to speak for Andre or greatness? Read his great works for yourself, and you will understand them without my introduction. You will find that Andre has the guts to put himself out there, let it all hang out, and expose his vulnerabilities as well as his wisdom But I am damned if I dont write a book review for Andres book, because I


BBCs sanitisation of deliberate Gaza border violence continues "IndyWatch Feed War"

On August 7th the BBC News website published an article titled Israeli tank fire kills two Hamas militants in Gaza on its Middle East page. The report relates to an incident which took place earlier in the day when IDF soldiers on patrol in the northern sector of the Border between Israel and the Gaza Strip identified gunfire from the Beit Lahiya area. Hamas later claimed that the snipers were taking part in a drill held by the terror group near the border fence.

The BBCs report on the incident opened as follows:

The Israeli military has struck a Hamas border post in northern Gaza with a tank shell, killing two members of the Palestinian groups military wing.

The military said the tank responded to shots fired at soldiers from the post.

But Hamas said its fighters were taking part in a live-fire exercise and that Israel...


Australias most populous state 100 percent in drought "IndyWatch Feed War"

New South Wales is suffering the worst drought in more than 50 years, with farmers among the hardest hit.

Some farmers have been forced to shoot livestock as grazeable land and crops become increasingly scarce [David Gray/Reuters]
Some farmers have been forced to shoot livestock as grazeable land and crops become increasingly scarce [David Gray/Reuters]


Germany: Muslim migrant plotted to explode ricin bomb packed with shrapnel, targeting unbelievers "IndyWatch Feed War"

Danke, Merkel! Tunisian Migrant Planned Biological Weapon Attack Against Unbelievers in Germany, by Victoria Friedman, Breitbart, August 4, 2018: Tunisian migrant Sief Allah H., 29, planned a deadline ricin terror attack against unbelievers, according to German prosecutors. He wanted to explode a ricin bomb packed with shrapnel in a busy indoor place targeting unbelievers, the Federal []


New York Republican Rep. Chris Collins to be indicted on insider trading charges "IndyWatch Feed War"

Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y.

Tom Williams | CQ Roll Call | Getty Images
Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y.

Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., will be indicted by the Justice Department on insider trading charges, federal prosecutors announced Wednesday morning.

The indictment relates to securities of Innate Immunotherapeutics an Australian biotechnology company on whose board of directors Christopher Collins served, the DOJ said.

This is developing news. Please check back for updates.


The Great Purge on the Internet has begun "IndyWatch Feed War"

In less than 12 hours, Internet giants have closed down all internet accounts belonging to the Group Infowars and the US journalist Alex Jones (see photo), both pro-Trump. This purge follows a US House of Representatives Hearing of the Justice Committee on Censorship of the Internet and was coordinated by Apple, Facebook, Google, Spotify and You Tube (but not Twitter). Every video Alex Jones had made has been deleted from the Internet. This decision was taken in the name of ideological (...)


I Didnt Join Facebook to Feel Safe "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Thomas L. Knapp | William Lloyd Garrison Center | August 7, 2018 In early August, Facebook and other social media services banned content from radio/Internet shock jock Alex Jones. Surprising? No.  Joness  number was due to come up. The big players in Internet media have spent the last few years  attempting to appease the []


Canada: Muslim who stabbed soldiers and said Allah told me to kill people allowed to attend college "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ali said: Allah told me to do this, Allah told me to come here and kill people. But he was acquitted of terror charges and found mentally ill. Look at how Canadian authorities are endangering the public: the board also found Ali, who suffers from schizophrenia, still poses a significant threat to the safety of []


Two Police Officers in Unmarked Car, Ambushed 25 Gunshots Into Car Camden County, New Jersey "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: car, night and outdoor″ style=position:absolute;width:100%;height:100%;left:0 width=640 height=360 frameborder=0 allow=autoplay; encrypted-media allowfullscreen>

CAMDEN Two Camden County police detectives escaped with their lives Tuesday evening when a gunman opened fire on them at close range, authorities said.

They were essentially ambushed, Camden County Police Chief Scott Thomson said of the attack at Broadway and Mount Vernon Street around 8:30 p.m.

He said the officers were sitting in an unmarked vehicle at a red light, when a man walked up and opened fire. The gunman shot between 10 and 25 rounds, including some that went through the vehicles windshield, the chief said.

Phaedra Trethan and Jim Walsh, Cherry Hill Courier-Post Published 9:25 p.m. ET Aug. 7, 2018 | Updated 7:50 a.m. ET Aug. 8, 2018

WATCH: Press conference for two Camden County Police officers shot in Camden. Courier-Post

The unnamed officers, a male and a female, were rushed to Cooper University Hospital for treatment of wounds that the chief said were not life-threatening.

Thomson credited that outcome to the grace of God.

Image may contain: one or more people, night and outdoor

One detective managed to return fire at the gunman, who fled the scene, the chief said.

We dont know if his rounds struck anyone or anything, he said of the detective.

Thomson said police were checking with area hospitals for anyone arriving with gunshot wounds.

We have a rapidly unfolding investigation to identify and apprehend the perpetrators, he said.

Police respond after two officers were shot Tuesday evening near Broadway and Mount Vernon Street in Camden. Joe Lamberti/Courier Post

Thomson said the detectives were in plainclothes and were working in a non-enforcement capacity at the time of the attack.

He said the suspect had walked up to the police vehicle before the completely unprovoked shooting.

Thomson acknowledged it was not clear if the detectives had been targeted as law...


China opposes any unilateral sanctions against Iran "IndyWatch Feed War"

Chinas business ties with Iran are open, transparent and lawful, its foreign ministry said on Wednesday, after US President Donald Trump said companies doing business with Iran would be barred from the United States.

China has consistently opposed unilateral sanctions and long-armed jurisdiction, the ministry said in a statement faxed to Reuters.


China has consistently opposed unilateral sanctions and long-armed jurisdiction, the ministry said. (File photo: AFP)


Experts warn Iran could answer US sanctions with cyberattacks "IndyWatch Feed War"

Analysts say Iranians impersonate Israeli and Western security websites to harvest log-in details; office of Director of National Intelligence declines to comment on threat

In this photo released by official website of the office of the Iranian Presidency, President Hassan Rouhani attends a meeting with a group of foreign ministry officials in Tehran, Iran. Sunday, July 22, 2018. (Iranian Presidency Office via AP)
In this photo released by official website of the office of the Iranian Presidency, President Hassan Rouhani attends a meeting with a group of foreign ministry officials in Tehran, Iran. Sunday, July 22, 2018. (Iranian Presidency Office via AP)

WASHINGTON (AP) The US is bracing for cyberattacks Iran could launch in retaliation for the re-imposition of sanctions this week by US President Donald Trump, cybersecurity and intelligence experts say.

Concern over that cyber threat has been rising since May, when Trump pulled out of the 2015 nuclear deal, under which the US and other world powers eased economic sanctions in exchange for curbs on Irans nuclear program. The experts say the threat would intensify following Washingtons move Tuesday to re-impose economic restrictions on Tehran.

While we have no specific threats, we have seen an increase in chatter related to Iranian threat activity over the past several weeks, said Priscilla Moriuchi, director of strategic threat development at Recorded Future, a global real-time cyber threat intelligence company. The Massachusetts-based company predicted back in May that the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement would provoke a cyber response from the Iranian government within two to four months.

US intelligence agencies have singled out Iran as one of the main foreign cyber threats facing America, along with Russia, China and North Korea. A wave of attacks that US authorities blamed on Iran between 2012 a...


The ultra-nationalist Turkish mob boss Erdogan can't touch "IndyWatch Feed War"


Not many people criticise the Turkish president and get away with it. But imprisoned mafia boss Alaattin Cakici has friends in high places


New US Sanctions on Iran and their Impact "IndyWatch Feed War"

(PressTV referring to the New Sanctions regime imposed by the US, as of 7 August 2018.)

PressTV:  How do you see this?

Peter Koenig: First off, this is just another flagrant violation of international law, even of US law, after having ratified the Nuclear Deal. Any interference in another countrys economic affairs, including in a countrys trade sovereignty, is an international crime. Thats precisely what Trump, under the leadership of those who command him, is doing. For example, Netanyahu, is largely calling the shots in Washington.

The idea is weakening Iran to the point that a war would be easier. Although, I really do not believe that the US is daring to go to war with Iran. They know too well whats at stake with Russia and China firmly behind Iran.

They may send Israel as a forerunner to attack Iran and wait for Irans reaction. But even that, I believe will be a losing proposition. The empire knows its on a descending course. This is fearmongering and warmongering, which will allow the war industrial complex to increase its profits as a last-ditch effort.

But Iran, in fact, has nothing to fear if she plays her cards according to what she knows is best: Applying the principles of resistance economy, meaning foremost de-linking from the dollar economy and becoming quickly food self-sufficient, with increased trading with the East; i.e., the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) countries.

PressTV: What are Iranian options to counter this?

PK: Well, as indicated before, Iran should gradually but ever so fast detach from the dollar economy. As a matter of fact, one of the sanctions prohibits Iran from dealing in dollars. All the better. Iran has other resources, or it must now look for other resources, like the Yuan and the Ruble and other SCO currencies and definitely do whatever is needed to hasten the pace towards full integration into the eastern economy. And, realize her plan of creating her own crypto-currency, similar to Venezuelas Petro, based on and backed by Irans immense reserves of hydrocarbon.

Lets not forget, and I have said this many time before the future is in the East.

Always remember what President Putin has come to tell The Ayatollah last November, namely, that sanctions were the best thing that ever happened to Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. It forced Russia to rebuild its economy towards self-sufficiency, especially agriculture where in the 90s everything was imported from the EU. Now Russia is fully food self-sufficient. Actually Russia has become the worlds largest exporter of wheat by far, for the last two years, and this year also promises to be a record year.



Pakistan Will Add 60,000 Troops to Patrol Afghan Border "IndyWatch Feed War"

Pakistan will add 60,000 troops to boost its patrols along its disputed border with Afghanistan in an effort to curb the flow of insurgents passing between the two nations, according to military officials familiar with the matter.

Forty percent of the troops have already been recruited in the exercise, which is expected to take two years, the officials said, asking not to be identified so they could discuss sensitive troop movements. About 13 percent of a fence planned along the 1,456 mile-long disputed border has also been completed, they said. The armed forces media department didnt respond to a request for comment.

Pakistani military patrol border fence.

Photographer: Banaras Khan/AFP/Getty Images

The move will consolidate Pakistans border operations, which have been beefed-up in recent years after widespread insecurity wracked the country following the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan. Domestic terror-related violence is now at its lowest in more than a decade. The army has an estimated 560,000 active personnel, according to the London-based International Institute of Strategic Studies. Forces have previously been more focused on the countrys eastern border with arch-rival neighbor India, with which its fought three wars against since British Indias partition in 1947. The two continue to contest the disputed region of Kashmir.

Read more: Pushing Pakistan Seems Obvious But Isnt Simple: QuickTake Q&A

Pakistan has come under increasing pressure to act against the Afghan Taliban and the affiliated Haqqani network since President Donald Trump accused Islamabad of allowing them safe haven. In January, Trump...


Irans foreign minister: U.S. plan to stop Iran oil exports will fail "IndyWatch Feed War"

A U.S. plan to reduce Irans oil exports to zero will not succeed, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was cited as saying by an Iranian newspaper on Wednesday.

Image may contain: 1 person

FILE PHOTO: Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif speaks to the media in Tbilisi, Georgia, April 18, 2017. REUTERS/David Mdzinarishvili

U.S. officials have said in recent weeks that they aim to pressure countries to stop buying oil from Iran in a bid to force Tehran to halt its nuclear and missile programs and involvement in regional conflicts in Syria and Iraq.

If the Americans want to keep this simplistic and impossible idea in their minds they should also know its consequences, Zarif told the Iran newspaper.

They cant think that Iran wont export oil and others will export.

President Hassan Rouhani hinted last month that Iran could block the Strait of Hormuz, a major oil shipping route, if the U.S. attempted to stop the Islamic Republics oil exports.

U.S. President Donald Trump responded by noting that Iran could face serious consequenc...


Robert Spencers History of Jihad now #1 bestseller in FIVE Amazon categories "IndyWatch Feed War"

An update on this post: yesterday, my new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS was officially released, and immediately zoomed to #1 in three Amazon categories: Middle East History (where the Kindle edition is also number three), Muhammad, and Islam. This morning it is the #1 bestseller in two more categories as []


Rightwing commentator named as director at Indias central bank "IndyWatch Feed War"

Appointment sparks accusations of state interference in RBIs independence

By Kiran Stacey in New Delhi 

A controversial rightwing commentator who is close to Narendra Modi, the Indian prime minister, has been appointed as a director at Indias central bank, prompting criticism that the government is interfering with the banks independence.

Officials announced on Tuesday night that S Gurumurthy, who has been credited by some as the intellectual force behind Mr Modis demonetisation experiment two years ago, would join the bank on a part-time basis for the next four years.

Image may contain: 1 person, text
S Gurumurthy

The move sparked accusations that the ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata party is trying to sway decision making at the bank, which sets interest rates, regulates banks and oversees the countrys bankruptcy code.

Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, a journalist and political commentator, said: [Gurumurthy] is clearly a Hindu nationalist ideologue, and that is the reason he has been appointed.

Mr Gurumurthy did not respond to a request to comment on his appointment. But after he was named he wrote on twitter: This is [my] first directorship ever. Never accepted any private or PSU [state-owned company] directorship. Not even audit of PSUs or Pvt cos. Wanted to be free to speak. But when pressure built up I am needed to do something in public interest I had to accept.

The Reserve Bank of India declined to comment on whether Mr Gurumurthys appointment would undermine the banks independence.

In his new role, Mr Gurumurthy will have oversight over how the bank is run, and a vote at its board meetings, but will not be part of the monetary policy committee which decides interest rates.



AP Blasts US Support To Pro al-Qaida Coalition In Yemen "IndyWatch Feed War"

ATAQ, Yemen (AP) Again and again over the past two years, a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia and backed by the United States has claimed it won decisive victories that drove al-Qaida militants from their strongholds across Yemen and shattered their ability to attack the West.

Heres what the victors did not disclose: many of their conquests came without firing a shot.

Thats because the coalition cut secret deals with al-Qaida fighters, paying some to leave key cities and towns and letting others retreat with weapons, equipment and wads of looted cash, an investigation by The Associated Press has found. Hundreds more were recruited to join the coalition itself.

These compromises and alliances have allowed al-Qaida militants to survive to fight another day and risk strengthening the most dangerous branch...


Syrias next inevitable battle against corruption "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Ghassan Kadi for The Saker blog Over the last few years, and since the War on Syria started, we have heard many pro-Syria enthusiasts raving about how wonderful Syria


NM Tragedy: Could the FBI Have Saved the Boy? "IndyWatch Feed War"

(Illustrative photo: Clarion Project)(Illustrative photo: Clarion Project)

The New Mexico authorities have announced heart-breaking news: The remains of a boy have been found at the Islamist compound that was raided on Friday.

It is almost certainly the body of disabled toddler Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj, who has been missing for nine months after being abducted by his father, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, and brought to the compound with 11 other malnourished children.

The day the remains were found would have been his fourth birthday.

The pain one experiences from reading the story is increased exponentially by a reality that is difficult to accept: The boy might have been saved if the FBI had acted, instead of stalling until the New Mexico police finally went in on their own.


The Beginning

Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj went missing on December 1, 2017, abducted by his father, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj. The boys mother, Hakeemah Ramzi, went to the police. The boys parents had been married for 15 years, according to press reports. It is unclear what sparked the sudden rift within the Wahhaj family.

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj attributed his sons disabilities to demonic beings and believed that only an Islamic exorcism would expel the demons, a fact reported by the Clarion Intelligence Networks sources before it was confirmed publicly in a search warrant.

The boys medication was left behind, putting him in peril. Sources say the rejection of medical treatment points to the fact that the ideology held by Wahhaj and his co-conspirators stems not from traditional Islamism but to a cultish fringe.

The kidnapper is the son of radical Imam Siraj Wahhaj in Brooklyn, one of the most powerful Islamic leaders in the country. He heads the Masjid at-Tawa mosque and the Muslim Alliance in North America, both of which have a long history of extremism and ties to terrorism, including weapons training and acquirement.

Siraj Ib...


Its Fantastic! Trump Warms to Rosenstein "IndyWatch Feed War"

Nearly fired by the president, the No. 2 Justice officialthe man in charge of the Mueller probebuilds a rapport 

Image result for EVAN VUCCI/ASSOCIATED PRESS, photos, donald trump



Before President Trump headed to meet Vladimir Putin last month, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein requested a meeting in the Oval Office. He was ready to indict Russian officials for election hacking and wanted to know if the president wanted the Justice Department to announce the charges before or after the trip.

Mr. Trump told Mr. Rosenstein to issue the statement as soon as possible, adding that it would strengthen his position in talks with Moscow, according to people familiar with the exchange.

The moment was the latest indication of a significant change in the rapport between the two men. As the Russia investigation unfolds and some House Republicans mount an effort to impeach him, Mr. Rosenstein has steadily developed a stable relationship with the president that suggests he has more staying power than either his supporters or detractors suspect.

Mr. Rosenstein in the past has been a frequent target of the presidents ire as part of his disdain for Special Counsel Robert Muellers investigation into Russian election meddling, which Mr. Rosenstein oversees. Mr. Trump in April had to be warned by aides against firing him. Mr. Rosenstein also personally approved raids on the home, office and hotel room of Mr. Trumps attorney Michael Cohen.



John Remington Graham: In Solidarity with Alex JonesLitigation Against Alex Jones on Sandy Hook is Abuse of Process "IndyWatch Feed War"

John Remington Graham: In Solidarity with Alex JonesLitigation Against Alex Jones on Sandy Hook is Abuse of Process

Mr. President,

The litigation against Alex Jones in state courts of Connecticut is plainly an abuse of process, impossible to institute and press in an uncorrupt and honest manner, and designed to intimidate any and all journalists who dare to contend that the alleged shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012 was a staged event, meant to shape public opinion in favor of gun control legislation, but so poorly orchestrated by public authority and major news media that many eminent observers have seen through the official story and understood something closer to the truth.  The idea that damages for defamation could be lawfully granted against Jones is patently absurd in light of seminal authority long ago established in New York Times v. Sullivan, 376 U. S.254 (1964), and Garrison v. Louisiana, 379 U. S.64 (1974).

The episode at Sandy Hook can be and has been studied in various degrees of depth, but we can know that Sandy Hook was a hoax, as surely we can know that the intelligence of the American people was insulted by the news media reports and the Warren Commission concerning the murder of John F. Kennedy which led to the tragedy of the Vietnam War.  As was once observed by Lord Acton, Historic responsibility has to make up for want of legal responsibility.   And there is our consolation. Death has intervened to prevent temporal justice against those who plotted the death of Kennedy, but we know who they were, and we are beginning to learn lessons from their crimes for the good of our country.

Something as sinister is evidently behind the litigation against Alex Jones.  As with most citizens, I have not had time to study Sandy Hook in full depth, yet it is manifest that Sandy Hook could not have happened as it has been reported to us by public authority and major news media.  We know from bare facts stated by Dr. Eowyn, in her internet-accessible article showing that the Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed in the year 2008, and that, therefore, the alleged massacre in December 2012 did not happen.  From the closure of the school in 2008 alone, the litigation against Jones over Sandy Hook stinks of dishonor to our country.

If we are going to talk about conspiracy theories, as if such thinking were a sign of mental imbalance, let us remember that Abraham Lincoln believe...


Trump's Arab NATO idea is doomed to fail "IndyWatch Feed War"

The fears and security concerns of Gulf Arab states are far from homogeneous, and can change quickly


Germany inks deal with Spain to return registered migrants "IndyWatch Feed War"

Berlin has concluded a deal with Madrid for Spain to take back migrants who had been registered by Spanish authorities, a German interior ministry spokeswoman said Wednesday, as Germany seeks to curb new arrivals.

Under the accord, which will enter in to force on Saturday August 11, the migrants could be sent back to Spain within 48 hours, said interior ministry spokeswoman Eleonore Petermann, adding that Madrid did not lay down any condition in exchange.

AFP/File | Spain is one European country to have signed a deal with Germany to take back migrants that have already been registered by Spanish authorities

The deal is part of a series of bilateral agreements that Germany is seeking with EU partners, after a broader accord for the bloc proved elusive.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has been under pressure to reduce the number of new arrivals after a record influx of a million asylum seekers between 2015 and 2016 unsettled Germany.

Besides Spain, Greece another key arrival country for migrants who had undertaken the perilous sea journey crossing the Mediterranean has also in principle agreed to such a deal, Berlin said in June.

Italys new right-wing government has been more reluctant, as it is putting its focus on boosting controls at the EUs external borders.

Discussions with both Athens and Rome are not over, said Petermann.

But Interior Minister Horst Seehofer had said in an interview published Sunday that talks with his Italian and Greek colleagues were ongoing in a good atmosphere.



Foreign Policy Matters interviews The Saker (part one) "IndyWatch Feed War"

This is part one of a three part interview I recently made with the Poland based website Foreign Policy Matters (  Enjoy! The Saker


Chinas Empire of Debt "IndyWatch Feed War"


Staggering in its ambition, Chinas globe-spanning Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) aims to spend trillions of dollars on infrastructure financing in Asia, Europe, and Africa over the coming years ahead. Even before BRI, the rising superpower was a leading lender worldwide.

Chinese finance represents a chance for economic rejuvenation in some states. For others, its a shackle that will create unredeemable fiscal burdens in the near future. This model of debt dependency will increase Beijings geopolitical leverage over small and impoverished states, grant favorable access to key resources, and potentially revolutionize the power balance in international forums like the IMF and the UN General Assembly. It will also give Beijing a powerful voice in regional forums, allowing it to influence decision processes from which it would otherwise be excluded, such as ASEAN deliberations on the South China Sea dispute.

This is not a phenomenon that is historically unprecedented. Western countries engaged in a similar lending binge both during and after the Cold War, one that ultimately resulted in undue influence over the domestic and foreign policies of countries in the developing world.



International studies have shown there are already a number of states that are increasingly at risk of debt peonage to China (i.e. countries with large outstanding debts held by Beijing, and whose economies are unlikely to grow at a sustainable enough clip to meet their future debt payments on schedule. These countries include Djibouti, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, the Maldives, Mongolia, Montenegro, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. Then there are other countries such as Nepal or Cambodia, who could easily join this group in the near future due to their growing need for outside finance. This report will cover four countries in particular where Chinas geopolitical ambitions are converging with the BRI and other state-backed lending schemes aimed at expanding Beijings commercial, and by extension geopolitical, outreach....


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Addresses the Nation "IndyWatch Feed War"

TeleSUR English Published on 8 Aug 2018 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro addresses the nation with results of the assassination attempt investigation. Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, revealed important evidence during a press-conference on Tuesday evening, highlighting the details of the assassination attempt in which two drones were equipped with C4 explosives. The testimony of some of...


The Big Ride, Palestine: Jew-Hating Bikers At Speakers Corner "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Big Ride, Palestine: Jew-Hating Bikers At Speakers Corner
Last Sunday in Speakers Corner there were about 100 cyclists who suddenly descended on the area. They were all decked out in identical attire, which had obviously been mass-ordered and mass-produced and paid for by someone or some group. The tee shirts said THE BIG RIDE PALESTINE. They came cycling to the corner where everyone debates []


Marking 10 Years After Georgia Started War with Russia "IndyWatch Feed War"

In the early morning hours of Aug. 8, 2008, heavy fighting erupted in and around Tskhinvali, the capital, which spread to other parts of South Ossetia. Georgia violated a 1992 peace agreement and opened fire on Russian peacekeepers.


Mahmoud Abbas: Stop Exploiting Ahed Tamimi for Personal Gain "IndyWatch Feed War"

The father of 11-year-old, Abdul Rahman Nofal contacted me, asking for help. His son was shot in the leg during Gazas Great March of Return protests. The Strips dilapidated health care system could not save the little boys leg, as it was later amputated.

His father, Yamen, himself a young man from the Buraij Refugee Camp in central Gaza, only wants his child to receive a prosthetic leg so that he can walk to school. The Israelis are refusing the boy a permit to cross into Ramallah to receive treatment. Desperate, Yamen composed a video, where he pleads with Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, to help his son. So far, his pleas have gone unanswered.

What did this innocent child do to deserve such mistreatment? he asks in the short video. The same question can be asked regarding the ill-treatment of all of Gazas children, of all Palestinian children.

Abbas, along with Israel, has subjected Palestinians in Gaza to a prolonged campaign of collective punishment. As cruel as Israels repeated wars on the impoverished and besieged Strip have been, it is consistent with Tel Avivs history of war crimes and apartheid. But what Abbas is doing to Gaza is not just unfair, but also puzzling.

Why is an 83-year-old leader so keen on engaging Israel through the so-called security coordination, and, yet, so insistent on isolating and punishing his own people in the Gaza Strip?

Instead of helping Gazans who are reeling under the destructive outcomes of Israeli wars and over a decade of hermetic siege, he has been tightening the noose.

Abbas Authority has, thus far, cut salaries it previously paid to Gaza employees, even those loyal to his own faction, Fatah; he has cut salaries to the families of Gaza prisoners held in Israel; he has even withheld payments to the Israeli electric company that provided Gaza with some of its electricity needs, plunging the Strip even further into darkness.

Like Israel, Abbas also wants to see Gaza on its knees. But, unlike Israel, he is humiliating his own brethren.

Starting on May 14, when thousands of Palestinians in Gaza went out to the fenc...


Def Dog: The Matrix at 20 The End of Mind The Rise of Control (#GoogleGestapo Goes AI and Implants) "IndyWatch Feed War"


The Matrix at 20

Cal Thomas

In his new book, World Without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech (Penguin Press), Franklin Foer, a national correspondent for The Atlantic and former editor of The New Republic, expands on the films warnings. Mr. Foer asserts that technology is replacing thought and relationships. He specifically warns of the goals of Google, Facebook, Amazon and other corporate tech giants, charging them with being monopolists who want access to every facet of our identities and influence over every corner of our decision-making.

Read rest of summary article.

Phi Beta Iota: Isaac Asimov predicted this in one of his short stories, where humans were relegated to serving expert machines, and not allowed to read. We have indeed been migrating in that direction because governments have remained corrupt and failed to heed Platos primordal guidance: that the highest duty of government is to nuture and educated engaged citizenry.

The Book:

Elegantly tracing the intellectual history of computer sciencefrom Descartes and the enlightenment to Alan Turing to Stuart Brand and the hippie origins of todays Silicon ValleyFoer exposes the dark underpinnings of our most idealistic dreams for technology. The corporate ambitions of Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon, he argues, are trampling longstanding liberal values, especially intellectual property and privacy. This is a nascent stage in the total automation and homogenization of social, political, and intellectual life. By reclaiming our private authority over how we intellectually engage with the world, we have the power to stem the tide.

At stake is nothing less than who we are, and what...


Is the UK Legal System Supporting Child Marriage? "IndyWatch Feed War"

(Illustrative Photo: Clarion Project)(Illustrative photo: Clarion Project)

Child and forced marriage is alive and well in the UK, in part being supported and encouraged by legal authorities and government officials.

Undercover filming by a reporter of a Muslim woman immigration lawyer by The Times shows the lawyer explaining to the reporter how to circumvent the law in the case of his 18-year-old daughter whom the reporter said he sent to Pakistan to marry as well as his 15-year-old daughter for whom he said he was planning a marriage.

The reporter was speaking to Asama Javed, whom The Times describes as an influential figure in Asian communities. Javed, 44, is a lawyer as well as on the board of directors at an elementary school. She was elected to the city council in Bradford before resigning to run for parliament.

The reporter tells Javed he wants to bring the 18-year old and her husband back to the UK. After learning that the 18-year old is pregnant, unhappy and wants to return to the UK without her husband, Javed warns the reporter not to apply for a spousal visa for his son-in-law.

I dont know how clever she is or isnt, who she might tell and who she might not tell, Javed said. If a...


In a Corporatist System of Government, Corporate Censorship Is State Censorship "IndyWatch Feed War"

Today Twitter has silenced three important anti-war voices on its platform: it has suspended Daniel McAdams, the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute, suspended Scott Horton of the Scott Horton Show, and completely removed the account of prominent writer Peter Van Buren.


Wife of imprisoned blogger Raif Badawi worries for his safety after foreign relations breakdown "IndyWatch Feed War"

The level of persecution for activists in the Saudi Arabia at the moment is unprecedented.

Ive been waiting for 6 years, Ensaf Haidar says. I dont know when I will be able to stop waiting

Ensaf Haidar, Raif Badawis wife, in her apartment in Sherbrooke, Que., in March. She calls Sherbrooke home and Raif has been given honorary citizenship by Sherbrooke and Montreal. (Sylvia Thomson/CBC)

Ensaf Haidar, the wife of jailed Saudi blogger Raif Badawi, says shes worried about what will happen to her husband now that Saudi Arabia is expelling Canadas ambassador.

The move comes after Canada criticized the country for its arrest of womens rights and civil society activists, including Badawi and his sister Samar, who was arrested last week.

The country is also freezing all trade and investment transactions with Canada.

Its alarming news to me. It came as a surprise, Haidar told CBC News Sunday night, saying she still isnt certain what impact the dispute will have on her husbands situation.

I dont know whats going on.

She said she hopes Canada will continue to pressure Saudi Arabia on human rights abuses, including her husbands case.

The Saudi government gave the Canadian Embassy 24 hours to vacate, and its staff to leave the country, in reaction to a tweet by Global Affairs Canada on Friday.


Envoys Saudi Arabia tweet could cost Canada billions "IndyWatch Feed War"

Canadas determination to place human rights at the heart of its foreign policy could cost it billions in trade with an incensed Saudi Arabia the price of a diplomatic initiative that some observers say could pay off in the long run.

Amnesty International activists protest with a placard reading 'No flogging for blogging' against the flogging punishment of Saudi blogger Raif Badawi on Jan...

Amnesty International activists protest with a placard reading No flogging for blogging against the flogging punishment of Saudi blogger Raif Badawi on January 29, 2015 in front of Saudi Arabias embassy to Germany in Berlin Tobias Schwarz (AFP/File)

Since Riyadh announced the expulsion of Ottawas ambassador and a severing of trade ties on Monday, several top officials have reiterated Justin Trudeaus mantra since becoming prime minister in 2015: there can be no compromise on the countrys progressive principles.

We are going to lead with our values, Finance Minister Bill Morneau said Tuesday.

Its important that we bring Canadian values around the world, and we are going to continue to enunciate what we believe are the appropriate ways of dealing with citizens.

Canada has long pressed Saudi Arabia for the release of jailed blogger Raif Badawi, after granting asylum in 2013 to his wife and their three children.

Image: Paris rally for Raif Badawi

A rally supporting Raif Badawi was held in Paris, France, on May 7, 2015. STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP via Getty Images

A Twitter message calling on Riyadh to immediately release his sister and other womens rights activists appears to have tipped the scale.

But that so-called ethics-based approach has its downsides.

In addition to the diplomatic rupture, Saudi Arabia also suspended scholarships for more than 15,000 Saudi students in Canada with plans to relocate them to other countries, and the state airline Saudia suspended flights to Toronto.



German central bank blocks $400 million cash delivery to Iran ahead of crippling new US sanctions "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Trump effect. This is $400 million that wont be going to Hizballah and Hamas. German central bank blocks $400 million cash delivery to Iran ahead of crippling US sanctions, by Benjamin Weinthal, Fox News, August 7, 2018: The U.S. campaign to rein in Iran has scored a victory in the German financial sector, after the []


Resigned Knesset member: Jewish nation-state law is 'ethnic cleansing' "IndyWatch Feed War"


In an interview with MEE, Zouheir Bahloul says that there is a limit to what Arab citizens of Israel can take


African migrants protest in Italy after road deaths "IndyWatch Feed War"

Migrant laborers staged a strike on Wednesday to protest at the deaths of 16 colleagues killed this week in two separate traffic accidents in southern Italy.

Image result for African migrants protest in Italy, photos

African migrant laborers stage a march to protest against their work conditions in Italy, following the death of 16 of their colleagues in two separate road accidents, near Foggia, Italy August 8, 2018. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

Thousands of migrants work in the southern heel of Italy during the summer months, harvesting tomatoes.

Image result for African migrants protest in Italy, photos

They are paid as little as 3 euros ($3.50) an hour, less than half the minimum wage for agricultural workers, and many have to live in shanty towns without water or electricity.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor

An African migrant laborer holds a banner reading against all ghetto, for the dignity of work during a march to protest against his work conditions in Italy, following the death of 16 colleagues in two separate road accidents, near Foggia, Italy August 8, 2018. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

Twelve migrants died on Monday as they traveled home after a day in the fields, with their packed van smashing head-on into an on-coming lorry.

Two days earlier, four migrants died in a near identical accident. Both crashes happened close to the city of Foggia, near the Adriatic coast.



Trump"s Talk of Isolating Iran Speaks More to US Global Isolation "IndyWatch Feed War"

Trumps evident bad faith and lies towards Iran and his outrageous dictate to the international community on how it conducts sovereign business are ensuring that Washington will become further isolated as a rogue state.


Jim Brown on NFL protests: Ill never kneel and I will always respect the flag "IndyWatch Feed War"

Jim Brown is nothing if not consistent. In 2017, the Pro Football Hall of Famer said he would never disrespect the flag and honor his country. He once again made that point before the premiere of Hard Knocks Tuesday.

Ill never kneel and I will always respect the flag, Brown said, via the Associated Press.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

He went on to elaborate on his point.

I am not going to denigrate my flag and Im going to stand for the national anthem, he said. Im fighting with all of my strength to make it a better country, but I dont think thats the issue. Because what is the top side? Are you not going to stand up? This is our country, man.

Brown has spent much of his life as an activist. He has started up programs such as Vital Issues which was aimed at teaching life management skills and personal growth techniques to inner-city gang members and prison inmates.

He has always been a man who talks about issues and has been consistent with his stance on the current protests in the NFL.


What are we Palestinians still doing in the Knesset? "IndyWatch Feed War"

It is time for Arab political representatives to reassess their Knesset participation, which has not brought Palestinians any closer to justice


Codename Acor Sycamore The Saudi-US-Al-Qaeda Operation to Reconquer Canada "IndyWatch Feed War"

Donald Trump will follow the Canadian Saudi dispute with strong interest. He believes that "giving Canada their independence" was "the biggest mistake America ever made". In May he accused Canada of burning down the White House. It is high time to take revenge for that burning insult.


Blame Canada: Six ways Saudi Arabia is hitting back "IndyWatch Feed War"


Canada's criticism of Saudi Arabia's human rights record has provoked a fierce backlash from the kingdom and its supporters


Trump"s Sanctions Admit the End of US Military Dominance "IndyWatch Feed War"

Iran, like Venezuela, Russia and China will not negotiate with someone who has nothing to offer except the back of his hand.


Why CAIR Is Fundraising for MN Candidate Ilhan Omar "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ilhan Omar gives her acceptance speech after being elected as a state representative in Minnesota in 2016. Omar, a refugee from Somalia, is the first Somali-American Muslim woman to hold public office. (Photo: STEPHEN MATUREN/Getty Images)

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) California Political Action Committee (PAC)  revved its fundraising machine for Ilhan Omar, who is running for Congress in Minnesota.

CAIR held three fundraising events in California for the candidate. CAIR is a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity that was designated as a terrorist group by the United Arab Emirates. FBI wiretaps in 1993 revealed CAIR was established to deceptively push the Islamist agenda in America.  

You can read more about CAIRs background here.

Omar is vying for controversial Congressman Keith Ellisons seat in the House of Representatives as he...


Trump Threatens to Ban Companies Doing Business with Iran After Sanctions "IndyWatch Feed War"

Washington (MEE Companies doing business with Iran will be barred from the United States, President Donald Trump said on Tuesday, as new US sanctions took effect despite pleas from Washingtons allies.
iran flag(CC BY 2.0) Flickr: yeowatzup

Washington had lifted sanctions on Iran in accordance with a 2015 international agreement that saw Tehran drastically scale back its nuclear programme.

Trump pulled the US out of the deal in May, ignoring opposition from Washingtons main European allies Britain, France and Germany, as well as Russia and China.

European countries, hoping to persuade Tehran to continue to respect the deal, have promised to try to lessen the blow of sanctions and to urge their firms not to pull out.

But that has proven difficult: European companies have quit Iran, arguing that they cannot risk their US business.

Related: Iran Sues US in International Court Over Sanctions

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif criticised Trumps tweet as a tired cliche and denounced US unila...


Turkish Academics want Passports Back after State of Emergency Lifted "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ankara (TM Turkish academics who were dismissed from their jobs by government decrees during a two-year-long state of emergency have started a campaign on social media to bring up the issue of restrictions still imposed on their passports.
turkish academics passports turkey purgeImage: Nomad Capitalist

Peoples Democratic Party (HDP) deputy and human rights activist mer Faruk Gergerliolu held a press conference in parliament on Monday stressing the serious problems stemming from the passport restrictions.

Gergerliolu said some families were split up due to the restrictions as some academics could not go abroad to live with their families working or staying overseas. Some fired academics were also unable to make use of the scholarships granted by foreign universities or institutions.

Related: No Longer Needed, Erdogan Finally Ditches Turkeys State of Emergency

Last week Turkish academics launched a social media campaign on Twitter with the hashtag Freedom to Passports, stressing that even after the state of emergency was lifted, they still cannot attend conferences or participate in research projects abroad.

Turkey declared a state of emergency following a failed coup attempt on July 15, 2016, and revoked it after two years.

During the state of emergency, some 5,700 academics were dismissed by government decrees on terror charges, while some of them were jailed. The Turkish government also canceled the passports of dismissed academics.

On July 25, the Interior Ministry announced that restrictions on 155,350 passports belonging primarily to people affiliated with the Glen movement or their close relatives had been lifted.

The government accuses the Glen movement of orchestrating the coup attempt, although the movement strongly denies any involvement.

Related: Turkish Lira Hits Record Low, Days After Erdogans New Government Appointed

But some of the dismissed academics were a...


South Korea Deploys Warship to Libya Coast in Show of Force "IndyWatch Feed War"


ISIS-affiliated social media accounts have released a list of over 200 hundred names of Misratan fighters from al-Bunyan al-Marsous (BAM) as targets for assassination. The week before the BAM spokesperson, Mohammed Al-Ghusri, stated in a TV interview that the recent spate of ISIS attacks was a result of ISIS members escaping from Derna.

On 29 July, ISIS fighters were reported to have set up a checkpoint 14 km south of Uqaylah in the al-Wahat Province. This follows reports on 28 July, that several vehicles belonging to ISIS fighters were observed south of Uqaylah moving to the 103 line towards the Kufra and Jalu region.


On 2 August, South Korea redirected the naval ship Munmu the Great from anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden to Libya in order to protect South Korean commercial vessels. This action is thought to be a show of force in response to a video released on 31 July showing footage of a Korean technician and three Filipinos under duress after being kidnapped at the Man-Made River al-Hassouna plant near Ash Shwayrif on 6 July. The Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has also said that he may also follow South Koreas lead and send a naval ship to the Libyan coast, though a recent report suggests they may send officials instead. The armed group responsible and the location of the captives remain unknown.

Libya-Analysis is the most read independent English-language blog on Libyan affairs. It is run by Jason Pack, founder of and researcher of World History at Cambridge University

This article was republished with explicit permission from the author. Featured Photo: US Navy

The post South Korea Deploys Warship to Libya Coast in Show of Force appeared first on GEOPOLITICS ALERT.



Do you remember the Philadelphia experiment lore? Do you remember how 1950s astronomer and Ufo investigator, Dr Morris Jessup's book was annotated by an []



Deadly heatwave and 14-hour power cuts leave Libyans on the edge "IndyWatch Feed War"


Some take to streets to protest against the power company and the Tripoli government - while others head to the beach to cool off


If the EU Sticks to Its Guns, the Only Victim of Washingtons Sanctions Will be Americans "IndyWatch Feed War"

BY Paul Craig Roberts Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: If the EU Sticks to Its Guns, the Only Victim of Washingtons Sanctions Will be Americans American Herald Tribune: Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, and even India are targets of the US sanctions; what practical measures should these countries employ to counter US sanctions? Paul Craig Roberts: The sanctions only []


The Coming Polynesian Union "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Polynesian Leaders Group is a step in the direction of unity for Pacific peoples. The only barrier to it and the Melanesian Spearhead Group is interference from the politico-military viceroys in Canberra, Wellington, Washington, London, and Paris.


israel (apartheid state) running campaign against Jeremy #Corbyn "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israel running campaign against Jeremy Corbyn Asa Winstanley Jeremy Corbyn has been under pressure from the Israel lobby once again. (Chatham House/Flickr) An app operated as part of an Israeli government propaganda campaign issued a mission for social media users to make comments against Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, accusing him of anti-Semitism. This is []


Europe vows to keep on trading with Iran, defying Trumps economic sanctions "IndyWatch Feed War"

Europe vows to keep trading with Iran, defying Trumps economic sanctions Its up to Europeans to decide who they want to trade with, says European Union foreign policy chief. By Associated Press The European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini says the EU is encouraging enterprises to increase their business with Iran, as that country []


VIPS Asks Twitter to Restore Van Burens Account "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity in a memo to the Twitter board of directors questions its decision to suspend the account of one of its members without due process. August 8, 2018 TO: Twitter Board of Directors FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) SUBJECT: Suspension of VIPS Associate Peter Van Burens Twitter Account []


Philippines: Australian Prof To Be Deported For Human Right Advocacy More Creeping China-Style Philippines "IndyWatch Feed War"

Prof Gill Boehringer

(Photo of Prof. Gill Boehringer)

Kristine Joy Patag ( August 8, 2018 3:58pm

MANILA, Philippines An Australian professor was barred from entering the country on Wednesday for allegedly joining protests and fact-finding missions, said rights group Karapatan.

In a statement, the group said that 84-year-old Gill Boehringer, a law professor and human rights advcate, was held by the Bureau of Immigration upon his arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, midnight of August 8.

The professor was told that he is on the Immigration bureaus blacklist for allegedly joining protest actions and fact-finding missions in the Philippines. He will also be deported.

The Department of Justice has yet to respond to requests for comment and confirmation. A Bureau of Immigration spokesperson said the agency will look into this and promised to issue a statement soon.

Cristina Palabay, Karapatan secretary general, slammed the alleged detention and deportation of the elderly professor.

She said the government has been working to prevent individuals from exposing the gross rights violations happening in the country, cowardly hiding beyond the rhetoric of exercising the countrys sovereign will.

Karapatan said Boehringer has long been active in campaigning for human rights in the Philippines, including the plight of Lumads in Mindanao and the militarization of their communities amid martial law.

The Australian professor is also married to a Filipina and has frequented the Philippines.

Palabay called on the Immigration bureau to respect Boehringers right to due process and to have access to his family, lawyers and doctors.

We call on authorities to stop Professor Boehringers deportation and immediately repeal all orders violating the peoples basic and fundamental rights, regardless of nationality, Palabay added.



Venezuela: Former police chief claims role in drone attack "IndyWatch Feed War"

A former Venezuelan municipal police chief and anti-government activist says he helped organize an operation to launch armed drones over a military rally on Saturday that President Nicolas Maduro has called an assassination attempt.

Image result for Salvatore Lucchese, photos

Venezuelan opposition activist Salvatore Lucchese speaks during an interview with Reuters in Bogota, Colombia August 6, 2018. REUTERS/Carlos Julio Martinez

In an interview, Salvatore Lucchese, a Venezuelan activist who was previously imprisoned for his role in past protests, told Reuters he orchestrated the attack with a loose association of anti-Maduro militants known generally in Venezuela as the resistance.

The resistance referred to by Lucchese is a diffuse collection of street activists, student organizers and former military officers. It has little formal structure, but is known in the country mostly for organizing protests in recent years in which demonstrators have clashed with police and soldiers.

Reuters could not independently verify Luccheses claims about the attack, in which drones flew over the rally in central Caracas. Explosives aboard the drones detonated, injuring seven military officers and sending attendees scurrying for cover.

Lucchese described the incident as part of a sustained, armed effort against Maduro. He declined to describe his precise role in the operation, in the broader resistance or identify others involved, citing the need to protect their identity.

We had an objective and in the moment we were not able to materialize it 100 percent, Lucchese said in an interview in Bogota, where he is traveling because of activities with other opposition figures. The armed struggle will continue.

Venezuelas Information Ministry did not reply to a request for comment.

Venezuelan opposition activist Salvatore Lucchese speaks during an interview with Reuters in Bogota, Colombia August 6, 2018. Picture taken August 6, 2018. REUTERS/Carlos Julio Martinez

Earlier this year, Lucchese par...


Eurosatory 2018 ICBUW took part in proceedings "IndyWatch Feed War"

We all want peace and security, let us shift the paradigm Eurosatory is the leading international land and airland defence and security exhibition that took place from June 11 to 15, 2018 at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre. In 2016, it gathered 1,571 exhibitors, 212 official delegations, 57,024 international visitors and 700 journalists from all over the world.


John Bolton: North Korea not denuclearizing "IndyWatch Feed War"

What we need is performance from North Korea on denuclearization.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing and eyeglasses

National Security Adviser John Bolton speaks during the daily press briefing at the White House, Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

U.S. President Donald Trumps national security adviser John Bolton said in an interview on Fox News that North Korea has not taken steps towards denuclearizing the Korean peninsula despite an agreement between the president and Kim Jong Un.


National security adviser John Bolton said Tuesday that North Korea has not made progress toward denuclearization in a dismal acknowledgment that comes nearly two months after President Trump held a historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore.

The United States has lived up to the Singapore declaration. Its just North Korea that has not taken the steps we feel are necessary to denuclearize, Bolton said in an interview on Fox News Channel on Tuesday morning.

He added the United States will continue to apply pressure until Pyongyang produces results.

The idea that were going to relax the sanctions just on North Koreas say-so, I think, is something that just isnt under consideration, Bolton said. Were going to continue to apply maximum pressure to North Korea until they denuclearize, just as we are to Iran.

Unlike North Korea, Iran does not possess nuclear weapons, according to U.S. intelligence agencies and international monitors. Under a 2015 nuclear accord, Iran agreed to curtail elements of its nuclear energy program that raised proliferation concerns and pledged never to seek, develop or acquire any nuclear weapons. Trump withdrew the United States from that agreement in May.

The Trump administration has consistently sought to reassure critics that Kim will make good on his pledges to denuclearize. Last month, Trump.....


israels (apartheid state) Food Theft as a Form of Cultural Genocide "IndyWatch Feed War"

Food Theft as a Form of Cultural Genocide Cultural Genocide Back in 2012 I wrote a short book entitled Cultural Genocide (Rutgers University Press). It looked at four case studies of this phenomenon: the American Indians, Russian treatment of Jews in the 19th century, Chinese assimilation of Tibet, and Israels ongoing treatment of the Palestinians. []


Brussels Alarmed Over Populist Threat in Spain Due to Immigration Tensions Italy, Holland, Poland, and Hungary stand apart "IndyWatch Feed War"

Migrants sit on the ground in El Tarajal, Ceuta, close to the boarder with Morocco on December 9, 2016 after being rounded up by police to be attended to by Red Cross personnel and taken to the Center for Temporary Stay of Immigrants (CETI) after nearly 400 migrants forced their


The European Commission is alarmed by a heating up of debates over immigration in Spain, provoked by rising populist leaders, El Pas reported Monday.

Meanwhile, a chill runs through the headquarters of the European Commission at the possibility that another EU member could fall prey to a populist discourse that is very difficult to extinguish once it spreads, the newspaper warned.

The report suggests that a populist current is infiltrating Spanish conservative waters, especially those of the Popular Party (PP) and Ciudadaos, the party of Alberto Rivera, which has progressive leaders and pundits in a panic.

We cannot afford to lose Spain, said an unnamed high-ranking official cited by El Pas, who complained of the current fragility of the EU, with its limping Franco-German axis and partners such as Italy, Holland, Poland, and Hungary whose governments are skeptical to the EU or openly dissenting.

In the current situation, Spain, due to its demographic and economic weight, is a fundamental piece to give strength to the Europeanist bloc, the official said.

Brussels nervousness began on on July 29, the paper states, when the new president of the PP, Pablo Casado Blanco, tweeted that Spain has no room for all the immigrants who may want to come.

It is not possible to provide papers for everyone, nor is a welfare state sustainable that can absorb the millions of Africans who want to come to Europe. We have to say it, even though it is politically incorrect, he said, appealing for sincerity.



Child Detainee Testimonies Point to Torture by israeli (apartheid state) Forces "IndyWatch Feed War"

Child Detainee Testimonies Point to Torture by Israeli Forces                   Affidavits, from a number of Palestinian children, for the Prisoners Affairs Commission reveal that they were subjected to systematic beating and torture, during and after detention by Israeli forces, the commission said on Tuesday. Commission attorney Hiba []


This Is the Real, Americanized, Nazi-Dominated Ukraine "IndyWatch Feed War"

This Is the Real, Americanized, Nazi-Dominated Ukraine Eric Zuesse Strategic Review Aug 7, 2018 Such important reality as is shown in this picture is virtually unpublishable in mainstream US newsmedia, because US newsmedia need to deceive their public about the most important international realities such as that the US imposed upon Ukraine a Nazi regime against Russia, []


Crippling drought hammers Australian farmers Shooting their stock because they dont want them to suffer "IndyWatch Feed War"

A crippling drought is ravaging vast tracts of Australias pastoral heartlands, decimating herds and putting desperate farmers under intense financial and emotional strain, with little relief in sight.

While the country is no stranger to big drys and its people have long had a reputation as resilient, the extreme conditions across swathes of Australias east are the worst in more than 50 years.

A smattering of rain earlier this week did little to ease one of the driest starts to the year on record, turning pastures to dust and destroying huge areas of grazing and crop lands.

With no feed, farmers have been forced to ship in grain or hay from other parts of the country to keep sheep and cattle alive, spending thousands of extra dollars a week just to stay afloat.

Some exhausted graziers spend hours each day hand-feeding their stock because the ground is too dry for grass to grow. Others have been forced to shoot starving cattle

DROUGHT: Jamie Marquet's dairy farm at Wallarobba in February. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

 DROUGHT: Jamie Marquets dairy farm at Wallarobba in February. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

They are shooting their stock because they dont want them to suffer. They are shooting them because they just cant afford to feed them anymore, Tash Johnston, co-founder of charity Drought Angels, told AFP.

Farmers have also had to ration water for their families and their herds because the dams on their properties are dry or nearly empty.

Many face the prospect of abandoning their homes altogether some after being on the land for generations.

It is a scenario repeated across New South Wales state, where agriculture contributes more than Aus$15 billion (US$11 billion) to the states economy annually, employing more than 77,000 people.

Authorities on Wednesday officially declared the entire state in drought.

Image result for sheep , cattle, drought, australia

Hay prices have skyrocketed in southeas...


israel (apartheid state) is killing Palestinian children at record rates, "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israel Is Killing Palestinian Children at Record Rates, Group Says Mourners carry the body of Palestinian teenager Arkan Mezeher, who was killed by Israeli soldiers during a raid, during his funeral in Dheishe refugee camp, near West Bank city of Bethlehem on July 23, 2018. (Photo: Wisam Hashlamoun/APA Images) The first half of 2018 has []


Facebook: Farrakhans Anti-Semitic Talks Do Not Violate Hate Speech Rules Isnt This Racism? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhans official Facebook page seems rife with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and other hateful speech, which have not been censored by Facebook content monitors.
  • Facebook has allowed Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to espouse anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on its platform
  • Facebook deleted right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones page on Monday for violating rules against hate speech
  • Videos on Farrakhans page show him accusing Jews of secretly controlling government agencies and weaponizing marijuana to feminize black men

Videos posted to Farrakhans Facebook page show the Nation of Islam leader claiming that Jews are secretly controlling government agencies to suppress black Americans and blaming Jews for weaponizing marijuana with chemicals to feminize black men.

Image result for Louis Farrakhan, photos

Neither of those videos violate Facebooks rules prohibiting hate speech, a Facebook spokeswoman told The Daily Caller News Foundation in a phone interview Tuesday.

Another video that showed Farrakhan warning against interracial marriage which he blames on the enemy in Hollywood to keep the black race from being any further mongrelized, was originally ruled not to violate hate speech rules, according to the Facebook spokeswoman.

After this article was published, the spokeswoman called back and said that a closer review by the companys content monitors determined Farrakhans use of the word mongrelized did violate Facebooks rules, and that the video would be deleted.

Facebook and other tech giants, including Spotify, YouTube and Apple, banned right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones from their platforms Monday for violating prohibitions against hate speech.

Heres how Facebook defines hate speech:

a direct attack on people based on what we call protected characteristics race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, caste, sex, gender, gender identity, and serious disease or disability. We also provide some protections for immigration status. We define attack as violent or dehumanizing speech, statements of inferiority, or calls for exclusion or segregation.

Farrakhan has repeatedly advanced anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on his Facebook page.

The FBI has been the worst enemy of black advancement. See the Jews have...


What utter nonsense: Trump: Sanctions on Iran a Bid for World Peace "IndyWatch Feed War"

Trump: Sanctions on Iran a Bid for World Peace Iran FM: World Sick and Tired of US Unilateralism In a post on Twitter, President Trump offered a self-congratulatory announcement that sanctions on Iran have been reimposed, declaring them the most biting sanctions ever imposed, and saying that they are a push for WORLD PEACE, nothing []


Rick Gates Testifies That Manafort Worked to Help Ukraine Enter the EU "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sputnik 08.08.2018 Rick Gates, Paul Manaforts longtime business partner, took the witness stand in Manaforts financial crimes trial for the second time on Tuesday, this time revealing that the former Trump campaign chair had worked on policies to help bring Ukraine closer to the European Union. According to Vice News, on the stand, Gates []


California Questions Its Growth: We pushed new development into fire-prone areas "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Mendocino Complex has scorched more than 290,000 acres as of Tuesday and may take a month to contain

California Questions Its Growth as Its Largest Wildfire Burns

You really should move out of harms way

The Mendocino Complex fire in Northern California has just grown to become the largest wildfire in state history, devouring more than 290,000 acres. Photo: Getty Images

SAN FRANCISCOFirefighters warned Tuesday it could take a month to contain the largest wildfire in Californias history.

The blazethe second time in eight months a wildf...


Palestinian farmers called terrorists by jewish settlers (terrorists) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Farmer terrorism is the new Jewish settler slogan justifying the destruction of crops By Ramona Wadi | MEMO | August 7, 2018 In less than three months, Jewish settlers have destroyed over 2,000 trees and grapevines in the occupied West Bank. Rights group BTselem has issued a detailed report on this destruction, including testimony from []


Daimler abandons its Iran plans over US sanctions "IndyWatch Feed War"

The maker of Mercedes-Benz cars confirmed Tuesday that it has suspended its activities in the country until further notice according to applicable sanctions.

Daimler (DDAIF) said in a statement that Irans automotive markets have been significantly weaker than expected, and it had not yet resumed production or sale of Mercedes cars or trucks in the country. The company has not sold cars in Iran since 2010.

Image result for Mercedes-Benz, photos

The German carmaker had announced plans in 2016 to return to Iran after economic sanctions were lifted under an international agreement that sought to limit the countrys nuclear program.

Related: One of Irans most iconic industries faces disaster

Daimler was joined by major companies including Boeing (BA), Airbus (EADSF), Total (TOT) and Siemens(SIEGY), all of which sought to capitalize on pent up demand in Iran for consumer products and improvements to infrastructure and equipment.

Their plans were upended in May, when President Donald Trump decided to withdraw from the Iran nuclear accord and reimpose economic sanctions, the first wave of which took effect at midnight on Tuesday.

Companies caught violating the sanctions could be cut off from the US financial system and targeted with other punishments.

US official said Monday that nearly 100 international firms have announced...


Americas gulags: Migrant Kids Stripped, Drugged, Locked Away. So Much For Compassion "IndyWatch Feed War"

Migrant Kids Stripped, Drugged, Locked Away. So Much For Compassion By WP Editorial Board WHEN ACCOUNTS of abuse emerged in June from a detention center for migrant minors in Virginia children as young as 14 stripped naked, shackled, strapped to chairs, their heads encased in bags, left for days or longer in solitary confinement, []


Trump and Advisors Diverge on Iran: What does it mean for israel? "IndyWatch Feed War"

No preconditions, no, they want to meet Ill meet, anytime they want, President Donald Trump said.

 AUGUST 8, 2018 09:27
US President Donald Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump gestures while addressing a joint news conference with Nigerias President Muhammadu Buhari in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, US, April 30, 2018.. (photo credit: KEVIN LAMARQUE/REUTERS)

WASHINGTON Amidst the United States of Americas sanctions on Iran, President Donald Trump says he is ready to meet with Iran without preconditions, while Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has preconditions.

The disconnect of recent weeks was sharpened Monday when the White...


Gatekeepers or Censors? How Tech Manages Online Speech "IndyWatch Feed War"

The rules that Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter follow in their roles as arbiters of online speech are often vague. Critics say they are arbitrary.

Apple, Google and Facebook this week erased from their services many but not all videos, podcasts and posts from the right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his Infowars site. And Twitter left Mr. Joness posts untouched.

Image result for google, facebook, twitter, art, photos

The differing approaches to Mr. Jones exposed how unevenly tech companies enforce their rules on hate speech and offensive content. There are only a few cases in which the companies appear to consistently apply their policies, such as their ban on child pornography and instances in which the law required them to remove content, like Nazi imagery in Germany.

When left to make their own decisions, the tech companies often struggle with their roles as the arbiters of speech and leave false information, upset users and confusing decisions in their wake. Here is a look at what the companies, which control the worlds most popular public forums, allow and ban.

Facebook at the Center of the Storm

Of all the tech companies, Facebook has faced the biggest public outcry over what it allows on its platform.

Whenever the social media company has been pressed to explain its decision-making, it has referred to its community standards, a public document that outlines Facebooks rules for users. The company has outright bans against violent content, nudity and terrorist recruitment propaganda. The rules on other types of content, including hate speech and false news, are more ambiguous.

When asked about Infowars last month, Facebooks chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, said he wouldnt remove pages hosting popular conspiracy theories of the type Mr. Jones is known for sharing. Mr. Zuckerberg then turned the conversation to the subject of the Holocaust, defending Facebook users who deny the Holocaust occurred.

His awkward explanation prompted outrage, and less than a day later, Mr. Zuckerberg offered a public apology.



BBC double standards in reporting social media incitement evident again "IndyWatch Feed War"

As we have seen in the past BBC reporting on social media incitement to violence and/or glorification of terrorism differs depending on location.

Reviewing BBC reporting on social media incitement in Europe and Israel

In April of this year the BBC News websites domestic pages reported the sentencing of a Salford man previously found guilty of encouragement of terrorism.

Muslim convert Adam Wyatt, 48, admitted disseminating a terrorist publication that said Britain must atone for its sins in Palestine and posting on social media that jihad was an obligation for all Muslims.

The following month the website reported the sentencing of a man from Sunderland who had previously pleaded guilty to similar offences.

A shopkeeper who tweeted support for Islamic State (IS) and called for death to Shias has been jailed for four-and-a-half years.

Mohammed Zahir Khan, of Nora Street, Sunderland, had admitted encouraging terrorism, dissemination of a terror publication and stirring up religious hatred.

Unsurprisingly, the BBC did not send a reporter to interview either of those men before they were sentenced. Neither did it promote the notion that they were put on trial because of their identity to millions of audience members or portray either of their cases as being about free speech.

However, when an Israeli-Arab woman was sentenced to five months in prison after having been convicted of incitement to violence in her poems and social media posts, the BBC News website amplified her claims of political persecution in a July 31st...


That Time John Bolton Threatened to Murder Children to Start the Iraq War "IndyWatch Feed War"

John Bolton(CJ Opinion)  If youve been wondering why youre seeing John Boltons carrion-soaked mustache on screen more than usual lately, its because things are escalating further with Iran. President Trumps National Security Advisor has been on a whirlwind media tour helping the imperial propaganda machine manufacture support for the latest round of crushing sanctions that have now gone []


NGOs and Development Studies promote Canadian Foreign Policy "IndyWatch Feed War"

Are they critical thinkers or cheerleaders pretending to be independent of the government that funds them? Given the title conference organizers chose Is Canada Back: delivering on good intentions? one would guess the latter. But, an independent researcher keeps an open mind.

Publicity for the mid-September conference organized by the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC) and the Canadian Association for the Study of International Development (CASID) notes: Inspired by Justin Trudeaus 2015 proclamation Canada is Back, we are presenting panels that illustrate or challenge Canadas role in global leadership. Are we doing all that we could be doing in the world?

Formulating the question this way seems like a sop to the government that provides their funding. Conference organizers must be aware of the Trudeau governments arms sales to Saudi Arabias monarchy, backing for brutal mining companies, NATO deployments, antagonism towards Palestinian rights, efforts to topple the Venezuelan government, failure to end Canadas low level war on Iran, refusal to support nuclear weapons controls, promotion of military spending, etc.

The reality is that while the two conference sponsors are supported by some labour unions, left groups and internationalist-minded young people, they are heavily dependent/tied to Canadas official foreign policy apparatus.

To understand government influence over the NGO/development studies swamp requires wading through acronym-filled historical waters. An umbrella group representing dozens of major development NGOs, the CCIC was created fifty years ago with financing from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA, now part of Global Affairs Canada). The aid agency expected it to coordinate relations with the growing NGO network and build domestic political support for the aid program. While it has challenged government policy on occasion, the CCIC is highly dependent on government funds. Shortly...


Trillion Dollar Companies: The Apple Empire and Concentrated Markets "IndyWatch Feed War"

It seems a distant reality, or nightmare now: a company that was near defunct in 1996, now finding itself at the imperial pinnacle of the corporate ladder.  Then, publications were mournful and reflective about the corporation that gave us the Apple Computer.  An icon had fallen into disrepair.  Then came the renovations, the Steve Jobs retooling and sexed-up products of convenience.

Apples valuation last Thursday came in at $1 trillion and may well make it the first trillion dollar company on the planet.  That its assets are worth more than a slew of countries is surely something to be questioned rather than cheered.  This un-elected entity, with employees versed in evading, as far as possible, the burdens of public accountability, poses a troubling minder about how concentrated financial power rarely squares with democratic governance.

Chalking up such a mark is only impressive for those keeping an eye on the trillion dollar line.  Chinas state-owned PetroChina is another muscular contender for getting there first, while the Saudi Arabian energy company Aramco, which produces a far from negligible 10 percent of the worlds oil, could well scoot past Apple should it go public.

Cheering was exactly what was demanded by James Pethokoukis of the American Enterprise Institute, whose piece in The Week suggests that Apple reached that mark the right way.  The critics of such concentrated power, technology company or otherwise, were simply wrong.  For them, superbig is automatically superbad.

Praise for Apple, an abstract being, is warranted in the way that its ally, modern capitalism, should be. The story of Apple is really the story of modern capitalism doing what it does best: turning imagination into reality.  The author prefers to see Apple, and Amazon, as products of US genius in the capitalist context.

The New York Times is similarly impressed, linking individual gargantuan successes to the broader American effort in the economy.  A small gaggle of US companies commanding a larger share of total corporate profits than at any time since the 1970s, is not necessarily something to snort at. The nine-year bull market has, essentially, been powered by the four technology giants. Their successes are also propelling the broader economy, which is on track for its fastest growth rate in a decade.

To its credit, the paper does pay lip service to concerns that such superstar firms are doing their bit to stifle wage growth, shrink an already struggling, barely breathing middle class, while jolting income inequality.

This is where the...


Apples CEO Tim Cook: Serf Labor, Overpriced iPhones, and Wasted Burning Profits "IndyWatch Feed War"

The New York Times screamed its Headline In 1997, Apple was 90 Days from Going Broke. On Thursday [Aug. 2, 2018], It Became the first publicly traded American company to be valued at$1,000,000,000,000. The first trillion dollar company!

The boosters and commentators cheered, adding, How High Could it Go? In CEOs Tim Cooks announcement, we learned that there were $20 billion more of the shareholders money spent on wasteful stock buybacks. Stock buybacks enable fatter compensation metrics for Apples bosses (see Steven Cliffords The CEO Pay Machine). Corporate managers love stock buybacks.

Earlier this year Apple executives dictatorially announced that it was going to spend $100 billion to buying back its stock, without of course, receiving the owners-shareholders approval. The owners might have preferred that some of that amount be used to pay them greater cash dividends. More far-sighted shareholders consider the presumably longer-view: institutional shareholders might have recommended more productive and equitable uses for that vast sum.

Some suggestions: Two billion dollars (a mere 2 percent of that $100 billion) would double the wages of its 1.3 million serf-workers driven to the wall by Apples Chinese-based mega-factory contractor. Another two billion would have made major improvements in the global recycling of the present deadly (to the environment and workers) handling of toxic discarded iPhones and computers. Some of that $100 billion could have gone to productive investments, R&D, shoring up Apples pension plan, raising wages of Apples employees, paying Apples fair share of taxes or, consumers take note, lowering the prices of their over-priced phones and components.

Apples media cheerleaders can only see blizzards of dollars. They dont see the damage that this touted successful business model is doing to Apple stakeholders.

Exceptionally, Mark Phillips in his page one New York Times story on Apples report takes note of the corporate concentration in business profits and markets. Economists, he writes, are starting to look into whether the rise of so-called super-star firms is contributing to the lackluster wage growth, shrinking the middle class and raising income inequality in the United States. The vast social and political influence wielded by their mega-companies has prompted lawmakers to demand more regulation to rein them in.

Apples business model rests on low wage-labor in China and gouging iPhone consumers in the U.S. The federal cops on the corporate antitrust beat have been asleep for years a somnolence well recognized by Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google.

Phillips reports, Apple and Google provide...


Trump Threatens to Sanction All Companies That Do Business With Iran "IndyWatch Feed War"

Trump Business With Iran(ANTIWAR.COM)  Declaring sanctions against Iran the most biting ever imposed, President Trump on Tuesday vowed to go after any companies worldwide that continue to do business with Iran, sanctioning them and forbid them access to the American market. Trumps threats appear to have had some effect already, with Daimler AG, a German automaker, announcing that they are going []


US-backed alliance in Yemen war bribes, recruits al-Qaeda warlords, report finds "IndyWatch Feed War"

Yemeni militias backed by Saudi Arabia, the United States and the United Arab Emirates are actively paying off al-Qaeda-allied factions to abstain from the fighting, and are recruiting al-Qaeda members to fight against Shiite rebels, according to a new investigative report.


Intel Professionals Plead for Humanitarian Asylum for Julian Assange "IndyWatch Feed War"

Memorandum for: The US Embassies of Ecuador and the United Kingdom, and the U.S. State Department From: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity Subject: Humanitarian Asylum for Julian Assange For six years, WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange has been effectively imprisoned without charges at Ecuadors London embassy. In that time, two international courts and dozens of respected Continue reading "Intel Professionals Plead for Humanitarian Asylum for Julian Assange"

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Drifting Away From Peace "IndyWatch Feed War"

With the Cold War ending in the early 1990s, some Western scholars predicted a more peaceful world with liberal democracy the only game in town. The findings of the Global Peace Index suggest otherwise. The twelfth edition of the Global Peace Index (GPI) reports that the global level of peace deteriorated by 0.27 per cent Continue reading "Drifting Away From Peace"

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Political War! Washington Goes Full Retard on the Russia Hoax "IndyWatch Feed War"

Its hard to identify anything thats more uncoupled from reality than the Donalds Trade War and reckless Fiscal Debauch. Together they will soon monkey-hammer todays delirious Wall Street revilers and send main streets aging and anemic recovery back into the drink. Except, except. When it comes to unreality, Trumps crackpot economics is actually more than Continue reading "Political War! Washington Goes Full Retard on the Russia Hoax"

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Who Are the Israelis? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Years ago I had a friendly discussion with Ariel Sharon. I told him: "I am first of all an Israeli. After that I am a Jew." He responded heatedly: "I am first of all a Jew, and only after that an Israeli!" That may look like an abstract debate. But in reality, this is the Continue reading "Who Are the Israelis?"

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410 Movies Made Under the Direct Supervision of the Pentagon "IndyWatch Feed War"

Pentagon Movies Hollywood(ZHE)  A year ago we featured a detailed report by authors Tom Secker and Matthew Alford exposing just how vast the Pentagon and CIA programs for partnering with Hollywood actually are, based on some 4,000 new pages of formerly classified archived documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. The report noted at the time that These documents for the first []


Purpose Goes to Latin America "IndyWatch Feed War"

Cory Morningstar with Forrest Palmer  How do global powers orchestrate destabilisation and war? And how are propaganda constructs like the White Helmets brought to life? The only way to even begin to answer those questions is to follow the money, analyse the networks and interrogate the messaging. In Purpose goes to Latin America Cory Morningstar,...


.. "IndyWatch Feed War"

.. .. .. .. []


The History of the Workers Unemployment Insurance Bill "IndyWatch Feed War"

At a time when the American population is radicalizing, when popular movements are coalescing around radical demandsMedicare for All, the abolition of ICE, tuition-free college, in general the demand to make society livable for everyoneit can be useful to draw collective inspiration from the past. Irruptions of the popular will have on innumerable occasions reshaped history, remade the terrain of class struggle such that the ruling class was, at least for a moment, thrown on the defensive and forced to retreat. Especially when pundits and politicians are insisting on the virtues of centrism and the essential conservatism of Americans, it is important to remember just how false these shibboleths are, particularly in a time of economic stagnation and acute social discontent.

One of the most remarkable demonstrations of the deep-seated radicalism of ordinary people has been all but forgotten, even by historians: namely, the Workers Unemployment Insurance Bill (or Workers Bill) that was introduced in Congress in 1934, 1935, and 1936. Despite essentially no press coverage and extreme hostility from the business community and the Roosevelt administration, a mass movement developed behind this bill that had been written by the Communist Party. The tremendous popular pressure that was brought to bear on Congress secured a stunning victory in the spring of 1935, when the bill became the first unemployment insurance plan in U.S. history to be recommended by a congressional committee (the House Labor Committee). It was defeated in the Houseby a vote of 204 to 52but the widespread support for the bill was likely a factor in the easy passage later in 1935 of the relatively conservative Social Security Act, which laid the foundation for the American welfare state.

Aside from its direct legislative importance, the Workers Bill is of interest in that it shows just how left-wing vast swathes of the population were in the 1930s and can become when a political force emerges to articulate their grievances. This bill, which was far more radical than provisions in the Soviet Union for social insurance, was endorsed by over 3,500 local unions (and the regular conventions of several International unions and state bodies of the American Federation of Labor), practically every unemployed organization in the country, fraternal lodges, governmental bodies in over seventy cities and counties, and groups representing veterans, farmers, African-Americans, women, the youth, and churches. In the West, the South, the Midwest, and the East, millions of citizens signed petitions and postcards in support of it. And this was all despite the active hostility of every sector of socie...


List 672 Identification data of Russians Involved in the Aggression against Georgia in August 2008 "IndyWatch Feed War"

While Georgian politicians and non-governmental organizations are arguing and cannot decide on Tatunashvili-Otkhozoria List, on the eve...

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Peace Leader Speaks Against US-backed Regime Change in Nicaragua, Confronted by Anti-Ortega Opposition "IndyWatch Feed War"

Camilo Meja prefaced his explanation of the seemingly inexplicable eruption of violence in his native Nicaragua with the admonition that no one should take his word but should research the facts as he has. Meja spoke at an event co-sponsored by the Task Force on the Americas, a 32-year-old anti-imperialist human rights group. Anti-Ortega demonstrators filtered into the now standing-room-only lecture hall, periodically heckling Meja. Calmly and graciously, Meja welcomed the opposition elements and even allowed a senior woman who had been a Sandinista to take the microphone and make an impassioned appeal for regime change. But when the opposition elements became intolerantly disruptive to the expression of views contrary to their own, Meja admonished: By your actions, you demonstrate what kind of democracy you stand for.


NATO fighter jet accidentally fires live missile near Russian border "IndyWatch Feed War"

RT | August 7, 2018 Spanish fighter jets taking part in a NATO Air policing mission over Estonia have been temporarily suspended from completing their duties, after one of the pilots erroneously fired an armed missile during a training flight. A group of two Spanish Eurofighter Typhoon 2000 jets and two French Mirage 2000 jets []


Arrests at nuclear sites mark 73rd anniversary of atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki "IndyWatch Feed War"

from the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action Activists honor Catholic archbishop, who was a prophetic voice for peace, on anniversary of atomic bombing by Leonard Eiger Silverdale, Washington: Activists blockaded the West Coast nuclear submarine base that would likely carry out a nuclear strike against the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea) should []


Venezuelas Monetary Revolution "IndyWatch Feed War"

Nino Pagliccia Venezuela has undergone many challenges in the last 20 years since Hugo Chavez was elected president and continued after his death in 2013. The main reason is that Venezuela has taken seriously the internationally recognized right to be sovereign and establish its own social model. Violence has never been part of the model....


Death by 10,000 Cuts: The Zionist campaign to silence Palestine at SFSU "IndyWatch Feed War"

In this article, Professor Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi, founding director and senior scholar of the Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies Program at San Francisco State University offers an update and critical analysis of the struggle for scholarship, pedagogy and advocacy on justice for/in Palestine as part and parcel of the indivisibility of justice.

At the outset I want to reiterate my gratitude to everyone who has stood by me and us, faculty, student, staff and the broader community of justice at San Francisco State University in our struggle against silencing and for justice in/for Palestine as part and parcel of the indivisibility of justice. It would have never been possible for any of us individually and collectively to continue resisting this onslaught if it were not for having you in our corner. History has taught us that this is how social movements organize, mobilize and defeat bullies whether it is on campus grounds, orchestrated lobbies or authoritarian states.

Secondly, I want to stress that my radio silence for the past period since Lawfare filed its amended lawsuit is not due to my being afraid only oppressors fear the truththough the Zionist campaign has certainly intensified in the last few months beyond where it was before. The campaign sought to silence me and isolate me from my colleagues on campus by making me radioactive; distract and derail me from my scholarship and destroy my reputation in the academy; dismantle the AMED Studies Program; criminalize Palestine justice-centered campus activism; and ring alarm bells among my family over my safety and well-being. Most recently the Zionist campaign sought to deprive me of my livelihood by instigating disciplinary measures against me by the SFSU Administration and CSU Chancellors office and by tightening the screws around me or as a dear colleague put it, death by 10,000 cuts.

Tomorrow, my lawyers  and I will appear before Judge Orrick in Federal Court in San Francisco to once again challenge a frivolous lawsuit filed by the Lawfare Project, which describes itself as an arm of the pro-Israel community and whose executive Director, Brooke Goldstein, promised to inflict massive punishment on those of us who dare research, teach or advocate for justice in/for Palestine. This is Lawfares third attempt to sue me. Judge Orrick dismissed Lawfares second attempt on November 8, 2017, and issued his thoughtful and detailed 38 page order on March 9, 2018. Lawfare filed its...


Venezuela: Opposition Legislator Linked to Drone Attack Detained "IndyWatch Feed War"

Venezuelas Bolivarian Service for National Intelligence (Sebin) detained legislator Juan Requesens Tuesday, after evidence was found linking him to the failed assassination attempt against President Nicolas Maduro last week. He was linked to the failed attempt by retired military officer Juan Carlos Monasterios, alias Bons, who was also involved in the plot that flew explosive...



South Front The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allied local militias have kicked off an advance on ISIS positions in the eastern part of al-Suwayda province. Its interesting to note that some former units of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which has reconciled with Damascus, are participating in the advance. The SAA artillery and []


The first Muslim woman in US Congress: Rashida Tlaib celebrates historic victory "IndyWatch Feed War"


Palestinian American mother of two ran a progressive anti-establishment campaign with focus on environmental protections


Farmer terrorism is the new Jewish settler slogan justifying the destruction of crops "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Ramona Wadi | MEMO | August 7, 2018 In less than three months, Jewish settlers have destroyed over 2,000 trees and grapevines in the occupied West Bank. Rights group BTselem has issued a detailed report on this destruction, including testimony from Palestinian farmers. Bales of hay and barley fields were also destroyed. The destruction []


43% of Republicans Want to Give Trump Power to Shut Down News Outlets: Poll "IndyWatch Feed War"

Trump News Outlets(CD)  In the age of media-bashing enthusiast President Donald Trumpwho regularly declares critical journalists and outlets fake news and the enemy of the American peopleat least 43 percent of Republican respondents to a new survey said they believe the president should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior. The Ipsos poll (pdf), first reported by The Daily Beasts Sam []


US Sanctions on Iran Put Iraq in the Crosshairs "IndyWatch Feed War"

Iraq Sanctions on Iran(MEMO)  Iraq does not agree with US sanctions against Iran but will abide by them to protect its own interests, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Tuesday. As a matter of principle, we are against sanctions in the region. Blockade and sanctions destroy societies and do not weaken regimes, he said at a news conference. We consider them (sanctions []


Canada asking allies to help cool Saudi dispute: Report "IndyWatch Feed War"


Canadian officials say Justin Trudeau's government is reaching out to UAE and Britain to defuse tensions, according to Reuters

Canada is asking its allies to help cool dispute with Saudi - report "IndyWatch Feed War"


Canadian officials say Justin Trudeau's government is reaching out to the UAE and UK to defuse tensions, according to Reuters

Tuesday, 07 August


Russia has started building its own Internet, by Evgeni Super "IndyWatch Feed War"

Translated and subtitled by Scott Humor   Time, Forward! Is the project of journalist Evgeni Super Russia has started building an alternative Internet, not on paper, but in reality. Why


Barcelona jihad murderers: Allah has chosen us from among millions of people to make you cry blood "IndyWatch Feed War"

The compassionate, the merciful. Images show terror cell preparing for 2017 Barcelona attack, AFP, August 6, 2018: MADRID (AFP) Chilling images published in the Spanish media on Monday show men in a terror cell preparing explosives ahead of last years jihadist attacks in Barcelona and a nearby seaside resort that killed 16 people. One []


US Is Now Allied With al-Qaeda in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed War"

AP Reveals American-Backed Saudi Coalition Forged Deals With AQAP Fighters

New investigation reveals the coalition cut deals with extremist fighters

By Andrea Germanos

As the United States continues to fuel Yemens worsening humanitarian crisis, and boast that its targeting al Qaeda in the impoverished nation (AQAP) with airstrikes, new reporting reveals that the U.S.- and U.K-backed Saudi coalition waging a bombing campaign there is recruiting al Qaeda fighters to join its ranks, and paying off the extremists to leave areas.

Soon after the Saudi-led coalition, with the United Arab Emirates being a key partner, began its bombing campaign in Yemen against the Houthi rebels in 2015, it was reported that al Qaeda militants were fighting on the same side as the Saudi militia to defeat the Iran-linked Houthis. The new Associated Press investigation, however, reveals that the coalition has made secret deals with al-Qaeda fighters, paying some to leave key cities and towns and letting others retreat with weapons, equipment, and wads of looted cash.

Beyond that, the coalition-backed militias actively recruit al-Qaeda militants, APfound, based on on-the-ground reporting including interviews with members of al Qaeda, tribal mediators, Yemeni security officers, and militia commanders.

The earliest such deal took place in the spring of 2016 when thousands of al-Qaeda fighters pull out[ed]of Mukalla, a port city. From AP:

The militants were guaranteed a safe route out and allowed to keep weapons and cash looted from the cityup to $100 million by some estimatesaccording to five sources, including military, security, and government officials. []

Coalition-backed forces moved in two days later, announcing that hundreds of militants were killed and hailing the capture as part of joint international efforts to defeat the terrorist organizations in Yemen.

A similar deal took place soon after in the....


Virginia imam: Islam is only solution to solve Americas problems, US will be a Muslim nation "IndyWatch Feed War"

There is a threat implicit in this, because Muhammad taught that after the invitation to Islam comes the invitation to dhimmitude, and then warfare. A hadith depicts Muhammad saying: Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy warWhen you meet your enemies who are polytheists, invite them to three courses of action. If []


Trump threatens to ban companies doing business with Iran after US sanctions "IndyWatch Feed War"


'Anyone doing business with Iran will NOT be doing business with the United States,' US president says

Trump: We'll ban companies who do business with Iran "IndyWatch Feed War"


'Anyone doing business with Iran will NOT be doing business with the United States,' US president says


UK: Muslim migrant who raped student in cemetery says Yes, I did that. Why not? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Why not? How could he even ask that question? Heres how: sexual assault occurs in all cultures, but only in Islam does it have divine sanction. One survivor of a Muslim rape gang in the UK said that her rapists would quote Quran to her, and believed their actions justified by Islam. The Quran teaches []


Booker says Israeli walls in Palestine are different from walls in America "IndyWatch Feed War"

At last weeks Netroots Nation conference, the annual gathering for progressive activists, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker found himself red-faced after accidentally posing in a photo with a sign reading From Palestine to Mexico: All the Walls Have Got to Go. The sign, given to him by a Palestinian rights activist attending the conference, accurately compares the construction of a militarized border wall between the United States and Mexico on land physically confiscated from Mexico to Israels construction of border walls, including the illegal West Bank barrier, built on land stolen from Palestinians.

Like so many other Establishment Democrats, however, Cory Booker sought to square support for immigrants in America against Trump with unfettered support for racism and nativism by Israel. Bookers aide quickly dismissed the photo, saying Booker hadnt properly read the sign. More interestingly, however, the aide added: [Booker] hopes for a day when there will be no need for security barriers in the State of Israel, but while active terrorist organizations threaten the safety of the people living in Israel, security barriers are unfortunate but necessary to protect human lives.

Two people who have explicitly agreed with the comparison between American walls and Israeli walls are none other than US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. That the Prime Minister of the Israeli government itself has explicitly agreed with the comparison that Booker sought to disavow should settle any ambiguity about the comparison.


Israeli Soldiers Beat, Stripped And Robbed Freedom Flotilla Activists "IndyWatch Feed War"

If we were Palestinians it would be much worse with physical assaults and probably loss of lives. The situation is therefore dire for the Palestinians. Founding trustee of Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) Dr Swee Ang was on board the Al-Awda boat sailing to break the illegal Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip when occupation forces commandeered the vessel. In a personal testimony Ang outlines the violent treatment the unarmed activists received at the hands of heavily armed Israeli soldiers in international waters. After boarding Al-Awda, occupation forces were twisting the arms of the participants, lifting and throwing others out of their way and tasering those they could not manhandle, Ang explained. Al-Awda was taken over by Israeli forces on 29 July, after it was surrounded by them and had its crew detained.


Robert Spencer video: Trump May Really Be More Popular Than Lincoln Was "IndyWatch Feed War"

The establishment media sneered when President Trump recently noted poll results showing his popularity among Republicans, and stated that he was more popular than Lincoln. Forgotten, however, is the fact that Lincoln was quite unpopular as President, even for statements and actions for which he is now revered.


Trump follows through, new sanctions on Islamic Republic of Iran began at midnight "IndyWatch Feed War"

The mullahs are already feeling the heat, with people protesting all over Iran against the regime for spending its Obama billions on jihad terror groups instead of on improvements at home. These new sanctions could push that rogue regime over the edge. TRUMP FOLLOWS THROUGH: Sanctions On Iran Begin At Midnight, by Hank Berrien, Daily []


Republicans Who Oppose Net Neutrality Could Pay The Price In November, According To New Poll "IndyWatch Feed War"

REPUBLICAN SUPPORT FOR the repeal of net neutrality protections may cost lawmakers in key competitive seats, according to a recent survey conducted by Republican pollsters tied to party leadership. In June, the Federal Communications Commission, under the leadership of President Donald Trump-appointed chair Ajit Pai, finalized the repeal of net neutrality  a rule designed to prevent internet service providers like AT&T and Comcast from blocking or slowing down access to websites or streaming services. But a poll from a surprising source suggests that unless House Republicans call for reinstating net neutrality, they could pay a political cost. The new survey was conducted by Republican pollster Bryan Sanders, the spouse of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Bryan Sanders works at IMGE, a firm retained by the Super PACs of both Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan.


Venezuelas Marching Campesinos Meet Maduro, Denounce Corruption & Revolutionary Reversals "IndyWatch Feed War"

After 20 days walking 435 kilometres, the marchers held a fiery televised meeting with the president, finally being able to present their proposals to the nation. Merida, August 2, 2018 ( Venezuelas campesino marchers achieved their immediate objective Thursday, holding a public meeting with President Nicolas Maduro in Caracas, where they presented proposals for far-reaching reforms to state agrarian policies and institutions. Scenes of tears and cries of joy dominated the live televised meeting held in Miraflores presidential palace, in which the multitude of small farmers, who had marched 435 kilometres from Guanare, Portuguesa state, were given the opportunity to address the nation and draw the presidents attention to a series of popular grievances, including land evictions, corruption in state bureaucracy, and paramilitary violence.


Muslim professor of Quranic Studies says Quran teaches how to deal with this human garbage, the Jews "IndyWatch Feed War"

Al-Arabeed is not a misunderstander of Islam or of the Quran. The Quran depicts the Jews as inveterately evil and bent on destroying the well-being of the Muslims. They are the strongest of all people in enmity toward the Muslims (5:82); they fabricate things and falsely ascribe them to Allah (2:79; 3:75, 3:181); they claim []


What is Canada Trying to Accomplish in Standing Against Saudi Arabia? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Following Saudi Arabias arrest of two more womens rights activists, as part of the governments crackdown on dissidents, Canada responded by demanding the release of the women and accusing Saudi Arabia of human rights violations. Well-known activists Samar Badawi and Nassima al-Sada were among those arrested. Samar is the sister of Raif Badawi, a humanitarian []


Robert Spencers History of Jihad, out today, zooms to #1 in three Amazon categories "IndyWatch Feed War"

My new book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, which you can order here now, is just out today, and it has already zoomed to #1 bestseller status in three Amazon categories: Middle East History (where the Kindle edition is also number three), Muhammad, and Islam. That this book would be the number []


Breaking: 5 Arrested in Plot to Assassinate US Pastor Brunson & the CIA Connection "IndyWatch Feed War"

In this breaking news report, Newsbud's Founder & Editor Sibel Edmonds uncovers bombshell reports of a plot to assassinate the American pastor being detained in Turkey, Andrew Brunson. Find out about the contract on Brunsons life, the hit team that was arrested and why the media is blacking out this report! Support by becoming a member today []


The Political Economy of the Weapons Industry: Guess whos sleeping with our insecurity blanket "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Joan Roelofs, Counterpunch 25:3, 16-22 (2018) republished August 7, 2018

For many people the military-industrial-complex (MIC) brings to mind the top twenty weapons manufacturers. President Dwight Eisenhower, who warned about it in 1961, wanted to call it the military-industrial-congressional-complex, but decided it was not prudent to do so. Today it might well be called the military-industrial-congressional-almost-everything-complex. Most departments and levels of government, businesses, and also many charities, social service, environmental, and cultural organizations, are deeply embedded with the military.

The weapons industry may be spearheading the military budget and military operations; it is aided immensely by the cheering or silence of citizens and their representatives. Here we will provide some likely reasons for that assent. We will use the common typology of three national sectors: government, business, and nonprofit, with varying amounts of interaction among them. This does not preclude, though it masks somewhat, the proposition that government is the executive of the ruling class.

Every kind of business figures in the Department of Defense (DoD) budget. Lockheed is currently the largest contractor in the weapons business. It connects with the worldwide MIC by sourcing parts, for example, for the F-35 fighter plane, from many countries. This helps a lot to market the weapon, despite its low opinion among military experts as well as anti-military critics. Lockheed also does civilian work, which enhances its aura while it spreads its values.

Other types of businesses have enormous multi-year contractsin the billions. This despite the constitutional proviso that Congress not appropriate military funds for more than a two year term. Notable are the construction companies, such as Fluor, KBR, Bechtel, and Hensel Phelps. These build huge bases, often with high tech surveillance or operational capacity, in the US and abroad, where they hire locals or commonly, third country nationals to carry out the work. There are also billion-funded contractors in communications technology, intelligence analysis, transportation, logistics, food, and clothing. Contracting out is our modern military way; this also spreads its influence far and wide.

Medium, small, and tiny businesses dangle from the Christmas...


Documentary: The Nazi past of the Swedish Social Democrats "IndyWatch Feed War"

After having been falsely accused of Nazism by the Swedish Social Democrats, the Islam-critical Sweden Democrats party attacks back. The Islam-critical party Sweden Democrats has launched a new documentary about the Swedish Social Democratic partys Nazi past. The documentary appears to be a response to the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lfven, who on several occasions []


Ambassadors visits to settlements suggest Trump administration sees no Green Line "IndyWatch Feed War"

U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman visited an Israeli settlement last week during a long weekend of visits to settlements by senior Republicans that was splashed across social media, including a shindig in Jerusalem where former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee performed the Lynyrd Skynyrd song Sweet Home Alabama.

In the West Bank settlement of Adam, Friedman was pictured speaking with relatives of Yotam Ovadia, an Israeli who was killed the prior week at the age of 31 in an attack by a Palestinian. He gave a strong condemnation of the attack, telling mourners, I was heartbroken to see the tragic impact of the murder of Yotam Ovadia a young mother left alone to care for two small children, parents grieving for their only son. Words are insufficient to describe the evil and barbarity of the terrorist act.

Friedman also posted criticisms of Palestinian leadership, who spoke out against his visit to the settlement, before and after the trip. 

All life is sacred, but premeditated murder cries out for condemnation. Not hearing it from Palestinian leadership, he posted to social media.


Closing time: How the Turkey currency collapse is hitting small businesses "IndyWatch Feed War"


As Ankara faces another diplomatic crisis, shop owners tell MEE it's just another factor keeping tourists away and forcing them out of business

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