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Wednesday, 18 April


NYPD withholding evidence in 1972 case of cop murdered in mosque by Muslims screaming Allahu akbar "IndyWatch Feed War"

Would revealing what really happened here be Islamophobic? Does the NYPD fear violence from the Nation of Islam and its allies? The Nation of Islam is not an orthodox Muslim group; its paranoid race-based theology has nothing to do with any traditional form of Islam. But this murder, with the killers screaming Allahu akbar as []


'Serious shortcomings seen in Turkeys bid to join European Union "IndyWatch Feed War"


Turkey says the EU report is 'unable to be objective and balanced'


George Washington University divestment vote cancelled due to safety concerns following threatening anti-BDS posters "IndyWatch Feed War"

On the eve of a divestment vote by George Washington Universitys (GWU) student senate, multiple students witnessed two men who they say clearly did not attend the university, posting spurious flyers around campus, all with the clear aim of undermining the credibility of the divestment resolution SR-S18-21 or The Protection of Palestinian Human Rights Act.

Divest This Time, the student group responsible for the resolution, and supporters like Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) were subjected to the attacks, as were Student Association Senators (SA).

Flyers posted on George Washington University campus attacking Jewish Voice for Peace. (Photo: Divest This Time)

Flyers read SJP Anti-semitic Cowards! Make BDS Vote Public, JVP: Fake News Fake Jews and Be Proud Antisemites! Dont Vote BDS in Secret.

The vote was indeed cancelled due to safety concerns.

In an initial statement, the SA explained the cancellation noting their duty to prioritize the safety of the student body and members of the Student Association.

Not more than two hours later and after public backlash, SA updated its statement to prioritize the safety of Palestinian students and their allies, who have been targeted by outside organizations and members of our community.

The resolution targets corporations profit maximizing entities to which we owe nothing that make money off the systemic oppression and marginalization of Palestin...


Syria SITREP three useful sources to debunk the nonsense "IndyWatch Feed War"

Frankly, my blog is aimed at an adult audience with a graduate-level college education or equivalent, capable of critical and logical thought and free from the kind of mental prolefeed


Video: Cop Who Was Fired for Not Writing Enough Tickets Finally Speaks Out "IndyWatch Feed War"

cop fired not writing enough tickets(ANTIMEDIA) A police officer in Alpharetta, Georgia, claims he was fired for not issuing enough traffic tickets to motorists in the area. Officer Daniel Capps was on the force for nine years and was ultimately terminated because he declined to issue a traffic ticket to a driver after he bumped into another car. According to a department memo []


LIVE: Zapatistas 'Watch, Listen, Speak: No Thinking Allowed?' "IndyWatch Feed War"

Watch Day 2 Live Now -- Click arrow below to watch live. . April 15 -- 25, 2018 -- The Sixth Commission of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation convokes a ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION (or seedbed, depending on who you ask): To Watch, to Listen, to Speak: No Thinking Allowed? Watch Day 1 at


UK refuses to back UN inquiry into Saudi 'war crimes' "IndyWatch Feed War"

UK refuses to back UN inquiry into Saudi 'war crimes' amid fears it will damage trade 

Britains Middle East and North Africa minister Alistair Burt argued that the Saudi-led coalition itself should investigate any atrocities it committed in its conflict against rebel forces in Yemen


Your taxes are funding jihad murderers. Demand that this stops. "IndyWatch Feed War"

Money is fungible. Any support of the Palestinians is support of jihad terror and genocidal aspirations. Your taxes are funding terrorists Demand that this stops, by Patrick Dunleavy, Fox News, April 17, 2018: Tuesday is the due date for 2017 federal income tax returns your deadline for tallying up how much of the []

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Tuesday, 17 April


Koreas Negotiating Peace Treaty and End To Demilitarized Zone "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Kevin Zeese, April 17, 2018, Popular Resistance.

Above: Flowers of peace will bloom in the shape of the Korean Peninsula on the grass at Seoul Plaza starting on April 13 to celebrate the upcoming Inter-Korean Summit. The photo is a digital image of the flowers that will be planted. (Seoul Metropolitan Government).

The 1950 to 1953 war between North and South Korea ended with a truce and the creation of a demilitarized zone. Now the North and South Korea governments are preparing to announce a permanent end to the Korean War with a peace agreement, the  newspaper Munhwa Ilbo reported Tuesday, citing an unnamed South Korean official.

CNBC reports:

Ahead of a summit next week between North Korean premier Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, lawmakers from the neighboring states were thought to be negotiating the details of a joint statement that could outline an end to the confrontation.

Kim and Moon could also discuss returning the heavily fortified demilitarized zone separating them to its original state, the newspaper said.

USA Today reports:

The move comes ahead of next weeks summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Moon said Tuesday that th...


Germany: Politician of Merkels party will earn millions by hosting Muslim migrants in her hotel "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ah. Now we begin to see why so many politicians have become earnest internationalists, even willing to abet their countrys national suicide. Politician of Merkels party will earn millions with refugees in her hotel, Voice of Europe, April 15, 2018: For hotel owners the refugee crisis is big business in Germany. Only in Cologne 2,200 []


Minnesota: Muslim migrant places bag at city hall, writes on Facebook Im bouta bomb this town "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ege apparently posted at Facebook under the name Azel Ghosty, and left this there as he left the bag at the St. Cloud City Hall: But remember: all opposition to the Muslim migrant influx is racism and Islamophobia. Why would he leave a bag that didnt contain any explosives at city hall? To strike terror []


Germany: Three Muslim asylum seekers arrested after trying to recruit Muslims for jihad warfare "IndyWatch Feed War"

Two of the men are on a list of those people German police consider to be a terrorist threat.The three men, who all live in the Saarlouis region, came to Germany in 2015 as refugees from Syrias civil war and applied for asylum. Danke, Merkel! German police arrest three terror suspects, DW, April 13, 2018: []


Syrian War Report April 17, 2018: Syrian Forces Repel More Missile Strikes "IndyWatch Feed War" Last night, the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF) repelled another missile attack allegedly carried out by the Israeli military. Missiles were intercepted in two areas: Near Shayrat military airfield


Akbar Ahmeds Islamic Mirage II "IndyWatch Feed War"

The documentary Journey into Europe, the basis for a recent book, presents an Islam which is very benign, skeptically noted one audience questioner during a January 28, 2016, German embassy preview screening in Washington, DC. A previous review of the films sanitized treatment of Europes Islamic history thoroughly justified his disbelief, and the films latter []


North & South Korea may announce official end to war local media "IndyWatch Feed War"

RT | April 17, 2018 Seoul and Pyongyang are reportedly set to make a huge step in the peace settlement on the Korean Peninsula, as officials from the two states are negotiating a joint statement outlining a formal end to hostilities. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and the Souths president, Moon Jae-in, are scheduled to []


Neutral and unbiased? Why think tanks lobby for war in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Danielle Ryan | RT | April 17, 2018 When US President Donald Trump fired a barrage of Tomahawk missiles at Syrian government targets last week, it was a good day for defense contractors, at least. In the aftermath of the strike, which Trump claimed was in retaliation for an alleged chemical attack by the []


Thousands of US Troops Amass on Syrias Border in Jordan for Military Drill "IndyWatch Feed War"

troops jordan(ANTIMEDIA)  In what can only be described as a remarkable coincidence, thousands of U.S. Marines arrived in Jordan at around the same time the U.S., U.K., and France were organizing a direct military strike on Jordans neighbor, Syria. According to the Marine Corps Times, nearly 3,600 U.S. troops, including roughly 1,800 Marines with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, arrived in []


Trudeau must resolve case of Canadian tortured in Sudan: Amnesty "IndyWatch Feed War"


Abousfian Abdelrazik was detained and tortured in Sudan, allegedly with the involvement of Canadian intelligence officers


Koreas Negotiating Peace Treaty & End To Demilitarized Zone "IndyWatch Feed War"

The 1950 to 1953 war between North and South Korea ended their hostilities with a truce and the creation of a demilitarized zone. Now the North and South Korea governments are preparing to announce a permanent end to the Korean War, he  newspaper Munhwa Ilbo reported Tuesday, citing an unnamed South Korean official. CNBC reports: Ahead of a summit next week between North Korean premier Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, lawmakers from the neighboring states were thought to be negotiating the details of a joint statement that could outline an end to the confrontation. Kim and Moon could also discuss returning the heavily fortified demilitarized zone separating them to its original state, the newspaper said.


Spiez Laboratory, the Skripal Case, and the OPCW "IndyWatch Feed War"

The OPCW has, to date, made no comment and issued no rebuttal of Lavrov's assertion concerning the full findings of Spiez Laboratory and the presence of BZ and its precursors in the March 23 blood samples taken from Sergei and Yulia Skripal. If Lavrov's statement accurately reflects the actual findings of the Spiez Laboratory, and if the Skirpals were indeed given BZ in some form, this would account for both the state in which they were discovered on March 4, one of them unconscious and the other spaced out on a bench in Salisbury, and for the length of time Sergei and Yulia Skripal were comatose.


The T-14 Armata from a technical point of view "IndyWatch Feed War"

Twice, has taken a critical look at the new Russian combat tank, the T-14 Armata. In the first critique in the summer of 2015, Joseph Trevithick came to the conclusion that the basic design of the T-14 was rather antiquated, based on the limited public resources available at the time. He was not alone in this opinion at the time: Dave Majumdar, for example, noted in an article in National Interest that the Leopard 2 could successfully engage the T-14 if the right ammunition was used. With the publication of additional technical details, Sbastien Roblin critically analyzed the T-14 once again and came to a mixed conclusion. However, some findings were based on incomplete data resources to this day, not all the technical details have been published. For this reason, and the fact that both authors are not engineers, we take into serious consideration the criticism offered to us that the reports on the T-14 on may be politically biased and may no longer be based on fully accurate facts. We are, therefore, extremely grateful to Captain Stefan Bhler for making his article available to us for a second publication, and for giving us a somewhat different perspective.



Mainstream Journalist Visits Site of Syrian Gas Attack, Questions Official Story "IndyWatch Feed War"

Syrian Children gas attack(ANTIMEDIA)  There are more than enough sound reasons to doubt the official narrative on the Syrian conflict and the alleged poison gas attack, according to the Independents Robert Fisk, who is currently on the ground in the Syrian city of Douma. While in Douma, Fisk met with Dr. Assim Rahaibani, a Syrian doctor from an underground clinic that emerged as []


Who is James Le Mesurier? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Who is James Le Mesurier, former British army officer and private military contractor who founded the White Helmets, the civil defence organisation operating exclusively in opposition-held parts of Syria? It is a question more and more people are asking as the function of the organization comes under increasing scrutiny.


Trumps Syria withdrawal plan: Arab occupational force and Arabs will pay for it report "IndyWatch Feed War"

RT | April 17, 2018 Washington reportedly wants Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar to replace the US in terms of troop deployments and funding in stabilizing northeastern Syria, according to the Wall Street Journal. The US currently has two major points of military presence on the ground in Syria: one on the border with []


Talk Nation Radio: Scott Ritter on Syria and the Myth of Ethical Wars "IndyWatch Feed War"

By David Swanson, April 17, 2018

Scott Ritter is a former Marine Corps intelligence officer who worked in the former Soviet Union implementing arms control treaties, in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm, and in Iraq overseeing the disarmament of WMD. He is the author of Deal of the Century: How Iran Blocked the Wests Road to War. And he recently published an article in the American Conservative called Trumps Rush to Judgment on Syria Chemical Attack.

Total run time: 29:00
Host: David Swanson.
Producer: David Swanson.
Music by Duke Ellington.

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The post...


Oil Vey "IndyWatch Feed War"

April 15, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon By Eve Mykytyn The US led bombing raid on Syria on April 13th came at an odd time. The civil war in Syria has basically been won by Assad, and in response to the calming of tensions, President Trump said on April 4 that he intended to withdraw US troops from []


Trump/Little King Hope To Revive Islamist NATO Idea To Replace US Troops In Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Saudi Arabia says open to sending troops to Syria under wider coalition

Donald Trump asks SAUDI ARABIA and others to establish Arab ARMY to replace US in Syria

DONALD Trump is looking to end US engagement in Syria by forming an Arab military force to replace the US presence in the region and to help stabilise the north-eastern part of the country following the defeat of so-called Islamic State, it has been reported.



How Israel Postponed WW3 (inadvertently) "IndyWatch Feed War"

April 14, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon By Gilad Atzmon If you have just 60 seconds watch this brief video. In 2014 Sky owner and media mogul Rupert Murdoch won the ADL Award. The honour was clearly awarded  for a reason. On occasion, Sky changes itself into a state propaganda service. The video above shows such an event []


Interview: Voices of the #ZAD "IndyWatch Feed War"

In 1972, a project emerged for a Nantes-Rennes airport on the site of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, Vigneux de Bretagne, and other villages. Resistance groups and associations mobilised to prevent its construction. Little by little certain historical farmers and also new ones, militants, but also homeless and excluded persons of all types, came together on the site corresponding to the outline of the proposed airport [called the ZAD for Zone Dfendre (Zone to Defend) ed. note] to live, work, and cultivate the land while preserving the landscape of hedgerows, fields, wetlands and woodland and its fauna and flora. For a few years, they experimented with a self-managed micro-society [1]. Intrigued by the anything-but-flattering image of the Zadistes put forward by a few mainstream media, I decided to go and meet these radical vandals a few days before the start of the attempts to evict them. I found people with highly diverse profiles and with varied backgrounds and motivations. But they all had points in common openness to others, a sharp-eyed way of seeing the world, an awareness of their responsibility, etc. From gutter punks to young engineers, and including young mothers and artists, their presence here was no accident. All of them had reflected deeply and had real confidence in what they were doing. A few agreed to talk frankly with me. JJ, a militant artist, lives in the ZAD with his partner. He is extremely active. Among other things, he welcomes visitors, teaches, communicates.

Submitted to Enough is Enough. Interview by Fantine : voix de zadistes.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Read all our articles about ZAD here.

Interview: Voices of the ZAD

Fantine: What brought you to the ZAD?

JJ : Ive been involved in several militant struggles before, including the Camp for Climate Action [2] in 2009, in England. There were people there who were very involved in supporting the ZAD. At the start, I wasnt living in the ZAD. Two years ago, my girlfriend and I came to live here because we felt we couldnt support i...


LIVE: Indigenous Protest U.S. Bank Investments in Pipelines in Albuquerque "IndyWatch Feed War"

LIVE: Indigenous Protest U.S. Bank Investment in Pipelines in Albuquerque -- Stop Energy Transfer Partners based in Texas, owners of Dakota Access Pipeline and more pipelines Photos and video by Red Nation Below: Joye Braun, Lakota, live at U.S. Bank shareholders meeting in Albuquerque. April 17, 2018 US Commercial Banks In For a Spring of Fossil Fuel ResistanceDavid Turnbull,


As Israel becomes a political liability it is time to challenge its enablers "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Great Return March has already made a difference.  As thirty thousand non-violent marchers are all indiscriminately viewed as legitimate targets for asserting their inalienable human rights, the image of Israel as a liberal democracy, an image already severely tarnished by its brazen embrace of apartheid over the past few years, is now receiving additional blows that will be hard to recover from.  US politicians are finally noticing, and expressing criticism of the country that was once untouchable. As Philip Weiss notes:  As protests at the Gaza border get underway this morning, several liberal Democratic politicians have finally objected to Israels shooting of unarmed Palestinians at the Gaza fence. Weiss goes on to point out that the criticism of Israel is nevertheless tampered by the call on Palestinians  to exercise their rights nonviolently, and describes Senator Elizabeth warrens criticism as tepid.

My own take about US politicians response to these attacks is quite different.  Up to the latest attacks, on the weekly Great Return Marches by Palestinian refugees in the Gaza Strip, American politicians have come out in droves to assert that offensive formula, Israel has the right to defend itself.  It is offensive because Israel is not defending itself, it is defending an illegal occupation, which violates the human rights of a civilian people it is obligated, according to international law, to be protecting. It is also offensive because we have never, not once, heard an equivalent Palestinians have the right to defend themselves, even when they are the ones coming under attack.  

Much more revealing than the few comments by congresspeople who criticized Israel,  Mark Pocan (WI), Pramila Jayapal (WA), Keith Ellison (MN), Barbara Lee (CA), and Henry C. Hank Johnson Jr. (GA), is that, this time around, not a single Democrat has actually come out to shield Israel.  Not one has stated that Israel is our friend and strongest ally, not one has spoken of joint values.  As Jonathan Ofir noted, Israels genocidal comments are isolating it.  

From the Balfour Declaration to todays Great Return March, the past hundred years of Palestinian history have been one painful trajecto...


Open Thread 2018-18 "IndyWatch Feed War"

The post I worked on did not pan out. You are on your own. News & views ...


Saudi Arabia reaffirms offer to deploy troops in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"


Riyadh said it offered to deploy troops to help stabilise the situation in Syria when President Barack Obama was in power


Senators Push New AUMF (Auth. to Use Military Force) Limited To Non-State Actors "IndyWatch Feed War"

  • Proposal covers applies to war on terrorism, not Syrian regime
  • Congress could use fast-track procedure to block new actions
U.S. Will Decide in `Near Future on Additional Russia Sanctions


A bipartisan group of senators proposed updating Congresss authorization for U.S. military action in the Middle East, days after President Donald Trump ordered strikes on Syria to retaliate against a chemical weapons attack.

The authorization would apply to the war on terrorism and n...


After a good run of growth, Chinas economy braces for bumps "IndyWatch Feed War"

A trade war with America and the battle against debt at home cloud the horizon

JUST a few years ago Wuhan, a sprawling metropolis in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, exemplified Chinas economic woes. Municipal debt had soared. The most senior local official was known as Mr Dig Up The City, a reference to his zeal for grandiose construction projects. A movie theme park, intended as a landmark, closed after failing to draw crowds. It would take nearly a decade, it was estimated, to sell all of Wuhans vacant homes.

These days, the city of 11m stands as a monument to Chinas resilience. Its economy has accelerated even as the government has controlled debt more strictly. Five subway lines were opened or extended in the past two years alone; they are jammed in rush hour. Investment is pouring into semiconductor production, biotech research and internet-security companies. The glut of unsold homes is almost cleared.

Chinas economy, like Wuhans, is in much better shape than was the case in late 2015. Then, the country was reeling from a stockmarket crash, suffering from capital outflows and accumulating debt at an alarming rate. But figures reported on April 17th showed growth of 6.8% in the first three months of 2018 compared with the same period a year earlier. In nominal terms growth was above 10%. Chinas total debt-to-GDP ratio has stabilised, a sign that the risk of financial crisis has receded (see chart).

The improvement in Chinas fortunes can be traced to three factors. First, the government has started to tackle several ingrained problems. After a long period of overproduction of steel and coal, a campaign to close unused capacity restrained output and pushed up prices. To reduce the property overhang, local governments bought millions of unsold homes from de...


North and South Korea in Talks to Officially End Korean War: Report "IndyWatch Feed War"

(CD)  Technically, North and South Korea are still at war, and have been for more than six decadesbut an absolutely earth-shaking new report on Tuesday indicates the Korean War may soon be coming to an end. Citing an anonymous South Korean diplomatic official, Munhwa Ilboa South Korean daily newspaperreported that the neighboring countries are hashing out a []


#RefugeesGR: Spontaneous protests after refugee almost died in Moria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Lesvos, Greece: Refugees spontaneously marched from the Moria refugee camp to Sappho square in Mytlini today, after a refugee almost died in the Moria refugee camp.

Published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

#RefugeesGR: Spontaneous protests after refugee almost died in Moria

lesvos17a2.jpgLesvos, Greece: Refugees spontaneously marched from the Moria refugee camp to Sappho square in Mytlini today, after a refugee almost di...


Trump: Prisoner of the War Party? "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Pat Buchanan Unz Review April 17, 2018 Ten days ago, President Trump was saying the United States should withdraw from Syria. We convinced him it was necessary to stay. Thus boasted French President Emmanuel Macron Saturday, adding, We convinced him it was necessary to stay for the long term. Is the U.S. []


UN -- Indigenous Women Protecting and Defending Rights, Land and Climate "IndyWatch Feed War"

. Indigenous Women Protecting and Defending Rights, Land and Climate Dear Friends and Allies, Please be invited to join the Women's Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) International, tomorrow, Wednesday April 18th for 'Indigenous Women Protecting and Defending Rights, Land and Climate', a dynamic public forum to be presented in New York City, and online worldwide via Facebook


Gilad Atzmon on Syria, Palestine and the Current Dystopia "IndyWatch Feed War"

April 14, 2018  /  Gilad Atzmon I had an incredible time yesterday talking to Jason Liosatos. We spoke about the current Dystopia, tyranny of correctness, ID nonsense, the Ziocon war mongers and their service providers in Britain, USA and France. Truth doesnt need a movement it needs to be explored! If they want to burn it, you []


War, Abuse and Other Peoples: A Personal Account "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Tim Anderson | American Herald Tribune | April 17, 2018 Why support other peoples, especially during conflict? Some explanation seems necessary because wartime debates often degenerate into simplistic clichs, personal abuse and confusion. I am one of many who have been subject to this abuse. Even the sanity of the critics of war is []


They Were Not Gassed: Famed Reporter Reaches Syrian Chemical Attack Site "IndyWatch Feed War"

Robert Fisk Syria Chemical Weapons(ZHE)  Robert Fisks bombshell first-hand account for the UK Independent runs contrary to nearly every claim circulating in major international press concerning what happened just over week ago on April 7th in an embattled suburb outside Damascus: not only has the veteran British journalist found no evidence of a mass chemical attack, but hes encountered multiple local eyewitnesses who experienced []


Italy: Half-naked statue covered with a sheet for Islamic conference "IndyWatch Feed War"

This Telegraph story is very sloppily written. Conservative politicians seized on the case, claiming it was an example of Italy going too far to accommodate the feelings of immigrant communities. That would suggest that non-Muslim Italians covered the statue in order to avoid offending Muslims. But then we get this: I covered the statue but []


Supreme Court: Will US Abide By Treaties With Indigenous? "IndyWatch Feed War"

On April 18, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Washington v. United States, which pits the state of Washington against the United States and 21 Indian tribes. The main question in the case is narrow whether the state must quickly replace hundreds of culverts that allow the flow of water under roads but also block salmon migration. Yet the underlying issue is far broader. At stake in the case is the Supreme Courts ongoing role as the nations highest arbiter of justice. Despite immense changes, that role remains grounded in a 229-year-old Constitution premised on the supremacy of federal treaties and individual rights. In previous cases, the Supreme Court upheld the tribes rights to fish salmon, spelled out by various treaties entered in the 1850s. But, having insulated those rights from destruction previously, the court must now decide their meaning for the 21st century and beyond.


Real Reporting on Syria by Publius Tacitus "IndyWatch Feed War"

While the vast majority of the media--print and electronic--have been missing in action on the real story about what happened on the ground in Douma, Syria, the upstart, conservative One America News Network showed up. A OANN reporter went to...


As Tree-Cutting Continues For The Mountain Valley Pipeline, So Do The Protests "IndyWatch Feed War"

Coffey knew, as soon as she read an urgent text from a neighbor and left work in a rush, that it was the day she had been dreading the day that tree-cutting for the Mountain Valley Pipeline would invade her family farm on Bent Mountain. For three years, Coffey had fought the natural gas pipeline. She spoke against it at a public hearing. She marched against it at a rally on Capitol Square in Richmond. She argued against it when Mountain Valley took her to federal court, where the company obtained an easement through her property by eminent domain. On the day the tree-cutters arrived unannounced, Coffey did the only thing left within her power. She stood as close as she could to the pipelines right of way, marked by blue-and-white flagged stakes, and dared the men with chainsaws to keep coming.


The Battle for Speakers Corner "IndyWatch Feed War"

Is this a defining moment? Ive lived in London for ten years now, and I had never heard of Speakers Corner upon my arrival. I knew nothing of its history and relevance, both past and present, until one Sunday I was cycling through and noticed the crowds and the speakers. One older lady on a []


Global Forecast (04-17-2018) "IndyWatch Feed War"

President Trump remains ambivalent on new Russia sanctions

Contradictory statements from the White House are leading to confusion over whether or not new sanctions will be slapped on Russia.

The threat was originally made by Nikki Haley, who said that new sanctions would be announced early this week. The sanctions are a response to Russias indirect support for Syrias chemical weapons program. Haley, speaking on NBCs Face the Nation, said they would target companies providing the kind of equipment that could be used in the production of chemical weapons.


The post Global Forecast (04-17-2018) appeared first on Geopolitical Monitor.


We Retain the Dignity of the Revolution "IndyWatch Feed War"

The answer to why we dont accept that Assad remains in power is obvious: he killed our children, and the scars of their smiles are etched on our hearts.


Trump administration hits brakes on threat of swift, new sanctions for Russia over Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

White House now evaluating options after UN representative Nikki Haley said new measures over suspected Syrian chemical-weapons attack were forthcoming

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya are seen before the United Nations Security Council meeting on Syria at the U.N. headquarters last Friday.

By Rachel Koning Beals


The Trump administration said Monday that it is evaluating prospects for new sanctions against Russian entities and companies involved in Syrias chemical-weapons program, an apparent step back from a pledge just a day earlier by Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, for swift, new punitive actions.

We are considering additional sanctions on Russia and a decision will be made in the near future, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters Monday. Were evaluating, but nothing to announce right now.

On Sunday, Haley said new sanctions against Russia were imminent as part of the U.S. response to a suspected Syrian chemical-weapons attack earlier this month. She said they would be announced on Monday by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Read: Trump wants Arab allies to send troops to Syria, to replace U.S. forces

You will see that Russian sanctions will be coming down, Haley said on CBSs Face the Nation. Secretary Mnuchin will be announcing those on Monday, if he hasnt already. And they will go directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ] and chemical weapons used.

Democratic lawmakers criticized the administration for not acting immediatel...


Gun Violence Debate Needs To Include Police Militarization And Drug Prohibition Violence "IndyWatch Feed War"

On March 14th thousands of students walked out of school to protest gun violence, demanding legislators enact more stringent gun control in the U.S.  Later that night, black Brazilian city council member and vocal critic of Brazils militarized law enforcement, Marielle Franco, was assassinated. Four days later, 22 year old father of two, Stephon Clark, was shot in his back eight times by the Sacramento Police. While news outlets and social media made note of these murders, the national conversation instead largely focused on the March for Our Lives protest that took place the following weekend. As the media continued to cover the responses to the March for Our Lives, news broke that the two officers responsible for the murder of Alton Sterling would not be facing charges for their use of lethal force that left yet another black father dead.


Some Israeli soldiers on Gaza border have reached out to Breaking the Silence "IndyWatch Feed War"

Some Israeli soldiers who are posted to the Gaza border have reached out to Breaking the Silence, the dissident Israeli group that prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has tried to ban because it publishes soldiers testimonies that are highly critical of the occupation.

Avner Gvaryahu, the head of Breaking the Silence, described the contacts during a panel at the J Street conference in Washington yesterday:

As long as there will be an occupation, soldiers will speak out. As long as we will continue to control Palestinians, there will be those people who say I have to take responsibility for what I did. And the numbers of soldiers who are coming are as high as they were ever, you know even soldiers reaching out who are currently on the border with Gaza.

I later asked Gvaryahu if these soldiers are refusing to shoot, as BTselem, the human rights organization, has urged. No, I said, some of them have reached out to us, he responded.

What are they saying? We dont know yet. We have to sit down with them and verify the testimonies and so on, he said.

Typically anonymous but extremely detailed, soldiers testimonies to Breaking the Silence have documented persecution, abuse, detention, and killings of Palestinians. Its report after the last large Gaza massacre of 2014 fostered international demands for war crimes prosecutions, and led to the official crackdown.

Israeli soldiers have shot and wounded more than 1000 Palestinian protesters, killing more than 31, over the last two-and-a-half weeks. Almost all have been reported to be unarmed.


Gvaryahu described 2-and-1/2 years of heavy, heavy attack on his group from the Israeli right wing. That includes almost a dozen bills in the parliament to try and ban the group from access to public spaces, or from speaking in schools, as well as efforts to block international funding, and personal threats of violence.

When you look at what is happening in Israeli society you would expect after these two years of attacks, that soldiers would stop coming to Breaking the Silence. I was actually fearful of that, he said. But that has not been the case, and he thanked many organizations for blunting these attacks, including the Meretz Party, Yesh Din, Peace Now, BTselem and our mother and father, the New Israel Fund.

He also urged Americans to support Breaking the Silence and invite the g...


Mother Do You Think Theyll Drop the Bomb? Roger Waters Denounces White Helmets as Fake "IndyWatch Feed War"

Posted on April 16, 2018  by Richard Edmondson Roger Waters, speaking at a concert in Spain, branded the White Helmetsuniversally portrayed by Western media as glorious heroesas a bunch of frauds. We live in a world where propaganda seems to be more important than whats really going on. Roger Waters In a time of universal deceit, telling []


From the Sakers inbox "IndyWatch Feed War"

I got this email yesterday, I am posting it with the authors kind authorization. There is another West which is ignored by the Hegemonys rulers, but which is still real.


Arab League: We strongly condemn attempts to link terrorism and Islam "IndyWatch Feed War"

At the 29th Al-Quds Summit, the Arab League declared: We strongly condemn attempts to link terrorism and Islam. Until the Arab League openly rejects the overtly violent texts of the Quran and Sunnah, and condemns its member, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, for its mandate to destroy Israel, its words about terrorism are obvious deceit. The []


Protests Erupt At Philly Starbucks Where 2 Black Men Were Arrested For Trespassing "IndyWatch Feed War"

Starbucks coffee is anti-black, the demonstrators chanted Monday morning. Protesters swarmed a Starbucks in Philadelphia on Monday, days after police arrested two black men who had been waiting there to meet a friend. Dozens of demonstrators shut down the coffee shop in Philadelphias central business district for over three hours Monday morning. The activists came out to protest racial profiling after the stores manager called police Thursday to remove the men for sitting at a table without buying anything. A whole lot of racism, a whole lot of whack, protesters chanted Monday. Starbucks coffee is anti-black.


France: Lesbians in suburbs heavily populated by Muslim migrants forced to hide their sexuality "IndyWatch Feed War"

France and the other nations of the West have long traditions of respect for human rights and of the equality of rights of all people. But now, with massive Muslim migration from countries that do not respect such principles, gays are now being forced back into the closet. Yet as this is happening, one hears []


Canada: On Trudeaus behalf, Muslim MP Iqra Khalid honours anti-Israel activists "IndyWatch Feed War"

Land Day symbolizes the Palestinian Authoritys (PA) determination to liberate Palestine by wiping Israel off the map. On April 14, 2018, the Palestine House held its annual commemoration of the Land Day..The keynote speaker at the event was Palestinian Archbishop Atallah Hanna who is known of his support of Syrias Assad regime and the Palestinian []


Chemical Weapons Inspectors Reportedly Enter Douma, Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Chemical Weapons Inspectors(MEE)  Inspectors from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have entered Douma, according to Syrian state news agency SANA. Speaking to MEE, an OPCW spokesperson said that it could not confirm or deny whether its inspectors had entered the area due to safety reasons. France had earlier warned that it was very likely that []


Investigation Finds No Evidence of Chemical Weapon Attack "IndyWatch Feed War"

OAN Investigation Finds No Evidence of Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria

51.118 weergaven



Incirlik Air Base Not Used for Trio of Terror Attacks on Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

In case anyone wondered?
And I've seen some news that indicates the US may be moving out of Incirlik.

Airbase not used in Syrian strikes


The Incirlik air base in southern Turkey was not used in the U.S.-led airstrikes on Assad regime targets in Syria, Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag said on Saturday.
"May be" indicates  can't be certain, but, it's certainly curious.


The United States has transported the Armag weapons vault from Turkeys Incirlik Air base to another facility, YeniSafak reported.
According to the source, a 40-ton portable weapons vault was transported to another country via a C-5M Super Galaxy transport aircraft.
There has been no official explanation over the transfer yet.

Maybe heading for Greece?
Amidst tensions between Washington and Ankara on a series of issues, the US military is reportedly harbouring thoughts about developing in Greece a regional alternative to the use of the crucial Incirlik base in Turkey.

These considerations, which were reported in the Vimatodotis (pacemaker) column in the To Vima newspaper and website, would be a major shift for the regional military presence of the US.

There is another issued that draws American interest to our country, and that is none other than military bases, the column reported.


Bogus Claims U.S. and Friends, Get Out of Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Bogus Claims U.S. and Friends, Get Out of Syria

To be delivered to President Donald Trump, The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate
Syria poses no threat to the U.S. nor any NATO member. Being in Syria is an illegal action by the U.S. and allies.
There are currently 670 signatures. NEW goal - We need 750 signatures.


Demonstrators gather in West Bank, Gaza to mark Palestinian Prisoners Day "IndyWatch Feed War"


Protesters call for release, end to ill-treatment of 6,500 Palestinians held in Israeli prisons


68 percent of American favor more sanctions on Russia But Trump says he wont impose more now "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: 3 people

More than two-thirds of Americans support stronger U.S. sanctions on Russia, according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll released Tuesday.

According to that survey, 68 percent of respondents said that they would back tougher sanctions. That position largely spans the partisan divide. Seventy-four percent of Democrats and 68 percent of Republicans and independents voiced support for such penalties.

The poll results came a day after President Trump reversed on a plan to sanction Russian companies associated with the Syrian governments alleged chemical weapons program.

On Friday, Trump authorized military strikes in concert with France and the U.K. on targets in Syria associated with the countrys chemical weapons arsenal. Those strikes were swiftly condemned by Moscow as a flagrant violation of international law.

Despite the broad support for tougher sanctions against Moscow, the Washington Post/ABC News poll also found that more than half of U.S. adults 52 percent believe that Trump should invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to the White House in an effort to warm relations between Washington and Moscow.

Another 42 percent said that Trump should not hold such a meeting with Putin, so as not to grant the Russian leader legitimacy.

Nearly half of respondents said that Trump has done too little to criticize Russia. By comparison, 32 percent said that hes handled the situation properly, while just 4 percent believe that the president has criticized Russia too much.

The Washington Post/ABC News poll found a large partisan divide in perceptions of Trumps treatment of Russia.

An overwhelming majority of Democrats 70 percent said that Trump has not been harsh enough in his criticism of Moscow. Seventy-one percent of Republicans, on the other hand, believe that Trump has handled the situation about right.

The Washington Post/ABC News poll was conducted April 8-11, and surveyed 1,002 U.S. adults. Its margin of error is plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.


The Hill



North and South Korea Reportedly Set to Announce Official End to War "IndyWatch Feed War"

Via: Reuters: North and South Korea are in talks to announce a permanent end to the officially declared military conflict between the two countries, daily newspaper Munhwa Ilbo reported Tuesday, citing an unnamed South Korean official. Ahead of a summit next week between North Korean premier Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in, []


Search For Truth In The Rubble Of Douma Finds Lack Of Evidence Of Chemical Attack "IndyWatch Feed War"

This is the story of a town called Douma, a ravaged, stinking place of smashed apartment blocks  and of an underground clinic whose images of suffering allowed three of the Western worlds most powerful nations to bomb Syria last week. Theres even a friendly doctor in a green coat who, when I track him down in the very same clinic, cheerfully tells me that the gas videotape which horrified the world despite all the doubters is perfectly genuine. War stories, however, have a habit of growing darker. For the same 58-year old senior Syrian doctor then adds something profoundly uncomfortable: the patients, he says, were overcome not by gas but by oxygen starvation in the rubbish-filled tunnels and basements in which they lived, on a night of wind and heavy shelling that stirred up a dust storm.


Gilbert Doctorow: On the Reaction to the U.S. Strike in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

On the Reaction to the U.S. Strike in Syria

There are stirrings of an imperative anti-war movement in the wake of the U.S. strike on Syria, but mostly the Pentagon controlled the message, says Gilbert Doctorow.

 Special to Consortium News


2,461 Evictions Every Day "IndyWatch Feed War"

A new national database of court filed evictions filed since 2000 released this week by The Eviction Lab documented an estimated 2.3 million people who were evicted last year. The database - which doesnt account for hundreds of thousands of evictions through intimidation and diception that happen without ever going to court - found that 2461 people were evicted EVERY DAY last year in the United States. In many communities like Richmond, Virginia, as many as 1 in 9 renters faced eviction. For women, particularly black women, that rate of eviction is even higher. We launched Homes For All in 2013 because we believe that every single person has a right to a safe, affordable and dignified home. We believe that if we guarantee that every child, person and family can live in a quality home without fear of eviction, rent increases or intimidation our entire society will be better off.


"Unreality TV: The Swamp suckered Donald Trump into Syria | Mulshine" "IndyWatch Feed War"

"There is no truth to the rumor that, after watching an episode of "Gilligan's Island" on TV, President Trump ordered a search party sent out for the passengers and crew of the S.S. Minnow. But he does tend to get...


The Corporate Plan To Groom U.S. Kids For Servitude By Wiping Out Public Schools "IndyWatch Feed War"

West Virginias public school teachers had endured years of low pay, inadequate insurance, giant class sizes, and increasingly unlivable conditionsincluding attempts to force them to record private details of their health daily on a wellness app. Their governor, billionaire coal baron Jim Justice, pledged to allow them no more than an annual 1% raiseeffectively a pay cut considering inflationin a state where teacher salaries ranked 48th lowest out of 50 states. In February 2018, they finally revolted: In a tense, four-day work stoppage, they managed to wrest a 5% pay increase from the state. Teachers in Oklahoma and Kentucky have now revolted in similar protests. Its the latest battle in a contest between two countervailing forces: one bent on reengineering America for the benefit of the wealthy, the other struggling to preserve dignity and security for ordinary people.


IMF sees emerging Asia as top global growth engine "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File / by Ryan MCMORROW | The IMF is bullish about emerging Asia

BEIJING (AFP)  The IMF said Tuesday it remains upbeat about the economic prospects of emerging Asia, labelling the region the most important engine of global growth despite concerns over trade disputes and mounting debt.The International Monetary Funds latest quarterly World Economic Outlook forecasts global growth of 3.9 percent this year as the world economy hums along and nations retain supportive fiscal policies.

The fastest-paced expansion will remain concentrated in Asia, it predicts, where the buoyant economies of China, India and a host of Southeast Asian nations will perform well above the global average.

The IMF left unchanged from January its growth estimate for China of 6.6 percent for 2018 and 6.4 percent in 2019. The countrys own 2018 target is around 6.5 percent.

China reported Tuesday that its economy had grown 6.8 percent in the first quarter, maintaining the same pace as the fourth quarter.

India is widely expected to be the next global growth juggernaut.

The IMF foresees the nations economy surging by 7.4 percent this year and 7.8 percent in 2019, also unchanged from its previous outlook in January.

The two Asian giants have seen their economic prospects brighten amid strong global demand for their exports and as their massive populations start spending, the IMF said.

Southeast Asias booming economies of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam will collectively maintain growth above five percent this year and next, the fund said.

Emerging Asia, which is forecast to continue growing at about 6.5 percent during 2018?19, remains the most important engine of global growth, the fund wrote.

Global trade jumped 4.9 percent last year, the fund estimated, with Chinas exporters being among the largest beneficiaries.

Their prospects are less certain amid US President Donald Trumps threats to impose tariffs on up to $150 billion worth of Chinese goods as part of his America First agenda.

Growing trade tensions and risks of a shift toward protectionist policies, and geopolitical strains are among the greatest concerns, the fund said.

An increase in tariffs and non-tariff trade barriers could harm market sentiment, disrupt global supply chains, and slow the spread of new...


Syria and the West's last-ditch battle to halt the rise of China "IndyWatch Feed War"

The West has built up its unparalleled armoury for one reason only - to protect its dominant world position. Syria is most likely where it will be used


The new US concept of a perfect mission: 32 out of 103 "IndyWatch Feed War"

April 14, 2018 Yup, he said mission accomplished, perfectly executed and that he was so proud of his great military. That considering that 71 out of 103 missiles were intercepted. That there were no Syrian (or Iranian or Russian) fatalities. That not a single airfield was hit. That the buildings destroyed were empty. That only Syrian air []


Prayer and Meditation for Wednesday, April 18, 2018 As For Death: It was not possible for him to be held by it "IndyWatch Feed War"

Wednesday of the Third Week of Easter
Lectionary: 275

Image result for Philip went about after the dispersion, art, bible, photos

Reading 1  ACTS 8:1B-8

There broke out a severe persecution of the Church in Jerusalem,
and all were scattered
throughout the countryside of Judea and Samaria,
except the Apostles.
Devout men buried Stephen and made a loud lament over him.
Saul, meanwhile, was trying to destroy the Church;
entering house after house and dragging out men and women,
he handed them over for imprisonment.Now those who had been scattered went about preaching the word.
Thus Philip went down to the city of Samaria
and proclaimed the Christ to them.
With one accord, the crowds paid attention to what was said by Philip
when they heard it and saw the signs he was doing.
For unclean spirits, crying out in a loud voice,
came out of many possessed people,
and many paralyzed and crippled people were cured.
There was great joy in that city.

Responsorial Psalm  PS 66:1-3A, 4-5, 6-7A

R. (1) Let all the earth cry out to God with joy.
R. Alleluia.
Shout joyfully to God, all the earth,
sing praise to the glory of his name;
proclaim his glorious praise.
Say to God, How tremendous are your deeds!
R. Let all the earth cry out to God with joy.
R. Alleluia.
Let all on earth worship and sing praise to you,
sing praise to your name!
Come and see the works of God,
his tremendous deeds among the children of Adam.
R. Let all the earth cry out to God with joy.


America Once Fought A War Against Poverty Now It Wages A War On The Poor "IndyWatch Feed War"

In 2013, Callie Greers daughter Venus died in her arms after a battle with breast cancer. If caught early, the five-year survival rate for women diagnosed with breast cancer is close to 100%. But Venuss cancer went undiagnosed for months because she couldnt afford health insurance. She lived in Alabama, a state that refused to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Venuss death is not an isolated incident more than 250,000 people like her die in the United States from poverty and related issues every year. Access to healthcare is just one of the issues facing the 140 million people who live in poverty in the US today. Over the past two years, the Poor Peoples Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival has carried out a listening tour in dozens of states across this nation.


Alas, this is far from over! "IndyWatch Feed War"

April 15, 2018 Lets begin by a short summary of events. About a month ago Nikki Haley announces to the UNSC that the USA is ready to violate the rules of this very self-same UNSC should a chemical attack happen in Syria Then the Russians announced that they have evidence that a chemical false flag []


How and When Will the Establishment Pull the Alchemical Plug on Deutsche Bank? "IndyWatch Feed War"

For several years now, on and off rumors about the general financial health of behemoth German-based Deutsche Bank have sent everything from a nagging unease to outright panic across international financial and political circles.  At times it would be described in mainstream corporate press as the next Lehman Brothers meaning a major global bank []


Water Conflict: Irans Farmers Take on the Establishment "IndyWatch Feed War"


Five straight days of lively demonstrations against water shortages have culminated in a police action on April 14 to disperse protestors. The decision to use tear gas came after signs that the protest movement was expanding and drawing in new supporters from the surrounding countryside.

The incident took place in Isfahan, the Irans third-largest city. It illustrates the growing prevalence of water conflict in Iranian society, as increasingly scarce resources are diverted away from small-scale agriculture and toward industrial interests that are at times opaque and/or tied to Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The post Water Conflict: Irans Farmers Take on the Establishment appeared first on Geopolitical Monitor.



Source Last night, the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF) repelled another missile attack allegedly carried out by the Israeli military. Missiles were intercepted in two areas: Near Shayrat military airfield in the Homs countryside  6 missiles were intercepted (according to some sources, 9 missiles) Near Dumair military airfield in the Damascus countryside  3 missiles were []


Hundreds Protest Pennsylvania Governor On Fracking "IndyWatch Feed War"

Harrisburg, PA - Pennsylvanians from across the state converged in the capitol rotunda today to declare that they are choosing a better path, one that leads to a responsive government that prioritizes the best interests of the people over those of the natural gas industry and that leads to a clean, renewable energy future. More than 700 individuals and organizations made their declaration in a letter that was delivered to Governor Wolf after the rally. Their sentiments mirror those of a majority of Pennsylvanians, according to fresh polling from Franklin & Marshall College. The poll released at the end of March found that 69% of Pennsylvanians think the state government should prioritize renewable energy over coal and gas. Public opinion on fracking has soured, according to the poll that found that 55% of Pennsylvanians now think that the environmental risks of fracking outweigh economic benefits.


Why Zuckerbergs Facebook Testimony Doesnt Add Up "IndyWatch Feed War"


Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Credit Getty Images

By John Crudele

Mark Zuckerberg proudly trotted out a number when he was being questioned last week by Congress: His company, Facebook, would soon double the security team that monitors content on the site, to 20,000.

There are now 10,000 people who keep watch for the bad things that users can put on Facebook and the monkey businesses they can conduct through the website. So that figure would be multiplied by two.

Wow, 20,000!

That seems like a lot. And the lawmakers who questioned Zuckerberg must have thought so because nobody brought up what I am about to.

Facebook proudly claims to have 2 billion active users, although some question that number. But lets give Zuckerberg that one 2 billion users it is.

Divide 2 billion by 20,000 and youll see that each one of Facebooks monitors will be responsible for keeping 100,000 Facebook users in line.

Ill say it again: Each monitor is expected to keep track of what 100,000 Facebook users put on the site, even if the postings are for a mere minute or two in the middle of the night.

I am also wondering about this: Did Facebook decide to spend the extra dough on those additional monitors minutes before Zuckerberg sat down before Congress?

Or was Zuckerberg incensed enough by the shenanigans on Facebook that he made a grown-up corporate decision months ago probably on a day when he wasnt wearing his hoodie in order to be proactive about the problem?

Criminals and perverts have long been able to correspond with one another over Facebook at prearranged times. In fact, thats precisely how pedophiles have been operating without fear of expulsion from Facebook or criminal prosecution.

Surprisingly, nobody last week asked Zuckerberg about the pedophiles who meet on certain Facebook pages.

Congress was mostly interested in how political dirty tricks are played on Facebook and how children can have their IDs stolen. But, Ill tell you this, children can lose a lot more than their identities on Facebook.

Nothing short of childrens innocence is at stake. You can fix identity theft, but you cant fix the other bad stuff that can happen to your kids.

Ive written a lot about Facebooks pedophile problem. And...


Yom HaZikaron "IndyWatch Feed War"

This evening the Day of Remembrance for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism begins. 

Nestled between cypress trees and banana groves alongside a dusty track just north of Kibbutz Shaar HaGolan in the Jordan Valley lies a memorial to four members of the Border Police.

On the night of October 8th 1966, windows in Kibbutz Shaar HaGolan shattered due to loud explosions from the direction of El Hama valley then part of a demilitarised zone according to the 1949 Armistice Agreement between Israel and Syria.

Flames were seen about a kilometer and a half from the kibbutz and members of a Border Police unit immediately set out to investigate. Having checked one water pumping station they continued to a tool store...


Tom Engelhardt 283 "IndyWatch Feed War"

April 17, 2018

Tomgram: Steve Fraser, Teaching America a Lesson

[Note for TomDispatch Readers: I have a special offer for you today. TomDispatch author Steve Frasers newest book, Class Matters: The Strange Career of an American Delusion, has just been published. Of it, Barbara Ehrenreich writes, a bold and brilliant account of how the subject of class was expunged from American consciousness and culture. I finished it with regret, because there were no more fascinating pages to read, but also with delight, because I had found someone new to learn from. The Washington Post calls it intriguing, provocative, and revealing... shot through with illuminating passages. As for me, I just say: go read Frasers chapter on the Statue of Liberty and youll know why we call her lady. His book is a history of why class has mattered in this country from Jamestown to late last night (with a splendid side trip into the world of the proletarian cowboy) of a sort I havent seen before. And for a limited period, TomDispatch is offering a signed, personalized copy of the book to any r...


Wind Farming Creating Jobs and Building New Economy in Texas "IndyWatch Feed War"

All along the straight-shot roads of Nolan County in West Texas, wind turbines soar over endless acres of farms, the landscape either heavy with cotton ready to harvest or flushed green with the start of winter wheat. The turbines rise from expanses of ranches, where black Angus beef cattle gaze placidly at the horizon. Here and there are abandoned farmhouses dating to the 1880s, when this land was first settled and water windmills were first erected. Occasionally a few pump jacks bob their metallic heads, vestiges of a once-booming oil industry still satiating an endless thirst. Every industry creates an ecosystem around it. If the wind turbines that sprouted in West Texas were huge steel trees, spinning sleek carbon-fiber blades 100 feet in length, then the wind farmsincluding Roscoe Wind Project and Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center, some of the largest in the worldwere their forest.


Whose Wars? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israel continues to wag the dog for Middle Eastern wars By Philip Giraldi Unz Review April 17, 2018 In March 2003, Pat Buchanan wrote a groundbreaking article entitled Whose War? in opposition to the Bush Administration fueled growing hysteria over Saddam Husseins alleged weapons of mass destruction which was producing demands for an []


May rejects calls for 'war powers act' after Syria strikes "IndyWatch Feed War"


Corbyn said launching air strikes without a vote demonstrated a 'flagrant disregard' for parliamentary convention


Chinas Central Bank to cut reserve requirement ratio by 1 percentage point "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

BEIJING (AFP)  Chinas central bank said Tuesday it would lower the reserve requirement ratio (RRR) by one percentage point for most commercial banks, to free up funding for small firms.

The move to cut the amount of cash which most commercial and foreign banks must hold in reserve, to repay loans obtained via the central banks medium-term lending facility, will take effect on April 25.

Official data earlier on Tuesday showed that Chinas economy grew at a faster-than-expected pace of 6.8 percent in the first quarter.

Cutting the reserve requirement ratio currently at 17 percent for large institutions and 15 percent for smaller banks is expected to inject around 400 billion yuan ($63.7 billion) into the economy, the People?s Bank of China said.

The PBOC said it still needs to maintain relatively high reserve requirement ratios for banks to manage financial risks.

The relaxed requirements will allow banks to increase support for small and medium-sized enterprises and increase financial stability of the banking system, it said.

Chinese banks which are overwhelmingly public enterprises prefer to lend to large corporations and state-owned enterprises rather than private firms. Regulations which make it difficult for small businesses to access funding have given rise to a thriving industry of loan sharks.

The new rule applies to most banks, except policy lenders such as the China Development Bank.

The PBOC said it would continue to implement a stable and neutral monetary policy.


Influential rabbi teaches would-be Israeli soldiers: Genocide is a mitzvah "IndyWatch Feed War"

Rabbi Ophir Wallas of the Bnei David Military Mechina was caught on video teaching young would-be soldiers that Israelis are, from the halachaic point of view, permitted to wipe out Palestinians, and that only fear of massive retaliation prevents that.

Rabbi Wallas words can be heard here. They are taken from a longer lecture he has given his students, which for those who have too much time on their hands can be seen here. Here is my translation, with essential footnotes:

In conquering the Land [of Israel] according to Nachmanides and Rashi [*], who say that the wars of today are also mitzvah wars for conquering the Land, I am beholden to nothing. This isnt the law of the persecutor [**], right? What law are we dealing with? The laws of a mitzvah war, a war of occupying the Land. Even if I dont conquer Gaza right now, [conquering it] is part of my ability to settle the Land of Israel, so it is also a part of the mitzvah of conquering the Land. And therefore it follows, theres no other way; like, wed have to kill them all. Because this is the difference between the Law of the Persecutor and mitzvah wars. [] A mitzvah war of conquering the Land, which is not limited to saving the people of Israel from their enemies, according to some of the Rishonim [***] I could, on the face of it and by the essential law, destroy, kill and cause to perish [****] all of them. I will not do so, because if I were to do so, and reject international treaties, then the State of Israel shall parish, unless we shall witness a miracle of miracles and one must not trust in a miracle. And thats the only reason I wont do it.

A few other notes are essential. First, and please bear with me, what is a mechina? Literally, it means a preliminary school, but in Israel it came to mean a school  which prepares students who finished their high sc...


Israel prepares for Iranian revenge to include missile attacks, drone strikes "IndyWatch Feed War"

As tension mounts after alleged bombing of Syrian air base, Israel details Tehrans aerial activities in the country, pointing out potential targets

Times of Israel
April 17, 2018
A photo released by Iranian media reportedly shows the T-4 air base in central Syria after a missile barrage April 16, 2018. (Iranian media)
A photo released by Iranian media reportedly shows the T-4 air base in central Syria after a missile barrage April 16, 2018. (Iranian media)

Ahead of Israels Independence Day, the military was preparing for the possibility of a direct attack by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps air force in response to a strike on its air base in Syria earlier this month, The Times of Israel has learned.

Iranian officials have made increasingly bellicose remarks following the April 9 strike on the T-4 air base, near Palmyra in central Syria, which killed at least seven members of the IRGC, including the head of its drone program, Col. Mehdi Dehghan.

Iran, Syria, Russia and some US officials have all said explicitly that Israel was responsible for the strike. Israeli officials refuse to comment on the matter, though The New York Times quoted an Israeli military official as acknowledging that the Jewish state was behind the attack.

On Monday, a spokesman for Irans Foreign Ministry said the countrys retaliation against Israel will come sooner or later and that Jerusalem will regret its misdeeds.

A photo released by Iranian media reportedly shows the T-4 air base in central Syria after a missile barrage attributed to Israel on April 9, 2018. (Iranian media)


Erdogan, Rouhani agree to maintain Turkey, Iran, Russia cooperation in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing



ANKARA (Reuters) Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani agreed on Tuesday to maintain the cooperation between Turkey, Iran and Russia for a political solution to the conflict in Syria, a source in Erdogans office said.

Erdogan also told Rouhani in a telephone call that actions to increase tensions in the region should be avoided, after U.S., British and French forces carried out air strikes on Syria over the weekend.

Reporting by Ece Toksabay and Tuvan Gumrukcu; Editing by David Dolan


China Boosts Its U.S. Treasuries Holdings by Most in Six Months "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image result for china, yuan, photos

By Sarah McGregor

April 16, 2018, 4:00 PM EDT Updated on April 16, 2018, 5:04 PM EDT
  • Increase highlights U.S. asset demand even amid trade tensions
  • Trump accused China on Monday of devaluing its currency
China Boosts U.S. Treasury Holdings by Most in 6 Months

Chinas holdings of Treasuries rose by the most in six months, underscoring the attractiveness of U.S. assets even amid trade tensions between the worlds two largest economies.

Chinas ownership of U.S. bonds, bills and notes increased by $8.5 billion to $1.18 trillion in February, according to data released by the U.S. Treasury department on Monday. China remained the largest foreign creditor to the U.S., followed by Japan whose holdings dropped to $1.06 trillion, from $1.07 trillion in January.



Strikes on Syria chemical sites 'solve nothing': France's Macron "IndyWatch Feed War"


'These strikes will resolve nothing but they will end a system to which we are becoming used to'


Durham, NC votes for nations first ban on police exchanges with Israel "IndyWatch Feed War"

Late Monday evening, Durham voted unanimously to become the first city in the U.S. to prohibit police exchanges with Israel, after broad community pressure and popular petition by the Demilitarize! Durham2Palestine coalition, an affiliate of the Deadly Exchange Campaign. The policy, which states that, the Council opposes international exchanges with any country in which Durham officers receive military-style training, was voted into official policy of the City of Durham during heated debate at City Council.

In a time of increasing concern about policing and police violence, in particular for communities of color, the city of Durham is leading the way in declaring that safety for all means de-militarizing the police force. From traffic stops that target Black drivers, to checkpoints that target immigrant communities, to police murders of Black, Brown, and disabled people, police forces cause daily harm. Police exchanges between the U.S. and Israel explicitly offer U.S. police officers exposure to methods used against Palestinians that numerous international human rights groups say are discriminatory and lead to human rights violations.

This is an important step towards divesting from militarization and over-policing, and investing in Black and Brown futures, stated Laila Nur of Durham For All, one of the coalition members. I am proud to see Durham leading the way; its a huge victory towards a vision of safety and sanctuary for all.

The Demilitarize Durham2Palestine Coalition is leading the way as a model of how to build communities that value safety for all people. We are thrilled by this first win of the Deadly Exchange campaign, which is especially meaningful as a response to the ongoing targeting of unarmed Palestinians in Gaza and the call from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanction Movement in response to end U.S./Israel police exchanges, stated Jewish Voice for Peace Executive Director Rebecca Vilkomerson.

Ending police training exchanges between U.S. law enforcement and Israeli security forces, according to the Deadly Exchange campaign, works towards reducing state violence and discrimination. Since the early 2000s, thousands of U.S. police officers, sheriffs, border patrol agents, ICE officers and FBI agents have trained with Israeli military and police forces. Through one of these programs, the Anti-Defamation Leagues (ADL) National Counter-Terrorism Seminar (NCTS), U.S. law enforcement agents visit checkpoints and prisons and meet with Israeli officials at other sites of violence and racial profiling, such as Hebrons settler-controlled areas and Ben Gurion ai...


Decisive Failure Of US Forces "IndyWatch Feed War"

by South Front, April 14, 2018 Early on April 14, the US, France and the UK carried out a massive missile strike on Syria justifying their actions with the alleged involvement of the Assad government into the April 7 Douma chemical attack. The Russian Defense Minsitry stated that 103 cruise and air-to-surface missiles were launched on different targets across Syria adding that 71 of them were intercepted by the Syrian Air Defense Forces (SADF). According to available information, a total of 103 cruise missiles were fired The Syrian air defense systems basically comprising Soviet-made weapons successfully repelled the strikes by aircraft and naval ships. A total of 71 missiles were intercepted, Head of the Russian General Staffs Main Operations Department Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoi said. Rudskoi said that the SADF had used its S-125, S-200, Buk, Kvadrat and Osa air defense systems to repel the strike. The Syrian General Command said that the US, the UK and France had launched 110 missiles also adding that most of them were intercepted. The numbers provided raise serious questions. Some experts


Countering a Blacklist: Introducing Against Canary Mission "IndyWatch Feed War"

In April of 2015, an anonymous website sprang to life from the basement of the internet. Slickly produced, but with no public authorship or attribution, it carried photographic profiles of mostly young Arab, Black, and Jewish student activists who were open supporters of Palestinian human rights.

The profiles were accompanied by textual soundbytes accusing the students of crimes ranging from the political to the legal.  Terrorist, racist, Jew-hater, anti-semite the profiles read.  Accompanying was a short, expensively produced promotional video.  Narrated by a woman, the video flashed scare images of Palestinian protesters, and warned in conspiratorial, loyalist tones: It is your duty to ensure that todays radicals are not tomorrows employees.  The overt Blacklisting logic of the site, and its eerie rhetorical echoes of Cold War anti-communism, was underscored by a repeated refrain that Palestinian human rights advocates were un-American.

Within one year of launching, the website, called Canary Mission, included profiles of more than 1800 young activists: Black, Brown, Jewish, Arab, Muslim.  Its scope expanded to include more frequent attacks on pro-Palestinian organizationsfor example Students for Justice in Palestine, and Muslim Student Associationswhile also targeting the rapidly expanding Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Movement against Israel.  The site disproportionately targets people of color and women. Of the 1870 individuals profiled on the site, about 80% are people of color.

From the start, Canary Mission used twitter to blast out names and photographs of activists with its allegations of racism or terrorism, sometimes targeting employers of students, hoping to get them fired.  Today, more than 18,000 supporters of Palestinian human rights are profiled are on the site, but the list is still growing there.

Canary Mission is a settler-colonial scam, an ethnonationalist slur,  and a malicious, well-funded, underground machine set to destroy the lives and careers of real people.  Its existence reflects the sheer desperation of Israel defenders who have seen public opinion shift steadily against the continued illegal Occupation of Palestine by Israels apartheid state.  In the face of new generational global empathy among young people for occupied Palestinian lives, the Canary Mission Blacklist is an admission of political defeat, and symptomatic of a dying racist state.

Now, at long last, and on time, organized opposition to Canary Mission has arrived: today will see the launch of Against Canary Mission, a website dedicated to representing in truthful detail the lives of activists in support of Palestinian liberation, and to narrating accurately the conditions of Israels Occupation.

Why is it...


How Long Until China Cranks Up the Debt Engine? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Its economys steady first-quarter growth masks some worrying signs

Cherry blossoms during their peak season earlier this month in east China's Jiangsu province. While the countrys economy grew this quarter, cracks are beginning to show.
Cherry blossoms during their peak season earlier this month in east Chinas Jiangsu province. While the countrys economy grew this quarter, cracks are beginning to show. PHOTO: LIU SHUYI/ZUMA PRESS

Cherry blossoms are blooming in Asiaand so is the Chinese economy, at least on the surface.

Growth was 6.8% in the first quarter, the government announced Tuesday, just a hair lower than in 2017 as a whole. Key indicators like electricity output and construction investment ticked up as companies took advantage of easing seasonal pollution restrictions.

But beneath the seasonal thaw, there are hints the long winter did real damage. Despite the apparently strong headline growth, Chinas central bank unexpectedly late Tuesday cut the amount of funds some banks must hold in reserve, a move that could release...


Currencies strategists worried after Trump says currency devaluations by Russia and China have placed pressure on the dollar "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Donald Trumps puzzling comments on Monday alleging currency devaluations by Russia and China have placed pressure on the dollar, in a fall that may play into the presidents goals of narrowing the trade deficit.

The US president tweeted on Monday that Russia and China are playing the currency devaluation game. Not acceptable! he added. Mr Trumps remarks raised quite a few eyebrows among currencies strategists, not least given that Chinas currency, the renminbi, has in fact risen 3.6 per cent this year on the dollar, after a 6.8 per cent jump in 2017, according to Reuters data. True, the rouble is off 6.5 per cent on the year.

But Russias currency was down a milder 2.2 per cent before the announcement earlier this month of US sanctions against the country. While Mr Trumps comments make no sense, they still had an impact on the foreign exchange market, said Derek Halpenny at MUFG.

How grounded the comment is in fact is much less important than the fact that he said it and suggests President Trump would potentially if required attempt to talk down the dollar to reinforce his desire to see the US import bill shrink, he said. Mr Halpenny added that the threat is likely forefront in the minds of investors managing their US dollar exposures.

Kit Juckes of Socit Gnrale put it more bluntly: President Trump is weighing on the dollar.

The dollar index, a measure of the buck against half a dozen peers, is down 3 per cent for the year, and has tumbled 11.3 per cent since Mr Trumps inauguration in January 2017, according to FactSet data.

Mr Juckes points out that the gap in yields on US two-year Treasury notes compared with German debt a key fundamental indicator for investors who typically chase higher rates is at its highest level in decades. This should be very good news for the greenback...but it has been overshadowed by the president.

Rate differentials are going to matter again one day, said Mr Juckes, who added that what matters now is the nervousness induced by both President Trumps late-cycle fiscal largesse and his twitter feed.


Five arrested, as Jewish protesters block Senator Cardins office over his silence on Gaza killings "IndyWatch Feed War"

Other news

Jewish activists storm senators office as lawmakers sound off on Gaza
WASHINGTON (Haaretz) by Amir Tibon A group of around 30 demonstrators from the left-wing Jewish group If Not Now gathered Monday in front of the office of Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) to protest Israels use of deadly force against thousands of Palestinian demonstrators on the Israel-Gaza border in recent weeks. The demonstrators called on Cardin, one of the most senior Democratic Senators on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, to denounce Israels response, specifically its use of live ammunition to keep Palestinian protesters away from the border fence between Israel and Gaza. The protesters blocked the entrance to Cardins office and asked: How many more lives need to be lost until you will speak up about the violence in Gaza? Cardin was slated to speak before the annual J Street conference in Washington later on Monday afternoon. Five participants were briefly detained during the demonstration, which took place as an increasing number of Democratic legislators in Washington have spoken out against Israels handling of the events on the Gaza border.

[Senator Bernie Sanders later praised the group, If Not Now, in his own speech to the J Street conference. Editor]

Dozens of American Jews arrested protesting Gaza violence
+972 mag 16 Apr by Edo Konrad  From Boston to San Francisco, young activists from IfNotNow demonstrate outside the offices of prominent Jewish institutions and senators, demanding they condemn Israels violence against Gaza protesters   32 American Jews were arrested across the United States last week in a series of actions outside the offices of major Jewish institutions and elected officials to protest the ongoing violence against Palestinians at the Israel-Gaza border.
The actions, organized by the Jewish-American group IfNotNow, took place in Boston, New York, Twin Cities, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, where young Jews de...


Transportation strikes and university protests continue to shake France "IndyWatch Feed War"

Gerard Julien, AFP | Public railways SNCF railworkers demonstrate against planned reforms of the French government on April 13, 2018 in Paris as strikes on Frances rail network continue.

France 24, AFP and AP

A new strike by Air France employees Tuesday will add to chaos in France, which is already reeling from strikes by rail workers and university students over proposed public sector reforms by President Emmanuel Macron.

To Macrons dismay, the popular movements show no signs of slowing down.

The Air France tussle over salaries is separate from the larger and politically more significant stand-off between Macrons centrist, business-friendly government and the public sector trade unions fighting its reform plans.

Rail unions are particularly up in arms over proposed reforms that they say would reduce job security. Students have been blocking several public universities over Macrons plan to introduce more selective applications.

There is a general atmosphere of social discontent against Macrons reforms, including protests and strikes by civil servants, energy workers and garbage collectors.

Recently, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire admitted that, while he couldnt produce numbers, it was clear that the strikes were impacting growth.

We have already identified an impact in certain sectors, including hotel reservations, transportation and tourism, he told French radio Europe 1.

FRANCE 24 takes a look at the latest on the three main strikes.

Air France

About 30 percent of Air France flights scheduled on Tuesday are expected to be canceled due to a strike over pay. Crews and ground staff, whose wages have been frozen since 2011, are seeking a 6percent pay rise. This will mark their eighth day of walkouts since February.

Some 45 percent of long-haul flights will be canceled along with 35 percent of medium-haul flights to and from Paris. According to Air France, the strikes could cost the company upwards of 220 million.

On Monday, Air Fran...


Losing the Battle But Hoping to Win the War "IndyWatch Feed War"

Women in a modern Muslim city (Illustrative photo: Wikimedia Commons/Chriss Schuepp/ in a modern Muslim city (Illustrative photo: Wikimedia Commons/Chriss Schuepp/

Ive just returned from visiting four prominent cities of the Muslim world which are considered moderate in their lifestyle.

Outwardly, everything looks good. In recent months there have been no extremist incidents. So we should be encouraged. Yes?

But to dismay I was not. Heres why:

Upon speaking with approximately hundred-plus people of varied age groups and diverse backgrounds, I was concerned to find out that the extremist views we are battling against and the reformist views I uphold exist only in a small minority.

For the majority, non-violent radical views are the norm.

The mindset is as follows:

  • Its all the fault of the West and Israel. Case in point, I was at a womens coffee gathering where all the women were educated and well read. However most of them were speaking of Israel in negative terms. One who is a Canadian citizen said that the only thing wrong with Canada is that our prime minister supports Israel and must stop doing this right away. Anti-Semitism has taken a new turn and theres no room for debate
  • Sharia must be implemented. There is no room for reform unless everyone is sharia-compliant, therefore practices like beheading are legitimate
  • Murderers are heroes and heroes (bloggers and activists) are traitors
  • Islam is under attack and Muslims are victims.
  • There is no discussion about appalling human rights in their own countries, the oppression of women and minorities or the misogyny that permeates society

Have we lost the war against radicalization? Maybe not.  But we have definitely lost the battle.

This battle of ideas began in 1979 during the Iranian Revolution when Khomeni said he would export the revolution, starting a turf war between Iran and Saudi Arabia costing thousands of li...


Frances Emmanuel Macron calls for revival of EU democracy "IndyWatch Feed War"

In his first speech before the EU parliament, Frances Emmanuel Macron called for energetic reforms and open debate with European citizens. Macron also decried the bickering between EU politicians as a fools game.

Frances president Emmanuel Macron urged reforms to address concerns and fears of EU citizens in a speech aimed at boosting the EU unity amidst a string of crisis.

Speaking to EU lawmakers in Strasbourg on Tuesday, he urged the deputies to create a proper debate on convictions and proposals and make the EU democracy come alive as the bloc starts its preparations for the May 2019 vote. The upcoming parliamentary vote is the first EU-wide election since the UK voted to leave the union.

Read more: Is Emmanuel Macron en marche to Brussels?

European people have not given up on Europe, Macron said in an emotionally charged address on Tuesday.

The French leader called for a debate on migration, a roadmap to eurozone reform, reforming the banking system, and a EU-wide sovereignty which would compliment the sovereignty of individual member states.

We need to build this EU-wide sovereignty to protect our citizens in terms of internal and external defense and security, he said.

Wost possible mistake to give up...


She wishes to return "IndyWatch Feed War"

This is Nasreen al-Najjar. She walks toward the fence separating the Gaza Strip from Israel. Alone, only her clothes on her body, she waves the Palestine flag.

She approaches the fence and tense soldiers keep her in their sights. They are amazed at her courage. They try to discern if she is hiding explosive, but do not see any. She moves slowly, she sometimes smiles at them. The commander of the unit suddenly stands and orders them to take down their rifles, lest any of them fire a bullet at her. He instructs two of them to go down to the fence and open an entrance for her so she can pass. She walks by them, greets them and continues on her way to visit the place where her parents were born. There she picks up vine leaves and other native plants that have continued to grow since that time.

She breathes in the air of her house, a house she was prevented from reaching until now. Neighbors come to ask if she needs anything. They want to know if they can help organize for a her real return, beyond this brief visit.

No, this did not happen. In reality, she was shot by a soldier and fell on the spot, a few dozen yards from the fence that cuts her from the 48 territory. Because nowsince the Nakbathis is Israels time. A country whose rulers do not dream of living together. A state whose soldiers shoot at anyone trying to visit their house, even a woman alone carrying a flag.

Where is Nasreen? Is she a refugee? Maybe from Barbara? Perhaps from Hamama? Where did she want to go? Maybe to Jaffa, a place of so many stories she has heard?

What is the thing that is so threatening in her march towards the fence? What is it that the Israelis are so careful to prevent? We heard our commanders sanctify the defense and security infrastructure of the fence space. The physical barrier that separates here and there. No one should undermine it and anyone who does, his blood be on his own hands. Its not a mere threat, as you know. This is clear from the high number of Palestinians who were killed in an attempt to approach the fence.


Fake made in USA and lies made in Italy, by Manlio Dinucci "IndyWatch Feed War"

To motivate the 2003 war, the US accused Iraq of possessing weapons of mass destruction: Secretary of State Colin Powell presented to the UN a series of "evidences" that turned out to be false, as he himself had to admit in 2016. Similar "evidences" are now presented to motivate the attack on Syria by the United States, Britain and France. On 14 April, General Kenneth McKenzie, Joint Staff Director of the Pentagon, presented a report, accompanied by satellite photos, on the Barzah (...)


Irans Threat of Revenge Overshadows Israels 70th Independence Day Celebrations "IndyWatch Feed War"

The mistaken activation of Syrias air defense system emphasizes the high alertness on the northern border. Meanwhile, the IDF is working overtime to tell the Iranians: Your troops are exposed

.Aerial photo of Deir al-Zor air base with Iranian drones.
Aerial photo of Deir al-Zor air base with Iranian drones.

The missile fire in Syria early Tuesday, which for several hours led to speculation about another Israeli attack, turned out to be the result of excessive anxiety within the Syrian air defense system. Tensions on Israels northern borders remain very high in light of the American punitive attack against the Assad regime and the expectation of Iranian retaliation for a strike attributed to Israel. Unusual air traffic was apparently interpreted by the Syrians as preparations for an attack, prompting the m......


Photograph: Chief Justice Sir John Walsh, Rt Rev Former Bishop of Jerusalem, and Chief Counsel Robert Steele "IndyWatch Feed War"

The first official hearing of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry is going splendidly in London; witnesses have testified in detail to the manner in which children are monetized there is an asset stripping machine embedded within legal systems of the UK and US and other countries that uses the family court to strip children from their families to convert them into a commodity; and the insolvency court to fabricate debts used to wipe out entire family fortunes earned legitimately but not under the protection of the cabal.

Learn more:

ITNJ Pedophilia Commission Roll-Out Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse



Dont Reward Putin With Panic Over Syria Strikes "IndyWatch Feed War"

Clarion Projects National Security Analyst and head of  Ryan Mauro, Director of the Clarion Intelligence Network and the Clarion Projects Shillman Fellow, appears alongside Lt.Col. Daniel Davis, to discuss the new U.S. sanctions on Russian entities for assisting Assads chemical weapons program and the risk of confrontation with Russia over Syria. Mauro argues that a long-term operation in Syria is unavoidable and that Putin is counting on the U.S. to overreact to his dramatic rhetoric.



Why Trumps Airstrikes on Syria Wont Deter Assad

Poll Results: Should the US Strike Syria Over Chemical Weapons?

Leave Children Out of Syrian War


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Tomgram: Steve Fraser, Teaching America a Lesson "IndyWatch Feed War"

Teachers in red-state America are hard at work teaching us all a lesson...


ITNJ: Pedophilia Consciousness Association of World Citizens Calls for End human trafficking "IndyWatch Feed War"

End human trafficking

The Association of World Citizens welcome the decision on 5 April 2018 of the Indian Union Cabinet to agree to the long-awaited bill Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) to prevent trafficking humans for the purpose of begging, marriage, prostitution or labor. The bill will become law when passed by both houses of Parliament, though the bill can still be weakened by amendments in Parliament.

There are clauses to address the victims physical and mental trauma and rehabilitation through education, training and health care. Thousands of women and children are trafficked within India as well as from neighboring Nepal and Bangladesh.  West Bengal which shares a porous border with Bangladesh is known as a human trafficking hub.



Humans Will Be Genetically Modified for First Time In Europe (Video) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Humans Will Be Genetically Modified for First Time In Europe Video DAHBOO Humans will be genetically modified for the first time in Europe after regulators have given the go ahead to trial DNA-splicing therapy. A destructive blood disorder known...

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Airstrike or Cyber Attack on Syria? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Conflicting reports abound. 

Reports of multiple airstrikes:

Link & Link

(Qasioun) The Syrian regime media announced on Tuesday's dawn that unknown missiles hit Shuairat airbase in the eastern countryside of Homs and Dumair airbase in Damascus countryside.

The Syrian regime authorities said that it could intercept the missiles and down it in Homs and Damascus airspaces, without revealing any further details or the side responsible for the attack.

In details, Shuairat airbase was targeted with 6 cruise missiles, while sources in the Syrian oppoisition suggested that attack launched by Israel.

Dumair airbase, moreover, was targeted with 3 Cruise missiles and were intercepted by Surface-to-Air missiles, people in Eastern Qalamon area witnessed the interception of missiles, while the Pentagon denied launching any attack last night on Syrian regime positions.

Several media sources said cruise missiles could also hit Nayrab airbase in Aleppo and an airbase in Keswa area in Damascus countryside, but the Syrian regime denied it.

Times of Israel- Israel-US cyberattack triggered missile defenses

Pro-regime commander says Russian experts brought in to deal with incident initially thought to have been a missile strike

A false alarm caused by a joint electronic operation carried out by Israel and the US led to the firing of air defenses missile over Syria overnight Monday, a commander of militia forces supporting the regime said.
Speaking on condition of anonymity to Reuters on Tuesday, the commander said that the...


Chemical weapons inspectors enter Douma: Syrian state media "IndyWatch Feed War"


Inspectors arrived on Saturday to investigate the alleged attacks in Douma but have been blocked from the town


President Trump"s War Crime Is Worse than the One He Accuses Assad of "IndyWatch Feed War"

The single most important thing that happened Friday night when the US military on President Trumps orders launched a wave of over 100 cruise missiles against Syria was that once again the US violated the most profound international law of war: initiating a war of aggression against a nation that posed no threat, imminent or otherwise, to the US or its allies.


Democrats, Too, Love Trump's Wars "IndyWatch Feed War"


Democrats, Too, Love Trump's Wars

Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., center, speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill in 2017 following a briefing on Syria. (...


Macron warns of European civil war over growing East-West divide "IndyWatch Feed War"

By The Telegraph
Aptil 17, 2018

The French president addressed the European Parliament, laying out his vision for the future of the continent

The French president addressed the European Parliament, laying out his vision for the future of the continent CREDIT: VINCENT KESSLER/REUTERS

The European Union risks being torn apart by a civil war between its liberal and authoritarian democracies, Emmanuel Macron, the president of France has warned.

Speaking in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Mr Macron said that the EU must build a new European sovereignty and embark on much needed reforms to save the bloc.

The ardent Europhile was given a standing ovation and numerous compliments by adoring MEPs during the plenary debate on the future of Europe after Brexit.

We have a context of division and indeed doubt within Europe,  Mr Macron said. There seems to be a sort of European civil war where selfish interests sometimes appear more important than what unites Europe.

In a thinly veiled swipe at Hungary and Poland, Mr Macron said Europe was in the grips of a fascination with the illiberal.

Brussels is at loggerheads with Warsaw over Polands controversial judicial reforms and there are also concerns about the rule of law in Hungary after strongman Vikto Orbans election campaign, which was won by stoking fears over immigration.

Members of the European Parliament hold placards saying
Members of the E...


'We shoot anyone we see': Iraqi troops shield border as IS prowls Syrian desert "IndyWatch Feed War"


Iraqi forces on shoot to kill orders to defend vast Syrian border areas still controlled by Islamic State


Si Gn ngy 30 thng 4 nm 1975 ngi dn di tn khi Si Gn "IndyWatch Feed War"

Th Ba ngy 29/4/1975 Di tn khi Si Gn, Vi bt c gi no hng ngn dn chng tho chy


[Pantsyr S1] Russia Deadly Short Range Air Defense System can Beat US "IndyWatch Feed War"

Russias Deadly Short Range Air Defense System Pantsyr S1 can Beat US Air defense systems are a very important


These Ex-Spies Are Harvesting Facebook Photos For A Massive Facial Recognition Database "IndyWatch Feed War"

Via: Fortune: When Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the House Energy and Commerce Committee last week in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica revelations, he tried to describe the difference between surveillance and what we do. The difference is extremely clear, a nervous-looking Zuckerberg said. On Facebook, you have control over your information the information we []


How US Has Virtually Destroyed UN "IndyWatch Feed War"

Under President Donald Trump, the US has basically eliminated the only real international authority the UN used to have.


Christians Gunned Down After Church Service "IndyWatch Feed War"

(Illustrative photo: Pixabay)(Illustrative photo: Pixabay)

Attackers on a motorcycle open fired on Christians in Pakistan as the worshipers were coming out of a church near Quetta, Dawn reported.

At least two people were killed and five other wounded in the attack in the Essa Nagri area on April 15.

The shooters fled the scene and were not apprehended.

The attack follows another horrific shooting this month in the area in which four members of a Christian family from Punjab travelling in a rickshaw to visit relative were all gunned down.

In December 2017, suicide bombers attacked the Bethel Memorial Methodist Church, also in Quetta, killing nine and injuring 30.

Be your brothers keeper! Host a screening of Clarion Projects new film, Faithkeepers, which documents the violent persecution of Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East, and find out what you can do to help stop the genocide.


The Last Christians of Raqqa

US, Canadian Christians Attacked by Shiite Militia

Al Shabaab Goes House to House Killing Christians


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Founder of Facebook data harvesting firm praises Nazi propaganda "IndyWatch Feed War"


Parent company of Cambridge Analytica worked for US government on 'deradicalisation' and held UK defence contract that ended in February


Independent Swiss Lab Says 'BZ Toxin' Used In Skripal Poisoning; US/UK-Produced, Not Russian "IndyWatch Feed War"

Somebody has some explaining to do... or did the Syrian airstrikes just "distract" the citizenry from the reality surrounding the Skripal poisoning.


Map Review: Syrian Armys Operation In Eastern Ghouta Feb.25 April.14, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed War"

This video provides a look at the progress of the Syrian Armys operation against militants in the Damascus subrub of Eastern Ghouta in the period between February 25 and April 14.

During this period, government forces achieved a full military victory over Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Jaish al-Islam, Faylaq al-Rahman and Ahrar al-Sham and forced the militant groups to accept an evacuation agreement.

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Bombing Syria is a Saudi-sponsored adventure that will achieve nothing "IndyWatch Feed War"

To answer why the trio of Western powers attacked Syria now, we must look to the recent visit of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the three capitals


Russian journalist who wrote about mercenaries deaths in Syria is found dead "IndyWatch Feed War"

A Russian investigative journalist, who wrote a series of articles about Russian soldiers-for-hire in Syria, has died after falling from the balcony of his apartment in western Siberia. Some of his colleagues say they suspect foul play.


Why Was This Man Allowed Into the United States? "IndyWatch Feed War"

(Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)(Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

A Syrian sheikh who defends suicide bombing against all the Jewish people, supports Hamas and advocates the death of homosexuals was the guest speaker at an Islamic conference on Positive Parenting Skills in Orlando, Florida on April 14.

Sheikh Muhammad Rateb Al-Nabulsi was previously allowed into the country by a special visa issued by the State Department under the Obama administration in 2014 for an 11-city fundraising tour for the Syrian people.

In January of 2017, he was also in the country, speaking at the Islamic Center of Davis, California and hosted by its imam Ammar Shahin, who also has a history of extremism and anti-Semitism.

Nabulsi has called Jews the worst enemies of God and a hotbed of vices and evils.

When asked about the legitimacy of Palestinian suicide bombings, he said, All the Jewish people are combatants, making all Jews acceptable targets.

Furthermore, he advocated that Muslim youth should be engaged in these acts. They say: suicide operation to deceive Muslims, that this is suicide, but we should call them martyrdom operations. A young man in the prime of his years sacrifices his life and shakes an entity [Israel], he wrote.

As to homosexuality, Nabulsi expressed his opinion on the topic on Hamas TV in 2011. Homosexuality involves a filthy place, and does not generate offspring, he said. Homosexuality leads to the destruction of the homosexual. That is why, brothers, homosexuality carries the death penalty.



Seven years after war broke out, France moves to strip Assad of Legion d'Honneur "IndyWatch Feed War"


Assad was decorated with the Legion's highest rank of Grand Croix by former president Jacques Chirac in 2001


The Latest Atlanticist Tough Guy Act "IndyWatch Feed War"

It's not paranoid to believe that the most recent military bombing operation against the Syrian government is motivated in part by the desire to confront Russia.


#ZAD #NDDL: Solidarity from #Olympia, WA "IndyWatch Feed War"

Statement in solidarity with ZAD from Olympia, WA.

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Read all our articles about ZAD here.

ZAD NDDL: Solidarity from Olympia, WA

We send insurgent greetings from Olympia, Washington in the so-called
united states to the brave ones currently defending La ZAD from
eviction from the French state. 

La ZAD is an autonomous zone in France populated by farmers, squatters,
anarchists, and others resisting the construction of a new airport.
Their struggle was successful and the airport was halted, but contrary
to the wishes of liberals and many socialists, they continue to occupy
La ZAD to build the world in which they want to live.

While the commune in Olympia didnt last nearly as long, we twice
blockaded railroad tracks carrying fracking equipment, and experimented
with new liberated ways of living. It is with the memory of the freedom
that we found behind the barricades that we send our love and
solidarity. La ZAD is an inspiration to rebels and communards around the

Tout le monde deteste les flics!

With love, some Olympia anarchists

Enough is Enough: We did some on the ground reporting in France over the past weekend. Soon we will be back in France. But we need your support to finance it. Travel expenses to France etc. Here is how you can support our work:


Trumps Red Line "IndyWatch Feed War"

Seymour M. Hersh
Retaliation: Tomahawk missiles from the
Retaliation: Tomahawk missiles from the USS Porter on the way to the Shayrat Air Base on April 6, 2017

Quelle: picture alliance / Robert S. Pri/dpa Picture-Alliance / Robert S.

President Donald Trump ignored important intelligence reports when he decided to attack Syria after he saw pictures of dying children. Seymour M. Hers...


#NDDL Report of what has been happening here this sunday 15 April or the magic of #ZAD "IndyWatch Feed War"

Despite the state of siege imposed by the government, a crowd of 15,000 to 20,000 people has succeeded, whatever the cost, in reaching different points of the ZAD this Sunday. This afternoon (Sunday, April 15, EIE)new groups are arriving all the time. Since this morning, the state has done everything possible to break this huge surge of solidarity: there are road blocks and checkpoints everywhere; police checkpoint policeman at the exit lanes of the motorways, asking drivers not to to try to go to the solidarity gathering. This is the first time that the state has tried to prevent a big demonstration of this kind on the ZAD, and to wind up the tension. But here the collective spirit has not allowed itself to be intimidated by any such thing: the ZADs supporters know the country paths, and the fields, and they have been moving in groups in order to get round the police blockades. The movement that succed in forcing the abandonment of the airport project is here again today, in all its strength and diversity, to defend the ZAD.

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

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NDDL Report of what has been happening here this sunday 15 April or the magic of ZAD

Despite the state of siege imposed by the government, a crowd of 15,000 to 20,000 people has succeeded, whatever the cost, in reaching different points of the ZAD this Sunday. This afternoon (Sunday, April 15, EIE)new groups are arriving all the time. Since this morning, the state has done everything possible to break this huge surge of solidarity: there are road blocks and checkpoints everywhere; police checkpoint policeman at the exit lanes of the motorways, asking drivers not to to try to go to the solidarity gathering. This is the first time that the state has tried to prevent a big demonstration of this kind on the ZAD, and to wind up the tension. But here the collective spirit has not allowed itself to be intimidated by any such thing: the ZADs supporters know the country paths, and the fields, and they have been moving in groups in order to get round the police blockades. The movement that succed in forcing the abandonment of the air...


Trump"s Trade War Pushes Singapore to China "IndyWatch Feed War"

Should the Trump administration follow through on a trade conflict with China, it would likely hurt political relations with Singapore and other Asean countries vested in growing economic ties to Beijing. It would also likely be a boon for Chinas vision of a post-American regional order.


Philippines: If Duterte has nothing to hide, why the crackdown on foreign activists? Arrest of Australian activist Nun, 71, raises eyebrows in Manila "IndyWatch Feed War"


Sister Patricia Fox was released Tuesday afternoon, nearly a day after she was arrested by the Bureau of Immigration for her reported violation of the countrys law banning political assembly.
Twitter/Rep. Carlos Zarate

By Gaea Katreena Cabico ( April 17, 2018 3:46pm

MANILA, Philippines Critics of the government slammed the detention of two foreigners who were nabbed by immigration officials, saying it raises questions about what the government is trying to conceal.

The Liberal Party stressed that the incidents involving rights and land reform advocate Patricia Sister Pat Fox and Party of European Socialists official Giacomo Filibeck debunk the claim of the current government that it has nothing to hide.

The emerging trend on crackdown against foreign activists in the country is alarming as exhibited by the harassment and casual arrests of the two human right advocates who were not even in protest activities or rallies when taken into custody, LP, the erstwhile ruling party said.

Karapatan also stressed that the illegal arrest of Fox and other cases of threats and harassment against delegates of fact-finding missions in the Philippines are clear signs that President Rodrigo Duterte is guilty as hell of rights violations.

If indeed Duterte is as innocent as his sycophants say, there would be no reason for blocking any form of independent inquiries into the cases of extrajudicial killings and other rights violations against peasants and other poor sectors in the Philippines, Karapatan said.

READImmigration releases partisan Australian nun a day after apprehension

Fox was released Tuesday afternoon, nearly a day after she was arrested by the Bureau of Immigration for her reported violation of the countrys law banning political assembly.

Groups condemned her arrest and detention, saying it lacks due process and respect for her rights as a church person.

The arrest of the 71-year old Australian lay missionary came only a day after BI deported Filibeck....


Decomissioned Syrian Facility Focus of US Tomahawk Assault "IndyWatch Feed War"

A 2017 OPCW report says Syrians were cooperating in the process of demolishing the Barzah facility the main target of Trumps attack




As one might imagine, and like most everyone else, I've been watching the developments in Syria, and the "West", with a great deal of

The post IF I WERE PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA appeared first on Giza Death Star.


EU backs off from new sanctions against Iran They hope that by doing so they will persuade US President Donald Trump not to follow through on his threat to abandon the Iran nuclear deal "IndyWatch Feed War"


Bulgaria: Federica Mogherini to Meet Top Officials in GreeceHigh Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini. Photo: EPA

JEDDAH: EU foreign ministers met on Monday for talks on how they could persuade the US not to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, but stopped short of imposing new sanctions on Tehran.

Britain, France and Germany used a meeting of the EUs 28 foreign ministers to try to build support for expanding sanctions against Iran to punish it for its regional expansionism and its role in the conflict in Syria.

They hope that by doing so they will persuade US President Donald Trump not to follow through on his threat to abandon the 2015 deal to curb Irans nuclear ambitions.

Image result for Federica Mogherini, photo, april 16, 2018

Mogherini speaks with the media as she arrives for a meeting of EU foreign ministers at the EU Council building in Luxembourg on Monday, April 16, 2018.

Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelson said there was a very broad majority in favor of expanding sanctions, as the clock ticks down to a May 12 deadline imposed by Trump to fix the agreement.

Simon Coveney, the Irish foreign minister, said there was a need to send a strong signal to Iran that were concerned in relation to some of their activity, particularly in Syria.

But also to send a message to Washington that we share their concerns in some of those areas, Coveney said after the talks in Luxembourg.

Targets for new sanctions could include both Iranians and non-Iranian militias in Syria. But any decision would have to have unanimous support, and countries such as Italy and Sweden are not convinced.

There is no consensus at the moment, EU diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini said.

I dont exclude that this will happen in the future but its not the case today.


IRNA The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini said preserving Iran nuclear deal is vital for the European Union.

Mogherini made the remarks Monday in an interview before the Foreign Aff...


Google still searching for Australian headquarters as deal falls through Ambitious plan to create Sydneys Silicon Valley "IndyWatch Feed War"

No automatic alt text available.

By Alexandra Smith & Lisa Visentin

The state government has rejected a plan to create a Silicon Valley-style technology hub on the old rail yards near Redfern, leaving tech giant Google once again searching for Australian headquarters.

The hub, which would have created as many as 19,000 jobs, would have been Googles new base but cabinets infrastructure committee last week rejected the proposal because it did not meet a uniqueness test.

Redfern Google HQ plans rejected by state government

Redfern Google HQ plans rejected by state government

Google is still searching for its Australian headquarters after the NSW government rejected plans for a tech hub in Redfern.

Developer Mirvac submitted a plan through the governments unsolicited proposal process to redevelop the site next to Carriageworks at Eveleigh into a tech hub with Google as the anchor tenant, the Herald revealed last month.

However, the proposal failed at the first hurdle after the government stated its preference for the land, which is owned by Transport for NSW, to be developed through a competitive open process.

Despite the decision of the cabinet committee, a senior government source said some ministers were working to salvage the deal amid concerns that Google could abandon Sydney.

Responding to the decision on Tuesday, Mirvac said its pr...


The #Windrush scandal- Theresa Mays blatant racism exposed when she was in charge of the Home Office "IndyWatch Feed War"

May leads with coldness and cruelty. Just ask the children of Windrush Ministers choose not to solve this immigration debacle, steered by a leader who has form in making peoples lives a misery Theresa May sets the tone of government. She must change it. Photograph: Simon Dawson/PAOne of the most appalling elements of the Windrush []


Russia v. AmericaGood v. Pure Evil "IndyWatch Feed War"

Russia v. America: Good v. Pure Evil Geopolitically

by Stephen Lendman

The geopolitical record of both countries is clear. The Russian Federation never attacked another country.

America wages permanent wars of aggression, targeting all sovereign independent states, wanting them replaced by pro-Western puppet rule.

Countless millions of corpses, other casualties, and vast destruction attest to US ruthlessness.

America is the greatest human rights abuser on a global scale in world history, an out-of-control hegemon seeking unchallenged dominance, ignoring rule of law principles, no matter the human toll, treating its most vulnerable citizens inhumanely, a nation heading toward full-blown tyranny, threatening humanitys survival.

As OPCW inspectors begin their work in Douma, Russias office at the organization accused Washington of trying to undermine (its) authorityto probe the alleged (CW incident) before the mission even arrived in the city, adding:

Russia reiterates its adherence to provide the missions security and wont interfere with its work.

US envoy to the OPCW Kenneth Ward lied, saying Moscow may have tampered with the Douma site, urging the organization to condemn Syrias (nonexistent) reign of chemical terror.

If OPCW inspectors find no evidence of a Douma CW incident, as falsely claimed by Washington, Britain, and France, its clear whats coming.

Russia will be falsely accused of destroying evidence. The official falsified narrative will remain unchanged, perhaps another false flag CW incident staged elsewhere in Syria for emphasis.

Following overnight Friday US-led aggression on Syrian sites, Vladimir Putin said the following:

The attack was (a)n act of aggression against a sovereign state that is on the frontline in the fight against terrorismcommitted without a mandate from the UN Security Council and in violation of the UN Charter and norms and principles of international law.

(T)he US used as a pretext a staged chemical attack against civiliansin Douma.

Russian military experts (visiting the alleged site) did not find any traces of chlorine or any other toxic agent. Not a single local resident was able to confirm that a chemical attack had actually taken place.

The OPCW dispatched its experts to Syria in order to investigate all the circumst...


Balkan Countries Viewed As Pawns in West"s Russia Containment Game "IndyWatch Feed War"

Being a battlefield in the geopolitical game will hardly benefit the countries of the region. Lured into the NATO and EU, they risk becoming pawns in big powers games.


Sean Hannity news is a real problem for Michael Cohen "IndyWatch Feed War"


Sean Hannity (left) and Michael CohenImage copyrightTWITTER/ SEAN HANNITYSean Hannity (left) and Michael Cohen

Fox News host is the mystery third client of US President Donald Trumps lawyer, a court has heard.

Editors Note: Laura Coates is a CNN legal analyst. She is a former assistant US attorney for the District of Columbia and trial attorney in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. She is the host of the daily Laura Coates Show on SiriusXM. Follow her @thelauracoates. The views expressed in this commentary are her own.

(CNN)  Fox host Sean Hannity just helped the governments case against President Donald Trumps personal attorney, Michael Cohen, tremendously. Even irony itself was not prepared for that development.

Courtroom drama peaked Monday at a hearing in lower Manhattan when Michael Cohens lawyer, Stephen Ryan, reluctantly revealed to Judge Kimba Wood a judge for the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York that Cohens mystery third client was Hannity, the bombastic, unconditional champion of citizen-turned-candidate-turned-President, Donald Trump.
But the shock of that third-client revelation paled in comparison to Hannitys shocking denial, soon after, that he and Michael Cohen were ever in an attorney-client relationship.


Trump Is Done, Thank God Mattis Won "IndyWatch Feed War"

First things first.  I reiterate what I said earlier in the week.  Trump is finished.  Read my article carefully, then overlay two things I didnt talk about.  One, Trump is impulsive and easily manipulated.  Two, Trump is ultimately a coward and an appeaser, just like The Saker pegged him to be after bombing Al-Shairat last year.

All bullies are cowards.  Thats why they bully.

Because of these personal defects, he gave his resignation speech last night.  Be it later this year when hes impeached/forced to resign for a war crime or in January 2021 after losing to a baked potato, the anti-interventionist crowd who elected him will remember this for a long time.



Irans security forces kill 2 Pakistanis trying to sneak across border "IndyWatch Feed War"

Dawn (Pakistan)


April 17, 2018

Two Pakistani nationals were killed and five others were arrested when Irans border security forces acted against a group of people allegedly trying to enter into Iran illegally.

Gwadar Assistant Commissioner Jamil Ahmed told DawnNewsTV that the bodies and arrested men were handed over to Balochistan Levies personnel by Iranian border authorities on border-post 250 located on the Pak-Iran border near Gwadar.

The bodies were shifted to District Headquarters Hospital Gwadar, while the arrested persons were handed over to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) where a case will be registered against them under the Passport Act.

Officials at the DHQ hospital said the deceased, identified as Shahzeb Khan and Mohammad Sadiq, belonged to Bannu district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Location of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa within Pakistan


NRC Nieuws "IndyWatch Feed War"

Wat staat hier precies? Denkt u er even over na! De NRC:

'Kunstmarkt schrikt van EU-regel tegen witwassen

Witwassen Door de nieuwe antiwitwasrichtlijn zullen kopers afhaken, vrezen kunsthandelaren. Ze zeggen niet tijdig te zijn genformeerd. 

Het nieuws in het kort:
De vernieuwde Europese richtlijn tegen witwassen heeft rampzalige gevolgen voor de internationale kunst- en antiekhandel, stellen brancheorganisaties uit de kunstsector.


Turkey seeks peace, Macron in search of heroism in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"


By Mehmet ELIK

Daily Sabah

French President Macron said on Sunday that he had convinced U.S. President Trump to stay in Syria, a claim the White House has rejected.

French President Macron said on Sunday that he had convinced U.S. President Trump to stay in Syria, a claim the White House has rejected.

Ankara and Paris have different motivations in Syria, analysts say, arguing that while French President Macrons moves on Syria are attempts to overcome challenges in domestic politics, Turkey works to establish peace in Syria

Turkey and France have different agendas regarding Syria, as President Emmanuel Macron is in search of a heroic story abroad to counter the challenges he faces in domestic politics while Ankara has been utilizing diplomatic and military energy to establish peace in the war-torn country. On Sunday, 40-year-old Macron, who is completing his first year in office, appeared on French television in an interview with two experienced French journalists.

With these strikes and this intervention, we separated the Russians and the Turks on this issue. The Turks condemned the chemical strike and supported the operation that we conducted, Macron told BFM TV, referring to the U.S.-led airstrikes on Syrian regime chemical weapons facilities in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Damascus suburbs of Eastern Ghouta and Douma on April 7.

Macron also said that he had convinced U.S. President Donald Trump to change his Syria policy and launch the airstrikes. Ten days ago, President Trump wanted the United States of America to withdraw from Syria. We convinced him to remain, he said. Not long after Macrons remarks, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said in a statement quoted in the media: The U.S. mission has not changed the president has been clear that he wants U.S. forces to come home as quickly as possible. Macrons claims about the Russian-Turkey split did not get a response from President Recep Tayyip Erdoan or Prime Minister Binali Yldrm during their speeches yesterday. However, Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozda and Foreign Minister Mevlt avuolu both addressed Macrons remarks harshly.

In its Syria policy, Turkey is not siding with anyone nor against anyone, Bozda said during his visit to Qatar yesterday. He added that both the U.S...


Billionaire banking heir Matthew Mellon dies in rehab facility "IndyWatch Feed War"

Banking heir and cryptocurrency bigwig Matthew Mellon has died, a representative for his family said in a statement.

Mellon, an early backer of global settlement network Ripple, was the ex-husband of Jimmy Choo guru Tamara Mellon and of designer Nicole Hanley, his second wife.

A rep said in a statement: Billionaire Matthew Mellon, 53, died suddenly in Cancun, Mexico, where he was attending a drug rehabilitation facility. Mellon made his fortune in cryptocurrency, turning a $2 million investment into $1 billion. He is survived by his three children, Force, Olympia and Minty. The family asks that their privacy be respected at this very painful time.

Mellon, a former chair of the New York Republican Partys finance committee, had battled addiction.

In 2016, he told The Post, OxyContin is like legal heroin. And it needs to be addressed, while at a Malibu treatment center kicking a habit of $100,000 a month.

But he was in Forbes this year for his latest investments.

Tamara, who with Mellon had daughter Araminta, aka Minty, said in 2013, He keeps fighting and coming back.

Mellon and Nicole, parents of Force and Olympia, announced their split in 2015 after an attempted reconciliation.


Whose Wars? israel continues to wag the dog for Middle Eastern wars "IndyWatch Feed War"

Whose Wars? Israel continues to wag the dog for Middle Eastern wars Philip Giraldi  April 17, 2018   In March 2003, Pat Buchanan wrote a groundbreaking article entitled Whose War? in opposition to the Bush Administration fueled growing hysteria over Saddam Husseins alleged weapons of mass destruction which was producing demands for an armed intervention []


UK and US accuse Russia of cyber attack that compromised global networks "IndyWatch Feed War"

Washington and London have detailed how Russian-backed hackers have been compromising network devices around the world since 2015. The announcement has come amid heightened tensions between the two countries and Russia.

Cyber-attack from Russia - Stock photo (picture-alliance/chromorange/C. Ohde)

The US and Britain warned on Monday of a Russian government-sponsored cyber attack against internet network infrastructure around the world.

Britains National Cyber Security Centre, the US Department of Homeland Security and the FBI issued a joint statement on the attack, which they said began in 2015 and could have laid the groundwork for further cyber attacks in the future.

Read more: Cybersecurity: Why its hard to protect yourself online

What the statement said:

  • Hackers backed by the Russian government have exploited large numbers of routers and switches around the world since 2015.
  • The attack focused on governments, businesses, critical infrastructure, and internet service providers. The statement did not identify any victims by name.
  • The FBI has high confidence that the hackers are using the compromised networks to spy, steal intellectual property, and potentially lay a foundation for future offensive operations.

Read more: Trump administration hits Russia with new sanctions for election meddling, cyber attacks

Why say something now? The US and Britain said they wanted to warn organizations they may...


Washington forces its allies to accept a bipolar world , by Thierry Meyssan "IndyWatch Feed War"

By firing missiles on Syria with its French and British allies, the strange President Donald Trump has managed to force the Western powers to accept the end of their unilateral domination of the world. The insignificant result of this demonstration of force drags NATO back to reality. Without having made use of its weapons, Russia now succeeds the Soviet Union in the balance of world power.


Flawed return deal offers no way back for Rohingya refugees As long as there is a Myanmar, the Rohingya will never be free "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP / by Sam JAHAN and Aidan JONES with Shafiqul ALAM in Dhaka | In November Myanmar agreed to take back around 750,000 Rohingya from Bangladesh which hosts around one million of the Muslim minority driven out by waves of state violence stretching back to 1978

KUTUPALONG (BANGLADESH) (AFP)  Bungling, distortion and diplomatic doublespeak have hollowed out the deal to repatriate Rohingya from Bangladesh to Myanmar, with refugees refusing to return to a homeland that remains perilously insecure.We will have to stay here for a long period, maybe generations, Ali, a Rohingya refugee and father-of-six, told AFP from the Kutupalong mega-camp on Bangladeshs side of the border.

In November Myanmar agreed to take back around 750,000 Rohingya from Bangladesh which hosts around one million of the Muslim minority driven out by waves of state violence stretching back to 1978.

Yet so far, Myanmar has signed off just 675 names from a Bangladeshi list of 8,000 refugees, citing discrepancies in the verification forms proving their residency in Rakhine state.

Months have elapsed, but no one has crossed back under the deal.

A family of five was repatriated over the weekend from a wedge of no-mans land between the neighbours.

Their return was swiftly pilloried as a PR stunt by rights groups and labelled not meaningful by Bangladeshs home minister.

Whatever we say, they (Myanmar) agree, Asaduzzaman Khan told AFP. But they have not been able to create grounds for trust that they will take back these people.

Myanmar does not want its Rohingya, denying them citizenship and classifying the minority as Bengalis who have seeped over the border illegally.

It forced around 750,000 out in two major army operations in October 2016 and August 2017.

The UN describes the August crackdown, ostensibly a kickback against Rohingya militant attacks, as ethnic cleansing.

Under pressure, Myanmar agreed to take back those who can prove prior residence.

Bangladesh wants swift, large-scale returns to ease pressure on the teeming camps in its Coxs Bazar district and salve domestic disquiet that one of Asias poorest countries is saddled with a huge refugee crisis.

Yet the refugees listed by Dhaka do not even know they have been volunteered to return to a count...


Secret negotiations between Syria and the US "IndyWatch Feed War"

On 14 April 2018 the US Representative to the UN, Nikki Haley declared that the United States refuses to initiate dialogue and to enter into discussions with President Bashar al-Assad. Contradicting this assertion, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar reveals that three high level meetings took place between the two States. However, the fourth meeting, scheduled in March, was cancelled by Syria on the grounds that it would serve no purpose so long as Washington did not reconceive its (...)


Ex-Spies Are Harvesting Facebook Photos For A Massive Facial Recognition Database You could be on a blacklist "IndyWatch Feed War"

On Facebook, you have control over your information the information we collect you can choose to have us not collect. Really?

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, appeared for a hearing with the House Energy and Commerce Committee at the Rayburn House Office Building on Wednesday April 11, 2018 in Washington, DC. He wasnt pushed on surveillance companies operating on the platform. (Photo by Matt McClain/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

When Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the House Energy and Commerce Committee last week in the aftermath of the Cambridge Analytica revelations, he tried to describe the difference between surveillance and what we do. The difference is extremely clear, a nervous-looking Zuckerberg said. On Facebook, you have control over your information the information we collect you can choose to have us not collect.

But not a single member of the committee pushed the billionaire CEO about surveillance companies who exploit the data on Facebook for profit. Forbes has uncovered one case that might shock them: over the last five years a secretive surveillance company founded by a former Israeli intelligence officer has been quietly building a massive facial recognition database consisting of faces acquired from the giant social network, YouTube and countless other websites. Privacy activists are suitably alarmed.

That database forms the core of a facial recognition service called Face-Int, now owned by Israeli vendor Verint after it snapped up the products creator, little-known surveillance company Terrogence, in 2017. Both Verint and Terrogence have long been vendors for the U.S. government, providing bleeding-edge spy tech to the NSA, the U.S. Navy and countless other intelligence and security agencies.



Putin Jabs Neocons: Why Is US Refusing To Destroy Its Chemical Weapons? Russia Did It! "IndyWatch Feed War"

Putin Jabs Neocons: Why Is US Refusing To Destroy Its Chemical Weapons? Russia Did It!  


War on Syria: Disappeared Miseries. The Tentacles of This War of Aggression "IndyWatch Feed War"

War on Syria: Disappeared Miseries. The Tentacles of This War of Aggression



Facebook Is Violating Your Privacy via Facial Recognition Technology "IndyWatch Feed War"

Facebook Facial Recognition Technology(TIM)  On April 6, a coalition of consumer privacy organizations led by the Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, accusing Facebook of violating individuals privacy via the companys facial recognition practices. The complaint focuses on changes to Facebooks policy which went into effect in early 2018, namely the ability to scan user []


Syrias Victory The Failed Attack by War Criminals Trump, May and Macron "IndyWatch Feed War"

Syrias Victory The Failed Attack by War Criminals Trump, May and Macron



US-UK-France Strike on Syria, The Chain of Events "IndyWatch Feed War"

US-UK-France Strike on Syria, The Chain of Events: Statements, Facts and Speculations



#Douma First Western Journalist In Syrian Hospital Which Treated Chemical Weapons Victims Explains What REALLY Happened "IndyWatch Feed War"

First Western Journalist In Syrian Hospital Which Treated Chemical Weapons Victims Explains What REALLY Happened By Robert Fisk and Washingtons Blog, Forget what the Syrian government or the Ruskies say. The first Western journalist has interviewed doctors at the hospital in Douma, Syria which supposedly treated chemical weapons victims and is announcing what really happened. []


U.S. Proposes Arab Military Force in Syria: Replace American military contingent "IndyWatch Feed War"

Under plan, troops would replace American military contingent after ISIS defeat and help secure countrys north; proposal faces challenges

American troops looked out toward the border with Turkey from a small outpost near the town of Manbij, northern Syria, in February.
American troops looked out toward the border with Turkey from a small outpost near the town of Manbij, northern Syria, in February. PHOTO:SUSANNAH GEORGE/ASSOCIATED PRESS

WASHINGTONThe Trump administration is seeking to assemble an Arab force to replace the U.S. military contingent in Syria and help stabilize the northeastern part of the country after the defeat of Islamic State, U.S. officials said.

John Bolton, President Donald Trumps new national security adviser, recently called Abbas Kamel, Egypts acting intelligence chief, to see if Cairo would contribute to the effort, officials said.

The initiative comes as the administration has asked Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab E...


The Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria Did Not Occur. It was a Hoax, a False Flag To Justify the US-led Air Strikes, Staged by The Rebels (terrorists) "IndyWatch Feed War"

BREAKING: The Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria Did Not Occur. It was a Hoax, a False Flag To Justify the US-led Air Strikes, Staged by The Rebels By Pearson Sharp and Mark Taliano, Mark Taliano reporting from Damascus BREAKING: Pearson Sharp of One America News was on-the-ground in Douma, Eastern Ghouta today. What he discovered []


Women accused of IS links sexually abused in Iraqi camps, says rights group "IndyWatch Feed War"


Amnesty says refugees in eight camps visited in Iraq were being sexually mistreated by security forces and members of militia groups


Israel-Iran: Israel will not accept any limitations to its operations in Syrian airspace against Iranian threat "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: sky

Israel will not accept any limitations to its operations in Syrian airspace against Iranian threat, the defense minister said, expressing hope that communication lines with Moscow will help avoid any friction in the air.

On Tuesday morning, a series of missile strikes once again targeted Syrian military infrastructure. The Pentagon, which led the coordinated April 14 assault against Syrian targets with its British and French allies, denied its involvement in attacking a new set of targets. Israel, which struck Syrias Tiyas (T-4) airfield in Homs province on April 9, also failed to acknowledge bombing its neighbor.

Yet the new attack against Syria comes just hours after Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman vowed to protect the countrys national interests through breaching Syrian airspace if necessary.

We will maintain total freedom of action. We will not accept any limitation when it comes to the defense of our security interests,Lieberman told Walla News on Monday, noting that all options are on the table.

Two Israeli F-15 fighters targeted Syrias T-4 airbase in Homs province, the Russian Defense Ministry revealed after the surprise attack on April 9. The jets fired eight guided missiles, but five of them were shot down before they hit the airfield. The attack on the T-4 base came at a critical time after Western powers accused the Syrian government and vowed retaliation for an alleged chlorine attack in the militant-held town of Douma on April 7.

Russia, which has a military coordination hotline with Israel to avoid clashes over Syria, called the strike a very dangerous development.Moscow also noted earlier that it will shoot down any projectiles that could threaten Russian personnel on the ground.

On Monday, Lieberman praised the Israeli-Russian deconfliction hotline, noting the success of the established mechanism to avert any friction in the Syrian skies.

We do not want to provoke the Russians, Lieberman told Walla News. We have an open line of communication at the level of senior officers. The Russians understand us and the fact is that for years we have managed to avoid friction with them...


The #Skripal event and the #Douma gas attack two acts in the same drama? "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Skripal event and the Douma gas attack two acts in the same drama? OffGuardian | April 14, 2018 The illegal air strikes on Syria by the coalition of the guilty (US, France, UK) have happened, to no ones great surprise. As such things go all current indications are that they were more token than []


U.S. Ban on ZTE Pay Push China Faster Toward Technology Independence "IndyWatch Feed War"


The U.S. ban adds impetus to the nations pursuit of technology independence.
By Tim Culpan
April 16, 2018, 11:16 PM EDT
Photographer: Brent Lewin

A year ago I wrote how ZTE Corp. would be forgiven for skirting a U.S. embargo on selling equipment to Iran.

ZTEs execution of a text-book study in contrition, reflection and reform has helped it build goodwill in America, I said then.

 Except that didnt happen, according to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce.

ZTE misled the Department of Commerce. Instead of reprimanding ZTE staff and senior management, ZTE rewarded them. This egregious behavior cannot be ignored.

Stupid. Foolish. Idiotic. Arrogant. Pick your adjective.

 Image result for ZTE photos

The Commerce Department imposed a seven-year ban on the companys purchases of key U.S. technology. ZTE halted trading of its shares Tuesday as it prepares to explain itself to anyone wholl listen.



Russia: Chemical weapons inspection delayed due to Wests airstrikes "IndyWatch Feed War"

Russia: Chemical weapons inspection delayed due to Wests airstrikes Press TV April 16, 2018 This photo taken on April 16, 2018, shows the headquarters of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague, The Netherlands. (Photo by AFP Russia says a visit by inspectors from the United Nations chemical watchdog to []


Robert Fisk Reveals Douma Fake "IndyWatch Feed War"

De beste Midden-Oosten correspondent, de Britse journalist en auteur Robert Fisk, deed wat de mainstream-journalisten hadden moeten doen, in plaats van klakkeloos de staats-propaganda napraten. Hij ging zelf polshoogte nemen:

The search for truth in the rubble of Douma and one doctors doubts over the chemical attack



Houthis launch missile after Saudi-led coalition warns of painful response; attack thwarted "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Saudi coalition in Yemen spokesman Col. Turki Al-Maliki

Arab News

April 17, 2018

JEDDAH: Saudi air defenses shot down a ballistic missile fired by Houthis toward Saudi Arabia on Monday night, the Saudi-led coalition battling Yemens Houthi rebels said on Tuesday.

Colonel Turki Al-Maliki, the coalitions spokesman, said the missile was monitored by the Saudi Air Force to have been launched from Yemens Amran province at 10:16 p.m. Monday toward populated areas in the southern Saudi province of Najran.

Image may contain: fire and cloud

Photo: Yemens Houtis launch an Iranian made ballistic missile toward Saudi Arabia. This still image taken from a video distributed by Yemens pro-Houthi Al Masirah television.

The missile was intercepted before it could hit its target, Al-Maliki said.

The incident happened hours after the coalition warned of a painful response if the Houthis mounted new attacks on Saudi Arabia using what it said were Iran-supplied drones.

Saudi forces said they have shot down two drones in the south of the kingdom and intercepted ballistic missiles fired from rebel-held parts of Yemen, the latest in a series of similar incidents.

If the Houthis continue targeting industrial or residential facilities, the response will be hard and painful, said Al-Maliki, displaying remnants of the intercepted aircraft.

He said the Houthis have launched 119 ballistic missiles targeted at Saudi Arabia.

Al-Malki told reporters in the eastern city of Alkhobar that the airport of Yemens rebel-held capital, Sanaa, was used as a military base to orchestrate the drone strike.

The Yemeni government of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi last week said the drones were made in Iran, adding that Yemens military did not possess such aircraft and it was impossible to manufacture them locally.

Iran backs the Houthis, who seized Sanaa in 2014, prompting a Saudi-led military coalition to intervene against the rebels the following year.

Tehran has repeatedly denied arming the rebels, which would violate a United Nations weapons embargo slapped on Yemen in 2015.

Nearly 1...


The King Under the Mountain "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne supposedly sleeps under the Untersberg mountain near Salzburg. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)The Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne supposedly sleeps under the Untersberg mountain near Salzburg. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Islamism, like many movements, at its core is based on a foundational myth that carries with it assumptions about the world.

This is that story:

Once upon a time there was a king. He was a good king. He ruled in the name of truth and beauty and aligned his heart towards the Supreme King of Kings God Most High. God heard his prayer and gave him wisdom. The King gave alms to the poor and built magnificent buildings and lush gardens to beautify his realm. And when danger threatened, he rode out to war and he smashed his enemies with an iron fist, so that none dared threaten the people of the kingdom.

And there was justice in the land because of him, and the people were happy and content.

It came to pass that the King died. And gradually, bit by bit, corruption spread in the land as people turned aside from God and the community, and each did what was best in his own eyes.

Dangerous men came promising a newer, better world. They told the people they did not need the old ways and they did not need God. They promised in the new world everyone would be free, liberated from the shackles of archaic traditions and could do what they wanted. Many believed them and eagerly embraced the new ways.

But these new ways did not bring happiness or peace. Strife increased as people became estranged from one another. Families collapsed as people began to cheat. And the dangerous men who convinced people to join this new way began lining their pockets with the wealth of the kingdom, corruptly exploiting it.

A small group of devoted men saw what was happening to their country. They gathered together to send out messengers...


China first-quarter GDP grows 6.8% on private investment rebound "IndyWatch Feed War"

Groups record spending on fixed assets powers economic gains after 2017 slowdown

Image may contain: one or more people, skyscraper, sky and outdoor

Chinas real estate investment accelerated in the first quarter, following a slowdown through much of last year Bloomberg

Gabriel Wildau in Shanghai and Emily Feng in Beijing

April 17, 2018

Chinas economy grew 6.8 per cent in the first quarter, above the governments 6.5 per cent target, as a rebound in private investment compensated for a declining trade surplus.

An emerging trade war with the United States, in addition to Beijings efforts to restrain debt and runaway property prices, were expected to hamper growth this year. But the latest quarterly figure is unchanged from the fourth quarter and only a shade below 2017s full-year pace of 6.9 per cent.

Chinas economy is highly resilient and has huge flexibilities, said Xu Zhihong, a spokesman for the National Bureau of Statistics. Trade frictions with the US will not affect the Chinese economy nor change its sound momentum.

Since mid-2015, deflation and sluggish demand in the manufacturing sector have depressed appetite for investment by private groups, while the government relied on infrastructure investment by state-owned enterprises to keep the economy humming.

In the first quarter, growth of fixed-asset investment by private companies was the fastest in over two years at 8.9 per cent and outpaced investment by state groups for the first time in almost three years.

Meanwhile, investment growth at state-owned groups was the slowest on record amid a government deleveraging campaign focused on state factories and local governments, which often channel their infrastructure spending through state-owned investment vehicles.

Private companies have already passed through a period of deleveraging and are now regaining confidence. Prices for industrial commodities rebounded last year due to the governments aggressive campaign to close excess capacity in sectors such as coal, steel and aluminium.

The rebound in private investment helped offset a 20 per cent decline in Chinas visible trade surplus in the first quarter from the same period a year earlier. Last years strong trade provided a significant boost to last years GDP figure, but economists expect net exports to drag on growth this year.

We take the tech-oriented friction between the US and China very seriously and think it will impact the global economy significantly in the coming decades. But we remain less wo...


BBCs Gaza casualty figures source shows its reliability "IndyWatch Feed War"

As we have documented, BBC reports on the events along the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip since March 30th have repeatedly quoted Palestinian casualty figures provided by the health ministry in Gaza without clarifying that it is controlled by Hamas the same terror group co-organising the Great Return March and thus obviously not an impartial or reliable source.

On April 14th the BBC Gaza offices Rushdi Abualouf sent a rather cryptic tweet:

Obviously if Israel denied targeting four members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, then somebody must have claimed that it did and in this case that was the Gaza health ministry spokesman who, as ...


Iran: Israel Will Pay for Strike on Drone Base in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Tehrans Foreign Ministry warns Zionist regime will receive an appropriate response to attack

Iran's Revolutionary Guard troops parade to mark the 36th anniversary of Iraq's 1980 invasion of Iran, in front of the shrine of Ayatollah Khomeini, just outside Tehran, Iran. Sept. 21, 2016
Irans Revolutionary Guard troops parade to mark the 36th anniversary of Iraqs 1980 invasion of Iran, in front of the shrine of   Ayatollah Khomeini,   just outside Tehran, Iran. Sept. 21, 2016Ebrahim Noroozi/AP

Iran will punish Israel for a strike on a drone base in Syria, Tehrans Foreign Ministry said Monday, following a report quoting an Israeli senior military official as admitting that the country was behind the attack.

Tel Aviv will be punished for its aggressive action, Bahram Ghassemi, the spokesman for Iran...


Frances Macron to push EU lawmakers on reforms "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP / by Jrme RIVET, Cdric SIMON | French President Emmanuel Macron will travel this week for talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to win backing for his ambitious European reform plan
STRASBOURG (FRANCE) (AFP)  French President Emmanuel Macron will on Tuesday address the European Parliament for the first time in a bid to shore up support for his ambitious plans for post-Brexit reforms of the EU.The energetic young French leader wants big changes in the face of growing scepticism about the European project, but there has been a marked lack of enthusiasm from Berlin to Budapest.

Macrons speech to MEPs in the eastern French city of Strasbourg is part of a charm offensive ahead of European Parliament elections in May 2019, the first after Britains departure.

He will say that it is urgent to take action at a difficult time both inside the European Union, and outside, said the Elysee, the French presidency, ahead of Macrons address.

Internal problems include election results in Italy and Hungary which both saw eurosceptics surge in popularity, compounding fears that the 2016 Brexit vote was part of a pattern.

Externally the EU is dealing with the war in Syria France and Britain joined the US in air strikes targeting the regimes alleged chemical weapons at the weekend a hostile Russia, and the unpredictable figure of Donald Trump in the United States.

Macron said in a television interview on Sunday that Europe was experiencing a rise in illiberalism the populism of people who call the rule of law into question.

Later this week Macron will travel to Berlin for crucial talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to try to win her support for his plans for the future of the eurozone.

Merkel party cools

Merkels conservative CDU party pushed back on Monday against plans for deeper eurozone integration, including a separate eurozone budget and the expansion of the EUs bailout fund.

Any reforms have to be in the European and in the German interest, CDU secretary-general Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer told reporters.

EU leaders are set to adopt preliminary Macron-backed plans for eurozone reforms and for an overhaul of its troubled asylum system in June, but there is still a large amount of work to do.

Merkel is due to address the European Parliament in November, officials said on...


Russia Probably Hid Evidence of a Chemical Attack in Syria, or so Were Told "IndyWatch Feed War"

Chemical Attack Russia(CN Op-ed)  We are now being told (and I assure you I am not making this up) that if the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons doesnt find evidence that the Syrian government conducted a chemical weapons attack in Douma last week, its because Russia hid the evidence. It is our understanding the Russians may []


China Fends Off Trade Trouble With 6.8% Growth Entire supply chains have moved to China for automakers, others "IndyWatch Feed War"

Performance suggests that trade tensions with the U.S. are having little impact on Chinese economy

Image result for making autos in china, photos, factory

Chinese factory workers assembling cars at an auto plant of Jianghuai Automobile Co.

Updated April 17, 2018 12:39 a.m. ET

BEIJINGChinas economy expanded at a faster-than-expected 6.8% in the first quarter, bucking expectations for a slowdown, though flagging exports and factory output may prove a drag in the coming months.

The pace of growth matched the previous quarters rate and confounded the predictions of some investors and analysts that the economy would slow early this year amid a government debt cleanup that has begun to crimp investment in property, infrastructure and factories. Retail sales held up particularly well, rising 9.8% in the quarter from the year-earlier period.

A worker works at a furnace at a steel plant in Dalian, China, earlier this month.


Syrian air defenses shoot down missiles over two air bases: state TV, Hezbollah "IndyWatch Feed War"


AMMAN (Reuters) Syrian anti-aircraft defenses shot down missiles fired at the Syrian air base of Shayrat in Homs province late on Monday and another base northeast of the capital, Damascus, Syrias state television and pro-Iranian Hezbollah media said.

Image may contain: outdoor

State television showed pictures of a missile that was shot in the air above the air base only days after a U.S., British and French attack on Syrian targets in retaliation for a suspected chemical attack on the city of Douma on the outskirts of Damascus.

State television did not mention three missiles that were fired at Dumair military airport, northeast of Damascus, that pro-Iranian Hezbollahs media service reported were intercepted by Syrian air defenses.

Opposition sources say Dumair airport is a major air base used in a large-scale military campaign waged by the Syrian army with Russian firepower that regained eastern Ghouta, a rebel enclave on the outskirts of Damascus.

A Pentagon spokesman said there was no U.S. military activity in that area at this time.

Asked about the missile attack, an Israeli military spokesman said: We dont comment on such reports.

Shayrat air base was targeted last year in a U.S. cruise missile attack in response to a chemical attack that killed at least 70 people, including children, on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun.

Israel has struck Syrian army locations many times in the course of the conflict, hitting convoys and bases of Iranian-backed militias that fight alongside Syrian President Bashar al- Assads forces.

Israel has long said Iran was expanding its influence in a belt of territory that stretches from the Iraqi border to the Lebanese border, where Israel says Iran supplies Hezbollah with arms.

Hezbollah and other Iranian-backed militias have a large military presence in Syria and are well entrenched in central and eastern areas near the Iraqi border.

Deputy Hezbollah leader Sheikh Naim Qassem told pro-Syrian government television channel al Maydeen he expected a reaction to the death of at least seven Iranian military personnel during a missile strike earlier this month on the T-4 airfiel...


Chinas ZTE halts share trading following US export ban "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | ZTE has been banned from purchasing sensitive technology from the US over its illegal sales to Iran and North Korea

BEIJING (AFP)  Chinese telecom giant ZTE halted trading of its shares in Hong Kong and Shenzhen Tuesday following the announcement of a US ban on its purchase of sensitive technology that drew a pledge from China to safeguard its companies if necessary.In a statement on its web site, the company said it was assessing the possible impact of the incident.

Before Tuesdays open, ZTE said it would halt trading pending the release of an inside information announcement.

Following an investigation into the illegal sale of goods to Iran and North Korea, the company pleaded guilty in March 2017 to unlawful exports and was hit with $1.2 billion in fines, the largest criminal penalty in US history in an export control case.

But US Commerce Department investigators said it made additional false statements multiple times about having taken actions against the employees responsible, when it had not.

In a statement on its web site, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said China has always asked Chinese enterprises to abide by the host countrys laws and policies and operate legally and properly in the process of overseas operation.

ZTE has launched extensive trade and investment cooperation with hundreds of American businesses, and contributing tens of thousands of jobs to the United States, it added, saying that it was ready to take necessary measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises.

The five-year US government investigation into ZTEs actions was first revealed in March 2016.

From January 2010 to March 2016, the company shipped $32 million of US cellular network equipment to Iran, and made 283 shipments of cell phones to North Korea, with the full knowledge of the highest levels of company management, officials said.

ZTE used third-party companies to hide the export of US components to the sanctioned countries, and then hid the information by sanitising databases with information on the sales.

The firm deleted emails of employees involved in the scrubbing of records, and required employees with information about the illegal exports to sign non-disclosure agreements.

It also covered up the fact th...


Macrons Syria Game "IndyWatch Feed War"

There is a certain bullishness in French circles these days, even if there was an initial attempt, with the Macron government, to calm matters down.  The need to assert Gallic might in the face of brutality has again surfaced; and has a familiar ring to it.  With Syrias Bashar al-Assad getting more comfortable with military progress, officials in the United States, France and Britain are chewing finger nails and churning out policy papers of concern.

For them, Syria remains a chess piece they never quite controlled, an entity filled with failed free rebel fighters and packed with such agents of spoliation as murderous jihadi groups. But one groups murderous antics are anothers decent balancing act in terms of strategy.

Even before US President Donald Trump decided to huff and issue the order that lead to the launch of 105 missiles from the triumvirate, Frances President Emmanuel Macron was being egged on to do something.  He was also egging himself on to target the Assad regime for its alleged use of chemical weapons, despite having previously suggested that there was no legitimate successor to the Syrian President.

This impulse to punish, to instigate the use of force for the specific purpose of correcting a supposed violation of international norms was already being flagged last summer. When you set out red lines, if you are unable to force them, then you decide to be weak.

The Syrian imbroglio has not been an easy one to define for Macron.  His predecessors Nicolas Sarkozy and Franois Hollande were of the more traditional Gallic mould of intervention and interference, finding untrammelled sovereignty in North Africa and the Middle East a bit difficult to stomach.  Macron, at least initially, found the nightmare of intervening in Libya part of a neo-conservative impulse, and issued that sober warning that failed states were hardly in Frances best interest.

On the issue of chemical weapons, Hollande was punitively clear, instructing the French Air Force in the aftermath of the Ghouta attacks in August 2013 to ready for strikes on Syrian command centres linked to the attack.  But he pinned such a move on joint US support.  Having issued a red line ultimatum, US President Barack Obama signalled his wish to leave the strike party.

This instance of an ally backing down infuriated the already irritable French grouping.  Assad was to be rid of, but to do so would require whole-hearted backing from Washingtons war machine.  Fran...


Fisk Rips Away Excuses for Air Strike on Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

It seems that many who supported the weekends air strikes on Syria are missing the significance of Robert Fisks report this morning from Douma, the site of a supposed chemical weapons attack last week.

Fisk is the first western journalist to reach the area and speak to people there. One is a senior doctor at the clinic that treated victims of what a video purported to show were chemical weapons used by the Syrian government.

That doctor says the video was real, but did not show the effects of a chemical weapons attack. It showed something else. This is what the doctor is reported saying:

I was with my family in the basement of my home three hundred metres from here on the night but all the doctors know what happened. There was a lot of shelling [by government forces] and aircraft were always over Douma at night but on this night, there was wind and huge dust clouds began to come into the basements and cellars where people lived. People began to arrive here suffering from hypoxia, oxygen loss. Then someone at the door, a White Helmet, shouted Gas!, and a panic began. People started throwing water over each other. Yes, the video was filmed here, it is genuine, but what you see are people suffering from hypoxia not gas poisoning.

On my social media pages there are plenty of armchair warriors furiously denying the importance of this report, by claiming either that the doctor made up the story or that Fisk is a mouthpiece for the Assad regime, or maybe both.

That will not wash for reasons that ought to be obvious and it still wont wash even if the testimony later turns out to be wrong.

The air strikes on Syria at the weekend were patently illegal according to international law. That would have been the case even had there been a chemical weapons attack in Douma, in part because it would have been necessary for independent inspectors to determine first whether the Syrian government, and not the jihadists there, was responsible.

The air strikes would have been illegal too, even if it could have been shown that a chemical weapons attack had taken place and that Assad personally ordered it. That is because air strikes would have first required authorisation from the UN Security Council. That is why international law exists: to regulate affairs between states, to prevent militarism of the might is right variety that nearly destroyed Europe 80 years ago, and to avoid unnecessary state confrontations that in a nuclear age could have dire repercussions.

Had Assad been shown t...


Iraqi Government Executes Terror Convicts; 52 Killed in Iraq "IndyWatch Feed War"

Authorities announced the executions of 13 convicts. Meanwhile, militants staged several attacks across Iraq.

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American Empathy Gap: Massacres in Gaza and US Silence "IndyWatch Feed War"

For a writer, any criticism of Israeli military action is a veritable "third-rail" in American politics. Touch that nerve and youre open to charges of anti-Semitism or worse. Still, recent events in Gaza demand that some of us, at least, shed light on the plight of Palestinians. Let us begin with a thought experiment: imagine Continue reading "American Empathy Gap: Massacres in Gaza and US Silence"

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Trump: Prisoner of the War Party? "IndyWatch Feed War"

"Ten days ago, President Trump was saying the United States should withdraw from Syria. We convinced him it was necessary to stay." Thus boasted French President Emmanuel Macron Saturday, adding, "We convinced him it was necessary to stay for the long term." Is the U.S. indeed in the Syrian civil war "for the long term"? Continue reading "Trump: Prisoner of the War Party?"

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Israelis Kill Unarmed Protesters, Barely Notice "IndyWatch Feed War"

Write down: I, Uri Avnery, soldier number 44410 of the Israel army, hereby dissociate myself from the army sharpshooters who murder unarmed demonstrators along the Gaza Strip, and from their commanders, who give them the orders, up to the commander in chief. We dont belong to the same army, or to the same state. We Continue reading "Israelis Kill Unarmed Protesters, Barely Notice"

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Trumps Disastrous Syria Attack "IndyWatch Feed War"

Over the weekend, President Trump celebrated firing more than 100 missiles into Syria by Tweeting, Mission Accomplished! They say if you cannot learn from history you are condemned to repeat it. So I guess we are repeating it. We all remember that Mission Accomplished was the banner behind then-President Bush as he gloated aboard a Continue reading "Trumps Disastrous Syria Attack"

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Bernie Sanders slams Saudi for lack of support for Gaza "IndyWatch Feed War"


'Do something meaningful about it,' Sanders says, addressing Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman


Crimes of a Monster: Your Tax Dollars at Work "IndyWatch Feed War"

Is ours a government of the people, by the people, for the people, or a kakistocracy rather, for the benefit of knaves at the cost of fools?

James Russell Lowell, 19th century American poet/critic/editor/diplomat, in a 1876 letter to Joel Benton.

Let us not mince words.

We are living in an age of war profiteers.

We are living in an age of scoundrels, liars, brutes and thugs. Many of them work for the U.S. government.

We are living in an age of monsters.

Ask Donald Trump. He knows all about monsters.

Any government that leaves mothers and fathers, infants and children, thrashing in pain and gasping for air is evil and despicable, said President Trump, justifying his blatantly unconstitutional decision (in the absence of congressional approval or a declaration of war) to launch airstrikes against Syria based on dubious allegations that it had carried out chemical weapons attacks on its own people. They are crimes of a monster.

If the Syrian government is a monster for killing innocent civilians, including women and children, the U.S. government must be a monster, too.

In Afghanistan, ten civilians were killedincluding three children, one an infant in his mothers armswhen U.S. warplanes targeted a truck in broad daylight on an open road with women and children riding in the exposed truck bed. They had been fleeing airstrikes on their village.

In Syria, at least 80 civilians, including 30 children, were killed when U.S.-led air strikes bombed a school and a packed marketplace.

In Yemen, a U.S. drone bombed a caravan of vehicles on their way to or from a wedding, leaving scorched vehicles and body parts scattered on the road. As investigative journalist Tom...


SITREP: US missile attack on Syria Russian statistics "IndyWatch Feed War"

The following are the official results of the US missile attacks on Syria as reported by the Russian General Staff on this video: TRANSLATION (all names phonetically translated from Russian,


Israel bans pro-BDS French mayor from entering West Bank "IndyWatch Feed War"


Israeli security forces turn back Paris suburb mayor at crossing point from Jordan because of 'his activity in the BDS movement'


Media Cover-up: Shielding Israel is a Matter of Policy "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Ramzy Baroud | MEMO | April 17, 2018 The term media bias does not do justice to the western corporate medias relationship with Israel and Palestine. The relationship is, indeed, far more profound than mere partiality. It is not ignorance, either. It is a calculated and long-term campaign, aimed at guarding Israel and demonizing []


Reporting from Cuba: The world awaits a Cuban RT or Cuban PressTV "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Ramin Mazaheri for The Saker Blog Cuba seems to be the natural spokesperson of the global left. Just 100 kilometers from the US, everybody knows they have bravely stood


Khi lc v sc mnh ca Vit Nam: qu kh hin ti tng lai (Phn 1) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Vit Nam l mt nc nh, yu, ngho nn v lc hu!? iu ny tng ng v n nay


Tng thng Ng nh Dim b git hi nh th no? Ngi git anh em ng Ng nh Dim l ai? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Ngi bn h anh em Ng nh Dim ni: Ti ch v hng say theo lnh cp trn m


Thng tin mi nht v chin s ti Syria M bn tn la tomahawk vo Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Lin qun M, Php v Anh phng 105 qu tn la nhm vo cc mc tiu Syria, bao


Xem trc tip l hi pho hoa quc t Nng 2018 "IndyWatch Feed War"

L hi pho hoa Quc t Nng 2018 (Da Nang International Firework Festival DIFF 2018) vi ch


V p long lanh ca du thuyn ln nht th gii va mi ra khi "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sau 3 nm thi cng, du thuyn ln nht th gii c tn Bn giao hng bin c Symphony of


United Nations: Chancellor Highlights Bolivias Advances in Defense of Mother Earth and Indigenous Peoples "IndyWatch Feed War"

Cancillera Bolivia Translated by Internationalist 360 Within the framework of the XVII Forum on Indigenous Issues, under the theme Indigenous peoples, collective rights to land, territories and resources, the Chancellor of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Fernando Huanacuni Mamani, highlighted the important advances of the Plurinational State, which has consolidated the struggle for the recovery...


Reports of Monday night attack on Syrian base blamed on false alarm "IndyWatch Feed War"

RT | April 17, 2018 Several sources in Syria said the overnight deployment of anti-aircraft weapons at a military base was triggered by a false alarm, not an actual missile attack, as previously claimed by some media outlets. Syrian TV earlier reported a missile attack on Shayrat Airbase in Homs governorate, while a Lebanese media []


The Rape of Russia (Saker blog exclusive interview) "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Lars Schall for the Saker blog Introduction by Pepe Escobar: William Engdahl is one of the worlds top geopolitical analysts. His books from Century of War to Full Spectrum Dominance are absolutely essential to understand how the self-described exceptional nation created and expanded its global hegemony tentacles. A measure of his influence is []


Crimes of a Monster: Your Tax Dollars at Work "IndyWatch Feed War"

By John W. Whitehead | Rutherford Institute | April 16, 2018 Let us not mince words. We are living in an age of war profiteers. We are living in an age of scoundrels, liars, brutes and thugs. Many of them work for the U.S. government. We are living in an age of monsters. Ask Donald []


The War in Syria was a US Intervention Since Day 1 "IndyWatch Feed War"

April 15, 2018 (Tony Cartalucci NEO) In the aftermath of US-led missile strikes on Syria, the Western media has attempted to continue building the case for US intervention. However, before the first agitators took to the streets in Syria in 2011, the US was already involved. The New York Times in its 2011 article, []


Israel Just Launched Missiles at Syria for the Second Time in Seven Days "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israel Syrian Airbase(ZHE)  The Syrian military announced at approximately 1:10 A.M. local time that the Israeli Air Force fired several missiles towards the Shayrat Airbase and its surrounding area in the Homs Governorate. According to the statement, the Syrian Air Defense managed to intercept several of the missiles, but there was no mention as to whether or not the []


Trumps Disastrous Syria Attack Just Created a Big, Fat Mess "IndyWatch Feed War"

(RPI)  Over the weekend, President Trump celebrated firing more than 100 missiles into Syria by Tweeting, Mission Accomplished! They say if you cannot learn from history you are condemned to repeat it. So I guess we are repeating it. We all remember that Mission Accomplished was the banner behind then-President Bush as he gloated aboard a []


"IndyWatch Feed War"

  16, 2018 []


Interview of the Foreign Minister of Russia with BBC "IndyWatch Feed War"    


Global Anti-war Protests Against US-led Aggression in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Anti-war protesters marched in the U.S., India, Mexico, Chile, Turkey, Cyprus, the U.K. and other countries to condemn the U.S.-led attack on Syria. Leftists and anti-war protesters took to the streets in many cities around the world over the weekend against to renounce and reject the U.S.-led assault against Syrian government structures with the support of France and United Kingdom. In the U.S. hundreds of protesters gathered in major cities, including New York City, Washington, Chicago and Portland. In Manhattan, people demonstrated in front of the Trump Tower to protest the president's decision


Moveable Feast Cafe 2018/04/16 Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed War"

2018/04/16 22:30:03Welcome to the Moveable Feast Cafe. The Moveable Feast is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of


France announces $62m Syria aid package "IndyWatch Feed War"


Decision comes two days after France took part in US-led air strikes on Damascus


False alarm set off Syrian air defences: Pro-Assad commander "IndyWatch Feed War"


Malfunction was attributed to 'a joint electronic attack' by Israel and US


A Tale Of American Hubris "IndyWatch Feed War"

The lessons of history? Who needs them? Certainly not Washington's present cast of characters, a crew in flight from history, the past, or knowledge of more or less any sort. Still, just for the hell of it, lets take a few moments to think about what some of the lessons of the last years of the previous century and the first years of this one might be for the worlds most exceptional and indispensable nation, the planets sole superpower, the globes only sheriff. Those were, of course, commonplace descriptions from the pre-Trump era and yet, in the age of MAGA, already as moldy and cold as the dust in some pharaonic tomb.nLets start this way: you could think of the post-Cold War era, the years after the implosion of the Soviet Union in 1991,


Hundreds of Thousands Protest for Release of Pro-Independence Prisoners "IndyWatch Feed War"

Six months to the day have passed since the imprisonment of the grassroots pro-independence activists Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Snchez, the last presidential candidate. They were arrested by the Spanish police for their roles in the independence roadmap of Catalonia. To mark the occasion, a platform made up of various organizations in favor of Catalan state called for a march to take place on April 15, in the heart of Barcelona. Police figures claim that 315,000 were in attendance, while organizers count around 750,000 protesters.


Wave of Muslim candidates across US look to reverse Trump policies "IndyWatch Feed War"


Muslim Americans say they feel energised to run for public office because of Donald Trump's Islamophobic policies

Monday, 16 April


Corbyn v Corker: UK wants representation, US royalty "IndyWatch Feed War"

By David Swanson, April 16, 2018.

Five years ago, the British Parliament said no to an attack on Syria that its prime minister wanted to join the U.S. president in launching. That action, combined with public pressure, was instrumental in getting the U.S. Congress to make clear that it would say no as well, were it absolutely forced to you know admit it existed and do anything at all. And that was key to preventing the attack.

So, when Britains prime minister this week joined the U.S. president in launching a war despite various members of Parliament and Congress warning against it, one might have thought that Prime Minister May was landing herself in deeper legal trouble than President Trump. Not at all.

The ban on war found in the United Nations Charter and the Kellogg-Briand Pact applies exactly equally to all nations except the five biggest weapons dealers and war makers on earth, and effectively not at all to any of those five because thay have veto power over anything the UN or its dependencies including courts attempt to do.

But Britains violation of international law in abetting the 2003 attack on Iraq has been central to proposals supported by Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn to prosecute former Prime Minister Tony Blair. And the existence of such laws has been widely admitted and discussed in the UK over the years. When the existence of such laws made it into half a sentence from the ACLU this week, in contrast, it was something of a rarity. No Congress Members to my knowledge have mentioned the UN Charter or the Kellogg-Briand Pact or the fact that war is illegal no matter who launches it.

In the United States, the conversation is dominated by the fact that the U.S. Constitution gives Congress, and not the president, the power to make war. But Ive never found any U.S. resident whos told me that if the U.S. were bombed by a foreign nation, he or she would give a rats campaign contribution whether the attack was ordered by an executive or a legislature. And the notion that the laws that ban war are overridden by the fact that the ancient (if sacred) Constitution mentions war i...


Jewish Fascism, Aided and Abetted by Christian West "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israel calls for punishing 

those who document army 

violations against 




Map Update: Progress Of Syrian Armys Operation In Rastan Pocket "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Syrian Arab Army, the National Defense Forces and other pro-government factions are developing their advane against militants in the Rastan pocket in northern Homs.

According to pro-government sources, army troops and their allies have liberated the areas of Ard Jasiyah, Zahrat Jaysyah, Ard Qabr Shaykhah, Zahrat Jibab, Tal Naourah and Beit Al-Rayy.

The situation also remains unclear in the area of Salim where Hayat Tahrir al-Sham has conducted a series of attacks on the advancing government forces.

Map Update: Progress Of Syrian Army's Operation In Rastan Pocket

Click to see the full-size map

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The History of Syrian False Flags Exposed "IndyWatch Feed War"

Take the Red Pill - The History of Syrian False Flags Exposed

"You take the red pill... and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes"


US response to 1979 Iran hostage crisis was hampered by an American inability to understand Khomeini "IndyWatch Feed War"

One of the biggest ongoing problems of U.S. foreign policy is a failure to understand what were really up against. This problem goes back decades. In Theodore H. Whites America In Search of Itself, there is this telling passage about the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979: Of the negotiating effort, the most biting summary was []


Resources for the world, not war "IndyWatch Feed War"

This morning, warmongers awoke to some great news: Raytheon stock shares surged to an all-time high following Friday nights tomahawk missile strikes on Syria.

This shouldnt come as a shock. As the U.S. leads the world in military spending - $727 billion or 67% of our federal budget - with rich countries like Australia, France, the UK, Germany, and Spain following suit, the world has opted-in to $1.68 trillion to be spent on war annually. Many governments are planning increases in military budgets together with cuts in health, education and development cooperation this year. And despite international efforts towards a nuclear treaty ban, the Great Powers are continuing their research and development of nuclear weapons, and coupled with hasty threats of nuclear war, we are seeing the ever-increasing likelihood of global catastrophe.

And whats worse? Our tax dollars pay for militarism. That's why, in partnership with  NWTRCC, we produce the Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes flyer, a political education resource we use to break down the bloated military budget. It's part of our commitment to antimilitarism and the Global Campaign on Military Spending (GDAMS), an international campaign of peace and justice organizations committed to demilitarization and disarmament across the world. 

This year, GDAMS has a rather small ask: a reduction in global military spending by just 10%.



Russia Accuses UK of Masterminding Gas Attack in Syria and Claims to Have Proof "IndyWatch Feed War"

Russia UK Gas Attack Syria(TIM)  Hours before the United States, the UK, and France carried out limited strikes last Saturday morning, the Russian military presented what it claimed to be proof that the chemical weapons attack used as the pretext for those strikes was staged at the behest of the UK government. During a Friday briefing, the Russian Defense Ministry showed interviews []


Court hearing continues today on the search warrant to Trump lawyer Michael Cohen By Robert Willmann "IndyWatch Feed War"

Now underway in a federal district court in Manhattan, New York City, is the continuation of a hearing started last Friday, 13 April 2018, on a request by president Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen and by a lawyer for Trump for...


Center for Security Policy Panel Discussion: Free Speech Under Fire "IndyWatch Feed War"

This is an excellent discussion on perhaps the most important issue of our time. As we witness Western Democracies creeping towards totalitarianism, it is imperative that we wake up to the steady erosion of our last line of defense Continue reading


Syria - Pentagon Hides Attack Failure - 70+ Cruise Missiles Shot Down "IndyWatch Feed War"

The U.S. military seems to hide that its attack on Syria last Saturday largely failed. We checked the numbers and sources and said so in our weekly review published yesterday. This post is extending yesterday's analysis. The U.S. attack on...


The Skripal case & the perils of a rush to judgment "IndyWatch Feed War"

By James ONeill | OffGuardian | April 16, 2018 The perils of coming to premature conclusions before all the facts are available has been starkly demonstrated by the latest developments in the alleged nerve gas attack upon the former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the English town of Salisbury on []


Indigenous Elders Delegation at U.N. Urges Freedom for Leonard Peltier "IndyWatch Feed War"

. "It is time for Leonard Peltier to be with the Tiospaye.  Forty-three years in prison -- we need justice."  Jean Roach, Lakota, with Yvonne Swan, Colville, at United Nations.  Indigenous Elders Delegation at U.N. Urges Freedom for Leonard Peltier AIM West: Join Indigenous Rights Speakers at United Nations event during the Indigenous Peoples Permanent Forum April 18,


Protests Against Syrian Attack and US Militarism Continue "IndyWatch Feed War"

Protests continued against the US attack on Syria and on US militarism and war. A large protest was held in New York City as can be seen in the tweet report below. The focus of the protests included the Israeli murders of unarmed Palestinian protesters on the Gaza border. Thirty-two people have been killed by sniper fire since the protest began. The protest will continue until the Nakba on May 15.  In addition to Syria and Israel, people protested the ongoing war in Yemen, threats to Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. The massive increase in spending on war and war preparation, now making up 60 percent of federal discretionary spending, was also protested as people called for divestment from the war machine.


Trumps Disastrous Syria Attack "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Ron Paul April 16, 2018 Over the weekend, President Trump celebrated firing more than 100 missiles into Syria by Tweeting, Mission Accomplished! They say if you cannot learn from history you are condemned to repeat it. So I guess we are repeating it. We all remember that Mission Accomplished was the banner behind []


The US doesnt even care about Syria but we keep the war going "IndyWatch Feed War"

DURING SEVEN DEVASTATING years, war in Syria has killed at least 150,000 people, turned more than ten million into refugees, and reduced once-thriving towns and cities to rubble. Finally it is winding down. Syria now has a chance to begin rebuilding. The country can be reunited, its economy can start to function again, and a measure []


Briefing by Russian Defence Ministry official Major General Igor Konashenkov April 16, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed War" As it was promised, the Russian Defence Ministry analyzed effectiveness of missile and bomb strike made by the United States, Great Britain, and France on Syria as well as


Spain: Man converts to Islam, plots to behead an infidel on video, commit jihad massacres "IndyWatch Feed War"

In March 2015, the main leader of the cell, a Spaniard who had converted to Islam, proposed to kidnap and decapitate an infidel whom he had already identified, film the killing and then broadcast the video online before fleeing to Syria.Members of the cell had also gone on a recce in Barcelona, the Catalonian capital, []


Zonder Enig Bewijs Spreekt EU Veroordeling uit "IndyWatch Feed War"

EU zet in op diplomatie na Syri-aanval



Britain's Chemical Sales To Syria Revealed "IndyWatch Feed War"

Britain's Chemical Sales To Syria Revealed



Het Pentagon kon Trump beletten om een rechtstreekse oorlog met Rusland uit te lokken. "IndyWatch Feed War"

Het Pentagon kon Trump beletten om een rechtstreekse oorlog met Rusland uit te lokken. Deze keer dan toch

Hoewel de Amerikaanse minister van Defensie Jim Mattis donderdag nog toegaf dat de VS behalve wat beelden op sociale media geen bewijzen had over het gebruik van chemische wapens in Douma en hoewel de Organisatie voor het Verbod op Chemische Wapens (OPCW) uitgerekend vandaag aan haar onderzoek naar de feiten begon, lieten Trump, Macron en May in de nacht van vrijdag op zaterdag 103 raketten neerregenen op enkele doelwitten in Syri.
zaterdag 14 april 2018


Trump Attacks Syria With Chemical Experts on the Way "IndyWatch Feed War"

Trump Attacks Syria With Chemical Experts on the Way

President Trump ordered airstrikes on Syria as a team of experts from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons was about to arrive on Saturday to determine whether a chemical weapons attack had even occurred, Joe Lauria reports. 

By Joe Lauria  Special to Consortium News

President Donald Trump on Saturday (Syria time) ordered air strikes against Syria in retaliation for an alleged chemical weapons attack last weekend outside Damascus.


745 known jihadis now in Germany, since 2017 regional governments have deported only 10 "IndyWatch Feed War"

There were no plots in Germany in 2014, and only two in 2015. In 2016, this increased eightfold. There is a straightforward reason for this: In 2015, Germany took in over 1 million refugees and 2016 saw a surge in plots involving refugees. Yet there is still no reconsideration of the plan to bring in even []


Resist Militarism: Lessons from Mexico & Cross Border Solidarity "IndyWatch Feed War"

The People's Human Rights Observatory is an initiative of grassroots and popular organizations in Latin America, the Caribbean and Palestine that seeks to monitor, document, disseminate, promote and demand the protection of Latin American communities Human Rights, Democracy and Social Justice from a perspective of constructing and deepening of resistance, rebellion, memory and popular power. This is an effort of more than 100 organizations, with representation from indigenous leaders, Nobel Peace Prize recipients, feminist groups, agrarian movements, academics and journalists. SOA Watchs presence in the Observatory is the materialization of active solidarity with Latin American movements and an example of resistance against the oppressive systems perpetuated by the US imperialism. This collective effort is an example of the dignity that unites free peoples protecting their historic memory and autonomy
Eduardo Garca is an activist and photojournalist born in Mexico City. His work has been focused primarily on the struggles of indigenous peoples in Mexico, Central American migration, forced disappearance and social movements in Latin America. His work as a researcher and photographer has gotten him involved with the Undocumented Migrant Project of the University of Michigan. Eduardo is also co-founder of the Michigan Solidarity Network with Mexico and co-founder of the Militarization in the Americas Research Collective. He studied Political Science at the Universidad de las Americas Puebla, with special interest in political philosophy and Latin American Studies. Lalo, as he is known, began working with School of the Americas Watch (SOA Watch) as a research consultant and then he helped organizing the first SOA Watch Border Convergence. The focus of Lalos presentations will be the transnational solidarity being built around the Observatorio de Derechos Humanos de los Pueblos in Oaxaca.
Lalo will also introduce his documentary project, being co-produced with Samantha Demby, about the Peoples Observatory and its caravan to the 2017 Border Encuentro, highlighting importance of indigenous and womens leadership in Observ...


Robert Spencer in PJ Media: Taqiyya About Taqiyya in BuzzFeed "IndyWatch Feed War"

Deception is Islamic, despite attempts to deceive you into believing otherwise. My latest in PJ Media: The establishment media is always ready to explain to us how, despite the ever-mounting body count of jihad warfare, Islam is entirely benign and teaches peace and tolerance. To pull off this legerdemain requires advanced skill in the art []


Australia: Sleeping man feels sharp pain in his neck, wakes to see knife-wielding Muslima screaming Allahu akbar "IndyWatch Feed War"

When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks (Quran 47:4) Not that this has anything to do with An update on this story. Father recounts the terrifying moment a burqa-clad Bangladeshi student staying at his house and inspired by ISIS screamed Allahu Akbar as she stabbed him in the neck while he slept and his []


Plutonium Dust Released from Closed Hanford Nuclear Weapons Site "IndyWatch Feed War"

Via: Los Angeles Times: As crews demolished a shuttered nuclear weapons plant during 2017 in central Washington, specks of plutonium were swept up in high gusts and blown miles across a desert plateau above the Columbia River. The releases at the Department of Energy cleanup site spewed unknown amounts of plutonium dust into the environment, []


The Rape of Russia (Saker blog exclusive interview) "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Lars Schall for the Saker blog Introduction by Pepe Escobar: William Engdahl is one of the worlds top geopolitical analysts. His books from Century of War to Full


Somalia seeks to mend ties with UAE amid diplomat spat "IndyWatch Feed War"

Somalia on Monday hinted it could release the 9.6 million U.S. dollars seized from a plane chartered by United Arab Emirates (UAE) diplomats to transport the cash to Mogadishu, a move that can defuse tension between the two countries. The Somali foreign ministry said it has received a satisfactory response regarding the money seized on []



Sibel Edmonds: The Fog of War Syria & More "IndyWatch Feed War"

In this edition of Probable Cause Sibel Edmonds breaks down the fog of war and exposes the information warfare campaigns being waged by all sides, in light of the recent military strikes against Syria for their alleged use of chemical weapons. Edmonds also explains what sets Newsbud apart from the rest as she examines the []


UAE halts Somali military training after cash seizure "IndyWatch Feed War"

Tensions between the countries spiked when the UAE said Somali soldiers boarded an Emirati plane in Mogadishu, assaulted its soldiers at gunpoint and confiscated 9.6 million US dollars. The United Arab Emirates has said it will end its military training mission to Somalia after an incident that saw its soldiers assaulted and 9.6 million US []



Paul Craig Roberts 271 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Once Upon A Time Long Ago Truth Was Important

Once Upon A Time Long Ago Truth Was Important
Paul Craig Roberts
I wonder how many people, not just Americans but those in other countries, have come to the conclusion tha...


Chemical weapons team kept from reaching alleged Syria attack site "IndyWatch Feed War"

AFP and AP

Hasan Mohamed, AFP | A child runs along a street in front of clouds of smoke billowing following a reported air strike on Douma, the main town of Syrias rebel enclave of Eastern Ghouta on March 20, 2018.

Text by FRANCE 24 

Latest update : 2018-04-16

Independent investigators were prevented by Syrian and Russian authorities Monday from reaching the scene of an alleged chemical attack near the Syrian capital, an official said.

The incident comes days after the USFrance and Britain bombarded sites they said were linked to Syrias chemical weapons program.

The lack of access to the town of Douma by inspectors from the watchdog group, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, has left questions about the April 7 attack unanswered.

OPCW Director-General Ahmet Uzumcu said Syrian and Russian officials cited pending security issues in keeping its inspectors from reaching Douma.

The team has not yet deployed to Douma, two days after arriving in Syria, Uzumcu told an executive council of the OPCW in The Hague.

Syrian authorities were offering 22 people to interview as witnesses instead, he said, adding that he hoped all necessary arrangements will be made to allow the team to deploy to Douma as soon as possible.



Newsbud Exclusive- BZ, Novichok & the Skripal Case. "IndyWatch Feed War"

As it turns out, Sergei and Yulia Skripal were not poisoned with the Russian nerve agent Novichok, said to cause death from respiratory and cardiac arrest. According to tests conducted by the Spiez Laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute for NBC-Protection, a division of the Federal Office for Civil Protection, it wasnt Novichok that incapacitated []


~ from the Camden County Detention Facility, by Clare Grady "IndyWatch Feed War"

April 16, 2018 We say, the ultimate logic of Trident is omnicide, and yet, the explosive power of this weapon is only part of what we want to make visible. We see that nuclear weapons kill every day by their mere existence. Their production requires mining, refining, testing, and dumping of radioactive material, which poisons sacred []


US-led Strikes On Syria: PR Victory Or Decisive Failure? "IndyWatch Feed War" Early on April 14, the US, the UK and France delivered a massive missile strike on Syria. The attack was publicly justified with accusations that the Syrian government had


Russian FM Lavrov speaks on the Skripal Posioning Issue. Samples examined by Swiss Spiez Labs. -- by J "IndyWatch Feed War"

From the lips of the man who doesn't bullshit, Russian FM Lavrov briefing on the Skripal incident that was carried by Russia 24 TV: Russian FM Lavrov: Quote: "'According to the results of the conducted tests, traces of the toxic...


7 Questions About the Syria Airstrikes That Arent Being Asked "IndyWatch Feed War"

Syria AirstrikesThe national security establishment and the corporate media have been promoting a confrontational approach, but theyve been unable to explain how that would lead to a better outcome for the US or the world. (CD)  Mission accomplished, says the President. What, exactly, was the mission? And what exactly was accomplished? Donald Trump is being mocked for []


May vows to strike Assad if chemical weapons used again "IndyWatch Feed War"


May met heavy opposition in parliament when she justified why Britain agreed to bomb Syrian airfields


Chinas Faux Comparative Advantage "IndyWatch Feed War"

The economics textbooks dont anticipate a state-directed economy that disregards the rule of law.

Container ships at a port in Qingdao, China.
Container ships at a port in Qingdao, China. PHOTO: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE/GETTY IMAGES

April 15, 2018 2:44 p.m. ET

In textbook economics, trade is a win-win: Two countries trade freely based on comparative advantage and share the resulting gains, improving welfare in both countries. Americas trade with China is as far from that model as the Earth is from Mars.

Historically, the U.S. has had a comparative advantage in manufacturing because of its high rates of technological innovation, correspondingly high rates of capital investment and worker productivity, strong protections for intellectual property, and wide availability of low-cost energy. Yet since joining the World Trade Organization in 2001, China has come to dominate traditional manufacturing. By 2015 it accounted for 28% of global production of autos, 41% of ships, more than 50% of refrigerators, more than 60% of televisions, and more than 80% of computers and air conditioners.

As is evident in government documents such as...


John Bolton wanted a massive bombing raid in Syria. Trump said no. "IndyWatch Feed War"

John Bolton wanted a massive bombing raid in Syria. Trump said no.

The limited strike in Syria shows that the administrations more cautious voices carried the day.


Indigenous Womens Delegation To Europe Continues Push For Fossil Fuel Divestment By Major Banks "IndyWatch Feed War"

Indigenous Womens Delegation To Europe Continues Push For Fossil Fuel Divestment By Major Banks By WECAN International Censored News April 16, 2018 CONTACT:Emily Arasim (general inquiries), +1(505)920-0153Michelle Cook (general inquiries) - divestinvestprotect@gmail.comOsprey Orielle Lake (urgent inquiries in Europe), +1(


Russia: Chemical weapons inspection delayed due to Wests airstrikes "IndyWatch Feed War"

Press TV April 16, 2018 Russia says a visit by inspectors from the United Nations chemical watchdog to the site of an alleged gas attack in Syrias Douma has been delayed due to recent Western airstrikes on the Arab country. This is the latest conjecture of our British colleagues, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov []


Danny Glover at April 4, 2018, Rally to End Racism "IndyWatch Feed War"

Actor Danny Glover speaking about Martin Luther Kings commitment to end the interconnected triple evils of racism, poverty and militarism. Glover spoke at the Rally to End Racism in Washington, DC, on the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther Kings assassination, organized by the National Council of Churches.

Glover is introduced by Terry Provance of the Vietnam Peace Commemoration Committee (VPCC), which invited Glover to the rally.

The post Danny Glover at April 4, 2018, Rally to End Racism appeared first on World Beyond War . . ..


Professor Kees van der Pijl: Flight MH17, Ukraine and the new Cold War Prism of Disaster "IndyWatch Feed War"

Flight MH17, Ukraine and the new Cold War

Prism of disaster

By Professor Kees van der Pijl

Flight MH17, Ukraine and the new Cold War


Missile attacks on Syria in breach of international law, China says "IndyWatch Feed War"

Press TV April 16, 2018 China has strongly condemned the latest missile strikes by the United States along with its allies Britain and France on crisis-hit on Syria, stating the military aggression violates the basic principles and norms of international law. Addressing reporters during a press conference in Beijing on Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry []


A former correspondent for the New York Times provides targets for Western military to bomb in Syria: can you imagine a Western writer presenting a list of Israeli targets for the West to bomb in the wake of Israeli massacres? "IndyWatch Feed War"

command and control, delivery mechanisms including aircraft and bases, storage, research, and the like. This is in a magazine edited by a "former" Israeli occupation soldier and funded by a billionaire.


Mohawk Nation News 'To the Shameless Iroquois Quack'ers' "IndyWatch Feed War"

TO THE SHAMELESS IROQUOIS QUACKERS Posted on April 16, 2018 Mohawk Nation News MNN. Apr. 16, 2018. Iroquois Quackers [also known as the Iroquois Caucus] is carrying military designed attacks against their own people called the naturals, the real kanionkehaka!


Growing up with the threat of pervasive violence "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Frida Berrigan

Embed from Getty Images

This story was originally published by TomDispatch.

Guns. In a country with more than 300 million of them, a country thats recently been swept up in a round of protests over the endless killing sprees they permit, youd think I might have had more experience with them.

As it happens, Ive held a gun only once in my life. I even fired it. I was in perhaps tenth grade and enamored with an Eagle Scout who loved war reenactments. On weekends, he and his friends camped out, took off their watches to get into the spirit of the War of 1812, and dressed in homemade muslin underclothes and itchy uniforms. I was there just one weekend. Somehow my pacifist parents signed off on letting their daughter spend the day with war reenactors. Someone lent me a period gown, brown and itchy and ill-fitting. We women and girls spent an hour twisting black gunpowder into newspaper scraps. I joked that the newspaper was anachronistic the previous weeks Baltimore Sun but no one laughed.

A man came by with a long gun, an antique, resting on the shoulder of his jerkin to collect our bullets and he must have read the gun terror written on my face.

Wanna give it a try? he asked.

Sure, I said, stumbling to my feet, pushing my gown out of the way, and trying to act like I didnt have broken-rifle patches, symbols of the pacifist War Resisters League, all over my real clothes. I felt a surge of adrenaline as I took the heavy weapon in my way-too-small hands. He showed me how to wrestle it into position, aim it, and fire. There were no bullets, just one of my twists of powder, but it made a terrifying noise. I shrieked and came close to dropping the weapon.

And there it was: the beginning, middle, and end of my lo...


EU Fails to Agree New Iran Sanctions as Trump Deadline Nears "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: sky

FILE PHOTO: European Union flags flutter outside the EU Commission headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, March 12, 2018. REUTERS/Yves Herman/File PhotoREUTERS

LUXEMBOURG (REUTERS)  The European Union failed to agree new sanctions against Iran on Monday amid Italys opposition and fears that punishing Tehran for its missile program and regional role would not stop U.S. President Donald Trump from abandoning a separate nuclear deal.

Speaking on the sidelines of EU foreign ministers discussions in Luxembourg, some diplomats said the outcome meant the EU might not make the U.S. Presidents May 12 deadline to fix the 2015 nuclear accord.

The EU is eager to safeguard the pact, under which Tehran agreed to curb its nuclear ambitions for at least a decade, but Trump has been a fierce critic.

He has threatened not to extend U.S. sanctions relief on Iran related to the agreement which sees the West mostly lifting extensive sanctions in exchange for the Islamic republic curbing its nuclear program.

Seeking to respond to Trumps criticism of the nuclear accord and Tehran more broadly, France, Britain and Germany proposed directing sanctions at Iranian militias and commanders fighting on behalf of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

They hoped holding Iran accountable for this could help convince Trump not to walk away from the nuclear agreement. But they ran into opposition by Italy, backed by Austria.

It may be that the nuclear agreement is dead in the water anyway, so why risk emboldening the radicals in Iran and undermining our chances to win contracts there, said one diplomat from the skeptical camp.

But another, from one of the three European powers, noted the bloc still had four weeks to go: We are clearly heading there, though we need a bit more time.

A third diplomat sa...


Risking shoot-to kill to stop the killing machine -- Beyond Nuclear "IndyWatch Feed War"

Risking shoot-to-kill to stop the killing machine   Posted on April 16, 2018 by beyondnuclearinternational The Nuns, the Priests and the Bombs is a new film about old style non-violence By Linda Pentz Gunter Would you be willing to put your life on the line to make a moral statement about the iniquity of nuclear weapons? I am willing to bet that most of us, however strongly we


Russia begins blocking access to Telegram "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP | Popular messaging app Telegram says it has 200 million active users
MOSCOW (RUSSIA) (AFP)  Russias communications watchdog on Monday began blocking access to the popular messaging app Telegram after a court banned the service for refusing to give security services access to private conversations.Roskomnadzor has received the ruling of (Moscows) Tagansky court to block Telegrams services on Russian territory. This information was sent to providers on Monday 16th of April, the watchdog said in a statement.

Some Russian internet providers began blocking Telegram on Monday afternoon.

Russian authorities have begun blocking Telegram. The service could be unstable without a VPN. We will inform you on the developing situation, the messaging app notified its Russian users.

The Kremlins press service told journalists on Monday that it will be switching to ICQ, a 1990s chat service now owned by billionaire Alisher Usmanovs, to communicate with them.

It is telling that authoritarian governments (e.g. Russia) are trying to block Telegram over encryption, but are more relaxed when it comes to other encrypted messaging apps, Pavel Durov, the apps maverick creator dubbed Russias Mark Zuckerberg wrote on Twitter.

Writing on Vkontakte, the social media platform he founded that is now under state control, Durov said the decision harms Russias national security as users will switch to WhatsApp and Facebook which are controlled from the US.

We believe the ban is anti-constitutional and will continue to defend the right of Russians to private messaging, Durov, who left Russia in 2014 and is now based in Dubai, said.

Durov has long said he will reject any attempt by the countrys security services to gain backdoor access to the app.

The ban followed a long-running battle between authorities and Telegram, which has a reputation for securely encrypted communications, as Moscow pushes to increase surveillance of internet activities.

Telegram, a free application that lets people exchange messages, stickers, photos and videos in groups of up to 5,000 people, has attracted more than 200 million users since its launch by Durov and his brother Nikolai in 2013.

Telegram is especially popular among political activists, of all stripes, and is used by the Kremlin to communicate with journalists, but it has also been used by jihadists.



Missile Attack on Syria Is a Salute to Russiagate Enthusiasts, Whether They Like It or Not "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Norman Solomon | CounterPunch | April 16, 2018 Politicians, pundits and activists whove routinely denounced President Trump as a tool of Vladimir Putin can now mull over a major indicator of their cumulative impacts. The U.S.-led missile attack on Syria before dawn Saturday is the latest benchmark for gauging the effects of continually baiting []


Video: Q and A with Robert Spencer on Whaddo You Meme?? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Over the last few days Ive been busy filming scenes for David Woods boffo Islamicize Me project. Late last night Jon McCray from the Whaddo You Meme?? YouTube channel and I, although a bit tired, took some time out to do a spontaneous livestream Q and A. It was fun.


Muslim from Indiana joins the Islamic State in Syria, keeps two sex slaves at home with his wife and kids "IndyWatch Feed War"

Why have we seen not just the Islamic State, but also Boko Haram and al-Shabaab take sex slaves? Because it is sanctioned in Islamic law. The seizure of Infidel girls and their use as sex slaves is sanctioned in the Quran. According to Islamic law, Muslim men can take captives of the right hand (Quran []


UK Labour releases legal opinion, describing Syrian air strikes as unlawful "IndyWatch Feed War"

Press TV April 16, 2018 Britains opposition Labour Party has released an expert opinion about the recent US-led air strikes against Syria, describing them as unlawful. Tom Watson, the deputy Labour leader, released the five-page legal opinion from Dapo Akande, a professor of public international law at Oxford University. A summary of Akandes conclusions []


The Broadband Boost Small-Town America Needs "IndyWatch Feed War"

They are mostly towns youve probably never heard of, places like Sandy, Ore., Leverett, Mass., Lafayette, La., and Longmont, Colo. Yet these smaller communities, and hundreds more like them, have something even the techiest big cities such as New York, San Francisco and Seattle dont have: widespread, fast and well-priced broadband service. Big cities usually have the edge in the traditional drivers of economic development. They have the universities, the sports teams, the big airports, the interstate highway access, the ports. But in arguably the most forward-looking part of the economy, some smaller localities have the edge. They made it for themselves by developing their own broadband networks, typically employing the latest fiber-optic technology. I believe over the next three to five years people are no longer going to be surprised that some small cities have much better internet access than big cities, ...


Islamic scholar Akbar Ahmed: Italy must remember its pluralist past "IndyWatch Feed War"

Akbar Ahmed has a sterling reputation as a moderate Muslim and thoughtful academic, but there is a sinister undercurrent to his new book Journey Into Europe: he calls for a New Andalusia, which to non-Muslims who have forgotten their own history conjures up the newly-minted historical myth of a paradise of peace and tolerance, under []


Trumps Executive Order On Welfare Is Designed To Pit Workers Against One Another "IndyWatch Feed War"

On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that sums up how little he understands about poverty in America. The order, titled Reducing Poverty in America by Promoting Opportunity and Economic Mobility, carries little weight by itself. It directs a broad range of federal agencies to review programs serving low-income people and make recommendations on how they can make the programs harder to access, all under the guise of welfare reform. The orders main purpose appears to be smearing popular programs in an effort to make them easier to slashin part by redefining welfare to encompass nearly every program that helps families get by. To that end, the order reads as follows...


From A Friend In Aleppo: Syrians Are Laughing At US! "IndyWatch Feed War"

Just got an e-mail from a friend of mine in Aleppo regarding the recent "Friday the 13th" missile strike there -- brought to the Syrian people courtesy of FUK-US (France, the United Kingdom and the U.S.)  My friend watched the event on Syrian TV and apparently it was like watching a low-budget horror movie -- not all that scary.  70% of the missiles were shot down by Syrian equipment left over from the 1960s.  So much for Fire and Fury. "Yes, it was was a very long day here," wrote my friend, "and I watched Trump's made-for TV movie from beginning to end.  I woke up around 3:50 am and switched on the television in time to see the terrorist Trump, live, giving his signal for the attack."  And my friend then stayed awake until 11:30 pm the next evening, not wanting to miss any part of the show.


Caught In A Lie, US & Allies Bomb Syria The Night Before International Inspectors Arrive "IndyWatch Feed War"

The US, Britain and France trampled international law to launch missiles against Syria, claiming to have evidence of the governments use of chemical weapons. That evidence is based on terrorist lies. After a week of outrageous tweets and proclamations by POTUS Trump, which included continued accusations that Syrias president ordered a chemical weapons attack on civilians in Douma, east of Damascus, with Trump using grotesque and juvenile terminology, such as animal Assad, the very evening before chemical weapons inspectors of the OPCW were to visit Douma, America and allies launched illegal bombings against Syria. The illegal bombings included 103 missiles, 71 of which Russia states were intercepted. For the past week, we were told that the US had evidence and the UK had evidence that Syria had used chemicals.


Mondoweiss Mondays has really taken off and check out the new match to multiply your impact "IndyWatch Feed War"

In the past two weeks, its been hard to get accurate information about the horrific violence committed by Israeli troops against Palestinians participating in the Great March of Return. In this dreadful time which I will always think of as the Passover massacre Im proud that Mondoweiss has delivered both on-the-ground coverage and insightful commentary to supplement the incomplete and biased reporting by mainstream media. If you havent yet watched it, I particularly recommend our two-minute video recording protesters describing in their own words why they are putting their bodies on the line.

During the same period, weve been running a low-intensity fundraising campaign, Mondoweiss Mondays. This campaign was scheduled some time ago, and we decided to follow through with it because we know that at times like this many readers are particularly appreciative of our work. And in fact, reader response has shown precisely that: dozens of you have signed up to be regular donors enough to claim the entire $1,500 match offered by three longtime Mondoweiss supporters to recruit new recurring gifts.

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Yemen Civil War: Houthis Fire Missile at Saudi Oil Tanker "IndyWatch Feed War"


Recent deployments of drones and ballistic missiles by the Houthi movement in Yemen in strikes against a Saudi tanker, both inside international waters and Saudi territory itself, reveal an enduring ability on the part of the Houthis to strike far beyond the limits of their own territory. Though mostly symbolic rather than effective, the use of drones and missiles by the Houthis allows them to generate international headlines by threatening international shipping in one of the worlds busiest trading arteries and raise the domestic costs of Riyadhs ongoing intervention in Yemen, which is now entering its fourth year.

The Saudi government says that 90 ballistic missiles have been fired into the Kingdom over the past three years by the Houthis, though few have caused any real damage. Similarly, the rebels have occasionally targeted commercial shipping and other international vessels (including US navy drones) to raise the pressure on Riyadhs international backers, the United states and the UK. The attacks also demonstrate that the stalemate between the Houthis and the Saudi-led coalition which intervened in support of Yemens embattled President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi shows no signs of being broken anytime soon.

The post Yemen Civil War: Houthis Fire Missile at Saudi Oil Tanker appeared first on Geopolitical Monitor.


India: Nationwide Protests To Demand Justice For Rape Victims "IndyWatch Feed War"

Angry protesters rally across cities calling for justice after an eight-year-old Kashmiri girl was fatally gang-raped. Thousands of Indians have taken to the streets to join nationwide protests against continuing sexual assaults of women and girls, including that of an eight-year-old girl who was gang-raped and brutally murdered inside a temple in Jammu area of Indian-administered Kashmir. "Punish the guilty" was the rallying cry on Sunday in New Delhi, Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram, Bangalore and other cities, according to India's NDTV. "Small little girls are being raped every day and the way this time it has happened, that people actually came and supported these rapists, this is (new) heights and this is the time that we should take it as an alarm," Ved Amrita, a protester in New Delhi, told Associated Press news agency.


A Statement Issued by the Patriarchates of Antioch and all the East for the Greek Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, and Greek-Melkite Catholic "IndyWatch Feed War"

We, the Patriarchs: John X, Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, Ignatius Aphrem II, Syrian Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, and Joseph Absi, Melkite-Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch, Alexandria, and Jerusalem, condemn and denounce the brutal aggression that took place this morning against our precious country Syria by the USA, France and the UK, under the allegations that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons. We raise our voices to affirm the (...)


Iran Confirms Israeli Airstrike Upon Its Forces At Syrian T4 Airbase In Homs "IndyWatch Feed War"

Iran Condemns Israeli Aggression against Syria, Warns of Response

Iran Condemns Israeli Aggression against Syria, Warns of Response

TEHRAN (FNA)- Irans foreign ministry lashed out at the Israeli regime for its missile strikes on the T4 airbase in Syrias Homs province, warning that Tel Aviv will be punished for its aggressive action.

I think that the usurper and occupying Zionist regime will sooner or later receive the necessary responses which will make them regret their deeds. They cannot do something and escape punishment, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi told reporters in Tehran on Monday.

He underlined that aggression against the Syrian territories and sovereignty is unacceptable, and said, The resistance and Syrian military forces can defend their territorial integrity and national sovereignty and will do so.

In relevant remarks last Tuesday, Iranian Supreme Leaders top aide for international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati cautioned that Israel should be waiting for a powerful response to its April 8 airstrikes on the T4 airbase in the Syrian province of Homs.

Velayati was...


Mother Do You Think Theyll Drop the Bomb? Roger Waters Denounces White Helmets as Fake "IndyWatch Feed War"

Roger Waters, speaking at a concert in Spain, branded the White Helmetsuniversally portrayed by Western media as glorious heroesas a bunch of frauds. We live in a world where propaganda seems to be more important than whats really going on. Roger Waters In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. []


Tens Of Thousands In Hungary Protest Far-Right Leader Viktor Orbn "IndyWatch Feed War"

Tens of thousands of demonstrators marched through Hungarys capital of Budapest on Saturday to protest Prime Minister Viktor Orbns government, as critics warn the country could slide further into illiberalism. Orbns radical right, nationalist Fidesz party won a landslide victory in parliamentary elections last Sunday. With a two-thirds majority in the legislature, Fidesz now has the power to make changes to the countrys constitution. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe criticized the election for intimidating and xenophobic rhetoric, media bias and opaque campaign financing. The campaign saw Orbn rail against migration and push the idea that unseen foreign interests were seeking to undermine the government.


Labours commissioned Legal Opinion on legitimacy of UK Air Strikes on Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

This is the text of the legal opinion by Professor Dapo Akande, commissioned by Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party on the recent airstrikes on Damascus by the UK armed forces


Merkels tougher Russia stance meets resistance in Germany "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and suit

FILE PHOTO: German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin prepare to attend a working session at the G20 leaders summit in Hamburg, Germany July 7, 2017. REUTERS/Kai PfaffenbachREUTERS

BERLIN (REUTERS)  Germanys Europe minister called on Monday for a new policy of easing tensions with Russia, adding to a chorus of voices pressing Chancellor Angela Merkel to moderate her hardened stance towards the Kremlin.

The conservative chancellor swung behind Britain after the poison attack on a former Russian double agent in England last month, expelling four diplomats despite uneasiness among a political class that is wary of confrontation with Germanys giant eastern neighbor.

Europe Minister Michael Roth, a member of the Social Democrat party (SPD), said that while the European Union needed a united front on Russia, sanctions should aim to bring Moscow to the negotiating table.

Anti-Russian reflexes are just as dangerous as naively remaining silent over the nationalist-tinged policies of the current Russian leadership, he wrote in Die Welt newspaper.

Many Western countries are pushing for a more assertive stance against Moscow over President Vladimir Putins backing for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, accused of using chemical weapons in the countrys civil war.

With extensive business and energy links to Russia, Germany has been cautious in its relations with Moscow, though Merkels tone has hardened over the four years since Russias annexation of Ukraines Crimean peninsula.

Roth, whose party is junior partner in Merkels coalition, echoed comments from President Frank-Walter Steinmeier a fellow Social Democrat that too much is at stake for Germany to cast Russia as an enemy.

Opinion in the coalition is not necessarily divided along party lines. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, also a Social...


Syrian Army Reports Capture of British Soldiers During Assault On Eastern Ghouta "IndyWatch Feed War"

Syrian Army Captures British Military Men in Eastern Ghouta

Apr 11, 2018

Syrian Army Captures British Military Men in Eastern Ghouta
TEHRAN (FNA)- A number of British military men were held captive by the Syrian army in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus, media reports disclosed on Wednesday, saying that they had infiltrated the region for the last month US plot to attack Damascus in collaboration with terrorists and NATO forces that failed.

The Arabic-language al-Mayadeen news channels correspondent in Moscow reported that a number of British forces have been captured during the military operations in Eastern Ghouta.

Earlier reports had disclosed last month that foreign military forces were deployed in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus to launch a ground assault against Damascus in cooperation with the US.

The US and Israel planned to launch attacks on Damascus from several fronts in collaboration with the NATO and Jordan, but the plot failed after the Syrian army scored rapid, major victories in Eastern Ghouta.

Informed sources disclosed that the US and Israel intended to support the terrorists in Eastern Ghouta by airstrikes so that they could capture vast areas of Damascus to pave the ground for the Syria...


Senseless and Futile Strike Against Syria Achieves Nothing "IndyWatch Feed War"

Photo credit AFP By Alex GORKA | Strategic Culture Foundation | 16.04.2018 The Wests unity is cracking and the United States world leadership is being questioned. The alleged but never proven chemical attack in Syria offers an opportunity to become a unifying factor. By striking that country, the US administration pursued the goal of solidifying its image []


Syrian government continues to injure, kill civilians in rebel areas "IndyWatch Feed War"


Sporadic reports of artillery shelling and air strikes after US and allies struck Syrian government chemical weapons facilities


A fine display of Islamic values "IndyWatch Feed War"

There is a practicing Muslim in Glasgow by the name of Shaykh Zoheeb Iqbal. He runs an organization called the Al Falaah Academy in Glasgows south side, an area heavily populated by Muslims. His organization helps deliver lectures and courses to universities. This is all fine and dandy if it werent for the character of []


Here Are 7 Brilliant Insights From Noam Chomsky On American Empire "IndyWatch Feed War"

Noam Chomsky is an expert on many matters -- linguistics, how our economy functions and propaganda, among others. One area where his wisdom especially shines through is in articulating the structure and functioning of the American empire. Chomsky has been speaking and publishing on the topic since the '60s. Below are seven powerful quotes on the evils, atrocities and ironies of the American empire taken from his personal site and from a fan-curated Web site dedicated to collecting Chomsky's observations. 1. [In early 2007] there was a new rash of articles and headlines on the front page about the "Chinese military build-up." The Pentagon claimed that China had increased its offensive military capacity -- with 400 missiles, which could be nuclear armed.


Few To No Anti-Bombing Voices As Trump Prepares To Escalate Syria War "IndyWatch Feed War"

The curators of American public opinion at the three most influential broadsheets in the United States have decided that dissent from the build-up to new airstrikes on Syria is not really an opinion worth hearing. Of 16 columns leveling an opinion about fresh airstrikes on the Syrian regime in the coming days, only twoboth in the Washington Post (4/12/18, 4/12/18)opposed the airstrikes. No New York Times or Wall Street Journal opinion piece came out against a renewed attack on Syria. Ten expressly supported the airstrikes (three in the Times, five in the Post and two in the Journal), two did so by implication (both in the Times, both lamenting the US doing nothing in Syria), two were ambiguous and two were opposed to the airstrikes. A complete list of the columns can be reviewed here.


Thirty-Five Years Of Comintern Publishing: A Balancesheet "IndyWatch Feed War"

I objected that I had no background in academic research and publishing. Waters and Sheppard countered that given my grasp of history in that period, my knowledge of the three main translation languages, and my experience as a socialist activist attempting to implement the Cominterns ideas, I was the obvious choice. I accepted the challenge and took charge of the project. It has taken a good deal more than a decade. Along the way, Pathfinder has been replaced as publisher by Historical Materialism Book Series and Haymarket Books. Nine documentary books have now gone to press, totaling 6,500 pages, and another is in preparation. (See list of volumes below.) More than 100 collaborators have helped in various ways to produce them.


ANALYSIS: Could Haftar's illness spark a new power struggle in Libya? "IndyWatch Feed War"


Military commander reportedly still in Paris, after suffering a stroke


Grim Prospects for Turkey-Saudi Relations "IndyWatch Feed War"


The Middle East is a turbulent region marked by conflict and instability. Once the cradle of civilization, it is now a battleground among competing powers. Profound ethnic and religious divides mark its political life, multiple geopolitical interest collide on its deserts, and various armed groups fight each other in an intricate network of allegiances in continuous shift. This situation has turned even worse in recent years, with the civil wars in Syria and Yemen, the conflict in Iraq, and the rise of the Islamic State. These events have transformed the regional context, creating power vacuums that each regional actor is trying to fill in accordance to its own interests.

Among others, one of the major drivers of this struggle for power has been the Saudi-Iranian rivalry. With Tehran exploiting the chaos in Iraq and Syria to extend its influence, Riyadh is reacting by reaffirming its alliance with the U.S., by launching an ambitious reform program, and even by taking steps toward rapprochement with Israel. But there is an important bilateral relationship that is often neglected: the one between Saudi Arabia and Turkey. And its direction could have profound consequences for the future geopolitics of the Middle East.



Saudi Arabia finds itself at a turning point. Having to deal with the economic backlashes caused by the drop in oil prices (its main source of revenue) and facing the long-term prospect of exhausting its reserves, Riyadh must also cope with a complex geopolitical environment characterized by Irans assertiveness and civil war along Saudi Arabias borders in Yemen. These internal and external pressures have put the Kingdom on a course to reform. The initiator of this change is the current strongman in Riyadh, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Set to become king and holding various charges, notably minister of defense, bin Salman is already transforming the Saudi state. All while concentrating power in his hands by having potential opponents arrested, he announced an ambitious program called Saudi Vision 2030, whose aim is to diversify the economy and prepare it for the post-oil era. He has promoted notable changes in society, allowing women to drive and attend football matches and opening cinemas after decades. As a material example of this symbiosis of social and economic transformation, he launched NEOM, a $500 billion project to build a vast and high-tech city set to become a hub for innovation on the shores of the Red Sea.

At the same time, the Prince is promoting an active international agenda. Iran remains the main rival of the Saudi Kingdom, out of a combination of divergent geopolitical interests and national-religious...


Why Syria? Israel, the US, and the Balkanization of the Arab Middle East "IndyWatch Feed War"

As I covered in a previous video, the so-called Syrian civil war was manufactured by the CIA and its proxies during the Arab Spring, a larger engineered color revolution effort that worked with devastating effect, primarily in Egypt and Libya. The conflict is hardly a recent development. It began soon after the end of the []


Russian Roulette of the West "IndyWatch Feed War"

Russian Roulette of the West
While the West is busy hunting Russian witches, its sworn enemies devour it alive from within. In 1986, Georges Besse, the manager of Frances largest state company, Eurodif, arrived at his office as per usual. When he got out of his car, he was shot at point-blank range by unknown people on a motorcycle. Initially []


Prayer and Meditation for Tuesday, April 17, 2018 Stephen, filled with the Holy Spirit, looked up intently to heaven and saw the glory of God. "IndyWatch Feed War"

Tuesday of the Third Week of Easter
Lectionary: 274

Image may contain: 1 person

Saint Stephen The First Martyr Is his often depicted with the book of scrimpture and some stones

Reading 1  ACTS 7:518:1A

Stephen said to the people, the elders, and the scribes:
You stiff-necked people, uncircumcised in heart and ears,
you always oppose the Holy Spirit;
you are just like your ancestors.
Which of the prophets did your ancestors not persecute?
They put to death those who foretold the coming of the righteous one,
whose betrayers and murderers you have now become.
You received the law as transmitted by angels,
but you did not observe it.When they heard this, they were infuriated,
and they ground their teeth at him.
But Stephen, filled with the Holy Spirit,
looked up intently to heaven and saw the glory of God
and Jesus standing at the right hand of God,
and Stephen said, Behold, I see the heavens opened
and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.
But they cried out in a loud voice,
covered their ears, and rushed upon him together.
They threw him out of the city, and began to stone him.
The witnesses laid down their cloaks
at the feet of a young man named Saul.
As they were stoning Stephen, he called out,
Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.
Then he fell to his knees and cried out in a loud voice,
Lord, do not hold this sin against them;
and when he said this, he fell asleep.Now Saul was consenting to his execution.

Responsorial Psalm  PS 31:3CD-4, 6 AND 7B AND 8A, 17 AND 21AB

R. (6a) Into your hands, O Lord...


REVEALED: Jeremy Corbyn falsely claims British-made weapons went to Islamic State "IndyWatch Feed War"


The Labour leader has been accused of 'appalling double standards'


Palestinians are killed not because Israeli soldiers disobey orders but because they follow them "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Israeli army has made it quite clear that top brass orders for snipers allow live ammunition to be directed at Palestinian protesters


The War in Syria was a US Intervention Since "Day 1" "IndyWatch Feed War"

April 15, 2018 (Tony Cartalucci NEO) In the aftermath of US-led missile strikes on Syria, the Western media has attempted to continue building the case for US intervention.

However, before the first agitators took to the streets in Syria in 2011, the US was already involved.

The New York Times in its 2011 article, U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings, would admit (emphasis added):

A number of the groups and individuals directly involved in the revolts and reforms sweeping the region, including the April 6 Youth Movement in Egypt, the Bahrain Center for Human Rights and grass-roots activists like Entsar Qadhi, a youth leader in Yemen, received training and financing from groups like the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute and Freedom House, a nonprofit human rights organization based in Washington, according to interviews in recent weeks and American diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks. 

The work of these groups often provoked tensions between the United States and many Middle Eastern leaders, who frequently complained that their leadership was being undermined, according to the cables. 

The financing of agitators from across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) before the so-called Arab Spring was meant to stampede targeted governments from power paving the way for US client states to form. Nations that resisted faced first, US-backed militants and failing that, direct US military intervention as seen in Libya in 2011.

After the US funded initial unrest in 2011 the US has armed and funded militants fighting in Syria ever since.

The same NYT would publish a 2013 article titled, ...


Jamie Glazov: Facebook Bans Me For Reporting a Muslims Threat "IndyWatch Feed War"

Facebook has banned me for seven days. My crime is posting/reporting on my Facebook page a physical threat that was made to me personally on my own FB page by a member of the Religion of Peace. On Saturday, April 14, 2018, a certain Muhammad Irfan Ayoub started commenting on my page, rebuking me for []


False Flag in Syria Sets Stage for Wider War "IndyWatch Feed War"

April 12, 2018 (Tony Cartalucci NEO) The US threatened war within hours of an alleged chemical weapons attack taking place in Douma, northeast of Damascus.

The US rush to conflict attempts to sidestep any meaningful investigation into the attack, fitting a larger pattern of Washington and its allies using baseless chemical weapon allegations for wars of aggression stretching back to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

US accusations and threats of war come at a pivotal moment in Syrias now 7 year conflict in which the Syrian government has finally liberated all territory around the capital from foreign-sponsored militants.

Zero Evidence

To date, all supposed evidence comes from Western-funded militants and their auxiliaries including the US-European government-funded front, the so-called Syria Civil Defense, better known at the White Helmets. Unverified photographs and video of apparent victims have been the sole sources cited by the US.

The World Health Organization, in a recent statement attempting to bolster these accusations, claims that up to 500 patients appear to have been exposed to chemical poisoning, but would cite its Health Cluster partners, the Daily Beast would report.

However, according to WHOs own website, these partners include Mdecins Sans Frontires (MSF), which in turn, according to MSFs own website trains and supports the White Helmets. MSF has repeatedly admitted throughout the Syrian conflict that it does not have a presence on the ground in conflict areas and merely provides material support to groups that do.

The White Helmets have been repeatedly caught in the past fabricating evidence and staging scenes for propaganda value. In fact, all evidence suggests the entire purpose of the White Helmets is the production of propaganda.



Trumps Syria "Withdrawal" Was Textbook US Deception "IndyWatch Feed War"

April 8, 2018 (Tony Cartalucci LD) The US media is now priming the global public for US intervention in Syria following alleged chemical attacks carried out in the remaining pocket of US-backed militants in Douma, just northeast of Damascus.

Image: Trump isnt going to withdraw from Syria when the special interests he represents still fully plan on waging war proxy or otherwise on Syrias ally Iran. The recent appointment of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo to key positions within his administration signal expanded war, not withdrawal. 
This follows comments made by US President Donald Trump just 3 days ago in which he claimed he had instructed the US military to prepare for a withdrawal from Syria.

US forces had illegally invaded and have since occupied Syrian territory for years, with the Washington Post in its April 4, 2018 article titled, Trump instructs military to begin planning for withdrawal from Syria, placing the current number of US troops at approximately 2,000.

The Washington Post also claimed that:

President Trump has instructed military leaders to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria as soon as possible and told them he wants Arab allies to take over and pay for stabilizing and reconstructing areas liberated from the Islamic State, according to senior U.S. officials.

However, just days after President Trump expressed a supposed desire to leave Syria, allegations of Syrian government chemical attacks on Douma have provided not only the prefect pretext to delay any withdrawal, but to in fact justify a US-led military intervention directly against the Syrian government.

While some have attempted to por...


Cohen Isnt the Biggest Catch from Trump World "IndyWatch Feed War"

Other players know far more about the presidents dealings than his lawyer does.
April 16, 2018, 7:00 AM EDT
Could be worse.

 Photographer: Yana Paskova/Getty

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trumps personal attorney, will be in a federal courtroom on Monday, arguing that he has the right to review documents that FBI agents seized when they raided his office and residences last week.

Reporters will be in the courtroom, too. The media is excited about what might emerge from Cohens legal travails, and for good reason. But its also worth remembering what Cohen actually did at the Trump Organization and not to assume that his evident downfall portends doom for Trumps presidency.

Cohen started working for Trump in 2006, and has brought potential licensing deals to the presidents attention for years. He worked with the career criminal and Trump business partner Felix Sater on a proposal for a...


The Skripal case & the perils of a rush to judgment "IndyWatch Feed War"

by James ONeill amended to remove reference to the Spiez laboratory, which is not mentioned directly in the OPCW summary The perils of coming to premature conclusions before all the facts are available has been starkly demonstrated by the latest developments in the alleged nerve gas attack upon the former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in the English town of Salisbury on 4 March 2018. Followers of this particular saga will be aware that British Prime Minister Theresa May and her Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson have made a series of statements to the United Kingdom House of Commons and to the media. They alleged, without qualification, that the Skripals were poisoned with a nerve agent of the Novichok class, of a type developed by Russia. That these statements were made before it was possible for the British chemical and biological research facility at Porton Down to have made an analysis and reached a scientifically valid conclusion did not matter. The object of the exercise was to demonize Russia in general and


BBC still prevaricating on purpose of Hamas tunnels "IndyWatch Feed War"

On the morning of April 15th the IDF announced the destruction of yet another cross-border tunnel originating in the Gaza Strip.

A military spokesman said the tunnel was dug by the Hamas terrorist group and was connected to a kilometers-long network of other passages under the Gaza Strip.

The tunnel reached tens of meters into Israeli territory in the area of the northern Gaza Strip, close to the Israeli community of Nahal Oz, the army said. It was constructed after the 50-day 2014 conflict between Israel and Hamas, according to the IDF. []

Security forces had been monitoring this tunnel network, which had been under construction for years, the spokesman said. The decision was taken to destroy the tunnel once it crossed into Israeli territory, he added.

Palestinian tunnel diggers were working their way up to the surface to construct an exit within Israeli territory when the army decided to act.

Later the same day the BBC News website published a report titled Israel destroys longest and deepest Gaza tunnel in which the underground structure constructed for the purpose of infiltration of Israeli territory in order to carry out terror attacks was described as having been dug by militants....


Arabic press review: Ugandan soldiers to bolster UAE forces in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed War"


With fears that Sudan will pull out of the Saudi-led coalition, UAE looks to Uganda - and one of Iraq's most corrupt officials is sent home


Democrats scrambling to derail fake news attacks in 2018 races "IndyWatch Feed War"

April 15, 2018 06:32 PM

Updated April 15, 2018 06:32 PM


Israel conducted April 9 strike on Syrian airbase: NYT quotes Israeli military source The Real Next War in Syria: Iran vs. Israel "IndyWatch Feed War"


JERUSALEM (Reuters) Israel maintained its official silence on Monday over its possible involvement in an April 9 air strike on a Syrian airbase after the New York Times quoted an unnamed Israeli military source as saying Israel had carried out the raid.

Syria and its main ally Russia blamed Israel for the attack, near the city of Homs, which followed reports of a poison gas attack by President Bashar al-Assads forces on the rebel-held town of Douma.

Israel, which has often struck Syrian army locations during its neighbors seven-year civil war, has neither confirmed nor denied mounting the raid. But Israeli officials said the Tiyas air base was being used by troops from Iran and that Israel would not accept such a presence in Syria of its arch foe.

Irans Tansim news agency said seven Iranian military personnel had been killed in the attack, which contributed to a sharp escalation of tensions between the West and Russia.

 Image may contain: one or more people and car
Damage at the T4 base in Syria afer the israeli raid.

(The Tiyas strike) was the first time we attacked live Iranian targets both facilities and people, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman quoted the Israeli military source as saying.

Friedman described the seven Iranians killed as members of the Qods Force, a branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps that oversees operations abroad, and one of them as a commander of a drone unit.

Asked about the claim of Israeli responsibility cited in the New York Times article, which was published on Sunday, an Israeli military spokeswoman said: There is no comment at this time.

While acknowledging that it has carried out scores of strikes in Syria against suspect Iranian deployments or arms transfers to Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas, Israel generally does not comment on specific missions.

The attack on Tiyas came days before the United States, Britain and France launched 105 missiles targeting what Washington said were three chemical weapons facilities in Syria in retaliation for the suspected poison gas attack.

Assad has denied using chemica...


As Israel pushes for West Bank railway, Palestinians brace for more land grabs "IndyWatch Feed War"


'Its a new apartheid system - a train exclusively for the use of illegal settlers'


Philippines claims Saudi boss forced maid to drink bleach "IndyWatch Feed War"


President Rodrigo Duterte claims that Arab employers routinely rape their Filipino maids


Israel sends ambassador to Amman, nine months after embassy shootings "IndyWatch Feed War"


An Israeli guard's killing of two Jordanian citizens in July 2017 had sparked tensions amidst Al-Aqsa crisis


ITNJ: Pedophilia Enabled by Professional Secrecy "IndyWatch Feed War"

Carine Hutsebaut

Psychotherapist and Criminologist and author on child sex abusers and child murderers. Frequent Expert Witness and profiler for ministries of justice across Europe. Founder of the International Center for Molested and Abducted/Adopted Children. Author of the book, Child Hunters: Requiem of a Childkiller (Xlibris, 2011). Member of the Academy of Behavioral Profiling. Multiple movies have been made on the basis of her work.

White Paper in full text below the fold.

  1. The Eternal Umbrella called: Professional Secret

It is obvious that we cannot do without Professional Secret in some ways. It is unthinkable a suspect is warned by the openly investigation leading to his/her arrest.

When used appropriate it even is not a problem for society. But when the Professional Secret is used to hide things the population is not supposed to find out, there is a huge problem. And that is what we see time over time again. It is not acceptable for several raisons:

  • Parents, family and society are entitled to know what investigators are doing in cases of disappearances, murder or rape of a loved one. Whether it is a child or an adult. As soon as the family has been excluded from the suspect list, they need to be included in the investigation teams. Because they know how their loved ones are and how they react to events, the police does not. Too often we see that the family is considered as a nuisance, the enemy, and that is not exceptable. We PAY them to do their job, so we are entitled to be informed.
  • In many (proven) cases we can see after years that the police did nothing at all. Sometimes the files contain only one paper: the reporting of the disappearance by the family or loved ones.
  • The secrecy also hides blunders, unprofessional behavior, refusal to investigate imporant leads, refusal to question suspects and downright ignorance on behalve of those who are supposed to know how to lead an investigation.
  • Sometimes the secrecy covers up the blockages to hide pressure from above. Pressure to burry an investigation where important people are involved. We have numerous examples of those cases worldwide. Especially in networks and even more where the crimes are used to blackmail interesting people.
  1. The 5......


Sisi takes flak for 'plastic missiles' speech slip in Saudi Arabia "IndyWatch Feed War"


Egyptian president misspoke while addressing Arab League summit on Sunday


Rebecca Campbell: Trump Administration Closed Down 73% of Online Sex Trafficking with One Move "IndyWatch Feed War"

Rebecca Campbell

PedoGate Indictment Unsealed 73% Of Suspected Child Trafficking Reports Involved Backpage And The Trump Administration Shut Them Down

The fact that NCMEC reported that 73% of the suspected child trafficking reports it receives from the public involved Backpage, highlights the sheer scope of what the Trump administration has just done in one year, to eradicate child sex trafficking by doing exactly as promised and putting the power of federal government behind the effort.

Read full article with vital details and additional links.


On the Reaction to the U.S. Strike in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

There are stirrings of an imperative anti-war movement in the wake of the U.S. strike on Syria, but mostly the Pentagon controlled the message, says Gilbert Doctorow.


China caught off guard by unpredictable Trump "IndyWatch Feed War"

But Chinese leaders are confident they can withstand a Sino-US trade war

Image may contain: 2 people

AP photo

By Tom Mitchell

When Donald Trump escalated trade tension with China this month, Xi Jinping cited a Chinese saying in vowing to defend global trade rules. When the sky falls, big men must hold it up, he said in private meetings, according to four people briefed on his remarks.

The Chinese president and his top advisers, including vice-president Wang Qishan and vice-premier Liu He, were initially confident the US and China could bridge their differences through talks, according to people who have recently met them.

China and the US are like an old married couple, we fight a lot but we still need each other, Lou Jiwei, a former finance minister, said in a closed-door exchange with an international delegation in late March, according to two people briefed on the meeting.

But Chinas view of the US president began to shift after Mr Trump threatened to put tariffs on another $100bn of Chinese imports. The US President had already enraged Chinese officials in March by signing the Taiwan Travel Act, which urges more US exchanges with the self-ruled island that Beijing regards as Chinese territory.

Beijings previously sanguine view of Mr Trump was partly due to the fact the US president did not use his first year in office to follow through on some of the pledges he made during the campaign about getting tough with China.

While Chinese officials now realise Mr Trump meant what he said in Beijing in November that the Sino-US trade relationship was not fair and reciprocal and had to be solved they also believe they can emerge from a trade war relatively unscathed.

Trump has certainly got [Chinas] attention, said Peter Mandelson, the former EU trade commissioner who this week led a British delegation to China that met Mr Wang. Chinese officials are confident and sure of their direction. They dont want a fight [with the US], but if they get one theyre going to give as good as they get.

China was surprised again on Friday after Mr Trump said he would consider re-joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Chinese officials had seen his move to leave the TPP, which did not include China, on day one in office as a grand gift.

We have our problems with Trump, said one western diplomat in Beijing. But he has taught us that when you push back hard against the Chinese, it knocks them off-balance.

Two senior Chinese officials told the Financial Times that...


'A hero from a killer': Nephew of former Yemeni president divides Taiz "IndyWatch Feed War"


Some in Taiz believe Tareq Saleh is responsible for the deaths of civilians and protesters. Others trust he will avenge his uncle's killers


Senseless and Futile Strike Against Syria Achieves Nothing "IndyWatch Feed War"

The legality of the act is universally questioned and many governments realize that international law does not protect anyone from US-led attacks and prompts them seek to weapons to defend themselves.


Chemical weapons inspectors' visit to Syrian attack site delayed "IndyWatch Feed War"


British delegation to OPCW says Russia and Syria have not granted access to Douma, as US says Russia may have tampered with site


Libya's road to peace: Constitution first, then elections "IndyWatch Feed War"

Amid the countrys current disarray, the best that can be hoped for is a new constitution by the end of the year and elections in 2019


Divided EU foreign ministers meet to discuss Syria plan "IndyWatch Feed War"

The EUs top diplomats will seek a unified front on how to proceed in Syria following joint airstrikes. But diverging opinions on potential military action and how to work with Assad-ally Russia could complicate unity.

Germany's Maas, France's Le Drian and Britain's Johnson exchange remarks in a conference room (Getty Images/AFP/E. Dunand)

Foreign Ministers from the European Unions 28 member nations are meeting Monday in Luxembourg to discuss how to revive the political peace process in Syria in the aftermath of the recent US-led airstrikes and resolve increasing tensions with Russia.

Though the ministers plan to adopt conclusions on Syria, the task could prove challenging given the varying perspectives that exist among EU member nations over where to go following the joint airstrikes.

Read more: US-led strikes on Syria: A move with unpredictable consequences

EU: condemning gas but fail to endorse strikes

The US, French and British missiles destroyed suspected chemical weapons sites in Syria on Saturday in retaliation for the alleged use of chemical gas by Bashar Assads government forces on civilians in Douma on April 7.

The EUs High Representative, Federica Mogherini, reiterated in a statement following the airstrikes that, The EU is supportive of all efforts aimed at the prevention of the use of chemical weapons, she did not go as far as endorsing the j...


The premiere of The Comey Show "IndyWatch Feed War"

Expect James Comey to be on everyones mind with his Trump is morally unfit to be president, making it clear that, like a skilled political candidate, hell be repeating a specific message with fervor and discipline on a coast-to-coast book tour that includes a saturation schedule of interviews and audience events.

Image result for George Stephanopoulos and comey, photos

Photo credit ABC News

By Mike Allen

The Trump Show, which has produced two seasons worth of epic cliffhangers and plot twists, is getting a competitor: The Comey Show, which is scheduled to run for at least five weeks, and will needle and gall President Trump amid global, legal and political crises.

Why it matters: In both his prime-time interview with ABCs George Stephanopoulos and an interview with USA Today, fired FBI Director James Comey argued that Trump is morally unfit to be president, making it clear that, like a skilled political candidate, hell be repeating a specific message with fervor and discipline on a coast-to-coast book tour that includes a saturation schedule of interviews and audience events.

Show less

In his interview with ABC, fired Comey called President Trump a person who sees moral equivalence in Charlottesville, who talks about and treats women like theyre pieces of meat, who lies constantly.

  • Comey used almost identical wording in the interview in with USA Today, calling Trump someone who is able to see moral equivalence in Charlottesville or to speak and treat women like theyre pieces of meat and to lie constantly.
  • Adding to the campaign feel, Comey told ABC that Americans need to vote Trump out: I think impeaching and removing D...


A Tale of American Hubris "IndyWatch Feed War"

The lessons of history? Who needs them? Certainly not Washingtons present cast of characters, a crew in flight from history, the past, or knowledge of more or less any sort.


Danger Looms For Japan Stock Market Nomura Holdings says Abe scandal and trade risk could erupt for Japan stocks "IndyWatch Feed War"



 Image may contain: one or more people
A man walks by an electronic stock board at a securities firm in Tokyo on Monday. | AP
APR 16, 2018

Stock investors should take note that the risks of domestic political upheaval or trade friction are far from gone away.

So say strategists at Nomura Holdings Inc. led by Hisao Matsuura. While the trade rhetoric between U.S. President Donald Trump and China calmed last week, Nomura points to Americas upcoming midterm elections as a reason for worry: the Trump administration could introduce more protectionist measures to play to voters. The brokerage says its watching Prime Minister Shinzo Abes two-day summit with Trump in Florida starting Tuesday for signs on how this will develop. The situation is extremely fluid, the strategists wrote in a note dated Friday. Ahead of U.S. midterm elections to be held in November, we cannot rule out the possibility of the U.S. government rolling out further measures to protect local industry.

Nomura also pointed to falling approval ratings for Abe and his government in March, noting that political concerns could erupt again.

Tens of thousands of people joined a demonstration outside the legislature Saturday, calling Abe a liar and seeking his resignation, in a sign of growing public anger over cronyism scandals engulfing the prime minister. Abes Cabinet approval rating fell to 31 percent, the lowest since he returned to power in 2012, according to an Asahi newspaper poll conducted April 14 and 15. Some people in politics and the market consider 30 percent to a be a key level for retaining power in the nation. After a stellar 20 percent rally in 2017, the Topix index is down more than 4 percent this year amid Trumps trade rhetoric, domestic political concerns and the strengthening yen. The Nikkei 225 stock average has lost about 4 percent.

Political instability could be sparked once again in June when the regular Diet session ends, the strategists wrote. In the event of a change of prime minister, an LDP administration remaining at the helm would probably be seen as positive from the perspective of political stability, but might be seen as likely to open the door for existing monetary and fiscal policy to be revisited, and hence more of a negative f...


Bashar Assad, Iran just reached point of no return in Syria Trump administration should consider more cooperation with Turkey and Russia "IndyWatch Feed War"

Assad has to be removed Iran prefers to sew sectarian hatred rather than encourage cooperation.

Image may contain: 1 person, suit

Daily Sabah

On Friday evening, U.S. President Donald Trump stood before television cameras to announce that he had ordered the U.S. Armed Forces to launch precision strikes against regime positions in Syria. The announcement came a week after Bashar Assad carried out a chemical attack against innocent civilians in Douma, a small town near the Syrian capital Damascus, claiming dozens of casualties. Turkey welcomed Washingtons decision, which, it said, eased humanitys conscience.

In light of the most recent developments in Syria, it has become clear that the Assad regime should not survive. Nor can the Syrian dictator, who has killed hundreds of thousands of his countrys citizens, play any role in the future of Syria.

In recent years, the Syrian regime repeatedly misled the United States and Russia, along with others, into believing that it would abandon its chemical weapons program. At the time, the international community was so eager to believe that it was making some progress in Syria that the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons. To nobodys surprise, it turned out that the Syrian regime indeed had a large amount of chemical weapons at its disposal.

In retrospect, the fact that the same people thought U.S. President Barack Obama, whose inaction encouraged Assad to massacre innocent people, deserved a peace prize should have been telling.

At this point, Assad offers little and does significant damage to his allies. To be clear, it makes no sense for the Syrian regimes protectors to continue their support. For the Russians, it is time to abandon the criminal in Damascus and work with Turkey and others to shape the countrys future. There are many opportunities in the Middle East that Moscow could seize but only if it stops carrying the dead weight of Assad and his atrocities.

But the problems in Syria are not limited to the regime and their solution requires the support of Western countries as well. France, for instance, could play a constructive role in Syria. In addition to working toward the preservation of the countrys territorial integrity, Paris can build on its historical relations with the Syrian Arabs to promote a political solution. The obvious obstacle before Frances efforts to maximize its interests in Syria is the French government itself. If French President Emmanuel Macron opts to protec...


Donors throw a lifeline to Lebanon's economy, but trouble looms "IndyWatch Feed War"

With an estimated debt of $80bn and high youth unemployment, the country's latest bailout offer comes with strings attached


The Grand Troika: A Chance for a World New Order "IndyWatch Feed War"

Greater dialogue and understanding is needed to bring Washington DC and Moscow back together and ensure between President Xi, President Putin and President Trump a Troika of Statesman Leadership that can steer the world through its current choppy waters.


Caf Weltschmerz: De VS Kan Niet Zonder Oorlog "IndyWatch Feed War"

De VS Kan Niet Zonder Oorlog


Sinds de stichting van de VS in 1776 is het land tot nu toe 93 procent van haar tijd in oorlog geweest. Sinds 1945 heeft de VS geen enkele oorlog gewonnen, de Koreaanse Oorlog eindigde daar waar die begonnen was, de Vietnamese Oorlog werd door Washington verloren, evenals de oorlogen in Afghanistan, Irak, Libi en Syri. 

De vraag is dan ook 'Qui bono'? In zijn roman '1984' schreef George Orwell dat oorlog 

'helpt om de speciale geestelijke atmosfeer in stand te houden, die een hirarchische maatschappij nodig heeft. De oorlog, zo zal men zien, is nu een zuiver binnenlandse aangelegenheid. In het verleden bestreden de heersende groepen van alle landen elkaar ook echt, al mochten zij inzien, dat zij een gemeenschappelijk belang hadden en daarom de vernietigende werking van de oorlog zouden moeten beperken, en de overwinnaar altijd de overwonnene plunderde. In onze eigen tijd vechten zij helemaal niet teg...


Global Stocks Mixed After Syria Air Strikes "IndyWatch Feed War"

Investors breathed a sigh of relief after missile strikes on Syria didnt lead to a major escalation in the seven-year-old conflict

No automatic alt text available.

Global stocks were mixed Monday, while oil and bond prices fell amid expectation that U.S.-led strikes on Syria late last week would not escalate into a broader conflict.

The Stoxx Europe 600 edged down in early morning trade while Asian stocks were mixed. Futures pointed to an opening gain of 0.4% for the S&P 500. Crude oil and bond prices fell, after gaining last week on the back of increased global tensions around Syria.

Investors breathed a sigh of relief after missile strikes late Friday by the U.S., U.K. and France on Syria didnt lead to a major escalation in the seven-year-old conflict. A Pentagon official said that the single wave of strikes is complete for now, while in a Twitter post on Saturday, President Donald Trump said Mission Accomplished!

Uncertainties can escalate again but so far the biggest fears havent been realized which allows risky assets to recover, said Viraj Patel, a strategist at ING Bank.

Geopolitical concerns, trade tensions, as well as some weaker-than-expected economic numbers, rattled investor sentiment in recent weeks over concerns those factors could hit a rare spurt of synchronized global economic upswing.

The 10-year U.S. Treasury yield rose to 2.851% from 2.828%. Yields move inversely to prices. The WSJ Dollar Index, which tracks the dollar against a basket of 16 currencies, was down 0.1%.

The price of Brent crude, the international oil gauge, was down 1.5% on Monday after gaining 8.1% last week on concerns that wider conflict in the Middle East would affect supply.

This has left the market very sensitive to headlines, said Randy Warren, chief investment officer of Philadelphia-based Warren Financial, who is advising clients to mitigate risk.

This see-saw stock mark...


U.S. Overthrowing Other Peopler's Governments "IndyWatch Feed War"

William Blum

Overthrowing other peoples governments: The Master List

By William Blum
Instances of the United States overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)
  • China 1949 to early 1960s
  • Albania 1949-53
  • ...


Putins Two-Faced Policies Bind Russias HandsMaking Partners Out of Adversaries "IndyWatch Feed War"

Russia weighs sanctions against US aerospace companies

Moscow looks for ways to retaliate without damaging interests closer to home

An export ban on titanium would hurt Boeing, which buys about 35 per cent of its supply from a Russian state monopoly Bloomberg

As the US prepares further sanctions against Russia in response to its support for the Syrian regime, Moscow is still struggling to find ways to retaliate for the first salvo imposed this month.

Measures to be debated in Russias parliament this week propose banning US comp...


Trump wants to review material seized from personal lawyer before federal investigators "IndyWatch Feed War"

President Trump asked a federal judge Sunday night to allow him to review documents that FBI agents seized from the office of his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen   before federal investigators see them

Image result for Michael Cohen, photos

Michael Cohen, President Trumps personal attorney, is expected in federal court Monday. (Yana Paskova/Getty Images)

The Washington Post
April 15 at 11:13 PM
President Trump asked a federal judge Sunday night to allow him to review documents that FBI agents seized from the office of his longtime lawyer before criminal investigators have a chance to see the material.The request underscores the high stakes in an ongoing legal fight in federal court in New York, where Michael Cohen, Trumps lawyer, is also fighting to get a chance to review material seized as part of a criminal investigation of his business dealings.

Trumps request, in the form of a letter from other lawyers representing him, could further complicate a hearing set for Monday afternoon. During that session, lawyers for Cohen are expected to tell the judge overseeing the case how many legal clients he has and how many seized documents he thinks might be covered by attorney-client privilege.

Cohen is set to attend the hearing. Also expected to be on hand is adult-film star Stormy Daniels, whom Cohen secretly paid $130,000 in 2016 to keep quiet the details of an alleged sexual liaison she had with Trump.

Prosecutors indicated in court filings Friday that Cohen has been under criminal investigation for months by the U.S. attorney in Manhattan and that a grand jury has been hearing evidence in the case.

Last weeks raid of Cohens office and residences infuriated the president, who argued on Twitter that attorney-client privilege is dead. Prosecutors have defended the search in part by saying that the investigation has shown that Cohen does not do much legal work and does not appear to have many clients.

Cohen, through his lawyers, has...


Playing with Nuclear Matches "IndyWatch Feed War"

Behind President Donald Trumps bluster and threats over Syria, powerful forces are pushing the US towards war with Russia and Syria: the neocons and the military industrial complex.


Runaway Global Climate Change "IndyWatch Feed War"



    Somaliland: Poet jailed for Somalia reunification poetry "IndyWatch Feed War"

    A court in the self-declared republic of Somaliland has sentenced a young poet to three years in jail. Nacima Qorane was found guilty of bringing the state into contempt by advocating for Somaliland to reunite with Somalia. Pressure groups in Somaliland said Ms Qoranes basic human rights have been violated. Somaliland self-declared independence in 1991, []



    US Will Impose New Sanctions on Russia Over Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Washington (MEE The United States will impose new sanctions on Russia over an alleged chemical attack by the Syrian government, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said on Sunday.

    Haley said the sanctions, to be announced on Monday by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, will target companies that supplied Damascus with equipment and other material related to chemical weapons.

    US President Donald Trump
    Image: Flickr Gage Skidmore

    You will see that Russian sanctions will be coming down. Secretary Mnuchin will be announcing those on Monday, if he hasnt already, Haley said in an interview with CBSs Face the Nation.

    The move follows air strikes by US, French and British forces in retaliation for an alleged Syrian chemical weapons attack on 7 April in Douma, a formerly rebel-held town near Damascus, in which more than 40 people were killed.

    In an apparent response to Haley, a senior Russian lawmaker warned on Sunday that new sanctions will hurt the US and Europe more than Moscow.

    Evgeny Serebrennikov, deputy head of the defense committee of Russias upper house of parliament, said Moscow was ready for the new penalties.

    Related: Trump Declares Mission Accomplished After Illegaly Bombing Syria

    They are hard for us, but will do more damage to the USA and Europe, RIA news agency quoted Serebrennikov as saying.




    And there's this from Global Research News:
    Poison Gas Weapon of Choice for False News

    The post TIDBIT: THE COLLAPSE OF THE SKRIPAL-SYRIA NARRATIVE appeared first on Giza Death Star.


    Anatomy of a Russian Chemical Weapons Lab Lie "IndyWatch Feed War"

    If Moscow wants its Syrian allies to skirt the blame for chemical attacks, theyre going to have to come up with some better evidence than a few beakers and boilers in a dingy basement.

    Russia and Syria say the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria was all a rebel-staged fake and promise that theyve got the evidence to prove it. But one of the pieces of evidence they say shows a secret rebel chemical weapons lab shows nothing of the sort, experts say.

    At the center of the claim is a building in Al-Shifuniya, in East Ghouta where the Syrian military says it found a chemical warehouse used to manufacture chemical weapons against the Syrian Army and a research lab for experiments run by the Islamist militant group Jaish al Islam in mid-March. The allegation tracked with an uptick in Russian claims about a rebel chemical weapons false flag in the making shortly after the Trump administration was considering military options to respond to the Assad regimes alleged use of chlorine gas in early 2018including an alleged February 25 chlorine attack on Al-Shifuniya itself.  

    Since Syrian state TV ran videos of the facility, Russias state-backed media outlet RT has amplified the story, calling the Al-Shifuniya site a well-equipped chemical laboratory run by Saudi-backed Islamist terrorists and the left-leaning Salon columnist Patrick Lawrence has cited the piece approvingly.



    As US-Turkey Relations Simmer, Reza Zarrabs Strange Case Adds Fuel to the Fire "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Ankara (MPN)  The intriguing case of Turkish gold trader Reza Zarrab triggered massive waves in Turkeys domestic politics, waves so large they are being felt in the United States.

    There is currently a case making its way through the U.S. federal courts that is playing a significant role in increasing tension between Washington and Ankara. Federal prosecutors in New York recently announced they would seek a 15- to 20-year prison sentence for Mehmet Hakan Atilla, a Turkish national who was formerly an executive at the majority-Turkish-state-owned Halkbank. Atilla, who was arrested in New York in March of 2017, is awaiting sentencing after being charged with bank fraud and conspiracy while allegedly helping Iran skirt U.S. sanctions over a period of years  which he was convicted of in January of this year.

    Reza Zarrab
    Image: Times of Oman

    While none of this seems out of character for a high-level international banker and seems almost irrelevant in the bigger picture of international events, Atillas case is likely to have far-reaching consequences. The details that emerged during Atillas trial revealed massive corruption and collusion from the Turkish government that may go as high as President Recep Erdogan himself, who has been accused of personally approving illegal purchases of Iranian oil through shell companies.

    The case, which Turkish police first began investigating in 2013, has been plaguing Erdogan since he became Prime Minister.  Originally just a political headache at home, evidence being revealed in U.S. court...



    I'm old enough to remember the Cuban missile crisis. For those few days in 1962, the family dinner table was tense and the air

    The post SECDEF MATTIS: WHERES THE PROOF? appeared first on Giza Death Star.


    Syria Must Be Defended, War Must be Opposed, Imperialism Must be Vanquished "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Damascus (AHT) The Syrian governments righteous defense of its independence from armed mercenaries of imperialism has been deemed unacceptable and worthy of precipitating the most dangerous global conflict in human history.

    Increased Tensions Against Syria

    Syria has once again reached a potential point of no return toward a global confrontation between great powers after the heat of US imperialism was turned up in the aftermath of another alleged chemical weapons attack in the suburb of Douma. The attack came less than a week after the Trump Administration announced a desire to end the occupation of Syria by pulling out the two thousand or so US troops stationed in the country.

    US imperialism and its most loyal allies in the UK, France, and Israel have ratcheted up war tensions with the Syrian government. Israel has taken the lead so far in its response by bombing a T-4 airbase in the Homs province, which killed at last seven Iranian military personnel. Trump, like his predecessors, has made clear that Israels wars of expansion against Palestine and Syria are fully within the bounds of US imperialism.

    The Syrian governments righteous defense of its independence from armed mercenaries of imperialism, on the other hand, has been deemed unacceptable and worthy of precipitating the most dangerous global conflict in human history.




    British Propaganda and Disinformation: An Imperial and Colonial Tradition "IndyWatch Feed War"

    The world is being asked to take, at face value, the word of patented liars like Trump, Bolton, and other neocons who are now busy joining the Trump administration at breakneck speed.


    Professor of Psychiatry explains the pleasure-seeking circuitry in your brain Keys and dangers of addiction "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Your brains emotional functional circuitry says to unlock the elation. Addiction to computer games can kill you.

    Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

    The brain

    You set up the game and begin. The first game points later, and your brains reward circuit is instantly fed. You dont know when the next reward is coming, so you expectantly play on; the pleasure-seeking circuitry is turned on. Youre rewarded again, and its like a key is fit into your brains emotional functional circuitry to unlock the elation. Soon, you know youre tired, but after a loss, you feel you must continue, to get back that high. You play on and the beginnings of a behavioural addiction set in.

    The eyes

    Your eyes are so focussed on the game, converging at a point for long durations, you dont realise youre blinking 60% less than required. Dry spots form in the eyes, cause irritation and watering. Youve heard about digital eye strain, but you game on.

    The digestive system

    Your brain needs food, but cant be bothered to get a plate of food. You order in French fries theyre soft, easy to handle and barely need chewing. Under stress, digestion slows down, and you realise youre uncomfortable. You havent moved in three hours.

    Your liver

    Insulin levels are yo-yoing with the stress of the game and junk food consumption. Over many months, your body is not able to process the insulin properly and it develops a resistance to it.

    Your gut

    Stress, no movement, hormones going out of whack all lead your gut to malfunction. Nutrient absorption goes down. In fact, the protective mechanism that prevents toxic minerals from entering our system goes for a toss, causing leaky gut. This means aluminium, barium, mercury, arsenic all sit in your system.

    Your legs

    Cramped in the same position hour upon hour, day after day, with no movement causes the legs to get painful and swell. Inside, blood clots in the veins, causing a condition called deep vein thrombosis.

    Your wrists and hands

    Your button-punching fingers are doing the same repetitive movements. You feel a mild burning sensation in the soft tissue between thumb and forefinger. This soon pro...


    Thousands in Hungary demand new and fair elections after anti-migrant PMs win "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Opposition supporters upset Viktor Orban won large majority with around 50% of vote

    People attend a protest against the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Budapest, Hungary, on Saturday. (Bernadett Szabo/Reuters)

    Tens of thousands of anti-government protesters marched Saturday in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, demanding a new election and a new national electoral system in the biggest opposition rally in years.

    Prime Minister Viktor Orban was re-elected for a fourth term last week. His right-wing populist Fidesz party won a supermajority in the national assembly, with preliminary results showing that Fidesz and tiny ally the Christian Democratic party won 134 seats in the 199-seat legislature.

    Opposition supporters are upset that Hungarys electoral rules have given Orbans party such a large majority in Parliament when it only won around 50 per cent of the vote.

    While the left-wing opposition parties won 12 of 18 seats at stake in Budapest districts, Fidesz won 85 of 88 seats outside the capital. The other 93 seats were allocated based on votes for party lists.

    Protesters marched from the Opera to Parliament, shouting New elections! We are the majority! Vik-tator! and Filthy Fidesz!



    Afghanistan on the brink: Can the Taliban negotiate with Kabul? "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Taliban controls or contests 43 per cent of Afghanistans districts. Can they sue for peace?

    By Shahab ud Din Ahmad

    An Afghan security officer in Jalalabad, Afghanistan | AP
    An Afghan security officer in Jalalabad, Afghanistan | AP

    Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has offered the Taliban talks without preconditions and with the possibility of political recognition. And the US State Department has supported the announcement despite President Donald Trump earlier pointing towards an increase in military pressure on the insurgency. This comes amid reports released last year by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) stating that the Taliban controlled or contested 43 per cent of Afghanistans districts.

    The focus on what international actors can do to facilitate the process is warranted given their history of involvement in the countrys affairs. However, there is an equally urgent need to debate whether peace with the Afghan Taliban is achievable on the ground. This has a great deal to do with the insurgencys political, military and organisational outlook and whether it is willing to or even able to negotiate an enforceable agreement with Kabul in the future.

    I focus on two particular aspects of the insurgency in this regard. The impact that the organisational growth and subsequent factionalism can have on the peace process, and the insurgencys relations with civilian populations as a lens through which to speculate on the prospects for structural and attitudinal changes that might facilitate a peace process.

    PART I: Fragmentation, factionalism and the prospects for negotiations

    Put simply, fragmented, factionalised and undisciplined insurgencies can prove to be impossible to negotiate with. A lack of guarantees and poor enforcement mechanisms on part of the rebel forces impede the peace process and elongate violence.

    Over the years, despite maintaining its ideological coherence, the insurgency has fragmented as its loci of operations have expanded from the south and the east into northern and western Afghanistan. This fragmentation...


    Pakistan Seeks Up to $1 Billion From Expats as Reserves Dwindle "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Pakistan plans to raise as much as $1 billion from its diaspora in its latest effort to boost foreign-exchange reserves that have dropped close to the lowest in three years.


    • South Asian nation foreign reserves falling fastest in Asia

    Pakistan plans to raise as much as $1 billion from its diaspora in its latest effort to boost foreign-exchange reserves that have dropped close to the lowest in three years.

     Image result for Zafar Masud,, Pakistan
    Zafar Masud, director general of National Savings at the finance ministry

    The government plans to launch an overseas certificate in U.S. dollars and rupees by June to raise between $500 million and $1 billion a year, Zafar Masud, director general of National Savings at the finance ministry, said by phone on Monday. Pakistan seeks bids for financial managers by April 30 for the transaction, he said.

    We were among the only few countries which didnt have this product for expats, said Masud. The sale will offer returns better than what theyre getting in their home markets.

    Pakistans economy is facing headwinds before elections in July with foreign exchange reserves dropping at the fastest pace in Asia in the past year. The government also announced an amnesty offer this month that allows overseas Pakistanis to repatriate funds after paying a 2 percent cash tax. Islamabad decided not to issue international bonds after global rates spiked.



    Sydney bushfire deemed highly suspicious as threat eases "IndyWatch Feed War"

    A large bushfire that has threatened homes in Sydney is likely to have been deliberately lit, Australian authorities say.

    BBC News

    Helicopters water bomb a bush fire at Alfords Point and Menai. Picture by Damian Shaw

    Helicopters water bomb a bush fire at Alfords Point and Menai. Picture by Damian ShawSource:News Corp Australia

    A large bushfire that has threatened homes in Sydney is likely to have been deliberately lit, Australian authorities say.

    The blaze, which began on Saturday, has burnt through 2,500 hectares of land in the citys southern suburbs.

    Some residents had been warned of immediate danger to their lives, but firefighters say the threat has eased.

    The New South Wales Rural Fire Service (RFS) described the blaze as highly suspicious.

    How dare anyone if they are deliberately involved in lighting fires endanger our firefighters and also [put] all these communities in harms way, said Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons.

    The bushfire forced some locals to evacuate their homes on the weekend, while others were told it was too dangerous to leave.

    Recent weather in south-eastern Australia has been unseasonably hot, with strong winds fanning bushfires.

    Firefighters use helicopters to dump water on the blazeImage copyrightEPAImage captionFirefighters use helicopters to dump water on the blaze

    Authorities said wind speeds were not as severe on Monday, making it easier to battle the blaze.

    Mr Fitzsimmons said flames travelled right up to the back fences of houses, but no properties had been lost.

    While the threat has eased, it is still a fairly vigilant fire ground and we want people to remain vigilant, he said.

    There is a lot of work still to be done today and maybe into tonight before we can call the fire contained.


    Syria Attack: Theresa May Violating National and International Law "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Syria strikes: Theresa May to be grilled by MPs over military action two days after missiles fired

    The prime minister will go to the Commons for a six-hour debate to make her legal and moral case for the coalition operationTheresa May is braced for a Commons showdown after bowing to pressure and allowing a debate in parliament on the UKs role in air strikes against the Syrian regime.

    She will make a statement on the British, French and US operation that saw more than 100 missiles fired at Syria, before being grilled by MPs who were denied a vote ahead of the action.

    Ministers hope the six-hour emergency debate will pacify concerns that parliament is being sidelined, but are desperate to avoid allowing any substantive vote that risks stripping the operation of legitimacy.

    Syria bombings: Johnson warns UK must prepare for Russian retaliation
    It sets the stage for an opposition-party drive to force a more meaningful retrospective vote on Saturday...


    'US cultivated, financed ISIS' - FBI whistleblower "IndyWatch Feed War"

    'US cultivated, financed ISIS' - FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

    dirty secret
    By Quentin Sommerville and Riam Dalati




    Attacking Syria: Destroying the Constitution and International Law "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Attacking Syria: Thumbing Noses at Constitution and Law

    It was a sad spectacle to see U.S. brass rubbishing the Constitution and trying to silence critics of the U.S. strike on Syria, says Ray McGovern in this commentary.



    Bob Parry: Holding Government to Account "IndyWatch Feed War"

    A memorial was held on Saturday for Robert Parry, the late founder and editor of this web site. Among the speakers paying tribute to Bob was Joe Lauria, the new editor of Consortium News. By Joe Lauria If you watch Bobs various talks available on YouTube youll see that he was often asked why he []


    What a surprise!! Independent Swiss Lab Says Poison Used in # Skripal Attack Was Produced in US or UK "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Independent Swiss Lab Says Poison Used in Skripal Attack Was Produced in US or UK On March 4, 2018, Sergie Skripal and his daughter Yulia, who was visiting him from Moscow, were poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent after he stopped by a local store. Skripal is a Russian double agent who WORKED FOR Christopher []


    Theresa May to call emergency debate over strikes against Syrian chemical weapons "IndyWatch Feed War"


    British PM to tell MPs Saturday's strikes were in national interest and to prevent further suffering, but will refuse calls for a vote on military action


    Double standards: US, UK, France stand by Saudis in Yemen but pose as moral crusaders in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Double standards: US, UK, France stand by Saudis in Yemen but pose as moral crusaders in Syria A man is seen at the site of an airstrike that destroyed the Community College in Saada, Yemen April 12, 2018. Naif Rahma / Reuters The Syria attack reveals the hypocrisy of the West which fuels []


    Western Psycho Agents "IndyWatch Feed War"

    April 15, 2018

    Were the Skripals 'Buzzed', 'Novi-shocked' Or Neither? - May Has Some 'Splaining' To Do

    The Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov, threw a bombshell at the British assertions that the collapse of the British secret agent Sergej Skripal and his daughter Yulia on March 4 in Salisbury was caused by a 'Novichok' nerve agent 'of a type developed by Russia'. (See our older pieces, linked below, for a detailed documentation of the case.)
    • The Skripal poisoning happened on March 4.
    • Eye witnesses described the Skripals as disoriented and probably hallucinating. The emergency personal suspected Fentanyl influence.
    • A few days later the British government claimed that the Skripals had been affected by a chemical agent from the 'Novichok' series which they attributed to Russia. It insinuated that the Skripals might die soon.
    • A doctor of the emergency center at the Salisbury District Hospital publicly asserted that none of its patients was victim of a 'nerve agent'.
    • On March 14, after much pressure from Russia, Britain finally invited the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to analyze the blood of the victims and to take environmental samples.
    • The OPCW arrived on March 19 and took specimen on the following days. It also received a share of the samples taken earlier by the British chemical weapon laboratory in Porton Down, which is only some 10 miles away from Salisbury.
    • The OPCW split the various samples it had in a certified laboratory in the Netherlands and then distributed them to several other certified laboratories for analysis.
    • One of those laboratories was the highly regarded Spiez Laboratory in Switzerland which is part of the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Protection and fully certified.
    • ...


    Paul Craig Roberts 270 "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Why Do They Tell US Transparent Lies?

    Why Do They Tell US Transparent Lies?


    In Case You Forgot "IndyWatch Feed War"




    Future of Iran deal may depend on European intervention "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Image may contain: fire and cloud

    Yemens Houtis launch an Iranian made ballistic missile toward Saudi Arabia. This still image taken from a video distributed by Yemens pro-Houthi Al Masirah television.

    WASHINGTON: The future of the landmark Iran nuclear deal hangs in the balance and its survival may depend on the unlikely success of last-minute European interventions with President Donald Trump.

    French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are to visit Washington separately later this month and, barring a sudden trip by British Prime Minister Theresa May, will likely be the last foreign leaders invested in the deal to see Trump ahead of his mid-May deadline for the accord to be strengthened. Trump has vowed to withdraw from the 2015 agreement by May 12 unless US, British, French and German negotiators can agree to fix what he sees as its serious flaws.

    Iran has said US withdrawal from the nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions would destroy the agreement and has threatened a range of responses, including immediately restarting nuclear activities currently barred under the deal.

    Negotiators met for a fourth time last week and made some progress but were unable to reach agreement on all points, according to US officials and outside advisers to the Trump administration familiar with the status of the talks. That potentially leaves the Iran deals fate to Macron, who will make a state visit to Washington on April 24, and Merkel, who pays a working visit to the US capital on April 27, these people said.

    Its important to them and I know theyll raise their hopes and concerns when they travel here to the United States in the coming days, Mike Pompeo, the CIA chief and secretary of state-designate, told lawmakers on Thursday.

    Pompeos testimony at his Senate confirmation hearing came a day after the negotiators met at the State Department to go over the four issues that Trump says must be addressed if he is to once again renew sanctions relief for Iran, officials said.

    Those are: Irans ballistic missile testing and destabilizing behavior in the region, which are not covered by the deal, along with inspections of suspected nuclear sites and so-called sunset provisions that gradually allow Iran to resume advanced nuclear work after several years, which are part of the agreement.

    Two senior US officials said the sides are close to agreement on missiles and inspections but not there yet on the sunset provisions.




    America Hasnt Learned a Thing: Racism, Materialism and Militarism Still Reign Supreme "IndyWatch Feed War"

    America Hasnt Learned a Thing: Racism, Materialism and Militarism Still Reign Supreme By John W. Whitehead April 03, 2018 In this difficult day, in this difficult time for the United States, it is perhaps well to ask what kind of a nation we are and what direction we want to move in. [Y]ou can be []


    The British Governments Legal Justification for Bombing is Entirely False and Without Merit "IndyWatch Feed War"

    The British Governments Legal Justification for Bombing is Entirely False and Without Merit Theresa May has issued a long legal justification for UK participation in an attack on a sovereign state. This is so flawed as to be totally worthless. It specifically claims as customary international law practices which are rejected by a large majority []


    Jerusalem Summit confirms Arab worlds dedication to Our Palestinian Brothers "IndyWatch Feed War"


    Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir said that naming this years Arab League Summit also as the Jerusalem Summit was due to the strong desire to promote the Palestinian cause, which was a central and fundamental issue for Arabs.

    Image may contain: 1 person

    Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir

    In a joint press conference with Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul-Gheit following the conclusion of the summit, Jubeir said: The Arab and Islamic countries feel the need to highlight this issue in light of the urgent need to help the Palestinians to obtain their legitimate rights, foremost of which is the establishment of their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

    Jubeir said that the Palestinian people have suffered the longest conflict in the region, which has led into the displacement of millions. He emphasized the need for Palestinians to have their own state, with East Jerusalem as its capital, so that they can live a decent life and build their country, adding that Arab and Islamic nations feel the pain of their Palestinian brothers.

    There is a desire to highlight the issue on the agenda of the Arab League and in the mind of the Arab and Islamic world, and in light of the conflicts and crises witnessed by the Arab world, we must not forget that it is the fundamental issue, Jubeir said, and added that Saudi Arabias position was permanent and firm on the Palestinian issue and remained supportive on the peace initiative announced in 2002.

    In response to the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, he said: We have declared our clear position to the United States that East Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Palestine and that no decision should be taken that violates this balance in this region.

    However, Jubeir reaffirmed Saudi Arabias close relations with the US.

    We have a strategic relationship and are stronger now. As friends, we continue dialogue and understanding on matters that we disagree with the administration of US President Donald Trump and this administration has also been positive in seeking help and reaching a dialogue on this matter.

    The foreign minister pointed out Saudi Arabias support to Palestine and contributions to achieving a decent life for the Palestinian people and enabling the Palestinian government to strengthen its economy.

    During the 29th Arab League summit, Saudi Arabias King Salman announced that the Kingdom will donate $150 million to the Endowment Support Program in Jerusalem and $50 mi...


    BBCs Today touts destabilising factor in the Middle East "IndyWatch Feed War"

    The April 13th edition of BBC Radio 4s Today programme included discussion of what was still at that time the possibility of military action in Syria by the US and allies. Following an interview with a representative from a Moscow think tank, the programmes new presenter Martha Kearney introduced another guest (from 2:37:53 here) and an additional topic. [emphasis in italics in the original]

    Kearney: Beyond the prospect of a dangerous confrontation between Russia and the [United] States there are of course other powerful forces in the region. Israel was accused of launching its own strike on a Syrian airbase recently which left seven Iranian military personnel dead. Major General Yaakov Amidror former national security advisor to the prime minister of Israel and former head of the Israeli national security council.



    Video: Center hit in US attack produced cancer drugs "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Video: Center hit in US attack produced cancer drugs Western powers claim their missile attacks struck at the heart of Syrias chemical weapons program but what they destroyed included a scientific research institution producing cancer drugs. The Pentagon said three chemical weapons facilities, including a research and development center in Damascus Barzeh district and two installations near Homs, were hit in []


    US not going to withdraw troops from Syria until goals reached "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting

    FILE photo US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley listens to the Russian Ambassador dura a session of the Security Council

    Following the US-UK-France strike on Syrian targets on April 13, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said during UN Security Council meeting that Washington was locked and loaded to conduct news strikes against the war-torn Middle East country, Sputnik News reports.

    Haley said on Sunday to Fox News that the United States was not going to pull out its troops out of Syria until its goals in the country were accomplished. She said that Washingtons main goal is to see American troops come home, but it is not going to leave until we know we have accomplished those things.

    She listed three main aims for the US: ensuring that chemical weapons are not used in any way that pose a risk to US interests, that Daesh is defeated and that there is a good vantage point to watch what Iran is doing, speaking on Fox News.

    Nikki Haley added that the US ties with Russia are very strained, in part because of Syria, but the US still hopes for the better relationship.

    Earlier, US President Donald Trump stated that he wants to get US troops out of Syria relatively soon, but that they would have to stay a little longer to helpfully defeat the Daesh terrorist group there.

    Follow us on Twitter @AzerNewsAz


    US Attacks Syria: Disregards Evidence and International Law "IndyWatch Feed War"

    US Attacks Syria: Disregards Evidence and International Law By James ONeill, On 13 April 2018 the United States, the United Kingdom and France carried out military strikes against Syrian government positions. This was claimed by the United States Government and its allies, including Australia, to be in response to the use of chemical weapons by []


    EU foreign ministers seek to paper over divisions on Syria strikes those responsible will be held accountable for this violation of international law "IndyWatch Feed War"

    EU foreign ministers will try to put on a united front at talks in Luxembourg on Monday despite divisions over the strikes on Syria and how to handle the growing diplomatic crisis with Moscow.

    Germanys powerful Chancellor Angela Merkel may have declared the strikes by the US, Britain and France necessary and appropriate, but other EU members are resisting any step that could lead to further escalation.

    Image result for Federica Mogherini, photos, april 2018

    Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the European Union for foreign and security policy,

    US, French and British missiles destroyed suspected chemical weapons development and storage sites in Syria on Saturday in response to the alleged chemical attack in Douma, blamed on the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

    While the EUs 28 members agree the incident was unacceptable and cannot go unpunished, a statement issued by EU diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini on Saturday stopped short of endorsing the strikes, saying only that those responsible will be held accountable for this violation of international law.

    NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg unequivocally backed the strikes, saying they would reduce Assads ability to use chemical weapons.

    But EU states are divided at one end of the scale are France and Britain, at the other are neutral countries and in between various NATO members with differing views on strikes.

    The statement of the 28 is the maximum that could be said, a European source said.

    Some European governments are holding back because they are concerned about the reaction from Russia, which among other things remains a key supplier of gas to the EU.

    The day before the strikes Russian President Vladimir Putin warned during phone talks with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron against ill-considered and dangerous actions in Syria which could lead to unpredictable consequences.

    Stick together

    The EU has to stick together, we have to avoid each country pursuing its own individual policy with Moscow, a European official said on condition of anonymity.

    Moscow has been keen to exploit fissures within the EU that were laid bare by the response to the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in England.

    After intense lobbying by Britain, France and Germany, all 28 EU leaders signed up to a statement blaming Russia for the poisoning at a summit in Brussels last week, but it took a lot of persuading.



    Former Syrian General Says Assad Retained 700 Tons of Chemical Weapons Stockpile allegedly held back and hidden during Russia-Syria-U.S. deal to remove chemical weapons from Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

    According to a fugitive Syrian General, the Syrian government had hidden hundreds of tons of chemical weapons from the OPCW.

    Fugitive Syrian General Says Assad's Government Retained 700 Tons of Chemical Weapons

    Fugitive Syrian Brigadier-General Zaher al-Sakat (L) (Photo: Telegraph / Zaher al-Sakat / AP)

    The Telegraph newspaper has published information about chemical weapons of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assads regime, provided by fugitive Syrian Brigadier General Zaher al-Sakat, who allegedly had been commanding a subdivision of chemical troops of the 5th Division of the Syrian Army until 2013.

    According to al-Sakat, in 2013, the Syrian authorities hid from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) hundreds of tons of chemical weapons. As the fugitive officer claimed, the Assads regime had at least 2,000 tons of combat chemical agents, but the Syrian government recognized the presence of only 1,300 tons of such substances.

    Al-Sakat said that at least 700 tons of sarin and other poisonous substance, as well as precursors (substances, used in chemical reactions in order to get a target substance), remained at secret warehouses in Syria after the countrys clearing of chemical weapons. He noted that these stocks were secretly exported to fortified warehouses in the mountains near Homs and to the coastal city of Jableh, located near the port of Tartus. According to al-Sakat, the Syrian Army still has aerial bombs, capable of carrying chemical charges, and missiles of the Scud class with warheads for chemical charges.

    Damascus and Moscow said that accusations of the presence of chemical weapons and means for its usage in the Syrian Army are unfounded. At the same time, the Syrian and Russian authorities have repeatedly claimed that militants of terrorist groups, operating in Syria, have such weapons.

    Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow is puzzled why the fugitive Syrian General hid the information about the remaining chemical weapons in Syria for such a long time.



    Russia launches disinformation war on U.S., U.K. through troll accounts following Syria airstrikes "IndyWatch Feed War"

    There are fears that this could lead to a full-scale campaign of cyber attacks by Moscow, and Johnson said Britain would take every possible precaution to guard against it

    Russia, which backs the Assad regime in Syria, had repeatedly warned in the build-up to the cruise missile strikes that there would be consequences if they went ahead.Mikhail Klimentyev / AP.
    The Telegraph
    Gordon Rayner and Harry Yorke

    LONDON Russia has launched a dirty tricks campaign against Britain and the U.S. following the Syria airstrikes by those two nations and France, as British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson warned of a need to be prepared for retaliatory attacks.

    Whitehall sources Sunday night confirmed a 20-fold increase in disinformation being spread by Kremlin-linked social media bot accounts since the missile attacks on Syria in the early hours of Saturday.

    The Pentagon said there had been a surge in Russian troll accounts promoting false claims about the missile attacks, including that 70 per cent of the missiles had been shot down. Pentagon spokesman Dana White said: The Russian disinformation campaign has already begun. There has been a 2,000 per cent increase in Russian trolls in the last 24 hours.

    There are fears that this could be a precursor to a full-scale campaign of cyber attacks by Moscow, and Johnson said Britain would take every possible precaution to guard against it.

    It comes as British Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn attempts to force a Commons vote on Syria that could make it harder for Prime Minister Theresa May to mobilize the Armed Forces without the permission of MPs. Corbyn will ask the Speaker Monday to...


    Russia launches cyber war on UK with dirty tricks campaign as Boris Johnson warns we must guard against attacks 20-fold increase in Russian-sourced disinformation being spread online "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Boris Johnson said Russia could strike British infrastructure with cyber attacks

    Boris Johnson said Russia could strike British infrastructure with cyber attacks

    By Gordon Rayner and Harry Yorke
    The Telegraph
    April 15, 2018, 10:30 PM

    Russia has launched a dirty tricks campaign against Britain and the US in the wake of the Syria airstrikes as Boris Johnson warned of the need to be prepared for retaliatory attacks.

    Whitehall sources on Sunday night confirmed a Pentagon analysis that showed a 20-fold increase in Russian-sourced disinformation being spread online since the cruise missile attacks on Syria in the early hours of Saturday.

    There are fears that it could be a precursor to a campaign of cyber attacks by the Kremlin, and the Foreign Secretary said Britain must take every possible precaution to guard against it.

    It comes as Jeremy Corbyn attempts to force a Commons vote on Syria that could make it harder for the

    Read the rest (Paywall):


    The Times

    Spy chiefs are braced for a Russian revenge attack in which Kremlin-backed hackers release embarrassing information on ministers, MPs and other high-profile people.

    Theresa May has received intelligence risk assessments since the nerve-agent attack in Salisbury that the Putin regime could hit back with kompromat (compromising material) on members of her cabinet.

    The warning comes after the UKs military strike in Syria yesterday. British, American and French aircraft and warships fired...


    Who Is the Real Culprit Behind the Chemical Attacks in Syria? A Brief History "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Who Is the Real Culprit Behind the Chemical Attacks in Syria? A Brief History By Muhammad Sahim Last Friday night, the United States launched a series of missile strikes on Syria in retaliation for the alleged chemical attacks by the Syrian army in Douma, a town in northeast suburb of Damascus. Douma, which is part []


    How on earth would killing MORE people rescue Syria? "IndyWatch Feed War"

    How On Earth Would Killing MORE People Rescue Syria? By Peter Hitchens Why do so many people in politics and the media want to start wars? Since I toured a sordid hospital full of wounded people in Bucharest at Christmas 1989, and even more after I saw for the first time (in Vilnius in 1991) []


    US to impose new sanctions on Russia for supporting Assad in Syria On chemical weapons in Syria, Nikki Haley says, Russia was covering this up. "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Fox News

    The Trump administration will levy new economic sanctions against Russia over its support of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said Sunday.

    Were letting Russia know this is not something that we want to be a part of, Haley told Fox News Sunday. Its not something were going to tolerate and theyve got to make a decision. Right now, they dont have very good friends, and right now, the friends that they do have are causing them harm.

    The international community is telling Russia that either you make a decision on how you act and when you act, or the rest of us will make a decision in isolating you, Haley added.

    A Treasury Department official told Fox News that the department does not comment on prospective actions.

    Image may contain: 2 people, closeup

    Haley spoke two days after American, British, and French war planes and ships launched more than 100 missiles nearly unopposed by Syrian air defenses in retaliation for an April 7 chemical attack on the Damascus suburb of Douma. While President Trump declared Mission Accomplished, the Pentagon said the pummeling of three chemical-related facilities left enough others intact to enable the Assad government to use banned weapons against civilians if it chooses.

    The Assad regime and the Russian military has denied that the Damascus government carried out the Douma attack, which killed at least 40 people. Russia is a key ally of Assad and has been waging an air campaign in support of his forces since 2015.

    Haley told CBS Face the Nation that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin would announce the sanctions on Monday and said they would target any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to Assad and chemical weapons use. And so, I think everyone is going to feel it at this point.

    The international community will not allow chemical weapons to come back into our everyday life, Haley added. The fact he was making this more normal and that Russia was covering this up, all that has got to stop.


    American ISIS Boy Turns Up in Kurdish Prison "IndyWatch Feed War"

    10-year old Yusuf, an American boy who appeared in an ISIS video threatening Trump and the U.S.Matthew, or Yusuf, as he was identified as in an ISIS propaganda video threatening Trump and the U.S. (Photo: video screenshot)

    It is hard to forget the above face of the 10-year-old American boy who appeared in an ISIS video threatening the U.S. and President Trump less than a year ago. Now his mother has spoken out, saying the boy, who was known as Yusuf in the video, is really Matthew and that he was forced to appear in the the video.

    The family, now in Kurdish detention, was found by filmmaker Joshua Baker who recognized the boy from the video.

    Matthews mother Sam, married Moussa El Hassani from Turkey, in Indiana in 2011. Sam says the family lived a normal, happy life. She describes Moussa as a loving father and good provider who, after five years became bored with his life. He took the family on a trip to Turkey a trip Sam believed was to visit his country of birth. But Moussa surprised her and forced the family over the Syrian border to join ISIS.

    We ended up in Raqqa, she says. The first thing I say to him is, Youre crazy and Im leaving, and he said, with a big smile on his face, Go ahead. You can try, but you wont make it.

    Sam says she was tortured after trying to find a smuggler to help her escape. She said her husband kept two Yazidi girls in their house as slaves and repeatedly raped them. 

    Moussa was killed last year in a strike on Raqqa shortly before the city fell to coalition forces.

    Was Sam tricked by her radicalized husband? Watch the following clip with her in the Kurdish prison where she and her children are being held: (The full Frontline/BBC documentary will air soon on PBS)




    Journalist killed in El Salvador "IndyWatch Feed War"


    AFP/File | Salvadoran journalists demand justice after the murder of a colleague in San Salvador in November 2017
    SAN SALVADOR (AFP)  A Salvadoran journalist reported missing Sunday has been found dead on the side of a road, according to media reports.According to media reports, the body of Karla Turcios, 33, was found on a highway on the outskirts of Santa Rosa Guachipilin, 100 kilometers (62 miles) northeast of San Salvador.

    Journalist Karla Turcios was murdered, the newspaper La Prensa Grafica a sister title of El Economista magazine, where the mother-of-one worked tweeted.

    A source from the Salvadoran public prosecutors office told AFP the body of an apparently strangled woman was found on a highway in the Santa Rosa Guachipilin area but there were no identifying documents available and the body was transferred for forensic analysis.

    La Prensa Grafica said Turcios husband identified her body by her clothes and a scar.

    Read the rest:


    Journalist killed in El Salvador

    La Prensa Grafica said Turcios' husband identified her body by her clothes and a scarLa Prensa Grafica said Turcios husband identified her body by her clothes and a scar A Salvadoran journalist reported missing yesterday has been found dead on the side of a road, according to media reports.

    According to media reports, the body of 33 year old Karla Turcios, was found on a highway on the outskirts of Santa Rosa Guachipilin, 100 kilometers (62 miles) northeast of San Salvador.

    Journalist Karla Turcios was murdered, the newspaper La Prensa Grafica a sister title of El Economista magazine, where the mother-of-one worked tweeted.

    A source from the Salvadoran public prosecutors office told AFP the body of an...


    Trump Bowed to Pentagon Restraint on Syria Strikes "IndyWatch Feed War"

    President was dissuaded from more robust action, in first test of new national-security team

    President Donald Trump spoke in the Cabinet Room of the White House last week at the start of a meeting with military leaders.
    President Donald Trump spoke in the Cabinet Room of the White House last week at the start of a meeting with military leaders. PHOTO:SUSAN WALSH/ASSOCIATED PRESS

    WASHINGTONPresident Donald Trump deferred to his Pentagon chiefs caution and tempered his preference for a more robust attack on Syria over allegations it used deadly gas on civilians, the first hints at the direction of his revamped national-security team.

    The decision late last week, detailed by people familiar with the process, marked the first substantive test of the group now that John Bolton is serving as Mr. Trumps national security adviser.

    After days of tense White House meetings, the president and his advisers agreed on one of the most restrained of the military-strike options crafted by the Pentagon:...


    Putin Predicts All Hell Will Break Loose If West Attacks Syria Again "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Russian Mercenaries(MEMO)  Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Sunday that further Western attacks on Syria would bring chaos to world affairs, as Washington prepared to increase pressure on Russia with new economic sanctions, Reuters reports. In a telephone conversation with his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, Putin and Rouhani agreed that the Western strikes had damaged the chances of achieving []


    How the IRS Could Help Shut Down Radicalization "IndyWatch Feed War"

    Georgetown Universitys H.R.H. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding received $20 million from Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. The center promotes propaganda not allowed under the university's tax-exempt status. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)Georgetown Universitys H.R.H. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding received $20 million from Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. The center promotes propaganda not allowed under the universitys tax-exempt status. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

    While universities may plead powerless to stopping the spread of educational corruption and terrorist ideology in their Saudi and Iranian funded Middle East studies programs, the Internal Revenue Service cannot.

    Universities must adhere to a series of IRS codes and criteria for determining whether an educational institution is educational or a vehicle for propaganda.

    If the IRS applied these codes and procedures as they should, many universities would have their tax exempt status revoked.

    For example, Georgetown Universitys H.R.H. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding received $20 million from Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (recently arrested for financial corruption and whose offer of $10 million to New York Mayor Giuliani was rejected after 9/11).

    The past director of this program, John Esposito taught Islamist violence is beyond the bounds of approved research Islamist movements are movements of democratic reform.

    The Investigative Project on Terrorism found Esposito allied with a series of people directly involved in terrorist and extremist movements, including convicted terrorist Sami Al-Arian, an acknowledged member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

    The current director, Jonathan Brown is the son-in-law of Sami Al Arian and gave a speech at a Moslem Brotherhood think tank justifying the practice of slavery within Islam.

    Muslim American Society Imam W. Deen Mohammed didnt mince words when he said, referring the bin Talal Center,...


    Vote for Your Heroes "IndyWatch Feed War"

    If you have other ideas for heroes please email us at Tell us who and why and maybe well write about them soon.


    The Nikki Haley Report Card

    Poll Results: What You Said About Saudi Prince Meeting Trump

    Trump Rips Into Pakistan for Terror Support


    The post Vote for Your Heroes appeared first on Clarion Project.


    China must walk the talk and support Russia "IndyWatch Feed War"

    by Ghassan Kadi , The Saker, April 12, 2018 This article was written before the most recent missile attack on Syria, carried out by the US, France, and the UK.  Its argument retains relevance. When Chinese Defence Minister, General Wei Fenghe visited Moscow on the 4th of April 2018 and made his historic comment that he was in Moscow to give a message to America that China stands by Russia (, he put China in a new and unprecedented global position, because China had never made such direct statements about the USA since the early days of Chairman Mao; and that was a long time ago, when China was not an industrial power and an aspiring global power, and long before the rift between the USSR and Maos China began. A lot has changed since, and neither Russia nor China are today what they used to be a few decades ago, and as they changed, matured and developed, their relationship vis--vis each other and the United States seem to have gone the full circle. Todays

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