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Monday, 25 September


One Dead, 7 Injured in Tennessee Church Shooting "IndyWatch Feed War"

One woman was shot dead and seven others were injured after a shooting suspect, identified as 25-year-old Emanuel Kidega Samson, opened fire at the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch, Tennessee today. Samson, originally from Karthoum, Sudan fired multiple rounds before being stopped by a church usher. The usher, identified as Robert Engle, 22, confronted []

The post One Dead, 7 Injured in Tennessee Church Shooting appeared first on Douglas J. Hagmann's Northeast Intelligence Network.


Colin Kaepernick Won "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Les Carpenter for The Guardian. All Colin Kaepernick ever asked was for his country to have a conversation about race. This, he warned, would not be easy. Such talks are awkward and often end in a flurry of spittle, pointed fingers and bruised feelings. But from the moment the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback first spoke about his decision to kneel or sit during the national anthem, he said was willing to give up his career to make the nation talk. In one speech on Friday night, Donald Trump gave Kaepernick exactly what he wanted.


The Killing of History "IndyWatch Feed War"

by John Pilger, September 21, 2017 One of the most hyped events of American television, The Vietnam War, has started on the PBS network. The directors are Ken Burns and Lynn Novick.  Acclaimed for his documentaries on the Civil War, the Great Depression and the history of jazz, Burns says of his Vietnam films, They will inspire our country to begin to talk and think about the Vietnam war in an entirely new way. In a society often bereft of historical memory and in thrall to the propaganda of its exceptionalism, Burns entirely new Vietnam war is presented as epic, historic work. Its lavish advertising campaign promotes its biggest backer, Bank of America, which in 1971 was burned down by students in Santa Barbara, California, as a symbol of the hated war in Vietnam. Burns says he is grateful to the entire Bank of America family which has long supported our countrys veterans.  Bank of America was a corporate prop to an invasion that killed perhaps as many as four million Vietnamese and ravaged and poisoned


Russian Lieutenant General Killed in Deir ez Zor Syria by ISIS Mortar Shelling "IndyWatch Feed War"

As  all my readers are fully aware The US is happily entrenched with ISIS
Russia outed their snuggling together earlier today- But really we didn't need Russia to tell us that which was  already obvious.

 Onto the latest:

Now a Russian General has died because of ISIS shelling. The same ISIS that frolics with US troops.

The Russian Defense Ministry says one of its generals, who was serving as an adviser to Syrian government troops, has been killed in the countrys east, according to state news agency TASS.
The ministry was quoted as saying on September 24 that Lieutenant General Valery Asapov "was at a command post of Syrian troops, assisting the Syrian commanders in the operation for the liberation of the city of Deir al-Zor," when he was mortally wounded" by mortar shelling by the extremist group Islamic State (IS).
The ministry added that Asapov would be posthumously decorated for his service.

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russias Defence Ministry said on Sunday that one its general lieutenants, Valeryi Asapov, was killed by mortar shelling in Syria, the TASS news agency reported.
The mortar shelling was carried by the Islamic State near Syrias Deir al-Zor, the ministry said.
Lt. Gen. Valery Asapov died after sustaining a "fatal injury" in the "sudden Daesh mortar shelling," the ministry said.
"Lt. Gen. Valery Asapov died in the Syrian Arab Republic as a r...

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Sunday, 24 September


Report: Inaugural Peoples Congress Of Resistance "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Peoples Congress of Resistance. Washington, DC - On Sept. 16-17, the Peoples Congress of Resistance movement was inaugurated with a mass convening of grassroots organizers and front line resistors at Howard University. All told, 727 delegates from 38 states and 160 towns and cities came to Washington, D.C., to discuss the Peoples Congress of Resistance manifesto Society for the Many: A Vision for Revolution, to share organizing experiences to take back home, to express solidarity with each other and to resolve on common projects and actions for the future.


First Do No Harm "IndyWatch Feed War"

Let me preface what I am about to say by stating that I have the utmost esteem for mainstream medicines skill in emergency situations the do or die surgeries, the dispensing of powerful life-saving drugs necessary in that setting are second to none; and its mastery of cosmetic surgery in cases of deformities and the advances made in prosthetics are nothing less than spectacular. These are what make mainstream medicine great.

I would also like to add that I am not an expert of any kind. I hold no degrees or certifications, and neither do I represent, belong to, or work for any party, organization or corporation. I speak for myself, a sixty-two year old woman, and from my experiences with, and extensive research of, a topic I find fascinating, intriguing and bothersome mainstream medicine and how the belief in its infallibility harms us in so many ways.

The pompous certainty of mainstream medicines powerful proponents be they multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies, medical associations, disease-specific charities, government agencies, Madison Avenue selling the diseases and the pills, TV or magazines, the news media parroting its cash cows every claim combined have most people, hook, line and sinker, believing in the impeccable record of mainstream medicine. No questions asked.

Here, I would like to throw out some alarming statistics ones that can be easily found in a variety of journals from Forbes to JAMA to CounterPunch, etc.

The estimated annual mortality rate for adverse drug reactions to correctly prescribed drugs is the 5th leading cause of death in the U.S.1 Over the counter (OTC) cold medications are among the top twenty substances causing death in children.2 Used according to direction, NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) are responsible for more than 20,000 deaths every year.3 There are over 400,000 deaths each year from drug and medical errors and tens of thousands more deaths from unnec...


WATCH: Texas Cop Caught on Camera Brutalizing Pregnant Woman "IndyWatch Feed War"

A video posted to Facebook Saturday shows a Texas cop brutalizing a pregnant woman by sitting on her back, handcuffing her and then dragging her by her arms behind his police cruiser.

According to witnesses, the cop who has not yet been identified, dragged the woman behind his car in an attempt to avoid being seen by bystanders, some who were recording.

Footage of the incident that took place in Big Spring was posted to Teresa Sanchezs Facebook page.

It has now been shared more than 600 times.

Sanchez commented the woman, who can be seen passively resisting her arrest, continued to repeat she was pregnant as her body remained limp.

She kept saying she was pregnant, so if she was I dont know they shouldnt of done that, Sanchez posted.

One commenter argued the woman was resisting, although its apparent she wasnt combative.

Well I see nothing wrong with this even if she was yelling she was pregnant, Tony Guzman posted to Facebook.

If she was worried about being pregnant she shouldnt get herself in that situation or resist. Just sayin.

Others argued the woman shouldnt have resisted because the officer is a big man.

Do not RESIST. Especially when the officer is a BIG MAN, you will never win!! Arlissa Willingham Murphy Schober argued.

Jamie Sanchez disagreed, saying it was plainly clear the level of force used by the officer was unnecessary.

Big man or not.. Gives no reason for the BIG MAN to act the way he did, Sanchez replied.

I understand restraining someone but not so much excessive force.. Then he pushes her head down after the handcuffs are already on her. Again like I said i t would be different if this was one of yall or friends or family yall would change yalls whole opinions. I myself dont know who this was but I can plainly see that was not right!!

The two videos are embedded below.


The post ...


Any White Cop Can Kill A Black Man.. "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Don Fitz for Green Social Thought. Missouri - This is what has sparked protests by thousands in St. Louis from September 15 through today. In 2011, St. Louis cop Jason Stockley fired 5-7 shots at Anthony Lamar Smith, killing him. Stockley claimed that Smith was selling drugs and chased him at high speed and shot him to defend himself. The story was briefly reported as another drug deal gone bad, and it was just incidental that the cop was white and the victim was black. [See 2011 story HERE]. But the case turned out to be a lot more than that. His mother, Annie Smith, said that "They wouldn't let me kiss him or hug him goodbye."


Shame: Harvard Welcomes Spicer, Spurns Manning "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Francine Prose for The Guardian. Boston, MA - I graduated from Harvard in 1968. (Officially, my diploma was from Radcliffe, the now disbanded womens college, but all of our classes were at Harvard.) That year, Harvards graduation speaker was the shah of Iran, and many of us wore black armbands and boycotted the ceremony to protest against the oppressive Iranian governments human rights violations. In 1993, I returned for our 25th reunion. The graduation speaker was Colin Powell, the defense secretary, who had supported the Clinton administrations Dont ask, dont tell ban on openly gay members of the military.


Kirkuk centre of attention as Kurds go to polls to vote on independence "IndyWatch Feed War"


Iraqi Turkmen leader warns of opening 'door to hell', as other Kirkuk residents more ambivalent about referendum


Overview Of Battle For Deir Ezzor On September 24, 2017 (Map, Videos, Photos) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Overview Of Battle For Deir Ezzor On September 24, 2017 (Map, Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size map

On September 24, ISIS fighters shelled a position of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Russian Army in Mazlum village on the eastern bank of the Euphrates river with mortars and Katyusha rockets, according to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq.

Its very likely Russias Lieutenant General, Valery Asapov, was killed in that attack. According to Russian media reports, the general was a commander of Russian task forces in Deir Ezzor and Raqqah provinces.

Overview Of Battle For Deir Ezzor On September 24, 2017 (Map, Videos, Photos)

Click to see the full-size image


WATCH: New Video from Huntington Beach Police Shooting Death Surfaces, Showing More Details "IndyWatch Feed War"

Contrary to what we reported earlier, the victim of the Huntington Beach police shooting caught on video Friday was a 27-year-old Navy veteran named Dillon Tabares who graduated from Marina High School as opposed to a student currently enrolled at the same school.

The previous information was obtained from a Facebook post by a woman who said she spoke to a student who witnessed the shooting who told her he was a junior at the school, which is across the street from the 7-11 where the shooting took place.

Also, a new video surfaced recorded from a citizen sitting inside a parked car in front of the store that shows the moments that that took place before the struggle on the ground and shooting death.

The new video shows Tabares charging towards the cop as the officer points a taser at him, telling him to have a seat.

The cop also deploys his taser but it did not seem to have much effect on him because Tabares takes a swing at the cop, which was when the cop places him in a headlock.

The two then struggle for several seconds before falling to the ground. At one point, the cop appears to say let go of my gun.

The video we posted Friday shows Tabares take something from the officers belt but it was not the gun because the officer then pulled out his gun and fired several times.

The Facebook page, Black Coat Media, edited all three available videos together in sequence. We increased the volume of the video and posted it below to better hear what the cop is saying.

Huntington Beach police have not said much about the shooting, not even saying what the object was that Tabares removed from the officers belt, calling it an undetermined piece of equipment.

The man who recorded the initial two videos said it was an extra magazine for the cops gun, which clearly did not prevent the officer from shooting seven rounds from the existing magazine in his gun while ordering Tabares to get on the ground.

One of the bullets shattered the 7-11 window, grazing the arm of a clerk inside, leaving a bruise, according to the OC Weekly, which was the publication that obtained Tabares name.

The man shot dead by Huntington Beach police was 27-year-old Dillan Tabares, the Weekly has learned. He graduated from Marina High School, where the shooting happened across the street from, in 2008. Tabares previously...


Russian general killed fighting Islamic State in east Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"


Division General Valeri Assapov is killed by explosion during shelling by Islamic State militants


Syrian/Russian Counter-Offensive Stops CIA-Coordinated Al-Nusra Terrorist Advance "IndyWatch Feed War"

Dmitry Peskov: US Intelligence Instigated Jabhat al-Nusra Attack in Hama


The Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov reaffirmed that the attack launched by Jabhat al-Nusra in the area of de-escalation zone north of Hama came at the instigation of the US intelligence to stop the advance of the Syrian Army east of Deir Ezzor.

Peskovs remarks came during a press conference in Moscow on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the Russian General Staff said that the attack of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists on sites of the Syrian army north of Hama violated the de-escalation zone agreement and was initiated by US secret services to stop the successful advance of government troops to the east of Deir Ezzor.





Occupy Wall Street In The Age Of Trump "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Levar Alonzo for Downtown Express. New York City - It has been six years since the movement calling itself Occupy Wall Street took over Downtowns Zuccotti Park for a weeks-long demonstration that spawned similar actions across the country protesting corporate greed, social and economic inequality, and the domination of the One Percent. The encampments have long-since dispersed but dozens of die-hard Occupiers and activists gathered at the place where it all began on Sept. 17 in Zuccotti Park to declare that the movement still has work to do now more than ever.


Look how Western liberal media celebrate Saudi regime schticks, no matter how small and shallow "IndyWatch Feed War"

"Saudi Arabia allows women into stadium as it steps up reforms". What is next: the Guardian will honor the Saudi royal family for allowing women to ride bicycles? 


The original book by Bachir Saade on Hizbullah "IndyWatch Feed War"

"Clearly there are many truths in this, but it seems that most understanding of Hizbullah have invariably assumed the existence of a coherent ideology that informs the partys actions, political practice, and agenda. It is definitely the case that Hizbullah is more effective in a variety of domains, than other political organizations in the region, and so looking at the nature of the ideological and its importance in the political process seemed to me timely more than ever. I gradually discovered through my studies of early writings and media production, that an overarching understanding of ideology was far from being a given, and that in the place of seeing coherent slogans being brandished, it was a particular use of these discursive materials that seems more important to the political process rather than taking at face value their content.
Soon enough, the book became a contribution to a new understanding of what we mean by ideology through the study of what I thought was a fascinating political phenomenon of the last three decades. The objective was to explore what is meant by the ideological, in the case of Hizbullah, and on the other to engage in an intellectual history of the party, especially focusing on the early years. As I explain in the book, what was articulated early on became the main template for later ideological production. "


Possibilities For Economic Evolution: Trade "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Peter Weisberg for The Center for Global Justice. Like a global vampire that drains the blood of one victim after another, so too does the neo-liberal economic system. Under the misleading name of "free trade," it drains the world of all resources vital to the life of the planet, including the value of human life. Tradejust like money, profits, and growthhas been viewed as an end in and of itself. Trade is, however, not the goal. It is simply a tool that we can use to further our universal goals of improving human rights, justice, sustainability, and democracy. I was asked to consider what a model of world fair trade might look like. My research revealed a common core of values among many if not most progressive organizations.


Thousands greet Qatar's emir on return home amid crisis "IndyWatch Feed War"


Emir travelled to Turkey, France, Germany and US - where he addressed UN General Assembly


Iraq PM pledges to take 'necessary measures' ahead of Kurd vote "IndyWatch Feed War"


Iraq asks foreign countries to stop oil trading with Kurds, to deal with central government on airports and borders


Ajit Pais Crazy Plan To Lower Broadband Standards "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Jon Brodwin for Ars Technica. The FCC's current policy, a holdover from former Chairman Tom Wheeler, is that all Americans should have access to home Internet service with speeds of at least 25Mbps downstream and 3Mbps upstream and access to mobile broadband. If that policy remained in place, having one or the other wouldn't be enough to be considered "served" in the FCC's annual analysis of whether broadband is being deployed to all Americans in a reasonable and timely fashion. But with the FCC now chaired by Republican Ajit Pai, the commission suggested in its annual broadband inquiry last month that Americans might not need a fast home Internet connection.


The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions "IndyWatch Feed War"

"The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions (or Resolves) were political statements drafted in 1798 and 1799, in which the Kentucky and Virginia legislatures took the position that the federal Alien and Sedition Acts were unconstitutional. The resolutions argued that the states...


Government By Goldman "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Gary Rivlin and Michael Hudson for The Intercept. Steve Bannon was in the room the day Donald Trump first fell for Gary Cohn. So were Reince Priebus, Jared Kushner, and Trumps pick for secretary of Treasury, Steve Mnuchin. It was the end of November, three weeks after Trumps improbable victory, and Cohn, then still the president of Goldman Sachs, was at Trump Tower presumably at the invitation of Kushner, with whom he was friendly. Cohn was there to offer his views about jobs and the economy. But, like the man he was there to meet, he was at heart a salesman.


10 Clarifying #TakeaKnee Tweets as NFL Teams and Players Rebuff President Trump "IndyWatch Feed War"

If protests did nothing, the powerful wouldnt try so hard to silence them.

(COMMONDREAMS)  With #TakeaKnee going viral on Sunday as NFL players push back against threats by President Donald Trump, those who support the presidents position that professional athletesand especially black or brown professional athletesshould just do as they are told and not speak their minds were infecting the social media hashtag with a variety of racist and otherwise ill-considered arguments about why millionaire players shouldnt have or express political views. (Also, its all about the flag and misguided pro-war patriotism, aka freedom.)

Here are ten tweets chosen not at random to help refute at least a little bit of the circulating hatefulness and wrongheadedness:


Victory For Immigrant Hunger Strikers "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Mike Ludwig for Truthout. For three years now, incarcerated immigrants have staged hunger strikes and work stoppages to protest conditions at the Northwest Detention Center, an immigration jail in Tacoma, Washington, run by a private prison company that pays detainees as little as $1 a day to work in the jail. "This week folks were offered chips or a soup for several nights of waxing the floors, so not even $1 [per] day," one person incarcerated in the jail recently reported to NWDC Resistance, an immigrant-led group fighting to end the deportation and detention of immigrants.


Veterans Send Letter Calling For Peace Negotiations "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Veterans for Peace. Dear President Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, You have both made your point.The world has seen that neither of you will back down before the threats of the other. For the sake of the worlds people, it is now time for good faith negotiations. President Trump, you have engaged in reckless rhetoric and threatened to totally destroy North Korea with fire and fury like world has never seen. We can tell you right now that you do not speak for millions of veterans in this country.


A German Election Analysis "IndyWatch Feed War"

As your host is German you may want to read his opinion about today's federal election results in Germany. German election results (ARD 6pm exit poll): CDU/CSU - 32.5% SPD - 20.0% AfD - 13.5% FDP - 10.5% Left -...


Destruction of Germany on course as Merkel wins fourth term "IndyWatch Feed War"

The most effective German Chancellor since Adolf Hitler will be with us for the foreseeable future. That means more Muslim migrants, and more of the attendant crime, including the wholesale sexual assault of Infidel women who dare to go out uncovered, and more authoritarian censorship of dissenting voices, not just in Germany, but worldwide. The []


Dismay in Germany as anti-migrant AfD marches into parliament "IndyWatch Feed War"


Jewish groups express alarm at AfD's success; European Jewish Congress urges other parties not to form alliance with them


Hugh Fitzgerald: Pope Francis, Confusing and Confused "IndyWatch Feed War"

Pope Francis is a strange man. He has seemed, at times, to grasp the nature of the threat to Europe of what he once had no hesitation in describing as an Arab invasion. Here is what he said in 2014 in an interview with La Vie: The only continent that can bring about a certain []


Catastrophic Sleep-Loss Epidemic "IndyWatch Feed War"

Via: Independent: A catastrophic sleep-loss epidemic is causing a host of potentially fatal diseases, a leading expert has said. In an interview with the Guardian, Professor Matthew Walker, director of the Centre for Human Sleep Science at the University of California, Berkeley, said that sleep deprivation affected every aspect of our biology and was widespread []


This is how Saudi regime stances evolved over the decades "IndyWatch Feed War"

King Faisal: Calls for Jihad and anti-Semitic discourse against Jews and vocal condemnation of Jewish people for their contribution to communism.
King Fahd: while Jihad calls continued, he proposed a solution named after him, which proposed the right of Israel to exist in return for a transitional period in the West Bank and Gaza, followed by a mini-state.
King Abdullah: the Beirut summit proposal, according to which Israel would get full peace AND normalization (as if Saudi regime speaks for all Arabs) in return for a mini-state in West Bank and Gaza.  And he also used "religious dialogue" as a cover for Israeli-Saudi meetings.
King Salman: a declaration of the end of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
The irony, is that Israel throughout this period and evolution of the Saudi stance, did not cede one inch of Palestine, and didnt desist in its aggression and war.


Indonesia: Dangerous Sharia petition threatens tourists "IndyWatch Feed War"

Bali is a popular tourist destination, particularly for Australians, even though it has sustained several jihad attacks, prompting Australia and New Zealand to issue travel advisories. Now, an additional threat looms for Western tourists who travel not only to Bali, but to all of Indonesia. Sharia enforcement has been expanding in that country. And now, []


Brutal ISIS Sharia enforcer returns to Canada, not arrested or charged with treason "IndyWatch Feed War"

He joined an entity that was avowedly at war with Canada. Why wasnt he arrested? This is suicidal behavior from the Trudeau government. How Canada doesnt deal with jihadists, by Candice Malcolm, Toronto Sun, September 13, 2017: A recent Global News investigation provided a rare glimpse into the life of an alleged former jihadist who []


Germany bans face coverings for drivers amid claims of anti-Muslim discrimination "IndyWatch Feed War"

Germany has decided to ban face coverings, including the niqab and the burqa, while driving. As expected, some are screaming discrimination, a word now used either to ram through an agenda or to pave the way for special allowances for one group over another. The German Transport Ministry said  that the rule of law requires []


Detroit: Muslim Uber driver accused of raping female passenger "IndyWatch Feed War"

We have seen this in Indiana, and it had come to Detroit before that. The Quran teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take captives of the right hand, 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The Quran says: O Prophet, tell your wives and your []


Why some western intellectuals are trying to debrutalise colonialism "IndyWatch Feed War"

Third World Quarterly row: Why some western intellectuals are trying to debrutalise colonialism

The author explains why he resigned from the editorial board of the journal after it published an apologia for colonialism.

Third World Quarterly row: Why some western intellectuals are trying to debrutalise colonialismThe ugliness of colonial power in India emerged at its end with the Bengal Famine and the Partition | Wikimedia Commons

Sep 21, 2017 12:30 pm


Facebook Censors For Zionist Lobby "IndyWatch Feed War"

Facebook disables accounts of Palestinian editors

Quds says disabling of its editors accounts is part of a campaign against Palestinian pages by Facebook.
Editors at two of the most widely read Palestinian online publications have had their Facebook accounts di...


Kurdish president says partnership with Iraq is over "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Associated Press

The president of Iraqs Kurdish region says the controversial vote on independence will go ahead as planned on Monday, despite mounting pressures from within the region and beyond.

Speaking at a press conference in Irbil Sunday, Masoud Barzani said that while the vote will be the first step in a long process to negotiate independence, the regions partnership with the Iraqi central government in Baghdad is over.

Image may contain: 1 person

Masoud Barzani

Baghdad, the United States and the United Nations have all voiced strong opposition to the vote set for Monday, warning it could further destabilize the region as Iraqi and Kurdish forces continue to battle the Islamic State group.

Earlier Sunday, Iran closed its airspace to flights taking off from Iraqs Kurdish region following a request from Baghdad.


Egypt: Muslim ex-kidnapper admits they get paid for every Christian girl they bring in "IndyWatch Feed War"

If all goes to plan, the girls are also forced into marriage with a strict Muslim. Their husbands dont love them, they just marry her to make her a Muslim. She will be hit and humiliated. And if she tries to escape, or convert back to her original religion, she will be killed. Will the []


Clinton Propaganda "IndyWatch Feed War"

Clinton Attack Group: 2nd Largest US News Site (Drudge) is Kremlin Stooge

37 minutes ago | 130 0


US strikes Islamic State group camp in Libya, killing 17 "IndyWatch Feed War"


The strikes were carried out on Friday in coordination with Libya's Government of National Accord


Malaysia: Beer festival canceled for fear of jihad terror attack "IndyWatch Feed War"

On Sept 21, Inspector-General of Police Mohamad Fuzi Harun was reported as saying that police had advised DBKL against allowing the event because of security reasons. He was quoted by Bernama as saying that police had received information on militants planning to sabotage the event. Do the social media giants realize what is coming? It []


Mike Whitney: The Nightmare Scenario "IndyWatch Feed War"

Uncle Sam vs. Russia in Syria: The Nightmare Scenario

Putin doesnt want a slugfest ... but hes not going to abandon an ally either. So theres going to be a confrontation because neither party is willing to give up what they feel they need to achieve success. ...
 ... Clearly, we have reached the most dangerous moment in the six year-long war."
3 hours ago | 2003 0


Russia Reveals Footage of US Forces Embedded with ISIS "IndyWatch Feed War"

This report cannot possibly come as a surprise to anyone!

The Russian Defense Ministry released aerial footage of the Daesh positions north of Syria's city of Deir ez-Zor that showed the US equipment deployed in the area.

The photos posted on Russia's Defense Ministry's Facebook page on Sunday show equipment that is being used by the US special forces.

"The aerial photographs, taken on September 8-12, 2017 in the areas of Daesh troops' deployment, detected a big number of US Hummer armored vehicles, used by the US Army's special forces," the ministry wrote on Facebook.
#USA #Syria
#US Special Operations Forces (#SOF) units enable US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (#SDF) units to smoothly advance through the ISIS formations.

Facing no resistance of the ISIS militants, the #SDF units are advancing along the left shore of the #Euphrates towards...


Catalan Independence "IndyWatch Feed War"

We just want to stop pleading


A call to the people of Spain, because the Catalan independence referendum on October 1 is about rather more than that. Espaol


Identity politics and Class politics "IndyWatch Feed War"

Why identity politics and class politics cant be separated

Some liberals are eager to detach identity politics from economic populism. But economic justice is social justice



Arab League Opposition to Kurds Only Fuels Iran "IndyWatch Feed War"

A rally for Kurdish independence in Erbil ahead of the Sept.25, 2017 referendumA rally for Kurdish independence in Erbil ahead of the Sept.25, 2017 referendum (Photo: Chris McGrath/Getty Images)


Sunni Arab leaders have largely been silent on the September 25 Iraqi Kurdish independence referendum, but Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Abdul Gheit visited the Iraqi Kurdish capital last week to dissuade the Kurds from holding the vote.

In a recent letter to Kurdistan Region President Massoud Barzani, Ahmed described his fears of disintegration and fragmentation, noting in his plea that the Arab League is strongly keen on ensuring the territorial integrity of the Arab states.

What seems lost on Ahmed is the strategic pragmatism in allowing the Kurds to further solidify their proven bastion against Iran and successive waves of regional instability.

The Kurdistan region is an effective vanguard against Iran, the chief instigator of regional division. At the same time, it has been the Kurds who have beaten back ISIS from their other borders.

The region has also weathered simultaneously a collapse in oil prices, a total cut of support from Baghdad, the arrival of two million refugees and the onslaught of ISIS. Standing in stark contrast to their surroundings, the Kurds are the model for stability.

Tellingly, who else vehemently opposes Kurdish self-determination in Iraq and Syria? Iran and her shadow proxies.

The regional balance continues to tilt in favor of Irans aspirations to create a Shiite crescent from Iran to Syria to counter the Sunni world, the West and Israel, all under a nuclear umbrella and aided by Russia. Kurdish independence would stymie that.

Competing regional designs, whether pan-Arab irredentism or Americas freedom agenda, now lay in tatters with Iran picking up the pieces.

With Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Qatar and Lebanon now overrun with Iranian influence, and with Irans expansionist sights now set on unprecedented relations with Turkey, it may not be long before the remaining Gulf States meet the full bru...


Iran checkmates US, Israel "IndyWatch Feed War"

By M K Bhadrakumar | Indian Punchline | September 24, 2017 The announcement in Tehran on Saturday regarding the successful test of a ballistic missile with a range of 2000 kilometers and capable of carrying multiple warheads to hit different targets phenomenally shifts the military balance in the Middle East. Israel and the roughly 45,000 []


Dutch parliament rejects Turkish partys offer to discuss Islamophobia "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Denk Party has a lot of nerve to call for this, given the dire situation for religious minorities in Turkey. Most of Turkeys historic minority communities are long gone, of course: massacred or exiled in the Armenian and Greek Genocides. The remaining Christians suffer escalating persecution. Yet now the Denk Party wants to lecture []


Maureen Dowd: Now That We Know More, Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg Look Scary "IndyWatch Feed War"

WASHINGTON The idea of Mark Zuckerberg running for president was always sort of scary.

But now its really scary, given what weve discovered about the power of his little invention to warp democracy.

All these years, the 33-year-old founder of Facebook has been dismissive of the idea that social media and A.I. could be used for global domination or even that they should be regulated.

Days after Donald Trump pulled out his disorienting win, Zuckerberg told a tech conference that the contention that fake news had influenced the election was a pretty crazy idea, showing a profound lack of empathy toward Trump voters.

But all the while, the company was piling up the rubles and turning a blind eye as the Kremlins cyber hit men weaponized anti-Hillary bots on Facebook to sway the U.S. election. Russian agents also used Facebook and Twitter trolls, less successfully, to try to upend the French election.



Jerusalem: Muslim arrested for threatening violence and terror "IndyWatch Feed War"

Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into the enemies of Allah and your enemies (Quran 8:60) Arab man arrested in Jerusalem for threataning [sic] violence, terror, Maariv Online, September 24, 2017: Police arrested an Arab man suspected of threatening violence, supporting terrorism []


Iran Displays S-300 Air Defense Missile System to Public "IndyWatch Feed War"

TEHRAN, Iran Irans elite Revolutionary Guard has displayed the countrys sophisticated Russian-made S-300 air defense system in central Tehran.

This is the first time that the S-300 air defense system has been displayed in public.

Image result for Iran, S-300, Photos


The public show in Tehrans Baharestan square near the Parliament building square exhibited different missile systems, including ballistic missiles, solid-fuel surface-to-surface Sejjil missiles and the liquid-fuel Ghadr.

The IRGC prepared the show for the annual Defense Week, marking the 37th anniversary of the 1980s Iran-Iraq war.

U.S. President Donald Trump signed in August a bill imposing mandatory penalties on those involved in Irans controversial ballistic missile program and anyone who does business with them.


Russian Satellite Photos Prove USISIS Collusion in Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

Russia has gone full throttle as far as war propaganda against the Pentagon. The MoD just released a collection of satellite images showing a number of Humvees and Cougars reoccupying ISIS camps after the latter left without a firefight. The aerial photographs, taken on September 8-12, 2017 in the areas of Daesh troops deployment, detected Continue reading Russian Satellite Photos Prove USISIS Collusion in Syria


UK imam preaches support for ISIS, barrister says theres a place for unconventional views "IndyWatch Feed War"

Michael Ivers QC, a barrister representing Hussain, argued there was a place for criticism and unconventional views and not toeing the line.' He is right. There is a place for Kamran Hussains views in Britain. The only unconventional views for which there is no place in Britain are opposition to jihad terror and Sharia oppression. []


They Threw Her Off The Train At Ivybridge For Sobbing In Her Sleep "IndyWatch Feed War"

She was sitting at the front of the carriage,
with a little lapdog on a folded blanket
upon the seat next to her.
The train jerked to a halt
at the country station of Ivybridge.
The Ticket Inspector
stooped and picked up the travel bag
from down by her feet,
banged the lit-up Open button
by the top side of the door,
stepped out and put it down
upon the platform, returning instantly.
You need to exit the train, madam,
and wait for the next one,
itll be here in 45 minutes.
Or call someone and arrange
an alternative mode of transportation.
Maybe the intervening time
will give you a chance to compose yourself.
I dont understand? What have I done?
You are obviously distraught
and upset about something
but, your Misery is unsettling
and bothering the other passengers.
Its a Bank Holiday weekend
and most people have picnics
and sandcastle building to be looking forward to.


Slow boat to China "IndyWatch Feed War"

There was a day
It was still called Cathay
By those in the West
Who travelled that way
Silk and tea
Porcelain and spice
They brought us
We even took rice.
For centuries
We bought there
Things we dont need
Brought for those
Whose moral was greed
The rice we still eat
The tea we still drink
But with preference
For substances
By which we dont think.
They sold us their goods
For silver we stole
We blasted their ports
Filled their cities with holes
Now that they make
All the things that we take
Our vanity cries
To tell them more lies
With centuries past
Recovery fast
No longer the first
Were afraid to be last.


Waiting at the Gates "IndyWatch Feed War"

I heard the oxygen machine humming
on the other end of the line
from the opposite side of the country
as your daughter (my aunt)
held the phone to your ear
so I could say a final goodbye
while the morphine continually dripped
to ease away the pain
youd been fighting for ages.

Let it never be said
that a soldier
cant also be an angel.
You served your time
faithfully here on earth
and have now been called back to heaven
to receive your rightful honors.

Ive been through this process before
with my father (your son)
a few years ago,
and while it will never be easy,
there is a certain sense of solace
in knowing that at least
he is already there
to help guide you home.


African Drum Beating "IndyWatch Feed War"

Hear O hear
Listen attentively to the thuds
Sweetly escaping the beating drum
Listen closely to its screams
Bewitchingly exploding
Expressions aforetime caged
Listen carefully to the beats
Rhythmically expelling sounds
Swollen with dreams long forgotten
The African drum sings songs of hope
The African drum speaks speeches of hope
In her every sound is sewn Africas sweat
A testament of toil, her toil maintaining peace
In her every tempo stands bold
Illuminated wishes of her people
Hear O hear
Africa loudly speaks.


the last call "IndyWatch Feed War"

i was surprised by your call
i rejoiced when i heard your voice
for i left you minutes before
you were tired
i was weary
we kissed and parted

when the phone rang
i was near the driveway
the ringing worked its way
through a forced focus on driving and tear filled eyes


i rejoiced when i heard your voice
and i knew the assistants, nurses, and doctors would watch over you during the night
until i returned to gaze into your beautiful blue eyes and hear the joyful sound of your voice


History is Now "IndyWatch Feed War"

Torch-wielding hate-mongers,
Your time is over.
Where once stood your statues
Will grow fields of clovers.
The hour grows late,
And your gaslights are dim.
Were not here anymore
To exist on your whim.
Your monuments crumble,
And fall piece by piece.
Those you oppress
Shall be released.
No more shall your rhetoric
Rule heart or mind.
The vile past you deify
Will be left behind.
Gnash your teeth in the darkness,
Wail, cry, and wring your hands
But our time is now.
Your lie no longer stands.


Refugee Or Immigrant? "IndyWatch Feed War"

When you are an immigrant
it is status, illegal
when you are refugee
it is non status, status quo
you dont know what you are
who you are
you are left to fend from bins
pick newspapers
the homes that shelter you totter
torn plastics cover your head
you are immigrant
not refugee, how dare?
(you or others call you one?)
you are Rohingyas
not Myanmarese
at best you are Bangladeshi
who also are immigrants- illegal
so you see it is full circle
this debate cause- effect- cause
but you are not refugee
you have no legal sanction
for such an honored position
in the meantime scrape dirt
and weep
nations sign treaties
you sign on sands of time.


Sen. Collins Says She Will Probably Vote No on Latest GOP Health-Care Bill "IndyWatch Feed War"

Its very difficult for me to imagine a scenario where I would end up voting for this bill

Updated Sept. 24, 2017 10:20 a.m. ET

WASHINGTONRepublican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine said Sunday she couldnt see herself voting for a revived effort to repeal the Obama-era Affordable Care Act, leaving GOP leaders with no room for further defections as they try to secure 50 votes for the bid this week.

Its very difficult for me to imagine a scenario where I would end up voting for this bill, Ms. Collins said on CNNs State of the Union on Sunday morning.


But the GOP leadership is still not giving up on its efforts to take away healthcare coverage.

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) on State of the Union CREDIT: CNN


Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) told CNNs Jake Tapper on State of The Un...


On a trip to Disney World "IndyWatch Feed War"

The granddaughter trailed behind her
Grandmother and aunt
When they passed by two young black women
Sitting on a bench outside a landscaped building

The grandmother said loudly
Thats the way she spoke
If they werent black theyd be pretty

The aunt looked down and sped up her step
The granddaughter halted and whispered
To the two young black women
Sitting on the bench
Im sorry

The two young black women shrugged their shoulders
And smiled seeming to say
We are sorry for you


Undermining Venezuelas socialist government nothing new for Canada "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Yves Engler September 23, 2017 Alongside Washington and Venezuelas elite, the Trudeau government is seeking to oust President Nicols Maduro. While Ottawas campaign has recently grown, official Canada has long opposed the pro-poor, pro-working class Bolivarian Revolution, which has won 19 of 21 elections since 1998. Following a similar move by the Trump []


Stones to Drones: A Short History of War on Earth "IndyWatch Feed War"

Gar Smith / World Beyond War #NoWar2017 Conference,
September 22-24 at American University in Washington, DC.

War is humanitys deadliest activity. From 500 BC to AD 2000 history records more than 1000 [1,022] major documented wars. In the 20th Century, an estimated 165 wars killed as many as 258 million people more than 6 percent of all the people born during the entire 20th century. WWII claimed the lives of 17 million soldiers and 34 million civilians. In todays wars, 75 percent of those killed are civilians mostly women, children, the elderly, and the poor.

The US is the worlds leading purveyor of war. Its our biggest export. According to Navy historians, from 1776 through 2006, US troops fought in 234 foreign wars. Between 1945 and 2014, the US launched 81% of the worlds 248 major conflicts. Since the Pentagons retreat from Vietnam in 1973, US forces have targeted Afghanistan, Angola, Argentina, Bosnia, Cambodia, El Salvador, Grenada, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, the Philippines, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, and the former Yugoslavia.

Wars against nature have a long history. The Epic of Gilgamesh, one of the worlds oldest tales, recounts a Mesopotamian warriors quest to kill Humbaba a monster who reigned over a sacred Cedar Forest. The fact that Humbaba was the servant of Enlil, the god of earth, wind, and air didnt stop Gilgamesh from killing this protector of Nature and felling the cedars.

The Bible (Judges 15:4-5) relates an unusual scorched-earth attack on the Philistines when Samson caught three hundred foxes and tied them tail-to-tail in pairs. He then fastened a torch to every pair of tails . . . and let the foxes loose in the standing grain of the Philistines.

During the Peloponnesian War, King Archidamus began his attack on Plataea by felling all the fruit trees surrounding the town.

In 1346, Mongol Tartars employed biological warfare to attack the Black Sea town of Caffa by catapulting bodies of plague victims over the fortified walls.

Poisoning water supplies and destroying crops and livestock are a proven means of subduing a population. Even today, these scorched-earth tactics remain a preferred way of dealing with agrarian societies in the Global South.

During the American Revolution, George Washington employed scorched-earth tactics against Native Americans who allied with British troops. The fruit orchards and corn crops of the Iroquois Nation were razed in hopes that their destruction would cause the Iroquois to perish as well.

The American Civil War featured Gen. Shermans March through Georgia and Gen. Sheridans campaign in Virginias She...


Indiana: Muslim Lyft driver charged with raping female passenger "IndyWatch Feed War"

We have seen a great deal of this sort of thing in Britain, and now it has come to the U.S. The Quran teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take captives of the right hand, 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The Quran says: []


According to Emmanuel Macron, the days of popular sovereignty are over "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Thierry Meyssan, September 5, 2017, via VoltaireNet Delivering a keynote speech before the most senior of French diplomats, President Macron revealed his conception of the world and the way in which he intends to use the tools at his disposal. According to him, there will be no more popular sovereignty, neither in France, nor in Europe, and therefore no more national or supra-national democracies. Neither will there be any more collective interest, no more Republic, but an ill-defined catalogue of things and ideas which compose the common good. Describing their new programme of work to the ambassadors, he informed them that they should no longer defend the values of their country, but find opportunities to act in the name of the European Leviathan. Entering into the details of certain conflicts, he described a programme of economic colonisation of the Levant and Africa. Participating in the traditional Ambassadors Week, President Macron gave his first general speech on foreign policy since his arrival at the Elyse Palace [1]. In this article, all the quotations in inverted commas


Across the wide Euphrates ... "IndyWatch Feed War"

"As the Syrian forces readies mass crossing of the Euphrates River, the Russian military has sent new self-propelled ferries to the oil-rich province of Deir Ezzor. Footage filmed a couple of days ago shows PMM-2M ferries unloading at the coastal...


We are at warNeocons Launch Committee to Investigate Russia "IndyWatch Feed War"

Posted on September 20, 2017  by Richard Edmondson We have been attacked. We are at war. These are the opening words in a video uploaded by a new group calling itself the Committee to Investigate Russia. The organization was founded by neocon David Frum and Hollywood actor Rob Reiner, who played the meathead in the 1970s sitcom All in []


Bomb Threats Epidemic: Psychological Warfare Against Russia Intensifies "IndyWatch Feed War"

In the forty-eighth edition of the Russian Newspapers Monitor, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses the articles from four Russian newspapers: Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Parlamentskaya Gazeta, Izvestia, and RBK. He discusses a new dimension of psychological warfare against Russia: the major Russian cities have been literally overwhelmed by false bomb threats. In addition, he presents the highlights of an exclusive interview with the most powerful woman in Russia, Valentina Matvienko, the president of the Federation Council, and explains why the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov will not go to Kiev to attend a meeting of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation. Lastly, he discusses the fact that the Chinese government-sponsored investors became the owners of the Russian oil stocks, thus taking another step forward in the geostrategic integration of vast Eurasian space.

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Show Notes

Nezavisimaya Gazeta September 15, 2017

Parlamentskaya Gazeta September 15, 2017

Izvestia September 19, 2017

RBK September 18, 2017


BYD Predicts Ambitious China Shift to Electric Cars by 2030 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Via: Reuters: Chinese automaker BYD Co Ltd (002594.SZ) expects the countrys shift to cleaner new-energy vehicles (NEV) to be complete in just over a decade, an aggressive timeframe that would challenge traditional carmakers in the world top auto market. All vehicles in the country will be electrified by 2030, which could range from full electric []


The BBC World Services Hamas-Fatah unity binge part three "IndyWatch Feed War"

As documented here previously (see here and here) the afternoon edition of the BBC World Service radio programme Newshour on September 17th devoted over a third of its airtime to coverage of a 106 word statement put out by Hamas earlier that day.

That subject was also the lead story in the evening edition of Newshour on the same day.

In the Palestinian territories, Hamas the faction thats ruled the Gaza Strip for the past decade says it is willing to dissolve the body that oversees the territory and to allow a unity government to sit ahead of new elections. We get reaction from an Israeli MP and a senior Hamas official.

Presenter James Coomarasamys dramatically worded introduction to the first part of the twelve minute-long item (fr...


Barzani expects no conflict with Baghdad, but no going back for Kurds "IndyWatch Feed War"


Region's president warns before independence vote Kurdistan will never return to 'failed relationship' with 'theocratic' Baghdad


2 Vietnamese fishermen killed in South China Sea incident with the Philippine Navy "IndyWatch Feed War"

5 other Vietnamese fishermen are arrested off the coast of Bolinao, Pangasinan

Published 5:45 PM, September 24, 2017
Updated 8:25 PM, September 24, 2017
ILLEGAL FISHING? Two Vietnamese fisherman were killed while 5 others were arrested on Saturday, September 23, some 60 nautical miles off the coast of Bolinao, Pangasinan.

ILLEGAL FISHING? Two Vietnamese fisherman were killed while 5 others were arrested on Saturday, September 23, some 60 nautical miles off the coast of Bolinao, Pangasinan.

CAGAYAN DE ORO, Philippines (3rd UPDATE) Two Vietnamese fishermen were killed while 5 others were arrested on Saturday, September 23, in an incident with the Philippine Navy in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), Rappler learned.

Lieutenant Jose Covarrubias, spokesman of the Naval Forces Northern Luzon, said the bodies of the two Vietnamese nationals were found aboard a foreign fishing vessel that trespassed...


Second Godman Indian guru arrested on rape charges "IndyWatch Feed War"

A popular guru was arrested Saturday by police in north-western India for allegedly raping a 21-year-old woman. The second such arrest in the country in recent weeks has triggered fears of more rioting by supporters.

Indien Eisenbahn berfllter Zug (Imago)Numerous gurus in India attract massive followings, with devotees often making long and arduous pilgrimages to attend their religious teachings

The 70-year-old Falahari Maharaja was arrested for assaulting a woman, a law student, at his hermitage in the city of Alwar, in the state of Rajastan, police spokesman Paras Jain said. The arrest took place in August.

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage and standing

Falahari Maharaj (Right)

Our initial investigation has found there is basis to the rape charges against him. We have arrested him and will question him in the case, Jain said. A court sent Maharaja to a prison for 15 days on Saturday, while the police complete their investigation into the case.

The unnamed woman was allegedly raped when she went to give the guru 3,000 rupees (45 dollars, 38 euros) she had earned for an internship with an attorney in New Delhi on his recommendation.

Local reports said she had been warned by the guru against telling anyone about the assault but broke her silence after another high-profile guru, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, was sentenced to 20 years in prison last month for raping two disciples.

The scene after riots following the conviction for rape of a religious leader in Panchkula on August 25, 2017The conviction of a religious leader on rape charges led to mass riots in Panchkula in late August

That decision triggered riots, something authoriti...


They are not riddles: The release of the detainee Maatouq The emergence of Abu Mustafa into public The Sub elections in Deir Al Zour : "IndyWatch Feed War"

They are not riddles: The release of the detainee Maatouq The emergence of Abu Mustafa into public The Sub elections in Deir Al Zour 24, 2017 Written by Nasser Kandil, The Americans and their allies endeavored to trade with the understanding accomplished by Hezbollah with ISIS after a clear victory on the militants []


"I joined the KEI family as a scholar in 2011..." "IndyWatch Feed War"

-- Aiman Banday, one of the many Kashmiri students who have received scholarships through our ally Kashmir Education Initiative.


Iran Nuclear Deal: Can The U.S. Walk Away? "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Eric R. Mandel
The Jerusalem Post
September 23, 2017

The Iran deal is not a fair deal to this country US President Donald Trump,

September 14, 2017

What if the Trump administration comes to the conclusion that the Iran agreement (JCPOA ) authored by the previous administration has destabilized the Middle East and undermined American interests? Since it was signed, Iran has actively supported the ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Sunnis, while being complicit in Syrian President Bashar Assads genocide of his own people.

Can the US wash its hands of the agreement, or are we stuck with it? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly asked President Trump to either amend or withdraw from the 2015 agreement. There is no doubt that president Barack Obama believed that he knew better than the Israelis what was in their best interest, but now there is a new sheriff in town, who for years has made it clear that he believes the Iran agreement is a danger to America.

Image may contain: 2 people, stripes, text and closeup

There are no American inspectors anywhere in Iran, or anyone else inspecting military sites, where agreement-breaking nuclear weapons development may be taking place. Can America withdraw or amend the agreement if Iran technically adheres to its commitment according to the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), which refuses to confront Iranian intransigence on military inspections? Can Trump say sayonara, even if the other members of the P5+1 think it is not in their interest to leave the agreement? The answer is yes, but with a few caveats.

First, the Iran deal is not what it was presented by its authors to be. President Obama signed an agreement that betrayed his own words, promising to end their nuclear program. The agreement in fact guarantees an internationally accepted nuclear program in eight more years.

However, critics of withdrawal point out that despite the agreement having never having been signed, it is a commitment that was witnessed by five other major powers, and the consequences of America withdrawing would cast doubt on Western assurances in the future, undermining future negotiations.

The JCPOA is the most important American treaty of the 21st century, except that it was never submitted to the Senate for approval as a treaty.

According to Bruce Fein in The Washington Times, the JCPOA was intended to constrain Irans nuclear ambitions in exchange for a relaxation of sanctions, and must be construed a...


Western Propaganda in Southeast Asia: A True Success Story "IndyWatch Feed War"

It is all done in a fully barefaced manner. Those who are not part of this world could never even dream about such a perfect design.

You come to your club, in my case to The Foreign Correspondent Club of Thailand (FCCT), and immediately the long arm of indoctrination begins stretching towards you.

US filmmakers of Neighbour at FCCT Bangkok

You place yourself on a comfortable couch, and soon after get fully serviced. You get instructed, told what to think and how to formulate or modify your ideas.

You are periodically shown movies about corruption and immorality in China. You get encouraged to participate in some public discussions that are, among other things, trashing the anti-Western president of the Philippines.

Although lately also the Middle East, and particularly Syria, are brought into the spotlight.

Of course, almost all that is on offer in such places like FCCT is the Western view, or concretely a set of Western views raging from conservative to liberal. The club is located in Asia, in the heart of Southeast Asia, but very few Asians are invited to speak here, except the few Thais who are well versed in the Western way of thinking. Or Western agents like the Dalai Lama, of course such individuals can come anytime they want! Forget about hearing from the other side youd never stumble here over speakers such as Communist thinkers or writers from Mainland China, or pro-Duterte academics or activists from the Philippines.

Most of the Thais who get spotted at the FCCT are actually those who provide support services for the Western gurus of mainstream media: interpreters, fixers, waiters and as well as some administrative support staff.

This is not a place for Asians to lecture Westerners about Asia; this is where Westerners tell Asians how to think in general, and what to think about their own countries in particular.

On the same floor as the FCCT, right down the narrow carpeted corridor, there are the offices of the BBC, the NBC and several other mainstream Western media outlets. The Penthouse of the Maneeya Center Building in Bangkok is actually a self-sufficient propaganda complex.



Robert Parry: The Crazy Imbalance of Russia-Gate Ignoring Israels Control of US National Security, Foreign Policy, and Media "IndyWatch Feed War"

Robert Parry

The Crazy Imbalance of Russia-gate

If the concern is that American political campaigns are being influenced by foreign governments whose interests may diverge from whats best for America, why not look at countries that have caused the United States far more harm recently than Russia?

After all, Saudi Arabia and its Sunni Wahabbi leaders have been pulling the U.S. government into their sectarian wars with the Shiites, including conflicts in Yemen and Syria that have contributed to anti-Americanism in the region, to the growth of Al Qaeda, and to a disruptive flow of refugees into Europe.

And, lets not forget the 8,000-pound gorilla in the room: Israel. Does anyone think that whatever Russia may or may not have done in trying to influence U.S. politics compares even in the slightest to what Israel does all the time?

Read full article.


Phil Giraldi: Americas Jews Driving Americas Wars "IndyWatch Feed War"

Philip Giraldi

Americas Jews Are Driving Americas Wars

Shouldnt they recuse themselves when dealing with the Middle East?
Phi Beta Iota: He names names. What he does not do is emphasize the degree to which Members of Congress are being both bribed and blackmailed by Zio-Cons.


Iran halts flights to Iraqi Kurdistan, starts war games on border "IndyWatch Feed War"


Iran strongly opposes Monday's Kurdish referendum vote and fears it could fuel separatism among its own Kurds


Suspected acid attack in London leaves six injured "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | A police officer on duty at Stratford station in east London on June 6, 2017

LONDON (AFP)  A suspected acid attack in east London injured six people, police said Sunday adding that they had arrested a 15-year-old male.Police were called late Saturday to the Stratford Centre near Londons Olympic Stadium after a noxious substance was sprayed during an argument between two groups of males.

They said the incident was not terror related.

There were 431 acid attacks in London last year, 398 of which were carried out in Stratfords borough of Newham.

Police said the injuries sustained were not life-threatening or life-changing.

We are working with the Home Office to explore possible restrictions around the sale of corrosive substances in conjunction with retailers and manufacturers.

Witnesses told the Press Association that an argument had broken out shortly beforehand.

Burger King employee Hossen, 28, said a local homeless man came into the fast food outlet to wash acid off his face.



Kaliya Identify Woman Young: Humanizing Technology "IndyWatch Feed War"

Kaliya Hamlin Young

Humanizing technology

Its easier to turn technology in the direction of democracy and social justice when its developed with social and emotional intelligence..

One key element of the answer to that question is to generate a digital identity that is not under the control of a corporation, an organization or a government.

I have been co-leading the community surrounding the Internet Identity Workshop for the last 12 years. After many explorations of the techno-possibility landscape we have finally made some breakthroughs that will lay the foundations of a real internet-scale infrastructure to support what are called user-centric or self-sovereign identities.


Trump at the UN and Team America "IndyWatch Feed War"

The late North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il (in puppet form).The late North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il (in puppet form). (Photo: Screenshot from Team America: World Police)


WARNING: This article discusses an R-Rated satire movie with crude sexual themes, violence, racism etc. If you are easily offended, please do not read this article.

This weeks news is almost identical to the plot of the 2004 smash hit movie Team America: World Police, made by the creators of South Park.

Dont believe me?

North Koreas program of weapons of mass destruction pose a threat to the lives of millions of people, not to mention the stability of the fragile international order. There is strong evidence they are cooperating with Islamist extremists in Iran to secure nuclear weapons capabilities for both countries. Left-wing activist movements with a strong media presence urge restraint and negotiations and blame American aggression for the crisis. An effete and ineffectual United Nations meddles and hand-wrings, but ultimately does nothing. Meanwhile erstwhile allies look on askance at what they see as Americas crass, boorish, cowboy approach, lamenting that force alone cannot solve geopolitical problems. Many are asking if ...


Arab Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling "IndyWatch Feed War"

Illustrative photo of from a Muslim weddingIllustrative photo of from a Muslim wedding (Photo: Wikimedia Commons/ Nabeelktd)


Women in Arab countries have been slowly breaking the glass ceiling in an unlikely profession as officiators of marriage and divorce.

Over the last years, governments in Tunisia, Egypt the UAE and the Palestinian territories appointed qualified women to be officiators, a job once monopolized by men. Tunisia, which appointed its first woman to the position in 2007.

I was the first woman appointed to this job, said Doucha a-Sachbani. It was in a rural village and the men who held this position before me were sheikhs and others who had graduated from high institutions for judges. The job was hard in every way but particularly because I had to fight against all the old customs, and I wasnt even from the area.

But despite all the difficulties, marriages are now being officiated by a woman. The people have a choice either to use a man that they know or me.

The next year Egypt followed suit, appointing Amal Suileman Affifi to the position. Despite the fact that Affifi had a degree in law, a group of men who worked in the profession demanded the government only appoint men citing the limitations of women in sharia law.

Their demand was rejected.

Seven years later, the government appointed another woman, Waffa Kuttub, to the position. Kuttab has a masters degree in law and sharia and is the youngest person in Egypt ever appointed as a marriage and divorce officiator.

In the entirety of the Gulf States, only one woman has been appointed to such a position. In 2008, Fatima el-Awani was appointed in Abu Dabi by the United Arab Emirates. After obtai...


Yemen's Hadi sees only a military solution to crisis "IndyWatch Feed War"


On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, the Saudi-backed president says 'intransigence' of the Houthi rebels is prolonging Yemen's civil war


China Steps Up Ideology Drive on College Campuses "IndyWatch Feed War"

Party schools: Xi Jinping bolsters lessons in Marxism ahead of leadership congress

Sept. 24, 2017 7:00 a.m. ET

 Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling

BEIJINGChina may have poured billions into making its universities more globally competitive, but its idea of a quality education is guided more than ever by the Communist Party.

In a drumbeat that has accelerated ahead of Octobers twice-a-decade Party Congress, President Xi Jinpings campaign to rein in civil society, online media and speech has extended to the classroom.

Top universities seen as insufficiently rigorous in their ideological work are being shamed. Professors who speak out are punished. The government is sending observers to nearly 2,600 universities to monitor mandatory ideology classes, which include staples like Mao Zedong thought.

What they most want to see is whether what youre saying is in line with the official demands on ideology and values, said Xiao Wei, who will be sitting in on classes in Shanghai this fall as part of a group of some 100 professors examining the quality of ideological education in the city. They also want to understand how effective [the classes] are, said Mr. Xiao, a professor of Marxism at Shanghais elite Fudan University.



Danish Prime Minister warns of emergence of Muslim parallel societies, no-go zones "IndyWatch Feed War"

Its very late to come to this realization, butbetter late than never. Danish Prime Minister Warns of the Emergence of Muslim Parallel Societies, No-Go Zones, by Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, September 22, 2017 (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur): Danish Prime Minister Lars Lkke Rasmussen has warned that his country may be seeing a rise of Muslim parallel []


#Catalonia: Statement by #CNT Union of #Catalunya & Balearic Islands "IndyWatch Feed War"

Statement by the anarchist CNT union of Catalonia and Balearic Islands.


Originally published by CNT L Hospitalet.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Read all our reports about Catalonia; here.

Catalonia: Statement by CNT Union of Catalunya & Balearic Islands

The CNT local unions from Catalonia and the Balearic Islands publicly state our support for the self-determination of the Catalan people.

As anarcho-syndicalists, we dont think that political reforms within a capitalist framework can reflect our desire for social transformation, a change that would place production and consumption means in workers hands. Because of this, our daily struggles do not focus on creating new states or backing parliamentary initiatives.

However, we cant look the other way when regular people are being attacked...


Quetta Is Home-Base For the Afghan Taliban, Just Ask Any Hazara (Shiite) In Balochistan "IndyWatch Feed War"

[Pakistani officials will never stop lying about its safe-havens for the Afghan Taliban, and they will never admit the truth about the so-called Quetta shura, home-base for the Mullah Mansour branch of the Afghan Taliban.]

Kuchlak area of Balochistan, HQ for Mullah Akhtar Mansour Group 

Kharotabad: A Taliban safe havenOct 17, 2011

Mullah Mansour Reportedly Killed AgainThis Time By Drone In Balochistan



Soldiers of the Russian Northern Fleet in the Donbas in 2014 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Much is known about the participation of Russian marines in the war in eastern Ukraine. In the...

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US to Plunder Afghanistan"s Mineral Riches "IndyWatch Feed War"

Endless US aggression in Afghanistan has nothing to do with combating terrorism (America supports it), everything to do with controlling the country, using it for oil and gas pipelines, part of encircling Russia and China with US military bases, and plundering vast Afghan mineral riches likely worth trillions of dollars, a prize corporate predators covet.


Why North Korea? "IndyWatch Feed War"

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My Threats Are Bigger Than Your Threats

Behind all the hysteria over North Korea lies the basic question: why would rather small North Korea embark on a nuclear war with the United States?


Sunday palate cleanser: The Flying Dutchman "IndyWatch Feed War"

with Bryn Terfel as the Dutchman, Operhaus Zurich 2013, Libretto


The Silent Terrorism on Our Doorsteps "IndyWatch Feed War"

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The Silent Terrorism on Our Doorsteps

Why aren't mass killings related to domestic violence given the same media attention as Islamic terrorism?


David Davis dismisses made up 40bn Brexit bill as he tries to calm Tory backlash "IndyWatch Feed War"

Brexit Secretary also said the power of the European Court of Justice in the UK will end in 2019

By Lizzy Buchan Political Correspondent

The Independent


David Davis has sought to calm Tory anger over Theresa Mays Brexit speech by saying the UK will not face a 40bn divorce bill as a result of leaving the EU.

Ahead on the next round of crunch talks with Brussels, the Brexit Secretary said reports around the final financial settlement were made up and claimed the power of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) would end in 2019 when Britain formally leaves the bloc.

Ms May used a landmark speech in Florence to propose a two-year transition period after Brexit with similar arrangements, prompting concern among Tory Eurosceptics over the prospect of staying in the single market and keeping freedom of movement.

However cracks are already beginning to show at the top of the party amid reports Boris Johnson has demanded commitments Britain will not adopt any new EU rules during the transition period.

Mr Davis conceded that the UK would pay around 10bn a year to the EU up to 2019 but he rejected claims the final settlement could be far higher.

He told BBC Ones Andrew Marr Show: Things like pensions and other things, these are debatable to say the least.

The last time we went through line by line and challenged quite a lot of the legal basis of these things and well continue to do tha...


Morgan Freeman Joins Propaganda War Effort "IndyWatch Feed War"

Morgan Freeman, the Oscar winner and five-time Golden Globe nominee, is featured in a video running on the organization website, encouraging Americans to fight back against Russia's influence. We have been attacked. We are at war, says the movie star, calling on President Trump to address the nation about the attack the United States came under during the presidential election...


UK credit rating downgraded due to Brexit uncertainty Moody Blues "IndyWatch Feed War"

Moodys agency said it is no longer confident that the UK government will be able to secure a replacement free trade agreement with the EU which substantially mitigates the negative economic impact of Brexit

By Ben Kentish

The Independent
theresa-may-speech-12.jpgTheresa May hoped her speech in Florence would provide clarity on the UKs Brexit negotiating position Getty

The UKs credit rating has been downgraded by Moodys Investor Service because of economic uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

The downgrade came just hours after a major speech by Theresa May, which she had hoped would clarify the UKs position on Brexit.

Moodys also said an easing of austerity was behind its decision to lower the UKs rating.

The news will come as a huge blow to Ms May just hours after her speech in Florence, Italy, in which she confirmed that Britain will leave the European single market but offered little clarity on plans for an alternative economic relat...


The Sordid History Of State Sponsored Terrorism Against Iran "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Sordid History Of State Sponsored Terrorism Against Iran For decades, Western empires have waged a silent war against Iran, using tactics ranging from supporting known terrorist groups to deposing the countrys leaders and leveraging regional rivalries. The war continues today, even as the U.S. condemns Iran for sponsoring terrorism itself. With blood still fresh []


Free Raif Badawi: Plea at UN Human Rights Council "IndyWatch Feed War"

Activists hold banners as they demonstrate outside the Saudi Arabian Embassy against the recent Saudi court ruling that upheld a previous verdict of ten years in prison and 1,000 lashes for Saudi blogger Raif Badawi on June 11, 2015 in Berlin, Germany.Activists hold banners as they demonstrate outside the Saudi Arabian Embassy against the recent Saudi court ruling that upheld a previous verdict of ten years in prison and 1,000 lashes for Saudi blogger Raif Badawi on June 11, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo: Carsten Koall / Getty Images)


President Donald Trump in his address to the UN General assembly in New York last week critiqued some of those countries holding positions in the human rights council that offer no human rights for their own citizens.

I tend to agree with him as I have seen during my trips to the UNHRC in the past five years the rise of the influence of the OIC and the plight of certain communities under authoritarian regimes.

There is a consensus that the United Nations is a body that is impotent and has no influence on world events. In a way that is correct. However, it is the only international body we have, and sooner or later, we do make a difference since everything is tabled and recorded.

At the very least, the member states who attend are forced to listen.

This was the case as I headed out to Geneva for the 36th session of UNHRC. I am accredited with The Center for Inquiry in Washington and was accompanied by Robyn Blumner, president and CEO of CFI. We agreed to be there during the middle week of the session when most people are there.

Apart from the formal sessions and the plenary, the council is a place that is always buzzing. There are more people schmoozing in the Serpentine bar than in the main hall where the statements are made. There is a buzz of different languages, costumes and cultures which holds the attention.

Added to this are the peacocks roaming the gardens of the council. The place...


How Merkel"s Win May Hide Rising Discontent "IndyWatch Feed War"

With German Chancellor Merkel expected to win reelection on Sunday, the European elites may celebrate having turned back a populist surge, but their neo-liberal policies continue to fuel discontent, says Andrew Spannaus.


UKs Boris Johnson opposes adopting any new EU rules during Brexit transition "IndyWatch Feed War"


Image may contain: 1 person, standing and suit

Boris Johnson, Britains Foreign Secretary, arrives for a cabinet meeting at 10 Downing Street in London, September 21, 2017. REUTERS-Toby Melville


LONDON (Reuters) British foreign minister Boris Johnson will oppose any move to adopt European Union regulations made after Britain leaves the bloc in March 2019, the Sunday Telegraph newspaper reported, risking reigniting divisions over Brexit.

Johnson, who campaigned to leave the EU in last years referendum, is one of Britains highest-profile politicians and seen as a possible replacement for Prime Minister Theresa May. On Friday, he praised a speech by May in which she set out her plan for a roughly two-year transition period after Brexit.

But the Telegraph reported that Johnson had set out a new set of demands, reviving talk of a split among Mays senior ministers which has the potential to destabilize her minority government.

Boris will be one of those Cabinet ministers pushing to make sure we dont have any new EU rules and regulations during the transition, a cabinet source was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

Johnson had fueled talk of a leadership challenge ahead of Mays speech by publishing his own 4,000-word plan for Brexit which was seen as a criticism of Mays more cautious approach.

Mays transition plan, set out in the Italian city of Florence in a speech that sought to break an impasse in negotiations with the EU, underlined the importance of regulation to the future economic relationship with the bloc.

She highlighted the fact that Britain and the EU start with identical regulatory standards and said she wanted a practical app...


Russian General Staff to US: Youre Only Pretending to Fight ISIS Get Out of Our Way "IndyWatch Feed War"

Russian General Staff to US: Youre Only Pretending to Fight ISIS Get Out of Our Way   Defense Ministry Spokesman General Konashenkov Russian irritation with US support for ISIS is on full display This is a repeat of an article which ran this morning entitled: Areas With US Special Forces Are Source of Attacks []



2017 is supposed to be the year of disclosures, when classified files are scheduled for release. To be specific, 2017m is the year that



Bangladesh imposes mobile phone ban on Rohingya refugees "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | Bangladesh mobile phone providers have been threatened with fines if they provide any of the nearly 430,000 newly arrived refugees from Myanmar with phone plans

DHAKA (BANGLADESH) (AFP)  Bangladesh has banned telecommunication companies from selling mobile phone connections to Rohingya refugees, citing security concerns for the latest restrictions, officials said Sunday.Bangladeshs four mobile phone providers were threatened with fines if they provide any of the nearly 430,000 newly arrived refugees from Myanmar with phone plans while the ban is in force.

For the time being, they (Rohingya) cant buy any SIM cards, Enayet Hossain, a senior officer at the telecoms ministry, told AFP on Sunday.

The decision Saturday to impose a communication blackout on the stateless Muslim minority was justified for security reasons, said junior telecoms minister Tarana Halim.

Bangladesh already prohibits the sale of SIM cards to its own citizens who cannot provide an official identity card, in a bid to frustrate the organisational capacity of homegrown militants.

We took the step (of welcoming the Rohingya) on humanitarian grounds but at the same time our own security should not be compromised, Halim said, without elaborating on what specific risk the Rohingya posed.

Bangladeshs telecoms authority said the ban could be lifted once biometric identity cards are issued to the newly arrived refugees, a process the army says could take six months.

It is just the latest restriction imposed on the Rohingya who have fled in huge numbers from violence in neighbouring Rakhine State into squalid camps in Bangladeshs southernmost Coxs Bazar district in the past four weeks.

The nearly 430,000 refugees have been herded by the military into a handful of overstretched camps near the border, where tens of thousands live in the open without shelter.

Many have been evicted from squatting in forest and farmlands by police and soldiers, who have been ordered to keep the Rohingya from seeking shelter in major cities and nearby towns.

Roadblocks have been erected along major routes from the camp zones, where a dire shortage of food, water, shelter and toilets is creating what aid groups describe as a humanitarian crisis.

Some 5,100 have already been stopped at these checkpoints and returned to the designated camps, police said.

We have set up 11 check posts across the Coxs Bazar highway...


Trudeau Government seeking to oust Venezuelas President Nicolas Maduro "IndyWatch Feed War"

Alongside Washington and Venezuelas elite, the Trudeau government is seeking to oust President Nicols Maduro. While Ottawas campaign has recently grown, official Canada has long opposed the pro-poor, pro-working class Bolivarian Revolution, which has won 19 of 21 elections since 1998.

Following a similar move by the Trump Administration, Global Affairs Canada sanctioned 40 Venezuelans on Friday. In a move that probably violates the UN charter, the elected president, vice president and 38 other officials had their assets in Canada frozen and Canadians are barred from having financial relations with these individuals.

In recent months foreign minister Chrystia Freeland has repeatedly criticized Maduros government. She accused Caracas of dictatorial intentions, imprisoning political opponents and robbing the Venezuelan people of their fundamental democratic rights. Since taking office the Liberals have supported efforts to condemn the Maduro government at the Organization of American States (OAS) and promoted an international mediation designed to weaken Venezuelas leftist government (all the while staying mum about Brazils imposed president who has a 5% approval rating and far worse human rights violations in Mexico).

Beyond these public interventions designed to stoke internal unrest, Ottawa has directly aided an often-unsavoury Venezuelan opposition. A specialist in social media and political transition, outgoing Canadian ambassador Ben Rowswell told the Ottawa Citizen in August: We established quite a significant internet presence inside Venezuela, so that we could then engage tens of thousands of Venezuelan citizens in a conversation on human rights. We became one of the most vocal embassies in speaking out on human rights issues and encouraging Venezuelans to speak out. (Can you imagine the hue and cry if a Russian ambassador said something similar about Canada?) Rowswell added that Canada would continue to support the domestic opposi...


American Hypocrisy About Kurds "IndyWatch Feed War"

Donald Trumps address to the UN General Assembly on September 19 was a harangue of swaggering abuse and arrogant belligerence but his first public utterance, the day before, was not as spiteful and malevolent. Indeed it was greeted with relief and surprise by the many people who had expected a tirade against the United Nations Organisation on the lines of his comment that it was just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time, which was as absurd, insulting and vulgar as so many of his remarks.


Prayer and Meditation for Monday, September 25, 2017 No one who lights a lamp conceals it Nothing remains secret Everything will be known and brought to light St. Thomas Aquinas and the Theology of Death "IndyWatch Feed War"

Monday of the Twenty-fifth Week in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 449

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Reading 1 EZR 1:1-6

In the first year of Cyrus, king of Persia,
in order to fulfill the word of the LORD spoken by Jeremiah,
the LORD inspired King Cyrus of Persia
to issue this proclamation throughout his kingdom,
both by word of mouth and in writing:
Thus says Cyrus, king of Persia:
All the kingdoms of the earth
the LORD, the God of heaven, has given to me,
and he has also charged me to build him a house in Jerusalem,
which is in Judah.
Therefore, whoever among you belongs to any part of his people,
let him go up, and may his God be with him!
Let everyone who has survived, in whatever place he may have dwelt,
be assisted by the people of that place
with silver, gold, goods, and cattle,
together with free-will offerings
for the house of God in Jerusalem.'

Then the family heads of Judah and Benjamin
and the priests and Levites
everyone, that is, whom God had inspired to do so
prepared to go up to build the house of the LORD in Jerusalem.
All their neighbors gave them help in every way,
with silver, gold, goods, and cattle,
and with many precious gifts
besides all their free-will offerings.

Responsorial Psalm  PS 126:1B-2AB, 2CD-3, 4-5, 6

R. (3) The Lord has done marvels for us.
When the LORD brought back the captives of Zion,
we were like men dreaming.
Then our mouth was filled with laughter,
and our tongue with rejoicing.
R. The Lord has done marvels for us.
Then they said among the nations,
The LORD h...


Catalonia referendum: Spain moves to take over local policing "IndyWatch Feed War"

BBC News

Why some Catalans want independence

The Spanish authorities have moved to place all policing in Catalonia under central control to stop the disputed independence referendum on 1 October.

Col Diego Prez de los Cobos has been put in charge of Catalan and central police forces in the autonomous region.

The order was justified as a way to achieve better co-ordination. But the Catalan authorities rejected it, saying it was an unacceptable interference.

Thousands of extra police are being sent to the region to block the vote.

The Constitutional Court says the vote is illegal but Catalan leaders are determined to hold it.

The Spanish authorities have sought to stop the independence vote by seizing voting materials, imposing fines on top officials and arresting temporarily dozens of politicians.

The public prosecutors office justified the the appointment of Col Prez de los Cobos on the basis of a law governing joint operations in an autonomous region.

The order will remain in place until 1 October, Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia reports.



israel Doomed "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israel Doomed Lasha Darkmoon Darkmoon Sept 23, 2017 In ten years time, there will be no more Israel. Henry Kissinger, October 2012 PALESTINE, COME BACK AGAIN! A controversial article was published yesterday on the Darkmoon site. Written by brilliant political analyst Franklyn Ryckaert, it was called Israel Is Here To Stay. Within a []


Doctors Report Evidence of Rape in Myanmar Army Cleansing Campaign "IndyWatch Feed War"

COXS BAZAR, Bangladesh Doctors treating some of the 429,000 Rohingya Muslims who have fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar in recent weeks have seen dozens of women with injuries consistent with violent sexual attacks, U.N. clinicians and other health workers said.

The medics accounts, backed in some cases by medical notes reviewed by Reuters, lend weight to repeated allegations, ranging from molestation to gang rape, leveled by women from the stateless minority group against Myanmars armed forces.

Myanmar officials have mostly dismissed such allegations as militant propaganda designed to defame its military, which they say is engaged in legitimate counterinsurgency operations and under orders to protect civilians.

Zaw Htay, spokesman for Myanmars de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, said the authorities would investigate any allegations brought to them. Those rape victim women should come to us, he said. We will give full security to them. We will investigate and we will take action.

Image result for doctors treat rohingya muslims in bangladesh, photos

Rohingya refugees wait for aid in Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh, September 20, 2017

Suu Kyi herself has not commented on the numerous allegations of sexual assault committed by the military against Rohingya women made public since late last year.

Violence erupted in Myanmars northwestern Rakhine state following attacks on security forces by Rohingya militants last October. Further attacks on Aug. 25 provoked a renewed military offensive the United Nations has called ethnic cleansing.

Reuters spoke with e...


The Kurds: Historical Revisionism and the Real Reasons They Have Remained Stateless "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Kurds: Historical Revisionism and the Real Reasons They Have Remained Stateless By Sarah Abed, The Kurds are the largest group of nomadic people in the world that have remained stateless since the beginning of time. This fact has allowed Western powers to use the stateless plight of the Kurdish people as a tool to []


Trumps UN Speech, Hypocrisy and Lies "IndyWatch Feed War"

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U.S. Is Not Ready for the End of War in Syria. The White House does Not Want Peace "IndyWatch Feed War"

U.S. Is Not Ready for the End of War in Syria. The White House does Not Want Peace By Firas Samuri, It is no secret that the American government has been supporting terrorist groups during the entire Syrian conflict. One of these days, another fact proving this statement was recorded. On September 20, Hayat Tahrir []


How the US Became a Warmonger Police State "IndyWatch Feed War"

How the US Became a Warmonger Police State By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Professor David Ray Griffin is a tenacious person. He has written a number of carefully researched books that demonstrate the extraordinary shortcomings in the official account of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon and the subsequent anthrax attack. []


N. Koreas foreign minister says Trump is mentally deranged "IndyWatch Feed War"


Jewel Samad, AFP | North Koreas Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho addresses the 72nd session of the United Nations General assembly at the UN headquarters in New York on September 23, 2017.


Latest update : 2017-09-24

North Koreas foreign minister assailed US President Donald Trump at the United Nations on Saturday, deriding him as a mentally deranged leader whose threats had increased the chances of military confrontation.

Ri Yong-ho told the General Assembly that Trumps vow to totally destroy his country if necessary had made our rockets visit to the entire US mainland all the more inevitable.

Describing Trump as a mentally deranged person full of megalomania, Ri said the US leader who holds the nuclear button posed the gravest threat to international peace and security today.

In his first address to the General Assembly on Tuesday, Trump called leader Kim Jong-Un a Rocket Man on a suicide mission, prompting Kim to warn in turn that the US president would pay dearly for his threat.

Ri accused Trump of turning the United Nations into a gangsters nest where money is respected and bloodshed is the order of the day, and of insulting Kim.

None other than Trump himself is on a suicide mission, he declared.

The North Korean nuclear crisis has dominated this years gathering of world leaders at the United Nations amid fears that the heated rhetoric could accidentally trigger a war.

North Korea in recent weeks detonated its sixth nuclear bomb and has test-fired intercontinental missiles saying it needs to defend itself against hostility from the United States and its allies.

Trump later responded on Twitter, insulting Kim once more and appearing to threaten both men.

Just heard Foreign Minister of North Korea speak at U.N. If he echoes thoughts of Little Rocket Man, they wont be around much longer! he wrote late Saturday night.

Nuclear hammer of justice



Iran Ready to Use 10-Ton Bomb Against Americans "IndyWatch Feed War"

Anti-American graffiti in Tehran, tha capital of Iran. (Photo: ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images)Anti-American graffiti in Tehran, tha capital of Iran. (Photo: ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images)


Iran has a 10-ton bomb and is ready to use it against American soldiers, an Iranian general has claimed.

Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps airspace division claimed in an interview that Iran has the capacity to drop a 10-ton bomb he called the father of all bombs, from aircraft.

These bombs are at our disposal, can be launched from aircraft, and they are highly destructive, he told Fars News Agency.

Hajizadeh also claimed to have infiltrated American bases in Iraq and Syria, according to a report by the Washington Free Beacon. We have infiltrated into the Americans command control centers over the recent years. We have been present there. We saw what locations they were observing and targeting.

In other news, the U.S. is concerned over possible Iranian violations of the nuclear agreement signed with previous US President Barack Obama. Nevertheless, President Trump signed a sanctions waiver last week that was promised as part of the deal.



Iran Threatens US Ships With Missiles: What Gives?

Iran Threatens to Prevent US Passage Thru Straits of Hormuz

Top Ranking Iranian Generals Threaten Saudi Arabia & USA


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Fighter jets, drones on table as Mattis visits key ally India "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File / by Abhaya SRIVASTAVA | Fighter jets, drone deals and shared concerns over Afghanistans security challenges look set to dominate the agenda when US Defence Secretary James Mattis (L) visits India this week

NEW DELHI (AFP)  Fighter jets, drone deals and shared concerns over Afghanistans security look set to dominate the agenda when US Defense Secretary James Mattis visits India this week.Mattis is scheduled to arrive late Monday and is set to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his new defence minister, in the first visit by a top US official since Donald Trump became president in January.

The United States views India as a valued and influential partner, with broad mutual interests extending well beyond South Asia, a Pentagon statement said.

Trump and Modi met in June in Washington and the visit by Mattis is a sign the political leadership in both countries place defence cooperation as a top priority, Mukesh Aghi, president of the US India Strategic Partnership Forum, told AFP.

Delhi and Washington share concerns about Afghanistan, with Trump announcing a new strategy for the war-torn country last month which cleared the way for the deployment of thousands more US troops.

The president has urged India to increase assistance to Afghanistans economy, and has lambasted Delhis arch-rival Pakistan for offering safe haven to agents of chaos.

Mattis will express US appreciation for Indias important contributions toward Afghanistans democracy, stability, prosperity, and security, the Pentagon said.

Experts are not expecting any Indian boots on the ground, though there may be some role for Indian military expertise in supporting the US-led training and advisory mission with Afghan security forces.

India has long vied with Pakistan for influence in Afghanistan, building dams, roads and a new parliament in the troubled country. Last year it offered some $1 billion in aid.

Delhi frequently accuses Islamabad of stirring up violence in Afghanistan and harbouring militant groups.

Arms sales

In 2016 the United States designated India a Major Defence Partner with the aim of increasing military cooperation and cutting red tape to ease defence deals.

Mattiss predecessor Ashton Carter pushed hard for stronger defence ties and the Trump administration has not signalled any intention of chan...


How Childish, US Bombers Fly Off North Koreas Coast to Display Military Force "IndyWatch Feed War"

US Bombers Fly Off North Koreas Coast to Display Military Force Sputnik 23.09.2017 US airforce B-1B Lancer bombers escorted by fighter jets are displaying American military might near North Koreas coast. The US bombers flew in the international airspace off the North Korean eastern coast. This military muscle-flexing is aimed to demonstrate the range of US military options available to Donald []


Six injured in east London acid attack "IndyWatch Feed War"

BBC News

Footage of police and other emergency services around Stratford has been shared on social media

Six people have been injured in Stratford, east London, in a reported acid attack.

Police were called to Stratford Centre, opposite Westfield, just before 20:00 BST, following an altercation between two groups of males where a noxious substance was thrown.

Ambulance crews treated six males at the scene for their injuries, and three of them were taken to hospital.

A 15-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm.

Those reported injured were believed to be in a number of different locations, sparking initial fears that people had been sprayed at random.

However the Met Police said those injured were connected to the initial attack.

Police cordon off part of the area

Ch Supt Ade Adelekan said: I would like to be very clear concerning this incident.

What initially may have been perceived as a number of random attacks has, on closer inspection, been found to be one incident involving two groups of males.

No-one suffered life-threatening or life-changing injuries.

Witnesses at the scene said an argument had broken out among a group of people.

A man who gave his name as Hossen, an assistant manager at Burger King, said a victim had run into the fast food chain to wash acid off his face.



US bombers stage North Korea show of force "IndyWatch Feed War"

BBC News

This picture taken on September 23, 2017 and released from North KoreaA large mass anti-US rally was held in Pyongyang on Saturday. AFP PHOTO/KCNA VIA KNS

US bombers have flown close to North Koreas east coast to demonstrate the military options available to defeat any threat, the Pentagon has said.

It said the flight was the farthest north of the demilitarised zone between the Koreas that any US fighter jet or bomber had flown in the 21st Century.

Tensions have risen recently over Pyongyangs nuclear programme.

At the UN, North Koreas foreign minister said US President Donald Trump was on a suicide mission.

Ri Yong-hos comments to the General Assembly mimicked Mr Trumps remarks at the UN on Tuesday, when he called North Korean leader Kim Jong-un a rocket man on a suicide mission.

Mr Ri added that insults by Mr Trump who was, he said, mentally deranged and full of megalomania were an irreversible mistake making it inevitable that North Korean rockets would hit the US mainland.

Mr Trump, the foreign minister said, would pay dearly for his speech, in which he also said he would totally destroy North Korea if the US was forced to defend itself or its allies.

The US president responded to the speech on Twitter by saying Mr Ri and Mr Kim wont be around much longer if they continue their rhetoric.



Trump aims to achieve congressional balancing act on taxes "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Associated Press

Donald Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) President Donald Trump says he wants to lure Democratic lawmakers to sign on to a Republican-crafted tax overhaul plan but negotiators must deal with the reality that any handouts to Democrats could quickly turn into turnoffs for the GOP.

The White House and tax-writing Republican leaders are expected to begin filling in some of the details this coming week on Trumps plan to simplify the tax system, a legislative priority for the president. The White House views this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to simplify taxes and cut rates, while giving Trump a much-needed victory as the Republicans struggle to overturn the Obama health care law.

The specifics are taking shape. Trumps efforts to draw in a few Democrats could mean youre going to lose a few Republicans, said Mark Weinberger, CEO of the accounting firm EY. But he added: He wants to get 51 votes period in the Senate so it is possible you might lose a few Republicans and pick up a few Democrats who are in states that Trump won.

While the plan is not finalized, Trump is already planning to promote it heavily. He will travel to Indiana on Wednesday, and aides are discussing a televised speech, according to people familiar with White House plans.

People familiar with the plan being written entirely by Republicans said the administration is considering lowering the corporate tax rate from its current 35 percent to somewhere in the low 20s. The plan probably would seek tax cuts across the board for individuals and reduce the number of tax brackets from seven to three. The administration is considering whether to repeal the estate tax, long a Republican cause, according to these people, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations still underway.

Republican leaders had promised an overhaul that would not add to the deficit. Republicans are talking about cuts whose costs would be justified by assumptions of greater economic growth.

Lawmakers on the House Ways and Means Committee planned to meet Sunday night and Monday to discuss taxes, and House Republicans are set to meet privately away from the Capitol on Wednesday, according to aides familiar with the plans.

The White...


Saudi Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir at UN Demands Qatar Stop Terror Support Wants Iran Out of Yemen "IndyWatch Feed War"


By Kambiz Foroohar

September 23, 2017, 1:45 PM EDT
  • Al-Jubeir warns of Irans role in Yemen hurting regional peace
  • Says no military solution to Yemen crisis entering fourth year
Saudi Arabia Foreign Minister Adel Ahmed Al-Jubeir.

 Photographer: Bryan R. Smith/AFP via Getty Images

Qatars support for terrorism has destabilized the region and Doha must stop its financing of terror groups, Saudi Arabias Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir told leaders at the annual United Nations General Assembly.

In a relatively restrained address, Jubeir demanded that Qatar abide by the previous agreements it had made and warned of Irans meddling in Yemen.

The Saudis, backed by United Arab Emirates and two other regional allies, broke off diplomatic ties with Qatar in early June, imposed an economic embargo, and cut transport links. The Saudi coalition has made a number of demands, including the closing of Qatar-based broadcaster Al Jazeera and expelling certain political groups.

QuickTake on Why Qatar Crisis Defies Rapid Resolution



Taliban shuts down clinics providing medical care in southern Afghan province "IndyWatch Feed War"


KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (Reuters) The Taliban has shut down dozens of clinics in the southern Afghan province of Uruzgan in the past few days, officials said, amid demands for special treatment for its fighters who control most of the embattled region.

Dost Mohammad Nayab, a spokesman for the provincial governor, said authorities were talking to elders, asking them to intercede with the Taliban to allow the clinics to reopen.

Hospitals are not places for politics and we are asking the Taliban to let our doctors and healthcare workers return, Nayab said.

 {Photo: Dominic Chavez}
Photo: Dominic Chavez

Only three clinics, including the provincial hospital, were operating after the Taliban shut down 46 of the 49 treatment centers in Uruzgan since Friday, Nayab said. The Taliban were asking for special treatment for their fighters, he said.

We have asked elders in the areas to talk to the Taliban to fix this problem, he said.

Uruzgan, which abuts the Taliban heartlands of Kandahar and Helmand, has been under intense pressure from the insurgents for years and the defences of the provincial capital Tarin Kot were briefly overrun last year.

Image result for Kandahar, Helmand, Uruzgan map

A Taliban spokesman confirmed that its fighters had closed down dozens of treatment centers but said it was done because of poor services, underlining its push to replace basic government services in many areas under its control.

In most of these centers there was no proper medication. There were no doctors or healthcare personnel, the spokesman said. We asked repeatedly for better services but no one cared. Now if the local administration do not provide basics, we will.

The incident underlines the difficulty the Western-backed government in Kabul has in exerting control in provincial regions where the insurgency is strongest.

U.S. officials estimate that the Taliban, fighting to drive out foreign forces and impose strict Islamic law on Afghanistan, control or contest around 40 percent of the country, although they have not taken any major provincial city.

Uruzgan province was identified by U.S. commanders as a major priority for 2017 and there has been a big focus on bolstering Afghan forces with on-the-ground U.S. training teams.

Reporting by Sayed Sarwar Zamani Amani; Wr...


Germans Go To The Election Polls "IndyWatch Feed War"

Germans are voting in a federal election that is expected to deliver a fourth term to Chancellor Angela Merkel. It is also expected to see the right-wing populist AfD party enter parliament for the first time.

German Reichstag building

Polling stations opened at 8 a.m. local time (0600 UTC) on Sunday at 88,000 locations across Germany.

Some 61.5 million people are eligible to cast their ballots in the long-awaited election, in which Chancellor Angela Merkels conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), along with its Bavarian sister party the Christian Social Union (CSU), is projected to win the largest share of votes.

Opinion polls put the CDU/CSU blocs popularity at 34-36 percent, ahead of the Social Democrats (SPD)s 21-22 percent  a lead that suggests Merkels victory is all but assured. If the polls are to be believed, the 2017 election will also see a far-right party, the Alternative for Germany (AfD), win seats in the Bundestag.

First projections of the election results are expected when the polls close at 6 p.m.

Infografik DeutschlandTrend Sonntagsfrage 14.09.2017 ENG

Steinmeier: Go and vote!

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Sunday issued an appeal to citizens to cast their ballots.

Voting is a civic duty. Go and vote! the former foreign minister wrote in an opinion piece published in the Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

Every vote counts your vote counts, Steinmeier said. People who dont vote allow others to decide the future of our country.

Turnout is expected to be higher than the 2013 participation rate of 71.5 percent. According to the Federal Office of Statistics, one-third of voters are older than 60, meaning the German electorate has never been this old. The number of first-time voters has remained stable at around 3 million.



The Kurds that have signed up to Daesh "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Western Press is presenting Daesh as a racist organization that would be fighting Kurds simply because they are Kurds. Baloney: there are Kurdish units within Daesh. Abu al-Hadi al-Iraqi was the Kurdish leader in Al-Qaeda. During the CIA's Operation Cyclone against the Soviets, he led Al-Quaeda's Kurdish camp. After the US invasion, he managed the Ashara guest house in Kabul, as al Quaeda's number three man. Now he is being detained in Guantanamo. In November, the Islamic Emirate in (...)


Tensions Rise as U.S. Warplanes Skirt North Korean Coast, Pyongyangs Envoy Sharpens Threats Strikes by North Korea are inevitable, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho suggests "IndyWatch Feed War"

Eight American planes prowl coastline as Pyongyang warns of inevitable attack on U.S.

Updated Sept. 23, 2017 11:25 p.m. ET

In a new escalation of hostility between Washington and Pyongyang, North Koreas foreign minister warned in a United Nations speech Saturday that a rocket attack on the U.S. mainland was inevitable, while U.S. warplanes flew off the east coast of North Korea in an explicit show of force.

The eight U.S. aircraft flew close to the North Korean coastline while remaining in international airspace, the Pentagon said in a statement, adding it was the farthest north of the demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea that American warplanes have flown since Pyongyang started testing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons in the 1990s.

This mission is a demonstration of U.S. resolve and a clear message that the president has many military options to defeat any threat, Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said. We are prepared to use the full range of military capabilities to defend the U.S. homeland and our allies.

The moves on Saturday capped a week of hostility between the two countries and involving their top leaders. The rising animosity has spurred world leaders to call for restraint and diplomacy, but neither capital has shown an inclination to back down from the standoff.

President Donald Trump this week derided North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as Rocket Man, saying he was on a suicide mission and that the U.S. would annihilate North Korea if forced to defend itself or its allies. He drew a personal response from Mr. Kim, who called Mr. Trump deranged and warned of retaliation.

On Saturday, North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho suggested at the annual General Assembly gathering that military strikes by his country are inevitable. North Korea has been steadily advancing in both its missile and nuclear-warhead programs and is considered close to possessing the capability of an intercontin...


Saudi Arabia Says It Shot Down Ballistic Missile From Yemen "IndyWatch Feed War"

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia says it shot down a ballistic missile fired by Shiite rebels and their allies in Yemen during the kingdoms National Day.

A statement carried early Sunday by the state-run Saudi Press Agency said the missile targeted Khamis Mushait, a city in southwestern Saudi Arabia thats home to the King Khalid Air Base.

Image result for yemen, scud missiles, photos

SCUD type ballistic missile

The statement says the missile was intercepted and destroyed without any casualties and Saudi forces later attacked the missiles launch site inside of Yemen.

A Saudi-led coalition has been fighting Shiite rebels known as Houthis in Yemen since March 2015. The Houthis and their allies have access to a stockpile of Soviet-era Scud missiles and locally designed variants.

The war has killed more than 10,000 civilians. The United Nations has criticized Saudi-led airstrikes for killing civilians.

Image result for yemen, scud missiles, photos

Saudi Arabia Patriot anti-missile batteries


Trump criticises nuclear deal after Irans missile test "IndyWatch Feed War"


Brendan Smialowski, AFP | US President Donald Trump during a meeting in Huntsville, Alabama, on September 22, 2017.


Latest update : 2017-09-24

President Donald Trump on Saturday pointed to a reported missile test by Iran to renew his criticism of the nuclear agreement it reached with the U.S. and other nations.

Irans Revolutionary Guard on Friday displayed its latest ballistic missile capable of reaching Israel and much of the Middle East. The U.S. opposes Irans ballistic missile program and Trump signed a bill last month imposing penalties on those involved with it.

Video of the test firing of a Khoramshahr medium-range ballistic missile aired Friday on Irans state TV. The time or location of the test was not mentioned in the report.

Trump tweeted Saturday about the public unveiling of the missile: Iran just test-fired a Ballistic Missile capable of reaching Israel. They are also working with North Korea. Not much of an agreement we have!

The nuclear agreement reached during the Obama administration doesnt strictly prohibit Iran from developing missiles.

Trump has suggested he might seek to renegotiate the nuclear deal or abandon it. He told the U.N.General Assembly on Tuesday that the accord was nothing short of an embarrassment and the worst one-sided deal perhaps in American history.

Officials have said Trump might use the Oct. 15 deadline for certifying to Congress whether Iran is in compliance with the nuclear deal to either declare Iran in violation or determine that the agreement is no longer in the national security interest of the U.S.

The tweet was one of several issued by Trump on Saturday covering a range of topics: athletes protesti...


BBC Watch prompts amendment to inaccurate BBC map "IndyWatch Feed War"

For almost two years the BBC News website has been using maps credited to UNOCHA and/or the political NGO Btselem which purport to inform audiences about the geo-political status of Jerusalem and Judea & Samaria.

As has been noted here on numerous occasions in the past, those maps describe the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalems Old City along with many other locations of pre-1948 Jewish habitation as Israeli settlements and as regular readers are aware the BBC consistently steers its audience towards the view that such neighbourhoods and communities are considered illegal under international law.

BBC tells audiences location of centuries-old Jewish habitation is an illegal settlement

Mapping the BBCs use of partisan maps

Continuing documentation of the BBCs BTselem map binge

Among the inaccurate features on those maps is the portrayal of the Hebrew University and Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus as Israeli settlements.



Taliban Kill District Police Chief in Southern Afghanistan 3 Police Chiefs Are Killed in a Month in Nearby Ghazni Province "IndyWatch Feed War"

KABUL, Afghanistan An Afghan official says the Taliban have killed a district police chief in the southern Helmand province.

Omar Zwak, the spokesman for the provincial governor, says the officer was killed late Saturday when gunmen attacked his vehicle during a patrol. Another police officer was wounded.

The Taliban, who have stepped up their attacks against security forces in recent years, claimed responsibility.




New Zealands Ruling Party Ahead After Poll but Kingmaker in No Rush to Decide "IndyWatch Feed War"

WELLINGTON The leaders of New Zealands main parties prepared on Sunday to start talks with Winston Peters, the leader of a nationalist party who emerged as kingmaker after an inconclusive general election, but Peters indicated he was in no rush to pick a side.

Prime Minister Bill Englishs National Party won the largest number of votes in Saturdays general election, securing a comfortable margin over the Labour opposition after what had shaped as one of the closest votes in recent history.

But it was Peters and his often controversial New Zealand First Party who emerged in a position of power, with both National and Labour needing his support to form a government under New Zealands proportional representation system.

TOP leader Gareth Morgan speaks during a television interview at The Opportunities Party election night function at Meow ...


TOP leader Gareth Morgan speaks during a television interview at The Opportunities Party election night function at Meow in Wellington. Morgan made his concession speech soon after.

The National Party, which has been in power for a decade, secured 46 percent of the vote, while Labour had 35.8 percent and New Zealand First 7.5 percent. A final tally, including overseas votes, will be released on Oct. 7.

The results so far secured 58 seats for National in the 120-seat parliament and 45 for Labour. New Zealand First has nine seats and the Green Party has seven.

Labour and the Greens already have a working agreement, wi...


Iranian Kurds prepare to defend Kirkuk after referendum "IndyWatch Feed War"


Kurdistan Freedom Party ready to 'sacrifice everything' to stop Iran-backed forces from taking back Kurdish-controlled territories


Syria reserves right to respond any violation to territorial unity of country "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Leith Fadel 23/09/2017 Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem stated in his address to UN General Assembly that the country reserves the right to respond to any violation of its territorial unity. De-escalation Zones He also underlined that creation of de-escalation zones in Syria is a temporary measure. Notwithstanding its commitment to the memorandum on the []


Kim Jong-un Responds to Trump "IndyWatch Feed War"

An AP report described as a rare if not unprecedented move, a purported statement1 by Kim Jong-un, the chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic Republic of Korea, in response to United States president Donald Trumps bullying speech to the United Nations earlier this week. The response was relayed by DPRKs state news agency KCNA.

Of Trumps speech, Kim said,

[F]ar from making remarks of any persuasive power that can be viewed to be helpful to defusing tension, he made unprecedented rude nonsense one has never heard from any of his predecessors.

Kim smartly identified defusing tension as a goal and criticized Trumps unprecedented rude nonsense. He also took umbrage at Trumps insulting his person and his country in front of the eyes of the world.

Kim offered,

Id like to advise Trump to exercise prudence in selecting words.

Yet Kim described Trump as a political layman, political heretic, a rogue and a gangster fond of playing with fire, and a mentally deranged US dotard. Was this exercising prudence in selecting words? Was it helpful in defusing tension?

Do such remarks have any persuasive power that can be viewed to be helpful to defusing tension?

In closing, Kim said,

As a man representing the DPRK and on behalf of the dignity and honor of my state and people and on my own, I will make the man holding the prerogative of the supreme command in the U.S. pay dearly for his speech calling for totally destroying the DPRK.

A colleague informed me that at first blink he considered Kims response intelligent. I demurred. Trumps words were indeed undiplomatic, foolish, and uninf...


BREAKING: Syrian Army liberates Maadan, entire western Euphrates bank north of Deir Ezzor from ISIS "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Andrew Illingworth 23/09/2017 BEIRUT, LEBANON (4:09 P.M.) The elite Tiger Forces of the Syrian Arab Army have liberated the entire western bank of the Euphrates River north of Deir Ezzor city from ISIS terrorists following a massive upriver offensive launched several days ago. About an hour ago, reports backed by photo evidence []


Number of Rohingya Refugees Fleeing Myanmar Nears 500,000 "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

22 September 2017 With the number of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar arriving in south-east Bangladesh edging towards half a million, United Nations agencies are stepping up delivery of life-saving aid to two official refugee camps, where the health concerns are quickly growing.

Rohingya refugees navigate their way around the Kutupalong extension site where shelters have been erected on land allocated by the Bangladesh Government. Photo: UNHCR/Keane Shum


At the request of Bangladeshi authorities, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is speeding up the distribution of plastic sheeting to get as many people as possible under at least minimal protection from monsoon rains and winds.

On Saturday, we plan to begin distribution of kitchen sets, sleeping mats, solar lamps and other essential relief items to an initial 3,500 families who have been selected by community leaders, UNHCR spokesperson Andrej Mahecic told a press briefing in Geneva.

Refugee volunteers and contractors are helping newly arriving refugees moving into emergenc...


Compared to the Benefits of Peace, Spending Money on War Is Insane "IndyWatch Feed War"

While war is perceived by many as an inherent institution of the nation state, few people fail to recognize and regret the horror, death, destruction, suffering, and misery it inflicts. Another consequence of war, however, is less often considered, though it is in the long run even more damaging to the cause of human well-being. That is the waste of resources in preparing for, and waging, war that could otherwise be used to help meet the physical, economic, social, and cultural needs of ordinary people.

According to a reliable online information source, the U.S. accounted for 37 percent, or about $592 billion, of the more than $1.6 trillion in world military spending in 2015. That outlay amounts to roughly the size of the next seven largest military budgets combined. (On September 11, 2017, a new defense spending authorization bill calling for a budget of $692 billion in fiscal year 2018 was introduced into the U.S. Senate.) Moreover, it has been estimated that overall annual U.S. military spending is actually about $1 trillion, when funding is counted not only for the Pentagon but for Homeland Security and other related government departments and agencies. In addition, the U.S. has spent approximately $2 trillion in direct costs for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. That figure is itself raised to an estimated $6 trillion when indirect expenditures are addedsuch as future care of veterans and lost domestic investment opportunities.

If those dollars were made available instead for investments to meet the direct needs of people, a substantial portion could be used in our own country to help adequately fund two important projects: the long-neglected rebuilding of our crumbling physical infrastructure, and systematic progress toward a more cost-effective and environmentally-healthy green economy. Besides making life better for everyone, both investments would generate millions of new, good-paying jobs. Other diverted defense dollars could be used to fund projects abroad that help meet the basic needs of underdeveloped countriessuch as food, clean water, medicine, agriculture, sustainable energy, and education. Those initiatives could greatly enhance the American image with the people of those countries, and, by providing young males a basis of hope for the future, reduce the allure of political extremism and help ease the threats to our own country posed by international terrorism.

  • It is economically unfair. It shuttles public funds into increasingly privatized industries, which are subject to little public accounting and tend to place huge profits in the...


Shirqat Nearly Liberated; 297 Killed in Iraq "IndyWatch Feed War"

Hundreds of militants were killed during the liberation of Shirqat.

The post Shirqat Nearly Liberated; 297 Killed in Iraq appeared first on Original.


Why no Petroeuro? or Frances historic effort for an anti-austerity Eurozone "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Ramin Mazaheri The bottom line is: For the EU to work for it to be of benefit to the average person it has to follow Frances historical


Big Mountain -- Elders Now Silent as Drilling Begins "IndyWatch Feed War"

Big Mountain - Elders Now Silent as Drilling Begins Big Mountain Dineh Kept Land Pristine an Extra 40 Years, Now the End Written by Bahe Y. Katenay, September 2017 Sheep Dog Nation Rocks "Seven new drill sites for water, at the heart of Big Mountain, might now set the stage for what is to come, the final phase of the energy wars, the Four Corners National Sacrifice Area, and the


Newsletter: Is Health Care A Commodity Or Right? "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. With just a week left before Congress' budget reconciliation process ends, the Senate is once again peddling a poorly-thought out plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). And once again, people are rising up in opposition to the plan, making it unpopular and unlikely to pass. At the same time, support for a National Improved Medicare for All single payer healthcare system is increasing and there are bills in both the House and Senate with record numbers of co-sponsors. Will the United States finally join the long list of countries that provide healthcare to everyone? Overall, it is a time to be optimistic.


Saudi Arabia intercepts rebel missile from Yemen on national day "IndyWatch Feed War"


Ballistic missile targets Khamis Mushait, which is the Saudi-led coalition's main airbase for operations in Yemen


Afghanistan War Report September 23, 2017: US Deploys More Troops And Warplanes "IndyWatch Feed War" If youre able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldnt be possible without your help: PayPal: or via: or via: The US is


Christian Site in Israel Vandalized for the Third Time in Four Years "IndyWatch Feed War"

[ Ed. note Beit Jamal is a holy Christian site near the town of Beit Shemesh, just west of Jerusalem. The site consists of a Catholic monastery as well as a church, and is traditionally thought of as the burial place of St. Stephen, whose death by stoning is told of in the Book []


French special forces soldier killed in fight against Islamic State "IndyWatch Feed War"


Paratrooper killed as French soldiers advise local forces during firefight; no details of where in Middle East incident occurred

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US to obscure arms exports after Pentagon pipeline to Syria exposed "IndyWatch Feed War"

RT | September 23, 2017 The day after US President Trumps barnstorming speech to the UN General Assembly decrying the scourge of rogue states and terrorism, it was reported that his administration is set to greatly loosen American arms exports. The trade in question is in the private sector of so-called non-military weapons. There seems []


Syrias FM tells UN that victory is now within reach "IndyWatch Feed War"


Syria says de-escalation zones are temporary arrangement that must not violate territorial unity


Ritual Defamation: A Contemporary Academic Example "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Daniel McGowan | Dissident Voice | September 22, 2017 The term ritual defamation was coined by Laird Wilcox to describe the destruction of the reputation of a person by unfair, wrongful, or malicious speech or publication. The defamation is in retaliation for opinions expressed by the victim, with the intention of silencing that persons []


More Havoc as Category 3 Maria Plows Northward "IndyWatch Feed War"

More Havoc as Category 3 Maria Plows Northward

September 22, 2017, 12:19 PM EDT

Above: Electricity poles and lines lay toppled in Humacao, in northeastern Puerto Rico, in the wake of Hurricane Maria on September 20, 2017. AP Photo/Carlos Giusti.


Hurricane Harvey, 25,000-Year Storm "IndyWatch Feed War"

Hurricane Harvey, 25,000-Year Storm: Enhanced or Caused by Climate Change?

Friday, September 22, 2017 By Bruce MeltonClimate Discovery | News Analysis 
  • font size decrease font size ...


General MacArthurs Conspiracy To Start A War With China! New Documentary Release & Interview! "IndyWatch Feed War"

Newsbud is proud to announce, our first DVD release. Available to stream now on Amazon, or secure your DVD today at

Only a few years after Hiroshima and the end of World War II, President Harry S. Truman was confronted with the horrifying prospect of another nuclear holocaust. General Douglas MacArthurs anti-communist fervor impelled him to pursue his own war strategy in Asia, conspiring against Trumans official policy to incite Red China by sending the USS Bole on a secret mission three miles off the Chinese Pacific coast. The servicemen who crewed that battleship was recruited to the Generals rogue plan without their knowledge and threatened into silence for decades, until now. This is their story and one we are all lucky they lived to tell.

Told here for the first time is the incredible story of the operation that triggered Truman's removal of Douglas MacArthur: the secret China mission of the US Navy destroyer USS John A. Bole.  Featuring testimonies of servicemen on the John A. Bole and newly declassified documents, this documentary goes behind the scenes in Washington, London, and aboard the Bole to reveal Truman's relief of MacArthur was not a question of choice; it was a matter of desperate necessity.

Available on Amazon:

DVD Available at Newsbud:


Turkey extends mandate to use troops abroad, two days before Kurdish vote "IndyWatch Feed War"


Kurdish delegation in Baghdad for talks with Iraqi officials in effort to defuse tensions, but senior Kurdish official says vote is going ahead


Trump Threatens Genocide Against North Korea "IndyWatch Feed War"

As President Trump taunts North Koreas leader with schoolyard insults, the terrifying possibility is that his threat to totally destroy a country of 25 million people could involve the U.S. in another genocide, warns David Marks.

(CN) The level of insult and hostile name-calling between world leaders was taken to a new extreme by Donald Trump in his speech before the U.N. General Assembly. In his preferred rhetoric replete with saber rattling, Trumps comments included, The United States has great strength and patience, but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.

Are we becoming numb to the tirades of the President? His apologists claim his words dont necessarily reflect U.S. policy, however the threat to destroy an entire nation of 25 million people reveals a further willingness to embrace nuclear war. There are many Americans who protest his vision, but the United States seems relatively complacent considering his belligerence.

In the same speech, rather than envisioning an improvement in U.S.-Iranian relations, Trump condemned their leadership without any room for diplomacy: The Iranian government masks a corrupt dictatorship behind the false guise of a democracy. It has turned a wealthy country with a rich history and culture into an economically depleted rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in addition to responding specifically to Trumps threats to scrap the 2015 nuclear agreement, added, Mr. Trump was offensive to Iran, and we are waiting for Mr. Trump to apologize to the people of Iran.

Behind Trumps words is a drumbeat that is all too familiar to anyone who has read, studied or lived through war; and seen how threats and hostility can turn into madness and violence. When it comes to war there is an irrepressible and repetitive pattern where self-righteousness and nationalism mix to make a poisonous, explosive cocktail, blinding opponents to the humanity of their adversaries.

Although Trump points his finger at leadership, the implication is that we should fear and hate an enemy with no room for compromise; and eventually embrace war against an entire population. By dehumanizing and demonizing a leader, politicians give emotional foundation to aggression against a nation.

It doesnt matter which side you are on. The rhetoric has been the same around the world and throughout history; all war promoters have an identical chant. They rise to power with claims of devotion to peace; devolving with threats to scapegoats, and eventually embracing conflict.

Consider this extract from Hi...


Video: Robert Spencer on the freedom of speech in the age of absurdity "IndyWatch Feed War"

This morning I spoke at the Young Americas Foundation September High School Conference. My frequent references to the Los Angeles Times stem from the presence of a Los Angeles Times reporter in the room as I spoke. Watch for the Times hit piece on YAF and me.


Canada: Man jailed for no more Muslims graffiti "IndyWatch Feed War"

A judge has sentenced a man who scrawled anti-Muslim graffiti at bus stops in Durham Region to five months in jail. The man, Joseph Porto, scrawled no more Muslims; this can be interpreted in the worst possible manner, as genocidal and hence reprehensible; but it could also be interpreted as a statement regarding immigration restrictions. []


Chechnya: A lot of girls would probably rather die Lesbians live in terror "IndyWatch Feed War"

Stories of the Islamic State throwing gay men off of rooftops headfirst and of Muslim hate preachers calling for the death of gays have been plentiful. Now comes another story of suffering, this time of the terror-filled double lives that lesbians are forced to live in mainly Muslim Chechnya, where homosexuality is publicly condemned. The []


Saudi women throng stadium for first time on national day "IndyWatch Feed War"


Celebration comes at crucial time for Saudi Arabia, which is battling for regional influence with arch-rival Iran


UK: Woman finds note with call to jihad on bus day before London Tube bombing "IndyWatch Feed War"

A Dundee woman has told of her shock after finding a note on a bus pledging that the sword will be used to institute Sharia law a day before a terror attack in London. Jihadists obey the call to cast terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah (Quran 8:60). Yet this Dundee []


Bronx residents lead anti-gentrification march to oppose rezoning plans "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Ashoka Jegroo

Bronx residents concerned with plans to rezone Southern Boulevard marches in Hunts Point on Friday. (WNV/Ashoka Jegroo)

A coalition of grassroots groups marched in the Hunts Point neighborhood of the Bronx on Friday, alerting their neighbors to the gentrification plans of developers and local politicians. They were also sending a message to those local politicians, telling them not to not sell out the Bronx, while also calling for community control over land and housing.

The groups and residents involved in the march   which included Take Back The Bronx, Mothers on the Move and People Power Movement are particularly concerned with plans to rezone Southern Boulevard. Their march was intended as a rallying cry to get local residents to unite and fight against these plans.

Today we had exhibitions of resistance, said Shellyne Rodriguez of Take Back The Bronx. We made a coalition to organize this march to try to get ahead of the Southern Boulevard rezoning thats coming down the pipeline.

According to a report released in March from the Regional Plan Association, Bronxites are at the highest risk of being displaced in New York City with 71 percent of Bronx households in danger of displacement. Plans to rezone parts of the Bronx, which would allow wealthier developments to be built in poor and working-class areas, are supported by local politicians like City Councilmember Rafael Salamanca, Jr. and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr., as well as Mayor Bill de Blasio. With the rezoning of Jerome Avenue in the west already in the works and politicians openly eyeing Southern Boulevard in the east for rezoning, the groups at the march wanted to begin organizing against the Southern Boulevard rezoning plan while the plan is still in its infancy.



Day off "IndyWatch Feed War"

Nice day. Play among yourselves. pl


Statement by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly, New York, September 21, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed War"   Distinguished Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen, Last December, the UN General Assembly adopted the resolution on Promotion of a democratic and equitable international order, which clearly stipulated the inadmissibility


Correcting Gregory Bateson "IndyWatch Feed War"

Forty-five years ago the late Gregory Bateson [1904 1980] wrote these ominous words:

If you put God outside and set him vis--vis his creation and if you have the idea that you are created in his image, you will logically and naturally see yourself as outside and against the things around you.  And as you arrogate all mind to yourself, you will see the world around you as mindless and therefore not entitled to moral or ethical consideration.  The environment will seem to be yours to exploit.  Your survival unit will be you and your folks or conspecifics against the environment of other social units, other races and the brutes and vegetables.

If this is your estimate of your relation to nature and you have an advanced technology, your likelihood of survival will be that of a snowball in hell.  You will die either of the toxic by-products of your own hate, or, simply, of overpopulation and overgrazing.  The raw materials of the world are finite.1

Although Bateson was prescient in asserting that the likelihood of survival of our species is that of a snowball in hell, his statement needs to be corrected/updated in several ways:

  1. When some humans began conceiving deity as transcendenti.e., as existing apart from Earth System(rather than immanent), this advance was not the beginning of our problems as humans.
  2. Although conceiving deity as transcendent did play a role in the downward path that our species has been on since the Neolithic, many other factors have come into play since that time.
  3. Batesons overpopulation and overgrazing causes are in need of updating.

Let me next, then, address each of these three points.

Our Apartness

During the Neolithic agriculture began to replace foraging as the source of sustenance; the groups affected began to grow in population size, and the erosion of bonds that had connected one member of the group with other members fostered the development of societal changesmost notably the development of social classes, and the beginning of exploitation....


Maps: Military Situation In Deir Ezzor Countryside Following Syrian Army Advance On Maadan "IndyWatch Feed War"

Maps: Military Situation In Deir Ezzor Countryside Following Syrian Army Advance On Maadan

Click to see the full-size map

These map provides a general look in at the military situation in the countryside of Deir Ezzor city following the liberation of Maadan town and the nearby areas by Syrian government forces.

Earlier today, government forces, led by the Syrian Army Tiger Forces, liberated the town of Maadan and reached its counterparts deployed in the southern Raqqah countryside.

They also entered in the rest of the area southwest of Maadan from ISIS, according to pro-government sources. The area is repotedly empty and government forces are now working on removing IEDs there.

At the same time, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are pushing towards Jafra oil and gas fields east of Deir Ezzor city, on the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

Maps: Military Situation In Deir Ezzor Countryside Following Syrian Army Advance On Maadan

Click to see the full-size map

The post Maps: Military Situation In Deir Ezzor Countryside Follo...


Federal Immigration Agents in Texas Arrest Couple at Hospital Awaiting Life-Saving Surgery for Infant Son "IndyWatch Feed War"

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents in Texas arrested an undocumented couple while they were waiting for life-saving surgery for their infant son, according to NPR.

Oscar and Irma Sanchez were arrested in May by ICE after no hospital in the Rio Grande Valley where the couple lives could perform the life-saving surgery on their son Isaac Enrique Sanchez, who was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis.

Pyloric stenosis causes vomiting, dehydration and weight loss in infants and can be potentially fatal.

The Sanchezs were told their sons condition was curable with surgery, but no pediatric team in the Rio Grande Valley had a team capable of performing the surgery.

So Oscar and Irma would have to take Isaac to the Driscoll Childrens Hospital in Corpus Christi, a couple hours up the highway, for surgery in order for him to have surgery to cure the condition.

The two-hour trip would require them to pass through a Border Patrol checkpoint.

The nurse told us we had to go there, Oscar told NPR in Spanish.

We said we couldnt go.

As they weighed their circumstances in a hospital in Harlingen, Texas, a Border Patrol agent made contact with them in the waiting room and told the couple he could arrange for officers to escort them through the checkpoint to Corpus Christi.

But the agent informed them that when they arrived, they would be arrested and placed into deportation proceedings.

The couple agreed.

Oscar Sanchez told NPR he suspects a nurse called them in.

Once at the Corpus Christi hospital, immigration agents kept constant surveillance on the couple for 48-hours.

Agents tailed the Oscar to the restroom and the cafeteria and requested Irma leave the door open when she breast fed Isaac.

Everywhere we went in the hospital, Oscar recalled, they followed us.

Then both were arrested and booked separately at the border patrol station.

The couple asked doctors to delay Isaacs surgery until both of them could be present at the hospital.

They were granted permission and Isaac received the operation.

It was a success.

Thank the Lord, everything went well, Irma told NPR.

He still throws up a little milk, but thank God hes fine.

National Immigrant Justice Center attorney Lisa Koop said she couldnt understand why the couple, who has no prior criminal history was followed into the hospital and placed in deportation proceedings.



John Pilger: Killing: The American Way "IndyWatch Feed War"

SEP 22, 2017

Killing: The American Way

A napalm strike during the Vietnam War. (manhahi / CC BY 2.0)
One of the most hyped events of American television, The Vietnam War, has started on the PBS network. The directors are Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. Acclaimed for his documentaries on the Civil War, the Great Depression and the history of jazz, Burns says of his Vietnam films, They will inspire our country to begin to talk and think about the Vietnam War in an entirely new way.
In a society often bereft of historical memory and in thrall to the propagand...


At Native American prayer camp, Palestinian refugees share stories and build connections "IndyWatch Feed War"

Palestinian refugees from the refugee camps of Lebanon met with members of the Ramapough Lenape tribe on Friday, September 15 for a communal dialogue about joint indigenous struggle, tactics, and future collaboration. The stop was at the inaugural event of the 2017 North America Nakba Tour, which brings Palestinian refugees Khawla Hammad and Amena El-Ashkar to visit communities in North America.

Khawla is a survivor of the Nakba, where Israel expelled around 800,000 Palestinians in 1948 during the creation of the state. Khawla ended up in a refugee camp in Lebanon. 

Amena and Khawla traveled to New Jersey where they were hosted by the Ramapough Lenape tribe at Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp, property the tribe privately owns. There, the two women met with Palestinian-Americans, organizers with the Nakba tour and members of the Ramapough LenapeAaron, Two Clouds, and Chief Dwaine Perry.

Although the Lenape nation is indigenous to present-day New Jersey and much of the area of the prayer camp has belonged to the tribe historically, forced displacement by American colonization has resulted in Lenape living throughout North America. The Lenape nation is part of a coalition that seeks to halt the construction of an oil pipeline that is being built through their historic lands, including the oldest Native burial ground in North America that is located several miles from the prayer camp.



Aides warned Trump not to attack North Koreas leader personally before his fiery U.N. address "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Brian Bennett

Senior aides to President Trump repeatedly warned him not to deliver a personal attack on North Koreas leader at the United Nations this week, saying insulting the young despot in such a prominent venue could irreparably escalate tensions and shut off any chance for negotiations to defuse the nuclear crisis.

Trumps derisive description of Kim Jong Un as Rocket Man on a suicide mission and his threat to totally destroy North Korea were not in a speech draft that several senior officials reviewed and vetted Monday, the day before Trump gave his first address to the U.N. General Assembly, two U.S. officials said.

Some of Trumps top aides, including national security advisor H.R. McMaster, had argued for months against making the attacks on North Koreas leader personal, warning it could backfire.

But Trump, who relishes belittling his rivals and enemies with crude nicknames, felt compelled to make a dramatic splash in the global forum.

When the Houston Astros take the field, theyve got a lot more than a strong bench and a solid bullpen behind them. The organization employs more than 450 full-time workers, plus another 1,500 part-timers when the season is in full swing.

'Dotard' rockets from obscurity to light up the Trump-Kim exchange, sparking a partisan war of words in U.S.

Some advisors now worry that the escalating war of words has pushed the impasse with North Korea into a new and dangerous phase that threatens to derail the months-long effort to squeeze Pyongyangs economy through sanctions to force Kim to the negotiating table.

A detailed CIA psychological profile of Kim, who is in his early 30s and took power in late 2011, assesses that Kim has a massive ego and reacts harshly and sometimes lethally to insults and percei...


NATO's Fakenews Russia Scare Increases Defense Waste "IndyWatch Feed War"

The military of the Russian Federation is organized in four districts - west, central, east and south. Each year one of the districts will stage a division size maneuver. 10,000 to 15,000 soldiers leave their quarters to move against imaginary...


Zafir Al-Khatib "IndyWatch Feed War"

My weekly article n Al-Akhbar: "Zafir Al-Khatib: The Lebanese Hero who should be (widely) known".


Look at the colonial mentality of Human Rights Watch "IndyWatch Feed War"

He gave the Pakistan Prime Minister "a chance". Who does he think he is?  Some colonial viceroy? The arrogance of a white man burdened with a sense of privilege and superiority.


How To Divest From The War Machine "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Staff of Code Pink - CODEPINK, in partnership with an array of peace and disarmament groups, is launching a divestment campaign to encourage universities, religious organizations, retirement funds, mutual funds, private investors, and other financial institutions in the United States to take action to reduce violent global conflicts and slow the hyper-militarization of our world by divesting from the U.S. War Machine. Divestment from the War Machine means divesting (removing invested assets) from companies that derive their profits by supplying and profiting from U.S. military interventions, expansions, and the militarization of our streets. In other words, we are calling for divestment from companies that make a killing on killing. Through this strategy we plan to: Uncover the hold the military industrial complex has on our government and our foreign policy. Spark a vital public debate questioning the role of weapons manufacturers and military contractors in perpetuating conflict around the globe. Expose how our financial and educational institutions are supporting those companies Inspire the public and investors to pressure these institutions to divest. Hold the arms industry accountable in political and financial spheres for its culpability in the death and displacement of millions of innocent people.


Venezuela Rejects Imposition of Sanctions by Canada "IndyWatch Feed War"

teleSUR | September 22, 2017 The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry has issued a statement categorically rejecting the illegal sanctions imposed by Canada on 40 Venezuelan government officials, including President Nicolas Maduro. It says this hostile action, whose only purpose is to attack Maduros government, breaks international law which is fundamental for the promotion of economic development []


Thousands Could Die: Puerto Rico Scrambles to Evacuate 70,000 as Dam Fails "IndyWatch Feed War"

(ZHE) Days after Hurricane Maria passed over the island and made its way west toward the Dominican Republican, Puerto Rico is still struggling with the initial response to the storm rescuing people stranded in remote villages, and moving thousands into government shelters. Meanwhile the islands first responders are making due without electricity, gas or cell phone service after the storm dealt a knockout blow to its infrastructure.

In what was perhaps the most destructive blow to the islands aging infrastructure, the NWS warned Friday that the Guajataca Dam in northwest Puerto Rico would soon fail, prompting the agency to issue a flash flood emergency warning for Isabela and Quebradillas municipalities. Now, authorities are scrambling to evacuate the residents of the river valley below the dam before their communities are entirely submurged. If the authorities dont act quickly, thousands could die one official in charge of the rescue response said.

According to federal reservoir data, the lake behind the dam, Lago de Guajataca, rose more than three feet between Tuesday and Wednesday, when the storm was still directly over the island. More recent data were unavailable. With floodwaters gushing into the Guajataca river valley, Reuters reports that emergency officials were scrambling Friday and Saturday to evacuate its nearly 70,000 residents before their villages have been completely submerged.

Video published by CBS shows waters gushing over the top of the 90-year-old dam, sending a wall of water racing into the valley below.

The National Weather Service warned of imminent failure and urged residents in the area to move to higher ground now.

The evacuation of the valley is perhaps the most high-stakes rescue effort of the past week, according to  Abner Gomez, executive director of Puerto Ricos emergency management a...


Moveable Feast Cafe 2017/09/23 Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed War"

2017/09/23 16:00:01Welcome to the Moveable Feast Cafe. The Moveable Feast is an open thread where readers can post wide ranging observations, articles, rants, off topic and have animate discussions of


India: Global child bride racket uncovered, eight Muslim sheikhs arrested "IndyWatch Feed War"

Three qazis were arrested. A qazi is a judge of a Sharia court. Why would such men be involved in this? Because child marriage is Islamic. Islam has no age barrier in marriage and Muslims have no apology for those who refuse to accept this Ishaq Akintola, professor of Islamic Eschatology and Director of []


The US backed SDF takes Large Portion of Syrian Oilfields from US backed ISIS "IndyWatch Feed War"

Unless you've been asleep & have been reading any where else but here you would be unaware that this is a repeating pattern. The Kurds, on too many occasions to recount, have seen ISIS completely melt away, or the Kurds simply give ISIS a free pass at just the most opportune time. The ISIS walk away always allows the Kurds to take territory and resources- Water as just one example- Tabqa dam: Kurds Allow ISIS to Leave Tabqa & "Live to Fight Another Day"  Oil, most recently. The taking of the oil fields of Deir ez Zor - sees the same pattern, the one that has played out for years now, repeat itself yet again.

Yesterday it was reported that the oil fields were aflame.

Yes, its SOHR- But I have no doubt that ISIS would take undertake this type of action.

Image accompanying SOHR article
The smoke would hide nearly all that was taking place on the ground, conveniently
SOHR hasnt received information so far whether this fire is caused by burning the oil fields by the organization or burning holes filled with oil to confuse the warplanes and surveillance aircraft.  The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published on the 19th of September 2017 that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the flames have been raging for more than three hours in the largest gas field in Syria, the Koniko gas field, of which the regime forces are about 5 km away, the Syria Democratic Forces are about 13 km away

 According to SOHR, SDF was 13 kms away and yet through all this smoke and fire they were able to take the...


Francia: Solidaridad Incendiaria / Reivindicacin de Ataque Incendiario Contra la Gendarmera de Grenoble "IndyWatch Feed War"

[Traducido por Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras desde Insurrection News]

21.09.17: Este jueves a las tres de la maana, el segundo da del juicio por el coche quemado.

Entramos en el cuartel de gendarmera de Vigny-Musset. Se quemaron 6 camionetas de intervencin y dos camiones de logstica. Ms de 1500 metros cuadrados del garaje y el almacn fueron destruidos.

Esta accin es parte de una ola de ataques en solidaridad con personas que estn en juicio en este momento.

Fuerza para Kara y Krem.

Unos pensamientos para Damien, recientemente golpeado por los policas.

Cualquiera que sea el resultado del juicio, la polica y la justicia seguirn siendo atacados.

Nuestra hostilidad es un fuego que se extiende.

Los Nocturnos



India using chilli sprays, stun grenades to dissuade Rohingya Muslim refugee influx "IndyWatch Feed War"

These are harmless refugees being kept out by an Islamophobic government, right? Well, thats not how Indian authorities see it: Our investigations have revealed that Al Qaeda wants to use India and Bangladesh as their base to start a religious war against Myanmar, said New Delhi police official Pramod Singh Khuswah. Clearly they are a []


After Member Is Deported, Teamsters Declare As A Sanctuary Union "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Sarah Jaffe for In These TImes - Welcome to Interviews for Resistance. Were now several months into the Trump administration, and activists have scored some important victories in those months. Yet there is always more to be done, and for many people, the question of where to focus and how to help remains. In this series, we talk with organizers, agitators and educators about how to resist and build a better world. George Miranda: This is George Miranda. I am president of the 120,000-member Teamsters Joint Council 16. Its an umbrella group made up of 27 different local unions in New York City. Sarah Jaffe: Lets start at the beginning. One of your members was deported last week, right? George: Correct. Eber Garcia Vasquez was deported basically because his asylum case was rejected. He has been a Teamster for 26 years and has been working in this country and raising his family on that. He has been reporting in routinely, as he is required to. This time, he went in, and they kept him and scheduled him for deportation. He left behind his family, including three kids. He married a U.S. citizen, and his three kids are U.S. citizens. He was on his way to a green card. Now he is in Guatemala. That is the story. If it happens to him, it could happen to anybody.


Hundreds at Istanbul funeral of slain Syrian activist and daughter; US condemns murders "IndyWatch Feed War"


The killings have rocked the Syrian-exile community in Turkey and triggered opposition demands for accountability


Straws in the Wind for a Reset in US-Russian Relations "IndyWatch Feed War"

By M.K. BHADRAKUMAR Asia Times 23.09.2017 The receding specters of a war involving North Korea and a US-Russia confrontation in Syria. The sound of cracking ice in the frozen conflict in Ukraine. Russia and the United States bidding farewell to tits-for-tat. Is this the dawn of a brave new world? You might be []


Police Unions, Police Officers, And Police Abolition "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Rosa Squillacote for Portside - Abolition of the carceral state is a fundamental political goal for the Left today: specifically, abolishing the carceral states logic and institution. Abolition is both a goal and a discourse: it informs the strategies we adopt, as well as the framework we use to critique the carceral state and describe alternatives. It is inherently forward-thinking: we are no closer to abolition than to the revolution. The question of how the Left should regard police unions is therefore a question of whether and how police unions fit into the goal of abolition. I argue that we must understand police officers as individuals, with different interests, experiences, and opinions about their work, in order to develop political strategies necessary in the long fight for abolition. Police unions can play a strategically useful role by reflecting this diversity of individuals and opening a conversation about the relationship between the conditions and consequences of law enforcement. Abolition is not around the corner: we have a long way to go in this battle. Reforms are therefore necessary, and happen as a result of strategic political action, not grandstanding. The carceral state is brutal, oppressive, and deadly, which is why we cannot afford to compromise our goal, and why we also cant afford to reject political opportunities along the way strategies, allies, tactics, etc.


The biased referendum for an independent Kurdistan in Iraq "IndyWatch Feed War"

Massoud Barzani, President of the region of the Iraqi Kurdistan, has declared that in the absence of any counter-proposals from the International community, the referendum on independence, scheduled for Monday 25 September 2017, would definitely go ahead. The UN Security Council (UNSC) has not managed to reach either a resolution (which would have legal force in international law), or even a declaration from its President (which indicates the positions of the Council members). All the UNSC (...)


Robert Spencer: We are living in the age of absurdity "IndyWatch Feed War"

Last Monday, I spoke to an overflow crowd at the Santa Monica Republican Women Federateds September monthly luncheon. There is no video, but here is a good report about the event. Robert Spencer Tells Santa Monica Women #Republicans About #PussyHats and #VaginaCostumes, by Michael Greer, Santa Monica Observer, September 22, 2017: The Santa Monica Republican []


Somalias Puntland region captures weapons-laden boat from Yemen "IndyWatch Feed War"

Somalias semi-autonomous region of Puntland seized a boat loaded with weapons from Yemen in Saturdays early hours, the regional maritime police chief said. Puntland authorities displayed dozens of anti-aircraft guns, machine guns, AK-47 rifles and dozens of boxes of ammunition seized from the boat after it was stopped in coastal waters off the Horn of []



James Comeys Rough Reception At Howard University "IndyWatch Feed War"

By David A. Graham for The Atlantic - The former FBI director has been at the center of controversy for months, but protestors at the historically black university on Friday focused on his history of comments about race and policing. The start of the school year can be tough for anyone, even if youre the 56-year-old former director of the FBI. While James Comey has found himself at the center of the countrys major political controversy this year, on Friday he was the object of protest for reasons that had nothing to do with Russia, Michael Flynn, or Donald Trump. On Friday, Comey addressed Howard Universitys convocation, the ceremony starting the year and welcoming the new freshman class. As a prominent public figure whos teaching at Howard this year as the Gwendolyn S. and Colbert I. King Endowed Chair in Public Policy, Comey could look like a natural pick. Or maybe not. When Comey came to the lectern at Cramton Auditorium in D.C. on Friday, he was met by cheers, jeers, and singing. For several minutes, as the enormously tall Comey stood quietly and awkwardly, a group of students protested his appearance. They sang civil-rights songsWe Shall Not Be Movedand chants: I love being black. Other demonstrators gathered outside. Comey eventually got started, speaking through more disruptions. However much Comey made sense as a convocation speaker, it makes sense that hed face protests too. Even setting aside Comeys specific background, Howard is a particularly engaged campus even among historically black colleges.


Muslim cleric says Muslims are seen as the worlds headache "IndyWatch Feed War"

If Muslims were removed from the face of the Earth, there would be no more headaches in the world no bombings, no bribery, no plundering, and no kidnapping. Are these the words of a xenophobic Islamophobe? If a non-Muslim had said them, that would be how they would be received. No, these are the []


Greece Could Leave The EU: Why The Grexit Option Deserves Consideration "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Michael Nevradakis for Mint Press News - With the Greek psyche itself the victim of a relentless shaming campaign, the idea of Greece going it alone begins to seem outlandish and quixotic. It is not. But it is as much tied to a revival of spirit and self-esteem as to the nuts and bolts of economic transformation. Eight years into the deepest economic depression that an industrialized country has ever experienced, we are now being told that Greece is a success story. Having accepted the bitter medicine prescribed by the troikathe European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fundthe storyline today is that Greece is on the road to recovery, firmly within the European Union and the eurozone. This narrative was recently echoed by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in his annual speech at the Thessaloniki Trade Fair, Greeces equivalent to the State of the Union address. In this speech, Tsipras triumphantly declared that talk of Grexitor a Greek departure from the eurozone and the EUhas been replaced by that of Grinvest. Within such a context, there is seemingly no room for discussions about whether it is in Greeces best interest, even after so many years of implementing the troikas austerity diktats, to consider a departure from the eurozone and the EU. Indeed, the narrative is that the people of Greece overwhelmingly have never supported the prospect of Grexit.


Irans Revolutionary Guards chief urges actions to cause the US pain "IndyWatch Feed War"

As Iranian leaders castigate US president, IRGC head Jafari says taking a decisive position against Trump is just a start, and that the US must witness more painful responses

.Commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari holds a press conference in Tehran (photo credit: AP/Vahid Salemi)
Commander of Irans Revolutionary Guards Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari holds a press conference in Tehran (photo credit: AP/Vahid Salemi)

The commander of Irans hardline Revolutionary Guards urged his country to use all its options and take unspecified actions in the next few months to cause pain to the United States in the wake of criticisms of Iran by US President Donald Trump this week.

Time is now ripe for correcting the US miscalculations, General Mohammad Ali Jafari said Wednesday, a day after Trump addressed the UN and called Iran a corrupt dictatorship and a murderous regime.

Added Jafari: Now that the US has fully displayed its nature, the government should use all its options to defend the Iranian nations interests.

No automatic alt text available.

Taking a decisive position against Trump is just the start, he went on, in remarks quoted by the Fars news agency, and what is strategically important is that the US should witness more painful responses in the action...


Canada: Muslim bus driver charged with sexually assaulting 15-year-old disabled girl "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Quran teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take captives of the right hand, 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The Quran says: O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their []


Spain, Catalonia Clash Over Policing as Illegal Independence Vote Nears "IndyWatch Feed War"

MADRID The mounting political crisis in Spain over Catalonias campaign for independence intensified on Saturday with a new row over the control of the local police force as the regional government pressed ahead with plans to hold an illegal vote next weekend.

The State prosecutor in Catalonia told all local and national police forces on Saturday that they had been temporarily placed under a single chain of command reporting directly to the interior ministry in Madrid.

But Catalonias interior chief, Joaquim Forn, said his department and the local police, or Mossos dEsquadra, did not accept this decision.

We denounce the intervention of the state to control the police forces of Catalonia We will not accept this control, Forn said in a televised speech.

Image result for photos, spanish police, catalonia protests

Spains government moves to halt independence vote for Catalonia, sparking protests

It was not immediately clear whether the regional administration and the Mossos could actually oppose the decision, as Spanish laws allow for the possibility of state police taking the lead over the police of an autonomous community during a joint operation.

The central government representative in Catalonia, Enric Millo, had earlier said the Mossos remained in charge of security in Catalonia though they would be coordinated directly by the interior ministry and not by the local authorities, together with two national police forces also on the ground in Catalonia.

We are not taking over the police competencies of the regional government, Millo told reporters after an event held by his Peoples Party (PP) in Pal...


The US Grand Strategy, by Mikhail Leontyev "IndyWatch Feed War"

Mikhail Leontiev devoted his column on the first Russian television channel to Thomas Barnett's theory. What appeared to be an intellectual lucubration in 2001 is currently being realized. Everyone must now rethink their vision of the wars of the past sixteen years.


Ten days of awe: standing with whom? "IndyWatch Feed War"

So its Rosh Hashanah, the Day of Judgment and Remembering, and we of the Jewish persuasion are beginning ten days of intensive reflection that culminates in Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. We are urged to engage in self-examination, both of our personal lives and of our behaviors and attitudes in the complex world in which we live and contribute. This introspection and renewal involves taking personal responsibility for our destiny and the destinies of our communities, being unsparingly honest, and actively apologizing and forgiving. I love this part of my tradition because words are not enough; there are no Hail Marys, there is no forgiveness from on high, and at the end of the day, we actually have to DO better in our relationships with ourselves and our world. If you are a spiritual person, you have to work on that too in the here and now; there is no backup heavenly place where everything will come out fine.

As a secular Jew who finds our traditions and culture part of the bedrock of my psyche, I am obsessed by a topic that is most fraught and perilous in the Jewish community. We are besieged by forces right and left with the message that Judaism is Zionism and uncritical support of Israel is a core Jewish value, in fact the only nonnegotiable ticket to community acceptance. For these reasons at this time, I cannot ignore my relationship to Israel/Palestine. For me, this annual introspection invites an honest evaluation of history in all its voices, a recognition of the behavior and policies of the pioneers and fighters who created the State of Israel, an examination of the foundations of modern political Zionism and its current day consequences, and ultimately a willingness to express regret and apology. This is a perfect topic for the Ten Days of Awe and fully within our prophetic tradition which is focused on issues of justice.

So, how do we define ourselves as Jews in the Diaspora while living in the era of a hyper Jewish nationalism? For the me the first step is examining the realities and framing of history and claiming it in our own voice. The Israeli historian Ilan Pappe, in his A History of Modern Palestine, notes that early Zionism was a European phenomenon with a clear disregard for indigenous populations. Early Zionists relied (cautiously) on the goodwill of colonial powers. (The Jewish homeland could have been in Palestine, Argentina, or even Uganda.) The Zionists carved out territory in Mandate Palestine as a haven from European persecution (which was an understandable motivation given the pogroms and anti-semitism of the time), and this became a clearly settler colonial movement when it focused on a national revival in the land of Palestine for Jews at the exclusion of the people actually living there. This was both an intellectual concept focused on the predicament of European Jewry (which was largely described as endless persecution and anti-semitism despite...


Dishonest Islamic apologist Haroon Moghul set to speak at 9/11 museum, first responders protest "IndyWatch Feed War"

Haroon Moghul is one of the most ridiculous exponents of the Islamophobia victimhood propaganda industry, as he has shown himself to be many times. Obsessed with victimhood, poor Haroon cowers in fear of Islamophobic coffee servers: his Starbucks name is not Haroon but Dwayne (my Starbucks name, meanwhile, is Haroon). When he gets behind a []


The Iraqi militia helping Iran carve a road to Damascus "IndyWatch Feed War"

A group of Iraqi fighters loyal to Irans Supreme Leader is trying to forge a land route from Iran to Syria. It threatens to exacerbate tensions in the region.


Filed Sept. 22, 2017, 9:30 a.m. GMT

BAGHDAD In late May, an Iraqi cleric called Akram Kaabi visited militia fighters in a desolate Iraqi town near the Syrian border. Kaabi, who heads a Shiite Muslim militia named Harakat Hezbollah al Nujaba, was decked out in a camouflage uniform and led the fighters in prayer on mats laid on the dusty ground. A video of the session showed heavily armed militiamen standing guard.

The event took place in Qayrawan, a town the Nujaba militia had seized back from Islamic State, the radical Sunni Muslim group. Nujaba, whose name means the Virtuous, have also fought across the border in Syria, where they have lent support to President Bashar al-Assad in the fight against Islamic State and others.

The Nujaba group, which has about 10,000 fighters, is now one of the most important militias in Iraq. Though made up of Iraqis, it is loyal to Iran and is helping Tehran create a supply route through Iraq to Damascus, according to Iraqi lawmaker Shakhwan Abdullah, retired Lebanese general Elias Farhat, and other current and former officials in Iraq. The route will run through a string of small cities including Qayrawan. To open it up, Iranian-backed militias are pushing into southeast Syria near the border with Iraq, where U.S. forces are based.

The Nujaba militia is one example of the way Iran is seeking to expand its Shiite influence in Iraq and across the wider region. In the 1980s, Shiite-dominated Iran was at war with Iraq, where Sunni Muslims held power despite being a minority of the population. But after the fall of Saddam Hussein, the Shiite majority in Iraq took control of the government.

Since then, ties between the Shiite-led governments in Tehran and Baghdad have become stronger, and Iran has acquired growing influence in Iraq. Ir...


Sydney, Australia: Report-Back from the Straight Lives Matter Counter-Demo "IndyWatch Feed War"


23.09.17: We had many more people, we sang and we danced and we laughed and we loved but most of all we told the fascists to get the fuck out. We did not let them anywhere near the Queer holocaust remembrance memorial and we created great bonds of solidarity and friendship. There were some young Queer people who came, and it was their first rally an they said it was a fantastic experience.

For all of the liberal wah-wah about how we would destabalise the marriage equality debate, weve actually done nothing of the sort. Instead we have continued the spirit of queer resistance and we have given the next generation their first taste of the struggle.

Today was a big positive for anti-fascists, however it would be wrong of us not to mention the role of the Liberal Party in laying the groundworks for the Party for Freedom hate rally today. This is all a direct consequence of their stupid fucking plebiscite.

(via Anti Fascist Action Sydney)



Syrian Army Capture Two Villages In Northern Hama From Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (Photos, Video, Maps) "IndyWatch Feed War"

Syrian Army Capture Two Villages In Northern Hama From Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (Photos, Video, Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

On Saturday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies captured Umm Haratayn and Qubaybat Abu al-Huda villages in the northern Hama countryside, according to Hezbollah media wing in Syria. The two villages were captured after heavy clashes with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) fighters.

Syrian pro-government sources claimed that the SAA captured 6 tanks, 3 BMP-1 vehicles and other vehicles from HTS during its advance. Moreover, pro-government sources reported that over 80 HTS fighters were killed in Russian airstrikes in the southern Idlib countryside.

Syrian Army Capture Two Villages In Northern Hama From Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (Photos, Video, Maps)

Click to see the full-size map

Meanwhile, many units from the Tiger Forces were re-deployed from the northwestern Deir Ezzor countryside to the northern Hama countryside after the SAA captured of Madan town.

The SAA may plan to launch a military operation to capture the strategic Hama-Aleppo highway. Both Umm Haratayn and Qubaybat Abu al-Huda villages are located on the highway, and this supports these expectations.



Thousands Rally Outside Court To Demand Release Of Arrested Officials "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Staff of Catalan News - Around 20,000 thousand demonstrators take the Barcelona streets yet again. Thousands gathered outside the department of Economy in a spontaneous rally yesterday in order to reject the anti-referendum police operation. It lasted almost 24 hours, and with almost no rest, some protesters started a new demonstration this Thursday at noon. The aim of this new rally is not only to refuse the raids again, but also to demand the release of the dozen high-ranking Catalan officials still being held. The Catalan Parliament president took part in the event and chanted we are not afraid to the crowd, who repeated the chant. It does not bite, it is a ballot box, the demonstrators also chanted. The Catalan secretary of Economy also joined the event. Some major pro-independence organizations hosted the rally, including the Catalan National Assembly (ANC in Catalan). Its president, Jordi Snchez, said that there is no democrat in Catalonia who is not embarrassed about what judges and Spains Guardia Civil did yesterday. He also said that after the despicable performance of the Spanish State against the Catalan government yesterday, they crossed all the acceptable lines, nothing will be the same from yesterday.


Catholic Monastery Near Jerusalem Vandalized for Third Time in 4 Years "IndyWatch Feed War"

 SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 16:56

The State of Israel must punish those who were responsible for such acts because it could easily lead to serious and unpredictable consequence, cautions Council of Catholic Churches in Jerusalem.

Catholic monastery near Jerusalem vandalized for third time in 4 years

Image of Saint Stephen Church vandalism.. (photo credit:COURTESY OF LATIN PATRIARCHATE OF JERUSALEM)

Vandals shattered stained-glass windows depicting passages from Jesus, destroyed a statue of the Virgin Mary, and damaged furniture Wednesday night at the Beit Jamal Monastery, according to the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

Its the third time in four years the monastery, which is located adjacent to Beit Shemesh outside of Jerusalem, has been vandalized.

In a Friday statement, Bishop Boulos Marcuzzo, Patriarchal Vicar in Jerusalem, called for tolerance after deeming the ransacking not only an act of vandalism, but an act against the sacredness of the holy places and the faith of people.

The Holy Land is deep [with] faith and culture, continued Marcuzzo. We must live together with the diversity of beliefs. It is absolutely necessary to accept others, to accept each other in our diversity.

In a strongly-worded statement, the Council of Catholic Churches in Jerusalem demanded the suspects be arrested and brought to justice.

The State of Israel, with all its institutio...


NFL head: Trumps divisive comments show a lack of respect "IndyWatch Feed War"

NFL head: Trump's 'divisive comments' show a 'lack of respect'

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell fired back at President Trump on Saturday for encouraging league owners to remove players who take a knee during the national anthem, saying Trumps divisive comments show an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL.

The NFL and our players are at our best when we help create a sense of unity in our country and our culture, Goodell said in a statement. There is no better example than the amazing response from our clubs and players to the terrible natural disasters weve experienced over the last month.

Divisive comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL, our great game and all of our players, and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players represent in our communities.

The NFL chiefs comments came the morning after Trump told a crowd at a rally for Alabama Senate candidate...


Catalonia: One Million Demonstrate For Self-Determination Vote "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Esquerra Revolucionria for Socialist Alternative - On the 11th September one million people spilled onto the streets of Barcelona shouting loud and clear their intention to vote during the 1st October referendum, making it clear that they were not going to let the ruling Partido Popular (Peoples Party/PP) deny them this right. Yet again, as has happened on each Diada [National Day of Catalonia] since 2012, the Catalan people have demanded their right to democratically decide what links they wish to maintain with the rest of the Spanish state, including their legitimate right to independence. Against this protest in support of the right to decide, which the Catalan people are overwhelmingly in favour of (as confirmed by all the polls) backed up by increasing support from the those who live in the Spanish state, as a whole, the PP government and the Spanish bourgeois are using repressive measures not seen since the Francoist dictatorship; police raids and continual harassment against the press; judicial intervention to prevent a political event from taking place in Madrid concerning the right of self-determination; news censorship preventing the Catalan TV channel 3 from showing content on the referendum. The offensive has taken unprecedented steps and not just against freedom of expression and association.


Far left rallies protesters in Paris against Macron labour reforms "IndyWatch Feed War"

AF, AFP and France 24


Christophe Archambault, AFP | Demonstrators hold a banner reading, Against the social coup dtat during a protest over the presidents labour reforms in Paris on September 23.

Text by FRANCE 24 

Latest update : 2017-09-23

French far-left leader Jean-Luc Mlenchon rallied thousands on Saturday to protest against labour reforms signed into law by President Emmanuel Macron a day earlier.

Thousands of Mlenchon supporters, environmental activists, anti-capitalism campaigners and others gathered at the iconic Place de la Bastille for a march through eastern Paris. Mlenchons France Insoumise (France Unbowed) party said it bused in protesters from more than 150 French towns.

A huge balloon on top of a truck read Macron, Resign! Protest banners denounced the reforms as a social coup dtat.

The reforms are aimed at introducing more flexibility into the labour market as France struggles with an unemployment rate persistently hovering near 10 percent.

Mlenchon and many French unions argue that the law goes too far in weakening worker protections.

Macron says the change is needed so France can compete in the global economy. He signed the reform, contained in five executive orders, before television cameras in a US-inspired novelty for a French president. Macron said during the signing ceremony that the first labour measures will start being applied next week and the rest will be implemented by the end of the year.



Robert Spencer on Pope Francis: The Pope of Islam "IndyWatch Feed War"

Pope Francis welcomes to the Vatican the head of a Muslim group tied to the financing of jihad terror. My latest in FrontPage: As if he werent already committed enough to foolish false charity and willful ignorance regarding the jihad threat, Pope Francis on Wednesday met in the Vatican with Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul Karim []


Korea? Its Always Really Been About China! "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Paul Atwood for Counter Punch - How many citizens have ever asked themselves what the United States is doing in Korea in the first place? In November of 1945, two months after the surrender of Japan, Army Chief of Staff General George Marshall spoke to President Truman and the chief figures of his cabinet about his fears of a the tragic consequences of a divided China as Chinese Nationalist forces and Communists resumed their struggle for power and Soviet forces seized control of large areas of Manchuria. The resumption of Soviet power in Manchuria Marshall emphasized would result in the defeat or loss of the major purpose of our war with Japan (emphasis added). What could the general have meant by such a statement? What WAS the major purpose of the Pacific war? Most Americans are taught that the foremost reason the United States went to war with Japan was the attack on Pearl Harbor. But the reality was that the U.S. and Japan had been on a collision course since the 1920s and by 1940, in the midst of the global depression, were locked in a mortal struggle over who would ultimately benefit most from the markets and resources of Greater China and East Asia. Japans Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere was steadily closing the Open Door to American penetration of and access to the profitable riches of Asia at the critical moment.


How the United States and Iraq tried, but failed, to disband the Kurdish Peshmerga "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Paul Iddon.

Coming Monday, September 25, 2017, the Iraqi Kurds will hold a referendum on the independence of the Iraqi Kurdistan and the adjoining disputed territories (see also Patrick Truffer, The Kurds in Iraq: Is Their Pursuit of Autonomy a Cause of Conflict?,, 14.08.2017). History shows that the Kurds had time and time again to stand up for themselves even with the United States. Moreover, on two separate occasions in the last 14 years the US and Iraq attempted to either disband the Peshmerga or take command and control over it from the authorities in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in traditional uniforms take part in a march to support the independence referendum in Erbil on September 13.

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in traditional uniforms take part in a march to support the independence referendum in Erbil on September 13.

Kissingers betrayal and Bremer...


"I will be going a solar engineer. "IndyWatch Feed War"

This quote is from just one of the many women who have gained education, skills, and financial independence with the help of our ally Barefoot College.


The Crazy Imbalance of Russia-gate "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Robert Parry | Consortium News | September 22, 2017 The core absurdity of the Russia-gate frenzy is its complete lack of proportionality. Indeed, the hysteria is reminiscent of Sen. Joe McCarthy warning that one communist in the faculty of one university is one communist too many or Donald Trumps highlighting a few bad hombres []


Top Scientist: Widespread Pesticide Use Is Not Safe "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Damian Carrington for The Guardian - The assumption by regulators around the world that it is safe to use pesticides at industrial scales across landscapes is false, according to a chief scientific adviser to the UK government. The lack of any limit on the total amount of pesticides used and the virtual absence of monitoring of their effects in the environment means it can take years for the impacts to become apparent, say Prof Ian Boyd and his colleague Alice Milner in a new article. The damning assessment of pesticide regulations that are meant to protect the global environment follows a growing number of highly critical reports including research showing farmers could slash their pesticide use without losses and a UN report that denounced the myth that pesticides are necessary to feed the world. The current assumption underlying pesticide regulation that chemicals that pass a battery of tests in the laboratory or in field trials are environmentally benign when they are used at industrial scales is false, state the scientists in their article published in the journal Science. Boyd is chief scientific adviser to the UKs Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, where Milner also works on secondment, but their criticism reflects their own views. The effects of dosing whole landscapes with chemicals have been largely ignored by regulatory systems, the scientists said.


High holidays? Meh "IndyWatch Feed War"

The high holidays this year have been the most relaxed of my lifetime. It used to be that I was quite caught up in the new year and the ten days of awe leading up to Yom Kippur. I made it a point to get to synagogue a time or two, I always fasted. I anticipated the question from my tribal minders, What did you do this year, Phil? and aimed to pass the test. Especially after I got married to a non-Jew. I felt guilty about my lack of adherence to traditional Jewish ways, and tried to make up for my violations in spasmodic ritual.

This year, not so much. And I notice that few of my Jewish friends are being observant. One went camping. Another made a comment to me about their Buddhist spouse. A third made a blasphemous joke with pleasure: It took 2000 years for the Jews to get Chinese food.

Yet another has refused to go to synagogue since the rabbi used the pulpit on the high holidays to express compassion for the Israeli Defense Forces. Anti-Zionism is obviously a factor here. Its hard to get pumped for a religion so many of whose institutions align themselves with a militant apartheid state. All the polling shows that the more religious Jews are, the more supportive they tend to be of Israel.

But Im speaking more generally about assimilationist tendencies in the United States. I have more Jewish friends than ever but a lot of them are intermarried, and the High Holidays feel more and more like something traditional people do. It used to be that Sabbath services were that way; Jews only showed up in shul for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Now even that observance seems to me to be slipping slowly away.

The other night a Jewish friend had us over for a Rosh Hashanah dinner, and said the prayers, under her breath. My wife later asked why she didnt sing em out. All three Jews there were intermarried; and when I talked with the other Jewish guest about these trends, she was more comfortably lapsed than me. Shes looking forward to Christmas with non-Jewish grandchildren in another country; shes moved for jobs too many times to have kept Jewish friends, but isnt sure what to do about it.

So everything that Alan Dershowitz (The Vanishing American Jew) and other tractarians warned us about is happening, and still I shrug.

Other moderns are going through the same process. My close non-Jewish friends stopped going to church a long time ago, my wife and all her sisters and cousins, too. I think of Kafkas objection to the synagogue in Prague his father stretching out his hand to show his weirdo son the sons of the millionaire Fuchs. Chosenness and prestige culture are problematic, no matter whos expressing it. If I hated one thing about Antonin Scalia, it was his refusal to consider other legal norms than American ones.

I need religion; and in crises, I have found myself t...


Chicagos Green Zone: Plans For Massive Police Compound "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Kevin Gosztola for Mint Press News - The city of Chicago plans to build a massive multi-million dollar training center for police and firefighters in the West Garfield Park neighborhood. But a coalition of community organizations contend the center will compound President Donald Trumps multi-pronged attack on communities of color and expand the Chicago Police Departments capacity for violence. Last week, the citys Community Development Commission approved a 30.4-acre land acquisition in a northwest industrial corridor tax-increment-financing (TIF) district in Chicago. A $95 million state-of-the-art compound will be built by 2020 for police, firefighters, and emergency medical services teams to train together. Mayor Rahm Emanuel hailed the facility as a destination, where out-of-state police agencies can send officers for training. It will spur real economic development with people from the suburbs and downstate traveling to the center. Similarly, Alderman Emma Mitts, whose ward includes West Garfield Park, asserted the community is excited about having a lot more police in the area. She also claimed there will be new economic opportunities.


Trump Starts Economic War Against N. Korea Under Presidents Emergency Powers "IndyWatch Feed War"

The order permits the Secretary of Treasury to seize the assets or property of any person who [helps N. Korea acquire] any goods, services or technology.

In short, the United States is asserting the intention and right to ban from the US financial system and the dollar any entity from any country that trades with or finances trade with North Korea.





President Trumps new Executive Order on North Korea sanctions is a unilateral declaration of economic warfare designed to bring the North to its knees through the aggressive use of secondary sanctions against any country that trades with or finances trade with North Korea. Rather than bring North Korea closer to the negotiating table for a peaceful resolution of the conflict, they are likely to hasten war and even the collapse of the regime if effectively enforced. It is unlikely, however, that this severe tightening of the sanctions screw will be successful.

Whats in the New Executive Order



310,567 Signatures Block Right To Work In Missouri "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Judy Ancel for Labor Notes - The results astounded everyone who thought they knew the Missouri labor movement: more than 300,000 signatures to repeal right to work. Thousands of union members and allies marched through the streets of the state capital August 18 to deliver 163 boxes of petitions signed by 310,567 Missourians. The signers called for a referendum to repeal the right-to-work law passed by the legislature earlier this year. The signatures gathered were more than three times the number needed. Although signatures were needed in only six of the states eight Congressional districts, there were enough to qualify from all eight, and they came from all 114 Missouri counties. The state was forced to postpone the August 28 implementation of right to work till November 2018, when voters will determine its future. The petition drive was coordinated by We Are Missouri, a coalition of unions both in and out of the state AFL-CIO. Volunteers from Missouri Jobs with Justice and the Sierra Club stepped up, too. Most of the money for the campaign came from Missouri unions, with contributions as low as $100 and as high as $83,000. Much bigger donations came from labor PACs representing the state AFL-CIO, Teamsters, and Carpenters. As of August 31, the labor side had raised $1.36 million and spent almost half of it.


Latino Officials Arrested In Dream Act Protest Outside Trump Tower "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Ilana Novick for AlterNet - While Donald Trump was threatening to destroy North Korea in his first major speech to the United Nations, Reps. Adriano Espaillat (D-NY), Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) and Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) along with New York City council speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito were being arrested outside Trump Tower, according to a statement from immigrant advocacy organization Make the Road New York. The four elected officials were among the large crowd protesting the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and demanding that Congress pass the Dream Act, which would provide a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who arrived in the United States as children. A group of 12, including the four officials, blocked traffic in busy midtown Manhattan. Espaillat explained that he participated knowing the risk of arrest. "I do not take civil disobedience lightly," he explained in a statement. "As a member of Congress who was once formerly undocumented, I believe this cause is too monumental to sit idly by." Rep. Gutirrez, a member of the Judiciary Committee and the chair of the Immigration Task Force of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, emphasized the importance of participating in this action as part of a larger grassroots movement.


Sixteen More Reasons to Question 9/11 "IndyWatch Feed War"

by Kevin Ryan It has been 16 years since the crimes of September 11th, 2001. In that time, facts have been revealed that led more than a third of Americans to believe that the U.S government was involved in the attacks. This blog noted 14 such incredible facts on the 14th anniversary of the crimes. Here are 16 more. 1. In the nine years before 9/11, the FBI failed miserably at preventing terrorism. There are many examples of how FBI leadership under director Louis Freeh facilitated and covered-up acts of terrorism during this time. After 9/11, the FBI took extraordinary measures to hide evidence related to the attacks. 2. CIA director George Tenet led an agency that also failed in its duties related to counterterrorism and those failures appear to have been intentional. Like Freeh, Tenet had developed secret paths of communication with Saudi authorities. The facts suggest that Tenet facilitated the crimes of 9/11. 3. The FBI and CIA have made a mockery of the U.S. justice system as it relates to 9/11. While


#FreeTheRoszke11: Justice for #AhmedH Fundraising for Defense Lawyer "IndyWatch Feed War"

In a case that Amnesty International has called an affront to justice, Ahmed H., a Syrian with residency in Cyprus, has been charged with violating anti-terrorism laws for participating in a protest in Rszke, Hungary, during September 2015.


Originally published Generosity.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

#FreeTheRoszke11: Justice for #AhmedH Fundraising for Defense Lawyer

In a case that Amnesty International has called an affront to justice, Ahmed H., a Syrian with residency in Cyprus, has been charged with violating anti-terrorism laws for participating in a protest in Rszke, Hungary, during September 2015.



US-backed SDF captures one of Syria's largest gas fields: Commander "IndyWatch Feed War"


Both US and Russian-backed forces are seizing ground from Islamic State in Deir Ezzor province in a race for strategic influence and resources


Small North Korean quake likely natural, not nuclear test: experts "IndyWatch Feed War"



BEIJING/SEOUL (Reuters) A small earthquake near North Koreas nuclear test site on Saturday was probably not manmade, the nuclear proliferation watchdog and a South Korean official said, easing fears Pyongyang had exploded another nuclear bomb just weeks after its last one.

Chinese earthquake officials said the magnitude 3.4 quake detected at 0829 GMT was a suspected explosion but both the CTBTO, which monitors nuclear tests, and a South Korean meteorological agency official said they believed it was a natural quake.

A key method is to look at the seismic waves or seismic acoustic waves and the latter can be detected in the case of a manmade earthquake, said the South Korean official, who asked for anonymity. In this case we saw none. So as of now, we are categorizing this as a natural earthquake.

The earthquake, which South Korea put at magnitude 3.0, was detected in Kilju county in North Hamgyong Province, where North Koreas known Punggyeri nuclear site is located, the official said.

All of North Koreas previous six nuclear tests registered as earthquakes of magnitude 4.3 or above. The last test on Sept 3 registered as a 6.3 magnitude quake.

A secondary tremor detected after that test could have been caused by the collapse of a tunnel at the mountainous site, experts said at the time. Satellite photos of the area after the Sept 3 quake showed numerous landslides apparently caused by the massive blast, which North Korea said was an advanced hydrogen bomb.

The head of the nuclear test monitoring agency CTBTO said on Saturday that analysts were looking at unusual seismic activity of a much smaller magnitude than the Sept 3 test in North Korea.

Two #Seismic Events! 0829UTC & much smaller @ 0443UTC unlikely Man-made! Similar to collapse event 8.5 mins after DPRK6! Analysis ongoing, CTBTO Executive Secretary Lassina Zerbo said in a Twitter post, referring to Sept 3 test.

Russias emergency ministry says background radiation in nearby Vladivostok was within t...


Israels Chief Stooge at Westminster shames us again "IndyWatch Feed War"

As Prime Minister, I am proud to say that I support Israel. And it is absolutely right that we should mark the vital role that Britain played a century ago in helping to create a homeland for the Jewish people.

Thus spake Theresa May the other day as she welcomed members of the Jewish community to 10 Downing Street. But by focusing on creating a homeland for the Jewish people shes also celebrating the hell that Balfours Declaration created for the gentle Palestinians and for the rest of the region. Born of that letter, the pen of Balfour, and of the efforts of so many people, is a remarkable country, said May, apparently blind to the reality.

Right now were on the run-up to the centenary of what is arguably the biggest foreign policy blunder in British history: the Balfour Declaration. In 1917 Arthur Balfour, foreign secretary, bowed to Zionist demands for a homeland for the Jews in Palestine and gave an undertaking that set the world on course for long-term turmoil and, for the native Palestinians, unspeakable misery, dispossession and displacement. It was a criminal conspiracy. And Balfour was an A-list idiot who bragged that he wasnt even going to counsult the local Arab population about this theft of their homes and lands.

Yet he remains a hero of the Conservative Party which, led by Theresa May, plans to celebrate this hundred-year running sore as Lord Sydenham called it in great style, inviting Israels prime minister Netanyahu to the festivities. Thats if the warmonger isnt under arrest by then on imminent charges of corruption back home.

I will always do whatever it takes to keep our Jewish community safe, May added. Through our new definition of anti-Semitism we will call out anyone guilty of any language or behaviour that displays hatred towards Jews because they are Jews. We will actively encourage the use of this definition by the police, the legal profession, universities and other public bodies.

She was referring to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism.

BDS unsucessful? Really?

One of Mays Cabinet minsiters, Sajid Javid, told the World Jewish Congress that the UK would celebrate the upcoming anniversary with pride. Someone said we should apologise for the Declaration, to say it was an error of judgment. Of course thats not going to happen. To apologise, he said, would be to apologise for the existence of Israel and to question its right to exist.

Instead, he emphasised the UK governments intolerance towards any kind of boycott of Israel. Ill be 100 per cent clear. I do not support calls for a boycott, my party...


200 lorries of arms and ammunition: delivery by the Pentagon to the YPG "IndyWatch Feed War"

On 11 and 19 September 2017, the first 200 lorries of arms and ammunition that the Pentagon offered to the YPG, have been delivered in two separate convoys to Hasakeh. The lorries were coming from the Kurdish region of Iraq and passed through the Semalka border checkpoint. All the arms and ammunition were manufactured by the former USSR apart from the US army's L-ATV vehicles manufactured by the US company, Oshkosh. These weapons are not intended for fighting Daesh which is on the verge (...)


North Korea 3.4 magnitude earthquake caused by an explosion Near nuclear testing site "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Harriet Agerholm

Quake centred near nuclear test site but South says tremor could have natural causes

The Independent

Chinas earthquake administration has said it detected a magnitude 3.4 earthquake in North Korea, which it suspects was caused by an explosion.

The report has raised fears that the isolated state has tested another nuclear bomb. The Chinese administration said in a statement on its website that the quake was recorded at a depth of zero kilometres.

Chinas official Xinhua news agency said the epicentre was in roughly the same place as a similar shallow earthquake on 3 September, which turned out to be caused by North Koreas sixth and largest nuclear test.

Yet the Souths meteorological agency which measured the earthquake as magnitude 3.0 said it believed the quake was a natural event.

We use several methods to tell whether earthquakes are natural or manmade, an official, who asked for anonymity, said.

A key method is to look at the seismic waves or seismic acoustic waves and the latter can be detected in the case of a manmade earthquake. In this case we saw none. So as of now we are categorising this as a natural earthquake.

All of North Koreas previous six nuclear tests registered as earthquakes of magnitude 4.3 or above. The last test on 3 September registered as a 6.3 magnitude quake.

A secondary tremor detected after that test could have been caused by the collapse of a tunnel at the mountainous site, experts said at the time.

The US Geological Survey said that it detected a magnitude 3.5 quake in the area of previous North Korean nuclear tests, but that it was unable to confirm whether the event was natural.

North Koreas weakest nuclear test, its first, which it carried out in 2006, generated a magnitude 4.3 quake.

Satellite photos of the area after the 3 September quake showed numerous landslides that were apparently caused by the huge blast, which North Korea said was a hydrogen bomb.

Nuclear proliferation watchdog CTBTO was examining unusual seismic activity in North Korea, it said on Saturday.

Analysts looking at unusual #seismic activity of a much smaller magnitude in the #DPRK, CTBTO Executive Secretary Lassina Zerbo said in a Twitter post, adding more details were set to emerge later.

North Koreas Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho, who is currently in New York for a United Nations meeting, warned on Thursday that Mr Kim could consider a hydrogen...


Mongoose: Six U.S Agencies Conspired to Illegally Wiretap Trump; British Intel Used as NSA Front to Spy on Campaign "IndyWatch Feed War"


EXCLUSIVE: Six U.S Agencies Conspired to Illegally Wiretap Trump; British Intel Used as NSA Front to Spy on Campaign

From the beginning it was a set up to find dirt on Trump campaign insiders and if possible to topple Donald Trumps presidential aspirations.

Before and after the 2016 election. And while this operation had many moving parts and alternating players, the mission to unseat Trump never changed. And it remains ongoing.

Phi Beta Iota: The only organization not mentioned that should have been is the Mossad. From probable Mossad officers Jeffrey Epstein and Ghslaine Maxwell to many others, the Mossad has been all over the Trumps and the Clintons, to include, we speculate, having a hand in profiling Ivanka and Chelsea so as to be able to to place controlled sayonim (helpers) inside both families.  We note with sadness that Mike Hayden set the gold standard for treason at the highest levels of the US secret intelligence community, first with warrantless wiretapping at NSA, a...


China experts say 3.4-quake hits N. Korea in suspected explosion Epicenter of the quake is roughly the same as that of a previous shallow tremor on September 3, which turned out to be caused by a North Korean nuclear test "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | The epicenter of the quake is roughly the same as that of a previous shallow tremor on September 3, which turned out to be caused by a North Korean nuclear test, the official Xinhua news agency said

BEIJING (AFP)  Chinas seismic service CENC on Saturday detected a zero-depth, 3.4-magnitude earthquake in North Korea, calling it a suspected explosion.The epicentre is roughly the same as that of a previous shallow earthquake on September 3, which turned out to be caused by a North Korean nuclear test, the official Xinhua news agency said.

The earthquake comes after days of increasingly bellicose rhetoric between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Uns regime over Pyongyangs nuclear ambitions that has raised international alarm.

There seemed to be some initial difference of opinion, however, with Seouls Korea Meteorological Agency (KMA) saying that it had registered a tremor of a similar size, but judged it a natural quake.

The quake comes amid soaring tensions over Pyongyangs weapons programme, with the firing of two missiles over Japan in recent weeks and its sixth and largest nuclear test earlier this month.

The September 3rd test was North Koreas most powerful detonation, triggering a much stronger 6.3-magnitude quake that was felt across the border in China.

This week marked a new level of acromony in a blistering war of words between Kim and Trump, with the North Korean leader calling the American president mentally deranged and a dotard.

Trump has dubbed Kim a madman and sought to ratchet up sanctions against the isolted regime, which says it needs nuclear weapons to protect itself against the threat of invasion.

Image may contain: 1 person, eyeglasses and closeup

Pyongyang later said it had tested a hydrogen bomb that could be fitted onto a missile an assertion that no foreign government has so far confirmed.

The move prompted global condemnation, leading the UN Security Council to unanimously adopt new sanctions that include restrictions on oil shipments.

Hydrogen bombs, or H-bombs, are thermonuclear weapons far more powerful than ordinary fission-based atomic bombs, and use a nuclear blast t...


Berto Jongman: Allies Dont Trust NSA, Force Backdown on Encryption Standards "IndyWatch Feed War"

Berto Jongman

Distrustful U.S. allies force spy agency to back down in encryption fight

In interviews and emails seen by Reuters, academic and industry experts from countries including Germany, Japan and Israel worried that the U.S. electronic spy agency was pushing the new techniques not because they were good encryption tools, but because it knew how to break them.



Korean Seismic Activity Took Place 50 Km From Prior Nuclear Tests: CTBTO "IndyWatch Feed War"

ZURICH The nuclear proliferation watchdog CTBTO said unusual seismic activity detected in North Korea on Saturday took place around 50 km (31 miles) from previous nuclear tests.

Korean Peninsula unusual #seismic activity: LAT=41.36 LON=129.76 mb=3.5 About 50 km from prior tests. #CTBT Analysts investigating, CTBTO Executive Secretary Lassina Zerbo said in a Twitter post.

(Reporting by Michael Shields; editing by Mark Heinrich)



Students Occupy Barcelona University in Support of Secession "IndyWatch Feed War"

BARCELONA, Spain Spanish media report that several hundred students have spent the night inside a Barcelona university to protest the governments efforts to stop a referendum over Catalonias secession from the country.

The protesters have said on social media that pro-independence politicians are expected to give talks at Barcelona University on Saturday.

Jordi Vives, a spokesman for the students, told Catalan public television: We are showing that as students we have a part to play and that for now we are staying put.

The remaining students were hold-outs from a group of about 2,000 that gathered in and around the university Friday. Several hundred occupied a central cloister near the offices of the dean and other university managers.

Spains Constitutional Court has suspended the Oct. 1 vote while judges assess its legality.


Stephen E. Arnold: Google to Fund News Only Google-Approved News with Be True News "IndyWatch Feed War"

Stephen E. Arnold

Google-Publishers Partnership Chases True News

It appears as though Google is taking the issue of false information, and perhaps even their role in its perpetuation, seriously; The Drum reveals, Google Says it Wants to Fund the News, Not Fake It. Reporters Jessica Goodfellow and Ronan Shields spoke with Googles Madhav Chinnappa to discuss the Digital News Initiative (DNI), which was established in 2015. The initiative, a project on which Google is working with European news publishers, aims to leverage technology in support of good journalism. As it turns out, Wikipedias process suggests an approach; having discussed the collaborative content model with Chinnappa, the journalists write:



Flotilla to the Pentagon: An update on the anti-war movement "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Nation of Change

With everything going on its easy to forget the anti-war movement. Rest assured, they are still fighting the war machine.

With so many other things to fight against these days, you dont hear a lot about the anti-war movement.

With Trump in office, one day people are in the streets for womens rights, the next over travel bans, the next over DACA and then theres the continual fight over police violence. Its easy not to focus your daily struggle on fighting against the wars that are still churning body counts on both sides.

Image credit: Zach D. Roberts/NationofChange

Last Sunday, a handful of groups organized a kayak flotilla to send a message to the Pentagon. Not only did they have enough of war they had enough of the war machines pollution. Especially in the U.S. Capitols backyard.

Long ago, President Johnson called the Potomac River a national disgrace. Since then, the city has done a lot to clean up the river but along its banks are one of the worlds largest polluters the U.S. Military. The Washington, D.C. Navy Yard, a growing hip neighborhood with a baseball stadium, contains an EPA designated Superfund site.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine:

A Superfund site is any land in the United States that has been contaminated by hazardous waste...


Prayer and Meditation for Sunday, September 24, 2017 Conduct yourselves in a way worthy of the gospel of Christ. "IndyWatch Feed War"

Twenty-fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 133

Image may contain: one or more people

Prophet Isaiah by Maarten van Heemskerck

Reading 1 IS 55:6-9

Seek the LORD while he may be found,
call him while he is near.
Let the scoundrel forsake his way,
and the wicked his thoughts;
let him turn to the LORD for mercy;
to our God, who is generous in forgiving.
For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
nor are your ways my ways, says the LORD.
As high as the heavens are above the earth,
so high are my ways above your ways
and my thoughts above your thoughts.

Responsorial Psalm PS 145:2-3, 8-9, 17-18

R. (18a) The Lord is near to all who call upon him.
Every day will I bless you,
and I will praise your name forever and ever.
Great is the LORD and highly to be praised;
his greatness is unsearchable.
R. The Lord is near to all who call upon him.
The LORD is gracious and merciful,
slow to anger and of great kindness.
The LORD is good to all
and compassionate toward all his works.
R. The Lord is near to all who call upon him.
The LORD is just in all his ways
and holy in all his works.
The LORD is near to all who call upon him,
to all who call upon him in truth.
R. The Lord is near to all who call upon him.

Reading 2 PHIL 1:20C-24, 27A

Brothers and sisters:
Christ will be magnified in my body, whether by life or by death.
For to me life is Christ, and death is gain.
If I go on livi...


Turkey warns of 'serious consequences' if Iraqi Kurd referendum goes ahead "IndyWatch Feed War"


Prime Minister Binali Yildirim says security, diplomatic, political and economic options are all on the table in response to the outcome of Monday's referendum


Pakistan Says Terrorists Inside Afghanistan Kill Officer "IndyWatch Feed War"

ISLAMABAD Pakistans army says terrorists across the border in Afghanistan have opened fire on a newly built border post in recently cleared Rajgal Valley, killing a young officer.

Pakistant, Afghanistan, terrorists killed on Pakistan-Afghanistan Border, Terrorists killed in Airstrikes in Pakistan, Pakistan Airstrikes, war on terrorism, Inter Service Public Relations, Khyber Agency's Rajgal Valley, Interrnational war on terror, International affairs, International news, Foreign affairs, strategic affairs, world news

Rajgal Valley

A military statement says the attackers targeted the post Saturday morning where post commander Lt. Arsalan Alam was fatally shot.

The army recently cleared the Rajgal Valley along the border in the Khyber tribal region and established a number of border posts to check cross-border movement.

Militants who had sanctuaries in the valley and other adjoining tribal regions have escaped across the porous border. They often strike from inside Afghanistan and sometimes cross the border to hit Pakistani forces.


South Korea Says Natural North Korea Earthquake Detected "IndyWatch Feed War"

SEOUL, South Korea South Koreas weather agency said a magnitude 3.0 earthquake was detected in North Korea on Saturday around where the country recently conducted a nuclear test, but it assessed the quake as natural.

The quake was detected in an area around Kilju, in northeastern North Korea, and about 20 kilometers (12 miles) southeast of where the North conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on Sept. 3, according to an official from Seouls Korea Meteorological Administration.

Image result for Kilju, North Korea, map

Chinas official Xinhua News Agency said earlier that the countrys seismic service detected a magnitude 3.4 quake in North Korea and saw the likely cause as an explosion. The official from the South Korean agency said the analysis of seismic waves and the lack of sound waves clearly showed that the quake wasnt caused by an artificial explosion. She spoke on condition of anonymity, citing office rules.

North Korea has been maintaining a torrid pace in nuclear and weapons tests as it accelerates its pursuit of nuclear weapons that could viably target the United States and its allies in Asia.

North Korea said its recent nuclear test was a detonation of a thermonuclear weapon built for its developmental intercontinental ballistic missiles. In two July flight tests, those missiles showed potential capability to reach deep into the U.S. mainland when perfected.


Police State Repression in Catalonia "IndyWatch Feed War"

Catalonia is an autonomous community in Spains northeast, bordering France and the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona its capital and largest city.


If The Following Was A Russian Report On NATO, the Democraps Would Call It An Act of War "IndyWatch Feed War"

Russia was the target of Natos own fake



Military and media reports hyped the Zapad military exercise as a major threat. In fact, what took place was nothing as dramatic as the Wests warnings would have led you to believe



#Athens #Greece: nnouncement of the Themistokleous 58 Squat "IndyWatch Feed War"

The anarchist squat Themistokleous is not calling for an assembly at Sunday 24/9, 5:00 p.m., at the Gini building nor will participate in this assembly.


Originally published by Athens Indymedia.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

nnouncement of the Themistokleous 58 squat

The anarchist squat Themistokleous is not calling for an assembly at Sunday 24/9, 5:00 p.m., at the Gini building nor will participate in this assembly.

We will retain our full autonomy as an anarchist squat for people with and without papers.

If we ever wish to further elaborate on the murderous attack on the TH58, we will do so on our own terms. We will not attend and will not recognize any assembly concerning TH58, not called by TH58 itself.

We continue to affirm that, if members of TH58 be they with or without papers and/or TH58 itself are attacked again, we will defend through all means necessary.

  • Hands off the TH58!
  • ...


Russia Unveils T-72B3 at Zapad-2017 Exercise "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Russian T-72B3 tanks have been tested during Zapad 2017 Russian-Belarussian strategic exercise. This is the first time the tanks were tested in a large-scale training event. The first batch of 20 upgraded vehicles entered service with the Western Military District of the Russian Army in February.


Fires rage in Rakhine as Myanmar army blames Rohingya for mosque blast "IndyWatch Feed War"


AFP/File | Smoke billows from a fire in an area in Myanmars Rakhine state as seen from the Bangladeshi shore of the Naf river on September 14, 2017

SITTWE (MYANMAR) (AFP)  Myanmars army chief on Saturday blamed Rohinyga militants for an explosion outside a mosque in Rakhine state, as a rights group accused the military of starting fires in the region to prevent refugees from returning.The unrest comes days after Myanmars civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi declared troops had ceased clearance operations in the border area that have forced more than 430,000 Rohingya refugees to flee for Bangladesh in under a month.

The army claims it is targeting Rohingya militants who attacked police posts on August 25. But its operation has been so sweeping and brutal that the UN says it likely amounts to ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslim minority, a group reviled by many in the mainly Buddhist country.

Image may contain: 1 person, hat and sunglasses

 Min Aung Hlaing

On Saturday Myanmars commander-in-chief Min Aung Hlaing posted a statement on Facebook saying Rohingya militants planted a home-made mine that exploded in between a mosque and madrasa in northern Rakhines Buthidaung township on Friday.

The army chief accused the militants of trying to drive out around 700 hundred villagers who have remained in Mi Chaung Zay an argument analysts have said makes little sense for a group whose power depends on the networks it has built across Rohingya communities.

Image result for Min Aung Hlaing, photos

Min Aung Hlaing and Aung San Suu Kyi

As our villagers did not want to leave their homes, the terrorists blew up the bomb during the prayer time as a way of terrorizing the villagers, the army chiefs statement said.

It is the act of ARSA terrorist group, it added, using an acronym for the Rohingya militant group whose raids on police posts in August triggered the military backlash.

No one was reported injured in the explosion.

With the government blocking access to the conflict z...


The 89-year-old who threatened the Egyptian regime even in death "IndyWatch Feed War"

Egypt's refusal this week to allow a funeral for former Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammad Mahdi Akef reveals a regime that understands its hold on power is precarious


Philippines is Worst in Global Impunity Index (Weak capacity to prosecute crimes and bring perpetrators to justice) "IndyWatch Feed War"


Violence related to organized crime and terrorist activities by groups linked to the Islamic State placed the Philippines in the worst spot in the Global Impunity Index or GII drawn up by the Mexico-based University of the Americas Puebla or UDLAP and its Center of Studies on Impunity and Justice.

This GII is different from an index of the same name that focuses on violent attacks on journalists. The UDLAP study also covers only 69 out of the 124 United Nations members because information on security and justice was insufficient in the other states. But both studies ranked the Philippines among the worst because of the weak capacity to prosecute crimes and bring perpetrators to justice.

The UDLAP index stresses that impunity can lead to socioeconomic and legal inequality, rule-of-law problems and more human rights violations. It can aggravate corruption and violence, retard economic development and the ability to attract foreign investment and tourism.

The UDLAP index covers structural, functional and human rights dimensions of impunity. The human rights dimension is based on cases of torture, homicides perpetrated by public officials, political imprisonment, extrajudicial killings, massive homicides, and disappearances.

Ranked behind the Philippines were India, Cameroon, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua and the Russian Federation. Surely there are countries where impunity is just as bad or worse among the 124 UN member states that were excluded from the study. But regardless of the Philippines ranking if all UN states were included, no one will dispute the observation that the country suffers from institutional weaknesses in every aspect of the criminal justice system, from law enforcement to prosecution and corrections. The country received the worst rating in terms of the delivery of justice.

Frustration with the justice system has led to public tolerance...


Turkish PM Vows Security, Economic Steps in Response to Iraqi Kurd Referendum Israel Endorsed Kurdish Independence "IndyWatch Feed War"

ISTANBUL Turkeys steps in response to a planned independence referendum in northern Iraqs Kurdish region will have diplomatic, political, economic and security dimensions, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said on Saturday.

He was speaking to reporters before a session of Turkeys parliament on Saturday afternoon to vote on extending a mandate that authorizes Turkish troop deployments to Iraq and Syria.

(Writing by Daren Butler; editing by Mark Heinrich)


JERUSALEM With a two-sentence statement supporting the Iraqi Kurds plan to hold a referendum on independence this Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put Israel at odds with nearly every other major player in the Middle East....


Straws in the Wind for a Reset in US-Russian Relations "IndyWatch Feed War"

The receding specters of a war involving North Korea and a US-Russia confrontation in Syria. The sound of cracking ice in the frozen conflict in Ukraine. Russia and the United States bidding farewell to tits-for-tat. Is this the dawn of a brave new world?


A Major Jewish Philanthropist Just Published A Plan To Ethnically Cleanse Palestinians "IndyWatch Feed War"

A Major Jewish Philanthropist Just Published A Plan To Ethnically Cleanse Palestinians A far-right faction within Israels Likud-led governing coalition has endorsed a plan for Israel to annex the entire West Bank and encourage the Palestinian residents to immigrate to neighboring Arab countries. The plan would allow Palestinians who voluntarily gave up all national aspirations []



Mr. D.W. sent along this article with his own speculations as to what it may mean, and I want to pass those along as

The post MATTIS, NORTH KOREA, AND HINTS OF EXOTIC WEAPONS appeared first on Giza Death Star.


U.S. Is Not Ready for the End of War in Syria. The White House does Not Want Peace "IndyWatch Feed War"

Source By Firas Samuri, It is no secret that the American government has been supporting terrorist groups during the entire Syrian conflict. One of these days, another fact proving this statement was recorded. On September 20, Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) militants with their allies launched an offensive on the Syrian Arab Army positions, north-east of []


ANALYSIS: Bahrain and Israel, a friendship rising in a sea of hostility "IndyWatch Feed War"


Bahrain is making overtures to Israel that hint at the wish to normalise relations. Not everyone in the tiny Gulf kingdom is happy


Syria Calls Out `Double Standard` For israels Nuclear Arsenal "IndyWatch Feed War"

Syria Calls Out `Double Standard` For Israel Nuclear Arsenal Israel is believed by many experts to have at least 80 nuclear warheads, and has refused to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Syria has accused several United Nations member states of holding double standards regarding Israeli nuclear capabilities, which continue outside the Non-Proliferation Treaty framework, Syrian news []


Why the split inside the Democratic Party over #BDS needs to happen "IndyWatch Feed War"

Why the split inside the Democratic Party over BDS needs to happen The Israel Anti-Boycott Act was rolled out in Congress this summer by leading advocates for Israel, backed by the Israel lobby group AIPAC; but it is having trouble gaining Democratic support. Democrats remain non-committal about anti-BDS bill, Aaron Magid reports at Jewish Insider. Senators []


People Ignore Facts That Contradict Their False Beliefs "IndyWatch Feed War"

The more people there are who ignore facts that contradict their beliefs, the likelier a dictatorship will emerge within a given country. Here is how aristocracies, throughout the Ages, have controlled the masses, by taking advantage of this widespread tendency people have, to ignore contrary facts...


Iran tests new ballistic missile, draws rebuke from Trump "IndyWatch Feed War"


Launch calls into question nuclear deal, Trump tweets, while he also accuses Tehran of colluding with North Korea


Aaron Hernandezs CTE diagnosis heightens the NFLs brain trauma crisis "IndyWatch Feed War"


Can Americans Keep Paying to Watch Others Get Brain Injuries?

The Guardian

On Thursday it was revealed a 27-year-old with 44 career NFL games had the brain of a 67-year-old man. Will the league do anything about it?

Image may contain: 1 person, playing a sport, football and outdoor

Aaron Hernandez tries to break free of Buffalo Bills linebacker Chris Kelsay during a 2012 game. Photograph: Elise Amendola/AP

We probably didnt need Aaron Hernandezs attorney to declare Thursday that his dead client had the brain of a near-70-year-old with severe dementia. Too many decisions the one-time New England Patriots star made before killing himself earlier this year at 27 made no sense. Experience has told us that when young, wealthy football players start making erratic life choices, there is probably a physical reason lurking inside their skulls.

The question is: what will anyone do about it?

The time for hand-wringing about the role football plays in the degenerative brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy is over. Science is only beginning to understand CTE. Its going to take decades to assess how much the pounding of football helmets affects players brains. But enough is known now to say that dire measures need to be taken.

For more than 10 years, neurologists have been drawing a connection between the blows players take to their heads and the growth of tau deposits that signal CTE. They have measured the power of enough hits to the head and looked at enough slides of brain tissue to say football has some culpability in the sudden aging of otherwise healthy mens brains.

Even the NFL...


500 million dollars on its way to fund the next war against Syria "IndyWatch Feed War"

500 million dollars on its way to fund the next war against Syria Sept 22, 2017 The Sddeustche Zeitung has shed light on the fact that arms are being transferred from the headquarters of the US Air Forces in Europe, based in Ramstein (Germany) and are making their way to the Syrian rebels. []


World wonders could N. Korea fire nuclear missile over Japan "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Associated Press


SEOUL, South Korea (AP) Will North Koreas next nuclear test involve a thermonuclear missile screaming over Japan? Thats a question being asked after North Koreas foreign minister said his country may test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean.

The world hasnt seen an above-ground, atmospheric nuclear test since an inland detonation by China in 1980 and North Korea upending that could push the region dangerously close to war. The room for error would be minimal and any mistake could be disastrous. Even if successful, such a test could endanger air and sea traffic in the region.

Because of that many experts dont think North Korea would take such a risk. But theyre also not ruling it out given the Norths increasing number of nuclear and missile tests.

The main reason for North Korea to take that risk would be to quiet outside doubts about whether it really has a thermonuclear weapon small enough to fit on a missile, said Jeffrey Lewis, a U.S. arms control expert at the Middlebury Center of International Studies at Monterey. So far North Korea has been separately testing nuclear weapons and the ballistic missiles built to deliver them, rather than testing them together.

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho wouldnt have spoken without approval from Pyongyangs top leadership when he suggested to reporters in New York on Friday that the country could conduct an atmospheric hydrogen bomb test to fulfill the vows of the countrys leader Kim Jong Un.

Kim, in an unusual direct statement to the world, pledged hours earlier to take highest-level action against the United States over Donald Trumps threat to totally destroy the North if provoked. Ri didnt elaborate and said no one knew what decision Kim would make.

If North Korea attempts an atmospheric nuclear test at sea, it would likely involve its most powerful ballistic missiles, such as the intermediate-range Hwas...


Russia will target U.S.-backed fighters in Syria if provoked "IndyWatch Feed War"

The United States highly illegal operations in Syria has caused the delay of freeing civilians trapped in the remaining ISIS occupied territories in the country. After the combined forces of the Syrian Army and Russian special forces are targeted by the terrorists recently, a Russian general held a meeting with his US counterpart purposely to Continue reading Russia will target U.S.-backed fighters in Syria if provoked


Two crazy leaders, Kim Jong-un & Trump, two rogue nations, USA & N.Korea. The world edges closer to nuclear war "IndyWatch Feed War"

Trump Threatens North Korea with Effective and Overwhelming Military Force By Peter Symonds In the wake of North Koreas missile launch, US President Trump and his top officials have once again threatened to use military force to end the supposed threat posed by the small, economically backward country and its limited nuclear arsenal. Speaking at []


China Comes Out in Strong Show of Support for Venezuela "IndyWatch Feed War"

China Comes Out in Strong Show of Support for Venezuela By Adam Garrie Donald Trumps threats to Venezuela have proved to be deeply unpopular at the UN China is scheduled to address the UN General Assembly on the 21st of September, the same day as Russia, but prior to the speech, it already became clear []


French Far-Left Leader Rallies Macron Critics to Streets Defiant France Party "IndyWatch Feed War"

Image result for Jean-Luc Melenchon, photos

PARIS French far-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon is rallying disaffected voters against President Emmanuel Macrons plan to weaken worker protections.

Melenchons party, Defiant France, says it is busing in protesters from more than 150 French towns for a protest march in Paris on Saturday. Other activist groups have promised to join.

Macron changed Frances labor laws amid spreading discontent with his presidency on Friday by signing decrees that reduce unions influence over workplace rules.

The decrees also make it easier for companies to fire workers. Macron says the change is needed to compete in the global economy. Opponents say he is dismantling the French lifestyle.

Melenchon wants the decrees withdrawn and is protesting what he calls the authoritarian way Macron imposed the reforms by bypassing parliamentary debate.

More protests are planned.


US may extend travel restrictions to more countries "IndyWatch Feed War"

Reuters and France 24

Text by FRANCE 24 

Latest update : 2017-09-23

The acting secretary of Homeland Security has notified President Donald Trump of countries that do not meet new US vetting standards and has recommended tailored and tough restrictions on their citizens entry, US officials said Friday.

Trump has not yet approved the restrictions, the officials said. It is unclear if he will do so before a temporary travel ban on citizens of six majority-Muslim countries expires on Sunday.

The officials declined to say how many or which countries were included in DHS acting Secretary Elaine Dukes report to Trump.



China tells Japan not to abandon dialogue over North Korea Russia urges hot heads to calm down "IndyWatch Feed War"


Image may contain: 1 person

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi


BEIJING (Reuters) Japan talking only about sanctions on North Korea rather than dialogue will be seen as going against United Nations resolutions, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told his Japanese counterpart.

Tensions have continued to rise since North Korea carried out its sixth nuclear test on Sept. 3, prompting a new round of U.N. sanctions.

Wang told Japan Foreign Minister Taro Kono on the sidelines of a United Nations meeting in New York that the situation on the Korean peninsula was getting increasingly serious and all sides needed to remain calm.

Resuming peace talks was just as much a part of the U.N. resolutions as enforcing sanctions, Wang said, according to a statement issued by Chinas Foreign Ministry late on Friday.

If the Japanese side only talks about sanctions and does not bring up talks, or even goes against talks, it will be seen as contravening Security Council resolutions, the ministry cited Wang as saying.

China hoped that Japan talked and acted cautiously and played a constructive role on the nuclear issue, he said.

Beijing has repeatedly expressed concern about the rise of tensions over North Korea and, while it too has signed up for the increasingly tough U.N. sanctions, it has also urged a return to talks and for all parties to exercise restraint.

On Friday, Russia urged hot heads to calm down as the United States admitted it felt challenged by North Koreas warning that it could test a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific.

Trump called North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a madman on Friday, a day after Kim dubbed him a mentally deranged U.S. dotard who would face the highest level of hard-line countermeasure in history in retaliation for Trump saying the U.S. would totally destroy North Korea if it threatened the United States or its allies.

Reporting by Ben Blanchard; Edsiting by Paul Tait


BEIJINGJapan talking only about sanctions on North Korea rather than dialogue will be seen as going against United Nations resolutions, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told his Japanese counterpart.

Tensions have continued to rise since North Korea carried out its sixth nuclear test on Sept. 3, prompting a new round of U.N. sanctions.



Why do the USAs Christian Zionists never notice israels attack on Christianity? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Jewish extremists condemned for vandalising Jerusalem church MEMO | September 22, 2017   St. Stephen Church in occupied Jerusalem was vandalised on 21 September 2017 [Richard Hardigan/Twitter] MEMO | September 22, 2017 The Council of Catholic Churches in Jerusalem yesterday condemned the attack by Jewish extremists on one its houses of worship and called on the []


Iran Deals Fate Hovers Over North Korea Crisis "IndyWatch Feed War"

U.S. disdain for nuclear accord with Tehran saps call for talks with Pyongyang, critics say

Updated Sept. 22, 2017 11:59 p.m. ET

UNITED NATIONSThe burgeoning crisis confronting the Trump administration in North Korea was compounded this week by another top foreign policy dilemma: the Iran nuclear agreement.

World powers lobbied President Donald Trump this week to stick with the Iran deal, saying U.S. disavowal of that agreement would weaken the effort to persuade North Korea to abandon its own nuclear and missile program.

Which state would refrain from developing its own nuclear program if it turns out that negotiated agreements do not endure and confidence in agreements with the international community arent worth the paper theyre written on? asked German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel in an address to the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday. He argued that adherence to the Iran deal was vital to ensuring the credibility of such deals in general.

People in Pyongyang, North Korea, watching earlier this month as a screen shows the launch of a Hwasong-12 rocket.Photo: kim won-jin/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

That warning, echoed by other leaders both publicly and in private bilateral meetings, came as the U.S. showdown with North Korea escalated dramatically through the week, beginning with Mr. Trumps threat that the U.S. would totally destroy the country if forced to defend itself or its allies, and rising to a sharp exchange of insults with the North Korean leader.

Adding to the standoffs air of unpredictability, North Koreas foreign minister warned late Thursday that Pyongyang might detonate a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean out of defiance.

U.S. officials spent the week scouring the annual gathering of world leaders at the U.N. for support in rolling back North Koreas nuclear program. But the Trump administration als...


Hurricane Maria aftermath: Puerto Rico evacuates 70,000 after dam fails "IndyWatch Feed War"

The Associated Press

Ricardo Arduengo, AFP | People walk on a flooded street in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in San Juan, Puerto Rico on September 22, 2017.


Latest update : 2017-09-23

Puerto Rican officials rushed to evacuate tens of thousands of people downstream of a failing dam and said they could not reach more than half the towns in the U.S. territory.

The massive scale of the disaster wrought by Hurricane Maria started to become clear on Friday.

Government spokesman Carlos Bermudez said that officials had no communication with 40 of the 78 municipalities on the island more than two days after the Category 4 storm crossed the island, toppling power lines and cellphone towers and sending floodwaters cascading through city streets.

Officials said 1,360 of the islands 1,600 cellphone towers had been downed, and 85 percent of above-ground and underground phone and internet cables were knocked out. With roads blocked and phones dead, officials said, the situation may be worse than they know.

We havent seen the extent of the damage, Gov. Ricardo Rossello told reporters in the capital.

More than 15 inches (nearly 40 centimeters) of rain fell on the mountains surrounding the Guajataca Dam in northwest Puerto Rico after Maria left the island Wednesday afternoon, swelling the reservoir behind the nearly 90-year-old dam.

Authorities launched an evacuation of the 70,000 people living downstream, sending buses to move people away and sending frantic warnings on Twitter that went unseen by many in the blacked-out coastal area.

This is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS SITUATION, the National Weather Service wrote. All the areas around the Guajataca River must evacuate NOW. Your lives are in DANGER.

The 345-yard (316-meter) dam, which was built around 1928, holds back a manmade lake covering about 2 square miles (5 square kilometers).

An engineer inspecting the dam reported a contained breach that officials quickly realized was a crack that could be the first sign of total failure of the dam, said...


Iran tests new missile defying US warnings "IndyWatch Feed War"


afp/AFP | Iran displays a new multiple-warhead medium-range missile dubbed the Khoramshahr at a military parade in Tehran on September 22, 2017

TEHRAN (AFP)  Iran said on Saturday that it had successfully tested a new medium-range missile in defiance of warnings from Washington that it was ready to ditch a landmark nuclear deal over the issue.State television carried footage of the launch of the Khoramshahr missile, which was first displayed at a high-profile military parade in Tehran on Friday.

It also carried in-flight video from the nose cone.

The broadcaster gave no date for the test although officials had said on Friday that it would be tested soon.

Previous Iranian missile launches have triggered US sanctions and accusations that they violate the spirit of the 2015 nuclear deal between Tehran and major powers.

President Donald Trump has threatened to bin the agreement over the issue, saying that Irans missile programme could give it the technical knowhow for a delivery system for a nuclear warhead when a sunset clause in the deal expires in 2025.

He is due to report to Congress on October 15 on whether or not he believes Iran is in compliance with the nuclear deal.

If he decides that it is not, it could open the way for renewed US sanctions and perhaps the collapse of the agreement.

Trump said on Wednesday he had made his decision but was not yet ready to reveal it.



Iran Unveils New Long-Range Ballistic Missile with Multiple Warheads

Iran Unveils New Long-Range Ballistic Missile with Multiple Warheads

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran on Friday unveiled a new home-made long-range Multiple Independently Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV), named Khorramshahr, during the nationwide military parades.

Commander of Irans Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force Brigadier Gene...


Failing Dam Poses New Crisis on Puerto Rico Amid Flooding From Hurricane Maria "IndyWatch Feed War"

A home destroyed in Naguabo, Puerto Rico. (Photo by Dennis M. Rivera Pichardo for The Washington Post)

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico Emergency officials in Puerto Rico raced on Saturday to evacuate tens of thousands of people from a river valley below a dam in the islands northwest on the verge of collapse under the weight of flooding in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

The potential calamity was unfolding even as Puerto Ricans struggled without electricity to clean up and dig out from devastation left days earlier by Maria, which has killed at least 25 people across the Caribbean, according to officials and media reports.

Some 70,000 people live in a cluster of communities under evacuation downstream from the earthen dam on the rain-swollen Guajataca River, Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello said in a late-afternoon news conference on Friday.

Residents of the area were being ferried to higher ground in buses, according to bulletins issued by the National Weather Service from its office in San Juan, the capital of the U.S. island territory.

Christina Villalba, an official for the islands emergency management agency, said there was little doubt the dam was about to break.

It could be tonight, it could be tomorrow, it could be in the next few days, but its very likely it will be...


China Imposes Limit on Oil Supply to North Korea "IndyWatch Feed War"

BEIJING China announced Saturday that it will limit energy supplies to North Korea and stop buying its textiles under U.N. sanctions imposed over its nuclear and missile development, further reducing support from Pyongyangs last ally.

Exports of refined petroleum to the North will be limited to 2 million barrels per year, effective Jan. 1, the Commerce Ministry said. Sales of liquefied natural gas are banned outright.

North Korea depends on China for almost all its oil and gas but estimates of its consumption are low, leaving it unclear how Beijings new limit will affect them. The restrictions announced Saturday do not apply to crude oil, which makes up the biggest share of energy exports to the North.

China also will ban textile imports from the North, the ministry said. Textiles are believed to be the Norths biggest source of foreign revenue following rounds of U.N. sanctions under which Beijing cut off purchases of coal, iron ore, seafood and other goods.

China accounts for some 90 percent of the Norths trade, making its cooperation critical to efforts to derail Pyongyangs nuclear and missile development.

 No automatic alt text available.
FILE In this May 8, 2016, file photo, a North Korean solder stands guard near barrels stacked up near the river bank of the North Korean town of Sinuiju, opposite the Chinese border city of Dandong. China announced Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017 it will limit oil supplies to North Korea under U.N. sanctions starting Oct. 1, 2017, stepping up pressure on Pyongyang over its pursuit of nuclear and missile technology. (Chinatopix via AP, File) The Associated Press

Chinese leaders were long th...


Mosul Verwoest "IndyWatch Feed War"

Verwoesting alom: bevrijd Mosul in 7 apocalyptische foto's

zo 09/07/2017 - 17:24 Freek WillemsNa 8 maanden strijd heeft het Iraakse leger nu ook de controle over de oude stad van Mosul verworven. Maar de prijs die daarvoor is betaald, is enorm. De foto's die de persagentschappen doorsturen, spreken boekdelen. Van grote delen van de stad r...


More Holes in Russia-gate Narrative "IndyWatch Feed War"

More Holes in Russia-gate Narrative

September 20, 2017



Torture During Interrogations Not Just Wrong and Illegal But Also Counterproductive UN Rights Chief "IndyWatch Feed War"

Human Wrongs Watch

The torture and ill-treatment of persons suspected of crimes is not only deeply wrong but, from an interrogators perspective, also counterproductive, the United Nations human rights chief on 22 September said at an event held in New York.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Raad Al Hussein. UN Photo/Jean-Marc Ferr

Abundant scientific and historical evidence demonstrates that the information yielded by people who are being subjected to violence is unreliable, High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Raad Al Hussein said at the event, entitled Torture during Interrogations Illegal, Immoral, and Ineffective.

The torture of detainees, who are captive and cannot defend themselves, also creates enormous rage among their larger communities, he added. By feeding the desire for vengeance, torture produces more hatred and more violence.

Todays event, organized by the High Commissioners Office (OHCHR) and held on the sidelines of the annual high-level segment of the General Assembly, sought to inform discussions among Member States about the development of standards and guidelines on investigative interviewing by police and other law enforcement agencies, with the aim of assisting States to meet their fundamental legal obligations to prevent torture and ill-treatment.

Among the participants in the event were the lead investigative interviewer in the Anders Behring Breivik case in No...


Argentina / Chile: Por El Companero Anarquista Santiago Maldonado "IndyWatch Feed War"



Este 01 septiembre se cumpli ya un mes desde la detencin y desaparicin del compaero anarquista Maldonado, a manos de la polica de la Gendarmera Nacional de Argentina en el contexto de la represin de una manifestacin que incluy cortes de ruta realizada por la comunidad mapuche Pu Lof en Resistencia de Cushamen,en la provincia argentina del Chubut.

Mientras la agitacin anrquica se extiende ms all de las fronteras, compaerxs en Argentina se vuelcan a las calles a propagar actos de revuelta a travs de la propaganda y la accin directa. Con ataques incendiarios a la polica, barricadas y ccteles molotov contra edificios estatales, nuestrxs hermanxs desatan la rabia ante una situacin tan triste como real: los bastardos han detenido y hecho desaparecer a un compaero anarquista.[1]

Porque Santiago es un anrquico, y no solo un joven msico y artesano como lo muestra convenientemente la prensa y los izquierdistas que denuncian la represin estatal, dejamos claro que la negacin y el silencio sobre la identidad poltica del compaero es otra forma de hacerlo desaparecer, borrando del relato de los hechos las verdaderas motivaciones de su presencia solidaria en la comunidad mapu...


How Israel robs Palestinians of Citizenship "IndyWatch Feed War"

  By Jonathan Cook | Dissident Voice | September 22, 2017 Israel has quietly revoked the citizenship of thousands of members of its large Palestinian minority in recent years, highlighting that decades of demographic war against Palestinians are far from over. The policy, which only recently came to light, is being implemented by Israels population []


Prague, Czech Republic: Update on Repression Case Fenix-Trial (Eng/Esp) "IndyWatch Feed War"


UPDATEAll the accused in Fenix 1 are found innocent on all points. The verdict is inactive due to the appeal of the state attorney but all the custodies and so on are taken down and as a first step this is quite a relief. There will be more trials. There will be a proper post about it soon.

Tomorrow morning the city court in Prague will decide whether or not the 5 anarchists in Fenix 1 (the conspiracy of a preparation of a terrorist attack against the train carrying military equipment entrapment by the state agents) will be found guilty. The sentence will be in the morning hours and besides deciding over the lives of the five, it will show how far police can take it in repression against counter-cultural movements or groups.

We will for sure inform you as soon as we know more. If they will be sentenced we will do an international call for action and organize stuff here.

All of this case cost us many emotional and physical resources and after all the court hearing we again hit the bottom of our economical budget, so if anyone has any extra money, we would very appreciate it.

We apologize we didnt invite for the court through our blog, but we cant access it due to admin problems. Hopefully it will change within hours.




Statistics, damn lies and the truth about Rwanda genocide "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Yves Engler September 22, 2017 The real Rwanda genocide story has no Canadian heroes. Canadian commentators often claim more Tutsi were killed in the genocide than lived in Rwanda. Since it aligns with Washington, London and Kigalis interests, as well as liberal nationalist Canadian ideology, the statistical inflation passes with little comment. A []


Welcome to No War 2017: War and the Environment "IndyWatch Feed War"

By David Swanson
Remarks at #NoWar2017 conference on September 22, 2017.
Video here.

Welcome to No War 2017: War and the Environment. Thank you all for being here. Im David Swanson. Im going to speak briefly and introduce Tim DeChristopher and Jill Stein to also speak briefly. We hope to also have time for some questions as we hope to have in every part of this conference.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help World Beyond War with this event, including Pat Elder whos organizing volunteers.

Thank you to World Beyond War volunteers throughout the year, including our all-volunteer coordinating committee and especially the chair Leah Bolger, and also especially those in distant parts of the globe who couldnt be here in person, some of whom are watching on video.

Thank you to our organizer Mary Dean and our education coordinator Tony Jenkins.

Thank you to Peter Kuznick for arranging this venue.

Thank you to the sponsors of this conference, including Code Pink, Veterans For Peace,, End War Forever, Irthlingz, Just World Books, Center for Citizen Initiatives, Arkansas Peace Week, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, Environmentalists Against War, Women Against Military Madness, Womens International League for Peace and Freedom and the Portland Branch thereof, Rick Minnich, Steve Shafarman, Op-Ed News, the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund, and Dr. Art Milholland and Dr. Luann Mostello of Physicians for Social Responsibility. Some of these groups have tables outside this hall, and you should support them.

Thank you also to many groups and individuals who spread the word about this event, including Nonviolence International, OnEarthPeace,, DC, Peace Action Montgomery, and United for Peace and Justice.

Thank you to all of the incredible speakers we will hear from. Thank you especially to the speakers from environmental organizations and backgrounds who are joining with those from peace organizations here.

Thank you to Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence for again partnering with us on this event.

Thank you to this venue which prefers to remain unnamed and to the general public for generally maintaining sanity despite various heroes demonized by the corporate media being scheduled to speak at this event. One of them, as you may have heard, Chelsea Manning, has canceled. Unlike the disgraceful Harvard Kennedy School, we did not cancel on her.

Thank you to the Backbone Campaign and everyone who took part in the kayak flotilla to the Pentagon last weekend.

Thank you to Patrick Hiller and everyone...



Catalonia: Spanish Centralism or Self-Defeating Hubris of the Authoritarian Mind? "IndyWatch Feed War"

On Wednesday, the Spanish government conducted a number of armed raids upon government ministries in Barcelona, and effectively suspended the charter of the autonomous government to which they belong in order to interdict the circulation of that most dangerous of social threats: ballot boxes and the little paper slips that citizens place in them on Continue reading "Catalonia: Spanish Centralism or Self-Defeating Hubris of the Authoritarian Mind?"

The post Catalonia: Spanish Centralism or Self-Defeating Hubris of the Authoritarian Mind? appeared first on Original.


Its Time To Make a Deal With North Korea "IndyWatch Feed War"

The United States faces a new nuclear power ruled by a communist dictator. Washington is worried that the leadership of that country is crazy enough to use its new weapons even against the United States. Meanwhile, other countries fear that the madman in the Oval Office might just launch a preemptive nuclear attack. This Continue reading "Its Time To Make a Deal With North Korea"

The post Its Time To Make a Deal With North Korea appeared first on Original.


How Israel robs Palestinians of Citizenship "IndyWatch Feed War"

Israel has quietly revoked the citizenship of thousands of members of its large Palestinian minority in recent years, highlighting that decades of demographic war against Palestinians are far from over.

The policy, which only recently came to light, is being implemented by Israels population registry, a department of the interior ministry. The registry has been regularly criticized for secrecy about its rules for determining residency and citizenship.

According to government data, some 2,600 Palestinian Bedouins are likely to have had their Israeli citizenship voided. Officials, however, have conceded that the figure may be much higher.

The future offspring of those stripped of citizenship are likely to suffer problems gaining citizenship too.

Human rights groups have severely criticized Israel for violating its own laws, as well as international conventions to which it is a party, in carrying out such revocations.

Sawsan Zaher, a lawyer with Adalah, a legal center for Israels Palestinian minority, told The Jerusalem Post newspaper: This policy is illegal and in contravention to international law because you cannot leave someone stateless.

Harsh treatment

Palestinian citizens, one in five of Israels population, are descended from Palestinians who survived a mass ethnic cleansing campaign waged during Israels creation in 1948.

Today, some 200,000 Bedouins live in Israel, most of them in a semi-desert area known as the Naqab (Negev).

One of the two fastest-growing groups in Israels population, the Bedouins have faced especially harsh treatment. Israel continued expelling them to Jordan, Egypt and Gaza through the 1950s and to this day tightly limits the areas in the Naqab where the Bedouins can live.

Revelations of the revocations emerged as Ayelet Shaked, the far-right justice minister, warned Israels judges to prioritize demographic concerns and maintenance of the states Jewishness over human rights. She called growing numbers of non-Jews in the state national challenges that risked turning a Jewish state into an empty symbol.

According to Adalah, Bedouins typically learn that they have been stripped of citizenship when they approach the interior ministry for routine services such as renewing an ide...


American Propagandist Warns of Russian Propaganda "IndyWatch Feed War"

After President Donald Trumps detestable performance at the United Nations General Assembly last week, the New York Times had an opportunity to counter the presidents heedless belligerence with a message of diplomacy and dialogue. What it did instead was publish an op-ed from discredited former ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, Obamas unforgivable appointment and one of the principal arm-twisters that convinced an irresolute president to get behind an invasion of a sovereign state (Libya) on the basis of manufactured lies too incredulous to believe. This unrepentant jackanape had the temerity to pen an article calling on Americans to heed George Washingtons ancient warning to be constantly awake to the specter of foreign influence, a prelude to the establishment goal of outlawing foreign media and exerting a stronger grip on the information flow in the digital space.

With any Power essay, her smart media handlers make sure that her photo is always a central element of her pose. She perpetually appears in a posture of earnestness, her face displaying a kind of inveterate sadness born of too much knowledge of humanitys dark side. Her somewhat emaciated cheeks, particularly in black and white photographs, lend her the self-abnegating glow of an ascetic or religious eremite. Having absorbed the image of this saintly spirit, readers then move to her missive.

Shuttering Dissent

Power, whose presence in the UN was a carmine monument to hypocrisy, quickly summons the hysterical phantom of Russian election interference as her theme. As any good paid propagandist would do, Power tells us we can focus on the technical details of the hacking, influencing, meddling, and manipulating, but we shouldnt overlook other vile means by which foreign powers ruin our democracy by aiming falsehoods at ripe subsets of our populationand not only during elections.

Here Power reveals her multiple goals. First, she aims to shift the narrative away from the collapsing scenery of the Russian hacking allegation, since the technical facts now show that DNC emails were leaked by an insider, not hacked by a foreign agent. This is what the mainstream press has been slowly doing for months now, moving the debate from the phantom hack itself to the influence of so-called propaganda platforms funded by Russian government, namely RT and Sputnik, and several thousands bots of unknown provenance on social media. In truth, the majority of the intelligence communitys report on the hacking was forced to point fingers at R...


US-made Bomb Killed Civilians in Yemen Residential Building, Says Amnesty "IndyWatch Feed War"

September 22, 2017 A bomb that destroyed a residential building in Yemens capital last month, killing 16 civilians and injuring 17 more including a five-year-old girl called Buthaina whose photograph went viral after the strike was made in the US, Amnesty International has said. The assessment was based on an examination of the []


How Israel is Disabling Palestinian Teenagers "IndyWatch Feed War"

[ Ed. note The article below discusses a practice known as kneecapping, in which Palestinian youths are targeted in their lower limbs by live fire from Israeli soldiers. The writer profileswith stories and photosseveral Palestinian youths who have been disabled in such a manner. As an aside note, I dont know how much longer []


The UN and the Monster in the Room "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Peter Koenig There are no words, other than Monster, not even human monster, that can describe Trumps appearance before the UN General Assembly last Tuesday, 19 September. Its of


Syria Russia Accusing U.S. Of Attacks, Abduction Attempts, Team-play With Al-Qaeda "IndyWatch Feed War"

By Moon Of Alabama September 21, 2017 Information Clearing House  The situation in Syria is reaching another critical point. There is an increased possibility of a large scale clash between U.S. and Russian forces. We hadwarned of such a clash over control of the rich fields east of Deir Ezzor. At least three incidents over the []


3 Times Cops Posted About Weed Busts on FB This Week and Instantly Regretted It "IndyWatch Feed War"

(ANTIMEDIA) Drug warrior cops are having a rough week on social media. Police departments have taken to Facebook and other platforms to boast about drug busts, and in turn, theyre receiving strong pushback from internet users, particularly when cannabis is concerned.

From North Carolina and Ohio to Indiana, Missouri, and Texas, cops have been taking a beating.

On September 7, Lincolnton, North Carolina police posted a mugshot of a young man charged with PWISD (possession of a controlled substance with the intent to manufacture, sell or deliver) of marijuana, as well as Possession of Marijuana Paraphernalia and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. They estimated the street value of the confiscated drugs to be a whopping $200.

Though the post went relatively unnoticed for over a week, by Wednesday, both trolls and serious commenters had descended upon it. Dont do drugs, itll ruin your life. Thats true, in most cases its the government that ruins that persons life, one Facebook user wrote in a comment that received over 1,000 likes.

The comments ranged from sarcastic to serious:



What Hurricanes Reveal About Humane and Inhumane Politics "IndyWatch Feed War"

Hurricanes Expose the Real Politics in the Caribbean Misin Verdad Translated by Internationalist 360 Events must be considered from different perspectives. On the one hand, there is the reactions of nature itself to what has been consistently denounced as climate change, the result of pernicious actions of the system within the framework of the industrial...


Facing Irma in Cuba: Saldremos adelante! "IndyWatch Feed War"

Arnold August Saldremos adelante! (We can only move forward!). This is what a colleague exclaimed during one of my several phone calls to Havana in the days after Irma unleashed its wrath on the capital. Others, when asked how they, their families, colleagues and neighbours were faring, declared in a similar manner, We are fighters,...


UN High Commissioner for Human Rights An Expert on Interventions "IndyWatch Feed War"

Misin Verdad Translation By Les Blough, Axis of Logic Via Tortilla Con Sal Zeid Raad Al Hussein, the Jordanian prince in charge of UN human rights issues, again poisons the Venezuelan situation to give a further respite to the agenda of intervention against the country. In tune with Luis Almagros troupe at the Organization of...


Yemenis Flaunt UAE Armored Vehicles Seized During Battle [PHOTOS] "IndyWatch Feed War"

Sanaa (GPA) Millions of Yemenis poured into the streets yesterday to celebrate the third anniversary of the September 21st Peoples Revolution. One of the highlights from yesterdays rally included parading UAE armored vehicles seized during battle.

The Saudi-backed coalition against Yemen includes Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, as well as most members of the Gulf Cooperation Council and many other allied nations. This coalition enjoys significant military support from western allies such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

RELATED: Heres Exactly What 900 Days of War Against Yemen Has Destroyed

The Saudi-led war against Yemen has killed tens of thousands from air strikes alone. Targets typically include civilian homes, farms, factories, roads, and just about anything imaginable besides military targets.

he ongoing siege and blockade have also killed tens of thousands, however, this number is harder to track. Thousands have died due to a globally unprecedented cholera outbreak which has infected nearly 600,000 mostly women and children.

The destruction of Yemen and humanitarian disaster is not an unfortunate side effect, but rather part of the Saudis strategy as they attempt to beat Yemen into submission.

RELATED: 9 Things the MSM Doesnt Want You to Know About the War in Yemen

Saudi Arabia started bombing Yemen just months after revolutionary forces took control of the capital city Sanaa. Their goal in the war is to prop up the puppet government of Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi. Yemens resistance movement, Ansarullah, expelled Hadi from the capital on September 21st, 20014.

The photos below depict Yemens resistance parading a seized UAE armored vehicle through the streets of Sanaa as a symbol of their resilience, power, and motivation.


President of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi sits in UAE armored vehicle.



Oklahoma Muslim who beheaded coworker says Quran commands beheading "IndyWatch Feed War"

He says also that he has no remorse for his actions, and will attain Paradise. Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn, meanwhile, says that Nolen didnt know the difference between right and wrong, and (he) didnt know the consequences of his actions. Nonsense. He knows very well the difference between right and wrong. The Quran []


What Were Forgetting in March to War with North Korea "IndyWatch Feed War"

Editors Note: The following is an English translation of an article that appeared in the September 19 edition of the Okinawan daily newspaper Ryukyu Shimpo. It was written by Satoko Oka Norimatsu, editor of the Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus. Norimatsu is also the Director of Vancouver, BC, Canada-based Peace Philosophy Centre. 

This article, which the author translated into English herself, has been reposted with permission from Ryukyu Shimpo and lightly edited for clarity.

(ANTIMEDIA)  In a joint media conference with the Korean president Moon Jae-in on September 6, Russian President Vladimir Putin raised concerns over the possible impact of a total oil embargo (endorsed by the U.S., South Korea, and Japan) on civilian life in North Korea, including the negative effects on hospitals and other vital infrastructure.

Thankfully, the new set of sanctions that was subsequently approved by the United Nations Security Council approximately a week later did not include the total embargo, yet almost all Japanese media reported this as disappointing news.

Do Japanese people not care if innocent civilians freeze to death in North Korea, where the average temperature during the winter months is below zero?

Japan, hand in hand with the biggest nuclear power in the world, continues to threaten North Korea on a daily basis with their military bases and joint military exercises. Through this provocation, they also threaten Russia and China. The U.S. and its allies call their superpower threat deterrence, and, by comparison, they call the small and isolated countrys desperate effort to protect their sovereignty provocation. Mentions of severe sanctions and military force are made with ease and without any objection. Clearly, the Japanese government, media, and its people do not seem to consider the lives and livelihoods of the people on the Korean Peninsula whether North or South as important or noteworthy.

Even U.S. chief strategist Steve Bannon expressed major concerns over the 10 million...


Ritual Defamation: A Contemporary Academic Example "IndyWatch Feed War"

The term ritual defamation was coined by Laird Wilcox to describe the destruction of the reputation of a person by unfair, wrongful, or malicious speech or publication. The defamation is in retaliation for opinions expressed by the victim, with the intention of silencing that persons influence, and making an example of him so as to discourage similar insensitivity to subjects currently ruled as taboo. It is aggressive, organized and skillfully applied, often by a representative of a special interest group, such as, ironically, the Anti-Defamation League.

Ritual defamation is not called ritual because it follows any prescribed religious or mystical doctrine, nor is it embraced in any particular document or scripture. Rather, it is ritualistic because it follows a predictable, stereotyped pattern which embraces a number of elements, as in a ritual.

Laird Wilcox enumerated eight basic elements of a ritual defamation:

First, the victim must have violated a particular taboo, usually by expressing or identifying with a forbidden attitude, opinion or belief.

Second, the defamers condemn the character of the victim, never offering more than a perfunctory challenge to the particular attitudes, opinions or beliefs the victim expressed or implied. Character assassination is its primary tool.

Third, the defamers avoid engaging in any kind of debate over the truthfulness or reasonableness of what has been expressed. Their goal is not discussion but rather condemnation, censorship and repression.

Fourth, the victim is usually someone who is vulnerable to public opinion, although perhaps in a very modest way. It could be a schoolteacher, writer, businessman, minor official, or merely an outspoken citizen; visibility enhances vulnerability to ritual defamation.

Fifth, an attempt is made to involve others in the defamation. In the case of a public official, other public officials will be urged to denounce the offender. In the case of a student, other students will be called upon; in the case of a professor, other professors will be asked to join the condemnation.

Sixth, in order for a ritual defamation to be most effective, the victim must be dehumanized to the extent that he becomes identical with the offending attitude, opinion or belief, and in a manner which distorts his views to the point where they appear at their most extreme. For example, a victim who is defamed as a subversive will be identified with the worst images of subversion, such as espionage, terrorism or treason.

Seventh, the defamation tries to bring pressure and humiliation on the victim from every quarter, including family and friends. If the victim has school children, they may be taunted and ridiculed as a consequence of adverse publici...


Watch Yemeni Fighters Storm Enemy Site Beyond Saudi Border [VIDEO] "IndyWatch Feed War"

Jizan (GPA) Fighters from Yemens Army and Popular Committees carried out an operation today on a Saudi military site beyond the border in Jizan.

Yemens resistance forces have expanded their operations beyond the Saudi border in retaliation for the Saudis ongoing airstrike campaign, invasion, and occupation of Yemen. Part of the Saudis strategy against Yemen includes flooding the country with foreign mercenaries.

The Saudi-led war against Yemen has killed tens of thousands from air strikes alone. Targets typically include civilian homes, farms, factories, roads, and just about anything imaginable besides military targets.

RELATED: Heres Exactly What 900 Days of War Against Yemen Has Destroyed

The ongoing siege and blockade have also killed tens of thousands, however, this number is harder to track. Thousands have died due to a globally unprecedented cholera outbreak which has infected nearly 600,000 mostly women and children.

The destruction of Yemen and humanitarian disaster is not an unfortunate side effect, but rather part of the Saudis strategy as they attempt to beat Yemen into submission.

Yemens resistance, on the other hand, only strikes military targets such as Saudi military outposts and weapons storage facilities.

The video below released from Yemens military media center depicts fighters storming a Saudi military site in the province of Jizan.

RELATED: 9 Things the MSM Doesnt Want You to Know About the War in Yemen


The post Watch Yemeni Fighters Storm Enemy Site Beyond Saudi Border [VIDEO] appeared first on Geopolitics Alert.


California: Nullification now - Secession later? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Nullification as a constitutional theory rests on the belief that the United States is an artifact of an agreement among the states as to a form of government agreeable to them collectively and individually and that this agreement does not...


Miss Turkey loses crown over coup tweet "IndyWatch Feed War"


18-year-old Itir Esen was forced to hand back her crown after comparing bloody coup deaths with her menstruation cycle


The storm after the Stockley verdict "IndyWatch Feed War"

by David Ragland

Embed from Getty Images

Our hemisphere is enveloped by an unending series of storms of our nations making. The same destructive mentality that has created a climate primed for super hurricanes in the Gulf is also responsible for the climate of police violence in places like St. Louis, where protests have erupted in the last week.

In December 2011, Anthony Lamar Smith was murdered by then-St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley. With his partner joining him in a car chase, Stockley pursued Smith three miles through St. Louis, rammed Smiths vehicle, approached with an unauthorized automatic weapon, and fired five deadly shots. Despite audio evidence establishing premeditation, in which Stockley boldly declared Im going to kill this motherfucker, he was found not guilty in a verdict announced on Sept. 15, 2017.

Since the acquittal, protesters have taken to the streets throughout the city to disrupt business as usual. This region fostered the nonviolent resistance of Ferguson protesters who provided the pedagogy of resistance for the current wave of social movements in the United States.

Following the not-guilty verdict, the police presence swelled, and heavy-handed tactics were used to intimidate protesters. While the intention was to draw support to the police agenda, these tactics have angered many St. Louis residents and attracted new supporters to the protesters cause.

Embed from Getty Images

As a St. Louis native, I was compelled to return home once again, as I have on dozens of trips over the past three years. I landed at St. Louis Lambert International Airport on Sunday afternoon, and walked out of...


The Killing of History "IndyWatch Feed War"

By John Pilger | Consortium News | September 21, 2017 One of the most hyped events of American television, The Vietnam War, has started on the PBS network. The directors are Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. Acclaimed for his documentaries on the Civil War, the Great Depression and the history of jazz, Burns says of []


Syrian War Report September 22, 2017: US-backed Forces Push For Syrian Oil "IndyWatch Feed War" If youre able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldnt be possible without your help: PayPal: or via: or via: Early on Friday,

Friday, 22 September


Mohawk Nation News 'Kanekota Women File Objection' "IndyWatch Feed War"

KANEKOTA WOMEN FILE OBJECTION Posted on September 22, 2017 Please post & distribute. MNN. Sept. 22, 2017. The following notice is served on the violators of the kaia-nere-kowa by Registered Mail on September 22, 2017.  KARONHIAKTAJEH LOUIS HALL: WE HAVE TO RESIST. [WARRIORS HANDBOOK] REGISTERED MAIL  NOTICE OF OBJECTION SEPTEMBER 22, 2017TO: The Township of Southgate ,


Jewish extremists condemned for vandalising Jerusalem church "IndyWatch Feed War"

St. Stephen Church in occupied Jerusalem was vandalised on 21 September 2017 [Richard Hardigan/Twitter] MEMO | September 22, 2017 The Council of Catholic Churches in Jerusalem yesterday condemned the attack by Jewish extremists on one its houses of worship and called on the Israeli government to do more to curtail the escalating violence against Christians []


World Food Programme chief says Gulf must 'step up' Yemen aid "IndyWatch Feed War"


World Food Programme chief David Beasley also said Saudi Arabia should fund steps to cut disease and hunger in Yemen


The Real Reason For Donald Trumps Anti-Iran Vendetta Losing A Nightclub To Anti-Shah Revolution? "IndyWatch Feed War"

Trump in Tehran in 77 (to the right of Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson)

All his anger was because of the loss of the value of investment in the nightclub in Tehran after the Persian revolution

Trump in Tehran in 77 .. Hornet reveals

to you what was working there




Syria - Crap Hits Fan As U.S. Proxies Kill Russia's Allies - SEE UPDATE "IndyWatch Feed War"

UPDATE - 5:55PM: The alleged incident did NOT happen. (At least not the way describe below.) No SAA soldiers were killed by the U.S. proxy force near Deir Ezzor. I am sorry for the false alarm and any irritation it...


BBC future newsreel on a new Korean War "IndyWatch Feed War"

"Two US experts talk to the BBC about how a conflict might unfold. You can hear more on what a potential war would mean for the region and the wider world on the BBC podcast The Inquiry here." BBC -----------...


Trump considers new travel ban "IndyWatch Feed War"


White House considers new travel ban that is tailored by country and based on cooperation with American security mandates

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