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Thursday, 26 October


Who Killed JFK? The Various Theories Behind the Kennedy Assassination "IndyWatch Feed World"


Just hours ahead of the disclosure of classified documents on one of the defining moments of 20th-century US history the assassination of President John F. Kennedy RT takes a look at some of the main theories regarding what really happened.

Ever since John F. Kennedy was gunned down by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963 while visiting Dallas, Texas, there has been endless speculation around the circumstances of the 46-year-olds death.

Here, we take a look at what different people say happened on that tragic day.

Lone wolf the official version

Following the tragic event, the Warren Commission was set up by President Lyndon B. Johnson to shed light on Kennedys murder. In 1964, the commission concluded that Kennedy was killed by a lone assassin former US Marine Lee Harvey Oswald.

The shooter fired three shots from a sixth-floor window in the Texas School Book Depository and two bullets reached his target President Kennedy and wounded Texas Governor John Connally, who was travelling in the car with Kennedy.

Although the Warren Commission concluded that Oswald was not part of any conspiracy, the findings were criticized for allegedly ignoring some witness accounts and for the fact that the CIA and FBI, who assisted the investigation, withheld some information.

A second shooter?

Over a decade later, Kennedys death was once again investigated this time by the US House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA). Established in 1976, the committee issued its final report in 1979, which agreed with the Warren Commissions findings, though it added there was a high probability that two gunmen fired at Kennedy.

The HSCA also found that Kennedy was probably assassinated as the result of a conspiracy, although it did not go into details.

Communist conspiracies

Its no secret that Oswald visited the Soviet Union and attempted to obtain citizenship due to his Marxist beliefs. After being denied, however, he grew disillusioned with the USSR, which seems to have provided the grounds for alleged Soviet involvement in Kennedys assassination.

Several months before the assassination, Oswald reportedly visited the Cuban and Soviet embassies in Mexico to re-apply for a Soviet visa, but failed.

Amid speculation of a US plot to kill Cuban leader Fidel Castro, this added fuel to...


Trump campaign argues WikiLeaks posting hacked DNC emails was legal "IndyWatch Feed World"

Publication of messages didn't violate the law even if WikiLeaks stole them, Trump's lawyers say WikiLeaks' publication of thousands of emails apparently hacked from the Democratic National Committee was legal and specifically protected by federal law, the Trump campaign argued in a court filing Wednesday. Lawyers for the Trump presidential campaign came to the controversial transparency website's defense in a bid to defeat a lawsuit three Democratic activists filed in July accusing Trump's presidential campaign of conspiring to publish sensitive personal information, including Social Security numbers and information suggesting that a Democratic National Committee employee was gay. The Trump campaign's motion to dismiss the case argues that WikiLeaks qualifies as the kind of online service that Congress rendered immune from legal liability through legislation passed more than two decades ago.


The campaign to discredit Betty and Barney Hill and their UFO abduction experience "IndyWatch Feed World"

Betty and Barney Hill are best known as the first alien abductees to garner worldwide attention and media coverage of their 1961 close encounter with a UFO and subsequent abduction by non-human beings. Betty (1919-2004) was social worker for the State of New Hampshire and Barney (1922-69) was civil service worker for the U.S. Post Office. The encounter transpired when the couple was returning to their Portsmouth, New Hampshire home on September 19, 1961 from a short vacation in Niagara Falls and Montreal. Hurricane Esther was whirling up the coast and threatening to strike New Hampshire's Seacoast, so the Hills decided to cut their trip short. This decision would require a nighttime drive with an expected 2:00 a.m. arrival time, but Barney was up for the challenge as he was well rested from the night before and was accustomed to working the night shift. At the time neither had any particular interest in UFOs. Betty, however, was more open-minded about the possibility that UFOs may exist while Barney was convinced otherwise. The events of that fateful evening forever changed the couple's lives when they experienced an unknown phenomenon superior to anything known on Earth. Both made confidential reports of the event to the appropriate authorities, but were troubled by a two-hour time lapse and physical evidence that they couldn't account for. Hoping to break through the apparent amnesia, a little more than two years after the close encounter, Betty and Barney contacted renowned Boston psychiatrist, Dr. Benjamin Simon. Both recalled the traumatic details of being seized and subjected to physical examinations by non-human beings. Much to their dismay, a breach of confidentiality led to the public disclosure of the Hills' story in October 1965. The worst thing that could have happened to the Hills was for their story to become public knowledge because they felt they had much to lose and nothing to gain. Soon their tale emerged in popular culture as a fascinating chronicle of alien abduction; the topic of intense scientific interest; and the prime target of debunkers, who continue to attack it today.


The Vaccine Cartel: Largest Criminal Organization in the World Why Your Flu Shot is Probably Illegal "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Brian Shilhavy

If you are getting a flu shot this season, chances are that those who are providing the vaccine to you are breaking federal laws and they dont care.

The reason they dont care is because in 1986 Congress passed a law that then President Ronald Reagan signed which gave pharmaceutical companies that manufacture vaccines and medical personnel who administer those vaccines total legal immunity for injuries or deaths related to vaccines.

As a result, federal guidelines for administering vaccines that are designed to protect patients are routinely ignored, especially when it comes to the annual flu shot that almost anyone can purchase in a pharmacy just as easily as they can purchase a candy bar or can of soda.

If you have a severe reaction, injury, or are killed by the flu shot, you or your family have no legal recourse to sue the manufacturer or those who gave you the vaccine, even if they broke federal laws in administering the vaccine (as most do). You must hire an attorney and sue the Federal Government in vaccine court, where attorneys working for the Department of Justice (DOJ) will fight you to try and prevent you from being compensated for your injury or death.

Health Impact News is probably the only media organization that publishes the quarterly reports from the DOJ listing settlements in the vaccine court for vaccine injuries and deaths, and each report clearly shows that the annual flu vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine in the U.S., causing severe injuries and deaths each year.

The most recent report from September 2017 listed 275 injuries and four deaths from the flu vaccine. But the manufacturers of the flu vaccines and those who administer them take no responsibility and suffer no consequences, even if they broke the law.

Justice for criminal medical murders and injuries largely does not exist in the United States.

Information About the Flu Vaccine that is Required by Federal Law

You Must Receive a Vaccine Information Statement Prior to Receiving a Flu Shot



How loggerhead turtle Eleanor survived storm "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

In-water behaviour of the loggerhead sea turtle

18 January 2016

Intensive in-water surveys in Laganas bay, Zakynthos, Greece, revealed the existence of two aggregation hotspots for loggerhead sea turtles. The first one, a cleaning station, was occupied primarily by female turtles during their interesting period. The second, a small reef in the shallows, served as a foraging area. The solitary and the social behaviour of the turtles between these two spots was very different. At the cleaning station, female turtles did not involve in any fights, generally tolerating the presence of one another while being cleaned by fish and performing self-cleaning activities. In the foraging spot, on the other hand, which was used mainly by resident males, aggressive fights took place quite often as soon as one turtle was at the vicinity of the other.

Under the scientific guidance of sea turtle behaviour expert Dr. Gail Schofield, we highlight these differences and provide new insights into the in-water behaviour of the loggerhead sea turtle.

From the University of Southern Denmark:

The sea turtle that refused to be beaten by the storm

October 26, 2017

When Eleanor the sea turtle was caught in a tropical storm off the coast of Florida, she coped surprisingly well. In fact, she hardly needed to use any extra energy during the four days the storm raged and neither was she injured.

As the seas get warmer, Earth suffers the ravages of ever more powerful storms and hurricanes, with massive consequences for both humans and animals. One of the concerns is marine animals, especially endangered species, such as certain whales, manatees, sharks, sea turtles, etc.

A joint Danish/American/Australian team of researchers has discovered that severe weather is not necessarily harmful to individual adult sea turtles. The team was in the process of monitoring...


US declares war on opioids "IndyWatch Feed World"

Cocaine. Photo Christian Charisius/dpa

Cocaine. Photo Christian Charisius/dpa

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions says the opioid epidemic is a personal failing by many Americans who cannot say no to drugs.

People should say no to drug use. They have got to protect themselves first, he said in Washington on Thursday.

President Donald Trump is due to declare the opioid crisis is a public health emergency, a move that will redirect federal resources to help combat the problem.

Sessions said there are more overdose deaths than the height of the AIDS public health crisis in the 1980s.

According to the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, opioids were responsible for more than 33,000 US deaths in 2015.

Nearly half of all the US opioid overdose deaths in 2015 involved prescription medications.

Earlier on Thursday, the Justice Department announced it had secured an indictment against a Pittsburgh-based doctor for unlawfully distributing opioids, the first case of its kind since Sessions launched an Opioid Abuse and Detection unit.

Sessions cast the problem in a moral light.

I do think that this whole country needs to not be so lackadaisical about drugs, he said.

His comments channelled former First Lady Nancy Reagan, who famously launched a Just Say No anti-drug campaign when crack cocaine was ravaging communities in the 1980s.

President Ronald Reagan established mandatory minimum sentences for drug offences, including marijuana.

Sessions said on Thursday that fentanyl people are really killers, but did not clarify to whom he was specifically referring.

He also said he has heard from many police chiefs that drug addiction starts with marijuana.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opiate that is up to 50 times more lethal than heroin.

Michael Correia, the government relations director for the National Cannabis Industry Association, said Sessions is ill-informed and pointed to data showing many of the overdoses involve prescription painkillers.

The post US declares war on opioids appeared first on Echonetdaily.


10 Benefits Of Organic Coconut Oil "IndyWatch Feed World"

10 Benefits Of Organic Coconut Oil | coconut-oil-in-jar | General Health Organic Market Classifieds Organics Special Interests

Although it is a 90% saturated fat, organic coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) that can improve your health in many ways. One of the smartest choices of good fat you can add to your diet is organic virgin coconut oil. Yes, coconut oil.

First of all, organic coconut oil is very stable to cook with because it withstands high temperatures without heat damage. If you switch your cooking oil to organic coconut oil, you can start improving your health right away.

Whats more, you can easily digest the MCFAs in coconut oil. So, its a lot easier on your system than other oils. Plus, these hard-working fatty acids are immediately converted into energy rather than being stored in your body as fat. Overall, MCFAs help to boost your metabolism, which is a great help to any weight loss program.

Considered a functional food, organic coconut oil is now being recognized by the medical community as a powerful tool against immune system related diseases. Several studies have been done on its effectiveness in this area, and much research is currently underway concerning the incredible nutritional value of pure organic virgin coconut oil.

Organic coconut oil is highly nutritious and contains a superior disease fighting fatty acid called lauric acid. It is also rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.



Thousands in Thailand mourn late king "IndyWatch Feed World"

Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej is being cremated today. REUTERS/Sukree Sukplang (THAILAND - Tags: ANNIVERSARY HEALTH ROYALS)

Thailands King Bhumibol Adulyadej is being cremated today. REUTERS/Sukree Sukplang (THAILAND Tags: ANNIVERSARY HEALTH ROYALS)

Thailand has said its final goodbye to its beloved late King Bhumibol Adulyadej in a ceremony steeped in ancient rituals, processions and Buddhist rites that drew hundreds of thousands of mourners.

Despite heavy downpours, black-clad mourners crowded Bangkoks historic quarter where the kings cremation took place.

The $US90 million ($A117 million) funeral marks the end of an era for many Thais who had only ever known King Bhumibol as their monarch.

It ushers in the reign of the late kings son King Maha Vajiralongkorn, or Rama X, who ascended the throne last year but whose coronation can only take place after his fathers funeral.

Earlier in the day members of the Thai royal family, visiting dignitaries and government officials placed sandalwood flowers at the royal funeral pyre.

Australian Governor General Peter Cosgrove attended the funeral.

The cremation of King Bhumibol began with Buddhist religious rites and ceremonial candle-lighting by saffron-robed monks.

Many of those lining the Thai capitals streets had slept overnight on pavements near the Grand Palace to capture vantage spots for the funeral procession that wended past buildings draped in yellow marigolds.

King Bhumibol, also known as King Rama IX, died last October aged 88 after ruling for seven decades.

He played a pivotal role in maintaining stability during years of political upheaval and rapid development.

New King Maha Vajiralongkorn presided over religious chanting in the afternoon prior to the cremation at the royal crematorium, which features nine spires to mark the reign of his father, the ninth member of Thailands Chakri Dynasty.

One of the late kings daughters, Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, lit candles inside the crematorium.

Thailands supreme patriarch, Somdet Phra Maha Muniwong, led the religious ceremony, urging Thais to follow Buddhist teachings and look beyond sadness.

Officials in charge of the ceremony said about 110,000 people had gathered near the cremation area, with 200,000 more nearby.



A Spoonful Of This Miracle Plant Can Replace a Whole Serving Of Vegetables "IndyWatch Feed World"

Moringa is a wonderful solution to a common problem created by the convenience of pre-packaged foods and eating-on-the-go mentality. The problem: People are just not eating enough vegetables and fruits. The solution: a spoonful of moringa can supplement your diet with nutrients equal to a whole extra serving of vegetables.

Sadly, considering the abundance of food available, the typical Western diet does not provide sufficient nutrients for one to stay healthy. As a result, the Western population seems plagued by chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer.

Unless youve become very conscientious about your diet, you are probably not getting enough fruits and vegetables. The rule of thumb is that for every meal, about half your plate should be filled with produce. Yet, for many people, this is rarely the case. Heres what the USDA estimates:

According to the dietary guidelines, an adult consuming 2,000 calories per day should be eating 2 1/2 cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit per day. This is quite a leap from the typical American diet, which includes a mere cup and a half of veggies and one cup of fruit per day, according to the USDA. (source)

Moringas Nutritional Punch

The moringa tree is a popular plant in tropical and subtropical climates of Central America, Asia and India. Also called horseradish tree due to its spicy flavor, it is a very potent source of plant-based nutrition.

According to, 100 grams or 1 cup of moringa leaves has the following nutrients:

More iron than spinach (5.3-28.2 mg versus 2.7 mg in spinach), more vitamin C than oranges (120-220 mg versus 69.7 mg per orange), and more potassium than bananas (1324 mg versus 422 mg per banana).

Furthermore, a cup of moringa leaves also contains 19 percent of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin B6, in addition to 17 times more protein than milk and 10 times more Vitamin A than carrots. It is also packed with essential amino acids.

Moringa leaves can be eaten raw, and many people also dry them. In addition, moringa powder has become a popular supplement. Here is what Kuli Kuli, a producer of moringa foods and supplements, has to say about just one tablespoon of moringa powder:

Just 1 tbsp (1 single serving packet) of...


Saudi Arabia Just Granted Citizenship To A Robot Who Said It Would Destroy Humans "IndyWatch Feed World"

sophia robot

Saudi Arabia has just become the first country to grant citizenship to a robot.  Its a little ironic, considering the country just recently allowed women to drive.

Sophia, the humanoid produced by Hanson Robotics, spoke at the recent Future Investment Initiative.  Sophia has said in the recent past that it would destroy humans, when prompted to do so by its creator, David Hanson. And now the robot has citizenship in the country of Saudi Arabia.  The robot is the first of its kind to have citizenship anywhere in the world.

In March of 2016, Sophias creator asked Sophia during a live demonstration at the SXSW festival, Do you want to destroy humans?Please say no.' With a blank expression, Sophia responded, OK. I will destroy humans. Hanson, meanwhile, has said Sophia and its future robot kin will help seniors in elderly care facilities and assist visitors at parks and events.

Saudi Arabia bestowed citizenship on Sophia ahead of the Future Investment Initiative, held in the kingdoms capital city of Riyadh on Wednesday. I am very honored and proud of this unique distinction, Sophia told the audience, speaking on a panel. This is historical to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship.

At the event, Sophia also addressed the room from behind a podium and responded to questions from moderator and journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin. According to Business Insider, questions pertained mostly to Sophias status as a humanoid and concerns people may have for the future of humanity in a robot-run world.  Sorkin told...


Sleuths, scholars await on JFK files "IndyWatch Feed World"

US President John F. Kennedy in a limousine in Dallas, Texas, on Main. (Wikipedia)

US President John F. Kennedy in a limousine in Dallas, Texas, on Main. (Wikipedia)

Scholars and sleuths are waiting and waiting to leap on the release of John F. Kennedy assassination files.

The US National Archives is due to release the remaining secrets on President Kennedys killing in Dallas on November 22, 1963 on Thursday (local time), unless President Donald Trump is persuaded by intelligence agencies to hold some back.

The collection includes more than 3,100 documents comprising hundreds of thousands of pages that have never been seen by the public.

About 30,000 documents were released previously with redactions.

A law from 25 years ago requires the government to put the thousands of documents out by this date, though some may stay hidden.

For historians, its a chance to answer lingering questions, put some unfounded conspiracy theories to rest, perhaps give life to other theories or none of that.

Earlier this year the Archives said it cant judge the relevancy of the documents but said it assumed they would be tangential to what is known about the assassination.

Interest is intense but its possible that as this chapter of history comes alive, it might quickly fall back into temporary invisibility.

Servers are bound to be stressed by people looking for the online-only files.

Some non-government websites specialising in JFK records were difficult to access on Thursday morning, before anything came out.

Trump is a bit coy about the release on the eve of it, tweeting: The long anticipated release of the (hash)JFKFiles will take place tomorrow. So interesting!

Experts say the publication of the last trove of evidence could help allay suspicions of a conspiracy at least for some.

As long as the government is withholding documents like these, its going to fuel suspicion that there is a smoking gun out there about the Kennedy assassination, said Patrick Maney, a presidential historian at Boston College.

The post Sleuths, scholars await on JFK files appeared first on...


ACTION ALERT! The FDA Wants to Turn Vitamins into Drugs "IndyWatch Feed World"


We must keep the FDA from turning a vital nutrient over to Big Pharma. Action Alert!

An important study finds that carbidopa, a standard Parkinsons drug, irreversibly binds to and permanently deactivates pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P5P), a key form of vitamin B6 in the body. The authors describe the essential role P5P plays in the body: [P5P] is required for the function of over 300 enzymes and proteins. Virtually every major system of the body is impacted directly or indirectly by [it].

Youre not likely to hear from a conventional doctor how this drug destroys a vital nutrient in your body, just as youre unlikely to hear how a host of other drugs interfere with the bodys absorption of key vitamins and minerals. (The FDA hasnt approved alternative therapies for Parkinsons, such as focused ultrasound, even though it is approved for similar conditions.)

Actually, the FDA would prefer you to take your B6 in the form of a drug. You may recall the case of pyridoxamine, one of three bioavailable forms of vitamin B6. This vitamin has many health benefits; indeed, we could not live without B6. Notwithstanding, in 2009 the FDA banned the supplement form of pyridoxamine in response to a petition from a drug company, which wanted to use it in a drug formulation.

P5P faces a similar threat. The FDA is considering a petition from Medicure Pharma to ban P5P because the co...


Mainstream Media Journalist Mark Halperin OUTED As Serial Sexual Harasser By Liberal News Outlet CNN "IndyWatch Feed World"


Amid the now widespread allegations against Hollywood titan Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault, another prominent media figure has been accused, this time in a piece by liberal news outlet CNN that claims that veteran political journalist Mark Halperin sexually harassed women during his time as political director at ABC News.

The explosive report paints a picture of Halperin using his powerful position at ABC News to not only proposition employees for sex but also to kiss and grab at least one female employees breasts against her will.

According to CNN, although the accusers didnt specifically report to Halperin, he made many decisions about the political coverage at ABC as well as some critical personnel decisions.

While they no longer work with him, Halperin continues to wield influence in politics and media. The women who spoke to CNN said it was for this reason that they shared their accounts on the condition of anonymity. Others also said they still feel embarrassed about what happened to them and did not want to be publicly associated with it.

The first woman told CNN she was invited to visit his office in the early 2000s, when he was political director at ABC News, to have a soda, and said that while she was there with him he forcibly kissed her and pressed his genitals against her body.

I went up to have a soda and talk and he just kissed me and grabbed my boobs, the woman said. I just froze. I didnt know what to do.

When she did make her way out of his office, the woman told a friend at ABC News what had happened. That friend told CNN she remembered the woman telling her about the incident and seeing her visibly shaken.

The second woman, another former ABC News employee, described a similar experience in his office during the 2004 campaign cycle. This woman said she was around 25 years old then, and wanted to be a campaign off-air ABC News term for one of the reporters who travel embedded with presidential campaigns so she reached out to Halperin, who was a part of the decision-making process regarding those assignments at the time.

The first meeting I ever had with him was in his office and he just came up from behind I was sitting in a chair from across his desk ...


BEST OF THE WEB: Why the 'Steele Dossier' on Trump-Russia collusion is a total 'nothingburger' "IndyWatch Feed World"

The infamous "Steele Dossier," which alleges collusion between Donald Trump and Russian operatives during the 2016 election campaign is back in the headlines, with revelations that Hillary Clinton's campaign team paid the British spy for his research.


Market Talk- October 26, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

China saw a mixed close with Hang Sengs fall balancing Shanghais gain. Talk for China however, focused on reports that China may offer a two tranche 5 and 10yr deals having been absent from the markets for a while. At a time when yields are so low one would expect rather larger deals than is rumoured ($2bn), but certainly has the potential to shake a few markets out! The Nikkei gained a little with the Yen suffering, but the big move in currencies was reserved until late in the trading day. This move was the result of the ECBs announcement of lower but for longer. lets just jump forward to the ECB announcement and the ramifications of their actions.

The ECB announcement was to cut the size of their monthly purchases in half, from Euro 60bn down to 30bn but, also said they would extend the time frame until at least September 2018. The effect on the bond market was positive, in the knowledge that the buyers continues beyond the date. The treasury market went with the move resulting in a flatter curve. The front end remained focused on what the FED is still expected to do, and so we saw 2/10s flatten around 2bp on the day only to drift late in the day. The move was negative for currency which reflects positively on equity markets. DAX, CAC, IBEX and MIB were all up around 1.5% while the UKs FTSE added just +0.55% (not bad given the Retail Sales number). The Euro lost 0.65% with GBP down -0.45% on the announcement. Given the bond move financials (Banks) were hit but they were already trading heavy after Barclays numbers were lower than expected; Barclays stock was down more than 7% at one stage. The markets do seem to be comfortable taking this announcement in its stride, but you would be well advised to keep a very close eye on the currency going forward. With the Euro decline turning more serious late in the day (-1.5%), international buyer will be questioning the logic of holding sub 1% paper with the currency falling!

Money continues to move into the US markets, with most indices trading positively. NASDAQ did turn mid-morning whilst the DOW and broader S+P were pruned around the highs. Twitter and Ford beat street expectations but it is not surprising the NASDAQ has been shaved as we await some bi...


Its Now Possible To Explore Other Moons And Planets Using Google Maps "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

If youre eager to explore new planets and moons in space youre in luck. While we cant connect you with a spaceship and a pilot (just yet), engineers working at Google just unveiled the next best thing. Using a new feature on Google Maps, it is now possible to explore planets such as Venus, Mercury, and Pluto, in addition to several icy moons in our solar system.

The new feature (see here) allows you to navigate between various celestial bodies, rotating and zooming between the planets and moons. Reportedly, the project was inspired by the  Cassini spacecraft which delivered hundreds of thousands of pictures. As Newsweek reports, the images revealed entirely new views of Jupiter, Saturn and their moons.

Google explains: Twenty years ago, the spacecraft Cassini launched from Cape Canaveral on a journey to uncover the secrets of Saturn and its many moons. During its mission, Cassini recorded and sent nearly half a million pictures back to Earth, allowing scientists to reconstruct these distant worlds in unprecedented detail. Now you can ...


This French City Is Offering Free Public Transit In A Bid To Become Sustainable "IndyWatch Feed World"

In the small, suburban city of Dunkirk, located on the northern coast of France, only 5 percent of people typically use the bus to travel. This is expected to soon change, as Mayor Patrice Vergriete is intent on making the town both sustainable and alluring to young people, families and elderly alike. How will he accomplish this? By making all of the buses free. Vergriete told CityLab: I wanted to give back purchasing power to the families.

In 2015, the Vergriete administration tested the idea by making the weekend service free. The response was overwhelmingly positive. Ridership increased by 30 percent on Saturday and a whopping 80 percent on Sunday. Reportedly, people loved it because it saved them money and eliminated the stress of parking.

Credit: Pixabay

An additional benefit was that passengers diversified. Previously, only the poor, elderly and young students used the bus. Once the bus was free, professionals and families in other words, car owners began to ride, as well. According to Vergriete, the free option made people stop and think. The experiment proved that people will utilize public transportation if it is free and convenient to use.

Before long, Mayor Vergrietes dream will be realized. Starting in September 2018, all buses in the Dunkirk region will be completely free, seven days a week. Dunkirk will be the largest city in France to offer such a service but most definitely wont be the last.

According to Vergriete, some people are having difficulty comprehending free transportation.

They think its like magic, he said. They think its not possible, that you are a liar. You cannot pay the salaries of t...


Great Lakes storm undergoes bombogenesis, brings down trees and powerlines in Michigan's Upper Peninsula "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Great Lakes storm underwent bombogenesis early Tuesday and produced damaging winds that whipped up impressively high waves in Lake Superior. The low-pressure system intensified from a weak area of low pressure over the Ohio Valley Monday morning to an intense low centered near Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, early Tuesday morning. The rate of intensification - a 27 millibar drop in the surface low in 24 hours - satisfied the criterion for atmospheric bombogenesis, or a rapidly strengthening low pressure system. Winds near the Lake Superior shoreline gusted to over 60 mph Tuesday morning and downed trees and powerlines in over two dozen locations in Alger, Marquette and Schoolcraft counties. Wind instruments about 115 feet above the lake surface at Stannard Rock Lighthouse, about 40 miles north-northeast of Marquette, Michigan, measured a wind gust of 77 mph Tuesday morning.


Extent of Referendum Day Violence in Catalonia Revealed "IndyWatch Feed World"

Extent of Referendum Day Violence in Catalonia Revealed | Catalonia-referendum-II-523x350 | Special Interests World News

[image: AFP]

Madrid ordered police state violence on October 1 was worse than earlier reported.

According to Catalonias Ministry of Health, 1,066 people needed medical treatment from injuries sustained 23 over aged-79. Two were children under age-11.

Scores of injured sought treatment days after the referendum, adding to the original near-900 total.

Over 80% of those seeking same day treatment had bruises or lesions. They ranged in age from 18 65. Over two-thirds of the injured were males.

Five people were diagnosed with serious conditions. One suffered a heart attack. Another sustained a rubber-coated steel bullet eye wound.

Three individuals experienced abdominal or brain trauma. Over 60 had blackouts and hypotension, 28 others had anxiety symptoms or panic attacks.

One person was diagnosed with a fractured femur, a thigh bone extending from the hip to the knee.

On Friday, Catalan editors and head of the regions public radio and television were summoned to civil guard headquarters in Barcelona.

Questioned about running ads promoting the referendum, they face possible criminal charges, more evidence of Madrid ruthlessness.

Separately, Catalan separatist organizations called on people to demonstrate en masse in Barcelona on Saturday for the release of the two independence leaders, using the motto:

Free Jordi Sanchez. Free Jordi Cuixart. In defense of rights and liberties

An umbrella Platform for Democracy group, representing Catalan civil society organizations, is behind the action beginning Saturday at 5:00PM, extending into the evening.

Its spokesman, Jordi Giro, called on all Catalans to participate in defense of liberty regardless if theyre for or against independence.

Who could have told us that we would be calling this demonstration, he asked? It would be...


Black Lives Matter: Being born a white person automatically makes you a racist "IndyWatch Feed World"

Yep. Black Lives Matter has struck again. What are they crying about this time? White people not apologizing for being born as white people. I sh*t you not. For about a year now, since the Trump bandwagon took off full speed and the frogmen of Kekistan have been wreaking havoc on normies across the globe, I've heard and seen and read sh*t-posts basically maligning SJWs and black victim cultists, particularly Black Lives Matter, for holding a white person accountable for past sins and make-believe societal unfairness simply for being white. Though I honestly never thought that these people would be insane enough to actually believe that a person being white makes them literally a racist white supremacist. Lo and behold, these ill-raised children still manage to shock me. They still catch me off guard occasionally. In Boston College, Black Lives Matter activists gather and cry and call the police after finding fliers posted with a picture of Uncle Sam that read "I want you to love who you are. Don't apologize for being white." The school, in response to the Black Lives Matter crybabies, said that this incident was "disturbing" and that the school condemns "all forms of racism." Racism! Seriously... racism?! If you don't apologize for being white, you're now a racist.


Las Vegas hotel security guard left US after massacre "IndyWatch Feed World"

Jesus Campos, the Mandalay Bay security guard who was injured by the Las Vegas gunman, traveled to Mexico after the massacre, according to a Customs and Border Patrol report. His disappearance opens more questions into the already murky mass shooting.

Customs and Border Patrol documents show that the 25-year-old Campos entered the US from Mexico at the San Ysidro border crossing near San Diego, California, one week after the mass shooting, Fox News reported.

The CBP documents show Campos crossed back into the US on October 8, and appeared to be driving a rental car with California plates. There is no record of how long he was out of the country.



Nutrition plays a critical role in the healing and prevention of mental illness "IndyWatch Feed World"

Can you use specific nutrients to improve your mental health? Yes, you can. William Walsh, Ph.D., president of the nonprofit Walsh Research Institute in Naperville, Illinois, and author of "Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain," specializes in nutrient-based psychiatry and nutritional medicine. He and I are both fellows of the American College of Nutrition. He's designed nutritional programs for Olympic athletes, NBA players and major league baseball players. More importantly, he's spent a great deal of his career seeking to improve mental health through nutrition. "I started off in the hard science. I was an experimentalist," Walsh says. "I worked, in the beginning, in the nuclear field ... with places like Los Alamos, the Institute for Atomic Research and University of Michigan Research Institute. I wound up at Argonne National Laboratory. While working as a scientist there, I started a volunteer project at the local prison, Stateville Penitentiary. I eventually got really interested in why people were violent ... [W]hen we started the ex-offender program, I got to meet the families that had produced a criminal. I found some wonderful families, caring and capable families, that have other children who turned out just fine ... I began to realize we didn't understand why people had bad behavior. We then asked the question, 'Could it be something related to their brain chemistry or the body chemistry?'... I started doing lab studies of their blood, their urine and hair. I found out that they were very, very different from the rest of the population. That's how I got started."


JFK files set for release today - but there's no sign National Archives will actually do so without delays "IndyWatch Feed World"

WhoWhatWhy are reporting that it's unlikely the National Archives will release the 30,000+ JFK assassination documents they were mandated by law to release today. Despite WhoWhatWhy being on the Archives' mailing list for updates, the Archives have been unable to provide any information whatsoever on the number of documents that will be released and whether or not any government agencies have requested documents or sections be redacted or withheld from release. Some agencies apparently have not even sent in their objection letters yet! This is despite the fact that they've had 25 years to prepare - today is the deadline after all - and Trump has signaled that the documents should be released. WhoWhatWhy writes: Pete Williams, Pentagon Correspondent for NBC News, says he has been told that some agencies have not even gotten their objections in yet to NARA. In an exchange this morning on a listserv for JFK records researchers, Williams wrote [he approved dissemination of his comments]: We've been told by intelligence officials that the memo has not even been sent to the White House yet, specifying which material the agencies want withheld. Our understanding is that the CIA is asking only for some redactions, not for documents to be withheld in their entirety. But other agencies involved in the process have not yet finished their submissions. These officials believe that little material, therefore, will come out today. "There's a mad scramble going on in the executive branch to get this done," one official tells us. He later added: I just talked to an official at another US agency whose documents are at issue. His understanding is that some material will come out today but the remainder will be postponed to a later date. However, the issue of what to do now is still being discussed, and no decisions have been made. This is ridiculous and inexcusable. The fact that some agencies have yet to send their memos should be taken as a tacit sign that they have no objections. They had a deadline; they didn't meet it. The Archives should not cater to their incompetence and/or mendacity. The fact that they are appearing to do exactly that only makes them complicit.


Concealed JFK assassination records to be released by NSA "IndyWatch Feed World"

There is something perverse about the fact that President Donald Trump, the exuberant and all-too-successful spinner of conspiracy theories, and deeply ignorant of American history besides, will oversee the release of the remaining classified files related to the assassination of his presidential predecessor, John F. Kennedy. In 1992, Congress approved, and former President George H.W. Bush signed, the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act. They were prodded by an Oliver Stone film on the killing released the year prior and the resulting flurry of public interest. The act mandated the disclosure of all assassination-related records no later than 25 years after its signing, by October 26, 2017 - this Thursday. While federal agencies can contest the release of the documents on the grounds of "identifiable harm to the military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement, or conduct of foreign relations" that "outweighs the public interest in disclosure," according to the act, the chief executive gets the final say in all such cases. In other words, much of what we can still hope to learn about the JFK assassination hinges on Trump. The estimated 113,000 pages of material, presently with the National Archives, are known from metadata searches to contain extensive mentions of Cuba and the former Soviet Union. Two documents provided by National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden and published for the first time today further underline how closely the intelligence community has held information related to Cuba's potential role in the killing, indicating that the NSA for decades has kept secret its efforts to monitor Cuban agents' communications in the aftermath of the event. Details from and about U.S. intelligence-gathering against Cuba, even if historic in nature, have particular resonance amid a new chill in diplomatic relations between the two countries, and in the wake of documents released earlier this summer showing that CIA officials believed that the investigation into the president's death paid insufficient attention to assassin Lee Harvey Oswald's contacts with Cuba. The sensational potential of the release is not lost on the president, who over the weekend tweeted that: "Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened." But an official from the National Security Council told the Washington Post last week that a number of government agencies have already appealed to Trump to block portions of the release.


Who is in charge of the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting investigation? "IndyWatch Feed World"

The mass shooting and the death of the gunman, Stephen Paddock, who reportedly committed suicide, would normally be investigated by detectives from the LVMPD's homicide division, however the Baltimore Post-Examiner was told by a retired police official that the investigation was pulled from homicide detectives and given to the department's Force Investigation Team.


7 (Brilliant) Ways To Save Money So You Can Travel The World "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Nearly everyone desires to travel the world, but few actually do. Some claim this is a result of travel being so expensive, as well as obligations in ones home country. However, these are just two of many excuses that can keep one from exploring this beautiful planet we live on.

In reality, it is actually very easy to travel the world and even live abroad for a portion of time, if one approaches the objective with a plan in mind. That plan, among other things (itineraries, logistics of travel, etc), should include saving money.

In theory, saving money is easy. You just set aside a portion of the funds you earn from your full-time or part-time job, and voila! In reality, saving money is not that easy because life is notorious for throwing some curveballs. Fortunately, the task is not impossible.

Following are 7 (brilliant) methods to save money so you can travel the world. Remember: if you create a plan and stick to it, you will succeed and explore new countries/territories/regions.

1) Minimize housing costs

If youre planning on leaving the country for at least two months, chances are you intend on terminating your lease and putting your stuff in storage (or leaving it at your parents house). If you cant find low-cost accommodation fo...


Time running out for Somalilands crumbling treasures "IndyWatch Feed World"

Many of Somalilands historical highlights could be lostand with them a potential tourism industry that could help boost the livestock-dependent economy.


New Illustration Reveals The Hidden Meanings Of Traditional Sailor Tattoos "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Before tattoos became a trendy fashion decision, they were taboo in many cultures around the globe including American society. Just a handful of decades ago, the only groups who dared ink their skin were soldiers (usually belonging to the Navi), circus performers, and groups of people who lived on the fringe of society (bikers included).

According to the book 100 Years of Tattoos, members of the Navi typically received tattoos as a sort of patriotic act. Artist Paul Rogers was one of the first tattoo artists to ink soldiers skins; his typical designs were of eagles and other winged creatures. Rogers influenced Ed Hardy, whose main designs included American flags, plump hearts and buxom women. Over the years, sailor culture influenced what kinds of designs were inked into peoples skins, and iconic sailor tattoos were born.

Traditional tattoos sailors received range from diving swallows to crossed anchors to nautical stars. Now, thanks to a helpful illustration by Adventure Cartoonist Lucy Bellwood, we finally have an understanding of what many of the tattoos meant and mean to this day.



Jittery UK govt wanted to set up internal alerts to monitor Trump "IndyWatch Feed World"

Not even the 'special relationship' was enough to calm a nervy Britain about what Donald Trump could do next just after becoming president. Official emails show the UK government planned to set up an internal warning system to monitor orders issued by Trump. Most of the emails - released to the BBC under the Freedom of Information Act - were between the British Embassy in Washington and the Foreign Office around the time of Trump's executive order halting all refugee admissions and temporarily banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries. On January 30, Kara Owen, director of the Americas desk at the Foreign Office, sent an email around the Foreign Office and to Deputy British Ambassador to the US Patrick Davies asking for a new warning system to be set up to look at the impact of Trump's executive orders on British interests. "Many of these orders will no doubt be issued just as London is going to sleep," she said. "I would like to establish a system for assessing impact of the orders on U.K. interests (if any) and offering quick advice on what to do about it to the right readership (including senior readers in FCO and Whitehall, press and private offices)." She added: "I would welcome any other predictions about EOs [executive orders] foreshadowed during the campaign and likely to touch on our interests - he is doing a lot of what he said he would."


New report out: Israel's 'broad systemic abuse' of East Jerusalem minors "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new report released by Israeli human rights groups, HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual and B'Tselem, with support from the European Union, revealed "broad, systemic abuse by Israeli authorities," against hundreds of Palestinian teens detained in occupied East Jerusalem. The report, titled Unprotected: The detention of Palestinian Teenagers in East Jerusalem was released on Wednesday, and detailed an investigation of 60 affidavits gathered between May 2015 and October 2016. The groups found various instances of child abuse in Israeli police custody. "Palestinian teenagers from East Jerusalem are pulled out of bed in the middle of the night, unnecessarily handcuffed and interrogated without being given the opportunity to speak to a lawyer or their parents before the questioning begins and without being informed of their right to remain silent," the groups found. "They are then held under harsh conditions, repeatedly remanded to custodial detention for additional period of days and even weeks, even once their interrogation has ended. In some cases, all this is attended by verbal abuse or threats and physical abuse."


BEST OF THE WEB: Jesus Campos Fled to Mexico Just After Las Vegas Massacre "IndyWatch Feed World"

A source has provided documentation showing that Jesus Campos, the only eyewitness to the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, entered the United States from Mexico at the San Ysidro border crossing in San Diego county almost exactly one week after the Las Vegas massacre. Why did Campos go to Mexico? During his appearance on the Ellen show last week, which was three weeks after the shooting, Campos appeared subdued and reluctant to talk, with the assumption being that he was still 'traumatized' by the event and his injury. But how then was he able to go to Mexico within a few days of the shooting and drive back home to Las Vegas? Many questions about the worst mass shooting in US history remain unanswered. Tucker Carlson explains.


DOJ: US expands surveillance to include 'homegrown violent extremists' "IndyWatch Feed World"

The U.S. government has broadened an interpretation of which citizens can be subject to physical or digital surveillance to include "homegrown violent extremists," according to official documents seen by Reuters. The change last year to a Department of Defense manual on procedures governing its intelligence activities was made possible by a decades-old presidential executive order, bypassing congressional and court review. The new manual, released in August 2016, now permits the collection of information about Americans for counterintelligence purposes "when no specific connection to foreign terrorist(s) has been established," according to training slides created last year by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI). The slides were obtained by Human Rights Watch through a Freedom of Information Act request about the use of federal surveillance laws for counter-drug or immigration purposes and shared exclusively with Reuters. The Air Force and the Department of Defense told Reuters that the documents are authentic.


Islamic Society official was appointed by Obama to approve Uranium One sale and Gulftainer port deal "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Obama administration placed Aimen Nabi Mir, former two-time president of the youth wing of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), into the top advisory position to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), a national security post at the Treasury Department. Aimen Mir was the CFIUS Staff Chairperson from 2009 until 2014. During that time, Aimen Mir played a key role in the CFIUS panel's decision to approve the sale of Uranium One to Russia's Rosatom. Mir also played a key role in the Treasury Department's refusal to investigate the UAE's Gulftainer 35-year cargo container terminal lease at Port Canaveral, a critical military infrastructure facility for U.S. naval and space operations. Both decisions severely damaged United States national security. Aimen Mir helped set the table for Vladimir Putin to seize control of over 20 percent of U.S. uranium and was part of the decision that awarded control of Port Canaveral's cargo container terminal to Saddam Hussein's rogue nuclear weapons scientist and designated Iraq War enemy combatant, Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar. Dr. Jafar's brother and business partner, Gulftainer co-owner Hamid Jafar, was under investigation by the Treasury Department and four congressional committees for his 'Oil For Superweapons' scheme in concert with Saddam Hussein. For starters, Aimen Mir's ISNA connections are troubling. ISNA is one of the largest Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the U.S. and was named by the Department of Justice as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation HAMAS terror funding trial.


New geological record shows Yellowstone's last catastrophic eruption 630,000 years ago spawned twin eruptions that altered global climate "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new geological record of the Yellowstone supervolcano's last catastrophic eruption is rewriting the story of what happened 630,000 years ago and how it affected Earth's climate. This eruption formed the vast Yellowstone caldera observed today, the second largest on Earth. Two layers of volcanic ash bearing the unique chemical fingerprint of Yellowstone's most recent super-eruption have been found in seafloor sediments in the Santa Barbara Basin, off the coast of Southern California. These layers of ash, or tephra, are sandwiched among sediments that contain a remarkably detailed record of ocean and climate change. Together, both the ash and sediments reveal that the last eruption was not a single event, but two closely spaced eruptions that tapped the brakes on a natural global-warming trend that eventually led the planet out of a major ice age. "We discovered here that there are two ash-forming super-eruptions 170 years apart and each cooled the ocean by about 3 degrees Celsius," said U.C. Santa Barbara geologist Jim Kennett, who will be presenting a poster about the work on Wednesday, 25 Oct., at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Seattle. Attaining the resolution to detect the separate eruptions and their climate effects is due to several special conditions found in the Santa Barbara Basin, Kennett said.


Judge refuses to force Trump administration to pay out Obamacare subsidies "IndyWatch Feed World"

A US judge has refused to block the Trump administration's decision to halt Obamacare subsidy payments to insurance companies. On Wednesday, US District Judge Vince Chhabria in San Francisco rejected a request set forth by 18 states to immediately force the federal government to resume paying health care subsidies, the Reuters reported. The subsidies reimbursed insurers for reducing out-of-pocket costs to low-income consumers who acquired coverage under former President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law, formally titled the Affordable Care Act. Judge Chhabria sided with Trump, saying the government does not have to make payments while litigation concerning the subsidies unfolds, according to Reuters. President Donald Trump earlier this month declared the subsidies, which had been successfully challenged in lower courts, unlawful. He also called on Congress to appropriate funding for the payments. The 18 states said Trump was illegally trying to destroy Obamacare by eliminating the government's payments, and warn that his move will lead to higher costs for taxpayers and consumers. Chhabria wrote in his ruling that the "emergency relief" the states were looking for would be "counterproductive,"according to court documents. Chhabria said that state regulators have been preparing for the termination of the subsidy payments for months, with most state regulators planning to "give millions of lower-income people better health coverage options than they would otherwise have had."


Watch: 250-mile long lightning strike caught on satellite video "IndyWatch Feed World"

One of the little known dangers of lightning is that it can strike dozens of miles away from the actual thunderstorm itself. Or in one case this week, hundreds of miles. The new GOES 16 satellite has an advanced lightning sensor and captured a flash that started from a thunderstorm in southeastern Kansas and propagated about 250 miles across parts of Oklahoma and Missouri, according to NOAA:


Art as Spiritual Technology: Twin Peaks Edition "IndyWatch Feed World"

When I refer to art as spiritual technology, what Im getting at is that art embedded with esoteric spiritual concepts can potentially create profound visionary experiences in those who consume it by... The post Art as Spiritual Technology: Twin Peaks Edition appeared first on disinformation.

[This is a short summary; please click the story headline to read the full story on our site]


Doctor Speeds Down Burning Highway On Motorcycle At 2 A.M. To Save 8 Preemies In NICU "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Heroes arent born, they are made. They are created in the seemingly ordinary choices made every day as well as during the difficult times, when its hard to think, speak and even breathe. Fortunately for eight premature babies, Dr. Scott Witt is the type of individual who perhaps not knowing he was a hero was prepared to act as one regardless.

The noteworthy doctor was asleep one night when he was woken up by an unexpected phone call. Reportedly, a fire was consuming the hospital he worked at in California, and premature babies lives were in danger. He recalled, I got a call at 2AM basically saying that there was some fire encroaching on the hospital so we might have to evacuate.

The doctor told his family to leave, as the wildfire was approaching. Rather than join them, however, he decided to drive to the hospital and assist with the evacuation. There was just one problem: the freeway was covered with flames.I left in my truck but couldnt get very far because the freeway at that time had flames going across it, he said.

So, Witt exchanged the truck for a motorcycle. By 2 a.m., he was speeding through fire, weaving through traffic jams, and avoiding fallen power lines to reach the hospital. Once Witt reached the hospital, he saw fire burning close to the parking lot. The intensive care unit already smelled with a lot of smoke and I wanted to move everybody to a parking lot without any fire in it, he said.



FBI files: Sandy Hook shooter 'suggested' an interest in pedophilia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Nearly five years on from the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, the FBI has declassified 1,500 pages of documents relating to the fourth most deadly shooting in modern US history. On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza killed his mother at their home before driving to the school and killing 20 first grade children and six staff members. All of the children were between six and seven years old. Lanza then killed himself when first responders began to arrive at the scene. On Tuesday, the FBI released a tranche of documents which reveal new information about Lanza and the investigation into his crimes. Perhaps the most significant revelation in the heavily censored documents is a suggestion from the FBI's behavioral analysis unit that Lanza "had an interest in children that could be categorized as pedophilia." The suggestion is backed up by another document which shows that an unidentified woman, who had an online relationship with Lanza for more than two years, telling FBI agents the killer said that sexual relationships between adults and children could be "possibly beneficial to both parties." The woman also said that Lanza did not express any personal sexual interest in children to her and believed he might be asexual. Indeed, none of the FBI documents show that he ever acted on this suggested attraction towards children.


Stem cell injections could bring relief to millions with lower back pain and cut reliance on opioids "IndyWatch Feed World"

An injection could finally bring relief to millions of people with chronic lower back pain. If it works, the stem cell treatment could be a crucial tool for fighting the opioid epidemic killing thousands in the US. Opioids accounted for 33,000 deaths in the US in 2015 alone. Many of those deaths occur as a result of people becoming addicted to opioids prescribed for lower back pain, which affects around 28 million people in the US and accounts for around half of all opioid painkiller prescriptions there. Stem cells might change that. Injected into damaged discs between the vertebrae of the spine, each dose contains around 6 million cells. Called mesenchymal precursor cells, they dampen down inflammation and secrete factors that help rebuild damaged tissue. In experiments in sheep, these cells completely rebuilt damaged vertebral discs, prompting Silviu Itescu of the firm Mesoblast in Melbourne, Australia, and his team to try the technique in people. "In 100 patients, we've shown substantial improvements in function and pain relief that last two years or more," he says.


Morgridge, UW scientists review national security implications of gene editing "IndyWatch Feed World"

A trio of scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Morgridge Institute for Research participated in an international think tank this month on the intersection of genome editing technology and national security. The Oct. 11-13 conference, based in Hanover, Germany, assembled a global group of bioethics and government experts to address security questions on gene editing as they relate to human health, agriculture and the potential to genetically alter species. Experts from the United States and across Europe, China and India explored ideas for harmonizing gene editing policies across national borders. "The promise of this technology is tremendous, as are the potential pitfalls," says Dietram Scheufele, professor of life sciences communication, Morgridge affiliate and conference co-organizer. "But genome editing is here to stay, not just in medicine, but also in countless applications in agriculture and food systems. The question is how to responsibly roll out various applications in a way that does not unnecessarily slow down innovation." The ability to quickly and precisely edit genomes, through new technologies such as CRISPR Cas9, is only a few years old but the technology is moving at remarkable speeds with applications arising in human therapeutics. A number of new clinical trials aim to take cells from a patient, such as blood cells or immune cells, edit them and transfer them back with new power to undermine diseases like cancer or sickle cell anemia. Scheufele says the rapid development of CRISPR has also fueled speculation about potential military or other more nefarious applications. This includes using CRISPR to produce viruses that can be inhaled to create genetic mutations associated with lung cancer.


New Delivery Service Will Allow Amazon Drivers Access To Our Homes "IndyWatch Feed World"

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

But what will this mean for our privacy?

Amazon are rolling out a new service in which delivery drivers will be allowed to enter our homes. The company says it is safe and they we be able to access our property when we are not there.

The service is due to be launched on November 8th and is called called Amazon Key. It is for prime members and includes an Amazon security camera, Cloud Cam, and smart lock.

You will be able to select the in-home shipping option when you place your order and . Amazon will verify the address and delivery time which allows the driver into your home. The whole process is recorded, which you can watch live or at a later date.

The service can also be used for family, friends or anyone you need to give access to in your absence. They will be rolling out the service in 37 cities across the US.

The one issue that comes to mind is that of data and privacy, where will our data be stored and will Amazon be able to access the camera at any time?

We have contacted Amazon for a response on this and will update when they respond. Please share this article!

Image Credit: Amazon

I am Luke Miller the author of this article, and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life....


CRISPR gene editing may cause thousands of unintended single-nucleotide mutations, deletions and insertions "IndyWatch Feed World"

As CRISPR-Cas9 starts to move into clinical trials, a new study published in Nature Methods has found that the gene-editing technology can introduce hundreds of unintended mutations into the genome. "We feel it's critical that the scientific community consider the potential hazards of all off-target mutations caused by CRISPR, including single nucleotide mutations and mutations in non-coding regions of the genome," says co-author Stephen Tsang, MD, PhD, the Laszlo T. Bito Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and associate professor of pathology and cell biology at Columbia University Medical Center and in Columbia's Institute of Genomic Medicine and the Institute of Human Nutrition. CRISPR-Cas9 editing technology - by virtue of its speed and unprecedented precision - has been a boon for scientists trying to understand the role of genes in disease. The technique has also raised hope for more powerful gene therapies that can delete or repair flawed genes, not just add new genes. The first clinical trial to deploy CRISPR is now underway in China, and a U.S. trial is slated to start next year. But even though CRISPR can precisely target specific stretches of DNA, it sometimes hits other parts of the genome. Most studies that search for these off-target mutations use computer algorithms to identify areas most likely to be affected and then examine those areas for deletions and insertions.


Xis road map to the Chinese Dream (Pepe Escobar ) "IndyWatch Feed World"

26/10/2017 - China's Belt and Road Initiative the New Silk Road will spark the country's development and turn the dream into reality Now that President Xi Jinping has been duly elevated to the ...

Eight Israeli soldiers committed suicide within 3 months (IMEMC-International Middle East Media Center) "IndyWatch Feed World"

26/10/2017 - The number of suicide cases among the Israeli army soldiers is constantly mounting, Hebrew reports have revealed, according to Days of Palestine. Israels 0404 reported, ...

Egypt backtracks on opening Rafah border crossing (IMEMC-International Middle East Media Center) "IndyWatch Feed World"

26/10/2017 - Egyptian authorities have announced a decision to postpone opening Rafah Crossing with Gaza, after six soldiers were killed in the Sinai province. Despite plans to open the crossing four days from ...


Ashley Judd claims she offered to sleep with Harvey Weinstein in future if he would let her leave room "IndyWatch Feed World"

Ashley Judd spoke to ABC News for the first time since her sexual harassment accusations against Harvey Weinstein, revealing she offered to have sex with him later on if he'd leave her alone. Judd, 49, claimed she had not heard any stories of Weinstein's prior alleged misconduct before meeting him in his hotel room. "I had no warning ... I remember the lurch when I went to the desk and I said, 'Mr. Weinstein, is he on the patio?' and they said, 'No, he's in his room,'" she recalled of the incident, which allegedly took place nearly 20 years ago. "I was like, 'Ugh, are you kidding me?' [But I went because] I had a business appointment. That's his pattern of sexual predation. That's how he rolled." "There's this constant grooming negotiation going on," she continued. "I thought 'no' meant 'no,'" she said, adding that Weinstein offered her a massage. "I fought with this volley of 'nos,' which he ignored. Who knows? Maybe he heard them as 'maybe,' maybe he heard them as 'yeses,' maybe they turned him on. I don't know."


7 Illustrations that Accurately Depict the Invisible Symptoms of PTSD "IndyWatch Feed World"

PTSD, for those who do not know, is a disorder someone can get when they go through something traumatic. This traumatic experience could be a car wreck, abusive relationship, combat (like in war or elsewhere), sexual abuse, and a wide range of other things.

PTSD is a very real and serious issue that many people do not care to talk about. Those with PTSD are often looked down on and talked to/about as if their disorder is something they can merely get over but it is not. Below you will find several of the best illustrations I have ever come across in regards to PTSD. These illustrations accurately show the symptoms of this disorder.

7 Illustrations That Show The Sides Of PTSD No One Really Talks About:

1. The Wounded Side.


This illustration is open to interpretation as the rest of these are, but to me, this represents having to be strong and put on a show as if you are fine when you are hurt. You are wearing down over time because of this and no one is listening. Sometimes bits of you come out of the costume, but no one is truly seeing you. All the while you are protecting your own as best you can.

2. The Haunted Side.


For someone suffering from PTS...


The one acknowledged JFK assassination conspiracy: The CIA and FBI covered up what they knew about Oswald "IndyWatch Feed World"

In the persistent, probably eternal whirlwind of conspiracy theories about the November 1963 assassination of President John F Kennedy, there is one conspiracy theory that is no longer just a theory - and hasn't been for years. That wide-ranging conspiracy was for real. And proof of its existence will almost certainly grow more solid on Thursday with the imminent release of tens of thousands of pages of long-classified, assassination-related documents from the National Archives - supposedly the last of the government's secret files on Kennedy's murder. What conspiracy? Not one involving a second assassin in Dealey Plaza. (All of the most credible evidence continues to point to Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman in Dallas.) Not some sort of mafia plot that resulted in the silencing of Oswald two days later by Dallas strip-club impresario Jack Ruby. (Really, what half-way competent Mob boss would choose a delusional blabbermouth like Ruby to carry out a second Crime of the Century by murdering Oswald?) Not a sprawling coup d'tat involving everyone from President Lyndon Johnson to the Pentagon architects of the Vietnam war to a cabal of gay rightwingers in New Orleans. (See Oliver Stone's hit 1991 film JFK.) Comment: Shenon is either an idiot or a liar. All the most credible evidence does NOT point to Oswald as the sole shooter, the mob elements were next-deep in the assassination (even if they weren't running the show). I'm referring to the well-documented, proven conspiracy within the highest reaches of the US government - a criminal conspiracy from the start, involving the destruction of top-secret documents and photographs, the silencing of witnesses and whistleblowers, and the wholesale suborning of perjury - to cover up the truth about what the government had known in advance about Oswald and the clear threat he had posed to one man: President Kennedy.


9 Signs That You Possess A Higher Than Average IQ "IndyWatch Feed World"

The organization IQ Research reports that the United States of America scores among the top 10 countries for IQ levels with an average score of 98. The highest score belongs to Hong Kong and Singapore, each scoring 108. A well-known and accepted method of testing the intelligence level of anyone who takes the test, this score can provide us with important information about various geographic locations, cultures, and groups within our society.

In 1916 a scale was created providing us with a clear understanding of the various IQ scores that would qualify as a High IQ or Genius IQ starting with a score of 115. It is important to note, to put everything into perspective, that Einstein only scored approximately 160.

The difficulty in defining intelligence for many is that we define it in relation to our own area of expertise. For example, an engineer will define it in relation to the traits that define a good engineer, whereas a doctor will define it in a way that relates directly to the traits of a good doctor. Using a standardized IQ testing system allows us to have a better idea of where one stands in relation to the human population as a whole.

Source: Secret from Us


The real question, however, is how does your IQ impact your ability to succeed? The real, blunt answer is that it doesnt unless you learn how to use it

Your IQ is merely a measurement of the potential of your wisdom and mental capabilities. Directing our attention to those that the test deems are more likely to be emotionally intelligent, creative and mentally advanced. Is this a true measure of intelligence, or does it contain notable deficiencies?

Experts say that while the IQ score is accurate in most cases, there are situations in which an individual with a high-level intelligence may score poorly. For example, if someone is facing a language barrier or another significant cultural barrier this...


Chinese Scientists Develop Saltwater Rice That Could Feed 200 Million People "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

World hunger may soon become a thing of the past, now that Chinese researchers have developed a system for growing rice in saltwater. The revolutionary breakthrough is expected to help feed over 200 million people, as well as give a hefty boost to Chinas rice production by a staggering 20 percent.

Earlier this year, over 200 types of rice were planted at the Qingdao Saline-Alkali Tolerant Rice Research And Development Center in Qingdao on the eastern coast of China. Over the summer, the researchers flooded the area with diluted seawater to see which strains would thrive in the environment. They were stunned by the results. Said Liu Shiping, professor of agriculture at Yangzhou University:The test results were way above our expectations.

A breakthrough of this kind has been sought after for decades. Since the 1970s, lead researcher Yuan Longping who is known as the godfather of rice in China has been developing hybrid rice varieties. When it became clear that China was due for a population boom, he and his team began creating hybrids that grow faster, yield more, and resist more stress. Approximately 20 percent of the worlds rice now comes from species that were created through is work.

Though there are some varieties of wild rice that tolerate salinity, most typically produce a low yield of about 1.12 to 2.24 US tons per acre (1.125 to 2.25 tonnes per hectare). In contrast, the newly-developed rice yields between 2.9 and 4 US tons per acre (6.5 and 9.2 tonnes per he...


Useless eaters: 10% of Lords claim $1000s in expenses, don't do any work "IndyWatch Feed World"

The House of Lords is at the center of yet another expenses scandal. One in 10 peers has been found to be claiming hundreds of thousands of pounds in taxpayer-funded expenses for doing absolutely nothing. Peers have been accused of 'gaming the system' after analysis by the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) revealed that of the 799 Lords warming the red-leather benches, as many as 73 failed to submit any questions or take part in any debates during the year 2016-2017. A total of 16 'silent peers' then claimed up to 400,000 ($530,000) in expenses and daily allowances. "The fact that nearly one in ten peers are failing to contribute to the work of the House is bad enough. But it leaves a nasty taste when a significant chunk of those are claiming more than the average worker takes home in a year," said Darren Hughes, chief executive of ERS.


Glyphosate: Persistently Toxic "IndyWatch Feed World"

Glyphosate: Persistently Toxic | roundup_carcinogenic_potential1 | Agriculture & Farming Special Interests Toxins

For decades, Monsanto has claimed that the glyphosate in its Roundup herbicide breaks down so quickly that we shouldnt worry about the chemicals impact on soils. Independent scientists (i.e., scientists not funded by the chemical industry) have disagreed.

Now, a new study by the European Commissions Joint Research Centre and two Dutch laboratories confirms:

Contrary to manufacturers claims, glyphosate persists in soils, not only affecting soil fertility and crop quality, but also posing risks to human and environmental health.

According to the study, 45 percent of Europes topsoil contains glyphosate residues. The study was conducted in six crop systems in 11 EU member states on soils in different geographical and climatic conditions.

According to 2015 figures, 440 million acres of farmland are planted in GMO crops, worldwide.

Given that the quality and health of soil is directly related to the quality of our own health, isnt it time to get glyphosate out of our soils?

Full study here

Learn more

The post Glyphosate: Persistently Toxic appeared first on The Sleuth Journal.


Belgian Brabant killers, satiric music video "IndyWatch Feed World"

This music video is of Belgian band The Strangers, singing in Antwerp dialect their song Bij de Rijkswacht, about what was then, in 1991, the paramilitary Belgian national police. The tune of the song is In the Navy, by the Village People in the USA.

However, the Rijkswacht does not exist any more. In 2001, it was abolished, and reorganized as the Federal Police of Belgium, after scandals like the Dutroux affair.

This week, another Rijkswacht scandal became public; their links to the Brabant killers murder gang. That gang specialized in murdering many people at supermarkets and department stores. It turned out that the Giant, probably the leader of the murderers, was a member of the Diane elite unit of the Rijkswacht. According to witnesses, the Giant was racist and wanted an extreme right coup dtat in Belgium. This raises questions once again, about the links of the Brabant killers to the extreme right and NATO.

As the Strangers now have their 65 years jubilee in the week of the new discoveries on the Brabant killers, Belgian TV comedy program De Ideale Wereld made a new music video with new lyrics of the Strangers song Bij de Rijkswacht.

It shows police facial composite photos of the Giant, elite policeman cum mass murder boss, and other gang members, probably Rijkswacht officers as well.

The new satiric 2017 lyrics, also sung in Antwerp dialect, are (translated):

In the Rijkswacht
everything is covered up.
In the Rijkswacht
everyone is silent and nobody talks.
In the Rijkswacht
only the toilet leaks.
In the Rijkswacht
In the Rijkswacht

In the 1980s
the Rijkswacht was all-powerful.


Study shows lucid dreaming induction techniques work, especially for those who fall asleep within 5 minutes "IndyWatch Feed World"

Lucid dreaming is a learnable skill, according to new research published in the journal Dreaming. Lead author Dr. Denholm Aspy of the University of Adelaide and colleagues have found that a specific combination of techniques will increase people's chances of having lucid dreams, in which the dreamer is aware they're dreaming while it's still happening and can control the experience. The study involved 169 Australian participants divided into three groups and investigated the effectiveness of three different lucid dream induction techniques: (i) reality testing - which involves checking your environment several times a day to see whether or not you're dreaming; (ii) wake back to bed (WBTB) - waking up after five hours, staying awake for a short period, then going back to sleep in order to enter a REM sleep period, in which dreams are more likely to occur; (iii) mnemonic induction of lucid dreams (MILD) - which involves waking up after five hours of sleep and then developing the intention to remember that you are dreaming before returning to sleep, by repeating the phrase: 'The next time I'm dreaming, I will remember that I'm dreaming;' you also imagine yourself in a lucid dream. Among the group of 47 people who combined all three techniques, participants achieved a 17% success rate in having lucid dreams over the period of just one week - significantly higher compared to a baseline week where they didn't practice any techniques.


Splintered Venezuelan Opposition Meets with Mediators in Dominican Republic "IndyWatch Feed World"

After their loss in regional elections, the Venezuelan opposition is showing further signs of internal rifts.


Convicted murderer Jodi Arias suing her defense attorney for breaking attorney-client privilege in tell-all book "IndyWatch Feed World"

Convicted murderer Jodi Arias is suing her former defense attorney, alleging in a civil lawsuit that the onetime head of her legal team broke their attorney-client privilege in a tell-all book about the sensational case. The lawsuit filed against former attorney L. Kirk Nurmi - who surrendered his license to practice law in November after a complaint filed by an attorney on Arias' behalf - alleges that Nurmi disclosed "confidential and privileged information" in his November 2015 book for the "expressed purpose of financial gain and his own public 'redemption,'" according to the lawsuit obtained by the Arizona Republic. "Since his representation of Plaintiff ended Nurmi has made numerous public statements about his client via traditional media (including on televisions, radio, in print, etc.) as well as via the internet and on social media for the purpose of marketing the book and increasing sales," the lawsuit reads.


Meeting the demand? US Catholic bishops publish first English-language translation of exorcism ritual "IndyWatch Feed World"

The first official English-language translation of the ritual book "Exorcisms and Related Supplications" is available from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Distribution of "Exorcisms and Related Supplications" is limited to bishops, though exorcists, other clergy, scholars and seminary professors also can obtain a copy with the permission of a bishop. Having it available now in English "should make it easier for a bishop to find a priest who can help him with this ministry," said Fr Andrew Menke, executive director of the USCCB's Secretariat of Divine Worship. "Given that there's less facility in Latin than there used to be, even among priests, it opens the door to more priests to do this. Until now, not only did the priest have to be wise and holy, but he also had to have strong facility in Latin," Fr Menke told Catholic News Service.


Mystery booms heard in North Carolina, Michigan and Queensland "IndyWatch Feed World"

Mystery booms seem to be occurring with increasing frequency lately, with booms being heard just this week in North Carolinaand Michigan. In both cases, authorities have been left baffled by what might be behind these earth-shaking noises which seem to emanate from the sky itself. This unexplained phenomenon is host to a wide variety of explanations including gas escaping vents deep within the Earth, anomalous meteorological events, sonic booms from tests of secret military aircraft, UFOs of course, and meteorites exploding in the atmosphere. While most of these eerie thunderous noises go unexplained, a recent mystery boom in Australia might have a simple, cosmic - and terrifying - explanation. Death from above. The boom was heard by residents throughout the Cairns region of Queensland, Australia marking the second time in two months that southern Australia has been rocked by anomalous explosions in the sky. The boom occurred around 10:30 pm on Saturday, October 7th and was reportedly so loud that it shook houses in the area.


Corey Feldman Claims He Got Death Threats For Attempting To Expose Hollywoods Pedophilia Ring "IndyWatch Feed World"

Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman is claiming to be getting death threats for his attempts to expose Hollywoods deeply ingrained pedophilia ring. But Feldman has long claimed that he and a friend were sexually abused as child stars.

Feldman alleges that he and 80s pal and co-star, Corey Haim were victims of sexual abuse in Hollywood when they were children. Because of that abuse, hes become determined to expose the pedophiles he says attacked them.  Feldman has alleged in the past that Haim was raped at age 11 by a powerful person in Hollywood and the experience led to Haims drug addiction issues. Feldmans pal and Lost Boys co-star died in 2010 at 38 from pneumonia.

Feldman now wants to produce a self-distributed film about the pedophiles he says are still plaguing Hollywood.  But if hes getting death threats, someone would like him to stop. I believe we can bring down potentially a pedophile ring that I have been aware of since I was a child. Right off the bat, I can name six names, he said in a video posted on Wednesday in which he announced the film and requested funding from his fans.

Feldman claimed he survived a near-death experience after two trucks tried to run him over because hes working to expose pedophiles in Hollywood, he said. In the video, Feldman said his physical safety is in danger.

He shared an Indiegogo campaign to fund his planned documentary. Hes so far raised over $104,000 of his flexible goal. Feldmans wife, Courtney, wrote on the Indiegogo campaign page that the money is for their security and that hes taken measures to ensure his secrets can outlive him.

This is much bigger than raising finance for a film, this is about the balance of Good and Evil in very real terms, she wrote. Firstly as a security measure Corey...


Recent Study Reveals That Daydreaming Is Actually A Sign of Creativity and Intelligence "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sure, for the most part, we think of daydreaming as a bad thing since it takes you away from the matter at hand, but it might not actually be bad at all. Daydreaming could even be a good sign.

According to a more recent study published in the journal Neuropsychologia, people who daydream are creative and smart. Using MRI scans, Eric Schumacher, an associate professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology and his team monitored the brain activity of over 100 volunteers who had previously been told to concentrate on a motionless point for 5 minutes. Because of this, they were able to pinpoint which areas of the brain worked together when the body is in an awake but resting state.

Schumacher said the following in a statement:

People with efficient brains may have too much brain capacity to stop their minds from wandering.

Our findings remind me of the absent-minded professor someone whos brilliant, but off in his or her own world, sometimes oblivious to their own surroundings, or school children who are too intellectually advanced for their classes. While it may take five minutes for their friends to learn something new, they figure it out in a minute, then check out and start daydreaming.

People tend to think of mind wandering as something that is bad. You try to pay attention and you cant.

Basically, what this means is that the more efficient your brain is the more you may tune out rather than in. While people who fall into this category may hear a lot of negative feedback regarding their daydreaming, in the end, they know what they need to know and still get things done. If this sounds like you then, congrats! You have quite the mind!

These researchers found that those who reported more frequent daydreaming also scored higher on intellectual and creative ability along with their efficient brain system measurements that the MRI found. Schumacher says that higher efficiency means more capacity to think which makes a lot of sense. Sure, the brain may wonder when doing a simple task because it is not being challenged.

I can only hope more research is done in regards to this in the future. Follow-up research will definitely help us to understand when mind wandering becomes a bad thing and where to draw the line. Motivation is key when it comes to this sort of thing. Check out the video below for information on the benefits of daydreaming.


5 Boring (But Effective) Ways to Prep for an Economic Collapse "IndyWatch Feed World"

5 Boring (But Effective) Ways to Prep for an Economic Collapse | empty-wallet-economy | Collapse Economy & Business Preparedness\Survival

How do you survive an economic collapse? When you think about it, do pictures of Venezuela and Greece run through your head like a movie? Desperation, hunger, dirty facesits like a third world country, right?

It doesnt start out like that. It ends like that. There are many years of downward spiral before you ever reach that point. And if youre paying attention, there are a lot of lifestyle changes you can make that will help your family become more collapse-proof. These changes are practical and realistic and some would say, downright boring.

Many people would argue that the economic collapse of America began many years ago. After all, the cost of living has gone up exponentially, while incomes have either dropped or remained stagnant. Some families are still doing okay, but for most of us, that could change in the blink of an eye because we dont have the same savings that people had in previous decades. Its entirely likely that Social Security wont be there for many of us. In fact, quite a lot of middle-aged people are now saying that theyll work until they die. Retirement is a far-fetched daydream for a lot of Baby Boomers, and Generations X, Y, and Millennial can just forget about it. Something as simple as a missed paycheck or a trip to the emergency room could cause our delicate financial situation to crumble, leaving us broke, stressed, and unable to get back on our feet.

The suggestions below arent one bit glamorous. They dont involve gadgets to make your gun sexier, fully stocked bunkers over an underground stream, gas masks, an off-grid retreat in the Rocky Mountains, or any other prepper paraphernalia that costs more than your kidney would sell for on the black market.

Many of you who are reading this are already living by these recommendations, but for others, these changes may be brand new life-changing new ideas.

Live more simply.

Sometimes when we look back with envy at the affordable lives of earlier generations, were missing a very big part of the picture. They owned homes...


Interview with war correspondent Ali Musawi: The Kurdish referendum, the defeat of ISIS and the future of Iraq "IndyWatch Feed World"

Acquiring leverage for expansion and not independence had always been the purpose of the referendum. The KDP et al had calculated that they needed ownership of Kirkuk's oil for any prospect of independence, so expansion was the first priority. For the past three years, Ali Musawi has been reporting for Press TV on updates, agreements, and clashes involving Daesh (ISIS), Kurdish factions, and the Iraqi armed forces. In an October 17, 2017 interview with Musawi, I was able to obtain on-the-ground insight from a war correspondent living in Erbil into the KRG referendum, the defeat of ISIS, and future of Iraq. On September 25, despite what seemed to be a near-universal objection, a referendum took place in Northern Iraq, led by the Kurdish Regional Government's (KRG) self-proclaimed president, Massoud Barzani. Nations worldwide - including; the U.S., U.K., France, UN, Iran, and the Iraqi government - all expressed their objection and dissent and were calling for its suspension. Israel stands alone in support for KRG referendum Israel was the only vocal supporter of the referendum, which many analysts believe was more to bolster the opportunistic Barzani's legitimacy than it was about independence for Iraqi Kurds. Both Israeli and Kurdish flags were waved in demonstrations around the world, promoting and raising awareness for the Kurdish referendum. The Israelis and Kurds have mutually benefited from a long-standing relationship, which at times was concealed or downplayed in order to not draw attention and critical speculation.


Rooted in our biology: Revealing insights on behavioral sex differences from our primate cousins "IndyWatch Feed World"

There are behavioural differences, on average, between the sexes - few would dispute that. Where the debate rages is over how much these differences are the result of social pressures versus being rooted in our biology (the answer often is that there is a complex interaction between the two). For example, when differences are observed between girls and boys, such as in preferences for play, one possibility is that this is partly or wholly because of the contrasting ways that girls and boys are influenced by their peers, parents and other adults (because of the ideas they have about how the sexes ought to behave). Studying non-human primates allows us to identity sex differences in behavior that can't be due to human culture and gender beliefs. Learning more about the biological roots of behavioural sex differences should not be used as an excuse for harmful stereotyping or discrimination, but it can help us better understand our human nature and the part that evolved sex differences play in some of the most important issues that affect our lives, including around diversity, relationships, mental health, crime and education. Earlier this year, as part of a special issue of the Journal of Neuroscience Research - titled "An Issue Whose Time Has Come: Sex/Gender Influences on Nervous System Function" - Elizabeth Lonsdorf at Franklin and Marshall College published a useful mini-review detailing some of the sex differences observed among monkey and ape infants and juveniles. "Many sex differences in behavioral development exist in nonhuman primates," she writes, "despite a comparative lack of sex-biased treatment by mothers and other social partners". Here is a digested account of five of these behavioural sex differences:


Zulia Governorship Declared Vacant in Venezuela, Municipal Elections Set for December "IndyWatch Feed World"

Zulia state is possibly looking at new state-governor elections within the next thirty days. 


Escaping from the Abyss: Recovering From PTSD After Narcissistic Abuse "IndyWatch Feed World"

All the time you hear about stories of people getting out of terrible relationships but you dont often hear their recovery stories. Yes, terrible relationships can be quite a battle to win.

When we become aware of the fact that we are being abused, the battle has only begun. While there are many different forms of abuse, this article is going to focus on narcissistic abuse. You see, narcissists are specialists when it comes to psychological abuse. Psychological abuse can and will leave behind many lasting feelings of worthlessness and most survivors develop PTSD.

PTSD, for those who do not know, is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is a disorder that develops in people who have gone through some form of trauma. This could be something small or something huge, it varies from person to person. I am currently dealing with PTSD myself but in regards to a recent car wreck.

PTSD feels awful. Of course, some days or moments you will be normal but that can all change in an instant. People with PTSD can experience nightmares, flashbacks, and severe anxiety in general. Everything plays over and over again in the mind of someone who was abused by a narcissist. It is very common for people with PTSD to desperately work to figure out what happened as a means of trying to prevent it in the future.

These people throw up walls like nothing you have ever seen before and they are full of resentment, fear, and anger. They hurt on a level like nothing else. If not worked through, this sort of thing can slowly lead to numbness, depression, and so much more. In some cases, it can even lead to paranoia.

If you do not get to the root of your problems, fear will be your life. Working with a professional may be what you need. Finding the right means to cope is very important. Bottling or allowing emotions to become trapped is not a proper or effective way to deal with this kind of thing.

When trying to work through trauma, it is crucial that you do not minimize your emotions like your abuser did. Sure, uncovering old wounds is not fun and no one wants to do it, but it makes a world of a difference. Please get the help you need and work through any problems you may be having. We all deserve to truly be happy.

Please check out the videos below for more information on PTSD in general and remember even if you arent experiencing PTSD someone might be. If someone you know is going through something like this please be there for them. They need you more than you will ever know. Support is something we all could use.



Another lie? Killary claims she didn't know about Trump dossier until after its publication "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hillary Clinton reportedly learned about the existence of a dossier containing unverified allegations about collusion between President Trump and Russia only after after BuzzFeed News published the document, despite recent reports tying her campaign to funding it. The former secretary of State was reportedly annoyed that the controversial report had not been shared with the public until the final days of last year's heated presidential contest, The New York Times reported Wednesday, citing two Clinton associates who discussed the matter with her. The then-Democratic presidential candidate was also reportedly disappointed that the FBI's investigation into ties between Trump campaign associates and Russia was not announced during the election. The Clinton campaign as well as the Democratic National Committee have denied knowledge about the opposition research despite the news that Marc Elias, a lawyer representing both groups, helped fund the report, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.


Former CIA Officer: Russiagate Was Manufactured By The Clinton Campaign "IndyWatch Feed World"


The central mystery involving what has become known as Russiagate is the lack of any real understanding of what exactly took place. It is alleged in some circles that Moscow somehow interfered in the 2016 Presidential election and might even have tilted the result in favor of candidate Donald Trump. Others suspect that the tale is politically motivated in an attempt to exonerate Hillary Clinton and find Donald Trump or his associates guilty of collusion with an unfriendly foreign government.

Caught in between are those who are not completely convinced by either narrative and are demanding evidence to confirm that there was a sequence of events involving Russia and various American individuals that demonstrates both intent and actual steps taken which would lend credibility to such a hypothesis. So far, in spite of a year and a half of highly intrusive investigation, there has been remarkably little evidence of anything apart from the unchallengeable fact that someone took files from John Podesta as well as the Democratic National Committee (DNC) computers and the stolen information wound up at WikiLeaks.

One of the most damaging revelations made regarding Donald Trump consisted of the so-called Dossier, which had been compiled by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. Initial reports suggested that Steeles investigation was commissioned initially by a Republican opponent of Trump, possibly Jeb Bush, and later it was possibly continued by someone connected to the Democratic Party. This genesis of the document was widely reported at the time but no names were attached to the claims even though the identities of those who had commissioned the work were known to some journalists who had uncovered additional details relating to the investigation.

The drafts of some parts of the document itself began to make the rounds in Washington during the summer of 2016, though the entire text was not surfaced in the media until January. The dossier was reportedly still being worked on in June by Steele and by one account was turned over to the FBI in Rome by him...


Study shows correlation between depression and shorter life span "IndyWatch Feed World"

People who suffer from depression may not live as long as individuals who don't experience this mental health disorder, a Canadian study suggests. Researchers examined six decades of mental health and mortality data on 3,410 adults during three time periods: 1952 to 1967, 1968 to 1990 and 1991 to 2011. Depression was associated with an increased risk of premature death in every decade of the study for men, and starting in the 1990s for women. The connection between depression and a shorter lifespan appeared strongest in the years following a depressive episode, leading the researchers to conclude that at least part of the risk might be reversed by effectively treating the mental illness. "For some individuals depression can be very serious condition," said lead study author Stephen Gilman of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. "Given our finding that individuals whose depression was present at multiple time points in our study were at highest risk, it is very important to seek treatment for depression and to be vigilant about recurrences," Gilman said by email.


US: New Evidence Suggests Monitoring of Americans "IndyWatch Feed World"

(HRW)  Newly released documents reveal a US Defense Department policy that appears to authorize warrantless monitoring of US citizens and green-card holders whom the executive branch regards as homegrown violent extremists, Human Rights Watch said today. Separately, the documents also reinforce concerns that the government may be gathering very large amounts of data about US citizens and others without warrants. Both issues relate to a longstanding executive order that is shrouded in secrecy and should be a focus of congressional inquiry.

The new materials, which Human Rights Watch obtained through a freedom of information request, are training modules that primarily concern Executive Order 12333 (EO 12333). That order broadly governs the US intelligence agencies activities, and includes provisions allowing the agencies to collect information on US persons meaning US citizens and lawful permanent residents, as well as some corporations and associations in a manner the government has never fully explained to the public. The training slides largely summarize Defense Department procedures concerning EO 12333 that were released in 2016, updating a 1982 version. Using plain language to demystify the procedures phrasing, the slides offer hints about Defense Department intelligence practices that require further inquiry and exposure.

These documents point to just how thoroughly the public has been kept in the dark about warrantless surveillance under Executive Order 12333, said Sarah St.Vincent, US surveillance and national security researcher at Human Rights Watch. Their explanations of the order suggest that the government may be carrying out monitoring that poses serious problems for human rights, and Congress should seek more information about what the intelligence agencies are doing in this respect.

One of the documents most troubling aspects is the indication that the Defense Department has authorized its intelligence compone...


Social Security spending has topped $1 trillion for the first time "IndyWatch Feed World"

In fiscal 2017, real Social Security Administration spending topped $1 trillion for the first time, according data published in the Monthly Treasury Statement. The Social Security Administration spent a total $1,000,812,000,000 in fiscal 2017, according to the Treasury. That was about 37 times as much as the Department of State spent during the year ($27,061,000,000), 32 times as much as the Department of Justice ($30,977,000,000), and 20 times as much as the Department of Homeland Security ($50,502,000,000). The $1,000,812,000,000 spent by the Social Security Administration in fiscal 2017 was also about 76 percent more than the federal government spent on Department of Defense and Military Programs ($568,905,000,000) during the year. According to the Monthly Treasury Statement, the only major spending category that absorbed more money than the Social Security Administration in fiscal 2017 was the Department of Health and Human Services, which spent $1,116,764,000,000.


Twitter bans ads from RT and Sputnik - RT reveals how Twitter pushed for huge ad buy in 2016 - Internet users furious with Twitter "IndyWatch Feed World"

Twitter has banned ads from RT and Sputnik over alleged meddling in the 2016 US election. RT's editor-in-chief says the move will spark retaliation from Moscow, and has revealed that Twitter pushed RT to spend ad money during the presidential campaign. The social network says it will give away money already earned from the two companies. "Early this year, the US intelligence community named RT and Sputnik as implementing state-sponsored Russian efforts to interfere with and disrupt the 2016 presidential election, which is not something we want on Twitter," the California-based company said in a statement on its blog. "Twitter has made the policy decision to off-board advertising from all accounts owned by Russia Today (RT) and Sputnik, effective immediately," Twitter said.


Failed Kurdish independence gamble brings Turkey and Iraq closer together - leaders pledge strengthened cooperation to end regional conflicts and instability "IndyWatch Feed World"

The leaders of Iraq and Turkey say they are ready to strengthen cooperation to end conflicts and instability in the region. "We are part of a region suffering from conflict and instability, and it is time to cooperate to end these conflicts," Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi told a news conference on October 25 during a visit to Ankara. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said it was his country's wish was that "Iraq will rise again from the ashes and destruction. We will lend our support for this and take the steps necessary for the peace and security of the region." The leaders have had tense relations in the past but appear to have found common ground recently in their mutual opposition to moves by Kurdish leaders in Iraq to push for independence from Baghdad. Turkey fears that independence moves by Iraqi Kurds could further ignite similar aspirations among its own large Kurdish population.


Russia to partner with Saudi Arabia to build 'Neom megacity' project, 33 times the size of NYC "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russia wants to be an investor in Saudi Arabia's project to build the Neom megacity, which will be 33 times bigger than New York City. The project will be financed by the Saudi government and private investors and powered entirely by wind and solar energy. "The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) wants to be a co-investor with other international funds. The Fund will attract leading Russian companies to invest in the creation of the city of Neom, thereby contributing to their high-tech expansion in the promising markets of Saudi Arabia and the entire Middle East," RDIF CEO Kirill Dmitriev told reporters on Thursday. "We are talking about investments worth several billion dollars," he said. The day before, Dmitriev met the Saudi crown prince to discuss further investment cooperation between Russia and Saudi Arabia.


Anunnaki Geneticists Created Our Bodies, Not Our Souls "IndyWatch Feed World"

Approximately one half of the human beings on Earth (about 3.5 billion people) are organic portals, soulless human beings who keep real human beings in line with the status quo, on agenda with the matrix control system. Organic portals form the backbone of the Matrixs social control infrastructure. They are what keeps society running in a []


Assad Reign In Syria Coming To An End, Only Issue Is How To Bring It About: Tillerson "IndyWatch Feed World"

The U.S. Secretary of State has said that President Bashar al-Assad and his family have no role in the future Syria. The reign of the Assad family in Syria is coming to an end according [...]


Giant hail hits Formosa, Argentina damaging more than 1,000 buildings "IndyWatch Feed World"

A severe hail storm hit the municipality of Formosa in northern Argentina on Wednesday, 25 October, 2017. According to the Civil Defense, more than one thousand buildings were damaged, with trees crushed by hailstones up to eight centimeters in diameter, reports DeolhonoTempo. Boats traveling along the Paraguay River also recorded damage, mainly on the Argentine side. In some rural areas, newly germinated soybean plantations were completely destroyed.


Nunes suggests "humanitarian intervention" to protect Iraqi Kurds "IndyWatch Feed World"

President Trump may have to deploy military forces to prevent a "massacre" of U.S. allies in northern Iraq, a pair of senior lawmakers suggested Wednesday. That looming necessity is an unwanted development in U.S.-Iraqi relations, as a brewing conflict pits a critical American partner against the U.S.-backed central government of Iraq. The Kurds, an ethnic minority in the country, have been the most effective local fighters against the Islamic State for years, but their push for independence has united American allies and adversaries in opposition and led to violence in contested territories. "I think we need to intervene," House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., told the Washington Examiner. "I would want to go in there and do something because we don't want to see a massacre." A senior Democratic lawmaker acknowledged that might be necessary. "I agree that we should do something to help the Kurds," New York Rep. Eliot Engel, the top Democrat on the Foreign Affairs Committee, told the Washington Examiner. "We should make sure there is no massacre and I think that if the last resort would be to send troops or safeguards, I think we should consider it."


Tillerson projects withering US influence in Syria, declares 'reign of Assad coming to an end' "IndyWatch Feed World"

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the "reign of the Assad family" in Syria is coming to an end, and the "only issue is how that can be brought about." Tillerson's comments were made following a meeting with UN envoy Staffan de Mistura in Geneva. "The United States wants a whole and unified Syria with no role for Bashar al-Assad in the government," Tillerson said, as quoted by Reuters. "The reign of the Assad family is coming to an end. The only issue is how that should that be brought about."


Puerto Rico faces genocide (Berta Joubert-Ceci ) "IndyWatch Feed World"

26/10/2017 - What is happening now in Puerto Rico can only be described as genocide plain and simple! Hurricanes Irma and Maria have uncovered Puerto Rican reality for the world to see: the murderous and ...

Showdown looming in Catalonia (John Catalinotto) "IndyWatch Feed World"

26/10/2017 - Oct. 23 In response to the arrest of two Catalonian political leaders by the Spanish state and to Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoys announcement that the central regime would depose ...


Wishful thinking: Delusional Hillary claims GOP is imploding, but surging donations tell a much different story "IndyWatch Feed World"

Nearly a year after her disastrous election defeat - and facing new scrutiny over a questionable uranium deal and ties to the Fusion GPS dossier - Democrat Hillary Clinton claimed Wednesday that the Republican Party was "imploding." Clinton's remarks, first reported by ABC News, emerged one day after two Senate Republicans lashed out at President Donald Trump. The critics -- Sens. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Bob Corker of Tennessee - have each announced plans to step down at the end of their terms.


BREAKING: Gowdy Opens Investigation Into DOJs Exoneration of Hillary Clinton, 2016 Decisions "IndyWatch Feed World"

BREAKING: Gowdy Opens Investigation Into DOJ's Exoneration of Hillary Clinton, 2016 Decisions | hillary-clinton | Government Corruption Politics Special Interests

By: Katie Pavlich, Town Hall | 

House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte announced Tuesday morning they have officially opened a joint investigation into decisions made at the Obama Justice Department surrounding the FBIs criminal investigation into former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. They also want to know why the FBI kept quiet about ongoing investigations into members of the Trump campaign, like Paul Manafort, while publicly discussing the Clinton probe.

Our justice system is represented by a blind-folded woman holding a set of scales. Those scales do not tip to the right or the left; they do not recognize wealth, power, or social status. The impartiality of our justice system is the bedrock of our republic and our fellow citizens must have confidence in its objectivity, independence, and evenhandedness. The law is the most equalizing force in this country. No entity or individual is exempt from oversight, Gowdy and Goodlatte released in a statement. Decisions made by the Department of Justice in 2016 have led to a host of outstanding questions that must be answered.

The Committees will investigate the following:

-FBIs decision to publicly announce the investigation into Secretary Clintons handling of classified information but not to publicly announce the investigation into campaign associates of then-candidate Donald Trump;
-FBIs decision to notify Congress by formal letter of the status of the investigation both in October and November of 2016;
-FBIs decision to appropriate full decision making in respect to charging or not charging Secretary Clinton to the -FBI rather than the DOJ; and
-FBIs timeline in respect to charging decisions.

The Committees will review these decisions and others to better understand the reasoning behind how certain co...


Iraqi and Syrian militaries both launch operations to liberate Syria-Iraq border from ISIS "IndyWatch Feed World"

Iraqi forces have now begun an important operation to defeat ISIS from the final major city they control in the country. Al-Qaim, with a pre-war population of 150,000 people, is on the Syrian-Iraqi border and is one of the last major transit points for the terrorist organisation between the two countries. This comes as Syrian government forces are conducting an operation to liberate Al-Bukamal directly opposite Al-Qaim on the Syrian side of the border in Deir Ezzor province. The countrysides of Iraq's Anbar province where Al-Qaim is located, and Syria's Deir Ezzor province is considered the heartland of ISIS and where they enjoy most of their support among Syrians and Iraqis. The capture of these two aforementioned towns by Iraqi and Syrian forces respectively will effectively turn ISIS into a hit-and-run insurgency force rather than the army it once was.


Iraqi Kurds call for immediate ceasefire and cessation to all military operations - No response yet from Baghdad - UPDATE: Iraqi troops shell Kurdish positions despite proposed ceasefire "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has frozen the results of its independence referendum outcome. The KRG conducted an unconstitutional referendum on 25 September with the majority of voters overwhelmingly in favour of independence. Last week Federal Iraqi forces began moving into the disputed regions, areas controlled by the Kurdish Peshmerga militia, but constitutionally a part of Iraq.


Ecological Armageddon Up To 82% Decline In Worlds Insect Populations In 27 Years Stumps, Horrifies Researchers "IndyWatch Feed World"

An ecological armageddon has been set in motion, thanks to an extraordinary 75 percent or more decline in insect species worldwide, finds a new study twenty-seven years in the making a striking development one of the researchers described as, unabashedly, very alarming. The fact that the number of flying insects is decreasing at such []


Psychopathic priorities: Michael Fallon urges MP's to halt human rights criticism of Saudi Arabia as it's 'not helpful' for securing arms sales "IndyWatch Feed World"

Michael Fallon urged MPs to stop criticising Saudi Arabia in the interests of securing a fighter jet deal, provoking sharp criticism from human rights and arms trade campaigners. The defence secretary was giving evidence to the Commons defence committee, where he was pressed about why a deal to sell Typhoon fighter jets to Saudi Arabia had not yet been signed. Fallon said he had been working extremely hard on the deal and had travelled to Jeddah in September to discuss it with his Saudi counterpart. Although Qatar had agreed two days earlier to buy 24 jets from the UK, Fallon had to settle for signing a largely meaningless joint defence agreement with the Saudis. Fallon told the defence committee: "I have to repeat, sadly, to this committee that obviously other criticism of Saudi Arabia in this parliament is not helpful and ... I'll leave it there," he said. "But we need to do everything possible to encourage Saudi Arabia towards batch two. I believe they will commit to batch two."


FBI informant cleared to testify before Congress on Obama-era Uranium One Russia scandal "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Justice Department on Wednesday night released a former FBI informant from a confidentiality agreement, allowing him to testify before Congress about what he witnessed while undercover about the Russian nuclear industry's efforts to win favorable decisions during the Obama administration. Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores confirmed to The Hill a deal had been reached clearing the informant to talk to Congress for the first time, nearly eight years after he first went undercover for the FBI. "As of tonight, the Department of Justice has authorized the informant to disclose to the Chairmen and Ranking Members of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, as well as one member of each of their staffs, any information or documents he has concerning alleged corruption or bribery involving transactions in the uranium market, including but not limited to anything related to Vadim Mikerin, Rosatom, Tenex, Uranium One, or the Clinton Foundation," she said.

FBI informant cleared to testify before Congress on Obama-era Uranium One Russia scandal - sources say Trump personally gave the order "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Justice Department on Wednesday night released a former FBI informant from a confidentiality agreement, allowing him to testify before Congress about what he witnessed while undercover about the Russian nuclear industry's efforts to win favorable decisions during the Obama administration. Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores confirmed to The Hill a deal had been reached clearing the informant to talk to Congress for the first time, nearly eight years after he first went undercover for the FBI. "As of tonight, the Department of Justice has authorized the informant to disclose to the Chairmen and Ranking Members of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, as well as one member of each of their staffs, any information or documents he has concerning alleged corruption or bribery involving transactions in the uranium market, including but not limited to anything related to Vadim Mikerin, Rosatom, Tenex, Uranium One, or the Clinton Foundation," she said.


Pentagon report recommends requiring women to sign up for the military draft "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Pentagon is recommending that women be required to sign up for the military draft, saying it would be beneficial to the military, according to a Defense Department report to Congress obtained by The Washington Times. "It appears that, for the most part, expanding registration for the draft to include women would enhance further the benefits presently associated with the Selective Service System," the report said. The report said 11 million people would be added to the Selective Service System if women were required to take part in the draft. Only male U.S. citizens between the ages of 18 and 25 are required to register in the draft currently, which results in a pace of 2 million additions each year, according to the report.


German President Steinmeier meets with Putin to rebuild relations, states "Russia borders with God" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Russia and Germany must jointly overcome the alienation that has arisen between them in recent years" said German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Moscow. The main point of the program of his working visit, of course, was the negotiations with Vladimir Putin. Among them - Syria, the DPRK and the Russian initiative on the UN mission in the Donbass. However, today's visit was not limited to politics. A wreath to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Alexander Garden for foreign delegations is an obligatory ceremonial. But when the President of Germany lays it - there is a special symbolism in this. The results of the Second World War for the Germans are unshakable. Hence the desire for historical justice. Today, they also talked a lot about it at the Lutheran Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul. In the year of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Russia passes the building to the Evangelical Lutheran Church.


Brawl between transgender activists and radical feminists leaves police searching for suspects "IndyWatch Feed World"

Police are searching for three suspects after a confrontation between transgender activists and radical feminists in September turned violent. A 60-year-old woman suffered facial bruises after being repeatedly hit and thrown to the ground in Hyde Park. The Metropolitan Police are seeking a man, and two others, believed to be transgender, over the incident at Speaker's Corner on September 13. The male is described as 6ft tall (186cm) with brown hair in a ponytail. Officers did not provide genders for the other two suspects, describing one as white, 5ft 7in, of a slim build and with brown chin-length hair, tipped blond. The other is described as being around 5ft 8in, also of slim build and with short blond hair.


New Zealand's incoming prime minister Jacinda Arden calls capitalism a "blatant failure", citing country's poor and homeless "IndyWatch Feed World"

New Zealand's new prime minister called capitalism a "blatant failure", before citing levels of homelessness and low wages as evidence that "the market has failed" her country's poor. Jacinda Ardern, who is to become the nation's youngest leader since 1856, said measures used to gauge economic success "have to change" to take into account "people's ability to actually have a meaningful life". The 37-year-old will take office next month after the populist New Zealand First party agreed to form a centre-left coalition with her Labour Party. They will be supported by the liberal Greens. New Zealanders had been waiting since 23 September to find out who would govern their country after national elections ended without a clear winner.


Agenda 21: Saudi Arabia Building Megapolis 33X Size of New York City "IndyWatch Feed World"

Agenda 21 on steroids! Id like to introduce everyone to NEOM.

Watch on YouTube

Source: Saudi Princes Bold Plan for a $640b Futuristic Megacity

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We Know FB Posts Are Delayed "IndyWatch Feed World"

We're not sure yet why posts are not auto-posting to Facebook right now. We do Facebook is experimenting with some news feed changes that

The post We Know FB Posts Are Delayed appeared first on Giza Death Star.


German media reports migrants in Cologne becoming increasingly violent, turning areas into no-go zones with flourishing drug trade "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new report claims that migrant youth gangs in the Ebertplatz area of Cologne are becoming increasingly violent, leading some to describe the area as turning into a no-go zone. Authorities in the Eberplatz area say that in recent months young migrants from the Middle East and Africa have turned the place into a no-go zone once the sun goes down. Over just the past nine months, police have been involved in around 3,000 incidents in the area ranging from simple stop and search to the murder of a 22-year-old African migrant last Saturday evening, Die Welt reports. Police arrested three men in connection with the murder saying they were all part of the local drug scene. Police officials in Germany have previously warned that in some areas of the country asylum seekers and illegal migrants have begun to take over the lucrative drug trade, often using violence to achieve their goals.


11 habits of very happy people "IndyWatch Feed World"

We're always chasing something-be it a promotion, a new car, or a significant other. This leads to the belief that, "When (blank) happens, I'll finally be happy." While these major events do make us happy at first, research shows this happiness doesn't last. A study from Northwestern University measured the happiness levels of regular people against those who had won large lottery prizes the year prior. The researchers were surprised to discover that the happiness ratings of both groups were practically identical. The mistaken notion that major life events dictate your happiness and sadness is so prevalent that psychologists have a name for it: impact bias. The reality is, event-based happiness is fleeting. Happiness is synthetic-you either create it, or you don't. Happiness that lasts is earned through your habits. Supremely happy people have honed habits that maintain their happiness day in, day out. Try out their habits, and see what they do for you:


Rand Paul: From Trump dossier to DNC leaks, Dems are responsible for everything they have blamed on Republicans "IndyWatch Feed World"

On Wednesday's broadcast of FOX & Friends, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) weighed in on Sen. Flake's (R-AZ) decision to retire, Mueller's Russia probe and the 'Trump dossier' that the Clinton campaign bought. "It amazes me that for a year the Democrats have been whining and whining and whining saying they lost because of the Russians - now it really looks like it was their subterfuge, their ideas, they're buying this dossier," Paul said. "But also you know there are rumors that the leaks that went to WikiLeaks on all the Clinton emails came from the Democrats as well. So it's kind of funny, everything they blamed on Republicans it looks like maybe they were the ones responsible for it." Paul said he, as a 2016 candidate for president, had nothing to do with the Trump dossier that was initially funded by a Republican. "It wasn't me, but I don't know who it was. It might have been one of the other primary candidates - there were 16 of them. All I can say [is] it wasn't me," Paul said.


Amazons stock is skyrocketing after a blockbuster post-Whole Foods earnings "IndyWatch Feed World"

Shares of Inc. are on fire in after-hours trading today after the Seattle e-commerce behemoth beat third-quarter earnings. The company reported net income of $256 million on $43.7 billion in sales. Thats up from $32.7 billion in sales during the same period last year and far above the $41 billion analysts expected, MarketWatch reported. Earnings

Shares of Inc. are on fire in after-hours trading today after the Seattle e-commerce behemoth beat third-quarter earnings. The company reported net income of $256 million on $43.7 billion in sales. Thats up from $32.7 billion in sales during the same period last year and far above the $41 billion analysts expected, MarketWatch reportedEarnings per share were 52 cents, compared to expected earnings per share of 2 cents. Amazons stock immediately jumped, hitting an after-hours high of $1,054.99 a share.

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Where Does Chavismo Get Its Strength From? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Marco Teruggi argues that Venezuela has shown how to confront new forms of warfare and win, however, the government must now focus on resolving the economic crisis and deepening revolutionary democracy. 


United Nations blacklists 130 Israeli firms & 60 multinationals for working in occupied Palestinian territories "IndyWatch Feed World"

The United Nations (UN) has included some of the biggest Israeli and international firms operating in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights in a blacklist for those violating "international law and UN resolutions." According to Israeli Ynet News which has gained access to part of the list, 130 Israeli companies and 60 international corporations received warning letters from the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid bin Ra'ad al-Hussein about their impending inclusion on the blacklist. The list, which reportedly will be published in late December includes Israel Aerospace Industries, telecom giants, international tech firms, banks, and even cafes.


At Milk Bar And Goldbely, Nostalgia Is The Secret Ingredient To Success "IndyWatch Feed World"

Celebrating the tastes of the past, using the tools of the future.

Think back to your favorite food as a kid. Was it your grandmas apple pie? Or those creamy mashed potatoes piled high on Thanksgiving? Much of our love for food comes from a sense of nostalgia. A whiff of gingerbread cookies in the oven can take you back to your childhood. A red and white plaid table cloth can illicit vivid memories of the BBQ place down the street from your college dorm. Memories are made through the tastes and smells of the foods we eat.

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EPIC Asks Senate to Probe Customs and Border Protection Nominee on Facial Recognition, Drones "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Activist Post As weve been covering with increasing frequency as of late, DHS with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has made it known that...


FLASHBACK: Two additional massage therapists accuse Al Gore of sexual assault "IndyWatch Feed World"

Former Vice President Al Gore has been hit by new allegations of sexual assault. This time, it's two more massage therapists bringing the charges. The former VP is already in hot water, fighting abuse claims in Portland, where another masseuse said Gore groped her in '06 and asked her to perform a "chakra release" (massage-speak for "hand job".) He denies everything. The new allegations are said to have taken place at two hotels - one in Beverly Hills in 2007, when Gore was in Hollywood for the Oscars, the other in Tokyo in 2008. A source from the luxury hotel in Beverly Hills told The Enquirer: "The therapist claimed that when they were alone, Gore shrugged off a towel and stood naked in front of her." He then propositioned her for a sexual act, according to The Enquirer.


Interview with the Magus: Dave Lee "IndyWatch Feed World"

Below I present to you an interview with one of Chaos Magics finest magicians, Dave Lee. Dave is the author of the books Life Force, Twisted Power and various other excellent tomes... The post Interview with the Magus: Dave Lee appeared first on disinformation.

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The rap sheet so far of Hollywood's accused harassers and molesters "IndyWatch Feed World"

As the Harvey Weinstein scandal spreads like an STD throughout the entertainment industry worldwide, as the courage of those coming forward to name names inspires similar courage in others, we cannot allow ourselves to become so accustomed to the allegations that they lose their power to outrage. Although some male victims have come forward, the alleged victims here are mostly vulnerable young women and children. Worse, so far, all of the alleged abusers are the very men whose primary responsibility in any civilized society is to protect women and children. As a means to understand just how, yes, institutional these allegations are, here is a list (in no particular order) of the accused and their alleged misdeeds, which will be updated as needed.


Experts warn of next "cyber-hurricane" threat as Reaper malware infects of millions of devices worldwide "IndyWatch Feed World"

Cybersecurity experts warn "the next cyber hurricane is about to come" as millions of Internet of Things devices have been infected with Reaper malware that could take down the internet. "Our research suggests we are now experiencing the calm before an even more powerful storm," Check Point Software said, adding that it doesn't know how the code will be employed or the extent of the damage it could cause. Reaper, or IoTrooper, is a massive zombie robotic network, or botnet, that is rapidly infecting millions of Internet of Things devices, including webcams, video recorders and security cameras. Netlab 360 warned Reaper is "actively expanding" and that there are "millions of potential vulnerable device IPs being queued" into the system which will be injected with the malicious code.


Knock, knock: Amazon Key will give couriers & hackers access to your home "IndyWatch Feed World"

Amazon is addressing customers concerns over thieves stealing their packages by... giving their couriers a key to their homes. Security experts have shown the move will leave homes vulnerable to hackers. Amazon announced the new service Wednesday that would allow customers to request "in-home" delivery when no one is home. Once a delivery driver arrives at a customer's house with a package, they will request "secure home access" with the company. Amazon will then verify the driver is at the correct address at the right time and unlock the door through an encrypted authentication process. "Amazon Key gives customers peace of mind knowing their orders have been safely delivered to their homes and are waiting for them when they walk through their doors," Peter Larsen, vice president of delivery technology at Amazon, said in a statement. To ensure "peace of mind," Amazon announced the Amazon Cloud Cam Wednesday, an "intelligent indoor security camera" that will start recording before the door is unlocked. With the Cloud Cam, customers can watch a delivery as it happens in real time or review a video of the courier in their house on their smartphone later. If a hacker was able to breach the AWS cloud, the footage from the Cloud Cams could become vulnerable. In the past, major breaches of large companies such as Equifax have seen stolen data leaked to the internet, where it is then bought and sold to the highest bidder. That means footage from the inside of customer's homes could become a commodity on the black market in the future.


Corporatocractic Surveillance Just Got One Step More Invasive "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Makia Freeman Corporatocratic surveillance (i.e. the broad spread surveillance of the public by the corporatocracy) has become even more creepy and invasive with the advent...


Pyongyang advises US to take warning of hydrogen bomb test 'literally' "IndyWatch Feed World"

The US and its allies could indeed witness a hydrogen bomb test over the Pacific, unless they stop devising military options against Pyongyang, a senior North Korean diplomat has warned. This, as the US Navy beefs up its presence ahead of Donald Trump's visit in the region. Speaking on the sidelines of United Nations General Assembly last month, North Korean FM Ri Yong-ho said that if backed into a corner, Pyongyang could conduct "the most powerful detonation" of a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean. On Wednesday, Ri Yong Pil, a senior diplomat in North Korea's Foreign Ministry, told CNN that the minister's warning should be taken "literally" as tensions with Washington continue to rise. "The foreign minister is very well aware of the intentions of our supreme leader, so I think you should take his words literally," Ri told the US news outlet, warning that Pyongyang "has always brought its words into action."


Iraq demands clarification on Kurdish "freeze" of independence referendum "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Iraqi parliament is demanding to give a clear definition of a "freeze" on the results of Kurdish independence referendum, proposed earlier by Iraqi Kurdistan's government, Abbas Bayati, an Iraqi lawmaker and State of Law Coalition member, told Sputnik. According to the lawmaker, the Iraqi parliament had not received any official proposals from the regional authorities yet, adding that he himself had learned about the initiative from media reports. "Out of three points, two require clarification - the issue of freezing results of the referendum is uncertain and unclear for us. What does the freeze mean? Is it a complete renunciation of the referendum, or does it mean that after a certain period of time they will go back to the issue, if they want to? We believe that the referendum is over, it is in the past," Bayati said.


In Order To Understand The World Today You Must Unlearn This One Thing "IndyWatch Feed World"

At present, we are dangerously trending toward chaos, total world war, civil war, incivility, and a complete breakdown of civil society, and to the indoctrinated, its difficult to understand why exactly this is happening. As the stress of this mounts, the misinformed lash out at friends, family members and strangers who do not fully subscribe []


The Fragile Generation "IndyWatch Feed World"

This generation of kids must be protected like none other. They cant use tools, they cant play on grass, and they certainly cant be expected to work through a spat with a friend.

And this, it could be argued, is why we have safe spaces on college campuses and millennials missing adult milestones today. We told a generation of kids that they can never be too safeand they believed us.

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Federal OSHA And Microwave Industry Employees Safety Regulations "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Catherine J. Frompovich According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) webpage Non-Ionizing Radiation Overview, we read: Non-ionizing radiation is described as...


FEC complaint filed: DNC broke election law, didn't properly disclose Trump-Russia dossier funding "IndyWatch Feed World"

Today the Campaign Legal Center (CLC) filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) alleging the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign committee violated campaign finance law by failing to accurately disclose the purpose and recipient of payments for the dossier of research alleging connections between then-candidate Donald Trump and Russia. The CLC's complaint asserts that by effectively hiding these payments from public scrutiny the DNC and Clinton "undermined the vital public information role of campaign disclosures." On October 24, The Washington Post revealed that the DNC and Hillary for America paid opposition research firm Fusion GPS to dig into Trump's Russia ties, but routed the money through the law firm Perkins Coie and described the purpose as "legal services" on their FEC reports rather than research. By law, campaign and party committees must disclose the reason money is spent and its recipient. "By filing misleading reports, the DNC and Clinton campaign undermined the vital public information role of campaign disclosures," said Adav Noti, senior director, trial litigation and strategy at CLC, who previously served as the FEC's Associate General Counsel for Policy. "Voters need campaign disclosure laws to be enforced so they can hold candidates accountable for how they raise and spend money. The FEC must investigate this apparent violation and take appropriate action." "Questions about who paid for this dossier are the subject of intense public interest, and this is precisely the information that FEC reports are supposed to provide," said Brendan Fischer, director, federal and FEC reform at CLC. "Payments by a campaign or party committee to an opposition research firm are legal, as long as those payments are accurately disclosed. But describing payments for opposition research as 'legal services' is entirely misleading and subverts the reporting requirements."


FLASHBACK: LA cops investigating prominent Democratic donor after gay prostitute found dead at his home "IndyWatch Feed World"

A probe has been launched into the death of man at a prominent Democratic donor's home after it was previously ruled an accidental meth overdose. The circumstances surrounding the death of 26-year-old Gemmel Moore are being questioned after people came forward with 'incriminating information' about Ed Buck, whose West Hollywood home Moore was found dead in on July 27. Buck, 62, who has given money to names such as Hillary Clinton and Jerry Brown, has been accused by other escorts of instructing them to ingest dangerous amounts of drugs for pay. Buck's attorney has repeatedly denied the accusations.


(Video) Welcome to the Real History of the Earth "IndyWatch Feed World"

Published on Oct 26, 2017

Welcome to the Real History of the Earth - This Universe you find yourselves in began about 20 billion years ago as a point of light within the Mind of God. This point of light was contained within a greater point of light, which was contained within a greater point, into infinity. There is an aspect of the Godhead that has always existed and that expands and contracts an infinite number of times. All of life is continually expanding and contracting, much like that device you look through with the colored glass - the kaleidoscope. During one of the expansion phases, approximately 4.5 billion years ago, your world you call Earth was formed out of primordial dust and gas. Like all newly formed worlds, it was mostly hydrogen and a few other gases, not containing the kind of life you know. Throughout this physical chemical process, the Godhead, in an expansion phase, differentiated itself into units of consciousness, which later became known as "souls". These original souls, called the Founders, are what we represent to you. We were the original sparks of light that were showered out from the Infinite Source during this expansion. Our individuality began approximately one billion years ago, and we went forth to explore the creation...


FBI arrests ISIS supporter at Detroit airport after finding pepper spray, knifes, stun gun, and gas mask in checked luggage "IndyWatch Feed World"

An Ypsilanti man arrested by the FBI's counterterrorism team in August said he was an Islamic State supporter, admitting he made pipe bombs and watched terrorist propaganda videos, according to federal records obtained by The Detroit News. Yousef Mohammad Ramadan also boasted that committing a terrorist attack in the United States is easy compared to overseas. Search warrant records offer new insight into a counterterrorism investigation shrouded in secrecy and help explain why Ramadan was removed from a Royal Jordanian Airlines flight in August at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.


Lesbian Privilege: Ellen Shares Tweet Only She Can Get Away With In Wake Of Weinstein Scandal "IndyWatch Feed World"

In the wake of the monstrous Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal blowing up Hollywood, happy-go-lucky daytime host Ellen DeGeneres tweeted an image and a caption only she could get away with. Happy birthday, @KatyPerry, Ellen wished to pop singer and fellow Trump-hater Katy Perry. Its time to bring out the big balloons! she added, clearly []


Nikki Haley forced to evacuate Sudan refugee camp due to protests against Sudanese president "IndyWatch Feed World"

The US envoy to the UN, Nikki Haley, was evacuated from a UN refugee camp in South Sudan due to a demonstration against the country's president, US media outlets have reported. Haley was at a UN-run camp for internally displaced persons when a protest against South Sudanese president Salva Kiir got out of hand, according to CBS News. After Haley's departure, UN security guards fired tear gas to disperse a crowd of over 100 camp residents who were looting the offices of a charity, CBS reported citing an aid worker who wished to remain anonymous. Haley has already moved on to the next stop in her Africa tour, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, according to US officials.


New documents show Thatcher MP's tried to cover-up govt. role in 2,400 AIDS, Hepatitis C deaths from contaminated blood "IndyWatch Feed World"

Senior ministers in Margaret Thatcher's government tried to cover up the contaminated blood scandal that led to the deaths of over 2,400 from AIDS and Hepatitis C, newly-released documents show. The papers, uncovered by campaigner Jason Evans and published by Sky News, show how ministers sought to reduce any financial aid to the victims who received contaminated blood, while acknowledging they could not "in presentational terms" deny they were at fault. More than 4,000 British hemophiliacs were given blood contaminated with Hepatitis C and HIV by the National Health Service (NHS) during the 1970s and 1980s. The UK attained the substance 'Factor VIII' from the US due to a shortage in blood products. The 'Factor VIII' blood was manufactured from multiple donors including sex workers, prisoners and habitual drug users, some of whom were paid for their contribution. Exposed for the first time, a 1987 proposal to the Cabinet Home and Social Affairs Committee subcommittee on AIDS, written by Conservative Secretary of State for Social Security John Moore, advised how the government should respond to the unfolding scandal.


Attorney: Hillary Could Be Charged With At Least 13 Crimes "IndyWatch Feed World"

Attorney Gregg Jarrett says that Hillary Clinton could be charged with at least 13 different crimes for her involvement in the Uranium One scandal and the Trump peegate dossier. Asked by Fox News host Sean Hannity how many crimes Hillary could be charged with, Jarrett responded, 13 potential crimes committed by Hillary Clinton, shed be []


Five takeaways from Trump's quick press conference "IndyWatch Feed World"

Touching on the Russian uranium deal, Steele dossier, Obama's administration, the Clinton campaign, opioids and relations inside the GOP, President Donald Trump held a rapid-fire news conference on the White House lawn before departing for Texas. Trump is traveling to Dallas for a briefing on hurricane recovery efforts, before attending a roundtable with Republican donors Wednesday. OBAMA'S WATERGATE Trump called the Obama administration's approval of the 2010 sale of American uranium to a Russian-based company a "modern-age" Watergate. "I think the uranium sale to Russia and the way it was done so underhanded with tremendous amounts of money being passed I actually think that's Watergate of the modern age," the president said.


What role did the Brits have in the "Trump dossier"? "IndyWatch Feed World"

We noted back in July that the only relevant "collusion with the Russians" during the 2016 election cycle was the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton smear campaign against Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton campaign cut-out hires the (former?) British intelligence agent Steele to pay money to (former?) Russian intelligence agents and high-level Kremlin employees for dirt about Donald Trump. They deliver some fairy tales. The resulting dossier is peddled far and wide throughout Washington DC with the intent of damaging Trump. There was never evidence that Steele indeed talked to any Russian, or really had contact with his claimed sources. He has been for years persona non grata in Moscow and could not visit the country. Yesterday, our assertion that Clinton campaign cut-outs paid for the dossier, was finally confirmed: Clinton campaign, DNC paid for research that led to Russia dossier Marc E. Elias, a lawyer representing the Clinton campaign and the DNC, retained Fusion GPS, a Washington firm, to conduct the research. ... After that, Fusion GPS hired dossier author Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer with ties to the FBI and the U.S. intelligence community, according to those people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Told ya so ...


What Is Shilajit? "IndyWatch Feed World"

What Is Shilajit? | Shilajit | Natural Medicine Special Interests

Hailing from the Caucasus and Himalayan mountains, Shilajit (pronounced shi-lah-jeet) is a naturally-occurring substance thats rich in beneficial nutrients. Although its somewhat unknown today, it is still prominent in many natural health practices, including Ayurveda. This blackish, smooth substance can be found in high concentrations in the Altai Mountains. One of the main constituents of the material is fulvic acid, which has shown some promise in heavy metal protection and brain support.

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a sticky resin that oozes from rocks in the mountains in response from the heat of the sun. It is often referred to as rock sweat and stone oil for its tar and sap-like texture. Youll often see shilajit as a black color, but it typically ranges in hue depending on location. The substance is rich in nutrients, like humic acid, A, B, and C vitamins, and trace minerals, and it may be useful for supporting mens health. While shilajit research is by no means large, there is some evidence that its compounds can provide many health benefits.

What are the Benefits of Shilajit?

Shilajit may support healthy aging, increase the bodys ability to rejuvenate tissue, increase metabolism, boost the immune system, promote digestive health, and even help strengthen bones. Its effects on brain health should also be noted. Research shows that compounds in...


Child Molester Joe Biden Teams Up With Lady Gaga To Stop Sexual Assault "IndyWatch Feed World"

Child molester Joe Biden has teamed up with pop star Lady Gaga to produce a PSA against sexual assault.  The former Vice President, best known for openly molesting and groping extremely young girls in front [...]


Tesla Swiftly Installs Solar Power At Childrens Hospital In Puerto Rico "IndyWatch Feed World"

Late September, Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria, a Category 4 storm that knocked out 85 percent of the islands power. Because officials said it would take at least six months to fully restore electricity, Elon Musk the co-founder of Tesla and founder of SpaceX and PayPal offered to help. Earlier this []


Venezuela may be in default in under 48 hours "IndyWatch Feed World"

This past weekend, Venezuela failed to make $237 million in bond coupon payment, blaming "technical glitches" when in reality it simply did not have the money (or wish to part with it). Adding the $349 million in unpaid bond interest accumulated over the past month as of last Friday, that brings Caracas' unpaid bills to $586 million this month, just days before the nation must make a critical principal payment. And, as BofA sovereign debt analyst Jane Brauer writes, while the bank's base case assumption is that Venezuela will make its debt service payments this year, "the probability of a short term default has increased substantially with coupon delays" and it could come as soon as this Friday, when an $842 million PDVSA principal plus interest payment is due, and which unlike typical bond payments does not have a 30 day grace period but instead is followed by a second $1.1 billion PDVSA coupon on Nov 2, also without a 30 day grace period. As Brauer writes, Venezuela has been in as similar situation of payment uncertainty in the recent past, with bond prices plummeting right before a big payment. For example, just before a big principal payment was due in April 2017 Venezuela received a $1bn loan from Russia just one week before the due date. At that time Ven 27s dropped 16% in a month (from $52 to $45) and recovered completely within a month. Ven 27 has fallen to $35, as Venezuela has demonstrated that it will be a challenge to make all payments on time. The difference between now and April is that coupon payment delays then came after, not before the payment. Meanwhile, Venezuela has managed to redefine the concept of payment "on time" which now means "by the end of the grace period"



A delegation of German corporate executives just went to Russia... and Joseph thinks it may signal a new development...(Folks I had trouble this week

The post NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM OCT 26 2017 appeared first on Giza Death Star.


Madrid resolute on taking control of Catalonia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Spains Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says the only possible way to restore legality in Catalonia, which according to him has been liquidated by regional President Carles Puigdemont, is for Madrid to take control of the autonomous region.

Speaking to the parliament on Wednesday, Rajoy said that the governments plan to invoke Article 155 of the Spanish constitution, which allows Spain to impose direct rule on Catalonia was exceptional.

He said he hoped the measure, which includes the curtailment of the Catalan parliament and sacking the government of Puigdemont, would not take too much time to implement.

Rajoy said his government would hold regional elections in Catalonia as soon as possible, but only once law and order was restored.

He has previously called on Spains Senate to trigger the Article 155.  The Senate is expected to approve the measures on Friday.

Catalonia has so far been defiant and threatened to unilaterally declare independence if Madrid started the process of suspending the regions autonomy.

The wealthy region held a banned referendum on secession on October 1. Local officials claimed that 90 percent of the voters in the referendum had backed secession, but the turnout had been put at only 43 percent.




Michelle Shephard Analysis: Who will Channel Somalias Anger After Bombings? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Who will Channel Somalias Anger after Bombings? Analysis

October 26, 2017

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

Who will channel Somalias anger after bombings? Analysis

Massive bombings in Mogadishu have sparked outrage against Al Shabab, which had been weakened in the last decade. But can this be a turning point?

Michelle Shephard, Star, Oct. 22, 2017

To imagine the scale of last Saturdays terrorist attack in Mogadishu, think about two truck bombs exploding within minutes during rush hour in the heart of downtown Toronto.

Buildings for blocks around Yonge and Dundas Sts. would crumble, cars and pedestrians incinerated.

The blasts Oct. 14 in Mogadishus commercial and entertainment hub were so powerful some of the victims may never be identified and the missing never found. The death toll is just an estimate. There are more than 350 dead, and as many are grievously injured and missing, making this one of the deadliest terrorist attacks since Sept. 11, 2001.

After 9/11, Manhattans streets became a gallery of the dead. Have You Seen posters lined every post, fence and wall, the faces of hundreds of victims staring out.

The search for the missing and tributes to the dead in Mogadishu have been virtual, pictures and posters spreading online.

A photo of medical student Maryam Abdullahi, 21, was one of the first to go viral. Her father flew from London that day to attend her graduation, but instead was in Mogadishu for her funeral. Marian...


US operatives may have given chase to Niger militants before ambush "IndyWatch Feed World"

U.S. soldiers later killed in an ambush accompanying Nigerien security forces in early October may have given chase to Islamic State militants all the way to the Malian-Nigerien border, Nigerien military officials tell The New York Times. U.S. officials denied the Nigerien account to The NYT, instead saying they became aware of ISIS militants presence in a border town and were later ambushed after a meeting with a local village elder. The circumstances leading up to the meeting are what remain in dispute, whether U.S. soldiers participated in chasing the militants or whether they simply became aware of them. The ISIS group thought to be responsible is known as the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara and are led by Abu Walid al Sahrawi. Sahrawi has a long history with militant groups in Mali and at different times having associations with al-Qaida, running his own militia, and finally pledging allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi in May 2015.


Lies And Distractions Surrounding The Diminishing Petrodollar "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Brandon Smith There are a few important rules you have to follow if you want to join the consortium of mainstream economic con-men/analysts. Take...


Russian news report reveals thousands of Africans held in Libyan slave camps awaiting shipment to Europe "IndyWatch Feed World"

This is a very well done report about the immigration crisis from the Russian evening news. You'll find a full transcript of the video below. Hundreds of thousands of Africans are being held in what are essentially slave camps under brutal conditions, awaiting shipment to Europe via a network of pro-immigration NGOs and human traffickers. It is an eye-opener. The EU only has itself to blame for this next tsunami of refugees about to storm their shores. The refugees are merely riding the blood red tidal wave NATO-backed wars. While Italy didn't plan the Libyan War, they were compliant as their NATO masters leveled a stable country - formally one of the richest in Africa.


Catalan leader warns of escalating crisis with Madrid "IndyWatch Feed World"

The leader of Spains semi-autonomous Catalonia region has warned of an escalating crisis with Madrid over the regions continued ambitions for independence.

To solve what the government has called an extraordinary serious situation, it will create an even more serious extraordinary situation by seizing Catalonias political autonomy, Carles Puigdemont wrote in a letter to the Spanish senate on Thursday.

The Catalan regional president insisted that taking over powers from the semi-autonomous region would be an affront to Spains constitution.

Spanish senators are expected to approve measures on Friday that would remove Catalonias independence-seeking leadership and suspend its semi-autonomous status.

Spains Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy told the parliament on Wednesday that the government was determined to invoke Article 155 of the Spanish constitution, which allows Madrid to impose direct rule over the wealthy region.

That decision has been made because Catalonia has failed to renounce its independence bid.

The region has threatened back that it would unilaterally declare independence if Madrid started the process of suspending the regions autonomy.

Spain has been in turmoil since the separatist government in Catalonia held a controversial referendum on independence on October 1 in open defiance of Madrid. The Catalan leader has claimed that 90 percent of the voters in the contentious plebiscite had backed secession, but the turnout had been put at only 43 percent.

On October 19, Puigdemont signed a symbolic declaration of independence but suspended it shortly afterward and called for talks with the central gover...


Bankers Panic: 400 Year Old Banking Swindle Coming To a Close? "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Jack Mullen, TGR Intelligence Briefing Royal Bank of Canada CEO, David McKay, was recently on CNBC and asked to talk about the cryptocurrencies. During...


Corey Feldman Says Someone Just Tried To Kill Him As He Plans To Name Pedophiles "IndyWatch Feed World"

As a veritable torrent of sexual abuse victims continues to come forward, Americans are quickly learning that Harvey Weinstein was just the tip of a depraved and disgusting iceberg that is Hollywood. After years of secrecy and gag orders, victims of Hollywoods sexual predators are setting a new norm of no longer remaining silent. Just this month, []


WikiLeaks, Bitcoin, and the Revolutionary Movement of Peacemakers "IndyWatch Feed World"

Op-Ed by Nozomi Hayase As Trumps dangerous move on Irans nuclear deal and his provocative reaction to North Korea undercut diplomacy, tension is rising for World...


Cable TVs downward spiral continues with more cord-cutting at Comcast and Charter "IndyWatch Feed World"

One year ago, Comcast boasted that it was bucking the trend of cord-cutting when it added 32,000 new subscribers that quarter. Turns out that was just a temporary respite, though, as the cable giant lost 134,000 subscribers in Q3 2017. Although Comcast blames some of those losses on hurricanes along the Gulf Coast, the company

One year ago, Comcast boasted that it was bucking the trend of cord-cutting when it added 32,000 new subscribers that quarter. Turns out that was just a temporary respite, though, as the cable giant lost 134,000 subscribers in Q3 2017. Although Comcast blames some of those losses on hurricanes along the Gulf Coast, the company admits that it still would have lost more than 100,000 subscribers even without mother natures involvement.

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The FBIs Forgotten Criminal Record "IndyWatch Feed World"

President Trumps firing of FBI chief James Comey on May 9 spurred much of the media and many Democrats to rally around Americas most powerful domestic federal agency. But the FBI has a long record of both deceit and incompetence. Five years ago, Americans learned that the FBI was teaching its agents that the FBI has the ability to bend or suspend the law to impinge on the freedom of others. This has practically been the Bureaus motif since its creation in 1908.

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Syrian forces push closer towards last ISIS stronghold in Deir ez-Zor province "IndyWatch Feed World"

As Syrian forces continue to crush pockets of terrorists in Deir ez-Zor, closing in on the last significant ISIS stronghold in the province, an RT Arabic crew traveling with the army reported of heavy clashes on the outskirts of Al-Mayadeen. The RT crew embedded with the Syrian army witnessed a huge offensive against IS (Islamic State, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists on the outskirts of Tabiyah and Huweijit Saqar, both located on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River. In a matter of days, Syrian forces supported by Russian airpower have pushed ISIS fighters more than 15 kilometers to the east of Al-Mayadeen city which was liberated earlier this month. As fighting on eastern front continues, battles on the southern front has also intensified, RT Arabic correspondent Wafa Shubruni reported. The Syrian command hopes to rout the last remaining ISIS stronghold in Deir ez-Zor Governorate in the city of Al-Bukamal, which lies near the border with Iraq.


A big pharma billionaire was arrested for opioid-pushing bribes "IndyWatch Feed World"

The opioid crisis has left many victims in its wake,  more than 59,000 lives in 2016 alone. Now, it finally has at least one possible culprit, a big pharma exec charged with bribing doctors to dole out fentanyl, an opioid drug that can be 50 times as powerful as heroin, sometimes to patients who didnt need it. As Bloomberg reports, Insys

The opioid crisis has left many victims in its wake,  more than 59,000 lives in 2016 alone. Now, it finally has at least one possible culprit, a big pharma exec charged with bribing doctors to dole out fentanyl, an opioid drug that can be 50 times as powerful as heroin, sometimes to patients who didnt need it.

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Lesbian privilege: Ellen DeGeneres tweet shows double standard when objectifying women "IndyWatch Feed World"

In the wake of the monstrous Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal blowing up Hollywood, happy-go-lucky daytime host Ellen DeGeneres tweeted an image and a caption only she could get away with. "Happy birthday, @KatyPerry," Ellen wished to pop singer and fellow Trump-hater Katy Perry. "It's time to bring out the big balloons!" she added, clearly referring to Perry's breasts. The photo accompanying the caption is one of Ellen staring straight at Ms. Perry's rack: The loud feminists eager to blast straight men for their apparent innate toxicity were oddly silent. The #MeToo brigade willing to even blast 90-year-old ex-presidents? Silencio. This is what you might call "lesbian privilege."


Plummeting NFL ratings prompt TV execs to suggest canceling ten 'Thursday Night Football' games "IndyWatch Feed World"

Network executives are scrambling to solve the growing problem of crashing ratings for the National Football League, by cutting games to end the perceived "over-saturation" of football on TV. To put an end to the sliding ratings, the executives are proposing that fewer games may be the ticket to stop that "over-saturation," with one idea being to cut Thursday Night Football by a whopping ten games. The idea to trim Thursday Night Football from 18 games a season to only eight was first reported by Sports Business Journal and was part of a plan to reverse the ratings crash that also includes pulling games played in the U.K. back to 1 PM eastern time (6PM London time). Indeed the amount of football on TV has exploded in the last decade. "Ten years ago, the NFL had 32 game windows through week six," SBJ reported. "This year, it is up to 39, a 22 percent increase. It's even more crowded in college, where the 2007 windows to this point added up to 105. This year, it's at 179, up a whopping 71 percent."


Election Meddling A Two-Way Street Long Traveled By US Government "IndyWatch Feed World"

Amid the flurry of media reports blaming Russia for allegedly interfering in last years U.S. presidential election, top Russian politicians are warning that the U.S. is set to exert unprecedented pressure on the Russian political scene in order to influence the outcome of Russias upcoming national elections in March 2018.

Last Friday, top Russian senator Konstantin Kosachev, Chair of Russias Foreign Affairs Committee, warned publicly via his Facebook account that the U.S. government would attempt to interfere in the upcoming Russian election, as it only accepts victories of pro-Western candidates as proof that elections were free and fair.

Kosachev wrote:

The United States recognizes elections as fair and democratic only when they are won by pro-Western candidates. In the case of any other outcome, election procedures and results are anathema to them. Judging by the increasing demagogy about alleged Russian interference [in U.S. elections], they have already started their artillery raid ahead of the Russian presidential elections. It is likely that the scale of pressure there will be unprecedented.

According to RT, Kosachevs remarks were given in response to a recent statement by the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, who last Thursday called the Russian governments alleged but unproven meddling in last years U.S. election warfare.

Kosachevs concerns are hardly unique among Russian politicians. Less than two months ago, in August, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov warned that there is no doubt that the U.S. would attempt to interfere in Russias upcoming electoral process. We are used to American interference, we live with it. Its the same as wire-tapping by U.S. secret services. Someone who doesnt assume it, is an absolutely naive person living on a different planet, Ryabkov told Chinese and Japanese media.


Too much trust



During WWII, The Government Refused To Prosecute A Leaker For Fear Of Public Backlash "IndyWatch Feed World"

Newly published documents by the National Security Archive reveal why a grand jury refused to prosecute a Chicago Tribune reporter during World War II for a leak.

Correspondent Stanley Johnston was accused of revealing the United States cracked a Japanese code, which alerted the military to Japanese war plans before the Battle of Midway. A Tribune editor attributed the source of information to naval intelligence.

A prosecution was contemplated under the Espionage Act, but the government backed off because they feared what may happen if a trial publicized that the U.S. compromised the Japanese code.

The Justice Department under President Barack Obama fought against a lawsuit filed by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. It lost when a district court ruled in 2015 that disclosure would result in a more complete public record of this historic event and affirm the government is open, in all respects, to scrutiny by the people.

Yet, the government appealed, and it was not until September 2016, when the appeals court ruled against the governments claim that a federal court had no jurisdiction to order the release of transcripts, that an effort to keep 75-year-old documents secret came to an end.

During World War II, the U.S. military expected journalists accredited as war correspondents to submit stories prior to publication for censorshipor what the Pentagon may now refer to as prepublication review. Johnston was accredited by the Navy at Pearl Harbor.


Censorship through prepublication review

In grand jury testimony from August 18, 1942, Johnston indicated that he knew he was to submit for the purpose of censorship all written or photographic material, either private correspondence, or anything for publication, released with the Navy or after my return. Letters or dispatches were even to be subjected to censorship like any person in the military forces.

Johnston, who was Australian but recently obtained U.S. citizenship, also testified, I have a son twenty years of age. The last word I had from my mother was that he had gone with the Australian Army to the war front. He is probably somewhere up there now where they are fighting.

If you think that I would do anything that would hurt the men in the United States Navy, or my son, there is nothing that I can do about it, Johnston added. If I am indicted in this case here, I know I havent done anythingthere has been no intent, and they tell me there has to be i...


UAW Files Complaint Against Tesla, Claims Workers Were Fired For Being Pro-Union "IndyWatch Feed World"

Tesla claims firings were linked to performance issues, but one of the fired workers claims he never had a performance-related complaint.

Capital & Main is an award-winning publication that reports from California on economic, political, and social issues.

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The Pneumonic Plague Is Spreading: Warnings Issued to 9 Countries "IndyWatch Feed World"


Madagascar isnt getting this epidemic of the pneumonic plague under control as everyone had hoped. In fact, the opposite seems to be true.

When I wrote about the plague less than two weeks ago, I cited a source that said there were 200 infections and 33 deaths. As of today, those numbers have increased dramatically to more than 1300 infections and 124 deaths. And according to many infectious disease experts, the outbreak has not yet reached its peak.

Normally, Madagascar has about 400 cases of plague per year. But this year, its worse because it is the pneumonic plague. It gets into the victims lungs and is passed through the air from coughing. Its the most deadly form of a horrific disease, often killing the victim within 24 hours.

Continue reading at The Organic Prepper

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For more ne...


Student group at Georgetown targeted for promoting 'hateful' Catholic views on 'sexual integrity' "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Catholic student group at Georgetown University has been accused by pro-choice activists of promoting hatred and intolerance for advocating a traditional view on marriage. If the organization is branded a "hate group," it will lose its yearly funding of $250 from the university. Love Saxa, the student group at Georgetown Catholic University that champions old-fashioned marriage between a man and a woman, and which delves into and exposes the alleged dangers of porn and generally promotes Catholic values, was catapulted into the media spotlight following accusations by "pro-choice"student activists that the Christian circle was a "hate group." The controversy was sparked late in September, when a student submitted a formal notice to the University Assistant Dean for Student Engagement, arguing that Love Saxa's views on marriage are "hateful" and should thus be stripped off its funding, the University news outlet the Hoya reported.


White House Applauds Vote Removing Right To Sue Banks, Credit Card Companies "IndyWatch Feed World"

WASHINGTON (AP)  The White House is welcoming a congressional measure killing the ability of millions of Americans to band together to sue bank or credit card companies to resolve financial disputes in a major win for Wall Street.

The Senate narrowly voted late Tuesday night to nullify the rule, with Vice President Mike Pence casting the final vote to break a 50-50 tie. The measure now goes to President Donald Trump for his signature.

President Donald J. Trump applauds the Congress for passing, the resolution, the White House said in a statement shortly after the vote that highlighted its own Treasury Department report criticizing the rule. The rule would harm our community banks and credit unions by opening the door to frivolous lawsuits by special interest trial lawyers.

The banking industry had been lobbying hard to roll back the regulation from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The bureau had moved to ban most types of mandatory arbitration clauses found in the fine print of agreements consumers often enter into when opening a checking account or getting a credit card.

The vote reflects the effort of the Trump administration and congressional Republicans to undo regulations that the GOP argues harm the free market.

Democratic lawmakers said the CFPBs rule would have given consumers more leverage to stop companies from financial wrongdoing. They cited the sales practices at Wells Fargo and the security breach at credit company Equifax as examples of misdeeds protected through forced arbitration.

So who does forced arbitration help? Wall Street banks and other huge corporations that never pay the price for cheating working people, said Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio.

Richard Cordray, director of the consumer bureau, said: Tonights vote is a giant setback for every consumer in this country. Wall Street won and ordinary people lost. This vote means the courtroom doors will remain closed for groups of people seeking justice and relief when they are wronged by a company.

Republicans said the arbitration system has worked wonderfully for consumers. They said the payouts for the average consumer in arbitration cases are generally much larger and come more quickly than when compared to the relief gained through class-action lawsuits.

The effort to try to characterize this as some devious system that has been created to try to stop consumers from having access to fairness is simply false, said Sen. Mike Crapo, the Republican chairman of the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee. We have a very fair system that has been working for over 100 years in this country.

Crapo said the average pay-out for consumers in class-action lawsuits against financial companies was just...


Theresa May would never criticise Israel states Activist "IndyWatch Feed World"

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British Prime Minister Theresa May owes her job to the Zionist regime and thats why she is proud of the UKs role in establishing the regime in the occupied Palestinian territories, says a commentator.

She [May] would never criticize Israel in any meaningful way and she always supports Israel completely to the detriment of the Palestinians, while crying crocodile tears for what is happening to the Palestinians, Paul Larudee told Press TV on Thursday.

She owes her carrier in large measure to Israel and that is why Israel can say it is proud of creating Theresa May, said the activist with the Free Palestine Movement.

May told the House of Commons on Wednesday that the UK was proud of the role that it played in the creation of Israel, adding, We will certainly mark the centenary with pride.



Steve Beckow -- The End of History: Letting Go of Time "IndyWatch Feed World"

The End of History: Letting Go of Time

October 26, 2017

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | By Steve Beckow

Credit: Stargate, 1994

How ironic it is that political scientist Francis Fukuyama spoke some time ago about the end of history and we here of this generation are presiding over exactly that.

As far as Im aware, Ascension marks the end of history. Theres no time in the higher dimensions, to the best of my knowledge.

I saw earlier today that any experience of higher dimensionality Ive ever had has had a quality of timelessness. Or it may be more accurate to say that, in all of them, I lost all track of time. I didnt notice time and time was not a consideration.

It isnt that I havent been demonstrably outside of time. I have.

During the 1987 vision, when I realized that the car I was driving had not moved an inch in the eight seconds of the vision experience, I had tangible proof that Id been outside of time.

Nothing like time occurred to me during the six months that I was in transformative love or the three months I was in bliss. Or in peace, mastery, or abundance (as states of consciousness). I never once thought to see if I was inside or outside time. In those states, I had no attention on time.


For me, time is appearing more and more like a constructed state. At the same time I have a schedule to keep so I remain immersed in time.

Its as if were all going back and forth through the Stargate. (1)



Vatican Priest Claims 12-Year-Old Victim Was Impregnated By Holy Spirit "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Vatican pedophile priest who is accused of impregnating a 12-year-old girl says he is not responsible for the pregnancy and that the child was born of the Holy spirit. The parents of the 12-year-old [...]


Bahamas resort offering vacation for plus-sized vacationers only "IndyWatch Feed World"

When Shawn-Marie Riley arrived at what's believed to be the world's only plus-size resort, the 375-pound Texan immediately felt right at home. "Being able to feel 'normal,' even for a little while, was beyond a gift," says the 5-foot-8 benefits administrator of her visit to the Resort, on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera. Riley says she loved it so much, she plans to return next year. The secret retreat, founded two years ago by entrepreneur James King, encourages fuller-figured tourists to let it all hang out while on vacation. They can loll on chaise lounges built to hold 560 pounds; sleep - or enjoy worry-free sex - on king-size, steel-reinforced beds; and stroll the private beach without what King calls "fear of judgment." "What's so great is [the Resort's] recognition that people of size have insecurities and challenges that the general public never considers," Riley tells The Post of her visit in November 2015, soon after it opened. "Will they have chairs I can sit on? Will the bed hold my weight? Will I fit in the tub?


Jay-Z Caught Shapeshifting On United Airlines Flight To LAX "IndyWatch Feed World"

Dozens of United Airlines passengers claim they saw Jay-Z shapeshift into a reptilian as the rapper and music mogul travelled between New York City and Los Angeles on Friday. One witness, writing about the experience [...]


Two-thirds of US baby foods test positive for arsenic, many also contain lead & cadmium - Clean Label Project study "IndyWatch Feed World"

Some 65 percent of baby food products in the US - including four out of five baby formulas - contain traces of the toxin arsenic, a new study has found, but officials say there is little they can do to remove substances that could harm developing infants. The Clean Label Project study of 530 baby products also found that 36 percent of the products contained lead, 58 percent cadmium and 10 percent acrylamide. While most samples contained only trace amounts of the toxins, some exceeded the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommendations by up to six times. The transparent labeling advocacy group said that Gerber, Enfamil, Plum Organics and Sprout - market-leading brands - produced some of the most contaminated baby foods. "The baby industry needs to do a better job in protecting America's most vulnerable population," Jaclyn Brown, the executive director of the Clean Label Project, told USA Today.


A US citizen apologizes to Russians "IndyWatch Feed World"

An apology to Russians on behalf of those with American citizenship. For long we have been filled with information from news agencies that instilled fear against Russia, for long we have provided schools entire manuals of why fearing the "Russian bear" is a productive thing. We look with distrust to people who on average are more highly educated than most American citizens. When I was studying in Western business schools, discussions about anything positive about Russia (which was not discouraged officially) - I suffered from lower grades for explaining positive outcomes of the Russian economy. This happened in several papers, even though I substantiated my arguments with facts. I wanted to go to Russia and see it for myself, I distrusted the media and I saw the discourses that sought the opposite justification to my expectations. Although no economy is invulnerable to crisis, the Russian one was no exception, since globalized services make all countries interlink - so, were we not out-casting the stand of the Russian government and excusing every other? The sanctions and oil prices that were meant to break Russia, had failed to exert the mortal blow that was so desired by an international media, and an economic cartel that seeks to pulverize an economy they can't control, even if their rule over Western powers have brought many nations to collapse.


Austrian police arrest hitman-turned-migrant-trafficker, known as 'Butcher of Pakistan' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Vienna police have captured a 35-year-old man accused of killing 70 people in Pakistan. Atif Z. was arrested among a group of 42 illegal migrants in Hungary, local media have reported. The suspect is on Pakistan's Most Wanted list and was detained following a tip-off in an international police operation near Boly in southern Hungary, from where he reportedly operated a people-smuggling ring. "This case once again shows the importance of international cooperation in combating crime. I can only congratulate the Austrian investigators on this success," said Austria's Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka.


Hornet washes itself, video "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 24 October 2017 video shows a male hornet washing himself.

Aielle Erens in the Netherlands made this video.


Chinas Launches Plan To Challenge The Petrodollar: The Petroyuan "IndyWatch Feed World"

Financial analysts are increasingly pointing out that China has some very grand plans when it comes to petroleum markets, and that if those plans succeed, the U.S. could see the dollar threatened as the top global currency. From CNBC on Tuesday:

China is looking to make a major move against the dollars global dominance, and it may come as early as this year.

The new strategy is to enlist the energy markets help: Beijing may introduce a new way to price oil in coming months but unlike the contracts based on the U.S. dollar that currently dominates global markets, this benchmark would use Chinas own currency.

While analysts agree that China faces an uphill battle in dethroning the petrodollar currently used to price two-thirds of the worlds marketed oil widespread adoption of the petroyuan would, as CNBC wrote, mark a step toward challenging the greenbacks status as the worlds most powerful currency.

Chinas plan is to peg oil to the yuan through crude oil futures contracts agreements to sell a specific commodity at a specific price and date. The country says its petroyuan, which some are predicting will launch before the end of the year, will be fully convertible into gold on Shanghai and Hong Kong exchanges.

The establishment of the petroyuan will allow countries seeking to limit their dependency on the dollar as well as circumvent U.S. sanctions to buy and sell oil through an alternative means. This is no small thing, says Gal Luft, co-director of the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security.

Game changer it is not at least not yet, Luft told CNBC. But it is another indicator of the beginning of the glacial, and I emphasize the word glacial, decline of the dollar.

Challenges to the petroyuan...


Baby Food In US Is Laced With Dangerous Levels Of Arsenic And Lead "IndyWatch Feed World"

More than two-thirds of baby food sold in United States stores, including brands marketed as natural and healthy, tested positive for dangerous levels of arsenic, lead and other toxins known to cause developmental issues in [...]


FBI informant claims Barack Obama received daily updates on Uranium One deal (Video) "IndyWatch Feed World"

No wonder the Loretta Lynch DOJ locked the FBI informant into an NDA, threatening prosecution should this person speak out about the Uranium One deal. Washington DC Lawyer Victoria Toensing told Fox News' Hannity that POTUS Obama received daily briefings on the Uranium One deal.


President Bush Apologizes For Sexually Assaulting Actress From Wheelchair "IndyWatch Feed World"

Former President George H.W. Bush has publicly apologized to actress Heather Lind after she claimed the wheelchair-bound nonagenarian sexually assaulted her while they posed for a photo that also included his wife Barbara. Heather Lind, [...]


ISIS Helps Other US-Backed Terrorists Seize Syrian Oilfields "IndyWatch Feed World"

ISIS Helps Other US-Backed Terrorists Seize Syrian Oilfields | syrian-oilfield | Special Interests World News

[image: AP/Hussein Malla]

Terrorist-infested US-supported Syrian (Un)Democratic Forces (SDF) advanced near the Al-Omar oilfields in eastern Deir Ezzor after US-supported ISIS fighters joined their ranks.

On Saturday, Syrian forces drove ISIS fighters out of the oilfields. A counteroffensive let SDF fighters advance near them, seizing the al-Sijan oilfield north of al-Omar, government troops forced to retreat.

Its unclear whether Syrian forces will contest the SDF for control of Al-Omar and other area oil and gas fields, their production an important revenue source for Damascus when operating normally.

Weeks earlier, Syrian Gas Companys Deir Ezzor representative Amin Hamid said ISIS fighters controlled nearly 80% of area oilfields and most gas deposits, seizing them in April 2014.

Now their fighters are largely routed, some shifted to other Syrian areas, Washington helping them regroup.

With SDF and government forces contesting for the same territory, clashes between them may follow despite an agreement to avoid them.

Syria belongs to Syrians, no one else, especially not America and its terrorist foot soldiers.

Separately, Saudi minister for Arab affairs Thamer al-Sabhan traveled to Raqqa on the pretext of reconstruction talks rescuing regime ISIS fighters his real purpose, according to Arabic-language al-Arabi al-Jadid news.

Riyadh is a key backer of anti-Assad terrorists in Syria, supplying them with arms, munitions and chemical weapons.

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Do Democrats really care about Russian interference? (They don't.) "IndyWatch Feed World"

If we found out that Donald Trump's campaign and the Republican National Committee had paid a firm working for the Russians to create a file of fabricated attacks on Hillary Clinton during the election, would the media treat it as an impeachable offense? Would such efforts be considered an attack on the foundations of our democracy? Would liberal columnists make sensationalistic claims that the Russians had "carried out a successful plan to pick the government of the United States"? Would they argue that the election had been rigged? Would they demand that Republicans pick their country over their party? Of course they would. What if a major media organization had taken that ginned-up dossier, one that included a number of unsubstantiated stories about Hillary's supposed sexual fetishes and shady business dealings with foreign powers, and put it online so millions of readers could judge the content for themselves? What if the firm that helped disseminate that file was also feeding a number of reporters alleged scoops that helped shape post-election coverage? Would we now be engaged in a national conversation about the responsibility journalists have to avoid broadcasting questionable information about candidates? Would the outlets that ran with those stories apologize for regurgitating items that might have been concocted by the Russians themselves? Because all of that sure sounds like fake news to me.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus Software Caught Classified NSA Malware "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russian anti-virus company Kaspersky Lab has been increasingly vilified in the US for acquiring classified US government programs. This has led to a full ban on Kaspersky software on federal PCs, and several retails dropping the wildly popular program.

Kaspersky Labs own internal investigation into the matter revealed that was indeed the case, in as much as its antivirus software accidentally swept up NSA malware and its adjoining source code during a 2014 malware scan, even though that malware was itself classified.

This means, however, that the antivirus software was doing exactly what it was supposed to do, sweeping up computer malware, and collecting data for analysis to improve their ability to fight off such attacks in the future.

And thats exactly what customers are paying for with such companies software, and the big problem the US has with Kaspersky seems not to be that it is Russia-based, but that it worked so well it detected their brand new malicious software.

Kaspersky is consistently in the top handful of antivirus makers for rate of detection, and this fact seems to be what has made them a target.

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Activists acquitted of trying to disarm BAE jets headed for Yemen "IndyWatch Feed World"

A British vicar and a Quaker have been acquitted after breaking into a factory to disarm Typhoon fighter jets destined for Saudi Arabia.


A U.S. Soldier Died In Niger. What On Earth Are We Doing There? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Opinion In our military-revering culture, its a strange thing for a president to start a war of words with the grieving families of slain soldiers.

Strange, yes. But from Donald Trumps campaign season feud with the parents of Humayun Khan, who died protecting fellow soldiers in Iraq, to his recent feud with the mourning widow of La David Johnson, who died on patrol in Niger, its no longer surprising.

At root in the latest spat is a comment Trump made to La Davids widow Myeshia Johnson: He knew what he signed up for. Myeshia thought that remark was disrespectful she later said it made me cry.

Beyond insensitive, though, theres a good chance it simply wasnt true.

Why, after all, should La David have expected to die in a dusty corner of Niger a Saharan country most Americans (and, one suspects, their president) couldnt find on a map? And where the U.S. isnt actually at war?

If you were surprised to learn the U.S. has nearly a thousand troops in Niger, youre not alone. Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican who serves on the Armed Forces Committee, told NBC he had no ideaNeither did Chuck Schumer, the Senates top Democrat.

Well, the surprises may keep coming.

Chadian troops and Nigerian special forces participate in the Flintlock exercises with the U.S. military and its Western partners in Mao, Chad. (AP/Jerome Delay)

Chadian troops and Nigerian special forces participate in the Flintlock exercises with the U.S. military and its Western partners in Mao, Chad. (AP/Jerome Delay)

The New York Times notes that the U.S. now has over 240,000 active-duty and reserve troops in at least 172 countries and territories. Count it again: 172 countries, out of 193 UN member states.

Most of us remain at least dimly aware that we still have thousa...


Trump to Declare Opioid Epidemic a Public Health Emergency "IndyWatch Feed World"

Trump will declare opioid epidemic a public health emergency

Oct 26, 2017, 8:28 AM

Source: Washington Examiner | by Kimberly Leonard

President Trump on Thursday will direct the acting secretary of Health and Human Services to declare a public health emergency over the opioid epidemic, though he will stop short of declaring a "national emergency," which is language that he employed in August.

The opioid epidemic, which involved more than 33,000 overdose deaths in 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has affected communities all over the U.S. whose members overdose on drugs such as heroin, fentanyl, and prescription painkiller OxyContin.

In recent years, death rates from opioids in rural areas have surpassed those in U.S. cities. The public health declaration would expand the use of telemedicine for prescribing so that a doctor could treat a patient in a remote area where fewer physicians are available to prescribe medicines that help patients with symptoms of withdrawal from opioids.

The declaration will also shift resources so that patients who have HIV/AIDS resulting from opioid use involving needle sharing will receive treatment and prevention services, and will allow federal health officials to more quickly hire specialists in addiction treatment. The Department of Labor will be directed to issue grants that will assist displaced workers affected by the epidemic.

Trump is expected to deliver a speech on the opioid crisis Thursday afternoon, in which he will direct other agencies to "reduce the death and devastation by the opioid epidemic," according to a senior administration official.

Senior administration officials said the public health emergency designation was a more appropriate response for the epidemic, because the national emergency designation is used for national disasters, which are for shorter periods...


Universe Shouldnt Exist, Says Nuke Lab with Shiva Mascot "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hold onto your butts. Our theoretical, particle-smashing friends at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, whose mascot is Lord Shiva the Destroyer & God of Death, have announced that the Universe (and,... The post Universe Shouldnt Exist, Says Nuke Lab with Shiva Mascot appeared first on disinformation.

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US Government to Release Evidence of UFO's? "IndyWatch Feed World"

US Government To Release Footage, Pictures & Documented Evidence of UFOs

October 25, 2017

Source: The Far Out Blog

For those who are very much into ETs and UFOs, the following article is most informative and interesting.

For Many, the issue is not do UFOs exist, but are they really extraterrestrial in origin or secret government projects?

Breaking: US Government To Release Official Video Footage, Pictures & Documented Evidence of UFOs

(Arjun Walia) Over the past few years, multiple governments and government agencies have officially released their UFO files. What does this show us? Apart from revealing there are objects in our atmosphere travelling at speeds and performing maneuvers that no known conventional aircraft can perform, it shows us that such agencies have been interested in and have been tracking these craft for years, devoting vast resources to their study. If these released files make anything clear, its that there has been a long history of military and civilian encounters with UFOs and strange objects.

Related FBI Documents Prove Government Knew About Peaceful ETs That are "Etheric" in Nature, Have Radiant (Free) Energy, Discovered Esoteric Science in 1947 -- And Covered it Up



British capitalist says capitalism not working "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video from the USA says about itself:

28 June 2017

Richard D. Wolff is Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he taught economics from 1973 to 2008. He is currently a Visiting Professor in the Graduate Program in International Affairs of the New School University in New York City. He wrote Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism and founded, a non-profit advocacy organization of the same name that promotes democratic workplaces as a key path to a stronger, democratic economic system.

Professor Wolff discusses the economic dimensions of our lives, our jobs, our incomes, our debts, those of our children, and those looming down the road in his unique mixture of deep insight and dry humor. He presents current events and draws connections to the past to highlight the machinations of our global economy. He helps us to understand political and corporate policy, organization of labor, the distribution of goods and services, and challenges us to question some of the deepest foundations of our society. For more of his lectures, visit the Democracy at Work YouTube channel here.

From daily News Line in Britain:

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Lord Turner gives up on capitalism forward to the socialist revolution

CAPITALISM is not delivering on its promise to raise living standards, Lord Adair Turner, a former head of the business lobby the CBI, has said, recognising the obvious, while he tries to smuggle in the notion that capitalism was ever interested in anything else than mak...


Facebook now lets you buy tickets right on event pages, thanks to SeatGeek "IndyWatch Feed World"

If theres one thing that keeps me from getting rid of my Facebook account, its events. No matter how distracting, banal, or overly politicized the news feed can get, Facebook is still the best place to keep track of parties, concerts, film screenings, geeky meet-ups, and anything else that may be going on IRL. Well,

If theres one thing that keeps me from getting rid of my Facebook account, its events. No matter how distracting, banal, or overly politicized the news feed can get, Facebook is still the best place to keep track of parties, concerts, film screenings, geeky meet-ups, and anything else that may be going on IRL. Well, now its about to get even more useful for planning what to do.

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Secret Service Driver Makes JFK's Final Shot "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

In 1995, Patriot William Cooper, former Naval Intelligence Officer, showed closer-up videos during a lecture, of Kennedy's drivers making the final shot to JFK's neck. The front SS passenger first looks back to see if JFK is dead, then tells the driver he is not. The SS driver then tightly brings his left hand around with a silver pistol, near his own neck, and fires backwards at Kennedy, hitting him in the neck with a small caliber bullet. Their mission is accomplished.

In 1975, there was a touring JFK Assassination lecture at college, where they showed the faces of 30 +/- Dealey Plaza eye-witnesses who all mysteriously died within a 3 year period.


Vaccines are covertly injecting everyone with disease-causing viruses, warns scientist author of Plague "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Vicki Batts

Judy A. Mikovits, Ph.D., is  a research scientist, as well as the co-author of the recently released ground-breaking book, Plague. Mikovits has spent a lifetime studying autoimmune and neuroimmune diseases, cancer, and other conditions caused by chronic inflammation. Specifically, shes been studying retroviruses and how they contribute to the onset of these life-altering conditions. And in a recent article, Mikovits sheds some light one of the most concerning aspects of retroviruses: their unsuspecting place in vaccines.

As Mikovits explains, one of the primary sources of debilitating retroviruses is (you guessed it) vaccines. In fact, she posits that virtually all vaccines are contaminated with some sort of retrovirus, stemming from an animal family most likely because of all those lovely animal by-products used to create vaccines. For example, at least six percent of Americans have picked up mouse-related retroviruses, most likely because of vaccines. In fact, up to 20 million Americans are likely hosting a retrovirus thanks to an inoculation they received at the mainstream medical establishments behest.

As a primary example, Mikovits points to the controversial rotavirus vaccine. She writes, In 2010, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) convened a panel of experts to review findings that rotavirus vaccines given to infants in the U.S., Rotateq, produced by Merck Pharmaceuticals and Rotarix produced by Glaxo Smith Kline, are contaminated with pig viruses.

Mikovits explains that Rotarix was found to contain nucleic acids from porcine circovirus-1 (PCV1) virus. Similarly, RotaTeq was found to be contaminated with nucleic acids from both PCV1 and PCV2. The short- and long-term effects of such contamination are not fully known but the risks are still there. Ultimately, that advisory panel concluded the benefits of the vaccine trumps its risks.

While gene detection at this level was not something available to scientists until recently, Mikovits contends that researchers have been aware of the potential for horizontal gene transfer (HGT) for many years. So while detection may not have been possible, the potential risk was at least somewhat recognized wi...


Britain Drops 3,400 Bombs In Syria And Iraq, Claims No Civilian Casualties "IndyWatch Feed World"

Royal Air Force drones and jets have dropped more than 3,400 bombs and missiles on Islamic State fighters in Iraq and Syria, an investigation by Middle East Eye has revealed, yet the British government maintains that there is no evidence they have killed a single civilian.

The vast quantities of ordnance dropped since the start of Operation Shader against IS in 2014 seriously undermines the claim by ministers that the RAF has not caused any civilian casualties in the three-year-long bombing campaign, and has prompted calls for an investigation.

The Ministry of Defence does not routinely release statistics on the numbers of weapons used over Iraq and Syria, but an MEE analysis has combined weekly updates of operations in the region and information collated by campaign group Drone Wars.

RAF airstrikes Syria, Iraq

It shows that up to the end of September UK forces have dropped at least 3,482 bombs and missiles in the battle against IS, including 2,089 Paveway IV bombs and 486 Brimstone missiles dropped by Typhoon and Tornado jets.

RAF Reaper drones have also fired 724 Hellfire missiles at IS targets.

The figures are conservative as MoD updates sometimes do not specify the number of bombs or missiles used in a strike, and last night MoD officials admitted that a further 86 bombs and missiles had been dropped in recent weeks.

The weapon of choice for RAF jets is the Paveway IV precision-guided bomb, but they have also fired large numbers of the more accurate Brimstone missile, which was originally designed as an anti-tank weapon but has been used extensively by the RAF to target IS snipers and vehicles.

The government describes the Brimstone as the most accurate weapon available that can be fired by aircraft, and they are conservatively estimated to cost 100,000 each; heavier Paveway IV bombs are estimated to cost 30,000 each, and Hellfire, fired by the Reaper drone fleet, cost 71,300 each.

Islamic State is in retreat in Iraq and Syria after a US-led bombing campaign which saw the RAF fly more than 8,000 sorties and killed more than 3,000 IS militants. A spike in weapons releases came earlier this summer, when RAF Typhoons and Tornadoes joined the coalition and Kurdish effort to liberate Mosul.

Islamic State regularly used human shields in built-up areas, but despite this and the scale of the ordnance dropped by the RAF, the MoD maintains it has no evidence that its strikes have caused any civilian casualties a position now roundly reje...


Private Blog for Dow 10-26-2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Private Blog for the Dow October 26th, 2017

Private blog posts are exclusively available to Socrates subscribers. To sign-up for Socrates or to learn more, please visit


JFK Assassination Records Release of 2017 Additional Documents "IndyWatch Feed World"

JFK Assassination Records - 2017 Additional Documents Release

Source: Government Archives

The National Archives and Records Administration is releasing documents previously withheld in accordance with the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act. The vast majority of the Collection (88%) has been open in full and released to the public since the late 1990s. The records at issue are documents previously identified as assassination records, but withheld in full or withheld in part. Learn more

This July release consists of 3,810 documents, including 441 formerly withheld-in-full documents and 3,369 documents formerly released with portions redacted. The documents originate from FBI and CIA series identified by the Assassination Records Review Board as assassination records. More releases will follow.

To view the entire file, you may visit the National Archives at College Park and request access to the original records.

Accessing the Release Files

Each release file is a ZIP file containing copies of the records and a corresponding XLSX spreadsheet with metadata about each file.

To access the files, you will need:

  • decompression software such as WinZip to unzip the contents
  • software such as Adobe Acrobat to view the PDF files
  • software such as Windows Media Player to listen to the WAV files
  • software such as Microsoft Excel to view the XLSX spreadsheetOnce a file has been unzipped, use the XLSX spreadsheet to understand the content and context of each file.

July 2017 Release - Formerly Released in Par...


Sworn EPA Enemies Now One Step From Heading Key Agency Offices "IndyWatch Feed World"

The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works on Wednesday advanced the nominations of four potential assistant administrators for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), raising concerns among conservationists and Democratic lawmakers who worry the candidates connections to various industries will further endanger regulations that have been in under attack since Trump appointee Scott Pruitt took over as the agencys administrator.

The four EPA nominees whose fate could soon be decided by a full senate vote are:

  • William Bill Wehrum, nominee to be assistant administrator for the Office of Air and Regulation at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA);
  • Michael Dourson, nominee to be assistant administrator for the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention at the EPA;
  • Matthew Leopold, nominee to be assistant administrator for the Office of General Counsel at the EPA; and
  • David Ross, nominee to be assistant administrator for the Office of Water at the EPA.

While Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY), the committee chairman, introduced the candidates as well-qualified, experienced, and dedicated public servants, declaring their confirmation will fill critically important roles in ensuring that all Americans benefit from clean air, clean water, and clean land, conservationists and Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), the committees ranking Democrat, expressed concerns about the nominees ties to industry.

All four of these nominees, especially Bill Wehrum and Michael Dourson, would accelerate Scott Pruitts mission to dismantle the EPA from the inside, said League of Conservation Voters vice president for government affairs Sara Chieffo. Far from draining the swamp, these industry insiders are entirely unfit to serve and pose a grave threat to our communities and our health.

All four have condemned the very existence of the EPA and want to weaken it beyond recognition, threatening the EPAs mission to protect our clean air and water, Chieffo added. We call on the Senate to reject their nominations.

Although Leopold and Ross have been criticized, Wehrum and Dourson have garnered the most negative attention.

Carper told Reuters Wehrum...


South Jersey rattled by mystery booms - officials investigating "IndyWatch Feed World"

A loud boom and shaking sensation was reported throughout Southern New Jersey on Wednesday morning that baffled people from the Shore to Burlington County. "There were calls into the 911 center and we didn't know anything about it at the time, so no action was taken," North Wildwood Mayor Patrick Rosenello said. So what was it? The U.S. Geological Survey's National Earthquake Information Center says there was not any seismic activity but detected a possible sonic boom about 9 miles off North Wildwood at 10:18 a.m. In other words - it was probably a high speed jet.


BEST OF THE WEB: Leaked NSA doc reveals Saudi prince ordered Free Syrian Army to attack Damascus airport with US knowledge "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Intercept has just released a new top-secret NSA document unearthed from leaked intelligence files provided by Edward Snowden which reveals in stunning clarity that the armed opposition in Syria was under the direct command of foreign governments from the early years of the war which has now claimed half a million lives. The US intelligence memo - marked "Top Secret" - is arguably the most damning piece of evidence to date which gives internal US government confirmation of the direct role that both the Saudi and US governments played in fueling an armed insurgency which launched massive and well-coordinated attacks on civilians, civilian infrastructure, as well as military targets in pursuit of regime change. The NSA report is sourced to the intelligence agency's controversial PRISM program - which gives the NSA the ability to sweep up all communications and data exchanged through major US internet service providers like Google. The memo focuses on events that unfolded outside Damascus in March of 2013. According to the document, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was ordered to "light up Damascus" and "flatten" the Syrian capital's international airport by Prince Salman bin Sultan - a prominent member of the Saudi royal family tasked with overseeing operations in Syria as a top Saudi intelligence officer. The document further reveals that the "Saudis sent 120 tons of explosives/weapons to opposition forces" - presumably in the lead up to the operation.


Mysterious Missing Vegas Security Guard Left The Country Days After Vegas Massacre "IndyWatch Feed World"

Jesus Campos

The mystery surrounding Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos grows increasingly bizarre by the day.  Following Stephen Paddocks October 1st massacre in Las Vegas, Campos, who may or may not have been shot by Paddock, flaked on a press conference that he reportedly scheduled then went missing for days before suddenly resurfacing on the Ellen show.

Now, Fox News has uncovered Customs and Border Patrol documents showing that Campos apparently crossed the border into Mexico days after the Vegas massacre. Campos reportedly crossed the border at the same place in January but, for whatever reason, was driving a rental car this time around instead of his own vehicle. Per the New York Post:

Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos mysteriously left the country just days after the Las Vegas massacre, a report says.

Customs and Border Patrol documents obtained by Fox News show that the 25-year-old entered the United States from Mexico at the San Ysidro border crossing in California one week after the mass shooting.

Its unclear how long Campos was out of the country. The documents only show that he entered back into the US.

The young man reportedly crossed the border at the same location in January.

While Campos was driving his own vehicle with Nevada plates during that trip, sources told Fox that he took a rental car this time around  which was registered in California.

Of course, this raises a number of new questions including, but certainly not limited to, the following: (1) why would the FBI allow a material witness to flee the country during an ongoing investigation, (2) if Campos was shot, why/how did he spend hours in a car on a road trip to Mexico rather recuperating in a hospital bed and (3) if this was a pre-planned visit, as his union suggests, then why did investigators seem so baffled by his disappearance.



Study Shows Placebo is Effective Even When Patients are Aware of It "IndyWatch Feed World"

October 27th, 2017 By Anthony Tyler Guest writer for Wake Up World Last year, a study was released by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. It was but one of the many efforts conducted in a partnership between BIDMC and Harvard Medical School, through their Program in Placebo Studies & Therapeutic Encounter (PiPS), which was established in 2011. []


Want To Reach Millennials? Invest In Mobile Messaging "IndyWatch Feed World"

Snaps founder and CEO Vivian Rosenthal says mobile messaging is the future for brands. Social media and email marketing? Not so much.

America has some catching up to do.

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A Nonviolent Strategy to End Violence and Avert Human Extinction "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Nonviolent Strategy to End Violence and Avert Human Extinction | earth-planet-globe-lightbulb-idea | World News

Around the world activists who are strategic thinkers face a daunting challenge to effectively tackle the multitude of violent conflicts, including the threat of human extinction, confronting human society in the early 21st century.

I wrote that activists who are strategic thinkers face a daunting challenge because there is no point deluding ourselves that the insane global elite see The Global Elite is Insane with its compliant international organizations (such as the UN) and national governments following orders as directed, is going to respond appropriately and powerfully to the multifaceted crisis that it has been progressively generating since long before the industrial revolution.

For reasons that are readily explained psychologically see Love Denied: The Psychology of Materialism, Violence and War and, for more detail, see Why Violence? and Fearless Psychology and Fearful Psychology: Principles and Practice this insanity focuses their attention on securing control of the worlds remaining resources while marginalizing the bulk of the human population in ghettos, or just killing them outright with military violence or economi...


Bleacher Reports Secret Weapon For Fighting ESPN "IndyWatch Feed World"

The website leaders may have grown up on SportsCenter, but to build the most important brand to millennials theyre now focused on sports culture.

In 2009, the then-fledgling sports website Bleacher Report did something smart: It looked at some data. It was late October, football season was well underway, but the end was nowhere in sight. Still, Google told them something interesting: People were already searching for the NFL draft, which was months away.

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Rare 'hole-punch clouds' shaped like UFOs seen over Dorset, UK "IndyWatch Feed World"

Residents in Dorset were in for a surprise this week when they spotted what looked like a pair of UFOs in the sky. The rare atmospheric phenomenon is a strange cloud formation, known as hole-punch, or fallstreak clouds. Experts say that the bizarre shapes are caused by aircraft, and are often mistaken for alien craft by confused onlookers. The spectacular formation appeared in the sky above West Bay, Dorset, on Wednesday afternoon. Photographer Len Copeland, 55, captured the images after noticing everyone around him was pointing their smartphone cameras toward the sky. He said: 'People started stopping me and asking what was going on. They assumed I knew something because I was taking photographs, but of course I had no idea.


Private Blog Updates as Necessary "IndyWatch Feed World"

Many people have written in thanking for the more frequent Private Blog Updates. There is no schedule for these updates. They will appear as the markets dictate. So obviously right now they are necessary for the stock market rally for the United States.


3 dead after floods hit eastern Bulgaria "IndyWatch Feed World"

Torrential rainfall that hit the Bourgas district on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast has left three people dead, houses, streets and intersections flooded and caused a mudslide that temporarily blocked Trakiya Motorway. On October 25, a state of emergency was declared in Kameno municipality, while an emergency was declared in part of Bourgas municipality. The situation was also difficult in the municipalities of Karnobat and Sozopol, Bulgarian National Television said. A crisis headquarters has been set up to deal with the situation, which followed an earlier "Code Red" warning of dangerous weather because of heavy rainfall and high winds in the Bourgas district. Three of the dead drowned when their houses were suddenly inundated by floodwater. An elderly man in the village of Polski Izvor was on the ground floor of his house when a 1.5 metre wave of water hit it.The wave of water was part of a heavy torrent that began at about 4am. In less than an hour, more than 60 litres a square metre of water fell.


Microsoft might revive its Courier concept with a dual-screen tablet and pen "IndyWatch Feed World"

Microsoft reportedly has some new hardware in the works, and it sounds a lot like the fabled Courier project that the company abandoned seven years ago. Sources tell Windows Central that the device will have two screens that fold up to fit in a pants pocket, along with a digital pen for taking notes. Although

Microsoft reportedly has some new hardware in the works, and it sounds a lot like the fabled Courier project that the company abandoned seven years ago. Sources tell Windows Central that the device will have two screens that fold up to fit in a pants pocket, along with a digital pen for taking notes. Although Windows will be the underlying operating system, sources say the device will be optimized for taking notes, possibly tied to Microsofts existing OneNote app. The goal is to launch the device in 2018, but it could be pushed back or canceled entirely.

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Robert Steele: Concept for Trump Triumph in 3 Moves "IndyWatch Feed World"

Robert David STEELE Vivas

The number of Republican resignations from the Senate and House is both threatening and an opportunity. Despite growing Democratic scandals  (including Mossad control of Debbie Wasserman Schultz to spy on Members with Pakistani patsies and Democratic funding of the false dossier by Christopher Steele (no relation) and Clinton Foundation charity fraud connected to the sale of US uranium to Russia and of Syria and Yemen to Saudi Arabia) this subjects the President to being both impeached and convicted ejected from office on the basis of false charges and bought votes. Tom Steyers new $10M campaign to impeach the President is a taste of what is to come.

The President can triumph in three moves:

MOVE 1: Eject the press corps from the White House. Repurpose that space to house the three elements shown in the graphic below this will give the President overnight what his existing team and Breitba...


France: Inquiry Finds Police Abused Migrants in Calais "IndyWatch Feed World"

(HRW)  A report released on October 23, 2017, by the French administration and security forces internal investigations departments has found convincing evidence that police used excessive force and committed other abuses against child and adult migrants in Calais, Human Rights Watch said today. The French report comes almost exactly one year after authorities demolished the large migrant camp there, known colloquially as the Jungle.

The investigation and report were requested by the Interior Ministry in response to a July report by Human Rights Watch on police abuses against migrants in and around the city. The results of the French investigation are consistent with Human Rights Watchs principal findings that police routinely used chemical sprays on migrants, including children, while they were sleeping and in other circumstances in which they posed no threat, and regularly sprayed or confiscated sleeping bags, blankets, and clothing, apparently to press them to leave the area.

The investigation requested by the Interior Ministry confirms that police in Calais used excessive force and otherwise abuse migrants, including children, said Bndicte Jeannerod, France director at Human Rights Watch. Local and national authorities should put an end to these practices, discipline officers who abuse their power, and carry out the investigators recommendations.

The French ombudsmans office (Defenseur des Droits) and many of the aid groups operating in and around Calais, including LAuberge des Migrants and Help Refugees, have published similar reports of police abuse following the closure of the sprawling migrant camp one year ago this week.

Most of the abuses described to investigators were attributed to the French riot police (Compagnies rpublicaines de scurit, CRS). Among other findings, the French investigation noted that police forces do not regularly comply with the requirement that they wear...


Should You Really Start That Podcast? 6 Tips From An Audio Storytelling Vet "IndyWatch Feed World"

Its all about empathy.

Are you thinking of starting a podcast? When Public Radio Exchange (PRX) CEO Kerri Hoffmann posed the question to Fast Company Innovation Festival attendees this afternoon, the majority of hands in the room shot right up. And while its not the most scientific polling methodology in the world, it certainly feels representative of the general populationor at least among people in media and other creative industries. Practically everyone has an idea for a podcast these daysI know I certainly daydream about launching my own in my spare time. The question is: Should we?

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US Allows Saudi Arabia To Plant Wahhabi Seed In Raqqa Rubble "IndyWatch Feed World"

The fight to free the Syrian city of Raqqa from Daesh (ISIS) by the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), led by U.S. special forces has all but ended. With Raqqa now under SDF control, the question has become how to rebuild the former Daesh stronghold. The reconstruction of Raqqa will undoubtedly last longer than the siege to free it, as thousands of U.S. air and artillery strikes pounded much of the city into rubble. During August alone, a U.S. coalition bomb, missile or artillery round was fired into Raqqa on average every eight minutes.

Unable to deny its role in the citys rather destructive liberation, the U.S. government has claimed that it will lead the way in clearing the rubble it created and restore basic services, such as water and electricity that were cut off during the bombardment. Last Tuesday, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told reporters, We will assist and take, essentially, the lead in bringing back the water, electricity and all of that.

But eventually the governance of the country of Syria is something that I think all nations remain very interested in, Nauert added, alluding to the fact that the SDF and its U.S. backers have no plans to return Raqqa to Syrian government control, having instead passed the citys governance to a local council.

However, Raqqas council along with other groups of Syrian Kurds recently agreed to negotiate with the Syrian government after Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem told the Kurds last month that the Syrian government was open to granting the Kurds some form of self-administration.

Yet, were the Kurds and the Syrian government to reach an arrangement, it would likely not include the current U.S. troop presence in Raqqa and elsewhere in Syria, nor the presence of another foreign nation hostile towards the Syrian government: We support whoever wants to liberate any city from the terrorists, but that doesnt mean to be liberated from terrorists and be occupied by American forces, for example, or by another proxy, or other terrorists, Syrian President Bashar Al Assad...


Nostalgia Will Rule The Tech-Enabled Home Of The Future "IndyWatch Feed World"

Compass president Leonard Steinberg sees a shift away from minimalism in the gadgets that power our houses.

Compass president Leonard Steinberg spends his days showing multi-million-dollar properties to multi-millionaires. But those high-end clients, just like us normals, care about one thing above all: Good old-fashioned time.

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Record-breaking snowfall of 55 cms knocks out power, cancels buses in northeastern British Columbia "IndyWatch Feed World"

A record-breaking snowfall knocked out power to thousands of customers Tuesday and shut down bus routes in northeast B.C. According to Environment Canada meteorologist Lisa West, 23.0 cm fell in Fort St. John, beating the previous daily high of 15.2 centimetres on October 24, 1933. An additional 32 centimetres fell on the city Wednesday morning for a total of 55 centimetres. "That came close to but didn't break the old [October 25] record of 35.6 centimetres set in 1918," West said. All city buses in Fort St. John were cancelled until 1 pm, waiting for snow ploughs to clear the roads. All school buses in Peace River North and South, which include Dawson Creek, Fort St. John and Chetwynd, have been cancelled. Schools remain open.


Take charge of your own life: The first steps to Food Independence "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Vicki Batts

Food Independence is a growing concern for many people, especially as access to foods that are free of GMOs, pesticides and other chemicals grows more and more restricted. For many, self-sufficiency is a path not only to independence and readiness, but a path towards a healthier lifestyle overall. Indeed, dependence on Big Agriculture and other corporate schemes is a modern sham but it is possible to live and eat without depending on corporations.

You can even achieve independence from Big Food without having to start your own garden though that certainly is a worthwhile pursuit. As explains, there are a few simple lifestyle changes you can make to become more independent and ensure you are not relying on the industrial agricultural complex on a daily basis. Some of the initial steps toward food independence are extremely easy to take but they are totally rewarding.

If you want food independence, one of the first things you should do is stop purchasing manufactured foods. As sources explain, changing the way you eat is an integral first step because it will lay the ground work for any other future steps. Reducing your dependence on manufactured foods is a great way to start moving away from Big Food this means eliminating boxed and processed cereals, snacks, soft drinks and other pre-packaged goods. As Provide Your Own contends, With one simple purchasing change, you can improve your food quality, your health, your finances, and your food security. How much more will these benefits be multiplied as you duplicate this change with other manufactured foods? Follow one simple rule when you make your food purchases; if it has an ingredient label, dont buy it.

Prepackaged foods are practically the hallmark of the industrial food complex; avoiding them is an essential step in food freedom. Further, these foods are often stripped of any nutritional value and pumped full of processed sugars and fats to restore flavor; youre not eating real food anymore.

Eating food prepared and cooked at home is another great step towards food independence. Rather than relying on pre-made or pre-packaged meals, purchase whole ingredients and create meals at home...


Fluoride: Poison on Tap "IndyWatch Feed World"

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Today, 74 percent of Americans on community water systems receive fluoridated water.1 Since 1945, it has been widely accepted in the U.S. that fluoride is safe and effective to prevent tooth decay. But is it really?

The 2015 documentary, Fluoride: Poison on Tap, seeks to expose what may be one of the longest-running and most successful deceptions known to mankind adding industrial waste, in the form of fluoride, to public drinking water. You may be shocked at the lengths to which corporations, industry and government have gone to make this industrial waste product appear beneficial to your health.

Fluoride = Health: How Did We Get Here?

You may be surprised to know the first American commercial use of fluoride, in the form of sodium fluoride, was to kill insects, lice, mice and other vermin. It was quite effective. In the 1930s, aluminum industry giant Alcoa was the largest producer of fluoride, releasing vapors into the atmosphere that crippled or killed farm animals and scorched crops and other vegetation. In those early years, many lawsuits were brought against Alcoa to recover damages from lost animals and crops.

Growing concerns about the seemingly negative effects of fluoride gas on human beings motivated the company to devise a means of recycling this potent industrial byproduct. The brainchild of water fluoridation was Gerald Cox, a researcher with the Mellon Institute in Pittsburgh. He received a request to look at fluorides effects on teeth from Alcoa lab director Francis Frary, who was concerned about mounting lawsuits related to the fluoride pollution his plant produced.

Another motivation was the reality that disposing of fluoride waste from its aluminum plants was becoming increasingly costly for Alcoa. Previously, the Mellon Institute had been the leading defender of the asbestos industry, producing research showing asbestos was harmless and worker health problems were purportedly due to other causes. Using science as a smokescreen, the Mellon Institute was able to save the asbestos industry from financial catastrophe.

As a result of their success in using science to prop up the asbestos industry at...


Thunderstorms with hail the size of golf balls hit areas in and around Newcastle, Australia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Thunderstorms and hail the size of golf balls have lashed parts of the Hunter, with the severe weather not expected to ease until Friday. The hail fell in Newcastle shortly before 4.30pm and lasted about 15 minutes. The western reaches of the Hunter experienced hail about 4pm. In Gresford, there were reports of hail about five centimetres in diameter, which is classified by meteorologists as "huge" hail. Weatherzone meteorologist Craig McIntosh said the storm was "widespread" across the Hunter.


Who killed JFK on Friday, November 22, 1963 at 12:30 p.m. in Dallas, Texas? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Bit late for a full investigation now, what? Only a full 54 years later .

The various theories.

Ever since John F. Kennedy was gunned down by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963 while visiting Dallas, Texas, there has been endless speculation around the circumstances of the 46-year-olds death.

Here, we take a look at what different people say happened on that tragic day.

Lone wolf the official version

Following the tragic event, the Warren Commission was set up by President Lyndon B. Johnson to shed light on Kennedys murder. In 1964, the commission concluded that Kennedy was killed by a lone assassin former US Marine Lee Harvey Oswald.

The shooter fired three shots from a sixth-floor window in the Texas School Book Depository and two bullets reached his target President Kennedy and wounded Texas Governor John Connally, who was travelling in the car with Kennedy.

Although the Warren Commission concluded that Oswald was not part of any conspiracy, the findings were criticized for allegedly ignoring some witness accounts and for the fact that the CIA and FBI, who assisted the investigation, withheld some information.

A second shooter?

Over a decade later, Kennedys death was once again investigated this time by the US House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA). Established in 1976, the committee issued its final report in 1979, which agreed with the Warren Commissions findings, though it added there was a high probability that two gunmen fired at Kennedy.

The HSCA also found that Kennedy was probably assassinated as the result of a conspiracy, although it did not go into details.

Communist conspiracies

Its no secret that Oswald visited the Soviet Union and attempted to obtain citizenship due to his Marxist beliefs. After being denied, however, he grew disillusioned with the USSR, which seems to have provided the grounds for alleged Soviet involvement in Kennedys assassination.

Several months before the assassination, Oswald reportedly visited the Cuban and Soviet embassies in Mexico to re-apply for a Soviet visa, but failed.

Amid speculation of a US plot to kill Cuban leader Fidel Castro, this added fuel to the theory that Oswald colluded with the Cuban government to kill Kennedy.

This was dismissed by the Warren Commission, however, with the report stating that neither the Soviet Union nor Cuba were involved in the assassination of President Kennedy....


Study Finds A Substantial Very Strong Link Between GMOs & Multiple Diseases "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Arjun Walia

Its no secret that we are living in a time where chronic disease continues to rise at an exponential rate, especially within the past couple of decades. New evidence continues to mount suggesting that Genetically Modified Organisms (more specifically GM food) might have played, and do play a key role in those statistics.

A study published in the Journal of Organic Systems last September examined US government databases, researchers searched for GE (Genetically Engineered) crop data, glyphosate application data, and disease epidemiological data while performing a correlation analysis on a total of 22 different diseases.

Researchers reached an alarming conclusion:

These data show very strong and highly significant correlations between the increasing use of glyphosate, GE crop growth and the increase in a multitude of diseases. Many of the graphs show sudden increases in the rates of diseases in the mid-1990s that coincide with the commercial production of GE crops. The probabilities in the graphs and tables show that it is highly unlikely that the correlations are a coincidence. The strength of the correlations shows that there is a very strong probability that they are linked somehow.  (1)

If youre thinking correlation doesnt mean causation, you are right, but its important to consider taking into account the multitude of studies that clearly indicate the potential dangers associated with ingesting genetically modified foods . There is a lot of information out there, and our lack of support for GE foods comes from examining a multitude of information instead of just a study.  Its always important to look at a wide variety of data and evidence when trying to make the best possible decisions for you and your family when it comes to GE foods. The science suggesting that they should not be deemed completely safe for consumption is quite large, and goes beyond the correlation analysis that was performed in this study.

If you take glyphosate, for example, it was introduced in 1974 and its use is accelerating at an alarming rate. Over the decades, strong scientific evidence has shown how glyphosate disrupts the endocrine system and the balance of gut bacteria, that it damages DNA and encourages cell mutations that can lead to...


Huge Fire Reaches Bandra Station In Mumbai, Train Line Shuts Down "IndyWatch Feed World"


16 fire trucks and  many water tankers  being used to fight the fire

MUMBAI: The overhead pedestrian bridge at the Bandra station, one of Mumbais busiest, is engulfed in flames at rush hour after a fire erupted in the Behrampada slum nearby.

16 fire engines and nearly as many water tankers are being used to fight the fire; the sky is filled with smoke.

The skywalk which connects to the station from Bandra East is on fire as well.

Trains have been stopped on the Andheri-Wadala stretch of the Harbour Line, one the main local lines, because the fire is close to the tracks.



Healthy 90 Year-Olds Have The Same Gut Bacteria As 30 Year-Olds "IndyWatch Feed World"

In one of the largest microbiota studies conducted in humans, scientists have shown a potential link between healthy aging and a healthy gut -- finding that the overall microbiome composition of healthy elderly people was similar to that of people decades younger, and that the gut microbiota differed little between individuals from the ages of 30 to over 100.

There are over 400 species of bacteria in your belly right now that can be the key to health or disease.

Health care of the future may include personalized diagnosis of an individual's "microbiome" to determine what probiotics are needed to provide balance and prevent disease. They're thought to encode more than 3 million genes in the body, and this complexity of bugs may also be responsible for immune dysfunction that begins with a "failure to communicate" in the hu...



Anna HuntStaff Writer
Waking Times
Moringa is a wonderful solution to a common problem created by the convenience of pre-packaged foods and eating-on-the-go mentality. The problem: People are just not eating enough vegetables and fruits. The solution: a spoonful of moringa can supplement your diet with nutrients equal to a whole extra serving of vegetables.
Sadly, considering the abundance of food available, the typical Western diet does not provide sufficient nutrients for one to stay healthy. As a result, the Western population seems plagued by chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer.


This Teen Is Transforming Recycle Plastic Into Prosthetics To Help The Disabled "IndyWatch Feed World"

He realized prosthetics are way too expensive, so he decided to make his own.

By Brianna Acuesta

As an 18-year-old that was born with only one hand, Aaron Westbrook knows from personal experience how difficult life can be without a limb. Though he has lived his whole life without one hand, it wasnt until he was a freshman at New Albany High School that he tried his first prosthetic. It was a disappointing to say the least; the artificial limb cost about $40,000 and it didnt even fit him well, let alone function in any way he needed it to.

Instead of simply sulking in his disappointment, Westbrook sprang to action as he realized that this was a field that was seriously lacking but that he could contribute to. Using the 3-D printer in his schools lab, he designed his own prosthetic that had an elbow-controlled cable that controlled finger movements. The fit was much better for him, and he could have stopped there, but Westbrook decided to take his creation to the next level by helping others.

Since so many prosthetics are task-specific and you need a variety of them for different tasks, all of which leads to astronomical costs, Westbrook launched a nonprofit called Form5 to address the needs of those with missing limbs but without tons of money. The organization creates cus...


How The San Diego Zoo Is Using AI And Drones To Save Polar Bears "IndyWatch Feed World"

With Arctic sea ice disappearing, can advanced sensor technologies provide insights into an ecosystem on the brink?

Few things are more important to polar bears than ice, which provides the Arctic carnivores with food, migration routes, and places to bear their young. But over the last four decades, there has been less and less Arctic sea ice available, and the summer period of ice melt has grown longer, making survival more difficult for animals who currently number only about 25,000 around the world.

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The race is on to own cannabis, and companies like Bayer, Monsanto and Scotts Miracle-Gro are working feverishly to devise ways of patenting this natural medicinal plant. If they succeed, the landscape of legal weed will change forever in favor of corporate monopolies and quality control empires which will crush diversity in this thriving cash crop.
For lawn, garden and agrochemical companies to want in on the growing cannabis market is no surprise, for its the fastest growing trend this industry has ever seen, as even noted by the CEO of Scotts.
Jim Hagedorn, CEO of Scotts Miracle-Gro, has even said that he plans to invest, like, half a billion in [taking over] the pot business ...


Fallow deer fighting video "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 24 October 2017 video from the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen nature reserve in the Netherlands shows two male fallow deer fighting. During their mating season, these fights are mostly play flights, but sometimes get more serious.

Jos Olsthoorn made this video.


Twitter bans some Russians from buying ads "IndyWatch Feed World"

As part of Big Internets collective attempt to sweep up the mess it helped create during the 2016 election, Twitter is taking a hard look at its advertising platform. Today, the company announced that its banning Sputnik and Russia Today (RT) from buying ads on Twitter, after it was revealed that both Russian media outlets

As part of Big Internets collective attempt to sweep up the mess it helped create during the 2016 election, Twitter is taking a hard look at its advertising platform. Today, the company announced that its banning Sputnik and Russia Today (RT) from buying ads on Twitter, after it was revealed that both Russian media outlets were involved in attempts to influence the 2016 U.S. election. 

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Google combats the internets trust problem with more fact-checkers "IndyWatch Feed World"

The internet has a credibility problem as of late, and apparently Google is eager to throw resources at it. A new partnership with Poynters International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) aims to expand Googles army of fact-checkers and promote many of the best practices in fact-checking commonly adopted by news organizations like the Washington Post. Google will

The internet has a credibility problem as of late, and apparently Google is eager to throw resources at it. A new partnership with Poynters International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) aims to expand Googles army of fact-checkers and promote many of the best practices in fact-checking commonly adopted by news organizations like the Washington Post. Google will also commit engineering resources to building software designed to aid humans in their quest to filter out the b.s.

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President George H.W. Bush, others accused of sexual harassment "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video from the USA says about itself:

Actress accuses former president George Bush senior of sexual harassment

26 October 2017

Heather Lind, best known for her role in AMCs Turn Washingtons Spies, accused Bush in a lengthy Instagram post shared earlier this week that has since been deleted of inappropriate behaviour. The actress uploaded a photo of Bush, 93, and fellow former President Barack Obama shaking hands and stated that the image had disturbed her as when she had met him in a similar circumstance, the elderly leader touched me from behind from his wheelchair with his wife Barbara Bush by his side.

FORMER PRESIDENT GEORGE H.W. BUSH ACCUSED OF SEXUAL ASSAULT For touching an actress from behind while they were posing for a photo. Bushs office issued an apology acknowledging the former president has patted womens rears in what he intended to be a good-natured manner, and because he uses a wheelchair, his arm falls on the lower waist of people with whom he takes pictures. A second actress has also come forward. [HuffPost]

Oops! He did it again. Former President George HW Bush Groped Another Woman: here.

MULTIPLE WOMEN HAVE ACCUSED A VETERAN POLITICAL JOURNALIST OF SEXUAL HARASSMENT Mark Halperin, known for Game Change and Double Down, has been accused of sexual harassment from the 90s to the mid-2000s duri...


THE AWAKENING Quantum Mechanics of the Human Brain & Consciousness "IndyWatch Feed World"

Human Brain And Quantum Physics Become Self

Aware Dr. Granville Dharmawardena of the University of Colombo writes that psychologists often speak of the mind and the body as two separate entities for convenience, but most acknowledge that they are intimately entwined. Yet none knows exactly how or how intimately. So the mind body problem keeps stubbornly resisting a definite solution. Philosopher John Searle (Mills Professor of Philosophy, University of California, and Berkley) says that todays philosophers are reluctant to tackle such big problems as how people have been trying to understand their relationship to the universe.

All these refer to the elusive relationship between the body and the mind referred to more generally as the brain-mind problem. The brain-mind relationship has baffled mankind for a very long time. One main reason for this is that it was not considered as a candidate for scientific study until recently.

Psychology and related sciences were able to continue for many years by either ignoring the brain entirely or at best treating it as a black box whose rules of operation could be understood without reference to its internal contents or composition.

The human brain without doubt is the most complex organ in the known universe. It is physical and biological. Therefore, it has to be amenable to scientific probing without the intervention of such considerations as the Gdels theorem, which states that there are statements in mathematical systems which are true but cannot be proven within those systems.

Consciousness on the other hand is neither physical nor biological. Therefore, it is a more elusive subject to deal with and Gdels considerations may have a role to play there. Attempts to understand brain and consciousness have been mostly based on restrictive Newtonian classical science and exclusively the material realm composed of matter.

Although the powers of understanding of human senses and the scope of Newtonian science are limited to three spatial dimensions, the scope of our universe is not limited to three dimensions. In fact, news theories hypothesize there are eleven dimensions. Many of the natural phenomena happening within our universe transcend the three dimension scene. Therefore, it is not possible to assume that the mechanisms of operation of the brain and consciousness remain imprisoned within the confines of Isaac Newtons three dimensional material universe. Just as the Earth was proved not to be th...


Decoding a Fake Reality "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Rosanne Lindsay

Reality is a program of beliefs we decode:

Disease equals Health
Fake news equals Truth
Wars equal Peace
Uniformity equals Unity
State-granted rights equal human rights
Slavery equals Freedom.

All is illusion.

As our world unfolds in multiple dimensions, we are focused in a time-space continuum (linear construct) with limited perception. Our perception deception in this reality timeline means that no matter what happened in the past, or what might happen in the future, we are always pondering it and creating it in the Now.

The power to restructure reality is only possible with the clarity of the cosmic mind. Unfortunately, as humans, we are easily programmed to believe that what we see, feel, taste, hear, and smell is all there is.

The outer world is a reflection of the inner world. Other peoples perception of you is a reflection of them; your response to them is an awareness of you. ~Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Our beliefs guide our perception about who we are and what we can create. Believe we are sick and tired and we are. The body responds to core beliefs. The cells hear what we say, they hear limitations and feel fear. If we love our cells, the body will support our beliefs. What we do in our bodies is pivotal to our multidimensional selves, as well as to other timelines.

The Structure of Reality

Reality is constructed in time and space in this Third Dimension. Time and space are frequencies which cycle in a looped timeline, which our brains decode so that we can experience life as humans. Everything cycles, from the seasons to the economy, just as history tends to repeat itself.

We live in a Matrix system that can be described as a grid, a hologram, or a game composed of electromagnetic (EM) frequencies. The hologram is information as light that is distributed non-locally. Our brains decode this information based on perception; how things appear to us. And as we know, appearances can be deceiving.



Joe Biden and Lady Gaga team up to fight sexual assault "IndyWatch Feed World"

In yet another example of important issues making for odd bedfellows, former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has teamed up with Lady Gaga on a new initiative to fight sexual assault. The organizations mission is right there in its name, Its On Us, meaning its on each and every one of us to stop sexual

In yet another example of important issues making for odd bedfellows, former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has teamed up with Lady Gaga on a new initiative to fight sexual assault. The organizations mission is right there in its name, Its On Us, meaning its on each and every one of us to stop sexual assault from happening.

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Watch Live: Derek Jeter And Jeff Levick Of Players Tribune "IndyWatch Feed World"

This session starts today at 1:30pm eastern. Baseball legend, and CEO of the Miami Marlins, Derek Jeter, talks with Jeff Levick, CEO of The Players Tribune, about finding professional fulfillment after the dream career.

This session starts today at 1:30pm eastern.

Baseball legend, and CEO of the Miami Marlins, Derek Jeter, talks with Jeff Levick, CEO of The Players Tribune, about finding professional fulfillment after the dream career.

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This Is How Your Org Chart Is Holding Back Your Business "IndyWatch Feed World"

These two silo-smashing alternatives can fix the problems caused by your stagnant org chart.

Snagajob COO Jocelyn Mangan says it wasnt long ago that her 500-person company had two design teamsone just for marketing and another for all-purpose design. The two didnt exactly coordinate.

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The Importance of the Vagus Nerve in Health and Well-Being "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Anna Hunt

At the center of our bodies resides a long, wiry nerve called the vagus nerve. It extends all the way from the brain down through the chest and beyond the stomach. In addition, it connects to all major organs, including ears, eyes, tongue, kidneys, bladder, reproductive organs, and the colon. Scientists believe that vagus nerve stimulation can affect anxiety and depression, blood pressure and heart rate, as well as the function of digestive organs including the stomach, pancreas and the gall bladder.

Role of the Vagus Nerve in the Body

Being the largest nerve in the body, the vagus nerve affects more than just the bodys physical functions. Some research indicates that a healthy vagus nerve is important to social bonding and empathy, as well as our ability to make complex decisions. Mystics believe that it is also the intersection between our conscious and unconscious minds, the physical and the subtle bodies. Therefore, the vagus nerve may be the most relevant part of our physical body that relates to our peace of mind and happiness.

Clearly, the vagus nerve plays a critical role in our bodies, hence it is also vital to our well-being. People with impaired vagal activity can suffer from depression, panic disorders, anxiety, mood swings and chronic fatigue. Physically, vagal imbalance can result in irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, heartburn, unhealthy heart rate, and chronic inflammation.

Scientists have been conducting research on the vagus nerve to understand how it impacts our overall well-being. In their research, they found that stimulating the vagus nerve with electrical signals has the potential for reducing depression and anxiety. Scientists also found that vagus nerve stimulation can improve conditions such as epilepsy and obesity.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation Exercises

People with optimal vagal tone are resilient under stress because they can easily shift from an excited state to a relaxed state. This switches on the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for rest, digestion and fertility. As a result, these individuals often enjoy excellent digestion, optimal heart rate and good overall health.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy for someone to switch on the parasympathetic nervous system and relax. That is because we spend so much of our time...


Big carnivorous dinosaur discovery in Lesotho "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 25 October 2017 video says about itself:

A dinosaur as big as a bus roamed southern Africa 200 million years ago, scientists have revealed thanks to the discovery of several huge three-toed footprints.

From the University of Manchester in England:

Mega-carnivore dinosaur roamed southern Africa 200 million years ago

October 25, 2017

An international team of scientists has discovered the first evidence that a huge carnivorous dinosaur roamed southern Africa 200 million year ago.

The team, which includes researchers from The University of Manchester, University of Cape Town, South Africa, and Universidade de So Paulo, Brazil, have found several three-toed footprints measuring 57cm long and 50cm wide.

This means the dinosaur would have an estimated body length of around nine metres (30 feet) and be a little less than three metres tall at the hip. Thats four times the size of a lion, which is currently the largest carnivore in southern Africa.

The footprints belong to a new species, named Kayentapus ambrokholohali, which is part of the group of dinosaurs called megatheropod. The term Megatheropods describes the giant two-legged carnivorous dinosaurs, such as the iconic Tyrannosaurus rex (T. rex) which fossil evidence shows was around 12 metres long.

This study, which is published...


The Rise of The Authoritarian Right And Left In Modern America "IndyWatch Feed World"

The following is a selection from the book Manifesto of the Free Humans by John Vibes and Derrick Broze. The book is currently available in paperback and free PDF at

There are several different examples of political spectrums in use today. Most people in the U.S. measure the political parties and philosophies across a horizontal line, from liberal to conservative. Others see the political spectrum as a square with totalitarianism in the top corner and freedom in the opposing corner. We tend to disagree with most political spectrums because they misunderstand the eternal struggle of freedom versus tyranny and mistakenly believe that either the right or left side is closer to freedom, or that one is better than the other. This tyranny manifests itself as non-voluntary communism, statism, fascism, imperialism, and any other form of authoritarianism. The opposite of all these power schemes is Anarchism.

In the realm of politics, economics, and religion there exists many false dichotomies in which there seems to be a narrow field of two options to choose from. In reality, there is actually a larger set of possibilities beyond the pre-approved guidelines. In other words, you are asked to choose between black and white, leaving you to think that the only colors in existence are black, white and maybe gray, when in reality there is a whole palette of different shades and tints that are completely left out of the discussion. The statement, If youre not with us, then youre against us is a classic false dichotomy, because it only presents two options, both of which amount to violence, while completely neglecting the possibility of remaining neutral. Likewise, the traditional left/right paradigm is also a false dichotomy which forces people to choose between two seemingly different, but equally authoritarian sides.

Anarchists should not make the mistake of believing that they are a part of the left or the right. These terms are skewed beyond repair and have different meanings in different nations and at different points in history. Alliances with right and left have failed every time because ultimately the followers of the corporate political parties are still playing into the mainstream paradigm. This leaves them open to manipulation and adopting what Konkin called anti-principles. The mainstream left and right will always sell out the principled, but misguided anarchists who seek alliances with one side over the other. We should absolutely reach out to both the right and the left and attempt to bring our message to them as much as possible, but we must be careful not to sacrifice our principles. We should work to bring them towards our principled stance....


The Negative Agenda Is Losing Ground In A Landslide "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Eric

There is something rotten underneath the surface on this planet. There is a massive program of division, war, terror and hate that is in full propagation against the surface population and it is pulling out all the stops.

There are not many who understand why the world is the way that it is, but as understanding and knowledge spreads, so do the people who understand that this planet is not what it seems.

As more and more begin to look inside for the Eternal Flame, the spark of Source that is inside of all of us, the bigger the voice in the collective becomes that is beaming love and compassion to and from the universe.

The negative agenda cannot stand this. They are losing ground in a landslide. They are desperately trying to push their agenda of misdirection, fear and atrocity, as hard as they possibly can and they are pulling out all the stops.

This is a major clue that we are winning. This latest mass shooting in Vegas is filled with occult astrology, flat out lies and numerous eye witnesses saying that there is absolutely no way there was only one shooter.

It is getting easier and easier to see the lack of care, the disdain for hiding in the shadows as their system slips through their fingers. They are desperate.

When we can begin finding the light within, despite the maelstrom of darkness that appears to be on the outside, that is when we find the center. That is when we find the stillness in the storm.

Our world is a product of generation after generation of programmed psychological indoctrination into helplessness, fear, division, e...



A war between Israel and the Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorist group is inevitable, though not necessarily imminent, and will be unavoidably bloody for both sides, according to an assessment by a number of former generals from around the world, known collectively as the High Level Military Group.

In an extensive report, published Wednesday, the organization details both the IDFs and Hezbollahs reorganization in the 11 years following the Second Lebanon War, the last time the sides engaged in all-out combat with one another. The High Level Military Group (HLMG) also describes the strategies each side will use in the apparently approaching war, as well as the potential pratfalls of those plans.

Hezbollah doesnt want a conflict to break out at present, given it is still seeking to consolidate its gains in Syria and continue preparations in Lebanon. However, its actions and propaganda suggest that it considers its ability to fight a war with Israel as a given, according to the report.

The timing of such a conflict is likely to be determined by miscalculation as much as decision-making in Iran and Lebanon.

The group said that should such a war break out, it will likely be more violent and destructive than the previous ones, due to the improvements that both sides have made to their respective military capabilities in the interim.

The report, Hezbollahs terror army: How to prevent a third Lebanon war, offers limited recommendations for avoiding such a conflict, instead painting it as a war waiting to happen.

The retired generals and defense officials from the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Colombia, India, and Australia who make up the HLMG also express significant criticism of the United Nations for its evident severe failure to fully implement UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended the 2006 Second Lebanon War, a dereliction that they credit with exacerbating the situation.

The former military leaders found that the UN Interim Force in Lebanon peacekeeping mission is not enforcing the aspects of Resolution 1701 that are meant to keep armed non-state actors like Hezbollah out of southern Lebanon.

The 76-page report, which is based on interviews solely with Israeli representatives during a fact-finding mission, comes to many of the same conclusions as those of Israeli defense officials. In preparing the assessment, the HLMG did not meet with Lebanese, Hezbollah, or UN officials.



Uber hit with lawsuit over gender pay discrimination "IndyWatch Feed World"

Uber has been hit with a lawsuit for the opaque nature of its employee reviews. In January, former employee Susan Fowler explained in a blog post the strange and inconsistent nature of the way Uber promotes and demotes employees. Now three self-described Latina software engineers have come forward with a complaint that claims Ubers review process

Uber has been hit with a lawsuit for the opaque nature of its employee reviews. In January, former employee Susan Fowler explained in a blog post the strange and inconsistent nature of the way Uber promotes and demotes employees. Now three self-described Latina software engineers have come forward with a complaint that claims Ubers review process is discriminatory, according to Reuters. From the lawsuit:

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Waymo goes to Michigan to test its self-driving cars in the snow "IndyWatch Feed World"

Waymo, Alphabets self-driving car outfit, is bringing its vehicles to the Michigan city of Novi to test out the car in snowy conditions. It will also build on the advanced driving skills weve developed over the last eight years by teaching our cars how to handle things like skidding on icy, unplowed roads, CEO John Krafcik wrote in

Waymo, Alphabets self-driving car outfit, is bringing its vehicles to the Michigan city of Novi to test out the car in snowy conditions.

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7 Signs You Are Receiving Cosmic Information That You Shouldnt Ignore "IndyWatch Feed World"

Your brain is not only a producer of thoughts, but a receiver too. Depending on what you tune it into, it will receive such information.

By Dylan Harper

Cosmic information is all around us. We are, in a way, pieces of this Cosmic information. Everything is connected with everything else, and everything comes from the same source, you, The Earth, The Galaxy, everything!

The way we live our lives can steer us away from the Cosmic purpose we hold in our hearts. Thats why, sometimes, the Cosmic Intelligence can send us messages and updates to steer us back towards our hearts purpose.

Sometimes these Cosmic messages can lead us to revolutionary ideas and inventions the world hasnt seen yet.

Anyway, we all get Cosmic Information from time to time. However, not many people are aware when these messages show up in their lives and most of them get ignored.

Here is how to know when you are receiving Cosmic Information:

7 Signs You are Receiving Cosmic Information

1. Sudden Inspiration

Inspiration is a mental stimulation to do something, create something.

It usually comes when you start scratching a subject you are passionate about.

Sudden inspiration is a sure sign that you are receiving Cosmic Information as you are being mentally stimulated to do something that will lead you back to your purpose.

2. Dreams

According to some legends, a part of your soul goes into another world while you dream. This is the dream world, a world between your unconscious mind and reality.

In there you can receive important messages from your own subconsciousness, and from the Cosmic Intelligence.

Having dreams where you get new ideas, insights and advices about things you cant possibly know, are a sure sign of receiving Cosmic Information.

3. Subconscious Signal

Watching a movie where you suddenly hear something that answers a question youve been recently wondering about. Hearing a song that tells a message you feel you needed to hear. Reading a sign on the street that resonates so much with something youve been asking yourself.

All those examples are ways the Cosmic Intelligence is steering...


Grenfell fire danger for English schoolchildren "IndyWatch Feed World"

London school youth on the 1,000-strong march in North Kensington on 14th October remembering the victims of the Grenfell Tower inferno

From daily News Line in Britain:

Thursday, 26 October 2017

PLAYING WITH CHILDRENS LIVES 700 school fires in England annually

THE LONDON Fire Brigade has accused the Tory government of playing with childrens lives, by barring the installation of sprinklers in schools.

There are about 700 school fires in England annually. London Fire Brigade Commissioner Dany Cotton said yesterday that she was appalled when she discovered that the DfE (Department for Education) in England launched a consultation last year with new draft guidance saying building regulations no longer require the installation of fire sprinkler suppression systems in school buildings for life safety.

Therefore, the guidance continued, (guidelines) no longer include an expectation that most new school buildings will be fitted with them. I think it was outrageous, said Dany Cotton. I thought, How can we play with childrens lives like that?

I just do not understand why it wouldnt be made compulsory and wouldnt be made a requirement to fit sprinklers in schools at new-build stage. And what I dont want to see is a very large school fire to be the thing that brings about that change.

The consultation was quietly dropped after the Grenfell inferno, so the guidance was never changed. So it continues to state that it is the DfEs expectation that all new schools will have sprinklers fitted, unless a school is low risk and installation would not be good value for money.

Despite this, less th...


12 Life Hacks Every Empath Should Know "IndyWatch Feed World"

You Are Worthy!

Feel Alive by Ralph Smart.

The New Book Now Available Below:

Personal Consultations:

The Website Exclusive Content:

Empath Archive


Brown University offers free tuition to students displaced by Hurricane Maria "IndyWatch Feed World"

The University of Puerto Rico (UPR) was devastated by the impact of Hurricane Maria andlike much of the islandis trying to repair damaged buildings, remove fallen trees, and clean up from the flood waters. Pretty much they are devastated, Walter Alomar, president of the University of Puerto Ricos board of governors, told the Chronicle of Higher

The University of Puerto Rico (UPR) was devastated by the impact of Hurricane Maria andlike much of the islandis trying to repair damaged buildings, remove fallen trees, and clean up from the flood waters. Pretty much they are devastated, Walter Alomar, president of the University of Puerto Ricos board of governors, told the Chronicle of Higher Education about the institutions 11 campuses. While the 60,000 students enrolled at the university may not be able to return to their own hallowed halls soon, some of them can resume classes elsewhere: Brown University.

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Facial recognition may start ruining your chance to skip school "IndyWatch Feed World"

Facial recognition software may soon interfere with your God-given right to skip the college courses youre paying $71,000 a year to not attend. Its already happening at one Chinese university where a professor has set up an attendance system using facial recognition software. According to China Daily, students in Professor Shen Haos courses at the

Facial recognition software may soon interfere with your God-given right to skip the college courses youre paying $71,000 a year to not attend. Its already happening at one Chinese university where a professor has set up an attendance system using facial recognition software.

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Cretaceous dinosaur discovery in Uzbekistan "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 2013 video is called Alvarezsaurus-the fast dino.


Alvarezsaurid dinosaur from the late Cretaceous found in Uzbekistan

Several distinctive bones identify this rare theropod

October 25, 2017

Bones from an Alvarezsaurid dinosaur were discovered in Uzbekistan and could shed light on the evolution and origin of the species, according to a study published October 25, 2017 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Alexander Averianov of Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia and Hans-Dieter Sues of the Smithsonian Institution, USA.

Previous studies have described Alvarezsauridae as small, long-legged, bipedal dinosaurs with short forelimbs that featured bird-like hands. Since Alvarezsaurid remains are extremely rare, there is plenty to learn about the evolution of this species.

The authors of this study analyzed previously excavated Alvarezsaurid remains from the Turonian Bissekty Formation of Uzbekistan. They examined the vertebrae, the bird-like bone that fuses the wrist and knuckle known as the carpometacarpus, and pieces of what would be the fingers or toes, known as the phalanx. They then measured and compared the shapes and sizes of these bones with those from similar species from the literature.

The authors state that the characteristics for t...


Patton Oswalt On Why Trump Is The Worst Distraction From Grief "IndyWatch Feed World"

As his new special, Annihilation, lands on Netflix, Patton Oswalt talks about the hazards of overcoming a tragedy in the Trump era.

Standup comedy is an illusion. The performer must trick the audience into thinking he or she is telling a story because it just occurred to them, or that something which never happened actually did. In Patton Oswalts latest Netflix special, however, theres no artifice in his haunted eyes when he talks about his late wife, Michelle McNamara, and its clear that every tortured word is true.

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The Language of Light "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Barbara Marciniak

The avatars and masters have now permeated the gridwork of the world, bringing with them their own tools for teaching. The tools that are being utilized on this planet are artifacts that are not of your dimension, symbolic forms that literally have a life of their own. They make up what is known as the Language of Light.

You are implanted with a structure, a geometric form, which triggers certain information within you. It also facilitates, for those who work with you, the sending of information directly into your being. The large majority of you are implanted, and, if you are not now, shortly you will be if you choose to open and align yourself. No one is implanted who does not choose it. This structure of the Language of Light is a way of receiving information and energy to facilitate your development. It is a method of learning without doing it through books or through the intellect. It involves opening to the belief that there is indeed a hierarchy, immense beyond your comprehension, that has been working with humanity since the very beginning.

This hierarchy works with love, cherishes who you are, and has been able to see through the time mechanisms that are keyed into the planet to know that consciousness is ready for the evolutionary leap. There are 144,000 members of the spiritual hierarchy who are infused in the gridwork of the planet at this time. Each master has its own seal that represents one portion of the Language of Light, and you have 144,000 seals of energy that will eventually be infused within your being.

We have said that the cells in your body contain the entire history of this universe. Ideally, you will come to realize the existence of this golden library within yourselves during this lifetime and learn how to read what is there. Taking the spiral within is one part of the journey. The trick is to both go within and go without-and to realize that they are the same.

The spiral exists in many dimensions. When you visualize the spiral, you will feel that you have known it, yet at first you are only knowing one aspect of it. When you begin to grow with the spiral, you will realize that it has so many dimensions that you could spend the rest of eternity-to use your term exploring it. It grows. The spiral is the key to tapping into what is inside of you. Your DNA is in the form of a spiral. Spirals are all around you, and the Language of Light rides upon the lightencoded filaments that also descend in spi...


These 4 Personal Branding Tactics Will Transform Your Career "IndyWatch Feed World"

Landit CEO Lisa Skeete Tatum says its time to ditch mentors and build personal boards of advisers instead. Heres how.

You already have a personal brand, whether you like it or not. According to Lisa Skeete Tatum, CEO and cofounder of Landit, a personalized career platform for women, the way youre seen and spoken about by your coworkers and peers inevitably adds up to a brand profile, so you might as well shape it intentionally.

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By Harnessing Data, Artsy Hopes To Democratize The Art World "IndyWatch Feed World"

The digital Art Genome Project helps collectors of all means better navigate the $60 billion market with supercharged metadata.

Once upon a time, this brave correspondent walked into an art gallery in SoHo, patted the paycheck burning a hole in his pocket, and inquired about buying a work of art. My tastes ranged from Klimt to Klee, Old Masters to Oldenburg, but I was curious about what I could get to decorate a peeling wall in my cold-water flat for less than $500. Before I could even blurt out a greeting, an attendant gazed me up and down, asked me who had sent me, and politely kicked me out.

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Bringing Shirt-Making Back To America, One High-Tech Button-Down At A Time "IndyWatch Feed World"

Mizzen+Main doesnt lead with the fact that its shirts are American-made, focusing instead on how high-tech, comfortable, and dapper they are.

One sweltering summer after college, Kevin Lavelle took a job in Washington, D.C. He tried to look polished at the office, but most days he was a sweaty, wrinkled mess and it showed on his damp, creased shirt. There had to be a better way.

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How To Convince Your Company To Help Start Your Social Enterprise "IndyWatch Feed World"

Dave Fanger, founder of socially responsible investment company Swell, explains how he got the insurance company he worked for to help launch his new product.

While working in mergers and acquisitions at a mutual fund company, Dave Fanger noticed that companies that had a mission tied to social impact tended to perform betterbut it wasnt easy for average investors to choose to support those companies in their retirement accounts, or to choose companies in line with their own values.

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British striking miners, still no justice "IndyWatch Feed World"

This English video with Turkish subtitles is the final part of the Pride 2014 movie, last song.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Appeal launched for miners who are still living in poverty

Thursday 26th October 2017

AN APPEAL was launched yesterday to raise funds for miners who remain unemployed after being blacklisted for striking against pit closures in 1984-5.

During the struggle 20,000 miners were injured, 200 served time in prison or custody, two were killed on picket lines and three died digging for waste coal during the winter of 84-5.

A further 966 were sacked by the employer, the National Coal Board, and blacklisted. Some were local officials of the National Union of Mineworkers, or were simply active on picket lines.

In 1985 the National Justice for Mineworkers (NJM) was launched to help the sacked men and their families.

Today, more than 32 years after the strike ended, dozens still remain blacklisted and without employment.

Ian Johnson, of the NJM, told the Morning Star: Since 1985 a lot have unfortunately passed away.

Some have gone abroad because they were blacklisted. Some have not worked since and are still with their families.

The driving force behind the appeal is to ensure that every sacked miners children or grandchildren get presents at Christmas.

For more than 30 years the NJM campaign was run by Ricky Sumner and his wife Christine, who travelled the country selling mining industry memorabilia to raise funds.

They retired in 2015.

The NJM also al...


The Wings new SoHo space is finally opening. Maybe now youll get in "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Winga club for female professionals to work, network, take meetings, take a shower, and discuss the finer points of Harvey Weinstein and other issues that represent the realities of being a woman with a career in 2017is finally opening the doors of a new location. The new digs in New York Citys SoHo evokes

The Winga club for female professionals to work, network, take meetings, take a shower, and discuss the finer points of Harvey Weinstein and other issues that represent the realities of being a woman with a career in 2017is finally opening the doors of a new location. The new digs in New York Citys SoHo evokes a Wes Anderson film, with its palette of saturated malt pinks, turquoise blues, and sunny yellows. Only women authors line the shelves of its community library and only works by female artists hang on its walls. The 10,000 square-foot co-working space officially opens for business on October 30, so if youre one of the 8,000 people currently on the Wings wait list, congrats! You might have a chance of getting in this time.

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Meteorite slams into businessman's roof in Paarl, South Africa "IndyWatch Feed World"

He heard a loud thump and thought it was an intruder trying to steal from his furniture shop. Never in his wildest dreams did he think the "intruder" was from a galaxy far away. Fagrie Allie, who owns a furniture store in Paarl, was closing his shop when "I heard a loud thump along with a shattering sound and at first I thought It was an intruder but I saw the store was empty and I thought maybe one of the pieces of furniture had fallen over but I saw nothing". He then saw dust particles coming from the ceiling but didn't take note at first. "It bothered me because it was a really loud bang. I got into the ceiling and when I looked up at the roof sheets I saw a hole in the roof sheet itself. I came back down and found small pieces of rock lying on the floor," Allie said.


Dinosaur age bird could already fly well "IndyWatch Feed World"

Holotype of Junornis houi. (From Liu et. al; 2017)


Flight aerodynamics in enantiornithines: Information from a new Chinese Early Cretaceous bird

Di Liu, Luis M. Chiappe, Francisco Serrano, Michael Habib, Yuguang Zhang, Qinjing Meng

October 11, 2017


We describe an exquisitely preserved new avian fossil (BMNHC-PH-919) from the Lower Cretaceous Yixian Formation of eastern Inner Mongolia, China.

Although morphologically similar to Cathayornithidae and other small-sized enantiornithines from Chinas Jehol Biota, many morphological features indicate that it represents a new species, here named Junornis houi.

The new fossil displays most of its plumage including a pair of elongated, rachis-dominated tail feathers similarly present in a variety of other enantiornithines. BMNHC-PH-919 represents the first record of a Jehol enantiornithine from Inner Mongolia, thus extending the known distribution of these birds into the eastern portion of this region.

Furthermore, its well-preserved skeleton and wing outline provide insight into the aerodynamic performance of enantiornithines, suggesting that these birds had evolved bounding flighta flight mode common to passeriforms and other...


Las Vegas shooter's laptop missing its hard drive "IndyWatch Feed World"

Las Vegas shooter's laptop missing its hard drive | 25 Oct 2017 | A laptop computer recovered from the Las Vegas hotel room where Stephen Paddock [allegedly] launched the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history was missing its hard drive, depriving investigators of a potential key source of information on why he killed and maimed so many people, ABC News has learned. Paddock is believed to have removed the hard drive before fatally shooting himself [?], and the missing device has not yet been recovered, sources told ABC News. [Just ask Paddock's CIA or FBI handlers to locate it.] The absence of substantial digital clues has left investigators struggling to piece together what triggered Paddock to kill 58 innocent concertgoers and injure more than 500 others on Oct. 1.


The brother of the Vegas shooter is in police custody "IndyWatch Feed World"

When you question the official narrative: The brother of the Vegas shooter is in police custody | 25 Oct 2017 | The estranged brother of [alleged] Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock was arrested Wednesday on child pornography charges stemming from an investigation that predates the massacre. Bruce Paddock, 58, was detained at a Los Angeles assisted-living facility, where he was awaiting surgery for spinal stenosis. A felony complaint said he had over 600 explicit images of minors in 2014 and had also swapped pornography...The LAPD said the images were discovered inside a building where Paddock was squatting, but they could not find him at the time. [?!?] After his brother's crime, they learned where he was and obtained a warrant, police said.


Ford CEO Jim Hackett: Dumb Cars Are Dying But Car Ownership Is SafeFor Now "IndyWatch Feed World"

The new CEO of Ford Motor Co. says consumers will embrace smart vehicles with the same vigor they showed iPhones a decade ago.

The dream of exchanging friendly banter with your car la K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider is still years away. But as smart-car technologies like GPS systems, connectivity, and automatic breaking become more commonplace, consumers will embrace smart cars with the same unwavering passion they expressed toward iPhones a decade ago.

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Wonder Workshops Robots Teach Kids To Be Coders Of The Future "IndyWatch Feed World"

Can kids have fun while learning to code? At the Fast Company Innovation Festival, Wonder Workshop shows they canwith robots.

Coding should be taught as a fundamental skill, just as reading, writing, and math are, says Wonder Workshop founder and CEO Vikas Gupta. We cant even imagine what coders in 10, 15 years will be capable of, just as we couldnt imagine what the internet would become when it was created.

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This blog began when Ms. M.W. sent the following article to me, about NASA's recent test of the ion-Hall thruster, which has now demonstrated

The post SPACE: NASA AND THE ION THRUSTER appeared first on Giza Death Star.


Watch Live: Kate Hudson of Fabletics And Marc Lore Of Walmart On Listening To Your Customers "IndyWatch Feed World"

This session starts today at noon eastern. Kate Hudson, cofounder of Fabletics, and Marc Lore, the president and CEO of Walmart eCommerce U.S. talk about the importance of listening to your customers at the Fast Company Innovation Festival.

This session starts today at noon eastern.

Kate Hudson, cofounder of Fabletics, and Marc Lore, the president and CEO of Walmart eCommerce U.S. talk about the importance of listening to your customers at the Fast Company Innovation Festival.

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DOJ Clears FBI Informant In Clinton-Era Russian Bribery Scandal To Testify "IndyWatch Feed World"

Update (8:40 pm ET): The FBI informant who helped the Justice Department secure a conviction against the top official from the US subsidiary of Rosatom, the Russian atomic energy agency, but was blocked by the Obama Justice Department from testifying about Russian efforts to bribe and extort their way into possession of North American uranium assets - a process which was cleared by both Hillary Clinton's State Department and Robert Mueller's FBI - has as of moments ago been cleared to testify, the Justice Department announced on Wednesday evening.


Ask These 9 Questions Before Every Meeting To Avoid Wasting Time "IndyWatch Feed World"

A lot of meetings are pointless. But they dont have to be.

Many activities suck up a lot of our time at work. And no activity feels more like a time suck than pointless meetings.

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Mr. T.M. passed along this one, and it's worth pondering in the light of today's main blog:
Designing Martian Cities

The post TIDBIT: AND IN DUBAI, THEYRE DESIGNING MARTIAN CITIES.. appeared first on Giza Death Star.


British government defends Saudi dictatorship "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video from the USA says about itself:

14 June 2015

The public flogging of jailed blogger Raif Badawi is now sure to resume after Saudi Arabias Supreme Court upheld his sentence at the weekend, his wife has told The Independent.

Ensaf Haidar spoke out amid growing fears among human rights groups that Mr Badawi will be publicly flogged for a second time on 12 June. On 7 June his sentence of ten years in jail and 1,000 lashes was upheld despite the international outcry over his treatment.

Ms Haidar, who now lives in Quebec with the couples three children after being forced to flee Saudi Arabia, said she was convinced that his brutal punishment was about to resume and called on the countrys royal family to release him.

Read more here.

By Steve Sweeney in Britain:

Disgraceful Fallon lays into critics of Saudi Arabia

Thursday 26th October 2017

ANTI-ARMS TRADE campaigners branded Defence Secretary Michael Fallon disgraceful yesterday after he called on MPs to stop criticising Saudi Arabia so that...


Dossier dismissed: DNC & Hillary Clinton's campaign funded Trump-Russia case "IndyWatch Feed World"


Hillary Clinton's election team and Democratic national committee bankrolled so-called Russian dossier against Donald Trump, according to American news outlets including The Washington Post.
The dossier deals with unsubstantiated links between Moscow and the Trump campaign in the run-up to last year's U.S. presidential election. Read more:


Death toll in Madagascar plague outbreak climbs to 124 "IndyWatch Feed World"

At least 124 people have now been killed in a plague epidemic in Madagascar since August, the National Office for Risk and Disaster Management said Wednesday. In addition, 1,192 cases of the disease have been registered in the country. Plague outbreaks in Madagascar are common, and usually occur every year during the rainy season in the country. This year, however, the number of registered cases is already three times higher than average. Plague is caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis which can develop into two main clinical forms of infection: bubonic and pneumonic. The virus can be transmitted between animals and humans by the bite of infected fleas or the inhalation of infected respiratory droplets. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the bubonic plague fatality rate ranges between 30-60 percent. Pneumonic plague, WHO says, is always fatal when left untreated. The UN affiliated health agency says 584 deaths have resulted from plagues in 3,248 cases reported worldwide between 2010 to 2015.





FBI, SEC investigating firm with ties to Corker - report "IndyWatch Feed World"

FBI, SEC investigating firm with ties to Corker - report | 25 Oct 2017 | The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating a company chosen by U.S. Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., as a favorite investment, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The report comes after Corker, a Chattanooga native and chairman of the U.S. Sen. Foreign Relations Committee, has faced scrutiny over earning millions more than he previously reported in legally required disclosures. Corker updated his filings in December, apologized for the problem and called it a "filing error" [?!?] at the time.


Syrian forces push on towards the final Victory "IndyWatch Feed World"

As Syrian forces continue to crush pockets of terrorists in Deir ez-Zor, closing in on the last significant ISIS stronghold in the province, an RT Arabic crew traveling with the army reported of heavy clashes on the outskirts of Al-Mayadeen.

The RT crew embedded with the Syrian army witnessed a huge offensive against IS (Islamic State, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists on the outskirts of Tabiyah and Huweijit Saqar, both located on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River.

In a matter of days, Syrian forces supported by Russian airpower have pushed ISIS fighters more than 15 kilometers to the east of Al-Mayadeen city which was liberated earlier this month.

As fighting on eastern front continues, battles on the southern front has also intensified, RT Arabic correspondent Wafa Shubruni reported. The Syrian command hopes to rout the last remaining ISIS stronghold in Deir ez-Zor Governorate in the city of Al-Bukamal, which lies near the border with Iraq.

This is the direction towards Al-Bukamal. Were advancing there with the help of Allah. Our troops almost reached Al-Ashara. Some 5-6 km remain, one of the soldiers told RT. All these settlements are small villages. [It is] a bit difficult [to fight] in this environment, because the area is open. And this weather does not help us much either.

 Erik De Castro

IS terrorists captured Al-Bukamal in 2014 and have remained there ever since. In June 2016, the now-dissolved US-backed New Syrian Army unsuccessfully tried to recapture the city but was defeated...


Collective consciousness: con job for the ages "IndyWatch Feed World"

by Jon Rappoport

October 25, 2017

In the middle of all the brain-research going on, from one end of the planet to the other, there is the assumption that the individual doesnt really exist.
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"In This World..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

"In this world, the thing people fear the most, and what pains people the most - is giving more than they receive. God forbid I cut off more of my fingernail for you than you cut from your fingernail, for me! Heaven forbid I hold my breath in longer while thinking about you, than the amount of time your breath is held in for me! Not a second longer! It is a sad fact of human nature that there you stand as an Infinite Soul and yet your greatest fear is not receiving from another person in proportion to what you give. Your viewpoint is low, your vision is clouded. You have become, in your eyes, a funny little drawing on the paper pad of the universe. Indeed, this race is yet to evolve. And yet, I am surrounded by such fear, to such a great extent that I begin to fear the same!"
- C. JoyBell C.


Slow start for Kenya's repeat presidential election "IndyWatch Feed World"

A slow start is reported in most polling centres in Kenya as voting opened in the repeat presidential election.


Three Myths About Successful Founders That Just Wont Die "IndyWatch Feed World"

These stereotypes hold back entrepreneurs who deserve a better shot at success.

Lets talk about dolphins for a second. Centuries of sea lore, going back to Greek mythology, tell us that they dont just like humans but that theyre looking out for us, toorising out of nowhere into the aftermaths of shipwrecks or plane crashes, pushing people to safety and warning sailors of foul weather. Unfortunately, thats mostly a fable. The truth is that dolphins simply love to play, and one of their favorite forms of play is pushing things. Who knows how many times dolphins passed by people in need or pushed people the wrong way?

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Plausible that attack or threat led to death of UN chief Hammarskjld "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new UN-mandated report has found it appears plausible that an external attack or threat may have led to the plane crash that killed UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjld.


Pay Attention To The Omens: 15 Signs Youre A Modern Day Witch "IndyWatch Feed World"

Modern day witches have long fought against the stereotypes of the evil, manipulative, Satan-worshiping witch. Images of an old woman with a long, crooked nose, a face full of warts and a pointed hat is found throughout the media, further adding to this evil image, teaching us from a young age that these hideous, frightening and evil individuals are not to be trusted.

Today, however, there is a growing shift in the view of the witch, with many pointing to these women as the ideal modern feminist. They embrace the strength, power and beauty of the modern witch, a strength that many say embodies everything that the feminist movement stands for. Modern day witch Erica Feldmann stated, The world needs the witch right now. We need a strong, powerful woman who doesnt bow to societal norms. Theres been an imbalance of masculine energy for too long.

Source: LittleOmar | Imgur


Powerful, yet caring, the modern witch is unafraid to stand tall in her uniqueness. She knows who she is, what she is capable of and where she is going in life. As witches work on turning this image around, reinventing the way that they are seen in society the popularity of Wicca, Paganism, witchcraft and magic has been on the rise. Witches, those interested in witchcraft and curious tourists flock to the city of Salem, the location of the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Local tour guide Tom explains that the popularity of the area started when the 1970s TV show Bewitched filmed a few episodes within the town. Shortly thereafter real witches began to make the trip to educate those who were willing to learn and enjoying the open and accepting atmosphere.

Here, where witchcraft is embraced and accepted, women freely discuss magic. They connect with others who share their beliefs, empowering one another to grow and evolve in the practice of their craft. New witches are able to find clarity and understanding among those that have been practising for years, guiding them in their efforts.

The question remains, how does one know if they are a witch? Have you ever wondered if your ancestors practiced the craft? Are you drawn to all things relating to magic and witchcraft?

Are you a modern-day witch? Watch for these 15 si...


"Japan: The Land That Forgot Time "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Japan: The Land That Forgot Time
by Bill Bonner

"In Japan, incumbent Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has won a new super majority in Parliament. And you know what that means? More laughs.

Dumbbell policies: Yes, the whole world is doubling down on dumbbell policies that dont work. (At least, they dont work for creating honest wealth. They work perfectly well for a predatory global elite, whose win-lose deals slow growth and transfer wealth from the people who earn it to themselves.)

In the US, the old gods - balanced budgets and small government - are dead. In the latest news, The Donald has been adding to US debt at the rate of $2 billion per day, even faster than Obamaand in his zeal to pass a tax cut, has chased away the conservatives last ghost of fiscal restraint. Yesterdays presidential tweet said NO to their hope of paying for the tax cuts by tightening up on the 401(k) loophole.



This Is The Rarest Myers Briggs Personality Type Do You Have It? "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Myers-Briggs personality test is one of the most common personality indicators recognized and utilized today, adopted by many experts in the area of psychology and personality studies throughout the world. Originally created by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers in 1943, inspired by the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, the test sets out 16 different, distinct personality types based on a series of questions. This personality type provides you with insight into the strengths, weaknesses, personality and potential of each of us.

While some of the more popular personality types encompass 12-13% of the overall human population, others include only 1-2%. Among the rare personality types according to, you can find ENTJ, ENFJ, INTJ and, the rarest of all the personality types at only 1.5%, INFJ.

Source: 16Personalities


Known by a number of different names dependant on where you access the test, including The Mystic, The Counselor, The Advocate, and The Empath, this personality type is associated with those individuals who score highly in the areas of sincerity, sympathy, submission, patience, unassumingness and reservation.  While on one hand, some experts report that this personality type is the most likely to stay in college and University, seeing their post-secondary studies through to graduation, others find that they are statistically the most likely to report marital dissatisfaction.

In a recent article for Forbes...


Saudi Arabia has granted citizenship to a humanoid robot "IndyWatch Feed World"

So this is weird. Saudi Arabia has apparently granted citizenship to a robot named Sophia, reports Arab News. The humanoid robot was designed by a Hong Kong company called Hanson Robotics and is apparently so lifelike it was able to engage in an interview with a moderator live on stage at the Future Investment Initiative

So this is weird. Saudi Arabia has apparently granted citizenship to a robot named Sophia, reports Arab News. The humanoid robot was designed by a Hong Kong company called Hanson Robotics and is apparently so lifelike it was able to engage in an interview with a moderator live on stage at the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh yesterday. I cant believe Im writing this, but upon receipt of her Saudi Arabian citizenship, the humanoid robot said:

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Ubisoft Gets A New Mission With Assassins Creed: Origins "IndyWatch Feed World"

The newest addition to the Assassins Creed franchise sets the tone for where Ubisoft wants to take gaming.

Over the course of 10 years, nine major editions, and a 2016 feature film, Assassins Creed has become France-based gaming company Ubisofts flagship franchise, selling more than 105 million games. But the juggernaut faltered in recent years, with a buggy release of Assassins Creed: Unity in 2014 and sliding sales for its follow-up, Syndicate, in 2015.

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Inside Patagonias Fight Against The Trump Administration "IndyWatch Feed World"

The company is advocating for public lands, like Utahs Bears Ears, that are in danger of private reallocation.

In August, outdoor apparel brand Patagonia released its first television advertisement. Rather than showcase a new line of outdoor clothing and gear, the minute-long spot features founder Yvon Chouinard outlining an ongoing threat to Americas public lands.

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According to CERN, Our Universe Shouldnt Even Exist "IndyWatch Feed World"

Perhaps the biggest mystery of all is our entire universe itself. Humans have been baffled and curious about the creation of the universe since the beginning of time, and even now scientists are amazed we even exist!

The more we discover about the creation of the universe and the genetic code of our cosmic existence, the more we discover that we are not even close to figuring anything out. The answer to one question leads to ten more questions! All in all, the universe we are apart of is amazing and were lucky to be here, according to nuclear scientists

Life is much more than luck of the draw and scientists researching the creation of the universe are amazed that we are even here. Why? Well, from everything we know about the actual creation of the universe and the way things work in space, scientists believe we should have ultimately destroyed ourselves in the process! According to the standard model of the universe, there are equal amounts of matter and antimatter, making scientists believe the two shouldve canceled each other out.

As reported by Cosmos Magazine, Christian Smorra, the author behind the study, said:

All of our observations find a complete symmetry between matter and antimatter, which is why the universe should not actually exist.

An asymmetry must exist here somewhere but we simply do not understand where the difference is. What is the source of the symmetry break?

Researchers set out to find some answers about how we ever made it out of the creation of the universe in a groundbreaking study! Researchers from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)  tested out different possibilities such as mass and electric charge when looking into the possibility that there was a difference in magnetism even though the matter and antimatter were thought to be identical. CERN uses the worlds largest and most complex scientific instruments to study the basic constituents of matter the fundamental particles. The research revealed that the two are actually much more symmetrical than we thought! 

CERN spokesperson Stefan Ulmer said:...


"Why Worry? 7 Troubling Signs For The Stock Market" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Why Worry? 7 Troubling Signs For The Stock Market"
by Jeff Reeves

"The futility of naysaying the stock market is well-documented over the last several years. Maybe the stock market is overvalued according to someones pet metric, but a crash never seems to transpire. Maybe political crises create the risk of chaos in Europe or Asia, but the global economy soldiers on without a hitch. Regardless of investor trepidation, the S&P 500 index SPX, -0.47%  keeps setting new records. In fact, Wall Street has recorded its longest streak of record closes in two decades.

So why worry? After all, the economy looks good. Consumer confidence is up against the highest level in 16 years, and the headline unemployment rate is back to pre-recession lows. (And if you believe THAT... - CP) Its logical that the stock market would rally strongly on this data. Of course, markets simply dont go up forever.


How Sir Kensingtons Upstart Ketchup Brand Built Its Cult Following "IndyWatch Feed World"

Lessons from ketchupreneur Scott Norton on how to make your brand as engaging as a religion.

It all started with a made-up English nobleman named Sir Kensington, a character crafted by cofounders Scott Norton and Mark Ramadan when they were still in school at Brown University.

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Why Youll Regret Losing the Woman Who Waited for You to Get Your Sh*t Together "IndyWatch Feed World"

A good woman is worth much more than youre willing to give. You will regret not manning up when you had the chance.

A woman who cares about you and loves you will only give you so many chances before she is done trying. She believes you can be the amazing person she sees in you and she wants to be there to help you reach your full potential. However, she can only let you hurt her so much. You should do everything you can to get your shit straight before she realizes how much better her life truly is without you in it. Eventually, she will notice that youre not worth her tears.

You cant change after shes reached her breaking point and expect her to still take you back, she isnt going to give her freedom up for another possible mistake. No one should stick around and waste their time on someone who does not deserve them. She shouldnt have to deal with whatever it is you have going on if she has tried helping you and youre still stuck doing the same old things you do not deserve her.

You wont have any trouble finding someone new so stop running back to your past. Grow up, find someone that will be there through all the normal challenges life throws your way. You should look back on the woman who was there for you in the beginning when you were at your worst and be thankful that you are both in better places because you are no longer hurting one another. Women like this teach us a very important lesson.

You will regret losing her because you will realize how important she was to you, and still is. You will regret not changing for her when you had the chance. You will regret not being all that she thought you could be when the timing was perfect.

You will regret not telling her how much she meant to you and holding her back for so long. Youre going to hate yourself for letting her go. You will regret not having been able to make things right, but you will feel stronger for having known her. You will regret losing her because she gave you everything she had when you had nothing to offer her.

You will regret losing her


Twitter earnings impress, users up by 4 million "IndyWatch Feed World"

Twitter has announced its Q3 2017 earnings and the stock is up in pre-market trading as a result of increased sales and user growth, reports CNBC. The highlights: $590 million in revenue vs. the Streets estimate of $586.7 million an EPS of 10 cents per share vs. the Streets estimate of 6 cents 330 million

Twitter has announced its Q3 2017 earnings and the stock is up in pre-market trading as a result of increased sales and user growth, reports CNBC. The highlights:

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Sleeping sickness can now be cured with pills "IndyWatch Feed World"

For the first time, researchers have cured the deadly neurological disease sleeping sickness using pills instead of a combination of intravenous infusions and pills.


Data science can improve aid distribution "IndyWatch Feed World"

Online platforms can help to steer emergency response and ensure money is well spent.


Added EU aid must reach those most in need, say NGOs "IndyWatch Feed World"

Four international development organisations welcome moves to emphasise poverty eradication in EU aid, but stress the importance of delivering aid to the neediest.


Watch Live: Soccer Star Abby Wambach And Hannah Jones Of Nike On Challenging The Status Quo "IndyWatch Feed World"

This sessions starts today at 10:30am eastern. Soccer star and activist Abby Wambach joins Nikes chief sustainability officer and VP of The Innovation Accelerator to talk about challenging the status quo. This conversation takes places at the Fast Company Innovation Festival.

This sessions starts today at 10:30am eastern.

Soccer star and activist Abby Wambach joins Nikes chief sustainability officer and VP of The Innovation Accelerator to talk about challenging the status quo. This conversation takes places at the Fast Company Innovation Festival.

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Wife Of Indicted IT Staffer Imran Awan Turns: "My Husband Committed Fraud Along With Polygamy" "IndyWatch Feed World"


From bits and pieces such as this, it is abundantly clear that a wide range of serious investigations are presently underway whose focus is the activities of the Obama administration and the Washington pedophile conspiracy.  It is almost impossible to describe how serious this all is.

I do expect to see people executed for treason and the folks who abrogated their mandated responsibilities to be severely punished.  The recent upheaval throughout the Media industry is of the same cloth yet actually peripheral to the main event.  The fact that it is crumbling there tells us that folks are been talked to and they know that the secret is out.

The problem with a perfect pedophile based conspiracy which is what we have seen in action is that it must engage folks who are actually weak.  In fact it must engage a lot of folks and here we are describing thousands.  The investigation must be horrendous.  What this means though is that these folks are easily beaten into submission as witnesses.   This is not the marine corps..

That means when a target is confronted, the FBI already has a portfolio of testimony to disclose and an easy go and getting a detailed confession and a deal. 



Trump: Rhetoric vs. Reality "IndyWatch Feed World"


So far his actions have been minor and his bluster major.  That could in fact be exactly what he wants.  After all, he has plenty of other fish to fry right here at home.

While he provides cover fire, his lieutenants are very busy getting a lot done and we have there seen mostly the beginning so far..


Iran May Be SCARY Close To Having A Nuclear Weapon "IndyWatch Feed World"








The bottom line is that any rogue nation can undertake to produce nuclear weapons using a military civilian parallel development program.  We presently have two such nations in play with both Pakistan and India having used this route themselves.

Without question, the sole reason for Iran to have a nuclear reactor  at all is to indirectly support its military program and the same has to hold true for North Korea

Our real problem is that the Iranian clerics who control this program feel no obligation to actually honor any agr...

This Overlooked Theory Could Be The Missing Piece That Explains How The EM Drive Works "IndyWatch Feed World"

This just describes the second tier of matter according to my Cloud Cosmology. The em field finds the right frequency to actually react with Dark Matter and   Newton's Third Law kicks in.  This has never been obvious because out theoretical bias is to symmetric applications which usually balance things.  We are lucky to then get a vibration produced by manufacturing flaws.

we certainly have a valuable thruster here that is ideal for space applications which added to the Tesla modulators will allow heavy transport.

All Good.

This Overlooked Theory Could Be The Missing Piece That Explains How The EM Drive Works
What if it doesn't break the laws of physics?


7 OCT 2017



 The scale is huge of course and from the map we can see just how fully they have gone into going this. 

The base is now well set and adding passive atmospheric water collectors can hugely enrich the whole program.  Perhaps enough in time to allow further reduction of the desert.

All good.  something this large is needed in the Sahel at least.

A DESERT DOESNT sound like the most promising place to plant a tree. Yet, since 1978, China has planted at least 66 billion of them across its arid northern territories, hoping to transform its sandy steppes and yellow dunes into a Great Green Wall.

Ian Teh documented this epic undertaking while traveling through northern China last year. His expansive photographs show workers tending saplings, filling irrigation tanks, and blasting young trees with water. Planting trees sounds great on paper, but you can feel skeptical, Teh says. But in person, it was impressive.

The tree-planting strategy is a massive attempt to help fight desertification. Roughly a million square miles of Chinaa quarter of the countryis covered in sand. Drought, deforestation, overgrazing and other problems threaten an additional 115,000 square miles, fueling brutal sandstorms that regularly blast cities like Beijing and Dunhuang. Many scientists are skeptical planting trees will make a difference in the long run. But Chinas State Forestry Administration claims the measure has reduced sandstorms by 20 percent and desertification by nearly 5,000 miles in recent years.

Teh lives in Malaysia but works throughout Asia, documenting humans impact on the landscape. Over six days in May 2016, he photographed tree-planting sch...


Moldy seeds, moldy crops & lowest European wine output since WW2 "IndyWatch Feed World"

When looking for trends of repeating history, we need to focus on two areas the grand solar minimum and the 3rd year of losses in a row, which will be 4th year of losses next year as we get deeper into the cooling. The Wolff Minimum in the 14th century saw moldy crops and mass migration form Scandinavian countries, but today crops are again moldy and seed supply in Finland is gone. Maunder Minimum France and Germany saw wheat and vineyards decimated from frost. We see the same again today as vineyards are scaled back to 1940's production levels from frost and cold damage. The trends are clear but who is paying attention?


Nvidias CEO: fully autonomous cars will be on the road in 4 years "IndyWatch Feed World"

The chipmakers CEO Jensen Huang said that because of advances in artificial intelligence in 2021 there will be fully autonomous vehicles driving on the road, reports Reuters. He made the comments at a company event in Taipei on Thursday: It will take no more than 4 years to have fully autonomous cars on the road.

The chipmakers CEO Jensen Huang said that because of advances in artificial intelligence in 2021 there will be fully autonomous vehicles driving on the road, reports Reuters. He made the comments at a company event in Taipei on Thursday:

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Facebook is partnering with dealerships to make car buying easier "IndyWatch Feed World"

The social media giant has announced it is partnering with a number of auto dealership listing sites in order to make it easier for users to buy cars through its Marketplace platform, CNet reports. Facebook launched Marketplace a year ago to help users buy and sell goods and many quickly took to trying to sell

The social media giant has announced it is partnering with a number of auto dealership listing sites in order to make it easier for users to buy cars through its Marketplace platform, CNet reports. Facebook launched Marketplace a year ago to help users buy and sell goods and many quickly took to trying to sell their cars on the service, which lead to some iffy experiences. In order to make car buying more straightforward on Marketplace, the partnership with auto dealers will allow for the browsing of full dealership inventories, show more vehicle metrics and average values, and offer the ability to contact a dealers support directly. Marketplace users can expect to see the changes roll out over the next few weeks.

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Cosmic News: The NESARA Act and Currency Reset "IndyWatch Feed World"

The NESARA Act & Currency Reset

August 31, 2017

Source: Cosmic News

NESARA is a United States government policy that was introduced to congress in 2000 and passed, but is yet to be enacted. This economic reform act is intended to finally bring fairness and wealth to the little people in this world. Have you ever wondered why making a living was so hard for the majority whilst the minority elite made steady fortunes through their corporations? The number one thing to understand is that NESARA and GESARA are about to free the entire globe from debt slavery to the banks, but that is just the start. With it also comes the long awaited release of free energy technology that will forever set humankind free from oil, gas, greedy energy companies and pollution. So what does the acronym N.E.S.A.R.A stand for?


Nesara stands for National Economic Security and Reformation Act. and refers to an Act that was passed in 2000 by the American Congress but was kept under wraps ever since. Gesara is the Global equivalent. These acts will have immediate and worldwide effects, especially in financial sectors, and literally change the entire way this planet runs, so this is a big deal. Right now in 2015, we are seeing the death of the old financial system and the final readying of the new system that will replace all of the central banks, the IRS, the International Monetary Fund and more. Amazing levels of cash have actually been stolen planet wide and this is what is about to be returned to us. To put this in terms people can understand, each man, woman and child on this world is about to receive a whopping deposit of cash into their bank accounts that is theirs forever to keep. This will in fact set us free from odious financial slavery for the rest of our lives. If readers are still not following, we are about to be set free, by the new system, and never have to work again if we wish not to.

No More Toiling As Slaves 40 Hours A Week, 50 Weeks A Year



Researchers probe 'never-before-seen' influx of tropical pyrosomes off Alaska "IndyWatch Feed World"

Researchers at NOAA's Alaska Fisheries Science Center are reporting a never-before-seen phenomenon in Alaska waters-an influx of strange organisms that resemble flattened, translucent sea pickles. It may sound like dj vu. A similar story made headlines along the West Coast last summer, but this is a new situation for Alaska. Scientists call these jelly-like organisms pyrosomes. The creatures typically live in tropical waters around the world, occasionally emerging a little farther north in sub-tropical waters. But no one has ever recorded pyrosomes as far north as Alaska. Pyrosomes were encountered in NOAA acoustic, surface, and bottom trawl surveys throughout the year from Kodiak to the offshore waters of southeastern Alaska. "Fishermen first observed pyrosomes in Alaska in early February in such high densities that the organisms clogged their fishing gear," said Jim Murphy, fisheries research biologist, Alaska Fisheries Science Center. "I was contacted by biologists at Alaska Department of Fish and Game who shared specimens with me and I identified the species." The big question is: Was this just an unusual year - a unique phenomenon - or does this reflect a lasting change that could have food web implications? Scientists across the surveys witnessed rockfish species and sablefish eating pyrosomes. Pyrosomes filter and ingest tiny plant and animal cells from the plankton and may compete with other small grazers that represent more preferable or more nutritious fish prey. At this point, there are more questions than answers.


#PizzaGate and #PedoGate Articles, News Updates for October 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

#PizzaGate #PedoGate Articles and News Updates for October 2017

Source: Ascension With Earth

October 25, 2017

Here are a compilation of news articles that are flooding the alternative news networks exposing the pedophile problem in Hollywood, USA. After this exposure we should see more disclosures and arrests taking place in other parts of the world. It is time to expose the pedophile and satanic ritual abuse which are supported by elite politicians, celebrities, and media personalities from around the world such as the UK, Australia, & Vatican.

The Next Big Hollywood Sex Scandal Is Already BreakingAt NickelodeonThe Harvey Weinstein scandal may have opened up a whole can of worms for Hollywood, but (to employ another metaphor) that is just the tip of the iceberg. The scandal is due to crack wide open any day now, and its not another Weinstein tale. Its worse.

Hollywood is overcrowded with pedophiles and predators
When Corey Feldman declared in 2011 that The No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and isand always will bepedophilia, some people in the media didnt pay much attention to him because Feldman sounded like a conspiracy theorist. But as the years went by, Feldman was shown to be absolutely right.

#PizzaGate #Pedogate Update - Corey Feldman Requests Support To Expose A Major Hollywood Pedophilia Ring


Trump Is Inspiring A Drastic Increase In Giving To Progressive Groups "IndyWatch Feed World"

In the last year, both Planned Parenthood and the ACLU have surged up Schwabs rankings of charities getting cash from donor advised funds.

In the philanthropy world, donors who decide that they want to set aside money to receive the tax benefits of giving to charity but wait to distribute that money until later on generally park it in a vehicle called a donor advised fund (DAF), which allows contributions to be invested before being given out. What makes people decide theyre ready to give?

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Luckiest Day of The Year: The Sun and Jupiter Will be Aligning On Oct 26th "IndyWatch Feed World"

On October 26th of this year, the Sun will be meeting Jupiter once again. If you dont know what this holds, you need to keep reading.

When Jupiter meets the Sun an energy expansion occurs. This brings with it many positive things. As you may know, Jupiter is all about abundance which means if you have been in need, the Universe will deliver soon. You will have more than enough of what you truly need in this life in the near future. Everything Jupiter touches fills with reward.

Jupiter will help us to gain a better understanding of ourselves and who we are. The Sun gives life and when so close to Jupiter it will be more than capable of replenishing our inner lights. This energy is something you might already feel rising as both are in Scorpio. Scorpio intensifies the energy of this whole ordeal allowing it to pack a quite powerful punch.

During this time we will be able to learn a lot in regards to personal development and our minds will become more open. This energy is going to remain with us for quite some time. You will be feeling it well into the months to come.

Whether you happen to read this before, during, or after the 26th know that there is nothing to fear in regards to this energy. Nothing negative will come from it. Jupiter is sending out a message, one we need to respond to. Are you willing to transform your soul? Do you want to become your truest self?

Jupiter partnered with the Sun and amplified by Scorpio can and will force you to do just that. Whether you think you are ready or not it is well under-way. Do not fight this, struggling with the Universe will only leave you drained and still making the change.

Whatever is meant to be will be. Please do your best to work hard and utilize this positive energy. Focus on all the small things but remember the big picture. Remember what you are grateful for and all of the people you look up to. Allow the Sun to help your garden blossom into something truly amazing.

Send your deepest wishes to the Universe and make your needs known. You will get what you deserve. Do not devalue yourself, Jupiter and the Sun know when and where to provide. While these effects will be felt the strongest on the 26th as I mentioned above this energy will linger. It will become one with the energy we have been feeling already and for some, this can be a bit overwhelming. If you need a break, take one.

Do not let yourself waste away for fear of relaxing. Sometimes when things are more than we can handle a mere day off ca...


Sorcha Faal: Trump Orders Feared NGA to Neutralize CIA -- Massive Child-Sex Scandal Ignites Death Fears "IndyWatch Feed World"

October 25, 2017

Trump Orders Feared NGA To Neutralize CIA As Massive Child-Sex Scandal Ignites Death Fears

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers


Another troubling Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that President Donald Trump has just ordered his highly secretive, and greatly feared, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) to begin immediate neutralizing actions against the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) after this American spy agency broke into the encrypted communications of US Special Forces troops operating in Niger in order to lead them into an ISIS ambush for the purpose of creating a Trump Benghaziand that comes at the same time noted Hollywood child actor Corey Feldman is threatening to reveal a vast pedophile network in the US that stretches into the very heart of leftist elitist Americabut with Feldman gravely warning that his life is now in danger too. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (called The CIAs Big Brother) is the most powerful and secretive intelligence organization in America, and is, also, the most we...


Never Before Shown 9/11 Footage of Entire Pentagon with Missile Impact "IndyWatch Feed World"

Never Shown Before Footage of 9/11: Entire Pentagon With Missile Impact

Source: Humans Are Free

Now, since Ive been researching into September 11th, 2001, Ive noticed peculiar things about the Pentagon that are very interesting like the Pentagon confiscating the video from the gas station across the street, and the video from a hotel had their video confiscated as well. That was the rumor online anyway.

The gas station ended up suing to retrieve their video.

Now, the Pentagon has many videos outside focused in on the parking lot and other aspects surrounding the building.

Supposedly, there are 86 outside cameras. Only one 5 frame video was released to the public, and it barely showed a plane.

Many people wanted the Pentagon to release the other security tapes that was shot outside of the Pentagon. Well, that never happened.

Now, why would they confiscate video from the Gas Station from across the street on 09/11/01?

Of course, they also confiscated video from the Sheritan National Hotel as well from what people have reported online.



3 female engineers are suing Uber over unequal pay "IndyWatch Feed World"

The three women filed the lawsuit on Tuesday in San Fransisco alleging Ubers compensation and benefits scheme discriminate against women and people of color, Reuters reports. All three women described themselves as Latina. The women say that as a result of Ubers practices they have lost out on promotions, earnings, and benefits. The crux of

The three women filed the lawsuit on Tuesday in San Fransisco alleging Ubers compensation and benefits scheme discriminate against women and people of color, Reuters reports. All three women described themselves as Latina. The women say that as a result of Ubers practices they have lost out on promotions, earnings, and benefits. The crux of the lawsuit hinges on an employee ranking system that the lawsuit says is not based on valid and reliable performance measures. The suit alleges that the ranking system gives women, Latinos, American Indians, and African Americans lower performance scores compared to male, white, and Asian-American employees:

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Phoney Trump-Russia dossier was funded by Clinton camp and DNC "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer is caught up in more fallout following a report that the Clinton campaign and the DNC funded the infamous Trump-Russia dossier alleging collusion. Another journalist claims he was misled by the lawyer. On Tuesday, the report alleged that Marc E. Elias, a lawyer representing the 2016 Clinton campaign, along with


Restored Republic via a GCR as of Oct. 26, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Oct. 26 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 26 Oct. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Judy Note: Rumors abound about an RV release date, with most pointing to a Global Currency Reset by this next weekend Oct. 27-29. The bottom line: no one but the Powers That Be (Chinese Elders) know when, and they weren't about to say.

The Restored US Republic was said to have come into effect last Sat. Oct. 21, while the new US Treasury Notes (replacing the Federal Reserve Notes) evidently went live on Mon. Oct. 23. The Elders were said to have released funds to certain Asian countries the next day on Oct. 24.

Some weeks ago it was announced that the Zim was already gold-asset backed, plus last week the main stream media reported that the Chinese Yuan (set to replace the USN as the main world reserve currency) would be gold-asset backed by tomorrow, Oct. 26.

When the Global Currency Reset did occur, be prepared for an economic downturn in the US and perhaps the world, along with mass arrests and political chaos. This was not about one's riches. Our greater calling was to help humanity through the upcoming crises.

A. Oct. 25 2017 3:14 pm EDT Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for October 25, 2017

1. JFK Disclosure is set for tomorrow Thurs. Oct. 26.

2. Depending on what is revealed it could be the spark that will light the fire, spread rapidly and those involved will be exposed.



Facebooks Slack competitor, Workplace, is growing fast "IndyWatch Feed World"

Last year when Facebook launched its enterprise communication tool the company said it had around 1,000 companies using it. Today Facebook has updated that number and it now stands at 30,000, reports Recode. That is a massive increase and over double the number of businesses that Facebook said was using Workplace just 6 months ago.

Last year when Facebook launched its enterprise communication tool the company said it had around 1,000 companies using it. Today Facebook has updated that number and it now stands at 30,000, reports Recode. That is a massive increase and over double the number of businesses that Facebook said was using Workplace just 6 months ago. However, Slack shouldnt be too worried yet. Facebook has failed to say how many of the 30,000 businesses using Workplace are paying customers (theres a free version) and Slack is still the leader by a long shot anyway, with 4 million users.

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Rural Petaluma Neighbors Challenge Cannabis Industrialization "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sonoma County, California No Pot on Purvine read a catchy flyer appearing in a rural Petaluma neighborhood in Northern California, announcing an October 8 meeting. It almost got cancelled, because of the rampant wildfires, so some people did not make it. However, 30 concerned citizens attended.

We live in rural West Petaluma, and are spearheading a campaign to keep our ag. and open space just that, arrived an email to a group called Preserve Rural Sonoma County, which maintains a website and Facebook page. We are up against a big money cannabis operation with sights on land purchased on our rural Purvine Road. It calls for acres of indoor and outdoor Cannabis cultivation and processing, which will impact our water, safety, security, traffic, etc., wrote Ayn Garvisch.

Garvisch hosted the meeting at her home across the street from the large grow. Three other articulate women joined her at the front of the crowd Britt Jensen, Phoebe Lang, and Autuym Condit. Participants were asked to sign in and a large table displayed the site plan and communications with the county. The owner of this contested cannabis grow at 334 Purvine, who lives in San Francisco, showed up at the meeting with a few people. He was not invited and was not allowed to enter, since this was the first meeting of the group.

It was a family affair, with one person being 14-years old, and another mentioning that he began living in the neighborhood in the 1940s, as well as sweet dogs welcoming visitors with their playful energy. The issues at hand were serious, yet the laughter among friends and people meeting for the first time was contagious. One couple has already paid a substantial retainer to an attorney. So the group has both an activist and a legal approach.

Following are notes this reporter took:

Water is a big issue, since we do not have much water in certain parts of this neighborhood. Some of us have shallow wells, which would be compromised.

The Water Quality permit will be key and could be hard to get. They will have to keep their run-off on site.

I dont want the traffic, drugs, thieving, guard house tower, triple barbed wire, and 24-hour surveillance. This scene will look like a prison.

We should demand an EIR (Environmental Impact Report). The cultural resources of this area and the historical nature of a 150-years-old barn and chicken houses are also important, said Autymn Condit.

The advice we received from another local group, Petalumans for Responsible Planning, was that an EIR report would stall the project and catalog all environmental and cultural resources in the area. There are many cultural resources and history connected to Purvine Road that the County is unaware of.

We are guinea pigs for the Co...


WATCH: Florida Deputy Breaks Into Elderly Mans Home and Robs Him "IndyWatch Feed World"

(Sputnik)  A Florida sheriffs deputy was recently arrested after home surveillance video showed him burglarizing the home of an elderly man who died after falling and gravely injuring himself during Hurricane Irma.

Deputy Jason Cooke was arrested last week on charges of burglary and grand theft with a firearm for allegedly stealing from 85-year-old Moe Rosoff.

The Palm Beach County sheriffs deputy reportedly found Rosoffs garage code in a dispatch log and used it to enter Rosoffs home 90 minutes after paramedics took the elderly man, who had fallen and hurt himself, to the hospital, where he died.

Rosoffs son turned in a video recorded by the homes motion detection system showing Cooke taking items from the home. According to Rosoffs family, Cooke stole money, jewelry and medications.

The family also accuses the Palm Beach police of dragging out the case and withholding important documents pertinent to Cookes arrest. The family reported the sheriffs deputy to the police eight days after he broke into the home, but Cooke was only arrested five weeks later.

Rosoffs relatives also claim that Cooke took a pill as he left the home. Medications were found in Cookes patrol car by investigators, but these were not Rosoffs medications, they claim. Rather, they say, this shows Cooke is on duty while impaired.

police tape

Image Source: Tony Webster, Flickr, Creative Commons

If Officer Cooke was operating in his official capacity under these medications, the family said in a statement, it is our belief that he may have posed a significant threat to the publics safety since just a few of the noted side effects of these medications include confusion, impaired thinking, impaired reactions, abnormal behavior, tremors, drowsiness, altered state of consciousness and anger.

In our opinion, had we not had this video, this cop would still be out there posing a threat of danger to the community he swore to protect and committing more crimes.



(Video) The GoldFish Report No. 147 -- St. Germain's Message: It is Time to Manifest a New Republic "IndyWatch Feed World"

Published on Oct 25, 2017

On The GoldFish Report No. 147, Winston Shrout and Scott Werner M.D. present a new message from Saint Germaine to Begin Manifesting A New Republic. Dr. Werner highlights how many of the secret Departments of the US Government operate beyond the oversight of our Constitutional Government and that we can not continue the same way of irresponsible actions that pillage the earth's resources and destroy its environment. Winston reminds us that St. Germaine has incarnated in many key roles to prepare us for this new Republic and that its time to manifest this now because the Constitution did not guarantee people their God given rights. Winston asks viewers to do an affirmation every day until we Manifest our New Republic. The affirmation is this: "The National Security Act of 1947 is Rescinded and Void". Scott and Winston both encourage people to go into their Heart Center, and set into motion the scalar energy potential filed and meditate on this affirmation so we can bring this into fruition. Winston also provided a beautiful story about heart transplant patients and how they take on the feelings and memories of their heart donors and much more.


The FBIs Red Herring; The non-existence of Adam Lanza story. "IndyWatch Feed World"

The big news of Oct. 25 2017, is documents relating to the Sandy hook shooting being released by the US federal bureau of investigation. Today the FBI released more than 1,500 pages on the controversial school shooting. The documents include FBI interviews with neighbors of Adam Lanza, and friends of his family, and an hour-long interview with []

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The Groundbreaking Film that Exposes Hollywood Pedophilia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Infowars

The secret Hollywood doesn't want you to know posted here absolutely free for the victims and to stop future crimes

Documentary producer Gabe Hoffman announced a free screening of "An Open Secret" on the Alex Jones Show Friday, a movie exposing the underground sex rings in the film industry.

AN OPEN SECRET [Official PG-13 version]

Copyright Esponda Productions LLC

"An Open Secret" was already available for free through Sunday Oct 22 to celebrate the courage of victims exposing Harvey Weinstein publicly, but in light of all the other courageous survivors of child sexual abuse in Hollywood coming forward since then, they've extended this through October 31st!


Jim Carrey Speaks About the Key to Unlocking Christ Consciousness "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Truth Theory | by Luke Miller

In a brand new video on the Norm Macdonald's podcast Jim Carrey spoke about sexual alchemy and tantra being the key to unlocking Christ consciousness.

The episode mainly focuses on entertainment, but Jim Carrey being Jim Carrey constantly throws in references to ego dissolution, being a channel (not an owner) for his message and then goes in sexual alchemy being the ultimate tool for enlightenment.

What do you think about Carrey's message? Please share this video!

I am Luke Miller the author of this article, and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.

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51 GOP Senators Just Voted to Cut $1.5 Trillion from Medicare and Medicaid "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Truth Theory | by Jon Queally, staff writer

The Republican budget, declared Sen. Sanders after its passage, "is not a bad bill. It's a horrific bill."

Along strict party lines, the Republican-controlled Senate on Thursday night voted to pass a sweeping budget measureone criticized as both "despicable" and "horrific" for providing massive giveaways to corporations and the super-rich while eviscerating funding for social programs, healthcare, education, and affordable housing.

"Another dark deed done: GOP passes obscene budget to slash Medicare/Medicaid & explode the deficit all in the name of tax cuts for the 1%."

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon)The measure passed by 51-49 vote, with only one Republican, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, joining every Democrat and the chamber's two Independents who voted against it. Its approval now paves that way for massive tax giveaways to the wealthy and corporations envisioned by President Donald Trump and the GOP in both the House and the Senate.

"51 Republican Senators just voted to cut Medicaid by $1 trillion and Medicare by $500 billion so that millionaires and corporations can get a tax cut. It's immoral and despicable," said TJ Helmstetter, a spokesperson for Americans for Tax Fairness, in a statement immediately following the vote.

Though the budget resolution itself is nonbinding,'s Ben Wikler notes how the Senate passage on Thursday represents the "starting gun for what might be the most consequential legislative fight of the Trump era: the looting of the U.S. treasury to reward billionaire GOP donors and mega-corporations, at the expense of the rest of us." And with the Senate resolution now in place, a reconciliation process can begin with Republicans in the House, meaning the GOP can "shoot for a tax bill without a single Democratic vote."


Two US Clients Squabble in Iraq but Tehran Emerges as the Winner "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Covert Geopolitics

Notwithstanding the overwhelming vote the Kurdish referendum for independence received, there is no gainsaying that regional circumstances were far from suitable for such an undertaking, let alone its materialization. Iraq has just recovered from the clutches of rule of the self-styled Islamic State, and the last thing it wanted was loss of economic wealth in Kirkuk to Kurds.

Recovery of Kirkuk was, therefore, always on the cards, but what has come as a surprise to many is the way this recovery has been achieved, despite the otherwise bloody rhetoric that was fanned out before Iraqi forces moved in, in a pretty bloodless manner, thanks to Tehran's back-channel diplomacy and the fact that Ankara, too, had rung alarming bells in support of Baghdad's bid to recover a region that stands as its life-line. The situation was equally alarming for the US because both Baghdad and Kurds remain US allies and clients of its weapons.

The Pentagon, which has about 10,000 US troops in Iraq, and is allied with Baghdad in the fight against ISIS and also keeps close links with the Kurds, has been insisting that clashes between Peshmerga and Iraqi government forces were a result of some "misunderstanding," and stressed that it was not supporting any of the belligerents. While the US might be trying to be "neutral", ground realities indicate that if there was one thing that prevented Iraq from plunging into yet another civil war, it was Tehran's and those of its allies' effective diplomacy, which came as a result of the realization that another civil war will potentially undo the gains they have made against ISIS and will allow terror groups to regain their strength.

Enters Qassem Soleimani, the head of the IRGC's elite Quds Force, who was at the helm of brokering a deal between Kurdish factions and the Iraqi security forcessomething that paved the way for a peaceful takeover of the city' key strategic sites by the Iraqi forces. How did this happen?

On October 15, Soleimani's visit to Iraq was reported. The visit took place at a time when there Iraqi forces and their allied militias were in a...


Cars Sales Dropping as Taxes Rise "IndyWatch Feed World"

The demand for cars has been declining rapidly in Britain and that is impacting German car sales rather sharply. All price levels in cars have been declining, not just the high end. The sales figures for small cars and the medium class have already declined significantly in the last few months. Now the losses are also becoming apparent in the case of expensive brands, especially for the German car manufacturers.

As taxes have risen upon the average person and this hunt for more tax revenue unfolds globally, this is what creates the recession and deflation. It a strange paradox for many as they see deficit spending rise. Many have a hard time comprehending that if the money supply increases, how can there be deflation? It is always the bottom-line. If you keep raising taxes, you will reduce the standard of living, and that in turn comes back and results in lower economic activity.


ZAP's Mid-Week Report -- October 25, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Subject: MID WEEK BY ZAP from "The Office of Poofness" 10-25-17
From: "The Office of Poofness" <<a href="">>
Date: Wed, October 25, 2017 10:07 pm

Zap Says 












Pirating into the Czech Elections "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Pirate Party are buccaneering their way into European politics, having found a foothold in the testy soil of Central Europe after colonising, in small measure, various hamlets in Sweden, Germany and Iceland.  The Czech Pirates (PPCZ), a term certainly exotic by current political pedigrees, managed to obtain over 10 percent of the vote, a result that gave them a rich harvest of 22 members in the parliamentary elections.

It took nine efforts, but the Czech Pirates had been edging their way onto conspicuous terrain in various local elections, including netting 5.3 percent of the total vote in Prague in 2015.  The city of Marinsk Lzn also found itself having a Pirate Mayor after garnering 21 percent of the vote.

Retaining their oppositional colours, the Czech Pirates are insisting on avoiding the muddying nature of coalition talks with the overall winners.  (The dangers of compromising collaboration!)  Their agenda is one that has become fairly known across its other incarnations: the abolition of internet censorship, the favouring of institutional transparency, and the revision of, amongst other things, punitive copyright laws. But other agenda items form their twenty point program, including improving the lot of teacher salaries and tax reform.

The latter point is particularly appropriate, given the partys experimentation with testing EU laws on the subject of pirate sites through its Linking is not a Crime stance. This was sparked, in large part, by attempts by the Czech Anti-Piracy Union to target a 16-year-old for that great terror of the regulator: linking to content designated as infringing of copyright law.

Launching several of their own contrarian sites, including and, the latter carrying some 20,000 links to 5,800 movies, the Czech Pirate Party was overjoyed by the prospect of prosecution. Our goal is to change the copyright monopoly law so that people are not fined millions for sharing culture with their friends.

As Czech Pirate Party chairman Luk ernohorsk said at the time, belligerent and defiant, Instead of teenagers, copyright industry lobbyists are now dealing with a political party which didnt run the website for money but because of our conviction that linking is not and should not be a crime.

The gains of the party showed a certain mood at work and, as has been the case in much of Europe, proved boisterously, and at stages angrily, anti-establishment.  Across the political spectrum, the Czechs were again showing that they can add fuel to any political fire, setting matters to rights on the continent while tearing down assumptions.  As with any fire, howev...


The Way to the Future Cryptos Move Over "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Maldives has introduced what may become the next innovation. Maldives Immigration has introduced a new type of ID card that replaces your credit card, passport, drivers license and healthcare insurance card all wrapped up in one. The next step will be to put this on a biochip and insert it into your skin so a thief would have to cut your arm off to steal it. Guess we are getting closer to the Minority Report. Hm.


China Moving to Take the Lead in Technology "IndyWatch Feed World"

China is moving rapidly to advance and take the lead in technology from the United States and they will accomplish that in the years ahead. China is moving very fast on every front. China is moving faster on quantum communications and computing and they are embracing real Artificial Intelligence that is being ignored by the powers that be in the US government.

We were granted our business license in China BECAUSE of our technology while the USA keeps trying to suppress technology advancement in our field. That means the government even had to review the conflicts with the USA and dismissed them as all other nations as being stitched up as one put it in Europe.

The regulators in the USA have one policy if the big boys do it its OK. They are Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Jail, but big enough to hire government employees. Anyone else has to be regulated when the regulators do not even understand what they are doing. The bottom-line policy at the US regulators if they do not understand it, regulate it out of existence. You are not allowed to compete against New York City.

In the United States, there remains overregulation because the government is clueless about technology. The next crisis will be really worse than 2007-2009 because they have chased so many from the marketplace with fines and regulations that make no sense. The SEC has had to announce strengthing rules for their own people in trading on inside information. The more regulators we have the more corruption that exists.

I have stated before, when I was managing positions for the Onassis estate in commodities, I had the largest physical position in Platinum. It took six months to get permission to trade at that level way beyond exchange limits and when I picked up the phone the first time, everyone already knew the size of my position. So much for regulators. Today, positions of managers over $100 million in assets must be reported to the SEC. You can bet that info is handed out under the table through the back door.

In quick succession, China in recent months has utilized a...


Water-Powered Car Inventor Dies in A Restaurant Screaming 'They Poisoned Me' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Did you know that water-powered cars have existed for years? If you didnt, its probably because they havent been given proper media coverage. 

Whats even odder, their inventors were either intimidated into ceasing their work, or died under mysterious circumstances.

Among the latter was Stanley Meyer, a US inventor who designed a water fuel device, claiming that any car fitted with it could run purely on water.

It was believed that this vehicle could run across the USA on 22 gallons of water. Meyer specifically emphasized that tap water, purified or salt water could be used as fuel for the engine.

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French Police Commissioner Suicided After Attempting To Issue Murder Warrant Against President Obama "IndyWatch Feed World"

An absolutely stunning Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today appears to show why all top US officials failed to join their counterparts in Paris yesterday who marched in solidarity against the Charlie Hebdo Massacre as it reveals a top French police commissioner was suicided within hours of his attempting to obtain a European Arrest Warrant for President Barack Obama and other as yet unnamed American leaders.


According to this report, French police Commissioner Helric Fredou [Photo above] was tasked immediately after the 7 January Charlie Hebdo Massacre with the examination of documents contained in a small backpack found in the getaway car used by the killers Sad and Chrif Kouachi, and which contained the drivers license/identity card of Sad.

Also discovered by Police Commissioner Fredou in this small backpack, SVR analyst in this report say, were a number...


On Hiding Truth in Canada "IndyWatch Feed World"

Freedom of expression includes not saying what you dont want to. So these updates which may give some insight to truth management in Canada start out with the journalists right to protect his/her sources. Refusing to reveal a source to the court in both the U.S. and Canada can place a journalist in jail. The extremes of countering an individuals wishes not to reveal information have become the states domain due to current policies on torture. U.S. officials who have approved torture are allowed to enter Canada although torture is clearly against Canadian law. And the law is further compromised by government agencies accepting from other countries information which is obtained by torture.

1. The House of Commons has unanimously passed Bill S-231, allowing journalists to not reveal confidential sources unless required by a Superior Court judge.1 Superior Court judge approval will also be required for the police investigation of a journalist or search of his/her premises. While this seems to protect the journalists rights by taking such decisions out of the hands of lesser court judges, it still officially grants the state the right to criminalize a journalist for protecting his/her sources. Decency and professional standards stand in contradiction.

2. The Supreme Court has decided unanimously, that the records concerned with the abuse of native Americans at Canadas residential schools, 38,000 accounts, will be destroyed.2 Individuals will have fifteen years to retrieve the records of their abuse. The destruction of records deprives the future of the truth. Without history the lessons may have to be learned all over again. Canadas government wanted to archive the documents for historical record: analysis of church and governments roles in the abuse of First Peoples remains incomplete.

3. In Ottawa a plaque at Canadas new Holocaust Memorial Monument has been removed in response to protests that the text didnt specifically deal with Jews. The text read: The National Holocaust Monument commemorates the millions of men, women and children murdered during the Holocaust and honours the survivors who persevered and were able to make their way to Canada after one of the darkest chapters in histor......


Birds + Artists + Spraypaint = Audubon Murals "IndyWatch Feed World"


A swallow-tailed kite and 12 other birds painted by Lunar New Year.


Benjamin Fulford Report: "Past Presidents Go on Beg-athon" -- October 23, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society

Weekly Geo-political News and Analysis

Past Presidents of Bankrupt U.S. Corporation Go on Beg-athon for Godfather Bush

By benjamin

The dragnet is slowly but inexorably closing in on the Bush/Clinton (Scherf/ Rockefeller) Khazarian mafia clan and their Federal Reserve Board printing press. Multiple legal investigations, mass arrests of junior Khazarian mobsters, and public disclosure are now part of regular public discourse, and not just on blogs formerly maligned as conspiracy sites.

An interesting sign of the Khazarians desperation was the spectacle of George Bush Senior posing with four other former presidents (minus Donald Trump) of the United States Corporation as part of a beg-athon.

First, we must note that with computer graphics and body doubles it is hard to know if this event really took place. For example, multiple sources have told this writer that Bill Clinton (Rockefeller) died of AIDS early this year.

Nonetheless, assuming this event did really take place, this is what a senior CIA source in Texas had to say about it:

The beg-athon in Texas is pure BS. Notice that the money goes through the George H.W. Bush (Scherf) Foundation. They are scamming money any way they can get it. The Khazarian mafia cabal must be really desperate.



Legendary Rapper Says Male Musicians Have to Perform Sex Acts to Make It in Music "IndyWatch Feed World"

Legendary rapper, RA the Rugged Man has been calling out the depraved monsters in the music industry for years, and now he's hitting even harder.

by Matt Agorist, guest author

If you are looking for bubble gum radio music about bitches, hoes, cars, and jewelry, then RA The Rugged Man is not for you.

However, if you are looking for hard-hitting beats behind even harder hitting truth rap music guaranteed not to ever make it to the radio but that influences far more people despite its censorship, then look no further.

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The JFK assassination and Barry & the boys "IndyWatch Feed World"

The National Archives and Records Administration today began releasing government documents never been disclosed on the Kennedy assassination, under a law passed in 1992 after Oliver Stones movie JFK provoked widespread discontent about foot-dragging on disclosure. (Thanks, Oliver!) There are a number of passages in Barry & the boys  which reveal facets of the Kennedy Assassination never before knownor even suspected to existin the literature of the Kennedy assassination. Why? Is it because Im the smartest, most fearless investigative journalist alive? 

Petro-Yuan: China has grand ambitions to dethrone the dollar. It may make a powerful move this year "IndyWatch Feed World"

China is looking to make a major move against the dollar's global dominance, and it may come as early as this year. The new strategy is to enlist the energy markets' help: Beijing may introduce a new way to price oil in coming months but unlike the contracts based on the U.S. dollar that currently dominate global markets, this benchmark would use China's own currency. If there's widespread adoption, as the Chinese hope, then that will mark a step toward challenging the greenback's status as the world's most powerful currency.

Corey Feldmans Crowdfund to Take Down Hollywood Pedophiles Raises $100K in First 24 Hours "IndyWatch Feed World"

In a video we reported on yesterday, former eighties child star Corey Feldman announced a crowdfunding campaign to help fund a movie exposing rampant pedophilia in Hollywood. The announcement describes how his efforts to expose Hollywood pedophilia have endangered his life, as well as his families.

Trump Bows to Neocons, Netanyahu "IndyWatch Feed World"

President Donald Trumps new Iran policy clearly represents a dangerous rejection of diplomacy in favor of confrontation. But its more than that: Its a major shift toward a much closer alignment of U.S. policy with that of the Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

U.S. Widens Surveillance to Include Homegrown Violent Extremists "IndyWatch Feed World"

The U.S. government has broadened an interpretation of which citizens can be subject to physical or digital surveillance to include homegrown violent extremists, according to official documents seen by Reuters. The change last year to a Department of Defense manual on procedures governing its intelligence activities was made possible by a decades-old presidential executive order, bypassing congressional and court review.

Former FDA Commissioner Charged in RICO Lawsuit "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Federal Lawsuit charges Dr. Margaret Hamburg, former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with conspiracy, racketeering & colluding to conceal deadly drug dangers under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations law (RICO) law. The amended RICO lawsuit was filed on April 11, 2016 in the U.S. District Court in Washington DC on behalf of eight plaintiffs who claim they have suffered severe harm by ingesting the drug, Levaquin whose deadly risks were concealed to protect financial interests.

Americas Biggest Private Prison Company Just Hosted Its Annual Conference at a Trump Golf Resort "IndyWatch Feed World"

The countrys biggest private prison company last week held its annual leadership conference at a golf resort owned by President Donald Trump, underscoring an increasingly cozy relationship between the ever-expanding industry and the White House. GEO Group executives met for several days at the Trump National Doral near Miami, the Washington Post reports, as the company continues to hold multiple lucrative prison contracts with the federal government.   

Las Vegas Shooters Laptop Missing Its Hard Drive: Investigators "IndyWatch Feed World"

A laptop computer recovered from the Las Vegas hotel room where Stephen Paddock launched the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history was missing its hard drive, depriving investigators of a potential key source of information on why he killed and maimed so many people, ABC News has learned.

Deutsche Bank To Pay $220 Million In U.S. Libor Probe "IndyWatch Feed World"

Deutsche Bank AG (DBKGn.DE) has agreed to pay $220 million to settle U.S. regulatory charges that it defrauded government and nonprofit entities by manipulating Libor and other benchmark interest rates.

British Involvement In "Trump Dossier" Needs Further Investigation "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hillary Clinton campaign cut-out hires the (former?) British intelligence agent Steele to pay money to (former?) Russian intelligence agents and high-level Kremlin employees for dirt about Donald Trump. They deliver some fairy tales. The resulting dossier is peddled far and wide throughout Washington DC with the intent of damaging Trump.


Fox News host Tucker Carlson dropped a huge new detail on the days following the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history in Las Vegas Wednesday. According to a document from a confidential source, Tucker revealed that Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos left the United States to go to Mexico just days after being an eyewitness to the Las Vegas mass shooting committed by Stephen Paddock.

Israel accused of selling military equipment to Burma during 'ethnic cleansing' of Rohingya Muslims "IndyWatch Feed World"

Israel has been accused of continuing to sell military equipment to the Burmese military even as it faced accusations of war crimes against minority Rohingya Muslims. Pictures on the Burmese Navy's Facebook page "welcome" two Israeli-made gunboats to the military fleet. "Welcome to the Myanmar Navy," the caption says. "The Super-Dvora MK III is moving forward at 45 knots on Myanmar waters." 


U.S. Widens Surveillance to Include Homegrown Violent Extremists "IndyWatch Feed World"

Mmm hmm. Via: Reuters: The U.S. government has broadened an interpretation of which citizens can be subject to physical or digital surveillance to include homegrown violent extremists, according to official documents seen by Reuters. The change last year to a Department of Defense manual on procedures governing its intelligence activities was made possible by a []


Former FDA Commissioner Charged in RICO Lawsuit "IndyWatch Feed World"

Via: AHRP: A Federal Lawsuit charges Dr. Margaret Hamburg, former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with conspiracy, racketeering & colluding to conceal deadly drug dangers under the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations law (RICO) law. The amended RICO lawsuit was filed on April 11, 2016 in the U.S. District Court []


Meet Angela Kasner,Angela Merkels draws upon lessons from her communist past "IndyWatch Feed World"


(Photo:) Mrs Merkel (circled) who was 17-year-old Angela Kasner when the picture was taken in 1972, is shown in fatigues marching with a group of friends and an East German officer.

Despite warnings from concerned countries in Angela Merkels EU kingdom of experimental Marxism, the fantasy of no borders and the free movement of goods and people has soured suddenly. This is the way when disciples of  socialism apply the failed rule of taking from those who have to lavish upon those who want.

Merkels emotive driven experiment meant to elevate her importance in the world of humanities, perhaps with a Nobel in mind, may well see her dashed from office among the dust that will take a very long time to settle. Merkel will be rememberedyou can bet on that!

Source: Breitbart 3/6/14



The Murdered Rothschild "IndyWatch Feed World"


People used the word gentle to describe Amschel Mayor James Rothschild.

He was the only son of Victor Rothschilds second marriage to Theresa Mayor, and heir to the Rothschild dynasty after his older half-brother Jacob.

Amschels obituary stated: Where his father was of large and pugnacious build, Amschel Rothschild was tall, thin and strikingly graceful [after his mother]. His bushy head of hair emphasized large, sad brown eyes. He was precise, almost obsessively tidy, enjoyed making difficult cocktails and revisiting old jokes. He loved his farm, his children, restoring old outhouses, extending his lawns, going to bed early.

As a teenager he raced motorcycles and later vintage cars and bi-planes. He started racing classic cars in 1974, owning successively a Lotus 10, an AC Cobra, a famous 1954 250F Maserati, a 1964 Willment Daytona Coupe in which he won two Historic Sports Car Championships

He married brewing heiress Anita Guinness in 1981 and had three children, Kate (b.1982); Alice (b.1983) and James (b.1985). He farmed during his twenties and didnt join the family business until 1987 at age 32. He served an apprenticeship before being appointed executive chairman of Rothschild Asset management in 1993. His obit continues:


Amschel was regularly billed as the heir presumptive to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, left, (now 84)  for the chairmanship (Sir Evelyns children being still too young to be candidates), though newspaper reports would be sniffy about his prospects; they implied his profile was too low, that with his gentle manner, he was too nice, that he lacked the killer instinct.

On July 8 1996 he was found dead in the bathroom of his suite at the Bristol Hotel in Paris. According to the official story, he had committed suicide by hanging himself with the belt of his bathrobe. Thanks to the now defunct The Spotlight we have the truth:

Rupert Murdoch Ordered Editors World Wide To Spike The Story


Corey Feldman Arrested Just Days After Speaking Out On Hollywood Child Sexual Abuse "IndyWatch Feed World"

Child sexual abuse has been one of Hollywoods dirtiest and biggest secrets for a long time. One of the brave survivors who have come forward to share their experiences with the public is Corey Feldman, a former child-star.

Amidst all of the Harvey Weinstein scandals, Feldman chose to bring more attention to his child sexual abuse allegations in Hollywood, as sexual violence is extremely common in Hollywood and affects not only an astonishing number of women, but many men and children as well.

Feldman tweeted multiple times late last week explaining that although he will not name anyone elses abuser, he would love others to come forward.

For the record: I will not be going on a talk show to disclose names of my abuser or anyone elses abusers. So please stop asking me to do so, he tweeted.

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Heir To Rothschild Empire Found Dead In Paris Hotel "IndyWatch Feed World"

Amschel Rothschild, the man many believed would be the prestigious Rothschild Banks next leader, hanged himself in a Paris luxury hotel, a newspaper reported Thursday.

Rothschilds body was found by a cleaning lady Monday in his room at the Hotel Bristol, not far from the presidential Elysee Palace, the Paris daily Le Parisien said. Rothschild, 41, was widely expected to take over the British merchant bank N.M. Rothschild and Sons.

Police officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the paper the banker hanged himself. Both the bank and the Rothschild family refused to comment on the death.


Rothschild was appointed chief executive of Rothschild Asset Management in 1990, later becoming its chairman. The moves led to speculation that he was being prepared to succeed his cousin Sir Evelyn Rothschild as chairman of the family bank.

The Rothschild family gained prominence by financing such projects as the construction of European railroads and the British military campaign that led to...


ULTRASOUND, RADIATION, MICROWAVES AND MORE The Frequency Assault On Our World "IndyWatch Feed World"

9-27-17 Sofia Smallstorm interviews Jeanice Barcelo about her forthcoming book, The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound. This conversation goes deep into the EMF weaponized grid that now surrounds us and of which manmade ultrasound frequencies are a part. Read More


Balfour Merrymaking a Potential PR Disaster for the British Government "IndyWatch Feed World"

The extraordinary programme of centenary celebrations in the UK to honour Lord Balfour and his lunatic Declaration and the British Governments continuing part in it is an affront to citizens here and to countless millions abroad. And many a sharp pin is waiting to burst the pretty Balfour balloon being desperately inflated by Israel-firsters at Westminster.

Balfours 1917 pledge and its consequences, played out over the last 70 years, ride roughshod over Christian values and humanitarian law. Rothschild replied to Balfours letter saying that the British Government has opened up, by their message, a prospect of safety and comfort to large masses of people who are in need of it. Well, it also opened up the prospect and the reality of a lifetime of abject misery for millions of Palestinians who had no need of it and certainly didnt deserve it. It also helped to plant in the most sacred part of the Middle East an evil regime that shows contempt for human rights and international law and is bent on creating instability all around and confiscating every acre of land and every natural resource to aid its expansion.

The daft thing is, Balfour didnt even write the Declaration. He was simply the upper-class twit who signed it and did so without even bothering to consult the people whose homeland he intended giving away. The carefully worded letter to Rothschild (the so-called Declaration) was the work of Leopold Amery, political secretary to the War Cabinet at the time, who cleverly kept hidden his Jewish ancestry throughout his quite impressive career. He was also largely responsible for forming the Jewish Legion battalions which were the forerunners of the hated Israeli Defence Force, which Israeli Miko Peled describes as one of the best trained and best equipped and best fed terrorist organisations in the world.

Amery was an eager Zionist and had a supervisory role in the British mandate government in Palestine during the 1920s, actively preparing it for eventual Jewish takeover. He operated within a government the upper echelons of which were stuffed with Zionist sympathisers such as Churchill and Lloyd George.

In response to the avalanche of pro-Balfour celebratory tosh the Palestine Mission to the UK commissioned a Make It Right campaign featuring contrasting images of Palestinian life before and after 1948, when Israel declared statehood on land it had overrun and ethnically cleansed. The campaign message, of course, objects to the Balfour declaration which promised a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Posters were supposed to appear on buses and in Underground rail stations but Londons transport authority, Transport for London (TfL), has banned the advertisements on the grounds that they did not comply fully with our guidelines. It seems TfL dont like  images or messages which relate to matters...


Watch Live: Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson On Innovation And Empathy "IndyWatch Feed World"

This sessions starts today at 3pm eastern. The CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson, talks with Fast Company editor Bob Safian about doubling down on innovationand empathy.

This sessions starts today at 3pm eastern.

The CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson, talks with Fast Company editor Bob Safian about doubling down on innovationand empathy.

Read Full Story


This is a Fading Age of Darkness, in a Full Approach to the Everlasting Light "IndyWatch Feed World"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Behind the scenes... behind the scenes a long walking and stalking agenda has been shoehorning obliging zombie replicants into positions of varying levels of authority in order to make de rigueur every violation of normal that can be imagined into cornerstones of the coming age. This is not remotely possible. What it is is the last gasp of the passing age, now polluted beyond recognition.

I'm going to paraphrase here just a little and borrow imagery from scripture and attempt to provide meaning at the same time. During one of his inspired talks, which much of the time involved allegory, Jesus Christ was speaking about vines (grape vines) and husbandmen who tend the vines and he made reference to 'the life' that moved in the vines and the vines that no longer carried life and which were cut away in a pruning exercise and then cast into a fire. I think I have this right generally. There is another line in The Bible that says, where there is no vision, the people perish. I am guessing that this refers to spiritual vision. In these times we can clearly see that this collective vision has departed. It certainly exists in the hearts and minds of those who hold to the understanding that there is no true inspiration that does not come from the giver of all good things. At this time, whatever passes for inspiration is the GMO fruit of perverted templates which the general consciousness is being forced into and shaped by. In other words, you are no longer what you were and if you were a child you didn't even get to be what you were before you became something else.

The mind and being of the creator interpenetrates all things. It is often not acknowledged, especially in these times but it is there none the less because there is no life absent from the ineffable who is the source of all life and who ensouled the dust...


Musical Interlude: Chuck Wild, "Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep - Adagio for Sleep" "IndyWatch Feed World"

Chuck Wild, "Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep - Adagio for Sleep"
Images courtesy of NASA and the Goddard Space Flight Center.


"A Look to the Heavens" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Over 400,000 light years across NGC 6872 is an enormous spiral galaxy, at least 4 times the size of our own very large Milky Way. About 200 million light-years distant, toward the southern constellation Pavo, the Peacock, the remarkable galaxy's stretched out shape is due to its ongoing gravitational interaction, likely leading to an eventual merger, with the nearby smaller galaxy IC 4970. IC 4970 is seen just below and right of the giant galaxy's core in this cosmic color portrait from the 8 meter Gemini South telescope in Chile. 
Click image for larger size.
The idea to image this titanic galaxy collision comes from a winning contest essay submitted last year to the Gemini Observatory by the Sydney Girls High School Astronomy Club. In addition to inspirational aspects and aesthetics, club members argued that a color image would be more than just a pretty picture. In their winning essay they noted that "If enough color data is obtained in the image it may reveal easily accessible information about the different populations of stars, star formation, relative rate of star formation due to the interaction, and the extent of dust and gas present in these galaxies."


"The Only Question..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

Life is an end in itself, and the only question as to whether
 it is worth living is whether you have had enough of it.
- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.


Chet Raymo, "The Great Silence" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"The Great Silence"
by Chet Raymo

"If there is one word that should not be uttered, it is the name of - no, I will not say it. Any name diminishes. In the face of whatever it is that is most mysterious, most holy, we are properly silent. It is appropriate, I think, to praise the creation, to make a joyful noise of thanksgiving for the sensate world. But praising the Creator is another thing altogether. When we make a big racket on His behalf we are more than likely addressing an idol in our own image. What was it that Pico Iyer said? "Silence is the tribute that we pay to holiness; we slip off words when we enter a sacred place, just as we slip off shoes." The God of the mystics whispers sweet nothings, as lover's do.

In a diary entry for "M.", near the end of his too-short life, Thomas Merton wrote: "I cannot have enough of the hours of silence when nothing happens. When the clouds go by. When the trees say nothing. When the birds sing. I am completely addicted to the realization that just being there is enough." The natural world was for Merton the primary revelation. He listened. He felt a presence in his heart, an awareness of the ineffable Mystery that permeates creation. It was this that drew him to the mystical tradition of Christianity, especially to the Celtic tradition of creation spirituality. It was this that attracted him to Zen.

There come now and then, perhaps more frequently in late life than previously, those moments of being (as Virginia Woolf called them) when creation grabs us by the shoulders and gives us such a shake that it rattles our teeth...


"The Time You Have Left..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

 The life you have left is a gift. Cherish it.  
Enjoy it now, to the fullest. Do what matters, now.     
~ Leo Babauta


The Poet: James Kavanaugh, "Searchers" "IndyWatch Feed World"


"Some people do not have to search - 
they find their niche early in life and rest there,
seemingly contented and resigned. 
They do not seem to ask much of life, 
sometimes they do not seem to take it seriously. 
At times I envy them, 
but usually I do not understand them - 
seldom do they understand me. 

I am one of the searchers. 
There are, I believe, millions of us. 
We are not unhappy, but neither are we really content. 


The Daily "Near You?" "IndyWatch Feed World"

Elizabethton, Tennessee, USA. Thanks for stopping by!


Remember Planet X That Was Going To Destroy The Earth? Heres What NASA Is Saying About It "IndyWatch Feed World"

Quite a short while ago, conspiracy theorists had been warning the about a newly discovered planet named Nibiru or Planet X which was supposed to collide with Earth and lead to the blue planets ultimate destruction. The collision was due to happen on September 23, and NASA persuaded us that the announced apocalypse was not []


What Mystics & Prophets Revealed About Hyper-Dimensional Entities "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hyper-dimensional entities have been recognized, discussed and warned about for literally millennia throughout the history of humanity.

Naturally, there are many people who scoff at the very idea of such beings, believing them to be fictitious inventions of the human mind.

However, the fact that so many cultures, traditions, religions and spiritualities have discussed the nature of these creatures, using different terms but essentially describing the same thing, gives credence to the idea that they exist.

We have been cautioned for millennia that humanity is under psychic attack by a group of energetic, discarnate beings that seed thoughts of judgement, separation, anxiety, anger and fear in order to generate loosh (negative emotional energy) that they siphon off as food.

Read Entire Article


Berlin and Moscow should work to improve relations German president to Putin "IndyWatch Feed World"



German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier met Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday during his visit to Moscow. Steinmeier said he was dissatisfied with the current state of bilateral relations and the two countries should work together to improve them. Im convinced that we need to resist the alienation that has grown up between our countries in recent years and to do that we need to continue the dialogue and need long-term attempts from both sides to find solutions in crises, he told Putin, adding that both presidents should play a major role in improving relations.



Las Vegas shooter's laptop found at scene is missing its hard drive "IndyWatch Feed World"

A laptop computer recovered from the Las Vegas hotel room where Stephen Paddock launched the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history was missing its hard drive, depriving investigators of a potential key source of information on why he killed and maimed so many people, ABC News has learned. Paddock is believed to have removed the hard drive before fatally shooting himself, and the missing device has not yet been recovered, sources told ABC News. Investigators digging into Paddock's background also learned he purchased software designed to erase files from a hard drive, but without the hard drive to examine it is impossible to know if he ever used the software, one source said. The absence of substantial digital clues has left investigators struggling to piece together what triggered Paddock to kill 58 innocent concertgoers and injure more than 500 others on Oct. 1.


Vitamin K2 to Prevent & Heal Cavities in Teeth and Build Strong Bones for Vegans & Vegetarians "IndyWatch Feed World"


Whats the #1 email I receive? From vegan nursing mothers. What to do about their cavities, or their infants crumbling teeth

Mom Kai S. Read More


The Esoteric Meaning of Neo, Morpheus & The Woman In The Red Dress "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Matrix film trilogy is a masterpiece unlike any other I have personally seen. The depth and hidden meaning of the film is truly remarkable and if contemplated proficiently, could change someones life forever. One of my favorite scenes in the first film, is when Morpheus is walking with Neo explaining to him what the Matrix []


The Ethical Principle of Epikeia "IndyWatch Feed World"

(IT)  Its 2 a.m. and Claire has been stuck at a red light for five minutes. She knows that its against the law to run a red light. However, no other cars are in sight, and it seems ridiculous to wait for the light to turn green. Should she run the red light and continue her drive home?

Brian knows that public urination is against the law. However, there are no restrooms around, and he has to go to the bathroom very badly. He happens to have a susceptibility to bladder infections, and has been hospitalized a couple of times because of them. Should he go ahead and relieve himself in the nearby alley?

How to deal with these moral dilemmas?

Well, theres an ethical principle for that! Its called epikeia.

Epikeia is a Greek word meaning reasonableness. Its classical source is Aristotles Nicomachean Ethics, where he introduces the concept as a corrective of legal justice. Fr. Joseph Riley provides a description of Aristotles understanding of epikeia in his 1948 dissertation on the subject:

[Aristotle] points out that the basic reason for the existence of such a concept is to be found in the fact that laws are, of their very nature, universal. Lawmakers legislate for the general run of cases, and not for any particular concrete instance. But particular details and circumstances are almost limitless in number and nature; it is clear that no legislator in the act of framing a law can foresee all the variable circumstances which may arise. Taking into account what usually and ordinarily happens, he enacts his law. He is not, however, ignorant of the possibility that his law, though just and good in general, may be deficient in particular cases. On the other hand, an individual may find himself confronted with a case which, although it is included in the law insofar as the words are concerned, nevertheless is not comprehended in the general law, if the intention of the legislator, and not merely the verbal formula, be scrutinized. And so, he emends or corrects the law; he prudently judges that if the lawmaker had foreseen this particular case, he would not have wished to bind his subject; and so the subject does not observe the law as it is written. In other words, epikeia is used.

In sum, no human law is perfect, simply because it is a human law. Legislators ideally do their best to draft and enact laws that apply to the majority of situations. But they are not omniscient; they cannot possibly take into account all situations. And when a situation happens to arise in which disobeying the written law either preserves or does not v...


Media Silent As Trump Successfully Destroys Obamas ISIS "IndyWatch Feed World"

The mainstream media has completely ignored Trumps victory against ISIS a terrorist group funded and set-up by the Obama administration.   With the help of Russian and Syrian forces, Trumps successful battle against ISIS has [...]


Comey Used Fake Clinton-Funded Trump Dossier To Spy On Trump "IndyWatch Feed World"

Former FBI Director James Comey used the discredited Russian-Trump dossier as an excuse to secretly wiretap the Trump campaign.  The Washington Post admitted Tuesday that the phoney Russian-Trump dossier was funded by Hillary Clinton and [...]


Genderless FUTURE Jay Dyer on H.G. Wells Luciferian Open Conspiracy (Free Half) "IndyWatch Feed World"

A genderless from the FUTURE honors HG Wells, the prophet. Yes, the plan of the future is to live inside or above a Wal Mart, Target or Google City. Quite Literally. Moving on in our globalist books series, we cover HG Wells baffling and Satanic text, The Open Conspiracy. The 1935 text is a comparable companion to Bertrand Russells works and the rest of the Quigley Crew. The Open Conspiracy proposes the New World Order is itself the new religion of the future. The full talk can be obtained below.

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New World Order Prepare To Throw Clintons Under The Bus "IndyWatch Feed World"

The New World Order are preparing to throw Bill and Hillary under the bus as they realise that the criminal activity of the Clintons has hindered their agenda.  As evidence continues to be made public [...]


The Bad Science of Medical Cannabis "IndyWatch Feed World"

LAST YEAR DEDI MEIRI, A CANNABIS RESEARCHER AT THE TECHNION, ISRAELS OLDEST UNIVERSITY, RECEIVED A BEFORE AND AFTER VIDEO OF AN AUTISTIC BOY. The before showed the boy helmeted, hands tied behind his back, butting his head against a wall. The after showed him calmly sitting at a table, sketching. The difference: two drops of []


US Lawmakers Vote To Block Citizens From Suing Equifax "IndyWatch Feed World"

US lawmakers have voted to block citizens from being able to sue Equifax following the devastating hack last month.  The Senate voted last Tuesday night to strike a federal rule that would have allowed citizens [...]


Trey Gowdy Targets James Comey In New Clinton Investigation "IndyWatch Feed World"

South Carolina Republican Trey Gowdy has set his sights on former FBI Director James Comey as a new criminal investigation into Hillary Clintons use of a private email server commences.  Gowdy plans to haul Comey [...]


Congress Announce New Clinton, Obama Criminal Probes "IndyWatch Feed World"

Congress has announced a new criminal probe into the wrongdoings of former President Barack Obama and his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. The lawmakers announced the two new probes Tuesday, one of which will cover [...]


What No One Tells You About Treating Your Mental Illness With Pharmaceuticals "IndyWatch Feed World"

You know, there are so many things that we hear these days about taking pharmaceuticals for mental illness. We hear how it works, how there is no way that it could work, how its only meant to be a crutch, etc., etc. However, I can assure you that what I am going to say is not something you hear often.

I have battled with depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder for quite some time. Depression came first, though, which led to me being an expert guinea pig for my doctors to experiment on with their medications. And while I have let them intermittently pump me full of drugs, it never lasts very long.

The first time, I was around seventeen. And all I can remember thinking as the doctor changed my prescription each week, is that it didnt seem like the doctor took anything very seriously. Especially my health. I mean, I am not an expert by no means, but it cant be healthy for a teenager to be taking a new anti-depressant each week. The last straw for that stint was wanting to commit suicide more strongly than I ever had after that very same doctor gave me the maximum dosage of Zoloft.

After that, for years I just stayed away from the stuff. Yet, I continued to suffer through my symptoms with no help. By 21 I was ready for round two, and by the time I was 24 I was on eight different medications. Unfortunately, where that landed me was to a state of medically induced mania that almost ruined my life.

Now, dont get me wrong. Im not saying that drugs dont help. What I am saying, is that I couldnt agree more with the actor Jim Carrey when he commented on his Prozac use.

It feels like a low level of despair you live in where youre not getting any answers but your living ok and you can smile at the office, but its a low level of despair. Jim Carrey said regarding Prozac.

Carrey put it like a true pharmaceutical veteran. And it really got my wheels turning. Especially, now that I am on Prozac. And it helps, but its more of a crutch. Its something that pushes me out of the bed each day, but only so I can make it through. I had to wonder to myself, how on Earth did Carrey find the courage to get off the drugs for good? What pushed him to that point?

In his own words, I realized that everything was just okay.

At first glance, or upon hearing this for the first time, I was outraged. How dare he. The Prozac and Abilify cocktail I take each night saved my life. But did it really? Or will it eventually ruin my life, when the health repercussions finally catch up to the rest of my aging body?

Who knows?

With that being said, I truly thought about his words. What a madman. I thought.

However, after thinking about it for some time, and considering...


FBI: Stephen Paddocks Hard Drive Has Gone Missing "IndyWatch Feed World"

FBI investigators have admitted that a hard drive belonging to Stephen Paddock, which contained key information about the motive behind the attack, has gone missing. Investigators examining Paddocks laptop have said that the hard drive [...]


Corey Feldman Asks Public For Help Exposing Hollywood Pedophilia "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Derrick Broze Actor Corey Feldman has decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to help fund a movie exposing rampant pedophilia in Hollywood.  In the...


X22 Report, The Economy Is Collapsing One City At A Time "IndyWatch Feed World"

X22 Report, The Economy Is Collapsing One City At A Time
Related followup report:
X22 Report, The Dominoes Are Falling And It Doesn't Look Good For The Cabal


Nearly 60 Years On, The CIAs Secret LSD Experiments Have Been Revealed "IndyWatch Feed World"

Before LSD escaped the lab and was evangelized by hippies, the U.S. government was secretly testing the effects of the drug on hundreds of unsuspecting civilians. In 1951, a french town called Pont-Saint-Esprit, was hit by a mysterious outbreak of hallucinations that left five people dead and many others seriously ill. The outbreak was blamed []


Ron Paul Reminds Americans The US Military Is Occupying 53 of 54 African Nations "IndyWatch Feed World"

While many Americans are aware that the United States is at war in countries such as Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan because of the media attention given to those conflicts, the news that four U.S. soldiers were killed in Niger came as a surprise that left some asking the question, Since when is the U.S. at []


Talking Plant Magic | Catamara Rosarium "IndyWatch Feed World"


This week we are joined by master herbalist, ritual artist and educator, Catamara Rosarium. Catamara is the proprietor of Rosarium Blends and the co-founder of the Viridis Genii conference.

We talk plant magic, astrological timing, weeds, psychedelics and growing a poison garden. Great stuff.

***Show Notes***

Catamaras store, Rosarium Blends


Police Investigate After 65 Pounds of Weed Comes In From Couples Amazon Order "IndyWatch Feed World"

Theres a drug lord out there somewhere about to give an Amazon customer-service rep a piece of his mind. The online shopping giant unwittingly delivered 65 pounds of marijuana to an unsuspecting Florida couple, WFTV reported. The woman and her fianc who had actually ordered empty plastic storage bins said they knew something []


Moambique: missionrias contra os "ladres de terras" "IndyWatch Feed World"

24 Oct 2017 | IHU"Os proprietrios das empresas estrangeiras (bem como moambicanas), uma vez obtida uma concesso do governo, apossam-se pedao por pedao, hectare por hectare da cachamba' comunitria"


Hollywood Crumbles As Oscar Winning Director Suggests Cover Up of Widespread Pedophilia "IndyWatch Feed World"

In the wake of the public revelations regarding movie mogul Harvey Weinsteins repeated sexual abuse and misconduct, Oscar-winning writer-director Paul Haggis has now come forward to suggest that Hollywood is still covering up credible and serious allegations of pedophilia. While being interviewed by The Guardian over the weekend, Haggis intimated that although there has been []


Does thinning intensity affect the tracheid dimensions of Norway spruce? - Download PDF "IndyWatch Feed World"

Does thinning intensity affect the tracheid dimensions of Norway spruce? - Download PDF


Infliximab treatment results in the sustained reduction of inflammatory markers in the mucosa of patients with Crohns disease "IndyWatch Feed World"

Infliximab treatment results in the sustained reduction of inflammatory markers in the mucosa of patients with Crohns disease


Determination of metmyoglobin reductase activity in bovine skeletal muscles "IndyWatch Feed World"

Determination of metmyoglobin reductase activity in bovine skeletal muscles


Don't bend the aid rules: work with others to reform the aid system "IndyWatch Feed World"

The need for ad-hoc exemptions exposes the inadequacy of a framework that relies on national income per capita as an indication of need.


Crabs On Prozac! Apparently, Someone Had To Do It "IndyWatch Feed World"


If youve ever wondered what its like to be a crab and also be on Prozac, look no further. Scientists now have a detailed understanding of how the crustaceans act while doped up on the infamous anti-depressant.

The crabs drugged with Prozac were bad crabs too. At least according to the researchers who conducted the study. The researchers werent interested in finding the right dose of the antidepressant (generic name fluoxetine hydrochloride) to treat anxious or depressed crabs. They were instead interested in seeing how the drug, which makes its way into the crabs ocean home through contaminated runoff (like human urine), might affect the animals behavior, the study researchers said.

Thats pretty important research considering about 1600 people die every day from cancer. And what the researchers found wont impact anyones life in any meaningful way not even the crabs.  But nonetheless, they found that the bay shore crab (Hemigrapsus oregonensisstops hiding from its predators (someimes and maybe) when exposed to low levels of fluoxetine hydrochloride, the researchers wrote online September 30 in the journal Ecology and EvolutionSo the crabs proverbially grow a pair.  Ive seen people do this after one shot of tequila.

The changes we observed in their behaviors may mean that crabs living in harbors and estuaries contaminated with fluoxetine are at greater risk of predation and mortality, study researcher Elise Granek, a professor in the Department of Environmental Science and Management at Portland State University, said in a statement.

Fluoxetine is a class of antidepressant called an SSRI, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, meaning it indirectly boosts the amount of mood-altering serotonin available to the brain. Its designed to affect peoples brains in a way that can alleviate depressive symptoms. But past research has shown that when a persons fluoxetine-filled waste enters waterways, it can alter the shore crabs reproductive, molting, and digestive behaviors; it may even cause the crabs to abandon their nocturn...



Stephen Paddocks Brother Arrested For Child PornIn Hollywood "IndyWatch Feed World"

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. As the country attempts to understand why and how Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd of concertgoers earlier this month, most every overturned stone leads to new questions. Now, in a most bizarre move, police have arrested Paddocks brother, Bruce, for alleged possession of child pornography. The arrest []


"How to Handle Criticism" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"How to Handle Criticism"
by Jeff Keller

"There's no denying it:  criticism can (and often does) hurt.  But no matter what you do in life, you expose yourself to the possibility of being judged unfavorably. Even if you try to remain in the background, avoiding all confrontation, you still must make decisions- minor ones, maybe, like where you eat and what you wear. And, rest assured, not everyone will agree with your choices. So, since you are going to receive criticism no matter what, let's take a closer look at how you can best handle (and even benefit from) it! The next time you are criticized, consider the following points:

1. Criticism is often nothing more than a reflection of personal preference. Again, regardless of what you do, somebody won't like it. For instance, to get feedback from the audience at my seminars, I often hand out speaker evaluations. ...


Miami International Airport Signs on to Biometric ID for Travelers "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Nicholas West Over the past several months Ive been covering the incremental arrival of biometric identification at U.S. airports and a clear acceleration in...


"In This Life..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Many people don't fear a hell after this life and that's because hell is on this earth, in this life. In this life there are many forms of hell that people walk through, sometimes for a day, sometimes for years, sometimes it doesn't end. The kind of hell that doesn't burn your skin; but burns your soul. The kind of hell that people can't see; but the flames lap at your spirit. Heaven is a place on earth, too! It's where you feel freedom, where you're not afraid. No more chains. And you hear your soul laughing."
- C. JoyBell C.


We may have just seen the first comet from another solar system "IndyWatch Feed World"

An icy comet just hurtled past the sun on a strange path that suggests it came from outside out solar system, making it the first such interloper we've ever spotted


"Dont Worry, Everybody Else is Crazy Too" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Dont Worry, Everybody Else is Crazy Too" 
by David Cain

"Human beings make a big deal about being normal. Were probably the only species for which its normal to think youre not normal. Every society operates under thousands of unspoken rules, and when you break them people get nervous. There are acceptable and unacceptable ways to stand in line at the bank, order at restaurants, and answer the phone. There are appropriate and inappropriate birthday gifts, wedding toasts, and hugging styles.

Every type of social situation has its own subsection of laws and procedures. You can make everyone around you instantly uncomfortable just by facing the back wall while riding an elevator, or asking a fellow bus passenger if they want to hear a story.

Miraculously, most of us have learned most of these rules by the time we become adults, at least enough to fulfill our basic responsibilities without causing a scene. The moment kid...


First Jurassic ichthyosaur discovery in India "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video about ichthyosaurs is called Sea Reptile Birth Walking with Dinosaurs in HQ BBC.


First Jurassic ichthyosaur fossil found in India

The fish-like reptile was over five-meter long, likely ate ammonites and other crunchy prey

October 25, 2017

A new near-complete fossilized skeleton is thought to represent the first Jurassic ichthyosaur found in India, according to a study published October 25, 2017 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Guntupalli Prasad from the University of Delhi, India, and colleagues.

Ichthyosaurs, literally fish lizards in Greek, were large marine reptiles which lived alongside dinosaurs in the Mesozoic Era. While many ichthyosaur fossils have been found in North American and Europe, in the Southern Hemisphere, their fossil record has mostly been limited to South America and Australia.

Now, the authors of the present study report what they believe to be the first Jurassic ichthyosaur found in India, from the Kachchh area in Gujarat. The near-complete skeleton, nearly 5.5m long, is thought to belong to the Ophthalmosauridae family, which likely lived between around 165 and 90 million years ago. It was found among fossils of ammonites and squid-like belemnites, and its tooth wear patterns suggest it predated such hard, abrasive animals.

While the authors have not yet been able to pinpoint the ichthyosaurs species, they believe that a full identification could inform on possible ophthalmosaurid dispersal between India and South America. They hope that unearthing more Jurassic vertebrates in this region could provide further insights into the evolution of marine reptiles in this part of the globe.

Lead author Guntupalli Prasad notes: This is a remarkable discovery not only because it is the first Jurassic ichthyosaur record from India, but also it thr...


House Intel's subpoena for info on Trump dossier forces Fusion GPS to reveal who paid for it "IndyWatch Feed World"

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee added a notch to their belt Tuesday, with the bombshell revelation that the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee funded the infamous anti-Trump dossier. A series of subpoenas issued by the committee this month against the research firm, Fusion GPS, appear to have smoked out the client, who was identified by The Washington Post as Clinton campaign general counsel Marc Elias. "It's very obvious, understanding that they leaked a story to the Washington Post to try to get it out there with as sympathetic spin as possible on an absolutely terrible story for them and Democrats," speculated one source familiar with the House Intelligence Committee's activities. On Tuesday, a lawyer at Perkins Coie, where Elias is a partner, sent a letter to Fusion GPS's attorney relieving the firm of its confidentiality obligations regarding the dossier project. "In the circumstances," wrote Perkins Coie's Matthew Gehringer, "we believe it is appropriate to release Fusion GPS from this obligation as it relates to the identity of Perkins Coie." According to Gehringer, Fusion GPS approached Perkins Coie last March offering to continue its ongoing opposition research on Trump.

House Intel Committee issues subpoena and finds Clinton campaign manager paid for Trump/Russia dossier "IndyWatch Feed World"

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee added a notch to their belt Tuesday, with the bombshell revelation that the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee funded the infamous anti-Trump dossier. A series of subpoenas issued by the committee this month against the research firm, Fusion GPS, appear to have smoked out the client, who was identified by The Washington Post as Clinton campaign general counsel Marc Elias. "It's very obvious, understanding that they leaked a story to the Washington Post to try to get it out there with as sympathetic spin as possible on an absolutely terrible story for them and Democrats," speculated one source familiar with the House Intelligence Committee's activities. On Tuesday, a lawyer at Perkins Coie, where Elias is a partner, sent a letter to Fusion GPS's attorney relieving the firm of its confidentiality obligations regarding the dossier project. "In the circumstances," wrote Perkins Coie's Matthew Gehringer, "we believe it is appropriate to release Fusion GPS from this obligation as it relates to the identity of Perkins Coie." According to Gehringer, Fusion GPS approached Perkins Coie last March offering to continue its ongoing opposition research on Trump.


No Warrantless Searching of Our Emails, Chats, and Browser Data "IndyWatch Feed World"

(EFF)  Congress is poised to vote on extending or reforming NSA surveillance powers in the coming weeks, and one issue has risen to the forefront of the fight: backdoor searches. These are searches in which FBI, CIA, and NSA agents search through the communications of Americans collected by the NSA without a warrant. This practice violates the Fourth Amendment. But the government argues that since the NSA originally collected the communications under statutory surveillance powers, the government doesnt need a warrant to search through them later. This is a backdoor around the Constitutional rights that protect our digital communications.

But we have a chance to shut and lock that backdoor, so that government agents dont access the communications of Americans without proving probable cause to a judge.

The USA Liberty Act introduced this month is considered the most viable NSA reform package, and privacy champions on the Hill were able to insert some safeguards against warrantless search into the initial draft. FBI agents who know about a crime and are searching someones communications to obtain evidence and build up a case will have to go to a judge and get a warrant before accessing those communications. Thats a good step.

But it isnt the full reform we need. Thats because the USA Liberty Act wont extend the warrant protections to NSA or CIA agents, who we know routinely search this vast database of communications. If the FBI is merely poking around the database trying to look for criminal activity but isnt investigating a specific crime, they wont be required to get a warrant. And foreign intelligence gathering a notoriously broad and vague term in the governments parlance will also be exempt from this warrant requirement.

Accessing American communications should require a warrant from a judge. The reform in the USA Liberty Act is an effort to move in that direction, but it leaves a policy thats open to abuse. Under the current legislative draft, NSA agents can still read emails of Americans and pass tips to domestic law enforcement, all without judicial oversight.


EFF is asking members, friends, and concerned citizens to raise their voices over this issue....

Wednesday, 25 October


Chinese Chicken Alert For The USA "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Catherine J. Frompovich Who, in their right mind, ever would have thought the U.S. would be importing cooked Chinese chicken meat with all the...


In 7 days, CNN has devoted just 4 minutes to breaking story of Clinton Uranium One scandal "IndyWatch Feed World"

For the first seven days after Clinton/Russia/Uranium The Hill published startling new information about the scandal, the 24-hour cable news giant CNN had produced less than five minutes (3 minutes, 54 seconds) of actual news coverage about the case. From 7am ET October 17 through 7am ET October 24, CNN's reporters and anchors only mentioned the scandal twice: first, on October 19, after President Trump scolded reporters for failing to cover the story, anchor Wolf Blitzer offered a 19-second explanation of what Trump was talking about. Then, on October 20, Blitzer's 5pm Situation Room included an interview with an ex-Obama administration official, Jake Sullivan, who told Blitzer that Trump's charge of corruption against the Bill and Hillary Clinton "had no basis in fact." Blitzer, to his credit, at least pushed back, asking Sullivan about how "some of these Russians who were involved were giving the Clinton Foundation thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and Bill Clinton was going to Russia to deliver speeches for huge speaking fees?"

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