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Thursday, 22 March


Fearing for her life, Malta corruption whistleblower hands herself in to Greek policeShe had revealed informations to Daphne Caruana Galizia (Juliette Garside) "IndyWatch Feed World"

22/03/2018 - Maria Efimova surrenders in Greece after Malta and Cyprus issued European arrest warrants A whistleblower at the centre of a corruption scandal surrounding Maltas prime minister, Joseph Muscat, ...


SOTT FOCUS: Boris Johnson compares Russia hosting football World Cup with Nazi Germany hosting 1936 Olympics "IndyWatch Feed World"

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was today 'quizzed' by the British parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee regarding the Skripal spy poisoning scandal. Fielding the tamest 'questions' you'll ever heard asked of the foreign minister of a nuclear weapon-possessing government that is arguably on a war-footing with a major nuclear power, the roundtable wasn't so much an inquiry as a quarry of quislings grandstanding for the cameras. While one committee member lamented Russia's wilful campaign of "destroying the ties that bind" (the inglorious Western Order formerly known as the British Empire), Boris Johnson agreed with another's suggestion that Russia hosting the World Cup is tantamount to Hitler hosting the Olympics in 1936: "I think the comparison with 1936 is certainly right. It is an emetic prospect to think of Putin glorifying in this sporting event." (An emetic is something which causes vomiting.) That right there is why the Anglo-Americans have been going after Russia in the sporting arena since the Sochi Winter Olympics of 2014: just the thought of Russia being seen as another normal country, and thus 'enjoying' the cross-cultural benefits of same, literally makes them vomit.

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Wednesday, 21 March


"Just Look At Us..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. 
Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, 
universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, 
the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality."
 - Michael Ellner


"The Corporatocracy" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"The Corporatocracy"
by Robert Gore 

"The interests of Washington and large corporations have merged so completely they are now inseparable. Or was it an acquisition? If the latter, who acquired whom? Unfortunately, the labels affixed to purely corporate combinations lose their analytical usefulness here. While the two retain their own distinct legal structures and managements, so to speak, such a close community of interest has evolved that its no longer possible to separate them or delineate their individual contours. Political labels are no help; the ones most often used have become hopelessly imprecise. The Wikipedia definition of fascism is over 8,000 words, with 43 notes and 16 references.

However, the conjoined blob is so big, rapacious, and intrusive that akin to Justice Potter Stewarts famous non-definition of obscenity, everybody knows it when they see or otherwise come into contact with it. This article will use the term corporatocracy. Its less letters, dashes, and words to type than the corporate-government-combination. No serviceable understanding of either US history or current events is possible without close study of the corporatocracy...


'Whataboutism': The nonsensical propaganda word that's designed to defend the failed imperial status quo "IndyWatch Feed World"

If you spend any time on Twitter, you'll probably be familiar with the latest pathetic attempt to defend and insulate the U.S. status quo from criticism. It centers around the usage of an infantile and meaningless term, "whataboutism." Let's begin with one particularly absurd accusation of "whataboutism" promoted by NPR last year: When O'Reilly countered that "Putin is a killer," Trump responded, "There are a lot of killers. You got a lot of killers. What, you think our country is so innocent?" This particular brand of changing the subject is called "whataboutism" - a simple rhetorical tactic heavily used by the Soviet Union and, later, Russia. And its use in Russia helps illustrate how it could be such a useful tool now, in America. As Russian political experts told NPR, it's an attractive tactic for populists in particular, allowing them to be vague but appear straight-talking at the same time. The idea behind whataboutism is simple: Party A accuses Party B of doing something bad. Party B responds by changing the subject and pointing out one of Party A's faults - "Yeah? Well what about that bad thing you did?" (Hence the name.) It's not exactly a complicated tactic - any grade-schooler can master the "yeah-well-you-suck-too-so-there" defense. But it came to be associated with the USSR because of the Soviet Union's heavy reliance upon whataboutism throughout the Cold War and afterward, as Russia.


All On Board! "IndyWatch Feed World"

All On Board!
by Bill Bonner

"The Dow fluttered yesterday. The NASDAQ, too. Our guess is that the smart money is pulling out first. Paul Tudor Jones, Ray Dalio, Bill Gross - many Wall Street giants have already announced that they are turning bearish. The rest of the smart money keeps its mouth shutand wonders when to sell.

Federal Reserve to the Rescue: All markets go up an...


X22 Report, Future Proves Past, Everything Is About To Change "IndyWatch Feed World"

X22 Report, Future Proves Past, Everything Is About To Change
Related followup report:
X22 Report, The Central Bankers Just Pushed Back Against "The Plan


The Monetary System: Tyranny, Slavery, and Self-Destruction "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Monetary System

Downward slide into tyranny, slavery, and self-destruction

Source: The Final Wakeup Call

The Deep State Cartel

How does the current system work? It creates money out of thin air; controlled by the puppet-governments and central banksters; which ends up in the hands of Deep State cronies and the elite. It creates an economy that runs on credit, not real wealth or real output. It can only grow by increasing the level of debt, and is thereby damned to its own destruction. But, the Central Bankers wont impose self-restraint; instead, they facilitate more deficit spending; the Deep State needs it. There are only two major threats to this system;

  • Debt levels cannot increase infinitely. Sooner or later the whole system will blow up.
  • Political: A determined, disruptive politician might be able to slow it down, but will unlikely be able to reform it.
The system is the biggest financial fraud in the history of mankind. It has transferred, over the last four decades, at least $15 trillion from the people who earned it, to the rich and the Deep State elite, resulting in the total household debt climbing $193 billion in the fourth quarter of 2017 to a record $14.5 trillion. It has now risen for 14 consecutive quarters and five straight years. It now sits just shy of $500 billion more than the previous peak in the third quarter of 2008, that initiated the collapse and crisis of 2008.

Credit-card debt once again led the way. It rose 3.2% in a quarter to $834 billion. Student and auto loans increased 1.5% and 0.7%, respectively, to a record $1.38 trillion and $1.22 trillion. And even mortgage debt climbed substantially for the first time in several quarters, up 1.6% to $8.88 trillion.


Merkel begins new term as chancellor "IndyWatch Feed World"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says her new government will heal divisions in German society that have fuelled the far right.

Delivering her first government statement to parliament since beginning her fourth term last week, Merkel defended her 2015 decision to welcome more than one million migrants but said there could be no repeat of the influx.

Society had grown more divided and angst-ridden, said the chancellor, 63, whose fourth term is likely to be her last.

Something has changed in our country, she told the Bundestag lower house of parliament.

Although our country is doing well, although our economy is doing its best since reunification, many people are worried about the future.

Such angst, she conceded, hurt both her conservatives and their Social Democrat (SPD) coalition partners in last Septembers national election, when the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) surged into parliament for the first time.

The AfD now leads the opposition, with the two groups in parliament Merkels conservative bloc and the SPD allied in their ruling grand coalition.

She also charged her ministers with generating more cohesion in society at large, and without naming him put down her interior minister, Horst Seehofer, who last week told mass-selling newspaper Bild: Islam does not belong to Germany.

Merkel acknowledged Germanys Judo-Christian historical background, before adding to loud applause: Islam has become part of Germany.

She said Germany must secure its future in a reformed Europe that would keep friendly, close ties with Britain.

The post Merkel begins new term as chancellor appeared first on Echonetdaily.


US A-G seeks death penalty in drug cases "IndyWatch Feed World"

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has instructed federal prosecutors to seek the death penalty in drug-related cases whenever it is appropriate, saying the move is necessary to counter an epidemic of opioid abuse.

It follows a plan announced by President Donald Trump earlier this week that called for executing opioid dealers and traffickers.

The call has already sparked a backlash from criminal justice reform groups who say it is the wrong response to a public health crisis.

In the face of all of this death, we cannot continue with business as usual, Sessions said.

Drug traffickers, transnational criminal organisations, and violent street gangs all contribute substantially to this scourge. To combat this deadly epidemic, federal prosecutors must consider every lawful tool at their disposal, he added.

Critics say that greater use of the death penalty could greatly tie up resources at US Attorneys offices, because death penalty cases are more complex and take longer to move through the court system.

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Zuckerberg breaks silence on Facebook data "IndyWatch Feed World"

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in his first comments since the user-privacy crisis now engulfing the company broke, has admitted Facebook has made mistakes and outlined what it plans to do to restore trust with users.

News broke last Friday that Cambridge Analytica, a UK-based political data-analytics firm hired by the 2016 Trump campaign, got its hands on data for 50 million Facebook users without the users knowledge or consent.

Ive been working to understand exactly what happened and how to make sure this doesnt happen again. The good news is that the most important actions to prevent this from happening again today we have already taken years ago. But we also made mistakes, theres more to do, and we need to step up and do it, Zuckerberg wrote in a blog post Wednesday.

Heres what Zuckerberg said Facebook will do: First, it will investigate all apps that had access to large amounts of information before Facebook changed its platform to reduce data access in 2014.

Second, Facebook will restrict developers data access even further to prevent other kinds of abuse, according to Zuckerberg. For example, it will remove developers access to user data if you havent used their app in three months. Third, it will display a tool at the top of the News Feed with apps users have used and an easy way to revoke those apps permissions to your data.

Facebook says the researcher that supplied the data to Cambridge Analytica, going back to 2013, lied to Facebook and violated its policies. The company barred Cambridge Analytica and its parent company from using its platform, and also says it no longer allows third-party apps to captured data the way that was done in this case.

This was a breach of trust between [researcher Aleksandr] Kogan, Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, Zuckerberg wrote. But it was also a breach of trust between Facebook and the people who share their data with us and expect us to protect it. We need to fix that.

The scandal has drawn renewed scrutiny on Facebooks data-handling practices from lawmakers and regulators, led some users to call for a boycott (via the hashtag #DeleteFacebook) and prompted lawsuits from shareholders and users. It ignited a two-day selloff of Facebook stock, before shares recovered some ground Wednesday.

The post Zuckerberg breaks silence on Facebook data appeared first on Echonetdaily.


Sierra Leone replies to reports that blockchain powered the election "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sierra Leone electoral commission is seeking to clarify the limited extent to which blockchain technology was the recent presidential elections.


Sierra Leone replies to reports that blockchain powered the election "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sierra Leone electoral commission is seeking to clarify the limited extent to which blockchain technology was the recent presidential elections.


Anonymous Patriots: Evening Truth News Headlines -- March 21, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"


MARCH 21, 2018 | 5:07 PM

Source: Aim 4 Truth | By ANONYMOUS PATRIOTS





Thomas has some recommendations for how to handle foreign agent and enemy of the state Christopher Steele. He also describes the relationship of SES to SERCO and the Queen of England.


All smilesthese two chums. Sent in from a reader who said the only picture he ever saw of Brennan smiling was in this picture with pal Mueller. Looks like a great picture waiting for a meme. Send us your creations.



5 takeaways from First Drafts identifying misinformation course "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new online course from First Draft helps journalists use free tools to track down, source and verify information they find online.

 A video appears to show regime planes bombing civilians in Syria; someone who looks much like a beloved professor appears holding a torch at a neo-Nazi rally. If credible, these are leads. But how do we know if they are credible?

A new online course from First Draft introduces cutting-edge tools for verifying imagery and claims made online, especially by social media accounts. First Draft our partner across the hall at Harvards Shorenstein Center is leading the development of curricula to help journalists navigate the thorny world of social media.

First Drafts course, which is free, is built around a number of internet plugins and tools that anyone can use to trace a video or photos provenance, test for manipulation, trace someones online footprint, or verify the date in an image files metadata. But it is much more than a list of tools: Clare Wardle and her team demonstrate how to use each, with examples.

Here are five takeaways from the course (in no special order):

1: Viral videos: Be skeptical

When suicide bombers attacked the Brussels airport in 2016, a video quickly circulated online purporting to show the aftermath. Journalists jumped on it and credited the woman who tweeted it. But she had simply posted the video to Twitter, she later wrote; someone else had shot it. Indeed, as this example shows, imagery may first appear on closed messaging applications, like WhatsApp or Telegram, and only later emerge on Facebook or YouTube. In other cases, you can find many scrapes (versions) of the same video on YouTube. How do you know which is original or where it really came from? Be skeptical, First Draft warns: The problem is that you dont have the name of the person who originally captured the content; you often also dont have the right date.

2: Provenance

What if were not sure a video is authentic? Taking the example of an alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria in April 2017, First Draft uses a numb...


"Anyway..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Anyway, no drug, not even alcohol, causes the fundamental ills of society.
If we're looking for the source of our troubles, we shouldn't test people for drugs,
we should test them for stupidity, ignorance, greed and love of power."
- P. J. O'Rourke


Why 55 U.S. Senators Voted for Genocide in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed World"

Tuesdays debate and vote in the U.S. Senate on whether to end (technically whether or not to vote on whether to end) U.S. participation in the war on Yemen can certainly be presented as a step forward. While 55 U.S. Senators voted to keep the war rolling along, 44 voted not to table the resolution to end it. Of those 44, some, inclu...


Why the UK, the EU and the US Gang-Up on Russia "IndyWatch Feed World"

For the greater part of a decade the US, the UK and the EU have been carrying out a campaign to undermine and overthrow the Russia government and in particular to oust President Putin. Fundamental issues are at stake including the real possibility of a nuclear war.

The most recent western propaganda campaign and one of the most virulent is the charge launched by the UK regime of Prime Minister Theresa May. The Brits have claimed that Russian secret agents conspired to poison a former Russian double-agent and his daughter in England , threatening the sovereignty and safety of the British people. No evidence has ever been presented. Instead the UK expelled Russian diplomats and demands harsher sanctions, to increase tensions. The UK and its US and EU patrons are moving toward a break in relations and a military build-up.

A number of fundamental questions arise regarding the origins and growing intensity of this anti-Russian animus.

Why do the Western regimes now feel Russia is a greater threat then in the past? Do they believe Russia is more vulnerable to Western threats or attacks? Why do the Western military leaders seek to undermine Russias defenses? Do the US economic elites believe it is possible to provoke an economic crisis and the demise of President Putins government? What is the strategic goal of Western policymakers? Why has the UK regime taken the lead in the anti-Russian crusade via the fake toxin accusations at this time?

This paper is directed at providing key elements to address these questions.

The Historical Context for Western Aggression

Several fundamental historical factors dating back to the 1990s account for the current surge in Western hostility to Russia.

First and foremost, during the 1990s the US degraded Russia, reducing it to a vassal state, and imposing itself as a unipolar state.

Secondly, Western elites pillaged the Russian economy, seizing and laundering hundreds of billions of dollars. Wall Street and City of London banks and overseas tax havens were the main beneficiaries

Thirdly, the US seized and took control of the Russian electoral process, and secured the fraudulent election of Yeltsin.

Fourthly, the West degraded Russias military and scientific institutions and advanced their armed forces to Russias borders.

Fifthly, the West insured that Russia was unable to support its allies and independent governments throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Russia was unable to aid its allies in the Ukraine, Cuba, North Korea, Libya etc.

With the collapse of the Yeltsin regime and the election of President Putin, Russia regained its sovereignty, its economy recovered, its armed forces and scientific institu...


Los Angeles Sheriffs Department Launches Massive Facial Recognition Program "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Derrick Broze The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department recently announced they have adopted a massive biometric system in an effort to fight crime. The...


Algeria under Snow "IndyWatch Feed World"

Snow is back on several wilayas in the north of the country: Tizi Ouzou, Bejaia, Stif, Mda... On the video posted on social networks, we can see motorists progressing with difficulty on the road between Addekar and Yakouren, in Tizi Ouzou.


FOURTH March Nor'easter dumps 8 inches of snow on Washington, DC - Thousands of flights cancelled, Federal govt closed "IndyWatch Feed World"

United States government offices in Washington, DC closed due to heavy snow, the Office of Personal Management (OPM) said on Wednesday. "Federal offices in the Washington, DC area are closed. Emergency and telework-ready employees required to work must follow their agency's policies, including written telework agreements," OPM said in a statement. The snowfall began late Tuesday and is expected to strengthen throughout the day. The National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Warning for the Washington area, forecasting up to 8 inches (21 cm) of snow.


Craig Murray: On being a dissenting voice in the UK "IndyWatch Feed World"

I just thought I might give you a little taste of what it means to your personal life to express dissent from the government line in the UK in 2018. Let me start with this combined effort from the UK's most popular website, Guido Fawkes, which fanatically supports the government, and the Blairite crew at "The Guardian". The red ink is original. Now it is true that, when I was sacked as Ambassador by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for blowing the whistle on extraordinary rendition and the Blair government's misuse of intelligence from torture, I went into a terrible depression and voluntarily spent ten days or so in St Thomas Hospital (not a mental illness facility) for treatment. I have never tried to keep this secret, indeed it is a major part of my memoir "Murder in Samarkand". It is also true, as I have always acknowledged, that I have had other less serious depressive episodes treated at home and been diagnosed as bipolar since I was 20. That we stigmatise anybody who has ever had a mental illness, write them off and view their views, on anything, as invalid, is an attitude I had hoped we had moved past last century. Indeed, if this hatchet job was done on anybody writing within the Overton window, then the Guardian would be dedicating editorials to condemning it. We have in fact moved to the old Soviet position, where disagreement with the official line equals mental illness. I quite confess this sort of thing does in fact hurt me - if you cut me, do I not bleed?


German TV interview with illiterate polygamous Syrian 'refugee' shocks viewers "IndyWatch Feed World"

German media reported recently on a 32-year-old Syrian, who lives with six children - a seventh is expected soon - and his two wives in Pinneberg. Although polygamy is strictly banned under German law, Ahmad adheres to Sharia law with German regulatory approval. During the Spiegel TV interview with the Syrian, he only granted his wives permission to speak after a while. The women barely had a say in the report. It seems that the only thing they were allowed to say was to express their satisfaction with their promised fate. Ahmad, an illiterate, and his wives are also satisfied with the apartment financed by the German taxpayer. In the single bedroom - so we learn - the three do not sleep together, but in succession. Being a second wife is obviously a shift worker job. Ahmad wishes for four wives and 10 to 20 children and would eventually need a larger flat. His third future wife still lives in Syria. For the fourth wedding, the illiterate imagines wedding a German woman, provided she is a Muslim. She may even be only 13, as was the case with one of his current wives.


Doctor Receives Four Years in Prison as Historic Opioid Trial Moves Forward "IndyWatch Feed World"

A disgraced doctor is on his way to prison for his role in Americas opioid crisis as the largest trial dealing with the crisis unfolds.

The United States has been grappling with what has come to be known as an Opioid Epidemic, with hundreds of people dying every day due to opiate-related overdoses. The tragic circumstances have caused the Trump administration to issue calls for the death penalty to be used against drug dealers. The U.S. government, the medical establishment, and the judicial system are each formulating a strategy for how to deal with the crisis.

Amidst this chaotic scene, some doctors are beginning to receive punishment for contributing to the deaths of drug-addicted individuals. Earlier this month, a Rhode Island doctor was sentenced to more than four years in prison after he confessed to taking bribes from Insys Therapeutics, producer of Subsys, a powerful fentanyl-based cancer spray. U.S. District Judge John McConnell in Providence, Rhode Island, punished Jerrold Rosenberg for falsely diagnosing patients with cancer in order to get insurance approval for prescribing Subsys. Reuters reported that between 2012 and 2015 Rosenberg was paid $188,000 by Insys in the form of speaking fees. In addition to jail time, Rosenberg is ordered to pay $754,736 in restitution to victims. Rosenberg is not alone in facing prosecution for his role. Reuters reports that federal prosecutors in Boston have accused seven former executives and managers at Insys, including billionaire founder John Kapoor, of participating in a scheme to bribe doctors to prescribe Subsys and to defraud insurers into paying for it.

There will likely be more indictments and sentences for those involved in the legal drug industry. Judge Dan Aaron Polster of the Northern District of Ohio has recently been tasked with resolving more than 400 federal lawsuits filed by cities, counties, and Native tribes against manufacturers of the opioids, the distributors, and the pharmacies which sell the drugs. These companies include Purdue Pharma, Johnson & Johnson, McKesson, Cardinal Health, Walgreens and CVS health. Judge Polster is now dealing with the cases under a process known as multidistrict litigation, or MDL. The...


Unidentified Sea Creature That Resembles the Lochness Monster Recently Washed Up On A U.S. Beach "IndyWatch Feed World"

Part of what seems to be quite a mysterious sea creature recently washed up on a beach in Georgia here in the US. This unidentified mass was found within the Wolf Island National Wildlife Refuge.

These findings were first reported by First Coast News. Apparently, a man by the name of Jeff Warren was out on a boat with his son when they found what they described as a loch ness monster. Now, to begin with, they thought it was merely a dead seal but as they got closer they realized it was not quite what it seemed. The two were able to take a photo and even capture a video of this interesting washed up creature that I will add below.

This sea creature has not yet been identified by any kind of marine life expert but some believe it could be a frilled shark or something of the sort. Dwight Gale told First Coast News that they see sturgeon sharks all the time that swim in groups along the top of the water that many people think is the Altamaha-ha. Altamaha-ha for those who are not aware, is a sea creature that has been somewhat of a local legend to the area.

While some believe this could really be some kind of strange creature or decomposing shark others are not so convinced NationalGeographic reported as follows:


Other scientists arent convinced the Georgia creature is any sort of animal at all.

That could easily be faked. We think someones playing a joke on us, says marine biologist Quinton White from Jacksonville University. White says he and his colleagues deliberated on what the remains might be. Weve never seen anything like it. There arent really signs of decomposition, and it looks remarkably intact.

Adding to the skepticism is a local legend called the Altamaha-ha. The Lochness-like monster is a popular feature in some Georgia folklore, and the beached specimen shows similarities to artists renderings of the beast.

I am convinced the sea creature is a constructed model of a baby Altamaha-ha Monster, says John Crawfish Crawford, a naturalist at the University of Georgias marine center. Crawford notes that the remains were found, near the ground zero habitat of that mythical creature.

If the specimen were the decomposed remains of a real d...


Law firm boss quits after communications of a sexual nature "IndyWatch Feed World"

Bill Voge, the managing partner and chair of US legal giant Latham & Watkins, has quit after engaging in communications of a sexual nature with a woman outside the law firm.

American citizen Voge joined Latham in 1983 and was elected to lead the firms City office in 2015.

In a personal statement, Voge said: It is with great sorrow that I step down as chair and managing partner of Latham & Watkins. I made a personal mistake for which I bear considerable fault and humiliation. I deeply regret my lapse of judgement and I am sorry for the distress and embarrassment I have caused my family, friends, and colleagues.

My conduct falls well below the personal and professional standards I have tried to uphold throughout my entire career. My disappointment in myself is all the more acute because this lapse does not represent who I am and what I believe, and because I have let down our firm and its people, all of whom I so deeply cherish and respect.

Voges conduct was found not befitting the leader of the firm. Latham & Watkins recently became the worlds first law firm to exceed $3bn in annual revenue, with profits per equity partner growing 6 per cent to $3.25m.


Scottish comedian who made hilarious video of pet pug giving Nazi salutes convicted of 'hate crime' "IndyWatch Feed World"

A man who taught his girlfriend's pet pug to give Nazi salutes and then posted the footage on YouTube, has been found guilty of a hate crime. Mark Meechan, of Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, will be sentenced in April after a Scottish court found him guilty of communicating a "grossly offensive" video. The 30-year-old taught his girlfriend's pug to react to the words "gas the Jews", which he repeated 23 times in the short video that he uploaded to his YouTube channel last year.


The Federal Reserve Hiked Interest Rates And Raised GDP Forecast Again "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Federal Reserve just raised interest rates again for the sixth time since the policymaking Federal Open Market Committee began raising rates off near-zero in December 2015. The economic outlook has strengthened in recent months, the committee said in its post-meeting statement.

But the truth is, a hike in interest rates, albeit small, could affect those who already live paycheck to paycheck by forcing them into a dire financial situation of having to choose to pay the higher rates or paying another bill. But central bankers dont care. Its not their job to care about the public.

Central bankers, led by Jerome Powell in his first meeting as chairman, approved the widely expected quarter-point hike that puts the new benchmark funds rate at a target of 1.5 percent to 1.75 percent. The funds rate is closely tied to interest rates, which will rise soon on the heels of this decision, according to CNBC.

Along with the increase came another upgrade in the Feds economic forecast, and a hint that the path of rate hikes could be more aggressive. The market currently expects three hikes for 2018, and that remained the baseline forecast, but at least one more increase was added in the following two years. The economic outlook has strengthened in recent months, the committee said in its post-meeting statement, a sentence that had not been in previous releases. The language came even though the committee said earlier in the statement that economic activity has been rising at a moderate rate, a seeming downgrade from Januarys characterization of a solid rate.

But many financial experts are sounding alarms and asking that we take a step back and ponder whats really going on in the markets. Sure, the Fed and the media all claim the economy is doing great but is it really? Financial guru Peter Schiff, who accurately predicted the 2008 recession says rising interest rates will not be a good sign for this unstable and highly volatile economy. The bubble has to burst sometime, and rising rates could do it.

The Fed were dragging their feet in raising rates while Obama was president. They talked about raising rates but at the end of the day, they...


'Another Deepwater Horizon oil disaster is just a matter of time': Critics respond to new offshore oil lease sale "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Trump administration has held the biggest lease sale of oil and gas in US history. Environmentalists fear the auction will massively expand fossil fuel production and could lead to the next Deepwater disaster. President Donald Trump on Wednesday sold more than 77 million acres of federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico for offshore oil drilling, an area twice the size of Florida. The lease sale forms part of the Trump administration's plans to increase domestic energy production by opening up new areas for oil drilling. Oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico became increasingly controversial after the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010, which killed 11 workers and released millions of barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The catastrophe caused $17.2 billion-worth of damage to natural resources, according to a study in 2017 commissioned by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Critics of the sale fear the expansion in offshore drilling could devastate marine life and lead to roll-backs in environmental protections. "Trump is selling off our oceans and selling out coastal communities and marine life to the oil industry," said Kristen Monsell, oceans program legal director at the Center for Biological Diversity.


Medical Doctor Apologizes For Vaccine Ignorance "IndyWatch Feed World"

A brave physician has spoken out factually about vaccines. Dr.Daniel Neides was neither anti-vaccine nor 100% pro-vaccine, but simply wanted an honest discussion about vaccines. He was fired after writing an article which questioned vaccine [...]


Mercury Retrograde is Coming March 22, And Its Bringing a Time of Chaos and Confusion "IndyWatch Feed World"

Known as the Planet of Communication, Mercury is associated with all things related to how we express ourselves and communicate with one another, as well as our thought processes, logic, and reasoning. This is the energy that influences our relationships, our quick thinking, and our ability to rationalize the world around us.

When Mercury is working in our favor, it empowers us to communicate to others with ease and clarity, as well as to view possibilities that extend outside the box, improving our ability to problem solve difficult situations.

Approximately 3-4 times each year, however, Mercury turns retrograde. This means that the position of the planet relative to the Earth creates the impression that it is actually moving backward through space. While the actual movement is an optical illusion, Mercury Retrograde does have an impact on the energies that the planet brings all of us here under its influence. For this reason, it is important to acknowledge when this shift is happening, and how it may impact our lives.

The next Mercury Retrograde will occur from March 22nd to April 15th and will happen in the bold, fiery and often volatile sign of Aries. While this time regularly brings miscommunication and confusion, the influence of Aries is going to take this specific Mercury Retrograde to a whole new level.

Source: Astrology Zone


This period of time is going to be influenced by wild, impulsive and chaotic influences. A basic miscommunication will be turned completely upside down, making it near impossible to communicate anything of importance to the people around you. Furthermore, this constant confusion will create frustration, causing conflict between people who may have otherwise interacted without issue. While we may be more understanding of those that we know best, such as our closest friends and family members, this frustration can spell great difficulties in regard to acquaintances in our lives, such as co-workers and neighbors.



The Story of the Goddess Persephone, And Why the Seasons Continue to Change "IndyWatch Feed World"

Have you ever wondered why the seasons changed at all? Well, I guess the reason for this might vary depending on who you ask.

According to Greek Mythology, the reason why the seasons change is because of Hades and his need to lock away the woman he fell for. For anyone who may not be quite as aware, Hades in Greek Mythology was/is the god of the Underworld. He was a son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea.

Persephone the young woman Hades fell for was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter (who both also happened to be Hades siblings). Demeter had an obsessed type of love for her daughter and would keep all men away from her but one day, Hades decided to steal her and lock her away in the Underworld. One day, while she was playing and picking flowers with her friends in a valley the Earth under her feet, began to come open and Hades rode through on his chariot to take her down into the Underworld. This happening so quickly her friends saw nothing and she was gone before she could even let out a scream.

It is thought that off in the distance her father Zeus and his brother Helios witnessed this event but did nothing as to not cause a fight but some people do not believe they were aware until later. Demeter, who was distraught once she learned of her daughters disappearance, wandered the Earth looking for her until it was revealed to her that Hades had indeed kidnapped her. Because Demeter was so upset she no longer carried out her duties as the goddess of harvest and fertility. This meaning that the Earth itself began to dry up and harvests failed.

Having decided this could no longer be ignored Zeus set out to make things right. While in the Underworld Persephone was kept in an ornately decorated room and brought all kinds of foods but refused to eat. She had heard that should you eat anything from the realm of Hades you would never be able to leave. She wanted to get back home to her mother so she held out as long as she was able to until the hunger was just too much.

Persephone ended up eating just a few pomegranate seeds but that was more than enough to seal her fate in some form, tying her to the Underworld itself. Zeus was able to work out a compromise in the end. Persephone would spend half months with her mother and the other half with her husband. This meaning the time that she spent in the Underworld would be winter on earth. She would go back and forth from the Underworld and Earth. Persephone did become the wife of Hades but was also able to leave the Underworld at least for a little while so in the end not all was lost.

What do you think about this? I for one find it to be a bit fascinating....


MSM says Facebook is facing its biggest crisis ever and Zuckerberg is blowing it "IndyWatch Feed World"

Facebook breach has caused people to wake up, says tech expert Facebook is facing an existential test, and its leadership is failing to address it. Good leaders admit mistakes, apologize quickly, show up where they're needed and show their belief in the company by keeping skin in the game. Facebook executives, in contrast, react to negative news with spin and attempts to bury it. Throughout the last year, every time bad news has broken, executives have downplayed its significance. Look at its public statements last year about how many people had seen Russian-bought election ads - first it was 10 million, then it was 126 million. Top execs dodged Congress when it was asking questions about Russian interference. They are selling their shares at a record clip. The actions of Facebook execs now recall how execs at Nokia and Blackberry reacted after the iPhone emerged. Their revenues kept growing for a couple years -- and they dismissed the threats. By the time users started leaving in droves, it was too late.


10 Mystical Signs that Indicate Your Soul Is Becoming Cosmically Aligned With the Universe "IndyWatch Feed World"

When it comes to aligning more with the Universe itself we have to understand that we must also align in some ways with the living world. If we do not work on our connections with this planet in itself we will never truly be able to connect on the level we want to with all celestial spaces.

If you want to know whether or not you are truly achieving these things you should look for the signs below in yourself and your life. If these things apply to you then you are on the right track. While you may not think you are getting very far sometimes we are doing far more than we realize.

10 Magical Signs Your Soul is Becoming More Aligned with This Living World and All Celestial Spaces:

1. You accept change openly.

You have realized now that change is important and unavoidable. You accept it openly and do not hide from it. You want nothing more than to grow in all possible ways.

2. You realize how powerful your thoughts can be.

You know now that everything in the world has its own energy. This includes your thoughts. You are aware that putting negativity into the world has its own consequences.

3. You pay attention to nature.

You have come to understand nature now more than ever. You pay attention to the animals and the beautiful things that surround you. You no longer waste time ignoring the things that matter the most in this world.

4. You are aware of your vibration.

You know that everything vibrates on its own level and you are working to ensure your vibration is where it needs to be. You are no longer ignoring the obvious and instead are constantly bettering yourself. This is one of the biggest steps there are to becoming more aligned.

5. You feel truly alive.

You feel like you are finally truly living your life. Everything is beginning to make sense and nothing is out of place like it has been in the past. Your meaning is beginning to present itself in many ways.

6. You protect your personal energy.

You are aware of your personal energy and the energies around you. You are able to work through yourself now to ensure your personal energy is not affected by others. Your energy is your own and it is always enclosed within a white light.

7. You are responsible for your words as well as your actions.

You know that the things you say and do are your responsibility. If you do or say something wrong you own up to it. You do not play the blame game and you do not waste time putting off apologies.



Restaurant Patrons Fight Back Against Cop As He Savagely Beats Autistic 12 Year Old Girl UFC-Style "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Texas deputy has been fired and charged with multiple crimes after a nightmarish scene unfolded at a barbecue restaurant earlier this month. Restaurant patrons reacted first with shock and then with violence as deputy Jack Danfordunprovokedattacked an innocent 12-year-old girl with autism as she reached down to pet a puppy. According to court documents, Danford []


Ukraine cancels economic agreement with Russia, their biggest trade partner "IndyWatch Feed World"

Kiev announced the cancellation of its economic cooperation agreement with Moscow on Wednesday. The deal was signed in 2011 before the Maidan revolution, and was to be implemented by 2020. "It was adopted unanimously," Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said. Kiev explained the move by saying it was putting the "national interests of the country" first. Earlier, Groisman told the local Channel 112 that Ukraine "will do everything to ensure that the aggressor country (meaning Russia) pays a high price for aggression in Ukraine."


Surveillance Capitalism and the State: Facebook Devastated on Multiple Fronts as Data Theft Crisis Grows "IndyWatch Feed World"

MENLO PARK, CALIFORNIA Facebook continues to face an unprecedented crisis of plunging share prices, investor lawsuits, calls for government investigations, and a consumer boycott following the revelation that a massive trove of user information was taken without authorization by right-wing political operatives who engaged in a campaign of psychographic targeting against U.S. voters.

The campaign was funded by far-right Republican mega-donor and hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer and disgraced former Trump advisor Steve Bannon.

California-based Facebook, Inc. is reeling from the discovery, as well as from claims that it ignored the massive data breach despite knowing about it for two years. Beside raising hard questions about Facebooks policies regarding profile data, its retention and its use by private commercial interests, some are questioning whether the social media and advertising behemoth or even the tech industry as a whole can survive the storm of controversy. Even Twitter and Snapchat have seen their stocks tumble as rival Facebook takes it on the chin.

Following a long and conspicuou...


Huge snowfalls for March at ski resorts in Spain "IndyWatch Feed World"

March has been a snowy month in Europe, continuing on a very snowy winter across most ski areas, but unusually one part of the continent appears to have been receiving more snow than any other: Spain. More than 30 ski areas are located across Spain and although the majority, including most of the largest centres, are in the Pyrenees in the Southeast, this time the really big snowfalls have been occurring in the country's northerly Cantabrian Mountains which stretch for over 300 km (180 miles) across northern Spain, as well as to the west on the Portugese border. The latest figures this week show up to 85cm (nearly three feet) of snow since Sunday.


Magnesium is a safe and effective way to treat mild to moderate depression "IndyWatch Feed World"

Over-the-counter magnesium is a safe and effective way to treat mild to moderate depression, a new study suggests. The mineral magnesium has already been linked to lower inflammation and improvements in depression. Now a new randomised controlled trial has tested the effects of magnesium chloride supplements compared with no treatment. For the research, half of 126 people with mild to moderate depression were given 248mg of magnesium chloride per day for six weeks. After just two weeks, some positive effects of the supplement could be seen. Those taking magnesium had clinically significant improvements over the six weeks.


Russias Political Repression of Crimeas Radical Left "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russias annexation of Crimea was purportedly an exercise in free political expression, a watershed moment in history when a historic part of Russia returned to the motherland against the backdrop of a fascist putsch in Ukraine. Indeed, Crimeas reunification (in Kremlin lingo) with Russia was sold, at least in part, as a humanitarian operation to restore order, secure Russias strategic interests, and protect the rights of Russians in Crimea.

And while no one can deny that Russia did indeed protect its strategic interests (e.g. Black Sea naval fleet), the claim that Crimeas return to Russia brought political freedoms is tenuous at best. Russian media may portray Crimea as a tranquil and politically free region of the Russian Federation, but the reality is that serious political repression of leftists is ongoing there. And there is barely a whisper about it in international media, even among the radical left.


Anarchists, Marxists Targeted by the Russian State

An undated photo of Alexei Shestakovich

An undated photo of Alexei Shestakovich.

On the morning of November 14, 2017, Valery Bolshakov, Chairman of the Workers Union of Sevastopol and member of the Russian United Labor Front awoke to his front door being kicked in by Russian authorities, with the inscription of Berkut on one sleeve, and the chevron of Rosgvardia emblazoned on the other. That these were Russian internal security forces was self-evident. He was beaten before being detained, with even an examining doctor recommending he be hospitalized for his injuries; he was refused further medical attention. During this time, the officers seized Valerys phone and computer, as well as a trove of documents related to political activities that he, his organization, and their contacts were involved in.

Naturally, were this simply an isolated incident, it would likely be of minor note. However, what has taken place in the intervening period amounts to a significant push by Russian authorities to repress, if not totally destroy, active leftist communities, especially of anarchists who have only tenuous connections to Bolshakov and other Marxists.

Alexei Shestakovich, an anarchist from Sevastopol, was detained by Russian authorities on March 1, 2018 for posting two son...



May ambushed in parliament for Tories' extensive links to shady Cambridge Analytica "IndyWatch Feed World"

Theresa May was ambushed in parliament over Tory links to shady political research firm Cambridge Analytica (CA). It's reported that the party received more than 700,000 ($985,000) in donations from a director of the company. During Prime Minister's Questions, SNP leader Ian Blackford asked May if she agreed that "subverting the democratic political process is unacceptable." May replied that this was something that "everyone in the house [parliament] would accept." Blackford then listed the Tory-CA ties for MPs, stating "... that the parent company of CA... has been run by a chairman of Oxford Conservative Association. Its funding chairman was a former Conservative MP. A director has donated over 700,000 to the Tory party. A former Conservative Party treasurer is a shareholder. We know the links to the Conservative Party go on and on." Theresa May assured her fellow MP that there are "no current contracts" between the Tory party and CA or its parent company SCL Group - formerly known as Strategic Communication Laboratories.


US threat to sanction European firms involved in Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline "IndyWatch Feed World"

The US State Department has issued a warning over probable penalties against corporations engaged in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, claiming that the Russian project undermines energy security in Europe. "As many people know, we oppose the Nord Stream 2 project, the US government does,"State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said during a news briefing. "We believe that the Nord Stream 2 project would undermine Europe's overall energy security and stability. It would provide Russia [with] another tool to pressure European countries, especially countries such as Ukraine." The pipeline project was started in 2015 as a joint venture between Russia's Gazprom and its European partners, including France's Engie, Austria's OMV, German Uniper and Wintershall, as well as British-Dutch multinational Royal Dutch Shell. The pipeline, running from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea, is set to double the existing pipeline's capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year.


May accused of repetitious 'lies' over police spending in parliament "IndyWatch Feed World"

Theresa May has repeated her claim in the Commons that the government is providing an extra 450 million in funding to police forces, just a day after that the assertion was rejected by the UK's stats watchdog. During Prime Minister's Questions, the Tory leader was asked how she was addressing the lack of resources at the police's disposal. She responded that the government is protecting budgets for the next year, with 450 million ($632 million) going towards police spending for 2018-19. May's remarks stirred criticism on social media. Twitter users were quick to point out that she had repeated a claim that was officially debunked just a day before. The UK Statistics Authority concluded on Tuesday her claim was "misleading." May repeatedly made the assertion in the Commons last month, but chair of the watchdog Sir David Norgrove ruled it "could have led the public to conclude incorrectly" that the government was effectively spending that money on the police.


FARA not 'far' enough, US lawmakers invent new ways to brand RT and Sputnik as propaganda "IndyWatch Feed World"

US lawmakers are suggesting new ways to brand RT and Sputnik as "propaganda," believing registration as 'foreign agents' is not enough. RT is already being censored by having its access to Capitol Hill denied. Concerned that Americans may be watching "foreign propaganda" (or something different than what is offered on the mainstream media menu) Representatives Seth Moulton (D-MA) and Elise Stefanik (R-NY) introduced the Countering Foreign Propaganda Act. In practice, it would force RT to do even more reporting to the US government than it currently does under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) and will also force it to broadcast every 30 minutes a message saying it is funded by, and is "under editorial control" of, a foreign government. Apparently, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will also be the arbiter of who is under editorial control and who is not, because the BBC and France 24 would not be forced to disclose the origins of their funding, according to Foreign Policy (FP) - presumably, because their messaging is simply accidentally, sort of, in line with that of the British and French governments respectively.


Trump and Putin in agreement that arms race is 'undesirable' "IndyWatch Feed World"

The presidents of Russia and the US discussed a possible arms race involving the two nations, and agreed that such an outcome was not desired by either, the Kremlin has confirmed. The subject was discussed by Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump in a phone call on Tuesday, a Kremlin spokesman told journalists on Wednesday. "There was an agreement between the two leaders during their conversation that an arms race would be undesirable," Dmitry Peskov said. He added that no potential arms-reduction agreements were discussed by the two leaders. Earlier, President Trump announced that he will meet President Putin "in the not too distant future to discuss the arms race, which is getting out of control." The US and Russia have both announced improvements to their respective defense capabilities. The Trump administration asked lawmakers for additional funding for the American military, part of which would be spent on upgrading its nuclear arsenal. The latest US Nuclear Posture Review proposed developing new nuclear weapon delivery systems, as well as creating a tactical-size nuclear warhead.


Israel and US preparing 'May madness' on numerous fronts "IndyWatch Feed World"

The month of May is shaping up to be "May Madness," a take on the "March Madness" of collegiate basketball. According to Israel's intelligence and political echelons, President Donald Trump's policies will be tested in May on numerous fronts that have implications for Israel's national security. To these assessments one must add the mounting rumors, mainly in the Arab world, about a possible aerial assault - by the United States or Israel or both of them together - against Iranian forces in Syria. There is no evidence, however, to support the rumor. No official source has mentioned an anticipated attack, but the issue has been discussed intently in almost all the nerve centers of the Middle East. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told the Security Cabinet his opinion that Trump will probably withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran before a May 12 deadline on sanctions waivers for Iran. It had been said that Israel faces a dilemma concerning Iran's growing presence in Syria: Should it carry out a military strike to push the Iranians back from Israel's northern border or simply swallow the bitter pill and come to terms with the new situation? According to Western intelligence assessments, Israel is vacillating on the matter. Is enforcement of the red lines regarding Iranian involvement in Syria (that is, a permanent presence and providing Hezbollah advanced weapons) worth the danger and tremendous destruction that would be caused by initiating a war? On Netanyahu's return from a US trip this month, during which he met with Trump March 5, the prime minister announced that he had secured historical contributions toward Israel's "national security." The educated guess is that Netanyahu had received some kind of vague promise from Trump on withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear agreement or maybe even some kind of cooperation regarding military action against Iranian forces in Syria. There is great satisfaction in Jerusalem over the change in US policy on Iran thanks to Trump. According to an intelligence source who spoke on the condition of anonymity, recent Israeli intelligence reports assess, "Instead of policy leaning toward an arrangement with Iran and viewing the country as a strategic partner, the Americans now classify Iran as a key threat to their interests. Thus, they strive to change the nuclear agreement and oppose Iran's growing involvement in the region, which involves disseminating terror and launching precision missiles. Perhaps they [the Americans] are even aspiring toward a change of regime in Iran."


Court Rules in Favour of Case Against Fluoride - Fluoridation Could Be BANNED! "IndyWatch Feed World"



Today we talk to Dr. Paul Connett of the Fluoride Action Network ( about Food & Water Watch Inc., et al. v. United States Environmental Protection Agency, a lawsuit that could bring an end to the practice of water fluoridation in the United States. We discuss the Toxic Substances Control Act under which the suit is being filed, how recent court rulings have allowed the case to proceed, and the incredible significance of the chance to depose the EPA's "experts" under oath. Please help spread the word about this exciting development.


Chief rabbi in Israel gets lambasted for calling African-Americans 'monkeys' "IndyWatch Feed World"

A civil rights group dedicated to fighting anti-semitism has hit out at the Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel after he reportedly labeled black people "monkeys." Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef made the comments during a religious sermon. Yosef allegedly used derogatory phrases when talking about African-Americans during a lesson to followers last Saturday, reported Ynet News. During the speech, the rabbi appeared to specifically suggest that prayers should only be offered to black people whose parents happen to be white.


SOTT FOCUS: 30 Important Questions On The Skripal Case And The UK Government's Response That Journalists Should Be Asking "IndyWatch Feed World"

There are a lot of issues around the case of Sergei and Yulia Skripal which, at the time of writing, are very unclear and rather odd. There may well be good and innocent explanations for some or even all of them. Then again there may not. This is why it is crucial for questions to be asked where, as yet, there are either no answers or deeply unsatisfactory ones. Some people will assume that this is conspiracy theory territory. It is not that, for the simple reason that I have no credible theory - conspiracy or otherwise - to explain all the details of the incident in Salisbury from start to finish, and I am not attempting to forward one. I have no idea who was behind this incident, and I continue to keep an open mind to a good many possible explanations. However, there are a number of oddities in the official narrative, which do demand answers and clarifications. You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist or a defender of the Russian state to see this. You just need a healthy scepticism, "of a type developed by all inquiring minds!"


Ron Paul Says The US Has Learned Nothing From Iraq War "IndyWatch Feed World"

Former US congressman Ron Paul says that the US must learn from its mistakes and stop interfering in the Middle East. Paul said the US military had no more right to be in Syria than [...]


Revenge? Syrian "rebels" massacre civilians in rocket attack days after Assad drives himself to Ghouta front lines "IndyWatch Feed World"

On Tuesday evening anti-government fighters in the embattled East Ghouta suburb of Damascus launched a major attack, firing several missiles and artillery shells into a crowded shopping district of government-held Jaramana area, resulting in a civilian massacre. The Guardian has described the attack as "one of the deadliest rebel attacks on the Syrian capital" which according to early reports took the lives of 38 civilians, including women and children. Local reporters say that number may climb higher. And according to Middle East based Al-Masdar News, which has a correspondent on the ground close to the scene, a near simultaneous attack on the Mezzeh District of Damascus resulted in the deaths of a woman and five children.


Mark Zuckerberg Quietly Sells His Facebook Stock "IndyWatch Feed World"

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was caught quietly selling off over 1.14 million shares just days before the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke.  Two weeks before Facebooks share price tumbled, Zuckerberg engaged in a bit of insider [...]


Amazing amounts of March snowfall at ski resorts across western North America - 5 meters for Squaw Valley, California "IndyWatch Feed World"

They're calling it the 'March miracle' in the US as - after a dry warm winter in the West and a dry warm February (after a snowy start to the winter there) in the East - it now seems that it won't stop snowing! It's the West and California that is having the most amazing snowfall once gain. At Squaw Valley there's now been 5 metres of snow since the start of March, two metres of that falling in 48 hours at the end of last week. So cover is looking exceptional for the spring skiing period.


CIA Ramps Up Afghan Heroin Smuggling To Fund Wars "IndyWatch Feed World"

The CIA has ramped up its drug smuggling operation in Afghanistan in order to continue funding proxy wars around the globe, experts warn. Over one million women and 100,000 children are drug addicts in Afghanistan, [...]


Study: Link Found Between Vaccines And Autoimmune Disorders "IndyWatch Feed World"

Studies dating back to the mid-1990s indicate that drugs and chemicals found in vaccines are to blame for the rise in autoimmune disorders.  Autoimmune diseases have skyrocketed in the United States and other first world [...]


Putin: Skripal Poisoning Is Terrorist Attack Against Russia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russian President Vladimir Putin says the attack on former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter is an act of terrorism against Russia and its citizens. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the UKs lack of [...]


No Spirit of Liberty: The Salisbury Case, Corbyn and the Need for Dissent "IndyWatch Feed World"

Fifteen years ago this month, the US-led Shock and Awe offensive began against Iraq, supposedly to disarm the country of its weapons of mass destruction. The illegal invasion and subsequent brutal occupation led to the loss of around one million lives, created millions of refugees, destroyed the infrastructure of a country already ravaged by over a decade of cruel UN sanctions, and contributed significantly to the rise of Islamic State. All of this might never have happened were it not for an intense campaign of propaganda and deception in which the so-called mainstream media, including impartial BBC News, were enthusiastic participants.

In the Guardian, Martin Woollacott had declared of Saddams supposed WMD:

Among those knowledgeable about Iraq there are few, if any, who believe he is not hiding such weapons. It is a given.

This conformity throughout the corporate media was remarkable. Ardent armchair war supporter David Aaronovitch, also writing in the Guardian, confidently...


NOAA Admits To Defrauding Public On Global Warming Data "IndyWatch Feed World"

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has admitted to defrauding the public on global warming temperatures around the world.  The US government agency fudged their numbers so that politicians and corporations could make money from Chinese [...]


Caribbean hummingbirds, new research "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

The Hummingbird Waltz

6 September 2015

Filmed on the island of Saba Dutch Caribbean.

From the Faculty of Science University of Copenhagen in Denmark:

The environment determines Caribbean hummingbirds vulnerability

March 21, 2018

Hummingbirds specialization and vulnerability are often predicted based on their physical traits. Scientists now found that this is not the case for hummingbirds on the Caribbean islands. Instead, the birds environment is the determining factor. The new study was led by scientists from Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, University of Copenhagen, and published today in the scientific journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Hummingbirds body size and bill length are often used to predict how specialized and vulnerable the birds are to extinction of the flowers they feed on. However, a new study shows that vulnerability and specialisation of Caribbean hummingbirds are determined by their environment. Associate Professor Bo Dalsgaard from Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate explains,

Our study shows that Caribbean hummingbirds living in rainy mountainous landscapes with cooler temperatures are more specialized and vulnerable to extinction of the flowers they drink nectar from, compared to hummingbirds in the lowlands.

Bo Dalsgaard elaborates on the findings, . .. we believe our results display a general trend that applies to many other animals and plants through...


On spycraft and the Skripal case: When slippery eels swim with sharks they often get eaten "IndyWatch Feed World"

The attempted murder of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, in Salisbury, last week, has provided the UK a penalty kick, as they now take on the baton from the US, in this preposterous demonisation of Russia. Let us first examine what we know for facts: Skripal was a Russian spy who became a double agent, working for British Intelligence, in the 90s. He was arrested in 2004 by the Russian Federal Security Service and later convicted of high treason. He served four years of a eighteen year sentence, before being part of a high profile swap with the US. He has lived in the UK since 2010. It would be fair to assume that whatever damage he did to Russia, had already been done, and that he'd never get the same access to sensitive material, directly. I know little about intelligence agencies, or how they operate. But what I know of, is the psychological profile of an average spy, double agent, or informer.


Russia Warns USA: Do Not Attempt False Flag In Syria "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russia has warned the USA against attempting to launch a false flag chemical weapons attack in Syria saying that any attempt to do so will be met with military retaliation.  Events in Syria increasingly [...]


Six Reasons Why Putins Victory Has Spooked The New World Order "IndyWatch Feed World"

The New World Order reacted with absolute horror at the reelection of Russian president Vladimir Putin on March 18, as their game plan for humanity took a massive blow.  Western mainstream media journalists and politicians were [...]


Police Obtained Warrants Demanding Info On All Google Users Near Four Crime Scenes "IndyWatch Feed World"

Police across the country have been attempting to use Google data and other information from social networks to help them solve cases. One recent story about the Raleigh Police Department shows how they have been using Google data to track down suspects, but in order to do it, they had to cast a wide net, obtaining information on all active users near at least four different crime scenes.

Ultimately, police were only able to solve one of these cases with the data that they obtained, but in the process, they violated the privacy of tens of thousands without them even knowing. In many cases, the fine print of these warrants restrict Google from making their customers aware of the searches, and this even applies to innocent users who were caught up the surveillance net.

City and county officials told WRAL that this is a natural evolution of criminal investigative techniques.

However, legal experts say that this is an unprecedented move that puts the privacy of many innocent people at risk.

Jonathan Jones, a former Durham prosecutor pointed out that if Google has your info, law enforcement probably does also.

 We are willingly sharing an awful lot of our lives with Google, but do people  understand that in sharing that information with Google, theyre also  potentially sharing it with law enforcement? Jones said.

Nathan Freed Wessler, staff attorney with the American Civil  Liberties Unions Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, warned about the potential dangers of using the technology this way.

 From an average smartphone users perspective, its a little surprising once you start to learn the full scope of information about our locations and whereabouts and activities that companies like Google hold. At the end of the day, this tactic unavoidably risks getting information about totally innocent people. Location information is really revealing and private about peoples habits and activities and what theyre doing, Wessler said.

Through GPS data, Google knows your every move, which could be helpful to police, but it could also create a dystopian nightmare for everyday people.

The warrant below, obtained during a murder investigation in 2015, provided specific details about how the data will be collected and analyzed.

The warrant bel...


NJ Kids Suspended From School For Going To Gun Range With Family On The Weekend "IndyWatch Feed World"

This is what weve come to in the United States. Children are getting suspended from school for going to a gun range as a family over the weekend to practice their fundamental human right of self-defense.

According to Fox News, a New Jersey high school came under fire Friday after it allegedly suspended two students over a gun photo taken during a family visit to a shooting range. News of the unnamed students suspension circulated through a Lacey Township Facebook group, according to

The kids were both in high school, but their suspension caused an uproar with a potential lawsuit against the school coming. The photo of four rifles, magazines, and a gun duffel bag was shared by one of the students on the social media app Snapchat with the caption fun day at the range, according to Lacey Township resident Amanda Buron, a family friend of one of the students.

The school claims that the students violated the schools policy on weapons possession. Apparently, the school thinks they have the authority to extend any policy to weekends and the homes of the children as well now. This is like suspending a girl for wearing a spaghetti strap tank top to a bar-b-que on a day off school because she violated the dress code. Yes, its that insane, but thats what their policy literally says.

The reality of the whole situation is that the school enacted an overreaching policy, which actually stated that students could be suspended for up to a year if they are reported to be in possession of a weapon of any type for any reason or purpose on or off school grounds, reported further. Which basically means, the school is attempting to control kids even when they go home.  So dont practice or exercise your natural human right to self-defense if you attend a public school.

Lacey schools Superintendent Craig Wigley said in an email to NJ Advance Media on Thursday that &...


Why they hate Margaret Atwood "IndyWatch Feed World"

On March 9, a University of Alberta English professor named Julie Rak headlined a speaking event that was billed as a showdown on the issue of "bad feminism." A promotional poster done up in a boxing motif included a picture of Rak on one side, and legendary Canadian author Margaret Atwood on the other.

Why celebrated author Margaret Atwood has become so hated by feminist writers "IndyWatch Feed World"

On March 9, a University of Alberta English professor named Julie Rak headlined a speaking event that was billed as a showdown on the issue of "bad feminism." A promotional poster done up in a boxing motif included a picture of Rak on one side, and legendary Canadian author Margaret Atwood on the other.


Presidential candidate Sobchak requests pardon for alleged Russian 'political prisoners': Putin orders administration to 'work though it' "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Russian presidential spokesman has told reporters that Vladimir Putin received a request to pardon 16 alleged political prisoners from election rival Ksenia Sobchak. He has ordered his administration to look into it. "This is true, this list made by Sobchak has been passed to the president. The president received it and charged his administration with the task of working through it," Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday. "At present, I cannot tell you anything else," he added. Ksenia Sobchak has been a Russian celebrity for some time, but her foray into politics started only recently, when she participated in this year's presidential election. She styled herself as a "none of the above" candidate for those who wished to protest against the establishment but were disinclined to support any of the other candidates. The strategy proved relatively successful as Sobchak finished fourth and got more votes than other liberal candidates (albeit a mere 1.67 percent).

Presidential candidate Sobchak requests pardon for alleged Russian 'political prisoners': Putin orders administration to 'work through it' "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Russian presidential spokesman has told reporters that Vladimir Putin received a request to pardon 16 alleged political prisoners from election rival Ksenia Sobchak. He has ordered his administration to look into it. "This is true, this list made by Sobchak has been passed to the president. The president received it and charged his administration with the task of working through it," Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Wednesday. "At present, I cannot tell you anything else," he added. Ksenia Sobchak has been a Russian celebrity for some time, but her foray into politics started only recently, when she participated in this year's presidential election. She styled herself as a "none of the above" candidate for those who wished to protest against the establishment but were disinclined to support any of the other candidates. The strategy proved relatively successful as Sobchak finished fourth and got more votes than other liberal candidates (albeit a mere 1.67 percent).


After 29 Years Alone On A Deserted Island Adventurer, Mauro Morandi Finds Instagram "IndyWatch Feed World"

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

79 year old Mauro Morandi has spent the last 29 years on a deserted island taking photos, now the local government has installed wifi and he has taken to Instagram to share his pictures.

Morandi lives on the beautiful island of Budelli, which resides in Italys Maddalena archipelago. Hes has been here since 1989, when he ditched society in search of something new.

Image @maurodabudelli Instagram

In an interview with CNN Morandi said...


Study Suggests LSD Dissolves The Ego Could Be Used To Treat Mental Illness "IndyWatch Feed World"

The psychedelic drug LSD is still considered a schedule 1 substance by the government, which is a classification reserved for drugs that are addictive, dangerous and have no medical value. All of these substances tend to carry very extreme prison sentences. However, despite what the propaganda campaigns against it say, LSD is one of the safest drugs in existence. As more scientific studies are allowed to take place, it is being revealed that this substance can have a wide variety of applications for mental health.

In one recent study, researchers at the University of Zurich dosed 24 people with 100 micrograms of LSD and essentially found that these test subjects experienced a diminishing of their ego and reported that they felt more connected to the people around them.

Katrin Preller, a psychologist who worked on the study explained that Our interpretation is that LSD reduces your sense of integrated self. In this particular case, the drug blurs the boundary between what is you and what is another person. It gets rid of this blurring between self and other, and the basic deficits in social interaction go away.

Volunteers in the study were hooked up to brain scanners and engaged in simulated social interactions, some of them were given LSD, while others were given a placebo. Researchers noticed that the group given the LSD had different parts of their brains activated, and the portion of the brain typically thought to be associated with the ego was less active.

Preller pointed out that LSD could be used to treat mental disorders.

We dont currently have any medications that work to improve the social deficits in psychiatric disorders and one of the reasons for that is we have no real understanding of how social interaction works in the brain, she said.

According to the study:

Distortions of self-representation and, potentially related to this, dysfunctional social cognition are central hallmarks of various psychiatric disorders and critically impact disease development, progression, treatment, as well as real-world functioning. However, these deficits are insufficiently targeted by current treatment approaches. The administration of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) in combination with functional magnetic resonance imaging and real-time eye-tracking offers the unique opportunity to study alterations in self-experience, their relation to social cognition, and the underlying neuropharmacology. Results demonstrate that LSD alters self-experience as well as basic social cognition processing in areas of the soci...


Scholz's star disturbed prehistory solar system comets "IndyWatch Feed World"

About 70,000 years ago, during human occupation of the planet, a small, reddish star approached our solar system and gravitationally disturbed comets and asteroids. Astronomers from the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of Cambridge have verified that the movement of some of these objects is still marked by that stellar encounter. At a time when modern humans were beginning to leave Africa and the Neanderthals still thrived, Scholz's star-named after the German astronomer who discovered it-approached less than a light-year from the sun. Today, it is almost 20 light-years away, but 70,000 years ago, it entered the Oort cloud, a reservoir of trans-Neptunian objects located at the confines of the solar system. This discovery was made public in 2015 by a team of astronomers led by Professor Eric Mamajek of the University of Rochester (USA). The details of that stellar flyby, the closest documented so far, were presented in The Astrophysical Journal Letters. Now, two astronomers from the Complutense University of Madrid, the brothers Carlos and Ral de la Fuente Marcos, together with the researcher Sverre J. Aarseth of the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), have analyzed for the first time nearly 340 solar system objects with hyperbolic orbits (very open V-shaped, rather than elliptical) They have concluded that the trajectories of some of these were influenced by the passage of Scholz's star.


Years behind the competition: US raises white flag, wants talks with Russia over arms race "IndyWatch Feed World"

When you are 10 years behind behind the competition, making a deal is probably your best move ... One can say with certainty that Vladimir Putin's presentation of Russia's new weapons systems during his Address to the Federal Assembly on 1 March has finally elicited the desired response from its target audience in Washington, D.C. In that presentation, Putin spoke about strategic weapons systems employing cutting-edge technology that, he claimed, is more than a decade ahead of US and other competition. He scored a direct hit in the Pentagon, where our senior generals were left dumbfounded. But, as is normally the case, when these gentlemen need time to collect their wits, we heard first only denial: that the Russians were bluffing, that they really have nothing ready, that these are only projects, and that the US already has all of the same, but is holding it back in reserve. Of course, not everyone in US political elites bought into this stop-gap response.


Billions Of Dollars On The Sidelines: 24 Million Americans Are Planning To Purchase Cryptocurrencies For The First Time "IndyWatch Feed World"

Earlier this month Bitcoin entrepreneur Trace Mayer noted that theres a mountain of money just waiting to move into the cryptocurrency space just as soon as they feel confident that the market is stable, regulated against fraud and they see confirmation of mass adoption through real-world use cases.

At the moment, cryptocurrency penetration remains tiny compared to that of traditional investment classes being traded on global stock market exchanges, but a new survey finds that investment interest and capital flows are picking up.

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(Video) Destroying the Illusion 3.21 -- QAnon on Comedy Central | Austin Bomber Identified | Senior Executive Services "IndyWatch Feed World"

Published on Mar 21, 2018


Austin Bomber Identified As 24-Year-Old Mark Anthony Conditt -

Redpilled: The Storm - The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper (QAnon hit piece) -

Facebook COO Sherly Sandberg/John Podesta email #1 -

Sandberg/Podesta email #2 -

Lobbyist almost killed by man he hired to help him investigate Seth Rich murder -

Learn About Senior Executive Service (SES) -

@intheMatrixxx Twitter thread on SES -


Prediabetes: Should everyone be tested? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Insulin is absolutely essential to staying alive; unfortunately, the vast majority of people have resistance to this essential hormone, speeding up the aging process and contributing to the development of degenerative diseases. Any meal high in grain and sugar carbs typically generates a rapid rise in blood glucose. To compensate, your pancreas secretes insulin into your bloodstream, which lowers your blood sugar to keep you from dying. Insulin, however, is also very efficient at lowering blood sugar by turning it into fat. The more you secrete, the fatter you become. If you consistently consume a high-sugar, high-grain diet, your blood glucose level will be correspondingly high and over time your body becomes desensitized to insulin, requiring more and more of it to get the job done. Eventually, you become insulin resistant and prone to weight gain, and then full-blown diabetic. Majority of Americans Are Likely Prediabetic Prediabetes1 is defined as an elevation in blood glucose over 100 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) but lower than 125 mg/dl, at which point it formally becomes Type 2 diabetes. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 84 million American adults - about 1 in 3 - are prediabetic, and most are unaware of this fact.


AI reads emotions better than humans "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new artificial intelligence has been constructed that is better than humans at reading emotions. This isn't based on the facial expression a person might be making, but instead, on how red their face is. Yes, that's right-robots can tell when you're blushing. What's particularly interesting is that this AI was created as a side project for different research-it wasn't even the primary goal of the experiment. A team at Ohio State University has been researching human displays of emotions. Their studies have been based on the belief that humans display subtle but noticeable changes in skin color, caused by blood flow within the face, in order to communicate how we're feeling. If parts of a person's face get redder, they might be experiencing surprise or happiness, while if other parts change color, it could be an indicator of sadness or disappointment. Apparently, it is possible to detect if someone is telling you a bald-faced lie, all by looking at how much blood is coursing through their face. In order to test this theory, the scientists created an AI that could measure the color of certain parts of a person's face in order to guess at their emotions. The robot was given pictures of a person experiencing different emotions, and, without having any training on understanding expressions, the AI was forced to make assumptions based completely on color. As the photos showed people with blank expressions, it wasn't possible for humans to determine their emotions based on whether or not they were smiling, and so everyone involved had to use facial hue alone.


Snowden Documents Expose How the NSA Worked To Track Bitcoin Users "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new report from The Intercept reveals that the National Security Agency has been able to track users of the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin since at least 2013. The revelation is detailed in newly released classified documented obtained by whistleblower Edward Snowden and provided to the The Intercept. The documents show the agency accessing the fiber-optic cables which []


115,000-year-old bone tools discovered in China "IndyWatch Feed World"

An analysis of 115,000-year-old bone tools discovered in China suggests that the toolmaking techniques mastered by prehistoric humans there were more sophisticated than previously thought. Marks found on the excavated bone fragments show that humans living in China in the early Late Pleistocene were already familiar with the mechanical properties of bone and knew how to use them to make tools out of carved stone. These humans were neither Neanderthals nor sapiens. This major find, in which Luc Doyon of UdeM's Department of Anthropology participated, has just been published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE. "These artefacts represent the first instance of the use of bone as raw material to modify stone tools found at an East Asian early Late Pleistocene site,"said Doyon. "They've been found in the rest of Eurasia, Africa and the Levante, so their discovery in China is an opportunity for us to compare these artifacts on a global scale. Until now, the oldest bone tools discovered in China dated back 35,000 years and consisted of assegai (spear) points. "Prior to this discovery, research into the technical behaviour of humans inhabiting China during this period was almost solely based on the study of tools carved from stone," said Doyon.


Jay Dyer Debates JF Gariepy: Theism Vs Atheism Thursday 7PM Central "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Much-anticipated debate will take place Thursday night at 7 PM Eastern on the Warski Stream.  JF will be arguing for atheism and evolutionary naturalism and I will be arguing for Orthodox Christian Theism.

Warski stream is Here

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Israeli Chief Rabbi Calls African-Americans Monkeys "IndyWatch Feed World"

One of Israels most senior religious leaders, Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef has been slammed for comparing black people with monkeys Yosef made the comments during one of his weekly religious lessons. His office claimed [...]


Your Birthday Tarot Card And What It Can Reveal About Your True Life Path "IndyWatch Feed World"

The study of numerology is the belief that there is an important mystical relationship that can be identified between a number and specific events or influences in our lives. This includes looking at areas of our lives that are already associated with numbers, like dates and times, as well as assigning a numerical value to the various letters of the alphabet, allowing for the determination of a numerical value for names and other words.

This starts by discovering the number associated with the date, name, or thought in question through adding the individual digits together then simplifying the number down. For example, December 9th, 2017 would break down to 12/9/2017. December is the 12th month and reduces to the number 3 (1+2). The date is a single digit, so it doesnt require any further simplification. The year 2017 can be reduced to a 1 (2+0+1+7 = 10, 1+0 = 1). The numbers associated with the date can then be added together (3+9+1 = 13, 1+3 = 4) to determine that December 9th, 2017 would be associated with the number 4. This is known as the Life Path number for that date.

While these numbers each have their own significant meaning, they can also be combined with other mystical studies to further reveal secrets relating to our lives, personalities, and inner selves. One such practice is that of Tarot. Tarot readers are able to unlock mysteries of the universe through the use of a specialized deck of cards, developed in the 18th century by those with psychic abilities to find the answers to various questions in life. As with everything else in life, these cards too can be associated with a number for the purpose of numerology.

By determining our life path number (as described above), we can determine which tarot card we are represented by, providing us with fascinating insights and an idea of our true life path. Difficult calculating your life path number? Try this simple online calculator.



After West Virginia, teachers strikes all over the USA? "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video from the USA says about itself:

West Virginia Teachers Strike May Soon Sweep The Nation

20 March 2018

West Virginia may just be the beginning. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down.

Teachers from numerous Kentucky school districts are preparing to rally at the state capitol Wednesday to protect their pensions against proposed cuts, just one week after Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (Republican) blasted them as selfish and ignorant.

Several Eastern Kentucky school districts plan to close to accommodate teachers attending the rally, which is expected to draw hundreds of public school employees to Frankfort. Wednesdays rally is the latest in the weeks-long fight against Senate Bill 1, a measure that would cut retired teachers yearly cost-of-living raises from 1.5 percent to 1 percent, an effort to save the states ailing pension system. The decrease would remain in effect until the Kentucky Teachers Retirement System is 90 percent funded and, as the Lexington Herald-Leader reports, it would result in a loss in income of more than $65,000 for the average teacher.

Read more here.

See also here.

  • ...


EU approves Bayer's $62.5bn takeover of GMO & pesticide evil giant Monsanto "IndyWatch Feed World"

Germany's Bayer won EU antitrust approval on Wednesday for its multi-billion-dollar purchase of Monsanto. The mega-merger is expected to reshape the agrochemicals industry. The deal will create a giant company with control of more than a quarter of the world's seed and pesticides market. The European Commission said Bayer had addressed its concerns with an offer to sell a swathe of assets to boost rival BASF. Bayer pledged to sell certain seed and herbicide assets for 5.9 billion ($7.2 billion) to BASF and to give it a license to its digital farming data. "Our decision ensures that there will be effective competition and innovation in seeds, pesticides and digital agriculture markets also after this merger," said European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.


The Hotwire #23: March 21, 2018 : Historic school walkoutsAlt-right unravelsSolidarity with anarchists in Russia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Listen here. Hundreds of thousands of high school students defy adult authority and walkout against mass shootings; anti-pipeline camps hold strong from Virginia to West Virginia to so-called British Columbia; we interview an anarchist in Brazil as protests erupt there after an anti-police brutality politician was assassinated; the annual march against police brutality in Montreal beats cops back; Russian anarchists explain in an interview why its not just Putin thats the problem, or Trump for that matter, but the systems of power they inhabit; plus a repression round up, announcements for Saturdays international day of action to #DefendAfrin, and calls for exciting upcoming anarchist bookfairs and speaking tours.


What Level of Intuition Are You On? Take the Intuition Test to Find Out Now "IndyWatch Feed World"

There are several levels of intuition, which one are you on?

We are all beings capable of evolving into new things. We have developed in many ways thus far and will continue to do so. We are doing a great job of developing in conscious awareness and in intuitive communications. Do you have a heightened sense of intuitive state? Take the quiz below and find out where you stand.


Austin mail bomb suspect dies after detonating bomb inside his car as SWAT team approaches "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Austin bombing suspect, who has been keeping the public and authorities on high alert for days, is dead after blowing himself up in a car, police announced during a press conference. According to Chief of Police Brian Manley, law enforcement pinpointed the person in a car in Round Rock, 27km from Austin and followed him. Police were waiting for ballistic vehicles to arrive when the man's automobile began to drive away, but soon stopped in a ditch at the side of the road. A SWAT team then approached the vehicle, but the suspect blew himself up, injuring one of the special operators. The perpetrator was identified as a 24-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt.


More Inhuman Than Human (and Other Channeled Transmissions) "IndyWatch Feed World"

2/11/2018 As Im drifting asleep suddenly Im consumed with this incredibly artsy visionary transmission. Its all of these intricate and interwoven scenes of spectacular cinematic warring factions. This all seems cool... The post More Inhuman Than Human (and Other Channeled Transmissions) appeared first on disinformation.

[This is a short summary; please click the story headline to read the full story on our site]


Tolerance Cuts Both Ways: Freedom for the Speech We Hate "IndyWatch Feed World"

Those who created this country chose freedom. With all of its dangers. And do you know the riskiest part of that choice they made? They actually believed that we could be trusted to make up our own minds in the whirl of differing ideas. That we could be trusted to remain free, even when there were very, very seductive voices taking advantage of our freedom of speech who were trying to turn this country into the kind of place where the government could tell you what you can and cannot do.Nat Hentoff

Tolerance cuts both ways.

This isnt an easy pill to swallow, I know, but thats the way free speech works, especially when it comes to tolerating speech that we hate.

The most controversial issues of our daygay rights, abortion, race, religion, sexuality, political correctness, police brutality, et al.have become battlegrounds for those who claim to believe in freedom of speech but only when it favors the views and positions they support.

Free speech for me but not for thee is how my good friend and free speech purist Nat Hentoff used to sum up this double standard.

This haphazard approach to the First Amendment has so muddied the waters that even First Amendment scholars are finding it hard to navigate at times.

Its really not that hard.

The First Amendment affirms the right of the people to speak freely, worship freely, peaceably assemble, petition the government for a redress of grievances, and have a free press.

Nowhere in the First Amendment does it permit the government to limit speech in order to avoid causing offense, hurting someones feelings, safeguarding government secrets, protecting government officials, insulating judges from undue influence, discouraging bullying, penalizing hateful ideas and actions, eliminating terrorism, combatting prejudice and intolerance, and the like.

Unfortunately, in the war being waged between free speech purists who believe that free speech is an inalienable right and those who believe that free speech is a mere privilege to be granted only under certain conditions, the censors are winning.

We have entered into an egotistical, insulated, narcissistic era in which free speech has become regulated speech: to be celebrated when it reflects the values of the majority and tolerated otherwise, unless i...


Zakharova: Boris Johnson 'poisoned with hatred and anger, it's scary he represents a nuclear power' "IndyWatch Feed World"

British foreign minister Boris Johnson is poisoned with hatred and anger so it is scary that he represents a nuclear power, Russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman said on Wednesday. Maria Zakharova was commenting on Johnson's earlier statement that compared Russia's hosting of this year's World Cup to the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany. "Any such parallels and comparisons between our country, that lost millions of lives in the fight against Nazism, fought with an enemy on its own territory, and then liberated Europe [and Nazi Germany] are absolutely unacceptable," she said, in a statement published on Facebook. The Russian ministry spokeswoman then added that such statements are "unworthy of a head of a European state's diplomatic service ... It is clear that [Boris Johnson] is poisoned with hatred and anger," she said, also denouncing his words as "unprofessional" and "rude." It is "scary" that "this man is a representative of a nuclear power that bears a special responsibility for its actions in the international arena as well as for the preservation of international peace," Zakharova said.


Ahed Tamimi 'plea bargain': 8 months in jail for slapping Israeli soldier "IndyWatch Feed World"

Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi will serve eight months in prison for slapping an Israeli Defence Force soldier. The 17 year old reached a plea bargain Wednesday after serving three months in detention. Tamimi was arrested on December 19 for assaulting an Israeli soldier after troops shot her 15-year-old cousin Mohammad Tamimi in the head at close range with a rubber bullet. Footage of the confrontation went viral and the teenager's subsequent arrest and detention has garnered international attention, with many seeing her as the poster child for Palestinian resistance against Israeli occupation. Tamimi's trial in military court began on February 13. The Military Court of Appeal rejected a request to have the hearing in public, which Tamimi's attorney said would deprive her of a fair trial.


Venezuela builds 2 million affordable homes in seven years, plans to complete additional million by 2019 "IndyWatch Feed World"

The government plans to build another million homes by 2019. The Venezuelan government has built two million houses in seven years as part of the People's Social Protection System. President Nicolas Maduro made the announcement in a Venezuela Housing Great Mission (GMVV) event in the new "Mirador de Caiza" housing complex in Charallave, state of Miranda, in which he also spoke of future housing plans.


How Turkey Uses Kidnapping and Hostage Negotiations As Diplomacy "IndyWatch Feed World"

ANKARA, TURKEY  Ever since a failed coup in July of 2016, the increasingly anti-democratic policies of the Turkish government under the leadership of President Recep Erdogan have become an embarrassment for the NATO members Western allies. While many people may be aware, at least to some extent, of the ongoing crackdowns inside of Turkey, few recognize that the government led purge is quickly expanding beyond the nations borders in numerous ways.

Even if you dont regularly follow Turkish politics, its still likely youve encountered some form of news media covering at least something about Turkey since 2016. It is also likely that at least some of what you saw, heard, or read concerned the ongoing social media crackdowns, mass arrests of journalists, and the post-coup purge that has resulted in dismissals of 151,967 academics, public servants, and journalists (as well as 64,998 arrested).

These purges have sent shockwaves throughout Turkey, crushing nearly all viable opposition parties and civil-society groups seen as enemies by Erdogans Justice and Development Party (AKP). This has, in turn, caused some obvious public-relations headaches for NATO (in which Erdogan may be reconsidering his membership) and the European Union (which Erdogan has all but abandoned his bid to join) but nothing that classic empty Western platitudes, apologia, and excuses cant sweep under the rug.

While the crackdowns inside of Turkey usually only warrant weak critiques from sympathetic media such as Foreign Policy or Reuters...


Electric storm at 30,000ft: Passenger captures astounding pyrotechnics through airplane window (PHOTO, VIDEOS) "IndyWatch Feed World"

Alabama was subjected to hurricane-force winds and tornados as an extremely powerful weather system descended on the state. One resident managed to capture some spectacular atmospheric pyrotechnics through her plane window. Martha Hart Mulligan was traveling home from North Carolina on Monday as the tempest hit. The pilot of American Airlines pilot flight 5566 reportedly took the long way around to avoid the storm system but it proved too big to escape as the footage shows. No-one on board was injured and the flight landed safely that evening. "We were trying to fly south of the storm to avoid some turbulence. This is the impressive lightning we encountered, and we're happy to report that it did not 'encounter' us," Hart Mulligan wrote on Facebook.

Electric storm at 30,000ft: Passenger captures astounding pyrotechnics through airplane window (PHOTOS, VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed World"

Alabama was subjected to hurricane-force winds and tornados as an extremely powerful weather system descended on the state. One resident managed to capture some spectacular atmospheric pyrotechnics through her plane window. Martha Hart Mulligan was traveling home from North Carolina on Monday as the tempest hit. The pilot of American Airlines pilot flight 5566 reportedly took the long way around to avoid the storm system but it proved too big to escape as the footage shows. No-one on board was injured and the flight landed safely that evening. "We were trying to fly south of the storm to avoid some turbulence. This is the impressive lightning we encountered, and we're happy to report that it did not 'encounter' us," Hart Mulligan wrote on Facebook.

Electric storm at 30,000ft: Passenger captures astounding pyrotechnics through airplane window "IndyWatch Feed World"

Alabama was subjected to hurricane-force winds and tornados as an extremely powerful weather system descended on the state. One resident managed to capture some spectacular atmospheric pyrotechnics through her plane window. Martha Hart Mulligan was traveling home from North Carolina on Monday as the tempest hit. The pilot of American Airlines pilot flight 5566 reportedly took the long way around to avoid the storm system but it proved too big to escape as the footage shows. No-one on board was injured and the flight landed safely that evening. "We were trying to fly south of the storm to avoid some turbulence. This is the impressive lightning we encountered, and we're happy to report that it did not 'encounter' us," Hart Mulligan wrote on Facebook.


Twitter duel over Bernie Sanders revealed network of fake bot accounts connected to Democrat Sally Albright "IndyWatch Feed World"

One Democratic Party consultant said an unnamed client controlled many of these accounts. When Russians at the Internet Research Agency interfered in U.S. politics, they created false online personas and fake political groups to amplify divisive messages that already had a homegrown American audience. It's not too far from what some U.S. political consultants are doing themselves. Take Sally Albright, a Democratic Party communications consultant who backed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016. Unsurprisingly, Albright is vocally opposed to President Donald Trump and a big supporter of the resistance to his administration. She is also one of the loudest, most divisive voices attacking Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Clinton's onetime Democratic primary opponent, and his left-wing supporters. Well after the primary, Albright continues to claim that Sanders is a fraud, a liar, racist and corrupt, among many other things. In one instance she declared that the policy idea of free college, as promoted by Sanders, was racist. This provoked Sanders supporters to argue back. Trevor, a Sanders supporter who declined to provide his last name for fear of being doxxed, but goes by @likingonline on Twitter, noticed a strange pattern of behavior when Albright responded to him. Her tweets addressing him were rapidly retweeted by the same series of accounts. This created a barrage of notifications making it look as though there was an avalanche of opposition to everything he said.


Four Days to Declare a Cold War "IndyWatch Feed World"

The week that has just ended was exceptionally rich in events. But no media were able to report it, because they had all deliberately masked certain of their number in order to protect the story that was being woven by their government.

The British government and certain of its allies, including US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, have attempted to launch a Cold War against Russia. Their plan was to fabricate an attack against an ex-double agent in Salisbury and at the same time a chemical attack against the moderate rebels in the Ghouta. The conspirators intention was to profit from the efforts of Syria to liberate the suburbs of its capital city and the disorganisation of Russia on the occasion of its Presidential election. Had these manipulations worked, the United Kingdom would have pushed the USA to bomb Damascus, including the Presidential palace, and demand that the United Nations General Assembly exclude Russia from the Security Council.

However, the Syrian and Russian intelligence got wind of what was being plotted. They realised that the US agents in the Ghouta who were preparing an attack against the Ghouta were not working for the Pentagon, but for another US agency.

In Damascus, the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Fayal Miqdad, set up an emergency Press conference for 10 March, in order to alert his fellow citizens. From its own side, Moscow had first of all tried to contact Washington via the diplomatic channels. But aware that the US ambassador, Jon Huntsman Jr, is the director of Caterpillar, the company which had supplied tunneling materials to the jihadists so that they could build their fortifications, Moscow decided to bypass the usual diplomatic channels.

Heres how things played out:

12 March 2018

The Syrian army seized two chemical weapons laboratories, the first on 12 March in Aftris, and the second on the following day in Chifonya. Meanwhile, Russian diplomats pushed the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to get involved in the criminal investigation in Salisbury.

In the House of Commons, British Prime Minister Theresa May violently accused Russia of having ordered the attack in Salisbury. According to her, the ex-double agent Sergue Skripal and his daughter were poisoned by a military nerve gas of a type developed by Russia under the name of Novitchok. Since the Kremlin considers Russian citizens who have defected as legitimate targets, it is therefore highly likely that they ordered the crime.

Novitchok is k...


No longer a secret: how Israel destroyed Syria's nuclear reactor (Amos Harel - Aluf Benn ) "IndyWatch Feed World"

21/03/2018 - It was one of the Israeli army's most successful operations, but was censored for over a decade. Now, a Haaretz investigation goes behind the scenes of the 2007 strike on 'The Cube,' shortly before it ...


Dinosaurs, why horns? "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 2015 video from Canada is called The Royal Ontario Museums Ceratopsians.

From Queen Mary University of London in England:

Dinosaur frills and horns did not evolve for species recognition

March 21, 2018

The elaborate frills and horns of a group of dinosaurs including Triceratops and Styracosaurus did not evolve to help species recognise each other, according to researchers at Queen Mary University of London.

It has been suggested that different species that live in the same location may evolve features in order to distinguish one another to help avoid problems such as hybridisation, where two individuals of different species produce infertile or unfit offspring.

To test this hypothesis the researchers examined patterns of diversity in the ornamentation of 46 species of ceratopsians, the horned dinosaurs, but found no difference between species that lived together and those that lived separately.

A previous research paper from Queen Mary found that the frill in one ceratopsian species, Protoceratops, may have evolved under sexual selection. These new findings appear to add evidence to this across the entire group.

The researchers also found evidence that ornamental traits seemed to evolve at a much faster rate than other traits. As these structures are costly to grow and maintain, this finding similarly points to a strong selective pressure on these traits.

The study was published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Andrew Knapp, PhD candidate from the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences and lead author of the study, said: This resolves a long-standing and hitherto untested hypothesis concerning the origin and function of ornamental traits in ceratopsian dinosaurs. M...


British media admits it: Due process in Skripal case 'does not apply' to Russia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Commentaries in Guardian and Financial Times say that Russia can be declared guilty without being given chance to defend itself It is becoming increasingly difficult for the British authorities and for the British media to deny that 'due process' - ie. the well-established system of rules for conducting fair and impartial trials and investigations in order to determine questions of guilt or innocence - are not being followed by the British authorities in the Skripal case. Here are some of the violations of due process the British authorities which in my opinion the British authorities are committing:


Canadas NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and Political Violence "IndyWatch Feed World"

We should be concerned about Jagmeet Singhs support for political violence. But not the stuff thats making news. While the media makes much of the new NDP heads ties/indifference to Sikh violence, theyve ignored Singhs leadership of a party/community that has repeatedly backed Canadian aggression.

In a Rabble story on the controversy, Karl Nerenberg described Singh as the leader of a party that has throughout its history favoured peaceful and non-violent solutions. As such, Nerenberg called on the NDP leader to make a stronger statement against any use of violence in furtherance of Sikh goals.

While not downplaying the terrible human loss in the 1985 Air India bombing or disagreeable aspects of the Khalistan movement, its more salient to know Singhs position on Canadian violence. Contrary to Nerenbergs claim, the NDP has repeatedly supported Canadian aggression.

Seven years ago the NDP wholeheartedly endorsed bombing Libya, a quarter century ago it applauded the bombing of Serbia and in 1950 it cheerlead Canadian participation in the Korean War. At the beginning of the century important elements of the party backed Canadas deployment to Afghanistan and the NDP was ambivalent towards Canadian-assisted violence in Haiti.

After the Communists took control of China in 1949 the US tried to encircle the country. They supported Chiang Kai-shek in Taiwan, built military bases in Japan, backed a right-wing dictator in Thailand and tried to establish a pro-Western state in Vietnam. The success of Chinas nationalist revolution also spurred the 1950-1953 Korean War in which eight Canadian warships and 27,000 Canadian troops participated. The war left as many as four million dead.

The NDPs predecessor, the CCF, endorsed the US-led (though UN sanctioned) war in Korea. Deputy leader and party spokesperson Stanley Knowles immediately endorsed the deployment of Canadian naval units to the Western Pacific, which the government sent in case they might be of assistance to the United Nations and Korea. Before Ottawa committed ground troops the CCF Executive Council called for them. The CCF started to shift its position on the...


Iraq ready to cooperate with Turkey on securing common borders "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Iraqi government has expressed its readiness to cooperate with Turkey on ensuring security of the countries' shared borders, the Iraqi Justice Ministry said Tuesday in a press release received by Sputnik. "The Iraqi government has expressed its intention to cooperate with Turkey on all issues related to the security along common borders," the minister stated. According to Zamily, Iraq is strengthening good-neighborly relations with countries in the region, particularly with its Turkish neighbor.


Anna Von Reitz -- Banking for Bankers "IndyWatch Feed World"

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Banking for Bankers

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

More than a year ago, I declared the beginning of the long-promised Thousand Years of Peace. I delivered the Payment Bond and the Bills of Lading to the Vatican Chancery Court. A Year and a Day later, on January 7, 2018, the Final Transaction Cured and, not coincidentally, the Age of Aquarius officially began. As a further result, the Draconian Law was set aside and the Aquarian Law of Love and Balance was declared.

Now, to some of you, this sounds very foreign and "airy-fairy" and you must be wondering--- "What's wrong with Grandma? Has she gone soft in the head? Fallen for all this New Age garbage?"

But it is nothing of the sort and nothing soft-headed about it. It is material fact. And it's a good thing for everyone on planet Earth.

All these years everyone has been thinking that the Kingdom of Heaven was something immaterial, something we couldn't see or touch or feel directly. We have been "seeing through a glass and darkly", but now, that glory is to be revealed and many things that made no sense will suddenly make perfect sense to everyone.

Right now, I want to just briefly observe some consequences to the bankers of the world, who have profited themselves by keeping everyone (falsely) indebted.

All that debt and all those "debt notes" that the banks have been holding over everyone's head are in fact negative numbers.

A negative number is by definition less than zero. And the bigger the negative number, the less than zero it is.

A minus seventy-seven trillion ($77,000,000.000.00) is a LOT less than zero. That's how much that debt is really worth....


This flower startup wants women to buy bouquets for their friends "IndyWatch Feed World"

In the flower industry, there are two big holidays that matter: Valentines Day and Mothers Day. Thats why UrbanStems, a flower delivery startup, decided to launch on Valentines Day in 2014. Its a well-known fact that these two days generate a huge amount of business for flower brands, says Megan Darmody, the brands director of

In the flower industry, there are two big holidays that matter: Valentines Day and Mothers Day. Thats why UrbanStems, a flower delivery startup, decided to launch on Valentines Day in 2014. Its a well-known fact that these two days generate a huge amount of business for flower brands, says Megan Darmody, the brands director of press and partnership.

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Heres everything Mark Zuckerberg didnt say, and probably wont "IndyWatch Feed World"

Cambridge Analyticas improper access to Facebook user data turned into a firestorm for the social media giant this past week. Four days later, CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally responded, publishing a Facebook post in which he made a familiar vow to do what it takes to protect our community. He also conceded that Facebook has made mistakes

Cambridge Analyticas improper access to Facebook user data turned into a firestorm for the social media giant this past week. Four days later, CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally responded, publishing a Facebook post in which he made a familiar vow to do what it takes to protect our community. He also conceded that Facebook has made mistakes and needs to step up.

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The Amount of Plastic in Oceans Will Triple within Seven Years, Says Major Report "IndyWatch Feed World"

Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
Waking Times 

A recent viral video of a diver swimming through a sea of plastic is a stark reminder of what we are doing to the worlds oceans. Weve been reporting on this issue since 2012, watching the development of a massive gyre of plastic forming in the Pacific Ocean, devastating wildlife in the Midway Atolls.

About 300 million tons of plastic are produced each year. In the US alone, about 30+ million tons of plastic waste is dumped into the solid waste system, including various plastic containers, bags and other types of packaging, with only about 10% being recycled. [Source]

Sadly the overuse of plastic has only continued, and while a few grassroots and localized efforts have inspired a small handful of retailers to experiment with a retail model that does not use plastic packaging, projections indicate that the problem is very quickly getting much worse.

In a recent report by the UK Government Office for Science entitled Future of the Sea, a grim scenario is painted with regards to ocean pollution by plastics. Noting key long-term trends, the report states:

Plastic in the ocean is projected to treble between 2015 and 2025. Plastic does not decompose, instead breaking down into ever smaller pieces. The full effects are not understood, but there is gr...


Market Talk- March 21, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Core indices drifted lower today and possibly from the headline that the Central Bank continues to take steps towards opening its markets. Todays announcement that the domestic market will be open to foreign third party payment firms is another move towards internationalisation. Shanghai and Hang Seng closed with only small losses (-0.3% and -0.4% respectively), which is probably to be expected ahead of possible trade war and the Federal Reserves rate decision. The A$ remains heavy which helped the ASX a touch, but also a healthy bounce in some key commodities. SENSEX added to yesterdays gain with a 0.4% return as confidence continues to build.

Europe was pretty much in the red for most of the day and only managed to rally at the close following the US market bounce. It is visible that the US markets continue to be the main driver of events and that is not just because the FED is announcing this afternoon. Given that most hot topics involve the US, this decision will be the trigger for markets into quarter end. The EU appeared to respond to possible trade wars today after it proposed plans to tax digital companies where they generate value rather than where the companies are headquartered. Volumes were light today but respond well to the energy price rally whilst financials and construction stocks weighed on sentiment.

Volumes were light in US trading just ahead of the FED but, probably due in part to the heavy snow storm making travels into the office more challenging. Many will be watching for the FED outlook going into Q2 especially as we watch 10s trade above the psychological 2.90 level. Energy inventories were a surprise and with a lower release helped a +1.3% rally today. Upon the FED announcement, the initial surge was turned around and we eventually closed just a little lower on the day. From the FED conference we can ascertain that the Dot-Plot will become a little more hawkish, they are happy with current projections and they still surprised no inflation. FED/Funds above the inflation rate, the first time in around 10 years. All core indices closed close to unchanged on the day, with the DOW, NASDAQ and the S+P off just -0.2%.

Japan 0.04%, US 2s closed 2.30% (-3bp), 10s 2.88% (u/c), 30s 3...


USG Whispers Pleas Of "War On Terror" And "Special Operations Command" In MikroTik Router Shitware Case "IndyWatch Feed World"

In the absence of firm admissions of guilt, known USG influence outlets including Conde Nast publications are pleaing that the malware pushed into phuctorable MikroTik routers was part of a US Special Operations Command anti-Terrorism effort (archived, archived). Presumably this is part of the terrorist Pantsuit USG campaign to creating dialogue points for shifting the overton window on shitware.


Over 40 Tons Of Chemical Weapons Left By Retreating Terrorists Found In Syria "IndyWatch Feed World"

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, chemical weapon production facilities have been discovered in areas that have been liberated from terrorists in Syria. The ministry said that over 40 tons of chemical weapons were [...]


Syrian Rebels Target Busy Market In Eastern Ghouta Rocket Attack "IndyWatch Feed World"

On Tuesday evening, anti-government fighters in the embattled East Ghouta suburb of Damascus launched a major attack, firing several missiles and artillery shells into a crowded shopping district of government-held Jaramana area, resulting in a civilian massacre.

The Guardian has described the attack as one of the deadliest rebel attacks on the Syrian capital which according to early reports took the lives of 38 civilians, including women and children. Local reporters say that number may climb higher.

And according to the Middle East based Al-Masdar News, which has a correspondent on the ground close to the scene, a near-simultaneous attack on the Mezzeh District of Damascus resulted in the deaths of a woman and five children.

The Guardian reports that the particular shopping area in Jaramana hit by a volley of rockets was particularly busy as Mothers Day celebrated in Syria on March 21  brought throngs of families into crowded markets:

State media said the opposition fire had hit the area of Jaramana, which residents said was full of shoppers many buying presents before Mothers Day. A taxi driver, who asked not to give his name, said he had been nearby when the rocket hit a street known for its cheap clothes and food shops.

The place was full of people buying presents for Mothers Day, the 41-year-old said. A nurse in her 30s, who asked not to be named, said the projectile had hit a shopping area next to a security checkpoint. The intensity of the blast was terrifying, she said.

Though given scant attention in international media since the start of the now 7-year long war, Damascenes have had to endure living under the constant threat of mortar attack from al-Qaeda linked groups operating in the suburbs and Damascus countryside as the new normal.


Its Not Only The Vegas Casinos Which Reap Financial Gain But Also The Courts "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Janet Phelan In 2006, the Los Angeles Times ran a series on judges in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Times found that Las Vegas judges...


The secret yacht summit that realigned the Middle East "IndyWatch Feed World"

George Nader, the Lebanese-American businessman and convicted paedophile, who is co-operating with special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Donald Trump's campaign funding, organised a secret summit of Arab leaders on a yacht in the Red Sea in late 2015, Middle East Eye can reveal. Nader proposed to the leaders gathered on the yacht that they should set up an elite regional group of six countries, which would supplant both the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the moribund Arab League. Nader said this group of states could become a force in the region "that the US government could depend on" to counter the influence of Turkey and Iran, according to two sources briefed on the meeting.


Strange trumpeting sounds heard in small Swedish town "IndyWatch Feed World"

On February 26, 2018, around 7:30 am, YouTube user 'Johan Svensson' recorded trumpeting sounds that lasted about 5 minutes.


Russia is fighting a lethal 100-year-old enemy "IndyWatch Feed World"

London's boorish behaviour has resulted in a fiery reaction within Russia - from indignation to jokes about "Little Britain". Sadly, such derision is not the best possible answer. For we are dealing with a threat that is far from comical, and the entire history of relations between Russia and Britain is proof of that. Great Britain's behaviour in the Skripal affair is openly provocative: accusations against Russia, a recommendation to "put a sock in it", declarations about Putin's personal involvement. All of this, of course, is causing indignation in Russia. But if it is possible to understand our civil society's indignation, deriding Britain and her elites is totally incorrect. Discourse about "Little Britain", about how "Lil' England" has lost its influence and is slandering Russia in an impotent rage look strange. All of this is not even suitable as banal retaliatory propaganda, seeing as it is a distortion of reality.


Assange will give evidence to UK Parliament on Cambridge Analytica scandal "IndyWatch Feed World"

WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange may soon give evidence to a Parliamentary Committee about Cambridge Analytica, a voter-profiling company which accessed data of some 50mn Facebook users, triggering an international scandal. "I have accepted a request by the select committee of the UK parliament @CommonsCMS to give evidence, via video link, about Cambridge Analytica, and other matters, later this month,"Assange, currently holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, said on Twitter. Just over half an hour later, the British Parliament's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee confirmed that Assange "has offered to appear" before the House of Commons body, explaining that "no formal invitation" has yet been issued to the whistleblower. WikiLeaks rushed to clarify the matter, stating that the Australian was "approached" on a number of occasions to offer his expert opinion to British MPs. During the last attempt, on Monday, the investigative committee allegedly proposed holding the session with Assange on March 28 via video link, "to which Mr. Assange agreed."


Dear Health Nuts, Exposure to WiFi causes Blood Sugar Fluctuations, Cardiac Issues, Disrupts the Blood Brain Barrier, and More Choose Wired Internet "IndyWatch Feed World"

By B.N. Frank It seems like we are constantly being lectured about how good health depends on what we eat and drink, how much we...


Action Point: A Jackass Movie Set At The Notorious Action Park "IndyWatch Feed World"

Watch the trailer for Action Point, a perfect movie for anyone going through Jackass withdrawal.

What: The first trailer for the summer 2018 comedy Action Point.

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Strange sky sounds recorded in Fife, Washington "IndyWatch Feed World"

YouTube user 'Phjose aRulom' uploaded a clip of strange sounds coming from the sky in Fife, Washington on February 17, 2018.


BEST OF THE WEB: Blimey! ANOTHER Russian Exile Turns up Dead in UK - Suspicious Pattern Emerging - UPDATE "IndyWatch Feed World"

Comment: Before you begin reading about what may turn out to be yet another murder of a Russian exile in the UK in order to blame Putin, check out how many Telegraph presstitutes got together to pen this one! It's all-hands-on-deck aboard HMS Indomitable! The British media-intelligence factory is working overtime on Operation 'Get the World to Hate Putin, NOW'... Counter-terrorism police have opened an investigation into the "unexplained" death on British soil of an arch enemy of Vladimir Putin, just eight days after the nerve gas assassination attempt on a Russian double agent. Nikolai Glushkov, 68, the right-hand man of the deceased oligarch Boris Berezovsky, Mr Putin's one-time fiercest rival, was found dead at his London home on Monday. Comment: Berezovsky was certainly a cretin and a traitor - which explains at least in part why he found safe harbour in London - but his death was almost certainly the work of British, not Russian, intelligence. A Russian media source said Glushkov, the former boss of the state airline Aeroflot, who said he feared he was on a Kremlin hit-list, was found with "strangulation marks" on his neck. The inquiry into Glushkov's death was announced hours before a midnight deadline for the Kremlin to explain how Russian-made nerve agent came to be deployed in the assassination attempt on the double agent Sergei Skripal in Salisbury.


Snowden docs reveal NSA targeted Bitcoin users around the world "IndyWatch Feed World"

The US National Security Agency targeted Bitcoin users around the world, according to classified documents released by Edward Snowden. The revelations strike a blow to the financial privacy of bitcoin users, academics warn. The National Security Agency (NSA) managed to find ways to 'track down senders and receivers' of Bitcoins, according to an internal NSA report dated March 2013. The findings come from classified NSA documents, exposed by ex-CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden and first published by The Intercept. Crucially, the tracking may also have involved amassing information from bitcoin users' computers. One NSA memo suggests that the NSA collected some Bitcoin users' password information, internet activity and MAC address, which is a type of unique device identification number. Bitcoin is a digital currency which uses encryption to regulate its units of currency. From the outset, cryptocurrencies were designed to circumvent the control of banks and provide discretion for financial transactions. But they could not easily evade the attention of national governments, who take a keen interest in controlling flows of money.


26 Reasons Why We Should Pay Attention To Edward Snowden "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Carey Wedler In June of 2013, Edward Snowden was the most wanted man in the world as the U.S. government and others frantically attempted to arrest...


Former FBI agent Fred Humphries calls McCabe firing 'fitting': 'Important for top officials to be held accountable' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Fred Humphries woke up Saturday morning and for the first time ever raised a blue and white Federal Bureau of Investigation flag on the pole in his front yard. "I was encouraged and hopeful," said Humphries, 53, in an exclusive interview with the Tampa Bay Times, reacting to the news that former FBI director Andrew McCabe had been fired. A day earlier, both men left the FBI after 21-year careers. Humphries retired, a short while after serving a 60-day unpaid suspension for previously speaking to the Times without permission. McCabe, fired after the Justice Department rejected an appeal that would have let him retire this weekend, is accused in a yet-to-be-released internal report of failing to be forthcoming about a conversation he authorized between FBI officials and a journalist.


Electric Storm at 30,000ft: Airplane Passenger Captures Astounding Pyrotechnics (PHOTO, VIDEOS) "IndyWatch Feed World"

Alabama was subjected to hurricane-force winds and tornadoes as an extremely powerful weather system descended on the state. One resident managed to capture some spectacular atmospheric pyrotechnics through her plane window.

Martha Hart Mulligan was traveling home from North Carolina on Monday as the tempest hit. The pilot of American Airlines pilot flight 5566 reportedly took the long way around to avoid the storm system but it proved too big to escape as the footage shows. No-one on board was injured and the flight landed safely that evening.

We were trying to fly south of the storm to avoid some turbulence. This is the impressive lightning we encountered, and were happy to report that it did not encounter us, Hart Mulligan wrote on Facebook.

There has been significant damage tonight in parts of Alabama, Governor Kay Ivey said in a statement late Monday. We are sending state resources to those affected areas, especially to Jacksonville and Calhoun County. We will continue to monitor and respond to needs in other areas as needed.


Toxic nothing-burger: Cambridge Analytica "scandal" is a political attack posing as journalism "IndyWatch Feed World"

Seeing Donald Trump's media and political critics, who for years feted "big data," suddenly pretend it's a crime, is hard to stomach. And the feigned outrage is being used as a weapon of establishment control over social media. Before being repackaged by two leading liberal-leaning outlets to produce a media firestorm that has wiped tens of billions off Facebook's valuation and could usher in a new wave of investigations and regulation, the actual facts of Cambridge Analytica's data collection had been known since 2015. What has changed is the language: what the Guardian called "psychological profiling" and "behavioral microtargeting" before Donald Trump was elected, in the latest reports from the same newspaper becomes "psyops," the sinister-sounding "harvesting," the alarming "data breach," and most gloriously "Steve Bannon's psychological warfare mindf**k tool." Behind the grand claims, the germ of the story remains - by tech standards - almost disappointingly quotidian. In 2014, the upstart data analysis company Cambridge Analytica developed a psychological quiz app that over 270,000 users of the world's biggest social network downloaded and completed. As well as passing their own data to the UK-headquartered firm, the test-takers agreed to share limited information about their friends - age, location and likes - as in line with Facebook's policy at the time, producing the much-cited but unverified figure of 50 million users that were profiled.


New Report Claims Israel Failed to Reform System of Military Detention for Minors "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new report by respected Israeli human rights NGO BTselem has demolished claims made by Israeli authorities that significant reforms have been made to the system of military detention and prosecution experienced by Palestinian children.

The report, Minors in Jeopardy: Violation of the Rights of Palestinian Minors by Israels Military Courts, is expected to deal a blow to Israels reputation even amongst its Western allies, for whom the issue of Palestinian children in the military court system is one of repeated concern.

According to BTselem, over the past decade, the state has made several changes to the military orders that deal with the arrest and detention of minors and their treatment in the military courts, changes that, on the face of itwere meant to improve the protections afforded to minors.

However, the NGO concludes, the changes Israel made have had no more than a negligible impact on minors rights, and seem to have had far more to do with improved appearances than with what happens in actual practice.

One specific reform highlighted by the report is the military juvenile court, introduced in 2009. While Israeli authorities consider its establishment a landmark achievement in the protection of minors rights in the military justice system, in practice, it has failed to improve the safeguarding of the rights of minors facing charges.

This, Btselem explains, is because remand hearings are held at the ordinary military court, and, because trial hearings are very rare since the overwhelming majority of the cases are closed in a plea bargain between the defense and the prosecution.

The reason that so many defendants are prepared to enter into plea bargains is the military courts policy on detention which results in minors being kept in custody from the time they are arrested until after they serve their prison sentence, BTselem added.

A further point made by the new report is that while the reforms address what goes on in the military courts proper, the changes do not deal with the crucial stages of the initial arrest and interrogation, which is what determines the case.During these early phases, minors suffer much harm. They undergo the process in utter isolation, without their parents or a lawyer by their side, or any other adult who has their best interests at heart, to explain what is to come and inform them of their rights, BTselem states.



11 Fragrant Plants that Can Repel Mosquitoes, Spiders, Fleas, and More! "IndyWatch Feed World"

I dont know about you, but I couldnt be happier that the sun is out, and springtime is upon us! In the coming weeks and months, as the weather continues to get warmer, people across the country will be digging out our barbeques and patio sets and spending as much time outdoors basking in the sun. There is, however, one part of the warmer weather that even the biggest outdoor enthusiast among us would be happy to avoid at one time or another bugs.

From flies and mosquitos to ants and beetles, these little critters can find their way into your gardens, backyards, patios, and homes. Not only are they often seen as a complete nuisance, they can also cause problems such as contaminating our food. There are many great insect sprays on the market, however, as we begin to learn more about the chemicals included in this product many of us are searching for natural options.

Instead, why not look to natures pesticide, the various plants, flowers and herbs that you can pick up in your local garden center which have been found effective in sending these little critters running for the hills.

Source: Iqbal Osman | Flickr


Here are 11 different plants that will help you keep your home bug free this spring:

#1 Marigolds

Colorful flowers that are a favorite of many gardeners around the country for home landscaping, the smell of a marigold has been found to repel a number of different pests including mosquitos, squash bugs, and tomato worms. In fact, there is a natural compound in marigold that is used in many insect repellents as it is so effective!

#2 Mint

A scent that many will enjoy just because it smells good, keeping mint around your home can actually help to ward off mosquitos. You can either place the plants strategically around your house, garden or patio or use the essential oil extracted from this plant as a mosquito repellent that you can wear while outdoors.

#3 Lemongrass

A decorative grass that can be used to br...


4 Steps For Silencing Highly Manipulative and Controlling People "IndyWatch Feed World"

In this life, we will face many different people and sadly a lot of those people will be controlling individuals. Controlling people can be a big problem in all kinds of relationships be them romantic or otherwise.

When you let people control you, you are basically letting them turn you into whoever they want to turn you into. You are playing the role of a doll and it is just not healthy overall. As humans, we should always live our lives the way we want to. Never let someone try to fit you into a mold or force you to bend to what they want reality to be.

Controlling people are sometimes a bit hard to face as they can be intimidating but when it comes to being yourself you really have to know how to stand up and fight. Most controlling people start out small and weasel their ways into our lives. They do this so that they can in a sense disguise themselves.

When it comes to dealing with controlling people there are a few different things you can do to work through what they are trying to do and get yourself out of the situation. Some controlling people can work on their need for control but others are not as capable. Whether or not you should stick around depends on the situation and just how controlling the individual truly is.

The 4 Steps You Need to Remember When it Comes to Dealing With Controlling People:

Step 1: Stop Reacting

Do not feed into them, they want a reaction and if you do not give them one you are going to come out on top. For instance, if they say something to you, do not resist or criticize just remain calm. That being said, you can assert yourself without losing your temper. The calmer you are the better things will turn out for you as you will be the one people notice handling the issue well.

Step 2: Refuse Arguments Completely

Do not argue with this person. If they come at you trying to start a fight walk away. If you are dealing with an angry significant other, suggest that you both take some time to cool off. The less conflict the better when it comes to being heated.

Step 3: Set Healthy Boundaries

Do not forget your rights, this person cannot control you. Sit down with this person and make sure they know where the lines are drawn. You never have to do anything that you do not want to do.

Step 4: Make Sure You Take Care of Yourself

Keep the boundaries going and ensure you are getting what you need and living your own lif...


14 Common Causes of Infertility In Women, And How to Protect Yourself "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately 10% of women in the United States, or 6.1 million Americans, are currently experiencing difficulty getting or staying pregnant. A struggle that impacts women of all ages, infertility refers to women who are unable to get pregnant until 1 year of trying or 6 months for a woman aged 35 or older.

There are many reasons that a woman may struggle with this condition, however, taking the time to educate ourselves on the risks can empower women to take control of their sexual health!

Its important to note that infertility doesnt just exist in women. In fact, male infertility is the primary factor in approximately 30% of all infertility cases. If you are currently struggling with difficulty getting or staying pregnant, it is recommended that you seek professional medical attention in order to assess which partys sexual health needs to be addressed directly in order to improve your odds of conceiving or carrying to turn (if possible).

It is also important to note that inability to conceive a child does not make you less of a woman than those that have biological children. The psychological impact of infertility is a serious condition and should not be overlooked. Those women who are facing this condition may face anxiety, depression or additional levels of stress.

Source: ARC Fertility


Causes of infertility include:

#1 Age

While medical advances are extending the period in which women are able to get pregnant can carry a healthy pregnancy to term, there will still come a time where our age will catch up to us and have a negative impact on our fertility. For example, the average woman reaches menopause at the age of 60, at which point we no longer release eggs for the purposes of reproduction. In the years leading up to this point, the number of eggs produced decli...


Israel needs to kick out 450 elderly people to make room for Jerusalem's new US embassy "IndyWatch Feed World"

Israeli authorities would need to relocate some 450 USSR immigrants, many of whom are in their 80s, from a plot of land to facilitate the construction of a new US embassy. And there is no solution in sight. The plot in Jerusalem's predominantly Jewish Arnona neighborhood is owned by the United States and currently accommodates an American consulate, which will soon be promoted to embassy status. This is scheduled to happen on May 14, coinciding with the 70th anniversary of Israel's declaration of independence, although red tape may force a postponement, according to local media. While the consular compound, which opened in 2010, is among the most secure American diplomatic facilities in Israel, it's far too small to serve as the full-fledged fortified embassy that the US wants it to be. Construction work required to change this would involve the relocation of 450 residents of the decades-old Diplomat Hotel, which was purchased by the US in 2014 and leased out to house elderly immigrants from the former Soviet Union. According to the Israeli parliament's website, authorities have no plans on how to do this, with a heated debate taking place about the fate of those residents at a recent Immigration Committee meeting. "We cannot leave them in suspense, worry and fear of what their future will be and where they will be transferred," said Committee Chairman Avraham Neguise.


Amid Russiagate Hysteria, US Interferes in Elections in Venezuela & Latin America "IndyWatch Feed World"

Frustrated with foreign interference in the US elections? So are the people of Latin America, claims Timothy Gill.


Offensive Jokes: The UK's Latest Absurd National Security Threat "IndyWatch Feed World"

The United Kingdom is once again taking down serious threats to its national security.
This time, the UK ...


EC President Juncker under fire for daring to congratulate Putin on election victory and calling for positive relations with Russia "IndyWatch Feed World"

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker's extremely polite letter of congratulations to Vladimir Putin on his election win has enraged Britain's Twitterati and other senior EU officials. Jean-Claude Juncker's call for positive relations and a security deal proved too much to swallow for many commentators who want to see Russia punished over the poisoning of former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Britain. There is a hawkish mood in Britain towards Russia currently, even before a definite link to the Salisbury poisoning has been established beyond doubt. While there have been declarations of solidarity from EU allies with Britain's accusations aimed at the Kremlin, there is also a sense that many countries share the position of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who has suggested the blame is running ahead of the evidence.


Good idea! Trump plans to meet Putin to discuss 'arms race that is getting out of control' "IndyWatch Feed World"

US President Donald Trump said he will meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in the not too distant future to discuss an arms race that Trump called "out of control." He also congratulated Putin on his election victory. Trump answered a question about Putin as he was holding a meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the White House. "We will be meeting in the not too distant future to discuss the arms race which is getting out of control," Trump said, expanding on the content of the phone call with Putin on Tuesday. He reaffirmed his commitment to maintaining America's military spending. "We are going to remain stronger than any other nation in the world by far," he said. "We will never allow anyone to have anything close to what we have." At the proposed meeting, they would also discuss Ukraine and North Korea, Trump said.


EU court finds men subjected to CIA-style '5 techniques' by British Army were not tortured "IndyWatch Feed World"

A European court has rejected a request to find that a group of 14 men detained during internment in Northern Ireland suffered torture. The prisoners were subjected to white noise, sleep and food deprivation as well as beatings. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) rejected the Irish government petition to revise a 1978 judgement against the UK and find that the prisoners, known as the 'hooded men' were subjected to torture. The men were exposed to methods known as the "five techniques" - hooding, white noise, stress positions, sleep deprivation, and food deprivation. The practice was applied over an unknown period of four to seven days for an unspecified number of hours at a time. Similar interrogation techniques have since been deployed by the CIA and outlined in a 2014 Senate Torture report.


Sweden will criminalize sex without first getting explicit consent "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sex without first getting explicit consent is to be criminalized in Sweden. The new bill was sent to lawmakers Tuesday, despite some deeming the law unnecessary. Sweden already has extensive sexual assault laws, but country's lawmakers want to further cement the need for consent in the hope that the new law will see more sexual assault cases being prosecuted. The government describes the bill as being "based on the obvious: sex must be voluntary." "Sex should be voluntary. Everything else is abuse," Justice Minister Morgan Johansson tweeted. "I think it's important to reach that clarity in legislation," Johansson later added, Omni reports. "I think the number of crimes solved will increase. Particularly through the combination of stronger and broader legislation together with increased support for victims."


What is the Immune System of the Mind? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Jon Rappoport, Guest
Waking Times

Were familiar with the bodys immune system. It mounts a reaction to intruders, and in the process it swings into a full inflammatory response. Swelling occurs. Fever. The result, if the immune system is healthy, is the banishing of the intruders and a return to well-being. The body gains a victoryand the person builds confidence in his ability to stave off attacks.

The mind has the potential to operate in a similar fashion. But there are prerequisites. The mind needs basic ideas and principles on which to erect its response.

These basics are inherent in a healthy mind: the desire for freedom, for self-sufficiency, for the creation of a desired future, for committed work in that direction.

In the absence of these strong fundamentals, the mind will not mount a direct immune response against intruders. It will be clueless.

What are the intruders? Well, they are precisely the external influences that lessen, minimize, squelch, and sideline the inherent basics.

Whatever would challenge freedom, self-sufficiency, committed work on behalf of creating a desired futureTHESE are the factors the minds immune system responds against.

But if the mind has been tuned to DEPENDENCE, all bets are off. The immune system is confused. It doesnt respond swiftly and decisively. It is looking for, and favoring, more dependence, and so it is essentially working backwards. It has already let the opponent in the door.

When intruding ideas enterideas that try to reject freedom and self-sufficiencythe minds immune system allows them deep inside. There is no defense. There is no full inflammatory r...


Crisis of meaning in America: Youth suicide skyrocketed over 70% in the last decade "IndyWatch Feed World"

According to the Centers for Disease Control, youth suicide is in the midst of a precipitous and frightening rise. Between 2006 and 2016, suicides by white children between ages 10 and 17 skyrocketed 70%; while black children are less likely than white children to kill themselves, their suicide rate also jumped 77%. And as The Blaze points out, CNN reported last year that "the suicide rate among girls between the ages of 15 and 19 rose to a 40-year high in 2015." It's not just young people. According to Tom Simon, a CDC report author, "We know that overall in the US, we're seeing increases in suicide rates across all age groups." As of 2016, suicide levels were at 30-year highs. So, what in hell is going on? A few years back, the trendy explanation was economic volatility - the market crash of 2007-2008 had supposedly created a culture of despair, cured only by suicide. But the economy is booming, and has been growing steadily since 2009. There are those who blame the rise in drugs as well, particularly opioids - but according to a study from the National Institute of Drug Abuse, drinking, smoking and drug use may be at the lowest levels "seen in decades," as the Los Angeles Times reports.


10 Senate Democrats Kill a Bill to End US Military Involvement in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed World"

The United States Senate killed a resolution introduced by Independent Senator Bernie Sanders and Republican Senator Mike Lee to withdraw U.S. military support for the Saudi war in Yemen.

By a vote of 55-44, the resolution was tabled. A simple majority was required to kill the resolution.

If ten Democrats who voted to kill the resolution had instead voted no, an extraordinary debate on Saudi Arabia and U.S. support for the war in Yemen would have taken place.

Democratic Senators Christopher Coons, Catherine Cortez Masto, Joe Donnelly, Heidi Heitkamp, Doug Jones, Joe Manchin, Robert Menendez, Bill Nelson, Jack Reed, and Sheldon Whitehouse each voted against debating whether to exercise Congresss war powers under the Constitution.

The outcome was similar to a vote on a resolution introduced by Republican Senator Rand Paul to oppose the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia. It failed by four votes, and if five Democrats had not voted to preserve the arms deals, the effort to block $500 million worth of weapons would have prevailed.

Republican Senator Bob Corker, the chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, led the effort to stop the resolution from Sanders and Lee. He was livid that senators invoked the War Powers Act of 1973 to attempt to end U.S. military support for intervention by Saudi Arabia in a war against the Houthis, particularly because it circumvented his authority as the Foreign Relations Committee chair.

Corker said, Let the Foreign Relations Committee do the work youve assigned the committee to do. Were going to have a hearing. He mentioned a bipartisan bill apparently in the works on Yemen. He cautioned against allowing a wild west debate on war-making powers of the Executive Branch.

Read more by Kevin Gosztola


Scandinavian Stone Age society more reliant on fishing than previously thought - particularly aquatic mammals "IndyWatch Feed World"

Stone Age people depended more heavily on fish than scientists thought, according to a new report. Researchers from Sweden's Lund University studied human bones that are thousands of years old for a new study on the diets of Stone Age individuals. Previously, scientists thought that these people depended largely on land mammals for food. But, while they did eat some mammals, the researchers found that more than half of what they consumed was fish, emphasizing the importance of fishing to prehistoric Scandinavian people.


Abortion Clinic Caught Selling Box Of Aborted Fetuses From Car "IndyWatch Feed World"

A South Carolina abortion clinic has been caught on video illegally transporting and selling the bodies of aborted fetuses from a car to a waste management company. Pro-life group Created Equal say they have exposed [...]


Woman accused of killing mother with glass shards - Removes eyes and leaves them on top of cardboard box "IndyWatch Feed World"

A blood trail along a living room floor grew heavier in the kitchen and led to the garage of a Royal Palm Beach home. There, detectives say, was the body of Francisca Monteiro-Balla, 55, who had been slashed in her head, arms, chest and stomach. Placed on top of a cardboard box: Monteiro-Balla's eyes, which had been removed from their sockets. Detectives say Monteiro-Balla's daughter Camille Balla, 32, killed her using glass shards. Deputies were called to the 100 block of Country Club Way around 1:40 a.m. Friday. A colleague of Camille Balla had called authorities after finding her covered in blood in front of the house.


Benghazi Hero Reveals Why Comey & McCabe Must Go To Prison "IndyWatch Feed World"

Kris Tanto Paronto, one of the heroes who emerged from the deadly 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack, has taken to Twitter to unleash hell on recently fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, revealing that McCabe, James Comey [...]


Ledger "Hardware Wallet" Backdoored By Child Who Releases Proof Of Concept Attack "IndyWatch Feed World"

Saleem Rashid has published a vulnerability report on the "Ledger Nano S" hardware wallet (archived). The nature of the vulnerability thorougly counters marketing and damage control PR offered by the firm and it's CEO Eric Larchevque. This incident once again demonstrates that magic totems are no substitute for hygiene.


Killary is sorry, but not really, that people misunderstood her when she said husbands forced their wives to vote for Trump "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hillary Clinton said in a Facebook post Sunday that she's "sorry" if American women "misinterpreted" a quip she made during an interview in India, suggesting that women only voted for Donald Trump because their husbands, sons, and other men in their lives told them to. "I understand how some of what I said upset people and can be misinterpreted. I meant no disrespect to any individual or group. And I want to look to the future as much as anybody," Clinton wrote. The wording is key; Clinton isn't actually sorry for what she said. She's sorry for how insulted you were by it (but that's definitely your fault). She also claims her quote about women was said "in passing," and not as a response to a question from the event's moderator.


Europe accused of obstructing rescues and returning people to Libya "IndyWatch Feed World"

MSF has condemned Italy and other European governments preventing rescue operations in the central Mediterranean and returning people to Libya.


WATCH: Cops Torture Mentally Ill Man in Restraint Chair for 2 Days, Laugh as He Dies in Front of Them "IndyWatch Feed World"

San Luis Obispo County, CA Terrifying video of an in-custody death has recently been released confirming police officers tortured a man for days in a restraint chair and then laughed as he spent his final moments alive suffering in agony in his jail cell.

The footage, obtained by the San Luis Obispo Tribune, not only shows the graphic death of Andrew Holland in January 2017 but it also proves cops told the public a story that did not happen.

Holland was pronounced dead in his jail cell on Jan 22, 2017, only one hour after he was released from spending nearly two entire days strapped in a restraint chair. The Tribune received more than 100 hours of footage from the jail showing the horrific abuse Holland endured prior to his death.

Holland, 36, was a diagnosed schizophrenic who spent much of his adult life in and out of jail for minor offenses related to his mental illness. Prior to his death, hed been locked up for resisting arrest. He spent most of this time locked in isolation in a tiny cell barely big enough for a twin mattress and a toilet.

According to the official police report, Holland was found unconscious and unresponsive in his cell and prior to dying and he was under the continual care of a physician at the time. However, according to the video obtained by the Tribune, Holland was not unconscious at all. He was seen writhing in agony only moments before he lost consciousness and died. Whats more, no physician was constantly present during his 47 hours of torture. Had they been present, Holland may still be alive.

As the Tribune reports:

Jail video shows Holland striking himself in the face while sitting on his bed in the isolation cell around 6 p.m. on Jan. 20. Blood can be seen pooling on his mattress.

At about 6:30 p.m., a group of riot-armor-clad deputies and what appears to be jail medical staff transport a naked Holland face-down on a gurney to the jails main intake area and into a glass-door cell used to house intoxicated inmates.

Five minutes later, Holland is strapped into a plastic restraint chair.

He is left there for nearly two full days, with deputies and medical staff entering the cell every 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours to rotate his arms and legs and offer him a cup of water and food.

During Hollands last moments alive, deputies can be seen laughing at multiple points during the video.



These Boots Are Made From Old Plastic Bottles Recovered In Haiti "IndyWatch Feed World"

Timberland is using recycled plastic to sew more and more of their shoesand paying Haitians to gather the bottles in the process.

Timberlands latest man-boots have an interesting backstory. Their canvas-like uppers are recycled from plastic bottles picked up from the beaches of Haiti.

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Trump Pushes for War-Making And Military Dominance in Space "IndyWatch Feed World"

In the few dreamy moments between his various personal dramas and dramas of State, Trump has been floating the idea of creating a Space Force to fight wars in space. Bruce Gagnon is concerned.  Last Thursday, March 15, Gagnon, coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space said, The aerospace industry sees an opportunity to expand their profit capability by the creation of a new Space Force that would direct the expanding U.S. war-making program in space.

The industry, Gagnon continued, has been pushing Congress to authorize this new separate service while the leadership of the Air Force have opposed the plan claiming that it would increase inefficiency and bureaucracy. In the recent NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act] it was mandated that the Air Force increase their focus on space and make it a higher priority.

When I reached Gagnon in Maine, he was on the 31st day of hunger strike protesting a corporate welfare bill for General Dynamics in Maine, where he lives. Nevertheless, he was quite strong and coherent about his opposition to the aggressive and highly costly US program toward full dominance in Space.

Related | Defense Giant General Dynamics Holds Maine Town Hostage Over Tax Exemptions

And he warns of the power of the aerospace industry to control the day. Last year a bill to create a separate Space Force passed the Ho...


California judge bars L.A. from enforcing gang injunctions that reduce crime "IndyWatch Feed World"

The city of Los Angeles has been barred from enforcing the vast majority of its gang injunctions, which applied restrictions on gang associations that authorities have long credited with reducing crime. The ruling Thursday by U.S. District Judge Virginia A. Phillips, an appointee of former President Bill Clinton, agreed with the American Civil Liberties Union that the injunctions were likely to be unconstitutionally broad, and affect people who did not have adequate opportunity to challenge them in court. The gang injunctions are civil court orders that have applied to nearly 9,000 people and 79 gang sets since 2000, the Los Angeles Times reported. The orders can effectively prevent individuals from legally associating with people in gang-ridden neighborhoods or networks.


9 Red Flags That You Are A Option In His Life, Instead of a Priority "IndyWatch Feed World"

The dating game is an incredibly difficult one, with approximately 12.7% of Americans reporting that they are actively seeking a relationship right now. While many will fall short right out of the gate, allowing you to avoid investing time in a relationship that is doomed from the get-go, there are others who will appear perfect at first glance, only to fall short while you are going through life together.

It may be that you discover aspects of our life that just doesnt fit due to differing opinions, that you want different things. Or it may be that he just isnt as into you as you are him.

Hes handsome, intelligent and charming, sweeping you off your feet from day one and convincing you that you have a future together. In time, however, you begin to notice that this is falling apart. Youre putting 110% into each and every day together, but the effort is severely lacking on his end. This may be a red flag that he doesnt see you are a priority in his life.

Source: Peak Results Coaching


Here are 9 signs that you are merely a convenience in his life, not a priority:

#1 He Controls Your Life

Most people are trying to control their lives and their chances for success, however, when we are in a relationship there are two peoples lives, futures, and dreams to consider. If you notice that hes actively controlling your life, with no care for what you actually want or where you want to go, then the only thing thats important to him is his own goals.

#2 He Breaks Promises

Have you noticed that hes all talk with little action? If he is promising you the world, always saying all the right things, thats great, however, pay attention to the follow through. Someone who makes you a priority will make the sacrifices necessary to keep these promises. If he is regularly disappointing you, this is a red flag.

#3 He Never Asks About Your Needs

In a well-balanced, caring relationship, both partners need to be focused on one anothers needs. This requires active communication, asking one another what you need and actively listening to...


Real Neat Blog Award, congratulations, all 18 nominees! "IndyWatch Feed World"

Real Neat Blog Award

Late in 2014, I made this new award: the Real Neat Blog Award. There are so many bloggers whose blogs deserve more attention. So, I will try to do something about that

It is the first award that I ever made. I did some computer graphics years ago, before I started blogging; but my computer drawing had become rusty

The rules of the Real Neat Blog Award are: (feel free not to act upon them if you dont have time; or dont accept awards; etc.):

1. Put the award logo on your blog.

2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

3. Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.

4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.

5. Let them know you nominated...


9 Signs that Indicate Your Relationship is Doomed to Fail "IndyWatch Feed World"

Americans across the country are currently on the search for their own happily ever after, trying their best to navigate the dating world in the hope of finding that perfect match. While someone will fall hard at first glance, living the fairytale dream, not every relationship is going to stand the test of time.

In fact, experts estimate that approximately 85% of all dating relationships end in heartbreak. With that staggering statistic to consider, its no wonder that Americans are looking for all the advice that they can get on how to be successful in their love life!

Unfortunately, there is no life-changing secret or foolproof path to relationship success. However, in studying the reasons that many of these relationships fall apart, experts are able to determine that there are some noticeable patterns. In fact, there are a number of signs that your relationship is doomed long before you even realized it was going downhill. By learning these warning signs, you can take steps to avoid heartbreak, letting go of failing relationships early and freeing yourself for the real deal.

Source: Love Life Coaching


Is your relationship doomed? Pay attention to these 9 reasons why most relationships fail:

#1 You Lack Communication

One of the greatest building blocks for a successful relationship is communication. You need to be able to express yourself openly and clearly, sharing how youre feeling or what you are thinking at any given moment. Furthermore, you need to be willing to actively listen to your partner, hearing, understanding and taking all that they say to heart. If this line of communication is broken, it is only a matter of time before the relationship breaks down as well.

#2 You Dont Allow Each Other to Change

As much as it may be tempting to hold tightly to who you each are today, and the current state of your relationship, the truth is that every one of us is changing, growing and...


Michael Moore blasts corporate media for non-stop anti-Russia coverage "IndyWatch Feed World"

Liberal firebrand and documentary filmmaker Michael Moore lashed out at corporate media for their non-stop coverage of alleged Russian malfeasance, distracting Americans from discussing high poverty rates and inequality. "You turn on the TV and it's 'Russia, Russia, Russia!'" Moore said during a live-streamed town hall event attended by Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. "And don't forget Stormy Daniels!" Sanders jokingly added, referencing the porn star who claims to have had an affair with Donald Trump before he ran for president. The town hall, watched by an estimated 1.7 million people online, focused on confronting and combatting inequality in America. According to Moore, the media's obsession with Russia is a distraction used to avoid dialogue on issues such as child poverty and income inequality.


What Your Egyptian Zodiac Sign Has to Reveal About Your Personality "IndyWatch Feed World"

We have all heard of Western astrology and the 12 signs of the zodiac. Dividing the year into 12 periods, each associated with a constellation that can be found in the area of the sky occupied by the sun at that time, each of these periods is referred to by the name of the constellation. When you ask someone what their sign is, you are asking them which period the sun was in at the time of their birth for example, Taurus, Sagittarius or Scorpio.

Each of these signs is associated with a list of characteristics and traits, used to define the personality of those who are born during that time. For example, those born under the sign of Taurus are stubborn, while those born under the sign of Cancer are sensitive and emotional.

What most people dont realize is that the Western zodiac that we are familiar with isnt the only set of zodiac signs that have been created. In fact, the Egyptian zodiac, or the Dindera zodiac predates Western astrology, dating back to approximately 50 BCE. The calendar, as accepted by the Egyptians, was divided into decans, each of which totaled 10 days. A full year included 36 decans, as well as an extra 5 days that were used as festivities.

While the Western zodiac divided the year into 12 separate zones, the Egyptian zodiac assigns 3 separate decans to each sign, totaling 30 days, but divided up among the year. This means that two people can be born at completely different times of the year, and still fall under the same sign. Similar to the Western zodiac, each sign is associated with a number of different personality traits.

Source: GG-125 | Pixabay


Interested to see what the Egyptian zodiac reveals about you? Read on:

Amun-Ra (January 8-21, February 1-11)

Strong, independent and hardworking, there is nothing that those born under the sign of Amun-Ra...


Fmr Abu Ghraib detainees describe the physical and mental trauma they continue to experience thanks to US torture methods "IndyWatch Feed World"

Former Abu Ghraib detainees say time has not fully healed the physical and mental pain they suffered at the infamous US prison. Iraqis spoke with RT on the 15th anniversary of the US-led invasion of their country. "The time I spent in that prison felt like a lifetime. An hour of that pain, humiliation, and injustice stays with you forever," Anwer Al-Sudani, a former Abu Ghraib detainee, told RT. Once used by Saddam Hussein to lock up political dissidents, Abu Ghraib prison was converted into a US Army detention facility shortly after the US-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003. In April 2004, photographs showing prisoners being subjected to torture, sexual humiliation, rape, and other forms of abuse at the hands of US soldiers were leaked to the press.


Diversity trumps quality: Catholic university cancels women's conference because the speakers are too white "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Catholic university in Minnesota canceled an annual women's conference because the qualified women chosen blindly to speak at the touted event ended up being too white, and thus not reflecting the proper "diversity" values of the school. St. Catherine University's Leadership Imperative Conference was set to be held on January 19, with some 30 prominent women ready to speak at the event. The speakers, picked through a blind call, were chosen "solely based on their fit" with the themes of the conference, indicates an email from the school's associate provost. The conference was hyped by the university as "the event of the year for professional women in the Twin Cities." "You won't want to miss out," the university site boasted of the conference. "Space is limited! Last year, the event sold out quickly." But when the speakers submitted their photos and bios, everything changed. The group of qualified women chosen for the event were too white for St. Catherine. So the conference was canceled in December, the Star Tribune reported last week.


Anna Von Reitz -- The Turning of the Seasons and the Tides "IndyWatch Feed World"

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Turning of the Seasons and the Tides

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

Word is beginning to dribble in from all around the country of court victories and banks giving up and releasing foreclosure claims against Americans.

There is still a great deal to be settled, and still some great injustices being perpetrated, but the tides are turning in favor of the "little people" --- and I am not talking about Leprechauns--- who have taken my advice to heart:

1. Mandatory FSIA Notice;

2. Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Re-Conveyance of Deed (which includes claim to your Trade Name and all derivative NAMES and declaration of their permanent domicile on the land and soil of (California, Wisconsin, et alia);

3. Act of Expatriation making it clear and explicit that you foreswear any Territorial United States or Municipal United States citizenship;

4. Common Law Certificate of Assumed Name

I do not want to be inundated with questions about recovery of homes and farms and businesses that have already been taken illegally and unlawfully just yet, because I don't know the answers at this point. The bankers and politicians have created an immense backlog of injustice and loss and not all of it can be simply "returned". There isn't enough Title Insurance in the world to compensate everyone who has been harmed.

That said, there will be answers and there will be remediation. Just expect that it will take time to work out the details, and realize that The Living Law Firm is working as hard as it possibly can as fast as it possibly can.



UK Sought Foreign Policy Advice From Cambridge Analytica Trump Team "IndyWatch Feed World"

A whistleblower has thrown new light on how Cambridge Analytica, the notorious data analytics firm, breached Facebook rules to acquire private information on over 50 million people to target American voters.

The revelations raise urgent questions about the use of psychological manipulation techniques on Facebook to influence voter choices, not just in the 2016 presidential elections, but also in the Brexit referendum.

Yet there are a number of key threads that have been forgotten or missing entirely, from much of the recent reporting.

One is that Cambridge Analytica is an offshoot of SCL Group, a former UK Ministry of Defence contractor which retains close ties to the British Foreign Office (FCO) and other elements of the UK political and financial establishment.

So close, that just last year the Foreign Office executive agency, Wilton Park, invited SCL Group subsidiary, SCL Elections, to speak about how the use of data in the 2016 Presidential election could be applied in the British governments diplomatic and foreign policy agenda.

As I reported in an investigation into Facebooks path toward achieving greater surveillance reach than even the NSA, the two SCL Group executives who addressed FCO officials in February 2017 were Mark Turnbull, managing director of SCL Elections, and David Wilkinson, then lead data scientist.

Cambridge Analytica, the US-based data firm, was created by SCL Elections as an incorporated venture with right-wing billionaire Robert Mercer. But SCL and Cambridge Analytica are, for all intents and purposes, one and the same.

According to a Wilton Park conference program...


In Salisbury, where ex-spy & daughter were allegedly poisoned, people own stake in Russian financial markets "IndyWatch Feed World"

While the UK government angrily accuses Russia of poisoning of an ex-spy and his daughter, a regional British pension fund continues investing in Russian bonds and shares of state-run Sberbank. The Wiltshire County Council pension fund had 10.6 percent of its cash invested in emerging markets through a fund operated by the Investec Asset Management. The latter held Russian obligations along with shares in Russia's state-owned banking major as of January, as data revealed by Bloomberg shows. Notably, the town of Salisbury, where the former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were allegedly poisoned earlier this month, is located in the region of Wiltshire. "It raises a broader question about what investment funds do with their money," Richard Connolly, a lecturer at the University of Birmingham focusing on Russian political economy, told the agency. "If the yield is good, the money will find its way there. It's such a difficult question for anyone to address legislatively." Combining investments is part of a long-term plan, aimed at eliminating risks and reducing the fund's deficit, according to a spokesman at the Wiltshire County Council pension fund.


(Video) Nixon's Evidence of Extraterrestrial Life Hidden in a Time Capsule "IndyWatch Feed World"

Published on Mar 20, 2018


In this special update former Federal Informant and Covert Operator Robert Merritt who was a member of the Nixon Administrations ultra secret Huston Plan reveals even more about his meeting deep beneath the White House where President Nixon revealed he was going to hide a Time Capsule Message containing UFO Disclosure and an ET Energy Formula that would Change the World!

The Kissinger Connection: UFO Crash Retrieval

New research has uncovered that Nixon's Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was in charge of a program at Kirtland AFB that was part of the Rockefeller Special Studies Project to Re-engineer UFO Crash Retrievals.


Anonymous Patriots: Truth News Headlines -- March 21, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"


MARCH 21, 2018 | 8:43 AM

Source: Aim 4 Truth | By ANONYMOUS PATRIOTS




American Intelligence Media and Americans for Innovation cant wait to see Zuckerberg in the hot seat defending a company whose foundations lie on the theft of its technology. Hey, guys and gals in Congress.make sure to ask Markie the tough questions that we laid out in our citizens intelligence report on:

How Facebook worked with the U.S. Digital Services Office to rig the 2016 presidential election;

How Facebook and the IBM Eclipse Foundation ripped off Leader Technologies for the software they needed to scale its platform as well as Google, Twitter, linked in.anything we use today with a log-in.



JFK Documents: US government planned false flag attacks to justify war with Soviet Union "IndyWatch Feed World"

The U.S. government once wanted to plan false flag attacks with Soviet aircraft to justify war with the USSR or its allies, newly declassified documents surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy show. In a three-page memo, members of the National Security Council wrote, "There is a possibility that such aircraft could be used in a deception operation designed to confuse enemy planes in the air, to launch a surprise attack against enemy installations or in a provocation operation in which Soviet aircraft would appear to attack US or friendly installations to provide an excuse for U.S. intervention." The memo shows that the department, along with the CIA, considered buying Soviet aircraft to stage the attacks, even getting estimates from the Air Force on how long it would take and how much it would cost to produce the planes domestically and covertly. Costs ranged from $3.5 million to $44 million per plane, depending on the model, most taking several months to build.


Vestiges & Verse: Notes from the Newfangled Epic at American Folk Art Museum "IndyWatch Feed World"

  The art of Charles AA Dellschau from 1919. Vestiges & Verse: Notes from the Newfangled Epic unites more than two hundred and fifty works by twenty-one seminal and recently discovered self-taught artists, who will... The post Vestiges & Verse: Notes from the Newfangled Epic at American Folk Art Museum appeared first on disinformation.

[This is a short summary; please click the story headline to read the full story on our site]


On the second day of spring a nesting bald eagle is caught on camera buried in snow in Hays, Pittsburgh "IndyWatch Feed World"

Neither snow nor rain nor ... more snow stopped the Pittsburgh Hays bald eagle from tending to her two eggs Wednesday. A live webcam caught the eagle seemingly buried in snow while incubating eggs that are expected to hatch today or in the next week, according to Rachel Handel, spokeswoman for the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania. The Pittsburgh winter doesn't stop the nesting progress of these birds. The once endangered raptor is quite hardy and acclimated to the snow and cold with the nation's largest population living in Alaska.


Canada on Wrong Side of Venezuelan Conflict "IndyWatch Feed World"

Whats going on in Venezuela is a bitter class war, with millions of poor people committed to defending a revolution carried out in their name, and Canada taking the side of the wealthy, well-armed opposition, writes Linda McQuaig.


Illinois Governor Vetoes Anti-Gun Dealer Licensing Legislation "IndyWatch Feed World"

Out of the goodness of his heart, Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner vetoed an anti-gun bill that would require gun stores to purchase state licensing. The bill is intended purely to drive up the cost of doing gun business in Illinois. Its an indirect tactic to decrease the ability of individuals to acquire and own the basic tools of self defense, guns.

The article featured in, an AP release, reveals the anti-gun nature of whoever wrote the article. It offers very little perspective in terms of the people who might support Rauners move, but gives a whole section to the anti-gun, Cattle Car Guide association known as Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (or, Police State Enablers Club for Moms of America, for short).

The writer of the article (who was not credited) chose to use quotes by this anti-gun, anti-human, anti-progress organization and offered no challenge to the lies contained in the quotes. The organization said, This is a truly sad day for Illinois. With a few strokes of the pen, Gov. Rauner could have helped reduce gun violence in Illinois. Instead, he buckled under the pressure of a gun lobby thats becoming more out of step each month with the sensibilities of most gun owners. I wont soon forget that amid a gun violence crisis in Illinois and growing calls for gun safety laws, the governor went out of his way to block a public safety law passed by the legislature.

This legislation would not in any way, shape, or form have decreased gun violence. It would only have resulted in the closing of more gun stores, which is the true purpose of this anti-gun piece of tyranny called a bill.

The liars who wrote that statement also declared that there is a gun violence crisis, which belies the statistics that reveal there is no gun violence crisis, and, if anything, gun violence is on the way down. Finally, the liars of the Police State Enablers Club for the Moms of America lied when they said that Rauners veto of this little piece of police state tyranny called a bill was somehow out of step with the sensibilities of most gun owners.

Well, liars, this is patently false, and whoever wrote the piece for the AP was fully aware of the lies, or else is a woefully uninformed reporter (in which case, AP should have never assigned this article to this reporter in the first place). Either way, the journalistic work in this piece is shameful and propagandistic.

The bill Rauner vetoed was SB 1657. It would have required gun dealerships to purchase a five-year state license...


Poor children officially fatter than rich kids, study reveals "IndyWatch Feed World"

Poor children are now officially fatter than their rich-kid counterparts. A new study has revealed that kids from poorer families weigh more for the first time in history - a reversal of the traditional weight-wealth pattern. Researchers looked at data collated from 5,400 babies born in 1946, 17,200 born in 1958, 17,300 in 1970, and 16,000 in 2001. The average child is 6.35kg heavier by the time they reach 15 years than kids born in the 1940s. They also have a higher body mass index (BMI) despite an increase in height. The study also found that 11-year-old children from poorer households have closed the 4.1cm height gap that existed in the 1940s to 1.2cm, but now weigh more. University College London research officer David Bann carried out the study. He said that the introduction of fast food into the modern diet has had a significant impact. "From the 1980s onwards is when the obesity epidemic really hit the UK," he said.


Gun Control? No, Youth Liberation! : Mass ShootingsSchool WalkoutsGetting Free "IndyWatch Feed World"

Students at Concords Mt. Diablo High break through gate in gun protest.

Following the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School last month and ahead of the March for Our Lives in Washington, DC this coming weekend, people all around the United States are talking about gun violence. As politicians seek to exploit horrific tragedies to consolidate even more power for the state and channel youth outrage into support for the Democratic Party, we have to direct attention back to the structural factors that cause these mass killings in the first place. Weve prepared the following poster, zine, and handbill addressing the root causes of school violence and the solutions that genuine grassroots organizing can offer. Please print these out to distribute at your local high school, walkout, or protest!

Poster version: click the image above for downloadable PDF.

Zine version: click the image above for downloadable PDF.

Handbill version: click the image above for downloadable PDF.

The New Normal

Another mass shooting. Were horrified, but we cant say were surprised. These shootings have been going on for as long as we can remember. The victims at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School werent even born when Columbine happenedand mass shootings have only gotten worse since then. Four of the ten deadliest mass shootings in American history have taken place in the last two years.

Why the last two years? The answer tells us a lot about this society. 2016 and 2017 saw...


At A Moment Of Crisis, Facebook Needs Sheryl Sandberg Out Front "IndyWatch Feed World"

Its hard to fathom why Facebooks number two has gone along with a crisis strategy that puts herself (and Mark Zuckerberg) squarely behind the curtain.

Over the weekend it was business as usual on Facebook COO Sheryl Sandbergs profile page. On Saturday, she shared two photos from a visit to her daughters elementary school. On Friday, she shared a New York Times article about the fifth anniversary of Lean In, the blockbuster book that made her a household name. We still have a lot of work to do, but Im proud that more women are speaking up, she wrote. It was standard fare for the Silicon Valley billionaire, who often serves as the face of the company: a mix of cheerleading women in business and plugging her regular-mom bona fides.

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Majority Of Americans Agree In Poll That Deep State Exists Here Is The Cited Evidence "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Aaron Kesel A majority of Americans believe an unelected faction or cabal of officials is orchestrating policy in Washington, D.C., according to a new poll,...


Genes, not hormones, are probably to blame for extreme morning sickness "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new study led by researchers at UCLA in conjunction with 23andMe claims to have found genes that increase the risk in extreme nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. The condition, also known as hyperemesis gravidarum, plagues 2% of pregnant women. The biotech giant studied two groups: 1,300 women with the most severe form of morning

A new study led by researchers at UCLA in conjunction with 23andMe claims to have found genes that increase the risk in extreme nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. The condition, also known as hyperemesis gravidarum, plagues 2% of pregnant women.

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Farmer killed by wild boar in Maharashtra, India - second such local death in days "IndyWatch Feed World"

A farmer was today killed and a woman injured in two separate attacks by wild boars here, police said. In the first incident, a 65-year-old farmer, identified as Babarao Ramji Rathod, died while undergoing treatment in a local hospital after he was attacked by a wild boar in Daheli village today morning, officials said. In another incident, police said, a wild boar attacked Kanta Wankhede (30), a resident of Ambika Nagar here, and she is currently admitted in a local hospital. In the past few days, two people, including a woman, have died in such attacks, police informed. Inspector Rita Uikey of the Darwa police station said a case of accidental death had been registered and further investigations were underway. Source: Press Trust of India


Angry and upset: Daughter forced to show mum's ashes to disability inspector to prove dead woman is not fit to work "IndyWatch Feed World"

An outraged daughter handed an urn containing her deceased mother's ashes to a disability inspector when he showed up to assess the mother's ability to work. She had passed away seven months before. Hatti Broxton said she was left "angry and upset" over the incident, which saw the Work and Pensions Department send a disability inspector to assess whether Hatti's mother Louise was fit to work. She claims the department had previously acknowledged the death and offered their condolences. Hatti, 27, said she had immediately informed authorities of her mother's death in August and the benefits were then ended. But she nonetheless received a letter in February addressed to her mother stating doctors would turn up at the property in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, for an assessment on March 13 between 11am and 2pm.


Doctor Receives Four Years in Prison as Historic Opioid Trial Moves Forward "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Derrick Broze A disgraced doctor is on his way to prison for his role in Americas opioid crisis as the largest trial dealing with...


QAnon Tweet: SES Founder and Field McConnell's Sister Kristine Marcy Surrenders "IndyWatch Feed World"


SES Founder & Field McConnell's sister Kristine Marcy 'surrenders! Field McConnell says in this video his sister Kristine Marcy & Hillary Clinton ran the BIGGEST PEDOPHILE NETWORK IN THE WORLD Shes been a Deep State secret weapon for years @HillaryClinton


A World War Might Sound Crazy, but It Could Be Americas Last Act of Desperation "IndyWatch Feed World"

Though some have been warning about the catastrophic potential for a third global conflict for years, it wasnt until recently that these warnings became more mainstream. The calamitous nature of the violence in Syria  which has one nuclear power defending a government that has been the target of a regime change operation led by the worlds superpower  combined with 2017s threats of fire and fury against another state intently pursuing a nuclear weapons supply of its own, has pushed the issue of a third world war directly into the public discourse.

While certain hotspots throughout the Middle East, Asia, and Eastern Europe (i.e. Ukraine) have seen some notable escalations in the last few years, a direct conflict between Russia and the United States is still yet to emerge. Thats because the idea of a third world war in todays world is completely insane. If the two countries that currently possess the worlds greatest supplies of nuclear weapons go to war, there may not be a world left for the victors to inhabit after the war is done, thereby making it an unthinkable proposal.

Then again, the U.S. did just recently bomb a significant number of Russian-linked forces in Syria, reportedly killing scores of them. The targets of these air str...


Israel officially admits striking alleged 'Syrian nuclear reactor' in 2007 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Israel Defense Forces have shared details of an airstrike that destroyed an alleged nuclear reactor under construction in Syria's Deir ez-Zor back in 2007, for the first time officially acknowledging carrying out the secret raid. For over a decade Israel refused to officially acknowledge taking out the suspected nuclear reactor in the Deir ez-Zor region of Syria on the night of September 6, 2007. Although, in October 2007, the IDF indirectly admitted the attack by lifting some censorship on media coverage of the incident, Tel Aviv still continued to censor details of the intended target of the strike.


European Investment Bank Approves $1 Billion Funding for TANAP Gas Pipeline "IndyWatch Feed World"

(EAN) The European Investment Bank (EIB) has approved 932 million Euros ($1.15 billion) in loans for the Trans Anatolian gas Pipeline (TANAP) being constructed across Turkey to carry gas from Azerbaijan to Turkish and European markets.

The announcement of the funding for TANAP, which was first mooted early last year and which has been under active consideration by the bank since June, comes despite concerns over the environmental impact of the project, long-standing criticism of the human rights record of Azerbaijan which owns 58 percent of the pipeline equity, and recently stormy relations between Turkey and the European Union.

Last December, 33 members of the European parliament wrote an open letter to EIB President Werner Hoyer, urging him to suspend plans to finance TANAP, citing corruption and human rights concerns in Azerbaijan and Turkey. But confirmation of the loan was never really in doubt.

The TANAP pipeline has long been the cornerstone of the European Unions planned Southern Gas Corridor (SGC), designed to carry gas from the Caspian basin to markets in central and southern Europe. It will compete with gas from Russia, which currently enjoys a near monopoly in supply to the region.

As such, the European Commission last year waved away criticism of the SGC to include it in its priority list of Projects of Common Interest. TANAP has already received funding from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the World Bank, and the Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank.

And last month the EIB confirmed loans of 1.5 billion euros its largest ever for TANAPs sister project, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) to which TANAP will connect on the Turkey-Greece border.

The confirmation of the EIB loan for TANAP also comes at a time when both Ankara and Brussels have been attempting to patch up relations after a series of increasingly bitter diplomatic spats over the past year.

A sharp deterioration in relations had thrown into doubt the future of a 2016 agreement under which the European Union undertook to grant Turkey six billion euros towards the cost of hosting an estimated 3.5 million refugees from Syria, as well as taking steps to halt the smuggling of refugees and migrants from Turkey to Greece and Bulgaria.

That agreement now appears to have been saved with the announcement on March 14 that the European Commission had agreed to release a second tranche of three billion euros in funding for Turkeys refugee pr...


Why Women Need a Tribe "IndyWatch Feed World"

March 22nd, 2018 By Tanja Taljaard and Azriel ReShel Guest writers for Wake Up World Is Sisterhood the Most Powerful Force for Womens Health? SFemale friendships are just a hop to our sisterhood, and sisterhood can be a very powerful force. Jane Fonda In ancient times women shared a lot more than they do []


Whatever goes wrong, you can always blame a Russian! "IndyWatch Feed World"

If something has gone wrong in life and you've run out of options, there's now a very easy solution that works in any situation... blame a Russian. Russians are extremely useful because they can be accused of absolutely anything, in fact, there is almost no end to things you can blame on a Russian. Lost an election? Blame a Russian. Need to win an election? Well, a Russian armed with a single Twitter account can persuade entire nations to vote for you. Perhaps you just need to scare the taxpayer into spending more on the military. Then, you guessed it, just get yourself a Russian.


1 injured in another Texas blast 'unrelated' to Austin serial bombing "IndyWatch Feed World"

One person has been seriously injured by an "incendiary device" in Austin, Texas, on Tuesday evening. Police and the FBI are so far reluctant to link this incident to the series of "package bombings" that rocked Texas recently. The incident occurred in the vicinity of a Goodwill store on Brodie Lane, according to Austin Fire Department. Police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are on the scene. While initial reports indicated that the explosion was caused by yet another mail blast, after examining the scene, the ATF announced that "it was not a package bomb," but rather an "incendiary device" which left one person injured. "At this time, it does not appear to be related to the #packagebombmurders," the ATF said on Twitter. The Austin Police Department also noted that "items inside package was not a bomb, rather an incendiary device," and insisted that, so far, there was "no reason to believe this incident is related to previous package bombs."


These Bulletproof Vests For Kids Are Perfect For The Next School Shooting "IndyWatch Feed World"

Bulletproof Junior is a new (and fake) retail line aimed at getting the attention of lawmakers and lobbyists for gun control.

What: To help mark this weekends March For Our Lives in Washington, DC,  this fake e-commerce site called Bulletproof Junior launched to raise awareness and lobby politicians to take action on gun control and safety legislation.

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Anna Von Reitz -- The Problem and the Solution "IndyWatch Feed World"

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Problem and the Solution

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

The Problem

Today, each baby is born into debt slavery. This debt is attached to him via undisclosed commercial contracts which convert the living child into a human chattel asset backing the debts of governments.
This system is set up so that the debts accrued can never equal the debts repaid.

That is, even if you pay all that you owe, there will still be interest to be paid on this debt when you die.

This debt will be passed on to the next generation.

This creates a perpetual Debt Ponzi Scheme.

Instead of money, each new participant contributes a share of debt to the pyramid.

With each new generation this odious debt increases and more and more of the worlds wealth is controlled by fewer and fewer people.

These controllers are middlemen.

This is because on the opposite side of the ledger in such a system, the debtors are also the creditors; if it were not for the middlemen, the bankers and fund managers standing in the way, this would be apparent to everyone and we could all have a good laugh.

The Problem turns out to be ignorance and dishonest bookkeeping.

When we use actual commodities as money instead of debt, the debt pyramid is eroded, but other problems rear their heads.


(Video) SGTReport -- Q: Their Biggest Fear has Come True "IndyWatch Feed World"

Published on Mar 20, 2018

Q posted something very significant on March 17th. "Their biggest fear", referring to the treacherous Zionist cabal, is a "public awakening". In this micro-doc I explain how their worst fear has come true. And as fate would have it, the great awakening is due in large part to their biggest illusion, the events of 9/11. Ironic. ""So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known." Matthew 10:26


The Yearly Campaign to Show the World the Horrifying Reality of Hebron "IndyWatch Feed World"

HEBRON, PALESTINE In order to fully understand the reality in Palestine, one must come to terms with the idea that the conquest of Palestine by the Zionists was done with the intent of committing genocide and ethnic cleansing of the native inhabitants of Palestine. This was true when, in 1948, 78 percent of Palestine was conquered and renamed Israel and it was also true when, in 1967, the conquest was completed and Israel took the remaining 22 percent of the country.

The intention was and remains taking over the land and populating it with Jews at the expense of Palestinians. It is true in the villages and in the towns, in the cities and in the countryside. It is crucial to examine how the Zionist regime accomplishes its goals on a case by case basis, and how local Palestinian leaders and grassroots groups resist. One particularly troubling example is the Zionist takeover of the old city of El-Khalil, Hebron, and the actions taken by Youth Against Settlements (YAS), and its leader and cofounder Issa Amro, to resist this takeover.


Skirting Intl Law, a model for Jewish settlements 

Israeli settlers try to stop Palestinian workers on a bulldozer in Hebron preparing the work for a new foundation on Shuhada street, March 18 1997. (AP/Nasser Shiyoukhi)

Israeli settlers try to stop Palestinian workers on a bulldozer in Hebron preparing the work for a new foundation on Shuhada street, March 18 1997. (AP/Nasser Shiyoukhi)

Hebron lays in the southern part of what is referred to as the West Bank. Other than East Jerusalem, it is the largest and busiest Palestinian city in the West Bank. In April of 1968, less than a year after the city was taken by Israel, Rabbi Moshe Levinger...


Slack picked a weird time to make it easier for bosses to download your private chats "IndyWatch Feed World"

Slack just updated its privacy policy and tools, and one of the changes may give some users pause. Under the new rules, Slack customers who pay for certain premium services will be able to download all the data from their workspaceboth public and privateapparently without informing members of the community. Which is to say: Information from

Slack just updated its privacy policy and tools, and one of the changes may give some users pause. Under the new rules, Slack customers who pay for certain premium services will be able to download all the data from their workspaceboth public and privateapparently without informing members of the community. Which is to say: Information from both private messages and room chats are fair game if the owner of the Slack wants it.

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You can now rent President Trumps mansion in St. Martin on Airbnb "IndyWatch Feed World"

Trumps $17-million palm-tree-studded mansion in Saint Martin is available on Airbnb for $11,418 a night. (And if youre thinking of staying there on Christmas or New Years Eve, the price almost doublesto $21,600 a night). The estate, known as the Chateau des Palmiers, can fit up to 16 guests into its luxurious 9 bedrooms and 8

Trumps $17-million palm-tree-studded mansion in Saint Martin is available on Airbnb for $11,418 a night. (And if youre thinking of staying there on Christmas or New Years Eve, the price almost doublesto $21,600 a night).

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Chris Hedges: Building the iron wall of censorship "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, along with 18 members of the House of Representatives-15 Republicans and three Democrats-has sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions demanding that the Qatari-run Al-Jazeera television network register as a foreign agent under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). The letter was issued after Al-Jazeera said it planned to air a documentary by a reporter who went undercover to look into the Israel lobby in the United States. The action by the senator and the House members follows the decision by the Justice Department to force RT America to register as a foreign agent and the imposition of algorithms by Facebook, Google and Twitter that steer traffic away from left-wing, anti-war and progressive websites, including Truthdig. It also follows December's abolition of net neutrality. Comment: See: Robert Fisk: Why is Al Jazeera not airing a hard-hitting investigation into US and Israeli lobbying?Dershowitz throws tantrum over Al Jazeera's Israel lobby film: Demands censorshipUS congressmen want a 'foreign agent' tag for Al Jazeera for digging into pro-Israel lobby The letter asks the Justice Department to investigate "reports that Al Jazeera infiltrated American non-profit organizations." It says that the "content produced by this network often directly undermines American interests with favorable coverage of U.S. State Department-designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations, including Hamas, Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda's branch in Syria." "American citizens deserve to know whether the information and news media they consume is impartial, or if it is deceptive propaganda pushed by foreign nations," the letter reads.


How convenient: Torture report modified to save CIA Nominee Gina Haspel "IndyWatch Feed World"

On Thursday evening ProPublica issued an important correction concerning Deputy CIA Director Gina Haspel, the woman Donald Trump has nominated to head the agency if and when current Director Mike Pompeo is confirmed as the new secretary of state. It was apparently ProPublica that first reported last year that Haspel ran the secret CIA "black site" prison in Thailand in 2002 when supposed al-Qaida detainee Abu Zubaydah was brutally tortured, and that Haspel had personally mocked the prisoner. In an extended correction signed by editor in chief Stephen Engelberg, ProPublica has now retracted those claims. Haspel did indeed run that secret prison in Thailand, but according to this new report did not take over as director until after the Zubaydah interrogation had ended. If this new information is accurate, this was a monumental error that will likely mean that Haspel is ultimately confirmed as CIA director. We can expect the Republicans in the Senate to use this to turn her into a "fake news" victim and set her up as a patriotic martyr.


Western stooge Navalny accuses Sobchak of being 'Putin's agent' "IndyWatch Feed World"

As two Russian politicians discussed the future after the presidential election, their discussion quickly turned into a confrontation, with both sides accusing each other of lies, hypocrisy and betrayal of the liberal cause. The scandal developed when Ksenia Sobchak, the former socialite and now glossy magazine editor, proposed that Aleksey Navalny, the anti-corruption blogger turned opposition activist, should cooperate with the new political party that she wanted to launch. Sobchak tried to win Navalny's sympathies by reminding him that she also built her political platform around numerous allegations of corruption in the higher echelons of Russian power.


A political obituary for Jared Kushner: R.I.P to the President's son-in-law "IndyWatch Feed World"

Here we are a little more than a year into the Trump presidency and his administration's body count is already, as The Donald might put it, "unbelievable, perhaps record-setting." Among the casualties are Secretary of State Rex Tillerson; my former boss at Goldman Sachs, economic policy chief Gary Cohn; national security adviser Michael Flynn; FBI Director James Comey; White House press secretary and communications director Sean Spicer; four other communications directors including Hope Hicks who, having been Ivanka Trump's confidante, was elevated to the status of the president's "real daughter" before her own White House exit; chief strategist Steve Bannon; chief of staff Reince Priebus; a bunch of other instant relics of Trumpian political history, and a partridge in a pear tree. (Actually, a 200-year-old magnolia uprooted from the White House grounds thanks to the first lady.) Responding to Hope Hicks' departure and, perhaps subliminally, the rumored future exile of son-in-law Jared Kushner, the president typically half-lamented and half-quipped, "So many people have been leaving the White House. It's invigorating, since you want turnover. I like chaos. It really is good. Who's going to be the next to leave? Steve Miller or Melania?"


Eva Herman ber Merkels Amtseid: Gerechtigkeit fr das deutsche Volk? "IndyWatch Feed World"


Am 14. Mrz 2018 wurde Angela Merkel zum vierten Mal zur deutschen Bundeskanzlerin gewhlt. In ihrem Amtseid versprach sie dem deutschen Volk dasselbe wie schon 2013, bei ihrer dritten Vereidigung. Wrtlich schwor Merkel: Ich schwre, dass ich meine Kraft dem Wohle des deutschen Volkes widmen, seinen Nutzen mehren, Schaden von ihm wenden, das Grundgesetz und die Gesetze des Bundes wahren und verteidigen, meine Pflichten gewissenhaft erfllen und Gerechtigkeit gegen jedermann ben werde so wahr mir Gott helfe.

Im September 2015 dann brach Angela Merkel vor aller Augen das Grundgesetz und ffnete ohne jede Rechtsgrundlage- die Grenzen Deutschlands. Seitdem strmen Millionen Migranten bedingungslos ins Land. Im Zuge dieser bedingungslosen Einwanderungspolitik verndert sich Deutschland rasant.

Eva Herman ber die historisch bedeutsamen Vorgnge in Deutschland unter Bundeskanzlerin Merkel.



As US empire declines it doubles down on denial of reality "IndyWatch Feed World"

US empire is in decline. Reports of the end of the US being the unitary power in world affairs are common, as are predictions of the end of US empire. China surpassed the United States as the world economic leader, according to Purchasing Power Parity Gross National Product, and Russia announced new weapons that can overcome the US' defense systems. Comment: See: Putin Delivers Landmark 'State of The Union' Speech: Puts The Smack Down on US, Shows Off Latest Russian Nuclear Weapons US dollar dominance threatened by Russia-China real gold standard What is happening in the United States, in response, is to do more of what has been causing the decline. As the Pentagon outlined in its post-primacy report, the US' plan is more money, more aggression and more surveillance. Congress voted nearly unanimously to give the Pentagon tens of billions more than it requested. Military spending will now consume 57% of federal discretionary spending, leaving less for basic necessities. The Trump administration's new nominees to the State Department and CIA are a war hawk and a torturer. And the Democrat's "Blue Wave" is composed of security state candidates. Comment: And to sedate the masses further, trillions are being ploughed into (and probably siphoned from) welfare: US Wars Fund The Welfare State Which Finances The Liberal March Towards Totalitarianism The US is escalating an arms race with Russia and China. This may create the mirror image of President Reagan forcing Russia to spend so much on its military that it aided in the break-up of the Soviet Union. The US economy cannot handle more military spending, worsening austerity when most people in the US are in financial distress.


Modern Newspeak: How internet giants censor us to make sure we only hear what they want "IndyWatch Feed World"

It's not breaking news that the internet censors have been hard at work to silence voices that are in opposition to the mainstream media agenda. But after the influence that social media had on the last election, things are going to a whole new level. The internet, that last bastion of truly free speech, isn't very free anymore. We're watching the evolution of Newspeak right before our very eyes as the internet strives to silence any voices that oppose their carefully crafted stories of how guns are bad, there are 291 genders, and anyone who isn't a liberal is an evil Nazi racist. If you aren't familiar with the term "Newspeak," it's from George Orwell's prophetic novel, 1984. "Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thought-crime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that can ever be needed will be expressed by exactly one word, with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten. . . . The process will still be continuing long after you and I are dead. Every year fewer and fewer words, and the range of consciousness always a little smaller. Even now, of course, there's no reason or excuse for commiting thought-crime. It's merely a question of self-discipline, reality-control. But in the end there won't be any need even for that. . . . Has it ever occcured to you, Winston, that by the year 2050, at the very latest, not a single human being will be alive who could understand such a conversation as we are having now?" (source)


Turkish forces seize US weapons left by YPG 'terrorists' in Afrin "IndyWatch Feed World"

There are many reasons why US interventions abroad tend to backfire spectacularly and usually without fail, but the most embarrassing of all is when US weapons meant for one side end up in the hands of their enemies, and eventually used against the US itself. Most recently, this happened in the 2014-2016 period when ISIS steamrolled countless Iraqi towns, collecting Humvees, SAM missiles, guns and ammo in the process. Today, it happened again in the Syrian-Kurdish town of Afrin, where the "victorious" Turkish army seized an unknown number of weapons provided by the Pentagon to the (formerly) US-allied Kurdish YPG "terrorists" as they are called by Turkey.


Erdogan threatens to wipe out 'terror corridor' in Syria & Iraq "IndyWatch Feed World"

Turkey's military operation in Syria will target other Kurdish-held towns - and may even spill over into Iraq - President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced just a day after pro-Turkish forces seized Afrin. The controversial cross-border offensive "will go on until the terror corridor through Manbij, Ayn al-Arab, Tell Abyad, Ras al-Ayn, Qamishli has been wiped out," Erdogan said, speaking in the presidential complex in Ankara on Monday. Erdogan hinted that the Turkish military operation may even expand into neighboring Iraq, if needed, in an effort to "eliminate" forces loyal to the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK), which Ankara has designated as a terrorist organization.


Starbucks Generates An Astronomical Amount Of WasteCan It Stop? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Actor Adrian Grenier is leading a movement at Starbucks shareholder meeting to push the company to develop and implement a bold sustainable packaging goal in line with the coffee companys rhetoric about helping the planet.

A decade ago, facing growing complaints about the number of its cups ending up in the trash, Starbucks promised that it would make 100% of its cups reusable or recyclable by 2015. But today, most of its paper cups are still going to landfills. A second goal, to serve 25% of its drinks in reusable containers by 2015, was quietly lowered to 5% in 2011. It didnt reach even that goal: only 1.4% of drinks are served in reusable containers now. The company also uses millions of Starbucks-branded green plastic straws.

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BEST OF THE WEB: Russian Embassy tweet: 'If Poirot went to Salisbury' "IndyWatch Feed World"

The tweet from the Russian Embassy in the UK suggesting that in the absence of evidence, Hercule Poirot should be sent to solve the Salisbury poisoning mystery, wasn't well received by sanctimonious, virtue-signaling neo-cons. Let's just imagine though what might happen if Agatha Christie's famous fictional detective did - in defiance of the Thought Police - head down to Wiltshire, along with his faithful sidekick, Captain Hastings. What sort of questions would he be asking - and what conclusions would he come to?


Did you get a raise in 2017? These superrich CEOs sure did! "IndyWatch Feed World"

Contrary to what one president might think, the stock markets performance last year likely did not have much of an impact on your life. It did, however, help line the pockets of many CEOs. The median pay for bosses at 133 of the biggest U.S. corporations was $11.6 million in 2017, according to the Wall Street

Contrary to what one president might think, the stock markets performance last year likely did not have much of an impact on your life. It did, however, help line the pockets of many CEOs. The median pay for bosses at 133 of the biggest U.S. corporations was $11.6 million in 2017, according to the Wall Street Journal. Thats up from median pay of $11.2 million the year prior.

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Populist MEPs invite Lauren Southern to speak regarding UK's use of terrorism act to censor free speech "IndyWatch Feed World"

Populist UK MEP Janice Atkinson of the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) parliamentary group slammed the British government in a press conference at the European Parliament on Wednesday over the recent treatment of Canadian journalist and activist Lauren Southern. Ms. Atkinson, who serves as a Vice-President of the ENF, a group which has included Dutch firebrand Geert Wilders, former French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, Italian La Lega leader Matteo Salvini, and others, slammed the UK government for detaining and refusing entry to Ms. Southern under the UK terrorism act. Atkinson railed against the government, which she said should be looking outward to the rest of the world in terms of trade after Brexit, for refusing Southern entry.


Ari Emanuels Endeavor Gives King Tut A Hollywood Makeover "IndyWatch Feed World"

The global events giant IMG brings its brand relationships and entertainment world razzle dazzle to the treasures of the legendary boy king of Egypt.

Tut is the king of all exhibitions, says Stephen Flint Wood, IMGs SVP of Arts and Entertainment Events. Theres always been a fascination from when the tomb was first discovered.

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Here are the seven largest congressional payments the house has admitted "IndyWatch Feed World"

A House of Representatives fund paid $1 million to secretly settle complaints by staffers. Here are the largest. The House has disclosed settling 41 complaints of workplace mistreatment for a total of some $1 million since 1997. The list published by the House does not include names, but The Daily Caller News Foundation used court documents to reveal the offices behind some settlements and then cross-referenced with news articles to rank them. The list also omits the largest settlement the settlement office ever handled, involving Rep. Alcee Hastings. TheDCNF's analysis found that a seldom-mentioned settlement involving the office of Rep. Gregory Meeks appears to be one of the largest settlements in decades while also involving some of the most serious allegations - including not just sexual harassment, but firing a staffer who said she was physically sexually assaulted by someone connected to a campaign donor.


Dutch nazis vandalize non-white candidates posters "IndyWatch Feed World"

Today, there are local elections in the Netherlands. The photo shows how Dutch nazis have vandalized the posters of the only candidate of colour in Goeree-Overflakkee local authority, Ms Hanna Ijzerman, with swastikas.

According to Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad today (translated):

This hurts me in my very soul, this is racist and I especially hate it because my children aged 11 and 9 also see this, says IJzerman.

Ms IJzerman suspects that the racist attacks on her are by supporters of Geert Wilders xenophobic PVV party.

  • ...


BoJo and NATO head on fact-free PR tour: Still no proof of Moscow's involvement but their "reckless behaviour" is to blame "IndyWatch Feed World"

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg wasted no time backing the UK's accusations against Moscow in the Skripal case, but the absence of facts did not seem to matter in this case or other "examples" of Moscow's "reckless behavior." The NATO Secretary General delivered the comments at a joint press conference with the UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in Brussels on Monday, where Johnson came to secure European support in the Skripal case. Stoltenberg branded the Salisbury chemical incident an "attack," despite the fact that the exact causes of the alleged poisoning of former double-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter were still undetermined and not even a shade of evidence has surfaced yet. The UK blamed Moscow for the incident, naming the mysterious Novichok nerve agent, presumably of Soviet origin, as the toxin involved.


Robert Fisk: Why is Al Jazeera not airing a hard-hitting investigation into US and Israeli lobbying? "IndyWatch Feed World"

According to Swisher, if his documentary on the American lobby doesn't air soon, 'it might prove to be ammunition sought by a group of zealous US politicians who wish to declare Al Jazeera a foreign entity, and label us journalists as 'spies'' So when am I going to be able to watch Al Jazeera's hard-hitting investigation into Israel's powerful lobby in the United States? Remember Al Jazeera? The tough, no-holds-barred Middle East satellite channel that transformed Qatar into a media empire whose reports frightened dictators and infuriated potentates and presidents alike? Why, George W Bush once wanted to bomb its headquarters in Doha - so it must have been doing something right. It even has an office in Jerusalem. But something seems to be amiss. Not Al Jazeera's disastrous American venture, which was supposed to break free of the dross on CNN and Fox News and ended up looking just like CNN or Fox. Nor the tragicomedy of its journalists' imprisonment in Sissi's Egypt, banged up by Cairo's farcical laws and the stupidity of Al Jazeera's own management in Qatar. No, I'm talking about a documentary called The Lobby, directed by one of Al Jazeera's top journalists, Clayton Swisher, the man whose exclusive (and book) on the "Palestine Papers" blew open the secret and scandalous American-led negotiations between Israelis and the Palestinian authority between 2000 and 2010. But after months of postponement, The Lobby, which secretly filmed pro-Israeli US activists and Israeli government officials and was completed last autumn, is still no nearer to being shown - and Swisher himself has taken a paid leave of absence. He even chose to explain his frustration in an article for the progressive American Jewish magazine Forward, which has always maintained a liberal and often very critical view of Israel.


Humans Still Best Machines In The Berry Patch "IndyWatch Feed World"


Credit: Dan Charles/NPR

Thanks to Dan Charles and his salt colleagues at National Public Radio (USA) for this look at one of machine-learnings agricultural challenges:

Robots Are Trying To Pick Strawberries. So Far, Theyre Not Very Good At It

Robots have taken over many of Americas factories. They can explore the depths of the ocean, and other planets. They can play ping-pong.

But can they pick a strawberry?


Mongoose: Australian Pedophile Judges The Noose Tightens "IndyWatch Feed World"


NSW Chief Magistrate Judge Graeme Henson protects his paedophile mate Chief Justice Tom Bathurst and 17 others

On Wednesday, the 21st June I was charged by the NSW police for breaching telecommunications laws for an email that I sent in September 2016 to all the judges of the NSW Supreme Court asking questions and giving them an opportunity to respond to allegations which is nothing more than journalists do around the world every day of the week.

The email in question shows up in an article I published last year titled Paedophile priest gets 3 months jail for raping 3 boys by NSW Supreme Courts Justice Hoeben and the article was also filed in court on the 4th of May as part of my defence. 

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: President Donald Trump has, in the NSA database of all emails and telephone calls captured at a 99% level for the past ten years, all that is needed to indict, convict, and incarcerate all dirty cops, dirty prosecutors, and dirty judges and all elite pedophiles from Prime Ministers and Presidents through judges down to media mavens, world-wide. This is going to be the front line of the battle between God and Satan in the next decade not world war or other false conflicts promoted by...


Grey partridges in rainy weather "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 16 March 2018 video is about a grey partridge couple in rainy weather on Tholen island in Zeeland province in the Netherlands.

See also here.


Brennan's unhinged tweet-rant about McCabe's firing exposes how vulnerable the Deep State is "IndyWatch Feed World"

Obama's former CIA Director John Brennan just had an epic meltdown over the firing of disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and inadvertently revealed how vulnerable the Deep State truly is. Brennan lashed out at President Trump, who declared McCabe's firing was a great day for democracy. McCabe stands accused of leaking information to the fake news media, lying to the FBI, and also lying under oath.


Facebook basically wants to pay for its own police force "IndyWatch Feed World"

While Facebook is excoriated this week over its failure to stop Cambridge Analytica from misusing the private data of millions of people, the companys vast expansion is still going full-speed ahead. One vision Facebook has been slowly executing on is its plan to build an entire Silicon Valley-based community close to its Menlo Park, California, headquarters. This,

While Facebook is excoriated this week over its failure to stop Cambridge Analytica from misusing the private data of millions of people, the companys vast expansion is still going full-speed ahead. One vision Facebook has been slowly executing on is its plan to build an entire Silicon Valley-based community close to its Menlo Park, California, headquarters.

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How To Train Yourself To Take Feedback Well "IndyWatch Feed World"

Receiving feedback is hard. Here are some tips on how you can be better at it.

With all the be your best self now! hullabaloo, we can get overwhelmed with what we think we should be doing. We can drive ourselves crazy thinking about all the things we could do to make ourselves smarter, stronger, better. Not long ago, I actually found myself surrounded by whiteboards sketching out all of my self-improvement plans for the year, kanban board style.

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ITNJ: Lithuanian Government Elite Pedophile Scandal "IndyWatch Feed World"

Phi Beta Iota: The International Tribunal of Natural Justice (ITNJ) Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse has taken an interest in this case.

See Especially:




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Pedophilia @ Phi Beta Iota


US backed moderate decapitators shell Russian Embassy in Syria while claiming they want peace "IndyWatch Feed World"

The militants intentionally provoke conflict with the Syrian Army, possibly to illicit a US response. In Damascus, militants formally classified as "moderates", by the US from the Eastern Ghouta region have shelled the Russian embassy, and trade mission. According to Vesti News: 272 mines and projectiles have been fired at Damascus over 10 days, leaving 13 people dead and more than 100 injured. While the Militant groups officially claim they want peace in Syria, and the US and their allies demand the Syrian government talk with them, and make every effort to protect the terrorists, the extremists betray their true motive was never peace.


Libtard Jim Carrey's completely grotesque portrait of Sarah Huckabee Sanders "IndyWatch Feed World"

While liberal men claim to "love" all women, they seem to have a certain disdain for conservative women. Nowhere is that more apparent than with this GRISLY portrait actor and so-called "artist" Jim Carrey created of Sarah Huckabee. From Breitbart Actor Jim Carrey targeted what appears to be White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders with lewd artwork of her likeness in a tweet slamming her as a "so-called Christian" who lies for a living. "This is the portrait of a so-called Christian whose only purpose in life is to lie for the wicked. Monstrous!" wrote the Dumb and Dumber star on Saturday in a tweet that included a portrait of what appears to be a grisly looking Sanders.


What Are We Breathing? "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Catherine J. Frompovich Does it seem as if its getting a little harder to breathe?  You may not be mistaken. That may not be...


James Fetzer: Parkland School False Flag 10 Reasons This Was Staged Plus Operaton Hoggwash The Criminal Parents Media Is Covering Up "IndyWatch Feed World"

Jim Fetzer

Parkland: Top Ten Reasons we Know it was a Staged Political Event

(1) It was staged in the immediate vicinity of Mar-a-Lago to as a challenge to President Trump:

(2) The timing was exquisite on multiple grounds, which were to benefit the Democratic Party:

(3) The school was named after an environmentalist who opposed draining the Everglades:

(4) The Florida State Legislature was considering broadening concealed-carry laws that day:

(5) The Secret Service came to the campus and changed security protocols two weeks earlier:

(6) A key surveillance camera was removed from the entrance to the freshman building:

(7) Army personnel were directing students not to look at bodies they were concealing under mats:

(8) EMTs were anxious to go in to aid the wounded, but were held back by law enforcement:

(9) There were students faking wounds, teachers and doctors lying, and phony student activists:

(10) The father of student activist David Hogg turns out to be an FBI Crisis Management Specialist:

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Phi Beta Iota: The Parkland School was without question a false flag. Anyone who says it is not is either stupid or complicit. This is the real problem facing the National Rifle Association: they have neither the brains nor the balls to come out publicly and call Parkland and all other such events for what they are: false flag attacks intended to advance the gun confiscation agenda while distracting the public form the persistent atrocity known as the Deep State.


OPERATION HOGGWASH: The Strange Case of Emmas Enigmatic Parents

See Especially:

James Fetzer with Kerry Cassidy: Parkland Shooti...


Strained German hospital already considering extra security measures after rise in trouble from migrant patients "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hospital personnel in Bielefeld are increasingly being threatened, abused and attacked, the Neue Westflische reports. Especially younger nurses report of verbal abuse and physical attacks by migrants. The hospital now needs to take special security measures to protect its personnel. If something isn't going fast enough nurses are quickly called "sluts, bitches and incompetent" especially by "Southern" migrants, hospital employees tell the newspaper. The hospital is now considering security steps like emergency buttons and classes in self-defence. One of the nurses reported an incident in which she needed to resuscitate a dying person and had another patient spit in front of her feet because he was tired of waiting.

Strained German hospital considering extra security measures after rise in trouble from migrant patients "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hospital personnel in Bielefeld are increasingly being threatened, abused and attacked, the Neue Westflische reports. Especially younger nurses report of verbal abuse and physical attacks by migrants. The hospital now needs to take special security measures to protect its personnel. If something isn't going fast enough nurses are quickly called "sluts, bitches and incompetent" especially by "Southern" migrants, hospital employees tell the newspaper. The hospital is now considering security steps like emergency buttons and classes in self-defence. One of the nurses reported an incident in which she needed to resuscitate a dying person and had another patient spit in front of her feet because he was tired of waiting.


Welcome to Splitsville! Movement grows to allow sections of states to break away "IndyWatch Feed World"

When Donald Trump was elected, a lot of people in California signed a petition supporting the state's secession from the U.S. It was hard to take the movement seriously - didn't we fight a war over this? But there is another secession movement in California, and elsewhere in America, that is getting genuine attention from political pundits. While it may be unlikely to succeed, the idea of intra-state secession-a section of a state splitting off to form its own state-has been growing in popularity. And there's even a Constitutional procedure for doing it. In recent decades, the political differences between rural areas and metropolitan areas seem to have become more severe. This has caused political splits in certain states, where, often, those rural areas, with lower populations, feel stifled by their city brethren. As Joel Kotkin, a fellow at Chapman University in Orange, Calif. and author of The Human City: Urbanism ForThe Rest Of Us, tells Fox News, "The worst thing in the world to be is the red part of a blue state."


Stephen Lendman: OPCW likely to rubber-stamp UK claim about Skripal poisoning "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is supposed to implement provisions of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). Its mandate includes conducting "credible and transparent" on-site inspections to verify whether claims about use of CWs is accurate - what it failed to do in Syria after CW attacks by terrorists falsely blamed on Damascus. Instead it used fabricated information off-site - supplied by al-Qaeda-linked White Helmets and other disreputable anti-Syria sources. On Monday, its experts will be in London to collect samples of the alleged "Novichok" nerve agent involved in the Skripal incident. The Russian Federation never produced anything by this name. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said after Soviet Russia dissolved, America, Britain, and other European countries studied Novichok, perhaps with intent to produce it.


Stephen E. Arnold: Dark Cyber 08:08 Be Very Concerned "IndyWatch Feed World"

DarkCyber reveals the alleged connections between Tor and the US government, why baby data are for sale on the Dark Web, the DarkMatter cyber intelligence firms capabilities and its Katim secure mobile phone, and how inmates at a Federal penitentiary ran a pornography business via mobile phones from their cells.


Boko Haram releases Dapchi girls "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Nigerian government has confirmed the release of 101 of the 110 girls abducted by Boko Haram militants from a secondary school.


Bushs Iraq invasion, 15 years later "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 20 March 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

It Was A Crime: 15 Years After U.S. Invasion, Iraqis Still Face Trauma, Destruction & Violence

It was 15 years ago today when the U.S. invaded Iraq on the false pretense that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction.

The attack came despite worldwide protest and a lack of authorization from the United Nations Security Council. At around 5:30 a.m. in Baghdad on March 20, 2003, air raid sirens were heard as the U.S. invasion began.

The fighting has yet to end, and the death toll may never be known. Conservative estimates put the Iraqi civilian death toll at 200,000. But some counts range as high as 2 million.

In 2006, the British medical journal Lancet estimated 600,000 Iraqis died in just the first 40 months of the war. The U.S. has also lost about 4,500 soldiers in Iraq. Just last week, seven U.S. servicemembers died in a helicopter crash in western Iraq near the Syrian border.



The Tiger Woods Comeback Probably Wont Include Major BrandsYet "IndyWatch Feed World"

The controversial golf champion is playing well again, but according to marketing research, he hasnt won back the publics trust.

Over the last two months, Tiger Woods has not only returned to regular PGA Tour action, but has also brought the predictable hype that follows one of the most famous athletes of all time. But it goes well beyond mere morbid curiosity of seeing a once-dominant Woods rise from the ashes of personal scandal and chronic injury to appear on a competitive golf course again. Hes not just there, hes challenging the leaderboard and boosting TV ratings.

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Former federal prosecutor and Mueller's witch-hunt critic Joe DiGenova joins Trump's legal team "IndyWatch Feed World"

President Trump has reportedly hired former federal prosecutor, Joe DiGenova to serve as one of his personal lawyers. The New York Times reported: President Trump hired the longtime Washington lawyer Joseph E. diGenova on Monday, adding an aggressive voice to his legal team who has pushed the theory on television that the F.B.I. and Justice Department framed Mr. Trump. Mr. diGenova, a former United States attorney, is not expected to take a lead role. But he will serve as an outspoken player for the president as Mr. Trump has increased his attacks on the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III. Mr. Trump broke over the weekend from the longstanding advice of some of his lawyers that he refrain from directly criticizing Mr. Mueller, a sign of his growing unease with the investigation. "Former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia Joe DiGenova will be joining our legal team later this week," said Jay Sekulow, one of the president's personal lawyers. "I have worked with Joe for many years and have full confidence that he will be a great asset in our representation of the President."


This Is How To End Conversations At Networking Events "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sometimes, its more difficult to end networking conversations than it is to start them. Here are some tips on how to exit gracefully.

Heres the thing: I dont really struggle to start conversations with people. But, Ill be the first to admit that I find it challenging to end them.

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Rent the Runways wardrobe in the cloud is opening up to other clothing brands "IndyWatch Feed World"

The clothing-rental wars are heating up. At Recodes Code Commerce event last night, Rent the Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman said the company will allow other brands to start leasing out its clothing rental platform, which she described as a wardrobe in the cloud. Recode reports that Rent the Runways subscription business has become half of

The clothing-rental wars are heating up.

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Dutch soldiers killed in Mali, parents sue defense department "IndyWatch Feed World"

This Dutch TV 28 September 2017 video is about the scandal of Dutch soldiers killed in Mali by deficient United States grenades bought by the Dutch government. Also, three soldiers were injured.

Translated from Dutch daily De Volkskrant today:

The parents of two soldiers who died in 2016 at a mortar accident in Mali will next week sue the Ministry of Defense and an unknown number of Defense employees for complicity in killing.

The parents of Henry Hoving (29) and Kevin Roggeveld (24) want the people responsible for the fatal explosion to be found and tried. According to them, the Defense organization promised that for months, but flip-flopped about it in early February.

Until more than a year after their deaths, the relatives of Henry and Kevin believed that they had been killed by a production fault in a grenade, as a result of which the explosive had been activated accidentally. The military police told that, says Hovings mother. The report of the Dutch Safety Board in September 2017 turned their world upside down. According to the board, Defense bought old ammunition blindly and the responsible people never had the material checked. The storage was inadequate, the medical care in Mali did not meet the highest demands of trauma care.

Their lawyer Michael Ruperti blames Defense for the fact that the ministry itself does not report and does not want to reveal names of officials who played a crucial role in the run-up to the accident. The report of the Dutch Safety Board mentions many officials who may have acted culpably, such as the Dutch military attach in Washington, who played a crucial role in the purchase from the Americans of the batch of faulty grenades in 2006, while the sales contract stated that...


Ray McGovern: Former CIA chief Brennan running scared "IndyWatch Feed World"

With former CIA Director John Brennan accusing President Donald Trump of "moral turpitude" for his "scapegoating" of Andy McCabe, it remains to be seen whether a constitutional crisis will be averted, writes Ray McGovern. What prompted former CIA Director John Brennan on Saturday to accuse President Donald Trump of "moral turpitude" and to predict, with an alliterative flourish, that Trump will end up "as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history"? The answer shines through the next sentence in Brennan's threatening tweet: "You may scapegoat Andy McCabe [former FBI Deputy Director fired Friday night] but you will not destroy America...America will triumph over you." It is easy to see why Brennan lost it. The Attorney General fired McCabe, denying him full retirement benefits, because McCabe "had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor - including under oath - on multiple occasions." There but for the grace of God go I, Brennan must have thought, whose stock in trade has been unauthorized disclosures.


50 years ago MLK was murdered, and the FBI did its best to help make that happen "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new Intercept article by George Joseph and Murtaza Hussain reports on never-before-seen documents obtained from the FBI via Freedom of Information Act by the civil rights groups Color of Change and the Center for Constitutional Rights. The FOIA request for FBI files pertaining to Black Lives Matter activism was answered with a stack of heavily-redacted documents revealing evidence of police stakeouts at the homes and vehicles of activists, as well as the use of police informants, with no mention of any potential crimes suspected of the people they were monitoring. One such document is a report provided "for coordination with Monsanto" describing a single Black Lives Matter activist's plans to fly from New York City to Ferguson for a 2014 protest against racially motivated police brutality. The document covers the protesters' plans to begin their demonstration at a Monsanto factory, as well as money raised for protest materials and bail money, without a single visible mention of potential crimes or violence. "Coordination with Monsanto." To protect them from Black Lives Matter protesters. Welcome to the real face of the FBI.


These 5 Speaking Habits Make People Want To Collaborate With You "IndyWatch Feed World"

The words you use can either turn people away or make them fall over themselves for a chance to work with you.

Everyone needs to know how to collaborate well, and you can practice that skill in many ways: by setting up working groups, lending a hand to your coworkers, and checking in to make sure your goals line up with your teammates. But theres another side to the art of teamwork thats easier to overlook. The way you communicate can make a huge difference in how effective a team player you areand even whether or not others want to work with you in the first place.

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Stephen Colbert And Donald Trump Both Congratulated Putin On His Win "IndyWatch Feed World"

First, Stephen Colbert pretended to congratulate Vladimir Putin, then Trump actually did it.

What: A late night segment on Donald Trumps call congratulating Vladimir Putin on his not-at-all-suspicious election win.

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China to respond to 'Taiwan Travel Act' with diplimatic and military pressure: experts "IndyWatch Feed World"

China will and should take timely countermeasures against the US and all "Taiwan independence" secessionist forces through diplomatic and military means if US legislation that encourages high-level contact between the US and the island of Taiwan is implemented, Chinese observers said on Sunday. "The passing of the act is a serious political provocation, as it has crossed the 'red line' and will thoroughly undermine relations," Xu Guangyu, a retired China's People's Liberation Army major general, told the Global Times. The legislation, known as the Taiwan Travel Act, came into effect on Friday when US President Donald Trump signed the bill. On Sunday the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council stated that the island will suffer serious consequences if it attempts to act on the US bill. China said on Saturday that the country "firmly opposes the US side signing the 'Taiwan Travel Act,'" while urging "the US side to correct its mistake, stop pursuing any official ties with Taiwan or improving its current relations with Taiwan in any substantive way, and handle Taiwan-related issues properly and cautiously so as to avoid causing severe damage to China-US relations and cross-Straits peace and stability," according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry website.


How To Be A Good Follower (And Why Its A Skill You Need) "IndyWatch Feed World"

It doesnt feel like a skill that you would put on your resume, but being a good follower isnt about being passive.

A lot is written about being a good leader. Its part of American culture to blaze trails and conquer new frontiers. But what about being a good follower? If there are leaders, there must be followers, right?

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Spain, Germany and Romania blanketed with snow and ice as the spring gets off to freezing start in Europe (PHOTOS) "IndyWatch Feed World"

Snow fell across large parts of Europe on Tuesday as the continent remained in the grip of cold weather despite it being the first official day of spring. The Spanish islands of Menorca and Majorca saw a dusting of flakes as seven regions across the north of the country were put under snow and ice warnings and dozens of schools were closed in Catalonia. Snow also fell across the majority of Germany with Berlin particularly badly affected. Temperatures in the city were not set to rise above 3C. In Croatia, melting snow and ice has caused record flooding around the capital Zagreb while flakes continue to fall further to the east. According to authorities, the Sava river had reached record water levels, surpassing the previous record by four inches. The flooding has meant that residents are refusing to leave their properties, resulting in supplies being taken to them by emergency crews.


Iran successfully synthesized novichoks in 2016 from commercially available ingredients "IndyWatch Feed World"

The line that novichoks can only be produced by Russia is now proven to be a complete lie. As I previously proved by referencing their publications, in 2013 the OPCW scientific advisory committee note the evidence was sparse that novichoks had ever been successfully produced, and that was still the line being published by Porton Down in 2016. You can find the hard evidence of all that here. I have now been sent the vital information that in late 2016, Iranian scientists set out to study whether novichoks really could be produced from commercially available ingredients. Iran succeeded in synthesising a number of novichoks. Iran did this in full cooperation with the OPCW and immediately reported the results to the OPCW so they could be added to the chemical weapons database. This makes complete nonsense of the Theresa May's "of a type developed by Russia" line, used to parliament and the UN Security Council. This explains why Porton Down have refused to cave in to governmental pressure to say the nerve agent was Russian. If Iran can make a novichok, so can a significant number of states.


Hackers On The High Seas Are Putting Sailors In Harms Way "IndyWatch Feed World"

Last years NotPetya malware outbreak has the sprawling maritime sector looking to protect ships and port facilities around the world from hackers.

The $500 billion shipping industry is familiar with handling risks: weather, mechanical failures, war and piracy, labor strife, and political challenges. But until fairly recently, experts say, many players in the maritime transport sector didnt put cybersecurity near the top of that list.

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Top US General Says American Troops Should be Prepared to Diefor ISRAEL "IndyWatch Feed World"



I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same This is the oath of enlistment that every American military service member or federal employee takes upon entry into government service (with slight variation for commissioned officers).

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Austin bombing suspect dies as police close in, official says "IndyWatch Feed World"

Breaking: Austin bombing suspect dies as police close in, official says | 21 March 2018 | A man whom authorities were attempting to arrest early Wednesday in a string of bombing attacks in Austin killed himself with an explosive device as authorities closed in, a high-ranking law enforcement official told the American-Statesman early today. The official said authorities identified a suspect in the past 24 hours based largely on information gained after police said the suspect shipped an explosive device from a FedEx store in Southwest Austin. That evidence included security video.


Geoengineered Winter Weather, The Chemical Ice Nucleation Factor "IndyWatch Feed World"


The climate engineers have the power to chemically cool-down surface temperatures when enough atmospheric moisture is available to them. Read More


Remembering the War on Iraq: March 20, 2003 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Today marks the 15th Anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq.

Neither solid analyses, moral reasoning and decent argument nor historys probably largest pre-war, anti-war demonstrations worldwide had any discernible impact on the Bush and Blair Administrations decision to go to war and do so on a false pretext. Neither could major allies like France and Germany by their opposition to the war on Iraq persuade Washington and London to first try a peaceful resolution in accordance with the UN Charter provisions.

TFF was deeply engaged in preventing this war also by being on the ground in Iraq and wants to a) document the research we did and how we argued back then and b) contribute to this tragedy never being forgotten.

We also want to place our analyses and debate articles at the disposal in one place of the students, researchers, concerned citizens and others who are willing to spend the time and energy in understanding it more in depth and from a peace and conflict-resolution perspective which is still far from known in the public debate, politics and media.

We are not out of what would be false, misplaced modesty seeking to hide the fact that we made a much more comprehensive conflict analysis and produced much better predictions than the intelligence services, foreign ministries and foreign policy institutes of Western interventionist governments and, grosso modo, the Western mainstream media and their commentator experts (few of whom had, of course, ever set foot on Iraqs dry soil).

In short, there were alternative modes of understanding back then and there are in todays wars too. It would have been possible to solve the conflicts without causing the unspeakable human suffering we see still today as would the later conflicts.

Wars take place because somebody wants them to be fought for this or that reason and never the reasons offered to the public. And while wars may also sometimes be seen as mistakes, as wrong means-end calculations repeated wars are not mistakes.

They are produced by elites who benefit from them being fought and who turn warfare into their nations lifestyle, or addiction.

Photo Jan Oberg: The little boy was photographed in 2002 in the book market of old Baghdad. He must be about 20 years old today. If he is still alive. From the Iraq Photo Series



AB InBev Wants Startups To Help Reach Its Sustainability Goals By 2025 "IndyWatch Feed World"

The worlds largest brewer has set new sustainability goals to reach by 2025, and hopes to use a startup accelerator to do it.

Today, AB InBev has announced a list of sustainability goals it aims to reach by 2025 that revolve around four different categories: smart agriculture, water stewardship, packaging, and climate. So by 2025, the global brewing company wants 100% of its direct farmers to be skilled, connected, and financially empowered, 100% of its communities in high-stress areas to have measurably improved water availability and quality, for all its products to be in packaging that is returnable or made from primarily recycled content, all its electricity from renewable sources, and to reduce CO2 emissions across its supply chain by 25%.

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Why Im Leaving FacebookAnd Maybe You Should, Too "IndyWatch Feed World"

Were giving up too much (data) and getting too little in return.

By now weve all heard the cliche: If youre getting something for free on the internet, and you cant identify the product thats being sold, then you are the product. Your attention, your purchasing potential, your data, and, increasingly, your vote. Thats what youre trading.

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I Got My Coworkers To Teach Me To Code, Then Rewrote My Job Description "IndyWatch Feed World"

One tech employee shares how he successfully enlisted his colleagues to help him advance his career.

I hate repetition. Ive never been content to have my workdays filled up with all the same tasks. But my impatience with repetitive work has actually proved to be a pretty valuable attribute in my professional life. Heres how Ive tapped into it in order to change my careerand successfully enlisted my coworkers to help me do that.

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Computings highest award goes to guys who made smartphones possible "IndyWatch Feed World"

Wed all like more battery life from our phones, but the situation could have been much worse without John Hennessy and David Patterson. In the 1980s, as mainframes were yielding ground to microcomputers, the computer scientists invented a new way for software to talk to the CPU, allowing chips to run much faster and use

Wed all like more battery life from our phones, but the situation could have been much worse without John Hennessy and David Patterson. In the 1980s, as mainframes were yielding ground to microcomputers, the computer scientists invented a new way for software to talk to the CPU, allowing chips to run much faster and use less power. The pair got big thanks for their work today, sharing the $1 million annual ACM A.M. Turing Award, which bills itself as the Nobel Prize of Computing.

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Squid graveyard in Gulf of California "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video, from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) in the USA, says about itself:

Deep-Sea Discoveries: Squid Graveyard

15 March 2018

On an expedition in the Gulf of California, MBARI researchers discovered a surprising number of deep-sea squid carcasses on the ocean floor. The squid have a fascinating life history, but their story doesnt end when they die. They become food for hungry scavengers and might change the rhythm of life in the deep sea.

Egg sheets were up to 2.5 m (over 8 feet) long.

The Gulf of California lies between mainland Mexico and Baja. MBARI researchers conducted expeditions there in 2003, 2012 and 2015.

For more information, see here.

Script and narration: Vicky Stein (MBARI Communications Intern)

Video producer: Linda Kuhnz

Music: Amazing Lake

Original journal article: Hoving, H.J.T., Bush, S.L., Haddock, S.H.D., Robison, B.H. (2017). Bathyal feasting: post-spawning squid as a source of carbon for deep-sea benthic communities. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 284: 20172096.

  • ...


Austin bombing suspect involved in shooting "IndyWatch Feed World"

Austin bombing suspect involved in shooting | 21 March 2018 | An officer-involved shooting on Interstate 35 in Round Rock, Texas is related to the Austin bombing suspect, a source tells NBC's Austin affiliate KXAN reporter Sally Hernandez. The source says the bomber blew up a device during the incident. Round Rock police say while northbound I-35 is open, Southbound I-35 will be closed for the next four to six hours due to the investigation.



Isaac DavisStaff Writer
Waking Times
Child sex-trafficking is an epidemic today, and while most people would find this crime to be right up there with homicide, the culture of permissiveness and lack of moral leadership tacitly condones the sexual abuse of children, while the media remains largely silent. The baffles the mind of any normal human being, and while its quite sickening to ponder, in pretty much every city and state in America, pimps are selling underage children for sex to some of the worst human beings alive.
Whats even more disgusting is the fact that the majority of the children that get lost in this soulless black hole are members of the foster care system. Thats right, the foster care system in America is the primary pipeline for sex slaves in America.


Austin Bombing Suspect Dead - Report "IndyWatch Feed World"

Breaking: Suspect in Austin bombings is dead - reports --Large police presence on I-35 in Austin (wires) | 21 March 2018 | A suspect in the Austin bombings is dead, according to reports early Wednesday from KVUE and CBS Austin. Austin's police department had been responding to an officer-involved shooting, according to a report from KVUE, an ABC station in that Texas city.


Lavrov: Japan joining US global anti-missile shield directly affects Russia's security interests "IndyWatch Feed World"

The deployment of US missile shield components in Japan directly affects Russia's national security and regional interests, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told a press conference with his Japanese counterpart in Tokyo. "Japan's plans for deploying a global missile defense system directly affect [the] security interests of Russia," Lavrov noted on his state visit, reiterating Moscow's concerns over Tokyo's intentions "to actively engage" in US plans to deploy missile defense components on its territory. READ MORE: Japan approves missile shield expansion with US-made land-based Aegis launchers "With full respect for Japan's right to choose the way it protects its territory, we proceed from the premise that any action of any country should be based on the rule of security indivisibility. No one must ensure their security by infringing on the security of others," the top Russian diplomat added.


Minneapolis cop acted 'recklessly' in fatal shooting of Australian woman, prosecutor says "IndyWatch Feed World"

Minneapolis cop acted 'recklessly' in fatal shooting of Australian woman, prosecutor says | 21 March 2018 | A Minneapolis police officer acted "recklessly" last summer when he fired a shot that killed an Australian woman who had called 911 to report a suspected rape, a prosecutor said Tuesday. Officer Mohamed Noor, who was charged with murder and manslaughter in the death of 40-year-old Justine Ruszczyk Damond, "clearly...violated the rules and deserves to be charged," Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said during a news conference. Noor turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest in connection with the case, his attorney confirmed.


These are the top 50 companies where Americans want to work now "IndyWatch Feed World"

Amazon tops the list of the 50 most in-demand places to work according to LinkedIns ranking of data generated by its 546-plus million members around the world. The top 10 are: Amazon Alphabet (Google) Facebook Salesforce Tesla Apple Comcast Walt Disney Company Oracle Netflix You can see the full list here. The companies were given

Amazon tops the list of the 50 most in-demand places to work according to LinkedIns ranking of data generated by its 546-plus million members around the world.

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Murdered Brazilian Marielle Franco, dont forget her "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 19 March 2018 video from the USA says about itself:

Former Brazilian President Lula: Its Clear Marielle Francos Assassination Was Premeditated

In a Democracy Now! exclusive, we spend the hour with Brazils former President Luiz Incio Lula da Silva, who is now running for president again. We begin our discussion with the assassination of 38-year-old Rio city councilmember and human rights activist Marielle Franco, who was killed last week.

Franco, who was a black lesbian, was known for her fierce criticism of police killings in Brazils impoverished favela neighborhoods. Her death comes at a pivotal moment for Brazil and the future of democracy in South Americas largest country. Just last month, President Michel Temer ordered Brazils military to assume control of police duties in Rio. The only thing that she did was to work against the assassination of black people in the peripheral areas in the defense of human rights, says Lula da Silva.

This 16 March 2018 video is called Protests in Brazil after politician Franco was shot dead | Al Jazeera English.

By Miguel Andrade in Brazil:

Mass protests in Brazil against death squad assassination of Marielle Franco

21 March 2018

The brutal execution of...


A Brief History Of Mark Zuckerberg Apologizing (Or Not Apologizing) For Stuff "IndyWatch Feed World"

From college days forward, Facebooks CEO has plenty of experience dealing with unhappy people. Will it help him dig out of the Cambridge Analytica mess?

Mark Zuckerberg has yet to speak publicly about last weeks news that a researcher turned 270,000 responses to a Facebook quiz into profiles of 50 million Facebook users, which he turned over to Trump-affiliated political research group Cambridge Analytica. Zuckerberg (and COO Sheryl Sandberg) didnt even attend a Tuesday employee town hall about the matter, although he will reportedly address the issue within the next 24 hours.

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Mothers in the Lebanese Army Given The Day off "IndyWatch Feed World"

Armed Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun has given all mothers in the military a day off to celebrate Mothers Day. This will be the first time in the armys history. Back in September 2017, a handful of women officially completed their Army training course for the first time in Lebanese history as well.

The Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) first opened up to women in 1991, and even though there arent any official figures, the Lebanese American Universitys Institute for Women Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW) estimated their numbers to be 2,000 in 2008. Its barely 5% of the total figure of army personnel but its still a significant number growing every year.


Austin bombing suspect dead: Heres what we know right now "IndyWatch Feed World"

Police in Austin say a man suspected of setting off a series of package bombs in the Texas capital this month has killed himself inside his car with an explosive device. Authorities were apparently alerted to a person of interest within the past 36 hours and tracked the suspects vehicle to a hotel in Round

Police in Austin say a man suspected of setting off a series of package bombs in the Texas capital this month has killed himself inside his car with an explosive device. Authorities were apparently alerted to a person of interest within the past 36 hours and tracked the suspects vehicle to a hotel in Round Rock, Texas, just north of Austin.

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How To Figure Out If Youre CEO Material "IndyWatch Feed World"

Here are five of the most essential skills it takes to be an effective CEO.

You may be closer to the beginning of your career than the pinnacle, but that doesnt mean you cant think about the future. And if you aspire to be a CEO someday, you may need a particular set of skills.

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The Glory That Was Yahoo "IndyWatch Feed World"

For one brief shining moment, Yahoo was the king of all it surveyed. Then everything went to hell.

Everyone knows how the story ends.

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This Is How We Take Power Back From Facebook (And Every Other Monopoly) "IndyWatch Feed World"

The power of tech giants (and giants in industries from air travel to beer) are starting to have damaging effects on the environmentand our democracy.

For all its fabled dynamism, the American economy isnt particularly dynamic at the moment. The rate of new business creation is at historic lows. Wages are stagnating for a large portion of the population. Innovation is centered in a few big cities and coastal regions. Job mobilitythe rate at which people are able to change jobshas been falling.

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Messenger makes it easy to let folks into group chat (or keep em out) "IndyWatch Feed World"

Amid all the drama at Facebook, the company is continuing to pump out new features. Today, its Messenger app is introducing additional tools for group chats, which permit up to 250 simultaneous text chatters, or 50 via voice or video. People in a chat can share joinable links to invite others into the conversation, and

Amid all the drama at Facebook, the company is continuing to pump out new features. Today, its Messenger app is introducing additional tools for group chats, which permit up to 250 simultaneous text chatters, or 50 via voice or video. People in a chat can share joinable links to invite others into the conversation, and an admin settingyou can turn it on or offallows you to approve newcomers before they get access. You can also bounce people out if they misbehave.

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The next iPhone might be 10% cheaperfor Apple "IndyWatch Feed World"

The successor to the current 5.8-inch iPhone X may be 10% cheaper to manufacture, according to a report from DigiTimes. Its estimated that the current iPhone X, which sells for between $999 and $1,149, costs Apple $400 to make. The next 5.8-inch iPhone could see Apple net a cost savings of $40 per device due

The successor to the current 5.8-inch iPhone X may be 10% cheaper to manufacture, according to a report from DigiTimes. Its estimated that the current iPhone X, which sells for between $999 and $1,149, costs Apple $400 to make. The next 5.8-inch iPhone could see Apple net a cost savings of $40 per device due to it being a rather iterative device without the need to revamp manufacturing facilities to handle radically different components. That being said, just because its 10% cheaper for Apple doesnt mean it will be 10% cheaper for you. The aim of the game is to maximize profits, after all. Besides, for those wanting a cheaper all-display iPhone, Apple is rumored to have a 6.1-inch iPhone in the pipeline that will use cheaper componentslike an LCD display instead of an OLED displaywhich would make said device more affordable to consumers.

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37 killed, 35 injured in militant shelling of Eastern Ghouta market "IndyWatch Feed World"

Dozens of civilians have been killed and injured in the Damascus suburb of Jaramana, after terrorists attacked a local market in the mostly Christian and Druze neighborhood of East Ghouta. At least 37 people were killed and another 35 wounded after terrorists contained in the Ein Tarma suburb of Damascus carried out a missile strike on Jaramana town in Eastern Ghouta, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The missile, launched at 6:15 pm local time on Tuesday, landed in the Kashkul market area of the suburb, traditionally made up of mostly Christian and Druze communities. READ MORE: 'We were about to die': E. Ghouta civilians say militants used them as human shields & barred escape Videos purportedly showing the aftermath of the attack surfaced online, showing pools of blood and ravaged buildings.


Mothers Day Ads [2018] "IndyWatch Feed World"

Heres a nice round-up of this years Mothers Day ads in Lebanon. A Happy Mothers Day to all!


Khoury Home:






Zuckerberg to address Cambridge Analytica crisis in next 24 hours "IndyWatch Feed World"

Well, it looks like the public will get a chance to hear from Zuck before his employees do. The Facebook CEO is said to have plans to make his first comments on the scandal that has gripped his company (and the news cycle) since last week, reports Axios. The site says theyve been told by

Well, it looks like the public will get a chance to hear from Zuck before his employees do. The Facebook CEO is said to have plans to make his first comments on the scandal that has gripped his company (and the news cycle) since last week, reports Axios. The site says theyve been told by a source close to Zuckerberg that its a big deal, and he knows it. Zuckerberg has reportedly waited to speak out because he wanted something meaningful to say instead of just dashing out rushed comments on the matter.

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Ocean plastic waste set to triple within a decade, scientists warn "IndyWatch Feed World"

The amount of plastic waste in the ocean is set to triple in a decade unless urgent action is taken, a major report has warned.


Gro Harlem Brundtland to give IIED's 2018 Barbara Ward Lecture "IndyWatch Feed World"

The 2018 Barbara Ward Lecture will be given by the first woman Prime Minister of Norway Gro Harlem Brundtland, who chaired the UN World Commission of Environment and Development that presented the groundbreaking Our Common Future report on sustainable development.Gro Harlem Brundtland will become the latest 'outstanding woman in development' to give the Barbara Ward Lecture when she speaks at this year's event.IIED's Barbara Ward Lecture series, celebrates the institute's founder [...]


Myanmar President U Htin Kyaw resigns "IndyWatch Feed World"

Myanmar President U Htin Kyaw resigned from his post after months of ill-health, it was announced on Wednesday, just shy of two years in office.


Cambridge Analyticas CEO reportedly used the N-word to describe potential clients "IndyWatch Feed World"

Alexander Nix, Cambridge Analyticas disgraced CEO, was suspended on Tuesday after the scandal involving his company and Facebook showed no sign of abating. Now things are set to look even worse for him after an internal Cambridge Analytica email surfaced in which Nix allegedly referred to two potential clients as n . . . s,

Alexander Nix, Cambridge Analyticas disgraced CEO, was suspended on Tuesday after the scandal involving his company and Facebook showed no sign of abating. Now things are set to look even worse for him after an internal Cambridge Analytica email surfaced in which Nix allegedly referred to two potential clients as n . . . s, says the Times. Neither the identity of the clients nor the subject of the email were revealed.

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Google is reportedly buying camera maker Lytro for up to $40 million "IndyWatch Feed World"

The companys first product was the revolutionary light field technology camera that allowed people to refocus shots after they were taken. Since then, Lytro has pivoted to cameras that capture VR. In that time, Lytro has acquired a wealth of patents linked to cutting-edge camera technology, which apparently has caught Googles interest. TechCrunch is reporting

The companys first product was the revolutionary light field technology camera that allowed people to refocus shots after they were taken. Since then, Lytro has pivoted to cameras that capture VR. In that time, Lytro has acquired a wealth of patents linked to cutting-edge camera technology, which apparently has caught Googles interest. TechCrunch is reporting that the search giant will buy Lytro for between $25 million and $40 million. But unlike many acquisitions in tech, this one isnt primarily about talentits about patents, according to sources. One source said the deal was an asset sale, while another source said that not all of Lytros employees would be coming over to Google, with some already receiving pink slips.

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Mark Zuckerberg will address Cambridge Analytica with Facebook employees on Friday "IndyWatch Feed World"

Since the scandal broke, one thing has been consistent: the absence of any comment from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. His silence about the Cambridge Analytica scandal has lead to hashtags asking #WheresZuck and memes of the same theme. But its not just the public wondering why Zuck has remained silent. His employees wonder the same

Since the scandal broke, one thing has been consistent: the absence of any comment from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. His silence about the Cambridge Analytica scandal has lead to hashtags asking #WheresZuck and memes of the same theme. But its not just the public wondering why Zuck has remained silent. His employees wonder the same thing. The company held an employee meeting on Tuesday to address the Cambridge Analytica debacle, but that meeting was spearheaded by Paul Grewal, Facebooks deputy general counsel.

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IIED marks international forests day with major new research report and toolkit "IndyWatch Feed World"

IIED is marking the International Day of Forests (21 March) by issuing two new publications with its Forest and Farm Facility partners that highlight a powerful new approach to strengthening forests and forest producers.Forest business incubation is a process that accelerates the development of successful, sustainable forest businesses that serve both people and forests. The process is critical for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement, [...]


WhatsApp cofounder says its time to #deletefacebook "IndyWatch Feed World"

Brian Acton, who cofounded WhatsApp along with Jan Koum before selling it to Facebook in 2014 for an initial $16 billion (Facebook ultimately paid around $22 billion), has taken to Twitter to tell everyone its time to delete Facebook. It is time. #deletefacebook Brian Acton (@brianacton) March 20, 2018 Actons tweet comes after the

Brian Acton, who cofounded WhatsApp along with Jan Koum before selling it to Facebook in 2014 for an initial $16 billion (Facebook ultimately paid around $22 billion), has taken to Twitter to tell everyone its time to delete Facebook.

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Winter storm is set to dump up to 18 inches of snow on Philadelphia and New York City on the first full day of spring as the region braces for the fourth Nor'easter this month "IndyWatch Feed World"

Winter storm is set to dump up to 18 inches of snow on Philadelphia and New York City on the first full day of spring as the region braces for the FOURTH Nor'easter this month | 21 March 2018 | Parts of the Northeast are bracing for a wintry wallop on the first full day of spring with a powerful storm set to dump more than a foot of snow on Philadelphia and New York City. The National Weather Service says a powerful storm packing heavy, wet snow and strong winds could dump up to 18 inches of snow in some locations on Wednesday. It will be the fourth nor'easter to smack the region in the last three weeks. The bulk of the dangerous, wind-driven snow and sleet is expected to wallop New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and parts of eastern Pennsylvania before heading off to Nantucket early Thursday.


Inside Airbuss Mad Dash To Get A Robo Air Taxi Off The Ground "IndyWatch Feed World"

A, aerospace giant Airbuss Silicon Valley lab, took an idea for a pilotless electric plane from concept to flight in just two years.

At a remote test facility in northeast Oregon. an improbable-looking plane takes flight. Its wings are perpendicular to the ground, with their propellersa whopping eight of themspinning like the rotors of a helicopter. There is no pilot. The oddball craft, called Vahana, ascends 16 feet above the tarmac in a wobbly fashion, hovers briefly, then returns to the ground, guided throughout by its autonomous flight system.

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AI And Open Data Show Just How Often Cars Block Bus And Bike Lanes "IndyWatch Feed World"

Using publicly available camera footage and a machine-learning algorithm, we can now say that the lanes are blocked almost always.

Alex Bell, a cyclist, programmer, and lifelong New Yorker, is fed up with vehicles drifting into lanes that are not meant for them. His frustration began with UPS trucks: So frequently would the large brown vehicles idle in the bike lane near Bells Harlem home that he eventually sued the company to get them to stop.

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The Ease of Accusation: The Skripal Affair "IndyWatch Feed World"

The policy of responding to assassinations on British soil is a near non-existent one.  Her Majestys Government is certainly in the habit of huffing, and steam can issue from deliberations in the House of Commons. But substance is often absent.

When Buzzfeed conducted an investigation into the mortuary of incidents in 2017, it found a degree of indifference on the part of British authorities.  Trumpeting findings that fourteen individuals had been assassinated on British soil by Russias security services or mafia groups, two forces that sometimes work in tandem, the reporters honed in on British sluggishness.  While the Russian bear was busy, Britannia was asleep.

The attempted poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia by a nerve agent is coloured by such a backdrop.  With each day, Downing Street has had to seem to be doing something in linking the attempted killings with identifiable culprits.  Britain is at a low ebb, barely finding its place at the Brexit negotiation table with the European Union.  Weakness and questionable competence is all around.

While this has happened, President Vladimir Putin has been re-elected.  Russia is revitalised.  The Kremlin comes with conveniently heavy baggage of blame.  A perfect situation, then, to point a distracting finger of accusation, making Britain the first state to accuse another of attacking it with a chemical weapon since the Chemical Weapons Convention came into force in 1997.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has obviously been landed the job of running the accusations which have been beaded together with faux consistency. The case for the prosecution, he argues, is that the nerve agent used in the Salisbury attack was of the Novichok group according to our scientists at Porton Down.

The second point is track record and experience. You also have to consider, he explained to Deutsche Welle, that Sergei Skripal is somebody who is being identified as a target for liquidation and that Vladimir Putin has himself said that traitors, i.e. defectors such as Mr. Skripal, should be poisoned.

Let us take the Novichok suggestion.  The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons which oversees the implementation of the CWC, claimed on March 16 that there was no record of the Novichok group of nerve agents having been declared by a state party to the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Where intelligence matters are politicised, links will be forged and tenuous ties made.  The Russian...


Salisbury, Skripal and Novichok: A Local View "IndyWatch Feed World"

From the moment the news came out that on Sunday March 4th in Salisbury, one of Englands revered cathedral cities, a Russian spy and his daughter had been poisoned by some form of nerve agent my reaction was Oh dear.

Jeremy Corbyn correctly reminded Parliament of Tony Blairs attempt to frighten people into going to war with Iraq with his dodgy dossier and 45 minutes claim.  But most have forgotten that, four days before the huge demonstration in London the Army very visibly arrived at Heathrow airport, because there was a possible threat of planes being hit by al Qaida missiles.  They disappeared after a day or so as it was obvious the protest by millions would go ahead anyway.

The ever-increasing hysteria of the government and mainstream media in the days that followed the Salisbury incident was giving off the same nasty smell.  All the news was evidence-light and full of anomalies that no one addressed.  It seems that once again, a government is trying to scare everyone, this time to make us point the accusing finger at Russia.

Then I read a comment by a Salisbury resident: Its like a ghost town.  The governments reaction had so frightened everyone that people werent coming to the city.  Shops and businesses were suffering.  I dont exactly live a million miles from Salisbury, so I hopped on the train to see for myself how it was coping.

Visit Salisbury at any time of the year and it will be heaving with people coming to shop, to eat at one of the many cafes, restaurants and pubs, to visit the Cathedral and to walk through the ancient narrow streets.  N...


Sudan, world's last male northern white rhino, is euthanized "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sudan, world's last male northern white rhino, is euthanized | 20 March 2018 | The world's last male northern white rhino has died, the Kenyan conservancy taking care of it said, leaving only two females of its subspecies alive in the world, although scientists still hope to save it from extinction through in vitro fertilization. Ol Pejeta Conservancy said it had made the decision with wildlife officials to put down the 45-year-old rhino named Sudan on Monday because of a rapid deterioration in his condition. Sudan was being treated for age-related complications that had affected his muscles and bones and also gave him extensive skin wounds.


Package believed to be bound for Austin explodes at mail facility "IndyWatch Feed World"

Package believed to be bound for Austin explodes at mail facility | 20 March 2018 | An Austin-bound package exploded in a FedEx distribution center near San Antonio early Tuesday -- and federal officials suspect the blast is tied to the string of bombings putting the Texas capital on edge. "We suspect it is related to our investigation," FBI San Antonio spokeswoman Michelle Lee told CNN. Tuesday morning's bomb was being sorted at the facility in Shertz, a San Antonio suburb 80 miles from Austin. It was moving from an upper conveyor belt to a lower one when it detonated shortly after midnight, sending shrapnel, including nails and pieces of metal, flying...The medium-size parcel was bound for Austin, Schertz Police Chief Michael Hanson confirmed. Texas attorney general Ken Paxton told KXAN it was also mailed from Austin.


Maryland school officer stops armed student who shot 2 others "IndyWatch Feed World"

Maryland school officer stops armed student who shot 2 others | 20 March 2018 | A 17-year-old male student shot two other students at Great Mills High School in Maryland on Tuesday morning before a school resource officer engaged him and stopped the threat, authorities said. The incident began in a school hallway at 7:55 a.m., just before classes started. Authorities say Austin Wyatt Rollins, armed with a handgun, shot a female and a male student. The shooter had a prior relationship with the female student, St. Mary's County Sheriff Tim Cameron said. School resource officer Blaine Gaskill responded to the scene in less than a minute, the sheriff said. Gaskill fired a round at the shooter, and the shooter fired a round simultaneously, Cameron said.


Is Goldman Sachs the new Rothschilds? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Many in Germany are up-in-arms over the appointed by Chancellor Angela Merkel of Jrg Kukies who will become deputy finance minister in her new coalition government. Kukies will take over the responsibilities for financial markets and European policies at the Finance Ministry. Virtually every position in the key financial markets in Europe and American are all coming from Goldman Sachs. There is something seriously wrong. Such people do not leave the highest paying jobs to work for peanuts.

There has NEVER been any investigation of former Goldman Sachs people who take strategic government positions and alter policy only to leave. Robert Rubin ushered through the repeal of Glass Steagall and the resigned. Hank Paulson saved AIG whose default would have taken down Goldman while he eliminated two top Goldman competitors over who there was the authority to bailout Lehman and Bear. There was no authority to bailout an insurance company operating in London no less to skirt US regulation. Even the seizure of our company, Princeton Economics, was run by a court-appointed receiver who was a full-time board member of Goldman Sachs Alan Cohen.

It would be very nice if someone simply co...


Punishing Traders for What Central Bankers Do All the Time "IndyWatch Feed World"

Bloomberg is reporting the fate of Christian Bittar who was the top trader at Deutsche Bank AG. He earned a bonus of $126 million in 2008 for betting that as the economy would melt down, banks would refuse to lend to each other until the dust settled so short-term rates would soar. While he is sitting now in prison as the UK went to fine the banks in the interest rate rigging scandal, they pursued criminal charges against high-profile traders, unlike the direction that was taken in the USA. This seems to be selective prosecution when the traders and their actions are APPROVED always by the board of directors. It is sort of charging your auto-mechanic who worked on your car because you had an accident.

The irony of this entire affair is that the government are criminally charging traders for manipulating interest rates, which is PRECISELY what they do all the time. Let us not forget Mario Draghi who when history is written about how the West Fell, his name will rank very high on the list. It was Draghi who have sought to push rates NEGATIVE to try to manipulate the economy to create inflation by punishing savers which will include pension funds.

While traders go to prison for rigging spreads, front-running and trying to push trading levels to kick off stops, they have NOT put at risk the ENTIRE financial system. They have...


Mexico & the 112 Year Cycle "IndyWatch Feed World"

QUESTION: Dear Martin

As usual, I have no words to thank the sincere and incomparable work that you did for us, and almost for free. People like you should be a reference for future generations. You really are a Punk, in the best sense of the word [anti-autoritaritharism, DIY, direct action..].

Im writing you because the last events in Spain are terrifying me.
You were writing a lot about it when the Catalonian Issue happened. I did not support it because it is creating strong division among the population for a bargain, and the leaders were (as demonstrated now) completely fake.

However, let me enumerate the latest news:

A Satiric magazine publishes a picture of a bullfighter with an alien body and is fined with 40keur.
A rap singer is going to jail for 2.5 years for criticizing the power and political classes in a song.
In a national art expo a picture showing catalan politicians in jail is banned.
A book explaining with names demonstrated cases of contacts of politicians in Galicia with narcos has been forbidden.

All this in the last 1.5 months

Uncountable cases of journalists fired from TVE (Spanish public television) for giving a different point of view as stated by the gov.

I live in Switzerland and I love my country but Im afraid that I will not be back soon because of the high taxes and all these issues. However, Switzerland is not a better case. The police control is really intense also here.

I use to go to Mexico very often, a...


Americans seek $1 bil. in damages over Fukushima nuclear disaster "IndyWatch Feed World"

Americans seek $1 bil. in damages over Fukushima nuclear disaster | 20 March 2018 | Some 200 U.S. residents filed a suit against Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. and a U.S. firm seeking at least $1 billion to cover medical expenses related to radiation exposure suffered during the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, the utility said Monday. The lawsuit was filed last Wednesday with U.S. federal courts in the Southern District of California and the District of Columbia by participants in the U.S. forces' Operation Tomodachi relief effort carried out in the wake of the March 11, 2011, [events] that crippled TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Many of the plaintiffs are suing TEPCO and the U.S. company, whose name was withheld by TEPCO, for the second time after a similar suit was rejected by the federal court in California in January.


Austin bomber could be carrying out 'trial run' for bigger attack as new blast raises fears in Texas area "IndyWatch Feed World"

Austin bomber could be carrying out 'trial run' for bigger attack as new blast raises fears in Texas area | 21 March 2018 | A series of bombings that have shaken the lively and popular Texan city of Austin could be a "trial run" for a bigger attack, a former FBI adviser believes, as police in the state urgently hunt for clues amid fears of further blasts...A FedEx employee was left with a ringing in the ears when a package exploded at a distribution centre in San Antonio, 80 miles south of Austin, in the early hours of Tuesday. Brian Manley, chief of police for Austin, said the package that exploded in the San Antonio suburb of Schertz was bound for Austin. William McManus, chief of police for San Antonio, said a second suspicious package was located at the Schertz facility later on Tuesday morning. It has been removed from the facility for further investigation.


"A Look to the Heavens" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Do you recognize this constellation? Although it is one of the most recognizable star groupings on the sky, Orion's icons don't look quite as colorful to the eye as they do to a camera. In this 20-image digitally-composed mosaic, cool red giant Betelgeuse takes on a strong orange tint as the brightest star at the upper left. Orion's hot blue stars are numerous, with supergiant Rigel balancing Betelgeuse at the lower right, and Bellatrix at the upper right Lined up in Orion's belt are three stars all about 1,500 light-years away, born from the constellation's well-studied interstellar clouds. 
Click image for larger size.
Below Orion's belt a reddish and fuzzy patch that might also look familiar - the stellar nursery known as Orion's Nebula. Finally, just barely visible to the unaided eye but quite striking here by camera is Barnard's Loop - a huge gaseous emission nebula surrounding Orion's Belt and Nebula discovered over 100 years ago by the pioneering Orion photographer E. E. Barnard."


Chet Raymo, "Whispers and Rhymes" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Whispers and Rhymes"
by Chet Raymo

"There was a time in my youth - my 30s - when I aspired to be a poet. I typed out sheaves of poems on my manual Underwood and even sent off one or two that were published. I would be embarrassed to come across them now. It is easier to write bad poetry than bad prose, but harder to write good poetry than good prose. At age 15, Franz Wright sent off a poem to his father, the poet James Wright. The father wrote back: "You're a poet. Welcome to hell." The Wrights are the only father/son poets to have independently won a Pulitzer Prize. I took the easier prose road and never looked back.

But the roads traverse the same landscape. Franz Wright calls it "my country/ where night/ rhymes with light, death/ with breath." The country I have chosen to write about is science, where light and dark are part of a continuum, and the boundary between life and death is m...


Restored Republic via a GCR as of March 21, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of March 21 2018

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 21 March 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, Twenty Two Faces,, Before Its News stories on the Cabal and Child Exploitation:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. March 20 2018 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. The Intel has dried up and been very quiet in the last couple of days.

2. The GCR should happen sometime between tomorrow March 21 and the rest of the week.

3. Traders have been notified that they cannot trade the Yaun Petrodollar after midnight tonight. The Gold backed Yaun would be announced Mon. March 26.

4. In Iraq the Qi cards with new Dinar rate has been activated and that new Dinar rate should appear in Gazette tomorrow March 21.

5. Some individuals have exchanged and some have liquidity.

6. The Internet Group should start this week and the general public would begin exchanges next week.

7. The gold backed dollar should be available this week and could be announced on Friday March 30.

8. Redemption Centers would be highly staffed beginning tomorrow March 21.

9. The rates were good.

10. You could redeem your Zim at a higher rate (than the bank screen rate) at redemption...


Trump says he will meet Putin to discuss 'arms race that is getting out of control' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Trump says he will meet Putin to discuss 'arms race that is getting out of control' | 20 March 2018 | US President Donald Trump said he will meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in the not too distant future to discuss an arms race that Trump called "out of control." He also congratulated Putin on his election victory. Trump answered a question about Putin as he was holding a meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the White House. "We will be meeting in the not too distant future to discuss the arms race which is getting out of control," Trump said, expanding on the content of the phone call with Putin on Tuesday.


The Daily "Near You?" "IndyWatch Feed World"

Munich, Bayern, Germany. Thanks for stopping by!


"Trying To Stay Sane In An Insane World" "IndyWatch Feed World"

Click image for larger size.

"Trying To Stay Sane In An Insane World"
by Jim Quinn

Years ago, it meant something to be crazy. Now everyones crazy. 
Charles Manson

"Staying sane in a society gone mad is not easy. Millions of people believe themselves to be sane, but they have really just adapted to an insane society, so they appear sane within the warped paradigm of that insane society. The truly sane people appear to be insane in an insane society. Its enough to drive a man crazy. The immense forces of normalcy bia...


Federal prosecutors told to seek death penalty in drug cases "IndyWatch Feed World"

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions instructed federal prosecutors on Wednesday to seek the death penalty in drug-related cases whenever it is appropriate, saying the Justice Department must boost efforts to counter Americas epidemic of opioid abuse.

Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi to be sentenced to 8 months in Israeli prison "IndyWatch Feed World"

17-year-old activist from Nabi Saleh whose case has received widespread global attention, will be sentenced to eight months in Israeli prison following a plea bargain on 21 March at Ofer military court, Palestinian media have reported. The plea bargain will involve a modified indictment with four items instead of the 12 that were originally included in the indictment, under which she was threatened with imprisonment for up to 10 years.

The New CIA Director Nominee and the Massacre at My Lai "IndyWatch Feed World"

Protecting those who commit heinous crimes in the name of the U.S. government provides a dangerous precedent and could lead to the conclusion by many in the military and CIA that they can get away with murder, Ann Wright observes.

Poll Shows Americans Waking Up, Majority Now Suspects Unelected Shadow Govt in Charge "IndyWatch Feed World"

A recent poll shows that both parties are waking up to the unelected shadow government that forms policy in secret and spies on its own citizens. According to a Monmouth University Poll that was released this week, the majority of Americans believes that a group of unelected government and military officials secretly manipulate the United State government from behind the scenes.

Snowden Documents Expose How the NSA Worked to Track Bitcoin Users "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new report from The Intercept reveals that the National Security Agency has been able to track users of the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin since at least 2013. The revelation is detailed in newly released classified documented obtained by whistleblower Edward Snowden and provided to the The Intercept. The documents show the agency accessing the fiber-optic cables which allow internet traffic to travel around the world in order to gain access to private information of bitcoin users.

EU Approves Controversial Bayer-Monsanto Merger "IndyWatch Feed World"

The European Union approved Bayer's takeover of Monsanto, a major hurdle in the $66 billion merger that would create the world's largest integrated seed and pesticide conglomerate. The European Commission said the German chemical-maker's takeover of the St. Louis-based agribusiness giant is "conditional on an extensive remedy package, which addresses the parties' overlaps in seeds, pesticides and digital agriculture."

Israel officially admits striking Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Israel Defense Forces have shared details of an airstrike that destroyed an alleged nuclear reactor under construction in Syrias Deir ez-Zor back in 2007, for the first time officially acknowledging carrying out the secret raid. For over a decade Israel refused to officially acknowledge taking out the suspected nuclear reactor in the Deir ez-Zor region of Syria on the night of September 6, 2007. Although, in October 2007, the IDF indirectly admitted the attack by lifting some censorship on media coverage of the incident, Tel Aviv still continued to censor details of the intended target of the strike.

What Do They Know? High-Level Govt Officials Reportedly Flocking to Doomsday Camps "IndyWatch Feed World"

High-level government officials and national security officers are reported flocking to "doomsday camps" around the country citing "inevitable" events as the impetus behind the move.

Cambridge Analytica links to Blackwater founder "IndyWatch Feed World"

Company filings show that Trump-affiliated data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica has a link to a Chinese security and logistics company run by Erik Prince, the former mercenary who founded private military company Blackwater.

"No Patients Have Experienced Symptoms Of Nerve Agent Poisoning In Salisbury" "IndyWatch Feed World"

There have been some interesting developments in the alleged poisoning case of the British-Russian double-agent Sergej Skripal and his daughter Yulia. The British governments standing on the issue is getting worse as more inconsistencies and doubts on its statements come to light. The international support for its claims is weakening.

Submarine builder Peter Madsen tells court Kim Wall's death was 'horrible' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Danish inventor Peter Madsen tells jurors he dismembered Swedish journalist Kim Wall in the bathroom on board his submarine.

Trump furious over leak of warning to not congratulate Putin "IndyWatch Feed World"

President Donald Trump was infuriated after it quickly leaked that he had been directly instructed by his national security advisers in briefing materials not to congratulate Russian President Vladimir Putin on his recent election victory during their call Tuesday morning, a source familiar with the President's thinking said.

Witnesses: Boko Haram returns Nigerian kidnapped schoolgirls "IndyWatch Feed World"

Boko Haram extremists returned almost all of the 110 girls abducted from their Nigeria boarding school a month ago with an ominous warning, witnesses said Wednesday. The fighters rolled into Dapchi in nine vehicles in the morning and the girls were left in the center of town. Nigerias government said 101 of the 110 schoolgirls, most of them Muslim, had been confirmed freed and that the number would be updated after the remaining ones have been documented.

Raytheon Lasers, Microwaves Target Counter-Drone Market Worth Billions "IndyWatch Feed World"

Lasers burn a hole in the target; microwaves fry its electronics. Both types of weapons run off electricity, so the cost per shot is potentially pennies, and the ammunition doesnt run out as long as theres gas in the generator.

Suicide bomber kills more than 30 near shrine in Afghan capital "IndyWatch Feed World"

A suicide bomber blew himself up near a shrine in Kabul on Wednesday, killing at least 32 people and wounding dozens, as the Afghan capital celebrated the Nawruz holiday marking the start of the Persian new year.

Austin Serial Bomber Dead: Blows Himself Up After Shootout With Police "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Austin serial bomber suspected of delivering six homemade bombs to locations around Austin this month, killing two people, has died after blowing himself up. Less than an hour after CBS Austin released photographs of the suspect at a Fed-X facility, media reported of an officer-involved shooting on I-35 in Round Rock.


Parents in Michigan have turned in their own son in order to stop a school shooting plot from unfolding. The 15-year-old is being accused of plotting to shoot up his high school.

Zuck Made Him A Billionaire, Now WhatsApp Founder Urges Users To Delete Facebook "IndyWatch Feed World"

Three years after Mark Zuckerberg made Brian Action a billionaire, by paying $22 billion for WhatsApp, the messaging app's co-founder has a clear message for the billions of social media drones worldwide - #deletefacebook.

Gunman dead after standoff inside Panera near Princeton University: Officials "IndyWatch Feed World"

A gunman was shot and killed by police after he engaged in an hours-long standoff inside a Panera Bread restaurant in Princeton, New Jersey, across the street from the Princeton University campus, prosecutors said.

Soldiers In Europe Are Laser-Blasting Drones Out Of The Sky "IndyWatch Feed World"

One of the United States Armys main priorities is the development of a transportable war machine to counter short-range aerial defense threats, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). For about fifteen years, the Armys inventory of military machines to defend against low-altitude and medium-altitude threats have diminished, warned Barry Pike, the Armys program executive officer for missiles and space. Last month, he addressed more than 100 at the Association of the Armys Hot Topics forum on air and missile defense in Arlington, Virginia.

US bans use of Venezuelas oil-backed cryptocurrency as a scam supporting dictatorship "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new war of words has broken out between Washington and Caracas after President Donald Trump banned the use of the oil-backed cryptocurrency launched by Venezuela in a bid to undermine the dominance of the petro-dollar.

University Police use the "Library of Harm" to flag students words "IndyWatch Feed World"

It seems like not a day goes by, where law enforcement isn't inventing new ways to spy on Americans. According to a recent article in the Daily Progress, the University of Virginia Police Department is using a company called Social Sentinel (SS) to spy on college students and faculty Tweets etc. 

Solutions Only Arise Outside the Status Quo "IndyWatch Feed World"

Solutions are only possible outside these ossified, self-serving centralized hierarchies. Correspondent Dan F. asked me to reprint some posts on solutions to the systemic problems I've outlined for years, most recently in How Much Longer Can We Get Away With It? and Checking In on the Four Intersecting Cycles. I appreciate the request, because it's all too easy to dwell on what's broken rather than on the difficult task of fixing what's broken.


Syrian Refugees are Going Home, the West Ready to Attack "IndyWatch Feed World"

How many years have you been living in Beirut? I asked my barber, Eyad, after he told me, beaming, that in three months from now, he will be returning home, to Damascus.

Even one year ago, such conversations would not be easy to commence. But now, everything has been changing, rapidly and, one wants to believe, irreversibly.

Although nothing is truly irreversible, the better things are on the ground in Syria, the more threatening the West is becoming, particularly the United States. Now it is, once again, intimidating Damascus, ready to attack the Syrian army, something that could easily drag Russia and others into a lethal confrontation. The war! The West is clearly obsessed with perpetual war in Syria, while most of the Syrian people are passionate about bringing back an everlasting peace.

6 years, replied my barber, preparing his razor. I detected sadness and indignation in his voice, 6 years too many!

After you go back, then what? Are you going to open your own salon in Damascus? I was curious. He is the best barber I have ever had, a real master of his trade, quick and confident, precise.

No, he smiled. I never told you, but Im a mechanical engineer About being a barber; I learned the trade from my grandfather. In the Arab world now, millions are doing something that is not their main profession But I want to return home and help to rebuild my country.

I knew nothing about Eyads political affiliations. I used to consider it impolite to ask. Now I sensed that I could, but I didnt. He was going back, returning home, eager to help his country, and that was all that mattered.

Come visit me in Damascus, he smiled, as we were parting. Syria is a small country, but it is enormous!

Syrian refugees in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon


On February 24 2017, The New York Times, unleashed its usual vitriolic sarcasm towards the country which hosts enormous number of Syrian refugees Lebanon:

About 1.5 million Syrians have sought refuge in Lebanon, making up about a quarter of the population, according to officials andrelief groups, and there is a widely held belief in Lebanon that refugees are a burden on the countrys economy and social structure.

Mr. Tahan, a gregarious man who soug...


Israel officially admits striking Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Israel officially admits striking Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007 | 21 March 2018 | Israel's Defense Forces have shared details of an airstrike that destroyed a nuclear reactor under construction in Syria's Deir ez-Zor back in 2007, for the first time officially acknowledging carrying out the secret operation. "For two years, officials in the Military Intelligence Directorate had been monitoring the Syrian nuclear project. Their intelligence suggested that the facility would become active toward the end of 2007, which prompted the IDF to initiate an attack on the facility," the IDF's website related on Wednesday, claiming also that the secret (until now) operation "eliminated a nuclear threat not only to Israel, but to the entire region."


Package bound for Austin detonates at FedEx facility, second explosive package intercepted, police say "IndyWatch Feed World"

Package bound for Austin detonates at FedEx facility, second explosive package intercepted, police say | 20 March 2018 | The latest in a wave of bombings rattling Central Texas brought a widening investigation to this city outside San Antonio on Tuesday, after an explosion at a FedEx facility signaled that whoever was responsible for the attacks had offered police potentially critical new clues while again shifting tactics. The blast early Tuesday -- the fifth since March 2 -- came as investigators have struggled to explain the bombing campaign that began with a series of packages placed at people's doorsteps in eastern Austin, escalated to a tripwire-enabled device left along a residential street and, on Tuesday, shifted to an explosive device shipped through a delivery company. The same person who shipped that explosive also sent another package that was intercepted before delivery and was turned over to the FBI, according to FedEx. Federal officials confirmed that package also contained an explosive device.


"The Logic Of Empire" "IndyWatch Feed World"

 "The Logic Of Empire"

"The first time I did any serious reading of the Roman Empire, the thought that was always with me was why they never thought to downsize. The cost of conquering Gaul was relatively low, so it made sense to do it, but the cost of hanging onto it never seemed to make sense. The same was even more obvious with Britania. By the third century, it should have been obvious, at least from our perspective, that the Empire needed to be downsized and re-organized. Yet, that was never a part of the logic of the Empire.

I had a similar thought when reading about the Thirty Years War the first time. The Habsburgs were exhausting themselves trying to preserve something that was probably not worth the eff...


Police: South Austin explosion was 'incendiary device,' not related to previous explosions "IndyWatch Feed World"

Police: South Austin explosion was 'incendiary device,' not related to previous explosions | 20 March 2018 | Update 10:00 p.m. (CDT) Police say the package explosion at a South Austin Goodwill was not a bomb, rather it was an incendiary device. Investigators say two small "artillery simulators" were found in a Goodwill donation box. They were described as, "old, military type ordinances that initiated in [Goodwill employee's] hand and caused injury." Police say they have no reason to believe tonight's incident was a copycat of the other package explosions over the past two weeks that have killed two people and injured four others. They are investigating who delivered the items to Goodwill and if they intended to injure someone or were just unaware of what the device was.


(Video) Destroying the Illusion 3.20 -- Podesta to Quantanamo? | Facebook Imploding | Rothschilds Hit Mainstream! "IndyWatch Feed World"

Published on Mar 20, 2018


Saudi crown prince says women need not wear head cover or abaya robe -

Miami Air International flight was chartered from Langley AFB to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, flight records indicate -

Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg reportedly no-shows at Facebook meet -

Google unveils it's $300 News Initiative -



(Video) Energy Update: Jump in Between the Spiritual Sheets for Bed Talk w/ Jeremy and Nicole "IndyWatch Feed World"

Streamed live on March 20, 2018

A new live and casual podcast of two friends chatting about spirituality from bed.


D.C. Lobbyist Who Exposed Seth Rich Murder, Shot Several Times "IndyWatch Feed World"

D.C. lobbyist Jack Burkman, who claims Seth Rich was murdered by the DNC, has been hospitalized after being shot several times and run over by an SUV on Tuesday. Kevin Doherty, a special agent with [...]


Reddit User Confesses To Austin Bombings Compares Himself To Zodiac Killer "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Austin Police Department are investigating a mysterious Reddit user who claims to be behind the recent bombings and who has vowed to keep terrorizing Texas until he becomes as prolific as the Zodiac Killer. My intention [...]


Obama Insider: Facebook Allowed Us To Rig 2012 Election "IndyWatch Feed World"

Barack Obama harvested the private data of millions of citizens on Facebook during his 2012 campaign, according to a high ranking staffer. Carol Davidsen, who worked as the media director at Obama for America, says [...]


NASAs Voyager 1 Receives Alien Message 13 Billion Miles Away "IndyWatch Feed World"

Scientists at NASA say they have received an alien signal via the Voyager 1 spacecraft from a planet 13 billion miles away from Earth. Voyager 1 is the fastest and farthest away spacecraft NASA has [...]


California Lawmakers Reject States Sanctuary Law "IndyWatch Feed World"

A group of Southern California lawmakers have rejected the states sanctuary law on Monday night, in a devastating blow to Governor Jerry Brown.  Los Alamitos Council members voted 4-1 to opt out of the law [...]


Scientists Panic As Live Mutant Sharks Found Inside Underwater Volcano "IndyWatch Feed World"

Scientists have been left stunned after discovering live mutant sharks living inside underwater volcanoes in the South Pacific. Researchers from the University of Rhode Island made the discovery when searching for rare underwater volcanoes around the [...]


Google Invests $300m To Streamline Propaganda And Fight Alt. Media "IndyWatch Feed World"

Google has invested $300 million into a project designed to prop up mainstream news and purge alternative outlets from the Internet. Googles News Initiative will fight conspiracy theories by amplifying left-wing voices in politics and [...]


"How It Really Is" "IndyWatch Feed World"

That'd be April 17th, Good Citizens...


Iranian FM blasts Bin Salman for war crimes in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed World"

Iran's Foreign Ministry has described Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as "delusional" and "naive" following remarks he made on a recent US TV show. Among his claims, the Saudi royal alleged Iran was harboring terrorists. "Bin Salman's claims on Iran hosting Al-Qaeda's leaders is a big lie," Bahram Qasemi said as cited by Al Masdar News. "They were arrested and extradited to their respective governments, according to their documents and nationalities, including a number of Bin Laden's family members, that because of their Saudi nationalities, Riyadh was informed. Following the coordination, Bin Laden's daughter was extradited to Saudi embassy in Tehran." Bin Salman is scheduled to meet with US President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and National Security Adviser HR McMaster. However, the Iranian Foreign Ministry sees the whole tour as a cynical exercise in self-promotion ahead of Bin Salman's assumed ascension to the Saudi throne.


German Lawmaker: Syria has safe areas for return of citizens from Europe "IndyWatch Feed World"

As the situation in Syria is gradually improving, there are safe havens for the Syrian refugees in Europe to return to the country of their origin, Dr. Christian Blex, who has recently visited Syria as part of a delegation made up of Alternative for Germany (AfD) members, told Sputnik on Tuesday. "The main results we achieved during our trip to Syria were on the one hand, that the civil war is coming to an end and the reconstruction process has already begun ... We could see that there are areas in Syria, to which the Syrian refugees that are now in Europe, could return," Blex said. During their fact-finding trip to Syria, the German delegates met with the representatives of religious and humanitarian organizations, present in the Middle Eastern country, that have also supported the return of refugees, according to the lawmaker.


Danish Study: Quitting Facebook makes you happier "IndyWatch Feed World"

This International Day of Happiness, consider giving up Facebook once and for all. According to a new study from the Happiness Research Institute, giving up the popular social networking site may actually contribute to one's personal joy. Gadgets 360 reported that researchers in Denmark took a group of 1095 volunteers, 94 per cent of whom said they visit Facebook daily, and divided them into two groups. Quitting Facebook may contribute to your happiness, according to a new study from Denmark One group carried on using Facebook as normal, while the other gave up checking the site for the duration of the week-long experiment. By the end, 88 per cent of the group that quit using Facebook said they felt 'happy'. They also described feeling more enthusiastic, less lonely, less worried and more decisive, according to the study.


Never Ignore These 9 Warning Signs of Chronic Stress "IndyWatch Feed World"

This world we live in is far more stressful than it should be. It seems like being stressed has been established as the new normal and honestly, there is a big problem in that.

Chronic stress is an ever growing issue in this day and age and we need to be more aware of it. For those who do not know it can damage our health tremendously as it can affect most parts of our bodies. The more stressed you are the more affected your body will be. Below you will find a list of signs that you should never ignore when it comes to stress if you are too stressed you need to take a step back and relax. You and your health are important, dont let stress get the best of you.

9 Warning Signs Of Chronic Stress:

1. Sleeping Problems

When we are stressed it sometimes can keep us up at night. The more stressed you are the more you might struggle to sleep. This will have devastating effects the longer it goes on.

2. Anxiety

When we are stressed we tend to worry more and more about the things stressing us out. This causes our anxiety levels to rise and can lead to disorders if it goes on for prolonged periods. Anxiety is normal to an extent, but when it becomes a constant problem you should get help if needed.

3. Chest Pain

You may notice a tightness or pain in your chest. This means your stress levels are far higher than they should be. This is one of the more common side effects of stress and if you dont do something about it could lead to serious heart issues. Stress has been linked to lots of serious health issues.

4. Headaches

This is probably, in my opinion, the most common side effects of stress. You become so worked up that you notice tension in your head. For me, stress headaches usually happen on one side of my head instead of the whole thing.

5. Feeling Overwhelmed And Irritable

Stress can turn us into a completely different person. If you are stressed you may become irritable and feel like the whole world is against you. When this happens you need to take a step back and breathe, everything will be alright.

6. Change In Sex Drive

When we are stressed there is a shift in our hormones. This can cause our sex drives to lower or depending on the person they may want to be more sexually active. Everyone faces the...


"Civil Insurrection: A Modest Proposal for Ending the United States" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Civil Insurrection: 
A Modest Proposal for Ending the United States"
by Fred Reed

"I see  that a man named Sessions, apparently Washingtons Attorney General, threatens to unleash the coercive powers of the federal government against the state of Colorado, his reason being that he does not like the states policy with regard to marijuana. This is most curious. Why he believes the policies of Colorado to be his concern is not clear. Equally mysterious is why he thinks the police of Colorado should arrest Coloradans for doing a thing that the people of the state have determined to be acceptable.


X22 Report, Europe Is Short On Dollars, This Could Trigger A Liquidity Crisis "IndyWatch Feed World"

X22 Report, Europe Is Short On Dollars, This Could Trigger A Liquidity Crisis
Related followup report:
X22 Report, Stage Is Set, The Push For Regulations And IBOR Begins


Strange sound heard in the skies of Billingshurst, UK "IndyWatch Feed World"

YouTube user 'Lee Ahern' reported that the noise occurred around 7:00 am and sounded 'like a wood plainer, but different.'


Empresa china lanza construccin de puerto brasileo como principal inversionista "IndyWatch Feed World"

16 Mar 2018 | XinhuaEl nuevo puerto debe favorecer la regin que forman varios estados del noreste de Brasil (Maranhao, Tocantins, Piau y Baha), conocida como Matopiba, y cuyas cadenas de produccin deben verse favorecidas con las nuevas instalaciones.


Cte d'Ivoire: la bombe retardement du foncier rural "IndyWatch Feed World"

16 Mar 2018 | RFI96% des terres rurales de Cte d'Ivoire ne bnficient pas de titres fonciers et sont toujours rgis par le droit coutumier et par les savoirs locaux.


Tunisie : l'Etat se mobilise pour l'exploitation de ses terres domaniales agricoles "IndyWatch Feed World"

19 Mar 2018 | La Tribune AfriqueSelon le premier ministre Youssef Chahed, ce programme d'exploitation des terres domaniales agricoles couvrira une superficie totale de 45 mille hectares pour des investissements de plus de 100 millions de dinars.


Cameroun, 33eme dition de la Journe internationale de la femme 2018 : Les femmes autochtones des forts du Cameroun revendiquent leurs droits ! "IndyWatch Feed World"

20 Mar 2018 | FPPLes femmes autochtones des forts du Cameroun ont marqu leur prsence lors du dfil de la 33eme dition de la journe internationale de la femme travers les messages de plaidoyer forts concernant leurs droits


Chinese agricultural firms expand along Belt and Road "IndyWatch Feed World"

20 Mar 2018 | XinhuaThe Central Asia region has become a hot investment destination for Chinese agricultural firms, such as Huangfanqu Farm in Tajikistan.


Canada must curb farmland speculation to keep grip on food security: Senate report "IndyWatch Feed World"

20 Mar 2018 | StarPhoenixMultiple elements are driving farmland values up such as purchases by agriculture multinationals and by institutional investors such as pension funds and trusts.


Kazakhstan: Kostanai region to advance agriculture, car assembly with Italian, Chinese investments "IndyWatch Feed World"

20 Mar 2018 | AstanaThe Italian agribusiness investors are interested in land leasing with ready engineering and transport infrastructure and access to the Chinese and Russian markets


The IMF in insecure fragile states: why being absent should no longer be an option "IndyWatch Feed World"

It is time for the IMF to stand up to its global responsibilities and play its part in ensuring no country is left behind.


WWF's Earth Hour to spark global awareness and action for a healthy planet "IndyWatch Feed World"

Earth Hour 2018 switch-off will take place on Saturday 24 March at 8:30p.m. local timeBrussels, Belgium - 21 March 2018On Saturday, WWF's Earth Hour is set to unite millions of people in 180 countries and territories worldwide in their commitment to the planet once again. As we face the interlinked challenges of climate change and plummeting biodiversity, the world's largest grassroots movement for the environment aims to mobilise individuals, businesses and governments to help build a [...]


Shock horror! Trump congratulates Putin on election victory and media goes bananas "IndyWatch Feed World"

All hell broke loose in Washington DC on Tuesday when President Donald Trump confirmed that he had congratulated Russian president Vladimir Putin on his recent election victory. Journalists and Trump critics flooded Twitter with sarcastic remarks, registering their disgust at the news, using the benign remarks as more evidence of his alleged (by some) collusion with the Russian state. CNN's national security reporter Zachary Cohen pointed out that both Kim Jong-un and Trump had now congratulated Putin, in an apparent effort to cast Kim and Trump in the same light for the crime of extending congratulations which, in reality, is fairly standard diplomatic protocol. Daily Beast reporter Adam Rawnsley, also miffed by Trump's words of congratulations to the Russian leader, used the occasion to bring up the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter in the UK, accusing Russia of using a "weapon of mass destruction" on British soil, even though there's no evidence to prove that.


The UFO/Aliens Dialogue Is Out! "IndyWatch Feed World"

Dialogue 275: Ufology, Abduction, Eight Theories of Alien Life is available to members in the members area under Video Dialogues. You gotta be a

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Questions still surround Robert Mueller's dodgy Boston past "IndyWatch Feed World"

Mueller's involvement in one of the FBI's most embarrassing cases President Donald Trump directed angry tweets at Special Counsel Robert Mueller over the weekend. The tweets were prompted by the Department of Justice's decision to fire Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Friday as recommended by the bureau's Office of Professional Responsibility took action on McCabe after the DOJ's Inspector General handed over evidence that the former FBI agent lied under oath and leaked information to the media.


Love Your Enemy "IndyWatch Feed World"

March 21st, 2018 By Lissa Rankin Guest writer for Wake Up World So much of what I"ve been writing about especially since the election times of 2016 and the aftermath of what has followed in our political climate, the #MeToo movement, and many other divisive issues has focused on dissolving the story of separation and bringing us back []


French former president Sarkozy in custody "IndyWatch Feed World"

Frances former president Nicolas Sarkozy has been placed in custody as part of an investigation that he received millions of euros in illegal financing from the regime of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

A judicial source with direct knowledge of the case told The Associated Press that Sarkozy was being held at the Nanterre police station, west of Paris.

The person spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to discuss the matter publicly.

Sarkozy and his former chief of staff denied wrongdoing in the case, which involved funding for his winning 2007 presidential campaign.

Though an investigation has been under way since 2013, the case gained traction some three years later when French-Lebanese businessman Ziad Takieddine told the online investigative site, Mediapart, that he delivered suitcases from Libya containing 5 million euros in cash to Sarkozy and his former chief of staff Claude Gueant.

A lawyer for Sarkozy did not immediately respond to a message from the AP seeking comments.

Investigators are examining claims that Gaddafis regime secretly gave Sarkozy 50 million euros overall for the 2007 campaign.

Such a sum would be more than double the legal campaign funding limit at the time of 21 million euros.

In addition, the alleged payments would violate French rules against foreign financing and declaring the source of campaign funds.

According to Le Monde newspaper, investigators have recently handed to magistrates a report in which they detailed how cash circulated within Sarkozys campaign team.

In January, a French businessman suspected of playing a role in the financing scheme, Alexandre Djouhri, was arrested in London on a warrant issued by France for offences of fraud and money laundering.

Le Monde said French investigators were also in possession of several documents seized at his home in Switzerland.

Sarkozy had a complex relationship with Gaddafi.

Soon after becoming the French president, Sarkozy invited the Libyan leader to France for a state visit and welcomed him with high honours.

But Sarkozy then put France in the forefront of NATO-led airstrikes against Gaddafis troops that helped rebel fighters topple his regime in 2011.

It is not the first time that Sarkozy has faced legal troubles.

In February 2016, he was handed preliminary charges by French magistrates for suspected illegal overspending on his failed 2012 re-election campaign and ordered to stand trial.

The post French former president Sarkozy in custod...

Tuesday, 20 March


BATR: Brick and Mortar Stores vs. Online Sellers "IndyWatch Feed World"

Brick and mortar stores vs. online sellers

For consumers who watched the Wal-Mart store spread throughout the countryside saw local small retailers became an endangered species. Now, some may relish the payback with the dominance of online juggernaut Amazon, who has a prime objective of closing down what remains of the brick and mortar stores. Both in the shopping center era and today with the direct delivery to your doorstep, the low cost seller proves to be the winner. What has changed is that government subsidies are fueling the carriage costs.

How Brick-and-Mortar Businesses Compete with Online Shopping raises the 64,000 question for the future of the consumer economy.

"According to Business Insider, there are 300 million users of and 50% of US online shoppers are on the Amazon mobile app. And recently, Wal-Mart and Google joined forces to go after Amazon with voice-activated online shopping using Google Express. Todays busy lifestyles and the ease of online shopping continue to cause trouble for brick-and-mortar stores, with those numbers not getting back in their favor any time soon. So how can they compete?"

In order to answer that question, understanding the demographics of today's radically different generations and lifestyles is crucial. Rural vs. urban is the most stark comparison. Patronizing big box warehouse stores has been favored by suburban soccer moms for years. Their household composition utilizes a volume of items warranted by its bulk packaging. Contrast such purchases with metro singles or those living with significant others. Often these Uber riders do not even have a driver's license. Addicted to a mobile cyber app world, ordering a food drop delivery seems natural.

However, most urban societies are not high-rise penthouse dwellers. Ordering bread from a Parisian bakery online is less likely than getting a drone drop of a Subway sandwich. The point is that the size of the household unit, the availability o...


Hawkings ashes to lie near Newton, Darwin "IndyWatch Feed World"

British physicist Stephen Hawking is to take his place among some of the greatest scientists in history when his ashes are interred inside Westminster Abbey, close to the graves of Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin.

Hawking, the worlds most recognisable scientist, died last week aged 76 after a lifetime spent probing the origins of the universe, the mysteries of black holes and the nature of time itself.

Ravaged by the wasting motor neurone disease he developed at 21, Hawking was confined to a wheelchair for most of his life.

As his condition worsened, he had to speak through a voice synthesiser and communicate by moving his eyebrows.

Westminster Abbey, the final resting place of 17 monarchs and of some of the most significant figures in British history, said on Tuesday it would hold a Service of Thanksgiving for Hawking later this year, during which his ashes would be interred.

It is entirely fitting that the remains of Professor Stephen Hawking are to be buried in the Abbey, near those of distinguished fellow scientists, said the Dean of Westminster, John Hall, in a statement on Tuesday.

Newton, who formulated the law of universal gravitation and laid the foundations of modern mathematics, was buried in the abbey in 1727.

Darwin, whose theory of evolution was one of the most far-reaching scientific breakthroughs of all time, was buried close to Newton in 1882.Interment inside Westminster Abbey is a rarely bestowed honour.

The most recent burials of scientists there were those of Ernest Rutherford, a pioneer of nuclear physics, in 1937, and of Joseph John Thomson, who discovered electrons, in 1940.

Hawkings death last week was met with tributes from around the world.

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How Those Trump-Kim Talks Might Go: A Transcript "IndyWatch Feed World"

(FPIF) In a surprise announcement in early March, President Donald Trump said that he would meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un within two months.

The preparations for the meeting were hampered by the lack of North Korea expertise within the administration, the short-staffed State Department, and the mercurial temperament of the president. The North Korean side complicated matters with its infrequent communications and opaque decision-making. Skeptics in the United States gave the odds of the meeting taking place at less than 50 percent and the chances of an actual agreement considerably less.

And yet, despite this skepticism and despite the replacement of the relatively diplomatic Rex Tillerson with the fire-starter Mike Pompeo as secretary of state Trump and Kim did ultimately sit down at the end of April in the Joint Security Area conference room in Panmunjom, which straddles the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea.

It was the first time that a North Korean leader met a sitting U.S. president. No advisors were present. The leaders met with only their translators by their sides.

Here is a transcript of the historic meeting.

Kim Jong Un: Welcome to Korea, President Donald Trump. This is a gift from the people of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. This golf club is gold-plated with inlaid jewels. It comes with my personal invitation to tee off at the Pyongyang Golf Course, an 18-hole course in our beautiful capital.

Donald Trump: Thats tremendous, thank you, thank you. Its a pleasure to meet you, too, General Kim. I have a lot of friends who are generals. I think we can be great friends too. Youre doing a great job in a difficult situation. And heres my present for you. This is our newly designed presidential coin. Also gold. Very gold! Has my name on it. Beautifully made!

Kim: Thank you. We will put this in our International Friendship Exhibition in Myohyangsan. You have travelled a great distance. You must be tired.

Trump: Very excited to be here. I think we can make a deal. You and me. We can work this out. This nuclear thing. Why not? Other presidents tried. They couldnt. They were weak. They had their shot, and all they did was nothing. I can get this done. We can get this done.

Kim: Yes, we can. The people of the DPRK ve...


Expelled Russian diplomats leave Britain "IndyWatch Feed World"

Twenty-three expelled Russian diplomats and their families have left London for Moscow as Britain and Russia traded recriminations over a nerve agent attack in England that has plunged relations into their worst crisis since the Cold War.

Prime Minister Theresa May blamed Russia for the attack on a Russian double agent and his daughter and gave 23 Russians whom she said were spies working under diplomatic cover one week to leave London.

Russia has repeatedly denied any involvement in the attack on Sergei Skripal and his daughter and, in a reciprocal gesture on Saturday, gave 23 British diplomats a week to leave Moscow as well as closing the British Council in Russia.

A state-owned Russian Ilyushin-96 plane made a special flight from Moscow to Londons Stansted airport to pick up the diplomats who were given a warm send-off by Russias top diplomat in London.

Russia has refused to explain how Novichok, a nerve agent first developed by the Soviet military, was used to strike down Skripal, a former colonel in Russian military intelligence who betrayed dozens of spies to Britain.

Skripal, 66, and his 33-year-old daughter Yulia have been critically ill since they were found unconscious on a bench in the English city of Salisbury on March 4.

A British policeman who was also poisoned is in a serious but stable condition.

Russia says it knows nothing about the poisoning and has repeatedly asked Britain to supply a sample of the nerve agent that was used against Skripal.

The two sides continued to exchange accusations over the affair.

Russian diplomats told the Conference on Disarmament at the United Nations in Geneva that Britain may have produced the toxin itself and that Moscow did not owe any explanations.

Britains ambassador to the forum, Matthew Rowland, said Russia had given misleading statements on its Novichok program.

Putin, who was elected for a fourth term in the Kremlin on Sunday, said Russia had been falsely accused.

As for the tragedy that you mentioned, I found out about it from the media. The first thing that entered my head was that if it had been a military-grade nerve agent, the people would have died on the spot, Putin told reporters on Sunday.

Secondly, Russia does not have such (nerve) agents. We destroyed all our chemical weapons under the supervision of international organisations, and we did it first, unlike some of our partners who promised to do it, but unfortunately did not keep their promises, Putin said.

A Cold War-era scientist acknowledged on Tuesday he had helped create the nerve agent, contradicting Moscows insistence that neither Russia nor the Soviet Union ever had such a program....


SOTT FOCUS: Christopher Wiley looks a bit too much like Dade from the 1995 classic "Hackers" "IndyWatch Feed World"

By now I'm sure everyone has seen The Guardian's new RUSSIA-RUSSIA-RUSSIA piece entitled "The Cambridge Analytica Files." In it are the sordid details of how one then-24 year old computer programmer helped Steve Bannon - the most evil man in the world besides Putin and Trump - create a process to harvest Facebook data in order to build complex psychological profiles of the voting public and thus using that information to skew the vote, not only in the US but in the UK as well. Informational Warfare, they called it, and while Information War is not new, the oldest reference being propaganda, today the methods have evolved. Carole Cadwalladr does an especially good job of spinning the yarn, she even credits Wiley as 'a master storyteller' which indeed they both do throughout the article. Whether or not the story they tell is true, however, is certainly a question.


'We don't even know if a Novichok program existed' - John Pilger "IndyWatch Feed World"

John Pilger: "Skripal case is a carefully-constructed drama" Russia-UK relations have hit dangerous levels amid a row over the poisoning hoax of a former spy and his daughter. Award-winning journalist John Pilger tells RT that this is all propaganda, a "carefully-constructed drama".


Turkish soldiers, Free Syrian puppets looting Afrin in Syria "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

In Afrin the Turks are Looting and Pillaging with Gunfire

20 March 2018

Journalist for the Independent, Patrick Cockburn, returning from Northern Syria says one of the most peaceful places in the region has turned into a swamp of human misery for the Kurds.

This 19 March 2018 video is called FSA [Free Syrian Army, puppets of Turkeys Erdogan] busy looting civilians properties in Afrin.

Turkeys seizure of Afrin and the growing danger of a regional war the Middle East: here.

  • ...


Cambridge Analytica claims Trump election "IndyWatch Feed World"

The suspended chief executive of UK-based political consultancy Cambridge Analytica claimed in secretly recorded video that his company played a decisive role in the 2016 election campaign of President Donald Trump.

British broadcaster Channel 4 News mounted a sting operation in which it secretly recorded Cambridge Analytica Chief Executive Alexander Nix saying he had met the then Republican presidential candidate many times, and that his firm played a central role in the final months of the campaign.

We did all the research. We did all the data. We did all the analytics. We did all the targeting. We ran all the digital campaign and our data informed their strategy, Nix told an undercover reporter during a meeting in a London hotel.

Brad Parscale, the 2016 Trump campaigns main digital adviser who dealt regularly with Cambridge Analytica, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Parscale was recently named manager of Trumps 2020 re-election campaign.

Nix was suspended by the board of directors of Cambridge Analytica on Tuesday, the company said shortly before the second part of the British news programs expose on the company.

In the view of the board, Mr Nixs recent comments secretly recorded by Channel 4 and other allegations do not represent the values or operations of the firm and his suspension reflects the seriousness with which we view this violation, the London-based company said in a statement.

Nix also was recorded by Channel 4 saying that Cambridge Analytica did not have to reveal to US investigators anything about the companys foreign political campaign clients.

If asked, he said he would respond: We say none of your business.

I am absolutely convinced that they have no jurisdiction, he said.

Nix was also dismissive about the testimony he gave to the US House Intelligence Committee late last year.

The Republicans ask three questions in five minutes. Done. The Democrats ask two hours of questions, he said.

They are politicians, they are not technical, they dont understand how it works. They dont understand that the candidate is never involved, hes told what to do by the campaign team.

The company named Julian Malins, a well-known British commercial barrister, to lead an independent investigation into Nixs actions.

The post Cambridge Analytica claims Trump election appeared first on Echonetdaily.


15 Years After the Invasion of Iraq, Here Are the Dems Who Just Voted for Endless War in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed World"

Just one day after the 15th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, 10 Democrats voted to indefinitely stall a bill that would have withdrawn U.S. support from the Saudi-led war on Yemen. The 10 Democrats helped Republicans table the new legislation, S.J.Res.54, that was introduced in late February by Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Mike Lee (R-Utah). The bill invokes the 1973 War Powers Resolution to force the Senate to hold a vote on withdrawing the U.S. military from the [...]


Jim Jordan on Trump investigation: 'When is it all gonna end?' "IndyWatch Feed World"

In heated interview with MSNBC's Katy Tur, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) defended the position that the Mueller investigation should be ended, and responded to the statement from fellow Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy (S.C.) about President Donald Trump not acting guilty. Here's part of their exchange: "If the president is not innocent, why is he not acting like he's innocent?" Tur asked "I think he is acting like he's innocent," Jordan responded, "but he's like so many other Americans, frustrated about what he sees that took place at the top level of the FBI. Jim Comey's been fired; Andrew McCabe's been fired; Jim Rybicky, former chief of staff, has left the FBI; Jim Baker, former chief counsel at the FBI, has been demoted, reassigned; Peter Strzok, former deputy head of counterintelligence, has been demoted, reassigned; Lisa Page has been demoted and reassigned." "Those are the top people at the FBI," he continued, "so I think he's frustrated by that, as are the American people and what we know they did and when they started this Russia Trump investigation in 2016, namely, how they used the dossier."


Fruit flies like familiar songs "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 2017 video is called An introduction to Drosophila melanogaster.

From Nagoya University in Japan:

Even flies like a familiar song

How auditory learning shapes fly behavior

March 20, 2018

Summary: The process that allows sounds experienced during infancy to shape language is poorly understood. Researchers have found that courtship behavior in Drosophila melanogaster can be shaped by earlier auditory experiences. Their findings allowed them to develop a novel and simple neurological model to study how experiences of sound can shape complex modes of communication in animals.

The ability to learn and speak language depends heavily on the sounds and language we experience during early infancy. While this may sound self-evident, we still do not understand exactly what happens neurologically as a developing infant learns how to speak. In a study published in eLife, researchers at Nagoya University devised a new neurological model in fruit flies that may illuminate this process and made some key discoveries about insect mating along the way.

Higher mammalian species such as humans learn how to vocalize by listening to sounds from their own species, lead author Xiaodong Li says. Much of the research on how this occurs has been done in songbirds, which have much simpler neural circuits than humans. Even in songbirds, though, our understanding of how auditory inputs translate into vocalized outputs is still very rudimentary.

To get around this intractable problem of complexity, the research team focused on Drosophila melanogaster. This unassuming fruit fly is commonly used in research as a model organism, because its biology is much simpler than humans but surprisingly similar in fundamental ways. As fruit flies...


Yuge new statement from Trump could land Comey in prison "IndyWatch Feed World"

President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday that former FBI Director James Comey "clearly" lied under oath in his testimony before Congress in 2017. "Wow, watch Comey lie under oath to Senator G," he tweeted Sunday morning. "When asked 'have you ever been an anonymous source ... or known someone else to be an anonymous source...?' He said strongly 'never, no.' He lied."


A tale of three cities and a trillion trees "IndyWatch Feed World"

I was lucky enough to get away from my desk, dig into the soil, plant a sapling and play a small part in a bigger plan to restore native forest in Tanzania's Pugu Forest Reserve.

Eight million "IndyWatch Feed World"

A podcast series on China's role in tackling the ocean plastics challenge.


Your privacy up for sale: Facebook is a surveillance company rebranded as 'social media' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden ripped Facebook in a tweet Saturday after the social media giant suspended Cambridge Analytica, a data analytics firm which worked worked for President Trump's campaign. Facebook accused the firm on Friday of not deleting data it had improperly harvested from Facebook users, which number in the tens of millions, but Snowden pinned the blame squarely on Facebook and lumped in other social media companies for being just as reckless. "Businesses that make money by collecting and selling detailed records of private lives were once plainly described as 'surveillance companies,'" Snowden said. "Their rebranding as 'social media' is the most successful deception since the Department of War became the Department of Defense."


Yellowstone's Steamboat geyser sees rare eruption weeks after tremor swarm (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed World"

Just weeks after Yellowstone National Park was rocked by more than 200 earthquakes, the world's tallest geyser (also at Yellowstone) has erupted. Employees at the park, which is located in Wyoming, USA, had reported seeing an eruption coming from the Steamboat Geyser on Thursday. The geyser has not erupted since September 3, 2014, according to Newsweek. "We don't really know the exact duration for the eruption at this time," Wendy Stovall, a US Geological Survey scientist with the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, told the news site, adding that it's possible it will erupt again.


How Britain wrought destruction on the Palestinian homeland "IndyWatch Feed World"

When I was a child growing up in a Gaza refugee camp, I looked forward to November 2. On that day, every year, thousands of students and camp residents would descend upon the main square of the camp, carrying Palestinian flags and placards, to denounce the Balfour Declaration. Truthfully, my giddiness then was motivated largely by the fact that schools would inevitably shut down and, following a brief but bloody confrontation with the Israeli army, I would go home early to the loving embrace of my mother, where I would eat a snack and watch cartoons. At the time, I had no idea who Balfour actually was, and how his "declaration" all those years ago had altered the destiny of my family and, by extension, my life and the lives of my children as well. All I knew was that he was a bad person and, because of his terrible deed, we subsisted in a refugee camp, encircled by a violent army and by an ever-expanding graveyard filled with "martyrs".


Geyser erupts under road sending water and debris into the sky on San Diego interstate "IndyWatch Feed World"

A towering geyser sent water and debris into the sky near Torrey Pines Tuesday, prompting traffic issues near busy construction. The geyser erupted around 11 a.m. on Genesee Avenue just west of Interstate 5. All lanes of traffic on Genesee Ave. were shut down in both directions. Public Utilities Department crews were able to shut off the water at about 12 p.m.


Panama Latest to Heed US Call and Reject Venezuelan Elections "IndyWatch Feed World"

Washingtons allies have claimed that Venezuelas upcoming elections are fraudulent well before they happen, threatening to not recognize the results.

Panama Latest to Heed US Call to Reject Venezuelan Elections "IndyWatch Feed World"

Panama called Venezuela's May 20 elections "illegitimate", joining Washington and fourteen other conservative regional governments in refusing to recognize the outcome. 


Many Americans believe the "deep state" is running the country "IndyWatch Feed World"

For the past two years, the long-running narrative, at least that promulgated by the mainstream media which continues to "explain away" Hillary Clinton's loss to Donald Trump, is that Americans had fallen for a massive, long-running fake news scam (in part aided and abetted by the likes of Facebook), which boosted Trump's popularity at the expense of Hillary's as part of some giant "Russian collusion" conspiracy theory between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin (which Mueller was supposed to uncover, but has instead shifted to investigating obstruction, seemingly unable to find anything). But what if that entire narrative is dead wrong: what if Americans have become so skeptical in the government process and structure, they never needed a "fake news" boost to vote for an establishment outsider? According to a new poll, that's precisely the case because a supermajority of Americans believes the faction of unelected officials, known as the deep state, is orchestrating policy in Washington, D.C. and effectively running the nation.


Possible cure for blindness found as stem cell trial restores sight in two patients "IndyWatch Feed World"

Treatment for one of the leading causes of blindness could be available within five years. That's according to scientists who used a revolutionary stem cell therapy to restore vision in two patients. The patients - a woman in her 60s and a man in his 80s - suffered from severe visual impairment caused by age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The disease causes the gradual loss of sight due to blurring or loss of central vision. AMD is the most common cause of blindness in people over the age of 50, causing the gradual loss of sight due to blurring or loss of central vision. It takes two forms: wet and dry. The patients treated in the trial had the rapidly developing wet AMD and could not read at all, even with spectacles. Scientists from the London Project to Cure Blindness examined whether the diseased cells at the back the patients' affected eye could be replenished using a stem cell-based patch. A specially engineered surgical tool was used to insert the patch under the retina in an operation lasting up to two hours.


Fourth Nor'easter this month to bring snow and on the first day of Spring - and we can expect more to come "IndyWatch Feed World"

The first day of Spring is set to bring the fourth Nor'easter in the North East this month with up to 11 inches of snow predicted between Tuesday and Wednesday. Earlier on Monday just three inches was predicted for the area but as the day progressed the National Weather Service anticipated that the snowfall would be heavier than first thought. Heavy wet snow of between five and 11 inches is predicted for North Jersey, New York City and lower Hudson Valley. Eight to 10 inches are expected in Bergen, Passaic, Essex and Morris counties. The potential snow and rain storm is predicted to arrive on Tuesday and continue through midweek and the Nor'easter likely won't be the last of its kind for the season. 'Spring starts tomorrow, but snow is in the forecast,' the New York National Weather Service said on Twitter Monday morning.


Morgan Stanley predicts bitcoin collapse, compares it to the dot-com bubble "IndyWatch Feed World"

American banking giant Morgan Stanley has predicted a dire end to the bitcoin phenomenon, comparing it to the tech bubble of 2000. But this time, according to the bank, events will escalate much faster. Some 18 years ago, the Nasdaq rallied 250 to 280 percent in its most "exuberant" periods ahead of bear markets, just like cryptocurrency market does, Morgan Stanley said in a note to its clients. "Just that the bitcoin rally was around 15 times the speed," said Sheena Shah, strategist at Morgan Stanley, as quoted by CNBC. Since emerging in 2009, bitcoin has seen five bear markets with price drops of between 28 and 92 percent. In the most recent fall, bitcoin lost nearly 70 percent in value since the December peak of $20,000.


Choose A Card To Discover What Lies Ahead In Your Romantic Future "IndyWatch Feed World"

Whether or not you are someone who believes in psychics, horoscopes, or even Nostradamus predictions for the future, this fun test is a great way to reveal a little more about your love life.

Just take a look at the four cards below. Which one calls to you? Try not to over think it. Just go with your gut reaction. Once youve chosen a card, keep reading to find out what your card reveals about you and your romantic endeavors!

Source: 78 Whispers In My Ear

The Nine Of Wands

Source: 78 Whispers In My Ear

When this card appears in your reading you have to be ready to defend yourself. You have to be on your guard as the expectation of trouble is coming your way. If troubles are coming from your past, you must think really clear and hold your ground, even if you are tired and weary. Deal with it once and for all.

The Nine of Wands card talks of perseverance, trying repeatedly and refusing to take no for an answer. You have to continue despite fatigue, slow stamina, toughness and strength. If you are single, the appearance of Nine of Wands in a reading might suggest that you are careful with relationships because you might have been hurt in the past.

Try and analyze the things that went wrong and see where there is room for change. Now is the time to get yourself whole emotionally. When in a relationship, the apparition of this card may suggest that you have to be on guard because you might get hurt.

Another meaning might be that a partner is very protective and you might feel suffocated. Tell him/her you need a little breathing space.

The Seven Of Cups

Source: 78 Whispers In My Ear

The Seven of...


Freak accident: Man dies after getting his head stuck in a luxury theater seat "IndyWatch Feed World"

A man has died after his head got horrifically trapped in an electric chair at the Vue cinema in Birmingham. It is understood the man's head was crushed as he attempted to rescue his phone from the ground. The cinemagoer got trapped on March 9 after an electric footrest clamped down on his head. The victim was sitting in the cinema's "luxury" Gold Class seats. After his partner and staff at the cinema struggled to release him he was eventually freed and taken to hospital. Vue Cinema confirmed on Tuesday that the man passed away last Friday. Birmingham City Council has begun a health and safety investigation.


Finally, some good news: The demise of the corrupt Western media may be nigh "IndyWatch Feed World"

Washington's gratuitous raising of tensions with Russia that we have been witnessing for many years is so reckless and irresponsible that we need some relief from the depression of it all. Perhaps I am grasping at straws, but here are some hopeful developments. An establishment journalist, Michael Goodwin, the chief political columnist for the New York Post and a former bureau chief for the New York Times, has blamed the New York Times and Washington Post for the destruction of journalistic standards in the United States. James Kallstrom, an Assistant Director of the FBI, told Fox News that high-ranking people throughout the US government coordinated a plot to help Hillary Clinton avoid indictment: "I think we have ample facts revealed to us during this last year and a half that high-ranking people throughout government, not just the FBI, high-ranking people had a plot to not have Hillary Clinton, you know, indicted. "I think it goes right to the top. And it involves that whole [Russiagate] strategy-they were gonna win, nobody would have known any of this stuff, and they just unleashed the intelligence community. Look at the unmaskings. We haven't heard anything about that yet. Look at the way they violated the rights of all those American citizens." Kallstrom goes on to name names.


Royal Air Force engineer dies in plane crash at base in North Wales "IndyWatch Feed World"

The UK Ministry of Defence has confirmed the death of an RAF engineer in a Red Arrows accident at RAF Valley in North Wales. The pilot survived the crash and is receiving medical treatment, according to a ministry statement. Earlier reports suggested the pilot ejected from the aircraft before the plane crashed. Emergency services raced to the scene of the crash. The Welsh Ambulance Service said: "We were called shortly before 1.30pm this afternoon to reports an aircraft had crashed at RAF Valley in Holyhead. "There is an emergency ambulance and a Wales Air Ambulance at the scene."


DIA publishes report on 'Global Nuclear Landscape', completely forgets to mention 6 of 9 countries with nuclear powers "IndyWatch Feed World"

A report on the 'Global Nuclear Landscape' published by the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has focused entirely on Russia, China and North Korea, leaving out six of the world's nine nuclear-armed states. The 36-page report is divided into three sections; one focusing on Russia, one on China and the third on North Korea. The first page of the strangely selective report features a photograph of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Throughout the report, there are no significant mentions of the other six nuclear powers: Israel, the United Kingdom, the United States, India, France and Pakistan. The glaring omission was noticed by Hans Kristensen, Federation of American Scientists (FAS) researcher and director of the Nuclear Information Project.


D.C. councilman apologizes for 'anti-Semitic' remarks that the Rothschilds control the weather "IndyWatch Feed World"

A D.C. councilmember apologized Sunday night for posting a video on Facebook Friday that seemed to embrace an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that a wealthy Jewish family is controlling the weather. "I really do apologize," said Councilmember Trayon White, D-Ward 8, on various social media platforms. "I work very closely with the Jewish community and never want to offend anyone, especially with anti-Semitic remarks."

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