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Sunday, 18 February


Sngal : Dr Macoumba Diouf satisfait de la production de pomme de terre de Senegindia Mbane "IndyWatch Feed World"

16 Feb 2018 | Dakar 24Le Directeur National de l'horticulture a flicit cette socit indienne pour les performances agricoles qu'elle a enregistres dans sa zone d'intervention situe Mbane.


Americas Dirty Little Secret: Sex Trafficking of Young Girls "IndyWatch Feed World"

Opinion Theyre called the Little Barbies. Children, young girlssome as young as 9 years oldare being bought and sold for sex in America. The average age for a young woman being sold for sex is now 13 years old. This is Americas dirty little secret. Sex traffickingespecially when it comes to the buying and selling []


House Passes Bill To Microchip Citizens With Mental Disabilities' Whos Next? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Weve all been warned that it is coming, but as SHTFPlan.coms Mac Slavo notes, what is disturbing is that while technology surrounds us and *some* have concerns about privacy, most shrug at the massive amounts of data they are collecting about our lives, and the incredible level of control the system now has over each individual. This bill passed, []


Princess Dianas Former Butler Reveals Who Prince Harrys Father Really Is On Live TV "IndyWatch Feed World"

When you think of upper class British families, what immediately springs to mind? Downton Abbey for one, and the British Royal Family for another thing.

What do both of these things have in common? Both have deep dark secrets just waiting to be revealed.

But while Downton Abbey is strictly fiction, and sooner or later we get to see the secrets exposed, or at least play out for our entertainment. The difference between that and the royal family is there is no way to tell which of their secrets are real and which are fiction.

What do I mean by this? Well, there are lots of rumors that swirl around about the British royal family. Some are more believable than others.

Have you heard for example that the Queen is supposedly one of the lizard people? Yep, all of the head of the British Royals are apparently a part of a secret lizard society controlling the world, wearing realistic skin suits to make them look like people. But occasionally they slip up!

Well, although that would certainly explain a heck of a lot, that one is probably false. I mean, probably. Lets not go ruling things out here.

There are rumors and secrets that are far more rooted in reality however. There is a conspiracy theory for example that the royal family ordered to have Princess Diana silenced because she knew too much, and her death was simply a cover-up made to look like an accident.

Okay, still too far fetched? How about that Prince Charles is not Prince Harrys real father? Ah, now theres something that has some more basis in reality. I mean, Harry is red headed for a start, and does he look like Prince Charles? Actually, yes, a heck of a lot and more with every passing year.

But never let that keep us from a good story!

The whole of the British Royal familys past is nothing but secrets, lies and cover ups after all, so something like that could absolutely have happened.

After all, Prince Charles famously had a not-so-secret affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles, and Princess Diana herself saw other men before she and Charles eventually split and divorced. The Royal Family have become something like experts when it comes to damage control, always bouncing back from scandal.

The most famous in history was the Wallis Simpson scandal, when the Ame...

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Saturday, 17 February


One Teachers Brilliant Strategy to Stop Future School Shootings "IndyWatch Feed World"

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By One of the Lightworkers

The method described, searching for and identifying patterns based on student responses can be utilized for many age groups and circumstances. In fact, I successfully created and implemented a similar method for undergraduates in the 1990s; which, turned around many average, and underperforming students, motivating them to succeed in math and improve their performance in other subjects as well. Student self esteem and confidence improved as well as their academic performance!

This method can be carried further into the workforce via positive, constructive team building and goal setting.

I would strongly encourage everyone to be familiar with this method, and to encourage the teachers at all levels to apply this to the students in their classes. It can gave far reaching, life changing, positive effects!

Thank you!!!


FBI Scandals, the Secret Service and St. Valentines Day False Flag Terror in Florida "IndyWatch Feed World"

FBI Scandals, The Secret Service and St Valentines Day False Flag Terror In Florida

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Patrick J. McShay

"Many credible sources, including students, parents, and teachers have openly admitted on camera that they were told at one point or another prior to the Valentine Day shooting that a "Code Red" active shooter drill would be taking place".

*Shepard Ambellas -

Every American paying attention has seen that for decades the schools in this country appear to have an agenda to dumb down and brainwash the youth of this country. Iconic pieces of American literature like two of my favorite books in school, Tom Sawyer, and To Kill A Mockingbird, have just been banned in Minnesota due to charges of racism, and Amazon continues to ban books they deem unfit for Americans.

In 1984, Winston Smith knew, as he destroyed history for "Big Brother," that his generation would be the last alive to understand even a glimmer of real history, and that their purpose and goals moving forward would be defined and decided by "Big Brother's" police state. This is where we are headed in America. The same traitors on the left that told us Donald Trump was a racist for saying people who come here illegally are criminals, have no problem characterizing every Russian who enters the country as a Soviet spy. Especially if they've ever had a conversation with a member of the Trump team.

This same crowd protects illegal aliens and convicted felons from deportation. They assume we are too ignorant to figure it out and feed us narratives that would only be believed by the dumbest of the dumb.

Now we have another school shooting that leaves us with more questions than answers. This shooter fits the profile of an MK ULTRA mind control assassin. I'm surprised he's still alive. Like Aurora theater framed shooter and "Patsy," James Holmes, We will likely never hear from him again.


IDF attacks Hamas targets in Gaza IDF attacks terror tunnel and Hamas-owned military sites. "IndyWatch Feed World"

IDF spokesperson on Saturday night said IDF fighter jets attacked Hamas terror targets in Gaza, in retaliation for terror activities carried out earlier on Saturday.

Four IDF soldiers were injured on Saturday when an explosive detonated as they patrolled near the Gaza border. The soldiers were transferred to Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheva, and their families were notified.

In a widescale operation, several terror targets were attacked, among them terror tunnels being built by the Hamas terror organization and running from the Zeitoun area towards Israeli territory, a military site near Netzarim which belongs to Hamas special forces, and Hamas-owned weapons production sites in Khan Yunis, an IDF spokesperson said.

A total of six terror sites belonging to Hamas were targeted.

The IDF views harshly the Hamas terror organizations attempt to carry out popular and spontaneous protests which appear to be aimed at turning the border area into an area of conflict and using it to carry out terror attacks, which will disrupt the stability in Gaza.



NASA To Send Million Year Old Rock Back To Mars "IndyWatch Feed World"

NASA will be sending a very old piece of Martian rock back home for the sole purpose of blowing it up. This is all part of a larger research mission which will pave the way for human visitation of Mars. The ancient rock, named Sayh al Uhaymir 008, or SaU008, was once part of a []


The Scientific Reason You Keep Finding Spiders In Your Car "IndyWatch Feed World"

WHEN buying a new car people usually take into account certain factors like price, kilometres and fuel economy but it turns out there is one crucial element that is being overlooked and could leave you constantly fighting off swarms of spiders. A Queensland researcher has found that the vibrations given off by certain cars can []


Gang In Pakistan Arrested For Stealing Womens Spinal Fluid "IndyWatch Feed World"

Four people been arrested in Pakistan suspected of extracting spinal fluid from women without their consent and selling it on the black market, police say. The gang member pretended to be government officials carrying out medical research in the city of Hafizabad. They are accused of stealing the fluid from at least 12 women including a teenager. The []


Why Do Our Limbs Sometimes Fall Asleep "IndyWatch Feed World"

At some point, weve all experienced the sensation of pins and needlesthat strange numbness that comes from applying pressure to our arms or legs. If youve ever wondered what causes it, or if its dangerous, wonder no more. Weve got nerves running through our bodies that act as lines of communication between the brain and []


This Island Is Behaving Very Strangely "IndyWatch Feed World"

Despite a rapidly rising sea level, the island nation of Tuvalu has actually increased in area. This might sound paradoxical, but it hints at an under-appreciated dynamism of reef islands that  for now at least is stopping them from sinking beneath the waves. On the surface, this might seem like a climate change deniers wet []


Indian Wife Has Her Kidney Stolen By Her Husband Because Her Family Did Not Pay Him A Dowry "IndyWatch Feed World"

An Indian woman has accused her husband of stealing one of her kidneys and selling it on the black market, after her family failed to pay a dowry. Rita Sarkar, 28, claims her husband took advantage of her when she suffered appendicitis two years ago, and had the kidney removed during the operation to treat []


Witness Stunned To See Survivor Emerge From Helicopter Crash "IndyWatch Feed World"

A woman was seen staggering out of the flaming wreckage of a helicopter carrying British tourists that had just crashed in the Grand Canyon  killing two brothers and the girlfriend of one of them. Jason Hill, 32, his brother Stuart, 30, and Stuarts girlfriend, Becky Dobson, 27, all perished when the Eurocopter EC130 exploded in a []


How Can A Disturbed Young Man Buy An AR-15 Semi-Automatic Rifle Before Hes Old Enough To Buy A Beer "IndyWatch Feed World"

After yet another mass shooting carried out using an AR-15, critics of the nations uneven gun laws have called for change to a system which allows an American to buy an assault rifle before a beer. Indeed, following the rampage of Nikolas Cruz on Wednesday during which he killed 17 with a legally obtained weapon []


Anna Von Reitz -- Now, I Am Mad. Officially. "IndyWatch Feed World"

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Now, I Am Mad. Officially.

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

Now, I Am Mad. Officially.

Finally, apparently some time after it was issued. I finally got a copy of Thomas of Manna Trust Fame's "Challenge". Why does it take days for this stuff to come across my desk? It's the same with Karen Hudes. My email address is all over the internet, posted on my website, etc., etc., etc., ----and yet, nobody bothers to send these dumb accusations directly to me. It's all rumors until someone has presence of mind (thank you, BTW) to copy and paste and actually bring the thing forward so that I CAN respond to it.

So here it is with my answers in brackets:

1. Show us the letters received back from the important people you say you are working or dealing with.

[How many thousands --nay, tens of thousands, of letters and phone calls and emails over how many decades would you like to see? I started this in 1998. And most of the time, as you no doubt know. the rats don't reply or don't reply directly, because the dead cannot speak to the living, however, also according to their rules, a non-reply is actually a reply, and proof of the mailing creates implied contract, so there you have it. Dead in the water on their part and only God knows how many communications on and off the public record there are bearing my name and my husband's name. You bring your archives and I will bring mine and I will bet hard money that what you've put your name to will look like a very, very small pile compared to mine, which fills several rooms full of filings and court cases and correspondences.]

2. Show people your internet income earnings, like we have done

[In the first place, I have no "income". Income is corporate profit accruals...


Obama Birth's Country: The PDF that the CIA and DARPA and CIA Don't want you to Read "IndyWatch Feed World"

Obama Birth's country: PDF that DARPA and CIA in Switzerland don't want you to Read

14-02-2017-Obama Was Not Born in Indonesia or Kenya, But in Switzerland!

Do you remember?

Obama was Not Born in Indonesia or Kenya, but in Switzerland!

And there is a Bonus inside: Some real photos are exposed :)

Take care.


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Buzzfeed Faces Bankruptcy As Victims Sue For Printing Russia Dossier "IndyWatch Feed World"

Buzzfeed is facing bankruptcy as victims sue them for printing the discredited Russia Dossier and former allies turn their backs on the failing pile of garbage.  Poor desperate Buzzfeed! Throughout the second half of 2016, [...]


Chris Rock lays it out: 'We need bullies' "IndyWatch Feed World"

And be faithful in your marriage, and reject pornography. Who said it: G. K. Chesterton, John Wayne, or Jordan Peterson? "We need bullies. Pressure makes diamonds. Not hugs. Hug a piece of coal and see what you get. You get a dirty shirt." Buzzer sound. The answer is none of the above. Chris Rock said it, on his new Netflix special Tamborine. Rock isn't a political conservative, and I doubt he's ever voted Republican in his life. But in his one-hour standup routine he articulates a vision in which the harsh facts of existence are to be welcomed rather than bubble-wrapped, sexual morality is the core of a successful marriage, and men acknowledge their special burden to toil for others. Take out the "mother*****r"s, of which there are many, and you could almost be listening to an unusually sharp-witted pastor. Near the outset, Rock recalls attending a high-school orientation session for one of his daughters that promoted the kind of touchy-feely wish-based thinking that infects education these days. Noting that the kids were told, "You can be anything you want to be," he thought, "Why are you lying to these children? Maybe four of then can be anything they want to be. But the other 2,000 better learn how to weld." He imagines a more truth-based approach to pedagogy: "You can be anything you're good at, as long as they're hiring. And even then it helps to know somebody."


Researchers Have Successfully Reversed Alzheimers in Mice "IndyWatch Feed World"

The cure for Alzheimers disease is something many have been searching for over quite a period of time. However, it seems we are closer than ever.

A team of researchers from the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute has recently managed to reverse Alzheimers disease in a study carried out on mice. In order to do this, they used a drug to target a specific enzyme. This research was published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine on February 14th just days ago and shows that in time, we may be able to use this as a means of treating the disease in humans as well.

For those who may not know, one of the earliest things that happen in this disease is that the person with it has an abnormal buildup of beta-amyloid peptide which causes large amyloid plaques in the brain. These disrupt the normal functioning of neuronal synapses. BACE1 or beta-secretase helps produce beta-amyloid peptide by cleaving amyloid precursor protein.

Drugs that are able to inhibit BACE1 are in development and will potentially be used as a treatment for the disease itself. If we can control the BACE1 we can basically control the disease. That being said, these drugs could have serious side effects.

Rockefeller University Press told EurekaAlert in a public release as follows:

Mice completely lacking BACE1 suffer severe neurodevelopmental defects. To investigate whether inhibiting BACE1 in adults might be less harmful, Riqiang Yan and colleagues generated mice that gradually lose this enzyme as they grow older. These mice developed normally and appeared to remain perfectly healthy over time.

The researchers then bred these rodents with mice that start to develop amyloid plaques and Alzheimers disease when they are 75 days old. The resulting offspring also formed plaques at this age, even though their BACE1 levels were approximately 50% lower than normal. Remarkably, however, the plaques began to disappear as the mice continued to age and lose BACE1 activity, until, at 10 months old, the mice had no plaques in their brains at all.

To our knowledge, this is the first observation of such a dramatic reversal of amyloid deposition in any study of Alzheimers disease mouse models, says Yan, who will be moving to become chair of the department of neuroscience at the University of Connecticut this spring.

Decreasing BACE1 activity also resulted in lower beta-amyloid peptide levels and reversed other hallmarks of Alzheimers disease, such as the activation of microglial cells and the formation of abnormal neuronal processes.



Steven Pinker on identity politics: 'An enemy of reason and Enlightenment values' "IndyWatch Feed World"

A conversation with the renowned psychologist on reason, identity politics, and humanism. Plus, what does he think Trump should read? Adam Rubenstein: If "reason" is to be "the currency of our discourse," what's the future of identity politics? Is identity politics based in reason? Your new book touches on the issue, but cursorily. Could you provide more of an explanation of identity politics, where it comes from, where it's going, and how we should think about it? Steven Pinker: Identity politics is the syndrome in which people's beliefs and interests are assumed to be determined by their membership in groups, particularly their sex, race, sexual orientation, and disability status. Its signature is the tic of preceding a statement with "As a," as if that bore on the cogency of what was to follow. Identity politics originated with the fact that members of certain groups really were disadvantaged by their group membership, which forged them into a coalition with common interests: Jews really did have a reason to form the Anti-Defamation League.


Beware Of Fake Claims Of Assaults At Black Panther Screenings "IndyWatch Feed World"

Over the years, social media has become the perfect platform for the stereotypical the boy who cried wolf syndrome. Many have used this friendly and ever-changing podium as means to capitalize on the falsified news, share anti-progressive gossip and drive the perpetuation of racism within America.

Catering to the average Americans fears, political views, and feverish controversies, these individuals are distorting reality to gain attention. Once again, these antics have surged the internet exploiting two very widespread subjects: racial assault and brutality against women.

While Black Panther, the extremely anticipated Marvel flick, successfully reached $170 million in its debut weekend, it was also met with excessive and unnecessary controversy.

Twitter users took to the internet pinching photos of assault victims from various corners of the web and professed them as proof of black on white violence at the Black Panther debut. The images used to achieve such a reaction were taken from a wide range of content; from actual depictions of domestic violence to fictional videos intended for raising awareness of domestic violence all dating as far back as 2013.

In one tweet, Twitter user Hardcorial stole selfies which were distributed online in 2016 by a woman attempting to speak out about her abuse. The Twitter user claimed to have been brutally attacked by black thugs while attending, because they said whites werent allowed to watch the movie. This was completely bogus!

The hoax reached extreme levels misusing stock images, accounts of sexual assault and retellings of witnessed attacks. One Twitter user claimed to have witnessed an attacked his wife:

Went to the #BlackPanther premier tonight and my wife was assaulted. Three black women approached us and one said This movie aint for you white b**** and then attacked her. Security escorted us to the parking lot and we left. We just wanted to see a movie.

Twitter was quick to jump into action by suspending the accounts of many frauds. Yet, the preposterous content had already created a splash, spawning parody tweets and friction amongst many.

This kind of deception has sparked a very real fear for...


Arrogance: Former CIA chief Woolsey says US meddles in election of other countries 'for their own good' (Video) "IndyWatch Feed World"

The hubris is amazing. Former CIA chief James Woolsey was on Fox News to discuss how those devilish Russians meddled in America's democracy by posting messages on Twitter and Facebook, forgetting about all the CIA coups, false flags, and election meddlings he oversaw when running the CIA. The hypocrisy was so thick that when Laura Ingraham asked Woolsey if the US ever meddled in elections, the response (and laughter from both of them) was telling...


NLRB rejects Damore's claim because memo 'constituted sexual harassment' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Former Google engineer James Damore has attempted to take civil and legal action against his former employer after being fired in August, but on Thursday, a federal memo revealed that one of Damore's filings has been unequivocally denied. The National Labor Relations Board published its memo this week, which was issued in January after Damore filed a charge against his former employer on August 8. In spite of Damore withdrawing his NLRB filing in September, the board proceeded to examine and issue its own ruling: Google "discharged [Damore] only for [his] unprotected conduct while it explicitly affirmed [his] right to engage in protected conduct." The NLRB emphasized that any charge filed by Damore on the matter should be "dismissed." In explaining the board's reasoning, NLRB member Jayme Sophir points to two specific parts of the controversial memo circulated by Damore in August: Damore's claim that women are "more prone to 'neuroticism,' resulting in women experiencing higher anxiety and exhibiting lower tolerance for stress" and that "men demonstrate greater variance in IQ than women."


John Kelly Approved Visas For Russian Spies To Meddle In Election "IndyWatch Feed World"

Former Secretary of State John Kerry has been accused by Robert Mueller of approving travel visas to Russian spies in 2014, allowing them to meddle in the U.S. election.   The Kerry State Department approved the [...]


Court Fines Google $2.9 Billion For Censoring Small Independent Outlets "IndyWatch Feed World"

Google has been found guilty of censoring their search results and forced to pay $2.9 billion dollars in compensation, in a historic European lawsuit.  According to European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, Google abused its monopoly [...]


Reporter Becky Griffin: We Need More Abortions To Curb Mass Shootings "IndyWatch Feed World"

Far-left reporter Becky Griffin has called on women to abort more babies in the aftermath of Wednesdays mass shooting in Florida.   The reporter-model took to Twitter on Thursday and claimed that shooter Nicolas Cruz wouldnt [...]


Churchill Sent 2 Million Russians To Death Camps At End Of WW2 "IndyWatch Feed World"

At the end of World War II, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill sent two million Russians to their deaths, according to researchers at Hillsdale College. Men, women and children were turned over to the Russian secret [...]


Starbucks CEO: White Men Are Root Of All Evil "IndyWatch Feed World"

Starbucks newly appointed CEO Rosalind Brewer has shocked shareholders after it was revealed she believes white men are the root of all evil.   According to a recently surfaced 2015 CNN interview, Brewer says she is extremely [...]


Authorities To Demolish Florida High School Following Massacre "IndyWatch Feed World"

Authorities in Florida are to demolish Building 12 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School following the massacre on Wednesday that killed 17 students and teachers.  Florida lawmakers say they want to build a new classroom [...]


Israel To Blacklist Citizens Who Support BDS "IndyWatch Feed World"

Israel have announced plans to blacklist any citizen who dares to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.  Citizens or organizations who support a boycott of Israel from receiving tax breaks or from participating [...]


Lucifers Evolutionary Babel Jay Dyer on Men With Chests "IndyWatch Feed World"

Jay Dyer joins Men With Chests Podcast to discuss social engineering, whos doing it, and why. We get into the ancient origins of this diabolism, how it became industrialized, and talk about some of the shadowy groups and figures behind it all. We also talk transhumanism, Darwinism, and how this agenda has impacted Christianity and the Church.

During the news round-up we have a fairly long discussion about monarchism and then we offer some helpful tip on how to increase your reverence during mass.

Stay tuned to find out if it is a good idea to leave your phone in the car.

Article Discussed:

When Does the Republican Magic Work?
Books Discussed:

Tragedy and Hope Carroll Quigley
John Courtney Murray, Time/Life, and the American Proposition David A. Wemhoff

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Anna Von Reitz -- The Cat "IndyWatch Feed World"

Friday, February 16, 2018

The Cat

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

Morning at my house begins with feeding The Cat. This is because The Cat is mouthy. The moment any of us stir a whisker, She knows. And She Who Must Be Obeyed promptly wakes the entire rest of the household with heart-rending cries of urgent need and hunger---- "Feed me! Feed me! Feed me!"

The rest of the still slumbering hominids roll over, pull pillows over their heads in vain, and mumble soft curses under their breath against The Cat and all cats in general and me in particular, because I am old and slow and take my time edging down the stairs and out to the kitchen and to the cat food container and finally, reaching for The Sacred Bowl......

Ah, sweet relief! She plunges face first into her bliss, and then, it's time for me to answer The Dogs.....

This daily repeat of one of life's great lessons has inspired me to encourage the Squeaky Wheels of the World and all the Jural Assemblies that are forming nationwide:

Go forth! Yowl loudly, with ever-increasing knowledge, with passion, with outrage, with truth---- make the urgency sound less than polite. Pretend you are The Cat for a day. Just assume that you are King or Queen and all those mere hominids in receipt of public paychecks are there for the express and only purpose of serving you---- because, actually, that is their job description.

It really isn't their role to oppress, extort, judge, threaten, kidnap, arrest, misaddress, misidentify, misrepresent, misinform or impose their will on you. It's your role to make demands upon them. It's your role to tell them what to do and how to do it and how often.

You're The Cat.



Anna Von Reitz -- A Note for General Kelly "IndyWatch Feed World"

Friday, February 16, 2018

A Note For General Kelly

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

Dear General Kelly,

We know where your heart is. We know that your sense of duty and justice is strong and that all you ever truly wanted was to see justice for America and her veterans.

As our research has confirmed, America belongs to her veterans, her militia, and always has. Any attempt to cheat the American Armed Forces by changing a name or other legalistic mumbo-jumbo is already moot. The truth is the truth, and when the truth comes, what is false must pass away.

So, be comforted and be at rest concerning the destiny of our military and our veterans. They won't be blamed or cheated or lied to anymore.

The stock portfolios will be cashed out and made available to the vets and their families at their discretion. The retirement accounts that are realistically owed to everyone will all be made good. And "miracles" of new services and programs will be made available to vets and their families. If you could see what I have seen, what we have planned for our military in the future, and our retired veterans--- you would weep for joy.

Lift up your head, out of all the confusions and smoke-and-mirrors. There is an actual, factual America. There is a sovereign nation. And at the end of the day, when you least expected it, The United States of America, Unincorporated, is here for you and all those who have served our actual country so long and faithfully.

Thank you.


Liberty Links 2/17/18 "IndyWatch Feed World"

If you appreciate my work and want to contribute to independent media, consider becoming a monthly Patron, or visit the Support Page.

Top Links

The Dirty Secret Behind Warren Buffetts Billions (This is the real Warren Buffett. Please read and share, The Nation)

Amazon Doesnt Just Want to Dominate the MarketIt Wants to Become the Market (Very important and disturbing article. The Nation)

CIA Argues The Public Cant See Classified Information It Has Already Given To Favored Reporters (The Daily Caller)

Financial Insiders Contemplate Imminent 2018 U.S. Stock Market Crash of Up to 50% (Nafeez Ahmed, Medium)

Rand Paul: Is Our Military Budget too Small, or Is Our Mission too Large? (Opinion piece by Rand Paul, Breitbart)

U.S. Intelligence Shuts Down Damning Report on Whistleblower Retaliation (The Daily Beast)

Joe Rogan Experience #1078 - Jimmy Dore (Great chat, YouTube)



Trey Gowdy: Show me a Law that will Prevent the Next Mass Killing "IndyWatch Feed World"

Trey Gowdy To Gun Grabbing Politicans: Show Me a Law That Will Prevent the Next Mass Killing

The purpose of the law is not to stop crime, it's to point out who the criminals are.

FEBRUARY 16, 2018

Source: Freedom Outpost | By TIM BROWN

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) responded quickly after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to gun grabbing politicians who think that writing more illegal, unconstitutional laws to restrict the rights of gun owners will stop mass killings.

In an interview Thursday morning with Fox News host Bill Hemmer, Gowdy issued a statement that even Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has agreed with.

Take a look.

Gowdy was asked what he would say to Americans who claim that Congress doesn't act on things like mental health or guns.

"The first thing I would say to this generation of children is how sorry I am you have witnessed school shootings, mall shootings, concert shootings," Gowdy began. "There is no place that seems safe in our society."

"So, as devastating as the loss of life is, the loss of innocence for this generation of children, I don't know anyone who would not pass a bill today that would prevent the next mass shooting." he continued.

That's right, because no ink on paper will stop a criminal from committing crime! Isn't that the point of the law in the first place? To simply determine who the criminals are? Law doesn't stop criminals.

As I said before, even gun-grabber Dianne Feinstein agrees that there is no law that will stop a mass shooting.


People Are Crashing iPhones By Posting Bug-Triggering Characters On Social Media "IndyWatch Feed World"

Shortly after a new bug was discovered that could crash iPhones by making the phones try to display a single character, people began posting the character on social media with so-called text bombs in attempts to crash as many phones as possible.


Brazil to use army in shock tactic to tame Rio violence "IndyWatch Feed World"

Brazil is to send in the army in an increasingly desperate fight to tame runaway gang violence in Rio de Janeiro, following a decree signed Friday by President Michel Temer. Army patrols are already ...


'The Doorman' and the Deep State; only one of these runs the show "IndyWatch Feed World"

Picture this: A tribal leader from a distant country visits the US. He's brought to a large apartment building in New York City. When he gets out of the car, he looks up at the great building and is quite impressed. A uniformed doorman exits the foyer and comes out on the sidewalk. The tribesman sees the gold braiding and brass buttons of his coat and immediately decides that this is a very important person. Again he looks up at the building and says to the doorman, "This is a very great home you have. You must be very important indeed." Of course, if we were present, we might chuckle at the tribesman's naivet. The owners of such a great building would never greet people at the entrance. They leave such trivial tasks to hired servants, whilst they run the real business without ever needing any direct contact with visitors as they enter the building. And, in addition, doormen come and go - they are, after all, disposable. The owners - those who control what happens in the building - retain their positions over the long term... and may remain anonymous, if they so choose. We find this simple concept easy enough to understand, and yet we chronically have difficulty in understanding that, in most countries, the president, or prime minister, is not by any means the man who makes the big decisions in the running of the country. We assume that, because we were allowed to vote for our leader, he must actually be our leader. But, as Mark Twain has at times been credited as saying, "If voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it."

'The Doorman' and the Deep State: Only one of these runs the show "IndyWatch Feed World"

Picture this: A tribal leader from a distant country visits the US. He's brought to a large apartment building in New York City. When he gets out of the car, he looks up at the great building and is quite impressed. A uniformed doorman exits the foyer and comes out on the sidewalk. The tribesman sees the gold braiding and brass buttons of his coat and immediately decides that this is a very important person. Again he looks up at the building and says to the doorman, "This is a very great home you have. You must be very important indeed." Of course, if we were present, we might chuckle at the tribesman's naivet. The owners of such a great building would never greet people at the entrance. They leave such trivial tasks to hired servants, whilst they run the real business without ever needing any direct contact with visitors as they enter the building. And, in addition, doormen come and go - they are, after all, disposable. The owners - those who control what happens in the building - retain their positions over the long term... and may remain anonymous, if they so choose. We find this simple concept easy enough to understand, and yet we chronically have difficulty in understanding that, in most countries, the president, or prime minister, is not by any means the man who makes the big decisions in the running of the country. We assume that, because we were allowed to vote for our leader, he must actually be our leader. But, as Mark Twain has at times been credited as saying, "If voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it."


China's OBOR threatens US in Latin America "IndyWatch Feed World"

Beijing's decision to extend its ambitious multitrillion-dollar trade initiative to Latin America creates "security vulnerabilities" for the United States, said the chief of the US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), Kurt Tidd. Talking at a Senate Armed Services Committee meeting, he said China has already pledged $500 billion in trade funds with various Latin American countries and $250 billion in direct investment over the next decade. "Increased economic cooperation - such as the extension of the 'One Belt, One Road' initiative to Latin America, one of the nodes to support China's vision of a competing global economic initiative - and the continued provision of financing and loans that appear to have 'no strings attached' provide ample opportunity for China to expand its influence over key regional partners and promote unfair business and labor practices." Tidd added that "Increased reach to key global access points like Panama create commercial and security vulnerabilities for the United States, as do Chinese telecommunications and space ventures with dual-use potential, which could facilitate intelligence collection, compromise communication networks, and ultimately constrain our ability to work with our partners." According to the SOUTHCOM commander, China is intensifying its role as a US rival in Latin America. "The larger strategic challenge posed by China in this region is not yet a military one. It is an economic one, and a new approach may be required to compete effectively against China's coordinated efforts in the Americas. Some of the most critical elements needed in this effort are not ones that [SOUTHCOM] can bring to bear," he said.


New day, new judge, General Flynn should withdraw his guilty plea "IndyWatch Feed World"

Extraordinary manipulation by powerful people led to the creation of Robert Mueller's continuing investigation and prosecution of General Michael Flynn. Notably, the recent postponement of General Flynn's sentencing provides an opportunity for more evidence to be revealed that will provide massive ammunition for a motion to withdraw Flynn's guilty plea and dismiss the charges against him. It was Judge Rudolph Contreras who accepted General Flynn's guilty plea, but he suddenly was recused from the case. The likely reason is that Judge Contreras served on the special court that allowed the Federal Bureau of Investigation to surveil the Trump campaign based on the dubious FISA application. Judge Contreras may have approved one of those four warrants. The judge assigned to Flynn's case now is Emmet G. Sullivan. Judge Sullivan immediately issued what is called a "Brady" order requiring Mueller to provide Flynn all information that is favorable to the defense whether with respect to guilt or punishment. Just today, Mueller's team filed an agreed motion to provide discovery to General Flynn under a protective order so that it can be reviewed by counsel but not disclosed otherwise. This development is huge. Prosecutors almost never provide this kind of information to a defendant before he enters a plea - much less after he has done so. This is one of myriad problems in our justice system. As Judge Jed Rakoff wrote several years ago, people who are innocent enter guilty pleas every day. They simply can no longer withstand the unimaginable stress of a criminal investigation. They and their families suffer sheer exhaustion in every form - financial, physical, mental, and emotional. Add in a little prosecutorial duress - like the threat of indicting your son - and, presto, there's a guilty plea.


US Pacific Command Admiral prepared for war with China, hopes it won't happen "IndyWatch Feed World"

The next US ambassador to Australia and the current Pacific Command (PACOM) Admiral Harry Harris addressed Congress with a hardline proposal to deter China's growing influence in the Asia-Pacific region. In his speech, Harris commended regional non-NATO ally Australia for its role as a hub for PACOM's military prowess in the Pacific Ocean. "Australia is one of the keys to a rules-based international order," he asserted, signaling that the country would play an increasing part in America's new doctrine. "China's ongoing military buildup, advancement, and modernization are core elements of their strategy to supplant the U.S. as the security partner of choice for countries in the Indo-Pacific, but China also holds clear global ambitions," Harris continued. "At the end of the day the ability to wage war is important or you become a paper tiger. [We will] cooperate where we can, but remain ready to confront where we must," he remarked. "I'm hopeful that it won't come to a conflict with China, but we must all be prepared for that if it should come to that." However, Harris' rhetoric may not be so well-received, as Canberra's interests remain intrinsically linked to the Chinese.


Two fireballs streak through southern Spain's skies in one night (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed World"

Two bright fireballs were recorded streaking through the night sky over Andalusia, southern Spain late February 16 and early February 17, 2018. The first one flew over Crdoba province at 20:52 UTC on February 16 at a speed of about 43 000 km/h (26 700 mph). It was registered with the detectors of the SMART Project that operate at Calar Alto (Almera), La Sagra (Granada), Sierra Nevada (Granada), La Hita (Toledo) and Sevilla. Preliminary analysis carried out by Professor Mara Madiedo of Universidad of Huelva, the principal investigator of SMART Project, the fireball was produced as a consequence of an abrupt entry into our atmosphere of a rock detached from an asteroid.


The 'imagined' Russia threat a useful pretext for US' European dominance via NATO "IndyWatch Feed World"

Citing a perceived Russian threat, the US is trying to get a foothold in Europe by means of NATO, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said. The alliance continues to expand, devouring even Moscow's historical allies in the Balkans. As Russophobic rhetoric in the West never seems to abate, the presence of foreign troops on Russia's borders is growing. "Only an inflamed imagination" could come up with the idea that Moscow is about to attack the Baltic or Poland, the Russian top diplomat said in an interview with Euronews. "Guided by this fake logic, a very real deployment of heavy artillery and additional large contingents takes place on the NATO-Russia border," Lavrov said, referring to Baltic states, Poland, and Romania with its missile defense site. With American, Canadian, British and German brigades already dispatched to Russia's doorstep, "there are talks of significantly increasing their presence." "With an imagined Russian threat," Washington is ensuring its dominance in Europe through NATO.


UN peacekeeper deployment in Ukraine could ease Russian sanctions says German FM "IndyWatch Feed World"

The gradual lifting of sanctions against Russia may start if the Moscow-backed plan to deploy UN peacekeepers in the conflict area of eastern Ukraine is implemented, interim German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said. "We must achieve a ceasefire in Ukraine," Gabriel said at a meeting, also attended by his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, on the sidelines of a Security Conference in Munich on Saturday. "I consider the Russian president's idea about the 'blue helmets' (UN peacekeepers) to be correct. If this is done, we shall begin gradually lifting the sanctions," the minister said, as cited by Tass. According to Gabriel, deploying a UN force was "one of the few realistic options" to end the violence, which has caused around 10,000 deaths since spring 2014, when Kiev deployed troops in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions over their refusal to accept a violent coup in the Ukrainian capital. The German FM pointed out that there were fundamental differences over the peacekeeping plan, but added that "we need progress urgently because the world is becoming more dangerous." Late last year, Vladimir Putin said that Moscow would have no objections to bringing Donbas in eastern Ukraine under the control of UN peacekeepers if Kiev begins direct talks with the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics.


Reports that 'scores of Russians' were killed in Syria is FAKE NEWS "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russia denies reports of 'scores' or 'hundreds' of Russians killed in US air raid east of Euphrates Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman of Russia's Foreign Ministry, has vigorously denied widespread Western media reports of 'scores' or even 'hundreds' of deaths of Russian mercenaries supposedly killed in the recent US air strike in Syria against pro-Syrian government tribal fighters east of the Euphrates river. These reports have appeared in Bloomberg, The New York Times, and The Guardian. They have been followed up by a further report by Agence France-Presse and in The Guardian, sourced to the pro-Jihadi British based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, that another fifteen Russian mercenaries were recently killed as a result of an explosion at their base in Syria's Deir Ezzor province. Comment: SOHR is a shell propaganda outlet for Western consumption. Zakharova's denial does not touch on the explosion at the base, but does respond in detail to the claims of 'scores' or even 'hundreds' of deaths of Russian mercenaries as a result of the earlier US air strike: Reports about the death of dozens and even hundreds of Russian nationals are a classic example of disinformation. There were not 400, 200, 100 or even ten (who died), according to preliminary information, in a clash the cause of which is being investigated. Five people, who allegedly were Russian citizens, may have been killed. Several people suffered wounds but it requires verification, particularly as to whether all of them are Russian nationals.


Why Veganism In The U.s. Has Grown By 600% In The Past 3 Years "IndyWatch Feed World"

By ALANNA KETLER, Collective Evolution

Being vegan, or if you prefer to not have the label but following a plant-based diet is no longer taboo or a laughing matter.

The results are in and more and more people across the globe are choosing an animal free diet. In the U.S. alone, veganism has risen by 600% since 2014. Why this has happened can be attributed to a number of different reasons.

An increased awareness towards the atrocities that are taking place on factory farms.
Compassion towards animals.
A drive for increased personal health and wellness.
A growing concern towards the environmental destruction caused by meat eating.
shift in consciousness within ourselves that leads to greater connection to the body, earth and animals.

One thing is for sure, as we shift and our awareness continues to grow, people are taking responsibility and making big changes in their lives.

According to the video below:

Veganism in the U.S. has increased by 600% in the past three years alone. Six percent of Americans identified as vegans in 2017, compared to only one percent in 2014. Non-dairy milk sales have also increased by 61% since 2012, which is causing traditional cow milk sales to decrease. According to data released by GrubHub, people chose vegan food 195% more in the first half of 2017 than the year before.

The trend is spreading gl...


Turkey blasts Kurds with toxic gas, 6 civilians injured "IndyWatch Feed World"

Turkish forces engaged in Operation Olive Branch against Kurdish militias in the northwest of Syria have used gas, Syrian state media SANA reports. At least six civilians have been hospitalized. "Six people have been admitted with symptoms of suffocation as a result of the use of projectiles with poisonous gas by the Turkish regime in the town of Aranda," SANA quotes the hospital's director, Joan Mohammed. Medics are working to determine the type of gas used, Mohammed said. Local journalist Mohammed Hassan tweeted pictures of patients, who were purported to be victims of the attack, wearing breathing masks. The hospital director said four of the victims were stable and two were in critical condition. YPG spokesman Birusk Hasaka confirmed to Reuters that Kurds came under what appears to be a chemical attack during Turkey's offensive on a village, saying that the symptoms of the six people affected are consistent with exposure to a gas poisoning.


Lab-Made Mosquitoes Released in Miami "IndyWatch Feed World"

Lab-Made Mosquitoes Released in Miami | mosquitoes | Environment General Health GMOs Science & Technology Sleuth Journal Special Interests

Story at-a-glance

  • In January 2018, lab-bred Aedes aegypti mosquitoes carrying wolbachia bacteria were released in South Miami, Florida
  • It was the first phase of the Miami-Dade County Mosquito Reduction Test Program, which will release more wolbachia mosquitoes each week for several months 666 million in all
  • If preventing Zika was their aim, government officials missed the boat on this one; although Miami-Dade County was previously designated as a Zika cautionary area, that designation was removed June 2, 2017
  • No Zika virus disease cases have been reported with illness onset in 2018 in the U.S., while in 2017 there were only four cases of Zika virus reported that were presumably acquired via local mosquitoes (two in Florida and two in Texas)
  • There is a major push to combat mosquito-borne diseases in the continental U.S. with the use of lab-made and GE mosquitoes, even though in the U.S. mosquito-borne illnesses are not a grave threat, especially compared to other major public health crises like the opioid epidemic

In January 2018, lab-bred Aedes aegypti mosquitoes carrying wolbachia bacteria were released in South Miami, Florida. It was the first phase of the...


7 Things You Probably Didnt Know About The Lost City Of Atlantis "IndyWatch Feed World"

By ALANNA KETLER, Collective Evolution

Atlantis, the intriguing mystery that leaves many of us curious to learn more, and some of us skeptical and dismissive. What is it about this lost city that leaves so many of us questioning much of what we have been taught to believe? Is there some truth to the story of Atlantis that we inherently know, deep down inside that is true? Are we connected in some way to this mythical place from, perhaps our past lives?

These questions are fun to ponder, but we are unlikely to get any definite answers, at least not yet.

First, Some History

How much do you know about Atlantis? Where does this story even come from? From what we do know, the first known documentation of the story of Atlantis came from the Greek philosopher, Plato in two of his writings, Timaeus and Critias, both these books date back to about 360 BC. Within these books, Plato wrote that the Greek sage, Solon was given the story of Atlantis in Egypt by a priest and upon his arrival back to Greece, he shared the story with his relative, Dropides who passed it down to his son Critias, who then passed it down to his grandson also names Critias, who then finally shared it with the well-known Greek philosopher, Socrates.

So, given the above information, you can see that this was a story that was told, and passed down through many generations, therefore it should not be taken as fact. Des...


Recent Study Finds Ultra-Processed Foods Are Linked With An Increased Risk of Cancer "IndyWatch Feed World"

We already knew overly processed foods were a problem for our health but could they be contributing to cancer? Here is what you need to know.

A more recent study that was published in the British Medical Journal has managed to find some very interesting links between cancer and what one would consider ultra-processed foods. For those who may be wondering, ultra-processed foods would include things like instant noodles, sodas, and frozen meals.

This information comes from researchers at the Sorbonne in Paris. They took the time to look at the medical records and assess the eating habits of over 100,000 middle-aged people. Yes, that is a lot of people. These things led them to notice an almost 10 percent increase in the proportion of ultra-processed foods in a persons diet in correlation to a 12 percent higher risk of cancer.

Their results and conclusion were as follows:

Ultra-processed food intake was associated with higher overall cancer risk (n=2228 cases; hazard ratio for a 10% increment in the proportion of ultra-processed food in the diet 1.12 (95% confidence interval 1.06 to 1.18); P for trend<0.001) and breast cancer risk (n=739 cases; hazard ratio 1.11 (1.02 to 1.22); P for trend=0.02). These results remained statistically significant after adjustment for several markers of the nutritional quality of the diet (lipid, sodium, and carbohydrate intakes and/or a Western pattern derived by principal component analysis).

In this large prospective study, a 10% increase in the proportion of ultra-processed foods in the diet was associated with a significant increase of greater than 10% in risks of overall and breast cancer. Further studies are needed to better understand the relative effect of the various dimensions of processing (nutritional composition, food additives, contact materials, and neoformed contaminants) in these associations.

Cancer is a huge problem in the world today and is very clearly an issue here in the US. Things like this are important and in the future could help us to figure out where we need to go from here. Ultra-processed foods contribute to between 25 and 50 percent of our total daily energy intake, and that is not a good thing.

Trends like this need to be investigated on a much more intense level. While this is a fairly new kind of research, it is something we need more of. There are not enough studies out there on ultra-processed foods or processed foods in general for that matter.

What do you think about all of this? Are processed foods really causing as much damage as they appear to be?



Sensitive People Are Actually Angels With Broken Wings "IndyWatch Feed World"

You may be sensitive inside, but what I see on the outside is a soldier.
Lauren Graham, Someday, Someday, Maybe

Sensitive people are some of the best people. I believe they are all angels in one way or another. They are just too amazing to be human and I will tell you why below.

Just because they dont have wings doesnt mean they arent angels. Angels can be found in some of the most unexpected places. Sensitive people are drastically affected by the negative things in this world. They are people who are the best and worst kinds of angels. They give too much and expect too little.

They compare themselves with those around them and fall victim to this strange world we live in. They lose themselves in the same ways we also lose ourselves. Sensitive people are too pure for this world and yet they are forced to be here. They suffer through their struggles and most dont complain at all.

They have rich and complex inner lives. They are very tuned into their bodily sensations like nothing I can find the words to describe. Sensitive people will deal with a lot of bullshit but once they have had enough they will make their boundaries known. They live a life full of ups and downs, and extreme highs to extreme lows.

They need the most love because people are forever stepping all over them. They dont expect much from anyone because they know they wont get it. They remain positive and compassionate no matter what the world throws at them. They are wonderful beings and I believe they are angels because they are the ones who are able to achieve so much and yet do so on their own.

They are able to heal the hearts of others and make amends for all of their wrongs. They do not hold grudges and they always do their best in everything that they do. They try harder than anyone else and they succeed without realizing it every single day.

If you know someone who is what you would call sensitive dont put them down or use them as a doormat. Let them know that you appreciate them and all that they do. Tell them how much they mean to you and be there for them when they are down in the ways they have always been there for you.

Sensitive people deserve so much more than this world can offer them. They are here to help the rest of us along and we take them for granted far too often. Be thankful for those in your life and if you are a sensitive person, thank you for giving so freely. Thank you fo...


Russian men's hockey team conquers US 4-0 in Pyeongchang Winter Olympics "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Russian men's hockey team, which is competing under a neutral flag at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, delivered a crushing 4-0 defeat to Team USA. The Olympic Athletes from Russia took the lead in the middle of the opening period at the Gangneung Hockey Centre, with Nikolay Prokhorkin beating US goalie Ryan Zapolski. Prokhorkin then struck again to make it 2-0 for the Red Machine early in the second 20 minutes. Former NHL star Ilya Kovalchuk dashed any American hopes for a comeback, netting his team's third goal in the last second of the period. And it was Kovalchuk who settled the final 4-0 score less than 30 seconds into the third period. The win allowed the Russian team to climb to first place in Group B of the tournament, and guarantees a spot in the playoffs. Oleg Znarok's men have 6 points with one game remaining in the group stages, while Slovenia, the US, and Slovakia are all tied with 4 points.


Scientists Reveal That Left Handed People Are Smarter and More Skilled "IndyWatch Feed World"

Lefties make up approximately 13.1% of the American population, although they often hide in plain sight. They are your friends, your co-workers, and your neighbors.

Incredibly skilled in the ability to navigate a right-handed word, they work their way through working with left-handed gadgets, sitting at awkwardly designed desks, avoiding bumping elbows at the dinner table and seeking out leftie-friendly items when shopping.

Not only are lefties incredibly resilient and creative in their ability to manage whatever life throws their way, but experts also say that they are more intelligent than their right-handed counterparts!

Source: BrainJet


Just what causes someone to be left-handed is still up for debate as researchers continue to investigate with no solid answer. The best guess at this time is that it is a mixture of both a genetic variation, although there are no defined leftie genes, and the influence of the environment that they are raised in. That being said, if you track the lefties in your life you will likely find that those who are left-handed statistically have more lefties in their families.

The key, experts cite, lies in the right side of the brain which is responsible for both the mental representations of objects as well as spatial awareness. This particular area is actually bigger in the lefties that have been studied. There is also a heightened connection between the two sides of the brain, allowing lefties to process information more quickly than those who are right-handed.

This difference in their brain, according to psychologist Stanley Coren, allows those who are left-handed to possess greater skills in divergen...


Avalanche kills two Alpine Rescue members in Italy "IndyWatch Feed World"

Two members of the Alpine Rescue Corps died and a third survived after an avalanche struck in the Alps on Friday afternoon, the Corps said. The three men had been on an excursion on the 2,177-meter Grignetta peak in the northern Lombardy region, whose capital is Milan. Televised news footage showed rescuers, dogs and helicopters at work to try to find the three missing men. It took hours to dig the two bodies out of the snow once they were located, Sky TG24 private broadcaster reported. The survivor returned downhill on his own, according to news reports.


New Study Finds Alcohol Damages The Brain More Than Cannabis "IndyWatch Feed World"

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Which is better for you cannabis or alcohol? We may finally have an answer to this question, thanks to research conducted by the University of Colorado Boulder.

According to the new study, alcohol damages the brain more than cannabis. The scientists also concluded that years of exposure to cannabis does not affect the size or integrity of white or grey matter in the brain. As The Daily Mail reports, the grey matter enables brain function whereas white matter controls communication.

Said Professor Kent Hutchison: While marijuana may also have some negative consequences, it definitely is nowhere near the negative consequences of alcohol.  Hutchison added that research into cannabis mental effects are still very limited.

Particularly with marijuana use, there is still so much that we dont know about how it impacts the brain, said lead author Rachel Thayer. The team is eager to continue their research, as they believe there is no consistency across all of these studies. Said Hutchison, ...


Analyzing Mueller's Russian indictments: No hint of Russian govt involvement, Trump cleared of collusion "IndyWatch Feed World"

A recurring pattern of the Russiagate investigation is that whenever pressure increases on the FBI and on Special Counsel Mueller an indictment appears. This happened in October when following the FBI's admission that the Trump Dossier - the keystone in the "evidence" of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia - could not be verified and the Wall Street Journal called for Special Counsel Mueller to resign, indictments against Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos appeared. It happened again in December when growing demands from Congress - from Senator Lindsey Graham in particular - for another Special Counsel to be appointed were followed by the indictment of Michael Flynn. It has now happened again. Hot on the heels of the publication of the GOP memorandum, which catalogued a succession of breaches of due process by the Justice Department and the FBI in seeking surveillance warrants against Carter Page, we have a new indictment, this time against 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities. In every case the indictment is received with rapture by the Russiagate conspiracy theorists. In every case the indictment appears to be intended to give the impression that progress in the Russiagate investigation is being made, presumably so as to justify keeping Special Counsel Mueller in his job. In every case it turns out that the indictment is a damp squib, taking the whole Russiagate conspiracy theory no further forward.


Man dies following attack by bear in Odisha, India "IndyWatch Feed World"

Resentment is brewing among local residents after a man was mauled to death by a bear at Borsing village under Kabisuryanagar of Ganjam district. The deceased identified as Debraj was attacked by the wild animal when he was going to take bath in the village pond today. Following the incident, Debraj was rushed to Aska hospital and later shifted to MKCG hospital after his condition deteriorated. However, he later succumbed to the injuries while undergoing treatment at the hospital. Locals allege that there has been a rise in bear attacks as two persons were also injured in similar incidents at Paikajamuna village three days back.


US Rape of Raqqa Revisited "IndyWatch Feed World"


US Rape of Raqqa Revisited | usa_flag_bombs-1979px | Human Rights War Propaganda World News

Raqqa was raped and destroyed, not liberated as falsely claimed.

Months of US-led terror-bombing turned most of the city to rubble on the phony pretext of combating ISIS Washington supports.

Life is Raqqa was normal before Obama launched war on Syria. Today theres rubble everywhere, countless numbers of rotting corpses beneath it.

Like Mosul, Fallujah, Aleppo, along with other cities and towns US terror-bombing destroyed, Raqqa bears testimony to US imperial viciousness a thriving metropolis turned into a wasteland.

Strategic self-defense bombing involves destroying an adversarys economic and military ability to wage war targeting its warmaking capacity and related infrastructure.

Terror-bombing is entirely different, aiming to cause mass casualties and destruction. Geneva and other international laws forbid targeting civilians.

Fourth Geneva protects them in times of war prohibiting violence against them, treatment for the sick and wounded required.

Nuremberg Principles prohibit crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

They include inhumane acts committed against any civilian populations, before or during the war.

Indiscriminate killing, along with wanton destruction of cities, towns, or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity is absolutely prohibited.

US wars of aggression breach these laws unaccountably, culpable officials never punished, including congressional members, guilty of authorizing funding for mass slaughter and destruction.

Raqqa survivors lost everything, largely from US-led terror-bombing, turning the city into a desolate graveyard, thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of civilians massacred one of historys great crimes.

US-led terror-bombing raged from early June through late October 2017 (four-and-a-half months of relentless hell), destroying or badly damaging virtually every structure in the city.

The Pentagon relocated most ISIS terrorists to other parts of the country, letting them escape the carnage, usi...


'Worst case scenario': Kikai volcano set to erupt and could kill 100 million people "IndyWatch Feed World"

A magma reservoir potentially hidden behind an underwater volcanic crater could have civilization-ending results if it ever erupts, according to Japanese scientists. Experts from the Kobe University Ocean Bottom Exploration Center (KOBEC) have confirmed that a giant caldera or large crater exists in the Japanese Archipelago. The crater, measuring 32 cubic kilometers, is said to be the largest of its kind and the result of an explosive underwater eruption 7,300 years ago, according to their latest study. Sitting between the Pacific and Philippine Sea Oceanic plates, Japan is a hotbed for seismic activity, which is why scientists are keen on updating methods of predicting natural disasters. The KOBEC team has been carrying out detailed surveys of the area and published their findings in Scientific Reports.


Dossier reveals UN employees were responsible for 60,000 rapes over the last decade and has 3,300 pedophiles working for them "IndyWatch Feed World"

An outright frightening dossier released by a former senior United Nations official reveals that United Nations employees have carried out over 60,000 rapes in just the last decade. What's more, the dosser estimates that the organization currently employs at least 3,300 pedophiles. In just ten years, under the guise of rendering aid, the United Nations has literally been raping and pillaging countries across the world. The problem has gotten so out of hand that it prompted the former UN insider, Andrew Macleod, to blow the whistle and hand over the evidence to Britain's Department for International Development (DFID) Secretary Priti Patel. According to the exclusive report by the Sun, the dossier reveals that on top of the 3,300 pedophiles working for the organization, thousands more "predatory" sex abusers specifically target aid charity jobs to get close to vulnerable women and children. According to Macleod, anyone who's attempted to blow the whistle on the horrifyingly rampant abuse is silence and fired. Sharing his dossier with The Sun, Prof MacLeod last night warned that the spiralling abuse scandal was on the same scale as the Catholic Church's.


Israeli journalist poses as Syrian refugee, travels to Germany, 'joins' Islamists to prove a point "IndyWatch Feed World"

Prominent Israeli journalist Zvi Jecheskeli, who went undercover as a devout Muslim, has revealed how easy it may be for Islamists to pass through Germany's borders and become a "Syrian refugee." Jecheskeli spent several years risking his life to film a documentary on the role and influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the streets of Germany, France, Britain and Turkey. While the organization is legal in some countries and has affiliated political parties, it's outlawed as a terrorist group in others, including Russia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Infiltrating the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood is a challenge indeed, as the group is "known for its distrust" of outsiders, whom they would "never" allow a glimpse into their plans, Jecheskeli told Die Welt. His five-part series, entitled "False Identity," recently began airing on Israeli Channel 10. The Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, kept close taps on Jecheskeli and wired him with secret cameras and microphones in order to rescue him in case of emergency.


Who is burying the Olympic Movement and Why? "IndyWatch Feed World"

By the time the 2018 Winter Olympic Games opened in PyeongChang last week, the masterminds behind the so-called Russian doping scandal had finally lost their control of the narrative, causing irreparable damage to the Olympic movement and to sports in general.  The politically motivated actions of a tiny group of functionaries in the sports industry have discredited the very concept of the purity of athletics and have resulted in a sharp drop in the worlds interest in the Games in PyeongChang.  This is evident in the disastrous attendance figures (a month before the competitions began only 60% of the tickets had been sold, and the most popular events, hockey and figure skating, had the highest number of unclaimed seats) and could also be seen in the significant drop in the IOCs ad revenues.

The reason for this downward spiral is obvious, when some athletes are discriminated against based on their nationality while others run mad with impunity, this not only ruins the element of suspense in the competitions, it also kills off spectator interest and advertising contracts.


Lets take a quick look back at the time line of events.  After the Russian Olympians stunning victories in 2014, which did much to spur the success of the Russian Spring in Crimea three weeks after the closing ceremonies in Sochi, influential Western players began investing serious money into hyping the scandal over the so-called Russian doping file.  

Back in December 2014, Germanys ARD television channel produced a documentary featuring Russian track and field athlete Yuliya Stepanova and her husband, Vitaly Stepanov, a former employee of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA), in which they exposed the system of doping in Russia.  The fact that one year previously Stepanova had been disqualified in Russia, losing her eligibility for two years for doping, and that her violations had only been revealed after her husband left RUSADA in 2011, had somehow escaped the attention of the documentarys creator Hajo Seppelt (for more information on the first round of efforts to promote the doping scandal,...


Rare winter tornado tears a path of destruction through Uniontown, Pennsylvania (PHOTOS) "IndyWatch Feed World"

A rare February tornado with wind gusts up to 105 mph tore a path of destruction through part of Uniontown Thursday night, ripping roofs from homes and businesses, toppling trees and leaving debris strewn in the streets. Based on the tornado's path of damage and the circular path of the debris field, National Weather Service warning coordination meteorologist Fred McMullen determined it was an F1 tornado and not straight-line winds, said Lee Hendricks, a weather service meteorologist. "It looked bad last night. But then, when the sun came up this morning, it was like 'wow,'" said Uniontown Fire Chief Buck Griffith. It was the first time since 1950 that a tornado struck in the Pittsburgh region in February, and it is unusual that the tornado struck in an urban area, Hendricks said.


Red Cross president to RT: Libyan crisis festers, but media has moved on "IndyWatch Feed World"

Although Libya has fallen out of headlines and been replaced by conflicts in Syria and Yemen, it is still plagued by fighting and a humanitarian crisis, the president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) told RT. "Fighting is continuing," ICRC president Peter Maurer said. "Libya is one of the countries with the largest percentage of displaced populations and therefore the humanitarian needs are important - particularly in health services, water, and economic support for displaced populations." Although news coverage of the situation in Libya has dwindled in favor of conflicts in other countries throughout the region, Maurer stressed the importance of keeping Libya in the media, as locals and migrants are facing an "appalling" situation in the country.


How the Western Diet Is Causing Depression Among Teenagers to Skyrocket "IndyWatch Feed World"

Recognized as the most common mental health disorder among teens and adults in the United States, the incredibly high rate of depression that plagues our youth today is a situation that every American should be concerned about. It is estimated that approximately 10 to 15% of teenagers aged 12 to 17 are experiencing symptoms of depression at any given time. Even more alarming is the fact that 5% of teens are suffering from Major Depressive Disorder.

Depression is a very serious disorder with the ability to negatively affect every area of our lives. From driving a wedge into relationships to ruining a teens ability to focus in school, standing in the way of their ability to pursue their career of choice, the signs and symptoms are serious and widespread. Most frighteningly, if left untreated depression can be fatal. Experts report that 90% of suicide victims suffered from a mental illness, and teens who suffer from depression are as much as 12 times more likely to attempt suicide than those who are not struggling with mental illness.

Source: South Florida Reporter


With the incredibly high rate of depression among the teenage population, we have to ask ourselves, what are we doing wrong? What can be done to protect our youth?

There have been many different ways that we, as a population, have stepped up in an attempt to find a solution to this major problem. For example, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services created the Stop Bullying movement, an effort by the federal government to reduce the rate of bullying in our schools. Recognizing that bullying is responsible for driving teens into depressive states in many cases, by eliminating the cause they hope to create a safer, healthier environment for our youth, but is it enough?

In a study published in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, researchers reveal a new potential cause fo...


Ex-US defense secretary Perry says Russia 'no threat,' NATO expansion 'dilutes effectiveness' of bloc "IndyWatch Feed World"

NATO's rapid expansion has not necessarily strengthened the alliance and the US should rethink its hostility towards Russia, former US Secretary of Defense William Perry said on RT's SophieCo program. Perry, who has previously stated that NATO's eastward expansion during his tenure as defense secretary was a mistake and largely responsible for the current confrontation between Moscow and Washington, told RT's Sophie Shevardnadze that he was sceptical that incorporating Macedonia or Montenegro into NATO would benefit the "defensive" alliance. "You can argue that you dilute the effectiveness of the organization if you get too many countries in it. So I think we're probably either in the end or very nearly to the end of the expansion," Perry said. He added that he was almost certain that NATO has abandoned any ideas of expanding to Ukraine. Urging Washington and Moscow to "stop seeing the worst" in each other, Perry told Shevardnadze that he "doesn't see Russia as posing a threat to the US and threatening a war with the US."


NASA Explains What Would Happen If Earth Stopped Spinning "IndyWatch Feed World"

The good news is that if the Earths rotation stopped, we wouldnt fall off. With water pushed to the poles, we could walk on land around the entire equator, but it would be a very inhospitable place.- Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki 

It is common knowledge that the Earths rotation has been gradually slowing down with time, but what would happen if our planet suddenly came to a dead stop?

The world would shift into two very different environments, both resulting in devastation. Half of the earth would continuously face the suns fiery rays, while the other would remain in the depths of icy darkness. Though there would be a minimal twilight zone offering the best possible living conditions, it would in fact slowly creep around the earths circumference over the span of a year due to the suns natural orbit.

Assuming that the oceans were to remain intact and did not ice-over or vanish they would still experience the centripetal force. The fluidity and abnormal elevation of the earths body of water would increase.

The oceans would gradually migrate towards the poles. Eventually, there would be a huge mega-continent wrapped continuously around the Earth at the equator. You could travel around the Earth on the equator and stay entirely on dry land.  The waters would shift into two very disconnected polar oceans on each side of the equatorial mega-continent.

In the north, Canada would be entirely underwater. And roughly following the line of the border of current-day USA and Canada, all of Greenland, as well as the northern plains of Siberia, Asia, and Europe would be underwater. But Spain would mostly stay above water.

On the other side of the equator, the new southern ocean would start roughly on a line running through current-day Canberra. Africa would be joined to Madagascar, while Australia would be joined to New Guinea and Indonesia.

It turns out that the underwater basin around the South Pole is much bigger than the one around the North Pole.

So the new southern ocean would be lower. Because its a bigger bowl with a greater capacity, its sea level would be about .86 miles lower than the sea level of the new northern ocean.



10 Conspiracy Theories That Are More Fact than Fiction "IndyWatch Feed World"

More often than not, conspiracy theories are instantaneously debunked as paranoid or the ramblings of the tinfoil hat population. Perhaps there is logic for these upshots, but what about the alarming theories that just so happen to be proven true?

Here are 10 conspiracy theories that just so happen to be accurate:

Cigarettes Cause Cancer

Today, its common knowledge that tobacco products are deadly. For many, it seems outlandish that there was ever a time that cigarettes were not considered extremely hazardous to the health of smokers and those around them or that smoking was actually thought to be good for you.

Tobacco companies began to truly grasp the scale of the problem in the 1950s. Researchers had suggested the possibility for decades but were more or less dismissed. Big Tobacco as the largest tobacco companies would come to be known, launched a cover-up that would go on for nearly half a century.

The four biggest tobacco companies would finally apparently admit defeat in 1998 with the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement; a legal settlement between the companies and 46 US states. The other four states were involved in separate settlements.

The CIA Experimented With Mind Control

Possibly after coordinated world domination, mind control may be considered one of the most outrageous conspiracy theories. However, the CIA, along with the US Army Chemical Corps, made attempts to do just that.

Called Project MKUltra, the program began in the 1950s. Efforts to get average people to do the agencys bidding often crossed moral and legal boundaries and may have inadvertently led to the horrible illegal drug crisis facing the world today.

International Elite Gather Together Regularly

The idea of world power players gathering together behind closed doors to discuss how to run the world is perhaps considered the most outrageous of all conspiracy theories. Except that it really happens every year, at least among American and European leader...


ICE grants reprieve to father of young son battling leukemia - allowed to stay in US for one year "IndyWatch Feed World"

An illegal immigrant has been granted a one-year stay of deportation as his 5-year-old son battles leukemia. Immigration and Customs Enforcement granted Jesus Armando Berrones-Balderas, who lives in Arizona with his pregnant wife and five children, a one-year stay on a humanitarian basis. His lawyer, Garrett Wilkes, told CNN that Berrones checked in with ICE every six months until he was told he would be deported in January. He then sought refuge in a Phoenix church to avoid being deported.


Teenager in Western Australia gets his jaw broken by kangaroo he was attempting to hunt "IndyWatch Feed World"

A hunter who had a kangaroo in his gun's crosshairs had his jaw broken when the animal launched a pre-emptive strike. Joshua Hayden, 19, was out with his brother looking for wild animals to shoot in Western Australia when the attack happened, according to Australia's ABC News. The pair initially spotted three kangaroos, but one disappeared and the teenager put his head out of the window of the moving car to target the other two. The animal that had vanished then reappeared, charged at the car and attacked, reports said. "It actually collided with the side of the car and smashed the front window," Mr Hayden told ABC. "Then it bounced back onto me and headbutted me straight in the jaw."


Israeli Police: Netanyahu Should Face Corruption Charges. Was Involved in Bribery Scheme to Influence Media "IndyWatch Feed World"

Israeli Police: Netanyahu Should Face Corruption Charges. Was Involved in Bribery Scheme to Influence Media | Netanyahu | Special Interests World News

By Alex Thomas, SHTFplan

In a stunning turn of events that has thrown Israel into a state of chaos, Israeli police revealed Tuesday that they believe that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be charged in multiple corruption cases that involved alleged bribery of media outlets and others the powerful politician sought to control.

The police recommendation came in a statement that claimed that Netanyahu should be charged with bribery, fraud, and breach of trust after a yearlong graft investigation that concluded Tuesday with clear evidence of gifts-for-favors.

All together, Netanyahu is accused of accepting $300,000 in gifts over 10 years, including back-room dealings with an influential newspaper publisher that the prime minister sought to ensure more favorable coverage from.

The New York Times reports:

Concluding a yearlong graft investigation, the police recommended that Mr. Netanyahu face prosecution in two corruption cases: a gifts-for-favors affair known as Case 1000, and a second scandal, called Case 2000, in which Mr. Netanyahu is suspected of back-room dealings with Arnon Mozes, publisher of the popular newspaper Yediot Aharonot, to ensure more favorable coverage.

All told, the police accused Mr. Netanyahu of accepting nearly $300,000 in gifts over 10 years.

Mr. Netanyahu, addressing the nation live on television shortly before the police released their findings around 9 p.m., made clear that he would not step down. I feel a deep obligatio...


'Hate fatigue': CNN's viewership drops 30% "IndyWatch Feed World"

Massive layoffs, a cancerous fake news crisis, and the humiliating (and expensive) implosion of its digital platform, appear to be the least of CNN's problems. Because on top of all that, when compared to last year, the far-left cable channel has lost -30 percent of its primetime viewers and -23 percent of its total day viewers. The viewership problems for the anti-Trump outlet are breathtaking, especially when compared to its competition. Throughout the week of February 5, CNN could only scrape together an average 674,000 total day viewers. During the all-important primetime hours, CNN averaged only 888,000 viewers. Those numbers not only put CNN in last place behind MSNBC and Fox News, it puts the 24/7 Trump-hating channel in last place by a country mile. In total day, the openly left-wing MSNBC averaged 972,000 viewers (compared to CNN's paltry 674,000). Fox News, however, nearly beat both CNN and MSNBC combined with 1.529 million average viewers. During primetime, MSNBC smoked CNN by nearly a million viewers - 1.747 million (compared to CNN's 888,000). Fox beat both MSNBC and CNN combined with a whopping 2.605 million.


DOJ official Bruce Ohr failed to disclose wife's Fusion GPS payments to ethics officials "IndyWatch Feed World"

Bruce Ohr, the Department of Justice official who brought opposition research on President Donald Trump to the FBI, did not disclose that Fusion GPS, which performed that research at the Democratic National Committee's behest, was paying his wife, and did not obtain a conflict of interest waiver from his superiors at the Justice Department, documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation show. The omission may explain why Ohr was demoted from his post as associate deputy attorney general after the relationship between Fusion GPS and his wife emerged and Fusion founder Glenn Simpson acknowledged meeting with Ohr. Willfully falsifying government ethics forms can carry a penalty of jail time, if convicted. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) hired Fusion GPS to gather and disseminate damning info about Trump, and they in turn paid Nellie Ohr, a former CIA employee with expertise in Russia, for an unknown role related to the "dossier." Bruce Ohr then brought the information to the FBI, kicking off a probe and a media firestorm.


We The People Proclaim -- JFK and DJT Day! "IndyWatch Feed World"


Let's call it
{JFK & Donald Trump Day}
The he** with the other so called President's
They are all Corp Stool Floaters working against humanity,

Let's help our President Mr. Donald Trump flush them out of power and our existent and proclaim The third Monday in February
{JFK & Donald Trump Day}


Timeless Pine Cone within Spirit-reverie: Timeless Prophecy "IndyWatch Feed World"

Tim McGraw - Humble And Kind

Dare I see the Concrete Truth through Loves single eye brilliance, Kindness

What ambition drives blind, so deaf who cannot remember a Bodys hunger

Was competition what made me tumble hate, the mirror of Karma crumbling

This suffering vision from shining Truth inside spinning Earth on stumble dry

When I first experienced this vision of stumbling Karmic lifetimes, everything I have ever shared seemed like I had become a rebel smart-ass, but soon after picking on myself as usual, forgiveness enlightened a deeper gratitude for the humble gift from Immortal Love of how Unity sees from the single eye vision Light of Christs motif, Kindness to the power of Universal Brilliance.

Some visions never can leave our minds alone again, but this one had nothing to do with ancient sex in a childs crippled mind of innocence. This vision will never leave me alone ever again, because it shows me how much we, all can-older do what only stinky-eye children reveal is, never eye-candy innocent suffering.

Under concrete bridges stumbling carefully, not to show kindness for Karmic-generations of ancient youth hunger, is nothing compared to watching all the many suffering separate lifetimes, altogether imbedded like scrambled eggs trying, helplessly to avoid Delight Bonding Communions constant invitation welcome.

Seeing the absolute Truth of how much we suffer is, not a pleasant vision, and neither is hiding our suffering anything, but people getting together from fears ambition to become the, very concrete when moving cold-hearted blinding people, so deaf crumble cant Love-remember a Bodys true Spirit-hunger.

I am not a wise-ass complainer who keeps trying to share what I can see in my gratitude steps wit...


BEST OF THE WEB: Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore discuss Syrian chem attack false flags, Seth Rich's murder, pure evil Hillary Clinton "IndyWatch Feed World"

Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore talk about the shady history of Hilary Clinton, and how Set Rich's murder may very well be attributed to Hillary and the DNC. From the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast... Rogan and Dore discuss Obama's corruption and how Hillary Clinton was not the lesser of two evils, just pure evil. Jimmy Dore later explains how the gas attacks in Syria were a complete, BS false flag.


Review: Solzhenitsyn on the history of Jews in Russia "IndyWatch Feed World"

The translation of Solzhenitsyn's book appears to have been done without permission from his family, and this might be why this lengthy and detailed review is no longer available on the page of the book on, where it originally appeared. The book might disappear altogether from Amazon, so if you want to get your Kindle copy, act now. Otherwise you can find it on many sources on the internet. The translator, Columbus Falco, describes the censorship of this book when it appeared in 2002: "Published in the original Russian in 2002, the book was received with a firestorm of rage and denunciation from the literary and media world, from the Jews, and from almost the entire intelligentsia of the established order in the West... Immense efforts have been made by the Russian authorities and also by the Western liberal democratic power structure to ignore 200 YEARS TOGETHER, to suppress it as much as possible, and above all to prevent and interdict the book's translation into foreign languages, most especially into English, which has become essentially the worldwide language of our epoch... The Russian authorities have to this date refused to allow any official English translation of the book to be published". (p. 2). Comment: It would be nice to have some verification of this assertion. Do the Russian authorities control translation rights, or does the Solzhenitsyn estate? The estate did allow translation excerpts to be published in The Solzhenitsyn Reader. It could just be that no reputable publisher has expressed any interest in publishing a translation, for obvious reasons of political correctness.


Channeling the Energy of the Upcoming New Moon to Right the Wrongs of Your Past "IndyWatch Feed World"

The moon does not fight. It attacks no one. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others. It keeps to its course, but by its very nature, it gently influences. What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished. 
 Ming-Dao DengEveryday Tao: Living with Balance and Harmony

We hear a lot about the full moons but not that much about what a new moon truly means.  This I believe is because their energies are underplayed. People do not realize how beneficial new moons truly are.

The power of the new moon is very real and you can use it to correct your mistakes on a spiritual level. The new moon brings about new beginnings and always makes great points for kickstarting things. Each new moon paves the road for what you want to do and be in the weeks to come.

There is something very peaceful about the new moon and when we are working with the energies that they bring we can transform it into something special. The new moon is a second chance that we are given far too often. It allows us to correct our energies and recharge. It is a gift from the universe that we should not be wasting.

If you want to benefit the most from a new moon, I suggest you take the time to bathe in salts and meditate. These simple things can make a huge difference in your days to come. Meditate over your intentions and really bring them to life as best you can. While this may sound easy, it is something tons of people neglect to do.

Connect with your personal goals and create something wonderful. You are most likely still feeling the energies from our most recent new moon as there was also a partial solar eclipse that intensified them. The fact that you are still feeling these energies means you can still work with them so it is not too late. You dont have to wait till the next new moon to reap the benefits. Get started right now and allow these things to begin manifesting.

These energies can be overwhelming if you do not actually work towards doing something with them. Why sit around and let them go to waste? If you have a close friend, group meditation would also benefit you greatly from sharing energies like this with positive people. Tons of different things go into making these energies work for you and no two people have the same experience with them. Work from within to create something awesome.



SOTT FOCUS: Disastrous Winter Olympics For the USA, May Lose South Korea to Peace "IndyWatch Feed World"

I must confess some measure of schadenfreude at the sight of beady-eyed US Vice-president Mike Pence squirming through his 'protocol headache' at the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics in South Korea last week. There he was, the distinguished emissary of South Korea's 'protector', a representative of the Exceptional Nation, eclipsed by the surprise inclusion of a representative of 'the enemy'. And at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, no less! Who politicizes sporting and cultural events like that? It's outrageous! The irony, no doubt, was completely lost on the Americans. After provoking Russia into responding to a military attack launched by that nutcase Saakashvili during the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, then trying their level best to scare people away from participating in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, then pressuring international sporting bodies to ban Russian athletes from the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, then doing likewise to cast Russians as untermensch at the current winter games, there's some poetic justice in seeing the US deep state's manipulation of the cultural sphere bite it in the rear.


Breaking The Cycle: Empaths and Their Strange Addiction to Abusive People "IndyWatch Feed World"

Empaths did not come into this world to be victims, we came to be warriors. Be brave. Stay strong. We need all hands on deck.
Anthon St. Maarten

Empaths are people who tend to fall into a dangerous cycle of trying too hard to fix people who dont know how to change. They want so badly to help those around them that they end up being abused and taken advantage of.

People who are in need of fixing are drawn to Empaths but the problem is that not many people are willing to change or actually truly want the help they are seeking out. They think that by pretending that they are changing, they can use the Empath and a lot of the time that is exactly what ends up happening. The Empath feels bad for this person and lets them get too close. They end up turning into a means of support for this person in all of the worst ways.

Empaths take responsibility for the people in their lives and they shouldnt. You cant save everyone and not everyone deserves the help you are offering them. You have to pick and choose if someone is using you it is up to you to notice it and cut them off.

All Empaths need to set proper healthy boundaries for the people in their lives. They need to stop letting people walk all over them. Other people do not see things the way we do and we have to remind ourselves of that more often. You dont deserve to be used. Breaking the cycle is hard but it is not impossible. Stop trying so hard to be there for everyone and just be there for those who deserve it, those who are also there for you.

Dont let people emotionally abuse you and damn sure dont let them physically abuse you. Getting into a relationship with someone in hopes of being able to help them in their times of need and changing them for the better is not right. You both need to be in the right place to start a real relationship. Getting too close to the wrong people for the wrong reasons will mess you up.



Turkish army uses poison gas in Syria "IndyWatch Feed World"

Syrian with breathing problems in Afrin hospital, AFP photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Syrian Kurds: Turkey attacked us with poison gas

In the Syrian-Kurdish region Afrin six civilians with respiratory problems ended up in hospital. Doctors say to local media and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

a source which is often sympathetic to the Turkish Erdogan regimes Free Syrian Army allies

that the complaints are caused by poison gas. That is said to have been used by the Turkish army, which has been engaged in an offensive in the region since the end of January.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which operates from Coventry in the UK, the patients had respiratory problems and dilated pupils. Local media also speak of rashes and vomiting

The director of the hospital in Afrin told the German news agency DPA that the people injured after the [Turkish army] shelling came in with respiratory problems

The Turkish army is supported in Afrin by militias of the Free Syrian Army. The village where this incident took place is close to the border with the Turkish Hatay province, where only Turkish troops are stationed.


Five major revelations about the Florida school shooting that are ignored by the mainstream media "IndyWatch Feed World"

One of the deadliest school shootings in American history took place this week in Parkland, Florida and the suspected gunman has since confessed to this most heinous act. As details unfold, however, the mainstream media is failing to ask the hard questions which need to be answered. While the media frantically attempts to use Nikolas Cruz to push their political agenda, bombshell revelations are being ignored, perhaps deliberately. While corporate media continues to use this incident to ram divide down society's throat and push for gun confiscation, those of us in the alternative media world are asking questions that matter. The Free Thought Project has compiled a list of five major details about the shooting that took place Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that the media is conveniently choosing to ignore.


Homeless man dies on parliaments doorstep. Will ministers act now? "IndyWatch Feed World"

MPs have expressed sadness after learning that a man believed to have been sleeping rough had died a stones throw from the Houses of Parliament.

Police were called to Westminster tube station in London at about 7.15am Wednesday after reports of an unresponsive man in an area where homeless people gathered, close to a House of Commons side entrance.

The man was found in the underpass of exit three of the station, the Metropolitan police said. Officers attended the scene with London ambulance service, but the man was pronounced dead at 7.33am.

MPs used Twitter to draw attention to the mans death and criticise policies they said had contributed to a sharp rise in the number of rough sleepers in the UK.

Rough sleeping in England has increased for seven consecutive years, with official figures showing 4,751 people slept outside overnight in 2017.

The number of children in England stuck in hostels and other temporary accommodation has risen to more than 120,000, according to government figures.

Flowers and a card signed by Labours leader, Jeremy Corbyn, were laid at the place where the man died. The card read: This should never have happened. As a country we must stop walking by. Rest in peace.

The shadow education secretary, Angela Rayner, and the Labour MPs Neil Coyle and Emma Lewell-Buck, responded on Twitter.

Angela Rayner(@AngelaRayner)

A homeless man who was seen frequently at the tube entrance to Portcullis House Westminster underground station has been found dead today. Whatever the circumstances its a terrible tragedy that somebody ends their days like this, the govt must do more to combat homelessness.

February 14, 2018

Neil Coyle(@coyleneil)......


Jim Carreys Most Recent Message to Humanity Has the Potential to Permanently Change Your Life "IndyWatch Feed World"

You can fail at what you dont want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.
Jim Carrey

In more recent years, Jim Carrey has blossomed as far as how open he is about things that need to be said. Tons of videos of him speaking out on different issues have been making rounds online for quite some time and I am loving them. He clearly has a lot of things worth paying attention to that he wants to share with the world.

I recently came across one video that really stood out to me above the rest. It was quite touching and really made me question a lot of things. This is a speech that could benefit us all, it seems to have been spoken with the intent of evoking positive change in the lives of those who found it.

While most of us want to change the world most of us never take any steps to do so. We want to make an impact but we dont. We spend our lives wasting away and waiting for others to do the things we really wish that we could do. This is no way to live.

We dont have to live like this. We can be the change we want to see. We can answer all the questions of life from within if we really want to. Life is too short to spend it working our lives away and never having anything to show for it. Why not break free and be who we want to be? Is the status quo that intense? Hell no it is not.

If we all spent more time being who we wanted to be and following our hearts, the world would be a much better place. Helping others and living life to the fullest should be a given but for some reason, in current times they are not. Why is this? Why arent we doing the things that we should be doing? Why are we letting ourselves just waste away?

Please take the time to listen to Carrey speak in the video below and do so with an open mind. Really take in the things he is saying and let them speak to you on a deeper level. There is nothing wrong with questioning things. The more you actually think, the better. We live our lives in fear of being our true selves and that has got to stop.

I really hope this speech touches you in the ways that it has touched me. Carrey is truly an inspirational individual and I cannot wait to see what else he has to say in the years to come. While the things he says are not things we all want to hear they are things that bring awareness to things that matter.  The truth is hard to hear sometimes but it still needs to be heard. Dont let fear control you, speak the things that need to be spoken.

Image via...


Impeachment Of The Federal Reserve "IndyWatch Feed World"

Impeachment Of The Federal Reserve | Federal_Reserve | Economy & Business Federal Reserve Bank Sleuth Journal

Throughout history, holding public officials accountable for wrongdoing has been elusive even under the most moral regimes. As an ordinary practice, crime pays, especially in public office. Personal gain is an obvious offense. However, misdemeanors against specific persons, entire classes of people or even crimes against humanity are routinely committed in the normal course of administrating governments. Woefully, a universal remedy to prevent such a chronicle of depravity has never been applied to the body politik.

When such violations of the public trust are perpetrated by non elected authoritarians, especially from a protected segment of the financial elite, the abuse of the people is supreme. How ludicrous that the endless struggle against establishing a central bank could have been so causally accepted just over a hundred years ago.

As any and every student of American Revolution knows, allowing the coinage and administration of currency to a private bank was an important factor in freeing the New World from the strangle hold of old empires. With the creation and treachery of a Christmas vote, the Federal Reserve took full control of the financial sector and placed the country on the inevitable path of totalitarian rule.

If a refresher course is needed, the Jackals of Jekyll Island Federal Reserve Audit article illustrates the dire nature and consequences of the debt created money system that has impoverished our society. In the essay, Federal Reserve 100 Years of Failure the history of the banksters financial system is examined.

So what can be done to stop this monster of liberty destruction and monetary theft? First off the immediate remedy provided for the removal of reprehensible outlaws is impeachment. B...


Transgender Democrat Candidate For Congress Arrested For Grand Larceny "IndyWatch Feed World"

A transgender Democrat congressional candidate from Wisconsin has been arrested for grand larceny by the NYPD after she tried to sell an expensive ring she ripped off from a Manhattan jewelry store, according to police. [...]


Attempted emergency landing kills 13 in Mexican helicopter crash, minister & governor aboard survive "IndyWatch Feed World"

A helicopter carrying the Mexican interior minister and the governor of the earthquake-stricken state of Oaxaca has crashed. Both officials survived, but more than a dozen people were killed. The military helicopter carrying Interior Minister Alfonso Navarrete Prida and Oaxaca Governor Alejandro Mura crashed while attempting an emergency landing in the disaster-affected province, the minister told TV network Televisa. Later, the Mexican Prosecutor General's Office said that as many as 13 people died in the crash.


Master manipulator Soros calls for EU to 'protect society' from social media "IndyWatch Feed World"

Billionaire globalist George Soros has called for the European Union to regulate Facebook and Google because he believes people are being "manipulated". Nothing to do with pro-Brexit and Eurosceptic movements across the world utilising social media to reach a wide audience, of course! In an article published on the Guardian website, Soros refers to the companies as a "public menace" which regulators need "to protect society against them". Soros also says Facebook "interferes with the functioning of democracy and the integrity of elections" because he claims people "can be easily manipulated". "This danger does not loom only in the future; it played an important role in the 2016 US presidential election," he writes.


Charlotte Mom Left Without Hands And Feet After Surgical Mistake "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Charlotte mother was left without hands and feet after a botched surgery, according to her attorneys who claim she should only have needed an overnight stay in hospital for a routine surgery but instead [...]


Englands heartless actions ready made for rich-only kids "IndyWatch Feed World"

His death comes after years of destructive government policies, leaving a desperate situation affecting every community


Pedophile Who Raped 3-Month-Old Baby Found Dead With Penis Sawn Off "IndyWatch Feed World"

A convicted pedophile described as evil beyond rational understanding by a judge has been found dead in his prison cell with his penis sawn off. James King, 31, who changed his name from Robin Hollyson, [...]


Judge Throws Christian Mom In Jail For Baptizing Child Without Dads Consent "IndyWatch Feed World"

A North Carolina District Court judge has thrown a mother in jail for seven days for having her daughter baptized without gaining the permission of the father. Kendra Stocks of Charlotte, N.C., will report to [...]


Farting Passenger Forces Flight Into Emergency Landing After Fight Breaks Out "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Dutch low-cost flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Vienna after a fight broke out between passengers because one of them refused to stop farting, turning the cabin into a Dutch oven. [...]


Portuguese president calls London homeless mans death inhumane "IndyWatch Feed World"

Portugals president has described the circumstances in which a homeless Portuguese man died near the UK parliament as inhumane.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa paid tribute to the unnamed man found dead in an underpass near Westminster tube station, a stones throw from an entrance to the Houses of Parliament.

In a statement on the official website of the president of the Portuguese republic, Rebelo de Sousa said he laments the death in inhumane circumstances of our fellow countryman of 35 years, who was found without life in one of the metro entries in the British capital.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa
 Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the president of Portugal. Photograph: Pedro Gomes/Getty Images

The president also manifests his solidarity with all people that live in precarious conditions, without a shelter or home, appealing to the effort of all for their inclusion in society, the message said.

England is a very wicked and satanic led ruthless, heartless nation

It emerged on Thursday that the man, who was found dead by outreach workers early the previous day, was a former model who enjoyed singing and yoga. He is one of four rough sleepers to have died in London in the first six weeks of 2018.

Coroners in Westminster are compiling a report into the mans death and more details are expected to be released next week.

The Conservative manifesto for the general election last year promised to halve rough sleeping by 2022 and eradicate it by 2027. Homelessness has increased by 169% since 2010 and Office for National Statistics figures showed 4,751 people slept outside overnight in 2017, up 15...


Nebraska Law Now Limits ALPR Data, Helps Block National License Plate Tracking Program "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Michael Maharrey Yesterday, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts signed a bill into law that puts limitations on the storage and sharing of information collected by...


Transgender Congressional candidate arrested for selling a stolen ring "IndyWatch Feed World"

A congressional candidate from Wisconsin was busted by the NYPD in her home state when she tried to sell a ring she ripped off from a Manhattan jewelry store, police said Wednesday. Juliet Germanotta - who in campaign literature vowed to keep the state "fiscally responsible by questioning expenses " - had ordered a $4,800, 18-karat yellow gold Zambian emerald and diamond ring from Mikaelians Jewelry on West 47th Street in Midtown on Sept. 19. But Germanotta, 36, who describes herself as a "proud transgender woman," claimed the ring she received was not to her liking, and requested her money back from the store. Instead of sending the real ring back, she sent the store a $10 replica - and sold the original, cops said.


Archeologists using laser scans discover ancient 'lost' city built by the Purpecha in western Mexico "IndyWatch Feed World"

Groundbreaking lidar scanning reveals the true scale of Angamuco, built by the Purpecha from about 900AD Archaeology might evoke thoughts of intrepid explorers and painstaking digging, but in fact researchers say it is a high-tech laser mapping technique that is rewriting the textbooks at an unprecedented rate. The approach, known as light detection and ranging scanning (lidar) involves directing a rapid succession of laser pulses at the ground from an aircraft. The time and wavelength of the pulses reflected by the surface are combined with GPS and other data to produce a precise, three-dimensional map of the landscape. Crucially, the technique probes beneath foliage - useful for areas where vegetation is dense. Earlier this month researchers revealed it had been used to discover an ancient Mayan city within the dense jungles of Guatemala, while it has also helped archaeologists to map the city of Caracol - another Mayan metropolis. Now, researchers have used the technique to reveal the full extent of an ancient city in western Mexico, about a half an hour's drive from Morelia, built by rivals to the Aztecs.


Electronic skin animates heartbeat on the back of your hand "IndyWatch Feed World"

A flexible e-skin containing a few hundred micro LEDs can display your vital signs or messages from your doctor


Drunk American tourist assaults two officers outside of Buckingham Palace "IndyWatch Feed World"

An American tourist assaulted two armed police officers outside Buckingham Palace after asking them if they knew any jokes, a court has heard. Ryan Robinson, 36, of Hawaii, punched Ben Collins in the face at least four times and tried to grab his Taser electrical weapon on Wednesday evening. When Simon Leckie tried to intervene, shouting "armed police, stand still" and pointing his weapon at Robinson, he knocked him to the ground. He then pulled the two officers to their feet in "an extraordinary display of strength", said the prosecutor, Henry Fitch, before punching Collins again. Robinson was heavily intoxicated and it required the help of several other officers before he could be restrained and arrested, Westminster magistrates court heard.


Free Range Children: Could Your Kids Survive SHTF On Their Own? "IndyWatch Feed World"

(SurvivalSullivan) Why are you prepping? I dont mean what type of SHTF specific SHTF scenario are you prepping for, but what is the motivation behind your survival and homesteading efforts.

Self-preservation is of course, a primary factor in why we spend countless hours and dollars preparing for a doomsday disaster, but for most of us, it is our families we are thinking about when learning new skills, growing and stockpiling food, and putting together survival kits. Our children and our grandchildren are the motivation for our prepping.

Preppers should never become helicopter parents. Prepping moms and dads may always want to know where their children are so they can help them get home if the SHTF, but preppers should know better than to coddle and micro-manage their offspring like far too many conventional parentsespecially liberal parents, are doing these days.

Prepper moms and dads should not pat themselves on the back too much simply because they already know better than to be helicopter parent. Simply fighting the urge to parents hover over your children and grandchildren every moment of their day is not enough to ensure you are raising a self-reliant child.

It also does not necessarily mean you are truly engaging in the free range parenting style that the youngsters need to learn how to function under in case their survival is ever dependent upon their own skills, mental response to threats, and actions.

After the economic collapse hit in Venezuela, you know, the one nearly 100 percent ignored by the mainstream media, children resorted to begging in the street, eating out of trash cans, stealing, and turning to prostitution, to survive either because their parents could not provide for them, or had been killed.

Children are the ones who suffer most during a long-term disaster of any type. They are not large or strong enough to take care of themselves and lack the skill set and maturity to understand when a threat is present especially when that threat is disguised as a kind and helping hand.

When a magnitude 7 earthquake it Haiti during the first days of 2010, thousands of children immediately became homeless, and instantly turned many of them into orphans, as well. The exact same scenario played out in Sri Lanka in 204 when a tsunami struck on an otherwise picture perfect Sunday afternoon.

Although many or our friends and neighbors unfortunately think such tragedies could not possibly happen here, and that those kinds of things only happen in Third World countries, the five million of so prepping Americans know otherwise.

We also k...


How To Build A Survival Shelter. Your Life May Depend On It (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed World"

How To Build A Survival Shelter. Your Life May Depend On It (VIDEO) | survivalshelter | Multimedia Off-Grid & Independent Living Preparedness\Survival

I often emphasize that your energy output coupled with your ability to adapt to the situation at hand will play a big part in how successful you are at living in a primitive setting. One of your first concerns in surviving outdoors is finding shelter. Short-term shelters are easy to construct an will serve you well in an immediate survival situation but may not last long-term. That said, if you are looking for more solid constructs, this is the video you want to watch.

If you find yourself in a long-term situation where you must shelter in the wild, you must find resources and materials that will serve the purpose of surviving the elements. Though time consuming, if left to our own devices, it is possible survive the elements. All that is needed is where to find the supplies for a shelter and the ingenuity of how to make it. Using naturally occurring materials, this video shows that sheltering in the wild is possible. This daub hut can be made solely from items found in nature.

I built this hut in the bush using naturally occurring materials and primitive tools. The hut is 2m wide and 2m long, the side walls are 1m high and the ridge line (highest point) is 2m high giving a roof angle of 45 degrees. A bed was built inside and it takes up a little less than half the hut. The tools used were a stone hand axe to chop wood, fire sticks to make fire, a digging stick for digging and clay pots to carry water. The materials used in the hut were wood for the frame, vine and lawyer cane for lashings and mud for daubing. Broad leaves were initially used as thatch which worked well for about four months before starting to rot. The roof was then covered with sheets of paper bark which proved to be a better roofing material (*peeling the outer layer of bark does not kill this species of tree). An external fireplace and chimney were also built to reduce smoke inside. The hut is a small yet comfortable shelter and pro...


Study Finds Link Between Cancer And Ultra-Processed Foods "IndyWatch Feed World"

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Want to live a long, healthy life? Ditch the processed, refined foods and instead, add more fruits, vegetables, legumes, leafy greens, and nuts and seeds to your diet. According to a new study published in the British Medical Journal, there is an link between an increased risk of cancer and ultra-processed foods. These foods include sodas, mass-produced bread, instant noodles, candy, and ready meals.

For the study, scientists at the Sorbonne in Paris peered at the medical records and eating habits of over 105,000 middle-aged French people. The data helped them determine that a 10 percent increase in the proportion of ultra-processed foods in a persons diet is linked with a 12 percent higher risk of cancer.

The team noted that people who consumed the highest amount of ultra-processed foods were more likely to be smokers, had lower levels of education, were less physically active, and also consumed more calories. As IFLScience reports, the study was looking for a correlation not a causation. As a result, no foods that specifically cause cancer were listed.



Clash of cultures: Nigerian immigrants in Italy under media scrutiny for attempted dog-roasting, murder and sex-trafficking "IndyWatch Feed World"

Animal rights activists are up in arms over attempts to barbecue a dog at an immigrant welcome center in southern Italy, with migrants insisting the practice is normal where they come from. Members of the Carabinieri, an Italian military police force, intervened immediately after receiving a call from an employee of the center who had witnessed the scene of a 29-year-old Nigerian man intent on roasting a dog at the center in Vibo Valentia, in the Italian region of Calabria. The man had succeeded in skinning and chopping up the canine and was in the process of grilling it for himself and some friends when he was stopped by law enforcement officers. The young woman who called the police also volunteers at a pro-animal organization in the area. Explaining to police that such a practice is "normal where we come from," the migrant insisted that he didn't kill the dog but had found it dead by the side of the road and had decided to grill it. He also pleaded ignorance of Italian laws forbidding eating cats and dogs.

Culture-clash: Nigerian immigrants in Italy under scrutiny for attempted dog-roasting, murder and sex-trafficking "IndyWatch Feed World"

Animal rights activists are up in arms over attempts to barbecue a dog at an immigrant welcome center in southern Italy, with migrants insisting the practice is normal where they come from. Members of the Carabinieri, an Italian military police force, intervened immediately after receiving a call from an employee of the center who had witnessed the scene of a 29-year-old Nigerian man intent on roasting a dog at the center in Vibo Valentia, in the Italian region of Calabria. The man had succeeded in skinning and chopping up the canine and was in the process of grilling it for himself and some friends when he was stopped by law enforcement officers. The young woman who called the police also volunteers at a pro-animal organization in the area. Explaining to police that such a practice is "normal where we come from," the migrant insisted that he didn't kill the dog but had found it dead by the side of the road and had decided to grill it. He also pleaded ignorance of Italian laws forbidding eating cats and dogs.


Lavrov on Mueller indictment: 'Until there are facts, it's all just blather' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has again dismissed claims of Russian meddling in the US election, saying that until facts are presented by Washington, they are nothing but "blather." Speaking at the Munich Security Conference in Germany on Saturday, he said that "Until we see facts, everything else will be just blather." When asked to comment on the indictment of Russian nationals and companies in the US over alleged meddling in the 2016 US election, the foreign minister answered: "You know, I have no reaction at all because one can publish anything he wants. We see how accusations, statements, statements are multiplying." On Friday, a US federal grand jury indicted 13 Russian nationals and three entities accused of interfering in the 2016 election and political processes. According to the indictment, those people were "supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump... and disparaging Hillary Clinton" as they staged political rallies and bought political advertising, while posing as grassroots entities.


Short-toed treecreeper, other cemetery birds "IndyWatch Feed World"

This is a short-toed treecreeper video.

Today, to the cemetery.

Male and female chaffinches.

A robin on the footpath.

A short-toed treecreeper climbing up a tree.

On smaller branches, blue tits and long-tailed tits.

Jays. Wood pigeons.

Male and female blackbirds.


Great spotted woodpecker sound.


Are Cryptocurrencies Ruining The Search For Alien Life? "IndyWatch Feed World"

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Are cryptocurrencies ruining the search for alien life? According to a handful of scientists, the answer is yes.

Dan Werthimer, chief scientists at the Berkeley Seti (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) told the BBC: Wed like to use the latest GPUs [graphics processing units] and we cant get em. The reason why? Bitcoin mining.

GPUs are chips that are designed to process images, video and animations for the computer screen. They are increasingly being employed for non-graphic tasks that involve a lot of repetitive computing such as mining for cryptocurrencies or listening out for alien signals.

At Seti we want to look at as many frequency channels as we possibly can because we dont know what frequency ET will be broadcasting on and we want to look for lots of different signal types is it AM or FM, what communication are they using? said Werthimer.

As you might imagine, Setis process takes up a lot of computing power. At Berkeley alone, there are approximately 100 GPUs sorting through various radio frequencies that are pa...


Man who accused former Seattle Mayor of sexual abuse found dead of apparent drug overdose "IndyWatch Feed World"

Delvonn Heckard had been in recovery for addiction to cocaine and other illicit drugs when he sued Ed Murray, alleging the former Seattle mayor had repeatedly paid him for sex in the late 1980s when he was a teenager. Delvonn Heckard, the Kent man whose sexual abuse lawsuit against Seattle Mayor Ed Murray last year prompted other allegations to come to light - eventually leading to Murray's resignation - was found dead early Friday of an apparent drug overdose in an Auburn motel. "In my opinion, a hero died today," attorney Lincoln Beauregard said Friday morning. The King County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed Heckard's death on Friday afternoon, noting the official cause and manner of his death are pending.


Strong and shallow M4.2 earthquake strikes Wales and Bristol with tremors felt hundreds of miles away "IndyWatch Feed World"

A massive earthquake has struck Wales with tremors felt from Cornwall to Liverpool. The 4.2 magnitude quake occurred near Swansea, south Wales, around 2.30pm at a depth of six miles. Residents across the UK - from Bristol to Cornwall - have reported tremors in its aftermath.

Magnitude 4.2 earthquake strikes south Wales, tremor felt from Cornwall to Liverpool "IndyWatch Feed World"

A massive earthquake has struck Wales with tremors felt from Cornwall to Liverpool. The 4.2 magnitude quake occurred near Swansea, south Wales, around 2.30pm at a depth of six miles. Residents across the UK - from Bristol to Cornwall - have reported tremors in its aftermath.


Mother faces life in prison for the torture and death of her 8-year-old son "IndyWatch Feed World"

The mother of an 8-year-old California boy who was routinely beaten, starved and tortured until he died has pleaded guilty to a murder charge. City News Service reported Thursday that, under the terms of a plea agreement, Pearl Fernandez is expected to be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the 2013 death of Gabriel Fernandez. The 34-year-old Fernandez pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and admitted a special-circumstance allegation of murder involving torture. Sentencing is set for June 7. Fernandez's boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, was convicted last year of the same charge. Jurors recommended the death penalty for when he is sentenced on March 8. During Aguirre's trial, according to Fox 11, prosecutors told jurors that Gabriel was beaten, shot with a BB gun, forced to eat cat feces and sleep while gagged and bound inside a small cabinet. Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Hatami called Aguirre an "evil" man who "liked torturing" the boy, according to Fox 11, and did so methodically for months before the child's death.


Justice Clarence Thomas speaks out against the culture of victimhood "IndyWatch Feed World"

Justice Clarence Thomas decried the contemporary culture of victimhood during remarks Thursday, telling an audience at the Library of Congress that constant aggrievement would exhaust the country. Ever a touchstone for controversy on racial issues, the justice related a story from a recent trip to Kansas, where a black college student told him she was primarily interested in school work, and less interested in the political tumult gripping college campuses. "At some point we're going to be fatigued with everybody being a victim," he said. Thomas has struck similar chords throughout his public life. He appeared on Laura Ingraham's Fox News program in November 2017, and suggested contemporary activists could benefit from the example of his grandparents, who exhibited quiet fortitude during the heady days of white supremacy. He made his Thursday remark in the context of a broader discussion about his childhood. Thomas was born in Georgia's coastal lowlands among impoverished Gullah-speakers, and spent his childhood working his grandfather's farm. He likened his upbringing to Kathryn Stockett's 2009 novel "The Help" as most of the women in his life, including his mother, were domestics in white households.


Expert claims human speech will be replaced by thought communications via computer by the year 2050 "IndyWatch Feed World"

HUMAN speech will become a thing of the past by the year 2050, by which time we will communicate by thought via a computer-generated collective consciousness, it has been claimed Marko Karjnovic unveiled his ideas at The Museum of the Future as part of the World Government Summit in Dubai. The Hybrid Intelligence Biometric Avatar (HIBA), will understand the feelings of people connected to it, take on their personas, exchange information with them and even become part of the fabric of their brains. Mr Karjnovic, who has produced the exhibit, explained: "It is very similar to the work of Elon Musk - it is an open source platform for humanity. "HIBA will have the ability to connect the minds of the most clever of us, combining those minds with everything it can find out practically and put it all together in hybrid intelligence."


Researchers reverse Alzheimer's in mice by targeting a key enzyme "IndyWatch Feed World"

Alzheimer's has been reversed in mice for the first time, raising the hopes of a drug to combat the disease. Decreasing the levels of a key enzyme - called BACE1 - reduced the levels of amyloid plaques, which are linked to Alzheimer's. The mice's brains were eventually completely free of these tangles and their cognition improved. This is the first time scientists have been able to clear the brain of these protein tangles. It is possible a drug could be developed to help target this enzyme.


Avoid condoms, theyre not pleasurable, Duterte tells Filipinos "IndyWatch Feed World"

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte delivers his speech to overseas Filipino workers (OFW) that arrived in Manila from Kuwait are at the Manila International Airport on February 13, 2018.

Outspoken Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has once again courted controversy for an off-the-cuff remark in which he advised Filipinos not to use condoms, as they arent pleasurable.

Avoid condoms because condoms arent pleasurable,Duterte said at an event with overseas Filipino workers from Kuwait on Tuesday. The Philippines leader advised instead that women use free contraceptive pills, a point which he illustrated using a wrapped piece of candy. Here, try eating it without unwrapping it,he said. Eat it. Thats what a condom is like.

Duterte is well-known for his outlandish remarks, which have included rape jokes and politically incorrect humor about religion. As with his previous bizarre asides, the president came under intense criticism at home and abroad for advocating reckless behavior with regard to sexual health.

Not only has the Philippines long-struggled with the issue of unwanted pregnancy, owing to fierce opposition to contraceptives in the predominantly Catholic country, but it is also grappling with the fastest-growing HIV epidemic in the Asia-Pacific region, with cases more than doubling from 4,300 in 2010 to 10,500 in 2016, according to Rappler.

President Duterte should stop making thoughtless, reckless, and irresponsible statements at the expense of public health, said Senator Risa Hontiveros in a statement published Thursday. President Duterte seems to be overly concerned with pleasure. There is nothing pleasurable or funny about the rise in our cases of HIV and teen pregnancy.

Instead of criticizing condoms as a pleasure inhibitor, Duterte should take meaningful action to protect the health of Filipinos by backing urgently needed policy changes to expand the accessibility and use of condoms in the Philippines,said Carlos Conde, researcher for the Asia Division of HRW.

Two out of three new HIV infections occur among 15- to 24-year-old males who have sex with males, or MSMs. Condom use among MS...


Doctors Told Him Not To 'Keep Torturing' His Dying Daughter. 30 Minutes Later, They Couldn't Believe Their Eyes "IndyWatch Feed World"

It was December 31, 2013, in the Ukrainian city of Dnipro. Ruslan and Anastasia Odonec were throwing a big party to ring in the New Year with their children, friends, and parents. The new house they'd wanted for so long had room for everyone. It even had a sports room downstairs with a swimming pool. The evening started out wonderfully but by the end of the party it had turned into a nightmare.

Doctors Told Him Not To 'Keep Torturing' His Dying Daughter. 30 Minutes Later, They Couldn't Believe Their Eyes

At one point in the evening as Anastasia and Ruslan were in the kitchen preparing food, their five-year-old Radomir and three-year-old Alesya were playing with an older cousin. Suddenly the parents noticed how quiet the children were. Usually you could hear Alesya's infectious laughter throughout the house, but it was totally silent.

Ruslan started looking around and quickly found himself running from room to room throughout the house. At last he went downstairs to the basement where he met a horrifying sight: his daughter Alesya lying lifeless at the bottom o...


US plans to keep forces inside Syria forever "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has censured the illegal military presence of the United States on the ground in Syria, saying Washington plans to keep its forces in the Arab country forever.

Lavrov told multilingual news media service Euronews on Friday that US special forces had been operating on the ground in Syria in the past few years without the Syrian governments consent and a United Nations (UN)s mandate.

They have been there consistently for two or three years almost for the whole period that the Washington-led coalition has worked in Syria, and all this time, the US special forces and other units are in Syria on the ground, illegally, without any invitation from Damascus, or without any mandate of the UN Security Council, he said.

The US has been leading a number of countries in an aerial bombardment campaign against purported Daesh positions in Syria and Iraq since 2014. But the US has also stationed a number of special forces on the ground in Syrian territory.

Lavrov warned that the international presence of the US doesnt decrease, but rather grows.

It is clear that the US probably has such a strategy to settle in Syria forever, with its armed forces, just as they want to do in Iraq and Afghanistan, despite all promises made, he said.

He warned that the US was attempting to create a quasi-local authority with the help of Syrian Kurds.

And so when they settle forever in Syria, which they are already doing now, and despite all promises, they isolate a huge piece of the Syrian territory, in infringement of the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic, and create there some kind of quasi-local authority, and in every possible way try to create there an autonomous unit with the support of the Kurds, he said.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov speaks to Euronews, in an interview published on February 16, 2018.

The US announced last month that it would work with the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) a US-backed group of Kurd and Arab militants to set up a new 30,000-strong border security force along the Turkish border with Iraq and within Syria along the Euphrates River.

The announcement infuriated Turkey, which soon launched a military incursion in Syrias Afrin region in a declared bid to eliminate the Kurdish militants on its borders.

Lavrov said that the Americans have been consisten...


Masturbation is killing up to 100 Germans a year, warns forensic physician! "IndyWatch Feed World"

I thought it was supposed to be good for your health?

Risky masturbation kills 80 to 100 Germans a year, claims a Brandenburg physician who is shining a light on the unpredictable and often clandestine killer.

Dr. Harald Voss estimates that one to two people per one million inhabitants are killed by risky masturbation techniques annually, all of them in search of an elevated experience that the vast majority already deem quite satisfactory.

Asphyxiation is cited as the most common form of masturbation death, says Voss, along with electric shock, however its difficult to get a truly accurate reading of just how many people have lost their lives this way for a number of reasons.

Relatives who find their loved ones in compromising positions as a result of their untimely death can sometimes remove evidence out of shame or embarrassment for the victim, the 59-year-old forensic physician explains.

The number of unreported cases is extremely high, which is a very rare case in forensic medicine, Voss told Bild, claiming to have personally seen only five cases throughout his more than 30 year career as a forensic physician.

Additionally, if police find the cause of death to be clearly accidental, where the victim is naked, pornographic material is present, no farewell letter is left behind, theres a nearby mirror as well as other tell-tale signs, the body does not go to forensics.

The risks associated with breath play are underestimated, warns Voss, as slipping into unconsciousness happens faster than people think: If, for example, both carotid arteries are squeezed, it takes a maximum of 30 seconds.



"Fukushima Update 2/17/2018: 16,273.35 Hiroshima Bombs Today, More Tomorrow" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.
- Shiva

Updated February 10, 2018: Fukushima Equals 16,273.35 Hiroshima Bombs Today, More Tomorrow; There is No Place On Earth to Escape the Rad: The 3 melted-through cores of the destroyed reactors, now melted together into a single "corium" totaling over 600 tons, at Fukushima daily release the radioactive equivalent of 6.45 Hiroshima bombs directly into the atmosphere and the Pacific Ocean. As of February 10, 2018 - 2,523 days since the disaster began - this equals the detonation of 16,273.35 Hiroshima atomic bombs and it is still going strong, with no end in sight, considering that the half-life of uranium-238 is about 4.47 billion years and that of uranium-235 is 704 million years. There is no techn...


Militants killed as Israel blows up Gaza tunnel, armed groups vow retaliation "IndyWatch Feed World"

Six Palestinian militants have been killed as Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) blew up a tunnel stretching from the Gaza Strip into Israels territory. The killings provoked fierce reaction from Palestinian armed groups who vowed to respond.

The army neutralized a terror tunnel leading into southern Israel from the vicinity of Khan Younis, military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Conricus told reporters, referring to a city in the southern Gaza Strip.

He said the tunnel was blown up in a controlled explosion from the Israeli territory.

The tunnel was detonated from within Israel, close to the security fence, the spokesman said. He also called the IDFs actions a response to a grave and unacceptable violation of Israeli sovereignty.

The tunnel that was still under construction, went deep into pre-1967 Israeli territory and posed a serious security threat, according to another Israeli military official, Brigadier General Ronen Manelis as reported by Israeli media.

Palestinian armed groups said, in total, six militants were killed as a result of the explosion. The militant Islamic Jihad group said four of its members who were at the tunnel at the moment of the blast were among the dead. They include the head of its armed wing in Central Gaza and his senior associate.

Hamas said two of its members lost their lives while trying to rescue Islamic Jihad members who were in the tunnel, Reuters reports. Nine people were injured in the incident, the news agency said, citing Gaza health officials.

The Palestinian armed groups then pledged to retaliate against Israel. An Islamic Jihad spokesman called the demolition of a tunnel of the resistance a terrorist aggression, and said the militant factions reserve the right to respond at the suitable time.

Read more



Israel hits target in Gaza with tank fire after device explodes near IDF patrol "IndyWatch Feed World"

An Israeli tank fired at an observation post located in the southern Gaza Strip, the countrys Defense Forces (IDF) said. The shelling followed an explosive device being detonated near the Israeli patrol in the area.

IDF troops were patrolling an area near the security fence in the Gaza Strip, the military tweeted. It is still unclear if the explosion resulted in any casualties. In response, the IDF used a tank to target an observation post in the area.

The shots were reportedly fired at a Hamas facility located east of the city of Khan Yunis, according to Israeli media.



Wind Farms Are Hardly the Bird Slayers They're Made out to Be. Here's Why. "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Simon Chapman, University of SydneyPeople who oppose wind farms often claim wind turbine blades kill large numbers of birds, often referring to them as bird choppers. And claims of dangers to iconic or rare birds, especially raptors, have attracted a lot of attention. Wind turbine blades do indeed kill birds and bats, but their contribution to total bird deaths is extremely low, as these three studies show. Tags: anti-windwind farmsfossil fuelsmigratory birds


Russia could be Lebanon's alternative to the devil and the deep blue sea "IndyWatch Feed World"

Lebanon, as so often in the past, is facing mortal danger. Saudi Arabia is putting great pressure on the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, a powerful but controversial figure who holds dual nationality - Saudi and Lebanese. Riyadh expects Lebanon to play by its own rules, sidelining Hezbollah, ending Iranian influence in the country, and promoting Saudi business and political interests... or else. It is clear that foreign aid from the Gulf is increasingly conditional. Tension with Israel is also mounting. A military conflict could erupt at any moment, with devastating consequences. Between 1978 and 2006, Israel attacked its northern neighbor on five occasions. The last time Israel invaded Lebanon, during the so-called Lebanon War in 2006, at least 1,300 Lebanese people were killed and 1 million displaced. The Israeli air force is lately, unceremoniously, violating Lebanese air space, flying over its territory on the way to Syria, where it is bombing selected targets, grossly violating various international laws.


Number of cetaceans washing up on Irish coasts at record levels with 263 strandings in 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

The number of dolphins and whales washing up on Irish coasts reached record levels last year, according to the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG) In all 263 cetacean strandings were reported around the country, which was 44 more than the previous highest level of 219 in 2013. Dr Simon Berrow, chief science officer of the IWDG, said that the increase in strandings in recent years has been "unprecedented". He told Cork's Cry104FM: "At least 12 species were report, with the common dolphin being by far the most common, with harbour porpoises a distant second." He added that deep diving offshore species washed up rarely, with sperm whales becoming stranded on three occasions.


The Great American Butthurt "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Great American Butthurt | The-Great-American-Butthurt | Sleuth Journal Society US News

I have a confession to make. Kick me out of any possible minority group I might be a part of but didnt know it, but any word ending in -ism annoys the daylights out of me.

  • Feminism
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Tokenism

Words to express our affront are being made up left and right by the mere addition of ism to the ends of what were formerly perfectly neutral words. It seems like pundits can take basically any word and add ism to the end of it and that means theyre being slighted. The list of isms could go on and on, but instead of promoting more equality, all theyre doing is promoting more division. Isnt that divisionism?

Personally, Im affronted by the constant barrage of affronts. When did we, as a nation, become such weenies? How is it that such a collection of whiners has become the vocal majority? Certain people are constantly offended and demand the attention of others so they can express the epic level of their personal offendedness.

So vast is the recent level of Great American Butthurt that no mainstream news outlet is complete without breathlessly exposing a secret ism each day. These secret isms are called microaggressions, defined as the everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights, snubs, or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative messages to target persons based solely upon their marginalized group membership.

Oh my gosh. SHUT UP ALREADY.

Here are a few examples of microaggression alerts aka butthurt.

Here are some examples to support my highly unpopular opinion on this matter....


Cow escapes slaughter by smashing through metal fence, breaking man's arm, then swimming to safety on island "IndyWatch Feed World"

A cow has been living alone on an island, attacking anyone who comes near, after staging a miraculous escape on its way to a slaughterhouse. The animal made its bid for safety last month after it refused to get into a lorry taking it to be killed for meat. Instead it rammed a metal fence before making a dash for the nearby Lake Nysa, south Poland. After the cow's owner, known only as Mr Lukasz, attempted to get it back to the farm, the cow broke one of his worker's arms, according to Polish news show Wiadomosci.


Can Israel digest Putin's grand bargain? "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Israel is climbing up a high horse," Alex Fishman (the veteran Israeli Defence Correspondent) wrote in the Hebrew daily, Yedioth Ahronoth, last month, "and is approaching with giant steps a 'war of choice': Without mincing words, it's an initiated war in Lebanon." In Fishman's article, he notes: "Classical deterrence is when you threaten an enemy not to harm you in your territory, but here, Israel demands that the enemy refrain from doing something in its own territory, otherwise Israel will harm it. From a historical perspective and from the perspective of international legitimacy, the chances of this threat being accepted as valid, leading to the cessation of enemy activities in its own territory, are slim." Ben Caspit also wrote about a fair prospect of a "war of choice," whilst a Haaretz editorial - explains Professor Idan Landau in an Israeli news blog - noted: "The Israeli government therefore owes Israeli citizens a precise, pertinent and persuasive explanation as to why a missile factory in Lebanon has changed the strategic balance to the extent that it requires going to war. It must present assessments to the Israeli public as to the expected number of casualties, damage to civilian infrastructure and the economic cost of going to war, as compared with the danger that construction of the missile factory constitutes." We live dangerous times in the Middle East today - both in the immediate present, and in the mid-term, too.


French wine study shows humans can taste fungicides and glyphosate-based herbicides "IndyWatch Feed World"

The results of the first ever study on the ability of humans to recognize the taste of pesticides in wine have been published in the Food and Nutrition Journal. Professor Gilles-Eric Sralini and the chef Jrme Douzelet's study involved 195 blind tests carried out by professionals from the wine and culinary industry. Firstly, 16 pairs of organic and non-organic wines were produced in 7 French regions. The same varieties of grapes were grown both organically and conventionally on the same soils (in neighboring vineyards), in the same climate and in the same year.


US embassy officials suffered "widespread brain network dysfunction" after mystery "high pitched noise" in Cuba "IndyWatch Feed World"

More than two dozen U.S. personnel appeared to have suffered "widespread brain network dysfunction" while working at the U.S. embassy in Cuba, according to a new medical report. The Journal of the American Medical Association published a report Wednesday detailing what they call a "neurotrauma from a nonnatural source" experienced by Americans while in Havana. According to the U.S. State Department, 24 Americans experienced these mysterious "health attacks" which has left medical officials baffled for more than a year now. After the incidents, the U.S. withdrew most of their diplomats and officials out of Havana.


Afghanistan, millions of war crimes "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

7 October 2015

This is footage taken at the Doctors Without Borders/Mdecins Sans Frontires (MSF) trauma hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, in 2011, 2014 and 2015. The hospital was the only facility of its kind in the northeastern region of the country. It provided cost-free, high level life- and limb-saving trauma care. In 2014, more than 22,000 patients received care at the hospital and more than 5,900 surgeries were performed. MSF treats all people according to their medical needs and does not make any distinctions based on a patients ethnicity, religious beliefs or political affiliation.

At the time of the aerial attack on October 3, there were 105 patients and their caretakers in the hospital, alongside more than 80 international and Afghan MSF staff. MSF expresses its sincere condolences to the families and friends of its staff members and patients who have tragically lost their lives in this attack.

MSF calls for State activation of the International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission to investigate Afghanistan bombing. Read more here.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Millions of Afghans seek justice from International Criminal Court

AFGHANS have submitted 1.17 million statements on...


Massive explosion caused by lightning strike shakes Sunshine Coast, Australia "IndyWatch Feed World"

A massive explosion caused by lightning hitting powerlines on the Sunshine Coast has been caught on dashcam. Higgins Storm Chasing shared the video overnight. "Watch this absolutely CRAZY explosion from a lightning strike hitting power lines during the height of our storm chase!" the post reads. "It was so blinding it took us a while to work out what had actually happened.


Hezbollah can retaliate against Israeli offshore oil and gas operations "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has threatened to attack Israel's offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling operations in yet another escalation in the two countries' increasingly hostile war of words. During a televised address in Beirut on Friday, Nasrallah said Hezbollah could "disable [Israel's offshore oil installations] within hours." "If you prevent us, we prevent you; if you open fire at us, we will open fire," he added during a ceremony commemorating the death of Imad Mughniyeh, the party's former military commander who was assassinated in Damascus in 2008.


Postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard medical school explains the power of reiki "IndyWatch Feed World"

Below is a clip from an interview we recently conducted with Dr. Natalie Leigh Trent, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School and Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, where she investigates the mind-body practices of yoga and mindfulness for health and wellbeing. She obtained her Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto in 2006 and her Doctorate in neuroscience from Queen's University in 2012. In this part of the interview, we discuss the ancient healing art of Reiki, a healing modality that has been practiced and taught around the world for thousands of years. As Dr. Trent shares in the interview, it's a relatively new field of science and medicine that's continually growing, with approximately 80 studies that've been published so far.


Libya: Seven years since February 17 "IndyWatch Feed World"

On February 17 it will be 7 years since the start of the events in Libya which led to the overthrow of its leader - Muammar Gaddafi. These years have been full of dramatic and often bloody events, which, according to a number of different indices (effective sovereignty, stability, commercial activity etc.), have left the country much worse off. Since 2014 the country has been in a chaotic situation - divided into two sectors, with opposing capitals in Tripoli and Tobruk, each of which have their own government, parliament, and security services. The balance of power between them is changing. In the last year the area controlled by the National Army, led by Marshal Khalifa Haftar (i.e. the eastern, or Tobruk, sector) has expanded. That sector includes the 'oil crescent' (the oil wells and the main ports for oil exports). The Government of National Accord, headed by Fayez al-Sarraj, has an unsteady hold over the country.


West coast of South Island, New Zealand hit by 9000 lightning strikes "IndyWatch Feed World"

The West Coast had around 9000 lightning strikes as a thunderstorm and heavy rain worked its way up the South Island. Rain earlier in the day caused a number of slips on State Highway 6, including between Whataroa and Haast, Westport and Greymouth, and at Barrytown, but the road is now open. MetService forecaster Cameron Coutts said most of the lightning strikes were out to sea. He said the the heavy rain warning for Buller was lifted at 5pm, but the West Coast was in for more heavy rain on Sunday, particularly around Fiordland. The downpours came ahead of warnings of gales and heavy rain from Cyclone Gita, expected to make its way to New Zealand early next week.


Toxin Cleanse: Which Toxins Are Disrupting Your Health? "IndyWatch Feed World"

February 18th, 2018 By Dr. Edward F. Group Guest writer for Wake Up World Currently, more than 80,000 chemicals are used to produce many of the common household products we use in the United States. With an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 new chemicals being introduced every year, it"s impossible to completely avoid exposure to these agents. It []


'Angry' otters attempted to drown dog in Victoria, British Columbia "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Victoria veterinarian issued a warning to dog owners after her golden retriever was said to have been pulled under water and bitten by otters. In a Facebook post, Claudia Campbell described how an apparently playful aquatic encounter between "Goldie" and a trio of otters took an unexpected turn. "Goldie spotted an otter swimming not too far away. Like any dog, Goldie decided to swim towards to the otter to investigate," she wrote on Wednesday. "The three otters proceeded to grab Goldie, and pull her under the water." Campbell said the attack occurred while the 27 kilogram dog was in the care of a dog walker at a local beach. She said the dog walker ran into the ocean to wrestle Goldie away from the otters. "The otters had Goldie almost fully submerged with only her nose showing above water. If the dog walker had not been able to intervene, this may have had an awful ending," Campbell wrote. "They had a solid hold on her."


Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners held without trial launch boycott of Israeli courts "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners being held in Israeli prisons under administrative detention - Israel's widely condemned policy of detention without charge or trial - launched an open-ended boycott of Israeli courts on Thursday. The 450 administrative detainees released a joint statement announcing the boycott, saying "the core of resisting administrative detention policy comes from boycotting this Israeli legal system." "We put our faith and trust in our people, their power and institutions, and in the civil society which will not leave us alone in this fight," the statement said, adding that "this is a national patriotic act that should not be violated by any individual or institution."


Indictment of 13 Russians for social media ads reveals how desperate Mueller is "IndyWatch Feed World"

The indictment of 13 Russian nationals over alleged meddling in US elections describes methods allegedly used by the defendants. Some of them are truly strange, suggesting cartoon villainy rather than a master plot. According to the indictment, the parties in question formulated a number of plans to support the campaign of President Donald Trump and disparage former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Their plans included political rallies and posing as grassroots groups. However, the examples provided in the document raise questions about how they could have ever been effective in swaying the election. In a nutshell, the plan was to hold rallies for and against both Clinton and Trump and to promote social media groups focusing on political and social issues.


Russia's UK ambassador reveals Boris Johnson refused Moscow sit-down to discuss allegations of Brexit vote meddling "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Russian Embassy has called out Boris Johnson over accusations made in UK parliament that Russians meddled in the EU referendum. Boris was allegedly invited to discuss the allegations during his trip to Moscow, but refused. The Russian Ambassador to the UK, Alexander Yakovenko, told RT's Going Underground program that the foreign secretary was asked to sit down with Russian officials to discuss claims that Russia interfered in the 2016 EU referendum. Yakovenko told host Afshin Rattansi that the foreign secretary's response was a flat-out "No". When asked about the UK allegations into vote tampering, Yakovenko's answer was simple: "No - and I'll tell you why - because there are no facts." "What is interesting...Boris Johnson was in Moscow on the 22nd of December and we discussed this problem," Yakovenko said.


Gun control debate: Three anti-gun talking points peddled by the American Left after the Florida shooting "IndyWatch Feed World"

Yesterday was horrific. Nikolas Cruz, a former student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, ventured onto campus with an AR-15 rifle and smoke grenades, pulled the fire alarm, and began to open fire on students and faculty. He killed 17 people and wounded at least a dozen more. It didn't take long for the anti-gun crowd to start spewing their drivel across various mediums. We have the usual Cobb salad of crap: we've had 18 school shootings this year, we should ban semi-automatics, which is an unconstitutional gun ban, you can conceal carry a rifle (no, I'm not kidding), and Trump made it easier for the mentally I'll to buy firearms. All of this is either flat out wrong or grossly inaccurate. We all knew that we would have to restack the sand bags. We always do after these tragic events, but we also always win these arguments. Liberal anti-gun positions don't get better with time; it's not like aging a fine wine. It's still the same putrid red progressive meat that everyone else refuses to digest. So, let's go through the motions of eviscerating these talking points again.


Known Monsanto propagandist, Dr. Miller authored Newsweek hit piece calling organic food a 'scam' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Monsanto, the megalithic corporation responsible for Agent Orange and for inundating the planet with noxious PCBs for years with full knowledge the horrific damage the substances cause to the planet and its inhabitants, finds itself in hot water, again, thanks to a poorly-delivered smear campaign against organic, healthy food - that is, food growing from the ground unassisted by its chemical pesticides and herbicides. Just as many advocates of untreated food have suspected, Monsanto was caught red-handed disguising its own anti-organic propaganda - dangerously misleading and false information warning of supposed damage wrought to the environment through non-chemical growing methods - as valid scientific opinion pieces in major news outlets whose audience reach comprises millions of readers.


Trump proposes 'overhaul' of USPS retirement & health benefits in savings package "IndyWatch Feed World"

President Trump proposed overhauling the U.S. Postal Service in his fiscal 2019 budget released Monday, calling for a slew of changes that would provide the agency with an additional $80 billion over 10 years. Trump's proposals largely mirrored those submitted in his last budget, as well as legislation that has been introduced in Congress. While lawmakers have sought to maintain delivery standards, however, Trump would allow USPS to "reduce mail delivery frequency from six days to five days where there is a business case for doing so." That proposal would likely face pushback in Congress, especially from lawmakers representing rural areas, and even postal management has dropped its proposal to eliminate mail delivery on Saturdays.


Scientists claim bitter cold in Southeast US part of mysterious 'hole' in global warming "IndyWatch Feed World"

Frigid iguanas in Florida. Snowball fights on North Carolina's beaches. Recent winters have delivered a bitter chill to the Southeast, reinforcing attitudes among some that global warming is a fraud. But according to a scientific study published this month, the Southeast's colder winter weather is part of an isolated trend, linked to a more wavy pattern in the jet stream that crosses North America. That dipping jet stream allows artic air to plunge into the Southeast. Scientists call this colder weather a "hole" in overall global warming, or a "warming hole." "What we are looking at is an anomaly," said Jonathan M. Winter, an assistant professor of geography at Dartmouth College and the principle investigator in the study. "The Southeast is the exception to the rule."


What Do We Want In A City Of The Future? "IndyWatch Feed World"

lead_960 (13)

lillisphotography / Getty / Emily Jan / The Atlantic

We do not normally link to the writing of science fiction authors, nor is the topic of the essay below typical of the themes in our 2011-2018. But it is not unheard of; nor is it too late to add more to this short thread of links to sci-fi authors. If Bruce Sterling catches your attention with these first few paragraphs pasted below, you may want to go to The Atlantic to read the rest:

Stop Saying Smart Cities

Digital stardust wont magically make future cities more affordable or resilient.

The term smart city is interesting yet not important, because nobody defines it. Smart is a snazzy political label used by a modern alliance of leftist urbanites and tech industrialists. To deem yourself smart is to make the nimb...


An Introduction to #MeToo in Japan "IndyWatch Feed World"

(GV) In December 2017, the #MeToo movement finally reached Japan after three women decided to speak out against their abusers. The experiences of these three women provide insights into the challenges Japanese women face when speaking out about their experiences of sexual assault.

While the #MeToo movement is generally regarded to have started in October 2017, when multiple women spoke out about their experiences of being allegedly sexually assaulted by Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, the movement got its start in Japan in May 2017 when the hashtag #FightTogetherWithShiori started to trend on Japanese Twitter. The hashtag was created in support of a woman, known simply at the time as Shiori, who appeared on television to allege she was sexually assaulted by a well-known journalist in 2015.

In October 2017, thanks to support across Japan and around the world, Shiori Ito decided to reveal her full name and published a book, Black Box.

I read Ms. Shiori Itos Black Box. I support Ms. Shiori Ito. While reading, it brought back memories of many things that I couldnt write here. Thank you.

Shiori Ito, who is best known simply as Shiori, also frequently appears in numerous interviews both seeking justice and to highlight the problem of sexual assault in Japan.

After Shioris debut in the public spotlight, and as the #MeToo movement in the United States and other countries gained momentum, other women started making their voices heard on social media.

In December 2017, a blogger known simply as...


Mistake? Autopsy indicates Las Vegas shooter died more than twelve hours after 'suicide' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Newly released autopsy reports reveal that Las Vegas shooting suspect Stephen Paddock died more than 12 hours after police claim he committed suicide. Las Vegas - As Americans search for answers to the questions surrounding reports of a mass shooting at a high school in Florida, the alarming autopsy results from a mass shooting in Las Vegas, which show that the suspected gunman died more than 12 hours after he reportedly committed suicide, are being ignored. While the official timeline of the Las Vegas shooting has changed multiple times, one thing has remained the same-the claim that after opening fire out of the window of his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Stephen Paddock shot and killed himself at some point between 10:15 p.m. and 11:20 p.m. on Oct. 1, 2017. However, the autopsy report released by the Clark County Coroner claimed that Paddock actually died at 12 p.m. on Oct. 2, 2017.


Review: The Trident The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader "IndyWatch Feed World"

Amazon Page

Jason Redman with John R. Bruning, Foreword by Robert M. Gates

5 Stars Authentic, Humble, Healing, NOT Your Normal Leadership Story

This book brought tears to my eyes by page 71.  This is not your normal leadership story. It blends three leadership stories from one personal experience: a personal failure of leadership stemming from the mix of arrogance and alcohol; a positive enabling leadership environment (not at all the norm for the Department of Defense) that helped this warrior grow; and finally, the personal triumph of being one with God, country, team, and family after being broken by wounds that would have killed most others.

While the book is honored by a Foreword by Robert M. Gates, I consider Gates to be the epitome of toxic military leadership, a posturing neoconservative all too ready to condemn hundreds of thousands to the kinds of grievous wounds suffered by the author, in pursuit of vast profits for the military-industrial complex, never mind the cost in national blood, treasure, and spirit. Skip the Foreword Gates is a serial liar who fails to live up to the one leadership absolute I have learned across 65 years in the military, in espionage, in the corporate world, and now in the non-profit world: The truth at any cost lowers all other costs.

I found the authors personal tale to be totally authentic and very moving, aided by a most eloquent delivery, perhaps the signal contribution of the supporting author.

The three words that sum this story up are LISTEN, LEARN, LEAD.

Here are some quotes that represent the quality of the book:

QUOTE (135): I felt so disgraced that I stayed in my room twenty-two hours a day, venturing out only at odd hours to get food when the chow hall was virtually empty.

QUOTE (173): A good leader will tell the truth regardless of the outcome.

QUOTE (216): Over the succeeding days, I did more listening and learning than leading.

QUOTE (367): Our [Wounded Wear] mission is to help wounded warriors, their families, and the families of the fallen.  We help them rediscover the hero within them [with clothing that reconnects them to the public with slogans such as Scarred so that Others May Live Free.}

QUOTE (371): Above all, in the years ahead, Ill do everything I can to show our nation that the American Dream still burns bright. We veterans have always believed in it, have defended it, and have given our lives for...


Where did medicine go wrong? The strange world of vaccines, pregnancy and children "IndyWatch Feed World"

Something very strange has happened since I studied health, nutrition and holistic health sciences and matriculated in prenatal and infant nutrition. Back then, pregnant mothers were advised to take no medications, not even an aspirin! All medications were to be carefully "vetted" by the female's obstetrician-physician and were to be taken only when absolutely necessary! Vaccines were nowhere near the radar screens of prenatal or neonatal health monitoring or medical services provided. Nor did we see or hear anything about the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and its "genetic lineage" except Dr. Leo Kanner's discovery published in 1943, first reported in the medical literature as "Kanner's syndrome"! Where were the "genetic science and data" hiding if ASD supposedly is/was even a somewhat quasi-factual genetic proclivity [1]? What's happened since and where did medicine go wrong [2], I have to ask?


US: Mother gets 7 days in jail for baptizing daughter after custody dispute "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Charlotte mother has been sentenced to seven days in jail for having her daughter baptized, according to WSOC. The court case goes back a couple of years to when Kendra Stocks and Paul Schaaf were in a custody battle over their daughter. Court documents say the two could never agree on religion. According to court records, Schaaf is a practicing Catholic who attends Mass every week, and that ultimately the court granted him final decision-making authority on all legal custody decisions, including decisions concerning religion.


FDA's regulatory overreach reflects a poor understanding of Homeopathy "IndyWatch Feed World"

Is the FDA acting out of malicious intent or willful ignorance in publishing a new draft guidance on homeopathics which would effectively treat them like pharmaceutical drugs, with similar regulatory requirements? When FDA announced a "draft guidance" in December 2017 stating its latest intentions regarding the regulation of homeopathic products, it became clear that the agency had paid little attention to the concerns of the homeopathic community of practitioners, consumers, patients, and manufacturers. It turns out that the FDA's public hearing held in 2015-during which numerous representatives of homeopathic interests from across the U.S and around the globe gave overwhelmingly positive testimony as to the safety, efficacy, and unique nature of homeopathic medicines-was just a pretense designed to give the appearance that it was taking the public's concerns into account.


Review: EPIDEMIC Americas Trade in Child Rape "IndyWatch Feed World"

Lori Handrahan, PhD

5 Stars Compelling Overview of Government-Approved Child Abuse

I am a Commissioner on the treaty-mandated Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse.  I was not able to get the Commission to drop the Sex word because it is too limiting. Child abuse includes not only kidnapping and slavery and sex as well as physical abuse, but also torture, ritual murder, casual murder, and the harvesting of child blood, bone marrow, and body parts. This is the first book I have found that does three things:

01 Paints a compelling picture of how pervasive child rape and abuse are across the USA.

02 Makes it crystal clear that all of this is approved by the government (local to national).

03 Repeatedly makes the point that we have failed to document all of these instances there is a massive cover-up of the known facts and a deliberate attempt, led by the FBI (in my view) to not collect the data, not process the data, not publish the data.

Since this is precisely what the Commission I am serving intends to do, starting with the USA and the Commonwealth countries, among whom Australia is second only to England for its judicial and political pedophiles in number, I gladly recommend this book to every citizen with a conscience who wants to understand that at root, the government is quite fine with pervasive child abuse.

The author does superbly in making the case that child abuse including not only the rape of children (including bestiality I speculate that my Marine Corps returned from Afghanistan with both a taste for children, and dogs trained in Afghanistan to rape children for brutal voyeurism) but the broad sharing of child pornography including brutality and murder (snuffing), starting with new-born babies as the new new thing, is prevalent across all elements of the US national security community as well as down into local law enforcement and particularly including police chiefs and sitting judges, some of whom have been caught masturbating to child pornography being watched in the middle of an adult murder trial.

I dont make this stuff up. Pages 52-53 of this book are missing, I believe deliberately, those appear to be the pages that discuss the authors marriage, her discovery that her husband was raping her child, and the pathos of a US judicial system that would not bring him to justice.

Among highlights of the book, which is carefully documents at a post-PhD level...


Makes sense? Mueller says Russian 'agents' organized rallies for both Hillary and Trump "IndyWatch Feed World"

The mainstream media's year-long narrative that the Trump campaign "colluded" with Russian officials continued to crumble Friday, with special counsel Robert Mueller's indictment claiming foreign agents held anti-Trump, pro-Hillary rallies in 2016. Mueller's court filings show 13 Russian nationals attempted to sow chaos throughout the election cycle and beyond; holding competing events for both Trump and Clinton on the same day in the same city. "On one day, Nov. 12, 2016, the defendants organized a rally in New York to 'show your support for President-elect Donald Trump' while at the same time organizing a 'Trump is NOT my president rally' that also was held in New York," writes CNBC. NBC News also reports that the Russian agents held a "Support Hillary" rally in July 2016 in Washington, DC. The bombshell revelations throw even more cold water on the liberal conspiracy theory that President Trump and his staff "colluded" with Russian officials to steal the election from Hillary Clinton; just one of many excuses commonly touted by the former Secretary of State following her stunning defeat.


Hezbollah threatens attacks against Israeli offshore oil & gas operations "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hezbollah threatens attacks against Israeli offshore oil & gas operations (VIDEO)
Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has threatened to attack Israels offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling operations in yet another escalation in the two countries increasingly hostile war of words.

During a televised address in Beirut on Friday, Nasrallah said Hezbollah could disable [Israels offshore oil installations] within hours.

If you prevent us, we prevent you; if you open fire at us, we will open fire, he added during a ceremony commemorating the death of Imad Mughniyeh, the partys former military commander who was assassinated in Damascus in 2008.


In the battle for oil and gas, the only power you have, you the Lebanese people, is the resistance, because the Lebanese army is not allowed to own missiles, Nasrallah began the address, as cited by...


Penguin: Open Source Bellcycle "IndyWatch Feed World"

Dare To Be Free!

Bellcycle: The New Open Source Modular Bike

A Bellcycle is a new kind of bicycle that is built from a DIY kit and lets you ride with a straight back and hands kept in a natural position. Its modular and can even be set up to carry cargo.

The Bellcycle is a concept from Labs Bell and has been designed by Alex Bell, an engineer who was born and raised in NYC, US.


Hungary rejects the UN's position that mass migration has a positive effect "IndyWatch Feed World"

Janos Lazar, Hungary's chief of the prime minister's office, said he rejects the UN's position that migration has a positive effect on the economy. Although there's a difference of opinion, the chief of the government office said his country will continue talks with the UN about the current migrant package. According to Lazar the plans to "remove legal or physical barriers and open up borders" are unacceptable. He added that "making migration organised, continuous, and legitimate" is against Hungary's interests.


Virginia State Senator Richard Black: Mueller indicted 13 Russians to drag probe out and keep his position (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed World"

By indicting Russian nationals and entities for meddling in the 2016 US election, FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller seeks to drag the probe out for his own gain, Virginia State Senator Richard Black told RT. Thirteen Russian individuals and three entities, were accused of attempting to advance the presidential bid of Donald Trump and tarnish the reputation of Hillary Clinton with the ultimate goal to "spread distrust towards the candidates and the political system in general." However, none of the activities described in the indictment were able to sway the vote, US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein told media.


Mueller indictments: Insane anti-Trumpists call for yet more escalations against nuclear superpower Russia "IndyWatch Feed World"

US empire loyalists are so close to telling the truth when they babble about "Russian propaganda". They are openly admitting that it is wrong to use media to manipulate the ways that Americans think and vote. Now all we need is for them to admit that they themselves do this constantly, and we'll be on the right track. The word "Russians" is America's top trend on Twitter at the time of this writing because of a Mueller indictment of thirteen alleged members of a Russian troll farm, those nefarious supervillains who posted pictures of puppies and promoted Bernie Sanders to "sow discord in the U.S. political system, including the 2016 U.S. election." Predictably, no evidence is added to cohesively tie the establishment Russia narrative together with allegations of Russia hacking the Democratic party and giving their emails to WikiLeaks, meeting with Donald Trump Jr at Trump Tower, any shenanigans with well-hydrated Russian prostitutes, or indeed anything tying the troll farm to Trump or the Russian government at all. The focus instead is on people disguising their identities to troll Americans on social media, which we have now learned constitutes a "conspiracy to defraud the United States." As Disobedient Media's Elizabeth Lea Vos rightly points out, it is also behavior that the Hillary Clinton campaign is known to have funded and engaged in extensively.


Heckler or Security Threat? To Scott Pruitt, They're All the Same. "IndyWatch Feed World"

On New Year's Eve 2017, Scott Pruitt checked, Visited nearly 30 states on his tweeted list of year-end accomplishments. But now his very frequent and very expensive travel around and outside the United States has become a source of controversy as he has used his security needs as the justification for his extensive use of first-class flights. Pruitt has []


The Green Movement Is Lily White. That's a Problem. "IndyWatch Feed World"

This story was originally published by Grist and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.  It's been 20 years since Esteban Gonzlez Burchard took a trip to Chicago that changed his life. The asthma researcher had been to the Windy City before, so tourism wasn't on his agenda. Rather, he was there to attend the American Thoracic []


"Trump Is Disposable, He's The Doorman - 'The Deep State Runs The Show'" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Trump Is Disposable, He's The Doorman -
 'The Deep State Runs The Show'"
by Jeff Thomas

Picture this: A tribal leader from a distant country visits the US. Hes brought to a large apartment building in New York City. When he gets out of the car, he looks up at the great building and is quite impressed. A uniformed doorman exits the foyer and comes out on the sidewalk. The tribesman sees the gold braiding and brass buttons of his coat and immediately decides that this is a very important person. Again he looks up at the building and says to the doorman, This is a very great home you have. You must be very important indeed.

Of course, if we...


William Harvey: The delightful inside story of blood "IndyWatch Feed World"

He spent 10 painstaking years working out how our blood really circulates: 17th-century physician William Harvey deserves his own London exhibition


Disclosure about Corey Goode, Roger Ramsaur, Smart Suits, Holographic Medical Pods, SSP "IndyWatch Feed World"


In the Disclosure about Corey Goode, Roger Ramsaur, Smart Suits, Holographic Medical Pods, & SSP we discuss how Ileana got to know Corey Goode and Roger Ramsaur Richards through various email and text correspondences. We walk through Ileana's timeline of starting disclosing her information in 2016 about what she knows about the ICC Mars Bases, ICC Cybernetic Labs, ICC Smart Suits, Holographic Medical Pods, Portable Meditech Units, etc. Ileana claims she was an Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate Secret Space Program Asset, Corey Goode tried to convince Illeana through his mind control manipulation emails, various smear campaign tactics on the internet that Ileana is a fake, liar and danger to children. Goode had no supporting evidence to back up any of his claims about Ileana and that she had never been an SSP asset.

Here is Ileana's various disclosure work about the topics that she discussed in this video concerning the ICC Mars Bases, Cybernetic Labs, Smart Suits, Holographic Medical Pods, Portable Meditch Units, etc.:

Smart Suit Technology & Cybernetic Labs on ICC Mars Bases videos & PDF files:

Disclosure About the Secret Space Programs & the Dark Fleet (July 24, 2016)



Philippine maid murdered in Kuwait "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 15 February 2018 video from the Philippines is called So goodbye, angel Joanna Daniela Demafelis R I P.

From Associated Press:

Family grieves Philippine maid found dead in Kuwait freezer

By Jim Gomez

MANILA, Philippines Feb 16, 2018, 6:00 AM ET

The body of a Filipino housemaid found stuffed in a freezer in an abandoned apartment in Kuwait was flown home to her grieving family Friday, as attention focused on the plight of millions of mostly poor Filipinos toiling abroad.

As Joanna Daniela Demafelis remains were wheeled to the Manila airports cargo bay, her sister broke into tears and embraced the casket before being pulled back and consoled. A brother wept quietly, speechless and overwhelmed by emotion.

I hope my sister will be given justice, Demafelis brother, Jojit Demafelis, later told reporters.

Demafelis body was found Feb. 6 in a Kuwait City apartment that had reportedly been abandoned for more than a year. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said her body bore torture marks and there were indications she was strangled.

Her death is the latest overseas tragedy to befall a worker from the Philippines, a major labor exporter with about a tenth of its 100 million people working abroad. The workers have been called the countrys heroe...


Bio-Spiritual Harvesting "IndyWatch Feed World"

Lisa Renee

As we pull back the curtain we are examining a few ways that the NAA hide the practice of soul and energy harvesting in plain sight.  Read More


Dog food recall: Euthanasia drug found in cans of Gravy Train, Kibbles N Bits and more "IndyWatch Feed World"

Its the latest in what has become a disturbingly common occurrence another pet food maker has recalled a variety of canned dog food after a dangerous chemical was found in its food during a TV stations investigation.


Earthquake swarm hits Canary Islands' La Palma "IndyWatch Feed World"

THE Canary Island of La Palma has been hit by another flurry of earthquakes once again prompting fears the deadly Cumbre Vieja could erupt - just four months after scientists recorded a swarm of more than 200 tremors. The Spanish archipelago was struck by up to 70 small quakes, recorded between Monday and Wednesday, reaching between magnitude 1.5 and 2.6 on the Richter scale. Andgovernment officials announced more quakes were felt between 3am and 6.30am this morning at magnitudes of between 2.1 and 1.5. Most of them were located in the area of Los Canarios, in Fuencaliente, and in El Pueblo, Villa de Mazo, although they have also been registered in El Paso and Tazacorte. The Canary Government has now stepped in and called for an urgent meeting to take place on Friday to discuss why the quakes are happening again and what might happen in the future. The seismic activity is the latest to hit the Spanish islands, popular with British holidaymakers, after it was struck by a flurry of earthquakes in October last year.


Beautiful birds in Panama "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

Chestnut-headed Oropendola and male Green Honeycreeper, Feb. 15, 2018 | Panama Fruit Feeder Cam

Watch LIVE 24/7 with highlights and viewing resources at

The Panama Fruit Feeder Cam is a collaboration between the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Canopy Family.

About the site: The Panama Fruit Feeder Cam is located on the grounds of the Canopy Lodge in El Valle de Antn, Panama. This site is just over 2,000 ft above sea level in the low mountains of Cerro Gaital, with a mild springtime climate year-round. A small stream called Rio Guayabo runs past the feeders in the background, and the lush landscaping of the Canopy Lodge grounds grade into the forested slopes around them. The feeding table is around 40 feet from the main lodge, and is one of several feeders provisioned throughout the day so that guests to the lodge are greeted to spectacular views of many of the common birds found in this ecosystem.

The video features clay-coloured thrushes as well.

  • ...


What are your hopes and fears now that Donald Trump is President of the USA? "IndyWatch Feed World"

You Will Not Believe Whats In the Domestic Terrorism Act of 2018

Emigrate While You Still Can! Learn More

Hae you heard about the Domectic Terrorism Act passed by Congress? You wont believe whats in the bill, but you can bet that you are now defined as a terrorist.

For more stories like these, visit The Common Sense Show

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Montecito fire and mudslide victims accuse power utility of removing potential evidence "IndyWatch Feed World"

LOS ANGELES Southern California Edison is removing power poles from the Santa Paula foothills that could be vital to determining the cause of the deadly Thomas fire, as well as the ensuing debris flow that devastated Montecito, according to area residents.


Born villain (Manson) "IndyWatch Feed World"


Born Villain is the eighth studio album by American rock band Marilyn Manson. It was released on April 25, 2012 by Cooking Vinyl and Marilyn Mansons Hell, etc.
Released: April 25, 2012

Recorded: January 2010 November 2011

Length: 63:25


MM an American industrial metal band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Formed in 1989, the group was originally known as Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids and featured eponymous vocalist Marilyn Manson (real name Brian Warner), guitarist Daisy Berkowitz (real name Scott Putesky) and bassist Olivia Newton Bundy (real name Brian Tutunick).[1] The trio was later joined by keyboardist Zsa Zsa Speck (real name Perry Pandrea), before Tutunick and Pandrea were replaced by Gidget Gein (real name Brad Stewart) and Madonna Wayne Gacy (real name Stephen Brier), respectively, at the end of the year.[2]Sara Lee Lucas (real name Fred Streithorst) joined as the bands first drummer in 1991,[3] and in 1992 the band removed the Spooky Kids element from its name, simply callin...


What knocked over 100 giant trees in Washington's Olympic National Park? "IndyWatch Feed World"

It came in the night, snapping trees like chopsticks. During the early hours of Jan. 27 more than 100 gigantic old growth trees fell on the north shore of Lake Quinault. The resulting thud at about 1:30 a.m. was strong enough to register as a small earthquake, according to a seismic monitor at Quinault. Fallen trees, their splintered trunks left pointing in the air, blocked North Shore Road and damaged utility lines along a 1,000-foot stretch. The sides of the blowdown area were about one half-mile long. Officials from Olympic National Park knew some sort of wind event was the culprit but nearby weather stations reported only light breezes that night. Radar didn't show any storms. University of Washington climatologist Cliff Mass investigated the mystery like, in his words, Sherlock Holmes. The fallen trees in the affected area near July Creek were all facing south. The wind had to come from the north. "The strong winds could not have been the result of microburst associated with a thunderstorm or strong convection," Mass wrote on his weather blog. "Weather radar showed no such feature and the lightning detection network had no strikes in the region." Theories abounded on the park's Facebook page: Experimental military equipment, tornado, Sasquatch.


Alleged Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz was reported to FBI, cops, school - but warning signs were missed or ignored "IndyWatch Feed World"

Alleged Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz was reported to FBI, cops, school - but warning signs were missed or ignored | 16 Feb 2018 | Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Friday ordered an "immediate review" after it emerged that the FBI had not acted on a recent tip that Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz wanted to "kill people" and there was the "potential of him conducting a school shooting." In a statement, the bureau admitted to receiving a call on Jan. 5 from a person close to Cruz who contacted the FBI through its Public Access Line (PAL) tipline to express concerns about his erratic behavior and disturbing social media posts. "Under established protocols, the information provided by the caller should have been assessed as a potential threat to life," the FBI statement said. "We have determined that these protocols were not followed for the information received by the PAL on Jan. 5."


The Irish, Scottish and Sami Indians of the Southeastern United States "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Irish, Scottish and Sami Indians of the Southeastern United States


The missing detail in understanding history is that Lewis and Glastonbury ( Tin mines ) along with the Grand Maan copper mine in Wales were the  Eastern anchors for the great circle route that connected to Georgia at least and further north to New England as well.

The Bronze Age from 2500 BC through 1159 BC brought metal from the Americas to Bimini for assembly for the run to Lewis along the great circle route.    The Great circle route continued to operate effectively to the present.  The Norse and the Templar dominated during the several centuries before contact.

With this background it is then possible to understand the material here as it does not exist in splendid isolation at all as we have been stubbornly taught..

The Irish, Scottish and Sami Indians of the Southeastern United States


Atlantis against Mu "IndyWatch Feed World"

The names are essentially wrong but this does not matter.  The narrative is similar to Indian scriptures as well.

I do think that our future will be much different than this as we will empower the natural community and the true wisdom of humanity were all strive for true wisdom and mastery.

Otherwise a cycle of continuing human folly is not to be recommended.

Most important do observe the passing of these narratives and the limits in what can be shared.  What is science and a spaceship except loan words to confuse us?


Testimony of a Hopi Indian on MU and its fall

"Survivors of Mu"

There exists little information about the continent of Mu and practically no serious reporting about the war opposing this continent of the Pacific to the inhabitants of the island of Atlantis The lines which follow are likely to touch a fair number among you. It is about the testimony of an Indian Hopi (Polar Bear) who reports with much generosity the history of his ancestors that was transmitted from generation to generation and this during thousands of years Polar Bear tells the history of its people the Hopis and the relations which he succeeded to keep with the celestial creator and his auxiliaries the different Kachinas. It reveals us the absurd war which opposed his ancestors who lived on Mu (Ksskara) with the people of Atlantis (Talawaitichqua) and the destruction of these two worlds. The world of Atlantis is described like a society in full decline. 

Polar Bear reports this way the painful exiles of its people towards the American continent 80.000 years ago which fully discredits the thesis of the arrival of the Indians there 10 to 12.000 years ago by the Bering Strait 

Here thus a remarkable testimony in many regards! This document has never been translated in English. It comes from a German book published in 1979 and entitled Ksskara und die Sieben Welten (Ksskara and the Seven Worlds). We translated for you only the pa...


Chinese traditional medicine gains popularity at home and abroad "IndyWatch Feed World"


What Chinese traditional medicine needs mostly is a modern marketing solution.  The science is purportedly empirical in its origins and certainly its longevity is supported by empirical results.

The actual original discovery process though was surely channeled in the same way we are seeing discoveries been channeled in the amazon using ayahuasca.

This process invalidates nothing because that demands empirical means which four thousand years of practice has provided.

The real challenge is to understand best practice and that has been limited by diagnostic skill and the human mind.  support all that with computer power and we can go there..
Chinese traditional medicine gains popularity at home and abroad

by Rob McBride

28 Jan 2018

Some scientists in the West have long disputed the therapeutic value of traditional Chinese medicine, but it seems the ancient craft is gaining popularity at home and abroad.

It's even been hailed by Xi Jinping's government as "the gem of Chinese science".

Al Jazeera's Rob McBride reports from China's biggest traditional medicine market in the city of Bozhou.


From bean to bar "IndyWatch Feed World"






None of this can truly change until we master the resolution of poverty itself.  That must include the natural availability of the four hour shift directly tied to Community needs.  Education itself needs to stop been a mere warehouse and a directed experience aimed at optimizing results. 
Yet way more important, we need to correctly support the agricultural enterprise with robots.  Grass must be cut back and machetes can be operated by robots as easily as kids. Our problem is that it is either or.  That is going to change out over the next generation.
Yet for all the complaining in this article, this has been the superior alternative to the past.  Recall surplus children were sold directly into the slave trade as happens today in SE Asia and elsewhere.
Children need to expect to work or contribute safely and also master their schoolwork as all those American farm boys and girls of our past..  . 
From bean to bar


Resisting Resistance "IndyWatch Feed World"

A US-UK trade deal threatens to export the horrors of US corporate livestock production

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 14th February 2018


It looks like a proper zombie apocalypse. Bacteria we thought we had conquered are on the march again, defeating almost all attempts to slaughter them. Having broken through the outer walls, they have reached our last lines of defence. Antibiotic resistance is among the greatest threats to human health.

Infections that were once easy to quash now threaten our lives. Doctors warn that routine procedures, such as caesareans, hip replacements and chemotherapy, could one day become impossible, due to the risk of exposing patients to deadly infection. Already, in the European Union alone, 25,000 people a year are killed by antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Yet our last defences the rare drugs to which bacteria have not yet become immune are being squandered with wild abandon. While most doctors seek to use them precisely and parsimoniously, some livestock farms literally slosh them around. They add them to the feed and water supplied to entire herds of cattle, pigs or poultry: not to treat illness, but to prevent it.

Or not even that. In the 1950s, farmers discovered that small quantities of antibiotics added to feed make animals grow faster. Using antibiotics as growth promoters low doses routinely applied is a perfect formula for generating bacterial resistance. Yet many countries continue to permit this reckless practice. The US Food and Drug Administration asks drug companies voluntarily to refrain from labelling antibiotics as growth promoters. But with a nod and a wink, it suggests they be rebranded for new therapeutic indications. Around 75% of the antibiotics used in the US are fed to farm animals. Our city is under siege, and we are knocking down our own defences.

The EU and the UK are no paragons. The Guardian has revealed that both pork and chicken sold here are infected with resistant superbugs. Outrageously, it i...


MySay: An App to Poll Voters Ahead of the Elections and More "IndyWatch Feed World"

A major problem in Lebanon is the lack of numbers to back up peoples claims. Everyone thinks they share the same opinion as the majority, but if everyone claims that, then thats definitely not the case. Add to that pollsters and statistics that are often steeped in doubt, and you get a huge vacuum on numbers when it comes to peoples positions on different issues.

MySay is an app for Androud and iOS launched last week that allows you to ask questions, and poll users answers anonymously. Being only weeks away from Lebanons first parliamentary elections in almost a decade, means this app might be a valuable tool in gauging the chances of various candidates, as well as voters stances on major hot-button topics.

Of course, the app allows you to ask any question you want, not just elections-related topics. I flipped through some of the questions real quick, and was disappointed that 75% of people polled said they havent even seen the Last Jedi yet. There are other worrying results, like 42% of men in Lebanon admitting they have cheated on their spouse, or 53% of Lebanese who believe forcing Syrian students to sign a pledge not to marry or fall in love with Lebanese women is justified.

If youre into elections, MySay App just released a special section for that on the app thats clearly visible in red at the bottom. You will be able to check out the candidates and parties in your electoral district and vote for your favorite ones.

I think MySay has a great potential especially if it manages to attract a larger number of active users. Its been a week now and I see there are over 1000

You can download the app for your Android [here], and iPhone [here].


British trade union march, 13 May "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video from Britain says about itself:

9 June 2017

The General Election 2017 revealed a real hunger for change for ordinary working people.

Now that workers have spoken, its time for politicians to act.

We need a new deal for working people.

The TUC is a federation of 50 unions and their members. We are the voice of workers in Britain.

For more information visit:

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Labour movement prepares for TUC march

TRADE unionists are gearing up for a major TUC-organised march and rally this spring.

The New Deal For Working People demonstration on Saturday May 13 will call for more and better jobs as well as a more equal society.

Announcing its support, public-sector union GMB pointed out that, in the last decade, workers across all industries have faced a rapid growth of precarious, casual work, often badly paid or on zero-hours contracts.

London regional secretary Warren Kenny said: Fair and balanced employment practices and laws have been hard fought-for over many decades.

They exist to protect working people from inequality, bullying and to provide them with the most basic rights anyone should be entitled to expect.

Marchers will assemble on the...


The Hidden Power of Kissing and Its Ability to Make or Break Any Relationship "IndyWatch Feed World"

Kissing is something we all do and while we may not realize it, kissing is a pretty damn powerful thing. Have you ever stopped to think about how important kissing really is?

We often think of it as something small and minuscule, but it means a lot to so many people. When done properly kissing can even strengthen a couples bond with one another. Kissing is something that engages all of our senses and allows our bodies to really assess whether or not we are compatible with someone.

According to the works of Rutgers University anthropologist Helen Fisher, this behavior is something we as humans evolved to facilitate three essential needs: sex drive, attachment, and romantic love. Kissing is something that helps us find our partners in life and basically figure out who we want to commit to and build a life with. I know, it sounds far more complicated than it is but stay with me and things will begin to make more sense as we go.

The University of Texas wrote on their website as follows in regards to what happens when we engage in a kiss:

A good romantic kiss quickens our pulse and dilates our pupils, which is probably part of the reason so many of us close our eyes. Our brains receive more oxygen than normal and breathing can become irregular and deepen. Our cheeks flush, too, but thats only the beginning.

There is an associated rise in the neurotransmitter dopamine, responsible for craving and desire. Meanwhile, serotonin spikes to stimulate obsessive thoughts about a partner. This is the same neurotransmitter involved in obsessive-compulsive disorder. Oxytocin, popularly called the love hormone, is involved in bonding, fostering a sense of attachment. This is the chemical likely responsible for maintaining a loving relationship over years and decades.

Notice anything? The hormones and neurotransmitters coursing through our brains and bodies are responsible for many of the symptoms we associate with falling in love.

Of course, sometimes a kiss does not go well and romantic feelings instantly change upon first contact. According to evolutionary psychologist Gordon Gallup of the University of Albany, 59 percent of men and 66 percent of women say they have ended a budding relationship because of a bad kiss. It turns out that our sense of smell may be partially responsible as we pick up subconscious clues about the other persons DNA or reproductive status. Biologist Claus Wedekind found that women are most attracted to the scent of men who have a very different genetic code immune system than their own in a region known as the...


Nobody Wants to Admit It, But This is the Real Reason Behind the Mass Shootings "IndyWatch Feed World"

As you are most likely already aware there was a devastating school shooting in Parkland Florida just this past week. One high school boy managed to take the lives of seventeen students and teachers wounding at least fourteen others, this is becoming all too common here in the US and I am sick of it.

The person responsible for this shooting, in particular, was a 19-year-old named Nikolas Cruz, he much like others in this world and the US specifically thought violence was the only answer to the problems he was facing. Dont get me wrong, nothing he has done could ever be justified and he deserves to be locked up for good because of his actions, but his actions could have been avoided if things had been different. Corporate media is quick to blame mental illness for all of the problems that occur but to be completely honest mental health while it is a huge issue is not the main cause behind these shootings we have been facing throughout the years.

Those with mental illness only make-up about 18 percent of adults and are no more likely to commit violent acts than the rest of us. While there are clear mental health factors in these kinds of things mental health is not the sole cause or the thing we should be placing blame on. Violence is the default reaction most of us take when it comes to being bullied, having people disagree with us, or even when we feel we arent being heard properly.

Have you ever been around someone who got mad over almost nothing? I have seen people quick to anger far too many times. We get angry and we turn to violence far too quickly. Violence is causing these things to happen whether you want to see it that way or not. Have you ever seen how angry and violent people get when you mention enacting laws they disagree with? Violence is basically all we know.

We dont pay close enough attention to our children or the people around us. We let these acts of violence go ignored. We hear people make threats and assume they are joking until it is too late until they have already done what they were threatening to do. Mass shootings are not something that should be happening. Something needs to be done, we need some kind of shift. Violence is becoming too much a part of who we are as a whole.

People with mental illnesses should be getting the care they need, we should not be jumping to violence everytime something we dont like happens. We have to do better regardless of our mental status, not all shootings happen because of a mental illness. Sure, some people have it worse off and plenty of us have reason to be angry but we should never act on these thi...


Oxfam: 'The attacks feel out of proportion to the level of culpability' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Attacks on the organisation are out of proportion to the level of culpability, says the organisation's chief executive.


10 Authentic Signs of Intelligence That Are Impossible to Fake "IndyWatch Feed World"

Everyone has the aspiration to be clever, or at least to be perceived as intellectual, and many of us seize noteworthy steps to try to become smarter. Yet, there are numerous categories of intelligence that can not necessarily be trained.

You may not even realize how smart you actually are! As it turns out, there are several potential signs of intelligence that you may not even know about.

Here are 10 indicators that you may be smarter than you think, according to scientific research.

You Are Extremely Open-Minded

Smart individuals do not close themselves off to new concepts or opportunities. Hammett notes, intelligent people are willing to accept and consider other views with value and broad-mindedness, and that they are open to alternative solutions. Open-minded individuals are those who seek out alternate viewpoints and weigh the pros and cons reasonably; these intellectuals tend to score higher on the SATs.

You Are Musically Inclined

Researchers tested the mental abilities of senior citizens and discovered that musicians performed better at a number of tests. In particular, musicians excelled at visual memory tasks. While musicians had similar verbal capabilities to non-musicians, the musicians ability to memorize new words was markedly better, too. Perhaps most importantly, the musicians IQ scores were higher overall than those who spent their lives listening to music rather than performing it.

You Tend To Procrastinate

Many scientists would believe that bright individuals procrastinate even at work they find momentous. Wharton psychologist Adam Grant suggests that procrastination is key to innovation and that Steve Jobs used it strategically.

As Grant told Business Insiders Rachel Gillett, The time Steve Jobs was putting things off and noodling on possibilities was time well spent in letting more divergent ideas come to the table, as opposed to diving right in with the most conventional, the most obvious, the most familiar.



Congo's mega-crisis 'at deadly tipping point' "IndyWatch Feed World"

With 13 million Congolese needing emergency assistance, aid is not meeting even minimum life-saving needs in worst-hit areas, says a Norwegian NGO.


#PyeongChang2018: Updates on the Lebanese Athletes at The 2018 Winter Olympics "IndyWatch Feed World"

Here are the latest updates on the three Lebanese taking part in the 2018 Winter Olympics being held in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Natacha Mohbat was able to finish her two runs in the Ladies Slalom and placed 52nd out of 78 skiers, which is a very encouraging result given how many skiers crash out in the discipline.

As for Samer Tawk, who is the first Lebanese to ever qualify to the Winter Olympics in cross country skiing, he finished 109th out of 116 competitors in the Mens 15KM Free. This is also an encouraging start for the 17-year old athlete who still has a lot to prove.

Allen Behlok will be competing tomorrow at the Mens Giant Slalom.

Here are a couple of interviews done by Rayane Moussallem whos in South Korea to cover the Olympics. Speaking of coverage, the Olympics website and online coverage are the shittiest Ive seen in years. I dont know if its because of where we live, but I can barely find any videos or highlights online and websites broadcasting the olympics are also blocking their content.


8 Supplements That Will Boost The Function of Your Pineal Gland "IndyWatch Feed World"

The pineal gland is a very important and yet mysterious part of our bodies. It is the seat at which our higher self-sits and where our bodies connect with our purpose and all things otherworldly.

This small gland is also referred to by most as the third eye. While we should never force it open we can boost its functioning and in doing so boost our awareness as well. Below you will find a list of different herbs and supplements, in general, you can use to prevent calcification of your pineal gland. Keep in mind these are all considered natural and have tons of benefits besides the fact that they boost our pineal glands.

This is a great place to start if you are wanting to begin exploring the unknown spiritually. While not everyone wants to use them all you will most likely be able to find a couple that tickles your fancy. I personally use ACV for tons of things and so it is always readily available.

8 Supplements That Will Help You Boost The Function of Your Pineal Gland:

1. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

The malic acid in raw apple cider vinegar works to detoxify heavy metals for anyone who may be wondering and it is also full of natural vitamins and minerals that will help to replenish your body. Malic acid is something that binds with toxins and works with the body to eliminate them. Click here to learn more about the benefits of ACV. Be sure that what you are getting is RAW ACV the bottle will be glass, not plastic. Braggs is my go to.

2. Iodine

Iodine is something that can also benefit your pineal gland greatly if you use it properly. The easiest way to take it is through the consumption of algae-related foods but there are also supplements available most places. You can learn more about the benefits of Iodine by clicking here.

3. Oregano Oil

Oregano oil helps in the purification process big time. It offers tons of therapeutic benefits and has proven to be a great healing tool. It can kill off parasites and ease many kinds of infections. I strongly recommend keeping this one around. Cook with it or eat it alone, oregano oil can do great things.

4. Raw Cacao

Raw cacao is loaded down with antioxidants and tons of things that can help our bodies. Raw cacao is both delicious and beneficial. It can even increase the size of our blood vessels by triggering high levels of nitric oxide. To learn more about raw cacao...


UNDP Latest Poverty Assessment Report: 30% of Lebanese are Poor "IndyWatch Feed World"

The last Rapid Poverty Assessment in Lebanon report conducted by UNDP was back in 2008 back when the Syrian Crisis hadnt begun yet. Thats why a more recent one was conducted over a year ago and the numbers were even more alarming than 8 years ago:

30% (or 1.5M individuals) of the Lebanese population live on less than 4$/day or 120$/month
About 300,000 are considered extremely poor and live on less than 2.5$/day (unable to meet their basic food needs)

You can find above the MTV report and below a summary of the full report:

3% of the population own more than $100,000
30% of the population own between $10,000 and $100,000
The remaining 67% own less than $10,000

% Poverty across Lebanon:
16% in Beirut
22% in Mount Lebanon
25% in Nabatieh
32% in the South
36% in the North
38% in the Bekaa Valley


The Most Brutally Honest and Truthful Description of Your Zodiac Sign "IndyWatch Feed World"

The internet is inundated with articles using the Zodiac signs to assess many different areas of our personality. With just a couple minutes that the assistance of Google you can find out who would be your perfect match, what career you should pursue, which color you should wear to your next job interview, and what kind of pet you should bring into your home All determined by actively assessing the unique personality traits associated with each individual sign.

Some of us believe strongly in the influence that the Zodiac can hold, researching and assessing how this can impact our lives. We acknowledge that a thorough understanding of our Zodiac can allow us to push ourselves forward in life towards success. Others will enjoy these articles merely for the entertainment value, spending hours reading through the most random and humorous of connections that have been drawn. Regardless of how much trust you put in these articles, they are a great way to waste an afternoon.

With celebrities and influencers throwing their support behind the accuracy of the Zodiac, the trust in astrology is growing in the United States. In fact, the number of Americans who believe that there is a scientific basis for the study is growing, directing more attention toward astrology than ever before.

The question remains, how much of what we read are mere puff pieces, and how many reveal the real truth. Can most people handle the real truth? Well, brace yourself, because were bringing you just that the brutal, unfiltered truth.

Source: imgflip

Here is the most brutally honest and truthful description of your Zodiac sign:

Aries (March 21 April 19)

It can be difficult to keep everything organized all the time, but with a little effort, you could surely do better than you are at this point. Your disorganization is a burden on everyone else in your life, constantly trying to sort your world out for you. Part of life as an adult is stepping up and being responsible for your own BS So, grow up and, put on those big boy/girl pants and start organizing your life.



Connecting the Dots: Big Pharma, Poppies/Opiates, Gun Control Blame "IndyWatch Feed World"

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By The Voice of Kwan Yin

Which Way America??

A Picture is worth a Thousand words.
SO PLEASE look and see the Connections in plain sight IN THIS POLITICAL CARTOON.

And just in case you need clues:

Connecting the Dots...Big Pharma $$$ Vaccines are the first Drugs forced on us at birth which may have causal link to Inflamatory gut & brain injury... then ...loss of speech before age two....development of allergies.... autoimmune disease like asthma, soriasis or eczema issues......and Autism ADD/ADHD spectrum diagnosis.

Here's a number you haven't heard : over 100 thousand new diagnosed " Autism is brain injury" each year.

The Cause is toxic injury, not a genetic DNA issue.

This is the planned agenda of hooking a person for life to use mind altering drugs LEGAL OR ILLEGAL.

A Vaccine is a toxic DRUG.

Drugs kill BY FIRST causing INFLAMATION and INJURY in the first months of life.
This is NOT Conspiracy, it is Corporate Policy to make money for the life of the person.

And $$ on Wall Street by selling more and more vaccines and drugs for LIFE.

Our society is choosing money $$...


Restored Republic via a GCR as of Feb. 17, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Feb. 17 2018

Compiled 12:15 am EDT 17 Feb. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. Judy Note: Summary of this week's events:

1. Native American tribes were paid out their due funds last Mon. Feb. 12.

2. There was a 72 hour waiting period for us to go that expired Feb. 15-16.

3. The SWIFT system had been run in tandem with the CIP system, yet Russia switched over to the new system at midnight Feb. 14-15.

4. There were arrangements made to release a huge amount of money to certain groups after the Chinese New Year on Feb. 16.

5. The GCAM (Global Collateral Accounts Master) has been informed to prepare to oversee the RV exchanges this month (date classified).

6. As of Feb. 16 the US Treasury signed off on the RV/GCR and Banks have been instructed to get the 800#s underway.

7. Last Wed. Feb. 14 the Military Reserves were put on alert to assure security of our exchanges.

8. According to TNT the 800#s release window was now sometime between tonight Feb. 16 and the morning of Tues. Feb. 19.

9. It was reported that 23 bank people were secretly arrested this week.

10. With the global political and economic changes, there was apt to be a 90-day window where things would get tough for the average citizen. Have your food storage ready.



Real Estate v Quantitative Easing "IndyWatch Feed World"

QUESTION: Hi Martin,
I just finished your new NYSE Boom/Bust report. This is excellent work and as always extremely fascinating. Thank you for continuing to share these profound views with us.
My question relates to your view that we are looking at a complete collapse of Quantitative Easing and that will likely see a massive capital flight to the dollar and the major safe haven will be EQUITIES. In the context of this possibility, are you able to comment on how this may relate to Real Estate. Your ECM seems to be calling for Real Estate to top out and structurally fall in 2032. Is it not possible that with the collapse of QE and potentially economies that we will see more negative rates in the short end and with the government powers to seize assets in bank accounts, would it not be prudent to have zero cash in hand and hence we see a massive capital flight to Real Estate too? Or will the collapse of QE lead to significantly higher rates across the curve and hence blow all leveraged exposure sky high?

Many thanks as always,


ANSWER: The problem with real estate has been that its value depends upon lending. This was what the government did as part of the New Deal by creating 30-year mortgages back during 1930s. This was a scheme to get prices up by extending the period people could pay off the loan. Typically, the duration was 5 years previously. Because of the 30-year mortgage, prices have risen to reflect the accumulative amount of earnings available. If there was no lending, prices would collapse to 10 cents on the dollar until cash buyers become interested.

The collapse in Quantitative Easing will have the effect of causing rates to rise on the long-term. However, there will be a shift toward private assets and this will help to a large extent. However, keep in mind that many institutions will be trapped and unable to shift to private assets. Many boards will not understand the shift and still believe, wrongly, that unsecured government debt is best.



Vaping Suppresses The Immune System "IndyWatch Feed World"

E-cigarettes are quickly becoming the smoking apparatus of choice, having been aggressively marketed as both an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes and as a way for smokers to give up their nicotine addiction. As the debate on the potential adverse health effects of vaping continues to rage, a study by the University of North Carolina suggests []


This Lavish City Is 6 Times The Size of NYC and Nearly Abandoned "IndyWatch Feed World"

Theres a town in Burma that almost nobody has ever heard of. The weird thing is, its their capital. The Burmese government announced 10 years ago that the new capital would move from Yangon to Naypyidaw. There wasnt any further explanation given and it seems strange since nobody seemed familiar with Naypyidaw. The country of []


The 2018 Mid-Term Elections "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Mid-Term elections are starting already. There is a huge amount of money being poured into the Democrats to retake the Senate. The entire object here is to reverse the Republican agenda and to return the country back to the class warfare traditions of the Democrats. Of course, this is what will be the final straw to send the USA down the tubes. We have state and local governments in great stress and the solution is to raise more taxes. There is nobody even remotely addressing reform and that even applies to Trump. What he fails to understand is that whatever he accomplishes can be easily undone by a swing in politics. This is why we must just crash and burn.


Emotionally Intelligent Ways To Express These 5 Feelings At Work "IndyWatch Feed World"

No matter what emotions youre experiencing, theres a way to channel them to project leadership.

Youve heard by now that you need to be transparent and authentic and to bring your whole self to work. More often than not, these phrases are shorthand for expressing your feelings. But while its true that you need an emotionally intelligent approach both to build a great work culture and to advance your own career, theres more to it than just wearing your feelings on your sleeve.

Read Full Story


US and Coalition Aid to Iraq Is Ungenerous and Self-Interested "IndyWatch Feed World"

At the donor conference for the post-ISIL reconstruction of Iraq which just ended in Kuwait, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson talked about Iraqi corruption and insecurity, which he claimed had to be tackled for rebuilding investments to be feasible. He said nothing about donations or reparations for the immeasurable damage the US inflicted on Continue reading "US and Coalition Aid to Iraq Is Ungenerous and Self-Interested" The post US and Coalition Aid to Iraq Is Ungenerous [...]


Will Netanyahu Be Indicted? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Pity the almond tree, especially when it is in full bloom. The bloom of the almond is, in German, Mandelblt. That is also the name of Israel's chief legal official, called "the Legal Advisor of the Government". The Legal Advisor is appointed by the government, but is supposed to be completely independent. He is in Continue reading "Will Netanyahu Be Indicted?" The post Will Netanyahu Be Indicted? appeared first on Original.


Peace Through Strength' Is a Racket "IndyWatch Feed World"

Donald Trump has embraced the popular peace through strength doctrine (PTSD) with his characteristic panache: I'm going to make our military so big, so powerful, so strong, that nobody absolutely nobody is gonna to mess with us, Trump says. On other occasions he's said similar things: We want to defer, avoid and prevent Continue reading "Peace Through Strength' Is a Racket" The post Peace Through Strength' Is a Racket appeared first on Original.


Hillary Clinton Outspent Russians 53-1... And Lost "IndyWatch Feed World"

The mixed messages from yesterday's "shocking" indictments of some Russian trolls (while The FBI was busily ignoring potential mass murderers in Florida) need some context to calm the chaotic "told you so" narrative spewing from every orifice of every side in this debacle.

Rand Paul: Is Our Military Budget Too Small, Or Is Our Mission Too Large? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Is our military budget too small, or is our mission too large?  Since 2001, the U.S. military budget has more than doubled in nominal terms and grown over 37% accounting for inflation.  The U.S. spends more than the next eight countries combined.

From Prozac to Parkland: Are Psychiatric Drugs Causing Mass Shootings? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Whille mass killers generally have guns in their hands, another commonality is that they often have psychiatric drugs in their blood. The difference, though, is that it isn't guns that have the side effect of "homicidal ideation."

Ex-CIA director: US meddles in foreign elections 'for a good cause' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Following a federal indictment of Russians accused of meddling in the U.S elections, a former CIA director on Friday said the U.S. probably meddles in other countries elections, as well.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Calls On FBI Director to Resign for Failing to Investigate Tip "IndyWatch Feed World"

Gov. Rick Scott called on the FBI director to resign Friday after the bureau admitted that it failed to investigate a tip in January about the Parkland school shooting suspect.

Incentives matter: after back surgery, a routine urine test resulted in a $17,800 bill the patient was expected to pay "IndyWatch Feed World"

At a followup visit a year after Elizabeth Moreno had a disk removed to successfully treat her crippling pain, her doctor asked her to leave a urine sample; a few months later, Sunset Labs LLC of Houston sent her a bill for $17,800.

Florida H.S. student: We really thought this was a drill throughout much of it "IndyWatch Feed World"

Stoneman Douglas H.S. Senior Brian Hogg told CBS News on Friday that he and his classmates were not only told prior to the code red that there was going to be an active shooter drill but they actually thought much of what happened yesterday was actually a drill.

Israel hits target in Gaza with tank fire after device explodes near IDF patrol "IndyWatch Feed World"

An Israeli tank fired at an observation post located in the southern Gaza Strip, the countrys Defense Forces (IDF) said. The shelling followed an explosive device being detonated near the Israeli patrol in the area. IDF troops were patrolling an area near the security fence in the Gaza Strip, the military tweeted. It is still unclear if the explosion resulted in any casualties. In response, the IDF used a tank to target an observation post in the area.

Mexico helicopter crash kills 13 in wake of earthquake "IndyWatch Feed World"

A military helicopter carrying officials assessing damage from a powerful earthquake crashed Friday in southern Mexico, killing 13 people, all on the ground, according to the Associated Press and Reuters. 

Hawaii bill would require background checks for parents who homeschool "IndyWatch Feed World"

Legislation has been introduced in the Hawaii State Senate which, if passed, would require homeschooling parents to undergo background checks. State Senator Kaialii Kaheles bill is a reaction to several high-profile abuse cases, according to Worlds Leigh Jones. The states Child Welfare Services would conduct reviews on parents wishing to homeschool their children.

Pastor of Philippine mega-church detained after piles of cash found on private jet "IndyWatch Feed World"

The head of a mega-church in the Philippines was detained at Honolulu's airport after federal agents found $350,000 in cash on the private plane he was on. Also found on the plane, parts to assemble military-style rifles, according to sources.

US agents arrest more than 200 undocumented immigrants, target 122 businesses in California sweep "IndyWatch Feed World"

A five-day immigration sweep has led to the arrest of 212 undocumented immigrants and the targeting of 122 firms in Southern California, federal officials said Friday.

Damore's Claim Men Have Higher IQs 'Discriminatory,' 'Constituted Sexual Harassment,' Labor Board Rules "IndyWatch Feed World"

The US National Labor Relations Board's Jayme Sophir rejected James Damore's labor complaint because his claims about "men's prevalence at the top of the IQ distribution" and "women's heightened neuroticism" were "discriminatory" and "constituted sexual harassment."

Hero Citizen Stops Mass Shooting in a Church, Cops Show Up and Shoot HimMedia Silent "IndyWatch Feed World"

As news of the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida dominated the airwaves this week, a massive hostage situationwhich was quickly turning into a mass shooting situationwas foiled by a hero in a church. That hero, however, is now in the hospital after police showed up to the scene and shot him.

No chance of cryptocurrencies replacing fiat money - JPMorgan "IndyWatch Feed World"

Virtual coins fail to meet the major criteria of currency, according to JPMorgan Chase, which has called them a bad store of value and a bad form of money.

This Short Seller Pressed Tweet. Then the FBI Showed Up "IndyWatch Feed World"

Short-sellers arent known for restraint and decorum, and that goes double on Twitter, where Marc Cohodes vowed to take down a CEO he accuses of fraud. I will bury the little fella in a shoe box, Cohodes tweeted in October. Weeks later, a black Ford Expedition pulled up to the short-sellers Sonoma County ranch. Two FBI agents emerged. They showed Cohodes a printout of his tweet and a second one that mentioned loaded guns. Stop sending threatening tweets about the CEO, one of the agents warned, or else.

Nigeria bomb blasts cause deaths at fish market "IndyWatch Feed World"

Three suicide bombers have hit the town of Konduga in north-east Nigeria killing at least 18 people. Two attacked a fish market and a third struck nearby, security sources said. Boko Haram jihadists are being blamed for the blasts, though the group has yet to say it was behind them.

Innocent 84yo Grandmother Assaulted by Police as They Did a Welfare Check on Her Neighbor "IndyWatch Feed World"

A family in Mesa, Arizona has just learned the hard way what calling police to help a relative can often look like as their grandmother is now in the hospital after a welfare check. Showing their incompetence, the welfare check was for another family member but the police assaulted the innocent grandmother anyway.


Marilyn Manson had a meltdown at The Paramount, walked off stage early "IndyWatch Feed World"

MM is not seeming to have a good last couple of years?

Fans demand a refund of last nights show?

Marilyn Manson is back on the road after cancelling dates due to his on-stage injury at NYCs Hammerstein Ballroom last year. Last night (2/15), he returned to the NYC-area for the first time since that injury for a show at The Paramount in Huntington, and for different reasons things didnt go so well this time either. Attendees are saying that he had a meltdown on stage, threw his mic, pushed an amp over, urged the audience to tell him they love him, and walked off stage after an abbreviated set. Here are some tweets from those in attendance:



On the venues Instagram of a picture from the show, fans commented demanding refunds. One wrote, The worst event I ever experienced. He should be held accountable for his actions and not get paid for this. Another said, 3 songs in and the dude had a mental breakdown or was a drunk dick. Remember @marilynmanson we pay $$$ to see you, Im getting a fucking refund. Pissed! Waste of time.

One Reddit user wrote, Theres no more to it. I had the meet and greet. He was wasted. He was worse on stage. Rambled on and on about us loving him. Heres the set Reflecting Deep six Rambling on and on for minutes Disposable teens (cut short) Hes off stage for 5-10 Back and rambles for 20 min about who knows what Saturnalia (poorly played riff over and over for 10+min into lunchbox riff with him doing spoken word for 15 min. Stumbled off stage. Band finished lunchbox the right way. Gods gonna cut you down house music.

Someone else on Reddit wrote, As someone who is still here, EMTs just walked out too. This man is fucking wasted holy hell.



Turkey has used gas now in Syria! "IndyWatch Feed World"

Turkish forces engaged in Operation Olive Branch against Kurdish militias in the northwest of Syria have used gas, Syrian state media SANA reports. At least six civilians have been hospitalized.

Six people have been admitted with symptoms of suffocation as a result of the use of projectiles with poisonous gas by the Turkish regime in the town of Aranda, SANA quotes the hospitals director, Joan Mohammed. Medics are working to determine the type of gas used, Mohammed said.

Local journalist Mohammed Hassan tweeted pictures of patients, who were purported to be victims of the attack, wearing breathing masks.

The hospital director said four of the victims were stable and two were in critical condition.

YPG spokesman Birusk Hasaka confirmed to Reuters that Kurds came under what appears to be a chemical attack during Turkeys offensive on a village, saying that the symptoms of the six people affected are consistent with exposure to a gas poisoning.

Turkey launched Operation Olive Branch on January 20 with a stated goal of securing its borders against Kurdish militias, which they have declared terrorist organizations. Turkish forces entered the northwestern Syrian region, centered around the city of Afrin, and have been liberating village after village with deadly force. They are being supported by the anti-Damascus militias from the Free Syrian Army.

Turkeys aggression has caused some animosity...


Crimean bridge builders unearth spectacular archaeological find "IndyWatch Feed World"

"it's the largest archaeological dig in the history of Russia." While in the process of building the Crimean Bridge, construction workers discovered a previously unknown Greek settlement. Archeological finds show that Slavs have been living in Crimea for five milennia. The site has turned out to be a treasure trove of artifacts. The following clip taken from a Russian news agency with transcript below shows some of these amazing finds.


Syrias downing of Israeli warplane very big achievement, Hezbollah chief says "IndyWatch Feed World"

The secretary general of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has praised the recent downing of an Israeli F-16 fighter jet by the Syrian air defense systems as a very big military achievement.

Syrian movement has decided to repel Israels aerial assaults. The decision to shoot down the plane was taken by the Syrian leadership and President Bashar al-Assad. Those who executed the order were the officers and soldiers from the Syrian Arab Army, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah addressing his supporters via a televised speech from the capital Beirut on Friday evening.

Nasrallah further noted that Israel launched the row with Lebanon over Block 9 on the account that the offshore oil and gas field, which lies in Mediterranean waters, is a boon to the Zionist regime.

Our dispute with Israel over energy reserves could not be simply explained as an economic issue. Israel is making use of the energy issue in order to receive the US green light to annex occupied Golan Heights since there are reports about huge quantities of oil there, he pointed out.

The Hezbollah secretary general went on to say that numerous reports have confirmed significant quantities of oil and gas inside Syria, and that is one of the main reasons behind foreign-backed militancy and the presence of US military forces in the war-ravaged Arab country.


ISIS is almost gone but the fighting continues: Whos still in Syria? "IndyWatch Feed World"

The battle against Islamic State in Syria may be nearing its end, but the conflict in this war-torn country seems far from over. Competing factions and old rivalries have created a complicated, uncertain future for Syria.

With so many different warring parties wrestling for control of Syrias fate, it seems prudent to review the conflicts major actors and where their allegiances lie.

Syrian government

Since 2011, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has been fighting to take back Syrian territory seized by terrorist groups and foreign-funded rebels. Backed by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, Syrian forces have fought Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIL/ISIS), moderaterebels and jihadist groups such as Al-Nusra. The SAA has even faced airstrikes from Israel and the United States, although neither Tel Aviv nor Washington have officially declared war on Damascus. Although opposed to Kurdish efforts to create an autonomous state, reports suggest that Syrian President Bashar Assad has been quietly aiding Kurdish militias in their fight against the Turkish army just one example of the conflicts constantly-shifting allegiances.

Islamic State

The infamous terrorist organization is clinging to its final parcels of land in Syria, where it once controlled huge swathes of territory (although a lot of it uninhabited desert). Created in the chaotic aftermath of the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, the terrorist organization initially began as an insurgent group. In 2014, IS declared itself a worldwide caliphate. With the Iraqi city of Mosul as its self-declared capital, IS eventually pushed into landlocked eastern Syria, seizing Raqqa. The Islamic State is at war with everyone the Syrian Army, US-backed rebels, Kurds, Russia, Hezbollah, Turkey although reports of IS smuggling oil across the border to Turkey have raised questions about Ankaras commitment to neutralizing the terrorist group.


Syria strikes back as Israel discovers its warplanes arent invincible "IndyWatch Feed World"

Israel has long been the unchallenged bully in the Middle East, but now Tel Aviv will face consequences for its temper tantrums. That was the message from Damascus last weekend when the Syrian army shot down an Israeli F-16.

The dramatic escalation happened as Israel claimed one of its warplanes was in Syrian airspace to intercept an Iranian drone that had been operating in Israeli territory. But, in reality, the Iranian drone was intercepted in the Golan Heights, which is Syrian land that has been illegally occupied by Israel since 1967.

Of course, this didnt stop major western publications like the Wall Street Journal from referring to the Golan as Israeli airspace. Nevertheless, the mainstream media was left in disbelief by the incidentthe New York Times, for example, was startled to discover that Israeli jets arent invincible.

As usual, Israel painted itself as a victim of irrational Arab aggression. However, in fact, Syria was clearly acting in self-defence against repeated Israeli violations of its sovereignty.

Even the head of the Israeli Air Force Air Division confessed that his country has carried out thousands of operations in Syria in the last year alone. This fact was missing from most mainstream news accounts, which portrayed Israel as a non-interventionist bystander in the Syrian conflict. That couldnt be further from the truth. Not only has Israel repeatedly bombed Syrian government installations, it has also armed Jihadist rebel groups in the Golan Heights, coordinated with Al-Qaedas Syria affiliate against government forces and provided medical treatment to Al-Qaeda and Islamic State-linked rebels before sending them back into battle.

Muddying Waters

Support for Al-Qaeda in Syria serves two strategic purposes for Tel Aviv. One reason is to weaken Hezbollah, the armed Lebanese political party that defends Lebanons borders from Israel and Salafi Jihadist groups alike. The second purpose is to solidify its takeover of the Golan.

Read more



7.2 magnitude quake strikes Mexico near Pacific coast "IndyWatch Feed World"

A powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 has rocked southern and central Mexico. The tremors reportedly shook buildings across the country's capital. The quake hit the southwestern Mexican state of Oaxaca, United States Geological Survey (USGS) reports. Situated closest to the epicenter is the municipality of Pinotepa de Don Luis, with a population of some 6,700. Tremors were felt as far as Mexico city, with locals posting videos of shaking trees and buildings to social media. Alarms went off across the capital and thousands of people flooded into the streets.


Starship Earth: The Big Picture -- Big Fake News Bites for February 16, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"

News Bites for February 16, 2018: BIG FAKE NEWS

FEBRUARY 16, 2018


Actually, the news does bite. Apparently, BIG fake news is the theme now.

First of all, a tid-bit from Simon Parkes on the Parkland Florida School Shooting

Nikolas Cruz
Thursday, February 15, 2018

To me the shooter exhibited mind control issues, not mental illness issues.


Heres more evidence of YouTubes censorship of the details the Truth Media is sharing about the Parkland Florida school shooting.

And I see former and disgraced Pope Ratzingers former personal attorney, Anna von Ratzinger (ooopsmake that Reitzinger) has repeatedly embarrassed herself over the Manna Holding Trust and Kims news that its a done deal. Tsk, tsk. I mentioned years ago when Anna first began her tirade of letters and articles that her name was more than a little suspi...


Are you Certain you Understand the Story Behind the False Flag School Shootings? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Are You Certain You Understand the Whole Story Behind False Flag School Shootings and Similar Events? [video]

FEBRUARY 16, 2018


There has been more censorship of at least one video about the indoctrination of children in the Illuminati satanic secret societies, but regardless, this video explains perhaps a little more than were currently hearing in the Truth Media about the MK Ultra mind control, Manchurian candidates, and willing participation in events designed to shape the narrative and help the New World Order achieve their objectives.

Perhaps its not only crisis actors involved in these drills and faked or staged events but indoctrinated youth who have taken an oath of service and through mind control will do whatever theyre instructed to do. I cant say Ive ever heard of the Rainbow Girls so I found it very interesting.

And no, I dont believe in coincidences. Events like the school shootings are all carefully crafted behind the scenes, often for ritual purposes on special dates. It may sound crazy to some, but when you understand whos running the world, its not crazy at all.

And now Obama is calling for gun control. Surprise, surprise. Never saw that coming. ~ BP



FLU SHOT INJURY ~ This Daddy, Mr. Daniel Mullins, is so in love with his little Girl, and now like too many other Families, it has changed their very lives.



Parkland School Shooting Survivor: We Were Told The Police Would Do A Fake Code Red, With Fake Guns "IndyWatch Feed World"

Florida code red active shooter drill with fake guns went live, several eyewitnesses suggest. Did police use the wrong type of ammo (i.e. live rounds I.L.O. blanks) or did another element capitalize on the drill by hijacking it and taking it hot?

PARKLAND, Fla. (INTELLIHUB) Many credible sources, including students, parents, and teachers of the school have openly admitted on camera that they were told at one point or another prior to the Valentines Day shooting that a code red active shooter drill would be taking place.

Stoneman Douglas H.S. Freshman Kelsey Friend told CNN on Thursday, that she heard whispers from fellow classmates on the day of the shooting that police would be conducting an active shooter drill using fake guns.

We had rumors going around the school that police would do a fake code red with fake guns, not actual, but sounding real and I thought at the beginning that this just wasnt real and that this was just drills [] until I saw my teacher dead on the floor.

The freshman said that she was hiding behind the teachers desk with 15-20 other students when her teacher was shot in the doorway of the classroom.

It seemed like it lasted five-years, she explained.

Friend, who seems traumatized, told CNN that her and her classmates were whisked to safety when SWAT made their entry and evacuated them over an hour later.

The SWAT team actually came and got us and said that it was all okay, she explained. Once we were escorted out of the classroom I did see Mr. Beagles body out the corner of my eyes through the stairwell and I did see blood and I saw two students, unfortunately, curled up in balls.

Going down the stairs I saw more blood, backpacks everywhere, she continued. It was like a movie scene and there was gunpowder all over the floor. [] It was just so real but felt so fake at the same time.

Another student told a Texas News station that she saw weird dust on the floor after shots were fired and admits that drills were being conducted on the day of the shooting.

It was pretty terrifying because they were all putting us through drills we thought this was a drill but it wasnt and then we just started hearing gunshots, another student told KPRC 2 shortly after the shooting.

And if thats not enough, the student said that there were three shooters and desc...


Over a million children under the age of six are currently on psychiatric drugs in America "IndyWatch Feed World"

Psychiatric drug use is on the rise in the U.S., with one out of every six Americans now taking some type of medication in this category. Read More


Florida Mass Shooting Witness: Secret Service Was Present, Changed School Security Policy Several Weeks Before Shooting "IndyWatch Feed World"

PARKLAND, Fla. (INTELLIHUB) According to a senior at Stoneman Douglas High School who appeared on The Alex Jones Show Thursday, United States Secret Service personnel were on the ground at the school several weeks before the shooting to change security protocols.

Jalen Martin told the Texas talk show host that a teacher of his had confirmed that the Secret Service was indeed present at the school a few weeks prior.

The students testimony dovetails with buried reports that a fire drill and an active shooter drill were, in fact, already scheduled for Valentines Day.

Martin said there had already been one fire drill earlier Wednesday morning before the alarm went off for a second time which prompted the principal to announce over the loudspeaker for all students to evacuate.

Additionally, a teacher at the school told MSNBCs Rachal Maddow that her and other staff were told at the beginning of the semester that an active shooting drill would be taking place sometime during the semester and that the drill would be unannounced.

Why would the Secret Service have changed security protocols at Stoneman Douglas High School, unannounced to teachers and other staff, just weeks before the shooting?

What role did the deep state play in the shooting?...


Mind-Altering Drug Makers Fund Anti-Gun Mainstream Media "IndyWatch Feed World"

It isnt surprising the mainstream media and late night entertainers focus on guns instead of SSRIs linked to mass shootings given that theyre well-funded by drug makers.

Virtually every suspected mass shooter was on psychiatric drugs, yet the mainstream media which is funded by Big Pharma ad revenue conveniently buries this fact.

Thats likely because Big Pharma spent nearly $6 billion on TV, magazine and digital advertisements in 2016 alone, a healthy sum ad-dependent news outlets cannot ignore.

In fact, the media is so dependent on this ad revenue that some outlets have even launched health content businesses to attract consumers targeted by Big Pharma.

It doesnt surprise me that media companies are getting into pharma advertising, given the total value at stake in pharma sales, said Brian Fox, a consultant with McKinsey & Company.

This would explain the mainstream medias indifference when it comes to investigating the link between serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and mass shootings.

As Infowars reported, suspected Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz may have been autistic and taking medication for emotional issues, yet only Infowars, World Net Daily and a handful of others are shining a light on the SSRI epidemic.

As information about the perpetrator emerges, a relative confides to a newspaper that the troubled youth who committed the mass murder was on psychiatric medications you know, those powerful, little understood, mind-altering drugs with fearsome side effects including suicidal ideation and even homicidal ideation, wrote WNDs David Kupelian.

There are hundreds of cases of violence committed by persons taking psychiatric drugs, as documented by sites such as, in addition to the suspected mass shooters who were on SSRIs:

  • Alleged Las Vegas gun...


The worlds most trafficked mammal has its day "IndyWatch Feed World"

Today's the day for the world's most illegally trafficked mammal.


Thats It? Mueller Indicts A Few Russian Nationals For Troll Campaign to Influence 2016 Election "IndyWatch Feed World"

This is the equivalent of indicting a few Nigerian email scammers!

From CNBC:

A federal grand jury has indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities for alleged interference in the 2016 presidential elections, during which they boosted the candidacy of Donald Trump, special counsel Robert Muellers office said Friday.

The indictment says that a Russian organization called the Internet Research Agency sought to wage information warfare against the United States by using fictitious American personas and social media platforms and other Internet-based media.

While that effort was launched in 2014, by early to mid-2016 the defendants were supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump and disparaging Hillary Clinton, the eight-count indictment charges.

As part of those efforts, the defendants also encouraged minority groups to either not vote for in the election or to vote for a third-party candidate. Both actions would have hurt Clinton, who received significant support from minority voters.

And after the election of Trump as president in November 2016, the defendants used fake personas to organize and coordinate political rallies in support of Trump, while also doing the same to create rallies protesting the results of the election, the indictment said.

On one day, Nov. 12, 2016, the defendants organized a rally in New York to show your support for President-elect Donald Trump while at the same time organizing a Trump is NOT my president rally that also was held in New York.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said the defendants created hundreds of accounts using fake personas on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to advance their scheme.

The accused also allegedly used a computer infrastructure, based partly in the United States, to hide the Russian origin of their activities and to avoid detection by US authorities, the indictment said.

Rosenstein said there is no allegation in the indictment that any American was a knowing participant in the scheme, nor is there any allegation that the scheme affected the outcome of the election.

*Breathes in*


This is literally nothing!



Five Major Revelations the Mainstream Media is Ignoring About the Florida Shooting "IndyWatch Feed World"

As the media frantically attempts to use the mass shooting in Florida to discreetly push divide and political agendas, major revelations are being entirely ignored.

Parkland, FL One of the deadliest school shootings in American history took place this week in Parkland, Florida and the suspected gunman has since confessed to this most heinous act. As details unfold, however, the mainstream media is failing to ask the hard questions which need to be answered.

While the media frantically attempts to use Nikolas Cruz to push their political agenda, bombshell revelations are being ignored, perhaps deliberately.

While corporate media continues to use this incident to ram divide down societys throat and push for gun confiscation, those of us in the alternative media world are asking questions that matter. The Free Thought Project has compiled a list of five major details about the shooting that took place Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that the media is conveniently choosing to ignore.

5. Cruz was reportedly taking antidepressants

In a likely attempt to protect their corporate sponsors in the pharmaceutical industry, the fact that Cruzs family told reporters that he was on medication for depression has managed to remain all but a blip in the mainstream.

As TFTP reported, the people who knew Cruz described him as a troubled teenager who was adopted when he was young and then was forced to move in with a friend after both of his adopted parents died. Jim Lewis, an attorney for the family that gave Cruz a place to live after his mother died in November, told The Washington Post that they knew Cruz was depressed, but they believed he taking steps to manage his depression.

Family member Barbara Kumbatovich told the Herald, she believed Nikolas Cruz was on medication to deal with his emotional fragility. She was a sister-in-law of Lynda Cruz, the suspects mother, and she also told the Sun-Sentinel that she believes Nikolas has been on medications for several months.

I know she had been having some issues with them, especially the older one. He...


Why mobilizing private capital towards the SDGs is good for business "IndyWatch Feed World"

To achieve the U.N. Goals, we need trillions, not billions, in investment. Here's how that will create market opportunities for a more sustainable world.


(Video) Destroying the Illusion 2.16 -- FL Shooting Unraveling | Russian Indictments and WH Statement "IndyWatch Feed World"

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Family Members Say Florida School Shooter Was On Antidepressants for Emotional Issues -

Florida School Shooter "Heard Demon Voices", Police Visited His House 39 Times -

Voice of God Archive Link -

Top Priority Sessions Orders IMMEDIATE REVIEW Of FBI, While FL. Gov. Calls For Director Wrays Resignation -

Rosenstein: No American Had Any Knowledge In Russian Meddling Indictment -

Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding the Russia Indictments -

Obamas Secretary of State John Kerry Approved U.S. Travel VISAs for Russian Operatives Indicted by Mueller for Election Tampering -


5 Reasons To Question The Official Narrative Of The Florida School Shooting "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Aaron Kesel Anytime a shooting happens, its a tragic event whether it was a false flag or a legitimate mass shooting by a lunatic;...


'Absurd' meddling claims and indictment of Russians show new US policy - Russian FM spokesperson "IndyWatch Feed World"

'Absurd' meddling claims and indictment of Russians show new US policy - Russian FM spokesperson | 16 Feb 2018 | US indictment of 13 Russian nationals and three entities over alleged meddling in American elections in 2016 has been labelled absurd by the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Maria Zakharova. "Turns out, there've been 13 people, in the opinion of the US Justice Department. 13 people interfered in the US elections? 13 against billions budgets of special agencies? Against intelligence and counterespionage, against the newest technologies? Absurd? - Yes." Zakharova said in a Facebook post. The indictment, however, is the "modern American political reality," Zakharova added, jokingly suggesting that the number 13 was picked due to its negative associations.


US indicts 13 Russians for 2016 election meddling, but 'no allegations' they influenced outcome "IndyWatch Feed World"

US indicts 13 Russians for 2016 election meddling, but 'no allegations' they influenced outcome | 16 Feb 2018 | A US federal grand jury has indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities accused of interfering with US elections and political processes. However, there are "no allegations" they influenced the 2016 election. The indictment accuses the defendants of "supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump...and disparaging Hillary Clinton." It also claims the defendants staged political rallies and bought political advertising while posing as grassroots entities. The document says an organization known as the Internet Research Agency "sought, in part, to conduct what it called 'information warfare against the United States of America' through fictitious US personas on social media platforms and other Internet-based media."


Syrian War for Dummies Three Versions "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Chris Kanthan Although the Syrian war is almost over, many Americans still dont understand what transpired over the last seven years, because the mainstream...


X22 Report, The Agenda Is Set, The Dollar Will Begin To Lose It's World Dominance "IndyWatch Feed World"

X22 Report, The Agenda Is Set, 
The Dollar Will Begin To Lose It's World Dominance
Related followup report:
X22 Report, The Deep State Is All In Now,
 Be Prepared The Next Event Is On The Way


Bombshell Report Exposes The Creator Of The Fake News Narrative "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Joe Joseph Sharyl Attikisson has done it again, and this time she takes on the likes of Alphabets Eric Schmidt, and President Obama in...


Petition Warning The World About 5G At The Winter Olympics "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Catherine J. Frompovich Something is going on at the 2018 Olympics in South Korea that is not part of the official sporting events, but...


Secret Service Changed Safety Protocol a Few Weeks Before Florida School Shooting "IndyWatch Feed World"

Secret Service Changed Safety Protocol a Few Weeks Before Florida School Shooting | 15 Feb 2018 | Jalen Martin, a student [senior] at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, claims that Secret Service agents visited his school a few weeks before the mass shooting unfolded yesterday. [Also, Martin notes the presence of three video cameras in each stairwell of the two exits. Within each hallway on each floor, there are two cameras. Did all of the cameras 'malfunction,' as they did during the 7/7 Tube attacks in London?]


Mueller Clears Trump: No Americans Involved In Russian Meddling "IndyWatch Feed World"

Special counsel Robert Mueller has cleared Trump in the Russia investigation, confirming that no American citizens meddled in the 2016 election.  According to Muellers office, 13 Russian nationals and three foreign entities were involved in [...]


U.S. Chamber of Commerce letter to Senate demanding more cheap illegal labor "IndyWatch Feed World"

U.S. Chamber of Commerce letter to Senate demanding more cheap illegal labor | 13 Feb 2018 | ...Permanent Relief for Long Term TPS Beneficiaries: The Senate should provide permanent legislative relief for long-term beneficiaries of the Temporary Protected Status program, such that beneficiaries will not be deported and will be able to continue to work in the U.S...No Reduction in Legal Immigration: A functioning immigration system should promote legal immigration, not discourage it. The Chamber [Deep State dirt-bag] supports reprioritizing how visas are allocated to better meet domestic economic and workforce needs, but strongly opposes any reduction in legal immigration.


MK Ultra: Nikolas Cruz Heard Demons Instructing Him During Shooting "IndyWatch Feed World"

Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz told authorities he heard demon voices instructing him how to commit the massacre on Wednesday, according to police.  Cruz told investigators he heard the strange demonic voices in his head instructing [...]


Italians Horrified As Immigrants Barbecue Local Pet Dogs "IndyWatch Feed World"

Italians were left horrified after a group of African immigrants attempted to barbecue local dogs at a welcome center in southern Italy. Officers of the Carabinieri, an Italian military police force, apprehended the immigrants after receiving [...]


Florida School Shooter Was On Medication, Reports Miami Herald, Just Like Nearly All Other Shooters "IndyWatch Feed World"

Nearly every mass shooting over the last 20 years has one thing in common and its not GUNS. Its actually psychiatric medications. And now, to no ones surprise, we are learning that Nikolas Cruz, the shooter who killed 17 students and staff at a Florida high school, was reportedly taking mental health medications, reports the Miami []


Family Say Florida School Shooter Was On Big Pharma Antidepressants "IndyWatch Feed World"

The family of Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz say the 19-year-old had been prescribed medication for depression in the months leading up to the shooting.  According to family member Barbara Kumbatovich, Nikolas Cruz was on [...]


Interview with Cristine Hong: What's happening on the Korean Peninsula "IndyWatch Feed World"

In this podcast interview inside, Christine Hong speaks about the Korean history not told in corporate media, present day moves towards peace on the peninsula, and more. The interview is by journalist Eva Bartlett.

Christine Hong is an associate professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and an executive board member of the Korea Policy Institute. She has spent time in North Korea, including as part of a North American peace delegation.

She specializes in transnational Asian American, Korean diaspora, critical Pacific Rim, and comparative ethnic studies.

She is a board member of the Critical Ethnic Studies Association, an executive board member of the Korea Policy Institute, a coordinating committee member of the National Campaign to End the Korean War, and a member of the Working Group on Peace and Demilitarization in Asia and the Pacific.

Web Sites:

Korea Policy Institute

National Campaign to End the Korean War

Working Group for Peace and Demilitarization in Asia and the Pacific

Legacies of the Korean War

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DNC Use Florida Shooting To Shamelessly Fundraise Campaign Money "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has shamelessly used Wednesdays mass shooting to fundraise millions of dollars for their own party.  On Thursday, the DNC emailed out a plea to supporters, urging them to sign a [...]


Hungary: Bills Seek to Block Migrant Support "IndyWatch Feed World"

Expand People protest in Heroes' square against a new law that would undermine Central European University, a liberal graduate school of social sciences founded by U.S. financier George Soros in Budapest, Hungary, April 12, 2017. 2017 Reuters (Budapest) The Hungarian government submitted three bills to parliament on February 13, 2018 that would penalize [...]


US Army Chief: Millennial Soldiers Too Weak To Fight "IndyWatch Feed World"

Major General Malcolm Frost has slammed millennial recruits in the U.S. Army, claiming they are too weak to be put on the battlefield. According to Frost, the Army in 2018 is all about coddling soldiers, [...]


Blog: Dangers from inside the newsroom "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Christiane Amanpour/chief international correspondent for CNN and CPJ senior advisor In November, I stood before top news media executives in the United States and called on them to stamp out sexual harassment in their organizations. "The floodgates are open," I told the audience at the annual International Press...


"A Look to the Heavens" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Similar in size to other large, bright spiral galaxies, IC 342 is a mere 7 million light-years distant in the long-necked, northern constellation Camelopardalis. A sprawling island universe, IC 342 would otherwise be a prominent galaxy in our night sky, but it is almost hidden from view behind the veil of stars, gas and dust clouds in the plane of our Milky Way galaxy. 
 Click image for larger size.
Even though IC 342's light is dimmed by intervening cosmic clouds, this remarkably sharp telescopic image traces the galaxy's own obscuring dust, blue star clusters, and glowing pink star forming regions along spiral arms that Wind far from the galaxy's core. IC 342 may have undergone a recent burst of star formation activity and is close enough to have gravitationally influenced the evolution of the local group of galaxies and the Milky Way."


"Don't Wonder..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Don't wonder why people go crazy. Wonder why they don't.
In the face of what we can lose in a day, in an instant,
wonder what the hell it is that makes us hold it together."
- "Grey's Anatomy"


The Poet: Mary Oliver, "Can You Imagine?" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Can You Imagine?"

"For example, what the trees do
not only in lightning storms
or the watery dark of a summer's night
or under the white nets of winter
but now, and now, and now - whenever
we're not looking.  Surely you can't imagine
they don't dance, from the root up, wishing
to travel a little, not cramped so much as wanting
a better view, or more sun, or just as avidly
more shade - surely you can't imagine they just
stand there loving every
minute of it, the birds or the emptiness, the dark rings
of the years slowly and without a sound
thickening, and nothing different unless the wind,
and then only in its own mood, comes
to visit, surely you can't imagine
patience, and happiness, like that."

- Mary Oliver, "Long Life"


Miss Australia Left Disfigured Because Police Threw A Flashbang Grenade Into Her Bed As She Slept "IndyWatch Feed World"

While sleeping in bed with her fianc, a former Miss Australia awoke to a police flashbang grenade disfiguring her face and melting her hand. Although she required immediate medical attention, paramedics did not arrive at the scene until 40 minutes later. Crowned Miss International Australia in 2013, Felicia Djamirze was asleep in bed with her []


"When We Have Time..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

How small a portion of our life it is that we really enjoy. In youth we are looking forward to things that are to come; in old age, we are looking backwards to things that are gone past; in manhood, although we appear indeed to be more occupied in things that are present, yet even that is too often absorbed in vague determinations to be vastly happy on some future day, when we have time...
- Charles Caleb Colton, Lacon


Redesigning Reality #017 We Need to Talk About Fear Porn "IndyWatch Feed World"

Waking Times

The world is full of fear porn. But what are we missing in life when we let ourselves be so consumed by it?

Thinking through the trap of fear based mind control, Jeff and Dylan discuss what true, self-empowering mind control really looks like, and how examining your life can lead to major breakthroughs.

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"Are We Doomed to Keep Making the Same Mistakes, Or Will We Learn from History?" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Are We Doomed to Keep Making the Same Mistakes, 
Or Will We Learn from History?"
by WashingtonsBlog

"We Should Have Known

Weve known for 5,000 years that mass spying on ones own people is usually aimed at grabbing power and crushing dissent, not protecting us from bad guys.

Weve known for 4,000 years that debts need to be periodically written down, or the entire econo...


"It's Strange..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

"It's strange how what drives us may abandon us midstream, how what tickles our ears with lies one moment may tell us truths that knock us on our emotional ass the next. After all, it is an unbelievably real world, with Darwin scribbling his thoughts into books and telling us what monkeys we are. Each of us explores possibility, hungry for sustaining adoration, yet we know enough to render ourselves helpless. We strive and strain, bellow and believe, we learn, and everything we learn tells us the same thing: life is one great meaningful experience in a meaningless world. Brilliance has many parts, yet each part is incomplete. We live, heal and attempt to piece together a picture worth the price of our very lives. The picture I saw presented demonic executioners, who crippled those daring to look and consumed souls without defense. They're everywhere. Some are people we know. Others are the great fears and addictions of our lives."
- Christopher Hawke


Jordan Peterson's intellectual complexity makes journalistic incompetence all the more obvious "IndyWatch Feed World"

It was while I was watching Channel 4 news presenter Cathy Newman's spectacularly disastrous interview with University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson that what was wrong with much of journalism today crystallized in my brain. I'd been oscillating between anger and frustration watching Canadian media fail again and again - and often in jaw-dropping fashion - in reporting on Peterson and I couldn't quite establish what was going wrong. Peterson is the teacher and clinical psychologist who burst onto the scene after making a video decrying the government's Bill C-16 which compelled the use of invented gender pronouns (ze and zir, etc) for non-binary and transgender people. Peterson connected the "compelled speech" of the legislation (and the unscientific instantiation of gender as a non-biologically-correlated social construct) to radical leftist ideology and authoritarian governments. In an admittedly complex and controversial argument, Peterson blamed the spread of postmodernism within the academy for the rise of both identity politics and the emergence of the illiberal left. Many of the stories about him were shallow or missed the point, but several in respected publications like the Globe and Mail and Maclean's by Tabatha Southey, Ira Wells and most recently by John Semley, were just hatchet jobs, replete with insults, inaccuracies and what appeared to be deliberate misrepresentations. In short, bad journalism you would not expect in good outlets.


Brennan: 'Congress must ban semiautomatic weapons' "IndyWatch Feed World"

In the aftermath of the Florida school shooting this week that left 17 people dead, John Brennan echoed the concerns of law enforcement officials who have spoken out against assault weapons on the streets of America. On Thursday, ex-CIA Director Brennan weighed in on the gun debate by calling on Congress to revamp gun laws following the deadly mass shooting at a South Florida high school, located less than an hour's drive from Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence. "Having worked international counterterrorism for much of my career, it is imperative that we devote equal energy and effort to addressing the scourge of gun violence in our country," Brennan commented in a tweet Thursday. "Congress needs to act now to prevent access to semiautomatic weapons that kill innocents." Since the expiration of the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban in 2004, US citizens have been entitled to purchase semiautomatic weapons (defined as assault weapons that fire a single bullet with each squeeze of the trigger), and magazines that carry no more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

Friday, 16 February


The Daily "Near You?" "IndyWatch Feed World"

Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Ile-de-france, France. 
Thanks for stopping by!


"Unless Someone Like You..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, 
nothing is going to get better. Its not.
- Dr. Seuss


Border collies run like the wind to restore new life to Chilean forest "IndyWatch Feed World"

The worst wildfire season in Chile's history ravaged more than 1.4 million acres early in 2017, destroying nearly 1,500 homes and killing at least 11 people. More than a dozen countries sent fire-fighting specialists to help battle the dozens of destructive blazes. When the fires were finally extinguished, the landscape was a charred wasteland. A few months later, a unique team was brought in to help restore the damaged ecosystem. They have four legs and a penchant for careening at high speeds through the forest. Border collies Das, Summer and Olivia were outfitted with special backpacks brimming with seeds. Then they were sent on a mission, let loose to race through the ruined forests. As they bounded and darted, their packs streamed a trickle of seeds. The hope is that these seeds will take root and sprout, bringing the forest slowly back to life one tree at a time. The job is a serious one, but for the dogs, it's an excuse to have fun, says their owner, Francisca Torres.


Belgian court orders Facebook to stop collecting and delete all data on citizens, or face fines of up to $125mn "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Belgian court has ordered Facebook to stop collecting data about the country's citizens, and to delete information previously gathered. It threatened to fine the social network 250,000 a day if it fails to comply. In its ruling, the court determined that Facebook does not adequately inform users that it is collecting information. "Facebook informs us insufficiently about gathering information about us, the kind of data it collects, what it does with that data and how long it stores it," the court said, determining the social network had broken privacy laws. "It also does not gain our consent to collect and store all this information."


"He Who Passively Accepts..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. 
He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it."
 - Martin Luther King, Jr.


Guardians of Judea: on Freedland, Greenstein, the BOD and Labour (Gilad Atzmon ) "IndyWatch Feed World"

16/02/2018 - In an email exposed today, Guardian of Judea's Jonathan Freedland repeats, almost word for word, the ultra Zionist BODs line of thought. Jonathan & Tony That which appears as harsh political ...


George Soros spending big money against Texas DA who opposes sanctuary cities "IndyWatch Feed World"

Left-wing billionaire George Soros is flooding yet another district attorney's race with massive out-of-state donations. Soros has already spent just under $70,000 backing a primary challenge to Bexar County District Attorney Nicholas LaHood, according to campaign finance documents reviewed by The Daily Caller. LaHood is a Democrat but opposes sanctuary cities and said he supports Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's crackdown on cities that defy federal immigration law. Soros has been boosting LaHood's challenger, attorney Joe Gonzales, through a political action committee (PAC), Texas Justice & Public Safety. The PAC's spending included more than $30,000 on mailers attacking LaHood. One of the mailers attacked LaHood as "bigoted," "racist" and "Islamophobic" in both English and Spanish. LaHood fought back by displaying the mailer in one of his own campaign ads and accused Soros of trying to purchase his seat. "We know George Soros is a billionaire who has purchased at least 10 other district attorney's offices around the country, not to mention other political positions," LaHood said in the ad, titled, "Your DA's Office is Not For Sale."


Layer of "slime" could leave areas more vulnerable to submarine landslides "IndyWatch Feed World"

Slimy remains from microscopic organisms on the sea floor can trigger catastrophic tsunamis, researchers have found. Scientists have finally learned of a potential cause for submarine landslides, according to a new report from the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel. The cause for the landslides - that are often much more destructive than those on the shore - was previously a mystery.


British man arrested on terrorism charges for fighting with YPG against ISIS in Syria "IndyWatch Feed World"

A British man will be charged with terrorism offences for fighting against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists in Syria. Merseyside man Aidan James was arrested at Liverpool Airport after returning to the country on February 14. The 27-year-old from Formby is being charged with one count of the preparation of acts of terrorism and two counts of attendance at a place used for terrorist training. James will be charged for fighting with Kurdish forces in Syria, which the Home Office deems it a possible breach of UK terrorism laws. The Merseyside man is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates Court later.


"Our Approaching Winter Of Discontent" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Our Approaching Winter Of Discontent"
by Charles Hugh Smith

"That chill you feel in the financial weather presages an unprecedented- and for most people, unexpectedly severe- winter of discontent. Rather than sugarcoat what's coming, let's speak plainly for a change: none of the promises that have been made to you will be kept. This includes explicit promises to provide income security and healthcare entitlements, etc., and implicit promises that don't need to be stated: a currency that holds its value, high-functioning public infrastructure, etc.

Nearly "free" (to you) healthcare: no.
Generous public pensions: no.
Social Security with an equivalent purchasing power to the checks issued today: no.


Jewish settlers attempt to break into Palestinian kindergarten as part of routine harassment designed to incite punishment from IDF "IndyWatch Feed World"

We received the following two videos and report from Human Rights Defenders and Badia Dwaik yesterday -Editor. On Saturday morning [February 10], a group of settlers led by the notorious Anat Cohen gathered by the door to the kindergarten of a Palestinian school in Hebron and attempted to break into the building. The school is closed on Saturdays. Badee Dwaik, leader of the group Human Rights Defenders and the photographer that documented the disturbance, said that at least one of the settlers chanted in Arabic to the locals that had gathered "you are godless atheists and we are the true believers (the chosen people)." In Arabic the words are "Enta Kuulum Kaffari" (you are godless atheists) and "Nanhno Al-Mmominin" (we are believers).


Iranian military official says West used lizards to spy on Irans nuclear program "IndyWatch Feed World"

The former chief of staff of Irans Armed Forces has said that foreign governments used different species of lizards, including chameleons, to spy on the Iranian nuclear program. The claim was made by Hassan Firuzabadi, a veteran Iranian military official, who from 1989 to 2016 served as the chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces the most senior military post in the Islamic Republic. Since his retirement in 2016, Firuzabadi has served in a number of key consultancy roles and is currently a senior military advisor to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Irans reform-minded supreme leader.

On Tuesday, the Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA), a pro-reformist news and analysis outlet, published a lengthy interview with Firuzabadi. The former military strongman was speaking in response to reports earlier this week that a prominent Iranian-Canadian environmental campaigner had died in prison, allegedly of suicide. Kavous Seyed Emami, 63, was a professor of sociology, director of the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation, and political activist. He was arrested with seven of his colleagues on January 24 and charged with espionage. On February 9, Emamis family said that they had been informed by authorities of his death in prison, reportedly as a result of suicide. The news was later confirmed by Irans chief prosecutor. Emamis family, as well as numerous environmental campaigners and activists, dispute the governments claims of suicide as a cause of his death.

But in his interview published on ILNAs website, Firuzabadi claimed that environmental activists with links to foreign countries have in the past been found to engage in espionage against the Islamic Republic. He told the news outlet that some years ago Iranian authorities arrested a group of foreigners who were visiting Iran to raise funds for Palestinian political prisoners. He added that among the foreigners possessions authorities found a species of desert reptile, like a chameleon, which puzzled them. Firuzabadi then said that, following studies on the lizards, Iranian authorities concluded that their skin attracts atomic waves. They therefore concluded that the foreigners were in fact nuclear spies who had entered Iran in order to find out where [in the country] are uranium mines and where the government is engaged in nuclear-related activities. Firuzabadi also said that many foreigners who are engaged in environ...


Israel installs concrete checkpoints at Jerusalem's Old City gate in effort to push out Palestinians "IndyWatch Feed World"

The new checkpoints at Damascus Gate are an Israeli attempt to take full control of Jerusalem, say residents Israel is installing permanent checkpoints at a key entrance to Jerusalem's Old City in order to keep Palestinians with already limited access out, residents tell Middle East Eye. Construction at the Damascus Gate area - one of the most popular entrances used by Palestinians - started weeks after US President Donald Trump recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Palestinians living in Jerusalem say the new checkpoints aim to create "facts on the ground" to change Jerusalem's current status quo as an occupied city. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, the head of the Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs (PASSIA) based in Jerusalem, said: "The checkpoints at Damascus Gate are aimed at paralyzing any Palestinian social, religious and youthful movements in this site.


White House accuses Russia of having launched NotPetya cyber attack 'to destabilize Ukraine' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Late last night the White House accused the Russian military of having launched the destructive "NotPetya" malware which in June 2017 hit many global companies: Statement from the Press Secretary In June 2017, the Russian military launched the most destructive and costly cyber-attack in history. The attack, dubbed "NotPetya," quickly spread worldwide, causing billions of dollars in damage across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It was part of the Kremlin's ongoing effort to destabilize Ukraine and demonstrates ever more clearly Russia's involvement in the ongoing conflict. This was also a reckless and indiscriminate cyber-attack that will be met with international consequences. The statement has the same quality as earlier statements about Spain sinking the Maine or about Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction had.


The Really Weird World Of Smart Meters "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Catherine J. Frompovich Probably when those who either question and/or oppose AMI Smart Meters thought the situation couldnt get any more weird than it...


Nick Redfern: A woman's tale of 'shadowy, nightmarish, fedora-wearing figures' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Of all the many and varied reports I have received on issues relative to the Men in Black, the Women in Black, the Shadow People and the Hat Man, one of the most sinister and disturbing is that of a woman named Patricia. She told me of a series of trauma-filled experiences with shadowy, nightmarish, fedora-wearing figures. She emailed me as follows: Dear Mr. Redfern, I just finished reading your book, The Real Men In Black. I was particularly interested in Part II: The Theories. I am 62 years old, from a town near the Mississippi River across from St. Louis. I grew up in the country, next to a lake. This is pertinent because I do believe that water can be a conduit for paranormal phenomena. And, I am also a Pisces. I include my age because what happened to me was before any kind of media frenzy about UFOs, or abduction stories were made popular by books or movies. I am a former art teacher and artist, extremely creative, was the quintessential flower child in the 60s, all of which works against one as far as credibility is concerned. Patricia continued: It began when I was quite young. I had night terrors every night. Afraid to sleep alone (my bedroom was the closest to the lake), I ended up in my parents bed up until I was almost 16 years old. I always imagined something was in my room. What happened one night, shook me to the core, for years. I was around 16 (already having periods) when, as I began dozing off, I saw a thin black shadow with a large head peek around my door looking at me. I didn't feel right, couldn't focus or move and was basically paralyzed while the 'shadow' mounted me, and what I guess was, having sex. Remember, 16 year old girls were far more naive then, than today. I fell into a very deep sleep.


NBC News Hires War Criminal John Brennan "IndyWatch Feed World"

NBC News Hires War Criminal John Brennan | cia-john-brennan | Mainstream Media US News

Brennan is a deplorable figure, a longtime imperial spear carrier, most recently serving as Bush/Cheneys counterintelligence director, then Obamas homeland security advisor and CIA director.

He was involved in torture and abuse at Guantanamo and other US torture prisons.

He was Obamas Murder, Inc. administrator, chairing a panel of National Security Council officials, along with others from the CIA, FBI, Pentagon, and State Department, waging US war OF terror at home and abroad, deciding who lives or dies, chosen victims a closely held secret, Trump continuing the same dirty scheme.

Anyone can be targeted anywhere in the world. Ordinary people, distinguished ones, or officials are fair game. Their crime is opposing US imperialism.

Drone wars are prioritized. Human lives dont matter. Rule of law principles are spurned. Summary judgment overrides them.

Obama usurped diktat authority. He appointed himself judge, jury and executioner. He and Brennan met regularly, plotting to assassinate US enemies.

Names went on a kill list called Americas disposition matrix, Brennan in charge of global assassinations, making him an ideal CIA director choice.

Russiagate is a cooked up Brennan scheme, complicit with Obama and Hillary to delegitimize Trump, trying to prevent his election, aiming to remove him from office once in power, plotting a coup detat against a sitting president, the way banana republics operate, rogue state America worse than any around.

Brennan reflects the worst of imperial lawlessness, a war criminal, a Russophobic/Islamophobic rogue actor, involved in cooking up phony accusations of Russian US election meddling, a serial liar, a threat to world peace splendid credentials for an NBC News talking head contributor.

He earlier lied to NBC about CIA attempts to muzzle a Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into the agencys use of torture on his watch.

Appearing on NBCs Meet the Press in his new capacity, he slammed D...


All pain, no gain: BLM methane rule rollback hurts Westerners, helps no one "IndyWatch Feed World"

The rhetoric of President Trump and Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke might suggest they care about maximizing America's abundant natural resources. However, their actions repeatedly prove the opposite. Every day roughly one million dollars' worth of American natural gas is lost from taxpayer-owned lands through flaring, intentional releases, and leaks. After first temporarily suspending []


Baltimore's police are so corrupt that lawmaker proposes to disband and reorganize entire department "IndyWatch Feed World"

Baltimore cops have proven to be so corrupt and criminal that even lawmakers are kicking around the idea that firing every single cop is a plausible solution. After a recent corruption trial exposed just how bad things were at the Baltimore City Police Department, Maryland state delegate Bilal Ali suggested that the whole department should be "disbanded and reorganized from the ground up." In a proposal that he made this week to Mayor Catherine Pugh and Commissioner-Designate Darryl De Sousa, Ali pointed to the example of Camden, who disbanded their police department just a few years ago. "In 2013 Camden [New Jersey] disbanded its police department in response to record-breaking levels of violence and an extremely inefficient police budget. Four years later, Camden hit its lowest homicide rate in 30-years," Ali said. Meanwhile, this past year the city of Baltimore saw its worst ever homicide rate, with a total of 342 killings.


Bombshell Report Exposes the Creator of the Fake News Narrative! "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sharyl Attikisson has done it again, and this time she takes on the likes of Alphabets Eric Schmidt, and President Obama in her latest TedX Talk. This is a cant miss read and watch. Spread this far and wide!

Watch on YouTube



Source: Sharyl Attkisson Explains the Origins of the 2016 Fake News Narrative in TedX Talk

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7 Things You Need to Know About the Silent Treatment and How Damaging it Truly is "IndyWatch Feed World"

Have you ever been ignored by someone you cared about? It doesnt feel good now, does it? Then why are we still doing it to each other?

Just because it isnt physical or even verbal abuse does not mean it isnt hurting someone on a deep level. The silent treatment for anyone who may not be familiar is a manipulation tactic that people across the globe use for a number of reasons on their friends, family, and even significant others. Basically, you ignore the person who is disagreeing with you, refusing to do what you want, etc. When you ignore them they become upset and as time passes eventually they give in and do what you wanted them to do.

People use this for a number of reasons it can be anything from blaming you for a problem to thinking ignoring you will be good for you. Yes, there are people in the world who truly think this way. in some cases, they literally want to punish you through ignoring you. It really fucking sucks when someone you talk to every single day decides they arent going to talk to you for a month because you couldnt meet up with them to see a movie or something else of the sort.

However, dont get me wrong sometimes we do ignore people for completely legitimate reasons, but we dont always go about it in the best way. Below you will find a list of things that everyone needs to take into consideration before giving someone they care about the silent treatment. It really does a lot more harm than good.

7 Things You Need to Know About The Silent Treatment and How Damaging it Truly Is:

1. It can cause serious problems in a relationship.

While you may not realize it the silent treatment can break your relationship. It leaves this person wondering what he or she is doing wrong and how to handle it. This most of the time ends with the relationship coming to a screeching halt as tensions grow and needs are not met.

2. It is making this person feel worthless.

By ignoring this person in the way that you are you are devaluing them. Is that really what you want? Are you seriously trying to make this person feel like shit? If so then you deserve the same done to you. It is never okay to make someone feel less than.

3. It DOES cause stress and emotional trauma.

There is a lot of stress around being given the silent treatment. It is almost as bad as going through a breakup. You dont know what is going to happen or what is going on in the other persons head. This should be a given but if you were a bit out of the loop victims of this kind of thing often experience depression and other things of the sort. you are literally making them feel unworthy and that is NEVE...


Record flu season causes concerns global pandemic is not far off "IndyWatch Feed World"

As Chinese families were celebrating the Lunar New Year on February 11 1918, almost exactly 100 years ago, the Western World was edging grimly out of the bloodiest world war ever fought. Around 20 million soldiers and civilians were dead. At that moment no one realised that in a matter of weeks, one of the world's worst global pandemics was about to break out. By the spring of 1919, as the third and final wave of so-called "Spanish Flu" swept across the globe, around a third of the world's population had been infected, and close to 100 million had died. Since then, by comparison, every threatened pandemic ended up being (in comparison) a damp squib. And in 2018, despite reports worldwide of the worst flu season in decades, no one expects anything like Spanish Flu - which never originated in Spain, just for the record. In an average year, about 5 million people get infected with one flu virus or another, and an average of 10 per cent of these - about 500,000 die. But during our Sars epidemic in 2003, a total of 8,000 people were infected worldwide, and just 775 people died. Look back at mortality data for 2003 and deaths attributed to pneumonia (all Sars deaths were recorded as pneumonia) and there is no blip to give a hint of the panic that swept Hong Kong and the world in the spring of 2003.


Energetic Shifts: What Day is the February Full Moon? The Answer May Surprise You! "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sure January seemed to be full of well, Full Moons but February is a different story. We will not be having any Full Moons at all this month so, when is the next full moon?

The next Full Moon wont occur until March 1st. Yes, I know that feels like forever away, doesnt it? While the night sky this month has been a bit boring as far as the eyes can see it has been quite energetic, to say the least. The energies surrounding the partial solar eclipse has charged the new moon to an intense level. Those who are energetically sensitive are most likely feeling quite moody and irritable out of nowhere. They are suddenly unable to control their emotions, this energy is why.

With that being said, the Full Moon coming up on March 1st is going to be very special energetically since it is the first one after going a whole month without one. It will bring with it a sense of completion and renewal. These energies will counteract the energies that we are currently experiencing and allow those of us who are on edge to finally settle down.

The Full Moon coming up is going to be at 11 degrees Virgo which means it is going to be clearing up a lot of confusion and bringing to light a lot of deception within our relationships. People around us are going to be more likely to act out and even lie to us. We have to be aware of these things.

A Full Moon in itself brings about a lot of emotions and can heighten your intuition as well. This will also be opposite Neptune which means your psychic impressions will be negatively influenced by your subconscious fears. Things will not be as they seem.

AstrologyKing writes as follows in regards to this:

Full moon March 2018 opposite Neptune may increase your emotional sensitivity to such a level that you misunderstand others and become confused about your own feelings. You should take extra care in your dealings with others because you are likely to get the wrong impression and they will get the wrong impression about you.

You may over-idealize someone and ignore their negative character traits. This would leave you vulnerable to deception and scandal. You should be very clear and honest about your intentions and avoid gossip. Do not take too seriously your feelings about what people think or say about you. You could easily become discouraged, paranoid, dissolution, scared, or feel guilty and weak.

Moon opposite Neptune is actually very similar to Zosma. Therefore, the full moon may trigger depressive moods, addiction, over sensitivity, anxiety, and illness, especially if you are already prone to such things. Take extra precautions if you are not f...


Stoned To Death: Calcium Supplements Proven To Kill Again "IndyWatch Feed World"

Stoned To Death: Calcium Supplements Proven To Kill Again | calcium_supplements | General Health Special Interests

Calcium Supplements Increase Heart Attack Risk by 86 Percent

Research published in the journal Heart has confirmed the findings of two controversial studies on calcium supplementation and heart attack risk published in the British Medical Journal last year, and which found a 24-27% increased risk of heart attack for those who took 500 mg of elemental calcium a day.[1] [2]

The results of this newest review, involving 24,000 people between the ages of 35 and 64, were even more alarming. Those participants who took a regular calcium supplement increased their risk of having a heart attack by 86% versus those who took no calcium supplements at all.

Why Do We Obsessively Consume Rock, Bone And Shell Calcium?

People really should not be so surprised at the idea that calcium supplementation may be toxic to cardiovascular health. After all, many subject themselves to coronary and cardiac calcium scans in order to ascertain their risk of cardiovascular events and/or cardiac mortality. This is because we know that calcium of the wrong kind in the wrong place can result in serious adverse health effects. There are, in fact, quite a few in the field of nutrition who have long warned against supplementation with elemental calcium; which is to say, calcium from limestone, oyster shell, egg shell and bone meal (hydroxylapatite). There are also those who have not needed to be experts, because they exercised common sense when it came to not eating rocks or shells.

The seemingly universal popularity of taking elemental calcium supplements results from the promotional efforts of conventio...


Assessment: US cold war-era nukes in Europe are not only almost useless, but pose a catastrophic risk of terrorism "IndyWatch Feed World"

The US plans to spend $10 billion upgrading 150 Cold War-era nuclear bombs stationed in Europe, even though the weapons may be more of a security liability than a strategic deterrent, according to a new report by arms experts. Assumptions about the safety and security of US nuclear weapons stored in Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Turkey have been undermined by "recent terrorist attacks and political instability," the report, published by arms control advocacy group the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), claims. A third of the B61 bombs in Europe under joint US-NATO control are believed to be stored at Turkey's Incirlik Airbase - which was locked down and had its electricity cut during the 2016 coup attempt against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The Turkish commanding officer of the base was later arrested for his alleged role in the plot. Noting "just how quickly assumptions about the safety and security of US nuclear weapons stored abroad can change," the report argues that "forward-deployed US nuclear weapons in Europe increase the risk of accidents, blunders, or catastrophic terrorism and invite pre-emption. Given these added risks, it is past time to revisit whether these forward-based weapons are essential for military deterrence and political reassurance."


Why the United States should continue the use of drone strikes "IndyWatch Feed World"

The first website that I looked at for this assignment talked about the pros and the cons for using drone strikes internationally.

The first pro that this article talks about is how drone strikes make the United States safer by getting rid of terrorist networks across the world. I think this is true because with using drone strikes we can easily find out where the terrorists are and easily take them out. Drone attacks in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Somalia have killed upwards of 3,500 militants, including dozens of high-level commanders implicated in organizing plots against the United States. This also shows how the use of drone attacks can help us stop new terrorist groups from starting or current groups from expanding if we keep killing high-level commanders of these terrorist groups.

The article also stated: Plots have been disrupted that would have targeted international aviation, US transit systems, European cities, and our troops in Afghanistan. Simply put, these strikes have saved lives.

I think that the most compelling part of this article to me was when it talked about how the use of drone strikes, in general, is safer for all United States military members because the drones would be launched from an allied country and maned from that country as well, so we would have a much smaller possibility of harming one of our own personnel such as pilots or ground soldiers.

Using drones to kill terrorist groups decreases the chance of a ground soldier getting caught in a firefight, getting hit with anti-aircraft shells, stepping on landmines, or driving over improvised explosive devices (IEDs), the harsh environment would also be a big role with the safety of ground soldiers.

Another part of the article that I found very interesting was when it talked about how the use of drone strikes are carried out with the collaboration and encouragement of local governments, and make those countries safer. I think this made me feel better about the United States using drone strikes because with the United States using drone strikes we are not only helping ourselves from terrorist attacks but we are also helping the smaller communities within the countries that the terrorists have taken over.

One of the last points that this article brought up was how drone pilots have a lower risk of post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD compared to aircraft pilots and ground soldiers. I think this is huge because post-traumatic stress disorder is a large problem in the United States and makes it so the returning soldiers cannot return to civilian life with an easy transition.

Drone strikes have also only accumulated about one percent of the military budget  which would help the United States military cut down on cost seeing as the F-35 Joint strike fighters cost $9.6 billion in 2012, so conti...


New York high school teacher & twin brother charged with bomb-making and distribution of explosives to a minor "IndyWatch Feed World"

A teacher at an Upper Manhattan high school and his twin brother have been arrested on suspicion of running a bomb factory in their Bronx apartment. Police recovered some 30 pounds of precursors and a bomb-making manual. Christian Toro, a teacher at a charter school in Manhattan, allegedly enlisted his students' help to manufacture explosives. Christian, along with his twin brother Tyler Toro, also devised a way to get rid of the incriminating evidence, the former's confiscated diary indicates. At a press conference on Thursday, NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill revealed that the arrests were a result of a two-month long investigation into a bomb scare at the school on December 4. Police initially traced the threat to a 15-year-old student, who was then arrested. At that point, neither of the Toro brothers were implicated in the investigation. It was only when Christian abruptly resigned on January, 10, that he got on the law enforcement's radar. A school laptop his brother returned two days later became the key to uncovering a larger plot involving both twins. A technical staffer accidentally discovered what appeared to be a bomb-making manual on the laptop and alerted the police.


FBI Admits It Got Tip On Florida Shooter in January and Didnt Follow Investigative Protocol "IndyWatch Feed World"

Today, the FBI released a statement in which the agency admitted it received a tip about Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz, but did nothing with the information.

From the shockingly honest (if you believe the official narrative) statement:

On January 5, 2018, a person close to Nikolas Cruz contacted the FBIs Public Access Line (PAL) tipline to report concerns about him. The caller provided information about Cruzs gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting.

Under established protocols, the information provided by the caller should have been assessed as a potential threat to life. The information then should have been forwarded to the FBI Miami Field Office, where appropriate investigative steps would have been taken.

We have determined that these protocols were not followed for the information received by the PAL on January 5. The information was not provided to the Miami Field Office, and no further investigation was conducted at that time.

A law enforcement official told the Los Angeles Times that calls to the tip line are handled at the FBIs call center in West Virginia. Approximately 2,100 calls a day go to the center.

The official provided more disturbing details to the Times:

The caller indicated that Cruz had recently purchased firearms and had threatened a family member, the official said, adding that the caller knew Cruzs address and said he had been posting disturbing messages on social media accounts and that he had a desire to kill.

Clearly the person was afraid [he] was going to harm somebody, said the official, who requested anonymity to speak freely about the investigation.

There was a back-and-forth conversation between the tipster and the FBI employee who took the call, the official said, noting that there were enough specifics provided that the call center employee should have written a report and sent it to the Miami field office for investigation. That didnt happen.



Tropical storm Ten is forecast to strike Australia as a tropical cyclone at about 06:00 GMT on 18 February. - Thomson Reuters Foundation "IndyWatch Feed World"

Thomson Reuters FoundationTropical storm Ten is forecast to strike Australia as a tropical cyclone at about 06:00 GMT on 18 February.Thomson Reuters Foundation... says many aid organizations hid misconduct Cyclone wreaks havoc in Tonga's capital, parliament flattened, homes wrecked Tonga braces as powerful Cyclone Gita bears down Original. Don't give up on tackling disaster risk in war zones - U.N ...and more 


9 Things Emotionally Manipulative Psychopaths Do and how to Avoid Them (If Your Man is Doing These Things Run!) "IndyWatch Feed World"

Psychopaths are not as common or as rare as people make them out to be, there are some out there, but youre not going to come across a new one every single day. These guys are sneaky and can be quite abusive if given the chance.

When it comes to emotionally abusive relationships or any kind of abusive relationship you need to remember that getting out is your best option. People dont just change because you want them to and there are some people who simply cannot see the error of their ways. If you think you have fallen for someone who is manipulating you and treating you like crap then you are probably right, we dont often think someone is treating us bad only to find that we were the ones who were wrong. If you are feeling less than in general then there is something deeply wrong with your relationship.

Psychopaths are people who have a mental illness called psychopathy. It is one of the most difficult to spot and can be found in some of the most charming people. This spectrum disorder is not something to play with. Psychopaths come in all different ranges and no two are exactly the same.

Below you will find a list of signs that you might be dating or getting too close to someone who is an emotionally manipulative psychopath. These people only want to benefit from you, they do not really care for you. Dont be a pawn, be stronger than that.

9 Things Emotionally Manipulative Psychopaths Do and how to Avoid Them:

1. This person is basically moody as fuck.

They are nice one minute and jumping down your throat the next. You can never win with this person. No matter what everything is just a fight.

2. This person gaslights you.

This person tells you that you are crazy all the time. When you want to talk things through or confront him he makes you out to be the bad person. YOU are NOT the bad person. Dont let him play the victim or make you question your reality.

3. This person is always lying to you.

This person is always lying even when you show him proof of something he will still deny it. There is as mentioned above no winning with him. He lies about some of the most ridiculous things, it is as if he does it merely for the sake of doing it.

4. This person blames you for EVERYTHING all the time.

You are always the person blame gets thrown on even if it is something you have no control over. This person is always casting blame on you for the things he does. He isnt ever going to own up to his mistakes. Everything wi...


Retrocausality may explain how the future can change what happens now - as in a quantum time machine "IndyWatch Feed World"

The idea that the future can influence the past may finally explain the inherent randomness of quantum theory and bring it in line with Einstein's space-time If you were to break your arm tomorrow afternoon, would you suddenly find it hanging useless in a sling this morning? Of course not - the question makes no sense. Cause always precedes effect. But maybe life isn't quite so straightforward for a photon. In the subatomic realm, where the laws of quantum physics make seemingly impossible feats routine, the one thing that we always considered beyond the pale might just be true. This idea that the future can influence the present, and that the present can influence the past, is known as retrocausality. It has been around for a while without ever catching on - and for good reason, because we never see effects happen before their causes in everyday life. But now, a fresh twist on a deep tension in the foundations of quantum theory suggests that we may have no choice but to think again. No one is saying time travel is anything other than fantasy. But if the theorists going back to the future with retrocausality can make it stick, the implications would be almost as mind-boggling. They could not only explain the randomness seemingly inherent to the quantum world, but even remake it in a way that finally brings it into line with Einstein's ideas of space and time - an achievement that has eluded physicists for decades. "If you allow retrocausality, it is possible to have a theory of reality that's more compatible with lots of things that we think should be true," says Matthew Leifer at Chapman University in Orange, California.


Will schools ban best friends? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Students may soon have to say goodbye to their best friend, and they have Prince George to blame. We can't help but wonder ... does this mean George doesn't have someone he can call a best friend? Boy, would he be missing out." The concept was introduced when the royal tot first started school a few years ago. Ben Thomas, headmaster of St. Thomas's Day School, said at the time, "I would certainly endorse a policy which says we should have lots of good friends, not a best friend," according to the Telegraph. We can't help but wonder ... does this mean George doesn't have someone he can call a best friend? Boy, would he be missing out. In the last few months, the trend has moved from Europe to America, according to Barbara Greenberg, a clinical psychologist specializing in family and relationship issues. Why would schools do such a thing? "They want to foster inclusivity," Greenberg tells Yahoo Lifestyle. "And they want their schools to be characterized as having children that don't exclude other ones. So what they did was take an extreme stance, which was to ban the whole concept of best friends in the hope that children would then form a group of friends."


22 Astonishing Things People Notice When They Quit Drinking "IndyWatch Feed World"

We live in a society that places an incredibly high value on the role that alcohol plays into our lives. Turn on any television station and pay careful attention to the references to alcohol not only in the commercials but also in your favorite television shows and movies. The presence of alcohol and drinking is regularly associated with popularity, hot women, big parties and living life to the fullest. Everyone from party happy teenagers to posh businessmen are shown with a drink in hand, solidifying the fact that we connect alcohol with nearly every situation in our lives.

Unfortunately, alcohol is not always the happy go lucky, fun-loving experience that Hollywood and advertisers across the country paint it to be. It is estimated that 1 in 13 adults currently abuses alcohol or has a problem with alcoholism. Signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse include a tendency to engage in risky or dangerous behavior, loss of control, expression of anger or other extreme emotions, insomnia or oversleeping and a failure to maintain relationships and professional obligations.

When you do make the decision to step away from the hold that this substance has over your life, turning instead to a life of sobriety this can result in more changes to your life than you previously anticipated. As you start to see the world as it is, not as the alcohol has influenced you to see it, you are faced with new truths, differing perspectives and incredible experiences.



Here are 22 common things people notice when they quit drinking:

#1 Your relationships improve as you find yourself changing the way in which you interact with other people. You are less irritable and self absorbed, and more open to the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others, demonstrating a sensitivity that was absent before.

#2 While it is incredibly challenging at first, the longer that you stay sober, the easier it bec...


Enriched Uranium Particle Appears Over Alaska & Scientists Dont Know How It Got There "IndyWatch Feed World"

Scientists have detected a mysterious and highly unusual particle enriched with uranium in the skies over Alaskas Aleutian Islands. The source of the radioactive substance, typically used in nuclear fuel and bombs, has left the [...]


Market Talk- February 16th, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"


Most of Asia are closed due to holidays and so it was left to Japan to reflect Wall Streets strength. The Nikkei closed with a positive return of 1.2% for the day. The news that BOJ Governor Kuroda, is to sit for another term was taken as positive news as he supports continued easing. We saw strong gains in utilities with TEPCO and Chubu Electric Power Company closing +4.4% and +6.5% respectively. TOPIX also helped sentiment with a 1% gain on the day. However, much of the talk surrounded the continued Yen strength as it hit near six-month highs. The Australian ASX was the only other core market open and that closed small down. Having opened at the days highs and spent most of the day in positive territory, it was the final hour that prices traded heavy resulting in a small (-0.1%) loss. SENSEX lost around -0.9% in todays trading as long liquidation and the Trade deficit continues to weigh on markets.

Reflecting Asias performance we saw positive momentum all across European core indices. Again, the CAC and IBEX were the stars of the core registering a 1.2% and 1.3% gains in todays trading. The DAX and UKs FTSE both around +0.8% but will be interesting to see the press over the weekend after May and Merkel meeting in Germany today. BREXIT will dominate headlines for sure and has been talked in Europe as one of the reasons the US Dollar has benefited in todays trading. All this as we have seen largely mixed earnings reports, but ahead of a long weekend in the US also much is being revaluated. Worth keeping an eye on Allianz next week. They reported a 22% decline in net numbers for Q417 blaming the US Dollar and US tax changes for affecting results.

The US started the session climbing around 200 points but was hit upon the indictment news. The headline and news conference initially cost the rally around 250 points which took us into negative territory. Guess many will spend their time on Twitter watching for updates. However, even within the final 30 minutes of the weeks trading, we tested both sides of that range yet again. The long weekend, continued uncertainty and the Weekly technical level took their toll on settlement prices as we drifted back to almost unchanged on the day. NASDAQ finished...


Mueller indicts 13 Russians, 3 companies for trolling the US election, saying mean things about Killary "IndyWatch Feed World"

Shortly after noon on Friday, U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced an indictment of 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities, accusing them of interfering in the 2016 presidential election and operating fake social media accounts. In the indictment announced on Friday - the first criminal case to accuse Russians of seeking to influence the outcome of the U.S. election and support Donald Trump - Mueller describes a sweeping, years-long, multimillion-dollar conspiracy by hundreds of Russians aimed at criticizing Hillary Clinton and supporting Senator Bernie Sanders and Trump. He charged 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities and accused them of defrauding the U.S. government by interfering with the political process. Mueller charges "defendants knowingly and intentionally conspired with each other (and with persons known and unknown to the Grand Jury) to defraud the United States by impairing, obstructing, and defeating the lawful functions of the government through fraud and deceit for the purpose of interfering with the U.S. political and electoral processes, including the presidential election of 2016." The indictment adds that the Russians "were instructed to post content that focused on 'politics in the USA' and to 'use any opportunity to criticize Hillary and the rest (except Sanders and Trump - we support them)'." It gets better: the defendants reportedly worked day and night shifts to pump out messages, controlling pages targeting a range of issues, including immigration, Black Lives Matter, and they amassed hundreds of thousands of followers. They set up and used servers inside the U.S. to mask the Russian origin of the accounts.


Turkey sentences 4 journalists to life in prison, releases and indicts another "IndyWatch Feed World"

Istanbul, February 16, 2018--The Committee to Protect Journalists condemned a Turkish court's decision to sentence four journalists to life in prison without parole, and called on Turkish authorities to release them without delay. In a separate case, Turkey must scrap charges against another journalist who was today released from...


The Beginning Of The Quantum Revolution? "IndyWatch Feed World"

We Are Change

In this video, Jason Bermas talks about the latest developments involving quantum computing. The first silicon-based quantum computer has now been announced, opening the floodgates on this very new and innovative technology.

You can watch this video on DTube here.

The post The Beginning Of The Quantum Revolution? appeared first on We Are Change.


Multiple cities in southern Ontario, Canada are being invaded by wild coyotes "IndyWatch Feed World"

Coyotes are commonly found in parks and ravines throughout the Greater Toronto Area, but recently have recently been invading urban areas in southern Ontario with greater frequency. Several isolated incidents with coyotes have been reported in the following cities, all within the first two months of 2018: Collingwood A Collingwood family reported wild attack on their dog by what they believe was a pack of coyotes. The incident occurred right in their backyard on Jan. 23. "She got out and I ran to grab her and call her back in and she had headed to the backyard and that's when I heard these noises," Kristina, the mother, said. "I took her into the vet and they saw fang marks. She had to have surgery, there is a drainage tube sticking out." Apparently, this wasn't the first coyote sighting in the area according to a community-formed Facebook group, a pack of three tried to attack another neighbourhood dog on Jan. 15 and 20.


The Inner Hallucinatory World of Foma Jaremtschuk. "IndyWatch Feed World"

      Foma Jaremtschuk was born in a remote village in Siberia in 1907. He never learned to draw and completed only elementary education in a rural primary school, leaving after... The post The Inner Hallucinatory World of Foma Jaremtschuk. appeared first on disinformation.

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Cuttlefish camouflage, new research "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 2013 video is about cuttlefish camouflage.

From the Marine Biological Laboratory in the USA:

How the cuttlefish spikes out its skin: Neurological study reveals surprising control

February 15, 2018

Wouldnt it be useful to suddenly erect 3D spikes out of your skin, hold them for an hour, then even faster retract them and swim away? Octopus and cuttlefish can do this as a camouflage tactic, taking on a jagged outline to mimic coral or other marine hiding spots, then flattening the skin to jet away. A new study clarifies the neural and muscular mechanisms that underlie this extraordinary defense tactic, conducted by scientists from the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL), Woods Hole, and the University of Cambridge, U.K. The study is published in iScience, a new interdisciplinary journal from Cell Press.

The biggest surprise for us was to see that these skin spikes, called papillae, can hold their shape in the extended position for more than an hour, without neural signals controlling them, says Paloma Gonzalez-Bellido, a lecturer in neuroscience at University of Cambridge and a former staff scientist at the MBL. This sustained tension, the team found, arises from specialized musculature in papillae that is similar to the catch mechanism in clams and other bivalves.

The catch mechanism allows a bivalve to snap its shell shut and keep it shut, should a predator come along and try to nudge it open, says corresponding author Trevor Wardill, a research fellow at the University of Cambridge and a former staff scientist at the MBL. Rather than using energy (ATP) to keep the shell shut, the tension is maintained by smooth muscles that fit like a lock-and-key, until a chemical signal (neurotransmitter) releases them. A similar mechanism may be at work in cuttlefish papillae, the scientists found.

Gonzalez-Bellido and Wardill began this study in 2013 in the laboratory of MBL Senior Scientist Roger Hanlon, the leading expert on cephalopod camou...


Gov. Rick Scott Demands FBI Director Christopher Wray Resign After Agency Ignored Shooter Tip "IndyWatch Feed World"

Gov. Rick Scott Demands FBI Director Christopher Wray Resign After Agency Ignored Shooter Tip --FBI 'failed to take action after receiving information on January 5, 2018' | 16 Feb 2018 | Florida Gov. Rick Scott demanded on Friday that FBI Director Christopher Wray resign after the federal law enforcement agency ignored a tip last month that suspected Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz was at risk of committing a school shooting. Scott made the following statement regarding the FBI's admission that they failed to take action after receiving information on January 5, 2018, regarding "[Nikolas] Cruz's gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting." "The FBI's failure to take action against this killer is unacceptable," said Scott. "The FBI has admitted that they were contacted last month by a person who called to inform them of Cruz's 'desire to kill people,' and 'the potential of him conducting a school shooting.'"


What fuels the flat-Earthers? "IndyWatch Feed World"

A believer in flat-Earth conspiracies took another shot at shooting himself toward the stratosphere in a homemade rocket. Once again, it fell flat. "Mad Mike" Hughes, a self-proclaimed daredevil who rejects the fact that the Earth is round, posted a video on his Facebook page about two weeks ago saying that he planned to launch himself from private property to an altitude of 1,800 feet (550 meters) on Saturday, Feb. 3. Hughes had canceled and delayed launches before, so it wasn't really clear whether Saturday's event would happen. His homemade rocket sat on the "launchpad" in Amboy, California, for about 11 minutes before it ... didn't go anywhere, as shown on a live video of the event. Nevertheless, it spotlights a subculture that is increasingly gaining notoriety online. That subculture is flat-Earthers, people who argue that centuries of observations that the Earth is round (including astronaut photographs from space and the fact that round-the-world travel itineraries work) are either mistaken or part of a vast cover-up. Instead, flat-Earthers argue, the planet is a disk. Exactly what this looks like varies by who is theorizing, but many flat-Earth believers say that walls of ice surround the edge of the disk, and that the planets, moons and stars hover in a sort of dome-shaped firmament above Earth, much closer to Earth than they really are.


The Intercept is morphing from guard dog to attack dog for the establishment "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Ecuadorian embassy in London cut off Julian Assange's internet access in October of 2016, but the WikiLeaks Twitter account kept posting about leak drops uninterrupted. The embassy's action made headlines all across mainstream media. It is common knowledge for anyone who was paying attention to WikiLeaks during that time. The Intercept's editors are unquestionably aware of this. They are aware of this, and yet they allowed an article to be published about allegedly leaked Direct Messages on Twitter which continuously, pervasively and fundamentally assumes that the WikiLeaks account is controlled by Assange and Assange only. The account is referred to as "Assange" throughout the entire article. "Throughout this article," the latest establishment effort at undermining public opinion of WikiLeaks states, "The Intercept assumes that the WikiLeaks account is controlled by Julian Assange himself, as is widely understood, and that he is the author of the messages, referring to himself in the third person majestic plural, as he often does." There is no basis whatsoever for The Intercept to assume this. In addition to the obvious implications of the WikiLeaks account continuing to tweet despite Assange's lack of internet, WikiLeaks has made repeated public statements that it is a shared staff Twitter account. There is absolutely no excuse for such a spectacular journalistic failure to be interwoven without apology throughout an entire article of a widely esteemed publication. Even if The Intercept does end up retracting this grotesque embarrassment and extensively editing the article to reflect fact instead of fiction, there will be no reason to believe that this was due to anything other than public outcry, and the damage is already irreparable.


DACA is unconstitutional, Obama admitted it "IndyWatch Feed World"

President Donald Trump has caught a lot of heat for rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program with a six-month wind-down. Few people seem aware that he's ending an administrative amnesty for illegal aliens that President Barack Obama lacked the constitutional and legal authority to implement. How do we know? Because even Obama admitted it - repeatedly. Responding in October 2010 to demands that he implement immigration reforms unilaterally, Obama declared, "I am not king. I can't do these things just by myself." In March 2011, he said that with "respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order, that's just not the case." In May 2011, he acknowledged that he couldn't "just bypass Congress and change the (immigration) law myself. ... That's not how a democracy works." Yet in 2012, he did it anyway. He put DACA in place to provide pseudo-legal status to illegal aliens brought to the U.S. as minors, including as teenagers. He promised them that they wouldn't be deported and provided them with work authorizations and access to Social Security and other government benefits. And he did this despite the fact that the immigration laws passed by Congress do not give the president the ability to do this. Indeed, Congress specifically rejected bills to provide such benefits.


Tillerson pledges limited weapon supplies to SDF, Manbij now priority in Syria "IndyWatch Feed World"

Washington and Ankara are making an effort to mend relations, strained over the former's support of Kurdish forces in Syria. During a visit to Ankara, the US secretary of state said the ties were "too important." Rex Tillerson tried to reassure Ankara over US's involvement with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), much of which is comprised of Kurdish YPG, outlawed in Turkey as a terrorist organization. "We take it seriously when our NATO ally says it has security concerns," Tillerson said at a joint news conference with his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu on Friday. "We have always been clear with Turkey that the weapons provided to the Syrian Democratic Forces would be limited, mission specific, and provided on the incremental basis to achieve military objectives only." Both Tillerson and Cavusoglu that the countries have found themselves at "a crisis point," and have agreed to address "critical issues" in the bilateral relations. "We've decided, and President Erdogan decided last night, we needed to talk about how do we go forward? The relationship is too important," Tillerson said.


Where did Libya's money go? Millions of 'frozen funds' went to unknown beneficiaries in Belgium "IndyWatch Feed World"

Six years after Muammar Gaddafi's death, his regime's frozen funds in Brussels are generating tens of millions of euros in interest for mystery beneficiaries, despite international sanctions. A POLITICO investigation into 16 billion of the Libyan dictator's assets held in Belgium discovered big, regular outflows of stock dividends, bond income and interest payments. Legal documents, bank statements, emails and dozens of interviews point to a loophole in the sanctions regime. While Gaddafi's wealth is meant to be held in trust for the Libyan people until the war-shattered country stabilizes, interest payments flowed from frozen accounts in Brussels to bank accounts in Luxembourg and Bahrain over recent years, documents reviewed by POLITICO show. Belgium's finance ministry says such payments are legal. The interest goes to accounts belonging to the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA), the country's sovereign fund, which was founded in 2006 to invest Gaddafi's oil wealth. LIA now lies at the heart of a turf war between rival claimants in Libya, and it's not clear who runs the agency or gets any of the funds sent to its accounts. Following a NATO-led intervention that toppled Gaddafi, who died in October 2011, civil war has reduced Libya to a hydra-headed set of competing administrations governed by rival strongmen, in an environment still destabilized by Islamist militants.


Google and big business design adblocker to be installed as default on Chrome banning what it deems "most intrusive ads" "IndyWatch Feed World"

Google will start automatically blocking intrusive ads within its Chrome browser for desktop and Android from Thursday 15 February. The change, announced in June, will see the dominant browser that is used by over 56% of internet users block some of the most intrusive ads including full-page prestitial ads, flashing animated ads and auto-playing video ads with sound. "A big source of frustration is annoying ads: video ads that play at full blast or giant pop-ups where you can't seem to find the exit icon," said Rahul Roy-Chowdhury, vice president for Chrome. "These ads are designed to be disruptive and often stand in the way of people using their browsers for their intended purpose - connecting them to content and information. It's clear that annoying ads degrade what we all love about the web."


Mueller Creates his Own Conspiracy "IndyWatch Feed World"

Robert Mueller III issued a 37-page indictment detailing a description alleging that there was Russian interference in the election targeted against Hillary. The alleged culprit is the Internet Research Agency which targeted over 100 people including the U.S. citizens. Mueller claims they supported Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

The clever tactic of Mueller here appears to be grand-standing to justify his bias against Trump. The reason I say this is the simple fact that none of those charged are in custody. Consequently, there will never be a public trial and no test of Muellers allegations. He can say whatever he likes in an indictment and it is supposed to be a trial that proves the case. The one terrorist they put on trial had 224 counts and the jury found him not guilty of 223. There will never be a trial on the entire issue so Mueller can allege whatever he wants and the press will take this as FACT!

Russia does not allow any of its citizens to be extradited to the USA to face trial. This ensures Mueller will never have to prove any allegations, which is very clever. But his scheme gets even more clever. He states that some of the Russians posed as U.S. persons and, never revealed their Russian identities, communicated with unwitting individuals associated with the Trump campaign and with other political activists to seek to coordinate political activities, the indictment said.

This cleverly provides proof for CNN that Tumps people did interact with Russians against Hillary but they DID NOT REALIZE what they were doing.

The bottom-line here is Mueller gets to say Trumps people did conspire with Russians against Hillary so she can say see I told you so but then exonerates them saying they had no idea so he cannot indict anyone and this avoids having to prove anything at a trial. Indicting Russian who will never be extradited to the USA avoids a trial altogether.

Hence, Mueller has cleverly conspired to claim he has found proof, but he is avoiding any public trial where it would have to be proven. The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution st...


FBI admits failure to act on Florida school gunman, draws anger - Thomson Reuters Foundation "IndyWatch Feed World"

FBI admits failure to act on Florida school gunman, draws angerThomson Reuters FoundationPARKLAND, Fla., Feb 16 (Reuters) - The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Friday said it failed to act on a tip that the teenager accused of killing 17 people in Florida had guns and the desire to kill, drawing calls from Florida's Republican governor ...and more 


SOTT FOCUS: Syrian War for Dummies - Three Versions "IndyWatch Feed World"

Although the Syrian war is almost over, many Americans still don't understand what transpired over the last seven years, because the mainstream narrative has been an embarrassing mix of propaganda, half-truths and lies. Three versions of the conflict are presented here and the reader can choose the one that makes the most sense to them.


How Your DNA is Affected by Quantum Intelligence "IndyWatch Feed World"

Christina Sarich, Guest
Waking Times

Yes, you can change your DNA, but Quantum Intelligence alters it from a more profound (subtle yet powerful) energetic level that is measurable and real. Once we understand how Quantum Intelligence works, we can more easily help the process of altering our DNA along to achieve greater health, happiness, and remarkable spiritual transformation. Like a potter creating a masterwork, we can also change our bodies and minds with the help of a few simple tools.

With all the talk of altering our DNA, sometimes it is good to understand exactly how this process might work, from both a physical and a non-physical perspective.

The ability to influence our DNA is now undeniable, both cellular biologists, and geneticists alike are beginning to understand epi-genetic interplay, a Greek term meaning beyond genetics.

Bruce Lipton, and others have made it clear that we can alter heritable traits in our gene expression that do not involve the underlying DNA sequence. We change the phenotype without changing the genotype. But this single change causes a host of natural and phenomenal changes in the human body and mind.

At least three systems are involved in altering our DNA from a purely physical standpoint: DNA methylation, histone modification and non-coding RNA (ncRNA)-associated gene silencing, but these are not the only methods of gene alteration.

However, the founder of the Heart Math Institute, Doc Childre offers his own theory of how DNA is altered. It encapsulates the same understanding of DNA programming that Johanna Bassols received in a spiritual transmissionthat the heart must become involved.

Childre postulated that an energetic co...


Soaring violent crime spikes in Sweden beg politicians to respond "IndyWatch Feed World"

Shootings, hand-grenade attacks and gang warfare have made some city areas no-go zones January was a particularly violent month in Sweden. A 63-year-old man was killed in Stockholm by a hand grenade lying in the street. A Dutch exchange student was hit by a stray bullet during an execution-style killing at a pizza restaurant in Uppsala. In Gothenburg, a hand grenade was thrown into a flat and exploded in the kitchen - the same predominantly immigrant-populated suburb where an eight-year-old British boy was killed in a grenade attack less than two years ago. In Malm, a grenade was tossed at a police station and exploded outside. So it has not, so far, been a very happy new year. For Swedes, this has become a familiar theme. Gun violence is on the rise, with daylight shootings and without regard for bystanders. In the past nine years, reported and attempted murders involving guns have almost doubled. According to Swedish police, hand-grenade attacks (which were virtually unknown until a few years ago) are without parallel in countries not at war. The grenades - dubbed 'apples' by criminals - are smuggled into the country from former Yugoslavia. They are plentiful in the black market for weapons after the wars in the Balkans and are sold cheaply, or even handed out as freebies upon purchase of assault rifles. Stockholm police recently put a figure on it: less than 890 can buy you five automatic weapons and ammunition with 64 hand grenades as a sweetener. The grenades can, of course, be sold on. The street price in Sweden is about 100.


Kim Goguen Responds to Anna Von Reitz -- Manna World Holding Trust "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Anna Von Reitz: Manna World Holding Trust


It has been a while since we spoke. I could include your emails on here where you threatened me for refusing to issue bonds off inground assets in the United States to you (not the people) but I will not as there is nothing productive that will come of this other than showing people how negative you can be. Further, I was also forwarded emails from other associates totally unrelated to any dealings you and I have had with the same threats you made on their lives for not conforming to your wishes. I retained all this for my records just incase there was any thing "real" behind your threats.

Maybe we should discuss the fraud by your associate Mr. Young and his attempts to assign these same assets over to the "Chinese Elders" both in Las Vegas in August of 2017 and on his trip to China only just a few months ago when he called me asking for codes/assignments. (Yes I still have a copy of all those text messages). Why you expect me to help he/you/Bank of Dene assign inground assets to the "Chinese Elders" to the tune of 14 Trillion or some crazy amount? These are inground assets in America. The answer was no, so go ahead and slander away I do not care. I did the right thing, and have all this in writing from the two of you.

Your lashing out at me publicly comes as no surprise. I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into your rantings of something you have little knowledge of, however your point is very unclear. Is there a purpose to this? Are the people any more free because of what you write about me? Do you have an alternative solution to get these people what they are owed? Then go right ahead and get it done. Ignore the fact the Trust exists (or does and does not according your posts) and get to it. Get all the people all the assets you claim to have access to by whatever means you desire, just leave me OUT. After all I am "fraud" according to you anyway.

For those of you that care for a response to Ms. Anna;

1) I did not get this position until 2012, AFTER Rothschild etal "Trus...


UK restores support to a Syrian aid project accused of funding 'extremists' "IndyWatch Feed World"

The UK Foreign Office has restored funding to a controversial Syrian aid scheme accused of putting money in the pockets of hardline militants responsible for summary executions and stoning women, Middle East Eye can reveal. The plug was pulled on the multi-million-dollar scheme to train a civilian police force in Syria in November after a BBC documentary aired allegations that officers from the Free Syrian Police (FSP) were working with courts accused of summary executions and torture, including the stoning of women. The report, "Jihadis You Pay For", claimed that UK taxpayer money paid to the FSP reached people with links to the Nusra Front, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda. The documentary also claimed that dead and fictitious police officers were listed on the force's payroll.


ACLU and the Like Completely Absent in Critical Fight For Human Rights "IndyWatch Feed World"

This is the story of the 12 year old Colorado girl who is taking on Jeff Sessions, the Controlled Substances Act, and the Drug Enforcement Agency over her ability to treat her epilepsy with marijuana.

Watch on YouTube



Source: 12-Year-Old Sues Attorney General Jeff Sessions to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Case updates: Even Before Ruling, A Judge Gives Supporters Of Marijuana Legalization Cause For Optimism

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Florida's Governor Scott demands FBI director's resignation over missed Parkland shooter tip "IndyWatch Feed World"

Florida Governor Rick Scott has called for the FBI director to resign in the wake of the high school shooting that killed 17 students. Scott is responding to the news that the FBI didn't follow proper protocol in following up on a tip about the shooter, Nikolas Cruz. "The FBI's failure to take action against this killer is unacceptable....The FBI Director needs to resign," said Scott in a statement. "We constantly promote 'see something, say something,' and a courageous person did just that to the FBI. And the FBI failed to act. 'See something, say something' is an incredibly important tool and people must have confidence in the follow-through from law enforcement. The FBI director needs to resign," Scott added. On January 5, a person close to Cruz called an FBI tip line about the 19-year-old's potential to carry out a school shooting, his desire to kill people, erratic behavior and disturbing social media posts. "We have determined that these protocols were not followed for the information received by the PAL on January 5. The information was not provided to the Miami field office, and no further investigation was conducted at that time," the FBI said in a statement Friday.


Up Close and Personal 45 Minute Interview With Russian FM Sergey Lavrov - (Video - Full Transcript) "IndyWatch Feed World"

Lavrov is pithy, as usual. Full transcript follows below the video: Hello. - Hello, Nailya, nice to meet you. Don't miss in today's program: - Remember your joke about the coat of Boris Johnson, who had nothing in his pockets. What do you usually have in your pockets?


Sorry, not everyone felt that way: Racism, rationalization and the potential of white allyship "IndyWatch Feed World"

I remember when I was a kid how my maternal grandmother would defend Richard Nixon for the crimes of Watergate. As she put it, "He didn't do anything that every other president didn't also do." It's an easily manifested suspicion I suppose - not altogether incorrect - given the commonality of misconduct in high places. And surely it's the kind of thing we'll be hearing a lot more of in years to come, after the presidency of the human cynicism factory known as Donald Trump comes to an end. Still, and however prevalent personal duplicity may be, even at six I understood that the "everyone does it" defense wasn't exactly compelling. Not because I was a particularly developed moral philosopher, but because it never seemed to work when I would try it on my mom, in those instances where a friend and I would be playing ball and break something on the porch of a neighbor's apartment. Whenever I tried the old "but Billy was playing too" defense, it would be met with the same reply. As I recall it involved something about a bridge, followed by a query as to whether, were young William to leap from it, I would follow him in the manner of a damned fool. This tendency to excuse one's own misdeeds - or the misdeeds of others you admire - by way of the "everyone does it" defense is nowhere more maddening than when applied to our nation's founders, or early American presidents and prominent citizens.


Three Grenfell Billboards Outside Parliament, London "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Grenfell billboards near Parliament, photo credit Justice 4 Grenfell

By Sam Wolfson in London, England, Feb 15 2018, 5:32pm:

Grenfell Campaigners Park Three Billboards Outside Parliament


Eight months after a fire tore through Grenfell Tower, killing at least 71 people, campaigners have parked three billboards calling for justice outside the Houses of Parliament.

In a nod to Martin McDonaghs Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, each of the three signs makes up a part of the campaigners message: 71 DEAD, AND STILL NO ARRESTS?, HOW COME?

Speaking to VICE, Yvette Williams, an organiser from campaign group Justice 4 Grenfell, said, The reaction has been incredible, weve driven everywhere. People have been so supportive, which is exactly what we want to keep Grenfell in peoples minds.

Williams said that members of the campaign group were fans of the film and its message about demanding justice from authorities. They worked with an advertising agency to create the billboards, which have been driven around all day from the tower in west London up to Parliament. When VICE spoke to Williams, she was in the cab of one of the vans, driving through Hyde Park.

Williams says the groups biggest fear is that people will forget about Grenfell before justice has been served: We were told that even as the public inquiry is ongoing, there wa...


Spread of moronic insanity: Body piercer chopped off her finger and turned it into a pendant "IndyWatch Feed World"

A body piercer who sliced off her own finger because it 'looks cute' has turned the severed limb into a pendant. Torz Reynolds decided to cut off her little finger with bolt cutters on Valentine's Day last year after wanting to do it for a decade. After keeping the stump in the freezer next to a bag of peas for 365 days, Torz decided to mark the occasion by immortalising the frozen finger as a pendant necklace. The 30-year-old body modifier bought a glass vial, filled it with alcohol solution and dunked the detached digit inside attached to a chain so it wouldn't waste away in the freezer. Boyfriend Xav also presented Torz with a collection of tiny hats to dress her stump, which she has affectionately named Wiggles.


Cancer: Busting the Myths The Mysterious Cancer Microbe "IndyWatch Feed World"

Makia Freeman, Contributor
Waking Times

Cancer its not what you think it is. Like it or not, cancer has become the 2nd leading cause of death in the US. Sources state that, based on 2012-2014 data, about 38.5% (close to two fifths) of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lives. Yet, despite how deadly it has been, we also know that cancer is a relatively recent disease that seemingly didnt exist (or cause many deaths) 100 years ago. What on earth has happened since then? Why is cancer so widespread? What is cancer exactly? Is there a cancer microbe? Is cancer really terminal? If not, what are the natural solutions?

History of Cancer

Before we embark on the difficult problem of defining cancer, where there are many different and competing theories, let us turn to one thing which is commonly accepted: cancer is essentially a new disease. Yes, it was detected over 2000 years ago, but it was extremely rare. The article Scientists suggest that cancer is purely man-made states:

Professor Rosalie David, at the Faculty of Life Sciences, said: In industrialised societies, cancer is second only to cardiovascular disease as a cause of death. But in ancient times, it was extremely rare. There is nothing in the natural environment that can cause cancer. So it has to be a man-made disease, down to pollution and changes to our diet and lifestyle.


She added: The important thing about our study is that it gives a historical perspective to this disease. We can make very clear statements on the cancer rates in societies because we have a full overview. We have looked at millennia, not one hundred years, and have masses of data.


The data includes the fir...


Six sinkholes open in The Villages, Florida "IndyWatch Feed World"

Two homes affected by the sinkholes have been evacuated. Two other homes have been evacuated as a safety precaution. A south Marion County woman was surprised early Thursday morning by sinkholes opening up near her home. The house is at 17092 SE 79th McLawren Terrace in The Villages, Emergency Management Director Preston Bowlin said. That home and a neighboring one affected by the sinkholes were condemned, he said. Two other homes have been evacuated as a safety precaution. Seven people have been displaced. Bowlin said there were six sinkholes.


Accused child-rape plotter told undercover cops they could make $millions making violent child porn for "top political people", killing the victims "IndyWatch Feed World"

Gihan Muthukumarana told undercover police they could make 10 million raping children on video for "top political people", a court has heard. The 28-year-old, who appeared in court this week accused of plotting to kidnap, rape, and beat young girls, allegedly claimed that footage of the abuse could be sold for "ridiculously big" sums of money if they "got rid" of the victims by dissolving their bodies in a vat of acid afterwards, Court News UK reports. Southwark Crown Court heard that police were tipped off after it emerged the 28-year-old had divulged his plans to an escort who he regularly met for sex, at meetings in Hounslow, west London. During the course of these meetings, which took place between April and November 2015, Muthukumarana had made remarks that "began to cause increasing concern", the court heard. Prosecutor Catherine Farrelly said: "One was he had previously slept with a twelve-year-old, which he said had happened outside the UK. "In September 2015 he told her that he had a business proposition that he wanted to discuss at the end of their session."


The pineal gland doesn't produce enough DMT for psychedelic experiences, says researcher "IndyWatch Feed World"

Psychedelic researcher David E. Nichols is pushing back against the belief that the pineal gland in the brain produces mystical experiences because it creates a powerful psychoactive substance called N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT). The pineal gland is a small structure inside the brain that influences the sleep cycle by secreting the hormone melatonin. But claims have spread that the pineal gland also can produce DMT, a claim that has been used as a biological explanation for dreams, UFO abductions, and other out of body experiences. Trace amounts of DMT have been detected in the pineal gland and other parts of the human body. But Nichols, an adjunct professor of chemical biology and medicinal chemistry at the University of North Carolina, said in an article published the scientific journal Psychopharmacology that there is no good evidence to support the link between the pineal gland, DMT, and mystical experiences.


The Science Behind Why People Are So Easily Fooled "IndyWatch Feed World"

Anna Hunt, Staff Writer
Waking Times

The world has changed tremendously from the time of our ancestors. Today, we develop most of our beliefs based on external forces, with very little first-hand experience. Where the early humans relied on direct sensory experience to shape their beliefs, we now rely on language and our own ability to discern falsehoods from truth.

With language, we undoubtedly receive a plethora of opinions and bias based on the orators own belief system. Yet, we are willing to believe much, without taking the time to investigate new ideas or seeking to experience them first-hand. What is the reason for this eager credulity and can we control it?

Societys Intrusion of the Gullible Brain

The 17th century philosopher Rene Descartes formalized the idea that, if one wishes to know the truth, then one should not believe an assertion until one finds evidence to justify doing so.

This sounds like a reasonable approach to integrating new beliefs. Most of us think ourselves capable of evaluating ideas and making up our own mind. Yet, think about it. When was the last time that you actually took the time to seek out new evidence to help you prove or disprove new ideas?

Im not just talking about some random fact you saw on a news website. Im talking about ideas that you receive from everywhere. All of your media outlets, social networks and personal interactions. Truthfully, theres so much information coming at us all the time, who has time to fact check and research all of it?

Furthermore, how many beliefs has society embedded into our brains from early childhood? That is mostly what we believe as fact, even though we never really took the time to reflect on those ideas.

It is during the formative years of our lives that we establish associations and strong beliefs about key aspects of life. We form our religious belie...


Report Finds UN Employees 3,300 Pedophiles, Responsible for 60,000 Rapes in Last 10 Years "IndyWatch Feed World"

An outright frightening dossier released by a former senior United Nations official reveals that United Nations employees have carried out over 60,000 rapes in just the last decade. Whats more, the dosser estimates that the organization currently employs at least 3,300 pedophiles.

In just ten years, under the guise of rendering aid, the United Nations has literally been raping and pillaging countries across the world. The problem has gotten so out of hand that it prompted the former UN insider, Andrew Macleod, to blow the whistle and hand over the evidence to Britains Department for International Development (DFID) Secretary Priti Patel.

According to the exclusive report by the Sun, the dossier reveals that on top of the 3,300 pedophiles working for the organization, thousands more predatory sex abusers specifically target aid charity jobs to get close to vulnerable women and children.

According to Macleod, anyone whos attempted to blow the whistle on the horrifyingly rampant abuse is silence and fired.

Sharing his dossier with The Sun, Prof MacLeod last night warned that the spiralling abuse scandal was on the same scale as the Catholic Churchs.

While the report reveals that there are 3,300 current employees who are active pedophiles on the UNs payroll, Macleod estimates the real number to be far higher.

There are tens of thousands of aid workers around the world with paedophile tendencies, but if you wear a UNICEF T-shirt nobody will ask what youre up to.

You have the impunity to do whatever you want.

It is endemic across the aid industry across the world.

The system is at fault, and should have stopped this years ago.

According to the report in the Sun:

Professor MacLeod worked as an aid boss for the UN all over the world, including high profile jobs in the Balkans, Rwanda and Pakistan where he was chief of operations of the UNs Emergency Coordination Centre.

He is campaigning for far tougher checks on aid workers in the field as well as the abusers among them to be brought to justice, and wants the UK to lead the fight.

The professors grim 60,000 figure is based on UN Secretary General Antonio Guterress admission last year that UN peacekeepers and civilian staff abused 311 victims in just one 12 month period over 2016.



SOTT FOCUS: Mackinder's Geopolitics vs. Xi Jinping's New Silk Road: Reality is Not a Closed System "IndyWatch Feed World"

"China will continue to hold high the banner of peace, development, cooperation, and mutual benefit, and uphold its fundamental foreign policy goal of preserving world peace and promoting common development. China remains firm in its commitment to strengthening friendship and cooperation with other countries on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, and to forging a new form of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness, justice, and win-win cooperation." - Xi Jinping, address to 19th National Congress of the CPC In his recently translated address to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping laid out a grand design and philosophy for short, medium and long-term strategy, for both his country and the world.1 President Xi not only directly challenged the underlying morality of post-modernism and neo-liberalism which has rendered the Western population incapable of planning the future or even maintaining the institutions handed down to us from past generations, but most importantly threw down the gauntlet, challenging the Western powers to release themselves from the ideological crutch of 'geopolitics' and work with China under a new paradigm of 'win-win cooperation'. Xi Jinping's 'Belt and Road Initiative' and its global manifestations across Africa, Europe and the Americas have been complemented on January 25, 2018 by an extension into the Arctic, dubbed the Polar Silk Road. This Arctic extension gave new life to a project which Russian President Vladimir Putin endorsed as early as April 2007, known as the Bering Strait Rail Tunnel, connecting the Americas with Eurasia.2 Up until recently, Western geopoliticians have attempted to dismiss such initiatives as 'fringe concepts' promoted by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche of the Schiller Institute, but today a very different picture has come to light which reveals that this battle between two opposing paradigms goes much further back in history than most people realize and, as such, a need to revisit some forgotten history is in order. It is, after all, due to this potent conception of history as a struggle between two opposing paradigms that the LaRouches and their allies have been able advance such policies mentioned above for over four decades.


Sixth-grader arrested for threatening to kill Florida middle school classmates "IndyWatch Feed World"

An 11-year-old girl has been arrested in Florida for threatening to shoot up her middle school in a note that she slipped under the door of the assistant principal's office. The sixth-grader at Nova Middle School in Davie, Florida, was arrested Thursday by local police and charged with one count of written threats to kill or do bodily injury, according to CBS Miami. The note, released to local media by the police, read "I will bring a gun to school to kill all of you ugly ass kids and teachers bitch. I will bring the gun Feb, 16, 18. BE prepared bitch!" Police say surveillance video showed the student placing the note under the door. The girl later gave a written confession to the police claiming she was pressured to do so by another classmate.


Ex-CIA Director Demands That Congress Bans Semiautomatic Weapons "IndyWatch Feed World"

Following the Florida school shooting this week, John Brennan has demanded that Congress must act now to block access to semiautomatic weapons. The former-CIA chief  has called on Congress to revamp its gun laws saying [...]


Texas cops shoot, kill special needs teen with the mental capacity of a 7-year-old "IndyWatch Feed World"

A heartbroken mother is speaking out after her disabled teenage son was shot and killed by police, and she is questioning why the three officers who confronted the boy decided to use lethal force against him. Dustin Castillo, 19, was killed after a confrontation with police officers who accused him of stealing a BMX bicycle from a local Target. Police Chief William McManus claimed that Castillo "evaded security and rode the bike on the Northwest Loop 410 highway, with three police cars in pursuit." The officers surrounded Castillo, and when he got off of the bike, McManus claimed that he pulled out a knife that was "certainly big enough to kill someone," and then cut officer Paul Armendariz' hand. Armendariz responded by pulling out his gun and shooting Castillo in the abdomen, according to the chief. Castillo was pronounced dead at the scene.


Former FBI Director Prepares Constitutional Crisis In United States With Indictments "IndyWatch Feed World"

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller acting as a "Special Counsel" has indicted 13 Russian nationals and one organization for engaging in political speech. The indictments are based on laws which nominally prohibit foreign nationals from engaging in US Federal Elections. Challenges to the laws which would arise from a serious legal defense citing the Consitution's protection of free speech and a free press would likely either result in their gutting to the point of uselessness or the disenfranchisement of many pantsuit supporters that happen to be undocumented foreign nationals physically present in the United States.

The indeterminism inherent in the US Courts Circus makes predicting which outcome arises, provided the case is litigated at all, a challenge, but either way the squeeze is in.


Israeli troops arrest Palestinian journalist in West Bank "IndyWatch Feed World"

Beirut, February 16, 2018--The Committee to Protect Journalists is concerned by the arrest of Palestinian journalist Abdul Mohsen Shalaldeh. Israeli security forces arrested Shalaldeh, a reporter for the Hamas-affiliated Quds News Network, at his home in the southern West Bank town of Sa'ir, on February 15, according to news...


Ninth-grader arrested over Snapchat post threatening 'Round 2 of Florida' "IndyWatch Feed World"

A ninth-grader was arrested after threatening students and staff at a school in eastern Spartanburg County, South Carolina with "Round 2 of Florida tomorrow" via Snapchat, according to the local sheriff's office. The minor, whose name cannot be revealed due to his age, was charged with disturbing schools, and was transported to the Department of Juvenile Justice facility in Greenville. Lieutenant Kevin Bobo of the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office said another student had showed their father a Snapchat picture of a Broome High School freshman wearing a mask and holding what appeared to be an assault rifle, WSPA reported. School officials were alerted early on Thursday morning. According to Spartanburg School District 3 officials, enhanced security is being provided at Broome High School to ensure students' safety.


Men across the US are fighting a quiet, unbearable war against false accusations of sexual abuse "IndyWatch Feed World"

John's freshman year at James Madison University started out great. He did well in his classes. He made friends easily. He even started dating a fellow student. But just a couple weeks into his first semester, John's world came crashing down. The girl he had been dating accused him of sexual assault and took her charge to the campus authorities. James Madison promptly conducted an initial hearing and found that John was "not responsible." And John lived happily ever after...only he didn't. After all, this is 2018, people. The campus hearing should have been the end of this nightmare for John, but it was far from over. The girl appealed James Madison's initial decision and a separate appeal board called for John's immediate suspension until 2020. After that, he could re-enroll at the university if he wished. John couldn't just sit back and let his good name and education vanish before his eyes so he initiated a lengthy and expensive legal war against James Madison that lasted three years. It was worth it, because he won.


Clean energy not natural gas drove decarbonization in 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Despite attempts by the Trump administration and the coal industry to limit clean energy in favor of fossil fuels including a tariff on solar energy, a thinly-disguised bailout for coal and nuclear power plants (that was rightly rejected), and a dramatic proposed cut to energy research we are accelerating the transition to a []


Engineers Create Method Of Making Wood As Strong As Steel, Even Bulletproof "IndyWatch Feed World"

By , The Mind Unleashed

Engineering scientists reportedly have invented what they call a new type of super wood. It is said to be 10 times stronger than regular wood, and is being promoted as an innovation that could be a practical replacement for steel and harder building materials.

They call it densified wood. To compress wood like this, a certain chemical treatment and then a heated process of compression occurs. The resulting chemical bonds make the wood strong enough to one day be used in buildings and vehicles, according to Science Alert. The research was published in the journal where everything is published, in Nature.

The engineers fired projectiles similiar to bullets at their densified wood, and report that the material causes the projectile to become lodged in it, rather than going straight through it. They suggest advancements in armor plating could arise from this.



The Saker: Escalation in Syria - How Far Can the Russians be Pushed? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Events in Syria have recently clearly taken a turn for the worse and there is an increasing amount of evidence that the Russian task force in Syria is being targeted by a systematic campaign of "harassing attacks". First, there was the (relatively successful) drone and mortar attack on the Russian Aerospace base in Khmeimin. Then there was the shooting down of a Russian SU-25 over the city of Maasran in the Idlib province. Now we hear of Russian casualties in the US raid on a Syrian column (along with widely exaggerated claims of "hundreds" of killed Russians). In the first case, Russian officials did openly voice their strong suspicion that the attack was if not planned and executed by the US, then at least coordinated with the US forces in the vicinity. In the case of the downing of the SU-25, no overt accusations have been made, but many experts have stated that the altitude at which the SU-25 was hit strongly suggests a rather modern MANPAD of a type not typically seen in Syria (the not so subtle hint being here that these were US Stingers sent to the Kurds by the US). As for the latest attack on the Syrian column, what is under discussion is not who did it but rather what kind of Russian personnel was involved, Russian military or private contractors (the latter is a much more likely explanation since the Syrian column had no air-cover whatsoever). Taken separately, none of these incidents mean very much but taken together they might be indicative of a new US strategy in Syria: to punish the Russians as much as possible short of an overt US attack on Russian forces. To me this hypothesis seems plausible for the following reasons: First, the US and Israel are still reeling in humiliation and impotent rage over their defeat in Syria: Assad is still in power, Daesh is more or less defeated, the Russians were successful not only their military operations against Daesh but also in their campaign to bring as many "good terrorists" to the negotiating table as possible. With the completion of a successful conference on Syria in Russia and the general agreement of all parties to begin working on a new constitution, there was a real danger of peace breaking out, something the AngloZionist are absolutely determined to oppose (check out this apparently hacked document which, if genuine, clearly states the US policy not to allow the Russian to get anything done). Second, both Trump and Netanyahu have promised to bring in lots of "victories" to prove how manly and strong they are (as compared to the sissies which preceded them). Starting an overt war against Russian would definitely be a "proof of manhood", but a much too dangerous one. Killing Russians "on the margins", so to speak, either with plausible deniability or, alternatively, killing Russians private contractors is much safer and thus far more tempting option.


Moscow Finally Admits US Killed Russians in Syria "IndyWatch Feed World"

Despite vehemently denying Russian personnel had even been present in the location recently struck by U.S. forces in Deir ez-Zor, Syria, reports have begun emerging that scores of wounded Russian mercenaries are now being treated at defense ministry hospitals.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH), the wounded fighters were brought to military hospitals in Moscow and St. Petersburg, two sources who were in contact with the fighters have said. Allegedly, more than 200 fighters died in last weeks assault on a U.S. base in Syrias eastern Deir ez-Zor region, which then became a counter-assault led by U.S. airstrikes.

SMH reported:

In what may be the deadliest clash between citizens of the former Cold War foes, the Deir Ezzor attack involved hundreds of Russian and Ukrainian mercenaries, who were fighting for Syrian President Bashar al-Assads forces, according to the two Russians. The fighters had no air cover or mobile air defence to protect them during the fighting, they said.

On Thursday, Russia acknowledged Russian deaths but continued to deny that this personnel had any official involvement with Russias own armed forces.

We are possibly talking about the deaths of five people, supposedly citizens of the Russian Federation. Others are injured. But this all requires verification, in particular their citizenship. We are not talking about Russian soldiers, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova reportedly said.

The SMH presented its own view on this conundrum:

The incident shines a light on a little-known weapon in the Kremlins hybrid-war arsenal. Mercenaries, whove been active in eastern Ukraine and Syria, allow Russia to deny official involvement in operations when things go wrong. Fighters involved in the February 7 assault in Syria were linked to Wagner, two people familiar with the matter said, a shadowy private military contractor that has a training camp at a commando base in southern Russia....


Demand For Meat Substitutes In Europe Has Increased By 451% "IndyWatch Feed World"

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Europe is rapidly embracing faux meats. According to a new report conducted by researchers working in the TRansition paths to sUstainable legume based systems in Europe (TRUE), citizens in Europe are enjoying legumes more and more, and are increasingly finding alternatives to meat.

TRUE found that products containing grain legumes, such as lentils, beans, and soybeans, were made up about 39 percent of the growth in Europe. Reportedly, Western Europeans are responsible for most of the growth.

Said Joo Ferreira, a student at Universidade Catlica Portuguesa (UCP): The most active region was the United Kingdom, with a share of 19 % of total new legume-inclusive product launches in Europe, followed by France (14 %) and Germany (13 %).

Pre-packaged meat alternatives were by far the most popular sector, boasting a growth of 451 percent. There was also 196 percent increase for vegan products and 73 percent for gluten-free products. Bean-based snacks experienced a growth of 128 percent and demand for pasta increased by 295 percent, explained...


Five Major Revelations The Mainstream Media Is Ignoring About The Florida Shooting "IndyWatch Feed World"

One of the deadliest school shootings in American history took place this week in Parkland, Florida and the suspected gunman has since confessed to this most heinous act. As details unfold, however, the mainstream media is failing to ask the hard questions which need to be answered. While the media frantically attempts to use Nikolas []


New Report Proposes The Government Should Pay Every Brit Under 55 10,000 "IndyWatch Feed World"

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

New report suggests the government should give everyone under 55 10,000 regardless of employment status or current wealth.

The findings have come from The Royal Society for the encouragement of the Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)  saying it could be the transition needed for everyone to eventually receive a state funded basic wage.

The idea proposes two seperate payments of 5,000 to be paid over a two year period. This would also result in other benefits and tax reliefs being removed.

RSA believe the incentive will support the way work and jobs will be changing during the 2020s as automation replaces many jobs, climate change hits and more people face balancing employment with social care.

The money would be taken from a British sovereign wealth fund, and applicants would only have to explain how they plan to use the money.

Director of the RSAs Action and Research Centre Anthony Painter has said: The simple fact is that too many households are highly vulnerable to a shock in a decade of disruption, with storm clouds on the horizon if automation, Brexit and an ageing population are mismanaged.



Global Warming Zaps Oxygen "IndyWatch Feed World"

Take a deep breath. A recent scientific study reveals disturbing loss of ocean oxygen. Unnerving climatic events like this justify ringing and clanging of the bells on the Public Square, all hands on deck. In particular, and as expected, the culprit is too much anthropogenic-induced global warming or idiomatically speaking, human activities such as planes, trains, and automobiles burning tons of coal. Somebody must do something to fix it ah-ah-ah!

According to Denise Breitburg, lead author marine ecologist with the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center:

The decline in ocean oxygen ranks among the most serious effects of human activities on the Earths environment.1

A team of scientists with GO2NE (Global Ocean Oxygen Network) created by the UN Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission conducted a sweeping all-encompassing study of the state of ocean oxygen:

In the past 50 years, the amount of water in the open ocean with zero oxygen has gone up more than fourfold. In coastal water bodies, including estuaries and seas, low-oxygen sites have increased more than 10-fold since 1950. Scientists expect oxygen to continue dropping even outside these zones as Earth warms.2

According to Vladimir Ryabinin, executive secretary of the International Oceanographic Commission that formed GO2NE:

Approximately half of the oxygen on Earth comes from the ocean.

Today, there are actual dead zones where oxygen has plummeted so low that life suffocates. Not only low oxygen that doesnt suffocate life still stunts growth, hinders reproduction, and promotes disease. In short, low oxygen stresses the entire ecosystem. According to the legendary ocean researcher Dr. Sylvia Earle, as recognized by the Library of Congress, and referred to as Her Deepness by The New Yorker and former Chief Scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) but resigned and started Mission Blue to save the ocean: The ocean is dying All of us are the beneficiaries of having burned through fossil fuels, but at what costs?  If we continue business as usual, were in real trouble.

If only, a wish list, key federal positi...


How To Survive A Spiritual Awakening "IndyWatch Feed World"

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

A spiritual awakening can be a rollercoaster ride of up and down emotions, here is how you can ride the waves:

What is a spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakening is the emergence of your essence (higher self), and/or a connection (or a glimpse of a connection) with the oneness that connects us all. We are born as this essence and as time passes we often lose a connection to this root existence. A spiritual awakening is us as an older being with a more developed (physical) mind and body reconnecting with this essence which can sometimes come as a shock.   

What can cause your awakening?

Sometimes a singular event which breaks your current routine of thought- for example, going away on holiday could force you to reflect when you are usually busy. Meeting someone who has already had a spiritual awakening can trigger one in us. A new relationship or the ending of a relationship. A new job or the ending of a job. An experience with a mind altering substance, or an experience similar which could be induced through meditation, breathwork, dancing, singing, art or anything that gets you out of your head. A near death experience, or a miracle that cannot be explained rationally. All can cause what seems like a spontaneous awakening.

It can also be a series of events, such as synchronicities that continually show up leading you in a specific direction. At times like these it can feel as if the universe...


MAD BOMBERS! A 21st Century Thought Experiment "IndyWatch Feed World"

Take a look at these two men. One was a distinguished professor and a prolific (if not entirely nuanced) writer. The other was a mad bomber who won the Nobel Peace Prize.... The post MAD BOMBERS! A 21st Century Thought Experiment appeared first on disinformation.

[This is a short summary; please click the story headline to read the full story on our site]


Female actors urged to ditch low-cut gowns and heels at Berlin film festival "IndyWatch Feed World"

Female actors attending this year's Berlin film festival are being encouraged to ditch high heels and tight gowns in favor of comfortable clothes in a campaign to bring equal rights to the red carpet. Under the Twitter hashtag #NobodysDoll, German actor Anna Brggemann has said she wishes to challenge the "patriarchal gaze" women habitually face at film festivals and award ceremonies, and to inspire actors to wear what they want instead. "The red carpet is like a throwback to the 1950s," she told the Guardian ahead of the film festival, which begins on Thursday. "Women are expected to squeeze into tight-fitting, low-cut dresses and totter on impossible heels in order to serve the gaze of those who'll judge whether they are marketable or not.


The Military Industrial Complex Strikes Again: War Spending Will Bankrupt America "IndyWatch Feed World"

Why throw money at defense when everything is falling down around us? Do we need to spend more money on our military (about $600 billion this year) than the next seven countries combined? Do we need 1.4 million active military personnel and 850,000 reserves when the enemy at the moment ISIS numbers in the low tens of thousands? If so, it seems theres something radically wrong with our strategy. Should 55% of the federal governments discretionary spending go to the military and only 3% to transportation when the toll in American lives is far greater from failing infrastructure than from terrorism? Does California need nearly as many active military bases (31, according to as it has UC and state university campuses (33)? And does the state need more active duty military personnel (168,000, according to Governing magazine) than public elementary school teachers (139,000)? Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times

Mark my words, Americas war spending will bankrupt the nation.

For that matter, Americas war spending has already bankrupted the nation to the tune of more than $20 trillion dollars.

Now the Trump Administration is pushing for a $4.4 trillion budget for fiscal year 2019 that would add $7 trillion to the already unsustainable federal deficit in order to sustain Americas military empire abroad and dramatically expand the police state here at home. Trump also wants American taxpayers to cover the cost of building that infamous border wall.

Truly, Trump may turn out to be, as policy analyst Stan Collender warned, the biggest deficit- and debt-increasing president of all time.

For those in need of a...


Did ancient ozone holes sterilize forests 252 million years ago? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Volcano-fueled holes in Earth's ozone layer 252 million years ago may have repeatedly sterilized large swaths of forest, setting the stage for the world's largest mass extinction event. Such holes would have allowed ultraviolet-B radiation to blast the planet. Even radiation levels below those predicted for the end of the Permian period damage trees' abilities to make seeds, researchers report February 7 in Science Advances. Jeffrey Benca, a paleobotanist at the University of California, Berkeley, and his colleagues exposed plantings of modern dwarf pine tree (Pinus mugo) to varying levels of UV-B radiation. Those levels ranged from none to up to 93 kilojoules per square meter per day. According to previous simulations, UV-B radiation at the end of the Permian may have increased from a background level of 10 kilojoules (just above current ambient levels) to as much as 100 kilojoules, due to large concentrations of ozone-damaging halogens spewed from volcanoes (SN: 1/15/11, p. 12).


Russian MoD: Russia tests new Arctic air-defense system "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russia's new anti-aircraft complex Tor-M2DT, developed for the extreme weather conditions of the Arctic region, has been successfully tested, intercepting two mock cruise missiles. The Arctic modification of the short-range air defense missile system Tor has been honing its skills during military exercises at the Kapustin Yar proving grounds in southern Russia. The Tor-M2DT system fired a volley of missiles and intercepted all the mock targets. "The live firing was carried out by a single vehicle at two targets, simulating cruise missiles, in complicated targeting and radio interference conditions," the Russian Defense Ministry said.


'Shut up and dribble': Fox News host slams LeBron James' political commentary "IndyWatch Feed World"

Fox News host Laura Ingraham laid into NBA star LeBron James over his critical comments made about President Donald Trump. Ingraham urged Trump-bashing James to "keep the political commentary to yourself." Laura Ingraham made the attacks on the Thursday night edition of her Fox News show, The Ingraham Angle. In the video, which was filmed for James' multimedia platform UNINTERRUPTED, the Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star forward says that the president "is someone who doesn't understand the people. He doesn't give a f**k about the people." James has been vocal about his dislike for Trump in the past. The video also features Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant.


Labor Review Board lawyer says fired Googler James Damore has no case "IndyWatch Feed World"

Google did not violate the law when it fired engineer James Damore for circulating a controversial memo inside the company, according to the National Labor Review Boards general counsel, Jayme L Sophir. Last year, Damore shared a document that questioned Googles effort to create a diverse culture while also asserting that women earned less than their

Google did not violate the law when it fired engineer James Damore for circulating a controversial memo inside the company, according to the National Labor Review Boards general counsel, Jayme L Sophir.

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Indian authorities say jailed photographer Kamran Yousuf not 'real journalist' "IndyWatch Feed World"

New York, February 16, 2018--The Committee to Protect Journalists calls on Indian authorities and the National Investigative Agency (NIA) to immediately drop charges against photojournalist Kamran Yousuf and release him....


Damascus may be about to deploy Syrian Army in Afrin - To repel 'Turkish invasion', or 'Kurdish uprising'? "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Syrian government reportedly rejected a request by the Kurdish self-government in Afrin to deploy troops to the area against an ongoing Turkish military operation, after the Kurds refused to lay down their weapons. The proposed deal between Syrian authorities and Kurdish militias, who asked Damascus for military support against the Turkish invasion, derailed after Kurdish forces refused to comply with a precondition set by Damascus, an RT Arabic correspondent in Syria reported, citing a military source. After the People's Protection Units (YPG) refused a request to hand over arms to the Syrian state, the negotiations were cut short before any deal could be reached, the source said. Lebanese Al-Masdar News also stated that "according to reports from Aleppo," the deal, which could potentially become a tipping point in the conflict, was called off because the Kurds refused to part with weapons they use to fend off the Turkish offensive.


Bullying, either as victim or perpetrator, found to triple the risk for psychotic disorders "IndyWatch Feed World"

Being involved in sibling bullying triples the risk of psychotic disorders in adulthood, new research finds. The risk is tripled whether the person is the victim or the bully. A child who is bullied at home and at school has four times the chance of developing a psychotic disorder later on. Psychotic disorders, like schizophrenia, are those that involve becoming detached from reality. This could include experiencing hallucinations, delusions or paranoid thoughts.


11 Reasons Dehydration Is Making You Sick And Fat "IndyWatch Feed World"

11 Reasons Dehydration Is Making You Sick And Fat | 11-reasons-728x400 | General Health Special Interests

Theres a lot of talk about water these days, and ultimately the question everyone wants answered is, how much do you need? The truth is, that number is entirely dependent on the person asking  their lifestyle, activity levels, eating habits, and even climate. The best way to figure out what you need is by paying attention to your body.

Dehydration actually sets in before you start feeling thirsty, and is often indicated by, oddly enough, feeling slightly hungry. If you find yourself feeling like a snack, try having a glass of water first, and see what happens. Sipping water throughout the day can also help curb dehydration and is one of the simplest ways to deal with it. For people who struggle in the mornings, having a couple of glasses of water right when you wake up will help boost your blood pressure to normal levels. It will also help clean out your system and get you to the bathroom quickly.[1]

As we covered in a previous article about how much water we need:

Luckily our bodies come equipped with an attentive water detection system called thirstOnce your body has lost between one to two percent of its total water content, it will signal its needs by making you feel thirsty.

A simple rule of thumb for assessing your water needs is by looking at the colour of your urine. Dark urine likely indicates your kidneys are retaining fluid to maintain normal body functions. However, this isnt to be confused with darker urine due to supplement intake, such as multi-vitamins.

If you are dehydrated, you will also likely urinate less often. According to Dr. Mercola, a healthy person urinates about 7-8 times per day. So monitoring how o...


Highline Community College near Seattle, Washington on lock-down amid reports of active shooter "IndyWatch Feed World"

Highline Community College, located in Des Moines, Washington, has been placed on lockdown following reports of an active shooter. Police have blocked a nearby highway. A warning went out to students about 9 a.m. on Friday. "Police are responding and evacuating buildings. Remain in lockdown position. We will update you as further details become available. This is an unfolding situation," says a post on the school's Facebook page.


DIY detective work of CCTV 'evidence' by father of Yorkshire murder convict proves his son wasn't even at the scene "IndyWatch Feed World"

DIY detective work by the father of murder convict Andrew Feather has cast doubt on the reliability of CCTV evidence gathered by police to jail him, his family told RT, as they prepare to appeal his case. Feather, 27, was jailed under so-called joint enterprise law for a minimum of 26 years in 2014 after he was convicted of being the secondary getaway driver in the murder of Bradford man Barry Selby, 50. The father-of-three was confronted at 2am by a masked gang who burst into his bedroom, shot him in the knee and covered him with acid, resulting in injuries that would lead to his death four days later. Feather has always protested his innocence, saying he was driving around the Holmewood estate where he lived at the time of the killing. In 2016, Feather and his three co-accused - Lee Calvert, Robert Woodhead and Joseph Lowther - had appeals against their convictions thrown out, but each had their minimum jail sentences cut. Feather now must serve 20 years. "The case against him is all about CCTV. But the timings are just all wrong - they even don't marry up," Feather's mother, Michelle Feather, told RT. "If they don't marry up, how can they possibly say that this is my son's car? They can't.


None of These Popular Gun Control Proposals Would Have Prevented the Parkland Shooting "IndyWatch Feed World"

graph in The New York Timespublished last year, but circulating again on social media in the wake of the Parkland massacreattempts to map the popularity of different policy responses to mass shootings, both among experts and among the general public.

Notably, none of the policies ranked both effective and popular appear likely to have stopped yesterdays grisly shooting.

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CPJ calls on Ethiopia to drop case against Zone 9 blogger "IndyWatch Feed World"

Nairobi, February 16, 2018--The Committee to Protect Journalists today called on Ethiopian authorities to drop an incitement charge against Zone 9 blogger Atnafu Berhane. Prosecutors told a court on February 14 they planned to drop the charge today, but the process was delayed by a paperwork error, Atnafu told...


Five Major Revelations the Mainstream Media is Ignoring About the Florida Shooting "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Matt Agorist Parkland, FL One of the deadliest school shootings in American history took place this week in Parkland, Florida and the suspected...


Escalation of imperialist aggression against Venezuela: respond with revolutionary measures "IndyWatch Feed World"

Venezuelanalysis republishes this analysis of the current conditions in Venezuela from Lucha de Clases, in which they call for deeper revolutionary measures as a way out of the current economic crisis.

Escalation of imperialist aggression against Venezuela: respond with revolutionary measures "IndyWatch Feed World"

Venezuelanalysis republishes this analysis of the current conditions in Venezuela from Lucha de Clases, in which they call for deeper revolutionary measures as a way out of the current economic crisis.


Worldwide flu crisis: What we know and the many things we don't "IndyWatch Feed World"

We are speaking Italian each time we say "influenza." It's the "influence" of the stars on human beings that causes the sickness, according to Italian folklore from centuries past. Influenza entered the English vocabulary in 1703, when J. Hugger of the University of Edinburgh used the word to describe the flu in a medical thesis. Much more is known today about what actually causes influenza, but the contagious respiratory illness remains an international health threat. Comment: At least in the case of some viruses, there may be more to the name than we realise: New Light on the Black Death: The Cosmic Connection How we know that they know that deadly viruses come from space Currently, flu is widespread across much of the world, including most of Europe, Asia and North America. In particular, the United States is having what Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, calls a "bad year" of flu.


Bird, primate, alligator brains and intelligence "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video from the USA says about itself:

Bird Brain: Smarter Than You Think

13 June 2016

The first study to systematically measure the number of neurons in the brains of birds has found that they have significantly more neurons packed into their small brains than are stuffed into mammalian and even primate brains of the same mass.

From the University of Chicago Medical Center in the USA:

Birds and primates share brain cell types linked to intelligence

Bird and reptile brains have a vastly different anatomy from mammalian brains, but contain cell types linked to mammalian cognitive abilities

February 15, 2018

Summary: In a new study scientists show that some neurons in bird brains form the same kind of circuitry and have the same molecular signature as cells that enable connectivity between different areas of the mammalian neocortex. The researchers found that alligators share these cell types as well, suggesting that while mammal, bird and reptile brains have very different anatomical structures, they operate using the same shared set of brain cell types.

Neuronal cell types in the brains of birds linked to goal-directed behaviors and cognition are similar to cells in the mammalian neocortex, the large, layered structure on the outer surface of the brain where most higher-order processing takes place.

In a new study, published this week in the journal Current Biology, scientists from the University of Chicago show that some neurons in bird brains form the same kind of circuitry and have the same molecular signature as cells that enable connectivity between different areas of the mammalian neocortex. The researchers found that alligators share these cell types as well, suggesting that while mammal, bird and reptile brains have very different anatomical structures, they operate using the same shared set of brain cell types.

Birds are more intelligent than you think, and they do clever things. So, the question is: What kind of brain circuitry are they using? said Clifton Ragsdale, PhD, professor of neurobiology at UChicago and senior author of the study. Wh...


(Video) SGTReport -- QAnon: Treachery, John McCain and Ruth Bader Ginsburg "IndyWatch Feed World"

Published on Feb 14, 2018

Q has been posting about the treachery of Senator John McCain and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who Q has suggested may know something about the murder of Supreme Court Justice Scalia. In this video, a follow up to my video 'Think children, think slaves' we take a deeper look at these to "government servants'" and go deep down the rabbit hole.


QAnon Updates -- February 14th to 15th, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Q Code Fag

February 15th 2018


Feb 15 2018 15:01:38Q!UW.yye1fxoID: 6d0fd8388822


Why is everything 'really' made in China?

Cost savings?

Why is POTUS focused on SA/CHINA/RUSSIA?











(Video) SGTReport -- Hollywood: Systemic Pedophilia Exposed by Quentin Tarantino "IndyWatch Feed World"

Published on Feb 10, 2018

Tarantino gave us the best view of how the Hollywood elite views sex with children, in 2003. Finally, people are listening. And thankfully, there's a President in the White House who cares.


California Gov. Jerry Brown To Release 10,000 Pedophiles, Rapists From Prison "IndyWatch Feed World"

Over 10,000 sex offenders including convicted pedophiles and rapists are set to be released to the streets in the near future thanks to Governor Jerry Brown and the ruling of a Superior Court Judge in Sacramento who [...]


German Women Rise Up Against Govt For Role In Migrant Rape Crisis "IndyWatch Feed World"

German women protestors are rising up in the millions against a government refusing to protect them from sex attacks by migrants. A huge march is planned in Berlin on Feb. 17 where the women will march to [...]

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