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Monday, 18 September


Israel is getting creative at countering its demographic disadvantage, but it may be too little, too late (Jonathan Cook ) "IndyWatch Feed World"

18/09/2017 - Still, opening the doors to "Jewish" non-Jews is a step too far Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu offered a crushing rebuke to the perennial optimists roused to hopes of imminent ...


In Florida, You Cant Use Your Own Solar Panels in a Crisis "IndyWatch Feed World"

When it comes to the U.S. economy, the "con" part offers the best description of the current relationship between business, government and the preyed upon consumer. The way things work in early 21st century America is large businesses bribe politicians in a variety of ways at both the local and federal level, and the end result is laws that are designed to increase corporate profits at the expense of the wellbeing and freedom of the American public. Politicians end up with financial war chests to run their next campaign, while bureaucrats see a lucrative opportunity to swing through the ever spinning revolving door should they play ball with lobbyists and their patrons. Yes, there's always some degree of corruption within any society of humans, but there are peaks and valleys in such cycles. I'd argue we are somewhere in the peak corruption phase.

Today's article focuses on one of the most highly regulated industries in the country, electric utilities. It's one of the most boring businesses in America. I know this because it fell under the umbrella of my responsibilities during my last Wall Street job, and I could barely read a utilities research report without immediately falling asleep. Nevertheless, as you'll see in today's piece, the industry still finds a way to generate large profits while simultaneously harming the people its supposed to service.

When I think about solar panels, its not just the use of a renewable resource I find appealing, but also the potential to take energy generation into your own hands; something that can prove quite useful in a major global crisis, or even something more minor like Hurricane Irma's impact on Florida. The latter could've be a lifesaver for some Florida residents recently, but a local electric utility has done everything in its power to deny its customers such freedom.

Here's some of what we learned about this situation from a fascinating article published by the Miami New TimesWhy Didn't FPL Do More to Prepare for Irma?

continue reading


The Equifax Hack Is The Most Disastrous Data Breach In History Because Now Hackers Have The Credit Information Of 143 Million Americans "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Michael Snyder

Talk about a nightmare.  It is being reported that criminals were able to hack into Equifax and make off with the credit information of 143 million Americans.  We are talking about names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, home addresses and even drivers license numbers.  If this data breach was an earthquake, we would be talking about a magnitude-10.0 on the identity theft scale.  We have never seen anything like this before, and to say that this will be disastrous for the credit industry would be a massive understatement.

What really disturbed me about this story is that this hack reportedly occurred between mid-May and July of this year

Credit monitoring company Equifax has been hit by a high-tech heist that exposed the Social Security numbers and other sensitive information about 143 million Americans. Now the unwitting victims have to worry about the threat of having their identities stolen.

The Atlanta-based company, one of three major U.S. credit bureaus, said Thursday that criminals exploited a U.S. website application to access files between mid-May and July of this year.

So why didnt we learn about this until September?

Somebody out there really needs to answer that question for us.

And even though the 143 million number is being thrown around constantly, according to USA Today we may never know the true number of victims

When asked if theres a way to quantify how many people have been harmed, John Ulzheimer, a credit expert and former employee at Equifax and credit score firm FICO, said: Theres no way to know, and there may never be a way to know.

Personally, I dont see how Equifax can possibly survive after this.  Their stock price is already crashing, and now it has come out that they had put a music major in charge of data security

When Congress hauls in Equifax CEO Richard Smi...


Washington Post writer says he's suffering from "Trump Hypertensive Unexplained Disorder" "IndyWatch Feed World"

Dana Milbank, a writer for The Washington Post, believes President Donald Trump is literally killing him. Milbank said he discovered Trump's presidency is affecting his health after visiting the doctor for his first physical in 49 years, in an opinion piece published Friday. Milbank said he had to report that he had not been feeling well recently. "President Trump is killing me. No, really. He's killing me," Milbank wrote.


Internal NSA documents: Eavesdropping in Ethiopia, directing drones in the Middle East, and much more "IndyWatch Feed World"

NSA agents successfully targeted "the entire business chain" connecting foreign cafes to the internet, bragged about an "all-out effort" to spy on liberated Iraq, and began systematically trying to break into virtual private networks, according to a set of internal agency news reports dating to the first half of 2005. British spies, meanwhile, were made to begin providing new details about their informants via a system of "Intelligence Source Descriptors" created in response to intelligence failures in Iraq. Hungary and the Czech Republic pulled closer to the National Security Agency. And future Intercept backer Pierre Omidyar visited NSA headquarters for an internal conference panel on "human networking" and open-source intelligence. These stories and more are contained in a batch of 294 articles from SIDtoday, the internal news website of the NSA's core Signals Intelligence Directorate. The Intercept is publishing the articles in redacted form as part of an ongoing project to release material from the files provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. In addition to the aforementioned highlights, summarized in further detail below, the documents show how the NSA greatly expanded a secret eavesdropping partnership with Ethiopia's draconian security forces in the Horn of Africa, as detailed in an investigation by longtime Intercept contributor Nick Turse. They describe the NSA's operations at a base in Digby, England, where the agency worked with its British counterpart GCHQ to help direct drones in the Middle East and tap into communications through the Arab Spring uprisings, according to a separate article by Intercept reporter Ryan Gallagher. And they show how the NSA and GCHQ thwarted encryption systems used to protect peer-to-peer file sharing through the apps Kazaa and eDonkey, as explained here by Intercept technologist Micah Lee. NSA did not comment for this article.


Medieval males were treated for infertility using ground up pig testicals "IndyWatch Feed World"

A recent study of medical and religious texts suggests that men were diagnosed with infertility as far back as Medieval times, and indeed may be held responsible for the inability to have children. Treatment regimes, at times bizarre and unpalatable, included eating ground up pig testicles. New Study Shows that Men Were Blamed for Infertility too For medieval men, success meant succession. Heredity was at the center of law and order, from the king down through the ranks of society. As a result, the moment children reached marriageable age everyone's focus was on their fertility. Even though it is believed that women in medieval England were blamed for childlessness most of the time, a new analysis of popular medical and religious books by the University of Exeter shows that from the 13th century, many of these medical texts acknowledged the possibility of male infertility, including sterility and "unsuitable seed" as Phys Org reports.


US Evaluating Shuttering Cuba Embassy After Unexplained Sonic Attacks, Tillerson Says "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Zero Hedge

With the total number of Americans affected by a potential sonic attack in Cuba now reaching 21, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the Trump administration is considering closing down the U.S. Embassy in Havana following unexplained incidents harming the health of American diplomats.

As one former CIA official says: Its just mystery after mystery after mystery.

On Thursday it emerged that the attack which Cuba denies was in one case a blaring, grinding noise which jolted an American diplomat from his bed in The Capri, a Havana hotel popular with tourists.

The diplomat, according to AP, moved just a few feet, and there was silence. He climbed back into bed and then the agonising sound hit him again.

None of this has a reasonable explanation, said Fulton Armstrong, a former CIA official who served in Havana long before America re-opened an embassy there.

Its just mystery after mystery after mystery. 

According to the Telegraph, the Cuban authorities earlier this month allowed teams from the FBI and Royal Canadian Mounted Police to investigate, but no evidence has been found at least, nothing thats been shared with the public. However, at least one source who spoke with the Telegraph thinks the Cubans are innocent.

Had they thought the Cuban government was deliberately attacking American diplomats, that would have had a much more negative effect, said Mark Feierstein, who oversaw Barack Obamas defrosting of Cold War-era relations while he sat on the national security council.

We havent seen that yet.

There may be a good reason the government has been reticent about the issue: US intelligence agencies dont know whats going on.

According to the Telegraph, the symptoms of the attacks have confounded the FBI, which i...


The Limits and Deficiencies of Dialectical and Historical Materialism "IndyWatch Feed World"

With all its emphasis on materiality, physicality and corporeality as the prime origin of all conceptualities, dialectical-historical-materialism is, first and foremost, a concept, that is, a philosophy. No matter how much it claims otherwise and continuously stresses the importance and objectivity of materiality as a priori and prima causa for all ideas, perceptions and consciousness, dialectical-historical-materialism always resorts to language, philosophy and concepts in order to elucidate its principles, its conclusions, and, in addition, in order to validate its fundamental premise. Namely, to quote Marx, that the mode of production of material life conditions the social, political and intellectual life [of society]. It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but their social existence that determines their consciousness.1

In actuality, dialectical-historical-materialism is a theory of history that relies principally on a material and a dialectical conception of history, namely, that it is the material conditions of a society; i.e., the principal mode of production for this society, that shapes historical development and social relations, whether these developments and social relations are political, legal, religious, technological and/or philosophical etc. As Marx states, intellectual production changes its character in proportion as material production is changed.2 It is the manner by which a society produces and reproduces human existence that fundamentally determines its organization, its thoughts, its ideals and its historical development; i.e., its history and its ruling ideas. Subsequently, for dialectical-historical-materialism, it is the unity of the productive material forces and the social relations of production organized around these productive material forces that shape, initiate and guide social developments and ideational developments. As Joseph Stalin states in Dialectical and Historical Materialism, paraphrasing Marx and Engels:

The chief force in theconditions of material life of society, which determines the physiognomy of...


Healing from the inside out: What to do when your emotional pain expresses itself in the body "IndyWatch Feed World"

When we feel emotionally balanced, our bodies reflect this positive feeling, too. Positive emotions such as contentment or satisfaction tell our brains to release positive chemicals like serotonin or dopamine to make our bodies feel good. Unfortunately, the opposite of this is also true. When we find ourselves in a less than positive emotional state, this mental anguish can express itself throughout our bodies. For example, our brains release toxic levels of cortisol when we're exposed to long-term physical, mental, or emotional stress. Our brain chemistry gets burnt-out and our bodies reflect this in physical ways. This type of pain linked to high levels of cortisol or adrenal fatigue is easy for most people to identify, but emotional stress can express itself physically in many ways. For many people, chronic emotional stress just feels normal. Sometimes we don't even realize we're in an unbalanced emotional state until we start examining our physical pain and attempt to find its source. Do you have chronic headaches or a kink in your back you just can't seem to shake? Have you already tried everything medically available but the pain just won't go away? You could be looking in the wrong places. Many types of pain are directly linked to our emotions. Once we identify what's causing the pain, we can start healing from the inside out.


This Is The Smartest Kid In The World And He Thinks CERN Destroyed Our Universe "IndyWatch Feed World"

Science just barely starts to scratch the surface to the nature of reality and still, its discoveries are more shocking than we were able to imagine. It proves of quantum entanglement, unified field of consciousness, free energy, superhuman abilities, singularity, parallel universes and alternate realities. All of this is so mind boggling that you would []


The 'deplorable professor' is back and going off on one of his colleagues "IndyWatch Feed World"

The 'deplorable professor' is back and going off on one of his colleagues [who 'went off' on him, first] | 18 Sept 2017 | Last year, Michael Rechtenwald [sic - Rectenwald. This 'article' is so factually deficient that even the subject's name is misspelled.] - now a Liberal Studies Professor at NYU - revealed that he was the man behind the Twitter handle @antipcnyuprof, an account under which he has previously rallied against politically correct culture, safe spaces and trigger warnings [which was *awesome*]. Now teaching at NYU full-time, Rechtenwald continues to use this twitter and yesterday used the account to go after his NYU colleague Michael Isaacson, who he claims is an "open Antifa member" [and nut-job who threatened to kill his own students]. In the tweets issued yesterday afternoon, Rechtenwald called out 'notorious Antifa member' Isaacson for coming after him in emails sent over the NYU list-serves, emails in which Isaacson reportedly called Rechtenwald an asshole "four times in the space of four lines."


The Pentagon Is Spending $2.2 Billion To Arm Syrian Rebels & Falsify Paperwork "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Kalee Brown

A joint report published yesterday by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Program (OCCRP) and the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) alleged that the Pentagon is supplying up to $2.2 billion worth of Soviet-style arms and ammunition to Syrian rebels.

This may come as a shock to some, as President Donald Trump just announced in late July that he was ending a covert CIA program that funded Syrian rebels, which seemed like a regime change for the U.S. government. The CIA has been creating, arming, and funding terrorists and rebels for a very long time. This isnt new information, but many had hoped that this practice would come to an end after Trumps latest decision.

Nevertheless, the Pentagon continues to funnel record breaking amounts of weaponry into Syria. Whats worse, the U.S. government is attempting to cover it up by allegedly falsifying the paperwork.

OCCRP Report Reveals Pentagons Involvement in Syrian War

Through analyzing procurement records, shipping information, official reports, leaked emails, and interviewing insiders, the OCCRP and BIRN discovered how the Pentagon is fuelling the Syrian war. Please keep in mind that this is entirely separate from the CIA program Trump just ended that was funding Syrian rebels as well.

The report states that the U.S. strategically uses vaguely worded legal documents that makes it difficult to establish where the weapons actually end up, which could potentially hinder efforts to stop arms trafficking and puts the Eastern European governments who sell the weapons and ammunition at risk of breaching international law.

Foreign Policy reported:

The program sidesteps long-established checks on international weapons trafficking, the report alleges, and appears to be turbocharging a shadowy world of Eastern European arms...


Nutcase Newt Gingrich: Trump can attack Russia quickly and decisively "IndyWatch Feed World"

If Donald Trump decides to attack Russia, he will do it more decisively than any other US president would. This statement comes from the conference of "Yalta International Strategy" in Kiev, by Speaker of the US Congress Newt Gingrich. "There will be consensus and people will understand that Russia is not a neighbor who has a different point of view, but an enemy. And you need to resist it. The category of people around whom Trump surrounds himself, if they plan an attack, it will be very decisive. Trump is by nature very aggressive. If he comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to limit Putin, he will take greater risks than any other American politician, "Gingrich said. He predicted the withdrawal of Russia first from the Donbass, and then from the Crimea.


South African Whites Only Town To Launch Digital Currency For Whites "IndyWatch Feed World"

A woman holding Ora notes in Orania, South Africa. The infamous Whites-only town of Orania in northern Cape Town, South Africa, is set to launch a digital currency that will only be used within the town. Orania, which is estimated to have a population 1,300 people, already uses a local currency known as the ora, []


Rare Moon 'occultation' is about to occur as it blocks view of three planets "IndyWatch Feed World"

On September 18, the Moon will pass in front of three planets and one of the brightest stars in our night sky, all in less than 24 hours, marking a special lunar occultation. An occultation might sound like some creepy ritual, but it's actually just the term astronomers use to denote that one celestial body is blocking out another one in the sky. And as far as lunar occultations go, this one's a rare sight. The Moon will be passing in front of Venus, then the first-magnitude star Regulus, then Mars, and finally Mercury. As the Moon orbits our planet, it regularly travels in front of other objects in the sky, but it's rare to get a planetary alignment quite like this one. The last time we had a lunar occultation of three planets within a 24-hour window was on 5 March 2008 (Mercury, Venus, and Neptune), and it won't be until 2036 when we get another one with three planets.


DARPA Fast Tracking Chip Development for A.I. Military Applications "IndyWatch Feed World"

A LOT of our emerging technologies are often the result of military endeavors. The military-industrial complex is vast and has tremendous power.

Watch on YouTube

Source: Can the US Military Re-Invent the Microchip for the AI Era?

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Iranian Army commander Abdolrahim Mousavi vows to raze 2 Israeli cities to the ground if it makes 'tiniest' mistake "IndyWatch Feed World"

An Iranian Army commander warns that Tehran will raze Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground if Israel makes any mistake, local media report. The commander also said Israel will not last longer than 25 years. Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi, who became commander-in-chief of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army (AJA) in August this year, said on Monday that Israel may exist for a maximum of 25 more years, as cited by Tasnim news agency.


Is Fascism Already Here? St. Louis Police Chant Our Streets After Mass Arrest of 80, Including Journalists "IndyWatch Feed World"

St. Louis erupted into protest again Sunday evening, as law enforcement arrested at least 80 people kettling protesters and agitators together with journalists, live-streamers, and legal observers then proceeded to torture the detainees by targeting them repeatedly, unprovoked, with pepper spray.

While that affront to nearly every facet of the First Amendment amounts to distressingly typical law enforcement modus operandi for protests, officers apparently werent content to wield fascistic and brutal power over observers and demonstrators, alike.

In what could only be described as a terrifying portent for the future of our rights in the United States, law enforcement marched pompously down the newly-cleared city street after indiscriminately arresting dozens, video posted to social media reveals, snidely and coldly chanting a familiar refrain of anti-police violence activists and advocates,

Whose streets? OUR streets!

Even the casual observer unfamiliar with the fraught subject of brutality and racism inundating American policing would find such a brazen declaration of the naked power over ordinary civilians troubling at best horrifyingly evocative of Hitlers regimented minions, at worst.

Demonstrations and protests be...


"A beautiful lush country with warm, friendly people": What we saw in North Korea defies everything Western media wants you to believe "IndyWatch Feed World"

In the current stand off between Washington and North Korea, western governments and media almost invariably present the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea) as a crazed aggressor. Yet the recent confrontation comes 72 years after Roosevelt and Stalin divided the colonised Korean people at the 38th parallel, and 60 years after the US brought nuclear weapons to the peninsula. The US military still occupies southern Korea and, in the current climate, the reunification summits of 2000 and 2007 seem a distant memory. Rarely do we listen to the North Korean side. Yet it should be no surprise that they have a distinct perspective on the successive Japanese and American attacks, invasions and occupations that have defined their past century. Even when UN commissioned 'human rights' reports are prepared, it is not thought necessary to get the North Korean view, or even to visit the country. Popular western history blames North Korea for starting the Korean war (1950-53). By this story the US is said to have intervened (killing more than 4 million, according to the DPRK) to 'protect' South Korea from 'communist aggression'.


Coca-Cola sucks wells dry in Chiapas, forcing residents to buy water "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Coca-Cola bottling plant in Mexico consumes millions of liter of water per day while wells dry up

By Martha Pskowski

The water is disappearing in San Felipe Ecatepec, an Indigenous town three miles outside of San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, in southern Mexico.

In the past four years, our wells have started drying up, says Juan Urbano, who just finished a three-year term this February as the president of the Communal Territory of San Felipe Ecatepec. People sometimes walk two hours a day to get water. Others have to buy their water.

Where is all the water going?

In between San Felipe and San Cristobal lies a Coca-Cola bottling plant, operated by the Mexican company FEMSA. The plant consumed over 1.08 million liters of water per day in 2016.

Urbano, 57, explains that the urban growth of San Cristobal has gradually eaten up agricultural lands in San Felipe. He is part of a shrinking number of people in the community that still grow corn, beans and squash on plots of land passed down for generations, and drink pozol, a drink made from fermented corn dough.

Many people dont drink pozol anymore, Urbano laments. Theyve replaced it with Coca-Cola.

San Felipe Ecatepec is one of thousands of towns across Mexico where corporate water consumption has taken precedence over local need. Advocates are scrambling to rein in a chain of public health consequences.

Government Is Failing on Constitutional Right

Chiapas has the highest renewable water resources per capita in all of Mexico. Yet, the tap water here is rarely safe to drink. And in rural Chiapas, more than one in three people do not have running water. Urbano describes how families in San Felipe frequently get sick from drinking contaminated well water.

We have been asking the government to install a deep well in the community for 12 years, says Urbano. Weve gone to the municipal, state and federal governments, but theyve done nothing.

Article 115 of the Mexican Constitution requires all municipal governments to provide potable water, suitable for drinking and bathing, along with drainage, sewage and wastewater treatment systems. Despite the governments responsibility, most Mexicans do not have safe drinking water in their homes. Each Mexican household buys on average...


President Putin arrives at the Zapad 2017 war games which triggered wave of hysteria in the West "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russian President Putin is touring a Leningrad region military range where Belarusian troops are being hosted for the Zapad 2017 drills - criticized by some neighboring countries despite Moscow and Minsk's transparency and invitations given to observers. The exercises began last week at several locations in Russia and Belarus and will be conducted until Wednesday. Russia sent around 3,000 troops to neighboring Belarus, where they are training at six locations along with 7,000 soldiers and officers of the host nation. Russia welcomed Belarusian troops at three sites, including the Luzhsky range in Leningrad region. Less than 13,000 troops are taking part in the exercise in total, according to figures from the defense ministries of Russia and Belarus. Around 70 aircraft, 680 armored vehicles, including 250 tanks, 200 artillery guns, and 10 warships have been deployed by the two nations. The two nations are working on coordination and interoperability of its troops in joint operations. Both stressed that the drill is meant to be purely defensive. They also invited some 90 foreign observers from 60 countries to monitor the exercise. The stage of the war games that Putin observed on Monday included a simulated cross-border incursion of insurgents who, according to the scenario, hijacked a large number of small planes and drones and tried to use them to attack targets in Russia. Russian and Belarusian troops used Pantsir-S1 and Tunguska air defense systems to take out the improvised enemy air attack. Tanks supported by artillery and aircraft launched an attack on the hundreds-strong groups of militants while a group of airdropped paratroopers prevented them from retreating.


Irma aftermath: St. Martin residents are now struggling just to survive "IndyWatch Feed World"

Ten days after Hurricane Irma turned St. Martin into a jigsaw of ripped metal and shattered wood, residents were still struggling with an existential question: Should they cling to an island that can barely support life or start over elsewhere? Irma hit the shared Dutch and French Caribbean island as a Category 5 hurricane with winds in excess of 200 miles an hour, turning the picturesque tourist haven into a sweltering trash heap without power, water or communications. What the hurricane didn't steal, looters often did. On Friday night, Yvanna and Theodore DeWeever - a young married couple - had collapsed onto the deck chairs of Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas that has been running missions of mercy, helping evacuate people from hard-hit Caribbean islands to Puerto Rico.


Stomach growls and bowels sounds: What's normal and what's not "IndyWatch Feed World"

Your body lets you know every day, in a variety of ways, that it is alive and well. One such way is the familiar growl of your stomach, which, to most of us, signals hunger. But, are all those rumbles and noises actually coming from your stomach? Are they really a sign you need to eat? The answer to both questions is a resounding "No." I'll take this opportunity to remind you about what's really going on when you feel and hear a rumble in your belly. Is All That Noise Coming From Your Stomach? You may not realize stomach growling actually originates as muscular activity in both your stomach and your small intestine. To better understand what causes it, let's take a closer look at how your body digests the foods and beverages you consume. As you probably know, one of the primary components of your digestive system is a long hollow tube called the esophagus, which runs from the back of your mouth all the way to your anus. Your esophagus connects with all of your various organs along your gastrointestinal tract, such as your gallbladder, liver, pancreas and stomach, as well as your small and large intestines (also referred to as your bowels). The walls of your esophagus are primarily composed of layers of smooth muscle, which are squeezed and contracted as a means of digesting and propelling food through your body. This process is called peristalsis. As peristalsis does its work, the food and beverages you consume are steadily being moved along from your stomach to your anus.


Your Vaccine Companys President Led Biowarfare Program & Experiments on Americans "IndyWatch Feed World"

Did you know that your vaccines were made by a corporation whose president led the US biological warfare program? This video explains.

Merck and Co created the HPV vaccine Gardasil, the MMR vaccine, and others.

During the middle of World War II, George W. Merck, president of pharmaceutical company Merck and Co was in charge of the War Research Service, the biological warfare division of the Federal Security Agency in the US military.

George W. Merck secretly led the biological warfare agency during the same years he was the president of Merck and Co.

His trusting customers had no idea he was in charge of a secret biowarfare program: they only saw his face on the cover of Time Magazine, as he was lauded as some kind of hero for health.

His War Research Service was in charge of Ft. Detrick, in Maryland. Academic institutions participated in the War Research Service: the same prestigious colleges that promoted eugenics for decades leading up to World War II, such as Harvard and Stanford.

Ft. Detrick was a mad science center, and it produced biological warfare experiments on Americans. It produced the plan to spray San Francisco with the infertility causing bacteria Serratia marcescens.

Their techniques were improved with the aid of paperclipped Nazi scientist Kurt Blome. Kurt Blome was brought to the US from Germany to advise biowarfare experts at Ft. Detrick. He had a history of experimenting on victims with the dreadful Black Death, or Bubonic Plague.

In the very beginning of these biowarfare efforts at Ft. Detrick, that would lead to the spraying of San Francisco, George W. Merck was there.

George retired from Merck and Co in 1953, years after his retirement from biowarfare. Immediately following his departure, Merck manufactured Eli Lillys polio vaccine, which was found to be contaminated with the cancer causing virus SV40.

Today, Mercks HPV vaccine Gardasil has injured and killed thousands.

Those who wonder about the malicious intent of mandatory vaccination have been searching for answers: this history is sure to open to door to a lot of answers about why Mercks vaccines are killing people today.



Most notorious security contractor quietly investing in privacy apps "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Jana Winter and Elias Groll

Erik Princes plan to send a private military force to Afghanistan may not have worked out, but another venture hes involved with has sunnier prospects: a secure communications solution for journalists, human rights workers, and even the Democratic Party.

Wickr, the American software company best-known for its free secure messaging app, is developing a suite of different secure communications apps, including one that is being used by the Democratic Party.

Less well-known is that one of the principal investors is Erik Prince, the founder of the controversial private security firm Blackwater (now Academi),  according to a confidential briefing obtained by Foreign Policy.

Erik Prince testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Oct. 2, 2007. | AP Photos/Susan Walsh

Princes investment in Wickr is by no means secret, but it is obscure. When asked about his involvement with the company, a spokesperson for Wickr pointed to a 2015 press release that listed several investors, including Prince.

His first name is misspelled in the 2-year-old release, which appears to be the only public mention of Princes involvement. Its unclear how big a stake Prince has in the company.

The Blackwater founder has been in the news again in recent weeks after proposing an ambitious plan to send an army of private contractors and aircraft to Afghanistan. His plan fell apart, however, after President Donald Trumps confidant Steve Bannon left the administration, cutting off Princes access to the White House.

The involvement of on...


Trump As Pennywise: Lashing Out At Clinton & North Korea "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Beltway Bandits who are always opining about Trump transitioning from campaign mode to presidential stature, and pronouncing after he does something petulant, Today Donald Trump became president, are doomed to be wrong for at least 3.5 years.

Trumps politics are those of a pulp novel horror villain. He is Stephen Kings It. Remember that It takes the form that particularly horrifies you. It isnt always necessarily Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Are you worried about a relative with a pre-existing condition losing healthcare if the ACA is repealed?

There is Trump as It, trying to repeal it. Are you worried about Americas forever wars? There is Trump extending them and announcing a troop escalation. Are you haunted by the specter of nuclear war? There is Trump trying to release Iran from its inspection regime, and menacing nuclear-armed North Korea with fire and fury.

He is Pennywise the Dancing Clown. But he is so much more. He is your every nightmare.

What non-villain non-monster would retweet juvenile horse manure like Trumps golf ball hitting Hillary Clinton and knocking her down? She is a grandmother and a private citizen.

We knew he hates women. We knew he is petty. And we will never forgive the benighted voters who put this shambling horror in charge of the nuclear codes.

What non-monster non-villain responds to nuclear blackmail by the unhinged North Korean regime with taunts and threats? I mean, this attempt to tag people with nicknames may be all right for certain of his voters (I love, Trump once said, the poorly educated!) But I just dont think it plays well in international diplomacy.

This is like It meets Kim Jong Un:


Rocket man?

And it seems pretty obvious that Trumps talk of fire and fury like youve never seen was always pie in the sky as even his Rasputin, Steve Bannon, admitted. It is just like the Hollywood techniques used to keep...


Six new sponge species discovered in Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

9 June 2012

HD video of scuba diving at Bunaken National Marine Park near Manado city at North of Sulawesi island in Indonesia. Fascinating walls covered with sponges, soft and hard corals, huge green turtles and tiny nudibranches, colorful anemones with clown fishes, eagle rays, morays etc.

From ScienceDaily:

Six new sponge species and new symbiotic associations from the Indonesian coral triangle

September 18, 2017

Summary: The Indonesian coral reefs, located in the so-called coral triangle, are considered amongst the richest and most biodiverse places on Earth. Surprisingly, this impressive species diversity is still poorly known. Biologists now report the presence of 94 species of sponges, including six new to science and two new symbiotic sponge associations.

Comprising more than 17,000 islands, the Indonesian archipelago is one of the worlds most biodiverse places on Earth.

Sponges, aquatic organisms whose bodies consist of numerous pores to allow the ingress of water, are key compon...


Tricked to Live in the Land of the Legally Dead "IndyWatch Feed World"

How You Were Tricked to Live in the Land of the Legally Dead

Source: Ascension With Earth

The current reality of man is heavily controlled by words. As a result of that, words play a big role in shaping the reality and culture of man. Besides shaping the reality and culture of man, words also play an important role in trade. Some of the most important words used in the business of trading goods and services are related to the name. Your name plays a very important role in your life because it allows others to identify you and communicate with you. Furthermore, it allows you to operate in the realm of commerce and fiction, making it easier for you to trade goods and services with people not living close to you.

Having a name can be a wonderful thing but if you do not know how to use it wisely, it can be a curse and prevent you from living a happy life. One of the ways that your name can curse you is when you allow it to bond to your mind too deeply, causing you to think that your name is who you really are. Your name has the power to trick your mind because it is made up of sigils (letters). Because of this, it is important to use your name wisely, so you do not become a victim of your name.

When you do not know how to use your name wisely, the Dark Magicians or the Elite can use it to imprison your body, mind and soul in the "land" of the legally DEAD. The best time to trick you to "live" in the land of the legally dead or the "sea" of the legally dead is on the day your mother gave "birth" to you.

The contract that the government used to trick your mother and father to agree to allow you to live in the "land" or "sea" of the legally dead is the birth certificate. This certificate is actually a certificate of a dead baby, which is why it has a legal name written on it. The name or legal name is not you because your are living and made of flesh and blood. For evidence showing that the birth certificate is a death certificate, read my informative article titled The Law and You: How the Birth Certificate is Used to Take Away You...


Exorcisms in bulk: Most in-demand exorcist in Italy performs group demon removals "IndyWatch Feed World"

"[There are] six, seven or eight possessed people here at the moment." Is it cheaper to get your exorcisms in bulk? Is it better? Where would one go to have more than one demon cast out at a time? The answer to the last question and possibly the others can be found in Palermo, Sicily, at the parish of an elderly priest whose fame as the result of a recent documentary has made him the most in-demand exorcist in Sicily, especially since he deals in quantity. "I am talking to you, Satan, Prince of Darkness. I curse you, I chase you out of my life."


NASA Unintentionally Shows Satellite Imagery of Weather Manipulation "IndyWatch Feed World"

NASA Accidentally Shows Evidence of Large-Scale Weather Manipulation In Satellite Photos

Hurricane Matthew and its successor Irma have turned weather into a dominant theme in the forefront of the publics mind.

From extreme flooding to widespread debris damage, people have witnessed the incredible power of mother nature but is there something else at work here?

Long have rumors circulated that the U.S. government is engaged in a decades-long geoengineering effort and why not? The ability to control the weather could be the ultimate tool for goodor for destruction.

Whether its chemtrails or weather manipulators like HAARP, the link between covert government operations and the effects these can have on weather cant just be discarded as conspiracy theory.

And now, NASAs own satellite images have revealed whats being referred to as shocking proof of climate engineering.

See for yourself:

Near the East Coast of Australia

The above image, along with those to follow, shows what Dane Wigington, writing for Wakeup-World, describes as many variances of radio frequency cloud impacts:



Total recall is overrated: Why forgetting makes you smarter "IndyWatch Feed World"

You're probably thinking you're a genius right? Well, you know those people who always boast about having a perfect memory? Maybe they shouldn't, because having total recall is totally overrated. That's according to a new paper in the journal Neuron, which concludes that forgetting things is not just normal, it actually makes us smarter. In the new report, researchers Paul Frankland and Blake Richards of the University of Toronto propose that the goal of memory is not to transmit the most accurate information over time. Rather, they say, it's to optimize intelligent decision-making by holding onto what's important and letting go of what's not. The researchers came to this conclusion after looking at years of data on memory, memory loss, and brain activity in both humans and animals. One of Frankland's own studies in mice, for example, found that as new brain cells are formed in the hippocampus -- a region of the brain associated with learning new things -- those new connections overwrite old memories and make them harder to access. This constant swapping of old memories for new ones can have real evolutionary benefits, they say. For example, it can allow us to adapt to new situations by letting go of outdated and potentially misleading information. "If you're trying to navigate the world and your brain is constantly bringing up conflicting memories, that makes it harder for you to make an informed decision," says Richards.


Russian MoD: Iskander-M missile system test-launched advanced rocket at maximum range "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russia's Iskander-M system has carried out a successful test-launch of its advanced missile at maxim range as part of the Zapad 2017 military exercises, the defense ministry said. The test-launch was performed at the Kapustin Yar range in Russia's southern Astrakhan Region, the ministry said in statement. "The increased capacity missile covered 480 kilometers and successfully hit its target at the Makat range [in Kazakhstan]," the statement read.


Batman Begins Esoteric Analysis Hollywood Decoded Ep 5 PREVIEW "IndyWatch Feed World"

In 2005, Christopher Nolan rebooted the Batman movies, full of occult imagery depicting the interplay of secret societies and billionaire capitalists as played out against the gothic noir landscape of Gotham City. It is also the tale of our protagonist learning to use fear as a means of changing the world around him. In many ways, Bruce Waynes rise as the dark knight is like the ascendance of Gautama Siddhartha as Buddha. As the archetype of Buddha brought peace through enlightenment, the archetype of the bat brought peace through fear; something which would bring about the end of corruption in Gotham, but would eventually cause the fall of our hero. This conversation with Jay Dyer and Jay Weidner was originally webcast September 18, 2017.

Instructor/Host: Jay Dyer, Jay Weidner

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Conspiracy Fact: US Media Royalty Admits to Practicing Occult to Kill 3 People "IndyWatch Feed World"


The term Spirit Cooking made occult rituals mainstream for a brief period last year after WikiLeaks released a trove of emails from the account of Hillary Clintons campaign chairman, John Podesta. While a number of celebrities and media moguls were tied to occult practices at the time, recent revelations have added more media royalty to the list.

The name Ben Bradlee may sound familiar, as he was good friends with former President John F. Kennedy, and executive editor of the Washington Post from 1968 to 1991. Bradlee and his wife, Sally Quinn, were often in the spotlight, and after Kennedy was assassinated, they were even referred to as the New Camelot.

While Bradlee died in 2014, Quinn has since taken the time to give insight into the glamorous life lived by the medias royal couple. However, some of the practices she describes are ones that would normally be written off as crazy conspiracy theories by outlets such as their beloved Washington Post.

However, WaPost actually praised it.

In her latest publication titled, Finding Magic: A Spiritual MemoirQuinn reveals that she believes she has killed at least three people in her lifetime. She claims that while she did not harm anyone physically, she believes strongly in the occult, and has used hexes on people who got on her bad side.

According to a WaPo report on the contents of the memoir, Quinn began believing in spirits, magic and the occult as a child, and she said it stemmed from what she was taught by her mother and other maternal relatives. She claimed her mother used hexes on people who angered her immensely, such as a veterinarian who would not help their sick dog and an Army doctor who did not provide accurate care for Quinn. In both cases, Quinn wrote that her mother yelled, I hope you drop dead! and within days, they did.

Like mother, like daughter. In some of the most troubling passages of this book, she describes casting hexes on people who later died. One was an attractive young woman who flirted with one of Quinns earlier boyfriends. I wont say exactly what I dideven now I think that would be bad luck for me...


CENSORSHIP ALERT: Mozilla planning to block all non-approved news in the FireFox browser "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Jayson Veley

In November of 1737, decades before America officially declared its independence from the king of England, a young Benjamin Franklin published an essay in The Pennsylvania Gazette entitled, On Freedom of Speech and the Press. In it, Franklin wrote, Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away, the Constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins. Franklin went on to write, An evil magistrate entrusted with power to punish for words, would be armed with a weapon the most destructive and terrible.

Although this was written in an article published more than two and a half centuries ago, Franklins words are quite possibly more relevant today than they ever have been. Indeed, there is an ongoing effort by the progressive left and extremists such as George Soros to silence speech that doesnt align with the liberal agenda. This effort to effectively gut the First Amendment is taking place virtually everywhere you look, from the mainstream media, to Hollywood, to college campuses, and perhaps most frequently, across the Internet.

Recently, the popular Internet web browser Mozilla Firefox announced that it plans on joining the fight against what it considers to be fake news, a term that to leftists means nothing more than news that is written by conservatives. Mozilla said that it was investing in people, programs and projects in an effort to disrupt misinformation online.

The first question that every constitutionalist and liberty-loving American should be asking is as follows: How does Mozilla define fake news? Are they only talking about suppressing radical websites such as sites run by white supremacists, or are they talking about any news that comes from conservatives? At the very least, it should worry you that companies like Mozilla are often reluctant to thoroughly define fake news it is highly unlikely that this is unintentional.

Furthermore, what exactly gives Mozilla the right or the auth...


After Failing To Prosecute Bankers, Obama Cashes In With Wall Street Speeches "IndyWatch Feed World"

Less than a year has passed since he departed from the White House, and former President Barack Obama has already joined the well-trod and well paid Wall Street speaking circuit, a decision many argued will negatively impact the Democratic Partys credibility as it attempts to fashion a message around taking on corporate monopolies, tackling income inequality, and loosening the insurance industrys control over the American healthcare system.

According to a Bloomberg report published Monday, Obama has in the last month delivered two speeches to massive financial firmsNorthern Trust Corp and the Carlyle Groupfor around $400,000 a pop, and he is slated to attend a three-day conference hosted by Cantor Fitzgerald next week, for which he will make another $400,000.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton faced a wave of intense criticism following her paid speeches to Wall Street during the 2016 presidential campaign and later conceded that they werent politically wise.

Obama, however, doesnt appear to harbor any concerns about the political impact his speeches may havea fact that could be problematic for the Democratic Party, Bloombergs Max Abelson notes.

While he cant run for president, he continues to be an influential voice in a party torn between celebrating and vilifying corporate power, Abelson writes. His new work with banks might suggest which side of the debate hell be on.

News of Obamas decision to cash in following his eight-year presidency drew significant ire, particularly given his administrations failure to enact sufficient structural changes to the financial system following the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.

Related | Obama Under Fire For $400K Speech To Wall Street Fat Cats

As Abelson observes, Obamas Justice Department prosecuted no major bankers for their roles...


China fears N. Korea's underground nuclear tests could trigger a volcanic eruption "IndyWatch Feed World"

China has limited access to a nature reserve on its border with North Korea after mysterious seismic shakes at the rogue nation's nuclear test site were detected less than 10 minutes after it launched a missile earlier this month. Beijing reportedly closed the site over fears that underground detonations by the North Koreans at a facility near Punggye-ri could lead to rockslides and even trigger an eruption of the active volcano Mount Paektu, which is sacred to North Korea and located right on the border between the two countries. The notices from Chinese authorities, restricting access to the Changbaishan National Nature Reserve, were posted on China's state-regulated analog to Twitter Weibo, South Korea's Donga Ilbo newspaper reported Thursday. It covers a radius of around 70 miles from the Punggye-ri test site. "For the safety and convenience of travelers, we have temporarily closed the southern tourist zone of Changbai Mountain," read the message from Chinese authorities, translated by UPI. "Officials are thoroughly investigating the safety of the tourist area." The area will remain closed to the public until "the potential risks disappear," it said.


Mouse study suggests medicated skin patch that delivers fat-shrinking drug could be used to treat metabolic disorders "IndyWatch Feed World"

Researchers have devised a medicated skin patch that can turn energy-storing white fat into energy-burning brown fat locally while raising the body's overall metabolism. The patch could be used to burn off pockets of unwanted fat such as "love handles" and treat metabolic disorders like obesity and diabetes, according to researchers at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) and the University of North Carolina. The findings, from experiments in mice, were published online today in ACS Nano. Humans have two types of fat. White fat stores excess energy in large triglyceride droplets. Brown fat has smaller droplets and a high number of mitochondria that burn fat to produce heat. Newborns have a relative abundance of brown fat, which protects against exposure to cold temperatures. But by adulthood, most brown fat is lost. For years, researchers have been searching for therapies that can transform an adult's white fat into brown fat-a process named browning-which can happen naturally when the body is exposed to cold temperatures-as a treatment for obesity and diabetes. "There are several clinically available drugs that promote browning, but all must be given as pills or injections," said study co-leader Li Qiang, PhD, assistant professor of pathology and cell biology at CUMC. "This exposes the whole body to the drugs, which can lead to side effects such as stomach upset, weight gain, and bone fractures. Our skin patch appears to alleviate these complications by delivering most drugs directly to fat tissue."


Nearly 2,000 Dead In Myanmar Amid Military-Led Ethnic Cleansing Of Rohingya "IndyWatch Feed World"

The horrific ethnic cleansing and genocide being perpetrated against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar by military and paramilitary forces left at least 400 dead following the most recent attacks. The total number killed has been estimated to be nearly 2,000, with some Rohingya activists claiming an even higher death toll.

Aung Su Kyi, a Nobel Prize laureate and de facto leader of Myanmar, has been criticized for being morally irresponsible in regards to responding to attacks against the Rohingya population, as well as accused of legitimizing genocide.

The killing of Rohingya Muslims is part and parcel of a wider scorched-earth campaign in addition to the killings, over 400,000 Rohingya have been displaced. Many of them are starving and have been denied access to aid by the government of Myanmar.

Related | The Myanmar Conflict Explained

This merciless crackdown on the Rohingya was inspired in part by attacks against security forces, with the most recent attack taking place in August, as well as widespread general discrimination against Rohingya Muslims.

In Myanmar, regardless of familial ancestry, Rohingya Muslims are often referred to as illegal Bengali immigrants, an accusation that is without merit.

The Rohingya people, described by some as the most persecuted in the world, are facing an uphill battle for recognition a struggle compounded by the stark truth that the law in Myanmar is not on their side.

A 1982 law passed by the countrys military junta stripped the Rohingya of access to full citizen...


GCR/RV Intel SITREP: "Wake Up!" -- September 18, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Did anyone notice Hurricane Jose is near NYC at the exact same time the UN General Assembly is meeting?

The thing to really consider is how this UN, the one in NYC, representing an old way of doing diplomatic business, will be moved to Beijing soon.

As will the role of the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland to the PROC Central Bank.

As will the Federal Reserve and Internal Revenue Service to the US Treasury.

As will the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to the AIIB.

When do you think HSBC over take all BofA branches? GM is already majority owned by China. So is the White House and Congress.

All these "institutions" will shift headquarters from East to West soon if they haven't done already.

This is all part of the transition we've discussed at length that yes includes your monetary transaction.

There is no nuclear threat in North Korea. China and Russia handled that over a decade ago.

What you're seeing now is the United States and Europe putting pressure on China for trade easements.

Everything you're seeing on TV about immediate danger is a bold faced lie to scare us into a lower ascension vibration.

Turn off your TVs. Stay off of Facebook. See your fake President for what she really is--an open lie.



Anonymous hacks into Israeli government website "IndyWatch Feed World"

Cyberattack performed by Anonymous hackers on Israeli government ministrys website

Members of Anonymous hacked into the website of the Israeli Periphery Development Ministrys Galilee Development Authority leaving a message with the organizations symbol: Israel is helping human terrorist groups, they wrote.

By Judith Abramson

The website of the Israeli Periphery Development Ministrys Galilee Development Authority was broken into by hackers from Anonymous, most likely by the groups Palestinian branch. Israel is helping human terrorist groups for the continued sale of weaponry to the Burmese junta after intensified violence against the countrys Rohingya Muslim minority, the hackers wrote in a message on the website.

More than 100 tanks, as well as boats and light weapons have been sold to the Burmese government by Israeli arms companies, the hackers continued.

The Israeli Periphery, Negev and Galilee Development Ministry issued an official statement regarding the cyberattack. We are evaluating the incident with the relevant officials, the statement read. On the website operated by the Galilee Development Authority within the ministry, there is much important content for residents of the Galilee such as projects, benefits and information about cultural events. We are working with relevant officials so that the website will return to its normal operation as soon as possible.

This article (Anonymous hacks into Israeli government website) was originally published on Jerusalem Online and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


6 Things You Should Never Share With Other People "IndyWatch Feed World"

We all have that one friend that we can tell anything to and trust them with it. However, no matter how trustworthy the person is, you should never share these things with them or anyone else.

We can get really close to our friends and even family. Humans naturally build trust with other individuals, and we all have the urge to share the things about our lives and thoughts with other people too. It is normal and healthy to share what has been going on in your head with other people, but there are some things that only you should know. Its not that you have to keep these things a secret, but you just dont need to share these things with other people. Your personal life is your personal life for a reason. Dont make it someone elses business when it shouldnt involve other people.


 You are much better off keeping your goals to yourself. This is because in the future they might be part of something you need to change. Additionally, our goals are forever changing and adapting as we go throughout life and you dont want other people holding you to expectations that are unachievable.

Your Personal Life

 One of the things that I personally hate the most is being involved in other peoples personal life. I cannot stand when my friends involve me in their drama that I have no business being in. Things of other peoples personal life begin stressing you out and you get too emotionally involved in each others lives. It causes additional problems because it forms a habit.

Family Issues

 Everyone has family issues and we are basically all formed on the way we were raised. It has a heavy influence on the way we are today, and you dont want other people taking advantage of that. Plus, when people know your personal drama they tend to just you based off of it.

Good Deeds

 Everyone should perform good deeds throughout the day. The world will change with one random act of kindness at a time. However, when we share the good things we do with other people it might make them feel compelled to do something better. It comes to a point where people are constantly trying to outdo you and they think you are bragging about yourself....


Are Facebook and Google the New Colonial Powers? "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Charles Hugh Smith To qualify as colonial powers, Facebook and Google must effectively limit the choices and power of users, and punish or coerce...


Brain Connected to the Internet for the First Time Ever (Video) "IndyWatch Feed World"

Technology is advancing at break-neck speedare you ready for whats coming?

Watch on YouTube

Source: Researchers Have Linked a Human Brain to the Internet for the First Time Ever

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Venezuela Rejects US Drug Trafficking Designation "IndyWatch Feed World"

In an official statement, Venezuela's Foreign Ministry accuses the Trump administration of utilizing the "war on drugs" as a "political weapon" to destabilize the South American country. 

Icelands Government Just Collapsed Amid A Pedophilia Scandal "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Alexander C. Kaufman

REYKJAVIK, Iceland Icelands government has collapsed amid uproar over Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktssons father helping expunge the criminal record of a convicted child rapist.

The centrist Bright Future party dropped out of the three-party, conservative coalition, eliminating its one-seat parliamentary majority. Benediktsson called a snap election on Friday as protesters gathered near the parliament building in this citys posh downtown area.

We have lost the majority, and I dont see anything that indicates we can regain that, Benediktsson said Friday at a press conference. I am calling an election.

The party blamed Benediktsson for failing to inform the government that his father wrote a letter recommending a pardon for Hjalti Sigurjn Hauksson. Hauksson was convicted in 2004 of raping his stepdaughter almost daily for 12 years, starting when she was 5 years old. He served nearly six years in prison, but was granted restored honor last August a legal status encoded in old Icelandic law that allows criminals who receive three letters of recommendation speaking to their good character to have their records wiped clean and go on to serve in public office or work as an attorney.

Haukssons victim described the par...


Murdered Greek anti-nazi rapper remembered "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

Pavlos Fyssas Death Sparks Outrage In Greece

20 September 2013

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Greece: Murdered anti-fascist remembered

Monday 18th September 2017

Thousands march for rapper Killah P

THOUSANDS marched through Athens and other Greek cities at the weekend, with further demonstrations due today, the fourth anniversary of the murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas by a neonazi.

People rallied in Syntagma Square and marched on the US embassy, where they protested at the killing of Heather Heyer by a white supremacist last month.

They then continued towards the offices of the Golden Dawn party, though were prevented by thousands of riot police from reaching the fascist HQ.

Hundreds of Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrants joined the march after rallying separately in Omonoia Square to denounce the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya people by the Myanmar authorities.

Marchers chanted: Golden Dawn to jail smash the nazis!

They included delegations of...


Wells Run Dry Near Giant Coca-Cola Bottling Plant In Mexico "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Coca-Cola plant is said to be taking up copious amounts of water to manufacture its signature soda, in turn, drying up the wells in southern Mexico.

A report in Truthout says supplies are disappearing in San Felipe Ecatepec, an Indigenous town three miles outside of San Cristobal de las Casas in the state of Chiapas.

The Mexican FEMSA-run bottling company operating the plant in the region is said to have consumed at least 1.08 million liters of water per day in 2016 and has affected many neighboring communities.

Juan Urbano, former president, Communal Territory of San Felipe Ecatepec, told Truthout, People sometimes walk two hours a day to get water. Others have to buy their water.

Despite Chiapas having the highest renewable water resources per capita in the country, one in three people in rural areas lack safe drinking water and the tap water is widely considep style=red unsafe to drink.

Related | Pepsi, Coca-Cola Facing Boycotts In India Over Water Use

We have been asking the government to install a deep well in the community for 12 years, Urbano told Truthout. Weve gone to the municipal, state and federal governments, but theyve done nothing.

FEMSA has said it is trying to replenishing supplies in the region through its social programs, including reforestation and rainwater catchment projects.

According to Antonino Garcia, an agronomist, and researcher at Chapingo Universitys San Cristobal campus, the water issue in the region is historical. San Cristobal has been developing since 1970s but there was no urban planning. And thats been aggravated by public policies that dont pay attention to the Indigenous people of the state, Garcia said.

Shortages have also become more severe because of climate change and salmonella. The research institute, ECOSUR, found a high level of bacterial pathogens in the local wetlands, making the making the water unsafe for drinking.

After surveying the region in May, Leo Heller, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Right to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation, urged the Mexican government to take immediate steps to expand, and improve reliable, safe and affordable access to water and sanitation for all, including deprived, marginalized and indigenous communities who are poorly served by a struggling national water and sanitation system in many l...


Most Investors Wont Be Buying Gold & Silver until AFTER Big Gains Occur "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Clint Siegner Physical demand for bullion rounds, coins, and bars remains somewhat soft in the U.S. This years run higher in prices as well...


DISINFO COMICKS # 8 3/4! Inuit Supremacy! "IndyWatch Feed World"

These were done about a year ago and published in the BOOK OF BUD. I know they wont change any minds but its still kinda funny. The post DISINFO COMICKS # 8 3/4! Inuit Supremacy! appeared first on disinformation.

[This is a short summary; please click the story headline to read the full story on our site]


Benjamin Fulford: Donald Trump to go on November begathon to Asia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Benjamin Fulford

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Donald Trump to go on November begathon to Asia

By Benjamin Fuford

US President Donald Trump is scheduled to go to Asia in November, officially to attend an APEC meeting but in reality to go on a begathon, multiple sources agree. The begathon is aimed at getting money to keep the bankrupt US corporate government going beyond the December extension it was given by its mostly Asian creditors.

The US corporate government was given enough money to continue operation for 3 months after its September 30th fiscal year end payments deadline because the...


Georgia Tech: Pride Alliance student president shot and killed by campus police "IndyWatch Feed World"

A 21-year-old Georgia Tech student, who was the president of the campus Pride Alliance, was shot and killed by a Georgia Tech police officer, according to a statement released by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The university, in a statement to BuzzFeed News, identified the victim as a fourth-year student named Scout Schultz: The Georgia Tech community was notified Sunday morning of the tragic death of Scout Schultz, fourth year computer engineering student from Lilburn, Georgia. Schultz died on Sunday, Sept. 17 as a result of an incident in the West Campus residential community. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating the incident and reviewing the circumstances surrounding the death. At 11:17 p.m. on Saturday night, the Georgia Tech Police Department received a call "of a person with a knife and a gun," the GBI said. What followed took place outside of a Georgia Tech dormitory, the GBI said, when the student, allegedly carrying a knife, "would not comply with the officers' commands."


Mysterious 'explosion' rattles homes in Moranbah, Queensland "IndyWatch Feed World"

Mystery surrounds a loud explosion that shook Moranbah homes overnight. Just before 11pm, numerous residents reported hearing a huge 'bang' that seemingly shook their homes. A Queensland Police media spokeswoman confirmed police were alerted to a potential explosion around 10.49pm. "We received a call from someone saying they had heard an enormous bang that sounds like an explosion," the QPS spokeswoman said.


Bureaucratic backlog: Americans wait an average of two years for a hearing on disability benefits - longer than some will live "IndyWatch Feed World"

More than 1 million Americans are awaiting a hearing to see whether they qualify for disability benefits from Social Security, with the average wait of nearly two years - longer than some of them will live. All have been denied benefits at least once, as most applications are initially rejected. But in a system where the outcome of a case often depends on who decides it, most people who complete the appeals process will eventually win benefits. The numbers come from data compiled by the Social Security Administration. About 10.5 million people get disability benefits from Social Security. An additional 8 million get disability benefits from Supplemental Security Income, the disability program for poor people who don't qualify for Social Security. The disability programs are much smaller than Social Security's giant retirement program. Still, the agency paid out $197 billion in disability payments last year. Recipients won't get rich as the average benefit is $1,037 a month - too small to lift a family of two out of poverty. For some, the benefits come too late.


US Missile Machinations Undoes Non-Proliferation Efforts "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Ulson Gunnar When it comes to nuclear weapons upon the international stage, the general consensus is certainly not the more the merrier. Attempts to limit the...


Decolonizing IR: A Response to Gilley "IndyWatch Feed World"

The past week has seen a boiling-over of controversy regarding a publication by Bruce Gilley entitled The Case for Colonialism, appearing in the journal Third World Quarterly, leading some to even begin petitions to the journal to retract. As of the writing of this post, the journal has not retracted the article.

In this post, I would like to reflect on this piece as both a part of a scholarly conversation: showing how its claims are the result of poor methodology, a bad reading of the existing literature on colonialism in political science and other fields, and a general glossing-over of a wide literature on post-colonial theory. If I had reviewed this piece, it would have received a hard reject recommendation. Perhaps more importantly, Id like to reflect briefly at the end of this post on what this piece as a textual artifact tells us about political sciencesand particularly IRscolonial present. This is certainly, in my view, the most disturbing aspect of the article.

Gilleys piece makes three inter-related claims; all of these are supported only sloppily by a bad reading of evidence and scholarly literature: that colonialism was beneficial, that elites often supported it, and that we need a return to colonialism today

Perhaps the most bizarre claim in the piece is that colonialism was beneficial to the colonized societies. Despite the nods made by Gilley to non-biased data and case selection (p. 3), his own examples are anecdotal and skewed. For example, he cites an article by Anthony Daniels from the conservative-leaning magazine New Criterion, to show that in the case of the Mau Mau war in Kenya, British colonialism was better than the counterfactual. However, in Daniels piece reviewing the latest literature on the conflict, Daniels notes that the scholarly consensus is clear in regards to colonialism, and particularly land theft, as the cause of the war: The authors are agreed that land hunger was at the heart of the Mau Mau uprising [] (p. 23).

Another example is worth mentioning. He cites Jeffrey Herbst as arguing that colonialism did too little state-making (p. 3). This is a misleading reading of Herbsts book, which suggests that colonialism and the cementing of colonial borders in the post-WWII era, were impediments to state-building processes that had taken place in a different structural context in Europe. This was not a failure of colonialism. It was partly its effect. In fact, as James Robinsons...


China Urges US Diplomacy Not War With North Korea "IndyWatch Feed World"

China just sent the United States an urgent message regarding North Korea, asking the Trump administration to stop threatening military action and give diplomacy a try. Chinese officials reject Trumps attempt to push China to [...]


ANTIFA Claims They Have to Beat Up Americans "IndyWatch Feed World"


Antifa claims that the fascist, Nazi system is against them. Thus, it is their right to use violence to get their point across to the hate groups they supposedly target. But anybody that has been confronted by Antifa knows full well that Antifas real enemy is the average American citizen.

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Rare ball lightning passes through home of UK pensioner "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Paignton pensioner has described the moment when a glowing ball of lightning passed through his apartment as he sat and watched it in terror. After a 'shattering' bang at the height of a thunderstorm over the town, the blue ball of plasma came through his window, crossed his lounge and passed through his patio doors. The lighting 'strike' did not leave a mark behind. "It frightened the life out of me," said 71-year-old Michael Dodd. "It is difficult to take in what actually happened." The incident happened on Friday afternoon when storms swept across South Devon. There were several lightning strikes in the Paignton area, including the one that hit Mr Dodd's apartment building in Alta Vista Road, overlooking Goodrington beach.


Vital: The Real Dreamers are Elite Corporations "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Jon Rappoport And the unknown trade deal that cost the US a hundred thousand jobs This isnt one of the big trade deals everybody...


Justice Department Begins Criminal Probe Into Equifax Executive Stock Sales "IndyWatch Feed World"

The U.S. Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into whether top officials at Equifax violated insider trading laws when they sold stock before the company disclosed that it had been hacked, according to people familiar with the investigation.

Equifax disclosed earlier this month that it discovered a security breach on July 29. The three executives sold shares worth almost $1.8 million in early August. The company has said the managers didnt know of the breach at the time they sold the shares.

As we noted previously, Senator Heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat who sits on the Senate Banking Committee, said it was disturbing that it appeared executives sold their stock before disclosing material information to the public.

If that happened, somebody needs to go to jail, Heitkamp said at a credit union industry conference in Washington.

Its a problem when people can act with impunity with no consequences. How is that not insider trading?

The three executives are:

  • Corporate vice president and chief financial officer John W. Gamble Jr. sold 6,500 shares at a price of $145.596, valued at $946,374, on August 1, 2017. (See the SECs Form 4, Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership, here.) In 2016, Gamble received $632K in salary, $759K in non-equity incentive plan compensation, $1.2M in stock awards, and $17K in all other compensation, totaling $2.7 million. He has an estimated net worth of $12.2 million. (Source: Bigwigs).
  • Equifax Executives GraphicWorkforce Solutions president Rodolfo O. Ploder, of 1550 Peachtree St. NW, Atlanta, GA 30309, sold 1,719 shares at a price of $145.70, valued at $250,458, on August 2, 2017. (See the SECs Form 4 here.) In 2016, Ploder received $500K in salary, $600K in non-equity incentive plan compensation, $785K...


Hurricane season roars on: Jose moves northward off US Coast while Tropical Storm Maria tracks Irma's path threatening Caribbean and Florida "IndyWatch Feed World"

As Hurricane Jose ambles northward in the Atlantic far off the East Coast, an innocuous-sounding system has turned into Tropical Storm Maria in the Caribbean and could well follow Irma's destructive path toward Florida as a full-blown hurricane. At 5 p.m. Saturday, the National Hurricane Center upgraded the one-time disturbance to Tropical Depression Maria and said it was 620 miles east-southeast of the Lesser Antilles, moving west at 20 mph. It was packing maximum sustained winds of 50 mph. A hurricane watch was issued for Antigua, Barbuda, St. Kitts, Nevis and Montserrat, a route followed by Irma as it moved westward.


How Hillary lost the Midwest: Democrats weigh in "IndyWatch Feed World"

The 2016 presidential election is more than 10 months old, but Hillary Clinton is still in denial about how she lost it. In her new book, What Happened, Clinton is unsparing in her criticism of her vanquisher, Donald Trump, and blames a host of people for her historic loss, including primary foe Bernie Sanders, former FBI Director James Comey, former Vice President Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, and even the media. One thing Clinton doesn't blame is her own campaign strategy, particularly her campaign's approach to the Midwest. "Some critics have said that everything hinged on me not campaigning enough in the Midwest," she writes. "And I suppose it is possible that a few more trips to Saginaw or a few more ads on the air in Waukesha could have tipped a couple of thousand voters here or there." Clinton writes that her campaign was fully aware that winning the industrial Midwest was crucial for her, and that she in fact didn't ignore those states. I've spent the last three months living in and reporting from four crucial counties in Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania for The Race To 2020. All four counties voted for Obama and then flipped to Trump. Clinton's dismissive comments contradicted much of what I've been hearing, so I reached out to Democratic leaders in those counties to get their reactions.


As Hurricane Jose Inches Closer to New York, The East Braces for Impact "IndyWatch Feed World"

Whether Jose hits land or not, it will be impacting the state without a doubt. While Jose is currently a Category 1 storm it will still bring strong winds and fierce rain.

There have been warnings of possible flooding in places on the Long Island South and in several other areas. Eastern Long Island is expected to get showered by around 3 inches of rain or more in the first half of this week. Steady rain is expected to begin on Tuesday and wind gusts will likely reach up to 50 MPH.

While the chance that this storm actually touches land is only about 15 percent, when you consider the luck we have been having lately it seems quite possible. Forecasters say it may move back out to sea or make its way to land. Beach activity in the days to come could also be quite dangerous as Jose will be causing rough surface waves.
Because of this, a tropical storm watch has been issued for parts of the Jersey Shore and Long Island. Power outages are expected and people are doing their best to prepare at least a little bit.

Credit: NOAA


While the trajectory is not expected to change, it could. This storm could easily add to the damage we have experienced thus far in 2017. Bloomberg even reported that if Jose continues towards NYC it could cause the disruption of vessels carrying crude oil, petrochemicals, and other things of the sort. I am quite frightened by all of these hurricanes we have been dealing with this season.

It seems these days the best advice I can offer is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. What do you think about all these natural disasters we have been experiencing?

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Repugnant New York Times exploits child rape case in attempt to smear RT and Sputnik "IndyWatch Feed World"

This is unethical beyond being poor journalism. The New York Times recently released a heavily promoted (by the New York Times itself) piece which amounts to an emotional attack on the news outlets RT and Sputnik. Russia Feed recently explained that on pure journalistic terms, the New York Times (NYT) piece amount to little more than a very long winded way of the the NYT saying 'RT and Sputnik have a different editorial line to us and a more successful, more modern business model and therefore, they are wicked, rather than just a different kind of news source with a different editorial line'. But what is even more sinister, is that the NYT exploited the actual rape of a child in order to promote a vendetta against RT and Sputnik. Again, one does not have to like RT or Sputnik to understand that exploiting the rape of a 13 year old girl is totally unethical, but this is what the NYT has done.


More than 80 arrests as riots grip St. Louis for 3rd day after ex-cop's acquittal in fatal shooting "IndyWatch Feed World"

Riot police in St. Louis have made more than 80 arrests after a third consecutive day of protests that started peacefully but erupted into riots, clashes, and vandalism. It comes after an ex-cop was acquitted in the fatal shooting of a black man. St. Louis police were forced to deploy reinforcements after initial reports of "significant property damage" and "agitators breaking multiple windows" surfaced in downtown St. Louis at around 8pm. Protesters also attempted to block a ramp onto an interstate highway, according to police and witnesses cited by Reuters.


11 Signs You Are an Alpha Female That Stands Out Above the Rest "IndyWatch Feed World"

Alpha males and female can be quite intimidating, to say the least. However, they are some of the best people to have around.

If you are wondering whether you or someone close to you is an alpha female the list below can help. Look at each point and let it sink in, then decide if it sounds like you or not. The Alpha Personality is quite amazing.

1. You always get your point across.

You will not let a conversation end without making sure your side is heard. It is important to you and needs to be heard. You make sure to speak with nerve and never second guess yourself.

2. You look at actions more than words.

You dont look at what people say as much as what they do. While both are important you know how true a person can be with their actions and intentions. You do not allow others to do one thing and say another.

3. You do not have the fear of missing out.

You are living your life how you want to. You know you arent missing out on anything.

4. You are not fake.

You are yourself at all times. You dont pretend to be someone you arent and you are content. Your mind and body are your own.

5. You do not trust a lot of people.

You only trust a few people and there is nothing wrong with that. You know that trusting the whole world is not an option. You make the best of everything.

6. You like to be yourself.

You enjoy being true to yourself. When it comes to putting on a show that is not your strong point. Being fake is something you could never do.

7. You like spending time alone.

You spend time alone because you enjoy it not because you have to. People are frustrated and can be overwhelming. You are your own best friend.

8. You are not addicted to social media.

You do not spend all your time on social media. You are able to light a room without the camera and people love it. You do not need a million selfies to feel good about yourself.

9. You do the things you love.

You do not partake in things that you dont like. You are a strong woman who knows what she likes and does not like. If you love something you go for it.

10. Other peoples opinions do not matter to you.

Only your opinion matters. Everyone else is either there to support you or try and bring you down. You are good at telling the differ...


New look at dark energy: Research suggests accelerating expansion of the Universe may not be real, could be only an apparent effect "IndyWatch Feed World"

The accelerating expansion of the Universe may not be real, but could just be an apparent effect, according to new research published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. The new study-by a group at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand-finds the fit of Type Ia supernovae to a model universe with no dark energy to be very slightly better than the fit to the standard dark energy model. Dark energy is usually assumed to form roughly 70% of the present material content of the Universe. However, this mysterious quantity is essentially a place-holder for unknown physics. Current models of the Universe require this dark energy term to explain the observed acceleration in the rate at which the Universe is expanding. Scientists base this conclusion on measurements of the distances to supernova explosions in distant galaxies, which appear to be farther away than they should be if the Universe's expansion were not accelerating.


Busted! Hillary caught on tape laughing about hurricane Irma victims, lapdog Maddow scrubs interview "IndyWatch Feed World"

While filming a segment for The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC, Hillary Rodham Clinton was nabbed on tape saying the most awful thing imaginable about Hurricane Irma and its potential victims: "To be honest, Rachel, it would probably be good for the country if Irma were to just wipe every Florida hillbilly off the map. I mean...they live in trailers by the water, right?" Clinton began to laugh but Maddow stopped her:


Researchers use experimental drug to convert white fat into calorie-burning brown fat "IndyWatch Feed World"

An experimental drug causes loss of weight and fat in mice, a new study has found. The study results will be presented Friday at the Endocrine Society's 97th annual meeting in San Diego. Known as GC-1, the drug reportedly speeds up metabolism, or burning off, of fat cells. "GC-1 dramatically increases the metabolic rate, essentially converting white fat, which stores excess calories and is associated with obesity and metabolic disease, into a fat like calorie-burning brown fat," said study author Kevin Phillips, PhD, a researcher at Houston Methodist Research Institute, Houston. Until several years ago, scientists thought that only animals and human infants have energy-burning, "good" brown fat. "It is now clear," Phillips said, "that human adults do have brown fat, but appear to lose its calorie-burning activity over time."


Natural Disasters Are Revealing The True Promise Of Green Energy "IndyWatch Feed World"

After Hurricane Irma in Florida, millions have been without electricity. But those Floridians who had solar panels plus an inverter or a Tesla powerwall were able to recover electricity immediately. Likewise, cities used solar to power traffic lights and other essential services after the huge storm had blown past.

Solar panels kept the lights on in India during the horrific storms and floods of monsoon this year.

The CEO of REC, Steve ONeil which makes solar panels, reveals some amazing progress on green energy:

In 2010, there were 50 gigawatts of solar power in the world. Today it is 305 gigawatts.

Globally, solar installations increased by 50% in 2016 alone.

The average cost of solar-generated electricity worldwide is currently 8 cents a kilowatt hour. That is down 70% since 2010.

Solar Power Efficiency

Solar power is becoming increasingly more efficient.

But, US solar power arrays are at an average of 6 cents a kilowatt hour. That is competitive with coal and gas, and you havent seen anything yet. Prices will come on down to 2 cents a kilowatt hour in only a few years.

India, a country of 1.2 billion people, has the seventh largest gross domestic product in the world (ahead of Italy and Brazil and just behind France).

India has gone from having 2.65 gigawatts of solar in 2014 to having 13 gigawatts of solar capacity in 2017.

Indias federal and many state governments strongly back solar, so that it is expected to take off during the next decade. India added 5.525 gigawatts of solar capacity in 2016-2017 alone.

Related | Electric Car Drivers Are Not Trapped In Miami Beach With No Gas

And in Asia it isnt just India....


Senate Bill to Force Citizens to Register Cash Not in a Bank, Violators Get 10 Years in Prison "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new bill seeks to track your money and assets incessantly, will enjoin any business with government ties to act as a de facto arm of DHS, and would steal all of your assets including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies should you fail to report funds when traveling with over $10,000.

Under the guise of combating money laundering, Senate Bill 1241, Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017, ramps up regulation of digital currency and other autocratic financial controls in an attempt to ensure none of your assets can escape one of the States most nefarious, despised powers: civil asset forfeiture.

All of this under the farcically broad umbrella of fighting terrorism.

Civil forfeiture grants the government robbery writ large: your cash, property, and assets can be stolen completely sans due process, your guilt frequently pertaining to drug crimes matters not.

A court verdict of not guilty doesnt even guarantee the return of State-thefted property.

In fact, the government can seize virtually whatever it wants if it so much as suspects some of your assets might have been acquired through or used in the commission of even lesser crimes.

For some time, a war on cash has been brewing behind the closed doors of government, and although officials prefer to claim counterfeiting, terrorism, and money laundering as the impetus for asset tracking in actuality, physical currency facilitates black market and untaxed transactions, and, most imperatively to the U.S., cannot be thefted under civil asset forfeiture laws as easily as money exchanged digitally.

Characterized as an effort to to improve the prohibitions on money laundering, and for other purposes, the bill severely curtails the right to travel freely, without undue hindrance, as travelers with more than $10,000 in assets including those held digitally, like Bitcoin must file a report with the U.S. government.

Noncompliance with the tyrannical law including failing to fill out the aforementioned form would incur penalties befitting a fascist dictatorship: an individual could find the entirety of their assets seized, not just those unreported, and could be locked in a prison cage for up to ten years.

To be clear, the State wants to write a permission slip to seize all of your assets bank accounts, including, specifically, safety deposit boxes, prepaid cards, gift cards, prepaid phones, prepaid coupons, cryptocurrencies, all of it even for bei...


Research crew emerges from their Mars-like habitat after 8 months "IndyWatch Feed World"

After eight months of living in isolation on a remote Hawaii volcano, six NASA-backed research subjects will emerge from their Mars-like habitat on Sunday and return to civilization. Their first order of business after subsisting on mostly freeze-dried and canned food: Feast on fresh-picked pineapple, papaya, mango, locally grown vegetables and a fluffy, homemade egg strata cooked by their project's lead scientist. The crew of four men and two women were quarantined on a vast plain below the summit of the world's largest active volcano in January. All of their communications with the outside world were subjected to a 20-minute delay-the time it takes for signals to get from Mars to Earth. They are part of a study designed to better understand the psychological effects that a long-term manned mission to space would have on astronauts. The data they gathered will help NASA better pick crews that have certain traits and a better chance of doing well during a two-to-three year Mars expedition.


Antidepressants found to increase risk of death by preventing major organs from functioning properly "IndyWatch Feed World"

Antidepressant medications, most commonly prescribed to reduce depression and anxiety, increase the risk of death, according to new findings by a McMaster-led team of researchers. It's widely known that brain serotonin affects mood, and that most commonly used antidepressant treatment for depression blocks the absorption of serotonin by neurons. It is less widely known, though, that all the major organs of the body-the heart, kidneys, lungs, liver-use serotonin from the bloodstream. Antidepressants block the absorption of serotonin in these organs as well, and the researchers warn that antidepressants could increase the risk of death by preventing multiple organs from functioning properly. The researchers reviewed studies involving hundreds of thousands of people and found that antidepressant users had a 33% higher chance of death than non-users. Antidepressant users also had a 14% higher risk of cardiovascular events, such as strokes and heart attacks. The findings were published today in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics. "We are very concerned by these results. They suggest that we shouldn't be taking antidepressant drugs without understanding precisely how they interact with the body," says author Paul Andrews, an associate professor at McMaster University who led the research team.


WATCH: Your Child Belongs to the State: Lawmakers Claim the State Owns Your Children "IndyWatch Feed World"

Legislators in Texas have been working toward passing a host of laws to reform the states Child Protective Services agency. New legislation has been crafted to improve the agency which has seen multiple dilemmas resulting in detrimental safety problems for children in the state. There have been several bills introduced this year aimed at improving the agency. One bill, in particular, House Bill 39, seeks in part to require medical exams to be performed more quickly on children who have been newly placed into the foster care system.

HB 39, introduced by Rep. Gene Wu (D-Houston), would mandate that the states Department of Family Protective Services schedule a medical examination for children who have been in temporary state custody for longer than three business days. Children in rural locations would be required to receive a medical exam within seven business days.

While the bill was originally centered around hastening medical exams for new foster children, questions arose regarding whether vaccines would be included as part of these medical exams. Rep. Bill Zedler (R-Arlington), the vice chairman of the Texas Freedom Caucus, introduced an amendment to HB 39 to make vaccinations exempt from the required medical treatments. The bill saw a turbulent debate upon Zedlers amendment as the discussion turned to childhood vaccines and who should be responsible for crucial medical decisions when custody is obscured.

You get that child back five, eight, 10 days later, and theyve now had that surgery or theyve had these vaccinations, Zedler said according to Dallas Morning News. Thats an issue of liberty.

Wu was vocal about his belief that the law allows the state to assume authority in such situations. Let me make very clear: the moment a child is removed from their home- the moment the child is removed- by law, the child is now a child of the state of Texas, said Wu. We have the responsibility to make sure that child is safe and is given proper medical care. That is the law.

When we put into the law that we are limiting the ability of our agency that is tasked with taking care of a child that is in their custody and they are legally responsible for, we are setting a dangerous precedent, Wu continued. This is the same thing I told you when we argued over my bills and this is the same thing I will tell you again when we argue over this bill....


Stanislav Petrov: Soviet Officer Who Averted Nuclear War Dies at Age 77 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Im amazed by how few people are aware of this incident. It makes for great dinner time conversation! Via: Russia Today: A Soviet officer who prevented a nuclear crisis between the US and the USSR and possible World War III in the 1980s has quietly passed away. He was 77. In 2010 RT spoke to []


Tripoli Summed up in this 2-Minute Video "IndyWatch Feed World"

Check out this beautiful video on Tripoli by Hadi Hajjar. A 2 minute and 24 seconds video that perfectly sums up Lebanons second-largest city. The Citadel, The Rashid Karameh International Exhibition Center, The souks, the Mina, el Tall, The mosques and churches, the coffee shops, the sweets, the hammams and more.


15 Little-Known and Surprising Facts About Lefties "IndyWatch Feed World"

Most people are right-handed primarily, but we all know at least one lefty. Lefties arent just unique in their inverted writing style! They actually have some unique traits about them that right handers lack.

You might view left-handed people as odd or strange. I mean just look at the way they write! Its so complicated and backward. It stresses me out, but thats just OCD! Left-handed writers make up a mere 10% of the world population. Some people are even ambidextrous, meaning they can use their right or left hand. However, according to many old wise tales, left-handed writers are special and a gift from the universe! There is much more to a left-handed writer than just their writing style. Theyre unique in a variety of ways. They might even be aliens! Okay, that was a joke. Im just kidding.

Left-handed people arent aliens, but they are very special. You certainly didnt know these 15 things about left-handers. Its super interesting that such a small characteristic can indicate such a difference.

1. Left Handers Ancestors Were Also Left Handed

Left-handedness hasnt just been rare in modern day times. Even in ancient times, people favored the right hand. Some 500,000-year-old neanderthal tools have been found to show wear and tear consistent with right-handed users, according to researchers.

2. Left-Handedness Affects Language

For most people, language develops in their left side of the brain. This is known as the Brocas area, it is where we develop ideas, translate communication, and controls the right side of the body. However, some people have language skills that form on the right side of the brain. These individuals are what who we know as the left-handers.

3. History Hasnt Been Kind to the Left Hander

Back in the day, left-handers were made to retrain their hands and were even punished for using the wrong one. Science suggests that its not the desire to make people conform to a certain standard. According to researchers from the University of Utah, things that pertain to the left-handers can be scary. They tend to be more afraid of things on the left than on the right, according to the researchers.

4. There Were Left Hande...


Whistleblower Releases Details On Saudi Plan To Accept Israel As A Brotherly State "IndyWatch Feed World"

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is working to westernize the Kingdom and change peoples mindsets when it comes to Israel, Twitter user and notorious whistleblower, Mujtahidd has reported.

The account, which is believed to be reporting from inside the ruling family in Saudi Arabia, wrote:

Arrangement among the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain is wider than our expectations. Israel and American bodies linked to Trump are involved.

The plan is complete. It is based on unifying the bases of security, media, culture and education, including religion, in Egypt and all the Gulf States except Oman.

The plan, according to Mujtahid, was drawn in Egypt which is the supplier of cadres who will deal with the issues of media, security, Islamic movements, education syllabuses and religious institutions.

According to Mujtahidd, it aims to distance any political, cultural, educational, financial, religious effect on the people of Egypt and the Gulf States in order to reach a state of full and eternal normalization with Israel.

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It also said that the arrangement for this plan started in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Israel before US President Donald Trump was inaugurated, noting that former American President Barack Obama did not join the plan because he feared these states and the recklessness of Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman.

Trump, Mujtahidd tweeted, supported the plan and this encouraged Bin Salman and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed Bin Zayed to kick-start its implementation earlier than planned. The plan includes hiring hundreds of Egyptian officials and officers in the Gulf States to supervise security, armies, media, religion and education.

Mujtahidd added that the plan includes arresting hundreds of religious scholars, stressing that Bin Salman was enthusiastic about the implementation of the plan due to Israels pledge to get Trumps help to support his bid to become King of Saudi Arabia.

The Twitter user added the plan was implemented and included the use of social media to turn the public opinion against Islam in general and specifically political Islam and accepting Israel as a brotherly state....


Rand Pauls Senate Vote Rolls Back the Warfare State "IndyWatch Feed World"

Congress Capitol building

Last week, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) reminded Congress that in matters of war, they have the authority and the responsibility to speak for the American people. Most Senators were not too happy about the reminder, which came in the form of a forced vote on whether to allow a vote on his amendment to repeal the Afghanistan and Iraq war resolutions of 2001 and 2002.

It wasnt easy. Sen. Paul had to jump through hoops just to get a vote on whether to have a vote.

That is how bad it is in Congress! Not only does Congress refuse to rein in presidents who treat Constitutional constraints on their war authority as mere suggestions rather than as the law of the land, Congress doesnt even want to be reminded that they alone have war authority.

Congress doesnt even want to vote on whether to vote on war!

In the end, Sen. Paul did not back down and he got his vote. Frankly, I was more than a little surprised that nearly 40 percent of the Senate voted with Rand to allow a vote on repealing authority for the two longest wars in US history. I expected less than a dozen no votes on tabling the amendment and was very pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

Last week, Rand said, I dont think that anyone with an ounce of intellectual honesty believes that these authorizations from 16 years ago and 14 years ago authorized war in seven different countries.

Are more Senators starting to see the wars his way? We can only hope so. As polls continue to demonstrate, the American people have grown tired of our interventionist foreign policy, which burns through trillions of dollars while making the world a more dangerous place rather than a safer place.

Some might argue that losing the vote was a defeat. I would disagree. For the first time in years we saw US Senators on the Senate Floor debating whether the president should have authority to take the US to war anywhere he pleases. Even with just the small number of votes I thought we might have gotten on the matter, that alone would have been a great victory. But getting almost 40 percent of the Senate to vote our way? I call that a very good start!

The first step toward rebalancing the separation of powers is for Congress to re-assert its authority and responsibility for declaring war. To this point, Congress has preferred to transfer its war responsibility to the president.

The second step, once Congress understands its obligations, is...


Air Force Planes to Spray Harris County with Dibrom "IndyWatch Feed World"

Via: AP: Harris County officials say Air Force Reserve cargo planes will be spraying much the county beginning Thursday to combat the mosquito threat left by Harveys heavy rains and floodwaters. Modified C-130 planes from Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio are to spray about 600,000 acres in roughly the northern and southern thirds []


Palestinian woman convicted of terrorism and turned activist to be deported from U.S. "IndyWatch Feed World"

Rasmea Odeh was convicted of killing two Israelis in a supermarket bombing. Convicted terrorist Rasmea Odeh will be deported from the US to Jordan this Tuesday, after being found guilty of immigration fraud. Odeh, 48, was convicted in 2013 for concealing her arrest, conviction, and imprisonment in her application for United States citizenship in 1995. Odeh had killed 2 Israelis in a 1969 supermarket bombing she carried out for Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Comment: Odeh could not possibly be only 48 years old. What else about this story might Israeli news outlet Arutz Sheva be incorrect about?


Mysterious lights appear in the sky over Salt Lake City "IndyWatch Feed World"

Fox 13 News received several calls and messages about a series of strange lights in the sky above Salt Lake City Saturday night, and it appears the lights were likely part of the pregame festivities for Utah's game vs San Jose State at Rice-Eccles Stadium. Several videos shot just before 8 p.m. near Salt Lake City show the lights in the sky, with one video appearing to show a single point of light breaking up into smaller objects. Another video shows at least four separate lights moving slowly through the air. (WARNING: The video below contains at least one instance of profanity.)


U.S. Navy/National Security Agency Submarine Flies Jolly Roger, For Morale "IndyWatch Feed World"

Via: Ottawa Citizen: US Navy Commander Corey Barker told the UKs Daily Mail that the flag was flown for morale, and has no further significance. There was no real reason for flying the flag, just a part of morale, he explained. When submarines come into and leave port they are authorized to fly flags as []


17 Amazing Photographs Taken By Steve Irwins 13-Year-Old Son "IndyWatch Feed World"

Robert Irwin, the son of Steve Irwin, has been following in his fathers footsteps for years now. His love for nature and helping this world to understand it is mind-blowing.

Robert travels often and has become quite talented when it comes to taking photos. The 13-year-old shares his photos on Instagram and people across the globe are mesmerized by their beauty. While you would not think any normal 13-year-old would be so talented we should be expecting this kind of thing from anyone in relation to the marvelous Steve Irwin.

If he is this good now can you imagine how captivating his photos will be by the time he reaches 18-years of age? Robert showed interest in nature at a very young age and of course, his father took that and ran with it. Roberts photos have been recognized in many contests and he is constantly impressing the world more and more. Take a look at some of his fantastic work below, I am sure his father would be so proud.










Novartis to Charge $475,000 for Cancer Treatment US Taxpayers Paid $200 Million to Discover "IndyWatch Feed World"

A first of its kind revolutionary cancer treatment was approved by the FDA this week which boasts cure rates for childhood leukemia upwards of 70-80 percent. The innovative nature of the treatment lies in how it genetically re-engineers a patients own immune system to find and destroy tumors.

While this is certainly noteworthy news, a major controversy is being overlooked by the mainstream media. As Novartis announced their $450,000 price tag, the media failed to report on who actually paid for the development of this breakthrough treatment. The answer, according to a patient advocacy group, isyou.

As MITs Technology Review notes, the therapy, which will be marketed as Kymriah, is a customized treatment that uses a patients own T cells, a type of immune cell. A patients T cells are extracted and cryogenically frozen so that they can be transported to Novartiss manufacturing center in New Jersey. There, the cells are genetically altered to have a new gene that codes for a proteincalled a chimeric antigen receptor, or CAR. This protein directs the T cells to target and kill leukemia cells with a specific antigen on their surface. The genetically modified cells are then infused back into the patient.

In clinical trials, involving 63 children with a type of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, 83 percent of patients that received the CAR-T therapy had their cancers go into remission within three months. At six months, 89 percent of patients who received the therapy were still living, and at 12 months, 79 percent had survived, according to MIT.

These results are nothing short of staggering. Given the fact that thousands of children and young adults are diagnosed every year in the USmaking it the most common childhood cancerthe opportunity to save lives is overwhelming.

However, like all opportunity, Kymriah comes with a price.

Novartis announced the price this week of $475,000 per treatment. This was sold to the public as an ostensible win since the drug was predicted to be priced at $600,000 to $750,000 per treatment. If Novartis had solely financed and conducted their own research, of course, they could certainly charge whatever they wanted to charge. But this is not the case, according to the advocacy group Patients for Affordable Drugs.

According to David Mitchell, the founder of the group, $475,000 per treatment is excessive because the federal government threw more than $200 million of your tax dollars into researching CAR-T therapy. According to Mitchell, Novartis simply purchased the rights to the treatment and failed to disclose what amount, if any, they invested in the research.

On Thursday, Mitch...


VIDEO: Trump Pegs Hillary Clinton With A Golf Ball In Retweet "IndyWatch Feed World"

trump clinton

On Sunday morning, President Donald Trump retweeted a gif that shows him hitting a golf ball that pegs Hillary Clinton square in the back.

The gif starts with Trump teeing off on the golf course and then cuts to a clip of Hillary Clinton tripping while boarding her plane in Yemen in 2011. The author of the gif edited a golf ball into the frame that hits Clinton in the back, making it look like that is the cause of her fall.


Trump hasnt been shy about sharing the memes and gifs created by his supporters on Twitter. He all but started a war with CNN when he tweeted an edited video that shows him body-slamming fraud news CNN during a WWE appearance.

Then, when the solar eclipse made its way across the United States, Trump retweeted a four-frame meme that showed him slowly eclipsing former President Obama with the caption, The best eclipse ever!


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Violent Clashes As Orthodox Jews Protest Military Draft "IndyWatch Feed World"

Nine ultra-Orthodox Jews were  arrested following violent clashes with security forces in Jerusalem during protests against conscription into the armed forces. Hundreds of Israelis rallied in Jerusalem al-Quds to protest active duty in the military, [...]


Pushback "IndyWatch Feed World"

by James Howard Kunstler

A very brave law professor at the University of Pennsylvania, named Amy Wax has published the astounding argument that human beings in America would benefit from adopting bourgeois values and behaving accordingly. Bourgeois (Boozh-wah, for the underspeeched) may be an unfortunate term-of-art, since it came to be used as a pejorative back in the old hippie days - something that Ms. Wax might remember, since she is a Baby Boomer - but what else might you call this bundle of traditional values: honesty, fidelity, thrift, temperance, punctuality, fortitude, gratitude, dedication, kindness, loyalty, et cetera?

A glance at Amy Waxs credentials might induce a head-snap. Amy Laura Wax received a B.S. summa cum laude in molecular biophysics and biochemistry from Yale in 1975. She was then a Marshall Scholar in Philosophy, Physiology, and Psychology at Somerville College at Oxford University. She earned an M.D. from Harvard Medical School in 1981, training as a neurologist, and received a J.D. from Columbia in 1987, where she was an editor of the Law Review. She was a Law Clerk to the Honorable Abner J. Mikva, U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit from 1987-88. From 1988-94, she served as Assistant to the Office of the Solicitor General in the U.S. Department of Justice, where she argued 15 cases before the United States Supreme Court. Wax was a member of the Legal Affairs Committee, American Academy of Neurology from 1986-1992. In 1994, she joined the faculty of UVA [U. of Virginia]. She taught courses in civil procedure, labor law, and poverty law and welfare policy. She became Class of 1948 Professor of Scholarly Research in Law from 2000-01. After becoming a visiting professor to Penn Law School...


UK To Supply Qatar With 24 Eurofighter Typhoons In New Deal "IndyWatch Feed World"

The British government has signed a new multi-billion-dollar arms deal to supply Qatar with 24 advanced Eurofighter Typhoon jets from BAE Systems, securing thousands of manufacturing jobs in the process, despite concerns over regional instability. [...]


Chelsea Clinton gets destroyed on Twitter again over fake news story about anti-gay Michigan bill "IndyWatch Feed World"

DUMB AS A BRICK.Chelsea Clinton tweeted out a fake news story on Friday that claimed the Michigan House of Representatives passed a bill giving EMT's an option to deny treatment to gay patients. The internet responded. Below is a screenshot of Chelsea's original tweet because she has since deleted it. She said, "Absolutely appalling: Michigan House Passed Bill Allowing EMTs To Refuse Treatment To Gay People." At first Chelsea got trolled because the New Now Next article she cited was from 2014, prompting her to delete her tweet.


Mad Monks: The Greatest Threat To Myanmars Fledgling Democracy "IndyWatch Feed World"

Tasnim, a 13-year-old Rohingya Muslim, was home with her father when a group of men broke into the family dwelling.

She was raped by 15 men as her father was forced to watch. He begged them to stop but was beaten until he died of his injuries.

Months later, Tasnim realized she became pregnant, and now lives in a refugee camp where she cares for her child and sick mother.

Stories like these arent new. According to Zeid Raad al-Hussein, the UNs top human rights official, the situation in Myanmar is a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. In past few weeks, at least a thousand Rohingya have been killed and close to 350,000 have fled to Bangladesh as the latest military campaign against the Muslim minority group intensifies.

Some 400,000 Rohingya who had already fled their homes to live in squalid refugee camps along the Bangladesh-Myanmar border.

The Patriotic Association of Myanmar simply referred to as Ma Ba Tha acts as the catalyst behind the violence. Its spiritual leader and founder, the saffron-robed, baby-faced Ashwin Wirathu looks like someone who preaches peace, compassion and tolerance. Yet the charismatic 49-year-old is quick to quash such perceptions with his fiery rhetoric describing Muslims as mad dogs, cannibals and trouble-makers.

You cant underestimate a snake just because theres only one, he said. Its dangerous whatever it is. Muslims are just like that.

A recent report by the Belgium-based International Crisis Group issued a dire warning on the current political situation in Myanmar continued hate speech combined with nationalistic rhetoric could deteriorate a delicate political situation even further. The report recommends that the ruling government address the underlying economic and social factors that contribute to widespread support for the Ma Ba Tha.

Related | Israel Arming Myanmar Amid Ongoing Massacre Of Rohingya

When the [military] junta receded and with democracy around, more voices could be heard again and people were freed from jail again and Wirathu, whos very prominent and high-ranking, was able to voice things again, says Dr Michael Jerryson, associate professor of religious studies at Youngstown State University.

Ma Ba Tha is a ver...


Recent Study Reveals the Psychological Effects of Dying Your Hair "IndyWatch Feed World"

Many people dye their hair these days. Dying your hair a vibrant color like pink or blue has become a growing trend recently, but some people might just be covering up some grays! No matter what color or how you use, the effects are all the same.

Dying your hair is a very common method of self-expression and showing off that youre different than everyone else. I personally love the vibrantly colored hair, I think it looks fantastic! However, many people believe that dying your hair is terrible for your health. The dyes are full of dangerous chemicals that force you to even wear gloves to protect skin contact, yet we apply it to our scalps? It doesnt quite add up to be safe, and a new study reveals that it can even have psychological effects.

There have been several different studies to outline the negative effects of dying your hair. One Psychologist, Dr. Vivian Diller found that you can actually become addicted to dying your hair. She explains how everyday activities like shopping or eating can become easily addictive. Just like that, dying your hair can also become addictive. However, Diller says there isnt much more to worry about.

One researcher of Nottingham Trent University found that dying your hair can make you more confident. According to his research, women between the ages of 22 and 66 were found to experience a boost in confidence after dying their hair! Like I said before, its a great way to express yourself and your own individuality. He also found that women who dyed their hair were more confident in the workplace. They are more likely to ask for a promotion or voice their concerns.

The same study from Nottingham Trent University also found that women who dye their hair are essentially sexier. They found that women are impulsive, sexually exciting, creative, attractive, and able to deal with criticism more than women who have natural hair colors!

It turns out that the psychological effects of dying your hair are actually positive! If you want to express yourself and make a bold change, try dying your hair! Just be sure to choose a saf...


5th time's the charm? Hamas-Fatah approach talks to dissolve Gaza government and hold elections "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hamas, which governs Gaza, says it is ready to begin talks with the Abbas administration to dissolve its administrative committee and hold an election as part of a deal brokered by Egypt. A Fatah official called the statement "positive and promising." In a statement posted on its website, Hamas has invited rival Fatah government for talks "in response to the generous efforts of Egypt... to achieve Palestinian reconciliation and end the division." As a step aimed at achieving national unity, the group, considered terrorist by Israel and some other states, has "invited the reconciliation government to come to the Gaza Strip to exercise its functions and carry out its duties," the statement says. Hamas also expressed a readiness to restart dialogue with the Palestinian Authority without preconditions to form a unity government and fully implement the 2011 Cairo Agreement.


They Dont See the Cabal "IndyWatch Feed World"

Op-Ed by Victor1

They dont see the Cabal. I live in a small town in the South. You are an outsider here if your family has not been here 150 years or more. We have music in the old town square all summer once a week.

This Saturday we had music on the Square. A local band comes in and the old town square is closed off and everyone brings their lawn chairs for two hours of Free music and the hope of winning a new TV at the last raffle of the season, where for a dollar two hundred people each get a chance to go home with A Good Feeling.where they have won something or got something for nothing.They dont see The Cabal.

Right before the band played outdated music from 50 years ago or more, everyone stood up, the old people and the veteran who is proud and the new children too. They all stood up and put their hands on their hearts or saluted as the lead female sang theStar spangled banner..after the beautifully traditional rendition they all yelled out and clapped with JOY and looked forward to the last band of the Season and the hope of the big TV prize.

They dont know the word ..Cabal.I cant tell them of the rabbit hole that will destroy their whole world context that they live in. They don not want to hear it. The young checker at Walmart asked me, before I went to the music, If I wanted to donate some money to the .Red Cross?.for hurricane relief. She is instructed to asked everyone at the fast line where I was at. I said ..NO!not for the Red Cross.I could not explain why to her and she would not be able to understand any who.

NOT a red cent, for the Cabal run money making operation, that is exploiting you and everyone in a Matrix. Where the intent is to feed off your ..Soul Energy.. and to keep you here life time after life time. I could not tell the checker that. I also could not say:.All the while making you think you are pledging Allegiance to a .just an honorable America, where grandpa died during the second world war or may be dad wears a peace patch on his leather vest as he drives his Harley and he saluted the Flag during the singing. I could not say a thing to anyone there. I sat apart and just observ...


Trump Renews Post-9/11 State of Emergency "IndyWatch Feed World"

Via: USA Today: President Trump has become the third president to renew a post-9/11 emergency proclamation, stretching what was supposed to be a temporary state of national emergency after the 2001 terror attacks into its 17th year. But the ongoing effects of that perpetual emergency arent immediately clear, because the executive branch has ignored a []


6 Traits of the Distorted Feminine and 5 Ways to Bring Back the Natural Women Within "IndyWatch Feed World"

September 19th, 2017 By Diana Beaulieu Guest writer for Wake Up World We are at a crucial turning point in human history, where recovering embracing our feminine energy is perhaps the most important aspect of our evolutionary journey. The deeper purpose of this time is to bring the divine feminine back to her rightful place so []


Responsibility to Protect the Rohingya? "IndyWatch Feed World"

This is a guest post (begun as a series of tweets) by Phil Orchard, Senior Lecturer in Peace and Conflict Studies and International Relations at the University of Queensland and the Research Director of the Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect. He is the author of A Right to Flee: Refugees, States, and the Construction of International Cooperation, the forthcoming Protecting the Internally Displaced: Rhetoric and Reality and, with Alexander Betts, the co-editor of Implementation and World Politics: How International Norms Change Practice. He tweets @p_orchard.

The past three weeks have seen remarkable violence in Rakhine State, Myanmar. On 25 August, the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) launched a series of coordinated attacks on police posts and a military base which killed twelve government officials. The ARSA, an armed insurgency organization which began its first attacks in October, claims that their goal is have the Rohingya be a recognized ethnic group within Myanmar.  While many Rohingya can trace their roots back centuries in Myanmar, the government considers them to be illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. It does not recognize the term Rohingya, and has refused to grant them citizenship; as a result the vast majority of the groups members have no legal documentation, effectively making them stateless and face significant discrimination and government restrictions.

The Myanmar government has responded to the ARSA by branding it a terrorist organization and claiming that the Tatmadaw, the Armed Forces of Myanmar, is using clearance operations to target militants. Even Aung San Suu Kyi has blamed terrorists for a h...


5 reasons your Facebook feed is useless "IndyWatch Feed World"

Before writing this, I took a moment to scroll through my Facebook feed. I don't do it often, and the five-minute browse was a welcome reminder why - Facebook sucks you in, and not in a good way. Can you ever imagine for a minute that on your death-bed, you'll be thinking to yourself, 'I really wish I'd spent more time on Facebook'? No. So for anyone who wastes hours a week on Facebook, here are five things I just saw in my feed, to remind you why you should probably put down your phone and do something else.


Lebanese Tennis Player Banned for 7982 Years ?!? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Lebanese tennis champion Ibrahim Bou Chahine has been banned apparently till the year 9999 according to the above screen taken from Ibrahims profile on the Lebanese Tennis Federation website. From what I read, Bou Chahine was playing with Giovani Samaha in the Mens Double at the most recent Collina tournament when they withdrew from the game following an argument with the referee and the opposing team.

This has apparently led to his ban but something doesnt really add up to be honest. Whats the point of banning someone till the year 9999? I say its probably a glitch on the website or maybe someone is trying to mess with this guy. In fact, I was just reading an hour ago that the ban got lifted and the player was quoted saying that it was a personal issue.

All in all, its good to know there are so many tennis tournaments in Lebanon. I had no clue the sport was still that popular.


20 Signs You Are The Toxic One in Your Relationship "IndyWatch Feed World"

We all know about toxic people but it is not often that we stop to question whether we are a toxic person or not. That being said, most of us probably are.

Toxic people are absolute disasters in relationships. They make their partners feel like shit and they tend to act like the world revolves around them. If you want to find out if you are the toxic person in your relationship see if the things below apply to you.

20 Signs You Are The Toxic One in Your Relationship:

1. You are manipulative.

You are always taking advantage of other people. You will convince them to do something you need them to do and then never speak to them again. This is one of your strong points.

2. You are always being a Negative Nancy.

You are always being negative with nothing nice to say. The world is not as bad as you make it out to be. You have to work for what you want in life.

3. You make break-up threats almost daily.

When your significant other wont do something you want him or her to do you threaten to break-up. This is cruel and not normal. You should not be doing this.

4. You have a quick temper.

You get mad fast and are known to blow up. You spend far too much time letting the wrong things bother you and it sucks.

5. You ignore problems.

Your problems are not as big as you think but ignoring them gets you nowhere quick. You need to be able to talk things through and stop ignoring them. Resolving problems is important.

6. You spend too much time on social media.

You are always updating your Facebook or posting to Instagram. It is as if you were meant to be an online star and you cannot avoid it. No matter what you always have a cell phone in hand.

7. You lose friends quickly.

No one ever wants to stick around and be your friend because of how you are. I know it may hurt to hear it but you need to work on yourself. Things will get better.

8. You think about yourself too much.

You never think about anyone but yourself. The whole world revolved around you and we are all just in it for your amusement. No honey, it doesnt work like that, sorry.

9. You are too indecisive.

You can never make your mind up. This gets old fast and makes everything hard. Do not be...


Bridging the Gap at the Duck "IndyWatch Feed World"

This inaugural post from our partners at Bridging the Gap is written by Naazneen Barma and Brent Durbin, who will be coordinating contributions from BTGs network of scholars.

Take a moment to think back to college or whenever you decided to pursue the path that has brought you here, reading about world politics and sundry related topics on the Duck of Minerva. What set you on this path? What made you want to devote years of your life to studying politics, perhaps even through formal graduate training? If youre like us, you looked out and saw a puzzling and imperfect world, and you wanted to develop the tools to understand it more clearly. Perhaps, in the heady confidence of your youth, you even wanted to make it a better place.

As graduate students in political science at UC Berkeley in the early 2000s, we found ourselves hungry for opportunities to tie our studies to policymaking and the real world. Both of us had come to Berkeley from Washington, DC, and we wanted to find ways to connect to our old networks, as well as to parlay our research into new policy opportunities. In the first few years of our PhD studies, it wasnt obvious that this would be possible.

Then two things happened.First, we discovered a group of like-minded students at Berkeley who, under the guidance of Steve Weber, would begin the work that has evolved into the Bridging the Gap project. And second, we found that there were many in the discipline who felt the same way even if they couldnt always tell their colleagues or advisors about it. One important marker of this community was the emergence of the Duck of Minerva in 2005, which introduced a new channel for conversation among others like ourselves.

Were thrilled to join the Duck this fall as editors of a new Bridging the Gap channel. (Special thanks to Josh Busby for proposing this idea, and to the other editors for welcoming us aboard.) As Josh mentioned in his introductory post, Bridging the Gap (BTG) is an effort to build stronger connections between scholars and the policy world, both by providing professional development and networking opportunities, and by generating policy-relevant research.

If you are reading the Duck, you almost certainly know one or more of the hundreds of scholars who have been through our programs, which include the New Era Conference for graduate students and postdocs, the...


Disappearance of North Atlantic right whales from winter breeding grounds a mystery for scientists "IndyWatch Feed World"

Scientists are at a loss to explain one of the biggest mysteries surrounding the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale why the animals are disappearing from their usual breeding grounds off the southeastern United States. Usually, right whales spend the winter in their breeding grounds off Florida and Georgia. Before 2011, more than 200 right whales were spotted in the area each year. In 2017, there were just seven. "How tough can it be to find 200 whales? Apparently pretty tough," said Jim Hain, senior scientist at Associated Scientists at Woods Hole, located near Falmouth, Mass. It's just one of the many puzzles these leviathans present to researchers.


Secret Reagan Documents Shed Light On US Manipulation Of Foreign Governments "IndyWatch Feed World"

Secret documents from the Reagan administration show how the U.S. embedded political action, i.e., the manipulation of foreign governments, in ostensibly well-meaning organizations, reports Robert Parry. Secret documents, recently declassified by the Reagan presidential library, reveal senior White House officials reengaging a former CIA proprietary, The Asia Foundation, in political action, an intelligence term of []


"Artificial work": John McAfee accidentally just revealed why Bitcoin is a complete fraud "IndyWatch Feed World"

In a recent CNBC interview that's being widely touted by self-deluded Bitcoin promoters as some kind of "smack down" of JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, Bitcoin advocate John McAfee accidentally admitted why Bitcoin is a total fraud that's doomed to fail. In answering Jamie Dimon's recent declaration that Bitcoin is a fraud, McAfee replied: (see the video at The Daily Sheeple) However, sir... you called Bitcoin 'a fraud.' I'm a Bitcoin miner. We create Bitcoins. It costs over one thousand dollars per coin to create a Bitcoin. What does it cost to create a U.S. dollar? Which one is the fraud? Because [the dollar] costs whatever the paper costs, but it costs me and other miners over a thousand dollars per coin - it's called 'proof of work.' Behold the logic of artificial work: How John McAfee just embraced Paul Krugman's ditch digging fable The problem with John McAfee's explanation, of course, is that it admits Bitcoins can only be created through the practice of computational wheel spinning operations where the difficulty and duration of such wheel spinning is artificially made needlessly complex by the Bitcoin algorithm. In a world where Bitcoins used to be created for less than one penny's worth of computational work, a single Bitcoin now requires over US$1,000 worth of "artificial work" to be achieved. A rational person must ask McAfee, "Why did Bitcoins used to cost just a penny to create, and now they cost a thousand dollars?" The 100,000 X increase in complexity for generating a Bitcoin, it turns out, is an artificial work algorithm known as "computational difficulty" in mining.


Vatican Recalls Washington Diplomat Amid Child Pornography Investigation "IndyWatch Feed World"

Via: Reuters: A Vatican diplomat working in Washington has been recalled to the Holy See after the U.S. State Department said the priest may have violated child pornography laws, the Vatican said on Friday. Prosecutors in the Vatican have opened an investigation into the case, which represents a fresh blow to the Roman Catholic Church []


Calls for UK to take responsibility for role in Mozambique debt crisis "IndyWatch Feed World"

Britain needs to take responsibility for the actions of two London-based banks in arranging $2 billion in loans to Mozambique, say debt campaigners.


Entire Volume of CIA Files On Lee Harvey Oswald, Set to Be Released in October, Has Gone Missing "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Jack Burns Countless concerned individuals are still searching for answers surrounding the mysterious death of the 35th president of the United States, John F....


A Groundbreaking Documentary Exposing The Biggest Cover-Up In Human History Is Now On Netflix "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Arjun Walia

Dr. Steven Greer, MD and founder of The Disclosure Project and The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), has been on a mission for decades to shed light on the fact that were not alone, that weve never been alone, and that an ET presence is currently engaging our planet and the human race.

This topic is so broad that it encompasses nearly every area of human study and endeavour, diving into the black budget world, a world that has no oversight from Congress, as well as science, technology, new energy, history, and much more. Its a topic when, fully exposed, will definitely ignite a major paradigm shift for the human race.

So far, Dr. Greer has been very successful, having brought forth hundreds of military and political whistleblowers of all ranks, with verified backgrounds, to testify and share their experience in public. To compliment these whistleblowers, thousands upon thousands of page of UFO documents have also been released by dozens of governments.

Earlier in his career, Dr. Greer was also chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Caldwell Memorial Hospital in North Carolina.

The Disclosure Project movement began making noise when a groundbreaking National Press Club Disclosure event brought forth these whistleblowers. You can view that full conference here. More than 1 billion people worldwide have now listened to the testimony given at this conference, and it received coverage from several mainstream media outlets, as it was just too big to ignore.

Since then, multiple efforts have sprung forth, one bein...


Step Aside Google! Theres A New Search Engine That Plants Trees (With Video) "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Ecosia is a social business that wants you to help change the world and end deforestation one search at a time. They are a search engine based in Berlin, Germany that donates 80% of its surplus income to non profit organisations. These organisations focus on one thing planting trees. The remaining 20% of their income is used to neutralise CO2 emissions and meet expenses.

Ecosia is made up of a small team of dedicated individuals. They were founded in 2009 and are working hard to help end deforestation. Ecosia are on an ambitious journey to plant one billion trees by 2020. They want to create a world where the environment no longer needs protecting.  Their project will help promote biodiversity, water security and clean air. The Ecosia community plants a tree every 1.7 seconds. So far, over 13,000,000 trees have been planted in countries such as Madagascar, Tanzania and Peru.

Simply use the Ecosia search engine (which runs on Bing) and the income generated from your search will go towards a tree being planted.

Founder, Christian Kroll said that thanks to sponsored links, search engines earn billions every year. Ecosia believes that there is a more eco-friendly way of using these huge profits and that the money should better be used to fight global warming. For complete transparency, Ecosia also publish their financial reports on their website. This means that you...


Feathers Fine Flourish "IndyWatch Feed World"


Charles-Donatien paints and lacquers goose feathers in his studio. Photograph by Pari Dukovic for The New Yorker

The Style issue of the New Yorker is the least interesting of the year, from the perspective of these pages; and yet on occasion even in this one they deliver something we can mull over:

The Eternal, Seductive Beauty of Feathers

Weve been dressing up as birds since the Stone Age. Eric Charles-Donatien has brought the craft of featherwork into the twenty-first century.

Not surprisingly Burkhard Bilger is the journalist who pulls this off....


Tunisia Officially Lifts Ban On Muslim Women Marrying Non-Muslims "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Imagine not being able to marry the love of your life, simply because he or she doesnt believe in the same God(s) as you. Though this is somewhat unheard of in many Western nations, it was a reality for non-Muslim men in Tunisia until recently.

After decades of enforcing a ban on Muslim women marrying non-Muslims, the Tunisian government secured equal rights for the countrys female population. Presidency spokeswoman Saida Garrach wrote on Thursday: Congratulations to the women of Tunisia for the enshrinement of the right to the freedom to choose ones spouse.

As AlJazeera reports, the announcement came one month after Tunisias President Beji Caid Essebsi called for the government to lift the ban, which was implemented in 1973. He argued that the ban violates Tunisias constitution, which was adopted in 2014 in the wake of the Arab Spring revolution. The President has since hired a woman lawyer and rights activists to draft revised rules.

Until now, a non-Muslim man was required to convert to Islam and submit a certificate of his conver...


Humpback whale dies off Port Macquarie, New South Wales "IndyWatch Feed World"

A 12 metre, 18 tonne adult humpback whale rescued after being entangled in fishing rope off Shelly Beach on Sunday, September 17 has died. The whale struggled throughout the night to return out to sea after being freed but died and washed close to shore at Nobbys Beach on Monday morning. Marine Rescue Port Macquarie and an ORRCA Marine Mammal and Rescue crew with the assistance of National Parks and Wildlife and police closed off Nobbys Beach to co-ordinate a tow out to sea operation. With an outgoing tide and increasingly dangerous surf conditions, the tow out to sea plan was abandoned.


Could Russia Use The Israel Lobbys Tactics To Skirt FARA Order? "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Department of Justice has ordered Russias U.S.-based RT news network to begin registering as Russian foreign agents under the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act. The law requires US-based agents of foreign principals to disclose financial information and activities in regular public filings overseen by a designated DOJ office.

Over the years FARA has been amended to exclude bona fide news organizations. The Department of Justice order breaks a long period of unfettered access to the U.S. by foreign press agencies, many directly and indirectly financed by foreign governments.

Although RTs viewership in the United States is minuscule compared to major domestic broadcast and cable news outlets, over the years RT has made many enemies in Washington. The networks slogan, Question More, and financial resources allowed it to televise stories that US networks, under the perpetual threat of loss of access to newsmakers, boycotts and organized pressure campaigns, cannot. Nowhere was this more evident than RTs relentless coverage of Israel and its US lobby.

Related | Poll: 62% Of Americans Oppose Giving F-35 Jets To Israel

With new scrutiny of Russian activities following allegations of meddling in the U.S. electoral process, the FARA order should come as no surprise. The Department of Justice can be expected to deploy resources far in excess of the meager 9-person team working in the FARA department in order to finally get Russia. However, RT could attempt to use the tactics of another FARA target the Israel lobby to avoid registering.

  • Delay, d...


Dr. Michael Salla talks Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances LNM Radio "IndyWatch Feed World"

Tonight host Michael Vara will be joined by Dr. Michael Salla To discuss Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances.


Paris: Unnamed 'direct security threat' prompts evacuation of British Airways flight "IndyWatch Feed World"

A British Airways flight was evacuated in Paris this morning after the pilot warned a "direct security threat" had been made against the plane. Passengers were escorted onto the tarmac of Charles de Gualle airport by armed cops where they were rigorously searched and their luggage checked by sniffer dogs. Passenger James Anderson, 20, told how he was initially told flight BA0303 was facing delays over technical issues ahead of its departure to London Heathrow. But security officers and emergency services soon surrounded the plane as they were ordered off the plane at around 7.45am. Travellers were twice sent through body scanners and x-rays, while sniffer dogs zoned in on the luggage.


Thunderstorms and golf ball-sized hail strike Split, Croatia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Did you SEE that? Chances are if you were in Split this morning just before 11:00, you witnessed one hell of a thunderstorm. Rain fell from the sky at rapid rates, and increasingly high winds blew the colossal droplets from left to right, and every which way possible. Lightning sparked the sky, thunder rumbled the floor beneath us, and the hail that followed - the monstrous, golf ball-sized hail - began to slap our roofs, dent our cars, and nearly crack our windows.


Once You Hear What This Psychiatrist Has To Say About Alcohol, Youll Never Drink Again "IndyWatch Feed World"

Lots of people drink alcohol on a daily basis. Drinking alcohol has actually become almost as common as drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. Sure, if you can stick to just one drink a day or less than that you are not getting too many of the damaging effects from it but if []


To Combat Hate, Make Government Weaker "IndyWatch Feed World"

Politicians are actively tapping into modern stress that is generated by the state itself. Emotion is a powerful political motivator. People are heavily motivated to believe things that hit their emotions strongly, as shown by the classic tests to ban water. People generally have no idea what theyre protesting, just that the person has a compelling emotional hook.

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The Art of the Deal: Iran-style "IndyWatch Feed World"

Tehran busy signing massive infrastructure deals with China's CITIC and European partners As President Hasan Rouhani prepares to address the UN General Assembly in New York and the Trump administration and allies relentlessly lobby for the Iran nuclear deal to be decertified, Tehran is busy clinching deal after deal with Asians and Europeans. For the Chinese government, Iran - and Pakistan - are so geopolitically important that they are treated as Home Affairs nations in East Asia (and not the Middle East, in the case of Iran), alongside Japan and Indonesia. And just like Pakistan via the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Iran is an essential node of the New Silk Roads, a.k.a. Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). For Tehran, Beijing is a major player in international trade/finance. At the Belt and Road forum in Beijing in May, Iran's Economic Affairs and Finance Minister Ali Tayyebnia extensively discussed deals with Chinese Finance Minister Xiao Jie. Chinese companies in construction and energy infrastructure equipment - as well as in steel and chemicals - are present all over Iran. Enter the deal just signed between China's CITIC and a consortium of Iranian banks worth $10 billion in loans.


San Diego makes efforts to deal with an outbreak of Hepatitis A "IndyWatch Feed World"

Health officials in San Diego have scrambled for months to contain an outbreak of hepatitis A - vaccinating more than 19,000 people, putting up posters at bus stations and distributing hand sanitizer and cleansing wipes. Despite those efforts, 16 people have died of the highly contagious virus in San Diego County and hundreds have become ill in what officials say is the nation's second-largest outbreak of hepatitis A in decades. Earlier this month, San Diego officials declared a public health emergency. Though Los Angeles has so far escaped an outbreak, public health officials are hoping to head off a similar emergency. They say the virus could easily spread to Los Angeles because of its proximity to San Diego and the region's large homeless population. "We know it's getting worse in San Diego, so we're really ramping up," said Cristin Mondy, the county's area health officer for a region that includes downtown Los Angeles.


An Extraterrestrial Message To Mankind: Do You Wish That We Show Up? "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Joe Martino

Were about to dive into a transmission or channeled message that allegedly came into a man by the name of Jean Ederman aka Eric Julien. Jean had been practicing projecting his mind when he came in contact with what he called benevolent ET beings, this is when he received the message. Note: we will refer to him as Eric from here on out.

Before we get into the message, its important to dive into a background about Eric, attempt to determine who he really is and whether or not his background can be considered credible. Either way even as we move through this information, we strongly suggest you use your own intuition on this to explore. Blind denial doesnt do us good in the same way blind acceptance doesnt.

A few quick things to get out of the way right away: the reality of remote viewing, astral projection, channeling, and the existence of ETs. There is a ton of credible evidence exploring these topics at a black budget and military level. These abilities are used and millions have been spent exploring them within the US military. You can learn more about CIA remote viewing programs here, the military use and study of psychic abilities here, and more about ETs and the documents to prove the reality of them in a groundbreaking film here.

With those resources laid out to help open up to the reality of how all of this is possible, we can continue with an open mind. I find it important to lay out those resources before hand because quite simply, most people do not realize that all of these abilities or pseudoscientific frauds are actually very well studied, documented and real. In fact, its likely your tax dollar paid for the extensive study and training of these very abilities.

Erics Story

Eric claims to have been a military jet pilot, air traffic controller and airport manager, and holds a masters in economics. He states that since the age of 6, he has been having experiences with E...


Deaths and Damage in Hurricane-Affected US Nursing Facilities "IndyWatch Feed World"

(HRW)  After spending the past year visiting more than 100 nursing homes across the United States, I am sickened but not surprised to hear of the avoidable horrors people in facilities in Florida and Texas have suffered from hurricanes Harvey and Irma: most recently eight dead near Miami. Even on normal days many people in nursing homes face grave risks.

While my research focused on the use of antipsychotic drugs in people with dementia as chemical straightjackets, I encountered other types of abuse and neglect in many of the 109 facilities I visited. Residents and their families described abuse, isolation, and repeated falls. On one unannounced visit, I encountered an older man helplessly splayed on the floor, naked as staff walked by with food trays. One simply said, Again?

Many who work in nursing homes are dedicated, skilled professionals. However, they control most aspects of life for people inside, which can be a real danger when government oversight is inadequate (as it usually is). As one nursing home administrator in Miami told me: Thats up to us to decide if were violating their rights.

By SC National Guard -, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

The facility outside Miami where eight residents died last week has been cited for 33 deficiencies since 2014 for noncompliance with federal regulations. The sheer number of those citations seems to show that these tags and small associated fines have not deterred the facility from further noncompliance. Meanwhile the industry is lobbying for deregulation and weaker enforcement of such regulations. It has successfully pushed for lesser financial penalties to attach for many instances of noncompliance with the law and is...


How Hulu helped the TV networks (kind of) reclaim the top Emmys honor "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Handmaids Tale made history last night when it took home the Outstanding Drama Series prize at the Emmy Awards, becoming the first show produced by a streaming site to take home what is arguably the TV industrys top honor. Hulus adaptation of Margaret Atwoods dystopian novel had a big night at the Emmys: Elisabeth Moss, Ann Dowd, Continue reading How Hulu helped the TV networks (kind of) reclaim the top Emmys honor

The Handmaids Tale made history last night when it took home the Outstanding Drama Series prize at the Emmy Awards, becoming the first show produced by a streaming site to take home what is arguably the TV industrys top honor. Hulus adaptation of Margaret Atwoods dystopian novel had a big night at the Emmys: Elisabeth Moss, Ann Dowd, and Alexis Bledel all won for their work acting in the series, while Bruce Miller and Reed Morano won for writing and directing, respectively.

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The Dizzying Number Of CFPB Complaints Against Equifax Since 2012 Should Infuriate You "IndyWatch Feed World"

The bureaus database reveals more than 57,000 complaints against the credit-reporting firm since 2012, an average of about 31 a day.

Over the last 10 days, media coverage of the massive cyberattack against Equifax has uncovered a maddening spectacle of apparent negligence and incompetence at every step of the way. With each new detailfrom the companys delayed response to the incident to the recent resignation of two top-level executives hoping to escape the falloutthe chorus of lawmakers and consumer-rights groups demanding accountability gets louder and louder.

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Dave Bautista Stars In A New Short Film Prologue For Blade Runner 2049 "IndyWatch Feed World"

2048: Nowhere To Run continues the unique campaign for the upcoming sci-fi sequel starring Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford.

What: A new short-film prologue to the upcoming Blade Runner 2049. Its directed by Luke Scott (Morgan) and stars Dave Bautista.

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Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) Space Weather Phenomena "IndyWatch Feed World"


Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are huge explosions of magnetic field and plasma from the Suns corona. When CMEs impact the Earths magnetosphere, they are responsible for geomagnetic storms and enhanced aurora. CMEs originate from highly twisted magnetic field structures, or flux ropes, on the Sun, often visualized by their associated filaments or prominences, which are relatively cool plasmas trapped in the flux ropes in the corona. When these flux ropes erupt from active regions on the Sun (regions associated with sunspots and very strong magnetic fields), they are often accompanied by large solar flares; eruptions from quiet regions of the Sun, such as the polar crown filament eruptions, sometimes do not have accompanying flares.

CMEs travel outward from the Sun typically at speeds of about 300 kilometers per second, but can be as slow as 100 kilometers per second or faster than 3000 kilometers per second. The fastest CMEs erupt from large sunspot active regions, powered by the strongest magnetic field concentrations on the Sun. These fast CMEs can reach Earth in as little as 1417 hours. Slower CMEs, typically the quiet region filament eruptions, take several days to traverse the distance from the sun to Earth. Because CMEs have an embedded magnetic field that is stronger than the background field of the solar wind, they will expand in size as they propagate outward from the Sun. By the time they reach the Earth, they can be so large they will fill half the volume of space between the Sun and the Earth. Because of their immense size, slower CMEs can take as long as 24 to 36 hours to pass over the Earth, once the leading edge has arrived.

CMEs that are traveling faster than the solar wind plasmas fast mode wave speed (the space equivalent of the Earths sound speed) will generate a shock wave, just like an airplane traveling faster than the speed of sound generates a sonic boom. These shock waves accelerate charged particles ahead of them to create much of the solar radiation storm affiliated with large-scale solar eruptions. Often, the first sign of a CME hitting the Earth environment is the plasma density jump due to the shock waves passage.

The size, speed, direction, and density of a CME are important parameters to determine when trying to predict if and when it will impact Earth. We can estimate these properties of a CME using observations from an instrument known as a coronagraph, which blocks the bright light of th...


The Death Of Free Speech Is Imminent: Government Begins Censorship Of Media Through Disingenuous Means "IndyWatch Feed World"

Concept of freedom of speech or no talking isolated on white

The death of free speech is imminent. Anyone with access to a computer and the internet can see that the United States mainstream media is nothing more than a propaganda machine designed to brainwash the masses into a lemming-like agreement with the government.

And now, its oh-so-ironic that the same government that tells the media what to report on in order brainwash the public is seeking to quiet those who disagree and label them as propaganda.  Some may call it fake news, others just want a different opinion rather than the left-leaning media hysteria we are accustomed to.  But now, media outlet RT (Russia Today), founded in Russia will have to register with the United States as foreign media; which will forever give it the inaccurate title of propaganda.

The war the US establishment wages with our journalists is dedicated to all the starry-eyed idealists who still believe in freedom of speech. Those who invented it, have buried it, Margarita Simonyan, RTs editor-in-chief, said about the registration.

Media organizations have been exempted from the law, which is wide-ranging in its disclosure requirements and generally applies to political consultants and those working in lobbying or public relations. It would be a felony if RT...


Typhoon Talim causes flooding and landslides in Japan; Oita sees 7 inches of rain in 5 hours "IndyWatch Feed World"

Typhoon Talim made landfall over the western coast of Kagoshima prefecture, Kyushu island, Japan, on 17 September with winds of up to 162km per hour. It then continued moving over eastern Kyushu, eastern Shikoku, western and northern Honshu, weakening. Talim reached the northern island of Hokkaido by early (local time) Monday 18 September. High levels of rainfall have been reported across several areas. According to Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) figures, 179 mm of rain fell in 5 hours in Oita, Oita prefecture, on Sunday, 17 September. As Talim moves north, JMA warnings are in place for potential landslides and flooding in parts of Hokkaido and Tohoku. Damage FDMA says that 1 house was completely destroyed in Kagawa. Around 250 houses have suffered some damage. As many as 113 homes have been flooded in Okayama, 25 in Kagawa and 37 in Ehime. Strong winds and heavy rain conspired to cause major disruption to public transport. Train services, including the Bullet trains, and dozens of flights have been cancelled.


Gab AI, Inc. files lawsuit, declares war on Google "IndyWatch Feed World"

Free speech social media site Gab AI, Inc. filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania against Google for violations of the Clayton Act and Sherman Act. The lawsuit stems from Google removing Gab from its Google Play Android app store on spurious grounds of "hate speech" arising from posts by users. Google did not accuse Gab of hate speech, but used third party content as a pretext to justify its own business ends. Gab, a startup, aims to bring "folks together of all races, religions, and creeds who share in the common ideals of Western values, individual liberty and the free exchange and flow of information." According to Gab's attorney, Marc Randazza, Google's conduct is a straightforward violation of the antitrust laws "Google Play and Android have monopoly power in the app store market, and Google's apps YouTube and Google+ compete directly against Gab. Google's intimate partnership with Twitter, which also competes against Gab, makes Google's control of all Android apps available through the Play Store a serious restraint of trade issue." Randazza noted, "regardless of Google's pretextual justification for removing Gab, the effect is that they used their monopoly power in the app store to block an upstart competitor it in the social media app market, to the detriment of millions of consumers who value free speech."


Red Dragon Of Revelation: AN Area In Space Hidden By GOOGLE, MICROSOFT and NASA "IndyWatch Feed World"

What is The Red Dragon anomaly and why was Google Sky hiding it? Something big is about to happen and NASA is systematically covering it up. What is hiding in the Virgo constellation? A question that is causing a lot of commotion in the conspiracy and religious circles. The world knows that Google is a []


Transgender ideology's profound incoherence and the end of law "IndyWatch Feed World"

In The Trouble with Principle, Stanley Fish recites an observation that John Milton included in his Areopagitica: "No law, Milton points out, can permit activity that constitutes an assault on it, no law, that is, that 'intends not to unlaw itself.'" Even more self-cancelling is for a law to permit an interpretation of its text that abolishes the very concepts on which its edict depends. In such case, both the law and its interpretation stall in mutual nullification. Two questions, then. One: Does the federal law prohibiting "sex discrimination" forbid us to countenance the category of "sex"-and thus of "sex discrimination"? Two: Can the rule of law survive a yes answer to question one? In order to do away with the legal decisiveness of the binary of male and female bodies, legal advocates for transgender ideology now brandish the federal ban on sex discrimination in Title IX-which itself depends on the legal decisiveness of the binary of male and female bodies. But banishing the sex binary concurrently banishes the (dependent) prohibition of sex discrimination. And that, in turn, leaves the transgender legal theory empty-handed, having eviscerated the structure on which its own claims rely.


Antarctic Caves Found to be Home to New World of Plants and Animals, Heated by Volcano "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Markab Algedi

In Antarctic ice, cave systems exist underneath the Ross Island volcano Mount Erebus. Recently, it was discovered that the ice could be the breeding ground for an exciting new world,according to scientists from Australia National University.

They analyzed DNA obtained from the cave system, and found samples they couldnt fully identify. Apparently being unable to identify such a specimen is an anomaly, and it indicates that unidentified species are living in the unique environment. Moss, algae, and other life was found to thrive there.

The caves in close proximity to volcanic Mount Erebus are among the hottest locations on the continent of Antarctica, along with other geothermally heated areas. Heat from the volcano has created vents in the ice, causing volcanic steam to hollow out ice and form extensive and interconnected cave systems, according to Newsweek.

It can be really warm inside the cavesup to 25 degrees Celsius [77 degrees Fahrenheit] in some caves, the lead researcher on the effort Ceidwen Fraser said. You could wear a T-shirt in there and be pretty comfortable. Theres light near the cave mouths, and light filters deeper into some caves where the overlying ice is thin.

The study was published in a journal titled Polar Biology. In it, a team obtained soil samples from 3 volcanoes in Victoria Land, Antarctica, and from Mount Erebus subglacial caves.

The study found many different types of moss, arthropods, nematodes, and algae at every single site. The findings suggest that geothermal areas (heated by volcanic activity) can support life even when it is like an island, far detached from survivable conditions for miles outside the geothermal region.



You can Eat and Drink Gold "IndyWatch Feed World"

I am working from the Abu Dhabi office this week meeting with clients in town. I thought I would post something unusual. In the Emirates Palace, you can have a cup of coffee with gold on top you can drink. You can also order ice cream made from camel milk top with real gold you can eat. Interesting use of gold.


Vox is the latest digital media company to embrace programmatic ads "IndyWatch Feed World"

Call it a trend or call it giving up: Vox Mediawhich owns sites like The Verge, Eater, SBNation, and otherswill begin using programmatic ads on its ad platform Concert, reports Business Insider. This means the big custom advertisement units made on this platform can be automatically bought and sold using machines and algorithms, and will run on both Continue reading Vox is the latest digital media company to embrace programmatic ads

Call it a trend or call it giving up: Vox Mediawhich owns sites like The Verge, Eater, SBNation, and otherswill begin using programmatic ads on its ad platform Concert, reports Business Insider. This means the big custom advertisement units made on this platform can be automatically bought and sold using machines and algorithms, and will run on both Vox and NBC Universal sites. At first glance, this may seem like a small change, but the decision indicates a potential huge shift in how Vox Media approaches its ad sales.

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Myanmar: Diplomatic solutions needed - not another western backed jihad "IndyWatch Feed World"

Myanmar needs a diplomatic solution - not another western backed jihad. Ever since the 26th of March, 2015, Saudi Arabia has been committing genocide in Yemen. The innocent people of Yemen have caused a man made cholera epidemic and death from starvation is now a common phenomenon for the children of Yemen, virtually all of whom are Muslim. Where then are the voices of the so-called global Muslim community, the Ummah, when it comes to speaking up for Yemen who are not being killed by Buddhists but by self-proclaimed fellow Muslims? I mention Bhuddists because many are calling for the Saudis to come to the aid of Muslim Rohingya people of Myanmar. Perhaps such 'Muslim' voices have forgotten that the Saudis are the primary exporter of terrorism to other Muslim countries, including Syria. Furthermore, Turkey which is saying a lot about Myanmar hasn't lifted a finger for Yemen either. Frankly, your religion is just a fake cover when you lose your humanity. Humanity is the real essence of religion and those who have no compassion for the people of Yemen have betrayed their own so-called brothers and have revealed their own hypocrisy. In many respects, the issues in Myanmar are just another way for Israel and the west to distract Muslims from the plight of Palestine, the group of mostly Muslim and some Christian peoples who have suffered the longest under oppression, starvation and ethnic cleansing.


PROOF: Flu Shots Are The Greatest Medical Fraud In The History of The World "IndyWatch Feed World"

As one of the very few independent voices willing to stand up against the scientific dogma of our modern medical regime, Ive long felt a need to communicate the dangers of flu shots to the public so that people can have better information to prevent vaccine injuries and save lives. This doesnt mean Im opposed []


Israel Aiding Mexicos Development With More Arms, Drones And Spy Software "IndyWatch Feed World"

MEXICO CITY In the last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made Israeli political history by being the first sitting prime minister to visit Latin America, traveling to Argentina, Colombia and Mexico during his brief tour. While his first two stops largely focused on his attempts to garner international support for his crusade against Iran, Netanyahus visit to Mexico, which ended Friday, had a different focus trade and development.

Speaking at a joint news conference with Netanyahu, the increasingly unpopular Mexican President Enrique Pea Nieto announced that the two nations had agreed to update their free trade agreement, which was first signed in 2000.

We have agreed to establish and begin the..negotiations to look over this agreement so that the commercial relationship between both nations intensifies and grows, he stated.

Netanyahu was accompanied by several Israeli businessmen in his visit to Mexico, underscoring his visits overarching themes of increased trade and investment. Around 150 Israeli firms currently operate in Mexico and plans are now underway to further expand their economic cooperation.

In addition, Netanyahu apparently made an offer to Mexico whereby Israel would assist them and the United States in developing Central America, an offer Pea Nieto eagerly accepted. Israels promise, however, has aroused the specter of nation-building while also hinting at the Mexican governments interest in increasing the countrys militarization and quelling domestic dissent.


More Israeli arms in Mexicos hands



Huge sinkhole opens up in Lady Lake, Florida "IndyWatch Feed World"

A massive sinkhole opened up late Saturday afternoon at American Legion Post #347 in Lady Lake. The sinkhole was estimated to be 70 feet across and growing. It is located in a retention basin about 100 yards from the parking area at the American Legion and is visible from County Road 466 and Rolling Acres Road. Lady Lake police, Lake County sheriff's deputies and Lady Lake maintenance personnel were all on the scene Saturday night, monitoring the situation. The sinkhole was located across from Recreation Plantation RV Park. A sinkhole had swallowed part of a driveway this past Tuesday at a residence at Recreation Plantation. The sinkhole, located at Lot 229, was estimated to be 10 feet-by-10 feet-by 10 feet.


End of Eclipse Season, Autumn Equinox, and Astrology Forecast September 17-23 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Perspectives from the Sky

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

This week we come to the end of Eclipse Season, which has been a most powerful time of shifting life tides,  taking us faster forward through a New Life Chapter that is closer than ever to the Age of Aquarius.

Now that the Eclipse Season, which included Mercury Retrograde, is ending at the New Moon in Virgo this week; we are able to gain some perspective and insight into what happened and what may come next.

Many of us have been taken to important turning points in our lives, perhaps even requiring crossroads decisions.

For awhile now we may need to get our bearings after the intensity of the passing Eclipse Season, and the Virgo energies now will help us to analyze what has happened, to bring order to our lives, and to simplify what has been a rather complicated time period.

This is not a time to push forward, instead it is a time to fix up, repair, heal, clean up, and figure out.

That is because there is a New Moon in Virgo on September 19/20- actually at 1:30 AM EDT on the 20th. Mercury and Mars will already be in Virgo at that time, and Venus will have just arrived there too.

Virgo energy gives us greater ability to discern and be discriminating, to skeptically question, to be critical- hopefully in a constructive way.

So you will have the ability to take apart and view more closely the details of what is happening in your life.  Be careful, however, not to let healthy questioning turn into negativity, unfair criticism, and cynicism.  And be careful not to take yourself apart critically.

Virgo can be very perfectionistic and has a tendency to see lifes glass as half empty not half full.

In examining the world after the important events of Eclipse Season, we will have the ability to examine and find order, but must be careful not to be too negative, worrying, or fearful in the process.

We had extreme weather conditions and natural disasters, with an 8.1 Earthquake in Mexico, two very powerful hurricanes to hit the USA, as well as western USA wildfires...


Florida's Withlacoochee River flooding forces evacuation "IndyWatch Feed World"

Major flooding is threatening residents along the Withlacoochee River, emergency officials reported Sunday. At 12:30 p.m., the river reached 16.8 feet at a gauge near U.S. 301, nearly five feet above its flood stage, elevating the flood status to "major." Waters are still rising, and National Weather Service forecasters predict major flooding to last at least through Friday. Some 1,900 properties could flood, according to Hernando County spokeswoman Virginia Singer. A voluntary evacuation order is in effect for endangered residents. Officials urged those in low-lying areas who see flood waters to leave now. The Enrichment Center at 800 John Gary Grubbs Blvd. in Brooksville is operating as a shelter for evacuees.


Equifax stock sales are now the focus of a criminal probe by the DOJ "IndyWatch Feed World"

While Equifax was deciding when to tell consumers about the massive security breach that compromised the personal data of 143 million or so Americans, three executives just happened to sell off some of their stock. As a reward for their great choice, the U.S. Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into whether they violated insider trading laws when they Continue reading Equifax stock sales are now the focus of a criminal probe by the DOJ

While Equifax was deciding when to tell consumers about the massive security breach that compromised the personal data of 143 million or so Americans, three executives just happened to sell off some of their stock. As a reward for their great choice, the U.S. Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into whether they violated insider trading laws when they sold stock before the company disclosed the hack, Bloomberg reports.

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Surfer bitten by shark in Ponce Inlet, Florida "IndyWatch Feed World"

A shark bit a man surfing in Volusia County on Saturday. Volusia County Beach Safety officials said a shark bit a 28-year-old man Saturday afternoon. Advertisement The Melbourne man was surfing in 8-foot deep water near the jetty in Ponce Inlet when he was bitten on his left foot, officials said. The man was taken to Halifax Hospital with several lacerations to the top and bottom of his foot. Officials did not release the name of the man injured.


Update ON The Discovery of An Alien Body Unearthed In Nazca, Peru "IndyWatch Feed World"

DNA testing on a body that was discovered has revealed that the body is a species that is unlike anything to have been found so far. In June 2017 a mummy was found in Nazca in Peru that showed signs of it being a species that have never been seen before. Now new bodies have []


Americans Now Spend More on Taxes Than Food and ClothingCombined "IndyWatch Feed World"

A troubling new report released this week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that Americans spent more on taxes last year than they did on food and clothingcombined. As the report shows, this problem shows no signs of slowing as the average Americans rate of taxation is increasing at a staggering rate.

As CNS News reports, in 2016, according to BLS, consumer units (which include families, financially independent individuals, and people living in a single household who share expenses) spent more on average on federal, state and local taxes ($10,489) than they did on food ($7,203) and clothing ($1,803) combined ($9,006).

Instead of realizing they are taxing Americans, quite literally out of their clothes, the state has been increasing the rate every year.

The average tax bill for American consumer units increased from $7,423 in 2013 to $10,489 in 2016, according to data released this week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

That is an increase of 41.13 percentin only three years.


According to CNS:

The survey publishes the itemized expenditures of what it refers to as consumer units, which include all members of a particular household who are related by blood, marriage, adoption, or other legal arrangements, or a person living alone or sharing a household with others or living as a roomer in a private home or lodging house or in a permanent living quarters in a hotel or motel, but who is financially independent, or two or more persons living together who use their income to make joint expenditure decisions. The BLS said that a consumer unit generally refers to a family.

Below is the data from the BLS report, notice the increase over the last 3 years.



New Apple Watch Ad Creatively Rolled Through The Emmys "IndyWatch Feed World"

Acrobatic skater Kilian Martin illustrates the agile extreme of possibilities when your music is on your wrist.

What: A new Apple Watch ad that debuted during The Emmy Awards.

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What Trader Joes Figured Out About Work Culture That My Other Past Employers Havent "IndyWatch Feed World"

This writer learned more about the value of autonomy and collaboration as a teenage Trader Joes employee than she has in many offices since.

When I was hired by Trader Joes at 16, I wasnt even legally able to run a register. I was told I was hired based on my personality, even if I was almost useless. By the time I left seven years later, Id worked across six different stores. And I dont know how they do it, but they have the best managers possible, consistently.

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Understand How to Manifest With the Surfing Analogy "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Andrea Schulman

Today Id like to shed a little insight on how to manifest!

So, in this video I will share a simple and fun way to look at the process of manifesting. I call this the Surfing Analogy.

If youve been fighting and/or waiting for something to happen, this one is for you. Enjoy!

XO, Andrea

Law of Attraction Educator

My name is Andrea Schulman. I am a former high school psychology teacher & the creator of Raise Your Vibration Today. I teach people how to become masters of their minds through the Law of Attraction. Check out the full-length video tutorials on my membership portal and learn how to create a beautiful life with intention. XO

This article (Understand How to Manifest With the Surfing Analogy) was originally published on Raise Your Vibration Today and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


William Binney: Big Data Analysis "IndyWatch Feed World"

William Binney

Big Data Analysis

As published in European Data Protection Law Review, Vol 3 (2017), pp. 13-15.

My experience in working with Big Data over the last 40 plus years involves data produced by communications or transactions between people, not machines talking to other machines or themselves, or machines taking measurements.

In the realm of transactions between people the problem is content volume. If you attack Big Data by looking at content first, then you quickly become overwhelmed by the content. Instead, by using the metadata associated with content to help define how the content is related and clustered, this gives a view into the content without having to look at it. Also, the metadata associations, often referred to as social networks or graphs, organise content into related clusters of communities. This makes selecting content for further study a much more focused effort. These social networks or graphs are created by attributes that are associatedwith individuals or organisations like: phone numbers, IPV4/IPV6 numbers,MAC numbers,
account numbers, passport numbers etc. These relationships in the graphs/social networks show the scope of interactions that people have in the world and help to define groups of people participating in an acti...


"Two Tough Questions: A Lesson in Perspective" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Two Tough Questions:  A Lesson in Perspective"
by Living Life Fully

"Question 1: If you knew a woman who was pregnant, who had 8 kids already (three deaf, two blind, one mentally retarded) and she had syphilis, would you recommend that she have an abortion? Read the next question before moving down to the answer of this one.

Question 2: It is time to elect a new world leader, and your vote counts. Here are the facts about the three leading candidates:

Candidate A: Associates with crooked politicians, and consults with astrologists. He's had two mistresses. He also chain smokes and drinks 8 to 10 martinis a day.
Candidate B: He was kicked out of office twice, sleeps until noon, used opium i...


Few call for Myanmar sanctions "IndyWatch Feed World"

Despite international condemnation of Myanmar's campaign of violence against the Rohingya people, there have been few calls for a return to sanctions.


US coalition admits Deir ez-Zor airstrike, promises to investigate 12 civilian casualties "IndyWatch Feed World"

The US-led coalition has admitted to carrying out an airstrike in Deir ez-Zor province, which reportedly killed at least 12 Syrian civilians. While the coalition did not acknowledge the casualties among locals, it promised to launch an investigation into the incident. The airstrike near the Syrian city of Mayadin, one of the last Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) strongholds, located 40 kilometers southeast of the Deir ez-Zor provincial capital, was reported on Syrian media on Saturday. The airstrike reportedly killed at least 12 civilians, most of them women and children, and caused significant damage to local properties and residents' homes. A video, purportedly showing the aftermath of the incident, has been posted online. It shows destroyed and badly damaged buildings, as well as the bodies of women and children. RT was not able to independently verify the authenticity of the footage. When reached for comment by RT, the US-led coalition stated that the airstrike did take place, but it targeted a terrorist unit in the area. "Coalition military forces conducted one strike near Mayadin, Syria that engaged an ISIS tactical unit and destroyed an ISIS watercraft," a coalition spokesperson told RT in an emailed statement.


This Rickshaw-Hailing Service For Refugee Camps Just Won A $1 Million Prize "IndyWatch Feed World"

This years Hult Prize, which was focused on tech for refugees this year, gave its prize to Roshni Rides, which is attempting to bring better transportation to Orangi Town, Karachi slum that houses more than 2 million refugees.

A Pakistani-American team from Rutgers University has won this years $1 million Hult Prize, a high profile, global contest for student social entrepreneurs.

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William Binney: The Way Ahead in Big Data Exploitation Lawful Electronic Surveillance "IndyWatch Feed World"

William Binney


When contemplating next steps in the discussion about the collection and monitoring of electronic data (both content and metadata), we are obligated to look to two areas of knowledge for guidance the law and technology. How can these two areas come together to provide an improved, yet lawful way ahead?  The good news is that a roadmap to a solution already exists. It just needs to be implemented.

From law, we draw guidance from the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, in particular the clause that requires that probable cause must be demonstrated before the personal information of a person can be lawfully searched. From technology we will draw from a robust, knowledge-centric capability to manage large amounts of information such that the identifying information of any innocent entity innocent person, place, or thing need not ever be revealed to law enforcement or national security authorities in the absence of fact-based suspicion of terrorism or other illegal activities meeting probable cause criteria approved by a duly constituted court of law.

In a word, it is eminently possible to protect the identities of the innocent while at the same time, ensuring the national security.  There is no balance neither security, n...


John McAfee Accidentally Just Revealed Why Bitcoin Is A Total Fraud: Behold The Logic of Artificial Work "IndyWatch Feed World"

In a recent CNBC interview thats being widely touted by self-deluded Bitcoin promoters as some kind of smack down of JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, Bitcoin advocate John McAfee accidentally admitted why Bitcoin is a total fraud thats doomed to fail. In answering Jamie Dimons recent declaration that Bitcoin is a fraud, McAfee replied: (see []


In Bangkok: No Speak Your Language, Speak Thai or Die "IndyWatch Feed World"

It is hard to calculate the cost of the stubborn refusal of the Thai population to learn foreign languages. Some daring estimates, however, calculate that the losses could be in tens of billions of dollars, annually. And the situation is not getting any better.

Bangkok wants to be the center of Southeast Asia, and by many standards it has already achieved this goal.

Foreign Correspondent Club of Thailand, Hive of Western Opinion Makers (Photo: Andre Vltchek)

Suvarnabhumi International Airport is the second busiest in the region. Almost all of the international news agencies are here, and not in Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur. Several UN agencies are now located in Bangkok, as well as mega malls and top private medical facilities, catering mostly for people who live in Burma, Cambodia, Laos and as far away as the Middle East.

For years and decades, Thailand was busy promoting itself, capturing the imagination of millions all over the world.

New Bangkok Skyline (Photo: Andre Vltchek)

Some wonder whether it could really do even better than it is already doing. According to Forbes, Bangkok recently became the most visited city on Earth:

According to Mastercards Global Destinati...


'Refugees Welcome' action at Trump's childhood home "IndyWatch Feed World"

Ahead of US President Donald Trumps first address to the UN, an international development NGO welcomed refugees at President Trumps childhood home in New York.


National Geographics Chasing Genius Awards Honor Solutions To Hunger, Health, And The Environment "IndyWatch Feed World"

From biodegradable clothes to vision for the developing world, these are the projects NatGeo thinks are solving our most pressing global issues.

If a pair of sneakers made from a new material wears out, youll be able to compost the shoes. The materialspun into a filament from algae and other natural organisms, and then knit togetherwill safely biodegrade. (Its also edible, if not particularly delicious.)

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ANSWERS for Javad Heiran-Nia on Kurdistan "IndyWatch Feed World"

Robert David STEELE Vivas

1. The Kurdish Referendum is to be held on September 25 despite the opposition of Kurdish movements such as the Gorran Movement. How will this referendum influence Kurdish movements within the region?

The Kurdish Referendum is long over due and must be respected. Kurdistan is a cultural, ethnic, and economic reality even if  the political powers controlled by the Deep State (Rothschilds, Vatican, City of London, Wall Street and their government puppets) do not wish it so.  I anticipate the practical foundation of Kurdistan within five years if the surrounding powers do not collaborate I anticipate all of them falling into a state of civil war; Turkey will not survive in its present state.

2. Concerning the objection of Baghdad and the Prime Minister himself to this referendum which described the referendum as playing with fire, is there a possibility of military conflict between Baghdad and Arbil following the independence referendum?...


Did the Egyptians Know How to Transfer Consciousness From One Entity to Another? "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Christina Sarich

In the movie 21 Grams, the idea is presented that upon the moment of death, the human body instantaneously loses exactly 21 grams supposedly the weight of the soul. Though this is not scientifically proven, there seems to be evidence that our consciousness is indeed a transferable entity and the ancient Egyptians likely knew exactly how to transfer consciousness, or the soul, from one person to another.

There is a similar aim within DARPA and the Shadow Governments pricey experiments. The merging of humans and machines is already happening whereupon human consciousness is uploaded into AI computers. Mind uploading is expected to be in full force by 2045, but has it been done already, long ago?

Before we examine the ancient history of uploading consciousness, lets look at a few examples in recent Hollywood history which suggest this is already being done.

In the movie, What Dreams May Come staring the late Robin Williams, his character dies and then traverses gleefully through a place that looks just like the paintings his wife used to create when he was still alive. The film pictorially demonstrates that Williams is in his own eternity developed by his KA state a term Ill explain momentarily. His wife has a similar, negative experience of a seeming hell, based on her experience of suicide. She enters a dreamlike hallucination that she cannot escape based on her own KA state.

The ancients understood that consciousness separates from the physical body at death. The life we live in physical form is repeated perhaps over and over ag...


6 Strategies to Deal with Financial Emergencies "IndyWatch Feed World"

Financial emergencies are an unfortunate fact of life, so its better to be prepared for when they occur than to bury your head in the sand and hope you get lucky. When it happened to me, the stress of not knowing where the money was going to come from or even how to start solving


The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: 'Owning the Weather' for Military Use "IndyWatch Feed World"

Introductory Note

Environmental modification techniques (ENMOD) for military use constitute, in the present context of global warfare, the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

Rarely acknowledged in the debate on global climate change, the worlds weather can now be modified as part of a new generation of sophisticated electromagnetic weapons. Both the US and Russia have developed capabilities to manipulate the climate for military use.

Environmental modification techniques have been applied by the US military for more than half a century. US mathematician John von Neumann, in liaison with the US Department of Defense, started his research on weather modification in the late 1940s at the height of the Cold War and foresaw forms of climatic warfare as yet unimagined.

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Can We Build A Global Internet From Swarms Of Satellites And Tech-Company-Backed Balloons? "IndyWatch Feed World"

As it becomes more and more necessary for every citizen to have internet access in order to take advantage of the modern economy, a new system of space-based internet is trying to close the digital divide.

Ten years ago, the world population was 6.6 billion; 3 billion of those people lacked access to broadband internet connectivity. Fast forward a decade to 2017, and the global population has risen by 1 billion, but so has the number of disconnected people. Its quite troubling that despite all the progress over the last 10 years, we still have a huge portion of the worlds population thats not covered by broadband, says Rupert Pearce, CEO of the British telecommunications company Inmarsat and chairman of the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Developments working group on technologies in space and the upper atmosphere.

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Scientists Discover A Force-Field Around The Human Body That You Can Actually Feel "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Arjun Walia

The human body is fascinating, and although weve come a long way with regard to understanding how our own biology works, there is still much to be discovered, and still much that has yet to be understood. Even with all of our advancements, and how far weve come, its but a minor peak in a long road of discovery.

How do we sense the world around us? Are there hidden factors which are UN-observable that remain hidden from the human eye? Sure there are. Why do we duck before coming to a low ceiling? Why do we dodge things that are thrown at us? Do we have more senses than weve been lead to believe, and do these senses play a role?

New research from scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden have used a very well known experiment, called the rubber hand illusion, to demonstrate that humans can sense what feels like a force field between the brush and the rubber hand.

The rubber hand experiment causes people to feel that a rubber hand placed on the table before them is their own. A great example of a shift in perception that is followed by a sense of disowning their real hand.

As a piece from The Guardian explains, The illusion comes on when the real and fake hands are stroked at the same time and speed for a minute or two. In combining the visual information with the touch sensations, the brain mistakenly concludes that the rubber hand must be part of the persons body. When questioned about the feeling, the volunteers said it seemed that their own hand had vanished and the fake hand had become their own.

Participants are usually shown a fake rubber hand while their own is behind the screen. Its  amazing how the brain starts to believe that the fake hand is actually their own, and makes you ponder what else is illusionary, yet considered real by our brain. If youre interested in that, you might want to look up concepts like the Holographic Universe.

Below is a demonstration of the experiment:



Amazon is still crushing the smart speaker market, but theres some good news for Google "IndyWatch Feed World"

Google Home has carved out a healthy chunk of the connected speaker market over the last year, but its still far behind Amazons Echo, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. From a survey of 300 connected speaker owners, the firm estimates that Amazon holds 76% percent of the current installed base, versus 24% for Google Home. Thats Continue reading Amazon is still crushing the smart speaker market, but theres some good news for Google

Google Home has carved out a healthy chunk of the connected speaker market over the last year, but its still far behind Amazons Echo, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. From a survey of 300 connected speaker owners, the firm estimates that Amazon holds 76% percent of the current installed base, versus 24% for Google Home.

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Dan Harmon on Actively Aiming for Re-Watchability with Rick and Morty "IndyWatch Feed World"

Recently, Fast Company spoke with Dan Harmon about the third season of the hit animated series he co-created with Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty. Although there was no space for it in the piece we published, one of Harmons remarks from the interview seems worthy of an outlet in its own right. Below, he talks about striving Continue reading Dan Harmon on Actively Aiming for Re-Watchability with Rick and Morty

Recently, Fast Company spoke with Dan Harmon about the third season of the hit animated series he co-created with Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty. Although there was no space for it in the piece we published, one of Harmons remarks from the interview seems worthy of an outlet in its own right. Below, he talks about striving to make a show that demands repeat viewings.

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How To Negotiate Your Salary When You Have No Obvious Leverage "IndyWatch Feed World"

Just because youre a recent college grad or a career changer doesnt mean you cant ask for a pay bump.

If theres one thing thats arguably more nerve-wracking than a job interview, its negotiating your salary. And if youre a recent graduate or someone who wants to change careers, the stakes can feel even higher. How are you supposed to convince someone youre worth more when you have next to no experience?

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Why Sean Spicer Will Never Be Funny, And The Emmys Should Have Known Better "IndyWatch Feed World"

Last night, Sean Spicer made a controversial cameo on the Emmys. Heres why it should be the final stop on his rehabilitation tour.

Yesterday was a fine day for anyone excited about jokes from the Trump administration.

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The Dark Night Of The Soul "IndyWatch Feed World"

Our lives will represent the rising of the phoenix if we allow it. Out of the fire and ashes of our crash and burn lives, we are offered a new beginning.

Taking Off The Mask

By Lia Love

Much has been written and will be written about the Dark Night Of The Soul, and it can be confusing in understanding what it really is. There are many interpretations, yet five basic characteristics seem to be the foundation of a dark night

5 Foundations of the Dark Night

1. Alignment With Authentic Self

The Dark Night Of The Soul is the process of aligning/integrating with who we really are; our true essence, our Authentic Self. It is the part of us that is Creator also, the essence that is in us and that we are also wholly in.

The Dark Night is our own, personal evolutionary curve of untangling and detaching from that which is unlike our Authentic Self. The more we evacuate what is not our Authentic Self, the more space is provided for its presence. We become more aligned with our true nature, our true direction and a better quality of life. The process of stripping down what is unlike Who We Really Are has always been in motion, yet at much greater speed nowadays.

2. Decompression

Our detrimental emotions and their sources are energy packets, take up energetic space and put a choke-hold our on quality of life in many different ways.

Now imagine that everyone on the planet has their own load of detrimental emotions (and other non-beneficial energy packets.) That is a mega-load of negative energy that we are all wallowing in (picture a can of sardines) and why we can feel bound up, blocked, stuck and just not able to move thru life like we know we can.

When negative energy is exceptionally dense and packed together, there is not much room to move around and we bump up against each others negativity. When one person is in their Dark Night and heals just one negative thing, more expansive, fluid space is not only created for that person but for everyone.

It is like taking one sardine out of that crowded sardine can. There is decompression and more room in the can. So the more everyone gets onboard the healing train, the greater the collective evolutionary pace and the freer we all become.



How to Rise Above the Tension of Money "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Yael Elohim

The Tension of Money: Each of us has a different relationship with money. Some have plenty, others struggle, others find it hard to receive, have a hard time giving or live in fear there is not enough. Money, however, is just energy. One of its important aptitudes is that it flows freely. Our existence adversely depends on a financial system that makes a profit by controlling the free movement of money. It functions on shortcoming and gains from the flow of money via debts, interest, and investments.

Contemplation for change

Managed by controllability and regulation, it is taken by rational and conditional thinking in which numbers and profitability set the benchmark. It is unlikely for such a system to back up anything else. It goes against its nature.

Imagine how this system feels

Let us put ourselves in the shoes of the system as if it were a human being. Imagine how control and regulation determine its existence and performance. How it truly believes in this design. In its desire to do a good job, money is programmed to live up to defined standards and fixed parameters. At the same time, it feels a kind of interdependency with this context, which also limits its free movement. As if its trapped and identifies with its limitations, unaware of this harsh reality. With this, it develops a survival mode and firmly holds on to its pattern of (self-)protecting and self-preservation.

It may feel lost. But as it runs into the standards and its limited developed convictions, it also runs into its identification with these and all tension and stress that go along with this. It resigns itself in the situation. We come to realize that, in its will to survive it can never imagine the possibility of money flowing freely in and out, in abundance without conditions.

Giving back its Self-Esteem

When empathizing with this outline and opening up our hearts, we feel for it (money). We see how somewhere the spirit of money lost track of its reason for being. Our heart goes out to it. We then can imagine how it longs for a warm embrace or the feeling of being alive and acknowledged, let alone loved. We can sympathize with this. As well as with its desire to do good.

We can relate to a certain wish to be valued for serving the whole. More than for being used as a means to divide and control and tool to survive, to obtain or secure material goals, freedom or...


Shake Shacks Test Kitchen Is Finally Moving Out Of The Basement "IndyWatch Feed World"

After years of working all around the city, the burger empire is opening a dedicated test kitchen in lower Manhattan. The office is moving there, too.

For the last 10 years, Mark RosatiShake Shacks culinary directorconcocted and tested the restaurants menu in a basement using induction burners. Thats where he came up with its beloved chicken sandwich that uses a sous vide-like method, along with numerous other out-of-the-box fast-food recipes. Soon thats about the change.

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Rothschild Just Dumped Massive Amounts of US Assets, Sending an Ominous Signal "IndyWatch Feed World"

In what is a sure signal to oligarchs across the globe, Lord Jacob Rothschild, founder and chairman of RIT Capital Partners, has substantially minimized his exposure to what he views as a risky and unstable U.S. capital market. In the half-yearly financial report for RIT Capital Partners, Rothschild explained the companys aggressive moves to significantly reduce exposure to U.S. assets.

We do not believe this is an appropriate time to add to risk. Share prices have in many cases risen to unprecedented levels at a time when economic growth is by no means assured, Rothschild said in his semi-annual report.

Additionally, Rothschild stated that he believes quantitative easing (QE) programs employed by central banks, such as the Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S. will come to an end.

Rothschild was quoted in the report as saying, The period of monetary accommodation may well be coming to an end.

Signaling a potential disaster in the making in the United States financial markets, Rothschild reduced the investments RIT Capital Partners has in the U.S. dollar by nearly fifty percent. On December 31, 2016, RIT Capital Partners reported a 62 percent net value asset investment in U.S. dollars. In the latest report released by RIT Capital Partners on June 30, 2017, the company has a 37 percent net value asset investment in U.S. dollars.

Over that same period of time, Rothschild increased RITs investment in Sterling and the Euro.

Just last year, the bond manager of what was once the worlds largest bond fund had a dire prediction about how all of this will all end. And by all of this, he means the propping up of financial markets by central banks.

When the U.S. stock market is trading at all-time highs, but Lord Rothschild is divesting RIT from those same markets, the central bank manipulation of market valuations becomes apparent.

Additionally, its worth noting that Rothschilds RIT investment portfolio has returned rou...


Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, And Ellen DeGeneres Drop In On Netflix Drama "IndyWatch Feed World"

New ads see award-winning shows like House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, The Crown and Stranger Things get some stand-up comic relief.

What: Netflix uses its award-winning dramas to sell its upcoming superstar stand-up comedy specials with Seinfeld, Chappelle, Rock, and DeGeneres. The campaign is called Netflix Is a Joke.

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Spiritual Healing Through High Frequency Foods "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Samantha Cifelli

It is no secret that the collective is sick. Rates of obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and various other chronic illnesses are higher than they have ever been. Uncovering why this is so would take an article in its own right, but we can think of this state of our collective in relation to health on each level physical, as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual as misalignment. It may be discussed within spiritual circles that a breatharian lifestyle, that is, living off prana, chi, or life force energy, is the future of humanity. However, we must honor where we are before we can transcend to where we are not. We must find alignment within our current frequency match to food and external nourishment and undergo deep rounds of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual detoxification to cleanse any and all toxins, including limiting beliefs, lower based emotions, and physical illness, before we could entertain the thought of a breatharian lifestyle, or be a long-term frequency match to this way of living.

Humanity is ascending, and through this ascension process, we are becoming more and more aware of the integrated, holistic nature of Self. What affects us physically has also affected us mentally and emotionally, and vice versa, as there is no separation of Self. With this in mind, nutrition can be thought of as a physical tool that may be utilized for the benefit of our holistic health and to assist our detoxification process. As we raise our physical frequency with the use of high frequency foods, no longer will we be a match to lower energies. Suppressed emotions will resurface in order to be expressed and released. We will come face to face with the nature of our reality, recognizing the power of the mind, and make the conscious choice to feed the reality we desire to create and not the one we fear. In doing so, we heal our physicality from the inside out. As we clear out these lower energies, we make space for higher energies to enter in their place, opening us up to spiritual activations, heightened dominant abilities, and the opening of our less dominant, complimentary gifts.

So, what can you do to embark on your path, utilizing nutrition to assist you...


Egypt: Torture Epidemic May Be Crime Against Humanity (Human Rights Watch ) "IndyWatch Feed World"

18/09/2017 - Beatings, Electric Shocks, Stress Positions Routinely Used Against Dissidents (Beirut) Under President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Egypts regular police and National Security officers routinely ...


Harmonizing The Collective Energies Of Earth During Times Of Distress "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Karla Segura

A very long time ago, before we reached the point in the collective evolution of Cosmos where we stand, we were born of the basic elements, both in physical form and in spiritual form. For each experience exploring the most basic levels of awareness in physical form, a new record in the realms of dark matter (ethers) was imprinted and permanently stored.

Over time, as the basic elements reached the complexity that gave birth to the first conscious beings, the first elemental beings emerged in spiritual form. Many of these elementals stayed in the spiritual realms, assisting in the creation of new worlds and shaping the already existing ones in harmonious and disharmonious ways.

Civilizations flourished and beings reached the capacity to understand their connection to each other, to nature itself in physical and to their elemental ancestors. Many of these elemental beings were soul aspects of each individual that lived within these complex communities.

During times when the levels of consciousness of people fell and imbalanced dependence on technological advancement became the norm, the conscious connection to nature and the elements was forgotten.

To make things more complicated, people forgot to spend time in solitude with their inner universe, their aspects, nature, their inner child, their own heart. Social and cultural standards, the pursuit of hedonistic values, along with all kinds of technological distractions, contributed to the suppression of a conscious connection to the emotional bodies of the currently incarnated aspect and the needs of other aspects that require integration and healing, coming from other timelines and realms.

We all stand now, collectively, at this point of colossal global change, in front of a polarized world that needs to shift in harmony. Groups of awakening souls pledged allegiance to a sacred vow to shift together. Wh...


Energetic Dissuasion and Free Will Manifestation "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Untwine

Energetic dissuasion has been a very widespread issue on this planet, that seems to not be well understood yet even among Lightworkers.
The dark have a system in place to dissuade people from doing positive things, which they have set up in a way to try that people do not realize it is happening. They use a synergy of :
  • Physical and non-physical implants
  • Physical and non-physical personally directed weapons, beaming frequencies of certain negative thoughts, feelings, suggestions, energies, etc
  • Black magic
  • Non-physical negative entities
They have people under quasi-constant surveillance, and they use all these things daily, adapted to each moment, to dissuade people from doing positive things, by making them forget about it, or not feel like it, or believe they cant do it, or be drawn away from it one way or another. They work hard to try to do it in such a way that targeted individuals dont realize what is going on, so that targeted individuals believe it is their own personal process and their own personal feeling, while in fact it is being manipulated externally.
It seems that many people have the idea that this only happen once in a while, only to individuals who are not awake. This is absolutely not the case. My purpose is not to bring negativity, but more understanding about the situation so that we can resolve it.
Everybody is targeted and despite the incredible stupidity of the dark forces to do such things, they unfortunately also have a certain kind of intelligence and strategy to plan long term manipulation of all individuals and relationships. They have recorded all our past lives on plasma/etheric plane, using the implants, and they have studied us, they know what we have been doing so they understand our weaknesses and dreams to a certain degree. They know which psychological button to press and when. I strongly invite everybody to remain very aware of their own psychological make-up and to regularly take the most honest and objective self-analysis that you can.

Some of the main things they try to dissuade people from doing on a daily basis:



The Ultimate Work-From-Home Checklist For People Who Are Always In The Office "IndyWatch Feed World"

Not exactly an experienced remote worker? Dont sweat it.

Lots of companies offer generous flexible and remote work policiesbut maybe your company isnt one of them. For the most part (and for better or worse), people work from their desks in the office, ducking out only for the occasional doctors appointment or to pick up a sick kid from school.

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Russiagate on empty, New York Times drafts an 'unpatriotic act' against Sputnik and RT "IndyWatch Feed World"

The New York Times has come out with another lengthy piece about RT and Sputnik, this time under the guise that the subject is once again interesting due to the Russiagate 'scandal' turning from the political sector and veering towards the journalistic sector, having found no pertinent information in the former. The NYT story is there for all to see and far from hiding the story, many RT and Sputnik employees, guests and listeners/viewers have been sharing it. In this sense the New York Times has made a strong argument in favour of the self-policing nature of the new online methods of consuming media and analysing journalism. The RT/Sputnik 'sphere' are sharing the NYT piece for the following reasons: -It conflates opinion with fact -It fails to highlight the difference between factual reporting and an editorial line which in the context created by the NYT are highly relevant phenomena to differentiate. -It does not accuse RT or Sputnik of any specific wrongdoing in spite of melodramatic tone -The style of insults is both unoriginal and by objective standards, emotionally unmoving. By contrast, the New York Times and their 'sphere' have rarely if never actually shared an entire television program, radio show or written piece by RT or Sputnik, even under the guise of saying 'this is what we do not believe in'. I would personally welcome that, as frankly the biggest scandal in the MSM versus alt-media 'war', is that it is not a war at all.


12 Yr Old May Face Charges For Sending Topless Photo To Paedophile "IndyWatch Feed World"

A 12-year old girl who was pressured into sending topless photo of herself to an online paedophile has been told by the police that she could face criminal charges. The school girl was groomed by [...]


Corruption under Malcolm Turnbull: Going for the all-time world record "IndyWatch Feed World"

(Image via @GetUpAustralia)

Alan Austin

Also Read: Corruption rife in Turnbulls Australia aided by corrupt mass media

The Turnbull Government keeps finding fresh ways to rort Australias institutions to privilege its MPs and rich backers.  Read More


Attacked by 12 stray dogs for hours an 8-year-old boy succumbs to injuries in Maharashtra, India "IndyWatch Feed World"

In a tragic incident, an eight-year-old boy died in Bhiwandi in Thane district of Maharashtra today after being mauled by stray dogs. The incident took place near a dumping ground in Kamatghar locality. Source said that about 12 dogs attacked the boy for around two hours. The deceased has been identified as Niraj Yadav, who is a resident of Kene village near Bhiwandi. Following the incident, the boy was rushed to a private hospital from where he was referred to Thane civil hospital. Niraj succumbed to his injuries on his way to the hospital


Australian Nationalist Found Guilty of Opposing Islamization "IndyWatch Feed World"

Blair Cottrell is an Australian political activist, carpenter, and the leader of The United Patriots Front.

Blair joins us to discuss his legal battles, the Islamization of Australia, antifa, and much more. Read More


Snowden Issues Warning Do Not Use Googles Messaging App Under Any Circumstances "IndyWatch Feed World"

Unless you want law enforcement to be able to trawl all your communications, dont under any circumstances use Googles newest messaging app, Allo, Edward Snowden just warned.

What is #Allo? A Google app that records every message you ever send and makes it available to police upon request, the whistleblower advised in a tweet.

Google had earlier claimed it would include end-to-end encryption, storing messages transiently and in non-identifiable form, similar to its prospective primary competitor, WhatsApp. However, the company announced drastic anti-privacy changes on Wednesday the very day it rolled out the app.

When users remember to begin a conversation in Incognito Mode, as can be done for Google searches, their conversations wont be stored indefinitely, as it still provides end-to-end encryption. But conversations not expressly begun that way will be stored forever, where they would be available for any law enforcement body requesting the information.

As Snowden pointed out, anyone thinking it would be difficult for police or, say, the Department of Homeland Security, or National Security Agency to get their hands on these communications should think otherwise.

In 2015, the Guardian reported this April, the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) the secret court ostensibly overseeing domestic spying, which rules on the validity of requests by the FBI and other agencies to gain access to peoples data did not turn down a single request of nearly 1,500.

The court received 1,457 requests last year on behalf of the National Security Agency and FBI for authority to intercept communications, including email and phone calls, according to a Justice Department memo [] The court did not reject any of the applications in whole or in part, the memo said, according to the Guardian.

Included with Allo, users receive an extra helping of Big Brother features like Smart Reply and Google Assistant. While the latter answers questions and helps you search for things directly in your chat, as RT reports, the former employs artificial intelligence in order to predict answers to make responding as simple as pressing a button.

However, therein lies part of the privacy concern that convenience comes with an asterisk in bold.

How does Allo plan on predicting your every word and witty emoji,...


Colossal Fraud Lawsuit filed Against Nestl for Bottling Fake Spring Water "IndyWatch Feed World"

Nestl, the company notorious across North America for questionable business ethics, has come under fire yet again over bottled water this time, as the subject of a class action lawsuit stating the mineral water its Poland Spring brand claims on the packaging is, in fact, just groundwater.

Filed in a federal court in Connecticut on Tuesday, Bangor Daily News reports the lawsuit accuses Nestl Waters North America Inc. of colossal fraud perpetrated against American consumers. The outlet continues,

The civil suit was brought by 11 people from the Northeast who collectively spent thousands of dollars on Poland Spring brand water in recent years. It is seeking millions of dollars in damages for a nationwide class and appears to hinge on whether the sources of Poland Spring water meet the Food and Drug Administrations definition of a spring.

Poland spring water.

That definition, while seemingly simple from a consumers perspective, meticulously describes what qualifies water sources to be sold, for example, as officially spring water, among other common terms.

Incidentally, this isnt Nestls premier as the target of a lawsuit claiming the company broadly duped consumers through mislabeling groundwater as somehow purer or more healthful former United States Forest Service officials blew the whistle on operations inside the San Bernardino National Forest under its Arrowhead brand. Under a permit long expired in 1988 and for just $524 in annual fees Nestl draws millions of gallons for billions in profit under the pretense Arrowhead Spring water is drawn from a spring. Two whistleblowers contend that, since the infrastructure pipes water from inside a mountain rather than from the emergent water, as the FDA proscribes Nestl has grossly deceived the public into purchasing groundwater.

That Nestl stands accused of similar indiscretion in Maine a state the company has aggressively campaigned for a vast...


Saudis Investigate And Clear Themselves Of Wrongdoing In Yemen "IndyWatch Feed World"

Amid international calls for an independent inquiry into Saudi war crimes in Yemen, the Kingdom set up a panel to investigate itself and found it has done nothing wrong. The Joint Incidents Assessment Team said [...]


'It's Just... Life" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"Bad things don't happen to people because they deserve for them to happen. It just doesn't work that way. It's just life. And no matter who we are, we have to take the hand we're dealt, crappy though it may be, and try our very best to move forward anyway, to love anyway, to have hope anyway, to have faith that there's a purpose to the journey we're on."
- Mia Sheridan


Exactly How To Ask For Your Old Job Back (And Get It) "IndyWatch Feed World"

Heres how to put feelers out to see if a past employer would consider taking you backand to negotiate for a better role than the one you left.

Youre a few months to a year into what you thought would be your dream job. You left a perfectly good job in order to take this one because you thought it would be a better opportunity. But now that some time has passed, its clear you were dead wrong. Not only is this not the job of your dreams, it isnt even close to as good as the job you had before.

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A few years ago, when Gary Lawrence and I wrote Rotten to the (Common) Core, two of our chief concerns about the whole program

The post STILL ROTTEN TO THE (COMMON) CORE: INSPIRATIONAL ROBOTS ... appeared first on Giza Death Star.


Major League Baseballs New VR Experience Swings And Misses "IndyWatch Feed World"

Baseball fans can now watch live and on-demand games through virtual reality, following a three-year partnership between MLB and Intel. But the technology currently lacks the capability of a truly immersive VR experience.

Baseball fans can now watch live and on-demand games through virtual reality, following a three-year partnership between MLB and Intel. But the technology currently lacks the capability of a truly immersive VR experience.

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"The Equifax Hack Is The Most Disastrous Data Breach In History Because Now Hackers Have The Credit Information Of 143 Million Americans" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"The Equifax Hack Is The Most Disastrous Data Breach In History Because
 Now Hackers Have The Credit Information Of 143 Million Americans"
by Michael Snyder

"Talk about a nightmare. It is being reported that criminals were able to hack into Equifax and make off with the credit information of 143 million Americans. We are talking about names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, home addresses and even drivers license numbers. If this data breach was an earthquake, we would be talking about a magnitude-10.0 on the identity theft scale. We have never seen anything like this before, and to say that this will be disastrous for the credit industry would be a massive understatement.

What really disturbed me about this story is that this hack reportedly occurred between mid-May and July of this year: "Credit monitoring company Equifax has been hit by a high-tech heist that exposed the Social Security numbers and other sensitive information about 143 million Americans. Now the unwitting victims have to worry about the threat of having their identities stolen. ...


The Economy: Doom Index Issues Extreme Warning "IndyWatch Feed World"

Doom Index Issues Extreme Warning
by Bill Bonner

"First, the news. Cryptocurrencies took a beating after Jamie Dimon - the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, a bank that makes billions from todays fake-money system - called bitcoin a fraud. Bitcoin - the leading cryptocurrency by market value - is down to $3,143 at this writing. Thats about 36% lower than its all-time high of $4,911, set on 1 September of this year.

President Trump put another knife into Republicans. According to press reports, he agreed to not only give the Dreamers refuge, but also to forget about building The Wall. And the US national debt rose over $20 trillion, thanks to last weeks debt ceiling suspension. Meanwhile



Special Forces With Shoot To Kill Orders Deployed On London Underground "IndyWatch Feed World"

Armed special forces are being deployed on the London Underground and have been ordered to shoot to kill terrorists. Members of the SAS and the Special Reconnaissance Regiment will be working on Londons busy tube [...]


US Students Sprayed With Acid In Marseille, France "IndyWatch Feed World"

Four young American female students had hydrochloric acid thrown in their faces by a stranger in the city of Marseille on Sunday. French authorities believe that the 41-year-old woman attacker, arrested at Marseilles Saint-Charles station, [...]


Police Kill Georgia Tech Student With Tiny Knife "IndyWatch Feed World"

A barefoot student activist from Georgia Tech was fatally shot by campus police late on Saturday after refusing orders to drop a small knife in his hand. The tragic stand-off was captured on video. The [...]


British government sends Afghan refugee to death illegally "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

Pilot refuses to return failed UK asylum seeker back to Afghanistan

31 August 2017

Samim Bigzad
Received death threats from Taliban
Applied for asylum in UK
Has UK-based father who needs care
Detained without warning after asylum rejected

By Felicity Collier in Britain:

Kent asylum seeker returning to safety

Monday 18th September 2017

Samim Bigzad on his way home to Britain from Afghanistan

AN ASYLUM-SEEKER from Afghanistan who fears for his life was being flown back to Britain yesterday after the Home Office went against legal advice and deported him.

Samim Bigzad has been targeted by the Taliban, who threatened to behead him, because he has worked for a construction company with links to the Afghan government and the US military.

Campaigners from Kent Anti-Racism Network told the Star that before being deported last Tuesday he had been gagged to prevent a disturbance that would result in him being removed from the flight and, when he tried to call out, was punched in the head.

Until yesterday morning he was holed up in hotel rooms in Turkey and then the Afghan capital Kabul, where at one point a group of men with guns had demanded to know his whereabouts.

Legal experts and campaigners said...


How To Lead With Empathy "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new breed of CEOs is defined less by command and control and more by inspire and empower.

My first boss was a bully. Just before I started working for him, a rumor circulated that hed once thrown a desk out the window. Maybe the story was apocryphal, but it didnt feel that way to those of us under his thumb. He would yell and curse. We were all afraid of him. As unpleasant as it was, though, I have to admit that the fear was a powerful motivator.

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Heres What It Takes To Win The Grocery Wars "IndyWatch Feed World"

With Amazon pushing into food aisles, physical stores are duking it out to be the grocer of the future.

Around the time that Amazon was announcing its intent to buy natural-foods pioneer Whole Foods for $13.4 billion this past summer, the little-known (at least in the U.S.) German budget grocer Lidl was opening outposts in Virginia and the Carolinas, kicking off a planned expansion into the States that will bring its number of stores to 100 by next summer. Jeff Bezoss bold move and Lidls international ambition are signs that the grocery wars are just getting started. Heres how four of the most enterprising chains are planning to keep shoppersespecially health- and budget-conscious onesin their aisles in the months ahead.

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These are the five teams advancing to the final rounds of the Global Learning XPrize "IndyWatch Feed World"

The XPrize Foundation encourages and supports technological innovation that could benefit all of humanity. The aim of the Global Learning XPrize is to support companies that create scalable solutions that will enable children to teach themselves basic reading, writing, and arithmetic. Each of the five teams shortlisted for the prize today will receive $1 million to continue Continue reading These are the five teams advancing to the final rounds of the Global Learning XPrize

The XPrize Foundation encourages and supports technological innovation that could benefit all of humanity. The aim of the Global Learning XPrize is to support companies that create scalable solutions that will enable children to teach themselves basic reading, writing, and arithmetic. Each of the five teams shortlisted for the prize today will receive $1 million to continue the development of their work, with the winning finalist receiving an additional $15 million in funding. The five finalists are:

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9 Newsletters To Make You Smarter "IndyWatch Feed World"

Get a regular dose of insight and inspiration delivered directly to your email inbox.

1. Redef, The melding of media, tech, and pop culture

Jason Hirschhorn, a former Viacom and Slingbox executive, is your smart friend who shares must-see articles, videos, and podcasts that illuminate the changes transforming fashion, media, music, sports, and tech.

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How Blockchain Could Transform The Way International Aid Is Distributed "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new digital-payment platform from the United Nations World Food Programme is bringing efficiency and stability to refugee camps.

The future of world food aid arrived, in early May, unnoticed by its first recipients: the grocery shoppers inside a supermarket at the Azraq camp in Jordan, home to 36,000 Syrian refugees. To be fair, their buying process already looked pretty high-tech, especially for a store with a dirt parking lot in the middle of the desert. Before paying, each shopper peered into a black, rectangular iris scanner mounted at eye-level, which confirms users identities with the camps organizing group, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and allows them to access a food stipend from the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

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Satya Nadella Rewrites Microsofts Code "IndyWatch Feed World"

Microsofts CEO has stopped infighting, restored morale, and created more than $250 billion in market value. All it took was focusing on what matters most.

Satya Nadellas corner office, on the fifth floor of Building 34 at Microsofts Redmond, Washington, headquarters, features a cant-miss 84-inch Surface touch-screen computer that dominates one wall. But what demands even more attention are the vast quantities of books in the room. They fill rows of shelves and are piled by the dozen on a long table next to Nadellas desk.

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How Microsofts Satya Nadella Became A Netflix Insider "IndyWatch Feed World"

One of the defining facts about Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is that hes been at the company for 25 yearsnearly his entire career. But one of the more intriguing tidbits I learned while researching our new cover story on Nadella and the change hes bringing to Microsoft is that hes using lessons he learned at Continue reading How Microsofts Satya Nadella Became A Netflix Insider

One of the defining facts about Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is that hes been at the company for 25 yearsnearly his entire career. But one of the more intriguing tidbits I learned while researching our new cover story on Nadella and the change hes bringing to Microsoft is that hes using lessons he learned at another iconic tech company: Netflix.

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Heres How The Latest Sleep-Science Gadgets Affected My Productivity "IndyWatch Feed World"

I tested an ergonomic mattress, sleep tracker, light-blocking drapes, and more, all in a quest for the perfect nights sleep.

Im not being hyperbolic when I say that sleep is the most important thing in my life. In some ways, its more precious to me than my marriage, my child, or my jobbecause if I dont get enough sleep, I cannot properly function as a wife, a mother, or a writer.

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Eatalys New Theme Park In Italy Is The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of "IndyWatch Feed World"

Eataly World will feature more than 40 restaurants, a hydroponic vegetable garden, and cooking classes taught by master chefs.

After opening outposts in 31 cities in 12 countries across the globe, the Italian fooderie Eataly is returning to its birthplace with its newest launch: a $118 million experiential park called FICO Eataly World.

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Inside Bozoma Saint Johns Plan To Steer Uber Forward "IndyWatch Feed World"

Ubers new chief brand officer must figure out how to change the troubled companys narrative.

During her three years as head of global consumer marketing for Apple Music, Bozoma Saint John used her branding prowess to tap into powerful partnerships (see: an ad that featured Taylor Swift falling off a treadmill while listening to Drake and Futures Jumpman) that helped Apple launch its streaming platform and grow it to 20 million subscribers by the end of 2016.

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Can Andy Rubins Essential Phone Take On The Smartphone Giants? "IndyWatch Feed World"

The creator of Android wants to unleash innovation in a market dominated by Apple, Google, and Samsung. It wont be easy.

According to Andy Rubin, the modern mobile ecosystem is broken. He should know: He helped break it.

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The 7 Books Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Says You Need to Lead Smarter "IndyWatch Feed World"

The well-read CEO recommends books that have informed his own thinking and that of his team at Microsoft in formulating the companys turnaround.

If you spend time with Satya Nadellaas I did on several occasions this year while researching our new cover story on the dramatic impact hes had on Microsoft since being named CEO in February 2014you quickly learn how much books matter to him. He reads them, recommends them, and turns to the lessons hes learned from them again and again as he explains his approach to running one of the largest companies on the planet. As he put it to me: Without books, I cant live.

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Iraq won't tolerate a '2nd Israel', Baghdad's response to Kurdish independence rally "IndyWatch Feed World"

Crowds filled the streets of the Iraqi Kurdistan capital, rallying ahead of an independence vote this month. While some were waving the flag of Israel, which backs the Kurds' aspirations, Baghdad says it won't allow the creation of a "second Israel." On Saturday, the city of Erbil saw thousands of protesters turning up at a pro-independence rally, ahead of the scheduled September 25 vote. Colorful Kurdish flags hovered over the crowd as participants danced and cheered at a concert in Shanidar Park, with firecrackers briskly lighting up the sky. Alongside the Kurdish colors of red, white, yellow, and green, Israeli flags could be seen flying in the crowd. On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu buoyed the vote, saying Israel supports the "legitimate efforts of the Kurdish people to achieve their own state."


Huawei mocks Apple with its video about the real AI phone "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Chinese tech giant has released a video on its social media channels showing the company isnt too impressed with the iPhone Xs Face ID and artifical intelligence technology. Lets face it, facial recognition isnt for everyone. Unlock the future with #TheRealAIPhone, the accompanying caption reads. The video is a teaser for Huaweis  latest flagship, the Continue reading Huawei mocks Apple with its video about the real AI phone

The Chinese tech giant has released a video on its social media channels showing the company isnt too impressed with the iPhone Xs Face ID and artifical intelligence technology. Lets face it, facial recognition isnt for everyone. Unlock the future with #TheRealAIPhone, the accompanying caption reads. The video is a teaser for Huaweis  latest flagship, the Mate 10, which will be launching on October 16th.

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Khamenei warns US that Iran will 'react strongly' to any wrong moves over nuclear deal "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has warned the United States that Iran won't be bullied over the 2015 nuclear deal that President Donald Trump has threatened to scrap. Speaking at a speech to Iranian military academy graduates, Khamenei warned that Iran will react strongly to any "wrong move" which threatens to undermine the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), or the "Iran deal" as it is known. "The Iranian nation is standing firm and any wrong move by the domineering regime regarding the (nuclear accord) will face the reaction of the Islamic Republic," Khamenei said, according to Reuters.


More bluster: Tillerson & Haley warn 'military option still on table' for North Korea "IndyWatch Feed World"

Speaking on political talk shows, both the US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned that despite seeking a peaceful solution, the Trump administration would not rule out the military option for North Korea. In the run-up to the UN General Assembly, where US President Donald Trump is set to discuss the escalating situation on the Korean Peninsula with other world leaders, two of his highest-ranking officials have made remarks suggesting that the United States is ready and willing to use force to achieve its aims in the region. "We have pretty much exhausted all the things that we can do at the [UN] Security Council at this point," Haley told CNN's State of the Union on Sunday. "We wanted to be responsible and go through all diplomatic means to get their attention first, if that doesn't work, [Secretary of Defense] General Mattis will take care of it."


"The Myth of the 'Aha' Moment" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"The Myth of the 'Aha' Moment" 
by David Cain

"In March I published a post explainingand diagramming with stick figureshow Id become enamored with Stoicism. The ideas resonated with others too. The post made the front page of Reddit, and whenever someone in real life tells me they read this blog, thats the article they mention. The title was The Only Thing You Need to Get Good At, referring to the Stoic skill of continually returning your attention to the small number of things you can control, and leaving the rest of your worries to fate.

Six months later, I can report that I did not get good at it. I am still constantly becoming fixated on what I cant control and overlooking what I can, and I dont believe I could march to the gallows in good cheer. Not only do I forget to respond Stoically to emerging dilemmas in life, its hard to locate even a whiff of that fate-loving sense of empowerment I seemed to embody so easily for those few weeks. Im not worried about this, however, for reasons Ill explain. I know what ingredient was missing.



GCR/RV Intel SITREP: "The Benevolents" -- September 18, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

The world is a big scary place... so we are told. Full of terrorists and dictators, thieves and hidden dangers waiting to pounce on our naive but good nature.

Until it's not.

Which is precisely what's happening this week in New York City.

We are told the supreme council is now in town to lay out how the world is going to operate less the negative power source that has been 100% removed.

These beings are known as "The Benevolents" and they are here to jump start our species' ascension so we can rejoin the rest of the cosmic community

These benevolents aren't human per se. So much so, they have an ability to communicate in a way, well, that gets the point across regardless of how corroded the hybrid humanoid heart may be.

The Benevolents are at the United Nations to mend all that ails humanity by presenting themselves in full frontal view to all elected leaders of the 193 sovereign nations before the UN General Assembly.

The global crime syndicate known as the cabal has no more higher mind "roof" protecting them. Those that remained on earth are both cornered and controlled. The renegade minions reduced to muted mice stuck in a trap with no cheese to nibble on.

As a result the introduction of peace on earth and release of infinite economic abundance will be on the docket for the first time human history.

Just like that... everything gloriously comes from nothing. And humanity ascends. Cue the Clarion Trumpets!



Maria upgraded to Category 1 hurricane as it tracks toward Barbados & St Lucia "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Caribbean is braced for more catastrophic weather after tropical storm Maria strengthened to a hurricane as it tracks towards Barbados and St Lucia. Maria was upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane by the National Hurricane Center at 9 pm UTC. The governments of Barbados and St Lucia earlier warned citizens that tropical storm Maria could hit in the form of a hurricane within 36 hours.


Monarch butterflies are in trouble "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

7 June 2016

The largest insect migration in the world ends each year in Michoacn, Mexico. Millions of monarch butterflies travel from the United States and Canada to pass the cold months in the towering trees of this beautiful forest. On their journey, the butterflies travel around 2,800 miles.

From the Entomological Society of America:

Damage to monarch butterfly colonies in 2016 storm worse than thought

Severe cold, snow, and high winds and salvage logging that followed weakened forest that protects declining butterfly

September 17, 2017

A much greater number of monarch butterflies perished in a snowstorm in March 2016 in Mexico than previously estimated, according to new research. Analysis of damage from the storm and the ensuing salvage logging sheds further light on the precarious state of the famed butterflies overwintering colonies.

Approximately 30-38 percent of the monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) in the Sierra Chincua and Cerro Peln overwintering colonies died in the storm, says a team led by Lincoln Brower, Ph.D., research professor of biology at Sweet Briar College, far more than the estimated 7 percent mortality rate cited in initial media reports after the storm that struck between March 7 and March 11, 2016. The researchers findings are reported in the latest issue of the Entomological Society of Americas American Entomologist.

The storm was a severe combination of ra...


Meteor fireball fragments over Maryland and Pennsylvania "IndyWatch Feed World"

The AMS has received over 125 reports so far about of a fireball event seen above Maryland and Pennsylvania on September 17th, 2017 around 00:59am EDT (04:59 Universal Time). The fireball was seen primarily from Maryland and Pennsylvania but was also seen from New York, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Ohio and Massachusetts. Eight witnesses near the Mason Dixon Line reported delayed boom sounds a few moments after the fall. AMS Operations Manager Mike Hankey has been testing a new Raspberry PI based fireball camera system in his front yard for several months and this is certainly the best fireball video he has captured to date. The camera system is comprised of 6 cameras each pointing in a different direction. The light from the fireball was actually recorded on 5 of the 6 cameras. 2 cameras with slightly overlapping fields of view directly caught the meteor.


The Fashion Version Of Netflix Doubles Down On Original Content "IndyWatch Feed World"

WME-IMGs OTT fashion network Made to Measure has experienced tremendous growth in just two years. Now the platform is digging into original content.

The upward trajectory of over-the-top content doesnt seem to be slowing anytime soon. According to a report from PR firm Edelman, average OTT TV viewing in the U.S. rose from 3.6 in 2014 to 12.1 in 2017 and is projected to bump up to 18.9 in 2020.

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GOOGLE: Conceived, Funded and Directed By The CIA "IndyWatch Feed World"

What we have watched for almost thirty years has been an unprecedented grab for access to public data, excused by so called terrorism as a convenient excuse.  Most real terrorism demands institutional support and has had it as we eventually discover.
The only problem with all that is that we actually cannot locate an enemy in all this data. Public information is banal at best and never really incriminating however stupid real criminals are.  I mean the  first thing about criminal behavior, it presumes that the criminals know they are criminal.  That automatically means common sense kicks in and all conversations are held in the middle of a park.

It has been my contention for years that all this data is useless for the intent implied and incredibly costly to actually shift through.  It is in fact crazy useless.

It is however useful to folks who have access to engage in private enterprise criminality who know a target.

This item shares the deep linkage between Google and the intelligence community.  More to the point they broke off upon the arrival of a working product.  That means Brin took on the public component while the rest went Dark.   That makes good sense along with plausible deniability.

How the CIA made Google

Inside the secret network behind mass surveillance, endless war, and Skynet

By Nafeez Ahmed

INSURGE INTELLIGENCE, a new crowd-funded investigative journalism project, breaks the exclusive story of how the United States intelligence community funded, nurtured and incubated Google as part of a drive to dominate the world through control of information. Seed-funded by the NSA and CIA, Google was merely the first among a plethora of private sector start-ups co-opted...


The Establishment in PANIC; They Ditch Antifa "IndyWatch Feed World"

Presuming this is sustained, then perhaps the whole Antifa meme will go away.  Eventually rational people get over their hates and own disturbed thinking and wake up to what they are really doing.  Promoting and supporting a group of anarchists is plausibly the most stupid thing any power source can do.

The reason the Neo Nazis never get off the ground is financial starvation.  Thus they hang around like a homeless person outside a society ball.  Funding anarchists of the left can only blow back.

Now we have a sudden movement to redress this nonsense and it should all die down quickly.

The Establishment in PANIC; They Ditch Antifa; Massive Shift in the Last 48 Hours

The establishment has apparently just gotten word to take down Antifa, a group they were singing the praises of as recently as two weeks ago.

This is big. Only weeks ago after Charlottesville, MSM and aligned cronies were supporting Antifa against Trump's whataboutism in deflecting away from the neo-Nazis.
Even Paul Ryan wouldn't condemn Antifa. From Dailywire:


Why Google made the NSA "IndyWatch Feed World"

This is more on the Google involvement with government agencies and thee focus is the later development of the NSA.
All this has been motivated by desires to control information and that is argued to be a mug's game

The real proof that that is the case came with the astonishing rise of one Donald Trump who accessed social media allowing him to sidestep the whole establishment apparatus. They can still force their agenda, as they have shown but it is not been easy either.

Why Google made the NSA

Inside the secret network behind mass surveillance, endless war, and Skynet

Jan 22, 2015

part 2

by Nafeez Ahmed

INSURGE INTELLIGENCE, a new crowd-funded investigative journalism project, breaks the exclusive story of how the United States intelligence community funded, nurtured and incubated Google as part of a drive to dominate the world through control of information. Seed-funded by the NSA and CIA, Google was merely the first among a plethora of private sector start-ups co-opted by US intelligence to retain information superiority.

The origins of this ingenious strategy trace back to a secret Pentagon-sponsored group, that for the last two decades has functioned as a bridge between the US government and elites across the business, industry, finance, corporate, and media sectors. The group has allowed some of the most powerful special interests in corporate America to systematically circumvent democratic acco...


Male and female brains wired differently, scans reveal "IndyWatch Feed World"


That they are clearly and significantly different is important, particularly in this era in which sex related variances are struggling for  recognition on what is a non biological basis.

It is my contention that the maturation of intelligence needs to done differently for boys and girls as well.  This surely supports just that.  Yet we cannot seem to get education right to anyone's satisfaction either.

There is a real science here that will become increasingly important.

Male and female brains wired differently, scans reveal

Maps of neural circuitry show women's brains are suited to social skills and memory, men's perception and co-ordination Neural map of a typical man's brain. Photograph: National Academy of Sciences/PA

Ian Sample, science correspondent

Monday 2 December 2013 20.40

Scientists have drawn on nearly...


No heating in London tower blocks, residents protest "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video from London, England says about itself:

Ledbury Estate, Southwark, Sept 17th 2017: Old Kent Road march

Tenants, residents & supporters made a protest march around the four blocks of the Ledbury Estate in Southwark to protest the [Blairite] Councils rubbish response to the emergency fire safety situation on the Estate. With the cold weather approaching, the gas supply turned off, the lack of safe electricity supply has left few options for temporary heating solutions.

Cracks in the walls between flats are still large. Residents are concerned for the safety and are fed up with the Councils slow and confusing advice and response. As part of todays action, the protest decided to march up the Old Kent Road to make the case of Ledbury a bit more well known.

By Felicity Collier in Britain:

Ledbury tenants still without heat

Monday 18th September 2017

Tower block residents demonstrate over continued plight

RESIDENTS of four council tower blocks in south London are still living without heating since the gas supply was turned off a month ago.

Full rent is being charged to those living at the Ledbury estate in Southwark despite tenants living in chilly conditions, as well as having to contend with fire hazards, campaigners said yesterday.

The gas was shut off from the buildings after the discovery that it could cause a collapse in the event of an explosion and residents were promised a replacement system.

Five weeks on, locals united in protest to object to intolerable living conditions and the lack of action by Southwark Council.

Hanan Majid of the Ledbury Action Group told the Star: The situation is dire. Families with children are living without heating and its getting really cold.

As well as the lack of heating and a ban on use...



Snap blocks Al Jazeera in Saudi Arabia "IndyWatch Feed World"

The company has blocked Al Jazeeras Snapchat Discover channel under pressure from the government of Saudi Arabia, reports TechCrunch. The Al Jazeera Snap Discover channel was launched in Saudi Arabia in May of this year. The Saudi government has long accused the channel of being a tool for neighboring Qatar to incite Saudi opposition. Saudi Continue reading Snap blocks Al Jazeera in Saudi Arabia

The company has blocked Al Jazeeras Snapchat Discover channel under pressure from the government of Saudi Arabia, reports TechCrunch. The Al Jazeera Snap Discover channel was launched in Saudi Arabia in May of this year. The Saudi government has long accused the channel of being a tool for neighboring Qatar to incite Saudi opposition.

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Special counsel Mueller got a search warrant for Facebooks Russia-linked ads "IndyWatch Feed World"

The social media giant has now handed over the Russian-linked ads that ran on Facebook during the presidential election, reports CNN. According to a CNN source, the search warrant Mueller obtained also made Facebook turn over related information it discovered on its site linked to a Russian troll farm and other detailed information about the Continue reading Special counsel Mueller got a search warrant for Facebooks Russia-linked ads

The social media giant has now handed over the Russian-linked ads that ran on Facebook during the presidential election, reports CNN. According to a CNN source, the search warrant Mueller obtained also made Facebook turn over related information it discovered on its site linked to a Russian troll farm and other detailed information about the accounts that bought the ads and the way the ads were targeted at American Facebook users. Facebook previously refused to give the information to the Senate and House intelligence committees last week, citing the need for a search warrant to do so. At the hearings last week, Facebook said it had identified 3,000 ads run on its platform between June 2015 and May 2017 that were linked to the pro-Kremlin troll farm called the Internet Research Agency.

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The End Of Capitalism Is Already StartingIf You Know Where To Look "IndyWatch Feed World"

One of Americas foremost Marxist economists has never felt so optimistic in his 50-year career.

These days, Richard Wolff is feeling pretty glad he stuck around teaching this long. Now in his 70s and lecturing at the New School University and having become, over the course of his nearly 50-year-long professorial career, one of Americas most prominent Marxist economists, Wolff is used to being fringe. Thats no longer a word that can apply to him, or to his ideas. Over the summer, inequality experts Jason Hickel and Martin Kirk launched a conversation on this site when they posed the theory that capitalism is at the core of the many crises gripping our world today. To Wolff, thats not news. But it is new to him to see the same ideas he has taught for decades being met not with scorn or skepticism, but with genuine interest.

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Eight dead, dozens injured as fierce storm hits western Romania "IndyWatch Feed World"

A strong storm killed eight people and injured at least 67 in western Romania as winds of up to 100km/h also brought destruction to parts of Serbia and Croatia, officials said. Road and rail traffic in parts of Romania was halted by fallen trees. Several hospitals, schools and apartment buildings had roofs damaged and dozens of towns and villages were left without electricity. Some of the casualties were people strolling outside or coming out of supermarkets, the emergency services said. A group of tourists was stranded for an hour in a chairlift in the northern county of Maramures. In Serbia, a man went missing on his boat on the Danube river near Belgrade and six people, including a five-year-old child, were injured by falling trees. Arcing from power lines, caused by the high winds, triggered several wildfires.


With SoftBank funding, Slack is now valued at $5.1 billion "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Japanese technology giant was the leader in the latest $250 million funding round for Slack, reports Bloomberg. The latest round of funding closed in the last several days and other investors in this round include Silicon Valley VC firm Accel. Slack said additional funding isnt earmarked for a particular use, stating the money is Continue reading With SoftBank funding, Slack is now valued at $5.1 billion

The Japanese technology giant was the leader in the latest $250 million funding round for Slack, reports Bloomberg. The latest round of funding closed in the last several days and other investors in this round include Silicon Valley VC firm Accel. Slack said additional funding isnt earmarked for a particular use, stating the money is only for operational flexibility. As for its investors SoftBank, the company seems like its been investing in everything it can this year, thanks to its $100 billion Vision Fund.

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Can Our Model Forecast Private Companies & Industries? "IndyWatch Feed World"


QUESTION: Hello. I am a business consultant working for a global consulting company and have a client that is in the transportation sector that would benefit from your research. I have been advising the client with regard to their business and IT strategy, however would also like to introduce them to Armstrong and possibly subscribe to your services.

A few questions first:
1) Are your models customizable to facilitate forecasting of domestic fuels consumption?
2) If yes, what is required to initiate a discussion around this type of service?
3) Would it be possible to speak to a person regarding your standard services and any custom modeling?
Kind Regards,

ANSWER: Yes. We are re-instituting on the Institutional Level the ability to input even the sales of any company and the model will then provide the full forecast with timing and price projections. Therefore, it can be tailored to any company and industry.


Where has the Outflows from the US$ Gone for the Past Year? "IndyWatch Feed World"

QUESTION: Re: Am i certain about the Strong Dollar?

Hi Marty, great blog posts and response. I think after reading this blog posts, the question on everyones mind is, what is causing the outflow of capital from the USD? And where is capital concentrating in right now? Is it the Euro? The Bunds? Gold?
And when do you see the outflow will stop and reverse?
Thank you
ANSWER: There has been outflows to Emerging Market debt by pension funds in the States for the past year. They have been trying to compensate for the lower interest rate returns by going more risky. We have been call on this issue more than once.
Then there has been the expectation that the ECB will end QE and Europe will boom. We can see that the DAX for the past year has risen in dollar terms. We have seen a tremendous outflow into the European share markets, but not so much into the debt issues.
Gold has been minimal because that is the retail side, not a target for institutional money. They need income, not storage fees. They will participate in gold stocks, but not stockpile bullion.


Demand Is Set To Explode Nevadas Recent Shortages Are Nothing Compared to Whats Coming "IndyWatch Feed World"

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Canada has a pot problem, as Quartz Media recently warned us, but its a lucrative problem to have. One thing holding back this $8-billion market (Forbes Magazine, April 13, 2017) is supply, and one little-known company plans to be the steward of it in a big way.

When Canada legalizes recreational marijuana in less than a year, in line with a bill pushed through by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, legal supply is likely to be limited. There may not even be enough even if we are only considering medical marijuana usage.

The supply picture is so fantastically tight that Health Canada has had to streamline the approval process for growers because medical marijuana users have tripled in number since last year alone, according to Quartz. When it becomes legal recreationally, a Deloitte report estimates the economic  impact will be worth $22.6 billion annuallyin other words, more than the combined sales of beer, wine and spirits.

Meet Cannabis Wheaton (TSX:CBW.V; OTC:KWFLF), the worlds first cannabis streaming company, backed by a powerhouse team, with the biggest industry trailblazer leading the way.

Not only is Cannabis Wheaton jumping into a huge potential market where supply is forecast to struggle to reach demand, but its offering a lifeline to new and existing growers who need financing to get off the ground fast.

Producers need a miracle grow strategy, and Cannabis Wheaton is stepping in to fill the gap with a royalty business model that is new to this market.

And for investors, the major upside is that this model removes the risks associated with putting all your money into a single-crop producer.

Cannabis Wheaton is intending to stream pot, and 15 partners have already been lined up, along with 1.4 million square feet of...


The 5 Factors Behind Capital Flows "IndyWatch Feed World"

QUESTION: Hi Martin,

Well from myself and your family we thank you for sticking with us in this time as you have mentioned you could be doing other thing for yourself but like a brother you are sticking with us even when you know we will rise and repeat most likely, but in the same but different we hold hope for humanity. My question is can we get a large movement in confidence in currency without any major move in the physical instrument. Can the US dollar not have a hard drop before going back up on the basis that the confidence was effected more than the instrument it does not look like a linear relationship but more ying and yang where the ratio can be anywhere at any time but together are complete.Thanks Brother
Peace Out
ANSWER: The driving forces behind capital flows center upon CONFIDENCE that manifests within five critical areas. Each area provides one major component which in turn has subdivisions. The 1987 Crash in the stock market took place because the G5 kept saying they wanted the dollar down by 40% to help trade. The morons failed to realize that if you lower the dollar by 40% to make you exports cheap to sell more, you simultaneously cheapen all assets. The Japanese had bought 33% of the US National Debt to try to easy trade friction, but then faced with a 40% loss on currency, they sold. This inexperience of those in government is just beyound contemplation. What the Plaza Accord was doing was trying to lower the value of the dollar to reduce the cost of Am...


Canadian Perspective "IndyWatch Feed World"

QUESTION: Hello Marty. I so appreciate your blog and Socrates, which is helping me steer through these crazy markets. Im a Canadian taking care of all my familys investment accounts, and knowing whats coming down the road, Im very concerned Im going to take a misstep, especially with my childrens accounts. I havent been doing this long enough to have experienced a monetary crisis anywhere. What I cant get my head wrapped around is what to do longer term from the Canadian perspective. We all have both USD and CAD funds in our accounts. I plan to increase the USD portion while the CAD is down. Im also buying US investments in CAD (unhedged) to catch the rise in currency. But when the USD peaks and the crash and burn begins, my assumption is Canada has a boom in metals commodities while oil crashes due to lack of demand and we also go into recession due to lack of exports to the US and so lower employment. So what is a Canadians smart move when the USD peakscash out our USD investments and turn back to CAD and invest in commodities, etc. or would I be better off staying in the USD and buying inverse etfs and commodity stocks/etfs that arent available on the TSX? Just trying to get a handle on what ultimately happens to Canada in all this. Thanks so much for any insight you may have on this topic.

ANSWER: We are in the staging process right now and that means we must push everything to the limit. In the case of the C$, that major point rema...


iPhone X Face ID: Heres How Mass Surveillance Has Evolved "IndyWatch Feed World"

There is a growing concern that our privacy is being threatened in unprecedented ways. The current nature of online services, apps and smartphone technologies, puts an emphasis on the free flow of information.

This provides few mechanisms for individuals to have oversight and control of what they put into the digital realms.

It goes without saying that Apple Inc. are leading the technology revolution. However, with each new generation of the iPhone, there is a new threat to our privacy.

Over the last six years, Apple have designed and implemented convenient, yet compromising features, such as voice recognition and fingerprint technology. Their latest model, the iPhone X, was recently unveiled and is equipped with facial recognition.

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Parsons Green attack: 'Iraqi' refugee suspected of trying to bomb Tube 'was spoken to by police several times' "IndyWatch Feed World"

Parsons Green attack: 'Iraqi' refugee suspected of trying to bomb Tube 'was spoken to by police several times' | 17 Sept 2017 | teenager suspected of being the Parsons Green bomber had been spoken to by police a number of times, neighbours of his foster family claimed today, amid questions over what authorities knew. The 18-year-old refugee, believed to be Iraqi, was a "problem" to  and they had been contacting officials saying that they were unable to cope, it was said. Neighbours of their house in Sunbury-on-Thames, south west London, said that he had been brought home by officers just two weeks before the attack and they regularly saw plain clothes officers at the property. [Not to pull the false flag and/or conspiracy card, but when you have the *terror suspect* being carted around by *police officers,* questions will arise...]


11 Fantastic Things That Happen When You Put Your Complete Trust in the Universe "IndyWatch Feed World"

While it is a very hard thing to do it is something that will benefit you more than you will ever know. Trusting in the Universe is like unlimited access to the gift that never stops giving.

I promise, I know just as well as you all do that trusting anyone or thing, in general, can be extremely hard. It is not something you can just jump into overnight and sometimes it may take awhile. With that being said, at some point you will feel ready to just go for it and trust the Universe with all that you have.

It is actually harder to trust the Universe than it is to trust people in my opinion, because trusting something you cannot see seems a bit far-fetched to most. I have in time learned that trusting in the Universe is something we all must do when we are ready. It is a wonderful lesson that once learned we can do or have anything we want within reason.

1. You have more fun.

You are able to enjoy yourself more. You arent cooped up inside your own mind worrying about every little thing now. This is probably one of my most favorites off this list because it makes such a difference.

2. You are able to truly look forward to the future.

You are able to fully let go of the past and move on. Anything that was holding you back has literally dissolved. You live in the moment and are excited rather than concerned for the future.

3. You put yourself first.

You now realize that you are really important and that taking care of yourself matters. You are doing things for yourself and really enjoying who you are. Life is no longer about everyone else.

4. You notice more synchronicities.

You see them everywhere repeating numbers, random encounters, and everything else. For me, synchronicities are often in music form like when I have a song stuck in my head and then it comes on the radio or I want to hear something and BOOM there it is. This is something that makes me very happy. Its like the Universe is saying There you go, hope this makes your day even better and it does!

5. You feel more positive in general.

6. You are able to achieve more goals.

You are able to achieve so much more than you were before. Things that were long out of your reach are just a...


Worlds oldest person dies at 117 "IndyWatch Feed World"

The world's oldest person Violet Brown poses for a photo at her home in Duanvale, Jamaica, April 16, 2017. Brown has died in Jamaica at the age of 117 years and 189 days old, on Friday, Sept. 15, at a local hospital. With her death, the Gerontology Research Group lists Nabi Tajima of Japan was the oldest surviving person. (AP Photo/Raymond Simpson, File)

The worlds oldest person Violet Brown poses for a photo at her home in Duanvale, Jamaica, April 16, 2017. Brown has died in Jamaica at the age of 117 years and 189 days old, on Friday, Sept. 15, at a local hospital. With her death, the Gerontology Research Group lists Nabi Tajima of Japan was the oldest surviving person. (AP Photo/Raymond Simpson, File)


The worlds oldest person has died in Jamaica. Violet Brown was 117 years and 189 days old.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness expressed his condolences in a Facebook post, calling her an inspiring woman.

The woman known as Aunt V died on Friday at a local hospital, where she had been treated for heart arrhythmia and dehydration.

With her death, the Gerontology Research Group lists Nabi Tajima of Japan as the oldest surviving person. She was born on August 4, 1900.

Brown was born Violet Moss or Mosse: both spellings were sometimes used on March 10, 1900, and spent much of her life cutting sugar cane near her home in the Duanvale district in western Jamaica.

A biography posted on the website of a foundation named in her honour said she was baptised at age 13 at the Trittonvale Baptist Church and remained a member throughout her life, long serving as organist. She credited her longevity to hard work and her Christian faith.

Her husband Augustus Brown died in 1997 and the eldest of her six children died in April at age 97.

In an interview this year with The Associated Press, Brown said she was surprised but grateful to have lived so long.

This is what God has given me, so I have to take it, she said.

The post Worlds oldest person dies at 117 appeared first on...


After Cops Stole His Cash for Selling Unlawful Hot Dogs, The Internet Gave Him $70,000 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project
Waking Times

Berkeley, CA Berkeley police are in the spotlight this week after one of their officers not only cited a man for selling hot dogs to willing customers without a permit but then opened up his wallet and robbed him of his cash as well.

The entire robbery was captured on video and subsequently went viral. But that was only the beginning. Showing how much society respects hard working entrepreneurs while decrying the police state that robs them, a Go Fund Me for the hot dog vendor has raised over $70,000.

The Go Fund Me campaign was started by the person who was brave enough to question authority and film the road side robbery. According to the campaign:

The funds raised will be utilized to cover legal and personal loses. In addition, funds in excess are to cover other vendors who have been robbed of their hard earned living through citations and removal of their carts. It is my goal to locate Juan in Berkeley. Any and all help to support and locate him is welcome.

On Monday, the video became so viral that UC Berkeley Vice Chancellor Scott Biddy had to issue a statement, in which he justified the theft of the hot dog vendors money.

While I cannot comment on the specifics of this particular case, our practice is to issue warnings before giving a citation, Biddy said. In a case such as this, it is typical to collect any suspected illegal funds and enter them into evidence.

According to NBC 5, UCPD officials said that three other people were warned about vending without a permit, but the vendor in the video was the only person who was given a ticket.

Perhaps it was because he had the thickest wallet.

Whether or not the money in the mans wallet was from selling unlicensed hot dogs remains to be answered. However, that was apparently of no importance to UC police officer Sean Aranas who found it necessary to confiscate it all.

Yes, s...


Internet Raises $80,000 for Hot Dog Vendor Mugged by Government "IndyWatch Feed World"

To be handed an arbitrary citation is one thing, but to have your cash simply snatched by an officer of the law is especially egregious.

(FEE)  Like all entrepreneurs, Beto Matias saw an opportunity to support his family while simultaneously creating value for his community.

Finding a prime spot right outside UC Berkeleys football stadium, Matias began selling his craft hot dogs to willing consumers. No one complained about the quality of Matias hot dogs, nor did anyone have any objections to his presence outside of the stadium. But that didnt stop the state from intervening.

Street Theft

Officer Sean Aranas approached Matias as he was going about his business and asked to see identification. Matias, in complete compliance with the officers demands, began sifting through his wallet in search of his identification. But this is where the story took a devastating turn.

Before Matias was given the opportunity to hand Aranas his ID, the wallet was ripped from his hands. And instead of merely examining his identification, Officer Aranas proceeded to confiscate the $60 Matias had in his wallet at the time. It was not until after this strong-arm mugging that the officer finally explained to Matias that he was being cited for failing to obtain a business permit.

Luckily, one of Matias customers filmed the entire encounter on his smartphone and the video has since gone viral.

Martin Flores knew something wasnt right when he saw the officer reach for Matias wallet. Thankfully, as so many of us are trained to do in the digital age, he pulled out his smartphone and immediately began documenting the encounter. And he did so just in the nick of time.

In Flores footage, viewers see the wallet physically taken from Matias as his hard-earned money is stolen right before his eyes. In the background, Flores can be heard saying, Thats not right.

Flores even took his role in the matter one step further and while filming, inquires why the officer deemed it necessary to target this innocent vendor over the loud display of public intoxication that was occurring directly across the street. The only response Aranas supplied Flores with was, Yeah, well he doesnt have a permit. He doesnt have a permit.

Penalized for Hard Work

To be sure, Matias never denied his lack of a business permit. But he was shocked and taken aback by Aranas actions. To be handed an arbitrary citat...


6 Major Warning Signs That You Are Not In Love You Are Psychologically Dependent "IndyWatch Feed World"

This is something we find in tons and tons of relationships and people. It can occur in relation to drugs, food, shopping, and so much more.

There are several very distinct differences between real love and psychological dependency that people seem to overlook. Below you will find a list of them. If you feel or do all of these things in excess then you are most likely a lot more psychologically dependent that you thought. While some of these are normal in small doses excess of them is not normal, dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

6 Signs You Are Psychologically Dependent on Your Relationship:

1. Change literally terrifies you.

Anything that may result in spending less time together makes you queasy. You feel uncomfortable at even the thought of your significant other getting a new job or going off to school because you are scared he or she may find someone else. A little nervousness is fine, but at the end of the day you should never be holding each other back.

2. You care more about how your partner feels about you than who they are.

You dont really care as much about who your partner is when it comes to how they feel about you. You dont have much in common and spend more time saying I love you than you do actually having conversations. You are not really interested in his or her existence as much as you think you are.

3. You NEED your partners approval.

You feel like the only person who matters is your partner. He or she is the only person whose opinion holds any weight and it even outweighs your own. If they say they dislike something about you, you change it. You are not content with yourself unless they adore it.

This can be a huge issue sometimes. Be honest with yourself and do and be what you want. Your partner should not dictate how you feel about yourself.

4. You NEVER want to spend time apart.

You dont want to spend time with anyone but your significant other. Your whole world revolves around him or her to an unhealthy extent. You do not have a life apart from your partner.

5. You get way too jealous.

When your partner is around other men or women you are extremely jealous without reason. You are afraid someone is going to take him or her away and it eats you alive. Even a small friendship is a huge deal to you.

6. You deal with abuse.

You let your partner abuse you be it ph...


Hustled Through Life "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hustled Through Life
by Paul Rosenberg

Most people, sad to say, are too rushed, frightened, and confused to think about what they really want out of life. They are hustled through school, forced into long-term decisions before theyre ready to face them, then held to those decisions by fear and shame. They choose from a limited set of options, and they know that change will be punished. Eventually they get old and find time to think, but by then they cant bear to question too deeply; that would jeopardize their self-worth, and they havent time to rebuild it.

For an intelligent, creative, and expansive species like ours, this rush to nowhere is among the greatest of evils. And yet it continues, mostly unquestioned. At no point in the usual Western life do we stop, take some serious time for ourselves, and think about the overall:

Whats life about anyway? Whats the point of what we do?
Whats the purpose of a career? Why should I care about it above everything else?


As Thousands Left Homeless from Hurricanes, Trump Sends $75 Million MORE to Israel "IndyWatch Feed World"

Rachel Blevins, The Free Thought Project
Waking Times

As many Americans struggle to get back on their feet after their homes were destroyed by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the United States government has insisted that the only way to raise money for relief efforts is to increase the national debtwhile setting aside another $75 million in aid for Israel.

Just one year ago, the Obama Administration signed the largest military aid deal in U.S. history, promising Israel $38 Billion over the next 10 years. However, while the deal stated that Israel was expected to return any money that was more than the original amount, the Trump Administration is breaking the rules.

According to a report from the Jerusalem Post, while Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was against giving an additional $75 million to Israel, a senior State Department official insisted that, The administration is committed to ensuring that Israel receives the assistance that has been appropriated by Congress, and that Trump will work to ensure the $75 million in additional aid is delivered.

While Congress had no problem giving Israel another $75 million in military aid, it did so by once again turning a blind eye to the long list of human rights abuses carried out by the Israeli militaryand funded by the United States. Israel has occupied Palestine since 1967, and in those 50 years, it has been accused of numerous categories of human rights violations, according to a report from Human Rights Watch:

At least five categories of major violations of international human rights law and humanitarian law characterize the occupation: unlawful killings; forced displacement; abusive detention; the closure of the Gaza Strip and other unjustified restrictions on movement; and the development of settlements, along with the accompanying discriminatory policies that disadvantage Palestinians.



9 Signs You Are the Toxic Person In Your Life "IndyWatch Feed World"

We all know that there are toxic people in this world and we know how to spot them, right? Well, we think we do, but is it as easy to spot a toxic person when you are the toxic person?

Toxic people are never aware of their own toxicity. Because of this, they do not change their ways often. When you find yourself face to face with a toxic person usually the only option is to get them out of your life. If the toxic person is you though, what do you do? Well, the only real option would be to change.

9 Signs You Are A Toxic Person:

1. You dont have any real friends.

You have tons of friends but none that are real. None of the people you spend time with would be there for you if you really needed them. If you happen to get arrested for something chances are you wont have any friends come rushing to bail you out.

2. You are surrounded by drama, always.

Drama follows you no matter where you go, however, in all honesty it is because you cause it. You do whatever you can to stir the pot, even if you dont see it that way.

3. You allow other toxic people into your life.

Have you ever heard the saying you are only as good as the company you keep? It applies well to this sort of thing. If you surround yourself with toxic people,it is inevitable that you will become toxic yourself.

4. People avoid you.

People just dont like to be around you. People ignore your calls and forget to reply to your texts. Maybe you dont even realize it is happening, but they are avoiding you.

5. You only text people first when you want something regardless if whether they are friends or family.

You are the sibling that doesnt text or call unless you are running out of gas or wanting to go do something. Your friends and family cannot stand this, and they can see what you are doing. This is something that gets old fast.

6. You hold some of the strongest grudges possible.

You hold grudges forever. Like, you literally would take them to the grave. This is not doing you any good and the person you have a grudge against probably doesnt even care. Why waste your energy?



80 arrests as riots grip St. Louis for 3rd day after ex-cops acquittal in fatal shooting (VIDEOS) "IndyWatch Feed World"

Riot police in St. Louis have made more than 80 arrests after a third consecutive day of protests that started peacefully but erupted into riots, clashes, and vandalism. It comes after an ex-cop was acquitted in the fatal shooting of a black man.

Getting In On Canadas $30 Billion Marijuana Boom "IndyWatch Feed World"

Canada has a pot problem, as Quartz Media recently warned us, but its a lucrative problem to have. One thing holding back this $8-billion market (Forbes Magazine, April 13, 2017) is supply, and one little-known company plans to be the steward of it in a big way. When Canada legalizes recreational marijuana in less than a year, in line with a bill pushed through by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, legal supply is likely to be limited. There may not even be enough even if we are only considering medical marijuana usage.

Entire Volume of CIA Files On Lee Harvey Oswald, Set to Be Released in October, Has Gone Missing "IndyWatch Feed World"

Volume 5 of the CIA's Lee Harvey Oswald 7-volume collection, may never be turned over, even though the law requires it to take place by October 26th of this year.


Search engine giant Google and other tech platforms have threatened to shut down free-speech social media site Gab in the name of fighting hate speech. Gab, a social media platform known as a free speech oasis, was just recently ordered to transfer their Australian domain elsewhere or face shutdown.

Justice Department Begins Criminal Probe Into Equifax Executive Stock Sales "IndyWatch Feed World"

The U.S. Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into whether top officials at Equifax violated insider trading laws when they sold stock before the company disclosed that it had been hacked, according to people familiar with the investigation. Equifax disclosed earlier this month that it discovered a security breach on July 29. The three executives sold shares worth almost $1.8 million in early August. The company has said the managers didnt know of the breach at the time they sold the shares.

Army of protesters, some flashing guns, swarm St. Louis, trash mayors home, injure cops, in night of rage "IndyWatch Feed World"

St. Louis, Missouri braced itself for protests following the verdict on the Stockley trial, in which police officer Jason Stockley was found not guilty for shooting and killing a black man after a car chase. But the demonstrations Friday night were more violent than city officials had anticipatedreaching the home of Democratic Mayor Lyda Krewson. Nearly 1,000 agitators surrounded Krewsons home, smashing windows and smearing the house with red paint.


California Officials Prepare For Nuclear Attack: Lots Of People Will Die "IndyWatch Feed World"

A group of public health officials have warned that a nuclear attack in California is imminent and that a lot of people will be killed as a result.  With each new ICBM launch from North [...]


ZAP/POOFness Report: "Once In A Lifetime" -- September 17, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

"The Office of Poofness"

Talking Heads

"Once In A Lifetime"

And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
And you may find yourself in another part of the world
And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful
And you may ask yourself-Well...How did I get here?

Letting the days go by/let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by/water flowing underground
Into the blue again/after the money's gone
Once in a lifetime/water flowing underground.

And you may ask yourself
How do I work this?
And you may ask yourself
Where is that large automobile?
And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful house!
And you may tell yourself
This is not my beautiful wife!
Letting the days go by/let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by/water flowing underground
Into the blue again/after the money's gone
Once in a lifetime/water flowing underground.

Same as it ever was...Same as it ever was...Same as it ever was...
Same as it ever was...Same as it ever was...Same as it ever was...
Same as it ever was...Same as it ever was...

Water dissolving...and water removing
There is water at the bottom of the ocean
Carry the water at the bottom of the ocean
Remove the water at the bottom of the ocean!

Letting the days go by/let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by/water flowing underground
Into the blue again/in the silent water
Under the rocks and stones/there is water underground.

Letting the days go by/let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by/water flowing underground
Into the blue again/after the money's gone
Once in a lifetime/water flowing underground.

And you may ask yourself
What is that beautiful house?
And you may ask yourself
Where does that highway go?
And you may ask yourself
Am I right?...Am I wrong?
And you may tell yourself

Letting the days go by/let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by/water flowing underground
Into the blue again/in the silent water
Under the rocks and stones/there is water underground.

Letting the days go by/let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by/water flowing underground
Into the blue again/after the money's gone
Once in a lifetime/water flowing u...


Fukushima nuclear plant worker exposed to small dose of radiation - Tepco "IndyWatch Feed World"

Fukushima nuclear plant worker exposed to small dose of radiation - Tepco | 08 Sept 2017 | A worker dismantling tanks at Japan's wrecked Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant was found to have been exposed to a small amount of radiation during a routine safety check on Friday, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco) said. Radiation was detected in nasal cavities of the worker, an unidentified man in his 30s, a Tepco spokesman said on Friday. The company estimated the amount of radiation at up to 0.010 millisieverts and said it did not pose an immediate [?!] health risk.


China, Worlds Largest Car Market, Just Announced a Coming Ban on Gas-powered Cars "IndyWatch Feed World"

In a breathtakingly decisive move against fossil fuels, a Chinese official told an audience attending an auto conference in Tianjin that production and sales of traditional energy vehicles as in, those powered by gasoline and diesel will soon be banned.

According to official state-run Xinhua News Agency cited by Vox, Regulators have begun the relevant research, and the policy will be implemented in the near future.

Details are somewhat sketchy, but it appears the government plans to shift away from the massive research and consumer subsidies of recent years to something like a cap-and-trade program for fuel economy and emissions, with automakers facing rising quotas but tradable credits providing some compliance flexibility.

Deemed the worlds second-largest economy, China incentivizes programs at various stages in the manufacture of electric vehicles to encourage innovation in that field, and is looking to create a timetable to halt combustion engine vehicle sales and production, for good.

Home to more than 1.3 billion people, the authoritarian nations more crowded urban areas such as sprawling capital city, Beijing have gained notoriety in recent years for persistent, air-clogging, health-threatening smog, both produced, compounded, and exacerbated by fossil fuel vehicles. Of course, Vox duly notes, that sizable a population makes China the largest auto market, encompassing fully 30 percent of global passenger vehicle sales.

So, although it isnt the first to ditch diesel and gas, the action will undoubtedly ripple around the planet as a testament to the need...


Russia: We Have Proof US Interfered With Our Elections "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russia has accused the United States of interfering in their elections and have threatened to release proof to back up their claims. Officials from the Federation Council Commission in Russias Internal Affairs announced that they had [...]


Jihadists planning train derailment, food poisoning in Europe, according to French media citing confidential police note "IndyWatch Feed World"

French police have issued a confidential note based on an analysis of "jihadist propaganda," warning of possible lone-wolf attacks causing trains to derail and even food poisoning, Le Parisien newspaper reports, citing the document. "Due to recent jihadist propaganda urging plans for train derailment, particular attention should be paid to any reports of intrusion or attempted sabotage on the premises of railways," a seven-page report compiled by the police directorate at the beginning of September reads, as cited by Le Parisien. The document, which focuses on aspects of "jihadist propaganda" over the past three months, warns that terrorists are instructed to make explosives "as shown in tutorials," conceal their radicalization, calling on "lone wolves" to cause "train derailments, forest fires or food poisoning" in Europe. The highest police authorities confirm in the report, citing the propaganda analysis, that "the threats of attack remain very high" in France. The confidential document notes that apart from the railway network, increased vigilance is requested for schools and universities, including "sensitive products or materials" which jihadists may steal from laboratories for homemade explosives.


Zapad 2017: Russia-Belarus drills progressing "IndyWatch Feed World"

Russian and Belarusian forces are striking the mock enemy on land, in the air and sea in the massive drills, which involve the full spectrum of troops, ranging from airborne armored vehicles to short-range tactical missiles.
The joint Russia-Belarus strategic Zapad 2017 drills kicked off Thursday in the two countries. Some 12,700 troops are taking part in the drills, 7,200 of them are from Belarus and 5,500 are from Russia. Some 70 military aircraft, 10 ships and 680 land vehicles, including 250 tanks, and 200 artillery pieces are also participating in the exercise.
WATCH MORE: Joint Russia-Belarus Zapad 2017 drills continue for second day
The first part of the drills, focused on joint defensive actions, concluded Saturday. The goals included raising the troops readiness to the highest level amid the mock offensive, as well as deploying command centers, field stockpiles, hospitals and other military infrastructure. The troops have been honing cooperation between armies of the two countries, as well as between different military branches.

The first phase of the Zapad 2017 exercise included a spectacular massive airdrop when more than 500 airborne troops alongside with 10 combat vehicles have been deployed behind the lines of the mock enemy. The airdrop has been performed on a crumpled space in an unknown landscape. While the main force of the unit organized itself, preparing the vehicles, vanguard troops attacked the enemy from three sides simultaneously.

Missile troops, operating Iskander-M and Tochka-U tactical missile systems, have performed simulated launches against life-size targets, imitating command centers and amassed armored units of the mock enemy. The missiles were launched on targets located from 30 to 100 kilometers away, while surveillance drones monitored the accuracy of the strikes. Following the launches the missile units performed swift relocation maneuvers to avoid detection.

Ground anti-aircraft forces and aviation have been monitoring airspace, and ensuring protection of the troops from aerial attacks. During the drills, Russian and Belarusian forces tested the compatibility between electronic warfare and air defense of the two countries.
The military used for the very first time the brand new high-speed communic...


Venezuela Just Officially Stopped Accepting Dollars for Oil Payments "IndyWatch Feed World"

Tyler Durden, Anti Media
Waking Times

Did the doomsday clock on the petrodollar (and implicitly US hegemony) just tick one more minute closer to midnight?

Apparently confirming what President Maduro had warned following the recent US sanctions, The Wall Street Journal reports that Venezuela has officially stopped accepting US Dollars as payment for its crude oil exports.

Source: The Burning Platform

As we previously noted, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said last Thursday that Venezuela will be looking to free itself from the U.S. dollar next week. According to Reuters,

Venezuela is going to implement a new system of international payments and will create a basket of currencies to free us from the dollar, Maduro said in a multi-hour address to a new legislative superbody. He reportedly did not provide details of this new proposal.

Maduro hinted further that the South American country would look to using the yuan instead, among other currencies.

If the...


Polish president: Terrorism and migration are linked - "no doubt" "IndyWatch Feed World"

The President of Poland has said "There is no doubt the growing wave of terrorism is linked to migration" following the latest terror bombing in London. Andrzej Duda, who represents the conservative Law and Justice Party (PiS), was speaking in the Maltese capital of Valetta, where he was attending a meeting of the Arraiolos Group, which brings together presidents of EU member-states. "If the EU is to employ - in its internal and external relations - far-reaching political correctness, which I would rather call a kind of naivety, then we will not solve this problem," he warned - a clear swipe at the bloc's continued efforts to punish conservatives countries in Central Europe which oppose the migrant influx.


CNBC: Democratic and Republican parties are dead "IndyWatch Feed World"

Stick a fork in the Democrats and Republicans. Wednesday night's latest round of deal making between President Donald Trump and Democratic congressional leaders is the latest evidence that the major political parties have lost all semblance of real power. Never before have we seen the leadership of both major political parties so humbled. That power vacuum is currently enabling the president to act without any loyalty to his own party, while working with whomever he pleases on whatever issues he wants. It's why we have a Republican congressional leadership, headlined by a Senate Majority Leader with an 18 percent approval rating in his own home state, that could not deliver on its party's seven-year-long promises to repeal and replace Obamacare. And it's why the Democratic Party is getting more and more embarrassed as its highly-experienced-but-failed 2016 presidential nominee continues to weaken the brand by going on a national tour blaming everyone else for her election loss.


Casino Robbed Amid Civil Disorder In St Louis "IndyWatch Feed World"

Three men armed with rifles robbed the cashier's cage at the Casino Queen in East Saint Louis, Illinois early Sunday morning1 while civil disorder continues on the other side of the river in Saint Louis, Missouri. One unarmed casino guard was shot, no patrons were injured, and no suspects have been arrested.

The casino is set to re-open at 8 am local time Monday.

  1. The Illinois State Police report ~2:50 am local time  


Russia & China to send 11 ships, 2 subs into Pacific "IndyWatch Feed World"

A joint Russian-Chinese naval force of more than a dozen military vessels, including submarines, will participate in the upcoming second stage of the Joint Sea-2017 naval drills in the Sea of Japan and Okhotsk.
The drills will kick off Monday and continue for a week, according to the spokesman for Russias Pacific Fleet, Vladimir Matveev.

The second stage of the Russian-Chinese naval exercise Joint Sea-2017 will involve 11 surface vessels, two submarines, four deep-submersible rescue vehicles, four anti-submarine planes and four deck helicopters, Matveev told reporters Friday.
The Russian Pacific Fleet is represented by the large anti-submarine ship Admiral Tributs, cutting-edge modern corvette Sovershenny, the rescue vessel Igor Belousov equipped with deep-submersible rescue apparatus AS-40, two diesel submarines and a number of support ships.

China rolled out the destroyer Shijiazhuang, the frigate Daqing, the submarine support ship Changdao with deep-submersible rescue vehicle Elar-7.
The drills will consist of two parts on land and sea. Russian and Chinese marines will be training together at the Gornostay test grounds near Russias Far Eastern city of Vladivostok. The second part will be naval, taking place in the waters of the Sea of Japan and Okhotsk.
The first stage of the drills, aimed at furthering cooperation between the two fleets in countering security threats at sea, took place in July in the Baltic.
This is the first visit of the Chinese fleet to Baltiysk in the history of the Russian-Chinese relations, Russian Baltic Fleet spokesman Roman Martov said at the time.
The drills have been held regularly since 2012, and their goal is improving security in the worlds oceans, as well as strengthening cooperation between the navies of the two countries.



Hungary builds wall, cuts illegal immigration by 99% "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hungary has slashed illegal immigration by over 99 per cent after rolling out a series of powerful border fences in response to the European migrant crisis, possibly providing a lesson as to the potential impact of constructing President Trump's much-discussed southern wall in the U.S. Speaking on the second anniversary of the government's move to seal Hungary's border with Serbia - which is also an external border for the European Union - Prime Minister Viktor Orbn's Chief Security Advisor, Gyrgy Bakondi, announced that the fences have caused illegal immigration to collapse from 391,000 in 2015, to 18,236 in 2016, to just 1,184 in 2017. "The system of technical barriers is the key to the success of border security, and without it, it would be impossible to stop the mass arrival of immigrants", the security chief explained.


The United States Tried To Detonate A Nuclear Weapon On The Moon & Somebody Responded "IndyWatch Feed World"

In the 1950s, Colonel Ross Dedrickson was responsible for maintaining the inventory of the nuclear weapon stockpile for the AEC, and for accompanying security teams checking out the security of the weapons, among many other duties.

As his obituary states:

He was assigned to the US Atomic Energy Commission. A long service with the Energy Commission between 1950-1958 included, contract administration duties at Nevada test sites, Pacific Nuclear Test Area west of Hawaii, nuclear weapon manufacturing and quality assurance in Albuquerque, and inspection of nuclear and non-nuclear facilities throughout the country.

He served with the 5th Air Force in Japan and later as a ranking Colonel, Officer in Charge of the Pacific Unified Command (TM)s alternate command and control center in Hawaii.

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AU launches '5% Agenda' initiative for African infrastructure financing "IndyWatch Feed World"

The African Unions economic development programme has officially launched its '5% Agenda' campaign for African infrastructure.

'Still no real progress' one year after landmark UN refugees pledge "IndyWatch Feed World"

The international community has failed to make meaningful progress towards meeting the goals of the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants, Oxfam said today.


No IMF programme as Mozambique is named a 'fragile country' "IndyWatch Feed World"

The IMF has made clear to Mozambique there is no chance of even discussing a new programme until the government gives more information on the $2bn secret debt row.


Sean Spicer makes Emmys appearance "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sean Spicer speaks at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Sean Spicer speaks at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)


Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer has made a surprise appearance on the podium at the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles during host Stephen Colberts opening monologue.

Spicer wheeled a podium onstage as part of a gag set up by Colbert who had taken aim at his industry peers and US President Donald Trump over Emmys ratings.

Spicer, referencing the controversy over ratings from Trumps inauguration, declared Sundays audience the biggest audience to win an Emmys period both in person and around the world!

Colbert, meanwhile, got plenty of digs in at Spicers former boss referencing Trumps expressed disappointment last year at not having ever won an Emmy for The Apprentice.

Because unlike the presidency, Emmys go to the winner of the popular vote, Colbert said.

Where do I find the courage to tell that joke in this room?

John Lithgow was the first winner at the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards for his role as Winston Churchill in Netflixs The Crown.

Australias Judy Davis missed out on the Emmy for her role as legendary gossip columnist Hedder Hopper in FEUD: Bette and Joan.

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Myanmar must allow NGOs to take aid to Rakhine state, says MSF "IndyWatch Feed World"

International humanitarian organisations must immediately be granted unfettered access to deliver aid to Myanmar's Rakhine State, says a medical charity.


Norway Police: Radical Islam Has Taken Over Oslo "IndyWatch Feed World"

Police in Norway say that they have completely lost control over the city of Oslo due to the fact that radical Islamists have taken over the area. According to police, Grnland, a district in the city [...]


Polish President: London Terror Attack Linked To Uncontrolled Migration "IndyWatch Feed World"

The President of Poland has slammed the EUs open border policy, blaming the recent spate of terror attacks in London on uncontrolled migration. There is no doubt the growing wave of terrorism is linked to [...]


Irish Police: Active ISIS Network Discovered In Ireland "IndyWatch Feed World"

Irish police say they have identified an ISIS network operating within Ireland that is recruiting young men to fight for the terror group.  According to a Garda source, there are ISIS activists working together here in [...]


Bombshell Poll: Most Citizens Oppose Dangerous Immigration Policies "IndyWatch Feed World"

A stunning new poll reveals that most Western citizens completely reject the uncontrolled immigration policies imposed upon them by their governments. According to a global study from Ipsos-MORI, citizens across 25 countries find immigration a [...]


US Media Royalty Admits to Practicing Occult to Kill 3 People "IndyWatch Feed World"

The term Spirit Cooking made occult rituals mainstream for a brief period last year after WikiLeaks released a trove of emails from the account of Hillary Clintons campaign chairman, John Podesta.

While a number of celebrities and media moguls were tied to occult practices at the time, recent revelations have added more media royalty to the list.

The name Ben Bradlee may sound familiar, as he was good friends with former President John F. Kennedy, and executive editor of the Washington Post from 1968 to 1991.

Bradlee and his wife, Sally Quinn, were often in the spotlight, and after Kennedy was assassinated, they were even referred to as the New Camelot.

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Scottish Woman Cured Terminal Cancer With Cannabis Oil Against Doctors Advice "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Scottish woman who was told she had six months to live says she cured her incurable brain tumor by going against medical advice and treating the cancer with cannabis oil. After being diagnosed with [...]


China is supporting Venezuela and Iran against unilateral US sanctions "IndyWatch Feed World"

China walks through the doors the US has left wide open. In economic warfare, like in traditional battle, one's weapons are only as powerful as the shields which they are up against. This simple concept has not yet sunk in among the powers that be at the US Department of the Treasury. Donald Trump's Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has been extremely zealous in passing new unilateral sanctions on the governments, individual politicians and businesses in Iran and Venezuela in particular, as well as in North Korea. But none of this is working because the US financial system and the US Dollar is no longer the only major game in town on the international markets. Venezuela has, after many years of discussion, finally agreed to cease trading its vast oil reserves in the US Dollar. Venezuela recently announced that it is now pricing its oil in Chinese Yuan. This comes weeks after China announced that it will allow for the trading of oil contracts in Yuan which can be easily converted to gold at the exchanges in Shanghai and Hong Kong. The recent BRICS summit in China, put an increased emphasis on monetary independence among member states, which is of course a not so coded phrase meaning 'let's ditch the US Dollar'.


Wildlife Photographer Who Captured This Tragic Image Wishes It Didnt Exist "IndyWatch Feed World"

While snorkeling off the coast of an island south of Borneo, in Indonesia, wildlife photographer Justin Hofman captured an image that perfectly portrays the destruction mankind is wreaking on the environment.

At first, Hofman was elated to see an orange seahorse drifting in the tide. Shortly after, however, the experience turned into a nightmare. With the tide, a wave of debris and waste suddenly swept past Hofman and the little seahorse. It had no hope of escaping, as The Dodo reports. It was literally sewage; you could smell the water change. It was disgusting, said Hofman. Eventually, this little scene unfolded in front of me.

Credit: Wildlife photographer Justin Hofman

Amidst the floating litter, the seahorse began to move from one piece of debris to the next. Eventually, it clung to a plastic cotton swap that had swept into its natural habitat. To see this little seahorse its heartbreaking, Hofman said. The wildlife photographer later wrote on Instagram:

Its a photo that I wish didnt exist but now that it does I want everyone to see it. What started as an opportunity to photograph a cute little seahorse turned into one of frustration and sadness as the incoming tide brought with it countless pieces of trash and sewage.

The powerful image resulted in Hofman being selected as a finalist in London National History Museums Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. Hofman isnt concerned with celebrating his talent, however; what he wants most is for millions...


Complaint to ABC Chairman re airtime for state election candidates and population matters "IndyWatch Feed World"

When I lodged my nomination as a candidate for the SA House of Assembly seat of Fisher 2 years ago, the very first communication I received was a letter from the ABC telling me I would not get any coverage for my campaign. This was despite the fact that I was the nominated candidate for a registered political party with over 300 members, and I was spending about $6000 of my savings on campaign expenses and nomination fees." [...] "the Earth adds approx. 225,000 mouths to feed EVERY DAY. Australia adds approx. 1000 to its population each day. The implications of this are enormous, and yet it is very clear to me that the ABC soft pedals the matter. To be more specific, it is very common that, when an issue of national importance such as housing affordability comes up, there is very little mention of the influence population growth is having on the matter. The interviewers commonly host guests from the property industry to put their views, but people from such bodies as Sustainable Population Australia never seem to be asked to comment."

Mr Justin Milne
ABC Chairman
Box 9994
Sydney NSW 2001

Dear Chairman

I am writing to you instead of ABC Management because I lack confidence that the content of this letter will be taken seriously by that management. This lack of confidence is based on the fact that a complaint I lodged with the ABC in September 2015 was not answered until April of the following year, and then only after I wrote a personal letter to every member of the ABC Board.

There are 2 matters I wish to raise - firstly, ABC policy regarding airtime given to state election candidates. And secondly, ABC bias in relation to covering the issue of population growth in Australia.

Airtime given to election candidates

When I lodged my nomination as a candidate for the SA House of Assembly seat of Fisher 2 years ago, the very first communication I received was a letter from the ABC telling me I would not get any coverage for my campaign. This was despite the fact that I was the nominated candidate for a registered political party with over 300 members, and I was spending about $6000 of my savings on campaign expenses and nomination fees.

However, in the lead up to that campaign, Matt and Dave on 891 Adelaide chose to interview a selection of candidates for Fisher on their morning program. They comprised Liberal, Labour, G...


BATR: Number One Enemy of the State "IndyWatch Feed World"

Number ONE Enemy of the State

There is immense confusion about the nature of the State. There is even more bewilderment about what constitutes a patriot. Any discussion in the civic realm begins with a cultural viewpoint. An attitude toward the proper role of the individuals relationship with government based upon ones value system and interpretation of civil order is natural. One mans patriot is another mans traitor. Where do you stand on the sentiments behind the penning of the below ideas? Quiz yourself and see if you can figure out the name of the author.

The quotes assembled in this essay illustrate that government officials and agencies would put the critic on a terrorist watch list. Read each and compare if the thought behind the passage agrees with your value system or if the attitude is too extreme for mainstream politics in todays America. If left up to the national security apparatus, the author would be on a wanted poster, labeled as the Number One Enemy of the State.

Imagine the governments response for advocating a society that promotes Liberty. Tolerating grievous radical expressions like these examples is dangerous. Consider the outlooks.

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it."

"What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?"

"It is better to tolerate that rare instance of a parents refusing to let his child be educated, than to shock the common feelings by a forcible transportation and education of the infant against the will of his father."

"It is strangely absurd to suppose that a million of human beings, collected together, are not under the same moral laws which bind each of them separately."

Many people complain about government but most consent to the dictates of authority as a required acceptance of citizen obedience. How many times have you heard the viewpoint it is your duty to act in compliance with the law as the price of a civilized society? The vast majority obeys whatever regulation or edict comes their way. This fact keeps the system functioning. The standards s...


What is public relations? How to run a public relations campaign based on the truth "IndyWatch Feed World"

by Jon Rappoport

September 17, 2017

Lets say, for arguments sake, that a group exists whichinstead of catering to the lowest common denominatoris composed of individuals who are determined to forward a cause of TRUTH about a vital issue. Read More


Agent Orange: 24 Chilling Photos Of The War Crime The US Got Away With "IndyWatch Feed World"

For ten years during the Vietnam War, the United States used a toxic concoction of two herbicides, labeled Agent Orange, to wipe out large areas of Vietnam which were covered by thick jungle. The aim was to enable easier and more effective bombing of enemy bases. The issue was, Agent Orange wasnt just an herbicide it was also a deadly weapon, as it contains large amounts of dioxin.

Agent Orange was discovered in the year 1943 by American botanist Arthur Galston. Between the years of 1962 and 1971, the US army showered the deadly chemical over Southern Vietnam as part of the military operation Ranch Hand, or Trail Dust. In total, more than 20 million gallons of Agent Orange was used. Sadly, Agent Orange did more than contribute to the deforestation of vast areas of land. It also contaminated air, water, and food sources.

History Rundown reports that in high concentrations, dioxin can trigger severe inflammation of the skin, lungs and mucous tissues. Sometimes, the toxicity can result in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary edema, and even death. The highly effective carcinogen is also known to affect the eyes, liver, and kidneys, and to cause laryngeal and lung cancer.

As a result of using Agent Orange during the Vietnam War, more than 400,000 people were killed or maimed, and at least 500,000 children were born with mild to severe birth defects. Additionally, 5 million acres of forests and millions more of farmland were destroyed. Agent Orange is said to have killed 10 times more people than all chemical weapons combined.

Because the United States didnt technically violate international laws, as it signed defense treaties with Southern Vietnams government and its actions (for the most part) were in line with the defense treaties, there was no reprimand for using Agent Orange as a chemical weapon during the war. That doesnt mean hundreds of thousands didnt suffer or continue to today.

Today, many Agent Orange victims live in Peace Villages, communities where workers care for them and try to give them a normal life. However, normal will never truly be possible for most, as mutations caused by Agent Orange still affect the people and the children of Vietnam. As AllThatIsInteresting reports, those who can live in Peace Village are luckier than some of their siblings. Reportedly, some victims of the chemical agent are too deformed to even survive childbirth....


Pentagon was informed about area of Russia's military op in Deir ez-Zor in advance - Moscow "IndyWatch Feed World"

Pentagon was informed about area of Russia's military op in Deir ez-Zor in advance - Moscow | 17 Sept 2017 | The Russian Defense Ministry has denied Pentagon allegations that it bombed US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces near Deir ez-Zor. The Russian military said that its US partners were informed about the area of the operation beforehand. "To avoid unnecessary escalation, the command of the Russian troops in Syria revealed the boundaries of the military operation in Deir ez-Zor to the American partners through the existing communication channel," the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Sunday. The chief of Russias general staff, General Valery Gerasimov, has reportedly spent an hour on the phone discussing the matter with his US counterpart, General Joseph Dunford.


California Puppy Mill Crackdown: State Moves to Ban Non-Rescue Animal Sales in Pet Stores "IndyWatch Feed World"

Adopting a pet in California may soon assist in curbing an astronomical explosion in stray and feral animals, if Governor Jerry Brown signs unprecedented legislation banning the states pet stores from sales of cats, dogs, and rabbits not originating from a shelter or rescue organization.

Animal rights activists and advocates believe the proposed Pet Rescue and Adoption Act (AB 485) would effectively end the use of breeding operations termed puppy mills (or other species), these massive operations churn out a constant stream of puppies, kittens, and other companion animals, often in abominable, abusive, or neglected conditions and aspire to choke out retailers who insist on sourcing animals that way.

Legitimate criticism certainly exists in the laws inherent elimination of choice from the marketplace, as far as the retail pursuit of specific pet breeds is concerned, with detractors pegging a dearth of reliable genetic and medical information available for individual shelter animals, as well as the fact many popular breeds never wind up housed in such facilities.

Proponents rightly point to abandoned and unwanted animals, as the United States continues grappling with an astronomical explosion in feral and stray populations which the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reports forced the euthanization of at least 1.5 million unadopted shelter companion animals in just 2016, alone.

California taxpayers spend over a quarter of a billion dollars every year to house homeless animals, San Diego Humane Society CEO and President Dr. Gary Weitzman told Huffington Post in an emailed ASPCA statement pertaining to the new bill, adding the strongest potential lies in the elimination of a main source of sales for inhumane commercial breeders.

In fact, as...


Tropical Storm Maria strengthens into hurricane "IndyWatch Feed World"

Tropical Storm Maria strengthens into hurricane | 17 Sept 2017 | Less than two weeks after Hurricane Irma left a path of destruction in the Caribbean, Tropical Storm Maria strengthened into a hurricane Sunday on its way toward the Leeward Islands. The storm became a Category 1 hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean on Sunday afternoon. It was 140 miles east-northeast of Barbados with maximum sustained winds of 75 mph, the National Hurricane Center said in its 5 p.m. advisory.


The effect of pH and of temperature on the stability and bioactivity of nystatin and amphotericin B "IndyWatch Feed World"

The effect of pH and of temperature on the stability and bioactivity of nystatin and amphotericin B


Glycigel a practical technique for preservation of small aliquots of red cells "IndyWatch Feed World"

Glycigel a practical technique for preservation of small aliquots of red cells


Determination of the foam stability of beer using the NIBEM-T meter "IndyWatch Feed World"

Determination of the foam stability of beer using the NIBEM-T meter


A new assay for lipase activity in organic solvents. Lipase-catalyzed synthesis of octyl-linolenate in a hexane microaqueous reaction system - Download PDF "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new assay for lipase activity in organic solvents. Lipase-catalyzed synthesis of octyl-linolenate in a hexane microaqueous reaction system - Download PDF


Age of sanidine and composition of melt inclusions in quartz phenocrysts from volcanic rocks associated with large Mo and Be deposits in the Western United States "IndyWatch Feed World"

Age of sanidine and composition of melt inclusions in quartz phenocrysts from volcanic rocks associated with large Mo and Be deposits in the Western United States


Effect of preoperative portal vein embolization on major hepatectomy for advanced-stage hepatocellular carcinomas in injured livers: A preliminary report "IndyWatch Feed World"

Effect of preoperative portal vein embolization on major hepatectomy for advanced-stage hepatocellular carcinomas in injured livers: A preliminary report


Pruitt Rules EPA Under a Cloak of Secrecy. Here's Why You Should Care. "IndyWatch Feed World"

Written by Martha Roberts, Senior Attorney with the U.S. Climate Legal and Regulatory Program at Environmental Defense Fund. The imposing limestone government building in central Washington where Scott Pruitt holds sway is increasingly operating away from public view with decisions made behind closed doors, once-public information blacked out, and influential insiders taking charge. As the administrator of [


Midwest Americas Most Bass Heavy Music Festival Is Almost Here. Are You Ready?? "IndyWatch Feed World"

The inaugural Lost Lands Music Festival is coming fast. Are you ready?

The media wing of the festival has graciously allowed The Mind Unleashed team the chance to do press coverage for the soon-to-be-annual bass heavy electronic festival. If you dont plan on attending, we are going to be bringing you guys the goodies from inside the festival all weekend, replete with live streams, photography, and a recap video that will be published onto our exclusive music-wing here. Be sure to follow for the goods!

What is Lost Lands?

Lost lands is an electronic festival located at the Legend Valley Concert Venue & Campground in Ohio, curated by none-other than the electronic bass king himself, Excision. Even if you dont follow electronic bass music, chances are youve seen one the videos of his Paradox stage going viral on social media for its mind-melting visuals recently. Like this one here:


Lost Lands is going to have 2 stages this year, one called The Cave of Souls and the other called The Prehistoric Paradox Stage, which will take his signature Paradox experience and add a prehistoric twang to it. One thing is for sure, the ground WILL be shaking.


While the official website states there will be 500,000 watts of bass shaking the earth, Jeff Abel said in a post Friday night on the Excision Headbangers Facebook group that the sound will actually be OVER 750,000 watts! For anyone that has been to an Excision show when hes brought his 500k watt PK sound with him, that is A LOT of wattage. Its no wonder Lost Lands will be passing out earplugs.. Its probably a good idea everyone wears them. That is, if you want to have any sense of hearing left after the weekend is over.

He explains:


When we first launched Lost Lands I could guarantee wed be bringing 500k watts of sound. That was just to give you an idea But after working out the details with the guys at PK Sound, our actual wattage is going to be over 750k!

Just to be clear though, watts arent everything. COVERAGE is where its at. You can pump as many watts as you want, but what really makes a show sound great is being able to hear perfectly fro...


Sorcha Faal: U.S. Begs for Russia for Mercy in Syria After Germany Opens War Crime Investigation "IndyWatch Feed World"

September 16, 2017

US Begs Russia For Mercy In Syria After Germany Opens American War Crime Investigation

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that after Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov agreed to yesterdays telephonic conference with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the Americans begged for mercy for their Islamic terrorist forces illegally operating in Syriabut that the MoD ignored by its continuing to obliterate these US-backed terror fighters with massive air power, with Syrian military forces, likewise, ignoring these US-backed militants by rushing pass them as they rapidly advanced across the Euphrates Riverwhile at the same time, Germany has opened a criminal probe into the US illegally supplying these terrorists with weapons. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, during the emergency meeting held in Helsinki (Finland) requested by the US this past week, both Russia and America agreed that the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) should be implemented without exception as a first bid to stop World War IIIand with the Americans further agreeing that their terrorist forces operating in Syria would not enter the eastern city of Deir ez-Zorthe battle for which the MoD had previously labeled as the Battle For The Monastery that they warned will decide the fate of the world.

Major General of the Syrian Republican Guard Issam Zahreddine (arms crossed), and his top female aide (cigarette in hand), talk with civilians in the eastern city of Deir ez-Zor on 10 September as they continue to press forward with Russian air cover in the offensive against ISIS and US-backed terrorists across the province. [Note: Americans arent allowed to know about the woman commanders in the Syrian Army fighting Islamic terrorists.]

The United States total capitulation on Syria, this report explains, is due to their fears over the shocking investigative findings m...


"A Look to the Heavens" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"The first hint of what will become of our Sun was discovered inadvertently in 1764. At that time, Charles Messier was compiling a list of diffuse objects not to be confused with comets. The 27th object on Messier's list, now known as M27 or the Dumbbell Nebula, is a planetary nebula, the type of nebula our Sun will produce when nuclear fusion stops in its core. 
Click image for larger size.
M27 is one of the brightest planetary nebulae on the sky, and can be seen toward the constellation of the Fox (Vulpecula) with binoculars. It takes light about 1000 years to reach us from M27, shown above in colors emitted by hydrogen and oxygen. Understanding the physics and significance of M27 was well beyond 18th century science. Even today, many things remain mysterious about bipolar planetary nebula like M27, including the physical mechanism that expels a low-mass star's gaseous outer-envelope, leaving an X-ray hot white dwarf."


Paulo Coelho, Id Rather Be In Hell "IndyWatch Feed World"

Id Rather Be In Hell
by Paulo Coelho

"As soon as he died, Juan found himself in a gorgeous place, surrounded by all the comfort and beauty he had dreamed of. A fellow dressed in white approached him and said, You have the right to have whatever you want; any food, pleasure or amusement. Charmed, Juan did everything he dreamed of doing during his life. After many years of pleasures, he sought the fellow in white and asked, I have already experienced everything I wanted. Now I need to work in order to feel useful.

I am sorry, said the fellow in white, but that is the only thing I am unable to give you. There is no work here. How terrible, Juan said annoyed, I will spend eternity dying of boredom! Id much rather be in hell! The man in white approached him and said in a low voice: And where do you think you are?
Illustration by Ken Crane


Israelis are living in Paradise and denial (Gideon Levy ) "IndyWatch Feed World"

17/09/2017 - No other society is living in such a deep state of denial as Israel. That's why there is no chance of change here in 5778 The Jewish year just ending, 5777, has been a wonderful one. The summer was ...

Factory Asia: Film about the emergence of a new working class in Indonesia (Lembaga Informasi Perburuhan Sedane (LIPS)) "IndyWatch Feed World"

17/09/2017 - This film describes the development of industrial zones for world market production around Jakarta, Indonesia. It shows how industrialization and urbanization changes the landscape, clears villages from ...


Two held over London Underground bombing "IndyWatch Feed World"

A forensics officer on the platform at Parsons Green station in west London after Scotland Yard declared a terrorist incident following a blast which sent a

A forensics officer on the platform at Parsons Green station in west London after Scotland Yard declared a terrorist incident following a blast which sent a fireball and a wall of flame through a packed London Underground train. Friday, Sept. 15, 2017. (Dominic Lipinski/PA via AP)


British police have arrested a second man over the bombing of a London commuter train that injured 30 people as security services lowered the threat level for an attack from its highest setting.

The 21-year-old man was detained under Britains terrorism laws in the west London suburb of Hounslow just before midnight on Saturday, London police said in a statement.

Police earlier arrested an 18-year-old man in the departure lounge of Dover port in what they called a significant step and then raided a property in Sunbury-on-Thames, a town near London and about 6km from Hounslow.

The home-made bomb shot flames through a packed carriage at west Londons Parsons Green Tube station during the Friday morning rush hour but apparently failed to detonate fully.

Islamic State claimed responsibility, as it has for other attacks in Britain this year, including two in London and one at a concert by American singer Ariana Grande in Manchester in May.

Interior minister Amber Rudd said on Sunday the second arrest showed it was not a lone-wolf attack but there was no evidence IS was involved.

She said the threat level had been lowered to severe from critical, meaning another attack was highly likely rather than expected imminently.

Police said on Sunday they were searching a home in Stanwell, in the county of Sur...

Sunday, 17 September


The UNSC Resolution 2375 on North Korea "IndyWatch Feed World"

Preparation for War? Decapitation Units expose the US-ROK Axis of State Terrorism There is now a discernible pattern to US manipulation of the UN Security Council when it wants UN endorsement for US-NATO acts of aggression. It is a formula which led to the destruction of Iraq and Libya, and in 1950-1953 led to the destruction of North Korea and most of South Korea. This deadly trajectory is once again becoming visible, and the code is revealed in the three words: all necessary measures, which are deciphered to mean US-NATO aggressive war. This formula begins with sanctions under Chapter VII of the UN Charter: approximately eleven sanctions have been inflicted upon North Korea, and four presidential statements. The sanctions are, in themselves aggressive action, intended to weaken and demoralize the intended nation-targeted victim, and ultimately destroy the will, the spirit and unity of the nation. The now twelve sanctions on the DPRK are reminiscent of the words Richard Nixon used for the CIA engineered destruction of the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende in Chile:


British Airways flight evacuated on runway at Paris airport over direct security threat "IndyWatch Feed World"

British Airways passengers were flanked by armed officers and searched by sniffer dogs after a direct security threat sparked the sudden evacuation of a London-bound plane.
Travellers were escorted from flight BA0303 at Charles De Gaulle Airport, in Paris, this morning.
Dozens of security vehicles, armed police and firefighters surrounded the Airbus A320 as passengers were ordered to move single file onto the runway.
The pilot announced there had been a direct security threat involving the plane, which is still grounded and now almost four hours behind schedule.
The threat comes just two days after three fresh attacks against London and France in 24 hours.
An improvised explosive device was detonated on a packed tube train in Parsons Green, London, on Friday morning.
In the same day, in Paris, a knife-wielding man shouting ISIS slogans attacked a French soldier and an attacker in Chalon-sur-Sane, in eastern France, injured two women in a hammer attack while screaming Allahu Akbar.
James Anderson, a passenger escorted from the BA flight this morning, told Mirror Online: Initially the pilot told us there were technical issues. We were waiting on the plane for around an hour.

We were then told the aircraft had to move to another part of the airport. Thats when we noticed police and fire vehicles quickly surround the plane and dozens of armed officers and firefighters got out.
The pilot then said there had been a direct security threat involving our flight specifically.
We had all our carry on bags searched (given all clear), were now going through the body scanners and x-rays, and then we will have to identify any hold luggage that belongs to us.
They need to make sure everybody and everything has been searched. Theyre being extremely thorough and were being escorted by armed officers.
It was pretty intense disembarking the aircraft though we had to step off the aircraft and form a single line with armed officers by the side of each of us with dogs.
People were quite calm, most likely as a result of the way the pilot handled the situation.

An airport official said passengers were evacuated for a security reason and confirmed the incident is being dealt with.
Earlier, James tweeted: On British Airways flight BA0303, currently being held on tarmac at Paris due to security threat, surrounded by police and fire vehicles.
Apparently an individual has made a direct threat to this aircraft. We will all be led off the aircraft & baggage searched in due course.
Everybodys been individually searched by armed officers and given all clear. Now hold luggage being searched by dogs.
A British Airways spokesman said: The safety and security of our customers and cre...


Surviving the A.I 'Black Goo': Lauda Leon Part 1 "IndyWatch Feed World"


Lauda describes how as a child she literally bled out the living programmable matter commonly referred to as 'black goo'. 

She recounts her experiences which offers a possible U.S military underground/aligned covert nazi lab connection, and the attempts by various competing factions to overcome the predatory A.I menace currently threatening a cross section of interdimensional beings.

There is further discussion in link to the True Royal Bloodlines hidden- part of those whom via their Spirit of Origin can Withstand the parasitic nano forces and Sent here to override it's influence to ultimately overcome the pervasive A.I 'beast machine Metal God invader' of ever increasing influence. 

It should be noted that a positive A.I has also been deployed to help prevent and counter total takeover attempts as part of the dualistic framework of this Verse- GL

Harald Kautz Vella has performed great work on this...


Combat Operations in the Global War on Terrorism during Ramadan, 2001 "IndyWatch Feed World"


This was an information paper that was found during a 2014 FOIA request to CENTCOM. At the time, I requested the following:

I respectfully request a copy of all documents, electronic or otherwise, that pertain to orders to military personnel and contractors, about how they are expected to observe Ramadan and how they are supposed to act in other countries during this time.

CENTCOM forwarded the below pages to OSD/JS for review and release, and I was sent them on September 8, 2017.

(See also: NSA Observance of Ramadan)

Document Archive

Combat Operations in the Global War on Terrorism during Ramadan, 2001 [8 Pages, 1.1MB]

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Click here to download


The man who saved the world: Russian officer who averted nuclear war dies at age 77 "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Soviet officer who prevented a nuclear crisis between the US and the USSR and possible World War III in the 1980s has quietly passed away. He was 77. In 2010 RT spoke to Stanislav Petrov, who never considered himself a hero. We look at the life of the man who saved the world. A decision that Soviet lieutenant colonel Stanislav Petrov once took went down in history as one that stopped the Cold War from turning into nuclear Armageddon, largely thanks to Karl Schumacher, a political activist from Germany who helped the news of his heroism first reach a western audience nearly two decades ago. On September 7, Schumacher, who kept in touch with Petrov in the intervening years, phoned him to wish him a happy birthday, but instead learned from Petrov's son, Dmitry, that the retired officer had died on May 19 in his home in a small town near Moscow. On September 26, 1983, Stanislav Petrov was on duty in charge of an early warning radar system in a bunker near Moscow, when just past midnight he saw the radar screen showing a single missile inbound from the United States and headed toward the Soviet Union.


Top Trump officials signal US could stay in Paris climate agreement "IndyWatch Feed World"

Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and national security adviser HR McMaster both indicated the US is open to negotiations on staying in the accordSenior Trump administration officials on Sunday signalled a further softening of America's resolve to leave the Paris climate accord, amid signs that the issue will be discussed at the United Nations general assembly in New York this week.Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and national security adviser HR McMaster both indicated that the US is open [...]


Harvard hypocrites should be ashamed for withdrawing Chelsea Manning's fellowship invitation "IndyWatch Feed World"

Less than two days after announcing that former US Army soldier and whistleblower Chelsea Manning would join the Harvard Kennedy School's Institute of Politics as a visiting fellow, the university rescinded the offer. The reason should anger anyone who claims to be a fan of free speech and free thought. Shortly after the initial offer to Manning was made public, former deputy director and acting director of the CIA, Mike Morell, resigned his senior fellowship in protest, claiming he could not be part of an organization that "honors a convicted felon and leaker of classified information." Not long after, current CIA Director Mike Pompeo cancelled a speaking appearance at the university minutes after it was due to begin. His excuse was the same. In a letter posted on Twitter, Pompeo announced that his "conscience and duty" would not permit him to betray the trust of his CIA colleagues by "appearing to support" the decision to hire Manning as a fellow. The next day, the dean of the Harvard Kennedy School, Douglas W. Elmendorf, suddenly saw the light and announced that inviting Manning to be a visiting fellow was a "mistake" for which he takes responsibility. This was after rambling on for three paragraphs about how Harvard welcomes a "wide range of views" and never shies away from controversy.


"The Cult of the Plausible Lie" "IndyWatch Feed World"

"The Cult of the Plausible Lie"
by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

"Never ascribe to malice those things which may be explained by stupidity." That is an important phrase, and a necessary one; it keeps people from being paranoid. However, it has a corollary most people don't know: "One MAY ascribe to malice those things which stupidity cannot explain."
 - Robert Canup

"Richard Dolan has pointed out that those at the top will ALWAYS take whatever measures necessary to stay at the top, and when knowledge is power, that means that they will make sure that they are in control of what people know or think they know. The sad fact is that as a society gets larger and more competitive, individuals become more anonymous and more Machiavellian. Social stratification and segregation leads to feelings of inferiority, pessimism and depression among the have-nots, and this promotes the use of "cheating strategies" in life which then makes the environment more adaptive for psychopathy in general. Such individuals may begin their lives in the lower socio-economic levels, but they often rise to the top. 

Psychopathic behavior seems to be on the rise because of the very nature of American capitalistic society. The great hustlers, charmers, and self-promoters in the sales fields are pe...


Vandals deface ancient Native American rock carvings with cat and mushroom depictions "IndyWatch Feed World"

The only known prehistoric rock carvings by Native Americans in the Lower Peninsula were vandalized sometime this year, according to Michigan Department of Natural Resources officials. In what officials are calling a "senseless act of vandalism," depictions of a cat, a mushroom and another image were scrawled into the sandstone of the Sanilac Petroglyphs, the DNR reported Friday, Sept. 8. "We are all deeply saddened by this disrespectful act," said Sandra Clark, director of the Michigan History Center, which interprets the petroglyphs for the public at the state park near Cass City. "The petroglyphs were created by people who lived in what is now Michigan centuries ago," Clark said. "They are part of all of our history, and they have a deep spiritual meaning for many Anishinabek who live in the Great Lakes Region today."


10 Common Habits of Chronically Unhappy People "IndyWatch Feed World"

The human population has long searched for the true meaning of happiness, and the trick to improving upon it in our lives. In an effort to discover the secret to maximizing the happiness in their own lives, researchers have poured time and money into a number of studies, revealing interesting discoveries in regards to the way that the human mind works, and how the concept of happiness can impact our daily lives.

Source: Steven Aitchison


Harvard Medical School released a 75-year long study called The Grand Study, in an effort to dive into some of the more specific causes of happiness, as well as ways that we hinder our efforts to positively influence our lives in this area. Among their findings, researchers revealed that one of the greatest influences on our overall happiness is the relationships that we entertain. Those participants who were found to have positive relationships in their lives were also both happier and healthier.

Furthermore, a study completed in 2010 examined the connection between happiness and the idea of good in our lives. Researchers concluded that each of us is able to discover motivation in our lives through 3 different facts, including doing good for others, doing good for ourselves and doing things that we believe that we are good at.




One topic that experts point to when studying the key to happiness is the existence of unhappiness. There are a number of habits that are commonly seen among those that identify as being unhappy in their lives, providing us with insight as to what could be causing these negative feelings. Understanding these habits, and educating ourselves on what to watch for, will allow each of us to work towards eliminating this influence from our lives.

Here are 12 common habits of chronically unhappy people:

  1. They constantly worry about the future.

Focusing on the future before us can leave us batting with fear of the unknown, investing a si...


"The Cave..." "IndyWatch Feed World"

"In 'The Republic', Plato imagines human beings chained for the duration of their lives in an underground cave, knowing nothing but darkness. Their gaze is confined to the cave wall, upon which shadows of the world are thrown. They believe these flickering shadows are reality. If, Plato writes, one of these prisoners is freed and brought into the sunlight, he will suffer great pain. Blinded by the glare, he is unable to seeing anything and longs for the familiar darkness. But eventually his eyes adjust to the light. The illusion of the tiny shadows is obliterated. He confronts the immensity, chaos, and confusion of reality. The world is no longer drawn in simple silhouettes. But he is despised when he returns to the cave. He is unable to see in the dark as he used to. Those who never left the cave ridicule him and swear never to go into the light lest they be blinded as well."
- Chris Hedges


The Daily "Near You?" "IndyWatch Feed World"

  Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Thanks for stopping by!


Netflix's Confession Tapes exposes extreme police corruption and coerced confessions "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new Netflix original series, The Confession Tapes, has once again given the viewing public a stimulating look into the American injustice system-with an up close and personal look at the psychological games employed by police to elicit taped confessions that suspects claim were coerced-but resulted in convictions. The Confession Tapes encompass a wide array of suspects and situations, revealing that there is no race, religion, background or class that immunizes a person from being persecuted. The only common thread throughout the series is that every single person featured in the series maintains their innocence to this day. The chilling reality of the series is the resounding message that no one is immune from the hyper-focus of law enforcement, regardless of the evidence, once police have fingered a particular person to be guilty. The series makes clear that this could happen to anyone. While some may feel safe "being honest" with law enforcement due to their assured innocence, after watching the seven episodes of this series, they will likely think twice before choosing to so implicitly trust the police in such a tenuous circumstance.


Flu Shots Are The Greatest Medical Fraud in The History of the World "IndyWatch Feed World"

Flu Shots Are The Greatest Medical Fraud in The History of the World
by Mike Adams

"As one of the very few independent voices willing to stand up against the scientific dogma of our modern medical regime, Ive long felt a need to communicate the dangers of flu shots to the public so that people can have better information to prevent vaccine injuries and save lives. This doesnt mean Im opposed to the theory of vaccination, by the way. In fact, Im the author of A Blueprint for Safer Vaccines, an audio guide to saving lives and preventing vaccine injuries and deaths.

To my knowledge, Im the only independent journalist in the world who is scientifically trained to run an atomic mass spectrometry laboratory, which Ive been running for over three years now and testing the heavy metals content of organic superfoods like cacao, common vaccines as well as the ability of water filters to remove toxic heavy metals. Im the creator of the Low Heavy Metals Verified standard and Im the inventor of patented nutritional formulas for...


Teachers vs. Bullshitters "IndyWatch Feed World"


Sometimes when people communicate, their goal is to inform and empower the listener. Other times, their goal is to impress, confuse and deceive the listener. Do you know how to tell the difference?


Formula One cars to run on broccoli insists new vegan champion! "IndyWatch Feed World"

Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton has told his Mercedes team he will only continue to drive for them if they develop an engine that runs on vegetables, after turning vegan in order to save the planet. Hamilton issued the ultimatum just hours after his victory in Singapore put him 28 points clear at the top of the Formula One championship. "It's time to do something to save the planet, and that something is for me to go vegan," explained the enthusiastic new vegan who just couldn't wait to tell you about it. "Of course, some people will say it's my private jet flights and gas-guzzling cars that are destroying the planet, and that might be doing some harm, but really, it's that steak you had last night that is killing us all.


Russias defence ministry has denied allegations its planes struck US-backed fighters in Syria on Saturday. "IndyWatch Feed World"


Russias defence ministry has denied allegations its planes struck US-backed fighters in Syria on Saturday.
The ministry said its air force only targeted Islamic State militants.
It was responding to claims by the SDF, an alliance of Kurdish and Arab groups, that six of its fighters were wounded in Russian strikes in eastern Syria.
The SDF is moving towards the city of Deir al-Zour, which pro-government forces, backed by Russian forces, are meanwhile trying to recapture from IS.
On Saturday the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said that in the early hours of that day our forces east of the Euphrates River were targeted by Russian and Syrian regime warplanes.
But on Sunday Russian defence ministry spokesman Maj Gen Igor Konashenkov said Russian planes had only carried out carefully targeted strikes against IS in Deir al-Zour province.
Meeting Syrias generals in the desert
Islamic State group: The full story
He added that the military had given the US, which supports the SDF, advance notice about its operation.
To avoid unnecessary escal...


American hoverfly imitates wasp "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video from the USA says about itself:

16 September 2017

The Virginia Flower Fly or Yellow Jacket Hover Fly (Milesia virginiensis) is a bizarre fly that looks like a big scary hornet. In the south, it is sometimes called the good news bee for its habit of hovering in front of a person giving the news. It is also said to be good luck if one can get the insect to perch on a finger, no doubt because this is difficult to do.

It mimics the southern yellowjacket as a defense mechanism that works really well because when you see one of these you dont want to mess with it. I have only caught fleeting glimpses of this strange fly over the years, but here caught in the open on the deck it is making an aggressive hornet stand lucky for it I know its secret.

Despite its looks -once you realize what it is you should remember it is actually an important pollinator of flowers and not dangerous at all. Enjoy one of the more unique disguise adoptions of Nature and let them Bee maybe theyll bring you luck.


Eliminating remaining ISIS groups next goal in Eastern Syria "IndyWatch Feed World"

The last Syria Summary was headlined A New Clash Looms in Syria's East. It stated: Critical oil fields are north and east of Mayadin. The Omar oil field in the east is the biggest one in all Syria. The U.S. wants these under its control to finance its Kurdish and Arab proxies in north-east Syria. The Syrian government needs the oil to rebuild the country. Should the U.S. supported forces try to annex the area we will likely see a direct conflict between them and the Syrian government forces. Would the U.S. and Russia join that fight? Yesterday a first clash of forces occurred. Syrian government and Russian special forces (red) have crossed the Euphrates at Deir Ezzor to reconnaissance the area for their next large operation. A crossing in force towards the north of Euphrates and east of Deir Ezzor is expected during the next few days. The Russian military had informed the U.S. of its area of operation. Despite that, formerly ISIS aligned tribal forces, now paid by the U.S. under the label SDF, tried to extend their areas north of Deir Ezzor (blue). A "warning shot" was delivered to them in form of a small air attack. Several "SDF" were wounded, the U.S. special forces accompanying and commanding them were not harmed.


Ryanair cancels up to 50 flights daily "IndyWatch Feed World"

Budget airline Ryanair is cancelling up to 50 flights daily for the next six weeks after it messed up the planning of pilot holidays.
Kenny Jacobs, chief marketing officer, said the company was working hard to fix the problem, after it announced a 2% reduction in scheduled flights until the end of October.
He said: We apologise to all affected customers for these cancellations. We have messed up in the planning of pilot holidays and were working hard to fix that.
Ryanair said air traffic control (ATC) delays and strikes, bad weather and a backlog of annual leave to be taken by pilots and cabin crew had led to punctuality falling to below 80% over the last two weeks.
A spokesman said this figure was unacceptable and the company has apologised to affected customers, who it said will be offered alternative flights or refunds.
Some customers said last-minute cancellations had left them out-of-pocket due to non-refundable accommodation costs, or with no choice but to book expensive alternative flights or transport.
Others said they had been left stranded in their holiday destination and many urged Ryanair to publish a list of all flight cancellations.
Writing on the airlines Facebook page, Maria Joanna Suquitana said guests travelling to Italy for her brothers wedding had their flights cancelled just hours before they were due to depart.
She wrote: We were forced to rent a van from Germany and drive 16 hours because we just cant trust to fly with you again. Most stressful days of our lives.
Karen Naughton Brill said her daughters 21st birthday present of flights to Amsterdam had been ruined when they were cancelled with less than 12 hours notice.
She wrote: Shes gone to bed in tears, rang hotel, cant get refund too short notice, same with parking, Anne Frank house tickets etc etc all non-refundable.
Olivia Poole said her flight on Sunday was cancelled with no explanation.
She wrote: Weve shelled out five times our original flight price for last minute, incredibly overpriced flights with another airline as your next available flights were on the day were due to fly back. I will be going to any length required to receive the compensation as per EU legislation.
Facebook user Harriet Kathryn Ross wrote: What they need to do is confirm and publish a schedule of which flights will be cancelled over the next six weeks. So customers have enough time to make alternative plans. Ryanair its wrong to leave people in suspense at the last minute. Its not fair.
Ryanair said a change in the companys holiday year, from April to March to a calendar year from January 1 2018, had seen an increase in holiday allocations as staff used their annual leave before...


Trump on Debt: More establishment than the establishment "IndyWatch Feed World"

(Garrison)  The Washington Post reports that US president Donald Trump and Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) have agreed to pursue a deal that would permanently remove the requirement that Congress repeatedly raise the debt ceiling.

That must be a bitter pill to swallow for those who thought they were electing an anti-establishment president to drain the swamp in Washington, but it should be no surprise. After all, Trump built his business career on going into debt up to his neck, taking a profit when things worked out, and leaving his partners holding the bankruptcy bag when they didnt.

The political establishments way of handling the debt ceiling is for all of the allegedly competing sides to rattle sabers and threaten a fake government shutdown if they dont get their way. Then, before such a shutdown (or after a few days of one), the politicians get together to responsibly and reluctantly authorize  a bigger line of credit for themselves, with you named as guarantor whether you like it or not.

In keeping with his authoritarian dislike of red tape that restricts government from doing anything it might take a notion to do, and in fine establishment style, Trump intends to do away with the theatrics. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders characterizes the Trump/Schumer proposal as a more permanent solution to the debt ceiling. By which she means that in the future, no one on Capitol Hill or at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue will even bother to put on a burlesque of fiscal responsibility. Any time the credit card is about to max out, the limit will just go up automatically.

Image Source Pixabay

But of course it isnt quite that simple.

The politicians debt (they call it the national debt in hopes that the rest of us will go along with the fiction that WE borrowed the money and are obligated to pay it back) will soon top $20 trillion. The entire US Gross Domestic Product for 2017, if seized and liquidated for the purpose of paying down that debt, would not quite completely pay it off.

That debt is never going to be repaid in full. In fact, the Trump/Schumer plan is an open statement of intent to never even begin paying it down. The politicians intend to keep on spending more than they take in and bo...


As Thousands Left Homeless from Hurricanes, Trump Sends $75 Million MORE to Israel "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Rachel Blevins As many Americans struggle to get back on their feet after their homes were destroyed by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, the United...


North Korea faces destruction if it continues "IndyWatch Feed World"

President Donald Trump mocked the leader of nuclear-armed North Korea as Rocket Man as the White House warned the isolated nation would face destruction unless it shelves its weapons programs and bellicose threats.
Mr Trumps chief diplomat held out hope the North would return to the bargaining table, though the presidents envoy to the United Nations said the Security Council had pretty much exhausted all its options.
Kim Jong Un has pledged to continue the Norths programs, saying his country is nearing its goal of equilibrium in military force with the United States.

North Korea will be high on the agenda for world leaders this week at the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly, Mr Trumps biggest moment on the world stage since his inauguration in January.
He is scheduled to address the world body, which he has criticised as weak and incompetent, on Tuesday.
The president, who spent the weekend at his New Jersey golf club, tweeted that he and South Korean President Moon Jae-in discussed North Korea during their latest telephone conversation on Saturday.

unnamed (2) (16)



Why Are Universities Arming themselves with Grenade Launchers? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Why Are Universities Arming themselves with Grenade Launchers? | jeff-sessions | US News

Attorney General Jeff Sessions looks on during a vigil ceremony marking the September 11 terrorist attacks at the Department of Justice on September 11, 2017, in Washington, DC. [image: Zach Gibson / Getty Images]

By:  Frank G. Karioris, Truthout

A program that supplies university police with surplus military equipment is enjoying a renaissance under Trump and Sessions. Most of the military gear is going to campuses in states with the highest poverty rates, where the weapons will be used not only to repress student protests but also to perpetuate racial and class divides between campuses and their surrounding communities.

Sending an ominous signal to student protest movements nationwide, universities across the US are once again able to equip their police forces with castoff military gear, tying them ever more intimately into the military-industrial complex.

In August, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced at a Fraternal Order of Police convention that Program 1033 would resume providing ex-military equipment to police organizations, including university police departments.

Program 1033 has been running since the 1990s but was stopped two years ago by President Obama. Part of the programs initial aim was for use in drug enforcement by federal and state law enforcement. As we well know, the war on drugs has been an abysmal failure.



CIA bans Chelsea Manning from Harvard, protest campaign "IndyWatch Feed World"

This 16 February 2017 video from the USA says about itself:

Redemption for Chelsea Manning: Campaign Against Harvard Working

Petition: Withdraw Support from Harvard: I will not have any affiliation with Harvard or provide any support for it whatsoever if they do not reverse their disgraceful decision on Chelsea Manning: here.

Im a fellow at Harvard, and I know that their silencing of Chelsea Manning puts power before freedom of speech: here.


The Tech Companies that Helped Improve the Disaster Response for Hurricane Harvey and Irma "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Today, app-based technology facilitates most of our daily lives. In light of the relief efforts conducted by big tech companies during Hurricane Irma, it appears that this technology is also enabling a new generation of disaster response.

Before the onset of Hurricane Irma in Florida, hospitality service provider Airbnb activated its very own disaster response program via their website. They encouraged hosts to list their homes for free in a call to action that read "if you have available housing in the area indicated on the map, please consider making your home available". In addition, global technology giant Uber also placed a cap on fares ahead of Irma's landfall. They did this so that no one would get a "higher than usual price" when trying to get around in South Florida.

Elon Musk, founder of Tesla also unlocked the full capabilities of the Tesla battery to help customers flee the storm. Tesla sent an email to its customers across Florida which read "Due to exceptional circumstances, and to help you better prepare to evacuate and get to safety, your vehicle has been adjusted at no cost to you to temporarily access the additional battery capacity until September 16th". Once Irma changed course, Uber and Lyft responded quickly and offered free rides to shelters near Tampa.

Tech companies, like Uber and Airbnb have established a peer-to-peer model which allows customers to make informed decision when using their services. Now, these companies have been able to use their technology to support many people during a time of crisis. Although tech companies can seem detached from the rest of the world, it is nice to see some of them taking the initiative and offering free transportation, housing and other resources. Of course, being a good corporate citizen is great for PR, but if it also means that people on the ground get to benefit from innovative relief efforts, then that's good too.

IMAGE CREDIT:limbitech / 123RF Stock Photo



Greece is Becoming the Chinese Bridgehead in Europe "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Covert Geopolitics

As is well known, the Hellenic Republic is a member of the European Union (EU), but is not among its economic and political leaders. The periodic disagreements between the Greek authorities and the EU leadership sometimes compel to think of the possibility of Greece withdrawing from this organization.

The Greece debt crisis that has been continuing since 2010 has exacerbated the financial disputes of Greece with the leading EU countries, especially Germany. However, for a number of reasons, EU needs Greece.

The EU is unwilling to allow it to exit from its membership. This gives Greece the possibility of a small influence within the European Union, which can be greatly strengthened by the economic support of states from other regions which wish to make Greece the conducter of their interests in the EU. This is particularly true for China.

Greece has not always harmoniously fitted into the European system, as evidenced, for example, by the events of 2015, when a coalition of radical leftists came to power in the country, and the government was headed by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras. Immediately thereafter, Greece stated that it wanted part of its external debt to the EU countries be written off. In the summer of 2015, Greece refused to make another payment to the IMF. In July 2015, a referendum was held in which the Greek people refused a series of budgetary reforms that would have enabled Greece to begin paying off its foreign debt. After that, Greece has finally had to adopt reforms aimed at saving budgetary resources, which has resulted in the recession of the Greek economy and a decline in the standard of living of the population.

However, against the backdrop of the "special" attitude of the European Union and, in particular, Germany, towards Athens, the debt crisis has significantly contributed to the development of the relationship between Greece and China. It is a well-known fact that one of the main tasks for the People's Republic of China is the implementation of the One Belt One Road Initiative (OBOR), which is set to create a unified transport system for Eurasia and Africa, which can then spread to other continents. OBOR has a subproject, the 21st Century Maritime Silk Route, for the implementation of which Greece is of considerable interest. In 2015, the Government of Alexis Tsipras stated that it was preparing to sell most of the shares of the managing company of the main foreign trade port of Greece Piraeus.

The Port of Piraeus is known from antiquity. This is an extremely important point for Mediterranean and world shipping, where virtu...


They didnt stand a chance "IndyWatch Feed World"

Eyewitness have revealed the full horror after a lorry smashed through a central barrier on the M5, leaving at least four dead and a woman and two children fighting for their lives.
The truck was travelling along the southbound carriageway when it suddenly smashed through the barrier and ploughed into several vehicles, witnesses said.
Dozens of motorists leapt from their vehicles to help victims and pulled screaming children and their parents from burning cars.

A hero cardiologist, who was among those that rushed to the aid of one of victims, said one car was absolutely destroyed and another had flipped over.
Another motorist said they could see one car had been left completely flat, leaving them fearing the people inside wouldnt have stood a chance.
Horror pictures show the whole right side of a silver car had been ripped off and several other cars crushed while one car had flown across the road and flipped onto its roof.

Dr Amer Hamed helped a GP and other medics tend to the injured woman before paramedics arrived six minutes later and rushed her to hospital.
He told The BBC : There was a lorry involved and at least two other cars. One was absolutely destroyed and another had flipped over.
Dr Hamed added: People are helping as much as they can. Several people offered us water and one man came out of his car to give food.
Were going to be stuck here for a few hours yet.
Among other brave people that rushed to help were good friends Jasper Foxx, Daniel Stevenson and Stephen Dibley, who were only about 30 seconds behind the lorry.


U.S. Sanctions Continue to Backfire, Mutual Cooperation is the New Game in Town "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Covert Geopolitics

In another slap in the face against US hegemony, China just opened up a $10 billion credit line for Iran. This means that, while the US Congress was forced to raise the debt ceiling again, this time way beyond the $20 trillion mark, the Eastern Alliance member countries are moving ahead with the massive Eurasian project known as the One Belt One Road revival of the ancient Silk Road.

"Assisting Tehran with sidestepping an ongoing Washington sanctions regime against the country, China has opened a $10 billion line of credit intended to finance energy, transportation, water and other key Iranian infrastructure projects.

Following the ground-breaking 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between Iran and Russia, the US, China, France, the UK, as well as Germany and the EU, to end its nascent nuclear weapons program, Tehran in honoring the terms of the unprecedented treaty has nonetheless seen Washington implement a host of new sanctions against the Middle Eastern country, including asset freezes and limits on global financial transfers.

According to Iranian Central Bank President Valiollah Seif, Chinese state-owned CITIC investment company has opened a $10 billion credit line to several banks in Iran to be used to fund wide-ranging infrastructure projects in the country, according to a report by the Times of Israel.

The significant credit line will primarily use euros and yuan to bypass the US sanctions.

Seif indicated that the $10 billion, alongside an additional previous $15 billion of Chinese investment into other unnamed projects in the country, show "a strong will for continuation of cooperation between the two countries," according to Pakistan's media outlet.

China is seen to be opening trade to the region as part of a trillion-dollar "One Belt, One Road" strategy to increase ties to Africa and Europe. China is the biggest recipient of Iranian oil, and accounts for almost a third of Tehran's overall trade.


UN Security Council Resolution 2375 on North Korea: Preparation for War? "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Carla Stea There is now a discernible pattern to US manipulation of the UN Security Council when it wants UN endorsement for US-NATO acts...


Defense Intelligence Agency Data Call Submissions and Internal Control Processes for Base Realignment and Closure 2005, May 13, 2005 "IndyWatch Feed World"


BRAC 2005 is the formal process outlined in Public Law l 01-51 0, Defense Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1990, as amended, under which the Secretary of Defense may realign or close military installations inside the United States and its territories. As part of BRAC 2005, the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics issued, Transformation Through Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC 2005) Policy Memorandum One-Policy,
ResponsibilitiesJ and Procedures, April 16, 2003, which stated that the DoD Office of Inspector General would review the accuracy ofBRAC data and the certification process.

The BRAC 2005 process was mandated for the United States and its territories and was divided into the following data cal ls- capacity analysis, supplemental capacity, Military value, Cost of Base Realignment Actions, Joint Process Action Team Criterion Number 7, and scenario specific. The Intelligence agencies collection process was divided into the following data calls- capacity analysis and Military value, and scenario specific.

This report summarizes the data calls as of April 2005, for the Defense Intelligence Agency BRAC 2005 process. The Defense Intelligence Agency, located in Washington DC, is a member of the National Intelligence Community and a primary producer of foreign military intelligence. The Defense Intelligence Agency was required to perform the capacity analysis, Military value, and scenario specific data calls. The DIA was responsible for collecting data from the Joint Intelligence Commands and the Joint Reserve Intelligence Centers. which were required to perform only the capacity analysis and Military value data calls.

Document Archive

 Defense Intelligence Agency Data Call Submissions and Internal Control Processes for Base Realignment and Closure 2005, May 13, 2005 [33 Pages, 5.7MB]



Japan Becomes Largest Bitcoin Market as Traders Leave China "IndyWatch Feed World"

Japan has once again become the largest Bitcoin exchange market with 50.75 percent market share of the global Bitcoin exchange market. Analysts including BitFury Vice Chairman George Kikvadze attributed the surge in the trading volume of the Japanese Bitcoin exchange market to the exit of Bitcoin traders in China.
Earlier this week, the Chinese government, local authorities and financial regulators officially requested Chinese Bitcoin exchanges and trading platforms to halt their services by the end of September. OKCoin and Huobi, the two largest exchanges in China, were granted leeway to operate until Oct. 30, considering the fact that they have not been involved in any initial coin offerings (ICOs) in the past.
But, it seems as if traders are not willing to take any chances with the Chinese government and their unpredictable nature. The Chinese Bitcoin exchange markets daily trading volume has halved within a period of three days, from 15 percent to less than seven percent.
According to various trusted Bitcoin market data providers such as CryptoCompare, China only accounts for 6.4 percent of global Bitcoin trades at the time of reporting.

US market benefits
Prior to the nationwide Bitcoin exchange ban by China, the US exchange market had consistently secured its position as the largest market in the world.
However, almost immediately after the announcement of the countrys three largest Bitcoin exchanges, BTCC, Huobi and OKCoin, were released, traders moved over to the Japanese Bitcoin exchange market. The abrupt migration of traders led to the short-term surge in the trading volume of Japan, allowing the market to overtake the US by over 20 percent in global Bitcoin exchange market share.
Contrary to many negative reports, prominent developers, analysts, researchers and experts within the cryptocurrency and Blockchain sectors including Litecoin creator Charlie Lee and billionaire investor Tim Draper expressed their optimism toward the shutdown of the Chinese Bitcoin exchange market. Lee emphasized that the Chinese government will no longer be able to manipulate the market, as it had done since 2013.
Lee says:
This is a good thing. China can no longer play with the markets by banning Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency cannot be killed by any country. One solution to centralized exchanges is decentralized ones. I hear the Decred Project team has something cooking that helps with that.
Bitcoin stabilization
As Lee emphasized, the exit of the Chinese Bitcoin exchange market should really only have affected around 10 to 15 percent of traders in the global Bitcoin exchange market. Yet, speculators and impatient traders initiated a major sell-off as the Chinese government banned exchanges, leading to a major correction on Bitcoin price.
Over the next few weeks, the global Bitcoin exchange market will stabilize, as tr...


Israeli Minister Threatens Syria With War If They Dont Kick Iran Out "IndyWatch Feed World"

Israels justice minister has warned the Syrian government that Israel will do what is necessary if President Bashar al-Assad does not keep Iran out of Syria. Ayelet Shaked said that If Assad wants to survive, he needs [...]


Voyager 1,2 spacecraft news "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

See Two Spacecraft Journey to Outer Reaches of Solar System | National Geographic

16 September 2017

After 40 years of service, the two Voyager spacecraft are heading deeper into the cosmos, with Voyager 1 holding the record as the farthest human-made object.


Fresh Protests Expected Sunday Over St Louis Officers Acquittal "IndyWatch Feed World"

A third night of protests is expected in St Louis this Sunday following the acquittal of a white police officer in the fatal shooting of a black man. Over the weekend dozens were arrested as [...]


A Revised Acquisition Program Baseline and Threat Assessment for the Chemical Demilitarization Program, October 2002 "IndyWatch Feed World"


This report is the first in a series of reports that discuss the acquisition of the Chemical Demilitarization Program (the Demilitarization Program). The mission of the Demilitarization Program is to destroy chemical munitions through incineration or other approved alternative technologies. In 1985, the Congress, in section 1521, title 50, United States Code, Destruction of Existing Stockpile of Lethal Chemical Agents and Munitions, (Public Law 99-145), directed DoD to oversee the destruction of the stockpile of lethal chemical agents and munitions because of concerns for the stockpile deterioration. The Army established the Program Manager for Chemical Demilitarization to manage the day-to-day operations of destroying the chemical weapons. In May 2001, the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics designated the Demilitarization Program as a major Defense acquisition program (Acquisition Category ID) and assigned the Army as the Executive Agent. Through July 2002, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded contracts for construction, systemization, operations, and closure of chemical destruction facilities at Johnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System, Johnston Island, Hawaii, and Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility, Tooele, Utah. The Office of the Secretary of Defense approved a cost estimate totaling $24 billion, of which the program office awarded $5.8 billion in contracts for the Demilitarization Program.

Who Should Read This Report and Why? This report should be read by all who are interested in the Armys demilitarization of its chemical munitions stockpile. This report discusses why the Army needs to update its acquisition program baseline agreement and to obtain a documented threat assessment.

Document Archive

 A Revised Acquisition Program Baseline and Threat Assessment for the Chemical Demilitarization Program, October 2002 [34 Pages, 1.4MB]



Frugal Prepping: 30 Survival Items You Can Get At The Dollar Store "IndyWatch Feed World"

Frugal Prepping: 30 Survival Items You Can Get At The Dollar Store | 1-dollar | Preparedness\Survival

Preparing for disasters can be costly if you have to purchase everything at once. Many preparedness enthusiasts prefer the less stressful route in prepping a little at a time. That said, our monthly budgets sometimes do not allow for expensive, top of the line purchases. Thats when you have to get creative.

When my family rode out the aftermath of Hurricane Ike in 2008, we were off the grid for two weeks and used many emergency items purchased from the Dollar Store. At the time, we were paying off lofty debts and didnt have the money to buy brand name items. Many of the items I purchased, I outlined in the first week of 52-Weeks to Preparedness, but there are many more Dollar Store finds that I wanted to list today.

Check out this checklist for suggested items to store for short-term emergencies

Below, are thirty prepper-related items you could easily find at your local Dollar Store or Dollar Tree. The listed items are supplies for one person, so if you have other family members to consider, multiply some of the supplies by the amount of family members. This calculator could serve as a starting point for items you may want to keep an eye out for.

    1. Paper plates and plastic utensils
    2. Zip-...


Vatican Diplomat in D.C. Allowed to Flee back to the Vatican to Avoid Prosecution for Child Porn "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: The Free Thought Project | by Jack Burns

The Vatican embassy in Washington D.C. has four diplomatic staff, and it is now admitting that at least one diplomat has been found with child pornographybut the church will not allow him to be prosecuted.

As a diplomat, the unidentified priest has immunity from prosecution for most crimes under the Vienna Convention. The State Department requested that the Vatican waive immunity so that the individual could be properly prosecuted on Aug. 21. Instead of allowing the priest to be charged, tried and potentially convicted of possession of child pornography, the Vatican recalled him. In other words, the Vatican protected the priest from prosecution.

According to the Associated Press, "The Vatican declined to identify the priest, but said he was currently in Vatican City and that Vatican prosecutors had launched their own probe." Going further, the AP wrote,"The State Department said it had asked the Vatican to lift the official's diplomatic immunity on Aug. 21. It said that request was denied three days later. For the State Department to make such a request, its lawyers would have needed to be convinced that there was reasonable cause for criminal prosecution."

Possession of child pornography was made illegal in 2013 under the Vatican's criminal code. If found guilty, the Vatican can sentence the high-ranking priest to up to...


Steve Irwins Son Is An Award Winning Photographer And These Photos Show Why "IndyWatch Feed World"

People often say like father, like son, and it is so unbelievably true in this case. Robert Irwin, the son of Steve Irwin, is following in his late fathers footsteps and is helping the world to fall in love with nature. Since a very young age, Robert was fascinated with the natural world. Now, together []


Study Finds Antibiotics to Increase Risk of Autoimmune Disease "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Natural News | by Tracey Watson

Now, a new study out of Harvard has confirmed what publications like Natural News have been saying for years: There is a direct link between gut health, immunity and autoimmune diseases like diabetes.

The study, which was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, sought to investigate how a set of "guardian genes" known as human leukocyte antigen (HLA) in humans, and major histocompatibility complexes (MHC) in mice protect against autoimmune diseases.

The study determined that at least one of these genes is shaped by friendly bacteria in the gut. Of even greater importance was the team's discovery that these guardian genes are virtually neutralized if their hosts are exposed to antibiotics in the womb or shortly after birth, or if they are kept in unnaturally sterile environments.

Science Daily reports:

When treated with antibiotics in the first six weeks of life, mice went on to develop pancreatic inflammation, a precursor to type 1 diabetes, despite carrying the guardian gene. Treatment with antibiotics later in life between six and 10 weeks after birth did not lead to loss of protection against diabetes. The observation suggests a period during which the newborn gut is seeded by various germs, the researchers say. Interfering with that process by administering antibiotics appears to disrupt the balance of the gut microbiota, which in turn leads to loss of genetic protection.

Mice whose mothers had been given antibiotics in the 10 days before giving birth lost their genetic protection, the researchers found, and went on to develop pancreatic inflammation. Mice born with the protective gene but raised in sterile cages and deprived of bacterial exposure during early development never acquired gut microbial balance and disease protection.

Jonathan Landsman, writing for Natural News, highlighted the fact that over 70 percent of human immunity starts in the gut, and that friendly bacteria are vit...


Courage Under Fire: Sheriff Arpaio Honored "IndyWatch Feed World"

Americas toughest Sheriff Joe Arpaio is set to receive the Courage Under Fire Award at the Conservative Leadership Conference in Las Vegas on Saturday. In April, President Trump pardoned the former Arizona Sheriff, who is [...]


Amazon Deletes Hundreds of One-Star Reviews of Hillary Clintons New Book "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: The Daily Sheeple | by Zero Hedge

In what many have dubbed a flagrant intervention by Amazon itself to seemingly boost the rating of Hillary Clinton's new book "What Happened", the Telegraph first reported, and subsequently many others observed first hand, that Amazon has been monitoring and deleting 1-star reviews of Hillary Clinton's new book "which was greeted with a torrent of criticism on the day it was released."

Reviews of What Happened have been mixed, with some accusing Clinton of using it as an opportunity to blame others such as former FBI head James Comey, Bernie Sanders, Vladimir Putin, social media and pretty much everything else for her failure, rather than herself. Even The New York Times, which supported Clinton's campaign, wrote that the book is "a score-settling jubilee".

What is fascinating, is how few one-star reviews have remained on the website amid reports and screengrabs showing that reviewers used the space to criticize the former First Lady. One 1-star review, which remained on the website earlier today, read: "Read all the promotional excerpts, which combined come close to book length pretty good novel. It is fiction, isn't it? Surely, someone is playing a joke." Another wrote "Picked this book up at Wal-Mart out of sheer morbid curiosity. Returned it, claiming I bought the wrong book."

While this is not the first time Amazon has intervened to "adjust" the ratings of its products in November negative comments under a book by anti-Trump broadcaster Megyn Kelly appeared to be removed by the retailer it has rarely "adjusted" reviews of such a prominent product so publicly.

Speaking to Fortune, an Amazon spokesperson said: "In the case of a memoir, the subject of the book is the author and their views. It...


Venezuela Drops The Petrodollar "IndyWatch Feed World"

Venezuela announced on Wednesday that it will no longer accept U.S. dollars as payment for its crude oil exports. Earlier this month Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that his country would be seeking to free [...]


Iceland: Criminal Conspiracy to Pardon a Notorious Pedophile, Government is Collapsing as a Result "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Uproxx | by Dan Seitz

Imagine this, for a moment: The Koch Brothers had decided that Jared Fogle had done enough time, and written two letters they took to Mike Pence. Pence agrees, got the Senate Judiciary Committee to rule Fogle really was forgiven for molesting children, and then Donald Trump signed off on it. And they all agreed to do this in secret, and cover it up.

Obviously, that hasn't happened in the U.S., but it's, more or less, exactly what's happening in Iceland.

Specifically, Hjalti Sigurjn Hauksson requested to have his "honor restored." Pardons, in Iceland, are different from those in the US: You need two letters of recommendation from prominent citizens, first, before the application is approved by the Minister of the Interior. Then a committee from Iceland's Parliament has to approve it, and finally, it goes straight to the prime minister, who has to sign off on it.

If you get through the process, certain civil rights are returned, like the ability to run for office or practice law. It's also symbolic, in that it indicates the nation, which is just 334,000 people, has forgiven the crime.

Hauksson, however, is decidedly not forgiven by the community. In 2004, he was convicted of having raped his stepdaughter almost daily for the previous twelve years. At the time, it was one of the most horrendous crimes the island nation had ever seen, and the idea of Hauksson having his "honor" restored seemed laughable.

Except, it happened in August. As a result, Icelandic journalists have been fighting to force the government to reveal who, precisely, would write a letter asking such a monstrous criminal to be pardoned, since the letters and their writers aren't usually disclosed to the public. The answer, among others, was Benedikt Sveinsson, the father of Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson and one of Iceland's wealthiest citizens. It looks, quite a bit, like Iceland's most notorious pedophile worked some connections and got a pardon.

Icelanders were furious,...


GCR/RV Intel SITREP: "Movin' On Up" -- September 17, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

There are several western sources insisting the RV is any second. Only a few are saying later in the week.

But the one we trust out of the east is saying no later than the 23rd which is less than a week away.

Perhaps this is true given that 9/24-9/30 is the last week in the US 2017 fiscal year.

So if our private redemptions were to take place that week and there could logically be a public RV on Monday October 1st that would structural make sense in terms of timing.

We shall see.

Will the RV be announced at the UN this week?

Maybe not in those exact words, but something will be announced as it relates to major global financial reforms--that we do know.

Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement was leverage used by Israel. The new US President will return the Republic back into that agreement with us the GESARA Treaty signed by 209 nations.

The next President will also reverse DACA, as this was also an Israeli leveraging tool.

The end of the transgender policy in the US military will not be reversed nor will several difficult immigration issues, except the mindless Trump boarder wall.

GESARA demands everyone either be granted citizenship in the country they live or be returned to their place of their birth in order to collect the new global allowance that is coming forward starting we understand on January 1, 2018.



Travel in London has reduced owing to Brexit says top public transport executive "IndyWatch Feed World"

Brexit has reduced the amount of travel in London, a top public transport executive has said.

Alex Williams, Director of City Planning for Transport for London, told a conference in the capital: Total trips in London, a leading indicator of economic activity, are going down partly because of the uncertainty of Brexit.

He told The Independent: Our issue is that we dont know if this is a kind of blip or part of a longer-term trend.

Its a one per cent reduction on the Tube, which is a great bellwether for the Bank of England about how the economy is going.

It could be Brexit, it could be the terrorist incidents in the summer affecting domestic tourism in particular. But our concern is that five months into the financial year, that seems to be continuing.

The conference, organised by the Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum, is discussing the proposed expansion of Heathrow. Five years ago this month, the Coalition Government set up the Davies Commission to consider options for expanding airport capacity in south-east England.

In July 2015, Sir Howard Davies Airports Commission unanimously recommended a third runway at Heathrow. Its findings were approved last year, but consultations are continuing. Unless the National Policy Statement is approved by Parliament by next summer, the planned completion of the runway in 2025 will be jeopardised.

Emma Gilthorpe, Executive Director Expansion for Heathrow, called for faster progress. She told The Independent: With Brexit it is even more important than we not only send a message that were open for business, but that we also have the mechanics to deliver links to long-haul markets that we may not do business with today, but we will absolutely need to do business with tomorrow.

There was a very strong economic case before. I think with Brexit the urgency increases.

But Cait Hewitt, Deputy Director of the Aviation Environment Federation, said there was no certainty about continued growth: Weve undoubtedly gone through in the past few years a period of very unexpected growth in aviation. I think the key question is the extent to which that will continue in the next few decades.


Chocolate tax soon? - Claim: Chocolate CAUSES climate change "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Chocolate Climate Worriers have switched tactics, from claiming that climate is going to kill all the cocoa plants, to claiming we should feel guilty about wanting chocolate in the first place. New Research Suggests Cocoa Trade Fueling Climate Change Is your chocolate bar damaging the environment? 17/09/2017 8:07 AM AEST LONDON, Sept 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Your afternoon chocolate bar may be fueling climate change, destroying protected forests and threatening elephants, chimpanzees and hippos in West Africa, research suggests. Well-known brands, such as Mars and Nestle, are buying through global traders cocoa that is grown illegally in dwindling national parks and reserves in Ivory Coast and Ghana, environmental group Mighty Earth said. "Every consumer of chocolate is a part of either the problem or the solution," Etelle Higonnet, campaign director at Mighty Earth, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. "You can choose to buy ethical chocolate. Or you're voting with your dollar for deforestation." Mars and Nestle told the Thomson Reuters Foundation they are working to tackle deforestation. "We take a responsible approach to sourcing cocoa and have committed to source 100 percent certified sustainable cocoa by 2020," Mars said in an email. ... Ivory Coast, Francophone West Africa's biggest economy, is the world's top cocoa grower. While the bulk of its 1 million cocoa farmers ply their trade legally, Washington-based Mighty Earth estimates about a third of cocoa is grown illegally in protected areas. ... Read more:


Pot Smokers Beware: Killer Pesticides, Poison "IndyWatch Feed World"

Pot Smokers Beware: Killer Pesticides, Poison | marijuana | Agriculture & Farming Environment Medical & Health Sleuth Journal Special Interests Toxins US News

By: Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News

Pot smokers, environmentalists, and just plain humans: take notice.

A recent article in The Atlantic reveals highly toxic pesticides are being used on illegal pot farms in California, and the runoff is poisoning forests.

Ill quote extensively from the article and then make comments:

Secret growers are taking advantage of the states remote stretches of public landand the environmental impact is severe.

this past November, [California] residents voted yes on Proposition 64, making California the fifth state to legalize recreational pot. Almost two-thirds of the countrys total legal harvest comes from the Golden State [poisoned pot shipped everywhere]

The lethal poisons growers use to protect their crops and campsites from pests are annihilating wildlife, polluting pristine public lands, and maybe even turning up in your next bong hit.

grow sites tested positive for carbofuran, a neurotoxic insecticide that is so nasty it has been banned in the U.S., Canada and the EU. Farmers in Kenya have used it to kill lions. Symptoms of exposure range from nausea and blurred vision to convulsions, spontaneous abortions, and death.

Some 50 different toxicants have turned up at grow sites Growers use the poisons to keep rodents and other animals from eating the sugar-rich sprouting plants, from gnawing on irrigation tubing, and from invading their campsites in search of food. Acute rodenticides cause neurological damage and internal bleeding. Animals literally drown in their own blood or stumble around until theyre eaten themselves, passing the poison up the food chain to predators like owls and fishers.



The dying art of streaking in a serious World Order "IndyWatch Feed World"

The joys of nature ! Thats the spirit !

fans used to streak regularly through the University of Keeles main lecture theatre


Standard Issue Deep State E.T. with Additional Data "IndyWatch Feed World"


The Standard Issue Deep State E.T. (with additional data from Stan X.)

Source: Terran Cognito

Terran note: The following was posted by Sophia Love August 23, on her subscription newsletter. I have asked for permission to post it here with data we got confirming what Sophia received plus some additional data on the Deep State behind all this. This post fascinated me for several reasons, it contains data I did not know, and it shows how "THE ALL" is working through even sentient beings that may loosely be called "manufactured" by those in the deep state who produce them. Nothing is as it seems....

Standard Issue E.T.

By Sophia Love
August 23, 2017

Is there someone now who wants to connect?

There is, yes.

Okay. Please introduce yourself and express why you've contacted me today.

Hold on please, I'm sorry...

We will wait, Sophia.

Thank you.

(after a bit of time) Please continue.

Yes. I am a standard issue E.T. By this is implied I was manufactured and indeed I was. I am a product of your United States Government.

Do not misinterpret this to mean that the United...


The electric body: How your body's voltage can help you heal "IndyWatch Feed World"

Your body runs on bioelectricity, and having a deeper understanding of how it works can be quite helpful when it comes to optimizing your health. Natural health pioneer Dr. Jerry Tennant has written an excellent book on this topic called "Healing Is Voltage: The Handbook." The Electric Brain Trained as an ophthalmologist, Tennant transitioned into natural health as a result of being forced to solve his own health challenges. After doing laser eye surgery on a patient with leukemia, Tennant ended up developing encephalitis. He believes the virus, which is not killed by laser, traveled from the patient's cornea, through the mask, up through his nose into his brain. He was forced to quit work in November 1995, and spent the next seven years bedridden, without hope for recovery.


Hurricane Jose and Tropical Storm Maria may react together and threaten New York City in coming week "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hurricane Jose and Tropical Storm Maria may react together and threaten New York City in the coming week --The Fujiwara Dance or Effect is more commonly seen in the warmer Pacific, where cyclones bounces off each other | 17 Sept 2017 | Advance forecasts have raised the possibility that Hurricane Jose could threaten New York City in the coming week. The Category One hurricane's probable path revealed New York City may be in its path, leading to 80mph plus winds and storm surges battering the Eastern Seaboard. According to the Washington Post, based off a European mode, there is a possibility of the extremely rare Fujiwara Effect where Hurricane Jose and Tropical Storm Maria could appear to 'dance.' According to projections for the 24th and 25th of September the storms could pinwheel around each other and slam into New Jersey which was hit by Sandy in 2012.


Ancient Egyptian goldsmiths tomb discovery "IndyWatch Feed World"

This video says about itself:

Get a First Look Inside a Newly Opened Egyptian Tomb | National Geographic

17 September 2017

Archaeologists explored for the first time a 3,500-year-old tomb near Luxor, Egypt. The tomb belonged to a goldsmith and his wife, and includes a crumbling statue of the pair. The family lived during Egypts 18th Dynasty. Archaeologists also found statuettes, mummies, pottery, and other artifacts. They hope that its contents may yield clues to other discoveries.


GCR/RV Intel SITREP: "Aftermath" -- September 17, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

What is left behind from all the tragic flooding in Florida and Texas is called the aftermath.

Death, destruction, despair, hopelessness.

The same will be true in the aftermath of the RV, which is the second flood.

Many people converting ZIM will be despondent as to what just happened.

Constructs of reality will die instantly.

The destruction left behind by this wave of infinite wealth will blur their vision of the future.

Some will feel great despair having so much wealth, while the overwhelming majority of human beings continue to suffer daily on less than $10 day.

Hopeless will creep in. It will. How can you reach them all? You can't, but you'll spend the rest of your life on earth trying ... never to succeed.

In this same aftermath you'll begin reviewing your life decisions pre benevolent event.

Did I do the right things? Make the highest choices? Believe in God sincerely? Follow His calling absolutely?

So many times I answer no way more than yes. It's shameful.

I become silently distraught by all my small spiritual choices, my ego based actions, my raw unresearched ignorance and blatant philosophical nativity.

In the aftermath of my RV experience, there has been great regret for a life lived in half service to my Creator. And thus, little appreciation for just my being in form. Having breath. Experiencing it all.


Will the World Follow Israel in Recognizing Iraqi Kurdistans Independence? "IndyWatch Feed World"

(Sputnik)  If the Iraqi Kurds proclaim independence in their September 25 referendum, Israel will be the first country to recognize it, Aydin Selcen, Turkeys former consul general in the Kurdish Regional Governments capital Erbil, told Sputnik.

Commenting on the upcoming referendum on independence in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq in an interview with Sputnik Turkey, the Turkish former consul general in the Kurdish Regional Governments capital Erbil said that it is Israel which will be the first country to recognize the independence of the region because Tel Aviv is interested in buying oil there.

Aydin Selcen pointed out that on the eve of the referendum scheduled for September 25, the leading Kurdish political parties remain at odds over the matter. There is no unity of opinion, which is a negative factor.

There are two influential political structures in the region  the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) with its center in Erbil, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), the central branch of which is located in the eastern Iraqi city of Sulaymaniyah, Selcen said.

He recalled that prior to the decision to hold a referendum, the two parties unsuccessfully tried to hold talks, resume the activities of the Kurdish parliament and discuss pressing issues of an administrative nature.With time ticking until the referendum, the main political parties [of Iraqs Kurdistan] are still at loggerheads over a number of key issues, Selcen said.

Meanwhile, he added, there are some positive factors from the Iraqi Kurds point of view.

Under the pretext of a US intervention and the fight against Daesh, the Kurdish Regional Government was able to significantly expand the boundaries of its territory, Selcen said, adding that Lebanon could fit five times into the area of Iraq controlled by Kurds.

According to him, there are deposits of minerals and fertile agricultural areas in Iraqi Kurdistan, where approximately six million people currently reside.

There is also some international support, but not in terms of recognition of independence. As you know, declaring ones independence does not mean being recognized as an independent state, Selcen concluded.



The Great Tribes of Libya September 2017 update "IndyWatch Feed World"

After speaking with the representative for the Great Tribes of Libya today, I would like to share the following updates on the current conditions on the ground in Libya. First, there have been reports that ISIS is making a resurgence in the Sirte area of Libya, I was told today that this is completely bogus. The East, the South, the West through Sirte, the Southwest through Ghadames and other regions with the exception of the Tripoli areas and Misurata are cleansed of radical mercenaries and the Tribes continue to work together to clean any lingering pockets of criminals, radicals, militias and mercenaries. Their problem in Tripoli is the UN puppet government. This so called government just came into Tripoli (by boat) and claimed itself as the government of Libya without any support or election by the Libyan people. The leader of the so called "Government of National Accord" (GNC) is Fayez al-Sarraj. Serraj is a man not respected or liked by the Libyan people; appointed by the UN outside of Libya to be the "Prime Minister" but without any authority or recognized power in Libya. That does not stop him from stealing from Libya, calling in airstrikes by the US, signing agreements with countries (Italy) and many other illegal acts. Since when does the UN get to appoint a government for a country, pick the people they want to be in charge and tell them what to do? The biggest problem with the GNC is that Serraj and his cohorts have joined hands with the radical militias from Misurata who were the rats and mercenaries who joined hands with Clinton, McCain and Obama to destroy Libya in 2011. They have also joined hands with Abdulhakem Belhaj, the radical Islamist terrorist who started the "Libyan Islamic Fighting Group" (LIFG) whose members are responsible for acts of terror world wide, the last act being the bombing in London this last May. Belhaj has stolen more than 1 billion dollars from Libya and is a big friend of the US war criminal, John McCain.


Trust Links Newsletter September 2017 "IndyWatch Feed World"

Recent news and events at Trust Links View this email in your browser Welcome Hello Everyone! Welcome to our first newsletter. We have had a very busy summer with lots of events and activities and the gardens are looking fantastic thanks to the hard work of our members and volunteers. We have a few important []


Spanish government cracks down on separatist referendum; Catalonian mayors march in defiance "IndyWatch Feed World"

Hundreds of mayors from the Spanish region of Catalonia marched through the streets of Barcelona in an act of defiance to the central government's crackdown on the upcoming separatist referendum. More than 700 mayors gathered in Barcelona Saturday to march through the streets of Catalonia's cosmopolitan capital. Brandishing maces, chanting "we will vote" and singing "Els Segadors", the regional anthem, the mayors were cheered on by supporters waving yellow, red and blue Catalan flags.


Papua New Guinea struck by 5.9-magnitude earthquake "IndyWatch Feed World"

A magnitude 5.9 earthquake has hit off the coast of Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says. The quake struck in the early hours of Monday local time at a depth of 37km, in the sea southwest of Kandrian, the centre added.


Cinnamon Vs. Ibuprofen For Menstrual Pain "IndyWatch Feed World"

Cinnamon Vs. Ibuprofen For Menstrual Pain | cinnamon | Natural Medicine

Why risk using a pain killer with deadly side effects?  

Research reveals that cinnamon powder is effective at reducing symptoms of painful periods (primary dysmenorrhea) in college age students.

Published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research and titled, Comparative effect of cinnamon and Ibuprofen for treatment of primary dysmenorrhea: a randomized double-blind clinical trial, Iranian researchers evaluated the effect of either 420 mg of cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), 400 mg of ibuprofen, or a starch placebo, in three groups of 38 females. Both pain intensity and duration were monitored in all groups, with the results reported as follows:

The mean pain severity score and mean duration of pain in Ibuprofen and Cinnamon were less than placebo group respectively (p< 0.001). Of 4 hours after the intervention there were no statistically significant differences between the Cinnamon and placebo group (p> 0.05). Of eight hours after the intervention, the mean pain severity in the cinnamon group was significantly lower than placebo group (p< 0.001). At various time intervals the mean pain severity in the Ibuprofen group were significantly less than Cinnamon and placebo groups (p< 0.001).

The researchers concluded:

Cinnamon can be regarded as a safe and effective treatment for primary dysmenorrhea. More researches are recommended to study the efficacy of Cinnamon on reducing menstrual bleeding.



Crybaby US Senator says Turkey may face sanctions over weapons deal with Russia "IndyWatch Feed World"

A leading Democrat on the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations committee says Turkey's recent purchase of antiaircraft missile systems from Russia may have violated a U.S. law that requires automatic sanctions to be imposed against Ankara. Senator Ben Cardin issued the warning on September 14 in a letter to the administration of President Donald Trump. The letter says Ankara's purchase of Russian S-400 surface-to-air missiles, which was finalized on September 12, violates U.S. congressional sanctions against Russia that were signed into law in August. Cardin noted that the legislation calls for sanctions "on any person that conducts a significant transaction" with Russia's defense or intelligence sectors. "These are mandatory sanctions and constitute a commitment by the United States to deter Russia from attacking the United States and its allies in the future," the letter said.


The unraveling of the Russian "hacking" story continues with new report "IndyWatch Feed World"

A new report by a retired IT executive at IBM, debunks the claim that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential campaign by hacking Democratic computers and circulating damaging information about Hillary Clinton. The report, which is titled "The Non-Existent Foundation for Russian Hacking Charge", provides a rigorous examination of the wobbly allegations upon which the hacking theory is based, as well as a point by point rejection of the primary claims which, in the final analysis, fail to pass the smell test. While the report is worth reading in full, our intention is to zero-in on the parts of the text that disprove the claims that Russia meddled in US elections or hacked the servers at the DNC. Let's start with the fact that there are at least two credible witnesses who claim to know who took the DNC emails and transferred them to WikiLeaks. We're talking about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and WikiLeaks ally, Craig Murray. No one is in a better position to know who actually took the emails than Assange, and yet, Assange has repeatedly said that Russia was not the source. Check out this clip from the report:


Bone fragments attributed to Saint Peter and three early popes found in 1,000-year-old church in Rome "IndyWatch Feed World"

Bones attributed to St Peter have been found by chance in a church in Rome during routine restoration work, 2,000 years after the apostle's death. The relics of the saint, who is regarded as the first Pope, were found in clay pots in the 1,000-year-old Church of Santa Maria in Cappella in the district of Trastevere, a medieval warren of cobbled lanes on the banks of the Tiber River. The bones were discovered when a worker lifted up a large marble slab near the medieval altar of the church, which has been closed to the public for 35 years because of structural problems. He came across two Roman-era pots with inscriptions on their lids indicating that inside were not only bone fragments from St Peter but also three early popes - Cornelius, Callixtus and Felix - as well as four early Christian martyrs.


Swedish politician reveals he was raped at knife-point for his leftist stance "IndyWatch Feed World"

Sweden's Left Party leader in Falun, Patrik Liljeglod, has revealed that an armed man brutally attacked and raped him at knifepoint, allegedly for his political stance. Walking home at the end of July from a bus stop in Falun, he was suddenly attacked, threatened with a weapon and raped, Liljeglod disclosed on Facebook. "On my way home I was attacked by an unknown man armed with a knife," Liljeglod said. "I was brutally treated and also raped at knifepoint under the pretext that I was 'Left-wing female genitalia', that people like me 'enjoy this' and finally that I was a traitor." In an emotional and very personal revelation, the politician said he initially kept the attack private, only reporting it to police, but eventually turned it into a public discourse because the nature of the incident was politically motivated. "The few words and sentences expressed by the man had a clear connection to me as politically active and therefore it affects us all," Liljeglod wrote, adding that "what happened to me is an event in the crowd."


Mother Finds Boyfriend Sexually Assaulting Pre-Teen Daughter, Stabs Him Repeatedly "IndyWatch Feed World"

A Cleveland mother took justice into her own hands after she saw her 31-year-old boyfriend attempting to sexually assault her 12-year-old daughter, reported this week, citing a police report detailing the incident. According to a police report the outlet viewed, the unnamed woman says she was on her way to bed when she saw her naked boyfriend, []


Plane with 60 passengers on board crashes into catering truck at Manchester Airport, Germany "IndyWatch Feed World"

A plane crashed into a catering truck at Manchester Airport while preparing to take off on Sunday, causing significant delays and sparking an investigation into the smash. Around 60 passengers were on board German airline Aurigny's twin turboprop plane as it was pushed away from the gate by a tow truck and struck a nearby catering truck. The incident happened at about 9:50am local time Sunday.


No excuses: Russia informed Pentagon about area of military op in Deir ez-Zor in advance "IndyWatch Feed World"

The Russian Defense Ministry has denied Pentagon allegations that it bombed US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces near Deir ez-Zor. The Russian military said that its US partners were informed about the area of the operation beforehand. "To avoid unnecessary escalation, the command of the Russian troops in Syria revealed the boundaries of the military operation in Deir ez-Zor to the American partners through the existing communication channel," the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Sunday. "Within the framework of this operation, the fighters, armored vehicles, and objects of terrorists are being destroyed on both western and eastern banks of the Euphrates. At the same time, the Russian Air Force makes pinpoint strikes only on reconnaissance targets confirmed by several channels in IS-controlled areas," Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said. "Over the past few days, on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, Russian control and reconnaissance facilities have not identified a single combat of Islamic State terrorists with armed representatives of any 'third force.' Therefore, only representatives of the international coalition can answer the question as to how 'opposition members' or 'military advisers of the international coalition' managed to get to the IS-held areas in the eastern part of Deir ez-Zor without striking a blow."


Bill Maher: Trump's properties survived Hurricane Irma so 'there is no God' "IndyWatch Feed World"

On Friday's broadcast of HBO's "Real Time," host Bill Maher stated the fact that none of President Trump's properties in the path of Hurricane Irma were damaged by the storm shows that God doesn't exist.


US sanctions backfire: China opens $10 billion credit line for Iran "IndyWatch Feed World"

Assisting Tehran with sidestepping an ongoing Washington sanctions regime against the country, China has opened a $10 billion line of credit intended to finance energy, transportation, water and other key Iranian infrastructure projects. Following the ground-breaking 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) between Iran and Russia, US, China, France, UK, as well as Germany and the EU, to end its nascent nuclear weapons program, Tehran - in honoring the terms of the unprecedented treaty - has nonetheless seen Washington implement a host of new sanctions against the Middle Eastern country, including asset freezes and limits on global financial transfers. According to Iranian Central Bank President Valiollah Seif, Chinese state-owned CITIC investment company has opened a $10 billion credit line to several banks in Iran to be used to fund wide-ranging infrastructure projects in the country, according to a report by the Times of Israel. The significant credit line will primarily use euros and yuan to bypass the US sanctions.


PM May orders internet giants to clampdown on extremist content, neglects to mention UK government provides weapons to terrorists "IndyWatch Feed World"

Theresa May will order internet giants to clamp down on extremism following yesterday's Tube terror attack. She will take on Google, Facebook and Microsoft after hundreds of commuters and schoolchildren narrowly avoided death when a bomb failed fully to detonate on a rush-hour train. The attacker, who is on the run, used a 'fairy light' bomb that can be made from instructions still available online last night. The Prime Minister will host a summit with French president Emmanuel Macron next week and is expected to warn technology giants they need to do more to tackle extremists. Last night she raised the terror alert status to its highest level 'critical', which means an attack is expected imminently. Troops will be deployed at key sites to free up more armed police to patrol thoroughfares and transport hubs. The suspect for the attack at Parsons Green station in west London has not been named. But he is said to be known to the security services, who fear he will strike again and may be part of a jihadi cell.


Indonesian Woman Lashed 100 Times for Being in Presence of Man She Was Not Married To "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

A 30-year-old Indonesian woman had to be hospitalized after she was lashed 100 times in public. Her crime? Being found in a private place with a man she was not married to.

The woman, whose name is Mazidah, was watched by thousands of people in Lhokseumawe a city in the province of Aceh as she was beaten. The Independent reports that the lashing took place after evening prayers last Friday. Because Mazidah was in such agony, the lashing had to be occasionally paused.

The man Mazidah was found with also received lashings, reports ABC News. However, he did not require hospital treatment. A third man was also found guilty and was reportedly flogged.

The province of Aceh is known to be extremely conservative. Public canings are common there, as they are a punishment for the violation of Islamic law. Last year alone, 339 public floggings conducted, according to the Institute of Criminal Justice Reform. Aceh is the only province in the country where public lashings are used as a reprimand.

Human rights advocates are concerned publish lashings are becoming more common. Earlier this year, two gay men were flogged 83 times for having consensual sex in private. As a result of international outcry over the controversial form of punishment, the local government...


A great Tenth Tooting Foodival! "IndyWatch Feed World"

Well that was fun!  What a great event the 10th Foodival proved to be.  Using Hereward Road beside Mushkil Aasaan gave the event a really good flow.  Outside, Volker manfully orchestrated the Big Feast, feeding the masses with sustainable locally grown fruit and vegetables, serenaded by the different artists on the Sound Lounge stage.  Bees drew the crowds to Richard's camper van, while


Shades of Sodom and Gomorrah! Global organization recommends earlier hormone treatments for transgender children "IndyWatch Feed World"

A global organization whose focus is endocrinology has released new guidelines that recommend an easing of restrictions on transgender hormone treatments for younger children who claim to be of the opposite biological sex. The Washington, DC-based Endocrine Society's new clinical guidelines say children under 16 years of age may benefit from hormone treatments early to transform their bodies to the opposite biological sex. While the organization does not recommend hormone treatment for gender-dysphoric children who have yet to reach puberty, the doctors say such treatment can commence as puberty begins, which, for some children, could be as early as nine years of age.


Iraqi forces capture area near Syria border from Islamic State "IndyWatch Feed World"

Iraqi armed forces on Saturday dislodged Islamic State from a natural gas-rich border area with Syria, according to the military. Iranian-backed forces fighting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's army simultaneously announced the start of an offensive to reach the same border area from the opposite side. An Iraqi military statement said Akashat, a desert region located south of the Euphrates river, was captured in an offensive which had been announced earlier in the day. The attack on Akashat is meant to pave the way for the recapture of urban centers in the Euphrates valley, including the border post of al-Qaim, it said. Iranian-backed Shi'ite paramilitary forces known as Popular Mobilization and Sunni tribal fighters known as Tribal Mobilization took part in the offensive, it added.


New Cold War wind blowing for ostracized Russian Olympic team "IndyWatch Feed World"

Winter is coming and still many Russian Track and Field athletes remain ostracized. Only through courts and bureaucracy will they get the chance to compete as Authorized Neutral Athletes (ANAs). While the disappointing United Kingdom Anti-Doping Agency (UKAD) received substantial payments to reform dope testing in Russia, for Russia's Winter sports athletes it's unclear as to their participation in the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. The Paralympians remain banned and now vested interests are calling for a ban across the board. I term UKAD 'disappointing' as no statement from this for profit business is complete without some variation of disappoint. Like their equally rapacious American counterparts, the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), they were "disappointed" by a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) ruling, despite UKAD sanctioning a wide range of performance enhancing 'therapeutic use exemptions' (TUEs) for its own athletes. When Fancy Bears exposed the hypocrisy, the CEO of UKAD, Nicole Sapstead was "disappointed". Not ashamed or worried, just that variant of disappoint.


Speedo-Wearing Man Protests Confiscated Marijuana And Bong, While Smoking A Bong "IndyWatch Feed World"

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Marijuana is expensive. Plus, its illegal to confiscate the herb if one has a medical card in states where it has been approved for use. Aware of these two realities, 31-year-old Jeffrey Shaver decided to protest in front of a courthouse in what might be the most unique way ever to pressure authorities to return his marijuana and bong, both of which were confiscated last October.

The Record reports that the Canadian citizen protested wearing a green Speedo-style underwear next to two signs that read RETURN MY BONG and RETURN MY MARIJUANA. He did this while smoking a bong. Shaver claims he was wrongfully arrested last fall for possession of marijuana, as he had a medical marijuana card on him. Reportedly, police also took a small amount of pot and his bong. Nearly a year later, he wants them back.

The 31-year-old has been periodically protesting at police stations in Cambridge and Kitchener, and at Kitcheners courthouse, hoping to resolve the matter. In prior protests, he smoked marijuana while fully clothed. However, his efforts werent producing results. So, he decided indecent exposure might capture the publics attention he was right.

Shaver told The Record, I have a legal medical marijuana card. Five months after I got it, I was arrested for possession of marijuana, but I had my card on me,. So two days later, I went back and smoked marijuana on the front lawn of the police station. Again they arrested me. I went to jail for the first time. They held me there for 16 hours. And that charge, ironically, has already been dropped and this is the very bong the...


Victory Achieved in Syria? "IndyWatch Feed World"

Victory Achieved in Syria? | syrian-flag | Special Interests World News

(image: Joseph Eid/AFP/Getty Images)



Yogi Berra was right, saying (i)t aint over till its over. Things are heading in the right direction in Syria, miles yet to go to liberate the country from the scourge of Americas presence and terrorist groups it supports.


Each day brings more good news than bad. On Tuesday, Russian armed forces chief of staff in Syria General Alexander Lapin said: 

At present, 85 percent of the Syrian territory has been liberated from the militants of illegal armed formations.  

About 27 square kilometers (10,424 square miles]) of Syrian territory remain to be liberated until the complete annihilation of US-supported ISIS.



Quick, ditch the dollar: An economic lesson for China and Russia "IndyWatch Feed World"

Is there anyone in Trump's government who is not an imbecile? After years of endless military threats against Russia - remember CIA deputy director Mike Morell saying on TV (Charlie Rose show) that the US should start killing Russians to give them a message, and Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley threatening "We'll beat you harder than you have ever been beaten before" - now the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin threatens China. If China doesn't abide by Washington's new sanctions on North Korea, Mnuchin said the US "will put additional sanctions on them [China] and prevent them from accessing the US and international dollar system." Here is the broke US government $20 trillion in public debt, having to print money with which to buy its own bonds, threatening the second largest economy in the world, an economy on purchasing power parity terms that is larger than the US economy.

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